Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 8, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 8, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WIIoLe NO. 10.187. NEW YORK, MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 1864. PRICK THREE CENTS. N?W3 FKQ?JJ NEW ORLEANS. THE ATTACK ON MOBILE No Confirmation of the Report that Admiral Far rag'1'. Had Passed the Forts. GEBERAL ASBOTH'S EXPEDITION. ill tbe Military Prisoners ia Texas (o be Exchanged* Judge Dureli and the Herald [Correspondent. Congressmen and Assembly men to be Elected. Vcn Thousand Plantation Laborers Be coming Soldiers, ft*.. &t? *?? Tbe steamship Matanzas, Captain Metegacg, from New Orto.- ns, arrived at this port last evening, liar dates ?re to July 31? one day later. General Can by 'a order for the enrolment of the militia bad created intense excitement in tbe secessionist circles of New Orleans; but tbere was no escape for tbem. Stneo tbo firing above Vlcksbarg upon tbe Clara Bell, by wbicb threo men were killed anc* nine wounded, every thing bad been quiet on tbo Mississippi as far as beard from. Several schooners and luggers were reported to be ?raising in Lake I'ontcbar train, capturing and burning Ashing sloops. Tbe captain of tbe tugboat Sentinel reported that she was chased to tbe Southwest Pass by a suspicious look tog steamer, bark-rigged and painted black. The rebels Msert that she was the Electric Spark, which bad been ?tted cat as a pirate, and that sbe has since run Into Mo bile Bay. Tbe attack on tbe defences or Mobile was daily ex pected. Mr. William Yonnc'i Despatch. N*w Oelbans, July 31, 1884. OrnUTlOjrS AGAINST MOBILK. IJiere la no confirmation of the report tbat Admiral Vfcrragut bad passed Forts Morgan and Galne* with a .portion of his tleet. It 13 now probable that operatioua ?gainst Mobile, tbo forta and tbo robe! fleet will not com vience until Wednesday or Thuseday of this week. Your ?orreepondent with General Granger will report the Movements of both the army and navy. UUIHDU OF TUB MILITARY PRMOICBBB TO RE BBLItABET) FROM TEXAS. II H understood Miat Col. Dwlght, Commissioner of Bx ahaages, has made arrangements for the exchange of the feanatnder of tbe military prisoners at Tyler, Texas, ?uno thirty-two htnd. -J iu number, Including civilians NAVAL PRISONERS ATTYI.KR, TSiAS. The naval prisoners at Tyler cmbrace tboce.captured ?n tbe Sachem, Cllf'.un, Morning Light, Plana, Velocity, Granite City, Wave and the tin-clads captured on Ked river. Their number Is e?timated at about four hundred. Wbeu they will be exchanged depends wholly on tbo suo wass of future negotiations between tbo secretary of tbe Wavy and tbe rebel authorities, there arc some oompltca Nona arising from the intention of our government to hold certain rebel prisoners as plrato*. ma HF.B \U> COSRNS l-ONDBWT ABP JTTVT.B Dt'RM.I,. Jndpe Durell published a card In the True Ptlta deny tag tbe correctness of oertain remarks imputed to him at 1fce legal reunion In tbis city, when brief speeches wero Made by General Sickles, General Banks, Judge Durell ?ad Mr Ro*ollus. Tbe Hkkaid correspondent, to whom <fca refers, was not present at tbat at-semblase >af legal talent, but bis attention was called Bo tbe report t,* tbe speeches as published in tbe city papers, ltie True Dtita report was that which he selected -as the most oorreet, the ugh ho was not, then aware that the speenhes were revised by tbe distinguished gen tlemeu liefi re they appeared in the colimins of that pa|Wr. Judge Purell's, complimenting Mr. Christian Hose tins, was revised t>y Judge I'urcll himself, und yet no low declares that Its ronderirg was inoorrect. The iruf. Dfl'ji, In lis aeal, saw, editorially, thRt the ac aou'ii published in tho Hkkami "was totally and al'Stirdly <o?orreot." And yet this bcooodi wis copied from tbe lr%te t-t la. Ih^ same editorial reminds ' news pap>v eorre-'pondoitts that incorrect reports of tbe words and actions of public men , though in nocently tnide. sometimes amount to their effect to slanders. Tin- aoMBM of in a 6\ .rer, which was a atrial and .iterary, not a political, one, did ln.iu>.lica to others besides the distinguished gentleman mentioned above, and by it nvsstatement* and perversion of lan guage led tbe odltor of the widely circulated sheet in which it w*i- pub.itlicd t,i the d.scovery of a monstrous Mare's met. 1 When lb" Nsw Orleans ed'tors pronounce the reports * ta tbolr own j?p3rs to be ??totnlly absod and incorrect" Monly shown how unreliable they are, and how uosate it Is to make their reports < I spc'ches, even though revis* d fcy tho spe.\*er? themselves, the baj-ts of cuument, com pllmeutnry or otherwise. afiair" at uomujim- tuk ?t?i Tnoors vov mn orr. Major Cameron, of the Sec?;id .New York Veteran cav Alrv, who bacrn on a reeonnoi.--san< e to the Atcbuta liya, rein >rls the dintppea ance of tbe rebel forco on the oth?r side ( I tin river, ile learned Irom cm;.' ns Uint tbo rehe h hau kiI ero?.?od over ac I Joined the main body. OilrnKT OF A IMtSKKTFR. A deserter fiooj a Texas regimes! states the rcb*;! troops .? ere all gndar orders to jaoceed to MonBae, I,a., via Alexandria ? riroo is in the v. ashlia region, on iho VleLt'xirg and Sbreveport Itailrond. 1 repara'ory to tblc i&ovcmept order. were given fi r tne withdrawal of tbelr .email torce from this side of the river, wrfcRs rnr. kkmkl iomjukos wkbp ioc*m>. Tbe r mm ami of (>(?>eral l olignac w*. i ear Marksvilie tot,: af t.em ril Ma mb was at i beueymUd, and mat uf vral Wharton at Ale \ariri ta A U r iRAi n WIKB tt'TTKR KII.LRH IN A SKinMIS"!! , Capcam McNailv, who raocnlly cut the t< leRra|ih wire *etw?"M tKirfao/.la and I oit Kudwrn, ir r?| >ried to lmve Yn>en k I sd ,'U thu >,kirmi-li ln?t Friday. FxtMTWiN ok 'o> :hi nr.i ?r.s r.vrATivKS jjrn Mrinmiis 1 (F TI1R omul, ASSKHSLV, Acting C iwrnor .1 Aiadi*ou V>V;lls wsei^s e proclains tlon till* m.Jtnmg for holding elections for 1<< pre- enta il ? es to (V iii'e-K and sen iter' end Kepre^entatives lo the Gei orul A-s>?mblf . tu the flr?K Monday o( tSu^embor next. Tl.eie aie.'. > b>< live Congress!' nnl Kenrwiilitivs, tb rtv six Hei atois atul?< ne hundrntf md el^lii.-eo I epre. sentalives to idii t,eneral A?-ernbly. The candKlat. s for ttiesa dl?tlt'i.'