Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1864 Page 1
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the NEW YORK ^ ... - - - _^r?~ ^ ' ' ? ? - ' " * ""' " ? - -- WHOLE NO. 10,190. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, AU?UST~IL HERALD. 1864. SHERMAN. Mfcial Report from Geo. Logan of th? BaUlo of the 22(1 of July. Statement oJ the Losses on EacL 8ide. IMllliiail Retails ?f McOmI'i CunFry EiprdjtioBs The Figtktiibg Aiound Atlanta oiii fkt Sti IitHiaatj Ae-, , Ac. THE BATTLE Of mi U, WNi?] Kcpnrl ?l Major Utntral Lofa*. Malot Wonfrai jftntiiu, id trausmHt ug the ft>llo?lng -ufl>a?U report ef Gsneral Uigao to (teaasal HalhtCk, says that, although (be cumNw or d?ad rebels seams excess ive. ha hi disused to give lull credit to (be report tliat. though ass low was only tbrM?boutand five hundred uud twenty aaa id killed, wounded and misHlsg, >the enemy s dead ?lean on the held nearly equalled teat-number ? viz: three <t?i at nil two hundred ?n J twenty ? HaAIXjriARISRS, 1 Cicaiim A?r Iwt ok m Taiwanm, V Haiti <t Atiahia, ftu. , July 24, ISM J "MwtaaAi ? ] bSTT> the bcooi to raport the folic wing general ?mnaary of the result ef the attack of the enumv on tfa.e assay en the 22d instant ?Total lone In killed, wonnded tmdm'sstrg, 3,521 and ten pieces of artillery. We have buried and delivered to the enemy , under * of truce cent in bv them, in front of the Third dt vi ?Mi of the Seventeenth army corps, one thousand ol \4 Mr tilled. XMe number of the dead la front of tbe Fourth d i vision ?f flbe ?sme corps, incluHng those on the ground trot now aauapied by our troops, vJenersi Blair reportv will swell Ita number oritur dead onhis front to two thousand. Ibe Dumber of tbOK dead buried in front of the Hf? tdenih corps up to this hour is three hundred and sixty, and tberommundmfi officer reports that at least as many ?we are yet cnt-urjtd, tarying pari*? being etill at wark. ? Tbe nun^r of dead buried in front cf the Sbcieeoth ?asps was 41i2. Websvaover 1 000 of tb< :r wounded to KB hands, tbe larger number of wounded being cat r led oft during the night a<W the engagement by them. We wt*wed eighteen slsods of colors, and have tbem now. Waalsc captured live thousand stand of arins. Tfce attack was made oa our lines seven times, and waa ?even times repulsed. Hood's and Hardee s corps and Wbeeler's cavalry engaged as. We hav? sent to tne rear ?as thousand prii-ooen, including thirty-three oummis Mnaed officers of high rant. We still occupy tbe Geld, sad tbe troops are in tie spirits, A detailed aud lull re port will be forwarded as soon as complete. mcartiuLaTia*. Oct total loss. ?,521. Enemy's dead ttacs far reported,. Martsd or delivered to tbem, 3,220. Tctal of pr, goners Mat Norit, 1,017. Total of prisoners wounded in cur hands, 1,000. Estimated loss of the enemy at least MtfiUii Vsry respectfully. your obedient aervaot. JOHN A. LOGAN. Major General. Major General W. T. Pbiumav, ccmm&cdint Military MfvMio* of the Mississippi. FIMTII6 AROIHID ITLTITA. Mm. D. P. reairnghaiu's Despatch. Nrar Anxvn, Oa , August 4 i#04. ?IC?SI1 At NT AMI SV S I'KMONSTCaTIOS. 9Ms fourth tnrpe. now commanded by Majnr General ?MBley, made ? demonstration yssterday evening on tbe Mkal works, ?en. Wood's tkirmisbsrs drove tbe rebeis Mama their rlfie pits back to their main llae, but, a regular Mm of battle moving on tbem from tbe woods, they bad W retire n little, still occupying some of the rebel pits. ttMmtahing tud artillery firing next took place along the to* and we captured about fifty prisoners, most of them taken by Wood's division, bur loss war slight, [ only <*ipht killed and about twenty wounded. We M every day docing nearer aad nearer to tMe fated ?awa. a* micnuTi aovaarvr. V* are massing on tne right Sank. So an '.mportaat yasalt may be bosrly ?i reeled from ttat quarter OEJIEBAL rrMK,l CAViLKf HID, Ms. D. W. tamyatf Mama's Ikapalch. NSA* /TtAIVTA, Ga , AUg??t 4. 11-64. ftsaatcerabw eaeitement prevailed atnonc our troepe Ms aome days, owlntt to the report that General McOook MM tits gallant oemmand wsre totally destroyed or cap. I am hapt y to state ths shearing news that tbe sry is the truth . This gallant command, after en asaatei ng bard Dgbting against desperate odds, col its way thnngh, !nf Ti ng beavy punishment on the enemy,, aad destroyed a large amouai ef valuable property, true, they also sufttrsd severely, but then they bad to MMM tfer bum, an ouly of ths rebel cavalry, but a too a# a large infantry force for which they did not oakn ha. They have to a great measure paralyred Rood s Mmnii at Atlanta, f r now, with his large storaa da adrayed tbe Wacoa iiae out sp aad his troops merely llv Mi Oum haad to month, I da not thtak it poaalhie that Ma <aa maintain ha peattioa many days loagar. The fbl ,Ma mg facm I have adlacted irons etti ets wbo have aw ?sd 1a ibis deenrrate raid, aad they will, 1 think, oa lha w be e, he faaod reliable ? saa siau. ?Lssseaua raid pr?vt%' a earaasv . a raid oa a more ,f)gantic s ale was organiaed. Geaeral McCoak.wabs .assamaiid at tec tbausaad sw? hundred men, waa ta igsrais ua the ngbt Oarih of the army, to eat the rail msr. and Ftdoeiuar oa the left Bank, aad, tf posstMe, to a e5*vate aad form a |uootioa at M> lioaoagh. Oa tbe .aatit) of the th of July (leasrai MH'-ok hreis camp a* Mason's semaary . aaar Sweetwater lawn, on tbe (Manahoocuae Hm <?naaead ?A>as>etea <>f Hac bngsdss. ?am wai.ded by Cftu-nal C.vitaa aad 1 ?euteaaat Colore Malay, asd alao roll rel Harrisor- s cowim.<nd, eoosietiag ad the tightb lautaaa, < ml Ksatocay r ut Iowa. <Psarth laoaasaas sad a'isia <?a. These rag laaata had sarvrc w tb liotjsreii .a k< gaUaat ra d - a< ??!*?? ins ??sarwtrsa a *aa Merera^ M <"?a-k rrr-sed dw set water ua lbs sir read isndm* to t.'le Mlea, sad saarbed Oayriatowo tbsi jftwaieii Kaute were saat ?