Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 9, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 9, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 10,188. NEW Y O RK HERALD. YORK, TUESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. THE INVASION Defeat of tbe Rebsls Near Morefisld by General Averfll. ill Thfir Artillery and Five Hundred Prisoners Captured* Official Reports of the Victory at New Creek. Retreat of the Rebels from Maryland. Detailed Account of the Strength and Orgauizatioa of the Invading Force. THE COMMUTING OFFICERS. Where tbe Engagement Is Now Ex pected it Take Place* fte., &c.. Cm. Secretary Stanton to Major General Dix. WAR DlPARTJIBNT, WaMINQTON, August 8| 18C4. XeMl^or General Dix, New York:? M^]or General Sheridan has been assigned temporarily to tbe command of ibo iorce.4 In the Middle II Hit iry Dlvl ?too, consisting of the Department of Washington, the Middle Department am the Department or the Susque fceana end South vre^t Virginia. lie transmits the fol lowing totelll euc HEAIHjrARTERS, M'DPLE MILITARY PKPARTMSST, "> EAKiiH'd Kkkkv, Va., August 8?4:40 P. iL J Major General Hai.leck, Chief of Staff:? Brigadier General Kolley reports that a scout bas jw arrvcu at Now Creek, and reports that General Ararili overtouic the en> m > uear MoretielJ yesterday and attacked blm , capturing a<l or bis artillery and five bun tfred prisoners. Nothing official has been received from Ceaoral Avoriii, ho Trevor. P. H. SilKKlDAN, Major General Commanding. EDWIN M. STAN TON, Secretary or War. Dvffcat *f the Rr)itl General* IMcCaui lftud iind ltrailiey Joltnson, &<>., ?Stc. ?L3l'ATC'Ui? FROM Q EN If HAL XKLLBY. Cl'MBKKLAND, tid., August 5. ISM. Ootxhsor BommAf? iy force repulsed the enemy ?gain yesterday, at Now Orock. General M Causlaod's and Veoer&l Brad ey Johnson's force attacked tliat post at three o'clock V II. Ibo fight continued till long alter ink. The em ray retreated during tbe night, leaviog their killed aud wouamd. Tuo enemy's loss severe; ours ?otbeivy; will not exceed twenty five killed and l'ifty weatided. 'Alio g trri. on m.ido a moet gallant defence, aod?r the commands ol Colonel 8tevenson, Colonel Hoy sal Major Simpson. B. F K El. LEV, Brigadier General. Nkw Cxrik, W. Vtt., August 5. 13C4. Got. PoK' kax? I havo Just arrivod here. The enomy vera ef.ectuaiiy repalsed, Mid arc rapidly retreating to varda Moorelield. We havo saved Wen Virginia from a terrible ecourgiog by tiiis Invading array of rebols aud taraders. U. F. KjU.i.LY, Brigadier General. KIWSPAPMt ACC'ICNtfl. rl'rom the Wheeling Intelligencer, August 6.] We are unt at liiiertr to publish all the privato neija ceaiinK to u? in rotation to tut* situation ar<>uud New Crvek ?nd Cumkerfoi d We m iy say in ecnerai terms thai o u ati us in the vicinities of those places aro pro gres'ai if! prompt giy We expect to h'-ar still furthor mxtI i e#'? to day. 'iener I Kei ey baa foiled tne rebels an ineir programme 9<> i r and we think tb<t with tho eui eiation be is receiving a tolerably decisive blow will be t-ii uclt. Th onga enent n-.-.r Now Creek, recorded in his de spu ches in Governor Boreman , w is a stubborn tight. In Sii en ibo en my #ero worsted .'mil driven o(l All piaiso to ihj gallant mou who bo bravely did their duty. The rebel - retired inward* Moorei'.od They will probubly not fee allowed to larrv loot: in tli-tt r.eigbborb 'od. iue Baltimore road is Intac- uei teon this and Cumhnr land, >nd so nre tbe toieirrarh nlros. llto train will go out the msrnnn ?t six o'clock, a'ui hereafter at that fcour, thus making a ccunectlou at Grafton lor the North we*te a roud. Br. Theodore C. Wilinn'i Despatch. Willi AWOttT, \ugust 8? A. M. The following iu format on is strictly reliable, and can fee decoded upou in all r< spools for its accur icy BTHUiora ami <>i oaiiz 'Tin* of tub rbp.gls The present oiroeti* e strength i-nd organization of tbe vefeel arm r tliat bos bee i operating in Vigrlnla and Maryland is aa tolluw General E rly coirmands tho army. Generals RbodoJ and Breckinridge comramd each a ?oepe. Ibe corps commanded by Genertl Breckinridge is oom t?oe i i/f iwo d. vision*, now commanded by Generals Wharton aud Gordon, In Rhodes' corps is Rumour's dl visieo and liliodea' old division. With these corps are artillery battaii ns nd cavalry brigade*. TH ' RKltSl IRl AMI hT. til strength of 1 rly's forco Is .is f illow*:? Wharton's divi on, tw<.n;y Uvs hundred stroag. Oerduu'i diviBiOJ.eigbteju huudred stri ng E-iButaur's division, twouty two hundred strong, ftketie*' old divmloii, three thousand Btroug. tiik ma. CAVALRY. ffee entire cav/vry forte is nfty-ttvo hundred strong, ?asbraomg Vau^lui'*, Jackson's, luibodeu's and McCaos lead's brigade*. mw ntnst A?Tn.i.n?T. General I/>ng Is chief of artillery of the Invading rebel amy. lb ' artillery is orgaui/.ud into three battalions, sa leiiow. John4tfi i'a t?pttollop, e^hl guns. Msisou ha 1 taulvo. but lust our, cspturod by AyerilL Braxutu's battai on, twelve guus. Mel.?uflilm iiaa tw -nty guns uodor his personal com. asand, c n.'i?tlng of twn battalions of artillery united. Lieutenant Co one I King Is chiof of artillery of General ?rackiuridgo'f. co. pi. % 1 UK KKTIRS KTRCXOrn v sf Early's rebel army l*, in lufant y, six thousand eight h uadred men; cavtiry.tlve tbouHand tlvo huudred meo; aa tilery six bund oj men, aud forty guas. Total, tin ivo thousand hindrod men, and forty piece* of artt 'lery. This d-ies not Include two reglmants of infan try v >*rt WliK Uester to guard tbe rear and aocumu tstiatf stores; t<>r does it include sectioasof flying artil lav/ ati tac'ied to tho cavalry. now ins must* onosstn rits potomao. In the . late movement Gordon and Wharton crossed at ttepherd&tnwn and R unseur and Rhodes at Wllllamsport. Bamaeur aA d Rhodes inarched down the river banks to Oewisvllia. and then formed a J unci ion with Breckinridge aad Oordon Ui tbe Interior. lTST TBtT IlIDH'r STOP. Wa had raad? a movement that compelled theenemy to ?ake a hasty ratrsat lato Virginia, and so, by Sunday asomiog, tbe whole of KaMly's foroe retreated over the rtver, vta Williamsport. wirrb tbk't ass now. The enemy's plokete appear to-day on the south bank ?f the river, opp<~sltn this plaae; but we Judge, from In ?snnatlon received that Early is ssoving up toward Bun Wsr Hill cr Wl. Chester. tH<5 tAl I*OBB i*D OHIO Kin ROAD Ara (farm-A <r *t? \ !