Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1864 Page 7
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PUTiW AltP WAT Al?. ^*I?U??tAbB *KOHUITIMO BBMDBZVOUB. ISrlliml MB ST C tPTAih t. COMBS. ?0 lisimuard eU-eft, near HruMWif _ si.Btaln COMBS ku to- hooor. by permission, to refar to JUCEUBD PA1 MWK ?? CO ? . Hardware liuiortera, 63 Cedar street; WM ALVORD A CO.. Hsrd a ? I'< uortsre, 58 Cedar atrset; Colonel JOHN S. MRVILLR. Huiierlnteadent of 'b? N Y Stale Roldler*' Depot, 4 other mercuauts and banters of wdil kuown ffflfWlUi OOAMWII ."HAT I'.VFRY Kl CRl'lT krl I be I*1 d ever* w m ? h i Captain prom '??. Ti(iD BVKRY TOLCNTKFt AMI bUUmiKJrh will ?fee treated fslrlv, honorably 1.U00MBN WANTKD, tfo: < > > -? OB THEB& TEARS, for Ar'tllerv, I'm *:rv nr Arilller- . 1.000 Ml N WaNTK CI K TDK NAYT. As R'i??. fifm-'D. t imt e.s an 1 Laudamea. Fifty men wanted for my own .mimtny. of Hie One Hundred and Sixth n nt S. V Volunteera. The men previo sly recrn r! . mo forth* liuiti are to leplaced intlie KMtu bvorb-r . ihe Oovernor. ? This OOU1P4H* Will soon be 1 I. YOLU VTkKKM it -"PRTITBTRB, FOtt ON 8 Oil T 1 1 KK YBAH8, can besclUted. and ' ? e r . mm of my company. VKT r KaN?J ?re partlru'arly desire ? for my oompany. I tm authorized liv the Sui .i-c.ia of several t 'lie In this Stat# ????, ^ro PAT LAitOii BODsrih.s I' ltt ONK YBAR MEN. , The wen <*n enlist lit my roM?n?ny, - or cad have: choice o oibor bfaoOu w SQrTlC0? EITHER OR NAVT. MKN rBOM T 1 1 It COL'NTttT be accommodated with iparmrs over nlgat. 1 HAVK PLhNiY OK KOOtt. Office open from (5 A M till II at night, BOUNTIES. OSB TRiRrnro ?l?i c.?li dnwn $?? I THKBR YKAU ir.en $70' 10 $?**) caah. 1 KITH KR ABMY OK NAYT. Don't forget the number, ?u Llspen'rl ueet, near R road way. ti JL: BUT MATY HAR1M I'ottPJt RE~i7lTTBI(J BEADQITAQTEBS, iro bkoadwaT. IB BYtflonil m<*n wanted to r^otM -<it tho city and county Zt ;>ew York lii *he United ?r lc? All of whmn w.ll recoil h the hi?tiest cash bounties. And *bo os S. *a<!h of service. ih,. s, Infantry, Cavalry, Artll ery, Semiiuii, Ordinary Smi Landsmou. Klremeu, Ooal Pawner* tc. Partle-i enlKiimi any branch ><r li<> fe-?lce will do well to oa. I at this <i ''i f *nfre nach ai l very one will receive the honnr.ih''. and fair tr?ai n-'il. Piior nirri of iHinilteaaad urn ?? -riving front tlie conntry 'iVionM be cn '" mI how th?v ??. I ? r to fall Into the hands of sharpers ?n l nrn inr< ? hnm th?ro ara Oiuny ), Where, In hi probability, tb, v would ^?t hwlndled out or tbelr bonnt ? A RMT AMI NAVY. 601 ONR YI'Alt \'?,1 \V k VTBD. $ ii'O t:\siti is 1 * ^r> for vor.TT> i h ? ;i,-. 8480 C * H ?l p: I' ' N 3 FOB sr b<ti rrrK.4. $9H0 ca*h In hand for ti.rf ? yf ira' SubltllutaA Apply lmn.>'dla!?lv to J. WaKKKV f .' ?, JiW Broadway, between fham hers and Warr.n ir -i-t*. Id the basement. OOOD (T7IANCK POR Vf If I V I'KKRB. ONR YK\K, ONR TKAK OSK TPAR. oash is iiano, sr><*?o*sn in hand. JaOoOAUH IN iiano. - ..ocasix in hand. Fifty re< r Iih wanted for lh* ">.?<???? e'({hth NVw ' ork t>altnry. now rioin^ garrison dmv at KauJy II c>- >k, eighteen Oillei rrmn N""w Ycrlc. Anplv a? No I Park piece, c? >?r i>' F.rosdwsy, In the tii emciit, eiitruuoe ou Para pi.\ u. i.i v^&plulu .1. II. RICH ARDSON A CARD ? $1,500 CASH I* ^ 1 1 > KOR THRRK OOOD J\ men *?< vo'uatecrs. *'*o ? ip !, 25 e und men lor the nayy, as Inn lemeo. s<".un?n ur-"ni?n, cooks, etewnnls ?nd a pnrsei ? clerk, to whon. (tj^ticat bounty will be Paid, with nninual chanrm ?>? !> money. From $' 0 to ??Sll I paid to anv peiaon hrn-rm: an ?ree"table recruit to &hi( o'tloe, Yi '!n-^ m?n e >.t<i . fro n the countrv and furelRner* cm rely on bons ''????< 'oalt with bv apply, ingat the Army und Na> v llf.t liiaarter-i. \).i We?l treet, Ooroerof Cc.lar, N. T, Captain KINO. A CAPITAL CI1ANCB.? I WAST UN AMEN OR ANT exemrt tr;m to r*| recent ti the navy or arm v. I *'111 pay the liteh at price thr iiuS Mr. Hlunt In the Park, Chairman ol' the Supervisor* ! ,et my man In thu Ma Une oorp-i a gi o I rwtlon with Intl* to do I want to do v buplnes w th the recruit, a.i i *lth no other perT"in, therefore no ?Ren'. broker or rc-.n"? n<->d miplv. I w II "iiy She mtmev Be/o.e being mu?trre t ,i Apply at my ollloe, 109 Mercer street, secuud atorv, fi nt Ok ioo. CH.tS. I!AIIN._ AL1KN3 AND TETK r: A > V ANTED. ? SATIS F t C J\ tory err n :e;nent wli ?? with four .<1 able tK idled men t( serve sa h Uat tutea ?->e hree year- either in he army or navy. Person* <:>? ri- a to en'lsi wou >1 r?. e< ive all the mnnev In the r o ?? n is hy <*im direct, aud ayoidlug brokers, torouut tin. 6, Ji'j i'roadway. A BMT? ARV V ? N AVT? N A V ". J\ i(X) JIKV W \N1B1> KOR EACH. niOHEST CASH BOUNTY AND NO SVVrNDLINO. RECRUIT AND 8t'B:vT! V K OFFICR, HI WALfi 8IREKT. n spp'vlng will M treaird . <at eman. Kemrenoe [l?ea Call ?t tne Bounty, I'a , tuny and Navy A^en !y, 1 1 Nassau atrMl. up statra A LH N8 A>n niS(?HA?tOK-> VKTKRAN3 W1LI, BB ,/Y guarar.tCM.l {.Wi?i!i m ""?! Iw "re h?ins; BWttrn In. No huiTilMial. Apt>l' ln?'n ?lia'o'r ? ?? i Y VBBKN KlitNN. i'-fl Broad .< a .between Van eu a- I '"Iianh'rs streets, in the basement. N. B.? Mo tne a MkM OSt Of the Slate I BLR AND 80I7ND OM* VVtlR'S MRN WANTED.? y\ All youni: and mi ddle ? f>< I w sUitig to ascsne lb" draft and are not abie to nut ia .?iDetll'ite. w.ll rare:ve ??V) cash In haui to co ?? ? . mil ?t* n the ar.tiv or n ivy. All men^pji v : ii 5 w ill !>e treaird . nt'emun. Reference ft A Bf YOONO MKN FROM TlIK CO i'NTRV WHO l)R ?f\ sire to elo the Untied i-?l.ilr? anrr a? anilsi.ien will terelve the iwv h eli-at b.iiiut- an 4 tui/o nioti >y b\ call ng at the Nava' kende/vons il.,< ' |na un, 7.'i Hon t 'i st'eot. Sorner of Maiden an a. up statr? ?* all Information In f.'gsrd to tlie ?"t vl 'e can o?-la ne i . it 1 i p 1 -an t.i prompt 1* and bonorab'y with. DOWNl.Ni> A CO A RMY, NAVY ANn MAR1NV ' IBM ? ?>.? TOLII V teers ao.l s ilnitiliites ?vsne i 4DS ca'.li b > inlv iia i". T".iree snbslitn'e* *ante4 to i-.? f*" $l"0snil ?V>0,n?ti given. I'artV ? -i? ?n< men W1 4e psld the large tammtt ?! hand niotl 'y t?fd at im offl e ?> th? citv. at the Bounty, Pay. Army and Nary Ag-v.'y. Ill Sasa.t j stre :t, up atatra A TTBBTTON ? SUBflTITPTKv Y^VTF.n, for TUB Ji arm> anil nav*. STifl pa' -a h. No de.lnctl >n. Two ?n baud. P 'a p.<t* fnrnla e I a" ies?onahl * ra!i,j. Apply ?t Nn. 4 Centre street, up stalra. Li.KA KOORIIM. A ? ??00 B OL'NTY, CASH, I'M!) Di'WN FOR A l-EW J\ . younr in n as rolunteer* <?m- yMr, in the armv or navy. Aleo a tew for ' r.? t-ars required, at 'very high pii -es. II. B. BROW N V 1 O . W t' a ha i ctreet, lice Died biokcri and agents for i?wn cauurltteea At thh old aovravmarr rbnde/voiw 19 Bo wait; (he highest f r< e? 'iV Amu) are |anl for Me or three %CMra ni-n fore.lhni srin\ er navy for W 'lan leers or su'' tlt itea All parties will b? boticrably dealt 'with. . ABBBHT1TUTE WA.NTKO- I ? )R WHICH A LIBEKAL price will be paid. AppK at US Norfolk stcect. ANOTICB-ONE HIIIDtR') MKN WABITEf), FOR Companies ^1 and K in .?v >.n>r. r>n), lor the Ih rteenth heavy artillerv New V ork Volo ?- is -tnttoned ne .r N?r Tolk, Va. ' B*0?N DOS Mo. 2 I'urs pla<-e. AB ALIFM WAMrFD? TfPft D\Y TO Git IN TIIF. army or navy as antieiHu' ? fo- tne I will myall eal price to a gnn.l ninn. < 'all at t><* n ?c? of the Howard Bell Company, 436 Brjadwa*. A N UIOLUD CITIZEN ?ril UBI TO OKT A Sl'B .i\. stltnte fo nue year. tn<|utr< st A. H aMHUROER'3, TC Muira.. str^-t. AN ONLY ACTIIORI/M) P.'.IHlrlNO acinpy J% far the Thirteenth Met. A t "?rv. Mew York Volun teers, Is sstaiiliahed at BROWS A ? I KLDON'S, No. 2 Fork ?lsee. V00 men wan,-d for t ?n er throe vsart. Highest oasty paid to recruits and an -stitatas. and urciulums to Haoti. TiODNTY f-fO-CARII IN IMND FOR TUB ARMT, J) twfore l>*lnc sworn In. Appr wi'boui delay to .f. ? ARRBN FI.I.NN, ?