Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. r>r*n*Y,>i g*t 14, !?** Ha>in# already reviewed that pinion of W new IittrMl Re\ rnue bill which rt'tu* U) l-cvoaoa 10 pursue ' cm tain or the ordinal y ?*?! Alton# of ur?, we WW now , glance at the sump tax, which It U cm?l> ?m,-?rUot that the people should be lu>pur Willi. seethe of the ww wert in'lo operation on ll* l?i instant and the penally it provide- lor ne*ie. liu? 10 aflix Uie prereribwl stamp to any ilocun.eot, ?* lor accepting or p.yiu* ang bU: o' excliange, diaft. order or promtseory n?w witboug the s?mo bo ug duly elamped, is two Hundred dollars, be eidrtahcti ibr unstamped instrument will \ie deemed invalid 1 1 r ,*Daiiy i or any malm or manufartnrer of utid'kiue", I'lfiiwry, coainetics, photographs, matches orplajm raids. baiting or scnielmg ihefca?e, without tbe ne'i-e s.iry hiatnp boiug afltx'-U. and wltb a view to the evanon o I ihe lax, is oua bundled dollars, >be-' etdre it ? forle lure or the articles. Chemists, penumeie ana whora are liable to a penalty of teu dollars pn every ur?ttmp?d article they pre P?ro and eell upon which a tax is payable. Whan the retail piica does not excend twenty uvo ccnls the stamp duty is o0? coot, Olty cauls, twocenia. aevea ty live coots, tbrce cent# one dollar, 'our cenU, above ? huh tl# ui is two <.auu on every fifty cents additional. <>o trictton matcbcs the wx is one cent |?r hundred, aud ou myai light* aad w?* taj>ers double tbis rate. On pbo t sirspbt-ard a'l sun pictures, the prlco of which does not o. need twenty #ve uwta. the ux is two cents; fifty cnu. three cents ono dollar, 8ve osnts: and for each additional dollar or i'rsstMnal purl Iberw)' , five cents T! o t?x ,>n playing tarda, where the retail pri.w does not exct<cd rig lite 4> ceuts i?r panic, is twe cents; twenty-flve cer.i- i cur touts . titty oeoia, tan centa; one dollar, tl'teea cent? , und ti vo cents lor avary additional liMy coats or fractional part thereot. The stamp duties on documents are as follows:? On so ordinary agrrement, contract, appralB.nieot of Talus or damage, cr for any other purpose, or aflldavlt (unlaw; in proceedings at law), five cents; on evnry ban* check or order, drawn uroi) any bank, backer or trast company, for any amount wbatsoevor, two cents, and the same fo i any sum exceeding tea dollars drawn upon any other per f n or corporation ou every inl tod bill of exchange or order otherwise than payable at aigbt, or any prom Is eury note, memorandum, check, receipt or other evl denr.e of a sum not axotedug one hundred dollars, to be paid on domani or at a tima designated, Ave cents, und for every additional hundred dollars or fractional part thereof. Ore cents. The same rates apply to lorelgo bills c\ exchange or letters ol credit, If drawn singly or m any other war than in sets of throe or m^re, ac cording to custom; if drawn In set# of three or more the tax is two ccnls on every bill of each set, where the amount docs Dot exceed one hundred dollars or its equivalent Id any foreign currency , excredinp wb'cb the tax is two ccnts for ekeb a .iitiona! hundred dollars. The tax on a bill ol Itdiog or receipt (other than a charter i'arty) ror any goods con signed t 1 a lortigo poi t la ttn cants; < n a linl of sal# of a ship, when the consociation dies not livo hun dred dollars, lilly pepts, not exoe?*ding one thousand, oae <, aud tilty ccnts lor every additional five hundred dollars or fractional p?rt of tha same; on a bond for itideuiriry iag any person for tlie p^ytoont of auy sum ol money wti?re the amotiDt ultimately recoverable is one tbougacd dollars or lass, flity cenn, and liny mine for every additional thousand or Iractionai i>art thereof, on a bond fur the due execution or peiformance of the duties of ai^ ofJca, one dollar utd od a b..nd of any description other than such a3 ma* be refjulrod In lecal proceed ingg, or used In c 'nnonou wlih morlRugt deeds, twenty-five cents, on a eartiQoala ol sKck in a? y incorporated company, twenty live coots on a certificate or profits, or any certiorate or memorandum showing an Interest in tba property or accutn ilatiocs of any iacorporated company, K for a sum nut less than ten nor mora than fifty dollars, tan oanti; exceeding which and not ooa tb^naand, twenty. Qve cents, and for ever; additional thousand or tract to?al part tbaraoi, twenty flva eenU; an a cerillli-ate of damwge or otherwise, und all oth ir certellcawa or doenmaota, tsauad by any port war den, marine surveyor, or other pareon acting as such, twenty live ceata ; oo a certificate ot' defioait of aay sum u. mouey in any bank or trust company, or with any b inker o f per loo acting aa auch, if for a sum not exceed ing oca huudrod dollars, two canta ; exceadiog it, five ceut? ; on a certitloate of any other description than those ni>eci wt. uve cent* , on a charter party, or any lettar, Hgr-'eraattt ur meni rur.dum relating to the charter of a -hip. or a renewal ?f transfer of tba sumo, wbare tba too v n >t exceed one hundred and fifty, one dollar ool evcc-vdmrf three huccied tons, three doliari not exceed I gmx hundred, fiva d^liare, aodaxcaadmg U. ton dollars, <jq n broker's note or atciuorauduui ot sate of good*, (iiork*. oor.ds, exchange, notaa ol hand, raai estate or nr. pe: ty of aty kind, ten cenu, oo any (latd, uiktrument or wriiiog, wher' bi at>r 'and?. taneaieots or otbar raal ly is (jratiod. aa*i?:ued or othtrwiaa conveyed, when tha wai*. e d?H.'? not excaud five hnodrod d<?ilars, btty cantg; n jt cxccetiitig ore thoubaud dollars, one doliai*, mid to r every addltioaal tiva hundred collair or frrctloual is it thuri'i/ tl'ty cants, "O a custom house eoiry, where the goods do not exceed a hundred dollars in valua, twenty Ove ?cdU not rxrerdbig five hundred, ttfty cenis, s ?! exc< eJ'ag tint, one di .iar, on an entry for the with draws, ?4 any goods Irotn bond, fiity cants; on gangers rflur: s, if for a quautity not exceeding five hundred -*llot e gtois, ten cents, aud exceeding that, twenty ttve oeate ? u a of Hie insurance, wfceu tbe anaountdueg u : ej-cee 1 one ti.o isatd dollars, twenty fire ceuts; do! i-;?.eodi.< bi-e tbCDS.nd fltty cent*, and exce -dug tlut, i -v dollar oi. a policy of uiance losuranco, a hen the , rammui docsnoi exceed ten dolUrs.teu caois; not ex c.. ,i ; j. ;?ty oo'.lars, twenty. live teats; exceeding which, :/t< ccaU on every lease, wUe re the rent u three I. . dr...: dollars por ye ir or less, fifty cents, and for ex-b ,!,i:t.W; ,1 f.vo hundred or fruct.onivl part tbcreoC, O'tJ <???1.1* n a ship ? niaui esto, when tier tonnage is three U ..dn 4 t. rs ur lea*, one dollar, not over six hundred, .1, exceed lug wheh, Lva dilUra, on mariner's re; tin; i tor a c^utity nu eiceeniug cce thousand 0 ..ii? s, un cants , extending nhi 'h, twenty-five ccuts, ? m u nio? tg ?e ol reai or pert' na: property , when it ox e< c r- tie jjd does not cxeeud ;.ve hundred dollars to value, r \ i ruts uot exceeding one thojsaod.oue dollar, and ' r evu"y addition. il uve hundred or fractional part, fifty rxjnts, on a U-ket to a forclgo p.rt, tha cost ?