Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 8, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 8, 1864 Page 3
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4ANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. BmiDiT, August T, IMt withstanding the reverse before Petersburg and the ?iitu Maryland aud th? border* of Pennsylvania, tho ?ty nspeel is the moat encouraging one we can And in vey of our nstii nal affairs. The politic 'I and flnan I upsets are both calculated to arouse i loony fore Ilh and our lively apprehensions for the future, ?d of order, harmony and strength, we find only , discord and weakness. We flud corruption and ry in the place of statesmanship tnd Ignorance ?Irish aims where wisdom aud whole-souled dlsln udness should prevail. What will come of all this jw soon we shall reap the whirlwind in store for us a as yet merely surmise; but that It is only a ques r more or less time the keen observer of events clearly perceive. rc is something in our present financial and military tion analogous to that of France when tbe First Ns > was lighting bis great battles and tbe nmnatary of the empire were in a state bordering on insol . Tne finances continued to a deplorably bad state, ie renowned Oor.-ican went on galoli:? victory after ?y, and it may be raid tbat the military victories of 3 were greatest when its finances v.ero at the worst. ! gth, when tbe paper issues of tbe country had be uext to worthless, there was a sudden return to payments, and the currency war generally refused ; It boa before been tbo medium of exchange. From ime as8lgnatB were as valueless ay tbo old Conti tmmey of our own country, ?ad within sevcu years ir first issue. French government hod previously profited by isueof currency in the psynent of debts with It, is our government has done with respect tognec Napoleon made no effort to .-mstaiii it, and an is was removed from the French treasury and when it parsed away. Tn?so who hold It of i suffered, as no provision was made for its rede. 'ii p. F r conversion. Our government, from pre?ont up i. ices, will be likely in the samo manner to po on ?; m-re currency Indefinitely till such time as the refuse it in payment for their goods or labor, by . of its great depreciation in value ns com; ared ho standard of gold. The fact of Con?rcss having ii a lepal tender will not save it from tLo He true > which that steady course of infl ition f o govern m pursuing will sooner or later consign it, unless I measures are adopted to pro\ ent it. The collapse currorcv bubble will not, in any event, howover, r ipid ;'.s it was in the case of France, because of the or und more enduring resources we pvscss, nnd 3t th it, so long as tlio government has bonds for i Bder existing acts of Congress legal terror notes 3 receivable in coovorsion. But tbcro will como a vhen all the bonds of tbe government now author | I'd purchasable with the currency af!oat will be 1 \d it is by no means certain that rite tatter will V ''J tbe same relation to bands under subsequent [j Congress. jijil nd, during her wnrs with Napoleon, William taiie Uio moit strenuous efforts lo sustain tbe .kef Enhnd notes, and In so doia^ adopted tho ry course to that pursued by Napoleon. It would iter for tbis country to follow Kqgland'g example.'] istain its credit by withdrawing the currency- but wb > hope for that aro likely, wo Tear, to be disap d. Tbe course of France will morn probably be it > which wo, in a slower way, shall relapse m we rcacb that period in tbe financial history of ir when ttio currency falls Into disrepute and t payments are resumed a severe monetary shoe* i the natural consequence. In Great 3ritiiii, bo i bo oud of tho Napoleonic wars, In 1915. and tbe re 0 tbe gold basis, In 1821. there was a great financial ion and tbe ruin|of the majority of t; eculators, derangement in tbe labor market was one of root consequences ; but after specie pay mints be universal In tuo klui:dGtn tbe nation experienced mpled prosperity. Contraction Is always oppres ahcreaa expousion makes easy tbo road to ruin, uiliatlon, after all that has been suld about It, falls r on the people, when It applies to tbe currency; as It Is more or less held by evory one, iiffer about equally by Its depreciation In bands. Tbe Beuth bus already practically iated its currency and seoms to be little the worse e operation. But It ts a military despotism , and can -rttbout money. Not so ours, however. If the In* 'tency of the Treasury Department and tbe ignor ind apathy of Congress allow tbn country to drift hat state when Its currency will bccoms next to lesa, tbe need of making amp's provision for the s will be all the more urgent, and taxation will then re to bo at once both searching and comprehensive, :be people will have to bo nesnrod that no further 1 of Irredeemable paper nn uey will bo made. post week has been one ol considerable animation ill street, owing to tbo strong speculative- feel ng i nas prevailed. This has been stimulated by tho disbursements of lYenenry legal tender notes, con lout to somo extont np?u the witbdruwai of tempo deposits by tho bonks here. Between 19 and August 2 the volume of tbe ocy was incrtMS ><1 by tio less than fifteen >ns In compound interest six per cent notes, and the greenbacks reserved for the redemption <if tbe tetn f loan. Tbis Inflation is still going forward, and tho u tbo money market Is very apparent in tbe abun |j of capital seeking investment at tho legal rate of est. An Increasing ease has been observable during eek, and on Saturday tbo amount odoring on coll n excess of tbe ilennunl. i demand tor gold on other than speculative nit has been very light, and the may be said roign txchange, owin* to tbe large exports and re lation* which still make tbe weekly returns of the matters of considerable statistical interest. Tbe estimated value of tbe gross shipments, exclusive Jpecle, from this city for tbo last three weeks twenty-live millions. This has n'turaliy ro in a superabundance of a bankers' and r.ior t?' bills, and a diminished demand for go'.d which to pay customs duties, a largo pro pernio of sbi| mints being, of lorcign g >< is held In bond (or of a market rbe quotnloiM 1. r sterling buls cm ^ilay rang. d from llid lo 10'J tor gold, ai.d _ol to r currency. i i rice of gold advanced slightly towards tbe end of |v.cek under tho war reports, and a: ter selling al2ClX I on - aturday at 250 >4'. Iii-ro vrn- n spirited demand for United States b<inds, r Ijw pri e lu specie inducing iarte purcbases .in for ar-ount. Toe live twenties (coupon) sold ss b'gh as and tho conpon sixes of 1N81 touched Why a should be tbta dlfTerenco In price between two illy g< od and convenient six per cent /old stocks t hard to determine on any uth-r theory ! that tlie one is bettor kn \vn than other, especi'ly abrottd, thanks to tbe ?rnment policy of m oatlrt^ sum my ste -k" of drtToreut l^nailons thai U?e p?bilc req'. Ire to mske a study of n in Oder 19 C-".!erKtand their rc.'peflivt merits. : multiplicity of distinctions leads to inurb conruuon ng parties Invaotlng in national securities, and the or their atf"" gsr.i^nt Is simpli. ? d by tholr conver ii to one coairaoi: st. < k, undc .- conditions appll to errh, the botter for both tli" i vprnmcnt and I eople. Tho i.iore tho !c vc?t priced of tbo ?? Id bear . I' d' advance tho suouger will lis tin Inducement to i to the new Tre surv mite loan, wblch i? ?iu t" toHla about a mil' i <a per day in tbe ? r^ato. | vi f "owlo^ were the q lotatione nf ? 1 1 mis sous shares at the close or each of the past four U Juiy 16. Ju 'i/2U. Jul i 10 r '-sn gold *06 2 Url i< <? ?! ? ? 95 i i . ,.,nd I' ttSbarg ? 10 - ' , 114', 112 '< Leiasil V"ledo 1.15 p:7 ill 132 fcugo Ml o,:k Island lO'.l'i n? ? , 114^11 i go J; SorthWSMerB.... f>l Aft 57 '4 U?|t4ll'ii| ? 9<< 07 .ii friunt fl!~{ 67 ? l> ft'' '? a.. (ton ( 3ft .14 tj j n7'? V Mndson Canal ? vOS 210 "n't j v.iiiw..? mu itMi'ij luv 112^ in. ri -d ll.l 107 110 I Hi '4 ??on tivor 12T 1:7 4 l.'U 1.' ?, I < I tri| l?t,ij 1:4 , 12 1" I >; igan < tnnrnl 1: 4 lit4 141 18I?>* >ui< mi .-wimi.Tn mi i< *:?.?; vi fi W'4 ? I'ul. I. ilu Chleo.. . . ?jit c:;1, 70 To tiii <n Mining 4-j' 41'., -?t? ? \M"k '? ntral 182^ 132'4 1H-! 