Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Aoruot 15?8 P. M. HitIh| rtttfw1 ibe hc<m-e and stamp tax**, wo wtfi t now enumerate tho d valorem uw?, taking tb iu m al phabetical order. TlM tax on advei tJsesnants tor a> . ex ess a^ove $UK) per year, id new-papers and n.agazi"* cir. Culating mora than 2,006 copies, Is throe (?i orn, m auction aide* o' goods, real e*t ite and all article- and , things, including stocks, bonds aod other ??eur|Unaf < ne quarter of oo per ceot upon the gr.isa value; on ?*> ks ?ud migai nes and otber publications, exc pt new?:ia 1 pes, live ]<er rem, oo banks, ou ibe a verve aumuai of dejiosita each m tv?eut> .fourth of one p- r cent; on iheir average amount of circulation otcb ra 'tith, one tweith of one per cent; on bank* issuing above nit.cty pt r cent of tbelr capital in circulating notes, one aixib of oae per cent additional, ou tbeir average amount ol c.ipi til beyond tbe amount invented In Gutted Ktitos bonds eaob month, one twenty-fourth of one por cant on all tbeir dividends, five per ceut, ou banks which do no: u clare div.Uends, tlvao {.or cent oo their profit*; on the gross earnings or barges, (wo and a ball per cent; oo binders' boards, tbreo per cent, on bonneta, five per cent, on bootiuak" ?? whose custom irders exceed six hundred dollars per year, Ibree per cent ou any amount In exccss, on ready maue bo ts, five per cent; on brass in ingots, pigs or o r.<, Ibree i percent; on brirtts, five per ceut; on the gross receipts for toll across bridges, three per ceut; on all sales ol m?r- { cbandise cr produce through brokers, one eijiutb ol cue per ceut > n the gross value, sue oo all saks and contracts for sales of stocks, bonds, gold and silver eullion and coin, foreign exchange nod otber securities, oue-tw >ntietb ?o: one per cent; on bullion ass >ed (to be paid by the ??s yer), rue-half of one per cent, on tbe grot-8 receipts of cana companies, two aud a balf per cent; oo candles or all descriptions, capk, printed cards, cbemic .1 productions, printed circulars' and billheads, clocks and clock movements, ready made clothing, cloth and all textile or knitted fabrics of cotton, wool or otber materials befogs being printed, dyed or bleacbed, and on all oilcloth, five per cent; on clothlug of all descriptions madu to order, thiee per cent on tbe exc_*8? of annual sa es over $000; ou the increased Value of cloth after being dyed, priuled or bleached, live perosnt; on copper, rolled or in ingots, pigs or bars, three per cent; and when tbe duly has uot been paid on Ingots, pigs or bars, live per cent; on cou pons, five per cent, on daguerreotypes or other gun pic- . tures too small for a stamp to bo aii'xed to them, live i>er j cent; on draining tiles aud stono water pipes, three per | cent; on locomotive and mariue engines, three percent; on the productions of engravers, five per ceut; on essen I tlai oils, five per cent; ou the gross receipts of express a#d ferry compimes , three per cent; on preserved tlsh : and fruits, fi\ e per cent; on ali kiuds or furs and furui- | tnre, five per cent; on ships' hulls as launched, nut in- j eluding engines or rigging, two por cent; on the annual in come of every person residing in tbo United States, or of any citizcu residing abroad, when over $t>00 and not over $5 000, on tbe excess over $cU0, live per cent; when over $5 000 and nut over $10,000, seven and 1 a half per cent; exceeding that, on tie excess ten por cent. The interest on national securities is to be in cluded in eat.m iting tbe income, and tbe reut oi resi dences is to be deducted from the Income taxed. On and after tbe 1st of October next a special income tax of live per cent on tbo excess of all incomes over JG JO per year for the year ending on tbe 31st of December next will be leviod. Tbe tax on tbe gross reoeipts of insurance companies for premiums and assessments is one and a half per cent; on jewelry and preotous stones, ten per cent . on lime, three per cent; on manufactures of load, in Ingot', pigs, bars, sheets or pipe-, three per cent; on the productions of lithographers and the grow receipts of lotteries, five per cent, on all manufacture? of boue, brass, bristles, oop. per, skins, cotton, llax, class, gold, silver, steel, tin, lead, gutta perctie, bats, bemo, born, India rubber, iron, ivory, jute, lend, leather, piper, pottery, silk, willow wood, g Lives, wool, w.rtto-, and other materials not other wise provided for, five per cent; on monumental stones aad pt^served moats, five per cent; on masts and yellow metal she.uhing, two per ceut, on mineral water, tiapilia, , ami* aud varnish five per cent; on tbe gross receils of theatres, opera bouses, circuses and museum*, two per cent; on unprinted paper of all kinds' three per cent; on quicksilver, produced from the ore, two and a balf percent; on the gross receipts of ran r iads, two aud a half per cent; oo succession to real es tate (where it shall bee; me subject to a trust for any charitable or publio purpose under any past or future disposition which, if made Id favor of an Individual, wou d con er on him a succession) fc ix per cent on its value; eu tbe repairs of engines, cars, carriages, fee., when tbey increase the vaiue'of tli-> articles so repaired, three per cent on tbe in crease, aud in the case of ships, two per oent; on tbe grots earnings of sbtps not Bailing to or from foreign ports, inn and ? ball' per cent; on ship blocks, two per cent, on parasol* ai.d umbrellas, five per com. on all descriptions or toilet eoap, live per cent; on span, two per cent, oo spelter, tbree per ccnt; on the gross re ceipts of eteimhoats and state coachcs, two and a hair percent, en elate and building stones, hewn, dressed or flnifbeJ, three per cot; <>n the gross receipts of eugsr relinerr, two an ' a naif per cent; on sugar candy, ?alued at more than forty cents p<* pound, ten per cent; on tarrei paj>cr for rooaog, throe pir cent, and on tba gross receipts or Klegraphic companies, live per coat. Those are tbe wbo'eof tbe ad valorem taxes, which. witb tbe spec. lie duties, comprehend almost everything witMn tbe ra'jg' ol tax. it ion. To tbo latter wo shall refer on anutber o< casi~o. Meanwhile we direct tbe attention of the ( o i rnisstooer of Internal Revenue to tbe ineffl nency o! the exiting arrangements f >r collecting tbe national taxet, which allow or unlimited erasiooa or the law. The e^nency or the Popartment ought to be In creased by tbe appointment of Inspectors, or tbe adop tion ofm .rf.3Tlngent regulations for tbe guidance of the i ssasors and notle-tors. Wall strict Ig still without animation, and no specula tive activity ii tli mo on the Stock Exchange. Tbe money tnurkel Ii e sy.hut stagnant Tbe rate on call loans ts seven (?er cent, coles* In exceptional ca?e?, with a very limited r.-n.-. nd Com nifrcial paper of the first class is dt*e.< muted freely at seven to eight per cent. Foreign ex change c mtinues mact ve. Bankers' bills on Ixmdon are quoted at from 211 to 27-* for currency; on Paris, 5.14 to 6 IS. Witb the advance of the lowest priced of tbe i.olJ bearing 't clt?, the j>rospects of tbe new aevea end three tenths :oan have improved, and this Improvement will hecoioe greater as tbese securities experience a fur tber rise In market value. Tie coupon sixes of 1SS1 having so d as liigb a* 103 to-day, thereby approximating m ?e closely with the Ave twentios in price, tbe induce ments to subscribe to the new loan have correspondingly increased, and it begins to wear a lets inconsistent aspect than it did ween first put on tbe market, wben it bad to depend, not u^oa Its financial merit, bat mere patriotism , for tuppjrt. We have reason to assert that Mr. Fessenden has no present intention ef resigning bis position as .Secretary of tbe Treasury, wbich would be an act of political anlclde on bis part, a confession of we-kness and an insuperable jar to bis entering either office or tba Senate in tbe fa tare. Tbe week opened wtth a slight Improvement tn storks C m;> >red with tbe beat raab aaisaoa Saturday, Frle Rail way advanced at the first board % per rant, Erie pre ferr-d <4, Hudson River IX, Reading Michigan Ceo tral , Michigan Soulbora 1, Chicago and Rock Uland l* , I'llUbarg and Fort Wayn- O'ucigi and Northwestern X. Atlantic Mail Company 1>{. Cumberland Coal }(, <juicfc?iUer Mining 1, Mariposa 2<. Delaware and Hud son Canal 1, and Onto and Mississippi eertiBcates %. Tba closing quotations sh wed very little vsrlition from tbe morning prices, but the general list waa never theless firm Government securities also Improved. At tbe first noting of tbe Monk flxcbange the coupon bonds of 1?81 sold at 107 H * 10*. against 107 as tbe highest quo. tatios on Saturday; tbe re latered fivr-iwenliee 108*. ?od lbs ooa para 10- ? 