Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Ağustos 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Ağustos 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL ec?AT, August IS. t?9i. The ft In gold , wTHc^i we tiara been proft . iiicaiini for Ute last i?u wvtks, began I" wwilj* ? -rday, but M lb* premonitory symptoms of Its approach bad bean Ttsib e both tn tbe quotations and olt.i wise sl"ce Tburs day, It occasioned no ??rt>rise on the |*rt of sbrovrd ope rators These, however, we need Kardly ssy , ai ? -l./ touch in ths minority , and only a ?s? bave profited by tbe dec ice Because tbe government bat an bun dred and forty odd mtki'Us <* currency alioat, ?r.d la still adding to ttis Immense volume. It must not. therefore, be iuppoeod that gold was fairly worth the premium at which It bis been eelliug of lata lode d . it has beet t'.e dearest pro duet In the market pu-cbat-abie with paper inouey. No description of Merchandise, no lorm of Isbo', had ad vanced at all in (apportion w ith It Bince the commence ment of the war, and tf it bai not been for the mischie vous meddling of Oougrees ? itb us sale, It would bavs reached co -ucti price as it stands qu veil at to day. II ruse a hundred per ceut within u tew week* lielore th< adjournment of Congress. una entirely under tbe tnfluenci of speculation and (ears for the future. There was no rea cause tor it, atid bo *000 as those feara abau the decline must assuredly come, ?nd in proportion it the reetoraiion of confidence will be the extent oi the de cltne within a cerUit limit, tor it would be 01 course, abaurd to argue that ?old ought not to be at a high pre jraiut in the present and prosoective iuti of the cur rency But we maintain after JOPkiug every allowance for the Incompetency ard corruption of Mr Cbase, itud the Umld ne-fcueas of bis successor, that it has beeu too iiigb. Be/ore ibis war is over It will probably be much bigber than it ha* boon, supposing it to continue for yonrs longer, but at present it Is higher than tbo circ'unsmncM? of the nation justify, and temporarily it cannot sustain itself at the current quotations. The deplorable mismanagement aod ruinous extravagance on the part of tbe administration that this country has Buffered under would have been sufficient to ruin al together any other in the world, and tbe best testimony that can be adduced in favor of lt? vast resources and the enduring energy and heroic greatness of its people, ts to be found in tbe great 1 act that li is in no worse con dition than it is. No thanks, however, to the imbe ciles at Washington Our strength his been in nature and human uature on a free soil. The government has ' en from tbe outset of the con flict the worst enemy or the people, and its work ol ruin ati >n is still going forward. 11 reduced the currency of the country to forty cents on the dollar in val u*. and at that rate it has be n sel: np its nonds for which it is to pay lor seventeen years to come six per cent interest in gold. N > more suicidal finacc al policy was ever cirried into practice by any rution in tbe v rid , ami such a roirse long persevered iu cannot but eventuate in t> .nkruptcv. But. however much we may justly condemn thB policy which bus led us into our present difficulties, we never Unless bare faith in the ultimate solvency ol . e com try, w hicb the men in power have done their b ? to injure by a combination of Ignorance, partisanship , and cor ruption without a parallel in history. How lar gold may down and how long it may ke**p down we care not to know, bi.t suffice it to e.<y t h . t ths cauue which will most power, ally depress it, nam ly, toe increased demand in fcurop | or our gold bearing boods, arising from tbe present p uce agitation, as also the fall in gold now taking place, is not yet at work. The export of these bonds ought to be a sourco ol regrot instead of satisfaction on tbe part of a-lministra tion organs; but !t i* a fact we m ist recognize, and be would indeed be a blind prophet who would shut his eyes against the evil and see only the good. If the govern menl was Belling tbe^e bonds for their price In gold, or any thing like its equivalent, there would be every reason to reioice at this apparen confidence iu our securities abroad, but when we remember that the nation is receiving only forty cents, more or less, for what it is likely to pay a hundred for hereafter, besides enormous interest, there is enough to make us beheve that our bonds are merely bought (or speculation, and we are "paying doarly for our whist e." The Block market ts still unsettled and without strength The peace agitation is likely to be revived, and, although there may be no substantial re<soi.s for the decline of railway shares, tears with regard to the contraction censequert on the prospect or realization or peace w ill in all probability deter rpecu ations for a rise and until the result of the Chicago Convention Is kno?n irregularity will be tbe salient fe ture of the stock mar Tbe monev market i* more activ-- iu the discount line, but stock bouse* ontain all they require at seven per cent, and the dtraand from them is v. ry limited. Foreign exchange is dull. Bankers ask 10i>^ for ster ling, without takers. They will prooabiy usk less next week. The Secretary of tbe Tr?a?orv has issued tbo following regulations for tbe exchange of coupon for registered bonds:? parties boldirg coupon bonds of any loan of tbe t nlted Slates except the loans of f-optetuber y, 1840 (Mexi can indemnity , , and March fi, lv.l (Oregon war), can exchange theni for registered lw?uds of ttie s.tme by presenting tliem al the ofTU e o' tbe i^ecretary t?f the Treasury. Tbey should be accompanied by a letter re questiiii tbe exchange, which should state the numbers and detr minations 01 tbe btud" sent, and tbe act under which they w ere issued, or the title by which they are known Tbe letter snoi. Id also stale tbo den . initiations of tbe rerist'Ted bonds wanted in in whose name tbey are to De issuod, tbe disposition to be made or them after tbey are issued, and tbe place where the in terest is to be paid. Interest <n registered bonds is payable by tbe Treasurer of the United Mates at Wash ington, Assistant Treasurers of the I nited -tates al Sew York, I'bi artelphia, Boston, New tlriean0 and St l/>?is. and I'nited States liepositones at Ba.timore, Cincinnati aod Cbicago. Tbe total subscription to the new seven-thirty loan up to Friday afternoon *1- f iS.PiS^OO. The following flgu-os sbow the aggregate shipments of gold from San Frs- clseo from January 1 to August 1, ibis year and last : ? Shipments to August 1. W J?' *** ^rresioading period, 1S63 20,00*,! S3 Kn ess tbis year |t,71?,0il Tbe financial transactions ot tbe United States Bub Treasury to this city during the past week are exhibited >n tbe following table ? KccixjiU frwm Total < Uilomi. Faym?nl$ Mot,4lT $347,000 4.33WJ?9 8.?T8 04? ruesdayV. .. i ? ? ? Wednesday 323,000 ?-9 2.292.^0 ..... *>-,<*?> F?l(Sr .......... *^-9" >aturday. .. 