Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1864 Page 6
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' .1 THE PRESIDENCY. I&rsfmbliog af the Democratic Dele fatts to the Chicago ConveBtian. Great Enthusiasm for Gene ral McClellaii. Emphatic Declaration of Tammany Ilall in Favor of McCIellan. jincoln and Fremont Invited to Withdraw from the Canvass. XREmiifS PEACE PLATFORM, *??1 *?.. IM. Chicago, August 29, 1864. Governor Seymour and the balance of tbe New York ileg&tion arrived last evening. There was a perfect Vutioo on their journey from Detroit, with Oring of guns id bpecctiLo at almost every station. Every demonstra ion closed witbcl.eeis for MoClelloo. Mr. Thayer, of oy , several times asked tUo crowd who they wanted unloaded ? Seymour, Fillmore or McCleiian? The cry iib always emphatically , McCielian. Tho only oppos 'ion to J.ittle II x to night is from the wo Wood;, Yallanulghara'i body guard, and Fiugloton, of llluois. The Woods d<> not pretend to speak for tbe Kasl Jut aro constantly asserting thnt the West will rot sup Prt ?cClellan. Vallaodi^bam U considerably toned wn- but Mime or Ms delegation ure siiii ruinpant. The Kentucky delegation, with Hamilton I'ope, one of leHderv, are Btrongly pleading for the nomination of JUcClciian, and declare that nlno out of every ten citizen? ?' that State outside of Louisville are for him The same view Is taken by Ex-Oovernor Campbell , of fonnpHKee. The former declares that the only thing that jColenel Woolford is kept under arrest for, is because he a:od his support lor McCIel'fcn Dean Richmond is jubilant, aud exrreeses In positive boovtciion that Mao will be the nominee. Brilliant Reception of the Mew York Delegation at Detiolt. ?*ECIIK ' BT OOVKRSOB HUNT, OOVBBNOB SKY HOUR, JCMK PAKRKK, C0L0V1L THOMPSON, BON. FRAN 4318 KKKMAN AN1> OBOKOK FRANCIS TRAIN. 4 fF"rom thr Letrolt Free I'ross, August 28.1 The l!?mo of democratic enthusiasm that is destined to Rweep over Hie country during the next two months mny e Raid to hare been kindled lost evening in this city, luferniaiion having reached us that a portion of the New York oeleguioti would reach Detroit early In the even la?, prepar -lions were hastily made for their receotlon. It was betittlng that Governor Seymour, the II lustrious 4er(n''?r <>l civil liberty, the bold and eloquent champion 0T ;jO!?! rights, should receive a generous and cordial ?we 'vine in the City of the Straits. Governor .-eymour is at the ho d of one of the ablest delegations that ever rep veseuied the Kiuplre Slate in National Convention. At f or P. M. a large number of citizens, Including his H?or the M >yhr and members of the City Oonncil, took passage on bocrd the steamer I'earl, aud pussed down the river to meet the delegation from Ne* York. Oil" Wyan dot the piopolfer Arctic, having or> board about forty gentlemen irom N>w York, was met. A salute from the freari, accompanied by obeering and waving of baudker Okinig, brought to the Arctic, and teok en board the rep reMMattvif from Detroit The Hon. Judge Wilklns. of the C lilted States District Court, In behalf of the Mayor and Common Council, in a few opportune remarks, wet oomnd his K.xcelleney Governor, Seymour and the party with bn to the city. The Uoveraw responded with a fe renii.rks, thinking them f(>r the honor bestowed. Aq hour wax then spent in social, conversation, UH Dfce Arctic mitio the wharf at the lent oi Woodward An Immense crowd ?a <#are ?aaeuplSd, ?Mflky , a* doubt , t Mb a lag they alghtVet i to see "Little Mac," ur tnjrhap#*wouid get a specob from Cover ?aor Seymour. The party drove to the Ptissefl House, aud leit 'hie jpiormug for Chicago In the evenioc, without ;.ny provi lie notioo or special effort, the ?e?K ^01 about t ha'- the New York delogation would proba bly iwt hoard Irorn tbe front of tbe City Hall. From three to flvo thousand persons aseetn tiled, and listened wltb the are ai' .t satisfaction to several speeches. Ex-tiovernor 'Hunt lirst spoke briefly, being Introduced by Mayor Barker He alluded t<> tbe neoesslty of a change of ad jmuiistratiou, at.d called upon conservative men to rally -to the support of the Union, the constitution and the laws. The speech was received wltb tbe liveliest emo tions of satisfaction. Governor Sbymo oa was then Introduced and spoke ?ab 'r, t'lve minutes. He spoke of tbe necessity of defend ing ut nci timers porgonal rights and elvll liberty. He as eured re|*iblicaos that with a change of administration end the elevation of tbe democratic party tbe rights of every citizen, t>e he republican or democrat, should be ?acredty gunrdetf and protected In behalf of the New York delegation, be thanked tbe people of Detroit for tbe brillutnt impromptu reception given tbem. lion t'R.w its Kbhnak, member of Congress from IHioa, i If. Y. , was coxt introduced. He made a most telling Sfieech. He counselled the people to be firm in derence of their rights, but to be law abiding. Let there be no Kentucky, said the apeaker, In Michigan, as we will Lave none in New York. J<et not tbe tyrant usurp the peace Of ib<* ballot. Mr. Kernan is ooe of tbe ablest speakers ui the . ounu>, and bis talk suited tbo people exactly. Ju'l.e 1' AR.;i:r Vlng called upon and Introduced, spoke ferieily. He san. this spontaneous greeting cbeorcd and enco irsced him on bl? way to f'hlcago. He believed the Vattonal f'onvfL*iou would moot in harmony. New York I goes in in tbai spirit , with the full determination to do I ett i" l er power to present such a man and sncb prluui* ! ries av would pive conOdenco ?nd hope to the people, lie jsked Michigan to join with New York In the (rent View? i oion ! Thayer was next introduced. He said be had <Ot:e question to ask. Me wanted to inquire about a "Utile bt.-od letting." Hadn't tbe people had about enough of .It; liadn't the distinguished statesman who wanted a title more blood letting had en.igh of blood let during ?tlic last tlireo years' Hadn't be bad about enough of tUiis, whether it bo from tho hearts of tbe people or from tl- pt|K< i f the natlonnl troaaury? We must make tbia egaln a l?nd of constituted law. It must not dwell alone across tbe. rive . Is Detroit hereafter to be honored as tbe place for embark n i exiles' Tbe democratic party, be declared . wttb negotiation and compromise would restore Union and (>e,iee. George Irancis Train next bninc called upon , spoke for ebon' tlve m nuton, in bis usual vigorous and pointed stvte, rarr-icg. as be always does, the crowd with him. Mr. i raiu is advertised to lecturo in Byron Hall, Chicigo, on Saturday evening? ?ub|ect, "Usurwatlon oC Abratiam Lincoln"? for tlio benefit of tbe widows and orphans of ???oldier*. At hair past ten o'clock tbe meeting adjourned, with baarty cheers tor tbe New York delegation and the ooml nee o< the Chicago Convention. Tain ninny Hall. TBI OLD WIOWAM NOMINATES M'CLIbLAN. The Oeoeral Oommltlca q[ Tammany Hall met last .?vol in/ Supervisor Tweed being abaeul at Chicago, ? PeUr H. Sweetly. F*q., w.n elected cbalrma*. On motion or Elijah P. Purdy a committee ?u appoint ed. who i>roi*ro<l end reported the following resolution*, which were ontbuaiaBtlcaily received and uoauimousi/ Adopted : ? Wboreiw, Tammany Ball waa not represented In tho Ute State Convention wbtoh elected delegatea to the National Convention at Chicago, and thaa the democ racy of the citjr of New York for the ilrat tlmo are ?oi duly repremnwd in a democratic Preaidanttal con foniion. oud wherc.m, we regard the harmony and *nccne? 