Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1864 Page 5
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GRANT. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. TOE SECOND CORPS, nr. rinlejr Aniti-riva'l Drspntrh. Nsar Nkw Market, Nojiru Sim or Jamus River, 1 August 17, low. j BPitlAL Of THB r>FM,. The only thing of genarai it teres t that hu transpired f ? Hanoock's fiool to day baa been (be burial of the dead under Dug of true*. The dead belonging to both par Ilea bad remained sine* yesterday between tbe iirsl line of rifle pile, wlncb we captured from tbe enemy, and wh'ch we hold, and tbe second lice, which our troops retired from, until to day, when General Hancock sent a ant*, ui.der Ci g of truce, addressed to lb* commanding 8or of the rebel forces In from, suggesting that a true# bouM bj hi ranged under which tha kiliod of both sides bmweeu the II' ea could be buried. Ma, or Mitchell, senior aiil-de-camp to General liimco. k, was tbe bearer of the Sttg. He ?t b mut by Captaiu .-pau. 01 tbe rebel General Isold's nail, auil, a ter och or two preliminary Inter views, li whs arranged that twii hours would b? dovoted to the pious purpose of buryina ma dead ? from four till six o'clock tarn .iteruoon. AuU so lbs dead were buried uear Fiussmr's mil la. F.acb j arty burled its own dead. Ours numbered about tUirty 1L? enemy's loan wua trratcr than ours at tills point, In c nsi'qtieoce of the repeated uttempU i n bis pari to rotuUo tlio works. All tbe wounded had been re moved for uo- o wero found up'm the field. Tb? rebel General Geary was prevent at this Interview, besides a uuiubor oi oillcers on both side*. CFJiKKAL CUAMIILINS' RKMATRB. We exhumed the remains of General ChambllAB and delivered tt.rin over to his friends, and from the enemy (n return we recoived the body <>i Colonel Mini p too. It wis asoerU. ,n< d that tbo rowel Coioutl Gberanlle, killed by our toioes y esieruay , bat just been appointed brigadier general, in consideration of important services in sus t>'inlog the uteault by Burnsute on Petersburg, on the 80th July. At Hi I' M tbe truce was ended, and the offh era Irorn both sidoa retiied within tbeir respective llaes COI.0NHL CnAPI IK, of the Kirtt .Valne boa vy artillery , was killed to day on tbo skirmish lino. Mutter.- in this immediate vicinity remain Ini/aiugito. THE FIFTH CORPS. Sir. Ii, A. Ilcndrlrk'* Dcipafth. IlKAI>yrARTR.I8. FIFTH ARMY CORPS, 1 Ek^OKS 1 rtHiSBUHU, Al.gUSt 18? 6 A. 1L J ill out att.wks t.ave been of auclt frequent occurrence during the present c in; ai?n, 'hat descriptions of them have beccne athrloo tildtals. At two A. M. began, and for two hours con t' .ued, one o- the aoveroBt cannon dogs we have had. lu point of seventy it nearly approAcbed that following the mine explosion. Ti e enemy was the attacking party, and very neon tha cannonading w-a quite tcccrai along our line. Taking into account the hour, tbe moon shining dimly through a film of clouds, tho reverberating roar >c: commingled cannon end niuskotry, tbe ligntning *like Uimbes from ibo bursting she Is, and hiss ing and crasbing of the ec.iitored tragmonts, and, though a thrice told scone, it wa< one that cover oan be fully ar? I pc let tly described. A desultory firing Is still kept up at> I write l'be enemy failed totally in tbe as* emit, our nieu stood up ma^nitU'eutiy to their work, 'lb us far our loss has been very light. I'.RIGAPJBR OKNRKAl. BAKTLRT, n>mmmdlng lb:rd brigade. First division, has gone home ou sick leave. Inls is bis first absence since entering on tnis camp !g:i . although wcucded twice In battlo and having a gi>"d i>oriion of the time been unfit Tor active ?or vice. A shower to day and one yesterday are the only two events of the past two days worthy ot special mention. THE TEN ID CORPS. Mr. \V m. H. fll; rrluin'* DeirfttcKn. August 17?11 P. M. sutler's canal. Tbe story or lo da>'s operations, t Dough short, is In terestln^. I he w. rk upon General Butler's canal vs a j er miited to progress w itUout serious annoy auce fr< m tho enemy until about four o'clock this afternoon, when tboy opened a heavy firo cn tho fcene of the canal con Blruclios, as woll as Major Ludlow's position, taken last Bight at ( ox's fe.-ry. Tho fii Ing was principally from one ot the rebel mm? that dropped down to the h?nd In the Jnmos immediately beyond Dutch, or Butler's Gap, to wards Kic'umoud, and from tho resuscitated Hewlett House battery, which, It will bo remembered, our Ore ?ilonced on the 13th instnut. The casualties, for the tioavy chancier of the cennor.adlng, were very few; lu dced, In any view they were by no nvnns numerous. V t replied forcibly from Crow's Nest and tho Monitors. X>i?nNUl')SUi'I> >IUTAKY OVHCAI.HO.N tiikhehi ? iuk re silts of TUKIR Kkr>KNCit. Shortly after l\qpve o'clock tbti Command. ng General Of the Uopartinent, accompanied by u portion of till statf, rode over to the scene of Major l.tid.ow's oporalii us, where Major tienoral ltarnnrd, Chief 1 nglneor or the tJaited Plate' army, and Col. Comsiock . both ol tfeo i tafTof (no Llconn ut (.toeral commanding, bad already ar rived. lhu-e ofTioe s at once ho,d a proloLged consulta tion, at which Major Lud'o# was present, nnd which re ? ilted in n decision le . ding to toe abandonment of our !>< iitioo at Cox's ferry. lBi: AHAMbOKXEKT OF OOX'8 FXRRT t >?k place lb s evening, just at dark, Major I.udlow qn'e'.Iy ? d effect, voly withdrawing ht.i troo|? Tl.j military in 'o re oried lo deemed the position unnecessary to our plans, cmi in ?omo respects untenable TIIK rr.KI IMO AR TO T11K CAPTURE Of TT1B FKRRT. The spirit evinced by Major Ludlow, lo perceiving ad. vautages In holdiog tho pos-iiion thai renily existed wlun I) j advai cod iiU forces u|>on it, drove a?ay tho enemy kmt tor>k 11, o:io:tcd general o <mp Imc it ro:n the office's Whose coi fultatlou resulte d in its abandonment on y when roasona that aroso sub?0|iiout to its cspturo de manded It? w bich reasons were based upou new compli cations elsewhere. THR WORK tx>nn the canal steidlly and rapidly pr. greases, notwith standing >bo various military movements that grow out ot its accomplish moot. It is certainly a hazardous under taking lor tho e immediately executing the plan, bnt when the labor in done the glory will bo entirely propor tionate. MAX)* nXKttmJL D'TLFR AMD PARTY, ?tier rone lii ling tiiotr visit oa tho Held of operations, proceeded aboard Ibe llaiislilpof the t > mmauding G< iis ral ? the I n tyd Stales Steamer l.rej h? und? and pro ceeded to Ct'.y Point. Turing tho afto.noon General But ler and tils military frlond? wero exposed, b" way of their doarne-s to our outer f>k.rrot*h Hue, to tho tire ot tho enemy, sever J of whose shots came very Dear their per sons. TBR PSRILS OF CORKt^rOJflHWTS. Tour correspondent met with a narrow escape from in jury by the explosion of* sholl from tho liowletl House butter v t'n IfMMM I dor.'t Iii:a shells, they are n*.t friendly bai bingors. besidea, they *1 minate one's courage. A SDAMM! KAIN dampened all this reglou this afternoon, through tho me dium of one of th se snbltmo thunder aud lightning storms that eharscterlse Virginia Ihe air is cool to night, naiuie is amply refreshod, and we are all enabled t<> more ou comfortably again, lor several days a. iter lor to tho Ftorm the beat has been blighilug to manJ beimt aud vegetation. Trtth Coare HRAiqr.vRTKR'", August 18 ? S A. 31. Nothing of special interest transpired in front of leap Bottom throughout yesterday or last night. Ibe sni'tny acc.