Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 19, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 19, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 10,193. NEW YORK HERALD. ' " YORK, FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 1664. PR1CE FOUH CENTsT* 9 RAN T a Tho Fighting on Tuesday North oftho James River. Gallant Conduct of the Troops Under General Hancock. Storming and Capture of Rebel Works. ERILUAST CAVALRY OPERATIONS. The Rebel General Chambliss end Acting General Glicrardic Killed, lJii| ? 4ii THE SECttXO CORPS, Mr. Vitaiejr Anderson's ilespateh. Ov Nkw Market Road, 1 North Sinn Jaws Rtvan, August lfi? rvouiug. j GEN'.CKAT. HA.VCO.-K's MOVKMESIfl. Tbe operations? of oar forces under Major General Bancook ou tho north stJ8 of tlia James rlvor to day have keen of a very Interesting and important character. Tno troops on both 8idt s have been very skilfully handled. Ihcy 'have had hard fighting and ho ivy losses. Tho hardest fighting took -pi ace la front of Uu enemy's works, ?ear Flussier's millnoud, betweeu the CentraH and Charles City roads; but spirited skirmishing also occurred ap the Cb&r'.os City road,, wboro U is crossod by Deep Bottom creok, a&d near White's x'avoru, about seven Miles froau Richmond. From Strawberry Pl&jns, where tbo troops were mar ?balled, they had already moved out in column and do ployed lu such a manner us to command tho three principal thoroughfares from this vicinity Into Rich ?a nd. It U obvious that tho policy of tho eooroy, u Q ? 4er theso circumstance.-:. would be to nnatuuvro his forces so ns to moot thosj dispositions. And the result feaa been tLkit moveiuams and eiuntor movements luvu been m&de on toib sides, wi:b alternate temporary ad vantages and reverses. KSCONNOrrSKIS.l? ORBGU AITP KIIH. At .n early hour a recoanoifsanco in cons irtorublo farce Was tna.'o up ibe Charles City road for the purpose or de veloping the enemy's strength and psition, with a vigw to a vigorous assault whomever a favorable opportunity Blight be afforded. General Gre?g, to executing the or tfsre for this movement, marched bis cavatry command ?long the Cbarles t i!y road ns far as i eep Ho, turn creek, Wbare it was joined by a brigade of infantry under tieno ral Miles, of Barlow's division, and then, both cavalry aid infantry operating in conjunction, moved upon tbe ?uamy. Bo was drtvori by our forces from tho creek, ?nd continued falling back, with on occasional bait and ?bow of resistance. CAVAX.KY now. While our cavalry was tbu3 following up tbe retiring aoomy there was one poiut where a nau i was attouipted. the enemy's cavalry was being disposed t ? meet us, ?rh?n the Sixteenth Penasylvama, la Co'onel Gregg's brigade, ?barged down the road. No sooner had they hoard tear bugles sound the charge than the rebels tastily departed. Th?y were part of General W. feL F. Leo's cavalry division, tbe brigade im mediately confronting Gregg being commanded by OK!?KRAL CHAM!', LISS. This rebel general endeavored to rally bis troopers, feat without avail; for when tho head of our charging Column was clote opon tbe rear of the :ly!ng fugitives be was seen almost alono upoo tbe Held, where his meu had deserted him while bo was striving to rally tlinm. It was an exoiting scono ? the oolmaa of our cavalry dasli Mg forward on tho field, the rebels retreating, and thsir (eueral, at tbe post of danger, attempting to inspire them with bis own courage and high se^so of mlnt.iry honor. Bat a bullet soou killed his horse, and auother rlorced thi breast of tho youthful general. He died almost instantly, ?ad his body Is now luour possession. He was a graduato ?f the Military Academy at West Point, in the class of 1152, but, anxious to substitute tbe Joys of domestic life far tbe vicissitudes of tbe service, be resigned his com Mission in the Mounted Rifles on tbe 4th of M.trch, 1654, Several years before this civil war broke out, and re.irod to private llfo. After tbe rebellion bad begun, and tbe Booth made a strong appeal to her cbivalric sons to un ?feeath the sword In her defenco, a controlling sense ?f duty to bis native State? which Is Vir ginia ? much more than a desire to wage war agaiost our government, Induced him to take an ?stive part in tbe present contest. Be was n man of *u parlor education, warm domestio and social ? (Tec lions, ?xqulsitf manner*, temperament and tastes, and through ?at bis whole career he manifested a high aonse of honor, Moral rectitude and Christian obligations. It Is a and bat suggestive contemplation that so elegant a gentle Man and good a Christian fell lighting f.ra cause in whose ?e'enre bo must have entered not without reluctance. Upon the body we fotnid a valuable milltarv map ami a pocket Testament. It appears to be clc.irty manifest Mat he mast b?ve bad some strange forebodings of his aabappy fate: for on the fly leaves of this pocact lea; a Mant he had written first bis name and rank, "J. It. Obambllas, Brigadier General. P. A., C. &, March, 1864," Mid, In addition to a few striking passages of Scripture, ?his prophet c predict (on. as It maybe o?llad, and polite request:? ? 'If 1 am killed In thn struggle, will some kind ffrtaod deliver this book to my dear wife'' J R. C., Jr., Joaa 8, 1KM." tbasa are the passages of Scripture, in bis own biindwriting:? "So teach us to number our dnvs that we may apply our hearts unto wi-tlom." "Ho that Wrath bis Itlo shall lose it, and be tbatbatutb bis life In this world nhatl keep It uoto life eternal " it may be a ?leasing reileotlon to bis relatives and friends, especially bis wiia, whom be loved so tenderly, to snow that Ills re malns have fallen Into tbe bands or those who, just *rter be bad bean stricken dusro, recognised in tbe rHce of the 4yl?g Genaral tbe f catHres of ore who had been tbelr aemoi.nmm long ago, that lu obedience to tho orders of General H u>C"Ck, while tbe body was carried to the rear, ?o that it could not be recovered as a trophy or war, it has been boric d decently at tho "Potteries'' on the New War Brta&d Malvera HUI road, near Bailey's oreak, and a baadu>rd placed above tho cave, with the name and ?oak of tbo-deooased, s i that his renting place may lx> remomhewd' in case It should afterward? be deemed iis-i fable ty t*a friends to have his remains removed. And ?bis lsctd<tnt illustrate* tbo fact that wo bear no Individ ?al m>li*e>ag%iBtt our common kindred M ho have blindly Made ILeoU* iVes oar enemies In arms; but Ibat we can afford to bewas magnanimous townrds even tbosa who at tempt to i'lm'i?>v ibe I nion ?s we are confident 10 tbe Justice ani tnsl triumph of our causa, Kfll.t OSWARD. Aftsr tht deatii of Ibe rebel <:en?ral Cbamb'In our fbroos, u nd? i* c regg and Miles, pnahod their reoontiois ?aoce alone ifco Char es city rud to wlihln nearly half a Mile of White's Tavet.i, which is about seven miles from klchmond. , A Strong line of introiwiunontt, with artil lary, was as oarulned to he n?t bevon<1,and It wao not deennsd r* nd?nt to utaok it. Tba ob.ect or the rec><n ?olssanes bad be. ;i fulft led. Osaaa>|Bontly, In obedience ?o orders, Geaa'ral Mlk< withdrew from Ibat atlvanre l poauion, and, rn turning by the same m ite by ?lil< h l e had marched out. in the miming, be took up a roslflon to C ileal Ujs ri.'ht flank o( tbo intous whicJi were in line of tile, trader tbs more iusueUlate oommaod of General Bfrney. sr. sc. rivAiar wj r*r?rr.?. During tl.