}? vhnii dtei not oiLOe-cl Itirty-flve dollars, tilty cents; ti i exr.Mling lifty, one dollar, nod lor ever*' additional li ty nr Irae i nal part, cae d.. ar,<>n a jvwfi of attorney for Ui sale or tiarsier of puck *r tho collection of div! d "-C 1 tbisreon, taaaiy-i a cents; lor a proxy lot 1 ; ink at any election, t#n cents, to reoalva or cooect rent twentT ilracetts;to set: and convey, or rrnt, or i<.j n real ? -late, one do .ar , for any other purimea, fifty nacu (najirob*to? wuicr letters of udmiuutrati n, r c<-r e toe v*iue ef tha e-tat.? d< oe not esc??.l tao IU it t cd d oars, one Joi.s-, or .luiiitional thou* s on r i rtlonal p?rt,ioi> uj. o the ptoiesl o! ?V ) 1.,.. Oi o o? or, taeiity j fi oa ruua.^U t? r uny s .tu exceeding ] t v (i ! tf U' *1 i *" x r ^ Un t'iC* I t I,, t, ,.i ? ? j 'Viwuiii , ou a a ..rehouse receipt foi j ; o;., I' I i ejioerd i ? n?? ou. dri-J do.l .rs lo value, ter ( 4.e O I t?? I a it./ oi.a tv u??i.d, twenty cnts, aliovt j v? i, ioi >v 4a i"?iaH mi, t u i eats . ou wa^iiani' re j c ,u i?it ? , in i .fi i .o ih 'Uiand iiounds.t i | <i t s ' ver ti . iv* . i j f.rt i,, [ i> nfj (, frr.t or othet > ? r i r . . ? y >L n .. auit I* e luUieeiad Hi uu) c rt ot taw <?i ?iiioy. h ?> t ni*, ?ov.r the sua | t io, ed 1 1 . a i i i i ht < to record i u? | t ' -i,<,nu.u,?a,.r,c?ul~ I s n ot ,uegu. lit ^*i>e,? I . r in aril or cow j IBV < IB' UI u-<* awl b ? I , 1) I t w e . i a fit 01 I ap.a-.i r. in a court ? aw i fiiiy e.-uu.ui j a aairaiitot diaireaa tbeaui. uet <1 rwit cl?'tn?<! | <L-Wa i t* "*a b?i?df*d 4 taao'y-ttve i? utr I CNCWod. iK mat, fl.ty ceato. We bate here euuiaeralei i*ll tie ei-ui nut ioa uoder tha new bill, comment upor a h eb we snail tits ?# defer Tbe past wee* baa \mn <xa of urbrobeu ?oooU*j 1, w*|i i treat. Tbe wamlnf I >!?*?? tatarwHstw. at. .active than the Stnrk fx rhtKga/e Ifta m?J rMy o H??ii ii'.orf, and, mnwitMlmdinf tl.e -p. neta and almndaucc of uionfy, s.ecuiatnw has langti'.kli. d, not cWf la st.^-kr, but In l odm.e and . . ry d. .oaitoiiot of c 'jnuarca. Oold i,i oe. . so ut'.ei r.tider an aiw<wt on precedent edly bk bt deiua. d at tr.>m 'A< lt? to 25f?- ctoaing ?>u ^ ltar'llly at 'i fl. Tbe shipments lor the week ani'tiii ted t'> only >.i4 and under the Increasing fo-e.gri demand for ban nal securities tbli dim nutioo of (he uanal eutgj t>f spw o- is iikaiy to co'itluue, aod it nlarf to more than neutiai ?? ilie cfTe. t oi the ateidy p|u * tue currency on tba premium en gold for tbs ietl?tK*w. '*u ? it nioatb or *" h*HD T#rjr th-o?kbout tha < oinmei tiai billa tiavt b. eg * *?? a mlaa: ratea lor rer we*t and both haukm. sSu % ,u in '? tttrmt of I be (W?T?ri4 Tha?. - oeea <ban?er?' Kin bare be^n trr^ loi. eflbaafcfceeiy at 2TS 1,271. Bills onfts flayer frano^ km raiifetwom 6. 18*% I* 6-16 f i P* f "*m *0 call bate be.-n nude (rdtff aft ?een per oaot, wuti <>aa?i* iooa. tfeeimc^iooa at Mb. tPm #riaoe ahmei?r>. ?4a) paper Mir wwermni nAe baa beeo fwki seven %e MM per ceut Government securities bare been acllve. eepe etally tbe ronpeo ran of lsel, for which a strung 4waad is setting to from abroad , where tbey are likety (o become (be favorite (lock la cooaequeuoe of their having seven teen years to nit. This expectation ia alao inducing ?i>ocuuUMMi m i haw ai home. These hoods aott at lift while the Ire twentiee were selling at 106, only Ihree mouths ago; bat Mr. Chase, iy his atrategy~in oreetlng tbe |jreat panic, knockrd then dews wivh everything eiae, and governments, like railway share*, have not yet tulty rocovwed from the shock. Five twenties da eirn?l to 109 on Saturday, under, a limited demand ; the coupon sixes ot 1861 so'd at Saturday '* board at 10T, and afterwards in tbe street at 107*. Prwpooala for the New York Comv.if Court House stock to too extern or $20(1,000 wHI be epeoed at the Oomjt iroiltr'g office at iwoP. M. on tbe I8tb inst. The stork is lo provide additional moans f<<r the construction of the new County Court House on Chambers street. It will bear interest al tbe rale or Six per cent per annom, and tbe principal will be redeemable in 1&87-8. lbe fuHowtag wars tbe quotation! for railroad and mia ceHaneous shares at the close of each or tbe peat four weeks:? /?>> 22. ,/u/iu.'UU jtufl. 18. American gold. 25d 2f?i *66 Aireri.Hu ? 95 IN - Aliastic * ail s. K Co 103 ? ? ? t levt'nud it i'ltiibarg io** 114*112* 111* Cleveland k Toledo. ......... 137 144 Hi ? Cblckgo & Hock island 109* 114*113* 113* hiu?gi?& North Wnstera.... 49* 68' 57 ?j 07 Chicago fc Alton ? it tl ? Cumberland Coal 67 60 68* 01 Central Coil..: 60 63* 59 ? Canton Company. 34* 38^ 37 * 3T* I el. & Hudson Canal 108 210 20? 208 Krle Hallway 100* 11SI* m* 112* Erie preferred 107 llu 110* 110 ? J Hudson River 1'27 1? 134 18o* 131 S Illinois Central 124* '2?;i 129* 1W* Michigan Central 134 141 133* ? Mictiigan Southern 8 3* 92* 89* 138V Mil wnuk* e & I'.dn Obis*.. .. onv; 70 70' 68 Mariposa Mining 41* 4 It* 46* 42 Sew York Central... 132* 131^131 131 Ohio 6: Mississippi cer ? 63* ro* 61 i'aclflo MaH 280 '281 241 ? Pennsylvania Goal ? ago 223 ? Pittsburg ii Fort Wayne 110 117 114* 116K y?h.ksilver Mining 74 7S* 79* 80* Heading Kallroad 132* 136* 135* 13a* lbe follow tog were tbe quotations fer government se> cuntie*? ?Ail.', 28. Jutji&Q.A*0 6 .4U&13. Registered fi'S ot 1881 103 loti* lo6 107 Ooupea?'sOTl881......:....lo3 106* 106* 107 i ive-twentv coupon 104* 108* 108', 100 five twenty registered 104* 106* 106* 109 One yosr csrtiflcaies 96 9ft * 94* 95 October three-tenths notes.. . 103* 100 107* 108 Augsstdo ? ? 109 109 Stale sucks were quoted as follows:-* Missouri O's- 67 North Carolina 6's 60 rei!iHw.-see 6f 66 C.ililbrnia 7 s 161 todiani 5 SO Oblo 6'?, IS^l . . U4 Virgiuia 6 s i>3 l^>uu>iana O's ... 73 t.eorgiae's 60 Mlcblgsn 6's 103 lbe largest shipment of treasure trom Calliortita tbis Tear was landed on Saturday irom the steamship North eru Light, tbe amraet being Owing lo the reeeet large eiporiauona tbe amount of specie required to settle our trade balances in Europe ia very much les sened , and the bulk of Uie gold that faas heretofore boen shipped at Paosaa In Rosl.ih steamer* will probably tor soma time to come be tent direct to tbis city. We lea id from Washington that tho new seven and three-tenths Treasury notes win be resdy for delivery io a lew dnys. J bo following table shows tbe loao and deposit sc counts, together with tbe specie and circulation, or the banks of New York, Philadelphia and Boston, as they slood on tb* first Monday of each month during tbe present year:? Bisks or Ntw York Cirr.' jM . Specif. Crrwta'H. Feb March April May " Basks or Pmuaw?,iuu. J.oan* D*pQ?Ut. .specie. V trcuia'n. Jan. 4. .$8^,621,80* 20.878^20 ?,1AM,846 2,06r>,8l0 leb. 1.. 34 ^4f>, 126 ?2,?aT,I4T 4,108.168 8,066,512 Match 7.. 36.913J160 ?l,JU^47 4,102,672 8,808,41*8 April 4 37,267,880 84,404, COO 4,0^5.495 ^?Wl,u92 May 2.. 38 770,4 W 37,751,836 3, 97a, 340 2,244 886 Jnoe 6.. 89,923.4(01 28,240,800 3 964,820 2,100,911 July 4 . 40.jtf,00u 83, 946.304 3> 6 8a6 2464,808 Aug. ].. 3^,277,880 86,.i2^l,:W 8,l'tij;J68 2,249, ^26 H4.ISS oh li'^rrow. Loan j Deposit*. Srtrit C inula it. .ISM 4.. $70, 806,340 32,4*4 CTO 7,60..,S89 9,626,678 ieb. 1.. 