Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 9, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 9, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. KO*'?V, A rfUSt R? fl P. M. TU cr.-ct of t>e ?'? ?' -it ***** Of the currency in de . roo;j:iif i; r property Is beginning 10 "= I vw? :e . .... ... nnroas>nabIy proi>ert/ owners are ?i8C, , , .. .?i?r;i.e4 to trww <* ? turtber pro. j u ime .otbe^ldwlaeof real estate railway t ocks and other Imm >bile sources of wealth. I i we es.i r. xte toe value of the st jcm or twenty or our prmolpal railways, under-mentioned, at their market on the 1st of the firm t ir. tb. and calculate gold at a premium d . lair are J ?...?? !:'ty > Ite. we shall find that it ha? de timed 49 41 per cent from its par value in gold. Ihe fol lowing ?1lTr? *. to which the value of tbe stocks isbsiI Bitted at the market .a?es of July 1, and gold at 260, will make tne comparison clearer:? .Atnnwnf r? Market Valuf? ? i-? usutd in Currency, in Gold. Cbirag and Alt"a . . . . fl,li9:BS6 1,002,903 *101,161 "SSJuj'o ? x" 5.WS.6W 7,?.75,*? S, 030,002 ( 'wV-wro J ? h,jrtfl' 3, 721,316 1,657,971 7S0.HS "JSB ??a...R"C!t 5,003.040 OWM "i"" 8,632,712 4,3.1,10. I,W? luS iSJSJS i.? n,a?o... OO';.-;'" HS'S SoiJS K.vor ?.,??. ym$t ?.;?;? Mdial?'.1!1. 6 134,600 5,674,505 2,209,302 ?,?.** i,?^ 751,210 Newark' trill.. ? 24.2.:., 000 82,661,105 13.M4.l4i Now York..nd iiarl?m 4.21".l"0 ll,Su9,S?0 4,7-.J,?5 I'anama. 6,000,000 12,750,000 5 ,100,000 Philadelphia and Read- 6,S76i009 ?.000,021 6.730,701 2,605,916 Altos and Terra Hants 8500.000 1,380,000 . .1-.00Q Toledo and Wabash.. . 1,409,550 072 451 "i>'-i-,a0 j ?jotii $121,123,423 164,747.402 6o,S9-i,9S0 When we consider that there are iu tbe loyal States more than tweuty-four thousand miles of railway in ope ration , representing an original in vestmout for construct, on and equipment of ubout tiine hundred and eighty-eight million!, of dollars, the vast importance of the railway interest and tho nia^uitude of tbc depreclsti'-u in \aluoit has Buffered will be apparen'. This decline is the dircct consequence or the really decreased, although apparently increased, earnings of the r. aJs, in proportion to the coat o: working; lor, their income being entirely receiva ble in currency, una their rates of fare and freight beta;: fcr tbe most part t.iher fixo.l by >tato enactment or mo tives of policy, it ollows mat railways are In reality la? valuable properties low (ban tbey were be.ore the bu8i ension. They have experienced an imtuci)3e increase o! iralLc, whiob has compensated in tbo aggregate Tor the reduced earnings en etxh ton oi freight end single passenger ; but their substantial capital has been Buiieriug to an extent which entirely outweighs all con siderations arising from the incroased earBiugs in Currency. Railway shares, tbercr >re, are selling at low figures. The additional cost of maintaining and working the roads has bean in the majority of instances In excess of the increase arising from the tratlic. Had the railway companies hud tbe power aud llio will to sustain their old rates on a specU ba is, end tbo Fame or even nny Increase of tbc traffic had been cxperiencod, we thould see railway shares now selling at from one to two hu- dred per cent higher than they are. But unless tbe earnii'KS of the -oads increase by a rise in tbe scale of tare and freight so as to make high currency dividends at i.e I' r tne depreciated value of their rolling a?d otb'T stock nereis no probability of investors bidding ep their present price much further than will bo neces sary to k-ep pace with tbo future depreciation of tbo curicney , whatever mere speculation may do. That tbey wi 1 rise, however, both by speculation and from other cau.-es, is almost certain; for tbey are still cheap. But eve:i speculators just now seem to hesitate in oiera ting for an advance, so dubious looks tbe future, while brokers and tbe uaulcs show a decided disposition to pursue a strictly conservative policy, believing that in bBtely lies their strength. Ibe bank statement tor the wcelc published to-day in. dtcaics this feeling, the dep?lts havlog Increased as compared with rbe last return to tbe extent or |349,630, Bud the loans bavin* decreased by $274,9T3. There is a summer calm prevailing in Wall street, and little or no disposition Is manifested to add to the volume of ftu.tiiess. With an easy but nearly sUgnant money market, and foreign exchange ? drug, and with a merely nomlual de Di?i,d tor golo, in consequence of diminished duties, large experts of icreign as well as n.tivo produce, and boavy orders for United .Staiet bonds from abroad, thcro Is but littie activity to be exp< etcd, and tl?at little is conflncd to tht rit'.ck Kxcaauge. Uankers' sterling may be quoted at 10hU to 10S>, or n ild, and 2^9 for currency The w ck pened with a bet'.er feeling In the share mark et, and aith , n tbe business was not largo tbo improvc n.e it t price* g l\* hope of future activity. Compared with tbe hi?-b. -t c? b sales at the Brokers' board on Saturday, 1 rie Kailwav advai ced at the first session of the Stock T x h t' -div ?. per cant. Hudson Wver 1, Heading 1 , Mtcl. g i i i a tn?i X, Michlion Southern niiaois i>n:ral ' , c:e?Kani aad IntSDurg H; Cleveland and Toled i lj-i, tbic?g> and Kock Island^, Pittsburg and Kort \VR^te \ . Ctrc-wo and Northwestern Mississippi a: .1 M s 3 uin'oeriand Coil 1M. Mariposi >-i, Ueia ware ;.cd Hudson Cauai 1, Central Coal 1, and Ohio and S,t--,ls ippi certifies )?. yaicksilver Mining Bold the same ' 1 N.w V >ra < e tral dec Ined U Tbe u:-i ket in tbe aftarBoon was dull, with very slight vapat .'n In me quotations. New York Central Bold at the s;> oid b ar't ?t 131, Erie Ka.lway 112\', Illinois C?a iral 12";. V;cbv..n Southern 90)?, Chicago and North wo<-e~n 'ft7\, i'.eadlng 136, Pittsburg and Fort Wayne 11, i umiM-rl. id Coal 19?, yjfckallvor Min ng80,and ' ai l ii "ompmy 37 ,'i. ?iu. ?? - ivt'y demand for government secwlties, ta ? ' r the 'iv -twenty coapon bonds, wbicb ad cat, i-i t w. i..- the rogistered did not rise ai ove 106' 'I he eg Here I sixes of 1891 sold at the flrtt hoard f< r 1 ? , f d n p same for tbe coupons. One year v.r',c f- br uxbt P4 v; 94 At tbe resond board the t up<.LS "f 1831 sold at 100*. the fivc-tw.nty cou , OUS at 1(? ? n.t the d >bt ccrtiiicatee at 95. Uflrt ivc ?? J at 2 9'* and t.osed at WX Tt - inl!owi!'? tab,e s >w? the touia of the statements Of lbs as-ocl.ue.l b iaK? of tbls city on the first Saturday of each month <!ur.n| tbo prc- jat year, witb those of tbe jan two trams ? L, I f. f-ptsie. Circulation. DtpotiU. 2 51-4 714 4 5 2'j l' i.iyOS ?. 1''3, 331 140,250,864 >. U. < 1*'.:. OK ?4<J M A' 70,791 6.S/74.T62 13'!.f?4w 042 y *r 6 l*'.' ,4iJ 21 2JS.66# 6,<>3-J.249 16f A' nl 2. 20: ?; .>1 luhilObo 6,795,894 171 451,28 7 Hit 7. I'< --l.'.'fi . > O*. 028 6 604.831 lflS,6f2 10T June 4. ID , 710 'TO - -?1 .? 04 5, ISO, 839 174,511367 J. lt 2. 1't- Mi f.Olt tl.208 4,742.917 154,M?9.',44 July 3. 18.. 0 21 0 1,^-i 4,ii1,420 lt2.929.H83 A 04 . 1 ? on ,;.i7 21,159,518 4,522,738 153,279,263 D* r c? r 'in lour* f274,??73 lncc- -e ? . .a 107,032 leer isi.ictru .< on 3o 698 Imcrc |!id*pO?il- 349,010 Tb ' iio < 1&4 Mi i report of lb j United ?UtM Assist* ant fi urer te-l*v:? l.< 1. t. :r ji ? I . n~ |159 000 tou: ''CI.. ipu 9*0,541 I'.vtt i. in 2.U?,7.VJ Bn uoi c 17 90*,?>44 Bubact Iptlocs to 7 1 101 i? note/ 84,700 Tt.<> Iu I9Widk m)|.i tl backs \\ e ro authorized between the l-i sot! Oiu >o?:. ? A i r. /yv ni "171. CipdaK Nat i llank Ft I". \<m, Visa 6210 OOfi B'C.I id. '? bur? 111 0>'0>0 Klr*4 .... M sot ?< .-til, ObtO 176,000 Fli t !>? ' -b. Iowa 50,000 ?An' thefoiMHttaf lu roaaed their capitals ? Ori p< al. I'teirnii'af i'nt. First? 1' ,M w in rlllc, N. f1M,000 14 ?.00C H.*?? ? - - rtl. v. Y to ,000 >6, ?00 V'l.o, M>er d; bsnks offslitzoj 4W Aff ri.' < capital 680.123,359 ; t w ki? return* of tbe b.mki of Prtffldeace, It. I., cnuipj'.' wilti Uie sutani<at ? 1 23 H follrwt JulflZ. . J ?,"i> Lns,* >. 