Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1864 Page 6
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A. B%UB? AT ACCTIO*. ^ e Dfivwo^o i <'> Ai-cnow us v JFx ifl e?i Uotut-k t fjiui -n ??' JFe ka of ?n ? . . . n. t ? ? '?? S . u -a<>. A- ?*? :0 al i '? ktf 0a ic?vlv.uOi> at ? "?v ??? ?? -I ttk, UeiMCcii HUl Mil n gth lie* wrcmfi\e.itM ai ? ?Bale pareai|tor?. tfittiu n. ?? ?? i Super* Aivd ? '',11 1 mil le o' r. ?>! d??ript1M limeade Cut la Bt W watch. 1 -sjb IM Hi.-i. ' i atre ! Cuaeole r" Cea (tellers, SandoV. P,. m'r.ts '1 " 'H' fitftB<iree, Cabinet- ^oiitj I i ???. Matbie uary, a~??w Our*.a.iiS ilw Mi >*?nri> M vr" 1? . . s. jr u r>i tft *1 * \ ("I'FTK. *~r?* ????? ; SSLIS: *7t?r! . ..u ??.-< y^"buIE? ?".v v:, , - V.i- ???.> '? ? v? sE h a ,1 .,'r *?ae, W N'CbolaS Or Mr S?r-o .'?" ; ?t SisleeBlteireeWlewieoielroe tfce house. ________ w?? ? . ? i Apr"" OK ROT10F. M no H 'I eucttonaer Will eel! en MrrdfiT.Au jj i ?, * at l omer ?' *Oui sod Franklla * ii'vi Uil New II" ad frei '.lii si?, tit gaenra1 ???.?r rem of Macr 'ier,- anttfiWe for maniifac i rmg aairi ? brass aud at eel ornaniNta, corset cl??D>.. I _'.il tut V, Ac., In pB'-t cl nine oalr? Steel Rollers f?w?r, Hand r4 I>n>p I're-se T.i.n'ng Lathe*, t<hat Uue. Be'llng Pu! ? v.rc iar *r t Hairt sr.tu ? r>n, Anrll * nfi foola, twi i a s?:. . ,i- , '. .'t-'-r wllb m?uy fthei ar?ia>-. ;oo 4mm1 ? . ? lo mrtittot) At . TION WOTITE J. V. HAT9RY, AriTlOVRRR ? h> 'I i. JOkHANtro w <* will m I th k day (B .'.nr A^v i. Au|a?i kt ?t ? - o'clock, norv.. fit tltr Unlle-l Sutcg k?" ?" ''h i an An I ( Mi t C ftha ?r.n- I K"rty friut ;? alr?' i?. ? n rk .nci (la<trv*iii eal ilogr.e ?>f ['on- ? ?, Be . e H*rt ? Ac A 'an onr h'ghl> fi, :al>ed En.!.*M D.ii C*. t ?r <r new. r .1 'iy IV. ??* ^ V , u'lgt.1 au. i?-i JI. j d, fui'.'. . > pfc. i niornli't (' * ? H J JUKl'Af V CO., Proprietor*. AV r'(?N S.*t,K OF Pl'BNITrRK m PUJOKIYN? ? ? OL' * VIIII'ITV on ?nii.r.u, *t llo'cl rk. at l>a * -'?? ni? % if1";'!1 Inn mil bo. any an.i fiMwo d r*rloi I t>' r 4111 n*Hca ?? Hmtitaads Nut Piiri a t 1 V;<nr."t- "?. s- Hi* i"a, , et? Exia?> uj J'.nlm tab r. ? - l(UD% 11 not'-tHTV, * ? . ->.Mi-rr vili. se;x Tnip jV| , di a: ' o'cio . . ? Ht i#r-viB 7:i fianaau ?' a1 i, a *n?- ' ? -?i/ Walnut, mahat' m ma ru ???? >?"! I " ' r ? !'? run-. T?h' ?, 1 < ?fi?l r> ? 'I ' ?? I1" lnp mqi! In rrm n Ihr ?l ! - W11 'fl s ,itl Hi'd' irii i llair v t Ir**!.?. 11 1.* I' ?; r !<"fi 11 j>is 1 U Pillow Mir rat- CiiriH' ? 111 P.?: ?, ^ . i!;u ^ hoc o bf pi'rr.i n i"' 1 ? 10 'I'd tug r . nl'U r for tuah. Ano one i? <5 poBUt ^ ^ n I.'* I . RKn ??ir> APAJID05ED 1 1,1. iv Th ??t'r.T TiFrABi Mint. 1ST. ) 0?ri. k Ssti no Ai.BMCT, > :-?4. S WlBTl'NCTOIl, A'lgnat , A lar?? i-a^'rt lot of r? ? nr?,t Htirl Abuniorn.l Pro parly * 'I -1 a- |>n lie aiielmu to th" lile'inn 1)1 lder, al 11 * .ng ? . r -ci AU' wndr.u, Va. , ? c Hie b of A.i'n t ai !?' o o ok ? M rtii 11 e will oompiiw & Ur^r and very v* uabio "i LKMTI-RE AND MISCEIXaNEOUS OOOD3, But I . an .laiio. my, Waik v ? n tan.1 ehw Furnltui*. Caip* ? <'iwo.?! , i.oi.k ? c I'Mtin ?, 'i ih ?n l Tin Ware. Piaou(i', -? Moi?'ii>?iin i> iigv mil Olieiuiuuia a raiiwi !?? in; of T>r Ooivia l?r.e <!i of M n'-.Uiif A3 Pookn, Kancy Goods, Stalione 17. r?it "'v. ur.i lot ol Cnlton Wnrr. I'ool. lr. re quantity of Matiufacture l Cheaing atd Emoilns Ta'^r? o. V ??? Liquors, Tsnous kinda; BitW-?. AUi ? arRf . inot ly of b' .? an 1 ? t ier Rai;8 and ? varlc o' othr" >i l? no niimnrou 10 be mentioned. Term 5 cnh, hi got eminent r.iiid''. on <le ivry. U. A. RISlJiT, Sup. Sjve. Agfnt Tr.>a*ury >to)iartment. Q A J POr! >RT ACl'TION MR RS, WII.L SELL Tli'S day ai 101. o'< l^ck, at th? *u,:ilon roome No. 1 N->rth P IS an. mr -t ,Iou?e!nl 1 Kurnituie, con* it nc Of tnkl.og ?tu S''n I. in.- iai'e Hi;ii, 1 as.d blxck walnnl Mt 111 "i. l> n iic 1?Mr?, Bureaus. Washstaiiils, BookCH-e, fcfl antin.a t o r vin.n iVindo*' Cmtalns, Lookinr Ola es. Oarnets, ind' owany Pren h B<"ii*te?d, Hair Mst lre*w*H K icbei Purnmife al?o one leather top Buggy Vtgou Ifkl Harn.-s?: lit of Befars. Ac. AIko ai No iS torth Wi imm n'r.-et. third flour lot of Denchcs, Chairs. unih?r, Ac., *iib whiob thr sale will cpmraeoa. RALES OP REAL ESTATE, hplrkoid country seat kob sa'le? In N? i Jersey, coniamtn; f!0 arrcs of t!ie ver^ best laa'1. twuutifu an 1 lar.e biKidlaKS, rich crops, flock an I fn>> ill t.> for $ :?iii On Long Islai d. one hour s rido trrim tne elf. a Oo ml y Seat, or 4 t acrrs of land and hand ?mai' Milld'nc. fo $"? -0 > A Ci inlry He?t of 2) acr -s of tand, wnii ne? ami mn ge?-d hull,! nj?, J, 'KKI. A ipleml.d Fa ir, of I4i< a^r.-i. of verv kOOJ land. koo,I building"-, c ope kad stock ?'id Hb?ut 2. 00 lieartnj fru.t trees, for $10uOJ. A 1 a in of ^1 acr s or food Istid bnlld', $'.',6 0; a harm, 15 acres of lano, to > < build nil. crops sad two horse*. BWK'; a Farm, I" i^res of snlei rttd land, very good bull I s dei>;r b ? located fi.M'i Apo'r to J. H. SOliULZ A .. Ho. 4 New Chambers *l:eet, N. Y. A FIRST < LASS FOCR fiTO?V. HROWN STONE, f.r !1? I11. e'i.eiii li one for i-a'e, furi o- titifu ? kiaued, or. kihtn i-trrel between "iltb an I or'h aveunes; rtre 26.4x<U. Inoliid ng the extension lot half the bio. k in A*|itb. The lioinw is rep e>e w ib mo^Tc > onTcnlence? acl la One order throughout. It was built by ibe present owner h is b? sn'U snfl cr-'tly manner, and Is In every reipoct a teat ra b e reslden-e., furnt?ho I $V1,(00: nnfurutsl.ed, H-.W0 ll can >? neeii by applying to. or addressing me, at my onice J AS R. ETiW ARDS.177 Wast Twenty third street. A OOUXTRT BEB1DKNCE AT CORNWALL, VIEW J\ of Hudson rivrr, new Ooihlc bouse, 2'~ story; hon e W b l.'i, witii win { is 7 is In front and ri-ar." forest trevs, ?Hiri-m, pcerh, r'-ms pesrs. cherr e?, sppl??, Ac.; koi ** Uil i four lesri; clgbt ?, -i-slsnd; niarb eman<? ?; Cited tn w'tb t-rick; iwo wells, 1> - 1 n ^ wa:er. pon;l; iravden fr'w c-iiisli- e.ghi 'ooms- go . o?ru. Apply to P. ZEULIO, 19 Oeaire ?trect. corm-r Charub^rs. a T 75S THIRD AVENIB.-I II AYE FOR RALE Jx probably the nsstest and w>et d<-s ra le three etor* algh no p br>?n itone noiise no?- in the market. T .e v hlcti Is lew a I') be so d with it. Must be seen ie be adiulred. Caius of Admission at uiv oir.'-e. JAMES ROWB. AREADT1FPL farm 90 ACR'fi. FIKB WATFR fr i t IS miles In New Jersey. (io 00; t to acres, I h ree k Sm?- Si m;, $12,o .?01 acres, two miles frc.iu C? ii' sne find-on ivers f 1 S 0. M acres st Rorklam) Latr, J uu. ST icr^?, ' n? mi> from depot Nanii"t. Ho k Wa ? o t , $4 ? *?> ai res 24 acres. f!10,i0 lbe above i.a-s t^o l uu idioga 'ruit. Ac. W. H. MELICK, 421 Bn.adway A FIRST OLARS F.XTR \ WIDK THRKE STORY AND A RltlcUo.-e, eoih four fnU Lots ol ilrouod. Wo. 1C8 Fyasl 'ent street, betweon Oil* ton and r inrt. Wt io*ilyu; a* ise leei wi le. has all the I oprovemf. ? For saw on Esvorab e lerm- ta c ? ?e ?n esiaie.. An^iy to E. K. KhL Loou. I'S Pearl street A VERY NK'R FOUR STORY. HI'iH BASKMRVT soil sub rllnr b le* House, '.arc* lot. o-. Wn-t Thirty* tftb streei t> a!w a nice House arid L">' lo trade for a Farm worth $0 OH) or >b P-n. ? H. Ml'.LlCK, I., Broadway. A FINE LOT CN FIRST PLACE. RF.TWBBK CM*. A Ion and ll-iir- st'ie's. Hr"0*iyn V' il f*et; also MtlSSH f ?t o - S?e"nd p w-e b"?wecB Olln < n ann Henry Bei?, (oe -ale on favcrabie terms Apply ? ? E H KKL 2<J. 139 Pearl streei N I. Hl'liSON RIVER FARM AT CRCORR P STATTOS ai a bar, a n to 1 se ?? esiaie 1T^ acres. Bou?c, barn, bsrl Ac; lain '>ej , if front brick eia). Api> y to O w. DI fCHBTT, No. ? Clisiobers slieei, corner of Cnaih jui, FaHM OF TliTBTY-PBVEN ACRHS WITH ET. r* e it bou e ?od wa er IrapiovemenU and fr.rt 1 I is -or ? ? , m -tid ct?irsbe two boors fr >m In* Kir, BO a opted ' ?? es-'y co; s an I g ?r lei, ti .ii , terms A L .-y C .l. on or adrlreas H B No. 7 Cai al street. CIHKaP LOTS AT KL17, A VBTH PORT, * J._ ORLY J ei e b"ur ov fleam uoal from lew Y rk Pe^ me wish lag i-i ovest wi ' ' ,. ,ai- de? n.ob p-operty Korpirticu. Wis ai-p tn Coo I.Y A 11 r.1 1 iR; 1 1 liR. agent*, Elua. totbporl, o<- R R ,? fcLL'i.iO. 131 I'earl street, N. T. tj'ARMS FOR RALB.-A FARM OF lOd ACRKS. QOOO A^ etOQi llniia ami o jibn'l t'ngs well watered, evee'lec t ?>l ee<ersl orehaids of cii Ice fruit Theabi ? Is ? mated LSre<- .,11 ,1 ter? o a r ule fr i-n the ?