Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 12, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 12, 1864 Page 2
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financial and commerc?al. Auruat 11?6 f. J|. . ?Ul<?,w,w <* n.tronal debt Ure d00# ? ???* de.l t.iw trd ? euabiln? tb. penpie to form . correct a,. 01 me ,mt(11D, of f0?IBiaea, ^ bu( m MurveMrr ?r ?Dcor the3e ??????*? ' I t, Cull to distinguish between lbs lefai tender ?n.t non-legal u,0ll0r ,H)rtlooof ltM) debt, considerable Uforanoe on tbe subject of the national currency pro ?bile that of tbe Sure and nat|3n,| bankll ,g "till li-*g und<\f8iood. Acoordiug to the auit-njfnt of tbe a I Of Ibo eurrent moaib. tbe total arao mt or govern Uaeclmoey te n in circulation was fMl.ftOO 608 of wbt:b ih? Minting are tbe deiatte ? ' I Hi cc! > . ?<v,. r, ? , V irn'nVV > ir<< per ,? ,n e,,r* n. ? ? ^ .5U0 (100 Tr?^v v""';n" v., "_lU l ,!?r?8i i.a* ceased. 'iti-i.ifl, < oirp ir..d n?r^-( .,oViV , . 23,414 4J0 - ?'? 4 1 mn^ ?>??<>?? -^b!8*? ? the Irei *ro unab'8 determioe, o? n,,, ' in.s O i re . ? k. JJ* * tb? ***"" > ffk J v.,, , . v The rem<ind?r ot tbocur* jJhu ?. 8 '"h 'T '? ru'ti"hed bjr u>0 btr.:e banks. ' 8 * 8 *b <]i now jiauce. '" 1 l- ;>o circulation of th?M In , , " " ,n" , ,1 "? >i?? w is *ISN 00\ 700, ? V-v rc\? isr2. 1:fcd in.rc.-iso . to ' "V '?in.' 1 : > r'*.o,0oo in cxcam or tbe pro. '* v"r f ""f "Mount the Now England ?' ; ?>. ol wt:iou Harm bu*?tis I . ?. / , ' ???- '?< 'W Vo.-it fi.rtimSiod 'ts tw.-. w. wltti tbe exeottton cr fc T m' " *l,rr ""Mwitiep Uhv been de-oafed rrr i,a?kle ,rbl,?; ai A.b.. . .Maimed, or ?ro ?|1(lv,ta ;r.rov ' u- s H,,!Uhi C1;,V ' ' ' ,h,t ,b" or the J' , 1,1 u" ?>al Sr.^r- .cib- nmt t'.ve, I,'. ' r^" L'nr dtaV ,Mg., ' ' ;t """ * '4 0. ! 40. c-cui m'I'm rV? a- r . , ' " 11 ' ??'? '?? !h. . : ir- au- on m to t o, . "' ?? - -mm, "to'"" or x? r e.,r.J ,, b,.rt ti* rc'^Trj8,"' ? sr. o/ ?ho in ,rr re tbe buikbig Uirx retire li t ? n ,.?r ceat 0r tb0 'f." l>o Icept in m.eoie. In Maine five r cent is ii!P mi *? wnm |? '>?nec-icnt tbe pomir -oRioiis riyrt tint tto ??curtly oi .bccircuUti m d,;.on(te ,nrn , , 1 tto Tbep^t^'S^11;: ~f nj c,rtu:s W4 . J uu.ttfj plaits fctocks or an v sofvnm ; ; ^ ckSf wlth ten KL arr tTe'm,?TOr X?W V?rk ^ Eicb .B?. prlT.Uge to tJ''s:lCTanT%onI7'VWIlbtlle ? f V'"' visions (or a circulation limited to ' t if OT the capital stock Of cach batik tho l! Ohio, Maryland and rei.osy:vnnla VT. #d0p,ed ,a ???to"'",0,??'?ba' "?? to. m i? uZZ T""-v r"" ,0 sr: ,h" ?? srs ^ ? bas been of (ruestiooHblo utllitr ?n^ <h * the cewr inatltutloiiS bas placed the old ones .Td'Te -e=;Ls;:::rirl"^,atm po"t,oM w dee.rod ' ^ " ?*T"[0a wcr? IDt?? ?o be Tbe i mafmentoftb, nation.! debt for the week ?? the J,,b ,0?t. shows a further addition t .k tlwn having beer 1610.505 wheroa. it .. 5 dfc'e of the latt k, or I as follow- " ^ lltUC I nitf?d Stales u>les Fii-e per cert one ro'sr H8S, 109, SCO lYe W <*??? tvr? notr< " 44-r'S0 MO , i ive ih.t cent tiro > ear? uoJ.- ' U?'.V 11 ?r>.4S0 0 k? lm*ur> B-las ; Cb ,tere^? 2"p0" ;- 80 ?ractloi,?| currency. . " 1?,IC1 omjround Interest uot'?> 23?,r '0 Z94 38,400 f>00 Total Tte tot?i increase or tbe debt diintig the week was t ,M6? tbe> am mnt being now stated at $1,852, 649,13ft, At aomparad w tli tlie rat urn-' of tue 2d lost., tUore tu been an Jncroars iu tbe isttja of nx per oetit bonds of 1831. exchanged for seren-tbirtf inte r?k i ic co t Treasury noto.-, of $4,116, 610; !d tbst ot the ten 'crty bonds of $W>C,i00; in tint of cs'tiflcatea or iodebUMrief? of fij,iS8,0<y?, and in that of compound interest notes on $5,510,^40. 1 lie re ha, bt ?o a decrease Hi Uio r.npa'M requisition of >->.?>;;7,000. and to tbe temporary deposit line of td.Y&ijgiO. Tbore is a leaden dulccsE tu 'A all itroc'., and a summer languor prevails cm the K;ock Kxcbango. Stocks aro .or tin tuj?t i art strongly held; bat the speculative feeling is not tc tbe sscsnuant, owing, to some extent, to tbe ab sence ot many of the speculative brokers atd o,>oratore from tbe city. The nionoy m>:r>.et continues easy acd a'eggtsb, witb a aurpki. of cap. Mi oflancg at from si* to sevea p^r ceut Foreign exchange, ic sympathy with g?li ani the large export* of tner-.btuidlec und bon Is, Is bflow tbe apn.e stanaaid, and diiTlcult of Raio. Tbe ^notations lor baakcrs' sterling raugo from iOd to 109, in g-. ic fiiiii on I'^ris ar. quoted at from 6.1-., u> 6.16 for franca. TV stock market wai d'-ll sgsln lo^l.y, and on tho wb e Kk or. ("cin; r.rad w.ih'tbo bl/hosi cash sales at the ; r?ii ineoilng of the Bosrd of Broker? ye*tcn!sr, New Vorit Central dec'Ioed H |?r coot, lludtoo F.ivei CI. u>d It"Ck L-land ft, Pittsburg ar.d Intt Wsyne V ? b.c ko und N. rpiwe .tort ??. Cumberland C al H> Mai a and I bio und Mississippi cortiilcal'-e ?{. trie Kniiway and tele vara -.nd fit. dr. a Caual told tbe same Itea-im^ P.nllroad ? viucea lilelilgiui Socio ern lilino* Ceutrl yt, ?r,d Cleveland mt4 Plttr burg I'rw ? : at !'?? eeuoud b-tard wi-re abo'.'t tbe same aa at tb" tirst sessioa. rue noon qi.ot'it 'tis for ; >vernvisat -Turltioe wero aa f we ? (? : .* of li t 10 a !??", coupi.l five twent es, lo.- % a 10'- Oct^-or Treasury votes, 105; ? ?re yew oertt jcites, V4", a 93; al\?>j of 181", 120. li tae a'ternoon tb? c>< '.j v- ? ' lS-.l sold e,t 100 ,. the Ave twenty co^.m* st )< ? a the Ocr bcr Treasury ootv at ii7 1 , and tbo debt certiOcatoa at uft. t old was dull t day. the st . sh;j m ils bating a t tdeooy to keop dr . u tnv ;>? ; - Ji op ied at 269J(, ?i. ' around tbe f a-t ?.-? 1 jlwsen iir>4 and -i i>. Ibe (oiluwing is tba rej*" >. irom the f-ub Trc .sfirer ? t-ecel| ts fr<?m customs f^T.OOO T' lai 4,'VM,T44 fxyuicnta i'asi.'e 17>Vp,1:;0 h b'Ctiptions to 7 3 lOths notes 170,000 'I tie (imditlon of tbe banks of (be threo principal c m in r ?l cities of ti e Union Is exhibited in tbe follrwi ij t < ? e, a bleu gives tbe aggregates of the.r last weekly MMtemvut* ? _ _ . _ . . a k a *ig f. ?U5S 3.V7 I! I.m.'ilfl 4 5.2 7.8 1" ? T, > . A., K %lTuf I IV 3.'. B2 W7 2 2M.SV4 S7.r? I '? J... d \<-i. 8 . 00.0-4 m t.tal.lH ft XW.M0 tot . . . .t ja~ ria ic.*!.- :a< 3jH,3i'i.9?? u r-H . *U f.AW l<;,i^,?63 |? e.sesa. 1" '"'??f" sio'Jrf Ji, raw t< . 8,0 5.1 ln"r.a?^ n 's iWMll The returns of tbe ilai.t of Kngland for tba week and !?>, >u t 27 compare with tbe statement of the previous w??k ?? :ollows ? pw catl. fin weeks prerioua they towered the t out. f\T 'w'flO'o*. P ',. rata from savao to six par cent. Th? averago at ?t or bu ll?n bald by t'e Bank of Fiwliod to b'tt departments during tbe month ending the 2 2d of June was ?14,17?, *39, being an incr ease of ?!, 114.544 as compared with the previous mooih, aud a decrease of ?634,698 when onm parad with '.he s?tne penod list year. The returus of tbu lank of 1 ranee 'or the .reelc ei ding July 2$ show tho following changes, compared with tbe prerlous staiemact:? Inc case? Ca?h, 8>{ million* com mercial bIHa. 4 3 ? tt . millions; bank notes 1 3 lOtd mil lions; treasury balance. 4 l-I^ih nilllioi i. oarrant sc c unta, 8 2 l ib millions, Decrease? advance", 1 mri n. Hi'bel scrip selling 10 Umdon on the 30il' nil at 70S a 77 V Tbecommra'lre eirn|p?a of ih? Pittsburg, Fo?t " * re and Hi cago Railroad for tbe mouth of July were as la' lowr;? 1863 $3*>0,7r.3 1861 *48 Increase t i>er cent) $!"V ?T 111. rccei- ts of the above ro-d since January 1 h n ben as follow*:? F.roto lannary 1 to July 30. 1864 ?T4f7,9' ' fc~uie tim. lu 1S63 2,S02..?U Incraisc (23 1 3d per cent) *655,S8l Tl?? following i? tbe report or the earnin:* of ttii Mil w a .kt-o a J -t. 1'iul Itiilroad, Including the eastern di vtsion of (be old I.a Cyosaa rond:? Jr v J"' 4 ...$188,SOt lu>, !Sl>3 106,307 tacrasqe $f>2,9'0 From .fnnmrv 1 to Arg ist 1, 1864 $1. 