4.201 .300 24,014, IOC Ix p... ? . 6.4(0,900 6.36,0 CtiCMl?!loo.... 3,998,400 4 1 14,8 *1 Bpcie . . ?49.m>0 7,4 ? Ibe I ; t* ih' r /tnparntive amount of to. is col leet?<l o til* krls Uotl si Rochester during tbo noutli of July ? lfH 1863. 1864. *13,028 *14.191 114,242 Tut foil twit g u a ?tst.;m ot of tho capital, the psr ?slue <4 th ran. asd lb* prtues st wblcb the ttoc* last ?old, of Uie ttevaral a tsuj- insurance ccnt/jolcs Barnes ? Capit 'I Pirtaluf. Prir *. AH'snf 1 1 50 COO N |6'i Albaot ritjr 2<?0 \jW lOO US Cunimrie tOO.OOO 100 140 Tfc*e?i>iui stock of ibe Morris snl ElMl (f.J.)'. r?U bas I. 'to InorsMsd to 13,100,000, to oorer tbe cost of tke etUDSloa from BsckettslowD to Ftillllpebnrs, wfctrh Is s?w lo progrese. and fur o liter jmrposss Pre ^stmmm are marly eoiwplstsd far tssnmi ktm p? r?ui ?**!?* l>o*4s. r?1?MBSbls la flftf yaars, lo b? sec?r?4 bf a*d proparty of um ? u pey extending from the Hudson to the Detowiro, Ud I ? itt pro vision for a sinking tatid for tha redemption or tue bonds at maturity. Tho issue of bonds will be to pr< | ride f r tbe purchase of additional equipment, and to complete tbe neeessary double track, erect engine, car a.nd machine building* , with other Improvement! the company havo in view to make tbe road a first class through route for passoB^ers, coal and other transporta tion. The following table shows the gross monthly earnings of tbe Atlantic and Great Western liallroad since the com mencement of tbe present year ? Pasvvotrt, Math', <Ce. Freight. Total. January $3s,615 168,683 207,298 February 50,189 178,852 229,041 March 106,815 226,733 April 63,993 133.275 197.207 M.v 57,163 157 486 214, ?79 June 7:3,654 240.867 314.521 July 82,l6;> 240,433 332,01)8 Total 1426,826 1,294,811 1, Til, 637 The cartings of tbe Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad d ring the fourth week In July comp&ro with the re ceipts fi r tbe samo time last year as follows 1863. 1804. r.issen^ers $30 800 18.043 Freight 6,322 12,812 Miscellaneous SU5 808 Totil $38,177 31/63 Decrease ? 0,614 ?The total receipts or tho above roaJ for tbe month of July amount to $S9,533, ngaiust $58,704 for the same period in 1863. Tbe gross earnings sirei January 1 have been $540,936, which is in excess of the receipts during tbe same time last year of $195,373 The following is a comparative statement of the re ceipts o( tbe Hudson Kivcr Railroad:? .luly, 1S84 $271,720 July, 18Q3 190,868 Increase $83,r.C2 The leturns o! tbe Hack or England for the weBk ending July 20 compare with the statement of the previous week as follows: ? July IS. J alt/ 20 P.iblic deposits ?4.0^0 H03 4,402,400 Otter deposits 16,082,746 13,408,675 Government tecurilics 11.172,125 11.092,125 other secirities 20,368,284 19,281.0 0 Notes la circulation 21.572.:>85 21,095,550 Spuclc and bulllou 13,701,112 1.:, 171 .661 Tho fol low irg table ohew3 tbo paper circulation of the private and joint stock binlcs of (iroat Britain, together with that ol tbe Bank of England, on the 28th of May and the 25th or June, the present year:? i! vj 21, 1864. Junr 25, 1861. Bant of Fneland ?20,910,860 20,866,084 Private b ulcu 8,218,219 8.078, U9S Joiut block bauks 2,606,12(1 2,841,042 Total in England ?27,134,700 26,285,074 Scotland 4 532,540 4.518,03 Ireland 5,791,438 5/197,914 United Kingdom ?37,453,718 30,206,024 ?And. ns compared with tbe month unrting the 27th of June, 1363, the above returns show an increase of ?1SS,845 In the circulation of notes in England, and an increase of ?740,812 In tho circulation or tbo United Kingdom. On comparing tbo above with tho fixed issues of the several bankj the following is tbe state of the cir ca ration: ? Ti.e English private banks are below their fixed issue ?189,821 TU ? Englibb joint stocW banks are below tbeir Gxed issue 154,984 Total below fixe I issue In England ?204,805 The Scotch banks are above tliotr ilxed issuo. . . 1,763,765 The Irish banks are below ttelr fixed issue 850,580 ? lhe average stock of bullion held by the Bank of Eng land in both departments during the mouth ending tbe 22(1 of .Timo was ?14,179.789, boing an increase of ?1,144,5GS us compared with tbo previous month, ard a decrc.i-o cf ?534,(1' 8 wh n compared w>th tho same period last year. The following are tbe nm nints of specie held l>y the scotch and irl^h banks during tbo month-? Gold and silver held by the Scotch banks ?2,418.17i Oold and silver bold by tho Irish banks 2,018,720 Total ?4.430,892 ?Being an Increase of ?40,323 as compared with tho pre vious return, and a decrease of ?3,200 when compared with the corresponding period last year. Tbo lyondon Stock Exchange has decided that no com pany shall be admitted to quotation in the olllcial list unie?s a member of tbe Board be authorised by sucb com piny to give full information as to the formation and bonaflda of tbe undertaking, the applications for and the distribution or allotment of shares, and every other par ticular that may be required. The drinkers of tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate and chic ory contributed ?5,073,938 to tbe public revonuo of Great Britain in the last Unsocial year ending with March, 18C4. In tbe same year tbe drinkers or spirits, wine and malt li ]UOrS paid ?20,020,550 of taxation. This It without reckoning the tax on licences for making and for selling these articles, cr on sugar to sweeten them. Stork ttxehamgre. Mt'XDiT, August 8?10:80 A. M 823000 T7 S 6'a. '81. reg. 106 45i! ?ki fcno KR 1I2?? 4'XK>0 U 3 ti's. Si. coll. . 10C 3 0 Hi. d on Kiv UK'... Mil? 48000 r OiXfl 165* inwoo 6 '**) io uoo 4!H?? JJUS 0's 6-20 s.coa lu9 4')'! Heading RR 135'* ? do . l.K?1^ ."VtO do l.r.', 0 do ...... 1(K?K 900 do 1VHJ do I0l)? 100 Mich Cen RR I*)K do lOWj 100 flo... 139S P4!i ?44i 57 51 12 CUic \ Alton pref . . 'J7X I") Miss k Missouri RR 4 > 300 Mieh So * N I RR 91 !* J00 da bio 91 >j 20) do ?li? 100 do.... 91 100 111 Central lull stk. 131 100 111 Central RR scrip 129JJ 110 d > 109 ?<000 U S fi g, 5 K\. reg lofl ?ll'rj U R fi'i, I yrccr. . i :oo? do l o- o do f0 ?J T?nn fi'a. '90. .. Ohio .v MUs car 700X1 do ! ?0 Erie !*? tnort bds 115 1000 Rrie SJ oortgice 151 <f 090 M l^f'M iron 1 m 8 f b 139 M?M Obi t N R io bs. l'i.?i 70"OChi A N W Iftm. IDS 6 shi-Metropo.itanUaa 125 50 do ISO .vCeJntra! Coal Co ">9 1 *) do 6.1 .000 ToUW.blf! m CX I02ij 150 OPttU. K W A ' ' ti i 1st ItS 27UOO CleVe A Tol s f bj 1)8 200 Cum b Coal pref. .. . 6'.)j; lOii Oiilcii"! Ivor Mc 79* luo M*r posa Mg Co. . . . 47 I'ibel A Hii'l Canal Co 2"9 4(*i P.wiilc Mall S8 Co.. t->0 ooo n v onRR i30r: IOj Erie BR 1US BKUONI' BOARD. Hair-ram Two 0'fi.oc* T\ M. frAO U S6'?. '81, con . UK. inn sbs Uudaoa Rir RR V<2'-; MV 400 do 2 fl Clev A Pitts RR.... 7l*> do 1 19 Chicago A N WKS 2."0 do Ml (io blO .">8 100 do B7T. 500 Chi A If W prcf . S i 2?> dj 01 ?.? IX) do 91 . SOU Clove A Tul RR.... M" Chi .V Rk Is RR.bln 114 100 do.... Hit) 111 100 114 IW 1 13 V 50M A P duCh "U pref H loo Pitta, rWA Chi RR 115 100 do blli 115 OOMilAPrduCh RR. 6eM 129? 113 113'i 87'; 57 U do 104K (OO00 C F ?'? StlO's.eou ll?? l'X> ? I' 8 6 s, 1 j cer ? 94*? UX)40 do 96 Ow*l Minourl 6's 67 IOhO" M It* Mo land gr 6?> 50 aba Canton Co 37 '? 400 do 37 1 9 Ou!ckmlv<r Mining. W 10' Cumb Coal pref !>'"? 200 do ?10 300 a?) do 132?* 100 Raadtog RR 135 em pitta, nw.tchi..... i is 100 11! Con KB ?erip iSO ino do i2.i 3 2UU do 129'J '200 do blO l&M ?o: C!er .* Pltu RR.... 113 2? do ....slO 113 2*) ChlOCo A N W RR .TV do b30 M MN V Central KK.... Ml 150 Chieairo A N W pref ?i?i 100 ?o *10 I *DK I'M Mich PoANI RR b!0 91 l OErioKP. 112k 100 do 100 do 112X ?(?( 6, 1SG4. Cxrtula n. O'ro-tU. 0,140 10,077 44 5 27,490 7,'20S,14i Netv York City Bank*, A Dank'. L-^ant. Amtr Sll.2U.219 1,742 002 American Ex... tt.187.690 1,4)2,016 AUsn'lc 1,1S9,S83 bS,423 Broadway <#.U6.'tS3 617.918 BuiUj. AJlror'.. 2,4b7.488 116.^9.1 Bil l * Head 842,969 22,061 Corn Exchaogo. . 3,.i<-i,582 87ft^B0 Coutibuotal 3,430.605 214 334 COBimoo^edlto. 