131 ,i> v M -issippl rer ? Mi, toi^ ir Vnii tSO 280 2S1 ? ?vWanla Oial ? _ jfjo . imrg.V Kurt Wayne U;t no 117 H4'4 rS' i.." Mining 7M 74 78 ?; 7 '?< l..?|fi? Railroad 130X \'\2\ l3i?M li* r iilo.v mg wero the quotations or goverotn ut se? It ts:? /n.'i/lfl. Ju'yM.A 'til I. t itered a'S of 18^1 10.1 101 1 i,if un; i|. 1M1 s o 1881.. ? 10.1 10f.\ 100 't f ' ?ent v coupon ? I <> ' ' ? lnnj losi, -s <<rei ty registered ln.1 104>4 lot?J p ? rear certillcaie* 9-1 ? , h r three-tenths notes., .104 t lOH'j loo Injij ,^ii Uo. ? ** m, )w 8tate stocks were quoted an follows ? Missouri 8'i AS North t*rolln? 68>? Tii'MM 6's. 59 California T'i 184 Indiana 6 s 89 Ohio 6's, 1881 110 Virginia fi'a 63 Louisiana 6 s IS Georgia 6 a tiu Michigan 6'a 98 The financial transactions at the Sub Treasury in this city during the past week are exhibited In the annexed table:? Re&ipti from CSistoms. Monday |?o,< i0 Tuesdav 9^,000 Wednesday.. ?? .105,100 Friday 131,000 Saturday 163,000 Total 1640,000 13,3J4,8.:0 10,275,363 ?the receipts during the week exceed the disburse ments $3,039,477. The balance on hand amounted to $19,046,867. Tho following absUact of the Pennsylvania company reports shows tlio eoal tonnage for this season, as com pared with the corresponding time last year 'I his Last Companies. Ftavn. Season. Increase Reading Uailroad... 1,972,000 1,910,184 61,818 tjctiuyl. Navigitii >n, 483,886 396,764 88,122 Lehlifti Navigation.. 342.108 332,473 9,W33 l.ohmh V. H 875,372 776.266 89,115 Dei "and Uck 749.726 684,136 65,5*8 lei. and Hudson.... 419.014 358,106 80,908 Pnuna. Coal 416.882 273,220 142 662 SlKimukm 159,8.13 140.514 10.219 Hrcad rop 2.:0,?76 180,430 50,046 Lykni'* Valley 7n,o?8 64, -.98 21,600 Treverwn 40,933 3S.507 T.-fiS Total 5,785,324 5,143,098 026,204 ?The autliraclte coal trade, says the Ledger, has boeu nearly steady as regards supply the past week, but It is very Arm in prices. Tho demand for government pur poses is heavy, and tends to quickon very much the local trade. Tho production of coal last week re-icliing tbo market is .-omethiug less than thut reported the pre vious weok,uud arises more from a deliciencv of motive lower in traD3|>ortl >g It to markot than from any lack of prepared coal at tho mines. There is, however, no coal being pilud anywhere. The (allowing t>U< '.s tho amount and destination of treasure shipped at Francisco during the first half of tho yeirs 1861, 1862, 1863 und 1864 ? 1861. 18(S2. 1863. 1S64. To N. York..$15,916 290 11,290 851 5.6.r>0,07fl 5.607.940 To England.. 1,103.948 4.2l?,Htl 15,008,427 19 833,269 To China 1,343,247 1,001, ii72 1.603,1.69 2.911.733 To l ai.ama... 187, hl4 2.12 007 305,036 120.275 Oth. countries 15,141 85,045 190,0-3 452,514 Total $18.6(1(1,143 16,532,616 22,767,681 28 093.711 The United States Trust Company will pay, 10th Inst., a semi annual dividend of five per cent, free of tax: the Greenwich Insuranco Company will pay, 10th lost. , a dividend or seven per ceut ; The Story & McCimttck Pe troleum Company will piy, 15th inst. , a dividend of one per cent for the month of July. The gross earnings or the Chlcigo and Alton Railroad during the week ending July 31 compare with tbo ro celpts for the :ame tlrno in 1863 lis follows:? 1 '03. 1804. Passengers $14,182 18.789 Freight 28,354 84 -150 Miscellaneous 1,374 2 231 Total . . Increase CITY CO.HMEUCIAL REPORT. Satcrpat, August C? 6 P. M. Apiiks. ? Receipts, 46 bbls. Market dull, and prices nominally $1C 50 a $15 AO Cor pots and poarla. BRKAD^TCVFa. ? Receipts, 11,948 bbla. flour, 227 bbls. and 521 bags corn meal, 87,893 bushels wheat, 110,324 do. corn, 33,324 do. eat*, and 375 do. rve. tbe flour market was dull and irregular for old State and Western, and steady for fresh ground, and quiet for Southern and Cana. dl&n. Tbe demand was partly for export to Great Britain, tbe trado purchasing only for present necessities. St cks are accumulating, and it Is difficult to sustain prices, not withstanding tbe advaace in gold during tbe last day or two. Sales 28,060 bbls. State and Western, Including 1,500 extra, (or September delivery, at $11, and 1,200 Southern and 600 Canadian. Rye flour was steady, jrith tales or 150 bbla. of the former and 400 of the latter. We quote:? Superfine State and Western flrnr $9 15 a 9 30 Extra: State u 85 a 10 00 choice State 10 10 a 10 15 Common to medium e^tra Western 9 ho a 10 25 Extra round hoop Ohio 10 30 a 10 75 Western trade brands 10 89 a 12 00 Extra St. Louis 12 00 a 14 76 Common Southern 10 75 a U 30 Extra ami fancr do 11 40 a 13 60 Common Canadian 9 80 a 10 10 Oood to choice utxi extra. 10 15 a 12 00 Rye flour, superfine 8 00 a 10 00 Corn me<i, bbls 7 80 a 8 00 Corn meal, punr.boons 39 ?0 *40 00 ? The wheat market continued irregular, unsettled and Closed decidedly In buyers' favor. Prime spring Is in de niand for completing cargoes, and this description is well sustained. Sales 90,000 busbels at $2 20 a $2 40 (or spring Chicago, $2 22 a $2 40 for Milwaukee club, $2 41 a 12 46 for am tier Milwaukee, $2 48 a^2 56 for winter red Western snd $2 67 a $2 63 for strber Michigan Rye, barley and barley mall were inactive. Corn w?s dull and drooping, w ith sales of 85.000 bushels, at f 1 56 a $1 5H for Western ml.ted .md II 70 for wbte. uats were dull and rather lower, with sales at 98c. a $1. Coai. ? Hard was in fair demand and firm at f 12 SO for Lsckuvonna, Pittston and Lehlgb, and $13 CO for Scran, ton: f r< m yard $14 a $16, cash. Comv*. ? 1 he market was less active, but prices were firmer, with sales o 1 . .'.00 bales. We quote- ? V pi and. Flrtrida. Jfi tile. X. O. <f 7. Ordinary 168 159 159 1?0 Middling 1H 174 175 176 Good middling 178 179 179 180 ( mtu.? The market was quiet, and prices were with out material change. 1 kkmjhth, ? The market for grain freights to Liverpool was rather soft. In otber respects thero were no essen tial changes Engagements to Liverpool. .per American vessels, 45,000 bushels wheat at 8d. . in bugs; 900 bbls. flour at 2s., 240 do. ( II oafco and 150 hales bops at 20s , and, per steamer, 1,000 bMs. floor at !2s. 6d : 600 b"Xes cheese at 60s., and 4^>,000 bnsliols wheat, for all next wcuk, 9 3^ it. To London, per Amortc-n. 7.000 b'isliets wheat iitsd., 100 tons hoavy ponds at 25s ; per neutral, 4.7(H) bblw. flour at 2a. ("d. , aD'i 200 bbls. petroleum at (is. T<> B istol, por American. 1,0C0 bbls flour and 500 do. oil cake at 2m. fid To Antwerp. 3", 000 test oak plank at $16 per m., and 600 bbls petroleum at 8s. A British bark, with 2 000 bbls. petroleum was chartered for Antwerp, ut 6s. 6d. : ship Arcolo to Mew Orleans $9,000; a Mecklenburg brig, 14,000 bushels wheat to Cork, lor orders, at about 6s 9d a Swedish brig, 1,700 bbls. pe trelswi. It Cork, for orders, at es 'id., or if to the conti nent at 7s., and a British brig, 2s9 lens, to Havana, $2 ,500 gold. Kiss. ? We note sa'cs of Georges dry cod at $8 76, here and to arrive, and $8 a $8 50 tor Li.itik? an advanco of 25o. Miictct'iel were active, e :pec,lallv^for Md stock: sales 1 0U0 bbls. old at $19 fnr bay N'o. 1, $14 for No. 2 and $11 50 for shore Nn, 2. also 900 bols new at $22 for N'o. 1. $17 f r No. 2. $13 lor No a and $11 20 for medium. rmoke<l herring quiet at previous pricos. ERUtr.? The demand w;.s limited, but prices were Arm; sales of almonds at 32c . currants at 20}jc. a 21c. : 15.0H0 Cat Island pineapples at $12. c*sb, and ^00 bbls. eurrunla, 40 bbls. and 43 half do. tamarinds on p. t. I.i'mbkk. ? Eastern spruce was less active; sales 60,000 feet at $23, and 35,000 do. plue boards at $31, usua| terms."" Lt *c.? Small sales at $1 25 for common, and $1 76 fur lump. Mnt.Assits ? The demand continues very limlieil. but prices were firmer; sal i 76 hhds. Cuba mu.-covado at y7 } .c. i so isiow ? Receipts, ISO bbls. pork, 22 packs ges 1 eef and >3 do. lard. Tho perk market ruled dull a-;d heavy, the sales on tb< spot Include 2,000 bbls., at *30 lor < Id mees, $.H 75 a $.>;i (or new do., $ ;4 for prime and $? 6 forvrini- mtn* als > 600 bill" now mess, buyer .\u ai:s$. at $40 M, en# 2.250 bbls., buyer the 16tb . nt $.'!!?. I'e f continues dull, with .?