21>4,t-00 1^37,3.? U7'i.t>81 Totals fl, TOO, 600 12,?19,08? l>r'.48,137 ?Tbe bal mc in tbe hands of tbe Acting Assistant Treasu rer on Salurdsy was 420, 628, 898. Tbe following were tbe quotations Tor railroad and mis nelianeoua snares at tbe eioee of each of tbe past fear ~ ^l?p.?.>(Ui-.13.At4<!.90.Aufl.27 America, gold. 25"^ 2.8 uev^d^'l^t'sbir,:.;:.'.: m* 1U? iwx no* if* Cbicago k Northwestern.... l,% 67 M* ?i ??< m* ontral Coal &9 ~ w anion tompany ... ST* 3'H wleKsU^rr 1 12 J,? 112S 112.S gZj ?' iSS 5S sSTi ::::::::?. SS ^ WS Michigac Central.. 13yi< 139 134 ? Michigan 91 % ?* '? Militnosee * P.deCbiee... 70 08 Mariiawa Mining 4?H 42 41 S ^ New Yor* Central.. 131 131 ISO's 1*S?< Ohio It Missuaslppi cer 1 V !>0H fsrifle Vail ? 2T8 2a0 Pnensi aaia Goal 2^1 ? 212 20* % Pllt# burg k I- urt W syne .... 114,'i 1KH 114^ 112 Qulcksllvei Miuleg 7??< 80)-t 82^ 82 Head tog Railroad 135 131K 136\ 133 The following were the quotations for government se. :uritiM ? Am? 9 Aug 13. Aug 30. Aw. 77. Kim if* at im IQt 107 101 n n*i)4 laupoa 6'B af 1M1 10?* Ml lot H Hva-twaalT COapoa 10*^ l&w 110* UJW rwa twao?y r?fiaiaraA. loe* iw jo-* m* 10-40 * !>?? <*'l t>o?<U ? ? lu.i u 103 u on# T**r aarllicaiaa 04* W. W> 9b Octotwr 7 3 10 Bote* 107* 10? 110 111* Auguttdo If? 109 111* 118 Mat* alorka wtr? quotad m follow* ? MtMourl 6 68* Nartb Caro. na Iiiumh 0'* 00 California 7 B> )? lndMiim 5'a 80 Obto ?'?, 1R81 115 Virginia W'a bb Michigan ?"a 103 (??orgik t ? 60 LottMWM T3 Tba following national bud war* aulbortaed during the wank ending Augual 30 ? >'??*. luxation. OapM. rtt? 0. ?tra??, III. $100 000 t ? . Mania ga, Mil) /... 100,000 Hr?? v,a? f-offiaid, Oooa 100,009 ?And tba following Ut* tneraaaad IbMr capMai:? On#* mJ Frm** Kami. f'wilitn. Capital. Cmpitml FHUbarg . Pa $4i?,000 600,000 ?"?* Cotx?ta?lTta M. Y . . flo.OOO 100,000 f'ra? I'oriamoaUi, M. ?. v<n 04ft 900,00# *** Cltnina, Mm* ... 110 000 171,000 yattoo ?l... Itaili, Ma. i ? 116,000 I ? tVa wbata Bum bar af aauocaj bants ,i bow '.-a t?a a dred ul atoety feten. with an aggregate capital of $81 ,1TB ,0*0. lb'* condition of the bank* o < the tbr*? prlocips' com nsrcUl cilia* or the Union is exhibited tn tb? following tab la, which show a the aggregate ot ibeir last *Mk:j statements .? / mm Spf-i*. Cir^,)al\"n Dftu'tt. N T 'rt. Aut. SO $1*6 swu.ifl: 20 794,I? 6M IM B6.?ir I'll 'la. Aiitf. I-' 99 40M&S 3.*ii\ IM 2.2 I 461 Si boston All# 23 61.K17 lt;s 6.001,086 9 568 167 *7,2*2 059 Total .fW7.8l6.W3 50,417,606 lu. 137, 1^6 list ?<-ek 236.6*1,81:2 30.708.IW2 16,172, 229 220.427.120 Increase In loans $1 614,133 I too rease in pe IS 291,394 Itetrvas-e iu cucjiatuu 34,963 1 -ecrotstf m deposa* tW9,H0 A national bunk, with ? capital of $100,000, Is to be cut binned at Oneida, kin lis >d county, to tula btate. lite following iitbi?, vbuwmg tbe Slate bank circulation and capital, is made up Irvm tbe latest ollioul return ? ? Cap til- Circulation Alabama $4,97ri,?00 5.066, 222 Connecticut 21.749,044 12,981.540 Delaware 1.6iO,7?5 1,178,340 Florid* 42 J 000 Ho, *260 Georgia 16,5 6,4<>0 8,311 728 I.lmoia 1 ,896,000 1,138,628 luoiana 4 1? 7 c - , 7 . 6 6. 728, i>89 Iowa.. 797,970 1,240.005 K*usa* 93,130 2 770 Kentucky 13.79S 030 9,035,724 Louisiana 17.388,16s 8,876 519 Maine 7, V S3 .000 6. '>24 030 Massachusetts 6ft 7 .4. 700 SI. 3*0.0. >8 Mart land 12.112 300 6,04'.', 030 Micnitim 41ft. *<00 181.0*7 Minnesota 318,000 413,261 Mississippi 1. 110. 600 169 .400 Missouri 11 ,268 106 4,037,277 New liainpsbire 4.o78,."00 4,103.844 NVw York 109,258.147 42,865 310 Jt 8,187,162 8,172 398 No t* . aro.ina 7.863,4116 5,218 698 Ohio f.,f,74 00? fl,2.'>8,:<45 Pennsylvania 25 917,650 27,689, '.t>4 Ktiude inland 21.154.MM) 6,144.974 S lUlh (. aroroa 14,952 486 6,089,036 leuaessce 8.406,543 4,540,906 Vermont 8.911.000 4-.337.859 Virginia 14,732,736 18 310,679 Wast Virginia 1,753,475 1.50(1,409 Wlsoonsiu 3,397,000 2 606, (Ml Total $413532,870 841.877, 3W National Batiks 75,213,945 25. 82a ,665 Grand total $4*8,746,815 267,702,976 ?California, Arkansas, Oregon aud Toaas bare do banks of issue. The following table exh'blfsfhe receipts and shipments of flour and uraui ut Milwaukee lor the ?tek ending Saturday, August 20, exclusive o: deliveries by waguos.? , ? Hecttpu , , ? vhivrnen'n ? , 1863. 18*14. 18ft.-?. 1804 Flour; bbls ....... 2 241 1,404 11.177 3 752 truest, bash 85 102 7;: 483 106 059 129,960 Cam 12,643 17, *37 19 000 485 Corn 7.883 4.751 755 20 Barle> 070 241 ? ? J!yo 3.730 1,071 ? ? From the annual report of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company for tho fiscal year ending 30th April, 1864, we learn that It has constructed and put m operuliou its new Ime from Aurora t> Chicago. This, with i ho purchase of the Quincy and Chicago road, under do ree for foreclosur e ol mortgage, makes its line of road four hundred miles long. The earnings if the road for the tisoal year ending April 30 have been: ? 1S63 18-.4 Irtcrraf. Freight $2,542,827 2 979,016 43'i.l-fl passengers 647, ''07 956,474 SOU 467 Mans and miscellhoejus 98,068 104.431 0,361 Total $3,287,902 4,039.922 752.020 ? The Increase has bppo produced from the growth of the general trafBc or the road, consd iuent upon the set tlement and cultivation of the country tributary to the 'ine. aud not from governmeut | f - nase. The operating expenses have been fllty-two per centum of tbe earnings, being an increase of abjut six per centum over the for mer year. Tbe number of passengers and tons of freight trans ported were as follows ? 18 "3. 1864 Incrrar ?. Passengers 402 616 5731?2.'> 17l.2>9 Tons ol rreicht 777,736 809 674 31,938 Tbe g'-ceral account shows that tbe raid and equip merit has cost $18,027,325 Materials lor luture operations on band paid for 631,756 Total cost of property to April 39, 1864 $14,459,081 lmhii.itikh. Interest bearing bonds $5,583,500 Scrip payable is twenty live half. yearly insulments, without in n-ro-t 544.531 Uaiau odue on operating accounts. 187.356 6.315 3S7 Balance ronropented by 05,711 4 10 shares ? lock, nl $123 90 eacb $1,143,694 As the par value of the shares is only $10 >. twill I o seen by the loftioiflK tbat undivided oaroing* ol tl e road Dave beon iuvo li'1 id (be properly to the amuunl ?r #I,5T^,.')64 24, which suuds lu ibe accjuut aa fol lows:? To th? credit ors'tikio* fund $.'>41 .4*51 To Ibe credit or lucerne account l,026.0?l Total surplus , , . . : $1 ,672 664 The report of ibe directors of the Boston and Mmoe Kailroad to tb?* stockholders has be -n published. It is for the year ending JUt 31. Tbe principal statistics are an follows: ? Tbe receipt* rrom pM?o3<rers wore $fi87,S47 45 Frotn Ireiitht 349 ,266 29 f rom rents (including lietbueu branch;... 1%967 63 From mails. . . . 9 ?<3 9ft From iiitereft an.l dividends 8,865 60 From surplus earnings of Portland, Saco and 1'orismoutb Kailroad 32,600 00 Total uroM receipts $1,114,030 82 Tbe eipeoaes, including renewals, depreci ation and all taxes except lax on divi dends have bceu. 635,031 72 Met earnings $481,899 10 From which dwiactmft two dividends of lour per cent each $328,456 00 United Slates lux on same . 10,168 42 And amount paid oo claries river druw aceioctit since June 1. 