Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1864 Page 5
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| THE TALLAHASSEE. Mare Captures by the Privateer. f.-i=*nrrssr-~- { SWotboat Win. Bell, Wo. 24, Burned. The Bark Suliote Captured , and Bonded. 'The Adriatic's Passengers Put eo Board of Her Without Water or Previsions. The Pirate Threatens to Visit New York Harbor, Aft The following despatch ?u received In Ibis city yen ? terday alternoon:? ? Samdt Hoo*, August 14? Noon. I hare boarded the bark Sulloie, of Belfast, Ve. , from ? Cow Bar for New York. She was captured on the l'Jtb tost. , off Mootauk Point, thirty-Qvs miles dlaUnt, by tbe pirate Tailahaaeee. The piratea bonded the bark ror $6,000, and put oo board of bar three hundred passen gers from tbe ship Adrtatio, tbe letter paving been banted bjr tbe pirate. Mo water or provisions were glvea tbem. The Sallote ha* alio on bosri Mr. Callahan and crew of the pUotboat Wm. Bell, No. 34, which vsssel waa burned on the 12th teat, off llootauk Point, by the piratea. Several other persona from destroyed vessels are also on board the 8uHote. The Ballots reports seeing a veaeel burning on the otgbt or the 121b. Tbe pirate stated to some of tbe captured parsons that ' tie was coming into New York harbor. When last seen tbe Tallahassee was steering southeast The pilot boat Jamas funic is her tender. v The Suiiote passed the frigate Susqoebsnna on Satur day morning, lying still, aouth of Sandy Hook The Suiiote haa ao provisions or water on board. y m * OsUlle of the Talialiatiss's Latest Ope rations. Tbe Tallahassee is still at work and if all tbe vessels ?re doing as the Susquehanna li?lying si 111, wsitiog for the privateer to run against her?she will oontinue to do damage for a long time. We hive interesting dewila of ?her latest reported captures. Tlae Capture snd Burning Of the Pilot boat William Bell. 8TATBKENT OP riLOT CALLAHAN, 0 T TOB FILOT BOAT WILLIAM BKL L, MO. 24. Mr. Jamee Callahan, one of the pilots of tbe pllotbost WUBam Bell, No. 24, callod at our office last evening scd ?furnished ua with lbs following particulars in relation to the capture of his boat. Be says:? On tbe 11th Inst., at Ave P. U , seventy milci east southeast from Sandy Hoc*, made tbe piiotboat James Funic to tbe northward of us , lying to under jib and main . call, tbe Tallahassee lying to tbe northward of her and behind the mainsail or tbe Funk. We did not discover the privateer nntil within two miles of tbe Funk. We thought It waa strange tbo pllotbont ahuuld ?fee lying there, yet we stood on until within ??boot three-quarters of a mile of her, when we mide ont her little ensign, and dlsuovsred, whoa too late, thst ?be was a rebel privateer. We down betas and tasked ?blp to the senihoast and slacked off tbe sheets, the Bell ?nlag about ten and a half knots through tbe water, the privateer tired a abot at us from her forecaetle gun, and eel ber fere aad main sails. The chase then became exciting, ?nd the privateer, fearing that he would lose as. 1st drive another shot at us, ft passing to windward and ever as. By this time the Tallahassee was raising steam, <Md gaining upon us very fast. At shout a quarter oi a ?a 4e from us she tbrew a shell at us, which exptcdod ?boot one hundred, feet from our port qusrtor, end at diet we thought tbe mainmast waa bit. f;hMUag that the atosmer waa gaining on us so sraptdlf , and a) \fce earnest eolldtatlon of otrr passengers, to. sod tbe privateer raagod alongside, and ? i arils red on board of her, with my this loom plied with as soon as oiroum''t-n.,ee would i-ermlt. On -reaching ths deck I foUud Captain John Taylor Wood ?ested io a* armchair. As I noared him be satil, "Well, olr,howdo|oa de?" l replied, "Very well, sir, hoe do jou dot" "Why, sir,'* said Wood, "did you attempt to tarspn from rocf" '?! didn't like the looks of that Rag on your staff,'* ww my rep y; -'and having a valuable b at and two passengers on board, and being afutsstler, X thought 1 might possibly outsail yon. but, Ond 'fng your shot coming so fast and yonr vessel g tlnlng on us rspidly, I concluded to hosve to, as there oeemed to be no chance oi escape." "You guv? me quUe a race. Are you' the captain o' tbe boslT'* said Weotl 1 ?replied, "Yes, sir " ??Now, sir,' said W?* d, '-which la the fastest sailer, 22 or 24 V 1 replied, "22 Is tbe faaisst et prefer. t, but when the Wm. Boll is pr? perlv ttianard she will beit tbe Jsmes Funk quits sasy." t While this conversion wss gotng on tbe qtsrter boat WM lowered ami manned with sn armod crew, wbo were tent on board tbe Be l aud stole everything mov.ible quadrsnt, oompatses, aneroid binmoww, ai>y? assee, J charts, table llcen, blMtltstt, counterpanes, bags o: cloth ti g, costs, hsts, boots, s'n es. shirts ? in facl, clsaned her 9ut. AUor ibis Capt. Wood balled the boarding officer and ?aid, "Turpentine her and set her on fire.'1 I then |>o Utoly requested the Oaptalo to allow me to give bonds for the b ?t He said, "No, sir; 1 think I oannot '' 1 then offered to give him bonds lor thirty thousand dollars ?a a substantial merchant in New York. Be eaid, "Pi IK>t, 1 am very aorry for you; but I cannot help it. I -must buns your pilot boat." The crsw of the plloiboat bad barely time to get out ?: her before tbe fit twee were eeming out of tbe hatches g fell sW-k at heart toaee that beanttrul boat burned up, ,fVr >> lr ? a urea '?* orits end named after one of the .? ti'Uits m tlii" city. In twenty ?taiitet she was ?Y * tO, Hi. ?i s b"'n ? h' St"d, wo stevneil to tbe northeast, ,.r . mk in r u;'wy, S'ln? f?ur knot*. At ? rvca 'ci ?*. U, to1!* lt>e Kunk in t w till daylight, r >lft, is iqu >rs riggei v *'? la woro s<-ro fun's ; down ?. .hi uii. the 1 ut.* v i* cast snrtft and prooaetled to 1 <iu of the re- KeH . a tills we *t o<l nt to &<>a*d | ?lt? s^'P Adrin'lr. rn^iae ctwe under the Adriatic's i ,* , \ I. COI led, Sbd tbr T-llaMuf. e 1 i't her m >|nn mt ? .? torfl > r ?taBchSond ???'< vky .l?hts, sr.i romo wllliln , , :niai'y loji.r'rg hoi l'. Tr e hi ? nms?t fell 00 . ?t ?'!>. iril [itopi i r i^d w,"igad It solid, and It re ^ k ,,, j gi |g el-ir the wro<?K. Csntsm ,, | Artriitlr, v??? ort.ered board , ? ,, t? i'u> i.nVrof his ps'-Mtgccs. , ? .,.??'!? i imif.i <wl et.\ty.ihre?? yeftUn ^ f< ...1 tic :? '.mi' bnndsd h*r ite'l put ilii ???? u m U? iben sent me W t..Uo UiS or ^ , L lor lb'' Oirt sfl twi msti". on ? .asd ?>. i 1 ? t'i ' rot. iin> 1 t'^ n t',ff i ytagere were wsi.sf-j'r . I Tbe S-il'o'.e wis is king ver/ Mdly , b.fii c ops on ?; ?^h ) wstc was over ber d?ck sli inches, un l yn a/'^'n Wood would not fut nlsb thaae peeseoqers w tb any itsid ar water, and the bark had nnasoe beard for thorn lor 3ns most ev n. The paseeue to taie port oo lb. Sullote ttras rsndPTsd not only iinulomat, bet berardevs. te tbe ?Ivee of Uiosr j>oee passsofors, and Captain Wood l? 'is. 4Mrvln? of mii. li nmf f?r bia mUesnsu omidoet. 11 id ? storm come on two-thirds of llwe on board eirst tine fct enlosL We felt In wiin ibe SusqoeOMes. wbo rstv piled us wltb lirrsd. snd ? se?-??)ust beund to Phlkd.-i. pliis supplied on with a rssk of.**'*1"* , Oaptslo Parmo. ')f the -'u'lots.dh! avi.ryt>,'i ?*? bt* ! power to make ell of tis as comfortable as ha roiiW . *? 