0t the democratic party as essential to the peace tod the Hunt roxtoratun of the Union, and paraatuunt to any qaoatton ot local orennt7atlon, and will, therefore, ebataln from tbe exercise of oar right to aend delegates to < hi. itfo, tliht the State or Haw York may preaent an vnbn ken iront and apeak with an undivided voice id the Aaiiunal council, nevertheless Tammany Ball eauoot re ?ftnln tr- m Riving oxpre>*lon to the unlvernal.and em ybatic ('.tmirti of the democracy or New York for tho summation ot a candidate lor the PresMsocy; therefore, It Reaoived. That we meat earnestly recommend the itj'i'i. nithin of.lhe gieat commurdcr of tlie age, George B. ?, Sor the o.l oo oi Trwldrut of tbe I tilted PtatV He^olveil, That tho nomination of <;e<?rge M Mc> leliaa for the I'reaulenry will at oooe restore hope and confi dence tu tlie country, giving to tbe |Aopl* their owo shove- le .U r and the room id|iat)le man to direct tbe dnatliiien or tne nation in tbia terrible crimg, and tn re. a lor* 01. r now divided and aulTaring country to unit/, prf I'Ori ty and hupi'tnote. iti??lv-d. That this Democratic Republican Oeweral Committee, aaaembled In our time honored headquarter*, Aid h tammy Hall,reprwenting aa we do tbe democracy 01 Uiacny < f New York. renlUrm and renew our fealty V Uie I'ttion, tb? constitution and tbe eupretaacy of tbe laws, aud our fixed determination to aaatain, preserve and defend them, aa fhrmed by ear patriotic forefather* and tr * mined to u? as a rich heritage for preserve tl'ii, and that wc hereby pledge onreelvee. one to the athrr, to rest not from our liburn nor ooata to ear exer tt<me nnlll tbe ritara nt?d Htrli-M again float preudlv in the bre<'7^ over every toot of ground on tbe Amerloan aooiln^nt? with one Union, one comtltutloo and one gov ernment tor the American poople. Resolved, That a oommlttoe of one from eieh ward be appointed to make arrnngementa (or a grand maaa ratio Aetion meeting of tbe nomination of the National Conven tion for l*reeidem and Vloo rreaidont. Tr.e Chairman then appointed tbe committee author lead by tbe laat resolution, and tbe meeting adjourned. Tammany Hall will be Illuminated, and amiu ratifica tion mooting will be held In the Park opposite aa anon aa the new* of MoClellan'a nomination ? If be be nominated? la received la tbla otty. Rlnga Oaaaty Delegate* to Telegraphic Information haa reached Drnoklyti tnai M' Ikooiai Kinaalla, editor of the Ka ?L\ haa bean a 'mint' ?el<wato to the Ohlcu^o Convention In plaec of y, "e ?-nln Pr de'ieajed. Tfie dplegnfa Trom Klpga county 1 are nnar. imous for MoCieli&o ag tbcir Orel cbcioa. 'rraldrnl l.tnioln unit Otntral Prt? mont Invited to Wtthdrnw lbtlr ?> I'retlrte ntlal CnudldHtni. Bo.n/1*, August 26, 1S64. Several proaimout abolitiojuta,* including Elliur Wright and 8. G. Howe, bavu written toGeuernl Krenoot, 1'c.iking of tbo dwsaliafactlou existing iu the republican r ?oka, and advising that the Baltimore and Cleveland nominees both withdraw their names as Fresidet tl?l oaa didates ird (hit a uevr convention be called t select a oew candidato. V<?3rs. Wrigbt and Company conoluda their letter aa follows _ . Permit ??, sir, to sail whether, id case Itr. Lincoln will withdraw, jron will do ao, and join yocr fellow olti zeuM in au attempt to place an administration in power on a bants broad as the patriotism of tbo country and its neada General Fremont, under date of Nahnnt, Au gnet 28, re plies at considerable length He does net feel at liberty to withdraw bis name without first consulting the patriotic party who nominated blm.but suggests that a dlrcct eflort ho made to obtain an immediate understanding between the supportera of the Baltimore and Cleveland nominations, in order that the friends of both may coa'o?ce nnd unite upon an early day for holding suet a convention. The following is attracted from General Fremont's letttor : ? Much has been said of late about peaca, and you will, therofore, excuse me If I say hero what f under stand by it Hor me peace sipnifleti the integril estab lishment of the Union without slavery, because slavery Is ti i) source of all our political dissin.-iong, and because the uistltutloD itaelf is condninord by the enlightened and liberal spirit of the age These are to me the es sential conditions of peace Sleeting of the Republican National Rmcmlvc Committee. Jilt. LINCOLN WILL NOT WITHDRAW KROW TI1B CANVA3S. , tVAsniNOW*, Anpist 2?, lSfi4. The Rxecuiive Committee of the National I'uion Com miitoe bad a long Ressioti to day, bnt no business of a public character was transacted. They will adiourn to morrow, and their n?xt meeting will be held in Yew York. So far from tbero being any probability what over of President Lincoln withdrawing from the canvasF, np mine havn suggested, tbo gentlemen composing the committee express themselves conQdcot of bU re election. Alftllns of die National Democrn llr Commute*. Atn meeting of the Notional Democratic Committee, bold in pursiiRDce of notice previously given, at .-aritoj'ii Springs, on the 22<! day of August. 1S64 . ti was deter mined as follows, to wit:? Whereas, a National Democratic Convention. called by thS two orpariznt'ona of 'he democratic party, is to meet at Chicago a the 2flh of Auguat. lUfM.for the nomination of candidates for President and Vice President of the United States, and whereas it is desirable thai said Convention should be untrammelled tn il? notion. now. therefor", It ts Resolved, That the committee of whieli the Finn. August Belmont h chairman be requested to unite with this com mittee in inviiinit his Excellency Horatio Seymour, (lover nor of the Slate of New York, to rail said convention to order. Resolved, moreover. That, reverently acknowledging our dependence upon Almighty Go I for guidance and Miccess In all human undertaking*, the committee of which the Bon. August Belmont is chairman l>? requested tn unite with this committee in Inviting the Right Rct John H?p kins. Bishop of Vermont, to b? present, snd Invoke the Di vine blea?injr upon the'deiiberat ons of the convent on. Resolved Tbat If time does not admit asking the co-ope ration of tlie oommittee of which the Hon. August Belmont I chairman, that the chairman of tills commute* be re quested to extend aaid invitations in behalf of the com m It tee. Resolved further. Tbat to maintain the national integ rity, preserve constitutional )n>erly and secure Individual rights It is respi ctfulto suggested that the delegates to the Chicago Comantlon devote their bent energies to secure the 1 adoption of such measmes ax will most certainly aocom plish the d?'fe-f of Abraham Llnooln, so that peai?, ?>ros perity, contentment and happiness mav be restored to a sorely stricken, heavily jsrten. much oppressed snd borne down people THOMAS B. FLOKBNCB, Chairman. AuccsTtrs Schbix, Seeretarr pro torn The PI r a Co Tatlahaiiee. TIT* TAI.T. An A8SKR AMONfl THE FTSTTRKMT5N. (From the Cape Cod Republican, August 25.1 Two fishing schooners of Harwich? the I). Rtlis, Captain Jahial Baker, and the Diadem, Captain .loeepb Bobbins? arrived at this port (Harwich) on Saturday lost, having been boarded off Hbelburne a few days previous by the officer* of tbe pirate Tallahassee The crewa of the tlaber men stats thai seeing a largo schooner burned by the Tal lahassee a snortJdlstAnco from them, sod as they could see noeo or the crew takeo off or lesve tbe vessel, they na turaliv felt alarmed for their own safety, and as any endeavor to escape with their vessels would be useless, they at once trimmed their galls, secured the bclma bo that the schooners would make toward the shore, and sfter securing what they coald, they took to their boats to go ashore, but were rood overhauled by a boit's crew of the pirate* who ordered them on board the Tallahassee There II was decided tbnt as the two fishing vessels were within three miles of tbe English coast they were in neutral waters, and were released, with the assurance that had thev been outride of that their vessels woe Id bayo shared the fate of the other nu merous victims of their piracy T1?e crews then returned to tbelr respective vessels, and arrived home as above stnied, with lull faros of mackerel. Tbe crew of the fishing schooner Mercy A. Howee, of Chatham (sunk by the Tallahassee on tbe 1Mb Instant, latitude 42 degrees, longitude ?fl degrees.) arrived homo at Chatham on Monday evening last One of tbe crew states tbnt on being taken aboard tbe pirate be Imme diately recognized the sailing master as one Norris, tor merly of Hysnnis. and was at tbe time of the building of Mlnot's ledgn ligtitbonse engaged wl'h him on that work. It la also reported that there are other Cape CM men on board tbe Tallahassee , who umuired particularly concern ing various persons in this vicinity with whom they were acquainted. It will certainly be remarkable if others of our Aaher men etjeapo from the bonds of this pirate, as sh? is u fist sailer, and determined to do all the mischief possible. But we trust tbe day of retribution Is not far distant, when this piratical crer of lbs Tallahassee will meet with their just deserts. 