Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 14, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 14, 1864 Page 3
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MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. Board at AKter uaea. urnouL. M ew Tons. Aug 1, 18?4. Tb< Board mat porauaut to (ha following eel .? David T Valiktik?, b?'l:? . . 8ia? *o > will Li tsaao out fy the luembcrt or tba Board of A'dennen to iu*M In M|?cial Mesaton la (he Chamber of Ibo a Board tatheClli> Halt, on We<l?e.4e.. tbe S<t da of 4u Kuat at i?o o'oloct P. M . for inu pui p.. a .?f iraotailiog aaoh public button** aa mar coma before lha Board. JOHM FOX, Alderman Firet dial r lei. IMUKN0<i VaKLK*. Alderman 8i\teeuth district iKWId It. RYKR8, AMarmao Ninth district UHN T liBNKY, Aidrrman fliird ditirlot. JACOB M LONU, AideFrnan 8e . enteentb <Uatrlet SHANNON. A derutao Nmh dUtrict. QliAltXBSJ- CnIPP Alderman Seventh district. RIKNAKD KI.LLY, Alderman I wall til ditu at. JOHN UAttDY, Alderman Kleventh ditlrict. Pb'l B R MaSTKRSON, Aldernmn Thirteenth dtitrlet. It OMti AN JON Kb. A da. man Second district. SPECIAL SESSION- WiDMUiur. August 3-S P. M. Fiaaani? John T. Henry, fca<|., President; Aldermen Wm a, Jone*, MrM?hon McC< ol, Shannon, Cbnvp. McKnI&ht, B era. Jeremiah Hardy, Kel.y, Mnsteraoa, Ottlwall. Purler an* Loiif. Tbe ra?d!n'< of tbe ruinates of the laal two meellnga wart dtapenaed Willi. naiiDM, Br Aldermau Losu ? Petition of prope.ty owner* ou lUtb (treat, bat warn Th rd and Fourth avouies. relieved ftota aeeeaajionl Mr Hag, ini? sidewalk, southerly tide. Which wiu ruioi red to Committee o a Assesamcnta. trniouintm By Alderman Jongs? Reeo.vad, thai ihe Croioo Aiiueducl Board be aud hereby tarcqueaied to repot t t.i thin B oard by what anlhorltv uo Itaa In given to btulders far eoaled propoaali for IB a I'urutth lag of materials and tu? eiec.lon of a building on tbe grotia! attached to lite fi d reservoir, corner of Blgbty keveatti ati net and Hevealh avcuue. Winch waa adopted. By tbe aame? Be solved, That iba Countei to lha Corporation be and be la bereby reuueatt-d at hi* carllett convenience, to Inform this Board f any power or authority ia bv Stain taw or Cor poration ordinal. co, veslud la any or both th? Departmenta ar the iminlc pal government i f tbe city, to advertlae f jr aailmates and contra la lor ihe perfoi raanee of any work, ?f the supplying of aov material for tbe use of the city. Without dlrvjevon* or aiuttorlty from tha Common Oouutil being mat bad or ubtaiued. ... _ ? ? Alilcrmun J i.trs mov il to amend by in-ertlns after the word "<M>" the words "where U? same exceeds two buu dratl aud hfty uuliara." Which was carried. The resolution as a ntndad waa then adopted. ?y Alderman Ko.\? ?eaolT' d, 'I'liat permission be and tha same la hereby given to ttiley tocoallnue to >eep Ibo bouae erected by htm on the Battery for recruiting purpoeaa during tha pleasure af the Ooonnon Council. Wbwli waa adopted. By alderman MastKiwos? Ka^lsna kvn of lianry C. Woo: ley aa a Commlseioner of Seeds for tho City aud County of New V or*. Wblob waa *cc pted. Whereupon he presented Iba following resolntlon ;? KeaoiTe<i. 1'hat I'bomas a. Mnore be appointed a Commit alone r of Deeds in and for tbe city aud oouaty af New Iwi, mi place of lloury O, Wooilay, resigned. Which wan adopted. By AMeriiiau H.kut? Resolved, 1 luit the vacaut lot No. M West Tblrtj sacond atrcet be fanccd io, unaer the direction of the Street Com adaaloatr. Which was referred to the Committee on Public Health. By Aldermau M thTKR^on? Baauived. That a free hydrant be arccte-1 on tba south aa*t e.oincr of Nineteenth street an I Broadway, tbe aaina to be done fortnwith, and under tbe direction or tba Croton Aaucduct Depariiueuu Which waa adopte.i. By Alderntan Kiult? Resolved, That the ordinance directing crosawa ks to be laid In Be ond avenue, from Kortr-seeand street to Haven t> adath street, approved hy his Hoaor the Mayor, June 8, IB83, aud the ordinance directing a trap bloc* pavement to be laid ia Second avenue, from r'orty necond street to Sixty ?i street, approved by bis H'.nur tbe Na.or, September 1803, lie and then ace hereiy respectively amended, by atrlklng out tbe worda 'Char ea McNeil. Jacob K. Oakley aad William A Dooey, ' aad insertiuu In p'ace thereof tha words following, to wit: "the Board or AsseMorM.,> Which was reicrred to the Commute# on Salaries and CO ess By Alderman Jo ia? Resolved, That the Ciolon Aqueduct Department be re paired to Inform this Board by what authority tha iron pavnmrnt in Co tlandt street haa been removed and why Ibe atraet ha* be<>n paved with conb'.e stoue pavement, also tthe work has been done bv ooutract, and what diapos.ilon skesuiuade or tho old >roa uavemeot, aud if any re aaiiue hat accrued to tha city by the sale of auch iron pare Which waa amended and adopted. By Al erman Ma?tkrsi>n? Resolved, Tbat a oroaawalk be laid in Rwhth avenue, at the westerly intersection of Fifty sixth street, under Ibe dfreation af the Croton A<ineduot Department . * Whicb waa referred to the Committee en ltoada COM M Utt i CATIONS. A aanwubieatloq waa received from the Beard of Fire Oasaeiiaeloeert, BOtttinating lienrv Wiiaon aa clerk to tbe Board Tn plaea of rTp H Abeil. resigned. Which Waa repaired ami ordorad on die. a ooimnuolcatlnu was received from tbe Street Commls - eiener, transmitting apportionment lor aaaeaamenl for ax le- 'I'm Madison avenue. Wb :b waa received aud ordered on flle. a communication was tec-elvad from tbe 8treet Cemmla OMnar, transmitting upoortlonuaut of a sessment for pa vlag Kifiy second street, between Third and Lexington aveauea. Wblob waa received aad ordered on Ola. Rxr< a a. Ibe Cemmlttce on Public Health praaentrd a report to iaaca sunken lota in Korty eighth aad Kerty-aiath atrcatt, bat? een fifth and Sixth avenues. Wh.cb waa laid otar. Monona Alderman Ktbr* moved to take up for consideration tbe ?rdlasaca entitled "An ordiuaaca to provide for the con Uauaiae ol the uld heretofore granted to the famUles ot aol daera from the city of bew York, serving In tbe aratie* of Ibe Cnlou. 1 Wb lrh was carried. The ord nance havine been read. Aldcrncan Kox moved that aaid ord aauoa be amended aa prevtdn.l ia the following reso.ntion : ? Raaolved. Ibat the salaries oi tbe treaaureva be mcreaaed from oae tlionaand two hundred do. tare to one thousand eight .mad red do.lars. also lue salaries of tbe cierka be BpWfsiind (rote a?<eti hundred and twaaly dollars to one Ibeaaaoe two >uf.dr?il do! ara; also the salaries of tbe In tarpreter* Ae>aerea?ed from live huadred and torqr a la aaven huaArad dol ?rs a, an the salaries of tbe visitors be daereancd to three dollars per lay. Wbich was lest hy tbe following vote:? ABriratirs? Aldermen Pox, Jones, Shannon, Cblpp, McKaigbt. Kelly. Par.ey and Ragailvo? Aldermen Hnirv, McMahoa, RcCool, Ryera, Jeremiah, ilardy an l Mas er?on? 7. The ordinance was adopted br the following vote ? AJUrmative? 'Aldei men Ko\. Jones, tbe Preaident, McVa boa llcCool. Rb'innnn Cn.op McKniaht. K. era, Jeremiah , ?ar.iy. Ke.ty. Maateiaou, Parley aad Long? lb Aldermau Cox aaked permuaion to oUar tba following MWlattoii, Which waa panted:? Resolved, l nut the salaries of the treasurers be iacreaaed Weru one ibousand two hundred dollars to one thousand ?