Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 28, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 28, 1864 Page 2
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FINAW-UAL AND COMMUllCiAL. Sin <m*r, Au?u<t27? 6P ML fits war, *s ?re ur TioMj, has developed stogu l't; Dci: l on the jnrt cf the tepieaen tatlver or Hie |<*oH , ?? f "? r*m>"t but depK re the cousequt cces bo bud him been tht financial policy o( this acnnctairaiUiu tbat, tad it not been lor tbeduuute e: erg? ol the peop e una die exbuumlrss and elaetio resources of the ocunir . iti-e.f, tu should have been by Ibis t me Id a pitiable plight trovea. Yet ttiere are syc<4b-.uts utid ignorant jtrso; 8 who will uot Uetitute to wy that nothing better couKl have l>een do. e, and who go <n prcacbing according to their own pr j .dices and deluMuos, an If mcu continued instead or contra dicted tl-clr arvtiaent*. 1b> government baa been squan dering tbc wealth of tbe I. nd iu a manner that no other nation in the world ooaM have withstood since It a~ turned the reins of po*er, and every day U is adding to the evil* it t as ne >ted. i f Ibo enormous depreciation of tbe cur < ncy to which the policy of Mr. rbase led the government ta compelled to sell Its securities for less than forty cents on tbe dollar, and tbe Interest or most ot these | hj able in gold, at tbe rate of live and six per >ert. and ono of them at least ? 'lis ten lorty loan? redeemable, by the wording of the act of (Vn grew, in gold. Sis per cent in gold on tbe full amount of securities sold at less than forty cents on the dollar >nd those not redeemable for seventeen van, as lu l lie case or ibcsixex ol 1881, is a slides of bor ruwiug unexampled lu bistrry for its high rate of Into rest and bonus. Ills not ? urprismg, therefore, the close bated, Nbiewd, mouey loving t.ermaiis should desire to grab ttiom wbiie tbey cun. Ihey and others will probably iu tbe couiseof time uk'j all they cm get, and, were we disinterested, wo sl.ould congratulate them , but, with tbe iutoie ts ol the ouantry at beart, wo can only look ou with re, ret It U all very well for Foreigners abroad to invest in these bonds: but for tbe United Mates government, which bus ultimately to redeem tliem, It Is a feature. No nation, mure than any lnUivmual m tbe world, oouid aflord to long continue borrowing on t-uch a ruinous scale, and we repeat what we have said beiore, that the government oujtbt to limit tbe Usue of gold bearing Donds in future as much a? (Mis Bible, unless iu conversion of other securities already plodgt d lor that purpose. It is useless te talk to this gov ernment about funding tbe currency ? a plan for which we have indicutei ?but it may posibly bo advised to rely mors upon the cur rency loan?, and stimulate them to their lull extent, instead of depending upon tbe ten-forty and similar gold bearing bonds. Ws bear in mind that tbe eurrenoy loan notes now before tbc people are converti ble into sis per cent gold bearing bonds at their mat u rity In three years hence; but *? but may uot occur within tbat time? Lite is . nort, and there is a limit to every thing. Bix per ceat, at the jireseut price of gold, gives fifteen per cent in currency to ti me purchasers of tbe five-twenty or 1881 bouda, and a bonus of fifty-live to fixty cents on tne doHar additional to buyers abroid. The great object the government ought to have in view Is tbe reduction ot tbe premium on gold, by wblob everything else to be bought with money would be lowered is value. Unless tbe government hsd boen certain of maintaining gold at a price witbin a reasonable distance of par it ought not to bave ventured upon laeu ng six per cent interest in coin bonds, but hav* ?oafioed itualf to currency interest. It w-oald also bave been betur bad it made its customs duties payable iu cur rwnoy equivalent in amount to a certain sum in specie at market rates this would bave diminished tbe actual demand for gold, aad have exerted a powerful Influence to keeping down Its price, if tbe coupons next matur ing on the government gold bearing bonds bad then i been mad* receivable for an amount to specie equivalent to their face valoo tbe good c fleet would bave been all tbe greater. But, as it is tbe bost course lor tbe government to pursue ts to check Its issues of pa|?r money and gold bearing bonds so far as practicable, ,and rely as much on eurrenoy loans fundable into goliTfeondt hereafter as possible. The nub scripti >ns te tbe latter would be greatly tnorsased by tbe aMnovnoement that no further a tuitions would be made to tbe currency, and these, with the receipt* for reve .ne. would be as likely to prove suiHoient to meet til* wants of the government as would perseverauce to tbe gold-boaring bond policy. Tbe siock market is still unsettled and without strength. The peace agitation ts likely to he revived; and altb >u^b there m ly t>e no substantial reason* for tbe decline of railway shares, rears with regard to tbe ooa traetiun, tbe prospect or realization of peace, will in all probability deter speculations for a rise. From present appearances lower prloos may be aatioipated, and until 4liu result of tne Cnioago Convention is knswa Irregularity will be tbe salient feature of tbe stock mantei. Tbe week has titan on tbe who'e ?u oxfliUug dm. It# pence rumor* have artaloa tbe financial aa well an tbe popular mind generally. urn! exerted a material iufliMace, Railway and tn -i'f laneous sbarea declined and (old advanced under tbem. Government* advjood during tbe early i art of tbe week, and wero steady at Its close On Saturday gold, wlttcb opened at liiGjf on Monday last, at d e. b?< qntnily sold at ? fraction more tbao on* per cent higher, clo* d at ?48, orier Milling hi 24 ? J.,. This fall Wc bad bi*?. pr..( bes.v i..g lor tb* last fortnight, just as we bad pr"viuj?;y predicted tbe advancc which U ok place In governm-t^t securities. f orei.-n ovcbaD^e ha- beou very dull. Bankers have a?ked lo*!; a for sterling, or 377 in cnrreucy; mor ch -ntv V73 Frm cs bare ranged from 6.13 to 6.16 at ?bort sight on 1'aris. "H)*> money racket bas worked en*y at ?even ? cent on the sto k Ki l.a ge but, tbe volume ot comr, o |*pnr having lncre..grd considerably during tbe wr.i, a clo?*r ?or. tiny nab o?x u observed aud rate* have tended higher. >.t tbe clone ' r < rn eight to teu per ceut was paid Tor first clan signatures Railway and mi^re'laneou* share* having submitted to a co si .cable decline a slwbt reaction must soon tak' place. unless tbe fall in gold sb'iuid he heavy, ic which carc .juot .'I n? wi t *? mpatbize with It; but tbe ma kei is tllcc'v to < i t titiue Irregular till iKXitic.' 1 aflaita b ivo ta a nued a in re doftniie ntvt|?. Tl.f ?t.?k n .irk?t w ia flat to-day , prioe* ruling con fider by lower thai at tbe c!ve l??t evatloc. Com pa o.i ?i'b I ?? ni d<Uy sales yesterday New York Cen tra: declued at the first board 1 per pent, Krie Railway l'4. jiinl* ' ! ???-! 2),, lleadn.g ijf, Mi w.iukee and rratrle tl:j liiei ,'Hl ile bi. au Cent at J, Michigan Soutn am 1J, , H i:.' is f>n'r?l 1 Cleveland and Mt'sborg Cleveland ?..d i led > : '4' a and liock Mend %, Plttsh ire nd Fort Wkj- .? X Chicago and Northwestern 1, CuoibTlar.d C Q i k silver Mining ){, Mar';ft*e l\, i a J Hudson Canal 1, aud Uulo and iliesta alppi cenillrates rS Tbtre wsa no M-ond sesnoti of the Ftock Exchiaga. Govet t-menta were u it active lb following were tbe quotations r.egi'U i"'l SlXea of S8I, 109)% a 109S?; coupon* do , 109 V ? IMS,. reglitered five-i went lei, 110 a lllH. coupoos do , lja iH'2<{; en aid tliree-leLtb* Treasury noiea, 111S ?? 112; ona year certificates, 94 \ a 96 The ic d market waa cocsitcrably excited to day. Tbe p-tce at ti e oj<6nlog w*s :'?3, and tl gradually dropped to 210^. It thca nHI'ed i rtitle and *'.