Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 19, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 19, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tbdmuy, August IS ? 6 V. M tbe statement of the ?M obM deM fo.- the we?k ni hil tbe l#tb tost, sbows an M>cr?.\ite tc mo sum to'.al of no lew thau |17, 84.720 iraa.nj t? "11 ?l. 849 .714,651. or ths :i case fi.STiV" u> la tbe form of cer title. te* o' lr.d%t> Jneaf and $4,431,500 In rtif t of seven Mid Ihrer-UetU* iatureet m current Xre??uty i ote?, CM'ariof iu ibrs.? >c?r> irj*1. thrr late, and $3,"4. ,'-0- In ma :.ftl req-Mi' 'h# * mount of tbe Ut uriti,;' ow *83 -:7j.ojo. 1.x- 'u'.aoce ? the Treasury h\n docl u -i1 i wo millions, leaving f U,874,'- 9. The C.' citn'. i>^i ' *n ia' wss ol only fl,C75,148 as c mit i.f1 t. 'ti the previa ii lo.irt1, lUi d-*tiuU> of ulil h arc t>s fu!!>ws ? A ?!< *?'.'' ?. r I ' e.l =t*t ? nr t"B ?4.".3 1 .40 438.U0, o9 1 ve p r C' i'l .oi > ? *r C'? 1 - . tl,530,t00 44.5?0,l>t)O Five iter <> t tw M.4 .9,000 10,4$!) ,000 i iv* i*-r coi iu je?r?uoies, * t ? <? : .. SO ,<J?2 73.877,502 Tre??i'v (. tes ou wliic j mte 1*1 hV c - !<VU?l 1?2 1?? currency ?3,5 4. i 594 14.017, 042 Ct .? aiiil iui'.'i cSl not " 4!I.Ou) 41 .oil -.JOU To' .1 $0 7.2t\ ea.i 07S/i.*4 Tte ;>iet ora o: ea,.iu?l r ek .ns: ir-vewtment h> iudu.r.o/ ii 'eel in th* t.Uo o inUrcMon lotus at call on first cluss gccv.ritie to atx pfcr oem - but leders, as a geueral ru.e, are indi?po;ju to take lc.:? ;u?i. *oveu rerceutoo mi-.'?Jlanooiu iocurttles, owing to tie ex sling t<>m(>*a 81011 ? to invest in ?toc i-n tp.-. uiativeaocotuit. the iMtioa ill b?i'lo art reported t. be jii islii* call loans at si* jH?r ceut. li e si r; .is of m-ju y ? t tbo.i oii;um" u> n.crew in. wrilb ti.v u cripLn_3 to ti.j ucw loan, aud tbelr ?ei oral I .'triPs-s is too small to nb.-orb it in the rce.r.lar way These I' in c ? ; fr ! : t , bo .-.ever, to bo required to jia; mio t e ^ ib-Tr ri iiry tbrio iiui s, instead of oncf a wt k. wt.-a tbey rcoc-ive on acsouut of ^overamvit loan?, ami tbe pr>vile;e no* estocdji to them of rcscrv tug i ne w>ek's rec?l)tu for their own use should bs abol isbed The u vernment has uec-1 oi all tbe money It can *,ct fir tha wit m'.atot iU uriaid roquMttracR, nd, beurtaf tbcio iu mind, it i lo be jutt before It is teiieroua. Torero oxt iianue is i'o'. : but there is a little mure no t . ity in merchants' bills, which are oiterod at varlMis rates, from 27? to 277, at sight. Tbe demand for bankers' bi,.'s if very small at tluo rates asked, which are from 27s to -'SO, at three days. Stocks were gncruHy weaker to-d?y than at the first fx 3rd ou Wetfijc.- li.y, altl.^ugh sair.t aef crii.tlons were u arked w:ih a strong ia\orablc reaction. Couipsrcd witk tl,o best c:^h bbIc* at the e:u iv se*si:n of the Stock Kv chanpc yc terday, li;:n<iis Central advanced under an ai ttve dc .?kod 1 per ceut; < un.bcrland Coal, notvitb* Man 'mg unfaror..blo reports, ro-? 3 and Tclaware and Uudsin ( anal wont up >, Krie II i 1 way pre rrreil stock and 1'lUsburg a^d 1 ei't \i"flync wcro without va. 'atieo. New \ ork Central deoiincd llnd'cn Hirer 'k', I rie "t, Iteadiu,- ?s , ichigun SouthTn , ChlOngo and Kock Island if. Chicago aud Northwcacrn Quicksilrer Mining '4. Marii" sa , and Ohio aud MlSElUiippi ccrtiilcute? . I here was a further ! jiUint' oD at tne second beard, and tii marki t was trregciur and cons iderably deprce- ed. The fallow tig were fie quotations for porornni nt re Ci.ritr s: ? ( upou of 1SS1 1C;?, a 108, if, flve-tweniy . ? u, ;'3S lOi' j a JW/t, rcgi. ter? d Uvee o( 1671 KO, Octo t'( r Ire i ry BOtes l(9;a aud cue jrer oertiCcates 94\ a 04 ? ? old opci.od at 2'i7. ad i arced \ per cent, and fell at tbe el'-se to 2571,. '.l.e l ?:trd States AsiL-.i-nt 'ir?a-rt-r in this c ty re j l ris as Iciiows ? '.??re-; is from custom ?4.10,712 [ lotxt redetpta 4,94?,vl?7 ! ! ytner.t# 3, SOI ,257 1' lime 21,024.447 'Iba foUowiog ani'tunt of etil'orlptiuis to the nali. n j . lours was uiaJe to day at the .-ub-'iteasurj:? Teti forty loan T^'.OOO . he reti a'.d tbree lciUhE net - So 000 ! oU! $118,500 Tin follow lng tabic .t KaiU up Jri ra '.lie .,u?rlerly re t'lrnt of t' ? Mi'tuLal ban''. >uii r.ers. -ipril 1. J / 4 lABBtAI-d ili.-tOUOlg $2t',6Sv'.,f>l.3 70,74 -1,61st Kcai eotUo, iec 7. , a Hj i,09i.i)4P L.vpenae.ic "int iv^.72 3 v^,.',4l hemtttauces, A;r 'JO'.'.1.'" I 5,057,122 l'ue irom national bar.l: 4. . :7t? 18,9?Ei.7;,0 u. e trom ottior bankii 8 i-.T.nos 17..;:'7,f>. *i United flutes soin.riiie; Jl.14. ,203 92.530,500 Biils Of Other banks 3,-llt<.5l2 6, 3^4.172 Hpocle aud L'&ited CHat ?.ute '. Sfci.v->1,414 42,2S3 797 fitber items 2, .42,011 432,059 otal ?l!4,' :.O.i77 2j2,2JS,$0. I.!J irTJTirs. ? ril I. . hi! 4. Ca;?U! stock paid 3 f4L%204,4 74 78,212 0i5 (Surplus I tinCs ? 1,12^|!'10 JS toe ir tire lati ii 1.',144 <530 .6Cf. f S6,274>82 119,2>$.4f;3 ( LjiaiU dhldaii'le ? 12"', 7S3 I>uc to kaakK itnd biiQlcar 6.S14 f>r? 27,.M.!*H Profits... . 1.' 2' 1 Stt 3.("'4 330 Other 3, 1 7 21 iJ.TOs l ti* last air. tcnoat of the bauks <if K&cmI? NViud c.m w lit tbc i rcriO'JS rot rr.* a? !? ;tovm: ? J-' 4 iy ? -? 1 Loan., f38.' 7 38,1C.'.'M ; CiiOi>i:6 7 Oi'J.l"* 'i.ofii'.V;; ClrrulatiflB i. :4: ' 4 C.l iU Npr" ' 7 7.-4 -5 06,1 "4 'li e < 'i: n of .jo br ?? '? vii# t*?M priucipj! ? m njt-i .?! citics- <4 tbc Union ?r?-!'>ite<: in tti* IWIoirti g in. r, v bid' ? 10* . iLc p.-j-- ? :cg rf ?b?ir la. t mteklf cMHtMllit f. . ... 'rr . D. , V. York, A ??, ? .$1 : - 1 '4 I ? 41 ? I , ?? I'?tu A 15 ?.????! 8'.' '1 2.:!? SJ.f-.674 Souoi a ? p . ?? ,1 < - i : .?j.' 4*.-i? .;.7.o,v ? fatal.' ??>.?*. ^*2 0.7i> !HC 16 172.SJO La?t ?i I., i5, ,.ii, 1 2o, 11 .3J1 ,.s 1 ?>,;? .y lncrcas? tu luc;.? * $217 .CCV !'??> i can Hi s je ! 7 79 Ikmvi ..fa iu ci: eolation I ? tc . 2,1.7 Sfio"! F'.xi iu. i'p. I I! M. ? v. A'?.;u?'. I6-?V* r> . A. u I . ? oo u s c ? tsi . t j ?, . . ? .>. ? i.'r m ? < 00 . it) ? .'o V- . 0 V I- h '? r, ?'.).! ! <io ? . i i 1 ?)" . . It ?l > , ? I ? .1, r?" i aw * ?' li iv f n 'b 1 yr ecr ? ' > .r r >?? M ; Co . r . low do 1 ? <!?> b" ' 'i. 1 . ?.> Viijin V or .R... . I'.i ' . M.k- ui . 0 ...... ? ? J. i i ')? J" .far l . ?? ' :.U 11. ? ? OM ? : id M nets "? :: ' i * Cir lot ref. 6' 5 iU do ... ft ? .:i.j Kit pre:... ... '10 i 5 hi, > ,i i i ' I ' Ui 'Mi . . ? i Hi ? I ' 1'rif S ; in i> ?'? "i i J I ?.?.?<* Rlt.. i N v ? i ?, '7 ? - ?? ..t?? , t Ml. ! a ? 1 b . ' ".fi it i 1 1 " . .v. n i ?*.. : i ? t . i- I So JN'li our J . ' ' ? N .. H ? ? I 1'- . . "4 : ii do 'i'",. lu IU?m RR wrtp.. W?,' 111 ..<?.? ! i ' <1 ' .... 1 t ? V<? hi gr?n? i ?' Mi I- ' i 1 1 i /? i?. '? . . . ? ........ i.I:' , 4 . ? ' ?' blO 1 - . !' "i ?. I . ..?? l!i 'ill iti? l.VJ?! It ? .. ? I . 1? 11 . ? ' ? ' s I ii ? >'7C . ; W1IR ; i ! : i . ? i v.9 : ? <1 ? H. ' , W r . I, ? ' >'? Hit rt et "t'n ? i i ? > 4- . " or, ;u i it. <1 . . .? i.:0 Ml ?'Oiai>'.<?i,ia(.... of 2oii!3A I'duC l'.K. i.-\ I'* ?\ 21*1 " * tl? 71 . ? ' . . i '... i i; !! : ? !'*? r ' t ' ' ? I i * D , r y i ? ? -Kit.: y?ii'? V !? ?* *4 '.iik< ?Mt p - ' f ??, t-i? d<> ..ii f' "1 0 . ? . ?? ?? 1 i i;ar ' ? i, It I t I, I PI i n* A 111* !Ui i . , I , . ....'? I' ! . j i I'l.'. u i i' ' i.:t c 'n . iu.. il'.l i' ?.? BrlaKW... j <i .1'. ... .Mil ? k ; I ; ? , i. ' .m f I v ... n i kk v V*it In i Tiudtcn i..*ar IR W da.... ?i ? - 1 i<, .f *d ii . ii .... i - i*t'. ? r. .. a v u * * i*. t u d 'M i:*' 't ' "i ? i if M.J d. -i< I 3 * .17;, co.nMUrieiAij : Ii . A ? . '. i?l ?!?. nj l? 'A ' *. tli't.ftra but ^u;ia m I a ? ? .i' J ' i ?? w-! ft It , i m|< t fi, 8? t-Ha. C'.or, St.O-i'b ?!,? U . J 7 5 -a . O'-M, It 1 M?7 ?lt>. i tP. Kii.c w u.?i * v l.vr, tnl 't . * 1C ''fciif; <v "ntf afc.. vr'( i ?,nn<i"ri ?ii In f rtd allr r I1 ra ? t? ? ,.j' r v ? li i il e cu ' ? tf.ya a?: ? . ? ?'.C / ! . re. In eluding I ai bt ? i * ; 'a ? u ?rn.a al$Il. 2 AO f tiii.titi r. b " ' i 'a (urn iik I *. (.mi a of M ' ? f tlir {orsmr and M of Uie latier. . V.'c i? . 