Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1864 Page 7
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MILITARY AND *AVAb. A R UNItVoD?TAAtVb RECRUITING RENDEZVOUS. Sl'l EKINrB D ?> 'T CAPTAIN h. COVES. 60 Llsponard atree', near Broadway. Captain COM US has the b?uor, by permlanon, to refer to RICHARD PATRICK A CO Usrdware impotent, 53 (>(Ur street; WM ALVOKD A CO.. Hard-a-e Import era. 53 cedar street; Oolonrl JOHN 8. NEVILLE, hiuperinteodeni of the N i State Sol 'i?rs' 1'eiot, ?nil other merchant# and banners of well known high ^sbaracter. THEY WILL GUARANTEE THAT KVI KY K CBUIT wl 1 be paid everv dollar which the Captain prom ?es. ANU EVERY VOLUNTEER AMI KtMilliUI'E will (be treated fairly, honorably list v. l.MOUMEN WANTED, KOI! (INK OR TMKKH YEARS, for Artillery. Cavalry or Arilil'i 1,001) MI'N WrtNTKn !? R rill'. N ,VY. As Seamen, Firemen, Coal Ha* ??* anil Laudaraen. Fifty men wanted for niv own romyanv. oi Up One Hundred and Sixth re,;iment N. Y Volunteer* The men previously recruited bv me tort e l.SJtUarcto .%>a placed in the 100! ti bv order <1 the Oovernor. This compatn will soon he nl'ed. VOLUNTREKS OK SI' US riTUTI- 8. FOR ON K OR TH EE V K UiS, can be enlisted, and ha< e nholee of my company. VET I R \ ; s are partieu'arly ileairei for my company. 1 am auihuri/i'd bv the Supei visor* of several t nvtts in Una Stole 10 PAY LARGE HoUNilES FOR ON a YEAR MEN. The uieu can en'.lst In m< eo > nanv. or can have choice o a r v other hi inch of service, EITHER ARM I Olt N . VV MEN FROM ri!K COUN RY ?C?n be accommodated with now ers ..ver night I HAVE 1" LUSTY OF HOO?. Ofllce open from H A M till 11 at nlghl BOUNTIES. ON F. YKAlt men. $.'??)' >: cab d-wn * JIX\ THREE YEAR tnen $70) to $ '?> '-*>b. EITHER ARMY OR NAW Den't forget the numimr , SliLispnnarl street, near I'roadwfty. Army NAVY MARINE CORPS ReTTiFiTING HEADQUARTERS, iro B ~~~) XV A V. 10,000 ceod men wanted to ie 'resent tho city and county ?of New York In the United States cev lee All of whom will receive t ie ijiie-t ra*ii bountes. And ctioce branch of st-rvlen. tint- In lnra ?????. Cavalry, Ari l ery, Seamen, Ordinary Seamen Landsmen, Firemen. <Co,i Pa?sers*\c. Parties entering any branch of the *e- vice will do well to call at this o'l'ee . where each and every one will receive the Same hoiiorabl" and fair treat nen:. Poor men of lamtlles nnd ilm e nrrlvln? from tt'e eonntrv Should be rateful how they u low tin* n -I . e< io fall Into the lands of sharpers and proVleis fn' whom th n re many 1, ?wher-, m ail probability, tUoy would get -wluilled out of their bounties. Army and navy. 500 ONE YEAR MEN WANTED. $4H0 CASI1 IN II K *D FOIt VOLUNTEERS. $150 C*S i IV >1 ND FOR SUBSTITUTES. $'00 cash In hand for three years' Substitute*. Applv immedi.-.telv to .1. WARREN FT, I V V, 2?r, Rrnsdwav. between Chambers and Warren etr.'.^t in the basement. A HENS AND DISCHARGED VETERANS WILL BE J\ guaranteed $^'10 cash 1 M and before being sworn In. Jto k unphug. Applv Imni diately to J W \RRKN FMNN. afi Broadway, between Warren and Clia n'vrs streets, in the basement. N. B.? No men taken out of the State. A FEW MEN WANTED THIS DAY-FOR THE J\ army nnd navy : SnitO to >0c .sli liountv, besides prize, re tel and f.ensmn money, will h > naid. Anulv in o-*rson to ?the anthnrt/ed government "?cruiiiiiuacent 124 West s'reet, .enrner of Key. u;> stairs. Wages $i4t"$U per month, be ?lues rations A A LL VETERANS, AL'ENS AND OTHERS WnO IN -A tend to enlist or cter the s ..> ; ? . <?(, sni>-tltut?s will do we" tr call on BKOWS' t SHELDON, Military and ?Naval Banking O.Hce. No. 2 Park ptace. A CA?n.? INVALID CORPS ? \ FRW DISCHARGED -A told era tnav enlist in t!i a corp< ami reeehe $4"0 iliittaiy. '?'or parti cut ii rs in i'i,r? . f WASHBURN A WOR KaLL. 2C'I liroa I way, up stairs. TTENTION, ONE YEAR VOLUNTKERS !? FOR i the lament cash bounties ofered |nq ire In the jnlli tai'T law o t ee of WASHIU'liN A WORRALL 2>V( Kroad ?Nfay, up stair?. Be particular Our ofllce Js up stairs. All the rights of volunteers explained? W ere aLd how to s -cure the largest cash bounties oflerert, r-liet lo famiea ,te., ,Ve. at the milltarv la v o!Ilce OI WASH KURW fi WORRALL. 2.; ? ItroadwaT. If desired, reernita Will be enlisted and protected from imposition and f'lind. i'waons wtslllns to st3 iis on buaiaea-i will be par ticular and apply in our otl:ce tip stair*. AQOOD CHANCB? ARMY OR NAVY? 1,000 ONE year meu wanted.? tjlli'tl cub In hand lor volunteers; >(*?'>. ???h in hand for ?ubstitut'-s; ea h In hand tor three vears' aubstitutea. App r immediaU'iv at No. I Park place, corner ef Broadway: entrance on P?rk place, in the bui' nient. All junds ahov? pipe to or nhters, clear the Re"1:.? $?*>? for three years, $40 1 tor two years, $500 for one year. Sailor* wanted for the na*y. SaHera, Ton Can h?Te the above sdm of mn ey paid rash In band, beside* advance pay. prl e money utnl ir n'hlv bv comtnjit'one to this otliee wl-brnt Ian Uord or r inner Mind your eye, bo vs. Avod the 'and sharkaaid K"t all the money yonrselt United States Recru tins oilice, 247 Broadway, room 25. a BLt AND SOUND ONE YK \R'S MEN WANTED.? J\ Al' yonni! ami middle aceil men wishing to i-? ?w the draft and are not able to pot In a sunstitute, will rereive $2">0 cash in hand to jo s* v duniH?r< in the arniv oi navy. A!' men npplj in* will be treated a- uent'emen. Reference Call at >t. up stairs r AND MARINE CORPS iiibstitutes wanted. 440Se^n _ . Three ?ohstilntes wanted to d i v $30 I Sl 'O and S.VMi ash Jtireu. Parties bringing men will lie paid the larfce?t amount ?ol hand money paid at anv ofBee in the citv. Applv at the Dounty. Pay, Army and Navy Agency, 111 Nawau street, up <?u.r? *LL MEN WHO THINK OF ENLISTINO IN THR army or navy for one, tn o or three year*, but tlr t wish to learn all the part eulars record ng ea? h branch of the ?ervu-e the amount of bo inti*s paid, te. are re mealed to call at the otliee of J. C. MILTON \ CO.. 208 Broadway. * TTENTION.? $700 WILL BE PAID CASH FOR J A two subs itutes for the iirrny er navy at Nov 4 Centre street, up stairs Substitutes lurnished at a fair price. Two unhand. Call early LRE ,t ROGERS. AT THE OLD GOVERNMENT RENDEZVOUS NO 19 Bowery? The hiuhest pru es ea?h down, are pnl for ore or three veers m^n for the a my or navy, either as \olnnt"*rs or aubitiltite*. All partiea enorabl* dealt with. A RMV, NAVY AND MARINE COtt PS -WANTED, this dav, 50 co .1 man. m g* as ubatlMtea in ti'inchof the verriee name I above, for one r mreeiear*. Tti" hi,- ie*t bountle. |.a d and all in'ii applying wll1 be treated as gentlemen. Call at 9.3 South street, corner of Fulton. ?iven. Call at the Bounty, Pav, Arm'- and Navy Ageoc)', II Nassau street, up italr.s A *MY, NAVY AND MARI NE CORPS ?$S M.?VOLUN. A leers and subatitntes wanted. 440S e^h bittnlv pa>d. ASlHsriTCTE WILL RECRIYK $-m? P*SH DOWN and no 4r \< ictlons. 1'V a meroh rnt ?I this nty: inu-t tie *11 ? ? ii or veteran and ioj;.> to -lav. Anulv to It. K. BHD**, Counse lor-al ten', 33'J Rr<>ai|.\av, third lloor, front r,.r,Hi. A N |4Unr CAN HAVE $?(!), CASH RIOHT DOWN, t'i . ? i? ?nU*tltnio 1 1 ir mi C li )ii i iy ?i?!ur f-t ? ? r- , 40- . ? in rmisr. i-tr-el. .lers"? tj'ly. t vn nn'! ? hal blocks fthore . * ii* f-rr,, b*l wood the hour** 6 init i 1 A. N? A ?.V ARMY. NAVY, NAVY. 100 MF.N WANTED FOR EACH. IilUUBOT CASH Hot' NT i NO swinhun :. Krcrtill anil fculiatit.ite o lut-, 19 W all *tre?t. HI'1; tVlTTR WANTED-R* A KNTLhM *N WHO wnl i a liberal price. A'lpiv in |>e rem at 46 ilcward rt iir ilr<. A A TD'-NTION.? VOLtTNTRKRS WANTED FOR ONg J\ ynr for tbe Thlrie<*nt'i Neiv York Mar n# Ar * hftm $ t.Vt will be ni\en Ci?h tor three eiira, $,"'J es'h ?nwn l)? nnplytns t'i rngiiaiii HWKKT, S3 8o?ery, ucsr Bayard at ret. Invalids rrcei e ? t?K?. A CARD -$l ,!MX> CASH I' ? 