Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1864 Page 6
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?AUta or U*V MT4T*. At 41# FOCBTU AV*NV?-HO0*R8 POH bALS. J| BY DAT A COBB 2>w?liMi In Oti H.r<< aau l? .w??4 Mil M iieoidn M?r?. ?nd w. MUU irr itfliiM nui lv ?ho? Ike ill turpi present*, lot. of aur permit Mm., cor. Utt m.. It. a b. a . 8titli6S.( .... .|II,MC N..ti..tL u. b t , tiOi I '? 10P iJ.oau MiMtf.. 4* A. t b. 2n.K?*ii? . and ataWe IS,.<?u ITS an 576 "id e> ? ?. ud b. h. 60* '0.... 3 ,? U ?M*0 . 4 ? b > >?>!?< ?,:?! *4.. 4t* 47i <ui i 471 3d -rr . 4 a. b. s. l7.6?Au*lOO tauii ? 'Ml w:d ?r 4i b.,aoi!W?i? raw #70 id ??.. 4 a. K. 13 ?... ?.000 | ITS 3d ??., 3 a. k ?. b. a. r. 8 Oil I B' a* r? n?i '<<1 at ?.'? fiviO IS, J a Ma*. ornerfiSJet 3Ai. '?;s a itv 2?t S?: a* e. 3 a. h., -3 t.>? ?>7.*> e?cn T.r?x> ??*!?d are.. .1 a. * K.SOxV-v* '7*4 1,14. I.I M. 1 l.'l 1.1 - .id ???. 20t4S*7?. ?acb. . a j|3 ave.. nr Md M , 3 ? It a b a bi0i?5H*^i. lXQQfl 173 L"i nmoa ?v?., j s. a. d . iu ii ruimv. ... %MU F.mi tli ave. corner littk at WikMo M)<Oo ilflFoiirfli ave. la r b fc. ??>. x<p 41, OOP *.' M rra> lain 4 * * b, b. %, Sifj U5. _ Rtdtsun nve., S ?. k s b.. 16,000 AriMS class par.* pt>r salk-o* long 1- md, *) ?itkw. eeuv?nient io r it Wind rtep *-'.!i.i0 ?"if*. IU u m.oi ui^'a cuki'ttion. Unir house. baiaa, *hed? and D m evti* OUtbirtlC.ii,;? M | lace *rt a brio and ??' iiaklfl u. Ik ktialnusa, ;s cua ?. 0 bon.ii-.. n to;i Alio nil ?be eroi>? in ik* prnu? J and k-. ? an 1 gialn In luriw. nil k ild- of farm implamenta. an in good Prle- tISJMk J?a Dictmi rt'n*. (' ? ? ? pa- ? . citf proprrty i, a o- .! lr? ?utina wi I 'x "itliun !n excb^ .^k. A. no ?? verai bu? Fuin toraataurc eiuui^n; aj-nr ?ar th? walcr. ?TOOI'hl Jt X0K-J1E y, IV. c si/ret, rotitn 18 Ar*vr pi. vi f . tet Brr'BBOH.v pacts ? ist tuai *i " i ,Th(r 1 amnw ??<i can col ttai w? mwiuneni ? ??h1 liatal*; .d ou g?t lu ic-ianil mini M?orai? i*iU au ur- JJ. i" uoiliiou* naiac p?t u.v-.i It; 4:k. jM *rltr and hhv w)i t ytiu nut Ttb, last, tbcu^ltuat least, iaudiorda an r*. ?t?r tho'>- rrvpti'f in mjr u 6 live m cb&r?r.. Cut Uii*i<r.i ami *eei> it IAMEI KOWli. vis TbirJ avtraa* Ar.4RM FOR SALE? IN >E? JE'rtSEY. S8 ACC.RH i.l chii t ind tn a hi.' i n?tt uf culiu-iu ?.n, w.l ?at r-d u i tli ubumutmc oi fruit; a gu<>d farm boaai . Imt o, earr'ago. thg>\r inJ cow f.oi? ?, tweuiy two iu. t* frnm *?? York, ' ae and a quarver flob arpot Wi : be jotd okeiKv Apvjr J? Mr KB1108, t*bl? o llw , 31 Barclaj-aw. AFlRbT RATE IMVRSrMKWT. PaYIXO TEN HER tea: >ctare->t.? A five bior? bnclt BuilUiot for gale; alia 30xlOHl<, t. ^?sd lor urinUnit pur posss. built of tt-f ben ??M?ria mC. well loc. i<"l. * .baoo* for.* oauiUltst. r.Uf?a. .t BELLAMY, 32 Pine in- at T 7i8 THIRD AVENUE FOO CAN KIND DPS! RA L bio br.eli and browu Moan H num. trom #4,000 io |20,ii(V' A ap en<l.d chaaoa ofunJ to oapi'.allat* Tli rd avr naa linpniTe.: protariy. JAMii.S R-JHh AVEKT NICE BRICK FOCR STORY AMD HIGH it? nl Htviw. lars* M, on W>at Tblrtjr-flflh *tr<at; hot and c?ld w&t -r. nun t?ba. km. Ac ; $',',00 >. ht.-at claaa do , aeaa- ferry, itnaokiyn, Ad.uoa __ _ W. H VBLICK, 421 Broad way. ABPLBNDTP FARM AND RUILDIN08-0W? MILE fraro Nanuet I'.cpot. Rookiuml countr, .V> acro? . I rnlt abundant $ii.>k) ; do St acrt-a. tA, k?: 34 do.. ?3 da, B6.3UU. Ue<Ai buiitiioga and chat'-c fruit on each. VI. H MLUCS, 421 11 road way. A TIRST d.*S8 TAHM IN ROCKLAND OOCNTT? A 169 act*)!, chok* location, $12,000; 14S do In VVeu> ?beater ifontv warranted 'o . ul 10 1 ton? of har pfrvmr: S ai^lf oreiianl-. itrUt mill and a?cei:ent bulldtnga, $16,500, atoca auu cropt- icoru.kt.. W. H. ALE LICE, 421B?oa(lway._ At 7M third avenue.? a numbf.e or three and four story hlph atoop Hon^ea wanted fur caab cna kat'i Landlord* and owners of real entate will find it the p ace to re^l ter their property. Six wanted between B'gbth and Fiftieth street*, and Lennxton and SereaUi a* t a uev. .IAM..S RUWE, 7M Tbirt avenue. Ar,r,on invi^stment -tkn of tiif, best lO I died L -'.a 1a Hi. rieni will be sold at a great sucrifl.-e if .applied for ioiri* 11 .tc'T ready for immediate improve* : mi ,i R f. IRELAND, Fine street, room 12. ACAHM FORBAiLP*? A TKKY PESTR A HLE COUN ?n Seal . rikuvr io-urtef.: t;ood lujaa and outbuildings. #rnit and we. i ?m;ei?a, tn Nnw Jersay, near ilodwinvlTle airt'en. ore bo-rr fr?-ii ^<*w York, on the Brie Re'lroad, tn ? very de?ir<bi ?; ne gpbornvMid. The utvner tan be seen at the o'l oi of .? vV<iriead?lte. 16^ Cham Vera *t. New Yorlt, fer ilrpe s. from Via 4. eiirna aiore ifeneral daat rlption win lie civmi. a iB't? ptrUM uf tbe purchase money ean Terut.n on houd au<l martgu^. A*!'L,F.I?>U? COUSTK1' 8i:\T Aj.'D FARM FOB ea'.e. near S'oc Sing, ?* lr - "*e? r*rr good Land, a two ?iury house Willi n ICco a. >? U Room kit'-hen andCel ar; Carrai- Hockh". Barn. Ac.; water .n fiili aatd plenty offiuli la all va inlu s on me plai e. Price S8.11XI. Aiiao a hoe Farm Ml l^-nu IfUii'f *?l 70 acrta of -L.i ? ? 30 of it Ui ahiKU ' tale #f foititf lien : J<a1an<e heavy *??*> 1. with ?ery good add roomy t'a/tnh< ???e. l.irge Xaru hr with crepe and rich attack . oh i *7 .'-oil A ['* i - r 10 J. S. ?CHCL2 A CO., No. 4 Xot Ctiaiii^rs ?tr*et, Bete Ynnt. B BW. Bk tvMET ?S2 WILLIAM BTREET. BOOM 13, ? hot Tor i.i'e evrral i m;ir"v<*<; flares, from S3 (X)0 to ? 10 CO", n Mk.i iarfc^y. Pities wts-ilng homes In ? pi''' one *.e>, t a? ? r^ice h? >. Ui society, b>-a itr of ???aery and cot-.-enlent to Xaw York tao be accocuiDada'.ed. ROWN SI OS J'. FROST HV ON THIRTY. FOURTH tveel lor *nl?, betwoen Br tiJWitv ?l<S Seventh avenue, ?outh >rt'V t"r*i ^ .a-.. , ?,/.o I.':. 35H0.1; price $23,000. Apply loJOPKf'H N . Pine mroet. raoma 10 and IL BROWN Sro.Ni. Kw'J.M' JlUlou <!ji MPk.HAV HILL, P.lrh nd Sixth avenu'a, for Mile. Flrat ?la** Po*ae*sion soon Price *28, A poly ui JOSEPH BACON. No .',H Pjd?*Uwi. rooms Hand 11. Brooklyn -for fUi-E. he w corner store, Niaettrbth aired and P. fib avenue, two storr brick, Oaa Fixtures. einbu>; , ar? paa? ure< f<*tr:e-; ?ood bu.sioeta ?lair Puce tJ.SJi'. One Da f cad remain on bond for 6 or lOjears. Apply on th ' pn auMi COUNTRY BESIOi.NCB FOB |S AL."*-W>rATED AT Fordbaiu, Weatcheetcr comity. three mlnu tea from depot, nine luljea from S"w York Sp^.^dld dwelling Bouse with all modern Improvement*, in p* rfert order, flout"? a.) newlnfm' "led. rca 'yTor immediate ou~uP*,''>u; Bla arret of n c ?n I. la* 1 out in garden and iowjs, Wtooked WHn (hoi i-- frmi and ire<.? Creeobnuae, alabiex Ac. Pri ? Uiw . 'erms e**v. _S_ EBBKBSON 411 8tb arenue. FOR IHVjKSTM gyT? OFFU'8 rROPKRTV. NEAR Pra* <? i"> o ' ?-? : pays over ten per oent iBMm e on a io" c*n remain at au per JSSt ^41^" '-"J* 703 l'otv -4ic?T*k' *"? *~? ?OH INVESTMENT -FOR HALE, ONB LOT ON BE Teniy-s^vtiiili iirt'.i .iLd t*o ? on Ninth*venne, i?ai j-arL, will " 1815 TFiArately or toteth*r. Add!- ??. kL.iiDi' 1 rite ...tend N D . IxiX I.JiJ Pu?t mi ce For sale-tub valuadle propebtt no m Mercer ?ue?i near ScrUu fat- 1 by 101). with live ftory brink bui d o? overlng the Ju.'l lotr with filty horw ?te?m Ann* and ixi'Irr. and ma blnerT for doloa a laree maau far' i'lr.c buklLeas, Apply to C E Rli'UAROii, "r, 'be ~T! t " ," , hOR SALE? YALt'ABLR EIGHTH AVENUE PRO F ;erty , oonotrng of a corner Lot and OBi ad.oialtijt. ?UObied jn 1(1* ioHt-r part ?f the ivenuo; eacb lot 23x10.1. APP * tos. h. Ili.NMA.N, IS Wall itroet. J i*OB SALB CIIEAP-A FINE TB RBE STORY BRICK Hoiih inUri<ok ->a ail modern linuroremeuU; JO, iuili-f'ei. a mo (at. r !"U on mmthweal corner of #oni ib avetii t- an 1 HevcDiy siilh - tree t, 102x100 leet Ap ply to t OLLIN8 A FOX. 4?2 Broa<iw?y. ' WOK SALK-THK HANDSOME tbree rtobt HIOH J* atoop b o'.? n lion" llotjae 1A2 East Forty -aixlh atr^ot, first koutv . ait of Four.b avenue, ooiith aideol Forty -aixth stre' t. #13,(0 Apply on ibe premiaoa. or to PA<>E * BBAODK. tJS Br oar. way. F?* ??u i H SALE-. FABM OF 8F.VBNTT ACRB?. WITH A i - II.) tse and ?'.itbulldmga. good water, ..Jul a - Mil. v "I OB toe weat ide of Heuipstefcd Harbor Maia,**- l t. <1es from st?aIIl^o?t lauding. App y vc Rli liAKU.