Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 30, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 30, 1864 Page 1
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T HE NEW YORK HERALD WilOLB NO. 10,209. . , NSW YORK, TUESDAY,' AUGUST 30, 1864. PRJCJB FOuTcENtT ess AIT. I The Deliberate Contests for (lie Wcldon lUilrj^d. MMttlenal misfit 9t tbs Battle at lltan'i Station. Detovmin^d Resistance of the Union Troops. Tlwrea Terrific Assaults Suc cessfully Repulsed. ill the Rebel Foreo Thrown Upon Oar Works Daring the Fourth Assault. SANGUINARY STRUGGLES TILL DARK, SC., ils n BATTLE Or MJ?'S STATICS. Mr* Viiltjr Amdcrioa'i Ooipakh. BiUQfinrmt, IK ran Ftbld, > Au, 4St:?, IBM. / A?f ON who M familiar with tbe maze of a twill* Held ?? saeliy eppreoiaie how difficult It is for say parson, area Iks most active pertlcipaat or most observant epeo (MR, to sit down Immediately after the ooafllot oiosss mi give a oomploto as* satisfactory seoouni of tbo on* gagsmont. Ibis Is especially lbs caso whoa tbo bulletin asri bo forwarded st a pariioular butir aad tbo tims la It was oadsr such ctreumstaaces tbat my da i of last erasing wsa transmuted from tbs sooos of Om thine la important to premise? namsly, tbat In wresting Ream's station from us tbo enemy has gained aa malarial advantage, tor we still bold tbo railroad i General Warren is, soma five miles nearer Peters tbat it waa aot oar intention to oootfpy tbo siatlea aa? laager than to destroy a few more miles of tbo track, sad tbis baring been acoampilshod, as it was most Mwoagbty, General Uanoock was about to quietly with* dsaw bis farces when be wu conlroniod by tbo enemy. TUS r '1ST ICOVSJISlfT. lav lbs purpose or oonilnuity, la tbo aarrallvo II AaaM be borne ia mind tbat during lbs resent opera (teas aadar Ban cook at Deep Bottom oae division of tbo Second cor^s wss withdrawn beforu tbs stibs r two divkioas, and roturaed to Uts soutb bank of Ihe James, whence It was pUood in tbe iatreaebmsnta , to frent of Peter* bar g, vacated by Warren wben be ssovsd wlin bis oorps upoa tbe Weldon Railroad. Then, tbe ebjeot or l be movement upon tbs north bank of tbe Jams baring been accomplished, toe Tenth corps was taken by Go-era! Blrney to bis formsr position ia ?aider's oommand, sad tbs rsaulning two divisions of Vm Seoond corpe, to -ether with Gregg's cavalry, were ?fb draws at the same tims? namely, Ust Saturday stlag, lbs Mia last ?and, marching rfli nljbt, appeared wtth Haaoock at ihel: bead on the Weldoi Railroad im Mediately on tbs left ur Warren, inns in a single i troops, rserosaing two rlvs/s (lbs James and dx), were suddenly transplanted from the ex i tighter our general army liae at Deep Bottom to fee ix treses left oa the Weldon R.-'Inad. tan aiuxmiiT aaaatss o? na smoxn oorps bm become historic. Who give" soldiers credit for the labors :bar perform end tbs fatlgnss they undergo khispendent of their services on tbe aotual field of bat tler Tn*>re was a characteristic streams tan oe connected ?Mh tbat iftidalgbt marci.? namely (without iatendlng disparagement to the oavalry), that it soems the foot soldiers beat tbe borse on the way to the Weldon Railroad. Wben tbe column of Infantry eras halted for a while en res U, and some soldiers ssked tbe reason, a row fellows said tbey were "waiting for tbe ' to cbaugo borse*." ?nsui Kites' ominous. Pat tbat is mors remote from the serious subject andor consideration. On Monday the First division, ? command of General >:ilea. General Barlow being si on account of sick doss, resumed tbs destructf n ei the railroad track which had been o< mmencod by Wama, and tors it ap, burning slsepers and beading valla, a distaaoe of about tive miles dosra ts Roam's sit ma, OKKEaiL UIBOOI B Movsxuns. The Second division, under Gecoral Gibbon, was kept sa s support In c-se the enomy should attempt to inter - fsrs with tbs progress of destruction. Oa Monday night the Second division msrebed by a circuitous route, asd oa Tacsdsy morning joined tlja Flirt at Roam's station. Xhsa lbs First division conliousd'its dasiiuctlve courss along ibo railroad, and demounted about three more Miles of track on the way to Voldon. TUB CAVALRY. Meanwhile a brigado of Kauts's oavsiry, nndsr Colonel ?pear, and the division under Gen. Gregg, wore operat lag la the froat, watcbln? tbe movemeats of ibe cnetr.y. OoteuelBpjar bid several severe sklrmisbss with t ie eaetay's cavalry. On Tuesday, while oar lafsntryasre at Seam's station, General Gregg's cavalry was out on tea read lead lag to Dinwiddle, where h* bad a spirltsd SKlr. la which bis own loas la killed sad woaaded sum. about fi.'ty. Among bis wounded wore CaplUa Park, comssaadiag tbe fourth Peeasylvaala, who loet in arm; Major Wlstar, eosamaading tbo Eighth rennsyl vaata, woaaded la the right side, and Captain Oldham, of tbe same regimeal, ia tbe left; aad Captain Taylor, commanding tbe Secon i Pennsylvania, wUc saf fared severely from s shot la tbs arm. This cavatay en gag em eat lasted from five till nlae P. M., whdtjBb bee my, after several sucossslvs altampts to dufl^ him, retired from Gregg's Immediate froat, leaving him In on af tbe ground. ooaasacsiisi it or raa sinu i are some of tbe operat leas preliminary to the battle of Ream's station, whleh ooatassaood oa Tbarsday msratng absat hair-p at tea. Saoagb of the railroad had feasa dee troy ed, aad Hancock had per miss toe from Major ?spiral Meada to ase bis ilsere Men about wllbdrawlag Ms oommsod from tbat leolated posit lee If tbe enemy waa formidable In bis