10*>.279 Same tii^e Ust year 7*7,066 In-'eu e *3 1,218 Tiio fu lowiui; Is n siaiewect of the business don? by thu Illinois Centra' during July, IStvi:? i >. \n t"VARTM>rvT. A<T c<? rrrT?<! Inon * -M. . ..1? 887 36 for f 147, 604 91 Vitpr l'iier<'?t luu'i latid fold.. . 60S 30 for 8 . i i? "> 3-1 Acres tree Una ?soU 3,775 62 Tor 40,704 09 ro: -: jnr np .Inly. 1H'M 18.253 6S for tl06,!>M 6"> TowUicb add town lot gulo?.... S.f>74 50 Ti.tal or t,ii $:00.129 14 Aft* poM (-? -.?< I 'O. 1 1 *6 1 . .183,473 S2 forfl.717 ?T<I 89 Ciidli coli. ctcil la July 175,7i'8 38 tlK.'AHTHF.XT. Riv-aljit-' from rawn .era $1?7 "67 R0 I (? I'li.y it 38*10.1 7*? S5 In tn.ii'? ? 0 3 I". r' nt of *. A 00 1 to other sources e. iO' t' Total receipts In rorwitli of July, 1p01 $4f,4,"'i 98 Tutil receipU ic m mth of July, 1833 843,926 61 Increase $60,203 37 The following U a statement of coal unc-porled on tho Delaware aud Hudson Canal:? For wfitk end. Far Hi P riwl'pii Fortru Mi<-. 0. 18 S. 5 ??.??? . A\. . 6, 18' 1. S b o". Tel. fclTnii. Canal. iP.'ln 3T4.:'.34 '2-, ?.'<??? 4U,9.>6 Pcnn. Coal Co 24.968 297.798 1^, 84 2." 2,; 49 Tail Ions 42,586 672.1J2 42,19u 697,495 The following auction 6alCs of stocks were made by Mulior L Wi'kics on Wednesday :? share*. Par. Price. 90 Fh?42J and Gr ml street Hai!rf>ad.f!00 116 40 Metrotmittan Oaallsht loo l'_>? 239 Botchers' and Drovers' Bank 25 13? 19 Shoa and I onlicr i aok 1C0 105^ 2'1 Nlasrara Firo lasur r ce 5# 133 10;> Continental !'ire 'nsurance 100 llift 7!) StuvvsKant Kire I puranco / 25 80,?i 933.000 P.-oailway and Se\ enth Avcnuo 7 per cent tirRt mo; tuaiic bonus, duo 1 St'-l 92 a 95 $5,000 -;tnte of II Inoia 6 percent bords, forty per oeut paid ? 95 Stocv Exoliancf. T ii'ksd'T. Aura?! 11? 10:30 A. M. $10000 r R S's. '67 120 200 ? ? 1, ? -nth AS tJ.-al IS GOO U 8 A'*, '81. oou . 1 1 "7 ID As 'btiru.n Coal *'u 2i '-'""?0 do 1 ' 'a 25 Mflril" ! ti n <? '1.. I. ' ' kaifOl do !i 8V? N Y ( :ntraJ UK 13 IS'JVO B 8 . -.'ll's, cou !(. ij 10 1 lir e UK ...U HJ i 411,'KI do 100% SO < 1" Itao imr l?.00;m do lo.n, d,, IS , lCOi Mklvn cyCa, wria lir? 200 d< bl .in wrn, 7 3.10. u v \. I'M 1. 0 Alton \ ' H HR.b u '? HfciOO lT S 6'*. 1 yreertf Six 1 Alt in A i 1 p.p. 78 11)0 ilo ?? Hi,) Uud 't.v RE CO 131*; !(*:'? 'I>nn"*>#e ?> Ml. S5ij foo < - ' ?.*4)00 Missouri 6' ...... ?S f |) do ' . ??*???, Is to P RR '?;?'{ "'i do .... WOfi' j .v Misace ' ' Jj 4ii# o | ' ; "" kW Jo b'iO 62 10' d. ....... bl?) Ui flRYOo RK?e. *37 117 14 ? '< *o It 7<>i NVi'cnM. Ci . lt!? l't <1P? dJ5 3 RK 1. MM K?:.i BR, 3d mart. !$?>$ li? a-- l.v; II I! *1 IV.: R ' 1 risfb 1 ? ' 6 < ? it S . N I BK 12 -i-O O KWKR34*. I m 135 60 o .... 1 *; 10000 tiff Bit. 1st m. ? 102^ 5 Pru.m Tt 2000 WAPdtiO RR. let in llH 105 !? Ue fnllstci 33i 2000 P.FtWA C RK. i lUli yr.i In- .... r'flV 15?hO M'BtM'i 'a 1 (Trt fiS 'Oil do 1' '4 COOO Mm A Cin lit m. 13 Ii)il??,v etraRR 11 ? soto Aui?ric?n gold... 2'4.,,u 4<m >0 i ? IIK.'OO do kGO 2'0 2 0< 111 V N ?v K ' .... ftfi' 6c ills DelAB udCnlCo 20'J< ? ??> 1 hi v K W prof.... !'H. 83 do ... 21' S'M i , T .11 |v> 150 Cumb Coul prof.... 6'%i I0M M A Fk ? 'lit l"i; 300 do fil'i 11 v * i-d'i ' u M . rf 9< 10ii Quickiilrer Mln rn 7-.'\ 100 TUtl It W.v ( h .ii ll? KM do bill 7." 4 100 < o bid ll?\' do 7!) 20' <1o >>1 !'??.' 900 Mariposa Mb Co.. *6 200 Mar A t la lat pref. <o * stcoND HALt-rarr Tao r.'CtocK P. Vi $1000 T: fl ???, '<*1. coil lOr.Cj go ci) ? Kr|? uk 11 \i 6000UUS ??*, UI ?.... I|*<J,. 2'1' llii"1?on KK RR.... IS Vi 3"Oi do 103 5 0 Reading lift Ii7 ?SoJTrens7 J-10 !?:&{ CO1' no &>% 37 Oil U S 0 *. 1 yr cert. 95 11 Mich c?Dtr?l RR .. I4u lifKl Mi?? X Mo Id st. m\? 100 Mtcli SoJtM RR.. fi-i' 40 Atlontlc M 8 8. 181}* 800 do. 92'., *X) yuldcMlw Mj Co . 7?'5 fO 111 Central BK ?C|>. m?2 J"'' ? do... .... ... 2-iOClav. A l'ltn RR... 113V llMlC' mb Coal pmr.... SOOChiARW .HI 573? ISO N'T Ccnlral KR.... 131^ *0 Chi .1 R Kand R it. 114 >w> , do. 1S11J 6001'HU, FlWAChlBH 116 iOt'BrleBR 113 ltw do lltv CITT COMMERCIAL REPORT. THrRMUT, Ai'fust 11? 8 P. M. A-"tt!? ? RoceipU 24 b'jU. JIarket dull asd pricce MebaagMI, B?raptrTT?.? r.ef?lr1?, T,9Ci fi?or ;4^,540 bosLela wbo?t, 49,3&0 do. corn, 03. '7$ do. oata, 3(0 do. The Cour market raled quiet and pt.vuly. The ralilni; off ia i?c?ipu and nnl.'onn ru' a? of ?' '1 imparted a Utile mora cafldaoce on the part of ho Mora. 8a'?? bbU. htntc and Woale<n, 1..VK) Kniiham, tnd 450 Cairn dian. Tlye flour and corn men! ruled d ill -riih baleiof 150 bbhi of tho f imer Ma 500 of tho laltor. Vi e qO'it#:? R<iy?rgca "tat* aod Waatern Cour $0 On a 0 CO Extra b'uta 9 80 a ? ? i CboiraSut* 0 00 a 10 00 ('aminos to modi urn aitra Wtwarr... " '0 a 10 1.1 tltra r< ?rd boi y "D:o iv r;q a 10 .'5 Veatevn trad* brand* 10 i>0 a 12 Oil KltraSt. Ivmilj 11 *."> a 11 00 Common BoutDarn 10 cs a 11 25 r.Hra and farey tfo 11 ?i)? n 00 fominan 'anadian 9 To a 10 OA (iootl to oholae and axira k> 10 d5 i 11 *9 Ryo no r. r:i?orfti>a R 50 a 11 eo f>>in meal. bb'? 7 00 a 8 40 Orn mea: . puncheons 53 OC a 39 00 ? lhc whe .1 mrtrkcl for in.orior ?Wnfcrl-.tions of wu dull, irri^nlar an' vt ; heavjr. whllo prima w-*i f!rt?. h'n'ta l-.ti.'OOb at i a *2 34 for Cb lotto ?pri"?, +2 20 a {2 . *? for ,v;!*r u', "e flub. U- a $2 S3 ( r ambar Uilwank?-e.*c. $^ a<2 47 for winter rrd W"?lt!in aiwl *2 4" a %2 Mfor 'cnbjr M'chigan, tho In' ? !o p i^o r r waaviiy. A a?n.| ,c uf now ainlK-r rl ??<? wbi orh.10 'cd In clian^o t>d?y ari.1 400 buahela win aolj. lijec<rn n^?rke: w?? tnrrro tieady and a ah ide f^rtrior. ,-nle? l(i.'. "00 bi.fhcia at $!02.1{n 1 04 I ?r Tr>rn roixe I iiats w?re dccidedlT dull and ra'.*a b ro'y sopporied. K?lo? at 9 .?> fl. trfc latlf.r an Putrcmo p. .-e. Ryo nud bari^y remainod inact'vj nrd prio s r rnliiii'. CiviTt-A.? ih ? roarket wr.a < <i| firm, with sale* of 3:0 ba'.e . Wc quote. ? 1 1 at <1. r ... idfi V ' ??'?. '.V. 0. a 7. Ordnarr lt^O Itio T*"! l^l MtddliOg 174 174 , 1 A 175 (.ocd nuiidlinj ITS 1>" 17'.' 179 Co ? ?lb mar It-: i wu ? i?t bot priw* wei'0 with cut e^nt'al change. fane*!* war* Brtu.brt ti?t very active. Enpaperpent* t" T,lverpool. p.;r Am<rlcau vtawlx, 3t,009 buarh'-ia wheat hi 7i'. a 7 <ii., tn bulk and bags: 7 000 do corn at 7d., In baga; 160 bales nomp at 20a.: 400 libit, (lot. r at la. fid.; por n*>itr?l, 12,0(0 buanoy *u?at at 7Vd.', I* big*. 800 bbla. (lour at la. lojjd.; 40- (on* tallow at 22a. Pd . and per cteatner aOO rk?a. bacon at 32*. b<!., a ii<1 000 bote* cbee?e at tiii. To London r,f Aroarl an, too bbla. Il ur at 2a 7>{:1., 60 torn oU rake at 'it*. Oi.. and per neutial, 1,00(1 bb!i>. flour at 2. 7>j l , and 7.0C0 ouahela *ho?t at 7Ji'd. In bulk. To C.Uajow, t er Ani"ri< an. 14,000 biicbela wheat ?t 7>^d aT^'d., In bulk and baca, and i er ne-jtral, 1-iO bblf. pork M ia. To Hri.;tol, 2.000 bMs nour at 2a. Od. An Austrian shl? was cliarteiod u> (ork, for ordera, 24,000 biifbeu wboai at 6s. 4 ".{d , or 'f to s dlrort port Is ?;ro?t uritalu, 4a 7J{4. A V ftich baik to Maraelllw, 2,000 bbla. iein cuui si shout 7a HrukMiw.-? ' We not lea aalea o / 76 bhd?. Cuba murcovsao st Wic. a |1, an.: .'0 bbin. Nca Or)eit.a at fl 12 a )l 16 hnioiiP! Pec?lpt? 2 ?)lll bbla. 'Ihe rusrkst for crudo waa firmer nnd?r an ac'lve domand, und price* wore 1 cent bl/her, with heavy anlos, rae*tly fur fuWire dclirery , ahl-liy eontraru for at. this month. Ri nded wae quiet, the i rohibltlon of export ain oat putting a atop to Ima'ncsa fre? waa qnlol. The k*:s3 w?re 0,0(0 bMs. crude at fri^c a ? n the spot, fiUc a 63tf0. for nil 1 thla month, 6?c. a 67 >;c. ror heptciabor, snd 67e. * 6s>;c j fur October 1,600 refined, in bond, at 86o. a tiytc. ; 1,700 ? do., free, at 87c a 87 .o I'cu^lnc waa 'juiat at 4- c. l'atmaiOMK.? K?eei| t*. !"Xt bbla. po. k, 4ft packicct bi^ef. 4 do out mctta end 142 <lo lard. The perk market wae mo. e Mfet an I firmer; laba 6,000 bbla at .?'.