Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. mum. | Passage of Dog River Bar by the Ubion Fleet. Attack on the Rebel Obstructions. Bombardment of Fort Morgan. Two Thousand Troops from Pensa cola In the Rfar of (he Fort. Attempt ft Recapture the Rebel Ad miral Duchaaao and the Officers ?f the Ram Tennessee. Karnes of the Saved from the Monitor Teoumseh. Additional Particulars of the Xffaval Engagement in Mobile Bay, 4w* &c., &?. O0cl?l Announcement by Gen. Caaby. BBADQUARTKKB, MlL'TIRV I>l\ 13101 WltHT MlSS'HSlPI'I, I Nkw Orlkaj to. La., August 0, 1S64. j Report has just been received that Jbe old flag Coats ?ver Fort Galoos, tbc entire g*ri ison having surrendered t> tbe combined forces of the army and navy Monday ?arcing at eight o'clock. By tbta aurrendor wo bare raptured eight hundred and eighteen prisoners or war, including forty-six commis Moned officer*, twenty-six guns, a largo amount of ord aanee stores and ammunition, and subsistence stores for ? garrison of eight hundred meu for twelve months. The surrender was unconditloial and oom; lete. Fort Fuwell was evacuated and dismantled en the night Bf the Cth inst., the garrison escaping to Cedar Toint, but leaving all the guns, elghleeu in number, to excellent ???dltlon .'or immediate service. the rebel steamer Morgan bus not gone to s?a, as re ported, but has gone up the bay In the direction or the ?Ity. The other rebel gunboat? Galeae? has been deetroyed fry the rebels themselves. The Tennessee will be In complete order in a few days, tsd Ot for duly on the right sidr-. A national salute will be fired on the levet at three ?'?lock this altemoon. , E. R. S. ''AN! Y, Major General. AaBomaeement from tin Naval Head* qniti te i s. Uritbd States Naval Hbadquartriu*, 1 149 Cabal Str-bt, Nbw Ori.kaxs, August 9, 1864. J hrt Galnee earreadered yeeterday morning at half. Ml nine o'clock to the aaral and military authorities Bight hundred prisoners on their way here. fort Powell was evacuated and blown up on tbe nlgbt af the Atb, as before stated. Grant's Pass Is now open, aa wall as Pelican ra-s. Traugi?rts art now going in and Bat at tbe bar. Itort Morgan was Invested this morning. Mr. T. Jtf . Cook's Despatches. Mobi'k Bay, August 6,1864. A PR00D DAT FOR THB lltJLV SQFADB0N. This has been a proud di v with the West Golf squadron, Which bow, more than ever, bis ccaslotx to rejoico and In Ita gallant leader, tbe .tann rtai Farragut. mobil* iuv ill ovr r asiwsio*. Mobile Bay is in our possession, and the occupation of the forts commanding Its entrance, as well as of tbc city ?f Mobile, are only questions of time. THR FLXST PASSING PORT MORCIA*, AN D 'I* WHAT ORPKR. Tbis morning at six o'clock our lleet got under weigh Itr the purposo of runulng the forts and aonuriog poHses Mm and control of Mobile Bay. Tbe fleet steamed slowly ap toward Fort Morsnn. ibe Monitors leading and twelve Wooden vessels roiio wing, Tbe oider of ;>u-sing Morgan was as follows:? Monitors Tecimseb, Winnebago, Man hattan, Chickasaw, follow, d by lli-nhip Hartford, Drook tya , Richmond and Lackawanna, eacb towed by another ?Uamer lashed on the port side opposite the fort TBI FIRST OCR FIVKO 4*1> IMF 01 SERAI. ACTION. The first gun was flted by ibe Tec' twenty ?Inutaa after six, bui wa> n >t resixn ded to by tbe fort ant 1 1 seven A. tl , when the Ic.idlog Monitor was nearly ?breast of tbe for^ The action tbeu became general. Oar fleet, moving up In ll'.o, oMoitded over the space ITem Sand Island to tbe fort, abo l three miles. AflociuoY or ihb FIRS ami raw mm or TBS BtntSTIBO Bit Ft I B. The Monitors, having the letd, tired slowly, their heavy Metal telling with much eitect, utile tbebundred-pouuder Farrotte on the bows of tbe fnllotvlog shlpe were served With an aocuracy unequ <lled in the history t.f gunnery. At a distance of from t eo to three miles every shell fell With exaotn??s In the so u'boio shore battery or the Tort, aad exploded with admirable pre. Is! oa, soon silencing Uut hatter/. TUB OAM.ART TBCl HtSBII H10WN UP RT A V'RPFnO. Tbe wooden shljis, a?p||l?il i,y their cor orts, ' teaming ?inch raster than too M ? it r?, we re nbrwt ir mam ns they wi-re i<as?lng the t ? -rt? the TtCumsch alone Icadb g. This l,aiMnt crali, toiiowlug the ohatinol lnt<> the bar. ?leered to the no ' 1 1 ?? > >t , iu - hi- !? duocii o iho rei ol Boehanm's Meet was lying, si I tsd proceeded hot a half gosen Isoitibs irom opi'H'c Hie tort * hen she si rock a torpedo uude' her Btarboard bow, which e>plo<led with such violence ne to tlir< * ;^r c m; lately ovor, snJ flie treat down witnin one m ute in Blue Ithoms oi water FAT* OF 1KB fKTTTHSiat'S FB?'. A single small boat tl ated nway, tu which el. ht or (en Mn wore seen to esoape, The! " made their wuv to a re Itef In the res'-, sr.| w?r? ive-l It is retried ibnt two small b 'etM ir mo I rt Morgan pl' ked ui> othor etir vtvora. N ihloi i^ kiioaia nturu defluiiaty thau tbla ru> aior of the of t' t r nainder of ? n craw o' the III. Ikied veeael It Is en;-' ried that Admltal Karragut ex. aacted thai his leso -g ren el n oiihl he lost , and w te not, faeroivre, tHaooaoer'e.) at this disaster. tm BABTVOBI) S1BA1M OP <*l> Ml RS HKC BaOUBlBI I.XTO TI1B RRIlRI WORRf As soon rs th ? rutaatmpbH oecurrad the Admiral ?tesined shes l wob ibe ii^'l i-it old II <rl Til, nnd, arriv h^r oppoeito thn fort, at c oee rsne" <li ? m- > ed Ms lei rl? hie broaiUide ot nine tnm guns, double sb iit'd with gia.o ?ad csmev-r, dl <>n<]y into the rrbel woiks. She thoa ?irnu'l/ed hor orders ir ih? rout of the ht r l. ?BB BBBRL *?IIK RtTTIiK'F* RSniAMD lit Til* MORITi RR ABO SROAKSiriRIi IV Tim WixiIirR HNIIS. From I lie foi 1 1 lie chain el dlvargcs to the ii'rthwsst. the turt Ins s tronl, ? tth a pou oi Mil w tor buttery ol Mgtli guns lanin* dire >,y tip th s ol annel Ihe Monl l?r? were d reci.'il to I iy cl<> " to il>e ma aid ?i.llhde this ??t?r b^iteiy. I *ch wood n eti : rss tostop appo* Site ihf f >rt end !>? ir li hrosdshtee until Ita foiiowar thou Id none up, <ntl lien :????< eod on up the rhamei. tub ro"r ti!" i.h if? RBerosn sv < n voor. These lastracllous ?er? sraorately lollcw d, ami ecca stoned si ch u tremeud us flro apon li e tort that hor gnr. rtsnn were unal '?> to rfMpoai with ary vl*' r, ind ?sii?. ?tally onr vc<ae|j aauf Ing u'.iy op the ohtnaol weie ?parid tbesoveto tiro iu tbaraar thoy h. d looked lor Irom the formidable sti 'e iisite,'y or tne fort TUB RBNRI. (Utai fji'iB f liKP /(HT1 H tltK < HARRtl, At this lime the robe) Hoot, 0(?is!st'ng of the lam ua ram t'oBnosse#, ibi^-iuip of vdim ii Buchanan} the Gaines, Morgan, Helmn, ne nibrr?osme nnkno vn? and tare or three tendar*. were stretoh?d ?.? o s tho Channel Abovt a mile ni>ribK?*t or iho sort, rterni I 'nallt1 throwing ? harat^ase shot at such of oi :t vssaela as cams In range, ras rRdRfcOss ts-.tas to war w ?Ain-^Ri> ii?t> bwqui ooaiiA^-Tii* (ftp" of ibr ubh first tiimAtrn. %hen tbe Br" ik^B oame np ?pp ?iie ih? f.iri the Hart ferd put away *1 f?i V st' ?m for th? robet fleet The ra pldity 'f ber mov?n?N'? aeemed to tur; tipo the rebels ?ad dleaonoeil tboin. i H' T<"nme?,>? at. ?nneu 'iff to iba ?*?>, aa If to lure th? B.'f'rora a e-ay fri m tbe rest of IM AMI aad iato si Bale ooa.