73,f6U,l?6 20,6.^,782 7^io?,41B 9 060,163 ilarch 7. . 7C,087,8^ 33,689,017 J.ios^ly 9,606^16 April 4. 71,839,432 3-?>,s<K>,91? 6,S.Vt,iU 8 442,042 Msy 8.. 71.209 3M 31,461 ,401 6,1?,777 10,197.070 June 6.. 67 ,093,. >01 32,7:0 801 t>,&?.a06 9,156,961 July 4.. 66,fv0 3i.3 29,810,104 6 .'290 ,01 4 8,574,723 Aug. 1.. 59,760,398 27.8W 175 6,729,480 9,327,011 Only one national tank? tbe Bath National Bank, or B?tb, Maine, with a capital of one hundred thousand dol lars?lias been suthorisrd during (be week August 13. lbe f^ecood National Bsnic of Nowark, New Jersey, has Inoreascd its oapltal 175,000; origins! capital, 1300,000. lbe Second National liaok of HcranKiu, Pa., bHR increased He capital $7*21, io make it up to three hun dred thousand. Whole number 01 backs, three hundred aLd oiuety-lonr, with an aggregate capita, of fio.W/wo. 1 bo Tollowiog abstract of cooipanv reports in Pennsyl vania sbows the cosl tonoage for tbe seteou compared wlih c^rreipotdinf tune last year ? Thii Jutt Conimnic*. &a tun. ?eanm. lp<rta*t. hn 'dinn Ksiiroed 2,046,217 1,066,2.0 00,007 .?*Cbuyik li .Savlgatliio 5!6,;;i 406, 354 I'j9,437 l.eliigl; Nnvlgscion 306,417 340,642 19,676 i^ni<b Yalta/ Railroad... 90.990 790,9i^> lt?.,U7 Peiawarc Laokawanvui.. 773,097 iUJ.'Xl 60,n|6 Pef ware ti Hudnoa 444 !i?6 374.3X4 70.602 ? Peon?v.van?a ( oal 44'?,'*.10 297,788 143,850 cbamOKto 16'..142 149,542 1*1,601 Bio ?d T ip. . . a. a*,7.?o 1^,2.14 a?.40a ! j kcas \ alley 83.668 34,211 TrcvctUn 4?, i50 3.?,M'7 9,648 Total 6,<A*a.439 6,310,647 706,690 llio supply or coal i-ontinnes large, b it woula be ma-b heavier If truocporlatlou wvre equal to tbe production. Tbe demand and prlco of corn were suob as to mfuse tbe utmost eneigy at tbe mmes, ami the carrying C"mi<anies abate nothing in efftrt t?s? el. their tonnage to the largest pcseiblc prop*>ri:ons with limned means. Higb tolls are liillucm inK them a? much as high prices of cos! ?t.roo Jate production. Kvcrylliing Inthcsuape of a car and every description of mot ve |iower that can be mide aiaiiable is prcasrd itto tbe Fervico. 71*0 trade Is unusu ally spirited. In ibis cOLDccliou we may uctilioo ILe (act that tbe Amcrluan government has oon*e?ted 10 (>ermit anthracite coal tv be exported from lbs Lruied fUtcw Into Canada, the cooUitioa that the Ceuadisn gov rtieent woaltl fotbid its nxi>ortai;oa troai CAM Sa. a Cabiirfi oourcll was. ttnrciore uei<t si v-obci on Jhurs ilay, itnd a proclamation .ssucd forhuldio^ the ?x, orut on *<f a thracite coal front too pro viae*. Thai ucecrtptlon of coal can ttere'* re now bo imported 10I0 Canada. Tuo g o t den j . 11s at the L'n .e l butt* Miui foi tbe moutl 01 .iiii) wi e#:Jo.64.i 2< , an I tn.- sliver, ioclnd LOt riiver purrh'i?<-", f 19 07T 6.'? m >kltig a tcttl deposit 01 coin ? $440,620 94. 4 lie gold coiuage lor Uie same time wa^ $296,171- OS, nearly it!! lu d"uli!e eagles, the sll- j 1 1, 11 5'1 a d' ar- b tlf dollars aud quarters, and I the CO, > per, $'K(joo t ? ? -?y equally divided in one utid ; two ' m i i'i voe. in*' toUi value 01' cotnate 01 an kinda is i i 7 * 1.' ?"3, ? : t s ' ^ en millions (is b ir.dmd and eigtity-hve ibimibu U six liuudred ?a< I folly pieces. Ihere wuie nulled during the tv o'h of July ft,C iO,O.H> cen'i, | and 2,27o,o<i0 two cent pieces. W ben It is remembered 1 Hi. 1 the <.cut 1. . ,;'i al tli- Mil ( his averaged about hall 1 ? uiniion per uonth lor lbe *-i two ya.c, and k lowing 1 ? we do tbai (Mrr ari not quarMii etioogb in ulrcdlntlon lor change of eren tne small fractional paper currency, tin- ?> ttoti may well too put -'rt hat becoiuos ol all toe OMtHa' lnc r llowlog is tha statement ol the earnings of thi Marietta i d C tn.mnati K>>iiroad Company for the tir?t week o' August and t lf^e Jau ia'y 1" I *? S I - 186S. 1864. la ? n^?m $3,756 >1 8,441 42 4,53100 8,96? 18 Mall, ex pi ers and telegrai n 876 00 1,126^8 Total... $9,862 81 18,600 16 Jiiuoe 1st ot Jasuary 300.936 91 606, 466 64 ?irt uunBikiiciAii usroiiT. SlItSDiY, August 13?6 P. M. Ashks.? I'eceipis , 6 bbls. lhe market Inactive and pi loea nom-n illy $13 60 a $16 60 lor p is and i?arls. Hhikit. tosss.-- Reocpts, 19,775 bbls. floor 180 bbls. aud 1,024 bag* corn meil, 47,846 buabeis wheat. M,63^ do. corn 48,679 do eats. 36 do. ry?, and 04 60. mall The Hour market waa dull ai d heavy, etcepi for n?w made extra Hlate, in shipping order, which wai w?n*ej for export. The iraria operated oauttooaly w4 for mine, dials necessities, while tbe liability of eourlng during Ikiv hot weather renders toelders ant ions to realiae, lienoe lbe depresasn a. lisiee 16,000 hols, Aiste suit Westerh, 1 .600 Hon 1 be re. end .too Canadian Rye wouinued 4uHt al S? 1> a llu 56, Cogo m m' waa atsedr . withaalaa*' iiAbbtR. at $ft " initol tog 20obWs wfcit* Atlantic Mill*. at fit Weqoo|9>~< HutfrltwtiUM aad Wwwm Ouur ....'. 99 10 k (If Ktir* *a*e 9 86ft* M Oboic-e 8UU- 9 OA ? 10 1C Cowman to medtatn extra WmIM ........ 60 ? 10 2C fcxtra round h >op Ohio so a 10 <* W?M**n trade brands ????........10 66 e 12 W Kxtra St ll'M 1 14 60 Common -<ouiot>ro TO a U 30 Kxtraand ?r my 40 ..,.11 $*>14 GO I Common <'aMdlaa-.. .............. 9 Wtll 00 i Ooo4 to choice mid extra do 10a 18 00 Kye Oour. rii|?ertlu?.. 9 boa 11 H> Cora meal.bbia T 00 a 8 40 (torn meal, punoheona... .......84 09* 99 00 , ? Two wheat n.arket was Ins acuvo and rattwr tower la common and inierio- prime wax (Mid firmly. The hulk ut the stock ts corni ced of very poor, price* tor w hich afford oo criterion or tbe market: saloa 85.000 busboU at $2 10 a $2 34 for very Interior to good Chicago spring: $2 19 a (2 36 lor do. Milwaukee club, fi IW a $2 5* for amber spring, $2 "2 a $2 47 lor poor to food wtntor red Western, ana $2 60 a $J &2j? for amber Michigan. Corn w ia steady with a lair demand for shipping mixed. sale# 7". ,000 bushels at ?161^atlB>iW for Weatcrs mixed. Oats were dull at 96c. a 98c. for common to prime Kye was dull; a sale oi 15,000 bushels id reported el $1 85. Barley and birlej malt were Bomtual. Cora. ?1 be ra.-.rket was quiet, bat prfce* were firm. ' The market was quite active and ftrui, with ?ales of 760 bales. We quo to ? Upland. rtnrida. Motile tt.O.dTenu. Ordinary 169 156 151 163 Middling.. 174 n4 176 116 Good Middling 176 177 i7S XT9 Kweci *3 were Urmer. in flew of decreased worn e? the bettb aod tho higher war risk* charged by tbe underwri ters on shipment by Autericau bottoms. Kngagemeots to Liverpool, per American, 12,000 bushels wheat, ut T&d. a 7^d , cloaiog with 8d, demanded . 100 pnetugos lard, 20s. Floar nominally 2s., per neutral; 7,000 be- jo b wheat, 7!^d.; 700 bbls. petroleum, 6e., and 2S bhds tal low. 22a. tid. aud per steamer. 