*> .'0 s $."41 for old mpae. f''8 60 for new do.. ca*h snd fw d*ya time, and (31 la do rernisr way , $".3 6<i a ?:i4 or |, and $r^ 10 for prime m"sa Ro*( waa dull and Irreau'ar, with aalea n( 200 bbla. at fl3 a $?6 for country men. $6 s $9 for country prime <1S a $20 for r< packet mosis, nnd $VW f t'i'i for eitra do. Prime tnww bear quiet a id ua. chabged. We uotl(0 >*!?* or 3C0 tleroCR India n w at $4.1 Cut moste ?ert In (air demand snd sc higher, with asle* of OOO paokages st 14 ?^'o. iKc for shoulders Mid 14 '40, ft* liamj}. 1^0 pscks^oa looked bam* a- id at 81*. fsrd wss active sua price? were firm: 5,foiTil)f*! and ttercfte sold at 2] >,c a 22 so . the lattei an eilreme j rlc*. Butter waa ?o?roe sad nrm at 40c s4JVe. lor (;hl*, and 46c. a 60m for mat*. Cho*a* waa qul*t nod ua ?banged at 18e. a V>( for ootnmou to prlmo Hie market wu dull; nlea 7ft bafi llangoon at sna<a.? Tba market wa* quite sctlre and firm, aalee of l.oar. hbd* Cuba mu?<-orsdo at 18,^0. a 24,'4*. Keflned waa In br!?k demand and Srm. Taulow _?a'p* 100,000 Iba. at l<>Xe. a 19 He. for Eaa? ?rn Waiorn ami cliy. Whimkhv. ? Racmpta, 225 bbl?. Market firm, with ??!? of l.fcuO t?bia. at $1 73)?a$l 75 fur ^tate and Wesl?ro. ' V1ARR.IAGES AND OE.A . nSe ~ P'.arrlfil, # ArriwuTr? Ray. ? In Ht . Merita church, oil Tii?""a?. Attract 9, by tho Rev. Tjo?m A,pl?gate, Rev. 0.:rAWs A,-m.h?ia i? to Mm* ?>?-!? MirriLDA Hat. M (luiK iit ? OMR .? ?? lueed >?, A lenat 0, *i lb* Vew ruealeoi rliurco u ? titriy H ,ti stri-Pl, bv tbnRe'.J. I', s e?a 1 Vfii Mo 1 * .f >i e->t ll' boken. N. J., i Vi * Mary A., nn v dmgluer or Job Itart, E?q., <>' It" y ?'? ? lll.l/ltR '? A ''li, 1 F'.-d lMd?y, MlJt'.H 1?.. I' Kc . H * '!.")) ? , ' < r. Fiki'3-,ok Wood, uf f u ? ' * Mi. *8 i .'hier 'jf Jar u1' 1111 yor, kai., O t . u'l.vly j, Wrvmrn ?At * T. r Tllii'-'t.'iy :pist II if ( Ho it* i ril in. 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(ba ftii" ' fiivn Vo. :t? ?'ic Rtrwt, this 'id ir) a ti"o", jt V ".pi -1 1 ? ? oV.i" -*. Ct.' v '? I iltw. ^ 11 '' -i 10, ?r infiro'>'iU"n Of 1.1 0 hi a , III IK ? , t tlo ' P IIV J O' Wl' i i n I li'lto I. ijfprt '>2 yai'R. Thp relntivos is'' fr ioi* of (h? 'n-n-'r nr? rp-nft'ii 7 illThP< to attend t. n- ?'Al, Oi- ? -1* 1 1 ft'tr-' n at two o'c'ock, frono n ro 'C gcp of lior brother, W 03 ter el root CRnwi.RT ? On Tl -i'- t-'. ' rn ? It, ,T Alt f 'p.OTi*i.eT, f?i hPr of K. C. Pro ? I v, ;'Pd f\< . t r?. The friei 1? of l!:-' " 'v nrp t oTtfiiiiy |nr|l->d '? atlond tin fiir.omi, ?: bl<i l i'o r"?i '*vr ?, fl" i rP<-L?rlnh street, or. Siu^rt.iv a' lpir 11. at iwn oN-'or.!:. roM.iir.? On ?it>?r?.i ir, iii iiull, U??T.^mt^bter of Jamog 'ii"' 1 -rt r ti 0. ifPi' 2 yinr* und 1 m 'nth, Th't ?' ? - ' " " ' ?'' -oo'ts ? r iun>! y rc r-< iv it'iily III vi! i- 1 10 an pod fir ti;?i --Ml, 'i-inv th : esi Jf-roa li-r pnrp' ?, !>ii w?rioii ?f00t, tlii? lF"id?y> a'tffroooii, ut !?*?? j o'c'ork. . Ih.-'uv. ? i?n y ?n?l ir, J'lltr 4, on boa'rt ttio Unii- i I ftnt' ? s nwSi ? ? , at ? ut. Roflda, oi fnir Frs -ii Al.tiAMM'. i. v. oi the I'i ited Ships I K.iV F- <i ? ' n Mil . A'.l? *?; 11, of tj'iiholil 'ever. VS'w. n n^?d 3- yr l'i iai ' ut 1 ko 1 ' " >?*? ? his late rcidoitce. 127 Atn!; v reel . 'hi* (Kr"l ? ? ? 1 nr, R' tea o c' ck R ? AIM:;;b 111 (!"')? I ' * OV-C Ctiiy. f, : 1 . ,n.. _<.?? w?f lay, Aajtmt N, "FrtUn Mi Si' >i 1 ? r a j ii'i- 1 'I <rm"rly of O.rrtrk or nntn, par h I irra, C"U!' > ? .?va':, Ire'. mi. 11 tUat'S-b yoar Oi ' ; 0. " ? ip* "lives ind'ri ' ? ot t u a fx Hv r? , eotfnllr I lr i 11. [p ill ! r .n (j 1 1 1 p ,-psi Join"1, ,r> :? Wr-t ti rt il *b <!????? : Ms , '"rid iv) ?frr;? :ion. ai 'in o'< vlt. 'lis re-Q in. a ".1 1 tatf'i 1 . Cmvi! y Cotnctery l'c 1 1 or men t. i.t ? On h -sdny. II. *r?iiY \iwKAiKru., tli: I.01 yeJ v. ,fo 1 j.rejs . r ? v d . v.-ts. Msv ??? 1 , o<ti' p or Ann 11. 11:0 friend- . - 1 i Pia;lvesot t'.e '.i;nl'r ar <ufiii'-.r "i iied I" 1 oi tVo'tmpr ', ? n ? it-ini*' h.i r'mn . ..t u' 4 o c'fio!: nn '1 -r i .tp jpe.acncc. C 'huo Sixtv-tirst st d> t ?ti I'l'iiiri av?a k". Ciii.v? cc \'\' Atf.jH 10, 1 'M :?>, eon or t?,i.t ? and Xonore l-ilii., v. . ?>,t I ", yurs. 111 ? 1 ub! lake t. 'C i i- 1! .rs/idonre of his r*rrr.'S, Utttotirih, Bro . n. thto >Hit? uonn, .1- c 1 ? t n\ ? ? "ii fiii* "lav, Ai^'i>t II, J'lltv '1.. nn f son of Kic'ujrd and 1 .'.ibet'i ere* v.," ?' t 'lrmtb^ aud is day?, Kflm ? ii. ? web. s 1 hu-1 o' beauty, I.l'ti'; ai eel , f?re thet well; For tti v.OiO too pur# lovely in f kiTiI ir:u ?itf? to 'well. TVio relatives J fr aro respectfully Invited tn nt ten ? the fu eral, ( rem Iho :e;i<' we of bis parents. 100 Roosevelt si* ^t oOrn?r of Cherry street, en Saturday a.terir<>o, ai two o'clock, Itoetoo p.v i ik "taase c :iy. Hrri',- <>r ?ed:.esd.y. Aun>:;' 10, Pebiuot Hrnns, i in ib" t2<l .vcAr f his a.o. IM Ineoi!' ft..d e stive5 of tho family ore respectfully invi'cd to atieoi. tiio fwnpi.l . from bis lata restdene", ?7 WatJil^'ii^'D sire**, tnia I'ridav ) 'ifte tv?.n . ?t one o'clock h"F"K?.? At i ? N .'.. on TV" ln< id ?>' morning, An ew ( 10, John S. 1: vsr.. late ? ?hle cU7, t the flStb year of hi* aze. The friends and r?!5tivc i of Iho deceased, nod of his ?on in-liw, Rev. J. vh ?! Mr e? nro ro'ncctfuily invi tod to attend the funeral. f>.-m th<* reformed iVtlrb Church. Passaic, N. J., ibis (Fndiy) ifterroon, nt three o'clock. Cars lea\ e ru tof* tiam MrsWwc I , Nc>> York, at a quarter to two'vi A. M., ret'irow;: at n ijuvter fvist five P M. ( trriofavn will be iU waiting at dcpotMO con vey relatives to I he* noose. flKAim ? rbur:- 'ay morning, August 1 1 , nfler a lln eerlos Mooes, 8akah. wide# of Oliver r. Hewle't, and <t li'< ? o' the '.ale Stephen \dh Wycit, In tbo C6tto year ol U -r aire Tbo rcl-itives and frieiida are respectfully Invito to aliecd the funeral services, at her late residenre Vo 105 Wpbi Twenty-flrm Btrert, on ."Saturday rat mini, at i.iiio o'ekick ? er reraaius will be cmreysd for inter mentto-t lieorge'aebureb, Horopstcad, I . i. Hill? On Itiu: day. Aup.uvt 11, Mo it- I lit! r rativo of tbe parish of Feraa, cot-tjr Wfcxfotd, Ire'usU, in tbo 73'i \cir < r hi' The re!.-. Ivi* a- <1 Mends of the fntnllv are re?poctfrl'7 icviteri to ttan-1 the t uncial, from his late residence, ft 07 E si SlKt'-CP'h " ret. Ttx. .em i ns -.Till bo t.keo on urdv. rotrnlnr, at b'lf-oa-:; clue o'clock, to tbe Chan h o, tbe itonceptton, East Fourteenth atreet. twheio a solemn ni?*sof requiem will bo oflered up for tl o ror~ -a or bla soul, nod from thence to Calvary Cetne tery, at otc o'clock tirecHoly. IIakmjit.? -To rro->kiyn, on Thursday, Aurn-t 11, of dionsr, K SUMH IUnkmv, In the 6*tb year of hi> fine 111* ucernl will t>o ao:?..iui/r:d on Sund.-u a (trf> on. thrte o'c'oek at his lute residence. No. 2*J0 asiin t 'i nti oft, Br?-"i. yn. The relatives aud 'rlends nf the t.?nvty ar> r? *ct'ii ly Invited to attend, w.iaor.i fu >tber uo'lc^. Phi ad? |.hl? i aoe-B pi- a e <? py. I.*b::!n ? On Wednesday tnorbln^. AuplSt 10, after s ?bort lilt, c?f, Tho mas C. I.aikin, ltt? of Vint:, sneei n to?t ire or t- iitluuen, coauty Llmtrlck, lrcu iJ, in tbo i'C, yi'ur oi bis --i ,.o. The fr<"!?dt of the fi. Tilly and the nicnib'--3 r' the "o cloly of st VltioeoKle I'm! are respectful vin-.i ed to at tend the tl.tliif (! riday),fr- m his uto i< -.U' :,u-, \o 10 Vlorri* |? . Korty second sfrMt, betworn leotk and Eleventh i?rr,a?s. Ttie rem-iina will b? Mkrii a' r. c n'c'ock A. y. to ttie Ci.orch of tbo Niit-vlty. In -ec-nd ;.vn io, Imiwaiti Mc d "nd l'bird streets, wbere a to:' iin li 4 h rr -?\?"l he < (t?rsd for the re|> i* of his b >i.l. t.nd from the tc to Calvary r'emctery tor interment. It*' ii.? In Br '.i>u, ou TbursJay, Au^um 11, Partinc 1 1 m h, aged 66 years. 7 he relatives and frtonda or the ramily are r^srectriilly iuvlted to attend tho funeral, from Hi" ro<-n <wre of u ?