Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1864 Page 3
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?mrATiom wahtxd- raNALii. _ kHUMBBR or WELL KBOiiM MKNDBD GERMA* fetnaloa waal alluauoaa as ooofca. chaialMriiia *nd *adr???a, nurwa au l gwla for general fcoua^work Ao., J ??. LOWlS'd German Iast.iate, 17 Stanton at., sear itM Wwory. A NUMBER OF EXCELLENT COOKS AND EXPE ?? rlaucc d ci.? Ml)?nu?.d., *? lra?a,ia. nurses, auti uir a fur bau^owurt *ud;iU. m latalv landed waalad la! y? tixrmao Iriah. Kngliah. S.oto.'i and Am.ruaual UlMUND'S, (51 Biee?ker ak, lemond from 14'J Grand at A N KXPERIENCEO AND RK8PRCTABLE WOMAN ' warn* a aiiwaiiou a* waiBuraa. Addreaa tlleu Gorman, 1 Lata aiw at _ 1 RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WANTS A RltlfA. \ Hon aa aeajasnvaa and to tti? children. Call Ma day at 20ti We?t 3?tb at., between 7tl> and Sth ava. A WOMAN. WITH A CHILD OP SKVKN YEARS. A. wbn cau make heraelf xenera Iv o??ful at xewlnf; or jonaework. la wi II g to devote bar iimo iu a small family, W b<Hiid for b?*r*elf ar d uiln. Best referuueea given, ddress boi 42 Union - t ..are atlice. t MTUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE \ ; ouo?4 W"lnan, t" do general hon salvor.. ; is a cood a- her ami roner; good ruiereuoe. Call at 4Ai 2d av., Mranee id 2iib al. i RKai'BCTABLB WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION 1 aa plain cook, waaber and ironei, an.l to do general ?ueework in a small prlrate family; fiood cilv reforon' ?. tli for two daya at 127 Weal Twuuiv -seventh at., between 0 and 8 lb ava. 1 HBSPHCTARLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS I ?'iod plain cook, w.iu.!ier and roaar in a pr vate tm ly. ioq city refer.* u< e Iroin bar laal place. Cau be aueu at 1<3 aat 2','tu hi., near 2.1 av. . SITUATION WANTED-TO DO OBAMBERWORK ^ jand assist hi wa.-Mug and ironing. Call al 176 Laat . TOITNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK, ;? V waah and Iron; KOOl reference. Call at 31(1 West I that. RESPECTABLB GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO k do housework in tbe city or country. Cull at lib tat 1 at Rt 3PKCTABLR TOUNO OI IUi, LATF.LY landed, I wtstiea a situation us chambermaid and waitress ; has o%,erti'>n to ^o a aliurt instance in tbe country. Call for ?> daya at lli>? Wet- 27th at. R*8PBCTA!!LE GIRL, POUR WEBKS IN Tills ronniri . want' a situation to do general houaewort; eron. e ran he n ven Ha tokWHR Call ai I/O Weal Hit betweeu 7tb aud -tb ava., for two daya ? AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES WORK BY Till? . day ur nont; no objection- to waatiiti,!. Apply al 611/ b ak. top floor, back room; terms reaa.iu.ible. SITUATION WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN WO. . man, to d" genera: hoi.aework. Call at il West 33th at. RES PHOT A BLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8ITUA Uon to do ctMinberwork and waitlnij; or jt-ncral bouMi rx in a auia 1 faaily. Cau be seen for two daya al 210 ?i Ivib ak. Oaca rooui. No. Ill, up atalra. an cation wantbd? by a young woman, as nui>.o aud eliauibermaid; city reference. Call at 210 t> ak bct.veen Sib and 9lb ava. RENGH MIDDLR AGKD W3MAN WOULD LIKE ts tin.- a la. nl. y going to Knrnpo me urnuld take charge ?<>u. rbHil.uu for bt-r paaaa^e and ie<|Utin no wagca, ?- ? 1 175 3a ave., nei r Ktli at., l'or all the wotsk. COIPFTRNT NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS WISHK8 ub:>wu a a tiiation, ellber in city or country. Apply <11; a Weal 27lb al. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE I c'rl. to do c neral '.onamvurk in a private family; aiie :e<T>l plain C0'<k aud bu >? oeileut waaber and ironer; bai i > 'nlerenoe; ao objection to go a short illatanne In ?iantr ( <11 al No. a 6th at., near Bowery, in tbe rnuhi, for two daya. RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO dogi-nnral iiou ework il a small private lam y. or no ?ort ilMuni* in the country. Has the beat of city refer e. Ca.l at 12S d av. RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHRS A 8ITUA linn to do general bouaework in a a ma: I pnvato fain ly ; tirat rale washer and lrouer. Apply at 2.52 :Btu sk, be ?o i'tb and 8lh ava. TOUVG WOMVN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO ? and watting Two yea a Htv refi;renc3a. at 20i Weal iblh ak, between 6tb and iiu avs. LARGE NUMBEB OF FIRST CLASS SERVANTS m r erv capai iiv. auitable lor private families and Qrat a prhaie boarding bau?n?. In c.ty or country, want attons. Apply at the Privato Servants' Iaatiiute, 103 u3tilh at., between lib av. and Broa>lwav. J. B. WK1H, Proprietor, TOT'NO WOMAN, WI8HING A SITUATION AS rbainberniald ami aeamatroas. wo ild co out by tne day |.-m< to do family sowing. Call at 261) t^lh av., beln eea [ a ad 17tb aU . in tbe fancy atore. KBtifKCTABLE OERMAN, WOMAN WHO HAS torn her own baby, wlahea to got a child to wpt our** Town ho; good referenoea. Call at 1W fcluab -th i the bakery. TOI'NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS nurnn md ? araatroai; no objection !o the country lor ?ri tima. Hood city refeaenee'tiom >a?t plai'e. Can be at l<!4 Weal 111 ib gt., between 7tb und isib ?vh. I SITUATION WANTED-AS PLAIN COOK, AND TO .ana ?i m wa hing and iruuing. Good reference. W-*t 25th at. TOD NO WO-.AN WISHES A SITUATION AS ehamba mail ?? r?rl waltresa. or would do bou?e?-ork ~ all tamily- f.tu.1 rafarenee. Call for two daya at 35.1 n the core. | COMPETENT TO UNO WOMAN WISHEi a SITUA I'on ai ?p>tn.Jtreaa; thoroughly ailkluda amliy aaiug; can doit up neatly by hand or machine; d tip ?Ulla?: to with to? chamber work: good city IKSPI OTAHLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS i'uO( i wnahei and lri.n?r; ha* no ob rct on to an (o the ktr?; baa the bp-tof city reference from her laat pia>o. be *rco lor two daya at -"vt Went 27th at. (situation wanted? by a competent? good". i-iiivriPB'-'rt nlain cook and baker and an eicel'ent ? r and Imurr: ha? the beat of city re.erenre for <har nrt -apabl.ny. Can be aeen at 37- 7ib ay., between iid mil ata. fVOUNGOIRL. 15 TEAKS OLD, WANTS A SITUA turn lo do light chamberworlt or to t:ik>" ca'P of chll i'all at 132 west 15th at., between Glh and 7th ay?. |KBSPKC1>ABLB MB WISHES A SITUATION AS s?id jii? ii cunt washer an t lr .ncr; ha* good city re -<e. Can be i-een at 1U# Weat .'t3J at. RKSPgOTABLM TOUNiJ UARimT) WOMAN wanted at wet nurae. to take charue of a baby at ber r< ai-lcuce. Apph to Mra. Doughy. C2 Vnndam at. (RESPECT A RLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS uaiubprma d and nxltrefts or to do ^enirral bouae good rpferpoc. Call at 165 Weai 33d at. '?0>O r.Iril, WI3IIKS A RT0AT1ON AS CHAM* e ua.d and waiireaa; beat af city ref-rence. Appty : W< at .Uih at. rot' MO QIBL WI8IIRS TO DOGKNKRAL BOOMS. ? kill* illicit orn at" futility; la ft io<m p.a n conk >i?*he>- -?nd tronpr, n? ih- lip^t rr?ii'r?nc?; haa 10 oii < ity or ri unary. i all at 78 Biooiue at.,aecond irout roo i, for two daya IITllATiON WANTED? TO COOK, Wt.-B AND. iron or cio kntiai work, city reference. Call at 70 At au Brooklyn. fOD.*'n fllBL wants a situation in a small rcm-ct iblP I am'ly, to <lo gptt al h i savyor ; h ik towl ipfel onte t.'an be ?*en at ?3<| Wpii Ifith at , In the rear. |bkspkct\sle pkksov wishks a situation fNMii'trp"* itt MM nice ta oii> .n the conntr, . and ! t< ai?l<l It nii ott " c*u*cit i. reunite,.. Satis Rfefwuce tin be i(i - u. Apply at .'78 Mulberry at. ,W>Y, AllOUT LEAVING THE OUT. WlSIIKS TO re for a :<K?d an>i capable young w onian iploy, a ai'uatiaii io do yWitl nouaew-vk in .i III pr ?tc I r icU>? l.i .I'.y, or to . wok wash ai. 1 'rou fatoil* emnlovlnit M >r aorv ot*. App.y at herprc*ant 1- Kaat 5i 'tu aL, ai c ml djor eaat ol .'J a?. >ituation wwrp.:)? \s stk wardens on a 'Pi ; tood raferauce. Cal 1 at 43 Ouver at,, room 32, [ bo hi ng. SITUATION WANTED-TO COOK, WASH AND , liaa nit jreara' rrfprp-ir* t oin last place. Call ai ^th av. bMtweea J^tli and -Mil ata. ? Ol NO WIDOW- WOM AN, WITH A FRESH bn- at of milk, wlahra a aitnaifon as ?pt nurac. In e at 4'J Marion i>u ttt od roferpace giTi-u aad inquired. NICK TOUNO WOMAN, TR >M AN INLAND CITY, hpa a ai uaitnU n coo* . la an olc*i!