Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,203. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 1864. PRICE fOUR CENTS. GRANT The Struggle of Sunday for thfe Weldon Road. WARREN VICTORIOUS. I R?8callj Treachery on the Part of a Rebel Commaader. Additional Details of Friday's Fight. 4** &?- At. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. JUt. f. CkdwalUdtf'i Oupatck. Cm Point, August 22, 1804. ?iUR BULL BOLUS TEE WtLDOM RAILUOAV. TIM rebels seen unwilling to relinquish tbeir attempts <k> drive Geoeral Warren from tbe position be now occu pies, and to regain possession of tbe Petersburg and Weldoa Railroad. Thus far their plans have feeen foiled at all points. Heavy cannonading was beara in that di Motion at frequent intervals during tbe night, but no ap prehensions are now entertained of oar ability to retain possession of the vantage ground. Tbe rear divisior. of fieoeral Uancook's corps arrived last night, which allays whatever rear may have been felt concerning our safety. THE CACra or TM RBCKNY LOSS. Tour correspondent with tbe Fifth oorps may not have alsarly stated the cause of the temporal^ reverse It en countered two -days ago. In moving around to tbe left tor enough to reach and cover the WeMon Railroad vfa lengthened and weakened our line. Tbe ?ighteentb oorps ^nra extended as far as practicable, and the Ninth * was to stretch out nntil Its left connected wKfa Warren's right. At certain points along its front (here waa nothing but a heavy skirmish line left. It wns believed this could deceive the enemy and conceal tfco weakness of tbe Hue by assuming a bold front and firing vigorously whenever a mark presented itself. It effber ?aooeeded in dofng so for several bours or tbe rebels were ?M in readiness to make an attack, for no movement of the kind waa attempted till later iu the day. But Anally they pushed a ooiumn through the woods, pierced tbe ltaa easily, and formed a line or battle on tbe flank and Mar of Warren's oorps. Though not a complete surprise, their gaining snob an advantageous position threw us into great confusion. Oar men had to jump over tbe intrench seats they were hastily constructing and defend tfcem Mlve* irooa a rear attack. Tbe en??.)y was exultant and Saabed with temporary success. Our situation was im miaeat and crltieal.. At this juncture the fate of tbe en tire carps liung tremblingly in the %alanoe. its artillery ?pooed on the contending surging mass of friends and fbea, and decided tbe contest In a few minutes. The lire was extremely murderous. Tbe rebels considered their safety lay In flight. Our men preferred death from tbe ?msies qf oar own gans to flight or surrender The ne ?ssstty was a terrible one, but the corps was saved. TUB FIFTH CORPS. Mr. L. A. Hemdrtck's Dripktck. Hiuix. farter? Fifth Armt Conn, I Six Mob Hoi s*, August 21, 1804. j Aaatbsr day of conflicting oannon ana murderous musketry. Bui It was a conflct attended with brilliant vtotory. The Fifth corps ha* to-day given renewed ??Mecca of Its splendid fighting quaMtles, aid General Warren, la bis admirable preparation* to resist the ??peeled assault, and la the magnificent handling of bis ?Maps, has wot new laurels. thb attack ? oana.iL wasmm's coouraas. M nine A. M. the attack was mad*. It tattled two feiara. Lieatenant Clark, of tbe Signal corps, before the attack, apprised General Warren or the advance of tbe sanmjr ?'Let him oome," tbe General quietly remarked; . ?te are ready for blm." And be was ready, and the aorps was ready. He had directed tbe disposition of tbe satire line, bad seen that svsry offlcsr and man was fn t*s place be wanted him, bad posted tbe artillery where H aauld be most effective, and, trusting tbe rest to the valor of tbe tfoops, felt no apprehension as to tbe result. Aad he was right. Infantry aad artillery did tfestr work ? handsomely , aad so did a squadron of cavalry, under Colonel Spear, w bo did gallant work In tho two hours' sssllet. oca Mn or ratvls eras very nearly tbe saass ss described in say despatch of yesterday, Osn (rats Gritbn'a aad Ay re? ' dlvirLi ns and a brigade of Geueral < etlsr's division being on the leit of tfea railroad, and tfes remainder of Geueral Cutler's dl ?laton and General Crawford's div.ston on tbe right. Gen. ?rlffln's division, for tbe mere effective protection or tbe toft flank, was oblique to the maiu line. Tbe loft of Gen. Ootler's division overlapped a brlg.ids of Gen. Ayres' rti Wtltoo, la tbe rear. tss inn Qslckly succeed isg tbe advaoce of tbe enemy's Infsutry line their bstterie* opened. It is judged tbat at least ?txty pieces of artillery opened their simultaneous Ore Oar batteries promptly responded. Tbe deafening roar was terrible, and tbe firing of solid sbot and shell ep palllng. From our headquarters coe'.d be seen tbe rebel tattle line, as it emerged from a piece of woods opposite. ? aad with tbe naked eye their battlo flags onnld be anusled. ora MrsssTRT. Noaring our line a murderous volley of musketry is fonredlnto their ranks. Tbsy quail befere tbis terrible vol ley. field officers snatch tbe colors from tbe color bearers sod urge the column forward. Again our muskets do Oslr deadly work, and boats of rebel slain and wounded sover the ground. I am now writing of what occurred ?a the right of tbe railroad. Here some attempts were toads to charge our line, but without success. Our brave bays ani' tbotr muskets aad our cannon repulsed tbem aaeh time. TUB RBIIKT, BM'KUSS An evident mistake had been ma le by tbe enemy .is to sar petition on the left of the railroad Tasini; (leneral Cutler's division to be the left of our line, a rebel brigade af SMetb Carolina troops, commanded by General Hsy wood, attempted to turn his Hank, and iu doing so found Itself between tbe left of General Cutler's division and light of General Ay ers ' division The firing frem these lw? divisions was fearfully destructive. At the same lime RaUery P. First New York, Lieutenant Matthowson aasnntuakig, opened an enfilading Ore on tbe isft, ssd Battery C, First New York, Captain IWoee, a like en Blading frrt from the rbiht. In dor this quadruple Ore the enemy tbrew down their piece* and rawed their aro?H to token of surrender. cAiraix oalbt mi'ki>kbbt>. General Cutler sent Captain Haley . or his staff, to re salve them oe prisoners, our men having ceased firing, Oapl'tfn Pa lev told General Haywood that he ba I boon ssnt to receive bim and hir brigade us prisoners. With out saying a worJ, (Jenerul Haywood drew bis revolver and shot Captain Palsy Ite Captain lived half ao hour, bat long enough 'to make Urn statement. BiS MUKTSKKIl STjlI.N ? prison r.ns. Gotmral Hay wo .4, following tbe shooting of Captain Oaley. called to his m*n to pick up their muskets and fall bark, which order tftey attempted to obey. <*ir mes arstn flrod, wb^n thev a -aln thvsw down their t leoes, and tk*'< time gave themselves up as prisoners. This second Tolley added large numbers to their killed, and among tbora General Haywood, who w.u shot through the li?ad The prisoners numbered between five and sis band red. ; Attar two hours fighting tbe battle ended TUB B IWK US sail. K4IK? Ol'B l.