Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1864, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1864 Page 8
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THE PRESIDENCY. Iritfflbllog ?f the Democratic Dele CAlis It tbc Cbicag o Couvenlion. 1 &re?t Enthusiasm for Geiie ral JVfcCltlluu. J iEmplialic Dfclaration of Tammany ;| Hall in Favor of McCIellan. J t&incoln and Fremont Invited to * Withdraw from the Canvass. 'fREmiil'S PEACE PLATFORM, ^ '??? iMn CnicAGo, August 20, 1864. Ooveruor Seymour and tho balance or the New Tori: delegation arrived last evening. There wag a perfect Dvution on tbelr jouruoy fioui Detroit, with Bring of guns Cd bpeecbu* at almost every elation. Every demonstra >a d??ed vritb cl.oeis for McClellnn. Mr. Thayer, of froy, Eovoral times asked tUe crowd who tbey wanted nominated ? Soymour, Fillmore or McClellan? The cry Was always emphatically , MoOlcllnn. Tbo only opposi tion to J.ittle M .c to-night is from the two Woodt, YallanclijhanrS b.iily Kuard,and Singleton, of fl!iuoi& The Woods d<> not preload to spoak for the Kast but are constantly asserting that the West will not sup port >00161180. Vallanditibam Is considerably toned flown: but tone or Ms delegation ure still rampant. The Kentucky delegation, with Hamilton l'ope, one of . its lenders, aro strongly pleading for tbo nomination of j IfcClcllan, and declare that nice out of every ten citizen? i, of that State outside of Louisville are for bim The same view Is taken by Ex-ttovernor Campbell, of Tennessee. Tbo former declares Ibut the only thing tbat Colonel YVoolford is kept under arrest for, is bccause be C'a:ed his support (or McCIeltMk oan Richmond Is jubilant, and expresses his positive vtetion tbat Moo will be the nominee. ?Brilliant Reception of the New York Delegation at Detroit. fl*KECHK ' BT GOVERNOR HPNT, GOVRRNOR 8KTH0UR, /UDdK PARKER, COLOKBL THOMPSON, HON. FRAN - ?18 UK UN AN AND O BO KG IS FRANCIS TRAIN. >H fTrom the Letruit Free Prow, August 28.1 u The flamo of democratic enthusiasm that is destined to weep over the country during tbe next two months may ? said to hare buen kindled lost evening in this city, lufennaiion having reached us that a portion of tbe New York (ip|(-giUon would reach l>etrolt early in tbe even Sax, prepar.tlons wore hastily made (or their reception. It was beiittlng tbat Governor Seymour, tbe illustrious ^eruv'er "I civil liberty, tbe bold and eloquent champion -"if persona! rights, should rerelve a generous arid cordial ?welcome in tbo City of tbe Straits. Governor ."-eytnour is Wt the ho d of ono of tbe ablest delegations that ever rep ~ seuted lUe Kiuplre State in National Convention. At f ur P. M. a large number of citizens, Including his ttojoor the M >yhr and members or tbe City Council, took [)&a?Bage on board the steamer Pearl, and passed down the river to meet the delegation from New York. Off Wyan dot the p'ropolier Arctic, having 01, board about forty (gentlemen from New York, was met. A salute from tbo heart, accotnp mled by obeerlng and waving or hundker okinis, brough to tbe Arctic, and took on board tbe rep reasjiiutivcti from Petroit. Tbo Hon. Judge Wilklns. of the C nited States lHstrict Court, In bahalf of the Mayor and Common Council, in a Tew opportuoo remarks, wel comed hw Kxcollency Governor, Seymour and the party with b m to tbe city. The Governor responded with a fe.v ranufki, th.nking tliern for the honor bestowed. Aq boor w? then spent in social conversation, UK afce Arctic mide tbe wbarf at the loot 01 Woodward ? An Immense crowd wa? tfesra ?uniPUd, _ ,?? doubt, tMtoUM miflbt gm to see "Hilda ac" vt perbapw^wouid get a spccoh from Gover nor Seymour, the party drove to the ftusseTt House, ?and imt this piorutug for Chicago In the evening, without nqy provi us notice er special efTort, the wewH bot about thai the New York delogatmn would proba bly iw> hoard from tbe front of tbe City Hall. From three to five thousand persona aseemnlod, and listened wllb the ?re*tti?i RHtisfaction to several speeches. Ex-Governor inuot lirst spoke briefly, being Introduced by Mayor J starker tie alludod t'< tbe neoessity of a change of ad B.ministratiou, aud called upon conservative men to rally I to tbe support of the Union, the conatltution and tbe 9 laws. Tho speech was received With tbe liveliest emo i tlons of satisfaction. | Governor Pamooa waa then Introduced and spoke ? ab ?lve minutes. He spoke of tbe necessity of dcrend Jing ut n(l times personal rights and civil liberty. He as sured republicans that with a change or administration ??nd the elevation of tbe democratic party tbe rights of every citizen, i-e he repnblioan or democrat, should be Sic redly gUHrdee and protected In behalf or the New York detention, be thanked tbe people of Detroit for tbe brilliant impromptu reception given them. J.'on Francis Kernaw, member of Congress frem Utica, 31. Y., was noxt Introduced. He made a moet telling sieech. He counselled tbe people to be Orm In derence of tbelr rlght!>. but to be law abiding. Let there be no Kentucky , snid the speaker, In Michigan, as we will have none hi New York. I*t not tbe tyrant usurp the peace of it-- ttaUot. Mr. Kernan is one at the ablest apeakers : m iii<> . .iinirvi. and bis talk salted tho people exactly.'t?e PAitSKr VMng called upon and Introduced, spoke ftnelly. Re **td this spontaneous greeting cbeored and encouraged bim on bit way to f-hlc?go. He believed the National Convention would moot in harmony. New York I goes In in thai spirit, with the full determination to do . ail in power to present such a man and sucb prluol I pies a"- would ^-Ivc confidence ?iid hope to the people. 11c naked Michigan to join witb New York In the great I VK'Ui'-y >< moor I Thayer was noxt Introduced. He said he had .?ote question to auk. He wanted to Inquire about a "little ' blood letting." Hadn't tbo people bad about enough of ! ? Hadn't tlie distinguished statesman who wan tod a little ni",? bl>od letting had on.' igh of blood let during r "the Isnt three years* Hadn't he bad about enough of this, ? heibei it bo from tb.i bearw of the paopla or Imm i ' ?h? pi|*' <f tbe national treasury? We must make this j { again a land of constituted law. It must not dwell alone serous tbo rive Is I>etroit hereafter to be honored as the place lor embark ni exiles' Tbe demooratle party, he I declared, with tiogoiialion and compromise would restore Union Hud pence. George Francis Train next boint- called upon, spoke for abmi' live m nutes, in bis usual vigorous and pointed st> >e, carrying, as be always does, the crowd with him. Mr. iraiu i# adve<tised to lecturo in Byron Hall, f'hlcigo, on 'vituriLay evening? subject, "Usurpation o( Abraham Line >in"? for tlio benefit of the widows and orphans of ? ?oldier*. At hair past ten o'clock the meeting adjourned, with iiaarty cheers :or tbe New York delegation and the nomi nee oi the Ctucago ConvonMon. Tammany Hall. TBI OLD WIGWAM NOMINATES H'CLIItLAN. The Oeoeral Committee of Tammany Hall met last .?vetan# ao per visor Tweed being absent at Chicago, ? PeUr R Sweeny. Esq., wn? elected cbalrmaa. On motion or Elijah F. Purdy a committee was appoint ed, who projiarod and reported the following resolution*-- , which were enthusiastically received and unanimously Adopted: ? whereas, Tammany Ball wai not represented In thn late state Con vent Ion whteh elected delegates to the Rational Convention at Chicago, and Idas the democ racy of the citjr of New York for the tint time are not doty represented In a democratic Presidsntlal con vention, mid where/is, we regard the harmony and ?ncco?a of the democratic party as essential to the peace ?nd the Baal rostoratioa ut the Onion, and paramount to ?ny <iu'iattr>n of local orpari Nation, and will, therofore, ?b?tnin from tbe exercise of Mr right to aend delegates to ( hi' Ago, that the State of New York may present ?n unbroken iront and speak with ao undivided vetce IB the ?atienal council, nevortbelees Tammany Hall caucot re ?frnln ir"m giving expression to the unlveraal,and etn phatir ('cmirj of Ibe democracy of Hew York for tbo ?omteatlon ot a candidate lor the PraaMsacy ; therefore, ?e It Resolved, That we mest earnestly recommend the isominatioa of.tbe great commardcr of the age, George B. VeClniiao, for tbo o,i ou oi Protldeut of tbe I tilted States Kenoived, VIimi the nomination of <.e?rge H. Uc< Irllaa for t be Presidency will at onoe restore hue nnd confi dence to the eouutry, giving to tbe toople their own eh'>sen l? ;d"r aod the most triable man to direct tbe destinies of the nation in this terrible crisis, and to re store 01. r now divided and suffering country to unity, prwpert ty sod bapi'tmea. K>?oiv-l, That tuts Democratic Republican fleeeral ?Committee, at*emWed In our time honored bead jnarters, -ol.i 'Htnrasny Mall, representing as we do tbe democracy Oi Ui? c y < f New York. renlUi ra find renew our reslty ?o the I'oion, th? coustitutlon and tbe supremacy of the laws, and our fixed determination to sastaio. preserve and defeod them, as fhrmed by ear patriotic forefathers and tr* *' mined to us se a rich berltsge for preserve tlo?i,*n.i that we hereby t'edpe ourselves, one to the otbi-r, to rust not (rum our liborn nor cca*e tu oar exer tions until tbe rttirs Mtd Str1i.cs again float prnudlv In ths breero over ever* toot of ground on the American continent? with one union, one constitution and one gov ?riin.ent lor tbe American people. Rennived, That s oommlttoe of one from each ward he apt>oiated to make arrangements lor a grand mass ratio t?tiun meeting of tb? nomination of tbe National Conven tion for ITeeldent and Vloo rrceidont. Ti e Chairman then appointed the oommlttee suthor taed by tbe laet resolution, and ths meeting adjourned, tanimeny Hall will be Ilium mated, and a mass ratldoa Uou mooting will be held In tbe Park opposite as soon as Ihenews of lloClsllan's nomination? If he be nominated? ts received la this olty. Rings Oeaaly DslegsUe to fhleiR Tslegraphk) Information has reached Ilrooklyt, tnai M' Thooaaa Kmsella, editor of ths KafL\ has besti a <ooi;n- ' 4el?wato to the Oblcugo Oonvsutlon In pta< c <>r in "> !?tiIo Prlnc<v deceased. The delegates from Hlrgi county are unanimous for MoClellan *8 tbeir Qr.l choice. President Lincoln unit Otntral Fre mont Invited to Wttlidtuw lbelr ? as Preildrntiul landldutM. Bocton, August 26, 1864. Several proaimout *bolllioaau,? including Elliur Wright aud S. (1. llowe.huvo written to General Kre nont, peaking of the diasatufactlou exiling in the republican r ioks, and advising tbat the Baltimore ned Cleveland nominee- both withdraw tbelr names as Presider tint can didates ard that a new convention be called tu select a oew candidate. y?ssra. Wi igot and Company conolude tbelr lettar aa follows? ? Permit u?, sir, to ask whether, in case Mr. Lincoln will withdraw, yon will do so, and join your follow otti zens in au attempt to place nn administration in power on a basis broad as the patriotism of tbo country and lu needs General Fremont, under date of Nabnnt, August 25, re plies at considerable length He does net feel et liberty to withdraw bla name without first consulting the patriotic party who nominated him, but suggests that a direct effort ho made to obtain an immediate understanding between the supporter! of tbe Baltimore and Cleveland nominations. In order that tbe friends of both mar coa'e?ce and unite upon an early day for holding such a convention. The following is extractel from General Fremont's letttor : ? Much bas been said of late about peace, and yon will, therefore, excuse me If I say hero what I under stand by it. H>r me peace sipnlflea the Inteeril estab lishment of the I'niou without slavery, because slavery Is tl o source of all our political diaswi.-ions. and because | Ibe wstiuilton ilself is condemned by the enlightened and liberal spirit of tbe age These are to me tbe es sential oondilion* of peace meeting of the Republican National BienmlTs Committee. VI ic . LINCOLN WILL NOT WITHDRAW FROM THB CANVASS. , WAHnlNOTO*, August 2fl, lar>4. The Executive Committee of tbe National Union Com mittee bad a long session to day. bnt no business of n public character was transuded. They will adiourn to morrow, and their n?xt meeting will be held in New York. So far from there b"iog any probability what ever or President withdrawing from the canvass, ns mmo have suggested, the gentlemen oomposing the committee express themselves confldoot of bU re election. Meeting of die National Democrat tie Committee. At a meeting of the Notional Democratic Committee, held in pursiiRDce of notice previously ei\eo, at Saratoga Springs, on the 22(1 day of August, lS04,ii w ag deter mined ag follows, to wit:? Whereas, a National Democratic Convention. called by the two orparirst'ons of ihe democratic p?rtv, is to meet at Chicago on the limb o( August. 1864, for the nomination of candidate* for President and Vine President of the United States. and whereas it ib desirable that said Contention should be untrammelled tn il? action now therefore, It in Resolved, That the committee ot which the Hon. August lielrnont is chairman be requested to unite with this com mittee in invliing his Ktoellcncy Horatio Seymour, Govcr nor oi the State of New York, to call said convention to order. Unsolved, moreover. That, reverently acknowledging our dependence upon Almighty Go I for guidance and success tn all human ondertftking-' the committee o[ which the Hon. August Belmont is chairman tw requested to unite with this oommltlea in inriiini; the Right Km John Hop. kins. Bishop of Vermont, to be present, and invoke the |)j. vine l>les?'rieupon the'deliberat onsof the convent on. Resolved Tbst If time docs not admit asking the co-ope. ration of ttie oommitteeof which the Hon. August Belmont I* chairman, that the chairman of this committee be re quested to extend said invitations in behalf of the coin mil tee. Keaolved further. That to maintain the national integ rity. preserve constitutional liberty and secure Individual rights, it is respectfully uiicgnsled that the delegates to the Chicago Con. tuition devote their best energies to secure the adoption of such measures as will most certainly aecom pllsh the d"fe?t of Abraham I.tnooln, so that peace, i>ros perlty, contentmeut and happiness mav be restored to a sorely stricken, heavily is (ten. much oppressed and borne down people THOMAS B. KLORBNCB. Chairman. Aucrsros Bcnit.L, Secretary pro torn. Til* PI rat* grallahanet. Tn* TAI.I.Art AHfVT! A MONO THB FTSnKllMKN. (Krom the Cape Cod Republican, Atifnat 25. i Two fishing scboonors of Harwich? the i>. Mils, Captain Jahial Baker, aad the Diadem. Captain Joseph Robblns? arrived at this port (Harwlcb) on Saturday taut, having been boarded ott Shetbume a few days previous by the officers of the pirate Tallahassee The crews of the tlsber wen stats tha} seeing a large schooner burned by the Tal 1a bass ea a shortjd istanco from them, snd as thoy could see nnoe of the crew taken on or leave the vessel, they na turnflv felt alarmed for thHr own safety, and as any endeavor to escape with their vessels would be useless, they at once trimmed their sails, secured the helms so that the schooner* would make toward the shore, and nfter securing what they could, tbey took to their boats to go asbore. but were soon overhauled by a boat's crew of the pirates who ordered tbem or board the Tallahassee