<a u> sssattaia ise caewiy s jweli oo, a? the ew?attr baalui were Mtu(>ied by ibe ?abei ..vaiiy lb I forres . rvasst about tw< m ee attve fuvrrtdwu leery ibe )<?irlb Keetorbr were > Jevr*ed over ia vfctis aad rafts to rover the lay ti| rf Uie ipeatoaas ft? rebe1 pitbsta opp?MMt tbe r isad eg bs | Shay s'ter rteaiviag (TvaJiey iraw, o*r men. ted. A I tee leaeasmg (Vlonel Hi. nil toe, sf ibe Seveatb ??n, was .clt. vtt k# regular l , ia (turpi el the paatooaa. Tbe I ira VMcrtieit, toatasrded by Ma <t ra-ea--. wa? saat sp Its stwar k ' as<i-tK *uwt, ta dr ta tar asemy fsam our IV ariaf?a-isa MlUMI sjsa<wsa the onmmabd arw aicvdd "ti fee Paimetta, treat tb Sag W ta Armstrong e brigade sN the way 7 he ca una aaevsd a two paralM reads- -the Wee ad brigade aa toe MO aad the T rm rin tbe right Ti ? ? ia tba ordot ssas had f aitnetto st saaiUwa aad named ataly fell ta aaaiita at the railroad track for t we miissTaad aaa Mimed ate at fifty rstiroad ?ar* sed Nisar, with s 'arye sappty *' asmsaaasry staess . over tve t .surad ef gatlr r . sad an no-ei ee aaw uat a* tor-aroo nsevrss ee vaa saaeawt vsaiw. We LSit asf bee fcr ! ? ea,o? t a faysttav Is thro gb aarv bn ken male atd uosss.y woodad rouatry About aaae'alork on tMr ro< entng of tbe 'jotb wa tame up with a large Luggage .Va-u of .be saaaiy U tr advaaoe guard Mrs. a stt m sid at >iw .sd ffrwaid to usnpacteoty at f? wprtiw! the (nard and oaptore then We horned ep at out ooa tiniMiiitd MiU hity wa^ous, with their oooUiute, uiii) lift hemp able in carry off lb* nutfl, *b?l them, to Mi? number of about nine buudreri Annmg Ute wagons were tbuee belonging to tbe boodiiuurter* o t t.ei oral* U-itiig Hardee and Htewart, and several d inelOQ oru iu aider*. which were parked around here lor eVeiy II being xtitt* twenty fire miltH from Atlanta. ai?in. Wo netl max b?H on Payette* ille, whore we tBftrirti* three bowtrwi and A ty men and Mvonty two oftn era Pri m ihta we marched for l?vejoy on ttoe Macoo Itao, doetrcyioti about two tone* of the tra<k and telegiaph wirea Wt n> .vi loomed that a large cavalry fori* Inter vened tftarm ourHeive* and civut>iuM>. with auother forco on our rear, tbte preventing a uortlon Co we bad to *?l?i til round tor N? imiii a mm ()o leaving linvijoy mr Kighth Iowa |?orr churgerf j enemy. The wruilr t ir?i hrigatli- Boon ? ewe up to their euiiport, and a' i?tr a prmouf-d at-d *tiiboorn i*?n? nut o?e?t?d in "Irivn^ hecK 'be rebut caeivlry, which I eeinpri'fd Kelly '? br.gade and notue detached M>g inmate. mrt". UMTOWi i<??v. or wo rrMiHi'd it* Hint r>*er. near vvhitti?ai?r wiUt out opiiubUitin, lliouyh tbe enemy wei * all the titne hah;* m?' tto our ItauK and roar Wo rr?s-ed the Whito river uoar (.ten finite. ?b"ii foor o'clock on the memoir or the 30th fhe fourth K?nlnt By which formed the rev guard nun w#^ < nrt.nikfiacu by Lieutenant Colonel watt bore attained by two bmvolu* "I cuvMry au<t after RUHlaiQing :t -'eapwrAte coflMji for nevera' boor* w.m finally roi>'tl?ed. a tar^t u ini-cr o( prieoneis u> tbi tunny "k b n ?J? *n* ??ja n-e * m wna al thie Immm lai u, llir tour raid to(< ti||l<t)y prrwu'd V tfttn t>< tho aupi ort ii t YfrUuik - r<<t (.on M?ra <^>pUiu Lit K ?? ol tleoara' Mr- ?!* -a aiail, irept w brtdno far time ib laco >A t'wi wmov witli e.gLtecD tnaw. ? ITU SOiiiiT <>nr atfvanrt- ftiarri r'-a1 !*#>? t ?*?n; .1 ?i;r,y on tbf Bliin) jnjr ?f ttio la' ?4 ^orn 1 tn:t ware ronfri*tud *ntt {Jrnia TtJ llmtdj'" cofninatid vf bhoul m a ibou* n4 inlaalrv, to wtiV b i.oiaui?iid t p h?? la??l? ir 'anlerraiL w*?rr on Uian ?av to A uaiita ?? rainforc ffnotf, ^u^1 Owl i?f "" ai^voai ninft. trmk up a |? aitui' roverlnr th?< main rvail aloat' arhn b we ware niarrbiiu All 1 hi* tuna the raliri cbv 'ry wfra nresneg on ou all vwl1* rheS?-?ood KcntncWv ware <Japlo?i!i| to oi?r> tb? fiait U> tb<- left >f Iba town sii aa to allna tb? irr>io UmlT t nwrn" ro>:n?l 00 Roddy'a (lank :tni1 force a 1 a? < i(i?- toward* lhi> nver wt:' h ????, dona abort trnt null* be)" * the town Major ^larr cnmmandeit tbe Prtnul Kei.11 -y m tbi" nrilliaet deeiracttve 1 lirre t.ut aft^t p?wi>nr the iniaD'rv lin?!P tf afr rcu r?n 1 1>< i?:?i ? ivhI.-.v ?!.i- ware d>motri.led aod In poe't>oo. ' ?r i W'l. hell, af Mr 'kiH'* Hint!', ttare aioa nr with r? nfnr(no?nl? ind. after re paaled r ha ire*. 111 whirh lie ??> fnt a time r , mic. ceedetl in ' intiur bin w?> tbr nrn and fortunate!* e? caiied 'inburt, altboufb Ms clothe* were i^erlc rated w^tb bullet* ih* ?m "an aatrtii 1 ? cow fori ueO llt.e in rulvani <? wod er.roupt- rad the aaaanli o: tbe Knenr, wb.rh W.-.B wn*<ain<d with deafaratt forr? butt by ihttr ni"wh?l ?a1 it " mo'intad oaaairy. tiRvmiat n nrmr. CO'l nc tbe conuat tifi oruinf deaparate, -rdvad bla sm br tar, rax and nriBWl?r? -nto a fl?ld ..nder rover n' a hill The Kigbtb Iowa rav-lr* mad" a > liarce on tt?a rebel forra ot mpyinir tb' ? ro?'i. to wh'ch tbe* ?i "-eeiied ia forcinp their way tlirn itb, hut *o?.n etro.-k mnab'i rade of infantry. Tb? ina.n l.oe l-einu |.rv -?t-d n tbe fiank. nod not ?b;? to aupoort ibeua 10 time meet of ibm (aliut *ej.'.rri?ot were e?utured. T*pr < >r>' NV bad n"w'frrmad into line. hut. owu.j; tr> t'ne n^itirre of tfca fri'iind. h(?d to denlojr Icto two dilereot rrln'rin*. The Flftb Iowa forti.ed In a p mitinp ?n ibble to bo:d the eoe my >d check r*a the rear ami swept down on tbair i.att, which considerably cheeked tbeir pr' vri?* I haee were sooij relieved by tbe Ki(;htb Ind aoa cavahT, L e lenaot Colonel Jotiea c^mniiod-np oeri h: ma a***? '* 1 abo't'd base fc'ated that ;hc Kmh'h lowr,. >n lla Calient clka.'L'e. irok ftrlcudlar <>arj>trai H< St., ^onni muiL^ tbe reoei hri?:<do priaonar. tieaerai Mcfook aent 1 or ward a fcer.vy Ima < ? diemonnu ed ekirmiaber* a .piortail t>y mminled wrr. ard a Hon of Ibe T'thternth Ind aoa bai'erv. cr>tnrMr,do<] by Lleotenatit Mil'er. fhir iroope eb?rp?d t' e rebel* who were now 1 loNlm In 00 ail aidee. b>it were dr feu hacK 'o hati ,iy <?tiatructt>d harm arte* (air hatterie* onen<<<i a beavv tire or carnal cr on tun ralial wbic.b cbe ired iha-r advance. Purine tbi* heavy ft 10 aided h* tbe withering fr< f'orn the S'pomer f'ie? of or? mar. the enemy muai have !o?t heavily in ttu deaperat* cbarye siade on tbeui by Geeera; M>- 00k. COMmKI 1 AHMMI, w'tb tbe Gmril'r ntnfT K><l ibe aaaan'.t. I'r'iwtrnMely 'olonat Harr-aoa waa eaj.tured A tall *a< c^dad. and. the enemy making di-mon-fat'on* to renaw tbe rtmlixi we bed to at'tndon tbe priaonerK ant! pruer and inv e*?rv aTailabiewian mr.m*v low in?*tt.'w> down nprr. the I'nxm rr-> ip* in 'orce m o<tr front, our battery all the time * '^n nltiC an eofliAtlicg fire ?>n ibem r.rxrpti. a'tnoK, ?ee n^' the rabela oJoatni; in on, i>r<lered the SecooJ Iiidiuoa i.'iya.r* to charge tuuin. wb;cb ti>?y did with efftHil. In tbi* charce hie am rte catnp. Lieutenant K. b. Hill, eoblv diatiiiRiilehed himaeir. for he charged at tbe bead of- bia old retimem. The General bow Boeing nkbiarlf surrounded oh all B'dee. *nd find ne tbera wi?? no et.anf p of r* aim b:it by ruttmi; lila way through, deatmyed bi? halter* tml ordered l.ia < ommand to out their way through the enemy a line. The command now rallied, .