1 0 FOR THREE COOO men a? To'ttaleera. A!ao wanted, ?.n * Itn t men l"r l!i* na/v, a? larfilsmen, aenmfn. flrrmm, rook*. ? ewards ?nd ? pnrwr'i clerk, to ?lm ii the highest bounty will be |i?id. wilfi intimal cbanr-ei for pri?e money. H'row $i 0 lo %'? paid to anr person linnnini; an aeeerlable r-'-rnlt t>? this n liro Voting men cimln: fro u the roimtrv nnd foreigner* er n rely on beiu4 Hones r eah with hi apply Int at i: ? Army and Navy Headqia' turn. !):l Wm -tract, .corner o' i><lar, N. Y, Cap'a ri KINO. A NOTICE.? ONE HUNDRED MRN WANTED. FOR rnmiiinlM M ami K (nnv/nntrprni). ror the Th rteeoth hea*r artillery. New York Volunteer*. -'atoned near Nor f.ik. \*a. BROWN A hilKLDON No. 2 Part place. A CAPTAIN, POSRKHsTMl RRQUlSll K nl'ALIFt m i ll! n waman ami ti'i Injc a nnmbi rof men. 1 an ?oV* a * |??altton In the Hilrteenth Heavy Artllltrv. New York Volunteers. stailnned tieur Norfolk Ya. Call on BidtWN A 8HKLDON, No. 2 I'ark plaw An only" authorized rim bi itino iioENCT frr thp Thlrlcrnlli Beavv A r?lll?-r . . New York ViJun tp?ia, Ik ?4iabllah?l at 1IR0WN .4 NHELUON'S, No " i"'rk {l?"f ;i?i men wanii-il for two or tbrni- \r*r*. ni:he't up<y i<*id to recruit* and aubstltuto*. and prcmluma to ?i;?"ta. _____ Bt'ISaENROLED-WK WISH TO (l".T TWO SIJBSTI into*. Dlnkelaplel A Oppinheliiier, No. h Maiden lane, up atalrs. BOtKAtT OflUBOlOAL P X \ Ml N ATI ON POR CITI. rem ?'ibjM!t to dra' i, N ii 0 Cli* uh' ia ?trrri. ? BnhaM lul?a anil rei-rulta eiamlucd fur h ,<er< I t POWKLL. ?'n ; 'on. In charge. Roferenre? Ma or (Innther, en-Mayor Oi-dfke. F. I. A Boo'e, P*|? Cltv Inapertor. p'tlMY $1,41)2.? A FEW MEN WANTRD FCR TITE .1 > s?r<md New .Jer ev caralry. $5fki rmh in !> m I inr two and tliree vrar* Ai rilv lo A. A. O. ROW E, blue none y ird, foot of Waahington aireet. lluUnken, N. J. B OYSi ENLIST WllkRl YO0 CAN OKT THE B1QRK8T TRICRS. wr patIivbr $1,0(10 PEK MAN. COME AND 'II V*. LATHAM. CRAFT A MOORE, N? 47 HnnoTer aireet, Boston. Ijnl NTY MO? CANIl IN IHND. FOR T 'E aIIMT, I I tw>iure lining sworn in. Ahp v without il'* a? to .1, W aHKKN FLINN, Ifh llrn.'id < ay, between Chambers and >*arreii airnnta. in the batement. /1AMKRON KIFI.KM (Mill !! LAN DER8', COLONEL R. y / M Elllo't eotnmanrtlnir ?Fifty rolunteer* wantrd Irrnieiliately for Co npntiy A of this ue ne# regiment, now ?iruani 'ii,R in thlt Hty. Siplen.l'il ebftnee for promotion for *et<>rso? sod rocrnlts olnlnu th * new rei'iment. I'ro-no tions maiie Irom the ranki The rei:l'<N>nt wl 1 lie o ' rerrd by men who have ?<>en ?*rv nn In the de it. snd the m** ??ell oared for tlliheat bnitiitlPS paid to T i|unte?rs. tl?0 ??? ?!0ii to an? one brln*ins a recruit. Apply at 4*4 Broad wray, N?w Tor*. ^ I WILL PAT FOR A MMflTOtl FOIl fM YRAR $V>> rash. Call after W o elook st ?0 Naa?au street, rooas iL tear build- dj. MILITARY ADD 1**VATm GRKAT FIOIITINli AT ATI.ANTA.-DRaFT<-Mi VRN can be ? ippiiert with S ibentile , and e*?'e| I o.t* |i o. c-tred at theshuft#*t notice and on nuMt iea*onaJ?le term . Aop y at ihe Oraeml Substitute Am*i?*'* Office, ?vo 1 Glial haul square, corner of Divisi m streat, >'. Y. flKNTLEMIN WHO WISH t "BS'l'l TUTh s' WILL T lind it much to yteir adv?iitage " l! to i1 r'"" "n r-'ruitlnr service, by which the will he bron .' trf'rec v i t ? contact with the S'lhatituie and be -i 1 1 r?s that w a'evtir ' < In oaid will lie paid to him. I he a ivantate i/aim (I by ti'S iittlcer l? that th* man is prrmNtm to choose W? ? egl < nt. Apply at ths headquarters of the I06lh Re^u.ei.t. TIL llr'ad way. (1 ENBRAL UNITKDSTATRS RECRUITING OKFI C K ? X 2 iMUbHi li uie* wanted for the arm anlnivv h ,h st bounties pud in this State. AP'lv t'oL It VI. N. CUAh l? Jk 00., corner White and Centre sirt eta. I WILL PAY $150, CASH DOWN, TO ONE YRAR'R men ? al-o $7.">", cash do > n io three ears mm. Tlila monev will he paid lo the men themae ti*s and none other-. Apply to Dr. ANDERSON, .'it Eldr due street, N Y. Merchants, bankers' .\ni> general tolun tecrand Vubatltute Association, odloe 4 S Broad av. New York ?1,0 mi volunteers wanted Immedlate'v. sis'lm S^iii paid to anyone !?? in lag a reernit. nighe t bounlle* puld to recruits on passing examination No delay Mo humbug. Mcnev uaid right down Apply at the office. 428 Broadway. New York. ONE YEAH VOLUNTEERS WANTKD. BOUNTY $525. BOUNTY $.12.V $425 CASH DOWN AFTER PASSING THE KUKGEOH. Appl to the Supervisor of Waah nuton township, State of Now Yor ;, itt li * o!Iioe,34 Walker street, betweeu Broadway and church street. ONE YEAR MEN -WE ARE PAYING Til K HIGHEST bouniv an I premium lor one year men for the army or nacy Recruits ?au choose any branch of the Service. Ap ply at No. fi Hast Broadway, Unite*' Mites Aim* ari l Navy Recruiting Odloe. NOLa.N A LANIGAN. ONE YEAR'S VOLUNTEERS WAKTRD ? $?00 oonntv pai'', cash In hand, to Ihe recruit l>erot e he tig mustered in and $78 hand money lo the tier on who hrin:s hi in. 8tata and government boil n tie- secured. Ca I Imme diately at the New York Army and Navy Recruiting Depot, No. 9 Chambers street. ONE YKAIt'S MEN. -$5f# CASH IN HAND FOR 2 ON H ear's men, to go In one of the faitnst steamer* In the American navy. Nplend'd ohnnen fur prl/B money, and huhest win- pad. Apply early at the United Stales Naval llsndeKvous, 93 West street, corner of Cedar, N. Y. . Captain EINU. RKCRUITIWO HEA.DQUA R1?RS ? V0LUNT8BR8 wantinj to enlist in the army or navv wou'il do well to apply at til South street, near Wall street. The hi?hest bounty Paid; aKo gentlemen furnished with aubntltutea. N. B ?No fraud. Rr.AD A LITTLE COMMON SENSK.? i U you ate about to enlist do not he deceived In these two thing*. Klrsili, get.?il the bonnlloi that are ane you by onhst n^ with an o licer of the army, and not with boun ty brokers. Secondly. :o into a regimen I where you will have a chance "f promotion. The llKith N. Y S. Volunteers, Colonel Lewis T. Rarnev, Is now In the t eld with several hundred men. and wants mor'. They will give $ ; K) bounty, ihe whole of will h sum will b- pa'd immediate'/ lo such men as enlist as Hitbsil tutos. (Before you enlist eall at 746 Brn.idwii y, i-ornerof As tor Dla> e. ami see the Captxlti, who will give you every in formation whether von enlist or not. SUBSTITUTES? AT 17 BKOADVCAY, NEAR BATTKRY*. O URSTITI'TES ? AT 17 BROADWAY, NEAR BATTERY, SUBSTITUTES at 17 BROADWAY, NEAR BATTl RY. furnished for any district, bv hoaorable aud reliable parties. Applv from 7 A. M. to C p M. SUBSTITUTE WANTED IMMEDIATELY? AN ALIEN or veteran fonn not subject t<> draft) to servo for three years, for whoui a liberal price wl I he naid. Apply ,n par son between lo A. M. and 2 P. M. at 123 Klvlngton street. S. GRAY. SUBSTITUTES ? GEKTLKMKN REQUIRING SUBSTI C? tutes may do well by applying lo Cnpialn KLMOltE. 14 Sixth avenue. He has some on hand and good facilities, heln ? an old army o dicer, who understands the business perfectly and deals honorably. ^ Substitutes put into thk navy answer for men drafted In tho armv. and are easilv obl.uneiL Wn are near the navy yard gate, nn'd are furnish inr twenty sub ?litutes to the navy ever,- dny, and will ooutract to l'urulsh fifty substitutes each ilay aftor tlrs week. REUBEN VOSE. Seamen's Bank, No. I'.t.i York . street. Brooklyn. CUB8TITUTHS.-GENTLKMEN LIVING IN NEW O York or hrookl n can l>e furnished with substitutes for one or three years by calling at the Army and Navy Agency, I5j Kulton street and 212 Broadway, room No. 5. up sulrs. OUBSTITUTHS FURNISHED? IN NUMBERS OR 8IN. O gly. on application to WILSON A BALDWIN. 181 Ynrlt street. Brooklyn, or 27 John street (basement), New York. Substitute.? am alien will go as bubbti tute for one year in the navy Ad>lress. s ating yric-c that will be paid, box 179 Herald ollice, for three days. SUBSTITUTE WANTED.? A GENTLKMAN WISHES O a auhsiltnte fan alien or veteran*, to go into the army or narv Immediately; will give a liberal price casb down. Apply in person nt o'lice No. I, over Kulton Bank, earner of Fulton aud Pearl street*, from 10 to 1 o'clock. Substitutes wantbd-pobi the armt and Navy. Bounty for one year $350; for three yenrs, $7.10 cash down. The highest bounty paid in the city. OJice, 12 Chambers street. Captain DE PASS A CO., LUm<e? Agents. Substitutes for any town or count* in new York promptly furnl-hed, at the recruit an4 substitute office, 19 Wall -tre^l. Parties each wishing t? procure se ver il. are especially invited to- ca 1. Reference given and required. : SUBSTITUTES -TWO VBTF.RANS OR ALIENS CAN it obtain ?er* liberal caaj-, oayments bv >eat'ng directly with two principals. Apply. tioJ. B. AUSTIN, 47 Bxchangu JJta.e, basemeut office. Substitutes now on hand fgr those who applv to JOHNSON, a COLMAN, No> IS Grand strjret, near the ferry, WilliamLlMirg. N. Y. SUBSTITUTES and.volunteerr pubnishkd- at i; verv ?hort not ca, and put in either armv <r n?rv, tor ttnv district In this ft'./' or State, for on#, two or three years. Rett of reference girc>a. Apply at the old established office, lj? Meveniii street, comer of Sixth avenue. Satisfactory arrangements will bb made wlih tivo pernMW who will serve In the army or navy, for one or three veara, bv calling at 212 Broadway, room IS It Is certainly au ?ilra chance. N? broker need apply. The largest bounty T OR VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUT1& 2P,?)0 ONR YEAR MEN WAMTkB iiir VOLUNTEERS ANI> SUBSTITUTB8 FOB TI1E ARMY AND NAVY. Cash boxntr paid...... $170 Hand tuonev mid t? the person bringing ihe recruit to en'lst 100 If tlia recruit preseuts himself or If the substitute I* pre sent. d bv the person for whom ho goes na tub-titute, he (the recruit) wll' irclre ? CarJi bo ntv $170 And the hand money 100 Votib' .... 