>'d at liifi a a61 )<. Id the afternoon .i r?p rt ? v. circulated lb the rebel* bad met witb n l;r< ?'r o^l-at o.i the WeldOO ltxllr?a<, end tv ent d ? .n Mlh Hi 5b lo 2l.'i s, . hut tbe axciia ment aabeeq .cnU> wore o.i.and it went u,. a.a.Dto ?? H Tbe l-urop? 4L 'learners t.a>k out to da> tbe following am un' <>g n?;i> - City of !'? il ?! re fur ! ;?? i S4 UanUL, lor Hrv.* "o . . 390 Tot*! tOS^IX ?lb* site ?e **! *?! on bo M h large auo iat O' gov oruwut bonds Toe As- taunt Trti urei rep, t? t -day as f. Ilowi ? Bwxipto f - ????' ? ' ? rr>4,?"0 Toi.l 1 xn 1 t72 Itwieu e 1 .W,*9fl Tli.' id 'I va'-iool I e :-i>|?orl?, <>ltter th ,n d > go <ds an4 spent*, al Ibli p '? f"r the Hiding A g i-i jfc was |2,a:?6,?77. Tbe iot <i itmiorta for th* we k i-i.'ut?'? ha tollowa with loroi*r r?turn?: - A ?< 1> A >>? ? '20. A ? p> 'l 27 [try g-ds f? ;m .? > I 63 i d 0 l.< ? .. 137 J lU.rt > General uidM ... ?,SW3 I 2,'23:',t,IJ TO'.ai M 4.164.676 S?42b4l ; ,?iO,HI7 Tbe folic. wV i abstract Of 1*0 un ylv ml* c m Hi y r? l?irt? shows tbe c al t ?ni:ag? for tb* m>.?iuii as compat ed with tbe orre.p ndmg iitne last y*ar ? t< nifKiwi' 7" ? >a? n i*jf Heu'is /wrew , Readn^ I a,.2,19^ 1s7 106, ''66 Nhiiv k li N*v fTK 'iiH 4AV.V90 1'2j, 16 l^high N?vg?t 67i,Ml CN6.*4l % *06 1/tngn Vatle> RR , 4, a -60 t?0,SW 117,42V |s ,?? Ai I ae.k . ?!? 76k, tod 7? r ???1M At Hucsn* 4?<i.?4* 440 h?3 66, ?46.'. l'en anta ? oal iA* (l4u,6.W 1*9 '?6 hnamok in Ml>4 167,319 2fi,'Jld ?ir * i Tot li'.rio HM.6H7 49 6H.I l.i kens aliley 94,161 M.aM 86:141 trevertoo 4rt,94l S?,479 II 472 To'* 1 6. 499 ,C7I R, 1 79 ,909 7t?, ijj ? lUe ordtuu-/ m&j 9t ootl tu Mil forward froa um l eiinrytvaiiln mines latl week, acJ iWi.ier ilia un. ? ?n ?? thai a lurilui advance it b - port .imn cfcm.i- 1 1 I ke place 0] ILe Liret O sj?t muatli, ibc douiau<t *? s 1 , i?xfati<t i<rice? firm. 1 am uu: TfcrwanH. d l??t w*>efc wa* 257, >04 lous Wa cop^ the iolln?iug from a I'l.l* burK ptkfvn? lbere 1* .s i vie trouble with the workmeu in ib bl u rail)' n? cual mines or ttiat t< ion a , to the wages o' 'be waft men. he co'il duger* l.ave announced Ibat tbey i are d1*i?it R ? i w lb ibe price now i?id (live Cent* per | btipUei) , ii, d bive m 'Oe a demand u;i B .b en employer* i tor en mo ?.* of Hirer cent* p>> ? bushel Hie mer chant. ?l>peur lo fee determined not accede to tbi re <|tp?t o' the digger*, aal a c 'ashleed e ort is being made by tneui to loroe tbi-tr workmen I 1 ri-fcumc work at tbe lortner i rice. a ap , c.U me.tlMg of m Coal ExrbWR? WkK Mid, and a r? B -luil n an r.imously adopted pled.: t.g e.icb nlber uot io piy more th n live cenu |ier 6u*bel lor digging. It in the in let. tide of s me of itie large menu laclurtug e^t ibliabmentti to ceaao operatlooe for a ab -rl time In cane tbc demand is Instated upon. Stork Birhanc;f. Tni'itai'AT, August 27? It' X' A. M. ?SOnon P P ti'a, '31 , eon. Hl-.'t, -.HI aha ttud JUver KK UStf MtUU U S 0'? 62 ? e 'U IIS! ftOO do *30 12(114 lnUU I r ii 7 SO Keli Uu( I 12 i.Oi) Keaiiiut KK ...IS* Iixh) 6 8 6'a. 1 jr cr P5 2I"Q on ISl i MODI do ... 20 do alO 132*4 Hi, (.10 1 1 1 con lida, '63 . OP'i til <0 do l.'U'v 2uikio Ohio a Mias eer.. 4K 3 0 d<i >6 132V 60 ? 0 do 1?'\ KM Mioli l eu BB.,.a'0 IM StXHi to... 4*S 10J do in'.! 50.10 Krie Ivl mort lid* 1(6 lOOQ Mich 8 A Ma KB 85 130(10 Erie ltd mort 130 Sl>0 do >6', 50 OMifh eH ? ?mn.m;* 1 10 <0 do s3'l Rl'* 60 0 Mick Bo2d img . 107 200 do . . alt) 85 ImO Mich v> n'tik i txf ?? 117 too do tip K5'? I'M C. Ic.k NW ml . liSU? 60 Chicnjo A Mil Kit. . 8- H MMO do 104 *'i 111 Central Kit acnp l-i)< 10 0 Ohio A N W lit m 102K COO do 138 ftUHMia AClitolhtm el 125 SOU do 12-tl? VftiO American Gold .. Ul 'i 101 do alO 121 ftO ?b? Komth > Bk.aj HTK 200 do al5 128 loo I *1- ton On bMI S4H llVI do a*l I27K vO I)ei AHud Canal Co 2ll?i W d? i3> U7X 1 <i Cumli Teal pitl s.A) 67 f-. <0 ) Oleve k Pitta KK. . 110.-4 ?M) do 7 ill ve.Vol ? ClnKK 170 2ol do M), TWCbic AH W liK ... 6?X #?l no M 100 do 5't i SoO do ao &S SOi do. 2i Quick silver Mn Co Si.'J? CO do. JOI do rS'l 62 20' do . , JtW do K2 .15 Ohio ft N W uref . . ^7 l.M do UO POi 600 do .. K6W 500 do 8M4 HO do kS'i 8i?-4 2"0 do b30 82 'a lUi Cleve A i ol Kit H.iO 127 200 do .b8? Rl% 8 4?t:hlc A Ilk I KK. .. III."?* 801 do b:m 82 ft. Mil A l*r Uu C Kll.. CI ? 03 do a30 81k do 63', Ilk) MarlpoR. Mb Co ... 4Hi 2") FlttaKtWACIiic KR 112 I Oil '. uurt Hill ?K O". 'J 201 lllJi S fl A tlan til Mall SS Co 184 4UI do nloll ;Vi l:>i. r'aeillc .Mh i S 8. Co 280 200 do k5 1111? 2.0 New Vork Ceii KK 1"S? lfOO do 111"? M do 1 200 do sin lll?, III do k15 12S'? 601 do alO lllU 3 0 I n* RU 109'a M A fr dn C lat pre |22 HOi d> 1 OH ' 60Chle A A ton RK . (?? InO do . . b30 K UJi 100 Chic A Alton pref. . PJ 700 Hudaon River KK. 12W, 100 Alar A Cin 1st pref. C# MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. ill a ? rleit . Amirrwb ? M> via?. - On 'IQursday, August 26, by the Rev. I)r. Iiurlbcrt, Hamuiu. AMPHKWti, of Brooklyn, to Jr^nkk K>wAt i.T Mavus, oi New Yoik city. MuvacliiiFetts p.-tporn please copy. I,kw ahi>-- Black wxll? ? Oq Wednesday, .'une22, by tbe Rev J. K. lioacb, Cd.iRLks .1. Lbwami to Amni>. Ulaok w bix, ail or tbk city. 0 6? * X b.'U) 63'J > : a'O K<'J J a!5 5'H>J 128tLBl^t~h^^',rvlda,l< AuBnst 28< #t hiB rostdonnp, Md a-i lni,hlA,irr^0,te. *cd reuuvc- of '>?? f?mlly are respootfully UK'b aiSLfti? l"W fU"?ra!' ,rou> WM?torS?c? ijW.U street, between second and Third avenues ihia rnoon* ut tw" ?'clock. TIjo remains will be - ^n*!.uo^' CVin 'WJ 'or interment j1hi .^7?n/ridly',Aut!Ust Mrs- Mast, widow or rSJ^T h' , 1156 ?'d i Rrk lhei,r?. h*ir 84th rear tr Qfw, ,be f,ra"* tou those ol tier boo. in law. i nr r? . together with tne members of the theatric*/ ' ?r?^ h?r"L,: ri res>,e?tlully Invited to attend the funeral. rlaioios idence. ll>, Vandam street, this (-Min- I Hm. ? A^VRt!br' eo'clock' w lth3ut 'uuher notice. ? At f ordl.ani, on Saturday, August 27. Wn i.ia Vh*?r i"' j K- "od rfiar!ottfi Uutler. aged 4 yeira J ne7?i1' fTim rt??' the family are invited tv attend the fu neral, irom the Pro.sbvter, an cnurch, West Farms tins ?jmday, aiterooon, at three oV lot*, wlthou[ fUVther n*ow>,_ On Saturday mo-Dlnj, Autrn?t 27 after a lln.;'r ng illness, at the house of Mrs. Daniel f*>le Ifii y-'wrs Blreot' ?lllla:n,bur?' ?AM* aged about T3 il.o .uneral will take place this (Sunday) afternoon at .wo o'clock, from the above residenoe. ' Ha 'We. Hoiiuti, e deal ton of John aad Jaa* Brown aged 7 yeara, 8 mouths aad 11 daj g. ' Kre sin txiuid oiigni or sorrow fade Itoatb with friendly ca> e i Our Rob bio unto Houv :i coov^od An(' bade him welcome there. inl!5.^! ^D(1 nf the lamily are respectfully Ul? funeral, from the residence of hi* hifr^.'. :llar.miD? slr*el, ibis (Sunday) aiteruoon, at half past two o c ock, without fur'fter invital on V,?? .1Lr^,D ? Aur>?* 28, Makt. daughter or 'f ry,M Ao'' w^ck, ugod 3 yeara and 19 daya In* funeral will take place from the residence of her Barents, 197 Eat-t rh.neenlh street, this (Sunday, afw? ^oou, nt tsni O CiucK. 1 " Lvorpo ol < hro iule and Mercury please copy I ? ^turday, August *7, tu.m, twin daugb 6 mouiba H*TJ A?a Cu,icn- *geJ 1 ye*r ud The relative* and friends of the family are respectfully liivitod to altera the funeral, from the i esoJo.'io' of iior paronn. 212 Muibcrry stroei, corner of Spriui', this (sUn. day; afK-rnoon. at three o'clock, without further notios. i^-imiKitUN ? In this city, on Friday, Augu-'. 28, Alarm be *;'e ? ?' AnWs ?* Cbaa,b*r,l,,? tn the 46th year of The t neral will take ilace at her late residence, No 37 Lex in. too aveuoe.this (eundsyi afternoon, ? two o'clock, tb - ou.e ' '"'t^ te attend without lur .Newark and Fateroon (N. J , and Chicago (01.) papers Oopv. v l? ak? on Tuesday aveoloir, Augu?t 23, near (be Groat Fa..