-.iwl, cheered on bv tbair K'-neral. mail* a awt>ep np charge aciuai'y cnttmc their way through and tbrough. They fufl'ered aevrrel.v h-tt they infll ted equal puni'biatnt on the enomy. Ibey Bitooeetled 111 oroaa !nc the < hiittih oebeii near Ruaby creek , and raa- hert Mnrietta on the of the . d with about ?.\teea hundred men, ard squid* are h ur!y rominp in. 10 addition to Colonel Browolow'a Kirat Tenne^ee, wbich regiment eofferert *e*ereJy, and Major Purdv a Kourlh 'ndtana bcth of whl< ti had arrlve-t the right previous: loth'to r 10^ w'll mrrt likely Bot amount , to n?ore than fi*e hundred, while the enetnv mnat bi*<* loat mora than tLifl. bealtlaa their wa*on?. mnlaa and ttorer -in B'l amount ng t" a! one m llion dollar* ' worth. We ?oet ' ur amho 'iorae. nod bad 10 leave our prttocera ib the t f the ?oetoy REBEL ACCOUNTS. IFrrm tb< Rubmond Wbif . Augt ?t 9. | Ar>-?*ri, Arcuat 6, 1HM. Hep J. A. S"*Dt>r:i? ? Tbe entmy mude two aaaftnlt* tt-day on I !niv a and li-wm brigade* of Hate*' dl*laion. 01 l>ee a corpa. h-itb of wbicb were handaemely repuired with 1-waui them J B HOtil". ?ianeral. rFr< m ibe Richmond Whig. Auguat fi. ' <>nr partf-raph on ^aturrtay prepared eur reader* for tba very bail new* which tbe deepatc.b of General Maury to the secretary or War cnaUina We cannot expect to have a eoDtiBool tuoahioe of euccr h* in eaery quarter. Foa though it la cloudy bow at Mobile, il ib bright at Atiento brighter in front c-f Fetervti-irg au<i in MmryUin*. STEELE S AMI. Tfte Battle of Btg ? rteh. WIATMB OF (IOLONB1. BKOOkf. CAPTAIN l.BMBtB. ATt.TT AWT PWATT AtlP Bl'aOBON BTORO ARP. [From tbe Ijttte Koch Democrat. Anr"1 1. 1 The rebela bad formed a plan to attack Helena. Dch. bine waa to attack the plantation* below Helena *1 day break on tbe 'Jfth. and drat* tbe troop* -out of the city aad when tbieehonid have been done, SheR^r. who waa b force en tbe ttprlnp ('reek ruoe. intended to move op to Helena and attack the batteriea from the bi.'le. To aerer tam the etreagth end poaition of the aaeiay. Otieral 8u ford. rrim roan ding at Helena, aent a reconnnilnrng party , coBatrtiBn: >4 two hundred and fifty of the l-ifty ?-nth 1'aited mate* colored regiment, fl'tw or aixtr of the M11 1 let b, aed a section of Lembke'B colorod battery 00 a Nwt, landing tbem heiowiw *?wn, with order* to tnarrh to 81m* ferry, on Rif treet pent log through Trenton. Major '.'armicbaei lett at ilu? anovr time, with about one hundred ami fifty of tbe tifteeaifc Illinois cavalry, to iota nreoka en fctg <reek. and cc operate bun At *ui>riee on Ibe aaoranit of the '.tflth Caioi.ei Bn nut and !ur 1 <-mmae<l croaeed Wg r:eek. and there ,eert?ed ?hat the rebel ^olt-nei Pobbln* w?* near him. with three regiment* of five or tie hundred roes eat ii. l-'oowa recrt<caed anu Dobbin* croaaeJ alao, bnl lower d iwt ?!,* Hreim l><. a?*a-ili oommee. e?t in the>>' itehbioa attack in;' n front and on the right fiansr . Ike light ci .'?uitincod nearly four hour*, tbe Hack kroop* fighting four or ? *e imee tbeir number Al tbw mnctare, when folonel Brook*, t tpule Icmbke. A?l, itatit rr*tt aud Surgeoa vu.ddartl h?d been k lied an-1 I futetanl c-rane aeverelp w. upded lx Dbin* brr igbt lip his reee> ve (or aiinal and ? weening charge hu' Maori trn < bael hearing the can noeadiiig arrived, at oeoe barged thftmgh the rebels, ? tai g.i.k tl a fortune bf tbe day aad | uttiiur the rebela oa ' tr?e d?fei<>ive The rebele frll bark elewly. ettr far 1 W* driving 1 or rr. i-nn: they enene i and gaee np the content Heme nr the* a v airy f. l owed up tt within ten mi'ae of He-era tiur i*b? abo it t'.rXy ir flfty m killed and wnr.r-iisd i"h* rebel !"*s, '.b killoU alone atj Bailed this. Med*en**ra hundred wo imled. All the eecnoe were erourhl t e ili< ugh on* cein bad to he bWwa np. as ths hnree* ben been kille-' Tr.* ceyro tr??i|ie f gbt -k? reteran*. Major Car te rb*< prt.? e h.n ??:' ? tn.e *.ildier. as be saw at a giMite !?m rit -al * 'eat. n and hy a prompt aad *ig?r e?a i ilata e<<n the day. He brought m to, r prsiten kewe fr*m ( sir*. < ?lBO, III., Aug mi P 1MI4, | latere: faHM ?** ordered beivy aaeeaemeata upon d?,r*al t 11 *r# of Hr?ia*o. Grove*, VaJierd aad Meirat tae iim e?. Ketti<ck*, for the hensOt of the 'atrli r* of f n-oe *< 'd ere whoae prt perty baa been da atrryed b? tfca re*?:* Carta n fa oe feat g< be ie H.ramao u roi rctac hseeta mei.i ef ten. fW'Mrr. ,,w, b,,tt? r agge. eoal. wood, lay, cattle, ?beef , t< g* and f irtmure are o- w allowed to be *b>rped with id Ib* Itiiieo Imetr of tbe .nrurrecticnarv Htauw 1w??t* bov*tie?d? of tabetic r from fad cab arr.ted lere t^Cay . ?K*t y for Bow York. The Karrya (httwkid Beaad. Si. Joit?^, N F. , A up tint P, lf\f4 "I* iteeBth c Furopa, Ca|Mai*i Atidereou , fium i-aeaei, e>a HaltlM. for l,ifirrp??c' pe?ee<ft 'lene Wage at mi f At ' U ?>iii%ii . ibe ".ib uiev, I I SHERIDAN. Operations of the Ariuien North, South ttod West of tbo Potomac Detaila of t*e Fighting^ utt Folck's Hill and Oldto'jon. Tlie tlren^tlft of ISk A Kcbel Jnvnflib? A may, u. u *tr. D*l). KbikAclph KoIia'k D?nr*tob?|. CVMMlKLAim. ,Mrt , A'lgunt fl I AM 4WAIKH II <1 Ml Jkt.ARD. I?pp|? my arrival hero la* I algf# 1 fonnd the town per Te<-tly quiet ind bo mdiutiuob ol/au I'UMijy in tue vicinity . B?ir eipectslion Of til* real-pen rauce. Km I *Y'* I1ITO111 against the atUtck of Mcriuv^iud autl Jobuccn wrio tiuid *o??ly and miceeaefiilly mvaiigeri though the force nt, bt?t ccmmaad w?e greatly inferior to that of the enemy. Tim rebel coramauder*, afttr??it d* discovering thin. felt mm b chagrined at tholr defeat, and declurod they wonld tutu ?be pluse at Htir rate-, h it Ihey I s ve not ehown o disposi tion to carrv their thre at ,til< filled. for natobp of the uio?t prudential char'* tor Mi ?"? kwknw or i iik orm mon ? HawnsiipRriifi. After Ibv burning "f '"bamberaburK, as is known. Mc fonetand gathered his force* and moved hastily to Wc?>rneiiBh irg, aod theme rtirecy south by the main Ram rk rond On the wav be wan mined by Bradley JohriMH. a 'irutuoc. At Hancock ;h-v iur<~o expected to he able to <rO'?? the r.