'tc ? ' V r*r f'f I .V . ' ? 1 ]i n <) .?') Ft ii 3l*ia o ( n '0 C'6 C4?.. . a... ,i" 10 10 s. 10 16 ' ' ?!). I . '1 . ' ' - ' i ttia r ui.n !?: ? 4 , r jo *? ??ta n tia ?'? bi..a^? .. 10 "0 1 12 i I III ? ft, 1 O y? . ..10 ?f I* J? fW| !<? ra<n iv. 1. h.-B .. 74 ^ ? if* CM if } 40 ... d ? 14 0, tr* iin r 'afiiii ?i ...if ra) 4 its 15 1 a t '.k i<-?. axua n vO i CD ' a : ' r a ' ?' ft ] s 00 f?.n da", M'? .. ? 00 a v 11 ? <"? m"?-, ?aurnanna Ml ? M ? - 11a a .?al marital *<* "Ian vi..mi i:i? ?1; a advanecd 1c. a Sc. under tbe wb? influences inrejr?rd to fl<>ur the decline iu .'retftlit? favor* sbipmcxits. and there j was n re d out far export, the transaction roaeU IS# OoO bu-tam at $2 ? $2 34 for OMnsi st?nn?r, $2 13 a $j for Mi! ?aoke ? club ,;2 34 ? J'.1 30 f'?r .'?rrirt;, ; Mlwm k?M? and low 4, nod $?> 45 a *- 47 ;?r aui 1 ber XI in, in. K yc and barley rein .\ n inacive, ai.d ' priMiUJminiL Corn ? a la a 2c. tu^boi . with a rata fruskiaes ; e<Ue* ?><)?> 0 br>i?4<?i- ?t $1 84 aflMi?r , H, iti' I 'ttr ir,i? f.^r 'il?h mlx<d. ??aiii wet* tti I 1 firm, at 94c a 97 ?. tor l sl 'dian and Suie, a (Ittc a!1 '.jl', W VKttri C.tion ? Tlieie *r*s mipro\ed d.aiand fr*'m the p. i Bcr; an 4 manufacturers, an4 pr cea were higher, - . e-i 1,200 baioa. Wc uuoM ? Vj: :?? J. rtr-i'a. U 'tit. N. 0.4 T. Ord.nnry i?? 164 l?5 I V: dh! i m m 17? I7H jvdti H I tup 1m) 1*o 111 1^2 ' <>? Ira guctiont were ?t**i limited, and we l>ave only t'. ? i ? th" Kil 'g of 300 l)i?s'? Rio ou private te m*. I. f ,** !<?? f K,o have beeu m?<}e tor the past two or ? llirco <t >jra on Mrn #a<tul iM't lexrn. I* ui *(r# depiosn-d ai.d l'iwer rate* we-e npaln | accepted i l :v?i p"#>l, t cr r-.ortcs i vc. e??, 36 000 fiiifh l- wheat a> 7J. >? "'4d , in h.;< 2.000 bbl-- flour at a is. lt>.l 100 ton 'is pitiir.v o out .1 30*., l>.? ! t us lo;w< cm? tid fustic at "j- ?a , and 100,000 feci ?>a* 1 plunltn' 47?. M per one * h? ?? uid fni ori'M 1 feat; i?r j Jtediral 48 cask- lari emine at 3;'? ed.. 1 f?' ? bblg. ra* tbr. a' J .hi*.' i air , 'uji at <a.. fiu ion ? on oak* at 20s. , and i ar i ater.mer, ino hiiii buoii it 85' ., a-U 60 i>b?f. |ork at 1 4?. To ' n t^.n, per .Am-ric ii, luO tuns oil i- ilw at 1 fl ). ?n 1 i or neutral, 1,210 !>(>! ??. m ar iti ?#. 6d. aiS;. 7 ' :d. j I Toi. a g w p<t stc.'.nier, 1 ,5co bosea citecse at i*0?. To ' | f'.i iMoJ .o lihda. tallow at 2 v. To Aulwerp, per ncnt u!, [ t ;i,'0c 'd- timber at 40a An Italian bark w?6 cburtered I to lortc tor order?", 46, OOP bu?hcl? w heat at bi., or if to ' ttio <.outtnaut, in par i rnt additional I I'KJvnaom Bfxal| te JO I'blf. |W>-lt'. 1" do r,ntn,^a1#, ) ?' d i 1W ?li I rd. The t crk Kiarket was !??> active !inu ' 'e?ver. v. l'b salee on tLo ap't <>( 4 000 bbli?. at f?.7 n 5-3 i ? 0 li>P ? b; 140 Ctsli, and 540 25 roji'iir. for r?-r do ; ^.iG for prime, and ItT prima wies^; a!an 1 ,500 bbU nc v. ?a, buyer optotab> r, at *4..' i'>. Ihn l??*f innrke,t contmnc.- duii and heavy : aa'e* S'jO tobls i>t *1.. a (13 I'V co' iiirr mif?, $6 a tor cn.ntry prime, f 18 a $?10 lor repaotcea tne??, nnd $22 a f'.'S for extra do. tucss tx-t i renuiii s ?|tiu-t ; t f S2 a ?;;? . Bacon wag (kill and prices were nominally unchanged. Cut weala w ero qulft . t-a'.M 17") i acVagt'H at 15c a 10"ic for sli ttldera and 17 '.c. a S-. tor bainB. The !:trri market wm Ian at: j live, but pr|r>?!H w. re wiUmhh charfe; ?a!c? 7oo h'j'p. aed tier as at 21 ',e. a 21?v.t< r No. 1, and 22:, c. a W-'/r. f >r ta.r lo jirinie acam ai d kettle remle ed: a'.i<o 1.2( Obhlg foe Aijust, buyer's option, at 23c, and 500 do. buyer tSeptetuber, cu p, i butter was source and firm at 4ue. a 45c. for Olslo a-d 45c. a 60c. for Suite. Chces*, ISc. a 20c. tor ci bimct: to prime. rKTKt>i.BfM.? Keccipti>,3 89# bb!?. The market lor both crime uLd ri ilnetl w ia tit uier, i;udcr belter demand, and prices ruleu lo. a uc. higher. Hie sales were 3,500 bbla. crude, at C3c. a iS'_,c. on tho spot and all the month, mill j"c. fcr noxt iriuiiih; 2,500 do refined . tn bond. 85, 'jr.. a St '..c. : 1, 00 do free, 8Sc. a 80c. for light atiaw to wlii.o, t.iirt U2 >jf.. (or u clioicc lot prime wliitc. Kics.? We note sties of 200 bags Rangoon al lijjc- , atxl 75 di>. 1 atua ut j t, t. S..I7. ? We note gale* of an invoice of C 800 gacks .Icft/eys K JVtrcyV on private terete, the market con tmniiy ven Cnri, ootwilhstanding the aocumulutiou of i supply. svui!:.? Tlie deiranJ for raw cofitinues tjuite active, ' nnl pr.c .otuali f.rra; the gales include !<00 bhds at ? 20 vc. " 21c. ltr Cuba, and 24r. lor 1'orlo Rico. Ileflned wore iu t uir demand at 23*,c. a 26 '?c. lor eon yellows, '.'7 '_c. a 2(>c for poll whitea.and 26?^c. a 29c. for iiowder ed, crushed mid grauuluUd. wbmk ? ReLTl|:tc, 34S bbl-. The market was very strong ami rath r 'irmer, with Bales of 1,500 bbl?. at i $f 78 a $1 81. j The Spiritualist C'oiiTeallon. We find in tho Chicago pa [ ers tbe iollewiiig repoi of the transactions of the fcpiritui.liat Convection now being bold :u that clly jfce National Convention of Spirltnaljate held tb-lr sec ond U:?> '5 fcc-siou <m Weduoeday. .Iiiagt t arter, of tibio, made a speech against au organization. Mrr. Carter also disapproved of the prcreeduigs. fistic* did u^t believe in c niiintteeF. i'liey wore not a political body, but a re ii uius or.e; Ibey did nol convene lo govern tiie country, but see t<> tlie we'tiire 01 their spirits. To tbtro Abraham Lincoln? bis bal, boots and coal ? were nothing. A lector Sergeant, of Wisconsin, moved a committee to ;? p.rt on tbe physical condition ?' the people. Tne Con \ ontiou ? however thou i, tit that tbe 1'rovoet Marshal wi al l s-uen do tiiat work for every body. Mrs. Ne sop, of Wii'.jusiti c mplaiw d the wen bad , by underhand io:in;ig>, crowded the women ofl the ccmniiitee?. Mr. Ira I iter, of Ai'clng'tu, was D'H a; all difcr.nipnscd by tiie coulOMOP. i?id Lot lue Holy '.host, eighteen bun tired years ngj, descend in such contusion that people raid ibe A post lis were jri tlie iittetuocn Mr. Course I.iun spoke upon free love, distinguishing it ir in licentieusnefs he ais i alluded to hj< own aniiiii stye of bod> , adiling that nature. l>y be stow )Dg ii| on ic.m an pj. ra a:iiount ot brain*, bad made up the delloiencv. A Mr. UatU iieiivoied #i\_addross upen organisation of the spiritualist'', vlnUi bo considered wu.s the only relume lor '.beta to occupy losnvo them froin dlsinlegtation and the re ,:v -e into .1 chaotic condition, and urged th.t, 0e spile the 'Oi.rli 1 tnmoral result* of Aibbaih fcliools. pa d insnistc!.- and other otlhodox organizations, they should not, iUcgxaliy dreading the result, etkbcw orgum?ati<>cs of kii <!:??. ' A true government would, be said, tax the people one 8 xlli of the preheat and elevate wcruan to her t r^per pot .lion, hutliug man from tbe numberless situa tions otity<llv t? be held by woman. ibe proposal to tax the people only one . sixth of the present ar iw.t met with uni-. ersal faror. M '-j i.l ?? . oteu, tlie spiritual p >et sm! ulceer, raid she fel^ as ir she had Just emerged from tbe lle;y t <:r ii ace i>(cj?ied by > ebucbadne7rar for the three bo:y eh.dren. i bin allusion to tbe severely hot vrcatner at once reminded everybody of fat;?. Mr. Jorter, c>f Bo- ton, said that If ibe spiritualists slid n ?! organize ft: cIiuk Qcp would all their thiaaer, MUd thii- be epvlviiled a' d etrongtb'ncd. Tbe tplritual i.-U v. e e very j> erful in iea!;ti ? Ihcy represented mil ii us -T pe p.e, b it their strength was ir t geaa because j they liM^uo ay ?tem Ju ihe eve: nj Mr?. 1'tckiirJ, -vife of Fcv. Mr. T sir '. who h'-d tiren iacarceratea three years in a lunatic m';. tons, wus introduced* lUr.rj C \7rljht ina-lc a -peeeh Tie wr a wor-Jilr ft. r ( t h'.im&nUy, and aid tjot vo.-sblp ? .o<l s?ide from nu ii. . ;ty, ior he ad-red ' oJ through man, his cre-.u-n. i hi' TTOr'-l v?h9 full oi Cod svorslin ;.in^ thro -gh p. ayes, I ? cu F-ct ;oPj, -,n 1 but all a.M lo fr m the* wo- Ui? <? j ir n1, vv|. cie.