1W>X. *Dd lh* on* year certi ficates 9A\ a 09. A small sale of endorsed ooupoos of 1174 was made at 97. At the second beard there waa ?o alteration In tbe prloe of tbe coupons of IM1. Tbe registered fivs-tweotiee were a ll'tle off. and sold at 108 x, whils tbe coupons fully sustained ibetuselvse. The debt oertiSeates did not riee above . O'.ld opened at ?4 V ??>?' closed dull at M? %. Tbe following table abowa tbe totals of tbe statements of tbs aanor lated banks of tbls city on tbe first Saturday ?' each month during the preaent year, with those of the past two weeas Jwii. Cirrvla'%. PtpotiU Jan 2 1174,714 444 M.Jfll, 95# 4 1 8.331 1>0.2ft0,8M Feb ? HM 074,444 34,014, 701 6.974, 7?2 133 *49 042 Marobk. 182.344,448 'il ,ZM> CM l?i W23.9I4 April t. 2D4.SW.I81 10,/i27 ,444 6,70/>,998 171141.197 Way 7 .. 192 M 1.244 23,0*2,021 6^04,i?M 148WI2.I97 June 4 194,74?.WJ* *i,44i *>? 6,190.430 174.414 .1*7 "July I 194X) 9.014 21.204 486 4,712.917 1&4.9-9 444 4M l*4,6?rt.?rr 11,1*0,618 4,622.724 1M,2T?,M ) U. 1U.974JM U.9MJW 441*404 144 WW 414 D- cease In Io"?b? $4*9,263 Df'-rf '? ID ?['?CM in plrcu i 104, '-*4 lac I' .nr id M " Hi . lh? following is the report iruiu the Sub-Twe taury ? R*< ?lpl* from CU?tu?,r... $'81,000 lutal receipts 1,3 .,09 1'ny menu H6 '.">1 BaJme 10 ,<*?? ? MiO-crt ti< ?? lo 7 3 10 lis DOM Ill 'M'> Iti' fiiiancml iran->aeU"Da at the Salt rreaarry iu t t city during tM pact ??k arc ei molted m the annexed Uble ? H-enp? f> em Total Customs if. e ftx. Monlajr $160,0(i0 #su.f>-U 2,118:63 Tuewliy 235 l?* 1,11*4. 1-0 1 t4TJ 07 1 Wedneeday 34- A'.JO 1,:'.4V '.l.'Sit Wo ?>"?6 hursdny 227, uOO 4, <'31.744 4.677 tW2 Fl ?<l I y 2*9,(100 1.4H1 ,911 2,0*4320 Saturday 246 000 1, 235,68# l,tT7.3M Total $1 ,480, noo 10,80t?M H#S3,02# Week previous. . 64.\??'J0 13,314,^30 J? .*??>. <63 ? It will be seen that the recruit* from customs last we--k exceened th<?e o. the previous week $131,000 Tbe ba an e in tbe hnuds or the A*s sta. t T:auaurer < n Satur day waa $16,071,011, when Is the low est amount left la tlie Sub-Ire usury vault* since tbe commencement of tbe present year. Tbe value of tbe Imports, other than dry goiids aDfl specie. at this port during the weeic ending August 11 was $2,620,949. Tbeexi>ort8 or gold from San Francisco from Janaary 1 to July 20 were as follows Thl? yi*ar $32,441,052 Same period Id 1863 24. 1 Kt, 823 Excess tbis $7,6t>2,22# Included Id tbe last shipment of tre-isure from Sua Francisco wis $00,0(0 made by tbo Assistant Treasurer in tbut city for government account. Tbe l ist weekly returns of tbe banks of Providence, R. I , compare witb tbe statement or July 30 as follows:? Jv!i/ 30. August 8 I/oaos $21,014 20# 23.592,700 Ifcposits 6,235.t'00 6.054 >00 Circulation 4,024.800 4,068,500 Specie 347,400 347.100 The following table shows tbe depreciation in leading mining shares during tbe past six months. Tbe quota tions represent tbe value per font: ? Jan. Fiit. March, April. May. June. Gould & Curry.. . ,$ft.nO0 4,820 4 700 4,450 .t.DOO 1,560 ophlr l.?25 1,600 1.700 1,600 1,200 720 S*v?go 2,725 3.200 2,550 2.250 1,800 1,260 Potosl. 1,175 1.310 1.000 000 850 1,000 Cbollar 675 300 325 400 600 375 Hale At Norcross.... 000 800 650 625 625 375 Shelb i 130 125 120 110 100 75 I>a ey at 110 105 100 82 60 Wide West 51 33 20 22 22 10 Hurniug Moscow.. .. 110 96 100 100 66 23 Pride of tbe West... 82 82 80 83 M 6 Bullion 68 65 80 70 68 #5 Iowa 60 62 45 45 40 40 Heal del Munte 360 80 48 38 48 23 K1 dorado 63 60 35 35 35 35 Overm-c 610 475 350 300 250 200 Sierra Nevada S8 00 70 75 60 55 Yellow Jacket 600 87? 1,200 1,110 900 850 White & Murphy.. . 400 6..0 500 460 350 350 Sides ? 400 550 450 350 350 Uncle !-am 600 600 800 1,000 700 610 Haltic 160 170 150 135 110 45 North American.,.. 90 125 100 136 no 65 Haltimore American 40 45 35 65 47 40 Melones 65 60 60 25 16 12 Autelojie 255 220 150 147 126 100 Napoleon 66 55 80 75 76 70 Sacramcnto ? 50 48 45 60 45 Utah 23 28 20 23 28 26 Lady Bryun ? * ? 57 60 85 25 A correspondent sends us the following In relation to some of tbe bogus mining companies: ? Several months since, when bogus mining companlos were in lull blast, your valuable paper gave due warning ia regard to the bogus nature of such concerns, und it tbe public bad been governed by your xdvir.e tbe victims would have l>cen tew and f ir between, but one reason why so many invested in tbe new mining companies was tbe honorable names uttacucd to tbe prospectuses. Take tbe Uunnel Company as an instance, tbo Plcacbo silver mining Kcbcmo and numerous others. Some of tbe coal rrvincR aiso want look tag after. Perhaps the President of the Wyoming Coal Compiny can explain why tbe stock holders do not get any dividend. According to tbe.prou- 1 pes i us twenty percent was to bo paid tbis year if coal suid In New York at six dollars per ton. Tbe Cincinnati Cummcrcial of Saturday says:? - Tbero is a better Inquiry lor loans, and, currency being In but moderate supply, tbe discount market Is working ratner close, though the banks are, wttb but tew excep tions, talcing all tbe legitimate paper offorod; but specu lates, who are In tbe market to a oonstd rable extent as borrower#, meet with but little oucouragement from the regular discount houses, and this class of paper has been sold on the street at 15 a 24 oer cent, hxebange Is uhuudai.1, aud, currency being rather close with most of the hanks, the market ruled heavy. Stock Kirhangr, 8800(10 U S 8'*, 1831 coa IM ?* ?*?' f "J?* ,8? 1? 30 A M ; {"?k m gs 30U0 U R ?'?. ft 20'? ? iVEi1" -a0. do Jj\4 *wo U a 6'., 6-WM.cou lov* too Tunnel' Qoi*'_' 8S c* ,9?^ 25 <W do lUS'i a?*? do K9>, 10U0 USA *. '74, coo end i>7 $hiai f 8 b'i, 1 year eer 96 ltVOJ do 94 St**) Hinourl ti't 68 J ?UOOhluA MiMoert*. 61 X JOOU) do blO 5 2 ]??? do 51 J. lffmON T Central 6'? 11? 40M Kile 2a in l b?. 79 132 10O> All AT lit* lei in 115 1000 Tsl A W at) 2d m. 89 I0UOU Cler A T*>l i f bdi 116 IW Chic A Kk ?? bda 115 5" i? Pitta.KtWACJd ra 11(1 300 trie KB 100 do blO liK) Bud Biver KK 300 do 13J\ 200 *> 133 20 Brie RR pre? Iiw 100 do lli.j: 70 N T Onim KB... 1M 100 do...... l$i? 100 Reading KB....b30 137 I" i Michigan Cent BB. 13t)'? 2ii0 do 139 luOM S A N 1 BB...blO SIX 3 0 do 91 i 300 do biA 92* 300 do 92 20 fchsMct\'-aule> Bank I0M 1 'At III Cent full ttooa. 129 10 Bank nf I ommerc* liJOfe 50 do. 75 Del A Hud C Co.... ?? 4 O 111 Cent, KB ecfip.. 1W-, 10 IVnn Coal Co ...210 200 do b4 1J9*. 100 Cumb Coal pref.MO 6IJtf "* do 150 SO do... 100 Chicago A ? W KK. 5?W 300 do 'il5 81 \ liK) do ijrC 100 Qulckulver Mg..b30 80V 101 do 57s 100 do 100 do 57}.; - *??? 4H>Chlca*o A R 1 KK 114 do. do. do. do. b.XI 8 :.'j 80 , HI W fl)* 82 100 d.. b30 IMS HOOP, Ft WA C_KI'..bl5 116 1U0 * de 115* SECOND BOARD. IlALr-rasr Two O'CLOCK, P. M. 87000 TT 8 8'*. '81, con . . 107S 100 ?be W'etrer Mr. ,?S 81K U 8 6V,i-aj s. rtj lUfc) Maripoati Mg Co. . 42V ?W de long 1'V do 42' 20f OiUS rt'a 5 2 >'* enu 103 , 5000 U 8 8 ?,")!, teg... MS 3U01HJ C S 0 a. I year <?r 9i7i 1000 Tcnai-??ee (J e. 90 66JK 4000 Tr n, 7 HO. FA A 1(WH 2'** m Oblo A Mi*? cer. . 6P, 10000 do 52 ll>?X) do blO CJ 2ilO ?he Erie pre(*rred. 1I0J4 too Canton Company. . 11)0 do S7 100 Qulckillver Mining MX 500 Cieve A PH?* Rfc '.'00 do 81*4 frflChicA H W w?f M00 do 1.30 82<.J 10" Cblr A KI Kll... UK) do M7? 100 Mil A Pr d n Ch'en ?WO do .......... 43 1(0 Atlant o Mall St! r0 1V3X HiO de blO 193', 4<m Rea.llnz RB 1V>;, 1<0 do b30 I37C4* 700 do 137 100 Erie RR 113 ll>? do blO 113 fi<!0 Hudaoa River RR. 134 200 Mich So A N 1KB. Til C"nt RR acrit) VZ'ii 130 >13H 500 dO. .>>M. 82 ?1 ! 