Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1864 Page 7
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A" T MATT - . *?? / maw coftra RBURUITMtt UBADQUABTF.Bfl. tot BlToAOVrAT. 10 WO *o?d men wanted M r?'re?ent the city tad ?aunty Of New Tork in (tie United State* mr.iae. AH of wUom will recant the 'iiKUest cuh bounds, Aad cho'ee branch o' aerrlce. thu in. Infant: > Caralry. Anilely , Seamen, Ordinary S< uuau, itinuanie.'.. Plrcjieu, 1 1 'Coal 1'eaaere. Ac. ^ J Partle? entertai any branch of the serrlsn will do well to ? ?all at tbta olTlce, where ea<-b and oveiy one will reoeire tbe ?atnr honorable and fulr treat'iient. Poor men of families ho.1 tho e arrtrlwf from the eount?y ?liould be careful bow (boy all >v? ta>?iiimlve? to fall into the .kaodaof abarpein and pf?wl?r?, (of whonuMre aif> many), where, iu al! prubabltlVy, they would <it swindled out or their bountiea. A BMT AND NArr VOUr.NTBHRfl AND SUBUJ1! I J\ tutea waited.? Choice or aervtee ?l*n? Artillery, tav '-?miry or lnfi?mr?: a ?o, hremeu. foal ms?er*, seamen aud tandamen for hloclcadiiif itexmera ana gnnboita. Iflgheat 'BtLnh hfltmliM oo ?.?*? - ? -- ?in ?? wM?e?.??. * ?u nria mms Cupl&kl *?oibini mwwu. ? i i *mpn ???rd jirwt. Broadway. Kou maj bring jour wlf? or friend you. * A BMV ANO NaVT. JX- WO ONETBAB URN WANTED. $f>0 CASH IN If AND FOB VOliUJUTBERS. . t*SOOA*H IS HAND FOk BCBgriTDTBa ?TTOoaah In ha?id for three yoart' Snbatttnte*. Apply tmmedta'elr 10 J. WARREN MINN, ?feroadr.-av. between Cham ben and Wanes etreets, Iu lUe Uaaement A BLR AND BOUND ONE YEAR'S MUN WaNTED. j' All y oong and inMdlo aged mon wishing to escapp :he draft and ere not able to piu In a substitute, will wvotre cadh in hand to s.s r lunrcerg In the army o: navy. All men h pi) fine will be i mated at gentlemen. Rprerpnce ?;ven. Call at the Bountv, fay, Army and Navy Agency, II Nasaau street, up *:atr?. ARMY. NAVY AND MARINE CORPS ? Sih/1. ? YOI.I/N teerii and sirtwtlj'itp.* wanted. ?4d? cash bounty paid ' Three aubHtlliites wanteU loot ,v $;tu.) $hh> ?04 eaih given. Parti?* brlng'n* meti wPlbe paid the lar^nt immiut of hand money paid at any elQee in the clu. Appl> at the ktalro.**' ^ Armjr *ud i*'avy Agency, 111 Ntaoau iitreet, up r- ? ?? ? ABMY, NAVY AND i MARINE COttP8.? W ANT3D, this day, ten men to .<-prve iu either of t' e above branokea of aerrloe. to whom 4<K>> booty will be pai l Men (table to draft can cot nt t ils oilice the very highest bonnt en, and all information w thout eliarge. Pay no attention to runners, but oome right to tlie oillce and Husband money, (2 U yo ira*if. extra froto ihoonty.'- at the Gmteral Reudetrous, 93 West street, corner Cedar, New York. Amine and rd vetrrapjs will BE guaranteed %7SH mi* in hand before being ?wom In. Behnmbug. Apply Imiq diately io J WARKKS FL1SS, !?<> Rreedivav.betweetv Wer'iWi and Chambers streets, in the basement. ft. B ? No men taken out of the State. AN AtrBN WANTBD-TIII8 BAY (CANADIAN prewired), as representative enbstlMte. I wl I psv a large puce to a yood mau, Call at the office of the Howard Beit Company. 430 Broadway, ALL MEN ENROLLED AND LIABLE TO BE DRAFT. e.d? bankers, merchants and Others furnixhed with substitutes iu army or imvv Etemnlion pepere for or Ijree years obtained from Provost Marshals of unv district. t9?ferennee giren to merchants (of this Cfty *ti<t other dltics) ji well known h gh reputation. Apply to Capteiu CO \t Its P T,l*p.mard street, near Broadway. Brooklyn men will io well to eall. B or* ENLIST WlfKRB TO* CAN OKT THE bich?s?t"pricbb WE PAT OFRR COlfE AND ?BB oe. LAPflAM, fit AFT A KOORB. No *7 Hinitm street, Boston ALL HANDS ACOY1-PIPK TO q(TAKTKKS C'LKAR I the D? I;.? $' i'd for three years, $W tor two ve if-, j gSDO for one year. Bailors wanted for tltii navy, fUllr rs, ' ron can havi the abovo "!im> of mo ny paid cash Itr han't, besides advance pay, nrl ;e money ami monthly wives by timing a"on>- to tnls ottb-e Wl'llout landlord or rinnrr. Mlnil four eye. boys Aro d the land sharks and get all tup money yo'iraetf. United States Rcorullng o flics, HI Broadway, room 25. All tbter*ns, at/bxh a>d othbr?) who ib tend to en'ist or e <ter tlio servjee ns suhxlHtites will 1o well ?o call on B?OWN A SHKLDON, MlUtsry and Naral Banking Odloe. No. 2 Park place. At the old oovernment bkndkzvof^ ?a B<iwery, the highest pricoa, cash in hand, am paid tor me, two or three years men for the navy or for substii uios rn the army. * TTENTtOl*.? THB HIGHEST VASH IN HAND A Bounty paid to Substitutes and Volunteer* for one, two a?d three yeara. Jn artnv ornaiy. Call at tlte Jersey 5 owe, 71 Cortlanilt stroet, tt. Y. ?A TTEBTI0N.? 100 VCM NTEKR8 WANTF.rt KOR THE la narr; will he taken forooe ear; a very larre eaah iniint.v g^ven. Those liable to the commi: draft mav vo on l*?r and thu' avoid it This Is the rareat opportnnu pvrt affere*. A#>ply early to J. C. MILTON A CO., !WS Broad. ?'ky. ACARIX? "iNYAMDOORPa? A KKW DISCIl AROKD Bold era may enlist In this corn* and receive $1 0 ?"unty. For particulars inquire of WASHBURN A ffull It ALL. MS Broad way. Up stairs. ABOTIIBS 8UBH1 fTpTR W A NTK O-wTtTT "WHOM JSl arrangouionts wl.l bp made will please him, to snree * Mh> aioty or navy, fni- one or three y?*rs, by apply ing at Zt: Brood way. room 1& Mo brokers need apply. ATTENTION. ONE TRAR VOLCNT KB R?! ? EO% the largest ca?b bounties offered tnq ire Iu the mili tary law oOleo Of WABHWIUN A WORRALL Wb Broad way. op stairs. Be partieuiar Our olUoo is up atjtlra. ALL TDK RIGHTS OP VOLUNTEERS EXPLAIN BD? W ereaud-fcow to aeooro the largoot c.uih Sinnties ?fflaroO, relief to farniee. Ac.. Ac. - at the military law offlee ?fWABHBUAW *W()HKAU,. 16<i Broadway. If doeirod. K tuts will be enlisted aud protected from imposition i. d d. Persona wtahlna to use m on b isioeas wtiUM par tlcnlar aod apply in gur oaice, up stair*^ ^ Boran mis? a tew men wa?trd fob thb BeflonSple#' J6r>n f raraliy. $!HW eaah In liand lor ?ne. two and t^ree -year ? Apply to a. A.O. Row B, blue atone yarO. foot of Vasliingtou stroet. Uohnaen, N. J. UPRBAU OF SCKOTCAL EX ? MlNATION POP. CIT1 .D rena **ib;pef to d^ar K No. 9 OffWu'ta /irecl.? Kubstl tutna ao,l fp'Tult* e.vamlheff flir hro^ el* I'r. POWKLL unrf'oo. In charfrc lu;;?ieu<e--.