^\"V \ > ' Jivrtfe Mouutaiu uewot. U? ouirsrU blowa ur<|Im hrid?os Brad or knocked down by aid of artiliory, tbe Ilea barned ud l bo rails warped. mm nouiouiat ? wnu th? wiia con orw. Early baa boon accumulating stores at Winchester. Tbe ax pec tod engagement la now trans. arr?d to Vtf gtafc. Oar Special Washington D?apatoh> Washington, August 8, 1864. tbe assignment of General Aberidap to tbe command of tbe forcaa operating agamai tbe Invadora oa tbe Una of tbe Potomac, meaia with general approbation. This ar rangement places all tbe troops employed In tbe various do art men ts contiguoas to and north of tbe Potomac under one head, and tbe reputation of General Sheridan aa a vigorous and able commander, affords a guaranty that, with the ample force nuder bm direction, a speedy and permanent termination of tbe raids wblcb bave latterly diagraoed this section of tbe country may be relied upon. Alrendy, In view of the preparations which have been made to meet and ptinisb them, tba marauding forces have recrossed the Potomac, and It Is believed will endonvor to escapo s pop 'Illy from the valley with ?ucb plunder as tbey bave been able to secure. General Sheridan's Department. WASiimciTON, August 8, 1894. Tbe new military Division, which has just beeu formed to be known as tbe Middle Military division, Is composed of tbe department or Washington, tho Department of tbe Susquehanna, tbe Middle Department aud tbe Depart ment of Western Virginia. Thu status of each depart ment remain tbe same s boreto oro, all of tbera being placed under tbe immediate supervision ot Ma?or General Sheridan, with headquarters for tbe present at Harper's Ferry; and who will command all tbo forces in the field Retreat of the Rebels from Maryland. Bai timork, August 8 , 18*34. We learn from a gentleman who arrlvod here this morn log from tbe Upper Potomac that tbo entire rebel foroe yesterday evacuated tbe Maryland side or tbe Potomac, moving off in great baste. Tbeir rear guard crossed at Bhepberdstown at eleven o'clock yesterday morning, and tbe balance of tbe in voders crossed at Hancock about tbo Fame time. Previous to leaving tboy sent a cavalry force back to llagerstown yesterday and arrested and carried off four prominent Union oltizcns .<? hostages for rebel citizens of tbat town arrested by order of General Hunter. From tbe south side of the Potomac wo learn tbat Gcnoral Early was moving up tbe valfey towards Winchester with bis harvest trains during all last week, scouring tbe country for conscripts and grain, conse quently making but slow progress. The information received a week since that the rebels would make a feint movement on Maryland merely to cover bis return trains his beon verified to the fullest extent, and they are now all moving off towards Staun ton. Tbat tbey will make their escape, however, without interruption, we do not bellovo. The A et? of the Rebel ? at Hagerstown* Whuixotov, August 8, 1864. From a gentleman who arrived here on Saturday from Hagerstowo, where he bas been sojourning for two weeks past, wo gel somo interesting particulars of the doings of the rebels in tbat vicinity. When tho rebe s took possession of the town tbey pro ceeded to institute a thorough seurch of tbe stores. As the merchants bad not replenished tbeir stocks since tbe former visit of the rebels tbe latter got but little, with the exception of a smiil quantity of shoes bad bats, mostly taken from Samuel Konsekalp, batter. . At tbe groccry stores they filled their haversacks wltb sugar and their canteens with molasses, and at one or two stores tbey turned tbe molasses out and let it run Into tbe streets. Seeing tbat many of tbe citizens were frightened and anxious to ;et away, tbe rebels told them to remain quietly at home, and tbey would not be molested. Tbo rebels did not keep tbeir promise, however, and amongst other acts of robbery tbey compelled several gentlemen to take off tbeir boots and bats and give thorn up. .Tared ford, a printer of ibis city, who was In Hagera town at tbe time, bad bis bat taken from bis head while standing on tbe street viewing tho proceedings of tbe rebels. Rebel sympathizers fared worse, if possible, than Union men. Jonas Winters, a confectioner, who refused to opao bis store, had bis doors broken In wltb aa axe, and mo st of bis store fixtures destroyed. Rev. Dabney Bill, at one time pastor of tbe Wesley cl-.uich In ibis city, was with this marauding party. Be did not take an active part part In breaking open tbo store?, but he looked on and countenanced the doiogs or the rebels, and no doubt shared in tho plunder. Tbe trains of cars rep >rtod to bave boon burnt by this t arty, when tboy entered Hagerstowo, wero destroyed by our own troops In order to prevent tbem from falling Into tbe hands of the rebels, as tbe cars contained a a valuable cargo of freight, lnoluding several thousand dollars worth of liquor. ? Tbe rebels bad a list of those merchants who bad goods bid away. This list is said to have been furnished them by prominent secessionists. The ttarrlaburg Telegrams. HARRMnt so, Pa., August 8, 1804. Colonel Wm. H. Boyd, of tbo Twoutv Qrst Pennsylvania cavalry, took possession of H gerstown yesterday. The scene of tbo drama has been transferred from oar border to iba: of IUbolJom. Later Intelliieucs, receive 1 this mornng, Informs as thit tl.o rebels U we r<tr?aM homeward. They bare again eluded tbe preparations raado for their capture. It is thought that under tbe new commander the rebel inroads into our State will ce ise. Oolt.Lel McCandloss, In a letter to the Adjutant General , declines tbe proPTbrod honor of a generalship, and says that "the post of honor, aa tho war is now conducted. IB in remaining a priv ?te citlzcn." He Is President of tbe Key st"ne Demr cratic Club of this city. The members of the Legislature are beginning to make thoir appearance Particular* of tbe Winchester fight W as iTiif <jtoh, August 8, 1804. Tt la now known that the forces sent from Washington , under