1 ,000 bosea cheese, 15a. 10 Ijondon, per ueutri.l, 7,000 bushels wheat, 7&d.; 1C0 Iocs tea, 20a., and '20 hbds. tobacco, 30s. , and per steamor, 1,000* bcxes cheese, i,0s. To Bristol, per neural, 150 bbde. tallow, 27a. Od. A 1' birk was cb&rterod to Dtiukirk, Franco, 1,800 bbls. (veiroleum, 7s. The Skifjnnu Liu reports In addition an American ship, 820 tons, and a British ship, 700 tons, from a rice port to Great Britain, at ?4 2s 6U. an Italian bark, 340 tous, Groni St. John, N. B., to Dnbiiu, deals 65c, a Meek brig, 3^9 tons, to Rot terdam, 2,OOu petroleum, 69; a brig, 1,400 [etroicum. to Gibraltar lor orders, tin Gd if to Marcailice, or 7s it te Leghorn, Naples or t.ouoa, a bark, 6M loos to Cadix lor orders, 400 Ubds tobacco, 41M , a Norwegian ship 637 toes to Janboo, suves, equal to (40 (or heavy pive, a ship from Portland to lUver Plate, lumber, $18, a Danish bug 236 tons, to I'ara aud Mar.tnbam, 2,OOJ flour, $1 per barrel, a Urilish soboua^r, i 06 toes to Maranbam, flour, SI 25 tier barrel . a brig, 2,000 barrols to Mstamoros and back $2 per barre1. half g id; a Brilif n schooner to Porto Kicoaud back, $1,060, half gold ; a schooner W0 loos, to Wetl Indies nod back, $1,800, $000 in gold ; a brig 16T tons to south si<te Cuba una back, $l,46a, half gold; a bark 308 t<>us, to north side Cuba aa?l back, $3,600, $1,600 in gold; a brig 460 tons. aod two achoooere Ir. xu Cow Bay , C 1! , to New York, coal, $$7a7 26; tour brigs (rem British Provinces to New York, $7, a achoouer, 174 tons, irem l.ingan, C. B , to New York, $7. M0US8KS.? The bu'tuess was light, but prlees were without essential change. Prow.-vws ? Receipts, 42 bbls. port!, 116 pkgs. eut meats and 2" do. Ui d. l hc pork markei was more active and ?l por bhl higher, with some speculative tniusai - lions. Iho sales on the spot Include 7,500 bbls , at n $J7 for old ines^ . $40 a ?fi ) 60 for new do. , $35 a $.iii 50 for prime, aud &J6 for prime mess; also, for future de livery, lArtO bbls new town, buyer oil September, fit $4o 5o; MK? do. do., buyer all August, at $42; 500 do do., at $42, SOOmIo. do , buyer until 10th September, at $42, and 400 bbls. prime mess, boyor all August, at $37 60 The beef m-arket ceBtluites dull ana heavy, with sales of 200 bbls., at $13 a $15 for country mess, $6 a $8 for country prime, $!8 a $20 tor repacked moee, and $22 a $.8 for extra mesa. Prime mess beef was iu moderate demand at previ us prices; salts of 300 tierces on private term*. Cat meats wero in limited sup ply and firm, with sa'e* of 200 packages at 14 ^c. a 16c lor shoulders, 17c for hamf, 21c. for smoked do., and 23c. a 2ie. for haggeJ do. Paeon w is nogioctcd. Tbe laril market continues active and priccs are well sits tiled sales of 3,000 barrels aud tierces at $21 ^'c. a ?2?iC. , the litter an extreme pric Butter was in fair demand at 40c. a 46c. for Ohio, und 45c. a 52c. for SUte. Cheese was selling at 18c. a 26c. for common to prime. Phtrolkuii.? Uecelpis, 3,00a bbis. The market was dull aod prices were lttt.o better than nominal. Very little waa done. About 2,010 bbls. crude at 52^c. a 53c. on the spot and seller's option to tbe middle of September, 800 do. refined, in tioad, mostly at 86c. . and 600 do , free, at 86c. a 87c. Riok was qniet, with small sale? at previous prices. Suur was In fair <lemaud and firm, with sales of about 600 bhds. at 20>?c. a 23c. lteuoed waa in moderate de mand and firm. Tau.ow.? sales 96,000 lbs., at 19c. a 19>,c. for fair to ; prune \Vtife>KKT ? Receipts, 1.661 bbls. Market firmer, with Bates of 1,500 bbls. at $174 a $176, closing at fl 73' a $1 76 for State aod Western. AFFAIRS IN MAINE. Out Portland (R?,) rorreipondtaet. I'okTu^n. Me., August 11, litfi. Thf Congressional attd Cabins' JCzcumm ? fob/in in Maine? 614 Abe'* frxtyerts? fMJteRan and Ordnt?The Treasury and War Drp-ir.nenlt, i/'c. The good people of I'ortlsurt? Neal Dow tod *11 bt< ptoarieaicsl caut to the contrary ? seem to be as nriob lo olioed to live up to the recommendation of tbe wisest of 1 num. "Go ttijr mm r. eat tby bread wilb joy nod drtolc thy wine with a merry heart,' aa any people among whom it ha? been my lot to sojourn. -Tbey ceem to take de light In going tbotr ways to ptealca aud pleasure encur stona among tbe beautiful inlands of tbeir magnlQi ent bay ; aud although there are ao outward aigtm of jolly hoa tatrlua, or stylith ta varus. or lager beer gaiooos, ( am toll that in every frtiil and calcc and .-egar store lo tbe city there i.- no dlOuiuity about getting supplied with what Mis, IMcjc .swiveiier used to charaoieme a? "(be roay" ? a figurative otprMloo, which in thia oace means terribly demoralized liquor. Tlio PortUnd<*e Have been having quite a Joiljr t mo <,( late, tail week the tugu&t le.matora ot CanWa, under tbe load of Mr. lboinaa Uarcy McGee, aod attended by quite a crowd of newspaper and ether eminent iudivt dnais. called here on a pleaiure excuralon, in which they are spending the summer vacation, m.u for the last three dayswehivo ha t not b ug but picnicking, merry ta?k uiS, leveo-boiaing, ctaui raking, oancing aim oxcartmu i/iog nattnt, tbe it. sad*. under thu si?#pn:es trf Uie rtou-o tunmuoe of Ooa>.res" on lb* Bateooa or the .North* f>.?et*rn frontier. 1 bore t-*-etiis to be sonic popular deli siou u,".oai (bat oco <>i the talent acta of tbe last tiouve of llcpreaeutiatives we* t ? command Lhe afore naatcnl ootoniitlee to make a gunoral rtooouoieaanre ? in force? ot all ibe baje, in eta, neadiandj, promo lories, islands, ?ai,d bars, lone, bot-tmnta and w bat -uota t-iitV w.lluu Ibe ooa.- iwi?o pir tauten or. uf tt.eM.Uo ol and aiso to lusp* t Uie ruate fur Home Kre-t mi' taij ra.lrtui *-??;cb. who* ba it, wilt ba sum an eternal menaco to old J "lot Hi. .1 that ?l is expect ed he will evei after i* ooew toe nn.Ht ?Ivii ^nd ob*e>iui tons ot neighbor*. 1 don't say ttat tbure la absolutely no rou Dilation far tbe idea that . b .ti ? uh were given to its special commit tee by the lust llouae, but I koow i last 1 whis mm ti yeaUirday morr ing at tjouriug i tbai mo.-i uitcutive and omniscient [number of the ? vin ! mi (tee of tt'.ija aud Menus, Mi. Mori ill, of Vermont, iiKialic fr<>m ibe polite ami oluii*.inl Moorman of tbui r< mm tte? ~ai,a leader ot this parly, Mr. Kice, t>! Maine, h'-vr II aao that this ?raud mvhjtmu ? i,<n.e about lie ??<'tu?d ?i;r| ristd wt.en be w?i iu| J itiat it was reaiiy an ofl'.rtai ailair; but, like a reiiitible iimu, boi-omoa alo&g, and seems to enjoy biuiMU like tb>> rest of ut. I t.ecd not go ioio paritouUra. or nuae an ftiuri at the deitrlpii'vo, t<> iuioriu the w<>(>u ifiw lite ? mKresaioDii and Otl'ioti party ? CoBgrra^ fip-e'e-nt- o by ibout a d':?'Q ai*!MiH>r?, af.d tfia oah.^at ity Mr. .-wcatary of tba Irea-'iiy Swaauuau? ?mi.rc ilia aid" gu ?dtooa of Lietnttiaui i oloiie, i_ewi.< U. .Smith, <>f tiovo-o.if Cosy 'a Hiift, ma .u a tormat ib?(s??.iiooyaat?jai>y of ^ixtiitigea.a ,:t in tactrnctur? In ibu ?;>urae ot mm ruction ou a >edge of rockx uaia?i Uogc lertje about two mii?> frau a?? wharf how M^cr Casrv, Cnlted St^tea Uigiaeera, in chirge of tbe work, and Mr. Ullgaartf, oflirer la charge ji i fie i>a*t fui vay oiUec iu kV'aiibingtoo, f'.ruaued a?ahu> rate but i|ulte snusfactov ei i>iaow Kma of the wnoie atra'.r with charts and diagrams, bow the p?rty thaa tnadoau equally aritlosl ex?in .uation of tort ITafcie, oo the pofcat j of Cape Uizabeth, aad were perfectly anfaQed with the manner in whicn the commandant, Major Auarewa, loeked after the mtereaia of the goverument ia that i ' quarter, aid certicularly how aU the wants ai 4 taatat of tt e i. s |ieot og party wuro ut'eodea to. And so 1 pass i otei tin; mstter of the niuMa, tuppiied by tbe apicadld b. nil oi tt": Seventeenth Lotted ^uiea iaianiry, and tho i xi guunerv or targot abootiug? the muaic be I it)': i ttlier ?i.