\lt?ii'!tJ and responsible "Hires will eui'rors BO'.Ht of ill" n\ Aiiabw latent tbsl the free ,-tate of l*ui s.ana po-s ssi a. IM.ANrATION UlIORIiRS BT COM TBO (W'.nilRS. ft Is rsitm itfd Mint, ai der tbe order of flenersl C* <j for the curnlm ut ,of nil ante bod ted malM between tUfl a es of ei(.h eiti aO'l itriy !ive, at le? t ton thousand jnlSTitnttoo I . borers st ill kecome colored soldiers. TONKH IOM?.N OF OOI KKO 1IFIIIMKS1S ' Ibesu ?i n and tuni! Ideation of the order con?olt 4t . ? <1 le^lnii '.U> u ? il tit I-tr f a?h". t is more ? a'- .? |.? C- p riles int e- ted Mi itit: e<n ,?iuai order? The ? evenly iiu.Hi, i i .???? ?tlni. . tftitv-t iclitb, Uglily, pi-il.v -.iid Vin'.l Hi '??? e il re .iini its are lnimo<iiaie Tv ? ? k ? br k ~n ii , ami 1 1. ? en ? I me to be distribiiu d amot ,T th'- reii :i. .iiitf e ?? ed ' ?lr enL' In* living tbe mueteiVg out of serves el ir . i.v o.licers wlm have earuiul i'*wir ci mnii?flons. bet vho may ji t be apptduicd to vaeiuu*'* In the ri t il e l r i Inlet ts. h.'i-'-ks onrAi*?:n 1'snaa nm iatk onrra. The number ot hO'tev olualti'i! forth" iv iiry service ?ir der the >ate Itnpiei-saient end ootiflsi jllon order In ?' out six biivJred. os. RRnn to nti r?:tv?jnr. Ma or Riehar-O ' 0, of ; roll's Nine Kuuilred ^wholns he<?:i pre- Id nt f a military comtiliMion lor lo'ine tltne, has been Oiiiere 1 to his regiment and left y?jteril?y. BtWI Htl?fR ON ^l( R 1KAVK Dr. Sktlton, sm>e<in In chief of llie civs'rf divi?ion, will eboitiy leate ,\e# urleuns for New York, on a * ck furlough ot ?l*ty dajis aii. ot hit iv itt* nwAsrwsNV or tits ort.v. flnee tbe ijt.'otirche std I'lsipn-sitro autlioritir* have eeeo no enemy the egellement bss s ibridi rl, and it is sow all rpi ot in the IVpartmsnt of ihn i.ulf. TMre is a?l sven a ttiaat r ;c?l oxbll.i Ion lo dislttib tbr silliness of tbM day's Sabtmth. illr, Ilrnry TJ?oinp?<?f?'a Drtpalrh. Nkw t'RHANS, July 81, 1864. fsvNUHA', *c <orn'8 RxrrntnoJi, TwHeriiav I sent vou by tbo ata.iraer i:eor?e Wn-hinv. ?on an account of General Aaboth'n expedition into Ala bam a. I hare since lrarrel that In the light with the Seventh Alabama cavalry, ai camp Goo/alos, uu ihe Petisaoola KaUioad, seven rebel privates aud a lieutenoct wero captured. The advance waa then continued towards Pollard, Ala., and another engagement took place with the Fourteenth and Seventh Alabama cavalry. 'I ho rebels were repulsed, wiih a loss or thrao priaouora, several horses and a quantity of small arms. The prisoners reported the dual ruction by the rebels of the I'ine tiarren bridge. This watt done to prevent the further advance of our army, impenetrable swamps being on both sides of the bridge. Gen Asboth , looming that all the available forces had been sent from Mobile to check our further progress, an order was Riven to return to Kort Ilarrancts, though on tho i!6th it waa Interdod to advance and destroy the trestle work at and below Perdido station, cut the tele graph wire, and then move bet ween J'erdlto river and Mobile Bay for the purpose of surprising and capturing the command of Withers and Powell, who were known to be encamped In that nalahborhood. The forae of Men. Asboth returnod to Fort Barrancas without the loss of a man. The prisoners report that Rousseau had cut the Ala bama Railroad and had Indicted an Immense amount of damage. NEWS FROM ALONG TBE COAST. T too Cruise of the Supply Steamer Ad miral? Oar K<i?a<tro? Off Yellow Fever at Kef West-Condition of tto? Blockading Squadrons-The Union Officers Exchanged at Cliarles ton? Generals Seymour, Hcckman and Stoaler Among Ttoem, .Vc. The United States steamship Admiral sailed Irom Now York on the 5th of Juiy last, with a draft of two hundred and fifty men, passengers, the mails and fresh supp es for tho West Gulf squadron, under Rear Admiral Farra gut, as sIbo the mails and passengers for the East Gulf squadron indor Acting Hear Admiral Bailey. On ac count of the yellow fever prevailing at Koy West this vessel came to off the outer buoy off this latter place, and communicated by a tug with tho Admiral. At I'ensaco a there was not* single case of yellow levor, In fact, no sickness at all there. The Admlrul has supplied the different squadrons atone the Guff coast as far as Matagorda Hay, lower coast of Texas, with fresh beef, vegetables, toe, &c.,to their great gratification, receiving on board from the various vessels composing our btockodiug fleet those men whose terms or service had expired, to be carried North to be discharged. and the sick and officers ordered North. The hoalth or the squadrons was excellent, and tho very best spirit prevails. The Admiral stopped at New Or leans on her return trip. Tho health ol that city was good. Two very fbrmidablo looking Iron clads, butft in 8t Louis, wore at mcbor off tho city. They were to have proceeded to Join the Ceet off Mobile on the 26th or July last. ... On the evening or tbe 24th ultimo the admiral sailed from New Orleans, having on board Major Genoral Daniel K Sickles and the following members of bis staff:? Lieutenant Colonel O. H. Bart. Major B. E. Tremnlne, Captain Alexander Moore, Captuin T. W. G. Fry and two servants. The Admiral storpod off Mobile to oommunloate with Rear Admiral Farragut and to receive the of the fl??t wtiirh are very large. Close in under Sand Island tbe Muptlor Manhattan was at anchor, with a roll head of steam, ready for the attack of the rebel ram Tennessee, bearing Admiral Buchanan ? ."?? .of tbe rebel service!, at anchor not above twoandahalT miles distant, with throe other iron aud sotton clads to support ber. Outsido the bar, and ranged In order of battle, were at anchor also the largo and heavy ships if our fleet, with Rear Admiral Farragut s flag flying from that nobie and dear ship t-? all true and loyal Y *nkeo*, the celebrated Hartford. All of the vessels Intended lor tbe attack on Mobile wore ootoff that port as tne Ad m^ai passed, some of them being absent at Pensacol. talcing In stores and coaling. The vessels off Mobile were lb? flsg*b?P Bar tford, Rlebrn nd. Monongateia. Os?pee, LacWawaona. Meta. comet Onolda, ;-ehago, Genesee. Bleuvllie, all h*141? vessels o( very heavy armaments, and tbe gunboats Kent ebec, Pmois, Ito>kn and Jackson. I be crews of tbe fleet are in the best of spirits, "n^ J! awhlt lug tbe long looked for day ?o force an entrance Into Mnhi's Bav The two Iron-eiads from the Mississippi Mver were exacted to reach Mobile bar bythe28th0r 2?th ult and still wotber Monitor was expected to ar rive from &u Atlanta port. Major General tintay win lurnish troops *o make a simnitancous attack upon tho forts, so as to co-operate with the Admiral. Turing the stay of the steamship Ad?ira' V*m?tn of >b-Mie the Admiral, accompanied by Fleet Oapt iln I>ray ton. went on board ol her and had an Interview with JLdm'ril wntill at Peii?col? ?o MU u"^o. jas: Asa, other smaller vessel*; *od the LacKawanoa, Ooetda aud Ossippec arrived from off Mobile to coal and 1'?