* uf rlio Potomac, Maryland, while in the mllllarr ?ernes of the United -talc, First .~erg?*m W*. H ItoaK. compan. i . Ki^hty iourtU regiateat, .National Guard Slaw ol N?w Vork. aged v2 years. lbe relative] and fr|?nda of ?h? ramlly ar^ reor st?d to alien ? tb* funeral, from his late rt^mdenoe, Went F.rt-^urtb streot, this (bunds)) afteruoou, at one Fink. ? 'n Satuntay eveniocr, Auga*! 27 of 1 oootuaspti mi, wire of ;a<ob Kn;k. a <-a 42 vc'.m and 6 mouths J '? Notice of uuersl In to m rrow> FTeralii Gn?i>v.-- n this city, o Friday, Aurust 2fi, M/irt Gk*it, wiooi Uichaei,lu lho;Uiuyetrof her The funeral wil! ukc p! ice from her Ute reai >n e <>s WMhii^t,.u ul reel, tin, (Sunday) Hrternoon, at 'lwo | 0 clock. He>at vei afd frieods are iuvited to at ?od 1 without further uotire | (.oirtSKT. ? At springs, on Stlutday , Auztim I 27, Kr?w*?o <.or?M Y, 01 the llrm of Kdwnrd <;o<;-rev ? Soi?t in llie G'.th voar oi hu aic. ' I Notice - f .he (uoer^tl lu Moii'tay a pajtor. lit', iukd.- 'iu Frl"a> ninri.iv?. August 2B nt tb? r?*i I dene.' of '? Ilium II. i.e.b, H chiuo d, St . to,, |si n . Amir I*. , d iiigbtm of V illtatr. .v. .ml.bard, of Ne-n.a' l?ronnn, in ire 2'.'d yei"- o: oer aj-e W lacousin and \i ,s m 1 >. Its r-|ars p e .?><? oopy Jo .n?o> ? Al Mo b iltaiiviMo o?i Ihurliy evei'inc August 2i, .Ikkkmiau Jonsaom, hj) , ui 1'urtaiu tjili N 1! ' au -d ?.6ye .r?. ' ' | lbe re'niives nnd friends of the family are linltel to attend the funeral, iroru the residence of hl> son ifj iw Alvin Hjggiu^lJ,,b t-treet, Maubatuariila, tbi8 (Suuday'l J Nft<*rno ?d, at h^i j as tbrce o'dok j Kfljt ? tJn Monday, AtigtMt It. at ;>e?p Bo't^m Va. I ? cunsiroKe, ~erireuil K. Ksu.r, Oimp >ny ]|' uue' lJ.ndr-d aod ixty f .urtc reg ment New Yor? Voiuut'ears C. Ooras Legion. ^ Hubiiii paoera please copy K MSfamif . ? AtNaasau, N. I? , on 7'bumday, Aueuet 4, o' ye! oa a?er, Aik K , v.ife o( Thr>ma.s Kirkpatrick 1 nil. a S ites (' ns il ? Albi y and Auburn (\ V.; papers plow oopy. ' m 'iu- ? On aturday, August 27, utpuin u'oimk KmiKU, aged ?4 yeara. The friui.ds o( tne lautily , and also those of bis eoa n. Inw W. 1 > lor aa<i f 1; Hotchkiwi. are respectfully ibv ted to attend the fuuernl, al uia late No ?/.I West N .in loeulh ail cet, on i Ion day afternoon, al two ?BlJ??eDlJ ^ Wl" *** taken to Cypreaa Hill lor K'MB - In f'-ronklyn, 00 Friday morning, Aaiiiat tn ?Iter a ah rt tllua?a, KoubktF. Km a#ed 40 yeara ' ;hr relative- and triend? of tbe fnnilly, sad mem b~r? o' lloheuhDd 'u l/xlge. No M, F. and A. M are re ?(icclludy invited to attend Uie funeial, irom hia lata rectden. e, No 10 -vind-. ?ue^t, Brooklyn, this (Sunday! afiornixm, at two ox!?ek. ' Lr*m ? Ou Saturday, August 27, at ft Vinoeot'a Hos piial, Kkw.irt. ltmcb, a native of tba parish of Lnrsaa c limy Cav?n, Ireland, aged 24 yeara. ' T1?j ?merai will take pisne irom tba boapltal, thla (to idayi ader boom, at h .if-fast two o'cl<>ck l.-.wm ? ; r wned, ou Tuesday, August 23, Lrmot, soa U tha lata I 'avid .nd Amanda l?wis, aged 10 yaira. Tua h.tiera' will take p>a-.e fn 111 .No isi yt orchard ?tieel hi; (Sun-isj ) morning at nloa o'c ook. K oiw?.? Ob N?i>irdB}, August 27. A*? Wok**, the be loved men .1 Moran. ageu 5li y*ar?. a native of it>a county I/Citrini, ire.aiid inn inner it wi l uko place from y3l K..(t blsteentli sift et, tm k.ojday ufternoou, at too o'cioek. InereU Uvea and friend* are rps?ctfuiiy invited to attend with out iurtbrr uottoe, MiijIUak ? u.S lurd.y, August 2T, Maitr KkOIVT. wife of .lobu M11I1 an, native of Wxi^ford, ire'and the fuoeral wi I Ute place from her laie luai lunee, No 4IS Wt-st Sixteenth street, this (Sunday) afternoon' at 1 wo o'c ik'k ' v,i m x.? Midd?nly, on Thursday, Augi stift, i iurlr* Mlijo* agmj 40 yeaiM lui '' ?"ds iut ar (tialntnuca are resp?cifiilly invited . 1 ' " ?' T'l, th r (-ui.i.y tltetooon, at o a , o rn k ifitii N?. 4 I'.ivlugton p ace . , u. ,'. u /r All*",t *?. a?n m< .'mi, Wide* of it 1, hr \|,. 77 yMr? u-jfi iMtoof tb? "unlly aid of her ?* Mo Ki./e.aer ueat^d l i attend the fu .eral. tlits (? rday) i v ! oeiock, from 1 er lata rMtdanca, lift u ^ n. ",rwt "'thout further notice. M. ^vTrilT.?' *??<?t 27. ,lon?rn Mo ? ' ana*, alter a lout and ; ain'ul I inesa. ! ..liJi,Lriw,rlU "f ,?UT* !? ? "-wpKifuny invited to at tni d be loi.eral fr m his 1st- ics|1?q(? li.* 1 roni ft eet, HronfciyB, ?m Mjoday afferuo in, st two o'clock I Ml raa ?I/O fcatof iay, AIIK-.S' 27, at No S17 ra tett street Hr *lyn. "Wiu.utl Mi , ran, n native of Hi nnr roc. . M r?blre, lent land, In ibe M*b yo* y >, ,< R4# ' , J '"ofrai ? H t .ke , tar? Moadjy adernoo:, at two o'cl i k. 1 be reinaiiss ? Ih be ta*o 'oti eonwotd' J!c ot eat.? Do Saturday, August 27, M*s ahri K m ? TH onli da* i-bier o' <?eor e?o4 Ann* J tleis ugal No 1 y oil Frtdiy, Augun J8, t'm n, in tbe 2Vli ye^i of "h a sue i H is r?ia' ves sod friends aru rospi ctfuliy Inv'tnd to at 1 Ufid the [uu*ral, irom tola lata rasidauca, 101 Uat Nina *?- lie..! Tbt.U a- on ..?.tin:. (Surday) ftoroooo, u n. ?, .irk ? 11 --tur My , Annual '^7, Sophia, wUl* ^ Nil.- . 7,. r,. H r i aiss * il 1 Im UkoU 10 CotiD0rtll'Ut It* inter- I Ul'll 0 ?:> rv Oa ri<Uj. August :g,JUv.*- O'EUun, a a* j five of Nmwf 0'iiniy ? . il tare, i retail- , a*ed hs y# ir-t. 1 In* ' lev.;- i it ' ?!? ivt'h ?r.- ii-tp.v.1 .liy i ifited to : ?' ?" U, Iroio ftw lat?n.nle ??*. i!l KUmUfth Street, Him ,SiiiuUv) u!uirD.)uii it l?i>?'olook, to H I t>i..'.Ty Ct i att ? In UrtHtklyn. oc Nature iy. \n^u*l 27, a'ter a lo-^ and ptiniul iliimsa, Sha,, ,ukt <IiHi . i k wile of Win. J jn c.i l> 'lulan The relative* and frleikl* ol the family are reajWCttullf ln\it>d to ?? tud the luneral without further notice, from h< r irri? residence. 140 Oxford *?reet, between tu ton and Atla'.tic avanuee, on tue*lav afteraootl, at thre? o'cl <ck Her remains will be taken to Greenwood lor lutermeiit Rii'i'fK* ? At Jar via Cmt?d states Army Geoeral lios pltat, Baltimore, Ud , on Thursday. August 25, Kioatan Rimio k in (he 2Mb year of liis age. The frieuds are rea^et folly invited to all 'n.t the fune ral. irom tne resldeno* of tin uncle. Joseph KiddecK, 303 t ei-uiirt avenue, corner ol Muoteenth aireei, ou Moudsy afternoon, at i .ro o'clock. Rooarr ?Suddenly, on Friday, August 2d, Herneant Cr*rlrs Uoomvt, Twentieth precinct |M?lic?, used 43 years. 1'he members of the department and bU friends era in vited to attend the funeral, fruui No. 4o2 Fourth avenue, this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock Rockwka ? On Friday, August '20. Thomas S. RO'mc wri.i, youuge-;t son 'of Ge.irgo W. and laary C Rockwell, aged 1 year( & m<>nttis and 7 day*. The relatives and frieuds of tho family are invited to attend the ruoerai,at the residence of his parents, No 13 Routb Ninth street, Brooklyn, k_ D. . tbu> (Sunday) alter noon . at one o'clock. Boikumb ? On Katuruay, August 27, Fwwa C., infant daughter of Andrew B. and Mar/ K Rodgera, a.'od T months and 29 days. lb relatives md frlenda of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tho funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from <>76 Groenwtch sltooi R' kky . ? On 1'rtday, August 20, Jamb< Rihiwt, a native ef Clarra, King* eouhty, Ireland, In Hie 62d yoar ol bis age. Friends and relatives of the family are re*|>ectfullj In v:tcd to atteud the funeral, this day (sundiy), Irom bis lace residouce, corner of Forty feurth street and Third avenue. MtAW. ? Killed at the battle of tho W?ido? Rallroa 1, on Thursday. August 18, Mr. Wili.iam 8. mtmv, ol HirmiiiK ham, tnglaod uf*d 44 years. Hit renw'tx have not yet been recovered. Birmingham (F.ugland) papers pleast- copy. iSomiwoRTii.? On Saturday, August 27, l.uzii, yoncgegt diuiu bter of Asa and Matue South worth aged 1 year aud 17 dtys. The relative* and Menda of tho fRmily are invited to ail?nd the funeral, from ttii reaideDce o: hfr parents, 17 Oay street, this (sund iy) afternoon nt udo o'c ock. (?naasKT.? On .