> son, FluablPK nvenno. near, this (Irlday) aiternoon, at t^ree o'c'kV. I.crnuu On Weduc*lay, <n(jn?i ;o. Jou.tKnw?Rn, otWy son of Edwar-1 tit.u iiarizarei Lutlroll, a^ed IS ruoutba nnd M day-. Our child is foae; hr is free rem tia, On e .rib bo r u- oar Joy ; But yet wo hup? to moot aguin, In betven, o .r darltog iioy. The friends of tb* unily are rosix-tf 7 In. "id to atteud the funoral, ibis (Frida> ; a'le-oi on, at two o'clock, Irom omh ruird avenna I.i.sKov ? tin Thursday, At tfutt 11, f r.a* Ana Lax. >05 iu tbe 'iCtb yoar ol bik ago. it s rrienda of the family, ?nd tV?e of 1 , 1 rntber, Kllchael Lannoe, arc most rrapectfullv lav i toil iobC'-mm iho funeral, on Km day afternoon, at one oV rk. fr< m the i?"tdence of tats biolher, No, 7 Ntotii aTenue, io Cal vsry < euelery. Lkk.? on We<lnes'lay afternoon, August 10, Fr>w?!r, n. II., infant sen of J E. and Anna E. I. o, m;ed a vo-,rs, 'J mintbH and IT days. Tl?e miaiives and friend* are respectful'? mailed to attend th< fanoral, frotn bis piirmts' ressioucd Ikw E- si lorty Dintb atroet, this (Fr4ay) aiiurnooii, it two o'ci <.k. Miiuta.? On Satnrrta?, July ?0, of sunstroke, whlist ?n marcl, nei.r I'arper'a fVirr, Va., Mukkr Miuw*, oi il f Fifth refiment New York volunteer fiVtil'ery s ,o ?.r |t e iBto Metknr aod Nancy Miller, of Biockiio.m'. N. J., m Ibe 39th year of bis a(c. m Ilia remsl. a bare been proj^rly Interred, nnrt will be removed lo Newfeurdtand. N. J., Ir October no-;t Newton and PateriK n (N. J.) papers please tJi ' . Vrbkbr. ? At Newark, N. .1., ou I'uur* t iv, Auvait 11 Arpa E., daughter of .lobn C. and .-erst. Meeki-r. The rn.iilrea and friero!" ,.f tt ? a;o ly ars reepectfulty Invited to attend the tuneral, from the reMdoo e oi her partinls. 48 Now mreet. New irk, on itsturduy nl tor noon ai two o'clock, wlltaouifurtuer iDvllithu. Inlcrmout u R-iboav, N. J. McCah.? In New York, on Thnr day, June n of pnou. monla, WiutA*, eldest ion of Henry M' C in of JrA t lee, county Kerry, Ire and. aged 43 vo i rs. ' I'hiiadelpbU and Ireland papers |''?as'- copy. MiCaix? On Thuisday, August McCau, in tlie 73d year of bis age. Th? funeral will take place from tbe residence of hie brother in law.Ja-nes I^rlmer Grshun, No 21 Washing ton cqnaie, on Saturefay moming. ai half past nine or look Ibe relatives and friends of the family ure mvlied to at tend wlibout further notice. M>",itvfr?7.? on Itaursday, AugiU 11, Pathos ITGr? jar. a native of tbe pariah of Garaaard, eoumy Ixmgford, lioiind, aged iA yeaft. 1 ne frltO'W or tbe family and tbotaof bla brottaera, Wiliiaai, John aRu ;'*?Ma M^lvoey. are rospeetto ly in Tiled to sttind the fueersi 'ro? the residence ef his brother In law, Michael Relliy, No. IM flftr-tblrd street, near ilroadway, thie (Friday) afternoon, at two o'oiork. O ' oNfoa. ? r?n Wednesday. August 10, at tor a;iong and severe IHnese, Jaams O'cion won, aged M yeara, a native of Muillngar, oounty Waafmealb, lreiaod. The frleade of Ike fasalle aea raanaettnllr loylled I* at trod the funeral. at one o'clock, tbia (Friday) afternoon, (rum hia l ite residence, Ne. 27 Wayne street, corner of Ureeue, Jersey city. CarrMrfo-i to moot the funeral at the loot of |k>>brosfii<a street. V. Y.. at two o'clock. O'Br kx ? on l'bnrsdsy, August 11, Mh-hakl Jowsfh, roo ot Jo tm aud Mary O'Brien, aged 11 inontbs and 8 day*. The rleiula snd relatlvoa of the family ara respectfully Invited toBit' i d ttm funeral, ttils (Knday) afternoon, at tw o'cl t*. trow tbe re idence of bis parents, No lotf I" ymo.tb "treei, Brooklyn h MK-im I'bii-sday, Angus! 11, M^jor Eowapd H. IV kiK m the 5 si vear ol hi* a jo. I lit* frlen is o' the <1e ?? <st-d ind th^se of Ills son, John Hlmne, aisn ol lii-i brother* In-law. Luther Morev. Tbos. 1.1,1' imd Willi mi r??'ti*eiid. Kjjqs , a'e rssnte.t'iilly in vi'fi t ? attend ill funeral, from his late resid'-nco. 87 Var ck .-t'e i. oo Sinday uftcruoan, at oue o'clock, witb nut .'i thi\- Invit .tiou. I'nii !? ?On l'bur.-d y, An;u?t 11, of cholera Infantum, 1 ?('? I , only soi. of Lt ou E_ uud Auno U. l'hiliji, mod 1 ye ??? nut S n. 'nibs. The frie <ts of i lie family are incited to stteti the fi n.' ?i. ii :mi tiie r> ?. deuce of his parents, l'dt orchard siro.-t no ai rd v a t' mo n, at one o'clock r.?:.Mv'.. ? O" rburmWy, Augost 11, Mrs. Susas Paimbh, I in ifr 4" 1 * -nr r> aft., i ? B. iiiu re .iiv s and I .?? d<of the family ?re requested I t ttend 'h.< fniieritl, fr in her Uio rcmdo to, 117 Il&ia in .in h re i,, ihU (I iday) afiornoon. -t two o'clock U> .y _i?it tbmalsy, Ao**i6t II, Mary Aumks. Infant I voter ol Ma y ana J.itin Ityuu, ?_ea 6 mourns una 11 | d? s. it ?On Woilne-diy, August IO.Jihn ?'?n\N, a na tl?-e o .e o ?n, conMy Ki'rrv, lre>a l,a?i>t 67 years tin frirtud. ..mi nnj niui in sr? r?ai>e<dfuily Invited to.. >? dtiieiutmr 1, fro>o Muit street cbirob, this (frrl ! d.i? ii inn, b? t vo o'clock j srt:"M nr. ? ini Ibur nny . /ogast 11, ot cb 'era In 'an fi ii .1 n ?i?'i. H.tne vmi in of rbiuried U. ubU | \| \ i. -'r ai!>" : a e l io ,n i .tin and ft d ys I'll ( ion'1', a <1 eintives oi the fumi>? are rosuectfnlly | irvi -cl t ? Htif "I tuo ' uii'-ral, mis (I'rid-vv) a'ternoon, ?t I i' v ' o'c i'i, rom tUo residence o." uis pare as, lia Allen 't eft icio f. ? ' n W ?<tne-?d iy , August 10, S onor.Aa ,f. -( i .? -s. of Canarme, i" ilm K7tli *e ir of Ms ?|;o ! t.? ?ri- in i r. i iv t of i tie i sail y nru mvUed to h "i i tumcrnl, 'I i ( ??'rirlny ) afternoon," at four o'c o?k, <om n ?.??? i ? 1 1 o- ile oi. at t'tnursli i . . ? "xf > \ , il i- , ou K. iilak , Aitii'tat f>, Hp.iinr f ? :v, in- "l. s ii o i i ciU 'M ii ,d K sik i' jany I'urncy So irx.o! I'urt Key < i , ? , agtid M ????? \'a ii !>..? ? At Pe k?v t, ou Wol o^div, August 10.' IstAi I V*. ;ms. hi <? 7oh ve?r o linage. ? 'i r a., i'^ a'- i I- < f Hie f .mi'v are re?oeotfu'lv i to at i n l th- uoersi on Sa'n dav iiftorno i ., at I It i'ii n'cl c'r, lr- ,|| is la.e rnslaoiioe. tjnr i njt-a I a. i i . wulti it ii ' ?>k ki.l on the arrival ot ti.e tuo j A ". ti'ain 'rom x."c ? v. rk. | (>?: i > ? At !l - o'li, on Wodoesd iy, A'lxo^l 10. ; <3|i- itit Wn.i Va* <iw.tN. in ?h - 62d yen' of Ii * n?e. ;b rc attves ant rer'a a'Jo the mem'ior* ?>' tin iw 'Ik ii I nlic.', a-e n -> '? i nlly m vii oil to utun l t no unci this, AT iday) a n-m in, nt tbre' o'clock at i'i> \ie !> e ? t r 'tsi' cbiirrh, 128th street, nonr rblrd iventi!?. n k >i ??.? On ! nir d iy . A ie 'st 11, UIe.vuv WorrwAS, 5 ? . i : I - ^ lh' *'li iV'-i ru I irerflso tin family, Hie (JnrtnAw !> ' v ."or. etv mid normal Br'iHi?riv Soc otv are re< e iTnlly mvite I to all u I tlio l uiieral, tn sit rdti' afi? i ? i'cl >"V, fr m his late rcoidencij, .04 0.' ' ir reel wlllio I ii!*ih?e invit*M"D. Wi:. i.t- ? ?<. ? lu itro klv i .on Wednesday, Anifu^t l<i, at ... viv iii 'i?d nuo. Mi- ? Ann II. Will..<*i- ?>, l?n? a tn- in j her ut tlu< < I'ver - i't '-a "ist ehnrch ctv of New i* tk I' '.rienil* Are ro ? >r?s> d i? attend too lu-mril, from ti ?* t'onti'.il Bai>tist cmirch. o 'tr nklyn Bridge i-trect, 1' hl'? ? e|i My i tie u . ei,ne /Ind Wil oitutt y Stia??t, at hai{ i " i vv > ^V! 'Ck. this (F-idavj afiomo'in. % ? ra "*r ?-.^?nrr. "TT?s3:?_rJMrar ??? 'i i ill i laiCTia SH I PP 5 N 3 NEWS. AtVAVAC jron ^ H. V TO'.r? T IIK DA? ?" ii '??! b 07 i mo v ?'-r* m?m ? ? Kts 7 03 I iiiiJii w*tkr morn 2 06 Port of Kciv Yors, Aujuit 11, 1SIV4. CU'.AKEU Sli'P i Mumtiis, Si nrail l.ic. rp i>!~ 0 ll Mar-OtaR A Co. K.i'i) hri'tii a CH|- , H ?'inno'id, London ? T U nlin-n Mil' i r.*i itn i \uai. I'osutlcb. r 'l-!i<?o<? i! :h"n. oiiipjobn Bit It. J in 7". ? -i an, Nicbola, lVr> <:ic<Mn? VYnl- A ' "r * K to.iiR (Br). Bk -aii. Antwerp ? lioyd * ii nc en. ,? .hiiii lUtlc'eer (Br). loiter, Port au I'rlnro ? M Br aor & . .lie p!;?t Fish. r.r.ok, bo Ba?? Miller A llouuhtoo, ? r H.viiia (ttrem), j i. .irn, Cu)l.:o ? Punuli, .Ucineko A *?t "II ! ru IVt.rdtorni iDii oh), M.ucbua. Amsterdam? Punch, fiMncUf! ?; ApnJt. ? ir' ? i, >r > Do.vnca (Br', Puiue, Barbaooi? Henry Trow I.! i y.nii'i :'?! K. 