1BR TALLAII VS3EK AT HALIFAX [From the Halifax San, Atigu?t. 19.] Tbe cotorious Confederate steamer 1 allnhss?ee, Captain i John T. Woods, arrived in port yesterilav morning. Ibis i vessel was formerly a blockade rnnner, known as tba Ata'anta. and Is said to be one of the swiftest steamers afloat, she is sn iron vessel, propelled by a screw, painted lead color, and carries three guns, or.e of which is a very heavy Perron Her crew numbers somewhere about otie hundred and thirty men, of diffcrent nations; among tbem there ere a good many Southerners. She was commissioned on the 4th of August, snd left Wilming ton on tbe 9th. since then she is said to bave captured snd destroyed about thirty nine vessels The Tallahassee lost her mainmast wh?n In contact with the Adriatic, one of tbe ships captured off Sandy nook She came in bore for coat, and received a cargo from tho Prussian brig Marie Griefswsld, wMch arrived a lew days ago from Bermnda. The reported treatment of passengers found aboard captured vessels ts worse than tbat of any previous Southern prtvstosr. The first vessel taken was tbe schooner Carroll, laden with onal, near F<re Island. She w*a bonded in $lu i)00, to be delivered in New York, whiab showed tbey bad agents there. Tbe passengers snd crews of the vessel* destroyed have been ruthlessly plundered, without respect to age, sex or oouditioo. It >s likely tbat her destructive career will soon be cut short. A ?AHTFORn HOT APTSft TUB TALL AHAMfCI. fKrom tbe Hartford Times, August 2J. J We learn that Captain Fred. T King, of this city, sailed from New York yesterday, In command of tbe Doited Mates skip Horses Reals, to cruiae for tbe famous laila bsssee. lactam K's vovage is peculiar in one respect? his vessel goes out ss a deooy. she baa a strong arma ment, bet It Is all concealed under tbe guise of a mar chantmaa. and If tbe rebel enrages her be win cause her to sbow an unexpected row of teeth tbat may leave him second bast in the encounter. Having hsaa attached to Admiral Karragnt's squadron for three years, doring which be participated la several try Ins er counters, Capt. Ring baa had abundant opportunity of getting acquainted with rebel guns snd gunnery . and at the sametime to win tAr himself a marked distinction for hi* bravery sad good conduct. Affairs lis Kcatscky. a brilliant Biri.orr? oaptdri or a qvirilla BAND. [From tba Louisville Journal, August M.] A band of twenty one guerillas, tbat bad been operat ing in Ohio county tbe past few days, oa Sunday night last crossed tbs dividing line between Butler aad Ohio counties, arid camped about a kg miles I roan Morgan tows. Tbs Grsysoe county Home Guards learned of tbs presence of the rnerlllss , and, speedily effbctlng an organlratHin, mounted their norses snd started on a vigorous pur suit. The guerilla enmr was attacked about duiigbt on Monday morning Tbe robbers were tikes completely by surprlss. and offered hot feeble resistance Tbe Gray *< a Home Guards charged down upon tbem In gallant styis, wholly surrounding them tod cutting off alt the svs nnes of escape Four ot tbe guerillas wars klllsd by the flrst discharge el firearms, and tbs remaiadar, Ilka eewarits, aa they sre. held up their baeds piesdlng far mercy, sad surrendered nnrocdlt tonally. This waa a brilliant exploit, and w?u4d reflect credit on aay veteran organisation, rhe Homs Guards of Grayson county are ceimtosed of the rli bt material, and tbey are an honor to cur Mate If we had more organisations pnasasaid of tbelr sterlii'g character ths gusrillss would soon be ei termlnatad (mm the oeuntry, end writer and qulst r eat or ad la Kentucky Nmilrr In Hoaioa. BnPTTW, A 11 (f n*t M, 1804, Oforr* Thonlf, ? M. J^bn pilot, ?u mnrdnrart at the fl1cb? Hntoi tbta nfn>n.(?.n by ? Caliad RUIM tailor namnd .lobo l/oogwortb. Arrival! ?nd D?p?riar?(. ARRIVA1X. lJ*B*AtT, NP? RtaamaMp Onion? Mr and lira J AUlnaoa J Rich, f Hod*, Capl iion?io?a. A J'idah, Oao Alliaon, Mra W R Hatindcra. two at lid ran and aarrant. J H Young, R 0 ? nVlS' ???*"?? nblMran and arrranl, M A Boyd. M J ri?ai,. j Rnbarlt, Hcrtk* Wolf, Mlaa Fannin HIU. NlM JfJ, H Otamabrough, 8 Daekar J W Wttooi, Jaa ? t tliri Mr and MraUrabat aad laro lafanta. Mra h.r . I? f datightar Mra .1 ftarh*. 0 MeCarin*?. K Am ^TlU' J-'r1*-**. JJ" Mathawa. T R Tarlor. R Rwaatiag and a rilJi. *'mA?. "J? r""' Mr ???l *'? Rok?r O A<14?rW. B rZn,JV*m' * J ?roaro. H R ftauadara a?d d?k Totai fci 0 ??ldaauae. Hodgaos-and M z 1 T 4 r "sAT*1";!: 1 ? *i*??aa?pn-Dr j ou cm* Hn.s.m idilii til*' A?*m+ cm Onnina, Blivlna, tSf ?IJi.VV i .in.. A C * >* ? L Rohaiia, J J n il Ina \* i* tf * *n<1 '?'ty . Mr* Pillow, A f U aa wi* u "?'h ?nd rM'd Kar Mr . '? " T?.Jot %( a T, " ?"?? eMId, I, A I arm TMTou.^d JlrtW,. ' ",J ""*** HIlMin ? ?ad 1IH N The Wfldon Railroad Securely Held (0 Hum's Station, O lADQOAKTKU O* Tni ABUT or TF? P0?0M40. 1 Aogust 84? Kvenlng. J Everything It quiet ber* to day, excepting I tie usual cannonading no the right, lo front ?f the Eighteenth oorge, which was commenced at six o'clock this evening, and continued for fonr hours. On the left the line has been extended about six or seven miles, and we now bold tbe line of tbe Weldon Railroad securely to Ream's station, a distance of about eevea miles. No rebils are to be seen on oar left front, and their line baa evidently been contruoted In this direction. The losses In tbe Fifth corps In the battles of Friday aud Sunday are now computed at about Ave thousnrd. Un Sunday this oorpa is reported to hare fought splen didly Ktws from Portress Monroe. Foftkhv Monro*, August 25 . 1M4. Arrivals from City Point to-day represent the army qniet and the position unchanged. Tbe following is a list of the deaths In the Hampton Hospital since tbe last report ? A. W. Pavls, 2d Maine; V. Rorr. 14th New Hampshire; Jno. Morpan, 47tb New York f.'has H. Miller. 9th Ne *r Jersey; I. R IxmiV. Rth United States, colored: .Tames Fl son, 89th New York; I> Clancv, T?9th New York: Alonzo Chase, 4th New Hampshire; rt W Raldwtn, 134lh Ohio; .1 n. Pile. *Mh Pennsylvania; ,lno. Smith, 7th Cononctl cut . 3 . T. Prummond, 27lh South Carolina: J German, 1.1Cd New York; F G. Kenrtrirk, 1st Maryland cavalry ; A. T- Marshall, 4th Massachusetts; N A Smith. 29th Pntted States, colored ; F red. Mueson, 7th United States, colored; I.. Psrk, 11th Pennsylvania cavalry; Henry Mer cor. civilian P. Laufer, 1321 Ohio: A Pndlne, 1st Mary land cavalrv Cfoas I. l'Hrker, IIMh Now York H. R. Harman,10tb New York artillery , John Smith, lfl'Al New York: J. Hhoenfolt, 7fith Pennsylvania . W. R Flak, 16th New York artillery: Goorgo Hopkins. Ofi'h New Yerk J. Hartwick. .'t7th New Jorsey; J. W. Bloednngh, 16th New York artillery I'eaths In the Chesapeake Hospital ? Lieutenant Ira Pealer, 142d Ohio: nontenant W. H. Staoll. 