^st Tho rest ol the rtibel Boet, fettling that their sboU producmtfoo effect, and fear Icg S'i r rinWtible an adversary, fWd. rvHEino trritct or our cixwi samib avb?? m port RUHDBD BT TBI HOKI. The fight dow became interesting and exciilng Id the extreme. Tbe frequency of our broed sides at closa rax^e, Ml tbe tremendous Ore of tbe eleven and fifteen inch goes on tbe Monitors, all delivered at cl?s? range, kept the fort completely quiet. Added to tbe fearful, demoral izing effect of ibis great weight or metal, tbe wind fortu nately wm in oar luvor, blowing tbe vast cloud of smoke canned by this heavy and continuous llrtng diieotly on to the fort, envelopiogit In a cloud so dense aa to prevent ber gunners firing with any accuracy; so that what few shots sh^ellvered wore mostly wasted. THB HARTFORD DHLIVKM BER FlitB ON TUJi RBBKL run AND TOR*. In the meantime the Hartford bad penetrated between the Tennessee and tbe rep t of tho rebel fleet, delivering her beuvy port and starboard guns alternately at either, and occasionally yawirg arourd to tend a broads! te back at the fort. The Tennessee finding that Farragut eared nothing for her manoeuvring, Buchanan was forcod to fight or run, and fight he did, with ft gallantry deserving of a better cause and great' <' success. THB RK1.K! RAH FIGHTS TWO HOURS ? OCR ruCBI P0VR1BU IMO IJBK A CONSTANT FIRB. At elgbt oMork our fleet had all passed and were be yond range of let Morgan. At that hour tho fight be gan earnestly and definitely with the rebel rant. For two hours this unequal lasted; that single iron clad gunboat, Fkilfully handled, defying the efforts of our largest and fleetest voiwls to run h.^r down, and !.er thick iron mail resisting our heaviest metal. H war a most desperate struggle. Our great sloops-of war, with tho litt'e Monitors, suiled about her In a regular clrc'e, pouring into lier a constant fire of ail calibre?, Including the heaviest known in modern naval narraro,ai..l yet ?ho withstood it all an ! answored gun for gun. Her endur ance wns certainly unparalleled. Even without uny other elli'ct upon ber ft would seein that her men would be exhausted and compelled fr m vory weariness to give in. But they fought on, showing no slgus ol fatigue Tim -MONITOR CHICKASAW DWSTR'JTS THB I *OEEMA< K A WD SHORES on THB TES.XR^BK? EBE FCRRB.NDER8 ? ADMIRAL BUCHANAN l.oets A T.lul. At las', the doublo turretted Monitor Chickasaw stemmed clone under her stern, and Rt close range dls charged her two forward guns, quickly followed by those of ber after turret. The Manhattan followed close with her two iifteen inch puns. When tho smoke of theso tre mendous discharges c!<-arod away tho smokestack of the Tennessee was found to be gono. and the smoke of her engines was suffocating hor men beneath the casemates. G'line to the last, Rhe Dually surrendered when she could no longer resist. tibe had beon pnmme led ortr-igeously, but had suffered comparatively lightly. Buebnnan lost, % leg iu the action Farragut to -k him Aboard his flagship and directed his own surgoon to attend him. CAl-ICRR Of TJ1R Rr.l'KL H KET. 1 must reserve a mere particular description of tbe rom Tennessee and ber gMUnt fight f"r another despatch. 1 have only time to add that Knrragut has c-iptured three rebel vessels, including tbe Tennessee and Cclma. Ono other rebel iron clad new lies under the guns of Fort Mor gan in an apparent damaged condition. Anothir is also lying there, but shows no sigr.s of iDjury. TJicy can neltbor escapo out of the harbor or to Mobile. Their capture or dest ruction Is merely a question of time. UF.N. ORANCF.R !STKSTIR!i AND Sll.fcNCINO FORT OA INKS During the fight of tlic feet with tho ram Tennessee our vessels were frequently within ran?o of Fort Gaines , but, General (Jranger having closely in .e-iied that work cn the land side, bis suns annoyed them so tbey were un able to flro upon the fieet. rRETARA HONS FOR A COMB1NSD ATTACK ? TUB FORTS HI ST VAI X. To n 'ght arrangements are being perfected for a com bined military nnd naval attack upon that work at day Imht to-morrow morning. In that attack they will meet with a more fearful ami deadly fire than tbey now lo< k for. But should tho attacic not culminate in a victory to-morrow it will argue no cefvat to us. We can well afford to bide onr time. Tbe three torts nre all n^w sepa rated from each ether and from Mvbilo. Tbey must each fall in lime, as must Mobile when its time comes. THJC SMALL LOSS IN THE UNB.UALLFD NAVAL COMBAT. Farragut to night reports bis total loss at seventeen men Whether this includes the loss by tbe sinking of the Monitor or not is unknown. Probabij' It does nit. Nevor has a more desperate and BucccFsrnl flght occurred In tbe annals of our country, and this loss is small be yond comprehension. Tbe nature of the engagement must rot bo judged by the trifling number of casualties, it has been an unequalled naval combat. I regret my in ability to give more detailed account! to-nlcbt. The rebel losses are wholly unknown. Another day will doubtless aUcrd me opportunities or fathering more details. Mown Bay, August 6, 18C4. ESTIMATED lOCSBS'lN THB FQUAPR0N. The losses on the Hartford wero nineteen killed and twenty-five wounded. No names yet ascertained. The total losses in the squadron are estimated at seventy-five killed and two hundred wounded. DOW TH* TECCMSm WAS STRUCK BT THB TORPEDO. The Tecum Feb was struck by a torpedo directly under her turret, which tore a large hole lo her bottom. Two officers and five men ercared in small boats to our reitef boat Others were picked no by tbe rebels; but their names have aot been ascertained. THE ORDER or PASSINO THE PORTS. The order or ptssirg tbe forts wis as fallows: ? The Monitors leadiDg, as stated la try last despatch; then camo the Brooklyn, Bartford, Richmond, f-atkuwarno, Seminole and Oneida. Facn of tbe-e had the sta board side opposite the engines covered with ch.iin Dinting. A side-wheel vessel was also on th3 pi rt *ulo of each. Ibe Meiacomet wns with Die H*rlfcid, the. Uctorura with the Kic timed. When tbe fleet hid passed into the bar bor the convoys were thrown ofT and became fighting ves sel*. BKAIE OP TBB RKFM Gt NROAT V0RCAM? TDS ) RMTIBM mira Last night the rebel gnnbont Morgan rnn up the harbor and we* pod toward* the city. Tbe outside fleet chased her all night, but without success. Another, rsppesod to be tho (JaiLcs, lies at Fort Morgan In a crippled condition. Admiral Farragut captured the Tennessee and Selma. Till WOl'NPKU AWD I'HidfWtKRS tXXt TO I'KNSAroL*. Our wounded, with iho?e of th* cdoiiit and our i risen O'R. wne Bent to I e iMMOla this tnorn;Dg. ibe rebels to Fort Morgan pernvtting them to pa*s undor a Cag of truce. Admiral Buiuanan wa* sent with the rest, i nmFATCH boat i fmroysp nr torn koroak. One of Admiral Farragut's despatch boats, tbe 1'h'llippl, foolishly went uoder Ore yesterday on the outride alter our nu o Meet had punt in, Fort M rgan op*Se4 on her, when she grounded. The rebels then perforated her with sh< t, one rcnetraticg her boilnvs Two m?n were scaldeflB Tho rest of the crew oscared in small fo"ata. The rebo ? afterwnrds camo out from Fort Morgan sod burned tbe PbiliippL okakckr mooting ris eiar.e <s> **? roar oathw to bi T>KW. Nothing his yet been dino today. Tbe land forces are busy mounting siege guns. This *>ill bo e mpletcd In the course of tbe day, when the attack on tort Gaines will commence. omrjF> ov 7hk ttgnrt ram iik.i w-sa. Admiral ? Frarki n Buchanan. Om'-tarui r? .Janioe P. Johnson Lieutenants? Wtn. Bradford, A. D. Wharton, E. ). Mo re i mot. Matlert?3 R PeMahy.n. W Marvin. ?Swr font? Fleet . 