\a *ftorskvwi, however, whilst V'lles wss ra tarnlng to ,\>a old y aiilun, H.e onemy?a ho bad been Massing troi fa near W'liitu's Taveru, canto sweeping down tho ' h? "*? City road with cavalry so t InfHtitrv, and forced (lei "snal ?<rogg to withdraw his ciarilry to the ?ortb sid ? of Pi Bortora ran, a dteianco of ?\ariy two Miles from tbe w'nt to wbleh ha had adrat^.ed ib's morning. He ?<>w bold* tho same |?'?lti.i?, that bo held before he v on reooooolssince. a mong tbe loss In Miles' Iwlgada, allleh will probably one bumfred sn-1 llfty, s. *? w?"p <-?r?'irad bf ?ha enemy la the tie: so (brougb wbteh bis troops s^srs ?ompelisd to pass iMWKIt cswwi wofjtoiro. Ameng tbo wounded lu' cavelry, wh oh will be near ore hundred, Is Colonel (i fWi WXtootith f'ennsyl Vanis, C'lmuiandlng tho ad\*'",c?d brigade, who was ?hot In the wrist during Ihs t "saoanoisssiice ihlsm>rnlng. Oenemis (iregg and Miles haV* 1)06,1 somplituouted far their efficiency. MA.ioa ustirJfAi, siswar's envaHRW? cierras or na:si. WORKS. In the mssntlms, whl^e those operaMens were traos plrlog on tbe right of our Una, Got ?rR' Blroey was c>n ?nc.ting still more active nper*tlons ,U?wsrd? tbo centre, Whilst liarlow and Molt were i arfnrt. "*iD* f'0 functions araUne<l them on tbe l^rt Havlag VrPVl ""'T placed ?post ?f his l> rces In position between Vj* ,n'* OkarlM CHf reads, tka l?t or bis baa rni*( n*,r ptar's miUpond, Uutaral Biraa/ mais a Tborous j attack Oeooral R. F. Foster's bri(' de, of Terry's d ? let the al? ?uco su: p^rt^d on the rii Ut fi 1 k t>y < ) uuel Cram a und in too oeotrs by Colonel i'nud'a aji<? likv. Icy 'i. Ibeee tropin nivanotJ in ? a it style, and soon ainking the tnemy's ski. ? sh Hue, wuicb waa ion,,er tbau ours, -n4 intrenched, Fond'* and Ifawlej s brigades wo*e deployed ?o the rltint, and tt was not long betore there was u spirited en igeineu; wuh ?ne enemy. Some of ! Irhey's batteries, assisted t>y th >?e under Ames and Under, re plied <% lib lu I ritect to the enemy's artillery, doi' g grant execution anions the troops, which *ere marching oo 10 support the lice. Cnw os a deep ravine aLd going through an almost impenotrablo jungle, Mirnoy's troops, under the supervision of Uenerul l'erry, captured tba first line of rifle piti and some forty or flfiy prisoners. 1 ue troops wero rei. rmod iu ihi < line, when Pood'i brigade, am ported by Hawley's, assisted on lue left by a regiment of colored troops, inaue u grand charge on the main Hue aud ri iod it, cjhiui irtfc lour uolois, it is svd, although 1 bttvo aeeu bat two, aud about two huudied prisoner a. ACTINd GKJIF.RAL OnERARBl* KtT.I.SB. Among tbe rebel kii.ed, prisoners s>y, was Oilnnel fibetardic, coiiituaoding the rebel < enural Wright's b-it(. de, wbl'e the (ieueral is away on le.ive of absence. Tbe lire waa territic for a time, aud tbe li-ises on bntb sMes were serious. After tbo works ware taken two brigades of Turner's division were brought forward to assist in holding tbe intrenchmenta we bad captured. COIONIX CRAIO K11.LSD After tbe maic hue had been secured Colnnel Craig's brigade, of M"lt's division, was sent to follow up the enemy's retirement; but our progress was soon checked bv assaults made by the enemy 's reinforcements. Col onel Craig, who wis a most gallant and meritorious officer, was killed by a bullet to the he id. OTHKK I'AsrAlTtS*. Colonel Osborne, command ini: one of Turner's brigades, was wounded. Lieutenant Colonel MoGHbray, comma* d ant of artliiery lor Biriicy.wus slightly wounded, and raptaln Briscoe, one ef Birney's aiuos de camp, was Slightly wounded iu tbe abdomen. OCR GAIN?. Biroey captured two hundred and seventy-six prison ers, sixteen of whom are commissioned officers. They belong to some 01 tbe brigsdesaud divisions of D. 0 Hill a aud L"t)gst rcot's corps, There was a report among their troops that Lee was (here In person. PKR80IML. Generals Mott and Harlow , and Colonel Smyth e*ch per formed toe dulios severally assigned to them b.v tba Major ' General commandiiu'. Also (low's and Hlckott'a bat teries, which did BOtoe splendid sbootmg. OCH WITHDRAWAL. Iex the course or the al tern- >on the enemy had massed an Immense number of troops in front of tbe position held by Biroey; and though the enemy lailed to retalce the posi'lon by h direct assault, he eventually regained it by mancnuveriug; ior the topography of tbo country was or sich a character that ha was at length enabled to push a force through a ravine which separated one bri glide of < urs trotn another, partly iu c'<uae|uenceof which aud partly beoiuse our lines were not corresponding. y advanced on the right and lett or the captured i?iut, ren dering t'ie li ;e li iblc to be enlllndod, as indeed It actually was, General llirney was com|ielled to withdraw bis troops from that advanced position, which, however, is now between the opposing forces and is not neld by either pa. ty. OfR LOFSKS thvo :ehout t*e day will i o doubt exceed a thousand in killed, wounded and captured. From the statemonts of prisoners ana the number "I his killed and wounded which we have seen, it l.s believed that the eae'ny's caaualt ea would not be c vered l>y that uuiotier Foil lists of C49'ialiiM- ca not be procured to niglit. Ihtt following is a * additional lint of wouudud in tho FlrJt division, Second corps, o i July 15: ? Ktohard Cioiray, H'lih N Y, right arm fractured. KobtG Sint'h, H. 1-loih P., ri'tbUiiile, contusion. C \ ancey. F. ICO' h NT Y. left hand, s.lghtly. Wallace Hill, K, 145th Pi, Uuger. rhii Haverlio. D, 7th N V. Nici.oia# Van Celt. R. 2d N Y artillery, sbouldor, Qeeh. Ad nn Cikie, I). lidMV arilllnrv, left band. Harthnlomew Hadrieii, 89? h N Y, le'? hand. Fied liavcy, 8?tri H Y, fl .gor. Cortiellus Hhea 23tn M ws. le t leg, flesh. Jamts F Morrlsuu, 2d N Y arillleiy, le't fool. John Vreckter, 7i b M Y artillery, leit breast. tborais Du^au. 'Jd N Y heavy artillery, knee, slightly. Jesse Mghiltuger, Hfith Ki, left leg iractured. (>eo Shnmbcr, MiSY ai tlllery, back. M F I(OwIr, 14.Vh Pa, Irnce. J S Weible, 11 ? U I'u. jaw, flesh. " John 1 flsier,?7th N' Y infantry, loe hamnel i.herbirt. !,? 1 Y, he;id, slightly John Cralif, 148th i' , le^'. i-?3b. John filo'id, 7th N Y ar i. try, brad, shell. V?m Valentine, r>Oth m y, ief', ti? h. Hamuel Gill, 14Htli Pa, ihoui.ier ^e id. I'al I'owderl^, "JSth M.-ss, log, llesh. John Kimp^cn, UOth i'n, rigiit John Wel?h. uutb New Yorit, foot fractured. C.eorgo Hnltnrv, 7th Now York iufty, bieast, slightly G Borrie, 89th Ne? York, toe C A Jlil'.s. 3>"i li \VI?consin, tblf;h fractured. .Tosopli ilnrke, 7iii V:-w York artillery, shoulder. Ju.ins Settler, 7tii New York In antry, left hand. Georgo Glr t, 7th New York In antry, b^ck. Willi in frutcbjil, f9th N'ew York, right arm, Slightly. Loren/.l Crawford, I3tli Cenusylvania cavalry, loot. John Kuy. Of?tb New York, left foot. Kerry S. Nolden, 14stb Pennsylvania, leg, flesh. Peter Burnett, 125th New York, teg, flesh. Chorion .