-pled a dig of truce for two hours, baaed on the burial o! 'he dead In the roc?ot battle. There has b-HO s >mo rkirur. <h tiring, ihe i>osttion of tho Tenth ?orps is the saiuo. and a general rjiuet prevails. Th s is ml I gather frets this Bcene*of oieratlons after carciul in quiry. LO SV* OF rn t K^FJIT 01 THE 16m n?TAT*. It has boon satisfactorily ascertained that tho losses or the enomy in kiileo. wounded aud prisoners In the en. faicement of tbo lAlh Instant, known as the battle of ?-?p Run. wore dourly Iw -thirds greater than ours. General A H. Terry's division of the 1'entb corps dealt out au awful slaughter to tbo recusant rebels, winning the nine of tuo ??rebel slatightetlng division." H was a fiaud old day for the gallant I'enth army corps, bearing witness ?s li did, lo the uacteut prosti^e of this body of American s Uliary. AFFAIRS AT DUTCH CAP. Mr. VV. II. UtrrUm's Despntehee. At Tns Gap, August 16, 1864. m on Lrnhow's oo-oiBRATtvs uovkm, Pbortly before noon to-day (the 16th) General Butler fi*d Issued bis ordsrs to Major B. C. Ludlow, commanding the Unite, I tales rorces operat ng st Patch Hap, and to Colonel Wooster, of Foster's brigade, who commanded the intrencbmeuls at l)oep Bottom during Conors! Fet ter's absence at the front with the Tenth corps directing a force under each of these officers to msrch so as tc form a junction at tba head or Three Mile creek and tbi Slinks uid road, a point nesrer Richmond than Kour If IK areok. lb i commanding officers were farther directed po drive be ore them, snd capture, If possible, snob Cor co of the enemy as thsy might And, as well as to take snd hold sn; works or tho enemy thit might rail In their way. The main object or the m v mrnt was to oapturs, if possible, s force ol the enemy whlob wss threatening and annoying the troope engaged In cutting the canal at Dutch (Jap. At fcdiiiiioini , i ret was to drive any fbroe or the enemy they mot, ir feasible, hack to the New Market road ?iid Into the lines of the Tentb oorpe, whioh held position On tb*t tur ii | ike. At about twelve o'clock Major General (fuller, accompanied by several members or his stsff, left fepartmenui headquarters for Dutch Gsp, tbe scene of Major Ludlow s Important operations, where he wai Joined by Brigadier General J. w. Turner and staff sn<) the executive officer of the United states Monitor Onoti ?sga. 1 be party at once proceeded to make an ex ton deil aolssance of the enemy 's posi?oo from Hutch (iap, sding thenre to I'eep Bottom, for the purpose or in trnetlng Oolooet Wooster in bis part of the movement ?s arranged tbot the JamiM river fleet should oj^i upon tbe enemy's p<*lik>n at the mi.menl be observed that Msior Ludlow hs<l taken nn hi. ti_. ???&? 1W<* LadloW taieo up >11 I tee , . o'rkirV Hia foroe oieuoed tin mov<m.p? , . - nortlun wnlt. and cooausted of <>ne (bousan* - mi p. iirnonn 1 nil It fl'f? ? portion colored troops. Ibw. ? (roups being rapidly landing, tbe transportation o? Tho euoboata u wad. by tb.MM.DC of lb. prearranged, opene .i a baa vy Or. <>a . s|eh a(iaiiia. they an tbe command moved forward, n ntjj dlri cted to vigDrousiy I'oiiiinued for two boar., and u . 1^4. ceiue by ila, or l,.oerai Butler. Id due lira* .aararm*<l low, buvlng thrown out a I mo of skirmishers ?? nll| hm line of battle, tnovod forward caretull* ft. )# en(? reached a line of woods oa ibe Hauk a> d rear of W , |(l# mv's position. Here Major lad low .wung aroun*. Ngni of bm line, taking tbe enemy id reverse, and pr?? on with all -peed until the enemy'i pickets were reached, when skirtnahlng ensued, resulting In the driving bark of tbe enemy's pickets and the c<>mpl6M reiieat irum, and abandonment of, his position l>v the enemy, thus en tirely relieving Dutch Gap and tbe w< rk progressing there from tbe annoy In/ pre*enoe of lb. eueiny, and extending our own lines to a point two mile, nearer Richmond, and about seven mile* distant fr?m tbe rebel capital In an air Una. Daring tbe ?arty pert ef tb. alt.rnoon three rebel gunb'ats, tbit were visible about tbree miles up tbe river from Dutob Gap, and about a mile and a quarter from tbe enemy's position , oaptured and held by oar troops? fearing the wh.le movement wa^ one to out them off? made baste up tbe river towards Richmond, without Qriog a abot. Tbe casualties Incident to this movement were alight; but quite a number of prisoners were taken. Up to dark Colonel Woester's force bad not made a junction with Major Ludiow, and, aa no Bring was beard from htm, It Is probable he carried out bis Instructions aa directed by tbe M^jor General commanding. As a result ol this bril liant and successful movement we bold Cox'e ferry and tbe north bank of tbe Jades down to tbe proposed canal It was expected that tbe Howlott Bouse battery, situated on the opposite aide of the river from Dutch dap, would open fire when Major Ludlow commeaoed bis movement. Ample preparations bud beon made to silence it bad U epened fire. This waa tbe condition of affairs at dark this evening. To-morrow morning the several successes of to day, so eminently complimentary to our arma aud tbe gallunt troops bearing ibem to tbe very (ace of the toe, will be farther pushed, and tbe masterly work of placing the Stars and Stripes between Richmond and Its defenders, already to a ei eat extent actually accomplished by reason et our position to-night, will doubtleea culmlnato in tbat long dealt ed result, which la due to a patient waiting lor. Gmkkal Brunt'? HutDQrAims, \ August* 17?8 A. M. J By messenger just from tbe extreme front I learn that everything has been quiet through tbe night. Our line ou its motion baa fallen back a abort distance from tbe Klngsiand road, only to advance bey. ud it this morning. It is expected that vigorous work will be prose outed to-day. THE PRESS DESPATCHES. Despatches from tho Army Headquar ters. H jAnQCiRTSju. or tbc Army, August 17? Nona, Tbe 8ooosd corps, having been unsuccessful in tho attack on tbe enemy on tbe north side of tbe James river en .Sunday , fell back to a safe position, which they occu pied until yesterday, when another assault was deter mined upon and carried out successfully, tbe enemy having been driven from tholr works with boavy losses In kl'led arid woendod, and Eeveral hundred prlESnors who tell into our hands. 