||bl hundred dollars; also tba salarlei of tbe clerks be la araase t from savea huudred and twenty d 'llara toona thou aaad two buo<<*ed do lars; also tbe salaries of the Inter aratar-i ba mciea-ed from Qve hundred and forty dollars ta aavea hundred dollars; a so that tbe aalarles of the visitors ba lacrea ed to three dollars per day? Relief ordinance. Which waa laid over. motions irs train. Able. man McOocl moved to reoonslder the tote by which ta lonl at the latl meeting a retoiutloa of the Boar i of Caoaellniea that tbe reaoluttoa heretofore adopted bv the OaatLuoa Council dirncung tba opaaiag of Seveaty-second atreea, (rem Ko irtb avenue to tbe Rudaoa river, be amead ?4 ao ta to read lafoliowt ? Re>o veJ, that Seventy teeond atraet be opened fram Vlaurlh avenue to tbe eatteriy aide of Teath avenue, aud feat tba Counsel ia itos C >rporat:on take tba prvyer legal ?aaaures to eifei t tbe same. Which was earned. , v ^ ,, Tbe raaeiution was then concurred ia by tha fallowing ^MirmaMre? Aldarm'aa Pox, Joaea. Iba President Alder ?Ma MuMabon, McCool, Shannon. Ch*pp, McWnlabt. Ryer?, Jeremiah, ilardy. Kelly. Maateraoa. Parley and Long? 1 J. rtrxita mcR^T^roua lvid otbb. Raaoritlon to pay Dodworth a Hand one hundred and ?sreaty seven dol ars and nfty cents far mnete on lbs oo. a adaael tba reccptlou of tha KiM-ty llftb regiment. Which waa adopted by the following vole ? Agtrmatlva? Aldermea Kev, Jonea. the Prsai<lant. Aider aaa MeMahon, MoCeol. Shannon Cbipp, .Mcknight, Kyera, lareniiali. Hardy. Maaterson and Utag? It. Reaolntlon ot Beard of Couoeilmen tbat (If tbe Board or AMarmea 'io?rur) a Special Co mm ttee of live be appoiate I hem each Board to make tbe nec-atarv arraugemeuta lor ibaeelebralioa of the approachiag aaniver>ary of tbe Birth BAy of the Immerial Washington, the 22d of February, and tbat tbe anm of teven thoutand dollara be and tha tame la bartky appraprlated ihereror; taid amount to be taken from tba apjtmf rtatkon far ? City Caaiin?enciea," or any other ??ex vended appropr atlon Which waa leat by tba rattewlng vote ? Aglrmative? Aldarmaa Pox, Joona. Henry. McCoal. Shan Ma, Chlpr, McKnight, Hardy, Maateraoa, Parley and fata? lb Meaatlve? Alderman McMahoa, Ryera. Jeremiah and ?aliT-4 Babaauuaatly reoon tide red and laid over. . Report of Commltt'4 "n Public Health, In favor af adopt roeolnt on that tbe va-Mtnt lots oa theaonth a Ida of Pifty flrth atraet, aad en tbe westerly side ar Broadway, between Fifty-fourth add Fifty iiftb ttreeta. the northerly side or Khv- fourth street, h-tweea Broadway aad Mlghth avenue, ? on the eaaierly side of Eighth avenua, between Pifty. lb and Ptltv fifth -treats, be fenced In. tinder the direc Waaaf ihe Street Commlttloner, aad tbat tba a- wmpany. Its ordinance therefor be tdorted. Which waa adopted by the following vole ? . w_ AHmative? Aldermen Fox, Jones the President. Mel ool, fhaanon, Chipp, McKnlghi, Ryers, Jeremiah. Hardy, Reiiy, ?aaierton aad loag?i.V Ragatlve? Aldarmaa McMahoa? I. R?|iori of CoAmltua on Public Hea'th in favor of adapb lag raao ut on that tha vacant lots on ibe north aide or BEbtr-atiib atreM, tetweea the Piret and Seoead aveuuet, ba feuced la. undei the direction of the Street Commit ?eaer, aad that the accorapaaylaB ordlaaace therefor ba *1^ksh waa aJortei fcj the following rota:' Aimtatlve~-Alaefaaaa Pet, Jones, tba President. Mc<'eol. Shannon, Chipp, Rc&nigbi Ryera Jeremiab, Hardy, lolly, Maaurtcn and Long? IV gative? A.denxian McMaboa? l. i port of Comioitiaa on 6>.aid u' B?a 'b r favor of ad'Wtlag rcaoi'itico tbat the vanaat lota on the ?r>"th a da of Bblrt , rau ' U street beittoen Sitib aad Savautb arco'.t", <>a BUei la, uodsr the direction of the Sitae! Cg aiulaa.ooer tbat lbs a<^;ompanyiug ordlDanoo tboicfor ba adapted. ?htoa waa loat hy lha folUiwina vote ? Amrniativa? Aldermen fox, Joaeo the Peesldant, MnOaol, Shannon, Ob ra, MoK night, Ryera, laremtah Hardy. Kany, jfaalarann nod l/ong? >i& tiva-Aldf rtnau McMahwi? I. ?'tlon that tha sua ken lets or east aide of Jtecend ba'twoon rifty-aaioud and Plft; ?,,?Td -ireeia he forthwith under tha direct oo or tie street ? om ? wa ?n?r. an<t that tea aoeemranr'ng or ltt.anca therctor i adteted Which was atkmied by the following rate ? AWrmative- Aldermen Pox. Jones, tha PreMdeot. Met.'ool, Bbanaoa. c'airp McKnight, Kj art, Jeremtab, Bardy, Rally asd Maatiiaaa-i.V Bagatu Report ? aiH u E""1 ? *"??? 'i rr reaoiutioa that taa vaeana Bread " " at Cop therefor ft tT tlshih street, i*twean Seventh avenua aad Breed w?r ha rcaeed in n. ?*. lha direotmo oi the wa* adopted hy tba follewlag vela, vlt:<* Ai?rniatlve-Adermea .'onee, the Praeldeot, Mcfeel, flfeaanoa, Chipp. MeKalfht. .Teremlth, Hardy, tally, Mae aarsse. OMiwell. Fariev and Onag-lS. ?aaatlve? Alderman MeMehon? 1. ... . Ref "rt of Committee aa rubiks Nta th tn faver af adapt feM reaatmtaa thai tha lew and tuakea Iota No Ma W(t< Kety sulk al reel ba Bllsl la. under tba directlen af ibe WMaal ''einwiissioosr, aad that Ihe aocompaaylag ard aaaaa ? ?^h eh ws?*atnpt?d bv the follow nj vole A*rm?<lve_aM?rmsii Poi, Jone*. the ?P Per olirtAon lb A | t|M) im^a , loaioaar. ' "a,r Ihd d raetlon af tha 7traei kinh wee adopted hy iba Wlaalai veto ? Brmatlre- Abiermsa J aaaaa. taa PraalAent, Aldarmaa TW?,aaaoa. Oh^w^^Ka^t, Ryera Jeremiah. Maj iaiMb hat IhTjqw and t^fka'a lota Woe (M aad IM iblrd atraet ha ?l?d la farth with, aader tbe dlrawtlee _ Jtreel t vuimlaaianar. . Jl<4,was adapled 1>r Iba fe lowing vole ? AMramt^a-didO"?<?' tha fri anient, M.'Voi, Shannon Chlpp, McKaght Myeta. J*r*mlab, ???*?? K*4*r' Miildrni u ao<t KeDon of | ? CuramHIM ? <*????? '??, *!?re?J\nYbe*ioe ree?liUlo<> tfcat * tewer. with the neooaeai K *-...- gf bib ia and cnlv.ila, be bollt In JT?" Aa"uoa*ct Ml., h avenue, under tbedUr?U.? Of ? Dcpa unpuv, aad that lb* accompanying ordiahooe lB"*' ^WhiSt^M adopted by the tallowing McM.l.ou, A i rmellva-Ald.reeno rfoeae, the P^ent* ?"?*??on. Shannon Cbtpp MottalgUl, Byer*. -I*r*mlah, Hardy. a??y. B and l.eng? 18. r-.?r ?/ ?Au?ttng Rcuort of the Committee oa ? aware la ' JJ . Tbl U.J resolution that a Newer, with the noce.a?r> 'j* jjlgbth U> audcul aria, be builtln flftl.tfc ,,ot Nlutb avenue uadertha dlree. .en cl < *'|U?J< o D?t artment. w< that th? nceompeuifM ordinance tnere.o. ^WMrb'wa" adopted ?* the frUowlag *o(? - ncn?. hr sr,r.rc&?cK0a,if H%^J?r.ullat, Hard,, c^^uee^ttowera in fa.or ef oonourrlof wMBoaid ot Cnunctlinen to adopting uwu" Board, and ibai the aoeompauying ordloauoe thveior be ^Wtwib *<? adopted by the follow'ogTata. ? .. "feTo'co n^Sr.'o,, Rawer. rr.u^"Vo ^aSreeu ule'Siilh " W^lch' aaii'ed^pt^^lMbe folU.wing "B^ToiSGS.*^ ?>?'??< ?*"?? ??? aveuutt, fr?.n Ko Hetb to Forty fifth *l<?>>? Wn on w*. adopted bv the f*"?,v*'."A II..7. M.Maboo 81^76^; -Sht Hj er.? Jer*m ,ah , Wdy, Kelly, Of the Croion Aqueduct Bo-trd, aud that the accompany g ordinance therefor be "tupied Which wm adopted by tin t.)1!owng,oU! MMIiod A llirmative? Aldermen Foi Jouea. llenry, Mc?anon, Ht.aunpu (Mi. pp. McKnlght, Kyera, ..eiemlah, uardy, Belw. od Koada in fetor of concurring Il'SbSfu Etwee^M. *hwti'"b h ltl? v<3%7 Mi-MAhon. wlei with ^ Bethan^aremeot under the of the C r* ton Aq ueduet Ue (>* rWn* n U and that the accompany n ; ordlaaace laerefor be wlopted^ _ Which waa adopted by the loll?w'n? McMubon Afl.rmi.tl7e ? Aldermen Ko*. Jone., Heiiry, Shannon Cbipp, HcKolgbt. Ryfra, Jeremlab, Hard/, EeUy KESSKttf?>Bss?3S iween Biabtaveoue M<1 Hudson river, ?? p^ved wlio Boi clan or trap b.ook pa*?tnenl, the whole expenno to he borne ti the nrowriywwra. under aieh atractlon. a. aba 1 be siren b\ the Oroton Aqueduct Department, and the accon? panvtng ord nance therefor be adopted. Whiou waa concurred tn by tho to.iowina tote M , A iSruiati*^? Aldermen Ko,. Jone., Henry ?;M?hon, Shannon. Ci.Iot McKul*ht, Ryera, Jerorolah, Hardy, tielly, "(UaofuUon tha^ihe'comptrollor be dlreoved to drnw warrant m favor Of John MoMaUone for the iw of ?12J f tr fiflucnei far v> shed fo" tho rocoptiuii of tho 8?v6iilj llrsl ?\??X1 ? P?r bUl hereto an..?ed the amount to be taten from tlio upproprJation wt% apari for tbat purpose. Which waa adoWd by the toiling toui. a fflr m&tt'ft* AldefilMD Pot. JOfle^, riCHry, ,c fihauooo. GUI pp. McKniaht, Ejern, Jcromiab, Hardy, Kelly, tat?"#4W,,l0,,wtnfci t . -f Alderman Jonei mored to auapend tho P?""' b... neea for the pnrpoae of cotioldenng paper* from the Board of Counolmen hont-O. HnR nom wC1B0 or cotTi?ciLij?K. RMAliitloti that nariiiiieiOQ b^ glTCD to A. D- Rochio^r u. K VhoJr M e^n front of hta Ho. 44 Soweiy. the aame to reuaalo during the pleaaure ol tho Oominon Council. . ._ Be*olut7on VhaVpermlajlon ,^L* 'ZJSto* rom'the'at^w *k remain during the pleaaure of the Common Council. of tho Supenn^dent 0f Lande and Place* be rtxed at the autn j of fS.i'W per annum, to date from the lat day of Janunry, 1BC4. lUaoUitTon 'that'tbe Commltto4 on National be dl *2^t2 nroeaYo and proeent w the aie?enih reg.meut New York StaU Militia a a^ and of oolora, the caat of tne aame not to exceed tbo auin ol $iflt). iasMSffisa-" ^r?s,a?rsrSKa: the accompanying ordinance therefor be adopted. R.^ofC^m'^On Donation* and Charltlee. with ?r l^'or'of the0,n?aaur?r of^be'coMre^tlo'i^ncht .VmidHd ^bfhty alitb atreeia, the aame to be charged to iccotiiit of ??Douatlona." Which WM laid wtr.M AaA)K jasr'ST: ,heCh*lr But V* SiTRSS li?w oT covl offi- ?*an*B?>. Report ot Ooroinlttee on Donation, and ( barltiea, wltb^re ^ SMKKr'S R^dolrb 2?v'? frr?^ inSJ^MUiroe dollar. anT Sfty cent., aa ?*'J aa e of frnlt. *e.. aaid permi.aton t> reiain on y during the pi aauio of tto Common Co in. II. Common Oonncll. k'e. r~sa s ffis jsvusajsw.' si*, u s-' ^ ?? ?