<aii s of 200 bbls., at #1:1 a 515 for country mess. $6 t *8 tor country prtme,$Ma $20 lor repacked mess, anil 522 a $24 or e\tra mess. I'rimo mess beot was quiet at 32 a $35 Citl meats were dill and quiet at 1 5c for abet dsrs. and lie. for bams. &>l*s nf to ttercei batigod ham' at 2'ic 1/ird was in f.iir de mand snd , rices were d>i de lly higher: ?a1e-i 4,00') bbls. and Heroes at 21', o. a 2il<c., the latter an extremo price; also 600 bbl , fcuyc ? ii/ 23c. , and 250 do., sitae term and delivery, 22 Butter wis in Potior it m ind at u 4 i<". 'or ( JniO, and 40c a 50o for Sftite Cli e e was In gi id <> ? .u ml it 1 7c. a 25c for common to prima. Pari Mtr* ?Receipts, bbl?. Tbe demand for crmie w is fair, chle' y ? e,i it, bat holders wen very fir :ti . nsklT" '.2c. i 62', o.: b it buffi got the liest of Hi m. hivm; |b tb on N! lay a u rmioa and to day ) pur chi.-ud cintracts for tbe m cith >t ; 0',,e. h 51c. w tb thi vn-w o< ea.'mc for tbe n d sblpplng it In tbis way 1 co -id -rabio was d' tie. l:rfl?cd.iu i.ond. was mliy le. ! h, liar, but only a small** wn- iloi r?. Ere" was ! Orm r but ratber quiet, ibe t <ies were $,$00 bbla. crvie at. .">0 ' c a 61 i,c ke.i . ??? i : t to) on the : ?', <? I 62 a ? '. ??.":< all n.omh I MS! ??> refl ed. In bond, 83o isu'.i., l.rood free, oa Ue p t,^7' a . and 1.10" do. for (. I the ttu i ill, W .. a 92-.. by dilcrcnccs I Bin , 1 o w?s quiet St .mi was id moderate deo tida' I r.rm: ?'lei f l.ii hhds. ? uba hi 20'.i. o 20',<:., at d 1 0 do. ItM Rl o on privata tenus ied w >? u . iv ? and firm Rpr? I'Ik ms> kot notitlnuea ilrm bit quct, sales 30 bai: i Rango-m at 14 c t'*i t/iw >> is ilrm. with sales of 120,000 lbs. at 19 '^c a 20o. for oniinary to prltiie. Wni.-K'-r. receipts, 4., d bbls. Market firm bntqalet. Sslss 1,500 bblsjln lots, at $1 7d a $1 75 for Slate aM Western. Rnt.iuwn SH'JM Tort McHsnut ?Mr. John R .lo' nrtOTi, p rtr;iit painter (arrested dtirliiK the week of aacitemenl in tills oily attending the lato rebol raid, chsrued v. ith disloyally), was reiessid fr< m Kori tlollearf on i\ edncs day evmiliui. l'be following ware the obi.gatioae oi bis ro etaa:? "Ha tm k Hie oath of allegiaues. nave ten ibmi s n d doilurs botni to tie a total eiti/cn an I oliserve the on *. and fo li ice hi Pair cut to the or : er length " file 1 | latter part of the order wis Issued becauso it w?s alio e4 ; tpat si nie tim" sl ice Mr Johnston anno meed thai hu ? Would not cut his hair until ttv? Jndepentf tico I tho j j Si nit li was rc ? gut .ed, Snd In consilience his hair liad I become Iffy leu.'tliy and luxuriant. 1be etitlm obnga | I Holts wore compli' I With hy Mr. In^ii^liin ?r?* oos to . 1 im Huh, ! IMPORT AITT TREASURY HOIICE. Aiiciimtat aaU Rentitiimtat of Li censes. Taiuarav DarAKTMBjrr, nvno or Intkr^h. R*vwi?r?, > WittmstuinB , July 30, 18oi. > Section 80 of tbe act of Juno 80, 1884, prescribes tbat "where the amount of any license, or the rate bas been Increased, or la liable to be increaaed by law above the amount of any existiDg Iiccufo to any person , firm or company, or has Iwea under Mated or under eatimated, such person, firm or company shall be attain assessed and pay the amount of such Increase, which shall bo en dorsed on tbe original license, which eh all thereafter be beld pood and sufficient." Under this provision assessors will at onc6 proceed to reassess all rersons, firms and corporations asaeased (or Kcemea where, under the act of Juno SO, tbe rata has been or is liable to bo Increased, or whore any existing liceme has been uuder stated or under estimated. They will also notify all parsons engaged In any trade, business or profession (or which a licei se is required un der the provisions or the new law, though not liable to be assessed for a JIcolis > under tius fuvinei Vaws, to take out tbe appropriate license. Licenses, whether reassessed or newly Issued under the act of June ISO, will tate olteet from tho Irt of July, and the assessment will bo pre rain ? teiM*elltl)s of the rate or amount fixed tor such now licpuse, or of the increase upon the old rate. Wborn an y person on the 1st of May en poped In any occupation tor which a licence wm then required, and continaerl such occujuition after that date, and mad*) no application for a license, and no license tax was as sessed prior to July 1, such party will lie required to take license, as of May 1, for one year, and be otiagcd with the ther existing rate; nwrt if by the new law the rafo is increased, st:rh license will be reassessed, and tho amount of sncli endore?dthoronn. The enrtnrsnment will be mado !>y tho colloci"r, and no reassessed license will nrotoct the ;i<\rty carrying on tbe business mentioned in it without such endorsem'-nt. Tbe I iw provide ! for a reassessment and tho payment of tho increase, whore the rate has been or is liable to be increased; but it dees not provide tor any remission of the exccss where the rate litis boon diminished, or where tbe law i si bo that <iu\' existing license becomes tinnecess<ry . or a new license of a different character is required. Under the old law lottery ticket dealers were required to p > y a license fee of $1,000; by the present lavv tbe roe is fixed at $100. 'An incorporated bank, under tbe old law was requir. d. in certain ivis'f, to take a broker's llcenso; by tho ,>re- nt lau It is required to lake a b ink er's licence, wh'ch covers the hu?ltjc?B of a brofcw. Yet the law give< no authority to refund any part of tho fee in either ciso. Under the old low wholesale liquor dealers, who were also wholesale dealers in other (roods, were required to take out a license lor each business : while nnder tho pre sent law a license as i wholesale liquor 'lea er, by special provision, covers tbe business of a wholesale dealor. where, 'here'ore. a party is now assessed or reassessed as a wholesale liquor dealer, his license as a wholesale dealer becomes ntineceaaary yet the loo paid for tbat li cense Will not. ns Uie law now stands, be refunded. lho'aw defines a wholesale liquor dealer to be, first, a per- on who shall sell spirits in quantities ot three gillons rnd upwards; and, second, one whose annual sales. including sales of other merchandise, shall exceed twenty-five thousand dollars: and, by ex press provision, a pnrsrn licensed as a wholesale liquor dealor is not required to tskeontan additional license for tbe sale of < ther merchandise on tho same premises. This exempt! n from additional llcouso for tho sale of other merchandise Is not, by tho law. extended to a refill liquor denier; but a person h Iding a license as a retail liquor doaler cannot sell other merchandise without a liceme as a retail dealer A person holding a license only as a retail duller miy S'>1| merchandise to the amount of twenty-five thi usand dollars, nnd, under a license ns a retail liquor dealer only, he may Fell spirits in quantities less than three gallons to tbe same amount; but if he hold< both licences the instant bis sales of spirits and other merchandise exceed twentv live thousand dollars be ceases to bo a retail liquor dealer, but comes within the delluitton of a wholcta o liquor deiler, and must ta'co license as such. lawyers, c-mveyancers, claim agents, physicia' s.snr peons dentists, caitlo brokers. Corse dealers, aud ped lers, under tbe new law. though associated in business, mugt take license individually, and canr.ot be licensed as a firm. Where persons belonging to either class have taken license as a firm such license, with Hie approval of the collector, may be transferred to a member of the firm, and tbe others must tnke a new license. A partv h ddinp a license as a lawyer or claim agent is not required to take license as a mnveyattcer; but a claim agent cannot carry < n tho business of a lawyer, nor a conveyancer that or a claim agent or lawyer, with out a separate license. In towns having a population of less than six thousand persona, one license may cover the business of land warrant broker, claim agent, and real e.uate agent 'tpoti the pnymentof a feo of twenty five dollars, the highest fee applicable to < tther bust ress ; but such license must spe. ify tbe threo occupa tions. Auctioneers are not, by too act 01 June 30, restricted in the<r bus uess to tbe district 10 whii b they bave taken out tbeir liccnso. Their monthly returns, however, mim be made. and the tax on their aiies paid in tbo district where tb>'y bave taken out their license Tiio license : should be taken out in the district where they hare