Major General Wright, to rcptl the Invasion under Gens. Early and Bre klnrlJgP, shaved most scatidalo isly In tbo fight near Wlnt heater, breaking and running llko frightened sheep in all directions at the Qrst Ore, and cnly bein^ saved from utter annihilation by the superb aiivl steady gallantry or tho old West Virgin l? Infantry , under flrovet Major General Crook. time under Wright vrero but a small portion of tbe old Sixth army oorjw, togettor with tbe sweepings of tho convalescent hospitals, provost guard bouses and doner t|rn cimpi In and around Washington. Of course stioh a miscellaneous assemblage had neither oourage nor oo br* on. In one of Its brig des there were represents tlvea of over Ofiy regiments; and so wild was the stamped* that It ovea carried b? k In its rcfl ent torrent the few old brave* of tbo 3Hlh nrmy corps, who wero Intended to form at one* its heart nnd strik ng arm. It was Crook, with his own a d BulMvan's infkatry dlvialon, woary from tbelr tato raid undor Hunter, who saved the day. The cavalry did very badly, and bayond doubt more than two-thirds Of them should be dismounted. A ew of General Averill's regiments, cw reduced to squadrons, did well, or tried to do well, bit ill vera borne h.niiioim rack In the tile of terror. Bat for tbe unwavering wall of Are lnterpn?ert by Crock's Infantry, "eoeral Karly would have bad it all his own way. Ui anlraous testimony confirms ihnt more thai* half Hie cavaliy of Penny Ivunia and New York should bo dismounted. If -n foot they could not run awttv so iiuiok. Mounted? over half of them know not bow to til thslr saddles, much less flgbt. Covpr-iMrrrroCHisr EimiiraBaCAi?WEU,,nrTnS< ctu.? There la at present exhibiting In tbe window of Messrs. Kitting ten ft Co , Church street, a very handsome Silver ten and c>(leo serv re, ? kettle and stand, and a massive electro plated tea tray, which were a ew days ago pre seated to Mr. William Ca'dwell. the lite ehiof engineer of Um royal mail atenmsbip Foolla, by a largo number of Mb admiring frlende, both in New York and Liverpool, upon bis retirement trom tbe service t.f the i unard Com pany, after a fattnfol fulfilment of but duties lor a period extending over twenty-four years. Tbe entire scrvire Is of a most elegant form, and very chaitely engraved, f lTp,in tbe tea and ooitee service are two shields, one very tastefully engraved with the following inscription:? "I'reiVnted to Mr. William l'a dwell, by hie numerous frfo.idi. on the oceaaloa of bi/> retiring froiu the Drill b and f orth American Koval Mall Mteainsliip Company, s?|er ti s srvlee of tuoety tour yi-ars. .Inly, ie?4." The reverse i's appropriately ecciii led srllb the Initio!', "W. >',*?' t.S a very prrmly resigned n..'r,r"n Tbe '4Cn( &fA * /k i?i' - -Ms ?>? '?? a geiner a m?>st 9*auluul S)ie<:iidao oi work.-\t<izrv:ol Jonrrwl, JvIh 19. ? THE PRESIDENCY. Seeantf Ward BlcCirliw.ii ?((!!?(? A Urge and enth' etastto meeiiug ?f tba Second Ward General George B MeClellan Union tModUloi was bold at their ball, 76 Maiden lane, laal evening. The Presl dant, W. W. C Hard, made a few remarks Id regard to l)M coming demonstration to bo held at Union square on Wednesday evening next, Augu;t 10. Arrange mcnta were made to attend tbe same In a body, and after tbe regular business routine of tho association hud b*on arranged ? lie I'renident introduced the Hon. Iliruui Ketchum, Jr , who spoke in vnry patriotic and eloquent strains m favor of the nominal !on of tieuerai (Jeorgo B Mo< leilan. Mr Ketcliuin's speech was listSoed to with marked attention by tbo members pro-ont, who ap plauded very loudly durlog its delivery. Alter tbo ap pointment of m*i>lmln lor tba association, a vote of thanks was tmdored to Mr Ketchum lor bis patriotic remarks, whan tlio meot in < was declared adjourned. Cite Thirteenth Ward AlcClellan Aaao elatlon. MARS KKKTING At* CLINTON OARDRN. A largely attended mass meeting of citi/.ena of tbo Thirteenth ward in favor of tho election of George B. Me Clellan for President was ho'd at Clinton Gardeu last evening. Ibis meeting was not up under tbo ansploes of tbo Tbirteeutb Ward McCle lao Arsociatlon, which now numbers some eighty- ecvea members, and of wbicb Mr. Robert J Kirk is President. Shortly alter eight o'clock tbe meeting was organized, when Mr. William H. Tracy wag appointod Chairman and Mr. Goo go H.Rutsor Sec retary. Mr. Trace v stated tbe objuuts of tho mooting, after which a Ions list or resolutions was read and adopt ed. These resolutions set forth tho necessity or General McClellan 's electiou to tbe Presideuoy, aud advocated tbe sumo In strong language. Mr. J/tikjs II. Lynch was then Introduced to tbe meeting, wbo alluded to tbo present no. bappy state of affairs, decrying Mr. Lincoln's administration, and culling upon his he* -era to cast tlioir votes In favor of McClellan. The negro rocelved a larga share of tils attention, and lie asserted that this war was for no other purpose tban the liberation of tbe black mau. It was not a war tor the I'n ou What was the remedy? Whytochmge tho administration. Tbo man for tbe Presidency was General George B. Meridian. (Cheers. 1 After ably sketching tbe public career of McClellau Mr. I.ynch concluded, amid applause. Dr R. S, Stkvbxs was tho next speaker Ho bad been engaged as oue of tbe committee of arrangements for tbe great mass meeting which was to take place on Wednes day evenldg noxt, and ho was so fatigued that be could not speak to them as energetically as be might wisb. New features were looming up every minute relative to tbis moss meeting, and there was no doubt that it would bo one of tbe ' greatest demonstrate no that ever took place In the city. Tho carmen were maklcg preparations to turn out witb their carts, and tbe 'longshoremen would march In procession over two thousand strong, and it was rurr. red that ail the militia, and tbe veterans of tbe Army of tho Potomac at present In the city, would also swell the demonstration. There were twelve or thirteen w <rds preparing to march on the ground of tbe mooting. I t-ch man would wear a flag n hln shoulder, and be hope 1 the Thirteenth ward would not be beUindlui'd on the -.'tca sion. Witb a row parsing