't atttleetoree toe bed oe hoard he gave freely, snd he ?boold be raivropoused for tbem Ttte Captarr t?f the Ihlp tdrlatls. ?TATBMCNT Or OArTAIS MDOHR Captata MOora of the ship Adriatic, burned by the tsihfcMitT. atataa as follttivs ? i Uft tendon, .Inly T, with a foil eergo of mere ban ftlss aad ewe hundred aad sltty three peeetnger*. cen flpad I* HiiHT ?. K Mortem b fa. A oeoetdgrhbl* of tfie car) ro wis on Rritisb aoemnt. Nothing of loterest occurred during tfa? |wm|? until tbe lttb mat. , ?Mo at 0ve a. M., in txtiiud* 40 40, longitude T1 40, ma vsera ordered to beave to by aa ookaowo lUnwr, aad wait until ttief boarded aa, which ibey Immediately did, lofbrmlug me at tbe uat Haas that we were a prize to tbe Courederala steamer Tallahassee, tad that thoy were going to barn tba ablp, and tailing u to hurry up aad get r*U* to leevn The bark r*;liote, o( Belfast, Ma., Captain Parmo, from Gov Bay (Cape Breton), Tor New York, was In fight at the Ume. Ibey brerdsd her, and tbe captain w*a com palled to sl?'n bonds for tfr.000, on conditions tbat he weald take myself, paasengers and orew Into New York. Tbey commenced transferring the pAaseagera, aad gave tbem ?ucb little tlma thai they ware farced to leave alnaaat all tboir luggage oa board, which waa burned, toother with tbe ship. Id rour.dtag tba ship to we ware 4o eloae that we oarried away tbt mainmast of tba privateer, and bad tbere heeo a HUle mora wiad at tba tun*, the prvfcebUity la tbat we would bare sunk her. After myaeir, craw aad paaeeagers, aad tba craw aad two passengers from tbe pilot boat Wm. Bell, No. 24, wbicb aba bad destroyed tbo day previous, altogether numbering two hundred sod one aouls, were put oa board tbe Sulioio, there waa searaely atand og roam, and bad there been a gale of wind, or area a heavy squall, tba lives or two-thirds of thoaaon board would undoubk adly hava boas Btcriflced, as the Saliote's decks were even with tbe water. On tbe istb lost., off Ftre Island, spoke aad boardad tba United States steamer Susquehanna, crutaing for tha privateer , gave tbem a'l the Information we oould, and they auppliad ua with some provisions. On tha 14*ti lost we arrived at New York. Tbe Adriatic was ? years old. 980 to na burthen, rated Al, and was owned by R. H. Moore (tbe master), Messrs. E. R Mth'ih ft on, and others of this city. CARD FROM THK FAB9KNOBH8 OP THE ADRIATIC. Tbe following la a card from tbe passengers of the abip Adriatic .? Krtr York Harbob, Aagnst 14. 1814. We, tha undereigned, passengers of tbe late shin Adri atic, turned at sea t>> the Cootederate pirate Tallabasseo, beg publicly to acknowledge aad return our eiooere thanks to Captain J. I.. Parmo and officer*, of the bark Suliote, of Belfaat, Me (heavily I. den with coal), for tbe extreme Klndaeas aad libers lity that Ibey oould bestow In this oar trying and perilous p?itioa, and also tbe ex treme limited means at thair command? havtne but deck aoeommodattoaa Likewise to Captain X. H. Moore and officers for their assistance; also to the crews of tbe above named vesaela, tbey bavin# rendered ail tbe assistance which human aid could devise. We also bag further to state tbat had a storm arisen on our further passage whilst on board the bark one-half or more of those on board would hava been sacrttioed. CH.tR f.RB MILNE, RICHARD SANDKRR EDWARD JURK, F. E. Et. AN, an bob If of one buodred aad aixty three passengers. Thn Capture el the Bark Ballot*. BTATSMMHT OP HSH COMMANDER. The bark Suliote, of Belfast, Me., loaded wltQ ooal, was boarded on tbe 13th in&t., in isMtude 40 40, loogltude Tl 40, by ao offloer from tbe rebel privateer Tallahassee, who Inrormed us we were a prize to the Confederate States, but bonded us for $5,000, on condition that we took Iba passengers and crew of tbe ship Adriatic (whiob vessel ba bad Just captured) to New York, to which I agreed. After receiving tbem (two hundred aod one souls) oa board the privateer allowed ut to proceed. Other Reports or the Privateer** Dotage. Mr. Louis Samson, of tbe pilot boat Moses H. Grinned, So. 1, reports tbat oa tbe 11th iastant. Montauk, bearing north by aa*t twenty-Ova miles, saw a hermaphro dite brig burnad, and bottom up, apparently now, (.The Carrie telle, no doubt.? Rbpobtks.] Captaia Bardua, of tbe Hamburg bark Elbe, reports On the 12th instant, off Montauk. saw three burning vessels. At tha same time the privateer Tallahassee came close alongside, with tbe TTnloa ensign flying. After parsing hoisted the rebel flag Saw a man jump over* board from her, who waa picked up by one of her own boats and taken on board again. Tbe same day saw the schooner Blreoe and a pilotboat boned, name and num ber unknowo. Captain Swarta, of tha Holland bar! Cherlton, re ports.? On tbe 12th iastant, latitude forty degrees twen ty five minutes, longitude seventy -two degrees thirty, four minutes, saw a large ship on Die. Theatrical. WAM.ACK'S. Mr. Dan Bryant produced Rory O'More for bia beaeflt last Friday evening, and had a vary crowded house. His engagement continue* oae week longer. On Monday evening aeit Miss Olive Logan, a younger staler of Eliza Logan, will Osaka her debut, in a aew play. Miss lAgan has all the advantages which groat a at oral ablution, s doe person, careful cultivation, a thorough knowledge of tbeatage, and a drat class theatrical education nan give her. We hope to ba able to praiae her even mors highly after her debut. W1NTM SABDIM. Thlt theatre will reopen oa Thursday evening gey*, under tbe mant^oijot oi Wr. W, Two prices of ?dthttsloa will be tha saml M lut tsason. The opening plsy will be E verybody 'a Friend, with Mr. J. ft. Clarke, Mr. CtuurtoB Wslcot, Jr., Mr. Davenport and Meidamea Chanfrau aod Scdley Brown in the cast. Besides thaee tbe company ia strengthened by the engagement of Mrs. J W. Wsllsck, ss leading lady; Mrs. Charles Wa'CJt, Jr. Miss Osrr, as first old woman, and Mies r.ouisa Myers, as ?oonltst. There ars plenty of young men and pretty ladies among the utility, who will have a chance to dia linguist) or extinguish themselves during the season. Mr. Kdwin Booth follows Mr Clarke, nod opens tbe fall campaign with Haroist and Richelieu. Jmring the auinmer interregnum the theatre hn< b?ea re, uintcd and dccorated. Tbe stage baa beon improved and tbe rcoillgbt* Bunk. The boose has been rrusrpeted, new chairs have been placed in the orchestra , at d the setts recusbioucd in crlmtoo, Tbe Interior his been beautifully painted in green snd gold, by IVarge, me artist, and pictures of eminent actors till the ?mtll pjocls. Tbo prosceulom Is decorsted with pictures from jNjak?pcieso sub. eels Tbe lobbies lisvo beoi rofreabel, end the box oQice aod outer ball redoooratod. Entirely n#w f onery has been supplied for the new stage. The theatre is now certainly very haadstine. Mmager Stuart announces at hie programme tbat be will en le.iv or to mike a high reputation for hie tbentre in tbe production of iUsksiwesn dramas and new pla- s by American dramatists. He will not depend upon sura; but will rely upon a good stork oompany, good scenery, good dramas aad great care M tba praaeatntion of all hta p.eces. Ills present company? which ia as good as he cao get? wNI be augmented bit ore long by two or three other well anowo actor*. Tbe l beetle, wMch baa o*t many thoussnds of ?1oilsrs to jnt it In ita preset I fceautl fu) order, wilt not be eHewed te degenerate aa of /ore Let Manager Stcart carry this prograatRsa aad we csn asaure him a large ftirtses aad a repstatloa of wliieh he will he proud. Coroners* InqwTeta. FrrnwR o? a Yorvi M/v sr hinjmrvr? Tn Fsitt-tibto 1'no" i bs a fiiiRSriiCT* th; i'si -h? On Tlu ud iy Iah?, tir. F.. lienuett, n man tw.