-UN ? . All 16t' Uroodway. j ITOH SALS OR EXRtlANQK?liOUHEB, RANOINQ f from $ 0t<0 to $..VU <1 . a a.) Lota, reallv worth th>- price. Farms wantM for ?i' naajo lor city uroperyr, fron Bfi.000 tot* W M rial he ?or.h the yric asked. !? lour mnd Feed Md CmoAnrv Btiala.?s for >a'e. K*> ? v 1 .J l . : h it l, Ml Third ovenn", Harlem^ OR SALE? AT HiaCBNOT STATION STATBN _ Hallrood? ? Gottaite and Fartn House wltb ? od ?atbutfcTW hnd ^ishteea aTes of Lin a. r'or pirlirosrs torture ?TEr> Iff D THOMPSON, TompluuiiriUe, first land ? ? sner. l?lan< lerry. ?>B SALE O* *TCH x.VOE FOR KB W TORE PBOF ?rty or Lrttr. not above IVth street? A brown stone ( si ry Log; 0.1 banemeot Hous*- aud a throe at>uy b tck Isist, with brotn -tone Msetueot and extension, high Wow WiM m\) p;: pf if Furniture Fine atiuatlon near I Bovb Seventh ctrct ferry Address Houaca, hof 1(10 . '.1* Fob *aI/K-a first clarr farm, vkby desika , blv located In W-'tcbtster oo ntt; land hiculy la- I ?rore.i food buildinz-. fruit, Ac. . w?l ralcclatod for"a gen- 1 -lan's ocuntrv aeat. 8. h IRELAND 31* Fine street, room II FOR f "IK OF T"F BE*T HAROAINS OF- I fer?i Uiii . .1 built three story House, with i inuderi. iniproveioi iita. hue incatiou up town, tee ' miniate y. d. r. : BELAND, 6^ Pino street, room IL EH)B SALE? ONB OF THE FINEST FARMS IN BOOK* r lao.l oouniy of nrer 100 a r'-s. near d<-pot In huh o*ote of cultlTnt ou good as* Ttment of fruit, good build ?n a it. noinpli-tr order, will be arid at a gt?al bargain, with ?took Ci"|a lk<- : ?i?o nthi*r Farm* from fVlOO :o f*t,KW. 8 F. IBKLAND. %H Pine atrvet lOMiii. 17K)R PALE ?A LABOR HOUSE AND OUT BUIID r ?.g? on tlie i onet Aland rnad!*F .ah corner o t d)at?in i ar? a nulesfroa Fulton ferry, with al hinds of *rn'i Oil p a?ij of ehr ilihery. t^ars i?h thedooreeery sii a suwi Inqolre on t.te preinieea of M. TOTTBN. |i?on ? alf. _a fibpt cla-s fot;b htobv bioh V am ,{ trewr ?tore Houae 23- Vi20 with ttrH" PUblo; ??0t iota. I .m on Murray Hill t'osaesstou H'pto ibor I 6 F lRELANtP 3 , P ne >u*et room 12. U?OP. PALF.-A L"T 2* Ft Tt . BRICK BUI UMBO IN J rear tasemem and .so stories high bnek atablo in f??at and othjr ?..a;i buildiais endernaaU t held SO tss> uoal, onw oecupM'l for tieanlov trlM At ait to a ?CHWaRIZ *Ti West Ferty ?iithstrtat P* R SALK-A VALUABLK U'lTEl. PnOI'P.RTY ON _ toe It ud' no . elan iiroi'in Hueaee. V Tie Conatrv Daata ibr. Aj ply to POILLON * ?M AKTON, 131 Bread era# B. B ? Fumithed Hopaes wanted. For saib-a bbat four i-tory bbown rtokb BstgHeH kskeimwl Hnuee, or Thirty KiA et?e-i. near FXrt Avenue, r-ietaining all ilie inipro?atneiit? . unnl to au it , | eearasloo ?oon nelghbotb. d unex.eptionable. Ap ply between 11 and ???<II< <*. ' r. C. ABTbONr.HSrioeMr-'t OR SALfc-THIHD ?TB8rT, NEAR AVENUE C. 'hr ?" ?r?| iu >lnrf brlrk finm ;3xSfi*lu| (MH ?i 7t*<?a( h Firntavoniie, aear Twenty w< ?nd atreet, ?i.or .rr tre-t, HiMg** : $7 (*10 Twgntr mieoae troet, aaar Third asecur. four sterf nr ek ?; t7,'ift0 t; A. Kim *M Bl Pino street baarioent. FOK f'LK-A SMALT, PLBCB AT fl.twO; ONE AT 1 1 ?I<| fi at ? alae. oue at *4.0UU. fruit, ?a(?r * r. '* Df.M KKaHT. B?*?sa siatia... Harloa F? F POB SaLB-I'RTCE LO* AND TERMS L4BRBAL, the twafour torv an ' , .se-.ioin Brusrn SloOJ H nusaa. Boa a m l - W?a? Kt^ty rrkn streat; all ^e niftdtro Im Ci*on.f <? > or t- w. * t part if iia1 a apply a? HI Wool ttath etfeet. 1 lfW? ?< AHLAN, Comuieicial Broaar fpOB SALE fiR IO ktr-l't NFW i n IT- AIJELPfllA r bf lett fron >ua?' II U1?I I R|(I t> I mil atreef, forkrllle llare s I th? ti "Aerr ie r i . ^?pi. grid rtreplhae haaters Appi) to H BLKA^UN . 4?i l-.ast l-ntu atroet WtMf CLAP' T t'l it 'MM let si ) ? ? S l?Pk Ui.i W t- Bi *?Vf|?OB f I H ?o / i ,u? st, ?Ax.aa or \ fpSITYAty- XXqWrSy PROPERTY A*"oL? * p ??~" 7 . ,01 ? a i alb itrMt, loo first cImjui T?ne f?n; i for ni>? mr ?7-?4*' * *??< E?L? flouiw. WestRrenlvsuth street, sn.-s jf*to?b* brows Mm loMt Kt Forty ii .h/i.J! w ^ -*60 sis. kne of ike H?*?t pieces of proiiertr ?? JR? ??l(Tt? y?e ???: It 1b rnM tor ST.USS por year. *KU , toOTf. >c jfcrt* a. m iuik a>??ua. __ i_r?u^*, A?D ton |1LI| at 4! oivmior Fir : ?rU??r pertnu'ara *4>t'T 10 JOstM * HfcKNB. M Divide *mBi N. T. TVW38R8 AND LOTS FOR UIA . _ Itl mm nv., ik Ut it . $et*ry. ITt. brick. ?MRet..?. 1st a*., 2 story, k. ? brisk W**>... 4.6W ?Mil. n. Rk at., a stor?, 20x80 ..... J''*2 ?emtio at , S sfrv, b. s. KWi*. !&?? Rath at., a 7th a?., 4 tltrj brick. UmM ? ,$*?> 16th M , n ?th av. . 4 hhwv, h. a. b. ?.. HfrGb . M.WB __ O. A. KlSSAM. SO P.M Street, w?emrnk_ HOU*? IN BBOOELYN? WAITED TO PURCHAR*. Mot be near ferry Is gmxt condition. pleasant Bd^h b..r?oi>r sod oke?|i. Address A O.. b<>? W7 Herald ?r lK?. RtnUng lowest cash *rtce and full psstioulars. RelM er<o ?u4 Bis.xerVweed not aa* wer. IAVDS.-TO if.L WAWTIWO FARMS.? LARflE AMD ji nim-iug eer 'eiuent of Viaelswd, mifcl eitmeie, 90 miles a.'i?th or rfiitai elp&ta, by lartroed. rich w?ii; produces l?.:#e crop*; twaatjr acre treets. at $?* par acre, payable -within X. .ir v?*r*. g.>od Ixahri opening; good society. Ri-j.Iit are settling and making Improvementa. Apply to I Ok?& K LANDIM. foataianier, TiaeUnd. Ceeiberland >. J. Letter* Mmtml. Payors oomalaieg fall ln ?torinatxva wtii ?e aent fyee. Tarok four story stobe frost house for 4 Sale- ?eauilt'nl location, f?l'h all the tpolern lmpr?v# a?:>: <:? ?acant lau. Bear Mott Uarsu depvu Avpi} kt 4.1 Si. )ia>k^? p.nce. T EASBHOLJD prophet* FOR ?*!??.? vi' V Ebpi Broad 'v. ' ?or. att'e aad ba^-ment brick $1,800 3&H?nry atveet. II Btorr ante a?6 baaement br ek...t.50J IS Market atreft. ?torj att c and liaaeincBt brick > a .V1(1 at., -4 ktor J Hon-- a?ri?tahlf adjo<nln?. J ^ B. H. tAXliOR, ho 8 Plae Btre-it 0TET8R BdT. Ii. FOR SALE. 128 ACRBP. Vov$8i'00. For parUcatsra inquire of J. W. EOtTH ACE VjC Broalwaj. QAA'K INVESTMENT. ? NIMiTKEN LOTS OF OROVND. O we!1 fepred and fruited, at $H.00P; aUn Heuae ami tem Ikiib, wll laid out. Rood kitnatton. narj acaeaa, ii5 m'ontes from City Hall. Prtea $?,000 Address C. B. A.. Herald alike. WANTED-FOR CASH FURCHASERS. REAL EB. tate Of all kind* is city and country. OHARLER B. MILuH, Real Etale and Insurance Broker, M Cedar street. WAVTED-A SMALL PLACE, FROM FIVE TO TEN aeros fronting the water, on Long Island Sound, with a, lain gond boil. linen, within two bourn o! New Vor.: price trom $V,600 to $3,0o0. Addreoo box 2,012 New lork Post ?ofltoe. ? - ? | 1 ? 1 ?????"?? ? ' ? ? ? I. ? ? i ?? ? V" WANT I'D TO PURCRA8E? A DESIRABLE FLACE tm ibo Hudson riynr, havinc from tan to Afty acres; th? plare must bare (0?d buildmsa and be well iinptoved; dls ant ro a New York iweiuy to aeventy miiea. It is no nsc f an- person answer nc thin untevt thev hare a first class place and eitnated IB a healthy part of ibe country. Addreta, with fall particular*, Dr. Leonard, box 180 Herald office. WANTED TO PCRCUASE OR HIRB^A COTTAOE nnd several acres, on the lice of ibe New Haven Rail road. 20 to 40 miles from New York. Address 8.. box 1,407 Poat orfcee, stating price and all particular*. WATER FRONT.-A FARM FOP 8ALB OE EX. ebange, containing over UM3 aerea. with a tint rate house and outbaildiues; a dark slorebouse on tha pr^rniaes and a shipyard; ailtiated in the vU'age of Steuben. Maine. Priee $4,0110. Would exchange for a small place in or naar the city. Inquire of A. TOMSEt, Soda Fountain, ia the New lork Poet o.lice. q>l onn ?FOR SALE, a FARM OF RIGHT? ACRES, three hours from New York citr, five mllea from a ceuotv town; eighteen acres under cultivation; house and. bars; good water and good neighborhood: tenua easy. ' CHARLES E. U ILLS, iM Cedar street. 4(9 OOn ~KOR SALE CHEAP. A NEAT TWO <Pij.uUU, siury and basement frame House, situated on Eighteenth street, between Sixth ao 4 Seventh avon ea. Sooth Brooklyn, within two blocks of the cars to Hamilton, South and Fulton ferriee: baying a graded lot, being 2ft feet front by 170 feet In depth: street payed, fingered and lighted wit;. For further information aa* terms apply to J. MOORE, on the premises. FOR. SAIjEI. ALPMBBR YARD, TYITH a PLANING AND MOULD, ing Mill attached, for sale. ?On aecou&t ot' long con tinned 11 health, the advertiser wishes to d'spo p of hi* buainexa, now In proMUtMe operation. Any peraoa ?an!lo^ b siDeis will <nd an opportunity seldom ofltoved. For par ticulars Inquire on the premises, corner of Sectrad avenue and Flity tbird street. A RARE OHANCE.