Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Wlwwiiir, At: trust 10?6 P. There x rerjr little speculative activity lo Wail street, Although tbe moi *jr market continues easy, the capita] offcrinp b?mp in esctfe of the demand at seven per cent ?a call. | Kxchange is dull, at about yesterday 'a rates. There w > another slight improvement in stocks to day bai the market has ?j >t the activity which is neeea aar.v to Ind'iee a p? filial on nnd outsiders generally to par ticipat in tbe transactions. Compared with tbe highest r"h s'l-'S veaJrfda* New York Central advanced at the first board i, wr ceut, Hudson Kiver 2 '4', Mtcbican soutberu ' . Cleveland and Putaburg >*', Chicago and Rod leiind , I'aubuig ? n t Fort Wayne Cbicgo and Noritiweftem ^.Cumberland Coal *nd Dehiwafe ?od Hud oa Canal tt trie Railway and Reading sold the f?m?; Michigan Central V.IInuon Centrally, Mariposa and Ohio and Mi<*i*aipy>| certiorate* ?tofk? wore irregular in tbe afternoon; but there was very little variation in qua. aliens iroiu tuo sales of tie morning. Government securities were a fraction down, the fo|. low Hie bring the quotations at ttie first board:? Coupon I e'xee of 1881 ItS'f. registered flvo-twentias 107, aud tbo ?ouj ons 10;J a ltX*1,' . one year certificates 95 a 95 <?{. At I the sec ma bo ird coupon bonds of 1SS1 sold at lOfi V a 1CK>\, rejis-tor.'d live twenties ut 167 n 107^ nnd tbe 1 conpont- at >nd tbe one year certificates at The hi. ft.*t cash prices of railroad anil miscellaneous ?barer at tUu ftrst Fession of the Board of Brokors to-day compare with the quotations or Weduesday of last week as follows ? J HI. 8. Ann. 10. American w?d. .J5S^ ''' ?American t'oal Company 90 'Mi Alton and Terre U iute Railroad. . . . . . . . ? ,-4 Cleveland ?nd Pittsburg ' 114 Cleveland and Toledo , ' Vi4 183 Chicago ar,?i R ck la: rd 114'.< liav Chicao and Northwestern ftTV r-ra? Cumberland Coal " r,<2 Canton Oomuaa.v ' as^ "t w Geotrai Coal Comnsnv ."V." 4 fio Delaware and Hi:d-uu Canal 2?o o 10 trie Rui' no*' iiSi^ Kr.e pre; or ied ,1, ?m ' Hudson River 13?V 1"' U:mo?s central '...'.V. 130 * mv , ll.clngan Coulr il ixVa" Michigan - outneru ' p? Milwaukee ani rairie Uu Chieu. ....... :<i * ,,, * Mariposa ,\i nine ja Now York Central \ Y... Ul j;,? * <?bi and Mississippi ce-tifi -at'ii.. f>8^ of2,' rittsnure, l<ort VVayoe and CnlcafO 117 llfji-' Quicksilver Minto*. F " Readme Railroad" . . . . . . . . . . " .' . \ ,3; / j$%y The fullowing were tbo quotations at noon for gov erument t^jcuntics ? Five-twenty couikw bonds. . .. Five tweuty reulatere.l b mds ! j?- " Augu-i s?\en 'iij'i thr.-e teiuhs lre?."iry'nofeV.!.'.'* To ?> ' ' <Vtober seven and three te.itli* Trea'urv no^oc.. . ,,,t " Renistered . s <.r is?l , Coupon b'k i>f i*m l 'lV One year curreucy cortifl( ?Uw . . .' .' ob ' * ?t.ite Pt fcs w?re quotmt as .fo!!o;\> Vjssouri C-k ?S Nor, I, r ro!iu% C's rR!. T?mi?wee 6'? 87 Cal.lomu 7's . " k,4 4 1,* *> Ohio fi-?. ism i 0 ,V ,rz^,a 3 ticor?i?tf-a oo liOr.isi ma (i'p H i bo gold room wut not disturbed by rumor* to d?.r. ?ud tbe !luctuation? wire consequently contlaod wittuu very narrow limits. Col 1 . pe0ed ai a55, went up ?; j<er cent, and then down to a54rg. closing at 255\j the steamship Scotia, -or Ll?o,pool to day , took out ?69,000 iu s|>ecio. Actiug Oommiwloner Rollins* (fecirion in relatlcu to ft; ? t.ixatinn o- seven and three-tcothj Treasury note.i s> p.i" only w h en tney a. e use I as part of tti" capital of a hank. Tbe first section of rlie Ksti-an act c.vnnt, ?|| treasury note?, well us bonds, from state and muni cipal tarati .11. The tinaucial trai.sBctlous at tbe Sub- Treasury to jav are thus given ? Receipt* iroin cuhuuds, ?A? lotai receipts , . , 0 i'WtnuiilK l.-U.t.'J'.hi H nance 17 '"7 ^ The Vcw York Import, for tbe paat week compare"^' tolloivs w iih i.irmer rettirux: r,r? li?3. 1-6t. ! ?- M0 01? 1 ,74 t?r, 2.301 s"s <.acer?l ineruiiBuaise.. 2,.i45.4:i:i 677 2,243, "A8 intil I..- the week. $' H? 4 9 It. mi.,,, 1 opuried . !'!V>7ti,103 103 ^76.M6 14& l??.8ss Tclal since J ,n I.?104,W|1m wJi?M6 SIotTcToM " 'Isnowihe exports (exclusive of ape. nej (rota Ne.v Votir to lorelsn ports for tbo week oudu.g ' Sad fiuce January ] ? Far th* week 2.1%0 ?;??? I I . VIW.WV ri (>iirlei ,7s.tfu: fljii 10 .,1/ .7.KI0 110.410, TSJ si.uceJanu.rv 1 . . . . WJ ICwTl?~00 m^fe7sl7g Hie Treasurer ot \V?-tctie?ter county . Sew York, ad ?oriisc- r propi'nia icr tli? purchase of (be county bond* Im the extent of ?f'.7.r,,(,0j Ibeia-ilic Mail Sfemi'hip Tompanv wil! p-yf I7t|, ?nat.. a quarterly diviOMd o| five per coat. The- 'books ci |<> morrow ai.d reotieu W li mat. Ihc Oswego and Syrnruae road will pay, 2Cth Aug st lis twenty s?- uid somi-aunual divijend of four per cent <r'*c o! las. 'h? following statement shows tbe conditk,n of the i'U'iadelpbla banks on Wo ,d.y, a, compared w.tb the ,e tsirt ol AuguatI: ? J^rvixo ? h at .'en; cts of the c uu ry banks of Maiaachus Its ?ompai<i a, follows with furnwr returns: *!)?< ?2H.arr, 6:,,ts7:->7 i,U4H.:ig# i.-tt.; ,. < U," 13 141,7-7 12.5 5.810 " ' ' '"n a?.7J?,7A| ili" 1..II w .1^; table *:? w* Mm amount ?f d'-ur nod araia 'u ''' "" 1 ,u l!-" turn o! Ju:y, with the amount "p.rt d tni- weofc previous uou tuat ot tbe correspond ing d iW In |sn;i ? y?'v3 0, Ju'v23, Anal, . l*''4 1M4. 18m.,. I* "? 2J.264 xi^'5 "?al H?.o.T|.? IIH.MT gr 5 .*4^ U72 >i3 l.;*#.4ol 006 r,6? ?<"*? ?? 2W.8W 267 7^2 217 2 n'". IJ-?>I U.MH 82.080 ?.!'? O Ool C 6I?? Tot, 1 1 ia hiistials 2 (24, 7! 2,017~^g4 l^fn^SB 1 he < inp r it ve earnings of the M< waokee and I'rairie dU ta^n Railroad lor tbe iu hiiIj 0/ July wars m fol lows:? llWj 71,5*7 Inoreata (nloety five per eenn 81X069 ? lb* inriease ui tu? earnuiga af the above road mare January 1 over tn? receinta lor the same period laat year nmnuo* . t" IS. <48, or aeveoi y -four per ceut. Tba Chic fO jyihil. ol lltml ,y says-? lha wees .est 01. ? . has been dim .if financial activity. Trie for 'ft<v -v 'r'.m men hants and pion ssiou BBOO ha* I?e -0 v-r? btrae, the result of layittg in large ato? it ut nv ihe rormT. and tn? movaaient 01 larye atiio.-ni of grim 1 ih,. l-??t by the latter. Hie binkers nave lortunaieiv ? Vo<mI sonoiy ot monry for tb-ee r^aaaea, and tbiva uave pr.'UnOi) t>a< u but very few dis appoiotioeou **"???1 Ktehaag*. ., , , ... Wma??i.?T. A'ig.ial 10? 19 ?l A. ?. * 2^11 L.V*. ", ^ J,V' h" A' WW U0? ?WU|, urn IU;i Mil Oeniral KK |.? 5 i" '22 '?> f""' Kr'* K,! Ill ?JOWO do 1IMV Ion a., >.((? nti inaOfl P HI n.lrear sevi >*1. So do,.' llv" ?"?Ma do ?a to ? Hudiso Iti'vai KB " 1 14 * nnfti U H > a Moa.rea 107 IO0 du Ull 111 Mmll wiWa. 'iV. 1 I too !lo . Hj.' *HP Indiana 5a . .. r?0 Ml do.!"!. m? Jf issour 1 <rs ft atw ,in ; ' tono do nr?j >*i MMo oeatrai itn.I |.8i*< ??? . ' *" *41 Haadma KR l.V'.'k ?m MadSi.laa toPaRK 7 4ui? do 1,10 1 if J I(HW1 (NlHi * Mm fleet. (.1 ). ?K' do ... .... It.w sooi n tce>a7s. ;t i.1o i vMieb KoAxiitR v, , 3000 Rrle .<,1 mot. I 0 J ???? 91 >>*1 Frialth wort brts. Ifl* Jo,i do 91 ftsmM.i 4 ? r 1st is a'b 1. ? Am ill (lent RHacrlp . Iftii 60?M.el?? t(l,l In IK ..bill lj;l 4 on ah a t 11 ee<> e 4? ?i> Ci?v * I'ltU ft a in, ?.?> tiki A X W ui m lUSv, .'OUblc 4 N W UK ... 57 . .MB do Ilrt'. *>0 do...... .... B7U ? flXI Cia? i Trl I r bs III II'1 do 1*7 , H" land a <W I oil do .SIO 57, Aianar 1 rd O 4 wm ? 4a ..... . . 57 MarietuUin 1 m H?? ?wOMr *M?r It It prar (iti Bnaa Mari|.<?a isi ia b M |?J0 t-'B? IHf. B? .. 1M J ?Oaha I'uotineeiai Ilk III] |H0 da HI1] "X[ I>el A lluj aaa Co 210 do I It <2 <>'? ."Ml* MCttle II y Hit ... ISO 5'umbr,., (>(^ ?.i mm a f ant: k? . dv ? *' MI4 2f> do 14 i* ?? M0 K .41 W UKduCaKlaure ? H ft..:::::. "a*- i r>Vl& * ch * ? r ' ir. ?? ?iane.e!i"*f ra v ii? Jo !!?1 25?iaEii?Ml?i!t?, ?? dai'.Oiw a or ? aer o ll?4 oa Aiiaatir MaMMi o. lou Ait 4 1 Htuta ?R. . <4 ??'OWO Bruno. ?M oaia HI Mi loss? 'IT/I".?