0. B. Conrad . Assistant, B. C. Bowles. Bngwtri ? First Assistant, G. D Lenl'-g, fleend As sistants, '. 0'C*>noe;l, .1 >hn Have*; Tbird Aasistunts, 0. Benson, W B. Patterson. I'ahmnrUr't Clerk? J. H. Cohen. j, Mailer's UaUt- W. A. Forrest, Eeebe, R. M. Carter. Boa/nrain? John Vcfardle. Ctmnrr? H. s?. Pmilh. cmrFm or ibp. s*b*i. or-Mf at mm. Tbe rebel gunbnat -' elma surrendt -ed to the rniied Fifties gunboat Metacoinet. A partial list of bar officers follows ? Cnn.wanJri? Veter n Murphy, (prisoner), Lituterant -J. )1. ComVock. (killed). RAMS! or TUB SaVKO FltOM THU T*? MK Thoro kno*u to btve i>cen Sired are. ? Acting Master thus. F. 1 aogley. Acting Fbsign O. C ttrell. Acting Fnsign ' las II. rpnnington. Cnpthin> <lerk eiih ? on ley. Quirtorin.-.iter'e Mute S-'smnt! H. shinn. guartor Ounrer Jam** tiuioid. Penmaa ffm, O'Brien nr I mry ????<> ?ii Pli hard Collin*. I>aM*man Trier Parker. Otpt'iR Craven succeotted In getting out of tho vessel liofoi o i ho n ?i t down. b"'. is suppo-H to hare btea drawn into tho downward current prou. ced by tbe stok ing \ eicel. t > *i r * s*?, Momt* TUv, August 8, 1864 The S'f.rr an't Stripe* wnve oror two of tho three forts that guard tbe tntnui-e to Mobile Hay. wist rc> xu. now* rr. Fort Powell w s b own up aod abandoned on Friday night. Ihersiel flag was left standing, and as we bud n i purpose of Immediately assailing tbe piaco 'be alian 1 ilonment wan d t <!ise.oversd at til afternoon the next day. | ThU wis merely sn eirthwoik, bcilt on a find knell I commanding tha approach to Mobila llsy from Mississippi 1 Hound. It ws* untenabla sg<lnrt an attuck from wltbln tha bay. iavawT.wr K*r- so Tl>e blowing up destroyed of tbi work; Mill there were ton or twolro heavy guns loft in position, and a battery of light artlilei y (M* pier^) hsi also beon recoT ered from the ruins In good oondiiiou, G??Rr'a rim w or* roc.KWiOf. Grant'* Pass, carrying sos*n to eixht feel of water, leading from the sound Into tue hay, is now in our pos session, enabling us to enter and loare ihe bay with sup ply vessels, &<\ , without cne* uriteriug the Are of Fori Morgan . ?numx*** or ti*iyo*n'* *t? * < rMUTioji*. Qsneral Orauger^i operations nt> raupbin Island bare beM pushed witb (nob ?<eidtn-'?'" and rigor as to pi >ee the destr notion or eapitulat>"n of FortOalnes he\otid a question, Yeeterday morning our lino* if works were within fifteen hundred yarda of the rear wall of ihefort, w'p to this time Hen oral Granger htd wtthheld his flro, except from a email field battery of thri-e loch Hodman gun*, but hi* near approach to tho fort . n .bled the rebel* to discover hie beaty guns before they b?4 opened. root ost^e. i?n sst& >. O or skirmish Or* bad alio beej >i*aiructlf* to the ens my, raoslng them to keep cloee with In their works. Add (o this the advantages Farragut had gained by Mm evacu anon of Powell. which enabled blm at any time to place bra ships oo an arc covering not leas than a hundred de grees about the fort, and It will be mn bow completely tie work lay at our mercy. Tin burrknuk* or foot turns raorosui. Yesterday morning, on discovering the lull extent of Granger's operations, and being warned by a few fifteen Inch shells from the Monitor Chickasaw, wblcb created some destruction within the works, the commandant, Colonel Anderson, sent out a flag of truce proposing a sur render. Admiral Farragut at once communicated with General Granger. Some delay occurred in arranging In terviews and compiling arrangements, wden, at ten o'clock lad night, an unconditional surrender to the land and naval forces conjointly of the lort. garrison, arma ment. stores, &C., was signed on board the flagship Hartford. WHAT TBS StRRBRDKR mfBRACm The formal surrender took place at eight o'clock tbls morning. The surrender was received la the presence of representatives of both arms of the service by Lieutenant Watson, of the navy, by whom, acting under instructions, the works, prisoners and at nninent were turned over to iho lai d force?, who immediately tonk possession. Tho surrender Includes about forty Ave officers and six hun dred and lift) men, seventeen heavy guns tn barbette and ten howitzer* in bastion?. The armament consists of three ten inch columblnris and fourteen, sixteen, twenty, four and thirty-two pounders. The magazines were well stocked with amunitlon for along siege, and the fort pro visioned for flttcon bundled niou for six months. WHY THI FOHl BVRKCWIERSD The prime cause alleged for the surrender was thefln sei'ure condition or the works for defence. Itoey were ?atlKfled that when wo opened upon them in earnest their magazines would be blown up at one.o, and that resist ance wtuld be simply tlio murder of the garrison, with no corresponding benefit. Will It Is a matter Of great surprise to all lTnlon officers that Usey should surrender without at least ouo trial with us. A NATIONAL SALl'TH VlUF.n. The rebd flag lias just been babied down from over the fort., and tho stars anil Btrlpes substituted. As the 1 >iter were run up a salute of tbirty four guns was tired from the batteries of the fort by Captain Cla*fcn, or tbo United States artillery, chi?r or artillery on General Granger's staff. Tb is gave to Fort Morgan and General Paige, the rebel commandant of tbo deforces, who is at Morgan, the first intimation of what wus g jing on on this side of tbe bay. PKJBONRRg SIM TO ORLFANS. The prlpotiers will l>o gent to New Orleans this aftor noon. Tbe Felma, c untured from tho rebels in tbc fight o( Friday la?t, will take a portion of them. DKT4IL 0'-' THK LOHMSS !M TBS I I.EKT. Tbe following lire tho log?es in tbe fleet in action last Friday: ? Hartford , killed twenty five, wounded seven teen /Brooklyn, killed eleven, wounded thirty; Rich liu nd . woundod two; l.ackuw .una, killed tour, wounded two: Monengabels, killed one. wounded five; Oneida, killed peven. wounded twenty tbree: Galena, wounded one Meiicomet, killed one. wounded two; Kenneivc, killed one, wounded gix; Ortorarn, killed one, woundod ten. Total killed fifty one. wounded ninety-eight. TBK ORDKR OK T1IR NAVAL MO\ EMKKT. Former statements of tbo order of vessels entering tbe bay were slightly incorrect. Tbe toilowinc is official: ? Tccumscb, Wluncbaso, Manhattan, < hlckasaw, all Monitors, singly. Tho following chips hid tho contorts named on their port sldos:? Urooklyn, with the Octorara; Hartford, with tbe Metacomet; Richmond, with tbe Port Royal; Lackawanna, with tho Kennebec; Ossipee, with tbo Itasca, and Oneida, with the Ga'ena. "WIS HAVK TOST TOR BKST MoXITOR. " On reaching Fort Morgan, when the Tecumseb was blown up, the Brooklyn stopped and signalled back? "We have left the best Monitor," and seemed tobesitato nbout going on. Farrarut ordered rtoam on the Qartfoi d and pnesed, ordering all the vessels to follow. He passed tho Brooklyn abreast or tho fort. Both discharged fonrful broadsides, with niue-inch guns, simultaneously. The Are of the forts was remarkably