Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 13, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 13, 1864 Page 3
Text content (automatically generated)* or real ?mm. VERY II ANDHOMB COUNTRY ?KAT AMii ft'AKM for sale. lu Morria enantv, N. J., only one hour's n N?w York c?ti coniain'ng M aerea the v. rv b??t . a two ? i?r> Oweliiag House, with arge |i>a i| rooum. kilcbcu. rollk. wasbiiigroou aud eel enaoeeitag Willi an lee house; C>< r l-i^c, & gra ? Laad. a two ? i CI rig I Urge roou,. _ ? . ?af-oo and beii -k 4J?a . l?'f. V>arn wuli l?a??i*teni I rm Sou-*, Ac th? Pn<?i ' r'v?r run* right through the fartu ; & aflrst rate place for huiitin : and Bi-hing AH furnitures, ?s lure* aud ?to?* wilt remain ua tho ptiM fmv it told aoon u $15. 'W A B.I a> Farm ?? Loug I dand. l. <es iroui New York near a depot of 17 iicre* v-'ry jrnod nJ. wi b good f ir-n ho>i?e ?<i4 butbnlM>aga rtcli erai-.*" and stock. tor #J,-'>?). A tip v to J. H. sCUUcii 4 o'U . No. (bew < ; ha -nbers street, N Y. a CUTTAUS FOR RAL -SirilArEO OH MURRAY A Hll; -? bj half the > o. It ; price Afl o ha. r oo Bsortt.age at 6 por cent. Iiquireat 2d lief street. Dp stalrg, A "SLUM!11, YRT stubborn facts -iht, tikt at 'ft-Tliird av. 'if \o i ran get tba best n eatment u Ami Kiiaw*; ? i on j;ei * ?? ?* In it, t **???! uto#f acourjila i aril* aa Hft 3'i i?*i lr< tttl'Us value cm upon SI; 4ih, ju t virile What ?"ii ?ant S i. lust, tb >? i> not leant, landlords can reenter t> ?"? "r .porty In yo cafrapo' bar ?? Cut thla nut a At keep it. JaMBS BOWK 738 Ihtr l avenue. A okkat R':Rovi.v can bh had or a fullsizbd ./? Lot s lusted on Kli'liticth Mreet, c^ir Plrir 1 av unite, tf flppliad for 1m 1 1 ediately, toJoabPti MoUlUKB, 1-5 I'hird a>auus. AflBST 1UTE IN VFS i"M F.N I'. PAYINiJ TUN PER een> itueie t. ? A live t>tnrv brick Buildnw fi* salo: Me* .VxlO.'x nil used 'or priuting purpose*, bin to t the best Materia, and wet*. Mcite.t. s rare i lianr.' fu a cant' .tfst. RHUS. A BRULaM Y, 52 Pliia alrret. a KKW PLAIN YE T STI'BB!) KN FACTS ?1ST, TM AT j? ai 1hi Ti ird avenue yiMi hui get the be i inmtnwt in Real t.>-tai.?: 2d you g.>i the lu le"t and ino?t accurate par I'lilara. 3d. no fiutiiiout value put mxia u; lib. iuat write fide.iy what nai't. 6th. laet tho ? 1 lib not least. land.onU ann r?ii*ter the.r oropeitv in inv o 1 ce trei> ni rliaraa Cut tfcia out aad Keep It. JAM K8 KUVV li, 7.VI Tniro aveouo Ahotkl and farm of ni acres for salk at Jiwr.aiia. b. I.? M.ite' O" plank roud II uiile* to 1crr\, W'f a mile to depot; well calcu aiecl t-r boarders. <<x'aiiou fceaitlij; price *i 1 (??:. UKO. AKi hMullh, 16 Narsar itreet, New York, hour* 1<> lo 1. A T 7SH THIRD AVI' NUB YOO OaN FIND DE^IRA JV bio br ci nnd 'rowu Ktxiie Hi>ii??a. from $4.i)IIimo I'ti.1"11. A ?p eml d i'hai;oe oflcred lo capitalist* ThiriT.iva M|fi improved lir>, peri }. JAMES KuWK AT 75S Tinr.n AVKNITB.? A NDMBF.R OF THRRK and four siorv hu h toop Hmse* ? anted tor caah cum. tower a. Land "rds and oivne.i of real e?t.ite will flno it tbapace'o re i ter their property, fit wanted between feghta and FUtieib atrerui. at:d Lextnirton and .-eientU a*aou?b. JAMl B ROWB. 748 third aveuu.t. A FACTORY SITK KOR REROSKUl?. IKON . OR fat boll ng milea from Now York, on tinvl ;ahlo Sater Alio ii Lou next to the Oakum Ku. t ry. n ier?ey It/. UEORUR WKKlt, 37 Nas au xtre'r.t, room 12. A MARL FARM, IN FRKRUOLD. 152 ACRKS. FOR aaie or ex hange, chert.? Adapted to wheat and ail tah??. Bwaet pntat >ea< water meljna. afr?? borr at, blank irri? . Ac., In profuaioD. OtiORQB WKlfll 37 Na-"au ate-'f r oin I-'. Alim H Knrmi, troin 5 to 7jacit:a, near ra lrnad depots. In New lerarv, A FIRST CLASS FARM f6r RALE? ON LON'O J\ lauud, 20 in tea convenient to railroad depot? 200 ?"rea. 150 under hi_ii trultivailon: large house, bams, shed ?a i n nierous omHui dings. On the place are a nml Vatuabia m Ik business, 28 cows, 6 hoi se . t ? bo.a Alao all Ike crops In the gromi l. au>! hay and grain lu hams, all fc-od of farm Implements and in good fenre. Prlco (lR,(lnil, Wo ancuml rauca. Q<iod paying city property In a ?0 'd lo aaiioa wi 1 te taiten iu e\oliitu je. A so several fine Fanna teaaaloore ch mg* a tine near the watea COOPER A'FORUIB, 5>4 Pine street, room 18. A GOOD AND PAYINO INVBSTMfNT.? TUB OWNER of down town Tenement Property will sell on e isv Jrrwa, 8niidinga paving fn^rtoen per cent. Tbey are well nested and In perfect order. Price SiU.u O. Address Pi o party, box 17. Herald olllce. A FINB LOT-ON FIRST PLAOB, BETWEEN CWW A ton and Hear atri.eis Hrook.yn, 30 feet; aUa ? Mot Deeon I pie?. M<tl3iM feet, for ale on favornbie torn i K. U KELLOlHi, 139 Pearl alreeU >ew York. A FIRST CT^SS HOrSB FOU 8ALB-THB THREE atorv and attio House No 1'H I'res.deiit atr'-et, betwe- n CI ti 'on un 1 Court. Bro.iUl n house 38 feet wide; bus all t e lmi?ovem?*iit?; o ute g'a s in ivlidn a; iarii r-t and l a 1" fre-coe'l. Will lie so d iv.trt or w:tho t exttii lots ail joining. For p.iri' u ars apply to E K. KELLOUO 1 "J Pe .il "ti cel. A HENS CAN HOLD AND CONVRY REAL ESTATE ? at Ellzabefhpotl, New,l?*aev. which the* e<tnnoi In in Paw ^ ork. I>e?|raii.e Lots for rcaldeoces or for mauufao lanng pmpo-es for sale, cieati aod on fatorahl" ;erms. A l>t?l v to OOULHY t HEIDRITIKK Agoms, fcllzibalh port, or E. R. KELLOOG, 13V Pearl street. .Ne.v York. A FARM H'R RALB? CONTAINING 120 AORBS OK Jl. go.>d land, aitnated on I ako Vohegan, the milet from yeijksk 11, Y.r limine. b>m. it ., In g' od order: fruits of all ktids. For parttenlara liniuir i at 230 Wushtngtoo street. BW. BURNET. ?2 WILLIAM STREET. ROOM 15, ? baa for s ite e.veral Improved Place-*, from $'l 000 10 ? ? '10 . n Ma tM.n, .Ne v Jerrnry. Parties wis log homes lu a a aei. unexcepttonah e ?s -ecaccs health society, beauty of aaeocry and convcaitem -to New torn oan be acco umodated. Brown sto.nb front hocrbon thirty fodrth street for s<le, is^taeo-i Hr tdway and Seventh avenue, ao'ii'i s : iirst class; a /n '25x55MO I; price $'.T>, 000. Apply to JONKPH MASON, N". Pin* street, rooms 10 and 11. ?OWN STONE FRONT HOUSE ON M FTRRa Y HILL, bet>Vi en Fifth and Ri\tn atenitea, for .-ale. Ft 'at el-a PoKseas'.m soon. Pr 'e *28,'*> i. A puly to JOSEPH a SON No 5)4 Pine street, rooms liland 11. COUMTRV BRaT AND FARM FOR SALE ATOYPTHR Bav, L I.? Slxtr acies of land, ttneiv wntere I fttnj fruited; bntldinL's i.irse and in ttna order; pnee $8 Apply to PAKSON8 x WARD. 81 C>.dar bti.-et. T\OCK PROPERTY ?X)R SALE? THE I.AR'IB DOCK, 1J near rut run d depot, at *il!ipbethinrt N.J.; has l?n feat watei an excei ant looanon torneoaL lr< n or Matber b-'fiti' as. For rat- ilou ar* app'y to b. B. KLLLOUG, 119 Pearl street. New York. la1 ARM FOR 8ALF? CONTAIN I NO 70 ACRES OK f* prime land hottM I '< story nearly . new, 11 rooms; barn and eartfct.:* house; iat d of the best quality; fence- in i.rst fate aroer; abivndaace oi frm?; atrenm of *at-r through the farm; halt a mile from the depot and miles from ??w Turk, on llar.eio Ra road; price low; terms easy. JOHN A. KKNYON. 83 Nassao xireet. A TIM FOl SALK? CAN UK DIVIDED, WITH OOOD band ng* on rach. mider high state ?.f cultivation ; s through It; pleau of fruit; In good order; well , and near the CU . IQUTHWIOK * WOOD. 18 Ploe atieoL OR PALB-THB VALUABLE PROPERTY NO. 91 Mercer street, near Spring. S5 feet by 100, with five story brick bul:d uF avering the full lot. with fifty horse aasiae and h d er, an t ma lilnory for dultig a lacco inanu faeturlug bnslDesa. Apply to C. E. K1CUARDS, oo Ibe praauias. EOR SALB-A PARLOR nODSE, BLBOANTLY FI'B tiisiei. wtt i lb ee year*' Le-is? Sod on accoua' of all\ an airs A good I'pimriunitv to make inonoy. Pr.iO tow. Iu'i'iiro at 7'J Oieeue street. Iron 1 to !'? P. M. U?OR BALR-THRER YEARS' LEASE FROM APRIL, J* l^ttS. Sto> k .ipd K itura- of nn o d establ shed Cap and Furnishing iioo ls liuatn-sa tp ao Ka tern olti ot 10 Hki tobabitauu. AdJiaas box i.Oil Post o.lico ilarti'otil. Couu. P?R SALE.? TWO OF THB MOST BE AUT'FUL lotiatir Seats to l<etoiin?l tr New ,l?-raoy, Mtuaie 1 ae. r Had ?eu, Mori is c >ualy. New lersey. eon'.aining 2 0 acres aaob; very lar-e H wise and outbuilding ., greeahonaea, hot hoa es, earr ??- h i. be barn- aod stacl ng ver. ?x:cr -v. Tv.eae aie the most valuable e.'ttnirv sea ? ei*r hultt In n ? w Jerse . . h-av> iot?sl of ?