*0 r U. RS 0 ?"?o.M -a.r.-a I .3 Ml Je./. i225*e?" .. ! 7,? ?,f'ii'f4Nw rr Cm M ? I, J0 ,'e" '? > *11 *Ydn c ?R ' (W * } lr ?*rt ? 10 1 *Kih Cent KB )M *?2 J?a?nnrl d'a ?A jo. JJV ?? ti* iii cent rr Wrtp;; |J|* $ & Okie 4 Mite e?rta tiU 10 d l?H go.d .. 2ft 100 Mieh 8i4 R I ttd .. 14i tOOebsOollver Mg Oo. r%\ WO Cke'e A PUta BE . 1U SOU Cumb Co? 1 pref . . . . 61% do blO 1U |iW do ?IS ?M) do 113*4 4< ? Erie B K US', 100 Chic A N W RB. ... 67S? ?? do US mo On 67% 100 N T Cent RE l:U'? 00 Chic, Bur k Q BB l'.N^ 100 Hudson Elv RE ... 1S6 SO do IMS, *> do 1S4V loorttu, r W AO RB 1163( 100 Had too El* KB.... 1 54 V CITT OOHNB RCIAI* REPORT. WgPKtSPAT, August 10?6 P. M. Asms? Receipts. 18 bbls. The market wae Inactive, ?nd prices nominally flj 50 a f 15 60 BRFAiwrrirrti? Receipts, IS. 790 bbls. flow, 142 bb's. sod 1 ,*.<<32 bags corn meal, 112,499 bushels wheat, 180,523 do. corn, and 38.318 do. oats. The market for (lour con tinued dull and irregular, and, except for fresh ground, trice* were lower. Tbe protracted hot weather detera the trade from talcing more than Just sufficient to supply immediate necessities, owing to tbe liability of souring, ao'l the large block of old flour causes a pressure to Mil. Hence tbe depression. Tbe export demand was moderate, and. confined to good br-inds of extra freeh ground, ^ates 18,000 bblp. State and Western, S00 ftiiKUera and 600 Ca nadien. Bye Hour firm with File? of 240 bbls. at $8 50 ? $11 50 for common to choice? I he latter an extreme prtce. Corn meal was more nlentf and rather lower, with more doine at the cc-oceanon: tales 2,000 bbls. at f 7 90 for Jersey. $S 25 for caloric, and $8 40 for Brandywlos. We quote: ? Superfine *tate and Western flour $0 00 a 9 CO Rxtra State 9 70 a 9 85 Choice state n il'i ? Id no Common to medium extra Western..., 9 50 a 10 10 1 Fxtra round hoop Obi?< 10 30 ? 10 55 Wertorn trade brands '. 10 fiO a 12 00 1 F.Xira?t. Louis 11 V ? 14 00 i Common f*?uibert> 10 no a 11 25 I- xlra ann ravcv <J" 11 30 a 14 00 Common Canadian 9 70 a 10 00 Hood to chote* nnd extra 10 ofi all 00 Kye Hour, annertlne.. . 8 59 a 11 50 Corn meat, hnis 7 00 a 8 40 Corn meal, puncheons ......S3 00 a 30 00 I ? Tbe wheat market was depressed and dull for unsound and in'erior, and without decided change for prime spring, which is scarce and wanted for export; ;saies 124.000 bushels, at $2 15 a $2 03 ff,r Chicago snrine, S2 20 a *2 3 6 for Milwaukee club. ?2 35 ft $2 U!> for amber Milwaukee, & c. ? tho latter an extrome price; $2 32 ii $2 4? for iuf-rinr tn prime wtntei- roi Western, $2 47 ? $2 63 for nrol er Micbtiiaa, and $2 59 for whim Western. Core wan opsin lower, with n fair (Jem mid at the reduction : sales 115 00O hiicbnls, nt $1 82 ? f 1 83. for Western mlr-oi. $1 65 for high mixed. #nd $1 60 :> a $1 61 lor ta, Kin <1 Ryo and 1-arley inactive mid . I ! nomi. al. Parley was in eood request at *2 25, with $2 40 n $2 50 dem indorl by holders. Oats ruled steady, w it h a '? r rtemnnd si fi^e a *1. Coiput ? We notice further sites of foo bnws Rio tt 4T 1 c. ? 4Sc , md 010 do. 1 aroayr* . from to 4TVr C'ml. ? Kor len Was very scarce, We quote iMcfcswspra and Pptsion.512 50: f<eliieh, F13- S-rantnn, fin 50, and ban: delivered br the ?lo-i|.>rs from ynri* , ?!4 . cash. ' I'wris IWmi ? Tilt! mnrlfot continues dnl. R'e no'n sales ol 100 tons sola ash, 5 '<e. a fir : 25 do. pal soda, 8s'e.: 100 ke 5 hicarhc.uate soda, 9TJC., and cream of I tartar. STc,, cash. l"RR'o?rrs were dull. Focacement* to l.iverpool per Ame'tran vessels Include S'.OcO bushels v.-!ui?t nn ' 7,000 do. corn ?t 7d. , m hidk and |iair= ; 500 bid", flour nt Is, fid. , to flu; r,o tons logwood at 2is. "d.. IPO haloc homn at. 20?.. 10 tuti* spo'm ollat2Sfl.: and ner neutral I4,t)ii0 bur h 's ? he-it nt 7*Jd" and 25 MnJs. tnburco nt ;<0s. To 1 ond m . pi" A meric n, 1 "50 bbls. flour at 2s. 7 \?A ; prr fieutrnl, 1.6f'0 tibia II ur nt 7 ><d . a 2- '. 0d ; lt.'O hSds. t ob ceo iii :!-Js B<i., 7 000 biishe s wheat a* 7*,'d., and per Bteattwr BOO h it ch"<.i? tea n' : Ss. , 50O boxes cheese at o0s.. and 14. 000 bu'tieis wTi"at at OJ-Jd. To Rris'ol l,f00 hhls II '"ir nt 2s, 7i^d. and 7.000 bushels corn at fil To Haoihurp l,0iv) lihis petro'eum at 6s. fid. j To '-'an !? rincisc> tfifl triai" et enntioues very doll. We | qhol" n? 'he rnure fiOc. a 70c, ne- root end lc. a 1 t;e. rer I lb To y.'ihn-'rne and Sydney ."V'C per foot. A Woolcttn ! bnr? b'ie. 280 'oi s, was chs'iered to a por? In Hie Mcdi I terranean. 4.000 biirs iienper, le per lb.: a hark. 531 , | tons, rrtim ''ad^ t ? Pocton, call. ?1 50 per hhd.; a I I'rltisb lirip. v30 'in', to Hivani, fl.S'W); a brie, "45 Ions, to V ' rih ?rje ' uD i nnd hao|{. su nr. ROe and molas. sos *4 on deok a "ritish ^ch oner, 1 ,200 hnl?. to We.-t Jrdles and l> irk ?1,"?01 half cold tMLtSKK* ? the t.usrVi't was dnll nod prires were with- ' Out m* e' inl r'mi c: s ites (W) bb's. New Orlc ins at $112 | ? $1 15. ehi?*l?' at the Infer nr'e.e. I'rivsii'N' ? t>-elnt?. 100 htols. lard. The pork mar k?t continued dnil* n-.?| pt ie?<- w*r* without e=eenHnl ehaUt e : sal"- 4 "01) bbls 53'> n CT* or men, f8T 50 for new rili 2? tor nrmi". sr.c *3ri 25 for nr'Tie me?s; I nlso 4.000 bli ... new in bir er Ausru^t ai 50 a f'9. Heet co: timiCT rtuft : ? ?'? ? "00 hhls. . at a *15 for cuin trv tue- . i? i <s (n* country jir1*ne,$1S a S20 for re rmcked mr*t. nfct! j20 u *20 for extra do. I'rlmn mn?? , l ee w .v. quiet -'Oil uticlianced Cut moats were in limited de i i"d t?u' pri<*e? -vere Arm: sales 50 rack 1 nees. ?rt 14c. a 11 1 jr. for ShomrfetS and 17!;c for ham" l.ard win dull, but Urm site* 1 .000 hhls. nnd lierc-H. at 51 ' C ? 2 ' 'jc., a> d 20i'i hb's. buver Seiitemher, at 2o 1 ;c Puuer wiii KCirre ai d (I'm. *t 40c.. a 45e. for Ohio, and 4n\ a M)r, f'.r P-at' . ('boe'O quiet, at 18c. ? 25c. for rominon in prime. I'* ui'is m. ? licelnts, 4,flc* bbls. Tbe market for ? rudH was tirm t "?'n , thou "h some contrsc's sold at 81'- Or botrded ol' notbing w is d tie. ?s shipments were pr tiil'iied b>- i rder trom Wash'mrton ? t beautiful re venue Bvsiem, C'Ttaloly. Free was steady. Tbe sale-" we'e 7 0' 0 hh'? rr- de (prf* ci"a11< last evenlnp), nearly m|I lor "fiu-mcn , in s Iv at and about equivalent to fi2e. and 57c f'r ej*. miter; 3 00" bids, bonded lor future de iverjr >n i?ort ; 2,000 do. fri-o v7c a 87 'ir. r f-r _ We uotire s les of 200 bat-s Rsdl'ooo, In lots, at 14i,c a t c. Stuuit The dem 'nd w a moderate : g <les of 26 1 hbds at 20'xc a Mr 'or C- ba apd 24c. a 24'{q. for Porto Rico, aud 00 boxes so d nt lll'^e Tah.ow w;<? dull, wi Ii small sales at ls'.'c. a Whiskkt.? It eeipts. pr,o bbls Sales 1,500 bhla. at $1 73 a $1 74 l. tormatsi aifl Western. Wool .?The m-irkei lor h>in forelzn and domestic wa? Orm. and the a Wit Imnrwemei t noied in "tif last was Tui v sustained The s il-? Included 178,000 lb?. domestic I 9i?ce at 'i7 '<e a ?1 02lc f?T heavy and low fleeoo, and *1 06 a $1 10 f"r medintr and tine, including 10,000 lbs. I:g"l c -iidiii ned Oh?. -l ?l 12. aRRIAQES AND OEATMa, Married. FiaxxUMtD? Wr.*vra ?On Tueudar, August 9. at the Kn c!i rrh, Fl-'t-hlng. bv the Key. .1. C^-miib, Mr. Jkkhmk t K:-i*i.n?i> to Miss Asiia, daughter of ilr t?eiirjr? .Weaver uf Flushing, I.. 1. Mamaa ? Cony. ? fin Wednesday. AuiustlO, by toe Hev. Willi. tu Kverett, Mr Jumks c Maihkr to iiisai Maru Hans ''opy . all of thuc'tv. Mo cards. dcorr? i)a V'n*c.? Oj Ti esdav, ,\i eu.?t2 at the Allen s'roel ye'h "di?l Kt> senna! church , by lije H"V f!.-."- 'e A lla'e. of S? . n "rit, tinoaaa .