186.4 ??. 20,908 T7 $365,083 19 The sirplwa of ibe year Is $116, 316, VI To which Hiding ihe amount received for locomotive sold above lu valuation on the books. 7 500,00 Amount carried to undivided earning for Ibe past year $123,815 01 ? Tbe grots receipts exceed those of tbe year ending May 31, 1*83, by the amount of $170,960 78, tbe net earnings are $31,697 14 larger. The annual meeting la to be held at Lawrence oa tbe 14tb ef September. Tbe comparative earning* of tbe Milwaukee and Prairie du Cbieo Kailroad during the second week in August was as follows ? 1W. $18,709 1864 21,671 increase (5* per cent). $7, (*69 ? Tbe inereaee m tbe earning* of tbe _? road since January 1 amounts lo $439,803, or 74 per ceot. Tbe receipts of the Racioeand Mississippi and Northern Illinois railroads during Ibe week ending August 14 were as follows W.V 1864. Pae??oger<i nil 2,618 Freight. 3,511 8,369 Mlsoeiiaaeuua 371 400 ToUl $5,693 12, *87 Increase 7, 1.(4 -.The earnings or tbe above road since January 1 amount to $337,273, against $206,184 for tbe same period last year? inereaee $132,089. Tbe following were tbe comparative earning* ef tbe 81 tome, Alton and Terre Masts Railroad during tbe month of July;? 1813 $118,076 1864 $144,941 Increase ? 26,806 The Mlcbieaa Central Railroad muM Um ???k in august as follows:? 1863 $47,648 1804 T7,9 J8 Increase $30,824 Ibe Michigan Southern road earned tbe tbird week Id August aa follows :? 186^. |48,A84 186*. 74.222 Increase $26,688 Tbe receipts on tbe Grand Trunk Railway, for tbe week ending August 18 ware:? 186W $81,684 186** 101 .508 InsreaM.... ..... $19,91.* Tbe OrMt Western Railroad earned tbe weak ending Aaguat }"Si 81 61,457 02 tncrssss Tbe Detroll and Milwaukee Railway ending Aaguat 18 ? 1883 fl 889 64 180* 28 897 07 lacreaae $8,972 48 Th# Jolh>w dc t?a atatemaei of tbe sarnlncs ef tba Chicago tad Altos Railroad Company fir the week end log August 23 ? 1884 1863. l *seeoK?r? 924.1U6 70 14,9*6 41 K' eight 40.863 1? 24,h54 32 suiiUruK 1,217 23 2,1?H 41 ?? ***** ss?? Increase, lb* returns of the l!ank of Englaud for the week ending M-gust 10. empire with Iho sUUMnenl o( the previous weekasM'O 8 Avpui J. Augu* 10. Public \bA\^ 14 419. 7*4 Othe. deposits " 007.085 Uoveriiuicut securities U.WT.W8 It Oibor set uritlM . . . ? ? 2V3 U H40 Notei m etrcuiatiuft 1 a W <j2& ie ?ud Uullloa 12,877,438 18,609, _ ib? Bank of England has made no change In the rate oi interest smoe the 25 Vh of July, ?ud it tu thought that the rate would not be further increased . The return or the IUnk of France for the weelt endinK August 11 shows the lollowmg chances compared with the prev.oue aocount -Increase, Treaaory account, tw - mil lions, decrease, cash in band, four and a nal: millions; comm. .ctul bills, twelve and one-Ufth millions advances, j one million, bank notes, nine aud three Bfths million'; currooi account*, ulue tuilllooi. I lhe How d of Trade of London having ianctle'ied the change of name of "the British and American Exchange Banking Corporation" to that of the "internal unal Bank," the business of the corporation will bcnceiorlh be carried on under the latter designation. A Parliamentary paper gires the following 8tallr.tic-> In relation to the income la* of Great Britain in the years 18,2 and 1868. - ^ .. ? a ta^'ioaa 3,376,40^ Tax received 298,468 Person* ? " a? ?.>? 034 Atnouut ot incomes as osved. . .?80,013,493 W. -- ^ Persons with loss than ?100 iu0 207 Between ?100 and ?150 136,202 lo , ? Income above ?.'.0,000 _lu Ireland the number of persons charged had fallen off fioui 17.602 to 17 ,438; the aweuut paid from C I' ? 12 to ?167,834; and the Income assessed from ?4,1 . 7 ..'08 to ?4 673,743. Tlie numnor paying on incomes or less than ?100 a year had dim' tibed from 1,264 to 1,124, but the uumber with ?50,000 % year and upwards had risen from two to throe. CITY OOaMEROIAli HEPOHT. Satviu>av, August 27?6 P. M. Avm> -Receipts. 59 bbls. Markot inactive and quota tions entirely nom.^al. Bkhai STtJKW*.? '"Pcelpts, 10,484 bbls. flour, 496 bbls. and 800 bags cort meal, 63.188 bushels wheat, li.,&46 do. corn. 101,970 do. oaU. aud 246 do. rye The hour markot was extremely Oull to d#y rnd prices declined 15c. a 2'.o m f vmiiatl-v with the fall in gold. The demand was con. fined To tue Tiu?od;"??e wants of tUe home trade, and the " i?. ^r.n.f.1 . Mi 000 hh! . ????? ?"<? Western, 900 Southern and b-V* 'iiindlan. In com ineal an i rye Hour only a limited basilicas wtu done within our range V e Tuv^nt State and Western flour $10 00 a 10 20 Kura late !l0 70 a 10 7 ft Common to iriedl'im extra' Western 10 65 a 11 25 hxtra rcuud ho op Ohio 1 " ? ? ? ?SK '!*! /7*"V.V.V.V.""V.V.'.V.'.JJ ? i \i i C 'inrnon S,. them V" 30 1 14 M K tr* and fancy do 1- 30 a 14 ou .mm on Ca intiuu ? * jj ?" O od to choice ?nJ ext*. 1' ?;jH J live fluur, 8 .jo * 11 50 .urn i?,?-..toh.a ? L? t 1Q o Corn moal. luncheons 3"> ? be wIi. hi u-.trkei declined full* 3c. a 4- . with only a limited Ij isx. at the decline. TOe docline in gold and the absenCM of an export trade had a depressing elloct. The sale* ?. i ro 60,000 bushels ai fi 20 a $2 34 lor Chicago soriUK. $2 22 a ^4 lor Milwaukee club $2 3o a *- 3o tor amber ?.p'tog, f2 35 .. $2 42 lor wmier red Western, aiul S2 43 a $244 'or umber Michigan. Rye ? ns notninahy f 1 ?&. Nothing transpired In Darloy or malt. Corn was dull and lc lower; oales 40,000 bushels at $1 02 a f 1 t>3 tor Wastein m xed. Oats were lower aud dull at 9dc. a ^Bkkswax. ? Wo notice sales of 1,60k. lbs. at 85c. for ^Y)ai.. Horoigii scarce and fli^to. Doraestl# wa* unset tled We qu.'te: gScranton, 818 60; Pitlston aud lAcka "Torrtn.- lhe .narkot remained quiet, with small siles St (PonoH. -The demand was very Hsbt. but prlccs were without material change. Sales 200 bales. We W?* Upland. Florida. MJMt. A.C.^f /. Ordinary ....178 178 17j* ' Mi-lOiUg 185 185 188 189 G oi^'-wi'notice sales of 50 tons Lima w 004, at $1 75 casb,l?nd| 00 t"nsflamalCH4aud do 175 bt. IHjmlugo, ?VS^nCuod'V active, hut rates were uuchangjd. Fi,t, eemoots to Liverpool, by American vessels lr.,000 h hfs wueat atf, ,.d , in b,gs. 500 bbls. Iloir at Is., 2 tons oil rake at l-^s. a 17s 6d. ; per 1 ?ulr*', 6^bbS^ uetroeum at Ms , and heavy goods at -0-.i? nd, 10 I. u don , per American. 100 tons oil c kea. 20?^. ^neu^ 6 tons do. at 22s. 6d.. and per -Me .mer, 14 01 , 01 wheat at 0Sd.,f.OO h.'xes c"e Maiid Hi HH MDd r, ,000 pipe HU'M ttt <6^. A r ruH^iaii 8 nocHitr t > Vadoira heat at 8s. I>?r qu irtor, snd flour i.nd siav.s ?i 1. A'llr t .Bb bark, 25,000 busbe.s wboat lo ren^nh Roads at 4s. 9d. a buip iroin iioefii 'O Buer lata, lumber, $11 50 a Hrtllrb brig to M J ? aud >-.rk, $2,H00, half gold; one 3,000 bnls. to UtTina $ . , 'old ; ? bark. 4,.%u: l.bls , f-amejvO.vage. ^?00?\ ^ a hrllifh bark ,412 tons, from tow Bay, C I I-, *0 New York, conl at *7. To San Francisco, 70c. a 75c. per foot, and l>?'c a 1 y.r, per lb , wilb vory rule doing. 1 omit*.? >*?tern enruc^ano pice wero in fair demand, ?ith sales of 400.U00 feet at about J2 >. Moi.*.