<>od; laud m a btgb state ot culuva turn One valued at*1. the other at $ri"lkjl. t is later ba? a I. lie lake of water Within Hi" *ods of the bou?e. tine flab n*. Ac. Bot i tne o puiportMs are wail worthy l"0?ln? aflec By any g- uternsn ivliols desirous ot a country resl- | flaa>-? not to be ex. eiled by any other to be found la the ?auo'ry . tb-v ahoand In ail kin. is -it iruit vine yard- V. Also It i;rwvl Farms irotn 20 acres to 150 aere<; village ?oases aud Lots. Building Sites, Ac., iu au 1 near Ma li?on. la-iu re of H |?. HUNTIMO, wavcr.ey Wiuse, aaar tho Madiaon, N. J. B F F |l*OR SALB-YALUABLE EIGHTH AYENUB PRO J* party, of a corner Lot and one adjoin in/, Wasted on the lower part nf the avcano, each lot 25xlt^>. Apply toS. S. HINMAN, 15 Wall Street. tnoR SALB-SO. 80 FRANKLIN STREET. NEAR J* Broadway; No. M Fast Fouith street and No !" East Aarea eeoth street, near Fiftli avenue. Apply at 10 Last Seventeenth street. TOO ft 8ALB-0B MGHANdB FOR HOUSE ABO T.OT X rrrtW 1^' to till 0-. an umlivl '-d ?M-thlM ot a valuable Wati-r I 0*?r. known to he the nn ,?t Rill* ..arid, tivr rim i?f etone, to at?d In th? cHr of Hn lalo, mlinu o t fcrl* Canal and Ntafara river. Addre a Flour ?ad Mul, bo I 144 Herald otflce. ?or sale? ttik n abdsomb thbek stdltT man ?<00.> h own etnne llotiee IJJ Kn-I Korty until etn-et, flret le-raetnf Founta ??emio. >outh?i it of Fort?-*tith utreit. F $tV0> Apply od tha prontljee, or to PahE A MAflUli. ^V)R PALB-AT FORDHAM, WBBT0HE8TRR COUN p ty, ha'f a ini'e from r?l rcwrt ileiiot. on Centra! Bridge Mad .i farm of 27 n r^e. la If hoim?,barn, <-arrta;:r hOM?<". A. . Vt'i wata od, ph-tity of fniit. Title poriaou Apply on tfco pr'-ml .?a to Jul! A Bi TLUR. IPOR SALE? A FARM Ol 1 VKNTV VCREH. WITH A 1 n w n.o irm built tli.i . ><nd nutbull lin?? gondeaf-r, arooi and fr.i't; eituatrd on the wi-at ? Ida of HempemaJ Barb r. M?whaa?-t two mllea train etA?mbo#? laiidiutf. Appi> to Rlt ' H A II DSOW A PI..ATT. ISO Broadwrar ?jH>K 8AI.K-A FIRST CLASS POUR STORY PltnHM P ?tnnr Ho'iw, In a koo.I |o, niton on Mnrrev Hill. betw.?n Fifth and Nlnh aTenoOa. roeraeion from Ut to 16th of #ert> i'iber. Addreie jj. 8. II., alallua (1. PoitoQIco. Plloo |l?,5'"l. li'Ui: 8 VLB? IM HUDSON OlTlf. NBif .IRKfST A P ?ptendiri Ki-el-leniv on Fal>e-<d? av. nue *1111 marly nn ?ere u roond, ? llrea wiiii, ntn? mamie ManmU. r.m?e. Ac. far 1 p 1" the, A ly to EV AM JOB E8. I'J Irtuu grrrerr clrwi, Jere?y Oltf . F?>? BvLR A FARM OF SIXTY RtnilT At. BBS, ? > oich P prbe |7,V 1). Uone? Bart of it bull. |l in ?*tai'n-?t-!o room* A..*> n ?p > ndld Men-Ion end Far r." 67 epn*- ; lirloi $ 17, *t": nnf 01 6 wren, near I' *iu I < 1.1 alili .Tore #1. ikm; one of ft a>'iaa. n- -ar feli/abe h Cli * . 6-nl, pa i cr?i.e Al*> ?.'.?? Tel ot io it eoee of pinp ?rt, lit .no cuinim will b*e..ld at ber?a n? Apply to RVaN IV .Monu irnrry ?ircat. .I'-reey 0 ty. "L-IK ?< \LB-IN JKRhltT GIT*, ONR OK THE KINK>' t A hi wn none 1 r<.!il llo'iei e In ' h" pin-e; the bp?l uca lion fr n inu on V d Voiet I'erk ; ha* aH th<" mmlcrn tin prat O'eute; lf> -Ooiie. with tha a-l :0iului! lou 011 ih? wr Bar. il?iwltl .he ? a fruit an I eejdi treex Anviw reOfi e tMuK ui r plant- o nnot i!i? enr??hore. Ale.' ei?? arm o. ? eod i 1 *uir llo ise*. fron |.V 1 to J I? 0 >. Apply !?/ 1 ' A> JOWbrtf I* Moni;;o ii^ry ?Iraet, Jer? >y Clt). H.fl,B-A LArt'JB WKI.I. Kl " VKIIRI) BOARD. 1 OIK Hone* w lh ihe It 'Oil ?l I and ll'ed with '.oa d?re, Ifiat.'oi iicmIiIv. Kneenaioi eo inn. th<- piop> ifirfse wiebea 4" !? .?? ti.e olty. Kor fui iher perticiufcie aJdixas K fur r. n aim K. SaLR-A FOUB HTOItT EBaLISII BASF.Jtr.BT lion* I" tw*atlotli ?t eet. oppoalte tha I'lieolo. Iral kn.itmr. nr and?, In ?iv.d n ler, with ail nodora Itnpiofi-iiixnia. A|py lor lWi> da)? to J. A. M At* K8. Itt r*ro|]way, I,V)B HALE-OB TH1 EAST BARK OF THE HUD -on. ? iniitt and liand?oine Hotli. c tloliavo with i'.?eh kmiV OntlitilMlnle, Ac. thr gr?> iinl^ ere fll d wltb <h?iie, ob .n >?rjr, elnae. As . Ac.; (11 i< protected a^alnet all ? nt?areaa br p?ri??neni Impruvomoal*. Hie I0. an. n for t?e i- flr*lola?. In oonnivtinii wit 1 the atiore In a Me.1l eal Priet'.ew m tw?-nl? freie' ooiitlnuao.-a. To en en?rga<le ?? 1 .vimpen ni par fit" P'ac?tn? would bo inraluaitl*-, ' 1 ? !? n?l?? nad pro(l>eble aad wow d not be pitrtod tu.i enapi for tn? iwei ol rraeone. Apol to A. B. MI1X8, ??H1I- ?tr?e' en. t T. alii lri-gue 01 l?f llrnalway. . IJtOR fi (INK OF THB Btfr BARttAINS T . ofTi"*.! t ie e.-, .????? a well Bull' I reo a?or? Hon 0 With ali mm'ernl m eoeemenia; fioo Inoanon up tow a. Poa ?e .eiot iiatnMiai*.!*. * F. IHAUA^A. 6H 11m ma 11. t* ? P' ' ? f vr r.s op RTVi bvt vrs. b'OR . Al K- IN 'llj, MINUItB FBOM I J"i e My or H'V'.ei rerriy, on en ron?>-. a two siorv ?H'i Kan <)ni pr ?, ,.i*. water, l?ri? 'mi aud pit ui v of lru?L InfM; will OH *o it low anil on e**y lerns. in ulra gg rn? ALDRfl G II ud-oo ?My Port oil e. or Oil AS. i! Al K-iTK'H ISKroadaay. POR 8aLI,_ ClliiAP fOK OAS'l, AT H ASPKTII, L ?., hs'f A uil <? I r<m Flihlng Railroad i miles fr > n Thirty-fourth atreet fern 4>fr m lea liou Br?o*l n < Ity II I two icrrauf ? '"1 lard. ar.-e irn'i, I r e trviin lion?e sud outbuildings, suitable (or * truck garaen. r A .rent bargain. THOMAS M. t'KA.MUlN M W street, comer o i Pm*. H*OK 8ALK--A FARM IN Wfc>TCHK?rKR CJ)WWV;SO *cr> d of < ln'iiK! I ml in I of <t n n radow, ri ee frotn liana. ImiiwI in and hi oist mf n der. |m4 k?ar* it ?! mil. bo .Jlu k, M"' o. ol. m 'I oi ..ral e I Irultj slrra:n ijl wxit llirotigh me turn ivnrt ** emitting In eo il0*ete order." * saort ilis .n-o fr.'in ttir-i m l alMini' at ; M ml trout ?? w Vvik. J. A. KKNYON, H3 Nasaft i street. li'OR SALK? A KIKST OLASS COUNritV SF.tT ON I the lit rln I", v ? i ? i' ? ? - 1 t.'n ; coo i 1 id . ru>iml,ed; w. II i .i li>cl; ab:;n.l . ?ol i ns fruit; i s itnqand bvbing; hi splendid urdiar! os-'-h m tin eumte v. H. F, lUr.LANU, No. l\ua room II. FOR BALB-THK FOLLOWING PfUUPURTY AT OLD pri<e , ? West i oinih -.treat, two liisl nltas T?-i*. m.>ni Mho*' . reolel for 49M, nrice f7,7N): i bind ?Mm br.*w o aume Hon e, We t Twenty mil l wire t, urlee $1 Alio a 't'-ii .. li' 5 tiro v n itona House, fcaai i-mly nlnui street $n 00, sls<> one of 'he pniot |..eces nt prii ertv no the B:\ih ?v r? i. s ii ta ranted lor *7, UU yet jCM Apply lo L>Vi'. A UtfKTtSS, 604 Sixth aenue. POR SALB-A VALUABLE HOTEL fROPj R TV, on tho Hudson; als" no ? rn Hoii?e* F.rm- Country Seats, .eo. Apply. I" POlLL iN & WIIaRTON, 132 Br.a.t way. W H ? Kuril sli? t Hoi m-.i wanieii. L'OR HAfcB? VALL'ABLF; OB NT R A L TAHK AND " other cleairaiil. located I vs. >u KI7|v.r|iiii|ii, Kit,. n i nth PirH Biuenlh. IIH'i, llHt't, II (h 1*1 <t. Btj!h>v bird aire" a, Ac., A<* , at priccw adapiad to partiaa aae in : In. vcrii?enia. Apply to A. JO:.'UNB.W? N ?. 8 I'iho rranl. ipOR HAL.K-.VT AN EXTKRHKLT LOW PRICE, TO F purtiea sceltliiK luveHtmcntH. Unw ainr-. br'uK Ku'.UI I n b ' +??. In lie ter street, if ar Iho Power*. Lot H7 teat. Pron$r,'W Permit) of A. JOLIlNhAV, N-? 4 Pin? . tro, t. For ? ? I K-A VKKV KT IGir.I.K ltt!SINE?S pr"0? ol Pnipertv, ou w^'luin i "ii ue. be: vty:? tlilrd mid T irtv-iourtli alrnnta. im -uriea and cellitr, I'rlco Api'ly to JO.Sbl'll -MASON, No. a>4 Piaa uteoot, ro ma 10 and 1. POIl 8ALB? AT A GREAT BARfJAIN. WITH I.MMB. d a j it I ? i?r atory n M l Kn? i?h n.i cmunt Houao. 1" beautlfol ordrfr; all mo-lern Improvouieotn; jjoud neigbbo u d. Pr oi I >w and term ? o i v. CUAKLiEs B. MILI.S, .It Cedar Mtre-it. ? x y<*gajfc*.aa??| ???*?; -J TT>ort SALE-A VILLA, 32 ROOMS. AND A COTTAOB, " 14 r o a aarrlaje house, two i.'re? of I nprovni |,u d, var! 'tv or t'ruH, eo.)d rprinn W.itei ; 'ill 'III c.^ rorn the titv ol h-.v V on., on the Hudson; no heiler l">citl.)o or u lema e >" mi'>?: y ; will Oe uolit low} terms easy. A.lorem Broker, Ii ix 1 1!) Herald o!Ul.\ rpOK SALR-A NK.\T KODR STOIIV BROWN STONH P Ko^IIhIi baseinant H .use, on Tlnriv (iftlt ureet, near Park avenue, c .ulaitiinj all ihn improveinoi ta; irr m io 'am.; po?ie??ion won; ii'luiiborhojd iincxcMpiionhldu. Ap ply between 12 and 3 o'rl.xk. P.O. ANTHONY. 34K Piue street. For salb-onb op thp kinbst pt hms im thr Stilts of New Jrr?ev. abu it '.JOd acr?'. in e onp rte i.rdor, Una Houae mid out building*. Tli'a furni ia werth t o intention of .my one desiring a splendid I arm either fi-r a residence or aa nn Invea menl For particular* aJ !rui? Wi.llam De Lo Plaiullctd Pos'. opl-o. New Jeiaey. fitOR BALE IN HOB0KEN? A^PLOT OT OROt'NI) Wl 1 feet'fronl hy likifeei deep, k own UH H I HUttilM Htreet. iho ground beinu built ou tne entire lenei h. ? Suit aiile lor man lai '.iirlnix (iiri'-ij.*! or a Inner bier -a!. mim or dwell nee. Apply to i am f..s BbNSON H ?. 1 ,ite Aitent, 102 Waahinxioii fireet, ll-.boken, New Jcreey. IJtOR BALE IN PHILADELPHIA-TUB f? )OD\VlT.L, r Pmur.'S nnd 1 >? ;mj o o tof i o Ur.e i and be^t io c?tod Hre-id ni.d <* i e i'.Mt lialinienti In muU tjliv d i >*K A <.a?ti Bi Hin-s of jitU.iltK' a ve:ir. Knr in ' ber p?r;^c ilurnUd d ess Ha er, soul.'iiv?si corner of Twelftu aud Market sts., I'b ladclpLia. | K For ^ale or to t et-a nem' cocntuy store, tvlib a garden, sltiiaie-l 3}< inile* from the city; fir-t rite eland for a Herman or American. Possession Inline-. Ulate.iT. Kent $ J?0. Price $2.4 0 A ho a good Farm for market garu.