*l >?l?r Stall n -iB lbe Bnrtbern K'W J?rae Railroad I r'c^ 914 V?! f '.Ni Tiei-f Peoiain on bond an : m fnr sit years Aluoa s-niC.', F*rit of F ac es I 4 1 He from llacaen ack depot; >?-? Cre of wo.?|. plenty of fruit. O"' H'-re of Lswton bisc-k rrles apples cherries, g "H?berrl?? eurr?nta 78 r>-ar treeo. 4 cho "? giape el ie*. ?i <l Houae, firet ra'e eater, Ac Pr|e.< |5 uo> wlib-'it c "ps. hsl: eauh A so s h i.?s In ' d- 'u '"it 1 H. ' . sltuatec n Letidg OS avanue, 24g.1t', Iwnf.i ? nrl*s h gh e |c ?n i rplendld ba enenl Paget o'ia. and ber-,?s of ? 1! klode; car* convenient, rft.' $'!.&? ; J -in reins o Alao rmni olber Far ns, M'li 'it a 'Lino"" f,o' A of s' deeerlpt-ooa. F' ? par ttruisrn Inquire of J. KLl/'M.aR A CO . Hw ?eu?ack. J?. J. Farm of rv <r rk*-:i TRNNrseER. witrir fo r uil 1 * of lii |I'? Lsi, 1 ng On the Tennr??e* r ? r. eeromii-- >-?? ugwllh t'.rce ra ros'e ? a?y of si^ss. 'be sre.% H-r.-r o n 'bard and lOtifb"! level, eultfrated 1st d : I ??e? 75 ,wio,.coa '>n to:- of '.li- ar.Bd ; h tmeaadbarn; j Wll 1 r prope v 11 Ne t York or * in ?? and lr p^rt,s-b. Call ou or adAress BEBJ. W ALLOCS, U4jaue j pCR SALE? A F KM OF SKYKNTY ACM B?. WITH A ? 0 a ' " ? ' 11 0 -till It ? uae ?,n'l n II , II haga gO'vl ws er, C?> ?r,.! In, i ? In ill d mi il.e v - si ? de of kleui|,ateal arbor . ? <t (w ai , ? f'um siaa'?V::? Lmling Aopiy to Rll iIaHI-Son a HLATT 1* Itrnalway rj\; c,| t ?_ r FITT '"L*c" FAR* OF t*i A'Rl ?,ON m? N'W |lf. Ha ?? d O00.I b-.l.d n r arge oi>d #*'? or, . 11:, 1 ? >' < lee 11. H, ?nl <1 vk ? of ?auBd S. F I RKLAB No. ,'i>a fine treet roem II P?Af RY F IS \.V OR }-;X'"H ANtiEO KOBCITY property ? A Hi n ifee'OfY In fni ope'stion si* 1st d kial'il w, i't ? f , in it a e. 1 ,i? e-n PI is lei* PI la a ad If ? ' uri 1 be a i 1 <leai vl li r-r n 1 I Bad i". b , ri , ? ? , leinaid fe 1 e art' ? .? e-c ,r?d. Par T<- san 11 ir ?eing ill 41 1 11 tie srs apply to F. V O iHaH, li' W a "lot roe Fpansf ?rt H T. F"OR saLB? A I AR ?* V- r ,t STORV, HI .M BTOOP. 1 row - ot r e f> 'I ,, .? 'i lA'eet Tweot' ' r street, F i'i 01 bs f ib 1 k hi a. I |b> tn >ti ra c>a<e B ODe -s !? In a fine - 1 ? t? | ,,.9)io,rtr Puce pit J0U t'osa ? lor 0 e'? J A *. R Ef>W A RDS ? W'M Twi r.iy-ti. rd street. FOR S a LV CffP A P ? F'lR C'A "II IT M APPPTT. f, I. b? f s iti r fioTi Fi sb" Kallr .ad . , tn ?-s lr. ie ftlru 10'iith sir >-l ferry il? III ? ? 1-1 Rn ok 11 ? 'If k-ll, t?o ae a. of g ,01 .and, aree t-e * arse f srne be., e and ? .c. i.d ;.g?, tints. ? fit ? Iri r? eier ? great ?Prfain. TMOMa> M FRa^' I, IV M Will Bin rl ru ? rotr el I'lae P" ? I*? H A 1 LRM ? A LAR'IR ? BS iRfMK^t 0' si prl -aa ran? ng fr-rni |l.i ?l to 1WI P? a des nf p ,r . a . 1 tn . ap ? n is |efar? pur ' sa ? g ef-ew < ? K> sue 1.1, A p?>h KB, alilr aveoue between iSAth and IBitb stieeta. Harlem. FV)R HAl.K AT A BARlAlN-TYn BRICK "C-ILO. ' ? ' Ot lr. Ui'd S' ee> mar Mifitan 'e, B"o k " Tre triot I" d ?u I ?< s in? eat a1' *h. d ' r m. ? renisti$n i'iii.j*r| of the rn.11.ey can remain IfeJtAJte of R M01IAAP, la Mrr l-aienoe, |a?OR 5 ALB ?A RBtLL FaRM FOR BALR IX M I I.PR fie * Statr f rit rotinectieni n me ye ? * lloi e r- ad. For furtb,V parllo ,iars la iulre at Si 7 Wast P. rtv-t ,! d et ? OB BALBOA FIRMT CI.Aki FOUR RTOKV PRl K House, all tke inodeia l'ui?r,.eem' ' is snd In ? e _jt of order 1 V id'ngte 1 fn 1 city 1. t- -rti h .tsble sn I tber < oi l ns 1 ^ f* n, gltua ed a: ' S"d en PastF -'Icih B4reei sear lark a* rn '*? Ap.ilv 0 NICHOLAS FISH KB, UP Kast Fortleib et,"?^ *?" v"r* fl^OB RALB ? THE > ,*1'* Ff'?IBf!10 Til R KB PTO. E ri br?iwri Rone Pigli (' N>P Bo !*e I 't Ruat ! ur'r s tth ?treet Oral Houae . a*l of 1 ? >"b are ue nr ne (MMt Ap. ptj oa tiie Dt SU.MCA a/ lo J. A. '*?*? ?*? BMgM war SAIKH OF HKAl KSTATE. For **?r * rvKTTt OOTHIC cori-A-m, IV & ? ?net senleei uhboraoo.1 '? l'>e a Whe "f Hewer* N ?"?I ? '? road ?' k w'n |*r ?> ore 'ia'f btiilwiioii an' rt???e. A?pi> ai U rat k ?feei, b<?r u> H. J. ? For ralk-a nsv of m-rrs. ih thi town. ui i .it Jwd-jm comity Win, wit. of *?'/n ^rd firming I, p ? i I* * at# lao st<r? ?'ouae w. >? mi. ?likiu Uirrt ?f the i o! f?v l^ta. b..? K..rivr'ic,l?r apply <o H M. C t. * lilt. cofu?r ;t Brldfe an 1 M?m nth ftreele, Fraoklya. IjK>? SALF.? AT FORPHAM. WRBTCBB^TFR r t biir a ??? i?: froi*. ra'.roa'! dr oi on Oeu 1^43 bridge road, a Far n of 27 acre*; leiyt- buna* tmrg >*ir t? lux Ac ?rli watered, ( of rult, Till# (.arteol. A-ni., on b, pr- n,M>? to JOUN HITLER. F^UK &ALB-TUB HOTISB AND LOT VtJ. fi COL' n de row. J^tall't eireet t tw.tlr.ere* at.d (ii|..tnt oi 9 rionie lot JJxloR. ?'.? cap ad <-11 re'* ^rtt, a. i> tt> PR i K A Bf.AT, ? f?W' W .tfeu.eliiijg. Or te P. O'BKIV N, liy Te.l iittM mil <.!MI N. X, F0* 8A I B? THK ?HK!.LI?RAK K nOC8" AT M < W A f??K> 9'ailoa Nt??* York k d >f i hav, * w nh ?l out iw? ?. re# ?' ground rt*eli I'm . ?ta ?- arn abeda, Ac. Kur )*? -ara apply 10 ik. M. t .. AK 1 fc , it P dc ?rtti li'OH SAL* AT A B AKlIAlN ?A tlOU8K AM' AROI'T F JO l*r-M of (Srnmd or bi/lrn Kiiea. Aj jlv to S. R TBBMBLB, 134 lie'dcn lane j EVtR fllLV ? AT A n.VRUATK A ST tlT AN!) ] P h???inaal !<rirk Hon* - an I Lot In hi iiwi. v> I Uai.'.t* u *, fur $?,t ut); one h*i' o?n i!.? ?>.?. , ,r< m ttir?c 1 \ fars I 1. a ? uter 111. ?u<l lu Kt>:i4 order, lnqi! r# a: 146 ! llrand ilrMk |VIK ^AfiK? * VR.'T ''lei 4 O fMTKT St AT. IB *ir.K8 j N>v? Y tik ->d iLb N'?- 1 . *?;? Kailroad, near lar/re quatit ' ? ti. it. Km ? i'!t. ci F. lHhijANO So- 5 Si i' n^ ?tr<-?t room !3. ijioH P4LK-wriH KURNmniB. a first rr.Ass r fouraiorr ^'gh?ioo< 1 ro?-n ?tono l.'ousa. ,'ro tin. ji MaJuoii a<l?arf, I11 ?p pt).! d I't 'v??? on lmiotd i'? j". ii. F I lit j. A .*. f, No. 6l<> Pint ?ir?t?>t rofin !? C*0'' fAT.K-BBK'K '? S D ynOfN STONK HOfTtfttR. I ] c.ft i Fifte o!:i T? eittv weoad i h*!** v.^- ron , Thlr'v ih rl r'v fift'i Th r if 1 1 nf t> ant Ki-n ieth strc)*i?. Al. mncrrn U: ? tip nt-v 1 >? t- 1 . ? I'At'. -ONS & W it'.'-. ?! c-'-ir ntrnrt. T^f'H SAT.K? Til!'. HOttSR ISO LOT *0. !S^ 1 7 PT ! > 1 ? ? . 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Vo k a'-o ' ftir ?: i'.' a il a tin!! or t t> !i nd u ilvcr, pow to ??? | d *? a ai 1 ? ctny and ? av n % ft"?tn engtn f p?n V r ? na ! k 'i I n of nvn. r? hors* ro.-''r, ?l h ? ..t' t ;? I s eij, c ? n-cti b 1 ail rack an l rata; a 10 thr?e larjoa ? am a' pr '^pnt 5?fc? d to a .lot n.a-i aet'irer. :J?. las*" ka? n? . 1 ul t-< 1 yeara to run a rai tcnni><iii* omi 1 ? madi* for 1 1 r' .-to have tL? 'ii*a o' -it-a a o jsr-' and aonio Toom l.i "Hu'e'v. This rf iieiiji. whl.'h la oim-: rati* 1 pnivn a t ill be ?oi 1 rer> l'"w Kor farther partieulara cal nr. or addreu it , bo * ^3t NPwburg, Oraoge co.iuty. N r 1 Vor't. nrintiD to p""i-riARR? a liion stoop itocsb, m ai.ia'l or of r.ioder tte I 0. 0:1 Mnrrav Mil or some where between Tlilr?ieth a:. i Porty 'tl'rh ? r 'tii o I oT- nth aBi* Lr?ioKt"tt **e-i'tr?: tb? enrrouii ni i" ??? free '>om teaement not:.t>a?. worktbope, Ac, A v one irhooan offer a 1 argu n and mill taK*1 t)tfl trouble to eive location, 5 r p. tlon and pr ?e. wlii please addrcas for cne wcei C. K , box 3,777 Pobt o i-e. WATRR POWER Avr> FI7P ACRES OP T.ANP AT tOt'nwall; tin'" a:i'?tioii lor ^ 'to se ve?-o nl>er; p't-nti of fruit Aj'ply to P. ZEliUO, 12 Ceotte si . eel, cor uer OliMubera. rr'ANTKO TO niRB rjR PURCHAHE? A HC'SR, '? located ia a pleaaast. re?peeiai'le loeullt) In Brooklyn. A ddrees K , box t 86> N Y. Poet offloe. WANT' D-A (JCOO HOOKF, ANT> ODTBUILITINUS, with fr^in four to I em acr?-< of y od land, fruit, Ac vr"*!!* one hour of New T ? ,* tit1 reas, m i'.h full description aud price, E. D. Ward, II raltl ofll. r>. WA?ITBD TO RXrnA"nn -A VP V T^O PTORY Pram" ITo n<-e for 10 d "'or te.- 1 Fn "-n;! I.ind : lioiiw woriht^S't; 1 101 l,;a e i f,-r J 00. Add.e-a lma?:. .ale'y JelTerson Thooipaon. rat. raon, N. J. nnn -^OR SALE, 221 ArRRB, HOI'S", NEW bar' * on Fr!e Vlal'.road nt?' Peri Jar lg. Also PIart>? In Dulcheea rruntr. "-in.- Sin- lv^!le Pfalna. Shieaabury O'-eowlcl., P b e H. at MauioTnneck, <xc . br D. M. SEAMAN. 14 Pine -tri-t /inn ?FOB 84 LK Oil PAP, A PI KMT CLASS ?v.vV>" three glory bnirweit m>-i aubceller > r..'k Hour- hp ! Lot, uoriheaia corner of T?> or ?. r??t . n '.Yvtl e avenue, nineteenth ^rar<l, Brooklyn, In i f:rst c|a?a u-v'i bophaM. Pari of "io money can remain, lift-. Ire of K. 80HAAP, 123 Myn'e nvonue. fill A fifWl ?FOR 8AI.B A N.2 >.T. POT'R 3T01T, IPLt>"Uw, Engl. ah basement. t roarn stone Ho ??. on ? Murrav TI1I1. $8,(00 ??an re- a!n at. 0 piv cent Nor fl<e n- ten r??ri?. ro-aeihton l-i a fr * .lay*. Apjj'v' to p. O. ANTHONY, ?SiH Pipe ?treet, ire n 11 to I o oc -. 