-FQ3 SALE, THE 6YOCK, FIX turcs and Lease of ar. old established Irmiw.incs i Oroeery, on a gcod corner and doing a fin- paving business. Will be sold low as the own?r t? going te !ea^ Ike city. Ap ply to GBOROE RICHAUDftCN, 23# Bieecker atreet, cor acr of Urove. A RACE CHANCB.? FOR SiiB, A WINE AND CO* - fect.onery Store; one of ihe beat corners on Broad My; the ?wn er goes iin mediately. 'x> Europe. RICHARDSON A fLATT, 180 Broadway. ABI'TCHERS SHOP FOR SALE-LOCATED ON Eighth arenne , aUk a Bakery kt a low pri -e, doing k good besiaeu: also a Newspaper and Candv Store, at a ln.v; also corner Liquor Stores. Groctt-fe* Drug Storey, Ac. W. H. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar s<roet. A FIRST RATE CORNER LIQUOR SVORR FOR SALK choap, bow do Bg?good be line its; also t Boot and Shoe Stoie un a buaineas tUoroiigkfark; also a earner Grocery ; also Bakeries, Rcataurams. Barruecns. He'.ei*. ?c W. H. MITOBBLL, 77 Cadkr jitreet. Boiler for salb-a twelyb horse tcbclar Boiler, used hot a short time, sd. table to attach an engine to for movable power. Apply to UUDbAKD A Bltu.. 20 Park place. COOPER'S SHOP FOR SALE CHEAP-FOR Jlon'-FDR strapping boxes and repairing, In a good neigh borb*>9<)t No. IX While street, near West Broadway. /*/)?? "R LlyUOR STORE FOR SALE? IB THE N1NE 1/ ir?,T.i, ""aril. New fork. Reason for selling made known bv anil n? f" B' El?t'on F, Th.rfl aren'ie. Let agents take noting w n?tbe 5?*^* W"'L DRCO STORK FOB SAlK-^T v ?J 2 " * j years, suitably stocked and doin* . I will be sold cheec for ca^h, owing to the <1eel.nn.? "ea-tn or , the prnpiieior. Rent lew. Address A? Jtbecary, nvf*"? - Dill e. First rate baebrt for sale? Jfl? lease and Fixtures, do ng a business of tweBty hkirtil ift week over the counter. Rent moderate Fortune To o4 naoa. Inqoire at BROWS S bakery, fC6 ^ieeckcr aureet 7~I ' ? ?WTC*.BS AND LEASE OF AN F3QR 8 A LB? BTOtnv, - - ?- Eu^to c ty, clear ' o.d eatatiilshed O^iciaB Store, in StiS^ . _ ing (.om $4.0W to ?\BjMr annum. ForTWIHir P lars inquire at L SRIESH KIM 8, 491 BrtksWT. WOR SALB-A PARLOR HOUSE, I? nis'ied, with three years' Lease. ???,{??-?- - f family all airs. A k' 0 1 opportunity to make mo?y7 Fnee ' low. Inquire at 7? O reene street, from 1 io 6 P. M. , raOR SALB? SO HORSE TUBULAR^_ 45 r horse tubular ... 4 feet d lams ter. 'M '*'' '?=? . circular double bit tomed Tank, 2,'WO WIIobs eapai . ; five burse upright Boi tar- *c ?? -?AJI A CO . Boiler Makers, " 10 " . .-or ill Second street, Williamsburg. For sal"._patbnt rights and licenses-to eog' .,eers owners of steam ve-sels and factoriea. Whee- be steam boiier is in use. Coop?-r's Patent steam B'.ii?r C.einer a simple mec iantcal Invention, la tbe great derldera'.um. Send t<r a circular. Saves feel expensive re pa rs, Ac JOHN FORQIK. Role Agent. No. SM Pine street room IS, and at the workshop of Cooper A|Forgte, Conner ? Tj(* Foundry BuiKflng, Centre and Duane sis For salb-a first rate duinktng oyster and Dining Sa'oon. well fitted up, with apartments to live IB; cheap rent: odl' lea-e. and wei. located up ton n. Tbe house belongs to the purchaser. Apply to P. QArFNBY, auctioneer, Z3 ('hanibera street, room 5 L OR SALE-THK BEST LOCATED BUTTER. CHEESE, v Ar.. Stand In JelTerson Market, No. 'J2 now do ng a first rate ''uslaea#. Owner has other bnslness and can't at tend to IL FOR SALB-tHR STOCK. FIXTURRS AND LBASR of a Fruit aud ? onfecitosery Store, situated at 1?9 Flaib tf h avenue. Brooklvn In< nlreon ihe premises Will be sola low for cask. Possession immediately. For sale cheap for cash-the stock, fix. lures and knainesa of the old established Confectionery Store and loe Cream Saloon 181 Third avenue. Business go d 1' HsessloB immediaialy. PIRB FNOINE FOR SALE.? FOR HALE CHEAP? A hand Fire Engine, la gO"4 order, pinna st?le. inch cylinders. V. met, strike. Inquire of TUOS. C. ChOSBV, I 6 >g South First street. Brooklyn, R. D. OTRAM ENGINES. ? A NUMBER OF NEW AND SBC k~ ond hsod cteam Est'nea and Boilers for sain. Inquire ef TODD A RaFFRRTY; Re. 4 Dey street. HOl'SR*, Room, cr.. TO LET. At 319 FO' RTB AVBIKTB-TO L'-T. *T DAT A ntm with 'tn'nedinte py*e*p|on. the Office* formnr If oertip'rd by the Third ArentA Sarin a Hank, undi-r tha Hull'* HU'I Sank, ihc Mora 1.211 Hroa1w?v, gOiin. rent fw Ml per month; al?o a thraa (tore blgh aioap br ?? atone Uouaa ill Baal Karty eiglnh airaat. JlsttafS. for $W0 to ay mil _ A GERMAN LADT WISHES TO LET TWO BEATLY furai?h?d Rooina. elthoi.t boari). Apply at IN Bui Itttli at . bciween latwi atnl Third aienuaa. A GOOD CORNER FOR ANT KIND OP BUSINESS to let, ai M first *"-nu?, corner of Forlv third atreet Inquire la tlw ladder elopej 3. WEI REICH. A LARGE ROOM. WITH TWO BEDS. SUITABLE FOR a part r el ??eilen>en , a ao a small rtoo?a. at $2; all newly furmaked: fain ly small; no bonrr]?ri; bouse ha* ni4?rs iiuprwn'Dit. Apply at 197 Prince (treat, eeoond b ock weat of Braa I war. A LARGE STORE TO LET OR LKASE-POSSES ??? given ifnaaed ataly . 171 Spring (treat; oa reaaan ab.e imni Inquire at M Ana Street. A FRONT AND BACK BOOM TO LET ? FT'RNISH ED, on (econd floor with Board. I'rtraie tab'e If tieaired. A ppW at >2 W eat Ftfteeuth (treat BASEMENTS TO LP.T. IN CABAL AND WAMUKR STREETS, KKAK BROADMAT ONE TO TEN HORHK POWER Inquire of F.J 1NBLEE l(il Walter atreet FACTORT TO LET-NOS 21 AKD U COMMERCE ?'??"I n?ar Bleeder. Inquire af LEWIS TIBBaLS, ?IV Sroaderay. . (t ? ?>, * l .*?' ' I m 0 BN IS BED norse TO LET-ON BROOK l.TN I r Halgb a, laeMl'M between Plerrepont and Clark awrti. A ne*t tbrea atory ami baae ticfit lirlc* bo iae com anally i fnrn sl ed thron -hortt. A email family deeir>-4. who would be wlHftig to baarit tbe prramit o-cupanM. Addreea boi 4.l?t Poet oiLra. PQRjftSttSD HOUSE TO LET.-TIIB HANDSOME tjir'e (tary high eioop Hooe* No W Second aranue, near Ihirtt tlilh street, wail and complrte'y fnrnlehed. i2.t per mentb Poseoeatoa oa or before Heptember. Al l r on the iren.leee F"'DRBlSnED ROOMS." WITHOUT ~ BOARD'^i prl ale A,"?ri',?? 'a-i'it* ^11! rent m emit e (entl?man tbe Moooo'l hoar, ln^|.. or Koa na In til, wlih i+ u(e #f b 'ih-txt'ii in.. ?nd neallr furanbt'll refaiencea aicltaiigad. A ii > ai IM fcaa? E gbteeath ? reoi. F" iUH^'HH"!) SooMS-Vft IIOI'T BOARD TO gent ? men r<nlj lie oarlora nnd second llom ? hree* faat r rtened, *1 IV lieroyfl t'.tit, leatlj ?treet, near jin,*dnnr. nor s its, KooMi, ?bo., to let. Gothic gottagb to lit-at glifton. ni ah VsoderHilt laud ng. Stat-n Island, with le Lot" ?' frewndt mat f-r ibo fee* Of the fllf tWQL Acpl* lu U. B. RIPLEY, g Wall <n? HARNbSS M AKkK'8 SHOP TO ?,?*, ?"*ILEH FROM .New l >rk, va hew York *?4 N?wtf*ve4i B?nr ed ; com] le e Ext. ires for sal*; occupied for the wme bus new Ultra. Apply U M Mouth kntlk street, WHiUwa burg L. I. L| ABGB ROOMS-rcrjilSUBO. to A SI LB <EN lleinan, alihoul boghrd. Qw, b44h aud c uMW ad io ?? I?t| ? ages paw the door Apply at A ft Mar k'e , ?**?? NEATLY FURM8HED ROOMS TO LBT-IK A SMALL pr rat* laintiy. to a gent.eman ant la<l>'. without Bnara. a law bio- Wa from tb? Hoirtj aad o?ar Grand street. Fur particulars address D. M. P., lierala offl"e. NOTICE? TO LKT, A BfLKNDII) HOUtSB, FIVE stnrv, wiUi cellar complete, corner of Greenwich and Heach tirwu; win let part or the whole; well calculated for mauuf cl'iriny purposes aiiauy oilier nualuew. iuijtilre ofH. J. MEYER. M7 Oreaawtcb aliaet OFFICBS TO LRT-.AT 80 CBDAB STREET. FIB8T tloer. between Broadway and the Po-t olRee. with ?ky light, and of qiMMW iMHlau, daalrahie lor bank-erg | aad companies. | THE RBCOBD FLOOR OF HOUSE 1*6 WEST THIRTY third airret. containing tour rotmii, with gas auJ privi lege of hath ; re at $210. OAs he seen (rem .1 to ft. TMO LBT-LOWE* PART OF HOOSE, HO. ? ABIHO .Ion square, modern, consisting ol i*o parlors. front and back b***nttata, eaaete. large prairie* and aitie bad room. Appy aa abanra. _ TO LBT-AT PORT RICHMOND, 8. I.. UNTIL THB Ut ?T May Beit, a ihrae storv And basement brick Houaa. furnished and in eomatete order. Possession given Immediately. Inquire of J. A JOHNSON, bo. 7 Meaaaf ?treat. N. Y.. or F. OBOSHOM7k*4.. Port Rlcbnaond. __ fliO LWT? A THTRB 8 TORT HOUSE, WITH ALL 1 modern improvement*. In a good neigh b >rbood: will be let or leaded to a good tenant. Inquire at 2o West High teentti street, between Pitth and Sixth avenues. TO LET ? NICELY FURNIS1IBQ BOOMS, LARGK AND ? nail, ik a private boose, 18 Suuton street, near Bowery. Ol SECOND ATENUE.