-ntus or i privalu rseldeu ; j; fouiteen acres. Appl at 30J Pearl street. {??OR SALE OR TO LET-TWO NEW PHILADELPHIA brick front Cottage House- In Bluhtv-n nth street, YorkviUe; have a'l the mod rn nnprn etnents ami fireplace beaiers. Apply to II BLESSON, 4'iO Hast Tentli atreet FOR EXCHANGE? F >R PROPERTY IN BROOKLYN lira country p oe, or for periontl pronerlr, ?H0 aerre of Laud iu WiMv.ahUt. Haa a perfect title, and will bo ?a!J lice from auy In .ambiance. _ W' 0 OODPABO, No. 7 Tins atreet. For invfstmrnt.-ofkicb propertv, nb^ Broatwav and the Pout oillo>5: pays over ten per cent income on the price. A lari;c portion can remain at ax per cent. Address box 705 Post ofll :e. House and lot for salh- <"Fibap? th reb story anl hasemenkt has Jnet been pot In perfect order; new li.ith fibs and range: Croton w;. ter and gas Uirott^hout. T ie house has ben new y paln e I and |>,i neicri, wiih h ill* In eik. I/vaied on a hundred foot streot; ea*v of accese to anv point b> e .rs nr stages. PoaacusMU Iniinediaiely Lo.- Uon j ,C Weil I hti ty-lourth ilree.t.. For further iiarticu ara apply to ItEklSBN APPLBBV, 133 Water hi ? -B Mew York. . VrANUFACrURIMO PROPERTY FOR SALB.-WEOF J.tI icr for aaln a .tiuablo Property, adapied lo any iron or a>o. d in .iiulaci nrln/ I'Usineca, ?.tunied on 4>dli (street, near Tenth avt-nne. 'on->:?UBi4 of one an l a h:tlf fail Iota with a one etory bricit factory, :i7l^x32 feet, with Ifci .;?* sl.od aud Crotun tvaler Apply n'. tha Anier.can lubo Works, Forty sixth str<"'!, n sar Teiitb*vrn ie. QOf'TH RF.BOF.N ?A NICB TWO STORY AND BA8B O ment-Hou'e. two ul es from Jersey ?'U>- by liorae .are; line 11 ? Klinochuod price fl.fiuO; poaseg?1o;i immedUtclv, Appiy to Parsons a ward, ?i Cedar street S.tPK INVESTMENT.? NTS BTBBN LOTS OF OBOHNH. well fenced and fruited, at SS.W; alao llousaainl ten Lot-t, well 'sid out. good situation . ca-y access, 63 m notes from City Hall. Price i&. CU0. Address C. ii. Herald*. rpo BH ?")L0 fA GOOD CfI\NCR)? THE LIQUOR J Siore, ccrner of f-'ifty street and Eighth avenue, with StoeK and Fixtures and throe yeare' Lcaea, cheap, as the owner is otherwise employed. ILLINOIS L\Ni)S. The be t Inve tment for profit and seitirlty. ?.SI0 ACRES. NI AK SI". LOUIS, will he exchanged f-.y tlm prnpHetor for Hr"enhaeks or mer eh imlise. In parcels to su:t pur> hasers. at prlei'H to Induce peoi;!r w;th a few liundred d" lars to get farms at great bar gains In the Garden Mate. Mips and full ?nfcriiat.on given bv the owner in person, from 9 ti II a. M. Call at 31 Hal.len lane. I ANUS.? TO ALL, WANTING F ABM fl.? LABOR AND I J thriving Hu'.dcrnont of Vim lauil mUd climate. ntiles ? of Philadelphia. ty nlfrowi rich taib pnilvei larce crop*, twenty acre trana, at $?"> per t r,\ lyab'e within f.rtir ?ea?a; gMiMH)ugin"i? opening: ?n\l society. Hnndre.L arearttliiig a:id ma in? Improvement* Appvto ni AS K. l.ANOI^, Po?.tmf nicr. vineland Coiiiher . ? nd comity. S.J. Leivrs answered. Papers c LtAiti'.n:; f .il ui lot ination wt.l ne ?i?nt free. TAND FOR RALR.-A VALUABLE TRACT OF L\ND. J In the State , if Wl-uy Tia n, coraim* u; 2.1J0 u-\ it 0.111 bepnrehhsed at $:! per *cre upon abdication 10 UEORUI' F. KBOLL, II Pine struct. OVER ONF. THOUSAND ATRKI OP T tl/'ABLR land. * ltd prairie, <hol,? fruit Ac.. ,ii Mldd o Tcmea aec, will no eactlanged ioi a BMall Farm lu the vicinity of Ni'w Y"rt of about flfu acres of cO','l with comfort abia 1 in pro i ciuenti at a Local 11. Tit'* pcrfee; Ca'i on J. W no Dr.,'. 7l:l Broa lwa?. room 12. botwcxsu L) I I? A U , for plot, dc nptlo.i. reference Ac. OYSTER BAY. L T.-FARM FOR SALB. lit \t RB.-t, for $x 1 go. For particulars ititiiUi'O of J. W. SOUTH - ACK. 196 Broadway. \\l ANTI'D? A COUNTRY SKAT. Willi AFOOT 13 W? acre* of good land, sarden*, bouse nnd n'l uces'iry oiithnilrtlni:*. wl'.hin BO mlie* of New Tork. Address. with f 'II particular* and price, Or. Anderson, boi 3,3W New Yor* Post office. tViltU JO BUT- 4 < OTTAOB \ND LOT. Iff TBg V? tipper pari of this cit* ; must bt in COM eohiliirm. good neinh?>rhood and cheap. Addr'-t* M. P., 10 Coiun ?qnara, aiming 'owijal ''aahjji ly and all particulars. WANTF.O TO riTOHASt -a wfll built browv aora .?r brick House. In a good neighborhood, "n lh? east s(*? preferred. Addrass N P., juj fissl Twentieth ??fCtl, stating prlna ?l*e and location of lnt?hdii?*. WANTED to pt ;iA-R-A DESIRABLE PLACE on the Hudson Iv r, l.i in* Imm t?n to Rfty aore*; the placental ha - d but' lugs and he well improved; dla'ant fro n New York twenty 10 aeven'y nn'A Ulan', use of an person an-wer ng this no'ea* tbev Live a ir?t Claes place and (dilated la a health vpirt of ' ite co'tn'ijr. Addreaa. wth rati pnrilculara. Dr. Laonatd. boa 100 Herald efllca. WANTRD TO PtTBOHABR? A TUBE* OR FOUR ri' daro Dwel ins, baiweati Ft rie"n!h and For ty.x-vf ntn trceta and F.mrih n?<l Sp?mtli a>a,inea, at tr, (MP o JJiMUki wltii |io*?M?lan b<j:ure Noreml.'c.' 1 neit. , A'ldr ?a A T . Herald o'I'cb. IV'ANTRDTO purohasr-a hoc*b in NKSV YOPK TT ?r Kr-iokirn with lour room* 00 Aral floor lucliidlut* kitchen with atable an Ihc prnmlaea Addrcia. (;lvlug Ioca lieu and piil c, II., box MXt PMt o e. Wanted to pi*r< iiv. r or nwtr -a t;nrr.\<irc und aeveral o.-r a, i,n the lin" of tl e Nesr llaren Ball. rr>ad. 20 to 40 nilloa frain New York. Ad Iron S., l>ox 1,407 l'oat oitice, a iling pri e and all particular*. w ANTBD TO PURCHASE FOB C tall A COMFORT ? ? a1 le Ui)n?e, In n |nn:n??? loo^tlon >u the suburb", of Br>*i?''P or 5e\v VorV -v tl H ene Of morel 1* of j r ?'inrt. A 'dic?e Mra. t,o' b I bird avenue, >i t,?e?n Middle aui dlk tu aih a. acl.s, So .ih niookiyn. In 'he 'tore. MO|,n WILL BUY TWO flPLBNDI D IX. lit OF (,r,)Mnd ire I located art ihe north al,la .if 1 .1 .1 *tre-t near T, nili avenne F II al e Thla l? I great bar gain. A pw.? toJOIIN FP.TTRK I L'H, II" Third areuua. NALB Oil BAR. * N K AT TWO ipji.tMr'f. at rv and haaemen' : ranle lloiiac, aitnaid on HlRbteemli atreet. tietwe -n Mxih and Se\ninh a?enue?, dnnih MrrwiiU n. within two b|,*ki < f tne 'ira to llami'li 1, M mn anil Fmroii f'11 1 baring a grade I lot, ln-log J .1 feet fi'Ont I y 17" feei I11 depth: atree? i,a?ed (lanced #n<l I ghied wtt ' ??? For fn-iher Informallan aad term* a;>piy to J. MOOKK, on the prem aea. <C \ /MMl SALR OR RxrBANiiE" **? ArRRB, ?tj.'/t M r, uear I1 ri J"rri?, on Brie Hat rna ': htrnae, ne ?? barn*, le. Alao lor aa|e t o Farm*. In Dntcheaa C)iint>. 1 o mirv teat' at Hy <e Park hi ,4 >m<. tlreenirtrh, *c. Apply to 0 M?S?ltAMAN. 1 1 Plt?? 'treat. ?fi -r*"v 70 AC BBS, 21 MILftA fWJBRNRT, t^U.'/lMr. t<vo trom atM'on ne ? two ?lnry t.ouaa, Ihtrteco it>o?ii? tenant houte. Imrn, ihed i.'innry, wajoo honk'', Ac. I'm t wtioi'. Ac P ?? ?antlT It aated. WELLiNit .1 I'lti'RY, u r ambem imi. F'OIt SAI.R, AH'MBFr YAnn, trrrii a plawino \nd mou'.d Ip* mi l Blt ieheil f,tr f.,le.-tin B(*iiintof Inn* -OB - tinned 1 I hralin. Hie adrert'aer w ?h?- to ilt*t^>a? w big hn?lneta, nti- in proti ab e ii|h i itlou Anv pert n " anting buameii* will Kn,t an op ortnnity -c dam o ?reit For car licnlara h i'ilieln the premlaea. coruer of Prcod a-an i* Bad Hll> Utird sttwl. _ __ A BARF Oil ANCR.-POR HA LB. A WINB AND TON feet onery Stnrs: <me .if te ? t>aai t lrnar* m Broad ? W?j ; the oAuer ?<>ea tmnted a'cy to Knr'npe. iticila HUiti'M .? I'Hil. tflO Broadway^ A BOOT AND SHOK MOIIB F'JR f ALB t'HKAP? A l.ieatad on a blitniMN Ihorongh'are a bo a llakerv, d.ang a aoi l tnitlne . : al?'. ? eorrter Or >o?r?) also Laatau ranra <1 it f?arr 'm, corner Llqittr Ktorr*. I'ep.tU and Fe ?r "t'.rea Orngfftnree. Boip -; al-oa Ri tcher'a Hlinp on Blghtb urenue. X.. It. M I full LU4 77 '"udar atrgBt. ron B4bTr UOILKR COt HA LK -A T?VI L*'K IHIHHR TU HI' AH l? II tor II ?Ml 'I'll It -hot- It'll*, ??! U?:P lo ???-?in,! t> to u?i ? do puwor. a ppi r t?? tfoDtfAKU 6 B it > ? ?l H?l- pl.t ?.* Boil Kt(S roil Hits MHKAP? ONK IKTV H?>K?K oc mi "V ' ami mi" Onreu ii >i w >1 p-'Ul't vc f-tuOulir A < III) at J A?; II! 1,1 i Kl LLa vu'j r.diaouo Mirks. corner of H t kii and V.'iriwn <ln?ii HriOilyn. D1STIM.RHV Fol! P Al.fc ? ALL IN PKKFIiOr WOKK lli:f or pr? fur il Mill n. J am, rum and al-'ohol. wllh a *>?4 i na "f cii?loin> r ; a uan'-i* 'or making i.iom jf, t'nr t>a t I'ulara addieaa ioi uuo wo? * LUu lor, box ItrJ Herald oiUrs. OHI/OOIHTS AND PHYSICIANS.? PRI'U STORK KliK Nil", lit m of in** h" -l m v >nt?- * In Nil ?r V>n k, Mi't it> e fo i|i n cun. U' Di ii w. Cash $l i?ri. A chano- -* doui to b?' mei \\ u!i. Ainlv In It A Lit it Ann i'ni.1, N. V. DRCOOIs'T -OVK OK THIS HEST K 1 f'f K D IIP DH'O tnnie- hi iblvlt for hi??; <*>dl atnmfnd an 1 0ituale4 nn niif 'i( iho 1-adiug avouutt. Ap|i>y a> otco lo llAl.h, til Add at eel. ffDtt -Ai.l- i } K !?: Y < WjUHlp'8 M,*NINO II A chluit fail Simkini! MaohTiift, T noiiinn Jiaohlm*, Wright' ? piitpnt ?iflin " s.iw Power Mm lining M i hlne, Iran Di n IIowh Hia'l'.i m Sra'e, wet Ii n m\ tuns: Peltinc, KluiliiW K i Iris llmni"; Ae. A|ipl?l? nr ?, lurrn? ileo 1.. dimming*. 121 West thirty ,?