Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1864 Page 1
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? ? ji m w 'n i ' } / ; Ml' ' " ? i >' i i * ? H'.l ? ,r& ir ? ? , s %. THE NEW YORK HERALl). ~ 7 ' ~~~ ? - " ? ? - __ WHOLE NO. 10,200. NEW YOBK, SUNDAY, AUGUST 21. 1861 PRICE FIVE CENTS. GROT. Object of the Operations on the North 8ide of James River. Tke Weldon Railroad Occu pied by Our Forces. Mel Treepi 0rAer?4 to tke Vallej Kctaised Near RictaMd* VIM Fifth Corps in ? Heavy right on Friday. NAMES OF SOME OF THE WOUNDED, Jte., *?., As. Oar SpttUl Washington Despatch. ?WA9ni2l>.tO!t, August 20, 1864. Om of ihe objects of the roceol movement on the north ?Ma of the James river *u I* draw the rebel forces away from Poteraburg, so as to uncover the Weldon Rail road, which was entirely successful, aod on Thursday Uw Fifth corps moved out and firmly established itself aa that road, from which it can not now be displaced, this reduces the rebels to the Danville road to supply Mr army and Richmoud. Another Object was to preveot the detaching of a larger tan* to operate lo tho Shenandoah valley and against Maryland and Pennsylvania. This was also successful? me division, at least, of Loncstreet's corps having been i, although previously under orders to reinforce Ike movement is regarded as a highly successful one, ?at aa having accomplished all that was dosigaed, Th< Pr?M Ocipatchai. Army or tbi Potomac, \ August 18? Evening, j This morning, at four o'clock, the Filth corps started ?a an expedition to oot the Weldon Railroad at Ram's ?tatioa, taking fear days rations with them. This corps was withdrawn from the ie(t front some . *VS ago, and have been in reserve ever aiuoe. reached the railroad about seven o'clock, and the l division, being in the advance, bad a skirmish with . force of the enemy, stationed there to protect the road, kay (ell back rapidly, however, and the loss on either Me was light. After placing the troope la line to meet any attack i mlght be made, the work of tearing up the track I commenced and prosecuted with vigor for several But ahoot aeon they were interrupted in their by the appearance of the enemy, who were a<l vanc lag along the railroad frcm Petersburg In line or battle. They peeved to be General Hill's corps, which had been lytog in reserve for the last few days, and were ad wanted at a doable quick as soon aa they became aware afaar intention and movement. The second division, General Ayres commsnding. held ths advanoe on the 'railroad; the Third and Fourth divisions supporting on the right, while the First division ma* placed to cover the left, and pre veal hay surprise area that direction Tke attack on the Seooad dtvMloa was very deter ?aland; but our men met It gallantly, driving the nebeis kaaa In hand seme style, with heavy loos. after repeated attempts to foree our line the rebels r, after about two hours' hard fighting, gave up the , and fell back some distance, koeping up a (ire all Che afternoon froas their batteries and skirmishers. The Firteeoth New York heavy artillery particularly flMtaguished itself in this engagement. Colonel Weid rteh, its commander, was severely wounded across the Ike movement was a complete surprise to the enemy, h* rebel pickets in the vieiulty being so astonished that key bad barely time to escape. i few prieonera were taken, eeveral of whom are sd. ? The track Is torn up for over a mile. ?ar troops still held the position at dark. Hi night and to morrow thev will completely destroy Ike ties a jd rails of'tbo road, unless tho rebels shall visit the neighborhood in too strong numbers. fkeleaa on our side is sbont three hundred, among wheat are the following named officers ? lieutenant Colonel Pierson, thirty-ninth Massachusetts, hadly wounded. Captain Thomas H. Walk ids, Company B, Purneli Le ftea, scalp wound. Lieutenant Coombs, Pnrnell Legion, in the shoulder g lieutenant 11. H. Uaibioatauuey, Fifth New York, weaaded. Lieutenant Fay, Eifcbth Massachusetts, badly In the aMe. lieutenant W. T. Spear, Thirty-ninth Maesarhusetts, totally wounded. lieutenant Henry Ibemae Fisher, First Maasachusetta, m Ike hand. Lieutenant Ed. Williams, First Massacbiuetia, in the IkWI. Lieutenant W. G. Braahears, First Massachusetts, la the thigh. lieutenant A. T). Reynolds, First Massachusetts, killed, lieutenant Hobari putsch Fifteenth New York, in the kreaat. IJeetenaat 0. Schirotnel, Fifteenth New York, In the Lieutenant Charles G. Eiosey, Fifteenth New York, In the leg. taptaln Louts Msbeiien. Fifteenth New York, |n the arm Captain Charles lie dyne. Fifteenth New York, In the arm. Lieutenant Robert Miller, Fifteenth New York, badly, m the bead * ^ ...??? .f ACGtST 10? ? A. M. Everything a qmei this motaing. Kerne firing war heard dortng the night in the it ire. ties ?Tlka Filth corps. THE Firm C0BW. Mr. 1?. A. Hendriifc'a Drupatch, ItkAnqrARTIM, Firm Akmt Cob-*, ^ Bisons ritriMsncto, August 19, 1S04. j "now wa soon eoi tmnm at ???*" m kat becoming a tWe typism in the army, tt '? true ear poor soldiers do suiirr, sad there is noble heroism in ?Mr patient enduraoos of ail the pains. privations and peeelth* incidental to the soldier's life. These hemes of Ibe treuches, or the skirmish line, of the battle e front, aeaerve all that oau be sa?d of them. But the remark I heve quoted dose not mine from these. O (Brers lo boots ?f shiny glossiness, with pants stri|>ed with golden eetored laoe and paper collars of Immaculate whitenent are the mterers. let It not be understood ss an esrnoet, explaining utterance. Not so. It is a puegeat bit of aeiiex us sarcaam, and aothing more. There Is a variety ?of circumstances under which It is ottered Prop tn at asm headquarters, and there comes an invitation to jola la aa lead ooMer, than which noee better are ooaoocted ad the Matson Doree ; or lager beer on draught, ss froth Mgly cool and tempting aa can be obtatued from any tsalsnie temple te Meaabrwoe tn the Bnw?ry ; or bottled ale with the pure Calednnias stamp upon it , or elaret of ?vara Gallia vintage, or mil It punch whose iaoteal lagre Iteat IS genuinely bovtne) or, ir we are aot (astld one. glaia dlatillstloa of the jontp^r berry, or plainer nourhon, sr plainest oommiesaryj and with the lavltalloa cornea the uttereaee? "How we poor eotdtera sutler " A box of stagnntee M pared, aad again these significantly out spoken w?rda? "H?a we poor eoldter* suffer." Heated at diaaer, wboee opening ooorae le soup, and pie, podding aad watermelon the triple dessert, and, aa from the I of habit, iron DP to Hp oaseee the emcbatia aad ??varying declaration?