(V. Hroid>ay between Chambers aud %arren stwts, in the baroinent. CI A* F.RON RIFLRS (II 11)11 I^A N IIRKB , OOLONKL .-+. J M. Elliott ronimainlin* ? M iv rulunteers wanted Itriniedlaiely for Co nptny A nl tliia n? new regiment, now Organizing In tbt? ilty. S ilend d ehanea for prmnntlon for Teterass and re- rulu oininn Hi ? n*w re-!imenL Fro tio tlons ii.ade Iro'n the mnk< rbOrej in at wl l he o Veered Vv men who hs^'e seen ?er? <*? in l e fte d, aud the m-'n Hrell cared for II Izhest bounties p\ d 'o yoluntesrs. $loi) to to ?a> one bi .aging a recruit. Apply at >'AS UrosJ wajr. New York. t** F.NTLRM I.N WHO WISH sr B1TITUTKS WILL " JT find it much to llieir a l?sr t? v 'f mima to an officer on Fecroitlng ser*ioe,Ny which the w, I i.e hrougft d'rectly Into oontact with the a ; .attlrt'O an t h* if t'.at w .atever mone ? Is nald will he |iatd to hi ". a tvun'age gained bv the oiucer la that the man is permute t o rlmosa hia regiment. Apply at the 'nea ' iuurterso* the |is,;h Rrgluisnt, 740 llroad w ay^ _ GBNTLRMR.N WHO DRftlltK TO RE RRFBRHENTBD In the armv or nav* ran lie fun-,. -lied with subat tutes w ltho'it trouble to themselres. in I rei-elvw their e emptloo pa ers frmn draft f?r three war -, hv le ivlng their nainea ?w t i NKTILMOM A C'aMP. Ill Broadway,. llrst Ooor, Trinity lltiild nga I AM ENROLL!" D AND AM AUtlOIIH TO tflBNTBH a aub<tltuie for threat ye Any alien will r^nelve a large pn. e tn catling at the r 'i.~ -Jt ifco <;ampa-gn MeJal Couipaoy. 4.% Htoadwsy, np sta-r* Tkf RRCH tNTfl. RANHRICR AND OPNBRAL VOUfN 1*1 leer ana -.u at'tute As-? "atioo. idlce Hroadwav, ftnw York ? I IXW voluuteo a aaim-.i nim"distal*. IIM 10 B ''H>paldto an ono br ngi"g ?rr-riit. lli 'he-t bounties p . id to recnn s on pass n.t r i na't 'O. No delav. No buaibng. Mom y paid right do on. Apply at the oflice, 4219 Broadway, New York. OKKTF.ARSMEN.-B.VKK ASH IS HAND POR 2 ONR >ear a men, to i?o In one th? aatnst steamers In the American navy. Hp|end> I cb,?-e f >r prl/c miner, and Ijlgliest Wage- pa'd. Applr nrty to-lay at the (fniled Biates Naval Reuda/vous, W West street, eorner of Oe.lar, ?? T. Captain KINO. ORE TEAR'S TOLCHT I RltS WANTRD -fttW bounty iwlit, cash In ban t. to lis reeiult liefare ba ng tnustered in and ?i0 > head mo.-ei t? lae nersen who tirlnzs ?im. Htatn and govrrnineal buuut e? secured. Call Imme 4 lately at the New York Army and Navy ReeitMjinft Depot, Bo. I) Chambers street. RARR C1IANPR.-TWO M?H|NKS JUST DIB oharged. having served th- ft?' perod of their enlist, meat, wi-ib to gn again aa *?r>si t Ilea lor some ceutlament no agents aaed apply. Add rata, on prtoa, A. N , Herald oallce. RBBIDKNTB OB NBW TOMS OK RROOKLTN CAN bo furnished with snbet utire in the army or nav* at ?jhort notice, and on ttbaral terme by ROLAB k LA MOAN, Bo. ? Bast Broadway. fs?j?Si^f yShS? srs-j? u,2TorT^2~/!2* TKABB. BUIWT1 Sail al'l'sTfi' ' ' ?*" ???'*?'"?? Wtfre" at It chambere Mrret ' ***> 'or the navy or ? ?^? ?"'A?4 CO., Ltesaaed a-H wsift a^Sef MILITARY AITD *AVAI- _____ CUBSTITUTES -WK CAl FURNISH A NUMBBR OF O oo? or three yea* aobeiltutee everjp dav_ at a re aeon, able iTiea. to ie ntiemeo wb>-wlsh to avoid the drail, to iill Iowa qnnUi Btemptioo proourrea Appiv ?ttb* Old enuuibbtd odfce. 1S8 Eleventh ? tree I, corner or 61 lib even ue. ? SUBSTITUTES PUT INTO TTIB NAVY ANSWBR FOR men drafted In the armv, aud a >- easily obtained we arc u?ar lh#? uavy yard ?hUi, nnd ar* furni?hfut{ twenty I'lo stitute* in iii? nt'v ever-- d-ty, aed wtl <*>n tract to mrniah titty iu MtiLiiLti eHuh day alter th s week. '? a .UHBN V08B Seaman's Bank. No. 191 Vora street. Brooklyn. Substitutes furnishku? in numbers or am. gly on appl'oat'on t.. WILSON A BALDWIN. 181 York all net. Brooklyn, or 27 Johu street (baa. meul)^ New J ork SUBSTITOTM WANTED? $1,01)0 CASH WILL BB Diitd lo a substitute for thrco years: or f ?oQ to a subsll ti te for ??ntt year. Api>lf to ALLAN 4 MotABHN, 118 Wa hiu.jton atree'.. _ SCBSTITU rR W VNTr'.D? ARM Y OR NAVY; ONB NOT lia lie to duty lo this city; large bounty given. Apply Ot 'VBHtilriRton street Tub largest bounty ron VOLUNTBER8 AND SUBSTITUTES. 20,000 ONB YEAR MRU WINTKD t'OB VOLUNTEERS AN IJ SUBSTITUTES FOE TUB ARMY AND NaVT. Oath bounty paid.,,, ?170 Hand money paid to the person bringing the recruit to enlist .... 100 If the recruit present* himself or If tbo substitute!* pre sented by tha person for whom he goea aa snbatltute, he (the recruit) wll rioelre:*? Ciuh $170 And the hand 100 lot*! wo O. GODFREY aUNTHBR. Mayor, MATTHEW T BRKNNAN. OomptrolWr. <3 HI SON BLUNT, Supervisor, WIl.i.lAM M. TWEED. Supervl?ar. WU.LlAM R. STEWART, 8o(.ervieor. ELIJAH F. PURDT. Supervisor, County Volunteer Ooirrnitta* ORISON BLUNT. Ckalmil JTcw Tout, August 11, l$$i TBE LAROEST BOUNTI roa j VOLUNTKERS AND SUBSTITUTES. ONE Y K A H MhN WANfE!) FOU VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUTES FOB TIIR ARMY AND NAVY. Path bounty for one year $'J00 Hand ntOBey I CM Cash bounty tor three year* ft 0 Han-! mone ? ,,,? 200 United State* Recru tt:ig OBI re. 247 Broadway, room 25. TUft D li A FT ON 5TH Ol' 8EPTKMHER.? EIGHTH district ? Cleat'omen residing In the Mghioenth. Twen tlet'i and Twenty tirst wards of the ciy of Nevr York, cora prising the I'.lghth roD^reastona distr ot of the Stale, will be furnished prouiptl . with Aien Subft tute* and thfelr Ex emption Papers (tor thrpe years! correctly procured, by for warding their orders to tlie office of the Men bants', Bank em' and i c r.eral Representative Volunteer Association. 428 Hroi. iway :>iwYork. N B ? Monev payable only when the representative Is furnished nil il the exemption papers heciirn l fatties wishing to sen<t a representative to th'jurmY will have tnelr orders promptly attended to and wiU have precedence. Th.'Fi-jh'h district und 'r tlm superintendence of '"ar'aln B. F. Manle'e, Provost MaraUnl, is furutt-lilnn niot' men |n th a way than any other dUtrict in the Etxta> an.' with ointinuert energy will probably H I iL? quota with out a !r*'t. Mot ol the r preaeB'.atlvea hare been procured hv the Merchaats" R inker*' sn I General Reo e-eotatlre Volunteer Aaaocl itlon. o live 42H Broadway, Now York T\IE MSWW POI'NTT EVER P MR FOR ONB yoar volnnteem, t^ fl'd ft low n n'lotn ?Ten men n-auiedj $550 ^o^n!y for one >ear: $VK) will be paid before sworn In. tbe balance at the pav Uble. The recruit gets tbo fim bounlv, ns I am pa'd by the town committee. Call bel ore Tuesday at my ho-iae J. H. Si'I.RI.1 NO, 193 Madison street. New Yotk. The navy wanted, for steamer vandhr. bllt an1 o'hure, lanilainen Renmcn, he. A so for the army. The highest cash bounties paid for one, two and thre* years. Also for merchant and while ship*. JAMBS A CO. THE DRAFT? BUnSTITUTES WANTED, FOR ONB, twnorthiee year*; terms will he made with parties at the o. lice of J. F. WILLIAMS. 442 k ghth arenue. GEORGE DA CUNHA. rilWO SUBSTITUTES WANTED.? TUB HIGHEST 1 bounty will be pild to aliens, or discharged vetorana, to go as substitute*, either for one or three years In the army or navy. Apply In person at J4u Broadway, room C, second lloor. TIIE AMOUNT OF MON' V TIT AT WILL BB PA'D TO a iunn who ? 111 serve as aubstitule or volunteer for one or thrttM '^rs will aatl*'V th" party of the libera^y of tbe princ pa of applying nt 212 Jtrondway, room 18. UNirXD STATKfi SHIP VERMONT. -TH B OLD OREW of th1" vensal will lie paid off and dls?harg"d on Hutu dav and Mimdsy, August 2 > an^ 22, from 11 to 2 o'clock, at tin N?w Yard Hroo^lvu, N. Y. VOLUNTERR8 AND 8URSTTTUTES WANTED? FOR the A rtii'. and Navv. lor one year. We pay the highest Bounties iu .he city. Call aud *en na No. K East llrco 'id way. NOLAN A LANIUAN. WANTRD-IRI^HMKN. ENOI.IKIIMKN, SCOTCH. f}"rmsns, l'r < ncu ?n1 men or ail n.itiona'itica, to en i list as volunteers. The highest ho intv paid, cash in hand, ; ?n paiJ'n t ittlo'lir, Keliei licketafor fj ?iltea. A?enis | v ill receive !V' highest uremitiina AnpUr at the Mercian te', ! Ba i' era' an 1 ? leneral V ?