^aturday , August 27, Pmnr.rr . hkkkrt, a native o; parish Tullycorbeit, county Moua:'.ban, Irelaud, agci ?2 yean The i r tends and nc'ivalntaocen are invited to attend the funeral, t is (Sunday) afterno n, at two o'clock, from ber lute residence, o(Mi t ast Twelfth street. Trkhchabd ?At We?it Farms, Westchostor county, Sew York, or congestion of tho lungs, Gkor.ib W Trinobaku, aged 20 yours and 20 days. The relatives aud Trends are respectfully incited to at tend the funeral, on Mondav mornlug, at ten o'clock, from bis late residence, at the above place, 'orr.acos wilt be in readiness at the depot corner of Twenty-sixth and Fourth avenue at two o'clock P. M. Tho remain* will be interred In Greenwood Thounk. ? At Harkensack, N. J.,on Saturday, August 27, Hi 'hard Van Wtok, only son of Q. Maynard and Maria T. Tborue, at od 1 year, 4 months and 8 days. Notice or funeral hereafter. Waiii, ? At St. Albans, VI., on Wednesday, August 24, Lit i ias Hasi .w. daughter of Dcrnbard A. and Julia i>. Wahl, aged 5 yoars, fl mouths and 1? days. Whai-km. ? In Brooklyn, on .Saturday, August 27, Mart Wuamcn, tho beloved wife of I'atrlck Wbalen, and daugh ter of George and Ann Kounady, in the 23d year of ber age. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re apectrally invited to attend the funeral, from her late rosidence, No. 30 Congress street, this (Sunday) after noon, at two o'clock. The remains will bo taken to Cal vary Cemetery for interment. SHIPPING NEWS. iiviMO ran ki* roajt? Tin* DAT. ?oh ihs* 5 K I MOON msKk mora 105 ton am S 40 I uiau watkr eve S 51 Port of New York, Auguat 97, 18Ci> CLKAKKti Stcatnntua Cltr or Baltimore (Or). Mlrehou?e Queena ?ovrn and LiverpooWjno O Date. MrauiKbip hi m (Br), orare. (Jueenaiown and Liverpool? WiliianiH A (luinu Bleamahiu Baltimore. Lewie. Waelilnglon? Jame* Hand. .SteamnUip Cbeaapeake, Wlllelta, Portland ? H U Croin w?ll A Co. Ship ucean Signal (Br), Towoaend. Liverpool? A Bell'a Sou. Bark Nearchu* (Br), Foeter, Briatol ? Arkell. Tufle A <~o. Bark Dovere (Ital). Cetcliero, Cork? & I'a Vrrtu Bark llein'.ard (Breni,, Wamkeo. Bremen? C f tetter. Bark .Us K Ward, Nicho!*. Neuvlta*? .1 K Ward .V (So. Bark M B Ai;, on (Br). Brown. Sydney. OB? U H Swain. Bark Bnlloie, Pantiu PJctmi? ft l> Bruokmsn A Co. Brig id A Caroline (Ital). Martini, Bristol ? Holmbui A ItaicLeri. Brm OHirnrao (Br), Solute, Oadlr.? Qiro A Franoia Brig Belle Maria ( Mr), Pratl, Oibra iar? L K Auiainck A Co. Brig Pollut (Bf) ?-eli iiscn, K io .lanelrj? N?pler A Wela ling Julia (Br). Sbackt'ord Para? Burnett A Everett. Brijj Time (Hr), Siu.ih, Na?u.ibo- 0 II P,rr-on Hri* Curlew (Br . Bell . ltarbor tiraoe-M t: Orrene A Brl* I. Berrf (Br>, 8te.'o> Ilalifa*? Tuek r ? Lirbtboura. Hrl^ It Young Oib-on. Portii.miuh ? li oh oke A M urray. Brig Howard ihr). veebklcr, Boaton ? Brett, Son * Co fr-nr Tl?rla i Br) Purer 1'urir -a? D B Dawn-i Hchr Abbie Bradford. Fu.ler, All* Cave*? Breti Sou A Co. Srbr Jaae L cuieuaieiu. Fotaliay Fortreea Mourar ? F .1 Cam bell Kehr Caroline D, Merrll! Fortr** i Monroe? r .1 Cambell Bciir Kllza Jane Tbo'i.a?, Chiaonteague?A C Ilitveo'.. flch- Mary a Ivlnt. Waiinn >and Hln? A C Havena. 8v t?r Ibree S<?iei a. (Jray. 81 Mart n*. Mrl? A G_ Haven* t?cnr ?' linos A:arlin. liar iiu, 1'bi adelpliia ? L Ksuuy Bcm * Pre- <?.>dl'?y. Philadelphia Schi True, Mayo C.tlai?? J Bovitlon * Son Blir B H ? olaon. Robert ?. Boston ~Hnl?oke t M;irray Kchr IHrllkw, Parker, boHon- -K I' Buck i Co. hrbr .1 C Krooxs. Bcar-J\ Boston -J- W L'-tvi* Ar Co Scbr 'A nle Nca ',itnt !'o-tnt)- S W Lewi* Co Bohr John bangle? Lanilev, Boston -> W Lewi* A Co. Scbr Knelianireaa, Huckioa .Saliaburv, Mum.? Jod Krye. Steamer o 11 Stout, Mcbola. 1'Dtlidelpbia ARRIVKt) Sieatnahlp Norib .Star, Jdii-n, Aaninwal!, Aug It, with traa i ?j r and j aA^en /er? to 1) B Atl?n. 2 iti mat. 2 .It) PM Unaided aieHinahip Co u Ki -a. benpe lor Ascinivail; 25tb, lat t'2 Jtl. Ion 7" .U>. spoke I'ark Anna Kimixl , bound N, itat'-n ( 0 8 transport) Ua ender, Wa^ulncton. t'i hO'tia. to U S giiariernia?ier yieaiunDlp llerinau l<ivin^sion. Itaker Kortrcaa Monroe, .1 Inur* gto t s yuattArmaJtei Meairanip lilue (I) (t tran-ioort), B >'irne. Kortrtaa Mot? int. :tt iiourn to n S guariermaater. Steainalnp *icio' it' Stia 'ixnii Kpctjear. lorlreaa Mon roe. Stf hoots, to U ? yuartermmtor Hteauehlp tea Defo d (U ? tmnaport), llallatt. Fortreaa Mom e 21 h u ?*, to I1 S Ou*rterma?ter MeamahipCaanandra (0 s trana;<ort>. Hollowaj. Portreaa 11' uror, C s Uu*riermaater. Ht>:x<r>alup fK'ap-co ( U s tranaportt. Naff, Forw.-aa Mon r>>". to L K tjuai lai inaater ????amer (i- irto Lmr? (0 8 tr?n?port) D. inini, Forir<.'* Monroe. '-?* Lour ? ub a ca and wounded aoldera. to tbe Medical Inrec'?r , . . _ . Jobann U?nf? (Brem), Imnke. llromeB. 3i days In ha !?? KO'I i.' |>aw?ens"ra to lltrniann K?op. Hark Al'ierum Ottnaiead VertCrur Auc 19 iNth btdca, apecie, '< to llnrcoMA Co Hi u Be-xuie < ol V xruioutb N S), Lauder*. Londoi V> day*, wit" mdw, toTbo* Uttnhain J I'.riK II li Kmery (<>i Bo-ton i LorJ Cow Bay Cfi 10 day*, Willi coal . to Ml >er A Houghton Bcbr Milton l!ad;*r l>entt,n Main nore r< daya. 8rh".les W Mrlee, Kus?r?. St Mr.rv ? Klver Hi b ? Ctituootneier, Oikhriat, Sanucoke River for Tho Inadoii Kciir t'anda! a. - ? . W!7?!iettu?irt for Po* oo. Itehi K> te.^ir ae Pitch.', Fli/abeibport f ir B >atn. Sob i fccoont, Loid. bll/abetbport for mi-u?n. Kciir i iliri' itranab . HiK4tu*. Kll.-a'jethport for Parldence Sclir Bav Bute, Verrtll, Bock and. Kchr Media'or Davit. Pa. I Kiver. Scbr Kale Tbt.otaa, Pre>t?n, Provldenos. i-efcr Mary Lanudon. . Providence ?rhr Vaakee Hot Brewer. Hartford f ir Rnndoa Behr Fair Wind, Wood hull, Norwich fer Albany Bcbr Anna Sh'ppard. Bowdlteb. Ureeaport. Bchr M A liver. Stewart. Albany for New Havw Bcbr Biaek Hiannnd. Voun?. Ronrtoat for Provvooai Bcbr T Li Miller, White, Rondoui for ProrlAano SchrT Benedict. Kin .. Ronaoot for Provideuo* Bchr ,labe> L White, liarla. PougbkteMie for Obonwloh Bohr Pavillun Parker, Bewbnrg for Baatoa Bt> amir Ftanhlln. Vo ing B*ltimora B learner Brtatot. Oharloa. Phua laiobia. tt learner M.Maaaey. Btnllb.PhlUdelDbi*. Steamer Pelican, Walden Providence SULCI) 20 th? 8, camera Arago. Tbame< Fairbaaka; 49* B W ?teuon Kmtlv Farnum. City of Mobile, <)raUtU: harka Magdalene Maria lamar! A butane. ? omjueroi Banabee, Kd ward Ikil; iirigt laat>e'la Hunter, San Jo?e. KSIv; aebra Jnliua Web\ Free Wind, M Van Name P Arinaong. M A Pred D K Miller Moaea B Brani hall. Ida Bla Torra, Knocb Pratt. 8 J Baker .1 W Ruiraey. W II Rifli, Moaea Q Leo. ar*1. Rdward llnrna. Franoia, Rlchnrd Btf an. O W Willey Hn'lie Baker. A Tuwnaen 1. Tbroe Broth* I'tlm a, II Maneon. Alinotb. Jai H Keguine. 17th? Blcamahipa Henaa. City of BlMnrildlMrtt, Brln, Oovdan Rule, and ahip Arkwrifht. Wind hi aunaet 8W. NlMtllAaMM. SrvAiisatr Citt or BiLriHOhH, Capt Mireb**. of the Inman line, aalled yetlerday at noon for Qne^lowa and Liverpool, SiBA??uir Rhii?, Capt (Irace, ef the Cunard-tilot Una, ?ailed jreeterday for (jueentt .wn and Liverpool. STumnir Uahsa. Capt Van Banten, tailed yllecay for bouthampion and Bremen. Irrumir l>?iT?anu, Capt Farrier, nailed <ei?'ay for Olaakow. fiT?A -t.*Hir Ooi.oih RttLa, Capialn Babooek ealU yei. lerday for Ban Jutn, Bla. Ht?