-con to Racbcl a. I n Vrar, both of thi< r. -v. Siisoxa? Raor.? In "roolclyn, on Wednesday, Aug at 10, by 'lie Rev T 1. Curler L. D MMotts to i'JAlA U.. dac^h ter 01 Silo Root, ' sq. inert. JUskk*.? At Hvds Park, V. Y.,on Sunday, A uauat 7, Mah ha, wife ?i William Bnuker, agod 63 years, 9 Mouth* and M dajra. Ha*1*. ? At Oornwill, Oranre county, on Tueeday, August 9. lufant daughter or l^wls aud A. Faieele lleiub , aged U days. The r?m?. na were inter red in the family vault at Green woo?L Cut **a. ? on Tuesday. August 9, Lrzia, younge-it daugatarol Juno and Kliza Chapman, a^ed 1 yetr and 8 ni'iniiia Tba riends arid relatives are invited to nttnrd Mjb funeraJ, Iram 74 lAight stroat, this (Thursday ) atsrnoou, at one o'clock. Oai.y. ? On I'neMday, Aiicust 9, of hasty consumption, Bssvanp 1 1 a i v, '0 the 17th year of his age. The rel ttivca and frteod? of the finally are raanectful'y Invllid to attend the funeral, trom his late rmiden'-e. l.'D ^asl Twenty. eu-bt street, lb I- (Thursday) afteruoon. at two o'clock. Dane.? on . itesday. Aocu't ? after a abort bat sovare iilnesa, Maarna, reuct or rimmaa liavia. The relatives and frl-t?ds of tbe tamlijr. also the mem bers of Neptune l/'dae. No. 317, F k A. M., are reepect luily u> vi tod u> attend tba funeral, from her lata real deuoe, 44vt Mst llo iatpu street, this (Tburadsy) after ?too, at tsrn rftutc*. Oaluorata i?pars ideasn copy. IiAt.kvsivi.? at Iran tun, S. J., on WedneeJay, August 10. Mia? iiims 0' \,-.itvni?o, aga4 6? years, formerly of tbe laland of ,-t Thomas, Mf , | beianera1 will tako place Friday morning, at haK paat nine o'clock, at isaUeth, N. .1., on the arrival or tbe tram mm Tee 'ton. Hoeeui-a? on Wednesday, Attguat 10, Maav CaritARiva OlMait a. the ne i.ved daughter of Thomas and jsne Oo aohue, aged 1 var, 4 montba aad 21 days. Tbe relative' a-.d rtends of tbe family are respectrully 1 tnytied to Nttemi the funeral, this (ibnradsy) afternoon, at twe o'clock, r m the resiiieww of uer parents, No. 7T Uoeiak atraet. witkmit lurtber eotioe. Oai.ouaaa.? 'm Tuesday, August 9, Ouru Itfuotaea, aged T8 yeara, M months and 10 days The friends and re|sttve? of tbe fanlly . alae tbe ?em hers oi the Forxvth at -est M F.. church, are reaoeoifuitr inyned to attend the iuneral,frnm tbe Korsytb atrecl M T. cntirci. thi* fTbifsdav) afternaoa, at three o'cl *k, without itetber I' Vitstien. Newark aod I h I idelphia papers pleaae ropy, TiiMtrvona. ? fhi W>di e- dav. August 10, PaTsir* Fits a"it???- afterash'iri tltnesa oritt"riy ol f!arrleltacrimttn, pan-b of I.M-ra, c maty Oavan, Ireland, la ttf UStb year of bts site. lbs retattvea and friend-i of tbe familv are respectfully Invund to aiteod the funeral, trom bis late resldeaee, 8.!3 W'aat Tlnrti Hfth at reel, on Krldsy aflernnon, at one o'clock. His rcinalns will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for iiiterineiit. Fsllmas ?On Wedueaday, August 10, at lbs residence of fcsr son In law, Abm. P. Newkirt, ^outh Bergen. N. f , after a sfc.wt nm ?a, Na?ct Tili.wa^, widow of Hsrmtaua Tall* >a, in the SOtii year of bar aga, Puaeral snrvine ttna i Thursday i at ternooa. at balf past lbr?e o'clock ller remains will he taken to Clarksiowo, Roekiand eounty . i? Friday morning tor interment, Hasan.? le ibis city, on Wednesday aaoraing. Aagust ? 10 Janaa wriim, eldest son of James W aad Mary Trader, In tn? 17th year of his sue lbs friends a d relatives of tbe fsniily are respectfully reque ted to attenc the funeral, trom et .lobe's Kpt<co;<ai chapei. tn Vanck Street, near Lai* lit, this iTbursday) momniit. si eleven o'clock. Tbe Aiiaains will he interred In Trinity Cemetery. Fanmnoini ?On Toeaday, Aernst ?, Mr. Tknaas Fas itjti.Toii, .gad t> ye rs 1 Tbs retst ves and friends of tbe lamiiy are respectfully 1 ceiled toatieod i lie funeral, Imm bte late residence, 2T4 ' )tsul?n stre.-v, on Iriday mormag. at nlee u'nlneb. ' (iRBRtrsroop -On (Vedneeday, August 1A, n4 eooaeiep .loo, Jens Asos-halp, s 4i ol John Kdward aod Carrie I. ;reonwood ag -d I seirand II months. Hair ? On Tuesday, Augoet 9. after a long aad panful ilieaes, Asm A , retioi of Jaana Mart, Jr., age*1 49 vears ibefrlendeoflbafamly, aod Utoee or her brother, Tboasaa Eeiley. bra respoetfaliy lav IMC |e attend tba *??* o'clock precisely , I Iroy beg lata resides. No. 252 Third ivWM. s 4*CU?f . Ftvo?. Haiwtwrtt, ?5? ff ? Za* mrr>: Touer hU brothers In-law, Patrick ,nT,t"1 to attend the ?-? ?? rr? ThS ?2!E!!!Lf5S! 1 TW- 1 rnonth *ed * ?'? - (yo<*# tbe family are t* nertfUlly at t? o'/? , funeral Ibis (1'tiursuay) *ft?roooii, nelia A. and the late Jobu C. lUIIoclc. ffrTnS fu!!er,ai! """ w k* ,,lH''f' frot" ,h" residence to hit .k ' ' R't,l?:?. HrVOOtV CIS', h fitPl'l, tneZiZ30 ei,8,#rrfiiThiT(1 ;,vunal- r,..ln*; sud noftcef ^^ u'ly iavitad to attend without furtaer Jn^Kd^r^l^f' Au*u8tw- ?5OT-"i!tn ITccus In J^L'rt^?.^d.relit'T<M! ** the #r? respectfully WvhhiXr i? ! f,,n6r ''? frol? "is lnte residents, 27 nnr.v n -Pt- T Kri4,lv ,r,e n<"?* one o'clock aDda?t?rTm?l2?S?*T roornln?- Auirus: 0. alter a abort and severe illness, Joh.i Hog**, in the 45tb year o! bis V"1 ?c:ln*tnHnce? are respectful!* invite.] ni?Ch ? rr,,m hl" ""9 reTdeeo.-, No. 172 i,,v, afV (Thursday) aftorooon, at oca o'clock* mist 10 Imt < HS,C N|' 'r" 0,1 Wn',ne8(, ,y m rtiin:\ Au Of hie aw Hkv??. late of this oily, in tho Otith year .nnt!n^'*D'If *'#tlTf*or th* deceased, and of his tod ?-> 'nil ,J*8C'*' Stmne are respectfndv invi Chiirrs ?.. . "15 funeral, from tbe Reformed lunch oYI^L r "/ N> J ' nn Fr"1'* afternoon . at three ?t ? Cars loivo r0. t o' ( 'humours street. New Yortr. tivo pUu o0 twe,<? A- M., returning at a uuarter past Li?,w-? .rr'a>', :: w,n hu "> wuiisng at depot to cou ^y relatives to the boopo. Kii??n'"i~At 0lT<,onolnt- on Tneedsy , August 9, son of i **' *ae<1 fi onontha und 4 .lavs. nr.An? f"n?*r?' Will take nlaco cm tb s (Thursday) after noon. at two o .-l^clc, In Java street. Gri-ennolnt. h,?TD.K~i? A,p,"?n'lrla. Fpyot. on Sntnrda*, .TolvS.on tt !tr 1 r'tl8h "'earner lei?, Carolin*, wife <?i Bev. ti ihl. . Isup' ?o Syria, when oo her way to tnA ' nttd m ( t?*?i J Kkxxctjv _fm Tnoadar, Anenst 9, aflnr a ahnrt illnena jo * ivvrttiy, a native of county ryrnne, Ireland a^ed 4o years. The relative* and.rr.end= of the familv are rest^etf.ill* i Invit U o attend ?h? fanaral, from bio late residence, ' ,r a,,d w"llwor"> Mreeis. Va?1 Rrnok'yn. at tr. ! '' ' r!l"rS(J"y) afternooa, und from thoace tn pfaintion ? >iv*t ?t. _ K'Ilukw. On Wedne?daw erenlne. Aaenot in. Dknic;? ! li mwuis 'UU*8atWn0< *ua Julm K<Ueen^cU n( f.rh "f B ?r 'hp r*m,I.V are respectfully Invited to j atieud the funerel. th's fTl.nrarlav) aiternocn. at two I 0 c.i-clt.friiiB H9? !?: at Jwentv-third stre t. ! 10- P4Tt{ICK .Toski n _ nn,v rhl " ? I'ltrick and Ma^v Kerrigan, a?ed ! 1 n.orttis nnd 2.'(d iv?. ' I n"T':a n,'d ncujii'lnianros of the familr arP re j epeiti fully invited to attend the funeral, fro-n t be nwi hm ptrente, 5-7 K,at Thlrteemh street, tl.i^ ( i ri(jreaiy) afternoon, nt tvfo o'cloclc r.i k.? At Strew ch. ( v nn, on Thursday. Ancift 4, Mr -. j.vtM i.f"\ ?. 1 '.1 vpi's, 10 months and .Imvc. I.*rk:x ? On i? edx'-edaa mnrrine. Aii?iim 10, n'"?r a hniri III, ,UVm ? H.MAS c ! ARV|\. 1 lie Ot N*nth iirefi a vri.;Vr,?i . '?'?"'WO. county Ume-irk, Ireland, in tua 4'2U voar of lif?< Here. 1 he of the f-*wt|y und th > or t?-e ^o. r|?'r? i"c,>r,i |J"1' "re rexnocliiily tovit?d to 1 attend the r,n Friday, fr im l.ia 1 ne reaidenre Nn I ' , '""rrls plHc.i>. Port" second atreel. betwern Tenth -nd I Hlevanih nveniieo ThP remains will he tikeii at n|no 1 ocinr.K A. M. to me rtnircli or the NanT,tv. in Second RV"i?n ,f.twP"n Socn- rt ?n!| tl.ird street", when ? eo'ernn hh-h m.,?K will he edered (or the rep .w of his Bout, hud from thence to I'alvnrr '"ennet?rv 'or Interment vt'mniv. tin Mondav mornlnV, Auanst 8 nfter " aUori ande"\ ftre llincsg. Rev. Mark Mraeiiv, nnct r o' S't Te rl"r ' T"-^'"wn. In the venrot his are. ? ronfru?'ul? of the dncoieed. thow> of his brother* relor, PhHIn end lienry, and or hi> hrothere-in lav. M' Kraelren a. rt lolm K-'ev. ,nd the revere, d r.ler?v or this a id the neit-h ,nrlrttr di-ro.