#nt liaipr un t nipat" ao i|>? and dcaaprta; wouM aaaiat . lib lit* lBif Cun bp a>-e:i at I 'I Ka<l I'.'Ci at., till m mirU 8M A IIT VOt'NC Wi)M\!f, WHO WRITES A i.OilD ,iaud ?nd can -rep a .-mint*, anta a aH'.aHoa in ?? oro.llce l"r>' I ?r nor kci-H would be ra |Uired. AK .12 Kaat I'Jth at., for orn- <1? >* >?. I'UCTABLK VOL'NO OhlL? landi- d, i. i* a altuatinn 'o do genpral m ??iyork: 1" a tiood ?rani ir nnr. Annly at ,15 Weat I5i i ai , twitwiMU otu 7lli ay? , lioni baai'tBWM. | VI r ATION WANTRO-Afl FIRST (I, ARB COOK, i cit) tti nraaaa. Call Kr tnouav< at Its Wr?t i;tb HCTaHI ? VotfM i WOMAN WANTS .a siri A lM-,j ,a pi ii Hi h". hi spr own ho i ? I hoi ia?by, three w a old. Apply at 31.1 Kaai 11 1 . at. IIT1AII )<t WANTS ? I't A VOL'NG w O ?! \ -'.a I r'c? ai, io i nt ii ihp impp ..i .in c i, hm Iitof -r? r?fp ? fin < lim !?> ? >"* it li Va piii. S iMiv? u ai. , linrU hou c irttfll Hi* i- ' ^r at. RRHt'M'T VRbE WIDOW WOMAN ?\I<rS SOME ' " ?' " -r HPDtlo.uP'i'a, at her uv <i bouac Id n?at 1U1: at iBITCAriOM W'.NTI.D? AS Nl'XSE AND CKAM wa, by a rei.ipe.i'iit peraan, wirb gnoi el IT ivfar. 1 invi or o In ih eoun'fv: . mi -vor. oil ?I A i.r ? up. I .o l? wpii .,t livt,- t l:;ru Ut al .Mb at. lOSB.MA.N OlltL WlKMEii A MITUATIOS as COOI i n ? '! in U al 07 T ?? i I i . IV NG f OUaN WAN1M a SI rr ATION T') IiO u ... i '???<. n 'w?, ?ai i>?i it >it?l UM ?>* Or .'{fupral <iovacj t. I i it ut . i 1 W eat -i> i m. i I'. '1A LK O.'"'. NTS V ?JT' II 'OK *-) , vor< au i ?? iUii ?. .ippiy a . i #w 2UWi .striJAHOft Wa .TIM IT A I. .''SI** I Mil,'. , (.? i> ' : .' '?r? or- ?i ri ? ui m a pri , ,uj (, i 1 1 6i a . *i irk* ut m I,,- oi 4th. fATf't v. . Tr'D BY A TO' NO I TB!>. TH . rirtmli , ' anirtll mnitf; no objauiirMt ( ' ran i? ? ' t 'f- '3i2* a muoN vi v" i r ii? AS co";;, A*. .? To a?-*ist t . ????: ? >i-i tromaui icuod city twiariiMr. ??? la: ? .1 V * ,|l'?ll'lN WANTl l>, IIT A i J ' . K M A N i ... i , r -iM I'reu b *?<? Am'' ii. c ,c/u i i t y ctv iii^f, m ? "W ?la..*tiou*ei h?l ? ? i,. i c* a tfi pi ng < , ., , ? ? l* i v?m ? WHO VH;| ' ? ,i ate j . ? ' ) l? iMMli AvthaV, ?iTt'ATtuBa wad niv-vainAbKa. CITOAnO* WANTED? KT A YOIMG WUMAN. LATB O iy land"J, ?t<|u *?u*rai niu?e? rk: la >*' wit 'Oi iu learn nod uuifco hers uaafui u a.iy *?> ?bo M: '? htraiJ work; ao ?fe.wjil Ml t> ih? o.uo.i* filial "MtWi ai. botwoea 7th aud bib uva. Situations wantbh-by rw<? orr* ?h I ? Jo ueueral b'mtrwork In ??U tui 'I % lojuieat <19 Weal 47th at., up stairs, third d mr. frmi roum. fPWO YOUNG GIKLN, 81>>fc*x WHIH 81 1 HA I tioas to do tbe wnrk'of a qriv 'e I . iii'T ; both ate well reeomoiOB'.ad. Can ba aeen at 179 K?*t 34ib *1 WA*TBn_BY AN MPbK.tTwR ON ?r m.i,, T * Wilson's ww D( ?l4..h ? oioa.s, ?.wlu ? L.. WU?.Tlle? *orkTfci,,e) " A ,Jre'M MU? *? - Wanted ? a situation, as oh im.wrmaid and wu. ir?hn. i* willing io assist in iduiu a* lug B- t eliv refereuca glvcu. Call ai Jul Ka*t lltu >L, lust Hour, lor two dava. WANTED-8ITUATION8 BY TWO SI TKilS; ON K AS cook and laundress tin- other a* iht u ri'iidml wa'tress, and to help with w*?hlug: bo b un.ieis ai'd their wot >t tiior?n,;bly, and h^e good reference. IU1 We?i ?t. , near uth a*. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A BESIBOTA BIJS ioiiii ??m n. to do general hmnewiT* in a atnall private family ; ha* neod reference from her art place. rail for two days ai 3C1' West lClli at . llir ANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A .SITliAlltlN Vv tta M>>?uimr?ss an>l to aa 1st In rbamierworks <w nurse aod aea oitieai would like In travel with a lamliy. Ha* tnree years' reference. Can ' e aeen fur ene day at klia lancy store. 715 -dav., between 47tb and 44th am. Y\TAN'I B O? BY A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS, s-OMB ' ladies' and cent'omen's and family washing. Apply *137 West 2Uhst. WANTRD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO OIRL. TO do bouamvork, is a <co<l eoog and a firm rate washer and Ironer. Can do rhainh'rwork and washing. Hns the best of cliv ret'ereure. t,'ai> be aeen at 71 6 2J ave., between 47th aod 4Ktii (to., in the lancy store. WANTED? A CHII.D TO WET NURSR;HAS LOST her own tiativ, and is a gooJ.healthy wnmnn. flan ho Been at 14 At ant'c st. corner ef Willow, over the grocery store, Mouth Brooklyn. WANTKD-RY A RKSPECTABLR OTRL. A SITfTA lion to do general oisework. or up stairs work. I*i a am 11 private family. Has livd I've years an, I a hilt lu Iter last place. Can be. aeen for two days- at 153 Madison street. New York. WANTBD? A BART TO WKT NURSE, BY A KB spec able ladv. who lia? lost lier buliy. t ve week* o il at her own residence. Apply at 5ft Wcat ImIi at., tup l oor WANTED-BY A RRSPECTAKLB Y(?UNO WOMAN, a situation aa cook in a reapecta'le fa'iillv ; laa good wuaher and Ironer. and an exaedent bnker o?' bread and eakea; would prefer the country; baa no objeoll"n lo a ? fainllv; beat of refemnoe from her last place. P!ea?e cu'l In tho store, 310 Sianura at., between Uoerck and Lewis Rts. WAN I RO-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, A StTlMTIOff AS cook: ia a llr?i rate rook, and an excellent bread, ea*e and rasiry baker; wo ild. If renulred af>aiHt w:tli iho wash ing; be> t of city reference Riven. Call at ?26 West L'ftth at., top tloor. WANTED? A SITUATION. KITMRR AS HOI'SB keeuer or to do general ho i-ework In a widower a family, by a widow latey froui Mame. Addreaa Mrs. Euiily Oordon I'oat olll o. N. Y. U/ANTED-A SITUATION AS FIRST f!H8S WAIT Vv re? or would no aa nur?i>. by a voun? woman, with the ben of city reference. Call for two days at Lafayette place. , WANTED-A SITUATION, HY A RRSPECTAB'.B c?ok. waali- and Ironer in a private family, flood city lefnren e g v u Can bee seen for two days at 74 Washington it., Br?< Klyn, trrANTKD? SITUATIONS, BY TWO OIRLS? ONE TO Vv do chumberwork and waltln t, the ether to do sowing and mind children. Hate Knod refeitincea Call for two daya at 1S9 West 31st St., corner 8th av. T\7 ANTRD? A 8ITUATION, BY A BIOHLY JtRSPBCT V? able Prot??iant woman, .ta nurae: is wl^'og to make he'se'f uenera'lt ii?'ful and oblirfini; The best of city re ferences Call at the corner of Boerum aod Beruen sis , Brooklyn, in tne store \\r ANTRD? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ?? woman, aa p'ain co k, ? aah?r and Imrer in a email fai&ily; noobiectlon to go a sho-t d siame in ilia country. Cail at 2 I West Houston St.. for two days. WANTED? BY A RESP: CTABI.B YOUNO, MARRIED wo oan, a situation as wet nurse; her ttr;t cbiid not a month old Apply for two daya at I7H East 14th st. n; ANTRD? A SITUATION TO DO OENBRAL HOUSE '' work. Call at i8ti tith ave. He. erem-e given if re* quired. WlsT NORsB.? A RB^PRCTA BLE WOMAN. WHO has lost her own, wants a rbild to nurse; Iter milk is twoweekaod. Call for two data oa Mrs. u'Oonnor, 145 West 27th st. n' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Ii girl, to do g-neval honaewcrk. In a sma'l private family. Inquire st 300 Degraw st,. South Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RRSPECTAULB MARRIED \YOMAN, a bab to ? et nurse at her own t oua?. as she has lost her own, nine daya old. Apply at 291 Bast 11th sl, irst lloor. WANTPD-A SITCATTON. HY A RESl'ECTABLH y.inne witrain, to take earn of a baby or to do hmi?e work fnr n small private family; good reference given, (.'all at 35 Forsyth at., in the rear. WANT"D-BY A GIRL A 8ITTUTIOK AS COriK. washer and Ironer, or <votild go a* lauBdmsa and chatn bertnatd, r?n be (pen fr>>m 11 In the morning. Call at 44 West 17th Ft., until engaged. YirANTED? SITUATIONS. FOR POUR COMPETENT ?? nurse* and *eawi?t?r**e*: al?o *1* ."ind rtiQKa, will a*?lst In the wnshln ?: four competent l*ii>drr???a ? under atand fieir dutle- fully, timing. Ac., and a num'>?r of amart plrla fir ohamberworK and waiting. Aim neat. tldv Rirle for .lenernl homework, and glrla late'y landed Ewplover* In ' ity and country will plea<e notice that thev ran be mip piled without d?1ay with r?