-nt, -Ave years o( age, wft llvod in New Milford. ivmn., arrive 1 m ttiis c My for t tie pur I km n or proririui a Hub- utute. He nogt l"u> <1 ?* it b S?iv? i a; [lerueiis wb'i ?*nri?-med a diMre to lo tbo war, bu* w m uniMe to ?"ngafo oiiiht of ttioio to r?','r'"ont b tin ;n t tie army, This t a t i u o to procure a sutr-lituto ni-lihtU liMVily up"ii b's rilled, n'id two i.Vtnck aa Snt>?f. aay ufruooa Mr Hrone't pn*eaded lr> I'o^er-' H> te , Park r- w an>' wrftt ??? a r^m, as he seH, to eb?i ?e h<? < CK'thep Mf 'II t< kit b> i:ta iuliic.uer.t he WB? r-uad tying dead or. ? "< fl '?'? Af th? r m. n th a oi |, , i , r lis lie:.d an.| * remit t toy ti'e -.Me 1-'" " 'b I'VS'rf iti'riron'rn ft IV fprt w ?? rOTTTrr.l.- .t.'l ?*? IV i.e ?r :? H flnnlei, Cr uiy 1 f< r t;"rone" < ? ? , i :id n.loanon -I the -. ?v i-li i* r 1 (! ? hseu had bH hnr.sstf fhnr fNtirt- tw*i>0 | in th'. .efi hrr ?'?t u?d tw *> in t 'O u ieh . I >f- t" ? eivi'trilH' . Ill" III. 1*1 I. I 1 1 le ir ill win I . -.rtl the ' p'fttdt tltsrhar *d t> rnne. W I'dev v? *irds? l.eid i-e ? ! innt.'t ?l ?ho h dr. \ rl - " tbi at ' ;i . tthnr I thnu eet?res#ii>n ?t ?pirMs prt.dnred by in mil j urti lo i r> . ure t n . 1 ' U ?' be learned "V n?? i ' C. roner. HwetM-d en a n ttive of i otiuorl C?t. MM < ft lends Will ciaim the body tor imermatX Tus An* I'osrsK llinea At?s*r? AeorLBit vas^ Catta or Mr. \bw**m s liv.Atn- Ma. Acsrs HisciiaBuSD.? ' " Oroi er Kaiimano yasier.lsy Uetd an ?-T'*,,t at the Peia i.d iirecinet station housf <.n tbe body ef Mr Tbomaa Nowsim.wbo (Jied mi *?t?trrtay o>?ulag, aa wsa thsn Sit posod.froa tne ?fferi? ef vi rer.e received t? the ; ban . a -I DuiWi V A.krr, *'<1 , during sit sberos- . I twr r'reU Te*" . I ?i< them In th' Car- | ! N?f?? cWe? ? ii,"r of W litem snd Ann streets, as | i it. rt ..d-o'e llssaio. TIm- teaiimooy went W | ah?? tbat tlio di'i oesnl end Mr Acker met at tbe plee* indicated ai'd eagsgrri In B noltilcsl dt^-nsawa . cu'ie?jf nn^ the iiefl I'rs idercy, Ibc rnee ( ' t tbat p<*itton, *o I'eceseed sretee<i to tie , mueH exo ted, and att*r B?itig abusive taugfag* U> Mr. Aokst mads a pre* at him wltu o??. ft?t. A eon'"e thro ei.sued b.tweoa iliem, during ahaib am eased isll. Bud wi<on tsken up lite was fo nod t?> hesatiatt. Mra. Vewsatn wife of deora?rd, tcelitbd that her hurhaed feud b?en ia delicate bealtb for a luag lime A post mor tem examteaiien waa ms.le oti the body, by Weeatar 'Wsch, Jr.,M I>.,a?d in hta ottmtoa apoutaty.and nollniorieB. wus tbewaaa of death. The tury aeeordtogly rendered a YS'ittet to that t.i!het, aad ihey also et>mara?ed tha prisoner from all btssne. After the rendition .# the tar dint. Mr. Anker, who had i*?nt ar-iptad. waa dMrbs^ged tr.t? ottfledr. i ? - ? - . | f, r *? ? SHERIDAN. Particulars of Oar Raoccupa tion of WinohtsUr, t?M Me Mr. TkMdtn C. WiImm'i Drtptlffe. Tati.or's Bora., Wwnsm, August 11? A. M. WIMCBBffSX. 1* Judge from external appoaraoceo. Winchester l?M quiet to-day aa though tbe blessed Sabbath mora bid again come round in regular course. Still, w tibia the b; urn are busy people, end anxious aora too, A cbaoge or commanders a) way a Involves a case of this kind; (at with the incoming of tbe rebel* Uera ia nothing but Marching ef bouaaa and plundering, while wfctn Um Yankoee make tbeir appearance the people gat many of tbe good things of this life, including coffee and sugar? ariiclee as aonroe just new aa it la poiaibio tor each things to be. TUia time yesterday morn ing the town waa ia a wild flutter ot excite meat ia ooosoqnence of the retreat of the rebel feioee. On the day previous General Farljr com menced to move forward hia infantry, and at about nine o'clock to the eveoiog bis train commenced moving out of town, taking tbe mad to Kewtown, where General Early made bis headquarters last night. HI* tfaip <MV well loaded, and although It commenced moving at n>ne in tha evening, tbe last of it did not get ont?f town until seven in tha morning oa tha foliowiag day, and tha Una kept on tbe march all night. AKRITAt. OS TTIK PNIO* C4VATMT. At about ten o'clock yesterday morning two aquad rona of onr cavalry entered the town at a charge, just aa tbe rebel rear guard went out before them. Tbe charge was made through the m/itn street, partially with drawn sabres, and in part with pistols. Although there waa a t'reat deal of dust kicked up and ranch n.tlM and Bring, there was not any particular damage done, either to tbo way of cssualtiea or captures. TUX KKHKl. CKKKKSI SAStV'S PI.JK OV Mf AFR. In making his movement up tlio valley General Earlf soon discovered General Sheridan's design, and Immedi ately thereafter look occasion to throw his main torce on bis fiaufc (towards Sherldau), and thus, by protecting his rear delay the Union movement* and gam time enough to get bia train away. It waa la driving in tnia flank pro tecting force tbe fighting occurred yeaterday Judging from what 1 can learn bare to-day, Karly Is not cut off, and has much the advantage for geti lug 08 bis train, l'resent indications aro that ft now stanza a race marcb between Karly and Sberidah as to who can first reach the very narrow part of the val!ey? this latter po sition being defensible by a retreating foroo against a su perior advancing one COHDUIT OK TBS KKHFI.S IK WTKCHKTRR. When tbe relxtls wero in town here they seemed to have plenty or greenback currency. At tbe hotel whore this despatch is dated tbe rebels paid four dollars in rebel ''money"for each meal and two dollars for a nlgbt'a lodging. At the bar all of them had to pay ror what liquor they drank In greenback*, and ia no other char acter of funds. MAftTIMSMTKa In passing through Martirf-b'irg I found the town in a very unlet condition, barely hi.lf a dozen citizens being upon tbe streets. All the Mores were shut up, tbe streets full of scattered busincs? papers and tbe window blind* generally closod. While at Martinsburg Generals Karly and Breckinridge were the guesta or Mrs. Kdmund I'cndleton. General Party established bis headquartera at tbe residence of Judge Pendle ton taking full possession or tbo premiaea be cause of the occurant being a t'nion man. Mr. N D. Kenevster, tbe Collector of Internal Revenue for tbi<< dis trict, bad some of his papers captured, hut saved all tbe money he bad collected Roth at Winchester and Mar tins burg tha robels searched all tbe houses, some or them even three and four times, and rbund? particularly at Martinsburg? large quantities or secreted liqunra and floods. At toe latter place the railroad buildings and government s'orohou e? were destroyed. The scene around the railroad depot Is one of general doatrnctioo. No proper! y was destroyed at this place. The hoteia here aro open. They can afford their guests but little to eat, and no coffee, tea or sugar. babiv's Mova.MX.vTS Before leaving General Karly said he bad bees per. msnoutly detached trom Lee's army, to move wbt-n and where bo pleased, and that he would ba back again in less than five weeks. THE SOUTH ATLANTIC BLOCKADING SQUADRON ?nrerufni Operations In Dokoy sad It. Cathertwo Sounds? Navat Hews, &t . MR. WILLIAM H. BTUOCR'S DESPATCH. Foarssss Momma, August 12, 1SG4. About half-past twelve o'clock thts afternoon tbe United States transport Bdaufort, Captain Steele, ar rived here from Hilton H> ad, with troops and poteen gers. Among tha latter are Ps> master George Lawrot ce, of tbo (Jolted States