-TO LET, A LAROE. AIRY. ?_iX Kurnlsbed Room, three Urge clgaets, suitable for a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. Also other Rousea, euriable for owe or two peraOus; gas, water, Ac. <VJ GRERKB STREET, ABOVE SPBINO STREBT. i70 l.Iegantly Furnished Suits of Rooms; gas. Cioton and every convenience for housekeeping econoin caily ; particu iarly aabab ? for email, res peeiable families. Rent low. PRINCE STREW. VFE8T OF BROADWAY-ELE gan tly Furnished Booms to let to gentlemeu. 99 1 ?*CB 8TBEET. 8T. CLAIR HOUSE. -ELE JLOU gaally t'uiulsbad Kooait. with Bedrooms attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping comoMc m clu :inggas and Creton water, to lotto re^pectab.e families or alngle gentlemen. Ol A KI.M 8TREBT, NBAB SPBINO STREET? FUR Zil't nisbed Ko urs for respectable fainUles. Lowest rent* tn the city, considering tbe conveniences for honte kreptcg. gas and Ci oton iecluded. Q | 1 WI ST THIRTY FIR8T STREET, BETWEEN ~f\ L l.ightb ami Ninth avenues. Fuiniabed iiooms to let. Jli'gle or in suits; house contains all the mode n im pro emeatn; location unsnrpaaaed ; privilege in the kitchen If required. Refci enow exchanged. A Z BROADWAY, COLEMAN HOCSB ? BLBOANT Utu ly famished, oool and pleasant Kooms to let to gentlemen. HOUSES, ROOMS. CO., WANTED. ACAR&? AN BLDBRLY LADY of RESPECIABILI ty wlaheslo obtain a first claea House furnished, tbe ownera (elderly persons preferred rem ilnlrg; In it, who could have their m?al? served In their own rooms if desired. Also with tbe privilege of accommodating with partial board and rooma a few gentlemen from OhrisUan association. A cbearlul aad respectable location near Broadway preferred. A ante addre-sed for one week to B. C., Herald office, will meat prompt attention. a MEDIUM SIZED BROWN ATONE HOUSE WANT A ed? in New York city, not above Twentieth street, or in South Krookl n. uear the ferry. Mu t be In a good loca tion. In good order, and have all the modern improvements; a new eee preferred Price net to exceed SS.'HH. Addreos, staling price, terms, Ac., C. B, box 2,8f6 New York Post office. FCRNIHHKD HOUSE WANTED IMMEDIATELY? BY a re?ponnb:? small private family, who can give unex ceptionable reference* to. careful uau of house ami respon aibiMr. Au.Ireas or apply to ADAMS A CO., Broadway, near Twenty -third street. House wanted? furnished or unfurnisr. ed. unt'i May next. In nr within 1'., hour of tn IS city; mull be convenient to >ehooln a*d ohnrcbea. Answer* inuat state fnl. pariicuiara aa 1.0 si eof house, rent, location, Ar. Address F. F.. New York I'oet House wanted-brlow foi rternth street, in good location at rent of STOtMlo $?W. with pos<cs aionanon. Anv partv bsviug ?u b ta let will find an exoai ,eht tenant by appisiog re ADAMS A CO.. W63 Broadway. PARLOR AND BEDROOM WANTED-BY A gINOLE gentleman, who is lend of pleasant, comiortable quar ters. out who otherwise le wsily wtlsfieA and has few wants. Addreas box 165 Post?tfloe. OM ALL FURNISHED BOL'SR WANTED-BY A RE O sponsible party; two onlv is Camily; must be well fur ii'hrd. modem, ami in a cootl ami central location, would buy furniture if desirable. Address T. 0. 8., box 2,548 Post efllce. _ ' ' ? WANTED-A FIRST OR 8EO0BD FLOOR, OONVE nient for housekeeping, with or without front base, meat, in the Twenty second ward, by a gentleman and wife, with two children. Address Leonard, Herald office, statu,; terms, Ac. w ANTED? HOT' SBS AND PARTS OF HOTT8B9 TO rent, fornifhrd and unfurnished, to road tenants. CH-ARLf-.S E. MILLS. ???! Estate and Insurance Broker, Agent for reut.n,; and collect ng. Office 34 Cedar street. WANTED- POUR OR PIYE PURNMHBD ROOMS for housekeeping, by a gentleman and his wife, with Immediate poaae*aion. Location any where from Bighth to Tbirty-k'.iitb atreet*. Kutb to Eighth Areuuea. Leave par tial*? trt.'h ADAMS, #53 Broadway. W^4Rr*D-r?R THfi WINTER, A HANDSOMELY furnished lu'?*e. between Fourth and Sixth a'ennee, or on Lex n?on avenge and betW??a /ouneeotk and For tieth atreeta. Ad.liesa P.. 2 S Bearer ?r?tt WANTED-A SUIT OF ROOMS. FURNl???P OR iinfurnuiiied. abovf Fourteenth atreet. ami bet*??n Lax'ltgtoQ nod Bixt'a avenuea. Add res- T. M. 0., box eJJ fw office. j WANTED? TO REKT, A SMALL ROOM. OV * eaat a'de of town or in Wllllainabtir ? .a* 1 itorage. Addre?s B. C arke, Si; lront ^ |U ror TITANTBD-TWO " ?c'^' J'? nlep-" ' ^ r*??E SrtOMS, WITH C0NVE K .. .?r at?*?eepl&g; rale recces given. Address -. ?? ' H t .-aid o8l'-N WANTED TO fcENT-IN SOUTH BROaRLTN. A email House or Cottage. In a good locar*.lor convenient to ferries. for a famllv af two person*. Add -ess box 988 New York Po^t efTce. stating location and mat. BOARniNU AND liOOUIH O. AT 13 CHARLTON 8TRRBT, NBAR HVACDOUGAL $14 per week for bands mn'jr FuraldMJ Apartments, with tirat riaaa R< aid for gentlemen ?4>. their wivoa. Neighborhood unexceptionable^ AOKNTLEMAN, WITH a PAMTLV OF FOUR (NO ?ma I chlldtea), wishes to engage Board for alx or eight months, with a thoroughly respectable family, In the npper part of tbe oil#; ono where there wA be lew or no other boardere pieterrod. Addreaa L.. boa 175 Herald oflice. A PRIVATE FAMILY WISH TO LET TWO FRONT Rooms for a and hla wife; alan single Rooms for gent enen . fnrnl?hed or unfurnished, with or wthout Board; houae with a'l modern Improvements Kef *renca exchanged. Call rft H4 Beet Thirty -third atreet A PRIVATE FAMILY AT NO. 40 WEM T^TsLFTH atreet. between Fifth aod Bixth area net. can accom inodate a gentleman and wire and two ato.le gentlemen with Furnished Rooms aod Board. Reference required, tenant* and children not taken. A PRIVATE FAMILY OFFERS A FIRE BUT OP Booma on ftrnt and eerond floor* 'front), with fall or partla! Hoard; loraton eligible; Pa, 74 Bast Foortaeelfa g'.reet. opia te Union square. Ryferencea required. AT n WEST ELEVENTH STREET, A FFW ifEPS from Broadway with ei client table. from Broadway, one or^wo furnished Booase to let, AFBW GENTLEMEN MAY FIND ACCOMMODA tlona? Rooms and Board, at 191 Grand atreet. be tween Brindwaj aad Bowery. A GENTLEMAN AND HIB WIPE CAN OBTAIN A ehone of handsomely Pnrulebed Aparimenta la a drat rlaaebonee. with Beard; hot and eold water. Ac.. In paa trle*. (fneiceptvinable reference* required. 61 Cluton place, near Fifth avenue and Breroort Houae. AT IB AND 20 WEST NIBTH STREET. BETWBBN Fifth and Sixth avenue*? elegantly Kurnlahed Rootna oan be had, with firat claaa Board, ht French and Gorman style*. A mom splen>fd Parlor Floor ran slao be had, wlih private tab e If dealred. A highly reepeciebia German family keep the houoee. Referen as axchaagad. AT THB FRANKFORT HOUSE. ONE BLOCK BAST of th* Cur Halt, oarnsr of Frankfort aod William streets, 2HQ neatly furnished, light Rooms A room to oee peracn. 2Ac. to soe. par day ; SI *5 te $3 per week. Houae opoa ali Bight AT 174 176 AND 17* RLEBCKER BTBEBT-PLBA aant Rooma. with excellent Board from $S te $10 per week: familiea accordingly Breakfast from ?X to V A. M. Dinner at 11^ and ti'o clock. Board ? fcsnisbsd and unfurrishbd booms ean ha had in a Npanlan family by app ylng at 23 Baat Fourth utroeL Also loaaooa in Spamab given by ? lady in the honO*. ' T A Boabo w antf.ii.? a oentlbwan dbsibbs rOabd in a rorpe table and intelligent iamlljr for noa and lw? da'iglitera Leeallty Twelfth to Twants Bflh street, Hecoad to B rth avenue. Addreaa Room 206 Oramercy Park Hotel forlwowoeke. HOABD WANTBO? FOR A GBNTI.BM AN, WIPE AND daughter. 10 leare old. Ian goo. I mrauoa; bonee nee all the mode** Improvement*. Iddreaa H. K. B , Herald aS<?. BOABD WANTED-IN NSW YORK OR BROOKLYN, for a family of three ad'tlta; a large and a email Beam connecting required, private family or with <>nlv faw other boardera. man: locution and tcrtna ?nd when room* can be had? imm?llaialv or wltbla a few weeks. Addre*a O. M,, l^w York Poet otTK*. Board wabted-pekmabbntly, a good room, in a etrlet r pru ate familv, where no other Boardera are taken, by a foreign iwntleman. who wo ild like to Im prove la tbe Bogliah language. Addreaa A. ML, bog 4 ,M Poetofliea. TJ0ARD WABTBD-FOR THE WIBTRB, PEOM J> September, by a gentleman, wife, narea end <4illd, where the comfort* of a home <aa be ha<i. locatieti In a pleaaant part of Kroeklrn. Inrmi model, e. Refetencee exchanged. A <1 drees for two days J. W. W < New York < it.. Post t j ^ Board tn Brooklyn -a ornti.e*** and wif*. or two or three alng'e geaHer?e?, is* ob4ala R?