Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1864 Page 1
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__THE NEW YORK HERALD. m0Ll "U" 10,204 ' NEW YORK, THURSDAY, AUGUST !?, 1864. PR1CJi FOUR CBN? THE WESTERN CONSP^ACY. aportftBt Revelations Respecting the Treasonably Viol in Indiana. | Thirty Thousand Revolvers Ordered ftr tfce Indiana Copperheads* Oae Hundred Thousand Men to be Held Beady for Aotion. EJ aunurea primea copies or tbe ritual; i ?f correspondence of an important cha to given to the on b lie at tbe proper Will begin to understand now how mi Belzare of Arms and Ammu nition at Indianapolis, &e, &8? &?> The Indlinnpolis Daily Jtwnalot tbo 2lat Inst., baa tb? following aOdlttoual lulormatioa about tbe treason in Indiana:? LKTTBU FKOU OOVBRNOU MORTON? ARMS AND AM MUNITION. 0?i Saturday afternoon Overnor Morton received a let ter i'roin an la<t?>iii city , which %aa an fol.ows, except ?uk.a .vitno.-i, wliicU wo omit lor pruueutial reasons: ? ? ? , August 17, 1304. Governor O. B. Mon^o*:? Sik? lno laets >>?ieby stat'rt have come to my knowledge la a manner ami from n "ouree such as to leave no doubt In Say mind ot their reliability. Tli? o. pp -rbea '? of Indiana have ordered and paid thirty iliouxa ifl revo ?rs, with f* ity two boxes fixed ammunition t > b<" distributed n tmng the antagonists to our go rrnnipot, lor th? purpose ot controlling tbe Presidential Start on Aupust 5 tbe steamer Cranio Stat* landed In New York fort, two b>.iM of revolvers and sunn n Hon; Angu t fl, tbe HtMraer city of Hurttonl land"! tw<vity two boxes am munition. destined lor Indianapolis. Thirty two ho\ei of thonbo re hav<- neen lor* arded lo I. J. Fartoni fn.liauapo 11a, via Merchants' Dei?raicb, and marked ? ; tbe b?l ?^ua Is stored .it No. ? ? ititet, Now York, awaiting "lie con enienceof the copperhead* to pay for tbe same be ttb shipping. ? . Immediately on tbe receipt or tbls letter. Governor Morton placed tbe Information it contained in tbo bands of ?ettaoman John S. Russell, who was abio in a short time lo report pr gress to Colonel James U. Joces, 'Assistant Provost Marshal, who, with Colonel Warner, of the Vste iw Reserve corps, witb a proper detail, made a descent on tbe printing and bookbinding establishment of II H. Dodd it Co. , on Saturday Light, who.o they found thirty two boxes, such as were described in the loiter. After Ike boxes were opened tbetr contents wore" found to con stat of four hundred large navy revolvers and one hun dred ud thirty Ore thousand rounds of flxod amtnunl ?too for tbe same am. Among the captures mado at Mm same plaoe were tho great soal of tbe Order ?f tbo "Boos of Liberty," tbe official list of the ?embers of tbe Order, at tbls pUce, mod several fcuadred primed copies of tbe ritual; a so a large amount " " character, wblcb may jr time. Tbe people much these unmltlga sooundreis desiro peace, thirty thousand navy Yers, with ammunitioo enough for an army, coupled With tbo negotiations of Mr. Yoorbees 'or the purchase of twenty thousand Garlbkldl rltles, would indlcato that there in a good deal of tbo disposition of tbo tiger bid ??dor their sheepskin garb ofj peace. When wo look at tne large sum of money wblct^tbo amount of arms and ammunition named la this letter nust oosl, the que*tlon preVents Itself of the ways aud ?leant. Tbo pistols alone would coet close on to oue mil lion of dollars at manufacturers' prices, and tbe twenty thousand rifles, without tbe import duties, would cost two hundred and eighty thousand do.Iars. Of course no ?neb sums are provided by tho members or tbe order in tbls State, but there have been some peace commissioners Eiwltng along the Canada border for several weeks. John Walker, and otber peace men or Indiana, have been iltlng them. Some months since the Confederate gov ernment borrowed fifteen million dollars In Europe, for which they Issued oottua'feonds, and every blockade vnnaer carries out cotton to repay the loan. Tbo object of tbo loan was, primarily, to purchase a navy in Euro Man ports, looludtag tbe celebrated rams. That specula tion having failed by the refusal of tbe governments of bgfaqd and France to permit tbo rams to depart, and tboy having been sold to other persons, tho peaoe com felsa toners are la funds, and tboy oould not make an in vestment more to the advantage of their mister than to ynrobase arms and ammunition for Northern traitors, and to pay Northern demagogues liberally for shrieking for peace, rrnA^peech and liberty. William H. Harrison, secretary of the Order or which 11. H. Dodd Is " Grand Commander," was arrestod, aud Is still In custody. Messrs. John J. Parson and eh, trios 1*. Hutchinson, i art ?or* of Dodd, were also arresied, but were discharged on tbelr affidavits tbat they were not members or the Order, and wore not advised or the contents of the b xee. Ws have piveu a brier account of this, the most start Mag event In the attempted drama or civil war. Tbe ?veat naturally oreated an Intense excitement In our city, stnd If will be nn admonition to tne people of tbo State ot boo danger wblcb surrounds them. 1 odd Is absent from tbe oily, probably making arrangements for tbe distribu tion of tbo arms and cartridges on band and expected, but wblcb, to bis surprise, will be devoted to otber pur rieo than eoforcing the peculiar peace notions of a gang conspirators against tho peace aad safety of tbe Plate. Tbo Journal als > publishes a number of the papers aad loners selxed in tbe office of Daniel W. Voorbeoe, ?somber ot Congress:? OKI BtTXDUO (EOt'SAHO Halt TO HELP TltS SOtTH. lI i?Kisoi?BLia rob. 27, 1081. Mv Dun Nt. iisw ? ? ? ? ? ? ??? We want i ou to hold that one hundred thousand men In readiness, as we do not know ho# ?eea we may waut them. ? ? ? ? ? ? > ? J. UARDhSrY. Addressed on envelope ? Hon. DANIKT, W TOORHBRi. Tsrre Baute, Indiana. IB II FOB TOOBBEBS' AltBT OF OWi BCUDBKD TBOU1ABD KB*. I.obu H*isrn, August 21, IMS. Mr Dam R,r? I enclose you two latter* (rum a man by Iku nam* of Oarr, In reference to artua. A letter diierted %? kirn limp y Philadelphia Will reach hi n. lean vouch ft* tae eicelicnt quality aud great eilidency of tbe r Ilea ? our a In tmtf. J AM bo W. WALL. Aaraiepo cudoraed ? [rree.1 J A MBS W. WALL, U. S. B, Hob. Dabibl Voorbbki, Terr* Same, Indiana. a. w. Cabk to no*, jabbs w. wall. Fbii apblfuia, August 14, 13H Bon Jam ei W. Wait 1>BaB 8iu? Von- letter, with on* endued about rifles, haa Wen receive,! If the partita wim to bur them the beat W would ha r.r Ihrui to have ?on\e one n New York potato! to puriiiaw ? l.?tT. and oaafar with >ou and me. bB I m ui ??liaHed tbat it iatbe r erf article tliejr want, aad aa n? kuo* all about them on cau "?p*ak by thecard." jou bat e ?een tin: article and no Uoubt are wall