Newspaper of The New York Herald, 25 Ağustos 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 25 Ağustos 1864 Page 5
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UTERESTIHS FROI MISSOURI. X frew kee*:slon Movement Against Gene*"*' Grant. IttoilDf UliUry ?) Illinoii " Temperance Dile|w^*l>,> Grant's Glorious Victory Fort Donelsoi, General Halleck's Protest andf Halleck's Job*. tttae Drnnkeneat "Total iSbstlneaeo VutfM liver Koovn. <i The Hen who Came to Booff Be* mained to Fray," *?., 4#i| tk Our It, Itovla C?rr?iptidtiM. _ Br. Louts, Mo., August It, 1894, +n SBC18H THINK IV QRAN1 HKMAUfS I* POWED THE! ARB OOMB. t ' I have to announce a great moral rsrolutlool John ?oc;esh tn these pans has turned " temperance doctrin aire.'* Ho Is ?' total abstinence. ?' Beta for cashiering 4ny and every officer who can be proved to have imbibed ftiore than seven tblmbletulls of lager In any seven con ^cuUye days! All the ladies who wear cherry and hlte ribbons in their bODnets are enthusiasts In the joause of anti-alcoholic imblbatlons. They aie fall ,ff slncerest sorrow Tor the ?? unhappy tendency" bf General Grant. Tbey are eager tbat he may be jftt once relieved from ormmand and sent to recuperate Esorae oold water asylum. "It Is tbe only way be oan saved," tbey say; and "tbe only way In which tbe Ulng fortunes of tbo rebellion can be saved" Is at the bottom of their thoughts. . 1 In a word, theMohn Seccsbes of St. Louis have been Ibusy for tbe last month in mysteriously but actively olr Sulallng rumors to the elTocl that the Lieutenant General, An whose genius the fortunes of the Union are staked, jfiRS not beon sober for a month, bat that he continually Iwelleth In the headquarters of "Beast Butlor,"cwho eedotb said Lieutenant General upon forty-rod whiskey md aquafortis brandy, tbe "Beast" aforesaid hoping to nherlt the three stars whenever Grant shall have ?pegged out" and "cashed In his checks" under tbe llfe jeonxpelllng soeptre of King Alcohol 1 JpEOROB N. BANDERS AND SENATOR CHANDLER AS TEMPERANCE t DKLKCAIES. 4 ' lio great Is tbe agitation or John and Jeannette Seoesh Won this point that they are preparing to repeat tbe ex periment of a "temperance delegation" to watt upon the President with a protest against his retention of "a lommon drunkard" in command of the chlof army of the \jnton. It Is (aid that Mr. George Noodle Banders, at present of Canada, has been offered the chairmanship of ibis new temperance movement, and tbat Senator Chand r, of Michigan, will represent, as secretary, the ex em* abolition total abstinence sentiment or tbe entire ntry. A special train is to he hired for the se of the delegation, so thst decent travellers om St. Louis to the East may not be worried y the ultra zealous 'temperance demonstra .lojip" of the members of the committee; and In instructions of tbe "Total Abstinence Convention"' nder which the delegates are to act tt Is resolved tbat no member of tbe secesn temperance delegation to the resident, for the removal or General Grant, shall carry rlth bins during his Journey from St Louis to Washlng on over fix two-gallon demijohns or Bourbon for bis jrivate use." stout or tai first "T?irrjANq| delegation'' AGAINST liRANT. - a i The russ tbat la now being made here by the rebel sym pathizers over Ibe alleged backsliding of Lieuten ant Uenoial Grant recalls to my mlud very forcibly ? scene of wlilcb I was witness, Just previous to Bbe capture of Kort I onolson. The actors in tbo matter Qrere dlfleront; but tbe atioctote falls in as a capital lilfls jtrat on of tbo present hubbub. The thing Is al*o memor Jblo in lUelf, as embracing the only public |Oke of wnicb llajor General Henry Wager llalleck baa ever been known to be guilty. While Grant was elaborating hie preparations to pass own the Mississippi with thai magnificent and resistless nergy wbji'h Unaiiy (ore 0|>cn tbe rebel lockjaw of tbe Ivsr at Fort Doftelsob, Columbus, Nashville, Pitts P Landing. Vicksburg, and finally Port Hudson, John Seceshes of those early days be ime alarmod at his deliberate and unceasing < ncrgy, Ind at ones commenced reviving, with oxaggerstions, inspeakable old stories and old lies In to ccr Cam a lefre^ indiscretions tf bl3 early Ifiblt?. 1'bo lies ^took" with tbe rapidity which is usual iu sucb cases; Vnd btforo a fortnight Iroiu thoir coimigo in tbe rebel mint We bad a grave aud dolorous ediior'al from the tender ftnee and bran-bread philosophers of the New Turk fritmne, pointing out "!:ri?adicr General Grant" ?> a melancholly example of tbe debasing and ruinous ?reel* of too much alcohol. Tho New York TriLtma ?iiosopbers. In fact, made blna very much like "the unken helot" who w is exhibited by ?)>artan fathers to their children as tbe best argument in lavor of a Keal Pow Maine law. GOVERNOR PICK VATES ANO JT1S All IRS ' Wsll, the matter tt length went so far that Gov. Dick Tales, of Illinois ? hiittelf a notorious touipei ance advo cate? gavo his sanction to tbo getting up of a ? 'temperance ? legation " from the State, charged with proceeding to aehington, where they stiruld lay bef< re tno President An energetic protest against his allowing "forty-two thousand eons of Illinois, then In the Army of tho Missis sippi, to have their lives placed tn Jeopardy under com mand of a common drunkard " Ibis delegation was beaded by Judge Mavis, now of tbe Supreme Court, and "bad among Its memiters such political friends of the President as Leonard twett. Minister Judd and other celebrated politicians of tho ''-ucker State." PREAPKNT LINCOLN ON THK RAW'AOB. Mr. Lincoln did not know what to do with the matter. Hs had read tbe Now York JVi'6un?'a article and was now besieged by tbe first "temperanco delegation" In regard B ^'General Grant's hibits." Ho telegraphed In cypher General Halleck, who was then In command or the Mississippi department, setting forth what tbe 7ri bunt said, what tbe ' total abstinence" committee said, mad what be (Presldeut Lincoln) thought should at once be done. This waa nothing more nor t?iai than that General llalleck should Issue an order ?nmmarily and dsgracs: ully dismissing Grant from the Service for beiog afllioted with the habits of "a common drunkard." ?BHBIUL IIALLBCK CjW't AM IT, A*D GROWKTfl IXWOSAWT. Hal leek at ooc? telegraphed back aa Indignant reply. Bib* charge wor? ir uo, or bod a abadow or trutb in It, lh?