1I4? m 120 Pitta, Ft W A Cble MS new York City Bankn, Amfnat 13, 1864. flank*. L*aru. .Spett CirruUr'n America $10,817,125 1.7W.2T8 6,417 Amoriran Ex. . . #,0in.376 l,4?5,4rt2 A;1 mil 1,200.133 e?,4?3 Uroadwaf 4.169, 3M 628.3W5 Utiir* Head '22.06.: Ilolb * K Dro? ? 2,473, lCfi 110,114 < ltr 4,?12.?7 1.019.249 Cmimcrco 1T,070.40A 1,084.972 Cbatbam 1,641,987 44.242 Citizen*' 1,212,390 Corn f^fcbang*. 3,S'>7 903 Contloental .... 4.006.U16 " * 8.072,756 03,'JSl 276.277 228,341 122.819 14.S,Hi6 28.008 2^,401 26 547 113,099 611.343 D*pot 9,543,198 7,?15,4')0 1,028, ?U 4,58P,0J9 823,111 1,878,117 3,761,021 7,5U,6,W 1.597,m8? 1 11?,4?6 2 192,344 2t733,268 2, *92 .104 6,970,038 238.6HH _ , 626,766 40,. >06 3, C?W 7,9.16 26.839 111 806 37, .42 150,311 23w,765 1,705 9,128 69, #97 124,187 2?,S10 Outnmonweallb Cbemloa) 4,9^8 442 1,6'>4,074 Dry IK>ck 278,300 41,792 Eaat Klver 665,376 Fulton... 2,547.289 Greenwich 843,196 67,2S1 23,318 ororer*' 906 1 HO 19.725 6 01? H auo v or 2,801.148 320<26 95,388 Irving 1,649,129 46,796 88,'.K>2 Imp h Irad^ni'. 3.8*4,499 2118,156 144, -12 UatBfr Msnf.'a. 2,215,121 801,254 Manhattan 6,46i,93T 949,708 Merchant*' 6 51<U,337 1,210,660 Mecliamci' 6,063,2f>3 620,267 Merchants H. . 2.2TVM* 182,622 Mercaoitle 3,212,379 31S.624 Mech. & Trader*' 1,908 142 119 014 203,544 1,721,642 Metroi'oHUn . . . 10, 60.) ,061 1,119,827 840.488 7,466,314 Market 2,472,517 20^,6J6 "" * M 10,208 73, <42 66,287 22,760 6.264 649.170 900.244 1,973 170 1,379.774 2,S76,&71 2,697,488 6,012 TO8 6,720.046 4 287,231 1 862,793 3 169.327 Marine 1,779,000 Mech. MIck.AWO 1,424,811 Manuf. h Merch. 17H7.266 Nation <1 . North Klver... W. T. Ounty.., New Tork North America Naaaan ocean Oriental Fheoli Paciflc I'eeple'e Park Bepubiie nth Ward. suta Kt. Nil-hole*.. . (Mine k l^eatbar Tr odeamen *. .. Cblob 2,280.022 1,299,618 619 218 9*1,121 100,411 90.967 441,697 64.770 11,0.34 48,930 2,022 ,(.70 86,228 2, .'?38.797 16,142 1,268,293 1^63,991 ] ,671 ,987 1,326,087 7,147,090 1,067.622 3.KH4.I20 2.379,844 19.8? 26,934 97.468 62.424 81,766 136,391 183,818 6,689 2 107 387 156,713 6S.076 928 96T 86,417 162 688 4,466,698 T79.467 24,197 1,684.060 122,127 43 213 1,242,542 111 139 14,619 t .406,076 1 *24,606 892,638 4,120.642 236,907 24,869 In liquidation. 4667.131 606,174 88.498 1.642.406 128.408 78.01? 8.108,(100 148,468 401,. 44 2,694,611 108,988 844.96?l 4,387,004 630,341 82.618 784,80? 6,885.631 2,936,099 2,130,078 1,516,H71 852.668 4,07k, 816 1,012.674 1,234.338 8.406,361 1,846,442 4,654 268 1.266,923 2. 74 J .681 2, 00 J, 401 4,0.17^30 Total 1186,074,244 21,980,309 4,417,804 166,826,614 7h* nuniKwn at rn Cuakiwo Horn Clearing For ibe week ending Au^uat 8. . .$392,156,748 1$ Clearing for the week ending Auguit6... 394,609 688 64 Balance* Tor tbe week ending Auguat 13.. 15.h23.100 10 Balaooe* for the week ending Auguit 18.. 18,908,891 19 CITY OOKBBHOIAL RRPORT. Mowdat, Auguet 16?6 P. M A *nw.? Receipt*, 19 bbli. Market nominal./ unchanged, and btalnee* trifling. lliiiiMrrm ? Becelptt, 28,999 bbla. flour, 480 881*. an* 18? do corn B -*l, 160,536 buibe la wheat, 108.431 de corn, 164 866 do. oat*, aad 6,000 do. ry*. ibe Oaar Market rated qute gteadr tor trmk grouad extra skipping brands ud I e**y for other kinds. with ??<*? r.'W iunit f , mai .ly ot I o 11- c -rwu v.p. ?. Sale*. 18,00# hMs. sm ?i . i1 W ?t ?ri., ] |,io Hiiueru mi<l tt? C? ad.<o. Kye Hour ?old, to t n? rtteoi Of 2*0 ot?K, *1 9- 76 a $11 C' ru me i m >? wnh>ul sbaave in pries, w i b 6-mi bb - . s 14. M $H 25 for caiv to nod $8 45 f * Braa U tWIIiB. Wi" quo ? ? gtuf rWM nod WesH'JT Hour f|i Mil 9 40 i-.*tra ?ta?e W HO a 9 yfi Cliuice <i 'in 1U 0'i ? 10 10 (kHDM I ?n>-<iu? ?-xira Western... V "0 a 10 26 llliiriaMllMinMjH 10 ? 10 '0 Wesle n trade Or >ii<m )0 ^ * 12 0(1 1 xiru St. Uini# 10 76 a 1* 00 Conim <n !?<iiiliero . 10 76 * 11 S*1 1- xtr? a.'d arcv a ? 1) 40 a 14 i>0 Comm D median 9 94 a 10 < 0 to ? loir* hi. a extra do 10 15 a 12 00 Kye llour, ani>erniie. 8 6n ? 1' "0 Corn me* I, bo s > 10 > 8 45 Corn me?i. Din clmo'.s 88*00 a 89 00 ? the wuea inifttvt ?"?? <1 u4 1 and price" fa v >r d itiepui - cha er. V adv i u '<d rate* of freight dem'tcded re tnct li n the e\[t?n ir id#, |< icrior k mis were ic a 'Jo. lower. 7 lie 6-fles llicli d-d 110,000 bushels. ?t $2 10 " f- "? lor v?ny poor in good i brago spring, 92 IT a $2 S6 or Mi #aukee club, $2 35 a 93 3S for amber i' k, $2 :>0 : 92 45 'or tiniouD'i to prime wioter red We* em Mid t-J4fl f'j 55 (or mutter, the 'it le price tor verv cu ice. R >e was nominally 9' a $1 9". f'o- n lower, and t?r i< os very IrreK'ii ''er heavy rrnelpi*. S* en Ifls.OOtl bush la, at 91 50 h $1 52 for We- tern .a ixed. chiefly ?t tbe losidu price 91 58 f. r ?ui>w.91 70 lor wbi'e and $1 4T a $1 49 for imsiund. ilats were dull hi I pricex favored the buyer We quote tbe range ol 95c. n 9 'C., tho Inner M extreme price. Ba. ley and barley malt were noml >al IV ors ami Min*~. ? i berc has boon rather more dem nd f .r bodis ?rd shue* for h week ikisi, but prices rem In n m io ally t lie name The turrent quotatons, corrected by VeMiij lloAos. Hytti It <o.. are as fotlows Mmi's thick unit kip bunts (2 75 a 94 95; bovs'.thiok am' kip beots.fJ a.t:$; youths' ihi' k h tl kip boots, fl 50u$2 ri-X; Dion's call b on. $4 a 97 75; boys' calf boots, 9;' 50 a 94 25; lOu-bB'c !f boits *1 7;> a $2 50; men's bulT and kli> Haltiiora a. |l 75 a $ 25 men's calf anil kip Bilmo r^4 *2 25 h $2 75. b ys' c If. bull and kip Hiiraurn s, $1 r,0 h 92; youths' calf, buff and kip Balmorals, 91 15 1 SI '0, w idcii'i cult, kip anil bulT Balmorals. $1 50 ? $2 35. women's call , kin nud hulT boots, 91 2'> ? $1 '?0; niiR-es' C!?lf, kip and i?iir B .lmorals, 91 15 a 91 M chii dren's csli", kip und bud Halmomls, 70c. a 91 10; men's c ut md c.r iin ctralrv boots, 94 a98. men's calf and grain Niit*>if(>n boot , 91 a f(> flic sw.ii. ? 1,500 bbls. sold at aod about 85c. torri w. ? The market whs firmer, and prices were up ward, owing to the light recoipta; sales were 700 bales. We quote; ? C/rfdnd. Florida, iiobilr N.O.<tT. Ordinary 101 162 lfi2 1?3 Middling 175 175 175 175 G<?<l middling 178 179 179 180 Coff*?.? Tlietn irket was dull, but prices were without e'seml i change. MfWG.iTS a ore quiet, and the advanced rates demanded restricted Imsinnss. me enirurernents to Liverpool, per American vedst'is. loclude 1,000 bbls. flour at 2s. : 7.000 bushe r wheat, reported at 7?4'd ; per neutral, 50 bbls. rosin at 228. fid.. 7.000 bushels wheat, reporied at 7^c. To London, porweuiral. 1 ,000 bbls. flour at 2s. 7 ,2,800 b-'Sbels ivbeut at fid . and per sienmer, 100 hhds. tobicco at 37s 8<I., aud 1,000 boxes cheese at 60s. To Glasgow, per neutral, 650 bills, flour at 2s. 8d. To Rrlstol, per neu tral. 100 bbds. tallow at 26s. To Havre, per no-'ttral, 1,000 bbls. petruieum at fia. To Antwerp, 100 iierces honey at -'^c. , 120 ba.:s coffee at 27s. 6d . 25 bbls.. po t ashes at 25s. 100 bbls. Hour at 3s. , and 7 tons copi er at 22s. 6d. In cbmlerft there was nothing ol lin|H,rtance douo ; desirable vesbels were very scarce, aad held for higher fl^ures. Mm a?sk* w dull, and we have only to note the sale of 170(hbds. Cdba mu-'C"vad> on private terms. Provisi' n- ? Kecet ns, 210 b'jlu. pork and 1,651 do. lard The pork market w^actlve and prioes wete hljher, with ?ales ot rt 000 bbls at $37 for old iness 940 75 a 941 for oew do., 936 :>0 Tor prime, and 939 50 n 940 for prime mess; also 500 bins new mess for .August, hovers' option, at 942 50, and 1.000 bb's. do buyer, until 10'b of riep'em her, shdio optl >n, at 942 5 0. The heel' market continues dull, with >ut cb^n<<e in prices; the sa'es include 350 bbls. at fl3 a $.15 for country mess, 90 a 98 for country prime, 9' 8 a 920 for repacked mess, and 922 a 928 lor extra do. Prime mess beef was quiet amlw unchanged. Cut meat" were without material change in prires sales of 50 packages, at 14^c. a 15c. for shoulders, fcctl 17)^c. a ISc. fur bams. Bacon was dull, and prices were nominally uncbaneed. Lard w is moderately ac tive, with sn'aK of 2.000 bbls. and ticrces, at 21e. a UlKc. for No. 1, and 22c. a 22Xc. for good io prime steam a .d kettle rendered, also 600 bbls., buyerSoptembcr, at23H? But tor remains tlrm at 40c. a 45c. for Ohio, and ?5r. a 62c. for .State. Llieose remains' quiet at 18o. a 20c. for com man to prime. 