2,94^i.l84 131.867 Citizen*' 1,212,074 91,074 Cbathurn 1,008^34 38 ?99 CommarcO 18,822 ,046 1 ,099,470 ("lietnical 4, Mil ,224 1,663,960 City 4,"?70,;t<;9 Iiry I ioc It 403,916 East River 539, '"9 Fulton 2,401,986 <iruc?ro' 1,001,139 Urcvavricb 84b^"?3 lltD"T"r 2.541.278 liup. * trader^' 3,876^83 Irving l.ea'.iier Macuf Manb?ttaa ... Morctmtit'.... vtrcli DI03'.... Haru' . k Merrti. 1, 020,793 Mocb.B'kg Asa u 1,M6,900 Marino l.Ho4.i9? iierK.'t 2.4S2,'.74 1. 4*0 .40 J 2, ltfl ,266 0,422,179 893,584 41,792 iw.s? W)ii,8Sr) 19,726 67,2-il 31 b. 9i0 338,084 47,520 300,719 9.07 371 0 010.160 1,400, "88 5,270,823 638.860 92.478 104,lt)H 04,1/0 207,013 v.alx I 'litao .. .10^99 ,S?8 1.117.CG2 MT ancle 3,164,014 31?,443 M? cli \ traders' 1,979.664 118,750 Merchinta' IrJt. . 3,149 902 183 458 Nor'U Kiver.... 1 ,'20^,202 51,770 i loui.i) . . . b.V',934 21.034 N rtb Atner oa. 8, 463.918 89.430 NnaslPJ 8, 144 .,06* 1H4.MH1 Nalioon' 8,2*0,082 419,944 Now York 1,06 1 701 orient U 90i,:i7fl <>: ? n 2,l?.i ^81 Hsrtflc 1,110,172 Park *,98t,470 Po pie?' 1 ?41 ,894 rhanlx. 4 .Ml. 4 97 RepubHc 1,172 711 ^evei Iti W?rd ,, 4 6.061 >=tate of N Y.. . 4,084,808 fit. NI''ho!t?.... l,C?7,n7fl *i I>?ath?ir. 3,153,160 Tradesmen'^.... 2,722,604 V b Ion 4,153.467 84.431 16*1,415 121 .612 1,013.96'; 103 004 708.3* 6 2*0 9 2 31 889 669,710 184,146 16<!.000 110,410 059,220 112,822 37,913 2.3^,062 149,024 2l2,.'ti'<8 20,9?l 144,627 CI 449 0,392 1,705 20,414 25,530 111,772 40.650 6,033 24,104 93,071 14 .4,5 06,144 13 218 76.098 67,925 2. "34 16,2)2 87,8^9 60,080 36.".,9j6 6,'284 207,877 2* *'78 27.178 07.027 138 648 0,?:?4 lv.S-24 62 782 1<W,873 e: 311 44,018 ?.<!,7S1 14,681 24,197 36 031 ?24, .'.82 S8.174 76.616 430,112 847,838 22,642 939,343 4,:>o:.,2>o 1.795,197 GOO. 298 2,387,883 ?2,iib7,'ifi8 2.773,170 1 076,048 1,504,670 8,247 .699 6.778.003 3,067,353 <>63,681 634 06d 2,879.778 882,504 ?0,541 1 ,909,910 2,849,56* 1 ,304 ,2'JO 2.611,361 6*ltJ4,0''4 4,946,609 4, 1. 1,247 1.688,623 1.295,418 2, 19u ,2-12 2.0C2.1 "2 7,374,414 3,340.857 1.745,086 1,803,108 1,244 027 fS '.,616 2,771,347 2 056.411 l,4H4,O.J1 6. 6.M, "16 836,350 1 601 04) 1 6?M,8?a 8,690,468 1,20.. ,831 4,4"8,?SI 3,GSb,613 6s T O 3,887.2><2 1 .862, ''37 3.724,75-2 2.166.102 8,800,870 Total fl 86,501,507 21,160.618 4,522,728 163,270,203 Clearing for Hjo ween eodlog July 30. . . . .f399,4S0,7#l 06 Gioarini; for th? week audlnq August 6... 392.1.''6,746 12 Bal?C:e? lor tbc week ending July 30 13,837,161 57 Balauceg for li e week eu-ltng August 8. .. 16,S38,200 10 CITY IOMME1M lAi. URPOR1'. Moitb/T, Aug'. ?t 8?8 P. M. A mi w ? RecoiptJ, 84 bbla Sale* 30 bbla polaal|13 60, |>oarla nomiualiy f i6 60. Ilaa?mm>m.? Roci lpl?, 89.112:bb'i Boar, 7"0 bb'- std 121 b??a cora m??l, 160^19 b..liel? wbeat, 104^01 di era, 81,116 do oala and 22* do rr? Tho floor na'ttnl iraa doprweed. aad H. a 10. t??r on cocao o grades, u otter Isrge receipts, and only a moderate Inqui ry from the trade and exporter*. Tbe Mies include 16,000 bbla. Stale and Western, 1,000 Southern and 550 Cana dian. Bye floar continued scarce, and fancy price* were paid fer email lota ; rales 400 bbls. were reported at $9 a $11. Corn r eal was Arm, with Rales of 600 bbls., at $3 lor jersey, $8 36 for caloric aad $2 40 lor Brandy wine. Wo quote ? Buptrttne Mate and Western flour $0 15 a 0 no S-xtra State 9 85 a 10 00 Choice State 10 10 ? 10 15 Common to medium extra Western..., 9 60 a 10 25 Extra round hoop Ohio 30 a 10 75 W astern trade brands 10 50 a 1*2 00 ExiraSt. Louis 12 00 a 16 00 Common Southern 10 76 a 11 00 I.xtra ana farcy do 40 a 13 .'.0 Common t'anrdian 9 80 a 10 20 Good to choice aud extra 10 16 a 12 00 Rye flour, superfine 8 00 a 10 00 Corn meal, bbls 7 80 a 8 00 Corn uncal. puucheone 00 a 40 00 ? iho wheat market wan also depressed and very ir regular, closing at 2a a 3c. off rrom Sulurdav'B quota lions. The decline in freights aud reduction in prices led to a pretty active export business, with sorao demand from local millers. Siles 150,000 bushels, at $2 20a *2 38 for Chicago spring, $2 22 a $2 39 lor Milwaukee club, $2 40 a *2 4* for umber spring, $2 45 n $2 64 for winter red Western, &r.d $2 56 a $2 60 for amber Mic i;;an Rye wat nominally $1 96. Coru was lc. a 2c. lower, witlij a fair busine a at the dec'lno, the markot ciosing rather more steady; tales 100,000 busliels at $1 64 a $1 66 for Western mixed, including one load ot choice at $1 5.">K, ard $1 62 a $1 53 for unsound. Outs were steady, but rather quiet at 98c. a$l. Barley and tnalt were lnnctivo. Cotton. ?Tho demand was fair, and prices were de cidedly higher, with sales or 660 hales. We quote:? Opiand. Florida Mobile. T. Ordinary ir,o 161 161 161 Middling 176 177 177 178 Go 'd middling 179 179 ISO 181 Conn*.? The marfcot was quiet, and prices woro with out matoriai change. Freights were lower to Great Britain, with rather more doing at the reduced rates. Engagements to Liver pool, per Amortcan vessels, 60,000 bushels wheat at 7,'id. a 7 Vjd , In bn'k and ba^s; 7,000 do. corn at 7rt , in bulk; 1,100 bbls. Hour at Is. 10,kd. a 2s., 240 tons logwood at 2..J tkL,uud, per stoamer, H00 bbls. pork at 'Is , 10,000 bushoU wheat at 9?<d., 7,500 boxes cheese at Cos. , and 110 hhds. shoulders at 50s. To 1/mdon, per American, 1,000 bbls tlourct 2s. 7'vd., 7,000 bushels wheat at 7d., in bulk : 40 tons oil cake a"t 22s. fid. ; per neutral, (iO pack a;,es tobacco at 30s. , and, per steamer. l,20o bbls hour at 2- 6d., 1 ,0<X) boxes choose at 60s , 400 bbls. pork at 4?. 6d., and aomo beeswax at J^d. To Glasgow, per Ameri can, 1,600 bbls Hour at 2s., und 50,000 feet oak plank at 50s. per thousand superficial feel. A British brig was chartered to 1 altaocth for orders, 9,000 bushels wheat at tii. p*.r quarter: a Bsttish ship, 60? tcus, to Antwerp, 5,000 bbis. petroleum, about tis. : ton schooners from St. Martin's to New York, salt, at l'c. per bushel. Mourns ?We quote sales of 250 tibds. Cuba rati3CO VU;lo at $H)C. a S6c. IIhivisions. ? Tho pr.rk market was quite active, but lower; sal.'s 4,000 bbls., at $36 a $36 "f> lor old me-..;, \"38 25 for new do.. $33 for prime. and$3t> lor prim?tne? . pr>ef dull; Riles 200 bbls , at $13 a $15 for country mess, $S a SS for country prime, $lRa$20for repacked met s und $22 a ?2S for extra i'o. Prime moss beat quiet at $32 a $35. Cut meats quiet, with silos ol ?00 packages, at 14c. a 14 '.fc. for shoulders and 17c for hams Wo note sale" of 2C0 sugar and bagged h*m? at 22". Lard was firm : sales 3,000 bbls., at 2l>?c. a 22c., including 100 bbls. at 22/ic. Butter and cheese quiet, at previous prices. ITti.olki m ?Receipts none, with a good export demand. The markot was flr!i,er for both crude imd refined; crude was about lc. and rcflued lc. a 2e. higher. The sales were 3,000 bbls. crude at 52c. a 62';c., 5, 000 do. refined, in bond, RS ^c. a S6>jC. on the spot, and 86c. a 90c for this month aud next, and 1,800 do irec. at 87c. a 87 >Jc. Rick was quiet at previous prices. Sc.:ar. ? Th? demand was moderate, with sales of about 109 (hhds. Cuba at or;about 20%c; rehucd active aud fl'tn. Tmxow qutet, and prieos without decided change; sales i;0,0001b=. at l!lc. a l!?\'c. for ordinary to prime. Whiskey. ? Receipts, 2,168 bbls. The market rtilod dull at $1 72 a $1 74, with sales of 1,000 bbls. riHAHOlJU.. rrioR ?ur B? RICHMOND OOtWTT seven i-kr rFNT r Volunteer Pond<\ with Coupon*, (he to twenty rears, intcresr parab'e half yearly In the city ol New York, in soils to salt d. n. HiTOfirwrK a son. No. 6 Wall btree:, New Tort. MONEY.? WANTED TO BORROW, FOR ONE OR four year*. $1 000. at 7 per rent, on undoubtel flr-t cla*s security. Address J. D., care of Dr. Dur>oe, St Murray street NEW YORK AND llARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY, rKTKiPKKT'i OrriCK. Srw York. Julv 1, HM. SECOND MORTOAOK BOND3 ($1,000, (WO). Due August I. lsfit. Notice is herebv given that the Bond* of the above tisns will b? paid at tbe;r maturity. AuiiU.t I. 1*61, at the cifllna of t'ue ro upaov, corner of Fourth avooue and Twenty sixth s'reet. and that tlia interest on the sam* will cea*-i from thatdate. W*. H. VANDERB1LT, Vice President.