There It was decided that as the two fishing vessels ware within three miles of the English coast tliey were in neutral waters, and were released, with the assurance that had thev been outside of that tneir vessels would have shared the fate of the other nu merous victims of their piracy The crews then returned to their respective vessels, and arrived home as above stated, with foil faros of mackerel. The crew of the fishing schooner Mercy A. Howes, of Chatham (sunk by the Tallahassee on the 16th Instant, latitude 42 degrees, longitude 6<i degrees.) arrived home at Chatham on Monday evening last One of the crew states tbnt on being taken aboard the pirate he imme diately recognized the sailing master as one N'orris, tor merly of Hyannts. and was at the time of the building of Mioot's ledge ligotbouso e-igsged wi'h him on that work. It la alao reported tbst there are other Cape t od men on bourd the Tallahassee , who inquired particularly concern ing various persons in this vicinity with whom they wera acquainted. It will certainly be rem.irkable if other* of our flsher mea escape from the bond* of this pirate, aR she ia a fast sailer, and determined to do all the mischief possible. Put we trust the day of MikaMn Is not far distant, when this piratical crew of ths Tallahassee will meet with their just deserts. THB TALLAHA83R AT HALIFAX fFrom the Halifax Snn, August 19.1 The rotorlous Confederate steamer lallahssvee, f'aptain i John T. Woods, arrived in port yesterday morning. Ibis i vessel wis formerly a blockade runner, known as the Ata'anta, and Is said to be one of the swiftest stenmers afloat. She is an iron vessel, propelled by a screw, painted le>d color, and carries three guns, one of which is a very heavy Parrott Her crew number* somewhere about one hundred and thirty men, of different nations; nnvng tbem thore sre a good many Southerners. She was commissioned on the 9th of August, snd left Wilming ton on the 8th. Since then she is said to have captured and destroyed sbout thirty nine vessels The T ill ibassee lost her mainmast wh?n In contact with the Adriatic, one of the ships captured off Sandy Hook f be came in bore for coal, and received a cargo from Uie Prussian brig Marie Criefswald , wtHch arrived a few day* ago from Bermuda. Tho reported treatment of passenger* found aboard captured vessels Is worse than that of any previous Southern privswer. The first veasol taken was the schooner Carroll, laden with onal , Dear Fire Isinnd. She ! was bonded tn (10 1)00, to be delivered in New York, whien showed they bsd agents there. The passengers and crew* of the vessels destroyed fcave been ruthlessly plundered, without respect to ago, sex or oonditloo. It >s likely that her destructive career will soon be cut short. a aARvroitn nor aftbh th? tai.lahasrb. f Krom the Hartford Times, August 24. | We loam that Captain Fred. T King, of this city, sailed from New York yesterdsy, In cotnmsnd of the United Mate* ?b;t> Horace Real*, to cruise far the famous laila baaaee. Captain K's voyage is peculiar in one respect? his vessel goes out as a deooy. Hbe ban a strong arms* meat, bat It Is ell concealed under the gu lee of a mer chantman. aad if the rebel engages her be will cause her to show an unexpected row of teeth that may leave htm second beat ta the encounter. Raving been attached to Adml-al Karragnt's squadron for three years, daring which be participated la several trying encounters, Capt. Ring bsa had abundant opportunity of getting acquainted with rebel gun* and gunnery, snd at the same time to win Mr himself a marked distinction for hi* hrevery aad good conduot. Affkln lik KtHiackr A BRILLIANT KXPI.OIT? CAPTOR* Or A OVRRILLA bani>. [Prom Um Loulerllle Journal, August 24.] A band of twenty one gtiorlllas, that bud been operat ing in Ohio county the [Met few days, on Sunday eight last orossed the dividing line belweaa Butler aad Ohio count lee, arid ramped about ate mile* Iran Morgan town. The (irayaon count? HomeGiinrtfa lairnad of Um presence of the snerllles, and. speedily eflbcllag an organization, ?? oo n ted the'r norso and atarted on a rignroas pur suit. Tbe guerilla crimp wae attacked about daylight on Honda? morning Tbe robhera were takes completely by surprise. and onbred hot feeble reaiatauce Tba C.rayaoa Home Guards cbor^art down upon tbaaa In gallant atyla, wholly surrounding them tod cutting off atl the ave noes of eecape Four of tbe guerillas ware killed by tbe ?rat discharge a( 11 rear ai a, and tba ramaladar, Ilk* cowards, ae they arc. held up their hands pleading far mercy , aad surrendered unconditionally. This waa a brilliant exploit, and would reflect credit on aay veteran organisation. n?e Home Guards of Grayson county are comprised of the rtrbt material, and tbey ara an honor lo our state If we had mora organisations poaanaasd a t their sterile r chsrsctcr lha guerillas would soon be a*, tarsslnaied from the country, and order and quiet reatorad In Keotueky _ Maidrr l?rHoat?t?. Bosros, Angus! M, 1804. Oeorg? Thonig, a St. >bn pilot, was m ordered at tha f3l<>b" Hotel ibis afternoon by a Called mate* sailor name d John l/>ng worth. Arrlvala and Departnrae. ARRIVALS. B?as*u, HP? Rteamahlp Ooralaa? Mr and Ufa t Atkinson. 1 J Rich, P Mode, Caat Uonelcra. A Judah, Oeo AlHeoo, Mrs W R rtaundere. twe enildrsn and servant. J H Young, R 0 Kemp, Mra Kemp. Ave children and (errant, M A Boyd. M J riean. J Roberts Bertha Wolt, Miss Panale Mill, HI** Ra?a?a, Rev H Cheeebrough, B Decker J W Wlleon, Jaa Palrlle. P. Douglas, Mr an>i MrsUrebei sad tsre Infanta Mrs <1 R Smith and daughter Mra .1 Rarh? O Mcrarincr. B Am brlairr, II Jones. J M Mathews. T R Tsv lor. R (tweeting and son. M Klalg A C R<|i? ri>?, Mr anil Mrs Rokrr 0 Aiidcrly, B Aiiderlf , T W Pemharton. R J Brown. H R Rauadere aad eoa. J t.rabsm, 0 O Freeman Paidaeuaa, Tlodgaoa? and M d?k. Total, ta Rrw Oai "am? Rlaamahlp Ml-elaaippl? Dr J 0 Lee. Cants llota ?>lr?l, J A Devla, Artams, Ora t Duntea, Blivlna, Oh lltuham ( URB). Ms or Rums, T M rook t I, Roberta. J J Ha (liar J Hcallug O K, *htlflel<1 and ledj, Vr? Pillow, A P pour and lady. Mart Smith, Mar) Na*h and rhl'd Re* Mr R-sa War ?r Oalngi Mr* ITeru'rirka and child, L A I eon a^fl. '? Howell V A ' I'll n, Mia and Mltaaa Wilson? aad l?l? alat n I -rounded aOldlar'.. C R A N T The Wtldoo Railread Securely Held to Ream*s Station, ?*, bt* to. ? tADQCAKTitu o? Tn? Abut or in* Po?o*?o. I August 24 ? Evening. j Everything la quiet here to day, e*cepttug the usual cannonading no the right, In front ef the Eighteenth corpe, wbieb was commenced at six o'clock this evening, and continued for I oar hour*. On the left tbe line bas beeo extended about all or ?even miles, and we now bold the line of tbo Weldon Railroad socurely to Keam's station, a distance of about seven miles. No rebils are to be seen on oar left front, and tbelr line bas evidently been contracted In tbis direction. Tbe losses Id tbe Fifth corps In tbe battles of Friday and Sunday are now computed at about Ave thousand. On Sunday this oorpa is reportod to bare fought splen didly !Vpw? from fortress Plonror. Fortrkw Monro*, August 25 . 1M4. Arrivals from City Point to-day represent the army qnlot and tbe position unchanged. The following is a list of the deaths In the Hampton Hospital since tbe last report ? A. W. Psvia, 2d Maine; V. Rorr. 14ih New Hampshire; Jno. Morpan, 47th Now York Chas H. Mlllor. 9th New Jersey; I, R. Lock. Rth United Stuns, colored; James Kl ?on, 89th New York; l> Clancv, T?9th New York; Alonzo Chase. 4ih New Hampshire; rt W Paldwln, 134th Ohio; .1 P. I'lle. *Mh Pennsylvania: Jno. Smith, 7th Conoecti cut . S. T. Prumnrmd, 27th South Carolina; J German, 1534 New York. F CJ. Kcndrick, 1st Maryland cavalry ; A. T? Marshall, 4th Masoaehusetts: N A Smith. 