(WN. Tbs attacking party , titose left nkve and imwotwrtsd. Wttbdt iw. Our loss at this time was about oue bnndned and Iff killed and wounded and no prisoners. THK RBiOB. t.OKS It Is oomputed tbat the oooroy's loss, in addition to prisoners, was at lonst fifteen html. ml killed and ' wounded A large number of Utejr wounded was brought " to our hospital*. Among tbem aw two r#bel colonels? Colonel Ihnoias, Twelfth MiesihS ,>}?'. regifient, an% col. Osnrad , Sixteenth Miwl^s'ppl reguMrnt. The latter has bad a l?g amputated. Moei of tiicir wonndtd are still on tbo ground between tbe enemy's line of ratlin and ours, rns RMuem KKi\ri>R<il>? WFr* orimot* or cs, HoUi the prisoners and wounded ssv thai .?Vtisy sever met witb such destructive rainil'c-' before dur.Vt all tbo war. Ibey say inrtber lhat Bines yesterday n.e troop* aoufrooting the Second sorpe at IeepBi'totn h ve ar rived, and are now In our front, and that other relnf^vce menta are on the way. All unite in saying that the eseii\T would rather have lost every man they had than relln* fulsh posses-ion of this rnllroad. kkatii of a< 'j*,! anMtAt, PtsHa**. ' Among our own killed is Colunel Pixhsno, who com minded tbe Sec ind brigade or the econd division?the brigade known ?? tbo Maryland Bi inade lie wsh bit in the iwad by n nieee of shell and allied instantly. Ha was a triad, faithful aad .most gallant ofllerr. lie entered the service -is I.ISntenant < oli nel of the Hr*t Mar>isn<l regi m*ni, Wan does wounded, w^s once a prisoner, Mid was fsr wyeitj ojnnihe an irmato of Lihby prison, llebis commanded tbe Mar viand brigade ever sines it joined the Army of tbe Potomac, and *h always dlsllogulebed for his bravery and soldierly alUUomeuH Ho was a native of Baltimore, where be baa a wifo and family liv ing. His body ie to be embalmed and sent bome. lUFtUN DALY , whore death 1 mentioned above, belonged to tbe Second Wtsuonein regiment, bat for several mouths past has been Provost Marshal of General Cutler's division. Be was a young, brave and highly respected officer. MBNKRAk CtTUtR WOUNDED? HhADVjUARHtKB SHELLED. General Culler received ashgbt wound in tbe upoor lip from a rebel bullet. It does not disable him from duty. Oor headquarters were pretty well riddled b/ rebel solid shot and shell. About a dozen shot bit tbe bouse, but nooe of the stair or eeeort, or persons in and about tbn place, were hit, although several burses belonging to the staff oftlocrB and tboee or the orderlies were killed. TUB RBREL PLANKING NOV KM INT FOILED. 1 sliould have stated above that after the capture of General Haywood's brigade an attempt was evidently being made to Hank the left of General Griffin's division. This attempt was handsomely foiled by Captain Spear and bis squadron of tbe Eleventh Pennsylvania cavalry, peeled bear Ream's station, aided by a section ef tbe Kle~?ntb Massachusetts battery. In posting tbe latter battery Lieutenant Fordbam Morris, Assistant Adjutant General on Colonel Wain Wright's staff, chief of oorpe artil lery . behaved with great gallantry. To Lieutenant Tresser, Inspector or Artillery, great praige is awarded lor ellU cieney and bravery exhibited In posting two batteries under a most terrific lire of tbe enemy's artillery. OEM HAL BVMPHIUCYB? THE REBEL GENERAL UORS. Major General Humphreys visited our headquarters this afternoon. Intelligence comes ;n tbis evening that General Hoke, of tbe rebel army, was killed in tbe engagement to-day. It is quiet as 1 close my despatch? ten P. M. ? ex cept occasional interchanges of musketry on tbe skir mish lloe. There has been hardly a shot fired since tbe oloso ef the morning's light. THE TEN Til COftPfl. Mr. William H. Merrlam's Despatch. General BxmirR's Hbapqvarters, \ August 23 ? 7 A. |1- J PORCB Of TBI BNEMY AT DRF BOTTOM. Diligent inquiry enables me to state tbat the number eC rebel troops opposed to us la tbe late operations at and In front of Deep Bottom, on tbe north bank of tbe James Tfver, amounted to fourteen thousand men. They were made up of Major General Fields' division, consisting of live brigades; Major General Mabone's division, three brigades of Willcox's division, one brigade of Busbrod Johnson's division, Wade Hampton's cavalry , and a few reserved militia defending Chapln's Btaff. ' WITHDRAWAL OF THIS TROOPS NORTH OP THE JAMBS. It is not improper to state that It has Anally been determined tbat the rercee lately operating at l?eep Bot tom tbe new phase of military affairs that has precipitated Itself incident to our holding the Weltlon Railroad, be of more eerrice to tbe cause elsewhere. Con sequently (hey were withdrawn on tbe nigbt or the 30th Inst. , and new dispositions made of tbem to suit new and important complications, which will be made apparent in good time. OOLOBEL LOU IB bell's brigade. Among tbe brigades doing a heavy amount of bard and useful work during the recent operations tbe Third bri gade. Second division, Tenth army corps, commmded by Colonel Louis Bell, of tbe Fourth New Hampshire Volun teers, deserves mention. Its losses numbered one hun dred and fifty men, after gallant fighting. In addition to tbis Colonel Bell's 'brigade covered the retreat of tbe whole army on tbe night of the 17tb, and was tbe last to leave tbe works. COMPLIMENTARY ORDER FROM MAJOR GBRERAL D. B. BIBNET? THB COLORED TROOPS. Major General Btrney has promulgated tbe following order to tbe Tenth corps, wbich be commands, In relation t<> tbe honorable part taken by that command In tbe re cent operations boiore lieep Bottom ? GENERAL ORDERS. Headquarters Tknth Army Corps. ) frRRFLL's Mills. Va., Augn<t 19, 186*. < Tbe Major General oommandfng congratulates the Tenth, corpa upon Hq Mteoear It haa ou each occasion when or dered brolieu tbe enemy's strong lines. It hac captured during i hia abort campaign (our aeige gtms. protected by tbe most Tormldablcwor*s, ?li colors and taanv prlanne.ra It baa proved Itself worthy of Its old Wagner and Sumter re nown. Mm b fatigue, patience and heroism may yet be demanded of it; but tne >la or General rommiadnic >? confidant offthe response. To tbe colored troops reeently added to us and Uchtlng with uiltbe Major General commanding tenders bis thaaka far their unlNnn g<v>4 conduct and aoldierlv bear ing. They barve sei a gapa