5*270 V. GODFREY UUNTIIER, Mavor. M ? I I'll KW T HRKNN A N. t Comptroller. ORISON BLUNT. Supervisor, WILLIAM M. TWEED Supenl-Or. WILLIAM R. htkwart, Supeninor. ELIJAH F. PURDT. Supervisor, CotuMii Vol'intecr Co nmittee. OIliSON BLUNT, Chairman. Nkw Von*. August 12, 18*1. THK DRAFT OX .ST II OK 8KPTKM :ER? KIOIITH d *trict ? (lent nmeri r-a'din : In the I Igh'.centii, 1 "wen tletli and Twenf ilrat wards of I ? e'iv of New Ynr*. com pri-dns the Kn'ith ronur< *.lona i!i?tr ct of the State. will tie lnrnUi'C I promptly with a len Sn ml tneaand their Ex emption l'sper* { or thne vear*< correctly procured bv for warding t*>?ir oidcrs to the oilicn of the M?r hun Bank* fri' hikI f'enertt' R?pre entatlva Volmteer A**r>cat'nn. 4JS Broa. way, >? t*w A -irK M B ? Monev pa able cnlv when lb- repre?ctit*t've ls furnished and I h >? exemption papers eenre t I.* !!??? wishing to ?en I s repre "ntatlve to Ih- ai my will I'ave tb<* r nrdeis promptly attended to anil will have prec 'dence. The Eighth dl-trlct, under the supertnten len- a of tspifiln IV I*. Manle--#, I'rovo*' Marshal. I* furnishing more men In l>t a w.?v lhan anv oth?r dJstrlct In th?8tite, ant with continued energy will probably fl I la unota with out a traft. Mo t hi the r?preaentatlve* have bean procured bv the Merchants'. Bankers ?n l General Rei> tentative Ve]nn:ee* As'nclit'on, o 'ire 1?^ Broadwnv, Spw York filWO BUBRTIT0TE8 WaNTEI\-TII E HIGH F.ST J. bonn!? will be paid to aliens. or discharged veterans, to go ?? substitute*, elthar for one or thro* year* In the army ornayy. Apply in person at 211) Broadway, room 0, second floor. TWO 81'BSTITUTEB WANTED FOR ONE YEAR? TO whom three hundred dollars each will be given. Ap ply at S)l Broadway, in the More. 'PUREE THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH DOWN.? SRYFN L hundred and IHtv do lars each will be paid four ood soon 1 men a an' stltutes in the navy? aliens, veterans or seamen. The minev will b* paid immediately after pa-* re 1'ie Snigaon w I'lin'it any deduction, delay or humbug about It Apply thl* rlnv at 15S Atlantic siraat, Brooklyn, a few block* from the ferry. THRBI RUBSTITl TBS, HOT UAIU TO DRAFT, wanted? army ornatrv; $ij0one voar men. ?Mutbrea year men ; SOifl for regular*. Apply from 10 to 12 or J to 4 o'clock at 108 Cedar street. UN'TRD STATUS MARINE CORPS.? ALL THE houtilie- pa'd. The only authorized re-ni'tlnj o;lie? prea'ded over by regular United States officers in New York. 18 Bowery. CM tbla oat. Wanted? substituted foe tiik armv and navy. The highest baunty paid, at the Mhakspeste Hotel, corner ef William Dunne ati i Cl?ml>-r* streets. W. O II BRUNJKR ,1 CO , Brokers. WANTED-ALIENS OR VRTBRANB FOR THE amy and nayv, forane. iwo and three yeir? Will pay UTA f4.'i0 andtWD na * >on at pi.sae I the dmtor Ap ply Immediately at 73 Naaaau street. Army and Na?r o?ce. WANTRD-IRISHMEN, BNOU8HMRN. BCOTCff, (l?rman?. I p n h and men of all Datlona'ltle*. t:i en list a? vo'.iinteer-. Tluthlgheat bonnty paid, ca?h ifi hsn.l, on paaaln ^ tl e do 'tor. Re'ier tlrkela for family*. Aiteo's will receive the hlchc*t prcmlnma Apply at tbo Merc anta*. Banker*' and Uener^l Volunteer and Hnb-t tnt? Association, office Broadway, N. Y. . WAHTKD? A SI R^TITOTE. FOR ONR OR THR' E veer* f.'I'O or *rt28 p.ild ca*h In blind. Ooyrrnment and Stale bonntle* pa d extra apple at the Salamander Flra Brck Work*, foot of llanunonl *treet. WANTED-FIKTEKN MRN TO DAT FOR A Ft*SHTNO ro. age of four months. ?*'?! csn ?>? made by tho trip; outfit fouud RANDALIi .? OOtJBTNBT, .xirirer of t'liani bers and Waat *treet*. up *tsirs. it. ANTKH-MKN FOR T1IK l'MTh D STATES NAVY. ?\ io ahip for "nc two or thrre jctrv bonniy paid of 8 to $4011 and $'1*'. WASDAl.Ii A ( OUT.irNEY. eoiser of tamwri and We*t streeta, up stairs. 11/ AKTRD-TWO AMEN Sl'BPTCp'rTES; THE 1> IOH V* p?t okIi bonnty yet paid. Call/?t 09 I'ariav -tieet. Brokera nsed n it spp y. JOHN BKLti \17"ANTK1? ONK, TWO AND VHREK YBARS MFN TT and b na O'.er H yeara old^or Armv an i Narv; \rry hlKheat bounties paid. ca*i\ lit hand Broker* sod run ners libpraliy paid for l>rini:lt// men Apply early st the old established afflce 1M Elevi ? th streot, corosr Stilh ay. SOBSTITI'TRS WANTf D? WILL PAY FROM ?7'0 O to $??i, lo fill up a r,mn*hlu'* i nota The hlsheat prlca will he given. No awt> ,,(|,ne and no humbug. Apply at mv nfflex, 44 Mnd-on at/ ,,rt lloboken Cotisfic, be w.-en Newark snd First streets , B. KBL.LEH. yll SUBSTITUTES VRBn FURNISHED B* U8 ON TT X Tuesday, at i m principals. Ill substitutes will ba furnished this lav lit I h n same charge. ' HIUViN VOSK. 103 York stmt. Brooklyn. WTL.YT.%f1Y A^D tlVAU .^/l UI'BsTITCJrm ?* R u NuW U UTTN.l FOR APPLT ' * una. ?nd i'mii be Hhipo-*!} in ill* rrw<tit of draiied 11 eii nun - hour. H?r our respeetabtrty ?f refer to ihe fiil-o ? 111 not.* ? 4 Ken eu V.IM-, we have known you for tweul vt'.ns nnil Consider you a man of "Iru't integrity ? "Hi!1". < 'iiijiiii'mI irn Util'od Stat s N?r?," Apniv at it... -.-, ? n?nK. iJSYor* au-eei Brook! rn. n??r N??r i ?rii <*l| "<J TO I HAND MONkV CAll) * 1 ? KNTH OR I ' runt,, .a 'or vo i uft- "m for tUl? lil*. In men i ?- l ?o li t > . (lie hi,.h> ?: bounty c* h d wn uitOuD as p ias?d b nw ,:o .Mr. A|i|il at 4^8 Uroadwav. C'OfWI PAID RUNNRKS FOH ONE YEAR MEN IN ? ti ' t'. S N tvv ; $400 nouuiv IO volu itnern; an be cred le.i io .urn district In Una slam; S ?<' tor ua \ "ue >eir. Appk at 170 Chatham afreet, slupr>lo4 ortle -, No S a*|?ft oasii paid for naval hkokui ra for ?1 onevar; $ f(H) government tKiuntv and $A1) btari in ne p> r nners. I'rua ttouev and advance imy at the UuiiH i states Ni.val Oflice, -t! Umad **t, room q>')(||t IIamii MONEY TO HCNXl'SS FOR TNRR* ?i mi'Q for the Uniied rtiatcs Nan, We p y ret r* it-, i e tir rat b<v ntlra re lef lor lam lies and pri/e money. Landainen. fceamen unit re 1 n bauds wauled, at 170 Chatham atrMt, shipo uj: oilica, No. S. ?'-MUl BOUNTY? $2(H TABU IN It \ N O $| n OoV ?71 ' ? ' Ml eminent h mot' paid to Volunteers and Snbatl Intra i or one \ear for the A my or Navy Choice ?f ?ervb'e fciven ft'i ' hand money paid to an* ouo br njj'nK * meru t to tbia oflice. NOLAN A I,a>I'JvN. | No. 0 Kant Isruadway. $1 flfl HAND MONEY -fcUU $101 rfANI> MONEY $400 HANI) Ml >NKY $100 HANI) MONEY will be paid In cash to anv jierson bringing a thr"? fMM tin iiMtlti: i ? lor tba navv to the New York Arm* and Nary Hi fruiting Company. No 9 Chambers street. CASH DOWN TO SUBSTITUTES FOE ONE ?P?JUU yaat'atNu. 7 Eich&aga placc, Jersey City, up atai rs. $rr(| BOUNTY.? $161) CASH IN HAND FOR tlrjll volunteers for on" vetir frtili) raah paid for b b .-tlt'iioH for ono year, Apuly io (5?"iain HUKST, .'U7 Urrenwloh strei't. between Kna leand Iiiihii" Htrorts, or to Lieutcnaut S.VJJ I'd, .81 (irind atreet, Williamsburg $K7C -$57>, 8B7S-TFIR BIOOR8T OFFRft YF1T.? ft I ?J. $5, "5 oiicreii for oa? vear men, $50S 83 ff wlrch In |uil cash In hi'iid, or do muster, tiie balance at the pa tab e. A ppi in Captain A. P. (iKKliNB, room 7, Mil 12 CiiAtbam street. Af*/\A BOUNTY.? $800 CASH IN BAND FOK VOL ??U' 'W unteer< far tie nrmy i or one year; $Kiii<??nin liufnt for tiie navy for one year. Apply early to Lieutenant HI ENS. No. 5 Iliulaon aireet, near railroad depot. /?