their i office or place of business; but no auctioneer can have an oil'.ce or p ace of busim ss in more than one district under one lieense. Wbero ?oy person shnll claim an exemption from a license tax as dealer, manufacturer, apotheciry, con I fectioner, eating house keeper, tobacconist, cattle broker, builder, contract r or iobitranco agent, because or lus tronnai receipts being less than tbe sum which determines the liability according to the net, It will devolve on h'ro to show to the satisfaction of the as sistant atfbeeor that his aunnal tales or receipts do not exceed that sum : and tUo assistant assessor may demand of him a statement in writing of his actual ami esti mated receipts. If he shall fail to satisfy tbe assistant assessor of tbe amount of bis receipts or sales, tbe as sistant asse^or may make whatever examina tion may be io bis power, and assess tbe license tax as In his judgment may appear just. If be should be unable to obtain evidenco sufficient to justify htm in making an assessment, it will be bis duty to report the case to the assessor, who may proceed under the 14th section of tlin act to elicit the necessary evidence, on tho basis of which tbo assessment may be made. The licerse of a wholesale dealer rill not he for a le=s amount than his sales Tor the previous year, cxcei t in the case specified in paragraph two of section seventy - nine. The year will be tbe } ear next preceding tho 1st day of May Whore tbe amount of the license fee is fixed, and not graduated by the amount of ssles or otherwise, tbe reassessment maybe made upon the application lor the existiug licenso py the forty ninth mrairaph of the seventy ninth sec lion of tbe net of J 'li e 0,a license tee of ten dollars i.-; "required of every p -on, firm or c<rp'>r ition engaged io any business", ti. > or profession whatsoever, tor which no other license Is I "rein required, whose gross annual receipts therefor oxceed one thousand dollars." This is a very general and sweeping provision. It ap plies? 1st To "every person, firm or corporation" engaged as staled. A licenso, though precurcd bv a firm, will not protect a person bo'.onging to the firm and prose cuting an Independent business; nor will a license to a corporation protect itfl cirporate m-tubers or employes. A man may be one o f a lino requiring a license, one of a corporate company requiring a license, and, at tho same time, a olerk of the ran e or of another Arm or corpora, tion, and be compelled to pay a licenso lee as such clerk III* business, employe, Is separate fr. m that of tho fl m er corporation so lar as concerns htm individually. The license ten is the purchase of a personal privilege, or ralhor, perhaps, a tax on tbe personal employ ment of the taxi ayer, and Inures to the bonoftUof no third person . whatever may be the relation between the part ea The act regards corporations in their logai character as artificial persons, and partnersh ps as quasi corpr rations having a legal existence SOpar.ite and dl* tlnct frcm tbe Individuals bv tbe aggregation of whom tbev are respectively constituted In states where tho local law allows a i arrled woman to act as a femmr. role. she will besubjrc to tbe license duty if she pursues a business which yields the prescribed amount. Minors In business incur tiie same liabilities for licenses s? adults. 2d. l lis huslt.Oss, trade or pr le-sion went oned in the act is limited to such as no other license is required ler. But if a person already licensed f r "ne business pursues nn< tlier. which yields him more then one thousand dol lars, he is obliged to pay a pep.iratc license fee The busi ness, trade or profession requiring a liccnse fe?, mcst be (M which of itself yields over a thousand dothrt. If a person should c irry on two trade ? mm o( ? tall >r, for ?. -lance. and me of a shoemaker? of sliouM pur sue the pro csalon of a clergyman ai d st tho same time te?rb school, treat each of which pursuits his receipts should not exceed one thnn> nn<i dollars, he * ' ! i" t M require I to pay a license lee K<t the :h tbelli ". a? Is to tho oersuti it is [or tl.o business. and t > I n- n ts which demands it must, without aid , r> m oilier . ,rt >*, produce i ? nin in OBcens >f t h-*t m<)iiiion"d in Iho aialMe. Ill lereut varieties, "r br iiobet of tho *.ime kind ot bust ness, rt? noi como wahiu th s principle, and care on tbo pari of the revenue of.. co re is necessary 1 1 distliu. isb be tween what l?. and wliat, is not, a kind of b>,s|nojs differ ent from some other kind. Among thoso persoi.s who msv I e liable to t iko licenso under this paragraph may he MtMwrated tne M owing, as ex'impl' s. to wu Clergymen, te chent, farmers, ar tists, boarding b< use ke>qiers, b okk"nfi', gardener", nursery men, express men I spinsters, truckmen, br ek* layers, bnnk tellers, presidents and C'?:i!ors of banks, subatitiiie br kers, iwi nlers aid blacksmiths. fwbtn not manufacturers.) persons carrying on saw nulls, clover, grlat, or i t sr mills, (wlien pot manufacturers su|?iftn tondents, managers, a. ents or "fltrets >f companies of corporal ion- firm*. ? Bpanios or c >r; >jr <t!nns orgitsi d lor any business not requiring any other license, tncfc as railroad and Insurance con Males, ,'ai , ,*.c ,\n ollice held tinder the fedorsl Or under a State go*, ernment is not either ? business, irndeor pro'ess' n. In ih> moaning t,f the act. lho cotnni'tlon whitb the o cer h' i is of the e;o 'iith e authority, or appointing power, is his s'li' ( lent, llccnro 1 he li ? us t s-" -od or i eassetsed will, br refutation of this d psnment, bo returned by tbo assessors in thoir regular n wihiy iisis In c*?os where it is discovered rti t tho rames of por Sons, or nt? ecis llaido to lax or duty, wore omitted frotn ti e nnn'iai h ii oi li y, 1SP4, tho s ime sboiikt bo rotun.ed on a spei Ml list, and tne assessment and coiieciion will be ni id> s on a liiontblj' list 6uob ai>e<.tul hsl should be al ia. h'M to and returned with a monthly list, a id the ag grCnato amount of both should be su tod in the accom panying a? g r gate list. Jo-TPH J. I.f.Wl", fotpmlssioner. \ f?Mt r avnVr.H K r ?Tho terdlct of tho f'oroner's jury lu tbe matter m the terrlb'o railroad slaughter ?l p.ichellen rim, Canada, is a mo ial ei It* kind. It ueo> aures llto eugl o driver f<NP onre'estMse ; the locomotive foretna'i for implo/lng mich a driver; tho y ry general n> loci ef tbo rslo requiring tmns Io stop before orosslnn a drawbndre i io gn ir Hans of the brl tne for not report Ing s :c:i noglcct ijie c uductor lor not having *o?tn *r br k. ,i >o on iho train i? questi n, itid. diully, tlier recom in nderl Uia1 tho dr min ^id tj wiiojo ihe ui tugUler lovk fiiotf should oo aUuu&u^U ui| ^?tbi;r, THE NAVY. Mariks Corps.? A general marine court msrtial will convene at the Nary Yard, Brooklyn, on the 11th inst., lor the purpose of trying-, a lar>(o number of important cases. The court will bo composed or the following officors:? I luutenant Colonel .lobu (J. Heyti>>lds, President; Captain J. L. Broome, Captaiu G. W. Collier, Captain John H. fligbee, Secnd T,i?u t*n*at Rr.-ese, First Lieutenant U. A. Bartiett, Judge Advocate. Th? W?t Gn.? SgrADiiON Uaiu ? Persons having cor respondence witb officers and men attached to the West i Gulf squadron would do well to bear in mind that the i mails from June 23 to July i* were lost on the tornst point or captured on the Kieciric Sparlc, sod If they bad anythtag of (myotUttw vo communicate ihoy had better duplicate their letters. Thk Iroh-Clao Manhattan.? Tbe iron clud Manhattan, which left tbls port s une wneka since, curry ing seaiod ordors, arrived on tlie -0th i: It. off Mobilo. Tho Manhat tan is tbe pjr>?eer Iron-clad on tbe occan. being tho Drat to launch boldly out on the ureal deep. Her commander, J. W . A. Nicholson? a most eHxient, Kallsnt and patriotic officer? deserves groat credit for conveying her safely a diBtunceot almost two thousand miles. She will linve Important duty to pcrf rm in the engagements off Mobile under tbe Old Salamander, hu<1 It is fortunate rIio Is com manded by a tried anil skilful officer. It is most proba ble tho recent engagement oft that pert commenced with her; for we learn that ahc was lyiug throe miles off Iron tho rebel iron-ciad Tonne3*ee under Fort Morgan, and challenging bcr to combat Brooklt* Navy Y.