-.t-d :<i C"d.'a ;;nac ]?t spirit-. ai. w ; .ani t(i rever ace hum mi be lug.' ? to wor'diiu ri.-n. w> ? e'i ii4 i i. l .ri-ii -?D<i?r.oi KDdtr.oi a 'lc>ty arattd Irvni ibem i a . ; g spies. He was bitteily o;>p?*ed to, mi l bad ' .1 . rr tl v;..rtaro agiicsi . tbe ancio. t or t?- i y . '.id c stvtns sii.l be Tia# nut opp . cd to all -'olatl'L and rrgiini/atioBS, for he believed C mid j- tbi ;r forces to tarry a weight wlin ti.; m to the ,o It! . cti .h.u?da> a very spey Je^ate rg? ectitig I'rr ident i.n hi ' i-oiicy t oic p'. c-. a terns w rcjolutiorg . he l'i .< r wire Una !y <utop:eil, ntnid tu b ,:er ru'i t! n f I be fo low :i . ? Mr?. K /. iVf'ib, -r Vi"1?b.i3 -!u, a.^aneed, J .bori g ? der & gi" ' ?icluaient, at! detoauiled leave to (".> :t o1 rc i l.iti ng received ibe pruvl .is night ???ai lb " ;.|rit Iird. The i^.ily r. ? ' Jt'S'.-.l tb* <l?oe. and tbe debate ?n! > r. fv-? lftci* wbt .> tbe irroj re * ib.e ?tr. . . Wc cti c nr '.<??" a^n'n d-TDrindea tbe fVr with r.ti; i,'t\ K.r*. m ?: " as responsible tor tbe pre. . ? ' ?*.;? ? h r reioh.MciiS t- the 'ptrlt wh ? bad oi -.1 tlr."tl , ?('. ' tl U' Uld Vi" r r- r, ft . "?hc I ttctt . Je h ;-iii?:< i i tb,% ( inn nti' u ?o order by turns, i?t >1, ir .. ? !i ? ? ?' 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Me mtid ?There wdl be a } r ,1 1, ii . 1 c in Ne* 'xr\ clt?j c tn ' . ' Vi ;;itij,ton's bi'tii lay, in the largffl?l b I .. ( ,1, t r ... ' sin ? !i?r t..? ? 1 'M. 1 vi ;u;ef ) I f ?? ? ? wi' be i ji , :? ; till all the b'ttine - 1 ,rt *1 11 .,4 .i d cftUral circ'e 1* u lanieled, 1 *? t . 'e re. >,t -i and a lrne mtrepret itKn r the <? I cue ven. and tl.? -tau lard by whrli ?ruui v.' ? ti |i ie- -n-n-d, by order o' ?;? tl bmigh J'. ir curl st ffb-ara of laughter.) The e. i.x.i-lti v II r!t on ibe t iabt bdt.d rt the r !-? ?? e R'.? It 'vill Itioro to k H'" 'I ' 1, ii*ei -1 .I, ? eti i ai.d th . | n |,.'l ? 1 1 ietn?tnt ;.;?di H:*?ioO, ! ? t Ji to ir l" S!-e.-' an S bats, n aj be ' ev !au -titer). n, ; hi.' as be call; h'niK#lf, than I ?u -i 1 p t or- . He < el tbe r ),<a mautMcri t tbiit fits Ip rlta I to git ? t 'o no ti'ibetlei er. '1 r ni: co*\'r.y ? i , the Ch'e gu > lijne. , .-?.tiie ...nil i 4, III" .N tiona' -p r?? ?be i.a ol * bleb the world never ' vl i, ' seriee of c tertJiiiin ntt t ? i t! ,1 \ r , 1 1 !( ; c e jorh- " ! o.-gAOUttltm. a reek wo.-im '-BI j . '.11 , of ?,* !,jcb tli'-. e vrCr" n or .? o j ?? m- mbff d ring whk'l- :-'u tiou j t it- ? 1 ' 1 ' 'ii ? est Mors were out- ) '??vilt!!) ? r x bl! oBP "1 1 -. ' if l? ;t ,mt i?. | bemy. Tiinia Wlm t ave ! lo i-' i i tie 1 11 ve r.e r wi i. a I u? wb'i ni'o it the fr>."* irom | i? 1 1 v th 1 piKive a*?eui 1. i , w.'hor.e tr <t 1 th" pravs tb ibe ; intnlt, aeilvertdUi* u?tlng litraogtiea , i t>u' 1 -itu oi ti. tn do ired that , t'i ? til ol n?#? n? !jvft, ad i r ??! . .d wiuj' t tBiall tn love with I !n y i" up ?v? I. .1, l^ue bl yjd_ h(n nua ?..? 15 ?: . I? B. "tph ? Al l. 'Jt .1 ?U -II Ii 1 101 17 1 % iji-i ./ i ? h ' 1 then - '1 ?%'?. < ; it 1. I?. it, ;iit ii ir j 1 ? ro viii t.evcr ? 'bi iji n tf ' tau? I..0 ?l I LUoitlHU tal ? t g- r .'..a n IfiflTi 1 ? 1 tee .'1 it 1 ?'table rx.itnii riem - 1. b-.t no tea* ; .ol U a t".- 1 idr.o. n d ? . cl rl cxo^l fte UfMOt Of lul B^io't'n ? u. le fUi>? n? 7r * ^ ti II' ?V.H10P'I or i I ? ' Igl i , r nt e deiin '? 1 .mhii 1 "-n ei?<p? -i "? ?* Mb mnintng time was #pmU in piwiioj: raaolntions, winch ! at.oa>d b*ve b#*n adopted ui ilVe nuuiita-, ant tba ? ?n. rei.tiim carcludc.t bi q'iarr*llui: oa o*> unatioa aetieraea a' d detiunj <!i!u:fiuBs k s li-^o/e, w. nc.i's limits, u.nd ) uri\?i*?i ireed'-to. Vrfeilnif ttinv c 10 t>? the right ti> aii::.- <: evarjr ou? : wluiu the wi?t..5.cii u Hons ?/ , "orthod s" avr ti> i rin it-frty ????*?? we!' eromt-lifl id by ono brui , r, ariio M?t< Uiat l<o U'tt ti i? c.r.ircb fcocuso tbeir acti- u= of fre >doin were m hx lliat ti.ry ?\,ieilcd Mm iiuu. cbarob for eiysP.ibf in i UjtiUalic fexnriiMa uur Ing If ??i'H'.r ierriocs *ub a"l!;\fd tlmugb urnujj br Llit. " 0;To: F''St Wjkkbv.? r\l?atd A. PoVr.rd, formely or.? . Iho I'JiiOis ot t!.e Itlibim 3d Fxim.ti r, and ?rh ? w if . <Vie i' i in hr since t-*V*o:i p: atnier oo ib?> bl cka .? r - *?? re) i i'i.i il, b.oti M. t ? tV? Tt and itih&oquei.tly c i. ..??? I !f> Hoi t Warren, h ? b ; n in ? .-'ur. '? i I ro, r i d itisll ' . : n. It 1: M itod ilj'l ha lui* li?i-a r.- r ?oae i?d r*t j?rtsi -jir t:i Richmond. aud i( ? i.n b* (mr :? t (? > to tbe eRy oC f:ro k!y?. iN. . v iier# b* is t" report regjlai l>- to thj l'ruvoet I ?; ?f.DH /'OS. . :,i JAQL3 AND DEATHS. i , Il'iirrttd, i ? Htm** ? ?a Wcdrc;d?y, August 17, by tto i: v 11. p". ^ Eton* T. Bfc* ".\r::ri., cf Astoria, to j\sm K. , daughter of Jam' ? M. ...kin r of ibis o ty. Bi:.,\yn ? tooMim.- t'i; Si.ihI iv, Aii;uHt 14, by luo HuV. PiV O.igiWj , 1. A. Cr.i w s, o. li-lldiu, iij45 JUk- Coojiu, ol So.r Y?rlr No cart's. ]>; URT?Ol v ; ?X ? In WMhlOgtOO, I) C ( n W>d ncday, Aiijfof. it' by the Key. B. U. Kudsl, 1). It , Mr. W. K Dt'cursi ht. or Naw Vork, to Miss I orkkua GiAmox, of tlii* former Koiurdi. tii. .sni.-.v? Gliwiio!!. ? Un Uciln<?sdar, Augnat 17. by th j H:v laaao titration, abated l> tUa Rev. Dr Boi.tii, .\^r. A G isi' iv. of fvcr.- \ i rk. to Jio^t, yi-uiij;e=t da ;s titer of th' late (icor^o Certhou. jf L9i>J :i, Ko^inad. .\oc:irdn)? :'t Jjo.. {M.i.t p?;i?rt< tilPuMc -pr. U' '? ! fiun f.? t>n Vieithes i i.v, Au<nst 10, tiy the l'.ev. M: . ^tni'.U, yi Uro'.kiyn, Mr. John R. C. Uinr, to >1 1 ?? -s ?>c. sa\- I". 15: r . k. bath or X?* J.TEey. Nesr Jc -gey puporb please cry >y. Nic?olu> ? W ii.uams.? Oft Suuday, August 1-i, M:1. IIev. ST Ni.uoi.xk, of tbe New York Steel Wmk?, to 4li&? Makv Win rAsv, of Platen Island, llTiiiiit? lUumui.p.? On riniradar, Auguvf 18. by the I Rev. Williaiii l'. Johns n, Wht.ei Rvw.ii. to Jui.i.\ E. H*u rii i n, botb of 11 inter 'a Point, Long 1st tini \WrLSiOV? V\ --O-i TttoTdiif . Auglirft 4. at tbn resi de;ice of tbe It -i e futbor, ^lieioy county, Kentucky, by the Ui'V. iir. Hill, Aukbd K. Yiiiros,0t New Yor* city, u Rurr H., ouly UaugUter of tbe Kev t-'amual IV iison, I). D , formerly" of Connecticut. N*o carila. Died. Bn.t. ? ^nddealy, od Wednesday, August 17, Johx F. Bw.t , oKed years. Tco friends ( i iiio family, and member* of Anglo -Saxon Lodge, No. 37, F. nud A. M., are respectfully requested to HtteiU til- funeral, from bis lato residence, No 81 Court street, Brooklyn, on Saturday morning, at olsbi o'clock, without further tu vita; ion. The rewaius will be tak?n to }loiu instead for interment. IIikpsah . -On Wednesday, August IT. Guars Hen' hikii a, m;unt daughter of I'dniund ].. and Joacpliiiie M. Birdsau. The fuuenR will take place this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'elook, from No. 9 T.i^penard street. !u:.irR.~ Killed, by tbe cxpios'on of the ammunition boat, at i ily Point, \a. . on U.csJav . August ?, Ali.i.-rt N. Baxi k ai.e.1 SS year?, formerly or Cold Spring, A'., to which plaoe hw remains were taken for interment. nchlfe. ? At Klruira. oil Wednesday afternoon, August 17, at four o'clock, 11 ratio W. Eurtb, aged 19 years. 0 m attb: and 6 days, a member of Company F, lifty-slxth (roj;, N. fl. S. N. Y, t an?ed by an accidental d a* charge of tiie muskol of ono of tiifa coiursdes. Hi" fi t eial will tai.o place this (Friday) afternoon, at four o'clock, from tlie residence of his fattier, Johu Burtis, 47 Myrt'e avenue, Brooklyn. The relatives an t frler.d.- of the family are respectfully inritcd to attend wit Lout :ui tlicr nolle*. lirenjuu?. ? At Fllzabetb, N. J. , on Thursday, August lS.'As-na, only daughter of David and Aim Buchanan. at?i 1 year and 14 dsys Hie relatives and friends of the family are respectfully in\ lied to attend the funeral, on Saturday altenioon. ut fo'ir olclock. Con.' okis ~ On Wednesday, Angust 17. Mickari. Co*. com*, a^e 1 4S years, n native of the parish of l.issrnnfly, co mty Koseoruuion, Ireland. The relatives frleuda arc respectfully requested tj attend the funetal. Iroin hi? lata residence, V>. ?