\th idtO'Jt, one uoor \\c?t of Bi<o.Kl*iiy. Ivor k \le-tiir stock, ktxttrks and rpsi I o>M iii a Learner He ting M inula > >rv In u ijn. d Nxj.t tlr.n ^ or nar'ifnla.K inquire of b M I. IthON \ MULI.lCA, W i.'ortlauiii ii reel. L"H>lt 8ALE-10 HORSE TU1IUHR HOI LICK, <55 P hors ? tubular Bnllrr one Oornim H.nlsr fi feel diame ter .'U i?''t lung, \th -I ."Vi in 'i h i; semi circular tomed Tunis, a.OUd vail ioi ctp.icltr; flv'i hor?e up Ik it Hot* ler, Ac. JOHN D'U.AN ? i 'O . KmW \l ikrrs, l'J to 2'i Monti Second street, Williamsburg. For sale-* wholes \le and rktail Mtr.K hatali is'im'nt. with two lam II* anil in? ivholi1".. u Rntilii, wa oiu ww, and e??rvthln? portitiD- UK lo 111" buM n- iii lu ihil be.-t con Jition. A'ldrouM K. W. U., boi IU0 Heralil oiboe, FI^or MM-nvR BtOflT mo its r PORTiUR r,N itinf an j lloilrr, in oomp nin onlnr, anttablo for nt well* In (iilru of HLa!vS ,k IIIUOINS, 71 OolJ nlrcot New Voik. FOR 8 Ali K ? A WKLti PITT I'. O UP TORMRR i.tot'ou St r". t'or onrnriilam inuO'r.* in Inn H'ore, ?utiiW !?t turn r ot S?? mml a eniiK and Por v-eighlh Btrefi, OR SAIiU-Otk OF THR 8KST liARSOOHS, AT tatc 1,'d ;o a ii>l?l i;i town . tli? lining* aro lirnt ol .s ; w.iiilil in.iki* ? ?pl n 1 iit In ?r ho.'r "viloou Api'ly to WlL. LI A VI A 11 HO T f, .No. t I^ it'll tfluidw.iy. _ H'OR H\T,R-A II, 1ST RATE ORIUKINO OVSTBR tn l Pining Saloon well uod up. ? itb niMrtmi'iiiK to in; clirap ivi. i: ?n/ lean and wcl lo>'at?fi 'ipto ? n. t'li? !inu? lielomja tn thi- pnrc'i.tMr Apply to P. OAt l'"NliV, auctlonenr, 23 (Miaiiib r-i street, room 5. For salr-a rktaUj hhttbr. ciirksr fgo and I'riiv xiou vt,irrt, Afl'iatRil m mi'! or iho I #?l i> e iinf< initio iit*; <till lie nold !?iu I anplie'l for Imme diately. Apply on t.iO promt c?, 312 .Sixth a.euoe. HI OH BALE? POSSESSION IMMEOIATELV? TI1K tiPa n. tn Mav-, and Klxfires, with or without Sto k. of a Mir .ill it ok and N"Wg Store in the bent part of Canal I'k*' Address A. A. A., Herald olllce, OOR SALS? PATKNT RICIIT8 AND LIORI|BB8-TO I eni:'ii?er? owaera of (Warn \e-?>'la and factories W h'TH the a'.iam bolloi' m in mo, t'ooprr'a fanul .st-ain Holler t' oilior. a Kl nple moc anii'Jtl ioifitinn, 14 ihoureat ? :? Iderstimi. ->i>ni1 I r n circular. Savi's foci ospfn^vft r?*p?ir?, JOII.V t'OltOlK, Solo Annul, No. SM Pino ?tiy?t r io n IP, and a', the work Imp of Onoper ,( xHorgio, oner's Type foundry HoiMta*', Ueutre and Duauo at*. FOU HALE-A HVNaSOMRIiT KITTED CP AND well torked IInu?t< Kuriuililng, Toy and Fnunv Art i> Siert> in one of the I.oh* locaiinua In tins cit ; tbioiiA elianoe noldotn met with : no hiiindii.7; i.'i'nt >'a fold Ini iw dialclv on account hi' lav In.: Hi-' civ. Apply at '2i9 Sl.i'i a\eu 10. between Bevcuteeoiti and El^hloonih street.". FOR SAf.E-THTt 01, D ESTABLISHED BAKERY \ N D Ii-e ('ream Kilo, in i.JO llud-on utre-'t Knr purlieu s "8 Inquire on t)ie pr-'infsos No n^enn need apply UOTKL FOR SALE? PHF.AP, ON EASY TERM3; ONE of the bext, uio?it dr irablv 1. -eaii-U 111 thi> cliy, luily and liand-emcly furn i:he4; farorabio lear*. and d<r,u;: a !aruo. flrst ^laijs bun upsh. SOHWIWU'K A WOOD, 18 Pine str-oi. OTFAMROAT FOR SALB-A NEW STEAMER. Kfi ii :cet Ion?, Wi f'?et beam by 8H leet holii ; em :i ;>3 inch cvilndcr by |u I ei ftroliOi "con p etoly fitted for ;as sengcrs. Apply lo C W. COI'ELa.ND, 171 Br Jadwiy. b QTEAM EN01NE8.-A NUMBER OF NEW AND BECr C> "U I band ? 'eiui EiiRlnrH ainl Hollers for salo. Ii:ii iiie Of TO DO 4 BAKFKRTx, No. ? Dey utroet. S TOO If AND FIXTURES OF A I'APER-H AVGINO and window Shade Store, to be koM : a drat rale tot of Kieoiit, t?r,fStoic to let. Apply at 146 Third avenue. TO PRINTERS.? A LAROB CYLINDER TAYLOR Press, in cood condition, Chases, Sterootyiie B < c<:'r Bel'inz, Ac., Ac . lor *ale at a bargain, if applied lor tioon, at li/J Naaaau stroel, fourth li.ior. (Linn ?FOR SALE, a NKATSEOAR STORE. : uir I ' 'U, ablo for unotb'ir buslnJas. No. 50 ?a".ttl .ustbn ureet. B HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., TO AVACTORT.TO LBT-TWRNTV MILEH FROM THE elty, iW bu'ldiuff*, ki iro, A-' ; i',o?d 'Tatar jjow r. *li > 1 1 - ln*r. A . ; rent for all lniain nt 23 Dcy r.'.r ?t, up utalre. 4 FIJON'T ROOM AND BEDROOM TO F KT-TO ONK J\ or two pcr;on? wltli ronvruli;n'.'e for housekeeping. At plj at 30 Sixth Blreet, third tljor. AOOOO COREP.R FOR ANT KIND OF BUSINESS to let, at 60 Ftr*t A?f:iue, corner of Fortv tl: it -1 ?tre t. Inquire In the ladder itoruj J WEIith.OU. * Fl'RNISHED FOUR STORY BROWN f-TONf? /\ Hiiiibm to lot lo let of .May m*t, Willi tnpncdlato prM"?lori: II' lit claiM fcnise and neighborhood, unar Fifth arcane: on 1/ to a rei)>?n>-ll>le private family l.'ent, t '3J per month. B. II. TAYLOR, No. 8 I'ini alien. \ LABOR STORB TO LET OR LEASE- POHflF.3. *t"u given lmm"d ately: 171 Hprlug (street; ixiritai iMlMlii I n -j .?< i (j at (S.f Ul KIM, \ FULLY Ft IfNlflHKO FOUR SiO.'tY HOUSE TO let op town, near Broadway; ren would re lain part, t id w mill ac'.l a.) no t'nruit irr N" objection* to taking board for two. '1'AI.LMADOE, 2i St. Mark'* piano, ASKMKNTS tO Lt:T, IN CANAL A NO WU.KF.R STRRhf^. NKAR BROADWAY ? ONF. TO TEN MOUSE I'OWBB. Inquire of P. J. INSLEE. I'Ji Walnnr strait. UUCTGrtY TO LBT-NOS. 12 AND J4 COM Ml. WOK r ki <ut, near B!er<:kor. iwptlre at LEWIS IIHBALH, : ) Hr >*dway. fTU'RNINIHr) nOl'SE IN BROOKLT!}.? TO PP. LKT. I" near t'.to Hro-ilvn lleighta, a convenient Fainlli K d'ini-e. hand-o ?< I* fur H <1 and containing 1'-' room;; be aides kitonen and -irvinu" i.part meats. T vo ba'.lifi, with abundant a t pply oi hot .iud i 'old water. R'*ut from In of September 'o 1st of Slay, Addre s C mi'.oak, box P.'if I'.'ia'd o;f e. MLiRNISlliiD HOUSE 10 LKT ?TDK IHXll.fOM* f " rce itflr- Iil?.h rtoop Hon?? No. ??*?7 Peiond arumi-. r->ar ihiitvelx !i . tree'. wall an. I nnir' U' j fnn.!?h? I. IM r fjil icr 'I'OtK'i. r,i?at.:e!'ju on or b' for ? Sept^aiber. \ ji iil> on tan ptJjrnlsOH. fjtUR.-ISIIED UO( SI. TO l.hi? NO. 7 >:.V].NTI1 P t to ?? pr.v .??? mp'ity only. ?.? t.i ulng ; r nn", btt\, ca? and at-i . and all modern litij rover. Jitls In . m p orclw and ii- :?.> furni> ?.n<l tUro'.i.i'm IJeitt * it*, nn n.p ? h. "or pa . . a. ?;ply on vl. ;> eml? t.>'ii9U> 4 o'clock. Ir?DBM"HED flO' SK fO LBT 1IIRF.E TORY AND ' anli. fl'.lar, br.iwo ?'?<?0. all n. 1 r.i : .pro* I'mentj; rent $ir per rnntitU. Apply ?t M3 W Ff?rty ?!ghtu it. HAltNBSa MAKERS 8110? fO Lt.T, ii Mlf.KS PRO.M N>;w Y.11U. ? New Yor?; 1 * Nm llaven Raiir a l;'. ??omplom C*tur<!* for ta!e: oernpir.t for the ? Una u?*a IK yours Aptly ?> titi South S? "'.h a tree t, Wll'taine nOUHB TO LKT? F17RN18UBU OH I N H1 fUHSBRO, A nn v large and iwmmoiFtent H<in>e, rcwly fnrnlahed, ? t B?v Bldie. Ii I , distant onn hour fr-ito th" ?"??t.v llali. New Vo'*, would lie lot to ft dr? itble l?nant. Plnoj'. rden, f rt! I ? tree*. trareh'Mi*, ?la?>!e?. A-. For pai'icilara api ly to F. H. WikP.Kii. 1'KI j?ib*r'.y atreetj Nevr Vo. n. Notice. ?to let, a splendid hoi-he u\k ?.tAr . wlih e.--Uar. complete, ?.i?nfir of (troeuuich unit Be:'.h Mreeta, *1.1 l?l part or t!i" whoir: woil eftletFMad for tnanuf.'idortn ?' iinrpoepa or an> ot'ier I u*i ???. Innnlre of II. J. ME' f5R, .??7 Oreenwich i i-not. NT'.AT CuTTAOE TO LET.? CONTAINS F.HIUT room*, all lo perfu'' order, (.iM'^Jion rpirao.llBtn y , nnt #'<J? p^r annum Appl* on Ilia pre-mar*. 4?8 W.'at Flfty-fonrth Mteet. fhl- proi>?r'y If f.>, .-a e alao. OPPICBH TO LET? AT M OliDA R SfREBT. FCR8T iloer, l>et wean Broadway and the Po . ui w,th^?v. lipht. and of apafltooa dlaiHu^ton*. daalrab ? 'or baDkere and oompnnlfa, t m P?T."E TO LRT-ON WAM. 8f BBHV. HKTWOCN , . Bioadw ?y and Na-K iu ati're', H..11 iu.c lur a i>anker or brvker. Addrea* box MWPeat onlee. Ifl||t?l> ROOMS TO () PRIVATE AVDRaRDBOME rt'IOUfURD ROOJIBTU in without boord. at mt ll road way. 1 11 , ^ I'nlnn aqnaie the 0 neat locution la iae city r? ' 1 In* a liiat reit*?r?it. Uall rooma, 9 > ?tkO'i?t. ar. Cra, $8 and |1U par week QUOP T'> LIT? SUIT aBI.F. FOP. *N T MANUFAOfl tL 0 .?? nnrpoat. ?e .nd Boor II Clark rtree. ? froataod r. 1 1 laimeaMte poa?eaal<?; Itw in i<?lro if A. JOUUNEAY, No. S Pt'?? ttfOH. ri>u l.liT? T11H UPPER pa iit ('Mi l:s|Kl'" VJ.,1" 1 Twelfth aireft, ?r# biitwl /id f. et w -?i of Br*i.lwa?. AlMt Nia tmill Btiora In M l(Mt raelflb -?' ?'? ront Boo*, a. SI# Br ,a,tw.^rnei^j.irthMr,e^r )trwl> larp? varietv 01 tegetaiile* ann pnaii ?> "? ? lrd two nM'ed cliotoc .rapeT.ooa. The " . by HMKftd lair.., r.??era, an. 'i fP.r,V the ir , in li troea fh- lonatinn I elc?? od ;nd bealp*. M10 ?r ^inua aon flrer for nearly twentv mile* Bt"rm King. Uormvall. an I all ih <1 toeant I ial rn'?/e of inonu< talnann thf 0011 >?ita aide of l>'n llo la.n from the U Igii* laa<l?iir> K ?nx| l l^ndlnc. Lone P .aronl New Hamburg b<?inK 1 a^batniete'1 to the view. 1'hla ral ia"la |>r<'j,e'lv, totreti er vith ;ho arrrtnia, <ar^e ter, co?