aatla fed that It w ul apeak iO'idl* In a good uauae. W; ^ Ul sey tbatp Is ' fod foi fourteen dollars, Bad T ha?e ac don >'l that II the p ?'per court* ta puraueo, the duty cm ?' i lie ri *a are better and cheaper than any thing ?v?i offered In tiiia country, or mad* here, nnd aa gao.i ?a any i T'-r Imported. Wo bliai enge a comparison With any r . e eiecUltog wiiatavar. there arc about tweriiy in unhand rllle*. and we deatre t* ?nil t' em all at ouee. They a-e a great baigaln, an.l are verlh to da. more lu Karop* flian we oifer to i i.i for hern. Tb* ptloe ol nrearnu will adranoe wiluin a . ear at .east Uilrty tbre'- r*roant, aa urma are in domand at: orer Bu roj? Aa you Lnow, thera is no mora afleetive arm in the wcr.d than thia. I am. B ilk greut reaped, yours truly, B. W. OARR. 4. *. B1B0I1AB TO BAH VOOBBTB-t? BATB TBI ."OTTB BS sacBcra (KotrcB to xaar tub niton fobcbs at batI iBPtABAroua, July II, 1861. Mr Db*b Toon**** ? I abould nks jrour prtTata op alon at to tha prospect of a'airs, a* that f may hare aotue baiN to go upou. Do you felak tbe Soi.tU bave leojre* enough to keep the Union faraea at bar. and Unall) ft r<n a tecogn tlon of their InOa pendente, or will Liu oln a army crunh tlicm out! VoU ?anal have aowcea of information *b oil I have not to ena ble you to .orm some opnlloa upon there matter*. If the Cmg' u >??> ana Apptnoix I* put?!?*hed and hound I i>h''Uld be oblged to rou for a let, and any other public duo in. ante of general lutereat. 1 tblnk there la a reaction taxing place In Indiana In reference lo the rrar, and Mr Llnoolu * in*??ajre an.l Ol.a?e'a Mail will aid It. I?et tnp heir fromr on a the *arl.e*t aanvanlenoo. What la Morton dolor la Waahlo&ion' Yours traty, J. J. Ill NO HAM. Carr?apond?ne* Batwesa f4enarnl ( ar alaatosa bbA Ida lion. D. W. Voei'hisi, [Correspondence of the ( Inclnnatl darntto. | lat>M>iF><u<<. Ind., August 30, 1804. Some time itooe copies *f thermal of ttie OA. R vera loutid lu tbe omce ol D. W. Voirheet, at Torre Mm*. Wkitb naturally lad lo tbe turereut-e Uiat thoy ware tbe property of U. W, Voorbeea. Ue baa made * Aaatal to colonel K W. Tompaou and toQaneral farrlni %m, wbloh occasioned tbe following reply. That the Mopie may know tha trath aid judge for ibemaoivea, we by M before our readers:? SJHVBB rBOM BBBSKAL il M. OARBIBUTOB 10 D. W. TOORnBBB. lBDiAWAraua, ind., August 18, l$e?. Bos IX W. Vooaaaas, Member United 8 tat* a Congress, TBrra HbbIs, Ind. I bare reoaired from yon a eopy of yoar latter to Ookraei R. W. Tbompaon, Prornet Marshal, and his reply. Tbe MNwlBg laoonio aoU acc tmpanles them ? ?anrBAL Oianmerox? As yon pabllahed this falsehood RSUASTrfcl**" "?* KTr'ToXi t.?sr Vb? aiiumptloB In tbe above le fmunrtleaa. Your mne is net mentioned by me la my reports, Dasher (ar* I published anytblhg about you stbatarar. Tan msiat upon my answering your Bote to Colonel wmpaen. Tbe polaU yen make arei? jNr4? ' "That tbe oiBea ta which it la laid these paper* ware **nd bad Bet Men omiHMl by yon, or b/ shy one nonnaoted with roa, or Heart in aay way under your oao teal slaflo last Morember." , Aaron*? Yon "????** to sMertaln whether tbe clroutn BMmii n oonneotad with tbe dWotery of tb <#? psn*r| in Hat ottloe lod to tbe gupp-altlon tbat you placed tbem fkara, or was eren aware oc vhali ?i\etaftoe " Tan deair* thU "that the people mat know tbe truth." and aln?t tliat you attach any partnolar importanoa to We doanmeeta " ? TRa paper* rpOrred to nee eae RuPdr'd aM twal?? mm m mm imo.a k.,i wdniaw t* Nr. aiming to ovsrturu the government of the United Btates, of volchyouarea member. Tbe gcntlemeu who fountt "these papers" told me they ware found In your office. Tbe following are ''noma or tbe circumstances" U? it lad me to suppose they were eorreot In tbe supposition:? Your law library and office furniture were in tbe vlllc* wbere "these paj>ers" were fouud. You bad declined rouominatlon for Congress, and the offlce waa reported as not for rent as late aa April, 1864. Tbe ritual baa been Issued In tbe uulutunof 1888. Tour Congressional documents were In the oillce wbere "these papers " were fouud. Your speecbe<\ up to March, of your entire Congress Ion al career, with tbo "Joliu Brown" speech, were In the office wbere "tbese papers" were round. The correepou<lonce or Senator Wall, of New Jersey, under his frnnk, endorsing a proposition to rurnlsb yoa with twenty tbotisand stand of Garibaldi rifles, Just Im ported, ''for which be could vouch," was In tbo offloe wbere tbeue papers were round.% Tbe correspondence or C. K Vallandlgham, from Wind sor^ W. , assuring y u ''our peoplo will fight," and tbat "he la ready," and fixing a point on '?tho Lima road" at "which to meet you," waa In the offlce whore tbese papers wero found. Ibe'corrcspondenco or Joseph Ristine, Auditor of State, doclaring that 4 he would like; to me all democrats unite In a bold and open resistance to all attempts to keep our A a united peoi le by f rce of stoel," and tbat "tbls.waft S war agul' Bt tho deraocraov, and our only hope was tbo snccossful resistance of tho South," was in the office where thote papers weto found The correspondence of E. C. lllbbeu, wbo assures you tbat "tbo democracy are fust atlflVnlng up whon this war Is to be openly declared aa being wi^od for tbo pur pose of freeing tin) negro,'' '-which will aroueo another section of tbe country to arma,'' and declaring "mat Lincoln bayopets nro fhoulderod for cold blooded mur der," was in tho office whoro those papers were fouud. Tbe c irrespondencj of J. Hardi'Sty, who "wants you to liave tbat hundred thousand tueu r.:ady, as we do not know bow soon wa may need thorn," was la the ornce wb< re this ritual w -s found. Tne correspondence of J. J. Rirgbatn, who asks you "If you tbit.k the South hu.s resources enough to keep the Union lorcos at bay?" and says that "you must have sourcuH of information which ho has not," was In the ( IGco vthero mete paper wore fouud. The curiesjioudeuco of John u. Davis, Informing you tbat a lerthia Ne.v Yoik .journal "is woutioifuiiy exer cised About secret n.. ii- war movements, and trembio in tboir b.ioia la vie.v o, the t< ri ,blo reac iou which U euro to await them," waa in tbe office where thos) papers were found. Tbo correspondence of W. S Walker, wh> "keeps put o' tho way be^auso they arc trying to aireit blm for offl ciating in secret societies." eucif slug the oath ol tho K. Q. C. 