6th Connecticut lieutenant W. A. Campboll. Oth Marine: Lieutenant J, P, I.etnon. 39th Illinois: Lieutenant L L Marsh, 97th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant R. R Lam phry, 3d New Hampshire l.ieutenaut A. T Sharp. 10th Conneoticut T.ieutenant \^'n Thome 24*h Ma?sarhu setts: Sertreant George N. Wheeley, 10th Now Hampshire SHERIDAN. Mr. Theodore C. Wilson's Despatch. Hiwr'QrARTFiw, Avmw.l's, > In thr Fiki.d, August 26, 1864. J f.eneral Caster, wlio was out off in Torbcrt'ir operations nf yesterday, arrived safe last oiyht within ouy lines. I-ast nlgbt the enemy shelled ? small force that General Averlll bad on the nonh side of the Potomae, opposite the Shepherdstowu ford. This morning a portly of One ml Averlll's command engaged the enemy at Will.amaport. 7 be rebate shelled the town. Mr. S. T. Unlklf y't Despatch. Hslltow*, Ts., August 23'. 1984. TB* SITtJATHMf of the two armies confronting esob other in thla depart tnent baa not materially changed in tbo past twenty-four hours. Gen Sheridan watches the movements* of the enemy closely , and is coostantly reeitog bis lines to secer tain If be still confronts him in force. sscnxNoiflRAiirrm are or hourly nccurrenoe and skirmishes fre<]nen?, which may bring on a general engagement at any hour. It senilis to be the general Impression that Early has been largely reinforced and contemplates another Invasion of Mary land. If so. he will find in General Sheridan an offlecr better quail fled to doal with bim than any be has hither to confronted. A SKIRMISH A portion of the Nineteenth corps, which holds the extreme left of our lire, and tbe Third brigade or tbe First division of cavalry, had a lively skirmish with the ?nemy yesterday evening. The object of tbe mo-.emeni was to ascertain the position and foroe of tbe enemy in their immediate front. The light , though short, was severe, and tbe result satisfactory. The enemy lost considerably In killed, wounded and prisoners, and were driven soms dlstanoe. Our Infantry attacked tbeir skirmish line in froot, while the cavalry charged them by the flank, cre sting much confusion in tbeir ranks. Our cavalry suffered constderaMy from tbe effects of ?a artillery Are tbe enemy opened upon them st a dis- j ttooe of one hundred and flfiy yards. i Mr. Francis O. Long's Despatch. Cavilrt Division. Fn mi Firm, August 25, 1884 A KKmNsotwuMrs last svicMfrn. Vague bints were in circulation about a projected movement of some kind in which Iho cavalry corps were to lake a prominent part but so distant and uncertain were these allusions tbst few persons hazarded an optn ion as to what the suspected movement would really prove. Finally, Captain I.ibert, our Diviskn Adiitant General, promulgated an order to hire the troops in marching order at daylight? and at daylight tbo com mand was ready to march. General Chapman led tbe way with bis brigade , while Mclntocb, with tte troi pa, after twisting and winding among the bills *c ! woods for about two miles, brought up the roar. /bout ten o'clock A. M. we reached Wnlper* cross roads, four milee from Pbrpnerdstown. where we wero joined by General Merrltt. with his division. At this roint we encountered tbe enemy's picket' who very modestly retired ns our flankers came In sl^ht Both divisions were baited and massed at the cr<>?s roads, and erory arrangement made for giving him battle, Mnce the few faint and distant shots we could bear in tbe forest, s ?mo half a mile to the southwest, indicated hie presence Tbo Second brigade was the f;r*t to advance of this division, although Conoral Mcintosh, wub the First, was promptly on the field. Tho Twenty second New York were ad vanced as skirmishers, and pushed up close to the woods, where tbey encountered a line of infantry skirmishers of the enemy, with whoas tbey instantly became engaged, while a battery ormmooced shelling them back witb the utmost fury. The regiment, although not an old one. stood the Are for a wblle as staunch sa veterans of the old school, but were gradually losing ground when sapport was sent to them. Meanwhile Merrltt, on tbe right of the road fthe Shepherdstown and Winchester), was hotly skirmishing, ss tbe sharp rattle or muskets and oarblaee sufficiently attested General Mcintosh coming up, be took a post tlon a little in the rear and about the centre of the line, on tbe left of tbe railroad. Tbe Third New Jersey was thrown rorward as mounted skirmishers into tbe woods. They mot a portion of tbe ssme line General Chapman and a part of Merrltt's division had encountered The rebels in tbe woods, having a fair view of the mounted skirmishors, poured ? very severe Are into tbeir ranks. Hidden behind a stone wall, and befclnd the stumps sad tree?, thsy were airooat entirely hidden from sight, thus obtaining a most decided advantage, and tbe regiment bad to fall back from Um Ore. General Mcintosh then dismounted hie brigade and sent It on tbe right of Chspmsn, snd filling up a space be tween bis command and General Custer's. Tbe Third New Jersey, Sixth New York, Eighteenth Pennsylvania and First txmnsctlcnt wsrs tbsn ordered Into tbe wood* to onst tbe enemy from his position a line of rebels wss directly in iroet of tbe rim Oonoeetlcnt, per ha, . ? Rrtinn of one oontinuoue line, posted in a core field ey kept op an Incessant fire of. explosive hnlleta, which ?0rV J? 'h* tf**s over the heeds of our men. After standing thilr fire fbr a wklie the regiment dashed Into ?*r?tto kilu'ffTj ?Bl ?f M M * d00bu ?>d -.'VSi!**"? 1or '*?????? had not been Idle Ran. . ^17,. . WOm* t,m" P?l?loe on a bill a little to tbe left and rear of Caster's brigade, penrtn* an effective fire tnt- the rebel skirmish lines. Mte Hugh's Jr' TTn T * im ? f?"her down tbe slds o? tbe bin, directly below Ransom's, aad in roar of the faM^WMria beto^T'ub bl* ,h"" 0Ter "*?ment into toe weeds beyond with a range acarate as usual The rebel skirmishers, being sbsrply beaet by tbe irtm brleede, bek'ssto leee Ironed, ^Wj^T^Ty^d vigorously prsased tbev st last fail hack to KeernyevuiaL At this point (be rebels had s strong tins of battSTet ? base of s high snd steep hill, with seversJpls^VU?! non In position, wblnb thsy segaged for a abort time hot perns, e with eomewbat eqiiVvEal sooce*^ Bo^w our boys held the gronad satH ordered to retire from the ?aM, w bee it was ascertained tbrt the eeeeay was ttrbs rws? jssi tev teLl h^S^?r24'j[bM?? bravery to aad tbe Maes waverefa* if In aeeertal^^bib^J5eS|! bene boldly to tbe fireet of ?JmksTmY Us* bVi?3 sad aiatnpje chewed ard deflS^'b* wEmJ ZT pen i ns. Such laeunees ef aoueaga art isre and a shoulder strap, witb twe bare shoetd bs itin 'farii of bif bravery, liils same sergeant dtettiigolabed bim self st Pucktsni Mills, aeder JT^trH^ m lJd7s Isvcm, in the Wildsrness. where he was wounded. Oeeer\l Molnloefc rcmstned In the skirmish Has during ' IT* feoMrat psrt or lh- ( -:nT m fr..nt ??' r-ameysrtlle. *i'ivg imc oid ir- k of U i* Mn c mm > >1 irwn . ?lu <s sgbaet at iur sigbt 1 1 (be (isiorai i ui tunuug ll?e kU v anted tie 1 1 nasabers recoenotterwg tin- neiu r Utfuertl t Hhpinun ?! io fieientljr uxposes himself to thprfsnamy'r Are; lo far!, bit e<?lf?>-ts li in beooaie * pro verb in iho army. it m very e*jf.i ursginj tu the soldiers ?ti see |?r soml bratrery exhibited by the* conitnmidiug oM cers; ye. a sfoeral eugtit ? I to ex ?-e himself lr-slv (Jo <1 general# are scarce, and fte country oaunot altiod to luMi ttieir m-rvK:" Attor tbe lhirc! division bail finished tmftMnf the rehel.t St KeamyRvllle, Gener 4 WcIntor> called <"?