delicate compliments to r evi dent Lincoln, Or. Stevens concluded by glvluga McCitllan song, to the air of "Glory Hallelujah." Sir. Hiium KPTCHrM, Jr., was next called out, and made a short speech. Ho advocated tbo noceos'ty <? en ergetic action. Mr. Lincoln, although his friend? v ere dropping from lilm dally, was not so weak as hen. I, -bt appear to be. There were thousands throughout t: e land who depended upon tbe government for thulr dally bread. In olden times wo had expe rienced In our city elections tbe power of tba Cus tom House, and how much more power would Linc-ln exorcise, as tbe dispenser of Innumerable ofilces and public places. Mr. Ketcbum concluded witb en elo quent tribute to tbe mer-ts of General McClellan. Mr. John Kerrigan being Introduced, gave In tplrited style, an excellent song of his own composition, which gave a historic narrative of Mr. Lincoln's career since bis Inauguration The meeting then adjourned. netting of the Twentieth Wurd McClel Un Union Association. A large and enthusiastic meeting of the above armed association was held last evoning at Continental Hall, cor ner or Thirty-fourth street end Eighth avenue. The meet ing was called to order by the chairman, Mr. G. W. Brooks, who staled the object of tbc meeting to be to perfect the organization of the club and make arrange ments for attending en mats* the grand meeting to be held on Wednesday, the 10th Inst. Mr. Wm Wmr Hwvfit was the first speaker of (he even ing, who, after reviewing the past acts o: the present ad ministration, went on to say that It the people allowed Abraham Lincoln to remain In the White House another four fears thoy would certainly regret It. I/io'<c at almost every house In the lard, scarcely a family, *but has lost some of Its members; and If the people did not taice the thing In their own bands they would very soon be ruined. We allowed ourselves to -un behind the aeo. lin believed that George B. McClellan fell and thought for the ureal maasns of ttio people, and that his soul was above party He believed no man truer to the principles of democracy ? no man truer to tho great principlis of freedom and truth, than Gece ral George B. McClellan. Sir. lleweit closed his remarks by propping three choers for Little Mac, which wore given with a will. Mr. XjowkmhS' G, secretary of the association, next read a series or resolutions, which were adopted unanimously amid loud and prolouged cheering. The Uai resolution read as follows ? Resolved, That while wo reol the Iron yoke on our nectcs; while we sec our streets, aiieys and highways crowded with numberless cripples; wuile we see our land Oiled with widows and i rphans, wo look upon Major General Georgo B. McClellan ;>? our redeemer snd restorer to reace and happiness, and demand of the cnicngo Con vention not to ignore popular opinion? not to shut their oars to the deafening voices coming from the North, the Knst, tho South and tho West, and glvo to the people their choice, and with him a united, prosperous and hap py country. Hon. P. Norton then addressed the vast sstenv blage. We had been told nearly four years :>go in electing Abraham Lincoln we were forging the chains of despotism. We wore said then to be disloyal, lie went on to show how tho people hud benn rob'ccl or tli?ir liberties until tbey wero positively the mots', wretched people on tbecartb. Tbo honorable gentletnau, In speaalng of General McClellan , said that ne bad dono what no other man hud dono since the breaking out of the war? nume'y, doclarlng his oplnoos and Ins plana for putting down the rebellion, and be believed that If God na1 sndoved (iene ral MoClollan with a divine knowledso he would havo had no occasion for altering either bis opinions or his pans. Every attempt to destroy? every attempt to calnmnlato? has but jorved to make blm the more popu lar with the people. He would not glvo Mr. Lincoln a copper; bo was g Ing to say a sixpence, but that was so scarce a thing sit ce this administration went iiito nower he thought li best to l?avo that aione; but he wouldn't give a good old fashioned copper to Old Abe fir hla chances o: tho Presidency. Wo are to have a grand ms?s meeting on Wednea Uy evening next. Let every man be there; lot eve v man bring another, and my word for it you will do more good towards securing th ) nomination of George B McClellan than ufty coi.ventlons. Tho speaker was frequently Interrupted during his remarks with doafenlnjr cheers for Gotcral McClellan, and gr. ans tor Abraham Lincoln and bU Cabinet. Puriiig ibo evoning the meeting was addressed by Mr . J. Plillii;is, who reviewed General "s past career very ably. A lar<?e number of *ont>emen enrolled themselvee as member* of the club, after which the meeting adjourt.ed to meet early to morrow evening to take part la the grand auui meeting In Union square. Mscnln Union Association. A meeting of tills association took place last evening In nope Chai el? 0. R. Miller In the chair. Tho attendance was very slim, so slim that Mr. Dosn moved an adjourn ment for one week, and that the secretaries be w>que?ted to notify 'ill the memiier.? of the day of meeting, and request their a??enda-ie,e. Hie in Hloo was adopts'!, and the ssaoiiatt. n adjourned, evidently dlteai.sQod with i uppeirauue?. Del?>irn(e* to the l' it ten so Convention. Atametingar the De rocratla Nailmal AatocUtloa (Henry CUy Hoice) Colorel ?as ap pointed a peoplo'a delegate to Chic igo, Rebels Killed and Captartd tn Jtlsioarl ? nd Arkansas. St. I?n?, August 8. 1S84 nolrnel Burr Is telegraphs to headquarters hore frcm I New Madrid that he has just returned from ? seventeen days' soout In the southeastern counties of Missouri and northeastern counties of Arkansss, duUng wh ch firiy 1 rebels were killed, one .'.apt. in and thise Den tenants captured, and forty rebel** wounded, Including two cap tains. Two bnnd red arms and over two hundred horses and mules were csptured, ae also Ofty -seven privates. The Cnion lose wss Csptuin Fran.. is, mortally woundod, and twenty others slightly wotrcded. Preparatleas for the Defeacs of Itoai* Lotiavtru, Ry., August T, 18 the Common Council, by request of the nillilaiy au thorities, win torn tab fonr huodred men tomorrow to throw ?p fortifications for the defence of the ?lty against poBilble contingeroles. The Rleskadr Manner Falcon Hound for Wilmington, Hams** , H. fc, August I, The blockade runner Falcon, with three ituofeM!