29th United States, colored ; Kred. Murson, 7th United States, oo|r>rod; I.. Park, 11th Pennsylvania cavalry; Henry Mer cor civilian , P. Lnufer, 132d Ohio: A Padlne, 1st Mary land cavalrv Clias. I, Parker, 111'rth Now York : H. R, Harm*n,10tb New York art Illorv ; John Smith, l(Kkl New York J. 8hoenrolt, 7Gth Pennsylvania W. n PMsk.l0th New York artillery. Goorgo Hopkins. With New York J. Hrtrtwick, :t7tli New Jersey; J W. Rloodeugh, 16th New York artillery. I'eaths In the Chesapeake Hospital:? Lieutenant Ira Pealer, 142d Ohio- I.loiitenant W. H. Stnell, 6th Connect'cut: Nontenant W. A. Campbell. 9th Mam# I.ieutenant J. n. I.wtnon. 39th Illinois, Lieutenant t, I. Marsh, 97th Pemtsylviula , Lieutenants. R Lam phry, 3d New Hampshire Lieutenant A.I Sharp, 10th Connecticut. Lieutenant \rui Thome 24'h Massarhu setts: Sergeant tioorgo N. VTheeley, 10th Now Hampshire. SHERIDAN. Blr, Throilorc C. Wllion'i Deapateh. HEArQnASTFW, Avmnu's (", J In thr Fiei.d, August 25, 1864. J General Custer, who was cdt oCT in Torbert's operations of yesterday, arrived safe last night within our lines. Last night the enemy shelled a small force that General Averllt hud on the north side of the Potomae, opposite the Shepherdstowu ford. This morning a portion of General Averlll's command engaged the enemy at Wllllarnaport. The rebels shelled the town. Mr. S. T. Bulklry'e Despatch. Ham. town, 7a. , August 23 1884. rtnt WTDATioir of ma two armlet confronting each other in thl& deport ment has not materially changed in tbe past twenty-four hours. Gen. 8bendan watches the movement? of the enemy closely , and is cooetantly feeling his lines to oaeer tain If he still confronts him in force. mWONWOISRAWKR are of hourly occnrrenoe and skirmishes frequent, wbleb may bring on a general engagement at any hour. It sentnx to be tbe general Impression that Early has been largoly reinforced and contemplates another Invasion of Mary land. If co. he will find In General Sberldaa an officer better qualified to deal wtlh him than any he bM hither to confronted. A RKIRMISH A portion of the Nineteenth corps, which holds the extreme left of our line, and tbe Third brigade or tbe First division of cavalry, had a lively skirmish with the enemy yesterday evening. Tbe object of tbe movement was to ascertain the position and foroe of tbe enemy In their immediate front. Tbe tight, though short, was severe, and tbe result satisfactory . The enemy lost considerably In killed, wounded and prisoners, and were driven- some dlstanoe. Our infantry attacked their skirmish line in front, while tbe cavalry charged them by the flank, cre ating much confusion In tbeir ranks. Our cavalry suffered considerably from tbe effects of aa artillery Ore tbe enemy opened upon tbem at a dis tance of one hundred and fifty yards. Mr. Fraaeli O. Long's Despatch. Cavalrt Pivwio*. In tub Firld, August 28, 1804 a oiVArmr KE00NS0nieji!irrLAST avi^rinc. Vagne bints were in circnlation about a projected movemo&t of some kind in which tbo cnvalry corps were to take a prominent part : but so distant and uncertain were these allusions tbat few persons hazarded an opin ion as to what the suspected movement would really prove. Finally, Captain Libert, our Division Ad.iutant General, promulgated an order to hive the troops In marching order at daylight ? and at daylight tbe com mand was ready to march. General Chapman led the way with bis brigade, while Mclntoth, with Ute trocp?, after twisting and winding among the bills ac ! woods | for about two miles, brought up the roar. j\l>out ten o'clock A. II. we reached W.Hper's cross roads, four mi lee Irom Pbepbenlstown, where we were joined by General Merritt, with his division. At tliis (oint we encountered tbe enemy's pickets, who very modestly retired ns our flackers came in subt. Dotb divisions were baited and massed at the crossroads, end every arrangement made for giving biro bittlc, e Ince the few faint and distant shots we could bear in tbe foreat, s >me half a mil* to the southwest. indicated hie presence Tbo Second brigade was the first to advance of this division, j although Conor al Mcintosh, wiib the First, was promptly on tbe field. Tbo Twenty second New York were ad vanced as skirmishers, and pushed up close to tbe woods, wbere tbey encountered a line of infantry skirmishers of tbe enemy, with whoaa tbev instantly became engaged, while a battery oemmonoed shelling tltem back with the utmost fury. The regiment, although not sn old one. stood the fire for a wbile as staunch ea vetenns of the old school, bnt were gradually loaing ground when sepport was sent to them. Meenwhile Merritt, oa the right of the road fthe Shepherdstown and Winchester), was hotly skirmishing, as tbe sharp rattle or muakeU and oarblnee sufficiently attMted General Mcintosh coming up, he took a posi tion a tittle in the rear and about the centra of tbe line, on tbe left of tbe railroad. Tbe Third New Jeraey was thrown forward as mounted skirmishers lato the woods. They mot a portion of the same line General Chapman and a part of Merrltt's division bad encountered. The rebels In tba woods, having a fsir view of the mounted sklrmlshors, poured a Tory mt?t< Are into their ranks . Hidden behind a stono wall, tod behind the atumpa and tree*, they wore nmmt entirely hidden from eight, thus obtaining a moot decided advantage, aod the regiment bad to fall back from the Ore. / Oeroral Mcintosh then dfamonnted hie brigade and sent H on the right of Cliapman, and filling up a apace bo tween hia command and General Custer's. The Third New Jersey, Sixth Now York, Eighteenth Pennsylvania and Flrat uonnectlcnt were then ordered Into the woods to omit tbe enemy from hie position A line of rebels wan directly In iront of tbe Flrat Ooooeotlcnt, per ha i ? a portion of one oontlnuooa line, poeted In a corn field, Tt.oy kept up an Inccasent firo or.exploMve halleta, which buret In tbe treee over tbe bead* of our men. After standing thflr fire fbr a nblie the regiment daabed Into the corn Of id, drove them oat of II at a double quick, and over tbe bllla beyond. In tbe interim oar betterlee bed sot been Idle Ran som's battery bad been soare time In position on s bill a little to tbe left and rear of Castor's brigade, pouring an effective Ore Into tbe rebel sklrmteb line*. Fna Hugh's battery was la position a KtUe further down tbe side of the bill, directly below Hansom*, and In rear of tbe Fifth New York, throwing bla shell* over tbe regiment Into tbe woods beyond with a range ac urate, as usual. The rebel aklrmiahera, being sharply beaot by tbe Ftm brtgade, banen to lean groned, and being etoadlly and vigoroeely praaaod tber at laat fall hack to Kearnyavllln. At tbla point iho rebels had a strong line of bnttla, at the baeeef a bigb and steep bill, with several pleoea of oso b?n In paaltkm, whlah they sb gaged for a abort time, Ht perbapa with somewhat sqaivocal success. However, our boys bold tbe ground aatrt ordered to retire from tbe field, when It waa ancerUlnoo ihrt the enemy waa trying bis beat to flank as. Tbe rebel battery st the htil men tioned above opened a terrtfo storm of can 1*1 sr. sad sa It was gt comparatively abort range . It wbtatlad and shrlakod through the woods la a fMrral manner. tsun?ia. Pergeant Wbltcotnb, of Onmpaniy JL Fifth Wsw York cavalry , dlsttngnlshed himself greatly by bla bravery to day before the sneta*. When the fire Was the bottsat and the Naes wavered ag tf In aoeartalgly he rode Ms horse boldly to tbe mat of 9nr una, and than by word and example cheered and one raged hia faltering esns penl ea Sucb taetaneas ef aoumge are tare, and a shoulder strap, with two bare should be the, renard of big bravery. Ihls nstne sergeant distinguished htm self si Pnckisnd MIIM, ander Kilpatriok, and at Tedd's lavrrn, in the Wilderness. where be was wounded. Oeeortl McJntoe* rrmalned In the skirmish Has during I 1 I Ifr? part of |h* flrln? In ?' RMrnofurllla iy it. C ti ir* k of bt*i His c roiiri tr d ireo' ei-lty StCI"** ugb??t n( Ue Digui U i |,o l. ei. oral i ut among U>< admtt ed ckli mother* reconnoitring the e->rioy Oauarrfr i HhpmitR u'.M) fic. icnity expofx-x himself to the #nen?y'r Ire; In far!, bi?e<?li?"ts has In<c> iu? a pro verb In the army. it is very ?iiC' Ur#ifir.