| at bead to (all should not be Gen. Grant'*? It should br General llalleck's. If be, command lag In cblef tbe de partment, oould expose bla greateit army to defeat under ?ucb a person aa the President seemed to believe General a rant, It wsa very clear tbat bla Kxoelleocy ?should at ?noe remove him (General llalleck) from the position be ao manifestly was unqoallfled to Oil. In conclusion, the Major Ueneral commanding the Mississippi depart ment would respectfully submit to bis Kxcollsucy that temperance delegations were rtf excellent things In ?heir proper piece ? tbe editorial roomi of the New York and other synagogues of tbe salnta, wherein tb? ? ?total abstinence ba*erags?" (not "spirits") of " just mso wtre made perfeot'*? but that, so far as tbe Army of the Mississippi weal, he wlthed to bare nothing to say to them, and would prefer "Grant's little finger, ?T*? " tipsy , to the carcases of tbe whole bleared caboodle!" larnsa nwoost At w>smnoro?? xus TB*rwu*oa DaiiQA 1.05 TOT Hi A HVISAKC*. | Intense disgust followed the receipt at Washington Of this telegram. Tbe " temperance delegation from Illi nois" took " tall drinks all round" many times, and then acceded to tbe President's proposition (Mr. Lincoln being anxious to get rtd of thorn, as they wore personal friends and a taoavy drain upon bis wblekey cellar); aad the proi?sltlon was tbls: Tbey were to proceed Id a body to St. lyOuls, Uovernor Melt Yates footing tbelr travelilng oipooees and barroom bills: and on tbelr arrival there Such of them as wero able to walk sbo ud wa:k, and sucb ?f tbsm as could not walk ?b uld be curried In carriages or wheelbarrows, to (ieneral llal leek's headquarters, where they should lay before said General their proofs aod "affidavits" (mslnly signed by members of ths Chris Clan and Sanitary Comralsstons, together with a rati of secessionist* nnd cotton 8) eculators) ss to Gensral Grant's "deplorable exoeesss in tbe tippling line." 1 IIS "TOTAL IBimiUCl" MEN i as TOTSD 1JS WIBUillOWl BSV0BS ur.yf.mi. BAUJMK. Well, to msks s long story shirt, down they came, and Were helped or oarrled by a strong delegation of porters, waiters and all available black help, up tbe stoop of Ahe Planters' Bouse, and thenoe to tbeir respective J-ooms, wbicb were secured by Captain (how Colonel) J Wilson Shaffer, of Illinois, Mien a quartermaster, ana a ?<ry excellent one, on tbe staff of Oealral Hunter. Had gaffer not been there the whole "temperance delegation" Would, beyond doubt, have been kteked Into the street or ?ent lor lodgings to tbe calaboone, as Palmer, tbe clerk, refused to gNre them entertainment no lees they would duly register their names In the botel book, and tbers waa not si man la the orowd who oodid see lees than a dosen pent Cd a small amy it books when the olerk offered bisaa igle qn|ii and pointed to tbe solitary lodger. m T*a ji foam in an nimu sura cowmarm. 01 course for Uutt night tkere oould be oo rormal vtsM so flenerat Haiieok. who ww than staring In tbe hotel, Asoonspaoled by rfsneral Ciilhim, his duoT of Steffi Qol Keiton, bis Assistant Adjutant General; Osl. Thorn, bit Chief of Topogrepbioal Engineers; tbe laasnted MoPber ?on, CoL Cutis, brother to Mrs. Douglas, aod a yosng toajor of tbe Adjutant General >| Department, wboM M Iwg* Oaptala Shatter, bowerer. hfcoongblngs and grunts of 1 m form a right eetlmate of tbelr general buslossB. Croat wo* tbe fua at Halleok's >Me and >o his tttMSl bsadmarteis that algbt; but rhen thsgffietter MUM to be Aaswbst Qoleed abroad It i as riHind aeoeosary to piaoe, a (Sard sf soldiers at tbe sf sash siuftbrous mowMfV A* ? <r?mi?r*aoe bis "Old friends fro* Illinois'' Delegation." in or<1er lo prevent the ollloert and men of Grout's artuy who chanced to be In towa from eupplytBf ?aid ru tfiubcr* wall a ooal of Ur Mid leather* a* au i ap propriate unlfoitn In which the uext mornmf'e Ylett w tieoeral Hallrclt abould be paid. SiiST ' 'MUVKH ON (HI EMMY 'a WOBIB" ?Oat DOWBLSO* ' Next morning ? Sunday "morn log? proved an one. Long bo; ore the ' 'total abstinence" ropreaentativea bad commenced, witb dlwy heads and trembl'ug hauda^ to nng for Cooked* water and oooktalie, KTOil ^ reachei the buay headciuart*'^ ta? n?"?. ^^.oiana' Ing. Kort Dooeleon 'aa<j fm?n before ? ^ unmatched prowess and fesietlw.* eeerVr General Grant. Ue u|>oo tbe eoeruy*a works," and tbey 1 .... k.. A'1??" tbous-2* prisoners, s,vih u,- "irsr-.Z.' acree, and Floyd|waa a miserable i?.* ,?' necessitated the evacuation by the eu*"'* ?? Bo*U5jj[ Green and Columbua. It tbrew oueu the M. M'selppl to Pjttsburg Landing, and was a verification in In..' thoM , fearg of the secessionist* within our lines bad ' drat prompted tbem to start tbe lie that "'Grant vvU a oommon druuK ird, and abould be at onoe removed." TUB BULLBiIN Of VICTORY, AND 178 CONSKjCHNI "B8. It was not until about ten in tbe morning that General I^alleck bad sufficient leisure from tbe more important oreealng cares of that critical moment to think of . - op on the bulletin board of tbe 1,'Iamers' House putting incemout of our victory. Tbe bulletin was then ??j* banded to an orderly sergeant to be placed written- * -ubjJP' tjo* tke /ohn Seeeebea of St. Loula were In full . _*y ?hta t>. tDd aeln oorridor'of tbe botol. They Wvt m th? a, ,or tbey had heard whispers of bad news were aniioua; ? j they were also aazious as to the state V> their oauee; a >f the "Temperance Delegation from or their friends >. *heee gentlemen of tbe ''total abstl Illinois." in truth, . .ro and oock tails, baths and brandy nenoo party" needed *. ing and many Juleps, before tbey smashes, much bsrberte. npearance of respectability. Tbe could be revived Into aaya^ -vera assiduous; and by tbe John Seceehes, however, > owed by General Ilalleck ! time the orderly sergeant, fa. 'or, the "members of tbe | end staff, appeared In the corrW ' rhteued themselves up | temperance delegation" had stra.. riety" which your old Into that condition of "unearthly sot marriageable daugh toper (who baa a pew in cbercb an 4 v n recovering from tera) is always certain to assume wfca ->ugh "red eye" ? last night's drunk, and with jut eav ility. In bis stomach to make breakfast a psertb- .t jon ov on OHM. BALLMOK't SPBBCB AND* JOKB? T.? ??> _ un vras the huV O* the posting up of tbo bulletin jmi Nftrvable on bub and curious the varying aensatlms oi ?ptJr; tbe the facea of the crowa. John Secesb wa?la<J? \id be too "temperance delegation" looked as ir no Lo!e rw. < W1 Out I small Tor tbe fattest man among tbem to ffi nt tbe through; the loyalists, In and out or uniftrm, .and' air with cheers; Halieck puffed hie segar w;tb vi^^t, "'bin General Cuiium, just baok from Cairo, rubbed blvi bands ezultlngly. I "Palmer." ballad out General Hal leek to the clerK I "aeod up two dozen buckets of champagne, and opsri them here for tbe benefit of the crowd." (Lou J ctoaers, the "temperance delegation" looking sheepish.) "And, Palmer continued the General, "I want you to give publio notlco that I shall suspect the loyalty of^.any raalo resident of St. Louts who enn be found sober 'enough to walk or speak within tbo neit half hour. "? THE "TOTAL AI1STINSNCB" MK* CRT A HBJfiHT IMA. How the "total abstinence raon" felt at tbi? proclse juncture I naii not say; hut history gives full record or what they did. A bright Idea soiled Jud,joPavl? that by cboeriog and yelling the loudest for General Grant the character of tboir mission miKht be forgotten*. Pavte yelled and cheered. Leonard Swett saw tbo point at once, and joined In chorus. Minister Judd only .blamed him self that the same h ippy thought had not occurred to blm before occurring to Judge Davis; and, as ihe upshot ofobe whole, the entire "temperance party" became the most vociferouB?ln the corridor in their mAd buzzahs for the "Great Itiver Horse of the Mississippi." rhe cham pagne provided by General Halieok, howevor, was too cold for their inflamed and furious stomachs. Tboy secured, through Shatter's aid, a large empty ball, sometime* used ns a ballroom, in tbo back part of tho Planters' House, and there, throughout that day, with many a piilful of "rod eye" and many a biiirKot of spiced brandy, they h'eld high revol, dancing like enthusiastic monomaniacs around tin room acd bur/ablng for General Grant at the top of their voices ? "Wilse ShaCfer" mean While baying turned th% key on the whole parly, so tbat none but "frlonds" should see tbeir folly. Thus ended the first "John Pecesb temperance delega tion" against General Grant. Are we now to have another, under tho auspices of George N Sanders and company ? I have great hopes that, as a corollary of the new John Secesh "temperance movement" against tbe greatest of our soldteri, we shall soon hear of General Grant quietly smoking bis segar In the'taantion heretofore occupied by Mr. JetTcrsou Davis. It is only when* tbe rebels are ut terly boneless and helpless that they have resort to this miserable trick of personal assault and slander. The Graa-JBrtgnotl Controversy, TO TUK KDITOR Of Till 1IBHALS. Evssm Hoc?