sloop-or-war Pawnee, and Mr. K. T. Oakley, alao of tbe aamo vernal : Lieutenant Colonel Lew ia, of the One Hundred and Forty-fourth New York Volun teers, and otbere. Tbe news la somewhat Interesting If not important. There fsems to ba a* me stir ia the aavy, which is aa weloome an affair u a good hrcd'* ia thia suffocating weather. The following narrative, or quite a bfftrtut Utile 3m proo; bat been oommunicated to me by a gentle man who arrived on the Beaufort:? On tbe itb of August, Captain (.'olvooorecaeo, eomn aod Ing the r nlted States sloop oNwar ?arsto;?. blockading off Dokoy Sound, <>eorgia, wu boarded by tb roe contra bands, who were runaways from) Mackintosh creak, ? small stream emptying into Dopoy (sound. From them be ie"!?'"1 tW a meeting of the moat Influential men of tbe neighborhood baa been tor lk? ojjanixgtioh of a c )?si defeaao guard to prsvenl depredations and bCzf raids 'rom the "Yanxsc blockading fleet." On learning this fact, and ascertaining th * wiiar<?at>auta of the proposedp-esdes Tons, Captain C. determined to bag the partv. Accord ingly on tbe night <>f the fitb, nae hundred and tweet y Ove seanion and marioee, ctmmsuded by b'm, left the Aartioga. and p;n?n*d?d to a landing place as near the '?meeting ti?use" as wu deemed prudent. On landing bo disposed of bis men to tbe bvat advantage, completely aurroun ling the bo.ieu. and silently laid <o waiting until the roll number had appeared and operations were began ere be attacked th?aa. About eight o'clock the meeting was orgmiMd, the chair being occupied by one of the leading men of tbe neighborhood, when the would W- home anard were sew aw Hat surprised at the wucenstwrtiuMts >n Irenes of Capi"alu C. followed tip aeuirNtrof hia b'uo jarke'S, pro pi red iot any am*rg?i>oy (hat mlgbt arise. Judge uf thoir conaetnatun and de.tpa.i oq being told by (ho uninvited gueet thai lie promoted an adjourr tmnt to nia ?hip. where they c Lid complete any MtangemMiis they nihfht hive commenced. Of c-iirse they knew th vt 'saM anon <*ao weleas, U.ctefnre they ? ??mrlied e-ith the beet una* M!" r'?eo tobi* li'apllab e 'leeire, and loi g bfjl'ic <Ja? light tweotjf ??'* Of tbo Wontd bo "Toeat ftefeiicw Oun'd'' were enfe'.y domiciled w1 b?ard the .v-ar?toga, awaiting tranaporMtlr.n to tho United Ktates ste><mer S?aih Cato i da, lyiog fy**e island, la tbo ? atmntyoi n prfsot ehip. It:# wae owplrte. Nmi ?n<-t waa tred on ouhsr a>?(. Kvon tho horsn and carriages used to convey tbe midnight coMptrators tu ttv .es.i'eivooe wervtakm pusseesloo of. and warn rf rw aw boerd the ?arato?fo owty prevo-TttJ tea :a lair? taVrn rf hoarfl. i hi* cap tor# is (he more in>prr!abi -* 'dii.ifa! n-?s lately ivsmd en erd. r ?ti tiif t'l^i any civilian or rebel officer car toted by our di et aoeii l>* |>taced en ttu ^outb r*aro||ns . >efl . n ?!? p a ratiri ?, krpt t:i.?lcr strict *uaid, nrid treble-" et ;i Py is ?nv raval rti?'Mi?rs tbev mav havo lo tf>lr (Hiriee- on i>? ?.n(;liiii to eur Mde. Tbe tact n* h a htvl'i* heard th it the rtlicerr c i|?ture?i In (he at ti ck uo humter last fa t wot# kopt in c^oto couflocmect a nd heavily lioe id ? ailed r tln?. (;ei aiai im tier, < n the -ith or 5tk iualnut lbs nuiib e.1 fut m' ?a everted a land in* wllb l.ur l>>al< in M Catberlue .Swi.ud, <m. , o- fiif ict.'ly hi d cPectn My rte-ti'\vm?; finie salt weiks in fiilt opera* iO?i P.i ?eturolnp Irm the'r li '?ri march 1 our silis U ' -oi the:r hi?'lt *r tl dry ard ?t tl<e sen's momeiil Wfia Pted imo br acme mnty rebel cave ry, who b*d eio?ely '1Mb' wed thef r'treatfni? ?(e)?a. The rebel lire * f>iin',0d live of our men, hut the isptaia if iti? rntwnpas /tailantly rillled lua r"?n for s charge, by ehi h he q tWlv drove the enwtoy veil out of rnntrcof (he b< ats, thru detacoieK a irn b?if ? <io7eo men. t.e or.lerid tfceai to git tin b at n'i v t . at the s?me tiu>? k> e| ':>g the erertiy el Ua/, aed. b* n.ainiaK O* a bulil lr< ?t. bit mu i.nuoreed' d, wnl<bi<.^c tils oj portrtiiy , t c ??nrefutly retfraied to fiU t . rt ?'icre?atiil|y e|:-t;<iug wl'I'Oot fnrtree If * n nd caeryr-g hia ui-ded wiiii l im, ! "no of ah n oaa am -id ed. ;?.>uibO>, tmportanl^iie-in | lion or S"?lr? ol io'en<ai ha'T In e'V t?|fen (daee, rii.? nr-r-im dal.opof * t r.mico, t . umai der <i. T*. rt,'. h. aince lor I. t ? i ru- :m 1 1 r. river, ? ? 1 ab e ?'d sweh S'trM e> ? I''!1 k?o s^siiift rat(eili? I'?li(' r and Tyre, bMt. t.een <|..taii<d ns i ncanir oi 'be <>??. i i.> j ?*ioe-*iilnj tlret eil fhsiieto n Her | rereucc lie ?? ia I n6r'li a do. or o' H'C ioaignifteai t ("i<a sst worn out (ni-i h e, , e%% e'r erailj mop < v d to i ret , nl t>i c . .1. ? i u * i , ii ii o : i i .a. lo-ipr. ?-lie ia tu w an #o Nu bv (rietids <ii<1 i.aja u> ?v retvo coinmeod ( on n( my Jimxia. (te vaty ngo]* in ? , pn seordit 'nine i nd Iw'iior Mid iinrrti^ly r uta M tbt mi at cfli itnt ve??f I o? wnr enva?eit m tins teboMion. Tbo hewi 4i dn*et of Humier s?Hi coutin>i?a A deeui toiy fir* is ke|* irrm ?: e Mcrris Island net'nviee on (he ei.nmy, tbe city sod K-*t Ms ur dam. >ag n largo there n( oer utattiOo. ,''i?t a' rrweat ? (Temrtvn npers(|e*? wmwi have gl. er wsj ts * manirt lor oourtn trait.*. */me tnsrtv cfb em ! aie 'oekoted fbr irfsl. Tbe af"n: rsl sterns (o tfairk that ! '-itiS?'.H?iine must and rhati t^a pic*?rvod." The prep- ci is (irtghi 5' me vi uo'aer < ffrera of tbo joulli At. 1 Iseiie l)l<N'anding K(?edron. wbn are new being tried, > wiH anoa have an epi ortonitv ef resutalag Ibeir trade of 1 slwem?k?r?, awny from tlio bosy aceee ei ear, In some Sttrh secluded sjot s? Anhorn or Fmg fmg I l be Htttk?ft man of. war Cballea?er, Csptam Kennedy, i eiriatd In the Kuad tbta atlern.-cn from (he Wes? Indies t? raiiese tbe I baatrn, aed on coming lo sn ncchor fired s rational aaluie, ahieli was duj siiswsted by tbe water battery. ?be weatber la esorutiailagty hot. Knt a breath of air aatirnng. Kvrrytbing aqntotoo tbatnat. Wbttoary. Pitta K. W mnaa, whoeo death H noticed la tho New Orleans papers, ass lbs oldost printer and editor in that city fie waa. it Is statod, a brother of the editor of toe old rttrrm VifvbHc**. published ta Haiti mora in npjij r: ? I 'Tf > - GRANT. ViWHTM, A agist 14. IBM. A totUr Crvta tbu Army of tb? PotaauM, 4bM* t be Ulh lest., Mr* ? The Pannryiruna coidier* la Omul GraarfBtd'a divt ?to?, of the F?fiu eorpa, is reapouat to a circular ???ad tf Wat. Ufa contribute! <mr$l,GOO 10 ejd <M the Obani bare burg buTorert ho doubt Um other comjna&4a *U initiate tbe eiiuiple. General Crawford bat withdraw? all tho goardB hereto frr# datallil from dWwioa Co protoct fa m II we I roaa the annoyance* or ltri|i|'?ra it Xi>( George comity A oaaartar from iba Kuibib Al.ioaaai, who formerly lived In Ma??acljuaetU, and wee cower ?piod into the r?b?l army, cane iolo our lines reafrrday. IfeHBjrt that KeraUaw's diviaioo, or I/mgatrort'B curpa. p?aae4 1 through Hicbra >i\d ob its war to the r alley, iccompnaled by a large ammumtioa train, and that he board a prn?l ?eat officer say that Gaueral Lea bad iiia-i .oca in that direcUoa ha &Uo report* that the enemy are mining'' on our (rout, twaoty mau U lug at a time to work. Hoary firing ?u beard in the duoctioa of Geaeral ! Cutler 'a de^arltueul this Btortimg. i INTERESTING FROM MEXICO. W# lim Ih*mi (tviHtd ?ilb ? copy or tba Monterey (Mexico) Ko<v\no star of the 17th nil, from wbjb we take tba rollnw"ig news - * Verlow fever i? doing groat havoc lo Vera Cm*. General Hlnoj'e* ha* arrived tu tUU city ?ud tendered bis 8ervioc? to ['resident .luiirea 0 Joeus II. * Bea ts* yj'ipilloao, {knwger of New I .