(. Hi?ke<b'n, or the Kiral Connecticut, ?w to him, Hi d remarked ? "Coluuel, I *iiDt lo ibAiut yoo and your regi'.r&nt tor the hnndwroe manner In wliic* you behaved lo (lay." He marks o( this kind need do explanation Tbe General ulso common the eonduot or Colonel HatotnoDd and his regiment, the Ktftir New York, very highly. When the lliird division w * ordered ft mi! badr fi on Ibu vicinity of Koartieysvlllo tollnite tbo Eighteenth 1 enniry Ivania, led by Lieutenmt Colonel Hrlt'oii . acted an rear guard, and as a natural consequence lie got into a hornet's next very soon. Tbe division ta'le-i t*ck to Walpar's (.roas roads, and lormerl in in>? u*x>n the high ground, east oT Mr. Marshal's bonse, which Pt:ind? at the front of the Intersection or the Smitfcflebl and Wi ucheaier roads. l'll/hugh's battery went Into positron and Lieutenant Reifly, with a Becilon, oneneil iflio on tbe rebels, who wore following tip tbe F. if -hiocniti Pennsylvania, that re taided their ad vaooe, and probably prevented tbe rear guard from being cut oil entirely. livery one wh? wit nessed the conduct or Lieutenant Colonel Rrltton la loud in praises of bis extreme gallantry Krotn tbf cross roads we fell back to our former camp, near Bolivar ilelgbis, w here wo arrived at live O'clock P. M. wlt!i our wounded. Custer's brigade was immediately In our rear, and was cot oil' by a column 01 l-ebel cavalr>' . but he fought tliom splendidly. Merrill's division wan hoavily engaged from eleven o'elnck In the morning till dark , and, I under stand, sulfored severely. The result of his operations will doubiiecK be forwarded hv tbe Hkbalo's eorrospond eut with tbat corps. nr. fTAsr.?r.riss. Lieut. Blunt, Aid <le -Chtnp to (Je?>. Mot n tosh, had a very narrow escape. A (pigment <v a wbell Ptrunk him on the Bide of tbe neck und iuco, pirtlally severing his left ear and Injuring hie nrok considerably 'Ilie wound is not serious, however. Much commiBTstion is entertained lor him by tbe F irnt bncaifc, *ince he is an etBotnnt o(U cer and vry popular In the comtnaM. Major Slich, ot tbo Twenty second New Yerk, was killed in from of Keurnevmnlle. 1 am unable to nend a full list, of casttaltlos lo tbe Third division at present, n* the regiments have not marie them out . vol. lo morrow our looses will be fully asr.ortsiord. I aj/pend a Tew uan es which w ere oote<} down an tbe men left tbe Ueid:? S cm d Ohio Sorgoant Benjamin F. I.ovett, R, wowded: Sergeant J. M. nisbop, A, wounded, tte irge Wolfe, K, wounded. fin' Cmti'rtint! Corporal Cbarlou I'-medorf, it, both tbtghR, iirsl Ser geant James Knowles.C. wounded, slightly. Kvihter'ith /'mntylvanut. Lcander Kissel, I), left shoulder : Matthew K Wnlker, B. right tbigh; Tbemas Pavis, C, l?fthand- Nathan Moses. C. missing; Captain .Joseph llngbes.C, mlaslnc, Joseph Tboruaf. K, lei t breaKt. Moroni l/iartorbach. F. kii'lieo by borse. Klisha Rcynoi , G, lel't hand ; J an) "8 Daily, I., miss tag; Jacob Ueckbardt, 1>, missing. BvconnolMtnr* and FlgUt fejr Omfral C r?.ofc'? C - lumand. In tiir Fimn, August 26, A reoonnoiBsance wa* mute yoiterday by a detach ment from General l rock's command to ascertain tbo strength and position of the en-my in our front. The force was instructed to move quickly on tbe right of tbe enemy's ckirmish lice, and if possible get in their rear, whilst another force moved out to attract their at tenilco In Trent. Duval moved bis Force to the rront and advanced in two battalion lines, keeping bin rear as much as possible under cover to prevent tbe oncmy from aecertaiuidij his ?trengtb or nrobablo Intentions. He had not proceeded far when he oocountered the advance of tbe enemy 'a skirmish line, which was under cover ol rail breastworks, Jmstily tl:ro\vn up, each affording shelter lor live or Fix men. At sooa as the enemy's advanced line discovered tbe approach of our force tbov hastily retlro# to a cornflofd in tbe roar, whore a portion of tbeir reserve wax sta tioned, and who woro immediately drawn up to roaiat our furthor advance. Colonel Imval continued to movo forwnrd, and got nearly four hundred yards in their mar, when, suddenly discov ering bim, tbov whe?lod into line and opened a heavy llri? on his llank, compelling bim to change front Mid face our Hue to the right. As soon as tbe enemy became convinced. that we medi tated an attack on bia akinniah line, they brought rein forcements rapidly forward from tbe direction of Charles town, and an artillery duel was commenced, which la?ied for about twenty minute*, wben the enemy's battery waa withdrawn. Our forces then fell baok. having accomplished all that was Intended, with the exception of the capturo of th? enemy 's entiro skirmish line. We, however, took about tbitty prisoners. Tbe prisoners capture' I state that Rhodes' and Ram seur's divisions are detailed for picket dmv in oiir imme diate front, and tbat ibe rest of tbe rebel forces, under Early, are at Charlestown. The total loss in Crook's command will act oxcoed forty 1 three wounded and six killed. After wo feU back yesterday the enemy rosomed bis old position, and pin^oi firing was kept up until dark. Rrconaeliaanrci and . FighUag?Thc Rtbnla la l<arg? Porcr? Attempted Pai mgr of the Potomac by tbo Kntmy Hpirltcd Fight and Rrpaltc of the Re tools, dir. Bai.TiMoita. August 29. 1M4. A rsconnoiasance waa made early yesterday morning by a large force of cavalry, under General Torbert. A portion of our cavalry, under General W'ltooa. who were stationed at Hailtowa, moved out to Rcsrnoysvlllo, and 1 there met by arrnnpoment Gen. Merrill's division, which ' bad been stationed near ?bopherdstown. The two forces comined, under tbe command of General Tor hert, ntnvcd oat in the direction of I?etown Ihe Mlunm lihd not proceeded more than a mile when tbey inet Ihe enemy's t-kirmish line, which was composed of Infantry belonging to General Karly's corps. Genoral Torbort dismounted a brigade of bis command snd sent them in to skirmish with tbe enemy's advance line of skirmishers, whilst another portion of Ms com mand was sent around by a circuitous route to strike tbem on tbe flank and rean The effect of this move was to completely double up tbeir skirmish line and cause them to flee In wild confusion, whilst a portion of our men, mounted aod held In reserve, charged upon them with the sabre, kilting, wounding and capturing quite a numbor. The cbargs was only deviated from when our raen camo upon tbe enemy's reserve? all tbo Infantry drawn up In lino, and preseatmg a front nearly two miles in >eoKtb. On examining tbe prison#!* captured In tbe skirmish and charge. It was ascertained tbat tbe whole of Karly.'s old eoriw, now oommundeit by Rreokinridg*. bail broken c*mp In tbe vicinity of Charlestowo at daylight that morning, snd marched In Ibe direction of Leelowik This was tbe force which now confronted General 1>>rbert and having ascertained those facta he commenced w i U> drawing his commend Id the meantime ihe enemy bad thrown a force around on tbe Hhephordstown road, which prevontel Wenerai Coaler trom retiring in tbo direction originally intended. The column under General Wilson bad reached Its des tination in sufoly at four o'clock P. M , and waa ab at going into camp when a courier acrlvod with ibe In 7orm >Uen tbat Coator waa out off, and ordering bim to make a ilemonstration on the ooemy and plokit the road from lialttnwo to D' field atatloa. Heavy cannonadiM was beard in the direct too of Sbephsrdstown, wWeh cootlnned anttl dark, and some fear wns entertain d that Outer might Hod tbo onotny too much for bin; hut iboee who knew him better, end were acquainted with bia danbtnr qualities, aod fertility of reaourcoc aa a cbvalry leader, made np their mlnde ho w^uld cut hie way nut In anroo way, and time has proved they were correct, for early this morning bia noorlor ar rived with deanatcl as ioferrolog General Sheridan of his arrval at a point of mfety.and from whence bo can watch the fnrther movements of the enemy. Osr kafMlMtlftsMI snmpara,1v.iv small They will ?? fo.'o* ? fltattl R'ntc Fik'.i Si*!.. I not ATf^'l on? hundred. ? - - * wttrxled , til rV tHSTlTOTE. -O* AV' \ w, lc of 9 I ortusl !? Ibr OU'ldinjn lb? HriaiM I ?L ?:# , L11 ?iKeafcl tutholiU kilt boardera rill bead- ' * ' *i loo atb ?' September. w. a. LiSriNAstK, nioctpeU i PFO'fffkO* PAK**I>f. a'e ?l tbeCe'Wlc CnUrr.ltr o> Lour i n, n?n e formal .