> hman and o'ber I irronndtoa oanreniani'ea mar ho rea'ed nntil M?rch I, l?l i. tmine'llato j>oaanMi*n (Wen I'er further in forma tfon aDnJt in Tllotf. IPNw, Bt '. savinjx i<ink. Newburg; O' till. W. ALBBSI, Ee<)., t gliib ??roet aud ??u nua A, Now T'?t (illy, To I.Kr-TWO BTORT AND ATTIC HOUSE, EO. 186 Wr*t Mineteenth ?treet, near Flglith a?erpie: h*?jn?t 1 been pa n:?d and papered thrown, it. Apply to a & I HINAIAN, Id '.Vail airoet. } rro u<r- t lar.ib, well LioifTBO, srtivoto ! Bl f'ont Parlor on * rat floor, firr' hed oe unTarnl?lied, j int-aa.'"1 n!,r Kl* lin 11 " h?pr?. , fTO LET THE KI.EO ANfLT FDRVISHBD SKOONO I w oor la *17 Fourth airaei. ti-o iV oiairotn Lafayaito pure. Call upatalra, between ?and Wee nek A. M. i *pO LKT? TO A fl M A I. f >. QI'igT PA EILT, APART \ ?yenta in the hon?e>,47 ?>?t 1 welfih eireet, non?i n * or four ro. an oa ihe ec nd ('nor ? l itiree lo the auie App.y to Era lUJi.HT w> lladann wr-.t. IIOUIBo, #00 H ?, ?C., TO LRT< rLRT? TUB flKWT 01. ASS rOlTBSTO If BNQC.I8I b? " >nfui U*aUlng llo.ia.* I ll> ?>)?? pit a, late I 4 llmi'M >irm>i la w7>>ii Amur and Knirtb atrreU. Ikli cKi ; bual Din modern MpmvcneuM water, hoi >1111 cold balba, dumb ?n t.-r? w?i> r c'o**t . and nitiirre atalioiiii y wasiiiiilia .to To % aerion wno ran diva i(?od re'errnce a lu r 1|W ufclltr 'twill be remed lour. Apy J At Ho. !) Wa?t Thirty -?yentb atraet, Hew fork. ?ro l-RT-A KUKNtSIIRIi OOTTAtlR. AT ORKDN 1 whvi, i:<ia>i**ciiciit, lnru?h.'d oomiHaU) lhn?n 'hout: Id rooinn lira k,?roen plenty 01' fruit am] shade tr- ? ?, icood n NKiiiNirboo f ooe mil* from the denot a fine opportunity Iop a Kiii.iti Tamil to spend a short t 'lio 111 the country at a yer* low 1 ant VV 1 1 rant until October. APp'> to JOHN A. h hM VoN. N .htiuu attrcL ? fl'O L T -Til K HKCONO L?rT OK TIIB MaRHLS I fio 1 mii 1IIH4 N'i 'ri Fu ton ?tr*"t, *li* 2.V73 between flto* *?av 4nd ()'? . 11 i-lcli aire -i, a ? (a lie lor rnaunf 1 tur ?U ranv n h*r hn-.ri ai. Apnl* to Kitl I?RV I' KR' J !<\NB ,k tit)., tan 1 ,, ? wniaau^l liquor "tore 410 Fulbm atreeU rpo I.K 1'- r KOM TMK 1ST OI? l|PIB9V>. A I hrown a one n |i?h basement Uoise. aid I'll ni'ir1* for air in \v? t iwj>nt|i second street between ^ n Hi aQ'l V. 11 1 en es 11 rt - | nriuiiboi hood. Addren* lor three d iy* O J . N. V. Pi, Ml lUlf. ?|H? li!:r? A 'I A.Vn.SOMRLY fURNilSIIRO'mCR T. IT I He lir n.'n mo Ui j.!',b I ia't..cnt lions.', 00 Thirteenth at'eri. Oct i*mau and ladv would Board If a*'B<abl Aii-o to let, scvrra nii? 1'arta of House . Appl.. U.104HS .1 CO., '.5.1 Hroadwav. rpo Ijl-T-WI a VRAR-A VKRT Pf.RASANT I lioi.ii* and two f.ri hh of laud, two mi ca and it half liom th<> 'eri iea, nt Mh^| "|Ii. I,. I. For sale, a Hnuae and two L- t*; |*rii-c 3 liifj.i re ol J. *. JOII .V.-sO.N, Vij ceth. TO I.ET-aT PORT nUJIlMONO, S. I.. UNTIL TI18 l-i f v.iv n 1 lure atnr ? ui HMiuMll hue* II U'? ruruiHhr.t and in >o uplcln <> rdc r I'o^.^ivin 1 given [lumivlMielT I n 1 'i r? f J. <\ ,IOIISSO> M>. 7 M.:rccr Ktrre: N. v.. or K G llOsHOH, k- i? Purl Ulo'irauU'l. rpo PlloroOKA I'll KRS ? \V AVTI'.D TO R!\K T FOR J Iwo no 'is, . nn |N?ir ! , I.nistM mid On : inlr I-IiIih, ir eitra ag\i Kt Urtt cltua tecurlty. A ulres^ U. r.t U'-rui 1 oilicij. IpKUBB18KBD H0U8B TO RENT? OR WBBT J Twenty fourth street; a fa'.e four aln ?, l>l_li etoop, 11 C??<1 aid r ill -inn lorn ImprmnmouH auJ in a!iist ni? ariui'iu lioi.l ; ron' >il i!00. r won! 1 rent pari I ill- lur .1 h p.?l fnr ^l.HOO; jm# ?o).sinn 8el>teinber I or Conner IT norca nary. As. It. BOW AKDS, 277 Weal Twenty-third nt. BOARDING AND I \T THR FRANKFORT IIOd.SK OMR HIiOiIK E isr "( iho ('Hv i|(?ii corner <?( Frankfori and William itr.Mta, i*l nr -lly furouii' I. li^ut Iton m v room to one lieri..n, iJo. to 5tte. per day; $1 h to { I per weeH. Uonce Dpeu *1 n kht. \T 18 ANO '/() W ASIUNOTON I'liAOR, NEAR BROAD iv 1/ 111 1 ; nt i- t Iioiik'. two l irgc verv nlceiy l' nr. nnhoil Par ors on '.ret 00 r H-vn al K >oni Hall Ilearoooi* and a IU cuient ta let, with Uoard. Freucb spoken. PK1VATK i'AMILy, AT 4S WEST TWRLKTH aiief't between Fifth aoil Siilh nveiiiiea, ran a'commo date a geiitleman and wli and ? ?oral sin .lo ^eutlcmon, w.ih furointl* I Kooma and Hrurd, Rulercnuea rcijulr d. Servant and vMldreo not Uketl. A OBNTLBMAB Is QB8IBOU8 Ol- OBTAIN! NO A J\. ji.oil Room, with r.mTenUtncna tor tieitlna name with 1.0'id B. nr. 1, in a drat cl.isti l.oijlo. iorati d b't've n trill ronrt 1 and > 1 ?. t h avenuei an I Fourlo-nlh and thirtieth ?tr> . t>. Nolle othera need apply. AdJrei<?, Htitiu ; tciiiK, location, Ac., t\ A. H., box 14-1 ller ild olllce. A FBW si.n.ii.K OBNTLRMBN AND OBBTtiBM N l\ and ibolr i. vcs oaii i e nciomnio lited witu !ai-;e, neat ly fmniahe.l Kooiiih, with ilrit < |aas Board. Apply at '?? lireat Jon<ja street, tteferences etchamc'd. ATTRNTION IS OaLLR!) OF Tllosr! LIVIRO IN ho eiian 1 boanlmt; ho inea to an e?tai'llslinieut opened at 110 Macdm ^al straoi. and furnialied with ece.ythltic no ne* :ary f r hon- kceplng, iu order Ibai a family may have ? coniplrte heme. \ SBCOND s''')rtr fhont BOOM, for two cbi*. i\ tlemen, with Uoar I, maybe bail at 33 Ha;.i tir nd arret. A l thj niodci n in provenient ate 111 rod red ? -I 8UITP0F BO0V8 IND SINOI.B itoOMM. ON A nr.-ond Hoor. Inaiamllv ol" t ueo adi lta. wtl! bo let, with or witho it Boftrd , ro.,ma are complete; rju" bathroom, neatly and newly fumlahed. Ai 7U We^Pweveulecnt 1 street. ASINOl.E OBNT1.8M-VN DB8IBBS A ROOM. WITH ilia.;! 'Tlvre In ran Ind all the comforts ot a home. AdUiO'-a A. X., t>o* 1-1 Hf.r-i'4 "ii'ce A 4 HANDS' 'M lA.Y I UHNlttltKD SUIT OK ROOMS TO .A et, wltn <>r vUho\lt Bonvrt, in a tiMt class house No. 27 V .-at higbu.-tmlh a.ieot, uca. Fifth avenuo. ox chan|(Cd. l SI IT OK ROOM8, WITH FIRST CLASS BOARD, A onn be obtained at Nina. I '.'i and M7 Lawrence strent, Biookivu. House uountius all the mode. n lunpro.'flujeiUa, uonvenieut to nil the ar routes. Alia a Hall Room. AT .ai WR8T TENTH STREET, SIXTH AVBNl'B, A gentlemen can be eceomn.OiHted with well Furnished Soon is, ot' with partial Boar I. Jttefcieaces axtiluu^cd. AOKNTLBMAN AND WIFE DESK 15 A PLEASANT Kurn' h<"1 Roo.n In aiitHet locality, ? Itn Bonr.l for iiifl ? ai'y ntid Breakfast ior the idutiOuiau. Ad J i .' as E. N . sU lion U, Bible UoBW. ATRONT ROOM AND r.liDROOM. WITH BOARD.? A larr I'v <>r <|aiet gaol 'omen c in liiid :i home. terror in?, at l"d Mardmigal -str> ,:t, naar Washing! -:i I'ark. A ludj nan be aocnmmMaUMl WE* .ven d tc*oh a litUS jlrl : lie 1' in pu t pay. AT 107 PRINCE STREET, SECOND BLOCK FROM Broodwav? Two twwiy. Furnished looms wilt aire for HU-; or two gentlemen, at * ' nut $.'! por we"k, wniioat board. House has molern !mprovem?!?ta Family > .1. 11NE SJMT OF ROOMS. O' ER PARLORS, FRONT, A brown tone boom No. 133 Thlrt-elahth street, b-tween Seventh aud I'.iublh tr etiucs: l>uo b.ock; tiea, oais and B i oa J way and Amity sirect stiges. . tl 161 WEST THIRTY MOlITfl STREET-DESI RA A ti'o parties can BnU two >ults of Rooms amlBvleui nn Parlor to lot, with Breakfast; ft rat e!?>.s Uju*.- and nci^li. borbood. > Ji' forcnccs e* liaised. A LADY, O A VI NO A LARGE HOUSE, WOULD TAKK h fjtv boarders. T.ihlu first class. li! Ninth uveuno. ?no door below Twenty third ntreet. AT 17t. 17H AN D 179 BLBSOKBR STRECT? I'f.H \ aaut Rooms, with eioeil?n' Board from SAtoSluaer Weaic: i*mllle? soeordinttljr. Breakfast from d>j to 11 A. M. Dinner at I2f-i and h o'clock, 1 FEW (ihNlLKMliN MAY KIND ACrOMMODA A. thins? tloi i,? and H ard, at K'l Grind snoot, be twen Broil vra\ an I Bowery. A FEW OBBfLKMBN 4! AN HAVE BOARD WITH in,; r is. at $1 M Per we.-u; r ii?- Beits. $4 7"'. Also Bo mi or one i?U$4 J. No. l!4 M...boriy slr-ot, near Brand. \ OF / \ el DF.KTLLMAN AND II I K WIFE CAN OBTAIN A c! lee of hinds melt Kttrnishel Apar'menH In a flrst !.i ?? 1 ? ?e. wi:h lloar4t hot uud told water. ..e. In inn rio*. I n ?Tr-iiiiiinahle i?i-r?:nc"S rMhlrad, tit t'l UUM neat Kitih aveniM and Brevuovt Ho ? e. BOARD-WIIH ROOMS. FURNISHED Oil I'NFUR n..h 'd at 2<>6 West K> rty ^eitind'stree', near Biomi war. Board ? two oit ihrb; pentlbmbn or \ 01 t L and ifp ean bo MOn< ? ? late I v. .tli Board and r * t lt*?.?, at No 1 tew Car?l street, cornet?<.i l.a t OOARD ? KUBSIS'IED AND UNFUlWl.sriBD ROOMS t* cm 'f> ha t*"i a fpanls i ^nnly by ,t ; ytt, : ?i. 2J ijju I' l'irlb olrwt. Al?<> lc**ona in Snaiiiah glr'au by a ?d . In tic UO ise, II 'At D-UPPOHITK ST. inllN'S I'A'.i:.-! WO LWI1 I I> nn ti.tiHn d Bo m> with bath and psitrtes attad'^ii. Ap,. y at 111 Beach stie t. UOABD ? "UlTs OK PURNIHIIBD ROOMS ON Frit-iT and >'100(1 Hoot s , aiso rooms foi 'inj'.': em emen at 70 and <1 West Thirty eighth street. BOlM.-TfllKS or fowr OHILDREN OR * I ? Dv wttb i b .tren can be areointin>la'ed with Board In th- eountry, 14 m l?* 'u> ?) tloaben; term* reasonable, Ca I for thiee da>aat 17 Llsjwnari atrial, ihird tioor. Via. WOOLS ET. BOUSUI MANHATTAN TILLS, ON THI BANKS >F Ilia Hudson ?A ladv bailor an old fa?