Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1864 Page 7
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NEW YORK HERALD. - - - _ ? JAMBS UOUDOM BIMIBTA EDITOR AND noniKTM. mtici m. v, comiu or rrtron i*? hamad m. Volnrar XXIX AMl'SEMKNTS THIS EVBMIIia. ? IBI-O'fl OABDRM. BnoAdway.? Bas* LtwM W11XA0E8 TUSATBK. Hro?d?H -BvblSBM. WIBTKR GARDEN. F.r. ?dw*T ? BvbktuOdt'ii PmiUfO? rmi,? Diavobu. _ BhW FOWKRT THKATHK, Bowery ? Mui.btbbb or Tvin i AinaiA -M*u >s. a Uiiru- Two i>botb?si BOWERY TRKATRK. Bow.ry.? j0!r).,' Babt-8to?? Bran Co ??!!?? Captain Kid. RARNPM'a *lfc>BUM. l<ro*dw?y. ?Two Gum. TV* r?A*>fi. Al.ktot. b>Uf^NT?. .to . Bi till h.Mira. Till Magic t'?rt ?Uvtchmak i* D.rricpLTigs. At 11 A. !?., S and ~)i P. H WOOD'S MINSTREL UALU 5U Broadway.? BrnoriAB fcohi.? Dances Ac.? ?Uli.kb ani> li s Mkh CAV.PBKLL MINSTRHL8. 19? and 301 Bowerv.? Tabibd Ah D bXCimiQ MbLANGB OT KTIIlOriA.f Odhitiba. AMERICA* THBATRB. Sa 444 Bronlwr.- Ballsm. f AJCTt MIKES, fi I B^ctlUAS AC.? IvOBEBT Al?l" BxitlBAND. mw YORK MUSEUM Of ANATOMY. OP Broadway.? OtnuOk'TiKt aku LictcuI*. from 9 A. M. till 11> P. K, HOOrKT'B OPBRA HfMJaS. Brooklyn.? Bmorta* 6o*o? Dahtes, BtEUKUoaa. *o. Blew York, Siaturrtoy, Aniuil XT, 1S04. THE BITDATIOM. Tbe absence of Incident.; Id tho army generally be tokens no evidence of ,ro?ress. Affaire to General Grant'* array do not present any very new features, nis line bay beon extended on the left to a distance of nearly seven miles, and tbe railroad to lteam's station 1e securely held. Tbe enemy makes no appearance in front of our left. General Custer, who was supposed to be out off in General Torbert's operations of Sheridan's army, has re turned safely to camp. The (icen.y attempted an attack on Wi.liamsport on TUurbday, but were handsomely beaten by General AvariU's c<mruand. General Sheridan la constantly ongafad in mukiug reconnoisaaneos, in which ria< "?"?uiebep occur w tb tbe enemy; but uo mate. Wo give to day .< ^ b# rec#anted. movements near AUant. by Gea.^ng dataila of tbe t.on. aa we before ^ e'->^ His poll. lately secure. Tbe account which we publish in another oolurnn from our apectal correspondent relating to tbe late ariinn of Admiral f?rra^ut in Mobile Bay will b? found latenaaly Interesting nnd comprehensive. Tbe victory n Mobile Bay la well described throughout, from ths Art-. .o 0| '.loo of tbe movement to lta triumphant close. Mo. 93 8 mibcellaheottb news. A special meeting ol tbe Board of Sup*rrlsora took place yesterdav. Tbe Tax Commissioners sect l? a oom tounicmion stating that tbe tax rolls ere ready rJ r con firmation. and endorsing a Ubulsr statement or tbe raaia tton of tbe city of New York 'or the yenrs I8?3 and 1M4, ebos-lne t ha t tal value of the real and personal estate at preeent to be MSd.OM.MO? an increase in the past year 01 $40, MO ,307. A m??t'D(f o' metal workers of this city, called by the Citizen's Association, to k place last nlgbt at Croton Hall, 1x7 itowery, to arra:>ge (or a :nass meeting of the trade. Those present formed therrse'ves Into a committee of tbe whole atid nd.ioarned to Monday evening, September 6, ul tlic s ime locality. Kran* Muller, tbe man charged with the murder ot Nr. Hrig.-s. nn tliefKh of July last, In a railway car.uear 7 />ndon , was ?est?rd*.y t . ought up in charge of a Tn-ted S ?<ee I>*t>uty Marslial for ?ratrirallo* befsre I cited Fining Commissioner Namioo. TM court room wis densely crowded, and great Ini.raat manifested ib its proceedmge After some delay, to o.ra*|ieeea of the abt. >tH'? of counsel aaslgnod for the defsnca on tho pre vious day. the prisoner stated that ba expected bis sister tn court, whea ho would he prepared to make some ar rm, ementa f -r bis defence In answer to the Jommla sinner, be furth.-r stated tbat bis slater had come to this c uttry alone, tort he waa at preacot Ignorant of ber tne*o?. The Court then ???iRnert coaoeel for bH defence ' end the case was proceeded with. Tbe two English pjllce inspectors, ranoer and Kerrsesey; Mr. Death, the Jeweller Ma hews, tbe cabman; Inspector Clarke, of tho Loudon det'-ctive force, ?ud IUtectlTe Tiemsnn, this city were examined on bcbair of tbe British gusern meat. At tho eotcl'jsionof tbelr evidence the cose was adjourn? J till eleven o'clock this rooruiug. y,.M?rd?y Foiled Putee Commissioner Osborn delfr er-d hi? written opmi-n In tbe case o( tbe United 5t*tw arainat Mr John Mi-llsiy, editor of tbe Mt , /<(rorrf, ctiarged with inciting "one Seymour and otfccrs , u. resist toe draft." Tbe opinion is to tbe eflect that j while it <dial(k tbe fact thU tbo language complained or, as <#ibodied lo the obnoxious articles, is cak ulaied "to ! emb irraas and distract the piaas and measur.-s of tte ad miutBiraUon, creating hoetUity and enmity to ali puV-lic arts which fl from tbe executive head of the pove-o ment," yet resistance to tho d rait can only properly be rba'grd n;alnst a pors n when oce shall oun.'fi another to resist tuc dra t wbou the same Is to actual o erati'-n. The Commit- lon r tl.-re'orc ceetded "that the deteadsnt |. n't properly held on the com pis In t," and be war tbere , upon d isobar k? .. ' in the case of Codfrey rs. Brigne'l ar order of arreet w.s got o-.t :uaia?t me tenor yesterday, so as to preaent bun from learl'S In the !.urop,.?n steamer to day. I Bernard discharged the writ , trover . for tbe r**rn that Brlgnll had .tre-dy -ive.i beads in tbe arathm?Bt cai-e, wDtot. was e:nrle sec trlty lor tbe foil araounv of the claim. . Tbe oon?me:c:*l atatus **? uachacged yesterday, though even le^bu-.nwa th?n uon^l was d ue. The Mttlloe of gold from 2SS lo ab:ut -il r"B dered holders ;?n?ci us to extrMne prioi-s. Mid so-ne oommodltlM have s-dd lower It* > ? s aim ? at a sut d and the s^greirsle business was axtffcine.y S'.iaii ; Cotton waa n.m.-a.iy lower. I'etroleum ?aa du l, tut | oom.nally ..nch.oged on ' b 'nie llonr advanced lot. ? | j6o TThoat and ooru were U a 2c. bicher. On't , were dull and dr^^ug. The rk market was decked, y , higher, with ?? aoiive demand. HncT quiet, tarrt active J tad firm wuukey daU utd lower. Freigbts decidedly , lower and dull. ift( p?aee <^weetlos? Is? the doath? Th? \ DlOculty ef Itau lovarstgaty-Misw OuriatP of tb? qi.^tinn ba? cre?te?l a ctmsUlerablo Mnsution brynrd Wio Hue? of 1be U?5<>n nrra'.A. Tin* Hichinopd j journal have thus Lmi drawn into a wnous di?cui?H:on of tho gullet, whereby. If wo gain- d nothing clac, buTk* wcuf'-d HOiiio \a.luab5o spec lie information uyou tbe peat* ultimatum of Jrff Dtvii. For exiitnple, tbe Richmond D'\?poirh of the 22d inet. "aye "the Nrw Yok* IIhuaid adtiied T,1n-?1n, theot?^rday, to send cotnTiiW-onfi-B to treat of p*ac- with. ut r^isiug U??. ?,locka-le or wit'idraw n,- tbe troop-,"' hut that U w^ notbing more than * trick to take the wind out ot the .arti of the p?M? rtrty: that we t, RicLiiw.nd echoee of Jeff- &?*??> W* \ tho cry wbich come cf *''* pre*# of the conftiurary i? raising for P?