4>"1 <> ? MAONTFICPNT RR8IDE VCR AND T5 C J * t?'J " ' "? acre* of boo 1 l-and, one ml'e fr >?n Pater ?on depot, f noting : a nan- r.eer; houar new. thr?-e Mortr*, 30 room*; hat ' 3- 1* SO: Imi u 1. ia\ Ac. Prirt In ?reat variety. BULLING A DBVRV, 11 Chamber* atreet. flftfl -FOR SALK, AKn IMMKDIaTR P<>8. ip<SOiUUU> aeailon. a four rto?v t!.ci8 rrmt high atoin Hoo-e. ttfMxRS.C, on Murray Till?, two ijnor from PI :th avenue In complete oH~r: $ i 00 may remain If de. aired P. C. ANTHONT, 31S P'?e aiieet, from 11 to S o'c'ook. FOR. A K KTCKLT P?)T BITRTNRSB PtTn RALR. FOR ONLY t ! '0' ? T-tie arl'rrt <?r limit enter, ng Into otlier bual neaa o(T?r? fo- tale toe <(eo<l Win ilvlnr-eTc of hu An< tlon and Co'i.m:??lon boa ee?? : i' baa been 1 ? eii e -'fu1 ot e- t'l n a number of yc tre n inu f ! mi oil'' of the (rrent??t t nr. ou*n'are? In the i>?<r p ?rt o> iho >vlv am io any partr with a email cap tai preaeuta ai oppnrtnnitv 4*!dotn n et with, a- the bue'neee la co a'antl Irei ???alp ? at ope la l.rre ur I rent rex'OoaWe T.ri"" of parr en> wMl br mi <!e rati* frc'.orv to Ihn i urrha??r an 1 Tuli Infnpmat on will hi- riven by h ?! 'reislng. ? ith real rame A. C. M bo* 17S Herald A*ent? need not ap?i" nr. A FACTORY AM? PATER MILL FOR !M!.R-!X I\ Rroek'vn, wtlh 80 h r*e nn ne, hoi1 r?, F' machine. rn'arr b |>r?. r?c ?n?tne .. an<J all ? ?' er i ? - '*r* HH'.er tr.achin?rv, hot ?<?-? Iltf 'o u*( i. Apply to 51 r. II A ^ iLTON. room 11 IS2 Proadway, A RARE BAROAIM.? FOR THK BTOCR A!?n F *t e? and C*"inte.'? of a 8: >-e a" n ?* Will he ?(,'(! ii * !,f. hi 'xlent mt a given for ieMlo|. ai j at -ii1 Wooster atpcet. . w BAKP.RT A*T> HXTCRr.8. WITH A OOOD fiORSK, two Wapona an1 a ?o ii? n' >S Cuatomera, for tal"? In We?tehe*i?r a' feue, Morr.^an.a, 14 baprt ia pep w efk. Ioqutieat tbe bakery. BOILFRfl FOR 8ALB rHPAP.-OVT! SO TTORCR I ?eo notlve an*' one I A hora* npr pli', v?ry tnhular. Ai p' > at.TAmn LORIi.L l?'St tobacco w, pk?, rarnei ot Hick* a lid Wan en aireela, Brooklyn PBOOSSRT -STftCK PiXTt lit 9 AND OOOD V T IX. A rare chance f mer at ere, old atanil vith a fend rnn of trade, l.oth cUyau l ci'inlrj For p?rt eular* app'.y to W F. ROW LAN D, litO <n atreel, ooruep of Cbria toph'-r. DRCt.OISTS.-A ' AR tF. A 1T> H ABDSOMBLT F! iTF H up Urn:: Hto. e for nil*, io one ef the leading weB?tock?'1 tvltfc e*ery article. Price $2 i^i or at varia tion. Apji r to Ii Al.h, 41 Ann i'.r ei. New Vorh. DBPObl?TS AND MITBTDIABW ?A HBt'O MTnnp. 'r>r -a'e kDltah'- to- h ; hy*l" in, ettah'l *ie1 I" e,r*. Rent lotv, and to he a ild ?t hi I' li? value on <? - runt of a Ap ?ly at !NM t>eve?i?h avenue, New V j'k. DnrR, WITH l?ft FKBT vr\T*ri FBOirr -RAB tra * e ,n: . *.lo: wl'.b Central Rallroal of New Ter^ev, eltMierf at hi/abi'thpori; ?ti'tMte r a coal. Iron or otliep biiM t,. ?t V saI? I o rlo.e so e .u;e. Ap^.y to K. it. KKUL't'IO. l.'J l iarl air tl M T. I/IOR 8AI.B-ONK ORTiT ? PT-ANINT MA. I" i ? In" "!e o In* Machine, ^r ciit'e PateBt StoII Saw, Bell:?. SnafMOrf I'll'?" Ifaijera Ac Ap lv to or ad. ?Irene i,IO L. CUMMlVtlS. 1M V'eat Tktrt/?lxtk etrecl. j O'tt Uoor weat ef Broadwar C*f)R OA' P-A ^AT BOAT OF ?fl B TO?-?. FOR TlAl.P . P h?r value: ?le i" n ni' '?ieo ler. crv ,a l ao.i a wo>r l m V? a *ool oi i.T,r' or o?an>r v. a1. lntulrn on I beard, at tlM foot ot < ?.i? aireet, > rib ri??r j nim baLB-THR utik^k t ixtdri ??, ac.. of a ' " (l-'.t ? a?? ?'?r>-c rv S' e. do nit a fcee . v and p<ylri< ; b'lat)"'*. bo*ated in a ''rat ia ? n !? '>t.rtieod; a ? >e -i ? ? f r at r on ? ?hlng to?o 1st ? ou? anea. Addre ? bo* lit Br (Ok:. in l'o?t eT.ce. _______ VVlli HAIP-lllH HTtJCK FTXTtTVlR AMI OO^D I wp! >l a Butler I'rt ?,,d The. ?? (t nre, do-* a |1H mi1, '? er>. it 1, I - i ?? v i II < ? ? ??...? T > tho*e r "4 > t email oap't' lh !? '* * ? 1 * ' t1 . 1 a m**!"!* 1 0UU4. f' r fur -i j .i tlr iKra ,3 I r4 at . B1'. rWer Hreet. FtO't RAT," AND FlXTrH" S OF AN ftl.D eeiali'lahei1 P.'nt ami Paier 'i?nrlne fl'iM B i-ln ?i. A g ol r'.anre for ?o ente*|?Mnft ooor an. aa I " oWnei It abuut r*tlf>Mg fiou b.a iie?a. 4ppl/ at N ol!i *vc tie. F^Ort PALP Til" RTOCB A S D FIXTrBBS OP A f . ry r:o e al CttV 1 an.l. Wrutchea ???r e? ,r| > N. T.l 4 rare 'lar- It d-i 4 S"?d hti4 "a. I ? r pan. n ?r? In Ulre c' tHOKHf J. L'tl'KWUHB II* 'fate plot, J1 riwul'8K? 'p W'<? VoPk F10R RATE -"AH A Nil BTLt ! ARD RfXtM FOR **I.R, On'' "f lb' '-eat lor* tonatn he city, and rtrrt?i< ? g ,'>d bnainfaa *ii hr nid cheap, Aj i-fy In Ibe *"^ar fore. 7iJ lll^e, ker ilre.-t. tPOP P A LP. ? A LOT OP Lir.HfBOII.BB 1B<?Nj TWO r lrm,T'iik?. '">* *?* Tank-, it". 4 lot Ol bT4.>4 vacuum Pneipe: ir >? >u*ar Mou'd* ^ P. N. SPOKfOBD. 17 BmeJe-af. For palb? a ot?am*oat r* oood obdfr tns ? imi o ind !7 fee: tn-a-n. h. ftrAM bold, beeoi ertloe, >? Incti 'j ndrr, bv 4 eel atroke A, p y to C. W. COI'B* 1 A> 1 17 1 ? ' .T |4?OR ?vf.F.-A FIPRT CLAR3 OROCrpV rTOPR. r wl'h a r "lei.i * and a r"od family tr?d??'IMM a jrool e??h 'r?de- Imatedtti a leHf* ng aiieet nea- the f r.rf to lira" l.n I ???in* .? M HA*I. flat!.. AlUotii: etrect, eor.n r o. nl ink4, Hr.^kltn. rf>R PA1!?- RI'XTAI'R ANT AND FRUIT RTORK M Hr afaai -ei,1 flpital ".pi. red. Ri .^tie lElvea fa* ae lleg A m?m I l*<> Hroa eap 1/tOP BM.P.-OSP, IKirNM AND POUR PINO I F. Por ? f ?' ii- a (n^ ? n |ne? a I t ? (.,r t|| wr, ( , b la <r>i . ( n-a 'Irtiai 't* t A ? , one -.n ? Pteam ' U"1 h to I LA " E A tiiOOt No. 7 1 ^olti MO't *?TP-?T J*N* PTRP.PI COBNKR OF r P. jh'.li ar?>. ' ? "?r <"j in *-? Tattle l>eek<. Plh w < *?* . P?iah, Itr.wer* |Pnf? Part'tlen*. Ite'lieg*, W II be ahtp e4 e any io?a or c ti on e ? a?ea -1? lerma F^or RalS-trkt, k to!?b j :h rb^InBd iron* fi e t'.iia ? I4'! I' In.. Ii p.fti Opt?e *1 I |i ? , !?'???? 1 *ir rt) n II. re -* ,| . ? all ? e?: live inr? llcavv i'l ?re Ped . ?l"? *' - i ? t N a a II ve ?.,?? t It ei *i>led>l >aea. RiIKNNAN P VOkT. A|lll M>1 mlaon ?i ? ? rom. uti. P0<*8?LK~* COMPLETE 8?r OP OFFICE FIX ' Heaka Ae Apply at Not ft College place. nw 4 up ? air*. VUH SALF-A WKLl. FITTVD UP CORNKR HOl'OR I .-me Fur ( trtu c .?? * liniuiro n tee atere. aoUlbwOft e -r?rr af ?e<vnd arenu. and Foity eighth at root. 1 v R S?'?-A PRt'lT WINB AND OANDT STORB r r -> ?'??.. ? ?v On - nf the Sent c roer* lor that bual ii' p? ?? . i t- ?< united.'. i ttivnKnl w'it?b wou <1 make* *r ?n n ! a i ,g m?'< To oeeexpablea better ehanoe 1a ?a i.ii o" r<*i' The owner la going h?rw to bur ope Ap t!r to HM'HaKDRON A KLAl'T, loO Br>?.<!*ay. F >R SALE- HTATB A WD COtJBTY BIGHTS IS THB Little O.ant C?'?k Kiovo Ju?i the ming "anted. S. W. RlPlJiY A CO., *:? Broadway. N. T. i nc* H ' l.F? A HRCaR STORK. IN A FIRST RATB ; r !.?,< n to: a man wbo ur.d. 'Utandii the bn?lne?v ft I- * rtian r * Jam mat w th 8t. ?na*a tba only reaaon for ? < I l. g -ii',: at *1 Eighth aveu-io, neor Th'rteenth > treet. I ITWir SALE ?A LOT 0r WINDOW SA8HIS IB OOoD I oi.iar. ? iit?l !? !or par lltloLa windowg or hot bnuaea. I III i.'rv for A ?? W A*Sb4, at S75 uJ S78 Broadway. F'OR 8ALE--A "?'FLL KNOWN 8HADR8, SITUATED on *'?rta areoie, near the City Hall, Brooklyn, now I '? ,aini*-a. For further p-r l.-.i.ara inquire of "" ft KI>kl *SP South street, New Tork. Ko tjonu uciJ a r^r RT AND PRODUCE SYOBR FOR 8ALE-!!? A town naar Now York: larse eatabllahed RMh iv! h l.m* of More. Moderate capital nH<i. r. i- :> A| .. t'< H. B. BL VCKWKLL. 69 William at' < I ft ? ? 9 in II A M. QaLU'KN FIGURE! FOR 1.238 BROAD f l,U i? PTmRB FOU FALE? CHEAP, IN CONSK. J J ? ee of I he death of the owner the Ftock. Flllufeft a tn ? year"' Ltaee, ruoap rent mt'd one of iho be?t cor se. ? n n tt ? N ustb htenim. Aj>ph at iSl N nth aveni.o. Machtsb shop fok ralf? mow doing a good t ii - a. Inquire at 2 17 Prli ce atreet. socond floor. V' W IORK SThAM H.NOINE VVORK8. j.1 Man !a.turera of K\RI \K AND 8TATIOK AH7 RNOINRS, MAHH1NIST.4- TOOLS. Ac. WRIHIIT'S PAIRNT BBGMENTAT, A l> I I PRO\ R!? mo ITZON tal snqivb, W li t S< r;tj t'a Palen! K> I' ?il niuiiti/ Cut-off. BT' ' iN't I RO \ C tSTiN.lS i ii'iilah' d at ?ii >r' notice, y '.vi of Tiv'-ntj ill' d -tiec. !'a t r ver, -V. T. Ibo fn'Viwinir Too'a for fn'e at tie Ma utactory, foot of itv! .i t>: r 1 -M ?t, Kh t r v -r ? One *? ? L.itlie, J - lea' bed t >a'i awin^. T .0 R. S. fee' b' J. l Iric') awlnij Dm ? 