^ NEW YORK. AUGUST 5, ISfit. ?A DIVIDEND OF ONE p<?r cent for the month of Tnly. will be paid to the sub scribers to th? tapiiil stock of the atorv A McCllntoek Petro leum Companr. on and after the ISth last , at the otnee of the companv, 10 Nassau street. OEO. N. CONKLIN. Avl'tant Secretary. VEW YORK AND NEW HAVRK RAILROAD COM. XI paov, corner of Fourth arenue aud Twenty-aeventh street. Tsbasuriir's Orrics. J.ily 20, 1M4. Adlri.lendof three dollar* per share ffreo from go?em mnnt tax) has tlii* dar been declaiwd on the cepUal ?to-k of the cofrpanv, payable at th s oQiee on and after Monday, the 10th dsr nf A'lffutt next. The transfer books wl 1 clone th 5th day of August and re open oo tbe 15th of fie same month. W BBMR NT, Treasurer. OFFICE OF THE PENNSYLVANIA COAL COMPANY, 111 Rroadwar. New York, August 2, I'M ?a dividend of seven atni one hslf per cent on the eapital utock of the Pennsylvunla Coal Oompanv will be pai l at the office of the company In New Yors on' and after August 12. instant. The transfer hooks will be clos?d from th? ttb to the 12th. both Inclusive. 080. A. HoYT. Treasurer. Proposes for TWO HUNDRED thousand dollars. NEW YORK COUNT? COURT HOUSE STOCK. Scaled prapoutla will bo r.cesved at the Comptroller s ef flc? until Ti es<lay, August 16. 13A4. at 'wo o'clock P. M.. wheu the same will be pub. iely opened, for the whole or miv part of the sum ol two liundre<t thousand dollars of ^The Ne-v York County Court House Stock." authorized by chapter 21 J of the Law* of IflM and by in ordinate of the Board of St nervisors, approved iiy the Mayor Ma* 5 H64. Tbe said stock lu to prov de additional means for (he con etrictlon end roniplet ion of Uie new County Court Hou^e, on Chambers s-rect. It will War Interest at the rate of sir per cent p?r annum, pnvab'c aetnlnnnitallv, on the first day of Mavand November tn each year, and tbe pirncipal will bo redeemed n* followa. vlr ? One hrndred thousand dollar* on the Oral day of Novem ber I S87 ; an I One hundred thousand dollars on tho first day of Vorem bcr. l?t . . v , The tu opoaals will s'.ate the amount of rtock deeire! and the pr re p -r roe htm Ired dollars thereof, and the ner ons whoie are accepted will thereupon be required to deposit with Hi?? County Treaettrer the sums awarded to them respective y. On presenting to the Comptroller the receipts of the Conn, tv Treaeurer for such deposits tbe parties will lie entitled to receive certiiie^tei for, equal amounts of the par value of the sum* awtrded to them, bearing Interest from the dates of iiavmcat*. . .... Raoh rro-> is tioo should ' i: sea'ed "nd endorsed "Propo sal* fir New Vork County Cutrt House Sleek," and en c'.o ?ed in a second envelope aldreeeed to the Comptroller. The ri2h' is r-serred to re e*-t any or all of tbe bid*, If the interest, of tbe county "I^THE* T. BBENNAN. Comptroller. Citt or Krx Tork. PrrAirrntsT or Fikaxce, Conrtaot LrK'ji OrriCK, Auju-t 6, 1*1. Redemption or ?Mfi.700 ?SOLDK&& BrmTITUTE AND BBLTEV rL'Nl) IIOND8," oT the COtTHTT OP NRW YORK, Payable September I. I?M>I. Notice ie herebv given that tha "Soldiers' S'j'iititu'.e tad Relief F?ind Bond*,'" of the c?untv of New York, becoming ilue and pavable S -ptembor I, l^. with tlie Imprest there on. will b? paid on that Ja?. on tLe presentation of said bonds a; tkis effloe. PROPOSALS KOR A LOAN of |M?TOO ?'gOLDIBRfl SUBSTITUTE AND BELIEF RBDEMPTION PONDS OP THE COCBTT OP NEW 70RK Reed propo si* will be received at this office until Th'im day. A'igu't 25 iW*. at twoo'c'ock P H . whet> tbe- same w! 1 be ii iWlc v o| one 1 for the wh >1# or any p r< ol Ihe <um of nh>e hundred and forty ei* tBouund seven hundred dol lars of 't-oidlere' SobeU'ul* an d Be'tef Re em; tion Bonds" of the county of New Y' rk authorised bv chapter 7 of lee law of 1354. and by an ordinance of the Board of Supervis ois. approved by the Mavor May 4. 1*4 Tbe sewi bonds will h*ar fnereet at the rate of alt per ceet per annum, pavable half vesrlr, on Ibe ITrst day of May and November in each year, and the prmc pal will be redeemed aa f iliotre ? Pi ye hundred thousand dollars on the first day of ft or tin ber. lK-0, and F^ur hnoiire I ar*d fort- sit thousand seven hundred dol lar* on tbe first day oi Novem'>er. 1*1. The pr 'po a'a \vl I slate l'i? nmount of boqd' desired and thepr:-e per one h ii'lrel <!n'lar? therof aol the persons whnee propoasie arc an -erle 1 will there ipoo be require ! to deposit r-lth tbe Co-'Btf Trea nrer (at ibe Briad way Bsak ). nnTiurs'lav. the drat 4ar oi September, l VW. tbe sum* averted 'othem re?pe lively. On p' eeentlng to the fo-nntreller tbe receipts ef the Counif Treasurer for such derv<a?a the part n will be en titled to re'elre bonds for equal amouetc of the p<\r value of the sums awarded to ibem, bearing Interest from Sep. (ember 1 IW Pse propose' shonH be sea'ed and end rs'd "Proposals for KoMier* substitute ?nl Relief R?detnption Bond*," and enclosed In a teem J eorelope. ad Irssscd to the CouiD. troller The right Is reserved to reject an or all of the hld?, if cetiiitfered necea?ar^ to piote<.( or promote ih? in'cresta of tbe oenntf. MifTHEW T. BRlvNNAN, Conaptroller Citv or Nrw Toe*. Oer?era*tvi or Pikascs. COHrraoL's Ol rtca. August C, 1344. COUTRBRN BANK N0TF9 WANTED-VIROISir Tenneaaee North Carellna. Sontii Carolina, (leer fa Alebama an l New Orleana bank Botes br MAN!?INri a UK PORK1T. bearers, 10 Wall street. T~ HE BANK Of C A LI PORN t A. WAN FRANCISCO. Cap.tal $I,ri0n.o0<i, niid up in gold coin D. 0 MILLS Presides! WM r Rai>HT'>N ''ashler lper a waller Correspond en ti New Tork citf, OSlcea IS Plue street. Tn* OOULD A Ct'RRT RTLVBR MINTNO C OWPANT has dec'ared a d'ridend for Julv 0t firtr dollars per foot. In ?0 d. payebie through the Bank of California on at'K-k registered for dlr.dends in New Te-k on and after f'th ln> t. less eichaoge. at tbe offices of LKK3 ,t WaLLBR. No .'13 Pine >treet. UNITED STATI-S i'KTROLRLM COMPANT 47 EX Chan*e plac*. room St, New Tlrk AuguM S, 1 S?W ? The Tru*teea of the I nited Hiates I'e'.roieura Company have (Ms day dec'ared a quarterly dirl lenj of three per cent, free of gorerismeat 1st wya'tle on and after the llth l#st. 4. PRISON tai'Pan, Treasurer. nnn-****" FF?|, rRr,T ',r8t ?obtoaob ?TO.' M/V on four ''ory i.rown *(<>ne llo ise tn Williams. I r ' worth d i '>'e two year? to ri:n , >i indnmau A|. Ap plf I'nioedlateir to D D ORkELL, 7S Cedar n'reet ft 'J HO 1)00 TO LOAN ? AT MX PKk CBNT, ' ?" for i,vi> years or longer, on Ne-? Ynr> city nroiierty. Jo?%PUMa<vN Ne, 4>* Pine si (?qoa* 19 Bnl II. w FIWANCIAI*. WESTRRN VRBMONT MARBLK COMPANY. QUAKRIK3 ANU MILLS. DANRY. VSP.MORT. CAPITAL t fvi.yoflL SHARES |? BACH. nn km. John B Paw. President Hunk of Rutland, Rutland, Vt John P. YeWertou. 1'resideut Bank of North Ameiica, New York. .t.iHu K Will an s. Metropolitan Bank Ne\r York. George K. Suiter e?. of Matter! -e A Co., New York Franklin ('oat, Walliogford, Vermont. Frederick Oha'Veo, Rutland, Vermont. O. W. Child, Now Vork. President. JOHN B I'AtiK. Fec'v., HPNRT K. TATB6. Office. 191 Hrotdway, Nptv Yo.k. The pro[>eri s- of this coiupaov comprises home 135 neres of land. of vt Licit over 40 acre* are of white marbie; also threat tor sawing marble now tu operation. The qusrries h?ve be^n opened and worked lor the past fifteen years, audti e marble extensively shipped to Now V. rlc. Philadel phia, lSalpniore and the South, where its reputation la fully estabirhsd. The demand far exceeds the ability of the com. pany tn produce, and the present design is tu add steam dr lis and other improved machinery to moet the increaelug demand for marble for this purpose the company now offer* a limited number of iu shades to increase its working capital. Subscription l>ooks are now open at the banking Uouee of Messrs LOWES k MACEY, 30 Wall street. ACi.i'KT 6, 186A ?renn nnn ? T? invest in rral estate, ijiy'HiiUiMft this amount, in various sumt, to be Used ?? the purchase of Dwelling! and 8t.