-Iiuyoit, 7th N'ew York heavy arty, right aide, William Howling, ftiuh New York, leg fractured. Alvin 1'eck, 2 I .V Y artillery, lett foot. Pan Weaver, 148 h Peon, little lluger. Walter Corbctt. l4Sth I'eon, breast penetrated, dead. K Kieglo. 7th N Y Infnnlry, nock and left arm. Andrew Nohti, 2d N Y artillery, right shoulder. John Pwyer, 2Sth llass, left leg. Jacob Straver, 14-<th Venn, lett hip, Eblabti t 8i?lz, 7ih N Y inTintry, elbow. Kranci3 Heney, 2d N Y artillery, finger. llenry Armstrong, 121th \* Y, fingor. Jacob Siurt/., 146th Penn. thumb. I/.eut Albert riepltone, 7th N Y artillery, hlpt Jacob Apnie. 62.1 N V, hip. Thomas McBatb, 144th Penn, brea?t penetrated. Andrew C Lyon. H5th Pennoyivania, thigh and testicle. J>>hn Huger, 63d Pennsylvania, bend, severely. Joseph 11 Keely, 7th New York artillery, fore arm. John Fox. 149th Pennsylvania, bend , severely, siaca died. Henry Phi I tw, 14Stb Pennsylvania, shoulder Ambrose Mu^ner, 7th New York heayy artillery, thigh fractured. W li Keilermm, 148th Pennsylvania, back. Andrew Wlid.Qlet New York, bawd. Harmon Dunk ow, 26th Miohigan, hand and knee, THE TEMTH CORPS. Mr. William H. 9f?rrlnm*s Despatch. Braihicaxters. 1'wrrn Abmt Corps, 1 August lfl ? Evening. J TTTH BATTUI OF DID' KC K. The light of to-day will be officially reported open and hereafter known aa the battle of Deep run, It hiring al ready been no christened by Major General Elrney. TIM RWI-ITB of the contett may bo summed up briefly as follows:? We are in poesesslon tc-nlgbt of the dead bodlea of two rebel gcneralsf four rebel buttle flags, four hundred pris oners, sad are advanced beyond the yosltloo we held when operations opened this morning. TBS DETAILS. At an early boar this morning the right of thst portion of the Tenth rori* operating with Hancock moved from the position held oh the morning of the lfith to a point to the lett and rear of the rebel works, advancing at the same time about two miles from tbs old position. Two brigades of tbo First dlvlsloo (Foster's) and, I believe, Ton's or Coan's, stoutly charged the (1 ret line of works, Into which the rebels had Just previously been victori ously driven. These works were Immediately la front of tbo extreme right of our lire', and wore m<>at hi: <l?unc>iy carried, together with the capture of a number of prisoners. The larcest number of wounded In thts tumult were ot Foster's bri.ade. This attack from the rliiht of tbo line wmk m.tde by Terrs * division, tiie lino being the one held i>> V ijor General Btrney at the rlrse of operations ok the night of Ibo lfnh ln?t In addition to the forces .ilresdv loned, apart oi Brigadier fieeeral Willi im?' (Mirny's division) [>ari|. clp i ted in this attack, the remainder of it being at hand, In strong and heiithful support, and sustaining a heavy, and, necessarily. a depleting fire. an osr> ash it >NOKi:r> rnnmrLA skioadb aim ms attack. Thofe whose minds revert to tue fstnons IVnlnsnia campa'gn, and remember even n few 01 tho sttrriug tool dents tnat markrd that ?nimnt?'d era i>f the war, will not fail to remember the part ena tod by tbe 1 fecund brigade of tne Third division, Second onri a, com manded to dsy by tne ga.i.intand fenrless f'o.onel < ralg, who was mortally wi unded In ono of the several a*<;*ului made nron the enemy'* lilies and works. This wasGtne rai Ulrne.y's old Peninsula brigade, and. In compliment to film snd bi? distinguished services, it was Font over l>y Ueoeral Iknro k to aid In weaving another rbaplet of l&Hing victory around Uie head of the Tenth corps general. ? anna's cavai-hy. T?nrlng these mnv, m nt? ( rofss's cavalry were o->eTit lng with effect on tho Tbs les t ity roirf, and c?ntrtbut"1 In no ?mall d<- rre to the f??ersl res-ilts of the day. ihe rnvairy lorres 'vero ably supported by Miles' brigade of ths i-o :ond corpn. tbs esrofSn i m? Of tjie enomy's werke was oirrle-1 nbont ten o*ei<vk by the -uino troops, wU >se per sis tenet and v.ilor had carried tne flist l. us but a slmrt time b.dore. It r<<et lis an h n 's hearty .isd drstruetive woods and et short ft ? ctnei teves of tbo lay were sustained by us at thin tlnto. ST* OAStAlTlTR Am< the chief casti iiti?s up to this hear were tho mortal wMadtaf oi l?h>oel Craig, dlreaity retried to, and the verv evero w< 'irdlng Of n.ionel tlfbom'", of tte Twentf fourth .M*?SS0lMM?cittA, s mmi csmble as d e*uC lont o nicer, commanding the Seeded brlgide,"1 dlvl ,eion. rsrith corn*. Wl?-n wounded Qeiooel Osborv'e ??a a1 the from, superi' .tending the movemeute of hit' brl? ga TBE EMHITEXTH C0BP9. Ms. .To tin Ursilf'4 Despatch. a*rx?"4RTse?, KioirrrENfw Asmt CYiars, y 1* Tflk Hkip, Augea* 17, 1844. / tbs fssansr. *T nj Irate ?f the great atom and (realist Mftmmi ?-*?>', If wo except f e <lfbrls of sutlers' eatabl shmeats, 4o. ,'Abn.U re.nain ssuite nd here and thore along the courses o { tbd torrents. Owln,' to the dry sad sandy D4" ture of the ground, the wi.ter boa boeu almost entirely abi rbod The roads have boeo decidedly Improved. The immcoso thickness of dust heretofore rendered travelling anything but comfortable; but everything la luw In excellent cor dltion. ?fcirico vsiox rR goNsn. Private Wilcox, of Company E, Eleventh Pennsylvania eavulrj, who was captured on the extreme lett of the line by the rebels some days ago, succeeded In escaping from U.e enemy >e.-ierduy, whllo belni; taken f. cm Petersburg to Richm' td. Ho row lined hid all day, and at nixbt passed through their Hoes and swam the Ap pomattox. iRTlLirRY KIRIWO was excessively severo lust night. The rebels opened, prob .ib.y to show un that their auimunitlon bad not be?n spoiled br the llood. lhey fosud our batteries awake, a>'d, long after they ha>l ce scd, the thunder of our heavy guns continued to break the sla-uce ot the night. The Washington Telegrams. Washington, August 18, ISM. The mall steamer from City Point this morning brought hither seventy-five rebel prisoners, among whom were several oittcers, captured In the late movement on the James river. Passengers represent that the afTalr of Sunday was of greater proportions than at first supposed, the combined losses of the Second and Tenth corps In killed and Wounded being from el?bt hundred to one thousand, wliiln the loss of the rebels was also severe. The position gained by us was atill held on Tuesday night. on Tusftday there was some shelling by our forces to feel the rebel posltiea There were indications of another advance on our part yesterday. TUc Fortress Monroe Telegram*. Fortress Monroe, August IT, 1804. Ilia steamer Thomas Morgan arrived here this morning from Deep Hottom. She brought two hundred wounded soldiers belonging to the Tenth army corps. Our forces on tho north side or tho James river have had very continuous and severe skirmishing every day this week. Wo have captured more prisoners than hive been re ported, but have no definite statemont or the number. No general officers have as yet boen reported either killed or wotiuded. Tnc following Is a list of the deaths In Hampton Hospi tal since tho last roport Joseph 8. Pennlson . 7tltU Penn I sylvanla. Frtnk L Glbbs, 21st Connecticut; Caleb D Sher man, 89th Now York: l'etor B B-irtoies, 18:id Ohio; Gen E J .