(j to thr ?ol<item to *e? l*r non-il bravery exHibltod by the* conimaodlug "ni cer*: ye. h gpueral ought r* t to ex hitanalr li"-siy . tio- d general* are scarce, and I'M country oauuot allot d to lone tbeir nerv?c?,? Attor the Ihird division had finished fipfttlng the rehel.t at Kearnysville, General Wt;lntns*> called (fei. Hiakerflco, or tbe 1 irm Connecticut, o?er to him, Hi d remarked ? " Colon I, I rt iiit to tliAi,* you aiid your reg!".?>nt lor the handsome manner In wbicK you behaved to<?ay." Ho murk* of this kind neo.i Do explanation Tbe General ulau commended the ooaduot of Colonel Hammond and bid regiment, Hie Kifti: New York, ??y highly. When tbe Third division w <a ordered o* fall bartrfrom tbo vicinity of Koarneysvillo toilgite the Eighteenth f enmeylvania, led by Lieutenant Colonel Brttton. acted hp rear guard, and as a natural consequence be nor into a b or net 'a next very soon. T!>e division hitd (alien twek to Walper's or<*s roalu, and lormed In line m>on the blgb ground, east of Mr. Marshal's house, which stand-* at the front of the Inteniection of be Sm it I. field and Wi ncheeter roads. 1'iUhugh'B battery went into positron, and Lieutenant Reifly, with a section, orened illio on tbe rebels, who wero following np the f!'> iiiientb I'ennnylvanm, that re tanted their advance, and probubly prevented tfte rear guard from being cut on entirely. Kvery one wb? wit nessed tba conduct of Lieutenant Colonel Brttton is loud In praises of bis extreme gallantry From tbrf erne* mads we fell back to our former camp, near Boll v?r ileigbis, where wo arrlvpd at live o'clock P. M witii our wounded. Custer's brigade was immediately in ?inr rear, and wan cut off by a column oi rebel eavalr< ; but he fought theeo splendidly. Merrill's division war benvily engaged from eleven o'elock In the morning till dark, and, I under - Btund, suffered severely. The result or hia operations will doubtless be forwarded hv tbe Hkbald's correspond ent witb that corps. TBK 0*UPJ?T.TI?B. Lieut. Blunt, Aid .do-Ckmp to fJew. Molntosh. bad a very narrow oseapo. A fragment & a shell strunk him on the side of tbe neck and ioco, partially aeveriug hia left oar and in [tiring hie neck considerably. 'I lie wound I* not serious, however. Much oosamtaeratlon is entertained lor him by tbe First brigade, since he U an etliotnnt ofli cer and *>'ry i<opuiar In the comm:ir>d. Major Sltcb, of tbe Twenty secrcrf New Tark, wag killed in front of Kearneysville. I am unable to rat:d a full list, of citron I tins in the Third division at present, nt the reuimenta hsvo not mode them out yet. To morrow our Iosmm will be fully afluwialnrd. I append a few uan es which were noted down an tbe men left tbe Ueld:? Sfmnd Ohin Sergeant Benjamin F. I. 'vett, B. wounded : Sergeant J. M. Bishop, A, wounded; fleorgo Wolfe, K, woundod. b'iri' Cmn'rticut Corporal CbarlOB ninedorf, II, both tblgha, J irsl Ser geant James Knowlrs, ( , wounded, slightly. /'fltmnlMttid. Leander Kissel, i), left shoulder: Mtitthew K Walker, B, right tblirh; Themns Tavis, r, l?fthand: Nathan Moson. C. missing; Captain .loseph tmirbes, mtaHinc . Jtiscph Thomas, 1% lot t breast. Morgan I/iadorbach. F. kicked hy h?rso Klisha Beynor, <;, Jolt hand ; Janr<'8 l'?ily, I., miss lag; Jacob Ueckbardt, L, missing. Buconnoiitanre and Fight by Ucnvral Cr?.ofc'n O mmanil. In tor Fiin.n, August 25, 18M. A reoonooitsanre mule yoitord?y by a dernch nient from General Crook's comnmad to ascertain tbe strength end position o' the enfiay itrour front. The force was instructed to tuuvo quietly on tbe right of tbe enemy's ckirmibh line, and if pot-sible get m livolr rear, whilst anolbor force moved out to attract their at teaticn in front. Duval moved hie force to tbo rront and advanced Id two battalion linen, keeping In* rear as much as possible under cover to prevent tbe om-mr from ascertaining bis strength or nrobublo lotontt'Ti*. Ha had not proceeded far when he oocountered the advanoeof tbo enemy's skirmish Una, which wag under cover ol rail breastworks, hastily thrown up, each affording shelter lor five or Fix men. As 6000 an the enemy's advnnced line discovered tbe approach of our force tbov hastily retired" to a cornflofd in tbe rear, wbore a portion of tbeir reserve was sta tioned, and who woro immediately drawn up to resist oar further advance. Colonel Imval continued to movo forward, and (jot nearly four hundred yards in their rear, when, suddenly discov ering bim. tbey wheeled into line and opened-'a heavy lira on bis Hank, compelling bim to change-front Mid face eur line to tbe right. As soon as the enemy became convince*. that we medi tated an attack on bis skiriniitb Hue, tbay brought rein forcements rapidly forward from the direction of Charles town, and an artillery due! was commenced, which !a?ted for about twenty minutes, when tbe enemy's battery waa withdrawn. Our forces then fell book, having accomplished all that was Intended, with tne exception of the capturo of the enemy 's entire skirmish line. We, however, took about thiity prisoners. Tbo prisoner!) captured state that Rhodes' an* Ram senr'a divisions are detailed for picket dntv in oiir Imme diate front, and tbat tbe rest of the rebel forces, under Early, are at Clwleslowri The total loss In Crook's command will notcxcoed forty three wounded and six killed. After wo fell back yesterday the enemy resumed his old position, and pinkot Bring was kent up until dark. Rrconnolnancci and . rigbtlBg-Tht Rebels is hargc force? Attempted Pas sage of the Potomac by tHe Bacmy Hptrlted Fight and Rrpalte of the Re. bet*, dir. Bai hmor*. August 26. 1M4. A reconnoissance was made early yesterday morning by a large force of cavalry, undor General lorbert. A portion of our cavalry, under General Wiisoa . who were stationed at Iialltowe. icofi out to Rcrrnpysrllle, and there met by nrranroment Gen. Merrltl's division, which bad been stationed sear Shepherdstown. The two forces comlnrd, under tbo command of General Tot hert. moved out In the direction of I, clown The column hkd not proceeded mora tban a mile when tbey met tbe enemy's s kirmish line, which was composed of Infantry belonging to General Early's corps. Gcnoral Torbert dismounted a brigade of bis command snd rent them in to skirmish with tbe enemy's advance line of skirmishers, whilst another portion of hts com mand was sent around by a circuitous route to strike them on tbe flank and read Tbo effect of this movo was to completely double up their skirmish line and oa'i?e them to flee In wild confusion, whilst a portion of our men, mounted and held In reserve, charged upon them with the s.ibre, killing, wounding ant capturing quite a numbor. The e.harg* was only delisted from when our naeu camo upon tbe enemy's reserve? all tbo Infantry drawo up In lino, and pretesting a front nearly two miles in leoglb. On examining tbe prisoners captured In tbe skirmish and charge. It was ascertained that tbe whole of Karly.'s old eorpe, now oommunoed by Hreokinridg*. bail broken cimp In the vicinity of Cbarlestown at daylight tbat morning, tnd marched In Ibe direction of