>ra W Uimttier, ex-Mayor OvidyVe, V. 1. A Boolo, tr?T -(tty InspeelOT. * ^ C CANADIANS WANT BD? TO JfiLVNTlii tN A V heavv ar,i'iery isk men* near W mhlntfton : thes* men enlist rrgu'artv (Tin cnl^dYute i>n*lnjwi about it t and re oeire *7*1 bonnt . $'< 1 of It cap.i In haiMt at |h# t>u * Of , px'wuag th? do<; or. Vo unteer Ciipiniiilpf! E mms. Bridge port.t'onn. Fared -J, tiams Ip^ve Kt elgnt o'clock In ibs unrn ny. (1AIIERON aiBLKS ( Hia^LANB^Rrf*. COLON UL S. J N. UUoU cou iioti line ? Kiily rojnntpera nnnl'4 Immediately for Co ujnuy A ol :J.U line iirw, e^imi ;it. niw orpanl'li.<! in thl-> itv. s-. lend d "lian'-ei fol peomj IV: for veterans and reernlts .oininn 'hii.jicnt re" ?Tietil. I'Mfnrt tlons made trom th? isnki Tne regi.nem -wi'l ttr o1 r?red by men who have seen ^m-ric.' in tk^ fie'd. hiid the m?n well oasod for. IHehv-d b?. pa d to v.iiumeera. tlii to $St<U M any '?e bt.ogiug a rcuruit. App y at 42- liroal way. Now V?r*. Draft iK?PRA??rE otficb. m BR0\n?r at.-tn s'lrinc^ e^aiDst drxft ior one ? eir. #ih);fnttwo '.ear*. $#??; for three years, $V?\ in *1: tue iUkM<. I're ulnm not t? l>e pa d "intll afier i!i" rati Tnli <?ilite afr*rd* all ,h > a I able to draft an oppor unltv to procure a sunsMin'e In <:is? thov are drafipd, for the n >0y?. pretoiumn.^ tt* udliu' qbOOs lar, giving lull particular* ALFHRp RBRBDAW.,?i GKNTLBMRN WHO W1FH SUBSHTU/SR WILL , tied itinoeb to Uioir a-Jyanta^n r,ir?* to an oircw >mi jwruitiiigMrvlcp,b? ? h>rh lh*y will be nrongfct .ffeclly lrrT> . xoniart wltii <B?>nSotituio aud he sore that wlia'.erermoner is oa .twir >w pa<d bin.. Wis advantage m>*& ay m > ollieer la that the man is vermlttnd to choose iila itri.ueni. Apply at the h?adt]u'irten< of the lOtth Begiscnt, 7tC Bread ?ray. __ . j . , GRFAT FIOHTIIfl at ATLANTA.? DRAFTED M^N csa bn ? piii ted wlih inlMtltnte-, and rttiOtfToHs V'O ourrd *t the shone t n?tl*e and on meet iPs-on-kMo term-. a , t? > i?' '.he tlo'iersl s' lostlmte Aceni'* Oiled, B<? t Chat. ?m n ? -.ins, ooroerol li.y.aten street. >. Y. I ) l'i it t R NA1 * , iRW AN D M A1TNE CORPS ? T li ^sl boi'tit en ,?li<n lmod OJioice of regl it f ' i i ;r'T 1 i r* -aV la llie na?i. BvO I hand n ne p'n ! or ermn trtn^Mg a teprnlt to ISA Atlant r. reet, up - air . *' ? l.foeka Train Ui<" ferry, Brooklyn, "HI rind *ee os JV ' de% ?'[usr" with a I. I ?V LI. P*V 111 idUWT CASli HI wan T'"* DAV I for thr-** r> ' oir goo i s"tl t ?" *? ' stoufei for par tea wtii a e ? ' ,ii.?rta<t. Ai*pl |at w?,t street, pa ? ni* d. ? io, Sii o >0 _ l s KfcW Mil ?. .1 -in Hi COMPLETE ? iiis i rt. ? thd n a ?r' " ry re.^tnieol om K' lot In i,. I- \t r ?7?t i\ ii paid to go-d i ? kt the e.? i ' Pro . . .v a* aod nuane st#eei, la ? , , . a < pte 0 II. PBARCB. ! \t?r ' 4 Si I ?' : rCTB-Al' NOTICE i .?! '\? i d potnei ii it.?.i\bert. t'?o o> it ? i' rjnerJj' r?f K" 'J' oai.ibrrs street Mi<i -Oo llr -I < ay ' j N v ?1>IH srrn *f- iWi? A FBW MR> *i ? NTRD. WHO ' . o . e,, . I aenunnt of d ?sollt?y. fr.r the , h >M?' to s*Be?< frste*?.h will fee paid hy IV Mow I" oar Ha'rfTd street. HlinstOllfdl* ,l in. (-1 ? rinty W go d MM, ?? \NfB-, BANKI R?P ANO OVNRPAL VOT'BN M >. . an.! ?ntwuo's ,%???<*(*? ,n, eflne Pr>isdwar. . I'erk ?1,0 'irolniiteers wanted imsBe.HatO'y. SIMIIo ?..V0 PS Id to any.jfie btBiiiu a rest nit, bouatloa paid to recruit* on pkMlot'vtton. No <W>l*r. No luanhstg. Mone* paid right down Applfnt theofcue. <Jd Broadway. *ew York. MRN WANTED? FOR THB ARMY OR NATT, At the !<*pre*ent*titu Rr>'. iUt and Subsntute Otllae, H NTs" tioet (ItOaemefil), Dhftr Btoadway B?st offkr<. and hooorabla tieatment. _ _ ONE ttHtm TntCNTRRRN WANTED BOO NTT #!WA . . ? BOUNTY MB ^ ?4|5 CABtf DOWN A I- TEH PASK1NU I'llE BUBO BOB, Appl to iho Kupervlsor of VTaahin?iOn townah.i , State of New Y'WkioA his tan, la Walker street, between Broadaag aod I'harah atraoi ONE VBAR9 V(W,t7*TKRRB WANTKD txmijf paid, ca*h in hand, to ihe reernit befo'P he n< muaiered in and h^.nrt money to ihe uerjon "ho iirin,:s him mate and goTri'inoont bo 'iitR, see ,sg l. Ca I "nitne liately at tb ? New York Army and N?vy ROoi ultlng Depel, Bo. ? ChaniBer. street. ORB TEAR rOLONTEBRfl _ANO HIIBdtlTUTKS ?isisl Hi) Of-ski a ltd glQO government hoonUne Boeralts novo ebnir> W niy command IHOth Bow Tort Tel. Snteera, ra?ap ok Ftmn a viilags, New Toek. oraiay artt l"r?, ?nvn'rv or Infiantty regim-nU o' (Ho orhsyoleervlotk Aeolj early rO the morning to faptair CyMBf !W odurd mowk Mar m^ITAHT AMD HiVAk ONE likAH JHH.O-WB 4KB fAWMU *H* WCJH*M bounty au I premium 'or on*- year mo* r r* t*? " p., - .?? , tiir No^^^^m^^H^HHHHHHHHHHHHH|H , . ? . ? ??ay, Cullad KiiM Aamt ??? Na?y Recruiting 0 .hor BOLaM 4 U?1JaS. DaTBIOTIO I-AUIRB AID OKNTliUKKK NOT SOB 1 jeci lo lb* iirin, proposing to do aoioathing aobla b * ?ending repiei-eutativm u tha war, andi pvito* wt kit lobsiniitM will be honorably and crwti<<} dealt with at we Rcvreaaatativa, aaorult and 8*baUi ;U oltoa. 19 Wail atreet (baaameiu), nav Broadway. BMttum gUaa and raq?lral. pEAP A LITTLE COMMON i?N8B.-. IV If > on aio about to an at, <o nt badaaal two think*. Plratly, Ret all the bounties that are due you net badeaelved In INn . auntie* tkat are due you by en!l?tiat>wtth an Wfioar o t tue army, aad not with boun ty brotera. Secondly. to Into a raninaanl where jroo will have a chance of promotion. The U?Ui jr. X. a Vatuoteara, Colonel Lewi* T. Barney, ia ti'ivr In the field with aaveral hundred urn, and wauta more. 'They will give $?**) bounty, Uie whole or whluB auoa will be paid Immediately to auch men a* enllat aa aubaU tuuss. (Before you eatiat call at 746 Broad wa y. coraer of Aa tor plats, and aee the Captain, who will glya you every in formation what tier yon enllat or not. RE0BUiTIN(1 HKADQUASTBR3. ? VOLUKTKP.RS wanting to enllat n the array or navy wou'd do wed to apply at 61 South etr?et, near Vail aireet. The higbeat huuaty i>ald, alao goatlemaa f urn mud .with aubatitutea. N. B.-?NO fraud. ' READ! RRAD! BR Art Fourth District Volaoteer Committee, Bridgeport. Conn , pay laofa in one v tor aubaututaa and volunteer* than ix paid an v where a'ae in the loyal H la tea; wen urn ex amined private1)-, and the whole bua'neae done in a <|iitet, rexpeotab'.a manner: no broker* or Muiiem allowed, and the money paid Into the mau'a own liaad*. Train* leave at seven and eight o'clock in the luoralog, m<1 make Llie run in two hour*. Fai^l Xj. QUBBTlTimtS.-GRNTLBMBN LWNO IN NEW O larit or Brooklyn can be ftirnlahed with unbailtut"* for one or tinea yenr? by railing at the Aruiy and Navy Ai ney, lb'1 Kultou atreet and 212 Broadway, room No. 8, up autre. OURSTITUTR8? SUBSTITUTES? BOBSTITVTSS-OALL O *? ?