1'b roi.ium ? Receipt*, 3.520 hbls. The market for crude ?u very dull, sod prices ware oumiu&lljr .^c. liver. The receipts continued fair: but scarcely eo honvy us tart mouth The impression is prevalent that, despite the beavy oxpi'rt, the stockls bonvlor than It wag l**t mouth, uwl uh a good deal hen been sold. deliverable at buyers' option all this month, which will not in all Froi.aoiluy be called tor, the tendency m downward. The leit handed failure announced In the Hrbami a few day* ogo has occasioned the exorcise or greuter caution ou 'be art or U>e regular dealers, it Is the generul be lief that it mim evaluate in an ur.mlBtakablo collapse by 'ho end of the month, if not before. Refine!! i', bond and free, is dull, and neirly nominal at Sic. a 87c. resi>ectively. The export trade Is still (topped by tbe unrevoked official orders, though we understood th t shipments are going forward frem one or two yards. The Bales were confined to 1 .100 bbls. crude, mostly at d2}?c ; 1 ,f?'0 do. refined at 84}$c a 96c, , -Including a lot of prime white at a much higher price, which is no criterion ta tbe market, t?ome 700 bbls. free sold la lots at 87c. a 87 Xc. Benzine is held at 48c. a 40c. Rica ? We notice sates of 80 bags Rangoon at 15c., and 125 da Katna on terms we did not learn. Sugar. ? Raw sugar was in fair demand and firmer, with saJe* of 1,005 bbds at 20 He. a 22 Wc. Refined waa quite active at 22c. a 2"i ','c. for soft yellows, 27o. a 28c. fbr soft whites, aad 2S*4'o. for powdered, crushed and granulated. Wm.'KBT. ? Kecolpts, 834 bbla The market was firmer, with an increased inquiry; sales 2 000 Wbis. A $1 75 a SI 77 for state and Western, with sales reported lor September delivery at 91 85. FINANCIAL.. JpIRST NATIONAL BANK. GOVERNMENT AGENT, NO. 4 WALL STREBT, HAS FOR SALE, r 3-10 Treasury Notes, new issue, at par, less U P*r cent commission. 10 40's Registered and Coupon Reads at government rates. 5-30's Registered and Con pan Roads at market ratea United Statu 8's of '81 Registered and Coupon Bonds, at market rate*. United States Certificates, and other securities, at market rates. 8. C. THOMPSON, President. Jamks Cmmirt, Cashier. EHOKMPTION OK $?>48,700 "SOLDIERS' SCBSTITITTR AND RRLTEP PUND BONDS," of^he COUNTY Of^NFW TORK, Payable September 1. I*d4. Notlee la hereby glveu thai the "Soldiers' 'Substitute and Relief Fnad Bond*," ^f tbe eonntr of New Tork. becoming due ?nd payable September I, IBB4, with the Internal there an will be paid an that da*, on the presentation af said bos da at tals oBce. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN of $94*. 700 of -SOLDI RRS' ST-RSTrrtTTR AND RELIBK RffjBMPTION HOND8 " OP THE COUBTT OP NEW TORK Reo'ed pre p?al* will be reeved at this office until There dav, AuK'i?t 25, 18154, at lee o'clock P M.. when the same wRI bo publicly opened tor the whole or any part or the nm of nine hundred and forty alt thousand seven hundred dol lars of "holdW-ra' Substitute aa1 Relief Redemption Bonds" ofth* county of New Tork e<fthorl7*d br chapter 7 of tfte law oflW, and hv an ord nanny ef the Board of Waperrla ore. the Merer Mer I I1W Tbe aaM bonds will bear In tore ? at the rate of all par rent per annutn. paTkUe hair vearlv. on the ffrnt day nf May and November la each veer, and the principal win be redeemed ae fr.Howa ? Five hundred thousand dollars on the first day of Novem ber. im. aad Four hundred aad forty six thousand serea hundred dol larseu the first day of Noveinber,'188l. Tbe proposals will state the amount ef bond* deslrod and the price per eae hundred dollare thereof, aad tbe pereone whose proposals are scented yell I tbereupoe bo required to depoelt with the Count? Trea>arer (at the Rroad way Beak t. eo Thursday, tbe first day of beptember, 1844. the sums awarded to them repetitive I y. Oa preoentlng to the Comptreller the reoolpta of the County Treasurer for sueh deposits the parties will be en titled ta receive bonds for "-quel amounts of tba par value of the enm* ewarded te tbe to, bearing Interest froas Sep tember I. 1SS4 Ker h proposal should be sealed aad endorsed. "Propose! a for Soldiers' Substitute end Relief Redemption Bonds," and eaHaaed In aaeeoad envelope, addseneed to the Comp troller Tbe right le reserved to rejeet any ar all or the bide. If ceaaiaered neoeaeryto protect or promote the latoreata of the oouaiy. MATTHKW T. BRENNAN, Comptroller. Civv or N*w Tnaa, Daesaivarr or Pirakor. Conrraou uia's Orrtca, Angust 8, 1884 PBOPOBALB FOB TWO HUNDBKD THOUSAND DOLLAR*. DRW TORK COUNTT OOCBT HOl'SK STOCK. ? Sea'ed preoesa's will be reeelved at the Comptroller's of tee until Tuesday. August 18, 1864 at two o'clock P. M., wben the same will be pu hi 1 elf opened, for the wholo or any part ef the anm af twa hundred thousand dollars of ' The New Teak <"onnty Ooart Hense Block." authorised by chapter 241 e< the Laws of )<W4 and by an ordinance of the Boerd ?f Bnperv1?'.rs. approved hv the Mayor Mav S 1884. The said steak Is u> provde additional meaas far the coa striietlea aad completloa of the new Conntv Court Moose, eo Chamber* street. It will hear Intereet at the rate of sis per oeal per annum. p*vab'e semi sneually, on lbs firet dar ?f Mar and Nevember In each year, and iha ptrnnlpel will be redeemed aa follows. vl? ? One hundred thooaaad dollars on the first day of Novem ber 1817 . and ? One hundred thooaaad dollar* eo tbe first day of Moress ber 1888 Tbe prapooale will state tbe amount of stock desired and the price per oae hundred dollars thereoC aad the t>er*oas who*e proposals are accepted will thereupon be required to depeelt with tbe Couaty Treasurer tha sums awarded to the in respectively. . _ On presenting to the Comptroller the ronelpts of the Conn ty Treasurer fev eooh deposits the partlea will be entitled to revive certificates ^>r equal amounts of the par value of the sums awarded to them, bearing Interest from tbe dales af payments. Baeb prepos tloa should ho sealed snd endorsed "Propo sals for New Tork Oeo^ty Court Heeee Stock." and en closed in a second envelope, addresaed te the Comptroller. Tbe r'sht 's reserved to retort any or all of the bida, If ?? latarosts of tho o^iaty ? Com pti slier. Civv op New Toss. Dmnsan as Ftsiaoa. CoarraoL tsi'i Orrtca. Aaguat 8, 1884. RMPHI8 C1TT BOKUi. SOUTH C A. BO U IT A STJ^TB Bonds, aUHoothsr* Ba-da, wanted hy W. a. 80BANTON. 110 Peart Str sot. M NIAIOIAIm \l BW VOHR AND HAKLKVt Kali. ROAD COMPANY, Al Pansn.imv ? orrnic N KW Yona July 1, 1.41 RBCllNU MOKTOAUK BONDS ($I,000,0'XI). \ uciam t ISrtt Noilor la hereby given U<u U>? Bead* of Mm above issue will be at Oicir naiurttr, Alien s I, ISM. at the olDoa of the <o lifitit, roronr of Fourth avenue and Twenlv stith I ri*l ma lb at ill* iutereat on tlta unr will can- from that dale. WC H. YANDERBILT. Vtoa President. NOTIft ?HOLDERS OF STOCKTON (C.?UKO*M t) O t coupons. dm- ami pa i'>> in New York In Julv, M ' and Janua-r,, are b<*rel>>' notified that th<* same will I"' I al ' n United Sta n* n?M com on presentation at ?*<? V ci. opoJiuiii Bank, New York c tv, on the respective da e?. C. T. .WEAKER, Agent. Or ru-y ok th' mrntkjta mining company ok l.ake ft' per or. "tl W all at.. Ne>? York, Audi it 15, 1*61.? Notice tn Stockholders ?P"r?uan' to a re nl lion of the Pmrd o' |i|r<?rti>r? ten thoia md M 0 ?l) shares of the Com pain' 1e?erv.-d Slock ? e hereby offer* I to the sharehnid. era Hlt"? par va'ue of tt per Th? amount for wbch e e ba-eHoder (?> en'i' ed to subscribe I* one ahare foe ? trer> ??even Kfiarea of hi present hol inc Application in net be ma le to ti e Secretary by holders wishing to avalMhem as ?f thla pri vilaje on w beroi e tbe 2;tti ln?t The en tire amonnt of thla alocH not t'ken at thai date will be al. I?rtte I to 1*1' flr?| applicanla. The Tni?t?es he; leive to in fo "n f'e al- ckhf,ld?ra 'hal tlie "hove issue of stoc*,' la made to i ro?i 'e menna for ih* speedy mienmeof the harbor st la Hel'e. and t?>nt parties have ai'Ssdy afreed to tike a I *>'f ato k not abaorlw | bjr the stockholders In pursuance of the a''Ove notice. at I * h nar v n 1 u e . Tie ^'Ork on the ha !<? r improvement la contracted tor, and win he preceded wnh at once. MATT. TAYLOR. Secretary. ,UB ban* OP T RANSFER AOKNCY OP TUB FMPIRK MILL AN? Mlnine Comirmv. of San Francisco. Cul fornla.? On i ft.