-?Ka.? The market quiet but firm, with small sales a\K^-Sof 100 Western, bae, at 16. P^wolki *7? Heceipts, 640 bbls. The fall In gold un sett *ed the market for tx>vU crude and refined, and pr.>e? * f bolit %ere nominal scarcely anything was done and what was bought was chiefly to cover contracts to m.. r 20C? ^crAt a'l^c';' TUVrrn'Si "m" btd,".t ks kc' i* H0v;c. Free wbs uomiual At ?9c. a 90c. Lodziu? *,bm Tork and 64 T?cks*<ii t-n ' So a S41 f r D^vr (1?>. , ck?^ Pg at $40 7A a$4i, |37 for prime and W K>r pr^e "dT ..r netore October 15. buvers' ontwn attM a /,ii Lh ? for all September , $4 o ov. l>eii ? i?-w j b? s?r;r:s= nrni , sau ? tor ob o *n<1 6<>c. a Tic. fo?Sa2e' Cheese quiet at 18c. a 27 *c. for common was very dull but firm, sales of 1M hbdi Cuba at 2lc a 2-J ?C. fte'ltied.qniot but Urm Wins sir -Receipts f91 bbls. Market lower and dull, tales 700 bbls. at fl 83 f. r prime Westeru bbls. W ^.t was ?ctlv?, With turtber saiis of 100.000 lbs. domestic fleece a. *1 10 a $1 18 'Xb day waa inadvertently quoted at f2 0ja82 10, wnicn was $1 above the market j Jon* mmiM. the Irish exile, and late editor of the Rlcbmond ^?.?<r, is now serving as a conscript prl v?i,. m an nmbularce corpe or the rebel army , after hay iug given tbe life of one of bis sons a""""" ow? ^ rt mthieoce to the rebellion. Uis Irish friends in the lwin nit?iMlly Ul this iBdl?Bl?y. and beg h.m to save Ke ?d b.PPlM? ^ leaving an ungrateful service Rut MiVrbol it dentmed, we f**r. to be uore?trded *rVLr o: botb liberty *o)d tlavery. Ibis la tt^ mourn^ ? and f?Ul rldicul-usof all John Mltchel's 'aerCe iibert? in a c?bl>age garden nd sUxcry as a ? ? gooer. He bat teeu ib'i eiid of b t romance of revoia* f Alt! /Ytlte riRAilCIAU UNITED STATES TRKASORT Nrw Tonic, Ane'i?t 20, 1884. Not eo l( boreb? rlvon that the Haveo Tblrtr Troaanry Nmea will hereafter be dr'lverod ai t la ofTr* upon desalt of funda I'ernona remitting hT mall *IU pli-aae indicate tho denomination* of notoa 3m r?<1 ; alao how tboj altall bo tr?n*m ttot. whether t>y mall, npr?n or mberwlae The noiea are to denonnnatlona of $A0 fluci, |.V0 $1000 and dated Auicuat 15. 1KM. npop which accrued ln?oreet from that date to dot* of depoait mun h? j>?4d. JACOB KUS8RLL, Anaiatant Treasurer ad ioterla. Proposals for ? VOL17NTKF.R SOL0IKRS' FAMILY AID FUND BONDS, NO. M Sealed Pr''P,J#*'* wl" he received at ttia Comptroller'* of floo uotl Wedrteade*. the Slit of Au|ii*t l<M4 at 1 o'clock V M.. wh?n the earn/ wtll be puhlMr opened for the p tf rhaae of the whole O' on? port of the aum of F :*a Hundred Thpnaand Dollaro of tho "Volunteer So dtera Faroll? Aid Food Booda. No 10," anthorlred br an ordinance of tho r.-rporatton paaaed Angita' |0 1*14 and an or' of the Log I a lature of the State of New York. pa.aed March fl. IMS The aoid bonda will l>eor lotereat at the rate of alt p*' oent pee annum payable aeml ennuallT on tho flret da* of Ma? and Soreinhor In oarh yoar. and the principal will bo redeemed Norembar 1, 1*74 The propooala will Mate tho amount of honda daoired. and the price nor one hundred dollar" thereof, aoi the per?ona whnoe propoaala aro accepted wtll thereupon ho required to d?|MM>t with tho ChamHerlaa of tho nto rat Hto Broadwa* Rank) the ?um? awarded to theio re?peril?eiT On preaentlni lo Iho Comptroller tho receipt* of tho Chaaberloln f"r aneh dopoalta. the nartloa will bo onlltlod u> rece It* bonda for e?na1 amoontaof the par raluo tboro*f. bearing latereat from tho date, of parmentv Rach pr noettton ohonld he aealed and endorsed aaia for Volunteer Soldlere' Famll* Aid Fund Bind a No. ?0 " and oncloaod la a aocood enrelope, addre?ood 10 tho "rhe'riirht'a re*"** ,B reject an* or all of tho hMo If tho lateroota of tho retire ? it ? 4 _ ... MATTli RW T WRKNWAW, Ootnplroltcf Crrr or Nit Town Darianiairr or ProAnca. Coarraot lbr'i Ornca. Aogaat 10. ISM. TLTOTICE.? HOLDK R8 OF STOCKTON (CALIFORNIA) 1> Cut co'toona, due anl porab'e in Now Tork la Jul*. 1M4. and January. 1MB, aro hereby notified that tho oam? WIN bo pa>d lo Unltod S la let fold coin on preeeatatloa aC tbo Metropolitan Bank. Now Tark el-y, oa tho reepectlra datea. C. T. MF.ADRR, Agent. 3 TRANSFER AOBNCT OF TUB KM IMHR MUX A*? I Mining CompooT, of San Fraoriar*. California.? C'erU eatoo laaued at the oftee in Han Fran> Ian. nan ho air hang ad at tho afen<-? horo until tho 1Mb of Haptemhoraotl; aftor that oalf whoa dlarhtrvod from tbo home officio ^ rMARCUU JJHITBD STATES MBVKN THIBT* LOAN. The Secretary ot th? Treasury gives notice that subscrip tion* vtU fe received tor Coupon Treasury Note*. payable three )eu> f'oui August lft ls(M, with n-nl tsnntl interest at the rale of seven and tur. tenth* per or?t per aonutn? prlncipa' aud interest both u> b< paid ia lawful monay. These -o es will be oonveruole at the option of the bolder at maturity, into alx per cent *old bearing bonda, payable not lau than fir* nor more man twenty yeara from thai, date, ai the government may aiect. They will be Istued In denominations of $5", $100, $.mu, |1. 000 and $5,1)00, and all subscription* must be for fifty dollar* or aooie multiple of P fly dollar*. At the uo e* draw lnte"-at from Augutt 18, person* making deposits mbcequent to that date must pay the inu red aeerued from date of note to dale of depo*it. Psrtie* depositing twenly-fiv* thousand dollar* an J up ward- for these note* at any one lime will be allowed a commtaalnn of one quarter ?( one per cask t>*R JIAL ADVanFaoKH or THIS LOAN. It la a national saving* bank, offering a higher rate of tn tereat tlian any other, and the beat security. Any aavlnga bank whtoh pay* Its depositor* in United States note* con sider* that U i* paying in the twit circulating medium of the country, and It cannot pay in anything better, for its own a>*eis are either In government securities or in notes or bond* payable In government paper. CONVERTIBLE INTO A SIX PER CENT FJVE TWENTY GOLD BOND. In addition lo the very liberal Interest on the note* for three years, this privilege of conversion Is now worth about three per cent per annum for tbe current rs a for five twenty bonds 1* not les* than nine percent premium, and before tbe war tbe premium on six per cent United Stale* stocks was over twenty per cent It will be seen that tbe actual profit on tbi* loan, at the present niarknt rale, it not le>d than ten per cent per annum. ITS EXEMPTION FROM STATE OR MUNICIPAL TAXATION. But aside from all the advantage* we haveenumerated, a special act of Congress exempts all bonds and Treasury notes from loco! taxation. On the average, tbi* exemption is worth about two per cent per annum, accord ng to tlie rate of taxation In variou* parts of the country. It is telieved that ro securities oiler so great Inducement* to lenders an I < issued by the government In all other forms of indebtedness tlio faith or ablliiy of private parlies, or stock companies, or semiate eomi. - itles, only, Is plcdse 1 for payment, wiu.e tr.e whole property of the coun try Is h Id to secure the i s?