8 Ui'he JH f?e! I it.241 oh aw m 'I'wn >u ! I iihi ? 7 foot h i lj ""Ii wir.^,, "back ge?r." Twn !? ? ! l/;'hf-', s feet ''ed |ii la 'h *>v n^j. (i ? !?*?::! l ie Vert had, 16 iocIi jwlnf. Three |i i Pr H?. 4*'c ? I r P ai ? 2HX.C- B f?el V i LljT AM WRIGHT. President r>APr tMIABCB P'tl A BITRINP.8S ? MAN ? KfRO I > ??.?;.? i.nd -;ea nr il fur mk>. Mr. LITRLI H, j> p to' '' t' o kb ivr u'lii*" being ob l?"il to l<-ave t a r ? alii h.'i well vntroni/.ed eambim nient. I h n hc> ' ' sen newly pa u'-d an I iiaperrd through, end th" fu r.'n.-e m nui!? D"? A n? party wshi'i : to tolwlntl tNo 1" tel !) ? - fln.l tin* a mod npoprtimiljr. 'or ip.'ns ?* pi" I'erlArr i t't Mr. IjITKLLK. K'irotwin Ho: an 1 K .< ant, >o. 2 Clinton pr?ce, corner Of Broa i >vav and Kigblh atreet.^^^ ? CJPLB.N DIP 'H \M K FOB A MAN TO MARK MONET. 0 i 'i h,' " a ?ell nted up L'ci ior Rtorc, wi.h threa 1 '.-n* aitach^d- aurri nnded by 'enem-at >0"s. e; fifty fa- . . .- n 'be houao. a b&rsaia tor ca:.b. In<)ulr? at lii VTret Tertb ntreet. CTE^MBOaT FOR 8ALR.? A NEW STEAMER, 166 (* ?e! long 4**4 f?et bea- bv ^^4 fe?t ho'd; encinr STIn'h c l c 'rr1' 1 ' feet ? rnke 'o rpietelv fitted for putengera. Ag; j to C W. COPhf.A^D, I7i ltroa.lway. 'T'O PRINTERS? FOR HAliB. A Ft t R(i AIN, A 8MAI.L I cj ' n e' Hoe PreFa. M*3B with ehaftinc jiu'levs, tiy, two til' fo "i!^ t 3 *yc. tn perfect order, almost equal to nee k 111 ?n' -?:e oyer ti ree t' o i*and impreiiilona An hour. I'rlre 1 ,7 1'. c 1I1. A'an nv ol.! fnHhiopeil Adams or Aunlin Pr < . 2 < \ iv >r' ed bv crank wheel uaed for newpaper and lob* na; wi I Arerage el ht bun 'red dowmuP'T ?t..'i".a an hrur w 'h enoe. An one l"nt P ?<? lor a country r.e >k iw"r. frlce $ ir.n A1 o ?'i" cien t irecond b.ind Type t|J> act up a ' ai.~.ed daily new s i?i>?r, lild tn oa e and c ennljr d s'.ril i.ted, vi ? _fi c?ae^ full of Nonpareil, 20 caaea full of Hrovier, 2" ? ages full Of M n'ou R B. 8POONEB A RON. rrinlera, bo. 32 Courl alie't iifai City Ball, Brooklyn. N, V. TO SHIP CHANDLRRS.? 2 000 LBS. LAROR WIPING Pig-, frr maohlnert. for tule by DKRR1CKSON .% BARTLK IT. 30 Bee*man atraet, TO PHOTOGRAPHERS ?FOR 8ALF A GOOO PIIO t gvaph Car. in Mrai ra'e running order. Will he no'd <li<v\p i:ip owner :.i??;ng no uae ior it. Apply at ili? (Jalisry S.7 s xtb ai fiiue. TO PHOTOflRAPn BRS ? POR 8ALR. A FIVE LOT pf speoi nen Picture*. 8hf?v Caae*. t'ai pet?, OliMtreand Sofa, ??nrd Pit-?, Pr'titin* Pre?ie?. Back Oronud (ne?v), S:o ? ic , ' 0.. aep.irnte or together, At a fcar ;ain Call at the gallery, l'J5 T'.roideay. TO DOCK BriLDBRS -FOR SALE. A LOT OF WHITH oik an ? hickory IMIInr. from 45 to 7?feel long. Inquire of D. T. WaIT, Peith Amlioy. t C(\ ? F0!l SALB, TWO 8PLB\I?ID POCI.TRT, Ve.'eUUa and Frutt Sterdt; iiniied, nell loos ted, I ng e ?tabll?lied. Inquire for WORTIIINO TON, fcaiex Market, HOV8KS, aour.1*. AC., TO LEi'A 4 TTK^TION 18 CALLFO OK THX)S?? LT^INO IN 1 i o'els . o I I rr ilnti hrttgc* to nn ritabliahnient o; r ne.l ! at 11(1 Mardoutfhl etreet. and furnished ivttb ever>ibinK no- i co*Bary i'?r ii us>WcapIng, In-order that a family nmjr hfc?e j a oonp.eto homo. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET The "io !?rn b .ill t r?c s'orf md b*9emenl Tfon?e im Wm Twentr s?venth atreet, oiw b nckfrom Broad? ay '. has *11 t! n modern Improvement*. exti-n'-frn par or, Iiot and ooM wnt.'r ,<c. Pbamintion siven September I. .Apply un tho ;>re a tea. ACHOIOB SUPBRTOR ROOMS? LA ROB AND I n n II. in aulto orMmnWr. j'lrt p it In (boron (h re pair andnowbeln^ newlv Oirainbel to pieno the or-n pint*. *pi>l' i' 2} FourtMItt atroet botweea Broadway j Hud >>lth aTfOUB. 4 rCR*TBHB!> ROOM TO I.ST? Wit H STOVIT FOR ! . \ a rntioman and vifc rent $7 r-r mirth. Alio one other ho >M. i j Use fiut floor, lor a mcle ^Kiifiimu. In quir" ?: ?>2 8i !h a r ntie. 4 COKBIB ROBS AMD BASEMENT, NO. ? MADt J\ ion trwt, (Hirtaer of nhesin'lt, to e' orl'tiic. I* t ?u c i *rl> ?? hi adapted f ir a baWerr. Immediate p ???* ??? ?i.irin "'-n Aivl\- t.i A. VAN HU8K1RK, TJ Fo'ir:1! ava nur, corner Tc. Ji itieet. 1 LARUE. NEvVLY FURVIBHED FRONT ROOM, to iMitiilltk'tftr* pirtv o# p?m? to let without Pnard: a: i It imi'i; modern Improve ente Wins >> - ? Jrit?. Apply at I j7 I'riiue Mrect, aooosd Ulock "ve'.t cf liroaCwar, FURMTgltBD HOOB8 ANT> Itlltl TO I.RT-AT > B ioton. Staten lalanfl, very n?*r tro IihIId;; furnace ri.ii >md wamr To a >ma!l, ro*i visible fa-nl'y i ?vi' b I t cnea. trom OoU-l rr I to May I, M6S. Adore** | bo-. < *7K n, \ poa ofliee. l/URNIdllED HOL'SB TO LBT.-THE HAVP*OMR, P lhr?> ? porv high noon Honai bdT Second aven io near T!nrv.'-?l\?b "treot well f'iru -hed. Pimaoo'i'jn l?t of Sep tc-iihrr. Rent $128 per month. App'.j on the j p-iuiaea, or to J- a PaoE, '.118 Broadway. FUPBNTShkd norsB to rrnt? nv tw^rn m-rn aidHli'k a' fin-', Auii near V.'a?h!u ti n ?n a c For t- -tare pj? to .1 P. EDWaRDS >77 ?. t l>?r'T. I hi ?ti??i in-a- EigMh a\-eni>o. Rent per month. I'Mai-H-l n ou Alt Ol Psptember. FBL'rtHlSBED.-TO L".T. TWO SMALL PARL'iRR ON flr't 1 not, neM'.y fitrnlihcl tor li eaekea.iin^ n a (riaV. oolet ho ?-? Aj^ pii at '2i9 wm Tweotr louitb itreet, | b'.wer. KUhtb and Ntotli ??putiea. rro I.V.T-WlTllorT BOARO, A HANMOMRLT Ft R 1 n ?h- 1 Knit of Kooma, ennnltHoi of parlor n I thr.-O bOi!romn?, to^. t' nr ot afO.rate y. In a pr *?t' fairiiy mod ern imnrftvem' tit#. at 38 L'Bi?er?lty piwe, iiear Einrentli ?tr?tt. TO LBT-A SMALL HOOtR ANI? LOT, WITH ST A b'e on i T fu a ? i r milk' on. r?rt??D. Ac. A|]>i o*i the t r+ ? . *l ' feciod areaiie. between I lurty e^hth I a- J Ihirty*nlntb Mri^ota. TO LFT-I.'. RII'M T H B V. T. 8Pfr3 OF LAIIOE AND ? T,?r Boo ?. a? well a< i?rf? and ?m*tl Slpg> Ko ..ii, h .r Is m> ly f irulibod, wltii or wit mo it board qiO LBT? A THRKF P fOKT BRi'CIt H0D8S, I I El^ht' -??ront! ?!i- et (V r?.rllle), in g-iod re: nir ha* hot an >14 '--?er. raoc" *a? Ar ; wlT bo let to n good I'aan (!i? p from Septo'rbori tli1 lit May oeil. or Imaed for a i-rm o' ir*- rent from l?t Sepiomitor till lot of Vay ! |C ?? ? ' IAS S. " II. ,KT. W arroj ?ttt?t, or io I IAS. fl. bZMHEL, >o. 1 Centra at>'. -ot. To LPT-t TilBf'B RTORT BNOLISH PASEMF^T Hoa-e. MS H*o >nd a<etiuo, near TMrttetb a'rext, lib ? J th? no' rn I. P'4Niwaf<; ri ot $? > . If uir? <<' M. vi. V N ft i!-o*.i i , '-Art ttccboU areoue. bet?r.e?i Ibl-tletb an' T-irt> -Crai af ela TO L"T-ri |?V| HTELT FVHNI-'!K'? ? BFHtJTt. I ' o "?? j R-k. ' i <n t!ie Iln<<?on rl?er, W > I e? " I frm. >y ? ;y ; ! tt. ab'M, bB . Ar r at>' ndki.cS, ltm.O') ate po??e??io i. Ad(ifr?a *> o dynl*- au on I). TO I.i'T ?A THRBS ST^RT UOOSR, VR4R SIXTH | a-- me, leov Th r<? lon-th a'.-e-t, with the Par 'or t irtj ? -e f-r <? n He tembor 1. At| v to JOH* 0. BIOQIR 4, SO T Ptee atrert ioori * OpataWa rro 1.KT-TT1P. I PFF.r. PART OF A HOCKS, WITH 1 ho' an t mid ?at r, bail, * owrr and xa t - t. md all Uia lu-Mte'n IniBrorrraenta. Apply a; 6', V. vro? a ree; be ititu I' . o and Mfcr??t, tor I ? " oara. rpo I NT OX tlAfEt I81ABD, SOUTH fimT MX I fiu r. fro-ti th>- landing t>r rali ?ai. on? ho tr 'from the ?! l ? ? Ita -e Mo-ko. Or?<?1?i ?? S. rOonn, fin* well Oi wan W'? 1 <>asl lid n ? ?'id about three ?rr?? .f )?> .1 ?> bi lo>' ' "til ' nog far pajt..' .,a r a .> . at >a A Ia>. loeritj aer?o4 Mreet, 8 NORTH MOORR STRlrf,? ROOMS, ?|TtlOfT brt'd iilta'iefo ti?e ^e- tie nen en i(ie ?<"iBd .1 -^or ? ?la on# so tho tb'rd floor, irrtaa mod* rata C'l -CHEAP LOIWINOK AT RO. ^ IHOMP^OK ? ?5l ' a'teot .? I.e l?in*? t 'Sa week ?Ud ur<*ar4?, A fe-? rrei?rteb ? m<-b "?'i ?a?e Ho\m. Alt" nitrieiluai I In op plane, fr' oenta p-r l?a>?u. , I I'RISCB STBSBT. ST. CI,A!S H'^CoR.-BLE ' AtjO fi'ill* F rn eiiei1 Soo-na, with |i>-1rnomt a ta'1?d wl'h all tb* 00t'?0r?t0n0ea tor h , ? ?elteepiog aje tn ehi ia ?ae an>i ( roion water, to let W rea; outatile or atng a axot.omae. (Ill WERT THIBTT FIRST RTR> F.T. BBrWBF.B I JJ'T I t /' tlian'i Ninth a?enue>. f -irofhed lioon.a m ' let ' noae ' intake a'l ?ne molarn miptort menu, |mi ,n ! Ultat.riMii . P?l*tl0(je t? IM lrt*etl?B if rrq M^od. R-fer ! eara- 01 ha fc.t. fall for ono week ~ BVUIHW AMD lOBACOU, National oi'ard mmomvo tosacco-a ftip art '? e rut fuoi rlin i-e lea'; ftlao a ot ?< Htn ihln*, I g i<ia ? for l e t e ? atc-'h. at B?c per lb , ?ary rh??p Per ??le by r. F. WARHbOBR. 41 K il an atreet. up atatra. OEHAB MANtFiCroillHS l?? WAJIT OP SfANlSM ( 1 r i'i "H to'l <?