*, August 23, 1M4. A latter appeared In your columns of Saturday last from J. Grau, operatic manager, reflating on a claim I have brought against blm for viol itloa of contract. Out of rapeot Tor the court wblct* niuat pronounce on the osso, iSm very reluctant tj attudo to It; but, a3 tho letter of Mr. Grau la calcqMod to prejudice me in public osteem, I consider it due to myseir, on tbe eve of quitting the oountry, to make a brief statement of the ra:ts. l? tho sprjng otrJArt!} ^,f; Grau proposed f> me an en gagement or eight tj.wths, at one thousand six^ubdrel dollars per month, with two half bouetits, to begin on tbe 1st of October following, simulating, as in all ray pre vious contract?, to pay me half monthly is advance. During the stypnor of 1*3 I had advantages o.Teri to sing la rarls.aod also propositions from other places, and I solicited Mr. Grau to relinquish my "pmntint with him; but he refused. (Jn the 1st of Gctoberlwss in Now York, ready to fultll my engagement; but Mr. ?rau woo In Europe, and tho balf-montbly Instalment due on that day was not forthcoming. ? I received soon after ? letter from Mr. Grau saying he Vjaald not bo able to begin his season at the time be had Imposed, and suggesting I should sing in Sew York or (Aeewhore on my own account. I thought this a strange proposal, In tbe face of tbe contract existing Uetweon us; but I decided not to be entrapped into any violation or oar agreement. On the arrival of Ifr. Grau he proposed to rescind tbe contract, and (.fTercd me in lieu of the pay ments already due tho sum of el^ht hundred dollara. I declined a compromise so utterly Inadequate; and, as be rornsod any otbor, I was compelled to appeal to tbe law for redress. This Is tbe simple history of my caso, and It will bo seen on trial that Mr. Grau'a bad faith occa sioned me a loss of time 4tnd epportumties that fully en titles mo to tbe damages I claim. It would seem, however, that misfortunes nover come singly; for, In the midst of my trouble with the unrea sonable Grau, I am assailed by a Mr. Godfrey wltb a claim of fifteen hundred dollars for "professional ssr vices." I begjo say that this claim is not merely unfoui d ed, but preposterous. The services performed by Mr. Godfrey may have boon "professional;" but they were of a bumble description, and I will provo that be bas been liberally rewarded. During a residence of nine years and upwards In this country, I hive been treated both in publio and private wltb a partiality and kindness I can nover forgot. And It is not a little palnrul to mo that I should be compelled to make my exit, not on tbe stago so familiar to me, amid the concord of sweet sounds, but In * grim oourt of justice, amid wrangling and discord. It wUll be no sma])f consolation te me, however, If my friends sod tbe p?fTfle see nothing In the explanations 1 have made that tends In any degree to diminish my claim to tbe favor and applause so long and lavishly bestowed oo me. My sad ?ess in bidding them farewell is somewhat relieved by tbe earneet hope that, al no distant day, I shall revisit these shores, tbe sosoe of my earliest and happiest efforts. Tory gratefully, P. BRIG NOLI. The Pil?te and tkt Tall?h*iie?. The following subscriptions bare b??B received lo tti# fund for lb* purchase of mi boata for the pilot* of tbe James Funk and Wm Bel), recently captured by tbe rebel steamer Tallahassee ? . Atlantic Mot. Ins. Co.fftQO Humphrey H. Crary... 500 Funch. MeinCke&Weodt 600 Columbian Ina. Co 600 Abm. Bell's Boos 900 John W. Avery 800 Bun Mutual Ina. Co.... 260 Mercantile Uul tea. Oo 260 Pacific Mutual Ids. Co. . 280 Joreph McMurray Van Telt ft Moore 260 Colon Ferry do 250 rantma Railroad Ce. .. 2.50 A. A Low* Broibar... 200 Wm. Salem ft Oo. 100 Chan. H. Marshall * Co 200 M. Y. Mutual las. dti 100 Qrtnuell,MlnturnftCo. 200 Arobd. Ball 60 L. ft 0. Grlawold... 200 Cornelius GrlnnoU. 60 Wm. A. Sale ft Co 100 Roger Brothers. 100 Relanerdt ft Oo 100 Jobs McGobreck 100 8. Thompson ft Nephew 100 BuckHn , Crane ft Co . . rt 100 W. G. Hunt 100 Wm. T. Froet 100 Untoa Mutual Ina. Oo.. 100 ftioftrd Irrln ft Co.... fOO Boyd ft BlncksD....... 100 Tucker, Cooper ft Oo. .. 100 HeDbluga ft GosIIq. mi too Fabbrl ft Cbauncey Oary ft Co... Rowland * Asplnwall., Barclay ft Livingston . . Ay mar ft Co ? ?????? Brown Brothers ft Co., Williams ft Gulon ?-ask ft ansa Taylor ft Co, .., Bpoflbrd i Tlloston ft Oo oetrloh ft Co Cbas. Lotto* ft Co 900 Hall.Southwlok ft Co.. 200 Weston ft Gray 400 John H. A bee I .1.. 900 Ctiaa. Carew 100 Wm. F. Schmidt ft Son. 100 200 auo 200 200 200 200 200 200 900 , 900 200 John Kadlgsn Wanh'n Mutual Ina. Oo. Wesley Mutual Id*. Oo. Wllll?ro Marshall IL J. ft 0. A. Da Wolf.. Wm. Mantlet. Hicks ft Bell ........ i > F>!m miton ft Brotnett. Robert McCormlck.... James Damm?rell Cbarlee H. Franklin... .lobu McMaboo ? LewH OrpenterT...... John Ilarroo D. Hooper Wm. K. ataman ft Co.. 80 eo 60 10 60 60 9ft 28 28 9? ?8 98 98 96 98 91 ,600" m. I . DCumiut <? ouu. To||) . ... .?..?nien<"i"?nnM *? Further euWrlptlons will be received b? wehjft ft mil, shipbuilders, Oreenpolnt.Ll laleo althaHkH Commissioner's offloe, 89 South street, or ?y Job? W. Avery, Treasurer, 809 Water street. P*ilc* lauill|?at(. ?tanura Amur m EUim fnuirn? Abont belfpaw *%bt o'oioek lut e rental, u Nliholaa GarbarlB*, an Italian, was stand lai la front of lk? liquor stors So. II tuiwatmi, bo wu violently assaulted and i tabbed twlo* Ib tbo sook with a dirk kair* la the bands of Aa drow^SeDlBO, la dieting wounds of a dsnierous character. ?n*CaBappa, tbe proprietor of tba llqaor (tor*, while '"'tv**'"1 *o separate tbo parties, waa also severely stabbed in tbo band bjr flaaiao. The latter waa arrested adar a dc?i ersto atruttis by od oora Kennedy, Qotdea and nopklDg. or ibo butk precinct, sad Looked up to await t<*c re?4ii. ^ v ' S*! rmaO Wo H?