> untocrau 1 Sub-t tut* Association, | oiline 4^9 Broadway, N. Y. WANTED? MEN FOR THE UNITED STATES NAVY, to h p f r one year or longer lr men wish. Rounty ! pud to 5,'|0. IIANOVl.L & I'OtJRTNKY. corner of C^Hmbera ant West ptreeta. up stairs. bringing men will ask for Mr. Courtney. AHTBD?A sunsTiruTR. FOB ont: or THUS .. i ear* $900 Or $ 50 Datd ca.htnhand. Ooverninei.t and State hi unties pad extra. Apply at the Salamander Fl e Bite* Works, foot of Hammond street. 17 ANTED? THIS DAY, FOR THE ARMY AND NAVT, ? 'iluo-o. two aud three v?ar* men to whom we will pav mora money than ?nv ot er houre >n t'.e city ami all parties w 1: he Heated as men and all agreements will be r?ul v kept by SANDS, DKMAItESr k CO.. 03 South street, orner of Kultoiy WANTED? A SUBSTITUTE, FOR ONE OR TIIKI.E vea-K. by a private party; a liberal bounty o.leit^l. Apply ni III William street. In tl-osior* WAN TKD? VOI.TTNTEE KS FDR OVB YEAR. $S0O p?M, cash In kind, after passing the doctor. Also, eubstituto". fnr on" ani three years. Iligest bount e* paid. All volunienr* tirrMntlug themselves at this olice will re ceive tho hand money. No. 161 Franklin street, corner of Hudson. WANTED-TWO SUBSTITUTES FOR ONB OR ttyec years. Terms liberal Apply at 111 Water street, front o??,or. 4 O SUBSTITUTES WBRR FURNISHED BY C8 ON T?) Kri lay at fJ'-O to rti:oipa!s lhe same number wilt be furnished this <iav at the at me charge. HEUUBN YCH3B Seamen a Bank, li?o York street, Brooklyn . vv w C/\ SUBSTII UTBS ARE NOW WUTINO FOR APPLt til' cants, and can be shipped to tho credit of drawled men In one hour. For our respectability we refer to the followlna rot" ? ' Reu' en Vose, we have known you for twenty yearn and consMer yon a man of strict integrity? Ilnnr? Kan'e, fonimodore United States Savy." Apiilv at the Seamen's Bank, lJJYori street, Brooklyn, near Mayy Tart gate. 1 n A VOLI'NTEURS WANTED? FOB ONE TEAR FOR '1U'? army and navv; $il?l ca>h down as M?on as passed tbo surgeon. Apply at ill Nassau street, ep ? talrs. IfimH BEOHMBNT NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS.? iUU Hnhstiiutea wanted? $7110 cash bounty.? Snbs'ltutas wanted? $ilk- r.ash l>ooulv. Ooo 1 men pa d the above pro i ntly. Ai> ' v to Certain ft, COMN8. One lluntlred and Sixth New york Vo unteers. Hcad?|iiai ters, 80 LI penard street, near Broadway. "l/l/'TH RKGIMENt N Y. VOtil'N TEERS.? VOLUN 1 III) teerit wanted T ir ore year. Bounty $10'. Apply to Captain B COMBS, 60 Lfsiienrtrd street ne ir Broa.lway. Noii-cpcimiasioiied oflleei^ wanted for my company. (1 en TO $200 HAND MONbY PAID A8BNTS OR ?A?/v/ runners for volunteer* for this cltr. Ten men wanted to day; the highest bounty ca?h down aa soon as paaeed by the d?hor. Apply at 4 .'8 Broailwav. Q1KM TO $M HAND MONET PAID AGENTS OB ? luv runners for on* year volunteers and ub-tltutes. Five men wiinted this day; can ro Id the army or navy and receive the highest bounty cash ilown. Apply at the o 4 established of!:, e, 13^ Bleventb street, tdraer of Sixth ave. BAND M ON KV TO RUNNERS FOR ONB year men In the United Slates Na?y;$ 00 bo intv to the recruit, relief and prl e money in the navy to Ian ? men real- en and green hands, at 170 Ohatha n street ship* ping oiftee No. \ ; ||QQ BOUNTY FOR VOLUNTKBR8 OR SUBSTI tu'es for tho army or navr for one year. Agents _... ^ >Iy at No. o East Broai" OLAN A LA MOAN. and rm.iiers liberally dealt with. A^pl^atBq. ? East Broad (fi/1 AA HAND MONEY PAID RUNNERS FOR THREE JpTrlfU \ears' men In the Un ted States Navy.? Wo pay resrult* ti e largest bmmtlea r elief to famllle* and prlr.e money in tli? new, to landsmen, seamen and gresn bands, at 170 chatbsm streit, shipping otllcu No. 3. $100 BAND MO-N-RT S??i HAND MONET $?>? HAND MONEV $400 HAND MONKT will be ptld In raah to any person brlngloca thru substitute for the navv to the New Yoik Army and vIU Becrultlng Company, No 9 Chambers stnwL Q L-'lO P"R ONE VEAR-ni-rsIDES UNITED 8TATM ?J)X?'l/ Iiovernmenl bouni'e*. will be paid, eee^ down ?nd no dmluetioii, lo *nv aMe hotlied man to go In th? arm* for one year, if appl'ed for to day to B. K HROWN, Ooun seikr at Lew. 33y Broadway, third floor, front room. 500 ONE YPAR MBN WANTED. !W) THREIS YEAH MEN WANTED. Oome to the Army and Navy 0*l0?, No. 71 Nassau ii?.i where you will get mora bounty th-<n In any ofllce In the' eltv. At No. 71 vou can ret more . ash lu hand than la an Z other KTce. W* pay from $V 0 to $ cash In hand. -RANTED, 8DBBT1T0THB FOR ONB TEAR. it; isVy.'; ^rifp^^irf^niVh^^,;?trt'^e,brmnA^PS sceik :,r*vssx? V" ftJUin BOOEtT FOE ONB YEAR MEN IN lhe armv or navy. Apply to B. H. PaYNk IWl sire^ Hous^ :?? Pearl sir***. Nil, arnff BOUNTY FOB ONI: YEAR TOLPNTBRRS 95z5 $5?5 FOR ONE Y8AR VOLUNTEERS. ?U8 0A8HIN BAND. ?? CASH IN BAND. Apply t* the Supervleor of the Towaehlp, It Dlfl OOO#, M Walker street, near Rreadwsy. 34 Walkw street, near Broadway. Broker's men aoeepte d w'ti' r** TO MB* them. <To< )U. selves for eae year $??>, or l*r thre* year* fwlll pay $*? call nmanaMy H Dn ABDSRAON, M BWrWiga eir**t, New York. fcftnn w A year MAN -I WILL PAY THIS ?{JUIMS amount lo a onallflea person lo repreeeet me la army. Pa< men* made when accepted aed pa iter* se d. Apply, altar all e*etoek P. ?., at $4 West Fifteeath It *? . oAsm,-?eno boun?t paid to voLOTI <PU"" teera for the arm* or aavy, for one year H. n. BROWNA CO., M Chatham street, lioensed broker*, and a^ssta lor tawn oommittaaa. Oome sartf. the army, enred stroei. MILITAHT A!TD bavau _ ??nn BOlTKTf -??) HAND MONBY PAID.XO ANT w1""" person who brings a recruit, *( wMIMM. for ? rmjr or n*ry, to this <.? ee. $600 cash in hand to any re. oruit hicseelf tj. 8. Recruiting Office, U7 Broadway. r^"ia JB. Substitute* lumi?L?d for stty 01 country at fair raws. Colored men taken. " <3if!nn bounty for onb year? the commit ?v""" t^e of the town of (ihent will pay $6*1 tor one year volunteers to fill ti.eir quota? J6<? oash down, $l?W gov -rtu, so: bounty. Applv t" H. B BROWN A CO., 86 Chatham street, Licensed Brokers ?nl Agent* for the Horn milie* BOlfNTr.-fM) CASH IN HAND FOR VO ?PUUU iunteers for une year; ff'i H cash for substitutes far one year. App.y to 0?i.i? u HURST, 317 aroenwioh ?I '1", or to Lieutenant SMITH, 281 Grand street, Wil liamsburg. fifMl ONE TRAR MFN WANTED? $200 AND f.'Mt, UW\I ca<li in band, paid navy or ai'iny aliens and dis charged sailors and aoldiers. Acceptod parties bringing re treated 1 bera It. Coll at tbe liounty, Pay, Army and Nary Agency, 111 Nassau street, up stairs. K BOONTV EACH FOR ONB YEARVOLUN JplJ I U is rs? cash In hand $575, Tovemrtieiit bi unty $HX>? will be paid for recruits ttiis day and on Monday. AT>cly at tbu old established ottlso, 1A3 ISieventb street, cor ner of Sixth avenue. ?7f\n CASH IN BAND FOR SUBSTITUTED FOR ?P I \jyj arm> or navy. Choice of regiments. A'so, ?Ileus wish to serve aa substitutes for a lair price. Drafted men or men liable to b? drafted aie furnished with substitutes Apply to o. E NOONAN. corner Bowery and Uanal street, under Cltlisus' Savings Bunk. fliTflft BOUNTT.? SUBSTITUTES AND VOLUN ?P I UU teera wanted for the army and navy; the largest amount of band monev paid to any ner .ou bringing recruits to tins office. Alao 11 months volunteers wanted at 97 Chatham street. Captain J. WYNNE._ -ARMY, NAVY OR MARINE. ANY MAN ?P I UU. wishing to; i Join either of these can receive 9760. .... .log at r twe blocks from Fulton ferry. eaah in hand, by applying at Ne. 8 Hicks street, Brooklyn, rulton rat $800 FOR BACH MAN.? WANTED, FORTY MBN ^ . aH volunteers (not substitutes) to fill a quota in one of the counties of this Stat*; this Is no humbug, and all men wiU be treated In goed fslth, Call you who wish to volunteer before enlisting elsewhere. 