example tii our tbe entire ab rnee of atraggnng from their ranks on tbe march. By order of Majer Oeueral BIRNF.T. ?n. W. Liewt Col. and a. A. G. FQPR NBURORS HOLD APPOSITION. ? I notloe by some rebel papers 1 was permitted to glance at last evening tbat the rebels claim tbey repulsed Major Ludlow, commanding United States foroes at Dutch Gap, from his late position at Oox ferry, wit* loss to btm. In refutation of this assumption, it so happened that in tbe withdrawal or the troops, as mentioned In a previous de spatch, tour negro pickets were accidentally left on doty, not being Informed of tbe movement. A body of rebels came up anc were actually repelled by tbe negro fire? tbe four colored boys holding tbe position all nigbt. not withstanding tbe shelling of tbe rebel gunboats. I doubt whether another such an incident has oocsrred during tbe war. AT DITTOS CAP everything is quiet, and tbe work mow admirably on. The canal may now be said to be under full headway, and will go forward to a speedy completion. AN IB PORTA*! CO OPERATIVE MOVEMENT, by the Tenth corps, was commenced this morning, tbe details of which will reach you at tbe proper moment. The movement will address itself to tbe rebel vitals. THE PRESS DESPATCHES. Tike OMjtBieh from the Army Hekd <lD?rt?ri. Hs*i>?UABTitM. Army or ths Potomac, ") August lil? Evening, f Thi? morn I of the enemy mad* a Tigoroui attack on tbe Firtb oorps, on tbe left of tbe Weldon Railroad, at tbe same place wbere they were partially successful on Fri day ; but to-day they met with a different reception. Our line w formed about tbe same time ai it wu on that day, the First division being on <he extreme left, connecting with tbe cavalry, which covered the railroad, towards Reams station. Tbe Second division waa nest. Cutler's, tbe Fourth division, was across tbe aailroad, and tbe Third division (Crawford's) was on tbe right, 1 joinlag with the Math eorpe. .which connected the rlgbloftbe new line with tbe left of the old one, near the Jerusalem r ank road. Pnring Saturday our men had strengthened the breast works which tbey had temporarily erected, btsides throwing up others m tchilon. Farly th's mormng very heavy cannonading was epeued by the enemy from their works further down towards Petersburg. and our gun* replied very briskly, neither parly, however, doing the other soy particular damage. About seven A.M. a small force 0/ the enemy were ween moving as if to m<ke an attack on tbe Ninth oor|w, but a few well directed sbeUe seat them out of sight rather quicker than tbey advanced. Shortly after a strong column or tbe rebels emerged from the wood* on tbe left of tbe railroad, aud, foraiag in line, charred on what they believed to be eur left (link, out which proved to be the left of Geo en! Avree' front line. The rebels advanced io floe style and with tbe utmoet confidence, evidently thinking tbe work berore them was an oasy pleoa of bustnees. Rut wbst was their surprise on discovering a seoond line behind and extended to tbe left of the first, from which a row of bayonets glistened, with a battery on tbe left and another on tbe right, pour ing in a? cross fire iato their ranks, almoet every dia coargs causing large vacancies in tbsir line. A.i snoti as tbey discovered the critical position In wblcb tbey were pisoed tbe entire command made signs to imlloato their willti gness to surrender, and the order to cea<e firing passed along tbe b east works. Rut ss soon as ttiey discovered this a I .rgo portion of tbem broke and started for th>- woeds, the remainder ooraing In aod surrendering themselves. Our batterie* sent sererat missiles after tbe retreating party, maov of whom embraced mother earth Instead of reaebmg their lines, and at in remain where tbey fell , our gun* covering the entire field and nreventlog the bodies from home 1 arred away The t root * who made this charge consists! of the rebel divisions of Tloito and Bustrnd Johnson, of General Hiil'a eorpn and wers principally South Carolinians and Missis xlppians. Among tbe prisoners are one roienol, three lieutenant o?l.mcls, and thirty ?even captains and lieutenants. Lieutenant Lionel 8 B lhotnas, of tb?> Twel th Missis sippi Is wounded in the arm. Colonel K. C < onnell, of the Sixteenth Mississippi was wound' 1 in the leg, and It h;>8 sine; been ampniated . f'apt. T W Farreli, of tbe Twelfth Mississippi, is wounded in the ihlgh lieutenant lacobs of the Fifty-sixth North Carolina. is wounded la tbe fide and arm badlr. L>eut. M C. stowers. of the Bitth (ieorg'a, has ha i Ms teg amputated Lieut. H. I. latieli, of the rovenib A>utb Carolina, is wounded la the abdomen and ?lbow . 1 he number of men takeo is about three hundred and seventy-live, besides abotit twenty-five wounded , who are iu the hospitals. t-eneral Haywood commanded the assaulting isolumii, and shot Captain I>sly,of General ftitior's staff, who wae endeavormi; H got possession of a rebel Aug. (apt. is wounded in the side severely I General Hnvwtod was seen to isli from his horse, snd is believed io be killed. His body lies between the lines, aud m covered kv sharpshooters from both sides, I so that neither can got possession of ft. Prisoners also renort him killed. lhe trocim which met tl?e rebel aesaiHt wore the 9ei*>ud division and part lhe First. <<nneral Culler was slightly wouuded hi the face during the notion. Colonel Duahane, commanding the Heocnd brigade of 1^,'e Second division, wit kflled. ^,'nrlias in killed snd wounded numbers about one hund."'1' s'id Hfty, wlttle nearly Mi' hnndrrd were taken prison* r* "?? the skirmish Ikie. HIHipiO bel>:gmgto tbe filtl?.',b Pennsylvania I he nth.'1 '"ss is believed to h?, ai least, Cve or six hundred In k,''led and wounded Wo lock fiv? ?"'a of aninrs. and toose riy more. Ibe fblrd Dafewars took two, sod tbe Seventv-slxth New York one. Throe of the colon are entirely new, while tbe others ?rn much dilapidated. In the fight oa Friday our lorn in prisoners to believed to be larger than heretofore reported. The Ninetieth Pennsylvania was more than half taken, as wm the cue, in tact, with all the regiments of the brigade. The One Hundred and Fourth New York loet every ofllocr on the field, and can muster but comparatively few man for duty. Had these troops held their position or ahangcd their front, at some' did, tbey could nearly all have SAved themselves and glveu the enomv a sound thrashing; but being told tbey were flanked, tbey started (or the rear and fell Into the arms of the rebels. Colonel Wbeelnck, with the 8e<ftnd brigade of the Third division, changed his front towards the rear, and forming in line of bottle, with skirmishers thrown out, advanced to see wbero the enemy were, and reached onr