-., !lr..'nl'y renm<st-d 10 ' " red'iiern rn.iM -od the funnral. iki? ( rbnr dnv ) mvnin*. nt hal' nisi eleven oVtoek. Hi? remim* will I_e interred Ml the ehiireh nf whlc't be was the |.,re nmia b.e a. d e?teern?d t?-?tor. Pars leave Chambers street at niifht and ten o'elici. M. Mfituy. ? on Tuesday nmrninir, Anenat 9, ? ter a shnrt and severe Hlnesc \f^nr A*v l'>.l*A"rrn, helov?d wi'e o John H. Mnrrv and eldest dnnehter of t>i,,r an. I .hilla l?emp?e acre' |w ve?rc , ? nionth" ;ind 21 rtavg. there will he 11 hlnh maaa for the reoese nl the soul of lh? der?r,R(?d at St . <iahr(el'a church. Thiny-alitth st-eet Dear Second avenue, Ihla fThunwIay) mnrnine. at h .lt' past ten o clock, the irlenda nnrt relattveu of the tamvy lire resnect'uiiy invited loaiten<l the funeral, frun the Chn-ch, this alterronn, at two o'clo?k Mr Ai'TJtv On T- c^d.-v, Aneiiat 9, after a llnperinp ilness, which he br,rr- with r"hrl?tisn I or tit tide 11 nil rnvii; nation, .Ion* VrOAixw. in the 4Xth ve?r >?r his ?ce. 1 he relatives ;ind friend* of the family are re?oectfnllv Invited to attend the r?norn| fl|(, (Tt nr^day) atiernniwi . nt t?o o'clock, from h'<: la'e resiitenci- ">2 ''tviamn stre"t. Joi,Tm' ? ^n ,vc^ae?:rt y, Auitost 10, John MrCAKTRT. aaed so year* an : 7 tu m hs. The frienns and re'a-l-. e- ^rp reaneef'"Hr Invited to at tend the fun<?ra! 'r rn his inte residence, 323 Ninth atree', on Frid >v a ter on", at two o'c!"tk. MoKwrv. ? At StratfO'd. Conn., on Tu?sday. Anirust 9 ^a*om*k t wii? 01 Kehnrt C. Mc<- w-n. M I? , and I dareb'er of Krancia Armstrong, Bsq. , of St. Croix, W. I , a ved 28 ve rrs. ' ' ' The rei/ittre^ and friend* of the familv are re'neptfnllv Invited to miend the funeral, ?t , church. Strat rd, this (thi-ridM) atternoon. at h |f-n ?-t ?.vo o-. lock trails !ojve Vew Vo'V at d New Haven Uallroad deoot . 1 wentv-'-eri't'io street, at hal'.?a*t eleven A M. ; return 1 C, leave --'ratrord at ?>atf-p:iM five P. M Vew-y.?On hieadiy, Aucnst 9, n<vt?r.. Infant son of Joeenli -md Rcheeca Vewman. ajfed 10 mnntb*. H? re'?t'ie? and 'r'e-d? of the rand v Te invited to et. t "hd the rut'er?| lejo (ihurslav 1 irterro^n . It one o'e'ock, tr< m the residcpen , r his pirents. 2?'' Thompson t-lreet O'js ? At smtt' town. L. ?.. or Monday, Auyosi a. at tbe residence or h<-r Ron, A. TV. Oils Mrs Anves Oris, widow 01 Jacob Of?, of fruxton, Cortland countv, N y. ,' a and an years and 4 davs ' Tbe funeral service* were held at Sonithtown and the remains ?nt^rred In < :r?>-n?rwY] rtland co -ntv niease cony. O1' RAPT ?Oh T"?"d?V, \lKMlft 9, MtllKUT Ani ? hi ? i> re, :,th... and S days, daughter of Thomas aDd R-id.-c| tr >i<iv. C'N'ni ..'in \V>'dne?Htr, August 10, Jottv FriWARO vn,ir^.;j corf nt Nernard and Ann O'Ifeil, and 8 years and 7 month*. ' Fare thee welf, *?rr*t hud of beauty? Tfiile nf.-i. ?re ?h"e ?e!|: For th 11 net t"/i i" 1 re nnd lovely In a world like this In dwell. The revive-- ,, rt ? i- ri ; ,.f it-e r.i-nlly are Invited ta the :unei?' irnni the wden-e of bi^ parenta, 49H -erond nve-oie. c me- of Twentv ?tShtb street, this ( ,nur*iiiy) a'terno n, at two o'cl tn. re trnr.-dr (, cdav, Anpu?i p. M*ar, the beloved vri e ot ,) ,? |, ? . 'K< , in the 2<<ih veur ot her,j?ie. I Toe friend? ?f the fami'v. and thoae ?r tier br tb?r, '' fiflusW street, are Hivped to attend the ?meral, m-? irhi rsdai m rninf. at ten n'rlock, Irom her late taw, "Monro# s'reet, to t-'t. James' r ?**"? re n masp of rennlcm will he offered for the re,??eo h, r aom, nnd from tfience to Calvary fumetcry tor io>ermn t ' 0 < VTednes^ay, Aitcnst 10. after a Ion* and "^rv ,rw? areri S?| rears, a rativi* of R'ti'MniTT, roiinfy w^fnipitf,, ?"<?. i^e?r|ef>d? of tb? family a'e r'-Jn-rfdllv invited tn at. tend the fuoer il. a? one o Vcf. -1 f >Mav affrn n rr-.m hi* I i'e ,resi(ieDce, No. 27 1Va\nu street, corner of reene Jersey cuv. , ,rria,.-v m-et thefut at the liKit or |>esbrosses street, a . Y . at tw> o'clnek O'WwnrA*. ? On Ttf'dav evetMn^, Ananat ?,of?~in? aiiToptmn, M'Ria P. (ffVnmns, vonn^r.-t rtaeffhter 1' ^ 'S'll M"rK,rcl O'Ponovso axed 1 yea ?. i men ha and la dav* ' The retail*** *nd frlenda of the family ar? r ?"fecfrl'v tavl'ed to attend the Mineral. -from the res^bnei- o h?r | parents. 2'.'*.^ Cherry itrtel , this ( rbufsdi.v) utie'no .n. at two oVlock Cork (Ire'and) and fhitadetphla paper* p^eaj# e??"?y. I'rrnt.? On Tuesday, August 9. FhetMpranr, itj ed 47 year* and tivn month*. Mia retittre* and friends are reaoectfnllT Ihvltod to at tend tbe Mineral, tbi* (Thur?day) mummj, *? ton ?'e' ck. r",i'lP'Y"*- MT C rand street. His remain* will be taken te New |{rchei|* f?r )t)IPrrl?^, sw?rt on ? Kit'-d, while gallantly I">"1 it h a re*i> meot to the assault on Petersburg, on Suturn iy. July Ma-or K?sr?t. V. fWAStwoir, of the For'* eirMh rej i' meiit V#w Y"rk Volunteer*, ani, or the lue I (.-t ioh? ^wartwont, l ilted utiles Navy, ot ih'setty, ih the2Mh year 01 tillage >naa -on Wertn?^dny, Aue *t 10. of wa'ar on the I Uosssr W ut.a.aoD 01 tbe la'e Rrbert Mbes aged 3 yeats an 1 9 mnmba ' ^ in* ?r.?nds nnd relative* o- the fan: II* are respectfully liivtte-i to attet.d tne tuneial. 1. nm o,e residence nf hia mot in . No. f>3 t-*ttia. in? street, Una Jbursday) alter dmii,m ivoe'clnrk. V>w*i Br? On t oedav . An fiat #, at onea'cloolr after a llnitermg Hineaa, ,l?v*< <, aged 33 ymars *ud friei us, sign the Turk> Island Guard and the >n?mheraof | ivadah Fnrtne ' ''itnuiav No. 4t are ra^ueataU tosti.iMUtNiiuiH.ral (mm h.s lata r*?.denre, o tht" <rt,ur,"<,?) ?"?iiaoo. ? one .J? '?**'"$'?* * *tK,rl ,,H1 I'lneaa, Wtr^ta* F. . SMond aou of KraHc.s aod II,, mat Thomaa, a,-ed r- years ?ou 4 nioniba. ? Imj him gently in the enPn, Fold hia line la Bts>n ins breast; Cod baa nailed him. and tb icrtit It beat ' 1 _ 'v' '?''I'o ?"r rtariins Willis Some to rest .,7* r.*J "']**? ?" I rriasna are rnsrectftiiiy mvlied to attend tfca fanaral frimi the msidme* of Ills parettt*. 71 FoutbiJecnd street. Willi imsburg, o, Friday aftara<K>,. at two u clock, wurnuM further ant ice. 1 Sara ? In I'm mod. Maine, oa Wednesday, Atrrest 3. it-mrn 1,., aou 01 Jame? l?. and Km* R. u-ber aged $ month*. * ai!i A"r"*t ?. Catmanra Waan, lb the I 34 Hi yaar of her age ! Tbe ratal Irea and rrtetidt and of bar deceased brothers nao and Jn4m O Meara Are reejwvtfnily lavited to attend JIT ; "Vl! "f* '?'?'den-e, 34 f.lianei street , m 'Tb',f"'u'n ?" three o'clock W a wit^On W ednesdav Aug ist 10, CaTiiSHtaa Wat??, mtf* of the M Mmhimi Waisb, a native of street, Dubl-n. aged 04 y 'ars. The relatives nnd friends are reaprtfully renueated to | aiteaa thi ruoeraiAfroa her lata retidence, 21 Fortytb 1 ?treet. this (Thuradsyi aftyrnooo, at two o clock (hibun papera please eopy. Wau?a.? rtiiddeoiy, on I'aeadaf, ti.gust #, MaiT A., wife ef oscsr a. Waller, aad daughter of tbe IM* William H. Fowler, afed IT yean ani 9 months. OOf dby! thoae word* wm neter die Tfcey are eonodlag in ray ear j They'll oft refresh my saetnorf While ber spirit hovers isu for atuied the voice, aad goes's the ova, That ne'er will breathe "gmalbf" again. ?-Z5#.k 7* "d reUtlvae are raapetWully ion ted to at Jead the funeral, at tbe reaidaMa af bar mother, Ne. ?6 BWMk aveaae. tta (TbwaOari ettemae. a? tare edook. Wwh.-Ob Friday, August S, from a wound received on board tbe S. & Brown, on James river, William Wil bok. Cniled Btatee Sanitary QosatnissibE Relief Agent, aged M yearn, ? months and T day*. Re ye also ready. Tbe Iriendi and relative* ef the family, ateo tbe mem ber* of tbe Active B B C.,?re respectfully invited to attend the fuuerai, from the Third Out orated l'reab> tenaa eburoh, West Twenty third street, near Eifbtfc avenue, thia ( Thursday) afternoon, at tw? o fiaolc. His remains will be Interred In 6roeawaod Otostory. W"oib?t.? Ok Tnesday, August 0, M tar FUtunr, wife r>f Tbeodorus Bailey Windsor and daughter of N. P. Bailey. ot fgrdham, ou Harlem. Funeral services at Trinity Cbapol, West Twenty fifth Ft reel, this (Thursday) afternoon, at half-past four o'clock. BILMAED8. , BILUARD& -GRAND OPKNTNO ATM BOWER1, on Thursday, aumi-t II. All tlioa? In favor ot a goon same, anil in tbe cooiimt r omi hi the city, are invited to uive ua a call ou Thurs a* evening" AuKuvt II. 81 XT LUDw. KAl'FK. Proprietor."