front. Tae enemy did aot tbea ahow himself la great strsogtb, bowsvsr, sad tedeed eome of the rebel iroope which assisted la the easaulla Ister la the day did aot ar rive epoa the ground until during tbe after aooa. Banoock did aot deem it proper to retire leal then, however, ae be bed reason to believe tbat tbe eaemy wss present la coasidsrsble force, bnl preferred la tght blm at the sutlon snd then retire st dark, noises eaaipetisd by superior numbers to retire at aa earlier enaatroaa or iws sboovd w vision, hi thaasaralog the Seoond division of Infaatry moved sease dtetaooe down tbe railroad to where a portion of oar oavalry, wbieb wss out reeling in tbe front, was eeoo engaged la oklrmishtng It wsa between ten and Sloven o'deefc wben Ibe oavsiry on the railroad retired ?a the violet ty of Jeffrey's bouse, aearly a mile l>elow As station, aad tbe Seceed division formed m Hue across Ifce railroad, the Third brltaoe oo the ri?t>t of tbo Irsck aad part of tbe riret brigade oa tbs left, witb tbe ra amiader bebiad as a supp ri. A section of Capt. Sleeper's Tenth Msssschupetts batlsry was placed in poeittnu oa Ibe line eed replied t> eome guns wbtob tbe enernf opened a* tbat time li ?sas ia ibis di.euiiou thai ibe eaemy Aral dlaplaysd ear tangible evidence of force. Whilst directing operat loao eo ibe skirmish llneOsptain Hew ley , Assistant fnepeetor i eneral on tbe slart of Colonel Smyth, #<m? erea* tag the third arlgsds, was klllsd by a bullet la Om tbe oaeualtlee, however, st Ibis Stage were yery e"gl?t. The ond division wos thus smr loyed In Skirmishing wheo the eaemy eppeered oo tbe front of tbo First dis isioa, which wes at Ream's station, manning a lias of tok^porsry letrenebmente which bed aeon thrown sp by ibe s/?*'b eorpe eome time ago, when It waa over et tbe WsU't n Hailroad. Then, by order of Generei Han enek thef^?<?^'?(, was bronght back to tbo sta tion *l<i uos ed "? ,he l,M *? ^e left of the Teath Meese rhusms s-d ? "hede Isisnrt baileries, as repre eemod in the rtiegv*"1 Ttl# cavalry was also witbdrswa feather f the le.t. T',,? dieposltion gave us a concsntra ??- * of eur lercss, wtK,,?fc cossro^d wiib the sr. <iay'S hoe ever vas ssssi. ntav r<"r? But previous to the witbv r*w*'i ???"?* sieven o'clock, ? foroa of tbe enemy la msn<v ?????* ?o managed v? *<* round wrti to oor left and ? "me rftli . *u developing our p"et?'on, and at ' y,rlit naiiy suvetoping ua. ft*. IKtf!>!*l. ".i .w.i um. m dtvwloo wbiofa wore out In tbat ytoieity t ( viwwtion with * 06 :^r:r:?rir^;ra-r] > ir^srd?wr^s,y".?w-b.'?. e..u~ tue toituHry arrived. . 0AV4LHY CONTI8T. ? IiilIa laiflr In lb? toreti<?on the eo^tny'B aa^alry waa W^mfu?^? ?b. a?r?cllon of I'^.tddtrtowarrt. o?r ' front. An open field tn tbat direction was rl quite a brilliant little oavalry enoouMor, In *?***'! *?^ eburrea raaiiu by lUa rebel horse wore l>i4?diouuty re | pot -ed oy i'lmom cut|o? ol to "f?1'? ' 7"' irL ?avalr?, under l.leuteuaut Colonol ^'?'inii'.n. ? w aa Coimel Cbapm<n'e brigade of General Gregg s dlvtaji n which *?s obeckltig tbe advance of the euemy frotn that auM(?r. _ rai ubit. roaon ? m imt attic* . Having fell all ro-iad oor lluee the tng the forces of t- > enemy, a bleb coM ?txd of A. Htlla oor pa, part of LotnlnH1" oorps and Hampton s oavalry under command of Hill, evidently concluded that Ue would make hs main attack tie" from the direction of Dinwiddle. Accordingly, ?to"' hr.lf-past one o'cloclt P. M., an ugaault waa mado br a Heavy aklruilab line. A 1 -ud and oharacleriiiicch^er arose Irom tbe rebel an the line ad.v*a??dJ?Iv|"i u that oortlon of tbe breastworks defended by tceinira and Fouitb brigades of tbe First division; but * Jew vol ley* from tboae troops, and a fe-r rounds from tbe bat lei lea drove tbe reb ls b olt In (:r^t OTutu8lon w h oooeiaer;. Die lose. Our loan a lib 18 Urst Msa,,|' nominal as to numbers, but several were stricken down; among tnem was Captain Sleeper, r?he Tenth MsssacbuseKs battery, wbo was pamfu ly, but not dangerously, wounded lu tbe f"n ^ _ ? shot tbo gallant Captain atood bv ble guna 00111 JJ leuirth overcome with *eaknea3, bo waa compelled to leave the Held. The command of ibo haUer^ lh*?c?(?rlh devolved on Lieutenant Granger, wbo directed its opera lioua to tbe last. COVOHtW BXATKS AMB Hnenm WOPKDSD. Another gallnut officer wennded at this time * Del Beaver, of t><* * ue Qundled and Forty eighth . cr.o. ?ylvauia reg u ? i. Colonel Beaver had bnn severely lu tbe side two months before lu front o 1 0*"-1* burg, and, bavtog recovered and Just returned to duty yesterday, was crossing tbe field to uke command of tbe Fourth brigade wbeo be was stricken down again. ? HJa leg was badly shattered , and baa since been amputated. He Is a gallant officer, and bears tbe loaa of b^ Wmb with characteristic fortitude. He Is to ^?_r#5?ln,u??<1^ " .* bra vet Br leader General. Colonel Brodle, wbo was in eommaod of tbe brigade, was wcund?d,l sm told, but whstber at tbat time or later In tbe day I have not beon to tormed. Captains Nolan and Taggett, ot tho One Hun 4 red and Sixteenth Pennsylvania, were among tbe killed. BKIRMI8II1MU? *ns SK?ND MtUI AUO SIPUIBSD. Skirmishing was resumed and oontlnued for two hours, daring which time both parties were busily ???????