*tr>. ? A Court of Inquiry Is now in session at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, in ro<oronco to mai lers connected with th'i recruiting systoio. Some serious rumors are In cl.-ouiati^n in reteronce to two or throe volunteer officers, which wo withhold for tho present. The following offices for -..aval recruiting hive beou closed by order of the Navy Department:? 136 Hudson street, Jersey City, Lieutenant J. McL. Murphy: Park Harrackg office, Acting Mr.ster B.:ker, The following aro open und doing a large business:? No. 9 Cherry street, Cuptain Oscar Bulius. 346 Water strret, Lioutenant Commandor Swartbout; 173 South street. Acting Master J. W. Goin; 189 York street, Brooklyn, Acting Volunteer Lieutenant Cr^ssy; 14 State street, New York, Lieutenant Murphy, until relieved. Ono or two of these offices will bo closed or now officers nppointod. Sabine, 62 guns.? The following is a list of tho officers of the Unltod States frltatj Saline, tho school ship for naval apprentices. After her visit to Portland sho will be stationed at New London CommantitT ? R- B. Lowry. LUu'uxant ? K. O. Davenport Assistant Surgerm? 11. M. Weils. Attntinnl Puymnsitr ? '< A. Hiwyor. Acting Matter* ? A. Mcfrarlanil, X. Penfl.-'l, Tt. F. Cook. Mariw Officer ? Lieutenant K. F. Silt ma. oh. Acting Ensigns ? J. M. Crocker, I- IJ Kinj, Saco, 8 guns. ? The 'ollr viug is a list of the offi cers of the United Statos tito-ui Saco, now repairing her machinery at the noston Navy Yard Sho has been on a trial trip and did not perform as well as was ex pected LifUt-nant Cownan ler ? John G. Walker. Assistant Surgton? A. Mc''li t. Assistant Paymaster? il. . ...i. Acting Master? W. F. Hunt. Knsi n ? O F. Wison, W. U. Potter, T. J. Rollins, and O. H. Oxtranrter. MvL hip vuti?F.. W. Reney and Plllsbnry. I'ttginetrs ?First, ?sfcl?t " ' , I< K. ^Reno ; Acting Second 03?iuants, J. H. Dlnsmoro and .1 1' Cloyd; Acting Third assistants, P.. F. Roswaid and C. W. Ru^g. Dacotau, 7 guns.? Tho following Is a list or the j officers or tho United S tes steamer Die, otuh, which ar rived at the Ronton Navy Yard on the 6th Inst, from lie blockade off Wllmingtoo: ? Commarul-r ? A. G. Clary Lieutenants ? J. n. Marvin and G. W. Wood. Snrgecn ? H. F. MoSherry. Assistant i'aymatl r- W. I,e* Purling. Ma'ters ? Wm. Karic ami W. Mcrsolandor. Ma?>r'? M>m j? A. K Clayton, 1\ Harding, C. Brannan *nd J. McGovern. Eumnem? Chief, W. W. Dnngnn; Acting Fist Aa sistant, W. W. Whiting; Second Assistant, J I/. llnnt; Third Assistant*, R. U. Buell, J. K. Steveuaui and A. H. Henderson. SrwA^mt, 9 guns.? Tho 'ron side wheel double ender Suwauee wm launched lurit week at Chos or, Pi. Her dimensions are as follows: ? length, two hundred and twenty five foot; breadth of beam, thirty- live I'eot; depth of hold, twelve feet; tounage 1,031. She draws now, without ber engir .a and armament, four foot two Inchos; when fitted out sho will draw eight feet. The Suwauee will have two Inclined engines, which aro nearly ready at tbo works of her builders. ? tiey have fifty eight Ineh cylinders, with a stroke of eight feel nine inches. She has horizontal tubular boilers and threi hundred feot of grate surface. Her piddle wheels aro twenty-eight feet in diameter, with a face of nine feet. She will carry two mistp. The Suwance being built wholly o' iron , there Is much more room in ber than to vo.-n Is where h avy timbers and knees are used, Tko accommodations for officers and crew a.e, therefore, very s.iaclous. Chattaxooua.? The new stow trigate Chattanooga Is progressing finely at the yard at Ret$slngt"n. Sho mea. sures 3,200 tons. Her extreme leuth Is 336 foot; breadth or beam, 44 feet; depth of hold. 21 feet; draught of water, light, 12 feet; when equipped, 17 feet. She will have two horizontal engines, with S4 inch cylinders and eight boilers, weigbiog about 200 tons Theslialt will he about SO feot long, and her propeller ? of lour blades? will have a dnmoler of 18 feot. Sho will have spaco to carry 900 tons of coal, of which she will consume 30 tons per day. .-he will bo bark rigged. Her great length, sharp lines and powerful engines aro expected to give her great speed, and It is confidently expected that sho will make sixteen knots an Dour, ller armamont will also bo a very formidable one. The Chatt: iooga win sooti bo ready for launching, but it will be n^me ttroo before ber ma. chicory ? built by Messrs. Mcrrick t 5oti3? is liompleted. Rirrrnx or AI'MIRal Baiiky.? Admiral Theodorous Hal ley. one of the heroes of the capture of New Orleans and now lu command of the l'jist Gulf squadron , Is hourly expected .at tills port to hi* fiagFhtp It is rumored that he will be the recipieut of honors at tho binds of some of our citi/cns. Tim Nav* AiTRErmcs Scnoou ? Tbo lads whi are ao ceptod for this scliool are now cent on board the frlcate Savannah, a tidy, clean and wotl regulated res- el, under excelleut ofUeers. I he apprentice* aro sent to tho scliool frlcate Sabine, now at Portland, Me., as tbolr number* accumulate here. Would l? not bo v eil for the Navy Pe partment to make the fripste savannah a perm tnent re coptacjo tor naval scholars undor the apprenticeship sys tem)1 TUB NATIONAL SAlt,OK-.' FAIIt? JACK RKMKMBKRKU BY HIS COCVTRTMKW ? A IIOJIK FOH MSAULKD NAVAL SKAMKM T'? M kstabm-'okh, ETO. A national sailors' fair will be held in iiostou i arlv in November next, lor the purpose of ostabli.-ihu.f: a Home for Pi abled Seamen and Marine of our Naval fervlco. Aciordlng to the rules of tho aervioe tho?o wtn are suffering or t.ivrlii.ej 'rom w^ur^'s or incurable disease can oniy rem i n a limited time In the bopttsis? tbo ej ception being a service or twenty years. It follows th -t very many Of Ibis valuable clival of cltt von, who have braved every peril in defer ce <? our "n'. .a. - ??. I will be Oast up U the v.oi id iielplo-n and wi'.li "it mo mo ?<( ?npport: f< r to tie so who'oconi>tltiit.ous ate br k< n oy dieo-ine and exec* ore no penstoor are Allowed, and to thoeo wiio art ,'od by wounds^ an entirely lusutli owot ooo for tlieir support* our n ivy I r "'- I during tbo war from a force o. go n>? . tiisu.i . I v ",'ajj -M rs, i< ????7 Vf #!', in lined b,y in1 th ' i o.of.o. 1 ne largo slit. is now in course ot c 1 tnc'ioil Will swe'.l too niir.iijor t.> at le 'l <l.\060 mec. In VlO ? ' f th ?e facts the ncct ty I e ? s apparent of tew l?-nev<.leni nwucirst a-. f..e i ?* v eutw, at.u kx ^g ilif o the eMabik<jnieut i i a tun ,c i t di-abld x o; i-mm 'to; iv itiyelj t ? t ?. r iy eve-y ? ?!?! i gniion of jus!'< ? d every UMtluct of huwinky. to ro lieve tbe tsrge ?mouot o' almost oftrooognlied de#i;tu. n in ai d 'in- r f evet now pritfl'ig opon th - friends of tU?! or. Ti o | ? lie 'nary organ., ,'t. m < f tho f.ilr r as t"-< > i m plet ;ii tiy tii< o I'tlen of ? iu?iii.ii'.? committee, tho dts lrli i, n of e M iliars Mil t*.e securing of ian; ln ate. ) :i? 'tn i' iti -w, ? ter iti regard to spt o fian ever oeiore tor ? iuillar purpo^ in l Oatuti. B<oo'?ly? Citv Xetti, RtCOVSPt <" ~ oLK.t Go in1? A l.Aii is 11ai:l ? t tire 1'ott Tr^HOsn I'ot.ii* ? .lie polio nf ilw Krty seoood precinct nrroned seve al men ye terd v on 'he Charge #f being er^a. . d In a pro; r' Hog goods, ttu'ii AS lUfrar, <o(Teo, wool, cotlon, Ac , b-\ longing to other parti' i, an i, as believed, stolen fr 'm tbe rui"s of tbe recent disastrous Tro at i ho foot of .leraiemoo s^oet. About flyo-o'elock A.M. BergesOt Crifts u.4 o;iioei Camprlo observe 1 t?o nm pletous litok nir men ioltertDg alx ut tho corner of i ly mouib and M i?n "treet^, who were subso<|i!ci tly t ined by a otner in ?o tiaving Iti Ills p<> ..e?sl n a quantity Of ropo. rue litter wu taken into custody , and uotb. in^ nnlo to Kive a S" ts factory accooBt nbeut tlie mstlor w s u~*n to the sutn.n bou^e t.;nl locked ip. lho odtoer? then proceeded to the doek, foot of Miiti f , et, and dwei vored two boats, fr -m which a nn- .hrr of bags ill ed with alsplco bad been u>ken and stored iti a juuit shop eu the corner of riymou'h and Main streets, i in vlsitiri ihe ;unk shop the otlicers fouod e^bt b ? s f b!siOi e I) ii near the m-or, having just t eon brought in, tnd in t'lO oellar they tlisr.?yered alspu e, eo. 