**1* a^ fraught with mWcW:" that ' nothing coulU iiave a more direct te:i4??ecy to encourage our ^*my U? ^orserere in tbe >wiquiloua war he i*4 agaicat us," that a compromise ">? not , ao far an we can see, and so far as k iia%Uw? con'-erned;" that "tne Yasikee boM ^ riU not agree at this time to make goTe/Jun' n ? site,# from theee lerrito Vt? -in ta >*lnm 11 wo?W M"t nvon Virilnit). I. 2Jttk ? OH ?"* M?" '> K ,7? .. \'at "lo Tenneaeee, Mia Irl iVs, ? 14 oiui*," and that "?lserLere their claims would toe based upoa tbe principle of tbe tUi jiosside tia" (what tbey actually posses). Then, as an m?wer to all this, thin Richmond diplomat tells us that "the government or tbe Confederate State* can make no such treaty;" that "it can not cede any territory belonging to any or these States, eacb of which in a nation ? a sove reignty as distinct an Crest Britain or France;" that tbe only peace it can make is that of "the complete independence and iufeegrity of all tbe Stated" ? tbat is, all tbe States claimed by the rebellion, including West Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri. The only terms, then, npon which Jeff". Davis can maki peace are the surrender to liis con federacy, not only of all the territories, sea ports and strongholds we have recovered by force of arms, but the surrender of West Vir j-In'a, Kentucky und Missouri, States which have adhered to the Unioo and expelled the approuohes of the Davis "confederacy" in every shape and form, by legiblation and by arms, from the beginning. And it seems that Davis has no alternative. He has not, nor has he ar.d his Confederate Congress together, the p^wer lo cede away an inch of tbe soil of any one of the rebel Confederate States? each >?elnp a nnt'on In fteolf, of sovereign and Inde rendent as Great Hritain ot Franco. This is the supreme Ihw to Davis of the constitution of the so-called Confederate States. Accordingly, so far us the rebel general gov ernment is concerned, a treaty of peace short ot Southern subjugation or Southern independ ence Is out of the question; because the indi vidual ^tutoR of ttint extraordinary confede racy arc sovereign nations, and each must act for itself in determining where it is to go, or what is to be done with its "sacred soil." Upon this bint wo have a new suggestion to throw out to President Lincoln. The right of secession, npon which this rebellion was started, is, under Jeff. Davis, retained to enoh of the States concerned as ti constitutional right. These Southern rebels and their Northern sympathizers are great, sticklers for constitutional rights. Let them be brought to a practical test npon this diabolical, but, as they hold it, divine, right of sece sion, or Stste supremacy. Prac tically, we know that Jeff. Davis is the abso lute despot of the tebelilous States; but hring *?:? .lnwn to a constitutional test., and it seem* We respectfully and earnestly submit, there fore. to President Lincoln a new departure in behalf ot peace. Let him proceed to action with the rebellious States in detail, as with so many independent nations, and let him thus begin a new peace movement with North Caro 1'na. A majority of the Legislature of that State just elected is said to be in favor or peaoe and reunion. Let President Linfoln, then, send down to Governor Vance liberal offers of peace for North Carolina on the con dition of ber return to lho Union? offers si inviting that ber Legislature will jump at them; and let tbese offers embrace the request that Governor Vance will immediately call his L'>g slature together to consider these peace propositions; and, considering the present com manding position of General Grant, between Richmond and North Carolina, the most glo- < I rlons results may be expected. North Carolina, we believe, can thus be de tached from the rebellion, and with this breach in Ihe Davis confederation bis sovereign State right ef secession will speedily finish him ?nd his moelt confederacy. General Grant's Campaign In VlrglaUi, The English papers, wbicb see everything in the light of a strong Southern sympathy, de clare that General Grant's campaign Is a fail ure. All the Richmond papers maketbe same declaration as a matter of course, end so do all tboBe Northern papers that reproduce feebly the I ?ent'ments of their Southern friends. All these declare alike loudly that the great campaign ) that ],f\8 shaken the rebellion to the centre is a failure. Tbore was never a more shameless piece o' audacity than this in the history ot im pudence. Grant's great campaign has been the mr?t successful of the war. Ue has driven L*e. with the finest army that the confederacy ever had, or ever will have, up and down and all over the State of Virginia; he drove him from the R .pidaa to Richmond and oompelied him to gp through that city as if for life to hold it* dependences ou the other side; and he has , ajrain driven the greater part of Lee's forces ontof Petersburg a :d Richmond, and down the Shenandoah vall"y. to look for something to eat Such failures as tbjs of Grant's are to re establish the supremacy of our government and pound the confederacy to pieces, and that Is what the Iriends of t!;c confederacy have to find fault with in General Grant. Seoeaslnn journalists in England, in the Southern State-, and m the Northern SMtes see that if Grant continues in bis present position but a few months louger the c.-ilederacy is done for Tb< y recognize in bim the great man of this war. He has shown in sucli instances as the ebeice of Sherman and Shc-'dan a great knowledge of men. He bas shown, u at Boi raont, that Le could take a small force into the field and hnudle it and 0ght with It splendidly, lie Las shown at Fort Henry, at Shiloh, at Vicksbwrg and at Chattanooga how ;nagilfl cently be oao handle one large army; and he h*s shown in the preaent year with what com; prohensive ability be can direct the operations or several armies spread over the largest theatre of w .r that was ever nnder one m*n And they know from tbeee evidences of fcls ability tbat, if the government supplies him with men, he will end the war beroro Novem ber. Tbi? is what distresses the soceaaion press, end induces it to cry out agai nit General Grant, in the va n hope that their clamor may affect tbe Northern people. Ismist Corrr.iuiKAns? OrraaiTiav to Mr. <Lrrikiui Col. pax. ? Tbe Ftateof Indiana appears tc a larger proport-oi ot unmitigated eecvjsion sympathizers thnn any other one of the profe-sedly loyal r't.;teN and it* Congressional delegation on the democratic aide of the Hoes* or Ke res motives, beaded by Mr. Voorhee-, v "'?'andigbam V lieutenant, is just such as mig'f hi ixj eti d from such a constituency. The endit o' tbe Stat* wus largely redeemed, 1-ow ? vrr, by having aitong Its representatives Mr. Schuyler Collix, whose rapacity, intellect ami 1 rliamentary knowledge elevated bim to the Speaker's chair, where his Impartiality in ad ministering the rules of the House was recog nized even by political enomlea. Mr. Colfsx bas beeii renominated for Congee* in the South Eer.i district, ti.d il was to be hoped that all p*r?:r(i would have concuried in the nomina tion. and given him a unanimous re-election But II seems that he is tltogethcr too loyal and ie?pe<-ttible a t enileman 'o unit til.