>l.l tiad r-mden'-e In the aAova loratlmi, >-ould lakn a lew nrst elias Bnar.'ori for t'ie sum i er th? ' oil"" contains !ar?e and air. ro< ins; the ll id on Rirer Pailrnad Is wltMn nve mln ilea' walk VI' the Hons* Address Msnhaltanvllla. Harald o'l ca BO\BD WABTED-IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, FRO* September I, for a gentleman, his wife and two cht. d >a>i, a bo> of eixh^snd .t (Irl *f four years. Farttenlars aa to .vx'oinii'odatlona ?, rms I. nation. Ac., tn'iat be y I veil to seen re notice Address M. O. M , bex .'46 New Turk Fo t ?Ah IJOARD WaBTI D-BT A OKNTLEMAN AND WIFB. I? m a temily wnere there are fa* '?r no other hoar leta, Addresa. Willi irnrt cnlara. It. C. F , tfix 201 Herald offlon. BOARO WABTKD-BT A QBNTLRM AN, IN A PR! rate fsmdy: Break'ast and Tea. Terms moderate. Ad dffaa X. W t Herald oiflee, Board wantkd-fob a oentlbm ?n and lady, full Board for the 'ad? with % nlee ? fvrnislied Ko ni on aeennd iloor. la a amall private fainllv . bo o . F inr ee ? th street preferred; will be permanent for the winter If *?ill?d. Address C. T.. bo* 1*4 Herald nOlce. Bovrd WANTED-ABOTE foubtii strbf.t, BY A lady; a large Boom with amall one ad'oinint. unfur ? tul.el A private famllv prefarrnd, and uneiceptionab.a retert nee given. Addreaa Comfort, Herald otOrt Board wantbp-a touno qentlrman and wife de<lre ^ furnished or an unfnrnlshed Room with Board. In the central part of the oil/. Addreaa, stating par ti , B. P , bo* I3>) Herald olliee. liOARD WANTED? IN NEW YORK OB BROOKLYN, r> f .r a family ar three aduita; a lane and a smal' K?oin emnectini re n red; priT?te faintly or with nnlv tew other bnai dere. State location and Innas and wben rnoms can bt had? Immeli itals or itbla a few weeks. Addre aO. , New Yark l*o*t oil e. i BOAItlUS BROOKLTN.-A PRIVATRFAM LY HAVg I a handsomely Fitrnl-hed Kootn an the iir?t 'our the# I would let lo a gentleman and wire. Vail at J77 Comber. aau itreet, BOARD IN BROOSLYW.-TO LET, A L \ ROB SEO ?nd -toi? Fnint Boo n. In a private family, whe ? there are nnlv a tew boarders. References eictua.ed. Apply at 24J C lnt'in -treat. DRMOKI.YN I?KIOHTa.? BO?RO WASTED, WITH if teo unfurnished second s|or> Rooms, for a gantieman and w te. Addres* iloard, bei 17 Ness York Fo-t oill e. Hmkht class board? labor house, dairy | aad rarm attached, r?re?? of Sin sTee, ska with hoate ?ear bv, t*o nonri' rl te by Harlem Rallr .sd. Inntll* No. I I.I inn ion place, or addrsas boi M Eatonah, Weatcbeatar Muatv, New York. KURNISHBD OB DNFURNISHSD ROOMS, WITH good Board, for sentlemee and their wires or slngl* gentleinen. at 157 B-<at Taa.fth street, aeai h, eun I arenne. Furnished BOOBS.-OENTI.RMBN WISHING N10R Kooma In a i tlval' honse ihovld apply at 17? B eerker street, Ik blo- ks west of Br,mdwav. r esr the first onus bo els ind theatres Koooss SI An to ? j a weak, Uouae has m,)dern unprore'ntnH. faM'RMSH KD BOOM ?A NKAk'LY KUKNISIlKit I JP Bark Kootn. on sei-on I Iloor, to el to a Wnlle-iiHO x fl ? I out imarrit saa, kale, Ac. A. P'y at No. ft basv iwto.y j #? "fld sireet. ' ljIU^NI^Hl'D P.OOMTt-KOR ORNTLXMRV AVD I r tbair wires, St kA? wsk<siar?;r?et iloaid for t^e lau.M ROAHIHIO ABO UIOUI9Q. frWR.VISHKD AND TWO HBDROOMB AD a joliMim m a lira to fa aall v, opp??na tti? James Hotel, suitable lur two acutleuieu. Inquire at l.iXj Bru*4 wray. Cjeon noAi'n and la hob aibt rooms tor obn. T tetiiio hi. I We, or single if?ntie'i> en. at rran n?bie rile*, Locality tbe cooNst in tbe city. fall liiiuiediatoiy at IS Bea h street. opposite St. John's Park. U OR TWO SIN'iLK OBNTLRMEM OA V HAVE A Pnroished Kooui by <-<alli d*i at 27 ? Kail Hroadway. PKintAN?:!?V KOtnn WANTBD-POR A OKNTLR man and wtfe. oui-oiie of tin* city Terms ant to ax IU IMSI- wcet tor bo ti Auure?s iti> Li.ji, bo* A, 5:6 t'o? t oKlce. o nOUMn WAN TKD-Wlltl PRIVATE HOARD. FOR BIX IV uiowtis fr mii mi N by i j? " una and tadv with one < oil* and ?ei?*?i A neatly furnbdied ?u t 01 Rooms mi senoud iloor o.icaUllt; " Parlor, two lt'l ri, b'ith r .om. At\ T e Iwallty mo*t agr)'<tabl* and om above Th) rt . n'o'b *tie t. A i 1 , < vu will lie riv;u<ilt<'. suit a U ??.!.?<? p-e I. ftudo ilite I refe reti'-e* inH ' ?? r??.(Ul ?<1 and ||V? |. AiMi *-n I!. (i. M., box l.lhi Vo t uiii?% ?ro i,KT-wirn hoard, a handsomf ly pur I nlltn'il. lai * Pi'. It It i.u i, ou if.'on.l i! i. ni> I mm l?rjr? Front Ron. ii on tbtrd Hour, .n a | i ntf family, r n il'ul,! of > ph sloiah ?nil wif<? aiwl some ?. n/'r j?ni etnen All til o <'?Mui'ort? <??' ? ~Hi-kl iki ' eah'e a I a _o< .! tables may b>- mbiM. '. Ai.ply at '.0 Weit l iu iiiv iwventUnt. rpo LET? WITH BOARD, HY A 1*1(1111. Y RRRPEfT. 1 h ' ? pr.vatn family. a Vaslor Flaor. handsomely fnr nmbeU. v'i ih?H. oud s:oi'y. entire r tn pa.t * i.-tiil na a'' Fr Hi Mm lie Bck an 1 Hall Hodr Hin ? ho', mil cu.U water, bathroom. A". Addre*t O. I*. C. Hrra d .'II'.O'', rpo LKT-WITII FOARD. THE K V 1 T i t ? SRf'OND I Floor. iu a modern brown utoaa bone. ? tli ? for?i f of th reran wile <ini% tno^e de Inn# ilr?t cl.ii ivonntodit I .ins aupli HIkIivo re: i ft?r-3 attd n umred. u;. at 161 Mi'toi.-.. a Mir: a!. '1>0 TjRT? AT 15 BOVD SI "Rf'f. MOOAtS, [f ANDSOMli J. Iv inrnidied, ??.ib ??. wilboul Hoti t. t\TANTRT>? BY A RIVObR imtflB OIPrillMV. ? * a .V.infoi i.ibln .' .iijlii. v il1i fTii.l a::.l ua>' of ? ? an i bath. In a r*?pocialilo Kagliah 'of Sooicb fimi'y. in RoitAII HrooV-'vu. wliii few or uo bi ardura. Addraui H. W.. bov; &,2iH i'uat oOlcn, N V. WAN TEH- A (!OMt*0RTAni,Y FI'RMSIIKO ROOM, v itli Boar.l, It. ,i o.iliit, ?iit.j?l Intml . . i"i> ? i? i<.itj(-. i>.*n. w!f? einld "t i.viv .r?. Ai. ire'. i :lvi?i? to 1 ? ir l .oi'aro ivk^i iiu/ lo.;. tin, lo.saa, A':, !?*, t' l ,15 i'Jo?( oflco. vv 15 A MTED? A SI! fT OF ROOMS, FI'R VIHUBD OR uufuri *li? I, for a I amity of fly, *v ,th r ai l i a u rt'? i lie tablt! | i > ato latn'ly. #nu pl> i:?ttPt. n< ; ;borbo d. Ad tlf'st Mr 8., \>ov 4,4.15 Yoi K IV. t R NORTH HOORK STRFKT ? PDT!N i^'IKO ROOMS t? ct, \\ i ' nouC boar t litalila for t a a^euilom Hi; ^1 & ? pnr t?". Ic. A so cm ftco:. . at $'J0O. - ? OND S rKKKY. -ROOMS TO J-BT, HANDSOMELY fnral. to I, wit.. orv!th"ut Hoard. 1 r.1* PET MCE SfRERV. ST. OLATR HOOSR? ELK J.yjV) t Kiiin'a'iotl K'.O'ne .villi Bedroora* attaiM. d, with all tin! u. 'is for l.o isHheBplnit oint,l?!e in ??iu.liniii. ia ?-.d Ci.iU'u tvaUr, to let tu to^ycclali c families or ainuiii ?? lUi inon. H __ .. uaft. at lloun.:. fairiil;' and i.i"^.'.orii .ixf hl.;h y re^p1 table ?yOREVTLLE -A PRIVATE FAMILY HAS A PAR I lot 'o I, ? Itli Board, o.i re. .unM t ? ;,ir. Appli on t>i? 'hm. Eletitr fourth stieet, lourth bo :?>< Ciut ol' !? Ir?( ?? cone, Do til h i. in. fir ANTED? BY a SIY . LK (1BNTLRM \ H, A PAIttOR " ?n I ile lroom, wtili Meat? to he aarvad in room nrooktun " <?f"r oil Aildr. s*, atatlna term* and locatioii* W II., llevuiit oil on. TtrANTPD-IV H.'tO:>KLYN, RT A OBNTtil^MAE ANT) ? T wile, w I boil i rtti'iien, two or thu* li.ioiu^ on acconil loiir. with ft-1 4 ?nd m ter, In i iit\.tc ..... I'erma iiitist i.' mademti. Addruiw, vritli full iiartieuuiarH u it. c. Uorald o.i co. COI'VTHY BOARD, A M ARR.TKD LADY WI.SHG8 RO\RD IN TUB U\ eountrw on or n'-w t'ie water. wb"re ll)orearot o Othei boariUm an.', the comforti of n 'i onii can bn had., st:itiD - tarn*, Boaraer, ?t*? on o Post o u re. A FEW BTNOLE GENTLEMEN OR OEMI.KMEN l\ and tliiir WIV.-'I Ian I ' .te.jummndated wit I gaud liuard ? ?Dd !ar.,;e, airy Rooms Hatbfnir and fl-.h1-:, ?! the foot of the lawn. Imittiic at tbe Luiou lit' cl, So.enty second Btreat and B!o..":iii,<dalarc>nd. pOlTSTBY BOARD. -A FEW BOARDERS OAN OB \J tain tin.' lar e Uooiiir ?t a iartu bout j* liam.ii o, al-o t o..? hour t ride by Brie itiilrua l; house well shaded aud plca. antlv situjteii. Kof particulars initnirc at H. T. is iti* TER, \ t SlTth n' enue. /?AO! NTBY BOARD? AT WILI.OW PLACE. NYA"K "y on tlie. HuiUon. ? t'aptain HaiiMr.1 has a few Roo:ua v.ieant, Rofers to Crowfii | On. /I urea l street, room 05. N. II ?Pure mount. In air. ja iatbWi(>, Au. /10UNTRT BOARD OAN P.E OBTAlBBD PO* A small fatailr or tin e o,' fi.tir < ildrea. at s nrf ala farm hoime, 9 .nlics from iii? oi'v, "a-"!' of no e3?, F. r nar tionlars u< | v: 1 1 e at i?i?joock j,^10 ^'I'TlUj -trfel, Saiunlay and Monday. /AOT'WRY FOlRD ON STATEN ISLAND-NEAR \J Anuadale Kallroad dspot, abojit oue unl^iioi|i tbe r.i fchora R .inn lir.;.' . - atio-i |,!fs ant; rur of aceo.a. Ap ply to Mra. lit) Vi A UD, at .be I.oiise una I ale. C101 NTCY BOARD POE .V LADY IN DELICATE J healtll, or uxp.: ? iuit u> (it c? (,'an have ever ,at|. u I Unn. wilb .'ti elpei lon nd litdv Tin inUiutas' wulk from tbe ferry. For parlku yrs ed irai'. Mrs. B., Port Ri. binoud. yt ileu Lland. ? / 101 NTRY BOARD AT PEER KILL? ONR OR TWO \J .amiHcs can lie lecoinwod/ited with plea- an I itooina and (irst elas* Besr l at ili? anoye ftlsee. DQtll Octn'os or Inru'ar, at reJ.icad pt 1 e? Befecenees eicha oaqd. I'oi par lli"i *r? id !re"< M. i Wm. Brownell, Poek.4U.lll, N, Y. CAOI NTRY Bg\t:D W ANTED? Wl ('IT I N ABOI T J twenty mllos of Kew York, far a Butitle.ivan, wife, iimao s.d child two years o d. For good, plain ft'-cornrnodat'in a i:uod I ill" Will III Aiipl;. 