< er AvflMl, however. wa?" in bet and go i lowly ( tepeed tnem Ihftt tbev were ?le feated a their fhwar-d olt'igod ti geuroh for a cro??'T>t* at anoilter point. Oar cavalry . exhausted by the b.rd ier ?hich they were subjected, held, up for a few day?' reet. V.eanwnifi il o . nnrr.w moved r.orthwtcterly lottl they struck lb# l-ed'ord and r^mberland road, tfceDi.e advanced toward* Cumberland. and took up a position Ht acroreroad near Ftlcit'B U llP, three re 'es north of the town. ? f'TT*!' r F' KY OODtTCR ? "< KM*VT? Hearing of the approach of the enemy, General KeMey, ieav op a garr *on tri th ? town, advan- cc? with a por'niu i f b ? foroe and upon the enemy by Furpr',?e. The acton opened by ten oViocIc no the mornlnc of AugnH 1 end continued the entire day. artillery being principally used. The Fame tiiphl the < nerr. v de' amved. Krom Fob It ?> Milie Mc'.'ausiaed directed bio Eleps in a ?0'itbea?terly direction, toward* Greensnrin'g. T"r *'VA\n AT (IIDTHIt?.^4l ll li? OF lt)lt C 'OB'Or*. Oo the evot:o( of the 2.1 tbe <-nemy m ide his appear ance at Oidtewn on the Bn'timnm and Ohio Railroad. The p are w..* defatidcd by a o!' cklio ise, wliicb waa ? ?led .'ile i atbti'ked Arler a eev^re fi^bf ibe parri^on wa? obi Ked to capi^qKte. Our lies wan two eev^reiy wounded. Tbe rebule enTereti to ibe extent of thirty k !le<! aod wounded. Tbe number of men ear t.jred by the etenty was eiehtv eii'ht, locluJ np one eolonel aod two comnresioned officer* Tbe entire l umier were paroled, and have since arrived here On A ace' 1 3 tbe erersy ttrcck the To^mao at Greec ?pr'of. and. rr.rettnf witb oo op)>oeit>nn. eropted to ibe ecutli ride, <".inplnt- tbatnifbt at Sprinitfield. Ine next ?"rnmj tfcey moved towards New { reek or ! adiiytr.wo. ikk ai t it* aj m nr ch?rk. I'poe thearr rai of McCanatand at HprlnplMd, McVeol aeot a devpati li to tbe Geuc*!. to th?i effect that Newtown ?? r*rrieooed by a rmall force of <mr troope, outi abo :t tbre" bncd'ed. ar.d tbat be had blown on a culvert on tbe rail road, wht.-b would Prevent tbe arrh a! or reinforcements Acting hi on tu.s information, oo the m irouiK of AuaiiM 4 Mcf'sueland set hie co.unin n mot. m to atts- lc tbe p;?.-e ?jenera1 Kelley however, bem? early aimrlved of the breek In the railroad, had tbe c<ilvert repaired ar. J in !our hour* reinf'irceiuenta were ha*tnnmc to the rel.e' of the garrieoo at VewtOAn Ibe eoenjy, arriving flr?t, imme<iin?e!y ujiened a vigffrooe attxek", which wm ae Tlgorenaiv *o*we-ed <wr troops. be,r? largely ratnom bered, wer.- cnai le l ing to re^ ?t the pre-eore. and were driven oiit <rf an 'lofoiFhed fort In which they rauitht re -re. O ir men too* another j. and were ?till ?iblin?, when Uaior Siinpeon uf (be V.Ieventh Vire Itiia, arrived on tbe train. I>iM-inbarkit.g b? troop*, lie made ao attack immeduiely. aod. with tbe aonetwion ol bte torce. <>nr troepa were eoaoie'l u- repulcp the enemv and obi ge b*e to wnndeev Tb? 1^-** ?n ho'h aide* >n tbi* affair approtim*<e one t>'jodrcd, nut of wb i b number abo^t thirty will n rer the k:Ved and wo.tnded of tbe nallncal trnop?. ?*o* ?*? eatimg After t ? disippointmeiir at No v Creek MoCaualand mrebed dnnxiiy u? K(?iner. *od here r?<ne<l >j|a tro? f<e. Ri?ce three operatioae he ha> beee ex.-eeriimnr ?u et, abowieg oo ledM*?t<eo< nf ooot eniaf lorger m tb:? oeirti wrbwd ??HTtWriN The pro* unit* of Martioab'irg to Harper-* Kerry pja ee jeur oerreii|>oodeDtr at tbe Kerry n p s*e*aK?a or later and more reliable mformet.nn regarding tfarnnabjrg Ibao *e eso ??Uin here. We have, however, heard from that point through ^arlo^cnurooe. aod all accord in tbe ateie ?eot that tbe town tt n.ll tbe headquarters of the rel-el forte la the Shenandoah va"ey. in regare to tbe arrive there of reiaforcamenu froea Klobm ?d we haye oumer on* rumor* ? but none of them aptwiar reliable. We have no communication with Hartineb .rg. ncr in that dtrec lion, from tbie point. ?i\ mi fhl* p!?r? ? no looter held by the rrhel ear airy and the country on the other tide of the ri?er t* koawn to be entirely abandoned by rebel aoldlera. ' here are a lew guerilla* between <'umber)and end liancAk. aowKkr We had a report here tht* morricg that Noraaatand I* ?till at Homney. and bee been joined by Rrecklaridge with 9 coneiderable foree. oeneral Kelley has ao iatel !Jt?ce of this, aod disrredite the rrraclty ?r toe report fie hae eoout* coot?ualiy rec'aooiteriag ibe oo .otry in that oelgbhorhood. s.naetbieg peeltive will be kaewo at tbe earl.eei ?oo,eaL Owwn, Md , Aupiet 7, if 04 *' nnxt *nr o< rr rreti Tbe report hrcu(bi in yeeterday to Uie effect that Homney I* orcapied by Rreeklnndge and ffeet a ratd.ialo tfeat V rg rta i* rooten.i-laied. prcv?> entirely . ofouod ed. MC'eoe'and ? force at laat acc^ nCa wa* moeleg -oiithwaru. in order ?t erearn, to -r-^a the mounu a* Into the t-herwndoab ? el ley and to reimo Karly. it ? e iDfldentlv teii^ ed here tbat in two day* there w ?t be ne lonje, any r?g,.:ar body of rebe, Iroepe wni.ih .?ven ty mnae of bote. r.*jm?i Br ga?l?fr Geceral .Vr (. Soil van w ved here mi night and reported to nene*hi Kelley He ha< ?*t r. turned from a furlouvt. >r twenty day*, whieb ?e peeved ?t Oakland*, Mary ai d 16e ?.e? eral will he aeatgned immediately Mi-ii* now* rai at. Ttl* ereo'tit at >4, i t a hundred wornout baeeta alkd mm it Aver III a nommend ree<-be<i here fro? Haiieoek r?ev will go Itik ctrai and re? ruit tbe.r atretglh He nwu end bor*e? gave tndiepntable ladiretlooe of ibe ectl?e and mt ere work Mi whivb Aver ill baa been aacaged of lata. mttii *k);.?t. )0 a o*f erratum with ?;eaeral Kelley at-oot ae hear ?tbee I waa aeaorad tbat the limits of hie cuamand are now eatlrely cleared , and the fa tor* programe of the enemy wUl ^ either to oooceatrale tnr eonaa grand move meet >a the ^benaadeah valley or u withdraw eatlrely blroedy aoHeatad a goodly a tore af eappiiee. . ._T*? "T*T A?orwn 'vunmiAMr. (me of tba leaet inyitmg roglene fee a raiding pari* a ^!t^aD w.#<>,UiM<! "U,t P Tn b..ui d^ bdle ner^"*.Lir*l,.n''* i3r. '"f** ?* ??cull, rated CilllV. t(fltVfKO llMM, H Ml trill, lit noma amall mnA cuNiyated thai tb?* Tnrreblli'J'L'0''1 ^ru'ntior. l.lMov*rlr,c 'A? no duubi Inn iaf!r*<H?<l to ibantfoo lb* m?l r. yJtT; ' nH,r* ?'? ??? I* ?PUt mo h< -w ttoMartMr %n" ,b" "" Sf?w2vS a? . *pr'?*" tn '?UliatlW) ftof the r l i^w?n7nr fo.^.r f ^ 'f ? ? TUgliiie. ami b*d t m t l?eeo for ib?e?coeaafal affklr en enr part ht I'd Irk ' wiild bT ?f rbll?<,*'P^i? ?<AH run, re would oj lAia lino bo doprivcd of luol a aUra Mm tuti rr>r*\ Hi>rinr aod Ittoxcoilont privltofoa lo {roabMt mod Xger*!*.*" tUl l*ne the-* arrld i Ct aandiim, tlil , Anguat ?_ I r * A?*htij,<e a>*4tH ay atoomwiBt.n Iftor the defeat of the rebel* at New Creek, Mctaue eu* led iile force aombeagj *10^^.