*"kf * m ' !% ?n >hv terwM'AfMl om eNsaday ?tte n' ? tsf- " !t' tor WiUaU^ito dU a; W Km ted a eargo oo biuri. 6 RAN T. The Explosion of the Rebel Mloe aid Charge of the Enemy. Desperate Fighting of the Ninth Corps. Arrival ef Released Uuien Primers of War at Fertress AlGiiree, to., &o.. &*. FOE TENTH COUPS. Mr. 'William II. Slrrrlaut'i DespnteH. Turrit Aim* Corps. August 6?5 P. M. There are some few points of i ubllo Interest transpir ing In the Tenth oorps witbio the past tbree (lays, wbicli have b-en nccumuftuiDg, and o t which I wish to dispose ID tbin despatch tub death rr captain ircr.anrs d. tab ohn, of tbo Ore Hundred and Sixty ninth Now York Volunteers, Is annoui)?ed among the casualties of the 30th July In front of Petersburg. Captain was a resident of White ball, New York, at the outbreak of the war, whence bo brought a company to Troy In that State, to aid In the perfecting or the org.miz.mon of tlio One Hundred and Sixty-ninth New York Volunteers. Tbo chief charactor Istlcs of the lato Captain Vaughn wore coolness, decision, activity and personal bravery. Ho met death with that fortitude wii.cli he had ever displayed in life, receiving a wound from wbic'i hn survived ouly a few hours. CAPTAIN THOMAS B BATON, of this same regiment, hat Just received his second shoulder bar, after long, ardu >us and honorable service Captain Katou fu st sorved as leutenant and provost mar* shal, at Chain Bridge, near V. sdbingtou, In 18(12, and sub sequently as a staff officer In the military families of General R. S. Foster and the late Colonel J. C. Drake. He Is now Assistant Adjutant Gone al upou the stall' of Colonel Boll, commanding the Third brigade, Second divi sion, of tbo Tenth arm r corps. Captain uaton is an in dnsirious and efficient officer. TUB CAPTVRR of Fltt-T L1SI TKXANT Q. H. ffTBRLTNO, of the line Hundred und Fourth Pennsylvania Volunteers, and ald-de-camp to General Terry, ciromanding a division in the Tenth corps, and bis conilnemcnt in I ibby Prison, Kiehmond, Va., is made public. Lieutenant Stoning r neiiial qualities and executive capacity are miened throughout bis division, in which be holds an important position. TBI! OLD THIRTKKKrn INDIANA VOIXNTWSHS. There Is a strong probibllity that the men of the Thirteenth Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, recently mus tered out of ttie service, will recruit np sud return to the field again as a regiment of sharpshooters Governor Morton of Indiana, bus beeu pressed to eacnurage tbe movement by Major General Smith and others and it is to be hoped it will succeed, for tbe good of tbo ser Tice. I.ISCTKNANT COM>N*L TATrON, commanding the First re^ltneiit New York Mounted Rifles, stationed near General Butler's headquarters at Point of Rocks, has gone North on fifteen days sick leave. This leavo of absence was necessary to Colonel Patton.who, with Ills efficient command, nas partici pated in all of the exhausting cavalry raids of tills se vere campaign, and of all tbintrs to wear a man out both in body and mind, give ene a cavalry raid under Wilson, Kautz, Spear, or Pat ton. Tbey (tb? raids) are i desielve. The Pieu Despatches. Washinuton, August 8, 1^64. A letter from the Army or tbe Potomac, dated Satur day evening, says:? "It is not generally believed that the purpose of the enemy on Friday rnu to blow up a fort lu front of tbo Fli lb corps, but their Intention was to damage a mine which they suspeoted was beln>*' dug ii front of the Eigh teenth corps. Certain it Is, there was so explosion, wbitever May have been the object of it. Our mon were considerably startled, and every one rushed to his post, when a rapid Are commenced from our line In tbe direc tion the enemy wero supposed to be advancing. As soon as tbe smoke clearod away tbe true stato of affairs was discovered, std firing ceased. " A stray ball struck Colonel Slei rain, commanding Se cond brigade, Second division, Ei .hteontb corps, indicting a wound wblob soon after resulted in death. He was a gallant officer, and bis services were highly appreciated. A party or fifty deserters started to come Into our lines yesterday morning at an early hour, wheu our gun ners, not knowing tteir Intention oj encd fire upon thom killing and wounding abont twenty. Nine of tbem arrived at headquarters on Saturday morning, some of them Vwounded. They repre.-ent the confederacy as being In a bad way on ncoount of tbe state or mfalrs at AtlaLta, end teil h w their army was frtehten-jd on the previous Saturday when tbe mine was spruug. all loiving their guns and running buck e me distance, fearing ether explosions were going to <ccur along tbo ice. Hut they soon regained confidence md tell back into their former position in time to meet the attack wbicb, thev say, was more tban aa hour and a half af er the explosion. These men say lb' pa on why the soldie.-a do not ex change newspapers Is tbey are ordered not to do so But this would hi- o no o.Tci if they could afford to buy them, the price being <orty cents a pieoe, and thoy have not been paid oiT <or a ion? time. Very little firing toe* place on Saturday. Forthkj Monro*, August 7, 1904. A terrific fight took place Id front of Petersburg on frl day afternoon, 1*?: log from half post five to balf-pnst seven o'clock. It eommenced by a charge from the enemy, which was repulsed with daughter. Ibcy nlso exploded a mine, which did no damtge to our troops or work*, but killed some of the rebels. The light on our side was principally by the Nliith corpt, and was moat dotperate. The steamor Fulton arrived tbl* (Sunday) morning with the officers exchanged on the 3d Inst, at Charleston. The follo wing Is a list of her passengers Brigadier Generals H. W. WeB*eita, T. Seymour, K. P. Scamm'in, A. f'haier, C. A. Heck man; Colonels L'<, R. White, fc. L. Dana, G rover, H. C I-co, W. Ilarriman. W. c. Maxwell, H L. Drown. W. H. Lcmao, T F. Craven, Taylor. Fardella; I.loutonant Colonels C. B. Baldwin, K. Olcott, Stewart, Poiaey UcMakln, E. L. Bijf, J. B. Spoflord, J. H. Burnham, llahew, Trumble, Rogers, H. C. Boujamlu, T H. Hipgenbotham. 