-har^e of all the obtigation* of tbe United State*. SUBSCRIPTIONS WILl,"^ RECEIVED BY TUB A??ip?ant In'asurerof tbe United States, corner of Wall and Nassau strei't*. First National Hank of New loik, No. 4 Wall street. Second National I'.auk of New York, 23d st and Broadway. Third National Batik of New Tork, No. 6 Nassau atreet. Fourth National Bank of New Tork, 37 and 29 Pine street. Fifth National Bauk of New York, 338 Third avenue. Sixth National Bank of Ne? Yoik, Gth av. and Bioadway. Eighth National Bank of Nrw < ork, CM) Broadw y, Ninth National Bank of New York, S<3 Broadwav. Tenth National Bank of New York, 240 Broadway. Central National Bank of N- w (ork, 71 Puane sired National Exchange Hank of Sew York, 1H4 Greenwich *L and bv all National Bank* which are depotitarie* of public money, and ALL RESPECTABLE HANKS AND BANKER9 throughout the country will give further information and AFFORD EVERY FACILITY TO SUBSCRIBERS Any person h?vino any of the olo ktopk of the Niw V r?? i. a*d F.rle linilroa I '"ompany that waa nut renewed, ran lii-nr ' f something to their ad van. a ,e, O.. a.', ires-dog A. N Edwards, llralJ office. XT! W YORK AND HaRLKM RAILROAD COMPANY 1^1 PrMldent's O1o, corner of Fourth av-n e and Twent> --lilh street York, August 32, ISfil.?l'rotinsala, will tx: re e>ved at this office until lltth of September pro*l. inn for two hiMi'W ihoiiuiind dollars of the Cmiso Mated and Sinking Fund Ronda of th-? company. These bonds were issued in March, I?"V interest at si* per cent, payable ?emi-annuall' on presentation of coupons, August and Febriiar ate limited to an a^gr-gate amount of nut exceeding air nit Hons ofdol'ars and are redeem an'?> In ti'trty years from their date. They were ,su''d or the purii'iso of consolidating the entire mort.-nge fteht of t '>e compaov, and a*e eo'urcd M a iron a <e upon the whole of its railroad, including its city railroads. The mor'caRe provides for a sinking fund, lo be anpll?d Mml-annuallv to ihe purchase and cancel ation of the hnnd* It further nroV'des for tbe anplicat on o' the tu-o needs of Rale of the ro?i estate of the company south of For' -aoeond street to the purchase and exMnaulshment of the bond A mitrelont nurr. >er of the bond": have been set aside to pa the eiist nc ronr g4jn a" the? Ix^nme due Further informs Ion ran b bad on app' f-s'lon ai t h la Office, WN 11. VANDEltBILT. Vic* I'residc-nt TTTALDEN, WdLLARD A MrlLY AINE, ?? _ Bankers. 17 Broad street. New Y< rk Orders solicited for tbe pu-chaseand sale of t'nlted State* St ur.ue ?if all kind*. Quarterns* t?r?' Vouchee*. fcpeeie ani Kxchanite. All cla ms analn?t the government collected and purchitaad. Refer lo Bank of the Republic. t'baries H. Msrsia I, Kaq. Opdyke, LoeschUk A Oo. Francis ?'kiddy. Ea^. John J. ( rane. Fad. P. W. hags, Esa fl/ ANTED? FOR THREE OR FIVE YEARS. $<0>0. ON ?? a first mortice at ae<?n percent, In Westchester county, within ten mile* uf City Hal. on property fast rta Iuk in \alue. Address l* W. K., Herald o lice, nnn T<> loan? at six per cent, U? \J ' ' V" for live vcars or longer. <.n New York alt} prO|ie<ty. JOSEPH MASON", No. Pine at , rooms 10 and 11. Ohfl ? TOtXYRSTINRBALESTATB, THIS <IV}\ M J M H f .a mount, In various sums. lj be tiaed la the puroha-e of Dwellings aud Snro Property. JOSEPH MASON, No 5>; Pine at., rooms 10 and 11. ~~~l_ ~ LOAM OVV1CKS. A T 77.? MONRT LIBKRAI.hY aDVaNCBD AT 77 ON li. DlAMtlNKK WATCHK8, JEW EL.RY, PIANOS, K 1 ' KNiTl) RE *c. ALSU. AT 77, PAWNBROKERS TICKKTS WANTED AT 77 On Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry. ,%c.. ami a higher pr.oe pa d than can be obtatnel at any other plaue id the city, at 77 ltlee -^er stree' up itmrt \T U HYMANI, CSS BROA^WAT, CORNER OF Bon l slreot, room No. 0, I will pay the hi?li?M price for Dlarn <nid*. set or unsel Watches and Slluer Ware, or will advance canh on the above articles. 658 Broadway, eorncr of Hond street. A T 6.4 -M ON* Y~ LIH IRALLY' i liv A NCED ON~ iTFa y\. monds, W.i. ! >we rv. Silver Plate. Ouna, Pistols, Ac . Ac. Also Pawnhreke a' Tleketa wanted of Dtamonda. Wa'eiie?.. Jewelry. ^Jtins. Piatota. Ac., for which I will iay Mi |H>r cent more than can be obtained at anv oilier piaca n the city ii09 Eruad way, corner of II ou ion street, up stairs, room No. ?. 14M? PAWNBROKER 8 ITC ri.TS BOUGHT OR liiamonus, Watcies, Silver Ware, t.uns P.atule Mn<l cal Instr'. iientv, Iiry Uoo 't, Cloihln-, and all other kinds of Mtri hand ?e; Overcoats wanted I-H Canal street, third door from Bowerv, under Cm. ens Bank. A ^ CLOTHIJf*. A. si KEIl PLACE.- AT SIXTH AVKNPR LaDIIH and gentlemen will tlnd the fair end honest dealer B. M INT/, to whom they can dispose of their Cast Off Cloth ing. Carpets Furniture and Jewelry at nttr per cent inma than or other dealeratn the city I promise to pay the laU lowiag prices ? HI I k Drnaaaa. from to tiA; Coats. $4 to flK. Pants $2 to $7 Also for Woollen, Dalalne and Mua lin Dreaaes the hlghnM cash prx?s will be paid A call or oia bv pn?t will oe puoctaaliy attended to Ladles at* ten led lo by Mrs. Mlntz Please remember the original B Mititx, aid the number. 2SI Mith avenue near Eighteenth street Orders from Brooklyn and Jersey City punctually attended to. A TTENTION -M. LEON HAS A ORBAT DEMAND a\ mt Ml It Clot nit; Ladles and gautlemen. yosi will surely reee ve the h^'iest prica fur Mat-on ClolMnc. Funn tura. Carpets, Jewelry. Ac on caltinr at the address 631 Third avenun, between Thlrt- ei?htb and Thirty ninth streets or taiwseu 7 wenty-second snd Txentv-thlrd streets, Tkird avenue I<adle? will lie attended by Mrs Leon. Or ders from Brooklyn, Jersey Ctty and vicinity attended to. AT 3M BOWERY -n. ROSENTHAL. HAVINO A gr?al desire to pvctiase ? large quantity of oast off Wean t.g Apparel. Furniture Carpets, Je*elry. Ac., by call ing on or addressing him Isdiee and gcntlemea can obtain the utmaa1 value for each article Ladies attended to by Mra Rosenthal. I'lease remetab?r, and try M3 Bowery, opposite tlraat Jones streeL ATTENTION -LADIES AND OEHTLRMRl* CAN RB '?eiee tne highest prices for Caat Oil Oloihing bv calliag an or addrassmg M. ABRAHAMS, iSS bareoth avenue, be tween Twenty Bltb aiid Tweat ? -lith str- eta Ladles at tended io by Mr or Mrs. Abrahams at -'lelr own reeidenea AT THE NEW STORE, M CAEMINH MTUBKf? LA d'.es and gsn'kimen c?n receive SO per oenl more for Uaat On Clothinf, Furoltuie. Carpets and Jewelrv by call ing on or addre-aing H HAHT M) Carm/a- street, near Bedford. Ladles will be punotualiy attended ta fey Mrs. Hart, A T 137 SIXTH ATBHCa-tsADIM AMD OBNTLB A men. If you wlah lo reorlv* the highest prioe far vour. Oast Oil Clothlns, ' ariieta Furniture. Ac , tha boat von can do Is to call on or send a note to E. MINTS, at No 197 Sigth avenue, two doors from Tenth S' reel. Ladles ait?n<l*d by Mra Mints True, you will be dealt with to year satisfac tion aad beaeOl. Y CASHBERO PAYS THR HIOHBST PRIOR FOR 1 J- Ladies and Gentlemen 'a Cast Off Clothing Pariiaa waited on bv ad<treselng L Csshberg. 4ft Baat Twelfth ainte*. a ear Broadway. LadHaa waited on by Mra. C. ft 111 nnn *">kth or clothing wantrd.