^ f*mu, ^ and, after b?h q in ( town ? abort iim, auat bav? learned that Ave rill ?m again m MM saddl*; foe h? meved out i f soon an bearing tbe iu formation, ia a dlrei ttoo to otm* a au eocagtrnenl, and followed tba road to HwnIiM^ MmUy south By reports from ecoui ?? wa laara Mis *itev*d down on the east aide of the ?oath * jtaftch of the I otoinae, and at liuwiltld encoun tered >*i? oueuar. ard came oil v.ftnriously, capturing a largff^ntrnber of pvifconern and breaking up tbe enemy 'a forc^ortircty The Oeneial will . eralnly keep Hammer ! iagf *way At them until he oriuW up the whole part/. fill i.kIaih OF Till kAH.HOAU. Tlw? repair of iho Haltiwore andOtii > Railroad t>etween .%**! and MarllnshHig ha* not yet '<v n commenced. I're peratioue, liowevsi are being made to net to work i m son n an possible Several bulge?. and a short distance a!' truck uro kixuvii in have boi a destroyed If no fur ther rtaruni;e sb"u!<i fc ivo bread ne tbi roa<l will very anon be to running ord< r. locomotives have eiploredto tbe drat ercek beli w nhout twenty mites, and report tb? road tu order en-rut tbe bridge. With the oxceptiou of the vicinity nf t.i'onsr ring ll tacaek and Martuisburg, the road la thought t?> lie In <otii|iete order. At liar tlt.Hhurg will be the est delay, iw I learn the pillar bridge h;^ hern entirely ileuiolinl?? d, the piers bunny been battered down t >y artillery. JDr. I'heodi <? C. Wllion'n I)*?patthM . S-'i rn Sirtp o? thk I otcmai' 'livps, \ fH'Pi'MT' WnUAMW?iT Auflint 9, 1HM. f Coiutnl I'irly b p lu>en sos'ii netful in gelutip Ilia own oflieere and meu ;u>d ret'fci symiielbia?rs to spread ex up gorated report* of the strength of hi? army and hie pro bable Intentions thai it i* now a'ltnoHt impossible to wake the peopie benove that the fur. e which ban been operatiup tti iljta section of country is than thirty thousand slrobf Wo "t.e that loan flndtiw ?uih a fin re - but tbev all srem eunfident that It must be mo. iu order to dieproy* such stories f propose to go lot' an account of i';ir'v i nr.i v( u cnt? r j-i iber witb !b? atreiutb an?i orcaBiaatut' of h# arin*. mmi e rvt lsovaairr wan to relieve lyiufcft'ire. In tbia be snctcederi. He wua then ordered by (ieneral to drive Hunter r?)tOf tbeyalley. Th ?l? ?'?> partially accomplished by forfi'n# llunter a< rosa uioibe inetiht . ng in tLe went. 1' ud ing h< w easy it wontd be to keep up a mhew of pur OHitlk Munter. and ?t tbe name time be moving down tbe valley to rkid an tt.e Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad, and capture the eUircr that bail been pn vented from reach ing the I'niOB army whi)? at '-tanntoo. bo propocrd, bie plan, to tbe u itl i rit.t 1 ?u.i! ibey ?i > epied it. h. rly nuoviHi aciurd.ot v. rii' l. ng Vlurtmrih.irg be w;.e nnrpr<tnl t fiiii tbe email nmnbfr ?. men lelt to uuaril tbe r.tiTroad line and defend Ra'timore und W'l^inngtnn. Ailk nds cf induce inenta were be'.d out W.< to attack Baltimore, and tie ?if in coBBtnnl ?r.mmi,nic*t'Oi with rebel avinpaitii/era within onr linr*. ro 'f.'rn ?r.o irvt'h of tbe ^tat?ment? be bail iieurd, Eariy regoived mi a recunnoietauca. Hut belora doing thit- 1 e ?nit ?'jt small i>ai'lien of troupe to rroi>t aud gather ..p b<>rso?- m all directioni, and ie|K>itH of tils 1 'wing tli.rty tbo* aand wtr ?op, with tno protiability of reie \ up Ixiavy re-nforceirt'-nts Tbe rebel ayrnpathi.ere took up ubui tbe -told'ers ?ald. and thus eidggerateil reporit. wei u put >n cir< uialion and kept tbere In all anitat.ces l ariv'p de'iciunrntn made it a p.ifti. uiar p<' -ft H b< jst of ibe s'icnglh of bia army. Wh.le lutriy wu? to be* ofl on a re ounoies?uce toward* Bull inure and V, aflfc nffon a fun-e wan left bebinil to nattier tuppi.rv and niuka nse of al; mean* of tr.iatpor tbt:on. I KF >1.V*1>F O.H F <SH ? .l"BI>(,:ii* w?r ik h mad*. rii? reader an eajy knows the t?n bi? rel'iro to toe valley be gathered in all hit nip pi <* ami p<''. tbe gieater portion or tnem aalc^y olf to Staunton, froro wb .. twnrt eome of them were, aent to HicbiniMiii. At to '? lienoral Uarly reoorted Ilia suc otwm t?' i- norul i.w, who. tlnil ng he bad got along ao well, ordered bitn to remain in tbe valley, gather sup pliee. paiticuiarly to deatroy tbe railroad from Harper a harry to Vnnb Mount ?i0 etatHio.anil be active in threat enini; the 1'n.un hne> .t diilerenl |?u;ui. a view to druwuig >mI troope irotn i.eueril (7 -ant to defend tbe border. l>ee ft iiarti tlar objeet being to. if pn>sib!e tbe utege of ('etar<>burg. B?h'Y l*?KFI eo< Mlll>? AlUtKIW Jtl>% AMW, but took the precaution be ore he dot ho to ogam get out the report of bi* thirty thousand tr opa and ex pecliug b*' vy reiiiforceBi4Ute. Mter thia >ullow<?i tleu. t;nok * retreat <in again rem.hini; the railroad i-.arly e* i laiilialied cointnunnat ? >n witb syinpalhi/om within eur I linee.wno regularly < laimuinuated to toim th<- wbereabouta of our fore* and ?b?<r unmherK. It wan tbua be wan auh ???i,'tenl!y eniiii>il ro n.-ai the mviwion of I'eniiiy Ivania that be did. While lie kept out small pariiea to apread falne reporta of bm atreagtb and mtemlfd movements. p1' k up m r??" and glaau uirotination, iie at the taoie time went into the woeat threabinv biiaiocea . n all ex ten* ive'? T? e. lie ale< set men at work. i.. deatKiy the railroad, by not only warpmg tbe raiia and burning the ties, but also by blowing up the culverts ^nd actually uamc artillery to knock down tbo stone |u?r? of an ex tensive bridge. A li<ttl*tnXI- OI'kRAIIOV. In regard to h>* thresbmg wheat, bn wt< rnuob facili tated in this way ?A Mr l iu n. oV i'eniisy ivam*. owned a large eiiablif tiaxini lor tb> ruaautautare of ibreilnng maotimes at Ntar'iaaiiurf. VJ^hen the rebels occupied M..rH"?l'iirg they cai'inred twenty- five of these machiuee. wh^ch were inuiu lialeiy diatributed am >ng the division romaMimtrieg i? the army. rbeei!cuaini"Sar;eagava them out to otber < oi?i!ii."M?ries . and thus a perfect aystem It threshing wheat ?a.< sion nn ;gurated. Ihe tt.reahed w neat was conveyed to nulla i>rt>s-ed for this work, and gr ?,.inl lor transportation and tbe use of tbe ariny. Aa *<>oii as resdy tbe ground wheat was sent tip tbe valley ? FupfH'Red u> be to -'taunton. Muring tills time ibe rebels lived well, and generally expressed it a* their tlrm nelief that raidiug ivas a r< al uood thing. How loog (ieoerat tarly would have c.outiiiued a thresher of wheat rather than a tbreaber ui ainu, it * hard to tell, bat certain it is tba< after we h?.J taa lesome nio^t outrageous blunders in our ai'ivetueutr. <ome wine head (suppueed to be General Grant s) mat luted a method of proceeding which sura mar dy relieved ns Of tbe rebel iiorno thieves and gram (atbt rers . and oauaeil the Ho. se ind (.rain Karly to tnrn nif attention . net, niore to his flank and rear and Ibe sacred soil of \ irgima. *?SI V S LAST MOV* INYO Wlim ?