-Holt, 7th Now York battery ; N Kniery, ith New Hamp shire; Le*ls Crnmmei), 2'id U 8 C; N Bron,.bam, l#8t& Pennnylv.tuia: Antoine Prow, 12th Maine; Wm Murray, 3Mb Maine; Siinem fi Collin, 8'h Maine; Ami Devine, 8d Penusylvuril 1; John Mitchell. 22d U 8 C I; J no H Hyuey, B8tU New Yorit; t'at Hyan, 118th Now York; S'Averv, 138(1 Ohio; (ieo W Jones, 142<l Ohio; 6 Walker. 176th Now York: K Smith, ltsyd Ohio; Cyrus (iunn, lfiSdOlilo: W M Johnson. 8th Connecticut; 6 11 McNeil, 2d Now York artillery: F S Uhiii'Mib. 130th Ohio; R Morrison, 1st Maryland cavalry; Wm Johnson . 81U Connecticut; K Wil liams, 134th Ob'0; James Curroll, ? South Carolina (rebel); John Barney, tlA Connection*; M V Staf ford, 3d Pennsylvania; Adam Andrews, 2d Penn sylvania artillery; John Hujheo, leaifc New York, A Twining, 134th Ohio; D Peabody, 11th Maine; Abraru Wood, 1st DC cavalry; Joe Stall, 97tn New York; Wm Buback.llih Pennsylvania cavalry; Abram Youug, 148th Now York; Nelson t arter ft th l; 8 colorod; 0 Pul len, 18th Indiana: Daniel Walimlre, 6fitb Pennsylvania; 0 I> Sherman, 9Sth Now York; H.:ury Speiss, 07th Ohio; O F Wa^hbnrne, 4ib New Hampsuire: J H I'lnuimer, 30th Ma nn Jno A Forny tb, 9td M ilue, Wru l<ew|S, 5tb (J rf col ored; Wm Sin. t, !3th Indiana; Wm Stone, 113th Ohio; Mark Spangler, 183d Oblo; Ceo W Writfbt, 1324 Ohio; Henry Major. 10th U S oolorei; Jas Freeman, 22d U 8 colored: Jos Hoflniun, 1 43d Ohio, .las Hrumell, ftth New Jersov battery; John (iiles, 112th Ne<v York;C Millet, 9th Maine; S A Hrugdbn, Utb Mni'ie; J N RohinsOO, 6th D S colored; A Stratlon . llih Malno. W I; l^lrkoxlrloK, 5th M?rv l*nd; A Sergeint, 24th Mas8?chnio.'Ms. AIox Klmdss, 8Mh New York; Wm II Matthews, 67th Oliloj David Kim bo, 1st U S colored ; Samuel I, mgrey, l*t I' 8 ooloit.3. Dc'ttUs In ttie Chesapeake Hospital? IJeut Johu O'Nell, Battery H, 3d Now York ai tillo.ry ; Capl A J Bcitch, 13th New York artillery; Usui IraTleiler, I42d Ohio National Qirtrd; I.evl 1, Marsh, <J2d Pennsylvania Vol'iutee's. Colonel Zanders, of the 19th Wisconsin, ha* partially re covered from a severe sickness, and In aopoli ted provost marshal of Nor I oik, much to the satisfaction ol his atwy fricuds. THE PIRATE TALLAHASSEE. Mar* Vessels Destroyed by the Firsts, Portland, Me,, August 18, 1104. The scboonor P. B. Harris, of Dorchester, Captain Delano, arrived hero to-day, and reports hiving been captured, August 10, twenty miles west of Seal Island, by the pirato Tallahassee, and bonded for sight thousand dollars. The Harris brought In the crews or the following tcho-iners, which were captured and souttled by tbs Tallahassee: ? Schooner Howard, Captain Burr, of New York. Schooner Coral Wreath, Captain Blaxe, of We? I port. Scooouer Etta Caroline, ("apt. Poor, 01 Portland. Schooner Restless, of Boothbay. All the foregoing were captured by the Tallahassee on Monday. The crows of these vessels were allowed to take all their clothing and effects, and were kindly treated.^ The Howard had been previously captured by the Florida and bended. All the orews of the vessels captured represent the Tallahassee as being very heavily armed. ? She was short of ooai, and inquired for the nearest port to obtain a supply. Her officer* also Inquired all about the fishermen In the Bay of Chaleur, whore she is probably bound. Arrival of ths Taiiahaisee at Halifax. Halivax, August 18, 1804. The pirate Tallahassee arrived here this morning, and Is now coiling from a vessel alongside of her, and will pro bably take her departure some Unas during the night. Pursuit Of tk. T.llaHo.e... Washington, August 18, 1864. The Navy Department had ordered twe vessels to pro ceed to Halifax several days before the official Informa tion was received of the Tallahassee's entraoco Into that port. Tike Pilots of ths Win. Bell and Jamss Fault* TO THE BDITOK Of Till TfSHALD. Nsw Yosk, August 17, 1844. The following paper Is now being circulated among ths merchants and citizens of Now York. A list of the subswi .be s will be pent to you from time to time:? To the Board or I'Momtwarruui, Merchants axd Crnzr** or Nkw York:? The recent capture of the Sandy Il'ok pilothmts Jam s Funk, N<>. 11, and William IM1I, No 24, by the rehel strainer TalUhaesce, lueiies an appeal to y nur geuercMtv to sulmcribs from yonr abtinoanbe to a fin d for t'io purchase of new boat* for tne unfortunate pile s who were tho owners of the captured ver?els. By thM disaster thev have lost in a day the savings of yvars of toil and hardship Id their arduous and dangerous pro. fessioo; and, almost their entire fortunes were lo ve* ted in their boats, the consequences to them are ruinous. Whatever mny be subscribed will be equally divided between the owue- s of the two boils; and it is earnestly hoped tbit, for the credit of this great cra raercisi metropolis, a s .m maybe subsrrihed suftioent toplncetbem very soon In a* good a position as tbey wero before this calamity ovcrtonr then. flubs< ripti- ns to this object will bo received at the Pilot office. No. T9 Sonth street, New York, or by Webb it llcll, shipbuilders, On eupoint, I. I. A Pair Cor Eilsiuml Ktrkt'i Forihcom Ing Book. TO THU KDlTUK OF TltR BIKALO. fn yonr Issno of this morning you state that? 'Mr. Kirke, In a recent lecture in Ithode 1*1 md, s-itd that after an argument with tbo rehel President on the die is trous conso iitetices to tho South of a continuance of the war, and the a. Wantages ol peaco and reunion , "I then hud a eonsideraiiie conversation with Mr. Davi*, In whtch 1 diiecily o.fei e<i htoi the terms which I had oeou author ised to sttKa"1," s"d that "Ihey were, In vener.U, entire ah Ittloa, a fcCtrral amnci.y, n > eoullscitiou, the ilehts of the ttratu to be IgnnreO . the debt* or the gonersl gov ernmeot to be bori;ti by nil toe Males.'' The ah ?> re remarks, which 1 presume are copied from the Providence Prat, are grosely Incorrect. I said eotbto,j of tlio kind. 1 was rot antbi rlced to < ? Per any terms r-h?t?rer t'? Mr. Dsvls,snd I eld net oifcr him my Neither did ir<y u>m; union. What 'plitaily paSS< d br twecu Jeff. Davis, Coleaei Jsqnes ?i d myi-eif, on the r>C easion ot our lueivtew. is imiy rep. rtcd ;n the lust chap ter of my book, "Down In 'Icunc:** <>." < cd from the ?d vanee sheet* of that bock I read en the oceaflon alliided to sayirg sol h tag moreaf>d nothing lees tbm is "therein s?s de*n." J n. QUMOHM (EDMUND KHVk). BoeTojr, August 17, 1864. Bwt Race at Po?t^hkrsp*lti I ot? n mm; A' ????