>re Property JOSEPH MASON, No. i'ine street, rooms 10 and 11. military and naval. An i XTBAOBDt nary OHAMGB? TBS best YB* offered to' a few men or Rood sized boys, between 17 and 19, toeuilst In the navy for b;:t one year, and receive as soon as accepted an extra high bounty. Ootne early , as the number for this rare chance is limited. MILTON Sc CO., 203 llroadway, room No. 8. ARMY. NAVY AND MARINE C0RP8.? S5U0.? VOLUN teers and sisbsti tu tea wanted. $408 cish bounty paid. Three s bstitules wanted to-day. $'ttii). $mo aud $S(H) cash Given. Parties brinz n* men will be paid the largest amount of baud money paid at anv ofllee in the city. Appl v at the Bounty, Pay, Arm., and Navy Agency, 111 Nassau street, up stairs Army, navy and marine corps. -poo men wanted; gift! an.l $5)0 cash In hand wi 1 l<e paid; any mm or woman bnnylug a recruit will lo paid a large amount of hand money; old Bailors or soldter* acc epted. C:i 1 1 at the United Stales Army and Navy Agoncr, 1M Ful ton str.'et aud 212 Broadway, up stairs. A TTKNTiON IS CALLRD TO PARTIES DESIRING J\ substitutes or representatives In the United States service The undersigned will nrompt'y furnish alien sub stitutes for New York, Kings, or any other district In the State, on reasonable terms. Apply iu person or address No. li>" Pearl street New York, or No. !>'.i Pulton street, next door below Harding's tea store, Brooklyn. CASE A VAN NES3. A TT E NTI ON.? $^50 CASH, BESIDES fiSTS GOVERN J\ ment bouny. prl e and relief money guaranteed to to >d man, exempt from the draft tills day. No runner or agent need apply lnouirc at 121 West strevt. corner of l'ev street, upstairs, before 1< A. M. Hoys from eighteen to twenty years of aso taken for the army. All parties lubi.e to the draft in this city or State can be supplied with substitutes for eitbsr army or uxvy at the lowi-.-.i ] rie. without I neon erilcnce or delav, and exemption papir-t procured He-it of i"re:ei "0 pi -'en as to responsibility and 'meg ity, Apply at the old e tabl shed ofHoe, 138 Eleventh street, corner of Sixth av. Attention.? aliens ami r?i -chariied vete ia:is will be guaranteed ?7u0 cssli in hand after p.tsslng tho doctor If any doulit that thov won " r> civ ? their mo n?v they can bare It P'id m.o the lund* of the Provost Mar sha! before Mag sworn In. i nty 1 1 WAitRE>f KLINN. No. 2 Warren street, neat Fioadwsy. N. B ? No men taken out of tbc State. Attention. substitittp.s.-the iuohest cash bouuty paid. No humbug or ^wtndie. Cho4?e ot re^i rxi r-nt. Come to iny olllce and try It. at t4 11 u >sou street, Hoboken Cottage, between First and Newark streets Ho bokea. E^ KELLER^ Attention.? men not liable to the draft, or good sued hoys wanted to go in the army or navy, I., whom will be Liven tho verv highest bounty paid. An ply to Mr. MILTON, 203 Broadway. ACART\-JNVAL1D CORPS.? A FEW DI3CHAROED soidieis can en-er Ibis corps and roce v* StOO bounty. Por further in'ormatiou apply to W ASI1BUKN A W OR BALL. -!*> Broadway All the bights of volunteers and substi tutes explained, where and how to >e:ure the largest bounties, relief to families, A ? , at tho mi Itary law office of IVASHBl RN A WQRKALL ?C'i I'r ?adway. At 2C8 bkoadwav? i, cash in hand will bk paid to two good men as substitutes, this day, br WASHBL'BN A WuBKALL, 263 Btoalway. A FEW MOKB OO0D MEN WANTED AS VOLUN teers for s h?avy artillery regiment doin* garrison du ty tn tlie harbor No humbug Call snd examine. >700 will be paid to good nun, Apply at oorner Broadway tnd Duane treet. in the ealooti. Captain G H PRAltCB. A CANADIAN WANTRD-THTS MORNING, TO OO into the ariny. as rcpreai ntatlve meruit fora man will. Ing to pay a good price. No broker need caM, CAMPAIGN MEDAL COMPANY. 430 Broadway, up stalri. A SMALL VILLAGE NRAR THI1 CITY WANTS twenty men to fill their Quota. Camp finely located In the village. The largest bounties pi! 1. Also a chance for a fi.rlough. Apply to Captain JAS. WBLLt agent for the towu, T&0 Centre street, oorner of Walker street. ?gOOKTY, BOUNTY, BOUNTY. TSff GOOD MBK WANTED THIS DAY, to whom the highest cash bounty will he paid Apply be fore going elsewhere at the Army and Navy Becruitiug Uea' quarters, * 100 BROADWAY. N. B. ? Parties Pillaring toy arm or the service will be ho norably dealt wltli and receive full information. CAMERON RIPLF.3 (H 1(3 HLANDERSi, COLONEL 8. M. Elliott commanding ?Kilty voluutoers wanted Immediately for Company A of thu tine n"?r regiment, uow organizing In tbl* city. Solendid chancei lor promotion for veterans and recruits joining tins now regiment. Promo tions ma le irom the ranks The regiment wi'l be othrered bv men who bare s?*eQ aerv c? in the flc d, and the men well care I for. BUkMtleintlMptid to v.iluntenra. (ISO to $21X1 to any one brnging a recruit. Appiy at 42S Broad way, New YorU.. (CANADIANS WANTED? TO VOLUNTEER IN A J heavy artlllmy reg tnent nev Washington ; thes' men en'ist regit, arly (no substitute business about it ) and ra ce, p? $TJ) ho- nt . $5ic* of It eati'ii In hand at tho ttme of past ni; the do-tor Vomnteer Committee Room Bridge port. Conn, fare $1 25, trams leave at eight o'ciock In the, CALL AMI SEK US.? WR ARK PAYING THE HIGH est bountv an l preml'im for one y^ar men for the army or navr Rc-rulta can choose anv br^n'.h of the service. Applv at No 6 Eas' Broadway, United Sts'es Army and Navy li- crmting Office. NOLAN A LANIOAN. Foreigners arriving kkom kuropk and voting men fro'r. the country should beware of parties offering rabulot'S bounties. furlough*, Ac., as their design is to*. Indie them out of what the government Intended they should hare. Bv calling at our office you <a?i cet alt necc^sarr information in regard to the amount ol bounty, length o( time required, Ac., Ac., as government pa s us for our services. KING A ROACH, United Ststes Arm- and Nary Recruiting Headquarters, No !>3 We- 1 street, corner of Cedar. New York. Headquarters, recruiting office, no. 12 Chambers street.? Wanted, at tbl* odlca three ve?r*' substitutes: will receive $900. two years' substitutes $V>0; one year s.ibst lutes and boss at 13 and over will receive * m Apply to Capt. JOHN DaPASS A^ CO. MF.itl HANTS. BANKERS' AND OKNBRAL TOLUN tanrand Bubatltnte Association, office 42fl Broadway, New York ? 1,000 volunteers wssited Immediately. JlftOto ?.V t aid to anyone a recruit. Highest bounties paid tn recruits on passing riamimtton. No delay. N > humbug. Vooev psid right down Apply at the office, <28 Broadway, New York. MUSICIANS WANTBD-FoR THE THIRD UNITED lvl States tnfanirr, stajiom d at Port Hamilton. New fork barhor. Apjfly to RLEIM, 1?7 Bower .or to P. THOU*. LRN. Leader. Thirl United Stales infantry band, Fort Hamilton. NOTICK-25 ONE YF.AU MEN WANTED? ?-%*) cash in lianl and fICo government botint*- after pa-s ng the d-rtor. Auply immediately to J. WARREN FLIVN, No 2 Warren street, near Broadway. N B ? No men taken 0'it of the State. V^OTfOE -FIFTY ONE TEAR MEN WANTED t?X> la cash In l.and will be paid after passing t tie doctor Apply Immediately to Lleu'eaant UIENS, No 9 Hudson street, ne-iv the ial road depot. _____ NOTTCE lO ALIENS.? A OOOD MAN, WILLING and ready to go into the army to-day. o*n make a good arrangement 1 1 be will call at the o&? or the CAMPAIGN MEDAL COMPANY, <36 Broadway. No broker neod calh Lt> ENGLISH SOLDIERS.? TIT !?: FOURTH Dig. w trlct Vo unteer Committee, at B-ldgeport, C inn., nay an euro bounty to ?pry man wbo has s#?n foreign ser?l e. Thar are wanted fo?T:s -a ry Trains leave at eight o'clock In the morning. Pare $< 2ft. N DBCr-NOW IS THE TIME TO SECURE THE highest >>o inly and prlre money in the United States nav*. Men Uken foi one two or three )eara. By applylag at the Ren iervoiis, 78 South etr'et, corner of Maiden lane, upstairs, you will avoid rir ners and sharrcr* and have yonr bn-tnew done by responsible partle who will pay you the cash es soon as having passed tho doctor. The largest amount of hand money paid at Ibie office of an v plane in the city. DOWNING * CO. PRINCIPALS IN THIS CITY AND~ STaTK OAN BE supplied w"h more deepatch and on lietter ternx than at anv other office in the etlv. at the Army and Navai oilire, 93 South street, corner of Pulton up stairs. BANDfl, DBMAREST A CO. RECRUiTING HEADQUARTERS - VOLUNTEERS r want ng to enlist o the army or ?avy wou'd do wail to apply at <11 South street. near Wall street. The highest bounty t aid al.o gentlemen furnished .with substitute*. N. B ?No fraud. READ1 BEAD! READ! The Fourth District Volunteer Committee, Bridgeport, f'onn pay m ire mone\ lor substitutes snd vomn?eers than Is paid an- where e se in the loyal 8tata?: men are as smtned private y, and tl*5 whole bus ness HOae In n quiet, raspeetat) e maimer: no brokers or rurnera Allowed, and the money pil l Into the man s own hands Trains leave at seven nrd eight o'clock in the morning, and rnnka the run lu two hoars. Fare |l 2S. _______________ Ot B TITUTF.8-AT IT BROADWAY, NEAR BATTERY, O Ui.smi JL3-AT J7 BBOAUWaY, NEAR BaTTKRY. ittllTS rll UTEH - AT 17 BROADWAY, NEAR BATTKRY. f uiiished for any diatrlct, bv honorable and reliable parties. Appl frum * A. M, to ti P M. Substitutes furnish ed.