/Wt ONE YEA li MEN WANTED? $200 ANI) $2.10, OV'wcasb In hand, paid n ivy or army aiicna and d a cliarje.l >B.,lor,'. and HoIdl.'i'U, Accepted pjrlioa bringing ro criiits tioy.ted libera Iv. Call ai the Kounty, I'ay, Army and Navy Aceiu-y, 111 >asgau street, upstairs. BOUNTY.? $2011 HAND MONEY PAID TO ANY ?UWu pcibon who brings a recruit, an ?ubatituta. for arnty or nary, to this ollice. $600 caab In hand to any re crutt hiniHO'.f U. S. Recruiting Oilioe, 247 Itroadvray, room 2A. Stil.eillutes furmsbad fur cllv or couutry at fair rates. Colored men taKun. ? ft Aft BOUNTY.-$SOO hand money paid to any ?DvJwl/ peraon who brings a recruit for army or navy. Substitutes supplied tit ronsouable ratea. Apuly at 641 Biuadwav , corner of Bleecker street, autrance 74 B I cocker street. Remember up stairs. O ASH WILL BR GIVEN TO A MAN NOT ?ipO*/'" liahle to th? dralt. No brokers need uppl\". W. H. MOLLIS. 355 Fnlton street. Internal Revenue Ollice, Brookl n, ?ppo?ite Clt.v Hall. ' CASH IN H AND FOR ATIIRKB YEARS SUB ?p t \J\f atltute or $330 beaiileg all of count*' and United State# bounty lor a one \ far niBn. Apply direct to the prin cipal. who wl'l see that von get overs cent due to you. Ap ply nt the bruah factory, 117 John street, N. Y. ?7fW? C.'.SII IN HAND FOR SUBSTITUTES FOR 51 v'u army or navy. Choice of regiments, Ai<<o. II e alien* wish tr.>?*rve as substitutes for a,fair pi lee. Drafted ineti or nta:i liable to le ilrai'leil are fnrniHb"<; with s ibatitn'es Apply to C. B. NOO.NAN. eorner Bowery and [ Canal street-, uuurr Citizens' Savings Bunk. BOUNTY.? SUBSTITUTES AND VOLUN ?lr l "Ml leerti wanted for the army and navy; the largest > mount of iiand monev pa d to any person bringing roi ruits to this ollice Also 12 months volunteer* wanted at !'7 Chatham Rireet. Captain J. WYNNE. C7Hft-*?>. #7W._ FOUR SI BSTITUTES WANTED ?ID I UU for the Tenth district, Westchester county. New York, to whom the above amount will be paid or no muster. Apply auroom No. 7. 41 Chatham '?treet. L F. BKaDLBY, YonKers, Westchester county, N. Y. -ARMY. NAVY OK MA HI N E. ANY MAN I t>4r? wishing to join either of those can receive $750. cash in hand, by applying at No. 8 Hicks street, Brooklyn, tt o bionics from Fulton ferry. OASB DOWN TO SUBSTITUTES FOR THREE ?D I 4 O \tsjs. at No. 7 Exchange place, Jersey City, up stain*. $800 the mi rccon, for substitutes, with choice of ser vice. ?.'i00 c*Hh down fur one years volunteers. In sny branch of service. The be?t chance ever ottered Apply tCMlav at 11^ Nassau street, room 18. <5QfW\ CASH IN HAND AS SOON AS PASSED BT ?BOl'U the doctor, for substitutes. $700 for volunteers. Relief to families. Choice of regiment. Apply at the corner of Broadway and Duane street, in the basement O. H PEARCE. ?Ql\f| CASn? I W11.L PAY ANT OOOD MAN, ?!>0UVI who ts exempt from the draft, the above sum without fall, who wlM enlist as my wib-titair. No ageut or broker aeed apply. 56 Basel atreet, Jersey City. CiQflH Cash wim be paid immediately for ?PO'MI h few good three years' men. for thearmyyor nary also $4w> Tor one year men. Choice of regiments. Greenbacks ready book as passed. Apply at 14 Sixth a v. CfcRnft CASH ,N HAND PAID TOR A 8UBSTTTUTH, OOuU thlH day. a* soon a* passed the surgeon, and choice of service, either army or navy Apply at the old established otlico. I.'H Eleven to street, oortuir of Sixth ave ?ie. Men comiog to this office will be honorably treated. CCHin BOUNTY.? $900 BOUNTY.? WB WaNT BIX Hn<7\F\> siihiiltutcs this dnv. for men liable to the draft. Highest bounties paid. Also volunteer* wauted. Apply at the Patterson House, 75 Cortlandt street. QOnn BOUNTY? $900 BOUNTY.? WE WANT SIX substitutes this rtav. for men liable to tho draft. Apply at the Army and Navy Olatm Agency. f>3 Fulton st (in/ 1 RECRUITS WANTED-FOR THR ARMY AND n\f\l Navy at 151 Fulton street und 212 Broadway, up stairs. $.VM> rash In hand paid each man at 153 Fulton street and 212 Hroadwav $.VH) rssh in hand paid each man at 153 Fulton street aod 212 Broadway. $:.uo oash in hand paid each mnn at 153 Fulton street and 21 Broad wav All men trented In a rentlemauly manner and will re ceive every dollar a* arreed.. $2 0 lis ml money will be paid to anyone hringlnga re cruit to this oll.ce. c-nnn bouhtt-$8io cash in hand, $m$ o ni Jpt/U'/ ted St ite v bountv psld to volunteers or ??bitl lutes for tho army or navy for three years ttecrmts can hsve ehoire of serviee. A?enl* and runners liberally dealt v Ith. App'y at No. C K?si Broadway NOLAN A LANH1AN. ffi(innCABn F0R SUBSTITUTES. -?7? CASH FOR ?Of/'/"./ volutiteors. Choi's of regiments snd detisri mi nts. Inqure st I.' <% t!i eeue street, corner of Prince, and IJ9 Spring street, in the biisoment. AQAA CASH DOWN WILL BE PAID FOR 10.1 YF.N O ' ' ' /' ' to go as substitutes or voltlti'eers In the am or navy. Runners and a<;outs will bo liberally dealt with. IV son^ wishing to proc ro substitutes can be furnishe 1 on the most reasonable t"rin* by applying to P. FLANN A'l AN A CO., at the old Post office building. No. 7 Chatham Si|Uire. Substitutes always on band. <?CW'f' BOUNTY T<? VOLUNTEERS ? FOB THREE <p? Mil) vears: f'h 0 fo> one \ eir; $77.1 ensh tor subst tiles l:i the arm* or n? v. No broker or runner need ?only. Apply between 9 A. M. and I P. M. at 149 Greene street, Jersey City. 10.000 MEN WANTED VOLUNTEERS OR SUBSTITUTES TO 111 I'RIUKKT TIIF. COUNT* OF NEW YORK in Tun ARMY AND NAVY. PAYMENT TO VOLUNTEERS rim mm ARMY AND NAVY. BOUNTY. For three yoars? countv $?? For thr-e years? government. Total For two years--.-'! intv ; 200 For two years? government ' 2 0 Total For one year? county . For one year? government "io .$400 .into . 100 ToUl *. $200 HAND MoNRY. Anv person enlisting a recruit for eltker one. two or three years will receive In hand money $?> PAYMENT TTrs'lirSTlTUTES FOK I?< ? I II ARMY AND NAVY. BOUNTY. County? for three year* |W County? for two vears 2 0 Couati? for one year 100 hand"monry. Any person enlisting s substitute for either one. two or three years will receive in hand money $'? Substitutes both in the army sad navy are required to make out that they are exempt Irom draft for one of the following reasons ? I. That he Is nn alien. ?1 j'hnt he has served two years Id tho army or navy dur nn present rebe Hon. 3 That he Is under twenty years of at*. Volunteers tor tbs navy tnu-t be abm to show lb st they resWo 'n ibis county, snd that they have been duly enroled ?t their place of .esldence , The Count v Volnireer Committee, under i.?lrnetloBS of the Hoard of Supervisors. hSV'tig filled all ?iiiotS'i nil lisp a'j ?alls tin to this time. snaoonce that tney have recommenced the business of reom tlng foe the ar'nv ami nnvy with the vl?w nl raising tne ipiota under the exist ng ca 1 by ">? President l^r men. HNH'tS or II1 tlt'Hes will be received as fom"*f'T * the Connly Yol int?er Rooms, in the I'a'k ???irnerof UrOsd wsy and Chamber* street, an 1 on tun Battery. TO THOSE DESIRING SUBSTITUTES. Inasmuch as authorilv e isisferthe enlistlnc ot 'tibsll tilt' s for such persons as may de*lto to be rc eve I irom any ?pprehens ous o| the draft, as also tor snc'i clt etis as uro not iinhl* to drafl, because of mifttnMa, noa I'abl itv a -e ?r other esiues. he Countv Volunteer Commble* "? addition to II elr business of rslslng re i ult*, are enlisting sueli Htibotltntea ss n>sy l?e d. si'ed. . , To secure a Snhstltnie. any person may dejioslt with this eommilt -e ;bc Mini of f 13\ for bounty stid band Blon#v, ?eeiife etpmptloa for threo >ears, $-33 for two year*, $135 tor on*' rear. C tlOPFUEY Ot'NTHEB, Vsyor. MATTHEW T KRI NNAN. Comptroller, OKISON Rl.UNT, Supervl' r, W 11,11 AM M. TW> El). Snperv sor, W ILL! AM It. KTFWART. Supervisor. ELIJAH t. PUHDY. Sup ivsor. County Volunteer t onimittee ORISON BLUNV, Ch?irm?n. Nrw Tobk, July II, UW4. Innil VOLUNTEERS WANTKO-FOR i>NE YEAR; i'IWIi bounty $fift.i. ol which Is paid cash d?w> ?fter passing the surgeon. Apuiv to the Snpei v.ioiS of Kast Fishkill and Lnfrante lowjuQupa, State of New York, at thair offlco. Mi Can*! street^ S. ?. MIl.KTAICY AND ?