'V JubT.-cr. Br). roarer. Far a.lon? T 1 f>>vi?hi. Krl ^wwi ?I Iks BosHa. Overton, OtiMitn. i.r i-nt. -o : hr . !r?ivnil .facmttl ? ljrftt H n A To. 1? , or. .#* r ,;?ru. N'. -vital? T.n> opao.i A Hunter, i r.j 1 'il,-e Matha ay. lt'i;.->r-i. t^o v P iy ? II K Si'flwn. "r Mn. Lov Ut i Hi i. Cnao. Harbor jr.n e Ni"? Boy il 4 H . ? li.n le. I'l.t.bird. Kikabelhrort? M Her.': I ue'-ton. Bi.^ H A lias* it, fi-i/.ai?ctl?jHirt? H U Brookroan ? C . or. It. -Ian Qttcen fEr), Whlttay, Ooree via Iloiton? iji ?('?<?, m A Rro P ' ]? i Iter en (l*r>, Cleaver P'. TbomM. :?< i A SeatiK'n (Br), Uon-nef, Amim. t. tiS? J F Whitney A i*i. .-riir linnpross (Br). Outhouse, 8t <Jo':a, NB? P I Wer|na A So i. 8 r J-..vprei-i (Br;, p. rry, St J ohn N?> A Potior. h ? !? nrl u K v West HcnnerA Brown. >-ciii Co- i. ptviame, ?iovmi, VVj iiinyton - 11 S Itackelt A.- on S V Ij A ' divar'n, Linr, Waahlngton? A Ahiotu fcc' r ,S l' ll uos I'r.aii Wn?litag too? A Abbott. Ki-t-r N ? y J! .Ko*ir, tv??h n/toc ? K II Krotiiner. Si'or t'i * ( O. Tur ior, Mi). r i.'on P< av<<v i'jtanin^. Ca'aia? J Fr c. Srhr v merlon, w'evuolit-. I'ro lileme? L Kenny. b leu Si or t W Brunt. Foster. Baltimore. aRKIVKD CS n:ppiy atoamir N?n? burn. TA Fl<.r. ;? naium&n<!iat i ? < rt'< At'aotic Biockwillng S^u^fJion nnd21boui? l rem Fortrr?s Mncnw t ie?.i;--hip i or a I Br), fiou. tilrcrpool. July SU, r!a Qua' mr jo .n .h: t. with oKtf bat passei :crs to B Cnaard. Ju'j A !i I'M oJ On! Ura i of KttiAnlo, h?w straiimhip Xertar, sod lii, ?! i lust, tat !1 2.'?, Ion 0.5. hark Floretire. boutft lij l'.'t'i. at r I'M, i' ' Tn 'c:6 E of Sandy i!o?k. atcuaifliip Bcoi a bt'iCf t'lr Livt rp.j.; btea . s.'.'p K.-.naK (U S transport), Thranc. Polo; Lr ok mi to II s V'lartarn.aatP.r. s'..U? Rtyiiiii.i (ot Boston), 8symour. SinnafHirc. ll?i!av?. wit 'i :n.K -. to C r,rowc?k. Fai?>rd .tava llc-uJ V* S, Car?e i.' ^od ti.'po J tine Is. May 2), oO' Mauniui *i ok* aliip So itht.rn f, from Aliiab for Kalrnouth ??; bill in?: oiT Bermiidi. :? !'r I! ( form, o! Wcy'.iKTt, )5 ila*i from Var wo'ith. N.>i, tor Nassau. Hhlj) P.ucrjr, Ou'.Sktufi, LiTrpiol, .Tune 21. with n-di't ?>. 1 30S' pii'iei. er (.ill ivrll; OiiOblrtS). t > Spofl' rd, Tileiton A Co Jul;. 10, iat 43 4'j. ion U t 4t?, caw hblp iVhamt'oa. fiora Calcutta r Liv.'-rpnol : IJiii, ship JS l.-pao'l, round W; iSlli, in a i.i i.'ovr, !ust frnvnll, mamsall, P.w r forr t,p s.ul, ill. aro! niatu topm<\?( aUvaaJ; 3.Hh. Iat 11 IS, lou 47 i:t, car.- s"Ti?ri! lai:-r> ic? t-'amla; "lStli, apokc burk Jctiuy Jctu *ou boo ml W t!ay ? at s?a SHiitp Mfi'liati. Lambert Kowport, B, June ?, wl;li railioad her., to T bnnLaU'. 8hi|? Cr.Kvia. l.? a\ ;tt New Orleana, 1& a?*. imlne to v." A A N>l?')i). ."i1! tuvt. Iat 33 tl, Ion 77 11 wnt. Lonrdcd ficio I'? "uabun'. M"Ct!r?Ho. r.: uitlny, a, I woll JJiuk Armuiui (Br), "ililbiirn, Al?.o>, ilay. C3 day*, w'tb wool, to Rr i.oIJs A CartviM. Juno 21 Ui ?.1 41 K, len 4 :U L. ?t/ k? rbm Inroiiaust, from Hoinbar for New York, n:nl i l ,'.i l.rr with a chronometer, h iring daniascil hcri In a faH off fn. C .|>e. i. ira 1' < W.ii .lii.k (Br). Scott. Bio Janeiro. 41 dars wi;h I co!:<-o to Pivtiuo! s?ast Itroa No date, Iat 1" , Ion 6S. 3poka I b.^rk C i r"l v >? r. cl > u' lla< n, I.buijc. I- i!a*h out. Crig V! iclaii'l (I5r). ttriiio i. I'ort Alt crf. Wo i, 5t <!?*?. win. ra-l oad 'rot 'o W.< o. k Frith. Jul> I. Iat IS |u. Ion i .(> .!) *|okn Mi1;' H li ,Vr(CH|ft fro'nCallar lor Antwero(*in''n I't . .nid annplM bo wuh i-rov niona: 7.1,. Iat 4AH^', on 2.) ?' ' ' .'Ifr'a. fro. ii HUloUls f ir tiaQbc, bi d !u puliuj j i i.r :i 'ii on? I Lodr.ecn. Ri? ,T..aeiro, C7 !a. i>, with eof I i r . ? ivli. citit-k* v. i-ndt. : ri. I) i; l/?vjlf (Br) Court, B^ac'i Birrr. Jn. 17 rtaja, u it ll ' :w ol tii i) I: D w? i. j ! i ' ' 1 ' . .1" tv-il, . )'? ? T V a" a . t.'.f-vi v. i;i. lyw. to l' i ? ., ('ainoiti ; ' ii ? iS-e P. ? i: &?r\ wilh con) ;.> II. .1 tlV1. 4 hi'. AfM * ?T '?> , ?iff" 1 ,r i.i ..our . boi ? .? -rr ?' ?> ?? ? .v c iiit not a?< tlAln wBat ih ? . but itpo -t ' aa pr ratvr. . , _ _ Bri. 'lai i ' r ??' Mo ?? ? f u o Pa- V 111", fi'f. ' Ot I" HI' 1'r 'I'.onn \ t!o. ,Jiri?.'. jat ' ?: . ii f, ik.i hbiji Lart?fiur. Irout St John, inB, f ? f.t ?n o' gr hi I'.'twird. B .bat *, C?pe p.* -to CO d?v*. with coal to ma?ter _ , ... Si r Ton.p? ii'iff Bi;, i-orgrcn. Drotl.e , CB, I. ur.yi, eoal. to J H :a;i ? ' - Hehr J ' a ,r i. ,.n. i.I dnya. with ?0?" to f II Maryland, . r'. L!o{an, 12 day*, witb con', lo mut'-r. . . b< '>r S W Pratt, Keidrlct,;an, .' I d?M, will- an to C B ywn. Hc>t ani'i', Oane, St AnJri-wi, NB, 12 day*. >t ,b 11 .t ber. to ' '"rv- A ''o. rtoi i i'. K Ber.ii"tl, .terome. Fort Royal, dny^._ fb-'n- Ell/M?e h P. i-ano- Fr -rell, Vlr. n.a, UUiff. Hehr Wli(i? Cloiid L?i. itt, Vlrnmlt, 'a * Si ir K.l'ii Balttr. 'efi laiyn, Vlnr'nin, " i|ay ^ H ;.r L1 a <r ?JI^.Y'MMI ??ny?. f. ,rTJ r '# X a 'fci?,'n. io < io', a, H.' ir Oo? ? Br >ru. Kit ,0" t ort l> r nal'.aoiU. s ?: t i-v/ t F.H "fu r An for IJottoo. gobr Orfim*. il'c t? II "t.iost (01 Srbi ;ib?ii4, Wir ot Kll aiJilliport for r?ll lUvor. S. r 'n*ttra. Uail R n-i'.,- ?" Scur T , , "in; .1 1, N c<e. c ? iioMoa fo# Ai'- my. S'^r t, r 'lJl' R' >?** V ? Be 4 0,-1. Srhr I* srtt %, , >' -f . ? l't S"' raw >ob. r? iv?.. p,-.. .v, -? r?t KUabMtiaort ! S . mcr N ? ? ii>r?'-T t' 1 Ir-.t ?> rtV fju? a, Nwttm, ? wi:i Fi ' 1 ,fonr - -i I S Ouarmi ? ? >v|i*r. Hiearnrr Al.ia , . < ; H rau pon), iNMiaiia, WVo.rgtou, I to t" f Quartcrriu '. r. { Hu-it-T 1 01 r? 0* i- t, Willltvtt. Phliado'.ihla. Kir ao.or >! M* iey. Ut '1 i niii-i lr, fSinniiier T*-* i.?, Pierre. I'u.'a 'i'n'Ma. Hi' amar Trinion, ?Vil?on, Tiei.t -n K 'an/r Vv ^ atiir?t. r B?' ?r. l'rovdenet R*?kb >?*!)? 8rl? Hay.venl : Br). My.-rn, heuee thH morn. I in foi Llr*rpool, l a -na ?irnnc aicak ?b ? so Bk' down ' m 1. ivr. | Bark Mary, from Cow B. y B4lin). I IPth? fieiuner* MeClallan, Ai'unUr, Pa'rhanv*. and TJtr ; alilpe *!b-:rt ulallo. W tn 'Tinii a; hark? vnlon. Tiaval li r Albion, V"rl?a. I-Oi .l ("-.M iirwo 1. Itiaiii ; Dawn: bilu >1*? wai l; ae'irii Be B r'-n, /etbyr, Henrv Mlddieton. I Kioma AniH-raon. I Wlsd at aunaot WNW, I lit. ! IllDcella 'iron a. PC r.TPkki'V BR?Pilol li'ijt i;?ry A WilMatni, No 19, felj In with Ptodtnora on die 1 tb Inil, u' sndonc.l and on her beam <1 d? at d t -wed b?rlnta 'hi* port. Apparently aha had been ha)r loat'ad. Ihe J P hall* from Union, NJ. Currra 8mr Cak.won-<k? Thla ponolar Milp li it?ain loa-1 Ing for Son Fran.-iac, ' in entton A Co'i Dlapatr-h Lmr Mvn IK, Ct. haa booonie faiuou* for Teal ijllppar ilUpa. saving pro du-edtho Aodraw lai'kion, Vrlma Donna, l)av dfOrockatt, M tyL Mittoa, Twill, hi. and man* nihem. lua tlieriHir m taii'l' *ho la-ati. SI10 la lyl fwt Ion*. .HO i>ot hi'ain and il fe^1 Sold, of Ihe aharp rllpp-r modal, tad 0. naidarerl una of lb" faa'nat ?h ia a 10M. fc'iio la rapidly h ading and will aali In a low ilaya flMu- Co*artTffT.-oi?, for >ew Vork. which put haok to Lir eri ool after b->4ng aahnro, <aaa dlaotiai <ing oa the ilTtn till, H?m? Two Baomaaa. of New Bedford, reeootlr aoitf io 0 Tlta' her A ' ha? he>-u reaoid ?<i pnrtlea in New York for tM??i, wltliotit her whaling fear. ? * R?ia Wirrw. 417 ton*, of Hatom, where aha waa hniU la 1114, h> * been aold to a feoiton honae. Hnia Aiic? Cram, bafore reported aahore at Canlinmt Tota*, |M ofl Without dian|i aad arrived at ProrMaaee an IboDthVot. Inn coiwaau. wrecked OB Boilaharr Im* waa sold M auction til lut for $40. The wrick *U | tiiiiil to WO Urar, of Nawburyport. Sch* Scikhcs, A?. W mna. bain la 1810 at Wm< CI, haa Men aoid od p.