-?. the p eaauie of the Oomjnon w '".?!llt7[?*2I*tin?,tha?'a iraolntioa and ordinance wore ado!Te?b! th^ Common Oonn<-ll and approved br the Maf adopted OJ inev . ^ ,nR ,lie oonatrucii'Mi of the no ^ b^nfiwd culrertn tn Hieventh avenoe 7' SEte: "I-, the plia^e . f the Common Oe'inell. aair.'Kiasu. w ? xxxsui ?? rs; sirwv'ur; zx-irzi". xz. ina.n d.irlag tbe ploaenf* ol lUe O0?.w4M. * o nee.. >?~r&Tr?z\hr<z>*: W;?h.M-n D|1.1hS 'I rwcted to draw h . wmnrant In faw nf ,r" ^ charged ' "" tinnene lea. ? SSWlTTfeiueli. he na?ed w,.h B:i.J..."rtr.pblock LaMu^te.W-.# re^rS^;? ?Tb^?wMro?tothe Commit.^ on Whan,, Pier. "Va^eTton that the Pamptmller be dlrr. led .o drew b.a ,tTur of J. Centre.', fo. the awm ol ?3W W for funfra' **iixCB?es as per annexed bl'l atltnmnf ?r ^ s# tatj % Wlr rman A??dro Froment and -bsnr# tha ssmo M tti appi^rloISn for City Connogenele.," or to any other up r prla:e int. Swolution i?rnit<>.i>n be gl??n to *t*plieu J. Bo? o to^re/. a trni for ill* p irpo?? of Arolung 'I. the < ttjr Ifall VX.Mt?r^A ,0 r,m,lln ,,B,y during the p eaa.tre 0rth" Common (VjuoMJ "that^he Comptroller be dlr^todeWer ?? .V. N. ? 6 til free A.adeiny two hundred Joa?l*o? tho.laa'tw ^ ^ ground* of aald Inalllittlon. ?''iTbt'L w m ro^r *d *%e Con.n,ltt*e on W Heal.h JJ^v.rTon thai the It. oot Ccmm l* loa.-r ^ d^te 1 t uase two gaa lamp*, and mu** th* aame to be lighted in Trail of iho HethodM etmi-nh ou Forty eighth mrnet, be tween ?'ghth and H nth a.eaiMf. Which irnoeoncuiTOd ut. He'olutton. thai the street Comtn.talonor be dlrorted to adv?rt'*$ f?T profo*al* to boiid a oew teador for the nee of Jrert'*? for proeo*al* l RefH 4fOommltieo o .. lalttee on Relgian, with r**e u It* n mat Howt4m ? treat- from Lewt* Mreet .o the Seal r'ver. he pa?-ed with Belgian payment. Ml Wf?ti*M ponee or the owner* of peppany and .<ne half at the eiaenre ot the elty, the wert to IV -tone nader the 4' m Ilea of Uie Croton Aiaedurt Department, and the accompanying ardi anoe therefor he adapted Which < a. 'aid orer Cwimunitattna 'mm the aire*1 reinneitiir relat.T* ta erdlnanee forgrad ng Weet atfwet. da, with reeolutloat aa feliowe ? Kemlred, That U* ra-oh.ttoa aad ordlnaaee adO|>ted hp the Commoa Council and approved by hla Honor the Mayor oa February ?. IM4 h. amended to read a< follewa ? Raanhed. fnat W?*t ctreei.fram Uammoad ltda of Hahoken atreet, together wttk all laterwottag ?tr*et. with Wnt atreei, between Haaimoad aad Hohoa^n atrrei*, b. curbed aad f wfeer* nitimary, under the direc tion ef the Ptieei C min aiocer, and that th* aeoempaay log ordlnaa*a therefor be adoatad. He*oJv?d. Thai th* reao atlaa and erdlaaaa* adopted by the Common Council aad approved by hit loner the Mayer Pehruary *J8M, be amended to read aa rallow* ? Kaejired. That We*t *tre*t, batw*ea Hammond aadjto beften etraeia, aad en latare?r?ug or crae. *tr*et* with Weal atraat, between Hammond aad HeHtken itreete, ba raga lated aad graded where *e<**oefy. under th* dlractlaa ef the ttreet remmt**l?n*r. and thai the aerenpaaytag Ordl naaee therefor ba adopted. Whiob wa* laid or*r. Report ef reamtttee oa Boadt, with r?*e uttea that tha curb aad gettar >tna*a t>e eat aa* r***t, aad th* ?idewa t* fl*ggad a *p*?* four roat wtd* ihmugk the middle of tha ?am*, la Part* third atraat, batweea Piret aad luail ave ntiee, under the direction of the Street ComaiHtuaar, aad thS JF* n>?ampaaylag eedlaaaea therefor m adoptai. Whlnh w*e referred w the Oenamittee oa l*ata . Joaort or Comailttee oa ?treat#, wtth reeo utlea that t%* *a an eaet *Ma of third avaaoe, between Fwea tivlk aad Tweaty Ar*t Mtaata, ha (lagged aad radajgea. wh.r. aat a ready gape, under the atreettan af the Ifiraet 1 ftiat taa animpanylarici ? f: 'feaMoM^ and tNat m ammpaayhMT'w-i'aane* there ym SVw- to the cemmittae Beeolat ?a that the f Comptroller be t __ i aa ttMetai I the Comptroller be directed to araw l.le warrant tn favor or Wuhan MeD?.i*ia, fo> thaeum ef three hnrdrad dottaa* hem. the aa>au<>t 'a f?" r*' 'h?w* a* - , -- Of Ihe lata Colonel F. B. O'Brfea. who ?? ktlkd during tbe July riot*. end rnarge Ike mom lo tbe mpptOf** I'OB for city contingencies, or nny other appropriate ?c Wh:oh mi inferred lo the Committee on Finance Repou uf I ho C?. aimiM oa Flueooe. with reeolmlon inn the Comptroller bo directed to draw hie warrant In fnvor of Sister Helena. ?>r the luduel>inl School, under the ennrgc of the Sillers of Char l>. iu ? orty sev? *'.h alreet. lor the euro of $l,00o au<l to charge the tame to ihe approprla tloe for "Oonaikone aud Charietiea " Whii h w*a rnierred 10 the Committee ?a Ftiien e. _ Report of the Committee on, with resolution that Fifty teeqjM Street, from Second avenu? tu the Baal river, be curbed and kottereii. and ihst the *lriewnl<0 be flagred loo. f?et wide U>rough Uie in ddle of the snme under lite direction of tlM Street Commissioner and that the wae refer i ed to the Committee on Road". Resolution that Thomas W. Hkose uud Jtr Coomb* be permitted to erect a teat n the par < for the purpose of v uraitiog for Hancock'* Breindarmy a irp*. such pormiaaien to remain tmiy during the pleasure or the Common Council. Which waa eou4iire*>in. R"*'i|iuion. granting perm lesion to John V. Farmer to ?unslruut an oirn under sidewalk In front of hi* premise-. Which waa referred to the Committee ou Streets. MOTIONS AOSm S "SHUSH Alderman MoMaho.n moved that, when the Board sd jOurn. it do so to meet en itondte nasi, 8lt 'uataci at 2 O'. IOCI KM' Which waa carrtod. Alderman moved that the Board do new ad >o<jrc. Wlllcll Wft** ll)9t. pavku h r? cm boa an or cookciI'Mbji aoaiw rim?**!; Report of Com>nltlec en H pair* and Supplies, with reso lution that the Street Commissioner bo tf rented forthwith to renew and repair ihe teiegrapo wire now stretched Be tween the various Bra boll lowers, the same to bo done without eontrart. at a cost noii*< eicncd lire liua i red dol lars, alto to furuivb Ute Central O ' co with a superior time piece in order to furnish uniform tuns throughout the ? iiy. W blch wan referieil to Committee on Finauc<t. Resolution That the trot-in Aqttediii t Department bo di rected to place a lira hydrant on the southeast corner of Grand and Sullolk atreeta Which wan cone itrte 1 In. Resolution. that pemnaaiou ho given to Joseph Nason A Compauy to receive and deliver goods in Trent of loeir premise*, corner of Beekman an ) Gold streets the same to remain during the plensera of the Common Council. Which waa coin irred In. Re-olutloo. Tliat permission be given to Bad! A Kalneky to keep a stand 111 front of tbeir premlites, No. Ml ?lglitli avanue. the nmn to remain only dui.ngtbe pi' a-ure of the Co-nu on Council. Whlcb was concurred In. Ropo tof Comuilu e on Road*, with resolution that eirb and glitter stones be set and the sidewa>ke t a??ed u> iiWhti eth street, between T.ilid avenue and Sa->1 river, a apace four feet wide, where uot *1 ready done, under the direction of the street Commissioner. Which was referred to the Committee on Roads. Report or Committee on Donations aud Charities, with re aoiutlon that the Comptroller be directed to draw his war rant in favor of Eintl Hauer, Treasurer of the German Dis pensary In Third street, for the suaimf live huudred dollars, and charge the -ame to the account of ' Donations.'' Which waa referred to Committee on Finance. Report of Committee on Donations and Charities, with fe solution that the Comptroller be directed t" draw bis war rsnt in favor or Ben atnln Woods for the aum or elm-nine doliare aud ninety four oenta, being ihe amount of his per sonal tax for the 1802, which was erroneously asset e<1, and charge the tame to the account of ??Donation! and < ha riues." Which waa referred to the Committee on Finance. RiionrK BEHi'Mrn. The Committee on Bewers presented a report to build a sewer in ttoveutjr fourth street, lr?m Fifth avenue to the East river. Wbtch waa laid over. MOTIONS AGAIN III M1MRP. Alderman Jokks moved that tbe Hoard do row take a re oeae for Ave mlnutee. AFTBK RECESS. Present? John T. Henry, Esq., President, and the fallow ing mem tiers ? Aldermen Jones, McMahon, Kuannon. Chipp, McKnigbt, Jereiniali, Hardy, Haster-on aud LiOog? 