*peetable competent and well recommended glr!i of all nation* aod professions by ap plying 'it Mr*, v- ERLEY'B Select Employment Office, 111 kast I3tb it., betww*B 3d and 4th av?. W^TED ? A SITUATION. AS COOK, WASHER AND Ironer. bv a very re* peel able jrln; ha* the heat of re ference from iier last place, fail at I2S, corner ol Ueory aBd Atlantic ata,. room No. 2, Brooklyn. WANTED? SITUATIONS. BY TWO YOUNO QIRL*; one a* cook, waahcr and Ironer; the othcraschanv bermald and uaitrcHa; ace Tilling and oh igutg; cood reio* rence Ci?!l at IKS Proapect at., Brooklyn, for two day*. A HELP WANTED? niALES, AGENTS CAN MARK $1MN A FBW HOURS RELT.INQ our greit. new and wonderful extra laree al'e Prl?? Package*. $ S per day guaranteed. Every dollar lav?*tcd more t an doubled A aplendld solid cold or anver lever wii'cti presented free to encti aicent. S'i art m?n wanted to eetabllah agencte la every to .n and v lla*c. t'onntv rig it* tree Sale immen*? ; demiiid tTicre*?lng. Everybody '>"?? them. Send fur our great lie* circular for I (*>?, containing ex ra new pretnHm Inducement*. free. S <V RTCKaRDS A CO., inj Nas*>>u atreet. Mew Ynrk, original, largest and oluesi Prize Package bouse In the werld. i T THF RttUfHUI AttRN?'Y? WANTED. T'*-DAY. travel ins ?<ent. nook*eeper?, i*htp <lng c erk, hotel e'e-k. (trv good* s*l smen drug clerk, coudjietor furniture aaleameti. fancy rood* ?a es .icn, porter Other ? mattooa oix*n Ke erti'le men can alw-iys rtml empluvmeiH by ci Inc ? n u* early. M-reh nt? anil other* aupplied with bet, free of charge. Call an I sec. 0. MONOOMRRY A CO.. 2C> Proadwat, room No. 4. 'ip Ktnlr*. AORNTS MAKE TWO DOl.t.AR^ FROM TWRNTY oeni*. Cull and etcn'ne snr.ietlilnu irqent'y tl cded bv ever one, or lamp c.? aeo i free i>. ? ninii Inr t?eht\ cent* i mi n'Hi1 fur two ilo art. by II. L. WOLGOfT, l<0 Chat haiti a iMtre, New York. I OFST TO SET.L FIVE PRAYON PORTFAl I' OF /V L'eutenaat i.~n?ral ( S Urntit. b ncoln and McClel lati and :M more novel and u eful ai't' I'reflt largo Send stamp for circular, or call on 8 W. RICK A CO.. (4.S Na?snu aireet. Xew Vork. A iJOY WANTED? AS A.S8I8TANT BARTENDER Jx Ad Iress Baiteudar, Herald o YOITNO M AN WANTBD-TO ATT?ND UAIt. AT 349 lit a*. Apply from lu A M. to P. M. AtJKNTS W ANTED? T\ KVWRY COCN'TY A\D IN the t'unrd**. ia a pkIiU h <noianle ^'i.^ine-,*. Address. ?Be oslnj atemp, N. M. Burlow, Verena. N. J. ? B * RKEK PER WANTED? ONE WHO CAN" LOa S J\ III* emplover $VW on Rood ?ee?ir'tf will receive ?? hj tier meotli and b"?r.|; ?e?lcl? <? 'Ml" But of lUB eity. RICH ARusK'N A rUAlT. 1?K> Hr>ad?'a>. i FI^^T CI>VSS COAOHMAI? W ? N/KD-VHIt A pr;vnt<* f? tv ; must ntid 'rHlund ihr Uiklng e>i? of ho aes Hint h ? able lo brin .? :?r?t c a?s re <f nmeti 'ai ona fram hi* is^i empinvar; wag?* -fl par n>otitn and fouml, A|)"l? ?t Hie llerali! o.l aeon Wednesday marnliiK, atweca iu a"d In . o rl o*. A T COMMRROt \t, AOf NOV. rKH AND ?:>? RR<mD *\ wa ? W unied, cat 'a n c- r . tl-ne^cper. porter hoa pita' clerk. 'On ?pondenl, frelg t VlerK, l'ia?ir;iu e aip nt, hotel clerk water. c? hone ami a rtctier filler aitna tlo i- opeii. Young mea to CBllect iBoaey. O'-CAIt <1 CO, BOOKK^wpg* W ANTI" D? A ^ RTITRtr.vCRn AND c(,i . t "4 mr\, w io iii.derit.ind* keep nii bna?? ?y dBn''!e entry in a I* kl ????' oot" b o rn e n it .??* Ai dree*, with bBiii* and refetwones, Kenker bo* fo*t Olllcn. I>OT WANTKO? tN A DOMESTIC nmM'"H|oy HO. > s e v h .B*e. Art ito, w 'H i-e e-c l> appHeaiit * own b*ti.|'*nting ?utin* (alary Mperw l ? t?t year, box ,1J. . i . ? ? o : ' e. r>()Y WANTRD? TH THE P AN"T .: roitB, T. SI \T'I ! > .iven .? to leirn Hie buslBeas. on ?f ?en ?>! appear a* c-, .?(.<? who c i it bi I114 good 1 e ohihihd ukutit. pov WWTFD? Ml, I, 8 /.'.. NEAT IV APFEAR. J I auce, honeat nnd I'M. >av ! 1' ..(at)iar Al I U a er Id A. M at '0 i*"?rl ?t. t- ?< o- ? I?OY WAWTRD.? V SMAftT MTlVH !? 'Y IN AN OK fl lice. Iiitlm lull! i r' m a-i 1 if ndw Ap.lyhe tfrdea I ! *n 1 o clonk a' " >adi? "> . '1 |)OY n V J?Tr D IN V II . O ? ' 'I I' 01 A SMART, j 1> amire * ? will nod ? ood altnatB* 1.1 ?>et? wage Apr y *t ?" old ? ip. HOY WANTED? ft) WORK I" "PME si 'Hi: oi- aV i Ptu .1 let* A ItO it, a ti*" a id W" I I ad. | from 1 ' 'n Itl vea ? o I. <"* 1 at F It -n a' p tair* |"1A?(PAI0N MEDAIjS All'.MI W-'ST f 10 ' 1 T. lie i.?-t anti c!i'a>'*t Me ia e> er n o e Ih 1 <<l I On U no or addre?* 1OI1N UAUI^l. ti> I Far* p c<-, ?. V , j jKHil CLRHK w\>TKD. APl'l.lf AT 17 AV. D. nltro CI.-RK W?N1*I> A ^ Ml NO MIS WfW ** '.a t.t?d With .li* e .,1 g jn 1 1 11 , in. 1 r. r?. a."< e or ?? In; I lie ''li lite ,har ei 'lie b? ? le > 1 o ? ? I O. .Ai, ? 10 Mda ea Hak A Hiaijvelt. wiiuu-a t d. .. . ? :-i | I '01 nun t atr, et. nKi' * I. ERE WANTHD.' AM A * ?r ' e ,.M' at,,. ... A Uermaa *1 r pr.'f" t-d Mn*ti"*>nn *el rec-in I)' J. M !? ITO Of. I'K WMITHII flBI.P WAITRV-nALRj. lUNU WMIKU-t ronv) KMiUHHVtl. ? 4?r*"?'. ? 'l?iil t? I ? flaia lit tl'i ?M * hi ftv * ? ,d kV ? t )i*i 4 to it m ? k >???N 'tar. ui iu?M'<i,a <r*il ?, pi IB( w IL diiNlmn, 14 titm .a ah. ut? atairs. / J itiK KHT _ 4 HOT 4 ROUT KtOWrHII YK<K!t OLD 1 II t >>4 ,(*-* giaorry: ?iwl ?u4iinl*"il I ?? r*rw ?f h<TVH. ' I |ji) i? J. it. Umjuaoi A t.< , titt Mb ?*., ovrmsr ?l ii'iu at.. 4 tar i F tl. Cai<hmn\.n wihtsu? in a o ' ntlk m tv n runt a* n am* store * voung man, ale.m eighteen yean iif a.? m-wtmu with htn tiarrnii. <fi I o j to ? ?*e him*?l H-ner II u?r f 1 1, ma v mud!; to Mr. Uwu, KM Hi' i'luti. rjlllOHB JiBEKTNil HI r|f A HONS WAV VOW BR I p? liv f irui-h*d wit i e mploy me it h? win h th?' ?mi? r ai?)n n?t pnllt tpun Hi- m?re on ? <H> ?raa.t ten ii? f ?? artinl*. a!l>i 'ad M l< ? > 'rant at r * . *ii in?a liable mrch miiim p-.?iil?"lv aee a .1 4 u l t n ill .? f rtViTT >n?li 'fill i -iirmii* r -if the ton nan fa nllr Pw?as? will Iw di-p Honed to al1 part* of 111*- Dill Stalea, e*nn it from pnaU^e. Audreaa P. K 0 iron II WiKi-ltr street, N. V. Wf A.N TUB? A O 4R'?RN H R WHO TlTOR' lOCII \.T fN ?? rt- r (anils m,<t? tot tlawi r g iril tins, n Uk? ohir r a ? gr 'ill* nan'* plane ibity mile I rim I e*lty; a ma r <-r] man with a mnkil 'amiW iiref. r>?l Impi re of laaac riixiiauan, Jurist, AN'orla I, 1. IV ANTRD? I.ANU8MBN. SEAMEN. AC.. F<>? VKH ' * I'bDI wl m : an fin n . a In Cal . rn . I ind a i pari - of t' r rt. Onnd w.igea ri en. Apply noly to 'he tt.eiitn, b! A ' Si Mt enrurr ol Al'l y. J a mL.S A CO., Agent*. WANTED -IN ittOiaiT, A H0 1 PIOM M TO 17 years of mm. Apply from 8 to 10 o'clock, at Ti 4 ltd a*., corner af loth at. Wt ANTKD? IN A WHOI/*.8,W R ^TORR. A SOY W IO" wil ?h a . ki'I liM.nrt. Addraaa, in up,i icanl n mind j wrtOns. i<o* i.iiiu Pi'Bt I\ AN'TE??_\ TH.\ CI-HRK (IKI{ Til AT I'NftKH ? ? huii is hla b i"in.' a a id in wlllin' to w>r< m?v ji p'jr at 211 i>ruuU st., W illi?ni8nur0U, tliis d^v, between 'land It) o'clock. ? T1TANTKO? ONK CaRVRR AND HIX WAITKRS. KOR TV a <1 1 ti in u xii oon Apuly at Uia Putnam Ifouso, corner of 4th ar. and 21illi at. WANTED IMMSDIATRLT? TIIRKB OR FOURflOOO soda wairr tvers. To good band** good wagm will bs glveo. Apply at S3 ad av. WANTED? RY A WTlOI.ESAtE HOT79R, IN A branch ol' the atttmnery buatna^a. a young man to travel; nae wht i? i tbur<iiii;h v xood i^lasmiu and has con sid*-r?bl<' aoi|ivalntani!A wlih the staiiouarv aod ftney uomla tw!<" w.iimI b? urefrrrr-d. To a youo*; man >' bo can L'lva nn<>"captloi|iblR rifl'crenees this would lw a very d>-virabla and p?r nantint aitnat on. Adaresa A. H? care n. W. Can* ning. 227 Pearl at.. New York. WANTKD? TOWN AND COUNTRY TRAVELLERS IN ihtt bone biw nrsa. Muc be smart nod omT^ctlo. Em. p!oyra> nt parwian'-nt and lucrative. Aprly at 12 Dey st. (or addres* box 2.J74 Post oQIce). New York. WANTED? A YOUNO MAN, IN A BOOK JOBHINO 1 0'i''ern as aalesmao and general ax-i,.t*nc. Aildresa Bonk--, lltrald ofliue, stating salary required and laat em ployara. WANTRD ? A FIRST CLASS 8ALESMAN FOR THR Phot?:iapblo tMo k business; one wall oonver?ant with city trail)'. Address box :1,41s Mew York Post olU.B, WAHTBD? A COACHMAN, WITH THE BR ST OF ra omviendal ona; a single man Apply lruin 9 to 11)4 A M , at No. 1 State sL, aeeoud story. WANTRD? IN A PRIVATE FAMILT, A SINGLE man to take ear", of a boras and who understand* driTlng. must a'so know something about gardening aud be perfe tly willing to make himself useml. Inquire of J. V. Ashmaii. 