(? Mul berry ttrec-t, tl-.s (/'riday ) afternoon, at two o'clock (.Vyv.v ? On Wednesday, Au?u,=t 17, Brub. the oi ly jnd In-loved win of.'L'hn and ("..thnrise Ct;nnlngha:<i. a native oi Killybegs, county Donegal, Ireland, aged it years HBa 2 days. . The friends and ralathes of the family are re-peet:ul!v | invited to attend the fnu?.al, from the residence of his mother. *\o. 22* Fast Twelfth Street, this (Friday) alter Du-'-n. ut two o clock. Cbol.vki.l.? At WpsMngton, P. C.. en Tuesday, August If, Jac Csoi.wfLi, ol >ew York city, aged 38 years, 11 months and l ft 'days. The I'rlend3 of the familj*. al?o of his brothers, Geo. R , James nnd Thomas. and of his brothers Jn-law, Wm I. brush .iiid Lcroy VV. K.irehild, alto ttie rftombera of Kana IxHlge 1". and A U , are reapectlully re rested to at'end the l'aut ral, from the ret-tdouce of his cither in law, Jacob Brush, 027 C.'reenwicb street, on Saturday, nt twelve o , l.r.k. uoen. the remaius will be takeu to Youkct'b for interment. K ?v>: Lou. fl No 4*4 F. j5d A. M . 1 Nkw Yosik, Au rest 18, 18S4. / It.e hrethren?of tbis lodge are hereby sttmuioaea to as ?eaib e at their I^dge Boom, >o. fcV-t I'.roadw.iy, on P4t urday morning, at eleven o'ctoiik, to pay tbel i t trttnite of ies;>ect to our late brother, .lacub C'hvtwell The fune ral will take place from hi* iato residence, C27 fireen wich street, at twelve o'cl^ok. i>r>ou whence the re maias will be conveyed to Y<>hker* for interment. IHOMAS S. S0MMKR8, M. J. M. Ti< nr. Secretary. , Dnn'tm'. ? }o San Francisco, on HYdnesdiy, tpril 20, j St ilse irsiftf nee of her sou ln-low, N. LuntOj, t'fi;., *.Irs f r, wgrd 6b years, for many years a resident of this < ity. i i !.*??.? 0-; Tbt rsd*y, .*.ujfu;* 18, AMitMaDorGUss, daughter ft liaf.V. I'ou.iaes, ayod S tuontbs li<^ fr:erd= ol the tamlly a-o respecrally invited to 'tiend the funeral, tbia (Friday) altero>)?n. ut two o'cioe'e, from S2 Yandatn ?'?eet. Ki v.? At South H"'sen. ,\. J.,o:i Ihursdav, August IS, THowa* T lit.r, l "S > c r. B i4>c relatives and .rienos ?>t the family nr? rcf|>ertfally it^'ite<i tn atfer.d l ie fnucr:J, troin his lato residence, I'tu'cau avntie.on Saturday auamooo, a' oae o'clock. ] ihc remc D'' will be interred In Orechwood "emetery. | carriaft.' v. ill be iu atteadi'M e at Jersey City fsriy, Jc'r- : sev City. K>:.m.v . ? Or. TbnriJday morning, August is. fur, a* J TuoM^r1, Jr. , ouly sot: of V.dgar T. and Catharine g } ip?vi 2 ? jeai> 4 rrii-rlbf and 14 days. Bite n:^; 'e wl.l b" ^-iven of tn? tun?ra'. IlwrsvAN ? '?n Thurf'.ar. Anjnst IS. yfumg'st I dau^bMr of Patrick aci ilargai ot lieflcrnaa.'aged 10 I mouthr. i lLt> relatives sr.d friend* of the fsmHy are re?pectf Ily ; iBTiwd to atterd the funeral, this (Friday; mornluir, at . ter. ??'<? vk from vo SO Fnwkfrlt ??rcct Utrr. ?> . - tti U'9?ii'. , Aufu.-i ; at Nor!. 'k. Vs., | Meutenznt 2 %*t'*.t II. Hrvro*, Flrat t/iy* Virginia rcgi- i tr. t, United hiatea Yolufllcara, tn the ;>,^tb jeai of hie 1 wge i li -a ? ii Tbi.r- la- mortiinp. \uz i?t 1? at tbtw ) o'clock, Ai rRfi? Hear, o; Sorw hcouutv, . l.o^'.ai.d. aged ' f>JJ > e r-. I The i-atlva aid frlrnds arc re-ieetfu'ly ;nvlttd to attend ta? funeral. tb.? ilrlday^ after .mon. at fo'.r o'otrck, front bis iate reaideticv." aorner of W' .ULn.i aud i iic abls ? tresis, v an BrooV>yu. Kiiglhh l afiora please ?x?p> Hi., . ? lit VTo-'luuii attest, Hro:V.;vB. on Wednesday evcnlujr, Aof' St 17, |t; M:v,s.a of Her.i* and Maria !.. lis v .? ;f d 1 j car and * Hi remain ? v.-ere interred hi Orec nw ??^yo? t -r/lay |,Yi h ? o ill oie. Augu. r la, ?; *?' . iu.'ant on of Pair tic and Ros >uiia < . by ken. ?!si*?l lya. t mouth <ind i ; d; M A.V/11.T.? On lhar.'day. Aiigti't 18. alter i long tll rt Maav MoAsaitar, a i>?ttre oi Holnre, t>.,rish of i* m -ra?titn K,. ji county, ue and, tu tha ?0th year of lior ace. The fi lands of the fajnilv r^pectfu 'r lor I ted to a it Itlie funenJ, frwia lato r< <idco-- 1 reer o Ki * I. .i and ' r: u a'ref .r <ti k>ii>i 1 . , oa fat ! day afternoon, at two o'^ a. iirecisoy. Nhriuus. ? i?n iburwlay? August li. Kriwaao Ovstat. ii.'irt son of vli - ?j Neui..i'i*. f. i>.. No. 7( ?*. Bait street . Brc 'iclyn ? ; n na u. . k. -d I: nontUIr srii day s n rUtir?d.-y Aui 18. W < " .* ? i" ?* NsEati vaBi'. a^eu I ytor. S u!onm? r: ?! ctt days youngest cl: ?' i ; ,i. !!li*.. ud Wart Oi rn ,*.o??. t <rn. i?.> men.' i t'? t?- :lr nro i , ? , io ?i-.'f d Hie fu-.rr .11. (vrld*y) a? :-i v a, at t< ? o't e, cm ::4 I i-t 1 > a:v i el in ?ir<Mt. j ,i iv ? >?l 1 1 4. in lae family , a in the rea* re th ' reaial.i ba * ... W? ... '.*.i W' uty, Mt<av i *?. #? ilic tal'.tiv ? s: rlQl t are rr ' ?! In ,? ? I r fun .? , a: tbe te* '?? s vt u?'- ?> i>, u < < i, c rner ef Foriy siiib an1' "t, u i,.i ? ?? st niiw c'al ck, Witu itt .i thi r lovltat-on it K?ati -At i ar l."Ckav-y. 1, < y ? m . .-4 xj, K ????? !?', J' Jiuy x I'KAR?*LI a*r.| 7., foai*, ?. n OUtf'S A M i,i tha 1;ct </' Iboiu. 1 iv t- . 1 : .mat.. ( nt ,y. 1 Iroiat' 1, a?< c ' 1 y a' Jhetfi Uani 'm 1 e vm ???? r ?? . ?e* -t1 y 1 Qua-;? 'n I ? nr.- ;1 /ugiratl*, at the if oceoj lot- u-in-i'n . "ilirw.t Herbert, fc.f Uui a ,,<i.? Aa, tj! ?. .1 . i ? 1 d 0 } e 11*. 'in. fu triifvrv c-,' will tak* plaro on S tvrda; omrn "V, a' b.i 6 o . k, at th i !? ret !?' tu i( for; ? ccvu-; . fee' , t ?;t?Cf n ' i,<iilh hi uS, , , fr ? -in th" ice t the Weec th alri#t Comet' 1 ?. IbSiiinda r* t:,? fa.niij fcra rc.,uoat?4 ta att)nd wubcot further n. t 1 e. 1. 1 s.? On ^\?l oflay, Aujjimt 17, after a long ii,- 1 : ' r< m 1', ' ht, In tut Mil year of l?i- i-k*. lb .ri 'tids 0' the family, the lumber of !,.? p , ? ? r . 1* 'i : / ? ?l,on, sud the membeia of tlis L'nitei i, 1 , U, -e So, 1, aie tetpe i.ul'y InrlM d to att? i d 1.. fin. ?'il, fiotn bl< lato re-i'ienc'i, iii litMHoa ting* tli > 1 . 1 10 ?> 1 i>fl#ru< i.p, al t?o o'oh ok. 1 :. r a. A I t P... U, tie-tor, oti fiiur?liy. An* 111, Com i. k Mir,i.stauf WmuBd L. aml^u^a Ad i The ? e' it|?es ao 1 fr'fnd* ar* r?iu nod, t > n-t id tto f .fmr ti' i*i " 'T.iri ? e on oh a' Por 1 !i ? ? r | Cemetery. Carrlax?* will be at tbo depot at f wooty ssvcnth 'rest ou arrival ?; tea quarter p.u-t one o'clock 1 F. M. train. Si. ;-:im ?... ? On Wednesday, August IT. HAitiier .Tk-^bt 1 p-'-r v.?v, th-' be! ?\ jJ <U?- titer ? J invj <hm i'beao M<* -woi:, atv'd 3 } ea 'e and 10 d<>ye. Tli'-' . i ??ids o' tte raui ly nro wspect'ttHy invited to at |?D't ill ? (utieral, from f? r p* t ?' rc'Ueti.-e, 4' 3 Third avenue, this ( ?'t idi' ' al'era. tw.ut I wo o'r oclt ftfinryii- On Wednesday, Ai*f<?*t 17. rt?wrr f b . urn, i' i' to1 ved . n ( f Fo' ert and Caroline fc'bap berd, ? ;Y*5d *2 . 1 J monih* ntid f days. ?? ,iir ? On Tui-?dny. I i, at Newark, K. J., j Ann iUr ji I;Rin,AiNfcwlfii of Ceorxe I). Siyro. ' ITa rr live and 'r>"' o( it'o family arc r> cp?etfiil!jr I Invited t ? tter.d the "wreM, from C.ia e cburcti, N??f ; ar':, (? riJ?\ ) aftcruo.v ot iUiee o'? nek. ?-i j*. At ( ?rv?r 1! if! ital, W u :.trn, D. C., on j F .v, i'y 1", V fi'?-?:i-*ii,a od 13 years, C.'. ti, j i iiu *ii reriirc t. New T r?. he-vv art I'cry, a native of Kil:'ie<*u. c uiuv Ur, mi, Ire'aad, for many fvan n rast d";.l f I'lf ' .1 aw. liMy uC tbi<ciU. i-( . ? di.v.u Y.) aad Civ ,n (IrcUad) p'po-s p'cajo co:>y. T. i.:.-On ' ImraJoT, Atipu ' 1\ E ? ***??? Taik aje '? 2J years. " nv vt'.s a I'd 7 day.. The r Utlvi and frifti'il o' t'l ? family arc ros|*otf\)'ly tnv i' "J t 1 att?.;il tiiC funeral. Sr. m hu late resid me, 100 Creenwlrth avenue. o:i Saturday cierooon, at < uo o'clock, Vi : ' It it ' rther lin'iuiioa. V.;\ V ?? \t Har i id, o;i Thursday nmaine.Au ? a! 1 , I. ? !;? ov.n, son of C. W. uad (. M. Van VovliN, dg u 12 ynrii lb" . v: n J fi ic". d- of ti'3 f-in.i'y am ip-piotfully Invited to&rcuJ tba funeril, liow tbu nsi'ieaceof li 3 paienM. street, betweeu I ' ur th :md t iltli .ivouuw, tl.ii ;!? y ?.?r?Oi r, nt four o'.