ineffectual on our vessels. thb DBgrntAT* noHT wrrn Tna KRBBL FLKFT? APHIRAl FAKRACI T nCDTS FLAGSHIP FOR FLAGSHIP. The fight with tbe rebel fleet was more desperate and resulted in tbo greatest losses. Farramu doflgred tbe Monitors to fight the rebel lron-clads; but tboy manoca vrcd too rapidly titid rn ved too quickly for us. Farragut h d anchored, when the Tennessee, baring shaken off the Monitors, waa saan eotning after blm. lie immediately culled to quarters, with tho remark, "If It must he flag ship for flagship, udmiral for admi-al, 1 am willing." in* nAM aims for ins n arttotvP. Tbe rebel mm onne on with greit speed, aiming to run the TTarUord'down. The latter was handled with wonder fill Fk ill. As be saw his adversarv coming, I'arrasut wailed the opportune moment, and then, turning bis ship slightly, gave her headway, and, instead or being struck himself, dealt tho ram a tearful blow, which must have shook her terribly. The two boats then glided alongside against each other , side to tide, both discharging their broadsides. Those of the Tennessee passed directly through tbe Hartford. Tbe Hartford's M)lld nino Inch sh t giaccod unward from the heavy casemates of Uta Tennessee and flew away into tba etr. thk f srwi rrr ?co; hikss in pihats co*bat. The*o encounters were freqnent during the action, not only between the mm and tbe Hartford, but also with tbo Fa' kawnnna, Monongahela and Brooklyn, which, with the Monitors, cimo to the aid of the heroic old flagship. Time fails mo at this opportunity fo ? rite the dc tilled sceount or this remarkablo fight, which deserves volumes for its record of heroism, courage and determination dis played on hotb sides. 1 shall ask spuco for the fuller ac count in a few days. THR r 1.1.1 L FHOT AT TTT* TtKW-l*. Tbc final rbots that terminated the career of the rebel vessel were flred by the Monitor fbicknsnw, whi.b parsed close uuder her Morn, giving ber the full weight or two eleven inch solid shots from ber bow turret, which damaged tbe cover of tho ram's sternpost. Buchanan went a' i with his engineer to readjust the P"rt cover. While engaged In tbls operation tbe < blcknsaw brought ber after turret ?o bear, one shot from whlcb carried awny tbe tiller chains of the Tennesseo, rendering ber unmanageable, wb'le the other, entcriug the damaged port killed out man and fractured Buchanan's leg with ? allarin the ntxwrus* *rpnK\r>KRS. .iir already loet her Kn:ok' sta. k. the rebel ship r as now utterly helpless. She was therefore surrendered nt poce. lieuliDK down her colors lo th" C'liiokMnw, I.le?i tenant Commander Perkins eommandltg. VAKV.Ai.n Bl CAR1* BI'CHANAW AS HIS XMMT, ARD DF IJJX1S rn BIT. IIIV. When Farragtil was notified of the surrender Tie sent an > flH-or off to receive Buchanan's sword. On learning of fiucli .nan's wound, nn oilier Mke.1 J'mrngiit If le would go off and see him. Farranut looked al< ng his de^k*, strewn with dcil ?nd dyinf* ard mangled com rndes, and red with the blood of oitieia who had fallen and been removed, and ihen replied. '-With these brnvo men before mo killed and n.ancled t>r him, I consider Mi., hut my enemy. 1 want nothing to do with him." AltlWrTFn 1BWAIB AR1> r*nnj!R OF TUB SKI MA While the Ojht with itie rennefsec ?m roirg n the rebel gunbnnt Seima attempted to ctcai* up i he bay, Several gunbnata started in pnrmlt. The Mctac.met, being the fust. r, overhauled ber, after a cha?e of a few miles, and, with a tingle shell froin her hundred pounder Tarroti, which exploded fairly on the deck of the rebel vcs-el, tUM or wounded every m?n Ml konrd. Her colors were at once strc< k, and she was brought ba< k to tbe fleet, a prize to the Metacomet, Lieutenant lorn ma' tier Jewett. She Is a Are vessel, of light draught, and oarryirg an armament of four heavy guns, includ ing a hundred pounder Brinks rifle. DKacxirnoM o? Tnr rim trxrimrb. The Tenu?i<reo If ti?e mifi complete and formidable iron- c'ad monster aPoat She was considered perfectly invulnerable. Her nodel and cunstri&tton are very stmt lar to thorn of the Merrlmac, of Hampton Koads fame ibough she is a stAunrher and more formidable ship. Her length Is two hundred feet: breadth, forty eight. Per casemates bavo a backing or thred Inches of oak, oovered with sixteen Inrhes of yello* pine, cr aged. On thin there ia a per pendicular layer of Iron plates, threa Inches in tMckncss, covered transversely by a second layer of two Ineh Iron, topi ei by a third layer |ierpend'culnr, one Inch thick, making nineteen inches of wood and Fix of Iron. 1 hose (-.ascir no* bang over her hull, protecting it completely, ller de. ki are covered with double plates of two-Inch Iron crossed, laid <n heavy timber, ner firma ment consisted of six rilled guns ? two of reynn inch call bie and four or six and threu quarters? all of Iho Brooks p ttern. She di*W8 fourteen feat etgbi inches of water. In wn:ked by two splendid high pressure engines, driving a geared propeller. Iter port covers aro of live Inch Iron, worked by cogs from within. Her complement was one hundred and eighty. seven men, ofl've e and all. Two w?<re killed aboard of her ?nd three or four wound ed. The vessel will be repaired at a trifling cost one HI teen Inch shot penetrated her casemates amidships, i his wis the ?nly eilectlve ?bot In ber srmor. Phe was struck tie vend count, snowing a battering on all aides CLOugh t<> demolish any craft. tub iivFD arr tour or rn ntrrnstrw. Tli" le< utMM had ? Mt ..( tweiny live ofPcers lt d ninety five men on board when sho wenl down. Of ihe?e Fe?ii'n i-eddlck, 'rom New Bedford, mid eight or uine others sre kn<>wn to be raved. A few rn< re iro supposed to bave?Tam sshore, - id arc now in th< hands of tne cneii.y. Tfttreareno records on ihv fl galiip or r'sewbere ?cc<?. ibv here giving . lie! ot her officers and crew. She was commanded by Commando* T. ,Ai'gi>s"? ? r^ven, who is known lo l>e loel The rush of w ater thai dreve the plloi out of the turret threw flrmmander Craren In an opposite dlrectlr n. Lieutenant Jebn W, Kelly was sccend offer . John I arron was ehlci enginee ' and ? Barlow, Hist assistant. Nono of iheuo ate saved. no Oram movitor art ran f!turR<sAw srrrnnn. None of t t o other llunlto s suffered during tt.e fight etepptipg the <bicks*aw, which gol ono elivt through ber deck They were all frequently bit. PJMAUK-i St>T*1KR1> HY TnR WOOPFR SfTirS. li e wo'-dru shh s, e? eflially the old Hartford, wero e'n-'derahly perforated: but not ore of tbem was In ured to as e\en temporarily, to dohy her fiom service. I'll- in v 'be SSIIOn with Iho 'ennetsee the I Jirkawani.n at i ink the llirtuird a treme-d us blow on tbe starb ard side. Just betwei n its mam anil mlren, dOvieg in her 'ide nixily down to ihe wator line. This was the rooel damaging hi. w she received. etmui. n'RVkv or runr oainft its oakusor, laMAMmr Ann strm. s*. The ofllclal survey of Fort Oaines just OOWpMed by (?'eiiw al ?. rani er s staff sh ws the following:? Klghl ttnn dr. d si d etgbiecn prisoners, oft oers and all, most y Al 'bama home guards. incHulimr two companies of >he >!ob lo cadets, three ten. Irch columbtad?, thr<s thirt* t w I'Oin der nflos, four thirty twi?i>ounuer sm""ih b<<ren three twenty tour pounder rnvith bores, two elghlfSn-peniider smooth bores, eleven howitzers for dank defence, one tvinlva pounder fleld howitrer? !