98 Duane si AUerman preferred. X\l ANTED? A YOUNO MAN; ONB WIIO UNDER. ?? -lands the care of horses, and to a?s1st In the gardea. Apply at 41 Vesev it , from 'J o'ciotlc A. M. to 4 P. M. WANTED-A YOUNO OR MIDDLE AGPD MAN. IN * gnod, Ntegilv pnaitian; one liaving $150 to $200 in cash, a security for faithfu ness. can meet with in rasy, ie situa'iop by applying t't-day, after 12 e'clocn. to Tailor a Co., 732 Broadway, 1b the basement. ?f*TAN*TED THIS DAY? \BLE BODlH D MEN A8 " nu ?es, for service in the United Matea Army Oene ral Hospital, New Ynrk harbor; wagrs $24 per mouth, and board. Auply, with recommendation*, to K. 0. Elliott. 07 Hleocker st. TtT ANTED? IM MEDIATKLY, FOB ONE OK THE * * lastee: tfiiDbnati >n the scrvl e, golnit down on the Witnlnglou blnritede. *!?w? da, cooks, seamen. ordinary M?men, landsmen, Urfmen ?n l cohI passers. Roiintv $420, In addition to good pay and a ram chance for pri e money. Vetions bringing an? of their rriend* to thieonice, who " ish to lo u the service, will r*mlr?$IMtt the Unit-d St-itou Naval Shipping Ollice, 151 youth street, corner of Prek slip. TTTANTED? 21) YOUNO MEN FOB 12 WOMTB8' S8R V? vice on board one of tn? finest ahipa In tho navy. They W' 1 receive a bounty of $3e0 ca h in hard !n ud-Jltton to good waited, and a rare chanre for prize mnnc . Men wishing to join e-an receive every Information by applying lmme Itatelv at the Uiii'e 1 S at?-. Naval Shipping Oll.oe, 151 South street, corner of Peck nip. WANTED? A BOY ABOUT F.IOHTEEN YEARS OTiD. to attend har. Apply at Magulre'a liquor ttore, comer of Slot st. anil 1st av. rxrANTED? A SMART, RBSFBC T ABLE LAD, IN A '? shipping and commission business: he must reside with hla parents; salary $150 for the llrat year. Apply at 167 Rroadwm, room No. 5, at 9 o'clock. WANTED? IN A LAW OFFICE. A KOY BETWEEN 15 and 18 yea i H of age, to make himself generally "** ful. Address In handwriting of anplleant. U., Sun oitlce. T\f ANTF.D.? A BARKEBPER WHO UNDERSTANDS vv his bnsines and ean come well recommended may ap &ly thin moraing at 562 M ? rtle av., Brooklyn, between 7 and ) o'clock A. tt. WANTKD? A 8f!OTrH LAO, RESPECTABLY OON tiooted, to learn iuk millioerv goods business in a re tail store. Address J ? H. , bo* 262 Post office, New Vork. WANTED? FIFTEEN MBN TO DAT FOR A FISHING rm sife of four month*. $rvf) esn ba made by ihn trip; outfit found. RANDALL COURINEY, corner of Cham bers unci West streets, up Mslrn. \\l ANTED? MBN FOR THE UNITED STATES NAVT. IT ta snip for one. two or three years: bounty paid of $2 0, $4<tiiand $?00. RaNDALL A COURTNEY, corner of Chunoers and West street1), up s air? WANTKD-TO DAT. at COMMERCIAL AGENCY. 299 BroAdwar. bjoV.k?eji?r, piraer's clerk hotel clerk, porter. trrWht c.erk, 'lor < for.atearaer. entrv cierk, slilnr ng ciei-k, hardware siilesman, travel. er's agent, dry goods salea man, and oilier vacancies OnO.ARD A CO WANTKD-A BOY, 15 OR 17 YKARS OF A OH, IN A wholesale eo.iee and spire house; one who writes a good hand and qulek at Usurps. Aifcwraa. In anplkant'a own handwriting, U. W. A K., Herald office. Sa.ary tirat year $200. TTTANTED-A STEADY AND INDUSTRIOUS MAN. ?v v. lih *2M lo $"<?>, to act as treasurer with a f.rsl rlsaa tra elltag 'ninstn.'! troupe. Apply between W A.M. anil 4 f, M at t'.e Waii'.nian. .<a'i BfWMflL WAN TED? AT ril'5 VMRMMM HOrSE, COR. ner of Brtvune street aud Bowery, ouo nuht pur ler; aleo two bell boya WANTKD? A STEADY MAN, TO ATTEND A BIJTCd er a shop. Applv to Thnmss Buahell, 541 Columbia aU.cornm of Warren, South Brooklyn. Wanted IMMBOLkTRLY? ATTHB PS IU9ILPR I A Ho iho corner or tVeu st. and Hnttery tdace a relia ble man, to ' -ike charge of the lodging department. Good rec.unmen. .iit.>na required. w AN TK D? A YOUNO MAN. ABOUT 16 OR 17 YEARS of li e. to an st in t ?" ?toie. CONivt.IN SMITH, 539 Broadway YV ANT BO IMMEI1I \T'-:LY? A RUNNER, OF AUT vv uauon. In u'.re at 5'J tiliver at. VI' ANTED? A STEADY YOUNO MAN. WHO WRITES VI .1 rai, ill and good liamt, us assistant hon<kei.)iei ?nd co-respondent. ftaury moderat*. A.idress box ?>,/IO New York I'osi oillce. \VANT|iD-oN A FARM ABOUT FIFTY MII.EK fTP vV tl.e hudson river, a^ln^le \eunaman. who ha* had some e?perieuo?, and who is ? tiling to make bmise t use ful. l a r w a: ?< auii kind treatment. Apply to J. P. Cum Mag St Liberty Ht. OTAMTBD? AN AaBTBTANT BOOKKBBPBB, A \Oi;VQ tv voi.ik man of enperlence arid tliorcicti buslneHa i|iiaiK)rit;n>u?. Address, witu reference*, but 1.407 1'ast on; f, S. V. W'ANIKD-A SMART YOUNG MAM. TO ATT&ND IN a roeery store . one weil a>(|nairted nub the husl ir s. Noun other need apply at 7J Baxter at., uppoaike While. la: ANTKD-sA OOOD SECOND ?ARVER. AI'PL* AT " a urner ol' Howard si and broailway. \\ ' A > I'Ru? A ?50Y MOB 18 YKARft OLD. EOR A ?? ,'rorerr eierk. Apply to ?. O. Cb.tmoq h 3.7 1st *Te. Y17 A NTH D? A YOUNO MAN. 15 OR 16 YKAM OLD, TV to assmt In a uirde.ui store: nuat bring *a: sfaetoty re'e en o and liesrd w Ii his amp <i?er. Apply at Sua orand St. , ron>er of Miertif. VI ' A N'T El) - A STOUT H Y. FRO* 1ft TO pt Y f A 18, vV it iiteud Btoee anil carry packjgea anil who l? willing 1 1 vror.. . d refercnoe re ulred. Appl.< at 726 Broadway, * ioe and trunk store. A"> r-D-A YOUNO VAN. ABOUT I# Yf- ARS OF VV a. usl he a . ?1 penman, ?| uln'. ana oorreet at I ^ 'es n ? d >e? )?? ? i n . I*, i' i ta T?' 'iest of r -lereneea r.-ipiire t i, : * - * In handwi .aog of the app.i .uit, bos X,-* fork J atoiiive erlloieaa e anl.-'M ? (jroeerv; tti ust eems well t*"'em fiendid I " or -si . i t ?i id n.ibl'S ; a ?o ' . Uc- of m tier, Apnlv at III ?> irick ?*., from II to 12 o*c aek. I " ' R" FIT!*" W All I BD?TO WORK nN S'-I'TJON I 'Mi ,o , i r the .Vab Store H mriad, at Hauhaifceit, I.i n<? t Maid. Wa^ "?e d n.i\r nn.1 *mv rents p?' dsv. W?i? or on- vear It. n rem W". Cu, i n . at )l?una-wi 1 1 Stl I V I'ltilVH \\ \M'KI)-UtLM. ASITL'AltoB if AN run-BT A YOU NO MAN. 3 tea' If age, a? elers l*? -?#o e V' lP a e sin. e ; r tea a fall ; s..a r.d ?? n afrti d ol wart ; l< ? . in-; to taaWe hurself i Ii."an> ?s.-ful H-'SI ief?re.|??a fiunis'n-o. Id. dieaa J. u . iinx j,u. i Poat oHlc--, > w Y'M-k. Sllli", tr.TlVB Y'JI.MI HAS. NO f AT AI.L a* Aft a '<1 of .vort, wnBl- t ?!t a a I" a u h. Ie? ne h -nilH Of OS r-n i* o i.e; writes a good hind lentil ia a correct at > a . ii> (ton fnnlni snaict .lOnable reH-r'uoet. AUUre?'i Ii. t! F , Herald o " *e. * Yd man, \ ;*!? ?i TR^s Want* t stui r" ion >u ?m rueie a 'air aud rapid m lw.ltng w t. niaurt o ? moderate coa>(?n Hen; con'd an aa eo v 'i. p " "e or apn v to M. .1. 4., 1> 1 *il t,'?i *t. v Y.' to Man W iSIH \ SITttA't'iN Al* COACH* J\ mm, ?? h" 'ant of iefer?mee from h'a a?t empley ??r. i u.i a .'a -5 a ?v I i'/S WH ' liSOMNi AID" KAKI*'! tl'NOR.1 I V amtsi.. r? ' m is, utile i'. k- ., wauie m,n ijl? e eajpsuy. | a . ? t- II ('.. M . I .it He ^ * odl. e A KAiNi'ltl't# WA^iA A SITUATION.? CJNliK l . t\ ri inda ? . ?tifJCs:' k'ttj- t -ir ks (all sl'-IAl- ' ??a, i 'i i Mm Us ii'* ???*i s, 0< >>< M < ' N*'. "? i ?' n B in riiB ' i ir San*) ? r ?> I'. #1 Ii' s i pl?.-? In ? #< j ? i ,? ii? ? ? .ettt A . Ja? .? for ana t ? er, i d en 01TUATIOK8 WANTED? MAMt*. AYOlfNO MAN OK OOOI) AODHKRM, WlbURS A *tlu*l ii ?k b')oi!h-i'|j#r or ??* * mil, l?? ? ? b'tlrNi1^ *' r**IAil or -?r imi^nru bA im*>; b* ?? * "?* "? ii ? ? w ii ?u ?>l? ?vt atig "j<| siiuAUoa. Ati<li??a tur o?i? M^nuai nl * A^io), untw.i ?*v An Villi. -HMAW WANTS A 8 TIJAriOlf AflCOAtMl UiMit *n?i art mm. G*u giv?t *"iti?r K?k' or clip r* lit.njtiu M W AppU wo Or Hli* ton, hoM -l..'?r (?,ni r a: . m >t and Br<?nw?. lie urtu It aud M ?>nMick. nr *4d *?*.* T. B.. bn* *JiM Herald onio*. Abo hckk.'.pkr <v ovhb tkm years' kxpkri -irv t- one f Ibfl ?l ror. and best m?*r untile In T?n*uo." W. w b wt.o u? U n>? ennave i and can re'er mm well a* oili- r hrai cluaw reference* in * h t el'y and totnwtil ? *t hiirg. i ilieiia nimiiii'i In ??n? tbnv tx* bnuw>. A.ldresa Acvnun'aut. ho, t? >7 P >m ? fl*. ? ASH'H'l M*N WHO SPB-KB KNULHH, FRENCH, IkWH m<l tu:l<Q, *whnl ? ?ItmliM a- po>t*r. or A-<y ii|k*r kii'lneiiii I- veil au ualnie I with the c U. tnd bas imcit re ereni?v Andreas T. M. 0 , Herald ntlico. AS1TI' A I IOV WAS'VK-BViA KKSPKOTAHI B MAN an. I i|f? to no in ie unntri ; the man n?der?t?nd-' farmwork nf all bran' ??, auil won d ti-ke ear* Wf a amall piece. Call lor three day* al IU7 Weat SOth at . near Ith av Ruiurii-v^rii b v a voon?