*?i - force on Ik* SartU 8ld? of (Ike PolomMi Baltimors, August 24, 1994. Reliable Information from the I'pper PoUmao shows thai the report of the rebels haying crossed Is Incorrect. N' thing beyond picket firing has transpired to-day. It la believed by many that the rebels are (all lag back. The Poeltlon of Oar Army Vnebaaged. Harper's Praar, Va., August 23, 1M4. The position of oar army still remains unchanged. A strong line of Intrenchmenta have been thrown up la fr^*- * p^'ltcry skirmishing could be beard all day yesterday and this wnornln? " brok* out with redoubled strength in front of Nineteenth corps, which Is holding the centre. Nothiak" of. Importance, boweTer, resulted from II, and it bas now ^'most entirely oeased. s ? August 33? Midnight. Ko evidence of the enemy J;oln? ln 0UJ. CTPOt has been obtained as yet, and U v'a believed that they will make as attempt to cross thtf /'rer, although oar latest news from Wlillasasport says t&ey bad not fti crossed the Potomao. duns could be beard yesterday up tbe river, supposed to be Averlll shelling the woods In the direction of Sharps burg. Our army is lying qnletly In tbelr Intrenched camps. General Max Weber has been relieved (torn'" the com mand of Harper's Ferry, and ordered to report ror duty In the Department of the Susquehanna. General Stevenson now has command of Harper's Ferry. 0?t Washington Despatch. WASHraoro* Angus! 24, 1814. A report was current here this afternoon that a portion of tbe rebel forces had crossed the Upper Potomao Into Maryland; but It bas not been confirmed, and was, doubtloss, a canard. It Is not believed that any portion of Early's command will be pormltted to recrots the Petomac. rut I Mr. Theodore O. U'llion'i Deipatchei. A VKRII.L'S CAVALRY, M THH FiBID, 1 Augiut 23, 1804. J EARI.Y'a ARMY RKINFOROFT). following bag Just boen received from a prlvaU and can be relied upon for its correctness:? e0er^' WiNcnesTKR, August 20? A. M. ,,on. of longfctrcot's corps, commanded by ir . r. 1 left Richmond on the 7(b, and is Major Genera ^tenant General Anderson, who has been i -ngstrcet's corps, Is also here. Before commanding Z* Kershaw's division, together with the ' I.ongstreet's corps, were between f D JL '8bur?> ?bout "?>??? from the lat Richmond and Pat* ? Hjen somewhat In resorve. In Kera& J^iLuTrm. "e are rour br,gl)<lcg' commanded ^FlrirSr^ada, Brlgrdk * GeDeral Humphrey com manding. ">enoraI Brvan commanding second brigade, v *rai woifird Pn??,!Z; Third brigido, Brigadier Gen. ^ mghth S^5th^D?S* Fourth brigade, Colonel Heao>. " South Caro llDHumphrey"a 'brigade has four 6?n. ""o'VtZl* XZu 1 *o not think they average over fc T0 I"????wd effective men to a regiment.' men?? m t? ti, Bryan's brigade baa also four reft, .DbrevVbrlmwe average about the same as those in Hun. Woirard baa five roglmanta and a t> ?ttallon "> brigado. <? . . In the brigade rommanded by Colonel R?>. ;'?? tnoro are four regiments and two battalions. One o? _*H? '68'" menu in this brlgfdo Is a large one. It is a v. ? ^ about eight hundred strong, and Is known aa thi ,w*? tioth South Carolina. I'am sure the strength of Kershaw's division barely reaob flve'thousanu effective men. The dlvl3k >n Is to-day oncampcd on the Berryvllle pike, one mils from town. ~ It ts understood that Lieutenant General Early will command this army, notwitnstanding Lieutenant General Anderson la hero. Early's own force Is to day In towards Bunker Hill, but not far from town. Thero ts a rumor in the rebtl camp to-day that yield's division, of Longstreet's ccrj s, is also moving to Early's support. From the best information I can get It does not seem that Early's strength (including reinforcements arrived up to this time), more^tban reaches thirty -five thousand Early has about'clghtcen thousand effective men, besides fifteen thousand men in reserve. Tbe?strcngtb of Ker shaw's division la about four thousand eight hundrod. There la also betwoon cljht and nine thousand cavalry. Tuere arft nUny speculations here aa to the rebels' in Mentions. They are certainly not now gathering crops. The more provulont impression is that it la a determined moveme&t to draw off General Grant from before Peters burg. Some Ipcllne to tbo view of a contemplate^ great Western mor^so* Iir ibm FittD, August 23? P. M. 8K]RMISOI?0., There was some skirmishing yostorday. To day there la more fighting. Avrrili.'s Cavalry, Irr the Fikld, 1 August 23? Evening. / To day everything baa been remarkably quiet on our front. General Averlll's scouts and vldottes are in Mar tinsburg this afternoon, and do not report the enemy ad vancing further In that direction, Tb la morning we heard firing toward Genoral Sheri dan's left and In the nelghborhocd of Hall Town. Tbo skirmishing yesterday on General Sheridan's front was not particularly heavy. There is an impression prevalent that the ecemy Is ugaln playing an extenslvo game of "blnff" by demon strating? threatening? at different points, and showing ? n extensive skirmish line without progressing the force necessary under ordinary circumstances to support It Tor a genoral engagement against such an army as General Sheridan has at his command. The eremy is evidently acting to make us believe be hns an overwhelming force. The position that General Sheridan holds to-day is a de cilcdly strong defensive one, both to sustain^an attack against his centre, and to prevent Hank movements. The enemy's pickets are still at Bunker Hill, that is, at this writing. We havo beard from Western Virginia, but without re ceiving any information lhat the enemy is secretly mov ing Intbat direction, aa was thought might bo the pur. peso of bis present movements. So effectually has Gooeril Avorlll disposed of his forces that the enemy ban thus far boen prevonted from getting small raiding parties across tbo Potomae river. The reports that make their way North from Dagera town must not be too well credited. When the people of that neighborhood cannot tell where General Averlll'a headquarters are, they certainly know still less abcut the enemy's designs and whereabouts. Orders have been Issued, preventing citizens from cymsing the Potomac river to the Virginia side. Mr. DeD. Randolph Ktlm'i Despatch. Raitimors, August 24, ISM. SBKRIDAX, Up lo isst night the situation of Sheridan and the enemy's light parties in bis front was practically un changed. Our forces were engaged in throwing up earth workafbr their better derouce A small skirmish is kept np continually, but with little loss on either side. Early stlU holds back, or rather does not develop his strength. He seems to be waiting for some action from our side. It ts currently* believed In the army that some movemeute are going on west of Martinsburg, either' towards Hancock or Cumberland. This seems to be credited from the fact that small bodies or horsemen arc continually demonstrating along the To frmnc, at Williamsport and below. This, no doubt, is Intended to draw attention from the reappoint In view. Our cavalry are kept on the watch on the Maryland side of the river. ?bs avraib at front rot it. General Merrill makes the following report of his Front Royal fight toiGeneral Torbert ? Headquartcrs, First Catatry Divrsroir, I Angust l?, it**. J General Torsrry? There was but little more fighting after my ilmpau-h sent you at sereen P. M. The Second brt. gads did superbly. It captured one hundred ami forty ||fM DUTDOfr. A WW BMItlV U v?