/.hh? M Ann? A detpateh from 81 John, HI. Wlnet, ?tate* t' at ale?'ner Man* from Bt John, RB. f?r li ana, [ i* atliore on Han I Beef, in the harbor Tbe Mala w\ for merly the M'.ntpeiler uhlcft rerenti* at'led from 'Oel. 1 drntc, o*:cn?lbly fot tyueb-o, but put Into 81 JoSn. here I ?li r pro' ab.y took en board aoargo to run the bo:kact ' 8uir Fohait Sleeper, which ealled from illaa I Jit r M lor Kpgi*nd. returned to Oallao oa the Id of Auat, baring Apruoo mainmaet. Sun suMtKK, hence at San Franclico report?i Ja ffl, i (at irt, l"n IlfHrt. ad a ?etere gale trora the HR, rried 1 hw*t paten1 rear U. rud ler and epnmg jlhboom. cayiag ' away h ad tad*; wm detained two dayt flung rudder I fl nit Boiitb A'rmri. Manwarlit], befora np*lt <W) 1 ?troyed ??v the Tallhiaatee, w?. bntrded on Hrom'a ink in l?t H whl e at Hiiehor ohniil ? PM 17th laaL 'hey eut awa.r her max* and acuttled lier. Br H a Lom e lianeon, from K*n Franrlnco lor TWae, aollided with the erhr Kllen Adelia, July Si oBBollaatnd ?unk Da inane to tbe h ^ noi elated I Ruaa Miai>ii*<itA? Holniec Hoe Aug M-T? edir Baa a?.a. oi (ileal Kgg llarlMtr, from phi adeipbia'ar MeM'id. with a C.xren <>< eoal. went eibure laai nighl o the f<na I Prenue, Robinaon ? Hole. Hhe li full of weier aad wrtlo be id v K" '? P?eoe?, 1 he tor the Un(fcrwrllert\M I gr ne to the wreck wll# llghtata j Bonn H AJinAii, t.f Millbriiige, before rei>orM ?unk ar ? Maw Haven light. Ilea with bar rail iuat a bote water atw ilde, and V ill prove * total Iom S! - l? aatU. rigging. ?%?. a'ltl the bull V," ,1 w?i ?oi 'J be I ui! Man o*i.? i by tbe uiMitt, A P I" ??*? ? incut rl ,? llun or a Hah* Pickku Ur-Ur??o'? Land n;. A* P. Pii ed id el *r? 26 111 le? SK .>' U.e au Rant. "7 , 1U (OiniiiMlatKm, Cfcj'l m ner. o! I>?< i lele lb* ' 4 t? i,e b*,t a. lu.. wo, barllieii *i..(?r btt. ? ??P ?a 1 wa, h u?w *???????'. Hi.1 one i>f the < ! lim? o. Tins bm ng ?i tl.e I > ue Hiirt *>?? touod i"l'' '?!? U only o?.e of (be uiauy v?b w >ik tUe w>iue WIimIc. nrit. . . 81, 1p Ceo.-ge .% luun. J m- an. fro ? * C.thrlu?.J^? T arraifew lledford ->llh lUM. <* ??? ul' * i1' luOJbbU o l unit MW>lb? hone . n l?>ar?l. 8?nt borne end ao.d ?p. SOU cio wb? and 2i"0 ilw bone. *S }?; i ItoH * AO* ? llark i:?tetle froiu Mor k lor A u twerp, Aug 4. Ob Orati Hani. Fureinn fort#. ArOHA, W Coast Of Alrirn. Julv 12- In Roberta, II Mi>r ul. unc Bid l?t, bur* Arthur Pickeiiog. ?7a B^M Of Benin Jul. H b.rK. 8.14 Bin IfiulUb. Adam -bi!rb.,"Bw uu^d. ^u.t ground, in Im.Uisl lor Baltimore. ? Ynrk nud F Sac a. Aim 10? In POrtUrk ChH??. M hriK fltWsii I* SUwart, lor PbtUdeipbU. Id*. 10 *** d*V^A Obi,,. Aug 111? In port ^;v O?^rd CI^. b.rk* Xm<bi*li?. htevene, lor M1"*'"*; . "*,? nouat Ver J.ickson dl?i;; blani;,ede, do; l h ef. do, , bri. aiou? u .n for MiuHtitl.ii; KUsIj, Ryan, lor uo AmtirlMn PorW. M,fc??^?,nhi.. BOSTON, Aug i>? Arr bark | aclnto (Br)! brig* Bel, 9 (Br), Pyno. Algoa H*y, CaH. Mb J M ? Riinpann. Oii-nfue^ii>; Charlene. * o^o.s, oa Jenas^ n|. litn Haix'iinr and 1k? ???? nvdi'r; Sara latielphia; ?chr? Br iau.ild, Kaker: ' \vavr. l'.a??r,, ViukLem; K.anolo < ??"?? Kent. HIIO W (I AU.I.-nreid. ?e*eit PlHiedelpbla. nerc NJ, K.i Hlietl.i'orl; liuili lialaey, Hu?J. ... . l,.rri? ?;iU aMp WllUain .Jlr). ? 4 ft".,* rJil' 1 iin'sra kd?ard bee. Hi.*w. L?iyre. John A I e-. J "P'0,?.11? A?p,o. Kierett, IU^iqjc. Balumore; '''f*1". Xbbj i Law rob re. wa'l : A'liildneoK Big ey OilbAiis, Abba Kulier, Pnliattelplila; Knh r? W ??<? n 1 il ? i.o.<<-t> . Kelle*. more; Senainr. KaiilkUb. N.^k. Kereb ' t^.k. do via MarbteiiMd. t?ld 6hlP l*tbariue no He 'i.. b<rk Si'Ui.mvl, tiroaby. Irom t-aalr. Miskel- 1 S?l? olA?ri.v^ C * Victor/. Babbitt. I'M ^:,vrv?-rkAJo;^B^fW.i. Pbiua.iphfj K uTki vf b" aS'?S 23-Arr Kol.r Vo.ns America, rotter. Klizabethliori. 81^ ^ ?ehr M?mat?r. t)ba?, No. ^ IsMswSSSia Hbiladeiph.a; Aiiire? I etor . Jeddie. Roberts. Oa ltrai'kett, Acborn. Llncan. l-?- 'or lai< for do, Oriai* H"ie d 'Iu'<1<' 1 * Kulaerald. Bum Key, 2Mb. AM? A rr *c. '' ,',.err iiaskeM, Ktiz*beinport for ?chra S B l'arkcr and P'oneer. ni,?,jnro NB f?rNT>rk; PM-*rr^iSsKliiiir*;N t ort f?r i-|,l!ade'phla; aebra NVoK; ,or ?; ?????. -"S?Sr - ? roHinr; S&rnh Matllna* Arm^ir- mk. * ^ ? t |n;.n r?t? Hto: Keok'ik, Small, nnd .1 Hur ev. Sh??, Llnwn^OH.^r NVork; Ureadeu. ^"Vta'-Vlev Addi'son fordo, KllzV Hi l<boro for do: ? ? " \iLf hift - for do; Trader, I'rfctt, beth. Illgglnt "VSk notion for do; Mary E^a ^pleTdo }orWMb\n,ton,J Power. Lakeman. do for Ktirtrea* Monroe. M?vn??.^P Tlenderaon, Two Rlter V8 sfefrfjesasrs a&srt Bits, .1 H We dir., Uza J*^nW'"v,.n l' r(,r harab Matilda, Th^yroune'rreHenr,et^ Trader,' Cw-Jj, Alabama, Uacovab. ter^sSa^rttSf^'wa.'saK JH K>onedv, BraHk. Pori ko^m .\dania, Vort'*** Tl ri Ml Vef ( r). W, Ho?. OMUMa; 1 Ho .and ,;?Aulort; ac i? Ml* t> ei I i?ri. ^ d<>. |llA e,.% , C Newklrk. Weare.. Boaton. H g.Tll0l( waiter. W.-.-ter pomj^n. Baker J^nci^. U %, rkBrw,n >t Tliomaa; i .1 y K '? -t Kill*. Lad* waa iingi ?. 4 K nil Iti.wiand M?nranlltx. H"1 we?. ? m ? ,i f oro ? A I . t . 1 rel ?? n d . and re?; oa": to.r?S: Nornw,Vh*' KHz'a Praniea. Bogart. Point . Ue. bur<. Itlate. Kail Rj^f Ph|?ID, BlarH River Ta- AoilHe'. 26th-Arrb*i^ l-Wfc Jo, iUker. Nicker The<irnp, sagu* . Titaiila. ttleOneoa, "flMa. ,;,h . eou. Hanipton R"i?di. ? iiaiiiirls otU; Halo, Sliort, Wing ' of the *ornti.cMarilo..;ain m? u, ^ ^ Krow Mewbortport. A Bdw-wda, om . w 01 ,i,D/.n?, er. I'rovlde nee Old brig ? t|Oinmoia, |>n(lr l1||. ? rmUb'a-Vo V| ^?;r-:^^.H.sBo.:oo.^ Mai s , Auatin. Havia. .^"1',^ l'mrldenc- Brer^rcen, Potter. ^.ulnTeU.'lio" Ko"Uth' R?vcr nT t ? a | ?2slu-*?rVhrra '"l.^beth Bror. o Philadelphia- too. HAvens; aJ&, a?i? in Eliza < Bh.-de., and Bh?d? I-land. ^f^nret u Wakedeld; Jacob R^moirl. Baldwin ; N II Hali. Walt, and Hickman B-rger. Nr%vTrrKhT ib-'/ffr *ew l^ejla. Allen. NVork. I'A . ,,? i^- ? rr ach'? P.Mgal, Oott. 8i Oeorto : V.r;feu.f0r dn. 2, at. ?nK:^rp??^'pVV. ."f: Pr*u '"han' kb^NoTsCO Jniyr2;-Atr Sliip" ('b a* Cooper, Jor ^Utoo br! |-aV(f>i? l-e^r .n. Ulo Janeiro. '.6th. U|?dC! u"'nr?'' 1 P* ' Couirnan d ^ I n* ; h lef ' Orl. Avmn, Ca' Windward ? ^/rk^Oou'irL^0; BAoy!.a,avronar Oth.1,0. Howe.. Sy, b.rk,Slr0eoO,^(Br). I'arrno. Auckland, ( MK; barkOartotta Oaaler. Hong Kou- -'Hi", a.iip O ' bj . ^:sAlt0MAA^?2'Cirr'^i A\,.e.r,vbern c HrV ?ewe?, tie ll' ?plir* !t .1 fiHte.r, Town*on<l, I'biladMphia; Boaa aaoat.i^k ini Wn Peno PU.llIp*. NY., k; 24th Minnie , Oobb. Ine'rabain. do. Sid 23.i. ?cbr S\ %V ijluiniona, (Jo.l | 'tSth? -Arr aelir Madacaacar, Heath Kllzabpthport Bid J iehr Aana C l?rerett. SITVATIOFiS WAKTED-KKMALE*. AS 1I0U8KKP. KI'RH. ? A WIDOW LA t?T LATRLY from hn^l?nd. i? <leeiroua ol procuring an cngaat-ment with a family of aland mg and reaiwctabillty , l? omp' unt to aii|>erlnlcti<i an c?tabn.?limoiu. having ban the ihhii W incntni hei "WO liouae for mnnr ibe coold aNo ro Jcr'?ki> ! he cducaton ol children, uny position of iruat eon*clertlou*b attended lo, rereriuce* unexceptionable. AOdreaa Mi*. J. P., elation 0, 4?ll It , N. V A SOUTHERN LADY. OK THE HIGHEST RBRPRCr abilitr and refinement, o.' good peieona) appearance, would like a altuatlon ai housekeeper In a flr?t clas* family; rcfereuc.-* if dulred Addren* 8 3. Freeman. BaRalo, *1 Y Antrovi healthy uirl wish rs EMPLOY menl with a<<nie one roinr to California or el*iwhere: I* a food worker and obliging. Hoot of reteronoe from her prea-at emi>lo>er Addreae Law, atatlon l>, Poet office A HO' BERRPPRR'S HI TU ATI ON WANTKD-RY A veiy nice American woman, io a first claaa hotel or tridower * famllv where her worth would be appreciated: la fond of and kind lo children. Boat ety reference* None hat reliable nartloe need apply Call al M O rove al , near Uh M CM i on Monday. 