* CO A Li. f lOAL ? BEST RED ASH HTOVK AND C.RATE, AND. \J best l^ui^h Itnnso and Furnace delivered at $13 ?r ton from v?rdt coiner King and flreenwlrti streets and SO Roosevelt street. MAT CLINTON. A niMTAKT Ann navai* am MAVT AND MARINE CtiBfS v RECKtMTlNO HEADQUARTERS. 190 BROADWAT. 10.810 eond men wantsd to renres-int the city and county of New York In tin- Unl'.-d States ser -ice. All or whom will receire tbe biRhest cash bounties. And eho e* branch or service, that is. Infantry. Cavalry, Artil or), Seameu, Ordinary Seamen. Landsmen, Firemen, C?a' Passers Ac. Parile- entorlnE any branch of tbe Renrioe wl'l do well to call at tl<ls office, where each and evci j one will receive tbe sa ?e honorable and fair trmtn'nL Poor men of Ifuniliea nod tbo e nt-rivine frerr, tbe conntrv should he ca'efnl liow they allow themselv to fall into the hnnda of sharper* and prowlers, (of whom there nre many), where, in all probability, they would B"t swindled out ef their bounties Army and navy vowhteebs and substi tutea wnnted ? I'hotoo of aervioe isiven ? urt'llcr> . cav alry or Infantrv: a so. fTremetl. coal pa i?ers, seamen and landsmen for blockading ?! >?mer? and punbonta. Ht??hert cukIi bonnt <?* nanl na soon ?s accept "t. which will he tjnar nnteed by merchants of well .no-vti hi b tani'in*. *o whom I refer No swindlers permitted lu tovoire*. Don't smo n the street. Call iiii'I sen Caplvn Combs himself, ft I t.lspe. n.-ird street. near Eroadwav. You mny brine your wife or friend with you. A lit MEN ENROLLED ANI> LIABLE TO BP. OR AFT ed? bankers, merchants an I others furnished wi'h "ihctittilea in army o-- nnvv Exemntlen papers f o>- ' tie or thr^o venra obtained from Provoet Mar hal? of mv dt 'ncL Ucf?r"ii"es I'lven to m -rc'ianta (of this cliv ani other c ' o?) of tvpII krown h 15 h repulrtion. A pplv to C.mtain cO"1!S r>; I spenard street, near Rroadway. Brxiklyn men will do wel^ to r*l'. A T 1'FNTION IS CALLED TO PARTT f'.S DESIEINO /\ snbai'tntes nr r*l' esenti'jves in the I'liitct Sister service The undervi^noft will rrompt ? furnish al e? *nb. stltntes for Nov, York, Kin?-., or ftnv Other diftr i't in th" Stjtte. on re??nneblc t-rma ?pp'7 in ji^oin or iM^recii No, 1' 1 l'earl ??r/et \ew Y^rlc, or No. 09 Kulton street tjent deor below Hat'dins's teaslore. Brooklyn. CASK A VAN NKSS. A TTRNTIOK.? SfiW CASH, BRHIDRB $.",75 GOVERN /A ? * ti t bourv. nri e an ! relief inni^v gti irantewt to co ?rt iiihti exempt fpom flw* draft, this dar. No runner or IH'enr nee.l aoplv Tpqni'e at 124 Wiwt Hreit. corner of liev street, upstair* In-fore o 4 m. Hoys Iroin elahteen 10 tw? year* of a'ie taken for the army. \ TIENTION.? AUBSa ANT> DI^t"'t ARf>".D VETE ; \ ri is will be gnarsnteed $TltO cash In han* sfier p . u <? t.\e<i->cior if ?nv I'onht fat hey won't r-r-iv th"ir mo ne' the can have It pnid into the lianriK of the Pro?nqt *> +1 ebsi before beint; *wern In. Apn'v to ,f. WA RR*< ELI N N Vo. 2 Warren urect, near Broadway. N. I'.. ? No men taken out of the Plate. ,1 CARtv. ?INVALID CORPS.? t FRW DI -CH AltOUD ?o'iliei s e?ti enter this corp* and receiy $101 bounty. Torf-rther Information apply to W ARIlRl'ltN A W(?K RAU?j ti Broad war. AM. THE RHJilTP OK VOLtTNTRICIl's aNl) SUBS1H. t'iten e-piained ?' ere?oit liow to -?ejire the largest bn?tntie? rei(er to fetnl'ies, * . at the mi Itarr law oHice of W ashburn .% worrael "6s Bmadwav. At tM Broadway? 1,161 ca^h tn Makd will b"; to t>?o gontl men as snhallnttea. this rta), by WASHBI RN ii W.iURALL, MW Broad .vav. Attention. svMflf0tf4-|m) c\sm B0tJT*TT psid. No hiimbui: or i-windle. C.hoice of real ment. Come to my office nod trr It, al 4t lltt so'i atree'. Hnbntcen t'oltace, between Pirst and Newark ?'re"t? 'to. boken. K. KEI.LRR Ale vwtkrans, ai.'rns ny>n othkrs who ii? tend to en ist or e ter the service ?k ati,.?tllHle# will do we' to c.iH on BROWS A RHREDON, MiKtar.. and Naval Banking Office. No. *2 Park plaoe Army, navy ant) marine corps ? sm? i"?r? ami unbstlt'itea wanted. i40Sca?h bmintv na'd. Three a b-niutes wantcl to I n 1 *l "() anrl $500 eash C;ven I'arHea -In ? tie men wi I he paid the lamest atnonnt of band mon.'V paii at an\ oflW in the cliv 4pplv at the Ito'tnlv. Pay, Ann- and Navy Agency, III Nasaa i street, up star* Army, navt and marinr oorpb.? ?*? mrn wanted, jl""snfl ?S"HI cash in hand wi I be p ild; hiiv man or woman hr tit Ing a recruit will Ve patil a large ?nioin? o' ''anil moner; Olrl ?*i ora or ao'd'em accepted Call as the United f'a-e* Armr and Navy A?enc-. ISS Kul ton atreeiand 21Z Broadwar. up stairs A? 1011 VOLI'NTRR R8 WANTKO KOR THR NATT ? ? Will be lak?n for one *ear A vers lareeoa h bounty given. Thnae li hie to the comins^dra't mav voluatee and tbua avo'd It Ihis i? the rnrert oroortonitv ever ollered. App'i early toJ. C. MILTON 4 CO . 2PS Broadway Army, vavvl asp marivr corps -wantf-p. this dav aliens, ve; -rana r?ni| dl?ehrirKed s-atnen. to ro a? volnntee-a and siibitltn:e? for partlea In advati'-e of draft for one. two and theee ?e%rn to whom the very belt ea*h boue'.Lee will be pa d on the aame dav of enlistment HANDS. DKMAttRHT V C(1 . 93 fon to at rent corner of Fulton. A N ALIEN WANTKD-TH1S Oaf. TO RF.PRKSKNT l\ a cent'eman who ia wll'lnt; to piv a large pete.) flail at the ofllce of the Campaign Medal Company, 436 Broad way. t r.T. PARTIES LIABLE TO THE OR A FT TM TRTS .'A e.ty or State ran he supplied w'th Substitute* f a> either armvornavy 't the lo jreat price, without incor venienoe or rtelav an'l e'e-nottnn t'a er pr >cnred , beat of tcferenee< given as to re?n maihllity and integrity A ppl* it the old esiab'iabed ollice. 1.'3 F.loventb street, corncr of Sixth av. A SUBSTITUTE WANTED-AT NO. 212 BROADWAY, rno ? It. Cs'l berore l o'clock. Highest bounty paid. Po broke need apply. ^ ATYRNTIOV? VOLI1NTRRR8 ANO SnRRTtTHTBa wanted far lla army and navy; ???! eaab in hand. Come early and ?ati?t> fourselvea No tleeep'lon No. 4 Centre St,, up atalr ?. LKK A IIOUERS. AYOT'NO VAN WANTk TO OO AR A SUBSTITUTE to-a 'nan * b> ?< <ifnrted ; (be man must eall himself; no/amenta or ruiii>*rs nec I appl v. Call at 113 Cherry at AriOOO WILLlSfl TO CO AS SKBRTrf ITTR to la- will receive n bifh * tr<ire bv calling at the New York Suhattiute Olllee, !'? tTall St. A KMT OR NAVY.-ONR YRV? MEN WANTED. *M*) ca?h t'OURtv oa?l risjhl Ui ?.i Of WAbllBUKN tl WOtt RaLL, 2i^i Bioadwav. upstairs A-SUTLVR OP A OOOD RE'ItMRNT WILL SELL It S btialpeaa as antler on account ef ill hes'th. Por in forma'ln- nnulfe "t f! ON DEItOON K. from 3 to 9 o'clock ibH art' rnonu at 407 Orand atreet. An ?lt?n substttdtf, already on hanp, wilt exempt a rrtnclnal I'able to ilrafi in New Vorv City Or Brooklyn. WE8TIIROOK A ORSRl 'RN R 195 Broadway. Aline nmcRR-B uniform fop. ralk< hrap iutjn re at the Wuodla'vn, .11 Sixth avenue, between Fonrteenih and Fifteenth atreets J^OUNTT, BOUNTY, BQUNTT. TEN OOOO MEN WANTED THIg OAT, |o whom the hlsbest cash bounty will be pa'd Apply be rore ffoiei elsewhere at the Army and Navy Recruiting Headquarters, ^ B^pw,Ay N.B.? Parties en teriag an v arm of the servioe srili be ho norabl? dealt with and receive full Information. BURKAUpFSlROICAL EXAMINATION FOR CITT reus auhieci to draft. No. 9 ('hambers .treci.? Snlisii tolas and re-runs etammert for brokers I'r, PflWWOL ?iirg"on. In ch'i-se. Keierenca? Maver Ounther, es-Nayor t?l'dy?e. F 1, A Hoo s, Esq.. City Inspector. 'AM I.BON BIFfcHg (lIKiRLAKDKRSi. CObONBL ? 1 M Eiim't com mandin*. ?Fifty voinnteers wanted l?r me 1 ?at?iv ferCompan* A of t.hia fine new ?