* ? 'How we poar soldier* softer. '? < a)i to pay your retards to an officer, and, as yon Bad blm supinely stretched oo itta out, under it caoopy of mosquito Dotting, reading or idly the hour* ?way , and ibte opening salutation greota you? "Uow wo poor aoldiora auffor." And ao at card parties, ao at fes tive (atberiDfi, whoa mnale aid asatiment and song give their contributions t? the convivial circle, so at con 22i' lwSiS^*Tllk0,piul,Vr' w*he*r cant word*?- Uow wo poor aoidlera suffer. ? I W. ... . MaaiXJDA K'i KKn. Of oar mm dhJlSlI f60** P^lm'Mry to a description ?JSmXj commissary and quarter. ? headquarters. Herein is material for a chapter ann^n r*y J"1'0'1 in these dull days, not of piping fn^T be nave' ?"tk! B"".er '* ,u*l,vHy. ??? ftoreji. uSi to frn <MlU,r w#l M ,f "to ueioldod nwimfc'Liif 5?'? 1 aipect *?" llstmenu? ??0- ??wj?-?ho promotion of en Am nM VI. ?l * COIU* ??-*nyD4*riHS. hato dM! ?!! liSi*0 V* hft,,oorP* headquarters. Hav. 1^* to.g'Te "rfurBsation tbainiuhi bs turned to on ua t?ha???TJ? \n**r ^d,^xm*b'r Jwxi lo the turning iy StlraCS:1 ^fr n frt>w *'?'?* 'he exact locali mn.t i. . u 18 ?vidsnt th?t its proprietor most hav o been a nan ot taste as well as ?mIUi th? colossal dimension* of Uie mansion show it and so tha eotutaa] porticoes, spacious halls, lofty celliucs the cost] * with a dozen variety I roc*, from the uand son liuahud miuosa and criw r hous^ EE2?; i,nU, "u rst ?ard??' redolent of v, '~"8:,D<1 ouwhrs; and so tt?.? long Hoes of interlacing b^S bTi few* "Utbulldiugs, a score and more m uumoer. nut inaiolwii of iiie sua <wv mv ta filled" with b2iWi?* Tb0 wid* ?P'?ding??U^ but ? t*u,s> ,tKl ,,lU 116,1 ?t random, fill ?? '.. arranged; aud wtsre the trees fall to (jive abundant shsdo booths are ?reeled oft ho Sr"e^sVfi",adtd 10 tUe ?ouml Pictures,, uonew i> i, "? Breskfa tat nine A. M and dinner at five ir^t isnU^^Ve ?'?? %? ?2 varied Out -no'i y . V ?'k ,,otolfl mora lr. i t r "?iter or more (?uiutauthi me tlx rh? ^n.k'icbe?8 *,ud txl>lnsiv? A replaces, wd spiu^nd 'sa .ee sifssss evorythbig IhJ iST1"" ? "JC. A,W,"<Jlaor ' hicinri,.?i ' ' 9 othonal elevation of the It hot be considered that " ? "'H'?ctory. L., i ?nt Adjutant General, is uever'Tdls.' and^i'ciDi^Mftr^f '* tt%:a . wmitbf torp.H l4<iiuj2iiHsarv who h? ih? L*v wor^D?n5*B*1?,iS ,nfr? "ln? "futl "u important pictorial Utrih' "d LiSi r<^'r' ^'",t Marshal, and SiTapt. Idle for that rn^iur i ' ?? inactivii v I^u li 11 ' ompuUnrv. but ci>m'or?abie. XZr ?SS ...V1?'* that W?mwrifht, Chief II WOBId m.t'a* AV HRlfi-i0* rtStUVlUtrritRf. rf.e . m*k? u,7 1'twr too iosg 'to lift . detailed dsseriptionof the diflereat divisn n and i,?uri > SSS^SKLS. suti oeai oi ?xlra eni&ymsut. Um uu <?<.?>, >rt.. ?._k. ' IMPH. two lamhc nnS, ? . ' li comprise eight i i roii iV.. "roci-ss .n' meat*! culture- I ^iSPsassasj m^smsmd Oenoral av res and tiounral Cruwford's Uendu inrt'eiw Tents, overshadowed j,r p|nQ ?UI, walks covered by boughs o( the sanw material ?rs'tneir leading aud indii>peiigahie fs?turi.?. (ieueral Crawfo ti 's personal tsat and sitrroiui-lings ~bnw uni rocede <trd ?ta feoratirm or threat t,sie. .Jar er-i" STrTurltuc r>?h?r <. f-^".UP "8 It'll not behind the 0t06r OlVlSluU COniQ)1l)l]() - ui tliWIIituhtV S;^rtUOt,UUcl1 bfi'^ 'n^bs scors of^oBiort ?'nd hospiuiu^*! ^ *DJ tiL':>jrous I1V1"U "J dbpsBshig oki?.\*juic* Ajrn frui?:^ri\n BF4i>orri?a*??ai ca'ans'of ?,r*Opl? hea11sarters ars the rt?.r. _ j. ordnance sd<I sub-nstencs ojli-ers of the dltrireirt dlvisious For archtsctursl dlsphy <or roman lie, artistic rei>r?:?ont^tl''ti, no ciuni 1 have vet se?n can bec"DM(1ered an anpma. i,jn,- iheia. TUey are lo ated anid a forest or.tall, m.>?c wr'e< ^ < arpct of bo ehs wlr^T f tM ? r ,me i,":r>?x rtiroituw; fcctu as wicker cbAirs ami pat 4?. p|?cvM <it ronveriiont rti? lances ,mt liberally introdm-ed. invito lo ^1 wTrloJ, eb. !? ,e0,s n,e ?t a right ancle and WW, their tides grar ofully l?,o?t to allow a frsl clrcnli'. f b, ' t)r,'Mnt inicrnal fixture' of various devio.s ai looklog to the com: ,rt o: the.- oe.- ,p .nu We?i?v rucg-sts m-ny of curious c nrtrnctlon, which. Jb"ilh not ?s ilueiy fioWiht'd a? art.i le? proem able at fumitiiip rooms, are nerortiiele s fully as wen admi/xi to the purport* to which th?v are n.^jfed Ijwh ifus Ins iDd'f ipmMhls moi mito net rarer^y l-s'^Ll oie? ? WbLM ? '^astn.f. dmplavs al mited icme';,;, M h,r ao4 ,hc ,h0' rcmai? of tm at:al rr^idSDi e o an F. K. V rroutlnir oa-h tent.., an arch denotes the entrance way to thn shade* of -tltm most cnaiiortahlc bOTer.snd t > the *ocietv ttiln^ tho p.aeo Por'l?. The stim i'mts jre nalthnr s.-Kiity n,.r nupaisuMs. ??CvronM*?ary, > aecotopinfed s'nt,: ^ A?tUni?htt,h''im tfi "1V>url*""." i* ?U?d mint At Dlcbt CblLo&e'iiDKvox eh.'U their so t and ?.n cha-.tlng iifitit upon the ^atherletr winch re call bJUHtui recollect i?n ; 0r . da -ecSsi m aw^h^k ?? m?M? d*J ' "f puuc lj?re J'"' ""d a true appllol" t onot the rxprMut ti. ??f'ow we f?or idlers nlffitr" althouch nono are m- re ready or Hie a great r du;izbt In rwitoidii tg to ail cans Mr the performance o: duiv n ? jf un?. tt,af' ,>r ?lwiS*rous. fantahs Bucblln, /dair, W eir, Kinley, Va?on st.d Tteinbjv ttiu lihnraily dispensing hosts, are ca li a bom In themselves. 'IVABiRnviST R*' nE.vhgcanrrk". epaclois r,Arais aid shaded lawns r ix al t hope <t oorps l.eadonsrti,r?. Is the nuar'er. misters headquarters ihe yard is iill.<i with their tents, ami there is a most wonderful a ! tast.-fn intro duct ton o arbor*' to tna'<e tli'< pre ( (in:'er:ati!e There fA?""?.? the house, upon wht< h th r<- is playing every a* nnj> ?!f la " ' 1 811 rci n)k' ,,Tlv *0^1' sulhtring as one would experience at l oinv nico ^ or the Fit tij a, c "Tl Tay* be"f " *" I'al,t"|y-b?ro cally, I i HtHM!t? i'vnv I -..^.kW7',1 "r'^'e bcl'"R|nK lo Stinrts battery, was stabbe ! to day by ? in And run, or the s^tnc bat ' d bis wound rhe was statib^d in eleven i la res Thi .i.^ e!CIlt',nt,1 Qir? knife) are tiroDOtitcjd mortal Itn Svf^ .WM thoul Px-Tocalfoa. Mur,.hy s an 0 l" eri .n'V"!!' f? Jlcr' is ?rc.'tl.v ' cs;-cle-i by tu? oiiiters and members of his fJhi,.ai,y. tils sssaii.nt cooirs from Ijiltimore, and b?avts lhal lh0 p,c,ent ,llg third cm inraont Onesaioiatag his kn.ipsaok iwo 01 citizen sclotbM were found iu it, showing a purt>>se of ?