'ibe ,-ocoud corps also captured a few heavy puns, which tbe enemy bad not timo to carry ofl, besides a quantity or small arms. our loss was severe. Our troope still bold the position. Tbe cavalry under General Gregg bad an engagement with the rebels and drove them from some works near the New M-oket road: but the rebels rallied from the dif ferent forts Vthe vicinity, and finally forced our cavalry to fall bark upon their Infantry supports. Colonel Gregg, commanding tbe t-eoond brigade or tbo Second division of tne cavalry corps, was severely wounded in tbe engage ment. It is said that Gonoral Butler's troops bad a slight en gagement, but without much advantage to either side. Acgcbt 18, 1864. About one o'clock Ibis morning the rebels opened tbe most vigorous fire tbat they have yet done since tbe mine exploded. It commenced on tbe rigbt and centre, and waa direct ed towards a valley, where they seemed to Imagine our troops were being masked, and finally extended along tbe entire line, from tbe Appomattox to tbe Jerusalem plank road. The night was beautiful, the moon shining brightly and serenely, but no damage of any account resulted fr m tbe affair. Tbo bring listed about two hours, nnd it was thought to be tbe prelude to an attack > n some part of our liue. Ht avy firing was ulso hoard during tbe niglit in the direction of (leneral But'er's repartmect but uothiu* baa been board from lUat point concerning It. The Fot tress Monroe Despatches. Fobibxhs Momrob, August 18, 1804. Tho horpital steamer Connecticut arrived here at noon t > day, with four hundred wounded men, most of whom received their injuries In the buttle of Tuesday la6t. Tbey belonged to tho Seoond and Tenth army cori? They were trana erred to the hospital steamer Atlantic, at this place, which sailed lor Philadelphia at four o'clock this a.ternoon. Vestcr.Iay was a comparatively quiet day with the army on both sioos of tbe James river. While the Connecticut was lying at Deep Bottom, this morning, very beavy cannonading was board up tbe river, commencing at 1 no o'clock and laeimg until half pxat two o'clock. Ibe cause of it has uot jet been ascer tainod. Fort axse Mo.vror, August IS? 6 P. M. Tho mail steamer Vaaderbilt has lust arrived from City Point. At one o'clock tbls morning the rebels made a furious attack upon our lines, or rather tbat portion of them con sisting of General Burnslde'e corps, 011 tbe 'eft The fight ing was chlofly with artillery . and lusted two hours, wben the rebels Jell buck without attempting an assault npon our works. Our loss waa small. Rumored Heconnolseance to Pair Oaki, WifHiyoToy, August 10, 1864. The mall steamer which arrived to-day reports there was a rumor at City I'olnt, when she left yesterday, tbat a stri ng reconno!??ance sent by Gcceral llaocock, had reaobed Fair Oaks. TUB INDIAN WAR IN THE NORTHWEST. Murder of Families by Sarages? Settlers Fleeing for Protection? Preparations for Defence, d?c. Dinvf* CrrT, August 18, 1864. A regiment of one hundred days cavalry, authorised by the War liepartment three days ago to fight the la dim*, Is already more than half rilled, and It is expected tbat it will be Oiled in lets than ten days. It ia to opo rate along the Tlatte valley and to protect the ovorlaad mall and wagon tialns. In this tbey are to have the co operation of troops from tho F.ast. It is hoped that the route will soon bo re-established aud tbe Indians severely chastised. At present all tbe trains and mall coaches are stopp ed. Friendly Indians report that extensive combinations exist among tbe Cbeyennes, tbe Arrapahces, tbe Klowat, tbe Sioux, tbe Camanchcs, tbe Utes and tbe ^naker, and tbat thoy Intend to wag* ? ir?r ?r extermination against tbe wbitee. Martial law Is being enforced here, and all places of business have been ekifed until further orders. Several Independent mllltarySpcoroimnies are about ready to .tnrt out, and a few days will demonstrate the truth or falsity of tho many wila and alarming runors floating about. ?- . . Provisions of all kinds are very high and rapidly ad vancing. Volets communication with tho Ptat.s i.? soeedily re sumed there will be muoh suffering, * not actual starva tion. IATKW. The Indians murdered eeveral families and burned a number of booses on Cherry oreek, twenty-five or us from here, last night. Settlers aro fleeing to this oity for protection. The commander of tbis district to day Ifsued a special order for the enrolment of all able bodied males ot over sixteen years of age. Drafting to fill tbe one huidred days regiment* will be commenced Immediately. A line of blockhouse" Is being erected eround tbe city. Tbe faot tbat the te!egr*ph wires are unmoloeted leads to the belief that no white mea are engaged with the Indiaon In tlielr work of destruction. More Atrocltlea by Indiana. Br. Lona, August 10, 1864. Information from Port Riley, General Bluet's head quarters, says tbat tbree rancbee near tbe Little Blue river heve beon barned by tbe Indians, the (took run off and tbe Inhabitants killed. Tno Indians left behind them nothing but tbe bones ef tbelr mnrdered vlrtlme and tbe uhes of the buildings destroyed by them. The citizens of ITashfDgton, P.epuMlc and Clay cou? Ilea have been armed by General Blunt. Four banters wore klllod by tbe Indian! at Saline, fifty miles west of Fort Riley. Between sixty and sevealy dead bodies of whit# men were seen betw<>en Mlllsburg and (he Mttls Blue, No rsnchee are left standing between tbe Big Banty and tbe Little Blue. Tb. inhabitants of the place* between Fort Eeamf and Denver have all fled. Four trains were captured by tbe Indians on the Little Bine, and ail the stork, confuting of fonr hundred and flrty bead of cattle and a large number of aulee, were driven off. The Iud lane are well mounted, and moat of then are armed with long range guns. laptain Thompeon. with seventy-five men of the Six teenth Kansas cavalry and one bowltser, la moving In P?'*.".'1.01 !*? '"dtaae who ?onamitted tbe outrages on th. I.lttio Blue. Despatrbre from blm, daled the 4th Instant, aay tbat tbo Indiaoa moved towai ls Repnbiii au river with one thousand 0*1 n and Urge herds o. horaee and males. tienerel Hberrr, of the Kansas aailttla, bee aiee joined H. I. mevteg north sf Thomp tad '?ui* slnoe ooramunkamoa baa tiw SeLteUs JE?U rurU,or ??? l?u? 'MrtM -nee frvm haTo ' own^ ? i.'"!??*.-*1 x j? ? m#n women ml ehtldre* ing buruad. ' ,h# lndiaoa aad every dweii to ?ettiem have imn mo* ?r "a.?,1 ??<"?- ??? Ellsworth MdUna?mT r!1'WlW' t0 rorU 7#r?fc. 1 nr. ? mail Jorce at hi ooiBm?u(i'.T'r''tlln* wtt* ** TCUE CONDITION or the south. InpottC^ 4a#tg#r Ifom QiBifgi Trinsi "?fwoir, to (V1' *DH'OR or tub kbhald, N?* Yom, Asgust 1#, iggg. I hart Jnst recced the following moat Interesting latter from General fKtman 8e>mour. As it ta of tba greateet oonseouence we should know juat the condition of tbe South, I bag you will puMlah it. General Seymour la an old Wast Point officer, stationed many yr.ars at tba South, was with Ganaral Anderson at Sumtar it tba be ginning or tba war, and knows tba Soutbarn people wall. Ha waa one of the Union generate placed under firs Ml Chsrleiton, and baa Just been released. Da la a fcrsvs. d*v0t4d to the Union, and, although accused ha 8 old Prl"cli'lM ?s a democrat, .1 ? bI hli pluck>r ?P??oh "> tLs rebels at Gordms Till* that he was every inch loyal to tbe old Hag. Youra, 4c., W. E. DODGE, Jr. ?UWBAL HBTMOUR'i LETTER. Wn i.riMsroww, Mnaa., Augu*16, 1864. I M* Dub Pi*? You ask for my lmpressiotiHr tbe pre ? ant condition of the Southern confederacy, and yon shall have them. For the benefit of our oause I wiah they might be impressed upra every soul In tbe land, that the confidence begotten of my three mon*s' obser vations In tbe Interior of tbe South might be Aared by ?very man who haa tbe least connection with tbe responsibilities of this struggle; and I am euro that theie opinions are not peculiar to myself. Every one of the fifty officers Just exchanged will exprer* the same; every one of our m*o, whether from tho jails cf Charleston or the pens of Macon aad Andcraunville, will confidently tell tbe same atery. The rebel cauro is fa*! falling from exhaustion. Tbelr two grhed armies bave bPen reinforced this summer from the last