>ou . a noaalble at out office. Mo. U Chamber* street, anrl net the hlglieat bounty given In New York. The o'llcer a doing biiiluaaaat tlia olllco are lion need, aad, by authority, nre now ready to ship ukd for one. two or thtee ycara, In the unvy or army. Any person having rami to put iu the army or nuvy oaa have. them put through by Captain J Da PASS & CO. CVBailTUTRS NOW ON RAND FOR TflOSE WHO O appfv to Jt)HN8nN k GOLMaN, No 13 Grand atreet, trtar the ferry, Wlltlamabnrg. N. T. qcbstitutk^ wanted.? aric* and naval of O lloe. M Booth *tre"t. corner of Fulton at reel, w. 11 pay i hia day from ?.MX) to $ I'M c.tsn for 23 to 90 men, of a'l na tionaliflca. to l'o ib 'ubailtu'.es In tli? srmv an1 naval force* of the llnlted States^ SANDS, DliMAKEST & CO. SVB8trTCTEH WANTED? EITHER IN ARMV OR NurV, Two one ysarmua can rcoelve the hiahe't boopty. by applying In peieon to 24U Broadway, raoin So. ?>, ?ecma floor. Ql'BSTITUtKS? AT 17 BROADWAY, N t'.AK RATTKRV. O rBSTITUTES? AT 17 BROADWAY, SBAR BAT'lIiRY, SUU8T11UTB8 -AT 17 BROADWAY, WHAR RATti' RY. fumtshe l for any didrlut, bv honsrahle aud reliable parties. . Apply from 7 A. M. to OP. M. CLB8T1T0TK WAKTKD IMM ICDUTEJ.Y- AN ALIEN or veteran (one not aub eel ti draft) to aerve for Uirca i vearn. for whom a Hber<i prii-e wl'l be naid. Apply In per- < son between lu A, II- and 2 F. M. at 138 Bivlngton aueet. ?. ORAt. CUBSJtTUTiT WANTED.? IN^tFrB "il ii MAIDSN O ane. N" l?roherj need apply . 5 U ?8TliCT KS AND TOLUVTB R*Rji > UHBt> HE D AND O put .u nnhnr urinv or nav\ lor auv di trmt in tula ouy or SUi? for one, two or thi? : yp*i s at ahii't nr.tirt . Be t o' reference g von Appl at the old ??Mub'.ished O'hce, 138 Eleventh aireet, corner of Sixth avenue. ob bsVi tuTks Tnr ixio tul navv an.s . tit Wok O inAi drafted iu tl.e army, and nni easily oW;iln.'*.l Vre are near Uio ra\ y vard Bate, nnd are fitriiUiiiiit; twenty tub at'tnteato the n iv't every d?y, and will ciititra'Jt to furnlrt fifty aub?tltutc? each day after this week. RiiOBKN VOSK. Seamen's Bank. No. 1V\ York street, Brooklyn. o i; b smntT* >* ferb are ext'e nbi'v bl y fo rVik 6 u anil Hold to men frmn ather Ntatea. A *et of foar papei* f.irged. n>a? be teen at the Seameu'a Bauk, 193 York, ttieei, Biooklyn. The mew york army and navy receuitino Company ha* been establl'hed with u view at having a reliable ollle? In the rity where reemlta and principal* will receive lair and honorable treatment. Every engagement made will l>* ?cruputoual? fulfilled, rrinwpal* furn'ahed at the K.:arte*t not c* with ?o'ind men who have been pre viouely eiamtned l>y an eipe, ienred *ui'?4?n. Bubat'tutaa forwarded to nnv distrl -t In thl* Stet>?, or inoswired into the navy here ard ox?miu|on p ipara ol?wna?l. Voluut 'ers and ^ulixtitntva tr ati'd I ke uiun. aud the Mjlie ?' prices paid, iha New York Army and Navy Recruiting Depot, No. ( Chaml>er? stree;. T HE LARi.BST BOUNTY ION VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUTES. moon ONE YEAR MER W4KTKO CO* Y.JLUM'EHR? ANI? SUHSTITI'TRS TOR ill li AllMi AitO NAVY. Cash bo.mty paM $i7l) llund money iied t ? Hi* p?r=on Irtasing iho recruit to enist .7. ~ MM It the recri.H iiresMOts hiiuneif or if the aiitatltqte ti pre. ifutnd by ll ? person f r wliom be gori as f.ul> tauio, he (t >e meruit) sril ucMve ? Cnsh hovnly .... -?IT') Anil the hand motto/..., ... ? l*M total ? ? $ '7i C. OOUPUISY UCNTtlBR, Major. M\TTHHW T BRRNNAN. Comptrotlor. ORISON BLUNT. tiuD?rvijnr, WIM.TaM M. TWEISP, S'ttervl or. WILLIAM R KTKWART, ftnpfTTlaw. BL1 JAB P. PfRDY, Sjipurvlkoi", Couatj ToltunrBr Committee. ORISON BLUM', Chairman. Ntw To?k. Annual ft. I8H fllHR ORAKT ON STH OK 8K fTR M IJER. ?RIO U til i district ?Gentleman r is'diaj in the Klchtnootti. T*on tietli aisdTweutr ttral wards of (ho e'ly of New York, com ui .ilnf ifee Eighth ConiRSjlmut: district of the Stat*. win bo funtisHod prortf^tlr wTth Alton Sub?t tutes and their Bx imj'.iM Papers (for three fiwii correctly procured. by for <vardl?j their ordnr>< to the (lffino Of the Mer banN', Bank or*" and General Retire -entaUve Volunteer Association. <2A Broa '.wsy, New York N I ? Monev payable onlv when tbn representative Is furnl%?^. ur J the exemption' papers e;nro . Ladies wtablaf t^fad s^y ?1* lira to the army will liars the r ord? s Pi/Jahd * iriU hare precdencft. The Bltitb ,"or-r1nten'enca of t.'aoialr. B. P. Manic e* /net, uad?vtf- tbst rnrnishtna more men In th s wn* tbaf , Vi 3< hi theStnte. *od ?ntU oonuatupu eniti-.rvf\?7,i* ^,lb6?Ar^aota with out a 4 r*n. Mou ol :!i? iftg^jSflKen procured bi- the Merchants'. Hanke^***?, Rio'c?erit*t:re Volunteer Aasoeiatlon, o I, ce|^Jj,?HidwTiy. New Tort riiw# substitutes wXntki>? tub nio-iKst 1 Uounfy Hill paid to aliens, or iNjwhai'Cod veterans, to go ss *>ih?f Itnte*. i itlie foi one or three feam in tlie sitny or nary Apply to peraan HI 240 Jlroadway, room 6, src-Mid iloor. UNITED STATES RATAL R7JNDKZVOUS -?6Tfl bounty, c.wh <n hand, t ? go as volunteers in the n?vy. Ship One, tno and three year*. Hlnho.l Iiand mouev paul to any one who. brmga a recruit to this <ifllee. P. GALLAGHER, 174 Ronth street. TTTB PAY ONLY IN GOLD CALL AND BATI8FV TV yourselves tlia; we ai-ft l?iriiu( more In gold than | ?*li?-?is to gruontucH*. Substitute* m l Volunteers call and ride# tbe >;rost Army aud Navy Agency, ISO CfMlar atroot, betwfon Washington and OrceOMlob. U ANTEl>-IKISH?tttf~ ENGLIflHlWITN, SCOTCH, i ?v Ge'mao.j. ^r?n('ti and men of all nat one'lthtH, to ?n | lis* a* volunteer'. Tlie hlghent houutv paid, eoiih in bond. on l>?se'0^ t ? dontor. Helinf tickets foe f*mllie?. Aetni's ' ml! re.-^irs the Itigbest Drenmrnis Aopir at the Merchants', Ba:iUe-?' an ) '.encral Volonteerand Sub t;tute As^ iclauon, I Vtlf co lit BiwUiij N Y. i W A N'lttb- ALili.NS OR YETERV.^S. JtffZ Til K ?t ir?? *nd na?r roronc tiro and Vif? ?eirs WtTl l>ay 4 #4vl and} il ?i. ?<?n a< i?m?,1 the dO"'or. a.> ply lonnediate!}' at 73 >':i?sau street, \ au i Nnvv ollce. WANTED-MPS' FOR THE VNITWO STATI S NAVY, to *h'p <nr OV twn or thien ref i; bo ioty p^ld of M'*? and fm. RANO \LL A COURTNEY, eomer o' Cbnitibei'S an t W?