-stes ssned al the ni ce tnekiii Prsncmeo eau be exchang ed at the aKenc? here nntll the Ifith of Kepiembernext; after that only when di*'hareed from the ho^-e o'i'ce LEF.S .? WAM.FR, Tranefer Agenta, Offices 53 Pine street. New Yerk. WALDEN, W1LLARD A MclLVAlNK, Msnkers. 17 Broad atreet. New York. Order* aol'elted for the purchase aort *a'e of United Stales Securities of all kinds, Ouar'erms tera' Vouohera. Kneela an t Exchange, ah claims against the government collected and purchased. Refer to P ink of the Republic. Cbaries H. Marshall, H?l. Opivke, l.oe?chl.:k A Co. PranciB Sklddy, Eaq. John J. Crane, Kaa. P. W. Enga, Bsq, $onn TO LOAN-AT six l-ER CENT, for five year* or luncer, an New York city urouertjr. JOSEPH MASON, No. 6K Pine at. rooms 10 and 11, non -TO invest tn real estate ?3n * " " I?" M " '? thi* amount, tn varlona snma, io be u?ed in the purchase of Dw?imi .<a and Store Prnpertv JOSEPH MASON, No 5 % Pipe Htreut, rooms 10 and 11. LOST A ITU POUND. CAME TO MY PREMISES? ON TURSDAT LAST. A brio ! led (Jnai, with a white atilp* an.uad the hody, wnich t e owner can have by proving pr .party and paying eipcusea by calling at iMtWeat Tenth atreeU FOUNn? A LADIES' HAIR BROOCH, WHICH THE owner can have by applying to W. H. Uoddard, 29 Maiden laue, corner of Nans* 1 street. FOI'ND? A POCKBTBOOK,: IN BROADWAY AND Forty eeconil street atage. Owner emu have It by ap plying at the olhi o of St. Jam>^' Hotel. LOST-ON WEDNESDAY, 1ITII INST., EITHER IN Wall atreet or the vicinity of the Foal oWee, $1 10 in United States lre?-urv note-., vn a course yellow wrapper. The findei will he tbaraliy rewarded by it at the Merchants' Kxchin^e Bank, 267 llroadaay. IOST-ON 8ATUP.DAY. THE 1STH INST , BBTWF.F.N J 42 Urand atree- and Jeraey C.ty ferry (via iJeabrusaes atreet). or in the 5 -0 train for Newark, a roil of Hill*, eon ta ninc $14, one heintf a $>U go>-er iment. tbe balan'- ? >3 ems 1 biild The finder will be suitably rewarded by return ing it at No. 80S Market street, Newark. N.J. JOHN D. MKBKER. I OsT.? SATURDAY, P. M., ABOUT SIX O'CLOCK. A J J Black and Tan B:tch t)og; had on a red leather c?;lfcr, with piere of leatb'tr anu twine attached; anawera to nnt-? of Nellie, a suitable reward will be paid to tbe finder on leaving it at t-2 Beckmun street. LOBT-ON 8ATOBDAY AFTERNOON. AT FULTON ferry, in the ladies' room, a tlold Hreastpin, with hair In tbe centre. The Huder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at .'514 1! roadway, or aa druaal og J. S. Foster, 324 liro'idwnv. LOST? BETWEEN WALL street AND SOUTH ferry, u sms.l l'srcet, of no value but to the owner, marked "Mai Dors, ca e David Dow* A Do " The finder w ill receive $? reward aad tiiauks of the owner by leaving tbe parcel at SO South street. Lost? dbopped from jSt eighth street atase, a red Pooketbook, with the name ol "O. La Croix" inscribed on it, cutainia^ nothing but j.aiiers, of no importance whatever, but to the owner. If left at 241 East Tenth street, a suitable reward will be given. IOST-ON SATURDAY, THE 13TH INST. EITHER J In New Yoik. Brooklyn or Jersey ?'ity,i? Hold Pen and Pen'll Ca*e: marked J. 'f 8.. to D P O. the finder will be liberally rewarded upon leaving It at 137 Broadway, room Nn. A, Home Insurance Building. LOST-ON SATURDAY, FROM AN EXPBRSS WAQON, * Hamper or Basket. coninntn- clothe*, marked Wn. Von Sacht, 137 West Twenty third street. The linuer wil be tuuably rewarded by leaving it at ?>4 Broadway. T aONDAT. 14TavATTHRb ?aV?| L Young Bacl ttejoi ? ^ b. by retuming the tame to 15^ ?? at ? Barclay jnwjv. , g RRQ A 00. Lost? a check. mads by subscriber to ordkr of Cat*. J. M. Favill, for $1?>. on Com Kschuuge Bank, No. 04'. All persons are forbidden negotiating tlio uue. a* payment ha* been stopped. W. M. Fa \ ILL Lost? horsb and waqon. on the fifth avr. nue? a blaok Horae, and Wagon without top. The young man who stopped Iilm, and In ,uired of tlie starter of the Fifth arenue line of stages what was the lu st thing for blm to do with 1 1 will return it to W. 8 LS"'"* ee at Sl.sth ave , who will pay a liberal reward foi their return. STBAYBD-ON SATURDAY, 6TH INST ., FR(?M COR ner of Seventeenth street and avenue B, a young lirnwn (lost, not having aay kid*. -Any person return ng her te the above number will itcelre a liberal reward and the thanks of the owner. ^j^WAKBI. ? ^ii -;?a4C ruceive th.- above revpari will relur. the q>c BRWAiiD. -taken fbom the steamboat Su Mary Powell, > ester dav morning, by mistake a brown Carpet l<?g. The I'mfp reward will be paid by returning tbe same to '?*'< Broadway. a?e rbward.-lost, a black and tan TKn ner Dog, tro.n iW Madison avenue. Answer* to the nam* of Doctor. Tlie above reward will be paid f*r hia re turn. bb ward.? lost, on sundat, auqustu, on vlv a Ho bo toil ferrv boat from Barclay street, or on toe wav from Houplcea to Uudson City, a Pnckelbook c >n taming about H" . 'also two or three cnnls, with the owner* name written on them. Tbe finder wtil receive the above rtward b> returning the tame to Adelaide Kretaard, 114 Weal Nlnlb etreet, near Broadway. M BR* A RD ?STOLEN , FROM P ATTERSON DOCK, <Plv .lervy City, on the lith instant, a 21 feet Taw' Most, white bo tom. bitck top. lead en or ititide. The finder will be paid (he above reward upon de ivering her to Snell grove, beatbullder, u Patterson dock, lersey City. w. w. cathcaht (?1 n REWARD - TBE PERSON WHO PICKED OFF ?plV/ the eeat of tbe klghth avenue car No. 62 en Mon day, between ft and 6 o'clock P HI . a pearl Fan. wirh a handkerchief around It, better retura it to the car oitir* a* tliey were keen by tbe conducor. or they will be arreited. (?1/1 REWARD.? LOST. A LA ROE NEWFOUNDLAND ?D1U l)ow with white lege, white on each side of the note, bodv black, while chett, and aniwers to the name rf Bum. Tbe tinder wi.l receive tbe above rewarl by deliver ing him to 3. U. Baiter A Son, KM Market eltp. ??)|l RF.WARD-FOR ANT INFORMATION OK THK ?P_jM whereabouts of Jeremiah McCarthy, of Company K, Seventy >erond regiment. Ktreitior brigade, who waa In the lunalto ttvlum in Washington far tone time, tnd wa? , illtcbarge l from tervice on tbe Slat day of Juae last, and put .en board the 6k o'clock train for New Tor*, and oat 1 not tlnce been heard from II la supposed he mutt have got of at tome way station, and may have been tent to tome neyltun. Any person landing informttlon of hie whereabouts to D. McCarthy. 84 and 86 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, N. T., will receive the above reward. Baltimore and Philadelphia paper* pleaae copy. ?OC REWARD? LOST. SUNDAT EVBNINO. IN iC^t) Christopher strset, near the llsboken ferrv. a Oold English Lover Watch, No 8.641, with the owner's ntme worked In a abield In Oerman ten Whoever will return tbe tame to the Herald offlee, will receive th* above reward and ns qnettloflt asked. BKWARD ? LOST. ON MONDAY, AUGUST 11 5i)U a l'octetbook oontainlng $14 |sr $00 In Park Bank bills, two ijofd *tudt, and sundry memoranda. Tbe a*>ove reward will be paid by lb* undertlgned and n* questions naked. J. MATBR^bi Barclay ttreet. ? CO REWARD-LOST, ON SATUBDAY AFTBB ?J>. >U noon last, going from ferry office foot of Cbambert ttreet to the Hackentack ear*. a Po>-kelbeek. containing two 7 Vli* Treaaury aotoa. $100eaeh. Nee. 31.399 and 3a.9M. a $1 bill tad a amaN amount of otirrenov; alto two promiaaory Dotee en demand for $400 and $IU0. The above reward will be paid on leaving the book aad content* at Quackeabuah A Bro. , 166 Chambers street, **aond story. RR WARD.? LOST. BT A WORKINOM AN, ONE Hundred Doilare, while going from Wen Broad way t* Waahlngton ttroet. Tbe finder will oblige by leaving It at.30 Weet Bread way. in the barber tbop. Ainn ?LOOT, ON THURSBAT, THE 14TH INST., AT ?pJLUU? Coney Island, a email Ool4 Huntlag Watrh, opening with double spring, engraved caao, nickel ?o>-o meats, .1. Kr.sman, Ueaeva, maker, caao No. tlltl Who over will return tbe above watch to the oflleo of A. Holler A Co.. 33 Liberty ttreet, will rocoieo tbo above reward and no Muettlont atktd. OOn'fl BR WARD -LOST, ON BOARD ONE OF TAB ?TiSUU Hnbokoa ferry beau, oo dnnday afternoon, about 7 o'clock, aa opoa face gold Waleh. No. n.941. of Loaada, maker, London, aad $670. $610 ia gr**abact* aad SlliO on New Tork Stale banka. tfuppoeed to have booa abstracted by tome pickpocket, ae tbe watch was cut off at the neck ?y *ome tmplemeoi In leaving lb* beat in th* crowd. Any inlormaUoo of Ibe above will be thankfullv re<elved, with the reward, by t. T. Mora. KM Natta* ttreet. {.i nnn bkward.