^"ol of Pm'b ((??ucbe/V rj.vjl). Tu tred it ' "<? 'nflBllia. At ht ma dailv aTlcr 3 V r h?n 1 ??#<set? ??? <llt |IM1U. P ^ A ch?r?a waa made at four o'otoak yeaterday aXterW' "iT by OnKmot 1 oweli . wtih a avail detachment of eaTa.'".''',; oa the ercmy'e xVlrmieB Una, to tba left of Hal I to*. , wblrh reolted In lb* naptora of eome prlaonere, froi'.i whom *a aoaaa iranortaat informRtlon, which l?nrra on doabt *>al I bat tba acorn? are In forca and od ib# ?n<? rr'Harad to Uka advantage of any weak ntm la ??" ??'?- lb lb a abarga we loat Captain Iden bn?k, Of tba feceaift Maaaaahuaetu, killed, and itoma three or faar a?ra w.*i 4 ad. Gantf"! IXB* r-j porta thara la no force of tba enemy any* bar' to Ix^yrton county. Tba foida frnv^wiUlamaport to IMat of Rocka arc wall ?aarded, ?nd ?h?* ?namy would find It a dlfflrolt operation It they *no?ld eiieaapt to croea Into Maryland A daapnio- retelred ta night from IUrper*? rrry, ?aya:? IV ***vpj ma't an attempt ta otoaa hito Mary, laad to d >y. ?t K Uitamoport, with Iwo retlmeat* oi on*, ?try and w?t maatry Alter a aplrlted light of a ma boara' deration they ware bandaomakj repuieed by Can. Avert" withfbaaTy loea. A racoe inteai aae waa made by Oanaral Crook to-day, wblab rea?H?d la tba oapture of Hi corns tewed oftl oart. amonuat tbaan oaa lleutaaaat eoiouei, *ad auty> taxee prtvuea. Tba mtmy aim ahow a ten* aa ear froaV THE WIIKIT HtBAlP. Mm Brat aa? Okeapaat Rawipaper la tbe Oaantry. Aa Waartr Raaua, fer tba prawn I waefe, will ba ready tbta (KatarHT) tooramj T?mb? ?of?a aabaartptlna. ft; Three copita. W, Mra nnplaa, M i oapl^a, til, Hingla ooplee (Ira rente eeo1* A Knitted nntoinrw adve-ti??nnnni? itKorteil s k e n m a u . JMr. D. I . <'on)aKb?*u*? Dtupatelli Niak Aiuamta, August 10, 1 864 Ttie I'nlon army Mill lUMkm Uie r?t J ciy, and I* gradually though slowly adv anoing its works up to It* very wmU. In aoin* points our Moot are no clow* to the ' ?urniy'tf tuat it in ia>po**ib|e to adv-uioe further without making an asaauit. T11K lUIBBt, The rebel work* id our (root ? which arn of ? formula ble nature ? ar t occupied by tho militia A divl'uc i* massed in the rear of those. wtio do the picketing and skirmishing, and are avalbhlu to reinforce any point ot the linn In case of asB-uilU By this mrabs they keep tlielr veterans fresh. Then, osr position is partly n getni circte. Atlanta Is about the ceatruof the chord of this boiuI circle, so that Ibey can send reinfoirament* from this to either flank In a very abort time. At present tbe most of their troop* are oium4 od their left, en (be I Macon lire, extending towards lUat Point, and on our I right, eo that thoy bsr? but a small force on our let llurilc Th<?n, you will *ay, why not attoclc them there? In oui' front aro wide, ?i, *p Intrench monta, with traverse section*, and battariea at every liupertant point. The rebel* also have an abatlls of pointed stakes close together beiore tbolr works, and eo (Irmly net that yon oould not piHI I hem apart. In front of these again are the foroet trees cut down, with thetr branches lopped Int ? sjiear shaped points, and' piled over ono another. Indeed, *o formkfeble are their works aud tho ebstruo tion* in front of fhoiu, that It would be Messy mutter to puss through with no force gusrehnjr th'-m Let rot this disc uwe my readers, though. If we do not bre >k through these wort,* -wW'h we could oolr d > with1 great svicril'co of life i"?rm m will lorco them to tho chotaenf giving us u fair op> s light ?r boing cnged d(j in Aliatita. VVBY WH AKtt INvMHIVS. I think th*t Shomian oonM have ttknn Atlanta before this, hut timed his movements to imit Crunk's; for if ttio rebel nrmy wni re <?d Iio-o they would be llitety te actxl n part to Itlchmonrt md a part to MblMIe, and thu* per doranpe our plans thoro. Kither nrrav eamiitit l ing retain its present po ition without coming to attenracs ment. In toy opinion, haforo you receive llfin a iiiovj ment will be nude on our part that will decidn the lnt? of Atlanta He are Rettlnc i msirtermble reinforcements but about theae I tnust IV siietii. TH!>AttTII.M?RT. ! There is one continr 1 artillery (Ire Iwpt upatowRour linos, ami as it. is alt converging. on Atlanta il maul b ' Mfber a hot place to live in just now. Port* of MiMtown were net on lire on tl:o nigfeis of the 131b and 14th. Wo c iuld see tlin thick volume* of smoko and then tbo- lurid tinmen Kho'>tui|r along the horizon. We could al cboar the (iro IkIIs ringing Sonne of o?n" batteries are pour ing rod hot fbot In on the town. Captain Bradljr, Sixth Ohio battery, li$g BRtrAliflhert-a furnace- for heating hiKRhnt. Mo<<t IHreljr som* of tbeso fired' obe houac*. A ;t;i hi . i liey till Riioll with f\r<ns. otid these' sitonl and p- tier fire enough about trf ijruiio timber work. I mvp j. bo the rebels will .soon accino us of raining Groek Jre upon them. f!*NER/.l. STAJfl.l Y'g'DBMOVTRATlOir. On (ho 131b the Fourth torpe ? General 9 tan ley ? mnde a demriiRtration, capturiag 3ome rifle |>iMt. On the name evening rfoward .?.uc.coedcl in gaining a prominent hill in his front and establish!!..* u battery v?tWctk cou? m?nrt? the roftel works on it. OltAlfUK or POSITION? ABTII.I.KRV FIUIITINS ? TliB BIJRHIN3. HOITSW. Tho Fourteenth corns relieved the Tvreoti?tli osrpT on the extreme right, and some slipht skirmishing- ensued, but do genera) movement took placo alons ibe lino. At night tbe rebel batteries opened fiercely upen as, and ours noon replied, keeping up one hellish roar of artillery, mingled with ' the hurtling, screnchlng shriek of phot and shell. Add to thin tbn ringing of bells and the fire shooting op front the burning houses in Atlanta, and you have a nlco earthly pan demonium that Ueei/.ebub might envy. There was a lull on Sunday until evening, when tho rebel baUerie>, opened and their skirmishers tried to regain the hill in front of Howard but were repulsod. The bring extended to the Twentieth ooriw, and was kept up at' intervals all night. RBN'rKAt. KMU'E S fAITCRIHG OI'RRATIO!*. The First Division, now commanded by General Krtpn, succeeded in taking in out of the cold about one bun ired of tlie i-eliel pickets. In a fow duys t expect to- have news uf vital importance WKP.KI.ER'S CAVALRY is oreraliDg along the railroad, and have suacoeded in outting hp a eni'ili portion of tbo lino and the telcgnpb at one point We are not tbe least apprehensive about him. Our cavalry has gone out to give b!m a reception . besides, every bridge, town and important jKiMtion >3 well guarded and lortlfled. There are patrols between the diilereut pouts, so all Ibey can do is to make a daoh in at some weak uoint ami tear up tbo rails. Ah wo bare construction trains atou? the lin-o. Ibis can be repaired In a few days 7 bough so far removed from our sup pliea, IM trags have never yet ben a'aorl one day's rations, and they have too much confidence' In the win tn and judgment that bave safely piloted them hither to have auy tears about Mr. Wheeler's raid now. o?r communications are perfect, and amply guarded against nay cavalry force Wheeler can bring to bear on them. Indeed, the line from here to Chattanooga is as well kept aa any ordinary pauseuger line. ffewopaper >\cconnt>. I despatch lo the Cincinnati tja/.ette. | Nakhvili.p, Aupujt 24, 1804. The army ?u lyln< on tbo 19th tn the old