-ioo veterans whobr _ term o' service has just eiplred, are now ready to re enter t)- senioe fir three years as subetitutea We ean furalsh these men and more to parilos In this tltf or itsta. Quotaa or towns filled. Reference given. Call at the B 1'inty, ray, Army and Navy Ageney, 111 Nassau street, up stairs. CUBHTITUTBS -WANTED, 80 ALIRNB TO G0 A8 O s'ltjstitotes m the array. Th? hlgheat nWgtlee pala. cash m hand. Parties brioglng racrolta to eur oTtce will oa liberally dealt wib Call saP.v, and get your aon?F ?? saine lav ,19 I'ark r-'W. room U Substitutes.? wantbd, aliens, veterans and discharged seamen, to go as S'lbeiiltliM. We nay InO highest tiouBtt o' any oUca In thli ntv to recruits eom ng Wit,.->'il r moers SJ Part row, nwm 211 aCBITITCffta AND RRPRRSENf ATIVE3 WANTED H this d%? ? To go as substitutes for part'es io advance or the draft, to ?rhotr. from 'o I'*) ?til lie paid for one, tw i and ihree leers meo ai soon as iheyptss the dealer, W tbe same dsy *?>( enl simeot. \t the Arm and Naval ollca, fisoulh ?,,A corner of iBRST A CO. o BIILITAIIT lf?V%L. CUBeTITUTI.rt WVKTS l i OK THR ARVY "or O nsv.v.? Do tor*' -l^wsr"*. ??antra, ordinary t>eamM and luu sdk a lot w < hi ;host eMh boui.tiMwill iw paid; it! io substitutes prroured .?? * short-t lima mid m Aryiy lu rlKKNfc.f * BfHNKh, outfit ting Establishment, no. I l?>>era; , near Frai^'to aquar*. Substitutes rranino without del at, in large number* ort.ii; v on ?pplicttt no to >\ 1LS 'N V B ALDWIN, 5e7 John ?n ^t. iMMUienti Bew York, or 404 V ork street, BrOokiju, L. J. SUBSTITUTE WANTED? ON B NOT LIABLE TO draft. Apply at MB Broad wr.v, room 6, a?cund uotr Brokeis liberally dealt with. St'BRTITCTKP.? OKNTLEMEN WIM r!E FURNISHED with substitute* lor tbtscitt or Stale; l > t storaris. whose ti "e will expire this week wi ; re c :t>< th sen ?.? at sub ? titules for three years; gent eiuen wanting aueli will ci l Immediate'?; reference c'vao *nd ro .lro<l. United States Arm; uud Navy Agenu>, 1M Fu.loa tiUMI auu ^12 Broad way. up stall*. CJUBSTITUTE8 PUT INTO THE NAVT ANSWER FOR CJ men drafted in the army, and are ea?H> ?btalne I. We are near tha navy yard fate, and are furnishing twenty an hat itu tea to the navy every day, ana will contract to fur nish ufLy aubatlluiea each dav after this week. REUBEN VOSK. S?a\ien'S Bank, So. IDS York atreet, Brooklyn. SUBSTITUTES NOW ON IIAND FOR THOSE WIIO apply io JOUNSON A COL.MAN, No. 13 Grand street, near ilie ferry, Wllllamtbur^, N. Y. OUliSTlTUTES.? TWO MEN, IN WANT OF SUBSTI 0 tut.?s, can have the same furnished at 'air rates, bv ap plying soon, personally or by note to KUMltELL, 26 John street, up stairs. Substitutes? also rbpresf.ntatives for the coming draft, furnished at reasonable prices without ile'.?v or Inconvenience to parties leaving their order1. Reference given tf required. Apply ut the old established uL'.ce, 138 Eloveuth street, corner of Sixth aveuue. Substitutes wanted.? the very highest bounty, cash in h ind, pad for substitutes as soon as accepted, with the choice of service, either army or navy. Apply at the old established olllce, 138 Eleventh street, cor nel- Sixth avenue. THE DRAFT ON 6TH OK SEPTEMnER.? EIGHTH district ? Cient errcn rsV.dinx in the Eighteenth, Twen tieth an 1 Twenty first wards ol the c.:iy of Aew York, com prising the Eighth Congestions distr ct of the State, will be furitlslied promptly with A ien Subut lutes and their E\ opiption Papers (for three years) correctly rrocured. by for warding their orders to tho oilice of the Merchants', Hank ers' and Genera' Representative Volunteer Association, 428 Broadway, New York N B ? Mune" payable only when the representative Is furniah 'd and the exemption pap -r* secured Ladies wishing to send a representative to tin army will have thoir orde s promptly atteuded to and will liavo preuedcnce. The Eighth district, uud'-rthe superintendence o: Captain It. K. Manlete, Provost Marsh# 1. Is furnishing rr>ore men In t'.i k wav than any othor district in the Si te, and with eontinucd energy will p.obibly tl 1 its t;uola with out a Ira". Mo tot the representatives have been procured bv the Merchnnis'. Bankers' ?n l Ucneral Rep f eitatlve Volunteer Association, o;t ce 123 Broadway, isnw York rrilK NEW YOKIC ARMY AND NAVY RKCRi'lTlNG J Company, No. Chambers street, lias been established with a view or having one reliable office In this city wlu re the meruit. whether volunteer or substitute, aud principal!, whether enrolled, drafted or e^ampt, will receive fair and honorable treatment. Everv engagement made wlil bo scrupulously fulfilled. Principals furnished at the borteit not ce wiiU good, sound men, who have been previously ex amined by an experienced surgeon, lndividua h In any d, strict in the S ate can havo their substitute* ;musteved In this eitv and their exemption papers forwards I. Vete ran , volunteers and substitutes treated like men and the hi., best price obtained A upec'al department Is devoted to recruits for tho navy. Commanding odleers of the anny can have tbelr organizations til'.ed up ibrouch our agenov. Call st or Hildrss^ the New Y"rk Army and Navy Recruit log Company, No. 9 Chambers street TRIBI ABEiR-BODIBD MEN, NOT LIABLE TO dratt, desire to go as substitutes. Principals only may address Substitute, box 229 Herald odice. THREE RECRUITS WANTED.? NONE PUT ALIEN8 need apply. Price no object If accepted. Tall at P7 Cortlandt street. Caplam WALLACE. TO AVOID TnF. DRAFT. ? PARTIES DESIRING 8UB stitules wou d do well to call at the Army and Nnvy o'licc, 73 Nassau street, where substitutes cati be procured at the owest cash price, for one or three years. Please call early on Monday morning. Tnn DKAFT.