'on. ne>v m d o,d rope, sails, colie-', ao., ail of winch were seized by rdef or Ciptmn scobs and tsiren to tbe stiti n bou?e. . be 'illcers slso asceftdWod th it a largo 'juantltv of e -iT'-e lis I been removed from tne rb p tho uay b ? .ire. Which had 1 e, n taken M Wedouiyer s store, N' 'i I:iym?>nd street. 1'hev found there one thousand t'V! hundred ant el:btyore pumas of eof. fee, con i stood in n bo nnd a half ba. s, wb.cti oa i uocu luid tv tUo wunriaun tor Uuuto MuItmo^, I tbe keener of ill# j'inV tire O "'"m JVm"c? and Bowie Succeed "i|. in flonaecli >? witli tlM otbur ??tLcere, In kit**' - intt *!uirao#y, 'aurtck IVoitlft, (inuf|0 T'lfiief PiUffcA M.ilo e, wko ?m Ii . k,.(1 up i.i ii?r? t further develop, m-i.u-. i U/r value m ?Um g *>U? sm/nu i* aouui two tuuu pand dollar*, wnd a large [mrtiou M suj?i? >s#d to have been ft ?l?n from the w ire^ewo* fm t of iorulem<>n <tre?t, r?> ce.jtly destroyed '?jr lire. The ih^Iu set* J. t Mu.r^uoy 'i place show that since July 2 tie boug ,t of Melons ci'dee, cotton, *iiK?r, wool, irou, roi>e ami brass, tor which be paid $1,531 19, and Ilk-wise bought of Ure- Im the h?iui kind Of (food*, for Whioh be paid S333 TS. The cotton, It appeared, haf* been bought lor fourteen ceuts a pound, ami sold for seventy cents. Naval Db-kri^wi ) mm Uroy. ? The body of a pallor was found at the Xavy Yard yesterday morning. it Is aup poaed that ho was either shot or drowned while attempt, log to escape from the Vorth Carolina. On Thursdiy night lafct sU mon attempted to escape. They had got luto the water and were miking for ihn chore, when they were discovered by the guard and lire 1 upon. One mau bad been bayoneted in attempting to leave the ship, an other was idiot in the wator, it nurd was drowned, and a fourth, an old Eugliab maa-Of-wa'Staan, named John liavis, sucoeedud In gettini,' ashore, and wits arrested by odloor Keolan, of the Forty second prcrlm-t police. He was un dor the impression that none of his companions survived the terrific volloy to wh'ch they wero subjected. Tbe hodv of the man recovered ,,-t *upp> Red to ho ouo of those. The Coroner was notified to hid an In quest. Police Intel licence. A CAB DRIVKR CHAHCJKI) WITH ClTLPABf-B CABE MCSSNESK ? HK KUN3 OVKK A PA8SK.VU UK. A man named Lewis Hornstcin, living at the corner of Elizabeth and Grand streets, late oi Saturday night came down from Sixty-fifth street on oar No. 40 of tbe Third Avenuo Railroad. Tbe seats being all occupied, Hornsteln stood on tho front platform, and when nearly opposite Tammany Hall lie rrques'od the driver, John Hagian, to atop lot him od. It is alleged that the driver paid no attention to the request, and HornRtelu wa< cmpelled to lump oil' vt bile tho c ir wax in motion. In doing so ho fell on the traek belurn the wlienla. which panged over bis right leg, crushing it in u trightiiil man tier. Tha Twenty sixth precinct i>oiieo look tho injured ?nan t<> the s tit m'n in iho bailment of the ( Ity Hail, und Captain Thurup directed him to tie immediately con veved to the New York Hospital, where It ifl feared ho will die fr 'in the ejects of hig Injuries. OO er Cornelius Murpliv, oi the Twenty-inxth precinct, subsequently arrested Haitian, tbe ear driver, tor runni)? ovor I lor ti stciu, mid he whs held by Jii-tlco llognu to await the re sult of the Injuries inflicted. The. PhUadei|i<)l>i Pnitinanter. WASHltOTOK. Atuift fl, 18A4. There is no truth In the reported change in tho Post mastership at Philadelphia. MARRIAGES and deaths. IleriltiK ASX.W ? Rfvnoi.oc.? On Tuesday, Autru' t 2, in St. Tho rn >n' church, by tbe Rev. Mr. Futon, Wjj. (i Anna.v, of I'ntorson, N. J., to Fans b J., daughtor of tho late O. J. Reynolds, of Mow Yo k. Ei<it. Aw. ? At Ve w ReJford, Mast. , on Saturday, August 6 John Ast. Id tho -."id ytnr ot hl< up 6 III<( remains will arrive In Now York on Tuesday morn ing i?y the Kali Mver bom, and be buriod at the Cemetery of the Holy Cross, Flathuiji, 1. I. .More particular notice will be given In Tuesday morning's papers. Bradford ? Oo Sunday August 7, .foit.v H Brapforp. aged -10 yearn, ^ I ho relative and rrtends of the lamHv are respectfully I invited to tiLtenu Him runcral, on Tuesday afternoon at i Bookl lr?m h'S 'ata reai<leu,'"> 142 H,Kh street, Busb.? In Brooklyn, on Friday evnuing, August 5 Maiiy Ems, infant daughter of William Mack aud Eupbe nna K Bush, aged Ifl months and 2 a day. Hie relatives and Irienas of the family are invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon at three o'clock, from the residence of .John G. Molum. (>n loo Washington street. Brooklyn ' Browx ? On Sunday. August 7, o.<ak Anot.r Brown youngest son of August and Sarah l.'rowo, aged 11 months and 1 day. Fare Inoo well, sweet bud of beauty Little angel, (are theo well ? For IQuu wore too pure a d lovely lit it world tins to dwell. Tbe members of the 0. ij 'let. evident* Association, I No. 1 , the members or tne rilgrim No. 24-i ! I. O. of <i. F. . also the monitors or tb.o Seamen's Board ins House Keepers Benevolent Association and the friends oi the family are respectfully invited to attend the f.ine ral.on iuesday afternoon at one ./clock, Iroiu tbo rosl denceoi his tutrerits. No. ?7 Monroo street. The rem this will bo interred ni Greenwood < emotcry. Gorki* ax.? On Sunday, August 7, Ann, tbo beloved wile ol Frank (>>rrivan. in the 47th ycur hi her mo Tbe friends and acquaintances or the family ire ro spectluliy invited to attend th i funeral, tois (Monday) aiternoon, at two o'cl ock irom her late residence 103 Mott street, without further invitation. On Saturday. Auuust fl, ai.wxaxtirr Carlaw. a native of Scotland, aguil 79 years, 2 mouths and '12 days. His friends and acquaintances, and those or his son in law, Manly A. Hum ham, aro respecllully invited to attend tlx funeral, without further notice, from tbe rest deuce of bis son in law. No. *8'* West Shirty-second street, |fii? (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Ayrshire (Scotland), English and California papers ple?se copv. Caldwkiu? Suddenly, at Fordbsm, Westchester conn. ty, on Saturday nfurnooo, August *i, tbe only sur viving child of Janet and the Into James Caldwell Tbe funeral will take place from tbo residence of his mother, In Fordliam, this (Monday) afternoon, at half past three o clock. Cars leave 't wenty sixth street at ha*, past two o'clock v Parous ? At San Francisco, California, on Thursday June fio, .Ioskiii I) Drjoos, tho eldest son of Mr. Setn' Prlggg, of this city. imi.: IM.? On Saturday afternoon, August 6, at throe o'clock, M. I'?.v,u Km i b I mist. ?, need 21 yosrs, 8 months and b diy?,a native of l.uusanne, Canton do Vaud Switzerland. . ' FotnrrAiv.? At Fscloryvllle. Staten Island, on Sunday, August 7, Kdwin hit main, son of Vincont and Kleanor Muintmii, tiged 'Si yearn The icutives aud iriends are invited tb attend fbe Ta. neral, from the Kpi^copai church, on Tuesday aiternoon at two o'clock. ' Kamkax ? iii Brooklyn, on Friday evening, August 5 of consumption, Ki owsa a., only chi d or Jainos B. and Atigoulenio I1. Fairrtiar, in the 1 stJi year of ins age. Ihe relative- and .riend- of tbo < i.r.ily re invited to attend tno funeral, ir m tho n mdenca o his parents :!04 Wa?htn ton avenue, near Ore -a averiuo, this (Monday) afternoon, at half past two o'clock. (:.?M."i.E ? (in Simd iv. August 7, Chjrloiti Ametia OiMi IS, agi d I > ear and 9 mo'rlhs. Iho relatives aid friends of tho nmtly nro respectfully invited to attend th ? lurcral, fr<n S'.'.i Kighth avenno, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. lli Nr. ? (in Sa.; .!uy, A'iiU.-l t i, MaHoarkt, wile of Theodore Hunt, a,;ed 4S vears The relatives and iri?in s of the family are Invited to attend i tie' I, rom tho t luircli of ti'O Ife.iwmer , In H.iChtv hftli street, between So ond and Ihird aveuuca, Hils [ Mi ni.aj i afii riiix n, at tbn ? o'c loi k lll'iins ?tin Saturnny, aon :*'.0, Ei.iza A., wife of John Hughs, a^eil 31) yes s an i S m luths. I he rol >fves and irienda of the umily are re pectfully invited to attend the funeral, fr> in tier lata residence, No. 14 W illett atree , this (Monday) afturuoju, at half past one o'clock. Horton ? u lied Banlr, N. J., suddenly, on Friday, Au Siist 6, Tuoitas ' k kwitii llo.iio.t, el t st pon of John and lary Ann ?t irr ? t I1 rt n, of I'eun stn ?t, Br^ kirn The rem tins were interred la Uie Cypress Hills Como tory yestorday (s.itiday ) II/i.kv.? on Suudiy, August 7, Mrs. F.i.uc* Halkt, seed 64 years. H e relatives er.d frlenf*s of the family are rostiectfullr Invar i to at l< ml the funeral, on Tuesday afternooa, at baif-past two o'clock, from her iit? rciidouco. 