-t streets, up stain. ItrANTM ? \ RrBSTITI TB PO't 0>'B OR TRRBR '?? yeiiK or psld, rash in bard ; (oeernrnent and PtUi? Iffinl es pull ettra. Apsir ea ly nt the Saltntt dei Pun Urlrt VYorta. fbv't Of Ua'iimond street |fc\IfA!ffRO-POR THRBLOCKADK ?HIP.i. TflP VAN. ff lo'iftit an-1 othi-r* aiiJsitiOn, ie?men cnn'ossse: ?, fUf'UPit SUU 'it?n IM. A:j*o try tlie army. The li g e?; bo'i u. Uo4 !??& a; t! ne?t alseet, oornet of tF|U ?i> ?t? r? ' JAM itS k CO.. Areata. If pooo Men WAMBn-Fop. Tilt Uabbor r?c T It t-ees Pf N"?r York. They ran C*t a vtrf Is -fv t>0*Jat A'sa VoiuiiU/^ s and P'tb*Utu!?? ft t the arm/ ind navr. ?i"1 bear w!.?! ion ->.y yj.ii con h-ul a' P.'JlSNP.Y k oO.'S oll'oe. cor at i Cda>.ibrra. Osatrc aud City !J a t'uc.e. iQh *UP?TITCTR8 ARK NOW WtrrtSO FOR APPLt ?Mf cants, and cai. b? shlop^ to the ?i?a'ted n.en in ttio ftotiR Per mii i*?tiOi ?abllity ?e hfer to the R Hotting note ? 4 Rou'^n Vote, we hove kitown yni for enty jrinr*. kiiI oonaider ?oa a man of stru't Intritr.t.? Honr? C'Mnmodn a riiiiiid States Narr." Aoplr at iii?S<-a hi < llaok, IMYnrk st'Oet, Hra,Jt:yo, oe;n Navy Yanl ea te. 1 n|| YOM NTRER8 AND Pl'MTITCTER WANTRtJ J I HI for tlie armr na?>. Hunem bounty cash n ban I. paid as M>on as u..??ed for one. two and tbrre jeara' men. Rio ?>? and runnort iib'-rsllv <1 alt whb.' at tri.- eli r*'?Muli??i o.Ke lib hlaieuih atreot. cornnr of Hi>?b avenue _ ? 1 1 Hi ANf> OPWARP hand money paih to an* ?Dillll iim tn?n or woaiaa. who brings suO HUiios for arm? or ??? ? ft tAbf-nt cash bonrties guaranteed lo tlie .remit. Ai>i>y to Capt*io COMH8. M Lls,?n?rd atreot. bear Broadway. ?1 r.A to >?" hand Moi?hV Paid auents or 3>1*)V rtiiiin"* lor vo.tinleti? lor ibis stty. 'lVo iron wanted to day. the lilglies; (?onniy cash d( WA asunoo as passed t? the oectur. Atipiy at *3* Hioedsro*. lQfkTH H. P. YOLl'NTEl W?.-6l;?8fITl'1KM ^KD lOl* ?eitli?teers waniod f->r nitown . nonmaoii. In ramp t; Klmira ylliaae, ?s the York aod Rrlo ratic<io4. Hgi.eit ca#b U>ui.ties pai4 iioioflJinloiy ?bea necaLU.i This regloteM ic 'set lilling BP end will lw 0 favorite. Nco. ? oinir loeioMOU ?<Dccrs etait'cd. Apply to Captain COMB* Ml Ltapeaord ?'re?i. oear Rr^*nw*r. ? <r dtilftA DaNI> MONK* WiM' BK* TO AMI rwrfbni tirmfa-; a B?i<etf*te l" the At my and iuvi Rocrnliing l.*Op^i* No fliMiaiwlieia "tftwi lit andttioo ?t? hitfhe*' htmniy ??'! he paid loall recrdit* b?roro boiog ?Worn tote lie ?ery?'? <*t)/UV TAIU nCS^M PO? ONE *PAR MK\ IN jpZlllf the U. M *sv?; hrtinlv 10 voliinteern; can ?>? >ue<tlted to niir disteict In tills utaie. $.ani for only ?.ae ytasr. Apply at ifil cnatham street, alilp,/iog onie^, >o a d>i;C|l DASH rtlP ftiR PtAVAL RhCMUIlR FOR one yeai , $U!0g*rvernmet?t botiMiyanri fnihsi.d mrtto. rsl.l ruoners. J'rl;* monev an*a#raneo I ay at t '? Uaitod M tales Naval Offioo. U~ Broadway, room ... QO/in nA*Nl? MONKY TO RV NSKR8 K(Ut THKRR ^O'lU . n.ra asen for ihe i.iti si Himtcs .Nsv.t. He |mj ret -uifct g Isr.a* bonnUee rolinf for ram lies, and pit e tnOnet. Land<men, noanien and tireen baud* wanted, at I." Obsthsm Sierei, shtypriig Ollln*. No. 3. 1 BOW NTT MWOAM IM HaNO flUI ? ?OW I 5rO\JU eminent hoaaiv paid to Ve'ontnors and Hi.bail 1 lute* for one ie%r for the A'ntv or Na*y ('hole* Of sattwi given ??) hand MM paid to sny on* brlngW a reern>| toUlioiflco. NOLAN ? liANlUARj t'-Rasi m .I.j??y ? r rn ??ontt-i<? carh in rani?-f?>r yol. nateora for the anay for one year, with rholoa of regimeol. ApMy esrty lo Oapt PlfKlT, HIT (ttwawHl shock HM*w? * iwuBhan and Roafe ? ? ? <-?? ? {?* ? *i 'j u ? ' n ? n >** ?4--, Mll.rrtBI AMP SAY A La ?ft" ' yug' . ...Ii vff year urn *#D?r xXH'J**' lla?<L Mid ttATJ M irni* Hiaat Uu . 1 A""1 f^5\ brlOfiiil '? f* I bera 1/. Cull it tlioWxiuty, Pa/, UMMt ???? 4?eucjr. It4 Ka.aau etiet. uy. atatra. ftfUlO ?OO"** -?M> HMD HOMftI t AID TO AB T EV!li ? t*r'?a whateip a eacruit lor way or n??y tola fifc ffcJOaa-A tin head If eu> rc?r?il hin<*elf. V. ??owiitW OJJlca, J47 room A. Rnbetftutfe ??abed for citjf or country , at 111* rate* Co orw men ?R00 ?OP?TT.-?M0 H ARD II OBEY PAID TO AM V rj*W Itera in whu bring* a recruit. for arm/ oraavy. guhatiltuaa imppilfed ?l reeoaabie ratea. ApuJy ajF Ml BraaAwav. comer of Bieetkar circat, entrance 74 BleMMr ?fW. Kvtnomber Up itair*. $700 BWtOTll AND YOLDM . w!*r.? for the truiy and nary; tka laraeat to tii ia oiTic^ AU?'}* 'l*0' P*n,?? bringing recrulta $7 00 C?hf.i?nf, 80SK' A< ACQB PTE P, TO 80* up one tlinht of ataira. AaS forai'EMOiK. $7 00 7?. $M0 C4?H *** At,r?N8 OR~VRTBRANR Apply to Dr ^ ? D** hSJ'.5^%. wElL 7,,tobta men w?nle<l JjJK ?? **? ANOBBSON, 31 Ridrtdjo ttree t, corner of $700 BO'-NTT-WANTED, for THE UNITBD ?!? ..(? Volunteere aud Sol tltutea. lolun ?S2 ^ ul)iUtiit?? to aerrc one, tiro and three ycira to ^l7 . ? ' tWf> itnl tliree mrt fniin S'uwi >-wu. *?T-.2 y<>" "?ttVro? 8 ""** ^ Br0#k'^ I fty^tw^nfl't T*7 ,?.r 5??* ' "?d AWl*r%f iwiej City. " *l ll#Ur??Be xtreet, f750 ?0UMTV-CASH DOWN, AND NO DBDUO. and *#??**??* "?*? >?Ay- Alee Vol'.atOT CoriUud i Street ^ 41 tb* t>ilWer,ou bow?> ? $7 50 B^Y.h axi dAa?rUa^Ji& m ?* At,nr ",d n">- ci?'?? SHOO ^ I?r nAND PAI? 'OR * PPBSTITtTTK T . thla d*y, xaaooo aa paaaod bribe ?uracou Hud oboto* of aervira et titer ?miy or nary. \ np s at tue ?ld e ?< tabltxbed oiiw, UK Kle auih alreet, corner of Suth a en<in $800 - * ?e M * r<BM 4 N Of THI8 OITf WIU+ I i * ?.f0041 "*'?rau or aliau tfll*) caab to it?y. to t^prftfent uiiu 10 lue arm? or mw. Olioire of le^itntmiii 8 *"*!: _iI>plY ?"CM'Uia elhokk, u sixta aranne. 1 $800 PntSU D?WiLA8^OOW A" fAS""'* BTTfli iSSili.. forvnJuntenrtoraubKiitaip*. a-itb obotea Th? h!u *r,lll?ri'? ?ofAotrv. o/tralryor ih<- iiavv. J&i Vo^uT eW AMy ?? 1H? N-*? 900 R"CKt7"a w; AN TK D? FO R~TI f B arm *? AND ?lairt NA?y?t ?w rulian ttreet and 212 Broadway, up 3lfHn?S??. hnn- P"d a*ch "nmn *l 148 |r"lton ?treet,?t?d ?" l>?n4 P?id each nua at l? Pnlton strtet au.l z I Z BrtMul wtjjr. ca?h in h?:.d paid eaoh mag at IBS r.tlum Mrtwt und 6\i uroi'lxvjiv All o?cu iraatad in a Mollomanly atatmar and wl l t? coive errrv dollar A? ntrtntl. 9?t)hkiid ni?B"r?iii be paid to anyone fcriiiuuru a re er itt io toil oii.ce. -*7D? eASH DOWN POli VOL'm". 'P?7UU teern atld antiaUluM. No dwl.^i H>n alwre Oi-nrae at tbe P*'?rrv.a M'ium. 7 i Oortlaud* S'QflO CASH tN "M*D-scBsnrt;rK.s w.inti.p <&Oiiy to wbi.m Ihe abcvs 7.rt?? will be ra'd aa paiunil Ijt the mirreon ; c mtre of a-j arm of ttm <?*. V,. ml Uflt'dx to ramilie-. Apply ?i Vo. I fark plare, comer ol Broad waj ; aottance on Park i laoe ^(I00 bountit-$?j ?