**'''? shin While in Pensacol* harbor Governor Uichael tlah" of Lout-Mann arrived, and his Kxoeliency took passage on bi?rd o * the Admiral North Major ( Gener* ?lckles accompanied by the membors of his staff and Ml KxcJl?en^ov^rnor Habn and Acting Volunteer Ueoten ant \V B Rate? commanding tbe Admlrai, embarked on bt!ard the anny steamer Uura, provided I or .be occa sion by iiricudier (.eneral Asbotb, commanding at I eosa <? .la wno vnlh bis staff, were hi attendance, and pro reeded to'frort PIckooB, Kort Barrancas, and the Redoubt, on n tour of Inspection, General Sickly /ecervlng a dilute of thirteen guns Tbe troops at t lie post* wore also reviewed by (.eneral sickles. At the clofo of tbe day tho distinguished party wore the re of ti.e bocnltultiy of General Asboin. Tbo Admiral Foiled from Peo**oohi on the afternoon of tbe "Slh ult Twenty miiesoutnide ttie bar hbe exchanged num^rs with the United ^tes ,.ea,ner KuUw tiavlng iti low the Monitor Tecumseh. She arrive 1 oil Key W on the night of the ;:Otb utt., and dropped anchor outMd? tho outer buov, and communicated by tug with Rear ^A< ? mlral Hallcy . receiving his despau bes and tbe malls for iLo North. That terrible scourge, j f?w?r, ?ra? rimini! at this ulaoc. Th?i Admiral arrived at lort Koyal ou tbeSd inn. Major General Sickles, with hlB v*HtU Major General Foster, ci mmaodlnR this dep*rt_ roeut onduiv, receiving a salute of thirteen guns in Mio evening the Admiral got under wei^h fur ^ with General Voster on board. She arrived off Charles ?n on live 3d Inst, l'uring the day General and st ifl, ??,N l,y Get oral Vmycr a d the commanding -m rnr of he Ai'm ral. nent on b< ard o( a steamer placed at h.r "wSX\ S Ad^.1 Hahlgreo, and v-.edm.r-^ nn Morris Island ao1 elsewhere, (.eneral >icklc nt-uin re c?."^ h . prorcr salute. An exchange of prisoners of rank took place in that day. In the afternoon the parly returned to the ship, accompanied by ^m'rttl l^Mg?d (ieneral Kosler and a numbur ??f lb? olll tr? ?*cu*r^ during tha morning, und partook of a eolation as gue.-U of t' eneral "cklos Among tbe ofllcer- present wl o had so lately left prisons m mxie ?pr?Jieuerals^>niour, Scumuon, Staler. Hcckman. and one or two others *b?? naires were not obtau.e<l, and eleven colonels, m'tity live lieutenant coloncls and nine majors. ' ol 1, ot New Hampshire: Col. Baldwin, of Massachus tts, ai d < ol. Higgenbotham, ol New York reciment; , were among thTh"eU "d^iaal left Charier too harbor on the evenlnir of the "d inst arrived at Hampton V'?ads on the morn incof the -ib lust. At that place Gen. Sickles, accom panied by (apt. Moore of bis staff, and his Excellency Governor llatm, lei t lor V nsfllngtoa. ? .. rt Tbe Admiral le!t Hampton Roads at pevon P M ,nnd -earlied New York c?i the evening of the 6th ln?t., havlr i, made the rotn.d trip in thirty days, notwithstanding bor uumeroua detections The Or rut MrClrllnn Alan* Mrrllnf. Wo loam that the Committee of Arrangement* Tor tho McCloUan mass uaootlng, which takes place In Union S"J^j(ko <m Weilncptjy evening, bavo decided to have no main Blinds for K-.oikora, but will have four largo stance cf C'l ittl size, ;>r*?liletl over by gi-ntlomen of equal stand Jig In society, and representing various nation alitirs. (/no wand will fco devoted to tbe exclu sive t?c of the German*. A stand will also be crecicd on tbe eayth end of tho sqtmrc for the v^e of <,ra/ull?'a Seventh Heglmeut Raod, which *HI discmirae nitiskj to ail. A programme will be circulated among tb- audlonco during tho nice*, ing, and tho arrival of s|>eak?vs imnoum ed by pof tors on laesdny and Wodne-day moralngi. The rtv e, I on com ailttco. con Hing of twenty-fl^o gentlemen, Mill have otiargo of nil Ifce K.'snd'-, Issue tlcKote of admission, and wl'.l U ive thi'lr piariers at the Matron l>orce from si i. P. M until the ad 'liomeutor the meeitt.g. All officers and m raker* not waUod on by the roccpllon ci mmitteo beftf- *ovou P. M. are lovlted to rtpwl at that place. Polllleftl Intelligence. Tho Union Citiventlo? of Western Virgin u met nt Gra" ton, on Wivdnetday la?t, And roado lite fallowing nomlna tlottB for i-'uite officers;? for ftorrrm r? Arthur 1. Hodman, of Wood omwty? renominated. K"rttar)i jf stale? (Jrsnville P. Hall, of Harrison oounty. Auditor af Xtn'*~ ,T M MeWliorier, or Roane eetwty. rr<*'i*wrrr? Cmnpheli 'lair, of Hrooko County -nuouii tiaU'ii. Attorney Ctvoal? Cphraim n Hall, of Marlon oeimty. T)ie Illinois Di'mncnUlc State Convention will meot at Sprlnj field, III, on Tuesday, September 0, Tb* Nevada Conatltnrl<>n?f Convention adjourned <n Wri||iofd;iy. II. I), r 'wns wa* nominated for i?i<vernor I he Hon. K. B. W ?phburtte wan nominated lor re eloc Hen a? repreeentatlvo to Congress for the t hird dlstrl. t of Illinois. TIMS la tho seventh time Mr. W^'^'irni h,<? been nomloaiait fur Omvreaa. REBEL FORGERIES. Vindication of Colonel Ulric Dahlgf??'' Memory? Touching Gutter froui Ills fatbtr. UK1THD 9TATM FLAdSIUI' PHII.ADKI.rUIA, \ Cuaki.sston Roam, July 24, 1864. J I have patiently and sorrowfully a>raited tho boar wbon 1 should be able to vindicate fully tbo inemiry of my gallant aon, Colonel Ulric Pablgren, and lay bare to toe world the atrocious imposture of those who, uot con tent with abusing and defacing tbe remains of tbo noble boy , have knowingly aud persistently endeavored to blemish bis spotless name by a forged lie. libat hour bas at last coma. I havo beioro me a photo litho copy of tbe document wbtcb tbe Inhuman traitors at Richmond pretend was found upon tbe body or my son, aftor be bad been basely ass ies inuted by tbelr chivalry at midnlgbt, and who, on tbe pretext that this paper dis closed an Intent to tako tbe lives of the arch-rebel and bis counsellors and to destroy Richmond, have not hesitated to commit and commend tbe moat shocking barbarities on tbe remains of the young patriot, and to exult like das tards over bis sad fata. I can now affirm that this document is a forgery? a barefaced, atrocious forgery? so palpable thai tbe wick edness of tbe act is only equalled by tbe rocklessuess with wblcn it bas been perpetrated and adhered to; for tbo mlseruble cailills did not conllne themselves to tbe general terms of a mero allegation, but published the paper in all tbo precision of a photographic fac simile, as if not to leave a doubt for cavil I felt from tbe first just as If I knew tbe fact that ray son never wrote that paper? that It was a forgery ; but I refrained from giving utterance to that faith until 1 bad seen a sample of tbe infamous countoireit, and, bavin? seen it, could say, as I say now, that a moro fiendish lie never was luvented. For tbe poor wrotchos who did the work I have not a word ? it was tbelr trade, tbelr daily bread; and they pretended to bo no better than tbey were? hardened rullhns, lit only for a rope. I leave them to tho price for wblcb thoy have bartered tbeir souls. Rut what doom do tbey dosorvo who have Instigated tbo crimu that they might profit by it ? who devised it that tboy might justify to the world tho grati fication of tbeir vengeance on the heroic dead, by dose crating the inanimate body of one whose high und pure purpose was to release the woary captive Irom tbo ac cursed dungeons or Richmond, and who to tbat end re fused not to peril his own life? Wnat shall be awardod to these bifh-mlnded and honorable men ? tbo leaders of tbe chivalry ? the impersonation of tbe high virtues tbat are supposed to disdain even tbe semblance of wrong? And yot these are tbe criminals who conceived tbe thought, and, frantic with foar at what might have come to them if that daring young soldier bad reached tbe por tals or tbeir bastile and given liberty to tbo weary cap tives, vented tbelr cowardly rage on bis cold body, and gave their names and tbeir