10. MIOLOTIOX. By Alderman Jonas? Ke?o:ved That tbe Corporation Atturuot be and he ia herebr d irected to discontinue all suits for violation of ihx Corpoiation ordlnames intil otherwise ordered by he Com uion Council. Which waa laid ovor. PA I KKH ???! M rHK aOAUD or COVXCItMEN AOAtK RRIUar.D. Resolut on ibatthe Blreet Co*?mi?i<ioner be direoterl to place two gas lamps in front of the Alauson church, in Nor folk street, between Grand and Broome streets, mined ately. Which w|i concurred in. Resolution, that permission be given to H?ssr?, Fuller A Bpooner to paoe a sijile for the weighing ot'lce at the toot ol Hammond street North r re , the same to remain during the pleasu roof the Commou i ouncll. Wlilcli was i?nc rred in. Resolution, that the Commit e; on Rational Affairs he directed to procure a su1ta> le stand of colors and giiMuns for the use of tho Ninety ninth regiment. New fork Rational Ouurd. Whlcb wan aid over. Preamble, reeling the tact of the doatb of Colonel aid Acting Brigadier Oeneral Patrlci Kelly, of tbe Eighty-eighth rorfimeot New York Volunteers, Irish Brigade, killed before Petersburg. Va , Juno 17. with resolutions, flrtt, that the Common Couooll have learned with pro found sorrow of the death of Co one I Patriek Kellv. who was kKiad in front ol Petersburg; that the example presented by the brarerv In action, and the fidelity and attention to duty at nil times which bad secured to him high and honorablo rank, and tbe con fidence anil esteem of lils superior officers, is worth* of emulation bv ail our soldiers, iihsi ens tbe grief with wbloh we record his early death, and tfcat we offer to his family and friends the eipros-ion or our wannest svmpathv lo the Irieparablc loss they hare sustained br the untimely, though noble desth of one so esteemed for his virtue and honored for i Is services; and second, that a copy of the foregoing preamble and resolutions be duly authenticated and trans malted by the Clerk of the Common Council, on behalf of the city authorities, to tb? family of deceased. Which was concuri ed In. Resolution, thst permission be given to William T. Carter to erect an a* nlng In front of hla premises. Nos 10.1 and 107 Co''ttnbia street, the same to remsla during the p eas ire of the Common Council. Whieh w as concurred >n. _ . Ue-olitllnn that Ssoond avenue, from Fortieth to ?uty first street, be renumbered under the direction ol the Street Commies' oner. Which was referred to the Committee on Street*. Kesolut on that the Croton Aoubdiict Department be directed to place a fire hydrant In front of premises Ro. Ill Ann *tieet, oecupisd by Steam Engine Com pan v No. S. Which was referred to the Committee on Fire Depart ment Resolution that permission be given W Jos ah Wattecman. Ro 113 Row Canarstreet. to eihlbit hla goo is lo front or his premises, said permission to romain during the pleasure of tbe Common Council. Whlcb was concurred In. Rexoiiulon that permission be given to Nelson Bherwond to receive and deliver goods from the sidewalk In front or his prsmises. No. S if Washington street, ihe permission bersby given to cobtlnue only durlnK Ihe pleasure of ti e Common Council Wnleli wa* oon' nrred in. Rssoiitflon that the resolution which passed the Common Council granting permission to Fredsrlc Lewis to place and retain a showcase in front or his premises, MA Broadway, be lOS' lnded. repealed and annulled. Which was reoelved and referred to tbe Committee on Streets. Resolution that permission be given to John (julnn to erect a stand lor the tale of newspspers snd periodicals en tho southeast corner of Nassau and Cedar streets, to re uiulo only during the pleasure of the Common i 'oud. r, MP Which was concurred In. Preamble reclilng that his Ktcel eucy Abraham L no-.'n, PiOMdent of the I'mled States. hai> ts 'led bis proclstnatnn for a dralt 'o take pliu<e on the nrtb day of Beptember: thai the quota of the city aud coonly of New Turk, under said draft, is about twsoty-tbree ihuusand men; that It la a ??!! known fait that other States and counties are glvingni'teh larger bo unties than tbe county of Ne? York, thereby ?s senine the ' hstices of see ir1nn volunteers snmclentlo III our quota: with re-olntlon tb?t the honorable the Koaru of Suoervl-ort of the county of Ne-v Tom be and the* are hereby reap", tful ? reu iosted to In-rease the oouatv Which waa refeneo to the Committee on K?ii"nal A: Report of Committee on Rrpa-I and S' ppi as with ?So- | lu tlois that the Street Comons onsr be d r*< ted tbcifend I the lime three inonihs for the Tompletlon of Iheeonlrsr-s I for building h mse for the use of j a. so for Hose company No. 1 1. Which ws? re'errid to the Committee on Fire Depart | ment. ItepiTtof Coii inlitee on s-wer* reso it oa that ihe I sewer In Leilngton aven ie he -oiittnue l from its pre-ent i ?| iniiaton, I el ween Thirty eighth snd Thirty n'nth streets, to the sewer in Thirl e ghtb street, said sewer to bs eon stincted under 1'ie dire Hon of the Crotuu Allied ii t Hoard, ai d iba' ihe s> romps ii > lug ordinauce tbeiefoi l>? adopted. . vt'fci. I. ?ss efer.e l to the Cnmmittoe en Bewera ? reonvs liwsrn I Tbe Cowmiltee on Public Hes tb preeente 1 a retort la faiui of f<i> ipg lota on Fertj eec; nd street, between Kevenil and Righll uveuues. Wiil< li -van aid oven Tbe Committee on Public Heullk presenied a rep.. it la Tattt' of t.'lui" ?nnken lots ?n westerly side of avenue A, between * 'r.etj -ss< ono and Binety-third streets, w i n ??? lain over The '' ee on Pob"c Hea th rreaented a re(ert to fenti' vaiam ioui oo so.itb sine ol Fl a i b aventie, b>"weeii Poi'y seienil. and Forty eighth snort*. Which was laid Over The Commit ee on Assessments rreser eda report to do nale to Cong ep tier Bhssrvth *e.'es asm sufl cieni to jav aasesemaMts Whi- b was laid ever The Commutes on Assessments i re>eni?d a report to do aate te Method in iscopai ciiitr h, in Twenty fomth sweet, i etwees Ktshth and Ninth a emtes, a sum suffl'vent to pay assessments Wht'h was aid over. j Ti e Committee ot Assessments rreaented a report to j donate to ch rrk of Inn- cents a turn s-ilOcIer; to pay as- | BO'smept*. Whi"h W4S laid over. a?itionr nasi nan. Alderman X ?"t?iiikiji meveu the Beard do tew | IliNr*. wtitcli wae carried Whete'irna the Paksiriaer de lared that the Board stood j adiouint ' 10 Monde' , 8th iasieni, at two o"' oc*. D T TALRNTINR, Clerk. B I A II D SBWION? Niw Toes. AticuelS, 1?-4 rre-ent? 'ohn T flenrv, Eso . Preeulent. Aldermen Fet, I McMaben, Ch'pp. M tnighi, Ryert, leeemiah Hardy and i ?setereen The minute* of July 19 and M and August 3 were read aud aftproved. I raiirioiie. By Aldermso ViCocif ? Pennon or i he Street Itispe-ot for an IncrefiM of salarf. j Which wae laid over. By A'derman IaHrs^oo ? retltlou of rroperty owner* for i iewei In Forty tilth street, between Tenth and (levenih avenues. Wbieh was referred lo ijse Coum ttee on Sewere. ?S?0'.CTto|?*. I By Whereas. Book sad Ladder Co No 4 bis been nmaln* ftir the lest st i months without a lo at loo. aud the? are the oait book and tedder compan; In the .ower part 0t tbiolty; therefore be It Reeolved. Tbet Ue Comptroller be antherned and divert ed to p irehaae or lease a loeatloa far gaid eotmmny at bis J-c- " ? - ? - ig bousdariee. on Ute weet. Cortieadt street en the north and AlMor street on the eerlleet eeevenienee, to be wiibin tbr f illowlng beuadarteA *W ? Broad war on lite east, West s-rflet on the wee" ?oath, Which wae laid ever. vaeese vmow m sotep or iowki iut*?. Reeelutwa io pay the same amount or relief to ihe remi ttee oi tbe New i erk city ssiliila as is paid to the N*? Vcrk clti volunteers. Which wae concurred la by the foilewlag vet* ? Affirmative? Aldermen Fox. the l'r*eideni, Aldermen ? Mahoe. Cblpp, lelnigkt, Ryers, Msrd> Mssierson and nnlHi eueisTton* h?iombb Wbereas, this Board has learned wlik feel age of fro feuad sorrow of the deeeeeeor Aan C., wife of our esteemed and valued aeeec ate and friend. Jacob M. L ng. the reer* sentMive of the Bevemeeeti Aldermarrle dtstrht In ihe W herons fer t-M* afflUIIng d *pen?a'lnB of A miably Qod, I whlob deprive* our neseetsfe and friend of her wbooecupied the krst place le hla aBeetlee. who eas hie companion, hi* ooensefior. hie oonffdeei. 