* view-? ot l!.t Jeff. l>aiia lactiwu, which b;w cons "yut-.itlr trot ir ' i, ut rtiiP of own champions fa tbe per son oi Mr David Turpi? Of course we know nothing whatever about this Mr. Turj ie, except ttrnt be was defeated in tlie ooutest against Mr. Colfax at tbe l?at elec tion; but tbe Tact of bis being tbe nominee of a couvent'on where speeches were made in favor of au " immediate and unconditional peace," where our brave soldiers were dcclaied to be enpared In waging " an unholy war against our Southern brethren," where the effort to pre serve tbe nation from dissolution by traitors was stigmatised a* "a crusade against the liber* ties and dearest rights of our Southern breth ren" and as"an infamous contest," is sufficieit in itself to point bim out as an unfit person to occupy a seat on the floor of Congress, much legs to take the place of such a loyal and up right representative at Mr. Qolfax. The State of Indiana bas not much to boast of in the way of Congressional representatives, and we do hope that at least tbe voters of the South Beod district will be unwilling to make the matter worse by substituting Turpie for Colfax Lorn I Politic*? The Position of Tani many lixil. At a meeting bold last evening Tammany Hall adopted the preambles aid resolutions, which wfil be found in another column, recom mending the Chicago Convention to nominate General McClellan Cor the Presidency.: The resolutions were unanimously and enthusiasti cally approved, and they show that old Turn mar.y still stands firm upon the war platform, and will not allow herself to be ruled oil' of Undemocratic party because the peace men succeeded in disgusting hor with the State con vention. OuUide of New York city the Mo 7,irters, ami the Young Goons, and the Mc "Keonitos are never heard of. and Tammany Hall i? the only really well known local organi zition. Her leaders, by ? shrewd manoeuvre, have taken advuutage of this fact, and hence these resolutions. If Tammany Hall will steadily pursue the independent course into which she bas now been forcerl by a combination of circumstances she will regain much of ber ancient profctige I,et her at once drop all affiliations with the Woods and the other peace men Let her send the Mr -Barters, and tbe Young Coons, and the Old Coons, and the McKeouita? for *' thmit, talcing the wind out of the sails of tbe rerorm party and the Citizen's Association and all such humbugs' Sue bag made a move in the right direction by this nomination of Mc Clellan. The city of New York is undoubt edly for McClellan by a large majority, and consequently Tammany will gain popularity bare tad respect everywhere by this bol?i and decided stroke. Using this popularity dexter ously, she can parry her whole tickct under the shadow of McClellan's name Her record mnco the beginning of this war gives her every advantage. Always io favor of an honorable peace, sbe has always patriotically supported the government in its straggle with treason. Now is her grand opportunity to make this word tell Both the people and the politi cians are tired of the miserable clashing, squabbling, bargaining and corruption of half a dozen contemptible local cliques, and would gladly hail the reform we urge Tammany to inaugurate A Good Movie.? We perceive that a move ment baa been made in Boston, in view of the 1 voluntary withdrawal of President Lincoln and i 1 General Fremont from the Presidential canvass, so that a new Presidential ticket may be set up. "M broad as the patriotism of tbe country and ita needs.** This !s a good more; and should Lincoln and Frement be thus induced to with draw- from tbe field. General McClellan.if nomi* nsted at Chicago, ought to do the same thing, ee that all parties may unite apon a new Union ticket, and carry it aud tbe war through by ac clamation. , Ttve Park Concert. The ?ark Commissioners announce thai there will be music at tbe Park, on tbe Mall, ibis afternoon, at batr.pavt four o'clock, by tbr Park band, unite- tbe leadership or H B Doflwortb, If the weather is five Tbe foJIowiog ig the programme - PART i. P.irk M*rch 1. Overture, "S ,n tod Strcntier" . . M<'nds.|?nn,i J Aria from "Cm*" and /.iiamrrmao" Letting 3 Grao J selection from "Fsust" P. . . . Onuni><: part n 4 f est msr-h and ehorut, from ' Der Tann ha !ger,t ... WasDer 6. Fomince "Die Rose" L. Spohr 1. Overture to ' 'Preciosa' W pher T. Grand seieci'.an fn ra 'Moses" . Rossi n ? rasr hi * I acta March . ? DontrMti 9 "F.I baelo" Wsltr .... ... Ardllti 10. 5ons "When th* Swullow 0 none ward Fly" Abt 11. Amelia Polka Tboma? National Pot Pnurrl | lbo flower or i ha Victoria H*en opeas <n th? eveoln/, and it raap'emieot nb^'it 'be t<m? of the close of the C' RCPf t It t* on p*bli'Hor> t'Car the Ftjibtb avenue and I Fl'ty ninth street entrance or tbo Park, aud ahouid be seen by all Other rare ir?( ea p'satt are to tbe Same building Tile le|a? Prerlamailsa. RtMUSI ?v tu".T OP tHS raiot Ma Lt.ISuS ?fu I* COaTODT. It vu duly aanvusced 'tip' lay morn of I bat "Bow ard, of the fiwi " ha J beer> 'o'eaapi 'rom ?? durance vile" In Fori lafatettr by order of tbe Secretary of War. "Batter lata than sever," la tbe old saying, and It la to be eunposed that the -'teed HaM" or a email Brooklyn daily will appreciate the spp'icattoa of the proverb to this raae Howard, through b ? own went of erase. got Into a bad fix; (be 9o> retarr of War, through as attack of a aimilar kind, cured rioward Tbe tatt named benefltd moat by the traneaction It la tbp custom to gtve brie' Mogrsphiee H (real men when tbey die. and some smai: neb-a>|ioliticailr and Intellectually? are sometimes banged for wall offence*, able a geOeroee publk are remiaded of tbe chief Incidents of tbe'r past Ufa. Wa are eorry tbat there is not matter eaoarb oor itoa enough to enable us to do a aimilar thing on ibia occasion. Howard's off-nee. arrest nnd ronveyanr* to Kertlafav pita are too fresh tn the public mind and mfiury to ?eed any repetition beri tn regard to the !? irdon and release of Howard there . ?ra many cufiona thing* aild . some would pretend that f. *ecli*r aod bis colaborer,GbePvor, are at the bottom of the whole thing others any that Howard's fa tier a nsan or stroof repuhtieae sentiment* sad influence, baa beeo tha principal agent In acblevliu the . hertv of bit aoo. Tboap liippoaitlon* m y he taken for wbal tbey are worth. We only pretend to give tbe .act m,<I tbat it. that Joseph Howard, the author V the bogus Preatnenilal proclamation, ?>? rete?aed I rt. ra im prisonment the d?y be'ore yesterday. The ordef <>f t ene-sl Dig wsa plain and -impte. roocbed In a few straightforward words ? 'R*i< as* .foaeob Howard. Jr., :he author or the bogai proci mutton " This oner was returned to tbe autb r It lee of the fort by tbe rather of Mr llo? *rd, and shortly after the release wa a aa accom plisiied fe?