causo tor a Me. It is difficult to imagine such utter baseness in auy but tbe most abandoned relons, and yet it is only of a piece with tbo entire conduct of tbe chivalry, leaders and fol lowers, in aH tbe events tbat preceded and accompanied the untimely death of Colonel Dahlgrcn. The forged lie was but tbe 6eal to deeds of labumanlty and horror tbat no one oould enact or sanction unless bis nature wore debased to a level with tbat of tbe brute. It is well known tbat the cruel usage practised on tbe Union soldiers who were imprisoned **01 Richmond had become a theme at tbe .North , and tbat their release from slow and horrid doatb was tbe object or the expedition. My son bad just returned from a visit to mo off Charles ton wben be learned of tbe project. Every ono was aware tbat be was tn no condition to take tbe field just then ; tor be bad lqpt a leg by a wound received In a charge through Hagorstown, pending tbe battle of Gettys burg, and tbe consequent illness aeariy cost him bis life. The vigor of bis trame bad carried bim through tbe crisis, but tbe wound was not perfectly bealed; be was still weak and oould only move on crutches. No sooner was he apprised of what was contemplated, than be sought to join tbo enterprise. The remembranoe or comrades pining in loathsome dungeons? of men with wbom be bad ridden side by side amid the deadly con Diet, and a strong conviction of tbelr sufferings animating every pulse of his gallant heart, be felt that duty called bim there, and tbe reluctant concent of tbe authorities was at last yielded to bis earnest on treaties. It is not my purpose here to narrate tbe whole course of this noble enterprise, tbat will be tbe duty of a future day, bnt no one had seen Colonel Pbhlgren in his full vigor sit his charger more gracofully or better endure the iucesRaot and inaMinlied birds hips of that ride, by day and .by night, In sblDo aud storm. The failure of h!? column to connect with that of Cene ra! Kilpatrtck led to tho failure of the expedition mid tbe death of as noble a soldier as ever gave lite to a great canse. On Tuesday night (March 1), after dark, Colonel r?nhl gren was close to t'.vhmood, nnd came iu contact wirt) the rebel Infantry stationed ?t the outor works. A' fuch a time of peril, far away from help of an* kind, ?ttb a Email for rp of cavalry, hardly a punsbot from the |trong> hold of Rebeldom, Who apleudld oonrage of tbeyoung leader never bla/od more brightly. xn o'licer who was nearest to bim, but who bud torer served wlih him be: ore. write* iu admiration of the perfect Relf.poaeeaston w'th wtitch lie rode lh front of the line aud spoke to bto men under a storm of bullets. Tbcu came tho charge, Ecaiteruip the rebels like ota!!. Hits done, it ouiy remained to ride on (rom Klchmoud and erdeavr to gaui the Union line* t>elenv. Iho nicht was dark, Ibo rain fell in torrent*, nnd the cloaks or tl>e men wcro stillentd with s:eei , but ihc column sparred oa at full speed. Sad to say, tho admnce with Colonel Itahl gren became separated fi tu the main body, and at dawn of Wednesday be found Himself, wHh a little party of seventy men, Iu the very midst of a hostile couutry. Still holding on tlm swift tenor of his way, ho crossed tho Pamnnkey and reac bed tlio 11 ittapmy uot long af.oe noon. Tbe men and h reel had been crossed over the river, tho fnw y dett'S bad Lreti cniird dowu from tuoir ports nnd also *cnt aciosp, Colonel Jmhigrcn rerhaining uhne on tho southern bank. The chivalry ha. now gathered m the bushea and deliberately opened lire on him, though they saw plainly that he' crippled by tie l< up of a iff nnd only stood eract by aid of the crutches on which he le.tncd: the waters of the river separated bun irom every helping hand, and It were ea?v lor a ctoog and reaolule man to rush forward and bear aw ay by main force tbe enfeebled frame of the weary oiliccT. Hot attv manly deed was a (light far above what the chivalry conrmpl 'ted ; they oeuld assassinate him Irom t tie ambush, because It attained their base purr >0 without ritk to th ,r own craven carcasses. In utter scorn of Such abject fear, Colonel I'uhljjren bid them CO use out Irom their hid tig place* and dtrcbarged his pistol at them deirantly The contrast thus presented might well Inspire the pencil of the artist. I'm t the yonnc warrior was not to c! ?e his glorious ca reer tboie; tie ferry beat bore bim over unharmed; be mounted and once more led his band onward. It was at this time, by their own ac counts, that the chivalry bad an opportunity of numbering exactly the force that w s with him. and ascertained thai thM rcmu nt did not ex ceed seventy men So tbey contrived to collect various scatter <4 parties from the neighborhood until they mus tered three or lour timer the force of our ret" routing rivalry. Even with tblt advantage tbe tnlscrafcio crea tures dare notollc r Colonel I'ahlgren a fair Held in open day. There were those of th<:n who knew Icirn? the irnl I ant Ninth Virginia? bad faced him id Froiierickaburc with <]tiit? ac great a superiority of numbers, and had been driven tn every direction they skulked out of tbe to w a like whipped cure, f-o they con edcnte 1 In ftwoe where ttie road wound through a deep lor etc t, and av. alted tbe c imin^ of tbe Caion troop. Tbta happened tneat mlc'i tgl.t.and repeated v, lleys from these miser < arils 'lid their wc k oil too well. I he gallant youth fell pierced by ni ny balls at tbe bead of ids men, at>d even while hh brave spirit tui ' lingered about its shattered tenement tho chivalry be i ga i to strip nif tits clothing Whether the detestable pur I I poee we* hoc mpltah-d before he w.aa deadlkn iv not, 1 nor whether th? mfauoue wretcbes paused to make sure* that life was e.?u.iet bet ore they covered a finder frc m ln? lifcnd ta order to S'k ii-e a ritiu riven by a departed elster, and dearly pr./.-J by tbe heart tbut ia now aa still as i?m o\v n. It not until d^lifjit disclosed the uMer Bflp'cs- I n<*? of Uie survlvcity nc>i tbe victors ??c>k heatt ot grnco \ and Conaumawted tl??ir brave deed rnarcblug the wenrfc^rt au l lamlslied ?ro iperj ^ ng jhr read, regirdiea* 1 ol the Uet that thii *<v! t.hui; liy ll.e lie c f ihoir yc ting eh o', Juat na it lay, cti tin f cover eV: svitb mud, but vet faoenrod by the sad t linns which it exit hitcd of ic'vo and l 'V, ally to tbe iatw* of hla country. The absent limb told of recent battle 'felda, and the bre*tMe?c tiouy gave fcssnrarra thai ihe lilt g.i'Tcflc'.s had !