-?*? wni do weilt" e?n at eirnr i'O i f ?iei aierwt hwa?ollt<i S egBot-', t-' garo. all Rtnda red I aad ktiinir, ap'anJld -iiialitr and che##. ^ i CMOSIXO TOHA' "O a?0 au/.'W bHOABS. $!<' 4Nj? i) hi >a pe. I Sb?. at hB X' w Vork ?l . I.iRertr i.?t, ,i inrera i imi wan' a f>-.(l Ti.l-a ? t ian I Kee ?t trie ' ; a ' Cl<>' ?t. lioituaman ?"* vaf*1'*' Itfiei n tlbii'tw a wftA'1* ?Wftffcf g^jg. .A XL "J"** A T t?V 08T^t~; ? ? _ Hou" tod NnJ? "O^RRT. RR. Aoihtlikai and ais wifb diiiu fpll Board u a pr' vale family or where tht ic are but tew boarder*; fri ni or back Knom, o? aecotiU ' or wilhur without an. h1 . room adjolniag. toiireeD Eighth kui iortietb ?tree's. Secoud and Et#Mh a enuea. Reference* given as 4 re ;uired- Addreea, itatlng term*, A. M. B. CT, Herald office, for three days. A PRIVATE FAMILY OFFBR GOOD BOARD AMD well Furnished Rooms to gentlewee aad wives or sm ile teatlemeu, at 85 We?t Forty Brat street, botwooa Seventh and Rickth armues. Only *lx boarders taken. Table sup plied with Ike beat the market atterde. Reference* ex changed. A PRIVATE FAMILY AT 48 WES1 TWELFTH S'reat. between Ftfth and Sixth aveuneo.can acoomtno date a rtintleman and wife and two single fen tie men with > urnlahed Rooms and Board. Rsfereuoes re <1*1 red. Ser vant* and children net takes. Aback parlor, tiamdboiirly furnished. to lei, with Board, la a private famllv, to a gt nt etnaa and wife or two ?eiitIeineo. Location for builne** men ex celiacU Reference* eiehange.l. Apply r.i 134 Bleeeker it. A FAliILT OR A FEW SINGLE PBR90V8 CAN Rtt accommodated with desirable' Room* wall furnished, on ao . oud or third i1.?r wliu or wlthont Board, m a first elan hoes*. 1ST East Twentieth street. Pe.wns of ralJgloua kib..s preferred. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LKT-TO a lady and gentleman; Board for the lady <?nly; hmiw ha* ir .Mem l.iiproveuiewta, family email uud quiet. Ad dre*i Mrs. W. liter. sutMon B. At; 74 CHARLTON 8TRERT-PLR ABA.NT FURNISH PD H j n? to let, with or without Board, forma moderate, A ."RIVaTB FAMILY. RESIDING IS THRIR :>W X j\ house, near Br *d way and Twentr etghtu street. w!Il let tw- Iloomn to gentlemen, with or without ?reaklast nud t.M lio-ii a> commodtttions and good pr ce. Beet reiereace j , e'i and re i irad. Addres- W. D. , station G. I PARLOR AND BKDltnOM TO LET. WITH BO A H D, .'v In a privsti family; ho boardere. Ai j?ly at 14d El*t Fiftieth i kreet, near Tl trd avenue. \ SM ULti PRIVATE FaMII.V. OCCUPYING A NEW J? modem H'-use. In Thirty seventh street would '**t , nl'h or without !?? ard. two verv prery R' O is to a pende nt .n and wife or single g'utiemen. Ad1 e 1 1;, J. W , Herald u:i .<?. i RR8PE -TARI.E FA MIL* RAVR I'. ?-< TO LET, i\ ?Hi or without boar I to a n ..nd wife or s iitleiiu'O, furnlslie l or unfurnished to a ery plra?anl lo. ch iv. Ten'is moderate Ari'lJ ?l 126Nln'.h avenue, cor n?r of Nineteenth sireit. l FRONT AND BACK PARLOR TO LHT-V/1TH . \ good i!o?rd, to rm^le Kentiemen or gentlemen and their * ires rt? r awnab'e term-, iu a small private fatni.y API It ?t K East Iwesty e.ihtli street. FRW OBNTLEMKN WILL It^ AOfOMMOO ATBB 1\ iv :li Meals, nt the Whltn.'j H oii-e. it S'l AO j er woek. Urcni a t irom 7>i to U: Luui'h from 1 to 2. Dluneir&tti. \ FRW GKNTLKMDN MAT B? ACOOMMOOAYBB JA n'li Rooms and Hoard atlQlQ.and street, between Eron w9i and Bowery A FF.VV GKNTLI.MRN CAN HAVE BOARD. WITH A eltiele Rooms, fit fS 50 oer week; on? r mtn for two at flu, ?lu^le beds $4 frl, at 1+4 Mulberry otri-nt, near Grand. ? KF.W SINOLE GENTLEMKN CAN BE ACCOMMO .'V (lilted with Hoard &t59Eanl Uroadway, between Catha rine and Market street*. A FINK HI' IT OF ROOMS AND A SINOLE ROOM ? ' A family of three adults will lei, with or without Board. Room- are complete: ga*. bathroom. Ac.; neatly and newly n.rniahed, at V9 W'?l Seventeenth street. BOARD.-A SECOND FLOOR WELL FDRNISTIED, lo: ether or separate - a' so a Room for pentlemen ; heu es fir^; class. Dinner at nix o'clock. App!y at Kos. lSu and 191 West Fourteenth street. pOARD -ro LET, IN A FIRST CLAPS HOUSE, A I > *i:!t of Ro' rue, suimble lor*genilemen or cent'ema .' nnd wife. Ai?o two Tnedium *l/ed Room*. 200 West Tiveoty. tnltd street, two blocks from Fifth Avenue liotal. Board -a small private family, occupying ? first clas* l.'Ou?e. wtll let an entire floor, haadsnmely fnrnish-d. to one or t*'o gentlemen and the r wire* *itU out ehlMren, with good table. Inquire at We t Twenty serentb atieet Dear Fifth avenue. Board. -two ou thwre single gentlemen enn he S'. oinmodrtted with Board In a private iarnliy, at .112 Rait TMitleth i- treat. Board -a small family or a party of gen. tnav obtain a pleasant Suit of 4toom* by an Im - nie.linte *p]illcaticn at ?I Maliaou avenue. References ex* ) ebanged. Board w\nted-por a gentleman and ladt (b.-mrd 'or the !a.1y otilv), with a widow lady pre far red; but I t no ca*e ?.vher' tficre ?re other boarders. Ad drc..*, with partlo i ar? and price, 11. H . i'ott o'Tlce. Board wanted-in Brooklyn, bt a gentle man and wile, in a private family, or where there would be but few other carrier*. Uururnt'hcd mom preferred. a ddr???, with particular*. P., boi S.iOO New York Pout BO\UO WA? TED-BY A LADY, IN A PRIVATE fatnily, or vhere lew betrder* are taken Purlieu 1 ir* re pl ed in answt rs. Ad lten* Tnrrenoa. Herald office. Re ferenceH exrh*n :ed. Roard waNi kd-twu LARor: rooms, with full Board, fur a gentleman, wife. daughter ( 12 vears of ?R?), i nll.J and nurse from ReptemVr I, either in a pri vate family or a h ar ling house. Address, location auJ mrais, boi 574 Pod "fllco. BOATO WANTBD-IN A KIR8T CLASS BOAROINO boi.K or private f'imily. by n gamin nan anil hla wife; no id aocominoualionf and table necessary Location T-<eo tu'th nid Tbl'tjflftb afreets, between Fourtn and Suih avenues. Aildr*a< box 4 4.H Po*t rtOAKD WA>TEI> IN H ROOK LY N? WITH A L ? ROK, > nicely furnished, eeoorastory Room, for a centlcman and wife. " L'K Ati' n iK-ar Pulton or Wail street terrier. Address box 161 Herald o lice. BOAR!) WANTED? FOB OKNTr.KMAN AND WIFE. no children, in a reap'Ctabli family wbe'? tbeie are no oilier nfiiM-.Ta A 'uir pri e will b? paid for go id a ? i o'.. omdaUons. R'fervncet emihanged. Address, with full j) . rii. ti ara. A H lox 2,940 New York Post o l ea. BOAKIJ W A NTKD? BY a LADY, WHO Is RNUA'.Ktt In b a'?xaa 1 r ng tl.e day. In a prir la family , w .11 rv ?irire a 1 i?f, *eil famished Room ai d good Hoard. r>r wb' li ft 1'tierai ric? will le pa;j Address, w.Ui fnll par tlcu'nra A. W. It HeraM ofloa. BOARD W AN T> D? FOR A GENTLEMAN, WIPE AND c'l .1 sga i fo>:r .- ears, with *a *ndtlr?: uiltvnillbf<l pr. foiie ; trim.t not to ci.-crd $14 | ar we k. A id es* i. P., bo '? f'i-1 n "c Weatof Broad way ?o 1 uoi lustier than fhlrtie h street. OaRO IK BROOELTW.? GENTLEMEN ANT> TI1KIR wives .ri'm aln^ ? gent emeu Ran obtain peasant Boom . with L'uard, at IS >as*?u street, near Fulton fcrfv Brooklyn buard.? a fine, large front }'?? oi. i, < d th* vi cond flour. to let U: alncie neotlrmcn or kfn ("Tin an', wife; th? location flti", being orpo i t?i Mine* Ij ace, 77 fcute .-'.reel, and between Clinton atid Henry. BROOKLYN.? A TOl'NO MAN PKHIRRS HOARD. A ;?:vai?fa illy preferred c lorenient to Pulton or Wali street feir c. *ddi? '.for tvr dava tat:ng j articular*, terms A"., Msliius, b jiK t Herald office. BOA RUIN M AN ii ATTA N ?'l I.LB, ON TBE BANKS OP the H udann.? A ady, liavini; an old fa^hloii'd rr i dene* B> tb'! above l^'atlon, would take a few fir t c aas boarder* f r the >iim nor the Buds m Hirer Ral rf?d dr-ini l? wi-i'n live ratnutea' walk of tb? bouac Addre:* Nabliattanr'iie. herald oflltn. DhViiS HODSR. WB~BLI Ei KRR" STREET. ON 1,1 two ' l?"Va from Broadway ?>? roinn for tra f en' or permatMnt gueata, on tl.e Kurnf eau flan, Hi.on a sinfrl> a id In auil*. -MLRfJANr Ai'AKI MFNTS-lv~SfIT8 'COJ?MODIOI'? yj ?-i(| i'?i rah '.o let to aolect fanil l<-?. Wltb Boa d; pri vatrtib i it dr irr I Apply t 70 Eaat Tweut? nevrtith itre?t, an v-wn i ourtb am! Lci agtoa avenues Kefc.-er.ce repaired. ^ I/hbboh- boXrd-xo7 iTi'NIOE" RT>irA E R. ?GOOD f o;p itnitv fir a family of an willing to pay a fair l> Iro ior jooif pnrat? table and lan-e ap.rtmenia. Al*o Rooms ana Uasr r nt oflloe French language Refer'tice* folCBSIPHKD KO TO LfctT? WITH OR WITHOl T r r."