\VA Is. 1 RECRUITS WANTHD-POR TUB A KM If, 1 .'"HP At 17 BROADWAY %HM caati id hand pa d ?**< o in uv 1.4101) v?*t?M an?< wanted for tWe arm#, AT l7 BKOAOWAY. $4<A) ca&h Id hao I paid ?iarji man. 1(100 s-?ni'*n wanted for th^ na*T. A r 17 HKOA'IWAY. $400cagb fn h*n1 D?ifi f?aHj man. 1 .Oft) wanted in thaoav^ AT If ?>KO A !>w AV. $40ti ca*b in fan 4 put 1 ??:u?h man 1.0UU i.remnn vianu J 'ortheoa**; A I 17 ?ilioA!?V% AY. $4<*> caub in hand |?'rt ? 'i b man. 1 u /.) ouaipassar* wnnUtil for the navy, AT 17 HKOaDWAY. f'HOcHill IP. hand ):6 I ea.'ll ,.,..11 Men coin n^< t,, i ,;K ?!!),.?? t ? > en'lsi can rely unon obtaining th>- moil honorable tratt-nmit upon receiving the money ?'I'-rH tn full, uiv.n o'loiceor r*/i-tinnt and arm. Willi ?. it hu I'll or hii|.oi n ?i ( : un? and new for > Ouraa.voa. Of liits open from 7 * (?' P. M f iW li A ND MONKY wilbe p? .1 tonu ram woman or child brtntfiu* *n ac ceptable re run to this office. c?"l I W|f\ BDI'NTY.? WANTED, THIS 1>AY, 10) GOOD <k> 1 ' ni.-u in substitute ? i:. tl?<* iirmi or navy. Vre i|ki? ? ? a 'i f a : w one year tnen, for which we will pav 111- highest hooiti if any o.liee III the city. Cull early ut 39 I'arK row, room Z5 <51 A (Ml <?**" ?? SOON AS AGO KPT I :i>. WILL BE ? 1 ? low paid lor t " n m.-n tn a.*t a" sub-.i't'ite'* '*.! her I a ti e ariov er nary, or (1711 for ouc man, Apply before 12 o'clock tn-d iv to JAVII'.S s McCALL. Klfili Afiiilf Hotel. ?9 -?.W f Adl. IN OAXlI, W1 1,1, B" i'AlO I. for three sn *tltute-< for t ie arm. or navy. No brokers eed apt. v. WALOKN, WILLABO .4 MoILVAlNK. 17 Broad at A Q(iU VOLUNTKKRS WANTED FOR ON K YHAK; ho . ntv Stf?2'., of whieli 5*211 in paid cas'i down, after pacing Hie anr^'on. Apple lo t o Supervisor of W anhi IU Inn inwn ' i. S'ule oi New Y'\rlc. at the ollloe, 31 Wa.kei street, between Kro.idwar and Church atrent. NAVAL. PlliZH MOfl K V , ?SiC. ^ ALL PRIZE MONEY N'HV PAYABLE CAN BB OBTAINED AT ONCR BY APPLYING Uf PERSON OH BY liKTTItt TO WALDKN a W I L.L.A Hl?, IjATK U. h. NAVY. . IHH YOIiK 8TRKKT, MIOOIC I.YN BOUNTIES, BACK PAY uod a I other eialma ADJUSTED WITHOUT DkLAT LL PRIZE MONEY NOW PAYA1U.K PAIL) BY .1. I>l< K' Y ft CO., Oovernm^nt l.'la'm Amenta, 112 ISroadwi. . New York. Army p\t acooiintb oitk oFFrr-Ki-.s and mf.n advanced on and ollectnJ by WAliDKN, WILLABD A MoILVaIN li 17 Broad Mtreob All rERPONs attachko to tiib navy KNTITLED I'D PRIZE MO.VfY will receive the mm. n* on application. AcUlrrja 41. SNYOEH, Jr . ilovertiment Claim Agent, 80 Kmmu street, No .v Tome. All prize money now payablf. can be had at once by ai.plv ng In persun or by letter m M. L. TABU V i i ).. Ii56 Yoric street, Brooklyn. Olaliua collected, ca .Iiud or advaiice3 made, All the ourws or the ccnnkctiout, orand Gulf, Oanandaigua, Hucisrjlle, Kort Henry, Pocnhon taa. Pawnee. Nahant. 1'imeroiie, Granite] City, Vninler bllt, Iro uola. Huron,, I'rohle, I'erry, Da Soto anil Penobscot can receive their prize money at once by apply ing to M. L. TAIIB A CO., lot! York atreet, Brooklyn. Advances made on prize, officers- and Soldiers' C amnt. Collections made of penaiona, arrears of pay due deceased soldier* and aeamen. JBKOWN A SHELDON. No. 2 Park p ace. New York. PRIZE MONEY-CLAIMS FOR THE I-MLLOtYIN O vessels are now payable at MOLLOY A I'ROSSAKD'S, W7 York street. Brooklyn, and 192 South street. New York Nlphon, Iron Ace. Unmlilla, Hottsatonlc. Virginia, San ,la;:lnlo, Cnunoclicut, (iratid (Julf, .James A deer, Sono ma. Owasco. Nantucket. Pursuit, Gertrude, IJawnee and otners. ANo Conipensatlpil Money for all lost clothing, and Prize Money for rotton captured or picked up. | PRIZE MONEY -SI'.AMEN IN THE N A V AI. SEEVI08 ami dlsi'lia III seanien can hav? their prlu iiiuney promptlT cnllerted. Pensions procured. Arrtwuif pay and houutv collected. Addrean op apply lo RICHARD 0. EL, Jti 'itt, United States Army and Navy Office, l>7 Bleecker street PRIZE MONEY.? OFFICERS AND SKAMEN NOW IN the naval service can have all prize money due them paid by MOLI.OY .k '''RoSSA KD, Navy Bankers. 187 York street, Brooklyn, and 19- Suuth street. New York. SOLDIERS' PAY, BOf'NTY AND PENSION MONKY promptly collected and money ndvanced on approved, claims, bv THOS I. III'G.HES, Attorney, 79 Cedar stroet? near tha Poat otlice, N. Y. UNITED STATES NAVY PRIZE MONEY BOUNTY AND Pit IZb MONKY OFFICE. MAYNARD A KOW1NO, 1G Naaaau utraeb NISCGL1.AXEOOS. A BRILLIANT COM P LBXION. UK. BAVAKOUX'S UNRIVALLED "FOUNTAIN OK YOUTH.'* The greatest cosmetic ever vol discovered. Will give ths aUn the most beautiful appearance conceivable, positively eradicate* ovorv humor; the complexion becomes as pure, white and bri liant a- alabaster; moth, f rankles, redness and plmplm dtsapr'ear by u*e of it. In .iuat one application the delightful effect will be perceived; it persisted in. will give a purity beyond human conception It In a French remedy, and used by all the ladlca of court and Theatre R> al; pat ronized by the Empresx. If used continually It willeiTectti ally prevent the formation of wrlnMes. Youth can be pre served by the use of It. Warranted to produce all It la re commended to, nnd to contain nothing imurloiia. Sold oniv bvCASHBLL, MACK A CO.. under the Filth Avenue Hotel. 15UOEN JUNOT. Agent for the United State*. Copyright secured. Artificial hi'man eyes made toordre and inserted bv Dr F. BAUOI1 A P. OOUQELMANN (formerly employed by Botssonueau, of Parts), 5lW Broad way. New York. A LOVE AMULET -TURKISH PBRFir.MKD LOVE Mo Ever. Fnscnato< and aecurei the affections of the onponite ?ei. Unsurpassed perfume and cosmetic Price $1. Send stamp for circular. Address Madame Marra. box 6,7.1.) New York i'ost olllee. Marble mantels.-the best run in the cltv to purchase chcAp and well finished Mantels la at A KLABER'H Mantel Manufactory. H? Kust Bigbteeutu street, near Third svenuu, New York. Cut thla out. M arble mantels -a fins selection of Marble Mantel" 011 hand, selling cheaper than any where else nt S KLABER'S marble yard 54 First avenue, near Third atreet, New York. Call and examine. PARTIES WISBIVfl TO GET returns IN QOLO for shipments of all kinds ot produce tithe Island of | Cube, consigned to a firat claaa house there, can address the Htib*cril>er (or lull information, giving natuu and address, J. B. . box 3.2U9 Post OfleU. Type metal and old l^ad wanted.? CASH will be paid for a few hundred weight of Type Metal I end old Loud. Apply at the desk of this oihce. 9 CENTS A POUND PAID FOR OLD NEWSPAPERS and Old Books of all kinds; II cents u |> -und tor White Hags, and .1 < enf for Colore. l .nut Woollen iisgs, at ?3 Elm street, between Pearl and Duaae. 9 CENTS PER POUND PAID FOR OLD BOOKS, Newspapers, Pamphlets, M.igaz'nes, Ac Call before you sell elsewhere, fur we gmrnnteo to pay more, regardless of all advertised, price*, iiian any other liou-<e IB the e ty. Parties *?rding us Iroru the country may rely upon fnli' weight. value rind Immediate remittance Ac. MANA11/.N 1 A MILLAR. Wholeaa e Paper W at chouse, 10 .Spruce at. r/t AAA POUNDS OF OLD NEWSPAPERS, BOOXB, uUivWU pamphlets and all kinds of : r.per makers stock, wanted per weeit. for which I wllfpay a half a -ent on a pcunil more than tho?e that a ivertlae the price f.l the paper stock warehouse 4.? Aon street. riiOH c. iiBNNhrr. CIjOTIIIVO. A SCREE PLACE ? AT 2SI SIXTH AVENUE LADIES and gentlemen will find the fair and honest dealer, H. MINT/., to wnom ther can dlspo<e of their C ist 07 Cloth ing. Carpets. Pnrrjtture and Jewelry, at fifty per c at more than by other dealers In the city. I promise u> tbe foi lowing prices:? Silk Dresses, lrom$8to 845; Cctts. $t to $18; Pants, $2 to >7. Also for Woollen. Delaine and Mus lin brasses ine highest cash prlcet wilt he naid. A call or a note b? post will be punctually attended to. Ladle* at tended ?o liv Mrs Mint*. P esse remember the original R. Mint?, and tbe nnmber. 