< "S The race bet'freen the Pfttehorg ho?t 1 o'lUfht nod the Poii, hkeepaie ij.'vat Hlrangrr 10 k plui 0 tin \ Sfteri.eon, the form?' belt ? bidly beaten. Tlmo, tuiriy mlaaks and twenty secondlt 1 SHARP FIGHT AT DALTON. Impetuous Charge of the Col ored Infantry, The Rebels Driven Back In Confusion, At* A* Our RaihTllla Deipatch. Nashville, August 18, 1834. Tbo rebel Oonenl Wheeler moved round on Cleveland alter bis repulse at Dal too, and Is Hying to get on to tbe railroad lending to Knoxvllle. It it reported that Coneral Steedman engaged bim near GraycvlMe on tbe 16tb mat, and doreatel him. General Stoedmaq is reported wounded, and Colonel (straight, o( tbe Fifty-flrst Indiana Volunteers, killed. Wheeler's attack on Dalton during Sunday and Monday w is repulsed with a loss to bim of one hundred and fifty tnea. Colonel Llebold, commanding the poet, was rein forced ou Monday by General Steodman. The Fourteenth Uulied nates colored troops charged upon Wheeler, who fell back, and Unally rctrented. Tbe Union loss was about thirty. The railroad track has nol been injured. So wipuper Account*. The Chatt'itiooga Gazette or tbo 16th instant his tbo following highly interesting Intelligence Tbo rebols In their attack on Daitoa, Georgia, numbered flvo thousand men, Infantry and cavalry, with s^c brass howit/.ers. Ibey wore commanded by Major General Wheeler. Our garrison at Dnlton numbered four hundred mon, of the Second division, commanded by Colonel l.iebold. On Sanday morn In? the rebels approached the town In lino of battle, aaJ General Whoolor son! forward tha fol lowing formal letter for the surrendor of the place: ? To prevent the oifaslou of blood, Ihtvo tho honor to demand the immediate and unconditional surrender or tho forces ..s.uor your command at thin garrison. JAMES WHEELER, Major General, commanding Confoderato forces. j Col. Llebold responded la the following laconic terms:? ! 1 b'tvo been placed here to defend the post, but not to surrender It. B. SfclBOLO, Commanding United States foro os. l'he rebels outnumbered Colonel Lelbold ten to one, and his command sought protection in their oartbworlcs and a Urge brick building. The invade: 3 swarmed Into tho town, but were gallantly kept at bay by the ga.rison, who; from tbelr earthworks, m wed down tbo rebels in great numbers. On Monday morning General Steed ram arrived with rolnfornemnuta. A skirmish at onca commenced, and the garrison ral lied out of their earthworks. At this stage tho Fourteenth United State? colored in fantry, Colonel Morgan commanding, were ordorod to charge. With a ringing cheer and an Impetuoua rush, which was irresistible, tbey charged upon the rebels, who broke end fled in tho utmost confusion. The rebels slightly damaged the railroad track one mile this aide of ballon. The damage has been repaired. [From tbe Cincinnati Gazette.] N aSuvitxSj' August 18, !8fl4. Nothing h?s come through from ibe front since mo 10th, communication having been somewhat Interrupted t>y it raid of Wheeler on Pulton and Calhoun, 1>? spali nig of forcing Sherman back in any otner way, Hood hug eti deuvored to cut his communication , and sent, with seventeen huudrod men, for that purpose. Wheeler made his appearance at two or three points ou tho road, simultaneously, on Sunday. Oon piirty captured tlitoeii hundred head of cattle at Calbnun, three honored and Q:ty bead being subsequently rocupturt-d, nnd the rebels lost tbo remainder In stampedes. The rallri -id was cut near Calhoun but tho clamago was slight, being repaired ir trains parsing norta to Talton, barely getting in before Wheeler lieslogcd tbe plnce. A I. out f< ur P. if., Whcolcr with one tuoueund six hun dred men end pome slx-pounders, having moved around lies* cca. applied heiore Ihdton, il'iuai ding its surren der. Colonel l.ieb Id, of the Second Hth-sourl, di r.llued, ami skiriniahiug bogm in tbe city. Colonel Llebold 's men gradually fell back, by orders, lighting as they retreated, to the railroad depot, where Wheeler attacked and was had>y repulsed. Llebold s hue handsomely covered the railroad, and trains which hud cr.'ne up from ChiIi.uo passed through, running tho gauntlet, and reached Chat tanooga. They n .rrowly escaped a squad of cavalt jmou sent to c.t Ibe ra.Iroad oorth of 1 altou. Tbey were im mediately loaded with troops bv Cenaral Steedmae. *nd rout to the atslsUnce of Colonel Llebold. At midnight on Sunday < olonel Heboid held bis own, and it Is believe-) be can repulM ttic etemy. Wheeler's lorce is reported at one tbou-and Ave hun dred men; but it ar,'eai?6 to be divided. It wxe Believed his put v. as to destroy the tunnel One of the squads is reported to have captured a train near Allatoona. His raid will doubtless, bo a briof oi e It will not seriously interfere with ? herman's 0| ''rations at Atlanta. Oi tbe?e operations nothing later bas beeu received bore than that oil is quiet. Operations Before Atlanta. KKWKM TUB liKANOIIBi OF f'TOY Curat, 1 Vcirw Copktv.Gx, August ?, 1SH4. j Our lessee In the assault wblcti we mad* upon the ene my's llees on tho 6th Instant were considerable. lhey were not less than three huudrod In the Fourteenth corps (i.eneral R. W. Johnson comma idlng), of wbi li at least one hundred and fifty wore in the regular brigade, which belongs t" Scn-ral King's d. vision, mid Is at present com manded by Colonel Mudge.of tbe Eleventh Michigan Hut we drove the rebels from tbelr skirmish lino ai d m ton alderuble lino ol Intrenchments, killed and wonnded over two hundred, and took two hundred aad fifty prlsenera. Yesterday but little of confluence was d ue upon any portion of the line, except occasional oannonadisg and Incessant skirmishing. All along tho front of ttm Four teenth corps oar own lines are In tbe closest proximity to those of tbe ttbels. There is <ne place on the front of General A Ralrd's division where the opposing lortiflca. tlone are not more than seventy. five yards i mart W, e-i over a heed a pears above either parap?t, It is tbo signal for a dozen balls to be discharged >rnui the other. l'be Twenty-thin! eorpa (Schotteid's) Ik on the extreme right of our army, nearly opposite l.ast Point, feeling lor tbe rebel left to far, we lava touud tbo enemy's works oonilnuoiis and strong wherover we bave attempted to approach tfce railroad. General Hasc^a division made a recounoisssnce late yesterday afiernoon, the n ill of which has not yet transpired As everything will be changed long boforo tb!t r* ' es you I mav indicate the pro ont oroer of the rus"<ctn ocrpe. The I'weiity-tb rd Is on tbe extreme ri -bt; >ue Fourteenth Is next, both operating temporarily under o-'mmand of coueral Scholleid. Moceedio/ towm-dx tho left wo lind the teveral corps of the Ami) of the Tennes see (M^jor (<eaerai O. o Howard), and nn the extreme is: t the remaicdot of tbe Army o! the Cumberland. sruct. iiia. Tbe rebel* seem to have a body of their militl.i on tbeir extreme rlgM, folk sold cor(* (Ste* .trt'e) next; Hood's (now Cues t nam 1) next, and Har ieo's ou tne ertromo lot. Hi lilt la are mixed in with u|i these lnji-t, It wis < layton'i (formerly Stewsrt's) division, of iinrdee's eorpa, that was principally engaged Sunday with ihe 1 oorUeuth corps. <he two hundred and fifty prisonora ?c took all belonged to that division ?as .irs hs hi, aRwt sar* ss voacrD? It will not do to roly too coulldetillv upon the state ments which are frequently mi'de conroiaing . rebol j losses la the receut baitl<?. The Memphis At lac M A ?? 1 } <af, having a rnse to nikke out again: t Hood, puts It Mt iwe.uty two ihouxiti d siuco Johnston wua suprrs<drd 'Inls. probably . le the nitsido limit. Rotas tbosotwenty i two thousand we-e all from 'be veteran reb? I troofo. anil j as wo all know, from rebel official documents, I uud alter | w.i croesud tho Chattahoochee, that their veteran loco : ? s only forty six thnip and strong, prevl' uO to Ihe i i ut le of I'osrh iree creek, It follows i h it . nnless recently I : 'in orced, tb* veteran rebel lorors opp -ed to u< onoont , . i > on.y two! e-four tbouiand p en. :b?t each a ferae, ! I even s.lniltting that it was b.ckeil by forty lb nsasd i I it . ti i men, coc.hl for a aingle week Wilhstmd the at- ! lacks oi our mugni'lceot wm; le pfspoeteroah. Yet they have v.lthMood us, hufesi^oil onr lines sswcm.y.wo . Bid hea everywhere eottfrohtioff ua. The cor , Inslon is ; n'ti t irreetrllhle ihat the tebsi arir." has been rein fir i at"| |iiiu th-" oordtilons u| ? n which wa< predicted the i- pee iy Is 11 of / iisntn, alter the battle of Uio 'it I ult are cafeotl^lly r'mnged [Special correspondence of the Cincinnati Curette.] l!l? TTta lua: . 