*aiu deserting at iho fli f t <.|i|K?rt iillv ||? I-. ,a I lie hands "I I be c .r(? provost Uiarsh^i, a? ?t:iUK?ibe .asult ot Murphy s Injuries. * ?<?ui? ti k.. h.. v, ,rr "n i t"P"?i>bf! snowrs. It has been veryouiet to day; ICm lirtus. if authinir than n m!. \ thunder shower this evening ha* c" o l' the air, ?lvln?f an agreeable cbaoge trom the p i tV.ree days v intense best. p reo I AFFAIR* AT FORTKKH* HIONHOt:. Mr. Ww. II. HtiBrr'i Uf?pit?he<. FoitRKn Montok, August 18, 1S04. run meat (or the |"**< 'ew diyi?, and c?p?ri?Hy to d?y , has heeti Hro<wt unbearable, Kv cry thing li parched up, mid th? auilerr* amort mm mid boaala ia terrible The ther m meter h:i? ranged ** hich n? 105 tn the rhute ; mid, not* iibKtainliug this h.m ?i?j;s bcoo acknowledged as ? thou f watering t*iwe in dart of n?a< e. we have nothing to b^aei orer chWy brilt cities In tbe way of e mort, be lidw having tbe "gcutic hrea/ta ol the Atlantic thrown in. At I write dark lowering Cto'ldi era overcasting tba borlrcn, nnd the ramt ntnbiiop of ' heaTeo'a artillarj'* g.vea h?(K? uf a rofrwtilug shower, of wbich wa ,iu id ao vary ranch m nerd. (Xir riaterns are dry, tbn greet and )e*eca <m trees are withered, and notbiug abort of a good ram rt- rm will satlafy ihn present acada. A few d <)'c ngo lirig idlar (ictiornl Ceorge K -hopley, rominat.dtnf tbo Ui-trtot of l*at?in Virginia, ret.irnel , fr?wn the tan, a ?e' a "hrr! 'eare nf ah=ei ;re. tVhi'e hi wag away tbo aHairs of the disirlot were adminis tered bj ltri(udicr l.niioi ?l Israel Military ?i!air* are ralhor dull, hut a marked tnpmveittein IsohstmMa rluretnn ciyli got.:; niueut Um\ ben nbolwhed tiueal the mo. i last ori <nt event* lately trauaiitriiig there baa boon the appointment ol A r*Ot?ST MAKSIUI. tn the plaoa of I. n ut. i olonel (hi?i|.a M. Wh?Men, who haa tilled that p'titlou for apwwda of iinlu m. uiba. bal retiree now to private lna. lno urn* appointment m Col. t> r. -liiiaorr*. of Ilia V inctaeii'h V\ i 11 u \.>!tinleor Infantry, a regiment well an. I favorably known ia <1. the ardnoi.a operations of the Kighte uth army rorp* Tin o.i wing if i ho order of Major General Huti?r In reference to i?lou?i ,'tuudcra - arariaA nanm?? *o. 8IS. "*4ri4i i|. hii?, u>i oihim in V iauisu i'i>i *rti ,s T"" t'lu.n. *o<?al 4, l#M. i ,*"! " ' "a mder*. Wloeieani" W nmn V . 1 ""*w" " a<*. o .Bl af hla health 10 rto duty J? ' " ? ?"?? a? Prnr?H Marshal 01 1M1 Uiatr . 1 .. ha* ni i \ rgu..? fiom the m?t. Hr o??a ? ? IW.i. . . Major (1'nrrai BtlTLIH. R. M 1 I li , Ac jnHMII I I'nrAfMyjt |< tU* ?ni 8?aO^#f9 tOCk Of j tbe office last Monday, col Wheiden turning over the boolta, papers end paraphernalia to him. A short sketch of tbe lkj.v iueumbent oi ibis important office ??J not be out of place at this particular time Th? Nineteenth regiment Wisconsin Volnnteers, la c<? mamt of Colonel 8., arrived at Nerlotk in June. 1H02, Jed remained mere doing preyoet duty until April. 18?#. Daring (bat period tbe Colunel wm acting at I'revoet Judge, trader an appointmeet by Major General Dix On leaving Norfolk tbe command of Colonel Saunders waa ordered to Sufloik, and parttcioated in tbe repulae of l.ougstreet from the Nansemond river Tbe Nineteenth Wisconsin Volunteer* w<?re subsequently ordered to New bem. and last April arrived ne?e t>> tue part in the ex pedition of Ma;or General Butler on theAth or May, wbare hy. Bermuda Hundred wag occupied, lite record of this regiment since its organization is highly honorable. Last evening two hundred 4 ml forty veterans, in command of 1 leuteuant Colonel R. M. strong, left bere on thirty days furlough, this number having re enlisted, but lefuecd to aoonpt of their privilege to go home until the exigencies af the service permitted them to do so. Colonel Saunders h is considerable knowledge of tbe people with whom he has now to deal, and bis immense practice as a first class lawyer lo his native State will come In good stead, inasmuch as numerous little points? involving both military and civil law? are constantly coming up in tbe discharge or a provost marshal's duty. The appointment reflects great credit on the command ing general of the department, in well deserved by Col. Saunders, and gives universal satisfaction. A."? ADDITION TO ue.v:iul UtniJUt'S STA.IF has been made by tbe appointment of Mr. David C. 6. Field, as lleuteuaut and aid do c imp, to tbe position of Flnnucial Agent of tbe Department. Tbe duties of this oil co have all alon* been performed by llr. II. 1J. Den nett, a most valuable secretary lo tbe commanding gene ral. l.loutanant Field bald the same post at Xow urlsaaa, and has been eugaged up to u recent period in making up bis nspt>rs 01 tbe Department or tbe Guir. Mr. Bennett, wi o Is at present on a leave of absence, will remain bere, attending to tbe private correspondence of General Butler, a? heretofore. Both these gentlemen arc very valuable officers. < RKWARD OF MBKIT. I.letenat M. V. Mclntyre, commanding tbe Seventh New York Independent buttery, now at the front, has been presented witu an ele^aiu sword, sash and belt by the members of bis company The sword is of most elabo rate workmanship, tbe blade of One Pamiscus steel, and tbe scabbard handsomely chased. It bears the following inscription:? ^PRESENTED TO M. V. MclNl'YKK J TIT TBS MU1BER8 OK >NTTt XKWTORK IKDKntHDIlfT % 2 BaTIEBY. i Caotaln 1*. C. Regau, tbe organizer and efficient com mandor of this ?'oraott'' artillery company, ha* suffered the loss or a leg, from s voumi recive-i in front of Peters, burg, lie is at preeent ou a leave of absence. UIVAUU* COR 1UE .NORTH. Tbe hospital transport steamship Baltic. Captain Jeff. Maury, will leave here this evening for Philadelphia, with a load of sick and wonnded received from the front. Foktrkss Monroe, August 19, ISM. PROHOTIOKS IK aas QUARTERMASTER'S UKMKTXSSn. An act of Congress, entitled "An act to provide for the better organization .or the Quartermaster's Department,'! passed June 24, 1884, provides for tbe appointment of nine division supervisors of various branohea of that ser vice, apportioning their labors to nine different depart menu, namely, the purchase of animals and trains, cloth ing and cams equipage; purchase, charter and hire of vessels; land and water transportation for the army; fo rage for the army ; erection, disposition, 4c , of hospitals aud