>? eoty seven pieces in all; iivo hnn dr. d end llftv rout ds of ammorHien for esch gun, el* hnndre* aiands of esaall arms ono hundred ihouaatid rounds of nil *11 arm ammunition, and six months pro visions lor twelve buudred men. ji.ujMiqrr or port pow*i u On Pert Powell (b?ro were recovered eight heavy rlflss, Iwo lea ioc U coiuniluaJs and aix bowit/ers. The tailing or tbe despatch boat requires me to stop. Foar Caines, August 8 ? F. M. iMiRii BPcuiNAx'a oosnrno*. The ver>t>el tbat carried tho wounded to Peosacola baa returned. Tbe flnet burgeon reports Buchanan's wound not ao serious at at first eupposod. Qla lag will probably be aaved. gkvbral oaixcsa i-osxs bi t on mi*. Tbe total loss thus far In General tiranger'a command !a one man hilled, fort Oalues lott eight or ten killed by our picket firing aud shelling. < Afir*LTiK8 or orncRKa in r>RR*orr'8 nnrr. Tbe following are among tbe caauaiiiea In Farragut'i fleet in tbe tixbt of Friday ? Commander Melaney, of tha Oneida, arm shot away. Lieut. I'r'iitlps. of the Mooongabela, killed. Master's MateC ok. of tbe Brooklyn, ic lied. Third Assistant Engineer McKwan, of the Hartford, arm abot off. Knsigu Iliggiubotham, of tho Hartford, leg off; slnca died. Lieut. Adams, or the Hartford, aide, splinter, slijht. Mantel's Maio Herrick, of tho Hartford, leg. splinter. Boatswain Pison, of the Hartford, bead, pplluter. These, iu aildi'lon to those who went down in tha T? cuifcBoti, are tho only officers Injured in the Heel THK Mi'll.Dta or th? Toa> ki>oks? tiibir okkat Nranwa. All tho vessels report that they constantly heard tha cra'-k'tng of the caps on the torpedoes aa tliey passed; but t ie oi:e that blow up the Tor.timseh was the only one that exploded. I huvo Information tbat thnt one and several "the^ln Its vicinity wero sunis but a day or two bofore thoi! ontered tho narb'ir. It is also reported, on rebel authoi Ity, that upwards of tw > hundred of these Internal machines hive boon sunk in tbo channel off Fort Morgan 'Hie result proves their worth lessnegB after being a few days in tbo water. Mr. llenry Thompson's Dsapntcti. Off Moim.k, August 7, 180*1. During ttic hurry nml excitement of tho nava! engage ment off Mobile on this 6t?i instant many Important and inioro ting facts were omitted, and as I have now another opportunity of forwarding nuother despatch to tbo IIeiuu) I am enabled to furnish your readers with tho remainder. The Monitor Tecum- eh was tho first to openflroon Fcrt Morgm. Tbo first broadsides were fire I by the Brooklyn and Richmond, and these wr re de'ive cd with such effect tbat the guns of Fort Morgan were sconced for several moments. The rebel rams and gunboats wore stationed behind tbe fort , but when tho leading vessels of tbe fleat passed the form they steamed from under the guns of Fort Morgan and crcsscd their bows, Brian rapid ly dcrlcg tho whole tlmo This lire was returned with spirit by tbe Brooklyn, Hartford and othors. A shell from one of the rebel vessels struck the Metaoomet and burst, killing and wounding a large number. Another shell set tire to tbe steamer, creating cou.-iderable al <rm, and (he was Immediately cut loose from the Tturtford, to wblch aho was lashed. The flames wcro lortunatoly ex tinguished without doing any serious damage, and, ob serving tho rebel gunboat Morgan making off in the direc tion of Fort Morgan, the Metaoomet oi once gave chase: but she pucceedod in reacting the fort, and remained under Its guns '.ill midnight, wlien she started out to son, taking with her (so report rays; the cri-w of the Caines, which, by tbe whv, was driven usbore by our gunboats. In addition to the capture of tbe Tennessee and Selma, tbe formidable water batteries of thn enemy were silenctd. 'lbe.s-0 were mostly muuned by negroes, who ".skedaddled'' at the first fire. Tbe surrender of tbo rants closed tho action. In my formor despatch 1 gave you an account of the destruction of the Admiral's despatch boat rhilllppl, Capt. Stevens, by tire, and statod that the ciuse was un known. It ub w appears that sho attempted to p., s? the forts for the purpose of i' lining the fleet in vide the b.y, but was driven back by tho guns of Fort On her return she grounded on a sand bar in easy range of tbo lort, which opened fire nt'On ber and compelled the officers and crow to abandon the vessel. Mvo or six of the crow were killed orwiunded by the shells, and one man was very seriously scalded from eso .ping steam, a Bhot having entered th<> holler- The officers and crew, together with the wounded, escaped to the tng B.ack tliorn under a galling tire from tbo fert. 'the rhilllppl w is alter wards bearded by the enemy and fired. The lori> ot the Monitor Tec muc-h was a most unfortu nate a air. The roVels evidently never expected tbe Admiral would attempt tbe passage of the forts lu such close proximity to Fort Morgan, and accordingly laid tbo torpedo** midway between theft>. The 1'ecutr.ieh was tha tarthiat out of any of the fleet, and bad tm> misfor tune ?a pass directly over a torpedo, which instantly ex ploded. causing her to sink almost immediately. A few escaped by jumping into the sea from her turret, and tbe following cscapiMl in the yawl by cutting the painter Master's Mates Gardiner Cntroll and C. F Langley; sea men Frank ' ozrent, , tames Could, IVra. O'Brien, Robert T. Colling, Samuel 8. Shinu and Peter C. I'arker. Fnslgn Chas. A. Pennington also escaped. Ensign N color, of the Metaoomet .'deserve? especial men tion f'tr hi? courage and presence i f mind at this trying moment. Manning a b >at, he Instantly went to their re lief, raving au officer and three men. During this time tb ?a in the water and tbe gallant fellows rescuing them were fired upon by nwiskoiry from Fort Morgan, aud it is said that more than one shell was fired In tho same direo tlon by one ot the rebel gunboats which was no r the scene at the time. Captain Cravon went down with bis vessel. If is said tbat two of the enemy's gunboats, unable to mtke thMr escopo to Mobile, are now under the guns of I'ort Morgan. They will be attended to, probably, by ono of our ir.'U claoa. I learn frf m the prisoners that two or tbren steamers, with ladies aud distinguished citizens on board, came d> wu (rom Mobile tor tho purpose of wltncssiug the en gagement, nrri took shelter under the guns of Fort Mor :, ?n. tnrwe tbe bay. as our fleet advanced these ves ' re!s steamed to tbe end of tbo fort for tbe purpose of al lowing their rebf-lltous freight t-> havo a peep round the Oornor at tLe Yankee b oats; but is tbe flout advanced tbey f teau.rd turtber up the ?