\SH IV hand; **v> (jni S V SL-Ite - bouut? p-ijd to voIiioUm n ,.r ,4Ub ill tutetioi the annvor navy fur three year* IteorultK cut bavaeboloo of /tvye^ A?ent? ant runn< n? Itberally doaR witb. At>p:y at No $"Ear. Brua Uav NOLAN A LANDJAN. ^000 ^ASH r>OWN W"'1' flK PAII> W ??? ?P""'' lo B? aa aiibatitiitaw or voiitut^em in the armv or nav/. Riimicra ami a^aia will be .Morally dralt wttb Pereoux ?tali<a? to t>r<ioiir? *<tiiMUiitea>an be fnroiehe.1 "?> V* B.?*1 roff??Al'!a taruia br app!vi?n lo P. PLAX.V l;i AN A ( O.. a' the "U1 Poet (>!D^ b'il!(flotr. Wo. 7 Ch?r>am ?Titare. 8ab?tltiitrs ale-ays on hand. ShQlli B Of NTT FOR VOLUXTKhRH in THR J*7' 'lw .Second Sew <*rae* cavalry; $iyi) ua?u tn len N V1'1' *' "" rect0'tiA? oPioe, (lobukati ferry, Hobo 31<1Q7 ?*)R sPBtfttfCfiw oarh-ano sni kor wi/>7 I Vi.linuera <-ael?. !*?)) <it i:t? Hprln? Mraai baM titcav Wit-h cbolcf of re* menu una dei.atUueot 1 (ton KlfURUfW W4NTttO-rOB tui ABUT. I.*/U\l Ai IT MHO VIMYAT. *<?*?. $4lH)ca?ti in hand paid e?ch man I.QHmltmgi wanted far tk* artny. Ai 17 BKiyAOW AY. >400 r??h Hi hand paid nacb mao. I.iOi -tcajtn ii tvautp.d for lha IMVV, AT IT BROADWAY. tWOcai^ in hand |w <1 ?ach man l.OOtthtmt^man u-aousl in (lie aarr, AT 17 BKOAOWAY. )tUI caab in Lao>i pal ' nieh m an i OOi urnntan wanted lor Uie oatrr, . , Al 17 UROADWAY. Mfl e?<li Ifl band paiJeach mar. I.0,)0 e??ali>a.?*eri a-Hntert for the narv. ? im k, ^ ^AT 17 BROADWAY, f KOTcaib fa band naui cut m.m .. *en i ro?n|n< (<? tin* odlee to rnrt?t ran ro!y upon oblaiatnz >""or?J,p traaitnaiit. 'tpon rete:rtntf ll\iv mouny 1 ?(Tried InTiilt, np'in chulcsof rr {intent and arm, with nut i litfnbtiL-or iTipoertlon llnra* and ?en for rMeuUn of- 1 Uotopro from 7 A. ? to P. ft. I _. . ^ . . , r.<*? HARD MONEY *L;?y. P^? ^A*' anw, , woman or obild bM?c^aa u | eapiabie &? ruil to tit la affioe. flRI 000 ?l?.t^TY;.CASn T:f HAMD. TO Ah Ar.FER ?p wlfi bepHtd on .'?lrt i? the I'nlted Hmtea Ntvvy. App Y %c .140 Bowfir.?, (iifoir of tinui t Joqi>i turret iRl 42ft() ? AUKN8 OR VKTfcRASS W 4XT 'o *o a-, i T.p'Mi'ni* . teera for lar-> mrrcbanli entvjlled, but not drafted, Ii ttit* of "' 0'" "I" r<"<*lve f&Ki eai<h down, and #1!? 1 I mted Mate* bount<-. K>m t ?n> men ivaated to t^rro for i ?' "h#m Rni rewire 9M.< caat. do? a ?bd ? f.t* lulled A late. Uoun'T. ?pr?lj e-?rl^ at the Umi?d i &Ut?a Valttlttear and hufcatituio Agtarj, KM firtad'.ay. ! n< jto? Boa 8 and 7, third flour. " 1 ?1 HOf^TV. QARH DOWN BCTOBB IIW ?V I ? i' " r ti>r. for two rcen it*au*>etttitlft-> lor three reara, \ or $ II ? lor <m,i vear: aUo. ail otbet lawtul tiO'<nty nu>t hot- i ernn>rut iiue?; $7>m i?r $-Vl0 for one mat), wiii oopaxl wliru Sinned to H it r>-|a?ii inle iwrtt before leavnif nty i a*v. j Iv..:? i.ed ^auUe mar i>? leVr^d. Apt-.t ut'^O.lN i fiUf H FINN, .No. 6 Centre >'r?"t. in C4ri U uber ? .vine wilar. ; fiOO 'AID KOR. TWO ALIF.N 9. TO ?FA.IJVW aoan unlwi tine . M,o a Tew Volnnieera (? wjiotn I can ofr-r < ivrior Ind'ice.oeuii Onll on ,<n<- w .'to ! liaa wrred ninny uart to t!it? ariiiv befoi-e ea?fixiQB \rbarr. J'or furtt er nfurmatlou Aj-ply at Pitacait'a aauipl: I room. 1(8 Cliainberi street 4QftQ v0t?CNTKKiCB WAVTRO KOR ONK YXAR; i .OHO ho n?y f 6JV of tt liirl, Wi"> i* on d, eaa'> down, i after p?--io? the *nr^oon App'v to to* aii*.n. ?l?r.r or | Waaliiiiiitou towo-Mji Stme ot ti-w York, at tin: .illlce. Jl ? ? 1c<m sirort. ix.-tttoen Krandwa; and I'hurfh etrnet. 10.000 "'""S. VOLUNTRKRB 1)11 Hi B.?TII PTP.S to kh Uk-ktn re?. COUNTY OP NEW YORK ii T'rr ARMY AND NAVY. PAYMENT To YoLUNTKBKB f .>* it<rrn ARMY AVf) NAYY. KOLMY. Poj (1 r?e t 111 .coimtt. jjoo Kor t.'ir^e year^-cewrnmertt .'. >*i Tola ?~l7i Kot t* . oe'ttty .'. 31,1 P"l tao )<Mik? to> 1 t bmetit.j t>0 _ F r ?o<' Te?r -eot. 't'.? a j,?> F?- net yt-a.-? *or?riin,?ni ... j . I.jg ** | ITAJlD WoSET. Anr prr-'T, eMM'tftj a is*, ?t, f?r et'Jiefrige. iwyrr tbree ;<ui* aiii tei aire in hand mnuet .. ...... AM payment to "?o n?Ti rc t as FOR U'M H ARMY ASD NAVY. Btti'NTY. <ouaty? for three ye?r? ?'>m r,,i!Bt?? for ;?o ??ar? 0 i Couait? for ear j"ar iiw ' HAND MONEY. Any ptrawi enM?ln? a auh?Httit? far etfber r^?. two or three year* wjtl rei^.va in hand moar . bo:'1 !* army aid na r are required tn make otd that ' ate firrapt :rur? diair tor one ?f tUo it?l tfrVHf ? 1 I. Wini b? i* .in iiyr. 1 wiirnt^ mltmC'9 Tf "" lB lh* *r,rj " n,T' d,lr That he i? msar tyentT r?*r? of aca \ ?tiiBieej<(. r tba na*i nia-t t o al< a to iftaw thai *kay rafda o ituafo i? if . .md ibat tliayTiav* cer difiy en^ailad iff PUo# of roUJ?iiiic^ ?l.*1 <,00,,M v''i"tnrer Committee un4?r ln?Tnci!oni of lha Poa-viofH,. pat w?t?. her n* fliert *11 oitotat tinker ail eat a up io ib?? ai>uovne?- that they hare >ee<ir*n ent?d tha bnatoea* ?<i rfnrn tini? for tfca arniy and n?re with the i tifw ol raikine tha c|uota under .he ei ?; i v' call br tua i fur turn. .ul'yr"'.* ??" *? -or'eerf m f?rm?tr a I , tbe C-tntitr \ ol uipk- Roon-a. itt ty* park '?orcrof B.- >?d t *Kayand Chai.ilie e atraet, and on to* (MMterf tnu.?T,r' Tf,?8R HMiaTNO rtCBdtlTCTRA, Inai-non a? a. porUt r .r* for the ealuli ix of Stiban tntee tyi H J-e??>'l^a >a? do ,r?s tn b? re.Teve t itm >t ai.T ?'"1 '?rewe'idii ent ae are I op' liable t<> drnfi, beoaiiM' o.' nnflliieaa noa 'iabl llr Irno *j' "C nilier raii'ea. he Pounlv Ynlmit ar Umnmii tee lo I ard.ttoo ta Hieu liu?i -??of i aiamft ia? tuita, are enliuioa I ?ttfilt Hdhatlin ea aa mar V deal ed " tSmSrUff "" ,l,~ """ I C. tiO'DKItlT OCN r|| PR, At AT Tit RW T, BRh NN AN, fomnirnU?r OBISON Blurt, ?ui<erv??. r, p,ro,"r W 'I.I.I AM M Tl*' Eli PntteWlaor. WILLIAM K. hTI.H AKT, ?,.|terT i? ELIJAH r. PI RD'. . Stip-irtaor, t'nimtir \ oitintrvr Cnntntplee Ntcw Ytia,. Jn,, ,W. riiRHIT VWLtt. An bleoant assortment or household pur; r?Huw for stif* at % hhoi irtnv? 1'iwnoforrfi Kutf??ri'i* HotAcaaa, Mirrort. Parlor Hint., Pa.aimaa, Bron ? afr,u! vlSTi^L' M2.W^*",.!22f,btr KUKBWBr*. Dtniaa "? W?" Twenty tliM PUBNITIIRR roR SALK? THR PORNITURR OK A I*S? |..|?1' ??.?""?p''1*- Af4 '!>? Honaa to let ??til Hay b ' rt<* turniture, il.JOu. Ilniiaa oa Da Raib are ? lie, Milt l at an otlt?ita? af KnluiSrerrj Ad i'eTter" ^ T ?r"?* *?*< Cberlr aMnt, T f ?v'EivVL I ^ ? ???? Offloere, * ~*QHMT TO BUill/twa., iii ?c I) ac!.arg?d N?r? v? _ .1 Stlloreor 8?lui.?r?, their Wulojra or Helra. I PAID their PRIZiJ and BOUNTY RON BY I. fMI* ***? ML. br KDWARO BXMRtU , Ar<?