appurtenances; wagons, bsrdwart, fuel, construc tion or roads, Ac; inspections of all reporta made by offi cers assigned to inspection duly, snd preserving tbe re ports as received and communicated through tbe Quarter master General U> tbe chiels of (bo proper divisions- and. last, to bave charge or all *correepoodeace died in tbe office of the Quartermaster General. COLONEL MtiCX Under this act a recent appointment has been aide by promoting -J^eutetiaat Colonel Ilerrman Biggs. Chief Quartermaster of the Department of Virginia and North Carolina, to au inspector, with rank of a lull<:v. Tbe promotion is as well made as it is deserved. Colqpel Higga has abown himself one "f the mout efficient ofltcera in the service. He started with General Burnside on hia first expedition to North Carolina, and superintended Us monstrous equipment. For upwards of a year Colonel biggs acted as chieL-quartermaater of that department, tinder General BurasiJe and General Foster, and when tne latter general succeeded General Dlx iu command or this department Colonel B.gtta was made chief quarter master or the Eighteenth a; my corps. On the astump t m of command by Major Genoryl Butler at both departments Colonel Biggs was made chief quarter master o tbe whole, and has amply demonstrated Ibat ne is "the rignt man in the right place." At tbe commencement of tbe last spring campaign Colonel Biggs bad sole charge of tbe transports tion et the immeB^e^trmy, and by bis untiring energy be has contributed the largest share towards its sttooesa. lie has received tbe most flattering assurance* from Ms or General Butler and other general officers, who gre itly-appreclato his talents and Industry. And that bis eflorts have been pte rin*; to the government is made iiiariifett by the fact or bisieceiring an honorable ant! highly responsible promotion. Whether Colonel Biggs will remain bere or be ordered to Washington is as yet anknowu. riPTAiw csoncF s. podge, well known as chief quartermaster at Suffolk durlns lis occupation by General l'eck. and subsequently depot cinartermaster at Bermuda Hundred, under Lieutenant Colonel 1 tias. E. Fuller, has received bis appointment or major, but no assignment as yet Major Dodge Is a thoroughgoing burner- man, and tbe entire army b<>ast or no morn eflimout quartermaster than be. Major Dodge is entitled to be chief qiwrteamaster of a corps at lean, aud will reflect great credit on and graco any posi t ion-bo may occupy consonant v.ith his new rank. unin saoit .s j. caanky , Assistant Q'lartcmaster and aid de-camp to Major Gene ral Butler ? -it present, howeverjon detailed service at Norlolk.on tlie Commission ef the 1'oor? has likewise been promoted to aimjertyin tue Quartermaster's I)e> partinent. Major Carner has been appointed General fc'!i|"erlnter(!eiit rf Negro Aflairs ad inltum during tbe ab scucs of Colonel Klot man MOVKMF.M* OF MOCKADKES. The fast end saucy littlo blockading gunboat Gettys burg. lieutenant Hfsrell H. Lamson commanding, ar rived here a I'ew ds\s ago from Wilmington, lor the pur pose o. baling some slight repuiriug done to her engines. It will be remembered that tbe Gettysburg captured a Fhert time ago tbe notorious blockade runner l.ittle Ada, a Tt-?eel mat caused a great deal of augry cori espondence bctwrct) Cojernor Brown, of (etgia.aud Mai lory, the robe'. Sfcrelary of the Navy. Since then tbe Gettysburg chased a vessel loaded with cotton; but being too rust, and throwing tbe cargo overboard to lighten ber, the Celt vkburg picked up a Urge quantity o( the seatslaud product, which wB'. brought into tbkn harbor. Thefol 1 .wing is a list of the officers attached to the fiettys barg:? Li'ulena<it OeiairamNuo ? R. n. L&mson. A< iti/l A:i tiuant J'aymrtter?R. H. Gillette. jioUma A itislmnt yn.-casw - George S. Kddy. Urutiwvr* ? Acting Ftral >Vsslsiaut, Jobu Miller; Anting Second Asslatauts, U. C. Mayioy.H. L. M. Hodges, Acting Third Assistants, J. B. farter, J?bn 11. teaman. Aoivg ? Abraaa J l.ot.cii. A. 8. i.aigbton, A. 0. Child, K. P. H. .cands, F. A. Grois, M. C. Keicb. XnlthifJiHon? ? I ary. Moor's Mat'?n. J. Derbyshire. TL? Unit <1 .l;tateR gnul?>ai r-anii igo do Cuba, Captain Gilts^u comuaudlng. n m just arrived Irom the biorkaJe t?n Wilmington, a ter coal, lhe diKibleeuder Osce'da, Com mud"'' .lob 1 M. B. 1 III/,, Is at tlie jl>osp?irt Navy ?S ard replirininmi?* cruising ground after blockaders of, \\ llmib|kiUT * PSATtt OT AN Iff IM> Hits lAflt. The wife or O I. M B. Small, Chief commissary of this department, d6|>ari<4 tbl? !i:o on Iriday evening, the lith Inst. . after :? lltiterli g illness, lhe disease wbioh proved so ft. tat to b<*i was cnosuinptlon. Her rem*'P4 will bo ?cnt t? Y?rk l'?., for ii.termnnt this evening, and ber bereaved bnabiiid aad fatbT, Mr Melien (gov ernmeut Biorrkeep<T et tblr polut), also a large circle of frtendn. will a<-corap??y tlie body Mrs Small was a great favorite with all wli" eutoyed ber ni-qualiitam'?. Naturally of a lively dm|?o*ltir,n, tier ftparkllcg wit ard b imor always dro v around ber a eelet t circle of ad mirleg friends. 1 lit Pre*! DM^klrh. Fontrivk M?(.mnok, August 19, ISM The mail ileamer K?yp?ri arrived at old I'olnt at Ave a dock P M fronj City Polo I, and report* heavy firing in tha direction of the canal list night from elaten tu Wireo ?clock, ^particulars. Tha boapiUI ataamrr Wyoming, la obaret-of Dr. Klllolt, c i me irorri Deep Hot torn yeaierday afternoon, with fifty una wounded sold'era and I.tciiiecsnt Anna rplbirn, f-?oord Neat Mampahlr*, aad Adjutant '.arulbara, N.oe (y ?'a?iO"ytvanlB, Th? sebeowr Alabama, sunk in the storm of !t>? 'if Kit Obruary, tons b?en ratard by tha wrecker* (Bald win ft IV ), ender fl?a supertntendeaca of Capt. Ahea'. Vu arrival from .lames river to-day nt four 1'. M. Tba lolicwini- deiths occurred In Hampton Hotrlla! sinra my :*??t rep<>rl: -,fa?. M. P. Cralir, ?th New Jeraay ; I) F. Hoit'in. 4th Mors cbmetls; Wm Wllllanw, M2'l Ohio l.emuel Oarw<iod, 133d Ohio; John ft. Pcorlnp, 1st District <!al.imbt? cavalry I. Ilively, Mb l?ni aylvaalt; lAuder Wiw n, I4fcth Now \ork; Harahal Krankm, Klilt Naw Yon aruilerv Mark I.. T\ tisoo, load Obio, Henry lloroatfa, Iflvth Saw York 1. rhoina*, ti U>Oi Petioari ra nts Wm. Paar*?l?y. J?(h Connecticut. Wm. N M-'ore, sV> al corpa, Jacob -"etan*. 14.14 Ohio Ja* M Met onald, 143d Ohio lllrsm Wetter, *7th Mass lchaaetta Jas. W. Moody. 