01 Up V CKF.f K ? 1 rcimji cnfKTV. G"i , Aogiiot 10. l m? I t It la somewhat aliturd to call Ibe corneal tsklng place hen lie ".s.i'ce cf Ail nt?." C :r f rtlOoaltone extend In io'ut hi es from east to weal. 'iod everywhere oon- I fr nti'i' by l n( lit ee of robei wot ka. T? breag rr turn tbe .iilcr ,? probnhly to m*ors ts the eatire |ics?cts cn ol Atki.ta, with the captnro or desiroctioa oi a large part of the rebel :irtny. In the me ntltno let tbe loral pcple ol the North take courage. Atlanta being the very heart of the 1 Voo'ederaOf,'' snd or such primary lm:* rience tlint, according vo tbe rebols tliemsulvee, lis u:l will ruin ttk'in. a Oi'?i rrate reslstane# was to he ex. e, ted lieaideS llood w?e plai- d In ron maad oil Ihe tvr-rets eetiiiiticri ihsthe?aait de'ehd tbe plane In the o*t and if |?|| to biP'SrlT wtl ri '.biNM fight for It anM he sacnilaf! h s etiitre ermv. la addition te tb#, tho | aopriiUiraiH-n jt j?u. I.nvl", feeim ' M ^redit Involved la that ?f tho new fvtoaiaMer, for wboe* take Joe John Eton was rel1oved, will make a tfetr cr?te effort to (detain bin. But it roty a'?o ho considered certain that the rebal Pre*ide?i. watching Iris lieuiem/tl clo-'elT, will, If the Ue fe:j> 8 ?; Atlanta become absolutely b< i ele*s, order Iiibi to ? /tbdraw bcloro bis army id du-troved. Terrible a* wonld be ike low of Atlanta to the rrbeis, the t< ss oi oue 01 their two great armies would b? still worse. and, ruiher than U > <u<\ tuo latter alternative, bavis would or der iheevuci:ftti>w or the city to roorrow. As l'?n<, tuerel'ore, as Atlanta can bo defeudud under sucb oond'ttons that the bulk ?f th? rebel army may at aoy tlaie be withdrawn. io long will that armv ft.-lit im. If aflaira remain In such a condition in Virginia tbat I ee c?n spile no o liitidei ab'e portion of uia arm* for the i.eor*,a campaign tiie evacuation may speedily take pitco <>u the other bend. If the rebels can maintain their pr?,eut position at Richmond and Petersburg, wblie at tho Mm<) time tboy detach twenty Ave tbm?and vete ran to Hood s issi^Uiic**, tho defence will bo ludeilnitely prolonged. Home reinforcements have doubtleas already reached Atlmila. Hut. I'uttibK the case In the most favorable light for the reboie, admitting tiiut Hood cao be reinforced to the extent I have mentioned. it io still as certain as any event not yet trenspned can bo that our mapuillceot and powerf ul nrtuy will conquer lu the ond. We will still press upon them everywhere with superior numbers, and to that pressure tftuy mum at I ist succumb, ss they did at Hal ton. at Kf'HF icca, at Pallas, at Keues iw and nt Peach Tree creek. Some groat itr ko of generalship on our part may rive us the rebel army. But even ordinary Rood maunguroent must sooner or later Insure us the posses sion o: Atluuia; and this 1 confidently expeol. PAILY REOrtKn. Nntl iiii occurred yesterday Have constant skirmishing everywhere, a tierce cannonade of Atlanta from the Iront of ibe Twentieth corps, and a brief strugwlo on a portion of General king's line, fti which the rebela wore driven from S(.i'ie?n!io pita. WKaTHKR. Tim w oat tier Is somewhat unset tK"d. It rained heavily yefttnrdiy morning, and for the past twenty four hours wo have been floundering In water and mud. Even whila I write it Is commencing to rain again. Rebels Crossing (lie Cumberland River at Sailor's Rent. Clarkhvim.*, Tenn., August 17, 1864. About two hundred and Ufty rebels crossed to the north Bido of the Cumberland rlror, at Sullor's Rent, at an early hour this uiomlng. They are supposed to belong to Woodward's command mm from the sooth. AtTalri la '{>**?? [From the Kicbmond Examiner . Augnst IB. I Wo have Houston papers of the '_9th of .Juno ana 1st Of July, froin which we nmko tip a summary ? lii <>alvettoa Brigsuier C.eiiorsl Hawes is in command. The hatchet s there are selling beer to tho families of sol dure at twenty live cents a pound. The blockading gqukdi'' n consists of twelve vesrwla A sudden rtso In the UioCrande, caused by hoary rains, carried away llvo liiioflred baler of cotton. Confedcrito tfiiney In Houston is ri* ine In valno, nnd the pciMle are selling their specie for Confederate notes, wherewith to nay taxes. General Kirby fmlih, on the lit day of July, wns In Houston, on bis way boclc to Shrevoport from Komp stead. Governor Murrab, of Texas, Is hard at work for tho array. Ho has organized a Held battery and got It ro.dy for service, llo bus contracted for ii largo number of pistols (six shooters) lor the .angers. Ho tins furnished 140, 0r>0 Basket cai'S, and |irot ? .?es to manufacture all that the army on bis side of tie river may need, 'lie btato ban also tuhilshed a quantity of trinaporratlon nut camp equip* *, and about S4'),OoO worth (in specie^ of clothing, ".ho State troops for the prolec'ic n of this fmo tier, not turned over to the Confederate government, number from 'tlx to eight thousand. 'J'he Ntws nave?1 "It seems to bo generally understood that f.euarnl Ihickner is to take the place of General r?y lor in East Ixjnlsiona, and a movement towards Missouri is also reported to bo In preparation." In the Unlit at Eagle Pn?s some Mexican*. It seems, came ovor ami helped the Ooufednrates. Whereupon. tb<> Yankeo Consul at l'iedras Negrns ? one McManus ? waxed wroth, and '"instituted mit against the Moxic.ns for mus ing (lie lissa for our assistants, coutrary to Internal lonul law." 1' t tn orders Issued by General Maptrtider it appears th it -.rigaiUer General Prayton commands all !he country we*t of ihe Colorado river. The sub comic 'U.i.'rs aro Colonels Pyrin, Ford ar.d Bsnkhead. General Slaughter is General M^erudnr's chief of staiT. There seoms to bo some sort of nn erchiinre arrange men made ou the oiher side of the river/ The same cor respondent (from < heneyvtllo) says ? Pines the ngreemont for the exchange o' prisoners, which was siiocted a few days ago, I urn informed by Colonel llurdlman, now comma- ding the b'crotnl cvairy division, tho enemy reported nine hu drod for ex change, which included those who were enpturod on Mns t ugMsiaed and oth-r point? in Tex** last fall and winter. I hnvo not. as yet. be?n able to learn any of the particu lars of the exchange. From the geneml t>>oe of the nepers I Infer that the pooploof the trans Mississippi urn In a sound and hi iltby military , political am. Bnunetal condition, and are chiel'v solicitous about events occurring on this side Of the great river. Ih? Chloogo f nnvtn t tr. n? Tlie Htrncrgls n*t?e?n the Fesee 1I? morraU and U ttr Driuouiati? ihel'ri'iliUnt'i Proc I a ? nu ll <> n , Ar. | I'rom tho Richmond K.