-i will the blgheet prkie for eael all Clothiag Oart.nta, Ae Call on or ail drees a n-ta i? H. B. ?TRA UBS. Mv Seveaiii avenue, between Thirty third aad Thirty fourth streets, Lad. aa attended fey Via. Btrauaa. I RAXBb AT Af'CTIOW . RUCTION NOrlCB. ^ bUBJIHAB. Auctioneer salb or MiomncMT 0 BOUUBObU kubsitcbe. 7 Oot?*e Boaearood K.on, Furuitui*. en suite, OU Paintings by ancient aud n,?d3?J??iiWN? Statuary ie?r> * and Dresden China V aaea, Ve)Tet Mejai;t0u Carpets, Pier a Ld Mantel Mirrors, E,0,ade sod Lace Cunalna. Bosewood and Walnut cfctm ^in'tug Boom Purn uire, China. Olaee, 8i'TlV %UC ? Tills day yj- t gutAsnth iireet. Buie couimeticlni! at I0>m o o^-^ntion of bis The wettoneer would "all 'fj?1"* catalog ?? oomprtnlng frl. u.t - und the public t>? thi? ?*??, .b ? liejjo d furniture, thf l?r^e<t aud richest urtyrB.l at auetlou'his works "t a. t ar * an *? lXU moD?t>. an 1 wi 1 be ecH'Oii. beinu It. use i- ?-? th ?n|s crtulogue* at the i?r >n|Viril; eold to tbe highest bidder, ^rw a bjUW- OBAWINU BOOMS. h broemt#l Superb Sets or Kuiiiuure, ' ?'or';* " 1 T<-t? Bufin. Arm of the richest ileeorlpt on, Vu . T i Wlndow Curtitns, Chatre Oval Ilaek anS ?""''" ^^ ro.ewo.d Eta err*. Hands. Tassels ?c.. te r . h , the in I * ?0.(ltcas(. ijnr,i with statuary marble tops; 8. ^rPtaire ?|L.?utlV carved Centie aatiow ->o.1 . plate kIs^s doors . f - faMes, bronze aud Tables, Koeolgnufes, Cabinets, coiuoi 1? 0rn,?^OC?h?nJ,lSTAT0AHt AIID f/ * /.*J Olrl. aX?S! MmU Dre-den China, Bronze Clock, runs o? uton*^ ^ ^ ^ Pllh7r?a^eh .WW shgifiJo? & also Paintings by Havens. Kanuey. *? ores auu KieDCi!l A UN I M Ch N T*KO SB WOOD PIANOPORTR. sd&Sfa^CSaK SWK r" ? "fetiiis: 'X.rvi'Eu* v.,.., T)?nln*CRo,->m-Bolld oak Kte'w^ Shef. and BtHh "avenue 'care and * Uk?s. telling at BUteenth street, near the Itouse __ i UCTION NOTICE -D. B. CATJTJUHB, AUCTIONEEB. SPLENDID HOVKKHOLD FL'llNlTURK AND WOKKS <>K AKT. Ac At public auction on Monday, August 2), seven ootavi ,<V,J1V^m>'V..aok waLnut suits. BRONZE AND 'V?MOLU 011 A^',?j\\VxVoN CARPET* SEVRES AND ORhSnEN ^INA. JR^^'^aoRS, BROCADE AND LAC\},^VsTltNn?ON7,K 8TATUABY. OIL PAINTING 8, BY EMINKPlV ARTIST*^ BOOKOABB.BTAOKHBS.^jBN^BB^KL^ g R11V.KKIBLD TAV.LK p'w'rrr R K1' L .uls* XIV ??.vie. ROSEWOOD OH A Mil H ? ft*' ??"*??,, m?st Vabo. well r-pa '"VV^^r^nt full Suit- or ?w?wl Par Parlors contain th e hB?nt lui ,(M1 ,, v anere>, lor Kurnlt'ire " r?eh b ""J1' icb Van.- ??. Ac. "PtomMAGNlVlCKN r ?<HK A'oon i-lANOI OBTB. Si'l^nmrbie SlJ ???* J "?s C,cSwS,.IU 'w '?h?tanrts ?'?nK JS fr-m lorty t ftfty pounds, n.n?K TSfil;. o.k rm , h,?r ^n, 5'!.' 'w,t(. hoafy Ivor an t R Ivi r i iHierv ror* . nptl"!) ?r ->"P f"r P',r" chr,;--The oti rrx>? tfi? ^ :^;uhi r4VVTVa?UM . urnnN NOTICE .?<'?? BOTIT AI'CTIONBKB. RUCTION ?0",'i7;rok 8aI)B ()F OVER HO'^^^nltPS IIOITSEHOLT) FURNITURE. Magnificent OarpeU. iip.mnfnl Parlor f mltnre, Attherwld.ncell9 We.t K.<h^nSlreel,? rew door, ro . This day (MONDAY). Auftnst 29. The Atietlo, er t?oa' ^ssA's^SrSftjs'^fi Iron i>late mailt- I" , ,.0vrr-il lu rich Kreneh eost $fi M lh"|,7'"" h iur'o>b K*-T Chairs and ?at n brooatel and r e.i h r pa T>()|? I,?o? ?'?ir l<?ungp*. rtrh niar ? * t<<P en virp rs, Ohaiide lam* P,i;iger">? , ci?, ,|? O I Palnil"IT' rnsewrixxl, I'erv Corner an I ?-ok P'?"ds Hr.-a is W?-h b ?'k ?a'nut and mahoir. < Rlannet*. B-ds. Sofa ?"'i J n "4. Ohl'ia t"r,'!TerH. Mirrors, r.lopks. Olaaa. I**-'*-. L"; ?-e" , o?, ?,.. V N it ? Partmnn in at unrn"^.; ^i'or^lp ?-<* for purehasera. ADsrLVN0^OSrPK~H'!uM1sVMfHKD wS" BIm Vg" l?T Hf)SPWO >'. ktaoerk. *,0? ^ u,k J??rK SWKS M'nrT "a'^VreeV.^Il ' - f ' thH f Mon a f fi n ln lit ? u'Cofli u." fiiiir<> conienttof the#l? dftv ^ **Mt" noon, at . ? Hire"*, nour 5l?ven?h c.,' dTanc", T?V,?, Turkish Lounte. ^^/^Kn or%'oll '?ftln Mnifs," ?ron ej ??? rmr, *n d f FI;;uros. Lava On. a m"! iatwo()?r'p I ? N*"'-unt r hT?ir' *'??"? r?rvei1 'f""' c0,t wnor^? ? l< g?i?:8 at hounc A J L SMITH. A (ICTlONEFR. WILT, PET,L TniS . dir. ?t II t'Nufk. tt No. 17 (IM street) bftKi-cn >>eeo d and Thir 1 avenues, <?? Piano of ai> endld ion"* ?n I ? n ?h coat S U>- tbrt"" I'ar or Sum rn<c woo. I an I maliocany: ltedroom Run . Rockers, Looking Ola maiiojanv and mai 1? Chains, Tapirs, BruMela end Ingrain Carpets. anl evcryth'ng that be'oncs to a Drat class house , a UCTION SALE OP CROCKERY AND FANCY i\ China ? HENRY O EVANS. auctioneer, will ?>.??!. in lo's lo miii dea'ers. on T';es lav August 3(1. at loo'c'ock at IS Her lav street, a well a?airted at.>ck of WM' Granite ? nd Glass Wars. Fancv China Figures Cai >? -tick* Ac., Ac Also an Invoice of seconds Co'nmon War< . oru rising a general assortment which must he foU without reserve. Sale | 0?it ve, and goods carefully repacaod for shipping. Auction notice.? ceockkry. glass and Fancv Goods. WM. W 8HI!tlJ?r. Auctioneer On Tuesdav, Aiignai HO at I" o'clock, at HI Pearl street, by D. BVRURY. Jr.. extra large eata osu? sale of best and se conJa While Granite and Common Ware In Iota to ok 1 1 ctly ard country retailers; also. ll*' padtages of Gaasware. f a as free for cash. and goods well packed for shipment. Auction noticb? roots and shoes. WM M. HOLLINOSHEaD A uetloueer. FALL TRADE SALK OK BOOTS AND SHOES, Hy J. T. WHITKHO0?R Sale- moms, 2f, Cortlandl at eet, will sell on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST SI. at o'clock about 1.000 cases of atilctiv prime quality BOOTS, SHOES. HKOGANS, GAITERS, BALMORALS, Ac . of various atvles. and partleu'arlv adaptol to cltv and oouotry buyera. Catalogues ready on morning of sale Auction MOTIGS.-WY WTTTEM, AOonaMMI R Horses W agin - and Harness at au-tioh. tbirf dav . at S P. M . at the New York Horse Ha/aar, Broadway and Thirty rfeventb street, f-ale peremptory Auction notice.? .1 f. n a lsby, aucti ow be i BV H J. JORDON A CO., United States Horse and Carriage Anc'lon Mart, Plfth arentie and Forty fourth ureet. Wednesday, August SI. at 3 P. M precisely, a rariety of useTuI Horsi s. Carrlagea, Hugpb's. Harness. Ac. Catalogues ready early on morning of sale. BT v THOMAS A SONS. AUCTIONEERS. PHILA delpMa? Peremptory sale at Philadelphia Ei-hanre September IS. IW. or a Tract ot M2 acres Anthracite Coal Land on the Mine Hill Ha iway. Schuylkill count*. Pa. For mapa Ac . arp'v to LATHKbP A WAINWRIGflT, 43 Wall street. New York. D W. IVES A CO.. AUCTIONEERS. Hlfl BROADWAY, _ ? will eell at aoruon on Thuraday, September I. at II o'clock, superb first class Furniture-, also Copeland's Pa rtan marble Figures and Vases, Silver I'lated Ware, Clock, silk Palntiaga, Ac. All warranted Oral olaaa In every re spect P BURKE, AUCTIONEER? OFFICE NO. 3 ASTOB ? place sella this day, at 11 o'c.ock the Stock and Fix tures of the Grocery Stora 456 Grand street. Excellent fli turis. Also the Leaae of the alora. EXECUTOR'S SALE PIANO AND IIOl'SEHOLD FURNITURE (Brooklyn.) RICHARD WALTERS. Sberff's Auctioneer. will aell on Tueaday. August SO. at fi'M o'clock, at 95 Sands street, Brooklvb" near Main street by order of tbe executor, a One assortment or Houaebold Furniture. A MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVS ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, Luther maker. two plate oral Mlrrore Breseela and Ingrain