- irate terms Lisao* Jul) as? The Dulrelaad, Marcusaaa, from Loo don for Bok:oo i bsfore renorted). which fead ancuored land* tha bar. cangnt lire on the uight of Jul/ <1. and was run ashore aliove He em C.,aile and artiltled a* the ure could not be ex l>n uUiied >it' er? ise The cargo is now discharging. II la feared mat tlie vessel a ba k is broken. S.t*PT Hook, Aug II? A aehror berra brig Is aunU on the bar. 8be look* as If she uad been run down bj a aleamar. Oue man Is on tha wreck. Lir*i:nrn? At Essex. ree-ntlr, aehr Francis M Loring, lujfii 9, tous hurtfaen. bulit by Jeremiah Barnham for Wm H hiecla, of Uloucu.-ier. W halrmsa, Tsrlc 8tel a. Blaek&jnr. aM from Mew Bedford 10th Inst for Atlantic Mud hadflc Ocean*. Brig Tekna, Tabcr, I'll, aid from Bermuda July 23, on a wli ilinic r na$e. 8u p Ueir e k Sushb. Itim'tan. "B, wts at 8t Catharines ""-J" H ?p ? h since l?avlng Montevideo. nark O'ora., Or p<>. MB. was at sen July 12, no lat. <te, IS mo- out, :mi i o|i ai| told: h*,l taken a sp wh maklnc liobbls. iirp.irtg b.'tk 'l'rc : 'n ilird, Ha;?r. In June, with 120 bbla. Uai k Martha, Thoman, N <, wa? oif Honolulu June 3, for the Arc. ic .ill well: oil aibatore repu ted Bark Murv Tliwims n. Nit wis nt Tivva h* June lfi, tfran, al well, bntini N. K.i l Inst two of theorew? NVm K Dnpo* van. ivl.r, !e I from ainft ho l waskll'ei; acd John A Lee, waalied ovei board olf i'ap? Horn iii a gale. MpoMotl, &c. Ship Mohaw* l>av c , from llatnbi'.rg for San rranclsc>, Jnne 14. nt I N, Ion 21. Ship Fiwtern utiii. (',rim.uhnuk. hence lor Suanghae, June 11 at 5 N. Ion * W. Milp Art fn'ou, h tor. fin-n Boston for Batavia, JuaeOP, la' 17 In N. Ion lib '0 >V. Ship llaintifieii. Mcitnnald from Liverpool for Calcutta, J mi" 13 lat 8 N, Ion 2t W. Hii'P It -nluiui. UikiMball, tcuca for Tanama, July 10. lat SI N, Ion Xt> Snip Ainnrn, Barker, from Liverpool for NYork, July IS, lat 51, Ion at. Snip Victoria, Champion, Irom London for NYork, July 26, lat "-I. I n II. Hl '.p < 'onslgutavnt, Tukey, hence for London, .T ni?- la, Lit 42. Ion IT. hlup i!l y of LUicoln (reported Ant), clearing S, Juoe 30, lat 17 N Ion S3 .'1 ' Shin ^liters (reported A-n), steering E, June 27. li". 41 N, Ion 2ti W. Hurk Heine Poman- I r , Rimnnet, 72da>? from San FiftL? Cisco Mar 6. lat 3 Mill. l m 7 2 ' \V. H .ric stinr'so i?ni, \. r.l ???, la: 5fl 01 S, ion <<1 MT Lark *ViM llnrso (Hr), hence lor llnntsporu was nec.t, Aug 9, of I'o nt Judith, I! ig Mi lou 74 47. PoMtca Fjrt?. AKtWitar, Jo'y 2,? rr ??oUlen Kule, (lorvan, Pallso; 2l>Ui, ll.i', ,\in ,ler, Niorlv. Vitu. Va eppa. Weti.*, Hn?1 I'ltrilf, < al in: ?N!h, Juliet Tr'io.le. um d, ?! < I'.. <>w . i ? Onlenij. MM 'i>oena, frnm . ,N , >rk. Sul -7'h, Adi'lc. ('! i sfu. NYi k ."tn. All*, Cd iJ. ?nd Oruy, Uouwnll, Uo Ai hm it Ju'y 17 ? Arr lleb?, Hnl!a NYnrk. A M'Mos >.n. Jul 27 ?j-.ul \ eniis, .lolm-lone, N' York. Al oi ll>r, June 17 (tielo ? ieporieil r.o i? Arr bsrk St vti r iv, Hur.iu 'on Huston. H.i n (til'!, i:!.:"-* r K*te I'rince. Lib!\r, CJ.i'lao: C'l'i-inle, fviero. N t or f orders; 2 lis Keuiei'. liiike' ian, do: I' l/. cn-iu- Uray, .ima ilianj At:a, au>i A-<: Ji/.uuie, N Kirk l"ror.iera M l 1C1I01 i, Oo life.*, N^nrk. i \ a.N. Jul., 24? Arr* Anna Ueiius. Ilr.t'endorf, N^ork: t. i e ir? ' i>th Ue, Nor nholt. do; liul-itber , ?-hen. tin; fin an. Hm ? p. 1'hlladelp.ilii; 26th, Jnj.l rr. K... on , NY or.. ; i Hi. r M Miller, Calhoun, toaltiinore. Siii i>tn. 1" ini!, iii-rnmi n. NYork. t'nwt: -, J.ily IS? Arr Xeiv York, Weuke, NYork (and sld lor Krein -a ). (' UDlrK. .tu'v ?*)? -\rr Aliibnnia, Ifn'lo, NYotk, CoitK Jn;v X ? .tn It in 'gi i, litt-ll'lini', NYork, (' ? Jnlv 2! ? . u r it ca -io, Kllro, b Voru. i 0 * C'Jtta, Jul? 7? Arr mtj.- ship Renown, H iweg, M<tu- 1 rlt'us. i . .ai r ,ivn, I i't 11? Arr Lorrntr., ti.lro.i, NVo.-l; 1)f i , July : i? Arr i ons ..nnient, Quick, NYork for Lon dor inn l 1 1. a?i i'e t'.i . lb) do -tt liT Corns. Humphrey, frt.m Ca'lao for-i HumHiiv .">'th, tli? -eae, NYork for Brnnen. I) , nly ;7 -Art Ci.atatvprth, Campbell. Ca lao; 2 th, i He one, str> < i, NY' nk; i,?-tro. i'o.!! i, N Vnr*- ? ith, Tiojr, .. e?.? H'lii, NY. r<. I cod. o -^lelTen hn i Apnilo, Callcrv, do. tlu 27ib, Knymond l.?n crs, N\ nm. K? o ?]!. Ju y ,8 Air Viu? <.oodel, M'dl very, Knn goon rnr I '.re rent i hr, to . er Hill' H'nenian du for ^'.1ilc da . ?? ^rl.l i;>, rt a *. n inn y. Mo iltno u. i bOuct'STi c, .uilv i9? ' i r HaiiK Kvede Oifssen. NTork. Ca w iv, July 2 ? Arr Southern l-.ajle, l-' ag* Callao. (in so K. Jul ?>? -M' Ji>::n Jtiuiv iu. NYorif. t! >0'. .t niy ? t rr Lo.i k i Walsn, Vt-a. le, ('nllao. lli .-k, J- U v'S? C il ila -pswe i Tukey NVork Ha n in . July 2.)? >rr Hnvnia is), iaiie. New Turk: Od?r. win:- n, d ?: 2 th, I'riU/. Albert. 1 lalz, do; Ocean I'car! .}{ Cj SuO, Jl'rV At r'ni'iia -b ?! iti 'ai of Hone. T -Ibot. Callao; Ham burg I'aek* t. J?onii,ei?, N\ rk. II ioi July 2o? Arr L'.?nrt llu'ain in, Huisnaan, Boa'on; Jupiter, 8ra bermg. More*. 27th, Uer.ruile, Benedict, * o, it. Jnl\ ?7 ? Arri . r atisn, Cve'-aar.l PhlUdel pli i . ; .Hr.? A e n ic li ??pin r. NYork: Hun est Quetn, Hi"p ? i ?? n. unit iV.tnia* 1' ? ?'??, iteionH NYWi;2:tli O ty oi >.?% : .rat*' Mir o -??, C ty ol Miner i < (?*>, Joni"?; it Ij ne. tlhild, an l i er?nvet uire. RoiiTt?in. d.i; Mar. U * eii \VeekM. t-t . i . ei I) . Nrf; ,'Kd io. So ? ?, _V vv River N II \. . J.Mi.un s). Housed yut'ieo. aoih, L,oui?iau:K?), t-: uv>, N Ycr<. i 2 it -...ic t, S:!ie,ic< Mo k; 27th. Ada!fli<*e ( utt "><i. d : 1. 1 up 1 i'e e in. ft'dan, Boston : 29tU- All rod 8:i'"er. II - rr ij, . . , ,iin >..j; Yo-iiiJ. Ca ipy, Saa Fianuiaco; 0 a ri ? ' o." N If iv K. Ci.! 2 i'u, ^iio ii V ctoria, Conway. N ork. out .-Si , t.i y cf B .1 mire !>? . Mirohpna?, rivorlj; ll*r\ ? neait Mil do; 2.*th, Tl rrmo'!'. Tuoker. Moi.ti a1 , I'oroBto ii ! I roU; L Li S'.urg.-a, W it a:u >, uud futiv AortJ, Kniglii Niork. li i . Jn y 27? Air t 'ts, Kaovrlea. Alexandria; Si'tb, Armstrorg, Irmsiron Baltimore. ?ur ut uru isctii Jtu. London, ?'oo:e, N\orlt; 30th, Cella <k), Inlllnte do. I nt out 'i'.ios Whitney. Kjlly, Ponop, Mv eini. Jill IS? Ar Kirtjji, {jtlv? ^ York. N. u . /.jfiit, ^ii\ 2t?? bill 4r, t, Ai.aocn, filnn, NYork. i-i H. i. -I -Iv A*itrr Khae N York P'CTOP. Jiily ?.?? Arr hr'ii Crimea, I'atierson, NTork yitno sti >i'v, July 2 ? trr Jessie Duncan, NYork; 30th, Muv iron, mul .ederico, lo OS do 3Vt'.., Sophia, McKeozle, from Bangor Ma., Wtg orih is Qv? ? t". Aug <5? Arr Mi p Tyro, Stop, NYork, l v. t> Juy 27? Sid Warden La-*, NVork; 2Sth Kate j;ri h Kin do r i J iii Nil. Ant! II? 8li schr Abaco. Fletcher. NTerk. T hi, Job 2o--Arr Huaarna. Moesker, NYork, Tin it, July 22? Arr C J Kershaw^, Nichols, Constanti nople i jKMutTH. July 2d? Oil. Ohio, Maraden, for N York. Aimrlcnn Carta. BOSTON, Ana .O-.krr tin.. >J F lieary, ConMln. Fortre* Mo:. rce; V jntar Bird (Br), Her-ey, Port a u IMice; Planeto( lir), Poirora. St Vaic; J B Johnrn, Smith; Ne'ile i'ouer. Slioi'Lfti!1 C W H ti"l Hart; L P Pi aro, Llppln cm; <> M Pettlt. Clark; Pei]uo?nock. Barnes; M-trla FN', Fn ;tiaiah l< bimtnnua Goud) : Fidelia, tloblnaon; K P Howard, Hopklna; ,'airoa llouae, Gave; Triumph, J.ivU; ueorjle Deerlnj: Pinkbam; Cordelia Kowk.rk, W.-ATer; Amo? Udwarda, Homer* , unJ M 3 Hatha wrv,, PUi'adeipblr : '?? urge Washliu to,., Pendleton. anil An i*tam, llinckle.. , t lrab?thuor:; janny i.tnd. Graves; Aibort 'im -ioii. Jnii.iiton; I) It Arev, Kyati; Koran Wapp ich. Eellry, and I'.. cy Church Adam*, f, V, rii. (Jul, si.-ancr Bfasli nrtia, Masrath N*. or!:, Br alvp Levant. Ve?ran, Li.erponl: uotch hark Sur'namr, Hurl. Falmouth K; '.?'"I? Fannie T.lneo!n. tl&rdlaoi.. 1'or o and * ?.;*<? : r?cl: t Scarlet feather. Bi-tb. P!entbi-? rn: t>i*. rs Tbrmrn'??n. N VorS; . nrli^y, cliantll?r do: a:o shir Metfop?lu : hark Paramstla liin? Air 'tiilpn <io.d?n IlliiJ, Orr, L'.yerj>,.o'.: William, Minauila; U.rk I7. O.rtgi.t, Harriet t'" : hi'g* Chief, Loicun. TIiiki, Hlch. Port Pail ill Iivna; Af'on, W V >ri (i. Prlocn Tin M.