28't Sixth avenue, near Eight. entfc str-et. Orders from Brooklyn and Jersey Uitj punctually attended to. r ATTENTION!? AT THE AT.ENOY 8TOB ? NO. 212 Seventh avenue, H. ROSKNBEPO. I r crlred wv) in greenback* to purchase and oar the highest price for Cast Off Clothing This order must be fulfilled -?t short no tice. Silk Dresses from $rt lo $.10. Coats 'r .m $H f. Pants from $2 to $7. Also Carpets Furniture, ieiwlry, Ac. i.adiea and gents, I Invite you to give me vonr orders or address me with a note H ROSENBERG, 2!2 Seventh svenne. Ladies attended br Mrs. Boasnberg. OrurrsaL tended to in and out nf tbe city. ADVANCBD-THE PEICES OF Ca97>OFF WKAEIK4 Apparel at the California Agency, on nceount of j?. eelvlnc returns in gild. Silk Dre-sea fr .m $7 to $?/); < mis, $5 to $2.1: Pants, $^ to $8; also Ca peta, Furnliura, *c Please iddress Mr. or Mm J. QOLCSTEIN, IVJ Sevr-nth svenne. betwenn T? enti-second and Tsrentv stii-eta, where all orders will bv duly attendeil to, In os>out ow' the ctty. ATTENTION -AT not NKW HT RK. Hi THIRD* AVE nu? ladles and peis'lemen are "usran'rad to ?ee?iie the highest prices for Cast Ott W ear i eg Apparel, Furniture, Carpeta Ac., for t!i? Southern anil We-itern riarkets. I'icsae remember to try C MISH|II4 Third *ven.?e near Fourteenth street. Ladles attenJSil Dy Mrs. Mish. Broo< I vii orders attet)4ei* to. AT THE NEW STOKE. It'! <'\KMINE HT HllE T. I,A d if, ind jentlemen can receive fifty per cent more for Oast Off Clothing Furniture Oarpets and .lewoirf, bv csll Ing on or addressing II HART. 96 Carmine street," near Beiltord. Ladles will be punctually a^tendrd to by Mra Hart ATTENTION -M. LEON UAfl A for Cast Of Clothing Tla lies m anre to r-ce t? the hig ien( price for ttsst oil Cloth 'ng Cur. pets, Furniture, Jewelry. calling at or addressing ft'l Third svenne. Lnli#s will be attended hy Mrs. Leon. il 1S7 SIXAft AVSKUW-LADIK* AND OEN.TLE J\ men. it' vei wish to receive the ulglt??t prlas for your ? taut Oil Luii. ing, Ca.i -Is, Fui* iture, (tr. , the ijest \ou* rsrt do is to eall on or nerd a n^ts to H MINTS.atNo l.T? Sixth av' nor two doors f om Tenth sir,>ot. Ln iics a te.?ind by Mis Mint/ True, yen Will be danlt with u> your satisfy, tloo and benefit. / i KNTLKMEN S NEW AND LEFT OFF f'LOTHINO purchase* for the Wee.? The full value will b* paid without seeking to impose ("all at the sio?e or address fhomsa D t;?nroy, WH Pearl atreet, betweoa L'sntre an l Chatham street*. 1 CASHBFRtl PATS THE nii>IIK.>T PEICB FOE 1 Ladies and Onntlemen's Cast On Cluth iu Parllea waited on bv adilresaing L. 0*"hlierg, 18 I >?t Twelfth st eet, near Broadway. Ladles waited on by Mrs. C. MERCHANT TAILORS.-! WILL PAT A FATE PBtCE for sny imaniliv of New and Left Off Clothing, suit able for the Western trade ^or C st $15 tO$Stl; lor Pants $3 id $li1 ? VI at the atore or address Thomas D. Conrov, Mi Pesrt street VHI LBCTVHK SIUSUN. IMPORTANT LECTURES DAILY? FOR ORNTLEMEN 1 only, at the New Tork Museum of An itomr, 8IH hrond way. Parties uesb'e to sttend these Lecture* ean hare them forwarded on receipt of ten cents by ad lraeetiui Sucre. ^ Ury sf Msw Hark Museum of Aaat oeav _ OE^ST DEMAND and geutiemen too are "ast t>ll i 'loth'n.- t '-ai IICRIIIVVTI WALIAPKB. Doors open at 7 k Curtain rtass at K WEDNRSUAV. I.AM MiiH r BI T TWO oi lbs engagement. of tn>- hii; ilr tales lad and popmar MK. IUN HKV ANT rb? rmvuriie looi.stic drama, written by John Brougham, Esq.. u>? I Hi S II EMIGRANT. r.m ii Mr Dan Bryant ' ' ?' '?"hall Mr Charles Kl? -r f!r '?'?'"te vir Norton "? !,u*' 'w V, Kru'vuit Um irv I rarer* ..Mr WVMa tors i> in^riskea . 3 r*. .'it,, ., -? n..u ???. alink Mra W- It F . d "I*11 .. Miss Via ;rl.-e locoi.eiii.le with Mr W. R Fiord h adaptation of'-, fatuous novel of HANDY ANIH'. Ilr.m'v Aulv (with his pplehrated I nth conic ?ons, 'Luna p.nM Halt," Mil Irwh Jkgi M r. |>,' h v .ut .? .in- Kuan Mr Vv it F ,,\d Mr. Vlmp 1 Mr. Cla *? D i-k I) 1 w "on . ?> r Imly Mr Fnrlonir ... Mr. Browns E'lwarti Oouiior. ... Mr SlrncHi.... Mr. MTI ll.xnson Com a li Kouiiov, with the hong of Kathleen Mavnurteen" Miss lono Burke Mil- 1 Naij.'o. Mrs. *1 %? 1 r?c#? Ki.riHv l?*>v xi Ml - Jiar ett THURSDAY ? COLLEEN It.vWN, In wlile 1 Mr Bryant will appear. Jj^OX S OLD BOWBRV THEATRE. J? LMs?e, Dre.'t ir and M nna?-er O L. Foi. WEDNESDAY KVKNING. AUGUST IT, !'. K I.H' I ISOK. TUB MOUNTEBANK. J. R fltud'ey an .Belphafor G, L. Ko? a* Ksnfarooada C Nichoa...... . as Lava.eiiiirs I. FUl 111 SH lie. fillip Mi 1 l)i>nvil - at Ma letine Mrs Hood *1 Ca(lititine DON'T BE CHOKED OFF. O L l'n? *s Brown O. K. Koi ?s sharp J. Me loakpv ?h Cacklatoo Mr#, i.'hupimn ....mi I'h . be KEIVKK OK Til K MOUNTAINS. Mr. Harrv Chapman a* Jock Mulr CTAMPBELI.'S MINSTRKLS. J No*. 199 ami 'A?l llo? ery. opponitp Spring street. EIGHTH WEEK AND CONTINUED i'KlUMl'U o" T1IK MAPTKR HANI> OF TH li WOltl.D THE HBATF.t) TF.RM It AS No I.KFRCT ON THIS ERTABI.ISHMh.NT. CROWDED NIGHTLY IN KVRRY PART. EVRRY ACT UNCORKD THE FOUR nUOMtos, BUDWDRTH, DAVIS. WHITING AND OLIKFORD. TH K OKKAT ? > 1 ' I MTKT I'R . LESLIE. CAMI'BKLL, GOULD. SCOTT AND HODGKINS. Tickets cents to all | arts of the nouse. MRLODF.ON, M3 BROADWAY? S;3 MKLODKON. ADMISSION KRKK? ADMISSION K III'. K The Mo-t Hopu ar I'lac* of AiiiiinemPtil In the orlil. Cro?'.ii"l nightly to hbp Hip i4ula<v of ta ?nt Yi'inilatPil with OI >"'s Eitvpnau Fans. Gran. I Opprutlc Sc?ne; brilliant c.'Ioh' rxncomlme. Tin* iMilleritml His Man: -irr Kaoe^. TIip Star Tro.ipi- and Band oi' ISariili. Banjo Solo; C!ial i>nK? Dane: Hot Torn. SnnuH OIpp? 1'iiPt-, I'laniation 8-pnes. .tc. Wanted ? Filtv vonng ladloa tn nerve rpfrpelnnenta. GEO. K. II KY DON Lphmph himI Dirortor. WANTED?SOME FEU ALU SINOKRS AND DANCKR4 to go to Wu?liint;toii. Good salary. Call at Held'a Hotel. 31 Bowery, from li) to 3 o'clock. SOON, THE NEW SENSATIOW! DRAMATIC NOTICE. ? AI.Ij BUSINESS COMMUNI cations Cor tlin pinhiPiit arl ?t. Mist Mnry I'rovost, Hhniil'l he addrnsspd (? Samuel Colvlllp, .Vo. 8.12 Kroa lw*/. Several iipw Hppoia'tlps will bn Included In the lady'* re portolre for th approaching aeaion. STERROUTICON - FOR KAI^E. THE BRASS rnONT8. Tub?s au.l laMMM (HklWatit Mid ot I m o powers) of two fine Slpreoptl.' in* Also nearly 100 I'lrtiirce, 4c. Ap ply at 128 Pulton street, room :<t>, lourth door. ASTRO LOOT. AB. MAURICE. GREAT AND R F. A L. ASTROI.Oli ER. . The advlee ??!' thia real Astrolouer, A. It. MAURICE, in baaad wholly on ncientil\o principle*, and wit* never known t" fall. Tliu hand of fate lias inarkei, out thp pub ol uacli individual, anil tup plaoei* i?rt> hourly nouitinir oil the deslinv of mankind 1'iofea or Maurle" has a profound tuowlert^e of the rulea ?' thp aciepce of the Ktara, and can heat tlin world la rPi;;ir.1 to telliuc all that relatea to the hat.p'iiest: or nilaerv of one s whole life; an. I with aeveral HPcr>H* that no 1 Wins mortal ever knuvr belore he will hrliid KUi-ceasoiit of almost any undei'takliiK. In eauainj: speedv murrlate* lie never .ail*. H ? deaerlbea the inton.led hu*hnnd or wifp; tell* the very .lav >011 will inarrv, and *how* a likeness repmsentln tbe true rnmplex ion of 1*0 intended. He deflcM ha* rour friends pnintanut enoinip*, and warns vou of all future danger: KOOtl iuck in ohlalolni; sltuat on* or In trave line >'v ?pa or an l, nndtheheatof health. Ion* llfo and pronperity to all who ronsultblm. Tlio-e at a distance mav *end tnetr hrp and $1, and addrea* A. B Maurloe. tv?x 8,503 New York l*o?t iilhee, and cPt In return the ontlwea of tour whole Ife. All bour* until 7 in the evemnK OlDee I'M Bieeckor street, caar Woost-r Ladies, 5U cents. Gouts. $1. Abetter astrolohist is sot to bb fo;*nd in the United Stales than Dr. L. 0. and Mrs S. D. BROUGHTON. They luoecM in giving satisfaction when oil other* fail. Tliey car. ha consulted on all nttairs H hu man ) fe, such a* courtship, marriste. travelling rerci>vala, lawsuits obtaining situations welftre of absent Tiienili. Ac. . also sickness, IT the sick partv will recover ot iim nf their present sickness: If recover. the lime they will' beirtn to amend ; what |>?rt of the ho ly is affected, aii'l what treatment and medicine* are best adapted to the uek per eons, Ladles 51 cents: gentlemen $1 Ouestlnns a.rawnred by letter, unclosing 41 and time of birth. Also 1 hrenolo glcal examination* made. OUlce 120 Greene street. * BONA FIDE. A8TROI.OU18T WHO ALL OAK DK J\ pend upon.? Madatno WILSON stl'l reran; is at 1 89 Allen street, ucar. Stanton. over the bakery. Beware of Imposition. AOREAT SBNSATtON.