<na, With Huard at 'iA Ch.ever pUr?. '<*tWoen Marrlaoo ?ad Uegraw atreet* helereoce- rr^uirtui ? ? , : ? Boabd in Brooklyn -ro l ?er, A^WiiOB sec oni lot v Fruni Kootn In e private fainl y, whe e I there ar. > ? , I v a r\\ i >ar !?rs lief^rau en ?j(/-hatued. [ Af-^iy at sy <:.jniiin pmt ___ _ I . I lOAKMlQ ADD LOOOI1IO. BOARD ON BBOOCLTN HEIGHTS? ONE LA.V.GB square Boo i. and two Hail Boom, well fura uhe?i, with Board. Tue location is pleaaanl and to the WaU WMi and South ferries. 177 C?i)iimk Brooklyn board wabtrd.-a gentleman, wife Hi cUM <ln*nU desiM Boan or Furnf>he<l Ko>nua for h usekeepiag, ia a quiet. private family. First das? reference given u* required Address ini one week, w-fcio full particulars. U B. H , Herald olliee. ELEOANT FURBISHED BMDROOM8 AND PARLOBS i will b? immi a*d to )ai, with tteikni. afi?r Ure l&th in stant, at Mo. M7 Waat Fourteenth aires U References e*. cms V m -NCH BOABD, WO 10 UNION 8QCARI'. ? APABT inenta Tor families with ar wllbMit private labia. Oasemeut Office to let. French league. lielsrrn^ea ffMBMISHSD DOUBLE ROOMS. OH 8BCOHD FLOOR, P raceuUy papered end painted, fur teui oyita onlv, i. terms %S per week , third floor $4; lets for two. 134 Eigh teenth street, near third evceae. GBNYLEMRN and WIYB8 AND SINGLE GENT lilt men can find food Heart i and n*ely furnlahed Room*, aep.i-atr.lT or en suite at 16 West Forty-Brat street. family small. House and neighborhood unexceptionable. B far encrs required. TARilC AND PI.EASANT ROOMS (CONNKOTONGj Li on the seejad ??wl Mi rd iloor^/onraasle'it or perma cent boarders. Looafioh very plea ban I and eon*enlsnl. W Bast Knu rteenth street, a W? doers from Union place NO. 10S LEONARD STREET -TO LET. HAXDSOMB lv'Fiirnlsii?<t Booms, to singl* geatlemse, with yik aod bath attached. __________ TO LET? WITH BOABD. ? HANDSOMELY FUR stalled, tar^e Pack. Room, on sccond floor, and one I.. rga Ftont Room on third floor, la a private family, o>.e- ' siating of a physiqlan end wife ami some aingla gent mien. All toe comforts of a wxlal, agree, ibis home, and a deed table, may be enjatred. Apply at 90 West Twenty seventh at, TWO SPACIOUS UNFURNISHED FLOORS. IN A Bret elans home on Madison avenue, can be ha t l>? a family of high steading, wishing a private tulila and on ex cluslvo qulot home, untih spring, or permanently. Ad dress 0., box lit Herald office. UNIOH SQUARE -A FEW DESIRABLE ROOMS TO reut, with Board, to a gentleman and wife or tingle gentlemen, in a private family; would prefer :i family or party of live or six. Corner of Fifteenth street and Broad way. VERT ELEGANT APABtMENTS TO LET? IN (HJ1T8 or *ei'aratr, lo select families, with good Board, In the superior and f-rst class House 122 Muoison avenue, near Thirty fir-t street; most desirable location. Uafcception able references required. T1TAXTED? BOARD. BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. TT ia New York or Jeraej City. AUdresa, slating terma, B. a . Herald office. WANTED? A SUIT Or BOOMS, FURNISHED OB unfurnfehed, torn fatnilv of Ave, with Board, in a re spectable private family, and pleasant neighborhood. Ad dress Mr. 8., box 4.(96 Mew York Po--t office. WANTBD-BT A SINGLE OBNTLEMAN. A PLEA sant Room, with Board, near Union square. Terms mo ierate. Address, stating terms, Ac., A. W. K., 32 White hall street. <J>1 (i PER WEEK FOR A PBETTY FURNISHED ?P J.U Room, with full Board, to a gentleman and wife ia a fir't class house; famllr small. No. 164 West Twenty, sixth street, near Eighth avenue. ^ covntriTboard. A MARRIED LADY WISHES BOABD IN THE country, on or near rtie water, where there aro no other boarders and the comforts of a home ean be bad. Address, stating termfr Boarcer, atat on G Post o bee. CIOUNTRT BOARD-ON NORTH 8HORB, STaTBN J Island, for a gentleman, lady, child and nurae, or three adults; coodroons and well furnished; fresh vegetables, pure milk and plentv of fruit; the famih only three aiirt no other boarde.a. Inquire at 14 Dey street, up stairs, lor three days. (10UNTRY BOARD.? BERGEN I'OINT HOUSE FOB J nierly Ringgo'd Heu>e. Goad bulking aod f.ab log n> ar the house. Boats laave pier No 2 at -J A M. and I. I ,i? and 5:3*i P. M. Apply at the house or of A. C. BELL, 20 Fourth avenue. BM __ | , , . _ lew York. Good board ^7 per week. For parliculara inquire at COUNTRT BOARD AT PBBK)!RTLL.-ONB OR TWO families ean be accommodated with pleasant Booms and first elaes Board, at the above nlaoe. until Octobei or longer, at reduced prluea. References eiuhanged. For par ticulars address Mra. Wra. Browae.l, Peekskill, N. Y. STATEt* ISLAND BOARD.? A nOUSB. DELIGHT, fully situated, near the water's edg>, at New Brighton, hes a handS 'mo Suit of Benns vacan t. either 'or >n It gentlemen ar married eo'inle. Good s ab lug. Fiae i lew et the bay. Alan good bathing oi the premises. Inquire for Mrs B. SIIjVRRBERO, tlrat b <u<e above Mrs. O'Con nol a, on tbe Brighton shoro. or address E. 8., 39 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. Terms moderate. Wanted? in thb neighbor hood of Bedford or East New York, Loosing aod oartlal Board In a private family. Address S. D., box 5,010 New Turk Po.t eiiea. /COUNTRY BOARD CAN BB OBTAINED AT A PARI VV bouse on Long lalaud. fort 'seven miles from Ne York. Good boa 19y Grand street. ' glMMER RKSORTS. T' A KB DUNMORE HOUSE, SALISBURY' VERMONT.? J Th a fine Hotel, at this beautiful summer retreat, will be epenejl for company on the Stb of Jnly. Circulars full particaura may Ue bad at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, a the Lafarge House and 295 Pearl street. N OUTRAN D HOUSB? SANDS' POINT. LONG ISLAND, ea Longlsland Sound, is 1% hour's sail, per steamer arrewsmMh, leaving Peek siip at t P. M , returning at 9 A. M. B. B. NOSTRA BP. Thb la tourbTCe housb. berobn point, on the Kill Van Ku'l N. J.? This favorite watering plsoe. onlv thlrty-flre mid>.'Ms from the clt.r, will be kept opea nhtii October. Boats la >?? Pier No. 2, North river for the La Toureite Ho-??e, at9;I\ I. 4Vi and 5>i P. M. ; from Dey'street, at I0)i A. M and 4'? ?*? J* . _ WESLEY ^ BILL, Proprietor, j IJOTRBM.^ . . I Trying house," new to'ek, ~?50AfcVAr AmO 1 Twelfth street, entranc tSTweltli <tr eeC Condaeled on the J.uropesn plan. Accommodation for famiTiel au J tran sient gucgta. GEORGE W. HUNT, Proprietor. Hotel accommodations for families and (ingle jjcnt.emen. at 42 Clinton place, earner Untrer ally place, lranalent $1 per dsv. <-'flAS. LBKLKR, Proprietor REOAM ? ? m vr flllU Att^loN IS CALLED TO BBRO A CO. '8 'ISA rettoe. ? Head what the ecleouftc Amer can ui* ? IMl'tun ED CIO A HETTO ? Clrerette?. a) usually made. it H till tabu ? umng these c gerettea It is well know* tobacco ia constantly escaping into i?f~ ra< utb ana tkat an unpRtaaat t^S burning paper. Tbia invention obvi iffloiltiee; Prat the paper la prepared with to obviate thin dlaagreesble odor and taste of the p? per and second!!. the end that It tn??rted in the mouth ta ao formed that in? tnbar.50 cannot ea< ape, end Tet a Tree drangbt la laanred and to elect thla. the Invention oenalate In the employment or ute of a mouthpiece made iy colHna a abort piece or atrip of atoot paper or tpm pasteboard, aod inserting the Oil . In the end designed far the month, or. more pro perly speaking, by winding and panting the paper tube around tbia mouth ptaoe which gives the alio to the ctgaretto. This mouth plec; forma a Orm hold lor tue teeth and la of auflioieot length to prevent the Are reaching the iipe whoa the cl||aretto la naariy consumed. We eare tried the a tlcle and find it to be a vary good thing The filling of thoao we have used was of the Hneat Turklah and Havana tobacco, thus giving tho benefit of tha beat tobacco in ibe convenient shape of a cigar, and withal we consider the el wet to a very good, convenient and economical arm e for smoking. The inventor of the ab>ve la B. Here, of New Tork city, and tiila (latent beer? date August 1 1864. and further particular! raj} be bad af M rears. 