210 Kist Thirty fourth ::tre?'. Ho i.v ? Ob . jit.rday, August 0, of dlptherla, Cuaribs. youngest s a of in ima iuJ Isabella Holly, a^ixl 4 yens I month and It) d . v?. Too friends of the lami'y are re ptestod to attend the fo neral th s (Mon 'ay; a t- rn >r at fro o'clock, without ' in.:;.-!, ir in tne r.'hi ' nc o| his pareots. sO Wc t serer.ic otti street. K s im. ? At Jamii 'i, I., on tHstnrdsr. Ang ist 8, or paralysis, Msr \.. w fsaf Dr, ? eorg n \iss.,to. Th ? r -intlves i d frfctid? of tb > 'nn |v n-o re?t>eetfq|ly invited to Htf>.i t tho funeral, Irom her Uto lesidmco. in r ij. ton -trcet, .lam.tli.a, on fin -dav sftern >otr, it l alf |<i?t two o'ui ,i .. cars latwo Mioits lerry, lirVwiyn, at one o c.oclt I'. AL K Rv>st till Snttin:#/, Aqgtt't ?. FT'V;ij? H., vonmest ! s?'i o( Mi?ab< th to d i lie late John Koi van, ui ed 'J2 years. 8 uiomhs un I 19 dnv.? * fb?? tone al will ta?;o j hc" this M ndav) art t.irro n r ock, rrm tho Kj ?- .-'>??.?? c'luroii. Tigbty Oral > ;tr "t. Plnoml I'd* e ?.>,(, relatives u I fritnos of the j family, alto h:s! .tber tt..uw, Lemuel t'urk, are 1 rt re i II,' invite t to atftid. Call'orotn | npers p| ise c i|y. Ix>v< ?on - lttirl iy ;n Tt-ing , August fl, at five o'clock ? Jjot'Kumptlt'n, ANN K I. so, wife of Alderman Jacob M | I lie r iati ves ,md fr!?pde of the family are rejunsled to a.'" J the l.iee.'al, tins (Monday ait>ri on, at four i o' ck, ;r?>Tj I'0'* Iste residence, l*J4ltt street and Sccoad avot tic No card'. I ? n ?'a. - miay riornln.T, Au^cst 7, Mvatps I.a'ro, la'o i f Iratnl t y, county Dotu^al, Ireland, in the 741b ! y. .r or hif a re. Our st'v r to t t ow he laU in lie- grave. H. ? sir 1 o ?. n ant, ml cf t rie s njr hon-.o But our loft < his galo? be dwells with his (iod, ** i "re Hi i t antiot ot ter, w l,< re jeath r a. not c mo. Vet ^ve c M: t but criewe f( r s i arent ?n do ir; Ih rfh *?e kn w ho is free his se;Win?-. a e o'er, We ? inn It I, ,1 .eoj, t him in i. atli The t :acc : ; on 1 k.i.'.t iumf' kti w h .'u no mere T!io relet l*ei . d fr'ends of the family aro rv?ten(uiiT invite ! to Ihn lunerai, on tne - ' f afternoon, at tv. " " 't>;, from hl.i lafo resldinca, 1.':j West bightcanth , street. J L' tidond.^rry Jrei 'f 1 ptt"ers pleas" c""T? M K' ? n, - (in s * i i v , ah -u?t 7. a ' ' a sMrt III. nes?, (,?:< u i", s ol Jhoinss and Jans Mo <eachio, a, cd | 11 yo os, 7 t'On|h? and I J d .y ;. I i 'i ? fre ii I ' an d relatives of this family are respect I fill: y to v'f d to It!'" d the funeral. Irom his a- ? r. u. I ^^^iwemiiatr^t'thnaonday) a tornoou, j Mut.rH.- (ei Sundir, August 7. arter a long snd painful ' II tie-a. A\x M vru in i.i-n, wile of the late deor,;* Miller, t to the H?t j oar I her ago ' The_ rolatlvn; and friends of tbn family are Inrlted fo atten<l the lutersl, from hor late residence. i,',4 sCest Thirty third s'ruiit.on Tuesday morning, U nine o'cloi k. , i (mieindftf, AugiMt 7, Tivtiit C. ?'rfrtvAs* 1 f'-ri.i, rVil' n*;n!l<,r ? k>n* 4llB0*: a " >?ve of llarraouKh', ! t ar iso ?>f KiMj^nrrtu, ( ouritj Kerry, Ireland. ?ibe fr.e; ?s trid sopiatntanee of tn? fsmdr ire invlfe.1 to attend i ho funeral, from his late rei idettco, 4s p.-k sir?et. this (Monday) afterno n, at two clock. Ills re mains will t>e taken to < aivsry Cemetery for Interment. Sn iwart/ -am Si turd iy evening, August 0, arter " a Ing-ring illness. Cla ntss Uotrk *?war , widow of I red *r iek Sell wurtz, aged 14 voars and .'> months i ;uo roiatiTu* Md HwotU U th* lawny are reaneoUuU/ [ I Invited to attend th? funeral, from tha residence of M sun in law, I'. Honiara, No. 17 North Moore at,r?el, corner of Varick, ihm (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clu< k. K KYvyiKH At iNyack, ilockiand county, oo rtator fwf ?ve..ini I, Auit'iHt 0, \Uk, Kuzafis-ih, Infant dant<bte.- jf John and <'larluda Scryrmser, of Brooklyn, aged 1 year and - month*. The friends of the family are resiwicttully Invited to at ten 1 1 the funertl, from the reeldaaee of bar pareota. No. 14 .-iduey place, Brooklyn, ou Xuea.i.iy afternoon, at two o'clock. Trntw ?On Friday, August S, after a lingering lllneae, .?Uiuh 0. Tenia, wife of James Tubba, printer, aged 65 years llie frlen ln of the family ore rem octfully In7ited to attend tlio funeral, from 'mr late residence, 15S Broad way. WiliianMh'iri;, on Wednesday afternoon, at three O'clock, without further Invitation. Wkimkr ? In thin city, on Saturday, August 6, Oatu* *:nk, wlfo of George Weiiner, of Alcron, Ohio. The relative* und friends are resnectfully invited to at tend the ttin-aral ? rvlcea, at the resldonco of her brother, CU.irWia Weed, 274 Malison atreei, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock vVaix. ? Suddenly, of di?na?e of the heart, at Manhattan vHIo, on Saturday, August 6, H?nry Wali , ton of W. H. Wa I. Eoq. The frioods of tbe family are Invited to attond tho funertl, from the residence of hla father, ou Tueaday morning, at otevon o'clock. Whitk ? Ou Saturday, AuguatO, Captain Join A. Wiuia, Kited 46 years. The friends and relatives are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from hU late reaidenoa, 30 Norfoils, on Tursdrty afternqpn at one o'clock. The members of Doric l/'dge, No. 280 F. and A. M. , ar? fceroby auirrnnaed to stt<?ui! a apecwl communication on Tuesday a'ternt on, at half-pnst twelve o'clock, at the lodge room . No. 08 Faal Rrowtwey, for the p-irjiosevof paying tho last tribute of respect' to the remains of our lata brother, Captain J on* A Whit* Itrutbren of Bister lodges are rnspe-t ully Invited to attend. A. Hahn. -'ecretary. JOHN G. BECK, Master. Wf.iii. ? At Brooklyn, on "Hmdav. Aue'tft 7, In.viai. 8. W?iR,of Con&oany I, Fourteenth regiment Now York State Militia, eldest son oi tho late Donald Weir, also of Four teenth re^inieit, sc il -0 \ e irs ami :i months. WrtlHKBKio *. ? At Manhasset. I. I., on '-aturday, Au gust B, J?Mta Wnrt'iRR"' in the 71?t year of his are. I he relatives and rlends o' ihe fandly are respectfully Invited to attor il ll. n itinera). from his iat<- resilience, at ManhnSHOt, OU 'u vduy mortlng, vt ithnilt further notice. Friends r.Mii t We th" terry from James slip o- Thlrty lourt h street , and conne* l with thee'.trhtA M. ll/ing U land Railro id) train to Mliy'li. where carriages will be In waiting to convr.v them to the residence. ( irriages will nNo he in ? aiti.'g at Atlantic ferrv, UrooUlyn, at four P. M . for tJreenwo ill. WATCHES, JKWKtRT, AiC. A T MO?WaTCH H.H. DIAMONDS. JEWEI ItY, HI IiVKR Plato, Oitos, l':s?els, fcc., . o- L'hl.? I will ivy SMI per en' mine 'linn n i. ? o'it lined a nnv other place In the ciiv. N. P.? A'?o, Pnwnlir >kers' Tickets wanted for the shove arllcl"s, at the on e rule. 6M Broadway, oorncr ef lioiMtou ati-ei-t, up > la m. room 5. A'l' ffil-MOMH l,l?t'.lt*r,fJY ADVANTED ON DIA mnml'. W ii"i">-<. I?wr rv. *-'l|yr Plate Oiin?, Pistols, vc.Ac. A l>o I'aflrnhioke s Tick' U wanted of D.anntufa. Walohe', Jewelry, i'lps. Plato'o, ,e.. Inr which I will pay 2iin per cent more limn cnn i o obtnln?d at anv other place n t! cirttv. tiifj Hroudv.itir, < .o tier of llou-tou street, up itairf, rootu No. 5. Diamonds, OLD OOLD and srkvrcR. diamonds, OLD OOLD AND HTLVBR. Persons who wl-.h to K"ll D ainonds, old (Jold, Stiver, nr anv kiticl of old ftixhlmicj Je v ? rv, 40 'O L'>UM ANRICH, 7i'i Kroartwav. \ pnsit've ( h" navs V) psr c?nt more than an? other p'Ti-on. li?tAonshed In New York M11 -a the adintnistration of the late Martin Van Rur.en. Make no imatake? 723 Hronilwaj . on i?r the N'ew Yort Hotel. PAWMB&OKKRS'TICICI TS PT7R0R \sr.D, 07 CLOTS irn.' Dr fioodH. D!a?':onda, Jewelry. ,te. A Isritelot of riotblm: on h? nd Boslncs* Coats Stt"$l2r Riack Trock Coats, to $;W; (Ta-??im?re l'nnt?, 5" t" f 10; Vests $1 to $4. DF.O. LKVfK, lii'2 Broadway. "\TEKY HKill PRICE.-! PAID C>R 'MA.MONP JHWEI? V ry, W nth"?, tin- Pear'* arnl IndBi Camels flair fchawl?. H oil's from 'I t.111 lo niol 1 till .'1 only. B. W. PI.IIMll, Dia.nond Hp ker. j I - Hruadway. Valuations 1 per cent. Loans negotiated. UBOICAU. * CARD TO Til K LADIEH.