-OO AND SEE MISS HA OAR, the treat European fortune teller) never was knntvn to fsU. l/'an be consulted on all affair* of lie lie cla'ms drunken or unfaithful husbands or wives, Ha* a secret to make you he ..ved by the opposite sex? brings toge gether those ong aeparated. Delav not to consult this iiHturallr gifted and highly accomplished beautiful young lailjr at her rouutu, 14>., ( rosby street, near Grind. Astonish iN<?.? mad amp. morrow seventh daughter. with a naturnl gift of foresight. lells liow soon and pfinn yon will msrry. even your thoughts; Map o Image In fill, operation : h"r equnl is not to > lonnd ; "hows a likeness of ynt intended husband and absent *'riends. l-ii 1. ii. II. n/ ..tie. t, Jojr door* from lloustiu street. lient'.s men not a Unit ted. Ar rookjwt n gla i r vo y ant? m a r. am e oli r n > an. the greatest living American Seer. msd c.iland business Cln'rvoysnt. 2>l Atlantic street, between Smith mid H"vt streets, Brook Ivt*. Llle char's on deiiUoy written; 3*Bd slxrfiped envelope for partli -tilers. /II.AIR'.OYANT- IF TOP WISH T.+E TROTH, COAT \J on. -e to Madame ROSA She show ..* likeness of future hu -band or friasad, and never fails to bring those *.- unrated together. No. <H West Twenty-seventh street between .Sixth and Seventh avenues Ring tlie haMinttu'. beil. Uoi.sftoia 9 in -lie morning till 7 in the evening. /10 AMU SJ1K MADAME SNELL. TH K OBLRIBATKD vT and renowned AMrnloglst. In tlie science of atttolog? hi* no Mi?eri"r. she undersun Is .he science in n.\ It-. sis ter branches (the suirs, ohs'tns, s|,*il.s and lallsi .aus). ?nd gives entire -Htlsfaet on In teillng the past, preset. L and fit t'ire. Sha never fails In canslng speedy mm* and bringing the enarated together i l? business a'T Urn h-r ad ? r tee is Invaluable. A largo number o: people ii v? l?-a b"nefl e<i by her aid. As an evic*af> of her ? Kill she ! .is ree?i.. e I abundance of testimonials from iddi hiI 1 .o tlrst I e. pie oi the land. Ki kne?< wi t Ik- di cover ul and cared 1 1 . r ? uii her science, on y know ., to herself ('oosnitstion f >r l ull"-, !* >c ; Mtttieme*. }1. RnMiMR 12 ' '.last Twenty f'j'n th s}?o?i below Fourth avenue. Pers.u.s *t i rtwtun e may 'onmit *.h % la ly hv letUvr. sii>t.,ng a/e sut enclosing n fee of $ I and a en: rect answer w ill iia prainp ly I'fitnrned. Address ho* 1,717 N?w York Fos. office /'-5(H) NI WS-MADAM HOI'H, RE* ENTI.T FROM "T the Sooth, can lie cnns.iiled on all tha affairs or life, 1 a folds ;he mysteries ?f tV_? tntnre b I Alialstry. At 15j Sixth avenue. Ladies 3U 1 . liis. Gant- {1. M" A DAME CliAlSON RKTt'JINED AND 0 aM ^t| be consulted on tra- p*-t. and 'nt irn; .n cw.s at; tnarriacas she ne7?|' Iwii 1, and an irrlhia drunken nuahoods and t.nfaithfiii lovers. Com., an I nee this lady at -her rooms. 10 Sixth straot, tbled lloor, fmc: iiium. Gnntleraen not uiiuU'-eJ. M?liAMIl MORF. II 3USP, RRTRMTII DAt'GHTEA or the seventh son. Natural gltt No impos tiou ijtn l>e iensulie.1 on all all >Jrsi of life, lore, marrtsces a<se<ilisa lo^.<en. aickiess, alise .t tnends. Invealmeut n Stale stocks, lucky uumboM. charma. 4t> FoiKyth street, U ur? Milt. Madame ??!??!. HHIW DAJTOtfTRR, a;? * be consulted on |?ve. mareiage, lcsv~, sleknwa, sr si. aess lucky numbaaa, charms. Uali at Z1 Douu.ih/c 'at coroer of Varlck. MAPAME R jT IS THE BK8T OUAJRVOTAWMND Astroiog at in this city. Wlie te la your vers th an ghts, onuses speedy merrisges. g ves lucky nunmers '..()) r nth avenue, near Twent . seventh street, ladies 25 ?iiA?,g?n. t mmm M !*?>. Madam tiit. wouu> rInowrm** !laik> vo-. Mk, m*' be seen .?t her looms, U.J3 Ci*.ii.i St r?et up ftne fight o:?ly where shs will reveal the ni ste'fV-s of tlia ?a?t, nreseet anil future with hp h aetumev MVit it w 111 asionlsli ffcstorllevera She traces ?i..ien ri'opmsy, 'i id g.vaa satis! artuio. Sun has a talisman fur love an A ;-it lust r\*,) In a.ckDeea or b is.neas ller equsl en ?> not he fo ind i"*;i and sen jer, without de'av. She gives lurk> aswat eri. Tri.ina ioederwa. MRS. MARION JAMES. INMPaRI>SMWDIt4IV|Mf. ant, l(M East s?>?anleenth street corsr>?*r?f Th H nv*. nuc traces lost or >ta4en prnpeetv. a sent f:#?ivls laar suits and hue ne-* affair- tenerall.v ; detects an J irviats all. 'avnaie dlseaaet. References given ilentiemea mm admi* red, Ai "H. DKCOI.AM OIVRR PRIVaTR INTKAvIKWR iTl from 'J until 7. Ladles, $1; gentlemen, 1 2 Tfeoet ,|e ?ir us 10 hear of absent or the future should no< delay, as th s lady Is m> Buoeesafnl; sb?? has im ov-r failed la any undertaking. No. >11 East Twenty s. venth, street. MRS. LARBTON, CLAIRVOYANT. TJlJK ftrf suited on all a 'a re of life at ?i?7 Third 1 emte. |n the resr. Roufs frem ? A. M to 6 *\ M. Isadusa W cents, i.entletnen aot adtnUled. . \fO IMPOSITION? THE NRVRR F AJItVBO MA DAM STARK Irom Europe, who was horu. wl it, a natural gift, the great II us ues and Med cai Ola t-vovaitt 8he on suits rnu on the past. pre?-'it and future firltim toaesher those long separated, causes ?j> n' arrlages. you a correct likeness or ynur future h? ^hand or aWnt fi ends. Her equal Is not t. > be found, ^aeli ,n ?SA isi< cl ward to anv one who can surpass her In tyer nrofe's^mn sk II. slje leUs yo? the name of the |etsjV ,>,4l v?? m,rr^ This is no hit nth g. No. ,1|j p0nrth a (smm |v tlitnl Twenty fourtH aireeit on SXZ' ?o4 Admitted. "mm* on it# door fl'HK ORIGINAL MADAMS #TWM 111 RRTI7RNRD J. from I'arls aml r n he con ul'e<? on the pr(Hlent nod future. Hhe 1 the greatest splrlty allst, meifu-a: anUbosl. ne-? cairvoyant th:it ever wae kfonn. S'.n tilings to gether t nve .on^; separated anrt hv that never failing se. cret to make you beloved bv y ..11 l heart's idol, tiffice SIO Jourth avenue first bout* ?h..v?*rwmj,y.t|,lrd ?tr#fU La UiCS flU cfrtts, ! HO WOULD ROT GOWiirhr rORINR Ifl'-GO 1 ye, see Mi?s KLl.INf, TCi.N, the great Kng.isli Pr> phctn ss the best of ail. aiy" citnnot he excelled. Can I* consulted personally or by 'eitcr. on all afla'rs or hfe con. cernin? lawsuits, journet'% absent Irleads, tor#, courtship, marriage, healt ?. wea th, and who i-an reclsitti drunken and unlalthiul hu-haadt M as W Is the "Uiv p rsoa la thisritv w 10 his the aer nine Roman and Arabian lallsmas for ove. good luck and 'all buainess nffalra and are guaran tees for lire Delar n#.t to consult this naturally gifted and beautiful voung adv. Luekv numbers given. Highly re spcetable eltv refere nces Can be seen at her realdeaaa 101 Sixth avenue. M>?r?ue Eighth MreeU w ? ? ~ mvibh ^fTHLOn 0*i DKN.-co V vBI i-e?.-eand Km,, ?? TH h'Ilu-u: Va TE I* " u X E W? D .?SSOaT,KA( Tu of the bighir SJ*TB wt> v*etL eoiltlea '?''PI- J* DRA.JT Ol HA?TLTWK Ok ?rrt ntJttVM '01 In her ?nrlT.IU? pc rinmSr"/.'/' f<fl "pUv^'^^r "! i4,RI< i V" '* t-iuV1'\n,ne iff mi Bb".dei| .1 J' . "" ' V.' c 41 8ft*rr? t. Km ,,.,. r, ' l: ?' <?? I)iir ?> ' tli<> ?. ? ' ,n ^ < CM ' i TO % W* WHEATLRT. in tit* city 5* upf:, m ?ar *t i:. iij?. K %MT IKOAOEVENY <>.TP R V ?r I (I .-. MOiiT ' THE DAT, vndr i> JIOUSM. R.V It IME VfNE, ff> NIC 'ITS I 8D si A I KS. fcr, .( <: .N ii n <n. .r W I, Miuuia ilnry VVai a. ?ic bv the OictiesCra, J ?rortli ? KRATH S*( "UtKD MX 1)*Y8 I N ADVASCK II; I NTKH OA I :il <S. ?? A > i,?HKRT?tCVr? C * ART, Dc i o ed in t'i? i >? "1 ctiou of THAU HI i SOWED*. Io the most oerf* ct form, ami e J.N amkkicas 1>8 Will open on THlfHISDAV EVKMHO 4 Under th?l manai^e-reiit of *r. Thlaemiibli lim-n. ha , d irian tr>? derifotie ? coinpl??ie 'Huovmieu n M 'H I'll') bom e 11*4 1 (*f ?? repainted, o l I In'erior circled have been newi/ ii^ M' hr, and the nr< -c witim beeatitled * of scene* In thei)l.-y* of Sbi? exquisite artlsr. JTr. John I''*' h i "t T entirely reaeated n*wly carit'ind *n I placed in the O'Y'h-i'tm. man/ I poi Mix I', lllO<leS llf l<C|l w?l l?n>l If .it :?IKH pend'tiire snaredVo nutlsr U>o hci-so D bei'illl u| In a'llriv The Oral wUl w e infill b^de'de' t c coma li Stuart ha plea <fo n ? ?iii?iih>'i'h; tbHir Mi Ji iN S. 01. \ 11' &, prononnrs.l bv tl?- m l v:a"l rr l> : a? oiif C'l-aloilt eotmr artlMI will at ? nlel.ilv tmni Motv of li!| ii 1 fior oim rburiirtern. tn l.??r?? oi.i ,?iv? an I m?nr n .;w ouoa, vombmliiK UWU'iTAL Ol WHolKS, in.bki inr.'o riRi* ^s, I Nl> I.ACflrl VII f>. r\RT| K3 ON mil MOAY nil-: I KTII. tlie doora will ope toil J/'i n M |??rfnni rnic ? o'r.'fKk, with Mr.