| trior to ibu arti-iory pract.ia. I oould not, | jf I would, deacribe the scete of tbo evening oi re at t^e city gover.>m^nt hbildiog, wuere l'< i < n d hail k,uhered "her beauty and fear chivalry;" lor 1 was ungVunt ei.eugb lo be an u'-nei I* ?: no itiat -4<l?udid occaaioa. I should like to try , ine diSwripuve or. tlie clambake and cboarder party en ? i >rcilt<vds) ,u iu.d M-ound Koildcammcli by s>i mo tivo , u'in iff'd of l.i ti tiu and teinate p^pjlatiua of l'srUaad; WMtlamweli twsre loataay oiluri in vuat d.rectw* wo-.ld, by aoiuga^ loiter, Maura the committal of the ubolo i*od ctioo to the waan tasltn Aadaa f retrain, tmiilDg tbit my modtf y n that particular may be the I m'sor of saving tb.a brtaf wr Mpoodeuo*. A it' .e potitioa uiiglu *? ? be tnrewn in as aa addNioa [ hi goHr.iuioQ. Ibiorutaatelf, I t?ve t/4 Um material. Toe e?cor?i'in soema to have hnvi organt9B<t oo U)? baa is : of m>ape?i'4iLaal(tag and nopplitwa. Ib.ra at* several 1 <fcati?:raiic rnpmauutivaa (iteoot. ao that oo?>rteay wt ; w& aa pot icy dlctatad thai cuorn* ibe repuNiaanathat ! I lutva sp 'kea to h?tn oo the suweuof the aaxt i'roatden | tiai ei.-ctioti do ant regard Old Abe a <.haaca aa antireiy ao i bad aa the tiaaau<aopposea. init ibera .? uooordiaJ.houcai, | etiergetio eamwa?mont of bia aomlnstion? uoihmg but a i suites detaruMUsiton to make ibe bast or h m. They do not I much like tbo idea of Mo* eiiaii a outniuation io'Cbioago, | and would tight haro against ins election , bat the aoml 1 nation of flraat or soaia other promment war Uemoorat l would flud ibem pamWo non-ieoialauts. Trare dona not xeam to be any movo looking to aaotbar deal of the republican card* or another cut for tromp. Tbey have I tinted up .iar.k, sad have, lo tbe ctaaatc laugaage of crib* bagn. marked ''two for bw heel e." 1 nonce that cacreutry Kareeodea soil Mr. Morrill, a t Vetm m, are very murh tmethor. Id view of tbe thraat ened retirement of tbe loimer from the head of ihe Trea* aury iwpartmeat, what do you tbmk ol Mr. Morrtti aa bia n ixsfMrf Your correajioadent, at all events, will vouch 1 for him aa i mau ol rare bastt.eaa tataut*. I Ths reported retirement of Facretary Btsatoa from the I War iMpartmeat met with vary general appmbatioa hare, I foliovad to day bf rogiot that the report waa not true. | Your norreapondani again veatarea to suggest that he did not sham in tb.*e reeimgs, and tbm be regards tlie Secre tary ot Vfar as iDr most rsilabh- mao In the eonre rabi net And, (eat) should aiy aoyihiog else that might oauae [ tbe tatter to miecmr. I wltl atoviugi hete. INTERESTING I9DM EURVfe -J \ A Our Ltad?i, Ftrtv and BtHin Corrosptidtscr, Oar tondot C*rrtip?Mtae?. Umuxmi, Juir 14, am (Rffurn ef DuUf?gui*hed Jbntrtemnt to their tfattce Ot*m try ? 7ht f'marwUrt and InatiUtrt of Ik* Ntm Wtoid in tfit Old, ?*R " There are two omtnent Imiriau a?w la London . Mid who are mm to retun to id* United States, whose sepa rato c i rear* ?wivey * moat iaetrooti ve lasaoa. 1 U ay are . earu ropreeanlallvej of a oiass, havo eucb done groat huuor to tha coaMry that ftw (hen birth, lure each of' | tbcm exptrieamd tbe aprand dowaa oi Ufa, ud kara oncii uahtevod aoaaut arable mme. Jam-it; Mclloury, who returns to Amertaa b jr Uie Canard Ma?iricr of Satarday, bat probably done mora durtog tbe l ist llvo yearn to raise tbe credit ot, and the v id up of Am or lean crodtts, aeaarltiaa, alack* and railway shAiea. thun any othar American who aver did business In turi.|,o. Ha bus floated nearly ten million dollars' wortb i'C railway toads on tbe l<aodon markat, tlx) cur rent prices of wbion to day at tbe came rate of interest are flfty pur o?uii Uifber than United Statea bond*, tbe interest mid principal of wbtob ara to be paid la goM. Ity building tbe Atlaatla an.t uveal Western Hallway, and thus creating "a unirorm broad fauge railway from New York to Illinois and wv Loaia, be Mm concocted both l/Hidon and New York with tbo treat gnua producing dirtrtcisof the Weat by a now link. Too t m)>eror of Kuisia offered tbe railway oon tract to Mr. Mclloury of b'jildmg tbe railway from Moscow to tbe Ciimea? one thousand miles? and be deolli ad It Tlie other American 10 whom I referred is Mr. Nalbaa Ttx.nii*ou,or New Vnrtt. Ila came bar? ?? 1800 with biB Invention for boat building by machinery. Tl was taken up in the highest quarters, )auded to tbe skies by alt tbe English Journals, aud a large joint slock company formed to c.itry out ihe invention. Sir WUImm Brown, Bart., of Liverpool, wta one or lito trusteest Colonel Syltos, M. P , was chairman, nod tbe capital was to be eventually a million of dollars, or two,biiudrcd thousand pound* Una b <11 ot tbis w;u raised, the company sat to work; but to* ds* they are "in tbe QauUe," bankrupt. Mot rrom any fault or deficiency of the Invention or want of go d man ageineut In tbe company. Tbe failure Is cauaed by that unmitigated savagery of the British lower urdera . com bined iu ?? trades unions,' nutubertng'over half a million sf men, who resist, by money, mobs, abuse, brloea and oppoai.ion of ail kinds, every tb lag that seioia to run against existing rights. Oar Parle CorreapoMenee. Cams, July 26, 1834. Marthal Jiandm's Report on the Algertnt Voternm**'.? Tht American Mrftut ? Financial JVetos?Tjieahical In leUigetiu? Martkal McMabon Doing u .a Ificrx?Tran*. , imU Ooing Out to Hring (h? French Troopi Ikmefrom Mexico? ftderal ffnmm 1n <*? Cki)?(- TJit Smfarer Slill at Vichy? Drouyn At /Jtnyi Jitter aeri to Par it, dV. Marshal Randon baa mat ia bit report to ibe Emperor ' ,?K)U ,b? moditicntions whioU it rolrfbt bo advisable to ' | m*ka in the colonial system of Algicr*. He anils attention to the difflculiiea wb'ch aprio* from the eonQiciiog jnrts ' | dictions o t tbe civil and military tribunals? tribunals i rendered necessary by tbe heterogeneous Kurovean and native population of thee louy. As , remodv to pro pew* subordinating the p relets, or civil fancuonauoe, to the gooerals or military authorities, augmenting Ute powers and responsibilities of tbe latter, and conferring upon thorn the title o I 'Commandants de Province." la speaking of tbe causes of tbe late revolt to* Mursbsl says:? It was not culy fanaticism which oeused tbe uprislns among tbo natives , it was alao tba in ."ens Ale hope 0j surprising tbe vigilance ot an authority which they J1. ^ "ul)uteu- ta?"? tbejr saw its ucttoawiie nreMwhiiS,"h! ".f? ?