*011, bus resigned. Tbe President Uts appoints! the JJcenciado, ila.niel Gomez, iu bis place. rsnor Iiam let Is a gentleman mnoh respected lor hto honesty nod administrative capaolty. He leaves many warm friends in Monterey. tjenor .Ttiau ABtomo de la. Kuanle. (governor of Caabuila, is hard at work organising his rftito Tor lbe national do fence. He baa issued a bene* of circulars, oorrestlng many abuses which had heretofore created dissatist'ac tion la CoaUuila. bcnor Kuuaio la a aiatesmau and a patriot. Iai A cion, a new paper, edited by Doo Francisco Zaro, at 8altilio, stays, alluding to loners iroin Monterey, that tbe revcotM: hutu Mie c atom bouso o( Mawwroo . .lurng tbe month of April last amounted to $749,000. l'fco re venue of Piedras Ncirras *u? 9124.000. A railroad botween Mexico and i'uebia wiU sooa be built. A telegraph had been established bet ?- win Mexico and lrapaato. it is lo be extended to Gamuuunio At a banquet given to Vaieaiues de I?od, tbe Mloiitar of Max'niiUuu, at tUa l'ivoli, -/inor Lares toasted ior the union of all parties rallying around tbe tbrone. Martinez hoped that the Mexicans who were still found in arms would surrender to toe intelligence, tbe virtue and tbe amiability ol tbe Kmperor and Empress Mimo? Lfd<? toasted for his virtiiom and tender mother, the Empress, b ping that bor image would be engraved <m all hearts Larraio.'ur, tbut mm. Ionian t of Mexico, iiiijtbt be an other MaximUUu I ol (Hintouy. Vcrgarm drank to His Kitty or Belgium, and Araugo Kt>oaiid<m i<- tbv sovareign most worthy of veneration m tbe w<>r.'d? the fepe. A marble arcb w?s to bo built at the i'ledad causeway In Mexico, au.l named iu honor of Kotpfeax Charlotte. Whan Ma\imill'in beard of it he sddresgod a tatter to Velazquez de Leon, informing him tbat be pre erred tbe treotmu of a moounu'ut io honor of independence, with statues of Hidalgo, Morelos, Hurbide, *c, He announced bis Intention o! laying the ftrtt stone on the 16tb of September next. Goiiersl liouai has been recalled to Krance. General i Neigre is io romruand ?t tiuadvlJtara. Br n decree of f're'Ment Juarez, Issued on tbe 26tb till., aU bcoks and oiuer piintcd matter brought to tbe republic are dec lared free of duty, lbe stockholders or a company whicb is to build a railroad between Mat amor as ana tbe mouth Of tbe Kio Grande, hove held lOeir ilrst meeting. Gecerals Gonzales Onega and Aureltmo Rlvero are dally expccted in this city. Most ot their troops have remained at Parras Tbe l.ieeociado Homer, mentioned above as having been appointed Govsrnur of N'ew Loon, was formerly editor of lUe HoMi ?? O/icuU of Monterey, and Secretary or Governor Viduarrl, but m ISf.S he embraced tbe cause of Arramberri. i he rlvil of Viduarrl, and was banished He ia uu amiable gentleman, or much intelligence and in formation. ? aslmllian In Mexico City. THR 1.0ND0M TIMKS: HBPOBT Of MIS UN CRT AND thk rnouwws or tbk codntkt. (Mexico City f June 28) special correspondence of Loodon Time* | On the morning of the 12Ub of June, a day forever memorable In tbe annate of Mexican bistory, tfteir Kn.os ties made their entry (and It may truly be t-aid to b?.vo been a triumphal one) into tbe city of Mooleieum*. Tlie street* through wbkb they phased bad Ueeu tastefudy dsoortt -ct, tbe windowa ana buioouiea were crowded wiib spectators, and the plaza, said to b? the largest in the world, waa so erammrd tbat you might literally hive walked Irons one side to tbe other npon tbe beads of tha people N over was such a scene wit ns wed in Uex:c? Tbe en.ho-iitsm was nuenie, and tbe inbabilaut*, for | o?r? at '.eaet, hvve forfeited all claim to be considered I any lonaer au undenooitrative raoar Tlieir Vaieaties, after heanog TeVmim at the cathedral, at once proceeded to tbe palace. In tbe afternoon tbey drove otit in an open carriage nnoksonp-tniid by a ringl* nohiiei ? a thing nunoard of among Presidents? and were received every w*tere with tbe utmost demonstrations of Joy. The rer loiOM were kept up for tbree days, and d urine the nights ot Sanday, Monday, and Tuesday the ; whole town waa brilliantly tllumiuated. < m Sunday , tbe l!*th. a grand ball was given by tbe Corporation, at whioh upwards oT 3,000 persons were present; ibeir Ma jeatir*, if poesible, sddiag to tbe popularity they had al ready acquired by walking about tbe room between the dances, sad entering into conversation wlta tbe diO'erent goe*is without tbe formality of my previous introduction. Tbe Kmperur ie employed ra morning lo nigbt ii? maklug himself acquainted with peraena sod things, and has already infused a uosree of energy into tbe duTerent public offices which, lo those aocuetomcU to old Mexican j routino. anp.'ars perfectly taarralloua. Usvaral objec* tlinabli: appoiatments made by tbe Reyaucy have beco (V.riC'iilfd. His great desire is evidently io rally round the throie the moderate and respectable men or alt par ties, to disaoiiPtenance all extremes, and lo avail b>m*elf of talent and hotvsty wherever tney ean be fouud. Akcfiy hare *two |ro(uuiis?l?us been named ? the oos to report upon ibu inances of tbe country, its '? a?iiirC'".s, probable revenues, npd the moiio uf taxa tion ihat Ot>sht to he ador ted, the other to reor ganize tbe snuy wrt Isolde upon tno umus brsi lalcc atcd U> effiw; I tbe njnfdv pnolucatiou of iho couetiy; In f *et, the wet. methodi'.al and bi^l"es? like traemr In wh' h he h.m net to work has Inspired ever y one with eoatldance, and mar.y w bo at one time wero/ln clineii to believe tbai It km atnost beyond the power of man io produce order out of sucb a state of chaos are now Kansume of sucoe??. <*u lbe 2*?ib nit s conduct* startsd for the coist wub uvs< m Ooo om>, srd in the course of a few days tbe brsich bai.k ol lbs Ixxulon and -onib Banking O.mpaut will o|?n for buattiese. All ibis sbows a levival of c.fDiidenee. Trade baa never been *i> briak acti alto. ji?lher I think it may be sale v aP'rmed that Mexico his at length sot to the turning of tba "ions lane,'' and that a tubbier luture may be safely predicted. 1 bave just heou In'orin d tliut lion Jose Fernando Kamirex uaa beau named Minister of Kor> ign AtTt'.rs. A man ot talent, experience audfiminpeacnabie integrity, tilt name >a s bo'l in itteif. It ie lory sloee Meaor Kami iez baa held any public api?inime t tu. l. t tu Ji could nei er serve un icr i uwh uieo sa /ulcers. JHirauion .."d .1 .are*, lie ihereroie retired mio private Hie, dseciit-g biiniMf a'.mao! eatirely U> tba study of Mtiioau att Kini ti< s. of wfatclt be ma fornwd a attoorHcedeclt o I! ,s of lbe modarate partv. H.s elevation lo ?. trajr r;*u? u I fusil Las given rnlvmal satisfaction. Kr?ncfe BcjtorU frt?m ittritco i rci Ab?h?on?< b y lk? "AmnltBii Ad- i v*iiarwi," ! f rom uallgnatia kteaacQgnr, July *s. ? (ntcttlgancu b*a h. m r?r ct. ; d trim tu* Citf K?i' : >ia Iiaraea, to thr 2*d .Innp. Tnr fbtaa on I) eVv ? - 1. ? 11 o' the p: oclamatton <>f tbo }*n?| <rf v.P: o tminiuuUil en the 21it by a grau ? h*H. wLloli i.oueml bauiue g.ive fo ilia t'm;?ror Majc.imiHn j.i\ ihr I mpr??i Clsadktta. In ib? igi I*t of tltofi e.,i> r >??? Mm Kiri-nrcr was not nMprMfig puMIr bmlDat". I'til eatiartan a\?rf day irltb bt* mtoiaiai*. a* w?;i nit mill i *ppmI rli~vnn M I'orltl and tli? ArchMsb'"' of M 1(00 iba rpll?i?