8 Mcflat, Armstrong Baitbo'.nmcw, F. Swift, J. It. Hawkln > C. J Lieku ?od, W. Ii Couk, J. F. Fellows, H. P. Ijv?cell"'s; Majors rf. A. <i'raot, Baker, flsrke, Ifall.Crandall, G. M Dentn, P. B. Klof, Morrison, Batos, C. H. Beers, D. A. Carpoutor, J. H ?'obu son; Surgeons Turner, Se tuple, K. il Plate, 1). P. Warren; Pr. Wolsh, IT. B T. Harrison Captains J. H. Smith, J. C. i iarke, K. D. Joncg, L. J. Sheldon, Surgeon Perry; Captair.8 W. W Hunt, Hocxfellow, II. F.Mills, P.O. Ripley, E. S. Rnbcoek, 1. Post, W. R^yal, Chaplain F. F. Rock wood, I.isu lenai ts A. F. N'ewmnn , J. Krlbbs.G. Coggaw?U, A. Wins well, J. I. Spalding, J W. Jaquette, 0. H Goodyear, T. K. Kalri hlld, C. K. Parker. Berrttn iu, Crawford, Pierce, If. L. Phrli s, Hull* ban, Crawford, Butler, J. F. El'.awc rth, H. P. Gray, A. Marsh, C. 8. Allen, lborburn, M. I.. Dotsford, J. U. Eviins, ?. Murray, ,1. g. Hum, J. E. Stewart, <V. K I'ale; faptitns MoCtoke, O. H. Cranvllle, H. I'erry; I.ieu'enants A. P. Learred, G. F. Harris, Jiwiot-' Qaw?s, E. W. MuKsey; Captain 0. Pennrt ' k?tch of Acting Brlgadltr General Sted man. Acting Brigadier General Griffin A. Ptedmtn, Jr., was b' t twenty six ye*'* or age when bo met with Ibo wounds that b>ve resul od In his death. He was born in or r.ear Hartford, Connecticut, and received his education nt Trinity Colloge, whence ho graduated with honor. He next began the study of the law In : hiladelphla; but gave up bis legal pursuits to engage In the war against th? rebels He was !n 1801 appointed captain of company I, f the Fifth Connect'cut Volunteers, otherwise known as "toil's Rids Regiment," which left for the field, with eleven hundred and two men and officers, on July 89, lBfll, fer the Pspartmont of the Shenandoah, wbere It was brigaded under Colonel (aloce Miyr General) f.eorge II. i licm a*. In October, iMl, the rrglmet t formed part of I be "rce wbioh advanced to the re-cue of the sufferers at Hill's Bluff. On the 7tli of November, 1801. Captain ctedman was I omof d to tbe rank of major of the Elevei ih Connectl c t Volunteers, which regime-tit was attached to 'the ' moo* linrnaide expedition into North Carolina, leav ii sc llartford nine hundred and twcnty-isveo stro'g on I scomber 16, ISfll. Mfjcr gtedmau took a very sctlva pt rt m tbe battle of Newborn, N. 0., March 14. !W2, and ? as, on June 11, 1883, promoted to lieutenant ootonel. tits regiment was engaged In the military Hons of 1 63 in that .Stats, after which, lats In the summer. It rnr attached to tho Army of tbe Potomac t'nder Mc ( lcllan It tiartlcipatsd in the battle of Aniielam. ? eptem I er IT, in stblrb engagement LieiKenant Obionet . tedmm bsld the ootnmaad of ibo regiment after the reath oi Olmel Kingsbury lie led the v*<tull ur-on the rtone brMe* and ?a< s#ver"ly woundtd For Ins bravery h? was promoted t> the of tho rpgl. men!, t > fill tbe plseo va<-*t9dfby tho death of Col. Klniis burv.atul w?a e<io?idereii among tbe beat of tbe volun. tcet i oera in II ? servire. At Frrdsrtckabtirg tr?s regimwt. under Crkmil l-'lei mm), perft-nni'd lu i irt wit'i the Ninlh ? -rt> ~, snd aftsr v w ? * . ibo Army of Uto l'uiQmae sw t.aus.?;rsd tv .&? Atwmi mentor Virginia. Oil HVbruury 7, IVkJ, It ?u stationed ? I Newport's News, ad -horny alter wa* tratisfe r?-d to Huff.iik, Va., whi>ro it served uader (.ener'tln t.ftiy anl Peck. During tbe spring wl summer of 1 ttn.'l it t ok part id many of im ccie-u urblrh aviated thai part or the country until after the bulilca of Ubanueliorsvllle aad Uottraburg. Durum jai.uarv, 1864, tbe regiment returned 10 Con nenticut > n h lurlouyh, hiving re ei 11* led fur the ??r uuoei Oilouel stcdoni). On us r 't mi to the ueld it was attached to tbo Flghteentb army corr?, In North Cam. Iiua. and when those troops wore transferred to the James river Colnnol .stediiMii was placed it) command of tUo t'ocnecilcut brigade, \yhli'h eommand he bin since hi Id. Kor coolness. Inirepedity and skill, dl<t>:ny>'d oa roi eatod occasions during tho p-nlnsuia ctmi>?ipu,Geuo rals Martlndsie, Fmiih aud other coram 'tiding ? en have r< |N-at'diy milted In aowm .tiding him Tor tlie fall runk of ttrigndii r ^euer >1. On the 6tb of August, during the musketry tiring wblcb ioIIov cd the explosion of the ri'bel mine ?t roters bur*, Colonel Metimnn received a sevure w >uud, the shot passing through his stomach. from tlio of tbla Injury ho hiM iinoo tiled, (.ooeral unw, by wnose Hide Ooloael ^tedm >n wis slat ding when be received his wound, tti announcing the f.ct to <!enrr?t ?'rd. stated tbat we h?d It ?l ? ne i f tie Hue i aoldle * in the army. Few mou bad more por ?? mil friends, and lower pos se (vd those riro oonnenlnl qualities that distinguished i t.'io Colonel, and attracted all wlili whom bo came in con f tct. Oo the fume evening a des;>ui> h was sent to Wash- ! In;: ton. entl r e.i by both t.'eoeral ? ir d md (General Butler, earnestly recommending that be dinulJ nt on o receive bis appolnt'iieut as ii brigadier general: hut ho did Dot lire to see these recommendations ournp lud with. Tlte Mining Anldler, Patrick flawless. TO THB I. PI roil (IP TUB tMRALD. Army of tiik Potom o, Vs., AugnBt 5, 1 S04. I notice ia the "I'erwonals" of your Daily Hkralp of August 4, 1864, a request lor information Id regard to Patric k Law lops, of the regular army. Ho was an officer In the regnlir United Slates cavalry, w. s k.iled In battle at Trivllan Station. Va , and was burled at n temporary hospital near tbat place. [ have the honor to bo, sir, very rc?[>ootfiilly , your obedient servant, A COA13, First Lieutenant Sixth cavalry, united States Army. SHERMAN. The Reported Cttpture of General Stone man t on armed. WismwoTO^, August 8, 1804. The military authorities here are satisfied that tbe re bel report of the capture of General Stoncmao are sub stantially correct. The report of big escape probably arose from tho return of General Ed. MoCook, who wag supposed to have boon killed or captured. Mr. Jninea R. Sntlt'i Utipntchrt. 