* making new dispositions. Columns of the enemy's troops could be seen moving, preparing for the next assault. It came at hair past three, aud was more vigorous than the flret Tbe enemy's approeeb was announced not by vol leys from his muskets, but as before by a i raging and then the appearance of a neavy line of Iniantry. Be fore tbe aeeault was made by a skirmish line, 'bistliue it was made by a oloso line of battle, with ,0DP?rt* '? rear. The obeer was loader and stronger than the first, and aa this -line rushed lor ward In the same our froot as tbe other bad before, our 1 p.* ten Ifio fire, and tuebUtenee, BrewnJ , (^utwaiit Her rin commanding) aad 8!eeper e ou tbe left, New lork, Lieutenant Uauchy eommaodtof, oo "^er^btv kept oompany with tbem. Our artillery and mosket did frightful execution in the rebel ranks. n'r"'??* loss in killed and woundod wa? very beavT . and ou re very slight, for the simple reason ! bat the ' reWe ca ne foi rward with fixed bayoneta, not firing a shot, while they were ex nosed to tbe ratal Ore 1 have mentioned, and some or them were prostrated to tbe earth wl hln tifteeo paces of ourworki M?t of tbe musketry of the frum tbe Belda in fruit of our baiterlea on tbe lcn, and many ef Pernn's and Sleeper's horses wsre kll ed and wounded, both lu the first as well aa m the moms ?? sault. The large number of killed and wounded of tbe enemy already strewn upon the lleld demonglr^ted clearly how costly tbe assault had proved to him, and how sig nally he bad been repulsed. ton Tamn amaclt aid rrs pmclt. At five o'clock a third attack waa made on the same poeit'on, but It was oompuratively feeble, fer the cbeer with which tbo line advanced waa fainter tnan that which signalled tbe second assault, and a repetition of the game sort of defence on our Dart shattered this third line and sent It sUggering to tbe rear. But as It oame sod sn It went It left lie quota of killed and woanded on the cronord. ni niBSi. ?*uu.n?T attack? Tn stoeitomj c lck*. But preparations were being made by tbe rebel eommander for another and a grander aeeault. Ho waa determined to Thin self-evident fact In confirmed who state tbat he waa beard to say bo would have tbe oiace that night.- And he used tbe moet effectual means at last to take It; tor all bin available foroes were eon coutrated at that point, and formed, not in llnee of Mius, but In close columns of attack. It seems apparent, not only from tb? result or the enemy's fiercest J"1 evening, but from the issue of assault* on otter fitrtds, tbat if you waal to Uke intrenchmenU nottoo sirong to necesfltate a stege, the only rsMonabie method ls nol y s'u-round tbem witn a Ime of fire, although a demonstra tion is useful along the line to oo< upy y ur opponent's attention, bnt to pierce tbe line at * given point wllh a st rmlng column That was tbe wsy the enemy made ibis last assault. For full fifteen mlnutee after tbe third attempt wa conld hear the rebels lu a the timber In front of part of Hilea lire, chopping down the tr*ee and bringing forward ar ttuory. It waa at this time that one gun of the Twelfth New York Battery, under charge of Lieutenant Brower, waa put in a portion of the line to tbe left of the 11 broe other piecee, nod ibrew ahell Wltb fire woode. All at once tbe enemy opeoad a concentrated fire of artillery with the evident intention of ehaklng our line prcrloustotbe last assault. Ibis artillery fire wsa trems-.dous, and bad, as I have said, a good deal of moral as well as pbvsical eCTeot. For neariy twenty minutes ihe shot aud "shell were poured witb the moM pr .digal profusion into tbe sort of circle In which our line was formed and theu, ahout half-pest five, a tremendoua etieer. continued and prolonged, camo from the stormlnR column wblcb r :sbed onward towards our ubaor naeir, It aeemed to have se much vim and vigor, amieared to ahake tbe self confidence ot a portion of our men. for aa soon as thoy saw the rebel bayonets ^ tbey unwleely conr.u.led that discrstloo waa the better part of valor, and failed to de.'end a poettion wbioli tney sbojid snd could btvs belJ Many of tbe troope, how ever btuod at tbe poklof duty like men, end aeveral iistant es Qt Indvldoeirnlor lilt ?tr?te<i t ne oroud historic natno ot the Second corj s, aad cojtruutfcd to tbe vindi cation of Its honor. Ota ABIll-LtiRV. It will not be uct of place u? ihis point to Introduce a reference to tbe atrvices performed by the arlil ery. Ibero were four Vitu-i as of four guns each on the field oi battle, ihet were placed at reprevnted tn tne dia Krnm, alibotiKh W-rner a battery s; metimes chauged position. Baitori?B A and B ef the l-list l.bode Island, now con?o.ida ed lulo one, and kaoaa s* Battery B. was uuior command of Lieutenant Parr lb. Opt . brown hav ing gone bomn on recruiting service a few davs N?ore tbe battle. It rendered most vnluable rue can nonoera stood by their guos until tho re'oels were cwarming over them. All its offl< era were woupdod and mmy ef the men. Lieutenant Pemr. had his le< ?bu'teted fell into the enemy's hands m be could nol be carried from the ueid in the neat of ibe engagement. Lieutenant Chase ? aleo wounded and a arsoner. Lleiiton-mt spenoer, <vhen tbe guos eoul 1 not he lianled oT, because tbe boreea were ?U t. rafu-el to leavu bis pieces, and, after be ha^l *?ld, "''"ft, aavo vonrasivns? I'll suy here," bu wot, sr n ? fa I behind Me i r;ii?rt, and Is sapp^sed to bu soi, 'rd a prls on r This battery loel over fifty nr.en a.,d u If i?r?ea. too io lib UiKOfcbuae'Ui bat'e ywus nrtt to tbato?e frem<?e Is:?nd. Cet la ? -:eci er t "vr wotsrded la th? eifly isrtoMho t?h?*r^ei.t. Lien ten ?uta Granger and Ada> * foogbt ?ne lialte^y until tfc ? a?