^wik. Wjnv.A ?j'ml'ico j*, on Wodi e d > y, u6'i;st 17 . Gn'osv't \7 mei'N n. el !;! year'. Tin' a'iU lrio:.d>i of tlio r.-uaily arii reopectruliy Invited to atlei.d i .e Iroin |j a i^ie residence. No. i fj.t 1 re*i<>nt cirect, Bra Uiyti, this (I'rUlay) aftrri ooa, a'. t*o i 'cl~el: WiuiE ? * >ii Wertne^^*# r';.'l;t. Anjrust 17, of cholera ir.f 'ti iiM, WittiAM .It^rrfdv on, t ulv son of James aad Catherine "\ h.te, a;ed 1 year * ino itlif. I'bo frfei;ds of Ills fatter and ;Tr,ndfntt>er, Mr. .Iame? V.'lilte, are invited 1 1 attf.d tho fitii'.ril. I rota OS Jam?i street, ihi; (I'rida; > afterti^on . at two o'clock. fci'tu Via :? 'o r.nd <.':?? aila paper.-; pli"??e co; y. Wiiirisf; ? At Fcrt H^ra'lton. ou Thnr; 'ur. a ij.'i^ t 1S, Harhift I; , sere: J dauKUter of Dr. Alex. 0. and Matilda A Whinny, a/od 4 vc ir.s. Tbtf friends of tlie :ami!y ara I'lVlt^d tnattcni! the fa nora'.fivm the r-'.v.ience of bcr parents. Fort Maouitos, I hi? (FrM -f1 attert.ooii. hi throe o'riatK-. POST Ofc'FUJJC UOTICK. [JO^T OFFICE NOTICE ? Til 8 MATL8 FOB CRKAT [ Britain and the Oont.uent. via Southampton at'diliaic l>nr?. per si? imer SAXON i A Hid for ire And, v a Queen town per steamer tllTY 01 LONDON, will clove al thia ,.n; e on Sati'rilay. the 20th ri i cr August, at JO - o'clock A. M? ?? <1 at tha up ton a atai c a." fofows:? S'.atii n. A an J B a . 1" A. M ., atatiat, C a. d !J al'.ixi A. Al, station* E and K at 9'* A. K , aud : Uttii n <. ; f A. M. - AH it * >' WALKMAN, Postmaster. BUSOB1.LANRUDB. ARTIFICIAL HI" MAN KTE3 M.YOR TO OrtDEP. VNf> iDM:rt?d by I?r E. BAl'CIl \ P. OOEOBItVANN (formerly employed by BoUaonueati, of Pan-}. .Wit Urcad way. New Von. A NV PERSO* DATING A BUSINESS TO J'ISPOSE j\ o; l" will' h a fmnale with a smal' c??U capital caa sup port hermit, u.tiy her. r of a oaah purchaser by address tig btore, i oi iJOrt Herald ?111'"'. Dt\ OBOE ? HAVING M ADE THIS A SPECIAL atudy d .r'n^ many year*' prncti *, t'ne r.uder -!gj.cil pi vale eon- ultations on the subject cit . ior personally or bar "etu-r. t . I. KINO. CtanMUor a! I "O r. .'t?i Bmftdwa; . Horse power wantrd-any person having . r lit iate one or two hot e putter. with or v. iih i,t tin a Uet, that lit! tail sell cheap, ban bear of a !tlrciia?'"r by calila at or atldi easing i'/J Graud street N. Y. "ill aKBT.E MANTELS J^HR BRBT PLACE IN TUB JM <nt< to purchase cheap aud wel. :'ni?h ? i Mania .. at A KLABKU'S Mantc Manufaotan . I '<* !? ist Eisht'-enth tin a., iteu '. htr ! avenue, New Yot k. Cut ih.s MARBLE MANTBLft ?A VI N R SELECTION OF Marble Mantel* on hand, :eiliTig ??i eauoi Ihmi toy. whi r* else ats KLABI-'K'S marbii yard. M First avenue, uea, "lblr.1 street, No>r Yorft. (.'all an . .N.imine. PAHTIEU WISHING TO GET RETURNS IK COI.ll for sb putenin of all Uiuil oi p. o^noe t- the la' .nd of On' a, consigned to .1 lim ?laa hottae there, can d ? ? tl ; -t the an'iaenber ror full inforrialton, gitlng name a d a t.iress J. K , lioi 3.2(19 Pout oflie*.' CjOAP FRANKS (WOODEN) WANTED.? ADDRBS8 ?. 0 Q.. box IiW Uera'.'l utlu o. OTEAM POrfeR WANTEO?PROM FtVR TO T1VKNT1' hers? cower, iri'li . ??iring, ar.d Itou i>n the ?!.- ? n .i, about Wt4ii feet. Apply to K. ROW Ij AND, 22 Aileu -;-eet QKCONT) HAND SETfEES WANTf.D AROt 1 II k) woolen -ten ;e? or Benches, ullahtu for a meeUnji ?oin to bl#t for tbiee m iittn. Adilre i. tuilui prl.e anJ where the ran le e-n. M. V?> .,ht. t41 In rd h- ie. ri'.ti o 1 xvenly-eeventk street. CAFE WANTED.? ANY PFRBON 11 AVI NO A 8M VLL O fi 'I ?e> ou'l iiaud i>a'c to Hell ;r,a Una ? pur liiser b. ?<14re? iu , ?' tiling ?Ue and jrioo. '>o l.>w Pom ottiee. QTEAM KNOINB AND BOILER W.VNTKD-Ot if OU O SOhcr- I'l.vcr: o.'inriot' re boiUu * ii larjc t'ue? ;i . in princ iirdor, tor l:umeil .ite deiiveo- Addre-?a V.n^t^eer, box ?l.'M l'oat o'.tt e. mYPK MKTAl. AND Ol.I) IjKAH W ANTKll.-l'iVSH A wilt l<e mu! loi' a f- w bi.niired wci*: i of Tj|? Metal afnd o'd Lead. Appt;- at the i! -1! . 1 this o'tice. fANTED? CHBAP. A 1.0T Or' JRVYET.LKIt iS TOoI.S for a ^eue.a jobber, au (r ?>< ?.> ri . Herald o1 i.e. \Y 9CENT3 A POl'Nri !?Ain FOR OLD Nf WSPAPER8 arid Old Be ?? o: a'! ? .id*: II i?nU * p . .id to. * bite i;:i??. no t .'t ( t s for Color ii and Won en !{a/>, a' -M El'U ?ireei, between I'car And l . lie. r<l AAA POr*DSOF ir.D NSW*' PAPERS, BOOKS. ? >l/.UUv' i'aiepr.i-' ' and nil kind* o' t sper lua'ier aujck.. waateA per w >ek. for wi.i?h i w.'l |ia> a kail ., cent on a pout,'! ir>or< '.ni tini=* ?? at adirertlac the prie* the lia,. t it * arctic i?e Aon *tree.. j'lfOB f. BBNXKTf. f Al. .HOTICKP. TilJUr.MEX ? TIIF. A?'.l fe. sND HON'i?At!V M KM F hoi* f Towvkiui flti ?l o nputiv. Nk i ar* ieved tl me'l at tli? |?I. a,.' ti'Hi?r-. t i- daj ait ji'.m u e ? '**. . ' H nd tl. 1 1 1 1 f ' * : i .el O'l ! m ' ?r of o-ir .atr wof^t/ me ml; i- 1. fboavti O't'.i ?r r (jar. ilWEN ML Hi II V. i->.e. .an. K. P 'A ?l">, Secretary. N'OTIOE.? IH'K Mi \I?K!vS OK f 0 K' t MTKD !'? rot hern fiOdire. \o are 'ei. ei. ? i r.eet i' ? .e I.Odw room, 18 OH?e; ? -ie? , a' I ; O'elocir. ?... ? a ,-.- a< ? gnat, IS. for the purpose ei <m ?:eg :? c- .. .n \-r of Fraoef a Koehe. J. ANDRRSUV, Prea.i'eni. ( mo THE .ifit'BlCBYMRN TIOUSBbl RK3 OF TIT ' ! J citv of New York:? : e'ltow SBftj .i ? ?We ' a ??? -n > . wttb treat en o'ltageiimut fio'ii tUe.uon m*'rehann of ttjia f elty, Wilb the exorpttou Of ( wo \'.o were ir' ing Ibe B:ir I ?Job aline*. We kin* 10 aatl on ihe i^er aar t' wl?" an to I f ^nd'". 'I'" 'r*>> it. T,i'vt\; , fie li'lh. eu 1 ih/"- wn! I tl'O irn > .<?? - a We hare to . an outh ' ?.fl nwifbanra { nejtwe -r. i> ?**!<? r o! the Co ? ? , 1 1 ?? ?* MATf.EI* rOKB'-'T rp'nB TEAM ARE ON Hl ' lkl . < -T? J id- i ?: o'vlru em^!oji ? bav.- io|?v ev, ...... | dninii'vl-Mr i it in''. Rtirt J? raik O'V ? M ? ?* hi ; 7*U:ilr A I.aae'le, D#v crM; Mr iMMeli, '2*. , c"i, Me-*ire. Ktlliman t ?'.? c ' 2!? et|?i ? ? ,.et: % i at lie ?? i De- ?tiee; J. MXJ rtl'lIT, ? .. I j. Ki *?? kt. secretary. t\' *sutKf;roa M;.r>At.i.XO* prn. -an advur. I 11 tl*e i entatipea ad hi tl?? asieelat ? -?uee ?> |)n ,\nw Vork I.' tl ! ?' An, i-t ?. en p iiing In) l : m c.i j.i | Well. i ?i -i M? lal i >n Pen ?. > t; in' w :}<?? - ut,. d , de .? and Ihe !? t A it :i>? evei 0? . and is J our " - ' ? Protect ' ? ptiMie rn'o deen.-( i >. ??ttetl.m tl.. e . ltd .Vro-ii pit . 1 - ,1 p.n| pnir, ini ? v e ?ioi i a i i ten of an? '.?? -r.4 ; ? line" iK'fl T|i? no k* f l aald eomi ?r. r. *i rr ?' v 'i e:?ri'i: :u montlr were,* tk I ??! 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"ired. el t i Ma. loiti PA 'I .. tl , : 11 ?.N T'.ro OF t * ?? . . ? y i e -ii . i.ii .? 2an v ?i.,. ?h, t< * a t? ? " t' 'in. -iTni meiit n id ?. ? ! m i .ve nome happy Adi slot bVVrV il.o .ie ini. 'i. i )v I.'.V AN (AUt 1 le ei.l .ner ix, it > 'W lo en . i Isdl/ ' i jle. v to i a Miaa O I'M '-'i ' Mi BE A I ii I. f'Uf i, K00NDE8, A I' i. ?.c: at. . d .,i i . n golj-ji tha ae l?a p lance t ? <o aei,tl. n.?n .' n > % w it ' " ? .1 ' ttiiallr , ? t. I t ou? a.i and MlMviltt.lttait ? ? ?; ting ktrei t, rXUMTtTli* ! A K I- I.l'tt! NT : S , 1 TMFNfOI tl 'VSKITOLfi Ft'R ! V >i' for ?? i" at a ? ? .1 fiaoof .i e. t-igere*, | I ? . 1 ? ir Hit itf I' . Ill . .a Our. ] ? i J "t ?* ? nut C a* '? I .''ore. iilmug it I r .1 luquire oi lij Vlttl Ttreuiy. third , atrci.i i ? i } I ? I 'i v %T ItOI'M- K'l rt F"l! N TP PI 0' ?< PBtl A'R | I*. i t.% roi eaio at a Ju at .cii''""? a tin., tifui r 'lor i S'u t i ii . eroit W.'U ri":n. n K'#: ch Oi l" biurH'il. Wimje 0 orJ'r tnr nt ..tha* o < vat 'HI ? -ol iirf.,ij [ ie ... tor M .??, t .eg ii '. fcwoi ; I't-n 'o-t- .-''o two , i.i i top f'i ?? ' ' ?>" id E . ( ref t rolr' i Carp ?, T*tric!?h Bo"' ' hn'raB 1 l?"titic?, tro nwami id tea ls, j , ?. ii? Kpt ?" ' ni'.l H .Ir Mattr. ????.<. I .on . ??< Chair-, !, ,4 ' ic s Mliro.a . It,., i i ,i| tlw ',. all k h r t ?"li Fifth at' I - nth b . ? . n? ? 