's, prior to tdat of the O a. K.,was in tbo oriice whore ibaso papers wero Umnd The petition of C. L. Valland'shum, D. W. Voorbeeisnd BeujHmin Wood, la favor of two rniJUhlM'S and a Uultcd South, was in the oillco wbere ''those papers'' wore fouud The correspondence of Campbell, who says tbe "denioc racy were om-e not afraid to let their purposes out to daylight," but that -'now It Is deemed best to work In seoret, ami asking your consent," were In tbo office whore '-tbese pajiers" were found. The correspondence or K. K.lberldge, Clerk of the House or Representatives, giving official notioe that ''your cre dentials as member of tbe Thirty-eighth Congress bave beea received and filed iu tbe proper oillce," and for you ?mo come on," was in tbe offlce whero "these papers" were found. the correspondence of Goorge H. Pendleton, which states that Etberldge'S plan lo organize Congress? vli: "to elect himself Clerk and Cox as Speaker," "though he (Pendleton) will not facilitate tbe renominatlon or any man as Clerk whose programme Is for his defeat as Speaker," "suggesting to you to bave It whispered In the ear of Etherise to reciprocate favors and opposition," nnd do tbls authoritatively, but not as frojp htm, Jtc. , was m tbe office where ''tbese papers" were found. The correspondence of J. McDonald, who hid ;.n Inter view witn Perking "In one of bie (Jerkins') lucid Inter vals'' with regard to "the discovery of the Northwest passage" by Perkins, fur which be claimed tbe oredit, kc , was In tbo office where "tbe.-e papers" were found. And so or B. W. Henna, who wants 'a food place In tbe regular army ; and so ol Hiiunegan, and so of W. J. Pierce, who'" will show tbe beasts tbat Lincoln has turned out to be monsters in 1884;" and so or Bigger and Devlin and Dodd, fee , whose Bald correspondent was la the offlce wbere these papers were found. Tbeso are some or '*1110 circumstances" that led me to believe that "these 1 apers," tbe ritual of the 0. A. K., were tound In your oflice. 1 looked upon these circumstanoes as a plain juror might be supposed to do, and not as a statesman, and Innocently supposed that such papers u those, If spared from tbe fire, would be In tbe possession of the owner, and tbat the office of tne owner would be the place where tbese papers would be found. And yet, with Colonel Thompson, I cheerfully accept your denial, and so respond, as yon request, "that tbe people may know tbe truth." Your well wisher, HENRY B. CARRINUTON. TNI WAR IN THE SOUTHWEST. The Holerlsai Adam Jokmoa m Prisoner . Clamcsviixs, Tenn., August 38, ISM. Lieutenant Colonel Johnson, of tbe Firty-second Ken tacky, overtook thejebel Johnson's force at Canton, Ky., yeeurdey?whlle attempting to croes tbe river, and killed fifteen and woundoc! and captured a large number. Adam Johnson is severely wounded and a prisoner. Thf OlwUUl la Jtiutler County, Kjr. Lochviiac, August 23, 1864. The guerillas crossed Iota Buler count/, Ky., on Sunday. Thoy wore encountered by tbe Grayson Borne' Guard, who killed four of thom aad captured the re ?kinder. Defeat ef the Rebels at Ro|?riTllls, Ttnn., Tenn., August 23, 1164. ? doepatcb, dated Lick Crock, East Tennessee, from General Gillett to Governor Johnson, aays ? A detachment of my command, under Lieutenant Colonel Edgerton, of tho thirteenth Tennca?ee cavalry, attuckod Rogersvllle on the morning of the 22d, killing tweuty three and capturing thirty-Are rebels, among them Colonel Walker and several non-commissioned offi cers. |Milltaijr Affaire. Colonel Thomas Lynch, Heventy-sorsnth regiment New York National Guard, with one officer from each com pany, arrived yesterday afternoon from Elralra, to bring on the members of bis regiment, who are now In thia city, and such recrnlti as rany be acceptable. Colonel Lyncli baa had a very favorable Interview with the United States and St ,te authorities about bis reglmont. The headquarter! of the regiment we at La: ay el te ileU, Broadway. LIKDSbT BLUBS ? 03*8 HDNDMBD AMD SKCOKD BBOI OIXBNT NATIONAL ftJAKp g . V. T. sflwit 2. RavRi' STiTion, M incut Horns, 1 Nkw York Crrr, August 24, 1864 .) Raring been ordered to thlsst'tlon to superintend re crtilllng, and oollect stracgl^rn and deserters, and unl formed members of the regiment, 1 hereby order such persons to report themselves to me" without delay. The regiment l? now mustered fnto tbe i nited States service for tbe period of one hundred days, and sta tioned at Klmira All persons Joining this regiment are exempt fi om tbe draft Persons denrlng to join will apply at the Mercer Bouse, corner of Broome and Morcer iHreete. from eight A. M. to nine I'. M , where Uiey will be uniformed and forwarded to tho reg'mnnt iuimed'ately. EDGAR A. HoohUTS, Major commanding Statics HECRUIT1MQ IN BROOKLYN. Recruiting has fallen off considerably in Brooklyn during tbs present week, the average number enlist ed dally in both districts being about twenty per day. Tbe total number of recruits aad substitutes ebtained thus far under the presoul call la about a thousaod, which will leave, at the present rate of reorultlng, over all thousand men to be drafted, which, with tbe arty per cent additional, will make nine tboussod names to be drawn Ir tn the wheel. The agents employed by ti e Alderm* n and PupervlS"r.i to revlee the onrttmont liKts.tof.ud out how much the enrulmont l? In excess, ate proceeding rs; i llj with >be work, ?n?l the result thi.a far gnos to show that the enrolment Is about one Cub larger than It ougM 'o be In one wnrd, tbe revision of which has been completed, the agents found U>e names of two hundred pert Wuo wtro maaliestiy exempt, from over opo and physical duabllity. lbe scents sent about two weeks since to r< cruit noaroee In tie disloyal States havs all returned, without having been able to ac complish anything everywhere they tried tbey fbund that tbe harvest h id been gathered by tlie agents of tbe Eastern States, and there was nothing left fer them. Cltr iRtslllfsasc. Oar sen farriTiL ? Tbe festival of ?* Bartbelesaaw was duly obeerved yesterlay morning throughout the Episcopal and Roman Catholic churches of tbe oily. A full ohoral service was held In old Trinity at eleven A. M., with a fair attendance of the congregation Tbe Rct. Dr. Dix. rector, MBisiedgby the Ksv. Mr. Koyee, of St. Paul s sburch, read tbe Matin Song. Tba fb Dm m and Aekdi'iyi were sung iu line style. The Psalms of tba day were'rhaucted At tbe close of the ante cosunaatM lbe rector pronounced tbe benediction sad tbe serviced were cioced. racit ? Tbe ooascasptkm ef peaches In tMs slty IB tan mease durleg tbe present season. As asasy aa forty-fire thousand backets drop in dally frem all parts. Prom Oacadea alone we bare a dally sapply s t tea Ueu sand baatria ?r the ru<Mte?