'he ekoeen obleet of those en tear ? ^ JAM. lei avmpeikiee snd liee that bi*d together tbe kind, indul Bent aad lev lng has baa* aad father aad the affeeuovete. Ct He end devoted wire and mother, we nek to he permti'ed e i tend to him to Ma effiiction our afmp?Mhy and rondo * Reeolved. Thet thfi' R *rd ef Aldermea will attead the funeral ebee^niee In a bedy, and as a furher ev dence of ?ur regret fer her dereeae. end fit eymsa.hy for eer i-oN league I* hie bee reeve mewl, the Beerd do new ed journ. e bieh wee adopted 1} T. VALBBTINB. Clerk. ?e?B el CmmIImcb. IfMCttl] PTAT' D RBBllON? Aogiiet d-1 e'eiot*. V. V. The B<erd met. piueueet le ast*ur?w f- **"'? tWiem hei Me ll :;itv M*J _ A aaorum uct aaswerlBg lo their cNM ?? poll oall. Ike Bo*r4 was declared ad learned until Moaday, Slk loetant, al a o'cltKk 1' M JAMBB M BWBBBT. Oler* STATED F RHHION? AuMnat 8-2 ? efook, M. Tba koenl net, purauaoi lo ad ourauie ut, tl ibelr Okaan Im r Ku. 16 C ly II* I I 1'reaenl ? Jama.. Mayan. Ba<j , Presides! IU Ike ?kali'. Md tta to lowlag ib' oi i< a. tmaetinite llo? e.. Keeuuo. Klley W. 'biter Fleernan. ttepoer. Kwtr. Ho glual o, llm ? il McUratb, Ja?|iieA Main Mar, Cook. Braadou, Br toe Buaaeti. F lUfeiald aod Jo'ce ? 19. The minutes of 'nestings haul July 28 and August 1 were read aad apt>?oved. ? HO' I TIOMW By CM ncllman Jovca? fteao ved, rhat a sewer with the MotMrjr (??>< *1 baslu* and euiverta, be built lo fort* sikih -tisel, belweeu Bigbih and Ninth av n?? Which *?? referrco to tbe Committee on gewere. By Councilman ftm-run? Resolved, That leiuumou tie and the saase is hereby given to Mchelere to keep a paper eland on tie ao, coraei of aveuuti 0 ml Secoud it reel, the same M remain only during the re ef the 0<>*imon C< ttnal. Whicti was adopted. ??4 U>? ?amo n a* due- ted to be aeut io the Board of Alderman lor con u rente By llia.PHHStDrm? Resolved. That pern i?s,oo be and tbe am* la faarabv fives to Be: ?ou hamuli* to receive ,tud de Ivor good* in rout of his promisee No 162 II rand street, oorntr Of Centre. M rraeio ouiy during iba pl> aiuaof tbe Ceaamen Council. Wuioh ?m adapted. Anil tiie same w., directed to be sent to tl.a Board of AI ? deraien tor eoncurrenca. By Councilman llnai.v ? Bv solved. that permlaglon be and is hereby Riven to Wll Uam \Viiilan?? to eie.-t a teul In the 1'ark, lor reirifltlng purposes, t .a same to continue during tbe |> ensure of ike Coratnou Civ nc.l Whlrn w.i" .opted AaU the untie wan ?iti ?>r lei. to be seal to >he Board of Al dermen for concurrence this evening. ?| Councilman Bhamion? esolvod. That the Comptroller be and he la hereby au thnrUed and d.rei-ted to |iay the families of men serving in the Row Yoik c t> militia regiment* for one liiindred day a, uniler the i iM ''til of the l'ree dent, from tiie Volunteer Kao.lly Aid Fund, thi- same amount of roller. nnder the nine i aloe and rcguUlious, ?? 1? ao? balntt patd to iba Maw Voik citv ?voiimte?'r rcglnicnta. Wlileh wax udopteil. Ami the aa'ne ?va-< tliroi'ted to h<; sent ta tin Board of Al dermen f or coMO'trrenoo tbm evenlns. By Coiinellinan Bki^k? Kcao'vtxl, That tba Street Comnm-aloner b? and bell hereby authorized and directed to ere t a temp.jra.y loca tion far the uae of Hook and Ladder Company number l>o ?n the lof formerly uaed b.v aa <1 company. W htch waa laid over. CpMMUIOCATlO.1% A eontmnn ration waa rei-e fed fyom the Comptroller, With atatcmeut ol Trcaanry balance to AUKUStti, Ittli*. fTbdi wuh re rived and ordered on llle. A romiiiunii ate>n waa rtceived from the Comptroller, with draft of ordinance making additional apptoprlatioa ? for ibo }>uu 1SW Wbieb w?a rc?- \ed and laid over. INVlTltlOM. A? Inrllatlon "ta rreeivel rrom the P imber*' Br.^tectiTe Boc et> W aitund eseuig'oo to Bidilie'a Urore on Aiifuit 11. Which waa aocepted. , , HOTKIHK. Toiineilraan Kfb -iN m^efl ibat the Coiom ttee on Sala r ea aait Ollio<!8 ne dmi'iiuraed Iron the further ooriaide ra tion of petition of lahoiern .niter Croton Hoard for Iner-aae oi par, wttb reaoiution tiiat the pay ol' the laborers in the Oroion A'jiiedui t lie|>artmnnt be iiieil at the rate of tvfo dollars ''.nd litiy cent* )? -r day, the aaae to take eflacttrom tbe paaaiige of this reno'utiou. Which was earr ed. And Uie aunie x?- laid over. Coiineiiman moved that Uve Committee on 8a!a rlaa and Okeioa be d scharged from the further coasldera lion of petltlo.i of Board of i'oin'niiaionera of /ppea'g, Mew York Fi.e Uetiartuient !o have Uuvid Tbeal paid for serrKes to aald Comraiaiilon. with reaolmlon that tbe Coma lroll*v be dire. Led lo draw bia warrant in favor of David Theal for the *mn of three hundred dol'ara. betnj for a?r vices rendered mi a<tin?{ ni?iwenger to APPoal Cominiaa.on ers of the New York l-'ire Department, and charge to any unexpen.M appropriation. Which una carried. And tbe Kime waa laid over. Counct man Bvirrm mo ed that the Committee on Wharves. Piers and slips be diseburged iron the farther eon Ideru lion of resolution of Bo.ird or Aldermen that per mission be given to John D. Kokerl to ereet sheds on tbe bu khead and pier belwei'n Walts and Uoboken a1 reets. the work to be done entirely ut bis own cost and expense, and unaer the direction of the -Street Commissioner. Which waa carried. Councilman Hhanpon moved thai said resolnl.on be re committed to tbe Committee on Wharves, Piers and Bllpa. Which was carried. _ Councilman Rii'itr mored that the Committea on Wharves. Piers ind Hi ps be discharged from the further consideration "f re olution of Hoard of Aldermen that the Street commissioner be directed to adverilga for proposala to rebuild aad ?yi len the pier at the loot of talgbt street. Which was oarrlnd. And ih" same was laid over. _ , , Councilman Jr ros mored that the Committee on Balional Affairs l-A dU.'hi,ri,ed from the further consideration of reso lution of Board of Aldmtiien. ihat the Comptroller be directed lo draw hia warrant in favor or Jo*l W. Bason, for tpe sum of $t'>0, ninvuni paid by blm for inus c furalshed the Siilh r?i(lment JIatio ia' Guard on the occasion of tbe reception of the naval olicers. wLich ?a< lot. .... . Co'inoilman Kitha* moved that said vote l.e reconsidered. Wbich waa carried. The motioo to dlai-harge the committee was then carried and the paper wan laid over. KEfiOl.t CIO** MSUttEC. By Councilman U?ri?iAN Kesolved. That the Btrcet Cominiaatonei- be, aud be ta hereby authorized and directed to advertise for propo-els forthwith to build a new tro- k for the hO'iee of Marion (look and I .adder Company No. f, tbe preeent truck being entirely worn out by aerviee. Which waa referred lo the Cafnmitteeon Fire Department. Report of Committee on Repairs and S'ipplles to ereot new bell lower in Twenty ae'.ond sireei, between Kirn and Perond aviiuss W hii.h waa laid over. Report of Commutes on Bellini Pavement, to pateave no? It. fioiu Ill usion to Kourleenili atreet. Which waa laid over. Report of Committee on Bewere. to build baelna. Ac., on thn nortln .nl coi ner of Pifi\ ninth etreet and Second avenue Which waa laid over. e^i'icBn i mm ihurd or AMIKBHSK. An ordinance enillled "An ordieancc to provide for the ropilniiasce of the aid heretofnre maieted to the famil'e- of voluutoer soldiers Trom rhe oltj of New York, serving In the ar niea of the Union." Councilman Hitn'c, by unanitcoua consent, meed that said ordinance be emieurred In at this time. Whlcl. waa carried by the foMowinu lole ? Altlrmaflvo? Co'ini'iftnen H'.t'j-, KO'nan, Rliev. Havea. Wr.baler. llefTernnn, Kepp'-r Ko-tri llO'lghtaiin. MavilaBil, Mctlrath. Jauuea. riehaei'er. Cook, Brandon, Brice. Rueaell. Fl'/gerald and Jovco? If. mot ?v? Councllaaan KxaNAN inoied lLat lie Coimoitiee on fiala rle' aud Oit'eea be dis' liai-ged from tlie further conatde a lion oi resiKuat on of .li.kiio " D. W lie as a Coinm aa oner of Deeda. will' re?olutlor that (Cdgar WIMIamt he appointed a i oumi-aloner or l)?eij? for the city aod eouaty of New \ oi k 'n p.?ce of Justin D. White, reaicae t. (By Board of Aldermen, resignation a -<*pted and resolu tion adoeted i Whi -h wasearr ed. The paper wee then condi. re.' n. Cuiiacl'maa RsviaN moved that the Board do now ad .01. r ii. Which was carried. WJierfloi mi l'ie PaaeiDKNT dec sred i ai the B. ard stood adjourned to Tlmrstfai next, lMh inat.. at 2 n'i io<-k P M. JAMrs .M. BWEKNY, Clerk. INBTRliCTlOlf. AH BMoMBH (IBRTLKMAN. wkm, vkribu is the elaaeice ?nd rertocllj ac ptalBtOd with 'he Kreneh laamate. desires to obtain a situation <ia private tuiar in a respectable ratnlU , he 'an likewise iti>e e-aon^ in muelc and phonography. Address bo . JiiS Herald ollli-e. AT DO!,RRaRS COMMP.RCIAL A'ADIMY, <Vi9 Broe t wav ? tienl emen or b ?> * ?nn hare private tn ati ic'.lon n Mercantile Arithmetic. B isinens Writing Prat ileal ilookkeeping. Ac . and lea- n more of ii ??'. ne ? atfaira in one mon'h taan m years at ordinary sebooN a CUIRT.? DUUINQ THIS MONIil tiNi.Y, PirctLS J\ w.ll he re e ved ai one ba'r -lie r??u ar prlcva at aOi.DSM I TU B Innl ' t'. 