10 THUS. II. tiAYNOK, 7jS Broad way, Nfv Yoiic. OBOKL'N.? T\TO OR Til ftT'B GENTLEMEN, OR A geptlet an mi l 'Vtf* nan bo snitod rith furnlsnod no ar.d fti'T or |'H ? ' ' -i I Poafl, at 122 Oji d n btrcet. Mii.wnrKft iuoaorts. \ plka- .-jt tn :mmkk rktreat. with good .? Huard lor dtule ).rn I'nwii iid A?m.|ir? i a-j 1m had itt the Brick House I' t Wahlil.ton on tha 8lirt?? mirr r!ri>r. N. J. 'lin intt aii'l bnatlnz 1* ?.n> ami thr flrtlilm; (i')D 1 K >r l'uli pai n- ars tr.'iily to Mr K'M;l'flr HTKlfillr.RS ?uiitbwniu -n; ? . , of Bli>4' Icitr ntnl Ma-.'doatal etreeta. or to ruos. i> \ ViS. K? i? on ilie premise;. BRHlllTON .'lorsr PERTH AM ROV, N.-T.-OELMflT. fit! location, ei'u. ?ivf an wtlinhaded frn>.;i.ia: i.ood ftfitJitnu. bo i!in ; a- I ii^h -? ' tttlar-1 end howling ?:<looo?, io^ wtl, al tl> e nppoi it.n?nt? ??< a lir<t. e'aea '??!?<? \ t'e-.v elieicn ?ii, f Ron- 1 ,.iir be awt rcil on . ,?rly ui>p ca tion. TaK Slate n Island Railroad. or >lMititr D. R Mar tin, fro..iK<otof lUivlnv atreei a. 3K P. M. ?tOH.N t TL'ULV, Proprietor. r AT* KIM, MOUNTAIN RRTilKAT IKIC8K, Hl.TWr.Kf and V .n'a'n Hoiiko.? fleaiittful mountain otia ri >n. o?iimr? iinaurpaaurd; Uoard ?ln a wc*lc or a day. tVi'litoi- nvrT pa v. n|\'r> Particular* or Dr. Alan ?on dentist, 1,123 Broadway, near Thiitu-th atreot DAN H> BLOOM, Proprietor. VTonTR V N I? HO'iSE? H4NP8' POINT. LOJiO ISLAND, 111 oil. ng I .an?l s,, i? 1 J ; Uo it a gall, per at' a'i or Arrorrmilth, .i'A.Iu; I'juk #!l,i ni 4 P. M , miiirnlnc at 9 A. M. ? ?. H. KOSTRAMD. fllR I'AfTUON IfifPT;, PORT WT VSTTIXOTON N..T., 1 on the Stir : gl/nry tivnr ? \ri otatnodaljpn ran .11; ho h id for n -rmanf i" an t trat.^ civ biunlorn The b.ithln" l? P'l- uit an i .???!>. th t>'>attng and 0*hln| gnud. Th. ablo wi'i b v > a - * mi f iruNI i d th>, onu - wi i lev re di- iali tied. Boats ic?\.. ilio >l * Murray ? ' r?-?t A. If. HA'HiUKTT. Proprietor. HOTELS. 4 MERICAN 'HOIBI., BROADWAY ANO EIGHTH ?\ atreet *ew >i ri < n the liut ' ean p an. tlbains an or am :)*. Open ?'l ni^ht. Horn r>K.H moid imperii, ra. i?j ri*e M5 R: mil, J'?r >. t't'a, t'?, Proprietor, ?Tbn new proprlc tor i f thi* e?'."t,alTe llot'!. laving na: d no eipotue In ilie renov*:: n >nd d?c>r.itmu of ltd ai-tifi.'ii *. ? . (ir.'pored to o:!er:otlie travellltuc p'lbll' an e?i?u!n'.io ot connort and eler ui'? unanrpaa ?il In tl .1 inttro|i? i*. An ex.:cll?nt Table d'lfoie Ij e?r?B.I, and k-i etli ans <au la re liu 1 all tt.o ad ?anta.e? ?t, ! i:e:nfrrti of an Ani': i an II ?t"' f ir t he modf-. ? te roaaijeratlori nf l.'i I ren< ? ile.?<tliau f'O |x'r die n: wita no et'ra charge* for -ervlce, llabta, 4o. hngluj la "tmlfu by the at en '*i :a, end all li.formailoa r^?i?-< ral'n Ir'aTel. bourn tor vielll'. ; the vanoim objac'.a of Mltneatiu the rlt? . cut? Ac , ,a rl.qorfu if *iven. Tl.o llutcl ie moit deairaoly toralen on tte Ine oe Rt? nil. between the palace <u tlm Tnlleiiea and the I'an * Koyale tlie nn*l 1 aarreah> arul m,t r.l portion of the eltr fi r 'bo?e Tialtln* Parle for either tio?liir?e or pleaawre Tbo?e ?ln?lrui.? of aeriirinj i?oi.i? In atliranm. way do ?n by loiter, a.ldrn?- ng a? ah*re. P or furiher InlormalKiu and a ?l?* of ihe Il.itef; In- nir of J(IU,V F TKOW, Cltr Directory oflioo. No. .Wflreene e'teft. K"tr Torlr. Plcaae this advertisement lor folate reler^.tc r. TRVfNO HOCSK, Sr.W kORff. RROADWAT A?D I Tnrelflt *iree? <'otrincv tA T??l'Vt ?tr >et rondue'ed on Iba tun i> %n Ai.' o'aiut.datlo.i ior fantl !r and tn ?? lient giie-ia. (tEOP.Ofc W. HUNT, Preor'.e IIOISEI. HUtfJW, AC. WVtrED. AOKNrt,3MAN IH PKSIROI'8 OK <>KTaIMVU A l I or ntifti'nl?he<J Kootn for bi? ??|ie and rh'l I elait' jea ?old . Cvoton " ater and g?? drs.rn l: he will be ah??nt tr .m the. It thrfx' montl'?; afno 1 ta'de and llin con fnr'H.n a Itotnn i;i .m i iwl. Ad4retM. ala' utf to tua, H L , boa i:w Herald ott. ? A AM HIT VTKI.r. rrvNDITIONEn HOP?? i ? with 'he t > lei t ar "i t:i? a't i n a m- : o-?t".i between l^nth mi l Two-try ilfMi street', ao I S.eond and K ?|li'h a?"ntie?. i- w?r:el t'j a rraoneniitie i*'l> "r ? n r. brrof -a a, fr ni "r aiiout i.m l?t of O, o?>nr rent 'rot i tfltHi to 9I.IMI. AUdi esf A. J. W.. bOI 6.15J .Nea Vur*l'o?t ce. Furnis-hrd it or an WAKrR'y-w^rpn, prom Ki-|it<>tnlier tmtll Ma? UI l ,nt r, a fnr/ilrhcd Hoti?, between Tentii and T1 ? eoty Mfttj ?tr>et?, on the . <-at w'f ? of Btoadwar. A fair prion wltl he given. Ad ltma l(?n?vr, I bos It a Hi'iatd oit.o-. bVINIHIiP ROOM A ? ,i . ? "v rt-ii.. ; P with eonvmi-n -e* 'or I ? - ..?. Addrtaa, i ?i?t og t'-rin . ? anon and ( .rnllnie, H oOx 'l,8.t? Poal otllre. New Tor*. Rooms wasted-prom hrpt: m.-mi -a small ?nit nt K o ni or part >. a i' n ?< . ml he i atiltithle ftr hini?ett ej lug M I 'ltrerUM untnerMtid ?on) Rnre. iwni ei 1 1 bmaed. Lilttn urn i l.n .(,< I ?n ! r-rt ti.o.te. rate. Addrrat mat n| terrna, ?e. <1 0 H , II -raid oT.ce. SMALI. Pt'MNHIvRO Hot Hit W ANTKD-RT' "T"W ?ponalbn l aity; twonnl; In a tnl . m a- be well 'nr nUbrd tno.|?rn rtad >tt i aoo.i and central l-p a?lon . tould bttr furniture If daalra >ie. AlJre?i T. (5. ?., bnt 'MS Poe' ?fllce. TVAWTRn-A SI'IT OP POOMfl. PPKNIgllRD OR Yf iinfiirntabed, a><o*e I'eurteeath alraet aitd Iwlwenn Leitnctnn and al?th aT'Oiiea. A l lroa- T. M. Ci, *)?i Peal eilica. W artrd? a riMRr or ^k- ond ploOR u- nve f? n en'. /or ho i.i an?rln? a- \h nr w''H frnnt ' *e mail, la .he T*-? i> .tirrnl ward, by a a-u 'e an *nl w f?. wtfi ro t | itr- n. Addre a, rertbreedaya, Leonard, etat eii mm. v*c., He aid oiut e. W*NPP,r>-A ?MaLIj niT NF.all-T pi' RH MM RI? ? I in Ire s it, t" i-.' 'I ? t'' " ?r or ' f??.n?*it|e ,?wr I c,r i. t l.t^l ) ontll lie ]???'?* J u tte ? Ifa-aiW at? oi 'tr. " adoit.. Ainraae*. P , 'iot Ith? Hera I jtli'-e. ry AXTrr?-n? RK."*r a ;*?.? f' Vs !u,.t'2ij l?0At ?? g?vd k ?' a i - a. Aiii:-Ji h U R . ??' ' 0 1 oJJift | Ho^a,*, rooms. ?, WAIMB. j WA?.L??r!fVKT**J'Tt' um^tr?isbkDv row ? . i J '"" Ul L v ?9 moini, '| 9 h|# |4U| for a -m*l r?mt)v. fU?4 br m.vT# tiling Itwliua, rent, jc., I|?n<>. llurald oil.ce. W\NTKO-BY A OENTIEMaH A N L) WirR I tin eli'ilieo), a n t '.r three it??m.,' T "(.ho I * i.a^ii f. bouMkeowug Mini be h*k> * Tweatleti " ij Brook yo. conteniont ??? either r.illoo r W allTtfwei tT,? P ?*?i'itri wanted b 111 of fceptOKihar. ?a , K io<* ini ?>,<* price ault the anauge o.ent ? i b a prrn?n?i.e. (v., ,3 re!ar*>. re* given. A !dre?i. "taitn imm i atloa and ul part" HO ae, boi New York Pint oili.#. tlf ANTED? by TWO OR THHI ft UKNTLUT v V* If AIM ntly foruich.,,1 MMll Ha in '?r lluttaao ia 4 de^lra'. o location Addr<:*?, with full par', on ar?, J. B. S Wfl s?? Yo, k Font ofli a. WANTED? A SMALL RBK'K OR fJOTT \'IP. HOVHtt in Baat BrootWn. botwaau tljrtlf an, I D?Katt> gMi; piiiv not to e*e P"' VV hnn ? vj P i t ,ite\ New York, with iwrtlcular* a* w diuieualona, term Ac. \y ANTRD-A SMALL APARTMRNT OP FJYK N r>?. ?? 1- f* ruiahed or unfu. ntih*d Room*, n? ? !??' ne'ak* 1,01 1 10, 1, between Weat B eaokar and Kour'eejit'i ati . eta, 'm t ?,j gentlemen am! one ervaiit Addreaa for liireo la? - L. D., bo* MO New York Poat office. \V ANTED? A SMALL Fl RNTSTRO OR I'VUJ't U n< H.l Houte, In New York between Fourteen? Thirl- ronrth alie, t anil Kouri n ami Slith even ue ?. Only two n family, A, I, Ira n(i. T. II,, M Lltpenard atrrel. XV ANTKD-BY A OBNTLRMAN. WIFE AND "WILD, >? Kuril ?hed Apart'iiMt* of ih ?e or four ro->m< lo a bo, ?>n mod. 1 1 in, ?') amenta, n'tahle f r houae een. Inc. A,) I ft#. nuting location .in.i term* vrhirb mu?l io 1 1 ? rain, h I Siierman, kiHuto atreot, N, Y. U-JC'P-A PriiHISHKR HOI.'HW, 80ITABLR PO? cmitee! boarder*. A'jdroia 3. S., Horala oiilcc. for vri>k. VV II/ANTKD-A MEOII'M SI/ED IIOITMB, IN A l?R ?? ? ?l)!r> nriglir.orlio id, id 10 >ii. for a aninll f -nulv. An* par*on ti*?lnf ?"<'h ? ho,i ? to r<>ot wHl pI(>.im^ a ldrvao 0. K. Ljwrpncfl, IA Wall atrct. i<ivlni partloulara. U^AyreP-RY A flENT^i MAN AND WIPB, IN ?? ?era?v Clt? or ll.,h.iH(>rf a I'orttton <>r a H?ii?,' fur. nialMNl miltafilo for bonio fBuinir. a rf ipoi-iai'V n, ^ bit ul re ill r?J T*ln In it ol ra'^rnncu ir? ?n and a. K')''4 if.nrt sri'iiivi pdrmancni'v. *d'l <?*< alall* e t''r xtund A, a, ten lI*od_^ura box i.71 1 New YVirk Pout otlla--. Mi.* rc \ A M AfJNI."(-"'R ST RO-BWnOD PfA VOFORTK FOR 1\ >? - t;. 1 $ 1 11 y.5 in u l on si"o *?H ''a t; Ptl toi f? ill., o. hi t4VI P 1 1 ' ' Mir'tt, Mir, or* Pi'nt I lit; , i'lou. I .'I, umber Ki, 1 11 t, ire Inn ?even m.?" tba. at *? r I i?(iilre at Ii3 Went Ttvuuiy tl?lrd ntie?l, uear MiYth aveuuu. 