resources of tbe Pootb. From every corner of tbe land every old man and every boy capable of bearing a rifle has been Impressed, willingly or unwillingly, and burned to tbe front. Lee's army was the drat ao strengthened. It wss at tbe expense of Hood's Governor Brown told tbe truth with a plainness that wos vory bitter, but It was none the less truth. Let mo cxtract a few prominent stiuetnoi.ta from his proclamation of Jnlv W, addressed to the reserved militia of Oo rgia ? . ?'A late correspondence wiib the President of the f'on federate States satisfies my mind thai Georgia is lo he' nInl?.?eirKW? r<;vourc#? to supply the reinlorcemeuts to General Johnston's army which are Indispensable to tho protection of .Atlanta, and lo prevent tho Stato belli* overrun by the overwhelming numbers now under the command of the federal general ujkjd our soil. ?A?nUUhi ?hV8 neC(1 of f,,r,be'' rsiolorcemouts, as will be seen by the sccomi>anylng letter of General John ? ? and it beoomei my duty to call out every man in (he Mate able to bear arms, as fast as they can be armed, to aid in the defence ol our bomoa and altars and the graves of our nncest >rs. ?'If the Confederate yovemment will not send the l^ree cavalry force (now engaged In raiding and repelling raids) to destroy tbo lung lice of railroads over which Geueral SET ?k. lngB. '* ,lll1PIle* '??m Nashville, and thus compel him to retreat with tho loss or most of bis army, the people of Georgia, who have already been drawn mKL- m??re bt*T'1.v ,n pro|)ortion to population than those of any other Mate in the, Wu8t, at all baiards and at any sacrifice, rush to tho front. ??ir General Johnston's army ia destroyed, Iho Gulf rilf ?ro thrown .open jo tbo enemy, and we are ruined. '' ?!?? ?? muBt> Wwod, have bean desperate weakness . i01!?. ? ?Dcl tbo font born cause with It, were ko neglected that Lee's army might be made equal to the 121 "Lf'W*?11 U> 1110 pr,0Q,a<: or tbe James; and j ' ?outh ore Intelligent enough to under acwrdrtr!y? *ppreciale tl,e fact> *nd they have lost heart The following Is from a letter written by one rebel |o sncthor, that accidentally fell into tho hands tof ono of my leilow prisonors, and for the authenticity ol which I vouch 4'V?ry to* porsots are preparing to obey tbe late rallol the Governor. His summons will moet with no response here. Tho pcop!e are soul sick heaitiiv tired or this hateiul, hopeless strife nc?itiiy "They would er.d it if they cou!d; but enr would-be rulers will take go>,d core thut no opportunity he ilvon tbe people to vote aga'nst It. By lies, bv fraud and bv chicanery this revolution was In.vigurn'.ert: by lores by tyra. oy and by the supnrespion of t.uih it Is sustained. It Is nearly t.nie that it should md and cf al-eer derde tion it must eDd before long We hive had emv:eh of want and of woe, enough or crnel'y and carnage enough of cripples an.! eori-se*. There is in ebiiEdhnce nf be reared parents, -.Tfi-PR Tidows a: d orphaned children In the land. If ?e can. let ns not Increase the number. The i men who, to aggrandize themseivex, or to giitlfy their own political umbition, brought this cine) war upon a peaceful and prosperous country, will have to render a fearlul account of their misdeeds to a wronred, robb?d and outraged people. I'arth has co pcnlshmeut suih ciently meet for their vi!|*ny here, and Pell will hardlr bo hot enough to tu.tbe thtm hereafter." There Is certainly co small proportion of the Southern people? despite the lying declsratloni of Ibelr generals, aa we bad g. od occasion to le?rn~lhaf eoi or.!y fsvers the pri'grea* of our arms, but that daily pravs that this exterminating war may toon be brought to a" Cuality b? our complete i.nd perfect success. 1 hey have had too much of despotitm, not enoueb of tho triumph pr. mised them. Many intelligent Southern gentlemen do Indeed express strong hopes of their ulti mate independence: ?-ut such tore is not shared by the musses. Disappointed from ihs br6t m not being ac knowledged by fore'gn I'owers, more hi'ttrly (ii'iaprclnt M in their general expcctaticcs thai Noxtbern cowardice cr dlsreraion, would secure their ends, but a t ug!e ch'Auce rcDi#iufi, and that ts tlic r cms u i 1 of our uoxl c!cc> tion for President. If a di-mocrai succcecs to Mr Lin coln, tber profess to feci sure of negotiations and the r oontederacy. luey believe a democrat mil be elected In Mr. Uocolu's rc-eiection tbry see onl* sob ugation, annihilation for the war mcst then c.oiiEue, and cob tinuancs is tbelr failure anil ruir. In military aflsirs it Is an excellent rn'e never to do what tbe enemy desires Is it not equally true in politics? Oertaiu It ia tbat tbe remaining hope tf the Scuth its io Mr. I iocolD's defeat. Now, I em not enough of a politician to know whether the det t.on of a democra* cat. result as favorably to tbs Beuib as it anticipates. Tiieir wish airne mty be the pa rent of the r bel'ef. But I ss-urert a ! who expressed that lielicf that the North, as a mass. i? as united ,ss the Sctuh. that no demecria ould Le c'.erted on a (eace pbtform. and thi.t any fresMent who would inaugurate sny measnre leading to j>eare, on tho basis of Southern Independence, would be promptly h log, by loyal accla mation, to tbe lamp post in front of bis own i i?s dtotiai uiunnoD. However that may be, if we are but truo t" ourselves there can be but one result What we now need is men ouly men. Not substitutes or hirelings, sao go .*tb' with Ty motire but their country '* sood, and produce but little beyond depreciating our aritret; but men, g'Kb as re*iiy constitute the State, and toast of being free men ana s"ns of freemen If tLet.e f*il to supf ort their country's cause in her hour of peril, they sre unworthy of continuing freemen, and should hiosn ever to exen ies a freeman's privileges Put II teenies ba paid let it be in (Southern land, not in Northern gold, aud armies of emigrants, wboee sonr may aspire to wiu the ruie et the nation, wii; cross the eaa to win tbe broad sr-res that disloyalty baa forfeited to tbe titaie. To c\ery inteliigent soldier who bas fought through all these lode, isive cam paigns, 011 aimust n imbe rless Indecisive fields, tbenuff tloo continual, > arises, with Uuchiog force, whv we uo sot overwhelm our.enemies. Tens of thousands of lives are lost becaoee orr array of strength ts to disproportionate .y 'ess than tiiat against which we battle, tferywberewe meet on tiesriy eottal terms, when we might well bave four to one. Iho cost to as in blcod and trsasurs of a rr< longed war cau hard ly be foreseen . the eeocomy is luflolt-* of sueb ao eiloii as the glorious Norm should put tertb. Tbe South will fight as long ss the struggle la equal. It will submit to such preyesdsracce as we should show in every field. Glance at the summer's esmfslgns. ir ?herman had but fifty or seventy five Itousaiid mote mon the South wo?Id be lost, because Hood would 1* annihilated. If Meade bad in<Ved in tbe spring, with reserves of seventy Ave to one hundred thoumnd men, Lee would bave bees hopelessly crushed Even ?t this moment a third column of icrty to fl;ty thousand met. rightly moved, woukl aivs unopposed blrws to the cctfedersoy from which she c*u Id never rig*. What folly, struggle on In this way, when we i?n send to the field fife times tbe force already tberel What weakness to think ws cannot conquer the