7'* Hr.iailea -..rue, er II ihth Street Bo,.Vkerpln'/. Penmarsh |i Av ui i* c m piettd I'V Jan art 1. OI.IVKK H l.o I.P> M ITU Dr.KR I'ARR PKMAl.K INST I Tl TK. POKT IP.Kttg. ttranga county, N Y, reopen> 8epten.b?r 1 1. Co - log ate conraa three rear*: highest sdvsniaeea '-?r m ue.c ; miiusialB scenery, ho ne conrorts maurpaased. Add.eaa Rev. I If. Voiihrnp, Pnn awl. nUOBON RIVFR INSTITI'TE? AT CI.AVBRACK CO lumba rountr. B. Y , atlnril' tbe vera Usat advan tages tor a daiairal, >clentil'ic. couimen tal and musical ed icaiion. Fretn n conversation a d l<ewla' gyinnastlcs for lad e? and miliary drill tar gentlemen'ouboul irta charge A t\-r. ^vmnaelttm aa-1 drill room, cnsl'ng ffi.tklU: U nairiirter . Term opeoa Sept. 17. Aildre'f, for new Catalogue. Rev Alonfo F aek A M. Mi:s HBHBT sivons' BBOLfBH, FBBBCH |!(0 list man Bi srding and l)iiy fh hool. 17.1 and 175 West Thiity ninili afeet will reopen on T esday. Sept d. Mrs. S will nest h .me sfter August 23 P* H I'NBRSHl P l>R OTRBRWIBB ?W a A Isdv or gent ?man to om ti.e advertiser In eela'>U<bine atirst ' lass ladies' Bvhool one having a tirat Isaac nneetli o d eetab ifhed ?cno.i. preferred. Toe a tvertleer le Ihorouch W o*p"riene<d C en glee ail the irioiify nece-eary, or the etpenaes may be equity divided. Address M N , boi KIA Head olbcn RWMtBBLAKR POMTBi I1NIC WKTITl'TB. TB<>Y. n f.? The Fortv first annua <es?lnn ofth'i. well known actio*- of engineerlnc and nsturai science will ommence gepiember 14, IHG4. The prlnci|<el budding is ,-ompleted ?ad ready for nreupal on. The new annua' register, giving lull lufermaiion. may be obta ned V App e po's bookstore, >(e? Torlt. er f'orn Profeasor CHARLES UROWRB. l>uec tor Troy. R. Y. TO TBACHBRf? WANTBB, PROKKSJOR t'K MVi*|C nesrriiy. nret class !a<fv pianist an<l vocalist , la lr farplaaonnd 'Ira* Ing'; My for miisiu and French A I loaeners who wsat noaiuors should liaie spt'lcallon form ol Aaier'ean hchoot Imtit ite, J. W. ?citKRMBHHORN, Aclasry, l*V <>raad Street. I C UP A RTK K KB II I P. i NT PABTY HAVINtJ ?l 0*' TO U.Oun TO MPaRR. J\ for a short time, caa double caplfct snd have entire roetroi. without trouble or leas of time. First rlsas business re'er*ives will be rurnlelied. Addresa Csrailse, Herald o?c?. CtOPARTNlRBHIP. -A OFN'TLKMAX OF HOME / isSiins aud ef husiaesa habits and e?p?r rji e desir?s to [se |iHre sn Interest la a eaab eo nmiaelon businesa Pilnc ? ps s only dealt w.ta. Addies- P A , bu HI lists d o' ce Farther wantbd-with rw.w thb bhst pay lag business In the Southwest laauaurated ht the sdiertlser; sO.ntk) people 0"k to one house Tor the supply ef articiee they <?aaot live wiiho it: an m -nopo y. risk smsll. trade caeh. capital doub'ed ev- ry vest This Is a rare npportiuitty, aeeaa be eboern at an tafrview. For parik t ;ais sddress for one week So itin-st, Brooklyn, 5. V Thb coPABTNimsniP hf.rftokorr bxibtino under the aanie aad Irm of Jacobs. Beraheimer A Co. is ibis dav dtsaoived oy mutual consent The hnslneaeef the late flrm will be eettled at IS Broad street, by Mlchsei Jaoobeand Hanoan Bern belts >r. who aloae are authorized to use the same of the Arm la liquidation. . _ JACOB?, BBRNhKlMBB A CO. Hit Tew, Align si H, 19m. rr'ARTBD-A STRADT MAN. TO TAKB THB PLACB TV of a reilrtBgparty ia a light aed profitable srsaifs lurlaf bnelaeee |Wn eapital required Call aad gae a I 74 ?road era*, third flooi. InforBtanea grat s. WAMTRD-AB RNKR,.RTI' MAN. WITH ?iv?0 OR tj.VHl ease, ta engage ae srtlve parioer In an a ?tr? ' v Aj (wxi easa. ta ea?a?a aa aei EHvlngkuetneag la the eliy ef New ?. Ilerald efflea. stailag where an ' York Address D. *. aterriew --aa be had . tana to #i,im,^A pbactical iirbbitb laiaaioi, haviSM aerved in Ue armt taree yeara, wiahee to entarle parlnerTa a well eetabl abed businesa ?. aa sbjaeuon ta the country . ue-'oubted reference given aa4 re |Ml Igksgs a ? lie a?? at. eel. Raw To>h. UMT AND VOOID. LMHJNO-ON TAB NEW HAYBN CARS, ON THUHH I day afternoon, a Pockatli??k containing some Money Apply to K Newell. 49 Chamtx a atreet r08T-TUB PKRXO* WHO FMU!?I> MT POOKKT J boek m wolrjin* to Hie n?ir; it oentaneil If be WfH bo fc'Bd enough ui isiuru lisk paper" to Tli>inai J, Us/Mr, 396 Bntdttf. Jr OST? ON WBDNRSDAY BVBNIN'l AUO'ST Id. A ,A Bote. drawn m ike nr ler of Win. Whaiin fur Ova mm re1 dollars. together with A small mm of nv.tie'- The fliioer wi I Cf.iit?r a '?v t bv returning the note in Wi: lam Dougherty, I'JI avenue B, corner of I we flh ? treat. A ? m;. raeat Iim been (topped tl la of no uaa to any one t ut tha Owner. IOBT-ON BOARD THE NEW HAVKB BOAT. JULT J Jfl a ia.1*'e Oold Watch, with the ovncr* n?M H> travail uo th. ca?> iru'dc. Bt leaving the same at Hit Us '"liurrh street. New Yo-k, the finder win ha au.tablv re warded ?u4 no qiiaalioaa asked LOf^T? ON 8 I'M DAT LAST. A GOLD HltllRUIT, while returning iroui tlui Metiodlat Kplac- pa chmch to >'.|iy llrst ?treat, the tinder will be suitably rewardea at .62 WhI fifty drat street. r OST-ON WEDNESDAY, 11TH INST., KITH BR IN I J Wal1 atrset or tue vicinity of the p., at o?ce, $H0 in United Ktataa Trea^arv notaa, In ? "oarae j?!low ?ia|i;?r. The finder wilt be liborally rewarded hv It at tha Merchants' Ki change Bank, 267 Broadway. LOBT-A LADY a BREASTPIN, IN FRONT Of NIB lo'a, on Friday night: the atone waa not In It at the y'\ ? f 1>D-<^ wlU e IU>>*^1> rewarded by Marine it at f OST-ON TUB 12TH INST.. AT TUB FIRR IN MOTT lJ atreet, a yolliew Trunk containing Jawolry. Clotbinu. a ?um <if Money, alao a Bank Bunk on the Ennjtr<nta' Jndua tnal Saviuga Institution. A suitable reward will be paid for the return of tha name to 33 Baiter ? treat. JOHN RHEA, CTOfcBN-ON WRT?Vl58DAV NIOHT, lliTH INBT.. O Irom the foot of Morning Star road, North Sboe, Htnten Tslatul a Bail Koat. 13 feet long. about 4 feel 6 Inehee beam, bottom pami?(l white, w.ilst back, with a broad white streak a narrow red streak and b>ack uinwa>. Iler >'euk and inside painted a light lead oolor; waimboard green. w'th it rod streak. Had on board wh*? stolen a u? w maliaall, with malt, boom and aa'l'. how sprit, Ac, A handsome re ward will be paid to nny perarn returning the btut to tlie above address, or giving xtieb Information a* will lead to the recn very or her. AK1VAHDI. <i>'r RBWARfc.-Loar. at the mcclkllan m k kt ?ptl my Ih?i night at Union aqnare a small Wallet con taining a 1 1 Ueorgia bank bill, some piece* of small silver oo'n, some government currency, and papers of no value ?ice;.t lo Ida aaaacribrr. A nr person returning the pupTa in me at 762 Kroadway. or lending them through the Poet tiftloe U> my addreaa. wU receive the above rrward. J MCLOfK. <*/T RICWARD ? LOST, A BOY'8 BMJB JACKET, <|DtJ large blaok bJtlona. In Jay atreet, near the river. Tlie Oader wliT receive the above reward on returning the aarae 10 Mi Park I la e. up atf RITilBO^ 30 BAC" ] <b? r: rbwarp.-i-obt. in a broadwa* And rb* ?Pv ty te ond street atage. a pair of Upera ufk??<*a The Aader. by retnrnlng them to 69 We?t Fort r-H rat atreet, will aave the loser a good deal of trouble, as tbey were bor rowed ~ ** I REWABD.? LOST, ON FBIDAV AFTERNOON, A ?JP?J lady ? Ureaaipln, of solid twiaie'l gold, with two loavea ana a sprig of caral la the centre in golu* fro in 81 Ka?t Xhirtv -first atreet to Broadway, and tnenoe to Thirty - tifih street and Tenth avenue bv the Thirty-fourth street eara; returning In tbe aame care to Twenty-ninth etrcet, ami through Twenti ninth atreet to Fourth avenue to Thirty flrat atreet. The above reward will b? paid to any person leaving tha aame at 80 Bast Thirty first street $rr reward.? lost, on Saturday, august is, in (J going from 6s Waat Twelfth street to the S'lith avenue cars, and ibxiugb SpMn? street to Ollatoa Market, aYotmd gold Breastpin with coral bar. Tbe tinder will reoelve tbe above reward by leaving it at W eat Twelfth atreet. Ain REWARD? FOR A LITTLB WHITB POODLE JplU Dog. with snort yellow oars, and about ft d. Lost down town July 18. Call at 310 Third avenue. *1 1\ KRWARD.-LOST, ON TUEBDAT. 