second line without losing a man of lAose who remained by him, while all who left and ran were captured. This brigade brought in-wltb them over sixty prison ers and a stand of colors, besides retaking many of our ?ten wbo were being taken away. August 22? Morning. No further fighting has taken place since yesterday morning. Skirmishing baa been very brisk, and during laat night a good deal of artillery was beard. At this hour (six o'clock in the morning) all ta quiet within the sound of hoadqnsrters, but another engage ment may take place at any moment, as the enemy will not give up their hopes of regaining possession of the railroad, until they see the impossibility of consummat ing their purpose. Our lines have been greatly strengthened within tQe laat twenty four honrs, and should the enemy attack oa tbey will fare even worse than they did yesterday. The For (reins Monroe Despatch. Foktkwp Momrok, August 22, 1X64 The mail steamer Vanderbllt arrived bet e at half-past Tear o'clock this afternoon from City point. She brings the intelligence that the enemy have been making a desperate effort to retake the Weidon Railroad, <but have so far been unsuccessful. Our forces now hold the ro?d (irmly, and have secured >a position from wfcich it ia believed the enemy oannot ale lodge them The anemy made three desperate charges on our lines yesterday, and were repulsed eaeh time, with very heavy loss to them. Our loss was light, and It is reported'ibat wo captured five hundrodfirisoners. The steamer Hudson arrived on Saturday last from Pensacola, and was ordered to remain in quarantine, but took her leave lust night without notice. She had on board five hundred troops, whose time had expired and who had re enlisted, bound to New York on furlough Tne oourt martial of which Colonel Rand, of the Fourth Massachusetts, was ITesideflt, which has been in sossioa some -weeks past at Norfolk, was adiourned Ion Saturday Inst, and all Its members ordered to the front under arrest. Particulars of Friday's Fight oa the Wrldoa Railroad. f Special correspondence of the Washington Chronicle, j Ths YklujwIHoiisb, August 20, lfctt*? P M. Here is a summary or the movement which gave ne poeeeesioc of the Weidon Railroad. Thursday morning the Fifth corps marched to the le*t. Their destination was the present position ; (be obiect of the march, de struction to the railroad communicating with North Caro lina. The srOall command of oavnlry In advance captured or drove oil every rebel this side of the road. Very few shots were exchanged. A f?w cavalry vldeitea only op ? posed ocr progress, ir a surprise was designed it eoold not have been more successful. Griffin's division first reached the road, and immediately began to tear It up, making breastworks of the ratio and sleerers. At this place the command halted for rest and refreshment^. Near noon the rebels mads tboir appearance. Mahonc's and* Hetb's divisions were rushed * p oa tbe double quick. They attacked os instantly, impetuously. Ayers' division seomed abon t to be overwhelmed, when Hoffman's brigade of the Fourth division came Bravely upon bis lert and offered the rebels .stout resfstance. The Pnrnell Legion, composed of Mary landers, for a moment received the heaviest portion of the shock, but'soen recovered from the momentary con fusion into which tbey were thrown. Crawford upon the right and Ayres upon the left now advanced their line simultaneously, swinging It around and forward so as to take longer ml stronger grasp upon ths road, for which the enemy now exhibited great anxiety. It was bore the gallant Pisrson, lieutenant colonel of the Thirty - ninth Massachusetts, received a mortal wound, and many brave follows belonging to the Second and Third divisions were placed Aor.? it etmbai. Poreelv a month has elapeeti sinoe I performed the melancholy dutv of furnishing yon with the? particulars of Colonel Oavlr death. Be oommanded the Thirty ninth Massachu setts One evening, while quietly aU ting in his tent, a aboil earns whtzring along, and burst undsr tbecb?lr whereon be sat, killing him almost instantly. At last ws bold ths We Id mi Railroad. That night, Thursday, we built breastworks sf the soft mod. All night the rain fell drearily. Next day, untH ten o'eloek, there was very little firing. Between ten and eleven A. M., the enemy felt the line la front of the Veteran Rao err an. A briek skirmish ensusd, which lasted about balf aa boor, and then died out. It was noon. General Wilcox's division of the Ninth corpe bsd takes up a posi tion near ths woods, upon tbs extreme right or the line General Bragg*e brigade of the Fourth division was slightly advaaoed as skirmishers. Then came Crawford 'a division; Wbeeieck's brigade in the centre, I.yle and Hartahorn. with their respective brigades, oa slther side At this point ren the railroad. Upon the other side was Ayres' division and the Ssoond brigade or Cutler's dlvi slon . Griffin's and ths balance of tbe Fourth division fol lowing. Between four and five o'clock lly enemy oame epoa Wilcox with fearful foroe. Volley succeeded volley, bat failed to destroy tbe Impetus which tbe rebels hsd ac quired In their run. Hartrauft . on tbe risht. and Hum phrey, on the left, had their brigades closely united, and successfully resisted and foHad every eflbrt of the aasafi ants to penetrate tbetr front This was bat the pre cursor of the coming conflict. A simultaneous attack was made upon our entire front. Every battery in posi tion roared forth Its dreadful, direful notes. Great dark, tbreatsning clouds began to gather, and tbs white smoke or tbe battle ne d gently asoeodsd In soft pHlow-shaped wrestbs to plead and propitiate. S>on the rain begaa to drop upou tbe hot hesda o- tbe combatants, and the rgsr of men's cannon visd witb the rumbling of (feavsa's ar tillery. Fifty sharpshooters, belonging to tbe Seventh Indiana were swept from sight in lass time than It takes me ta write this. Tbe rebels bad forced their way through the skirmish line, and wers deploying right sod lsrt, to coma down upon Crawford's right and Wilcox's left. Here the fight thickened; men grew desperate and drew strength from the frenzy which the battle oreited General Rragg's brigade was forced back, and the rebels rushed upon Uyle. threatening to devour everything. The Veteran reserves wero swept from sight, aftV doing rearrnl execution with their new Spencer rifles. Colooel Hartshorn, commanding brigade, was captured , Colonel Csrle wounded and captured, ana near two hundred men from this brigade are missing General ratter brought the Second division, Ninth corps, upon the right of Wilcox. (>eneral White soon took position still firtber to tbe right This was early in the