-t It lean 4 tbat the opt gentleman did everything labia I odner to keup tbe matter secret. according to bis pledgra 1 1 the government. but lb* reporters r.f the pro?s were ? HP' i.ud, iiid no more need t>o kail Vuuuh "Joe" is sow I at lit* "parletnS' " iesldeno?', If South Hrooklyn. Mi Malliaen, a ywiiif ai.d ta ented reporter, wboae only I'fleiieo ?? to aot as tbe aroanuensis of Howard a tb'Of he bel done s thousand tlma? before In newspaper bustneea ? is t'.lll retained in custody flow long la be to he kept there, now lbs! Ibe pilnriMi of.'iiMer la at liberHv In there no right nor .inslice in tbe lantff The people would like to kbow. Tl.m's all. Oaaan uwitsr ar Statrji lauro.? A (rand eoneert.tbe firoeeedt of which are to be devoted to tbe fund for Ibe building of St. Msry'e Orphan asylum, will be given at St Mary 'a church, Ollton, htaten bland, tblt (aster day) ovenio g, by acme of the most sooempllehad artiste or the Academy of Music, of New York. The prise aC simtssion Is only one dollsr , and at sueh a tiaseatUla, whan there are so many In the country, we have no doubt thai the ehurcb will be ornwded to esoaet.aad thai F>tli <r lewta will be well repaid for all Ms Her l tons tte wish the ml??lofi a<l tnecesa. A speoial boat will brittt b.?. k paMaugers to New York at alerts P. If. MEWS FROM WASHINGTON* WaSTHBOTOM, AUflMt W, 1SWI. THR MILITAKY HITHATION. Til* rrr?iit movement on the r'"ll?p read and tbe practical failure of tUrlyt campaign in tba 8heoat>duah valley. hk? cobklUurkb./ improved tbe military prospects, and caused a reaction ID Ibe public mind wbiob Is very perceptible, and cannot fai tc harp a beneficial effect TCI* change ti cej'coially no?lreabie bere, w here tbe largest part of tbe population la either directly or Judlraetly de pendent on tbe goverumett for support.' Itiaalseaean lo Ibe decreasing rate of gold and stocks, and apprecia tion of gnvemiant securities and iocreaaed demand for tbe sewn tMrtf loan, wbiob at Aral dragged so heavily tbat It was feared It would bo an utter failure. THR RICH AMOK OP rKlSONIKS OP Tit No arrangement for a renewal of Ibe, exchange of prisoners bat yet been made. Tbe rebel authorities are very eager to renew tbe cxobxuge of prisoners, by wbicb they would secure a reinforcement to their depleted armies of sixty to seventy thousand robust, well fed and valuable nien, in return lor those whom tbelr barbarity at (1 inhumanity have reduced to a condition from which months of careful nursing and rest will be required to restore to a eordltlon or reeli'lne.** Toey do Dot, bow ever, n.aci'est a disposition to 4o a<> upon fair and eqiiit able taring. IMPORTANT TRRARtTRT CKCUI.AR. Tbe Trennury Oepartment bat i^nod a circular notify ing holders uf seven* thirty notes, dated October 1, 1961, thai th'y may he presented immediately In any amount to be exchanged for six pur cent bouds, falling due after June 30, 1S8S. Tbe Interest on tbe seven thirty notes will be settled up to date of tnsturl!% October 1. and tbe six per cent bonds wi!I bear full coupona from July 1. RT*CRirTIOS8 TO THR OOVRRNMRNT LOAH. The subscriptions to tbe seven-thirty loan, as reported to tbe Treasury Department to day, amount to $^76,000. . TIJK TRRASritT INVR9TIO AriNO COMMITTOR'S e*p;>kt. I In reference to ibe two hundred copies of the Treasury ' Investigating Committee'i re|>ort, referred (o as having been obtained by Mr B M. Clark from tba government printing o(T-e, no reflection wis Intended to be catt upon anybody counectad with that departme t. Order an act passed at tbe close of the last session of C ng' ess. any body bat a right to order extra conies of any document printed by order or Congress, upon payment of tost of material, labor. Sic. ONR OP MORDT'H GURIill.T.A* HANORD Charles F Heavers, of Fairfax county, Va , mm hung to-day In the yard of the Old Cap tol prison Beavers whs a member of llosby's guerilla Rang, and had violated his oitb of parole several times. He was notified of his sentence last evening at six o'oloclc, and submitted to bis fntc with unbending composure. RERBI. FRIB0KEB8 TRAN8FF.RRED TO TORT OKLi.WA.RE AND El.MIHA. Arrangeme: ts are beio? made for Rending one hundred aud fourteen rebel officers from the Old Capital tu Fort Delaware at an early date. Tbree hundred jaqiJJJf if tSW* rohnl VAVAt* OFFICER MIBKIKO. Among several other naval officer* who have recently mysteriously disappeared is Aciiug Ensign J 0. Shaw*, laie of the '/uited States ete..mer Tabomi TbeNavy Detriment h'B iu vain sougbi information concerning blm frESrENOH OF DB*FBrER< four private- have Men tried and fmjix! guilty of do sertMi ai.d re enlisting Iti other regiments. Tbey were sentenced to be dismissed the servffe -.f the Cblteit States aod onfloed at hard labor I'mj ftalaware for tbree years. TBI INDIAN TV Alt Mr. Pole, the Commissioner of lodian Allaire, ridicules fieaerai Pope's suggestion that the troublesome Indians should be *eol back among*) tb" white*, instead of re moving them beyond tbe limit* of civilization. The proposition is doi new, and b?4 been fnily answered before. It would be an excellent tvay in which to insure the destruction of the Iodinrm ?nd coustant trouble i bit"- among wbotn they ralgbi Bos rd of Sa|>rrvt?nrs. TOT VALUE OK HI' t L AND TKRSOWU. ESTATE IN THE CI I Y AND COUNTY (IF NKff YOHI. Tbe Board of Supervisors met yesterday at noon, Super viKcr Blunt Id tbe chair A communication from tbe Commis<iooers of Taxes and Assessments was received .staling tbnt tbe ts? book* of the county are now ready for coaflrmatioo by tbe Board Tbey also enclosed the following c imperative table of tbe relative value of tbe real and personal eel <te In tbe olty aod county of New York as assessed In 1863 aod 1634 ? ?HAL (crrjirr Atcerwq.U AUrrsmgn't ffardi. or I <*<">&. of ISfif In rtj't 1 .$3 2.-Z9MU0 14,;82..V.O 1.512, 4M> . s ie.621.0M 10 908, 9>8 2*7. *)0 ? S 85,1&4,951 26/46.200 81 ,244 ? 4 fl,lR7.1O0 9,19T,0U0 10 Hf>0 ? I lR,-:8rt/"M> 1?.?K1. 900 lei.woo ? 0 12,119,150 12 901,000 _ 48 150 T 18,384 ,4rW 12.W;,tfi'.l ? 41 '00 8 18,1M.'?0 18. Of' 7. TOO ? 68.-PO 9. . .. 16,?08.:'j0 15980.600 172, *00 ? j 10 8,7f,.',,(W) 8.924.500 169 600 ? XI 0,064, "CO 9,283,400 'JOS.TOO ? 12 14,1 34, 82". 1 S ,493,57."> i 7;,o ? n f. .'67,000- ft, M". .000 44.700 ? 14 12.422 000 12,52?,800 101 too ? 16. ... 2',' 8. 400 37 l.!9,900 157.60O ? Id IB. . is 930 18,606.800 1 4 '"> ,4>0 ? 17 18,190,000 lSiSS.OK) 397.100 ? 1H :J7,1"4,# >0 .17,654 .060 SftO.iui ? IP IP Ml''. 452 20.46^ "07 1,469.1*6 _ 20 . . . 17,68-, 8'j0 17,97\>,200 ."IKt.-MX) ? 21 8l,8s2,3A0 32.942.650 l.OOI'.OO ? 