185 Maiden lane, corner or Water street. $800 BACH OA8H D0WM WILt BE PAID FOR two Substitute, army or oavjr. No broker or id apply ... - - - " " 149 Greene street, runner need apply. Apply between 9 A.M. and 1 P. M. at treet, Jersey City. QfMt RECRUITS WANTED-FOR TUB ARMT AND ?7UU Navy at 18) Fulton street and 2UBroadway, up stairs. f.viOcasb Id band paid each man at 163 Fulton street and Broadway r'?0 cash in band paid each man at 163 Fulton street and Rrondway. $AtX) rash in hand paid o&ch man at 163 Fulton street and 21. Droadwav All men treated In a gentlemanly manner and will re ceive every dollar as ajrrted. $2<X) ham! money will be paid to anyone bringing a re cruit to thia oftco. CjQnn CAH" r>OWN WILL BK PAID FOR IfiO MBN ?I)?7 */?/ to go as substitutes or volunteers In tbe army or navy. Runners and ugnuts will be liberally dealt with. Person < wishing to procure substitutes can be fnru<?hed on the most reasonable lermi bv applying to P. KLANNAfl AN A <'0., at the old Post office building, No. 7 Chatham square. Substitutes always on hand. CQfm CARH.FOR 8UBSTlTtlTB8.-$7?8 CASH I OR 'Dt/WW volunteers. Choice of regiments and dopart merits. Inqu re at l".! i>S Greene street, corner of Prlno, and 139 Spring street. In tbe basement. <K1 AAA BOUNTY.? WANTRD. TniS DAY, liVOnOD ipl.UU'? men to no as siibsiltute* In the anu> or navy. Wo also want a few onoiyear tnen, for which we will pay the highest bounties of any olEce in tbe city. Call early at 39 Park row, room 25. 1 VOLUNTEERS WANTED-FOR ONE TEAR; J.'/UU bounty $1.51. of which SM0 li- paid cash dawn after pfl3sluu the uiir?#-n. Apply to the Suparvisoi s of l-.ast Fishkill aud LasrauL-e townships, State of New York, At their office, 6'U> Canal street, N. Y. A SDBSTITUIK WANTBD, AN AMEN ifl.lHM/, or vnteran. for three years, or terms made to suit, f >r one '.ear In army or navy. Apply to JOHN LACY, 120 Sixth avenue or 63 Reade street. d?l ')fW\ ?HOME GUARD? RECRUITS WILL BR tjMiZiUU. tnKen forduty in this city , where they will remain permanently. They muat lie good, able bodied, honest mr.ii, as they have to guard others Instesd of being guarded thuinse v?s. StfOO cash and $tt>0 hand money paid. Apply at It Sixth aveutte. (HO Tflfi EACH, IN OASII, WILL BB PAID I Uv'? for three substitute^ for the army or nary. No b^^ers^mwd ^!,,r^ABD 4 MClLVAINB, 17 Broad St. io~do6 M?N wZsTE?' VOLUNTEERS OR SUBSTITUTES TO HBl'HKSKWT TIIK COUNTY OF N KW TORE IN I!II ARMY AND NAVY. PAYMENT TO VOLUNTEBR8 rnR POTfl ARMY XNl) NAVT. BOUNTY. For three years? couuty $300 For three years -government. 30i< Total For two years? ounty 200 For two years? government 2>0 ToUl ?l'?0 Fcr one year? couuty flTO For one year? government 100 Total.... $70 HASH MONEY. Anv person eniistlnir n recruit for either two or three yean will receive lu hand money * J" For otie ; car *. 100 PAYMENT TO~L'RRTlTDTKS KOR born ARMY AND NAVT. BOUNTY. County? for three t vo County? for two yars -0 County? for one year '170 HAND MONEY. Any person enlisting a substitute for either two or 1 three years will reerire in band inou.v, (33 Forone..ear ? 100 Substitutes both in the army and na?y are required to out that tiiey are exempt from draft T01 one of the following rearoaa ? I. That he Is an allco. It. That he bas served two years in !he army or navy i tr ait Snq present rel e lion. 3 That be Is uufier twenty years of ace. Volunteers l<*r th* navy mil t b? ab e to ?ho\v thet they reside in (hiscounty, and Ibat tbey have been duly enrolled j at tlielr place of residence. I The County Volunteer Commifee. ucJcr Instructions of ; the Hoard of Super. i*or?, G'.ledTnl quota* under all : cal;s up to thl? time, nnno mce that tney havo recom-i en'?d 1 the business of lecrultlng for the army and ntvy wlthlhu view of rawing the quota under the existing call by the | President f .r men. . Itoerii'ta or substitutes will he received as formerly a ! the Cotintv Yolon'eer Rooms, in the Park, ooruerof Broad 1 way and Cha s street an I on the BMterv. C. coiiF': KY G1NTBKR, Wsvor. MAT 1 IIEW T. HRi'NNAN, Comptroller, OHISON RLt'NT, Hnperviior, I W I l.l.i t M M. TWi KD. Su|>erviaor, WILLIAM R. 8TI-.W A RT, Supervisor. 1 ELIJAH F. Pt'RDY. tinp-iTisor, County \o.unieer Committest ORISON BU NT, Chairman. New Yob*. July 16, 1844. AOM -HO, FOR Til R NAVT.-FlVI MEN Jp^U.UU'/. wanted early this morning, for one, two and thuie years, f .r tt?e navy, l lie liUheat bounties ever paid. 04sh down, besides the prize money, Ac. App y im mediately at i-'J Broome strto'. NAV AIi I* it VI. K MOBIICT, AC. LL PRIZE MONEY ^ obtained AT ONCE BY APPLYING IN PERSON OR BY LETTER TO WALDBN .tWILLARD, LATB U. 8. NAVY. ISO YORK HT'tBKT, BROOKLYN. BOUNTIES, BACK PAY and all other claims ADJUSTED WITHOUT DELAY AnOT.? PKIZR MONKY T(l S a 1 1, RS. BOUNTY moiie. to soJdiors dlschariteil for wuuuds receive I in bsttle. discn??ed navy or r.rmy oli'oer* snilorsor soldiers, their widows or heirs PROMPTLY PAID their PRI4K AND BOUNTY MONBT, BaiMC PAY. Ac., by? ? MD WARD BIS^ELL. ? Armv and Navy Banker, and late purser U. S. Navy* 371 Broadway, corner of Chambers street, New York. A LL PRIZB MONEY FOR THE NAVT L Will be collect".! and T ?"l by M. S.vtDBR, J f., Ouvernnient Claim Aftent, 89 Nassau street, corner of Liberty, New York. A LL PRIZB MONKY NOW PAY ARLR A PAID BY J. C. Pli KRY A CO, Governuienl Olalm Apents. 112 Broadwav, New York. ALL PRIZE MONBY NOW PAYABLB CAN BE HAD at once, by tillnit claim with M. U TABB A CO., ItiC Tork atreet, Brooklyn. ARMT PAY ACCOUNTS DUB OFFICERS AND MEN advanced on and o'lected by W ALII EN, WI&LARD Jk McILVaINKs 17 Broad strest. All the crew of tiik lntted btates steam er Grand Gulf can receive their p. Ins money at once bv ?ppMngto M . I? TABR M CO , IM Tor* street. l*.io*!yri we show the Treasury certificate and eharge U>n percsnt for ool'ection. All rKRtoNB attachbd to ykssels oh iiii blockade to whom prUs monsj la due can receive the same at onoe by applying bv letter to W A LI 'EN jk WU^ LARD, latoof Cnlted Stales Navy, 188 Yoik si.. Brooklyn. I Advances madr on prtzk. officers- and Soldl. rs' I' aims Collections msdeof pensions, ansers of psy due deceased ?'?Idlers snd seamen. BROWN A SHELDON, No. 2 Park p'aee. New York. PRIZE MONHT. -CLAIMS FOR THE FOLLOWING vessels are now payabls at MOLLOY M PROSK A RITH, 187 York street, Brooklyn, and 191 South stre -t. New York ?Nlphun, Tron Age. Unadllla, Houtaloulc, Virginia. San Jacinto, Cnnoeoth-ut, orand t'ulf, Jau.e< A lter, Sono ma. Owaseo Nant icket. P 'ra<iit, Gertrude, Pawnee and ot' erw Also Compensation Monev for all lost clothing snd Prise M?i?ey for eotlon captured or pl.:ke.l up. TJRI7.R MONBY -SEAMEN IN THE NAVAL 8KRV1CE ' *? 1 seamen oan have their prl?e money Pensioos pr.-rured. Arrea s iif_par and X and discharged seamen ?an bavs their prize money promptly collected. I'etnioos procured. Arrea sof pay and bonnt* collected. Addrea- or apply to RICHARD C. BL LIOTT, Ualted States Army and Navy Onoe, #7 Bieeeke* street PRWB MONBY.? OFFICERS "XnD SEAMEN NOW IM the naval s.'rvlce oan have ail prise money due tbfein paid by MOLLOY A FRosSARD. navy Bankers. U7 Xork street, Brooklyn, aoJ tn South atreet. New York. PRIZB MONBY.