-e?y enveloped tt Tuey nart rever?l j r >v de-'tlal oa< from tatal in.ur* luls bafery nst ertn not so many men, bnt abuoi aa man> h Tbo T .voiith New York bellOTy wdi tiear tb^ of ?heFifit Jlviiiooe Captnin Mc&oi|nt and Lleuteuaol Fu 1, both of whom bad dieilngnished tbemselves on rr^vi. i* occsaioui, were not wttb toe battery. MeKntgU b> >g *lck at City Point and ^ Bull beica on stall duty. Ihe battery was commanded by Lieutenant nniicny, who dlreoted the fire of the throe sups wbils Lie'.icn .nt Hrower fought the other Tbla nromislnt oflloer. I,:entanant Brower, was ahot in tbe bead when tte eoemy broke through onr line He was giving orders !or pouring inti Ihe sdvsncmg enemy double chotled canistor when he waa killed at bis Ran. Corporal Llddle endeavored to get off tbe guo, aome of the dead horses being dragged In tbe traces a eonsider. able distsnce from the line, hut be was uuaole t j ca the dead horses out in lime to use It from the fie.d. The remainder of the guns, like this single one, fired oanister along H.e line after tbe enemy got Into our breaatworks, tbe one gun firing to the right oblique and tbe three guas to tbe left. Meven of the ? snnonlers wsre killed. a naavs raivara It was at this part of the field tbat private Ginley, of Company O, First New York artillery , who waa mounted and acting as sn orderly, d-spieyed such remarkable sc. llvity in his shirt eieevee, ra*biug about with a drawl sabre, be ?M jow rallying retiring jf.?pe, ?h?u o;?rrymg nanister from taecaleeon. and thoo fnog off a ??>? was tn < periect impertonafon of a wild Irishman, n, appeared to tbluk tbat It was hlm.elf alone tbal tbe enemy was flghtlDt', and he cjnducted blrrsalf accordingly 11 made no difference to him bow ar in what arm It tbe service-cavalry, artillery or Infantry - so long as be wss fighting . Many detacbmcti'e of Jr (en. trv rallied around a standard that be carried and al.owed Mm to tbo front. He was onl? a prtr?te, but we woo Id have lost no trophiea had every one displayed Ue spirit ?f ieroers 'rbird New Jersey kailery oocupled several poeitl >na ab?ui tbe centre of tbe elrole, and fired In diffe rent directions, wherever iba eaemy appeared. All the officers and men are Germane. Lieutenants Berjfeld and Trnbel were in charge of the scoi Ions. This betlery lost ftre men killed and eeren men wounded. Haoeook eaia "that battery fought fired every wfy. Captain A. J. Clark, acting onaunandant of artillery n tbe abnanoe ef Wajof llassard, wan slightly wounded in the face. Thua *?? artillery per formed important aervlce in the bettle yeater Aay, and coatrlbatad mucb to oover tbe ground In frvnt ef onr worke wttb the nmi<<s of killed snd wounded whk'b the enemy left upoa the laid. Though sliest nine tfune were loel? Sleeper's four three lacb rifled, Per rln's twelve pouod?r Napoleons, and poor Browsr's ?> lltary ^ un of tbe oame oaltbre? never were pleoee loel tn a mora Vv>oorahia manner, aad whim tboae moet vitally concerned rv'?r mourn our trnphtee loat tbey oan rejoice over honors As ? sera 4M?ct.r or t>u nasnv. To return to th<K*nenv s assault. It alruck tbe Tblrl *?<1 Fourth brigades of tVe First dlvlel?o, and soon th??e ?M uretit eorfuai"*) a tiiat k>t? <hi of tl^llne. 1 eaW tfce tltoe when ii gays ?*?' i but ooul<t not tall urecieety what *w ia were u.. it U Ii ume. There w re. howevtr, many Individual b'o\ i*s wfco rvaialned and fought to the l?*t. IJ tt TkJI IKT OOt/mi. ALfOlU'e AUtlLlMY. The Fourth v?*vy artillery, lieutenant Colonel Alnock oommt.'diPt;. which w.? <>q tho le.'t of Geoeral Miles' lice, suflorra severely. After I'errln'e and Sleeper's hat ter ie* wero hi the l\? J , aiiii"et mirrou .ded by the rebels, eomo of the men fr?;m tbo Fourth arl!l?ry worked a rew of tho >'unn, swee^l < the rtbci^ as thoy were passing d?wt? the bica tvrorks. Ltruteranl Colonel Ala etc w?j severely wo ailed In the sboi.lder. Mijcr mhir ?Dil Ail ui tit Trapper war* alio wouuded. M*v r Wirtiams * prob-xb-v killed, u be wf.? Infl lyiug on the fleld. Auto v, iim ki d tu '.hat r> '.i.?'it jro il?o Opt. Ib'Xeei o*i1 Ltenicsnts Fiann au, Dea btvn end Rardirtk Many other oftioors are ml."'^. But as to cafnalties vu i-g i.aHcern, (hey arc j.-e t In nearly all the re ?ii? i.bU. Seine ere ii' t hi our nauds, mid others a ppear lu the lists oi killed c J womni?:<|. There ab b many olflcera who bo.avml very gallautly upou tbe P.jM wh"?e sxpiwta I have not iimatu meutvn OfjriKAL HAHCXHIK AND nn were In U>? thickest of tbe OrQI. TUa GeuoraJ'a own horse was sboi. Haven bullet holes are In bis jMndqvteTS colors. All his staff 'ifflciis have mado tlio r nnoes illustrl ouj. Am>ng tho casualties it is a ps'-tful duty to reroid tbe death of Captain iirowiison, of Haucoek'a stuff I'u was gillantly leading forward fragment* of dKTeront commands when ke wan shot in tho b-e?st and mortally wonuded. He w?S a modest, puro tntaded geutletnaa and a coble oftlcer. Ho was a sou of Dr. Orestos A. Brown son, and Is greatly lamented by everybody In tbe c-rp* who knew him Hie body to being embalmed. Lieutenant Colonel Wn'ker, General UancKk's '.mutant Adjutant General, was captured. Ia golr" forward with a tnoaeuRo t?> General Uiios lie unexjiucitdly rude into tbe rebel lines. exnttui. it: in irp Tipr. have como out alivo, though several of their horses ?e>e shot and two ot bla ptaft oil cera woro wounded? I.ieut. Uinney in tho log, and Capl. Hizcar slVbtly la the neck. Gen. Ililes has been highly compllnleuted for hie oou duct. A new oolor belonging to tbe H^hty-Orst 1'ena sylvania regiment, In tho First dlvlsioD, shons where thirteen buMotn went through It. Theso littlo ; artlcjlars are mentlcned to show tho severity of tho OgUt. It was one of tke severest battles lor tbe length of time after the last asaaull till durk on record. 