| n ; three acia. entitled l-.V KRIS BODY'S FRI.I ND wllb the following il?t<tlmiliio of oliarar -t? ? M?''>r l>e Hoots . .. Krr. .1 H.t CLARKH ..Mr. A. I! l>-s f K N >RT H 1l'sT!ART. I < iHt two month*, mo ?U. I ? '?xlerlor lf<b '. ami *?""! by Mr. J II. n'ct'ire* I ! .'.jiralir? r<'m (lii? gtiH iif t'i?t ?? tlnntre ban Imj n iiialtiiij. u"?v c'lalra 'ififoiH ma k> in th? an. | no c.i r". or ei ? ffeet In comfort and and Mr. f-nrw n?n~e at ,yno h cua rmnig co< m Iri-lii .10 It Ki'ntlierlv.. K r- ' atipo'irinic! iu ttvelvc months Mr*. Keainnrly -Mr. <?: if v| .C- I I', jr. Mrj P S (H Mis. Hivandown . Mrs. SBDLiLIf Hrr first aipe ir ?nc?#at this theatre M * -. De Hoots ^ Her Urst appea w? hi-rt-. After wli jIi Hlii kst inr's rreni of I 'it 1.01. Ull DIAMOND, lDkroduclnf Mr.. I 3 UuAltrCH M COUSfW .IOS Mrs SilDS.H Y B.tOWN as M R' f. Those piece* iv III Uf pr^^mil with et.iiclT I n.|v 1)7 Mr. RICH VKD S X ITH. Th<> eoinpany, airtx ly en J)r.iomi intny of tN ? mo . pnpa lor favnrlias o." N'-w Vorlc. wi 1 Introduce ?j jhc t-so'in projrcascs som.' nnvt ?* >l?."*ri?dl<' chershml' I q tin nnblle reniemnram?. ??U i?thiT< ol much dlWiuroNt i ii'ii lie'ora pr> senti"d here. Mr. Ktnart h?.voiti'*)iC i tM?n*e <n innoun.-ii ig tbt ? PRAU HRUWM M*.o*M\| Y CARE Mlt. KUW N lioOI'U will confine his performances cxrliifevaly Ml .Ul* t New York, hi- 1 v/tll mpi ear->'nelni' !? > " m??i i in ? In* iireat ^hn nir)l?-rs |ti tb'- t>iai'* n' i-ihii.t-ir ere. v eacli he prcser. ?.| with n ,iei fcclion if i *nr i-v, .-a I llitnre* not b.4?re atte/iipie i mi tl<o-N.??e' tforlc will also appetr in one '.r more ut'tjiintuJ piaf*, ?tre la eric* of l.-h w?ll and up. Ml < I ivsaly lire tlo- A .miter, written for h!i>. The staae d ..partment fill be nm'er ttji M it. ?! O. H AitLlvY. S ns'e ,v the fronLof tae House n mer tluu ??{ M It T. B. .lAt'KSO.'S Tre? ,nrpr The orchru.ta. coni( rli.lDG >f tn? hest *o fjerform ers in New VorK, will he i-ixfc-r t i>'I!:ar t,0n of .!* illstia cnl?hcd c>mir>?r iind --end ict. r MK. BOHF.RT STOty* KL. The ben o:ll'(e will lie o,*?n on 'iT?eec?? , a tfi, from 8 A. M. to 4 i M . wherj-iwafct n jred *'x J vi* m ad vance. New howkry ti ratrk Mole pnnr'.Mor ...., NOTiCK.? Thi* theatre will :eiM>*i Aiigiist -11 The ladies and veiit.eir .? to aa?em-k> on Thuru^a>. Anit u> 6 V. I . t J B ARNUM'S AM EMC AN fWff COUU58T PLAtlli OK /.Mi* ....Mr J. "If. lilngard. on Si^Jt :?V eienlng. engased r ra rcijin-mad lit II ??'cl.Ok A M. It KG. Si :?-;?Manif;rr. ,UM KMKNT I.%THE CITT. UNr/.RAM.I'Ii!, t OUBiTLOWINO HOtfHKH? u? KNfHUSIA8VI< ? BUI Ul, I A NT n. M g AFTORNUON, AT 3: I V f THE M ft f OR, TttK Et< I NZVr TRICKS. M AQ.VIFIORiK.Y TO Nil DENIfiR, Clowo. VEN P041T, Mom (,K(?a EP.3i KsriN ' appear Mr. D. L MD.ISUS, OlW S'.itmp tipeeijb. SUrf'KSS .UOHTKI) /?.(JDIENCBS. A t*l'l.\H -? , PANTOMIME. INU., AT 7i? CLOCK. if. <:\Vk; iNTKD HO N. -PLKN W> SCENEET. DENOU KM K NT. Mr Mile. K K?>K, Mr O DA. IjOL lt?K and Mile. lan Comediac, in hl-i ce'ebrated EXHIBITION EVKliW MORNINO AT II O'CLOCK, in L'-ct'ira Raow wrtttK ><it aldltl ?*: ftliaruf. HF.UK NADOLK3 :jf 3 WONDERFUL CABINET, cnalanim,; 201 nt-mu eLr't rnli re. '!'# -B OH; 1/ D ORCIIKBTrUON plav at Hi. art iuU day an<i c?aoinB, with all to# &|l>Ct of A FULL dRCHEBTftdi OF TWBNTV I N ST H V M P. N T9. THK tttx VK.V-f* .ATOR. DltlVIiX B* tilfcAM. ??iro'lticat f.iei ? tl cool ?lr p ml MAHV KM,?)i;s !? [VINO A^'UfO** Jtl'D FISH. BROJOHf l>0 it ii IN OK V 'liUD Cl,AT. _ DWARFS, ALiJIN-tf AND A WllbJON OTHER CtN RIOHIT1ES. Nnt<rltli?'jint!tf'K. ? , appreciated v.-.iua "f f.irrj 'hlns Til ? PRICE ? ? I ADMI tt' ,,,$ si'l.LR! fAlNS AT 26 CKR TB. snd 11 1* the earai ?? d<-?ire ? f t <? mr:?aa?m?nt If po??ib - t? k?.-p It at llila prli* altlioiis'i LESi*TSAN TEN CE!*TS IN COIN. AilnttM.M 2>ce *t , Children un ?e ten. lBreuK ?\?/oor>* 1' r r. 1 jS, 514 broadway. Vt On pi 'Win Svx jiirho ?? Hot'l- .hrnry W">d. Prpietoc. THK Hl'-ST V KNrrl.AThU IIAl.L IN TUB CITY.', Aut * 15, anil everr i-ram* duriOK thr w*ek. T.'l# MIL.L.KR ANOnHIS VKS THK RI-VM' rf ;l .Nil 8 K It V AMI THK CONSCRIPTS. I..IONB'* naPOI-BON, THK RACIv*. SONi.S O/tf CKS PLANTATION SCKNM AO.. BT TIIB 1 I A R TR'M'Pr. K? TM I? WIIKLII. Poor* tL.J ; commence at do'enck. T e*ett '-i-centa. \ IT S- ?4r ffKenorv. in'rM . Mann orr r..;. ? ? n\> 1 (ik ... >1 11 w mimu ' in ? p f "I M ?* '.|ai-jr 15.. 1 1 . t -\n ? u '1.' il*ia .Mi..L,U I on, 1 <a etir ? il;. JU?? Luxm to helpl.* | nondrop zL4 d. * ERICAN th !?: * 'bb, BROAbVVAT. a band k '*? j r k n r ta w ORAMD I'&Ol'EMXU of t un fa? i0 ,tr e .in . ,1 it. ment 'It TllE SHAKO ; O - IS 4 AND 'fifc Auinniar , incnt arti>t? o.' ihn prnfcaamri .<0lATr.N(J IN I HK (JKWO UALi,? ? coMBi.VA.rr on rRWri ? ! nf*nr bWore btmu a nallr l rlaiHHu " ,'iB1?.r*V4 H?t*?4uln, Tenk, Comic aad Palrr I tie entlt H ' OIjO OR \NNT i;r> WI'V; ? )k. 1HT r itir or fu O JTtlV H!ltl ,, ,., t ' f mny (i 1 ii"i ? .? ?? ur.U Isb.8. MalUII ??'- ty, aftcrwar t-. /*?ia ?.,n ...W. II ?;?,?iholiirn?w U'.., ?'?. af?,rlf?;? M ,i nl :',u '? ?fwrwar.'? ( o n.-nMn? . Mua.M|liic M?r* 1'* r vp " I <n'.*r n- ' ?'* * kvoman. Hit. Mmihi I .. ? , an I(.) w R ' * '? '.????? . .1 t 11 . ?*? t i .*441111 luiiunf Pi? | JJ??? Of ?h? Oold?- Wl'rnl S..?i Mini jji /, ... ,.i u? ' * <1- ? ... . M. !u N. vi l? ?wring ,.Mh /m i.i 'h" 1 > M- ? , itn.a MiM I'la Itnai MlM K. W ?.1? |>l-* I in??arO| Lorrtina - t ro.S\ i'AsI'OK, f Hie )???"????? r .rtic voca,i<r 51 ?? ?u, ; ' C. V. Hi! E. NifLSK SK 1 ?">.rK C "I '''lf.O ?l.T 'HI 'ii;, J. I'lKRCK, V* EdERSCH, W. HI RK K. Kl> WI'RUA*. the worlit r?n ?*'io t 11(011 "??ii*il'j?n< Til fc VUUNI li ,t\l i.aI.IW" TROUPE, AH OTfl".R Pit .'Mifi'KN I' AlvJ/SrS. All Will 1 r In n frmd a rj i rarlo^ , r>- .ranima. S' Mmui MllaoflhR ';??s WO I ICE ? Mniineo (.? Saturday nTtamann at 1'4 o'clock 0P.IENTA1. MUSIC II AM., WL' Broadway (Wi?> .Iwfr ilHankfr ?tiwit. TWBNTY KlVl. QHaBMINC I .* WAITER#, "D r lacjr co?ttiDi? i#> *tu ul win aa iw ? anavtit u ii it prprwoBKIo a f?n?r lali],.a*?) th? ^ BKAt'TIKR UK THE OOf'RT In ntt pr'cn ot Cl>wl<* lu?> Srrnn Cjran fri f!.iil|n' tho ?:ny w.iiilil do *f?l' en viva tkta riagnlllw-nt oubltthrenal a cai . rot'd: . In of ttm -U ? of (no runr .p-ila ; ' ^ '?.'vanll iilil. sca<>' or ph^mi? 1 m" I.t.iio, "'.utl ' <in?uipai??a,?^, hi.J with all Ih.'-e ureal NO OI' VROE IB HA )K P'.tR ADMIAJIOV ERA*' lu BURNS. v \Ti:iib un ram Af TMM NEW Vt>*ff Mt SEl/'M OK ,??\AT0Mr 61H RROADWAT. |>AniOl?OOlCAL IT NF.W TOrtK -T MUSK' M OV AN 'n^L ^rl^oR^or o?uif AtT"oax *V*EVM *F ''a JW "*T?^j J '11 F. iA D W \T. ViOON, O WB K*W ?BXSATIOJf. ___ Bamjo taooht i-' r: ncrtr o> timbk mi?n rn? Iviiaon* by our naw and ?i?apl? Ti?tli ' l, whi.'b >r.. (<iar* ani?a 1.1 ojplala In t-n m'n it a'ti*r whioh the p'ipl <*a? p'*y at a p<>rl> t ' ma II. * flr?t iMtoOA L ii1l<>< la : Rht ORi>Rt>E t'- OOBSON, SJl Br^jadway. W'ANTF.r*? iFVBRAt UvOIRS, Fc* KRSFONBi RI<S VV iMMitoini (HMMl ii* >' ?'"?-? net luclinled), ror either th?? llnndv Mil a-t Thftn a, llaltlmoro, or Far4'a Th?-atr<% Washington. A< Trm* A. Hall, 4Uge Manager. Ito.U da> Btr>-?t Thaa:!*". Ha tlaaora. __ U' ANTED? l-'OR Til F. CANTRRBURT MUSIC IIAM^ M'aati nf' -n. 1*. C , twelve atirac.lva ba let laiiit*, eor-ii-ot.-nt i? 1 *e?i?'a a law *ingl? lanraa. Salary rrooi <14 to?.'4i"'' ?ei'k aoonnlln; to capability, feriiumniu en gat?m. n?? fnr "ne iaar A!<o a few iira't claaa art ?ta Or ft winter w???on In New Orlaans aj.l Ila-ana. Apply bctwHoa In and 2 o'clec*. at Conner Jt Co. a Th. atri a Agna y. Jt I H iiumn ?iri-i-i. W B CAVANAOH, I Manager lor Unonie f.ea. ? AN'o INSTRi (TION-BT A NEW AND VBRT > ? mpie method, whi jh ran be eiplnln. I in fl>e mlnuU>aj anrr whlrh lha pnMI can play at <lgbt any ef the moai porular tnlnatrai melqiiaa. Raaioa liirBmhod for praetieo. DOBBoji BBOS., 7<H Broadway. Sooa, TBK NEW 8HN3ATI0M. U/1?NRRAL M.ri.Bi.r AN ano ot^f at ?bvbw VA l*i nea," Battle or Ant'etam, Ae.-I<? *<^nee ?f ?h? War, with upwards of IPO other W?r?? or Art, open Haj ao'i eri-nitig at the Inailt'He o! P n? Arte. #lfl Broadway. Alao Constant Marer'a "Ooaeol*(lDu '' aad Mian Wb Uitl ? ?tatiie of "ttartivi," IV

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