|/?U|CU, snasu i?n ?n division pave "the hers" a most magnificent dressing. Tbe reserve brigade was net engaged. . . The rrlnonera represent Kershaw's division, of Long. Street's corps, Bomera' and Wlckern's brigades of cavalry, both smell brigade* The country was open and several tliniit mounted charge* wtr# made. The ???my Irlw lo nrneurlrft, weded tbe rlvsr up to their wafsts; but the* found us "laying for thera, ' and we corralled the?, shoot Ing them dewn until they srted for msrey. Over tbirty of their Asd and larger numbers of thslr wounded lie tn one ,,T hs eaetny opened with splendid practice from two bat terlee. I rejelee to ser pur eesuslties ere small for the } mount ef fighting dnne. fluty will (orer my entire lose, osver saw live command sot better or do more eiecutlon. I wan a "Darby fluht" Improved on. A rebel eolonel was killed Ad his body Is In our hands. Two field offloero were earturea . The prisoners repeal that tber earns from Cul Ptrioaal Mr. T. W. Kaanard, Cblaf toglnaar of the Atlantic tod ?r?tt Waatara Railroad, iccoapuM by lb* Carl of Air lit, Mr. Aacoat Mmoii and Mr. Junta MaBaary, o f London, loft Naw York lut atoning, It Mr. Kaaeard'a prirata aalboa oarrlata, for St. Lonla, to tnaugurata tba informal opening of tbla raaaarkabla aatafprloa?-a eea linuoua broad g*oga road of twalra bondrad aOlaa la langlft, from Saraar .City to St. Loo la. Tba teat of tla Atlantic aad Groat Waatara road.ooanaetlai tba trlawMl Oblo aad Mla*laa|ppl roada, waa \nwarda of Moat y U? Itoat of dollaraTlba wftoia of tkfoh ram %J ralaad la Earopa by tEa aaatdooaa afbrU af Mr. WSgll^. gn-Oarornor nana, af Mai>a; A* W. JofeMO?Laf Malooj Oonoral nojctoa, of Maina, aad Malar 0. 1 *ra ata^ P?a| at tba Aatar Hoaaa. 0. A. Qraoaoia and feialfe of PfetMateMai I. ILOMf I'll? , of MtcbiRan. a%4 t.i?ufao?Bt Ooloaal Brand, U. V. ^ | ate itoDolrn at i^a Matropaiitaa Botal. TflE CHICAGO CONVENTION. jst of Delegates from Btav? of Ne^ Hwtchts of the flfembcri 1 1 tfc? D*I? gation from This City# *?* It.) lo The following U a list of tbe delegate* from lb* BUI# Of New York to the Democratic National CoavttllM M N h*ld at Chicago August ?9, 1804:-* DILIOATH At Horatio Seymour, of Oneida. Dean Kirbmoud.of Q^uesoe. UftHC bulla , or Monroo. August Belmont, of New York. ALTSRNATW At LAMHl Azarlah C. Paige, of Schencotadf. 'yanh T. Wilier, of ttoneca.^. '* Phillip W. Ellas, zl Nsr YOrk, George Boich. Gjreen*. * , UWKKl PPLBOAT8S. (V&oancleB to be tilled by the MltfttftttJ JDWfift I? Jacob P. Carl!, or Queens. Abraham O. Thompson, of Suffolk. 3? J oiijj G. Scbumaker of Kings. Vacancy. caused by death of B. PrlCMk 8? Samuel 1>. Morris, of King*. Thomas II. l arron, of K log* 4? James MoMahoa,of New York* Daniel E. Delavan, of New Yorlfc 6 ? Ignatius Klynn, of Now York. Oswald Ottendrrfer, of New YorlU 8? Jubn Kelly, of NewtYork. Henry Milton, of New York. T? Luke F. CX zaos, of New York.. Michael Connolly, of .New York* 8? John UcKeon, of New York. Gideon J. Tucker, of New York. 0? Samuel J. Ttlden, of New Yorlu Tbomos Mcfpedon, of New York . ** 10? William Radlord, of WegHb*a?^ Abraham R C?na?? ( *' Kocklantf. ; II ? Kugeqe * urewbier, of Orange. ^TZ":go Bennett, of Bull Ivan. ? J"? Robert E. Andrews, of Columbia, 4 William Chamberlain, of Dutchetfk 18? Mauly 13, Mattice, of Greene. Jacob iTaraeirtiurg, of Ulster. 14? Amasa J. Parser, of Albany. Nathan P. Hlnman, "t Schoharl*. XC? James S. Thayer, of R*C3SeJ*er. Emerson K. Davis, of WashiMlO*' * 16? Augustus 0. Hand, or Essex. Josrie Gay, of Clinton. 17? William J.'Avorill, or St Lawreil**! Darlen Vf. Lawrence, of Franklin. 1#? Livingston Sprier, or Montgomery David l. I.amb, of Saratoga. V 19? Alfred Clark, of Otsego. Sherwood 8. Merrill, or Chonaagv. 20 ? J.ovi H. Brown, of Jefferson. William 1. Skinner, of Herkimer. '21? J. Thomas Sprlggs, of Onoida. Asa G. Shenuau, of Oneida. 22? Sydney T. Faircbil J, of Madlsec, Wjllard JoUdsod, of Otsego. 30? Frederick Ilydu, or Cortland. John A. Green, Jr., of ononOafa. 24? William C. Beardsley, ofCayug*. Edwin M. Anderson, of Wayp*. i i 25? Benjamin F. Angol, of Llvlng0tdk, Henry A. Cbeesebro.of Ontario. 2fl? John J. Taylor, or Tioga. Duncan s. Mngee,, of Droome. 27? Marshall D. ChaisipUlo, of AUeftBfl Levi A. Ward, of frteuben. 28? William 0. Rowley, of Monro*. Sacdford E. Church, or Orleans. 29? Washington Hunt, or Ntagaja. I.ewls vf. Xiiayer, cf Wyoming. 30? John Ganscn, of Erie Albert P. Lanlng, or Erie. 31? John C. Dcvercox, or Cattaraufuf. Hiram C. Minor, of Chautauqua. - ? Tho delegation is insfrpcted to oast votes of New York, on all .joostlons, as a u .(^?dance with the views ora .majority of t! Tile CItjr Dclcf?t(|, AUGUST BELMONT is a German by birth, resident for msay years In Haw York, and a banker by occupation. Ha bet<ffcg? {p the class or "wealthy and liberal contrlbutora," so vela^le to ml parties. He Has ne^er yet been a candidate for ofTce, though it is auppcsod that in the event" of General Mc# lellan's attaining the Presidency a foreign miss. on wonid bo tendered him, in compensation of bl* early and faithful adTeaton to "Little Mao'i" cauae. Mr.,Belraont Is a small, dark compiexioned man, walka lame In cons# quenco or a wound received in a duel somo years since, ajl speaks with a German accent. He 1b tba Chairman of the National Democratic Committee appointed by (be convention which nominated Stopneu A. Douglas for the Presidency in 1800. J.4MK3 M'MAHOW is a resident of the Seventh ward, and represents the ?Fourth Aldermanic district In the Board of Alderman. Bis business ia that of a .'Ivery (table keeper. Alderman McMahon is of Irish birth, about forty year* of age, of dark*comploxlon and medium size. He is an influential member of the Mozart Hall wing of the party. DANIEL E. PEL AVAN is a veteran In the councils of the party, and has been a Sachem of the Tammany Foclety from time Immemorial, ne Is a One looking, portly old gentleman of alxty years, rubicund and cheery In appearance, and noted forhla pro pensity for office holding. Colonel Delavan recently held the office or City Inspect' r, from which be waa removed by Mayor Opdyko to makn way (or Mr. Pool*, and be baa boen appointed by Comptroller Bronnan one of the assessors In tbe Tax Department. 10NATIC8 FLTNN ' ia a publican by profession, and bis bouse la a famous reEort of democratic politician* in the Ninth ward. He is an active, Intelligent and business-like gentleman, of about forty, cloee shaven and good natured, and wields a large political influence on^tbe weat aide of tbe city. Mr. Flynn baa never, we believe, beld any otllce. He ia of tbe Mozart persuasion, but a bitter enemy of Fernando Wood, tbe Mozart cbtof. OSWALD OTTF.NDORFER is tba editor and part propriotor of the German war democratic daily, published in tbla city, the Smati Zti tung. Ho ia a tall, slender, angular man, with a pale face and light hair, perpetually accompanied by a cane andaaegar. Hla associations aro with Tammany Hall, and bla paper baa supported with energy tbe policy of prosecuting tbe war against tbe-South. Mostra. Belmont' andgOttendorfer are tbe only Germane on tfee delegation rrom tbla 9tate. JOHN, ex-member of Congress and ex-Sheriff of tbla county, la ono of our beat known Irlah citizens. He began political life aa Alderman of tbe Fourteenth ward, and auooaaelve ly mounted eacb atep wblcb bla ambition Inaplred him to easay. He la a atoutly built, powerful