> kin, a ait ta-lnn hi b?>k' 'n a h"te , nr f . r- 1 cta?> h <o*e. Be?< nt rei'-mio* given. (Jail on or addrea* H Douabue, llevrre HMH. BARKKKPK'i.? WANTED, A SITU ATlON . A* BAR lender. U\ a y?v tig man ?>? *\uerience >u ine biisinm*, * o rib 1 1 _i\e 'he !>*?"*? if rit hot* i fir r**t*uiant preierred. Call mi nr* for two day? J D.. UJ ?ih av. ("10AOHMAN. ? A GENTRIS!,, R8.4PBCTAttLR rOL'NO J iuiii Protestant *an s i ^ll'iaiinii ?s ??vtnna'i: ?a gno 1 :ml'T aO'' carer of Ii rJ"< iu -v-rf rr^icoi ; no ol> ec. Unn l? t e ni.inlrv Uivul r.' cr'nm r-o n list |i'iioe. Call, or aUrtr*a< lor thru? diya, H.? mlt ui itxon, 2M7l>ia<r. S^-ITO ATlOMf W\NTI'.r?-AS "O'tTRd B? A ROKHR, i~, luilu-li' on? Ulan; tvl'l la^ ? an? kind of anri., nrfirnnan. i* s?i.'ra'l? n-rl'oi w th ?.????> ?. .1*. goo J tllf r*. fer<nc '^.1 mr i*o d?. u at lu Htnir.ri at., corner of Umoivlcb. SITUATION WANTKD-iV an OFPICK. BY AN HON ent youth..! ><!?ra m ag*; wrltr-aa air haml, <*orr?*et at i.iiurna anil lina ?ianio nowkdte of booWaeKphiK. AJdrjaa P. Hauler, 18U WIIHani IWML SITI'A" ON WANTKO? BY A StAN AND WJI'R. elf er In r.lty or couni. y : the man lo work anmnd the plare and tak<* rare of linr-PH; the woman to do kitchen work, at moderate wruiw. Apply at 129 tih av. TO DR!TaOI8T3.? WAVTBD, A SITUATION AS clerk hy an K'ir 1 'i ph irrn cintlgt. rO'nrel"nl to take entire ohare* au.l (>r- crliie m O'dinarv eaaea: no oh ertion to the cointrr. Addrts. W., care of Dr. Wood, 7t> >V tl loughby ureet, Brooklyu. WHOLB8\r.E WOOIXKN TRA OR ? TH R AOVFlt t'ser. in'iiiv yeart enirnert In the tra'e. In the l^-edi, HudderKt eld .iurt Lo'i ion -n* ket? ani" havi \? a thorough knowledge of theralu" of KncMah Oerinan and Belgian clotha, iieMirea a altn Hun in an enl khllened ImO' riHig hnune. He la a thorough man of of ?ood addresH and a auorcaaful tra??ller: wou'd not oh'>-ot to travel thronjli rnv of th* State* for a hon-e ^e* roua of e*leii'Hng In i.-o?nw tlon Unaxoi-ptionabl* reference!. Address Traveller, He rald office. WANTED-A BITUATrON. BY AN INTELLIGENT jrouue 0?rn?an. who wnie* iiolh Kngliatt and <)erni?n fluentlv: Is qulek and ? orri ct In rgure.H. h>:'i>iainl?d wl'h '?ookkeeplng bna clerked f..r ?>'V?n I" ?*ten~Wa hon-es; beat of ri-ferencen fnmiaued. Appiy for tiireo otva at Mr. N. Uahm'a, 124 Delaneey at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNOMAN, IN A wholesale ?irodu e, groirerr or liquor ?iore, or 10 drive a bread C4rt( Apply to J M., 7 ft Corilandt si. WANTED? BY AN RNOLISHMAV, A SITUATION A3 coachmuu; la a good groom and careful driver: per fectly understauJa hU buamess. t'all on or atldresa Heory Hurna, at Wra. Lowry'i auddlery. No !l hast 19th at. WANTBD-A BtTUATfON, AS BABTBNDK?, OR As sistant bar tender. Bi t of references given. Address for threo day# L. 0., Herald o'llco. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A TO UNO MAN, IN A Vf whnleaal'' or r?-? All grocery and I | ior s:or<; UJOd re ference given; has b e i i ncai'ed in the i ?'ies- for tbe last aeven years. Address P. J. B., boi ai.U Here-Id office. WANTED? A SITir.lTION AS WAITER, BY A MAN OP lon^ exparl' n.>e and ateadv habltf. In a private laiiillv; the beat of relereii':?** given Irotn ihc 'nofti re^i'OCtable iami IlMln thljcltvaad 'he flontb: be la a refiiijen from Rich mond. Adiire.-a for two days James D , Hora.d o.dco. WANTBD-A STTUATION. AS BOOKKEEPER OR ?? aaal.unt, or entry elerk, by a young man of o\perl. 11'!? wl,^ a fair arquainianje with Weau;rn Merchants. Address W. H. E , box 4,<w>7 Post office. WANTKD? BY A CANADIAN, OF EIGHT YEARS' exp' rlence in the tuislncs*. a altnat'on in a wholesale Socery or commission UOTtsr. Best of reference given aa to tuprity and capabil.ty. Address F. H , tM Chariton St. "UTANTED-BY A TOUNO MAN, OP SEVPKAL vv year* expertenee In tbo dry to ida buslnene. a aitna tlon a? salesman, alojk ke -per or llcht porter. Utidonbled refHresces. Address for two day. T. .? It., Herald otfee. WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN OF r.OOD BUSINESS capac ty and lomn voara' experience, a pomtion a* c'erk or collector; Is Induatrimu. capable aud temperate, and tan give the bell of city reference. AdiirexM U., l'oxt oillee. WANTED-BY A YOUMG MAN. A SITUATION A8 bookkeepor or amanti' n-la Kent of reference glvca. Address Bookkeeper. box 4.4.W Post o'lice. WANTED? BV A YOl'NO MAN. A STT0ATIO* AS ooacltman, wlu> in wll liw to mate hlm-elf generally useful. To be Mean at 133 Reade at. Wl ANTED? Br A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION IN A VV drr gooda, grocery or wlu? ftnd spirit store. liana good knowledge of ??eh business: i* an alien Hud wM en deavor to give aatlsfacuou to hi* umployer. Adtir??s E. R., 131) Cedar at. WANTKD-AN ELDERLY MAN, TO TAKE CHARGR of the lo '.gins department in the Philadelphia Hotel, corner of Weft St. aud Battery place, N. Y. Muit ounie well recommended. F. W. DENECKE. HELP WANTED? FEMALES. A WOMAN WANTED? 1 TO DO FAMILY SEWING IN a small family, by tbe week or day. Call at 18'J Chambers it.. In ihe store. LADNDRI SH WANTKD-FOR A FBirATI FAMILY; muit understand her bualne?a nnd hare good refer ence: (14 tier month for a miperlor bund. Apply after 11 o'clock at S!M itb av.. third bou?e aouth of JUth *t. MA'HILnE it CO.. NO. 1 BPHVOGRT PLACB. Tenth aireet, will make liberal arrangement* with a lirnt elan trimmer, bv the year: none ei-ept those who have tilled Miitauonsof equal responsibility an the one of. leied need applv. MILLINER WaNI'FD.-FIIIST CLASS H\MDS WILL pleai-e addres* with referemws, and staling wages wautcd, f. Malluv, New llaven, Conu. CBRVAMl'8 WANTED? AT 10 TU.LARY STREET, kj Brooklyn.? I mat th? dav to wptrliaoil girt*. to oook.wash aud iron, and'for ??tie.ral housework. In iitial, flrat rWi? t?'nlUe?, in Brooklyn and the ceuniry. Piae-.a wltnout witling live inlpnte*. Wagon $V and $10. Apply to Mr. CUniKIOPHER, P-rooklrn. \VMN1ED-A TIDY GERMAN t>R ENGLISH GIRL. ? T to do the work of a ima: I family. A| plr at 147 Soath Oxford st? Brooklyn. 7"ANT&D? HOOP SKIRT -flfcinMKRS. APPLY TO H. .% A. T. Meier. 4>)l lJroa.1 vay WANTP.O-TWO PERSONS; ONE TO COOIt. WAS II and iron ; the oth?r to do uenrfal hnuaewor k : to com petent eorxoiM 11 r- 1 rata wage* will be paid. Ca 1 at Wl Front at , near Wall TVANTVD-A LADY. TO LEARN THK ART O" i^OL ? orin photograph*. After two Weeit* inair eiion if one hour p?rI1ay work will ' e given out or a kltua'.lon pro cured. ( ail at 713 Broadway, room 1'.). G. kONIGaUERO. TV tlTANTBD? TWO GERMAN NURSES; ONE TO TAKR V* c.i*e rf a bihy 19 I' liol.n old. aud to ?-w; the oth'T to take care of tlir?" C lldren, t'Oin 4 P> 11 .tear* old an' to a< in in ch.itu.J4rwork. Applv. witn good rt.arcncoa. this dav, rie ii '.i t?.i - i. eloi'k. at *? West 43d at. WAXTEO-TIVO YOUNG LADIES TO ATTEND IN A salaoa. Apply at 1U7 i,raad ?t. WAN TED? A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, ABOfT IK THAIJS o;' a?e; one who can come well recommended. At.ply bet ..een the h jure of 9 auJ II o'clock A. M.. at & Weal 24lb \\T ANTED? A GOOD, STEADY, HON TUT AND IN VV <tu U'lotiM woman, to do general h-Jusewurk. Apply at 14i WaTerliy p ace. \JP ANTED-.*!! ASIKRK'tN OR GERMAN GIRL, <>E V? woman to do geueral houwR-irk n the country, In n farm ho?.??; i.- 'Od n-agea and jiermanent employment. Applv to l.rowni'j.-. w i/'kaitiben atr et. \1T ANl'ht'? BY A LAIir A ROUT RESI?fNG IN V? Cauad i ffe<t for ihe winter a uo iM? tent ntiiMe. to lake ehar. e of a l-a.iv nln? tr.oniba .?'?!, sh< mum ?e >t^a ly a?d oi i?n obiUin l)'po< tton; a Ca noil* prefer)*.. Aptxy, li.'tweeii the no m f one and tiKCf e'olock, on <A'eilB ?a?lajr lrth. at 9 Jer^er av. , ,le ?-\v City. U> iivTID-A NEAT. TIDY GIRL AS WAIIRESH, at Ud Weal I4iii ik IA/ANTEU-A C* ' M PE'l'RNT GIBI^ TO DO GENERAL ?' hou-ewo g in a ?mal' pr nan lar.illy IJuH paid and Iwxt of referi'acee require*). A^pi/ai loWyukoT at.. Brook. j n Wanted- a wkt ncrbh. with a good bzeaut VV of ii i.k A[ ply at In# 7th at Wanted? mano* to do sii.e embroidery, at ?m IJIvMion St.. N *. ;akte[?