\P w?a (M't intende<i !*? g've battle u> our army , but toward a renewal of the captura of property au^ the w ring of hgetatee and rai^re money Hen. e, when l arly heard <?f onr . oumermovement, be made a retreat, dial but too (ratny.nely relieved us of bis presence, and Ibe examp le of hie honest'' companions. ins ana*isu of ? Hinasa?hi"*r sxn^iNar Just before leaving Wllliamsport General Karly made some public reinaras in regard to the burning of ? bam bersburc which are of interest. He laid that be or dered ?100,000 id gold to be demanded of the town, arid that if tbe demand was not compiled witb in tbree hours tbe town was to be burned . that tbe sua of mosey de manded was intended to reimburse Andrew Hunter, Win. I icas. Kdmund J. Lee and Hon Alex. K. Boteler ror their loeeee caused in tbe destruction of tbeir property by order of ( eneral Hunter, and that be felt perfectly instiled in tbe course be bad pursi cd. Ue >xplained bow Irene ral Iiuoter had burned tbe bouee of his (Hunter's) cousin, in Jeflerton county, Vlrginis. sad tskeo tliat cousla (Andrew Hasten off aa prises er, and said that tbe act wan a brutal one, becauae the inmates of the bouse were net allowed time to save even a port. on of tbeir clothing. In ?' including, he said t would be tbe future policy of tbe rebel government to rrtaliali In the severeet manner ior all barbarities prac t.sed against tbnin Qe delivered these remarks hi a calm.Orm to Miner la a private conversation be said that no men more ft. an himself deprecated tbe necessity sf s i' U an a< t as ibs one oooim.iled at Cbamberabi.rg, bat that be aant t ooed it, believing be waa only doing h s dutv to tboee people wbo had suffered by tienerai Hunter s orders, and again bemuse he bsiievsd that by rstaliaiiou such barbarous pract ree would be sooner d.? continued than .n any other way. He was |?rttfluler'y severe on < eoeiaj Hunter and said that, should he is I a pneti ?' mo tbeir baads. bia lot would be a card one. ras sr at vrFS>(.m. :n regard to ILe aireuftb of Ksrly'a wmv, as stat'd a I? si?>..k a ha ' tAlaA^rmt.K'* nutlU a. ma alicrlit I |ifff I4?U' tWU IU B. '?? sv T-*t ixsxv ?' i|,iii ?Mam wbich 1 wlu oorre. i, as follows ? sr-a-rvs m? a ft sea iar ?dge s ? ?*!?*? Wb .rloa'S d Vision 2,f.oO i.oid'o s dt> ?sa l,M) IrwaJ 4^00 Hbode* A?rpa Kan ?* r ? d ? aW n J.300 Miji e? old dlvineti 2 HOO la reserve at ? ?av beater 8,iMW Ti t..' lefanuy force 11.. 'Hi lota i (.avairv ... 6,600 Scu.t>et 1 meo witb art l^ry 00? Total iunsbef of "aa ....... 17 .Mb Total ei.aber of gens ?o nol me ud tag the tyiug artillery w tb cavalry. aatsasim's tm anus. Pereer.s wiH pn oably ask, haw can It be peeet^'e for the rebel* ta bate div??os ef sio h saail numbers' Wbet must tben , be tbe aa? a t laetr brlgadest Tuese ,uee. tmn* ere snemeeed by a refereaee is Kaaiseur s divalon alee*, wbxjt a br.gauad, aad is atraagtb as Ivllew* ? Mtn. Ijltie** br gede formerly regram'a brigade WO I van s bruatte, 'oemeriy MWt e br?e4a. bAt> ,?#t *?? p>* ari?sde woo ?cruse MT.nnM Kt. oe* d.vwiuabae tour brigad's Gor dec's dlvaion ibe Kama (two ef laow.ana tfoops aad twa of Virgin la i, and * tar I n s eaiy twe brigades When Karly made his tint raid be nto usted , two ewtlrs brtfadwaa bsrsee. gathered <a Maryland. The brigadae mow ted were ? Ta ghsns lee ureses erifade aid Jack?os s V'rgima br igada Alroiet ail tbe regiannte la its brigades aie < em maedei: by ma or* and Hsaaiews, Md 4of>?t 14 IMd. asttssv a* var iisia a gewt.eina* wbo trrisa* bare to-day eaya tbe miw* retreated from Martiaebarg leat evemsg Tbe seme gee tiegaai re|>or1s bsv ng beard caseonadiog between Punier RtU aad w tavkeeter. (rem wbat *eur tMrrmoDdenl known of the military situation be la laclmed to credit Dm) geiitkiinao'eMtatomaui ah-aiw in u tsnrrrown. Wtres were opened in llt??.x><towu this aiom mj. and tiiwiiii'f ? if .igaui reeuir.od Amr coa*IMBK.?t>ob n^uu opened with Krederlok HK FMBT IOR CHIBEin.lll?. H?Ul?> of Vnlch'i Mill ami Oldiowa ltc|iaUr of the Knci>?y. ;Froui tbo OunioorlanU Union, August 1 Ob Monday afternoon An, mat I. a' four o?< ioek the rebel*. li*o tbocsaud ?lr?iw, und? r the ceiuinwid ef t?*iioral* M.iaiwlaml nod Ur.idley T. Johnson, approached tbe ; i ly by Ui? Baltimore tortii ike, to the residence and mill of hn Kob'k, three miiee Iron town. Oenerai Kel loy bail previously determined !? .jive tboni battue und made the {.royor disposition of b.r lori'a, whub were not equal to the number of tlx- enemy, in orde^ to dispute tbelr eiitranoo into ti e to?n. 'lbe rebels are *aidmb?te Inquired of Mr Kol? k tbo strenmb and ikjsiIioo of Oenenl Koiley'i fouc-^ declar ing It to be tbeir intention to enter C'lm Gerund and i liii dor and dentroy it as th?y Had (.'tn-mbersbure. WHile thus in conversation a bhell fr?>m ur ha'iyry cune whiz/ tig over them, notiiying ttoem of Gcceral Rolley'* roullness to receive them and <a i-ung tfcew to "Bkt'dud >1U> ' out of harrn'N way The light . tbuH ouen< d continued throughout toe al ter Boon with arltllm jSflnil infant' y , shots teleg board uotd hair |>i.*t oight in the ?' ouint u' ?n ' h time lbe rebeie were to mil retreat iow*rd? Oldt' *o, taaiiii: the moun tain road which or<*se? ihe William* road, n.uu roues iie. low tbooity their bauly retrenl was disiiD. tlv beard by our citizen volunteers, wbo h,?d bio. kadeil tbe Wil ii uiiH road ami worn mi pti net duly all mglil witbio bearing distance of tbo retreating column The reside ice. mill and nuthouses of Mr Foiek were n range of our gun* anil were struck by several Kliots. tw? or Ibree of wUicb per'nrated the dwelling bullae, while others snruefc am ??t hre to tbo bam, *u ib wan >oiai)y oobsnmnd. 