man, of be twecn liny and alxty, with a cordial and sincerftaaoner, and a blgb reputation for honesty. nBNRY HILTON la an ex-Judge of the Court of Coaaon Plesa, and formerly waa law partner of tbe late Greene C. Dronaon . He la a large and heavily built gentleman, wltb a genial face and manner*. Judge Hilton belonga to tbe MoReon organization, altbougb, unllke'McKoon, be la la favor of a war policy. I.CKB T. COZAN8 la at preaent State Senator from tbla city, and waa for merly alao a member of Aaaembly. He la of Irlah descent, and probably under forty yaara of aga. He la a amail man, but r<w*?aaea a good voice, and la much esteemed aa an orator. He la Prealdent of tba Toung Men's Democratjc Anociatfon, an organisation wblcb baa proved Ita uaefuineea In campaign work. Mr. Cozans la an anti-Wood Mozarter. MICHAEL CONNOLLY, commonly knows aa tba "Big Judge,1' la a Baa, alalwortb representative of tba Irlab democracy of Mew York, atanJmg fully aii feet alx In bla atoekinga, and appraaob* ing in weight, we dare say, three hundred pennda solid averdupola? a of unfailing goodnature, fun and shrewd oommon aanse. Probably tbere la na more popu lar leader than be among tbe Irlab reetdeota of tbla elty, aa la proved by hla repeated elevation, by tbelr votee, to off oe. He waa laat fall re-elected Polloe Juatloa for els years. JOHN M'KION, lawyer, formerly member of Oongreea and Dlatrlct At* torney, both for tba Bute and tfte Called B la tee, to almost too wall known la need description. He to a florid, actlv4, Impulsive gentlemaa, genuinely Irlab, altbougb born to th* elnatry, and aa ardent partisan, whether In bojltloel or religious Batter*. Ha to thoroughly ? p&M iqbp, howtrar, u regard* tba pres ent iltafglf. ifr. MoKeon'a tfty yaara ara borne by hla la (tm lhay wfre bnt thirty, and Ba to t$ full of 0a and Wirtf m wbdi ha stepped Brat anon tbe politi cal |U|? to eooUnd trttb a generation of.Wa who bare . lang iaol yniftii fcba to another worA JiMW 9. ttau toaiaa ? wall known oltlaenj tor, though na orator, hie Ml WMWllto with deaoaraMa paper* baa given hla ffc Wt/j oreaawell made nla bla flan 4* a 'A planed nla la the Albany M?IMtoaaM ia Mew tort and started tbe Ma Wood. Mr. Te*a?e? waa elected Secretary <? A In IS&T, wh? ?*- ?j your, of in, . ? now 8*rog*l? of tbta ? .. to a vehwu ^ p<(lce ^ jn person he * ^ M<1 *M*< Md 0#W^W?I manner, po^r*"" * j im a party teaa-r, ma iniiuence beit.* ^ doioat of leruuudo Wood it the Syracuse Couvanti j_"* flAVT?BL J. TILDtSX to a lawyer of promlcenoe, of a cool, deliberate and quiet temperament, aod ha* long been considered aa a t ruated a * or ttia Alb iuy Regency. Ha to probably paat fifty yeara of ago. la email and delicate In appearance, and eautioua aod preoiaa Id manner. Mr. Tildbo la the on I y iflomber of ttie oily delegation who belonged to the Van Buren, or barnburner, party In 154?. He waa a nan dictate for eleotor upon tba Van Buren ticket In (hat year, and subtjMsntly, after tbalr reunion with tba banker faction, the "soft" omdtdate fur Attorney G.-ueral of tba to In 1885. but waa defeat*!. We believe be baa never held any office. THOMAS M'SPIDOH la an envelope manufacturer and atatlonar, and waa tor merly Alderman of tba Twoltth ward. Mr. MeSpedon baa been for m^uy years an aotlva democratio politician, find belongs to tba kcKoon General Committee. He la a gentleman of forty-Ore, small la stature, and quick and Impulatve la oharacter. Dal(|?(ci Flocking to Chicago? Oroat Bnthuslasm for Iff Cleilan, ?&?. ~ ?'? . Aujustr36-I2:30 A. H. Delegates are arriving froB *11 dlreeiloos. Fully one third of tbo Convention will be E$re tonight. Tbera are also quite a number here to attend the ?3M* meeting on Saturday, Dologationa numbered by hundreds ?."t 00 tfeetr way from every Important point to attend tbe MoCiellaa fathering on 8atnrday. Tba idea tbat the Weat to applied '.J "Little Mao" ia not corroborated by the numerous McCleilan meetinga at every point. There was considerable talk for Ftllmore this morning, but this afteraooe !t Is all for McCleilan. They talk about aomlnatiug mm by acclamation. His frl^jia are very sanguine. Outsiders, Uowayer, art mora sanguine than tbe delegates. _??? <? T%e gathering oh Saturday promisee to be one of the over S.C13 West of New York. Thera is no oity in tbe West of any size but tbat has agents here making arrangements for the accom modation of McCleilan dolegatlons who are to attend the mast meeting. Vailandigham and aeverat other of the ultra poaoe lead ers are expected to night. They may change tho feeling ?o-morrow and cause the tide to temporarily sot against Mac. ' "tt! *L'r> ' A building has been erected especially for tha Conven tion , on the shore of tho lake, but rrom present appear ances it will not accommodate one-half of those who will be present. Description of the Amphitheatre In whleh the Convention Is to be llelfl. [From the Chicago Times.] The mammoth amphltbeatro at tbe corner of Michigan avenue and Park placo, In which tbe sessions of the forth coming National Democratic Convention are to be held, la at present receiving the last finishing touches at the handa of tbe carpenters. In a couple or days It will be passed over to tne decorators, who will "display thafg taate by festooning it with hundreds of flags, banners nil% streamers. Tbo building, which to constructed entirely of wood, is or gigantic proportions. It measures m cir cumference six hundred and twenty-eight feet, and has accommodations for an audience of over Qftcon thousand persons. The roof In tbo centre is thirty flvo feet from jround, and slopes gradually until it Is only twenty - eight i'*et in height. At this point it is broken ror the purpoeeS.CT ventilation. Tbe remaining portion of tbe roof commence* al a point four feet bolow, and (lopes gently to the out*' edge or the building. The entire structure to covered v?".,lh Patent felt roofing, capable of withstanding the heaviest .raln (forms. The grand entrance to the bn;T<l.'r? Is on Michigan ava sue, and Is through a spacious p'.tsaafiSfffly, fifteen feet jvltle. This leads directly to tbe central platform on . x thich the officers of tbe convention, defecates and mem btT* of tbe press will be seated. Running al[ round this | plal Xorm is a neat ratllngfinside of which IS a narrow path '. W bT which delegates can leave the buildlsg with I out ha t0 Pree3 through tbe assomblage cn tbe plat form. v^l06etotb!s footway will be the desks for tbe use of tin. ^fiembers of tbe press, who will be largely re Presented. ' The number of chairs on the platform will o six hun> ^red. On the sou ^ 8lJe of 'he mammoth amrWtbeatre, sur rounding and * overlooking the central platform, to the large gallery fo. * the use of ladies and gentlomen accom pinied by ladies.