-stolbn, at saratooa ?4.UUU Spring*, on the lib Instant, a Diamond Braoslet aa I Breoeb; the diamonds tet la *llvor, th* band of the la gold, with Mne enamel, the broach It blM enamel, with five poodaaU (tat In tilver, not enamel ?. Alto, ono email Silver Snuff Boi containing two etaslo diamonda. weighing together I 13 carata. tnd sevon sin gle tume dlsss 'Odt, weighing about ? <*rat* Tboy are all Obry fine ?blte stone The ebeve reward will bo paid upon anv Information Ibnl will lead te tbe reenvtrv of ibe pro perty, by application ta OUISBPB MAC H ADO, 18 Q atroeu Waahlngton, 0. 0. ?r /inn RRWABD.-A BAO CONTAISINO FIVB SbO.UUU tbousnad dollars la American g*dt. wa* Uken off oer counter on Moodi^, 1Mb met Aoy MSton rewriting tbe earn* ?rlU receive the sbovr reward an A no qneotleea astod. MARK WO A DBfOBAAT. U Wall Mroot. IVOBTIVO. Boat rot sale ? thi celebrated bix-oared raring gig Oyuiothoe, of the tttUtllitiiDMI, built ky Jamet, of h?? .klyn furiy-nve fret lung and in perfect order, wnl be sold cheap. Apply lo or aderesa H. A. 811 M HUM. Peterson, M. J. Boat for sale-oat rigged, kioht tons rub man. alt io o np cis order Apply at MS w eat Thirty aiath street, betaeea Truth and Eleventh IjM>B 8ALB-A BhWKOUNDLAND DOG, GOOD WATCH ' Oog, Hull Terrier*. Ilal an Greyhounds, New found 'and Pup*, hiii 'ill Black aed Tan Te rters, tvoirn and ttkye Ter rier*, good ratter*. Call at 11 Roosevelt *treet. JOHM URAT. IfOR 8ALB? DOGS OK ALL BREEDS. PARTICULAR I* attention paid ta tbe treatment end cure ot di e.iM< of al km Is. Uoga boar 'ed. train-d, lopped and trimmed la lilt! neatest manner Dogs sold oo ooniraisaion H. GARDNER, 13 Lauren* street, If. T. Francis butler. no. s peck slip, has all tlu- cliolca tueeiw for sale an I stock. But er s Infallible Mange Cure and K ea B* term ma tor, 75 wnts per battle. Butler's new Work. $1. Dog* boaidetl, traiued, Ac. Meal slues lor all disease*. IIOHSES, CARRUGES ?fcC. AKBAUTIK1 I, BAY SADDLE HORS KOR SALE.? Easy r der used to I'arlt riinne. m perfect condition, kind sml a raid of nothing; no triivg, kit >ear?oM, war rented souud, ad aoes well in harness. Only pr.ce Sold as the owner has not time to ride. Audiet* 3. fc. G , lleral .i oUice. A LARQR ASSO KTMKNT OP IIORSES, CARRIAGES, Bockawaua, Plianions, too and no top w igon*. made bv Dusenl.ury and other good makers; Javgers, Doctors and Business V\ sgocs; Harness. dounle und *it] le; r-adiile-. Bridles, Nuta. ac. Also a line gray sudd I ? Pony. Aim v to 1,401 Broadway, between Fortieth a >d torty lirat streets. A LA ROE HOKSE, 17 HANDS HIGH, 7 TEAHS old. Inquire at Long Island Market, coruar of Carlton and Fuiton amutie*, liiooalvn. A VERT .FINK PAIR OK LONG TAIL BAY HOUSES fo< sal?* ? 15 '< han s high, six jea'S onL; perfectly sound and kind in all harness; one ol lliem can trot better than three nilutues Sold only lor want of use. Address box t>9 I'ost oiiice. VonkorK. A PAIR OK RLACK CARRIAGE VOB8F.8. STYLISH, kind and s >und, tborou hh brok ? t > s.nule and doi:bie hardness, are, from want of use for thtm, for sale. at mucii under ttti-lr value. Address E. Ma. ley. New llatou.Oouu. AllORSK FOB SALE-TO SUIT THE BUYER, THE ownnr hav ng more horses than be bat, use lor. Can bo seen till 12 A. M. at stable 39 Maugin street, .New York J. 11. SHULTS A1IRST RATK CHANCK.-A TOBACCO WACOM which will tit tbe track, with shlting l>oxes and top; makes a good express uaon by irmof ugtbe boxen; will be hold cliean a* the owner baa no use for it. Call at 9') Oraud street, Willtamsb.trg. MVEKS. A HANDSOME BAY PONY. 13* HANDS HIGH, ? year- old; been used as a lady's hor*e; yood in har ness; wai ranted *oun<! am! gentle Price 511U; uo loss. Ap pi; in the lurmlure store -4 ? > _' Pearl atreet Beautiful turnout. -span ok ponies, ok a handsome bay. weil matched; perfectly sound. ea-y drivers, gentle au 1 without a fault; covered Carriago of city make, fashionable, and been used hut little; together with styllan Harness, Nets, Aflghsn. Whip, Mat, Ac., complete, making on- of the most handsome establishments In the cilv. Price SI 5i>0 Parties who actually intend buying can havst the team shown them by audiessiug the owner, Itn porter, box 4,356 l'nat ollloe. (CARRIAGES.? ELF-OaNT LIGHT BRETTS. PARK J Phaetons, top and no tup Buggies and road Wagons, panne I door four '.eat R.'Ckawavs M ex can six seat Carrvalla. four and sit seat shifting top Jagijer and depot Wagons all aeoond l and Top H"i;5ies, a six seat Carryall and Uockawav. lor sal*- low tor cauii. M C. EDY, 64 Cedar stieet, opposite Po?t office. Express wacon and harness for sale.? the wasOn Is largo and lit for tlio express business ; city made. Apply to GEO. W. ALEX AN UKR. al. 83 and Cen tre street. FOB 8ALR, AT A GREAT SACR1FICR-A FINE A line Morgan horse, eight year* old; sound und kind, and can trot his mite in 2; u to a roa i wagon. Also a light roiid wa?'on, lia- been used abint three months, b'ti it bf Gtlbertson A Purdy. One set ol harness, built by Millings The above is tbe property of a*enileman, an1 must b? sold this week. a second- hand road wagon, in L'oud order; nri<e f.riU. Call it l.;Mt Broadway, between Korty-sistb and Forty (eventb streets. Ii>OB SALE? A DARK BAY nOR^E. 8EVKN YEARS r old, soun t aud kind; a good express or carriage horse. Apply at 33 Tentb urenue. liiOR 8 ALE? A FINE STF.EL GRAY MARK, FIVE JP years old. lf>S hsuil- high sound and kind; also a B?i ?innss Wagon and Harne-*. The reaion-tor selling is want of use. Aiiplr at McaRDLE'S stable. North Moore street, between Hudson and Varicx. For bale? a bay mare, ic hands high, 7 y.eaus old, nearly thoroughbred, admirably adapted for family u?e or broo 1 mare; perfectly kind. Co*t this sprngS O i; will be soid for i. Can bi seen a? D'sbrow's sate sutbies. Filth aven ie. corner ot Koriieti street. Alio four thor oughbred Kentucky Saddle Horse*. JpORSALB? A SPLENDID TEAM O" HORSES. PER feet under aaddie for lady or gentleman. An elegant opea Barouche aiaoaPa k Phaeton, Brewster's make, used only four months; lets of Harness. Saddles, Bridles, Whip- Ruk% Ac., tt.e Dropxrtvof a jr?n ilernan going abroad. Apply at loot's Palace (tables, 79 West Koufttrata street. VjiOR SALK? FOUR SPLENDID PAIR OF CARRtAGH r Horses, two Trotting dorses thr.t cun trot In* dn of lV.'iO, an ! a b a.'k Saddle Horse, I.V, band* high, at 14S East Twenty fourth street, near Lexington avenue Dit MART ELL, For sale-a dark bay horse, seven ykars old, sound ar.d kind; a good express er carriage horse. Apply at 33 Tenth avenue. FOR SALE-A HOBSB AND LIGHT WAGON ; THB hora* la imni built, IS b*D.i* hnjb. sound md*kind, ><t for any business; Urn e?od saddle hor**; ??gon llchtxhift ing top, city In. lit. near y new. Appl> at IBS Hudson at. For salk-a saddle mark. BIOHT IUlMOU, mud and cenile. suitable for a lady; prica $luO. Ad <lre*? Hunter. Herald Ofhoe. TjtOR SALK-A HARK HAY HORSE. SU YEARS OLI>. P a good express or carriage horse Apply at 570 and 072 Washington street, in the coal yard. For sale-a stylish gray gelding. long u I. 15Vi hands bun, sound and well fertile* tn dou >ie or sin.'ie liarnena and to the a*dde;cau iwl <? ose to tnree niiuu'ei Aii|i y to WILLIAM MOORK, ICeiljr'a stable, IS West Tbrrteenta atreet. B^OR BaLE-A TROTTINO COLT, FIVE TIABS OLD. U-H hands bl?h can show by a little training; warrante I sound :?nd kind. Also a (joi.l HTajun ami Har ness. Sold on account ot the owner a statuess, Inquire at 98 James atreet. |>>OR BALK? ONE BAY HORSE. 1# HANDS 1IIGB' r and one chestnut brown Horse. 15^4 bands high long tall* and are at> lish Uri.era, the reason lor ?elilog. the owner ha* no use for them. Apply at 1US Canal atreet, cor ner of Korsytb, n. y. For sale-very btylisii square box top ?n.lnn ttp Watuni; also coal box Wagons; two seat, a'.uare hoi ton Watfon :?Imi second band linages an I Rock aways Ca I at S6 West Twenty I'o.ntii ?urcr. Fob s vle i-ueap? a square rout top wagon, shifting top, in good ord.