-ejimeni sow nrssn'/itiR in this < it?. Hilend'd ebsace< for nromeuon for vetaiema and recrnlta jolnln* this new resmiehl. Pr imo tlens ma le trom She ranks The retlment wCI he <?ffif#red br men who Have aeen serv ce In the fie d. end the mse well i-aied tor II ifhesi bounties |ia<d to volunteer*, tlftn ' to f3Pn tn an? one br'nrtng a recruit Apply at 42d Broad , way. New Irrt. impMVmn w A NTf.D? Tti voltntbrr 1n a "./? he??v aru lerv tefiment near Wnahlnstoa . thea* eieu letiflst reg'. arly (110 a il ntlinte husluna apoul it I and re 'ceive tm hountv. $A?>t of It caait In hand atlhetimeol 1 paestnij llw doctor Volunteer OonttDittee Rooms Rrutte "poft.Coua. Earn 91 24. iraias leave Match t u clock in 1 be morn n<t. nO N'T DEI. AT ; TO DAT Is YOl'R T. AIT CtlAjfCP - Three more rood m"ii wanted to ctiifipMrte a e o 1 pinv attached 10 a heavy srttdefv reclment doNIg eafr'soii rttKv in the harho' : <70o will be tiaid to wood mm ?nll relief to famine* Appit tn the saloon earner of Brea-V? av and Du ane sirei L. I'KARi It L'KOM ?*W TO tl.OOn flltf'N FOR BUB^TITVTEK Kill P tbe art-it or n*ey Applv (his day at 397 Fourth eve nits, b -teeee Twenty eighth snd Twenty ninth itteeta 0 1WANT AN ALIEN TO RRPRRRRNT ME IN YHR aarv, l win pay S"ch a man $4ti0 cash, tbreucb Mr. Hlunt. Chalrn.anof the Supervlsnra' Commlltee, la ihe pars. This ia an boaesr o^er. and I wan! to see tiie man who ia wifllni! to go. No *senta runners Or sti^sflinle broker* need anfly. CaR at IW Mercar alreer. eee<nd story, front oAloe __ CHARLES O JIAHlC^ 1WANT AN ALIEN AS A VOLUNTEER RRI'RhHFN tative, A good, aolier, intelligent man will receive a large bounty- Addrees Tolunlrer, Herald oOlce. M RRCHANT8, BANKERS ANO GENERAL ?<)L0N jeer anil Hubatltute Asemiation, office 418 Rrosdwar, NSW fork ? l.gOn volunteers wanted immediately ttMtn $MK) paid to asrooe bnniiieg a reoraiLHIabSst bounties paid to reerults ea iMtsalng eiemlnaUM. No Jeler No humbug. Moaey paid right dewa Apply at tbe ollee, 418 Broadway, New York. fcTOTIOR-M ONE TEAE MRN WANTED -$800 A.N rank ia band and tlOOgeeeransent bount* after passing if.* l' fira%?a ^U?oL >asa!rEn*ad'wav 'kV-KUfSi |iO. I Jr MVWB WlMt ?sWiwiwi MI1.IT ART AMD RATAL. NOTIC8.? NO borb delay -men examined and mustered Into the Dinl serviee within one hour, bv aij>iying at 124 West street, comer of Dor, up etalre. bo fore 9 AM. N. B ?A few good moo wanted for tho arm) . Highest rut] bounties given. ONB YE AB V'OLUNTKBBS AND SUBSTITUTES wanted $'iJ0 c:i?h ^ad $100 government bounties Becralt* hare choice of my command 180th New York Vol unteer*. camp at Elraira village. New York, or any artnl-rv, cavalry or infantry regiment* or the State: or naval aerviee. Applv early in the morning to Captain COMBS. 60 Lupe uard street, near Rroalway. ONB YBAB VOLUNTEERS. AltMY AND NAVY. $300 ROITNTY. $1100 BOUNTY, CASH iff HAND T pay the above by authority of Sui>ervinorg of town* near tblicitv. Call early in the morning on Capt COMBS. 60 Lispenard atreei, near Broadway. ONE YEAR VOLUNTEERS. WANTED. A FEW ONB YKAR VOLUNTEERS, FOB THE NAVY. Ctttzeni or litem White or colored ? Apply at 43 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. Bounty $7100, CASH IN HAND. W H MCDONALD * CO. One years volunteers wanted? $300 bountv paid, cash In hand, to the recruit before be n? mustered in and $73 baud inouey to the uer ou who brings htm. State and government bounties nacured. Ca I Imme diately at th>> New York Army and Navy Recruiting Depot, No. I) Chamber'- street. ' ONE YPAB MBN -WE ARB PAYING THE HIGHEST bounty an*l premium tor one year men for tbe armv or nary. Recruits can choose any brandt gJ the aervioe. Ap ply at No. e Kust Broadway, United States Aimv and Navy Keoruitln* 0i?0fc_ KOLaN A LANIG.VN. PRINCIPALS IN THIS CITY AND STATE CAN BE aupplled with more despatch and on better term than at auy otbar o'tloe In the eity. at the Artny and Naval Ofllce, '.<3 South street, corner of Kulton. up f-t&ire. SANDS, DBMARE8T A CO. Recruiting headquarters, -volunteers wanting t<? enllat in the army or navy wou'd do well to anplv at HI South street, near Wall atreet. The highest bounty <>ald: also gentlemen furnished with substitute*. N. B ?No fraud. PARTIES RPQT'IUTNG SUBSTITUTES IN ADVANCE of the draft, vill be supn'ied witb aliens or veterana on the shortest notloe. br B FOX. 167 Broadway, room ft. READ! READ! RKAW The Kourth District Volunteer Committee, Bridgeport. Conn., pay more mode tor Huhstltutes and vo' tin leer* fian la paid an^vlure cw In the loyal States; men are ex amined private y, and the whole bus nega done in a nuleL rcHfectalj > manner- no broken) or runners allowed, end the mouey paid Into the man a own hand* Traina leave at seven and eight o clock in the morning, and make the run in two bour*. Fare $1 25. SUBSTITUTB W ANT " D? ONE NOT MARLB TO draft. Apply at 210 lifoadway, room 0, teooud floor. Broker- liberally dealt with. Substitutes wanthu vor tiik army or navy.? Do- tors' steward* seamen, ordinary seamen nnd Inn ismen lor wHiclt the hishejtcasu bounties will he paid; ufoo s.ibst.t.itea ; urocm od ou the shortest time and at the lowest onee. Applv to TJERNEY .VRYR^RS, tiuLIU ting E- tab'lahment, No. I Dover si , near Franklin square. Substitute wanted immkdiately-an amen Or ?eterwt#one not HUh'ect t > draft) to s?'Ve for three years, lor whom a lib-r il nrtce wl 1 he paid. Applv In per son between 10 A. M and 2 P. il. at 128 Klvlugtou street. S. tilt AY. OUP.STmi I'KS NOW ON hand for thosb who Vs applv in JOHNSON A COLMAN, No 1) Grand street, neat hefarry, Wiiliamsburj;. N Y. CUHBTITUTES ?GENTLEMEN TjTVIN'O in new O York and Ri-O 'k vn can be furnished with sub<tltuie? for one or thr-e veara bvrallineat the United Slitte* Armv and N avy Agency, I'll Kulton street and No. 212 Broad way, room D, up stairs. (Substitutes put into thk navy answkb for i> men rtraf'ed in the armv, anO aie eaallv e Ui'ne I. We are near the navy va-d Bate, and are fnrmshine twenty siibsiitutes to the navv every day, and vtll c mtraet to fur nish lifty substitutes ?nt;!< dav after this week. KEUBBM VOSK. Sea ueu'a Bank, No. 193 V oi I. atreet, Brooklyn. ouhstitutk^ w*ntbd? army and naval op O t^ce. OS South street, corner of Fulton street, will pay this dav 'ro n $ VI3 to $ UK) cash for 25 to 50 tuen, of a I na tlonaiities. to an substitutes in the armv aptl naval 'oroee of the United States SANDS. ui.MaBBST ACQ. SURSTIT'ITSS PROMPTLY I'D UNl^Il ED? aT THE New York Substitute o lice, 10 WaU street. THR DRAFT ON r.TH OF SEPTEMBER? EIOIITH district ? Oent'emen r**din- in the Mch'eenth. Twen tieth and Twenty tlrst wards of tlie c iv of Ken- York, com prising ihe Kightli rr.tivrea-iiona distr'ot of U>e State, will bt furnished promptl, with A leu Sn' st ti.tes and llielr Et empi'on I'atierx (for three vearsi oorrecUr procured, bv for n-ardln ? their oi d"rst"tlie odice of the Mrr hunts', Rank era' and General Itep-e-enftive Volntilcer A'?oei?tton. 42S Broa 'wsy, New York N B ? Monev payable only when th-> repre?entative la fnrnmhert and the exemotlon papers ecure I i.a lies wishing to send a repreaeniaiife teth-armv will have their nrdeis pi o-r-ptiy attended to and will i?ave prec?dcnce. The Ei -Mb dUtricl. under the stiperlniendence o' Carmln R- F Manl? e, Provost M?rs'is|. |? furnlshluB move men in th a wa? than any other district In IheBt ite. and with continued energy will p ohsblv fl 1 'ts (liiot.i with out a Ira- 1. Most ot ihe represen' .tlves have been procured h> the tivr'-baiiiK' Bankers' *ii i General R-u e?eniatlye Vnluntee.