-rERSONS WISHING TO PROCURE substitutes and parties wanting to enlist as substitutes or etherwi-e, can make :?illsfacior> .arrangements bv applj ? tn? io Lieutenant DACUNHA, at the otlicu of J. F. Williams, 44J Eighth avenue. VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUTES WANTED-FOR ibe army, naw and marine corps; Stilil, jtSOOuml $r.,>U ca ll paid in band; any m-in or woman brinrlng a recruit paM a urge amount of harvl moner. Call at tha United Stales Army and Navy Agcacy, 1S3 Fulton atreet and 212 Broadway, upstair*. VOLUNTEERS WANTED? FOR THB ARMT AND nivy. The highest cash bounties paid. Also men fur nished with substitutes at the lowest rates. The highest premium paid tu runners bringing man. Office, Hamilton avenue, one block from Hamilton ferry, South Brooklyn. WANTBD-IRISHMEN. ENGLISHMEN, SCOTCH, German*. French and men of all nationalities, to en list as volunteers. The highest bounty paid, cash In band, on passing the doHor. Relief tickets for families. Agents will receive the highest premiums Anplv at the Merchants'. Bankers' and Deneral Volunteer aud Substtute Association, Odice 428 Broadwav, N Y WANTED? BY A MAN OF BXPRRIENCE AND abt.lty, now In the service, a commission as First or Second Lieutenant, for which be will give the Qrat month's pay. Address J. R. O . station A, Spring stroet, I'ost olllce. | WANTED-TWO ALIENS. TO GO AS SUBSTITUTES, to whom the highest price will be |*I(L Men from Canada will (lad It tothelr advantage to call at 87 Newark avenue, Jersey City, bet'ire 10 o'clock A. M. WANTRD-FOR THR UNITED STATRS NAVY. 200 men, to sorve for one year; $idO bounty, cash down. Apply at DRISCOLL'S shipping oiSce. corner of York street and Hudton arenne Brooklyn WANTED-A SliB8TITI7TE, FOR ONE, TWO OR three years an alien or veteran preferred, to whom a l.beral price will be pil 1. No humbug. Apply at Nu. 530 llriadway, th.rd fioar. WANTED-TWO SUBSTITUTES. FOR ONE OR TnRER team, in tne armv or navy; $2fi0 for one year or tCO i for three jeirs, pal 1 cash in band; government and Hutto biuiu .les ci'ra Apply m the olllce of the Satauiandor Works, foot ot Hammond street. ? WaNTLD-ALIRNS FOR THE ARMY AND NAVY, far one two and thn-? years. Will pay $110, $40U and ftrtrti as soon as passed the doctor. Applv Immedlala'y at 73 Na>sau street. Wants n-rot*. the blockade sirrps the van derbllt and othcsrs. landsmen. *<-amen. coal passers, flia-nen an I others: also i'or the nrm ? Tb? highest t>oun ll"s paid at 9:5 South street. corner of Fulton street. up tuns 8-VN DS, DB.MABBST A CO. "I I I SO BSTITUTES WANTED- FOR THE ARMV OR 1.1/ nivi, for on* two sn I 'hree ve?rt service. $M0 to $u!,0 tut 1, cssh, and no deception Come early. at No. 4 Contra tiEj', up stairs. LKK ,t KOtlERS. 1 f\ SUBSTITUTES WANTEO-TO FM.L CP A TOWN 1U ship quota and choic>- of regiments. Highest bounty, eaah. paid. In the nary or nr-ny, after examined by the dot tor. lIoboliPD. Newark atre?t, rortior of Washington, one block and a half from too Ilobokea ferr;-. OfcOROB EBER3._ in men wanted this day to ao as substi. X" / tates. We wiil pay each man $6.W if ho eomes with out a cuoner. Coma early ami vou can get your money the ?anil daj , at 33 J'a-lc row room 2? AJ\ SUBSTITUTES WERE FCRNISnED BY US ON " Monday ai $iK)ii to ty.rinc.pals. Siity substitute! win be furnUhed bv ua th in day at $Bift. REUBEN VuSE, Seamen't Bank, l!>3Yorktt. Brooklyn. C(| SUBSTITUTES AM NOW WAITING FOB A Ttid iJVJ rante, and can be sblroed to the credit of drafted men In one hour. For our reapectablllty we refer to the follovfcng note ? "Reuben Vote, we bave knoTn you for twenty jean, and consider vou a man of atrtct Integrity ? nenry Eagle, Commodore um'ed States Nary." Apply at the Seamen'* Bank. lWYork atroct, Brooklyn, naar Nary Yard gate. $1(1(1 TO $200 HAND MONET PAID TO ANT ONE ?P1UU bringing tood, healthy men, allan* or vateran*, t>< 167 II rot J way, room" No. 5. 4|1 rn TO tw HAND MONEY PAID AOENT3 OB ?Pit)!/ runner* (or volunteers for thia elty. Ten men wa :<M to day; the highest bounty cash down as soon as I passed b, the doctor. Apply at 429 Broadway. fnnn BOUNTY cash IN HANB, PAID TOVOLUN jPw&lyU teors or substitutes for one year, for the army or tiavy. Choice of service given to all who may apply. Agentoi and runners liberally de? It with, atNo.6East Broadwa., Cart. NOLAN and Lieut I, A. MO AN. onn SUBSTITUTES WANTBD -BROKERS. RUN Al'U oars and all others bringing m?n to me will re O'vre$70i. cash in hand, after paaaia.' the doctor. Money ptlrt before being sworn in. Apply to J. WABREN FLINN, No. 2 Warren street, near Broadway. N. B.? No men taken out of tbe State ?Onn TO VOLUNTF.BB8 FOR ONB TBAR ?TavU In the nary, at No. 7 Exchange place, Jersey City, up stairs. &900 ??"NTT roB ONB TEAR VOLUNTEERS sp*ivM/ in the army or navy; 1100 paid ruiin-rs; two and In re* years men get the largest bounties half pa to faml. Ilet and prlre moaey ; landsmen seamen and greoa banda fc*nd mon'T to runners for Urea years men, street, shipping office, rooin No. S. (R'-iOO CAHU w,l,L B* PAtD TO VOLUNTEEBB WO\J\J to Oil a town quota. Apply at 249 West ttreet. ' F. B WILLSBA. KOfl ONB YEAR MEN WANTED? $200 AND $280, vsvvF ra. h in hand, paid n*ry or army allons and die charge I allor* and soldiers. Accepted parties bringing re. cruit* treared libera ly. Cat! at the Bounty, Pay, Army and Nary Agency, 111 Nasaau street, tip sialra. (*?nn Bob NTT -$21*) HAND MONBT PAID TO ip\j\jyi any per?on who bring* a reernit for army or navv to this office. $?<>0 rath in hand to an? recruit who comet himself. United State* Eocruiting off ee. 217 Broad way, room 25 Also substitutes furnished for cityorcoun Iry at fair ratea. Colored men taken. 3A/1A A*n $vx) cash paid to tivb aliens. i?t)Ul? Call today. Discharged sall rs and soldier* wbn hare terred two and three year* tn tbe army and nar? and hare honorable dlseb.irget aeeeptod_ Call at the United Btntee Arm? and Nary llaadqaarlera, 1$ West street, corner of Cedar afreet. New Vork. ffi/'AO AND $Soq CASH PAID TO riVI ALIENS. Call to-day Discharged sal ors and aoldlers who bare terred two and three year* In the army and nary, and bare honorable dtsebargea, accepted. (Tall at the Bounty, Pay, Army aad Nary Agener, 111 Nassau ttreet, up stairs Afinn -I WANT AN ALIEN SUBSTITUTE, AND iJUUu. will pay this turn cash in hand for a goad man. Apply at 37 Chambers street, aocond floor. apnn -I want a substitute and will pat JpOWu, $KW cash In band for a good man. Apply to PAYNE, Pearl Street llonse, 309 1'esrl ttreet ttftrtn ?AC". CA8H DOWN, TO VOLUNTEERS AND >DUUU Subaututet. Army or Nary. Apply at tha offloe rif the Kestern Hotel, 64 Whltehsll street, aaar South farrr. up one flight of ttalra Ask for NPKNCKR. ?nnn bountt.-$$oo hand monkv paiotoTnt JIU'"' person who brings a recruit for army or nar* ffirttstiiuu* supplied ai reaaonsble rates. Apply at nii Hr iadway, corner ol Bleecker ttreet. entrance ft B'.aeekar ttreet -ABMT. IBATT OR MARIBB-MKT man wishing to join the ermy aan tare rholea of re ?linent an 1 receive *i? Nsin lreJ and Wty dfllars, oaah la Ksnd. br calling at No. <1 Hlcka street, ^roekru two blo 'ka fram Pukon ferrr. ?P'TTflkf-T AW? tlTVli. ^ r^iiTro* 5 rc)B 'JITS FOR ARMT 0". HI VT. ClU" 9<|ik> mi iq tasnil and $*0#ov*rnm*rit boualy. Sv.l ?re and soldi' m i. ^ i" vnar li rf. Cuiietiitbe United K-s'es i; i'i tin.: oil' e, !?? Bioadiraj, loom 23, and kOl to ^rcaah in hlM. QTfWl CAl-H DOWN TOR SrnsTITUTRF.-IfTOH O ? ' ea\ b iiiu tf>* pa tl to recruits for the army and h*vy. aj pi v I ntnotli .tely at the Artujr and Navy Claim A gen o?, 6:' F :ton street. Cl7nn CASH down A3 SOON AS ACCEPTED FOR ?5' I 1/1/ substitutes. Highest bounties paid to volunteer* aud men for the navy. Apply at tho l'atters.m Hou e, 7? Cortlandt street. ^*700 B9UNT*'--VOLtT!?TRERS AND Sl'BBTO V ' \ wanted for the armv anil navy; the Hires* amount of baud money |?ia to nur person Pi i:>Kin, re cruits, at 97 Chatham streeeu CAPTAIN J. WYNNE. ?70n C',Bn TO SUBSTITUTES. AT NO. 7 VPlUu change place, Jersey C ty, up *ta rs. BX ?7 rjfl WILL BE PAID TO A MAN TO QO AS BB ?3> I OVJ preventative to a gentleman in advance of tha draft Apply Immediately at 34 Walker street betwaan Broadway and Church street. ' ?"B <?Q CASH iN HAND -WANTED, FIVE OOOD ?Ol *J men as volunteers or ?u> stl'utes. App'y at No. 2 Chailtoo street, cornor of Maodougal. G QHf CASH. TO AN AI/IPN OR VRTRR\|r g JUU Call between 9 and 12 A. M. at the liardtvaiw store, 40 Chatham street. *nnn and $<soi for voluntei rs and srnsTr muto*.? Cholac of cav'i'.ry. arcillerv, Infantry or navy: garrison, provost guard or field duty. Relief sent to families. Apply at 14 Siuh avenue. Hou >rabU> treatment to all. GQOH CASH WILL BE PAID TO FOUR OR FIV* tV&UU to go as substitutes. Apply at 4ltf C rooms street CASH TN HAND FOR FITK OR TEN GOOD ?]p?7v'ly men. for Yo'unteera or Substitutes Apply Int* mediate.)- at lit) Iiroome meet or ii alu berry street. (JiQl (i BOUNTY.? $I0:? (7A8II TO VOLUNTEERS 1* ?JP?/aO the army for three year*, at No. 7 Excliangn plac?, Jersey City, up stairs. N. P.? Tersey pays extra per month $- to slug c nnd $> to married men. &0Q7 1,011 SUBSTITUTES CASH? AND $731 FOB ilpfJt7 4 Volunteers cash. Call at 139 Sprint; street, base ment With choice of regiments aud department. 