1 1 th Mama Wm Irani , loth uonnecocnt; J. Hutch. n ana. H2d New Y'>rfc Wm. Read. lS4tb nhtn. Ja* Mill . imti \ aw Vor* art I wry. Horn F.?tt, lotfc On 'tad Stai*a|Miloi ?d^ Cyrus A. A ilea. 0tb ' oaiitolicat. Unllu a> Tokcna Illegal, 1 niL4n*lJ>iiu, August 21. 1SC4 TnltaA Stales P strict Attorney Ollpm has served a notice on (ha director* n' ona of "or city rkllwayt Inform itif them that by |lvin? iloket?or t< kens m lian of money In making change on their c>ra thev era violating tin eeenfid neauon of tl?o act of .Inly IT, l"W. and ara render Inn thcn.scUea liable lo a fnaof flva hundred dollar# ami lit wnili Oiirr pci m-ot SHERIDAN. Fighting Along the Shinaadoah River and at Bunker Hill. 8ERI0U8 EHGIMBEHTS EXPECTED. Sheridan Awaiting the Rebel Attack. HIS STRATEGY. Occupation of Martinsburg by the Enemy, Hai.rrviows, Augsst 20, 1804. Generul Arerlll retired from Martinsburg oa Thursday evening with his main force, leaving one company of the Lhiooln Cavalry to garrieou tuo town. Yesterday sixty-live rebel cavalrymen, commanded by Captain Boyd, of Tennessee, entered tbo place and drove our men out in tbe direction of Hatnearille. This caused a general stampede of parties residing between Wllllamsport and Itartinsburg towards this town, who reported that our troops were rehiring in ibis direction, followed by tbe rebels. The merchants here Immediately packed up their goods and seat then North. The quartermaster's train with tbe government prop erty was despatched f?r Frederick*; but be'ora getting out of tbetowa Captain William H. Broome halted It in the street and determined not to move further untH ha knew mora on the subject. The train remained standing in the street until Keren o'clock this morning, when It waa ordered back to camp. Tbe stores are all closed here to day, and but faw of the citizens are to be seen in the streets. The sick and wounded from the hospitals have been rMMved to Uarrliburg. Martins berg la reported to be In possession of rebel cavalrymen. General Early's advance Is said to be at IV incbester. Every horseman that eaters this town Is Immediately besteged by parties who anxiously Inquire as to tbe whereabouts of the rebels. the rebel pickets were advanced to Falling Waters, but were driven In by a detachment of the Third Virginia Union eavalry. That 1* tbe nearest point te this place at which they have as yet made tbelr appearance. General Averik now bas full possession of tbe fords along tbe river from Sbepardstown to Wllliemsport. and any attempt of tbe rebels to cross will be promptly met. Mr. Theodore C. Wilson's Dtspaiehea. UBADQVARTRRS, SBBRIDAI'B ASMT, AogUBt 20 8 A If. skbridas's eraArsaio movrmcsts. The operations of both armies during the last two days bsve been more of a strategic than belligerent character. A portion of the eoemy's cavalry yesterday morning skirmished with one of the advanced lines of General Sheridan's forces. The skirmish was not a heavy one. th* arms occur rise xartutsm;ro. About Ave o'clock /?. M. yesterday between two snd , three thousand rebel cavalry (lashed Into Wartinsburg, and at tbe same flanked tbe town right and left. Their object apparently was, If possible, to capture a por tioa of Reoeral Averlll's command. They did not suc ceed In capturlug anything, not even a man. FIRING a LONG TUB SHSSASDOAB RMBR. Firing Is beard this morning In tbe direction of tbe Shenandoah river, aud tbe contest Is thought to be towards Snicker's ferry. Consequently some sort of an engagement is supposed to be going on. ?xrBCTaiiox or as attack. General Sheridan aspects to be attacked by tbe anem y to-day, as movements on the psrt ot tbe enemy Indicate such an intent ioa. It is needless to stale that our side is active More 1 am not permitted to telegraph. Hmntjt-aRrKBP, Atrkiii.'b Cavalry I)m*.os, ) is ths Fuin, August 20?3 P. M. j >*7R 1t?5H sua BCNBKR BILL. A portion o' ' eae-d Averlll's command bed a scrmlsb to-day near Bunker Hill with tbe rebel cavalry. The enemy sbniveil a very strong force, and is supposed to have come lor war a eti a reconnossance. fVMHItRl ast>, Mil., Au^u?! lfi, lfcfrj. rrSSRAT KRL1KT 'U rROMOlJON. It is only within a few days, and that throngs prison srs, ihat we biTe learned the full extent of McCansl md's and Jobson'H orders and inicntiotis It is not for me at this ista date to go into a detail or past operations; but certain It is that tbe engarement at Cumberland and its Bi.ccess to our arms were of far more importance than has publicly been attached to them, and huw well this fact is appreciated In military circles s evldonced by tbe Presi dent so promptly brevcttiu-Geoerat Kelley a maior cone ral? an officer bom lit- but a comparatively short time sito relieved of hi* poritiun as dcpartincut loiumau '?r io in.nke way lor the polilluil appointment of General Si?ti. i here Is no doubt of thdwa' t that a erea'. Westward ra J. t be attended with plunder and intend. arism, * ?* urt! rented by our success at tbls point. or v'orsi'Bn is MARnssm no. Be 'ore the rebels loft MartinsburB? thev look off with t icm all of our wounded left iu that place, with theexecu t "D oi about thirty-live, wlio could nut be moved. While tte re!-"ls were in t..wii, and while tbe town remained j i nocmpied by the foroes or either ?lde, the l?ft wounded ( men were fen by the ladies of the town, who, though tl.ev bid but little to give, still gave ? cheerfully and , ?? \\f an apiareji- deling that it it mor ; pleat, mi to gnu has rpfllfi ' Whl i wr tirs abo'it MavttnM.urp t mty not b.: atalss m bristly rerer to tbe following mode .ts:? The nbe's wore soout entering the town, and a railroad Ira n wa* about Bloving off. loaded with psas*ugers, when joe of tue ? ndccter -I behevc a Mr J. II notirog ?ou:ded on the gromd, luni"ed from tne trait, and s? It sUwiy moved on picked up the wonnded men him self, ulaced tbem on tbe irs n and conveycd them to a ?a(e hispita'. I his was < ertattilv an act worthy of nmng rnenliiosd for It IB generally hut little favor K shown any oie by railroad men In tiroes of excitem- nt rsqulr mg thim to be more than polito Herf the scene cbai:f:og, Ac, ire worn and weuy tra vePet 'weeded his way Into Mirtlnsburg on Kri lay lent. ifft lird jO iroeyecl iron afar, and wti diwy ?,nd ?lrjr No atorr wera open, and tbe hotelr all closed up as tignt ss lliougt Uiey never intonde I to resume business. and as | ttK'Uit they containsd no more of the snimate character ' than dtauboe itself to small holes in the wall and the person of sleep st "king guetus ll? vie? d the arnne with tingled Isollngs, when, as a bright ray ol Niiolighl | loirstBg Ihrcugh tbo rifted clouds, ho lortunataly ("spied peopieln the rear. Ho made a reooonolassne? f one of tbo h'lola. round iho iam<iy all there, juJ got an sxooi. lent c. hiicr, besides some ?a*ii.t inm?