Leetown, This was the force which now confronted General ^nrhert and having ascertained these facia he oossmencod with drawing his commnnd In the meantime ihe enemy had thrown a force aronsd on the tshepherdstown road, which prevente i General Cutter from retiring In the direction originally intended. Tbe column under General Wilson bad reached Its des tination in safety at four o'clock P. M , tod was ?b . at going ioto camp when a courier atrived with the In formation tbat Cutter was out off, and ordering him to make a demonstration on the onemy and pick it the roed from llalluiwn to D'. field station. Heavy cannonaiUM was beard in the direction of Sbepherdstown, wWeb continued antll dark, end some fear w?s entertaln- 4 tbat Dialer might liod tbe otieaty too much for bim: hut tboeo who knew hint better, end were snu*'nted with his ilaebtnr qualities, and fertility of resources as a cuvalry leader, mode np ti>elr trvtodr be would rut hie way nut In acme way, and time has proved they w?re oorrert. for early this morning hss neurler ar rived *i'.h dastvitcl as io#?rralo? Gsneral Sberiitan of his arrival at a polni of mfety and fro? whoec- he can wveh the further morecnents of the enemy. Onr l'?*es been eompara^v-lv small They will not exceed one hundred.* - ' wounded, all of ?? ??-- ^ A ch?r*e was m?le at r.x?* o Owk y.*aterd ay aXterr 1 by Oolouot I owoll,j wills a until detachment of mi, fl on the ercmy's eVlrmJea Una. to ib? left of Halltow J which rsulted Ut the capture of 10m# prtorwir*, frofi whom we reeeNe# eoaia tmnnriut infor mnllon, which leovee oo <1oabl bet that the en?mr am to fore* Md on ibe i/w( nivf? fr'^ared to uke UruUrf of ur weak KMX IK txir lb the charge we lout Captnln l<len hock, of lb* 9k?>A Maasaehuaetta, killed, and uonr* three or foaf war# w<mi4ed. Genaml reports there la no force of tha enemy aoyw lief hi Loiyrion county. The fotda frna\ WlUlamaport to INriat of Rcxka art wall guarded, ">* enemy would find It a d fflrolt operation tf they snould *iienpi to croea Into Maryland A deap*tol> received ta uight from ITarper?a Ferry, nya>? Vb? *e?miT ma<!e an attempt to orotta Into Mary laad to d.y. tt fsilllamxport, with two reglDteaU 01 wt. atry and ?"?? mfaatry. Alter a apirlted fight of a .me hoar*' deration tbey were handaoaely repulsed by Geo. Arerlll wt'bf beery loaa. A reeoenataewace waa made br Qtneral Crook lo-dsT, wbleh reaullad la the aaptore of all oonmlMKined ofll can, anvooat them oat I teniae awl aoiooei, and autly UfcIasaaiy sun chow a Caroe m ear (Veal THE WIIKLY HERALD. Um Dot ?M Cheapeet newspaper la tie Oamntry. Tbe Vhbt fftaata, tar the praarat week, wUI be ready this (Watnr#?y) morning. Tawff ? Stogie avbaorlptloa. fa Three cop lee $6, Flr? poplee, Id, l^e eepiea, fl&, Kingieooplee (We cents oec't A limited nna?uart>f aive*-tiaimMBtu irx-erted S K E R R1 A U . Mr. I). I. Con > a* bnm'at Umpiitrlt. Ncah Atuvri, Auguat 10. 1864. The I'd Ion army at til tl.raftlciis Hit* ."at. J city , and U gradually though slowly advancing its works up to Its very wiula. In some polo Is our lino* are ao clow to the enemy'* it ia ituiH^nibln to advauoe further ? uncut ma* in* an assmnt. tui. i>bi The rebel worka to our (runt ? which are of a formula ble nature ? an occupied by the tuilitia A divHou la massed in tbe rear of tbone. wlio do tbe picketing and skirmishing, and are avulHblo to reinforce any point of the lino in case of ttutnulL By this rot-ana they keep tiielr veterans frosh. Than, oar positron is partly a semi circle. Atlanta ta about the ceatreof the chord of ttiia boiuI circle, so that tfcey can send relator cement* from tfaia to either flank in a very abort time. At present tbe most of their troops are matiMtf on their left, on the Uacon lice, ex tending towards East Point, and oa our right, so that they bam but a small force od our lea flank Then, you will say, why not attack them there? In our front are wrde, u ttp Inlrenchaienta, with traverse sections, ami batteries at every Important point. The rebels also have an abattls of pointed sUkea olote | together belore their worka, and go firmly set that yoa oonld not poll ( hem apart. In front of these again are the forest tree* rut down, with thotr branr be* l?ppe<l int > spear shaped pointa, and' piled over one another. Indeed, so formidable are their work* aud the obstruc tions in front of tbern, that |t woul?" be ix> easy mutter to pass thrmirh wtfh no force gum-din* thr-m. no' tbl* dtscoiiraen my renderr. though, If we do not hrenk through ti'.oie worka -wH'h wfrcni'if oolv d > with great svicrit'ee or life ? Miwrnmo will force them to the choinenf taring us u fair op> o lighi ar boicg oagod op in Atlanta. WRY WK AKIt INZ/CITV*. I think that Sliornian cnut?l have btk?n Atlanta before this, but timed his movements to wit (iranl's; for if too rolJ?l iirmy vmn re ???d hero tHey would be IHMty 19 scml n pari to Itichmond :-.nd a part to MoMIe, and tlius iw dernnpe our plans there. Kither nrmv cannot I 'ng retain its present po it ton without coming to atteniraca ment. In my opinion, before you receive tliiH a inovj ment will be iiinrte on our port that will decictn the tnt* of Atlnntn We are gelling considerable reinforseroonts^ but about these I must tv aliens. TH!>*rtrii.uwrr. There is one contmr I artillery fire kfpt up along our linos, and us it is all converging on Atlanta it mnst b - pi'ber a hot place to live in just now. rarts of thai town were set on lire on tbe nuchts of the 131b find 14th. Wo <? >uld see llm thu-k volume of Smoko and then ibo- lurid flamea Hhootuig along t.lie horizon We could alro- bear the liro l?; lis ringing Sonw of our battw-ias are pour ing rod hot shot In on the tf?wn. Captain Briefly, Sixth Ohio battery, Ir.s est.vbliHhert-a furnace- for heating his ?hnt. Most likeljr some of tbeso firwf uhe homos. ^Ram. iliey till shell with flt.iOR, ond tho-io- spent and ?v- tier fire emmph about to t;?nito timber work I is*p pi so the robots will soon acctie us of raining firoek Jre upon thrm. OrNERAt STA.VI.I Y'H PSMO^TRATIOir On tbo 131 b the Fourth eorps ? General Stanley's? mode a demensi ration, rapturing sona* rifle pita. On tba name ovenrnt; Howard ."ucceedcl in gaining a prominent hill in his front and esublishit.* a battery wCMch cow mmfls the retiel works on it. onAiKi." or rostno.v ? abtim.ichv f;giiting ? ttia bubsins ho mm Tho Fourteenth corns relieved Ihe Tvreotieth csrps on the exircuio right, and some slijrlii skirmishing- ensued, but no goner*! movement took pljco alone the lino. .\t night tbu rebel batteries opened fiercely upnn oh, and ours soon replied, keeping up- one hellisb roar of artillery, mingled with ' the hurtling, screeching shriek of phot and shell. Add to this tbn ringing or bells and the (Ire shooting up (rota the burning houses In Atlanta, and you have a nico earthly pai denonlnro tbat Heelv.ebub might envy. There was ? lull on Sunday until evening, when the rebel batteries opened and their skirmishers tried to regain the hill In front of Howard, but were repulsed. The bring ex landed t<> the Twentieth corps, and was kept up at intervals all night. r.-HNiUUr. KNll-K S CAITCRIIMI OI'KKATIOIf. The first division, now commanded by Ooneml K/ilpo, succeeded in taking In out of tho cold about one hun.lred (if the reliol pickets. In a few days I expect to havo Dews of vital importance. wi:kki.