^ 11 has. been fitted up with comfortable eeata stretching along the entire half of the structure. Iheso feats are pi 00 nn inclined plane, so tbat every etiu will have a mo " excellent opportunity of Feeing and bearing whatever is ' 8?IDR at all times. Tbe north iide Is set apart as standing tlaces for tho male portion or tho vast assembiai that Is sure to be oresent Tho to tbe?e gh Merles ia by three p^ageways, each four feet In width. < 'he columns which support the roof will be ta?ttfully decorated with national flag?, while the ?ntirf walls w: u he festooned with Gags, ban ners and national colors. Externally there Is not d F'1 to attract the eyejbnt the Immoneo proportions of tb4 * builitlng cballeoge tbe atten tion or all. On tbe top of u 1? root are several flagstafl* from wblcb tbe national flag wrl! proudly float during tbe eexsions of tbe convention. Tha uommlttee?of arrangen. tpsfs deserve tba utmost credit for tho admirable mant:e. \Jn which tbey Cava dis charged tbe imi'oataut duty entrusted to them. Tbe greatest attention has boon givon> to tbe carrying ont of every detail In tbe construction is the' building. Tbo rynom of ventilation Is perfect, and the vaat struoture is well lighted throughout. Tbo site of tbe building ia very convenient, and the delegates ar.d others may rest satisfied tfiat thero will be every accommodation i rovideil for tbeir conveyance to and from the convention, it ia wlihtu a ?ho^ <1iatnnie of several of the principal lines or railway, and only a couple or blocks from tbo State street cars. Arraugo mont&,are also being made to run a largo number of vc hiclerbetween tbe Court House and the amphitheatre during the sittings or tbe convention. Exciting Scan* at Toronto. L Mr. no RELIEF MEETIMU INTERRUPTED IT A Rl BEL COLONEL. [From the Montreal Herald. August 23.] A public meeting was bold at St. Lawrence Hall, To. ronto, on Friday evening, in ai<I of tbe National Freed - men's llellef Association. Tbe ball was well tilled by a very respectable audience, 'who took a great Interest In tbe proceeding In opening tbe proceeding* tbeCBAin*A* laid bean ierstood tbat the object of tbe meeting waa purely phi lanthropic. Tbe lion. Charirs C. Leigh, of N'ew York, Chairman of the Executive Coninilttee of the National Freedmon's Association, then explained tbat the object of tbe Aseo :iation was to cducate, elevate and Improve tbe negroea 9f tbo United States. As'soon us Mr. Ln<;H bad concluded, a person named ?t. Lawrence, Eaid to*be a Major of theftConlederate ?tatee array, advanced, and waa commencing to apeak, when tbe Cuaihmax interrupted blm saying, he hoped be woura.say nothing Improper. Mr. Ki*g said no person bad a right to apeak there ex cepting those Invited to take part In tbe proceeding of the meeting, fla hoped the gentleman would ait down. Mr St Lawkkrcb (very toudiy and ezcltedlyj? I shall not sit down, f am an Englishman, and I havra right to Fpeak. I snail not ait down. (Great uproar and confu sion.) I have a right to expreea my feellnga as tbe other gentleman did. We are not in Maaaaobuaetta nor New York now. They cannot put ase in Fort Lafayette for ex preealng nay views Here, under tbe eld Union Jack, tbey cannot touch u*. The American bordee cannot oome near? ? . FTtre there waa a renewal of the noise. Thar* were hissing and cheering, and cat calls, and a general uproar, daring which the apeaker kept but no one could bear blm. The Cha:*ma?, after considerable difficulty jrot the au dience quiet, and hoped tbey wonld conductThemselree properly. II* alio requested Mr. St. Lawrence to apeak to the point or ela* alt dajrn . (Cries of "Sit down," ' shot np,"4tc.) | Mr. Sr. Lawfucb ? I shall not alt down. I will b* beard, aa the gentleman from N*w York waa. It I aflny right aa an Englishman. Tbo nolM and uproar atlll continuing, tb* Cvairma* said tbat if order waa not kapt be would dlsmlaa the meetlog. Tbe confuaion aabaidiog, tb* Chairman tat down. k , Mr. St. Lawwroo? If yon will keep quiet I will not de> I ta'.n you Ore minute*. Mr. Kino? Let him bat* fv* mlautea then. Mr. t?? Tbe gentleman from New York baa made remarka about an institution of which b* knowa nothing. (Blaaea and uproar. 1 Rev. Dr. IMniKW-l do not know thla gentleman: I never saw blm b*for* to my knowledge; but I aak the colored people here to listen to blm. Will tb* colored peo ple, at a meeting whose object It I* to aealst their brethren, chain a white man's tongue? A colored man la tbe audl*ne* got up and attempted to addreaa'the meeting, when several others did tbe same, and ror a short time there were about a doaen trying to g*t a bearing. After considerable trouble tbo chairman got tbem quiet o&c* more. Mr Ft. LAWRajtra? I am an Englishman and have lived tn the Sooth, and I know more of slavery tbaa he ever can know. H* spoke of men thieve* and alav** , but I would aek bias who are tbeae men thieveaf Here a oolored man advanced to tb* speaker In n threatening attitude, whll* s*v*ral others commenced to ?love towarda the platform. Tb* police, however, Inter fered. and tb* crowd kept baek. Newly tb* whole a*, dtenos war* at tbla time standing, and many women left frr fear of a row. . Mr. St. Uwaanca? The prsasnt war In tb* 8Ut*o It ?Imply a gigantic raid of men stealera into tb* Southern Stat**, raejr hsv* don* m*re wrong since tb* war com meac*l to the siaree than they bav* ever suffered beTor* In lb* whole bMery ?* alavarp. Be wonld aak Ux>** Mfore him who ftfl tb* alav* traders? War* tbey not tbe Yankee* of l|aba?hnaetta. Vermont and New Hamp ?hirer Houibernarg would not a loop to en*h a nailing Who wa* it thai Mt*4 U>* brut* towarda thnnagroaef 1 The New Cnglandera. Who !? lb* beaat Butler, tb* despised and wmdemaed of all tb* civilian* wovMr H* tn a MmmachuMiU iib. Tb* speaker wtot <m far some time U thla strain, be lag frequently Ibtefr/flpte'l by bt****, groaaa and other no 'see. Several Ulani k nomb*r of Stored p*r*oa* ad vanoed towarda tb* platform, wit*, tb* apparent in tea Hon ef removing tb* ap*M*r *.nm tb* haN, bm tbe pol'ee got among tbem ?4 KM* ikos beck. After the dleturbanoe bad l*ala4VhM? haN an b*U, Mr. M. Uw renr* eat dewn, and tfc* auta*** then beolm* a??*? _ Aft*r a few etoalng Vemam from Mr. Stag, In wbtcb be expreaaed hisregrr,.! th* *<-ene that Uad arisen , oae ? tb* Uttl* girl* mos,* aa nppMi In aid of tb* alavee. A co'leotloe hmi tak?n up, after which tbe pniL Ca eang a e? tjyn.n aa by the negroes M toe th. an4'*n? eteetin* then adjournag ? . ?t0^t^blp Fer^* ?* Mr. ?<*uJ^r -o e'utldren ?ia *J^JV * y trll F H M g ? kit Cnlimiii, Eojtai); L v ? * 4 ?orke"cno a 0*1*"11: Mr^ktic. - 2?" * ' ftl"' ?*" T?rk; ili cSl ?- U.VU. d Spain ? Mlae Blab, ^ SKJ ,*?? Ws * *-iIte5' Ml??lsalj>pl , M Brneru, Snphf?? L L<> kw, I Jr JJ*Jj Y,.rk, w H HowelL Pblladei?*t?l ,f'?n m Na?-art J ntmbi'iu K.itterdain ; M Poaada, <* '*? an, M i'crvxr P Perer, N?w Oranada; 0 Ponoe, Th<,??'H Oamreii, mr>a f?o Ilenuiiy. New York! John Fr??T, Phllt.* T'lle io, ji K O'.tork-v New York, John Kraaer, l>r llM'ma. .?>? Jt'l.nb ng. ?' C Hinr nut, Havana. J K Cal am. I,on ion dp and Mr* Henry Walton, Philadelphia: Jonenh Lang, fork, S McDougall, Mr and Mrs 8 Blook. Illinois. N r.w 0?i.?ak*- Rtramslilp Cre"'e? Dr Mrl and Udv Madam Pa.rnery, Mr* a>om nougUaJi, P Clesrnann >nf lady, ("has Kock,, child and ntir-ie; PPMaitln*? Wtj Baker, I'hil Meyer. C. M?:<lih' <m, Hfiiry Baacn anu Udv, F .V. nnl?r, Samuel, *rs id?? li'ihne, K I'eck, M? W K llanklD, t'haa Neabitt, win H Delano. Mri Laurence, Ha rah Lawrenitii, Rcbecca Lawrence, Mr He?as W r ttiyl.aa. Mr AlbiOtt Francis, two Mice* Wo. Ifley, aervant an, I l>* Children; J Barber A Horta, Thoa W Howard wif>? and ie-e children; K H^kwith, a a sun*. M Levy, K K Ober a bra ham Letrkowltz Mr walbert, Claudius P?t?r, C W Stauifer. . 