< 'TS, Now is regsrds this laitnly medh ine, tbere la something to ten Ibe rebels took everything they could mid. but always lett s bottle or so ot spirit* In lamdies where it qnor?s??re found, ss "ismily ni 'diclnv" I urn?; the time th* rebt Is w-re in M irtlnsburg the pen pie oixked but httli>,livtng nrlnciiviiiy , br^ad aud c> id meat ?nd oniv taking . i -uta and sli ? v. hca naiu e tie maml'B resiorailon When not using li e bread an i meit they refit h hid, so Pailul were lliey some p ug rebels night ?nt?r th tr h >iivea and cari * trteir Inner eon oil a tar the rebels we.'t awav the rw le hrouclit nut their s-crete4 prnviatona, whfn it wna not 4ill,eult to set a rsal gio4 dinner? lor a bniigrv man. IS SSSSSV'.VKSU. hilt In Penrayh ania there ? ere S"me cn>-lous things yoirr esrresptindent noticed. He o-sme acr ^s n inatliu UOii 'or ptr? , in ii -t intending to m,rrv. ni? cooveut" '"?'talnsif iKith men js.I wom'a the s.-xes live aepa ralelv, are known ss the Seven llev IsiH'Ms. a d reein to iio.ioum well, |diyBic;iilv, me nal y '"I mor illy AS '.vd paaetd tlio women crowdod to tho w - I '\ts H> wn I the sights l ho institution la indeed, verv peculiar in i m<?-" ra*)ieMs ih in mm When ths invaeton of I'eensylvanla fl?*t ec.-orred, the ' eervani* oflhe hoials ,t farlisiw i rovs ?n i,anda?a ?>n<>?rp.eai* the ???i ? had eoen to ne ?. i .... IlKounoaa t? nh?erve how easily au-ne im-n ean he nutwd:" Mrlnialy as tar as tt?e word is 'eiceroee tonrw. tr'ilT," found m* bale aed hearty farm -r a. n>rn' IIK |||>W ths rob |? had ru nert him rh ltne? n * '? iw i>| his n?Bt h <r?eB aird horned down half I hi- : fliorti b 'pponed to he i rose t at the tirn-' a V|r. | k ii. wb? w.a ?? ail" xM. aad wtoe snld than si t-m 1 bo lost kin fences, Hit bis houae was burned down by rebels, and latterly the I'm 'ii force* bud thrown up a lortiflontion on his farm. Tbe I'eni'sy iv.iomu u.d do niofe to My; but no doubt be continued to lament bis Iom M?erlouBiy as before. IB mnti A*n In panting up Dm hoe of tba coal tt la aoMreable the rebels destroyed a greut many canal boat*. A very large Dumber of tbo boats est: >ped to Cumberland, wbere they remained at tbe t uieti the engagement before that Pi*ce, A day er two ago hirdly tea cents' worth (except of Miuor could be b iuf bt in iiagerstown, while last night the stores were brilliantly lighted, and there were offered for sale almost all varieties of goods. Tbe qaenllou was often asked, during the evening, wbere did %ll tbeso goods come from so sooof No one appeared to know, and perhaps none did know except those who soeroled them. To quite a lato hour tbe stores were rather well fllled with purchasers. PWItT) YtaV* MAII.. Perhaps It will be Interesting to many of tbe readers of tbe IIbrmji to know how tbe mall Is carried between Hs gerstowuand Hancock l>esirlog to reacb Hancock by (be nearest available route, your corresi ondom Inquired when ft conveyance would go in tbe direction be wanted to proceed. Tbe pro prietor and clerk of Din Hotel at which be was slopping informed bim be could be accommodated with a soat in the "United States mail," wbich le',t lu the morning. Tbe seat was secured^ tbe mornipK canvi, and be left : but in what, and how? A sort of atn hula nee wagon, drawn by arregular goiluc, wi'li four other passengers, a heavy uaa>i, and trunk* besides; and all tbl* lor the strength of one horse. Kitber feeling or horseiiesb must be very ?scarce in certain parte 01 Maryland. Sir. DeB. RantloipU Keiiu'a Dtnpateha Ba. UMOJU, August -0, 16 >4. A"TAIR? IX BAITIXORB. Everything Is perfectly quiet bore. We bear no Iro portent rewB from Eberidan. Be seems to be busy pre paring to meet the enemy, whatever tiiay be bis num bers and desipis. CKMsiui. a.kd srecuL on dim. The following general order, thanking tbe sick and wounded who tender el their eerv.ces /or the defence of Baltimore, has r>eon issued by General Wallace; a ho one in re'ition to passes required to reacb certain points of travel: ? fSnuirtU OrtUr* ? A"- 1, 61. Hi AnQt'ATrrrn", Miniii.r. Orr?ttt*i:*T, ) Ew^ith Abmy Cortes, Hai.timork August 19. 1*14. I The General commanding hereby expresses bia hlch ap. pre iatlon or the conduct of the sick and wounded olleere and enlisted rneu who. dm log the late threatened raid into th s city by tbe rebels, nobly volunteered to assist in its de fence. For several days and mights the* brarelv awaited tbe ap proach of the enemy, apparent! heedless of the'r Hounds er feehle condition. In their desire to do all in their power to i euder service to their conn irv. All oritbem deserve honorable mention ; but It Is not prac ticable to give tbe name of everv no idler. The fo.liwinir uained eoiiiruis?io?ed officers and enlisted men were conspicuous for their eflicloncy end real'? First Llsmonaot Frank P Gros?, Seventy second compa ny. Keomi! battalion Veteran Reserve corps; First Lieuten ant V. K. Spesre. tifth company. Second haitnlmn Veteran Reserve corps, llm Lleutensnt Nelson llronion. Eighty-ninth company. Second bat .niau Veteran Reserve corps; Second Lieutenant i:. ,J. Kntbcrlxnd. One Uundred and Forty -third company. Second battalion Veteran Re serve corps; Firat Ijieu count W. C. Co'.emsn, Eleventh Pennsylvania Reserve corps. OoMM<M>it?; UartciiMiMS ? First Sergeant W. W. Fits Patrick. Company U, Fourteenth United Stales infaiurv; 1 Hospital Steward C. E. Tchon. Unit-id Stale* Army : Ser geant Charles Ihlo. Companv K. Flft?