32 18,281.222 18,756.176 47i,054 ? Total. $402 187,382 410.774 435 8, 73- .41)3 151,350 ntmON'AL FSTAIR Be ideot$179,277,32;> **>,346, Gif jO,06<.T17 ? Non.res. 12CS9.832 14,574.459 1,884,627 ? iy>i*i .fif'i.k-a: loi 223,920, mis 319 >,344 hi;*l. AS 0 PLSSHNAU Total for 1863.. Total fc 1861 Tom I increase 1804. lota! decrease Net \n< teste 840,640,3.17 Tbe oomnmnicHlion waa referrod to tbe Committee oe Annual Taxes and A^, and the UoarJ adjourned Th? Brlgnoll-GnSfrey Imbrogll ). PKi ME t'OURT ? CUAKRRU. Before ludge Joeejih Barnard Ataoar JC ?John A Oodfrri tc I'mquaU Bnfnoh ? Tbr defendant it Ibis case baring signified bis Intention o( aalliog for Europe id Saturday's steamer, the plaintiff got out m order of arreet, which was placed la tha bends of the HLsrlff for execution. Mr. baroque, oounsel for Drlgnoli, promptly took the matter Id baud, and obtained from the Court aa order to ?bow cauee why tbe order of errest should Dot bo dis charged Tbe argument in tbe caae was tat down for one o'clock, but it waa two o'clock before It was reached. Judge Baron rd Inquired upoe what groueds tbe oeuDsel aeked for a discharge of the order. Mr. liroque ? Simply ibis, your donor tbe order or arr?et waa obtained after ao attachment against tbe property of tbe defendant bad bee a issiMd aod be bad glveo boods In tbe aum of two tbooeaad dollars to an aster. Ibe defendant expects to aall for Karope to raor row, and I believe these proceedings ere oaly meant for aa annoyance This bond for two ibouaaad dollars Is smple urity . and should aatl'y bis alleged creditor. Mr Joachimaen? Wo did aot know, y oar Honor, that tbere waa any bo?d tiled ia tbe attachment ease, bat. even supposing tbere ?saa, It la do unusual tblng for ao order of arreet to be eustaloed wbere tbe property ef a party baa already been attached Jedge Barnard? As far ar I can aee from tbe paper* beaded me by tbe oounael, Ute defsMaet baa given era pie security for tbe roll amount olaimed. Tbe order or attest mu?t therefore be discharge i Mr. Joachim i-en? We are perfectly satisfied as loog as a bond baa neen (led. We were ia ignoranoe oT tbe ract, however, end I want to die my affidavit to ibai elect ao aa to avoid the payment of costs Mr tamqoe? <>b, we do not wdnt your coete .lutge Barnard? T abet! aot Uk you lor costs. ao that ends tbe matter. Mr. Laroque tbr n atartal In eearch of the Sheriff, with the or'ier of the ('ourl reieaainc lirlgnoll from arreat in bin bend ttedirey wa* oompietely out menwuvred. hut Mt tbe defeat with becoming resignation ead good grace. The Plresnem and the Cemlag Draft. Tbe firemen of this city propose at an early day pe IIMontog Hie eaeeutlve for esemptiaa from tbe coming graft They eat rortb In fWelble and tretbM langmge their claims to this etcmptlon, end considering tbe dan ger to which this city Id tbe|preaent year baa been sub jaot'd from fre-.nent firm, lew clilreoe will be louud to etpreee tbe aligbteet diseetisTactlon at tbe eucceea of tbe petition. A committee will wait on the ITeeideat with the petition aumeroealy signed OaftveefUe Blsehade Rssssi Lllttma. Ilm-Abeimu, Angaat M, 1194 Tbe PmMtn says that an tbe 84 tb alt. the steamers Gettysburg, tsystoas State and Maaaaohusetl* captured Ike blockade runner liiliaa, from Wllmlagtoa far Bar mada. A Uvnm Wbaus at nisros'e ? Aoetber cnrtoelty baa maoe I la appear anoe at Barevm's Maaeem, Ml tbe shape of a living white whale Tbte mtereetiag lababitaat of tbe vaety deep waa oaptarad at tbe eoaet e f Labrador, and ean be aeea dally so exhibition oa tbe principal floor ?f the Museum. THE LOUDON RAILROAD MURDER. Application lor (N K\ tradition o t Fraai Malltr, OhBrgM wllh tlti Harder of Thamu Brlgf t. ittoru United States Commissioner Nevrwr. TBI ACOCUBD AMD BIS CAFTOBS IN OOOHT. Auoon 29.? rue L> raring in Um extradition cam of Fraos Muller, charged with tbe murder of l(r. Thomas Brlggs, in a first class railroad car, near I-oodon , oo tbe 9tb of July last, wss resumed at 11 o'clock, to tbe United States Diclrlo4 Court room , before Mr. Commissioner Newton. Tbs crowded condition of tbe court room evinced lbs ureal Interest manifested in tbe oase. Mr. Bee be, wbo bad been assigned as ooonsel for tbe accused, not boing present, ther - was some dolny in com Meaning tbe proceedings Mr Edwin Biankman, after a brie! consultation with tbe prisoner, stated to the Com missioner tb?t the accused expected bis sister in court, ?0(1 would then make some arrangement an to counsel. Tbe Commissioner (to the accused)? Is your sister here f the Accused (standing up, holding a blue cotton band kerchief in one of bis hands, and s silking wllh a slightly foreign accent)? I am expecting her, sir. The Commissioner? H*s your sister any friends here? Tne Acnuped? I do not know, sir ; she came to this coun try by ber-elf. l'bc |Cotnmleslnnsr ? Well, I will assign Mr. Shaffer and Mr. Biankman as ominsei. if there be no objection. both these gentlemen being in court, tiiey accepted tbe charge, and took their seals at tbe table where the prisoner seated. He is of small stature and slightly ?lilt. He wore a dark tweed shooting jacket, a dark est, buttoned high up, and a white necktie, and has somewhat ot tbo general appearance or an English hostler. His eyes are small and so deeply set that, at a few yards distance from bim, one can see only the shadow of tbe brows The luce is a narrow oval, and hns uoithor whiskers nor mustache. Ttfe hair is quite light, and Is carefully combed There is nothing about his appearance Indicating any murderous propensity; on tbe contrary , he would pass anywhere for a quiet, In oUVnsive person. Ho keeps his lips closely compressed, and betrays no Kims of emotion Ou the other side of the table. be?ide Mr. Marbury, counsel for the British government, sat Mr. Tanner, the ins|>eftor of detective police at l.ondoo? a gentlemanly, oix?n lacnd, inielllifeot looking man Mr, Kerress?-y, local inspector of tbe Metro[iolitan police, was also present, leather with revoral others of the English witnp.-ses. Ailer some little delay, to permit csunsel to con re r 1 with their client, Mr Marbury stated tbe circumstances under which he atked for a warrant of extradition acalnst tbe Hccusert. By tbe terms of tbe treaty between the Unttod States anil Great Britain of August 9, 184'J, it is provided that persons Hoeing from justice from the one country, and being found In tbs other, ohnrged with cer lair enumerated cilm^s, miv be demanded and shnll He delivered od ou the production of such proor ss would justify the commitment of the offender for trial in the pince where apprehended. Under this treaty, and tbe t*ws passed f >r ctrrying it into eflbct, a requisition was now a ken that Fran* Muller. t!ie:i risoner at tbe bar, who Is charged with having murderod Thomss Brlggs, In the c unty of Middlesex, Lon ion, ou the evening of July 0, 1864, be surrendered up for trial. Counsel briefly recapitu lated tbo circumstances of tbe murder, which need not bo bere repeated: sod be proposed to read the depositions o' the wllnosse* taken In thecase in I/mdon. before Mr. Henry, one of the police macistratoa, and wbicli were au thenticated by tho certificate or Mr. Adams, United Slates Minister to the Court of St Jamei. Mr. Sbafler? Are Ihe persons who made those depo sittons to be cross examined here* Mr. Mwc.'vv'v.