^'"I'f^eJtcWiora of a violent ? ,J \ bJr public oploiou, led tbe na Ij fear a luture full of tnrehae** for their iudi for thea" *"a "" u,Wrwui w*? ,u Ibe price of exchange and (be news generally , together with the hot weather, are producing tboir effet upon Ute American settlement m Paris, and deiermioiac a steady ebb tide towards tbe United States and the watering I places, tiio American chapel ia the roe de Bern, which, daring tbe peat wiutar, beid ae full and [aabtunable a flovlc an any clerpyuma trav?IIta* tot Ms basltb m!gl?l de-ire to preside over, now presets c* a Sunday a com paratively thinly populated appearance; and though its present incumbent, Mr. Itutier, of Albany, delivers matt admirable discourses from its pulpit, while among tta "long drawn aislee" tbe full teoea of tbat ma?.,t*em hacrod music for whicu our cbapel baa become so cala bra'ed n ['aria cull swells and rolls, tbe om?c? ,T?D combiue to i grn .ill % relatively 10 ^e?cIt*r ?M <**?? The .tmerteZ romueou id Pans ire luticipatinc even artir mi r*T<* im next winter, aa a snbeorlptwn baa J ????ua t? ?topa "nV irT/ v*T W"h *-mnme and Mm * 1^'. V1 ,r ProvWeoce contluoej to muu us relays of Fl whoso tra cer voices are oal r eauali.- ? hv ; '7 wi|' in oxerc is log lb?m l'nt our b?u rn < in ml. 1 ucipetione win <io.,bt!eev he realised. M i ,b? thermometer jr a;> the fumla po iown and 1 emiui'n ?Cf WtH evlar' ,M!d l"9t wcefc tbat tbey 'wom1<i 1 proved to have but told a flat ? , 0 mkv su,e "? ttiairial conrtdeaw" rwjuireil hut a mere triHif ? n-i exe.u<e lor a fall ui>d thLi 1 was lound in .be coot.iiued difficulty vrft^ Vbe 1,^ HSII*B8 10 "P'f'eoee to setdmx np their I iiii3(inderslaadu ?"_oot tbat my one doubt* tufy will 1 evoutu.ilJy rome to an agre^msut. A-dc t to rhl/ tie 1 f '?b malts brotiffbt aereral euccon?ire low aiKmitionl rrencb market*, ow Hitirw g^mbfors are ccmuluiiitna fa i *MiiS!!1 3 th<?,r osl?^?'f?a are h.-iTied, jtu ibat it I ' ?mp/Mtble to carry out a Used ? Jh?e.' "e'fers ?-e the oaiy . nea who seem at all able to act an eyMem ?.**** '? acl B,nc^ etlrriog in tbe tfteatricai worio' Vbo 1 f*wP over. and that or Baitou IJadcn, whither the 0|iera t om que has transported ita trtmra. ha' ?om. 1 raence-t. Io Paris the ^reat no -?!ly i? me renrun <if 1 ? tscle rdm*s Cabin " at the Cbateiet. it ;? very wjfi 1 got up^ooiy ana would wish ttat tbe --harv.ter of r.r jo. > colar rbemas h:ra?elf had been dispeimd wltb at urns i been tlist of the >;ent:e fva, tn order to s >nre rs lire ' ii p vp r. ending Scenes <if riilvellint rud rta?e!latiODa of which the said Tbomas la inrartaoi/ the s-Jbject or the ' -j-i! ^7,/r'Trr 'nslres bis app>Mranoe on tbe al*ie I ivIfi.*d?iW7,;,e *,f0 giT,nK ? or me n rle dela ? .nr.eWerre, a piece which h opes on tbe d i teeWc dtlHcuitley ef the Widow tfaecas wltose iito .? ! melted, a teafanug man, was Iree'y parUkrn o' bv a IW ST. rrt M or r*,,rc* whe" *bi:?wi coked en tD -tr enst. f Our widow deienmnea ?o curso!c herfeic bs ferminir an "T^nrtravelWnMC'XSJ ' rjtml nbe or Ijii father in ?orh \m ?mn* lonii , mnf?utT Ih-it Ito old weoticuiHQ m dm U1 hcoM?> t > her i demands, )D the .nter?? of few ra.^mmg hairil ! !l ih.d^ . slrewdr engaged te eaetaer woman who at ib.s lunciure nrnves wuh ?ier mamma to ' take I poe.vShwu <1 iior tian r. Uieu comoe the fun of tl.o ; :teoe The omy way tho ageo vender of ?waet eccnti i ?eea ont of tbo diillcuny is to disuse bim>elf is a oaii ,r | tOLfOF oir M ? former in. finale of the la- i inenied, statmu that, Juet nefore ..ntei ing the liu> try at?m?chs ot the Caffras, satd deioocti nargSl him to stok i he^^mn u'l m ,rr! b* ?-***?* aK l 5VSJ1 J *?.. c sailor. nw,iat.n . ' * bc,n* done in a puai.t nf?ir i thi wldti.w cousenU to tbe arrangement, and givrf un | the jropoweil marriage ^ far, m, gooo but ZtXru T nateiy. tut vou nua conceived ibe aAm < .k-a. in. d. without I ceeS'iNiag tne mvbor of b,j exMcore iij?b the SMbioci pi?K..!eus t '^pwt it mioexe.-iitum, |>^ wretatiod wotnau ia m biay >rei! be om.-el.ed, ,u a flj uZZ J! ***'*: sawrse the only wav to sot 'Hit of it ia w,,t* '**>"< ?T ?Mlwi? dwia, and all sndameiryaa ? marriaae lieli ih? i?w? wene* 01 "** *"** #*USMI8 ot U?? l*a?ls Itoyale toi.fim. Tba ? rsadliHt eomraittee of tbe Theatre Fraoeaia baa tut w'SXSA' ' ~ there apyeara to be no doubt tbat Mar aba! HcM. m? AlMrff'u^V^ah!!* ?OT*rT,,r Oaaerni <jf wi? 'save shortly, tba IMh ,n V?*K- M^rt?r lAcombn, who "ny**** jm tba near maaaurea of wblob I have already epoiten, wiU resnain some time k-ngar to Al.eru to facilitate the iraasftr of offloe. k ' Tba r*0U <t* ChtrhMtry aUtea tbat the Niagara, flaora manto aad Kasraarga are oruieiag M toe Obaaoat, as are lj?? authority, theOaorgia, f lorida, New .AJ!r*^y?-fayr^ ^ The r^l ?tas. s. neatly. ?*. therefore, immiaent. as, however S?!a!?iiw? (?* >w??par Arabia, Infer m ua " ""?"?'Una ''?ifadatlooa otf tbeaseutb Oeiaware. sad as tba tfaneral Laa is loabad npoa aa being a marine myth, I prasasas aa aoana la aat outta aa Impeadaat aa tba >'<?il see?a to thtniT * * tba kmpaeor is still at Twtay, beneOtiag really by the avatars, fia has piaoel a c hit* netghb^ng Wis m n tbe dtapoaal of Mtntitwr mm Nn. King of tL MsImiT Orooyi, da Lbays ha. retnraei te "aria. llTiSSi doa't state beat Ua Vichy water agreed wMa htaa. 0?t Barlia Cerrefpea<a?<e? B*?us, July M, ltl (Si. r?e War tn Dnmarh?r<mtc. at Ihf Dmm% *A Capital? AmmiM?4'haneti of Ptte?~4 CmfTrnt* at Vienna? Chmgt are IHt 3 <iU or J fara^-fit*. ?f Prutna and ??e? ef Bnfland?tJoatiti?n ef IA* Thru Katurn I'otxrt, a. Tbe war between Germany and Denmark Is certainty eae of tbe moet curtoaa aflaira of our time. Its whole course baa been a serlee of anomalies, acd its last pbaae la mare extraordinary thaa the previous onea. Only three weeks sgo tbe Danee had denounced tbe araaMioe, and were determined to carry on the struggle to tbe almost ostreacea rather tbaa accept a cam prom tee wblob, though h severed tbe southern portion of Acbleswtg riwn Ibeir monarch y, would bare Ion them la fall poe session of Its nor there districts, end now they sui reader at discretion, sua humbly tor qaarter, end seem ready te submit to the harsbaat terms Tor tbe sake of obtaining' a peace which tbey rejeoted with d is Jala when It waa oObred them oa eanditloae ialnitely lasa eneroaa than they eea bope for at preaent. it te evldeot tbat tbe penaefe of A lean Hound by tbe I'raselane, and tbe d I. co very that even arms of tbe sea ootid ?w Via vragrtas ef tranyt rtpptiad with |(, HitHt rvpuiMlea aad Ifeelr MS sr^rr cirfUl, and aubjooi It to a repetition of tbe borrura ex *l "* <* "?* food friend*, the K?,i..h Tba cbm ge of reeling rery probably eonbled the King Peomart to get rtd of tbe war party, wbow temerity b?d expooed him io tbe rink ef toning bis crown before it "itM ?? *? to mil to . mln totry bow locltoed to p^iflo eoonnete, whrch be ['?f **? P?nm*? from **Df im thM by ? fonr o* pruVokiug a nvotattea to bit cari SL^L^r"* * PrUM,M "nder ' "*[ J^ikeoBUio wm crowing tbe L.neflord and ad UZ2L ? ^TJ!2!,l,,erD "*"**? Prince l^erkk Cbariee himself was preparing to pas* over to Panen the Obhrf of the DanmH Staff, Cblonel Karff ?oa^r?PI??^ ? tbe Allied beatKtfarters to bog a tutpeosion of boeMlitlen, and Baron UaUteneron wat denpatcbed post haste to Berlin to Moond bis request 10 M8U? tb# Pmmim govbnment that Denmark G reece, and w.rting to Z* Pol??*? ** ml*M b# d0,,r"1 b> tbe German Power., la consequence of tbese ovfctaren a ccnven ,l Cfrlrtlanafeld on Monday, tbe 18th br,tai ? ?-nS5 BM^dad fywn to^lay till tbe 31it, tbe blockndc PftlMd by (bo Daoee. and th? Anarm n.?M1 ? !hS ^ST#MWb ?r ?" "* "rrttory ocSob? uTmZt tbe conoiueton or tbe armiatiaa ' *' U)0"? ?t Whether tbe truoe will lead to a Deaee i? ?r Udjioin cpou Iht'Oi) iod wbicb irt gg Movent m t-ii/Mm CV?5?