?r,l n ^ prlrnie \mer ran family, wltbbath. g\?. use of bill'ard taMe and parlors fa friends Kren-!i am Span hi gr ; eir?n win no-i nu agroeab'.e hen e by calling at No. 8 Chsrlea street. N T "l^URNlsilEU ROOMi TO LET? TWO HAEDSOMRLT r fom h? l Froot Ro una t et, to cc ntlemen without h '?rd, or to iirntlenirn and ladles, wiu Board f rthe ladies on >. Apply at ?ls Woo?ter street. /^EBWANS UNO GOOD BOAED AT 344 FOPUTO IjT avenn' "omer ?f Twentieth street. TTm ? ' WANTED? BY A OENn.BMA^r WIFE h d and r irse, within an hour'* ride of Rfw York City Hall sre ;n! t snd domeatto and not dldleult to pVare. T* i rooms roinfrr'ab:* fornUhed and pleasantly loca'e'1, wiihl' sr l ro j r?d. BH of r-'-reii'-es. a !d ?(?as. wltb fu 1 r'?o ii ar?. Edwlti, lot i 247 H*w Tort Po-t#ir.oe. rARuE. AIHT FRONT BOOM. ON FO0ETH FL^OE, J a nal'1 < 'or a psrn of stable <en' ie nen or a family. Aflfon.:i'o laii na for first c an bearding. Dinner at C. Bo, 8 L'niTi'fnity piace. PBRIOMB nK.SIRISO A HOMt IN A PtRIT CURi fi ollv oan fnd tb? rame. with rooms handsomely fur nl?h -d w iti ev?rr onnr'n i me, at 49 Weal Twelfth street. The ^ t of refereaoea eichangrJ. Two iipntlpmkn can nn accommodated with p-ri a Ronrd In a p' rate fain 1> by applying at AS 0 hearer p ace, South Bh nkij n TWO or THRFR tJP.NTLRWRN DAN B* ACOt)MM'>. dated ?i>b Hoar'l in an American f i nlly rea ding at -treat, esit :4 and n?a' Broadway, A few day boarder win bo ta .en. Terms reaar nnble. Bojsa bas all the mprei amenta. TVYO ONFt'RVlSIIRn ROOWil. WITn OR WfTHOOT I* >ar1, for a geniininan. wifb and ehltd; moat not be Soo*e 1?eiftb atreet ; esa. water and bath. Address, auatlng leiint M R. . b x U7 llara <1 o . oe H TO LPT-Ft'RNTSnKD ROOMS, WITH PIBST CLASS Roard to sltifle gent raen or ?entl?men and their fam.liea O'nner at alt. I'ner .?n!hinah> references giren an I r'qolied. App y at 17S Leilniflon avanue. W*N1K,>-BY A la nr. a suai.l ROOM witii *V lioanl : >efen n -ps eaatiange I. Addreee. stating loca tion sud terms. H. H L . Herald olliofl. W ADTEO-BOARD pi)R A ORNTI.EXAN AND HIS ?r tan ?<tis. age I f' and 15 je?r?, flea We t Broadway an") Wiiite atrosis, Addreaa 1. 0 , boi It4 Herald o<D?e, for ihieedaye suiiag terms. WHSU ANTED? Ft BAT ' IA-S I'll* III) r III v OSI4 TLB nitn an. I ?,f-, oi r rblldren and serrant; a private fam'lr ? 'I o it n h?r Vardera preferred; tli<- mi atlnn and S'-< oiiirreS'itl' us in .at In ev?ry way drsi-ah'e r'ferencea uue eepklnaabe. Aildreaa O. B. Adams, Ileraid ofllre. TV ANiF.M? IN BKOOKLVN. PKAR TIIP. SOI Tn V* ferry ; A'l ,ntl<- alree' ?,relerr??4, n> t higher ut) than t'ourt atreel, kill) li a jirirate famlh, lir a alnitle ent em.'O, two un' ir -^he I i o mi ? onne.'ting. wli'i or wlihnot Board. Address A. B , par ai s, bai I 7^J Haw York Tost ?glee. UA.N TLB? BOABH FOR l I.ADT H S D OR B Tf.KM AN, ? ih a respfiriabln w'r'ow adv or p vale lanlU, ??'i ia w-- 1 a.e n. ?' i hoaide's; t< rma niuat be mode ram ? ddrrn- MedfO'l, bo? *0 IttralJ emca. Boaitfuio uro Lo^wtd, I ^ * * "a v?t? famUr, in a pleasant location ay tow a. BatareuaM eieheagei Par particular*. lUUU teraaa, location. la. ti. drew vix f.SS? Foal aXca, Sew Tork. MTANTED-A FURNISBBD K)OM, WITH OB WITH TT out kreakfast and laa. wh*a (ha refiner., ents and Er'v!! iiu of bom*. which tha a!i ?-.l -or mainly ***k?, ??> I* obu<iad. Addreaa, with very Yu!l parttenUr*, Bachelor box #16 Poet offloa. Befcreno** unexeepuoaabla. eyi WHS* BIOHTBENTB STUB** NBAS FIFTH ~.i. avenue, nlegantly farnUbaX. wllh bath PI rat Floor, roomadj&iains. to le<, en aulia or singly with ar without Board, to a select family or geulleiMD wllh ail iha oamforta of a home b"ii-|r ??>,? ri uhndr*n; labia Aratclaa*; referosocs exchanged. ft r\ VRRT FORTIRTH BTBNRT -THB OR L4NHAU I XJ H.-uae frootlng Rexervoir Park. Fifth aronua. Large and otuornodloua Bulta of Boom*. elocantj ? fu'Diibel; also one Butt on second foor, uainraishad, and on* OB I. rat floor desirable far a pbys'claa. Table d'bota. 1-4/1 FOURTH STREET, BBTWKBN MACDOUOAL A X Jfc arret and Sixth aranie ? room*, large and small, to In, with or without Biard. Amity atreet .-tags* and Sixth avenue cxr* oloao by. BUSABB BKIORTI. AT CLIFF WOOD UOTBL, OK THB RARITAN BAT, opposite Key port, S. J? Ife hour* rro:ri New Tork, by *te.;mt>oat Malteawan, lootqi V.irra{_stro*t, at 4 P. M.._ra Soard from ? t0 ?fi ^ J^"g. fialtlug aud ??i lug. 6a j d PA}^rZ\^'^ ,Tlr^ ?E KEPT guests. To tns reasonab'e St^oo of transient ueo. nuihL,L>a. MOHR1SANIA 1101 KL ? WE8TOBX8TER CO 'J NTT, N. T, A few com) fanil y Room* u>>w vacant; pleasant location. rnar depot; t>-rm* reasonable; only thirty n.lnutti from Twem* sixth street, via Now Yorlr and Harlem Kali road;tralua leave at 1^15, 1(1:41), 2:Hi>, 4. 1U, 6, 6. and 6 46. SUMMER, HOARD- PARTIBfl BEBK1NO HEALTH ?h i t ' a*are durln* the anmmar senpon, are Invito 1 t? patronize the Coyteavllle 6un>> .or Boarding Uouse, >ji>* and a h'a'f mile from Port Lea. T. K. IluUe, foot of ftpriui; ?>reet. loA. M. J. GOYTK. The large and ooMMnnioos buildin* and sLa-i. grove* known *a MHIIary Academy. a' Tarry (own on the HuJ.%nn. whb opened for nu moor and it-an sient Boarder* on the 2Mb of Jr. y, ai d will continue opeu durlne tli* month* of Ausust and September. C iivenieut r'i . : i< house and *ublr-< on the truini!*. For lull uar tie .lar- In uire of J. W. CO-LEY. at Ihe Academy nud <;. W. PSRVB1L, 128 Broadway, eornorof Barclay atreet, Thb la toitbettb hou^b, naoRV toint. on Hie Kill Von Knll. N J.? Till* favorit* waterina place, only Uiiriy-nvt* rnltiutes from the elty. wtil b r ,-pt open itiill Oi'lobrr. Bui<H le n o [iier No. 2 No'tb . fwr the L? ronreitn I'nute, at 9:l-\ 1,4'.. and P. M ; frutu Dcv atreot, at 10*4 A. M auM 4 --. P. M. WBSLKV W. HILL, Proprietor. BOVllaik ~ _? f' American hotel, bboadwat asd biobtb street New Yar., on the European p'.a i. Room* en unite or aia^lr. Open ail night. TBYINO HOCSB, NKW YORK, RROADWAT ASD I Twelfth atreet. eatranc 45Twe.'ih atreet. Cnnducted on tae ean plan. AMomnindatlon for famliUa aud tran ?ient gubsut, UEOKUB W. HUNT, Proprietor. OTEL ACCOMMODATIONS FOR FAMILIES AND aluyle getiiieinen. at 4'2 Ciluton plxce. ooraer Unirer P' . Iraiia eut tJuer dm-. C11AS. LBr-'LER, Proprietor. n COUNTRY HOARD. 4 T SUMMIT, N. J., ONE HOUR PROM NKW YORK, A. pet Mo:ria and Ea erKa lcoad. .1 it t vaeatolaverv deiiraole amt of Konnie. in the Summit Home; loeilion mi ?uipt-sr d lor he nth and convenience; puie inonntmn nlr, bcautilii: Kcenrrv. flue dr ve<- Ac., b use p^enauntly kitu ated within t A O minutes' w;tlk of rai'ru^ii depiit; fo irteeu trains duiiy. Apply at or address Summit Uouae, Sun.mlt, N-Mtr J ersey. t CIOUNTRY BOtRD-KOR THE FALL MONTH H, ON > the western shore of tbellu son river, 2S mllc? from the city. Large rooms and mountain air. Address M. M.. BanKlon llou-e, I'lermont, Rockland county, or & Ki^ ave nno, Near York city. COUNTRY BOARD? WILLOW PLACE, NYACK, THIS houao will remain open for the reeepron of boa de-e until the 1st of November. Apply to Capjiin KAR.VaRIV on the premises. Refers to Crowea A Co., 21 Uroad street, room <55. riOt'NTRY BOARD? IN A FARM HOUSE, AT VT KL \J ?len. Oranjie county, N. T . eleven mile* from New. bnrK; plenty of shade; oosmti children taken. Address E. A. Keats. \T-ANTP.D? COUNTRY BOARD, NEAR RYE OR PORT TT theater, by three adults and tluei children; farm hous* and farmer's lare preferred: terms iun?t he moderate. References exchanged. Address Immediately, M. M., &>4 Hinth avenue. HOUSES, Iioons. *r., WAXTBU, A FLOOR OF TWO OR THREE ROOMS WANTM) From 1st September, In a private lamlly, by two per son-i. for housekeeping. Ap,;ly to ADAM'S A' CO., L5.I Broadway. A SINGLE OBNTLEMAH IS DESIROUS OF OR taluins a Furnished Room In the aelchborhood of Bro*.lwav. from Oran<l to Tenth atreet Rent mo lerate. Ad lres. A, C. B., 195 Broadway, room U, naming and price A OBNTLEMAH Dr.SlKRS A ROOM, WITHOUT B acd, in the upprr p-?rt of the elty. Re erence* given. Address box 18 New York I'oil ofllce. |j>URNI8UF.D ROOMS W 4NTRD? BY A GENTLEMAN. P from Peptember I. l^jlween Fourie*nt;i and Thirty, fourth streets', wen. w'.ere no oilier bturdera or are. W It h a widow !adr living retired preferred. Address B., station D, Blnle Uouse. Furnished house wanted immedtatj ly~ by o responrb'e. emflL ngallprifilt fa-tifly. De*ire * KfiO'i lo nlon. P.cace leov* particulars with ADAMS A CO., 953 Broadway. TTIUKNISIIBD HOURS WANTED.? A SMALL AND F nentiy Ftirnl h->d Hon e utMI. by * faiotl of thri-e a hilt*, from Scpt*iiber I ? ntll Mar or June. altoated In New York or llrooK h n : m net con inn 'ViTytU tin f"r houa* leepin,: and b?