* wi Nary Banker, uIU'k Ptira?r V B Nayy,_ ZTt Broadway, corner Chantbere wtree t, W* aer?. * liLPBlZB MONEY MOW A . _ rxYABUt CAB U OWfAUtM AT ONCR BY APFLYTVi* I* pkkhon oa ur urrsi *o . v aloes ft wru^vRu, _ r.*TB 0. ?. wn, ^ . 1W TORI STRfiWT, BSOOKLTH. BOOWTrBB SACK FAY and a'l otUer daiou TM ?* At) J USTED WITHOUT A IX PB1ZB MONF.Y NOW PAY1B1.Z PAID BY J 0. DUIKkY * CO , (Jorenim*'tu Olxina Auonte. ________ _ 112 Broadway, 2<a?r York. AIiLjPBIZB MOM.Y NOW i'A Y A IJLE CAM BK HAW at oD-e t>y a^;>^ to M. L. 1a.;J? x CO, lOO Yoiic atreet, Brtjoitljii. Clalma collected, cutcd or advance bimMu _ AH. TUB CRRWS OF T11R CON NKf I'lOLT, CR*ND ' aoir. Pmiobac I Huron. HiiuiktIIIp, < anan-' d?lg"?, Vaoderb It, Cramlu t it), it ja Tnlicma ?n?l 1>? 8#M. oin receive ihcir pri e moii'-v ?t onc? ')? nliua claim wHb H. L. TABS A CO.. >6 ? York -treM, Bioo?!v?. T>RI/.B MONEY KOR RVRRY VKSSBL PAYA?r,B J promptly eollertM Pmuiulie procured Arrwn* of p?? and bounty collated. ^Udrew or HMiiy to KiuUkrd C- Hi Udit. VniliJ Stale* Army and Narj 0:TU-e, 67 H'ercsor ??. PRIZE HOBBY.? OKFIOKR8 AND t* K t U K N NOW I? thenaral ??rvii? cau naie all pine nwmi due them patdby MOLLOt .? KKOJCURO. Nary Banker*, litf Yur* ?treat, Brooklyn, and 191 South atreet, New York. AIKU1CAL. A *? TJI? kADUi.'j.?OH AKLK8 LOTZB. M. D? ?** "fofeia..r of 0.i,:eu l sand Surgery, and over 17 yeara Ol au^oeaaful pra.-tioe m tlii* eHy, guaianteus a positive ours In Ally Indjr reijuiring special medloal or aurglcal treMuieut in twenty-four hours' time. no matter how onmiilioated the iMMmaybe. C?n ber .tHulind tt hit old eataMlahed pn vateeaien, tfU!? Hroadivav. and who re Ins never falfiiTc female inMfclnot nun bo obtained. or tent br letter In ntiy p?rt ortlin United States; price ?5. N R ? The Doctor lias eteiantroo-r s and the bent accommodations and attendance In the city for piti-nts who wish to remain during treat ment. AUopniMiiink'atHinxalrlotly Coirinleu'. al At born* nil hours of the day and evening ADVICE XI) MARRIED LADIES ?MADAME RES J\ Thf.L. Pfcrnn!* Physit igfl and Prnfessorof Midwifery, ran be rouau ted an usual at i?"<2 Chambers airue*. But una mien"## will br necessary. No charge for adviee Her in fallible inr Hemes can also be obtained ai WTM Liberty atreel or by mail- price $5. La die* win Uomre board and the beak medica ??i?u1an*e during coolinemenl ran be ae c >uiiD<>(la4ril. Her French l'l'H. No 1. lime ?1 a box. or No. J. yrhieli are four decrees stronger than {+o I, andean never tail. am safe and hnolihy; price $4 a bj*. Can be aeaa by mi.ll. witli full di-wHoaa N. H-? .Madame Rested deem* It ftgr dutr to caution ladles against 1m letters of her silver lament*. who not only rob thnni of their means bnt thair lifaitik. A DVJOR TO TUB A i-'KL'OTKD.? MADAME DHS 1 \ HA SB'S Kern lie I'ilU are Ibe only uied'ono la die* ran depend oil with anfety and certainly, Can be sent by mail. N M.? L idten who <? =?tr^ to avail themselves of Malmne Desprnlf'e'VBloriblc. certain and aafe mode of tiwinent onn do a? at DM iat?rvin v. Relief warrantn.i in twenty four hmirt Reedeno.- 1)1 S.ith avenue, opposite Ki btli atraet I, adlns taken during ounftorment w.ln i lie I est medical at taadkuM. Advice to Ij.\ihkh.-i>r powkrr, ai prankmn street w?rr iu'? rmiel in a tew (mors ''rent-nil .1 (ifR. whether demanding medteal or (surgical treatment. Commit nioattr.ns ?a<-cedly comid mini. BE WISE FN TIMU? HKMBMBER 1MB SURE P&AOR I"ra?p*e1v cure without mercury unfortunate w II find U ti. tiieir advantage: Dr. WARD'S old eatu bllatiml oHioe, fil fiuuklio atre?t. Aiivlre free and itnaU chars* for tnwMcinaa. rVR- TALBOTfK. t> WIHTF. 8TRKET. NEW TORK. I J call Iw* conaulte I free, ether In person or bu litter, on diaaaaus of ? private nature, debility, lassitude iadip'Stuui, and nil di ?ns>? arising frorw net sa. l?r. T?t bTte bring a reiritlar cradiui'r. and bayiue a iiiunb"r of tears' rvpeiienie, balli hoi?p.u.i and privau'. will n>iar?nUe ? asfa ind 8, ae I v euro. M"ilictn?a aenl accure fitf'Vi pryiu^ oMfrvatioi. All f'lminniilcat eus sirletly enbllOeuliat. DK I DO i KR. 14 rXIANR STKEKT M?V BK ION mi'tel mi al dt? Thirty yeur? eteinairelv de rnt?J to di&ca >1 enables bun to warrant a u ' r.' in ?1! catea The ? ci ra? uf mtupliired conlVI'-oct- In mpd:i al pretender c\n call vritli a rertainfy of bem? rallcalty o ire I or id pay. Doctor r author oe tub privatrtrr a use, Ac. S> Amity atintt ? Tha-e who aj'ply ia the early awue of diiuase will be mirurtaed at the ? nv und ra pidity of the cur v Tho-e, iw?wcmr, w ho hare Buffered lung will best appreciate li's services OR UKIJVDI**. KSMAI.K KMTSICfAR AND AC coieh'-r. No. >? Amity plate, three door* (mm Amity alrant. inaites it his hpeai?l praetJoa o treat a'l iema'a ooui ?tainljd from *liatev?r caun* i>ro luc-d. la * ire t-> give re 1 ef to Ute m. >ot pat'eut in twant' fourboiira. Ele gant rnornit for la !l"s renuli Ina tnir-inc." OR. I'OWRKS, ill KRANKUN HHtKKT CAN Rh COM auitnd irratu, with uiite"?iicl?.l aiu'O-a*. on si I fem ila ?ainiri'Unt*. t!1m l'trii*lica*i Dr .)'? oar IkiUUi. axpraaaly for obal mala caaea. Beware of Imltat oaa. OB. roltHKrT RO .'0 fiKNVRK RTREKT. RRTWKKM CJiambera an I Iteads streets, can he nonaiiltad ?'ltli ei^it'idniice nn nftwrn ni a |r>i-iratnr1i*nrii>r A practice of thirty [rtt.r . e.i> throe >( wlikeli bane t?en in '.lie liospitals ot Mi ?? Ynilt ,?ii.! l.on t?i)> el'*!'lua hiin in Ires'. Willi a<ic eem uat vo'in K':d .;?iier?l d-;liii.ty 'fiie vietiins or impnsl ?t 'li ran ??!' ettBliiwItU the eePtniBty 01' be?ng radii-ally r? r^<!. or n ?? tilx r-r ? V. K.? %e Or ('. *? dip'nua* in Ms nfilrv, aa nembfr oi ihe New Yor>i Umtrera-'fy We.iiea' Co - le,? and OiiU-w <?f tli.rtcon*. Loniou. Sunda 'a froia M A. M- to ,Zti 1'. M. OR WK>ir, FKMAljt HHtHIOtaH AN D ACOOl'V IlKK, :"7 Inline t.-11'el, Iftwrsn t>uiiearid C^al'nin. makaa It lit* aneeial prte'i.-e ro neat all female comuiainls with pn.:>,*l uai aw.lJ. Hi* MoutjiJ f??u' i* a never failing remedy. | | It VVaTHUS an OLD A.VD KXPMtlRNCKD PKlC 1.1 ia enn^ked to guaranue aenroin .tit ca <by *ai? p->ii?:Jtu?. and tvittio it cliAntfe af diet or remric:lnn Irani bu ine?? f>r Witsoa's bunk, the "Can* .in-l Vnr*.~ lll'istraled thra- ghaut b* anabymhwl platas Ao contains val uable Informali >n tor such aa are -uif-i uin I rem either die ease Pr debility, or who cont<?