\ aad interest ktada. Tbe principal producer ?? to the preekt time Is Ue little Stat# of fAMswcrs. k* w Jsnscy, like a good rsecrve, Will be ooming up nest week T1*S more tbe mWtW. Let ns bare plenty or peackee aad let tbem be Sold cheap. Pears, apples and plume are a loo abundant. Ati-ame boar ? At tbe anneal meeting of the Atlantic Heat Qab ef Hobohen tbe follow leg doers were slseted far the caeniag veer ? PreaMeat. Theodore M i utbib? vice prcsMsatTwilliam T. Prtnb: flodrewy Cbarieei IttbtUi 1MW4 Maubiatb. juMC GRANT. ! Retirement of the Enemy from the Front on the Wel don Railroad. STATEMENTS OF REBEL DESERTERS *4., t% , We learn (bat on Tuesday morning all was quiet with General Grant'! army, but another battle was expected on that day, tbe rebels being mill desirous of shaking General Grant's grasp on tbo Weldon Railroad. The ut most oonfldeoce was felt by our forocs In their ability to bold 14 THE FIFTH CORPS. Mr. L, A. flendrlck'a Despatch. HBAiXjiURTiiu, Finn Abmt Corps, August 22, ISM. TUB HfBMY FALLIXQ RACK. This morning wore verified tbo suspicions excited durlog tbe nlgbt that the enemy was railing back. Re connolsaauoos showod that he h is selected a now post firm about two miles! back of bis late one, and Is there lntrenoUlnrf, purposing no doubt to wait there for us to attack, having bad unquestionably enough of this kind or busmen during his most discomfiting defeat of yes terday. Tim IIKI.D OK TBSTBRDAV'S COHFLICT. The falling back of tbe enemy has afforded good oppor tunity to riiie over tho field or yesterday's conflict. We have had a great many battle fields in this war, apd the scones they have presented have been appalling beyond description. No battle field, covering such limited tercitory^ however, oan l<e cited in this war where evidences of a terrible struggle and desperate oarnago have been more marked and fearful. Tbe dead lay aa they bad fallen, not singly and scatteilng, but In heaps, In some places two and threo deep. This is no fiction? it is ths tragedy of war ? tbe closing scene of a day's dreadful drama, a grand tableau or the dead. Dead horses, brokon oalssons, swords, musketa and all tbe dread paraphernalia of battle, gave tbe finishing touch to tbe picture. Thoee who took a view of the field? and I find on oonverstng with rebel wounded and prisoners brought In lata last evening tbu they give tbe same figures? now estimate tbe enemy's losses of yesterday at from four to five thousand. Parties from our side have been busy all day burying our own and tbe enemy's dead. There are many rebel dead atlll on tbe field unburled. ink aassL colors captt^bd. !n my despatch or yesterday I lusdvertently omitted to mention the number of rebel colors captured during the day. There were six taken altogether. Four are now at our headquarters. The remaining two have not been brought yet. These flage all mlenged to South Carolina * regiments. Ons was taken by tbe Adjutant of tbe Third Delaware; the second by Sergeant Shilling, of tbe same regiment, and a third by Captain Hatch, or the Seventy - sixth New York. The galling fire to wbieb tbeee flags were exposed, as welt es the rebel regiments respectively rallying under their rolde, is atteeted by the bulletholesg through them. One new one. and probably never bavin sr been under Are before, had fi(ty-alx butletboles through ncABB or COLOXBL mcmr. Colonel Tilden, Sixteenth Maine, captured a second tltqe by the enemy alnce oar arrival here, has bad the good fortune to mak^fe second escape. Captain Davis, of his regiment, captured at the same time, escaped with blm. With others of our prisoners they were on a train of oars three miles beyoud Petersburg, preliminary te being taken to Richmond. It was late In tbo evening and dark, and tbe two managed to work their way uuobsorved out of tbe car, notwithstanding tbe vigilant guard placed over tliem, and, dragging tbemaelvea unnotlood into seme bu?ho8 near, remained there until the train lert, when they set about finding their way Into onr linos. This was a matter of no Utile difficulty and peril; but they over came tbe dlflluultiee, defied peril, and made gooU,tbeir escape. Tbe Colouel's return was a pleasing surprise, not only to tbe remnant of his regiment which bad escaped oapture, but to everybody knowing him. THK RRilBL W0UKPBD- TUH nOSQTAL. Regarding the rebel wounded, I find tint as usual nine ont of ten aro surprised at tbo humane and prompt atten U m given them, ."luce our arrival hero there have been six hundred and thirty-four wounded, Including those of tho enemy . brought Into tbeb<?pitals of this corps. Too much credit oannot be given to l>r. Milbati. Direc tor Dr. Wlnne, Medical Inspector; Dr. ItoWItt, Surgeon . lu Cntef (Kirst division); Dr. Hai/dreu, Surgem In < hlof (Second division); Dr. Read, Surgeon- in < bid (third division); Or. I>erby, Surgeon in thief (Fourth division), and their corps of surgical assistant*, tor their unweary ing lab rs during the past three days, and speedy and sk>lful treatment or tlie corps wounded. /.? usual tbe Sanitary CommlS3loj ha* proved a grnteful ?ud eificieut auxiliary to the surgeons. Underclothing of evorv kind, lemons, cannefl mouts and vegetables, porter, choeolite, tea, condensed milk, havo bee. i. most liberally di* trinuled. Tbe service this corn miss. n h.ia dotie and Is doing for the sick aiid wounded In our great armies is In calculable. As long an shall live this In memory, so long will Its services be cited and applauded. Mr toi^ucent for this corps, U as got'd a man as could be found for the place. a spy rAPTrm>. Cart. W. L. Trembly, of the One Hundred and Fourth Now York, and ordnance ogloer of tbe i'hlrd division, to day ciptured an undoubted spy. In rociting the facts to me the Captain stated that at first g'.lmiwe or the fellow bis su.-i'lcions were aroused that be might either bo a Swindling sutler, a prat lug parson or a pscudo newspa per correspondent, and in elthor esse thought it the p ?rt of prudence to arr- st bltn His oioilU'tln.: statements ><* to th? husiness bringing him here Induced tbu capu^n to Bund nirn to Ueu Crawford, under tho protection of two Uuion i atrlota bearing m iskets with bayonet attach acnts. tbs wbaibfu. A heavy thunder shower visited us lo tbe early part of this evening, lasting over two hours. As a purifier and oeoier of the atmosphere its visitation was very accepta blj but 1U instrumentality In deepening tbo mud in which we have been floundering for the past three daya baa detracted largely from its welcoming features. I AFFAIR* AT FORTRESS HO ^ ROE. Mr. William H. Illntt'i Dcipktth, Fortrsm M03B0B, August 23, 1994. THB no XT ON TUB WBLDOS RAILROAD seams to be tbe all absorbing topic of tbo It;, area at th ib point, and from the meagre reports we can obtain brre It must bava been a very sanguinary affair Tbo mall steamer Charlotte Vanderbllt, from City Point last evenlog, brought a Rumbor of reftel prieocers, who will bo Beet te Point Lockout this ovening. Others are on the way down the Janet river, and are ei pee ted here to night. While we capture numbers of the onemy, we are