6ek Q maanfacturtra, 138 fcCfttlfe fglWW TJERO * CO. BKO TO ANNOUHCR TO THE PUBLIC JJ that a patent haa bean granted from the Sd or Auguat, ISM. BERO A On., Ctgaretto Mannfe'turera, 133 Chatham street, corner .of Pearl, Caaaaer Building. v National guard smoking tobacco.-freb from deleterious aubataacea, excellent flavor and oleap as anv in tl.e market. For aale at aagar atoree. Tradt eup p'.ed at 43 Fulton street, np stairs. QMOEINQ TOBACCO ?808.900 8BOARS AT $90 PRB O thouaand and npwarda, at the New Tork Seger aad Tobaocu Agency. CI Liberty street. Bmokera wishing aa art cle dlvsated of Ita deleterious qualUlee ahould try theea tab*<?oa J. W. CAKUE, Agent. PERBOSAU a~FRIRND^ JUST ARRIVED FROM PORTO RICO, A would like to have the addreee of J S. Blcnal. ar In formation where ha oaa be teen. Addreee Car lea, Herald office. Arrived home safely i hope, and fbbl better. I am lenely to night, leva. Ton will ret a let ter to day. Answer Immediately. Bow are yon, Winaiet Ant ladt wishing to adopt a infant from Its birth, before the 2Uth of thie month, will bear of an excellent opportunity by addreaalng boi 2,369 Naw Tork Peat edioe. HN. RICHARDSON ?TOU HAVE MT WORD OP ? honor. Addreea T. T., bog 1?0 Nereid effloe, or aa be loae. IF THIS SHOULD MRBT TUB BT B OF B1THBR John Ttfomaa. Samuel Booth or Sarah Christian, the* may hear of the r frienda In England. by a plying to J Booth, IN Baal Seventeenth street, N. T. Louisville papera pleae* oopy JF DR. W. N. RINDRLL (WHEN LAST HEARD FROM _ wae on board of the United States steamer B. S Hale, Booth Atlantic Blockading Siiiadronj la la New York at Brooklyn, be will bear or old frienda by addreaalng Mlaa Williams, ^fOoklyn Poet office INFORMATION WANTBD-OF MRS. DEVLIN FOR 1 nierlv Mary Kiewart. who le auppoeed to have gone to Philadelphia to look Idr her bua^aao, Hugh Devlin She can bear from him by dlreeunc to John Adair, 1M Wn>| Twenty-eighth etreet. Mew Turk. Philadelphia papera pinnae copy. INFORMATION WANTBD-OF BP1DOBT NA8II. ? she will hrar of something to bar advaatage by add re Be ing x. T. boi 105 Herat J otbee. TNFOBMATION WANTRD-OF NANCY MORRISON A I sister ef Hon. James R Morriaon, of Juniata county, Fa., deceaeed. Addraaa Eira D. Parker, Mllflatnwn, Juniata eonnty. Pa. Information wantbd-df sarah and rr beeca Ch rlstv . have been out here IA or 16 rears; fiom Tyrone onnnty. Ireland. brehelr brother John Christy. Ad dreae Christopher Jubaoton, i>7 South Third aire t, Wil> liasaeburg. JACISON -LEFT NEW TORE ON C O'CLOCK train Saterday Croueb. J ANY. SIR AMOS HHI4KM will hear OK SOMKTHINO '1 interesting him by leaving his addresa at the otllee of rssrs. Mat Jaa Faaaln k Co. 'a ,41' Beater street SHVRAYKtl FROM HONK A BO\ *N TAl/I AN VIOLIN pW)er. 410*1 about II yeara. wan ?neaks hujtUsh fluent ly. Twenty dolUra feward *nd nther erpenaea will be fald to anr person whoesn ?nve tnflarmatmn eoitnernlng him at ItA Rim street, rear building. 110. WHO* IT MAY CONCERN -THE OWNFRS O* elothlnit left In charge of Mts Calherlnr Jtrntfn, wa h woman, ar. re<( lasted to rail ?nd gi-t ihe same, f ;o i her 'a'e resi'leni**- I Id '.Veal hlghlefalB r"*i ?? abe Is deal I'y order p' herein abend, WM, .MflwWH, wpyiapfk . Guam witsur to ui vitiu*ouL, Touauiiia at O guMuttwt, (Cork 8 arbor). Tbn Liverpool. New York und Philadelphia Sieanaehlp Company (ln?u bin), cerrv ng the liuitccl gtetee mails, bitaod deepatchlaa their full mwci ed Civde built iron alee neb'pa a* ? <ITT or LONDON. SiTUKOif. AUUUtf ? CITY or BALTIMORE. JATUB1UT, AUGUST 37. ETNA. SATURDAY SErYBMHRR 3. and iwj auiwi<U| Satuiday, It nuon. frvrn yier M, North r""J1 BATHS OF PASRAOR. Pay Able I* g M or it? e iuiva'.eet in ourreooy. First Cabin *80 Steera jc ,.$su Do. to London .15 Do. to Loud"n?..Maa . SI elo Pan a 95 Do. to Parii- 40 to Hamburg W If to Han.' 37 Passengers also ferwmded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac , at equally 1 iw ra'.ea. rrom Liverpool or 'jnevnatewn ? First Oab'p, $75, $S.Y fiat ?tUMr?H?, $3V Those who wiati to aend for their friends an buy ticket! Iterc at theee rates. TW-a steamer - hay* superior acoommodatlona' fop pae eeugers, are suvuglv bullion water Uiibt iron saciioaa and carry patent Are aanlhMatora. Experleoced surgeons are ?t tacked to each steamer. _ ......... for fmtber m; urination apply in Llvarpool to WILLI AM IN?AN. Agem, 2- Water street; la Glasgow to ALEX MAI.'VILM. No. bUt. biK-uU aiunre: in Uueeu-iewn to n. A W. D SRYMOUK A CO . i? Loudon to BiVKS A MACEV, 81 King Wtdlam sewt. in P?ri? to JULEK DKCOUF, -Art Ku? Notre Patiie lei. > intoire?. Place deli Kour?e; in Phila delphia to JOHN G DaLE, lit Walnut atrent, or at the Company'** ofti??a JOHN O. DALE, Agent, IS Broadway, N. T, ?<a aawnB^n ;^B?sic? '??? SETWEBH NEW VOKK iHO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT PORK BARROR. AND BETWEEN HOST' > N AND UVRRrOOL, CALMNO at Halifax and cork hakkoh. EITROPa leaves Boeion Wednesday, Augu?t3. St'OTIA loaves New York Wednesday Antrim 10. AFRICA leaves (lesion Wednesday, AugnsU17. PERSIA leaves !Cetv York Wrdueway, August 24. AS* A losvee Boston Wednesday, Augflst SI. CHINA leaves Ne* York Wednesday, Septouibor 7. raca *?* tor* to uvmroiL. Cbiet Cabin passage ?. $1?? !W Second Cabin passage . .... 8000 TKOM BOTTOM TO UTCHPOOE.. Oh'.ef 0 bin passage $112 50 Second Cabin uasr.gfl fiS i'0 payable in gald or H* equivalent in Dulled Staiea currency. Bertha not secured until paid for. An einerieneed surgeon on board. The oeiwnni theee ships will not be accountable for soe ?ia or valuables, utiles Mils of lading having the value ex pi esaed a I* aiawed '.here for. Pur freight or paseage apply to , B. CUNARP, No. 4 Bowting Green VTOrjCB-TBE STBAMBHIP TOWA, CAPTAIN Stephen .'arman. will leave pter 21, North riv-r. on Wednesday. A uiiuat 17, at 3 P. M. precisely, for London d reaL To be followed by the steamship CKLLA. THE LONDON AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COM PA ny will deapatcb aerai-monthiy their new and first data Prltish iron ateanashipa OEM, A. H ELLON A ATALANTA. IOWA. INDIANA and MANHATrAN, ea?h 9.i?l tons bur then. betw-en London and New T ork, uniting at Havre on the rnyaee from London. Eaie- or paaaate. payable ta pnld or Its eqntvalent ? Worn New Toi*k. first cabin. t70; second cabin. $50: ateerage, $2.% From London or Havre, first cabin, $70. Por passage apply to CH AS a WllITKBY. St) Broadway. For freight apply at 5t South street. Advauoea tuadi- oa tnr-rrhandTae consigned to the friends la Loudon of the un. der-lKued. Theee sf a triers connect at London with steam em of the nms company lor the channel porta, Rotterdam, Amsterdam. St Petersburg. Copenhagen. Bordeaux, Oporto, Gibraltar. Alexandria, wrnvrn*. Constantinople and Odessa. ROWLAND A AS PIN WALL. AgeaU. MATL STEAMEKS TO PRANCB DIREOT. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S NEW LINK OK FUMT CLA88 BIDEw HEEL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE. The Aral Hve apleadid vessels Intended to be put upon lite favorite route for the Continent are the following: ? W ASHINOTON. R *>? tons 900 horse ponar. LAFAYETTE, 5.204 tona ??? borae power. E0OENTK (a^ POO horse power. FRANCE (hnOdlns) 900 horae l>ower. NAPOLEON III building) 1,100 horse I er. r*n?!l the complet'an or tbe entire llat the service bull ?.e performed bv the WASHINGTON. A. Duchesne; LaFAY ETTK. A. Bocand?. a? follows:? PROM HEW YORK TO HAVRE. WASHINGTON Wednesday, 17tu August I. A PA YETTE Wednesday. 14th September, WASHINGTON Wednesday, 12th October. I.aFaVP,TTE . Wednesday. !>th November. WASHINGTON We-Tnesdav, 7th December. First cabin (Including table wine>. $18*. Second ofcbla (incln Una able wine). $70 o? $80. Payable In gold or iia equivalent in United States currency Medloal attendance free of charge. For freight or paaaage aoptr to GEORGE MACKENZIE. Agent. No 7 Broadway. New York. At Paria? No 12 Boulevard dee Capuclnea (Grand Hotel.) At Havre? William laeltn A Co STEAM FROM AND TO QUBENSTOWN AND LIVE* POOL CVNARD LINB. From New York. $50 aufreney ; to New York, $30. sold ? equivalent in currency. OLVMPPS, Auiui-t 17. KRDAR, August St. For dimiii addIv to WILLTAMS * GTTTON, ? Broadway. FOB LIVERPOOL? ^ TAPSCOTT'S LINE. - BMP NE PLl'S PLTRA aaDs Augutt 15. Ship CYNOSI BE sails August 17. Ship GRATITUDE aal'a August 2a FOR LONDON-X LINE. Ship HUDSON eet'a A ignsr'o. Far pasaase to or from the Old Countryt or drafts at tba loweal possible ratee. applv to TAP8COTT BROTHERS A CO.. t M Son h street. VTATIOVAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. IN TO QUBBN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL. LONDON Saturday, AoguatMl BEI.V Salurdav. Aukuii 27. Cabin $15, gold; peerage, $50. payable In earreney. For nassage apply to W 1 LLI AMS A GUION, 29 Broadway. THE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S IRON MAIL BTBAMBUira Ftotn Southampton. From New York. SAXON! A Ju y 27. 