9TH TN9T., <T Juw In going from Washington marcel to Third avenue i-ar to Twentv seventh street, a gold Masonic Pin, wltli pin broken off. *y riatirnliiR said >lu to a'all No. 27 Washing ton Fish Market tbe above reward w ill be paid and no iitiet liona aakeU. REWARD WILL BE PAID AT THE CHEMICAL Hank, and no questions asked, for the return of alz stolen or eat 7.30 Treasury Notes, due August 19. |i-6t ; two for $V0 each an I fo'.tr for tl'K) each, and all endorsed ?t>e elally for redemption by Oustavua A. Maxiner. Payment baa been stopped. REWARD. -LOST. ON FRIDAY, AT ABOUT P. M. In a Beveatn avenbe and Broadway stage, a Cold Hunting C?ae Watch, with an India rnbber ch'itn at tached. The namn of A. Kmantiel la engraved on the move meet It being an Inherited piece. Tbe above reward will be raid on the return of aald watch, and no questlona ask fd, to 77 Warren street, np stairs. i ? REWARD ?LOS"*, WBILR OOINO FROM 777 Braadwuy t? Harlem R^liroad depot, on the 12th in<t., a Diamond R ng ring e alone, with crown setting. The nnder will reeeive the above reward by leaving It with J. B. Harriot. 139 West Twenty -tftb atteet. $50 $50 $30 $100 RBWARO.? LOST, WHILE STANDI NO ON the platform of a Broadway oar, when pacing tiiroiub the tlcuiallan mas* meeting Wednesday evening. August Id, a Patent Lever Gold Wat'-h, No. 3,071, Jobuson, Liverpool. Whoever will return the above to M Madlaon avenue will be paid Hie above and no ques.vooa as*ed. FRANK H HAMILTON, M. D., M Madiaon avenue , 1 RRWARD.? LOST, WHILE BTANDINO ON THE i UU platform of a Broadway oar. when paaalng through the McClellan mass meeting Wednes 'ay evening, Au^uu 10, a Patent Lever Oold Watch. No. l?7i. Johnaon, Liv erpool Whoever will return Ihe abovd to 61 Madison i?re line, will be paid the above and no ntie*U<>nt asked. FRANK H. HAMILTON, M. IX, 64 Madlaon avenue. RRWARD. -LOST. IN A FIFTH AVENUE JjtuV stage, on Saturday night, about II o'cloek, a pla<n. single atone Diamond Breastpin. The Hurler will re eeive tbe above re ward ami no questions atkeil by leaving tbe^ame at SuilthA Downlnc'a, 46 Mouth atreat. $4,000 ?aR?on Braoe'et and Broach; the < .-STOLEN, AT SARATOGA or the 4th Instant, a Diamond lie diamonds set to aliverr tlie band of tbe brace et la geld, with blue enauiel: the broach It blue enamel, with five pendant* sat In s Iver, not enamel). Also, one small silver Snuff Box, containing two (iuifle d ainonds. weighing logetner 8 4 1 S2 i-arsts. and<e.en*in gle stone diamonds, weijlilng about 9 carats I hey are a'l very floe white atone The above reward will be paid 'upon any Information ibat will lead to tbe raoovery of the pro. uerty, l>y application to OUISEI'E MACHADO. lu G street, waahlngtoo. D. C. 8ITl'ATI05l? WANTED- PKMAI.RK. A LAUNDRESS WISH R9 TO TAKE IN ORNTLtMEN'S or family waalnng at her awn realdence, 104 West SStb ??., In a rear building, thlid floor. \ RBBPKi TABLE TOI'NO WOMAN WANTS A KRW ."l faiiit es or nentlemen's washing; Is an excellent troncr. Cal at K-4 West 20th St., on Monday. ARKHphCTAHLK (MM OIU W4NT-! A HIT! A . Hon Ui do general housework In a small family, lias goal city references. Call for two ilaya at 196 Tlh av. A NUMBER OF WBLL BEOOMMBNOBD ORftMAN fen. ales wan*, sit'ieiions a? .:ooks. clismby na ds and la" ndres es. nurses and girls for general bnneewo' k. A?i.. h i Mr*. LOWE'S German Iustlmte, 17 Biantou it . near the Bowerr. a LAKOE NUMB KB OF FIRST CLASS SKRV A NTS ?A ie e.erv eapacity, tultabla tor private fainili*s and G rst <-laa* prhate boarding ho nes In city or country, want situations Apply at tha Private Servant*' Institute, KM Waal 'Cih at. oetwean 6th av. and Rroa<lw?r J. R WRIR. Proprle'or. t SITUATION WANTKD-BY A TOUNO. HEALTHY n woman, as wet nuraa , baa lost own baby, two months o d. and baa a fre?li brea-t of milk; W (nea one from It" birili 10 six mnnibs old. Call an or address Mrs. Allen, '1.M) 8th It , Wlillamaburg, between North 6tb and 7lh strveta. a I ADT OF GREAT RXPKBI RNCE WISHES TO j? engage In a fur establishment as firsl class liner an I muff finisher. Can be seen for three daya at Mo. 30 4th St.. u'si Bmadvav. ,* A TOUNO L * DY. WHO HAS LOST IIBR BABY. SIX months old. wls'iei a sitiistloo aa wet nnrae raa g ve go >d reference. App y to M a* Be k. ID NoMtlk st . in tie 4 YOUNG LADT OF RXPRRIBVCE DKSIRRS A place aa auiaaoansia or eopylat for an aoih >r an. tborese, or a* companion to n lady about to vi?lt Mur p?. A situation in tills conntry would comraang atlrounn, hi t wr.uld prefer to navel. Tbe b> of nftrraroi glien and iM'tlred. Aildrea- M. A. B . Braafonl, t'onn. SITUA1IONS WANTED? fOE THOROUGHLY COM petent f?ma e h?.p of all nations -ueh as flrst class cooks rhambennaiiU. waitre ses, laoodresa ? ?** . ures es, nurse* eoaks to wa?h and Ir >n. sma'i gir s anltirls a'-ly landed. Anp.y a: th>- large euip oyuieat bouse, ? oruer of 8lh gv. andllth at. Also rna ? he p WANIKD-BV AS FXPEBlFNCaO OPK R A TOR ON Wheeler A Wilaon'a sew ng '?a h'ne. . oak a msn.les or plain sewltig iby tnacb ne at un* Address M isa F L. station L, New York. TI1H lH\DK*. An expkrifnced FUctri.At pr/nxkr who haa bsen lu buslaesa for i mee f Jrairas an nngaga^ metit a* manager if an ..IJI m ?? %a proof readot , town or wintry. Addrese pra?nai ? h^A- A> ' lorald a?<A AJOOO (y>* POd trots W^fN I>-AT M? (IRBRMB bt Men wa.vtbh-to i nip ibon tiiobk aoqwaimt a.* wiUi bwisos- 1\ uewd o?ly appW al Macelswr Iren Works l.'ith ?> n?? .'eaoa'' TO PHOTOfiRU'HP.Rf -">R nAtit. A OALLBBY ON Bretdwar. w?il eata <<abed. %od -tow lotea a <eod bualaee< in p a a. wlw>< aisl s?tiur' ed work, *r*t t ?? Custom. Part1*- pro|>oaiog te ^or .a*s* ai'tat is I tb* calb. Addrese Broadway. Ilei ? 1 VH ? w tVANTRD ? A GOOD WATCHMAKER. ONE WHO IS TY Strictly honest and won I bo* d wjt'u the family; a aia la man preferred App>y al 146 York ?t., aear Bridge st,. Br -okH a. ANTED? A CASTER AND A STOCt ROY. AT IS Vand*water ??,, HoCrea A Miller Clteieitypo fo*ndn TV AK'TBD? A BITUATION A ? DAKIlRNBlt. BT A fv tlerman. who ihirouchlv mderstan is t'i* b'K'ness would prefer a large (>iace with areenhou<es an l greperlra. App v to Pratt. Lombard A Co. Fl Jotm at. Wantkd-foi r sqUAttl phams makerb riEBt cla-s workman only need apply, at the factor' ceraer of Tih av and 2Vth at. TITANTBD? A GOOD CONFECTIONRR AND C AK R TV baker, at Slmpeon'a. 432 Broadwav corner of Howard at. Noae need apply unless they undetataad tbeir bu-ln?sa ATCHMAKKR WiNTRri. ? tPPI.T TO ROGERS A Talk. 821M Fulton at.. Br-okiyn w w ANTED-PIANO LRG CARVtB, AT UBCKESIEEN A t o,'*, IE Broadwav WANTBD-A PIBSY CI.ABtt CCTTRR IN A BROAD way clothing alor*; one who le wrung to maka him ?tlf generally iiao ul can bavea on by ?'? dressing, with fnil portlcular*. B A., l inen Sqiiaie Pest Kin MASOBS AND BRirKI.ATRBB WANTRDIM lUU mediately Work for tke sea*"r. Wsgee |1 per dar. Board roaaanaMo D r IIOLMAN BuT d?r, n ana ? Fa e N. Y. w r HMP WAIfTKD?nS.nAI.B*. A TRIMMER WANTE?-AT KIKWOItHf ? Ml Bf.f mmry iWn IM?% tib a*., above I.Uh it ?om m< rtr*t claee need apply. To rich a pnrmaaent aitnet.en will i-e given DKBS8MARRBH Al*D TAILORRHSES WANTRD-AT l.ord <t fa yior'fc Broadway. Eainuiee o ?wir?i? iu (?read at. _ OfllCaiM WANTI?n-TO W<?BK ON C A KTRIOOK o Mi'i. AIM mum bo>a, i* Ifni to * tilth ait ktaokl**. Apply to Fredyick Steven-, JUPeerl at LjHIBT H AND*. ?TWO OOOO fli'TTONHOI.E 11AM 1)8 O wanted to ? or* ;n *1100 h>f'ie?t fiaet and "tandr work; mnat brio; Mtnpie ot work. Apply to Perego SB M annii >t. ' AN I K D? IN A 8MALL FAMILY. A MI DDL* A3RD woman to attend 1 bitdrea and oake beraelf generally uaefnl Apply at 54 Pr.oce at , naar Mr rUe a*., Brooklyn WANTED- A PIBHT CI.ASS TRIMMER, TftRBR go 1 1 milliner and ?n??| erienoed aal-awn'oar. Tb? h vail! paid to competent Apply at Ma IM Bowerr. IJtf ANTBD-A LADY WHO I' W Dk RSTANDS CUTT'iNO ?T and .i-*i*uing rioaia, one w!.# ha* had aeveral yeare enperlence tn t ie b *ine?a good wagea paid: nom but a competent pcrwa need apply refereuoM r^iulrcd. Apply toi'oben t Myer*, 490 Broadway WAX TED THMRDIATELT? A WP.r NURBR, TO WET 0 11 ran a child an month* old. Uood wage* will bo paid. lo'inlra at TO Greenwich it., 1 p aWira. WANTED? A FAITHFUL, IIONK8T WOMAN FOR geaer a b<>u??twork. Warn* t! Apply on Monday , between !?) and It 0 'lack, at 88 Bait 27th at. WANTBD-A TIDT GRR4AN OR BNOLIBH GJBU to do tha work of a (mail family. Aj ply at 147 South Oxford at., Btoo*:> a. .. Cl/ABTBD? FIRST CLASS MSDALLTQIf OAF MAI TT era. Apply at Lord A Taylor'* oorner of Grand and Clr me *ta. . ANTED? A FIRST CI.ASS TRIMMER, ONE WHO la uaed to Aral aa*awork; to aueb a one a perma nent aitnat <>11 and goo 1 aalarv wll heeftflttred: none but ? nupcrior woikwo an need apply, n an ' wo eoort mtlllnara and una dreaa Cjip maker. Appl, ever day during tba weak at tv-4 Broadway. between IStn aad 19th *T*. WANTED? VIVE OR SIX G'lOD BOX MAKERS, OB Monday mornlnii. Alan a m in to take charge of a h<ir*e and nation. The latter muat live convenient to the a (Able. Apply to Maura.m A Hie ? art. ataata packing bo? manufactory , llth av., between 29th and '*n*? at a , eaat aide. w WANTED? A COMPETENT WOMAN, TO DO TT1? more menial otlice* of a very (leg inon* Apply, witM reference, he ore 9% A M or between 2 and 3 P M , lo Dr. Moral, a: Clinton it.. Brooklyn. WET NUR8R.? ??5 A MONTR WILL BE PAID TO A peraon with a lrenh full brca?t of milk. Hca: refer emM Mniiired. Call Immediately nl ?6 Hall ar., near Oatea IF., Biooklyn. WBT NI'KSB WANTED? W A BTBD, A H1ALTHT younu woman, with a freih breait of milk. Apply jKtaedlau-Jy al2C haat Broadway, 5 BOND AT.? WANTBD. HBVERM- DRF.SHM \ KKKM None but ihnae thoroughly eomiietent need apply Alao apprentice wanted. im a t ioWs w a N T k n? n a i uiiT AQARDKKAR. WUO CAN PHODIfUK FIRST R*TB rec jinrjieintH' ioni from reapeotiib e p-- raon ?