- Association, o lice 42< Broadwuv, New Vork milE NEW YORK ARMY AND NAVY RECRUITING I Company ha* been esiabl'sbed with a view of having a rel'ahie ofttce In tbe r-tv where recruits and princinals wll1 rccelr<! fa r and honorable treatment. Bverv enBSfement made will lie scrtipujo'isl* fnllilicd. Principals fit' mahed at the ' oi'iest uot!te wlih snim I men who have been pre vio-ialy eTam'o?d bv an experienced surceon. Rnbeftutea torwarde I to anv district In this state, or mustered into the navv here a"d exemp'lnn paners ontalneii. Volunteers and substitutes treated Uka men. and the highest prices paid. The New York Army and Davy Recruiting Depot, No 9 Clambers street THKFB ARTjEBOTHED MBfi, NOT liable to draft, desire u> en & s autist'tutea Principals only may address Substitute, bot 229 Herald o liee. The du \ft ? permoss wishing to procure substitutes and parlies wantinc to enlist as substitutes or ntherwi e, can make sstisfactor* arrangements hv apply ing to Lieutenant l?ACUN H A, at tbe oilice of J. F. Williams, 442 Eighth avenue TWO ALIENS CAN HAVB $R59 EACH, CA?H~IN hand, as soon as they t-ass the doctor as RUb?tiiutes in the armv. Cbolneof rcglmenta. Apply Ihia morning at 73 N as-au street " UNITI D RTATt 8 MARINE TORPS,? ALL TH E BOUN tles paid: ihe onlv regula'' authorijted rcc'ulting office preside'! over by United States oDQoers iu Hew York, No 18 Howerv. Culthis Out. yOLUNTRKRS AND SUHSTITUTES WANTED-FOR the army, navv and marine corps; $WU. SWiand ca-h paid in band: anv m?n ?>r womap brinsmg a recruit pai l a irge a'no int of hand inonev. Caii at the United States Army and Nav> Agency. 1S.1 Piii ton street and 812 Broadway, up stair* VOLUNTEERS AND SUR8TITUTB8 WANTED? THB iinrhest pr ces i'ald for one f.vr. and three vears white or coloied) yolnnti eri for ibe navy or for aub Mutes In the army. Apply at the old Government Rendezvous, No. 19 Howerv, aecond floor. ANTE D? IB 1 8 H MEN. ENO LIRH MRS . SCOTCH^ Germms Kr-T-ti ?ti-l men of all nationa'ltles, U? en llat m> voi?nteer?. The hichest hountv paid, c*?h In hand, on aasehi" t '* doctor Relief flckets for families. Aceflts wtH reeeive the highest nrem itms A op'v at t*e Merehenta*. Bankers' and Ooeral Vol uotoer and Hubs', tute Anaooiatton. otlloe 128 Mroadwair, N. Y WANTRD? 100 MEN FOB ONR YBAB FOB THB ABM Y and Navy. Higheet eaah honntle. Batd. Applv at the United Si ,t?a riaim Asenev. Bo. 4 New Chaiobora street, corner of Chatham rooms 6 iuid 0 Wanted? huhstitutes, at office no. uchav ber- sirnet. to w hom the hiKhwt ca h hoaatv will be given tb at u> oauk .u tlie city. Prm.'nal* dealt with on fair terms. t'aptaiu ,1 DrPASB A OU WANTED? AL'ENB OB VETEBAN8 FOR THB armv and navv. forone two nnd three year*. Will p?y $4A0 and *>?*) as ?->oi? as passed the domor Ap ply insinodiately at 7S Nassan atreet. Army and Navy office. ANTKD-A SUBSTITUTE FOB OVB YEAR. $2SU cash paid, Also one for three years: $810 rash nald In hand: government and Stala boon ties paid extra Apply at tha office of tbe Salamander Wot ks. foot of Hammond st. w w <> SUBSTITUTES WaNTID ? $7?0 CABH' DOWN. it Call at Hunt I"* sbo? store. 3t Newark street, between Wa?hlngiou and Hudson atresia. Hobokeu, N. J. in substitutes wantp.d-to pill up a town. 1 *7 ahtp .iiiota. and cltoto of regimenta Highest Iioiintr. cash pstd In the navy or army, afser examined hv tbe doc tor. HoMken. Sit Newark street, oortier of Washington. ?ne Mock and a ball from the llobokeu ferr>. GKOBGB BBBBfl Oil GOOD BOf'ND MEN ABK BRADY TO GO AB (tnbatltntes. A line chance for merchants and etbsrs Address U 8 A., Herald ofllce. BUBBTITUTBS ABB NOW WAITINO FOB APPLI ?'v caau, sn?l can be shipped to tbe orodlt of drafted men In one hour. Kor our resnectahilltjr we refer io the following note ? ' Raniien Tone, we have known yon far twenty years, and consider you a man of strlet Integrity? Henrv Eagle, Commodore United flurteg Navy " Apclf at the Seamen's Bank Its York street Brooklyn, near Bevy Yard ?al? U*l BUB8T1TDTB8 WBBE FIfBNfSH BD hTuTo* ''*> Wednesday, at $02*, to pilntipal*. Forty ?uhstMutee Hit he furnished this dav inr $??> BBOWM V08B. Sea men's Bank, 191 York street, Brooklyn. QQTH REGIMENT NBW?TO'tX YBTBBAN VOLUN CO leers. L entenant (Lionel Dints Y . Burke cominand l?g ? I.ent emen raising cfmipanles <tr alshlm io dn so, wowld do well to r*n on t'oionfl Burke at the Whitney lloose, roriierof Tweift't alraet and Broadway. bMween the hours of in ?n-l 12 o clock eecli day this week, or at lanimani Hall *plend'1 cn-mce* for promotion for re Crffll joining this gallant regiment. Prontonon made frotn the ranks Any voting geiitlniiian bnnslnS fortv n en will est a t anient ef; thlrt>' a (Irst ifeotensd'./ Pi.-a?e cat; a* ?ooii a? iiossible. m Colonel B trke will He in the elty only ten daya ______ 0!l/\n AND UFWaBO HAND MONEY PAID TO ANY vIUU one man or woman, who brinirs suh-iilutes for armv nr parv 'llglies' caali bounties gunr^titeed lo Ihe nscruit Apply to Certain COMBS. M Lispenard street, ne*r liroadwat <C1 Irt TO ??V1 litll MONBT PAID AGENTS OR oftl?)U runners loi vo .uteris lor tine city Ten men ? Silted to dsv ; the bi|lhf*t Ixinpty c*?b down as sooti v. I'Sasej Hy the doctor Applv at |W lliosde^v, nrn Hand mokey to nnNNEBu For one ? l\" reai men In the IJ 9 N*v\ . 8%Mboitnt) to the recruit, reliol lor family and Pii?e Wouev. Landsinen Seamen and Green tianila wanted, at 170 Chsthani *ireet. Shipping tidies rooas Bo ? IQ/tTH B Y VOL'-NTEEBS -flr B^TITt'TES A NO iOU vnlunieors wanted for my o?u i nmtnand, in camp at Blmlra viliatre, on the hi:* York mid Erie lallioad Highest rash liounlie* paid immevtlately a hen accepted This regiment is test Oiling up snd will be a favorite V.n rom missioned ' fficers want'-d Apply to CAptain rOMRH 50 Lispenard street, near Broaitway SIIB8TITCTBS W A NtBU -BROK.K H8 Rl N ears and all others bringing ms> to me will re eel ye $700. cash in hand after pesetas the doctor. Money Rain before feeing swom In. Apply to f WABBBB FLINB. o. * Warren street, near Broadway. B. B.? Be men taken out of the Blnio. <fc'?nn F AID TO ANY ONR WHO I'BBBBBTB A "TttlfU eeund man at tfc* loerultlng offlse S9 Park row, room n. ftono OASH IN HAND, FOR ONB YRAR, ABUT ItHIU or navy WILSON A ob , W Q rand sk, agar tha Bowtrr. MaiTAET AfP liTih AOnn BAUD MONBT WILL BB HI# W Ut -PZUU peraoa Wngtnga Babatftate te na4 Narr Recruiting Depot, Ho t CbtnbW* ltrMA . !? *^1** the highest bounty will be paid to All raatultB Mn M( ?worn Into the oerrlce. ?QCA CASH PAID NATAL RECRUITS rOIMI ?P &*J\J year, and $S0 hand money pa'd runner* _rn* monfv und advanced pay at the United State* K??*l OB?, 247 Broadway, room 25. ? ?QfMI bountt? BMO CASH IB HAND. ?i? 099. ?jui/U eminent bounty paid to Voiunteera and SubnU. tute* for one vear for the Army or Navy. Choice of *ar?l*? given $50 hand money paid to any one bringing a r re rail to tbia office. NOLAN A I.ANldAN, No. 6 East Broadway. TO* SUBSTITUTES TOR ONH TEA R? AT ?J>0 I ?J No 7 Exchange place, Jersey City, up alttlra. <5 inn ?*SH IN HAND? ARMY OR NAVY-FOB ?tUU one vear. N B ? SWA T'nlted States bounty el tra for srrry. Apply to Lieut. HK1NS. No. 4 Hudson street, near railroad depot. rftft RUCRPITS WANTED-ABOUT $l.noo BOUNTT Da d. ThN i*the best clianoe yet oHTered for eas seat vice and the largest bounty. Can Immediately at 713 llrtdl way, room 20, up Hairs, from 10 to S daily. Sfrco CASH IN HAND, TO ANT MAT* NOT LI ?)')'/ sble to a draft, or an alien to go In the a- mi a* navy M a saibatltute. Money down a* won an paused fee doctor Applv. for two days, at 126 East Twenty elitb itrael. No brokers need apply. (Sftftn ? 1 want AN ALIRN BURSTlTnTB, A WO ipO" ?U. will pav this sum cash in hand for a good maa. Apply at S7 Oh ambers street, aecond Uoor. Of'/Ui iOUMTT.? BMO HAND MONEY PAID TO ANT ?!pi)lMF person who brings a 'ecruit for srmv or nary. Substitutes supplied at reasonable rate*. Aonl- at *41 Broadway, corner of Bleecker atreet. entrance 74 Bleeckaa straet. (\ n [\ ONE YEAR MEN WANTEB-S'dO AND ??