-taminer, August IS.] As tho Yankee remocratto ' ooTeatlon aoproscbes, which is to be held at i hicago on tbe -Oth of th s month, the o IssnHyident flutter .n the realms of "Sbodtly." and many prudent c'ntiactors alnn nt (ear that the country will bo lost. That brilliant i e\v nobUH* of tho Quartrrmasisr's Department begh s to npprchoi-d Mist the at pr' a< hlng T'rCrf uortial election com. s at an it ! ornouHil time for them-J-that Is. for tbolr bel'ivod eonn try. The late disaster nt I etcrsdnrg, which ''cloyed the campa ?u" on til it line, looms v:>stor and blanker as we rcceive later news of Its eCects in ;ho North. 1 lie democrats are gathering a icrinl luble rtren :th, aim bO] ' on the 29th to be ah'e to strike a heavy blow st tM admin It trstiOB. Ihe cinuionis of this strsngtll ars tntnlor1-? Rret, there is the natural grudge at leaving the ; atne ret of men iu io.- e> rI n of placo and ilurior four jears longer; next, tho very gene"!! nbh'Trcnce of the half mil n n d*aft; tbe.i wci.nd rri Idly growing dp and sr reading a (ntrad and suspicion of thu fioor aga;nr? the rlcb, and and an cpialty S'lvrj' n;-c*iiner.t on the part ef artisans and lah rers a>,;.io?.t tho n< w Aysiem of placing negroes on un equality and In competition with tboin. ? ? e ? e loor Abn.him Ciiitiot so mueh as appotnta day o, facti g ai d pruyor now, but it Is ittlroltly coined toto ft pud for Chicago. 1 ateiy when be made pr< ca rnation ft t si ch a S'liomn d:iv; acd aeut it f rwatd in the pto * riTpiii ty ol his lie >rv to the Gove nor of New York si a the Mayor o! tu <t city, what deo? Mayor (!un tber df> I ocs h* rcceive and pronr.lgaie it in the pure i vllgious spirit In whuh It was dict<ted^ Hoes be c* 11 ?pon the clil'teM to prsf for tuo sue ess of tho govern ment Doe ? hi- com mead to thoir orisons Ibe eacred can e pt ffcwWft F"r, far rtherwisi' llwt perverio nitty i ir issues b .s sub-prm lumrtllon to observe the day by pray I: g " that the hearts of rn:*rs may he turned to tt>? ?<?c.i cd wny? of peS'-e. " A n^wt tri'ti 'heruiis ami impious s:al>. N'av , tbe f?y r takes It upot, bun to givu a special recomm illation to this e ect to ministers o the gospel ? " especially thoss miu. .:ers who b >ve Incaloawd tbe di-i'Tif 'f f war <n d biu"d so much at variance with the tiarbttigi of their Ihvine M ater." So tlio Mayor pre I'lSit - to ircture anointed min liters of tbe, as if be did not Minw that lumy of tboas. s?r!ia|? bis own very p-.Stor i.mcng tbeni, ere int'-re^ted In mule ooa tracts or si no tcatbt r rontr^-ts. Tlius Mr. l.incoln ca-.not so uiuoii as ssv utito bis congregu tlon, "let us pray"? yield mg to tbe s i /rest Ions of n hnmi io and contrite boart. and Iblckiti i.i* hti rin? * but ^e very prayers are foustd lobe wiro i i,l Jug prayers lor ( tilcago. Nay, he is inMiited by InTocsUuns tj tho (.ou o? peace: the Almighty hlnssclf is ti.'oei; Into a plpe'aier l< r the demit ruts. ? lor the |>ruC0fdin<;a whicb niay be oxoected to tnke ? at Clil-ago. U is yet too ?<on to i on.ecture *.l at tu??y tiriy he. Thoto is likely to bo a struggle 1 e. tweea the war democrats ai d tho pence democrats; the 'ormer seeking to ulect tic1 jehsn, ami lisv pii iu view foil Di'>re > ?? >rs of a progtabie war, in whuh tiieir fne.ji ? should h we all tin coi.tmci*' ar.d their Naiaileon wi an tbe great viet.rte- -tho latter going for jwics oure ao4 simple. Atj^e- ui tho iadh siions arp* ar to 1>9 that tbe war detn'" ruts will nomit ate ibeir < and date; but this prwpc 't would h". ma criatly modi n>j b? any i.e. Biilit .ry disaster beiore tbe ineetu.gof i'.o cimvno ti n. it Ijtrly, f?ir example, snoulJ turn upon .,hrrtd?n hi the valley and reroat upM b m the |k rformanoes v hieh he d ne tuna others, wo would probably tse u Iborotiiih poice Preside t total! alod a' < blcngn. Add ilils Is tbo only way Hi whici! we can aid tho^e po..e d'mi crats.- "That grat d li Mtoruisation at tho CI i. ton 1'ouse, Niigsia," wherein "liersrs. Ciay. Itol 0t?Oib< , . aaders and other ( "nieder ites" are still . ;*id to b>< pi "ttailng or lutr.^oi! g with deliver uio e.lit 'rs, old hsi k politiclatis, br "ksn down ox-dovemon nt,d del?-. gates to the Oktcago Convi nt. on, is au ufis.r wh<ch go d ( on I'drrnte* ou,.ht to rcgaril with susi in u and <!i?.iko. N?i go d can c tue of ih so pulivers; ant it ii truly a pity, and will l>? tons a lauing damage ..nd detriment that tho people of tbo enomy s cotiatry sp k the ?an.e |!<nr"iag<> |sui>i'aii|lslly> which *e speak ourselves. Wm'IiI tbst it were impossible for our pickets to tsik scr >ss the lints, for our traffliiog tt?tc'n.>,n to lie drawn conference with V'a Hees at eftry Utyei, or for Van kto >'i.M e,*s to ex; n "s to us their noble vtn. moot, undor ting oi truce, and nsk us to take a drink. Indian Outrages In t7i? Iforthwest. I ksvsNWCRTti, Ac.gnst II, 1R04. Reliable n?ws 'rom the scene of ib?t louian 0utrs|es Is iiCir'-e. They tooni to rentr I the country from a |>umt about i-eveuty- live miles east ot Hurt iveainy to tho forks o il.a I'i4ii? i its-, sod fr m ibu Platte river to the Arkan sas river. A r.nrrl>er of trains have b i>n capture d anj thcr ouiidurlors killed, and a large amtunt ef proi*rty red Ceuerat CnrHs Is at Omt' i org. n'sing nn sx"editi n ag Inst thoto. and portions of the Kat -ss a< d Nebraska niliillisre in motion on the eririand stage routi liltllnrd To tir nil in ant nt llsrtford. Hs*IT"Ki>. Angoai |g |?s|. ii..' ii-i inrd tournament was 1e ? ?) i n',-? < far os the contcst for Hie cue ami sham) n naMp of 'be Ctale is r<iafaried, by tns victory oi Mr. <ler?ho? II llttbbsl^ ?r HsrtfA. Ibe games rsss:?ed ss l?l'"wjv Itnkheli wins fcur snd s ses one, Hsnt. ! ?tiNink ?a.i iiewias cieh wla Vats and ie?? twe, and >urti r and Keataig each win one >nd liseteur. 1i? tisi f r'ibe sw. nd and thrd prisrs are te tie 4ecid"<l by games to looirjw. 1'beh.o, Hetu o iwd iM ?r were pre peat 8TAMTCNS WAR CCLLETKL Operations on (bo North Sid# of James River. JW^ REBEL GENERALS KILLED. ? pi end id Cavalry Engagement In the Efcecaadtah Valley. THE ENEMY UADLY BEATEN, *?., ac'i ae. Secretary Stanton to General Dli. WiR PSIMRrMEVT, > Washivuto]*, August 18 ? V 30 V . M. J To Major General John A. !)?:? A deapatch from lienoral Grant, dated Monday, thelfttb half past als P. M. , detained by the bricking of tbo tele* graph line, has Just been recctved. lie retorts (hat the fighting nortb of the James river tu-day (loth) has re sulted favorably to as, mi fur aa it lias none; but tb?re lias been no decisive result. Tbc euemy baa h-en driven back somewhat frcm their position of thin morning, wltti a considerable loss in killed and wounded, and lbout (our hundred priaonera (well ones) left in our tiauds. lwo brlgadtor generals, Cbfuihlirs and Gherardle, were killed, and their bodied left in our bands. Wo al*o have quite a number of wounded prisoners. Since moving north of tbs river our losses will. probably re. eh Lear one thou sand killed and wounded, many, however, only slijbtly wounded, owing to ?o much of the flgbtlng taking nlaoe In tlaiclK woods. The enemy have loit about asm my ur have fallen into our bauds. 