01NBK1L OIHBOXB' OOMIUyn. The Secnd division, under Gen. Gibbon, w?t on the left, opposite the point of the main attack, bat when that portion of the line where the batteries were waa rap tured, hie troops, taken In reverse first fey the enemy*e artillery Ore and then by tbe munkeiry, wavered, and finally, when attacked In front by another force, were compelled to leave most of tbe line they had originally oocupied. Attempts were made to t>end troops from the Pec nd division across the circle to Miles, but the con verging Are from all points was more than ibev could possibly stand, and shelter was sought wherever it was likely to be found. Tbe becond brigade, nuder Col. Murphy, was on tbe right of tbe division lino, and the Third, under Cel. Smyth, whilst the First brigade waa distributed In the railroad cut, as support to Milea' line. One of theee regiments, tbe Twentieth Massachusetts, Is captured almost entire, for, with a Tew exceptions, evory man is missing. , enrou). nnnoo'a cavaliiy. General Gregg, with his cavalry, rendered Important service. The cavalry lought well dlamountod. Tt Is be lieved that If a few fresh, vigorous, well disciplined sol diers bad been at band to re establish tbe Ime wheu it was broken, at the commencement of the disaster, we would have won one of the meet signal victories or tbe war. Bat there Is a limit to tbe eedaraaee of human na ture?for the fighting and ratigae that the soldiers of the Sec nd porps Elve passed through Is marvelous? and there were mat y circumstances yesterday against as. nilMTOBrSMBtm 8JWT TO HANCOCK. . General Willcox's division, of the Ninth corpa, was ob the march to support tbe two small divisions of the Second o tps, isolated as they were and almost sur rounded; but though Wllleox marched on tbe double quick part of tbe way, he could not reecb tbe battle Held in time to retder any service, ran bXttls nat.n presented a sad -but splendid aper.taole. It was an amphi theatre of lire and flame In the midst of the engage ment, with tbe martial music or musketsy and cannon all abnul us, tt was easy to recall the lines of tbe German poet:? To the right, to the left, and around and around, Death whirled in its dance ob tbe bloody ground. ? tmi smanr. But one feature or the a Hair worthy of special mention is tbe fact that tbe enemy waa so severely punished that be was abandoning the Held, together with bis killed and wounded, at the same time that Oancock was making preparations, in aooordance wltb his previous purpose, to withdraw. Tbe ioe^of the enemy in killed and wounded is represented by prisoners to be unparalleled far tbe ?umbers that were engaged. TBS LOSSM. Our taM was chiefly In prisoners, arising from the dis organised state of the command. Our loea in killed, wounded and prisoners will number near two thousand. Tt la believed that a much larger number of tbe enemy than our aggregate loss his been killed and wouaded, although ho states diflferently. aammoss. There are many little partioulars aaore ot intereet than importance, whioh might be mentioned did not lime and tbe already voluminous appearance of this account ad monish me that it should bo concluded. Tbe battle of Ream's station will be spoken of by all surviving panic!, pants aa one of tbe flerceet and eloeeat in whioh they ever were engaged, though in respeotof the number of con testants aad of casualties on both sMtee, it will not rank as one of the greatest battlee of the war. The aoemy's foroee In tbe 0?bt are estimated aa nearly double ours. A good brigade might have turned tbe battle in our ravor. But it Is over now, and asost of those engaged, at least of those who felt that they bad any responaibilliy in the matter, have the aaanrasce that though tbey lest seme trophies they have lost no honor. THE TENTH CORPS. Mr. William H. Merrtam'e Despatch/ HuDoriiTM, rhtPArraur or Viaomu srd ) Nowni, August 27? 8 A. M. ) The Tenth army corps, Major Rniril W. B. Blrnsy commanding, ii, ! am enabled to say, now fully arrived at Its new position Id front of Petersburg, Plslsted's brlgada movtng forward to Its appointed place late list evening. It la proper te iar that Itnoe General R. 8. Fwter has aasomed the command of Turner's division, Colonel Plalsted, of the Eleventh Maine, has boon In oom tnaud of tbs l'nued States foroes at Heap Bottom. Tbe rol: of tbe Tenth oort>* in front of Petersburg will doubt less be much tbe same aa baa marked tbe tenure or that position In part by tbe Eighteenth Army corps. Nothiog of intersst transpired last night. TBS HKBSIM maintained a slesdy lira throughout vesterday upon Dutch Haft, where M<0or Ludlow la constructing hi* canal. It ia gratifying to bo able to state that notamanwaa Ult, nor the turning of a spade full of dirt prevented. Our boys simply laughed at tbe rain or iron bail, and pvoaecu'led their work with renewed vigor. TBK EIGHTEENTH CORPS. Mr. John A. Hrndy'i Dstpatohsi. Hsiixjrasrsss, Ciarrmrru A aw Oo?