-HPRCIAL NOTICE ?A OOMPLRTE list of all tbe prices leady for pavmentfrom tlae break ing out of tke rebellion te the present date reo*iT?M at the United S>ates Army Ageney, 94 Hleeoker street. Informa. tlon given to all interested, whether In or oat of the service. COLDIERS- PAY. BOUNTY AND PENSION MONEY O preMptly collected and ononer advanoea eo approveA cialma. b> TllOS I. HUGHES, Attorney, 7? Cedar Mid, near ths Poet office, H. Y. UNITED STATES NAVAL PRIZE MONBY OFFIOR BRAYNARD A ROWING. I* Nassau street I IHIPPINO. ' |kTOTlCR _TF1F' ST-t a MStl 1 1* CITY Of LI MKRICK, j i.1 i<( this Inc will utll a- au eitr* steamer on Tlmra ay , I Aug'iat26 at noun, . a: r jiu? a .Imite-l unmlwr of at-ericae p?M.'U|en a redm-mi rates. payable In United Stales cur rency. J0IIN G. DALE. Agent i? Broaowar. BTE AM WPFFLY TO UVkhPOOL, TOOOHIIIO AT Queenetown. rCurk liarboi >. The Liverpool, New %o. * ?rnl I'b'lale pliiu Stemi-hlp Company (tnman lina). oarr . >n? ihe tinted Hia-es mai;?. Intend deonatohlnj their full poweed I" lie' irun lira Kb pa at follows ? CITY MK LONWm, SATURDAY. AUGl ST ?-?a CUT OK HAl.TIMORK, SATC K l> A Y AUGUST V E TN ? . SATURDAY HEPl BMRKR 3. and every aucceedlug J?v at noon, from |>l?r 14, North river. RATES OF PABSAGB, Pavable In gild, or it* nioiva ent In ciirreney. Flr-it Cabin JSu flieerago $30 Do. to London ....... sft t>o. to ! nndon 34 Do to ?'nrte t?!t D". to Pirn 44> Do to Mainour* '.<) l)o. to Hamburg H7 Paeaongcrwal o forw irded to liana ttre ni'ii, Rott- rdaia, Antwerp, .kc , ai?i|iuUI* low ratea. Prom Liverpool or Qui-ensto<rn ; Flr*t Cabin, $7.V $*"?? $'0.t Steerage $.1 1 wiio wish to aend fur their friend* an but ticket* here ?t thex* ratea. Thn e steamer. bora superior auoounuodatlou* for |'*? aeugi-ra, arc. strongly built in water ttaht Iron *ectlr?ns and carry j'ftteut Hre auolUlUtora. Eiperlriioed aurga h i aie at tached to each s'namer. For furthar Information applv In L.vernooltO WILLIAM INMAN. Agent, t" Water street; la Glasgow to ALFK MALCOLM No. 5 St. ku->ch s ;uaie: in Qiifrnntown to C. IW.D RKYMOUR A CO.. In London to BlVBH A M ACKY, 01 KlngWl'Uam street : in Part- to JL'LKS UECUl'K id Rue Notre Damn dcs Ylo!nlreg.Pla:? de la Hoiirse: Ui Phila delphia to JOHN 0. DALR, Ill Wa.uut atrv.t. or at the Company'* oTlces JOHN 0. D4L8. Agent. 15 Broad way, J*. T. MAIL 8TBAMRR8 TO FRAKOI DIRKi T. THE GBBKRAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S NKW LINK Of FIRST CLASS BIDEWHRBL STB 4MSIIIP8 RliTWBBN NKW YORK AND HAVRK. The flrat Ave splendid veeseis tnfnded in be put upon tlile favorite route for t> ? Continent are the following ? WASHINGTON 1.201 tons 900 horse power. LAFAYRTTE, S ?0i ton* 9"> horse power. EUQFNIR ia oat) S00 bora* power. FRANCR (littlldlnrl wm hnrae power. RiPOLKON III (bulldlngi 1,100 hore? power. Until Ui? completlen o' tbe entire Hat the Kervlce,"'" be rrfonned bt WA8KTMOTON, A* Duoh?^??; I?AFAY? i'TK, A. b<^|Jq5j HBw'tORK TO HATRK. , _ LAFAYBTTK . Wednesday. Nth ?enlemb?*. WASHINGTON Wedneaday, I2tli October. LAFAYRTi S WedB?*day. Oth November. WASHINGTON We 1 neadav, 7th Occembef. Fl. at cabin flncludlna table \vin?V Second c^htn (Including ta'jle wlito), $70 or Payable In gold or Its equivalent in United States currency Me Mctvl attendance fiee of charge. for freight or M.cKENZTR. A.ent, jjo 7 Brondwity, New Yorlt. At Parlt? Vo 1? Honlivard d*? Capuclues (tiraud Hotel.) At Havre? Wi:iia:u laelln A Co. T NOTTtTR? TH>* STRAMSHIH CRLLA, CAPT. Rn\y||* Btlllrge, will leave pier No. 21 North river, on Satur day, September i for London direct. To Do followed by the IteaiSkliip AfALANTA. THB LONDON AND NKW YO RK ?TF, AM8HIP COMPA tiy willjdrapaicli aeml iponthlr their in-.v and flrat claaa British Iron atcvnihip* CBLLA. RRLLONA ATALANTA, IOWA. INDIANA unci MARH A 'IT AN, .-a h S.nfti tons bur then. betw r-n London and New York, calling at Ha -n na the voyara frorn London ltaie? of palace, pavab'.e in gold or lla equivalent ?Frim New York first cabin . ifft; ?eoon1 cibln. $AS: ateerage, $20. From London or Havre, Ilrat cabin, $7"' For pasmgc applv to CHAR. A WHITNEY, 23 Bro?dway. For freiulit appJ? at 51 So itli street Adyani'"* ln-idt* on merchaniilie con?lgn? I to the friends lo London of tbe tin. der igned. These nt?amers connect at London with e'eum era of 'he sime company 'or llie cManucl porta, Rotterlam , Am?terilani fit Pcter-'i;irg. CoDeahucen. Rordeaur, Ofvirto, Gib altar, Alejan 'r'1 im .rri, Consl.-int'tinple and 0 le-.3a. HOWLAND A A8t IN WALL, Accnt*. HE flAXBlTKO AMEKlCAIf PACKRT COMPANY'S IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. _ _ Fiom Southampton. From New Yorfc. HAXONI A Ju y 27. 1:(M Aur. 20, l'Cl. TEUTON! A ..Aug. 10. Sect t l-(Vt. OFRMANIA Aug. 24. IBM Sept 17. KtA. BttRORSI A Sept. 7. 180i Oct. 1. W4. SAXONIA Fnpt. 21. ImM....' Oi t 15. I?6t. From ITambun -pier, foot of Third aireit, Ilo'uoken, taglng paarenger* for Hamburg, Havre, Londnn and South - amnion at the follnwini rate*-? Fire' caldn. $106: second cabin, $ J SO; ateerage, $37 fit', payable in gold nr It* e<iu'r alcnt. For freight apply to KDKIiARDT A CO., 43 Exchange place. For pasaage apply to C. B. RICHARD A DO A3, 181 Broadway. OTEAM TO GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, DUBLIN, BEL O FAST AND LONpONDERRY. FOR $W, ORKRNBACRS. The well known and favorite Clyde built ?teamers of the Anchor Line are intended to aail from New Yorlt ua fol low* B1MTANNIA. Captain Farrier, Rarurdav, Augn*t27. CALEDONIA. Csplala Craig, Saturday September 17. Rate* of ;>u**ai;e in<-ludine an abundant aup-.ily of ""*:l croked prOviaiona:? Baioon < abin, $120: fore eab n. fi" ; Intermediate, $ 0; steerage *50. Al! rxvableJn Uni * 1 ??*t-? currenCT. Apply to FKaNCIS McDONALD .1 CO., No. d B>wling Groen. SI RAM FBOM AND TO QlTEEN8TOWN AND LIVER. POOL. CUNARD LINE. Trom New York, ?00 currcncv , to New Yo n, gold or equivalent in oiirrem:y KKDAR, Wedtieala'. Angu?tM. TiRi'LA, Wadueaii iy, S?| t. 14. For paaiag* to WILLIAMS A OUION, t9 Broadway. National &team navigation c<?mi?\nt. TO QCKRK8TOWN AND LIVKRI'OOL. I LONDON B?t trdav, Augnatm KRIN ...., ..Patiird'xi- Atii;usl27. ) Cabin. *150: -t?ern?e, $5<t, psyab'i In currency I For paa iage apply to [ WILLIAMS A GUION, Broidr xy. RKOPENTNG OF TIJE N'CARAOCA ROUTE TO CAL1 FOR Vf 4. THE CENTRAL AMERICAN TRANSIT COM I' ANY. ON SATURDAY. ACOCST 27. AT NOON. will doauatch tbelr elegant new *tc?m*hlp GOLDEN RULE, from pier 29 North river, foot of Warren street, connecting on the Taolfio Ocean with the favoriM *t?aui*liip Mow* Tavlor. The accommodation* on the*o fine ve*?cl? are verr anpe rlor and especially adapted to the oouifort of fatnllioa mov ing to the Un 1 of gold. f or pasaage apply cnly at the oT.ce of the line. 177 Weat (Ireet, corner of Warren, to D. S. CARRINGTON, Agent. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOlt CALIFORNIA VI \ PANAMA. R'-ev'ar sni'lnc dova Sd. ISth and 21d of each month, etiept when tiiese dava fa'i on Su day, when the day Of de nurture wit be th - Monday following. The Brat cla*< ateam?hlp ^ NORTHERN I.TOHT, Charie* p. Seabury. Com man dec, will aail from pier No. 3 North river, TUKSDaT Angt'St 83, at 12 o'clock-M. The atnamahlp NORTH 8T*R will *ucceed the NORTH ERN LIGHT and 'all Septembers. For freight or paaia^e applv to D. B. ALLEN, No. 5 Bowling Green. F OR HAVANA VIA NASSAU. N. P. TUo British and North American Roya! Mall Steam Packet ComnJot'* new ktesmer _ CORSICA, CapUin Lo Mctanrier, will sail for the al)Ov? ports, from the 00111 paoy'i wkarr, at Jcr*ey City, on gAT0RDATi s<pt,mfc<,r 10, 4KD MoNJkAT, Octobcr 10. Pssss?e tnoney?to Nasv^t Pas?a^a 111 ?nej ta Havana WJ Psyablo !u .old or Its eiulvaient. No fretiibt received on the day before sailing. For freight or p.vaw^e awilt to li. CCNaRD, No. 4 Bawling Green. nciR BAT ANA DIRECT. p The ft*1 ' Y.OANOKE. Franr-ts A. ?rew. will H*** , W Mond.,,Augu. 1 ^FoA.ightorp.tst^P^'f ueinEKEN 1 JEQl'LAR LINE ' JV FOR HAVANA DIRECT. 1 The new and Crit claas Unlied sute* mail dtamtblp LIRKRTY. T' nmij W. Wi son Commander, ? W|!l *ai! for the above port on Wednesday, August 31, at 3 o'c; ook H. M.. fr.