4RRSPRCTABLB OIRL WISHER A SITUATION AS chambermaid and wa'treaa; liaa Ileod three year* In :aat plaoe. Apply at No 9 ffcii 17th ?. ALADT, I1AVINO OCCUPIED A OOOD SOCIAL pi? lion, tint ?rho baa, through nvafortnne. be-ome de pendent upon her n*i eiertiooa for aupport. w.?iil.t bo glad lo meet with a situation a< honaekeepr or to Al' aay pool tioo of truat or responsibility Addraaa A. i., Brooklyn Poet offlco. A P. WBF.R Of WRI,I. RRCOMMKNDED ORRMaB fetnalee went alluail n* a* oook* e ,aml>errnel'l* and laundreeaoa. nurse* and firla for general bouaework An . at Mr* LQffB'S German Inetiiute, 17 Mtantea at., near tbo Bowery FaMILIKB. HOTBM AND Sl'MMRR HOrSES promptly (applied at tho Large Bmpioyment Houeo eoraer ftth a*, and I lib at., with female help of all nation*, to do the dltrernat branchee of hoaeowork. Al>? rarat hand*, ooanhmn (ardonera waiter*, groom*, porters, *or ?ant*? In fact, help of erory description SITUATIONS WANTED? FOR TUB CtTT OB COUN trr. for a number of ei' otlent cooka. cook* to waeh and Iron e*perl*u?od chambermaids, waitresses, nurse*, lannd reave*, houeekeopere. girl* for houto ? ork and (mall glrie, at RA YMOND'H. 61 Bloocka'- at TWO RRkPBl'TA HLE WOtlBN AOBD K ANI> U rear*. relat rea, Hir?e week* from London, wlah to fa together aa chambermaid and waltrea* Can be hoard of at PI Oreenwloh at WANTRD-PY A VI ?T BPRPECTABLB YOUNO girl, a elloatlon la do light chamber work, or attend an lore'ld lady Inquire al SI Waverly plane. IIPXP WAMF,n-rK!llAI,KH. A LAROR NIIMRKR OP SUPERIOR SBRVANTS J\ wanted Immediately ? Kieellent oook*. a tt rat clasa nurae t*a"iaKeee. alee, en waitress*,-, laundresses, glrlt for housework and tbo^e lately landed. ai RAYMOND'S, 61 Hleockeru. Removed from 1 4 ? tlrand at. AFKRNOH NliRSR WANTBD.-VRRY IIUI I WviKB will be g ven te one who ean apeak the Fienrh with a pur" accent Uoad reference re pilred . Applv to Mra M 0. Green, !>#0 Broadway, near Kirth Afenna Hotel. BORNRT FRAMR MARRRS W ANTRO? NOBB Rt'T II *t cl*aa banda w II be lakee; our old hand* are r? qucatod to acplf imiaedtatelv. KwoKmr Manulaetorv. 'HI Canal al line* girla will be taken. UOOK FOLDRRR WAN1 I.D -TffO OIRLS TO POLO and aow. Apply lejame* B KKket, a*4 Broadway, | up auira I I MILI.INRF WAMIIP-A FIRST (!l.*RS WOltfl woman oair need apply to .lea Denote A Bon. 411 I dtti Br, IITTLP IVAJfTED-PEMAI-r*. ^ Ml LMNV ft A N H PKKSSM A K fe It WANTED. -GOOD hai d- can ii.tvc \ oi nil ma year iiwm. Apply U> Mrs Kc . ?! er ureuus 1), corner Houston st. OA.LK8WO.MB> W AN TKD? EXPBRinNCE D OOOD ^ hi" '' . a cm icitr.-'i t" <ir**a, Uiioiniiil*. '* e . r bh'ns. fancy ?o. tl> Ac. i ! ? #*as only no -1 ?d I *?-, (ortbiea d4M lul l , experie ? sa'ary, Ihsi ritual. on, Ac., Dress '1 .ii. i n.t. Herald ollioe. ho post ofllce al ien. eJ to. AN TKD ? 300 (URLS. TO MAKB HOOP SKIRTS. AT 112 WMtsrui ?. vv WANTED? IMMEDIATELY. HBVBR \L FIRSC CLASS sewing machine "BWaiars for eloake. Apply to Ar rorkroom in llovyti 0 It. WANTED -TWO YOUNG LADIKW. OK INTKLLl ft'' ' . t* and jrepiiKS# ami: ?;-p jruifs, to nail on ("U tleiix o lo a saloon lu <tn adjoining oilv. Alio a house keeper Appi) t.t No. to OUt eve., between ill* bourn of II and H, for four days. U/ ANTKD-A HR8T CLASS MILLINER. AT TUB best wages and stead* work. Ayply at 60 Greenwich street. WANTBD-a SALESWOMAN AND TWO FIRST clas. mil tneis. t<> wlmra constant employment and "rv liberal pay wll l>? given; al<u> apprentice. In iulrc at IT West 4th m , at Mads tM Duu al a. TV W ANTKD-A WBT N U USB, AT 173 WEST l9T?i 8T. 7 ANTED? (IIBLS WITH 8I4W1NO MACHINES, AT 113 Was* 27th at. \\r AVTBD-AN ENERfiRTIC FOBKWOM AN, CAPA ? I bin lo take oiiargit of i\ manufactory <>f dress trim mings and headdresses euin o lite about 1 00 bauds. Ad dress. with real name, box 16u Herald oilice. WANT' D-G1RL8, TO 00 TO SYRACUSE. TO WORK no fancy paper boxes; must be well posted In line w irk. Address lor three <la a. Bt Uinij capabilities and Wages expected, Box Factory, box 1,381 N. Y. Post o.lice. WANTED.? A LAUNDRESS AND CIIAMDRRM AID. wlni can brlug satisfactory city referuncea, cau apply at 19 Weal HUih at , between 1 and 3 o clock. WANTED? 100 KXPliRI ESCBD CLOAK MAKERS; also ten machine niicralo's with their own machines. Apply at Charles 11. Oriftin a, MO Broadway, or at 67 Krank II u it. WANTKIl? A YOUNG LADY W-HO UNDERSTANDS ladlea' dressmaking. Address B. C., box 133 Herald ?Do*. WANTRD-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT AND Ex perienced jiersou, fond' of children m ;?ke the entire Charge of *u iufaul. A desirable ami permanent position la offered lo h suitable ap:i l( mi: English or Ccrman prefer red, None but lirat cine-, appllcanta and i efereuees wlil i e oelve nltentiou., llera'.d olDca. W ANTKD-A OIKL, FI'.OM It TO I5YBARK OF AOR. to tnke rare uf a ItUle boy and Roof errunda. Apply at 37 Ken wick MlreetA TITAN TED? TWO GOOD NEAT SKWEK9 TO MaK ?? blind or Klip ?tiic',ed tlec. Apply to H. H. Wctniore, 37 Caambei g a . tyT ANTED? AN HONEST, R SPBCTATLB MIDDLE ? < aged woman, either colored or wlilte. to dr> thu work of two la fa-nll, v, and lodee nt home. One perfectly --aim. futoi ? will reeoire !lber A waien. A'ldres*^ K. 11 , station C. corner of I2tu and tth streets, giving a idres.i. JANTED-Srx FIR^T CLASS TRIMMERS AT SIM uions Millinery, t'.S7 Kroadway. W1 WANTED? AT LORD A TAYLOR'S. CORNER OF Crontl and Chr>&t:e ass., lace workers anil etnbroi ?erers, als i a few good plain sewer- on white work. WA'NTKD? A LADY ACCOMPLISH BD IN MUSIC. AS companion for ? young lady, and who would lie will Ing to aii|>enntend tbe household all'ulni of a private famllv, and to whoin u home wo ild be an oh ect. Addresa. with reference and >nlBry. Gold, box 17-i Hrrald oTice. llKlaP WA\TKi5? MALES. Agents -an opportunity seldom offered to entei pri?.lnc men to mai.e money trith small capi tal. Call at C'. >'J Broadway, room No 7. __ LOU 18 PHILIP A CO. Agents wanted -to canvass fob ordehs for photographic vtev ? of pr rate residences tn Pnuth kcrpste, Newl.ur;;, I'eeksk til. Sing Sing Kye an.1 Ma^naro rerk. A liberal commission allowed to good men. Address Photographer, station L. Boy wanted -in a wholesale millinery house, about .'A yeaiaof A'^e lie must reaide with his | a cuts and b- uig unexceptionable references as to charac ter. ,Vc. Apply at 441 Itroome St.! lirst Itoor. BOY WAN1ED-0VEIC 16 YEARS OF AGE, LABOR sized and a'cond p"nman ; a permanent situation to a pco I lioy; salary $2 per week lor the firrt three months. Apply to Mr. Brewster, 25 Chambers st. Boy wanted-in an office, inquire at &o Broadway, upstairs, of ^1. M. McD ma d. Barkeeper wanted.? onb who thokououly umler<tftii'ls his business with suitable re:ercnrc and of pleasing addi>'s?. nisi call at the Mal-on Doree. corner of Division av. and Clymer St., Williamsburg. Drug clrrk wakted.-apply with rkpk. reuce to T. Jones, corner of C.assen and Kultou avs , Brooklyn. 1 BATHKR AND HIDES.? A YOUNO MAM WANTS I J employment as porter or assistant; thorough know ledgn also of ti>e retnl and findings; quick and correct In lUures, unl afraid to work% Addiess 0. P., box 137 Herald ofTiee SALBS .IAN WANTEi)-IN A MEN'S FUKN1SHINO goi>ds hou-e; he must he smart, and have a large trade: ftliheml salsrr will be paid; also a stout boi wsnted; one lining with his parents preferred. Addresa box 2, 538 Post oitlee, New York. W ANTRD? FOB YANKI I- MOTIONS, A 8ALKK-M ^N. One having a valuable acquaintance ran address, with rclerooce, box 1,22.4 post o'lice. WANTED-A MAN AN I) HIS WIFK, TO WORK AND carry onafaimof I tki acres lor miles froni thectty. Best of references required. Address box 77 Brooklyn Post i See. ' WANTED-AN ACTfVR BOY; MUST BE A PAIR icninan and correct at Ogurea. Apply to L. H. Culver, 19 Nassau street. WANTED-AT JOHN WARD'S TRA STORK. NO. Mrrtle av. Brooklyn, a voung man to uiake himself generally useful ana take tbe management oi horse, Ac. Apply on Monday morv'og. Y\7 ANTED ? A YOUNO ?IAN TO PLAY PIANO; ONR it wlio can plav English music. C?:l at 13 Greenest.. After 10 o clock. 