also losing same or oar men. Still we can afTbrd It better than Lee. la ordor to sead RKiMrOR RHBMTS TO TBB ARMY, Brigadier General Cwrga F. Kbepley, oomm ending the Eastern District of Virginia, comprising all parts of Vir ginia and North Carolina north of Albatnarle Sound and Baal of the < bowen river, baa been ordered to make a critical examination of all the general hospitals In tbe de partment, and return such convalescents to the front aa are able to do duty. Officers unfit for active service are to be tent to Aanapolls, Md., tbara to serve on courts martial and other light duty. For tevernl days paat (Jaoersl Sbepley, ecs>mpanled by Lleutesani Colonel WiUwm lamblya, Mrst Hulled ^tatas Velunteera, Aotiog AsslatSnt Inepector General; I)r. R K. with, Captain Cbw*. C. n. Aoraton, and Ltentenant HAnford Htrable, have been engaged la mapectlng tbe general buepiiala at U>te piaoe, and the wards have the* far beea pretty thoroughly cleared out. Aa e<*? as General Sbepley inlabes bia Inapeotion of Dr. Hy ueCieiian's bospitaia he will devote his attention to tbe Kalfsnr General Hoepltal at Portsmouth, of which Dr. Jobn B. Krauts, failed States Army, Is chief surgeon. Brigadier Ueaeral I aimer, eommsndlng the eletrWl of Nortti tarsi ina, Is charges With IWB m lesion Id that of flsosrsl Rbeptey, ooiorbl ?. 0. >wia Ajgiinaa m na qcabts*iia*i*b,s at this post baa taken place to day, twins to ths promo ilea sf Lien tenant Onlsae I Hernias Sign. Chief Quarur master. Itopsrlnestof Virginia awl KorihUarQllsts, te aa Mpeetorsblp. with lbs rank of estate I. The War Du*rt aasBt nee aaslgaed Ostoasl MaJpb O W abater, late raief Quartermaster at New hem, to the met ef eblef <bar ter se aster of this depart tasat. A aaaerat order, dated noadqasrters, pagartmsat ef Virginia asd North Cart. Una. ft. the laid, August St. b> lla>r Ossdral Hotler, aeslgws ( okmt>i WehsMV (n the y?M of OoMmel Biggs. OaMssI Webster is s ftaitkfal sad swergetie aim, ao I a voter aa in tfhe terries. He has served with the Arm* of tee potomee, oa the redtosath tMsr MoClsma, tees at SotMk, ehd for a Yen* Vm w chMf lAartermaeter At Jewhtr ?, wnere h*B tiialitaatkiBS have attracted the attention ef tbe War lepat tment, which baa rewarded ban with a fall oolessi's commits ioa. Capt. A. & Klmb*', Aaelelani Qnartsr master, also a vatvablo ottoer, eeCupied the J-oaitl. S Of aaStetSSt to Colon*! Webster. and BBS eb<rgt <?f tbe Imnesss water transportation of this de partment. Unit C, IX Webster tuu been managing the (and traspsrtMhm ill sMrtarmstttr's atsSIB M hMM tin)'., past , to the full satisfaction of hl? cliier and officers generally, and should be promoted for bin efficiency. A MtiW UKNJtKAI. I'llg Tllld POST 1 baa been appoints i by Uoi.eral siiopley pirsuant to the j following general orders No. 21 ? IlKAWUABTIiBo, Diithict or Kastsr.n TlBf.PNI A, ) NukSuI.k, Vs., August 1A, lA6i. J Captain George 11. Johutson, Ami-fVni Adj.itant General, haviug reported for duty, lu eoror.ikUu* with order* from Department heaiKiuiler*, M? hereby aiiluued to duty at Furueas M. uroe All com in mil niton" for tlieM hxad marten frosn Fortrei* Mouroe, Turktown, W llmmaburg, Newport's New*, or the Kaatern Shote of V Ire tola, will b" directed to Captain .lebu ston, at Fortran* Mo roe, who will trauamlt them to these headuuartera. By order of Brigadier Geuernl ORO. F. SltEF LET. WiCk.II AX IIorrMA- Analataut Adjutant General. B. SrauuLS, Lisuteuant and Ald do-Caiup. THB "<iLn OOXlllON" Ut) IV IV us. At Portsmouth, Vu.. a newspai>er ntmad after tbe old State bad been published daily for some time, but, owing to several causes, dropp d <>1T to a semi weekly, tbeo a weekly, and was about ^ivi?t{tup Its ghost entirely A fow days ago, bowevor, Mr. A Watson Atwood.a literary genwemun of Philadelphia, associate 1 himself wttb tbe paper, and it now appears daily, under very favorable auspices, as a llist elms journal. DKATH Of A VAltTAUt K UVIOW POOUT. The country h?s lost roe of her purest pitrlots and most stulwortb defenders in the person of iU;or Wil liams, who was a t'nloti scout and leader of the Buffaloes In Cuindrn county, N. C. Hd was accidentally killed on the lath instant by one of bis own bund, and bis body was escorted to the gmvo at tho Old Trap church by one hundred and Ultweu of his friends. II j told lue m<<tber tbo tiltjbt previous to his death that ho should soon die. Ala*! his inr.ibodlngs were too soon realised. Tbo consciousness oi" his approaching death exhibited itsoif in all bis actions, and he was not unprepared to meet the Una! Issue. Colonel N. B. Lord, of tbo Twentieth New York cavalry, always found him to be an invaluable ?id, wheu reconuoitrlog and raiding, in giving him much valuable ln:ormatlon Without tbo services or suoh meo, who, lam sorry t> siy,aio very scaroe, uiauy of our ex pedltlons, Instead of being produotlvo of good results, would becuiue utter failures. THE PR.-SS DESPATCHES. Vile llcailq-jsitrri Despatch. KiIauijoautkh, Army of rus Potomac,! August 23, 1804. / The enemy early yesterday morning disappeared fromy.ho lront of tbe Fifth and friuth corps on the Weldon Railroad, and tho belief Is that the attempt to regain possession of tbls important line of communication has been abandoned, and that tbe enemy are fortifying their right flank to resist an attack In this direction from our forces. They may, however, be preparing to moke a dash on our lines in soqge other direction Occasional firing his been going on along tbe ccotre, and was quite lively durlug the ulgbt. This raornlpg occasional shots aro heard. Tbe roadB continue wet, making travel verv difficult. About tbir?/ rebels were brought In during the night, principally South Carolinians, most of whom claim to be inserters. This story, however,' la ndt bsliovod, as the soldiers from thai State have furnlsbbd fewer desort era to our side Uiap UT other lit the confederacy . fboy are strong, hardy looking men, and $eea to think the end of tbe strugf'e !b at hand, and t%ey belie re Petersburg to be almost within oiir grasp, and tOat it will bo in odr possession at an early day. Vtk* fortress Monroe Dsipatck, FoAfusss Mo*?o?, August 33, ISM. no Weldon Railroad Is belt In safety by our forces. The snail steamer Keyport, from City Point, has arrived here with ninety rebol .officers, captured in the reoent operations on the Weldon Railroad. The private* cap tured during tbe same operations are now eald to number between ?fe(^ and eight hundred. They will be brought ' Colonel Ralph 0. Webster arrived here to day and en tire* at one* upon bis dau* M Quartermaster or. this dopartaaent. Lieutenant Colooel Biggs, thefortoer Quarter mister, has been promoted to colonel Iq the Qfcartfr. misters .Department, abd to aot as Inspector. TA