-:n pier 4.1 North rlrer. I 1 or freight or pataa,;.' arplv to j llAEOOl'S t 00 , South street ITOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. r 1 he new an l o!> sant I nlte 1 States mail fleamshlp LM'T.Y rt SOODER JimfuH. Winrb(?'sf?'r comma?<fer. will Iw* pier 13 Nprlh | r va- for X* w 0> >an* ?lir?ci on Wedne??Uy, Augumt 31. aft u'rlouk r. M, No fralfthl receir<*ci or bf lift of landing algited on th? day t f ?ailing. , . ?*or freicht or pfiwac' topi to LUD*4 AM. HElNEKEtV k CO. ? 115 Brond?rayv For nkw or; ?a5? diuect. to *ai "Saturday, a i: oust ?? 1*54. at :l O'CLOCK P. M., the United Stale* *' '? wheel s-ea-nsMn KVI NING STAR, W. R Be l Conimsn-ler, wl'l *?'! as above, from pier 46 North rlve"r, third pier abort Canal street. For freight or postage apply to * ^ V JAMBS A. RAYNOB. 10 Barclay ttreet 1/OR NKW ORLKANR DIRECT. r The United State* Vat; Sic* nahlp CRFOLE, .Toho Thorn psoa, Cooimandcr. will If va pier 13 No-'.li r.ver for New Oilm an* direct. r,a Wednofday, Aug. 24, atSi^tloek P M precise!? Nofre ght jy?reivc1 or bu * of l-idinc stun"! on the ilav of ailing ror fr^ht or ffEINBKP.N A CO., 1 15 Brofcdwar. fftltE CO M MERCI AI, BXPRERS COMPANY WILL 1 forward Small Freight, I'ackogt*. Money to New Or lean-. Iiy ihe "eemer EVENING STAR. ON SATURDAY, AUG! ;T .0 I. W VOKR4S. Aaent. Nothing received later than 12 o'clock on day of tailing. FOR LIVERPOOL? TAPTCOTt'S IMI. B'tlp GBATITVRB --all* Auk m ton t.O.N DON? X LINE. Ship H CDSON sai's Ant uat 21 For pas age to or from the old Country, or drafts at tht ??ible rst?*. applv to f ItKorilERS A CO. H6 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL ? THOMPSON s BLACK STAR Lino.? Th* A K K W Rf(J HT , ?t r,fr A, N rth rlvtr, poti tlvelv i-alia on Saturdav, Jcth iutl. For pa-sa^* apt-lv tl the rtllee. tJi street. KOH LIVERPOOL.? SHIP ASHBl RTOJl POSITIVELY sal's Monday, Arj;;i*t tl. tt 19 o cl< ?k, wl en *11 pa?- I ?en#er* mini he on i-o.ird Room for a f*w more. Se-Oid eabtn $25, cnrrency, ind fo'ind. A;>plv on botrd, pier 19 Fast river, or to I*. M. DEM A It kB I, 4n South *ire> I. j tj'Oll LIVBRPOOL AND LONDON -FOR LIYKBPOOL. ! r The BR1DOEWATRR >al I ISth AuKiiat: the J. H | RT"RSON y \ '3.1 Aiuuau For London - fa* W . 8. 81 BISON, : August For pa<?aa* apply to WIL LIAMt A aOION, 40 FuToa ttrtok l|ictvr|1 ??AMNi* ~ ~ IMPORTANT LRUTURKH DAJLT ? FOR GRNTLRMRN i 1 ooir, at the New York Museum of Anatomy, AH Broad , way. rartlea unable to attend these Lecturer can hara ' them forwarded on receipt of ten ceo la, by addiootlng Bwont. < fev OCR? lark Muteana of Aa*l*1T A 1*1 US EM BUTTS. WALLACE'S BBQIM8 AT & rfATTTBfUT. A0OU9T JO, ? KM ft t . T AND LAST NIOHT OF MB IIAl* HHTANT. F St M ? ??*? kero o' lli? eailueui comedian. MR 0 AN OfcTCHBLL. whitest-.* nniKMrad. Lxar'ft U(im ?( RORY O'MORB RORY O'M'IRK NR. DAW S ST A NT ( W th 'ft** song of "The I. ad a f liai Live n Ireland. ") 8' Mnrmg .Solomon Jr. Charles Fisher *< r*tn* Mr <i~o Holland Hi WaUkin Mr. W K. P oyd Colonel lie Looey ... .Mr. O. C arK? Shan 1>!i tl Mr 0*1/ Kail Iwn M as 1 01 m II rr to < W ith ihtt ti.-autllu! t>?i "The Ortin of l o? i."i M tt y MrA John Helton W lb the Laughable farue of the SI A M I . ^I? f WINS. n ? nle O'OMh t n..-,Mn T.rina *r. On Brml Sim >n blow ( Slauies- leius, ( Mr, Dau twiWUell MOUntY, MISS Ul ivn LOGAN will appear In tne new play of fcvaLKEN. NATURE DN7BILKD at mm NKW YOKE MUSEUM OF ANATOMr. tilrt BROADWAY. pAYMOLOUIOAL L WONDER* AT TH S NKW TORE MP8EUM OK ANATOMY, 618 BROADWAY. w ondeh or ?^kBsbrn o*ly JiV ANvr?iiT.nROvDWAr. BOSTON THBATRB- NOTIOB.-TIIB LaDIIS AND i ent emen en aged for th? ensuing season w U meet In lh^ green ro in on Thurn lay, August 25, al 12 o'clock, pre paratory to opening on Motility evening. Aiuust S9. HKNRY 0. JaBBETT, Lessee. r ANTKIi? A LF. \Dl NO JCVENILB LADT AND r First Old Womi'i both must he acknowledged art'sts; also a capable and ?Oldest Prompter Apply to HKNRYC. JARRHTT, Boston Tlieatie, SoMon. w Banjo taught-by a nf.w and scientific method, whloh enables the pupil to become a perfect performer In onn oonr?o of lessons. whether be Lai hail a prci lo n knowlege of the instrument or rot II. O. DOBS0N, 711 IJroadwav, between Astor place and Bl^htli street ENKRAL McCLBLLAN at seven PINKS, WIT1I It 100 scenes In the War. 1 uhiiLuiu Fine Aria, tiirt Broad war. O;. oil day and evening. lHISCKZiIiA.NKt??9. A BRILLIANT COMPLEXION. DR. BAVAROUX'S UNItlVALCED "FOUNTAIN OK YOUTH." The greatest cosmetic i vei yet discovered. Will glv* the h in the ioo?l beautiful appe ? ranee com e vah|o, positively eradlc^tis everv humor; i lie Lnmplctlon !*ec?me? in pun', whilo and brl Ilant a a nbantur; moib. fr?cklaa, r?diiei? nml pimples dliappour by ua? of It, In just one aopli -atlnii the dclijilii/in etrect will be poicel'fd; II peraleled Id. will clve a purity beyond human conniption ftl?a Krpnrb rpni dr. and w?ad by *11 th? lad'ea of court and Tbeatrn Rt. al . pat ronised by the Kmpreiu'. If un d emit nually It will n.reclu a ly piev. ni the formation of wrluUea. Yoiiih can ue pre* uprTAd by tie uk? of It. Warranted to prodnra all It li re commended to, and V> contain noih ug in urioua. Bold otny by 0A8WSLL, MACE A CO., under the Filth Avenue Hotel - BUG EN JCNOT. Agent for the United State*. Copyright ??cured. A RTIFICIAL HUMAN ET EH MADE TOOKDKR AND A inserted by Dr K. BAlTOH A P. OOUQRLMANN (formerly employed by Bolasonneau, of Parts), 699 Broad way. New York. Divorce.? havino made this a special itudy during many yearn' pr?ctl<-<i, the uoder?lgned holds private oon-.ultat.ons on the aubjcot, either personally or by letter. K. J. KINO, Oennaellor at Law, 3S5 Broadway. Marble mantels.? toe bkst place in the cltv to purchase cheap and well flnishnd Manilla la at A ELABEU'H Mantel Mauulaotory, HAi Kant Eigbtcent'a ?trcet. near Third avenue. Me w Torlfc Cut this out. MALBLK MANTBLft-A FINE KKLECTION OF "arble ManteU on hand, xeHIng cheaper thin nuy wher? elae at 8 KLABKR'8 marble yard i\? Fir*t u.enuc, bn( ffctrd street. New Tort. Call and examine. PAftTIES WI8UINO TO O^T RETURNS IK HOLD I for ?h:p "3nts of all kinds of produ e to the Island of Co ift. consl.innil to a H at rinsA houa^ th re, cau ?ilu< ?-? the a I 'ScrTher for lull Infurmatlon, giving uao^o and addresa, ,T. s , box 8,'iO'J I'oat oittce. v'TKAM F. NO I Mi-' AND BOILER WANTKD-OF W OH r?i horse power: locomotive boiler, wl'.h lart;e tluo?, all *n prime order, lor luimcd ate deuvery. Addie^a buglncer, box ' Post ii fTUR ASVOn. LIBRARY WILL BR CLOHEU FROM JL Pati rdfty. July 30, wo'il Monday. August 29. rpyi'K MBTAL AND OL1) LB AD WANTBO.? CASH .1 will bo psl I for a few hundred weight of Typo Metal and old Lead. Apply at the desk of this o.'.oe. "1*7 ANTED?TO PURCHASE, IN THE NEIMHBOR. VY hood of Newr York, a Drug Elore. ferini mua' be roaaonnMo. Add.'ubS Di ug dtore, 21 Nassau street, r.oui Nu. 8, New York. \\j anted-ahout two hundred rp.ET of lka Vv tlinr itrinmr, somewhat worn, pa. eight end ten In hea wide, and one Cross Cut Saw, with Frame. Addreaa, for one wenk, box 4,'sW fost o.'lice. WANTED- A COPPER STILL. WITH WORM. ALL In lomplete order; capsoity abou I l'?i gallons. Addreae, silting price auJ ooudltion, b~>x 2, l:lfi Po l o I re. 9 CENTS PER POUND FOR OLD LOOK1', NF.Wfi papers, ic. MANAHAN V MILLAR. Wholesale Taper Warebouae, 10 Spruce str?et,N, Y. en ntf\A pounds op old newspaveus, OU.'