1*64. Aug. 20. l.*S4. TEl'TONI A .. Aug. 10. IW4 Sept S 1<*4. GERMANIA An?. 44. 1864 Sept 17. 1?'4. B0R0S8IA Sept. 7. ISS4 Oct. 1. I8A4. SAXONIA Sept SI. MS! Oct 15. I8?4. From Hamburg pier, foot of Third etreet, Hobokea, taking passengers for Hambu-g, Havre, Loosen and 8outh. ampten at the following ratea:? Firat eabiir $'05: second cabin, $32 SO; ateerage. f*T 00, payable is sold "* "? equiv alent. ? ?? freight apply t0 Z"?.nivn T * CO.. <5 Exchange plsce. ***"*> m BrMdw^y ** apply to C. B. RICHARD * Bv- 1 THB NORTH OERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP HAN. aA. H. J. Von Saaten. commander, earrving the United ataiee mall, will aail from the Bremen pier, foot of Third street. Hoboken. on SATI'RDaT, AUGUST 27. AT 11 O'CLOCK M., roR BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON. taking paseenrrrs to LONDON. HAVRE. SCitTHAKI'TON AND RKEKEN, at the Alal. Sizable in go'd, or tt? analvalent hi "porlh# "firat cabin, $106; eeoond cabia, $S3 SO; ateerage, ^ThMIANSA will be followed by the NEW YOBK, Bep tetiBer 10. ForfretghtorpM^eaprW^ & rQ ?, Bwd#trMt. N OTICE. -STB AMSniP WASHINGTON FORTH A VBB, will aail from ver AO North river (foot of Morton atreet). no Wedneadav, Ibe 17th inatant. at 2 P. M. Paaaangera are renneated to be on board at one o'e'ock. - 1 " R BOPKNI^OFJHIoote to CAUFORNrA. TH%^"rAVckD\V^TVNATNCo0o^^A,,T? will daepatch their elegant new ateamAlp ^ OOI.DBN RULE, . , .... from pier 29 North river, foot of Warren atreet, eoaneeling on the Pacific Ocean with the favorite a?eamship Moaea TaTlor. The accommodation* on theee line vessels are vary supe rior and especially adapted to tba comfort of famlltee mor tag lo Ifeo liod of goid Tor pMitft|? ippl? only At tho ollw of thi ltno. 177 Wosl atreet corner of Warren, to D. N. OABB1BGTON, Agent. i-w/w>. - ? UNITED STATES MAIL MSB * "TO* CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. Regalar sailing data 3d, 13th and 23d of each maath. except when these dava Gill on Snrday, when the dRy af departure will be the Monday following. tta?rstdW.^??!|nif MflHT. Chariea P. Seebury , Cemmaader, will mil from pier No. 3 North nver. TUESDAY. Auinet ?*, at It e'oiock M. The ateamehip NORTH STAB will aucoeed the NOBTH EBN LIGHT and <a!i September 3. Far frai$bt or paaaage apply to D. B. ALLEN, No. S Bowling Green. rR Havana vrawe The fait ateamahlp _ BOANOKB, Praaria A. Drew. Comintndor, having bMD thorbughlv overhauled and refitted. will leave pier 13 Worth river, for Havana direct, om Monday, Aaguat 29. at 3 o'clock P. M. preetaelr. No freight received or bills of ladiag algned eg lb* day of "^inrWi or P? ?t?S?V[? HBINBKBN A CO . 11* Broadway. IJtOB NEW ORLEANS D1BBCT. ?F To Mil OB BATCRDAT. AUGUST *?, 1WW. AT 3 O'CLOCK P. if., the Tailed Btatea mall aide wheel aleamahlp F.fKNINO STAR, W. R Reil. Commander, . will *al) an a bora, from pier 46 Norlh river, third pier above Canal (treat ,kx? . 10 Barclay atreet FOR NKW Orleans.? bxpbbsh por nbw or leane The Commercial Ripreee Company will forward freight, valuable packagee and meney by ?learner ART? U| To eall Aaguat 17, for New Orteana. Office Ml New Orleana H aad 83 Comm<n atreet. 3. JfcKRRVER. Manager. I>. D. BRIOOR. RoperlDteodenL All good* moil be receipted for on Tueadar. POR NEW ORLEANS. PtRROT? WF.DNERDAT, Aug net 17. at twelve o'clock, noon. The Atlantic mall etoamahlp Compear'* Bret olaae aide wheel ateamer ARIRL will wll aa above, from pier 3 North river. For freight or paaaaga apply at ibe office of the Company, No S Rowling green. D. B. ALLB M. Fob nbw orlban* The Vailed Btataa Mail Btoamehlp OR P. O LB. John Thorn p?ra, Commander. will leave pier 13 North river fnr New Orleana direct, oa Wednesday, Aug. 34. at 8 o'clock P. M. preclude. No freight received or bllle of lading algned on the day of nailing. Per freight or paaeare apply ta * LUDLAM, HBINBBRN A OO,. __ ll? Bro.idwav. TpOR NBW ORLEANS D1RBCT. I ..... The new U. B. mall eteamehla CALTFOKNTA. ? "?an aiaawnip Wm Brand, eowiman.ier win eave pier No. ? North river, aa Wertnaaday, Angoat 17, at 3 P. M "" ' " Por freight or paiaage api^y to CROMWRLI. A CO., 196 Wot atreet F05,,^7,?Jl^,,,Ol?"TT^J, OiMBRATBD SHIP ASH BtrnrOM. Captain Bradlah poaitlvalr aalle Auk i?t 17. Her accommodation! are anperlor to anv a'ilt> In port. Boron d c?Mn, gJt, currency, an.i round Applt on board, at plar 10 Baet rlv?r, or lo r M DR * A KB, ST, 40 Bouta *1. itdli LiVBMPOqt niRp/'T -Clfi A III) stkambhTp r HI HON, Ciptaln Martrn, will aail tfn W*dne?t*v. I7?n ef Annual. r?hm p><??mro. fH"; ynld "r Itaeiulra'ent. Fnf freight or | a .age applf to K, i:i.'{(iR|> No. 4JBP*r|m* |jX)R LI VBRTOOL AND LOMOON? FOB LITRKPOOL r Tb# BBIDOKWaTKR ?aiie 1Mb Aagust. the J. g RYKR.-.ON on the, 23J August. Kor Londeo? The W ? til BT80S. on i lie 2M Aigust- For (MIDI apply to WjL JalAJIj ACUJ.QM. it) Vu.ton gggu _____ FOB LIVERPOOL -THOJfNON'f 1C10* War Llite. The ARKWRIUUT. at u*r Mo. 6 Worth rtv.r, poeltlvey >aU? ou timurda* . JUtU tMtaal. Kor puM|? at ply at the oBea, 274 Peart r * THAVBLLKRH' Gl'IDE. "Ht'DSON RIVER RAILROAD. -TRAINS FOB At*. LX tiaav, Tray, Uie North aad *#?, w>? ettaaahara etreet alf and 10 A. M. and i. <? an<i lo:4o P. M., imn toadaya *t 0:SI P. M., from Thirtieth street. NRW YORK AMD HARLITM RAILROAD. T ratal lor Albany. Trov and Saratoga Sprlnje, aleo connnottng with the North aud West, leave Tweair-aiitii street depot at 101; A. M. and 4 P M. _ . . 81'ECIAL KO I ICR. l'aaseoaers for ?an.ioW jpriags by taking tha 19.90 A IT. 4?l.y. au4 00 Saturdays the 4 |? Jrf. train. K? tfcnpugb 10 Saratoga, w. thorn change of oars. ^ ? OPPOSITION ROaT FOR NKWBUHO AND POCOH. keepsle. Fare -5 oeotr. ? PBd uew and fast steaiusr Thornu* t, Oliver leave* Jay ureet pier ev?ry afternoon at 3)6 o clock, landing ul i.rassy Foiut. Caazena'. Cald Si-rinn, Cornwall, New Ha'iibua', Marlborough md Milton. Return ing leaves polish keepsie at 6 A. M.; Newhurt 1 e'clocaj Corawall. 7 10, L'J.d Spring, 7 23: 7 10: Ura??y Point, 845; arriving at New^ork at lOSOi ' ' J KXCVRSI'iNflT j ~ A" "kaVORITR NEW BAROB* POR~EX^RMOJ?8. Ttie H|t' Teat Hpine auil otbera, steamboat* such at> it.yri??4. Al?> pJjtas;io? Vallev, 8t. Ronan'a Well and other Itiovea to let. Excursion Ofllee 3h2 We,t street, coruer of Barrow. 11 11 citUobBTT. All on board for the champion boat racs at Potfgbkeepsie, IP rou e oil 16th, 17tu and istt Au??it.? StrtHinbottta tf. VIBUARU ard D?NU4I. DRE.V will leave RetVi Ji-si s sfeetal 7'a. M.,? and Thirtieth stietl at 7 10/. M., at PoNghkeejjMe af it 20. In time tc nee tha raee. aAd ntua to Ne? V?i k by day boat same day. rnSHERMEN ON DJ5CK.? THE STKAMER VIRGINIA F Seymour will make an excursion to the Cholera Banks on Wednesday, Aug 1 t 17. 18tf4. leaving Peck allp at half past all, and pier 4. North river* at 7 A. M. Bait and Unef o? Hoard .rf,1re.h??nu.n ^ Pilot. E. B. HOItf Y. J. O. K.1.MMKN8. Friends of dr a. b. cox, ov i*eck UKAND PICNIC ART> COTILIOR OF THE A. '?