-cnth New To*lc heavy artillerv; pritate H. McDanlels Company H. lflntb New York State Militia; private W. T. Hosier. Company C. Second United States almrpshootersi private h. Murray, Company A, Thirteenth Maasach iihetui. A ropy of this order wlU he furni?!ied to every s >'d'er who volunteered t<? go from the hospital to tbe fortifications to "assist In the defence of the olty, Rr cmnmand of Msior General WALLACE. SakdblB. Lawriucb, Assistant Adjutant' 'General. fhm-inl Orri'ri?Xo. 208. IfKADUtMRTKRS. MlliOLr: Df r ART Sir NT, > E'OitTH Asuv Oours. Bai.ti*ork. August 19, IC4. < 10. Until further order* istasea will not be reumre 1 from persona travelling between Baltimo e and Annapolis by boat, or by rail via Annapolis Junction Passes will b<> required from all persons leaving An napolis bv anv water route other than to Baltimore. Psaaea wlU bs required of all oflicers and soldiers leaving Baltimore or Anuaooi:*, r>y any route. except whoa travelling under proper orders. Passes will be required trout all persons leaving Eaitl more for Point T.ookout. Fonreas Monroe or Norfolk, and all points on the eastern shores of Masiv land except Aanaoitlls. Passes will lie required from all person." leaving Wilming ton, Delaware, tor Southern desunat'on via W ilmingtaa and Salisburv Riitroad. Pas e< will he Issued In Baltimore city by l.len tenant Colonel John Woolley. Provoat Ma.shnl Eighth Army corps, corner of Camden nnd Kotaw streets and it WH mlniton. Del, and Annapolis. Md.. by the provost marshals of ths respective posts. Uy cor<ii.and of Major General WALLACE. Sartbl B. Lakrexcb, Ass'stant Adjutant Ocnursl. l OLOSKt. a r sio.v*, formerly a general in t!ie Department of tbe fiolf, will I join his regiment (reK'iilys) In tbe fleld in a few days, ills command is with tiemsral Grant. OPERATIONS OF THE fillLRY. Mr. JimM R, Warden's Despatch. IIarver's Ferrt, August lg, lsc 4. GEXIRAL was l\'S UTMIT 1)1 VISION left W*sbloi?tori on Saturday. August IS, to join fhe ca. valry forest nailer General s-beridan'* command at Win chester, passlag through Loudon Taller, m route to that plare, and croaking the Blue Kfdge at Tucker'a Cap. It wai reported that at this point thsre wera several regiments of rebels re?dy to dispute our advance; bat luch was found not to be the c ?e, the road being clear, and, with the exception or abaat twenty bushwhackers, who were captured aad handed over to the feeder merciea o" the provost guard, no rebels appeared. in ro'inoH. The division inarched into Winchester yesterday at noon, and immediately formed in line or battle. Fitzhu?'h 's regular battery taking tip a position on tbe ram# hill where General Milroy met with bis disastrous defeat? the Fecond brigade. General Chapman, having the left, and the First brigade, Mclntusb, the rl?bt of tbe line. BK IRMlsnXO Three lines of skirmishers were at once thrown out orer tin bills on three sides of the town, tbo wUir-nlth force consisting oi three reclaims, cofiwn in led by i ol. Penrose, and t'>e Third No* Jer ey ci; valry. Ilalf an boar aTter seudmg oat tbe Fl<triTii?hers a f-w shots were heard irom the centre, w hu t era tuslly increased until tbo whole lino seemed to be engaged. This de-u'aory lighting lasted for a short time, when the firing c ea-od. except on our right, where It wrs kept op witb' i* nter misslon from a pie e or wuooa, until silenced by several rbells, which fc.'l and exploded m tbe uiid.u of the rebels. rk??i. MoTiatgma When tbc skirmishing bocaao genera! a! ,n; tbe line tbo reoels were discovered moving hoavy ool'itnos to oar left, with the view of culling or oir irom Rerry vflle? to mlllcb point tbe main body of ?ur armv hot marched during the day ? :md >be Martinsl>ur?' a id Front Royal roada. Two rebel baitci lea ?era placed out of re.ica or our abells. on the left of the line, to protect tbe move ment, and tie one: .y were enabled to tbrow rti ?;!.'? very rapidly into our lines of rk.rmisbers, who were there fo.e compe'led to Tall b ick. a new. cuahm. Ibree ool'.mna of the en ruy now appeared frir, the r jvef of the woods, and, with terrible yolls, made a charge u| "n tbe retreat. !ig lines and tbe Union battary, which opened upon thorn with canlsicr. but tbe rebels, hesitating <>t>ly a roe.noul, chirked up the bill, their b i - le is whistling around thick a* bail. The:r lorce wis \er who nmoK, and we vera compelled to withdraw fr m ibe bill -md f ill back into tho town, wh eh was done In a quiot, orderly our nor. the re.r protected by (lenorsl Wi. ten's escort, General Wilson btm-ilf comnnDdieg. tub *???* Gt'ann a?CA<.sn. At tbe foot of the bill, and jiiat at ib? aotrance o' tbo t wn, tbe escort drew up and engage 1 tbn rcbo.*. ?!i e the column moved out on tbu M.u tiD->burg pike, falling back through the town, bat kaeplug in a b vie fire, until just outside, where thi ih.oh oi thi ekirrolaLws were lormod and wero protected by tbo M*ccnd batter/. Aa the General and hia escort fell )>ack abwiy Into tbe lines, Hie enemy pre&sing h m hai l, the first line, having l>ec 'me engaged, fell ba<.K upon the *erood, and both, in turn, upon the third, thua protecting tho column In the centre find both Hack' and gradually moving out upon the pike. I here was an amount of Rbarp firing for tnmo lietanca afte pasaing out of town but, finding our rear to well protected, the enemy gave up tbe attack, and tl > firing ?r tualiy be. ame le?a, until it finally censed. i o< a retreat lu the face of an ovarwbslmim; lorce, It w .?? I robabiv aa wo I conducted, aad reau'tcd .u aa little ' ># to our side aa any ou record. Tim asiiRL roitcr-opr, ip?b? The rebels doubtless potaasaed ? for. a <?tly superior to ours aa was evident from ibeir charging with ihr -e solid columns aft>-r moving o!f such a heuv v force U) our le t to occupy the roads and cat ua off irom the wain armv Notbmg dafinita la kanwn aa to tbe extent of o>.r loan. Rot few o4 the wounded and none of tbe killed w*r? br usnt igf tho held, nearly all tailing into the enemy's h .nil* Their lose mast bare be- n prnpnrtlonate to oure, as oar sbeiie, barstatg In tneir mntst, aid great execution, rus nirt/xvs inna on oca t nones. Duriac'he stand that General Wilson and hla escort mads hi Uia street! of W Ineh^ier, throuah which our line was i a?sing, the cttixens fired on them Irnm the windows, their aim seeming to be to kill tbe Ceueral, who, by bis daring, made himself a fair mark lor their boiiets uur forces, bavtnx retired several miles on tbo p k", encnniped at about one o'clock this morning. We re niiiwncetl o?tr oiarcii through a dreuch ng rain, and pr oniriwd to a entail town called ^uminit I o ni, seven mi lro? 1 bariertwwa and fltieen irom llarfier's Kerry, where tbo column o.rmed la line (X buttle, ready tore< ?ive the eiiele, uSuiild tbev be bold enough to fnttuw, Ne >lga i t tlieeremy was to ba eei'U up li> two o el )i * this a'tern' on, ai wbiob time your c> rreapoudeat left wita an ambaiance tram tor ibis plme. uavssat. Touaaav waa in Oommsnd at Wimne?ter when Cere al s d viaiua art ved theie.and wee prrneot during the pro ?r?