Waihlagton Despoteh. Wash moron, August 34, 18M No Information has been received here eon&rming the 'trntl et the loose report that Gener|tl Fltzbugb Lee was killed and General A. P. BUI mortally wounded tn tbe fight on Sunday last on tbe Weldon RailroAd. REBEL ACCOUNTS. [From the Richmond Examiner, August 89 j PsnurtoM, August 30?11 A. M. Lieutenant Gopsral A. P. Hill comma >dod our fsroas In Iba light yeaterday evening. Warren was strength ened by the Ninth cjrps. The enemy were drivaa about three-quarters of a mile tu front, and tuck about two m ilea on the flank. Ttfeuty two natfared prisoners. In cluding nine eommlMloned offlcors, wsre captured. flight ended the fight, which wsa a very considerable etfiur. The light has not been resumed U lua far to-day. Ike enemy K ill h>ld potrurion of the wildon llailrca*. Our Iospw are not heavy. General Cllngman was wounded. M<jOr Lawsoo, of the Klfty-niijih Virginia, was killed. Tbo enemy s osi in klllod and woundsd was unaauoc tainoa The Yankee Qoneral Cra#ford ts rep ru>il by the prisoners as kl led. Thsre was the usual artillery duui betv;oea taldnl.jht aud day betw?eu tbe lines lo front of this city. No casualties are retried. THE MISSISSIPPI. Capture of Memphis by the Rebel General Forrest. THE ENEMY AGAIN DRIVEN OUT. Tlie Damage Done During Their Stay, fc*? U| Mt Oar Memphis Despatch. Maura is, Toon., August 34, 1194. Tbe rebel (Jeseral Forrest captured tbe cltf or Mem phis oa Sunday morning at tbree o'clock, and bald tbt position for two hours, when he was driven out by our forces. Tbe rebels robbed the prlnclpsl hotels snd boarding booses, captured portions of General Wash burtte's and General Hurlbut's itclft, soms thirty com tnlaMoaed officers and about two hundred aad fifty moo. General Waahbarne escaped to tbe fort to tslersble good order. Tbe rebels wers tbree thousand strspg, while onr own forco, including looal militia, was only bstwsen eight thousand and nine thousand strong. 1 lie Press T?l?|ram>. Ilsam*, Tsnn , 'August II, 1804. Memphis was attacked at four o'clock tbli morning by tbe rebel Oensrnl Forrest, with tbreo brigades of cavalry, about thrse tboutand strong Xbli forco left Genoral Smith's front at Oxford on the' awning of tne lfttb instant, pod made a rapid forced ?arch to tbis oKy . Tbey drove lo our pleketa and dashed direotly Into the headquarters of General Wasbburns, who mads a very narrow escape. Ibey then mail* a rush Into General Bucklacd's head quarters. but hs ai?o auocoeded in maklng*hls escape. They then attacked the Irving prison, but wers re p sited by tbe gnard ibere. Tbey aest visited tbe Qayoso House, sxpeotlng to sap* tore General Horlbut; hot be was stepping at a friend's bsufs, and so tbs rebels did not suoosed lo getting pos tssalon of blm. Our troops now attacked tbe rebels, sod soon drovs them from tbs city, killing about thirty and wounding about oss hundred. Tbs rebels oapturod thirty of onr men and forty horses. Tbsy did not bavs tlms t? obtain much plunder. Our loss la klilsd and wounded Is about t?s same as that of tbs rebels. Gsoeral WaeUbarne Is ?ow sarryiag out a plan wblob, it is stpeciod, will rwnH to tbs sapture o#a large portioi of tbs attack lag party. Haunts, Aagnst M, 1M4. Tbe rebel raid late this olty yeeterday was a complete falluro, and IS so admitted by <!so. Forrest. Hlstnten tloa waa to sapturo uaa. Waahborns aad ether generals. our troops loiag wlthoet Issdsrs, Ms rebels carried off sssse plandor aad captured quite a namber of prisoners, Inolndlng two offlosrs aad ssvsral olsrks and tslegraph sflasrs. Numerous sets at cruelty wsre perpetrated by tbe rebels Among tbe weauded ere Col. ftterr, of Ike Blith 111 loots cavalry, and 1 .teat, trvin, ef the f'tghtb Iowa *te latter hM linos dlsd SHERMAN. Progresa of the Siege of Atlanta. General Dodge Seriously Wouaded and Reported Dead. ; The Rebel Bald in the Rear of Our Army, *?> Washinotow, August 24, 1864. The latest despatches from Atlanta show that m active operation; arc golutf oa there, and that Ueneral Sherman la to remain qulot till ovouto tri*nnpire In other luarten. Oar Nashvlllo Deapntchi N abuviilh, T-. ud., August 24, 1804. Matters at Atlanta are unchanged. The army M on gaged in advancing parapets and strengthening wi k?. UA:on iiSNKKil. DOtXiE VVOINI kD AMD HU-ORiJU> UlCAD. On tho 10th lust. Major General Dod.;e w.ia aarl usly wounded. Ho was out on tho picket line atttietiiuc, and, though warned by the me unexposed himself, nud wks nliOt In the bead. It was reported at Chattanooga yestordsy that ho had died of bis wounds. Gun Light burn, of Lonan'u corps, was wounded In the tamo way three or four days ago. Sketch oi General Dad Major General Creuvil e M. Dodge was born In Danvers, M?s8., on April 12, 1801. IIo gained hln education under Captain A Men Partridge, at Norwich, Vt., under whom be scquirod his first military Instruction. Luring 1861 he removed to Illinois, and was there employed In rail way surveys until 1864, when he was similarly employed in low* and aa far as the Rocky Mountains. At tbo bo ginning of tha rebellion ha was selected as btate agent for Iowa to viait Washington and procure arms for the volunteers. On his return he waa commissioned olonel of tha Fourth Iowa Volunteers, to date from .Tune 17,1861. During the fill or 1861 the regiment was stattone<l at Rolla, Missouri, after which It removed to Springfield and Northwestern Arkansas. Col. Dodge was appointed com maodar of tha Flrat brigade, Fourth division, uodor General Carr, la General Curtia' army of Southwestern Missouri, and as suoh commanded on tha extreme right of the Colon linaa at l'ea Ridge, March 8 to 8, 1842. He was severelytwouuded in the side duriuglHhia contest, but remained on the field until tha rout of the rebel army was effected. For his bravery he waa promoted to briga dier general of volunteers, to date from March 31 , 1962. General Dodge during the following Jane commanded the District of Mississippi, embracing the lines of rail road, and superintended tbe reconstruction of the Mis s us I dp! and Ohio Railroad When Grant's army ad vanced into Mississippi General Dodgo was placed In oomiuand of th? District of Corinth. During the follow ing Deoeaaber h?r became attached to General McPher aon'a command, but subsequently waa taanaferred to General Hurlbut. During General Grant's operations beforo Vlcksburg General Dodge commanded the left wins of the Sixteenth Oorija, engaged in protecting tho jines of communications and In optratlona In Northern Alabama At title time be organlaed tne famous "loakey Brigade" or the Alaba malatr mountains. At tbe end of 1863 he held tbe llae from Duck rirtfr, Tenn,, to Deoatur, Alabama, a dlstanoe of nighty nsllba, and rebuilt the railroad. At tha