-ia <tlft)co'tiM hava h^rn attrnvunipd, piliit; aar titan ara a-a.ired (or * ct ft :u ii, ?e, tha for?l#o corp* Is fori'od, m>tl ili# Fr< i>r.h irgln.aula *hlch Arc in c-mbuk in S.-pl mlrr hiivc Ihjpd lohi ml. Ttia wh to of tba vul'"rr !? we . ??.;* .ft, tba argil, a#; ? ara abm?i to gu( acd tr^r* #. 'i tii n remain ia fia*ioa >>nly saveo or right thotr ,ni V i ,i j'Mlift bel'.vgl- g lo dotacaa;i?ijti cfc?aiii i,, 1.1 ui u.ii ^?iU?of in? iiiinlic. i uo ru a k Iron, (bo pr>i7iuc<w ia goO'l The [ ^0[ lo #? i'V? r , i?l ?. ? t!i narlliy in favor tf tin p npirr : t ?< ., . - - A i.o ?? ?i mat ui in \'nav , i Mm, Ma ? cm utimni, ? ; / ?? ? i.' I< Ptiirri -- wh' ivi l Mad Mm *? ? , * \ ?! ti"??rr purl of hta "<v tro< a, tvl r' i v ??\itlt?r*<i ?bout Mm r 'tintfjr pillaging tlio Mml'MHMI. - ??? if Mint*.?- 'It ? par, t<i In i*??; y t ? of ,t i.i, . . ?i. i rml larriMr, U?ib iu nj |um? i.m q m i it t.l i"** 'rrra tor arc* wb od Pi '? bwr r*<i ,> l i iL it I ta. 1 1 II. n ram TierrnrM ancO <.< imi-< i4 \i ? ><i \ ? r ? b iftxotl. A i ?rrpannuiln I ll a .',??! Hryx'U'- 1^?. wfllaa ffnm W|nthr*f:> M?.,tlur;rg U i' i'ma a. lb u 1 ? ? ?. *?>??' ' '!?' ! Inn'. . f ; il! in ><??> , aci' c?t ?? f.>t ia Ii. ?, i; ' ? r ? I 111 Wit Inaoa ^r' I v,1|'H , ir- , '? ra-irj to r?" I-* ra th?a *i ir. lun ?' > n * ii..?e titi aar htm rt-aitij n j :r.: ?ut A,, eg **ept vtmt by tna n?n, ?* |. < luiwna, ?l?air a j??nr.tiar of tta t wily to* I ?t di.4, Ida Br* t iinv #n aariflty tbn* iha?a waa oof < ?n? to ramora ?b* iirad io a inara af aafaty. a*?i ?ba (rr^bpif laniiy arava ikmh tu Mt* II ta a* tmraa*. 'til 3. id aaonrft daf I If,f? ?? rv4*tc wMfe Ml-Mtfa ?V? , a |?M* nf Ibing*. >t m m norm m ao^M <i?yn. a <|i ?jaiar v( i ui .1* ih (1 ?M nrr. and UK bird* aaw? on ???'j il < a >?4 tmno 1 1 iot i ib? tinita*, ?:?? mgiwaara w 4. *i>ji( ? in di?rkii?M ibai raa ?# fait aa4 actall, at 4 ?M' nir>* ??< *a ?? ?ra twr'l pwj tb? bra IIU it If iu?i ii|? a aa," aaid a liMI* ?<4m, ??*?*. ana ~*v 1? Vt* ?ti?Hi wa had Mnrird in from ?vif t>fga utaraaw ai au apt Mirao'-.* af aparks fly ft a but*'. """I f??" n? <>?od H cumea taa aoail a?t fe^noa l? ga." Tn? IfniHirmi r*ri? \lAiutirr. ? Mrat.i* Iba un'kat la giulird with all vartalto^ nf irult of thn ?wt i)uahlt>,a. TUa |>f'c?a aakad for iba ftuii m uvtuiiarirtoti with o bar aruritia of lootl ara laat^tHkhlr lour. Paaoba- can b* bough! aa tow aa twaetr fl*a canti. b; tb>? W^kot. Ap piua.watar maiatia.?antalo|iaa, ft nma, Ar., ara all to ba had ? graat abiuidaao? at low prmav It lb? prtra of tngar aora but half aa raaa oitabto, larfa qiantit#a of fruit ??Hiid ba praaarvad tbla faaaoa, aa U la. tbara w|H, ?Adrubt, ba Inmaaaaqaaatitiaa notipd ibaaa raoaed frmu caaaMod ia vtawr blgb prloaa. Iba froaaia ta almpia. aci can ba gaaa throng* ?tth or aa* buoaa kaaprr ? i r-fi, A?gH*i 11, ^ * INTERE* THW FROM CANADA. 0?r Tor am.* C?iW?ip*a4?nc?. Taaosro, Aaguat 9, 1891. Tkt *'Ptaet Fartf at Ifiaga ~a r*lL-~I'taiu 9/ Ike R.bel Owmvtwwn ? l'tot\nj* and ? PMtingt ? fro* 1 0mt>. MtpandMurc ?f (V I rtittU y% Ituw Old Ab* A/<m Hang Jtjj' l)av &<&!'? Ctm*pira.y to Bt'taut <4* ??*>?< frxmrmi in 1.'4 /,"r h~fir^wt H of Dtm*cr*Uc Pnna^ilu m C*isrfa? ? *' Semmu BsfurUd at Haixfaz ? 4/0*111*1111 of (."a y It 'scot&b*. Jak> rtomp* M W XMtdtTi. 4te., <ic. 1 am abut (> uMire you (hat a pos.ttre on>te' stand. ** tiw bvou cinc to be(weeu lh* |>?ia M>?uy-prtot' fM"L> ?nd ib? rebel eoremisMontrw respecting the n^-nlm ** or (ft* Cbieafo Con voa(?oa. If lbs p *ace nen are o?t i *'? lo ?ootrol the nominal iou they are to "rat," ium) , If po v* biM*. secure Um r*?t?ct>OQ of I. neoln. 11 t9*l?trul ir that ItM eopp*rh*iil* .lo sot comprehend tUa fact shat lb - pri mary objcct of ibee* rebel *g*n(* fa to seouri C'jrecog niUoa ?f (heir oonederaey , aid (bat (hey are being led Hit* (be aohame bHMirotd. They boldly **soi( the fact thai lb*/ preter th* ei*c(iaa of Abraham Linccto lo tba of oaf otb*r min, unto** it bo onn who would rlcojrnue Southern lodapeudenoe; and ( belter* (bom (n ha sldcere. They feel? i* every intelligaat man la t&o NNrth ' rauct feel ? tua( if Abe Lincoln \* permitted bo will frlWer away the wboia ratwnroM of tb? North, and achieve aothbig In lb* *od. Km there In something for (be Ijytl man of tba North to do which must from rale this coo ?piracy .**?d tbey mual do see to tba -loins of it at once, or (Ue country ? ruined indeed. Tboy tan it noml oatn and elect some man who will make (he oonfi Kullnn of lb* Unt(c4 3U(oa bia ieiugural addre"*, and who will Invite the whole country (o live in peace undsr (be pro (ec(loi> of the lawe. Then will tbe (real proportion of (h* Southern army lay down their arms, and the new Pre*Hlen( will he able (o celebrate ?n* Koitrtb of July by hanging Jeff. Davis, or Horace flfeeley, or f.osia Wlgfall, or Beccher, or say outer vagaboud (hat dare* to break tbe law* in the interim The negotiations of tbe past few days bars not bora characterised by unanimity Sacdore an I the Kautucky faction favored the nomination of old Mrs tiui&ne, while Clay and OoUombe insist (bat Kranki in Pierce is (be most available tuao Neither of (Base eugceatiooi pleased the copperheads, Mr Wood decidedly objecting to botb. Tbe rebel emissaries are getting jubilant and dioUtorlal? aom* say from the good living, wliiob niiMt be a novelty lo tbe<n, while other* avow that they *rc< In pn*ee**lon of secret tnform*(ten, lately arr'red which promt*** (he gobbling op of (be two great Union armies and (ne almuitanoou* destruction of two or tbree West era cities All this and *ome(bing more la promised be rore tbe meeting ol (be Chicago Co* vest inn Tbe plot is (bickeolog every day, and it include* amnngst its detail* a plan for (he relets* of al! rebel prisoner* now t* tbe North except (hose Id Kort* Warren and la'ayette I wanted th* govorament, through your column#, of * plot to release the |>rl*oner* on Johnuou s Island ;< but (he plan now includes ('amp Douglas, Camp c hase, Kort Delaware and half a do/so o(her repotusoria*. and (be must feasible par( of the plot Is th-t It IS lo take ploe* on s give* any, during (he hours of wbica the people of Ohio and Pennsylvania bra to be scared by a gigantic r*b*l raid. Tb* ptaa, or wh*( little 1 know of II i* * carefully tad well devised one, and *r to be forewarned is to be forearmed wi(b any gov*rnment hot an iusbecile one, 1 call you to wi(iie*? that in caae tb* plot is successful (he government win be responsible for it. I nan teli you poeitively thai tb* time died lor it is about tb< 1st of September. aod before tb*( I hope to parade the names of (ha principal fuptratora In Hi* i i liritn* or tbe IIsraiTd Should thdl ??*( ever ba published (and It shall not be unless I can vouch lor it* perf*c( reliability) it will contain the name* cf two " I ioy a' Ixuguer*" in the Western btatna w bo are wirm friend* of Mr l.iocoln and bav* got rich on government ooatracts, botb of whom bnve iieeu in t'ansda lately, and btth oi whout bave, I really believe, been making use of Ur Lincoln's patron go lo aid th* rsb<>lllon durl-ig the last tnree year*. I would give much to know how many spavined boras* tn<1 lean caul* these (wo Liocolnite* have Imposed tipos tbe army during three year* That tbey am rich no> is certain, thai they are *tro*gty in Cifor of Mr. l.incoltt'e reelection is also certaia. Any loyal ntMi, with time and money al hi* di*po**l, migb( realty benefit bis country if beoonld just waicb (be move m'-ntt of these characters sad or a lew other politician* who are boverlng round the falls just now. Their fbnn lies *r* (here, of emir**, for their health The royalist i res* r.f Catada is rejoicing over (be fact ib*t Mr. MclV.ngall. one of the otdes( statesmen In their country, cannot gel a seal In Parliament on account of bts well known democratic prlnclolrs und hi? friendship ror the United .