1-1 i.i rt " AtiB? AN Bit AND f lAIif OCTAVE '.HAND r r; mo i 'arje iiarMe Cot Iri rab anil a Orover A t Baker see hit, Mnchlno. The* ?!'l r m'J tit' V'ftp, a* < th tar i ha?p t'.^n S' .? I?r apart ei ? ant una Out room fi.r ibem. A|i| iy at IH Uran i air. ne.ultno. Pf,^t> n iisiyCh:; m u i ai.k-miih bad and ; Sedd'ng in iu re si 111 Bail <>lk a rent \r ami ? TO I'CK 'II a it;- \b. ? j ;* ya ins OP M 1.11! ' --iii'iie- i lie nb to irtn.h-r ???f ra I , If c ? i lalnet in ?w? ptoces, would ?r .ww, : - ,. ? am* a'- a t fje ';ut nppjr ? !-.r i.nee , >li ..u pa. fcrad'iai. 1 ijj : CO A 1?, VV Cj it, JX\ (?i.i r,i\ n ? ton ko. 'i h ti iV.r.r bkd and! ifl .4 JI.Mvhk Aihn no e. e, a id t tnarf; I uul. $il. atroitifd a. .(1 da'l-eM'dL Applt ?t HU r o.v ry, ; Widi- of Thirl ?.??/? A. t R,- ,\D i ' Lit, . tr. A l\ fUtn Et NDJi' ' O.' r.lWrLTNO WOOD AT ; J Uivlv" i! r ? inlrel *' (tint of Elabioen . I COP ART I* BBS nip. ( 10PARTNKK.SHir.-K0K SALE. A KIKSt flUM w t run au<l Oonicction^ry btore, lit' it tod in Hi lib ?ve nue; one of toe to t location* in tuc city, ? oct oon si>ts of I'oreizn and domestic fniiti, nit# cwfeciiooiry. pr s^rvc , j eft lies Ac. The owner, having oth*r tualne-* out of the city, \t '?he? i j hell laiiuedimteiy. AJdr? * J. l O,, to w 2U lit'ra'.d oilice. _ I am iNTr.oi>i'oiNCi a ni;w invention on oom iiiiaai o lur i n .nveiujr and fin. I itaootaplele ?"c ??-!, P. yi i;s ? ?r iUU is r c 'lit !i wtU cost fruia < .0 0 to V '? '? w to buy the ri lit of the c t'" ot New Y?>rk. I want a part Mr wllii one-balf itiih atu'tiic' to attend to ths nin ?:?! M-rt of t ip bus It* uinrit* are i-taU. i, and llnan '? ?uoe'** U certain. Address. staling ijiace uf uueirlew, W. E-i Her aid o . ee. KfOTlOK 18 TIKREBT GIVEN, THAT TIIK COPART 1 u raii'ii hr 'tot jr* cjt nj 'i-hy .'u Moii'rs , Kuctc A Toe ha Molted by mutual consent. .lOflN J. RUKTK, No. 212 Ire >nwlch street. blnl'HhN P. YOK P-ABrsEa wamk'>? v. mi a t ash caitial oe i iiqi i.iOJ :?> = 1 1 ,i leii. i.i.i an 1 i r.i sile bmlnef. Au t :.<?r -<? ic an w I I nJ ttii< n ti ..i ut la v ?'tn t. a?4?- ? s 3. St., bo- l?S her.i <1 o.' c . tViuNTEOAA HICaOV v'AN lO TAttK fllK T'LA i""R ' ' i >f a ' -*li rt it ?-* i?.nr lu a lutit anil pro liable mmulae tttiim: Uustaaas.; uw titj ptce-*a.y Gall ami nee, at . Ou Broadway, thir l Uior. (S'AA ? ' PARTNER WANTED, IN AV 01. D K TAB I a e'..* ,i In - ine , u i!t lar.'.e or 'er on hand. An* p?r;v acclcin a relia te but fo this amount will una iitt . a rave ciiuucv. lnvr.ti .not Incited. NILTOA A CO 'i Breadtr.iy. <jb /' AA -A RULlAiil.K Hl.'sJINKSS MAN, Willi TUB ? PVDVt abov^ capital. I-. r unted u? partnet in t'.f b. at |m In.; i- .. ibit en ill ti.r . -.i. ::?> t" B'-t :i* C'Sii;?r nail ue nuUnt tiff irli' Bfthrca' :..| cuamnttCd. ,A(I liata W. Ut'ati ar Herald o lite. Ral rcacoa ettjlianccJ. <T1 HOn ?AS RNliKORtlC BUblNl 8 M VN v ltuyUi' WHntr>l. I. ith till* niao in , tu a ? -i*?t i''ai>? r ?! ular exli.bitU'ii i.b ?ui to 0P"U in i' ia ruy. Apph iu.niti dlaml to J. t'. >1 1 f.TO? V CO 2 ? Bicailwi Cll rcf\n to (no-WAN rr >. a ssi vrt. ArirvE V I ivvv youiu; man w ith the abo a a.niiiint, m i aittifr lu nil e -tiMMied p'lb'.ic bHaitie?>. tve >to. ..<'d, Ir-c fi .'in dent ? edil'iiu,ii niOiititUie bu whi 'licm l.ftac y .limbic 1, /in"! toi \\ i m! . nip u p irtncr la to extend and luip'Ove. A'..'m Willi loal o:?\ri# :inj ad 'rc.a, In i.onli Jrdcp. Al.-iiB, elation A, fprinp street. N. B.? No aijents need reply. C??> flllft ?WANTRtt, A I'AKTT WITH IHTf, S' M ?/Wi'MlU, a evish. to jo'n o'jiially In a uii?inE?a that will luy ?n?i3 in sU uiontiia; Itmhly rt%si>pctrtn <? :nid.Jio rUk AiIUrtM baton , kU.luu B i'oat oilice, a.Lpoiiit ?. e au tnt.'rrlewr. * to"} A[l(l ? WANTR f>, .A SMART B STNISS T\llT ner Mat-<iin*rt' c?mpl?t?- for operation, and will is*', e a rat i.1 lotttiuc. Evtraorilli.arjr tliane*. fOK'l'JUK \ Co., a;!6 Beoadw ay, room 30. LUST AND POVHD. IOS1-OK TIIUBSPA* morning, in coming J itom ThtriLcntti to Nliitit alre.'t and r> ?; ii ar?uue. a Pocke'Uuuls. conuiiuiu i a "U1 bill a td $! tu twos, aud a ana l key Ttie "mlcr v.-.!i ji'etse leayo ft at W I cirleonlU B'reci, ifntoti place. IOST? ON I t K.-'D V Y H Vla.Vl Nil. IN THIRD AYENIIR J t ara. lietwoeti I ?> .-u h and Grand fctre.i-t*, a Breastpin, with l*i' llket..-s j The >>iu is of uo Villus. ?? will be glrcn for tl>?! ret-.... i the } id, at 51 Fatt<m::1i aiivat. Tost? on tuirsday afternoon, isth innt., a i C'tM >f Horn-eopathfo Wedlelur T'.i? finder will be auitablv rewun.c i by having h at Dr Dav;a , 13t> West Forty "i rd ?- . i oct. IOST? A 1'AIR OF Wi?RKKI? SUPPERS ON A J white iiroand-; il t!ie f n.ler will bring tht.ii to li. C. Mn.iu HI t'lirWn tree', he w ? > i>? asBdeomelv rewarded I OPT -A SMALL RTUX TERRIER DOG. VVIlirR. I j ?. th brttodic ?t> ?< ; "E. George" on . t*iO wlilbe paid lor h'.s nlura to "itf 1' \it-l tlr' . t. New V ork. 1 OST-OX SATURDAY. IX fiOINC FROM Ki Xi'U J J bvpbi.k and T.v. aty fcUUt!. airtet t > Firth me .>ie uk.I Vu'.ton fi'Ciy atijf# to ill. llnrtam bo;r, a Ifu-r Br.ic.jlv t. it!i mosaic netting. rained br the owner, be:: . tho ha r oi a d.? eas.-d muther. T! ? tin ter will be *:urat;/ tctvardfd b.? leavtuit it at H-7 Siit'.i uratute. ]OST-S:V> IN BII.I.S ?N PJnKOIii'.UM BANK, J 'I t it. ? J'r. : t'.-.i uiH- SSOoach; two brl'a. $?'i ensh; one ' III ?1 '. 'ibe bill" were nil new. lb r Lndri witi be "libo-alS .owsruod by a. Ins lis? same at til# A? cr iiu.i c, i mi a i9V "1 0.*T-0N TCESOAT AIWU8T IS. BETWEEN I J >? ankfurt and 1' aie r< etr, a Pocke.ibook. eoutaui ng $70 or $ 't* and the 1 ! ?> 'ri r( u umve. Anypeiiio n-i-m ? r? it to. "II Frankfort ttrvit w U bs II .ru' j rew.i deil unj reieiie the tb mK' of ii.e owner I l ST? ON TliCTRSDAY. Al'BUST I ? IN fl.lFF Jj'tt.'it u'-ar i-'n ton. a i i ' tun i i I, a. ?? Vo.i Itic tludi-r will !. ? ? in ub' reward* A b iY'turDlng the i-iime tw tl? S'lg ? Jtou Work*. 24 C " s;??pi. I OST? ON WBDM. DAT.EVfcKfNO A t.AR' K YKI I j 'cuv SI. Bcrnn.'d Dm;; a-iswf i s t;i th?" U I II.J of nr,!!a : haU ii.?rk?i| i i co .:r A. I', famley, An.i i t M..a^ '? I m' iJi."rib w 1' Hi ft.r bit irt'tra t" the 1 \c aii^'f ilo lil 10 vi. u at tent. QToLI. . ? i'iiO'i S.VLTi'.RSVILLK, X. J.. A >tAL\,H(\\T. I ; ikt n- ,eit, n. -lit ralnu, 'V feet k'e . II .cct v?idf., Painloi With ^ii mi bottcm, crcam noIcr ln?'<t& ntmit Dant?l IkwWwo'vI <i*i stern. An>bO'i n..Hrn!ni Sip to V . ?j . .la ?ii>"D, li'.v N o. L'. i ix'l of Canal I'.rnH, or t'i ?lo!in It. i oat, 8ait<"ri*llla, willroceive $r?0rt ? ?rd an.i tbe ihaukg ot t)i? i.. r.jr. OTDJ.r.N? KROil PFRTH AM BUT, ON MONDAY |i ni.ot. a email Sloop, itn.lor lire ton*, uo topmast, round mattkra't, tai*? whita atriin:*, blue waint. Anv ipf(' jiatii.a of hr-r i.i ajr (?? ad lrr?>cil o .1. S. Hoi net, I'ei? j .Via boy. ? nd a rewai .t wUI be paUI. NEW Al( ON. Hh.WARD.-A ECVVAltD OF T'A'i'MV I' I VK I)OT? ? Irira |? oflerei! for the ajinreliMiklo i ai d dflireijr at tliu Navy Varii. N ?? Vork. oi Acting il*?Urr r Jlate l?aau H. Iltuaton, late o( he Ua.icil Bute* *:?? .m.-r *":v f u? II riCI.KIMJ f. :ur.i?ndant. Satt Yikb, Nkw V-.pir. Auguit 17. IP<t. (f-t^ Ki; WARD.? LOST, ON SATOROAV I. AST FF.OM V^?; ih? r..rniT "t t'i ft fM*eeu?t .niv nn Broidw.i, a lari;f brmdln hi ^dimand :ilut. Anr ? a- re?i,rnio: iier to Jitam* .-kpl >, Ci ?? KC'^jn l ? reel and ;iroa<i?i* , ' .'lie Mil <? ihe Avon- i'>"fc ' rf-?) Ri'W'Alll.-l, )?T. ON THI'RjiDAr MORMSfl, ?F ?' t etiWt pii ! ? .I'.v tou^lli ?n I Twe'ili-fll'tii *?> cr ,a ?ilv.'.' II iitliiK '.i. i n c v. uco arvi ^priag bro?'*n( will: 0 ?' !;? r. i'. .' nt. The a ore n-ivard \A '. be pa d an iiDM turn to t i Kt oc <ri."..'i\ hi'tioklvn. (t* -r RKWARD -LOST. OX il T:?I?AT If ' il 1N&T, IN Oi l ?;?.? s . < ... i( r..;i^.i iOii I M Wivi wa-tMUk .*i p ?'*. a '"<* ??. en- *.'i is about $:?>. 