^Jljft.Jlr-. . .h,, in prvcodiat* uo ok parte aHldavits are Mr Mnrbury oited the act of congress providing that depositions warrants, or other paper*, or copies thereof, shall be rpdelvfea ettradiiloii cay*. If ff?6|?rly and legatly &ulbenticvjjjd, tud making ihe Artlticate of the iyinoiptl dipkiniMtc or coesniar officer of the United StSU* rwldenl In the country wher# the offence was'cotn milted proof that ihe papers are properly authenticated. the Commissioner decided that the deposition* in I ho cave, certified by the American Minister, were com lietent evidence The depositions were then offered and received la evi den^e Richard Tsnnor was then ei -mined by Mr. Marbury, ted testified a*. (olios'*. ? I am tna|?ctor of tbed?tnc<ive torce, mctrofKlitiin police, London; my attention was Orst cAl.ed to Hie oiso on thelOth of July. 1 wis directed by Sir R'rhirrt Mavne, Commiuiotier of Police, tn under take tbe in-jiiiry I went t'> flow and put myself in com mun-citl'iii wiih the i? polioe. I received there a hit frooi Inspector Kerres?ey ; 1 have since kept it ueder lo-k ?ud key; it is now In l/uidon, at the office, in the strong room, it is rii iirrtinary htack hit. befit and broken; It hns the nam" or T. II Walker, 4-J Crawford "troet, I,on don, as tbe maker It appeared to bare stains ef blood noon II; I exhibited 'I to Mr. Mathews. who Is here pro sent: I |ire<?nl at the taking or the decoctions be fore the nvigiFtrate, Mr. Henry, on the l!?ih o' .Tnly T niw him swoir the witnesiv*.' and raw them i-l:m tlie deno*il>ous; Mr. Henry r.ertirted then eOnr the* were put toeotbor. lie is thn chief magiatrale and has been to rov knowledge mr ten or twelve year*-. i have boen nonneo t ?-d with the metropolitan poiic* for?e in I/wrton for tour t-?en vea a 1 rosetrum the rank? to mv present position wo an have to d ? Hint I have bo?n in the habit o' seeiug preliminary depositions in cases o' crime in Knfland ou wbicti warrants are is?'ied,,the depositions In this case are In tlie us'ial lorm. 1 received the depositions of the IPtii o' July from the hand* of Mr. Henry, the mavis irate: they are the rriginai depositions . I yot them certi fied by Mr. Adams, the 4m?rtcin Minister; 1 produced the bai before Mr. Henry on the I9tb of July, whoo these depositions were taken I produord It to Ihe witness Ames it wis tn re srence to It that .Ames testified. I showed it a s? to ihe citmne Mathews: 1 produce a IMikii tnkttt here: I cl it from tbe wltfess HnfTa oo the iiftenoon of ihe lfltti ot July It Is the same ticket to whtcn H.iffi r-ter" In hts depaitlon; there were also pro Ittcod nn the examination B vtalkmg st>ck anil block big nbicli lis. I I'eloeged to Mr. Urn-pa and the card (mix spoken of by Mr Death, the Jeweller, 1 i xamtned the comrart inei.t ot ihe lailrnad car, and observed the cushions covered with b', I was present at the C rooer's In quest. and saw there tbe t?ody of nr. I'riggs. tbe oaper I now produce is a proclamation olferlcglftOO reward f"r the upprehensioo o' the mu derer it wis issued by me on tn<- imh of .lull in l<ondon: I g?i the description of Mr. Writes' wati-.b from the watchmaker at Hackney, wlio hal eieaoed It n t 'o g be'orv t uti referred to hire by Mr Hrigc*' s >P. (!l is described ns ? large, old fashioned gold lever witch, o|?n f ice, with the numMr and ma ker'a name.) Counsel f"r accis?d objeeted to hearsay evidence as to ? he description ? t ihe watch. Objection sustained Croe? " lit Mr .sh iTor ? I was not *c jusirited w th Mrl'rivgs in hi? !i'e lime I bad r ever Reen lnm l^'.l I saw thn bojv Ht the lniuci<t 1 do not know, r f my ot kn"*lc'l 0, tint it w s the body of Vl>. Krigrs; I ap p ied no ieM t-? determine whether the ftalns or the hat were vtatns ol blicwl: I do i ot know how m mv persons i-C'iij ied the com; ?? imnit or the car In which Mr. Prcze hail :? n.-at . Irum P"w to Hackney nirh l? about three miles. 1 know iioihlnK* "f tbo appointment of Mr Henry, tho maiilstrat" v. niter Kort'>s?e; , er.amined by Mr. Marbtiry ? I ma tns:*ct'>r ol K division, of tbe Metropotit-m IVlice, sta tioned at flow my attention wa.-: first called tn 'his case ot? tbe morning <>f ?utid iy July 10 1 saw Mr. Mri^* .th beforo and alter h s deith. I sent a constable to llie t.amdeutown statin lot t!.e hst. nnd recelred it fr m him. I hwve been c"nr?cted w th the Metrovolltip l"olice of l' ndon over fonrteen ye?r? . I kuow Mr (leery, t tie chief magistrate at tv>w street, nbool twelre yens I was present ?pen all the^e d*tiosit'r>ns were taken before blm at H w street, on the Wi of July, l*f?4 the wltt esse? ware sworn bv Mr Henry , nrd ilened them be'ore him: thia la Mr Henry's certiorate, J received thotf original depc?ltlT? from his bai Is, ?cd I broi'Kbl them with me to tbt.-; country ; liier* *11 t produced before \f r llffniy on the 2'2d or .luly; it ?ii lbs *?m* that I f?i from the constable; 1 gir- II to In.per'or Trtnnor I remerobif the deposit Ion of Mr. Amen, one of (he railroad gtinrds; the liat vt as exhibited lo biro, and be testified to tie beinr the Same Ibat lie found In the railwny earring*. I also *hnwod the bat to F.ll*ab?th R*p*rft. and it Is the me to which she refara to ber deposition . I ai?o produced a go!d chain; I produce It now; also tbe hook belonylng In the Ctiain and ? small ring. I received tbe ehitn Trom Mr. John T)?tih tbe book I n* liken off ibe deceased bv hh> aon tbe amall ring T received from Mr Rrereton, the surceon It la the on* to which he teenies id bi> deposition , tbe chain Is tbe oo* to which tbe wita***** Mr Thomas J im< i Brlrga, Mr Bucbu and Mr Robert Ivath referred to there was ? new ebaln presented la Elizabeth Repeeb on ber elimination It wai produced by Young. Ibe pawn broker'* rl*rk;ll wu in r*f*renc* lo u tbat a be and Raffli ud Kobert Heath lett'Sed, tbe card bo* (n awr exhibited on Ibe 33d July. Crow-examined by Mr. Shaflbr? The examination of the wttoeasaa on tbe 23d of July occupied about *ov*n bourn. I received tbe. deposition* from Mr. H*cry, and gave them to tbe Superintendent: I wan not present when <he American Minister gave hla reMiflctte the paper* were re m rued to me by ibe Snperlntendent, I am not acquainted with tbe signature of Mr Adam*. Mr. Marbury *uppo?ed tbat Mr. Adam*' *lgnatnr* eould be proved by Mr. Bbaffbr hlmeeir. a* be bad been hi* (Mr. 9. a) candidate for tbe Vice 1'realdoncv Mr '?"haflbr? Ye* but I never helped |c bang a client of mine if 1 could b*ip It. The Commissioner ruled tbat tb* eertlfleate of the Colt?d State* Minister, under tbe teal of tbe legation, should be received id erldenc*. Mr John Death examined by Mr. Harburjr? I reside ?t R5 rneapside, tendon. | am a silversmith and leweller, and have been in Ibat b*alne*s thirty-two years; the rtnm now banded to aae I purcbaaed no tb* **oralii| of inn I lib oi July from tb* prisoner (b*re MofUr *t?od up to be identified). I was called Into the shop by Biv brother, and this rh*|n was handed to m* by him for m* to vain*. I put It In the scale* it w*tgb It; tb* prtooner lonkbd In see me dn II, | toM him I would glv* blm t* tn? tor It be looked at anotner chain which was prlcod ?3 16a., but declined t* |*v tbe dlflbrvocc. I then ?hewed him a chain at ?3 ft* , which be agreed to take; I then asked lilm whnl he would tak* fbr th* ???shil lings. and be said a linger ring; I (hewed him one at th* price batim a wblta oornellan atone, with a head en graved npoa II; b* (Itted It eu hi* linger and_ kept It, my brother handed me a paper hot no which wag a label having nay nam* and addre**, into wiiici i packed tbe chain I had *old. and parc*i of It and dollvwed It lo Ihe nr le"?e r ? be t ben I e I tbe ahnp, I again *aw that bo* oa tbe foM"Wln? right. It waa ahown to me by Inspector fled the ho* as being tb* on* tbat T In thit la tb# ?tmt? boi UiM f **w 11 lbl ?MtoWiU ? office in Bow *tr*el en the 1Mb lh* m* ?hop about (en mlnuleb. Q. Have you any douhii i m W the prleoner'* Identity* A. We? ?