begin ding of 1^04 General Dodge commanded tho Becoud division of the Sixteenth corps, under tbe new organisation or the army, but was eubseiuently pboed In > command or two divisions? all of the oorps tben act ng In General Mcl'beison s wing or Sher man 'a army. HIS gallant oondnct at ?ugsr valley, May 0, and Ressicca, May 14 and 16, 1864, secured for bim the rank of rn^or generaj, which waa confirmed on June 7, 18fl4. He baa alnce held tbe full command of the Six teenth arosy oorpe, and bas participated In all tbe opera tion* af Sherman 'a (ieorgla campaign. Ho fought st New Qopa Church, May 27, and operated conlfhually on the right of the main army, engaging the rebels at ?lig -'-han ty, June 96, 1804. At tbe beglnamg or July he changed front to the laft of Hhci man's lines, but before-rowing tbe Chattahoochee changed back again. Again changing to the left, be assisted In tlie occupation or Decatur, Ave miles iram'Atlanta, on .Tuly 17. On tbe UOth and 23 d of July he was seriously engaged on tbo left before Atlanta, after which, under Gtneral Howard, he again changed front to the right. On J uly 29 he was again attacked ? this time while aa tbe march? and belmved brarely. Since tnen he hie boldly done his duty on the rlgbt, and baa met with Ml supposed mortal wounds While in the tront,on August 10, 1804. Kllpatrlek'e Raid oss tits Macau Rail* ? oad. NAPiivru, August 23, 1364. General Kilpatrlck returned yesterday to General Sher man's lines from an axpetlillou to break the Macon Rail road, which he suo^eedod In doing near Jonesboro, de stroylug three milss of tho track and two trains and loco motives. He enoountered tbe onemy and bad a sharp c 'tiflicl, dispersing their cavalry and capturing a battery snd many prison#'*. He destroyed tbe guns, except one, which be brought In, together with seventy prisoners, Hading the m^oritv of the latter too much of aa encum brsoco. Otntrwls# than this expedtion, things nave been quiet at Atlanta and vicinity for some Jays. General Iteedman and Coloanl fctrclgkt Not Injur?d. Cjxcissati, August 24, 1864. Tbe Chattanooga correspondent of the Gaxtu of thlacity aays that neither General -Steodman nor Colonel Straight waa Injured in tbe Ight at Dalton, and tbst both are well. Uar Peaaaeola Correspoadance. Pcxsaoola, Fla , August IS, 18C4 an.xiru MACHimmT rsmovid to icarsTA Deserters, who reported on the 9th of August at Gsa. Asboth'a beadqtiartert, Fort Barrancsa, Florida, and who cams from Cdlumbaa, Georgia, state that all the machine ry from tbe rebel arsenal and other government work shops waa packed on July 26, and sent from Columbia, via Maccn and Millen, to Auguata, Georgia, where the extensive powder mills are, snd that It la generally be lieved that Hood's army, If forced to abandon Atlanta, will fall back m the aarnn line, tbe only railroad commu nication loit, the railroad to Moalgoinory, as wail ua to Madison, be,, g already destroyed. MoviManrs ?>r arN*RAt. uraoci. General Bragg was, on the 2flh or July, at Columbng, ordering out all the men from sixteen to flrty-Cve, and directing in person the removal ef all valuable rebel govaramuat property. Whtsler'i Optratlona and Their It'swlt. fCorreepMdanco or tht Cincinnati Commercial.) Ciutmnooua, Tenn., August 19, 1-44. To one who has lived many weoks nt ihe rmnt there are m >ny sights at the rear to dlagtttt sod dl??oura*e. So great a multitude of men paddling pies, awl ea,n ? jtiee, and currying convalescent mul*s ami sponging ia ti.e boa pitalK? \erliy tbey be more than they that fight. Many, very manv, must nccesaarily be detached rrom the rout on other dalles; but when all such deductions are made, and im on a'ter ell poesiMe vigilance Is used in staving out tho shakers, there are yet many who only disgrace their*, seives by prowling in tbe rear to get gala or slink fr<ia tbe er duly and n <nor. Rome lurk in the w ods in search ef strayed animals, some In search of lonely and helpless famines, where they may practise their mean and petty thievery, carrying od articles which ran be o' no conceivable use to tbem, while otbere come back under pre'eni eel assisting a wounded or sick comrade, thrnatlog themselves In the plane of th se who are regularly detacned for snob duty. II Is gratirylng to notice that strict watch Is kept over such poltroons, and tbey are made to know their plaoea and keep In tbetn by appliances af which tbey are a soaitible of feel I eg the force Though one might, on flrst tmiresstona, declare the army la the rear greater than that at tha rroat, etlll be baa only to make a tn< rough circuit of tha populous trenches around Atlanta to be oonvloced vary poaitlve y ta the oontrary. ran naiuMAn. Aa tha train whlrre off towarda "God a eoantry," It i asa'-a through a landscaieof eonsnamau daaniatlon, the abode of ewla and bats, which, tra- slated lato Oiling phrase, >a turkey bustards, llxarda sad '? Jiggers." lie rormer, disturbed by the rush, flap lastly away frctn the- i ray ragged, aqaaild little rebela may be seen rrabblnx tbe he?pa of array rubhtab for any etray brasa button or ao; old dilapidated sriay mules, " who nave sntllvsd their nMfuloesa," stray daeonsotataly tbrongh tha scenea of tbelr former misery, sad aa occasional picket poet of soldiers along tbe rahread gaze , n the train ? hen it aeits, aa ir afraid to bear tbair awn volaaa break lug the stillness arouad them Uf all tbe furlora and ion?*0m? tests, the dismalest I cm well conceive a that ?f aeeetltiti on tbe railroad, where be Is liable to al l?o? M any bwir, tod baa abost bias only thes ghtsand siunds of ruin and blight. lhs 1r"ii grasp with which lbs great arm? hefcla onto thi i a t.l r. its rea', And vst <? ...suni'f edvaaoos, can not he sptirec ste l until it Is pass d e*er. At every br dge a masjire stockitde rowns down upon i? ""? * humlied slfph-ss $\ oe, from which oanui'n an I must t ry ca it make it fatal to approach, and no citizen '.oris live within three mnee ef it n> ie?e ha carries General Dheruiau a nw?a m ala msisI.'B eavalrr ih.iwrd gond reuse by giving all the bridges a wide berth, and they touciicU very I'xhtly a: on It at my point WiiaRLKK'H HAIl). Tho gr ?l blow bait bo . u struck at la*t, which ?M s? long u< i ' terribly Impending over our communications. Au<i what la li* What b i* Wheeler done either in tho cap ture o( mtn, or borne*, or oattte, or lu breaking railroads and b irulng aDd scaitorlug suppliiM, u> jufctify the Pt0~f dt<;i <us reb >1 expectations which wore entertained or him when h? should attack ??' A fair history of '"e wbolo matter, us tar as it te yet d?velnp-d, will best ?iiow the notUlngueeB or tUe?e inflated boostings. A MIS >OR I eonsletg of three divisions, eotnmauded by Kyl'sy, Huiooa jiiJ Uartio, and Will. am*' Kentucky brlgaae, aa couipau>ed*by a iection of artiiiory to (well aivisPm, roak lug a o<>mp:eto battery, and tno whole Humming 6p about live thousand. Tbia la as near e? approach a* can be made to Ina real strength, aluco it U put by rumore at alt fi > 11 1 <? 