* Owtfcashin hand, paid mn or ?rmv alien" and d a charged *allor* and snldlc-*. Ac.rep ed parties bringuif r*. ciults treatad libera !v. Call at the Bounty, I'ay, Army and Navy Agency, 111 Nassau street. up staira. (fiPOn -I WANT A SIJ BSTITUTR. AN'1 WILL P?T a man $6C0 cash In hand. Apply to E. H. PAYNE, Pearl Street House. 300 1'esrl etreet. C>?*nn AND CASH PAID TO FIVE ALIENS. ?jNj'FUcal ln-dnv Dischnr *?d sal or* mid so'rl'ers wha have served two and three years In the armv an I navy mm! have h norah e discharges, accepted. Call nt the H >nnty, Pay, Army anil Navy Agency, 111 Nassau ai reel, up ataira. q?f?Mn ROrNTT.-B'no II and monky paid to ant ?iP'MHI perton who brmg a r'oru't for srinv nr nav? , I* this o lice. SSiti ca?h in hnnti to anv recruit who comae lilm-o!f United stales Rer t'ns olucn 2(7 Brosdwav room -6. &uh*i|iiues also furnished for city or country, al fair rales. Colore I men taken. AgCA -ARMY, NAVY OR M AKIN B -ANY MAN wHiiiu; to iolo the armv can ha* 1 "h "ce of re? pln ent and receive si* hundred ind tiff inllars. cish la V nil bv nailing nt No. 8 Hicks street, B' lok yo, two blocks from I'ulton ferry. (Jif'rfl -1 WILL PAY TO SUBSTITUTES THKM iJ/U'mi. pe'v?N $ T>0 cs"b In hand after pa*?lng tiie d'<a tor: the < must be a i ens or veterans. *p I 'li s iiay to Dr. ANDERSON 31 Kldridge Ktrc?t. corner nf Canal Q7nn BOUNTY.? YOLUN TREES AND SUBHTl ?Pi ' ' U lutes want?d for the army and navv: the large*! amount nf hand innnev paid to sny n?r?nn tnlntrlnv re. o:u.ta at 9# Chatham ttreoeL CAPTAIN J, WV.NNli. 0J7fWt CASH TN 1'ivn Mil) TO fitt R'TITDT' ? <P I ' M 7 for army or mv?. 't'li's amount > v 1 1 1 he n-iid to V anv mnn who will go as u 'iibs'luile eit' er in nenjv or oa?y Apn'v before I P. M . to WILSON A CO., 23:> Orand at., ileal the ll.iworv. S700 CA8B B-t,ST7, $7 <0 CASH BOUNTY. $700 CASH BOUBTT ARMY OR NAVY. ARMY OR NAVY. A'lVt OR NAYT. B1 L1SPENARI) KTRRKT. near Broadway. ?7f>n C*s*' DOWN SOON AS ACCP.?TKD TO 8PB t" ? ?tilut"s;.r m co In m mf or niv?. Ap -lv st the o ' ce (if i tie Eiixtnrn II ?t?l 61 W h t-lial I s'reei gear Seutk ferri, up one flight oi aialrk Ask for S'lencer. $700.: ?I WILL P VY THH AM OlT NT. CA?H DOW* draft, to bo as lulaltsl* In 'he Armv or Nav. ltUMRELL. 25 John street, third doer. CASn r?I ?*ND FOR ANY MAN WHO ? i \/vF want* to mi n l tie armv or navy as subal'tnt- | we guarantee t e clini e ot service ; we do not adve t se hundreds o' ilo'tar-< that eannot b* n?ld bal shall p?y ererf oon i that wa promise. Call at 39 Park row. room 28. C 1 SB IN HAHD PAID TO E ICH SrnSTf. ?P I ' "1/ tote at soon a- accepted and the mn|n at serv ca, eitner In the a'-my or navy. A pr| .? at the aid eataidlshed otllce 13' Eleventh atreet, corner of Hittli ar CASH DOWN AND NO DFDrcTTON FOR A ?P i ?)lF su it tule. tH|? day; also the hi hesi l>' Uutl?? for volunteers and men for the navy. App y a*, l aluraea Route, 7S Cort sufl street. 47KA CASH DOWN AND NO DEDUCTION FOR A tE>|?.J<F -MihstUnte this day. alto bigheat bounties fbt vol on leers and men for the *avv Apply at the Army aaB Navy Olalm Agency, C3 Fulton atreet U>7f EACH FOR 10 MRN AS RU B8 1 1 rUTRS. At ?P I ?7"7 ply early at No. 7 Exchange pisoe. Jersav Cllf, up atslrt ff?7 C#\ BACH? CASH DOWN-WILL BE PAID FO? ?[> I ? '' * two a'lens Or vaterana to go as sulittltutes In the arm < ; no broker nr runner need applr Apply between I A M and t P. M. at I4!? Oreene street, Jersey City. ?7^(1 WILL BE PAID TO A MAN TO Of) AS KB up l f)\7 pre??ntat'Te lo a teotleman In anrance of the draft Applv immediatelv at 84 Walker street, between Broadway and Church atreet. <S>Q/m CASH DOWN WILL BR PAID FOR 100 MSB ?PJ/vM/ to go as ioh4tliut?* or volunteers in the armv m navy. Runner* and a*enis will be liberally dealt wllk. Peison" wishing to procure substitutes ran lie furnished tm the most reasonable terms bv apnlvlng to P. FLANNAO AW A CO.. at the old Post ofOce building, Na. 7 Chatbaaa ??luare. Substitutes always on hstul. OCOnn BOUNTY-tW> CASH IN HAND, $300 UB1. i~i7UU ted State a bountv paid to volunteer* or snbelA tetes for i*e army or taw for three year* ReerultaeM hava choice of (ervice. Acent* and runners liberally daall ? 1th. Apply at No 6 Eatt Broadway NOLAN * LAWIOAW. BOUNTT? FOR VOLUN TBKRS, IN THE B* tD'M w cond New .leraay Cavalrv ; $.V?i cash In haad. A^ ply at the recruiting ollloa, Hobaken ferry, Hoboken. N. J. (CQ1 ft BOI'NTY.? $8Tn CASH TOE THREE TIAW <D(7lU volunleer* at No. 7 R? change plaae, Jereey Ctty, up stairs. Extra par month, S3 to dagla aad $6 to marrlM ?OQ7 FOR SUBSTITUTES OARH? AND $7SI |TO? I Volunteer* ca*h. Call at 139 Spring atreet, ment With choice of regiment* and department. l nnn wrn wanted? attbr bbw tobk aehV l.lAlu and Navy Recruiting olDea. Haa beea ttHB Imiipd with a view of hsvlng a reliable o ' ae la thaaM where recruit* and iJrtaeipals will receive fair aad kaitp able treatment Kvert engsgement made will be hanoraMf fiilllled Prlnclaai* furnished at the shorteet aotleaaBB good men aliens; or ?metered lato tba navy. BcatafOM pa tiers obtained. Volunteer* and snbstltma* treated MM men and the highest prle? aalA Apply at tba United RUM Clnlra Agenc No. 4 Haw Cham beta *traat, aaraar a t Oka# bam, rooms No. 5 and $ "aw -trret roa^ Id S1.300 A?-'RNS OB TBTRaiiM ? ~ (2>1 or cn BOUNTY FOR TIIRBB MEN AS TOLOB* ipl OilU leers ar *uh*tttote<. far army ar nav7; mkm twenty men for one vear, for whom the above boanty wfl he T>a d. four men for signal carp*, alt stewards, fonr aaa paasws, three tremen and twenty seamen \ yenng mea wBt Wis ia avo.d the draft, now la your Ume Leak oat Mf runner* who arcoit ynn In the atreet. Coma la the aaa4> quarters of the army and aery, ?.1 waat atreet, aaraar ?T Cedar KINO A BOAOK. (C i Ann -three MKN WANTED tbis MORS. ?P't ?' M My. ing. aa renie*ealatlve Recruit* for one <aar. 2 ill i tunnty. Ao. No humbug tnyallds also wanted, fat the Invalid "era* I" tbia city. Apply la mediately ettf Broome ? treat. N. Y. 4 0?Q VOLUNTEERS WANTEP FOR OR R YBAft .#;Oo Beuaiv $52,1 i, nf wateli $415 I* paid cash daw* a?t"r pass ag the auiMMaa. Appiv to ibe *upamaar af Waabnngion tewnshin. State of New York, at hi* otUmfm Walker street, between Broad war and Church atreet. 10 000 VOtjlJtlTK?M *ANTBP. TO EBFRRSKNT the OOOBTT ok"" NEW TOES I!TTh"r ARMY. * OOUNTT BOUNTT. TIIRRK~ HUNDBBB BOLLAB& Hand money? Oonaty to new recrnlte ar vateraaa IB United States to new meraila I United State* to veterane I Tba Cauaty Taluataar Committee, under instruction* at the Beard af Saparrlaara having Iliad a'l ^uata* uadar *0 call* tit ta this time, have reaoived lo recommence the boat, nest of recruiting for the army, with the new of raltlaf the qitala in anticlpatiea of a new call by tba Tretideat fat men Beer nits wlil be reoeieed as formerly at the several Pta ?osi Marshals' oHoee. at Tammany Ball, sad at the Coualp ?alnnieer Eaoiasl a ha Park -ornsr Stnadway and Chaaa bera street. The following are the variou* Provost Marshu*' Ofllnae-? i Fourth District? Captain Joel B Krbardt. No lot Liberty street. Fifth Dutriet? Capts n Henry P. West, aorner Broeaat and Ciwaoy atreeis Sixth District ? Capts < n Kostet. corner Stytb avenoe aad Tbirteealh atreet Seventh Dlatriot? Freitenck C. Warner, Na. ? Thirl a van u* Eighth Diatrlot-Benjnmin i Maalerra. N?. 1.303 SraaA way Ninth Diet r let? Wm Dunning, corner Party. taraath atreat and Hroadway Alt recruit* will receive >0 their awn handt the Coua? Bounty of $300 and any party bringing a Beernlt wfl peiwlva a Cauntv Premium af $M. in cash for everv maa, Whether ne<v Reeriilt or Veteran and a certincata ea titling the bearer te tba Untied St* tea Premium ef $10 far a aew Baorult aa I $U f.-r a Veieraa O OOOPRRf OUNTIIF.R. Mayar. MATTRRW T. BRFNNaN. Oamptrallar. ORISON BLUNT, Sitpervtert. WILLIAM It tWfRD. Jupervlanr RLl.TaH f. I*URDY. Buparvisor. WILLIAM B STF.WART, Sunervlsor.^ Oammltte* oa ToluateeHag. ORISON BLUNT. ?mn Bstr vtss. Jir < um, 0k?lrm",f ,;omm

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