engagement. These troops bad Just performed a wean?ome march over s"ft roads, yet they entered the ftgbt immediately witb cheerfulness and courage, holding their place upoa the right withfgreal stubbornness. Tbs Fiftieth regiment of Pennsyivaata Veteran Volunteers capture'! a stand of colors from tbo Forty-seventh Vlr. gioia. Km blazoned upon Its red, while and red folds were inscriptions of thirteen engagements, in which tbe regiment 'bad fought ? from Ruilfruo to Mine run. About this time Major Belcher, commanding tbe Eighth Michigan, was killed, and Maj' r Hart, comm'WKfcog tbe Fifty first Psnnsylvanis, wounded. A short distance to tbe led tne One Hundred snd Fourth New York captured a stand of oolers and some prisoners. The rebels penstrated our front and ponrad to upon tbe flanks of tbe different commands Men be*;aa to come to the rear, with weapons in their bands. Gsneral Hayss. who connsoled with Crawford at tbe railroad, was roughly bandied. He was lately dubbed brigadier gene ral, and oommanded tbe regular brigade in Aires' divi sion. Hayea was carried off. and I number of his troops We reoeded from tbe clay banks, hastily thrown ap In s nlglit. U they wore of atfy protection, tbev were lost. The battle assumed tbe ap)>earance of a mWee. Every one seemed to fight to kill. Darkness was stealing over tbe field of battle. Tbe rebels strewed the ground. Here and there tbey lay as when kt led, their long hair drabbled In mud, their gray clothes dripping with blood. Bolng the assailants, tbev suffered severely. We lost most is prisoners they had many kil'ed snd wounded. Bea.iregsrd's men bid con ceutrsted with HIH's corps. Ihey designed annihilating, with a powerful fores, a single corp* dVirss-t, which thev imagined detached from the main body to tear up tne railroad track. Unfortunately for Hie successor their plan, three divisions of the Ninth corps wsre at hand, and tbe salvation of Warren's command was sure, lee has generally been successful wben hn comes with tremsodous power npon an isolatsd body ix troops. Thw time be felled Ws lost near one thousand men toiten prisoners . snd about five hundred kHIed anil wounded uvsr one hundred rsbol slain were fouod In rront of one brigade Una moruiog. Tbey wers interred A short tints bsfqrs dsrk onr line was redressed and strengthened. It wits too long snd attemiitsd.bsrors the fight. It ws? now our turn to advance. Forward rushed onr soldiers, aod back wsnt the rebels, Ws rscaptured tbs works and the ground lost two hours before. No doubt I-es desires us to Isavs here. It Is very inoovenlest for us to remain In this soft glutinous mud, (Kit, I fsar ws cannot accommodate the "great Virginian." What then* He will fotce us! Oh! twics he tried thstaml failed Would be risk a general engagement at this time snd plaoo' Verily, no. Then we claim the ro?d t? be ow bv right or ''Squatter sovsrslgnty," for we are now oa raped around and about It. Lee Is tbns forocd to Isngthcn bis iins, which naoesssw lly weakens It. He tnuiu rorego all supplies by this route, aod reiinqubib this iins or egress. The Pf rat* TsllnhMUt tail the Block ?de RatMn. IUmpax, K. 8., August 38, 1W4. The federal ?w*mer I'ootooauo arrived at North Sydoer thto morn int. Fhe r*w no nlga* of the Tftlatuuuwe. A wlnte ddewhecl iteamer posted through the (hit of Canao on Sunday. There ara now In rli blockade runnara, Tit:? The C<n*tanre, Kalrm, North iieath, I Ulle Hattie, lie ten aa<l Out. tho Jattar arrived lai|t night, j SHERIDAN. A Battle Near Charles town, Va. THE UNION FORCES DRIVEN BACK Rnmora of Their Crossing the Potomac. Loyal Citizens Leaving for Places of Safety, &c.. &c.. *?. BiMTMfORB, August 23, 1804. The following intelligence is published this morn tug. tbe substance or which the censor woaid cot permit to be transmitted over the wires last night:? Hakftsp Fbkbt, V*., August 22, 1864. A brisk engagement took place yesterday, two miles beyond Cbarlestown, between the Army ot Weetcrn Virginia ana the rebel force now in the Shenandoah]valley. The battle commenced at eight o'clock in the morning by a heavy column <Jf rebel infantry and cavalry attempt ing to pierce our ezben slve front near Summit Point. After a rharp, but decisive struggle, oar skirmishers wore compelled to give way. The First division, General Wilson's, of General Tor toe u'b cavalry corps, were engaged on our right and saf fered heavily General Mackintosh's brigade, of that division, lost nearly three hundred men, but only one officer was seri ously wounded. Acting Adjutant Lloyd, of the Twenly-cecond Wisconsin cavalry, and tfcree other officers were slightly wounded, but have not yet left their cmmands. The movement bad evidently for its object the posses sion of Martiosburg; for at tbe same time that the attack was made at ijpmmit Point another false movement was made against our extreme left, and the attacking column moved slowly down towards our right, and then suddenly a new body of rebel troops appeared in front ?f our rlgbt, the Sixth corps. A short but determined battle lock place. Tbe Sixth, Eighth and Nineteenth corps formed In line of battle, Irom right to left, as I bavs written them down. The Fixth corps bore tbe brunt of tbe engagement, and the Second division lost heavily? some three hundred wounded and irom sixty to seventy killed and missing. Tbe loss of the rebels was fully as great. Among tbe officers wounded In tbe Sixth oorps are the following:? I.leut Ool. Geo. K. Chamberlain, 1st Vermont. Lieut. Ool. A. A. Halo, 6th Vermont. Ma)or O. W. Dwlnell, 6th Vermont. Captain P. B. Tabgar,6tb Vermont. Lieut Rodenbaub, 81st Pennsylvania. Lieut. Charles C. Money. 2d Vermont. Lieut. J. N. Price, fllst Pennsylvania. Acting Adjutant John Caldwell, 61st Pennsylvania. Our right drove tbe enemy over a mile and then fbll back to tbetr eid line, holding It nntll ten o'clock, when our entire army retired towards Halltowa, where they now lie, la line of battle, on the first rang* of hills In tbo immediate vicinity of that place. The Eighth corps, General Crook, won only partly en gaged and loot but few moo. Tbe left, consisting of the Nineteenth oerpo, General Esaory, were not engaged, as their line rested on tbo Berry villa pike. Oar entire lino extended from tbo Berryrtile pike, on the left, to flsnitbfleld pike, on tbe right, and occupied the commanding line or ooantry running between tbeee two roads, situated some two miles from Oharleetown. Oar -cavalry, after tbe enemy had shifted his front from our loft to our right, retired down the Berryvllle pike, and paeelng through Charleatown bivouacked in tbe fields to the right of tbe town. All laat night troops wore passing- tbroagh Charles town In tbe direction of