# * TtotoSoJ Kow Z ?l,^E i^f f.110 0 Lowonburg and Schleswie u> be ^LVmI^JL^ "Z? 1,coraark ?"* madeorer to p?. oT '?t0 M "w^Pendeot State Won i8 demaedejl for war expewe^nd ??uu?i s? sssm s a-s; B5LS ^rr gsli^ @?MSfi?i Si *? ^syscssr wikwjic, before toe commencement of the *?? ?/.,? i. comi lotoiy exploded , and Mil her (be Sj.xfjl SblS the German Roverotneais will imM tig lied i*SI2it2^ saa^ais^afflRSS-a Austria nor Crussia, leaat of ali H um? . deeirous or exorcifliog the power ^r a b^iV t h^h very ooeatloa has p?oyed ihat it b,.. a wiH nr ?i .ll>,a and does not . J?p|?li? 0i, t Ji of it. ilo jnemlicrs, and which tbe addition or a State like lZfm'^1 to the tumor moo&rcbie* ol Bavaria llnniMr i would render Mil m -re mmmStta fc abown itself m tbe proseut iactaooe g " b"8 1>ru8gt* ?cd ix-nm iric, and no latorte eoo* i2i irbif! or uo? comhatania win be admitied ?"4 l^rr mar b0 ,he i^ne or this aecoad Con far avfi5rttf.w5ats!y5fg MilStlSSd ttd Itic Holy AI!ion:e wac difaoired tbe nr#?i>0A^r |T f* .'sjssrisj.jf c-'SS'srxiE tjztxzx, ^ s:c J bjie fffwwd % radlcnT ctiireo fo lbi? state of (Vwn^ "5tf ' l'ru?.?n amy tai rubbe OT?K tf tl? aid displayed an effiQieua# (but has ? mcr? I ban tbe I'tussianTtUcmJel^? OH 00,0"? o libra. The ooiioi 2^,^!, 1??. "Pweaele she cow all IU im^ateoc?, a^the ?rb?? Z*!^1 ? futtirc be obliged cm-'wrre to conftie Ita meoffeatitwna to ! noirfhhera cm ibe alert f^'rs or lov-^ 12P1S? bl)r bcr^lt upon her pacifl.- teodeut .e?. at?,l lT{>!Ih? Ptoww**"4 *? *unn,lie coaiiwon or tbe tbrw taltera 4,,'" ?J?o?ine?l? pobllahed by the In* *"0 J OU ara tj vrh)?a. but thay 'v^td an mf. . r ewsoi tbo political eltualton U^totuTi EiMl^tff ?.t?3r'srni; 4K.J rc%iu..;ion of b;? aabitloua dUm i? S ,m for tba ... **llt> ^'Bl'-^arh Alliance. ortMuw vr m ONit).?r as a mrornt IKH.T ALUMCI. ,frora tuo Carts ??-bal*,^ulr ,t(?.| Wlih in ?c? <? tbe obieof w|?ol{ tbo wi?o,t ! ?""? f*rgigbled aUt?4rtten cT toglnnrl won'i ?i7m *or?aliwrf. K?4l r.uaiuti biaaa< K a^SlbiSi^i the geiier.i movcnjer.t wbtch curnea ib? public ociuiou or jui^taud in that direct Ion He la not M *" fkt t* H ,h' famrm' but :t ix prdbibid ihat ivotild uov? re^'t tb^ proKK^tirin in ? ?"der tone n?U with law .lUdaln. lie^S L' Imgiwa 0.tkM If, draw c'oa^r to Vrnnce. and at^hT,^. tel.. t,M.r,.l fori tier aloof from I lie I'owar* wbirn flare tbai aoweigaly ought to bo - IrMMm. of Lha pojuilar wii.. 9,a agreo ?nu bim in tbmkitt- that the untor, or Ute tw- great *e**rn t-ow^ra 7* the" beJt id baa t?*?n pi.loe ,n to?taIJ5 ulwarda L w? ^ r rtl'ngXI^t vucT^'Z ih^u ,u iafor ut Itoiinurk, iu ibo ?iUir? ?i tbi' 11 i,?e or i .o i it h on the JOth Inat. We abould uion ba;e 1 1 form 10 oauatate U) ih? value ao<i to t oat the f,?, ueriir of Ihfge dutiioiiXirallotM or IrlendsUip and oi tbi* Essrs ?jisasr* ""r -2? i whose ''tirmUi ai tea Lrut nnrruini*#? -r? ^ ? 1 'ttaVt!. '1 *"r '? u.- ? w.. i&s^-zzrsa z ?UA mittrusf, tbnt we ?*y ralrl* lofar ebe aSS/^f wa'c^riBni h"?**10* ,u *?' coowneti actio*. At ibe leaat we c?nont help etpreaklug oar vrattflcatioD thV. T?M ?Jaow ledge, bar nroper ptaoe to be byoo^aida defend or ibe llbarty and Imo^J ? ^ on. lhe mat I me <?f her ^nrertm ?tit ha r? wa'Atnn ??> 'nm rvwi to UA thf l*>u na wttiiy I'i/i^tni f# m*nd ?7L memory wf tkt hi* a 1 ,???. ' W"'" '** spat a and Pern. Til VTAUAK flOVKRWUlKT TO BtPPOKT *rilN. BKND WAIt TKfBXLS TO TBI TAC1FI0 A.SP nEMtWRNfA Tivn TO (CMTftAL AMMtlCA. I Fran Ue! itaaml't M canon tr or 1 IV dlflareoco wbkh b?a ariaen between ?paln aud Peru led to m la<W?ot id tbe iltUoi of tbe Itallau Cham ber of Depaiiea on th*.Mth. M. $tcc( ii demanded that tbe Cabinet abooitt adopt op portaae aaoaeurae for tbe eReetual protection of lutMo anbjeew, who wore as DMtnernna In rent that Una alone eentajoed nearly ten fttcueaad, aad aloe that tbe govern - meat atmnid abow itaeU aaure la (aror'ef tbo Aawricai gepuMIca than of Spam M. Viacontl-Venojtb, Mlntater of Foreign Affaire, act ?aide tbe loftauatioo made againat Hpato. MTbot conn try," aari the Minuter, "ta not our enemy, ibetf?M<en<l ?Ktw will In 10, for Wf art (toe not tow tvrinamj ft pm ( h*. Mini vtrk ard mV*A and atrtmilot/A by tnrwmerabU At to the grmiud work of tbe quoetloa, bow ever, ibe minuter deciarod tbat tbe governmeot w u!4 art vt mmi of mar inte tht Pactfr , ?*?! aod lUctdrd on ih ? numbtr <tf ill ilipUtnafU and oorHulor rep ? rctmidim in OKnrr?l Am rum. lettfr prom th? rinrriAH MtwrartR in Mnta. The rellowlog letter boo been addreaeed to tbe French Journal* by the Heruvlan Mlnltterat Pari* ? lb preeance of tbe pertlatence employed In f'eacrlblng to tbe public tbe danger* incarred by M. H*ia**r y Maearre do on bia way from Caliao to Colon, I think It my duty to declare that tboae daogere, l( tbay ever exlated can In no way be Imputed to the Peruvian government I there fore reqaeat yea te hare the klndneaa Io Inaert the pre lent protoat nud accept, be. P. WA1,\ KZ. A nalloon haw Salt. COMIKO fHOM Til OLUUOT TO THI flftRN HIALI' TfW OP BAItTI. [From Oillgnanl'a Mea?anger. of Parla, .Ittly 12] An action bt ought by MM. tfodurd Urothera agaiuet M. Nadar, tbe pmprietor ol tbe monater balloon, the fienot, baa juat bao<i deddMl bv the Tribunal of 0 mro?fM of thw Seine MM. Oodard claimed payment or n,0??r , wbir.h turn inolndeil a halanoe on the cat or ronatruutlon of tbe baikioti. with tbelr faee lor two aar?n>iioaa aod other in mdental axi'onaea, while M. Ntdar midn a demand ror M,<wOf. ao iamatna lor loae inr irred ' from a eelaure of ibe hellooo by MM. Uodard at the moment he waa ?at>ont ui aeoit ii ? |o KDfhuri (?>( tthlbltiW. tbe WV( ftyoctfA M. Nn^tf 't . ?^gSjBB|nM?aS * 'be entire clmrgej||?dL WVUG >lfcr<lji tho total sum tfue la them ? JW.6Mui M ?"?ey to ?he aaimiat of 21.IOOC bad b?as received by thew on diOereut occasions, thoir pre*en|7ialatm VSe* cOBMqfMltty reduce# to T,467f., which Mm M. JUd?r wss or date I to pay. The above charges or 2U,66Tf admitted by tbe Court >i beiiif da* la Mil. dodard, did out include tbe silk used m the coa> etructioo of tbe balloon, wUicq material bed been fttr uishcd by H. Nadar btmeeir, at e cost oT 20,0<?r. The total coat ol tb? beaut and expenses ot the twe ascensions we.u'ia<reiore 48,?M?. A Farmed Bill o t Bieheagt In Parts. VU1AL ON A BII/L OB AWN IM HAVANA AND CM PBOOttKDS PAYABI.g IN NgW YOl R. ?k 5?w'' ?'""??Maarrespoaieneeuf Load on Hew*.} inRl ?* Co?l?n?i-e ye?terd?y decided that tbe 5?**^ W? ' " a bound to per It le M*s*re- Bering Brothers, of U? i ' LkJ. e bin, pwrporttoe te be f*tT . ???'u Co' opoB Mon8- Kouid & Co., ol I er It, to the order of Mens. Carlos Medina. The p. Toe re-juealcd the Mcatrs. Baring to discount the b?l end i e m it Uie proceeds to gold to Mr Pitcher ol New Yerk. Mefars. tiering, bwdfg Brat^it ih. accepted -by MceaS. Fuuld /Set* xlT+t? $ *?? sovereigns to Now York aa directed, before tbe biB s*mo to majority MM. Foul*, h flu., discovered thai the drawere'-aignstnre mi a forgery, end <>e that greua? reiuaed to pay it. Thereupon Messrs. Bar lag bioueht their uciloa. Tbe court he* that tbe Bees, a Haring >-g been guilty or no iacbee, that tbSecrpatneeef Meaers. Foaid was to them a auftlciout guarantee <?t the autbea ticiiy of tbe biU, and tbAt U did not now lie iu the mouth of MM. Pould to say that it was a forgery aa ?k:>Iou Messrs. ltafin?. A decrue foe payment ol pciuctpu, late rest and east* waa lAsreiore mule. The Throne of Braatl. ROYAL MARHIAGR N KG OTI AX1"N8 FOB TBI ?