*s, ) Harra's Hot-ss, Poijrt or Rooks, Va.. y August n, ISM. J *ins w ronnoir. TVj day tbs movement going on for tbe lact two days was Anally completed, and the Eighteenth arm? serpe has been entirely removed to tbe north side of the Appo mattox. taking the place formerly oooipled by tba Ten to c-irpe ? the latter organisation replacing the Eighteenth iu the treocbes In front of I'etefsburg. Although in rront of t ho enemy, this movement war jowssfuPy iccom plishf i and iho weir led veterans of tbs Eighteenth, who have beon constantly facing tbe rebels since the com meocnmmit or the campaign . and who have been lying since tbe advance on Petersburg lu tbe trenches sod gopher holes, expoesd to tbe weather and missiles of tbe mar have at length been placed la a position where they can restore toe health of the sick nnd strengths* tbe Iron endurance of those whe ever continued with unbroken determlaatloa to perform their duty. Hans'* Hocks, Ta., August M, lMd. The Eighteenth oorps baa enjoyed tba first day of qalel It has experienced st?oe the eommeocement ef the cam paign. Re loved from tbe works In front ef Petersburg, they lie alone u* Point of Rocks and Deep Bottom line without any annoyance from tbe enemy. Occasional battery trtag has taken plaoe, but If Mr flrtng has been aa barmloas to the enemy as thslrs has eertalu'y been to us, ws have nothing te boast of. Dsxr sotmm? omrmtiL rami. The works an the north baak ef the Jamas asd the forces protecting tbsm are now commanded by Bessral Paine, or Louisiana fame. His oommand has experienced but slight annoyance from tba enemy, vie seem to think that they may as wall remain quiet. bos be?:i brard occasionally from tbe direction of Paters b jig, but It It probably notblog mors than tbe uanai ax ctioige of artillery oompiiwesta. Tbe thirteen loch mortar opened to day from a new peeftlor, with orders to drop sbslls late Petersburg every nrteee minutes. sxssi. pmnrnaa same Inslda oar lines thl? morning. They state that tbs capture of the Woldoo Railroad baa been and is consider ed by the whole rebel srmy ss a sevsre blow, lad ihll they would reel that overytbiag was loat In oass the Dan* villa road was also taken pesaeaslon of. asvmut. ta m narrats. Prom deserters and from talk be twee a tea pickets 1 lsara that Qansral was in greet danger of bslng cap tared by m la the late movements sn tbs north bank of tks Jamsa. At ana time ha waa saMrely cut off with a small rebel brigade; hot ear troope, not knowlnglil* pre aeaoe, aimed at a greater oaptnre, aad ha succesded in worming hie way eat. Tfe? Preee Despatch. Wasmnotos, Aogust 39, 1IM. A letter rsoelvsd from the Army of tbe Potomac, dated yesterday, says:? All is quiet swept tbe usual pickst flung in front ef ths Ninth corps. Tbe flrtof OS our right oa Thursday aad f rid ay was oaaasiened by 1 mr>f ?meat of our troop* from eaa poet Uuti to aoothei , the Mem/ evidently did not no rtiHn*. and were perhaps terra! that n meant another attack ou the right at Rtum'a station, on the Weidon road. Our total loes ta the Iqht or Thursday will ?ot, H la Mid. exoeed two tbo -.sand, white tb?t of the enemy la aupnaed to dk about Ave thousand. We f ill bold about four miles of the WsMoo Railroad, and lb* portion abandoned by tee 8?oond oorpa wa a etTcctu .lly de*;ru>ed. I*i?eri??rs ?b? oauio In yesterday sav that General A. r Klil'e cori*, with two dlvlelone or tieneral U>i<streel'e o.>r.?, tins jeT. lUria U"i"ii, were the rebel troops eai'a^ed oe Thursday, 'ftay ala<) lata ih?t since tho Waidon Railroad fell Into our oasasaidn pork Uas ailvuwd to six dollars and bo< f to alcl't dill- 1* pei round In Richmond, and tbelr edeera declare that tbe road moat be recaptured at all bazar da. 1 REBEL ACCOUNTS. Vbe r ' h? mt Btau'i itaitoa-Twa I'll una. nd Pilaoueta and Nina JPl? cce ef Artillery Cap t mi c<t? 1'tko Ped ? ??.'? lalveii Back 8 I x Miles? Twelve IS! ?? o' UaiUond llnitroyedi d(c> I Kj o*ii ii d Petersburg Register, August 27.} Early yeuwaay morn log, rumors came thick and faat of the b.-ttle vii tho Weidoo road, on Thursday. Some had it that Uu e* cmy hid been driven from tbo road in utier rout? and many thousand prisoners captured Otuera ha.: It tb.i? the number of prisoners waa aa high k- rovoc II ouaand and the number of cannon captured wa? put a' nigh n<j twenty. Krom lefot ot.i on gathered at hoadqnarlera. and from Uber aourccv, wo learned that about eight 0'ul-ck oa Thursday morning General Hnmpton'a cavalry attacked a body of Yankee cavalry, under tbe oommaod of tbe no torioua ^v?"?ra, who were engaged in destroy ing tbe road about four mllea beyond Ream's slat jo. Tbey .< ere aoon routed and driven will) 'sidf ruble loss back ujton their Infantry support at ite&m's, where tbey were strongly fortified. About Qva o'clock GspstsI a P. Hill attacked them In their workd at Rf'm'u, and after a severe tight of two bours stiocecded in capturing tbeir works, about two thousand r .oueia and nina ploces of artillery. Up to nine o'clock last ni^bt there bad been brought Id and registered at tho oilice of I'ro/ost Marshal Bridge ford aevent?eu hundred and *ix privates and sevenly aeven oii.cers, tho big beat rank being that of lieu, tenant oclonel. It w.ia reported that there waa a brigadier general, but thin waa ascertained to be a mistake, and tbe report originated from the fact tbat an officer surrendered aa a brigadier general but turned out to be only a lieutenant co lonel in command or a brigade. Thla waa a Colonel Cuotta. We bear tbat General Hancock's Adjutant Gene ral waa captured last night, be having ridden Into our llaea by mistake. General Bill drove tbe acemy an me two miles, Indict* Ing on bJm heavy loea iu killed and wounded, beaidea tbe prisoner*, with a loea estimated at about one thou sand la killed and wounded. Moat of tbe wounda are aald to be alight. Ibe enemv la repreaantad to have fought with more tban hit naual bravery, and