>???':! uiade. l/io yoi ng bfc, ric h n |?iomi e, tijct been laid down, end tin s was rediM icie I tbe coit-nr. oa:lc of fc any to the I nic n. Nonsi ect lor toe neii knee ,<n gallantry of tlwMr vic tim, no laeling lor his oxtcanae youth, entered tut" Its ttiO'i).! ts of tleae atriicrlotieniCiatMi: .a: d ? nly ?hen ak4 the mMreiol ei^hl were : he colics o. the i. ble b ad perimilo I audi aet ultorc as a l.asty ^mve could allcnd. ''e it teftieaiburetl that to ihi- tln?c i oibletf was ktk of tl r forged doaemrtM. Tnt preaernl# it came to ?t e ut'pef Ittilvafry at Btcltmd#d thn' ette of tte itcilerl M the expedition la ! fallen, l-renrled with t rro-attue fx ssibie ccnseiieMC ? <?l !he Succeaa of the endart ikttv? lor they had ?verr r ?eson lo dretd that ilia ve eabce of the i e eased priac-Kf* won Id ies| oct no pet n th?v sen :lit a | tc t">t lor the He Mated villatiy On t lit Body 'f Colonel t'ali gic'ic In a fortcry lile'i tbey the n, ht would j c ji nu de all dlsre^aid of tfverj c.Kla'.eot msn'c od auct h in tin v . # ii . ? forged the lie. and g?vcj It curreuct in all the ( mm item- s of a seeming fae timiU. while tbe orijrlnaJ j oouuier.. .t wan so recklessly executed that the ?haineful ; deceit could nut lull to be api>ereatV> any One Having the [ bast knowledge of Colonel l>?higien's kandwritlnjr iio tbe run.mns of the heroic dead w> ra turn from the grave, conveyed to Richmond, and thxe exposed to tne taunta and gi/o of a inob: then hurried away, ID tbe obscurity 01 the nlgln , t<> ?< mo nameless avot, whence it was Intended they should uever be recovered. Hi ore waH an ingenuity m this contrived vlllany from wbich the mind recalls with borror. ("i ntrast th? hl.rh and holy purpose of the Union sol dier?bis devotion to It, even to death; hia calm, un daunted courage, graced by everv milder virtue; his kindly buspditiity to thu captive rebel oilicer, so lily re quited ; contrast tbise with Hie craven cowardice of tho rutliaus who be.set bim and did midnight murder, their brutal desecration of his body, and worse than these, the crimes ot the higher chivalry , who made war on the dead a? huc.Ii only could wage. Contract these, and say if It wc re not happier to die as did Ulrlc Dat.lgrou? bo true, so pi ntle and so bravo? than to Jive as those do who, to destroy Ins fair name, bavo iustiliod and exulted in hia oEvusuiaatiou aui forged a lie, to their eternal infamy. It was not only In tbe dark hours of closing life that Colonel l>ahtgreu'8 adinlrablo qua itiea woro exh.bllod; In.* whole life wan euuobled by the presence of every trait th?t can adorn hamanity. )le ha t not completed the first your of hia manhood when be was 83 b.isely assassinated: yet by bia bravery* and devotion on many a battle field be bad won tbe high bat well deserved r ink ot colonel of cavalry. That com mission waa transmitted with the following letter ? WisniKCTOx. July 24, 1M1 Pie? Knet ted yon have a em iuiis?lou foreoloriel, wlUi out having pami'd through the intermediate cr of major Tonr gallant and meritorious seivioebat. 1 think, entitled you to this distinction. although u in a departure from general ntage, which Is only just lied l>v dlsiln .'nlihsd merit mn:h us your*. 1 hope you may speu.Hly wdi r. anil It will lejoloe ine to ba tliu instrument of >our further ad vancement In the service. With great regard, 1 am yours truly. edVvin m. stantoh. Colonel Untie Daiilirrt. He was tall, woll built and graceful; his frame gave every promise of future strength, but us yet lacked the development of the matured man, and was divested of all Bpare llesh by a life of coustant activity in the saddle. To tho casual observer ho appeared liko a very young and very dillident inan -gentle and unobtrusive, a mod orate talker and always of pleasant mood. But beneath lay a character or the tirmest mould, a constancy of pur pose never to bo diverted from its object, courage that was uever disturbed by any danger, impulses of tbe purest nature habitually in exercise, produc og a course of life unblemished by tho least tneannoss? a good son, a warm friend, dutiful alike to God and man. I can now look back ovor the wholo of his young life ai d declaro that in no instance did he ever (ail in tbo most respectful obedience to my lead wisb. A more per. eel and lovely character I cannot conceive. His mind was of uo common order, and he had been carefully educated. Ho was well read in the classics, a goad matheiaellclan, and expcrl w Ith the peucil. Ho de lighted in all manly exorcises, was an excellent swim mer, and as a liorsi man net But-passed, but was a bold, practised and elegant rider. As a soldier bis conception was quick, Ms Judgment deliberate, but la execution rapid .ib lightning No one would recognize h in In action as tbe uuobtrugive, retir ing youth ho might have pacsed in a throng. Having spent so much of li is leisure tiuie with me in the Ord nance t'eparlment, Uc hud a rare knowledge of guns and gunnery , which was olteu turned to good uocouut in tho Held. His courage was not of that rampant character so troublesome to friond as well as to loe, but caine lortb Instantly at tbe first sign of danger. To those qualities ho added a deep sense of religious obligation, having been carefully treued by a departed mother to the Church and ibe ftuuday school. Rut in this, as in many other respects, be was not demonstra tive When apparently at tbo verge of death irom a wound, and reminded of the danger, ho smilod, and said that ho had never gone Into battle without anking forui^ucss of his sins and commending bU soul to his Makorl And so passed away ibis bright youug life, so radiant in promise. Nor is it only a father's love and alTbction that prompts such praise, as the many who knew bim will couQrm. Full testimony has been borne to bis record in tbo ?cbool from whicli he had withdrawn but u lew years boiore, and frotu-the pulpit of tbe churoh where be bad been an attentive listener for successive Sabhitbe. Tbe large number of letters which I have received from thoxo who knew Ulm or have heard his story assure me th <t my Eon,*ppcared to others as he appetied to me. Among the latest received in one sent me lor perusal, from an eutire stranger, who writes thus: ? ? * ? the lamented young Dahlgrcn, with whom It bail been our pleasure to form a hrlet, but most agreeable acquaintance. Tins was while h? was in llie'olty recovering liom the amputation of bin limb. We lirst met him at i lie was present upon big crutches, ana received mark-d attention both from military men and civiliaua. The news of his cruel death produced In us a fueling of un riiitis' '<1 sail nes?? the more go. perhaps. Irom tne vivid im nre-f >n nl hint left 011 us by meeting him just before be wntik ..i?t to tliu Said auil entered upon tea Intal expedition. It wauat one of Speaker Co fa* s receptions where we had a long ai.d ligrift ?b!e oouvcr*utn>n with bltn, and hud the pleasure 01 inirodtic ng quite a number of our friends, and 1 CTmw that his gentleness and inode-t fleportmer.1 joined to that moral bero'sm that seemed 10 perande his whole spirit, will not soon be furgotien -by those who oonter-ed with hlru. ? Some wl.o heard the oUihoiate ami wonderful sermon of l>r. Sunderiand on In* ueaih. but w ho had never met him, were reauv tn rar the character drawn by the Pot ior was that of u very remarkable young man. To some of these it waa my privilege to sav that the picture drawn ol him was a true one. M) wile li?? ottcn referred to bit son verxallon at Collar's. Ills whole soill seemed lo he patriot icaily absorbed in the sirugnle of bis country Ilia eonvcigation with every one, however commenced, would si'on be turned to Hie great coutlict in which our beloved country is engaged for tb>; BMintauiaiioe o: us govornmeni again t fbe determined e.'fort of wicked men to destroy it. To a number of - ou tig ladiea ma' wire in uodiired to him he a:rd. I11 a pleasant b u earn mourner ? "l.ii.nes, yon ought ta encourage all the oung men to en list iu the Union arin? and light fur our country li is tueir dutv, atid outfit to he a privilege to be en gated In such a csnse, imiiI if thev should tail it would be In a holy cause. Nn one should 11 ii' dcr hi* life to<i dear 10 lay It down, if nevd be fur our g'orious L'nion and country. ' These were the sentiments, sod. a* near as 1 can remember, lbs language used hj nnu. t here teemed a wouderful ? ar iiestneiK and almo't nsj Irs t on about hi n In reference to oureouulrv. li was glorious to <ii?