*? ftOIt'S I> VITU IITBR. (Prom the Memorial Diplomatique.] A project of murnaxo between t?e eldest daughter of Don 1'eUro, Emperor of Brazil, and tbe Archduke Louis Victor, brother of Uie i;n.perur? o( Au&icia,bas bee* spoken of. The idea ef such a union did ia<ieud extw.b* It baa now bebo atfaud ned in consequence of the accepta tion of the tbrone ol Moxico by ttiu Arcbdtke touxlmjjiaa, which circumstance torn bronaht Ibe AachduRe Louis Via tor nearer to tbe. tbrone of Austria, and trapped on bias the du.y of remaining a prince of the imperial bouse ot Austria, in order to bo lua poaltVti to inherit tho throne If the Emperor Francis .ioee;ih should die without l?sua Freeh nintrimecul uoKotiati?n? have, tUeroioj-e^takea piar.o. aud it ?ew .appears te ba decided that tho e.d,at daughter of tbe Fmpe'or Doo Pedro, the hot) ess to the tbroac, will m'rry ih.-> Prince of Hobenw?liom ?ljfioar,a gen, ton Ol the termer President or tbe rouucii ?>f Minis ters In Prussia, and ooualo to Klog WiUium Ib?t prhiss li a Koman Ouholir. The votiD<or ila ii.htor is to ?uarry( r i oi;t 8t?yg,.C?uui de Flaadre, aecopd sou .01 Kiu^ Le?|KHy LUST AN!) rOCJfoT , ?ON WKDNE81M*. IITH 1NBT.. fclTHER (? iJ VTali atr<-et or the vicmiir of tbe Post office, $1 iQ faa Uttited Slaiej Tr*a' ur? iipt* ? , To a "d^w vellow wrapper. The flnder wrtl bv Uberelir tewatied by it tl llw t on i-i Va Slate j Tr?A'urT apt _ ter wftt b? UberaUr tewatled by it at'tka Meruhanta'' Btcbeuse BaoV, tST Hrosdway. LOST? ON TIIUIUDAK AKfKft?<H)N. ON T1|E HUD son River earn. ? l?lmln ?c.pp??<^i ab-ire Ytinknrs o* at Wag Sing a nuin of M^nev, twe Qieenback*. TbMAndev. if wl|Ti log To reiurn lbs woole or any part, may address #. D. Jlatch, 1 12 Broadiv/y, NTT. T OST-ON 1U?W*V. AOOWBT % A ?A*E BOOK. Xj Ko. **?. die. Oil rti<? Bowery BhvIoCk isank. The Ila4e? will be NUitab > ro wkrdad by leavies a at t|t bank. ?,T-ON SATURDAY EVENINO, ON TUB COURT ?laD<l ?tiambunt, or In JLHiy'stieet, l>'tw?eiiWesi eaS _ Tjn ? m Orecawich sireeta, a told open face Wrttch, unsin end Lockst. The finder will be liberal'* rewarded t>v reuiintec them to M. ?W. Hwyj Jt Co.rJ7 Maidwiye, up sutcs. T IOST-ON SATURDAY HVEltfl N(I,13TH JN8T . 8Ur J posed in btagf N?- #iOei' ibe Aurity street atKt Se??etb emu ne Imo, a POfKetbook. e"tit??hffi? m?ie/. reeelpti Mki .pni cr-, ot uo uhc to any one but Ibe owner Tbe flu,l?r will be Htijtabiy re?arled bj.reiuuuog Uie sane to W. S. Mur ray. 4# Fultou street, N. Y. LOST-ON 8ATO?l>Af BHlHT. A tOORHTBOOK. b iweeh HroaJway aad Porty-nrm street, contaialac about 12 It waeloit h? auoor widow woman. Tl.t Uiflei wlli plsaseleare H at 100' *ro? fort* -flrst street ?t?d be re WardeJ. . -mm , . , , ? - ? tf t i-e-i * - ' STRAYED? V ROM li CLARKRON 8TB KHT, A MALB dultl. two yenrs and four ujootha old. bad on a light dretaj wi:h p tncoat. no ah' t, brOAO >:a'tera nnd plaid aioeklngs. uo lint. Any rernon harierlog tbs ^ame will oan on ^ohn Cbbtloa, It Clatkson acreeb QTOLEK-ON WEDNESDAY NIlJHT, l<?TH INBf.. O from the fo rt of Morning Star road. North Slio ?, Slates Inland, a Sail Boat, 13 feet I0114. sb mi t feel 6 Inches beam, botton pa' m (xl wMte walat b ack, wltii n broad white streak, a narrow red streak aud back' evtute e. . Hw <MK aad ui.ala paiotert a Uglu lead eel?r; wsSbbeard greaa. wMB a red streak. Had oa board wb >n stolen a unw inainaaB, with mast, boom and gaU, bowapnl, Ac. A baml Home re ward will be paid to any person returning the bfat to Uie , above sddress, or giving sucb information as will lead te the rdco very of her. r jifwiBM. REWaRD?POO t,OSr-A .BLACK AND TAN. lar^e a w while linear tlis ijecfc cross oe taefeeb bcad: named Flda L0..1 oa Saturday, near the HaraM efliee. Apply to J. Oauto, 87 Na< sau street. REWARD.? LOST, ON HATI RDAY KYRNINQ, A* 90 the - Beoaemt street fervy beese. e Oeoe, rnadset born, Theabov? rewwd will be pxld of reuimwig It epa boaitt the Drirf'B. B. Tloaapioa, pier 17 tasf rirer, er le ?MrOltoeh, at the sa:,l ferry house. &? BBWAtD.-l.08T, ON PBIDaY AFTERNOON, A ?P' ? ladv't iireostpln, of aolld t?isled gold, with twa l. *\ e? aad a apt.c ot eoral lb Ibe oentre lagetag K? l Tljlitv-M-Ht ttie^i t-. Broadway, an't Hience tj Talrty liflh dlreet and Tenth arcane b? tbe TMrtv-Amrtb atrea* cars; returning In ibe same oar* to Twentr nliuh street, and through Twonlv -ninth street <0 fourth a< etrae le thirty 11 rat strdaR The above rewar*. will be paid to aMr pereog leaving the same atSe East Thlrty-ftrst street <U1 n REW.\IU).~L08T. OK AL'NDAY. AUtiUSTU, on iPiu a llobo ton fern uoatTrem Barclay street, er sa toe we , fiom Ho oKrsw H,idaaa Oltv a PweketbooB mm taiiua; about $?; also t*f (V thra* carte the om art D ime written <>n them. The ilnd^r wet nketve the above r-ward b> rauiraing the aaion to Adaiatda l~i nnnl, Ug Weet Ninth street, near Broadway. ?9|| REWARD.-I.03T, ON SUNDAY APTBBN04M. D^iV at three o clock. In coing rroiaff Otaoi street la C.iha! straat. and from tn*f??e a oar to Meet asvtet, a la> d<? Oold Wa'ch. The leavlug I' a ill receive tf e above reward and noqu bOiendl ii sskeJ. ria* atoi..u or Oiil 7. W (ternary Bate!, due AiuristlS IJ? ; taw ifftr $,><) aac'i an ' tonr for MH each, au J,aU.*sJar*?J spe ciellv for reii<>-?-ptinn by Ousta, na A. Mexfaer: Paxaseat been stepped. WOO eieti ha* d? .Td| rbward ? fifWT, oa pbtdat. at about ?h T'JW V. v.. ill a Hvveath a^eaua an? Breadway klasa, m (t?W Hunting Case Watch, with an India rut !>?r oh?la at lach?.d TWu?? ef A. Rmaauet IvaMgysvwd an t' <? 1 rtetii, II belog nn Inherited piece. Tbe aaure rewasd be pafcl on the ret' rn of asl.l watch, and ao 'ihtsttope led, to 77 Warren etre*t; apstatra. BKWgftD.-um, Tj\#T TlirjNftST KTBir. ? _ leg. a lady's fchaliui Watch, ue.-ktt Seal aad K* ^ ot.mpoaeU or blooi tone linked with gul.1 TI.e watca has on one *M* tb^ ialtlale M. It. 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Ai-o. 1 ne amad Silver sti ,n But, eenla>aing mo slaale d'.\inoiid?. w;gh tij lugaUwr S'. 1 ">4 caj?i?. snd-e.eaaa gle ?inoe duint >nrts, neighing shout <# carats l ft?>y are aT very line u Site sin .e ibe above rowan u will be paid upoa any lnfnrm?t?on 'ha' will lea'' tome rec ?;rr or the pro lie'tv, by applteatt<in to Ot/' i ,*fc/'K MaCHADU, IV 0 street, VVas'ilugfoa, 0. L'. . COItPOUATIOA SOVICRS. /10RPMUTI0N NOTICE.? I'l'BLiC -NOTICE li HPRB K.> ? 'en that a sal* of Pre?erty ac *r,rdlns to law far unpete ewaaoieot ? ea reel eesate tar reg iaimj. era Has. coasteni-tlDa sewers. #c., will take place ,t pui l<? i.uetla*, at the ?iltr Ball, m the <-1t ? of Mew Ynrtr, on Von day. the 14th la- ef Amembet nest, at ia o rimk at noun 01 ituu day. ami ba continued fiem day to day uuti. tbe n hole ?ball be sold. 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