>'*''*? Q ynn next e*e him* A. Tw^ay i^slsr oo boa'^ ?*? Victoria , 1 wa* requ**t*d lo go * !^* prisoner *U>od among a ,a?^r ^ olh*c^li>t ?r *ln*? ill of tbMt *(r*nger* to ***; aftar laoklag at Iham all ! told J n* pec tor Tannerthat tb* M"*" wa* Q T? yon i eat aay doubt whal*v*r about ho MMWf . A Mo. not tb* mat ^ Orem-aiwatoadb f "r bnslnsa* I had aev*r *eea t KM ?uaa befere ae pnunoad th!T rHaia there wm ao spMlal mark about bin by Utteb to l^Mtirr him. (MdX hi* height and lb* gMaral 7rv ??raMW *f tbe asan. 1 am Delablu V* say wbrtbur h$ bad whMker* or ant, but be had no ?< *t*ab* er bMrd I abonld aay he was under tb* middle belgbt; t should not e?il blm a thickaet aaa, but raih*r .light. Mr. lUaskmaa nailed aMantlon to lb* taallaoay of Mr. Lea. who ?poke ni< Ke persons Id the Mm* car wM? deceased (lue 1 1 ihtun be described M Ull and thin, tba other ae i thickset mu Oraae-eniniOBiioo co Jt In "Ml? At tbt tin* I purchased the chsln I bad not read of the murder; soon afterwards my aUeulloL' wta eaJ!ed?o It.aud ] ?u Struck with la* fact that the chain I ha d? purchased lacked the hook, >U 1 imn? <tiauiir wrote to' Inspector Ksrressey informing him ?r the ciraumstaiioe. Uio dnwrlptios la the proclarastioD la made ay from that which I aod my brother gave of tbe u from wQom I bad bought tbe chain; 1 never taw lb* same pattern of cbsln before: it bti a eertain peculiarity by which once seen I would rec>llcet It again, a chain somewhat like it le called tbe Clyde chain: 1 would ao? call thiH an Albert curb cha n this Is a swivel seal; the description of this seal given Id tba proclamation does not proiarly (inscribe this olmln. Jonathan Mathews exarmued by Mr Marbury? I Ma a cabman, liviug la London; I know 7riini Muller, tbe prisoner, perfectly well; 1 have known turnabout I we yeara, be has beea In the habit of v lulling tne frequently, as often as twice or tbrlae a jiootk; be hw been working as a tailor; I bought a bat ror him, be bad come to dlM witb ineone Sunday ana "ie saw with me a but whiofc bellk?d he tried whether li would (It him, and fonnd H was a little tight ror html said "If 1 get you one mads a little easier than Ibat, will It fit you'" be Raid '-very nicely." I did so. according to bis wishes, and bad it borne tbe .Saturday following; It was made by a man named Walker, In Crawford street, be wore It up to within three week- of my last seeing him; 1 b ive since seen that hat I saw it at the detretlve oilier, 8a Hand yard, I/mdon ; 1 described It to tbe inspector be'ore be showed It to m?' t bad remarked it three weeks before, and told Muller M was getting shabby ; he Haid bo would wear It s while loner; the jeweller's card bos ) saw at my bouse ea Tuesday morning; be had given It to my little girl 1 1 -play witb; 1 thought nothing of it till I saw tbe handbill t* had tbe name and address of Mr. Death, the Jeweller, ea It; I bad never got anything from Mr. Death, Cross-examined by Mr. Shaffer ? This hat was exactly like mine, except that this was easier: I should not think there were any similar bata In the store, as I get my bata ro *de to order, and Ibis one was made to order; it waa some two or three weeks before Christmas. Q. Did have your head measured fo?- this hat? A. No; they da not measure beads: they measure hats (Laughter ) 1 alw.-iys found tbo accused to be a very ales'! v. Industri ous. bonesr man, regular In his habits; I shouli <ioi hava hesitated, on oalh. to give him a good character. George >'l?rk examined by Mr Marbury? Am Sergeant of tbe London detective force I boarded tbe Victoria the otber day, in oomnnuy with a New York ollicsr, Job* Tiemann; '"leinann told the prisoner l hat. he was charged with the murder <-,f Ur Hrlrgs In I.oudon I followed by saying " on the tendon and Northwestern railwny, o* the Otb, between Dow and nacknevwlch;" he ssld, "I was not there; I never was on tbe line;" tbe officer searched him, and took a key from his waistcoat pocket) this Is the key: the prisoner si id It was tbe key of nta box; I afterwards retched tbe box Into the cabin, whore the pris tier was standing, he told m? It was Ms; I un locked it, and among othor things I found a gold walab and a bit; thiols tbe watch and hat. Mr Marbury ctlled attention to the fact that the watob produced wa? an old-f 'shinned watch, made nt Hackix?y; and that the evidence in the c?s>- showed that the watch of tbe deceased was an old-fashioned one, and that ba lived at Hackney Jonathan Mathews was recalled by Mr. Shaffer, and the bat found upon tbo prisoner, supposed to bava belonged to tbe murdered man. wit .hen tried upon him and fonnd an eapv lit. John C. Tieoisnn oxtmiued by Mr Marbury ? Am ooa neoted with thj detective force in this city; I made tha arrest of the prisoner, having been deputized by Iba United Stales Marshal; I took out of the prisoner's pocket the kov ol bis box and was present when the box waa sen robed . Cross examined? Tbe prisoner said be bad bad the hat about a vcar. and tbe watch Tor two yearc. This cloi od the case on the part of tbe RritlBb govern ment, fhe further hearing was adjourned till Saturday mormag at eleven o'clock. NEWS FROM NEW OftUANS. Tbe United States steam transport Itlgatalppl, Captata Kennedy, arrived at tbls port yeateii'ay morning, from New Orleans ]?tb icm and tbe Bar U?' ti. Sbo brings M United State* mails, nonmbcr of pisson^ers and one bo* dred and seventy live Hick and wounded soldiers, oeo. signed to tbe United States Assistant Quartermaster. W? ore indebted to Mr. Sanderson. tbe parser, for tavern. She reportg ? tin tbe 22d Inst., Uicbae* Owen, Srnonl Massachusetts bitlery, died and ??c buried at sea; Mtk, Carlos Coy . Ei?hth Vermont, died and *?* burled al as*, 2.'.tb, Kdward Slmpeon, private, tympany F, Thirtieth' Maine regiment, fli-C; same day Oustavus N. Oar ay, private Company K, Thirtieth Maine, died an1 wm burled at sea. Two huodr?.1 of tbe rebel prisoner .?licei at M Cainee hive petitioned to be allowed to take the oath ?f allegiance. Cen. O.mby In* authorised Col. Dwif'it, our Cumaala sloner of Exchange, to effect an immediate release of am prls >nor ? ? some three thousand flvc hundred In nuffibari? now in C imp Ford, Texas , The steamer Rob Rov, which was reported c*P^(ll and destroyed by guerillas, la safe, but aground wfv Monroe, Washita liver. The Gate of the Metropolitan Reeor4> tTNirrD HTATK3 COMMtRSIOKKI.'R OFFIOf. Before Commissioner Oat> m Auncsr 20.? I'nitcd States Commissioner Osborn #a? Urored his decisioa tbls moreing In the case of the United Stales agawn Mr. John Mullety, ed I or of tbe Metropolitan /?