< In the e'ty aa to nia <ap<icity and obaia^ter lor iha naai im 0' fci year*, ean ha*.- a good placc ao 1 g <nil pay; lie run - ? b ? a le aponallile rmin In whom Talnable pro-j?-ty mar lw rntr >?t eil diir.nK tb? owner * abaenee. Addre?? i<raen L?wa, N??r Tor* Poat o:lice, witn full ar?. - Book kef, pre, agent ob bupkhoarho.-a o?n tleman ot experience, a competent booklteeiier per fectly acquainted wl h the ueneral rutea nl tma'.ua**, i? open for an rn,tineinent in either of the above rap* una ; apeaka aevera lan^iianet.; haa 110 o'i|>'-tlon to go trt any foralgn country. A ddreit for two day< L. G , Herald flflloo TO CAPTAINH, 8HIPOWNERB TR A V KA.T.ERH ANl> otheia.- A well educated Matieman and wife, of llrely lamparament and aeo.iatouied to the a?a, ?re Jn-ironaaf go>; :ug to China. California or Audralla. The gemU maa I* well TiallfUd and nil: ng to acc?pl t! e aituat 00 of pniaer, chief iteward. itorekeeper, captala'a e'er it or a 1 anuenaia; while hi? wile would engatte aa Kovernesa pf lady'a compa nion durina inn paeaace Reference* 'in<|ue?t'onabie Ad dreaa Amannenaia Herald olTice WAN 1 ED? A SITUATION AR WAITER BY A MAN 01 lang eiperlencn and (tea'ty, in a Arlva'e lainily , the lieit of refarono** given from ihs mo*t r^pec table fami liea in tlila c tv nnd the8?>ith;he la a refugee trotn Klcb moud. Addreaa for two daya James D , Herald oirce. WANTED? BT A TOUNO UAH A BITI'ATION AH bookkeeper or an* itant In a first c'aaa home. AddreM P., box l.titM r*o*t o'tice. Wantrd-by a Canadian, <?f biaht years^ experience In the b'jducaa, a ? tuatiou lu a wbo eaale crocerv or enmmlaalon hmiae; be?> nf referenet ilven aa to inu^rity and < apabillty. Addrcte F. B., 124 Charlton at , URliP WASTEH-.11A1.RS. A FIRST CLASS WAITER WANTF.D-AT TtlH Waahlngtou launch; one wlio la not afraid of working. Apply at the Wa-li n.ton Lunch. No. I Broadway, llir (Hun da i ) anQ Monita morula: at ID o'clock. AN tOmi MAN W A N TK I ) ? I N A FLOtHl AND feed vtore, nnd a'mnn to matr himae f useful in a pro. vl*ion 'tor and a pTter. Appl* tn *'H A?l KK. HLA .' N A CO. ? No. S Trjon row. room IF, oppoal e City Hall. Barbkr wanied? a boy, who iha ooodpiiav er. to go In t! e cnnlr Me.nly emplovment and gco.l wages to a hov. and no w ora on Sunday. Apt Iv at 45 Weat lSth at. at 12 M Boy wantfd-in a jewei.ry and fancy atore. from 14 to 16 yeara old. who wrltea a goo?i tianil, le correct in figure *. and reildea.with h a'parenla. to learn je? elry repairing and to M l. An 1 ti'isrpri^lug boy may find a good ^ltllation ai 1,141 Broadway. / t() At ' II M A N WANTED-TO 1 .0 l,?ro WE8ri:lIEM. V ter cnuatv. about tea mile* from the city. Apply to A I). Pel auk. '17 I'loe atreet Dltrc; CI.KRK WANTKD? ONE WHO CAN RRINfl t'ornl referen.** a* to ?omp?tcncy ud integrity n iay ap ply at 67V Broadway. None other* need apply. PERSONS ABOUT JOINING THIS NAVY WILL FIND it (jre-it y to their adrantige by calling at t'.f rnnclpal ah:upm^ oiiioe. 71 South atreet corner of Maiden lan.; ut? atalr-", where they y? i|: receive the very ht^beat raab l;o intv and avoid runner* and ?bar|>er*. I'rin ii al" aiipplied on ahortnotiee. DOWNINCfA CO. TIIOBK HEKKIVO STTTATtONM can NOW HE peediiy furnished with employment by which ttier can e??llv rea l/e $13 net profit from fie mere lapual of one do an.l tea cenla. The article a I iJed to 1* a reoent patented material, an tnva'naMe m*r''handia?; p-?a liyely needed and iudi~pena?b'e 1. 1 every mdividua member of the human rainil? l'aekaies will I* di?piteh?d 'o all p*rta of H.e Uniied Statea, eiemot from noitage. Aiiilree* P. B 0 Iflon II Woo t?r atreer . N Y. II' ANTED ? A MAN AND WTFE. WITIfOOT rlllL ?v dren. to take charge of the laun ln 111 a public in?l - tutlon at the Weal; al*o a female to aaei* *?> nr ?t| er rm? In a laundry a deairable. Suitable t er nna can amine a per ment altuatlon wltb good wage?, board, Ac. Arldrraa lAnndj'V. Herald oSoe. WAVTF.D-A FIRBT CLASS OROOM, TO A OT AS groom and coach rnan, m at be of good l.abita arol well ree mniended. Addreaa. with reference* and addreae, box 127 Herald o fi' e. w ANTED-K HAT FINISH EU STEADY WORK BT the week or by the piece. Apply at 3 Park row W/ANTF.D A 1 IRST CLASS OY-iTKRMAN wnOCAN II w.i t 011 tab ea nnd make bltoMlf generally uaefnl. Apply at the WaahlnRtou 1. iu h. No. I Brrad vay, Sunday and Mo*da> at 10 o clock. WANTRD-A YOUNO MAN WHO CN I)R RDTANDB the ?egar and tobae. o buaine?a a* aaleaman in and out of town, a Jew preferred. Addrea* SAT Herald on ice ?\1T ANTED? AN INTELLIGENT BOY ABOPTSIXTR* If TV yeaia of aie. In an olTI.'*: pat $.1 per ? ee* AddiCM W. A. S., nation A, New York Puato:Iice. WANTKD? A PORTBR. IN A WHOLESALE BOOT and *'ioe atore: he muat underatand li>a huar-eaa ami come we 1 re enimended. Apply to A ex,* Bra g^ A Waaaia, It Dey at. ar ANTED-A TOOM man to ao wtsr AS kaI.8". vv man tn a wholesale hat cap and ?Ww tool! hon?e. Addr ?a ataung name and reference* box I M2 New V' rk Pwat otlice. , WANTBD? A MAN TO DRIVE A HO RB B AND CART for an I'on foondry; m i>t bring tood re*omiret da ? li' nt None or h era need apply at the tiice.alor I roti Wort a, llth at , near a eo'io 0 11 ' A N r H D ? t YOUNG LtD AS ASSISTANT SAI.F..S v v RMtii who 1* wt'lini: t.r open aa.l c'.n# tbeetOie and make htmaeif oth*rw ee naeful. App y ;o Mil er A Grant, 701 wa., lA'ANTED IMMEDIATELY? A SMART, ACTIVE Ma", ? ? wi'h two hundred 4oil*r?. to ?t*il the watrring piacei .? 1 1 li a yery popular Fihllutuoi The pruGIa lo fc? d'vided night';-. Apply at t'l Wen 4 1 at at. WANTED.* smart BOY, TO WASH TUMBLKR8. ar the War ungtifi f.niich. No 1 Broadway. Apt y tbla (Siii,aay and ?f nid.'f mora ng. at 10 o'clock. WANTRD-A BOY, |H A SI1IPPINO AND t'OMMIB aitM hr?i'?i" fr?.:n 14 17 ?ear? of age Ot.e raetdlna with hie parent- and wrt' ng a 1 wl I anil ir- '? --d Willi good refereti"?>. Addre** 1h<i i,rt* P. *t oSlce. inik I.ABOKrKB WAR IKD-TO work tIN SECTION H/!F n0 j of th'- Mmlh Hhore Ra:lrvail a: Mannataett, ben* Iiland Wage* one dellai an.l *110 eenta i?r iia? W-iHfc fnr o^e 1 ear. Inquire "f l? t'alltn. at Mankaaae't "T"TT ivauiATioHi. ACt RIOl S AND IVTF.nESflNG LETTER TO LA die will he :?nr ?>? en. .aing \ unieril lUrnf Ad dr~e* Irr. fitui, Ne V) white *treet. Beware ef imitatloo* thinugh Poet bo tea __ APHTBIOIAMtlCAL VIBW OF MA RKI AOM? CON aln ng nearly W pag'-a and 130 flee platee end en iravinga or the ane'omy of th? ho nan ergaaa in a elate hnalth and diaeaM. with ? treat iae "B ear r erf< ra It* idorahle con-ei|iien?ea upon the mind *n l body wilh^ thor'a plan of trMiment-'ke only ratlMal aid eiKQMoral ale , f on e. aaebowa by ihe^r?|H>rt _ol*aM treated. a JlW fill advlMl' ?? Ihe man ? *?'*,, . .T o Ti hm marrloge wlio woMld know their pkyMoel '^dltl??a. Bain T' ee of pot aae tn *111 addreaa Jl" "^'PA f '? Itampa nr poaRl currency. Addreae Dr. LaCre f, II ll*Me? ?TAvin? ?f h ilet'l author'i ?r Utbfill' adrlaer ?? "ike "marrle.1 * ed thoM eSglewp MM inar'1'-^* ' know their phyalnal ??oaeltle*. ?eeA free ?taapt or poa. lane. Aibeny, N. Y. Iv V I \ H K PRfi "Re P *ID FOR OLD LIBBaBIM^. f am stan lard B?"k?, In halfoair at btlf prlN. ?.i lint * ereo* opl 'View*. < oinred, at onr price fp' I?.r pn.aa, llietorr, FrM Baaeary. at yeor price. mu too Photo rapktej'cturei at aay price. * LTuOaT rROTHRRS. iroNa'jau *t , near Seekmne. pHnrooRAPII CARDS FOR ^ul'o'n^elpt'lrt *>d eUloeuM ly, tv? ? V ws srnxr ?end yenr addreaa ao a * tan. red eaeewpe frr <alal*?ite. v^eo ean gel the Seek by ttowmm "eyebie ee delivery, er kj mail I

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