-taie*. I think Mr Mcliougall can afford to o de hi* (in* There I* a large mloorlty in *?ery cou> Slitnenry in Oon?d? who would vo(e lor him, and evot y poor man wbs has n<>( * vote would support him IT b* bad cna And th* lime draw* very near when su* c*(s and (he niggers wiii no longer control Caonds, b<it when honest working white men will demand a share in (he government, and in thai day Mr MoDougaU'* ttUims will no( be overlooked. The aew |no;o?tl ">r the warmer*, ?o introduce iae federal ftyhtrm, and to uouo Ijpper Canada. Lower i hn.i da, Nor* S'o lift, NewSonndtaod, I'rinee Edward Island ami New Br-tnsw.ok under una ^crammed? each to Icok n't or IWowo loci] Interest*? Is lull ft piwnr ful oppoeitioc among the torioe ari<l ieb?l sympathizer*. It It anld to **?im;lftio tte government to a tarty that of Hie I'm ted ,-tiu?a. hut the alow old bodla* will rtu<J that with the increaao of ?migration, aod tbaapread oflf.te.'li geoce, It will lesd further than that, and that the ln<1u? trijua may**, studying their own intereat* an* the r country'* uood. will, :n a very rew yeara, make ?acb or these pmvlO'vea a sovereign ^ote, ? ver which will wave tha Star Spangled Hannnr. Indeed, I firmly betiera that if a national man were elected Preu'dacit, and the government were established, as it would he. on a Ormer Ua?l* tbaa ever, that be'ore hie term expired six new ?Kr? from vbe North would ?llomlQ?le (tie country '* horizon, and they would be all (tte jjmre welcome firm the fac? that rfietr |eh?b.t an la liave given u;> idolatry ?do not ereo wonthip Dig |m, ?n(f, If wo nay except the royalists, who are dying [ out, are ready becoming <fecetu rtirwtian men. Itlasakl Ju a"U>e generally weli wormed- rebel qaar tera bete mat sent tnei> is in tore h'agtaed aext month for (teaada. and to iota his new amp in October e?me ..where off Hal ftu or the bank* o I Newlouo<tlxn<l I do aot<hirilr U>t* rmrrohabie He may whih to Inaugurate liU uow career by pluuda lug our transport* alonn the co?*t. Mr Wol'ec will probably keep hw sptalaclae on,, however, atd ,o mat c?ae there suit bo no danger to So nam to. 4 'lay and Ho!<-o:nbe are etlli at 51. Uatherioe* Thsy m?ke that place tbetr beed-iuarura. Jske Thompson is not lo Torouto to d *y . aoo* up Wuit seme*bere but I ilo not think be will cmaa the river His I'otrult frlenda will probably meet Mm In WiLdaor. Tucker is loaflcg about the Kail*, drinking ju'epe a In Old Vrtytnny. Sander*. Hie ub:quito>j, ha* left for parts unkuowr - some whii per to Now York, to if you drop hito iireeiey'a b.ick pttrlor to-morrow you may meet him acd tha JawetL 5lliltaiv Affair*. I 1HV QnuTA OF KtlOOKI.YN. At a mooting of the Cumtnrr, Co'iocil , an ^ Hoard of (Mi l to nWl drafted men, tbe following resolti. tloti were oflered b> Alderman M J.nub'ln and adopted ? Who rw, It In a'teget ttiM in the r.lly .if Brooklyn twenty "ti per c-nl of ibe popitinMoti m enrolled aa liable to tne draft, wine .0 ntber Northern or Union SUtet but twelve and * liulf per coat arc enroll' d, and tvhere**, thn ceii?un reiuru* tliow U>ai the large pro portion of atieaa la till* eity eiiovid man* the quoia luaa - 1 01 luoro, tbereforo he it a?h. Iced. That tain Common Council, aciirg ?? a nmrd of Relief, do laajwiioliy . but earnestly, rpqneet the s? cfaiurv ol War (0 Uke e?cb atoj.g ai oiav ba ne/earirr to . Ofi A-l crrore made or ?ron?'? dona to this city by an a*. rceatT* ?nr< hneot, ac if ?p|t?ra lobe uee?|ua4 and op pree- 1 ana. A',e of three roneleMug of Aldermen Im, Whitney ?nj.r<'lknap. waa appein>?"j to confer iriih the fOferiiinnl antborinea nm tba n?w movost si*ninir. ron T'fJt w?os a com ? Oltf^glONAl. OlHtMtpr. Captaia S. W. Wildrou, appointed rroroat Mar?brtlu place of Cepta n Maddox. rolievoe Wajcv K.)>toR Wi'lay 'n the MrWamgbur* dlatrlot. Cip.slfl WaUfron briag.a to Ilia dieub.irg" 01 hia dulif* the exp? r ence of over two year* aa a glat cITror, bavli-g rr-rv-d with diatlncll a > ,<on the ?taft of f.ermai John > talon tflTiii|rb the ivotn aolur catrr'>trij under McCtoian, participating in tho | ? attlce or W?-i rrrttit, t.aiiiea' Ml 1, -av .-h*tio!i,f 11 ?rles ( ilty Qr*a K??eda?o l MaJceru ' . I. ho *.v* ia*>- or -:r.r??-j 1 to * caj't >m 7 no ?fii- taut ??- ?"".rti'iit, ai J m flereit l- u> linn* nut (ia< 1 ul I'vrtry fkaie, *U. b ? ? 1 1 if T?lcn (irlauuer a' ll a battie of Ooar Voirum, < apt* u *V i.lrun a*t <irder/. fai rap"1 1 l > thn llrltary f^Oi ei o ><? of W *.>iri;ton Cental Wadawortu, wharw ha aonurd fir ?i u.'i iu niU?. wiif-ii lie u'vl ? 1 ;? '? -neral F -'iar a . r. ?* ii-. 1. ? 1 N.-r b ? nr. ii)4. i i..i W.i..|r 1 J e\r?* 1 ico a. I n ?' iu |t;?- tie <i ?r 1 10 Hi. rout ? 01 ?t? < 1 rn ? > lie-, -Oi UKl ta4ka liiui ailcixiil KnU Ti.luai,ie iu LH ni-? ?jC ce A I>?ilt?le Inraarti'-Wl < ?mae ei:ij Uura ? tun. rtf)rrMipo<i'(fnre of ? aeh'ii^' on C^rt r j 1 I o ??r I n*orT, Kit , AJUult ?, T' ? "-r; jb*. ?t ?li <?*, Hue po-at ?-ii hi?i>t fli'K' ttm>*iu. I? ' uirocei m U? rrto:r,..i rivar, it.a (?rotef ? iut ; jut, autkiug the ib .m u '.he ?L?rr, ai J 'r*ii k 1 f'tH-r, hay , fco , In envt dueo tun Ibe atMieere 1.1.../. e I ?ker ao4 f averiie, lyiaft at the ekiti ??re hoik ellfhtly datoagad ("eaatag (town tne wharf, letruck the Conimmaary undQtiMlnrmMter e ?toreba.?*e, uarhiK thorn dowa to (he tovat ef the grouuU end icauerieg the heed bread and hay t? > ail >t<iae4^?a. II Nil lifted tie daedMuae tMiooglTIf to ?h* ei.^piU' eiooa the groued ma d ??**-* w dttwa wfch *i*fc 'oin. est* leave no in*ca ih?i nr (tun lw? or > 1 biee teei lour l? the whole building Next ititi o<'urie ; it .la-r.ui t? adulter ?toreof Mr V. 1? lona* ly , aetlmg it i"?ii agf,*? t ew? Mete mutt of rtib!ii?h. Mr. Uw.he,^ I I r*aa'f ??? a'whiiy le^reJ. Ilia lose wV I ammnt. to I *?""*? II. too Ii next ctrmfc ?|, one of lh? atraett iu the | *? *,iia Ma te, ai. 4, euddegly veering ofl to the r^gtit, I a- V. wnrua ibr^eaiij lou^and 1 1 a : wl y ?u>rih> ate.l them, >e?ving roth'tig hut UiaJfc ucditioD, an* tlfcn lo?A ward t h- ki\y and curried l^Vboi.l ei^ht feei.aeurp* H<V>?a acmn ?lth?Mt ?py .n'ury . lit* *lck an.i woiiifd. 4 tn it lleir it eirw ? thn < ?ea.>i>?ike Hay and ag?jn toak the fo-m or a water et/tat. ?urt aren it broke r.trd feu Juat Bolure It i?:i 11 yt? au ut ihiee hundred, feet in heigUt end thirty that through, Uverlag off ta a point toward# the water. Vary iort>iMt?ie ae aee waa injured ex.wpilag one m*n at>?l a rhikl Several pereona wera iiried and earned fcn41li Iftf nr ?txtjr feat, and a re* were thrown into t'K hay . hut vary Tew were laiurad ftirttoer ihao a eiigM hrnlia. fa onnea^?an?a i-f boafiltala hiewa d.?an oae heed red wiafN tad gaidiem u?r '**4 BtgUt. NEWS FROM F10A10A. Oar Kef Wtil C*rr Km Wan, Florida , Viguat T. 1KM. A'oMmsnt of lh? yellow Fnxr?D?alk of Lvru.momt &Uxee ? Admiral MtUey Leave* Jot X*w York? Tin I** y of /'Tiiyir and Bumitui ion, die., <tr, Willi at'iob pl?Mur? 1 report tb*i the yell'iw f?r?r t<<? cour-.der ib'y *b*M<l, it b u by o<> u.ear* um peared Among its rMmi rlcl'ins m Lieitauaat Twice ?oh Suae*, attaiued to tb* ll.tfid.p i*a Jeoiot ?. Lieut iteece wm an efflcer of t&e repii-ir ?