3 c lt 2d, 1894. A FERIOra KMKDTI occurred yesterday between Major General G. M. Podge and Brlqvllcr Goneral T W. Swoony, nrrislu/j from a dl.l'eronce of opinion concerning the r cent battle on tb< left. Contradictions wo e hood followed by very stron| adjectives ; from personalities camo blows, Chesterfield wns Ignored and "rules and regulations" forgotten aa tbe "stars" became more and more excited. Ibe result was that tbe super! r put tbe In'erior ofllcer uudor ar rest. Tbe I tier d'<l Dot give up his sword, FJIlot W. Bice, O lonel of tbe Seventh Iowa Infnntry, tben commanding 1 10 Hrst bi lt a If, wag assigned to tbe command of tl>o division, nnd l.lout. Col' no! .tamos C, P.irrott. Seventh Iowa, to take tbe Colonel's place ut tbe bead 01 tbe brigade. Tim kiw coMMAxntm This morning Goner.i| Sweeny was ordered to prooeod to Nashville, to await trial oa charged preferred. |{e left this afternoon, nn<l ilrigaller Uonerul John M. Cor*e, of Gouenil gburtnan's 1U1I. now commands tlie veteran ?ocond division, Salonnth corps. I do not propose todl*cu?ntbe merits or demerits of tbls affair; but I am extremely sorry tbat this army loses so brave an officer at tbt? juncture. A LIT' Li. UO0S1P A ROUT TKR HOW. Ibe papers are rail to overliowlng of details la wblch this general and that colonel fVuies In Italic or small caps, until lt would seem to an observer that tba army was composol of ?'?shoulder straps " I wish to devotis a lew lined Illustrative of tbe doinss, dally lifo and fare of the eiillsled men? the honored ''rank and file''? whose record in this campaign for bravery and eii-iutunce is a bright une Vou would not tbfnk to find such a conglomeration of buman nature, such a variety or tataot, as you olten will by joining a group gathered around a camp fire. It at fell >w you boo there In rusty blue pr.uts and dark blue bl<use,on bis haunches, smoking bis pipe wiih gurto, at faome was a well-tod; merchant. Here be in called ''Dob." and bunks with an erratic Iridivlduil who is simply "Dave." On their right start's a ''bully boy," who "r?n wid der m ?sb*ec" before the war, and now is a company coolc, while a sharp eyed typo brings up the roar, seated on a bard tack box scribbling 'or a newspa per he once "subbed" for. Au hour a?" these worthies were trudging along a dustv < cordis pike, knapasck on back and gun on shou'dor, whistling, singing and Jolting avay unconcernedly. A hair hour ago tin y halted , stacked arms and broka ranks. Oil came knapsack* and up weut their shelters. .Some re reclining on their rubber blankets, others are around the (Ire* frying a bit of meat in the end ot a stlc! , or holding a small can of coflee to b >11 ove.' the coals in tbe s iroe manner. "Every one for h m-ie!f" is their rule, be It cl:a nig a widow's laet Chicken or fludiug a nan) i> ace to x ;p. A sjuad Is just starting out for puke:, aad the rest are soon ordered to throw up a breastwoik As thuy toss about the Georgia soil they discuss tbls (tUcnr's merits and that ons's bravery, this general's movements and tno others straiei<v. Tlioy oke about the robs, discuss poiit'<-s, prai=e ore cand'.Me, cuiho tbo others, criticise tho po Icy of the administration, and prophesy the end of the war, aa v.eM as ibe result of a campaign, till you would th'nk to have fallen into tbs company ot solons and Ndomons, or chanced upon a ciucus or con vent'oo. ^u ititi no soldier'* life, id a perpetual round 01 alternate m notouy aud excitement. Jclt 28, 1884. UK. KATD TO C0VIX3I0N. Gerrard's o valry expedition did much more thin I mentioned In my last communication. They burned the principal part of the towu, lusluding several Urge ware houses of tobacco and cotton, burned two bridges eait of Covington, and toro up fourteen miles of track west of tbe town, and captured t*o rebel trams, twelve hundred niii'ti aud hoireij, three hundred prisoners and over five bnndred u v oosi. It.e cavalry buya laid la a heavy sap pi# of tobacco uofure tu ?> tt ed the waroiiousu. KK4 1 XT auMK, Major General O Howard, the ooaamsndar of tba i'O'trth corps, hns boon assigned hy General tiberm.m lo the command of the Army of tho iennes?"ei\ vico l-ojaii, wbo rnsunio* command of his corps, the Kutewath. llrigadier lienor al Stanley is o?w comm'indlu? the kour'b aruiv corps, and Morgan l? .'mull, relieve l by I. /..n, has re&uui<.d the comuiaud oi his sivwioo m tbo FlUeauib corps. THS ARMY 0? THK TlfJI.VXfFIS 4011* OH TSK SIGHT. At mhlmgbt of the 24ib the tore* corps of the Army of tbo Tennessee commenced Its movemeul of .?winding aroui.d from the leit lo tbe extreme right fiank of the line. The withdraw*! of oorpa after corps was accom plishod M'eiy. with little nulse and uriaiiown to the enemy on our iront. a twelve mile march broupht us, Pile In tbe afternoon ef the 27ib, on the extreme right of the Army i.f ibe Cumberland, which uow hecmer tbe centre ot the line, with ecbotieid oa tbe IMt aua Howard on the right. The movement was made to the rear of our lines, and the troops ^ot sa'aiy l<>to p sitlon under cover of thetue Of Scboneld's and Thomas' commands. l :eastw<rks have betn erected on tho wb ie front, clorfo aguiwi tbo rebel workri. and about two miles wost an l Botthwsat sC ibe city, which ran be seen ii <m si.ue of ilia hu ti kuolts on our I rout. We can shell the city I rota any part of our line. CtOKHAT Hjr*. Colonel F.. W. Rice, Hsvtmh Iowa infur it jr. volunteers, commanding the Hrat brigade of Corvo a uirtstOD.tMx teenth oorpa, received hi.- oommi?alnu as bn adier gene ral of volunteers th r morning. His command gave biin ihreo cheers on tbe .^auouncciaent oi' tbo - ame. AilLlTAfiY AFFAIRS. Eirn'ptlea i*?pera for Substitutes. Much dlUioulty sxlsts and oonfusiou I? ore ued at ibe office of tbe Supervisors' Routity Paying CoranUtlen Rooms, for tbo rs<ion of many persons who h ivo beeu supplied with substitutes not calling for tbelr exemption papers. Those boldiug receipts wi b tl.e fo. lowing num bers hsve been lurmsbed sub.-nti tra by Mr. Blunt, and their (apers of exemption are ready, sijd it is. we i*ar , desirable that they tbouid to likoi. up, vix:? N'os 88, 42, 40, 34, 3rt, 8 A, 44, t*3. 490, M2, 457, 4d7, 463, 4oO, 641, 4'. is, 624, 404, 440, 6.6, 4?s, M>?, 601, 478. 