South! Behind the Jatnee oaly boys and old men are te bo ssen, white here aea buy ana sell ss in the olden days or qotet, and regimes ts of this bodied cit'rens crowd the streets of wr citls* There Is hut one courss consistent with Northern safety and honor. Let the people awake to ? sense of their dignity ahd strength, and a few months of oomparatlvsly trifling exertion of stich elhrl as nlone is worthy of the freat North, and the rebellion will erumhle before u& 111 this draft promptly and willingly with good aad trul men , send a few spare thousands over rather than under the oaii, and tbe snmmer son ct 1?M will shine upo? n regenerated land. Ihereare some Who vpesfe ef mc* Of an Tankeet tbe Southron most aeome those who do not fight, hut are glad enongh toeuapiov themanther do tbelr nlsreb, toper, form their dirty wort FenM for the Soeth wiu be sweet Indeed; for us, except through Pouthefn gnMugatlon. bat snareby an<l war ffirever, fsclfifl, the Weetern, the Eastern Hiates would at o*de fall asunder, Thn Booth wold bn dominant, and tin people of the North would deserve to t? driven afield, onder negro owners, te ho* eofn and cotton for Southern masters. Rut no fntnt- hearted or short-sighted pel lor snn set aside the eisrnsl decrees of the Almighty, who bas plan ltd no line of division between tbe Atlantlo had the Western Joseite? between the grant lakes and tbsOnlf oftfnsloo? tbat signify His will thnt we should be separated) and unless so separated peaoe Is a delusion, sad Its adrfcea rf n treason against ths wisest tnd hottest Intsrssts sf oor oountrr. It hen been with n trust tbat rsaswed hop# and vigor might be given? when vigor and hope ere sssdfnl? th?| I bavn written, and yon have my consent to oslsg thte SB you please, and I am, very truly, yours, fft OMAN 9KTM0U1L Brigadier Csssral United Btatet YomnUsr*, ?t W. K. Dodt.s, it., Kni.,M*w YOik. 9 smmn. Hr. *. D.t<4k n>> 0*?pmuu.'? A,uu" 1B' l*M About three hdMrtd prWono^ *rrl??l fr tho fronl to day, wine of thi?? betoogmg ?? Uai'MWl ? cori* Several hundred bead tf dv"lB "Oil '? the valley, bare also reached >bia poluk ]he aueray no noi 6oem Incllukd to accept <Xcne,r*' L1,e rldao's luviistlon to battle on .iroHV d of the latter ** choos. In (j. Meanwhile our army i? as 4 *p.08&J as to cove.'" ttiB fOid* of the 0|>[?r Potomac and itw ipnroi'ihoi to liar por'a Ferry, Snicker's, Aabby'a and Ma.n??a?? gapo, and prevent any flunk movement or the ?nea*y. Captain Ma?u was killed and Captdti Schneider wounded at Front Royal , both of the ITuncUk New York oavalry. Arl Oar Waihiuittoit Deipatt!t> WAgnmriTOW. A a mist 1?, IM4. The repc*?<>d movement ot Gnyral Sh?rid?n -tn ibe valley Is not regarded Here aa a retreat, but s? maiNBuvre for an advantngeous position, commanding oil the .ave nues of appro, rh to tbe Potomac river. Tiia tepograVb7 of that part of tbe country la so peculiar that if Sb< VI dan bad continued bis march beyond Stresburg the en ?? my might bave bee.* aflnrdod an opportunity to get In his rear; and until the ti uth of tb? report or large relrforco- , menta to Early'a army was ascertained prudence re quired tbat General tbcridan shewld take a publtion which would enable blm to meet tbe enemy wherever tNey abould appear, without allowing tbem to get In bis rear. The reeonaoiaa&nce uow being made will immndiateiT develop tbe position and strength of tbe rebels, and rna tola Sheridan to move against tbem with entire uoaddeoca. Our Winchester Despatch. Wikcumtsr, Va^rXtigusl IT, I8SI7 Two bondred of four hundred oapturod prisoner! ar rived here to-day. They were taken by tbe cavalry. ? general hospital for wouudod hue beeu oaiablUbed at this plaoe. ?II quiol io Ibis neighborhood this mornlog. Mr. Theodora c. Wlloon'e Deepacofi. 1* t?* FirLO, Srrotuyacun Vaixrr, ? August IT, ISM J ?aw*t. pi ore Ann or* coihtsrilots. twee more military affairs are assuming a threatening aspect, with a fair prospeef of a heavy ecgagrmoci ere long. There Is every rtnjcn to believe tbat the enemy has been rolnrorced, -tod that tbe rebel commanders are anxiously watching aa opportunity to tum or dank eur position, ard thus compel ? retreat of the Union troops, j To prevent any mrb miros'ivre is our constant aim, I while el the same time re hnvc other objects In view that 1 It would not be prudent for me to mention. General ' Early is reported to have told a rebel lady In Winchester j that he intended to hold the valley permanent.' v, and that he would be provided with force enough to dot'hia as soon ascertain movements were made In I ho Southwest Judging from all the information that lias come lo hand there is good reason to believe Early -g statement as based on truth rather than mere boasifulneft . ..... ,, . ms siroano*. At this writing the distance between tbe two armies la not great. Tbu eoonting partio* from each sido bave fre quent encounters. Taking in all the fighting thai has occurred from the time of Early's last retreat and Sheri. dan s advance to this time, there do not seam to bava Deer any heavy engagements, or even any Dariicularlv aerions ones. 7 er.nsnAt. ivifiil lest right received Information of the pretence of a bSDd ot guerillas in the nolgbboibood of Cbaricstowo. Ha im mediately despatched i mounted force to attack them, as Ibey are reported threatening our trains and oommunl cations between Cedar ereok and Harper'a Ferry. Tbia guerilla band is supposed to bare come from tbe neJzh* horhood of Loudon, crossing at Kev'e Kerry (iap, EUlOil'lElt OinrRAl. JOHN- D. STaVKXSDW has assumed comrraud of tbe District of Harper's Terry. I He was born in Virginia and appointed from Missouri, i He was noted during the operations of tbe armies under Grant lor tbo reduction or Vlcksburg. CACOHT. William Shower?, a citizen of Martlnsburg, bsi lieen reported ^ to Provost Mar&bal Captain Crawford lor deal log uii J irudibg with the rebels. >howers is ropo:ted 10 have tanned leather at Jtartinsbur? while the I'nlon forces held tbe place, and to have subsequently sold it to and some tobacco, the latter of which he took iu trade. THB TTIKCRHrH? CKIOS KSX. ?? , SLk Tclctr'"Ph Company reoi encd its office tn IJarUncburu: yemerday. i .^Vi00?,11'00*1 l ul0B men of Martloiburg bave jii?t chair aiJd'Jfr 5'h ?- ^ i *as to the cnriir, ai.d Mr. k H. l^iiie nppolnted secretary. On the itaind to n,Ml1' lUe 0bJecl of lh? gathering was h * r'urP?80 01 furniebing the Provost c, ^ tUfi na^l8, ofIiromi,1("'t Citizens, snd suitable T n. or mcu to act as vouchers. It was resalvad ?omtr' iT tea bo appoiuted to wa t on the Provost Marshal and st?to th'.ir giicvacc?s a? uncondittocal I cion irim, sn<* nipponcrf of tbe Colon, "driven fr -m sulled " prC,'er,r ,l,"*iroye<l1 and their families in Mr. UeB. Rnndolpli Keim's rtcpatche,. E^itivopf, August 19, 1S64. The fa. I ng back ef General Sheridan to a safer p<al ti?jj meets with much favor here smorg the Uuioniitf. in a tortrfbr despbtch we feared, under the impulse of bis pant rarid irovetnentf, the General migbt rush on loo hastily, uiti!, etcountering the sirectlhcnad columns of tbe enemy, te r&xLt be overwhelmed srd disastrously di iven hack. Such, we are j.eased to And, is not bis in. teniion Jr Is to; absolutely necessary tbst Sheridan should fight. If he keeps the attention ef tbe rebel !'oro? occupied he is dojrf a valuabla work, by deprlvirg T ee In Richmond of jost so msny trcops ns are le^uired to bold Central Virginia. All that is required if to keep that for^e south .1 Wir.te Ur. ]n gUnrlng at the map it will be ?err. tbat the preemt pesition of .