Balltown, and the soene by aeoonligb! was an extremely Inspiring one. Tbs cavalry were left la front of Charlestown aad Ibalr picket* relieved the lafantry before daylight. At sunrise "forward" was sounded, end tbe entire oavalry corps moved forward and took up tbe position abandoned by tbe Stgbth and Sixth oorps. As I rode away en route for tne Ferry a sharp and continuous skirmishing fire broke out, aad it lasted until nine o'clock, wben It suddenly sfaokened, and before I loft Halltowa it bad entirely ceased. Our cavalry bave orders to push through to Martina burg, and tbe infantry are busy pitching impromptu camps along their line of battle, awaiting tbe rosult. Rumors are afloat that tbe rebels are crossing the Poto. mac at Martinsburg. What truth there is In them I can not say. Certain it Is, however, that tbe rebels bavs possession of Martinsburg, whatever may be their ulti main intention. Large numbers of loyal citizens aro here endeavoring to reacb places of safely further north, believing there wll! be a total abandonment of the valley. Mr. T. C. Wllioa'i D*iptl?hei. S*ro*n (Aviful'S) CiTiUT Division, ) I* thi Finn, August 21, 1K64. ) RScnnffoiaaaiir*! in 8Ki*msin*. Yeatarday we mad* some movementa of Importance, and hid oh or two encounter* with the enemv'a cavalry. During the daj raoonnolterlffg parties were lent out on different roadi to ascertain tbe enemy'* strength and poaitloa. One of these racooaoltering parties, wblcb ad vaticad i>y way of Martlnshurg, and wai tinder command o' Mautanaot J. McDonald, met the enemy near Bunker Will and charged htm. In tbe drat charge we drove in the enemy '? picket*. It wa* then found that the enemy was In strong force, and *o our party retired without (us. taming any leee whatever. Y*eterday morning our ploket* and tboee of tbe enemy ?okayed each other at nam No 5, on the Potomac river. We soon drove the rebel* off. They were in email num bers. In'ormatlon from General ?herHan's loft report* a ik rtnisb ye?terd?y at or near Kdwar la Ferry. A itail" ottlcer who arrived faprn Oooeral Sheridan'* h'idi'iariers rtila morning aay* there wa* no general en gagement yeatardsy. naaRT mi * >* muii. We have received Information by a parson who left Jtartinrburg this moraing that Harry (t'lmor entered the aforesaid town last oven ng. but left It again before morning. In onsejianoe of tbe threatening state of affair* on tbe border mtuy farmer* are leaving the section of country a <*>? ibe line of the I'otomiic, to return, n ore during the war. FAT4K r*H1ll **POUT1?. The report I* aga:n started that the rebel* contemplate a move ibio Western Peonsf Ivsnla and Western Virginia, lliere is one thing certain, and that I* that the retols are (!omg is did Farly whan he adraortd before. Thay are nalof *11 aiena* u> spread exaggerated report* regarding their slieugth and intentioo*. and at tba same time d * piayinf lireat activity by constantly keeping out small lmo*>, who thraatea our piekets aod communtcatioua and act us icouM A geutietnaa came into headquarter* to day and re. ported ih* rebel* as liavmg entered Sbepbard*town in small force today. Wa bad only a small force there acting i* videtCaa Varolii reporta have come in dariag the day qf heavy firing to the direction of Charlaatown, or where (ieuaral Pbendsn'* nunn foree ia known by Ibo rabala to be In r*a Fiai.a, August S3, IM4. Yesterday's alterations agatnai General Sheridan * Una were con lined to stlrmtahlog, whlob onmmeooed m the morn lug and waa continued at Intervals during the day to day t'.iere la a renewal of hoetintioe In the neighbor hood of Hatltown. He doubt thla afternoon or to-morrow morning will bring Important davelopa^nt* Mr. Jitnaea B. Wardeil'a Daap?t?h. IU ar*a "a Faasr, Va. , August 22, 1*04. I ? asm warn two avn saiaiw *.?<*. ! Abnnt alna o'clock yesterday morning skirmishing aommcnead on tbe loft of the line of Wilson* dlvlaiot>, two and a half milea out from Summit I'oint. The Third New Jersey had the left, and wna hotly crwsgr-d t W an I, hour, whoo thla raaimant wore obliged to .ail hark a I little Several *( uuilronj of tbe Second brigade were brought to tbeir relief, wben ihey were enabled to make ? stand , but tbe rebels nunnog tbelr foic?s all along tbe Itne cnboib aides of the pike, were obliged to (all back alowly into tbe town, disputing every mcb of ground. Tbe trains were nowj^iered to Cbarleaiown. a? It waa evident that the position was noi tunable, and tbat to remain longer would iopnreour being cot off from the main army , which waa moving out 0! Charlestown t<>? w .11 ds U&rper'a Kerry^ Rrtl.Kt M AN'KC VRlN'i. Tbe early mauauvring of tbe rebels waa to dlacov our position and strength in front, while ibey tbre heavy columns on either hand to ent off tbe ret rout. General Mc I u tosh's First brigatlo wax sent down tbe pike to keep the ro M clear, supported by FiU Hugh's batter?, while General Cbapman'a Second brigade, supported by reonington's battery, protected tbero:ir. CRJIEILAl. WIJ^OS'S OHO I NKSH. We were attacked In force on throe sirfes, and bnt for tfce cocl bravery and determined wtl) of General Wils<>n, who rnde along tbe lines, sujierintending all, part of tbe division would probably have been cartured. The com maud fell back quite rapidly to Charlestown, and took up a position for the night two miles beyond Charlestown , on tbe extreme right. There is a report tiai part <?f the aapply train was captured by tbe rebels Hanking It on tbe* i inht but how true It id cannot he ascertained. Tbe killed and wounded were all brought In and cared for. Accust 22?11 30 A. M RSSfL OHAKCR*. Skirmishing commenced vory early this morning on the right, and noon extended along Ilia whole line. The rebels made several charge*, which drove our lines in, ntiil we were rapidly driven through the town, out on tbe Hari?r'a Ferry pike, tbe rebels following ua Dp very close. Om FOS1TIOH. The whole army is now strongly posted on tbe heights in the rear of this place, the Third division of cavalry occupying the rigbt. The enemy is close upon ua. but Feeing us so thoroughly prepared they rany not risk an engagement, tbould they do ho your readers may look for some very encouraging news soon afterk The If a 111 more Telegrams. rui rmoRB, August 23, 1804. Intelligence from tb? Upper Potomac apeaks of nothing more important than alight skirmishing along the line*. Our forcea occupy a strong position. Tbe rebela occupy tbe country in tbe direction of Martinaburg, but have not crossed the Potomac. Tbe design of tbe enemy, wbetber to attempt to invade Pennsylvania or to make a demon stration toward Washington , ban not yet been developed. Tha Washington Telegrams. Wamiumitok , August 23, 18M. A despatch from