Carpets, mar ble top Bureans, Tables and Wash stands, Sofas, Tete a Tetes and Chairs, superior Oilcloths. Bedroom, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture, Craokory and Glaaewara, and a va riety of Othor Furniture. AUGUSTUS BBOMRACHEP Biecutw EDWARD SCIIRNCK. AUOTIONBEB. MORTGAGE BALE OP AN ELEGANT CLOSK CaEBIAOB. By EDWAEIf SCIIBNCB. on Tuesday, sntb tnet, at one o'clock, at his salesroom, SO Liberty street, aa slegat t Close Uoanh. eatirely new; ooat $I.O' To bo poeltlvely aold, by order of the mortgagee. rt T. WILLS, AUCTIONEER ?WEDNESDAY. AUO. Fi. SI. IM4, eale of Olaesware. China and Rartbeawsre, In r,pon lota and package*, at 11 o'eiook. at tbe atera 73 Mur ray street FriTZSIMMORS. AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS < day, at l"K o cloak, the Stoek and Flttasea af a Con fectionery and Hegar Store la Second avenue, aoar Forty alith street mnsiaUng of Tables, Chalra, Counters, Jaja, ttegare, Confectionery, Scales, Ac, HBNBY D. MINBE. AUCTIONS EH.? SALBl BOOM 37 Naeaau (tract, opposite the Pnst offlee MINBE A hOMIItviLLK will sell at auction, on Toeeday. August .10. ISM. at 12 o'clock. In 'root of Uelr store, ST Naeaau at reel, throe very floe Colle. from Me beet trotting stock In Uto country; also, a very One Milek Cow, ae follows ?One two year old sorrel gelding, sired bv Jupiter of Long Island warranted conn i la everj. particular two bay go dinaa. two aad three yearn old, fall brothers sired hv Blank Tlawk warranted sound) rod Milch Oow, four year* old, of full blood, croaa Akdomej and Durham The a' re are from tbo farm ol one of our^ret at*ck breeders, arid van ne tariC. tUr rolled op^fi a^dMertbad ^ ^ MLM MfW aOtfKH. GIOROB COOK, ACCTIOBKKK-SOP^EB robb wood Pianoforte. genteel bouaahald Furniture, k Om TuesJei at It o'clock, at 141 Brondoj. sis soprrb. m IK rosewood Parlor sokes in yarlous corenugs. Chamber suite. Library and Mains rauiu sul's. Bookcases. bi da board t, Eiteoetoa Tstves Ac.: e'so superb reeeweod .ad round coroera) T~i ocia* Pianoforte, nearly new fprtee |7u0), to be absolutely seld TB. HALSET. AUCTIONEER ?V.T J. R. QALSEY * . CO. TUESDAY. August M, A( 10 o'cloek, at the iiu'-Uen e?u>,?, 55 Be-kmae street. llAUlUVAitc. A If I) t Ul'I.KKY, in lot* t? suit city and oouutrv buyer* . al* ?> 2:>o lo/en Ftiivee ?n ! Fork* Vdizeu >*ocket Knlrrs one cask Trace One its. together wab a geuer. ! Wioiiucu; oi bhslf Hardware. MDOUUHTT, A uction kkb. . fSHhKP I OUY S A UK Or WINES. LIQUORS, SEOARS AND FURNITURE, oontaiued in the United State* Reading Room. M DOUGHTY will h?1, on Mondav. August 2'.', at lnH o'clock, at No 4 Dry street second floor. 4U0 gsl'ons Old Bourbon Wbiskev In buttles aed : ?kn 40li bottle* Rhine Wine vintage of 37, old Port W Ine in r^kH and bottles. viul*k? of '5i; Bellrecn llrxtldf In casVs and bottles Maderia lViBf, Bottled Al?. Chant pafcno. Pieseryed S'fuU Piclles, Tomatoes. Sirdines, Vanilla sn t Levnon Extracts; 2fi,l).tQ imported 8egai? ; *ls? marble top Tab en. Chairs Solas Oilcioib Don* C luntio* House, two Platform Scales, iwn Chandeliers ??"ony Inn Pre**. Bnnre Mo 1*1- and Poninc* silver plated S*l?< r*. lcePltcber.Ji weler's Scales and Weigh ts.Militarv Saddle and Bride. rosewood murtle top Sideboard, Oil Painting:!. M Monday, august 29. lset, grocery fixtures to t>e sold at auction, at 139 Weal Broadway, corner of \A a. kor struct. PUBLIC BALK OK CLOTHING, AC J. <}. SAL IIINGKK. Anrtir, "er. will Mil at Ills auction ro. ran, 23 Bowery, a larje and well assorted stock of Clothing and Gents' Kiiriii-hn x Good*. including Hiiirts Drawers, Neckties, Suspender* Ac.. Ac. The Kale will uIku embrace a variety of fancy ra*simcre? Braver*, Muslim Oa?. brica and other Dry Good* To commence a' ll'ti a. M J. G. SALH1WQKK 23 Bowery. CJCRAHTON COAL AT AUCTION. O/riCK or thi., Lac?aw*?na ahh V WngTKKN 1( K. Co.. > N?w Yohv, i Kiiat 17, lS'tt t Tlili Company will hold their N na'eeon K?sular Monthlr Aoction, on We-lneslay. tho ,11<t day >f '.mu4t, 1-6). at If o'clock, noon, at the office of thn Coiiid hit, rt t lLana street, at which time they will offer, by SIMEON DKAPER, Auctioneer, TWENTY -FIVB THOUSAND TON? OF KRP.8H MINED KCR ANTON COAL embracing all the usual *1 es Hnd deliverable at their ri?pot, Elixabethport. N. J . dunug th- month ot Septninbnr ne;t 'lhc mile wl I lie p<m>liri>. hftch lot put Up Mill he ..'rid u the li liihn?t bidder: uo hid*, iu anr form whatever, tiding made for account of 1 r on behalf ot' the Gomjianv. The terms and eonditlon" will be the n nre as heretofore, and will be ful.y maae known nt tune nnd place of H*le. JONH BltlSBI N , rrcmlent c AJ HOUAKT AlJOTIONKKRS, WILL SELL, ON O. Monday, Aoyo*t 23, at I0>4 o'clock, at t're aoctioa rooms No I Norm William hi rem Household Fnrn lure. consi*tln|; nf inahogHny Soina, Lounge* hi*I'< ,?nv lb airs, lliire*us WimbHtandH KitenHlon Dining labbs, Looking Glaaae*. Oil ''aintlngi, Riayer.-H Rrnsi-'els and Itu'ialn t'ar priH Hedi'ea Is Hed* and Bedding. Kitchen furniture Ao.j one ltagutelle Table, large Har Mirror, set Single lluntesii, ,vc. \v O. HOVK.M AN, AUCTION IKK. >? . AI'OTION K \ LK OK OROCKRIKg, AO L. M liOi-KMAN'S SON Co. will sell noli *t auotloe. en Monday, August M, at 1U o'clock, at No. 17 Greenwich aventn*. The i ntlre stock of Groceries, vt<: ?Tea. Sugar, Cotleew Flour. Ac. Ac., with ail Fixtures ut above naiued place. QOHOONBR at AUCTION. -THE LAHtlK, THRBB k~ mastel schooner. Maris Pike, lying at I'ort Hamilton. Will be sold on Sat'ii- iav, Snute'iibnr 3, at 12 u'clu i. See auction column ot New York Wori l. rno IIREWIKS AO.? TH OM AS A SON3. AUCIION X eci*. ? Valuable Brewery. Vaults, Ac., four acres, near th" Riitc" turnpike it t!ie I all* of Sdiuvlkiil T? -nty rtrirt ward, I'hiUdelph'ii. On 'lucsday, September 6 IS t a1 12 o clock noon, will in wold at public **ie at lite I hiladnl phia Exchange, all '.i at larye jot oT Rrottrid, with the *ub *tan ial ?mni llrewe y and extensive vaoiU Ihereoa erected, s mate n -ar the IlidK'* turnpike road, *1 tne Fall'ol H.~hnyl kill. Fhlli'le ph'a The urniinds are bnniso.nely laid onk and well shaded, hcinu a front of about feet oti the Norristown Railroad, and f renting also o-i Mi " o street, wJ.tch run* to the turnpike. Immediately admtnintr the railroad station house, at Indian Queen or Fa. Is Lane There is also a large Kiiloon, ten-pin al e., an.1 other build in * ii the rrmieriv. It l < sc-et-s ble by two rnilroad*, and by steamboats on the Schuylkill, making it a plane of i, r-at resort tor plessure parties. There l* a line siresm of pure water running thro tub the property, well adapted for brew ing purposes The brewery ?nd vaults are or the roost *nb. stinda character, and amongst the largest in this country, the v;i ults being In solid rock and verv rapacious. Ihefine !o '?tinn of the ground, the r uirenlen e of access, the m ten-ilve bulldin.-s. ?ood supply of water, nnd uuniefom advantages makes n a wprv desira'i e P' opertv for any e?e wiahin^ to carry on tho brewlnu bngitie*-. Full partleolani a* to terms, Ac., mar be bad on a- plication to the auo. tioneers M. THOMAS A SO*S Auctioneer', 1.19 and 141 South Fourth street. I'Hii.ADBLrniA, August, l.