-a voi'Ng woman, as cros v$is a Bltt,, and a a'ri lor hou ework. luquiro at 10 W A> VV *are mi i ti "? ? gial w Co general hou re a goo i* a r * > : Iri-i ar ? ad ?uUeraiaM plain cooking; Ihe h<* t a ? f- '-<i. Ap^ly at 'ij* Uou?.aaa at., near Court, b.-i'ih Mro-a..n AI'amkd-a FKri'i :?TANr girl ro do gknexal VV ho voik: tan v 'ft a g' 1 plain e>eik, w-,alj? and Ir.mer Vf.olt. iro-i lU A. U UU ' 1". M.. t? Mia Btrtmr ?M,M9tdav. UA' Rti-A BUNDLE WASRR* AND SIKKT wae. er. Apul to >mlth, % I Wll lain at. llf ANTF?-A'OIRL. to do general Work in vf % oriailfaui v ol t?*o, moat be % gooo t* ' ti '-r ai 4 lie ? ?mi a iod .i "in rent, with i,i? dire oi" men^ail'ina; lioerai wa^eapiid. Ai'pl.v at 18 Moore -t jor two Uuva. \? ?*tB |l-IWtl YOl.NG ' '.OIKH lt? L^.\EN TO * ! a, Mi i in * r . si " a ?K?n uootl homf hHi'u \p? ply at it/ '<ft'? st.. beiwe, i 1 1 A. M .ud ? P. H <D 4 YOl'NG WOMAN TO ArTEVD A 1 e - *:? e at itf Jd ar. None hut a pari a lu lac pea;! i ? of t"? ii ' ue*d app v. Wj *NT 'I? A NKAT CLRAKtaV WOMAN, TO DO IHE Vr r tril hw ei?nrkofa?>- ? a-?ao f i? i ly tine who h?* had vi ? i" "?mi* with ? mtor a. and ?? illln to. v* Item t i" -ueutlon, ma) apply at <li liiu ?/ a, U17 II 4 ? tM ,D- \ #??'? AV, TO WASH IUS" ' arPUB I ? ? Mad a' ? ?t '?> the klti na. Agj j ?i HI Wi, lam at. ? "lll.v<? t.i/M. * ' "TI D? Ti ? 1 HNl> A KVHV ; iiMR t v ? g a ? f' 1 re lio i -.o e uio re irit(,.i I ??<] n.?r ' I ? c n i of 4u liomo at iair latrnpenaauoii oy ?i? B TUB TR4DK*. An bxprribnckd m?<miuL p ri ntb k. who ha* twin in hut o??? > or blitmad dp>ir?* . an eni;atfr B' ol iii niauiitm of 4 aui^ll <? :i?e or <1 pi uol reader; lavi ?? u itinlry And cm A- A , II. raid ..(h,*. HKbWKBS -* AMTKH. BKVKKAL ALK HI<KWKK<<, ?nr Ui" W ?>>... ' ! ft-l.i u tr m given 10 th'>?e harm:; lii'HiiH^ho mill ti? h? iiiiiii pru c mil u ib? *rl o urr tvm Aimi w Btrd. a lag'r !?'?>. br?w r. to mat* litter to nhow bvllliant ID % cive or 1<< dngrnea Fahreaneil. Addi-va* Cku ft. M. Wi I, box 194 HrralJ uiBcm. nvnil WASr: n-OWK ACOIMT'iM l> to cotton wjr?*rn can x?t M?*d. wuri aud g>od wage II lb* uaa Metnr factory. 7il Wmi .Wth sh. OV W ANTKO ? TO LHaRN TUB TRADB, 8URVKY lag ami .n.iruumta H. A O. W. Ill.r M 1 179 Water it C1LOAK AND MAVTILL\ OUTTKIl WaNTBD-A / 1' iman, tliat ?an uUt; full churie, tat up *tvl-i. and u ?d 10 rr*i claisounto.u work. Applr fur llirao days at .i> broadway. (lilDlmi WA.?irH.ri-A PKOTBSTAV T 1 >f ARKIRO) T without Ino'iui'ir.ii ? must un Im-stm I ui.ia?g (???{ slower* ill tl iA:?in * and i>H ahi 10 k a 1 Koi.uda I41 or ar. Apply at 1U Kiviugton St., ftoai 8 '.a I'1 A. 41. C"* ARDR'IKR'S SI rt-'AT'ON? WANTED, BT A MAN OP I lung expni met* in itvi*ry depart neut of nrtUuliiire, graperies, 1 olhouv, giieiihousa and orchldnou* panto, Uir mowing oi pi' eapu'iti, Ac : wourl t?kc "ntue charge -f a it'll. Iii.nan 8 plate? I'ann and garden. I I r t ilamn-ter enec given. Anv ai>n'l> ation bv lettnr addressed .n McCormick. Yonkirs Puh? of'iee. slating lei ma tad location, until depteniber 1, w II be attended Id PHoTOOBAl'II OPERATORS. OR THOSK WHO wmh to inrn ran procure situations 01 O Knnlg* hcrg. Pr Dcip.1.1 In <vant 111 asa-ifesiio', live of Charge and aril*'* who ?.? Inn in *>Mi their palnllD4- canca'lal No. 1 13 Broadway, mom 19. Moony advaooe.l on good painting-i. PHOTOOBVPIHO PRINTKR W ANTKO ? OR WOUIjD icaiih a n.;r?i.n t ie l>usine?s: ? Snan nil couiluuiau pre- , (erred. Apply at K mbair*. 477 Broodwa.. Situation w^v. '.d? as oardkvr'i. nv a orb. man single). tlv t?k? ?ar? of ?r?*nh m n nr ? |v^ri?-^. Ae. la wilimi' to nm^n hi-nan'f gi-ai-rally i<*-tul. In<|'ilr? of nr addrenH Dickell, at ? eiolug i, IJar d.soa'a seed iitore, t;7 ?Nunsau aireet. TO BOOKBINOBR8.? WANTRD, an BXTBA kou wnrdnri alio a 'mm acucnlomnd lo t!ie nmof a St-mpke tuttlnir 'luiot.'Kie. Apply ?t lC(Jrei*ne st, ai-ion<l (tour. fPO BOflKWNDF.RS.? $S,01I0 TO $ld.i'l)0.? A PRAOTt L ua' booKlim er r-anta 10 inve-t thu iihova amnnnt la a Ij'ank hook ina.iiifaiuwrv , where he run hecoine h>i a.-t ve pa'tnrr Applr to OaiupUell A Armiirooic, ;Wand 41 Aon ?trcet. Ki>w Vni k. TO PRINTERS -POMPOSITORS WANTED. TO OOOD iianda eood Kage" will b" paid C. a WKBTtiOTT* CO.. 79 J?hn it TO Pn?TOr,K.\PHI<;R?.-WANTEI>, A OOOD OPERA tor, to u<HtB negative* and poa:tl?n3, at UaRCALOW'8 Oa'lerr. 70 liowerj. WANTPO.-TURBR OR KO (I R OOOD BOOR COM poaitora can olnalo p'<iniineot vltnaKnns, at pln>a work, bv api lylna at US Duanett. -None but co:npaient men n?oi! apply. WEMi BOB BR WAKTBD? TO mk::v. an ARTKSIAN will, near theclt*. Ca.'l nn ornUmi (lainlltnn K Towle. Joan 0I1 11. Ourtla civil eiKiuen - , 7S Oedar at., N. f. WANTRD? 10 HORSB 8HOBRS; HIU'IKST WAOES. Apply inmedi.iioly to Kawcett A Hroth-r, 91 Bowery, up atalra. TITANTBD? TWO JOURNRYMEN OOLiD BBATERS. ?? Anoiytoll. Wlle n, gold leaf workn, 302 Caoal ?L. Naw York. 1/inn HANDS W \NTRD-ON INKaNTRV PANTS, ,l)u" bv niarhim* anil by hand. Alan 1'5 good o;ii<ra. torn on puot-i. Only good hands may Inquire at 237 Delan re.v st. Heferencea or aeeunty required. MUSICAt. A8PIiK.H1HI> PIANO FOR (m-O. AH. BABMORK, uianufacturoM. 3 ? -t Ble?o:<er atri<et Sev-nt -en first pr're medala, warranted for five yrart; wlt'ioiit H>r?ptioi? tti" be-t i iano n ade. TeaUinonlala from mi<st dinting uisued artlsta. Accord hons. fmttes. violins, ouitars. ban .]o?. Drums, Flfni. Ac., and Trimmlnas for inuaieal in atrumeut* of avery description Prion list sent on receipt nl Ktamp Vie in Htringa for but weather. S .k. 2&0. ; best Ita inn, 'SOC., mailed. FREDERICK BLUMB, 208 Bowery. _ A SOPRANO, CONTRALTO, TENORE AND BASSO wao'ed for a Cathol'o church. 1 ho?e d"<urous of rn roli'inr thoroagh InHtriictlnna In t e highnut order of mualo aa Multivalent for tbeir xcrvtoeg will find It to theiratlvao'acra to apply immediately at Twentieth street, near Third avkiiue. Amahnikicrnt ROSBWOOD pianoforte FOR aalo? Coat for $3 5, Including Stool and Cover; Patlor Suit*, coat $1.10. for t.25\ B'a.:cres, Mirrors. Palut lncn, Bronzca. Chamber Furniture: In u?c 5?ven months, at sacrifice. Inquire at >13 Weal Twenty-third street, bear Sixth avenun. OR SALE? ONE OB' STEINWAV S PIANOS STTLB N?. A, .n L'ood order. Applv nt 44 Wt-i Twalftb slreti, MUSIC.? INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO ON AN JM. proved method, at 82 00 per month : long Inaaons wi h privilece of dailr pramlca. 189 Hudson street, near Canal. Also drawing, Ac. Call Tuendava and Friday*. F PIANOFORTE FOR SALE. ? A BEAUTIFUL 6X R08B wood I'lan.'forte, by one >>f the best makers, wll1 \-n d1?po-ed of for $125; ban grand action, powerful tone, full Iron frame, tine cover and atno', Ac. Apply at Twen tieth *treet, near Third avenue. THE CELEBRATED PIANOS OP /. * 0. TISOUBR, the nioei reliable Piano makers, wholesale and retail, at moderate price*. 241. 243. 2 15. 247 and ' 249 Weal Twenty ? wjhth street, near Ntnth avenue. WANTED? BY A LAl>Y OF SUPKRIOR MI'SICAL attainment*. a fitiintion In one of the VFe*t?rn or Middle oriranl t and teacher of the Pianoforte. Add rasa Muilo, Ueruld < ? lice. WANTBR-A YOUNO LADY. WHO CAN PLAT AND sins aud who In of a lively dl' position, to *o a fe-v mile* from the city. Such a one ran haw a good *ltuatlon by aiidreselngtt. A. P . Jer-?y CI ty I'o t oillce. IICSTRL'Cl'ION. ABFSINBRS EDUCATION? BOOKKBEPINQ. WRI unit. Arithmetic, Spelling, SlAper quarter: Algebra, Oooraetrv. Trigonometry. Narigatno, Crnurtnar, *;r*e* and Latin pAINi'8 .Mercantile Colleges, 02 Bowery, and 2MS Fulton *treet llrookl\n. have en.ioyed a largo city as wall a? country patronage far fiftcrn yeara. AT DOLH EAR'S commercial academy, ?