'lbe rebels brought tO'eo piece- of artil'cty twen ty-lour p< under, Into the battle field. rt<'D kei'ey need but two p'eces Met ai.Kland . and Eridley .Tnhnsor we are infuriued. addiesxnil their troops ( reyiou" to tin- attack, jjromlfing tbcm a levy of f'^j0,00( on nor oitl/ei r. fl(JO in ?r*en backe t< oacb soldier, and one hour's freedom lu tto city for pillu^o. e'l or wbirh we have neon *pu"'d fmio "n during by tbe cnorny ind vc'or of O'xerai Ke'ley and (be offiiere ind men UDilor bis omtuand lbe lulls of tbe rebels at Folck's Mill and Oldtown wm about ono hucdred Willed and wounded. Our ioee was three ki'led ?nd (he or si* wounded. v,o appemJ tbe inportof <;citra! KeVay to Uotemcr I oreman, of t^'est Virginia ? Ci a.SR' ANf, Ai<gost2. t^M4. To Oo\r.R?oti Bokem**' ? !'he eiMDiy alia?:ke'l me yesterday ?t four P. M. We fou;bt bun nil daik. At ? even I . M. i.n retreated from toy front, golni: by a iKHintaib r'*d towards Oldtown. on the Potomac, leaving ma aillcn and wo indod. two c.aia sous,qu!to a.(.i?ni, y of aa.i00ji.ti0L, also ruauy vtagoue, carriages. Ac. I'rieoners rep<>ri Brad ey Jubncou aid M- Jutland In comnud My forte ?? purraiDg. I hope if ..r ruke him M the rher. 1> Ki'l.U'V, Hrieadie;- G'jooral, A ir.enl has furo.ibtd ,m Willi tbe foilrwin^ ntereit og ai.iount of tbe llglit at Oldlnw r> ? (Ji oera. iielloy sen: Colonel Slough out to (,reen ^prim run on Monday alteriiooo i be b ?v.n* been o.-deri d in pre. tiously with u'.scotnniainl.i, to < >:t ' fl ibo relrea' of.iolin sod mid McCaaslund. who were exi ". tui to roniM '?[dpi?.u that evening at n* u tloc.lf. Tb > rem' Is, howovwr, obangnd ibe r course, ar.d r une m on :he liatumore (uke, tj ''cap toro < urn'ii'rian.l ' und ooD-.-i.utiitiv did at Oidlown. Colonel Mo'igb. however, v ac ignuri^tit of thl^ fa>t. tknu crossed tbe river, dltpoang his com mand lu amlt'ifb at a |Kifiiiou two ui laK uorlb o[ flld town. as we understand if. Itere be and In* men. only lour buudred and 'Illy strong, lay 'jutoily *'1 na,bt, w lb vlgiluDt, ? > uwako ;<:ck'!s posted #n v i riocs direct ioue. At live o cl< ck ou lumiuy muru.oK toe enemy approached ,n forcc on our leu /ian? . ani.'. wfcen they came witlun rifle range, oor men k.>su and gat e tbe:n a fi.Jl voiley, which esipiier? se\'trai sad'llep. as tbe volley was (ired a ruJi breaaieo Yinl>*o -itger ' reot the nir. and thereoels fell back .n confusion. Our men fought tbeiu until bine o clock, wbea the enemy tiai.Ked them in overulielmi'ig farce, and t olonel Plough ordered tbeni to tall kacK acrons the river, lots Uiey did gradually . in line >rd?r. tot men st< pi ing "cta sionally to eionty tbe.r rtllee in tbe breasts or' tne ad vabcing foe. One cooog innn of t oiouel ^tougb's regi ment. the One Hundred end Vi iy third dbia, young Coll eid, said to b.ii con.mander, <'ap(ain < rose, " I am bound to g>ve Ibem oue more aliot.'' He did ao and had not moved twenty pates to the rear ! efore be received a mortal wound in ibe bowels aud till, saying to b.? c.m lades, "Ian going now. btys. Uiodby.'' Our n??a Imvtng croMed tue river, were posted beblnd the railroad - mbaukmeut, and be. . tbo rebe.a liack ha.f an hour. Vlie iruu c'ad train Laving beeu duabled, could give lbe iifautry no ass.atancc, ami the lire becauie eo deadly that the Inrg?r portion ol o ir men ware ordered to take tbe tram mid w.tbdraw ii to ? umberlauil. dpt. Cross, Suppt^ing 0*1. Stvugb uu board, pushed ofl; but lbe colonel remained witUasoufid and repaired to tbe blo< kbnui-e, u. wiiicb b" had pre vn isly nlaced forty int n, and bald tbo bi n lor at: hour and a half, notwith standing tbo rebel *be! it were kL< < king it to piecea vter their bead1 ?'0l. StO'igh. al eleven o'clock, le. t-ived tbe following menage by a Hag of truce ? AlGffrS, I KM. To tba roMeavnitx o? tnr l i rit' i.i n:t Hu?' UfutM. ? You will surrender tli> Block bouse and your forcoa al nut !f you do not you will noi re. eive any tern.* mt.vnr y y r. juhs^ov, brigadier '-'cneral t oulederate Korea*. The f olonel requested to see lb* force, wblrh lie dis covered Ind entirely surrounded bim, and one twenty four pounder, one tweiee pounder bowiuer sod four three nn b regu'ailou guns, m ?i.. o poaiiioi s a* to kuo<sk the blockhouse into parti-doe m lire moiutea, and. on consulting ir lb his men, returned an au?wer lo the edect tbat would surreoder only op ihe-e .-oaditi-ins ? 1. That be aud his men should be iinmedial'.dy ptroled. Ibat private property sUou d i>? rescecttd. X That the men sbouitl retain c:<nteeni. haveraaiks, blankets and ratinna. ?nd 4 That be should have s hsnd ear, wiih which to transport kiS woauded mi ri t< C utnberl ind, Tbese propositions were sent to Meocral Pradlev T. .Tobuson, e(>mtrind/ng a divis .m of 'ebels, and signed bv < olonel I. >tnugh. "commander of squad of One Hoodnd and Kifty-tbira OMo " ana ihey were mmediately ac cepted and respected. ('olonel Stengb iiad a lock of hair taken off of hi* r gbt temples by a rebel ball, whlcb becsire twistrs! in it, learing a bare spot tbe si/e of a dime on his scalp He ba* sign two bullet holes r. tbe 'roct of H i b nuse near ai hi* breast Oenerals .lobasoc and Mr<?ao?lAi<d treated Colonel *t"Ugb with great coi.rteay and retnmended hire and hlri men for th?ir bravery. Oner at lohnson adnr.'tted a loss of twenty to iwenty ttve men kdlfd and torty wounded, i oiooel Stougb lost two men killed and three w< urded Gtaeral Karly OrSlerad the Burnlaf s( Chamberabarg. [Frnsa tbe Harrisbnrg Vaiegraph. August ? I Tbe fact tbat foor citl/en* of Ifagerstown ware taken ss hostage* by the rebel*, when they re<v cupied tbst place nn Friday last, bus ahead i been aanoanced ia oor ? o'umns. one of tnetn wss Rev Mr. Hyde, who was tiken to Karly"* beadqnariers tieneral Karly affirmed lo Mr Hyde that be {fcarlv i had ordered tbe bnrolng of < bambersbars Tbat the General mad* tbl* assertion ibere can be no doubj. We have received tbe facts of tbe ease from He* irvin H. Torreooe (Secretary of the Fast Penntylvabia Hlble Rouse), who obtained hi* Infor mation ibis at tkambersburg from Her. Mr. Hyde, wbo ha* teen paroled by tbe rebel commander, oo oonrfltion tbat be report* at Richmond <o two weeks, if not exchanged nrevlo >* to that time. GRANT. Mr. William H. Nerrlam a Deapatcfc. Pom oi Ro< s*. Va., 4 tig .st 9?7 A. H. a visit to in* i *as Yesterday General Butler, ac cmpan-.ed by *ev*ral men. hers of bis staff rude h.s : ut?s, and mad* ?ome practice with iBe tiattini; guc. lae ' *weral and party r*t im*d ?e ?