our troopa were at one time checked in tbelr advaoee. Palling down tbey wailed natll supports came op, wben tbey rallied and with Irresistible fury charged the enamy from bin works, which are now occupied by ua. Wa are Informed tbat ibe road has been destroyed all the way from Davis' to four miles beyond Roam's, wbieh la seme alevon or twelve mllea. SHERIDAN. Our Advance Up the Shenan doah Valley. DEFEAT OF THE REBEL CAVALRY. Early Making All Hast# for Biehmond, te, aoh 4m. Mr. Tktti 0, WIImb'i Dupatoh. MiBTisuBcao, Vl, August 29, 1164. Our ?k- slry whipped FUabugh Lee yesterday, ne? SmitbfloH. Considerable >rli| la now beard toward* Sheridan 's^ine. T?e firing HMI to bo between Berry vllle sad Rmltbfleld. A portion of Avar Ill's cavalry tbls morning saooun tared Vaogbaa'a brigade, between Mar'insburg and Win cheater, driving the rebels bevond Darksville, and cap tnring some prisoners. We bare been skirmishing all Colonel W. H. Howell has been recommended for a brig adier generalship b.v all bis commanding officers, for gal lantry in many battles General Avenii has drives the enemy's cavalry upon toe rebel infantry line and poeltion. r Mr. DcB. Raadoiph Kcim'i Despatch. Habtsb's Fbbsv, August S9, 1804. TBS APVABC*. Ths reconnotssancas of our cavalry on the J7ih, br lop ing la Information that the enemy bad disappeared from our frost, led to a movement yesterday of Sheridan's entire force, The march at first was anlmpoded , but towards evening severe csnnoaading was heard, whlok Indicated the presence of at least light portions of rebels watchlog our advance. In the evening oar troops occu pied Cbsrlestown, and General Sheridan establiehed bis headquarters there. sribbisb at semen nu. A cavalry party sent oat towards Bunker Bill, rear that point ?'ncoubtcred a body of the enemy's cavalry. A skirmish ensued in which our troops met with s?c ceaa. SRISBISHIRO at vn LIAMSPORT. a parly if the enemy demonstrating inwards the l'<ol<v mao and el) the Wllllamspnrt rosd, meeting with a body of our cav.Yiry, made an attack, but wiib ni terious re sults on o.'Uer tide. There was a great deal of Itrlng, but small losses. sonmiiAR'* r.ssrpuTioN. It is not thought General Sheridan %lll mux south of WtasbsaMT, even if the euemj be not (NM .his side. There is no necessity of goit>g isrlber. His instructions are to hold tbe valley Th,* csu be does s? ely without tbe unnecessary exp< sureofa I0114 lieeof communications south of Winchester, Tbe guerillas ?f tbe country am as active as sver, sod keep close watch ef small part ioc rrsBN< th or tbb k-bmv. ffce diMppearauce of tbe rebels t.aa devoioped tbe fact that tbe force in our front did t.oi exceed three thousand men, commanded by (ienoial An lerson. Ili? eumv's works were a'so of the must imperfect character, l><Tng mere temporary mounds of osrtb thrown up to over small parties of rill-men. wuskr nis xv'ir saS oojts. It Is now believed on all sides, and rscent dsvtlop ments conflrm tbe supposition, that Early moved south several days sgo, and is hastening back to Rleltm< nd to strengtbea Lee lhe recent advantages gained by our forcees bare, so doubt, necessitated tbe return of Farly, and very probably the future, except such treublee as b'Ve always bee 1 experleeced from guerillas, will be one of comparative qalet In the vaMey In a day or two it will be oflicmllj known whether Early has real.y returned to tbe rebel capital. Mr. I. H. rarreli'i Osapaish. Cmai.mow*, Va. , August SP, lWt aovarcb or ran army. General Sheridan's army reached here lsst night from Harper's Ferry. Tbe recoanoissancc made by General Crook frqm tbe left of our position to tbe right of tbe rsbel position, on thsCbarleetown turnpike, seemed to in dicate that the rebate were in large foroe; but Infosaa lion obtained on tho following morning d s covered that Crn .k wsa opposed only by the rear guard of LieuMBsift General Anderso n's (noi Early's) retreating forces. ins sroDsB koysmrnt er tbb uibbt from oar left created tbe impression among oar leading officers that tbey were crowding and masalng on our rlgbt, with tbe ultima!, view of changing frost, facing the r^tomac' river ; and creasing Into Maryland by tbe Shepherds town ford. 0S5BRAL SBBRIDA* bad siready provided for suob a contingency, and on tbe day preceding Crook* movement, ssst Gen. Wlbon's oar slry division to Sbarpcbarg, via Booaskoro. Tbe irocpo crokied tbe Potomac to tbe rigat of ear poaiMon, on s pontoos bridge, early ea Tharsdsy night, and making a night march reached the margin of Boonsboro early on Friday, where they bivouacked utftil noon on Friday, wbea tbey started for Sharpsburg, distant tli miles, reaching there late Ib U>e afternoon. ORHSBAI. WILSOB Immediately picketed tbe Saepberdstown ford, and early next morning? Sunday ?sent a detachment aoroee the river to reconnolter and cover tbe orocslng of tbe entire command. Tbe pioneer force croeeed without eppoeitlon. At ten o'clock tbe croostng of the entire oommsnd , oav airy and horse artillery, was semmonced. and by two o' lock P. M. every maa wsa solely over on tbe Virginia side. The river la In eioelleot fording eoadltl n, the water < nly reaching the horses shoulders. TUB BAB<B. Tbe oomBtaad ever, tbe march wag taken up. and, by the way of the Shepherds tews wd Harpers Ferry road lo a |ieint where the road iu?