>*y and wltno>=eil thn pas ruge of the foils and the naval engagement Inside, far be yi nd tho reach or i-ur heaviest cannon, and when tho tight riosod by tbe surrender of the rebel mms Tennessee fiii'l Seltua and the disiiersion of tbe reit of tho fleet they returned In basto to Mobile, for tho purpo.'e of being tho rrsi to commnntcata the sad tldicgs. Kach lady will, no doubt, i>icti re herrelf a heroine, and gossip with her friends on ti e subject Tor weoks to come. 1 h ivo just learned that the rcbalBtnade a raid on the Feufoeola Navy Tard this morning, and tlint an attempt was made to recapture the n bol Admiral Buchanan and his o:t cers. Thoy wore?repulsed, however, with conslder Rlilo loss, by the gunboats and Second Maine cavalry. About live hundred of thn latter had, fortunately, been landed ni tho X?vy Yard a abort time previous, aud they assisted materially In repeliing the attack. Tbe loss on either Bide is not ascertained. Mr. Wm. Yonai'i Dtiptlch. Nrw Orlsaxs, August 0, 1864. inn ;ntRBM>m or fort qaiiikb? in camwmi axd arm Fort Gaines surrendered at Din* o'clock yesterday morning, with eight hundred aud aeventy-aii prisoners and fifty, five guns. Tbe rebels, finding It Impossible to save the gunboat Gaines , have destroyed ber some strategy the rebel gunboat Morgan managed to elude Lie vigilance of our fleet, and has gone up to the city. FORT MORCAJT VIST SrSSrtTiSR. Two thousai.d Union troops, from Pensacola, sre fn the roar of Fort Morgan, and ft must t|*cdlly surrender, THS I'fclSO.NSHS TO ??W OSI.KAMS. The prisoners captured at Fort (James have left for New Orloans in tbe Oeueeee, {-eliago and Klenville The tieneaso and Kebago hive arrived at Pass a I'Outre ? tlie former with oce hundred and flitv, the latter wttb two hundred and flfiy prisoners. Ihe Bienville haa ar rived at .-outbwest I'atu, with the remainder of tbe pris oners? nearly five huudied In number, Newspaper Accounts* The following paragraphs relating to tbo naval opera ti ns In Mobile Bay are takun from tbe New Orleacs pa per*:? THS KIRST SHOT. The first shot wis fired by one of tbo Monitors, tbe Te comseb. *t a dutacce of two miles. It wsh merely es I'vrlmrnial, togel tbe distance nod rinse. Hut tlio ac tual battle was opened by the lorts Orlng on tbe wooden veaiels. srwKiwa^fcns nrraMB. Th? sinking of tbe f^Tmsch has already been de scribed as Hfao went dowu soma men Jumped from her turret. Els b t of tbsae cut tho painter i f her yawl and esc aped to tbe despatch boat This art, on was "no of the rr-ost heroic o( tbe war. Knslgn Nielor, an ofllc?'r of ihe MeteC'met, and three men rowed fearlessly b. iween the contending ships, eipmed to tbo i re of both Irlends and rues. Tbe marhoard ships only flrsd on I ort Mo Ran, tbe others nn ? < rt Alter getting beiond the range 01 tbe torts the ships tinlaahed m l prn p:i red to reoeivo the rebel rnms snd the (-onh .us thai followed Ihcm. AS the Tennessee same uti It was evident Hint rhe w is searching for the Ihrtf ril. .-tie ireuinad through ti e tleot, delivering ber broidsiil'-s rltfbt an t le' t. but did not "ram" any. As soon "S slie ai penred niost of the vessels steamed lor hor, peeing ihat tbo wbole battle turned u|on getting tier out of ibe w iy. ?*aiui iiT am' svrnisis. Farragut, lu his fag-hip, determined In give rt'irhntian tbe oDportoatlf 01 fighting him Mo ovule- tltrdoalred, nod ni ide directly at him. I.iko Richmond snd H oh?ril on pcaworth Held, Patrrsgnt and i.tcbanan wo e hunting r eh other, far as ti.ey amid, in settle tbo Is: ue In pers> n. TUB H*STrO?r> STAMI SDKS TIIS RSHKIS. As ihe Hertford wee t in sne pemed a bro>ds|i!e Into (ho water haitenee. near whleb weie barrack* contain lag seme three hundred negro s. This one brnedilil* tuused tho whole eongiegatl >? to stampede up urn h?lkl it ti?> m'-st c m'eai manner, eicb scram Mini; up ti e Ml ( >r hi nSSif nnd palling st the ior*m?st Olio's kg*, re t nUlcss of the i onseuneooes, they c old he seen han^ iiig in pairs t a pair of h els thxt ill i heir utmost to Hle!< tlsm oir. until th" h'ndt could hold on no linger, nnd tbey slid d >wn th<> bi t to pet up and try It over again. IMlMns To tms iiasriosrt asp n>sn? Tho llai t, oid received more aeriout luigry titan any ?easel or our neet, with the OTreutton of the Oneld*. The iwuer received * shock fr< m the prow of the rebel ram Ttnueasee, wbicu ue irly cat h-r In two, ana .s!i? was ruu into Hhi?l water to prevent sluklng Ilia oneld* also received a shot tn her boilers. Capta n Lev/ Is retried to b ivs lost au arm. Tbo IlirMord, 1 arragut's fiaghlp, lost one officer, Ilig ginbolh.kin, secretory to the ll.'ut captain, toge titer w ii h twenty of her crew, and tweiuv sli w minded. All our vessels wero wooden except fb;oe The Hartford wis seriously Injured by the MuWcoinut, winch ruu into her by ;<ccidetit. TflK X TTiOK "!? TUB TSNMMSIIK ? HHIC srRlKBt HKK COtong. Captain Strong, of tbo M?iwngah*la, see, tig a c'o ur sweep at the ram, a half mile distant, came down upon him amidships with a blow that made his ribs crack, and baoked oat without gett'ng a shot Then cam'- tb? Hert ford, steaming at full bead; bot the blow or the Monon gabela alislitly cbxngnd tbo position of the rain, so that tbe Hartford, Instead of striking a fair blow at rl^ht augles, made a glancing ono, towards tbo bow or the l'eu nessee, thus causing the vessels to swing sido by Bide, the Tennessee pouring a full broadside directly Into the Hartford's ports, causing uearly the irbolo of her fearful loss. At aluioel the sums moment tbo Lackawanna came at the rum, hut missed her aim, owing to tho swing of the Hartford, and struck the latter vessel betweou the after porta, kuocKlng thom into one. Bu? tho staunch old oraft stood still In tho fight. The Teunesseo then struck her colors, and was taken [KiKsesHion of, aa already stated. inMiRit. nrcn*N>!? pt.pckt. Admiral Buuban in, after ne'li'id surrendered hit sword to Captain .leraud, re narked tiiat, so grunt wns his 'anxi ety to slok tho Admiral's tbip, ho would have >>een will ing to die In two minute* if he could Ivive !c the Hart ford. When theSoIma struck her Hag the IVrt bad censed firing on her. an.l had m .do preparations 10 bo ird her. Master Sieriit hi 1 the boarding party pa rntlod and in readiness. Admiral Buchanan is doing well. It is thn mht his leg will be saved, m.owifo rp of row pownt? catruaa of a tur rn Fort Powell war*. lilovn up by the oncm.v to prevent It* falling into our hands, a terrific expl rion and bright light were both beard and ?eon from tho flent Inside tho bay. Forty men wore transferred from tho (,'ultod .States sloop of-wur Vlncennas to the United Stites atetm r Ktookdale, the latter tlien starting to go through Grant's I ass as the despatch bom left for N'ew Orlean*. The rea s^a for the'er of the men was that the Vln enjtus drew to" much water to suable bor to (asi through Grant's Pus*. An moldent ocourred off Port Powell at tho closo of tbe [ encagement'tviiicb is woll worth mentioning Lieutenant Commander I'erkl s, of the Monitor Cblcka saw, atearaod off In the direction of Fort Powell, and thero discovered, a short distance from tto fort, and within eifcy range, a barge nt anchor, filled with Ft no. It was the intention of wink In;* it iu the channel of Grant's Puss, for the purp^o of obstructing It. Tbe Chickasaw pat- e I between the f< rt und the lmrie, secured the lit l?r with ctiblep. and, slipping the 1. 