-herl dan is one exca.iet.t:y adajted to the or tha end of ibe valley on tbe wen extetd tie .rTi S".?' *?.d tB 11,6 M" tbe *bcnaiii>oab river and the Blue R|(!ge Mocctains. With hit farks prctect d be can rut on a ftrrtg front. ?nd if ever forced from his {!??) -', 11 7 ht tbrcjigh jiretjib of numbers and out fesblenrM cf resists nee * If tbe reported arrival in tbe vicinity of Front Rovsl of two divisions of longst' ect'a corps ba comct, the tie termination of to charge tte scene of oreratiTs la nLl?ier"^?< .'^-V r'c,uf 1?'t iw*'a!*ncy of t.euaral n i 5 rehci cctnnc&rjdGr, und be a willing tabarard tba of h.s forca sti'i mora tn ^ ibe attentioi; cl tie ctdurhie Grsat, ibis beinfc the caie, ii is auvis&b'.a that mere meu should be sar.t !c the commander of the mid.l'a division ? et these men ba Treat troore. To 'rn? irate Kar.v and con t Due to prets rM.mond, would scon terminate in ua en. tire fa. lure or tte enemy to to'd Virgin'*. 1 he rumored moving oi l ee's arn.y Is rot credited h re by p?r .-one Interest' ti m tte success of that ("ene. rai . operands It s tkougbl tbat tbe reinforcemenu to ' he ? "r troor* that have left Richmond, bs undertaking snv changes of a muter al nature. The prisoner, probably m.atoMt iba rbi t.Dg cf res. Ion to rne? t ' ererai .,rarf. :?,t dimenstrat:." for a general n-nve or the part of the whole rebel armv. aiu"?' > 5?'^ l'0nT-v ** 1#rd*y !b?t Colon al S. I. Jef. fr cj, Thlrlltth New Vrk infantry, snd ror aome tlms rro?f.UJ : V.*WS.led. w0Tiel <?' tbls d strict, was rr ^n\ cd by ColOLei W H Rrcwn, of tbe Twenty fourth \ atorso Reserve corps Colonel Jeffnas has given gene ra. aal Israel ton to Ua citirens of baltimore and vicinity , ?lle sotxi Wistrs of everybody attend him In his ia' ttarce to a new tel^ cf duly. tvc hive had rn f ullar part cular* bera of tba cavalry a'fcir ttar Front Kovai I Ij e success on our part was u est ratterlnp, srd wiil prabibly convince the Bay arrl* ??li .o the valley west ibey will kaia H deal With. CotowlC. P. ?(one, Fnlted States Army, and formerly (Clef of MafJ to i> er al Barks, arrived In this city yes Itrdir. He is fetra cn uuit busmeM tituicitu with miliiaiy afialra. FainMf tis. Md., August li, lgj*. irvirnoB or sitrs nas's mov?sht?. Tbo luccessful pursuit of Ksrly by Sheridan bai da pr'ved Paltlmore or much of Its ioiportsnca ss a centra of news. We are prrfoclly willing thai such should con tinue to ba the fact. Tbougb tte presacce of tbe enemy Ir. Northers Virginia effected little material irest of Gen. Orsnt't^plats, tbe moral effeol wag not tba b?;t. N'ow that ba has gena. we again turn our eyea to tbe life and oeatb atrnggis of trs enemy at Richmond, ft la only to b? regretted tbat Early wag not sorely beatea before being allowed to ea-apa. Such an arcs! wou'd have obliged tha alaoi ('onment of operation* between Winchester and fredertciaburg. Aa artira now aland, accepting Farly'e remark that ho had an indepardtnt commission and au thority to do aa ha plcaaad, ba may be axptcied buck ,or"*? *?? off for It la not ^robdMo ho daaigio ratcnilng U mo conOced oampa of g chmond wbeo iba broad fields and mountains of (.astral Virginia pragaut a mora inviting spbeia of duly, .. . , ABfcvaa o? n iiwisnw ? w>>? " ,h* 'r?lta ef General Oranc. VZZrS?? through tbo oily of prinonero. L-n mrimr MMvad Hem and left very >/T-0t--tb* Nortl>*rtl Coairal Railroad ror Blmlra, Pmi?x?ta5r^.^#,ouMa* WAtffi ."u2"S2*?S:,!Ki?S,lai 'f. much trrwtlrf ^ W? XT*?' aovoro heat which I SSS^kS3*"?S^'"C ^ ??? Paterabqrg and down tbo valley. ?? fmamn m t?i Par.-Tbe crew Iho Ooilad 8tatoo ship Vermont, wbooo terma of eer vloa hava ttplrad, havo baoa granted ilhorty, and bava vim ob aaoto Pag ooroni days witboot being *we to ob I u T9 ***' **? roqnoo'.ad to call for I*, andaro > aa oftoa dioappoinud. W.H not tbe fourth I t*t^ 11 11 ?r Vrtaabody do ooasaihioc THE KEARSAROE AND ALABAMA. C?pttln WUtlow'i Detailed Report 01 tli* A?iloa. Uairro Stat* NrvAiiHfljp Kiuaasaua, ? Knui-uw Oiunmu., July 30, H64. / if -|? obedience to instruct on* of the Department, f t have the hi oor to mako the following ?upi>lementiry re port oi the action between the Ke irttarge and Alabama ? , On the mowing ol ilia 19ib t.H , the da y being Una, wPh u ha/.y atoms) here, wind moderate from lha west ward, with little aoi, tba poHltioa of Hjh Keurttarge el ten o'clock *n near the buoy which maiki the line of abnals to the eaMwerd CT Cherbourg, and distant about three mile* from the outarn entrAnoe, which bore to the sviti j ward and westwa-d At twenty minute, altar U,* n'riopk tlic AiKFmma WV deacried coming out of lV? western antraaee, aa.nmpin.oi by tt>? Oouronn* (iron-clad). I bad, In .0 Interne* with the Admiral of Cbe' bmr*, -"sure,! b.m that, in the eveiH of an aotian eeourrmg WilhtheAla bnuia, the poalilcn of the ships should rv? ao far o.l ?boro that no que?tl<H?s oould bo ad . inca.1 aboal the 10a of jurisdiction Accordingly, t? perfect this l"lJ with the double purpose of drtiwng the AUl>??? ?? ftr oil shore that, if disabled, she couM not rotnri', 1 direoted tba ship's bead neawsrd and cleu'od for a with the battory pivoted to eurboord. H?;'!ng allaio-'d a point about seven m lea from the shore, 'ha bead the Ko rsargo whs timed nhort around, and the ship Steered directly lor tbo Alabftroa. my pun*. -<t being to run ber down, or, If clroumstaBCW! did not w.irrjnt it, to > closa In with ber. . Hardly bad the Kevsarge own* round before Uo Ala \> ima sheerod, presetted her ?t?rboard battery and a tywed ber engines. On approacf'oi! hor at long wsa | ol'*at*)iit a mile, she oponed her f ,:ll broadside, th? 3h"t ent?>a? iom? af our rising ?"'??>? over and aleog. I " iioWc?Uataty I more ppa?,<, int In two minutes I tha AlehJ^ia bad loaded and ugsma'vt n:i tbei btoud I side, aad VH?wtug jki wltft a third, wK'umt daiuaglug us 1 We bad i35? arrived wltbln aim I tilro huudfJ yard* I or bar atxt r?wa? apprtdionBive tbat anCTvr broadido ? nearly' raiting g>s it waa^-would prove dhwslrims. Ac O'dnigly l o.-d*od the tiearsarg* sboored nnd opened ou tba Alabama, l ho (?>ition of the ve^el* wh now broadside and broadH,da;botU was soon apparent Hiatal Beuinioa did not ee.'k clon? action. 1 bec .ni'- tben foar.ul lent, after gome lighting, thai he would ngeln make icr the ?