-ltil. W! M. WITTRR8 AUOTIONKKR. WILL SKf.L THU iUv, at two o'clock at *'>i Canal strict two I'artof Stilts, in rich brocatel; Contre. D niqj and Tea Tables. Pier Class-*, Paintings. L<p-e Curtain*, rirh Mantel < 'lock, hsnd< some Velvet TtiAlry. Three ply ond other Carpets, inftt hogsnv an. I black walnut Hedstends, Hair Maltresaei, Feather Beds anl Redding marble top Dressing Hureani, China. Ola*. Sliver War' . 8ti?res. and a larg? lot ot KltoM en llui'lm. Also two rolls Ingram Carp.'t, Oilcloth* Mat tine* double Harness, together with a large \ iuo.jr of olho* K >oda to Cue trade au>t other*. WILLIAMSBURG AUCTION NOTICB.-L. LONfK auctionei t . will <-el! this tifty (Mordav), at house 2BI So-tb Fourth -tr -ei near El 'htli. Household K rniture, corseting of Brussels and Ingram Csrpeta. Velvet Stall t'cpeli. So ??, Cn?ir* *n<! Rorkers. Itiireim*. Stove*, hed? stead* Mattresses, Feather Beds, Bolsters, Ac. POLITICAL.. TAMMANY HALL.? THK COJ1MITTRE OF ARRANGB mems for the O rand Demonstration to beheld In thl Pak on the atternonri succeeding the noin'nitliou fol Pres dent will meet at Tammany Hill on Monday, the ?9tk Instant, at o'CD'k. to perfect the necemarv arrange menu. KLIJAH K PUItDY, Chairman. DOOULA* Tati-or, Secretary. Tiik rkoular meeting ok the sixth w aub MeCle Ian Olub, on Monday evening. I* po*tpnned t? Wedneaday evening, August . 11, at e'gbt o'oluck Kri.-ndi of SicCie lan, rally. Bv order. f-i AKTIN J. KEESB, Preildouk Wm. P. Mitciibll, Secretary. YOUNG MEN'S DEMOCRATIC ONION CLUB. H52. I85(>. I.S-0, ISG1. The m?rol'C"s and assoc'stes of this organization are r* quested to meet at the Sinclair Home corner of llr'iadwaf an 1 Eighth sln-ei on Mouda. evening Angu-t 2.'. a. 7Jj o'clock, for the purpn?e or reorganlving for the fall c*a? pa g .. HOItATIO 1' CAItK. late President. Pr. Critnn R*v?av, late 9c-relary. T ii'tMAR A Ot.n\ kr. Corresponding Secretary Wm It. itankta. *vm. II Harrnett, t;. L. Van Zacdt, A. R llirrick, A. K Sti livan, Wm. .1. Pagan and many otl.era WAl'CHKl .IK WELHT, &C. AT C0?? WATCH KB. diamonds, .ibwelky, sii.vkr I'late. t' u tin. 1'lsiolc, Ac., bought.? I will pay 60 per pent more than mn be obtained at any other pier" in the city. N. B.? Also Pawnbrokers' TicVteta wanted for the above artlclea, at the ume rale. t-O'J Broadway, corner of Houston *treet, up ^air?, room S A DVANCE8 MADE ON WATCH RS. DIAMONDS, J\ .lewe'ry l>ry tl"od? and Personal property of evorr description. or the fame bought and sold. b> J. A J^OK KO;? ilroker and i oinmu- on Merchant, lit Grand street, two door* went of Broadway Diamonds. OLD OOLD AND SILVER. diamonds, OLD OOLD AND STLVER. Pereoas who wish to sell Diamonds, old Oo'd. hllver, or any Kind ot old fashioned Jewelry, goto LOUIS AN RICH, 7i.lRi?i? way. A poaitlve fact, he pave ''11 per cent moro than anv other pernon. Katabllkbea in New York elnce vho admin! tratton or the lato Mai tin Van Rnren. Make no mtatoke? 721 Broadway, under the New York Hotel. *jnui'AT PRICES PAID FOR DIAMOND JEWELET, \T or unset Diamonda, Watchea. old Gotd and Mi rer. Otfice uoura - nly from V till 111 A. M. and from 2 till 3 P. JL B W. PLUMB, Diamond Broker. 3U Broadway. Valufc Uom one per c ut. AfilllOLOOT. AB MAURICE. THE REAL SCIENTIFIC A8TRO ? loier of America, with aeveial aeceta tbal no llviDg insrial ever knew lietore, will brinj atKeeaa Ant ot any un derlaking and ca iae yon a speedy inarriaxu. and telin tho very day yon marry, and will show the HkeiwM or com plexion of your oonipanlon; teila whether you are a? i|Lainied with vo?ir Inlen.ied and liuw .<fien you will marry ; he dHMriben your friend*, points out your ene-niea aixl tva-tia you of all fulure danger, good luck in obtaining utta atlnn? or in traveling by aea or land: hea'tb wealth, good Inch ati d long life to all who consult 111 u. Those at a dta tame i?cnd ft and age. and get ine outline* of your whole lite Address box 'A tj N. Y. I'ost otT.oe Oilice IM Hleecker street, near Wonter. Lad lee, 40 oenta. groUo inen, SI. Astonishing -madam morrow, skvhmth daughter, with a nature gift of foresight, tel a how soon aud often you will tnarrv. even your thouglita; Magie Image in full oi>-ratlon ; her equal la no? to be found vliowa a II fennel or >our intended nuabaml and absent f rend a. 1>M Lii llow street, four doore from Houston street. OefiU* men :iot admltied. BKo6e"lYN~c"laIRY(>YANT -MADAME CLIP. FORD, the greatest living American fteer. Medical and Bmlne-x Clairvoyant. '/9l Allan lie street, Hronkl; n Fortune for all who" consult miss WK-LLINtlTON, tlieenlv lady who give, irue informa tion. or who h>* the pure Homan and Arabian ta'lsn'aoe for love. i;o<>d Inck. Xndmg bidden treesurna, reejalmm* drunken or nnfolthfm bu?v>and?, Insuring success in all busineaa aifalra, and are guarrauted tor life. 101 Sixth avak A bona fide astbologist WHO ALL CAN DB i\ peud u|x>n ? Ma ame WILOt *11118 remains at 149 Allen itreet, sear Stan ion, eyar tbe bakery. LadlOa aad< geutlemen M ce.iu. GO AND t JtB M A O A M R .iN E LlTtHB^V: RLRHR ATEO hi irologlat, n the ?ci*nee of aetrology; abe has n? auperlor. sheg iloe* the aingto too happy marriage ani makes the married happy ; In busmeee sffslr* her advice io lavaluabl* Those at a disunee -ei <l tl and ese . a aorreet answer qnlakly returned. Andre* bo* B.747 N. Y Pool on oe Oreo 1J0 Kaat Tweotv fourth street, below Fourth avennO* L.idW>s Al <enls. xentlemea $1. ADAMR MORF.HOt HK. RE VRNTHT DACOHTEr1?? ... tbe sevonth sen? natural gilt, no Imposition? ran ho consulted on all alTalra of llrut love, marriage, absent M frlenda law-ulu losses ilcknesa, also best Inve^tmento, lucky numbers, charm*. No. 40 Foraytb street, basemeut. M*dam? hopf- itr palmistry on all trm atlair- of life M 1M Sixth aveuna. Ladies *C cento genMemeti (I. Madame waltp.r clairvota?^ may re s"rr? at ber rOons. SO Canal street, on aiekneaa i bns>oeea, thing* loet or Holes, and gWee lucay numbers. Tom* mo derate MaDvmE HAY !? TBI Igir OLAIEYOf Arr AND Aairo og ot Id thl* olty. She loll* yonr verv thoughte, ?anaeaspeodv msrrlagea. glvea luekv number*. Swi Seventh ?venoe. near t wenty seventh street. Ladle* ? cents; Ken liMMBlO MIA \A^tH MARION JAMES? INDEPENDENT CLAIM. Al v<?a"Cm r** Seventeen ik ?'?^nerof Tl.lri aeenne. trace* last and .totan property^ *!>eeat fflen'l*. law *r.H* and budoeaa ihln geae rally Doteeu aad troate. all S dlZl Mrnlii gtv.n Oontlimen not M mitled. _ O IMPOSITION. -MADAME STARE. THE GREAT Riiropean Business and Medical Clairvoyant, who wao born with a natural ftfl. oob*?His oo all the sffairm af i|to Ret eaual la not to be fetMd No hnnbog. No St] Ponrtl aooano. near Twenty .fourth street. AeaUeM* not ad kAltted. 3'RK GREAT ORIGINAL MADAME BYRON HAS Mturned fr<tm Paris ..abe le tho ?roaleat Bpirltualtat, edlrsl ard RuhIiii ? '"lalrvovant that *rer wa* knowa. She *e* ibet rf.Te?.fil|irtg socrot of BMUtlnf yon bolbvod by your heart t idol utio* (n oenta O/Dea No. 910 Fourth areaue, uoai fiveu.y funrib

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