<o Broadway ? (lentlemen er boys can have private In struction in Mercauilie Arithmetic. Bimne** Writing. Prac tical Bookkeeping, 4c. . and learn inure of b sines* affair* In one month tnan In veara at ordinary schocl*. AUK ORADIATK. OF SEVEN TlABt EXI'K rleace In teaching. desire* a sltuat oa, satisfactory reference eiven and required. AdJreia U. B., 2,113 Spring ?t.. Philadelphia. AUUl'ST.? DCRINO TniS MONTH ONLY PUPILS wll' be received at one-hilf the regular prl<*ea at 0"'d smith's Institute, 75t> Uroadway, corner of Ktghtli street. Bookkeeping, Penmanship, A ? I.ess m* may be coatlrued until January I. _ OUTER B. GOLDSMITH. AK ACCOMPLISHED TOt'Nfl ENGLISH HDY I)B. firej k sitJHilon n* govern**.; no oo ectlon to travel. Addre?? or nail iipou M No. 1 Rutherford place, Bait MVMMMMb street, DEKR PARK KI'.M A bR INSTITUTE. PORT JRRVIR. Orini'e county. N Y . reopen-1 September IS. Col lej ale course three veers; hUtiret advantagea i'ormntic; in uotalu aoeo?ry; homo oon forts uustii passod. Addieua Rev. 1 II. Northrup, Principal. TTiRKNCH AND U K KM AN LANOUAGK8- PROF E I* TULLRRl NO, B19 |tr ? iway f?ucce*sfiiily established In N<-w York alncel'^2), will rooeiye applications 'or privaut tuition In thoee branches an alio In LaMn and I'AngUi* au C airangcia. Translatou* made. (JIBBMOH, I! RRM AN. ITALIAN. SPANISH, FNO I* liab and Latin Wmrtiage* ? Ml~s DE WAILLY, froia Rnrape. > a?,s to 'nform her fi lends and the pub Ic tkat alio wi I receive application* for private instruction la the afore nai.l lanRiiajea, at her residence, 3HS I'rforne street. N. B ? Mchooi* aad families attended Translation* mode. eUP?!ON RIVKR INSTITUTE? AT CLAVE HACK, CO l imb n county, N. Y, affords the ver* hesi adran 'Urrs 'or a cla-sina:, scientific. and Biusu-ai ed ucation. Frenc'i onr?r?ati<JB a d Lewi*' gymnastic* lor ladies and military drill for gentl'-men dailv. without eitr* ehnrge. A aew gvmnaaium and drill room, costing $S.llflO; 15 instructor*. Term open* Kept. 17. Address, for aew catalogue. Rev. Alonzo Fisck. A. H. Partnership o* othbrwtsr ? wantei?, a ladv or gen< eman id 'otn the adrertlaer In esta'ili-trnc a Br*t ciaaa la.lien' Hchool; on- ba >ng a llr*t cla??c nn'-cii< n e- *st.?b :ahod ?rhoil preterred. The a ly-rtl*er I* thoroii'!* lv eiperleooetl. Can Rive all the money neee-aary. or the i>ti>u*?i may Be equally div.ded. Addram M N , box I.I6 Herr.d office. RK.N8SKLARR I'Oit TECHN IC INHTITUTK. TROV. . N . Th-! fort* Unit aniiunl ?M?l"n m thia we'l kaown setiool of Khci'ieenng and mituraJ *eien e will com ne lOO Heptemti-r M, ISM. The pria<H>tl Iwildliig is ?oni|>l>-t*d aau readv for '>ocupat on. The new i?nnu* reg sief it <>g (nil lufariTiatlon, mar nhla ne i at Am eie i ? I..- ,k ?? >r~ K r v Tork. or from i'rofeasor CUARUK8 UUOWNii t>ir tor. Troy, N. Y. R It'LBT FBMaLE collkok. Fail aenaian open* Weun?*day Augn*t 24. J NKWMaN, I?. LP.. ronllDty, Yt TIT ANTKP-TO OO TO HAVANA A8 OOYI'.RNE^S, ?T a!?iut the l-? of Seutemher a middle ajed lad , welt | los'ru. t' d, apeak ini; hngll b and F'endi eajithie of iwai h I iulHlihWaNHginitMl two young ia 1t? Seat of | r* ;erei,ce re-iulred. None but tb >?? folly cuuipetaat need atip y at 127 Ea*t 12th at. j WANTPn? Tr ACHEUS FOR RNOLISH. FR"?|fM j lierii an. Mi tic, Oraw.oK I'alnti i/. 0 a** ea. a?d othee branchea Bduotionai t?aei aeiiogi den ta want-'l in a.r'i ? -a't' tt 4 to-vn to eichat.g'1 "dueat oual roports. Ml vaew k " and nnmlnaie candidate* AiHreM American tdmatl mal Do too, 713 Hraadway, New Vi rk. XVAM ID- BT A LADY. A SITUATION AS TBA< HRR V? lit a private 'amily. whiol tor oomi aaion an I homo keener), to Inatruct in Ku^illb, French, tnuslc. rtr'iwing, with pkjin an t fnnc. needlti work Only a amall aaiai-y ra (l'i ted Ad'ireM .or ooa weak Mr*. 8ralth, ti 8tn ??., la t, e bona aiora. ?\l.rANTl D-A LADt iRtniKR. POR A KtlHOOL IN V? Brooklyn. A Idrese S. P. bo I 2i>3 Utralileflloe stau lri|! ; a. a ol re udanae and <|iialidnatinna. DRY OOOD9. . MX ALL STOC* of fan t uoudh and hof V , s u (,r?te '? will be sold at lac. y iar's eoat price, 44,1 At Ian lie itieet, Itrooklj n. iyicr.oaiYUlT frknch kldtino.- threk "j hens' oon>? only required *t Ml>. i;OJ.i? 'N'S 1 i<ncli Kl "l"g Kitsblishmant*. iM Am ty atreew uee block and a bat front Hi "ait way. ifT Bleecker etieet, beinw \??(m ???!-, N V . an ' ?'?! Fulton Kr..>*l>n, N ;t,? No I'la-blnety need In toft g -aulno French lltiting gfc0TffO.-RDPKIIOII FIN" FR8NCH KLUT IN'I, ? e- is , t y ii ? . nv-r 4 mo tes I rent v*r Incn ettre, r n'hfi"'1' Killing Co np? iy. 271 Spring etreet. Mi*e*? Yn.ik and ifnda io. UAtXRfBOo ' 0M9TH1N<K v ., FROM TBS AMERICAN Win :i R<?OI" UbOTH COMPAMV'B KL'HJK 'l> RCBBSR iKtODS Tallinn, facte 1st Tare. I*s? ?*, tlai*. Hurea Coyer*. Al * i, <>Al'; i:t'' IK1. The. e f?o1? ?? ? .. a c ? -1 it.'*S ???nia in apt earaa ?? to fln" i.ron 1 i.uii. 'nt sre tirt*ftiM mr II gbtiieme ntd d'i"J til, ? . Warnttiteil Wu'ei proof For *ah? i>? F R. TAVLOR? NO. 3 ii ?ti?jv> IticsL IPECTAZi IfOTICER. AMEKTTIO or Til K 'LONOSHORl 8HTP PAINT, era' sawiatlon will be h?lt at Military 1 1m.. 1. o-i .el4 fT' enlay i eveuiiu. it! T% o o.u k. K. 'Ii.?rc a::. .-??iet arv. H. BRADSHLL. President. BLOOM I NODAl.K CATHOLIC ASSOCIATION.? A RPfc c.?l ii ei li., uf the ? Vnii ? Will be held thia eveum* at i tt> |i>M MfS 1* M. hr urlw. Juhji A jlrsOKLKY. Corresponding Secretary. \TKW YoP.K TT POOR A PHI* 'At ONION NO. ?-A* iN ad mirme I mr?iug nf i?e II n on will be held Al 7i4 ? r'o-k tliia iT.i-?i?r) Augnat If, JHd4. at Tar*, i a. i Hall All prin a ? am til v. led In aiten-l mid beoum* uiemoers. The ur r<ary facilities wlii be attorded K A nrn.ME3, Progldnnt. W B OonomuTOlf, Recording Secretary. \T UTU'K - MfK PLI VREKS AXI>0\H FITTERS U> ? ' inn, l> C ar-' .hi a st'Ue ?u1 respec'ii lr i? (pes- lb put i rrtnndgas t" r* of Sew York and nciBitJ n I o ^ouie line lo ^ ir. . r Interfere wl) le ?e are mi at "rue. JAM14H P. COLS. Vice IT-Md'uW CPK 'ML N'?TICB-NKW \ORK NUTt'AL FHI-.H L in d U ia uiu a ?u ml nn - inn ecrip ho.iier* of tner above aasoc in. .ui h e n ull to inert nii Tinmlay evaonw. Ai'tf na* J ., 11 I at S ?'? 'hck P. >*.. a. M7 (ana v e?t. lo r<? eeue ue ba'anue du- no each -crip; am, ? or ooaiog tl>? a. .alia of said aANO< lauoii. y.y ui* .?*r. ISAAC MARKS. Set^UrT OPRi'UL NOTICE -TIIK M K M H k Its or HT HRID. I^1 get'~ H tHHl Henoitt an 1 Henrv ileal Hoc ety are hereby ant i eil tniimitlnHt Bridget a uhapel Iin rueatlay, Angualt li>. IHM. at D A M. to alien. I tti unera of our line mem ber Kil.vai'l He ma. Irimi hi* Uf residence, lilll>ri?no si." ? . t> Hv order of W >1. J. O'CON.NOK, President. J**|.S Kox, Itfci onlir g Beer Ury. fl'HK PltlNTKRS' ST I: I KB. | A MASS MKRTINO at a l the member* nf me Workini/men'* Pnion'and wrrt ? niv man n n?iaiiy. iv II he held mi Thursday even ng next, t? Cli\ 'in I 'uric. Sew \ .?? k m co-operate with the 1'iln crM in ? bi i ii n Hi'- nil demaii K now lieinu made h tlimn for a ivanisa ol ? AT nrj iu./mmiM ire re.jui niail, II poa ainie, to come in pro' eiaion 1 1 phi their raapeoiive u tinmg ruoni-i. v HARnlMl, rra. WorkintincD'a (Julou. T. II. Po*, llecotiiihg betfUtry. UNIT r> STATI'.H H\NlTAR* COMMISSION ?TUB rreannrer i kr.ow|edu?a tba receipt et the lolloulnig aaii'TibuiloiiH mi re .lu v II ? A. J W? !>er, .N. * $!S ml (!i h tb urn! i irt'iunnAi nc uMin. for Onion lund. . QUO Con ir j ittnu* raielve.l by l.omlon brunch, IbrOugU Meiwr*. Hnrin Uro tiers ii'n. Juhtiii.i Put ?. UmUon .t'l i> 0 00 UO U, A. ~wrr lor bal of ?1 0>H) kiuncrlbi il b J. Mollatuy.. S'.'l IS nfl C. M. -a ?'!? " 2 0 nO UO U J. Habo I. < 1 0 <H) 00 K. II. Hr Yfu .... !?*) 0" 00 8 It. Onlou. 1 <1.0 HO Daniel . i hiiia-i. 'iO i0 00 Jaiii-'M Siienco 6" 'W 00 til nr ? U arr. n SO IK) IK) Kob*-ri ei 10 00 14) hy. Van Wart 80 00 00 li. W. ?. air "11"! <>l J. L. 8. banauu 2" ' ZvTt il M '?a $2 9S $12, <74 VI Ba em Street Hocietf, Woreea ?r. Maaj.. by J. 0. Nawtou, Tie inner (for vege auie*) 8ii ()f> Dr J. K. Cook ia Idit ouall 13 t.? Cltl/eua of lludHon. f ?ir 'On oa fund," by K.-v. t> d. no:iiareat laJditlonal ) lo M Bun a> .icnnoi Central U. E. Church, Taurtoti, Ma s. by J. J. M.inlcy, Hu|>ertiileiidmit (lur vn .-tallies* II 09 Quouiiipl.-ic li ?U'e of (lie I. O. of <iood leinpiara, by It. H. S'rouil. Trea nrer, Plantkvilie. t'omi.. 30 30 Beneca l-'a a S ndiera' Aid Aaa ciauoj (Tor goods), by >ila- O. Ty er, Societaiy .... .. 60 00 Citizen* of Laia.ette, ori.tjon. bv B. Cariwrl^lit. . 214) i-O Ca?;: through iV illiain I). Merrill, Jr In ml Citl/ent of California, by Jaiuet Utll, 1'reaaurer. . 20.0W 0t> Prein inn on Hold 32,0jS ."5 "Couago 0 rig 'trillion. N. Y. (for *?t(eiahie*). . . 