171 [ t ' I v NE?V PIANOS. MELODKONH. ALH.KASnilK I aitil <',ibloe' Ort.HM, at w1 ilK*a.??r rntutl. at prlrex ;ia |. w ai iinv llrat i:I*k< tu^'riiiivnta ??n 'jp in'ch wl, ??>v>ml Imnd t'lonoa at groat lin^raloa, ]irire? t'ro ,1 9 Dto 5 ' ^ > VII llio 1 !>.,??? In''riiinenla l < 101. an. I r .nt attowid if nor , , ?o I . Mnnthlv pnv UICIIIM f "elva I f.,r th? r?.o? 10. IM) ?!i.'Pt< if M'.Hif 11 hltli* aoiMM. al ooe cent and a half per p*i;e. t.aati ual'i for second Imoil PlaO"i liOUACR WAT Kits, 481 Broadwiy, New York. rOR HAT.R CHEAP-AN tJPRTOHT PIANO riimB 1 m If $''1'. To lie M.-en at I8?l We?t Fl.tieth ? tb.rl l,ioi h glitU avi'ii .a PIAHOFOBTR TONE REQULATOB Want*'*? BY A. Wo**er. I',) "Volt Hroml >?v. The ??>y nitfU^a'. waj; ?* and ateaily emvl"J"n?|it guaranteed. INHTKl't I'lOM. A T DOLBEAR'8 COM M B liri A L ACADEBY. fii'9 i V BfOa l?ay, tK>yn nro uropiywl prnetloal; for hualDR^a 'ftiCy anquiro tnanl.v ImliHa. beim-oo i|uiok a' leu'e* r.inl.l liusliipsa iieim i,'ii and goo-1 haovkeopera. 0"nil?m u rail sco "f iiiivai 1 room*. Open during the entire ?' 11 'ii 'i '? r . 4 RI VHMETrO, BOOKKKKIMNO, Pi:NMAN-<IHP. t (7 , .'\ at (liiliiamllb'a Inat lute, 7.1i Brwlaty. Notice ? Tho regular charge* of tbe In -', tute ivili l?e re*imi?d fci ptember (. VII who enter tlieir names biw r" t'.at time will he re ceive ! at ooo half the liua' m ice - auM will have until the Ut of January to complete ,'ieir |es,oo?. OI.IVl it n. UOLDSMITH, Prln . pal. A T PAINE'S MBROANTII.E f!OLLROEfl, ?? ROWKR7, kiiiI Kolton *trO"t, Hrooklyn Iitik Keeping wr tine, ar tl, luetic, aluflbra, se unelrr tncmometrv, mv.1'41 on, grammar i-P" Itug. ureek au^l Latin u hi i?r toe o?- n, in,, nth or i'H, ler, in sir rtly private room*, duy unit even log. AI'ltOTF-STANT FRENCH LADY, op Sf'PK'lIOR "(l'i :*i'on. ii t< a.'liin/r pv r mat'ind iimhI In this i' nnl*jr, deslrra ao eni;agfliii*nt- foot of Ne./ York) iu a larye v?i'inj{ lad >??' scinin iry, wh'-ro she would havo tlir wuolx i arcs ni irenah anil n?a at the prife?"ir In iiin ' ilc. ii:i ary i HJi), lionrd and Wiialilii*. Roier iicm* m>iat na-infa lory. Address 71 Uulon plao* 4tli *? , n?w York AVOi N(i ESUMMI LAUY DF.RIKKS A POSITION ? ? Ooytnaaa. II" nc i Ur-mmil* a>? Kn. iah in all its brail'- I 3, with M':alr rr 'ii.-li, l^rmnn and lha rudiment* ni Latin. No oh^tv tlon 111 unit* (hi* duties of Ii ua. k ??! ?r Willi tlj> ibom ia tl.o i-i 'ii I) ? of u widower No objeet on io travel. Ad ii-aaor rail titm Ml'* M. Pm ib. No. I k uher I'tiid place, R-'i onieenth alreet, beiow Third a.i-nm. AtOlWa LADY, WII'FI THE RF'CJISITP Ql'AMT'T rn-orm f'f irMilni i.?t!n, the bn^lmli bram-i e?, Draw. iflfj 111 ll? 'M Itr nt p.irintiw,^ii.| ??? W ork . who 'iaa hut four ii-v.1 ? iici ii'ii 'n n Ii'hc.iu.c. and <'an fin tila>- r?>r ??ii h If <1 ir?.: *iihi'?a aUtiallnti a* t*tch?-r In a ' o'nol or nluary, or ** eovermja*. Address a. M./ box 2J. Br.a lol R. I. I} /ALSTON SI' A Af'A OKMY V. Y.? A SULKCT OOM Ii n "r lal ar I ClattaUa! "ain'lv Boarding Pci ool lor ,inf a. Admlr<?1onat nil Nun term 0" ins Mnndar ^eiit. ft. Swid for clr? ular- to !l?* JAMP.8 OILMUUR A. M COLLROIATK AND F.NUINKKRINQ INSTITUTE. 19 CoojHir talon Now York.? smdenta received at any lime, adflinle iiud cotletia e; nt al, c ?'l ajd tneeh >n leal Vmrlneart'is itonr^ei i;ivnn. Open <lav and e* nlng Pur HrcMur.i call ut tiie luHiltut : or a litfeaa Prof. J. (1. Fox, B, principal. T\EKR PARR KKNAL.R INSTITUTE, PORT IP.aVlfl, .1 ' Oran** roniilT, !? Y , re"|i<*ni Heptember 11 leg ale con i l tureo veira; higlieat advantages formuaio; mo ictaln eifn-rf: ^onv <-o "forts unsurpassed. Addie-g Rev. I H. Not tbi up, I'rin ipal. 1.M>L*f'ATlON V Ti C*R'>.-TKA0'IBH8 VFANrp.n POR J l.n^ liti, tTfich,' >!? r'ii.?u. mnaic drKwIng iaint:ng, cUptlrs. laa'boinatlus. tnrii. a. and ot>i?r btanchHa (Sdm a tional i:orrc?uond -n^ wan'rd in -Hih .Statu a >d "o vn. to fa '?f/'atf mtrodiK't'oiia. Adin?k?, witli stamp, Amtrl an l ? du catlonal I'n'un, 7 J .'I Hro: iw-?v. HDIJSON RIYKR I.nRTITUTR? at Ofj A VK RACK, CO |tiinl>a coun'f, W. Y, alfird" Ihe vtr* b??i ad run tavs for a .-lanalcal, ^uirotiflc. c unnerciMl and oiiin oa ?n|? nrali.Jn. If i-nuh fonv*r*at'on a d Lew la' gymniatlra or la'l k* and military drill for gmiU -nien dailj, without e.tra nt -iiKe. A tnw Miiinnalitrn an ldilll ioo-o, enaiing *?,miO; Iti 't.Mrueti.m. Te-iu ou?na Hupt. 17. Add rem, for a?ir oalalogtio, Kev Alitn/.o 7 ack A M. MR". OiIDRN IKIPrtf AN'S AVD RNOLTRH B .rdiogao'l l?av h?hwl, 17 WeHlTliirty elghlB in-et, will rropi'ii on U>d'.<-i la' . Hen ?-rab?r il. Mr. (I. will h? at ^ "tin after iieiit*in>i*r H ?fn.a tliat date let era oa IiusIiic Mi l.-oaned a.< aliore wlA? prompt!* answered ?\|tHS*AIKRN B SEMINARY FOR V)CNO LAOI IS, i?l Stamford. Conn.? The fall t??in opeaa Sopt 7. i; r. r?i ? Rolit I:. Huoth. 0. 0., ljl Ninth air- at, N T. ; I?r. C. P. Hey wood. 16 Us I Thlriv aecond atrect, N. Y. Cli ay ' an tie had at Randolph's. 770 Roadway. MT'.K IIENHY f ' MON KNOLIWU, PRRNl'lf A\ll Ofriown B 'ar>..u^ and 1i.ty 3 hool. 173 aod I7S W^at Ibiriy olnth street. \?ln reopen < o Tursdav, Se pt <J. Mrs. S nil to sl h?rue aft?r August ti. MIT.ITaKT t'OLI. iE OP PKNN8YLVAMA -?;IIAR ;cr?.l b the S:*le, aol opersd In May 'a?t wti o?er ono Imndrml pupi ? com nuu>?< lis n?<t a?aaioa riep' >noer ii 1'ur viicniars addrosa M. L. UolTord, A. It , President, Aileuionp, l'a. 1?K.MHSEr,ABR POOVTEfflNIO IWBTITUTE. TROY. It N. V.? Ihe Poity.flrst aoni'al ?as"l<<B of tli'a well known ?enool "f 'trsio^ei.iig ?r,d natural amen'*1 will oominencw Baf'' iiht-r U, lHIM. TUe prlnrlpal bn Ming la rornpi'-ted stid i afly tor n.c:paton Tbe new ano<ia reamer irlng foil ii'forn at'nn, mav he olita ned at Api'iaion'a tmokatnra. N I ork. or frou Profcaaor CUARUBd UKUWNB. Direc tor. Troy, N. Y. H1VURY PPMaLR-COLLROR. fall ar . Ion opera Wodneadaf. Aaguat J4. J. MRWMaN, D. D.. Paultnay. Tt TUR MORRtSTOW* C0U.K0UTR 1RBT1TUT?-. POR yo :ug ii, en. '.?lll be opened for tba rereftloo o vholara or tht JcTof Sep noer. Por eln nlars appir at the i, <farr;<> House Now tark. or to <.oloa?: J. O Aaglad- B-par.n. tendent Slew lla b'ieg N. Y . nniH tba 4Mi inat.. aad after (bat tline at 'be 1 ixtltute, Mjjrrmiwn. N. J WANTBP.? A PRfBSIAN LADT. WHO C\!? OITi the hc?t of oertllitntes from a hmh sehoo In ii?rmanr, and who rr?lde,l ai'.ernl 'e.ira al 'be Koutb a" a l t ?r liaa reogntlr relumed and wl hea ail enys cement, e 'l jrea enmpaulon, (lorarreis or taacbar. Adareaa Mlai u ?.,is Bo >d at. - MPARTRBRWHIP. . n APRRBON WfLLlNti TO INVEST ?>00. A1*D AC. !|Uainted with the ^ualne a, wanted, to open ? Raatau. ran*, i u Wa'hingtun. I? O W. C. OODDARO, Ro. T Pine street DIHOLrTION-THF COPARTR*:R9HIP HKRBTO. fore <"? 1st t?? imorr the lirm af Ming. Kaitna 4 M>dd a ti i Ih a ta d">". >d by m*i'ttal "onaeat. M<-?aia King A Kal'oa v? aiitho' ized to Mgj) In Itirndai on, Mr. Middle* ton uaving withdrawn. RonKKr KINO, MKHNILXM. hKf.TOM, .JOHN MTIim.BTON, K >. W C1(T atrf?t. Vaw YorU. August I.'. 1-W4. |?t A NT ,l? A S I ?? V I IV MAN. TO TAKP TI'K B Ml of a r-tlrin ; i -tr i? a I gbt and pro Itahie mat i a? I tie/ Susnfe a. S capital re pilnid. Call sad see il BriKdwa ? third 8wor. Inlorm.ttion gratia. WANTKD-AH ENL.tlRTIC MAR WtTI? (I n? n? $1 r. M r*.n to rngago aa :icti?-e panner in an ril'A &aylng b iaine?a In lh?"iiy.of New York Addr* ? I>. 1 ild oiBre stanoti whero an .alemew caa <? '? '. ^ AO/in TO fl.ont,-^ PR ACTIO Ab 1 N>M'T,?1 Ft I (a nglai, hifn,' aervnl In the army tht ? wi-'i ? ?.. aiiu-r a, pa't.i.'i ,n a we;i e? au. ill'''! ' n ?lothmo'ini y. nn oob'e I refer-n *e g ?'n and i|*>tre?t. Addre*? II. B.. Il? SeTeatb slinat, .\a? Yof* < > (Kill -WAftTBD, A PA*TT W ITH *' Cii.VM H ', in eaali to |Oii it , . il J lo a i v. II v > M "O'ln l< f,!.a: T".? ' ' fr ' Iresa l v. on, sta u S 1 o ? ap^omliugt inter ft*. _____ i (tOTHIYB. Ar.'.virowit v ? ii n< 'Ph > ni al H*Yf no a trt a1 e . , -e t. , , , ,i ,. ? a lam* 'iya inty I U?-| ?* .e, n| V, ? P i "i i -? rini '?, l" ? *?' . he i a ' ng ?. 1 hun ' aid aent'e . ?n an o iu n "ie tm <1 , . pa "i arti< >e LadTra at end*d t- ij - Via. f. , l* -???? r?.,, .uiD. r, aad u > MJ tfowory, opt .Mite HrrJ Jcuf /1H,?r AND P**IIU)NAdI.* CLOTH | NO. V./ l' a's H ???? ? ?t? ti'fk ???? .ii 4 I'ai in rl Pants .....a.... J In \ e t? la i w.t -'?BO LRVIR. tiaO. LKMI -fl l | r HPRPO PAYs TUR H101PHT P!"CH K 1 >. f.a I .>s' a?d ?Iniiijemeo a Caai Of ClatMng. Par wait ' >i ?y a Idre-o'sg L. r*a'h>>?ri if) *aai I waiftb stre a .i Mi- A'lina^ litdiea waitsil -ipon <>j Vr-. C. \V ArRRoaoov cr.oniiv,i. ah. ?* mai'k . ?. iti riis . AMEKU AN WAi l-.'t|'K</<iK t.L'MH PnM^AVT 8| ? PLOCRKO H I ' H it R !t < 'MI nt I T* i "as. ??ok.-aa'a La. r aa. in. ? .1 ,ao Coverd M L A H 1 1 l.? ill. 1 P til**!* ruAs+n* % r' .in H.,,fiv ? (1| A ?irn?**i4?? Ale I pad t?U and <N> (Mii.A.led for ii Aia?a<??dd< - ?? ? ? ' ?a*i?rnr4or Por uu bf P. ti r >?. i B?iei*y at.eoi.

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