^OlrtT A>&OOI ATIOH, AT P. T. BVBKETf'8, PLBaXaNT VALLB* GBOVB, tiiuiisday, aco;:st is, is*t. On returning will ma Ice a mnon wht excursion. Ticket* $1, ad uniting gentleman 40(1 latf.r.0. Thcvtea ?er Greenback au-il double decked barge Tnsnr UM have boon chartered for the occasion. tngeWer win, j. full cotillion band. Tim boat will 1 ave the (out of Spr.of street at SJa, aud West Tblrtie:h street at 9'., A. M, THOMAS P. BVEEbTT, President. X, ocun B. Wriobt, Secretary. /I BAND COTlLl?ON BXOUKSIOR OF TBB CAR vX penteis' Union, No. I. of New York, to Wodlev i (Iriwn on Anxust IB 18B4. Dodworth's uplendtd band w.i: be In attendance. One bargA will lajr at PeoJ^altp, the ottiui at Spr iii; street, until callett for by the steamboat. Tbt boat wltl i?ave Twenty third atreet Bast river. at ?:3 l A.M.; Eighth aire* L. *t 7. Peck Hllp at 7 HO, Spring street at 8^ Forty. second atriet, North river, at 8:45. Tickets On? Dollar urlmltt n; <t gentlotnan and ladies, can be had of th> committee 'r<> >uiy of the members, or going on board ok the morn<n . ol ih>< emraton. AM DHL SB BLAKB, Chairman of Committee. WOBTiro. iSKS^jgm PiiffpfsS?' elnee lor all diseases 4* bu41 ded. Valued, |? ^ed! ^ HORSKS, CARRIAGES AC. ABRAUTIFi'L BAY SADDLli MORS FOR SALE.? Eacy rider use d to Park riding, in perfect condition kind unit afraid of nothing; uo trie a. six vears old. war ranted aound, uni goes well in harness. Only nrloe $ '0 bold as the owner baa not lime to rule. Addieia 8. B. O. .Herald orfice. A LARGE ASSORTMB:-T OF HORSES. CARRU1E9 Racks ways, Phaetons. tap and no top wagons, mad ? b< Dusenbury and oiher good ma&era; J augers, Doctor* ; ">c Business Wiigoos; Harness, donole and sln^e; Saddle Bridles, Ret*, .te. Also a fine ?ntv saddle Ponv.' App'y it 1,101 Broadway, between Fortieth And Forty drat streets. ASL'MBER OF BUSINESS WAG0R8 OF EVER1* kind constant y on hand.? You will tind thla plsee at favorable aa ay that can be found, and every artiole war reeled a* represented . alto some second hand Wasens, ii itood enter, and ? ill be sold low. STK WaRT'S Wagon Fac lory, Fiftv-third street, between Broaiway and Eighth avenue. - CARRIAGES.? ELEGANT LIQBT BRKTTS. FA KB Pbaetooa. ligut ftp and no top Buggies and roac W axons. pannel door four sear R?oiiaw?ya. Mecican aa sea: Carr . alia, four and al* seat aim 'oc top Jagger and depo Wagon*, all second iian* Top U'< ties, a alx aeat Carry ?i and Boekawav, for tale low tor c> .'u 'M. C. BOY, 64 Cedar atieet. opposite Poet dHIce. TjlOR SALE? RAIN OR 8BINE, ON BOVDAT, TBB V 1Mb Inst , al 3 o'clock P. M., at the New York Hoi st H.i aar. corner of Tblrtv acveuth slroetand Broadway, on< t oupe. about ten Wagons, four Fe.a Double and ail Set; 8lnile Harness Saddle", Bridles. Ac. Also akoot twentj llor-es, tullalde for varloua n uposea, anaonn wbkb Is > pair of sor'cl Horses, IB1.; handgnlch. live year* old an.' aound. Partlea having llae property M dtapoie i f, **nd I along before 9 o'clock. $1 entrance an 1 Ave per cent If aold. C. WILLS Propretor. For ?%le at tbe Borao Bazaar, corner of Tbirty-Mventt street and Broadway, on Monday afternoon, a sorrel Horse IA% banua hich, >li years old, sound and kind, and war ranted to trot a ml e In 2 A&. For balb, at a orrat sacrifiob-a fini A line Morgan horse, eight yeara old; sound and kind and ean trot bl* mile li? 2:0 to? road wagon. Also a lfciit read ha< been used about three months, hutlt b* Oiiosrtson A Purdy. One set or harness, built by Rtilllnue The abere I* tbe irnpertv of agemlcmaa, and mnst be cold this week. Alao. *econd-Uand road wagon. In good order price $00. Call at 1 344 Broadway, betwMB FwlJ-s'fctb ao4 Fort} aeventh atreota. w finR RAL^ "PR irS-ITORSB. WAOOI* AND HAR P Herae .. *0nl1 ?,0< 'hM> tbe amount to a i?r An j^ranu^ucli aoneT lian.ig Jilth. bay, long tall kind In all harne*a. 'op a aaddle koree oannot be surpaaeW In Uio eny. 8c?*for nc but bavtog no uae for him . Apply at No. J^rweoiy flrat street, between Broadway an* Fiftft aven^t*. FOR 8ALB? a GOOD FA HILT BORAfi. 111*6. tit and well br**d about 16 hand* higte; can b? ated \n Mn?te or double barpeea: wlli be no d cheap, as the owiwr baa no u*e for hint. Can bo *een at Bel ow'a llrer> staM*, west side of Eighth avenue, between Fifty eighth and Fllty nlnth atreet*. B?OR SALR? A DARK BAT HORRB. 8EVRN TEARS old, aoua I aad kind ; a good e*pre?a or carriage borse. Apply at 33 Tenth avenue. " FOR SALE-ONE OF THE HaXDSOMBST HORSES TO be fonnd for saddle, or would make a (plendld roack bore^, h* l* 16Ji hand* blgh. d yeara old, aound an.l kind. A Iso a fast tragi ag Hone, will show in?de of 2 fid. and ? tecy trotU.ig Wagon. Apply at luu Weal Firty 1lr?t atreet. F OR BALE ? 8RVEN HORSES; AMONG THEM ARC _ strong truck and cart Horees: eleo, a beautiful wagon Mare aim. a Mare with foal; alao. three line larm Horse*, 006 *15 i he other two, a handsome tram, prlre $1 10; also, a beantlr'j1 "aJCjC Mara Tor a lady; will take a lars? torafl Inexebange lor fe? *Pfl/ *? 80 CkajLa tpOB BALE? A FBE8R MI IX I? ^OW. WARRARTED r to in Ilk twenty four quarts per day. or noaale; alao make tea po-inda of butter per week. Apply at 164 Bad Twenty fifth street. HOB SALE? A NICE BAY MARE, 18 HANDS HIGH, r ? rear* old: warranted sound ami kind; prieetlUO, Alao. a low price Horse, ttti Alao. a llgbt Wagon and Ha: ? neaa; prloc >100. Inquire al 8S Barlon street. FOB BALE? A BAT BARB. MOBOAR BREBD, FIVS year* old. warranted aound, kind and gentle in aingle and double bsmeaa. To be eeen at SSI Wee* Forty-third atreet until aold. Fob sale-tbbt bttlish rqitarb bob top nod no top Warona Aloe coal box Wagon*, two seat sqnare bos top Wagona; a'ao second band Buggiea and Boeknways. Call at K West Twenty fourth street. FOB BALE-ORB BOAR MABB, 8RYBN TEABR OLD. l&Hf hand* high, aound and kind, auitable fcr a ear man or e spree < man Apply after 2 o'clock alll2Fo?rtb place, Booth Brooklyn. FOR RALE? ORB FAIB OF TRUCK HOR8KS AND ooeOart Borao Apply to BICHABD KUhRI It. cor ner ot North Seventh and Flrat atreeta, Brooklyn, B D. CK)R BALK CHEAP? HORBE, WAflOR AND BAR i nea; wagon wlU *o" m eonnd aad kind, helvy l quire after 4 o'clook P, M. at Hit Forty eighth street, be. eonnd aad kind, heirv built. (uTtahlo for any work. In qnlro after 4 o'clook r, M. at J ? twoen Ninth and Tents avenuea. HORRB. BRIGHT BAY, FITS YE ARB OLD, DT rect from New Orleans, fit for harness or laddie, kind and aound. Also, aeven fresh milch Cowa, with their Oalvee, just from thaWountry. AUwill be aold at a borga n, at 477 reirl street, In the clothing store. HOR8B8 FOR 8ALB OB BXCHANGB FOR CITY or country property? Tbe best blood In the country, Stallions, Bares Ac., from S-HM to fAMIS each, the re mains ot tbe sleek of a gentleman who is selling out. Address bos ISO Herara o nee. T ADTBB' RIDING OB LIOHT CARRIAGE HORSES U for sale, at J. O TATLOR'S stable, 148 Bast Twentv fourth street, near Lexington avenue. A pair of whits Maree. one an Arabian; warranted nerfeeily kind under tli* saddle or In haraese, single or double, and well adatusd tc lsdlea or children learning to ride. Will be eold together or ?imgiy- ! WARTF.D? TO MAKR ARRAROBMERT8 WITH TUB owner or a rood coach to run for l.iu National (Intel. 10. ? CorUandt street. JBRSB FOSTER, Proprietor. fBOfMAUe PROPO8ALB FOR THR PURCBASB OF TBB RTRBBT MAMtlRR OF TBB C1TT OF N *W TORE, FOB TIIB TBRB OF ONK TEAR Soiled proposals wilt bo raoelved at th? oflTee tintll Moo. day. Anguaulg. I8M. at I o'oiook P. B.. "hore the eame wilt be pnldioly opened for the purohaao, for the term Of oO O year from Septombor I, MNi'of all toe *traot manure whl< h may be de*oeitod ai the differeotdampinagrpunds through - out the dir. The various dumps are situated at Roosevelt street. B. R.. I?*?7 *treet, N R., Stanton street. B It, street, N. R, Sliteenth stfoot R. M., Oanee?Oort street, If. B., state tte price per load which par tlee will i*y for the manure, and whether they deal re to take the dopoeit at all or from any paruoalar' dumping ,roN"0B pi'opoeltlon will be entertained etoept for the whole amount of manure deilvered at each dump. ng ground. Each nropoaal should be etidor ed "Proposal for Street Maitura," and dlreeted to the CompWnller. The right Is reter ?d to reject any or all of the proposa'r, if considered Be> essary for the Interests of the elty. MATTHEW T. BRENDAN. Comptroller. Citr or R?W Tons, DsrxtTUKKT or fTnAncs, Coai-ims t.ati's Orrtos, Anpist II. IS04. Proposals for fUEL for tub courtt op nrw Tork orill he received lit the Cornniltten on Fuel of the Hoard of Suoerv sirs, for ten dare Rldders will slate tho price per ton (.'.I'On pouoila), fur ;v>0 iqn* best i|ii?IUf of an I1>i?*i|e eo*l. de'4- ered At sneti oU' 0 th IhM rlW SS the emu mlttee may dlrnot, to b" dellfered during the month of A i (iusi and rfeptemher Also the price var loo for til cords j f pite " oo'i sawed and split

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