1 lie Above ii . a il ??!! be ,i m upon it* rr'.ui'n to M. L. Kule, ? rt Vf,i' Mnp'on Areet. RRIf ARI> -BTRAt F D FROM 1" WEST Tv.i-.n:. .1 ???.. ? mi M ia'1.1 ? . i j ii iti*t . a New* ind I i'tip it' Mil r moulliii i?!d. *r ,-. all ir.rr j e e> ... :i viili' i a'cli on hrr i>r. u?t, extending ? itrnfr li*l >ci n ' '? r r ??S'. IV >i ?--- ?- ? tbe abov. addrei* . i re--i e tin* . t? RKWARD.? IN ONE or i'li; DRT k ?, t i . rrom i n.-:) m'* tm"i:m te fbe :-tii:ii fcrr.. ? 1'ouifWO vn, ?" nta.tiin,- ?' in T-' ?*' y i Noti*? aad abo ? icnii "" flc'it .!<> ' ? 4 r m wv c'<o ! ti .-???? I'.- ? ?c ?. 1 . ? Miv ?? i *ari1 will be |i. M re* ir.'i-g ; theni ;o Mr*. vc; n. H H i' u' ton uremic, HUh B.'ook.! . n. ^ di-A REWARD -IiOt>T. liAHi TfU.'RSD * Pl.tCR l ?p?(V* leath'-r I'ocketb ?>i wuialnlo. f l<l.' Is ik i.oiua, i *l>o92. 1 " i.i pie e. At v or. - iir.liu<' i! ? above and re J turn in j. i M -? lo * >u.' e, Wjt'ifk'n theatre will re . otlr.- 1 lie ..'io. tetrard j W,1 Af\ RKW AHD.? LORT. L \MT TMI'RSHAY E*VR!f. I ? ' I W?" ii.,:. i la it. a t:bav^t<i ??<<.*. Wat-.ii. Lin kvu ??J*I iuiA | K.' ?nup ? I of l>'o. .c* ? I in" liukei *i'li ? i TliBWIf.'l) ) bn .iii mi<- i1. a in,. ,. ? >: H K., iBihM w ui^m i.Jk; , '?ut ? u'l.-r ? .? act ut ?>: rn ? f.< haa \l. H R. 0t!t.tinw?oa wll i "turn the *'?W' ta tl-r oflia rt too r tli At ii'it Hot*l ? . ?. .Iii the a ove re a ard, Willi,. :' >).? and aa > '.r*'lon? C?'>".l? KiiWAUD.-.-JTOLKS, ON TUESDAY L.SN' i^^iHF t |i: I '. I ' I. ll'UiD I .. ?' .9'" ' '' !' * ''. ?^.r liej a Ora* Horns, ?' banle hijr'i. <il\ ..?t ? old, MlVt < ?"?>. ''1*1 ;.r ?; h* . ' I ? Il .* m in liT I' .aw on Ibi hen ?' ii -o i .--o b . ^.r. ? . -r,.-iii i V> h n ilia ?- e of ?> miro-n^'Bt u'*" 1 >ii i ?i ;ti riiin ..dT iiiiiall, ti - U> tl.o cmp*.-!. V ? e ivr i rt.ui v. Ill i?a f>a'.! *i>i W.e reef- ire cf l4 th* h ' -a, nui* ?!.'<' 'or ! I lie tfetettiteu uf tbtthi*i. There w*? a \i *#uu . i I ? i.C ' it!?r.. ?" ' en l(tw>. T1:- **?i(eii ?*? a ' p buy-, i'- -4 J W't ?? i'!. .til, r ? r.. "uat la.1 -d, tl^e h*n.e*a a -. ark *e' { ?in mnt -1 r. tth 'pvere '? i ? '?* t n' jrniaiioti may be li, a ( ii? P# r<e H- ?n - ij '1 I! fl'Ji it IlltOW > , -1 > lOBt street. N?-wli .g, S T. ) " LU** OFVICB?a ; At 77.-.vo>E\ \j>. 4 . ru at it o> ? ji; iv M't \- m ftKi. i?;w <i.ri i eianoa, 1 hn in itt:. a . |1 77, p\WNH:tOK I ; ORETfl WAVfRD AT.77 t>r D r ."??|.'? n?- .i' .feweln-. <c., and a 1 i'it i" pi i" .1 ti' .ii u' o? o'ltm ut ? y -j.ti-r i place III I ie .;it). fit .>???? #r ?t ?r. lip ?! ?ir?. Sit) it"'! A" US? PA " VR iOKn:'.S' THTRT8 n li t.- ii; 01 I atlMt. ' i. Yv. e ? ?' I !?<?? .r* Jitur. .. . ? ,?, .-,r. -, , .. . r.?. | ii Over .*t w.i i ned .<? ? i ia ??!*' , v..,.- i iioor . tft o: tb? 1 1. wary. ????. i - ??' Itao v A Tr. 1-mon: ! fram T AD. ANOE!' OS OIA i ; > .". W at ? .???'I' i pi,,... iii,.., I ,i t, *?-- ' \-W, raw I'i.rK. > || l is Wht:' ! L: ll.Al " V, a ? i f J. ivelr ?Scn? i'ia-. i, . r - i ?? ? o'i ' v T . ? v , J! per ea' in*re ."er- 1 * ' l-'ilpeit a' 4i * o tier p1 --e 'n "ir i'. ' Br ..a '.-ay. I'orre. ef Jl .itai?p n'tTet, >?? ni'n-. i roou ?. A1,," itma: s, u? 'koa t ijKNRU or ' fV 8u.l1 ?I-C!. r.;o, Mo. , ivifl P1.,fh, I, ... prfc, ttr I'.amo'.j* - or r.mst v .??;-? j <s ,?r v.'ari. ar ' *> I ad niy ra?li ,.r ,r; Jtranlivar. I enrn r til ti ml uu-et v i<v .ixar.H Ai>r, on waiT.iirr, diamonds.! * i tlif .:r. -I o.ji. f l ei**.)*! pi ? e, ,) ? ir> ? d *e . u. or i j ?.,-ne ?? ? 1-t ?i:.i h> ; a ? HON. J rokir ?nr< ? ?nt i aoV HI OraiM at^^et, two door-. *.e>' f . 1 oa.l' I Wlf.ti l?k ULlHAllCtlll). t rrr.u im Mt. , Mti.ii? mmiRANO . kxposed' >x tn . ii i- 1 ? it - a-.<?'i i-'lia^.r . .ii.ioriatit to both ae?e?. ? -,.'?ri el oi *Ui. In l;.u'ih m ii.#'ai LAHVOM t I Pari'. I.ti-Iot). a I : :w 1" >1' Ji -h! Ait? - and't ' III e h edltlui- t 1 I * . |I.|J til ?lr?l ??!?). n; nl Hit kllttj t'rltarv /fli. vl-. l'l*(!der n .1 Kidney OlifJ ?? , the or'a Iiti?f)-| el Pari ant Ijii.v on t a'.intnt. A e, ! A 'I hI i t i iii hit I l lm 1 1 of K, tV A !IN f l^, N". I V.:*ey ) ? ice' $1, or ci.r.e nttii* i>?? Mr l.j ltioadwa). up*liw>*. Nor Vurlt, ii jm 10 A. M ti; j 1*. M. T KT1 hR or ADVIUE FOR I-ATJIhS J'i1 I lonnat oy nerer helore pnb'talied (t?i t. lien in -i ? >aled entrelope, for ID cen'i Addteaa lio> 4, ',M New Tlifk I'oat o:' rt. VRW BOOES, r\HTR? r?K Vi^iTK AND hPORTlNn i.N Ocoda. heml .'or eat*'Onu* , l?. .1, UOMPERT'S Per. cli|..v!0(4 Age My (73 ^?.?u fi*. t. N V. it-> - WAIt j. ^iii. < ir .... IliT*. Hat Hr ha , ii ? u!l-ic I ; 'l"_^ I hvjl i)!?r, ^ ti* n ->? ? . ? r . .. ? . Luh-r; m-?? i.f * ?? ? . y. . ? ? ? i >i . ?. \( Our -'ill h- Air ' r, t 1,1;. I, t in -,r- 1 rird Wo >-n ? W t.M alia I Tln-? l>o* II .erpnl'-t- n n t I.i J Ur- 1 run v i. ? ? >t Me, A Vir. n'a I <?. it hat i? I lii*"f.l-igr* Tne i r i brla'ianltT.r, r.. t in t' l!n, An'li .iJi, I ?? . If oiina Mfli Ilnw to I* t' aodaome, lye In lli-r.l* I'lr eno'o (r.fiia I.IIW ' +, tn Oeiie nil ? '"T of Pit i> 1 vol.'xji. ' t.'Al, .H)l'lt All N" * rmdj . Nawirnnr i ? t bt firm DOR. r. a .T8 ? r leaiiinu vraoj- '-.h - wa 17 r'. i 1 ,e-*?i>i'n. PoM?, OM.Itial*, Hat lino..., I - pi Ka , n '-ii!i-c PI jhlltj I hvalrj^nmnM'i, Oei c;%!? 1. (, 'lh i.a . I ?tei. IT* i o k. Hitn-r. M ? 'nig, N(i. Mar a ;t , ,l .i.ik, lien*n. K. . .. l-e .if. 1)1' Ji-.illlt .^?ii ii im i rrti rntmciAiL jj'IRST NATIONAL SANK. OOVEBNMEXT AOENT, NO. I WALL STBOTf, HAS FOullALS. 7 5-10 Tiaaaury Note*, near lm at pir, ktai '? \*r ceai co.i'.miis ou. 10-40's Registered and Coupon t: jo 1? at aorerc meat ril(* 5-20'p KcgUleraA and Coupon P. >u&i at market ratta. ? United SWtea (J's of '81 Regli'ctred fend Cup^n Bouda, fet n.arkel rates. Pnite 1 States Co. tlfloatcs. au I other ajcu'ttlei. at rmtoWet rated. "sTTv THOMPSON. Premdeot Jajom> Cpkmibt, Cat Wer. T>?deh*tTon or ^ 'SOLDIERS' ri-n-TIM IK AND RF.LIEF FT N 1> WJNM," (if l' .? onCNrv or M'W nine, > i . able tf ' t> V' 1 I'M Not fen U hoi'f '>v >lv?tn that "Soldi*!**' s"'ib?tftnte ant Pr )ie' l'mio IWnti! ?f : c pminU <>' New ^ n k '?c"ral#| due anrt i iv?i.'e September I, 1SU, ?'Ui the Internal Iber*. on *i 1 h>? paV on that Cav on tl* prfspuiatiuo of aai4 bjudh at tills oQioe. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN or ? $.'l>:.70y of ?VJOI.nrFH-5' BITRSTTUTII AND Rri.IE*" B? 'IKMPTIOX BOND*." or th:: < ottntv <>f nkw york Sea l ! ;>rr,;.ri a' nil' b? re.e vt I attlil* o(T!~Ciur.t!! Thnra dnv. '.iii-ti-l i" 4 nl two hi o P. M.. whe< tlic mm* v. i' i I e m I,. -r ? v i fnr the w ti< le or any p .rl or the s>n ? of ?? in hundred and forty su tnoilf.'nd seven hnn >ed dot? lav of 'SnidlAr*' hi ? and l??!ief Redenijitton Honda** of the conn')- of New York authotl ed b cti*il?r 7 of tM Ian n l*ri. and V.v an ordnance of the Bc?r>l of Snpeetla. 01 < ?!?'.' i o ? ed by the \1n or Inv 4 l^lvL Tee ml i bonds will ben- iircr"*' af th*1 r.iie of *1* par ' cent per annum, payable half vanity. on the li'rst dat of May.iitd Neremberln eioh year, and tbe pr noiul will bt I reformed ks I'.. l ows: ? I t'n ? M?d Uonaaud doll an on the first day of Novem ! bcr, is o. ai.a Kfiii> ! und ed ?nl fort f R's Mi *nn1 feven hundrod M , lar? on the Scat day of November, 'S.SI. Tbe ur >eo?e'? ''l el ite the amount of bm <1 1 desired and i tin- price per one hundred do'lars thereof, uid t li <* i itsiidi Wltoje pro|io?*!? rt*-e aceot?d \vil< there'tpon '?e required t# | <l,-pos i with the Comity Treasurer (?t the 3r trl way If nS). 1 on T! urcdar. the f.tst dnv oi hc;i!erjbe". 1901. Cho *nme | awarled to tt.ein re.'te ctivsly. 1 On t ea?:!!iusr to the Cr?i>pirol>r ti ?* receipt" of tna j Ominiy Treasurer for aitch denoelia tbe partie.* will b1 en. . till d to receive bond* fi>y e<|tjal amount* of th* pur value , af tbe awarded to them, hearing imcrcat (>oiu Se^. I tember 1. 1814. ICacn tnopoxa' Mioald'te aeje.l and end we d, "PropoaaTa I. for Soldier*1 K ,b?tirut< and Re ie|" Redemption Honda,** { ami enclosed In a tecond rnreiope. Rdnrcsed to the Comf I troll"!' 