-r. clt? made, prn-e 9 1 ??<>. AI?o light Harness. Apply for three days at Si feast Twenty ei. ii ;h street. T7>OR SALK-A BAT IIORSK, 15^ n A N DS~ S7(? h7~8 F > ears old sound an I kind. 3001 latnllv or business hors* price $".1. Aif" a bav Ware. Oao light ?qun ? body B nines* or Pleasure Wa^nn and Harn-ss. Apply lor tOiee days at 1!5 East Twenty seventh street. Fast tkotting horsk fob sale.? a gentle man giving up keeping hordes, wi I set. a', or either of four young, >0 tnd and Kente Horses. b?\a long t nils and Cue travellers. Uu? 'an trot In 2. 3D. two in J:<0, and un< In 2 33; also sing> and double Haute ,.Mi ;nt Wagons, A<\, eyiai to new Apply nt 10ft W 11 1 am struct. Must BR sold for want of use-two large hay Horses, suitable for oart n,- or any otuer use. To be seen at tue stable In rear 01 Jt'.i IVtit Tnlrtiotb atreet, Tub success which attended the first ralb at the New York Horse, corner Thirty seventh street and Broadway, has determined* the proprietor. I?r. WILLS, to <*y"that the auction sale will be rei<eated every Monday. Persona having Horse*. Oa- risers or Saddlery to ?dispose of, either at public or privste'sa'o will consu t tbeir own interests by aending ihem to the llors.' Ha/oar. WAUON FOR SALE. -A LIGHT TOP EXPBE88 WA con of the best make, run hut ten dave and to be sold ?nly on a -count of havioc no u?? f r It. Osi h ? seen at the livery aialile tii'on street, near the corner of Market street. I nqnlre for the pron leior of *tsb;e. CLDTHimn. ASt'BBB PLAl B- AT 2X1 SIXTH AVENI'E LADIES aud gentlemen will find me fair and honest rte,|?r, h. MINT?., to wbom fhev raa dispose of their Caet Off Cloth ing. Carpet*. Puraltnre and Jewelry, at fifty per Rent more than by other dealer* In the eltjr. I promise to pay the fol lowing prloe*:? BHk Dtessea, from to SIS-.'Coate. 14 to $18; Pents.fl to $7. Also for Woollea. Delaln* and Mne II n Dresaea the highest rash priees will be paid A call or ft not* toy poet win be punctually attended to. Ladles at tended to by_ Mrs Mints. Please renomber the original B. Mlntx, and the number, m Sixth avenue, near Eighteenth street. Order* fr?n Brooklyn and Jeraay City pnnotn ally attended to. * A~ TTENTIONI? #T THE AGENCY STORE. NO. 212 Seventh arenue. R. ROSENBERG. I received 180 000 In greenback!' to purchase and par the btaheat prieo for Oast Off Clothing. Thla order must ^e fulfllled at short no ?loe. Silk Drseaee from <? tn 900. Coots frnm $3 to $2S. I'ants from (3 to $7. Also Carpet*. Furniture. Jewelry. Ac. Lad lee and genta, I Invite yon I* give bo vour order* or addroee mo with a not* B. KOMKNBKBG, III Haventh avenue, Indies att*nded by Mr*. Boe*ub*rf. Orders at l*nd*d t* In and nut of tb* city. ADVANCED-TDK PRICES OF CAST OFF WEABINO Apparel at the California Agency, on aeconnt of re Mlvlng returns I* gold. Milk Dresses from $7 to $60; Coata, $8 to $U; Faais. $8 to $?; ala* Otrpal*. Fnrnltnr* A*. Please address Mr. or Mr*. J. OOLDSTEIN. 181 Seventh ?venn*. between Teeaty eeeond and Tw**tv third stresM*, where all order* will ho duly atteaded to, In or e?t of the ?My. A- t~TH>T NEW 8TORH. M CARMINE STTRRKT. LA dies and fentiemen est receive fifty per eent more for Caat Off Clothing. Furniture Carpeta a*d .lewelry, by oall. Ing on or addraaslng II HART, OH Carm 1 n* str**t. Mar Be. I foul. Ladle* will b* punotnaliy attended to by Mm. Mart. ATTBNTION.-M. lbob has a gbbat demand for Caat Off Clothing La lles and gentlemen, yon are ?uro to reserve the highest price for Oaat Off Clothing. Oar CIS, Furniture. Jewelry. Ae , by sailing at or addressing I Third avenue. Ladlee will be attended by Mr* l^oe AT 9B8 ROWBBT.-H. ROSENTHAL II A VIBO A GREAT doom tn purchase a large quantity of cast off Wearing Apparel, Furniture. Carpeta, Jewolry. Ac , by calling on or addreeetag him I ad lee and gentlemen can obtain the utmost value for each artlale. Ladles attended to by Mr* Beeen thal. Pleas* r*rasesb*r, and try SSi Bowery, *pp**it* Great Jeeee etreet. AT 1ST SIXTH AVBBUM? LADIBS AND GBNTLB A men. If you wtah to reoelr* th* highest prlc* for your Cast Off Clothing, Carpeta, t uraltur*. Ac., tho beet yen ana do Is 10 call oa or eend a note to B. MINTX, nt No. I il Sixth avenue, two doers frees Tenth etreet. Ladlee atteaded by Mm Mints True, ye* will be deell with to your satlsfao tloa and beoefll. QENTLBMBN'H BBW AMD LB FT OFF CLOTBINO purchased for lbs West? The fnll value will be paid without eeeklng to impose. Call at the store or add rase THOMAS B CONBOT, Mil Pearl street, between Centre and Chatham street* ? pats tub hiohbst pbicb for ? Jjadlat aod Geatlemsn s Qaat Off Clothiag Parties waited os hi sddressisg L \) ash her*, m Esat Twelfth street, ssar Broadway. thAlfm waited oa bv Bra. 0. PCIt BAtB. I A LUMBER YARD, WTTA A fUHINO AND MOU1.I. lug Mil! attach*'!, for Civ? On account ? li"igcu.i tin icd III health, the adverti-if wnliW in <lw?>o e ol hi* bi-staesa, now Id prot. table operation. Any person ? ami ,g bnslress will And an opportunity seldom od e red- Fur p.,r. tiou art inquire on the preiuisea, corner ?( beouud iruu? and Kilty third street. Akakk chance.? for sale. the stock, ru. lures and Lease of an old establis ed tamper net Oncerr, on a good pen* r and dolus a line uayin* bumitl^ Will lie (old low a* the .iwuer l? golug te leave the oily. A;>. ply to GEORGE K1CHAKDSOK, iJK Bleecker street, car oar of (iruve A BASK CHANCE.? FOB SALE, THE STOCK FIX tuies and Good W !l of a Crockery Store, well Blacked and dolug a good or will etcamige tor a House and Lot or a small Farm, nd pa* the tiiUerence ia cash la quireat T3 Carol lae street all this weak. A KINDLING WOOD YARD FOR RALB.? DOES A large business Alao a large Corner Lliuor Stove. la a good location. Also a t^andy, .stationery and Tey Store; does a very good busncm. AIa? Kr?'.,u aum Groeeriea, Drug Store*. Ac. w. H. MITCHELL, 77 t edar streak. A BAKERY FOB SAI.K AT A LOW PRICK ? I'OEs'A vurv good b lame s.? A ?o a Corner Gro>-ery 8t'>re. to a coo l location. Also Co.lee and Lunch Kooraa, II "Ma, K?-H(Huran ts ao'1 Hxrroonig. Also tu? oesi Coruof UkiMMT Store on Lou g ialaitd. " H. MITCHELL, 77 Ce lar streak. A CORNER BAUBT AND C0NFBCT10NEBY FOB sale? with all itie necessary II. tores tools and ulca ? II# for d"ln.A a lame business, the t<eai pA,tns routes tu (he city", wrj? horse^ and *?(giik Apply to A. F. HUUMK 121 Bowery. A PHOTOGRAPH OA LLKRY FOR SAL"-OUEaP FOB cash Apply to W. NUHTOM, Opilotau. 40 aueui, Brooklyn. A patent for the united states of a new Invent on. vain .bleto carnage anil watoo maker* and and aj ronrid?*rei1 by thetn . also one In nillitarv eqtiipii cntv i>Uh V approved hy soMierg; will Ih? so d very low lor c*?h, li purchased imnelia'eiy. AdJress box "8 Godfre .-?* Un on s nare oflli e. lor two days, giving name aud residence. Uaefc buyers on ix will be noticed. Brass foundry for hack-now doing a g< oil oaah business. Full partiou ara will be given Br adUresbing a note to 11. J. Ellis, station A. BAKERY FOR SALE? OWE OF TUB BEST STANDS In the Eirhth avenue. Apply to JOHN M. DAW.iUil, 176 Tenth avenue, or 448 West Iwenty-iilth atreet CIORNER LI t.'UOB STORK FOR SALE? IN THE NINE* ) tnemh ward. Mew York. Reason for soiling made known br a Id- es-lng .1. B. M., station F, Third avenue. Let ageuis take notice that they wi.l not be treated with. CIONFECTIONBBT FOR RALE-THE BKflT RETAIL J atorc on the Eighth avenue, witb thirteen machine ? and all the ocltnr uteuaile f or making candies. Apply at bSl Bigluh a.euiie. DRUG STORE IN A LEADINO AVENUE UP TOWW lor su a. or to exchange f >r r-al estate about New "i ork. lilt" 1b a tare chance tor an enterprisiu? druggist. Addreaa M. !?., box litt llorald n ce. DRUd STORB FOR BALE? OOOD LOCATION, FA IX stock, a splendid opportunity for a druggist or phy sician. Will be sold I'or hall its value. .Call at 111 East Eighteenth street, between Third aveuue aud Irving plaoe. FOR 8ALE-A CHANCE 8ICLDOM OFFERED, THB advertiser, deironsof retiring on account of il health, ofTers for sale a tir-t rate manufacturing business ? shiria, Lin?n Bo-nuns, An. : several years established in the cUf of I'hiladelphiit, and now doing a very good wholesale l>uai ne-s, constantly incruasim; lir-t ciass city and couniy cash trade. The stock of well assorted and well made goods will be sold on reasonable terms. A splendid oppor tunity for a baslnoss man with capital, sav SJii.uutl and up wards to lake hold of a tl rat rate tiusiness already w-rfced up and systematized tu his hand and capable of e*teo -loa to his sa.nraction. Ill healih o' self and family the only reason of giving up. No good wll. money require! A.1 d"i*s. with real uauie. Ac., box 1,937 Philadelphia Foal (BMb FpOR SALE? 8TOCK, FIXTURES AN'? LEASE OF A! 1 old esiaWlsticd Optician Store, in an Eastern oily, oleaij lug from $i,UlA) to ( >,IXi ' per aiinu . For further p lais nujulre at L SltlESHEIM H, 431 Broadway. li'OK 8\LE-THK FIXTURES OF A WATOHMAKBR'S r ami Jewelrv Store, estao'lehed over sixieen year1, doms a good ohb hit business; o?