*"??? To defeat this 1 uetermini d to keep fall ?peed 3ff. *n<! * ' !) a port helm to run undei the stern of tha Alabame a lud rako her, 11 hedid not provont it by shearing ar.l ke. piug bla bro.ida'.do to uo. lie adopted this mode nm a i?r? ventive ahd as a oon?eo,,ouce lhB Alabama v*i? roread with a full head of steam luto a circular track during tha '"fie'on'ectOf tbia maanure wa? >acb that at the last of the action, wb.n tbo Al?b*ma would have mads o0\ alio was near Uvo miles Irom ttao ebore; and, bad the action continued from tho tlrst lo paruMcl linee, wltb her head in shore, tho line or jurisdiction would ? have been readied. The tiring of the Alabama from tba loot wis rapid and wild: towards the clone of tbo action hor llTiuVbe'ame better. Our men, who had b-en o.u Cloned agHtogt firing rapidly without direct aim, WP,J* m,"h moJe deliberate; and the inUn.ctlona K'ven to point the heavy gune below rather than above tbo wa?er 1 In,., ana clear tU?? dauli with ligbtor ones, was fully ob ,CVh!i(l endeavored, vrlth *, port holm, to cliwa la with tho Alabama , but It w.i? tot until just be.ore tliecloM 1 of tne action tbat we were la position totino ' was av Mod, however, by hor surrender. The allectof tho training of our men was evident; "<*r|y "very Bh0* from our guns was telling fwrfully on the Alabama and on tho seventh rotatb n iu the o'rcul?r track ebe wiuded net line ToretrvHail and two Jibe, with head lu Bhore. uer sSa" wm now retarded, and by winding hor port broadside waa presented to us, onl[t* puna bearing cot having been able, aa 1 learned afterwards, to shllt ovor but ooe. I now enw I hat she waa at our mercy, and a few more nuns well directed brought dowu hor flag. I was unable w ascertain whether U bad been hauled down or ehot awav but a white flag having been displayed over the f torn our flro was reserved. Two mluutes had 1 not more than elapsed before she again cpenod on u? with tba two suns on the port side. Thia drew our lire again, and the Kearftan:* W0?J Inimadiatclj 8t?am?<l ahead and bid sVroM hcr bows for raking. Tho white. ^ flag was b ,11 flvlnc, and our fire waa again reeerved. Shortly alter this hor boats wore seen to be jo werlng, snd an c,'n^*' ' cne ef them csme alongside end Informed tia the ship b?d suriendnred , and was fast sinking On rrom th s lime the Alabama went down, hor mainmast, which had beea shot, breaking near the head ^ ?1'* sunk, and bar bow rising high out of the water, aa hor 8 ' "he ' Or ed ' of* Uio^Al a ba m a , .llhough it 1. staled she di-iharccd three hundred nnd soventy or more ehe.l and shot was not of swlfius dHmag<! to tbo kea?arge. Fcir e thirteen or fourteen o< tbem had taken efffi^ to and ubout the hull, and sixteen or seventeen about themaa aud rirgina. The casualties were email, on.y three per runs having been wounded, yet it Is a matter of surt?ri?e that ?o rev; were injured , considerli K the timber of pio^ Utiles that came aboard. Two shot vaa-ed through the n-pi* iu wliicb the thirty-twoe ware placed, with men Sickly Etationed around tb. m, one taking ?:\erl ,B h*in mock netting, and the other going through the port ' n > ihe cotKisite side, yet no one waa bit, the captain of I 1 or.8 o( ibo Ruua b>.'0( only kutokca 0?wn b> tu? I I ... 1 and seventy three pro ecti:et had been d:pchargcd sc ? rdini to the rrlaonerf acountf was temfle. ??e ^abot I alcne had killed and woutdid e gbteec men ai d MwHM a yin Another bad entered the c-al bunkers. exP,^,i"K aud i-omoleieiy blocking up tha engine room apd C apt. ' *e in nies states tbat sb< t ?rd sfcefl tad takeo ertect lu ihe i)d?i of h's vessel, tearing large holes by explosion, and his men were everywhere knocked down. of ihe casumtice in the Alabama no correct account can be given One hundred and Biteen > <"on? re.cbed l * tbor<" either in ?nglsod or ?rao< ef after tbe action, it is kLBwn that the Alabama carried a crew.cfflcen and men of about one hundred and Cfty, into Cherbourg, Sid 'that while in the Southern ??c?an her oomple ment was about one DuDdreil sud 4 but <1?- ?r t.ors hid reduced this eompleicent. 'lh,e th?t * number of men caaoo on brard at t herlwurg, and the night be .re the action boats nere going to acd 1 .ro, and in ti e mornicg strange uien were seen, wh0 Stationed a' cflptairiB o' tte gun*. Ami }!{.* . was cue Lleuteuunt (filccla.r;, who joined her mClwr l?Tbe Alabama h*1 been day. m prararaUoo. Pba hHd uket- In three hundred and U'ty tons of coal, broiiaht Ver down tn the water lha Hears.'?? had onlv one hundred snd iw.tnty tottf In ; but aa an < *? , l ii h#r c ha Til were btowid ?utiide, ^topv^n up of! cers ard nek men, was one uundred and ? and her b*<t?ry numlered seven *' one thlrty pcunder rifle, snd four light ihlrty two f ua tf6Tbe battery ef the Alabama numbered eight gnn?? ona haavv si ttf eight , of nine thousand poncds . one one-hun dred and toe 1 'under r.tle, and six heavy ihirty-two ^MfemcLt the Al.bama fought .even Rttn. and ti e Kt rsa ge fve, Loth exercising the starboard bat i terv, until the Alahuma winded, calM then her port aide wilTi cne gun, and auQther shirted ever. .ctiOB have 1 The collateral event? connected with this action nave 1 a'rt^dy been is d before the liepertmenl. I scr'bed\^*unig ''he'^cisgrtte'nt^byVhe^i't'ary courie of - j glEvb. b0B,,r ,0 wvs&AFfc linn. (iUEON W?LL?, Secretary o( the Navy, Washing ton, P. C. ^ _____ Tha Prima Bla|. /(? cobcrn'# match with jm [From fle'.i'a Life IB I-cn.lon, August | Joe Cobum and Jem Macc completed a fttrtbersUlte^ 4-*o a sido on laesday evening, Air st 2, at Barry BrurTon's , G??rga and liragon , HeecD *1^**'' Tfco rouse for tba next dep. sit Is n< t j r?" i>n. jee Cob rn baa been received with much arrja u? 7 House * w Kre W n l^;rB^>ny^.^hM,*yr^f^.m""tDVw.ftv:nV;^dT mirera Kcoke's constant practice with the -var stood bim in good ttead, and be was able ;iarek> o|00tle 1 Amer^n,lh?ro#\ J\l. ;nJ,0.lso ^b* U^^lVJ ".oi^lf - .r fhi"ul.j bridge the ^anect^ merli5of(oburn snd llsce. night of ioe ? Rppearanca (he fcouse baa been cro w ded , au <1 we frebcucd tos", so ur at ante judged by bi. per 'nfininfn there is every retist'B to believe bis bai >.er< were r.rli'fled In brioilug hi? forward. He and the *'?* eite with whom fe Wed to take a joint Tac, imil r?'mala?VJ JhSs , l.klrg plenty of ?*rc!se. Martdeo snd If'" nald baVe^iieh man ?*aked ? on ' 4r'.^rwiifr; bTtS?? ?0 ?h Triers, at tha sun and^h^ruen Cantors, Caat'.e (treat, leiceeur square, ou Ihursday, August 11^ City IisfaMif ence. I New Tosk Woait*"*?a'? Aswaatioa ? At a | of the Executive Committea ?( ibH aae?cl??ton, on Wed aa'S: ? Ttuaibull. oC fill- j work log men of ihe Seuth to declare for SI inatmctivl tbefrinllng Committea toftir ifchV Mi'JSl "of SbiVaMo/i to the numereua r,M i nliionirt wXn the tnlon i.nea. On met.on , it waa also j Fli'^red that the true interests cf w rkingmen be found in the rr.aintensnoe ef arder and * * . ^ 1 4i#?nce te law, tod that the heel nobleit api^ii?' | thTredreaa of rHl or suppoaad grlevancea was th* ballot ?ft?M m Kan Twbstt nmi Shortly after one o'clock ye? tarday aftarnooB a Ore broke cut la tba Tarnish manufactory of Bmttb, Baldwin h Co., No to# East Ywanty-flflh street. It "*? by J. Vanderpoal. It ?a damaged about H?w, sai > 10 ?? laaarad. THa Btls Haltroad. B Ao^tf*? 10, IMd. Tba Aaperlnteadeal of the Krio Kaliro^ autee that that rond la free rrom obeiructloa, and tbat Uaioa ?? "aw Tor k arc ruaalac reawbsir. '' ' I UUr*itlif| fraaa I*w OrUtai, I oua niw uklbami oohkbmi-onoknci I Nbw, Aiguat 10, HM. rtarM or a aunowai. sai.ttb on rim um J A oitloo.i1 aal'ito ?ra? llrH on lb<* ?***? at >br.>* J yeatarday ?TUn'^ooo, in beoor ot iL? rWtortae a ?at I about Mobil* Bay. TBI nT/BAI'lf 10 BOBil ? HAT riio iiue i.i now Hum^i'd to l*ort J lite, iwMif ail atllM from New Orleans. It w'U be exlordrd across *aae Kl ? ?ett?, thence alar* tbe ?b >r?r to an<f aorf>*8 & 7 of St l/.uia, tb< nc? to and lO'DM Hay of Ril<>H thenr* ?!< I'aa oaguula to (^raut'ii l'?ec The 'loo frvm fu*o?&> u llobit* li?k been worked by thfi rjbel* J"iw: ?l< I ?? Till IIX1M AilM* 1 CntUbart Mini it, buvn f n*d the liibjt'l nartar vliil" | mcnt ha* accepted ihe Initert Sia?*h Vanb*Miit>. ?">? I not lied Mr. (.rubam ( Hut hn will avtar n|>"B tb? due.1?