>?inl?te inarriaj* Price SI. Hold bv Mil it A Co . fo*'. otfiee. 4t> , firnndwav and br tli? aii:hor iiW Btoa''w?y, ne*t bloclc attovn h.' Me tro Man Hotel. GO AND KB CORED H( DR. WARD. 61 FRANKLIN st oet. from the uoapiia'i of Ixodon. He ualtes the iii-eHt-at . nien known, liainf tbo dl-cnrerer (if Ibe ool' reme iflflS /lOOII NBW8. _ IfOUda MAK'R PRfRVD. PR. \T WaED'M K|??Hieaii4 Preve#t|?^ rur** i'h* ivor-i edse*. w'loi't .ner.nry or nhaiiL-'i of dist Ward s Magical lnvl/?? ratlnj Pllta, $2 per )<eotag<a A sure cure where manhood baa b??n impaired. Htt.SUREDti Ai'.B 111' I NED BEVONU RIORMl'TION in tills lifr bv not Cjiitlai on Dr. tluNTRR at I r?*; be liaa t?r tiilrtv year?emimio<fll<? ?iten! on p? <iia?*se? of a eer aln elaas, m which hn tia* ?eiirvd no la*< t <au ttltv t .ou. ua-i riKts. Ilia leuimilcs are mild, and llier* l? no inlet r u pi lou io b' a nets nr > hange of diet l>r. Ilnnttr is tu cou ?:ant ailt ndauca from S la I'm nininlna till 'J at nljibt, al hla old nfli. e, No. S Division strsei. New vork clt<- ?in-e lf W. t Chsry ? m tdera'a nnd a 'ore L'uamntt-d Heoaraie rooms, so tnat the pat out|se< - no one but ti:e Dm'loi bintseif. His wo'iderfui K.e.tVat ,n#-'lyerT? l?r. llontei'a R>-l Drop ? cures rerla n dlsi-ane. n!:en r*n ilar traniuiant and a ' o her remed oafau. ciire.* w.t!> > di un? or r< -trii. licna In the b?b v nf the 'pfttfenf: .Tires eMlham ihe dtsnustln* and strkeniog emeu of at'. I ottirr remedies; uurea in n?? i?<>i In leas than six bonis; cures without 'lie drea ! I ill cons* q-.ent ei!ee?? of ?et?irtlrv. Hid nas?s*?? the peeuitariv <a'.ual>le propert ol aunlbJallu^ l ie inu? apd |a>.?onou4 taint that trie KoOd Is mre to ftb^rt'. 'lu>?? til? i-emedy It used. This It wbat be sins for It. anl wb*? re otb?r *?1 a'e- rp oljsh .71eentH*iP s?"ir? bf return mall Ins inn ltcal | w r?. -tHtl nage*. in ca'ored jdcturea. Wo th a I the others put toU'aUter. MtNUOOP AND TUP. VIOIIR OV TOITTH RKSTORRD 10 tool ?>? t r. It.'.-OI.IK K-sem.-oi L It -Tola wnn .ei "ill tgriH wt.l te.tore u.aniio ai u> t' e mo?t .?.liau -r? I I o.MstUuitou, whetfie' ai ' *? self abn e lue | rfi'i." t '? ? I ina v i' i ti'i >' ras-f. Tla l! n ? f nt-red to t- fe tlii mo?t ? ' e?ter?t? i*4 ?* fuar wee t?. PailtT* ts ini I p s bie. Dr. Kt"?r I P. s'n^ ff I. He latold in r?,ei with I in trm li lis for ii-e. fo* ft. nr lour visnllne ? <Q on * lor $'? I Real ruefully (? on reeeiMt of ieniiitan.-e b> his ae. I r .1 led agent. lei'lsis ???f f'?e nn l oeto: of lour I at mi ? I'RIUr RI'I AMI. Ho e f .y Cn pul ?Ju it a, i;7 Krioim atrr.-l. one dof;:** -st ir un Rrrsdway, N. V. M\DAMK tlRINDr.R KF.MM.R PHYHICMN. Jlfl 0 A*i."V pise... Uir^e (loo * irom Ainlty stieel inn o* coijsh'i -I oil h i i licenses .eniate* ller me<iieiti?a are safe fid certain. Couvenieat numia lor Udi-a who d^ami Care and atleo-Ian e dtir conf namntt. ?niiood AVDT'orrtinrT.rroon *k? rviiainh > 1 rander' il aauut Di. .'o? * n 10 fine, r- met; M sen UltATTKRED f 0*?TTtl'TlON? RR?rORRli RT T?? i? ttisrwitatM r?H"? i . Jir y,itven R jt* nt l.iff? o! fc-iil PrniKl't 'rr?e:- 11 ,e?* li ne i*ian .,n\- ( theriiediciaa. All tie-, ? mvempv -i ? i.u.-r a^e sboaid !aie U a Ufo le ?loneii rma'uf. fnitb. UI.'tRY O" MA.V Ifi -sf RBNtlTII.? 1 i KltKPORR J i!i>- nervtHis ?? l d? >. tta'nd sbontd imm'si.ateii -i?f nr. POWKRS' Initgorattnw n( 1.14*, Ofltce i4 Kraokiia alrael. A penaaaeut o- le warrauicd. qiHf>ri??NP? ARE fUJ.AIT'OIJtTRD BY NOT Cf?* 1 lulling Dr. WaRI? lit Kiaal.lla atrect. >y?rd'. sp ,.| fe?, * t vit a p*rtl'le or ir?i*^rv, are tl.e 01 I> reiarules tthi h rver - tec safnllr rraStcniP tho?? dls- ssea CL.OX Aal'.tfhs * gl'RKR FI.AOR -AT W m I TTII AT VCR I.APIKS A and rent w lint! ">e fsir a-> I h 1 it I n -r. It. MINti. to wnom Mini .an diatioaa tf Otr'rCaatUir Clotli Int. Oatpe-a Viiri u mi 1 1 >cit\,t?i rj pi ;at m r* Ibar ot irr n tki. 1 iu. I promise tj : iy the f?! In wit snv !)?..? fr'H vs p, Coats.fl to f|- I' * ' Al- . for Woo' -n D.*'sln.> and Mo? ?In I it" ?? ibe b'\be?t ?asb p*fr?s will Wa mid A call or a r w? P"?< elt he 1 naetn*l.y sliead. 1 to. l.aJir . al lea's * Nr* Mln Ptie r? mmler the orVlni! R. > H. a ><f tbe n 1 nhe . '.Hi S alb ivenua near Right en b stn'i 'Jiisra fr?iu Brookl'o ?n'l Jeraa.- Ci-> 1 aJir attrr.t!?(! tr _____ ADM?cBU-TriK rHics* yrcisr ti vr A pi a. el tbs Call Orit1* Aa"Ui on si .smtef 1,.. eeivlSi: ratortts lu gild, Mi.a Die ses fit 4,7 '.?< J/1.J, Co 1 ?, liM*ti. Pan' >.1 tn ?l; ?.,n r.? ,,u Furn'-tirs Ar f? ???. ?, I *re.'.? Vr. or Mrv. .T UQUtraTEIT !*? R-yer?, sven'ie bsi* een T? enlt-aeoo- ? .* 1 Twnntv Ihl-d air em. si., re an order* will be di-ly aHeoted Wv lit nr nut ol b.a a ! rill .aiWITOUR V. f'ARV'NK RTRP.BT, f. ST I lK ^|<!? A?d jenllenien can r? 'elre lift* f><ie eeit tiiOi fer I Caat It^ fTtmbhi; K aiotlnrr f>e| ?i? ?n<l la>?e'rr. ?t call. 1 mj m or sdArea.trig M HA Vt, :* ^arm'n* ?tres! . near | l>? lcrd. I^dt* will be psM'ln i|'? fcil?ny*tl to n Mrs ; Halt. i T I'll K NWW H CAREl*" UTRI.PT L-* ? ' A ili? ? and ?rnlifm?n <p ^;r? t*. .Vr yr ? jt iimrr fur ? ! cast o l' clothing hv esl'tnt on n' adtflfalegR Rlftf hPRQ, . t.' 1 a 1 mine tttvgt. I..? fi?* altnnded hy Mra. 1 TTENTtl'5.? M I.HON II Art A (1RX AT DrM AND | ?\ ;er Cast t> I Clnt'iiag. Ui ?w and t int eTimri. 1 Oil I I-" >1 e vn tin -,1 fir e 1 , .? ne i reh'a? C? ? | I | K ruilure. .lf*f ry, ,le , i y c . i>i, n ? ?> lire ?'-g . ii'.i T'lird sreutia. Lad sa wW? hie at nteleu ut Mta. Lena. a I ,vl ItliYl RltY . ? H Al l SO A 1RKAT ' ) J I i?ir? in |.nrcuaa? a '.ar>te 'tune tit* nt t?<t -'t VN earmz AtMtel, Funi nf?. A'arpeta, aewo t. Ac . bv 'aTingtin .f I addressing bint ladiea nnd gautleivrn ? *n oiita'n '>ic iitm.wt i vn! ie for ea. It article. Ia ties al e., lie. I to b- Mrs. ! that, i" eaee remmriber. ?n,| trv Ho-^ery, epi-nntie tjrent . in<ie> street ' /* f NTLRMRM'R BP.W A NO I.Kh f Off OLOtHINO I Ir purot'aneil ior lh? Weal. ? The full la ut m'j T* ot'd I without snaking tn finpese ?"*itll at the store .ira'deesn , t'IOM *H l> OONROT, ?t I'enrl street, bei<?bM Centre ' and chathasn atmm* I CAS1I BKR?t I' AYR THR HluHR T PKICR P'l* I J' lAtlle* and Hentlemea a tlasl Off Ciptli n? Psrtlea waited on bv addraaaing I. Caahtore 4* E?at Twjiflh et.sal unni- RroaAwar. V* i'e\ WiiVgd an bt Mr* C?. _ iKCIEBEim. WALtA"V? " " UontiAr. mm ??>?k a(^?M ?D^agM>?t or th* ?Hkkrst?a Lou.:aau't'? great 'fc-jj ni f flA~ GU? "" JW*' rf.In Ht Coppalaeu lfc? MM ol CoH*** ? ^T^SwSSw: ?"" ivizs*. :: * " "?'