-u be had witj or \. ltb<>m t<>a stock A<so Sl ire to leaKe. Appl to M. DOD1N, avenue C. OB SALE? A FRENCH SECRETARY DKSK, BLACK walnut: made bv the best maker. Also a Na. 1 M?r ring's Safo, nearly now; both very cheap. Apply at Ma M nut; atreet. rear oOlca. For sale? portable iioistino enqinbs, foub single and ouc doubie; as good as new. Inquire Of BLAKE A HiOt?lN8, 71 Oold street. New York. For sale-twrntt portable steam engines ?mil IS iliera, of eight and ten horse poir -r, deliverable during Sepletnner, at the rate of live por weeg. Appiy at the acheuug Machinery Hep it, Mat.len .aoe. For bale-a photoobapb gallery, in bboajv waj, Tt>e who e of t".e Fortiuure and Apparatus ar otilr tne Futures may-be haa at a great bargain. Apply at b.ij i. road way. BIORSALK? LARGE SHOWCASE. NEW AND SECOND Hand Counters, Tables, l)e*ks. OOlca Haitians; Saafc and eery de?crlplion of Store Future < nut up ?t the iowaal pric! App y to J AMES HOUUfi, 35 Jane atreet, corner af Eighth aveaue. Ij'OR RALB ? JEFFERSON MARKET? THE OLDB8T 1 and longest e?tab!ishnd Buttor. ? hacse. Ac , btand ia this market, now doing mi excel. ent business A rara chance for a person who understands loa business. For salb-a first clas<j fbi'it and confbo tlunery Store, hltnated In Sixth avenue; out ol the beet locations in the cltv. The stoos consists of foreign sad la mest!- fruits, nuts, conleetionery. preserves, .e lles, Ae, Ao . The owner having other business out of the cily.'Viabea to sell Immediately Address J. I O.. 68 Cortlandt street, aud stale where an interview can be bad. riR SALB-A TBUIT STORE AND RE3TAURAHT OM Broadway; ama 1 apita roquirad; reason < giraa foe seilmj. Address 1.179 Broadway. F FH)R bale.? the 8TOCK AND riXTURBS or A Hou?<-fumljhius Toy and Kmej Store will bo sold fur batf !l? value on amount of owner leavtuit the city. Any in-mail waning to enter nun the will lind this * ram chance. Apply immediately at 'ITU Sixth aveuue, be tween .Seventeenth and Eighteenth street*. H'OR SALE? ONE OK OROVRR A BAKER'S FIRST class narlor Hewing Marlune.; row-wood cane, beauti fully liuish kl, and la per net oidcr: omy In irnc a Jew months, by a private lady. Can be seen at 41 Went fourth at; eel. lilOR SALB-A FIRST RATE QHOCKRY AND LIQUOR I Store. situated in a good nelttliborhortrl for business and low rent. Apply In tbe atore, Uit fen lb avenue, om door from Mueteenth street. For sale-in the finest and bbst paving neighborhood nc?r a ferry, Stock, natures and three vesrs i,- ass of the ulo-at Stor-- und business lit tbeoivy; earn d ast year f > ' '. :iH expt-nies |>*IJ. Kor |>articu are la nunc of DU. D. HORKTKR. 178 William mrei-i. lj'OR SAt.R?RRST Air RANT AND DRINKINO KA r loon; will be sold tNl* ilay ennap, aa the proprietor haa oth -r bumuoaa, A| p v on Uie premises, Jtli south street. JT10R SALE CHKAP? TIIR LKA8R, STUCK AND FIX tore* nf t e Bull's Kerry Hotel, now doing a li-.e bust. n-??: plcn c< i-v^rr dm and a good road travel ai all t.-mea. It will he gold low to a ej??li cu turner. Good teai>oas fcivrn forKell ng. lo'iulte on the premises. I7*OR SALE CHEAP FOR ASH ? TH K STOCK. FIX til'essnd B n.nes-t of the old es-at? lsuej Con: merr Store and Ice <:ream Saloon 161 Third a.ouue. tfuniMM good. 1'ussestlon immediately. F^OR 8AL.K CHEAP FOR CASH? ONK OF THIi BKST paylni: U>ater, CoiTee and Unakini Saloous in the o'tv: toe place being now c osed until s-p'(,iu.-r I li uot aoia will lOupon at that tlnie. Tins la a aootl cliencn farm ?y p-M-soa with a small - anitll. Call on th ? premises, corner of EM'-i and Urand at teen. No agents need npp >\ WaLLaCL A aiCKBLB. L'OK SALE OR E\Cll AIIOK? FOR A LARGER YBS " sel. a strongly built and well louud sl-top, of 4i tons, in ererv re-pect r-alv for Immediate use if exchanged the di eyeuoe in price paid In cash Ai piv to Caputla OS board, foot of West Ihirty-Urst atreet. North river. Fl? IKIIf safks-onb La Rub .1EVRUAM and i wo medium Hi bIS ties: at* ? one Foot .e, for sale, nt twenty-fivs p-r cent li ss than manufacturers' prlcee, to close. in stores 2 Maidec I HAVE A FIRST RATK GROCERY AMD MOTOR Store tor aa c ? I wil give the lease and good will to any per* in who will give mo the market price tor my stack of groceries. Ii joors and alet I'artie- winning to buy will da well to cail and see me before Imun,: eltewhara. WM. ABBOTT, No 4 East Rrosdway. Machinery for sale -twelve and sixths* Carrear a Braiding Mac Hies, iu tbe best condition; Doubters Shafting and Pulleys, and other lloop Skirt Ma chlnerv, will be sold i heap, separate or together Apply at 8i> Bluh avenue, in store. PBTRflLKUMOIL REFlKBBY FOR 8 aLK.? THS ali?v? well known Refinery, tu perfect working order, with ail It* machinery and four lots of ground, situated at the corner of II 2Wi strne4 and First avenue. wi:i be aoM chi-ap by the proprietor, ALBERT SPRV KRH, 29 Pine *k RARR CHANCE Ff?R A ' BC8IVBS8 MAB.-BITRO peaa Hotai and Reataarant lor sale. Mr. LITKLLB, proprietor ol the above houae. being ob'lged to i<-are tha city, offeri for sale hit well patronlred eatablls'iment. i ha houne has been newly palated and pataired tbrouch and tha fnrnllure la nearly new. Any party wtahliu; to enter Int* the hotel business will find this a goad opportunity. Par terms and particulars apply to Mr. LITELLK, Knmpeaa Hotel and Restaurant, No. 2 Clinton place, corner of Broad way and Blghth atreet. Rarr chawcr.? for salb, thb stoctc and Fixtures of the Variety ami News depot 1 17 SeventA avenue. Tbie la a good stand ; over eight yea/a established. Satisfactory reasoa given for selling. THE BEST chawck ever offered.? a orocrby and Llqtier Store tar sale, aa tha owner la going out off tbe city. Call at 109 Waal Tlilrtr-nlnth street, between 19 and It A. M.. and t and < P. M. r HOUSE PAINTBRB. ?A SPLBNDID CRANCK POM ? man of small eapltat. The Store, Fixture* and Oon^ will of a well established Palat Shop will be sold cheap. Id eation ranaot ha beat Addresa Cash, box ill) Herald oiHea, THB STOCK AND FIXTURKS OF A WBLL BBTAB. llshed drat "t?va far sale, lo ng a goad business. iwtaaU pally areaertptioa*. A well paying srenc in connection . A rare thanes for a person with a small capital. Satisfactory reasons glren for selling. No agents need apply. Apply at an Faurth a vss ns, near Tenth street. XJtT ANTBD-BT A SINOLE OBNTLKMAN. A GOOD if Suit of Booms far the winter. In a oleaaaal neigh borhood, furnished or unfnrnlshad, without Board or with breakfast leatr. A-J.irass, atatiag location and altuattoa off roams, bai 6,077 Past offica. ^ MATtJUBOBlAJU ATOUNO MAB. WITB A popD O ? I ABACTBB, GOOD looking, fly* faat tan Inches high, dark hair, dark syes. 24 veare of ago. wlshas lo correspond with so<na young lady with a view to ? CharTee D. Bat^ Companv E Kirth Mlchlsan Veteran Vol untaor Infantry, Second brigade. Third division. Boos ad oar pa, Washington. D. O A TODBO WIDOW LADT. OP PRBPOB8RS8IBO AP Muaaeh wishes to form the acquaintance of soasa ?entlemaa, with a view to matrlmoay P Isase eoeleaa STAo da vlslia. If oonranleat. Addreae May B. Stasia. Broadway Poet aOoa. KXPRMBM. B' IJRBH AM'g FOBNITURB BXPBBSS-OPFICB IBS West Bleveath tlreel. between Fifth had Sill sen noes.- Pianofortes. Mlrrara, Palatlaga. China, Aa, hewed I and shipped la all part, af the warlj. Large wagows feg I moving furalturt la slty at ttuhlry. ParWtura Marad.

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