- ronveni'nt to c.ira or fcnry. Adtr?a mat ? in- lerma, local oa, xc., Furui. lied House, box VJi Herald UlllOO. T OWER PART Or A HOUSE f>R a SMALL HOUSR Ij v. ?nicd 'uime.liately? by a steal amall rrl<ll? family of ilta P!e?*e Ii'*th particular* wiih ADAMS A CO., MS HroadW.iy. near fwem ibltd ptract. Room with steak power wakted-in ant < purt of II * c t; or vicinity. Addreei S., box S,MC p?>g' 0 '..oe. (J* ALL HOUSE WANTED- BY A It K8 1*0X81 RLE 'J party; inmt bo w. |i located, In good order, and mo 1 oi n- ?vo?ila hire up to Mat I, or longer. Ad'lreaa, iimij licat on *ud pr oe. f.. l oi 2, M-t Po*t oilier. C? \r,L cottaor hoi sr. or part of a house i~ ?. .mod? for a |*UtlerT,*p nod wife, Furnished. parll.vly eo. or nit furnt**.efl, '>r would purniiaae the I urnltnre. . r ; In N?-w Vork. Brooklyn, Jersey Cllr or llohoktn. Ad 're.*, ruurng rent, with full particulars, box 148 Ne-.v York Pott olDoo. 11,' ANTED TO BENT? A LADIES' PRIVATE BOARD ? * log Hu me; mn?' ik* . meiee, rlonabl .- eitah:i?h"d iind we'l located. For took i knim f>*rt>- ? wlli itnd ar<"PO'i?c b> teuaut. Addreaa Gonliduooa, box 13 Ua'.Uoo a-j ia,? 1 oil office. TVANTZD to rent? RT ABOUT 1ST OF SEPTEV Y? ber. In N"w To.-', or Rrmk'.vn, a House lor a email family, with cat lva'rr, >o Addreta wit'i partlculara, W. Thompson, hoi 'AIM N. V. Po t oill -e. YIT AN fRI> ? FA RT OF * FURNT8TIKD TIOUPE, RTJTT ?> i.ble lor a cina I fainMy, a>>ov* Fourlt-enih alroet and belwe* L<*xlijfton and Hlxth avenue*. AdJrcaa T. M L.t bo i #3 > Pout oil o.' TV'ANTBD? TO HIRE A MEDIUM 8IZF.f> HOUSE, M w -'i inolern Improronnenta, la rool n'ighbo-bood, Addreaa elating terms and IwAtlnn and describing prem as. J. B. II.. SO Broa'!w?y, up *tair*. YTT^NTED-A C!lBA>\ UNFURNISHED U1PKR ?? Room or Attl-. to lodge In and practice ri cal exercise* Addre a Vocs 1*1, lirrald oik*. IV AN TED? A HOUSE. OR LOWER PAP.T, DOWN *? town. *?at aide, with modern Improverm-nta; ilma le- 'a 1'e llwif to lot. Addicia F. A. F., alallou O, lor ono week. UtN ! RD-BT A ORNTLRMAN AW WIFE AND l . o rl.i',dr-n, a f rat or a"< opd Floor, mltable for boii-o fce' i?n,. ne-ir Kti h or Eleht'* avenue T?nna mu t bo ii ode: ale. Aiidreis, iita:lnj| t*r.q? Leonard, lleralu o'llce. \rr , ?. 1 ED? BV A OKNTIEMAM, W1F8. AND ONB ? f eh' d tho lower port of a bouao In a gofnl up glilur bi o.' , h. i- to bare mu ern lmprjvomf:nta. Aridreta, wah pai cr ?r?, A. E. T , 7M Broadway, for two w?ek?. \Aj' * NTFP? TWO OR THREE FURNI?H'!D ROOMS, f" or 'nil. e ftror, ?.% Ith iiih I of Kin-hen. for which a fair prleo will oe |ia-rl. | vddreaa W. W. W ll.aoq. Mw York Fo?t oillco. TV ANTED-IMM RDI ATELt7 BT A OKNTLEMAM *? and wt'e. In a re?|ie'ta>?le nelcbborhiod tnre^ or four Fu nM ed Roorr.f, * ith the '?onreniai. e and prlvi epo of h-iiKiekcepin j of would Board villi a on|*t fa'nl jr; lora 11 in ti he bolow Twenty-lhlrd afreet and l?-lwrern Br. a.lwny ? ?id r,l2hth av.^tue, I cii of refrr.-nro given Mdi ? ? lt< ?id, b>* 1,278 New lok Poit offloe, with full i^rt culat aa to le <atl j'i tcrina, Ac. ANTED? UONVENIRNf A FA RTMENT3 FOR I ou?n*eei?:nt', for a ij' ntttman. lady and ci.ild. In a ?mall Lou?e Id a good looa lt?. Ad :re??. MatlM ter-na, T. O., box sin r<i?t ofl.M. M?/ buy the ho i o If a i liable. Jer ?ej City pratarred. WAKTRD-A PDIT OF ROOMS, UNFURNISHED, au-labie lor l.o i?ek'-pln?. by a genii*. nan and wife, HO child en; ether in Kew York, Prooilyn or Wll'ltinl. burg Addreai. ? . h full particular*, atnllng prion, T. F. J,, II Liberty atreet, room -?? XX/ ANTRD? A FURNISHED HOCSB. SITUATED BF ?? t?<*ra Fonrle?-nlli and F-rlloih ?treen and Fourth and flxlh nranuaa; fa:n>ly ronanta of g^nlleman and w1f<*: Trie renre aallatartory. Addraaa, alatipg |*rilou ar?, J, K K , Berald odlo*. WANTED? IW BBOOKI.TW, A SMALL HDUHK OR Part of a Houa*. furnlahed or unfurnlihed. In a good location; n nbjftion to buying furniture; neat Fnluin f?rrt preferred Addreaa for week Ja.nea, rit Jaaea Hotel. WANTED-IN BROORLTB, ON OR ABOUT TBB 1ST 01 S'pleTiber, In ? good nalghbo*ho ?!. tho Lower Floor and part of Hav-maot (furnlahed deaire l>. with eon yenlenre for houaekeep ng. for gentleman and wife, In a ?mull houee. Any i>arl/ baring auch wilt adJrrna W. D., 10 Ol4 slip, room No. f. WANTED? IN NEW YORK OR BROOKLYN. A LOFT, not low* than *>?.*) reet long, with aieani power onual lo three horto i>o >v?r. Apply to C. OBRPFO, W Cbambera atra^t, New York. WANTED? A SMALL HOt'SB, OB l?OJVBR TART, furnlahed or unfurnlahedl (would buy F irnlturo), by a Wnl'ernaa and wife (lood location I n ?1 ' Fo? any aueh In New York oi ?MnH|r ? llbtral prion will bn given. Addreaa O. II.. M W I liam atroet. WANTED-A SMALL COTTAOR OR PART OF A houae. either In Wlli|.m?hurg. Brooklyn or Joinoy Oil*, f?r a man and wllo. Terma rnuai bo moderate. Ad di ???(). W.. Ilerald olico (ft r/\ OOB MISSION.- WANTED TO RENT. OR TO ?P?)U Iraae. with Immediate po ae-alon, ? high aloop l1ou*e. In perfect order and in a r e?n, rrppertehle neigh bnrhoo.1. between Tenlh and Flnleth utreel* and ?? <-nnd and Tenth nvenuea ?*i cuninlMlon wll he paid to ?n? ageni on d"lteerT of lb* leaa*. Add ea* Hieru, Joua* m u* , 176 Water aueeu - I Illlf-J ^ eioo? am? aiMDfJvnjLBCK : ran aS& rok balS ? m*!I ao-i huitmil A tao Mraiuiiw* far al iixuu Cafl at aJO Qaaal etreet, ? ewd fioer. B. DOT IT. lAOOfl rot BALE AT KKAtONitfl.ll PRK'*B.-0H^ J ' tfceraochbra4 Newfoun Jiand, Italian UrayhoafiJaj iB'ack and lu Terrier*. A I we I bred. Anply at lTl>j afcwi? ? atrial . ? ? B. DA V 18. JPOR 8ALB-ONE III1W POUJTDLAND DOOl 000fl4 watoh dog. W?#io.'Diil?0(l Pu(.e. Bull Terrieri. ?n>?? laak and Tu Terrtera Scotch and Terrier*. fcO->4 ratt.ra. All ardara ?ueUt I to by J0BW JRAt, 11 BooMt vali at reel. Francis bctlml no. n peck imp. bab al* the cl .?!<.? bree?*Sir a. a and ai?..k. But er'i lnfallibli ?ange Cure and Via* jT7terrrm?u>r. 76 centa par bottleu ??.w,5?rk- 1> ({? b'laidala, trained, ic, JtriM cluea rot all dtaaaae* Fancy pigeon -< anh fowlr. ducks and oRtosl UK :Kr.'*r"i B*bbli? a Plga. Au.. f.r tale by ?13 ?luHNBON, corner of Fifty -third airact and Eighth at* nut. fK>' pair #f FUfeo.i i. of * ' tHo kuowii vd-netTc*. and ? Que lot of Bputlah F?v?la lor .ale. '"owu ??"? HORBICS, CJlllHl ABlL JiO. AN ADVERTISING t ABRlAGB KORbA LB ? iTrui BMt elegaai thing of h- kind ever seen >n thla oottaT try; aulubla for a t<> " . -t. omthlar. u.'tent medl' InCI dealer. or any kiad <>f blilu j.a roqu nag a in \ary ?agoo3 T!ii carriage t? of the o i"?- at ? rn and la <-'%nuU? muds and ralntc.d, with * Ivrr |>1;>1 d minimum . l? ~erv alio:. ft at th<- aaine t^nie light li an, :?r?a?-a; iiaa a'mfU and pot? W ill b? sold vary cr p vVai ran <? i in !?? i?-ri order. A p[i|y at WiatAroottotu * auiole, 0 lA'.mu* atre?4. Any pkbson WA^riNfj a oood. kino a<<o Mttnd Horae, awe'. -jt.l >r. lt>*< ban a titahla for anr work, wettfl s .. "W'l ?!', a"**1 lii n al jla 2^2 NeHMi'k areo'ie, Jarmj* i JCtrtKPlI W KLWOOD. A 0 SIUMBRB OP . .'viV < WAGONS Of KVRRl j.? k nd conaUntiv on 1 '"1 ?Vim wt 1 ' n<l tnla ulacr wj Nvorable as ?ny ibai < an nnml anil ?< '' art <: e '**r* raated a-> repri-noutiM , < - m aetou.i h .an W?<iiija, itt gw-l urlfr and wvl 1 1. a ? '?*. PT K t ? PS Vnctory, Fifty third ? ?? ? Bn- l?*y and IIHoi ' a FINE l)0O CAHf FOI! f A f.K ? IT IS NKARf.'jl j\ iirTr, unl* hav ? ? ? few urai' <ph * I ? '? >>0' wild at the lo'?" rt'o ' f < '' :v n ' ?' 1 ' 1 ' 'W 'w Can U'j ?.>en at P' i- ui ? La ?? 1 thli allta w. AHANPSOMK ?i,A< > < ? fl FOR SAf,H-l??j| handa, 7 v?r- o ? -t mil r'Mah dr yer; w.Jf i t at.} one ardl'ai'r- . '> ?ji? " I '??'?- : nuu?> proinis',i grp : m ?'i-i! ? .1,, .* , hi; i?J hi i ... . ? ' 1 t : ?"? oltyr'adelj h' Trotttus.' " ?;iplv at ihird avsnot? T>BAUT1F1'L TWKN() T, - OK POMES. f%P * it haiitaoiiie bn\. ? . -i . fit P'-r ??:'! ? od. ^a-S di lr?ra jen)> and ? t'io it? fi " entered Carriasn of eitA unite, laahioaalile. a't l : -it ''itle- 1 ? t ' ?' r mJs atyllah Harnpua, hi i, 1 Vf ? t << mmplei#, ninkinfl OB- o' th<- n v"-' > ? ?vital.-!*' ?ri? In the citv. I'rico $1 fn (I F?rt \. <? c-fia! y ini- d hnylos bar- t' ? tea-n * 't'.i n ' > > ? . ?