*r's ca" a lrv is operating along the railroad, and have suocoeded in outtmg ap a sni ili portion of tbo line and the telegraph at one point We are not the least apprehensive nhmit hitn. Our camlry has gone out to give b!m a reception, bosKtew, every bridge, town and important |>oMlion 13 well guarded and fortified. There are patrols between tue diUereut posts, so all Ibey can do ia to mako a dash in at sorno weak ;xiint and tear up ibe rails/ As we have construction trains along the lino. ibis m be repaired lu a few days 1 bough so far removed Trim our sup pliea, tl.e troops have never yet beer- short one day's rations, and they have too much confidence- In the wm dom judgment that have palely piloted them bttbor to have any lears about Mr. Wheeler's mid now. Oar communications are perfect, and amply guarded against nay cavalry lorce Wheeler can bring to bear on ihetn. Indeed, tbo tine from here to Chattanooga ia as wall kept as any ordinary paaseugor Una. Newspaper Account*. ( lies patch to the Cincinnati Gazette. | NasHViixs, 24, 1804. The army waa lying on the 19th In the old position, strengthening fortifications and skirmishing with the enemy. Oa somo parts of the line our ictrenabmenta are so close to the enomy tbat the apace Intervening docs not eover inore than fifty yards. Our men ?r* billed and wounded dally behind tbo lioe of works by market hairs In fact, they hare to keep under cover or the works al. together. According to statements of deserters, the rebels are ta the tame condition. Occasionally ibey can be-scen walk ing on the works, but as a general thing they lie olose. In some oaso6 musket balls And their way lato tho city. Iho robots are now busily engaged in cascmnting soiuc of the fort* which woro silenced by our batteries. Ciptno Welkor's battery of the second division of tb? sixteenth army corps, completely demolished or.e of iliair lorta on the 18th. Tliey do not fight with the solrlt the* did at the Ix^innlng of the campaign. Wifht charges are occasionally nade In the day thus, but they do n?t lust hs they hare done heretofore. It ia seldom the rebels come closer than one hundred yards without breaking It Is very evident that now tlicy prefer fight ing behind work* Ibe men of our army , although they have te work ail nigbt an fortifications and skirmish by day, are in exool'ent spirits and ready for fight. The rebei* have und< ubtedtv received reinlorceaeotn, out the number ia r,ot exactly known. Maior (Jenerxl |w?.ige, while no a picket line examining the enemy's posit i. a, war. shot in the left forehead and seriously wounded General Llghlburo was wounded in the saiu? way. Uobel Acroaata ot the Capture or t?nne? ral Nteacman. fKrotn the Macon lutnlligencer. j On Monday noon rimers bogen to fly through the city that 3t? nem'an and hU command were captured and on tLelr way to this city. About five o'clock In the eveu wg huadroU of the people, of all sexes and colors, Mocked to the bridge to soa the prisoner* as they passed (?ieneral Ivert- a, their captor. with a stroos; ercort. soon c:'me in vlow, with "ienerat stonemw and stall In cos tody The cavaicnJe pasted to Camp Oglethorpe, to be registered aud placed in guarded qmrtocs. An immense number ol carkwilv eeekors followed . ?>? hibitmg in their naming faces the oorolort the capti '0 of the party gavn them. Ws visited the prisoner* at the military pr.KO, an by , the courr?sy of the gentlemanly and efficient commander , of the p st, were permitted to see sod converse with the : prisoners. They Uoked very much wora and xm> slderably dejected, Stoneman himself compt lin ing or mscb fatigue. Tbe 'itoerai ia a ; large. taM, thin man, with * face Tory SB'ich broozed and rough somewhat bacgird features, sandy whiskers and batr. dark, keen, lowering eyes and lojk, directing sharp. piercing looks, occasionally, at bis inter rogators. He bear* tbe appearaaca of a maa wbo exact* implicit vbedierce to bis comm-.tds, sod ts stern iu Iim decrees. Ills strong, powerful frame seoma capable of 1 enduring any amount of hardi^'p. His erery feature, and povterfbl. wiry motions, Indicate the advance of a Herculee, and mark bim the lander of deeperate enter prises tbe ch aracter of which has made hltu bis rtpula tion as an Inimitable raider. la hie capture tbere bus bean more gained to u? ia tbo moral effect It produces on ns and the eoemy than any other capture of tbe war. Qe well knows that tbe influ ence ol it will i'0 to cb^er up our people and depress the North very nucb, acd U loaee to Sherman tbe great and moat generous arm of that General's effectiveness His capture will place a quietus 00 the amuse ment for a long time For bow tbe chief (X all tbe raiders bas tai; n, and will aot soon again be oa I 1 he war track, raids will not soon he attempted again I HU ambitious hopes are gone to the winds, and he will I scarcely be heard ol during the war. unless be est spes, I but wo presume such so episode will be too carefully ? gua'ded aga'nst to ev?r occur I He informed us that he leTt Sherman's army on tbe 1.12* ih of July, and bas been actively engaged oa tbe raid E .instantly since. I 1 ieneral Ivereon has been on Rtoneman's track since ?vedaeaduT evening, the 27tb He overtook the raid og ? ariv on Thuradny. st tbe junction of the Sooth and Yel H)w rive.a, whore tboir Junction forms ths ''mugee, Vaon o . It, nitlee oorthweet of this city A spirited tight sn o?d Kelleyl and Hume's cavalry fought tb? command tbat itonetnan detack-d tor tbe purpose of delaring por?uit Ueoeral Iverson suspo< >d the man rurre, aad left Kelley and Hums to finish t' ii*ht, while be passed around tbe party and crntinaed the pursuit gtonemsn, when ha nearsd Macon, dalaebnl a patty to operate oa Milled ge tUIs ani KaSonton Ws learn this evening (Monday) tbat It was unsuccessful the militia havlav deterred them fr< m attuoklug, and thereby saved the capital from de tr notion. On Hatarday night atonenisn discovered Seneral Iver son's command above Clinton, disputing hia retnrn Pa luwkly decided that he could 001 escape oa eitber flank, aod determined to flght through tbei eotre. His Cora tnsnd numbered nearly two th> usaod Ive handred men, aad be thinks if his men bad dona a* ha expected them to do be would havo escaped. 1 on Sunday morning the opposing forces began lbs hat ? le ot gi.nshloe Cburob, >0 the Cilaton aud Fatontoa road. It was furtons during tbe greater part of the day. Toward sucaet stoneman fladlng he woaid be deieated. separated h la forces, with orders for H em to aecape if poasibls Tbey aoattered , a portion under Olrard golag toward Fhfontoa, Adams' cavalry pursuing Our ! or cos consleu-d of Iversoa's Georgia brigade, Ad m** Alabama and ''Carre Gordo" Wllllama' brigade, Ueneral Iver son commanding The oaaoalltee are coa sidtrsble on both sides but mnck the greater on the B t of the nnrmv No estimate hsa beeo formed of the a. but Uaneral Iverson kaew of over two b a ad red aad flfu Yankee* killed en tbe field. The enemy abandoned all bis artillery, leaving two Tleces on ttoturday before Msooo aad having na ammuni tion for the otaer plane* on -u< day, Isft tbsm 00 the field Tl.11 moled Die gr**i mid on Mi '' D lb? sr.atiDt. bal ' at, Mid hitherto moat i"C easfo' 11* . ratw *n tbat line and nearly ??( nr hn m lilfMI. lb- '?at ili?p?r?ea ?i?| (,M m, T ^ r ( . nw<t.' ??n ?*aful to ??? ?r*i lvaison iid hm (X'i4 r*??i ?r, iii.d t n ? I will tnve to them m eh credit end repatatlo* o . imuiiiu tlii ,k* oner?l ly. r)t00 m?,,4kg)i th, ve#y btodaosul), or. d ;b<u.kt, be w dereat?1 *nl or hi.|>* '1 h . e.i lie arko >wl?J<e? t!.a' m b? <v?i>t ired ov ? ItelMM (noe ttio itnud tbre? bund'Hil) iba' iyn ?on l* a reputab'e piei;.- f bmin-ai for that ??->???? ?nd wtft ,*i?ko bun WHkL us i.? iJcx. r?ei, irbne ?( in* mud* tin.* ji v li?* ?lri' k t blow itint will ro'i t h^nvlljr *g?l<>*? ihe Ni VI'. for i^roai deal whm e*|Kw,tKi of bm eineditkm mul IhOugh lie ?c ok iif-lied inucb yet lnt own eapti re Slid ? ''M' '? W"'mfiltjre of hi* forrea go > nr lo noant*rbal ftDco ^'Wiinia^ei h? may h?