-i'.HARLhB L.DT7.K, M. D., J\ frofesa >r f Uhsietricsaad Surgery, and over 17 years ct succssafnl praotlce in th'-i city, euarantees ? nositlye cure to ally tarty requiring special medieaJ or aurgleal treatment In tiventy-fuur hours me an matter how oomplicated the cine iuhv bo. Owl b insulted at his old established pri vate ofBcs, HUij Rroadwav. and where bis never falling female nedlcinn' can he obtained, or sent by letter to any part of tbe United Mute*: price $fl. N B.? The Doctor has eli'ifant roo-r.sand the h-ist accumnnolatlonH and pttendane* latneclty for Mttenta who wish to remain dnrlui treat ment. Al' eo nnninlcatlou'i s'rtctly oonildent'al. At bom* all hours o. the dar an I eve iln^ AFKL'CTKD RRRTOllP.O. IGNORAFCB EXPOSED, Falla-iea unmasked. ? Highly Important to bntn sexc*, married or ?lnc e, In health ur dlaeae. Dr. LARMONT'8 Turin. London t?nd New York Medical Adviaer and Marriage Quid* ( 1 Mi edition, 4iK) pages 10(1 llln*tratioua>. unon lie btHty . Urmiry Affections, illadderand Kidney Dla;a*ea, lb* author's u ??ituiHed Furl and London treatment, Ar1 All ?bnuld v ' hate th * w r< of K WARNI'.lt, No 1 Vesey street, tor ' rr consn'l the R < (or, !7't Brnadwar. on ?ialra. Ne?v York, from |0 A. *t, t? H P. M. "Wo concur with other papers In recommending Dr. Larmont ami his work." Courrier dea Rtaw I'iim. German die Reform, Dmpat 'h, Bta al* Z?iti(ng, At at. Medical Review, Ac. A DVICR TO MARRIED LADIES ? M VD A MR RE9 i\. TKLL, Female Ph.ncian and Profes*or of Midwifery, can be i onau ted ?s usual e.t Id! Chamber* *tre*t. But on? interview will be n?ct?*aarir. Kocharvn for advice Her In full his medlcin?* can nl>o be ohtalned at 1J7S Liberty street or i>v mn" . pr" ? Lading *hi deair" board and the beat meilic i ?l:<md?no# during confinement can be ac commodate I B--r Frr-i :!i l*i la. No. I. trice S' a hox, or No wbic.'t are I'one de -ree* stronger than No I, andean never (a. I are **,.? and heilihv; price |.1 1 hm. ("an bo ?em 'iv fill, wit i full direction* B. ?Ma fame Reatell dnern* It her dutv to caution ladl-a against Imitator* of her advert laments, who not only rnh them of thnlr me ma hut tl.eir l.ea"Ii. A CARD TO LADIUS.? t)R. POWERS. (11 FRANKLIN n Ktreet warrant* re'ief in a few hnura from all dlfflcnl. ties, whether detn.i tiding medical ur surgl ai treatment. Co'mmuncatione sacredly eonlld' nihil. AHCllB ANI) SCIENTIFIC) TRR ATJIRNT IN ALL diseases of mule an ' lei. ale iilven 1 jr Or. KBLMONT. 717 Brondwa. . >'eiv York. l.etrera V' enclosed will -e me t'le patent ranh-ine and direction*, forwarded to any eddrrMK In the United ritatns or Canada. A CARD TO LaDIBS PR. I'OWKRfl. 61 KHAN KLIN r mi warranto relief iiafiwImnfriMiall dnhcul tiea, whet er d-m indir.1 medical or surgical treatment. Cnmm'inle.itin i sacred y luafldantlal. RK VIRK IN TfMf"? B", MBMBBR THB SCRR PL AOS for a ?pe#dy euro without mercury: unfoHuoatss w ll find It t> their advantage. Dr. WARD'S oi l established ol'.c . 61 Franklin street. Advice free ann <mall charge for medic1 ne?. T\R. COOI'RR. II DUANB STREET. MAY BE CON J ' suited on all dKeas. ?. Th r(y eari etclualveljr do voted (o disease enables him to warrant a cure in all rasea The v'etima of mUpi.teed confidence in medi al pretender can call with a ? ertainty of being radically cured or uo pay. Dr. qrindlk. frmale phtstcian AND AC oomrh'-r, N". fi Amity place, ihre" doora fnmAm ty gtreet, make* It Irs ?iieriai nraet'ce in treat, all female com p aints, from whatever cause produced, la a-ire to eI?* re I ef 1 1 Hie in i?- nxIniiH pat ent in tsrent four Hour* Ele gant ruonn for adieu re pilrlng nur-lnj. Doctor ti.\t,ph author of the privatrtrra tiae, t ><i) Amltv street ? Tho n who at ply In tho e?r!v itage of ?);,??, e vill hi snrnrlae-1 at the case and ra polity ol the r ir v Tho-e, however, who have miffered long will best appre : ate Ins aerncoa Dr. \v.\r.- >x. an old and pt"frirncp,d prao titloi er | eoaoled to guarantee a rure in all cases, by *r 1 I lit I a an l witno"' t'laiiK# ef diet or restriction from u i ? . fir Watson's book, the "Cause and Cure," il" 'te Hh thout bv anato-nieal pialea. *c .aontalna val uable Information fer aucb as are ? (T"rlni{ from either di? ea-r or .! ? ? : ' i ? -. r who e?iniemnlate iisrr aie Price $1. H I I Ml .;r A Co.. Pos' odloe. iil', Broadwav ami bv l ? af .or SCO Broadwav, ncit b ock above the Metro limn 'lrrtef R. 1'OWRRI, (51 FR VVICMt BTiyiRT. CAN Hf? CON ?suite ( i 'Is. with nnrttrn'leletl sii'-ceaa. on all fern tie eornpl* o' . "H Period tea1 ?? in. fJ per bottle, ex pr?s*ly lor obstinate insej. Beware .f Imitation*. 11R WEST, FEMALF. I lirSTClAN AN? ACOOUCIIBB, I ' J 7 ^o^ e .i ?e\ h 'tn a ( . uire and Chatham, makes II his ?|ieei < prauth'i' o t ii all female complaint* with pr ifes.i ,n 1 1 ?k ll. HI* Monthly Tobio Is a never failing reoiedv. ___ Drr COR RE TT. Norn rRN trr stkef.t BRrWKRN'nlHrrs an d< i 1- street*, '?n be consulted with einf de*i. ? on t'?? ti'is ii . pi vale nhanK'ter A i<rae'i'eof thlrtv ii r e i. thr c of w |ch have been in the hnspital* n V Yor': and I ' I i. en*'d"? nim to tr?at with a ie cess nervii > I'cnern detitl ty. The vtetima of Imioal. Ii i an *11 on hi ~iih t e c, rtalntt of he tig radleaiN c . r 'i i e. ?r 'e V -i. ? <ne Dr. C.'a dipln ras la hlj olTlee, na inern er of (he Ne-v Yorv Unurra'tv Medical f'o1* !? e an I ? ? of Surgeons, Loud in. Sun da . ? from 1 1 A. if. to !2>, P. M. OR TAr.HOTTK. WIflTB STRRHT, NFW TORIT, can ii? ' ' s\ i" I fre<- either In person or hv letter, on dl?ei? of i pi v ? 'r nature, debility lassitude, indip'ition, Mrvnu lew 1 in: 1 wwwie >ri?ln< :im eie^s* Dr Tai b t "l- f a r ?, . .tr uraduate, at'd having bad a number of irftts' e i.. ? ' ? ,' 'h h'lan'M" Will iMarante* a sa c I en ? M"d i i. s sen1 aee ire from prying Oi a* r kt.U'i All' iin 'lie ("eis airletly ennfldent a . /k i> mi: v-v . Torvo man s "riev o. r?R. " T W tKD'l S ? and l'r.? "?i|t- /e eurea4the wornt casi* i, w ihant m?reiiry or change of llct "ard'a Magical Inrigo ra'.liii: Pi"? '' ?t .. a ?????' A an i cure whero manhood ha he u i.niial: " 1 (in AND UR ( lfRUr> F.Y DR. W\RD. ?1 FRANKMN ? r ?tr,,^t fr (o . o,.a,ilta'a nf t?ondon. lie mikea tbo rreate?tcaies kii.m ri, im.n^thed -coverer<f the oni rem* dti \f AMIOOD A VD YOUTHFUL VIGOR A KR RHUAINKD .?! in '? ir da>? bv the wonderful ageat. Dr. I'ow.ra M ?cii e et L fe, (il tnaklin street; his lite rs toriug rcuitdy, VJ AMIOOD AND TDK Vl'IOR OF YOf'TH RKSTORKD i*l In 'in we, I ,? I jr. Hlnrird'a ffr-ence of Life, fill* v nil-ri uI ag 'nt ?? i r>i dOre ? i < niio-vl to the most a .altered f'1' * i 'i ' .I., wh (rom .'irej^e self abuse, the e y ci in 'te ur u tu a oatiacs. The tlmo require 1 to e ?' i St 'n eter>ie c iae la r ur wee|t? Ka lure ts im tHi . hie. Iir. Uicnrd a Ki-meof Lite Is arid In rases, willt Ifiatru I ns f"t use for $1, or four ijnantit t-a in nne Tor $ i, -cot c<?r?lnlly packed"" re ?* pi of rerelt'an e by hie B err**! lie ? .i e ? Cireo ira pieut ree on receipt ef four ?tamps. PIITliil" ROLAND, 117 llroome a tree t, one ildur we i f iim ilroadwar. New Tor*. D ]\f \DAMK 0?INDLS, FFMtl.R PMY9IC1AN, HO g Amliy pifte... til ree d?>ora fro n Amity street can h? ?nnsulli I h a!, .1 e,vaes n( ferusiea. Iter rnoillclnea aro safe in I e> ?* n. Conrant.ou room* for ladWs who de*ira Care an 1 iredical attea lance during cinfttiement. Sn AT IT? RED CO V STTTUTIONS RRSTORRD RT TTTH guiranieert re.n ..!>?, i ir Po-rera' R?sny,e of I .ire? of. fire ill Franklin s)r.?t? in leas time than in? other medicine A" (hose mur-tupi, nog marriage ?ho ild take this life r*> remedy. _ q-IIR OLORV OF M \N H SrRRNOTD.-THRP.BFORB I ''.e nervou smi te iliia'ed ahniiui Immediately n*a Dr POW Inc., ' ??'iiii ei i e n| Ute, OQicadl Frank. in st -el A perrascirat c ire warranted, rnnoniMNPi u:? disappointed ry not cow I alt ' II ^ Di Ward, 61 Franklin *trfet. Ward'a ?p?cl. Iia w i.ioui a p*rt|ej,j nf mercury, are ttie only romediea whic h ever snci. asfnlly aradleata those dl*ea?e?. fl'IIK I.M>I 4' H1LVF.R VOATRD PILLS.-WFLIi .11.11! Ii01" '"1 T??f* *a the only reliable femAle remedy, faui toy 01*11 I r Jll h? order. uiiiw id VMitmtnMi -

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