position, strengthening fortifications and akirmiahing wltli the enemy. Oa some parts of the llo? our icirencbments are so cluae to the enemy that the space ioterveoiuK dous not cover more than fifty yards. Our men ars killed and wounded daliv behind tbe line of works by ron'Scet balm In fact, they hare to keep under cover or the works al together. According to statements of dosertors, tbe rebels are Hi the tame condition Occasionally they can 1'#-smq walk ing on the works, but aa a general thing they lie ol>ae. In Rome canoe musket bulls (Ind their w?y l-iw the city. The rebels are now busily engaged in fascinating some of the (oris which were silenced by our batteries. C.ipUin Welkor's battery or tbe second division or the .sixtcnih army corps, oomplotely demolished one of their lorta ou tbe Itttb. They do uot light with the pnirlt the* did at the I ginning of the campaign. Sjjrbt 1 charge* are occasionally -nade in the day time, but they ?lo not l >st us they hure anno heretofore, It is seldom the rebels come cio*er than one hundred yards without breaking It la very evident that now tliey prefer fight ing behind work" Ihe men of our army, although tliey linve to work all night on rortiflcatlmis and skirmish by day, are in oxoul en: ipirlts and ready for tight. The reMs have udu ubtedlv received reiolorrements, Dut the number la iiOt exactly known. I Ma'or t;?tmrni I >?!*??. while on a picket line examining the enemy's posltk a, war. ?hnt in the loft forehead and "eriously wounded General Lightburn was wounded m tbe earn* way. llobrl Acroaati oi the Capture or Gene* rial tttoneman. TFrwn the Macon Intelligencer, j On Monday- noon miners begon to fly through the city tliai Sl> tieru'an and hid command were captured and on < itelr way to this city. About five o'clock In taeeveu wit huadrL-'k? of the people, of ail sexes and colors. Hocked to the bridge to soo the prisoners ax tliey pas-mi General Ivers'tv, their captor, with a sirnn; erc?rt. soon come in vlow, with General .~lonemar> and stafl In ens tody Tbe cavalcade pasted lo Camp Ogietborpo, to be registered aud placed in guarded qinrtr-rs. An immense nuuiber oi cariosity seekorx followed, ox hibitmg in their Milling facts tbe onmtort tbo c?pt<i -e o? tbo [arly eavwthem. We vlwlted. the (irisoaers at tbe military pr 'on, an I by th? cour'*sy of the gentlemanly and efficient commander of the p. st, were permitted to see and converse with tbe ftrieoaers. They l oked very much wora and suo Rklerably detected, Stoneman himself Goatpitka ir.g or msch fatigue. The 'isoerai ta a large, t*H, thin man, with % fare Tory ss'ich bro.ixed an# rough ? roe what hacrgird features, sandy whiskers aad hair, dark, keen, low ering eyes and lo->k, directing aharp, piercing look', occasionally, at bla inter rogators. He bears tbe appearance of a maa who exacts implicit obedience to bla coram.-.rjds, and ts stern Ui liw decrees. Ilia strong, powerful frame eeeoM capable of endurlDff say amount of hard^'p. His every feature, and powerful, wiry motions, Indicate the advance of a Hercuioa, and mark bim the leader ef desperate enter prises. the cb. racier of which haa made kirn bis reputa tion as sa Inimitable raider. to bla oapture there bas been more gamed to ua ta tbo ?oral effect it producaa on ns aad the eoemy than any other earture ef tbe war. He well knows that tbe Influ ence ef it will co to cheer up our peopie aad depress the [ Norib very ranch, acd U loses to Sherman tbe great ' aad muet generous arm of that General's etTectlvenoea His oapturs will place a quietus on tbe amuse ment for a long time For aow tbe chief oi all tbe raiders baa falk-n, and will not soon again be oa tbe war track, raids will not soon he attempted again i HI* ambitious bopes are gone to the wluda, and he wilt . scarcely be heard ol during the war. nnieas be es< apsa. tbut wo presume au?-li ?n episode will be too careful1 y '?guarded aga'ost to ever occur 'T He informed o* that he left Sherman's army en the 'Xlb of July, and haa been actively engaged oa tbe raid jnsiant ly i .enerai Ivereon haa been on Stoneman 's track since Vcdnead.iy evening, the 27tb. He overtooi tbe raiding l(eariv sa nursdny. at tbe Juariloo of the South and Vel ?<"bw rive.a, whore iholr Junction forms the <im ngoe, '?some sixty miles narthwsst of this city A spirited flfht SflKOfd Keiley'a and Hasoe's cavalry fought the command that Stoneman detarbed for tbe parpoee of delaying pur?uit. Geucral Ivervm auspo< <d tbe mauo>urrs, sad left Ksiley and Hume to llnisb f Uaht, while he paaaod around tbe party acd conticaed the pursuit gtonemsn, when he urared Macoo, detaebed a party to operate oa MIMedga vti'e ant Fabmtna We learn this evening (Vonday) Ibat It waa unencceasfu! the militia havln* deterred them fr> m attacking, and thereby saved tbe oapital (rom de trnotimi. (Hi Satarday night Btoneman discovered General Iver soe's comm .n.i above r iioton, disputing bla retnrn He quickly decided that he could not esespe on either flank, aod detrrmlnsd to dgbt through tbe < ootre. His com i.i and numhored nearly two thousand Ave hundred moo, aod be Ihiohl if hla men had dooe aa be espected them to do be would hav j sscapeU. <>e Sunday morning the opposing farces began lbs bat He of SiiCahioe Cburob, oa the Ctlaton aud F?tontoa road, ft was furioos during the greater part of the day. Toward aunaet Stoneman. flndlnf he woald be del sated, asperated tils foreea, with orders for U' em to escape, if poasible Tfcey scattered , a pcrtion under Qirard goiag toward Ratontoa, Adams' cavalry pursuing. Our torcea consisted of lversoa's Oeorftla brigade, Ad mi* Alabama and ''Carre Oordo" Willlama* brigade, (. enerai Iver eon eommaiiUiog The oaanaltlee are con sidtrable on both aides but mncb the greater en the part of the entmv. No r?ilmate baa beer formed of the Icai . but uannral lv?rson knew of over two bnadred aad Bfty Tankeea killed en tbe Held. The enemy sbasdecied all bis artillery, leaving two Tlaoea on Saturday before Macui and having neesowiual Hen for the otasr pieoes o?i ? u> day, left them on tbe ield ! 1 I 'll ot >li>d Ilia gi " it, raid on Ms v o ] I th? gr.alogt st, nud hitherto most i"c -leafi'' ''P* ritor ?n lilt line M< nearly t* h?a a?? If t urd Ul' lest tll'parred ai.d I- ?i lur v <?? r? t,M ?m>?i ???- "xafol to .aneral Ivwiwon <nd bta d<?4 eavaltara mid thai will give to ?hem ranch credit and ropnUtiue j ? nuui tu l.eneral lv (sod inai.-mad the vr ry hn> laotu?!> , and Ib'iuijh he. If defeaMi *n 1, ha|*. dwiHfi'Ad. he arltn iw;?<U*,? l!,?' u> be cipt ired t>f , the loroe (fO0 tbuiik'i'id three bnnireri) u>a- i?ti too h*4 ' ii * reputable piece of bii*im"<a fur (hat aeoeral and wifl i ,??*?) b.m i.?U,d, ua l.? ilea. rvea, whi ? at the a. n?a tin. a i !? e In" Mro. k a Mow 'hat wt|l ro'r l henvliy agili at t?>a for ii > ru.i i deal wan e*|WT??id of bm u oe-l 'tl<>n and Ai'ongii be ac i?n>>jil*lied much yet bis ovn e*pt r? Sod *"? ?iiv-mAUira of hi* forces iro r ?r to oo*nl?rbel anc. wy advantages be may havegitniid ,! ' >ra fie v.n hi ' uDii''lerale J (JeneraV St "..em n -ust i.( 1 1 Imjii Hk Had ax sovti m be ?a>v pre^aratioea mtlfWix to ( It;* lit") rgata, he deeptlcbe I .? white flair promwtnjf aii .ID coetltioaal .vwrandor. I'be il?ir wa* receive I t y ' o{<>n?l lYnw*, who then <..>uf runted hnn .villi one b 'u lred a J 0??, 1. 1 V two ineV . Ax ao u ?a u new theee oue l.udred am sight? t>?<> if. i. in wIm.ii be iia<4 aerret-.lei> l>e Kit <fivn an# took a repulur cry R? indert his in-nr* ove' Id '"o'o mi. (Yews, aud biittiair dire< tly diverted .beinst.'ltea of tbeir "rm ?. Kit hundr?d ierfcra'c at ore.e 'brow itown tbelr guns, but the remainder, vseng 1,7 tfcu time ti.o cowardlr* of tlioir Central h giving up le-mu h ? amatl fovo>\ hrftt# through Ue Wi??l ; | vk.I lee It, h< eikkn'.iir, aakiDK i? ' tn the left. Oineral 'a?'ki*i ordere* pnr*ultt anil Ha flrirlv believed bu.irly Ule ?vU>le . vety m! i>e tnkae with hot fetr i-iceptK>n Wo riptorstt full one thCiRaml bi-racg, ?n I many nt.nda of email arrnn. two brat.