-pso no; ichr* A M Kdwarda, edu K I, Htm'r.ond, Nfcra. Ua'.ow, ttrtg DP Brook*, iron Fbii*. delphiiv. Ah-oarr brig r!en AoOi, Philadelphia; jehra Lo tie, anil Hfnaulb P.oe!r, PCVork. BALTTVOltE. A?a 0? At.- iliip Rochambo.n, Tayl?r, Path; s-lir Ku.'tacfl, ! :irlong. Sf?wburjp<,rV Old trrt- Lip w! i.~. Keen Eio Jaiilero. I'm? ah wbr.i Ida A Jayne, Ja ne? find 6 k Ar?. r>. MT?rk. Cld Cromcn ?'.iin Rolnnd, Wacmmin Brruicu; r-brs.lo ei :i Nick ;r on. B.n .:ht, and Statcsiaa.: Mlfkernon, K y nrk. HANtOR. Aiir C!d achr Oenlnrton. <!reciv HYork E A rii. Ar.g 9?Ari aahr Byzautfnm, H nail NVork lilMSTOii Aug" -Arr bri^j f'ooJofa. UiHj, Philii'IMp1 'a, DIOH rON", Au; Air acnr ?a'tnuu WK*',burn, fhia*:<er. El itoJibn i : l'AUi nivi;n, Ana S? Bid a.'.lrr: Fanny Mi ?. Uarle. ami Bcn j flittlm. Bnlar, Hll a'lethporti Out, vebrt John Tl Mituer, Col m?; Mailman. Mw'arlhy, and Mediator, l?a.- 3. NY.i<, GI.Ol'CESTSR. Ans 9? Arr achr* Esrrrnt, Caaunt Tan. i',.r lorSewYor):; lilljab P Horton, McC'ormlck. Carxoi I V- <1/1. noi/'. ingO, P M? ArrbrliBhlbboJeth, .1. hn. tan, liu ton i"r Fflflteae .-lotii >e; iicbrs Loum W?!?h, itn. ton. Phii!i<l*lpqia for ?of(oh. Fair Denier, Yoon-i. Kllaa i. t..; it :#rno; Arituitia, lliuiiini, and Jame.-* lien'.-, tw, lrr-uy C" v for do: Vendorl, Krajf. <lo for l'<irt?mO' ili; tn :i itaei-,'ip-, Baltimore for Hal fax- Ktrana fj Day, Bwe'inan. PMtadelpbta for Illngliam; 8 Saw -r. On mace, do for Mall 'heater. M;,-a; Mary .'nu? (Bri , Pattor^on, tit John foi MVdPk; Iiarnart'ao, I'll, B.ioo for Phtlottel C'i :i: atr liiiii Hflnua, FnwiT. N^Viik, on an e.xcirafnn. Hid .. !> r ? N t: li >.rrf? I'ulcn Wll.iam II Mulilm'. Imb? Airattb-- c r.ri Merrick, Mont; rnery, n. ladatrhla for Ttln;*l.:i n; /, A i'amc. Jonea, NVork lor Kaatport. ' sij riandt; Di . Sin ''b letii; acbra Lyndon, A Ten 111, < ige Kilburn, I>lle t;rr"'e, L<ntia Walah, Fair D 'alar, A> n a a. \r; 'Ion. Junes Hoar", Rn|ineer, Knimn L l>av, r n . ,tyi , tJiara Mr rl<-*. T A Palita. MA(:HIAri, A"'! " ? ait ai'hr Crn*o?. Rrl'itr, Neir-Yoik; a I 2U a>."tn' A dale, Hoew Cuba. '?l.VilHIillintAiJ Art;.:? HJ ii lit El'.a Hlgilas, I'blladal p'j i >> 1'iovlneetown. ' i t, Aiv A rr ao'.ira Mir? .rnae, Moon, 811st ? ?? ?'>. : ' h. a oop Apol o, Muuv <?, HYoiK. til" 8t'i adir U I Wl :? t?, fstaplln. NTorif. IhW HBDroRO, Ati? ?? Arr erhra .1 P Catvrr, Fimn ,i"l' ;indJ H P irn ?tt. Merrill, pin! drlphln; .la m > X La. ? , CI i?e, .NYor*; J.uh. II ?;nrti*. llaakoll, El ab tbpor:; ,? u-n;i itcuron. MaitapotMn for Pbila le<t>' ie. a KWBt'HtPOBT, A,'if 8? Ar? agl.ra llaia. Short, and Ch?a ' 1 !{ i;?> . fj? 'n'ry Phl aJellJiS. NK'.VFO if, Anc n? ATI 1'B. arhra Oonna Anna, Phnae. i a i >n, Cn'.i; Harriet B re writer, lla\kln?, (Mrillmr, ;>l e. tor Port I'.'jal, tiO; Planet, Currier f'l MiK;iip-it, ?lw > i Wor d, Wooden, Bllialellip <rt; iVafl, V bleigli , Pill I .?l)SM?niA, Anf 10? Arr V ? Nlrrat*. P'"- Cal h l^hra Ultffaor, Lawe, Hmr. d; ? H Cafjf. Crawel!. TTfTi^cy'fi: iwwiii. }llll Sew Voikt Mur i.l /a r th. I'.r? ' >, Prnv i-'- K IV How ? flrarnao, l : ideo M tune-, I C :V ?:? . H W G-id'rey, Goiuro ., BostUUl J I? M ? lj '? 'd "0 ?' W* I k ? ke. it" i . B i ' n . ? L' ijji ?; Pearl. Pro ?n. B"?'oa: Iter i ", ?? V. - j<r. Portland. CIO eh in Vanronvor, t'nr. | "? i . ark J Ooifrey. <?'?>!? Hnjiim ill I?f i, Woyklna, B'arfianoa* M '* T?e>r nnrd. J in "? < iv, I '.lan, Srav?i'V. Banior, i. '? , : I I. ??i"': i. Halifax; C A Hie'aon, stvem, i "*!] f \< ilc * Ora ner, Lynn; Wnaloecr, I?ei?K Bnnni J If Moo-" BI 'W' ni, Boi'on; Alcora, Foa'ar, Portland; I W klal!, i i l.i, I rnvi lfi H W iiodfrey, Goilfrer, Bo ton : L A Ha: nl n? r, I'.iTott. Bo* on: Marli-tia llnid. Ur io^a, P: wl I' .. vy . looail, Cio, Fail P. ^rseS V flam moi l, l'aine, Bn'.in: E K L*?H L?e, Portlaail ,f ,T v, nth ngtr,n, WortMagton, SoralHi W P ?<>?? tlni .ii, ii" (on. I'ORfLAXD, Aug!>? Arr hark Elian Btwrana, More, Near York PUOVIDRNCB, a nf P? Arr fateamara Peilean, WaWlen, And Wna rheiter, Baker, NTork; a.>hr< HenJ Strooj. Btqr.'u; A-u' Cartor; Allc-'fu He. \Vr!.!h(; TUI ent AlbiOl K llnti v DtiTleld, .'-ill ea; John P Oolllna, Abrew: fiady Adama, Radarln, ant t; i, Hulea, Mahan. Eli. abelliport; t'ruaade, * von eu ! T'o i 'iro, I'airnor. New York; *loops Gilllfor I, i sac, ami H Jkiareo, Brntherton, NVork. M aahra L V II Hmltb, Rill th, and Addle M liaiaea, UlaekniaD, Phil, al.ilpiila: Bp'ea.lld. Barlow, Elmahethivirt: A G Peait, Hi w *, and .1 A N > te.dman, Viekaceon, N Yert il (< KLAMI, Aug 7? a ri A ra ee ir Oli|, Oarl<s NYerk. B'. I a"bra Aucaata (,re?nr/,K^ ork; Maria Lrniiae, Naah, da; Pat'e, Ma do, Si h, ahip lUiBangc, Bmith (from Riintfory, Lofdon ; liark Africa, Upton i from Han.or), Madeira POM* OFFICE NOTICE. IJu^T OFFICII BO'fTOR ? THE M AILB FOR GBKAT I BnlP'n and lha Gobi neat, ?la Hontkamptan end Hre men, paretaamer Bromen ai.d f?r Ireland via Qnecnelnwn, per <teamer city al Manrheat?r, will eloea at thla e?c. en Hfiiurilav, tba 1.1th ,ia? of Anaua,.l at 10M o'clock A. M., and m th' up town atatlona aa folTowa:? Hlalloua A and B, at IU A. M. .xtailena 0 and I>, at PH 'A. M. BiaMona B and F, at VH A. M. Rtatlan (I, at 9 A. M. ABEAM WAKBMAN, Pottmaater. Cut;, i' .1 DRY eoooi*, cm wans, autk araaua. imppma . STEAM WEEKLY TO LIVBftPOOL. TOUCHING AJ OuMDttown (Cork Harbor).? Tba Llrarpool, Hair Tnt u4 Philadelphia Staamahif Company ( Ionian liaa), carryw log tli? Up Ilea 8t alec mall*. Intend despatching th?ir f-JB Siwered Clyde built Irua steamships a* follows: ? ITY OK MANCHESTER gaturday, Angu.l l> CITT OK LONDON Saturday. Aucum 20 CiTT OF BALTIMORE Saturday. A uiriut I ?ad erary auccasdiu^ Saturday, at noon, from plsr 44 Bonk rlror. FATES OF PAS8AOE, . Parable In gold, or it* e in ,-aleut In curreney. First Cabin $?< | Steerage W* Bo. to London rtft | Do to London S* ?? f? ?*r ? $5/ Do. to Parli ?? ^.??Hamburg. awl Do to B?rabur? W *" for,r?rdad to Havre, Bremen, Butwrdu n, Antwerp, Ac., at equally low rains ?in*0llo?!r,r*rpooi ??r QM?Utosr?- First cabin. $75. t"A h!!"'.??" , Jhos? who wish to ssnd for their "L,* c*n bu ? tlcl.etaTiere at the** rate*. ??rto-^.r:.n,rtau?- v4 .v^r/imh/r "n *'"?'? ,n Llyerponl to WILLIA* INMAN, Acrnt. !! Water Mrr-t ? lu .0 ?1"K MALCOLM. No. 5 St Ft, .ch sqtmri" ' uPMiatownlo O A 'V. D BF.TMOUR A HO. : In londoo t" KIVK* % Mjt CRY. 61 Ktn/; Will I run Ht'P>-' : in ''ar's to M*T,i s DKCOH 1 4B run Notre Pump lie* V'rtoiies. P ?c? ,|? |R Hn.irge ia Phl'adelpMa to JOHN (?. L?aLK, 111 Waiuut ntreet or at the Coni|>i,ny'< o'^res. JOHN O D\LB. Anent. '.?> Broadvrav K. Y T /IK BKITISfl AN 1> NOItTll AMERICAN ROYAL M il btk am-miits, BETWEEN NEW ? ? > K A N i > 1 I' ' KPOOL, CaLMWO A'' M>?K AND BRTWEN HOST. !? AH) l.l v hRl'OOL, CALL1NO AT 11 \J.l ?* AX ? ND ?'OKK HAUJIOR. FTROPA 'P.iv> * Ronton Wi"ln?? l*v August .1. BC'vrlA 1?HV' K \-? \ ?ir't V.'"dnwt'lav, A't u<t 10. AKKICA leave* t'oston Wftln^t l?v Atljnat '7. Pr'RRTA l*av?- V-w V'nk v ?due- Ikv, A / at 24. API ' 1 .>vea Box- >n ? ???. A'wu" V CHINA lw? *>?? Vork Wednesrtuv. ??ntr-nber 7. rllOM KK* >i>i K 'O MVItlt'O Chipf C;,hln pticvo $13? 00 Nf i ,n.l c.i'iin ps?ioi"?. . BU 90 r ifiM UOKTON TO UVEBPfiOI. Ohtef Oiiltfn pa* ig*. SM2 83 Secmd C,a'..n |nti r-3 '10 )>a iiMf* In go' t < r ?t? *? mivnl^Mt tn (tnito l Pint' 11 rti rr*nay. Berths not ?p nrff! ? o'U P"1'! t'. r. An oKiW'rl^ti' ort ufir -Mf>n on 1 OTt?-fi Tlif- o\ru.'p? r,f t'-iw* *? ?t bo ntvotin ?J>Ip Tor eta or vRt'i*M"4. unlet;' bliift f )aiiag L iv lit; t va'.oe o*. P'^^.>l, I flr* '*en??il |tn*rp o . F >t? freight or ns-aa?ft ? r'v K t'l NARD, No. 4 l^ow'loc f!r#en N'O'rni'.? TW? RTR A WR'Tt P row t, TAPrtlt Stotiti(?;i 'nrm*n. w ' ' I'mn pl^r :'l Vi)r h ? ? on ?Vi'.ini' 'lav. < ij'ifct 7,'it '? P. *?