- iur one's couatrv Jo all it 1* ? subject of deep sorioir thai one t? promising sml -o fukv imbued wuh genuine patrl' t's .i should thus early In life bo cut dottn iu such a 1 uHiless manner. ilitiH ho appoarcd in the eoct?l clrclo. Another letter rbows him id tl>e perilo'is liours ol the expediti on tbut f needed bU death? lioin un officer iviio was ncur him at the nmo: ? 111s pUtyiul plei?=nrt anillc ever cheered and Inspired hi- c ftiipaniona. liooii nature and frumesa s- cmed in una in" t pleasantly bleude<l. and as 1 roil* beside him iuti with Che greatest pleasure that I wale'iod Ins ta'e, and with ?very ghyflce named tiew trust. (The column was now near kielm onrt.) "We advanced, ai I a* 11 gbt i*atue on we met the enemy ; the skirmishing was lien*y ; the enemy's lire v :y amoving, bot 1 -toppei In admiratiua of tlte t.'ol duel s "ceo noes lie lode along the line, speaking to the incn. >0 eaitB. so quiet, so brave, tl at t seerm d to me the veriest c ward must needs fight if never before. Wl en he gave the o<dei to retire, le detallnd 0?r regt ment for rrar guard and placed toe in charge. orders t ? keep well cli>"*?l ttp, but not to let th> enemy d:lve me on the coliimn He th*u rode alieuj. In the darkness the column became divided, Ac. U10 la t letter bo ever wrote was to mysoir. It waa from the camp, just teiorc putting foot m stirrup und about to set out on the last 1 1 a brilli mt and eventful < arenr. He directed that it should only bo glvoo to nto in llio event of hi? not returning lie speaks of ib<- en terprise as "glorious, a' d that he would bo imod to show (lis face again If he lailod to g> in it.'' He eg. prcseed binn-ell as fully NOt.sible of the clangor, and con cludes tints ?'Mf we do not return there la no belter plaro to five up tbe ghost." :Mich wag il>? brsse uud gererout spirit whow? light has Leon so enrly qnpnebed f'*cver. That of IL-elf nil^lH hive radioed to sate tho yengearce even or*. Tt.e sli'Krki' K cruelty that bae boeu exhibited 10 lit. li aeimate body, and tho penetration of a forgery to justify It, will in the end rrcmi on the in:amous ruffians. lo tho gallant youpg soldier 11 bus been ns nctbing, lie b id juif-id awuy to bis linal areo jot, leaving be* bind bitu a name far beyond the reach of the chivalry. Hero aro those left, however, whore pride and 1 1 01, sure it will be to vindtcato his fair fume, ami be will be remembered as a young patriot of F[x>tl< ? t life stid purest pttrp ?c. bnncst, true and gentle, d .itifni I? every obligation, ucneldsh and g<>nerou4 to ? fruit: an undntiMed noldlor of the i nlon, who never stru< K a blow except at a ' ni m< d enemy , but carefully aid kindly respected tbe claims of do encelcfE women and children; an accomplished gentiemin. a siccere christian, ? fitithful comrade, wbo not reoorered from tl e aim at fatal Illness cotif extent on lostcg a lltnb in I attle. went lorth to brave every hardship in iho hope ,4 aiding 10 the Motive of attr captive sold lorn from the dun. eons of a mere. 1 Ism enemy, who for tht? treatol hi* d> id I) <dy with savR^u ferta ity and busitstod not to forge b ?? name. I ce to bis ashen wherever they rest; th" laurels on Uie young and fair brow of Llric Il^blgrcn will never in while there tiro true nn>ii and women in the land to k ep thera green. ,IM>. A. D.\ HI.ORI N , K' .r Admiral, commanding l ulled Elates :-i utb Atlantic lllcckadltig Snuadrou. ^'Ino Artt> rmtpll has Just got out a floe tinted litbe^rapb of the 1 ;-ht between tho Alabama and tho Kearvargs o(T Chor b >rg. It Is from tbe drawing mado on the spfit by l uratnl nrauer, tbe eminent marine painter, and is one if the moit h; iritod ropreseut.tious of a uavil battle tbvl vre have ?>' 11. rwo rival Art Kxbibltl ins are behtg bold this m^nth In I'eiglum- one In Antwerp, the otlior at lirissels. The Orst represents more of tbe (iermoo, the nacoud moro of the Krench ncbo 'Is. The portrait g- up of the br ithcrs Van Kyck, by I eo i iid V'. lener, In Paris, Is shortly to be erected st M<as 1 vie, tl oir tiirihpincoi A si 1 tidid pnrtrsit of Hrmenko fr.arlstti. the only 000 In e v len.e.tuH been diecovercd in Mad id. '1 1 11 I ni pet or ' raneis Joseph bis ordered M. J. Pn'tnef, of s 'una, to pain' the recent naval encounter off Hellgo land. Mhoorr Von firoirfield, ol !)re*den. has t^en asked by tl.p V'iihij Knir ol Havana to nnlsn tbo ffesco.v Itiili'e Nibelunyn Hftotiis 01 tbe Munich Miisetim. wb cb W?ie c >niiue?eeA nu4' r hie gruiidlatintr and contitii cd ut der kls inibcr. At a rei ent art ai.ctl'ie of the ro?iocth rs of drawings leu by General Anti/tue frsnCnis ii.drew'y no ic?s tlmt twenly-sevs'i lianU drawing' by l'tirer e " 0 in. der the hon mar Artidltg ih?m were ''Adam and rn; wbich w - s Id lor tw.i tbotMBhd ilye bundrM frst 0*; fkeieh if ".-1 Jit r> rs the Atostie," lour hundred franc* t *n ? .>r traits of tiermau nobicp. one tho .ssod four hundred a d ftv Iratics Ih e veili m painiti *?, lli'tnt'ii hu.itlrej and eighty t!ve i, and ethers i w"ive ' iho i, t H ".rifs he a 'lit i>f Mr. VoeenfL ef vimm. GRANT. The Rebel Experiment in Mine Exploding. COMPLETE FAILUBE OF T"E EFFOBT. No Injury Inflicted on the Union Works or Army. ' The Nation?! Past Day in Front of Petersburg, tCi| JlC?t Iw. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. THE SECOND CORPS. Vr. Flnley Anderaon'a Despatch. ARMY OK THR POTOMAC, AUgUbt 4 ? EvcUIUg. TUB FAST PAT. In obedience to tlie proclamation of tho President and to orders from the headquarters of tho army, to day bag been observed If tills command as a season of humilia tion. fasting and prayer. Tbe fallowing Is the order lrom general headquarters on tbe subject: ? OKNKRAL ORDKKS ? NO. 31. Ukaixjuaktkrp, Army o~ rait Powimac, ) August 3, 18K4. J Tomorrow, the 4th Inst., having been set apart by tho Preddoht of tbo United stitos as a day of national fusting, humiliation anil prayer, the Major General Commanding calls upon his lello-v soldiers to ob serve the d?y with the solemnities due to the occasion, and be recommoud.? thai wherever practicable, religious services be ho held in tl e sovoral camps by tho chnplins serving with tbe army, and no command* that all opera I tone ibat aro not mailers of military necessity, bo sus i peuded daring tbe day. By command of Major (lor, oral MEADE. Sirra Williams, Assistant AdjuWnt General. During tbe day military operations have, for tbe most part, bcon suspended on our part At irregular inter vals a few shots wero fired along tne lines, bat they were tired by tbe enemy. Since reveille this morning until tbe present bour this evening, a suggestive stillness has reigned throughout tbo army. A most tho only sound beard outside divisions and brigades was the mule of tho bands. Tbe members of tbe Christian Commission have been employing tbe occasion to the best advantage. They have circulated a large amount of religions reading mat ter among tbe soldiers. Religious services have beon held this evening In the different divisions of the Second corps In tbe performance of this pious duty the chap lains in tbe army have been assisted by mombers of tbe Christian Commietinn. Tbo services were solemn, tne preaching being generally earnest, appropriate and faith ful Tbo various bands throughout the corps aro playing now, some sacred, some patriotic pieees; and tbe llnal strains aro lloatlog ou tho air as tbo evening oloees. FHB FIFTH CORPS. Mr. L. A. HnacrleK'a Ueapatch. Heapotabtbrh, Firm Ah my Corps, l Bekibk PETtntBrnr;, August 4, 1864. J TBI: fAtn UT. Tbe Presidential proclamation, setting aeido to day fbr fasting, humiliatien and prayer, has daub Hobs been gen erally observed throughout tho loyal States. K.vcept a Blight lingering or humiliation at our late disaster, there baa been im observauco of the day in the army. Aa for taatiog, Ibe army has never been better rationed than now. An abundant supply of voeotables condone to bo furnished, aDd we art aleo enjoying feaste of whortlo berried, watermelons, caMeiopes, Ate., and I do not think any one has feM In duty bound to restrict bfmoclf to-day In tbe Indulgence of tbeso or other alimentary luxuries. On ibe matter of praying, I have seen or beard of nothing unucoal in tbl.n line, except praying for more paymasters to come, ;>nd that this cruel war will 8- on be over. a kbimx oitxmr or Hion aiiwt. H has been very quiet to-dsy and very little firing. Fomo general robel officer, reported by our Signal cor| s to bo iienetal l.oe, made aa extonsivo tour of llietr liues. A coterie of ofi-cers accompanied bim and be was greeted u Mil c beers wborever be wen*. a* INyl'lBY ON ?oor. It to oiirrcnHy reported that a court martial has been ordered? some go bo tar as to say that It tun already en tared on its sesi-lon ? having for Its purpose inquiry into tbo conduct of warn of our c> officers in the recent uasuult. ciHTi tin or a noBL MAJOR. A rrt>el major has fontal himself aa unexpected prison er in our Lands. i.ueoftho One Hundi?daud Seventh New York regtireot boys took o\er s< me papers t > ex change with S'>tne rebel sold, srs, | urs.wnt to au intima tion on their part o( deciro to n-ske such exchange, and tbey tmk him, |>apera and all. Thia breach of faith was considered a proper subject of retaliation. A corporal, d.sgulsed as an officer ventured out in front of another portkiti of the line, and, bohllng np a pactEagO of pa; ers, expressed a wlab to exchange for Southern pipers. "C me over here ami wc will exchange with yon," a rebel called out. "Meet mo bulf way," our corporal roplied. His f. rune. 3 on this point soon brought out a grayback officer, and a major at that "(.Itnl to see you,'' said tbe corporal. "Do yon fee tliat mau behind that tree wlib u murkel? You are my prisoner, und If you open your head, or don't follow me, you are a deid man." Tb? maj<* 1 01 lowed, and Is now a prisoner. Swli*' 1 ier.tly an w:m made t ' m>nd l>ack tbe man tbey bad t ken priionsr In ex change, but our beys could nut see It, MSOH it HUM a Dr. T. M. Fiar droar, ( ue llui.drcd and rty ?rth Kew York regiment, Is tbo wirgcou in-cbi -X of tbo dec i.d dl* vlsioo this corps, Instead of Dr. h'ima > ralth as ttat*d In a recent despatch. 1 nuke this coriect <ai in justice t > Dr. Haudreau, one of our ai d most prnn.u>o:<t army surgeons, and at tbo request of l>r. Smith, who doue not desire to bo accredited to a porlMon l>o dees ? ot bold. THE EICfiTGMTB COtPS. Mr. .lotin A. Itrndy's l)r?pati<hri. 1I*j?iw,Cj?ktiirs, KMrrrKjrm Abut Cobfs, ) b IM Fir.i n, Aufcuat #- Mldoi^bt. j Tim KsnEia s B:N(i a m;bn. From nutnernrs deserters who bavo entered our llnet within tbe I i*t week, it had font <Heou?oi*<l that tiio rot "ls wero mining In several places on oar front. Wo were tberofore tuliy prepnreil, th< ogh s mewiiat sur prlsod, when, at about At.' o'ciock ye terday afUunoon, a mine blew t?p betwfti oit H110 ai d tbat of tio enemy, the explosion being Iron " d aioly nwttM by rapid and successive voile}* of musk'try. Tbo sm<>kn Ir m the explosion had hatdi.r cleared away when our men an. awered the rebel flro and droaned the rebel yell with their wild cbcor of derision at tbe fat'.ure of tboir trnnii g | HWIHoim. TUB OlMBCT or IRK hft?MT. Tt>o < all pr bahllBy , l-?teiidiyl tol.ave b'own up a sap aehad rnnoat t war :? th< ir line MM charg thn ugh tbo oj?[iini. *liey had, however, sidly misculcohil'd their distance, and trre expi "<k?o took placc nro rMi In advance of tho t>o ?'1 of tbe sap. Vol a particle of tl 0 delu'.s was thrown into any |K>rt on cf our MO**, and the iharpsLcotars did not evt-n tb<i.k it i>ec?ssary to abao 1' n the sap. TUB BTrf?tO|? ooi:!d, of c >nr?ij, bear no in magnitude with tbat of Burtw i le'n mliie. A n'as* of dirt, thiity fert in diameter, ear tbrown In the alf to ttie heshtofore bnnd^ed feet, the contra }oi lion b' mg . levale I ?on? idera bly ab.'vo the aides. BO CHABOB. tt w ii HiuMdlatBly perceived t?r ilncwnt that their was a failure, Hk r CuB?e*iuii?tly ( ti.uia selves with rising behind tbelr worm and pour in.? in their musketry tire. lb>i main part of the firing tru on Arue'a iroot, but it afterward'! extended slightly to the frost of Hurnatde'a right. The artillery Are was almoet as heavy uajoti the C\?r memorable Saturday. "*? ?B. iuttkriim? tin aktillsby muNn. The rebel* developed a number of oeir batteries, and flred with f?r more accuracy than they have hitherto been ?'ior fiouscl to do. One po.