1. o, toned tb barge off. tbe fort llt'iBg tn tlic meant one, hut nut a single shot taking effocl. iPniTtOSJU. l-AWn'TtAltft [From tb" N'ew Orlo uu Times. Aug.iEt 0 ] We havo received tbe following nddltioool particulars of tho surrender of Forttjninca, Ihrmigh the kindness of an ofllcor of tbe fleet, who arrived in tbe city this morning: ? Fort (jaines capitulate I at ten o'clock resferday mnrn Ing (the 8th), when a portion *?r Oenaral Granger's forces mar. hod into tbe lortiiicatlous, and tbo Stura and ^tripos wero flung to tho breeze. Tho articles of capitulation were signed on tbe evening of tho 7lh by Ailmirnl Kurragut and General Granger on the part of the Union forcoa, and by Colonel Anderson, commanding Kort Gaines. bight hundred a id eighteen prisoners were surrendered with the fort, twenty-four pieces of ordcance, Including some line rifled guns, and ore tbousan 1 st^nd of arma; also a largo supuly of provision" and ammunit.on. tin tbo afternoon of tho 6th Hm fort was shelled for bair an hour by the Monitor Chickasaw, Captain Terkins, which elicited only two shots from tho rebols, neither of which struck the Monitor. One of the Chickasaw's abeils explode.! on tbe glacis or tbe Tort, killing two mot). The rebel gunboat Se'ma was fought finely. Tbe rebel gunboat Gaines waa so badly damaged that she auak un der tbo guus of Fort Morgan. Tbe rumor that one of tlio rebel vessels had succeedod In getting out by the bay la incorrect. 1'Cose that were not sunk or captured escaped to Mobile. Colonel Anderson remarked to our officers that when be saw the gunboats pus tbe forts be knap it was all up with blm. Tbe reocl dofenoes on the bsrbor side were very weak, having been constructed with a view to a strong defence on tbe land aide. Admiral Buchanan is now at tbe Pensacola Hospital. It is expected that hla leg will be savod. The Tennessee Is immensely powerful. Her armament consists of six seven- Inch rifled guna. The gunboats Bletivlllo, Genesee nnd Pebsgo are on tbeir way to New Orleans with tho prisoners. THE LATEST NEWS. Preparation for an Attack oa Port Murgan, dec. OUB VBW OULBAN'S COHtUSflPOMDHIfC 9. Nt:w Oki.SaXS, August 12, XPA4. The steamer Kate Dale, from Fort Galoea and Mobile Bay yeetorday morulng, arrived bere lust night. A' Farragut had preparod bis fleet for action, and ordered tbe attack oa Fort Morgan to be oommenoed at eight o'clock yesterdujr morning. It was to receive an ouflladiug Are fro u tbe fleet and land force. Its rear Is said to b:ive res.sted the attack wherever there waa a foot of ground to stand upon. Tbe rebels h >d destroyed all tbe outbaildioga of tbe fort, and bad also burued their only veeael, lying under ita guna. Everything about tbo fort Indicated a determination on tbe part of tbo'rebels to contest the battle to tbe last. Tbe channel to Dog river ia unobstructed. Tbe naval and land forces are confident of success. At a late hour hat night we heard that the Admiral bad demanded tbe unconditional surrender of the fort. Tho demand of Farragut on Tuesday last for tbe sur render of ibe fort was refused by tho rebel commander , who replied that he bad aix months provisions, plenty of fighting men, and would resist to tbe last moment. Before this Goneral Granger's force In tbe rear bad cot off all tbe communications o' tbe fort. Tbe ram lenneouee was tu be In the attack. Farragut waa confident of reducing tbe fort. Tbo Hartford was badly Injured. We bold ail tbo channels to tbe bay. REBEL ACCOUNTS. Admiral Farragnt'i Fleet Acroii Da| River Bar? ttturk on the Ololruc tlous? Definite lie* a It? Firing ?n Fort Morgan, dut., Ac. WiflQiNOTin, August 19, 1804. The latest intelligence from Mobil* Is the followlnf from tbe Richmond S-niinel of tho 17th, rooelved at the Navy Department to day : ? ?Mo'ilk, August 16, 1814. "Two Monitor* and Are gunboats crossed Dog rlrer bar, and, coming op to within two mllas of tbe obstruc tions, opened fire for three hnurs oo onr batteries and gunboats, doing no damage. One of ear gunboats replied handsomely. Our batteries wero silent. At suosot tbe enemy hauled off. ? 'Firing was beard In tbe direction or Fort Morgan ibis morning." Affairs on the Mississippi. Cairo, III., August IS, 1804. Tbe Memphis Argni of tbe 16th tns'ant mention" the capture and plunder of the sterner Lady by gnerlll s, but does not say when or where It occurrcd. Gunboat No. 3 war fired Into on the 12th Instant by a rebel battery at Gaines' Lauding. Thirty three sLot* ?truck. No lives were lost. Tho steamer Olive Br n neb, from New Orleans o? tbe 12th Instant, has nrrivi d here. -ti? was not m >leated, as rumoied in Memphis. Iter officers know rotting of tbe capture of the steamer Lady, or of uny other t> at ali;re the Clara Bell was destroyed by the rebels. Police Intelligence. AasMT o? ah Aurawn Beo runs*. ?Mm sunltn, a mat forty-eight years of age, born In .\ew York, and * h > says he Is a merchant, was arreMed by officer Golden, the Sixth i rcclr.ct, charged with having st> (en i?t;r si k clonks from Jacob Lansing, doing UlSlnefS at No. 70 Chambers street a fe*v days sin e Smith called at It* store of tbe complainant and'rspresented bini>eh to be a Mr. J. Burton, of ih<' Urm o I Burton ft ? o. , nerrbsnte, t f Ft. I ouH. Ho examined Ibe F.oeit. at.d, sdrm !i tho quality and etyls of th- goo?i? eetectei thirty tt)r< i C oiks, Which b?? wl*hed hid nsid". pr mlaing to rail the next morning and pay lor the n Mr. I snstog <*?<* In ?ue St?re at thi> appointed Mns h'll Mir Ith had h<- tea h "i tin re. The arcured was lo>.nd t one ill tbe Ch ak room, the iiorter bein^ e> ??si(ed i palling th!> >g? n order. A* Mr. I janslii <r enteral .?mith 'aid he was g'llng to tin* Poet OfHre for le' tors, and wcukl return in twenty Muntea. Ashe faced t" make h ?a a' pearMfti alter war ?!? . Mr Tan Mog iirew suaph'ioos. sud after ex 'mining bh r oa* - found that four of ibetn were Hissing fi tak>n l>y ?he prls ner hii must have seer, ted t' em in hi* hat 1 ' p< >< Iteia when tie left ntnler (be pretonee 'f Z"" '?? the i'ost oftloe, The ac<-'wi d wit altogether unknown t onr p lire. on ibe affidavit .if Mr. ii <? >g J'-afce H gan committed .^mitb Is tbe To ibe t r nxamtnat m The Crept In Oaaa ???><? I'nnnlv. Osfluo N. v., A' l'i at iu Reports rrom the town* >r Mar <w, Mutin ? ?' ep pel, Weet Moanw Writand ani ?ttnlv i r<-*k <> Wheat, averse cro >, qnailty gf.,..| rorti.e >t rm ' ??< naia, two llilrd.a .?a# , herley, one ii ?if !<v?a; rye, an ave r?*? i.rep h iy . ?* third l?ss. >' ty ft " <i 1 1 ir' ' yield, Md u nity better Ibe Wraibtr ?n ?en as iiB' ally warm, anil, wtlti tbe exception ?f the ut tv.- ' Wiieks, th"re li i ' .?er m>?"b '??i ea r ihar ? ? i' am ? tbe middle ?i Juno SHERMAN. Severe Fight N?ar Chattanooga with the Rebels Under Wheeler. General Steedman, tf the Union Ftrccs, Wounded, k?H kti I/>m?Tiu.ii, Ky , August 18, 1S<M. A g'btteraiw Jast from the Trent rep'>rlH that on Tues day night (.onerul Stoetman started fr m Chattano >ga, nnO met the rebel f.i roo under General Wfceelcr at Graytvlllo, eighteen miles distant. A K?varo engagement en?ued. 7 ho I'l lnu Iosh Is out plated. C0Dor.1l .Sioi draaa ww aoveroly wounded. Oil < nr I Straight, of the Fifty - fir h* lii'lla-ia regiment, was killed. A robel foico la reported at Clevehnd, ienn.,and ? Union brig >de &?