/'"/ Booic?, Pamph ets and ?11 ui,.d?of Pa e^' Ma<"r^'Siock wanted ixir wwk. for which I wil; par * i.alf a coni oa a pound more than t os? >vh < advertise the price, at the paper stock warebouao iJ Ann streoL TUOj. C. BENNETT. u SPECIAL NOTICES. ^LL PERSONS OB DELEGATIONS DMIROT8 OFAT t'nding the Ch'ca?o Convention are Informed thai they can obtain Bxemwion Tickets at reduced rat"s. fiom K. O. Scott. Secretary, Committee of Arian:;oinents of Moi'l"':an Central Committee, 124 Na sau stniei. from OA. M. to I. P. M\ FRANCIS J TUCKER. Chairman of Committee of Arrangements. E. O. Scott. Secretary. C^ORCOltAN'B IRISH LEGION.? THB OFFICERS AND J ei-ai'.icers of tke CorTnau irisb l.eglon tow In the city are requested to at JS'i'J Broodwav, to -da v. al crock. t? make arran .emcois lor the funeral of Major W 1 1, lam Butler, Hlxtv ninth regiment, who itled of wounds r- 'ved before Petersburg, and whose remains ,tre now In the Uov er or s Kooiu. l^nhinbkrs1 association OF THE PORT Of NKW VJ York|will hold a meeting at I'o'anlc Hall, 0^ Bast 1'ioadway, Saturday. August at nail pas', eight 1'. M. All enulnecrs are te .nested to 1 e pre ent b.k. Campbell, Seoreisit. TN CONFORMTTY WITIT AN ACT OP THE LROINLA 1 tnre of New \oik. < hapter 271, passed Aprii '.'2. l?i i. in relation to brewers' case~>. I have fi.e I to the office of tse Secretary of Hi\te, and in the olli-e of th.? ' lerk of Hie lOUhtv, tho followtng d i crptlon of tho . ran Is ami msr ts used^y ine on mv ca.iks, vi?:? Read Brothers, Tr> y ; or M. P. K sd, ?<ew York; or T. T. Ken.!, Now Yon. Bv the above named act any i>en.on who uslQ S n or d fa the brai ds or marks of brewers' casks Is lUbl - to t no and imixlson menu I* T Ri' AD, Ni.w York, Jul , ISM. 2(H East Fo ivteentli St., S. Y. N'P.W T'VRK TYP(ViRAPni''AL t'NION NO. 8 ?An adjnurr.fd meeting of the Union will be held al 7l< o'eloekthli iSstii'rtai i eiening, Auguit 10, l?<;i at Tsru many Hall. All printers are Invlle'i 'o atleri ' and leoome members. The uecessar* lacil ties w. I be utTorded. K. A llO:. Mrs. President W B. C0P0ilf'*0jf. Recording Secrcl.ry. JJ1TT.0 TRADE SOI'IE rr 'OlTBNK' MRN 8 ?L _ uiak'-ra. A epocial meeting of ih ? ?o. tety will bo he d at tho 1 ourteeatb Wnrd Hotel on satin d*' ermJiiifc * igust 20. Ever' inenbrr Is earn stlv te .e>fi<-l to at end, as bi Inese of iuip .rlanoe will com' before them. Ik ?.<u Co*, becrutary. P.J. POW.iBB, Pre-ldenU 1 "IV^UHINOTON medallion pen -an "adv kT yy tine vent a?ptarxl In the spoeiai ooi res of the New Yerk Herald of Angu-t +. emsnralnj f-o i theeoca el Washington Medal ion "on Coml any wt , -h le r*!cu;ii'..-d to d? eive I'ealera and the rumlio. As It hss evar bei>n and is u ir flesh e to protect the public from ilece't, we state thst the so ityM W?*.i naion .Medallion Pea C.nriiany ka e noi made a pen of env >!e? Hp Hon since 18ii0. The ;.?n w .ks "f ?ai 1 ? om' any. a/tfr ;yin^ Idls for ill teen months vv<>?. w ih a:' original diae, tools and machinery, iixiuis'tr 'or making said oenv?oltl to nson Msr^h ' I l^d.'. Since that ilr.e the said pi ns have been mftnufactitred by oursi 've* end hv no one else. We lejieat o ir ca illon '?> purclihsers that the on y genuine Washing ou Medallion Pen Is thai iwrlbed "'liar, rlson ? Rradforo's WasMn^ton V. dai.i n Pen ' The so called Washington Mei'alllon Pen Company nhi ilne4 o -t pane aOidavit?, an in nnction reetralnlng na I mm n sking and vend ng esld pens, whli h Injuncilou was on o u ai.p i ''Al Ion. and sri?r hra'ing both s( le^ i r-?h?d liy bn ilooo.' i? Q. Barnard, as rep< r?"a In the ''eraNI of August 2 Harrison a niut?> ohd. Steel Pen M ml aclu > r?. 1 J6 Wf st Thirty s<-v?rith s'.i ?- 1 s * * York. TR/VV ELLER8' OTIOR. Hudson bivbi: j'AiLituAD.-TRAist for au tany, froy, thi NoitU an<t West, lea.e Ohambsre siriset stf am! 10 A. M. and I. and 1 ? to P. M and on d'tsjays ftAt :2^P. M., Iroui riurtietb street. \7Bw vd tK am i, api. km Ram. road. ? \ Trains for A I Troy en-l Baratoi i ftpi n en connecting with th Norlk and West, leave T?reoly-s xth ?tiesi depo* at | i' j A- M. ?nd 4 I' M. special notior * Passengers for S.< oga Spr igs by taking the ? 15 A M. da; y and < u -at idkvs ?'? ? P M. 'rain go thmn}h to tsratoga without change ol ^re. OPPOSITION BOAT P' ik NhWBCHO AND FOt OH V ) keepsie. Pare .'5 cents ? Ti e new sod fast steamer Thorn is ' 'n., vef eaves Jav S'"-et Pier eeury alter noon at n o. k. suiting at ilra-sy |'o ot re. . ens'. Cold h il..*, Cornwal.. New Hao ?><i'-g, Marluorongh and >1 lton. l et n ng.eei-s Po ii bkeep at 6 A M N'whurj; 7 O'. ntk; I'orn wHll 7 Hi, Cud .???#! ?g. 7 23. ? o. . < as , 7 40. Orawy Point, .1 9">; arriving at .New rort at 10-30. KXCVIiSlOVI, 1 ? FAYORITE NI V* WAR .K FOR KXCFR -"IONS.? the Harvest llmne, and oiheia. . it h stes.nboat* suc'i as di ?!ri'd. Al- o 5'lessai.t Vale., St. Ronsns Well, end other grcves to let. Kt.'urslon oaico, -8i >\ est -licet r >rnev of Barrow. ? 11 B. OitussKiT. L-ISHEBMTvB ON DRl'K.-TBB LAHUK SEA BTP A M? " er \ I RI?1N I A BE V MOI' R, w 'il teakc an e*f'Urs?oe to the Cholera Han<* on Sunday. August Jl, lesvtng I'.-ek slip at and pier I, Norih river at 7 A. M. Ha t. Lines and Refreshments on hoard. Tickets %% Captain Haw 0? en wood. pilot- K IHOMA3._ StNDAY RXCCRBIOitS TO GLEN COY*. NKW RO i helle, City Island, Pert Schuyler ?n i Co' lege The steamer PORT HOY AL will rave jereoy C ty. MorrW 1 stieet wharf, at 7 'Wi, Peck -1m at S. Bneme streel i el S I#. E i;hih street at 8:1?, Twenty -fifth street at #;44. Returning, leave Olen Cove at S o'clock. CJUNDAT BOAT FOB KEY PORT. LANDING AT p Union. Bo??vllle. Toltenville and .""(JfM' I IteamerD. R. MARTIN leaves pier N North wver at A M., Ke. port at S>% P. M. > - _ _ ABtnteirn. Wintbb qabdrn. . A CONrtKBVATOBY or ART, U?i?Ud to the [ir-nUicUeu of TEAUBDY IVD la the in Ml parfert form, and aapactel^ie'lie^iRaraaf AN AMEKICaNDRAMa la now ?i?a. L ndur lb* management of Br, W. SfCART 8'a?e Manager Mr J ?* Heat? Tlil? eatabU> hmrni lie-. durln? tl.-< paat two, d?rgoue a <-ouu<? t? reti-vaea an<l repair, linear t un d'reet Hon ot ir|.|.,. i,a , 'rl a<i'l Pom arthile-ta oft'-laeUr. I'm- nou ? haa tn-e-i re^aln'e-1 and the exterior lot> v aMI In'erior tardea have la-en new ? 'l?ooraie<l h? Mr, J. R. Mi hr, and tba (>ro"Mnlmii br^nllf!?d h metnrea I hiei-al've ot anonaa la iboplayi of Sharpen, from de?gne of tk?> ex'iiit*i:e artiat, Mr. lohn Le'arua The theeir*i baa h#*s ai'tioly ra??Hta.1. newly earpeted in! ina'"d. ne? ehair* pl?. r<| in the o^hfifi. ti mr iip w.i - m mim la uv? ?i v e. modea of h?etinganl r*n(llaMnn ?n'l no iw-a or p i>4itura ?i a red to render tha hunae perfect In oomfort ui lie mVHul lii mi lira. T',uU ureeka Tin batft-voia'to comedy, and Ha tttuart li a- platan re In ar.mmnelng liat Mr JOHN H Ol.tKlfB, pronounced h? tlia imw ni'tWawM eritlca aa our gmataal ooialc artlat will api eer iiikIuIv In a ear i,?*t of h i virn*^ oua cbH.aclora, In favorite old pla>? and uiany tew oouablatiMC CAPITAL COVRniR*. INTERESTING DRAMA* and laughable far"*h. THIBi'SATDRInf , KV K.VI Ni*. AIIUt'ltT M. tha deora will open at 7)4 and parlhrmanoa mmwiMl ll tfoVo.-*, with Mr. bterllng Coyne a cliariniug co'ucdy, M three acta, eulnMJ EVERYBODY'S FRIEND. with the following dla.rlbntion of char* U:r* ? Major l)e Hoota Mr. J 8. 'T AR** (pebi 'Ok Mr. A. H. DAVKNI'OBf pcatlierly Mr. 0 W A LOOT, Jr. Kir it arpe tr.mee In twelve month*. ? Mrs Kea'ficrly Mra F S CHANKBAf M>a. ftwaadown Mra. S KDLS V BRo WM Her Ilist anpetranaa at tbia tliaatre. ? __ V'-. r>? Hoot'T..... ...Mia* MART OAJUI Her first appt-a >m? hrra. After whioh llurltHtona'a Fare* of ?>? ROUQII 01 AMOS IJ, tntrodactna Mr. J. 8. CLARK K aa CO If 81 If JOB. Mra. 8R0LEY Blt<j'w? aa MARORRT. j^IBLO'8 OAHOEW.-UOMMBaOBS H TO 8. L??ai)e>nd Manager WM. WHRATLBV. TUB OOOLRHT TjiTTATRB IN T^. OITY. T8R 1LLUMINATKI* HAItOKN Oi'EN RVEBV KVKNINO. 8ATUR0AT tO, 1881. SIXTH WKt-.K oftliehlfbtr _ _ AMD TRIUMPflAKT RMOAOEM8!!