^?np about eigbt o'c?ock ins an HMosr rats** (>f yesterday are ia lbe ma n despondent on lbe gsaeral aspect of rebel affairs, ibr-ugb stra.nieg erery nerve to k**p ap a pub. ic cot age tbst baa well uigh all ooied oei. (.tntii sinss, it. p. tbe acnoubi anient tbat Ma.ior r.aner il Puller bid been mad* a IX. 0. by Williams' t'?liege?sn emiaeat institu tion of learning in Masescbrnwite- has been reunited here with great rat Infection. Mo gratifying and dignified a temasnkrance of aeoid>eria tbe ReM, expand log bla etargte* in npboldmg the flag or bis nationality, bring* joy to all bi* fr ends. Ibis is a title wklcb ibe dlalia gu shed son of tbe Old llay State >a fully aatitled to wear by virtoe of kla learning and a^e>mp*htbmeat*, and my strong Impraeaioa i* that bis nerils as a leading Albert eaa aekoiar war* raeogaised ao*s* year* *Moe in tae be st< wal or ibe rata to the Laws t>y anotbar nainant no Jag*. Th* Freea Daapaateh. WiSeisoTOW, August 10. 1M4. A latter from tke Atwf of ibe rotomao, dated yeater day evening, reporta that everything renamed qui*' tbara wuh the aaeeptioa of pnket Artng. wbtcb waa at' ' kept op, bat not to eobttnooasly a* formerly Upon the recowmaudaMon or Ike Medk al nirector dlelntarment ofkediee la prohibited wiibia the Ilia ike Army of tke Ptainmec until furUiar order*. ** " *???? *f tke PropeUer Raelas. riursi*. a w , a ig<ist lfi , Tbe propeller Racine, for Huffalo fr< "n f.'ki i , 1V4 bar boiler iaM olgbt. o(T Rendaa.i l?tat, ??? h"r? Twakro at tbe . rew wer* loot. Th* rahu, * hfl# work* of tbe vessel were bi rce'd. Her M"1 ?JJ*"? perk aad b?b wloeo? waa destroyed i hws jmr*? pkrkcd ur? tke aurstvnrs . aad h wert fie be1 ,?**'**' , ,,h aaar fealt?.wn. Tbe e**a*e of s?e rre. .11, the b?.ch see UMSMfkleWt. ^ r HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEWS.1 Continued Success of Farragut's Fleet. Fort Powell Abandoned an& Fort Gaines Surrendered by the Rebels. The Enemy Painfully Hu* initiated. Sheridan's Forces Skirmishing wiih the Relfls Near Winchester. KxpleaioD ef in Ordaanre Beat Ib James River* THE LATEST MEWS FROM ATLANTA, Uh it. Secretary tualoa to ?>?aer?) Oil. War Dkpartmiwt, August 10?10:30 P. M. Major General I)/*, New York: ? The following report of tin- succors of o< r o| c? rations at. Mobile, extracted from the Ri? 1 ax rul Enquirer of this morning, has just been re.-eiv < by this Department from Major (ieneral Butler. -? "Mobil*, August 8. l^iW. < "Friday night f.ieutcnant Colonel Williams, .'<.?n? mantling Fort Powell, evacuated and blew up tli? fort. "Yesterday and to-day the enemy are shell ng Fort Gaines. "'Hie people of Mobile arc all ready for tl e ' y. Great ronfldence prevails. "The people are satisfied with the conduct of Lieutenants Bnclianan. Maury and Burnet, of th? navy." SgCOKn DK?PATCIT. "MovrtE, August 8, lfC4. ? It is painfully humiliating to announce ili? shameful surrender of Fort Gaines at kalf-j. wst nine o'clock this morning, by Colonel Chair* Anderson, of the Twenty-lirst Alabama repimentv, Thia powerful work was provisioned for months, and had a garrison of six hundred m< 114 He communicated with the enemy's lice: by flag of truce, with the sanction of <Jeie? ral Page. General Page inquired by ?ig nal what his purpose was, but recel\r?| no answer. His attention was attracted by signal guns. Page repeatedly telegraphed. on to your fort.' The fame night he visited Fori fiaines, and found Anderson on board the \ ankca Meet arranging the terms of capitulation. Ha left peremptory orders for Anderson, on bis re turn, not to surrender the fort, and relieved kin* of his command. "Fort Morgan signalled this morning; but no answer was received except the hoisting of th# Yankee flag over the ramparts of Fort Gaine*. "Anderson's conduct is officially promuT.ce<| inexplicable and shameful.'' Despatches just received from General BherStla? report his forces moving against the enemy op ih? >heriandoah. At four I'. M. they were sk>rmi*k? iog about ten miles from Winchester. This morning General Grant reported the ex plosion of an ordnance boat yesterday, loaded with ammunition, at City Point wharf. No dets!? have been received. Colonel Babcock, of Gene ral Grant's ataff, was slightly wounded. No operations before Atlanta of coniertntncft are reported to-day. Portions of Stenaman's command are continuing to arrive, and the total losa will net exceed on* thonssnd. EDWIN If. 8TAMTON, Secretary of War. Tfce RtM Fleet at Hthlle Oestr*?ye?. Wasknot on, Aogust lr4t 1864. The Navy Department to-night rec jeiyed a de? spatch containing the following fro- A the Bick? mond Examiner of the 9th:? "A despatch from Mobile, dat ^ August 7~* two daye later than oar pr eviou8 advices? states that the situation h A(i Qot materially altered since the enemy's # rtotory over 00* iron clads on last Friday. Tha Nlvy Department received a telegram jtf ,%crtoj morning annour.c? ing that the Morgan, t> ^ onJy gunboat of onr fleet which waa not oitbe f beached or captur? d. had succeeded in ,ftjng over the bar and reaching Mobile.'1 Or a tli Of A.' T" _ ~ ~ ? iaai OrasMsS, ?? ?slttaaere. BALnaoae, Aofnst !?, 1M4. AflRBD INP' (be M<>nt?r hnewe ae the prope et?r of tvpbcid ' Iron Foundry, Alert this moraiag of tt>e '* wer. r,r;.r ' 'ri A"*'* ** HiAeABA PALM.? Farlat, who a n age waa a rival of Bloadua ea the ttf bt ray* at rJrf?r ? halls, baa been making preparations to lead Ik* "?]*? above the American fall ea a pair of iron suits. rvea for tbe purpose. IV eihlbitloa was w> beva !??. ? off on the loth. Karly yesterday, *? 7* a, tbe leet hardy aaaa went out to rehearse ihe ?Un ? *rr sue feel. He saeeesded in setting more ibaa balf * /a as, at a pole* betweeo tbe fails a?d Beat lsiss? , ;MK, wbea one of bit stilts broas or f?vs way, sad b? ras iestaotly ia the rapids, fortunately tbe place K ibta accident was directly above Robins-* s Wan*. % L small pteee of wooded land whleb Uea l? of I.ima Iskapd and very yr the >?'?*"' '*? Americaa fall He weeesded ss tbe 'shore ef this island, aad drafted himself tbe water, ffforts are belst made to get I Sttn offrrvr* b?s perilous poeMioo. II >? srotber walked oat in thai rtoJTabSJ S ??isoS and reached a point witkla w few n ?s of hha with wster np to Ma waiet. aad browmf bin a rooe wltb a stops attached, he aeaat*<f iodraw a pall of provWoos towards him aad fteeily ?raaued it. A boat ia beta* built by Mr. George if. fWineeo, whose ssoie the latead bearil, aad who p'totrd toe Moid ef tbe MlsS down the rapida. Up to seveta o'clock P- M be had net beea (at of! the island, aad ia ?II probability will Save to rentals over eight end tbe greater pert of to morrow. He seems to lake n? hs nrnonmeni F>od bosaorsdly sad la praatwiac some of hie ? - ? ? -???? a^n.iin. ?? km - ? j band*, to. beta*) fe/, 10.

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