*"&?&'.??? ? Divan tort Mr. W. U Karnn. Mr. *'?' Yf**L*r , run. lira. Jabn Batiao, Him loaa ?urk* *wl Era. W. K 'iMi'-iraS rati?-. ????. WfdaevU)? TUB 1*198 BMKIBABT and HASDT *tUii4?-TH? COLLEER BAWN jJ^? ^oW^OPB* VKO*TTFT? ERtttTLAB KELSON. ui&ifc FdX *? tr.^ ?*? *. ***"' THE MOUNTEBABE. ? ? n r Mo* J "? **? ?? i**"*4'' J /loo# 5. Blob**. . MrfcJ.ElorfL ss&ijaia .??? a 1. rot. o ? ??.' Wr* H T """* "SEwVfclTor THE MOW* TAME, H ChApuiM. * *cOlo?ko> . S-tkVTt TUEATEB, 37 wd SiTJB^cfT. Mr p u J(W*U 5f***ej 1 ........ Mr. M. ?. Fiw? """ - Ob wiik-h RAlrt. KAyw0ND. TIi* (t<u>lil"i crpjiiifftttWMJjL ?lid MR O. H. I'OiiMNS, Xi.n daat.ln'C linuoaWtan. To*eiU?r with Mr. H. The crctt drama 'of THE fKMALE H'JUSR riU?I ?8r" -??r.srrsss "" To i>? lollow>*?t by THE 61LAM11BII OF pSATtl. u,_ M*n Air. Ueo W.11if?n??on m2~*L" ... Mr*. B. r. H'ui?ou ^ '.foooa,.Ul(|(. wub J.. B*g?. 7HE A- O-er ?wr .... ! M*?- M"?> S*cMtt nu> M. B Doa't forget Mou<Jbt e-calufc August IS, Wl. MSQODKOH, f*? HSO^W?WAY? 5SS MRU>DKDN. admission khmk? aumi^ion "J"1*- , Thsr Mo-t I'laee at Amusement i? -be W a n*. Cio nr. led ni^lulY !>?** the n*.i> ?. cm *..eut Vi-olllmteU with Ot o'h Ei{k p!i*n K?ili. fjiwrvt Operatic Scene: hrtllUwt ' ste*' t!?a1"tT*e TU? Milter fttid llii-M?n: S*r?to((? The fitai Tro.ipe ???l Band of Baajo Soio, UtmiXi?B IMtto.'. Hot Oo**? Oleea. L?uei , Vla-ilanon Sfcoei, .te. WanUd? Kill? vouuc i?di.'?n w-' a refreah-nenia. GEO. B. II li/OON. lywaea aa.t O tree tor. A A J? AIM K RIO A If THBATHB. 444 ^NU^UIOPKBWO TOMIUHT, GRAND RE PKNtt?0 TOjm?lTr THhi (MfJtidaO Evwning. Aup'rt 16, TltU faeoriw eatali lnhmeiit liafnf been thoronnMyivno r.fd -'-'^ruP^Vo^lBK BbABOtf wilhtb# aBBAT COMBINATTOK TROUPE Who bar* i"*i nitarned from vrhare tney TMvq aohiert.t oca vf. th,: ^at^a j^ue|J'K'1u0J-rw,ord * lh8 Th? folto?ri?K arilnla wiU api^ar avary ulght;? MB. TONY PASmtt, MB J H. MAKFTT, HK, CIIaBLEv WHITH. MR NKI,h? BEVMORM. MH J- T. HOYOK. MV?"v?".t"?%&fAo?w. M R' vl it ' w* R|i'vi'M i ; k so tr, MR. hi> MCP.R-V. MB. W. H bUttEB. ?IttH I,I71*tE BCH"LTT.?, Ml AS it 1 IiIjI 1' 1'l.ilKA, MlJSS IDA BOS4B. M,aiM'N^i:f;A fow, "TiJSTO MIHri .IliLJ A MKl.LVU^liP, MJ?I? LHTTCB LA i'iJINT, MiSi LI/./.M; VHEU'bf, MI'S KMMA eCHKLlt . Wlrty M? Kit AI^B, AND THE MAOMIKICKKT *!OllPS Of. BALUMT. With othnr pmmliiui t ?rti*U. All #111 ?PP"*' ? iifatt<i aad rtruui pro<i*mu??. 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Secretary. ?en wikt) MnCLRLLAE rSI'lk HI ''".-A SPR la m? rnrof?TH.^.b w!" l'- -1 ? " Monday ev?n A.'f..." t. a< O- i ai.fii.m ??'v * """> ? ,e ,4 f?-o I" "u<- \ ti lO il UMi Jr.. PioaWU?~ J m. li. 0<>.n ho " , . ^c. r,.,t| ,;a. Dvmi Uaiiu.j.,1 IK Mist RLLAVEOC9. I BEILI.t t!?T ??OMPI.R*t??E ?\ |t|t H?\ \BO?'X S I Nf.|VU,I.KJ> -? r oi ?> ta ,v or vt?*? in ? T r rrealea' loamrtt *rei- t e* d. '?ote.rd. Wu| <!??? Hit a "i I u ni<>ei t i'AMM a|ipr?r**?e onoer faUUie, mni'in; tt<\liat b imP" . ti e < n:n|i' -xlu le-O'ii'-* ptir*'. cii ??lii atirM?'? i (? 'r ? ir ?*, ridr'*"* and i- < .). . , ? :>*?r B. ,\t- i f 'f. iii 'ii ?t a.i^ aof'1!* ai*<^? I <* m .I' <? -ft ? wi I i.o i- iwi.M I. I*"* *l ? I 'i> 0<H a.'ro ? j ?* MfirtiJ' ;. t?ca>/iK.^ Il i* a > r?u. a rrinnlr, 4' e ?' o. an ma '?'!?*? if r i.,rt??' lli^ii. ? Hi. a. ix i r, .? t ... -H> I; ?.a*J eci.t .. wii It wil i illy ?'?? n iN? j if ? ailuo of *ilui. ?;?. 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Call h ?fom i mil rlar?h?re f r art guarantee yiutj more. ?*>.'? ? ll?<\ a)1 m'verllxi'! rf**- l"*** Wf MMf M?? la tn<- e riiea aetd'nc ??* 'rim tke roiwur' mat ran ii'an {dit* AMliSCMRrn. vfrBI^rS 0ARDKW.-0OI.MRHCES '{ Tn ~ ^ LnmmyM?>? iri. - * f rf? %nr*rM5* I WHS 00O tt?T TBEATR* IS Til ?. c:tY n TLB I LLV II i > aTK I) OPE* ITlM I KVENIN. ?. of the hub It -iiVtJI. a fit) TRIUMPHANT fcNUACSVfUMf "??UUb?d arti?t. - tVOflXR WFTFRK 01 Ui* tf - "??!? OF fill. MjdT ! rei ouak vt> . FASt I.TBNB; ? OM, n?tf Kr.opBnii.Trr, wLi iv Vat been r'celv. n in i r rim- i 1 f.A I I l-.llj*<l * il ER Db*iih.l.k i.kOWDt'li liOU.-lCR. M1H8 W KSTi-'KX la hei unr .aim j iK-reiunm-ii i.r ' l.H" HAUli, ?Ni) MADAME VII# K, a* plafel by O KU KINK IICMiUMr Kl.'ililS vik ,ii.;nor i: m. uniiiu arirBK. If J ... feviriteM i v: 1 . if Kali i a, J W. .) S*n. ir, l-? H II Wi Miiat* Hut Well* H?erfi s, iKher. ,*? IB, in llw <u4i Dnr ti : th? * rnln.f <v ar 1 r- by Or. I'.eetra, under tu? ilirei'Uuj) of H ? r ? ej b. DoJw<ir:U. HKATK rfPCIfrtFli ^?^Tf>?V^ In *tTAN?R. VI,' III 1 Kit OARMi'.N. f? A t'ONHKRV ATOR V OF ART, l)evv'4il ' " tire prndui 'Oi. of I ni.i'.Lur AMD 1 WJlJS ED*. ' fu the nrawi perft-at l tn<. ?od ? luf Mia k> tk? cullcra *t AN A?i' KIf AV UKttfA, Will open twi THrfRSDAY RthMN'7. **H?VdT l? ITiiiiar the tiiAnagameiil oi -f ?, dTlTABT. Tliia-eslnlii. hrm-nt. int., durlni: t.i" a.iW t*o nan tlx, '?? deni'iif A ciiiwpif le . t>uu\ im.ihi .tod nrj-irtr. , The Bon. c wan rrpii ined, iu f t!.* y aaR lUtAttin* rtPOl*? b<ir- Item U*'VI| i(?0>rw.: I Iff Mr. i, U. rfclir, Mild III* irOKCtir.ium ti"tMl<u!d . | 'uUiiea iilimraUva ? oi auMnea in l,l.eiiiiy< if Sim p.j-.' trnr.1 1e>.gn* of that aaqul .i e artiv. Mr. .Igun ill* ItKMm iwi hfMk eiiiirrly r<-iiiiAlad. aewlj ? .?l uq! t.u'V.! now chair* p. iora iu I II! 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DWARFS, ALHIMH AN U A MILLION OTIIRR 09 RIOSITII.U. Adnpita'on . }5c*Me; children nnder ten. 13 cenu. OOO'S M I NSI'RKLS, 614 BltOADWAV. t?o;i. aiie ei. Hii'liolua llotfi? lt?nry.Wi...d. Propncler. TIIK Mi.dl YkR$u5*fcU HALL IN THK V"T*. Moedav. AUH'iet 14 md r?nr? < i<*nlo^ llie week, TflK MMil.HR A.VO IIIM MhN. THE HM/"NOKiti>U .^KKVAh t I1IU I,' >NS? ;Rl PTR. LlKJhKt >APOI.k.uM, THE KaCRn. SOIft.S DANCE*. PLANTATION MURRIM A<K BK TUb 81AM TMULi'j;. OF THK WOKLU. I loon open ai 7, couiw.c.iom C- Xo'ctovk. TtckeU St Mull CABTBBUL'S MiN?Tft?L5, _ l!?? atMt nt HOWRRT, Opfeviiie M|>?tW|> Atr<el. PBONOUttOHU U* Vlih. I RJias a NO VVBUG, Aa .veil >' he rue "< i> tlie . axt ?ule. i HE banu ur ji.iNUf. W HwithAUu.iin; ne eitr "nc '? aal. ALWAYS cool. \ S*> t >*KI I" A BI>B> In., w ? , h. tint r.4lw?iut new ??u ? KATt DARLINif. CIiALLUNI.R I'AN' B PILtiKIM F..THRR1, 00' RLK P'iLK* ?ali.y cumr vr, HOT OOBMk no raise in i'rick.h. Tli'keu :& aeuu i, to itli tur<e*>; tee IiauM. . Orie.ntai. 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