11? ANTED? AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT BOY, 12 OR ? T it vears otd. Ill a gentle nen s turinshlna store; muat lia e first class reference, as to character. Atiplr on Moo dsv alterSA.M. to Richard Oreco, 3, '5 Canal SL, corner of Laumus st. \1TaNTKD-THIS DAY. ARl.K BODIED MBN, AS ft nurses lor *e vie" in the Un'teil Sistes Army (Jenersi Hospital. New York harbor; wag 's a month an I bo:?rd Applv with rec enmen lati >ns to C. KLLIOIT, C7 Blaeck e: st. . Ne?- York W ANTED -A van Til DTilVK AN EXPRESS W \(H?N. ?* A I f s, with reference. lUung -vages " xpecied, O. P., Iteia d n:iice.. \V \N1RD-A PKH80N TO ACT PORTIR I N A "? *''ip and liquor ntora; mult b? w q'ltmitl ?ilh the bmtne'a and MrlctW lionont. A man u no liaa \ bo- unw *<-ij iR'iitunrr mi < an t-.l k<h,J* preferred. AHiiroan V. D,, wtih refffnoe, 11' i aid o l:ce. ANTI I)-A ftTK.AOY MAN WHO KNOWS THE Wf c'tt ?-ell and I* aifualnted with Kblpping, to drl . e.a cart Apply on Monday, '?iw?n II a'ld li o'clock to Pierca Simian, 61 Lilj.iriy at WANTKI?? IM A HIAMAN'S SHIPPfMU OPflCR A amort, Intelligent young man. Appy at 7.\ Mouth alrert, eginrrof Maiden laoe, up lair*. from :> till 12. WANTKD? AN ACT1TE TOWNG MAN, 1.4 OR 20 yara or air. In the ortlr.r af a tmniufa' lorjr at Hun tet a Point. A rtrr??, in hand writluji ut app loant 1 Ciougb. Ilunter a I'otut tl'ANTKD-IN A BANKER'S AND STOCK BRORKR'S ?? ofllN. a atrong active and Intc'llirr nt boy, nbnean rome a I raonuimcndad; one who rraldes with hn pvsnta preiered Addreaa B H. b , New I'ork ' oat o SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES. AVOUNil MAN. 2S TK4R8 OF AOK. WITH SOME experience would like to get a altuat'oti aa aaaialant lu a Oral claw barroom. Brooklyn or W illlamaburg pre. ferred, or above 2itli at In thla city. flood reference* a? to abaractor, hontatv and aobrlet>. No wasea eipected until qualified. Addreaa H 0. M. Uodfrey'a. Union tquare 1'oat Mm AYOUNO MAN DRSIREB A SITUATION IN ROMP hua neaa houae . la a good pnman; ha* a knowledge af booKka?ping. and tactirrecat flgoraa, Addreaa IM Raat Slat at , betweeu lat and 2d AT* r APOTHECARIES ?A TOUNO MARRIED MAN, who baa bad 13'. jrcara eiperlenoe in beamm cine*, and who la thoroughly acquainted with aaanlpulatlona, deMre* a situation In a Drat claaa retail tiara. Raat of recommendation* I urnlahed. Addraaa bog I. MO New Tart Poat office. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN) IH A ?nod groom and careful driver, and willing to mako b m^elf generally uaefui abom a geotleman'a plaaa. Haa uie i?it of rafereacea from last employer*. Call an or ad dree* J H , 1 13 Hammond at WANTRD? A SITUATION. RT A RESPKOTARI.S man, to work in a atore; the hlghatt recommendation aa to honaaty And Indiwtrr aan be given. Call on or addraag J. PI ocR, Broadway, between 74th and 7Mb a la. WANTED? BV A THOROUGHLY OOMPBTBNT AND eeh#r Hi * n . with aevnn vf?ri experience in Loiilnlima, Id a?tfar mill machinery. * iHuatlon to *o lo Cub*, to tut* Air a ?u|?r crap Retereiinee iurnlahad. Addreea Baflneer, Herald o lice, for one week WA NTI.O -A SITUATION, BT AN HONB8T, BOHRB youne man p?rter la a 'lore, or any otlirr cm plovment (hit he can make fclmeelf generally naelW) no oil jiicrion lo lo Into the o mntry . the beat of reference" given. Apply ol ? Oliver eireet, frontfroom, Ural I oir of John hu|> lina'a. WABTKD-A SITU ATI ON, BT A TO I NO MAN OP three j ? ?ra' mparleoi e In the machmtat trade where he can aet i-e one rear on marina work. Addroai T. N , bog SJU Herat i o'lioe. PR&NCH ADVBBTllBUCIITk UNK DEMOtHSLlaB ARRIVANT UK FRANCR. event recite de rinltrurtion, ileairereli trout cr tin# pi#"* bonne d'enfanta a inl ell# ponrrnit donnnr dee lectin a ite Krancala. S'adreaaer par jeilre a I' Hotel La. favetie, S9 Meroer at WATOBBB, JRWBLRT, AO. Diamonds. ULU UOI.D AND SltVKIt DIAMOND!, . ' . ? OLD OOl.ii AND Bllif BN? Pereona who wlah t* ?e)l Diamond*, old uo d. Jiter, or *nr kind of old ladiloncd Jewelry, t'0 to IOUIX eJwRICIlL V/.1 Bro# twar, A l eeitlre (aei, he pea .HI p. r e Jot mol? than any ot er peraon. Kalahilitharf in New lorklmceih# administration oi the late Ha. tin V an B-irdii. wake a# mtaiake? 721 Broadway, nailer the New York Hotel. GRKAT PRICKS PAID FOB l>lAM(?NI> JB'jmi.Ry, or tiaeot Diamond#, Watch#*. old Uold anld *i r'r MJ hmira i. aly l.o.n * vil? : 10 A. M. and from 1 Si IP. ?t ? W. 1'1,1'MP. Diamond Broker. AH Bfiadwar." TaJtu? lion* one per coat. FIWAWCTA1,. UNITED STATS* TBEA8I"! v , Kkw Yo?*. August n ) kl I ate anthorlT-ed b> the Secretary of lh? Treisiirr in: cipstc the payment of conpona for the Iw fnrtj bonds tur ng on t li - 1st day of Reptemhe n??t, an : nl>u ii,, p,in? <ii the t ?e twenty Bond* maturlm.* No?etiiber I, !(i \Y h"ii full oouomis are |;r>?eniod id nmnhera of i; (W I) or more or frac n:al wnip.nn m nnuibsr* of t?? ('.'ill <r m .ra they muat be accompanied by a aoliedul* eiemlnaliao. t"he ks will be given for them in the o'd'-r In wbfch . ate ifo>-ived aa aoon thereafter as the examin itlun o? | completed Blank schednlea will be furnlahed upon application at' Inter eat desk of this otltoe. JACOB RUS8BLU Assistant Treaaurer ad iMer' Proposals por VOLUNTEER SOLDIERS' FAMILY AID KDKD BONUS, NO. la Sealed proposala will be received at the Comptroller'! lice untt Wedncadav, the Rtat of August IMI. ?! J ?'c; P. M., when the nmf will be publicly op?n"d for the i chase of the whol- or ant tiart of the no in of Five H > n< Thousand Dollars of the "Volumeer Soldier* Famllvj Kund Bonds, No. Ill, ' smhoi ue i b? an ordinance of f (Vrnoritlon passed Angus' in. 1W,| anil an am of H. " I A iature of the Slate of N<w Turk. passed Match ft. l&/a The said bonds will hear Interest at the raie of alt ? rent per annum, navab'e aeinl annually, on 'he Aral <1a-J Mm and November in moh year, aid the princ pal Willi red eemed November 1. I've j The proposal* will ataie the amount of bond* dealred. Ihe price I*r one hundred dollars there, or, and the tier whoa" pronoaals are accepted will thereupon ba require-, deposit with the Cbamberlan of the city (at the Broad* ItanK > the auma awarded to them lOKpeetlvely. On oreaentlne to the Oomptro'ler the receipts ef Chamberlain for aueh deposit*. the parties will be enill to rec lve honda for rqual amount* of the par va'ue thei^ bearing Inlerett rrom the dates of o?vm?ntv Each nroni?lt|on should be sealed and endorsed "Pro' sals for Volunteer Soldier*' Fain'l* A'd Fnnd Bonds 1 in " ?nd enclosed hi a second envelope, addressed to Co1 '^frolVr Tlie rlr'il l? reserved to reject anv or all of the bids If Interests of tlie Corporation requlr" IL Intereataor * ^ \TTI, [UV T.P.RF. N'X AN, Comntrolle CiTrorNnu York. Dkimktmk.nt Or Finance. Comrra L kr's Orriru. Aucusi In, IStVt. Market ba vivos bank. M). 8i NASSAU STREET OPEN FVRBT 1MV FROM In A M to B F. M,. and j MONDAYS and TH U USD Y8 Irotn 6 to 7 P. M. SIX PKR CBN'T ?Btere.i allowed. Monev depos 'ed on or before September 1 will draw I months' Interest la .lanuarv next. LUTHER C. CASTER, President Hfnrt R. CONKUW, Secretary. NOTICE. ? HOLDERS OP STOCKTON fOATiIFORH| Oitv ronpona. due and pa\ sli e In New Yoikln I8 il. anil January. 