* tli?roof botwueu tho prwu-nt lira* aod ft<orab?r 1 uu vim, inn* liuxm olnre tho protiiM atl n o' ord- :' for Hi* enrolmea* Of Cltl/eil* III th'N li.'P irlMV l.t M'JVtO Hire* of lour MM" dr?<i i ?, mmi* l'?h!? ao mint*#* duly u*ra tail Smw Orleaua by -in iH-nrou' rout, a irnt Mviiir t<? it rrr ftr aimo* Honeral A.I., l)(, , c, uibh>J.?r an lT?f.?n ?ry brfc gndo ut St I Inrlee, nn Wrntu rleor hue n nrd'-rrj la Now Or lea i a to tik? oommnnd m m ravilrf dp <auaa Whan hn rem loio ilia tieia tide w Jir mdiug J.ue ua to eiianMiv* ?n?ie uniibii Br.irr* mi it> hv Krr?pr?\*w"K*r Captain A (J. Mi It i.? M' lt iry Sup(~i Mendi*nl . la til ! plu.eof Capi.tiii On'kl'-y, who n ?ii|.cvitV*i,'ll'r,t of IM coiiHiructlou of i be K'ts-lan-Amcrifliu Lda^'Afb >"??< Vewi from Callfornfa !<an Fkai* isno, AutrMttlS IMfc irrlvod, ateamw flt. I Mils, frfp*< Pnnnm*. '?'he ate ,iii?r John I, (Stephen*, fr.'m brlo0t $2V'),000 In biilll.ifi Bad a larco (ju*o*ilty of sJver or*. Th* Fr?ncli occupy Uurango. Ibr iswt that General I'raga baa nada aiB tbo im.iari iiiiiiT in conUrma<l. The ronniij- betweeo OnuoAjuat# an 4. '.he city Merta* la in a dr?a'lftil coudllloQ. Tba Hla tmar Hlerra Nevn *a Iim aall?>r for Or ifott Br li >al> t 'oluiubia wltb a laf^? mii'iunt ol mrbitoi V.'>>aa< fuvbli orv lhr Morihcr* nm ln? nswa in rood. Ctiarla* Weliw hn? liocn release I 'r'im r< n Alnat Yeata* tak.oK tbe uatb and giving bouda to OOU THE WEEKLY HERALD. Tlw Brat and Clirnprat Nrwupsf ">??' Iv the Country. Tho Thtmr Flrmi i>, for tba present wool;, reacfyifcta* (Saturday) morning. Term?" ? single aiibacrtptlons, $2- Tliraa c?pla?, $!5 rtrc eoploa, (A; Ten coplea, $15. ^incle copies Flvo auoli. A Itcnitra Dumber of adrertmemootd lucortod. To P*r>?r Naniiraftnreri. Club will x?pnl(t for UI.UOO raama of aood Fo?rdrt?(ar ? Paiier. Bi/ ., Kiitj? id Iba. Apply at thli nOeai Tli? V? -r Prrfmne for tba Kandltrn chief. PriALOff'B "NIQriT HLOOMIIfO CKRK'Jfl." PHALON'rt ' NIOHT MI-OOMINU OI'KBLS." PIIAf-OX-B "MK1HT It LOOM [NO OliKI'S" PIIALON'.H "NIOHT BUiOMIMO 0 KICK I 8." The Kreat popularity alta ned I y tlii? new nod e . ^unt pen fume bus induct:. I many worthier Imitation* and innutaa fe!t?. Ilewttre nr tlii'in. aud hao iho b tllo h?l b ow n In tka tia?a, "I'lI.'I^ON A SON. I'nrtuweru, New york." BawaM of cauntert'elts. Sold by alt driegwia. Nt^nd not I'pon the Ordtr of Voar ROiiig, bur no at onre and buy a bottle of the fragraal HO/.UUONV. Yon will never retfret It. It not ou'y l>esi>M> Res and preservea the T^eth, anil arre*t* dec?K, b i< !???? the mouth and the breath ea fragrant aa a roie. MM Iruggiata tall It. Royal Havana IiOttarf.-7lf per Cral premium paid for Pii7ea. Information fnmlehed. Thf lilithaat ratea paid f ir donbloona and all kluda of Bold amm ?Uvea TAYLOR A CO., B&nkcra. 18 Wall aireet, N. I. I.Ottrry Prln? Caahed ? 1 n forma 1 1 M% Clvea. J. K. CLATTOM A CO., 10 Wall street room We. % H.V. Prlzea Caihed la All LevaliMil terian. and Information given. OALLAOtlKR k J AMIS, Broken, 310 Obeatnut aireet, Pbtbtdaiphle. Prlzea Caaheil in aall l<?Knll*'d teriea, and Information flven. JACOB, Kroker a n/Hrm. 176 I'roid-vitj, New York. Aftitrraa to Banokrra.? Pnila it A dak Keerarhaiim MaDUfactureia remoyed fro n Br ame at rata io tO'J Broi.ilwav, near I onrlb atreat. nbolease and rata IV Plpen cut tu arJer and rei/alred. A Perfect Km tr Dvr?Wlllrr'a. !t0 CtnMh Rett>-r and move In quantity any $1 li't. Hold %y drugiUt*. A Snre rnre,~Kta?'a Af> lean P?r?? and Ague Cure. It never fai'.e. Depot S3 Liberty street, a# alalia. Aliont 100 Certificate* from Midleal men In thlacltv reopmmend WOI.f!0TT'8 ln3ti\n' Vain A? Dibllator. Comment n?ed!eaj. Hold everywhere. A r fmt-Dnrk Vnata. fll5. Flaouel Suit*. $1.1 'o $30: Walking Coata. $lf>. CLA.11KE. 112 and tit William atr**fc'a, Sh or*, nnchled llnlmiral* ? tl| *'rl*-?, prewint ro?t pr'c*a PRHBI8 A SOM, Bo jI VIak*r% til Naaea i ttree: and UP! Broadwaj . Cninpbrll, Cheinlat and Apotheeary, comer of BI?hth arenuo end Tweniy-elgbth atreet. Paaa tuediclnea UJapenaeU with care. Crl?i ndoro'i flair Dye, Preaararaftvt* and Wig Perot. whn>>a'a and retail. So. 6 Aator floaatk The dye ai/pll?d by akufnl artiit*. Corn*, finnloni, \alla, Kniarctd Jul nt?, all d ?i'aaci of the feet, cured by Dr. ZaCUaRIE, 7tt Broadway. Or, Chceaetn?M'a Fematia Pills Are ihe raoat aafe and re! la l/e remedy ever known for ??? plaint* peculiar to fenta'er. "Tiiay *?rer fall. EatabllahaA la 1SS3, tliey have atood the teat vf the moat am nent phyM> :lana. Ho new experiment without merit. Eiplloitdnwa i:0B(, alttiag when they ahouidand ahould not be tak*a> One dollar per boi, containing fifty pill*. Bold by aJI dn^ |I*U HUTCHIKOS IIiTlLYKR, Proprletora, 81 Cedar atreet, New Yeift i D**faeit, Impaired $l(m, K0HR3 IN TUB HEAD, CATARRHAL AFFECTION* I* TBI THROAT, CHRONIC CATARRH. CATARRH or THR-TYMPAmfl MTTflOfTR MEMBlANR, OhilRCCTJONHOIf rliS RL'HTACUI AM Tt'BR CURRD. CROSS I YR STRAIGHTENED IN ORB MlNCy* An?e??ry dta?a>eof the EyTan'l Kar raqnlrlna either 4 leal oraurg:cal aid atteadeif to bv Dr. VON KlHKNBSIk^ aihUctaeultlnf rcoma, glfl Broadway, near Twelfth atraafc Dlamn fr*rn tweni ?aie bv ORi ? ow Canai street iQW V ROt| ?ir?rr3?. ?"? ? ?atur:iays at 3 o'o.oc* Deflnare Fire. and Bar#litr Proel Hafes? Ai?o aide board anil par or Safes, for ativer t *1* Ac , at M Muriay aireet, a iaei cf Col'jp fyxTRIO* For the Hair and fkln-llsrry'a Trfc eopheroea The beat and cbeareet'a. Soid by iro0 gla:a. Ollt romhl-1?w Dtylri. .Tnat RreelreA two, three, fdur. flra to twenty dorars each, for aate hf ORoRoR ALLEN. 115 fir adivar. nn* door bdlow C amm atreet. Btcre eb a?o i n Saturitlys ai Urea o c.caa. tarove* A Hafeer'a Vl>*t?eat PramlaM E attic Stiteh Pewlof Marh.inea. A9S B.oadway. Hew Terfc, and iU K'i'.lon street. Hroek ;n. Hay. R?*i snd Perlotllr Catarrh ?Or, R. Oordala's Catarrh Reire-'r and mode of treatment I* tfcA ?erne of perfaction No form of eatarrh '.-an w ibaiand III aearcb ng i>owera, and no n ode of treat eut ever a;ior>l*a such liniredltte relief or gm e such utleeraal a.u aia.-t'ma. Pr ce $1 rer boni* Bei d a 'tarro far a la nphlet NOt> TON A CTO., Sale Agent, 75 B'eecker street, one du*r waat ai Broadway, lold by dnggial* ??Iter Hajraty" (hainpagna far tats* only by WJl. N. WARD. No. 7 Broad street, near Wall. H Igheit Premium Loeh Rtllr*? Seirlu MaCMneg. WlfERLtR A WILIlOt. f?" C-oalway. Mn. Wlnalow'i Hoothlns Syrup far Children leething cure* Dysentry and D ar.h r a. rega ataa the Stomach and Bowe:e snd .:ures Wiad C*l'e. !*a More llrajr HalrorBuldnrn -Furry Are ?ear?w*stant atudy. Cansailatlan ree. b? Dr. 0RA?f? J RAX. A tier pitce. Hee adraratsttrneeti Sperania Curre I*lenaperan< f-roalg only $1 by vaft anv??-?re. r ARNBtVOR J H * 00 .79 ceder at, hew York The Balm of a Thouaaml Pmwers la as da tghAfui compound, hiehl- and de.tcateir ecanted, for iia* la tti a toilet, Imparling t>eautj. comfort anil health to tk* ski. i, clnanaiug tba ?? ?'i' and preneating their ulccratloa, e^d Jikv. pcrfuniirg tie breath and rendering It aw*ety 'V(iB*TrHK SURtEHT. at this eeaeon of the rear. U* Balm is in-. ?aiuabie. It *11! in errry tnstanco prevent am ?ka*? nMipi^n / the fronp whk . tnr?nt.? vifa " 4 ?--? /1f>Artd I?rtt'r*d inlOUbMQ itfusrssge] . stsi ^.^fa%awg8P iviai Teaattti Hair Dye? Hal* Oya?

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