1howh leaumber of atiplKanis for substitutes now rescbss seven hundred and loity.tbrae. Tlia One Hundred sad second Rrflmtat. srsciat. uaogHfl - ho. 33. HaangraarKia, Ftaw Division N. (i. P. N. V. , 1 N?w Yowk, August 8, 1H14 / Colonel Jobn V. Wllsey, ot mrnat diag the one Hundred and Second renlm<nt N. O S.N. Y.,wlll forward to Kimira to-morrow, the Otb Inst , those companies of tbls regiment which are uow recruited to tba mtulmutn stiuid* srd.andtbe remaisioR companies as ?ooo as tnelr num bers ars so filled. They will report on arrival to Major Devlo, Acting I to vast Matshsi General and fu;erlniei<d ent of tbe recruiting for tbo one hundred dars' service. By order or Mapr General CHA9. W. BANDfORD. ALBxawnxa IIashltoh, Division Inspaotor. The LtnUsey nines. OIK* RAL ORtHlW-- *<?. 12 I.fWPRSY ntrw (102b Rn^iMnwr X. G. * N. Y ), 1 HltABvfAKTkKS, UliUfKB Hot'SB, AllgilsH, lf<r4. f In compliance with the ab?va spacial order, No. 3.1, from dlvMMn hesdriusnors. sil companies uf this regi ment having tbe minimum nu'uber of men a'11 warded to Elmlra no f?a Jay , Aujj't't P. s< fiver n On ifiermister Prlro wl I ni tlie the nee >??ry reqM>sMi ns for tr m.Hpi rt illou ?nd eubsiale. co m ne > i 'T- My Ua3?* rfi Vljwis, ~ IMPORTANT NEWS. Attack of Farra gut's Fleet on the Defences of Mobile. EILLLIA8I NAVAL LHGAGEUENT. Surrender of the Rebel Ham Tennessee and Capture of the Rebel Admi ral Buchanan. Tho Solma Captured ard tlie Gaines Driven Aihjre. The Union Monitor Tecum seh 8untf. Occupation of Dauphiu Island by Oar Ftrces. Farragut's Ships Approach ing the City, A?, *?.. Seentorf Stanton to M?Jnr General DU. War Department, ) W A3HIN 0 TON, August 8 ? 9 i\ M. I To Major General Dix, New York: ? The following announcement of tho suc cessful operations against Mobile appear in tho Richmond Sentinel of this date, an?l is transmitted by Major General Batler to the President: ? From Headqi artehs of Gen. Hitler, ) August 8 ? 3 P. M. | To His Excellency A. Lincoln, President: ? Tho following is tl o officUl report taken from the Richmond Sentinel of August 8. B. F. BUTLER, Major General. "Mobile. August 6. 18C4. "Hon J. A. Seid jn, Secretary of War: ? "Seventeen of the enemy's vessels (fourteen ships and three iron-clads) passed Fori Morgan this morning. "Tho Tecumscb, a Monitor, was sunk by Fori Morgau. "The Tennessee surrendered, after a desperate engagement with the enemy's fleet. "Admiral Buchanan lost a leg and is a priso ner. "The Selxna was captured. "The Gaines was beaolied near the hospital "1 ho Morgan is safe, and will try to run up to-night. " The enemy's fleet has approached the city. "A Monitor has been engaging Fort Powell all day. D. H. Macrt, Major General. EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. Occupation of Daapliln Island by Unlaia Troo )i?. Washington, August 8, 18G4. Richmond papers of Saturday last announce that our forces have taken possession ofDuapbia Island, on the south side of the harbor of Mo bile aud iu the rear of Fort Gaines. ? applies for Farm gat's Fleet. Washington, Au;u3t 8, lb'64. The Navy Department yesterday engaged ? fast steamer at Now York, wbfch is to be im mediately loaded with ice and Ireth provitrious and despatched to the fleet off Mobile. Police Intelligence. ROIWCRIES OK BOARD TUB ST?i*BOAt IT. JOWf. During the trip of lbs North river steamer St. J hn rrom Albany to this city, oa fulurdsy night, tbe st Kw rooms or severs) isjsi u ?r? wero entered a:.?I tlnlr pockets riOd of money, gcH wstihes sod other rslushle* to tbe extent of several tho traod dollar*. Mr ret. rC ^. grove, of 10 ' Third svenue, being unable to ob ->tn ? ? tateroom, I ild down In the siloon, sad on ivsk iu lq them ruing fourd that his pockets bad been ruled or fTCO in Treaatiry notes. Amour tbe victims to the luhl angered o|?rali>rs are t;eorgu West, 203 Bioume stri'Ot; * n; an nmint Sullivan and numerous others wbnt* names as yet huro not hcii Ascertained. On th? nrrlvnl of the v'l . John In this cltv me B-irnoy McCln?lo>y wa? arretted officer Mail, of t |ji? Two ty 'er-ti'.h i ? e. clnct. oa susplcioo if being une of tiie m? u who bad 6 a ?o active ia rc!i?ivliv tbe i>ougets of the psmer-gi): *. !a hi* cftortu to f?c?'e Ironi tbo oTcor McClufKpy r.>n imo tbe promises of John Kane, 1AH Washington 'treet, a i threw behind the counicr s pvr of' n u rs. On poercblrk the accused an tVd fa ht ne t g< d r. : i, very thin, sntb g Id dial, snd sm\ll gild ch I st Luted; one twenty d llsr bill on the t,.?ben Rink of Ore: ,? county, a fn dollar bill on tbe I'nadlMa Ka g. ten dot jI oo th<* t '?)??!*? f unt' !' ok, several ooe dollar n MM various country barks si : a revolver, were loon-l. It s Mhevsd tbl* money wsaato'eu from pa**e?*?rs who down on the St. John. None other* of tbe gins of iblevee were ai rested. McCluaUsy ws? taken hei rs Jiwiot Hogan snd committed for ejsmitistion. T ?' pr"f#ri/ found In derccdHnt's possesion csn be srso at ins Tonibe I'olics Court. ?iqhwayimii AMAIH.T a*t> ?<>? a wo*AW. > shortly before two o'clock yesterday mortifng Msry b. Whits, la ponslug through the Oowery. 5W eec?er street, ?r?* sasaulted by two tneu . who c-i ight lisr by th? tun at. and wfaiis thus held by oss of hero the other tbruct hi# hand Into her t*?om and rorcibiy too* there, from a wallet ooots.U* #11. *" "relsassd Unrf cried for help, whan otrcer, of the Tentb preclu is, rsn nn sod arrssfd one of the msn, Who gave bis n?'u? aa John Ryan, hut bis ennfederste escaped with e stolen money. Justice Hhand.rr committed Rtan tor trial in default of $1 ,0<W ball, (be complainant lives aft No 12 Greens strset. Arrest sf a Negro Recruiting Agent. (Correspondence of tbe Cincinnati Gasette 1 ' Cataw, Ai gusl ?, (804. . An agent of Msasacbneette, for obtaining negro re^ crults from Southern Pistes, has bsen bro gM to jrief, lbs authorities had Yieea notified of his movements, aiA on Monday they arrested h'.m wltb fsvs'ai rsrrnlts bnuag for Boston Aa sgeot ffom Ne>v Vorfc, wbo bs<l ^ee? working amonf our darlfsys, mads turovelf scaroe sbea bis Ysnkee friend was gobn^ed. M?v** Pa.** Ws call stt ntlon to sa advertise nsnt lo reply to one In our commas of tbe 4ttt lastaa| msdskiou pea.

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