< ve giwd. , "mi fie \:i' j-i ' .ni.'lerale , fien*ra* -h ' "t. r -?wt ui <i i hev.y |o?* to |bf? t>-1- at, hmiI a* novf u be *?Mr prtparatioaa makWii to efcarf? bl'?> ryain, 'efp^lcbitj a white flat proim?ni^ an ?d cnMKioal ?urre?<??e. in* llmr ?a? receive t t y ' oh-nel Cmw*, who tVjn confronted hun wltti .,ne b-i-lreii 3 eiiUy two at* An HO. II H8 .-t' ?.?? u tttw thaof >uie u .1.?xt ?n1 enrht t t<v<! m?'i! io wil >11 be I,i?1 B?rtr\ I , I... H?|ifvvna>'<* took a repular crv r'.- bmdrrfhi. iwor* over to f??o uoi ?ui) butttair dire. Uy rtivened ibeucerte* of tli"ir -rm ?. isi* hundred ledc-a'* *i ovr.e (brow down tbelr Km but the runvtinder, ?e og t/fMn,. tunc it. e ? iwnrdMrof tbolr Ceneral to plv?Vf up ie,f..irh ? ?m?M hmtt tbroufh tkd ?o uli. |.?il moll, hnllei tkeiti r aakini; ,? to the left. OntMral 't ??n>ret purtntt an : tt ? boltuved uo-fly the wi.(<i? iwty wil oo t.kao with bot few encopiKm . Wo eaptorett full our IhOUfand horn<>a, *n,i mar? <nda of email artr.n. tw< brak^> tbraa-lncb rllle cannon tnd caUfOliH. wviril cnlorn and fluid >1*1 Ht ^wt.m hi it only two caiiuno. k'**8 *3 un e\r.uee tbat bo wiur oat et ammunition , but tbat I." out/ hie stery. The Pmriaif of tr'?ntrul Vonreat. Oil RO, Augufli 35, IS 4 Memphis aducaa of tho 23Ji*>y tb^J tbe Sorr;.tb Hit ?nip cavjlry bad returned friim -*ba pwtill #1 fjt rebel* under Genoral For?f!? At Inet accounts (oo Monday)- the retfri* cfw-fd th? | (Joldwater nvnr,?wcnlf throo n)i%-w iroa> Uuntpbut, re treating In the direction of l'auoli,aud grmnblin,! over tbe lailuro of tboli expMitlon. Tiar.? nqpowtnd to ere iU a diversion in Henerul Smith'* expod'tim General Forrest toid'om of onr offt"rn , under a dig of truce, tbat on Suoday <<?nnr'il Ori^rmni occupied O* lord. Kiss. To Puprr Mnnurnmirrr*. Taet' will be |?id fot- 10, Off; reanm or ^nod Farrdnaier Paper. Hl/e, 32*4t>? 4H Ilia Ap yty at ihta offlc* Ariit-d to the Tuftli te a V?ry f'mrtinna eiprcitKlwn , but. wr tbmk arme-Ttn nriibrlliaii aid prc-^rre them to a ripe old *er In il? rldedlf mor? heno<le?l and a pi>r? prute. Tbia <'au only be JAiwi br the fr.tsrar.t rtO^ODO VT, for rlenaini! beai'tifyinif and |)n-*rv Inc tin inefft. *w?>tm) and porlfytoi; the breath. It baa ao e iixl U?M br dTuggiata. Royal Hiivnn* liolffry.-T5 j?er Oral premium p?t.l for frizea. Information funnake<! The nichi'at rotes paid for doubloon* and all k'ndn of ? 'd *nd ?liver T*VM)R ft Kinker* lfl Wall atim, N T Prises faahrd In all ft-?all*?r telfe rlea and Information given JACOB; Mroter'il oCjc*. m Bromdway, Mow Tork. \ nonntifiil cnmpUslon.-'Aalrd'o Bloom of r.iulli, or Mqnnl Purl, ft bee no equ*|i for pr? aervlng and Drautlfvins the eomplexlcn mid skin. Hold kt all driiRclats. and by JAMEH LAIRD. M? Proprietor, *M Broadway. AalnniMiInt, Vet I'nio, Htntnchc. I toothache. iseurelgie and eatarrh < IwMnntly rellerT.-*f and ' ponnanently aured. Dec WOLCOJVS Instaet Pale Annlbllator All Sum iner Compl >? I re, DI*ori1?r? <nh> jeet to femslee, diseases or the climate, slrtTIi forer;-. ague, aoa eicknes*. dfarrhrra. ilysentrry. d?vpep?!?, chol.'r end nho'era mortiuB, can be cured or prevents*! b/ the jne of *be Krencli Cotnw Hitlers, Imported only by 8. STBI* CRIiD. 70 N%<^*en street, New fork. At Old Prlcti-Wfd'llng and Viafttn* Card*. Note 1's.per*. An.'8 etet pat atylec-oafy at 302 Broadway, corner Dome street; A Perfect Hair Dye? ?Millet'* ? r,0 Cental* Batter and mora itv quantity than my $1' Jye. Solver drucgisita. A K?W Flannel Hull*. (IC; Si?in?>, $!90| White Duck Vent* $&. OIIARKP,. No* 112 ft ml 1M William *treeh Attention, Painters *nd DiiilnM* mew ? Ollde! ratters. Number* and Slgoe. Agenoles ?r tab . shed. 107 Ptiltoo rtresu OL/.83 LETTER CO Bstrhelsr's Hair Dfr?i hi RrM in lh? worM. TI*rmle*s, voluble, Instantaneous Tlie f?nty perlbeft dye Bold by all druggists Factory Rl B*rotar mreet. Ctieval ler's 1*1 fe for tl?e Hulr. Rnatoios RTav hair to He original color, mops Itr.t'alHng oa% In three dar?. keepa th? bead e.lein, col ?nrt hsalthy, ?? not eiain the akin or noil the v?hu*?t rubric. The beat ball dre*sn?ever oU'ersd to the public. ('n >? ue?<l freely* d?Mn< nothing Injurtotio; strengthens and prnmotsw IM growth of the weskk cut hair ; t? recommenced aud used by the flret medical authority in New York Atl are freely l? vited to examine till* wonderful triumph of ?oiei>as. MM at the drug stores- aad at my oflloo. No 1 lit Brnadtrayt where adrlre an to-troalment of tne hair will he graUtltoDn. Iv gtreu 1'rlC" J I per bottle, $3 per half ilossn. In fSSSJ boxes Can be sent by expeesa SARAH A. GHBV1MEB. M a Orlilndoro'l Hair Dye, PMterrsllvt end Wig Depot, wtioloeele and tetail. No.' 6 Aitor Hooe* The dye applied (ty skilful artists. Cnrtes fie Vlafte By Vnuclinn, Bowery , warranted good, lowest price in the city. NMoa? I sit *11 until suited. Dr. ChceMmas'i Female Pill* Are the most safe an 4 rellab'e remedy erer know* fbr n? plaints peculiar to reraa'e* They never fall. Balabilabad In IS33, tbey hvre stood the teat of the most eminent phyat etaas. No new experiment without merit. BiplleH dtrea tioas, stating when they should and ahottitlaet be tahafe. Ooe dolUr per boa, containing fifty pill* Hold by ail dra? flats HOTCH1NOS 7~H~LLYBR, Proprietor* SI Cedar street. New TortL Deafness, Impaired Might, NOfrtBS IN TUB HBAB, CATARRHAL AFKEOTION3 Fit THB THBOAT, CHRONIC CATARRH, CATARRB OP THF TV MP A NIC KunOOT MEMBBANK, OBSTRUCTIONS OP THIt EUSTACHIAN TCBB CUR BO. CROSS BTB BTRAIQHTKN BD IN ONE MlNff-pN. Asdertcy disease of the EvT and Bar inquiring either aa? 4 leal or eur^'cal eld attended ts by lir. TON RiiHHfUiM at hucaauhing room*. 418 Broadway, near Twelfth street. Defiance Fire and Barglsr P> amt Safe*.? Sideboard and Parlor Safe*, for sll'or ?late, *e. at t'.T M 'in a? street, eomer of Col'eg* piaee R. U PATRICK Eruptions, Frtrklrs, Pimples, Tag*. Sunburn. Plsshwormt,j?n1 ail Skin Deform. nea etireii hi OOURaOO'B Italian Medi'-ateJ Soa >, at bis depot. No. Ua Broadway. For the Hair and Rhla-Barry's Trt eophsro'i* Tba beat aad cheapest arUel* Sold tkr Jng glsta Oonrand'e Poaadre Snbtll Uproots Hale fruia low foreheads or aay part of the bed* . ft , warranted at lit* depot, 463 Broadway Gilt In-New Styles, Jast Received,, two, three four, B?e to twenty Jo!!* s ears, for ?a'e by OBOROR C. ALLBN 418 Broanway. one dnor below ?' street. Stare closed on Saturdays at thrse i dort. Highest Premium 3?oeh Stitch Hrwlng Machines WHEBLER A WILSON. Baroadwae If Tun Want to Know, Af., Read MBOICAL COMMON SPNSK, A eurteu* book for curious people, and a good book for eeaey sae rr'ceflNv To be had at all news dkpeta. Contents tables mailed free. Addresa Dr. B. B POOTE, 1.13" Breadway, N. T Ivory Barring* and Pins, Black, white and red. Three Pollareand Firbr Cents, Peas and Plre Doliara a aet. akO. 0 ALLBN'B. ill llroadway. oae door below Canal at reel Jewelry and Wateltaa, of All D<atrlp> t'ons, for aala by OBO. 0 ALLBN. Alt Broadway, eas door below Canal ?treel (formerly II Wall street). Rtasa alosed oa Saturday* at S o'cloek^ Ladlee, Daa't he Drcelrad. ? Pstnah Fluting Co . 917 Broadway, np stairs, net In the store Ptae cents per yard, stvy width. tine tent I ? The National (leant R ass nil - log Tebaere. enua! la to a Pne segar, *?? eosta oatf ? rent a smoke. Warranted : and unadulteraiao. Wbela aale *3 Pulton street', a> aegar atorea. "Hahhapp* r.ottlea Wanted." Por which Use hlghast price wtU be paid, at the dopet. ? Bearer atree*. Traeae*, * 1 u'glS * CO. Oa?e ealr at NaJTeaey Tha ?llle.*'* them. BUB ?T ?or 4rB~ oaoe m BraMlway. ? f- naneee H??r Htaln Colors tht .T* _ ???taohe a "^dauMfnt blaak or browa T* - a - srr r-l--l **** 8^ fiheh^ tiVre1. d*;i. F'f*?

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