7 uO Cltl/i'UH of I'emt lie, !4 Y., by C. M. liali.thronKh Mia* J. L liardv, Ith*a 32 0H Cltl/eua of Clvde. M. * by Keth Smith 14a VV. H. W il latni Hrookl 11 . 2.i i*> Lail<e? Hcliool dleiri' t. No. 2, Southampton. M.ihh., thiougK l!m. r*. hi. Howe 37 E. a . h. Mudiaon N.J L'o in> Bold. era' Aid -oclety, Amity, Orange co., N. Y-?.by II. C See ei P3 I*# A. K. Rtnbarna Rome, Ibtir ft. ' I li New Yvrk. Ire Cotupanv 6 top Caktln pa-urn era on t oari ateamer Mnana Tat lor, on trip fro.n San Prune mm t . New York, Jul 4 (Picric Ocean II dayi out), by K. 8 . \V hlgLaui, Trea urer. 800 Of) Premium on sold and silver . . 4M lift Con rl mti d on board steamer Uncle Ham, July t, t'iroiisli 14. M. Jeiikuia. Purser 280 SO Fremiti <1 on go'd .VI I'meeeda of Fiiowurkifiuid ol little boy and girl (lo bu< unlona ................ ia Cltl/ena or Weatport, Ksaex 00, N. I., by A H. Mar H.... 125 IW Ladle* of ?4aton village. Madison Co., N Y., bjr J. 1'. Wn.tiiov 74 (<9 Collerled at the poila of Uivi. phla precinct, June A, Oly- ph a, W. T ... 83 GO Colieited at t'baory A Pr- ig * saloon, on eteetion day, June '. OI)tnphla W T., by Joseph Cuab man, Col ector and Acting Treaaurcr 54 00 Citizen - of Portland. Orr^on 436 001 Ladies Sel'il?r?' Aid Soc'ety, Syracuan, N. T.. by Mra. Lucy B. Treas . 1,279 07' Co. lection lu St. Muhael'a Umaeopal Cburdb. tin aeaaeo, N Y., by W. N Irish, reotor.. Mill Aid hocletT, Cedar l^ake, Herkimer county. N T., by I'. Aeivpe , Treaa AO oa ??A amall potato among the vegetables ' 2 0?M Proceed* of Hall, Douglas eouuiT (Nevada T.), luth June, bv ii 1 phetein, Pceatii^Bt 1.330 .1? Coui nia at polls, Doug'aa county 19J OQj rremium ?n ilt4 n gold 2'Ji 7ft Pro ?e?|8 of sa'e of "Piii unilirop c iieaulig of Hie War in \r? ?nea," hy Marcellua Hartley 127 35 Children at a I'nlan Meeting of Uie Sunday Srhoola at lla ncllavli e N. Y (to buy vegetable*!, by Jo*. Lanphear, 1 rca*. 20 r<J Thank ? ertng from a returned volunteer 5 OO A friend at Troy, turou^n Kulion street Prayer M'-enng 5 00 Cm/.' na of Wbneavllle. N. V., July 4, by Jaa 8. ( rand 1. 1. P. M ISA U Mr*. Writ. A*tnr, Jr aww I Collected b ohll.iren (fur vegetable) through W. lion*. K e WenMinealerco'intv, N. Y 3 30 I>r. Tboa K. Co>:K (additional) I (JO Mrs. M Wraith, It * 1 Wk Mrt E M ilford, IMatidarllle, No* iitelMiinat-ount/, l"?. through Dr. 1. Marri* 60 (J? UalaU'-e ol proee*'!* of Fair kI South A Jarr.B, Maa^., b. !?. i p ?o. Ireaaurer 3,087 04. Cbll ? ran of First 1'renb i?rnn Mindav School, I'otlsitaru, >. V.. through l?eo White, Hupt 3 60 Cm lain JUrKar Tli rd R. 1 artllier , through Dr. M. M. M*i-*b, Keanlort. S. (J 10 09 Captain A. MugO'l. Prov. Mar. l/7lh N. 1. Vol*.. tiirou^l) Or. Bar*??, lloaumrt. M. 0 10 09 Linn Cauut Sanluin Aid Snrlei , Alhan . Linn count (ireg'.u, " John Harrow* Hecretary, and J. J. Thorntoa. Preanl?nt i Hi gold) S25 n? Premium on ?oid SI AI.... dHU 75 Ladiea' tjan.tar Aid .sacietr, Portland, Oregon.... f>2f) 0 Prtniiun on gold, *t $151...... . yw 1)k L.u'ies nan'v Aid .-too y, Caraou city, Nrvada I'.... 3,001 (X> Premium on gold nil 61 3,lrJo O Cm ?ii> o. Sant.t Clara. Ca: . pruceeda of lecture by K?t li. W I.e. lew- M0 (10> Prt iiiaiiu on goid, ai tl Si 1,Z?3 1 1> Four ?< ver bam. from Auaun. Nevada T., th ough li n Uavla I'tei A. K?n > nm 1,7. '7 II Two an ver from L?in<'ivi>l* ciaulury ash n, thrauirh J. I". Samn. Pre*i ? nt 4. .117 no Pre'iii>.ur oo the aba** liai'i at $1 M 12,74^ 71 C ll eo* of Oregon. h> Hon A llnlbtrvik i.iim 0 Cituen" of UM'iou. by J. U. Moure |H M Cltl/ena of do. do. dr?. i'J M? t'll/enaof do. do. da 4(A) 0U Clt <**?? of .lacgaon Co., through C. Betkmai, Jack ?anvlilr ??????? ? 1.079 -? CilW>-n?uf Scotukurg, through C. Herkruan. Jack. aoiiTllln. . . . ? ? 210 ii? Cttl/.eu* Ol Jnaapblna Ko . through C lleeKtnau, Jack-onTllle ??????_ 5*6 0? Citi euaot Brn-epnrt, Pacific Co.. Washington T., through Ron A. iloll'rook 203 09 Cll./*n* of Oregna. 1 v Hon. A. HoTiroo* Ub -if Clti'*n?ot i a.lejo Cai., UtmugU Ur. W. W. Chap man ? 1,280 00 Lit, i, t,o oirgnn. -anlmry AiC bocleiy, through J. R arrow*, toei reBirv 7S tS Do , ??????? 5 ljtillcH' Md ?<?! ?. Vanooii?er. W?nh r?*rritory Im ,x> Clti ri!* ol Ho ? land Kmt P nr <lro??, au i I'oto^e, thrO i ;h K. a M -K.irli'id. Treaa. l,#8n SO Premni'n on g rl?l. at $1 61 . .. . 2 Citi. run of > urrk* Norm alnrn ? o , Ca!. bjr Jan. Andr fiO" 09 Prnnlnni <>a ,.'i-l. at jl 31 9< 6 (W Tiio* md I <?. tf"a an (Japan ). bjr uUard VVa!*.i. T<-nk*r? ? 0*K> ? Part pi icnt^i* of aryUn 1 HUte Kajr, by W.J. * hrrt fre*. . M,KX) 09 W"'a Kfliel Asa'n. Broogl-n, balance of fund r.n?rt by lor pure >o,(eii??le* by M.n* Kate 1. tVawrbory .?**? ?.... ft! M Con^rvratlon ?? 1 3th at. Pieabyterian cb.iruA, throu.'h John B"id ? ???. 36 4S Wiaco ?in Soulier*' A d Hoc'y, Milwaukee, by Mr*. J > through l<r. J. t<. N?-w errr G60 09 U*n Baniuel Sianwel! i'l*ti?rn"Uth, (tif ug anmunt af nut''*j? an I i<erdlem, aa a mqiiiner of the Cofc?!ltnt!nn*l Convent on), Ibro igu Hon A H Paj ?'jct Omnl-a. .. In so "Newburg" (to purcbatu b.a (berries Wor <tek sol den. I... 5C f* TI.m Soid.' rM KrlenU thruu^h 8. II. (Jar ? id Mr< Kobe-t B M m m, Jr. 6" ? ?? Atjonniio n,'' Oleoo ? Fall*. Udivei aalnl /.<ibura. Mr. J O. Sn*?r. pi,*. tor. t.y .4 S. Spring fS FA J ? u.lil* '0 i V Cit em of ( Allforn-a ' In gold) . 1",'0(i'TO proma'ai n 40 d a', tl M. H.'Jtii' DO Al. ? I . r*rt'*r(rhi (San Iwlch , bv tier l?r. He! own I. >? <if n? CM ?naof I'ali ?rnl%, by Kev. Dr. Rel!ow? 7M 45 1. S He ?[ rig. Loudon, by W . S. Thonpson. L?ng don A Co N. y 6CI 00 (' mirr. gailun o Prr?b?l"riao churca, Warran. Pa., bv ? in T Harnllion 33 AO C ong e st. <>n of Hill ? V*!l"y CongregAti' nil rhurrh O ?n?* N. ) . Re*, ti B. Rart.n lua 0(> 4. K Ha* 'land . ij '<> a* I via Mo rh?i>?. (Juiltatd, 0"?n. f* ?0 finrn Pr> a?e a. b? t?">. i,?v, ^ S. Ccnaul 10" 1 O I. 8 Claud*!'. White * ll a I 1,1 o. 1 b I I'OHO, lre**ur*r, <*( Wall *tre?i. N xv V on*. A'iguat li. Washington m"dm mu* pkn.-am ad^kh n?a nt aru-*- d 'n ilia iprclkl no' roa <?' the Ne^r Yur* Harald of A<I?"CI 4. e.n?n,i^ig fro t tl.'. an,-.. Wa?hii gto-i >* ? la I ion I'eu 1 n;?OJ . w ,rh 1* r'l'at I u> *?r..ive >?i?r* and loo p i iImi. a < It h * a?ar Iwen *>nl <? nor uraire t<> fti et'l tna p-iolir frota d^? t, we <in? it,a* the ?> ?i l?l * wii.???ri v(*<1alu?,i P?n Cnmt?>i* ha"- not n a a a pen of *p* 'en 'Iptio* *ineo IH <(, The r?r. m >r?a ?aid 'om an*, ?ft*r yln ? idle for 'Itteyn moot 1*. ?e ?. ? (Ik, ?II iirijitinl d!ea u>?l and machinery . re nna'te 'or makT? *a d t?na nnld to 11* Oa Vnreh I'l IVJj. Sooe (hat t." e . ,J fwna have le' n natiBi ? :;oi? by oura?l*e ?nd br no n?i ? lae W? r..;e-Ht >1. en to* t puri'iaaer* (b-t'h'O' P gen'iiac WaaWiagtnn I'M uibit nwrir-e.l "IMr rlanu * Rrndforl1" ta'nn t'on M> teflion Pen ' Ti.e p.v ml'ed w**hinj'too Mart* uon f?0 Hn ? pan* 0' ulne.l 00 .?* parte alH-irru, an m , notion reairalnlng ua from nak n? am' *end n? aal.1 t*"na, e-hl'-h lnJ,iB''t"a ?J* on o r *rp I ratlo<??.Biid aft?t fcem ii* < -ikf* ??*. nmaooad b> k'? llunac U W Barnard, aa re^. ri In :>?" l'er*l I nf Aog; *t . IIAHl'^"* HR*r?Fi?Kf> i<ra*l >11 .H?>?'*cllf?r*i V/i Weat Tktr% ..-vcoin i'rwi Sa * Tort ll'BKHP*?, T* Tl' K KK'tAlXJ <>?' \VOV*T 1.1, r? \> liar I - aaad ?( "P? r nil ?d*-. M '-at ^ v* -r 4 dr- 'rti < to *a ?ii* n m? ? a .* onla fr< a ?* "j ?"d t at ( ? .awe. nggaaaaeiffi-uaneaait. n >o_ n f,leii.!a. 1 n?r? br ri'iMT* at t *1 1 ?* '* f'Unt j'ys; Uour.1 at I>r Hotnh *ttr*(. and afterward.^at ?.? In Worri*t?>*o. J4.J. C4>A I ? u ??, ?kc* /?IHttr.B* E. i>4TtP-l>5Al.?R in I'tNE, OAK ,\SD ' ' ll e?tr-* We-d. b> 1 '??* 1. '-?e>l nr rxrf ?' ? H I'ng v?. "d in bol ? . T?r.l. f<? t 1 mr.y sum atraet, orn T Kir t .tiea-a. All of^er* *?/ "tail ?r atbnract.a protap'1/ atirode.l to. I a v DRI'i'VU1 l^d KIK9T CLASH UU.ltU AM* J l.e ? eli 0'iat. a I ?if? Ai ti 1 f?r |a \?t, g' 1 j e.r tot, ?>? vr y p'*4 flll'd proainb'. rHokUl MiyKit*(t aorner f fb riy *e,:uod *t ?et aod Tenlk a?epiw. J/i f W > ( k WnHBLBS or KISHOiS'l ?riX?D AT ?* p"r Hundred, ai lk**iiak >w(Ol huiiaUMS ?Ural. Nortb rl*or. s

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