%' tbme-lncli rMla caonnn and calMoua. dnv^ril col^m anrf *md >tm Ht'?*eTi?n hurt orif l?o cai.unn. He gives as un exr.uee that ho wil? out it ?mmuultloa, tut tbat I- oirfy bin ?t?ry. The Puiwalt or i?entrMl fr?mit. Canto, Auguet tf>, I8<I4 Momplm ail v teas of the23ilt0ay Hi r3 the sorcr.tb IIIK ?tip oav try h*s> returned from Jb# purmilt or K)? rebel* under (Jeuoral ftrmt At Inst accounts (on Monday)- tho rebrie i-r-w i>d tba Coldwater river, iwitnly throe itii%-w iron? Mciui/bm, re treaung tn the dlrsctlou of I'auul i. and gmmbllo; over the tailuro of theli expe<tition Timr nx|<o?t?il to ere it* a diversion' id Heoorut Sr.vilh's exiieOltlon Cenerat Forreat told'om of our offt'Trn, umler a fl?n of truoe, that 00 Sunday itanernl <Jri*fKou oc:npli>1 Ot lord, If Irs. To l*ii per Mnnutnnmrera. TaaU' will hn (mid for I0.0TO reaina of r^nod Pa* rjrialar Paper Hi/e, 32?4<)? 4H I tin Ap }tf at thia ofllna Arni'd to (he la a Very < nininna eiprciHlwe , hut we think armeiTto ffmbi'lllhli aiu t ? orr# them tn a ripe old ace I* Aclded'JT ?M?re henolle^al aait n i>it? firia'e. Tbia can imly be JAw br the fragrar.t HKKOUO.VT; orrlenam!! bean'fyitiij an. I un Inir tie i.ietli. ?w?..t*n and porlfylnu the breath, It baa ao e iwd HuM by druRtfiata. Reyal Huvnna Mtlery.? 75 ;wr C<mt pwmtiim patii for Prlzea lirfonivatum funflebei! The nichrat rates piald for donh!i?iia and all kind* of g '?1 ind ?liver r* VI. OH k CO., K?nker* IB Wall atfMI, N T Prise* fanbrd In all f\' ;a lli'tf li?tt? rlea and Information given J AC OH, Urocrr'il .Hi. a. It* Broailway. Hew Tork. A Renntlf'll t ninpl >ilon. ? IValrd't Bloom or Vontb, or Mijonl Pi nel It liaa do equattfnr pr? aervlng und i>eautlfviDc the complexion hiiiI skin. R?ld kt all driiKC'atu. and by JAMRH L.AIRD, Hwie frofa-tetor, Mt Broadway. AitenlMitng, Vet I'rue, llencri*-??e toothaehe, nenralirie aod eatarrfa > Inniomtly rellewf aoc permanently oured. Oae WOLCOIV'S Instast l*ala Annlbllator All <i?m itM-r Corapt n I ?ti, DJvorrt'r* ***h .lect In female*. dlseaeea of the climate, Jtnrii. fo r?rr.; agne. up* aiclsnean, dHrrhira. dyaenterjr. davpepela, cbol.'c Ml nho'era morliua. can he cured or prevented br the inenf 1>c Krenoli Cotneo Blttera, Imported obI|? by 8. M*B1B? P8LD. 70N*-aeti nraal, New fork. At Old PrlMi?Wfrt'llnn nn4 Vleltlnft Card*. Nftle Papera. An. EVKltDRLL'B etegaat atylecoatr ut 302 Broadway, corner Dnane street. A Perfect (tatr Oyo? Millet '* ? r?0 Ce?ti? Batter and mora it? quantity than any JA1 lye. RoKf drucgiata. A r*w Flannel Nuiu. 8l<>; Mme, |Wf Witrte Duck Vena , $5. OT.ARKF, No*. 112 end 1I? William atreefc Attention, t'flinte>a nnd Rnllnaw men ? 0IId?d f^'.tera. Nmnbera and Slpae. Aeenolea aw tabllshed. 107 KiiltnoMtrne . QL/.83 LETTER CO Batrhilav'a liulr llf?? i hcRrst In the wortrt. Tlarmlete, reliable, InnUntanem-a- The -wily perlWeft dye Bold by all druggieta. Paatory Rl Border etreel. Ctitrallrr'i Ijlfe for tlx1 H'*lr. Reetmee grav )>>Ur to It* original color, M-ipe It r falling m* In three days, keepa the head olem, c>'?l nn<t healthy, wlB not aiain ttie akin or aoil it>? whiirat f/ibri*. The beet bat* dre*e<Dg ever oil'ered to the publle. ('?:> J if uead freelyi eontwna nothing in|iuk?i?; etrengtben* and prntnotna the growth of the weak not hair , la recoinmenddd aud n?ed by the flr*t medical authority in New York All are freely (itih at the drug atoree- aad at rnv olicn. No 1 121 Broadway Tiled lo examine till* wonderful triu-niib of aoienoe. 'IS where advice as to treatment of tne hair will he gremlins* lv given l'rle'iji per bottle. (J per half iloaen. In faaer boxea Tan bo aent by eipreaa SARAH A. CHEVALIER. M D. Grletadoro^a Hair Dye, Pytierrallee and (Tljr Depot, wdioleeat* and retail. No.' C AaterBoiaa The dye applied tty akllful artlata. Cartel <!e Vlalte By Vnuglinn, IN Bowery, warranted good tvweet prloe in the elty PKnloo.? t alt all uolil auiied. Dr. Chceitmaa'i Female Plila Are the meat aafe and reliab'e rem?dy ever knows fbr eea*> plaint* peculiar to fema'ea They never fall. BaLabilebaC la 1933, tbey have atnod the teat of the tnoat emineut phyfr elaaa. No new experiment without merit. BxplleU direo. tiooe. atatlag when they abould and ehooitS net be lataa* One dollar per boa, containing B'ty plila. Hold by ail dm* (lata HOTCH1NOS aIhLLYER, Proprietor 81 Cedar at reei. New Tod Deftfaeii, Impaired Rlgbt, NOIrtBS IN TOR HBA9. CATARRHAL. AFFEOTI0N9 l!t THB THROAT. CHRONIC CATARRn, CAtARRB OP THP~TYMrANrC HUnOU* mkmbranp,, obstructions or thb eustachian tubs COBBD. CROSS BTR BTRAIGHTKMKD IN OMR MlNtTfK Ardevery diaea>eof the Eve an1 Bar "enulrlne either dleai oraur* oal aid attended to bv lir. VON RI?flNBItM. athlae?aauUtng reotna.dia Broadway, uear Twelfth air aet. Oefliinre Fire and Rarglar P-e?f Safea ? Sideboard and Parlor Safea, for allver vlate, Ac. at fA Murray atreet, eorner of Corege p.aee R. X PATItlCK Rruptloni, Fr?rkle?, Plmp'ai, Taa, ?unburn. Tleahworma.ywid all Mkla Deform. ilea eared kt OOUR* OU'H Italian Medirated Soe.?. at hie depot, No. til Broadway ___________ For the Hair and Mhla-Berry'j Trl eopheeo'ia The heat aad cbeapeal artiela. Bold tvr Ji ea ?lata _ Goarand'a Peadre Snhtll llprenM Hat* frora low foreneada er aay i>art at the bed* . $1 , warranted at h la depot, 4A3 Broadway Ollt Conibe-IVaw Ntylee, Jaat Heeelved, two, 'tree four, five to iweni/ Joi n a ears, reraa'ahr O BOKOB C. Al/IJN 4 1 A Broaiway. one door belew t'aaav at reei. Stere cJoaed on Salerdaie at three o elodk HIM heat Prentlam Loeh Stlteh Krwln| ?aehlneg WHBBLBR * WILSON. MS Broad wa? If Tea Want to Know, dir., Read MBDICAI. COMMON SRNSB, A eiirto<i< book far curloua p?ept?. and ageed hook for eeen eee. Price $18". To he had at all nawa dhpeta. CoutenH tab lea nailed free. Addreaa Dr. B. B FOOTS, 1030 Broadway, N. T Ivory Karrtnaa and Pine, Black, white and red. Three Dellare and Firtf Centa, Paea aad Five Doiiara a aet. a>0. 0 ALLBB'B. lit liroadwaf 00 e door below Canal at reel Jewelry and Waichee, of All Deaerlp t'ona, for aala by OC(X 0 ALLBN, h)S Broadway, oae door below Canal ?treet (fermarly 11 Wall atreet). Btoao eloaed oa Saturday" at ) o'clo^r i.adlea, Don't he IVeelred.?Faenolk Fluting Co , 927 Broadway, op atalra. aet lea the atore Viae eenta per yard, aaj width. One t'ent I? The Notional Oaaril An*'. la in* Tebaere. equal la "amr to a One eegar, aa?i eoate only t rent a amoke. Warranted | "'e and unadulterated. Whole aale aJ Fulton atmet. Retail ai aa?ar ttoree. '* Kehaa ppe notllee Wanted." For which lac higheet price wUl be pelA, at the depot, ? Bearer atreet. The Hew Per fa me far the Ha?ttfhe*> PH ALON'S -NIOBT BLOOMINO OBRBI/a" PU AleON'l -NIGHT BLOOMIHiJ CMHUS.'; PUAU'H'I "Ml OUT B IjOOM I NO CgKiiOjr* rilAbON'f -NltiUT BLOOMINO C*R?tA" The great pocelarlty eWaiae.t by ihl? "ew and F*T fumu naa Induced maay worthlaaa lantaMie* -""' . "JC feita. Bewar* o' Ihem and ??e t*e hri'Je hiih'ewa lame elaae, "I'H ALOB .? BOM ra-f mere *aw Tork. ???" *f eoaatorfeHa. Bold by all_dr.iu'??f Traeaee, Klaatle etoehlayaT A*.--^arah A CO. Olot mil il W^ t f?y >lr? i tAmf ittMmii The Klllatl* *et*"l Marhlaa.? See theaa. BUN BT IfOT *r*. 0-#> ^ *lii japaaete Hair ttaltt Colore the wklakem and aoateeha a ^eaottNl blaah or hrowm Tl 'ol^Si ofieiy g gygfr Oetee wlH aet Me m ** STe ^WAll Trhlla^elehh, Bala Freprtetor ?w aale ky Deaaaa Boraea A Oo,. tl Park row , F. 0. WaBa Wlca. Hair Djre, nalr D/e? ?r*' \Venl ftewlna Machine t a.'e Higheet rreroiuui tiock SUtoh Maehiaea, Mi Bread ear, B I.

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