1W\ are hareby notllled that the ~ will He pa'd n TTniled Staiea (fold coin on pre?ent*tlnn> the Men o poll lan Rank. New Yo>-lt city, on the respect' da'c?. C. T. tiRARKR, AgMl NKW YORK AND II A Kl.' M R M I.RO\ D Cf)MPA? ? Piealfl nt'a Ollice, corner of P'lirth avi-n-ie f Twent) ? Jiili'atreet ve - York, August 22, I8CI ? I'ronon^ will be re eivcil at tlila ofllce until Kith of September nrt, inn. for two I. tin 1-e.t t''Oim'in1 dollars of the Cntisollda Mort'aseand SlnklnK Fund Bonds of this companv. Tlie>-e I oud* were leaned in Marel.. lV>t. Intereal at jh*' cent, pnv nble ?oml-anniinllv on jiresenlatlon of cenpol Alisuat anrl Fel.rnar , are limited to an aggregate amml of not exceedloa aW mllllona or dollars and are redeej able In f'lriy years frotn their date. 1 They were la?ned 'or the purpose of consolidating 11 entire moil :age ih bt of t' e companv, and aie ?eeured hi* tnorl a -e upon the whole of Its railroad. Including it( c] railroada. J 1 lie morigape provides for a s!nl"lne fund, to he appn semi-annually to th? pnrcbiiae and cancel ation of tl bonds It further nrorl'les for the anplicat on of the pi cee^s of sale of the -eal ena'e of the comimnv aouthi Torn -second stri ct to the pmchase and pxiinnulahmeat | the bond". k. 1 A stilUc'ent numVrortbe bonds bare been aet I pav the exlst n.' morigtges as the? become due. | Further InforinatUtB can b had on nppl'cailon at tfl. o HK-e, VV M l I . V A N D E 1 1 H I LT . V ice President! THE BMH1KANT 8AV1N0H BANK OF BROOKLTI No. 5 (lonrt street opposite (!(ti- Hal' will be op-nod an THURSDAY, the 1st oi' Sepiernb >r neu to receive rierioalts. Interest will be kliowed "null sum* deposited on or t< fore tii? lf>th da a o October. Jsniiarv. April and .Itil from the l?t daiao' those mont'is respectivelv, ai the ra of Six I'BK OKNT t'F.K A N N ' ' NT on am. mnta under $V and FIVE PKR OKNT I'KR ANNUM on etima over tk amount nnd under $'?,(W0. The l ank will b'> open daily (Si:tl lavs and public holWa from nine o'clock A. vi i > t-vo o clock P. M.. ar fruin seven to nine P. M. on M- nda\a and Tlvir-d?va. CORNELIUS DEVKS, Mi Hurnson atreet, President-^ J. BHiNtQUK, 191 Clinton street. SecreUrv. Tranpff.p aoenct or the empip.r mti,l am Mlnine Cotniwnr, of Ren Francisco, California ? Car flontee ssnrd at ihc office in Ran Francisco can heeiekoa ed Ihe ageocr here until the I.Mhof Sepli-mberneit; aft that only when d:"ch*raod from the boon- o'lice LEES A WALLKR. Trnnsfer Agoo|% Offices 5S Pine sheet. New Tom. | ?yyALDEM. YTILIiARD A MrlLVAINB. 17 Broad street. New York. . Orders solicited for the purchaseand sale of United Blew Securities of ail kinds, Ouarto'ina'ters' Vouehers. Spew and Exchange. All claims agalust the government ootleeMl and pur bascd. Refer to Bank of iUe Reo iblic, Charles H. Msrahall, Opdyke, Loeachmk A Co. Francis Hkiddjr, Esq. John J. Crane. Baa. P. Viius. Baa. WANTED? FOB THRBB OB PIVB YEARS. $1000. oj a drat mortgage, at seven per cent. In Westeheste county, within ten nil es of Oltv flail, on property fast fm Ing in value. Addresa P W. E., Herald odica. (]>1 OAA ? LAROK BONI S PAII). ?WANTED, BY V iP 1 ? responsible party, the ab ive sum on a chatfi tneitgace; a larze bonus and liberal interest paid; Inst ? references as lo responsibility. Address P. X. T., Herat office. $300,000 0TO LOAN? AT BIX PBR CENT, for live ?rar? or longer, no Nnw York city propa. ty. JOSKI'll MASON. No. SS Pine ?t , room* 10 tad 11. tFL fjflfll HitTt mm TIT LRNI) IN 8KPARATI ' ximi, on mortgage of New Yurkcitt piDMf tr, or tngi-iher. or In smaller mini Applt tw letter. wltk (ie? 'r<pt oii?. n >i jpe v>nal,j. to f. Benjamin, 75 Wtrt Forw tilth street. New Y < >rk. Cinn (WWt T? loan-on first class no dnctiTc proper i in In Now fork or Kroofc fro eliin*. tor five or tea rear*, at 6 per cent Interest, aad to ?umi oi not l8*? than Principal* onW treated wtit BALL k HUMBERT, bi Koutli streak THE Til \ DES. AOOOt) PHOTO!! K A Hit 10 OPERATOR I'KSIRKS if (tngiigomenl, rltlii-f In the nty nronu Applj to or a? drrai B . S< > th av , ?v?r tbe dentist's. Bl'.OWN STONE PUTTERS W ANTRn ? AI?SO TWO i.onrt Carvrr* nnd one cood brown aion? rubber. M '.'5 a day. at K. Cummlogi ('.one jaid near the Haimltes furry, Brooklyn. fHftrMlTOU WaNTKD-AT 16 AMP 18 JACOB rr., Vj at 5L1 c*nn for mimiacrlpt and 47 cnta fur ropr ot, on bonk work; al?o ? nmnOer ol son.1 nrxv- r>"tper huud< Steady work and prompt pay. JOHN A. OltAV A i.KRKN. piIINA CI.AT ? WAJfTKD. A MAN WHO UNDEft \J fiiin.lR l]i' waablny nod preMlncof rjat Tn met pai i> ? i.'mki clinuce is o lered. Inquire of A. C. Smilli, .'r., i>:i ivarl ntr??t. WANT O-A KIKST R \TK HOR3KHHOK N.VlIifR. ?V Aim ly at 60 Weal .Villi at. Alao a good anvil. Ur \iNTKi>-Sfc:vi-::t\L comporiiokh at .v> ex*. Ire et (iood vvag'M pal l. Al?o. ? Orriuan e?r? po I tor. or AKTRO? a oaromrbr WHO CRDRNBTAKM '? ?ri- nho i 8 nnd y?4i!i?ole unraening. A * ngli :naa jKHf^rrrd Billion h a ?m ill lio n? c*u be lia I None but tt-.??? iindf rawiidinj h ? ii aiu ?*? n??d apply al Andraw Fl-iillay'a 3.)Piht->l , oa lloilaj, Anuun'. "U. tieuve^a lit ?nd * o'elirk. TV'ANrKO-iy A PIPR SHOP TWO OOOD MaCHIR ?? mt?. ':a?.| to rlw and latlin wor* Applv to Haker Bm th A I o , 1*2 Centre it, Inquire for the loremaa PltOPOS/lJ.H. rpo RAILROAD CONTRACTORS.? TI1B SARATOGA Ml Httl?on Rlwr Rlllrnl .(lioptngrm now prepared lo let the gracing and din onry on nlv ui twrni?-on> rullat of thetr med, In Albany and Greene e-.nn?les. The w>rfc k of a <leslrab> ctiaracii-r ami will \<r <llap<.>eed el la cent mH of from two to nee inlleit. Prortlea ean he seen an, I full fe formation pit en at the o.R e of the company, ia Athew opposite Hudson. N. V. THOMA8 HASSARD. Kaglaaar. ~r~T" ~ F,ar? art?. NIAOARA PaU.S-PHOTOOttAIMJIU PKoM L'NDSB the great oatarau on ibe Canada slje. H'U.MKS the ertiet, B (V Rroadwav. new dihlhit- ih? ,no?t rennrkahla pictures ol Niagara, tenen from various point*. ine oar* eularly, which wal uken at a perilous situation under M great sheet of water? a real seldom If aver attempted n> wbole cnllectiea are remarkably One. Copies mar ta A talned al the ga lery. ' " CCKMl'llHI. a RARR CHAROR.-POR ?ALK, THB KCKNITURB A of a plaint; furnished room ana two oadri+iat with evpry thine necestart fur bett<ek?pp ng. a'so with (he apart mrnie if required, at a reasonable rani. Otis* for -rliiac go Ing to Kwrope. Terms $ Cm he aaen at lAt> Waal Nineteenth meet, net ween Seventh and Kightb aveaoaa. third door, lot two days, A V Bt.ROAKT AS NO RTM RRT Or HOUSRffOLD rim. A allure far eaia at a aacrlllee; Piaaolorte, Staaeree Bookease. Mirrors. Parlor 8nltr I'alatioie. nr nwne, Oa*. taint, rosewood and walotlt Chamber Furniture Dlnfa*. roe in Farntiur* An Jaqnlra al IIS West Twain* ihiA ?treat, near Slith avenue. A8UPRRIOR M ATTRKRH. ? CR< >NDAI,'B PATBN* prepared Cork it cbraper than bair. and <li?ei not /el Impaired hv uae Tha ctirtoilt, as veil ai |i oaf re.ja.iiag I tiding. are laeltad lo esil and e'auilue ibem ai the mai? farlnrer's wareroouot, 7M Broadway. m II A ROT'S RXTBNSIO* SOFA AND FaRI-OB It entirely dlfl'-renl from the omiaoa aofa bedeteadi his an etj>i*l spring mattreae; oan en lly be made stniM SS large la suit tna apaaa, l?7 Bieaeker street IfiMM AMD WBACOtt, 1 E'DMOXftTON'B CURRBNCT TOBACCO, J Methv to retel era and JObheie. Thl Taha.rn has *?m rtinad l he ni Kie rainala* the e? aa to en .hie 11 te h? sold at five rente p?-r paper. Thoea wno have am tried ? thonld a?k 'or e paper "f BOMUMB/OB'B OURKKNOr TOBACCO. RRMOVAb ? THR RAPtD INCKKAS!" OK OCR BIT?|. aces ImMeed ns te remove tn No 17 l>*y atreet B*R? A CO . eole maaufaotiirars of the Patent v:i*areu?a SMORHO TOBACCO AND 800,000 SKUARR AT fM p-c I. WO and opwaria. Cholre Pip.<a, jitei received from Pint, Columbian snd Bolrtiert' Choice Kmoklua Te harms are the heat and ehea|?at ia Ihe market. SdMip A^sat/i ill l.lbnrt, etreeL I'OAN OF KICK*. AT 77 -MONK! MHBRAI.I.V AOVANCKD AT 71 OB A DIAMORMg WATCHKN. .IRWRl.RT. PIANO* rtiNNITURR. A... ALSO AT IT, PA WRBROKBRS' rtOK?TB WANTED ATI* On Oiamoods. Waiuhae, JewHlry. Ao., and s hlfh-r rr'o- ne d 'hitn nail tm at>taliie't at aat atktc Diaua la tba any. at 77 Blaackar street, t p atain.

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