><( left Chattanooga for th it pi 0. Tbo rebel CAvalry foroo hive divided Into small par tics, and a>e demonstrative 00 the towns of Northern Ge rgia and Tennessee. Th# f'nlon pk-kots havo been fired up&u nl various points botwoen Chattanooga and Rrulgeport As our In'ormant loft Major General 8t??dra*n'S adju lantgcnornl was leaving Chattanooga lor Gr aysville with a cavtlry force. Mr* D. P. ConyngiiumN I)Mpitch< Near Atlanta, August 10, 18M. t THE SITCaTIO*. Th<> rebels are forth yiug and Intrench ng tiiom?elveo In th"lr strongholds while the f'nion army Is Niching its opportunity to poitcce oa them. Po superior Is Shor man'a ariuy and position to those of the rebels that ho could take Atlanta by assault; but tills would coat a largo sacrifice of llfo. II. on tb.ire Is the pr^pcot of talcing tho town by swinging round to the right of our position and south of I bo town, By that mo or wo will occupy tbo Macon lino of railway, also cut thorn ofT from bring ing in supplies from tbo fertile portions of Georgia; as to the portions traversed by our army, tbey are oornplotol/ devastated. HOOD REINFORCED. It Is thought that Hood has got c<>?M^|0*blc reinforce ments I do not know where tbey 1 come from, unl es Irom convalescent camps *i>4 iqiiads that have boon watching our raids in ibeir roar. One thing is cer tain: that they are strougly foriltle 1 in A'l inta, and will nuke an obstioate resist inco if wo b ivn to settle down to a regular alege I do not despair yet of tuklng It by stratogy or assault ATIA.TTA MUST FA IX. Though It should resist our attempts for days or weeks It Is 'sure to fall; of this there is no donht After tbe tight of the 27th tho Twenty third corpa advanced Its line still further nest morning. Uascali'* division pushed boldly forward In n direction north and south. He no* occupies the extrcii 0 t Igbt, overlay uu the rebel flank. They were situated about three tntles nortn of East Point, and a little better than a mile from the r rtil.oad, whl' ti tbey could command with artillery only for the Inter vening trees. The rebels, learning dlscre'lon Irom past reverses, fell back, making but little rcB.stnnce, loaving some works and about one hundred and fifty prisoners In oar bands. THB LIKE. The Twenty-third corps was so situated as to form an elongation of the Fourteenth corps. Cox's division swur.g round In a line southeast, lis rlgbt resting nlong the south branch of the Utov creek. Tho Twenty -third corps has thus taken an excellent position, flanking tho rebel line, and securing us no important point of attack If wochoosc. TIIK RSHKLS. As I write this the rebels are making some demonstra tions, as If tbey Intended to attack oar left. Foiled oa tbe right, I would not be surprised If tbey tried this gam?. Our butterls opened yesterday a perfoct storm or lea i 011 the eitv ; to-day wo are getting tuber guna Into position, some of them very heavy one*. So, I think, Atlanta wtil bo a hot plaoe to live In as soon as we open all along our lines. Obituary* GOI.OVEL ABKi, 1). RTRRIOIIT. Colonel Abel P. Stretxbt, ?'f Ibe Klicy - first Indiana Vol unteers who ? dentb is reported to h ire occurred during the content at D.ilton on tlie l?th Inst., *?i a resident of Indiaoapolla at tho time the war broke out, and when the call wig made for three >ee s meo, ralnod tbe Killy flrst Indnna Volunteers, a) ?b cb be wax appointed tbe 0 kwiel i'0 Heptemb t 4, 18rtl. I iirln* December, 1H01 , he w.ia attai bed In the Army of Ihn Obl<>, participated in tbe march th ough Teuniwpett to I'limbum IjiDdlni', took part in the b .-.Hie of ,-^bilob an t the (icge of Corloib In Ibo division of Generil I. J. Uo d Ho thou relume! to the oasi pido of tbe Tennonnee river, ai d In tbe brigade or Colonel Ha ker participated In tbe movements aficr Hra^y, through Kentucky and lam ee-ce fie after wnrda beeubio attached to ibe Arm; -if the < umNul inn. under (ien<<rul K< aecrau* I odor tbat oflicer lie look part la tbe battle ? f Stone, or Murfree-I>oro. Hiring April, 1 03, bo obtained permitalon to lead a cavalry force on u r .id tbr ugh .\lah?m?. wub the inten tion of deeiroy i , the rebel wo. k* at Rmno. At line time I'.ragg a rebel ??m y linen were .-ong the Duck river, In Tennottsce. <)o tt,e IHlb of April Colonel Mielght dele fd Hear ? ii? "k . and next day ta? ded troupe nt Kaaiport, TenU' * e On ibe Jtih be af 'in defeated Roddy, > nd em red I'uscumbta, At > , tl e t e\i day. llo mmcl'ed i ?irdn Decatur. On tiie 2sta. having advanced some distance, b? mot Ko t cnt'a tureen and drove iboin with ?oi:ie loan. Strri-h' pursued tin way, cloeely followed by Korreat on the auk, flubtlng Inm <ouliu?i onaly nnt H Vay J, ?h n, h twven (iad.-aen *n I Rome, be wa< nrroonded i>y t'e tebe in and bad t ? nuriender. He wia tben taken t<> l.ibhy prm u. where be ?ui so Inbu ru'iuiv tre lied aid robbed ? all nuoia of m?c -y lent from the Nortn or bis relief, that be hid to maka on behalf of tlie prisoner*, a Hi eelnl appeal t> tho rebel Secretary o| v nr. His condition at this time waa one of semi fiurrniioo >> fter eadeavnrl r by all mean* In bin pi wcr to obtain an exchange of prlaoto re, by which me u e he might be ' bim.<e|f released, be, dor ng t 'bruary, 1*14. managed to eacapo from fbo K cnm ?nd i rnou, ai d r< turned North. Ho tpent "on,* lilt it) t'me will bin fr.''.i(ln io Indiana, after which he re.o o?<t bin lexitneui Id tne fle;d. ilm c unaund formed part if <>eneraJ -ti-edinan'n forces. and wis stationed at 'bat tan ng? and vliiei'y. When Whoe'er ntl^rkod 'Vilfoti Col nil P'ret^ht'i c-tnmand mm Rent to tie relief of tho garr'aoi*. .id, during ibo flgbt on ti.o IBth h" i# reported ' > h ? ' .w*n kilted. i ou* el -iretijlit a? m in of at '-an' i ; 'eet In leight, a^d brrnd in pr>/p i- 1 . in. Iili v irmand de c.ideii. with' ut nnple i"i>,e?? #.>f toi e. fin wan not a pnllll tap but toi k i dec- >d nt 'bd n lav r of the (la bility of tbe I nlted -'lit.* ^overi m^nt end itie Union. Reported Urfcat of I'nioa lruopi at Hl'tir vllle. Mill. [From the Ki> inond Sontioel, Auttn?t 17. j MontiJi, Aogust lb, 1S84. A de*p*teb to the M bile H from Oxford, on ti'.e Mij, nnr* Chain orn danh" 1 litto Abbovi le. Mm*., a'd whipi eii the eii"niy , Rapturing twouty Ova prlwinera, and Mien lell back four mile-*, wben tlie enemy alia gf-u him a d wcr repii'ml. Our 1e*?a waa five killed and twejity .five wounded. I he ev?n f S'*?t Otty kll.ed, two hundred and fl'ty wo , dud and forty jtrla ners. Defeat of the lfthtlt at Hop *iii??ille, Ttltn, Clarkkvi, ! a, leun , Aiif u*t 19, 1*84 A '(nail ?c??nl Rent out tn> ui h -re ?e?' vrt ?y ret'iroed at tnldnlght, au 1 reported lUiit iBree burnlred mbelt, c< mmat; led by Krank Wi^l svard , vern at (j irrettaborf, twe:ve mi!'-? Irotu here, at ?n o'ct k la. t aiabt. rh > r >K) ? were a oil tuounted a. ' jru wt?b navy revolver#. Ibey were ()reanii,g noraea and mi en India crloilu- tely , and w- re ? .?J W M ?>? roiUa to jvia Loiotei iiaui Jeiirenu'a lore*'. .r,| attreked ff.^ UuK villa about four o'clock thl? i irnlua, and wt? r'f i h? * company of the t iy ?, d K tlin ' y *rM) oM llomo (Jua-d t oo th# ^irg?. p iu-. | oi tally w , Ittlsl and t--ken priaotMr. 1 xc< r< 1 * IK : iraro !(HK *? T' lA t" D 0 ' tl ll>4 ''"lioU Rid?, in.. 1. 1 ir ift.-Ti'it About tbe lown, aad .i.otnor aitiek m?*t '*c'ed pUpmlllna of l'i taotia ta Part Warrea. R<?i i.e. Ami'l'l 19, lH?t4. Ihrea prl' Iwv ? reoe' \'y B'^ i remm ad from I orf ? arten, a,:reoatHe t>? wntutirl by cieirt mart <l? oee aoi d nr. I 0 ?.r'i. n to litre" yonrn at t^e Pr? I'nrtugte; n oibcr two. rebel (| e?, to iba Albnnv IV utenita/y for I0tjrt.i.>0 veer a e#r,b.

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