-!ln : I e owner, hat pnricr box font .1 . abriaqkb.? a opon s tund iaro uohy Cuach, lt||hMivo a?at i--n- t> Lentmr I l'tigg'??t Ugh' two Ki-at Hoc ('ni l I i ? an ! 1 reliloc Vs* ill, U, at BTIVFBS' Hate Sltv.-r <n I '?), Dl to 10U l4a?' V Irty* 11 rat street. Ciows for 8alf-h r rfcoM rn otmrir. / 71n nttmber, wiib "il -h. :i ?? from I t '? |>?Mrtiior pi.r-' milk per day, \V . II t ? t I npparatr!y or toji'1! er Cut at 477 1'oarl ?tri-e't. T,>\PRE88 WACiON AM> HARNKflS FOR SALB.? TH? Sli wft:;oii la larii>' ami tii f.. tiic "xpro-n bi.ainec : nlty niKile. Apply to GEO. vV. \ i NuEll. 61, 8'1 and 63 Ceil' tie sueet. Fob 8at,r oheap. for want of use-a ra^ Mare Bafe famllj" !" a t and good tr?T? !/-r. Alio n tins: top 1 ght W ?s n and Haroeaa ou light butlnesB Wag'in. 8old aepante! ?? or t:-^etl;er. Aiipylnlht' factory, Bl Ea?t Twenty algbth ItlMt, For balk? a bttusr fa? sadik.b horhr, long tail. I iiti uir<> at tlio aubtr-n. In Third atreet, ba tw?Min So;'th seventh and . outh Uightb atrecta, W.lliamt burfc>. For SAt/R-A bay nous"-, is iiANns htoh f year* old. soiind and kind, lit f. rr.n k nil of iroik, miltao'e for r truck, ci.rt or .va:on ; there n a bargain to bv got In him. Inquire al .1 bin ion at>e?t. For sale-a powe^kiti t.aror tri or hoksb, over 1,4'tO a'+V ; a;i l ".nl and kind :n cvxry ?P'>?t. AI? 'two mj. id Hi>r< ,s. nu lable lur luena-'d vea' c!o ?, far'ners or auy biialti-??. Va) ea?h. Apply at 80 JUiF Ciianibers atr?et. |j>OR SAI.E-A TBOTTTNO COLT, FIVE TEARS OLD, " 14>J handi high: an vhow hr? Mi le training; warrauieil sound and in t. x!? i a go, id \Va>;nn and Har ncs*. hold on accuunt of the oerner'a aickn'-aa Inquire a) t>8 Jamei stret:L For saee-a paik of fine bi-acr hohsea, c year* old. lound and k'nd wtih a 4r?t Haa? Coupe M' c?? swav. nearly new. ? Mch ran be nacd wi'h >mt or tare ber?eR: and an encellent llonble llarneaa. : he above will I* ?aid t"getheror t!ie Ho'sca w!'l be a .Id a*parate from lb reit. at a bargain, aa ihc wu r tiaa ao ua? .or them. In iuire at T'nderhlll A Floct's ataUle, l^afavette place, nea ator place. OR SALE? A M ^ONfFffENT AND VERY STYMSI lurge dark bro'vn I'niipn !lor"e !t \eai-* old. 11^ hand# ?C I F high, war antml eo> rd and por'e'n y g?ntle ; ^peg beautl fully in any harne-e: no d t>>r want of uae. Cin be ae?B for t<?o dnva at the livi-i y mUn Thirty-third street. b?3 For s Af*B? a finb pactno saddle karb, BtriTr able for either a la<l> or caotleinan. Can be aeen at No. 9 Ea?t Thirty ninth at eet. FOR SALE? A BRrc.HT SORRKL THORO0OHBRBD riding I!or*?. |wrfo?-tl' trained k nd and sound. Will ko in bar-i"'* If req ii.ed Apply at Bancrofts livery at at la, 67 Irrinf plan. For balb-a crrntrK pair of blooded Hor?o?, perfoctlv m?t ' ?<t. \r>ung. ao'ind and klnd( very ctylmh and la t Add eaa hoi 1,531 Ke ,v York Poak oRloe. FOR SALB-A PAIR OK LOB* TATt^UT CAB rift?* Harare. M* v 1ei? prrfeetlr aonnd an* gentle. 1# hand* I lt#i atrliab, i v.- >>.ir oil, i:oot arrttim, without e* traaracd. Price $ 1 (Mi. Ad ir. ?* box l 7i7 Foal office. New Harm. Conn. For r a lk? a pair of bat carriage iiorhes, km? ta'l?, ?t?l ?;i rtrl*. ? onn I u'i-1 kind. IK b*nda bkh. well matched. 8 r.? .< o'd Ihl fa'l. Sold I <>r want or Ma I ij ureatTh nn.? sorri aialile, 0 laton blace, near Sixth avenue, or at *iti > er ?tr. et. For sale-a bay iior<*k. kiktrfv avd a half Ian '? lii, 'i. ffve yrar? n' t -a . tut and k'nd, with Wa^ou, and H'n*'-: awn i 'V si d. ? evea renr? old. alt'aer. ban '*b fit. am. d kind ind un it a rtri could drive him. Apply At > i tu'n i? atah ra H Her. en atrenl Brooklyn. bH)K BALE? ONE l!OH8{. <i YI'.ARS OLD, AMD OB* Oar; Appi/ ?' RiM Houston utre'ei, in tha ?tor*. F'OR UIA-mCORD !IaBD L'OIIT T'?P huoot i i. a* e ch#>?ii. rr i *~n Alan s-x s??t r?ik Phaeton, MC' id h?n 1, at f- e -nth avenue, batee- n I'orty sevetuh and loriy el?atb t-iioet* Fob BAXiB cheap, \ light CUBTAIBKD OOACH, * nnmlerof !.:in Toti Wm,oi.v iiunt of tha beat ma ter nl unil ?Krran'-il. hmI two i?.e,i lt<iad Wagon*, leoond hatj.l a' the Cnrr: e Fn.-t. r. LOt KWIHIP, corner of 127 b ilieet and lb rd aienne Harlem, Near Turk. F*or r- ale? a be'-on:- ii sn miiktino top bco Et. A i idv to BI N. ON I.ltiifur.IU. 1<0 baat Twen ty tb rd atrrct. HOR8E 14tf I!?N1I<* HIGH; r?A P>'RT, BAY, B YBARB nld. from Ni a Orient'* a '? da*? a ?; t'.e f neav aa lil r p?ov In tha w iid. i? nl 'i all liarorx; warranted ?Omt 1: 1' a inr't t bi .< y ,.i ne -old at a burg.iln. Ap pi f in tho clothing auir : 177 I'?mi i aiiewt. TJ OR8EB POR BaLF.-A'T'LY AT TnP. ITaBLPV F 1 Railroad depot, en. nor 1 biriy ai-cond itreet and Fo.ri.fc a ven ne. ? Mitrt bk sold before omf o'clock TODAY TWO large be* II r ei m la lie <r ear: ng ur any otner u re for 175. the otle? org,. \u,> t?r, hri'-k and in* ?p in?t'art To l>e ?een In the rotr f .'4.1 W- at Tl lrti?tb PKRS'iNS HAVIJ??J IHli'HP.H. fAKRlAOKH OR KAD illorv to diapov or tl n ? tlie <?e?? Y' r* llo'fe Ha raar. cun-r o' Tb rty -nih ati.-et and Hroadwa tb* very and cb ap.'<i : I . In 'h ? etiy Tor ti'ai parpnt*. Ilines Ac., aoll by pum'e ?? ever dar an I by am ll <a crrrv Monday, rain nr? ?: i ? or e o'o ??ck I'. M A anm lier of llcr??a, ?nll?ii|ii tor vn ? ? a-*, n d i.-en ar loo and nn tn:' Pnad Waii ni. tu ?i' ei vnh a?? r? ?"1* o sin gle and double, nat* and aeoitft! bandit, H?rno.? will be m?ld? next Monday. 1 WIl,i,s. l'r<>prleU>r. UMTf I) BTATKH HOUSE AND i: A RRI A OK AI'O tl n Mart? Pi fib ?tim< ? c rn?r of >"or'y lo.irtb alrrat. New York.? The p-opi l?lor? l> i: ien ?? tn nfnrtii the ptiblt* t'^at ??ie? take plare liy i linn oa earh W?.|ne?ilay and fiatm-day ihrou*Bontlh? teir. anl in jobb tt^ ur dea> ng on the i>ai1 of any one rnnt.i cwd wth tin* en?b|i?hmanl art It . nutter ntiy clrrti ai^f-a he i'iii?w|, II r???. r? rla#e*??d barneaa inienilnl r v.'e I nea a?'? an ea ahonld be urnl In f>ri the Hattir.i?v | r<;i- il i? 'Hi will b- reoelTed until *i? P. M. on (d'-ndav lt,n?? intetided fnr Sai'iMav t ??lre ilion'.d be ?.-nt tn on l'ie ?\ edn#-da? prreed at aa'd aalaa day, but will be rrie red mi an I' M nn ;hnr>1ay, H. .) J O K U A B 4 CO., Proj rirtnra "\\7 ANTED TO PUKCnAB". ON? OR TWO ORntN*. V? rt Hor-ea fur ren li- -a onn al?o two ?e|< aemn>* b?ad ?ln?ie Hatjteia; iuti-' b,- oln-ap Adlreai J. E. H , WANTED TO FOBOH Al<? A (.OOD CITY MaDR two teAi bOT Wag II ir t.e utntuan, ? ift ng (rnn< ?eat M>i<t b? neal and llr' 't m il n .iriy new. A dieaaboi Mtia I'oat n.P.ce. WAfTP.D-A lINObR COf!PR. WITB Pn. * built aad In gOii'l r>,i!'t i : re ltd fr A fair ! r <*e will hn pn I, A.llre-m, With da ' Te J ier ,ia, boi l(07t Pout o e*. aoli tloa ana KEW rVBUCAIIORl. AMACIBIFICENT 1110 , i (?K.t PHIO MKENB8B O* Mn?: Ret. Joim McO o?kev, D I)., Arebhlaliep of New Tork. J uat isauad. Pnee ? J . A JAMhS H lilPKKH. 699 Broa-lway. IBTTKB OF ADYICR FOR LaDJPB. j a a ? . a !!?? Informal on never Itrfore pnb'lahed. Bent tree. In a aeab'd enrelnpe for IK rent*. Artdrraa boi 4,fld: Maw Yon l'ii*t ntlice. N?W BOOK*, CARTRR OR VlHITE AND (t|'OBTIBO Oonda. bend for iai*l?i||ie. D. ,1 UOMrP.MT'tl. i'ur cbaaiag A<ienay,73 Na**au atraet, B T. DOBTBAlTt OF LBaDINU CII A R ATTK lt-? ? WaB I s Clergymen, I'tata, t.'arlba a, Mat Head*, r>(>i<aJ Race*, ln? adlal righting rh< .iloanomiea General* Oraat. Thnuiaa, P >*tar. Ilame k. Itutler. M. l'brra ? ?. Na. rler, with R aembawk, Hetian. Rrnialow. Or Trng. Martla ntheri alee Braatn* Coming, P R. R^norr t?ear e P. Morria ,*e Onr Hc?lal Br'atinna, Air and Light. Unmar ried Women? What aha ! They Do' l>l*ati|ielntmeni In Mar riage, Tou Kn art Me. A T igin'* Eya, What I* I'areitobig rf Tb* War Cbrlatlanlty, Cliriai In Cttle*. Anii'K-.b. Pad Ton** Me* Row to be llandtmne, De'tate la Crania Plireno>. Rata. Law en, ta September number of PHKKN'OLOOL AL JOURNAL Bow ready. hare il; b> flrA P4M. ar ?yo^'k|l ^ WRLLB 889 Br^dway. Paris fahhionb.? lb mon ton, fob heftkm. T ber. *o much admired by the ladiea, for *ale by H. $ TaYLiiB the Importer. HI WAalwar, N. Y , ami newi dealers a er?w era. ? h* rtptl?ti? for one year monthly, ?7i atnghi oaplaa, 70 aMt*. lacludln* ?l,r?. h^w aat tarn* o .t of pap- r. Oreai ind'ttemeiila wil be ufferad t* ?tillable pereoaa i? eany .?? t *a ?i?y and county, THOSB I'KflCLlAB BOOK * -TOU CAB OKT MR* by mal.'O, K nr b eipreaa "C. o D or at SC Ann atrret, Bew Y ,rk. .-tend your addfeaa, na ? ? tamped eavetune. (or a oaulawae. rut tttta i tiv XaLYIB BLAMUMARD, Febllahar.

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