Hagerstnwn says all Is quiet to-day along tbe border. There bas been no fighting In tbe val ley as far as known. Yesterday our forces destroyed a long rebel supply train on tbe Winchester and Martinaburg turnpike. NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS. The Rebels Concentrating at Jaekaoa, Bliss.? movements or Rebel Generate. Cairo, 111., Auguat 22, 18A4. Tbe steamer Ida Hande, with New Orleans datea of tbe 16th instant, bas arrived bere. She had two hundred bales of eotton for Menophin A large force of rebel cavalry Is reported to be concen trating at Jackson, Miss. Tbe New Orleans Delta bas Alexandria, La., advices of | tbe 7tb Inst. General Kirby Smith was there. General f>tck Taylsr was at Atlanta, In command of Centra! Polk's old corps. General Buckner bad taken command or nick Tayler's farces In Louisiana. Tbe rebels around Alexandria were telling tbe property of everybody. A number ef wealthy planters were liv ing on rations, In consequence of tbelr bouses having bean destroysd snd everything they possesssd carried off by tbe rebele. The rebels were carrying out a eonsoriptlon with great aeverity,but both conscripts sad refugees swear tbat tbey will oaptureand bold Dick Taylor's children as hos tages for tbe security of tbelr families. The DtUa says that ths army worn In Louisiana h de vastating whole plantation. THE GUERILLAS. . Bxecaatloas of Two G?erfllsta. Fbabkun, Ky., August 22.1M4. Two foerillas ? G. Bloom sod W. B. MoGfaseoo? were executed bere on Saturday, ta retaliation ror Ae murder of Union cltiaeos by guerillas. Two 0?rllUi Killed. Louwviu.r, Ky., Auguit 11 1884. On tbe 16th Instaot, la Meade county, a detachment of tbe Ttlrty-flftb Kentucky came oo a squad of guerilla* and killed Frank King and Burck, both notorious men. 0?n> Palne'a Biptdltloa In Keninoky. St. I^>on, August 22, 1S04. When General Patne'* expedition (after Johnston's guerilla*) arrived In Uniootown, Ky., Paine arreated eeveral prominent rebel*, confiscated sixty hogsheads of tobacco, seventy-four barrels or whiskey, one bnndred and fifty barrels of salt, one hundred-oaglle and seventy Ave borses. General Hovey^jolneo Paine at Morganfleld, .'obeston fleeing toward Hopkioavllle, in the southern psrt of the State. A despatch from Springfield says tbat Illinois has beea made a separate military district, aader (General Paine, who arrived at Springfield yesterday. lie will establish bis headquarters there. On the other hand, Cairo do spatche* aay that Paine will retain command In Western Kentucky A despatch from Fort Smith. Ark., says that Geoeral Tbsyer attacked the rebel Geoeral Cooper a mile to (rent of Fort No. 1, and oompletely routed him. Iiwi from Vaihvlllr. N*shvill>, Tenn.. August 22, 1*MH. The river la eight feat on Harpelb 'hosts sad still ris ing Cltjr Intelligence. Ths Errae* or tub Hior Tasirr. ?Tbe high tariff be gins to be severely felt by tbe merchants of tbia rUy , who Diva Imported large quantities of rancy goods in an ticipation of finding a ready market and blgb profits. Tbe high duties Imposed upon all article* of foreign Im portation are ao oppressive that several merotisnts wil be compelled foreman their goods lo Hurop* Smuggling Is said lo be carried oa to sacb sn extent across tbe fron tier nr < aim .a that merchant* In legitimate trade are not able to cirmpete with this Illegal traffic, -"event D-omi nent merchants engaged in the Importation of icwelry and fancy articles of great vdi ?e give It i* their optn on that ualess immediste steps .ire taken to protect them from Mils imposition they will be compelled to snspecM business entirely. AJimniHART o? ru Yotr*i Mav* Rom* Catsosjo Rixavotait Association.? The eleventh anniversary -of tbe Yooog Men's Romtn Catholic Benevolent Association took place laat evening at Brookes' Assembly Rooms, Ml Broom" street. Tms association his been organised iB''t 1858, and now numbers nwirly four hundred w rabera. Its object- are principally n-icial benevotenc" and religious advancement The meeting organ i ied shortly after eight o'clock, witn Mr. J. 8. A'tiily, Presideat in tl>e ohatr. Tbat gentleman gave a short history of tbe working of the society since its commencement Mr. Hsyes, la tbe absetv * of the recording secretary . rea l Uie annual re port, br which it appeared that there hsd been received and coMarWb for tlie year |1 !M?J, of which |74A was e?. ponded After tho transaction of further routine boiiaeas the me?tlng adjourned and took of an *tmI. 'nut collatloo. Tbe ro4le? mg arc tbo officer* o I the aaa>> < lation ? President, J. S .Scully, Vice Preeldeat. M. Mciv>nald. Recording Secretary , P. Tlghe (lorrespoo hog fecre'iry , J. McGerrald Treasurer, A tfrGerraid, True tees, J. 8. Byrne, A. 0. (lutoin, J, Hays* A StrmatD Victim or ma *ni*iino?T IIbsmuhi. ?Cor oner Averv.of Hohotan, held ao inn?est yetterdav oo tbe body of an uoknowa man found float log in tbe North river, near Sybil'! Cava. The remain* were very much ecompoeed, the arms to tbe elbows abd one leg to the ku'w being gotm the ileab from the face bad nao alulwt, and the hair on the bead waa entirety gone. Or .-*o!m bert examined tbe body, and gave it m his opinion tistt It ba-i been badly burned. It is tbe Impression tho de ceased was on board tbe ill-rated stoaatboat Horkshlre, which wis binned ap tbo Korui river some two n tenths slno" Tbe only garment on Uie body wwi part o< a paw of pantaloon*. The )ory rendered a verdict of ? Heath irnrn canoea unknown." Fm* m CaMSTomw Haaiaii.? 8bwiiy befcoe seven o'clock last evening a Ore bsoke out m the smokehouse of JoMPh Haifa pork packing estabm+msnt, Mo H2 Christopher street. The porV bad been sent there to smoke by J. It. Hoicomb, ?he, H seem*. * furnishing a JT< v*rni?ient contract. The w>-s on iLa pork bv tire ami water will ha about IB, 000. Tbla Ur. Boiooaib has in sured. Mr. Hell owns ike biiikUng. It ? dimmed abOiilfMO? in?u red for $U, 0<W in lb- Gi. be Interims Ountany. No <?><s to >1 r . Roll's Mock T! ?> fir'1 is sa.1 I have been nsneerf h? ibs fat gettiiw ft to tbe lire. FARRAGUT. Attack oa Fort Morgan NKW OHIJIAS8, AUgU?t ie, l"* gtafb'* land forces under General Grang r nr Iteee hundred yards of Furl Morgan , and a general a s fc*ult w eipected in a few Jays. The fleet fu"y ' re I ir?