1 ttftft RECRUITS WANTKD-FOB THE A BUY, l.UUU AT 17 BROADWAY. $101) cash In hand paid each man. 1,000 veterans wanted for the urmr. AT 17 BROADWAY. $100 cash in hand paid each man. 1,000 seaman wanted for the navy. AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 cash in hand paid each man. 1,000 landsmen warned In the nary, AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 cash In hand paid ea-li man. 1,000 llremen wanted lorthonarT, AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 cash In hand paid eaoh man. 1,000 co?l|i*My'r< wanted for the nary, AT 17 BROADWAY. $100 cash ie hand pa d each m?n Men coming to this o/llce to enlist can rely uoon obtaining the most honorable treatment, upon receiving the mnanF offered In full, upon choice of regiment und artn, without humbug or imposition. Come and see for yourselves Of fice open from 7 A. M. to P. M. $ 100 HAND MONEY wi'l be paid to an/ nun, woman or child bringing an ac ceptable recruit to this office. Qmi WILL BR PAID. CASH DOWN, FOB ?P4:.OUl/ e'qht al ens or rete'ans; $!> *1 to each mas that will go as a Substitute in Um army or navy. Apply at my ol ee. Immediately (the first come first served , ?t U Newark avenue. Jersey city. RICHARD A. WOOD. VOLUNTEERS WANTED, TO REPRESENT TUB COUNTY oTnKW TOBK In"tHE ARMY. COUNTY BOUNTY. THlTiilT HUNDRED DOLL ARB Hand money? County to n*w recruits or veterans $39 In I ted States to new recruits 10 United Slates to veterans 1A Th? County Volunteer Committee, under instructions of the Board of Supervisors, having filled ail quotas under all calls up to this time, have resolved to recommenco the busi ness of recruiting for the army, with the view of raising the quota In anticipation of a new call by the President far men. Rccrults will be received as formerly at tbe several Pro vost Marshals' office*, at Tammany Ball, and at tha County Veiunteer Boomsl a be Park, oorasr Broadway and Cham bers street 10.000 The following are tbe various Provost Uarnhala* OCBoee:? Fourth Dlftrlot? Captain Joel B. Erhardt, No. 101 Liberty (tTMU Firth District? Captain Henry P. West, corner Broom* and Crosby stream. Slith District? Captain Koster, corner Slith avenue anA Tblrtcenth'Street. Seventh District? Frederick C. Wagner, No. 63 ThirA a venae. Eighth District? Benjamin F. Manlerre, No. 1,308 Broad way. Ninth District? Wra. Dunning, corner Fortf-eeventh stroaa and Broad war. All recruits will reoelve in their own hands the Cooalr Bounty of $300, and any part* bringing a Fleer 'tit wtB revive a County Premium of $20, In cash, for pverv man. Whether new Recruit or Veteran. and a eertlllcate entitling tbe bearer to the United St, net Premium of $10 for a new Recruit and $15 for a Veteran ? O. GODFREY OUNTHER. Mayor. MATTHKW T. BRKNNAN, Comptroller. ORIKON HLUNT. Suoervts#^. WILLIAM M. TWEED, .^ipervisor. BT.T.TaTI F. PURDY. Supervisor. , WILLIAM R STEWART, Sopervlsor. Committee on Volunteerla^ ORISON BLUNT, _ . . _ _ Chairman of Com: Date J Nrw Yor?, July 4, 1351. '?QQ -tiirkk mrn wanted. to whom this amount will be paid, with choice of regi ments. Invalids wanted for the luvalld Corpa in this eily. . Ap,ilj immediately at Broome street. A NjiVAb PRIZE HOIIEY, &C. A LL PRIZE MONEY NOW A PAYABL3 CAN BE OBTAINED AT ONCE BY APPLYING IN PERSON OR BY LISTTRR TO WALDEN A W1LLAKD. LATK U. B. NAVY, 188 YORK STREET, LROOKLT*. BOUNTIES, BACK PAY and all other claims ADJUSTED WITHOUT DELAY LL PERSONS ATTACHED TO VESSELS ON the blockade, to wbo:n prize money ts due. can re. the same at once br applying by letter ta WALDEN A WILI.ARD, late of United States Navy, 188 Tork street, Brooklyn. A nor '-PRIZE MONEY TO SAILORS? BOUNTY MONEY TO SOLDIERS dlsehnriej lor wound* received In battle, Ac D scharged Wavv or Army Oliirerfc Bailors or Soldiers. their Widows or Heirs, PROMPTLY PAID their PRIZE and BOUNTY MONEYS, BACK PAY. *C . by KDWARO BISShLL, Armv and Navy Banker, and late Puraer U. fi Navy, VI Hroadway, coruer Chambers street. New Tork. a LL PERRONS ATTACHED TO THE BLOCKADE. A to whom rrize Money is due, may have the Mime paid to their famtlle*. or as they may direct, by applying by lat ter to M. SNYDER, Jr., Ooverument Claim Agent, 39 Nas sau street N. Y. A lib PRIZB MONP.T NOW PAT ABLE PAID BY 3. C. DICKEY A CO.. Government Claim Apcnta, 113 Bioadway. New York. PRIZE MONEY FOR RVBRY VESSEL PATABLB promptly collected. Pensions procured. Arrears of par and bounty coleeled. A.ldrem or apply u> Richard C. El liott, Un ted States Army and Navy Oiuoe, C7 Bleecker at. MATRIMONIAL. NY VOUNO I.ADY, 07 GOOD APPEARANCE. PLKA , Sing manners and amlab:e disposition, aged from 161* 18, w. slung to corruspond wt h a gentleman with a sincar* view to matrimony, may address A. H. B., station E. An swers will be returned neat week. AOKNTLEMAN OF MEANS AND OOOD ADDREM, aged Jo, desires tba acquaintance of a ladv with a view to matrimony. Any mterestiug > oung lady, of good family and demestle habits, with a taste for the country and a eat tage on a most lovely spot, will please addrese J. ArooM. Station D, Bible Houao. GENTLEMAN. AGED 10. OF OOOD MORALS AND respectability, would like to form the acquaintance of some pleaslagand healthful young woman, with m view te matrimony. Address, la full confldenoo, appointing an ls tetvlcw, a. R. Addison, station G. N Y. AYOUNO WIDOWER. AOKD 32. OF HIOH STAN O ing, desires the acquaintance ? f some young lady or widow, with a view te matrimony. Same earnest, confldtac woman may address in aoutideaoe Wilson, boa lei Uersta AYOI.NO NAVAL OFFICER, WHO HAS JUST RB turned fajn a cruise, would like to correspond with some amlabtaHketlouats. warm hearted girl, wh( wonlA do her best VRIe a happy home, with a view to matrtme ny Please sand carte de vlslta If agreeable. Addiaaa Frank Winters, station D, New Y< rk city. ATOUN O SON OF NKPTUN1, POSSESSING ALL tbs esaeotia's necessary to make a home, wlshea ta form the acquaintance or soma congenial creature, with th* ultimate view to matrtmoav: lie would be pleased to re ceive a photograph of tbe ralr correspondent. Address Jehw Franklin Murphy, Iron clad Monitor Sattgus, Portree Moa roa, Jamas river, Va. Money no object. A foreign oentleman, RRFINED and ? wealthy. * ollcits the acqualntsnce of a handson* .voting lady, not under twenty, with a view to a speedy mar. i, money uo object Address promptly and confident f Henry Derviiie, station D, Bightii street. NewJTorfc.^ TOUNO MAN OF CONSIDERABLE MB *NE. A. ?? merchant In this elty, deelres to correspond, with view to matrimony, with a *oung lady from IS to 2", of prepoa* sasalna appearaace Address Jamas Hsnry, Herald odee. ONA FIDE.? A OENTLBMAN, S3 YEAR3 OF AdR. ? of good personal looks, well eduoaled and wea thy, da* sires a wife. An American by birth. Ills business for eons? rears back haa roquircd his re*ldenre In a foreign country. Now, on a abort vlait to the Stales, he wtehes to pro ure oa? of hla country women for a wife Required- the lady to b? not ever 26 years of age. to be perfVctly healthy, of a pre possessing appearance and of good same and fame. Wealth Bo object, and must be willing to leave within two montba hauce for a residence abroad of from three to Ave years, tta a healthy and beautiful city In '.he South of Spain. Pleas* answer, with carte da vlslte, statin* color of eyes and hair, ?reseat position and circumstances, also giving direction* / fc?w a letter from me ma~. rwtrh, requesting sn Intervlow.l This advertisement is in fo'^i faith, an I tf carte de visile ta an! satisfactory it. with leuer, will be re'oraed bv mall las medlateiy. Adlrasa for four days Mr. 11. L. Aliston, New York I'ost olBoc. Tnn ADVKRTISIUt WOULD LIKE TO FORM TBE A<* qnalntanee of a middle aged gentleman with a view to main moor ; aha Is of good disposition, kni and anfetloa ate Addrasafbr three days Mrs. M. rude, Morrtstow? Post odlga, Carta da vtalta if aoavaaURk A

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