- iliar feature in oon nactton with tbie tire wan tta extraordinary rapidity. At General Builor'a bead ? triers is sail to have sounded like almost ooo cootiuuong roar. The splendid firing of Dow'* First Connecticut mctar battery attracted ant versa! attention, especially for the accuracy with which tho commander dropped shell after shell In a ten pound Parrott rebel battery whose enfilading tiro baa been seriously annoying, drove the enemy rroin t Jtr guns and Silenced their battery for the timo boinj. TMfc uaspis are but trifling, hardly more than w-'ld liavo oeen sus tained through au ordinary day's picket tiring. That of the enemy must have been more severe, as they ex posed tbemiclvos la tiring their first volley and wero In full range of our batteries, greatly superior la num bers to theirs. ACTING CKSRRAJ, BTFAIiKAN VOI'ltilSD. Colonel GrilTiu A. Stead man, of the Klevcji tii C-innec.ti cut, who has been in cpij);,uu*l at a brigade since tho opemug of ttia oar ilgu, waeiprcrely, if not mortally, wounded by a musket shot Midi the stomach. This u one of the most severe blowB the corpa has sustained for some time, aud has pivon - ?sc to a deep and universal feel ing of regret. General Auie?, by whose sido ColouoV Kteadman was standing when bo received his wound, la announcing the fact to Genoral Ord, stated that we bad loa' one of tho Uuest soldlcra in the army. Few men have m ro pc.eonal friends, aod fewer pofsorh thofe rare per sonal qualities that distingu4shod the Colonel, and attracted all with whom he came In con tuct. He has been repeatedly recommendeU for the rank of brigadier general for gallantry and pklll upon the battle Hold, and last evening a despatch was sent to Washington, endorsed by both Genoral Ord and General Butler, earnestly recommending that ho atone* receive his appointment. CiKNRRAI. ORD, at the commencement of the fight, was on the extremo front, examining tho position of tho enemy , but hurried to his headquarters, ready to meet any move ou tho pari of tho enemy. nRADQI'ARMJia, ElCIITEBNTn C0KP8, ) In this Iim.o, August 0 ? I ay break, J cocntmminisg. From n oueful examination of tbo crater formed by the explosion last evening, Captain Farquhar, Chief hu gtr.eer of the corps, lias boon led to bellevo that the enemy Imagined we were mining from tbo bead of the sap, and endeavored to countermine as. Ibis opinion Is conllrmod by the fact that the rebels bave been calling ont to our line, "How about your mine," with other similar expressions. If this be tbo true state of tbo oune, they certainly wasted u considerable amount of ammunition. Last m<.ur and this horning. last night was rendered rather anomalous by the continuance of musketry at intervals until morning. As 1 write, however, everything has subsided to the usual stato-of quiet. ?unr.Rvm. A division of the Second corps was Kent up last night and formed in rear of that of General Ames. Other tioope were also in motion; so that It is highly probable that if tbe'enemy had charged tbey would bave met an extremely warm reception. CITY POINT. Br. A. Dftvtdion'a Dcipatelici. Citt Point, Va. , August 6, 1864. FIRimi UN TRK KIVKB. Nothing has occurred In this vicinity within the put throe da; j of an important cbaraoter. Yeslor Jay several gunboat shots were beard down the river, and It waa re ported the rebels had appeared In considerable force on the north book of tbe James and attacked the mall boat and seine transports. 1 aan learn nothing reliaoie rela tive to tho mailer, except that the gunboats i belled tha <-Uoi>e where the enemy were said to have been, with what result is Dot known here. GtMMOKAlMM HEARD. Cannonading was board about daylight In the direction of Fetorsburg. It lasted but a few minutes and waa doubtless nothing more than a sharp reveille. MOVEMENTS Of OKNURAL CRAJfT. Lieutenant General Grant aud a i ortlon of his stair left for Washington yestorday. Citt Pom, August 5, 1904. A TlXIDOA* FikI D UI'OX. The tugboat 9. E. Brown, while going to Deep Bottom yesterday, when Just above Turkey ilend, ?u 11 rod into by musketry, killing Assistant bngmeer llamblto, of Brooklyn, and wounding two men, one, it Is faired, mor tally. The boat pawed through, and our gunboats socio drove oil tbe oncmy. BERfllDA niKDRED. Mr. W m. II* Nrrriam'i-Dtipatch. Kkar WkiiiuKl's low ik , Va.. August 5 ? t A. M. major ennui's ruir.uiip iikkd crow. Yesterday artcmoon tiie c inmmder of the tmy of the l*ototnac vHnte 1 Major General Butler, and after an Interview of an hour or uvre tho two lenera'.s rode over to Point el Bocks, where, taking a I'M led States steamer, thoy proceeded to the be idquariers of tho General com manding at I>eep I'ottom. While passing up the James, at a point just below 1 eep Bottom, the enemy, protected from our gi.nbouts hy the river banks, Ore l upon General Butler's ila,:*hlp seve al times. Ibe boat kept sail, under orders of General Butler, aud fortunately no harm catno of tbe llrlug. The shots wore well directed, but rail short. CRVKR.tL J. n. MAKTIKHALR, lately commanding tho Eighteenth army eorps, in place of General I aldy inlth, recently tendered bis rrsigna I tlon to tho President, an already stat d in this correepnn deuce. I havojun learned that tho President has elated that he cannot afibrd to ncccpt General Martindalc's re linq 'iMbmei t of his poMtioti now. Tbe General was only Induced to tender his rosi^'i at i vi from tho army oa ac count of tbe exceedingly Impaired state of bin health, whlct' ho h s well nliglt totally for.'cltcd hy Ills unremitting labors IB the peodinn canii MkU. 1'lie General is at pre* f nt so tour n 'iii* at randy lull, Se>v York, on bisk leave, bi? physicians compelling lum to go North. The General I'ren Oeipateluis. \\ a v, Ang<ist 7, lsrt. A letter from tho Artry of the lototruc, dated frl uy evening, says ? No In tho politico* of the two arm to s hi occurred since tbe late battle, flic-e h s been tbe usual picket llnrg i n tho centre of tho line. Ii 'avy 11 ring was beard this afternw n In the dlrs<Woa of tlio Tenth eorps, mid a tejiort was cTr-.:uiat J to t <> pi' 'ct that tlw enetny had attempted to blow op a furl in that vicinity, but were anmic?v"*rui. A rebel batt'iry on the north sain of Ibe James river has bet >mo very annoying f. r a day ?r two. Quite an engagement took place this morning bet -eeii It and our gunboats, and It waa finally lorcod to Umber up and leave. The weather con tin ;c* very warm, ard nr? 'rrtb > slckncsa prevails amoag tho sol iior*, wboeu:lar princi* p illy from dtirrlxoa. M. George CVnrt fl' ise was w ill nly set Ore to and destroyed tbis morning by soma i dior.i Hamiuuj '?? August 7, 1?84. A letter rrom tho Army of tbo l'utem c, d itc I Satur day morning, says ? The rebels hw ip a mine ye-iertfay evening y:oro dark In front of the Kiftn c or* , bu' , <>a ttey had not dug to wlHlio forty yards of our wnrkn, no datnEgo was done. They also attemptod to make a ch irge, chocriug londiy , but tMoy must have b eo chagrined at floding tbemselvis *. > far from our lines. Conaiderahle firing was kept up for an !iour. iliooooiuy's loss wua heavy, ours vory lubt A II it qtil- t thin morning. REBEL ACCOUNTS. (Fr< m tbe Richmond ! xamlner, Angnst 1. 1 1 1 1 1 ws i mi, August 3| I'M. C?A*T ACI*U? M "<l*?. It l? ~ui p #cd Or, ii t n b'?y 'applBg and mini* g at ether mis i\i ariy nil the terce tut! GrMit teut to tB<s North ?idft(> |ho J < me# haa returned. 'Ill* Kr nioud t I ?r A .-St 4 contains long i . . . . ? , ? . . n ? h" it* nit. n ? \ of the Vlrgmm M?.iiieuis, uiid lu six Ctuers frotn North tinroim^

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