4 from sixteen hundred t>-> It irty tb'>us*inl men. tb!s fore* ho (eft ibe rubei loft roar Fast l'otut <? ibe 101b of August, taking with him four days ai d tor some of bin regiment* lilty.aud 'or other* sixty rounds of animuD-ition. Moving east ant n<>rth, he erased i bo ( hattahoochee ?t RwswoU, a- d proceeded t? v>i*nia Klugston. His advance Known to the gene ra l couiraandlug at tuotlme bo was pacing Marietta, ai d on .K-iree were lak n to h .vo every thing lu a state iof i roiu, atlou to meet the bhw, wOerovor It should laii. V* hero tula would be w s ontlrely uncertain. FlKhT ATtHOH. . lie m?d<* ntd flr-a on tho lino of I be railroad b. t veen Kingston aod Itemaccii, car.v <u tlio morning ol toe 1 lib, wlioro ha ma lo a sudden <liah upon the roao ai d begun i tear up tbe truck, just b. imo tue approach o! the tnon.lng train, which ttau ally <? >?' i'eya the Iowa m .11. li'? was sp-'e.iily driven ? lY hy oar tor.ea, and he * ubt damue di ne to the road n uriy required L ore the a. rival of llio train , which Vhui* into ml lint ? tew minttus An up man uls", having < ;i n .'ra ..i:*ar3. tv.ct'all and 11a vli of the Naw Yo*k llini*i.P and f/ar 1* ? HV<W</ had just parsed Uie sp. I. when bis men d^hed In and l?'v n to rip up tho track. Tho re port of this alijjht affair, duly .or tod by tha timo it roi liH Hhor man's army, conveyed tho fullest und largest iulerniHion that H i'.iy lio dcrtiiod. It vv.?a publicly replied [ha he I .d blow up Tuu:.el Hill, v? iih mww t-"? ?f u.iwuer, in'! ar 'iu the i ohe a uad fu-i i 0 1 llio r >id fi .r. AckWi rih to Biuggold.and v?i'i" i in .n d? - ii ho tiahM n| and down tbir part ot ti 'i ro ?l in lucre u % mce aim vv utoi.uc.i. Iho Ki :hty cc rd .1- ?it h 1b faijtry w..? immediately pot aboi-d !h" ?'r" ",,.""rtella nud liurried o.l up tbo road to aaslat in the do ci.oe. HJ.I l)MI ATf ACK. Ropul ed lu bU Drat attoinpt, Wheelar at onca i drew bark hia lorcos. ..nd. by a . tpid circuit to thoror, ?tnick HMuoud .tl'iitoii about tbreo o'CocH I'll* enli oavalUHto forces with wmeu to >n^ jkn;11'' ' 1e 101 ce o the I I I. e consisted ol Uvo compan.ea of and or dlnnminted cavalry , uuder c 'tnmund of (olo uel Llehold , of tho Second Missouri infantry, ibore i wore other !? o*o b.rtioa of men, convalescont., frajiBK -nti s f p. niDRtr.cs. ? .tiers, qunrterai waters, *c., and a lew uo armeionicois. and men, Jutt paasing lllr,)l^nl^.,?0^S Irdut ; but the above mentioned forces wore all that coula "'Vurned 'd Ueir near approach. Colonel Uebold at onco tbrew up a alight I..rt,on a rUge running parallel to tn? raliroad, ai.d about ftfty rods from H on tbe i eaat a do s? ? S'roTceM men promptly volunteered to render such aer*lce M ^0^ HiiKht without arm?, and wera asmgnad toti?pO?t. From this iK'-t'ihe rubels cou d bo dinliuctiy fe?0 *PP' r" ' ? 1 S placo on th? oaKt side, and when tboy ueareU aura oiantiy dismounted , and giving lour bortestoa hold lineC tha ridK?- Tbe rebels charged and, by sheer superisrlty In nnmbors, drove our man back anil I Into tb? fort Tbia they could not take. and ^*er^D* ' ^ ten tint rum It, deployedaloog 'tharailroad^abova ana orde ed lbs couductorB to remain wher^t^ ^^ |t be procee'lcd Whether it would be daogeroua to at u?mnt to eacape W bein the rebels began to drive back ?^d.y. ?dlt wa. bold the poelMtn. . tbe at beylng verbal Orders and saving doctors are to day suffering eonflnement and the die ras V'teMbo re? "Tey burne^ne foundry,'. n roUlia IrS ? SfesarS renTal'n l.uhirt ^oth"^ ^rtV.'V.^n^t fWb^. the tide of their succeae W(Td* earning'of tbe atuck Ceneril Bteedmao at once itarlea out from ( l?aUtn^>na on a ?peclmi trmtow ?' lb ? m?iiT pnt* under ttie Fr?0'?! commiml of rnloiiei A. i). r.ud nVc;?onb.l.bA r,r:tU;^dfVtD{^v ttsanz&x ^J^vtsrsi, th. ^ mornlng- smtiiMiniim. ,h? mnrnlaa of the 16tb tbe regimeoU were con ;^ry\ird^.r?^.d,^?i^ r^rtcei tb 1 nlted State* color. d Infantry, Colonel M?r rauidlv dowu tho railroad, followed by ib? re eve/elgbt men winded! hot getting Into the st.rrtt?a> nooga, were rlio lnt?? t*i more e*ces?ee ^ rsr^uin, did? TSe ColoSel WM promptly at tr^ iV.dVbyi. column ?/ fc mg in',?it i thto tan wrath would out. A fugacious rebel tripped uud .?ll ' 7h.C^' KsSSfe ?a ir5S,?SSS35?s?'s fcr,..0#; , b'lrg tutored m.o k:;;; "J a soiling. At one Ume the realgMt wjaoraw^ ^ .?d hMled in . . ^^^^"bat to dr." wa. the rebela tho.i|b at n< i.en i a l# useless For a tew ?^ut * tbey iMr^we.eew tho sovertst le^t of ssoUlijr oempe i ,x w , Br. while ?J?nfo no fongar , and oce wou6 neprolmpitienceeoul e k 1 o n letcb ?^t s? -?? ? ""i* ^Vhu! particular in #eUillng U.e oon d4t c. wad bwtrd at t..? ' ^lglor,i|(^ re* uent lu the armv" Inquiries *bVh u> nrova ita title in the front. Ac. "*! V l?t m eaav that It should be ? atunt#o?it Aid Ju*t be re let me ||at Colonel Morgsa hu ,B*r*reTea^cTat teroots to have me regimeut aWWoed to tiado repeat el auewiw *pr. mitaftd <1 tbe d ,,f General commaudrug le dicided rei oeal; suif!c ontclea' new on thie toplo m in. ?i.VlrP"bl?bed ? letter cesctrniug irecruUtng In rebel State*." aSSVLT. Iti* *nd or tho matter wa* th?t tti? rebel < were rerereiy nyillWl, a ? .?> ! *.< . w. iy n . ?< Dieo ? ? i, woyded ?i'd nil?^n?, while tbey oa>rled a#*y an tb*ir anle p' under tbe rattle a;*>ken of n and an t<xy>ii?id?,r* b:e anx uot or it<>re* Tin break In Ute rued *a? ri ralred, an thai tb? ?r?t trala paused ov*r it omln# north early on the lath, and tba mm <Uy aix to ?vy trains paawd down lor lb* frtnt, loaded ?ub mtppu ?? lor tbe army. Wlx?aier naored offeaatward, and leaning that Oarer*' K llpairick ? wb.cb lamii little man th* robel c.v..lrv droadocly l?** tlian tbe gale* or bell? was oomlog up; ??in ?limit Ati iiita to look aitar lum, s r< ed Berth t<> ? ;ev> land, rtro., which ha la r*port?d to hare taken an.i, ailer dasti qylng tbe read and w;ro, to bar* croaked the r*a oee?*n, gMog north. 1 am dt*po*#d to be.Uv* that It wa# not a part of hi* original plan to operate In I?'t Tentiai aee; bat be waa compiled t?> go la tbl* dlreonoo to eacaf* tk* foreea under Oeueral kupatrlvk. '??"{dea lb* command af tbe latter officer, there *r*ja of &???? detar had bod tea of men in iarg* a am bra, will doaktl*** be bro.ubt to act In concert wltft 0*Mf*l Kllpatriok. Tbe country uay reel a**ured that w healer will b* wall took* TH* Tarf. unto* coi'MM, i. i ? in?TriMo.r Wannwar. Auguet 24 ?Match faJb, nil* haala, Mat three in Or*, la baroeas. IWa ha* tha pail m Hettina A Mm! M

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