(?? urtf . char ged with lnclU]? resistanne M tbe draft The following is the deci. ton - the chsrg- against the defendant is cod lord to e% couraglng. counsel in caul Inciting resistance to the draft, I feel mill-iMse ' to pa<? at any gre?: lenstb on other Muaa tiiius which sugge-i themselves In tl e c ramlnation of "if ca t. and which atr o ' gr? M nations' Importance to the peo ple 1 tie 4fll( !es rrter rrf to, mid upt-n ""Mr?, the complaint is based, ore ever e at?? lutapoken ai!*in?' tbe forcible pulic* winch the adn iniitmtioii iiaie adopted In m?"ttag suit eoiifronlin ? Hie action of the Southern SUf-i on tbe Siesll u i?f flt^te sorereic*>|v %ji,i 1 r ri^ht to secede frun a lederal Cn'oi. The tendency. ar , tone of the articles sre In oppoaitlen t?> fn> nra 1 1 orders! hr tee President of tin* United 8toi?t, b-il whether as a crltl<'*m <>n t''* ? sit' m of ?tuh a measure to be :i rd aa a meagurecf power to strengthen ?' e hsn 1 of the Kxecntlva tn his efforts 10 overcome the cebe.iion an.) -c.estahPsh the union of si! tli? Stste* or a? an n".mn.ator> a; peai lo tne (? 10 regKt and defy the Kiecutlve in iiis < iforta to an. force the dr?fi rj urdered. I a q'ic.tlou to l?e dr elded trout the CI ni-mt tone an! r!, ,r*ct?r of t' r p?|> r no ed'ti 1 1 r lbs drfrnrt.iiit. The liberty pf *re.-<"h nnJ of the r^rrm la a erel rl(ht voiichaafed to as b) tbe ei,ai'<eter *'id -pint of our form of it '<r-rouie>i?. It la the rulit ol the pcop n u d irirsi nnd ciitie f lie aflts of public pien nndei me ? htei< i ' the eonatttutlor., an ! he nlm *t die' I' e conatitniino ul rt.liprrtlt lo nriftrrataii I tl r trniindn'-Tk ?f ihf gov einmrnl will ?cc ill rri>r? ?o?! Hint i r ? 1 1? r the ffeeilom ol mind ih it conceive 1 H an*t thr iCArlesaueas nr pnrpoae ttal con^trui tel it Ijlc?n e o! a peer# i?mi?r"l wrh Inrr el ceiiairy, csn never be wrong l'ng<:sr.n>d p.. ????>ns atinia In'etl hy factional ir'tudlce? ofu-e orcr.r^p tie boundary line of lawful pi"r:iyit ire an i p"-odn"a ml?c|.lcf? wifuli fjiv->r of ircK"in and dulnyetj, when Ihe motive po'>?i hi k of alt' ? ' cn r a? it wrra, rpi'? y f>n 'he utme *mi i, well exee ludemenl. ln? o>- n:nr? e^pre-ni.J by tti- def?e.!aiit ir. ih| artlelef referre"t to in the newspaper- ar 'le-ui.' ailvrae te i; e view, ?i.d ?ert:nienl? of a majority <?' the pee(.v of the Nort 1 and ?n e?-ns?i nppo^'tton to the r ,|icv m l m"a?'ires of ihe adminiei-et:o3 in rarry'n* an ihf mr. The He:en4 ant ad'crs-st reii f and stale ?T crr tirnly. {mm ain^i.nnt In his rteoiiac!,,!'on o' lb" Kvecntl?e, and ? ue^pe'lng In Sl'ithetx >iam>t ni? pen-er It - si ml l>e denied Ui?l aoefe lan:ti?ge iend? to embirrn- nn<1 d i.r iet tbe n am and measure* of ihe sdmia tlrsilen. cresnuf bnstilitf ?od enmity ti.sinfl all puMie aci? wlil' h t'ow from itm r t?ro tlve heart 01 the r^vernTeni aril which are tntr.-d*'1 ?? ef lectlve maans t" rarrt out the p.iticv .if thi , arty in po>?? In atipnr^aa nf and overturn in? the rebel ene nr. wtio bns mamliaKe'i and is Still inarahalllnc h a forces In defiance of constitutional law sod the military power of the toverrtncnl. Kn*. the qneitton ?r<M? baa a clt ran th* rifclit to thus nn| ugn the molt ei of the adulnlstrstl 'n, or 'toe- the s^fetv of tne nation U ense each wbatesa e sbnee atk'n-t ihe I're'Ment In tunes of war win o the wtiole fnra* of the natloa Is tnsed to msmtain its aovereunir and ,-?r? I serve ha iii'tl'.ntlins entrmied te our care* I am ino'lned I to think thai s ieh lihertr of apeech "nder such elrcum atancps. Is unwl?e and impolitic, and the leaaons li 'ea-ibe^ be carefully snalyed The constttntlon mikes the Presi dent the nommander la-ehtef of the army and lit -y. a?4 Cnag-ess h'S inreMed him with d'scretion in make use of '.be milttarv nower where, in hie opinion, the public eefely requires it. Thlsatreicb ef power m times of war Is dominant and msnife d, an I If the peiptp eonOde In tha sbllitv aad good faith of the Rte< ntive, and ao miesce in ble pnlicr, he stands Torth a powerful engine to uvereome ?? Klt'oa and repel encroachment' upon the rights ai<< rite# of the people. But la Ihe adminlstratioe of tbe ?nvarnment thus committed to hie charge I can see we substantial reason why clllrene should not question the wisdom and proiprletr af the measures sought to be en forced, and the acts of the Kieeutlve discussed. There Is a limit, but wbai that limit Is tbe manifest a' lea af the peanle will determine. I propose not lo snr what the defendant ahould write, or what It la policy lo write In criticising the aets of Ue administration In the present emercencr. for thsl Is net the question before me; and were It before me l wonM here iieelde whether he has not made himself amenable in some law of Congress other man that under wh ch be la now charged ; hut ooeotderlng :he case as applied to tb> vio lation of the law of enrolmaat and dralt. 1 deei e tne ceaa on thai point alone. rongrea< has enacted a law declsrtaa that if any person shall reatst say draft of men errellan under the act rrf Congress Inlo the service of tbe United Slates, or shall o?on-?l or aid a?e Bn<>* to realst any such draft, Ao . he shal summarily arrested by the prnvost marahsl sad tie fortuwith delivered to the drii autbir tea and on ennm. Una he jmnlahe'l bv Bne and imprisonment. The .lefen.lsnt a one ef the articles remark*, "I think M Is ttwie tor t^e nvernorof the Plate to le'nr i the administration that there shall b? nosaore conseriptin* iwthts Slat* " An. Xol him do ihla and he wt'l be msinlalned br two or three hundre t th'mseod men of toil ' As. flash Ian una* Is an advleemeal lo the Osrernor and does partake of ihe tin nre of eoueselllng him to re*' I the draft, T >e ehi imf m sen n t of this part of the arHnie |i, |f be (defendaet) wsr? Oevernor tne edvlc- thus proposed hy ihe itovornar W'Uild hs thcetursebe would adont ; 'or. further on the article n-ads? "la eur own esee. we would a Irtsa Ihe peopw to prriteat tKreiiah public meetings sort through fet'-ti* la the form of circulars, with ?he na-^-? cf si. wh? e#e epno-ed to tbe eonaeiiatlen, as ne ?n net snd tyranal eel measure, am>ended theneto ' this is H'e ""jee ttoeable Hinguage whleb ibe Pnlten xteie* Otatrt^ Attorney oowpiatna of, and which ha claims cmod within the meanlns of tl?e aet. The i.eet?nce* are a Ring at the r iecntlea, aad intended in eti?metl>e him "? a 'leepoti tbe whole article la a Mtierln? >ctive. so to sr-es ' amines tbe bend of tbe admtnlstrwtlee end Its potior of w?i t iH s4 nncorers Itse'f t?> the readers nf tbe newspaper. Dr ?eilen| theee pereans whs are Influeneed b* the opinion of the en tor. end have Nllb and eenSdewee In tbe jueinese and prlety of bis eoeeiuslona. ere la a. nteMefa made foilawa? of hie teacblnge and eftinias of 'hs admlolstratloa A** milling thai sssS la the lendaocr of the eitMics referred ts> zzi^^r^rzTj-1 rs !?? SUiSX Til TrnV ^^^^^^^Hnnnet see haw s perswn can see* sn naaalHse (sdg ^^^^^^^^^?saan af tteeML an CaB )?

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