>I , including the ram Tennessee. Fort Morgan la alltnt. There are a.ven feet ot water to Mobil*. A rebel report of an. attain on uud slaughter of fu* troop. is untrue. _ ?Alula! Report of Operation* In Mobil" Bay. FLAOSinv Htnw?. "I VVT Gtll.F BUK>?ADW? Syl . ? Mo una Bat, Auguxt 8, 1^'H. I fta_I bare the honor to inform lb. departmeo. that Fort l'owell was evacuated on the nigbt of the otfc ri r. Th.. n<?t Kniilneer and Heot I ayma?ier l?iu? Stockdade with iron, he., for the r?p?ira of our voa"f On the afternoon "I the #tb the (' hlckasaw went .down ?nil ahelled Fort Gaina?, and on H10 morning > i I Md Major Browne on board, and the agreement wag I alitood b? alt P?ft\ei. Aucust & Meet Captain HSStesii: Meet. . ,h? i.i tor ? of Colouel Anderson Enclosed are copies the letter^^^ ^ m,rte<? ""Jnher. TmV Very respitfmiy, your obedient numbers 1 and l 7 n G? FAKRAOUT. TeS' Admiral Commanding West Oulf Ulockad.n. Wn.?? Wiu* Secretary of the Navy. [No. ,-l . , H**n'jC>RTWM, roRT ?,Ar^, A?oat 7 , Admiral Fariuuct, commanding Naval Fortes oO D*o ^ZlTyTr longer than you may ew fit l" P? P^ #Dl>il|ng u|ion fleet, and feeling al?o the uaele.M1ea. ?r#??e *nw? ~ ourselves further de,y "?i , ? -lnet' lt? garrison, atnre*, r'T.rnst tor^? ?Mn?n^ly for opining hn^* ho. I trust ? ??"? "? rmiiieat that you will trans terms, which I i,7ffl0l2nt time to consider Item mil to *'l?" Thlscommnnlcntlou will be Sd-SwW'w.J "row- 1 am. Sir, very respectfully, yoor^ob?iien^M)^ ^ Colonel Commanding. Ci AnaniP HlRTroRn^Owr* Bat, Aogust 7, 1864. 3m-!ln accordance with the ',r0^/' Qa^ Granger In <^>mm?nd of our forces on Dauphin Island, 1 that the only offers we can make are elf atld erty withinUs limit*. h,oh ln conformity with "iftlSwrt prop.rlj, ??? U? "?"? Sii- s;S^- srrssr Army , woo y reanectfully, your obedient servant, and myself. V.ry respectfully, y^^ ^ G. GRAKGTO, Major General U. K A. i s^c?Siii5SK3i^?i. ?: Lien tenant Coltonand AcWng the ,rlCkM. landed from the ?loop of" -nfu e?<i?d tn capturing th?f is^-sf.-xsrSiS m*nt for promotion. Tito Ca*aaltl?? tn tlto Eef.nt Engagement. The following la extracted from rarioos omcial report, received at the Nary Department r.ialire lo the ci?ual hm in Mobil* bay - ir.i isTt nv the Ft-AiiSHxr Ha?t?o*d.? William H. Big ordtoary11'**?**' SSj ffiuo*. B*ijaml- narp*r J.a? H. phna PuH*. ThomM B*yn*. John C. 8co?. TDo*: James Al*?n?er H*ry C^lt. Wm. R Murrell, (^orge Wal**r. Ttoom* WMjl, ,,?^orn I xr id korrow. l'*t*r Dunoan. Andrew L. SrmtO, Jraiwn Campbell, Charles 9let*n*on, wounded sererelr and transferred to the ho*ptU^l F?* I **cola, 20 woonded .lightly and remaining on Kiuio os tb* Stsa?? B*ooKt*ii.-Wro. U Cook. Aofr fngMalter^ Mate, ^be following ^men ?,? in I Harwood. .tohn Rran. rharlea H s*ymnur, I SB!TJJa!?^r,US2StsJK5SirK t*S?. ssa t5S. ?erely , 12 JligWy, 18- . Wouni>kJ^Vi* Tn a Movorqabbla? 4. . 0 Kili *d on thb M?taO"*?t? John Stewart. * kX? thb (Hxinac? l^en Maine. Wound.*, 7. WorsnBt) o* iHB Oalbha? 8. Wounded 18. K.'nS ? tTh K^rr-I^lel Oodfrey. Wou, de<l.?. Th* "l. no r"*^rt regarding th.low.ea on the ferumMb. Oar PtaikctfU Corrcipoadeace. l'K!?(?*roL* Natt Yard, August 9, 1904. The ReUl Admiral Bwhai*m m the Hotpilal at J'enia cola ? He u Doing W til ? Commander Mutuary, Com manding th' Oneida, also tn Hospital? Ht, Ha* Lost am Arm? fl?w< of the Wounded Sent to Set e Orleans? Ad ditional Ijorttt on Board the Tecumieh , d e. The l ulled Stntee steamer Aupusti is lying *1 'he wharf for repair*, which will probably take a week or ten days to complete. The United Slate* steamer Owaeoo ia still undergoing repairs. Nearly all of ber olBcera sod about thirty of ber men aro detached and ordered in Tea sel* engage*! in the Mobile light. No other vessel* ex eert the regular guard ship* are now at this humioo All the sick at tbe hospital who were able to be re moved werp sent to New Or lean* on Sunday by tbe I'nlted Stale* steamer Tennessee, to give room m the wounded. The rebel Admiral Buchanan, who was wound*! In th* name spot be was when In cnmswit* of tbe Merrimar, is at the hospital doing well Commander Mulaney . or the Bienville, wbo had temporary oommand of tbe oneida during the light, lost his left arm. Is also at tbe bo?piUi and doing well. Kngineer Fitch, who wae badi.v ?caldod on tbe same vessel, Is much better, and ia a fair way of recovwv Lieutenant Premise, of the Mnnongabela, and sev*a men were burled <>o Sunday Tbe men were moatiy thoee who bsd died from scalding nn the Oneida. Among the officer* and crew of th* Ill-rated lecumaeD, snuk by a torp?do while engaged in the aiU< k on th* Mobil* forts, acre tbe following, wbo were detached from tbe United S?n?* steamer owaaco and ordered to thai teasel exprasaly to wrc 10 tbe 0*nt ? - Frederick H Har low. Second Assistant FAgioeer Wtlter L TltcwnlK Act wi; . John Iymgbrey, seaman* Peter McGinnis and Peter McNally, ordinary ?can *n < h\rlee Carson, Wm. Smith, David Terhune, luJward McC.raih, Thomas KeiUy, Jatno* Hamilton and hdward Freeman, cnalheavers. Wm. McNally, rlr- 1 rlasu boy. All or tbe f redoing, with tho exception of the nrst three of the crew, whom it may be were saved , went dowa witb the veajtel. * touexed is an 'VTtc ai rei>ort of the rebel killed and wmindfj on board thereb-l ram ' otme*a**:? A t'/'tf. ? John Silk, flreinati Kd KiUkeony. flremaa, Will Moore, teaman Jobn Comal ek. Oral lieutenant, and executive offleer of the >elm ? . John K Murray ter, and exerativ* officer of tbe Selma, William Hull, gunner >< mote. Janin* Koooev. aeaman Jame* Mott gomerir, seaman Bernard Klely, ordinary *eaman , J R Krinby, landsman; C Shen6< rd, landsman **"??.>(.? Admiral Buchanan. Captain P S Murphy; . J C OTotmaL englueer A 0 Post, pilot Will Roger*, eo gloeer: Vnm I'aily, seaman; James Ramy, mar'a* J tlcCaua, marine 1i Luieban, Henrv Prater, landman . John 9bW*b. seaman . John Villa, seaman , Juan Davis, seaman. Ijat uf r*be offioere captured in tbe oav*l action in Mobile B*y by Admiral Karragat ? Admiral I rankHn Buchanan, right leg broken, In bnepl Ul at Pewacola ... P W. Murphy, Lieutenant Commanding, sJigmiy wounded. In h<i*pital at Peute< ola. J c o Cornel, Second Adiiataat Ifcgf??*. ?|,g"??y weunded. in bdtaUl at ' eoeaoola. 1). H. Conrad, fleet SurgeM A. G. Booth, AttltU'.l Burgeon. R. C Bowles, AMlstint Siirgoon. A. C. Post, fWt. si?ntly woonde1!, in boeptlal at Pen ?Tli Forrest a?l R *? < arter. aids to Admiral. jamM D Johnson, c rotfiandlDK ram Tennessee. ? L. Bradford, First l.ientanant, ram Tennewee. A D* Wharton. Lieutonan*, ram lennensee. F J Muimiit"" ?' 'ani l*nne*aee. li W Perrlu . Master, rsm Tenneeiwe. John DeMabey. Master, ram Teaoes?re Ceorge P Unmg. Chiaf f jigmcer, ram Tenneosee. p G. Kainev-, 1 aptain of Marin**, ram Ttnneesee. jr. Mc'Tadle", Boauwatr, ram Tennewee. H I> Hvn ith, tlunner, ram lenneeene M'len iiens-iti, Roger* Palteraon and Haya, (togineerg, J. II. ' oheu, Purser's Clerk. V. H Roblrison, Lieutenant Of ateamrhi* Selm > Hidfbii man Dtxnn, Ki gl/ieer J Kilp*rrt< k, Mnjdnn *tnl Appicgato, Matter Walker atd Pilot ?ult"n, of tiegun ai d Sample, hoaptwl (towards.

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