1 be Department nai inte'ligonco from Ouneral ?hor man to half past eleven last ni?bt, bin no oj .orations are reported. A Uespntcb fr^m General Pbcridan, at Win chester, dated Au,:u?t 17, ten A. M. , reports that General Merrltt's division of cavil ry wia attacked yesterdiy aftcrnnn on the nortb aide of <llie Shenandoah by Ker-haWg dlvisi n, of Lon* street's Corps, and Wtckhiimaid Lnma\'i brigades of cavalry. Alter a very handsome cavalry light tho enemy wore badly beaten, with a Ions o! two stands of color*, t .vcniy feur officers and two hundred and sevonty tlx men prlsorerp. In a later despatch flcn. Sheridan says:? rThe cavalry eugfigetnent In front c' Front Royal wis pplendld. It was on open ground. Tlie t-.ibro *?? lively tir-cd by onr men. Great cretilt la due to Generals Merrlit add C'lator and Colonel IiovliiB. KliWIN M. STANTOM, becieiary of War The R? ti< I* In linltwnta. j GL'Kiltl.l-AH ltliPtflilKD t B iSHlNii lit' RIVER ? TIUl B RTTAMBltH i:H*>UTi l? CAi i tTRKD ? TH? I LKtnOV CALItl* TO AKiltf. |Kiom the Kvan.-vilk- J? urnal, Aufn*t H.l About ntnn o'clock last nkht the m' xii ty tlwt bnrt ex ml i-d in t!i<> city culminated In ? penult e mrm. by the arrival ef a courier rotu Mount Vernon, ant oonelng that the guerillas had ap:.?ared be1 ore >hawn?e!own on Saturoay evening, HMemr tu,{ loco h on the ???? r. I tin Kbawneetovo art: '-ry re--i t?<i tlitpm siwcesafuHf and rirtive tham buck Tii v then i"K od d' >vn to Sal mo Mine*, four mi'es below, where It 1* tald thev captured Hi!! I'hnrmer alii, two other boi's. R' p ,K''d t be the Cnrile and Cm V i'h the ? b.. mer, it is Fa d, they cri > t>rt live hunrtreo ni u to tbc .1 shn: e. immediately after the arrival ?>r i *iis ci.uner the nlarm gin ^ were II e ?, rtid at re it ? l.fu'.oi, ?io on to ar:u?, on* Klrcot* awMrmlng ?. n m< ?> ami liri*t i i' with niyu t'D^, A> we b tve aiw^iva t i 'ii.i"l, e tir*; I he ilwn or , i hat h ib been no iniml.wt.' 'or v.'ial * ??? wn-in ne eet, our c. In/. ?ti'.' i re- 1'iii.ciid wnh n n Mend ill'# pr inptilude, and ,v|tl>i.i lw? hour* t lo ft ' ti> ? ? b'in tlr"d n en wi're U' arn*. rati.'-r | ?!?? ed Ib ? other wi-etb it tbei vr?< d piortu ed ?'? oi' o.luiMiy in hivo a bo t with the c> wnrdiy loc In aaditiun to the I .hk">ii in Ihe clly.nv |rj .??r-l in fantry i-jro in an Incredibly tin ri u'.e Into liicclty Irt m tie rural districts, and unite a lUue arm- n or gs' i /ed. , Wxhivo batn inforra?d for aon,.- <*t-ys ti.-it i he pro ft attim# of the r< h is wlh to e?o? the ri< >-r i S'.i->w ? e io mi ond caplura It." c-it n >n toe ? n ? the n in*?; b to M rion. 111.. wlMim tney have |.-ei r ml ctl lwo t;> ti aitul men fruni to ' na or ! iberiy ?li'*i m.i'B to < nlo ro nit f?il|ai:na It iml M i r U end u-til tl rebel ; rlit I; HI t St tll'ft* | OII8. nil 111. It O III .lis crl nluate deft uctiMi and dev ist tlnn ?bi ? leh tte tatej ol Ti d i >na a 1 liiin'iih W ?? It v e i.oi . ?? ' n ' ?? ?? 'nilty tn aw ,n w this sti'v en re ? *? tlm It Hie c :? r ><-t wouli Ijo 'ar too ho' ? lor Adam Jjlmaott or any other guerlila chiol looirrj lit. 'Ihe t-rr n?'cmt n h !oi lie im tec I n of t' city ire am Die but. of ceur-e, ii.-t.ilH ere r>itr.iband. *ot wo buv-e i n Uotibt trn' ih? icik-I- > III I e -i'it advl-. d of evi'ri riilr j bofi ro rn' reins by tt:c:r t>i-? r.m which the city ins. Moveinru is of'< t-id tr 1 1 ; ? CAIrO, III.. > irnt IT. iM'.J. A infetln^ of th** ci"/ n? o < rro t- oa iod r this eveuln-: to provide me "'f* lor tun de o ..,i >* ii city. An expedition basKtar:"<1 in put eit m ' itit. i j'a^ue rill ?*>, whv ' nplttreil ihe {? awcra at S-ai't.e b..r. Tula band. aboiH five b. ' dr. d ftrot./, w is all "< > v i Its, Ky., wb<-n l.iot Heard from. I'nt 'u? o them or t'^cd the river, and these bad retir t ed -i?j ? in. Tliev tarried olf from ih* . t ' ime'S c piured by ibem S con;|.ifrable amo'iut o( g'.vei rment c Ulle snd Miore*. Gur.boaU aru now atitloned at f-'anue bur , or the pro tection of grounded st> im-'s Gaerlllas Com? to Orlof la ICt n'a? ": jr. Lot'taviUK, Ky., August It, 1S04. Three guerillas last night attomp'ed to sieul liotess". from Mr. Cot|ier's rfi'idouce, suven miles aoutb of this city. Mr. Cooper, with a o .b e birreiled shotgun, killed ono, mortally wo nde 1 aoomer, aud the other came hare to day acd was ?rrp?fd. IniilallatloB ot Uie S??? Cotliolle Areh fei^hup Till rROORAMilB OF C* K>l ? ' N I K8 AT ?T. PAtntC* ? c?rnin;4L. The Install.-. tlnn of tlie new Catholic Arc'-bi.?liop of New York, the Most Kev John MoCloskey, wiil lake plaeo at 9t. Ta trick's cat bed ral next PonJay, and, from iho ex tensive preparations whh h hnvi? been made, tliero is no doubt that the cereoiot loH wlli be of tho m ist Imposing and lutorcfting charatl^r. We cave a (keteli of what v, as to t 'ke p!am on the cc.casmn in last Somley 's edi tion; bJt, having reseiT'd the pr graiu -ie yeiter day, we ptibli.-?h it thai m> rumx, for theeuligbtcsmsnt ?l our readers. It IS as toil >wv ? THK iesr*tLATlO? OV TilK .?'S'V ARMfHttnop. The Ii0..1atl n or ihe 'o*i. Uev. Dr. Mcdofkev as Arc'ubiph P"f Ne.vYo'k wi ! ta^e place In tbo c.tiiedral on i S\ f it. 'sy, 1 l?t iii^iant. it ball-past ten o'cl ck A M. The Ri hi l ev. la. 1'linon, Hi-' -op of 'uiraio, wi.l oiTol Ale aa ? lebtail a', the pout I tio i' iii^i m?'-s, apil t&o Jloet lie.. . lotibi.hip Mct'lo key will aeilver Ms InaiiKU r?;l T!.?> vii st Kev. Archbltbop or n^itimore. a'l i ho pro I'tif id the province of New York, and a lariro nnmiter of tin- c . r. *m? ?i ?.cw Yoik and tne nelghiatrln^ dh cases sea sx - ejtr.d to be pr* sent, ibe cer?-m >oiej ? ill b ; im j r?s?,vo, rn emn ard bi.ihly ini-ri- tin*. Ihe music, which wnl bo of tae lichen order, wi, I be under tue ditccllouof rrofsssor G. A. J-Di t?, or^aDlat of the cathe dral AdioUslon will be by ticket, and no pot?on will be per m itt i to enier on ihe in)C' ion bv the d'a>r ? n Moibeiry street except tbe c ergy. this reguiatkm >*W bo strictly carried out, lor the , .Wn of giaid ordor all are tsiiuastea to enter by ihe frooi d ?irs on lioti atreel. A proceei-lon will take pto.-e b? ore tho servient cons menre. It will ieive Hie arch epi* opal teM isnos, a Mulberry street, at a qnsrter paai i?n t aM wib pr cce.l do* ii Mulberry street t' prince Slreet^tbrw<h I'riuca to M' :t atroet. thepce to the ireot f dbs catbe .ral, and enter by the middle door ad up the ceuirs a a s to ,h"^ets for 'b. eh.l'. 1 1? ?b. a [Mto aisle will be -,c ... ued with . i ?J .u Imme ?,f^rt,lJVrTYlle,,ca.r.edrSI w .1 W -oiltled to ?w P'* lh J , " ,in! ?ri?r acconieimlstlng tiiets, evcrv^blng wli b. !k? to prov Ids for others who may beihe"prnVeMi n ft-m tbo htuso to tbs cathedral vlU bo In tue Wiowit * "rder:? nrMt,m *s * 'iho S'roccisi' Da? Cross BMfifi 2l The luceese Besier g ^ ? cumber of tbo Prints of the Cathedral j fc and of the di ce?e. w S The Most Hev. Arcbblnbop opauldlug, or 5 ?Si more. g rb# r.^hops. jl trn Tbo Archbishop Kn ot, hi a beautiful Canopy. 9 Acolytes J Wheel the proesstion reanbes ths font of the c?ntrsi Knir ma cb it will chJiint tbs U l***, dhrlng 1 wi htob ti a pre. ? vt oa will reave up to iBe s new Aichblaaep wl I he 'od to a bes :tiM IbronS, whSW tbe oleiijr will pay their irst a?t of homage to nim as tue r apt Tl :al superior. Ihe den and lor tlokeU Istsry |t?at ????? Proteataa u wsh as SatbolHa.

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