*?f , nirtna *raw | ale 1 it IU? N\)?',>ort (III. oil* Ja'aod) Nav.u I Ha died a tuurd h'.i ves.ol on tU? (9(6 u it , about .itijr ' mtlea afluio of I'eo* ico.a, ?nd was tra'ted at jm, as it ? <s n'-t pourble topreaerre bu b:?djr. flui maludy ?u yal'ow (err>v. though, perhara, it waa mn-'.e worse bf cbronM orgar in a'actl >n. Tbm young geuuem*a w?< oo'v in iu j Iweii'.j' 'ounb year of lua eg* at tuo t'me of hm 'e ih. [ i' * 1. 1.- L>.*n 1 au 1 iiou'ljiiiAiily detooariur lie hMl *f biuianif to <?? ii f brotbar officer* His I me IS aluorrolj regretted bf *?J j mum a t < nit th.e oipo'tuaUy to raontioo th >t oat or joftielhmn llk? twentj. cu>i iv yellow r*vur on* the ?"'en J '?int > Ue>it. Mteec rnu tbxtlie i>olr ;>eitein nr. Hyde, til* ?i rteon, baa loai. Tb? oin Jtc.itjtj !o:/e? her" tomorrow for t**w Tork, Willi Mmiral f>.i:.,/ m board. ?'bo will alsij have onboard, ft? pi. Ken/teia, r|i? iW? *l<" Ilirriclr, <>t ?ba Kt.i?.<,k??i ohurob <? uu* place *'"? Derrick, wV> m ju?t cuomVwceo' rrora 'ha l,rm'i!,i?k' feror; I'lirafr WJteleit, ai.d ? f<w IbmIMi. i<r?ii.!i?r C5en?ral WocJbUr/ mm aai/od *o dar with tba yellow /aw. Captain Gr. ?*?, of lb* flee .Kcl-"f?, f? bro^' t h<n soma tlnyc pre vK'US to tbe fctriral ?< bia own .* p K? ? I I act in tha ? of U?? Adcnir?i 4mrirf tb? r*i?rc* of th*t nflirer *he Pnltrd f?titi**te?it?r Bone/ "icVli, m wh (b be ?rrix'S'f.. bad morn mm .is oo b>*c Tb* t otted Stai?H iioad'iraT, up t*?a Gulf Coa^?, tu? I net two or bar otiiOM , Aoimg Mo^er lVaak b?iah' ooo a t ttsmi. Thnralay. the 4?h , ?irre?a%tr to Prwldant* prociamati >n, w?< ob?#rv**l ?a a dny* of praj ar and fca c:ntwtio:i. Pisces uf buahMW wera *lf clo."*!, no bp rim wore aoid, and ibe lalao# prrMotaJ a Fbbb?uoai appear* anca Tb? ohurcbeii w>>t ? all one?>:d, Odl in i'onae>| .ic'io? of, lar.'ernencT or the w???b?r tiiay vrtfr* i ar Irom b? Ibg well attended I'bb acrvmea at tbe Ri>Mr.op*l eUureb, wl)t3re I ulteodod, wco very aoiemo hut Ittiira waa mm Rermon In wbirii, iu .i.f ^ftaloo. ih? ' rftotkr showed tnucb tiui to On aucb itpaai^l m jwu Itoulrr I eopio b? , or ouKbi to go. to iwiiy . aca u?: l > iu?vo ia?tr ?r? lirltled by aertnoo*, poiinnu or thaflt^tlo*' W? are haviDR boavy lalla of ralu evarj o.rntn'. It rain* piteb rorka aud fixed b^joaeta frdtr.- about fo>ir or t!v? o'rltick to eitfbt or uioe, aad tbn roai of vn? u iy u tolerably bbt. Tbora is really attbmg more to -Ay. Riuujxn ? MIm Annts K. loaosr, better kno*a a* "tbe pretty rebel spy" and u ? Uaj'X Jouea," au intelligent young lady til osly twenty years; wbi? Ok* fcoen a pris oner of iiite for I tin ls*i your, wit released i/'or ,ir at Secretary Sun ion frou? tbe eurve.llanoa uo<??r ivfetce aba bus buon cept, and left this village for Button teat 7M nesday morning. lu April last *he wss soot to llannechutelU to tbe car* of Governor Andrew, for tbe tscood nmo. by wli-ma ah* *U aent f> Hsmsieble, where rbo hu remained tare* months, under tbe sara of Mr Eaetjrbroola, tbe feeeiar of tbe jail. Miss Jones den*# barm* e?er actsit In ibo rebef ear ?l?e, M a i|<y or olberwiie bbe Is a ? Unionist m feeds* sad scnllmeai, but no admirer of tbe blnndorng manner In wbiob tho war boa been oondnetedf and. because aba has a)<uken freely agsiaal tUe administration . she Baa ltd to st'ffir destitution ani) want, tbe loas id' liberty, and imprisonment.? Uarnttabii (Mm ?.) f'airibfc- J%if tB. MAILS FOR EtTRO^E. Operation* at Mobile? The flslfes of *?. Hribnrf and Allaata>Th? I<ata lava, alon? Doings of (He PlrateTall*haM?e? flews from Meilcat Cuba, OictrM Ame rica, Ate. The Cuoard ma!! ?t?snv?bVp Afrlea, Captata Stoae, erill leave Boston ?n Wednesday for Liverpool. Tbe mailt Tor Europe wltl cloae in tbia city at a quarter pat ona md at bull past He* o'clock to-morrow after noon, to go by railroad. Tbe Nsw Vohic HFRAt.D? Edition fhr (Europe? wlfl be published at eleven o'clock to Iba morning, and trill coa Iila tbe latett news of tbe operations of tbe fleet off M?> bile, Interesting account! of a flair a at Petersburg; Parti culars of tbe operation* of tbe army is Georgia; Addi tional accounts of tbe late rebel Invasion, Full per Hon iara of tbe Doings of tbe lew rebel pirate Tallahassee; Is terestmg news from New Orleans; aotl accounts o( tbs movements of tbe Cmoe forces in all sections, late est interesting news from Ceetral America, Marlco, Co**,. 4x. , and accounts of all otber events of tbe past week Single copies, in wrappers, ready for mailing. Are csats. To Patter Hsnufaeiarsri. Cash will b<- raid for 10,000 reams of good Fo*rdrMdr Pk|>er. aire, JJitO? 48 lbs. Apply al ibis oflea Raral Havana Lett?ry.-T$ per Cess* p-romium paid far Prtie*. Information furnished. The bigb??t rate* paid for doubloons and all kind? of gold and silver. TATW>R k CO., Bankers. 18 WaU street, M. *. Prices CasbeJ in All Letallttd !.???? tertea. and iaformatioa siren. OaIXAOBBB A 8 MV J-aMIN. Broker*. 310 Ciieatnut street. Philadelphia. Prliee Cashed fa all Legalized L. otter lea and isfermstlon *i?""n ?JACOB'S, Brokers Office, 170 Broadway At 389 Rrasdtvay. May be teen, Oralis, b<-ada?f MEN and AMMAL9 from all part* of the wort*. Examination*, with wrltt-n chart*, given dally, by Neeira lOWLF.K A WKT.LS, Phrenologists. Address to Smokers? -Pollak A doe, Marrarhiium Maoufecturei*. removed from Broome etn-et io ?V Hro>id*?e?. nriir Fourth atrest. W boieeela and rtad. VtlHi" cut to eiuer aod repaired. A Perrect Ualr Dye? Wlller'e, AO Certs, better aad moVe iu quantity thaa aay $1 djs. Sold Bar drugstst*. __ Aboat IOO Certlflcntra frsm Mfdlral iTi ir la tblsrlt* i^'otntnend ^VOWOTT'8 Inatant Pala Aa niHitator. Co tu treat needle*!. Bold every whrro. Chevalier's t<lfe for tbe Hulr. Reatore* rrav lulr to it* ordinal eoier, *tojw |te nalllnf ont la lOrei- day*, keeps tiie hoad clean, o<?(jl *nd healthy viB not ?tmn tl r **|n or a?l! the wbit*?? f *'jric Th? beot b*a dwanjever <,fl>r?d to the oublK?. Oaa be u*ed fre.-lTt eontala* nothing In lu'looo; (ir>nftl>en* and promote* tia emntb or lb'' hair, ia r<c>immcnded aad uaad %T 'b1* Jr*t oi?dicai authorltj- in l?ew Tnrk ail *re froolv tm \ ted io e*atnir* thu wonderful triuuioh of Bald at the dr g *tor?? ?ad al my o"".ce. Ho. I 181 Bruatnw. whrro advir# a* to tioatTaenl ..f inn hitr w>ii h? c- ttoiwm* !? S'??n Prle.- >1 p.r bntiin per half dozaa, in faaae b<vj?a Viu be aent br oanre**. SARAH a. OBRT \LIP.U If. D. Crlaiadnro'a Hair Dye, Preaervetlva ? n.l Wit Oet at who r?*!e and r?taii. Mo. 4 astor Beatek Tho dye applied by *klifu! artUU. Deafness, Impair** Sight, ROI3E* IS THB HBAD. CATABBH A(< ArrgiiTIOM IB TUB ? Til HTM T. niBOBlr CATinnn. CA1ARRB or TBB~TT?II'ABfO MnfltOI Ml MKRANR OHHrftl'CTfONit OP TH? El'SrACMlAN TV SB T CVMA CKOftK BTR ?TRAIOflTHNRD IK OKU NINOrB. Anaovory dtiea-eof the Rye *Bd Bar reqiilrin(?lthor r?a (Waal orioirtical aid alleoderf to by Dr. TON KI.4K VRBBB^ aeaKcraeeUing r?oiae,Sld Broadway, poar Twairu una Bar Blage and Pine, IVe?w ttylei, Jait reeeived.? i breo. Pen. term, l?a. twelve, flUoeo ttriau a evnnt* f ee dollar* a eet. t>*r eal* by OP.O O. li'.Ut tffl lirnatlwav, onr loor be ?w Canai street. Store d? ad on ^atar iay at S o'clock. F-r tbe flair and ?UI?-M ir- v'? 1 ? jop .e! j ie. IU feat Mil uica;?a; artu-.Ia. c jid by Si t gtsta. Krtcklea, I'iiHOieii, 'fun, V*'e-b Woe Haa). Ac, or-' he clOtJRA t70'B 1T.UA" MaiiMA t>. l? SOAP at US Broodwmy. 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