* of tba dlatlnKuitiied art'xt, VltHH LUOILLR WRKTKPN. AND TWKLFTH NiOhT OF IIITi M08T l'Ul'ULAR Dil VMA OF TUB t?AV, au tilled EAST LYRNE; OR, THF RLOPEMKNT, wUloh has bean r^crl.i^l In tli? niott FLATTKRINii MANNER BY DBNHfSI.Y ? ROWDKO HOUaBSL Mi:<H WKSVEKN In bar unrlra'led nnrtralturea ?t _ . I.AOf ?.Sa:iEL ANM) MADAME VINB^ A4 plared bv Ii?t V OVBB NIVE HCfNDRRD NIOHT* TUBOfOMOI'T TIIK UN IT EO 8T ATK*. Maaara. J. <? Burnett. J. W. Collier, .1. V Ml; -in. S. W, Blaladell, J. Setm iir, li. R Holm.j, Mis.-ra Mary Wall* Buf-rre't, Kl?hf r, .to., Ac , n> thf '*at. liunmi tlx: nf?uiii?, liopHar mn?io o- tba Orcliaatrfc oncer tha direction of Harvey B. Do<l *ortu. BEAT8 8RCUKRD 8lT DAY3 AOVANOB. NEW BOWERY THEATRE. -? . . Sola Proprietor Br J.VF. I.logara Batur lV erenlng, Auan?ti>, 1304. Oil AN J) BBOPBN1NO Of thli favorite Te>npl? ol' tho Drama. Notick.? Tii* ni inauer lexpo. tfull.v In forma nil pairoaa that dnrlng tb- abort vacation oiany won.Vrf'H Impro^* raenta have be? n made In the auditorium, which will be found th? 111 '?4 nomfortshle io IIir city, ThucompMi# h?M b ??en tai#ctAd with thf? tmMul car# an t ail*nilon. *Bl nothniK lei t Minion* lo render (hit (he !ines( meloartiM*? theatre In tha ^^R,0?8 A9 UBUXtl. The ent.rUlnme^;w^jTmr npc.w,th ,n. Mr. J. B. Howe, JUa. W. O ,Ion*a, O^orge Rroakea, * Marden> Mr. O l.ln?kri. Mra. PhltUpe. Ml?? KitUa Fytra. 1 ' A OLA NOR AT NEW YOKK. Mr. O. W. Thotnpaon. Mia* Kittle KyiTeeb VOI) NO AMERICA. Mr. O. Brookea, Mr (J a aford, Mr.. Bonlfara Hr? Broefca^ FOX1* OLD BOV/ERt T!IK VTKE. Lea:ce, l?lri?<-i,?r and Manauer O. U raak BATUBUAY KVKNINO, AUOOmT *>. New Dra^a, firat time In the city. TH* FISHERMAN OF LISBON. J. B. Pftidl^y. Harry Ohaprafta. C. Ntohola, Mlaa ?. Denvll, Mra. II. rhapman. ? .. Zntatwjtb dance) VI, a. MartlnaM*. Imnienne'r auccnaaful Tarce or TIIK UNLUOKY OOUSK, Baralrot with unbounded a' pinnae. 0. L T'o* and O. K. Fox In the oontlc partt. Mra I. Flood and Mra H. WlUloi. Overture by the OriiKBtra. To oo?cliid? w th L>r. J. Jonia' drama of THE CARPENTER Ol' ROUEN. J. B. St'i'llev, J VI o.1, 0. K. Kox. C Nlchola 9. mm Clotl'ey Ml?a R. Denvit Mra II. Chn| nmn, With ful' ilraiiiatln and fareo nompanv, IN THE Ai.OVB PIECK3 THIS ES ENINg. ARNUM ^ AMV.RICAN MU3B0M. OOOLSHT PLAOB OF AML'SRMKNT IN THB Ot**. tTNPAR ALT ELi'!l> BLTCEP9. 0 YBBFLO W 1J! O IIOI'8K8? DAI-IOHTBB A I DlENOhd. BRILLIANT RA\ EI. PAN TOMIMK. AFIESNOON AT 3: l-.V: NINO AT J\ U'CLOOB. TIIK MYSTIC CaVK; O.i, THE ENCHANTED HORN. Ton? Denier Clown: Mr 0. K E< I, Mr O. Oar??i^f?, Hon*. Oroaal, Mi ?. Louiae and Mile. Kritaatine at paaai Mr. D. L. MORRIS, Gertaan C median. In hla cell beaMi Htiimp Hiifr :'h. EXHIBITION BVKKV MORNINO AT II O'CLOCK lo the l^otura Mm, without additional eliarae. I NAOOLSlCl'8 WONDEHF0L CABXNBT, eoula uln;: i**) plet-c* of f'lrultui-e Tin ORWD OROHE9TRION, will p'a? at abort Inttirrala. day aid evaniag. with a* (*? olTeci of a FULL OnOHfATRA OF 20 1N8TRUMRNTB. THK NEW VI NT! LATOB DRIVES li Y HlhAH Introduces mi,00I? feat "t cool ali per ii. in t? MARVKELOUS LIViNi) AFRICAN MUD FI8B, BRBUOKT HERB IN DRV SOLID CLAY DWARFS. ALBINOS AND A MILLION OT11HB OB KIOblTIRH. Adinla^lon 2r< conta; children Under tan it aeala. B 4A I -AMERICAN THEAritB, it, BROADWAY. GRAND OPRMNO WBEK ?RST MATIN K* AS" FIRST MATINBB Wki r matinee n?.ir maiimU OF THB SEASON. THIS SATURDAY) AFTERNOON, Co.nmeoctiig at 2K o'clock preoli ly. Pit OU RAM ME OK RARR BXCRLLBNCB. THR (1BKAT COMBINATION TRO'JPB. v .The cr.ind liarr'julu, trick, comic a a J fairy Z'ae entitle OLD GRANNY (AuMPYs Or. TP' F ? t tr v <>.? I IK O ? ?*tN Win it Pn*?r With ne.r Hi-_i.erv. In;rleatn Maohlnerf. Tiibiraun, and itar'.iirg Mc-liannal Bilm-'a Old Cranny Craninv a'terwar l? Clown '*?. 8. Mafltf Old Ko-ty, ?Ht? P n'aloon W. II lUrtlioloifla# Kduinnd. aCtarw r '? II if'"- ,nln Ml a A La I*0l?S Mary, alio' .rarila >'o iimMat . . Mlaa Millie I'M* Tinker Jaa Wamhold I Miller w . a Bart# n>-, r sVoman Kl. Murrav I iiodmao Bill* Rmtraog Fanner . J. T B?vi I i aaaant . Johnny Plerai . Fairy or the iloldeo W --at 9"*>: Mlaa LUaie (tcbulta* r,, e'-ud .Bl?a ItiUa MelrllM I'eea vlna . ,Mia? Emma Skell | Tuilp. ... .Mlsa Emma Roaa Aril Mr* Mary Hlakr j ^tarllfht. Mlra Ida Foaf Fnivla...., ..Mlaa L. I"1* I'oln- I Da-/lebr ?ht Nt?a F.WelB Ll! Miaa Ll/ne Wbelnle? | Snowdrop Mlaa J. LorratM TONY PASTOR, the ereiteat eomlc v?x*li?t in t'ie world. C. rtHUB. NELSB srVMoUBJa^ W AM BOLD J, T. BO. ER, J. PIRKCB, W. B ME MOB. W. HURKii, KD MI RRAT. the world renowned iiauro conedlana. TH/i M A< iN IFICBNT BALLET TRO0PB, OTIIt It PRO MINK NT ARTISTS. All will api in a (rand and varied profiamnieL Rat' amaJl of the dav. VICTORIA REGIA. TUB ijRHAf NAIAD Ql'ERN OF THB WATBI OPKN ON BXHIBItToN dnlly. from MAM. till a inset, In tlie ataa* houta next !? thft weat corner of Plfty-n oth lie tl and Klfbtb a?aa<H> near Can ral Pai k. ^ Admlaa oo .a One Dollar Kea^O'i ti.'ltets Five Dol are 1. CI ebiMi Ira eller. Rii' <-tt P ?.0inb?ir*h who broju^JiJ the lirat iJan' of 'h'? glKant r tv Ply to H rope, uro J by t t!ie iTr eat axcueinint. aa 1 ??a knlthte I b7 'vueea Virlcr a. although 'na eijie' t i ent ? to hrng ft tof'ill hln-?<n? f?, ad. K rial eke. the e>ln > tor here, I.aa. afier eigkt mo m*' cat a, auocea<led In rahlng t:.e V atorla Kegla la i wonderful Powrr of de Ido'ia a^ent. The Have have ? cli?'im'' -a-: a' cL'hUen ree*. The aire "f the glaaa botiM la '?i t t ie ha"rtn 18sM feet an l cuntuna tw i ylant^ ore of w.ilfh la In Tu'l "?ivrr Mr. H. M irlln will a>p *!? to viaito-i the h!?tan an I tha niiBr.cer >f thla rare plaak Firs' opening oa bATURDAY, A'.gual 2IX CIAMPBF.T.L'S VlNSrRKLS. J K o*. I ipiii j)i Bo'?er?, nppoa'*e Spring at- a^t, IIOHTH rtl'tk AND OoNTINUBD TEIUBPB or THK MAZIER 1IAND (iK a if K ?uMLD. THE HB4TE0 TE'lM H Art No EFFECT ON TOT* ESTABLISHMENT. CROWDED NI'IHTLY IN EVERT PABT. BVKRY ACT BNCOHKD. TUK FOUR DROMIO?, BL'DWORTH, DAVIS. WHITINU AND CLIFPOR?. THR URKAT IN rKrir;, LESLIE, C \ MI* HELL, GOULD SOOfT AND ItODOKiB& Ti"kf ta U renta io tl! ; aru if the nouae. At t'OO" . MINSrRKLR, Al? H ROADWAY. \\ <?i . ? ?,.e M. Nlchalaa llofl? Uanrr Wood Propr etafi TP '. HI ST t bNill.ATKD BAiiL IN THR CITY. Boa<U< . A;u 'ai li. jii>1 e ery evnlng ilur iu t .a weaA, l.ili MILLER AND HIS MEN. __ THE BH'NI'EBING SERVANT, Hit CONSCRIPT* LOONRY MAPOLBON, I ' - KaC?.V? SONoH *r*NCKS PI ANTATIOV Ci''VM AO., BY THE hiaR TRUCPE OF IHK WOULD. Doara Op-n at 7; commenoe gocook. T okat* rea^ BJKLODtON. 5?3 B.IOADWAV-5-SI JVl aDMI8?IUN FRBE? ADMISSION Tha M i IP tu'ur ivaoe af Am i??inent in t*e nertc Cto*v iad n'i.1'11 ' 'oaee thii?i?laiy ?? .* ?m \ n'.lai-d tvfth ON ? KgypilAfl Fana, Brand Ot ? a' ?e ?tiHiaat Co-.-i PantoialnM 1 e M ? p, a id Hla Ma ? 1 10 P' sti.l Band ot i^anila. Ban o '-'o'i; C H ? "?rn. Hoi, ? .ir i t'.i-i ? PU -non t9*".? ? Wmn'rd n-'i ^ ? r fr^a . nentt. tn p VIKVlMlaN, Loaatt and Director O' iRlBNI ?'? ,fl ll' " v!''\ _, ' li, ?> > ?? . re Rtee-ker atreal twenty r i. CIIABMINO lad* waitkrs. In fancf oai n? aeven of wli. ai era arrayed aa M B ? ei'. (?-'*iit ? a 'iin la a ? 1 t he ' h> aI'iifs of rna coi'Br Intbere-xuof i'har'?a ihe second. Mtra-.^era vleltlog IM c ly W'lolil do w?ll to n ve thla mn^nl'lcent eatabllahment ? ??' . (? r *?' 'red It la i'ii ? of the lahia of tne meirnp"IW| the aura1 i.ona a a n anlfoM Hie aoa e of ehargea tnoderataa ? n-l ili bil' of faia unaurpaseabie, and with all tbe*e graM iD'i icaiu n'a JH> CHARGE IS BADB FOR ADMISSION FRANK Hl'RNB t^BO. C. CHARLES. T11F. CELEBRaIRD IBIS? Y coma-Man having conelude'l a moat au--ceaaful an?aa? ment at Gravei a u eatre Waahlngi a, will open at in* Norfolk Opera llouaa A'14 T> for two weak* MaaageiJ wlahlna to arrange with Mr Oharlea lor algbta will addraM. Jainea Conner A Co., ift Weat Houston atvaaA. ___ Wanted- a good oomic s:*hbb stbady ** JV ploy man t to one thai win, lull Apply al M Ml ItWMB r

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