'the rltth t 1* reserved to reject ony or all of th? bid", If ! considered iioca*aarv to protect nr promote ibe tntcreata off 1 the couu!y. NVPTH14W T. BR1.NN AN, Comptroller. Citv or Si ? Yom . r>' "*HT\n?.;t or Fixtxc. CowrrROa 1 Miit'a OrMi'K, August C, 13M. U LSI BR BOUNTY VOLHNTKfcR LOAN. Purs iai)t to t''f authority conferred by the set of (M j LeKi ? latnre ol tlic Stare of Net* York. pnf.ed Kibmair St lite Hoard of Rntorvt-nra of I'ifcter oountv by rejoin. ' tlon adopt?*.! on the 4'.h oi Ai 1884, iiave uulhorlzed th? I tmiic or eo'iiton bond* for a lo?'i on th? credit of tha IROUlit) ol taw.on f >r V * pn vnient r. f I on<ulea to ? ot'.in'ee ?. under tfi# eall tiff I tbe Pr?-I'ietit f li r I nitcd Ht&iea. iwade JuVv Is. isr^. The bon U for this !o:in arc to b. ar Inlafest at Ihe rateflff ! 7 pe'eont ? orn!.ii*i m to '*e pn'rt ou ih*1 Jir^t dav o; March nff i ever' .-i, r. at t l.t? olllcc of the Trea mvr o < t' ?ier flinty. >a I Ui a ? I '.ire of KlnsMop. on the i eturn "f ttfliti'rr^t entuioo. 1 Tiie principal is i.i be pail m e-nnitl annual lin>talmenta m | 3S-? :>(< 0 ', artbe oTce of the County I'reaatirer, abntm ; nicnnnred, an the lirst uiv of Wareh in tbe aeverai yaaffa t ful'r>nins ? i- I .11 Tf, IflJ. I >74. XttTS- I'd IW. The I ono t> Hi bo ia .ned In c ]ual prcporlltiua for t'aa m> v,? ve in name i above. St air- i r. p ? ? t lo.- t4*vi:>? '.!??? bo ?d< will be r?cetva4 t,r tlia n' d-vn'^ ied urtil the 20 ih day of Atifiist inat.. at m ?.'ii d.iv i f Argnat. Inst . t> awanle wt!l be ?? no: :i ??i.i. an ' uotice jjiren by mall to all p.tule.4 whose 4?t4a b .iv.' b ? ? e.iV 'iiicd. j}' ?< u*ay U? made in mm* of $1 A -,i Ouii, r r ?!? av. niints. AM prrp >asK mu*t be?%. cloned In i' (t envelopes, and dipe ic.i to tbe ntideralffiMti, | at K tn -ton. I . cr county. N T.. mj.tlia < nveljjie eudora ! nl "propo "t! 'ir 7 p*r rent Volunteer I,. an.'' j Tlie tn.tira of ? ? ;>:enoe of bid ? li smie where tbe mnaa* 1? r. ? . t. ir *'* t .? 1 ?? <? ? '.a 1. Unrid' .aV- b in Ke'f Tnrk elltr ' will I." <WKe''e r ; i."ne o' Ihe bint' in eltr. AI [ otber> t in iie ('f-'.v -r. .1 by lii** ne?l ir? ^ne 1. at Uia o hce. 4V I u; ??>'. - "f t' '? b ' s in the v llit"e of K injtin. i T' e riffbt r'f'tcl t.n accept aneh pror?f>ar.U only a* may I be i c ,;d ' . i' e jnternt of the . 'r.uty, and to raject UdM i foi Ui s Ilk- i "tion. ! CALVIN lIOORNni RK. Ti **'irrr of V r Countr. Kin;:ton< f(- ?. ' Due? K scstox, An/rn*? <5. 18M nlTIUBNB.? TH* nrHKOTORH OF THF nKKBMOINI Oil t'namanv nav.i ibis day daeUit I a <lvld"nd of fl?a [ mr cent mi ^ uv.'tal e c* or.t earnint:? for tka m-nO. rfJu'.|i: sbi-..r t! e mf : ? oi t"ny, Pbll?. ?If ; '???-. Hank B'. ' J P'.i ladelpli:a, on and after M.mdaT. rid t n t. <j. K. I R 1 1, ii. SeTttarj. PlIlliADFLVHI.t. A l(jn*t 15, lS.:j. DTTll>rND.-THr MREOTOBs r?P THP, MrKI.HRITT Oi'. ('ininany 'nvn tb.n dav deelareJ a dividend of tv* percent on th? tjpitai ??'. ck cat of the eprnnK* for tS? moii'.i .f it ; y . ti.ynh'e at tue .tfBre of ti e company. Pliila rie'p'M. l'-a?,t ltnilu ngj, Pbi kdelphia on atnl after tbe ?14 Iom. ? K. FRY BR, Secretary. Pan innrttm Ant'tta' 1*. 1KL Vf. / ^Ol;K AND 11 A !' LKM R\I I. ROAD CO^PAM* i^i PanstrtvM a O; 'iff Si* V<.ra. Jn'v 1 ltM. PKCOXn MOKTO AUK BONDS (tl.OOO.O'Vt!, I> ?? Anxoat I I?;t. Notlc" her"b" pli"'! thai the liend' of tbe above iuna will b ? pi i i at Ibelr maiurlfj . A tun ?t I. iHW, at the adioa m the en Mtnr, corner of F.mrtii a aitna aad Twanty alxtk a'leet aud thai iiio intc ??? m ti?a cane will caaif fro? dale. \VM. -T. V A NI>P: RBI LT Vie* Present. VTOT'CK.- TfOl.nPRB O STOCKTOS (C4T,TM>RN?\> .,\ i' i . I'd'iH. dit" and^a In Sew Y otic in July. )8,1 -I it . ? ii 1 1 -j >. nic be el>> natitied tbnl the miio* will h -ia i n lr ??.' st-i '?>* x Id coin ot piTsrniatloa at tba v :rA'tal'tan ManV. h>? V?rk eitv. on ti " re?pe%tty* dT?-. i'. T. xi K a I'lvK, ARent, MAHKRT RAVINOS ?ANH'. %! KAOHAV PTRERT. I'lit n o < -v .1 >? Hit per 'lit lw>.re?t allowed. P?t i tonka made noiv tvlli d air f< ni motti'V niereat in .'amtary DO t l.CiHFHc: CAPTfcR, rre?1deai jii v ;e r. Oil' *i iv. Secretary. OFfiCE Or THK lf LTNOlsi CENTRAL R A ILllOiB roy pa"? Rrn 7.t;k Avcvat IS, IMC At a meeting of the K. at 1 of l>lrt? '??a o' the ",I IV"H IT VTRAL RATI.ROAIt COMPaHT, Iieti" tl'ta .lor, lb? foliOn ln ' re rlittfniMi wer ? adopted ? \.' er?r? In tue inornate sum bv tai? . ..; .i>..n} to th( Ti I te ?* to serine ihcii Centtrnetlon bon V. it ??::? ?jree? tli^t tbe i one- I received ttp"it ~kIc" of tl e rand- ?orua?HL aa |:-a) u ? rec' A-ett, be apu e l d the eaneeliatlon of aala b int'*, md It ha* bewotne tteee???rv fofihi pn-rna'' to rata ttp a ' ion of ti e Itoatla In i tir nsn ?? of a proi Uten m tallied in tilch I) :i. that the i ? mnt "1 "iv th? prn nat on tit. >? lo be named b tbetyt br addin; lo tba principal a rt;i - .t i *! to '-iiVi '*.* per *ient the ?* - ( ?* P.c o ved. tin Co'iieant tv|ff on '.be f:r*t dav Off O. 'be i ??t pay tic i-ir.t p< r oenl boada for one tbou aai < di."3!*v *>ch, cui. '.' cil fr trn una to three thousand (I lo 1. ?tj. with treniffcar cent (V) jj?r eentl a'id#4 (ouhm nr ? e'l ^1 thereof upor; anrrender atlt' on ? hi the e'tr ar Hew Y >r1c an. I that I' do h hir.'b rttne tlie first dav af ftp'e i.V't ?< ' ? tl iii w h'>ti the princlpil of aald bonda I - p. d ? ^r iliiijli tine t; teia?l iron them wtll He ,o ? ? 1. Thai t'". bol 'cr? of f ? torlp atoca o till* Com i.> ?ijtt1ifa to pay tb< mitmld ten per eeat. ai^oa tba s.o V li?M I-.' them re p-et"t ely. on er before th^ twenty !>tbdat it ij'ptenv' -r d<m , n> (.'? ofTiCt oQ tlie Oo'-'pany. I n 1 1 ? i j i of *'i v \ ii K. and 'h? . upon aV an ins m "mid. te le ??' \ lllli >'!,? .ed lion tl-iii day; end tliit. afn?r tba tu.tfi ^ slvtlirt*" cf f>e " i.' er n?vt no tiauafrr i-hall !>? made ot ato-.k r-hli 'i i'iiII nrt" b? paid in fall. THOMAR F *YA LK 1 R, Trenanr?e. OI fOl- ? ri5K**K PKl'ROLRCH OOMPABT rov. I i H v tin 'd in .vo 7 Na??att alreet ? Jet Vor? ?e. li. ' Oltideo 1. ? Notice i* here'.- u rea i ?.? i o < i-omtiarv 1 *'e ih'ada ductned a if dc ' .) ane p, r e*n! n.-.i'1' o? p'.'i after lit lit ember I. A M. WO<I>, Pie?.d?nt. 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S, i flfin TlJ l0*'1' ,1N,< OR MORI: ^1 MS t?s mortga#1* af re .1 e- 'ate :.i (I per eent tor if* ve?r NO btoUera' n..*io-t t bar. r-1. <.'.-e;a| n't .U'r amannta T ;tar cat. v ifiv io aMIH UvT' .ir., Al l n?j it esr. {to, 'J ? bt. aii .???, ro tm t7, New York. C *".n Tn A' t^ t>.ii yaara >n ,iii. or hr* innti on d ?a town *'"re p tiarli. Anpn to .TOj-Ii Pit No. kfi I'iro ?tree?. rooms 10 aad it (5im r[f\t\ TO IO IN" ON 1I0SD AND. 0!.Tv!40E ? *? I U t *?' M it ' on n,?t .; jwoper in the cltie* off *fe >- V H afj Bruoblya at *1 pef reft In e.eyt. ant 'a ati't f $.>,!??< nd "innaiJa P :--lpala only i 'di ? a. II., tn !'i fort o"i e $800,000 o t N?w vor. ck" OKiparty, JOdKPtl MA.toXj So. ? 1". t n. room* lOaet ll, woo.oo6.-?i aKiK'^etJS'Ktt VmiI e "? t'ire'' i?e ' Pi li n-e and #1 ,, Y> f ,,~rt? JO^KPIf Mason, ?fe P?# la Itrw, rootn* tn.' dlt. POLITIC VI Mt LKLLAN MINI TP, fll FLA ID A S ? FAtMiRS. n ^ . j tad by in Satinnnl UenenrvHilve I n oil Cm? Mltiau, e.m 6a obtkin- to ? fr tn H a. BLAKP fr B ?!? way. at tnhaieeale ae-i retail. fplIP RfOirTEEFTTt WARD McOLBLLAN tTNfOW I t' ib H ill meet tbla (Krt ?v> etealn" at <lan?ti ul ll?ll . '-tn ner of 'I li'r I ?? i nun and Tweety-fec'iina ?tfaef, at eight o 'jck. Pun-tttal wiici":*nee ia n"pie?ied IIIRAU K B toil I M, JR . Pre* 1? t . nTR WARD JlfeCLELLAS OSION Ofcl'S -A I K -L* lai maet'naaf t;>? *'>ove cb.b will be held t.nlrriu?? ?]?". 'i*; H'luirM" iMh fyc*iftk*W&'ir ^ xJOPRKMPiai. B' IRS SAM'S i'ORM'i Oi'.E ? Vi'RFss-ofrtfS IH , \t*e?t I- leventli air^el, bet aaen rift i ? i r . till die. nite ? Pl?llii'.ir'r?, Ml rui , ' uti:'*, t 'flit 1' ?' " ' ?nd abipped to ad Itart* > . a ' Li t" ? "? t Tr V w

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