*. u ins unti e At M?? (>rae?M>i writing as hit nis in* ion i irter? ,t iaiumn I'utiit. ueuern u Ihou oei upiea a mi i g p<eMlon at ommit Point, and is determi ea, It .i ibia, to h' id lie aaeHv in eh ck but it thav are too gtr i g to him he wi l be uMlged to fall hara la wb?'# ?l isMbr'a earaler is siatlosed. STANTON. Important llullet in from the War Office. Kepulu of the Enemy by th? T?ntb. Corps 01 Thursday Night. The Fifth Corps in Possession of the Weldon Railroad. HEAVY BATTLE OH FRIDAY EVENING SERIOUS LOSSES OF TOE REBEL*. m Reports from Sheridan's and Sherman's Armies, ??.. &*.. 4m. Hcrtwrf ?(??ton to Otatral DH. W*s Pnraimwirr, > Wamiixcton, August 20?8:10 P. M. f Major General Joh* A. Dii:? 1 he operations of General Grant-* forces are detailed in. the follow leg official despatches received by torn Deparu meot ? "Cjtt Poist, August 18?8 P. M. "General Warren moved with bis corps this morning to and across tbe Weldon road, about c'ie mile soqiti of ? Mia bead work*. To that point he ruet aothiug but tb? enemy 'a pickets. He advanced Irom there towards I'o teriburg, meeting the enoray in bia advance. He h?<* conaiderable lighting during the day, suffering soma lose and inflicting loas upon I ho enutny. "1 have no report sbowiug tbo extent of our lo^es, but joage them'to be light Irom tbu despatches. "Some of the enemy's wounded fell into our bunds and a fe.v other prisoners. "Cnv, Va., August 10?7:30 P. H. "Our troops are flrmly fixed across the Weldon road. "There baa been little or d<> lighting to-day either south of Petersburg or north of the Janes. '?Warren reports tbat tbe enemy's dead, Id considnra ble numbers, were found in the frout, unbtiried. " We hay* bad a great dent n" rain ul.oiu p. lersborg this week, and a very grateful change in the tempera ture." General Birnoy telegraphs General Butler as follow*:? "Htsanqi aimar, Twtl AusvPom^.I August 19, 1*?4. | "The enemy attacked my Hue In heavy fore* last dictr, and were repaired with groat lovs. "In from or our colored regiment olgbty-two dead bodies or thai enemy are counted. "The colored troops behaved handsomely, and ere a Una spirits. I ''The assault was in colimn, a division strong, and would have carriod the works If they had not been >? well derended. " The enemy s loss was at one thousand " D B. IIIKNEV. tMjor General, " Citt Po:*t, Va. . Attpusr 19? 1? P, V u lbs enemy came out tins evoulnp t<? Wurren's right, driving In tbe pickets cr>un? ring her ?seen him and the left of our old line on the Jerusalem plauk rosd, and forcing back the tw> rlaht divisions or Warren'* corn* '?A heavy fight took plaee, resulting in the re <Mt*b. liabment of our lines snd the capture of a good many prisoner*. Tbe pii'ousrs nerc irom ileth'a, Mahone'a and floke's division . '? Wa also loet consKlerably In prlaoue.-s." Tbe Isst foregoing derpatcb w:<s rrretved tb s aftar noon, and is tbe late- 1 mterm.tivu rx-.oivcil by tbe (?? partment. It It estimated tbat tha lots of tlu< enemy donng tbts week, iu killod, wounded and captured, cannot (all much short of four tbouiaud, If it does not ez'eed lha? number. Tie Department ha? sst's'artory intelligence fiem General Mionn m to balfpa- 1 eight o'clock last evening Reports ?t fire o'clock this morning from General Sheridan's front reprreeut all qi etat tbat tlm*, and th.>? Gilmer, with forty or fifty men, enterel Mariinsnurg Uitt evening. EDWIN M. tiTAN'ION, Kecretary of War. THE TALLAHASSEE LEAVES HALIFAX. I nluN Mlramrra Ih Puroilt raf Her. H*tt: it, N. ? , August 20, 1W4 The pirate TalUhaatee called I run tbtl | ort at two o c>uck tin* mwihji -t*ard. Thal lium war st<; ?in-'r I* onlum- arrlred hero at ais o'clock tlila num. g . hiving beau deLaiued b* a f<><. Sua art!) Mil tflMMdintely hi pmnit. Another Atncr.can war steamer ?' ?Igoalled In tbe we-t lh( Vrearls Deal t oy. <t bjr I lie I alls Ik atsrr. Ilai.wax, Ang'l't 20, 1S?4. Tbe folia*. og it a Mat of tbe roaaHa J stroyod by the Tallal.a^er - Ships Atlantic. Adriatic and James LtttlniHId. Lark" Biy -late, Gleualvon, 1'. C. Aim i ler !'.ri|t Kilk, w. s' i,' :ers Sarah A Boycc, r?rr'.e F>t<*!le, A. Richard*. Fnckane, Lamoat Dtipont, He-, ry llnre. Howard, Flora, '"ar il r, N<>Hh 'nwi c>, Pearl, Sarah l/>uiaa MsCira, Juiafc A bond I itxuu .tam?? Funk and W|,!iam Kell. Tbe foilowlag v* el* wee captured and bonded by ? tbe T ?ilabar*" ? ISark oiiote, briu Nevl, acUooueri Car rolJ, II I-. I'arlter.K, B. llarrte iwd lAoperd. 'Ilia I'llolbaat Jmiitr* Kumk and ih? Tallahaiitc, l'oim^in, Ue., August 20, 1104 The FMUab bri| lan ae Crow, at tb.? port (rum I.tter iiool, make' tbe rollonlug rep- rt ? ea'Mi tbe ntKbt o tbn 18th In-tant anoite a yaeft: or pllo* boat, wbi.b made earnest inquiries if we bud ?o?n a tUeamer with one iratt, firing a full tacipIlM of toe Tallahassee. The b at w >* na doubt Ifie New rerk pi lot boat Jtaaea Knnk. berbre reported eti turrd. Kntlnie 1 liree l?ay?' In the recent ?drance.C"lo'iel John nrueaheck, T ..riy nlntb Okie I of aa try, bernf theu to euinmaad ?? th? since faranua OhtO b g*'l?, ???"?"' -<n rl r to bH rommand It.. oat in tbelr ktririMM ?t?r?e day*' c oke I ration*. The u'invied oenrat'ooa htiu* auhaequefttly postponed or Shanked tbeCatoecI directed be iau n or order to Ix* ouaicrir ind< '1 li" TinUMilO tuo.* ^n*. r nude tbe rouad* of ?he -*mp in pe.son, late at night, proclaiming that Colonel Orot beck urd< red bis iren to eat Op their three days' cook*1 rations." Ilie ri?h<-.iilnw ?cg of tbe meeeeot'ef* rendering of the CgfoMll order single every* Jy.*?1 lM fr?)* * '?''nnljrgot op from their bed# and ? t dowt !? 'obey or den." -?ooa the eamps were , iv?wiiQi?n rampait. Me*?e? aent f "report rre lire**" bad got tf the middle of tt.? ?e-nnd day, or lt?l. f (|?y ?* triatrial. kc, ??onie begged an et'ernon o the rrdor, a<'me an 9iten?l>in o( tlmo. One was till to ib? th. i at and bad a day a -id a half* ra?rn? left w??a. ?h <u!d be do. And ae thron/h all ih? rtianc* -?ieail?^ The < "lonel acd tb? Ohio whiflh Mrea Birr>, wllf nf\?r f rret tue faoaooe order to "eat tie tb'te 'tnye1 ceo ed ration*. ' I>r T W. WWtimham and hi* waiattnt, nr I'enrett . b"th oaloeri' '? ?? the Moerd ef ??rolment M Morrlato?n, we e arretted tv ^herKT Be Molt on the charge of branding in the hack with ??ii*tic a youn# mai, named Reaeb. ihe d< etor* were beld ia 94 OM bail - TttMom (.v J.) JmtriiWK W.

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