*, n.-i ci?.* Loo on 1 r-eu To lii* followed li t^n ?t?:i I'^hi' n 1,1. \ T1IF IflNDOM AND !(Etfv~il!K COM PA nv will denpaTh r^tnl oi- n'tilv fie r tif v 1 1 1 fir* 'im ?*r?' It Iron <?'.?? *n?hl|?a C?M,A. BKT.LONA iT'.L', VTA, IOWA. INMfA.VA ct>'l M \ w n \T T A V. "I M i.1 ? ? in? bnr t'-^n. bi"w > n Lmdot v:<l So- Toi ': i i"l:n ?t ''v ft im th? voyaa? fieri r.ont'iin ' ! h t?? ? or nuM^v ji?"i!t!^ 1a col < o'r It's oi|ii'v:il?nf? Kror^ fjnw Yor' iir<' cubin . $7d; unoonil "nliin. *tw<i t- S2.V l'i m I on, tun or HaTtt, lirs' cn?-ln. 1 For p?n?i?e aprl'' "? >'ll *s ?. VV IIirNET, 33 Hroadway. For ^rp'nht HDrily at SI Po ith Itr**?t A<lTnn''"s m?d '. OB merrhnndine con-'.t'ia t to th<? frionda In London or th- nn. <loi' IfftiO'l Tlmtn 'tnnmert oonnecl at London with ofana <"? o* iht* x itr ro o-mir 'or tli ? phannnl ports, Rofrdiina, A' ^tordatn S' P?tnishnrg. Core?ha'*<tn. BordBati <, Op-?ri?, (jib, Alc on -Irli urn r ta. Pon?t-int!nopI? an 1 Olsiu, HOWL AM I) ,t AB.INVVALL. Atenta N"/>TIO M. "TR A'-f N WTOATIOV COMPAN'Y. TO I ITKRNSTOVTN AND LTVKRPOOL. ?\ nOINIA..,' Sitnrda\. Autus''*. LON 'ON Rnt irdav, AntrofiJO. ' in S :? r"ld. lt"raL,e. $5(1. payable In currency. Fur possaiie app y 'o W JLLIAM8 A OCrON, 29 Bmadwar. M\IL PTE ' Minis TO FR VNCB Dl RKCT. TUB OKVlilt\L TRANSATLANTIC; COMPANY'S Ni U' LINE O ?' FIRST CLASS BIDE W HURL KTRaMSIIIPS MKT WEEN NkW VOI1K AND I1AVRP. The flr&! fire t-p'endid vo*??W IntPttdcd to ho put upon tbll fai t. -lie t onto 'ft: the Continent are the followlnc ? W \ SIMM 1TOM. ! '.2DI tona 900 hor?e po? er. I AK V K.TTE, 3 ?04 ton* 9"<l bnrw power. KI'OKNIK (? "nt) Potl horse power. ri: ?NCF. fhu'ldlp O horso pow?r. BAFOLKON III fhnlldlne* 1,10 1 hnrne t ow?r. Unt'I t''e pomp etion o' |he entire list the Berrii* will ha performed hv tito W A>tHTN'ITO\t A. Ducbe ne; LAPAT* ETTf. A. Rociod". a? fol ow? ? t'KOAI NEW YORK TO HAVRE. WASniNflTny T>'e 'rendat, 17tn Att Mt*t. I.AFA YBTTK . \A>dne<dnv. 11th ?""trmbw, WAS1I! ^OT' iN Wplnr-day, I2lh October. L A K A YF T t K . Wp inesdav. 9th V^vpinlor. WASHINOTOV We ' tipadav. 7th TVcemhar. F"'fft pxbln flrclodlns tuble wIiip' $13\ Fpcond r.'i!n f In'Iii'llna tah'e wine). $70 or SH0 ravable In t* ' I or I** p ntivalent in United States correnoy. Mpdlrnl at' free of charge. For freight or pafsarn nt.nlr lo OEORQE MacKEN7,IE, Aeent. No 7 Rroadwav. New Ynrfc, At Parts? No 11 Boulevard de* Capuclnoa (Oranii Hotel.) At Havre? William iBe'.ln A Co. , STEAM FROM AND TO QTTEENSTOWN AND LIYK??* POfiL. ' Cl'N ?R" LIVF. From Ne>v York $V) uurrsney 1 to Vol* V , v *o!d ot eauivft'ent tn p ? rency. ' * ' OLVMPUB, AumHlSf KKDAU. AnsnitSff for pa?s.igc ap|>l/ta IYIIjLIAMS ,t G"TfON. 29 Brondwny. TnP. NORTH OF.BMAN LLOYD'S RTEAMSHTP BRB. MKN. C Mey?r. oommander, carrying ihn I'nlteA Stste^ tna'1, ? ill ?>ttll from the Brcnen pli r, foot of Thira ?trcet. Hol.oltPti. on SATUHDAY. AUO0ST 13, AT 12 O'CLOCK, M., ron ?- -? v . h RE MEN. YIA f>0tTTHAMPTO!?, * " , inking pp?<!( n?er? to LONDON. 1IAVRH, BOCTHAMPTON AND RURVBJI, at the fallowing ra'.e*, patable in gold or It* equivalent !? currenrv. . For th? first cabin, $105; aecond gabln. $82 30; ste*rava $37 sa The BREMBN will be followed by the H AWRA August 9. Tor freight or paaaaye apply to OELBICUB * COu ? Broad at real TFIE HAMBURG AMERICAN P\CTET COMrAN** IKON MAIL 8TRAMBHIP8. F;om Southampton. From New Tor%. BAXOVT A Ju y 27. 1-mt Aug. ?0. 1*1 TFPTONIA An*. 10 l?.*4 ..Sent S I Hdf ORRVAVIA Ail*. 24. Sept 17. I?? BORUSST A Sent. 7. ISM Oct I. IWt SAXON! A Sept. fl. .Opt IB. IBS! Prom lianihnr; pier. foot of Third' ilreet Uo,%ok3% taking pa??ereer* Tor Tl.imhn'ff. Havre, London and Snwrtk emrten at the f"!i. tvi;ic rate* ? Firat cabin. SIOK; *eoon4 r?mn, $ '2 80; ?Icerage, $37 SO, ;U?b!e in gold or It* eqa*r a'?nt Far freight apply to KCNHARDT * 00.. 45 Exchange plaoe. K?r puv,^ apply t3 C. B. RICHARD k BOAS, 1M BroaJway. Thr M0?KE \t ocfan steavsrip on?rAjrT?? ?teamnilr sr DAMO. fr>m Oueh?e to TiWemnel, Agcm li Rate* of rouaage $tW. ant $V RlaM Thm'lg on the National Huiit. ramble at e'l ltainuiSfcCL'? lam! ??<1 Ireland. For pn>*ege apply todXesb IrbARCJX IS Bro??|w?v, New . . f . - ?'? UNIT ED STATES MAIL LINR FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA PAVAM4. Hffu'tr silling utr*? 34. 1st': a<-d .'Slofeaefi ponfb. e?""?pl Q1'} <!ar? fell on SumUr, whea the day gf departure r ill Tin ilii Monday following. Tl.e Hi ?t o'ai>B i.ew ateamaMp COSTA RICA, J*.. L. TlnkK-angh. Commander, will sail from It'lr^'P. 1 North river, 8 \Ti;Kl'A7. Align It l*,at U o'cto- k M Tli? ?trii.i>iin NORTHERN LIOBT will *nWg?4 M* lllix, and nil Augiixt 2T For fro 'rl. : or paemtfift npplv to D. It. ALLEN, Kit. 5 Bowling Ore**. I 'OR Unit ORLEANS DIRECT. To *a>l on BATCUDAT. ACfltTUT 2*. ISM, AT :? O'CLOCK P. M., IheUnl'.ed S(Ate? ni*r *l 'o wheel *tc*m?hlp RVKNINtl HTAP, W. R Fe'l. Commander, will ?all ?< abore. from r rr 43 North river, third p!or aborg Cinal *tri ei 1 or tivtuht or (?Attage a.i'ilj to JAMES A RAVNOR. 10 liarclar nt"<H. For new Orleans. direct? wepnfsdat. Anoint 17. n' t<?oire nvlook. tv.on. The Atlantic -nan eteamahip Com peiff** flrat '"'a?* *M? wk'*l steamer AllIKL will e.n.i *? above, fr.-ni pier 1 North river. For freight er pasM^egiplr gt mo office of tho Oompanr. No (llnvliM grccu. 6. II. ALLBN. J'Oft Nr.W ORI.RA.nS DIRECT. The Untied States Mull Slenmrtlll Of! FOLK. John Thornu-n*, ' omm.mder, trill le -,?? plar 13 No'th rlvei fr>r Netv Orlcani d'rnel. na W eHnestiay. A if. M. at % o'olork I*. M. preleelT. N? freight reoelred or bll'a ?.f ?Un. cl ou ti n dav of eallliig. I t i fr?l?bt or pakaaue epj.U to ludLam, UEINBKF.N * CO.. US Hro idwar. F?Th?U'**'^,n,h,|>RO?rOK? Fr?otl< A. teJiin? n ??>-?- "IU. "2 ?"?!4 VSfWK?!? fflSSSi >-?? ?""* - "? ** ?{sa? /?-?? kskk L>0R I.l\ I ; U f*OOI.? T A TSCOTT'S LIRE. r Slilp NK I Ll M I'LtnA ealH Augult lj. < V \()? ' I' \.igu>t H. Wp ORATItt'DR eall? Aniroel 17. FOR l,OND'>>(_r LINK. HUDSON r?ll? Aug'Ht a'l. Vor pe'-aje :* or from Hi* Old Country, or draft* nil loweit t'b?enle iatca, nup v m TAF8COTT BROTITKRS A CO., M Ho nth at reel lilOlt LIVERrQpli DIRECT -OPITaRT) STF.AMBRTT r BIOON Ciipi?ln Martyn. will eail <>n W?dne? ia?, 17tA ef Ami >1. C..hln pmei?e pold or Ita eonlra ?n?. Tn* freojhl or , at?age apply to K CURARD, No. 4 Howling Urea n. For live rpool? old rlace ball link -tub ?hlp COLUWBIA will ?alt prompt r on Friday, An gn*t I?. Foi parage applv on hoard, font ef Reekman (treel, or to MOOMK HRO.S. A OOFFBV, 00 Beotlt Itreet. FOB LI TI'RrOOL.? THOMPSON'S BLACK STAR Line. The 8TAR OF?T!IB W R8T. Captain Prrrr. nl pl?r No. 8 No, ih rWer, rail* to-morrow. For pan-nje from or te Liverpool, anp j at the ofl>ce, '.'78 Pearl *t. I10B LIVERPOOL AND LOMPOJt.? FOB LIVER, pool, the pucket ihlp WIBOOffifll *alln t/> morrow forenonn ; iho BR I DO W \ T Ml on Ang 17 for I.ondou, th? LIVEltPOOL eail* Augiiat 17. For pn aage apply te W1L. LI AttR A OUION, 4? Fnlten (treat. ?VRNITVRR. A* RXnAofoTxAR^ OPPOBTtTRITT FOR HO'iHR. keeper*. ?All trie elogant Hon?e;iold Furnltttre ef ? prlrale femlly will fce ao'd at a great aarrllloe lor caah? iriagnlfl'-ent roeewood Pianoforte, three elcnm Parle* Hulto. roue wood Hlngare, marlile top Tahlea, Otinntp*, Irwrw Olo-k, Ui iiaeali t;arwl, Tnrllah I,a?r t.'halia an J lAinngo* in. A'm, a lot of Hedioom and Olnlng Room Fnrnlt?f?. Inquire nt 11* Waal Eighth aireet, near sixth nvnnne. A IT ELEOANT ASSORTMENT OF BOUBIROLD FlTR A ?Rnre for agio nt n agerlfloe,? Pianoforte . Btagere* Bookeana, Mirror*, Parter Nulla, Palming*, Brontnr, On* tain*, Bo?ewo,?t and Walnut Chamber F imlture Dlnlaa Room Furniture Aft Inquire nt IIS Waa* r?? atreet. n?Ar aitth annua

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