3 '? Mitchell, Clara Walker, MraC Hoffmann, M rs Rit WlnTRiey, M ra McCaulav aad daughter Nri Fltiukfa Mr? Wooltley. France* Plandere, Floren.-e Flanders II W Can ng and lady. Mrs Tbompson, i!ra Prances Olctie.boia and three children. To Pfcper .Unntifucinreri, Cash will be paid for in.OO) ream. of (ipd Ponrdrlaler Paper. Blze, 32il8? 48 lbs. ? Apply at thla ofll<* Hop* Told ? Flattering Tale? Hut ?rr? ??on antldpatfid so dlrlne a praparatlon fir tin) loilet a? ?hat daliKhiful praparatlnn, ' ^(IZODONX " Ho eool aa4 refreshingly agrnoable to th? mouth An, "I rneth. liardauM and Inrliiorates th? guma: fflrea a pure and liealthy ion<- to tba brehth. cleanaaa. baaatlflaa and prasarrea tha IcatU, and ar reat* d?iy. Sold by druggist*. Royal Havana Cotter jr.? *.? per Ciat rramlum paid for Prlrm Information furnlahed. The nlRheat rates paid for doubloon* and all kinds of gold and ?IWer. TAYLOR A GO., Bankera, 1? Wall atreel. N. Y. Prize* Caihrd In All Legallied !<?(? teriea, and Information given OALLAQHRR A BBIB JAMIN Broker*. 310 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. A Beautiful lompl?il<in.-T.alrd'l Bloom of Youth, or MqnM Pearl. It haa no equal (or pre* serving nnd beautlfvlnu tha complenlon and nkln Bom %r all driigRiatii, and by J AM gs LA I KD, Pole Proprietor, tn Broadway. Addreca to Rmoken,- Pollalc <V Koa. Meerscbaum Manufacture's, mmornd from Br?a i,a street to 692 Broadway, near Fourth street. Vt bo.eaals and retelL Pipeii out to erder and repaired. AalonUhlng, Vet Trne, Hear||tr??et toothache, neuralgle and <-alarrh Instantly re'lnrel a^ perni^ijenl^ ?ured. Use WOLOOTT'8 Instant Pela A True* Warranted to Cure Rnpt?r*.~ * WHITE'S PATENT LEVEft TRUSS Is eonatruoied dlffe?? ently from all oilier trusses? light, clean and ea-v. no pre*. sure on tbe back or cord. Cures warranto,! and pamphleta free fur a stamp. QREUORY & CO., 60V Broadway. At 380 Broadway May be Ilad tha PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL for September, contelo'ac Wnrrlors. Clergymen, Poets, Csnnlha's. Flat Heads. TypleH Races, luoludliv Flghtlntf Faces, Oenerals, Boxers, Ae. 30a by first post, or $2 a year. FOWLER ft WELLS, 390 Broedwey. All InmmerComplslnti, DI?ordere 'nV. jecl to females, diseases of tha climate, chill', fevers, am sea sickness, dlarrlura, dysentery, dsypepsla, obollc ana cholera morbua. cap be oured or preteqted bf the uae n# tho French Cognac B liters, Imported only by B. BTBUI* FELD. 70 Nassau street. New X?rk. ? A Pine Aaaortment of marble, BroBM andailt Clocks. A. if. IIAYS A CO., Importer* of Parlf Fancy Goods. 23 Maiden len^k Batchelor^a HAIr Dyr-j he Beat In Ike world. Harmless, reliable. Instantaneous. The only perfect dye, fold by All druggtats. Factory 81 Barclay street. Cartes da Vlette By Vuafhen, lltf fowery, warranted good; lowest price tn the city. Notlea,** ?It All until eulted. Crlatadoro'a Hair Pye, Preierratlra And Wig Depot, wholesale and retail, No. C Astor Heaaa The dye applied by'skilf ul artist/ Corn*, Baaloiu, Wail*, Enlarged Jnieta. All dl?essea ef tbe fitb eured by Dr. ZACHABIB, IV Broadway. Dt?fn?i(, Impaired Bight, N0ISB8 IwThb HHAD, CATARRHAL AfTboVIOHB IK THB THROAT*, CH RONIC~OAT*.??RH, CATARRH OP THR- TTMPA *10 MUOOt 71 MEMBRANE, OBSTRUCTIONS 0/ TBI EUBTAOHUN TUB B CUR HO. CR08S k'TE STRAIGHTEN BD 1ST OX'B MINCt* Andersry dMeaaaof the rV#" and Ear W? 'riH< either Jfr dleal or ntjrjflA attend*,/ to by Dr. VOjA EIBIJNBBBA athlaoenai. tir,g'roouia,8ie Broad w?y, near fit 'elfth atreek. t Dr. ChewaaiAB'i Vemaii Pill* Art tbe moat tufa a tad reliable remedy arar kixm a for N? plaint* peculiar to fenaVoa. They aerer raft. -B* labiiabeB In 189, they have alco.tJjtbo taat of th# meat erafW* ' pky* clan a. IT* new experiment wUhout merit. EipiScIi '? direa tlona, cfatlng when tiey^KouTd and ahouM not l*e 1 ?ka^ One dollar per bo*, contain^* fifty plUa. gold by a,1!^ 1 (lata HUTCDINQ3 T'^nLLT^R, Proprietor* V\ ft I Cedar alreet, Hew TnV, Dr. Hoat?r*a Office IB M'Ka.3 Dtvtala ft reel. Now Tork city. He hw? otner office. Ejtabllaf 1134. Eight roonoa and a prirnte \ ntranre. He enrea ehra eruptlona and apota on the a?tij.\ oioera or all kind*. moat polaonoua Impnrily of tjsnood. flatula, ell dlaaa pertelnlng to tbe urinary organa. \ rheumatlam. Ae. # >n Hnman Frailty, Werroue Ceblftty, Rarly InUlaaret Conaultatloinrraiw. Houre In, frofli 8 A. If. until 0 o'el P. M. . Eruption*, Freckle*, .Pimp lee, Tea, Sunburn, Pleahwerma. and all 9kl? Iteformltiee cured M aoi'RAOD'B Italian Medicated Soap,**! bU depot. Hot Sm Broadway. _ For tka Hair and Skla^ Barrv'i Trfr ?opherou*. Tbe beet and cbeapeat artlcAv Bold by dn# 1 ** , Oooraad'i Poadre Snbtll l7|>roo<* Ha% I rom low forehead* or aayfpart of the bodftt 91 ; warranto# it bla depot, 493 Broadway; HlgJieat Prtmlaa Lock B(ttck I a it lag tfaob'lnf*. WHEELER * WILBOIf, OB Bread wajT^ HIM? Inimitable Hair Catlar, (tylM neat, aultab'e. Bieeuted In the beat outnae* only . Shark#.' 10 oenta. Ho. 1 Barclay a tree i. If To* Want to Know. At., Read MBDIOAL COMMON BBHBB, A curleua book for ourleoa people, and a (eod book for awn one. Price f 1 Ml To be bad at all aewe depot*. Uootaaw tablee mailed free, ^i^ea* Dr. 17 B. POOTB, 1,1*0 Broadway, V. *. Ivory larrlngi and Pin*, Black, white aad red. fhreo Dollar* and Fifty Cental Mar aud me Dollare a aot. at O. C. ALLBI'B, ilfl Broadway oae door below Canal rtreel ,s> iwelry and .Watahaa. or All DeMrfa* , for aaTe by OEO. O. ALI.Bfr, 419 Broadway, ate below Canal itreet (formerly 11 VTaJJ atraot). Btaa I oa Saturday a at I o'eleefc. Iridic*, Don'* bo Deceived.? VaeaeB Fluting Co , 917 Broadway, a* etaira, not la Ik* Mora Mb Mala per yard, aay Width. Mr*. Wlaflow'* JwitMag Sjrrap 9m ihlldran Teething, euree Dyaentry and Dlarrhaaa, rigaHlaa th* Stomach aad Bowel* aad cure* Wlad Colt*. Silver Spoon* aad Pork*. Hapktn Riaga. Fruit Knlree, Ac., for aale by (h% N, 415 BroHdwur one door below Caaal H?aal Btum o* Baturdaya at 9 o'clock. The Blllptlf Nwfal Maaktae. ? a. The Japaaaat Hair Stala Colore the wblakef* end muata?he a beautiful bla*k*r brow*. fc, coaatat* of only ou* preparattoa. Ctflof will aot fade 4*< eut. j-jf. ^ ^^.^.deijl,!.. Sole, J* tlona, door cleaed CupaBi AI.LBN cloaedH ? J. C. CPU AM. Pnllaaelpnia, pmm rr;pr:.>yv For aa'e ? Demaa Barnee A afZaAww A?'o 113 Franklin atrertj SataaM,JB>?a**l, fork- Lord A Bmttk. Ohiekr.. andall dregglatt. Th* Wow PerCame far *ka Handkar? ablaf. ilMIli ioH^HjOOB M PUfcBf Iteaktai*, A?..Man| . * LO- ???* yUr at Ma I f eear ?trae* Lady attendaak Vmimm MaTiT VVWX HALL. OBION ITAIA ?ABATOOAMPRIMOB. babatooa tramp* ?ABATq'm *PB tBOB. la aacwar to aaaereea ta.iwirlee, aad le eempHanee my ike leqeoot of a large aamber of gaoata, we aha 1 1 aet ^ ^ ear BaU tkl* aea *M until Saturday. October 1. W. W. LB LAND ^ ^ WadelBf Card* aad Rote Pay VRBDBrt/fl e'efart aylee, *1 old *He?, 'i?rV Ifi roadoay. ruraor ef Uuaae atreat. oaly at IB *, Tnepeeo, llalr Il'T .... _ Meldav.a Oream. fo; beaut*' / ' . ' D ye? BLOB'B MBnna vi e^v .yla* tka kat* nr. ? Wll t*aao<l BV'CHBLOB

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