*raec>x ice Harper's Kerry end Chsrlestnwn road, where the ad ranee column i or he other port km of General Sheridan's army were. Tbo loreee were liere, moved In four columns, end kept up the mar"J> notu it reached Charleatown. f rom < barleston tho dIRorcut ooiuioi pursued direr out, roatea. One columa proceeded on the SmiUtQeld road, another cu the Summit Point road, and anothor on tho Winchester turnpike, reaching a line fmir miio* s-'uth outs 14s of the towo. A bait waa ordered and the troops earned for the night. SklSHIJH. Tn the afternoon tbero w?u; a simll erd unlmr'?rtant eavalry skirmish on the Hin'tbHoM road betwouu oor advance cavalry and a b dy oi rebel guerilla*. Krom a point to the north of (;harit<elo?vn, into on 8und?y alter noon, for upwards of an h..ur a brisk cannon ido w -e heard from the direct I'D of Willtamsport, where It was ?upp ?ed Oeneral AvoriH's division rm?sod in the mom In?. Karly this morning the eann< uedlng una resumed from tnn same direction, and It n supposed that General Averill bad mot a considerable force of tbo enemy, tn BTDutt ytrti. *t tseatinu. 1 learn here from retldeuts of tbo tnwu that tbe e*>e wy'a roar guard passed through Oberleetown, going to wards R "hmond, late on Friday nlfht.ard tbit tbe main body, which my informant ? avg wai' aniall com pared to Genera) Sheridan's army, pracedM it two or three days. Sciute report tho enemy's rear guard at Winchester, and the main body on Friday lart a abort distance south of 8trasb irg. Your correspondent ex amined tho ground ci*- fnliy over tbe position which bad been occupied by tfeo enemy. TOt! HK UIJI ??* Tll? VAI.I.KT. After their retreat on Friday n'ght, at <>nly one point, and that was near Hhepberdr-town, was there any evi dence that the rebels hud b^cn in force. Their fortiflca tlons in front <>f tho position at Harper'! Ferry wee very poor and insignificant, conn* ting only of detsohed riflo pits and such defences as wore easily atlbrded by fonce rai'.a, rocks and stumps. (ieneral Sheridan, On the con trary, had constructed the moet formidable and ample works for tbe defence of Tlariier's Ferry, making tmo of all the natural advantages of the topography of the coontry, and constructing nitch artificial ilefiv ?e as were necessary to make tbe line invulnerable from any assaults or the enemy. Tho inhabitants of (bis town complain bitterly of the hardships of the war, and say Jhat tbey are in a semi-state m starvation. The operations in tbe valley of the Shenandoah promise to be of a very quiet nature, as the robels no doubt ? at least the main body of tbe force lately operating Id tbe ?alley? have returned to Richmond. The Washington Despatch. WaSBincrraif, August 29, ISM. Information received here from Halltown as late as yesterday stales thai "ttie advance" has been sounded, and another battle In tbe valley Is expected and pre dicted. . F OSTER, larprln and Oaptart of a Cavalry De toeliineitt? Arrival of Btbtl F taonera to bo Plactd lnd?r Fire? Attempt to Wrack the ttcamer Cnnceataad l?lbe rato tbe Prisoners, Ac., &o. MB. OSCAR 0. 8AWYKK'* DEBPATCtl. Hh.toh Bud, ft C. , August 29, 1M4. A CAN ALftY DBTACHXtRr ?l RrRI.9?D AKD riril Rtl) M 1X0*1 O*. Our oporationa in Florida under tiom ral Hatcb have ? been temporarily checked by a reverie a portion or hl? (oroea mat witb on Wedneaday, iba 18tb alt., in Galoot rille, al U? bands of Captain officer of fame ?a ranger and Irregular trooper. Tbe facta In tbe caae, aa tbey teem to float be re, are aa follow?:? Atter tbo evacuation of Baldwin a detachment , cods la (log of a por tion of tbe Seventy- fifth Ohio, -M mounted infantry, two companlea (B and i?) of tbe Foortb Massachusetts oav airy, and a bowitRsr from Captain llammcr 'a lUbt battery, Tblrd Rhode island, all under the command of Colonel mm, of tbo Seveotr Oftb Ohio, net out for the Interior Kakmg a rapid movement they reached Stork, and then, without oppo tltloo, destroyed a railroad train, with a largo mautity o mercbaodlae, tubsmience and qr-\rlermaater storea. Then, completing their work uatltfactorily here, they advanced to (iaineav ilia, and finding only a thin line of aklrmlahera, onr force* drove them Into and through the own and occupied It. While ll>e men wera engaged lu feeding tba enemy unexpectedly made an Impctaooa attack in heavy lorce with artillery, infantry and ctval ry, throwing our force ioto aome little confusion, from * wbiob tbey ware not rallied The tight, begun bo unfavor ably to na, did not change ita mpeot except ror the worae. Finally, to make a disagreeable story abort, all but twenty two or twecty-tbree men ware captured by the enemy, theee eacaplng curving their way out witb their aabrcs, under Meo'eoant Brothnrtm, of tfce Fourth Massachusetts cavalry. It la not precisely knowm what the raaualtl ?* were la killed end wounded. About one hundred nnd seventy Ave men were lost nlto getber. Tbe enemy took in this nice little trap, which (oloool Hans fell into, In addition to men. nearly all Ida boraes, some wacons, one piece of artillery, with every thing attached complete, recaptured a number of contra bands and rofugeen, which the column bad picked up, aud a quantity of lobarro, produce and artlclos of that k!rd. acquired on tbe march. Altogether tbey m ido a good btul and wehnve not yetaoquired a olect ral vote. A rigid investigation la to be bad , and if moflictency or cowardice haa been shown by any one tbe will soon be well rid of tbe delinquent officer AHMJTAl. 01 A LAacB Kl MBKR Of Rki KL PBBOJlMM TO BB PL4<xr> taniB.riai. A large number of rebel officers, prisoners of war, from Fort Delaware, reached bore on Thursday in tbe steamship Crescent, convoyed down by t!<e gvnboat ||> ? iral. i hey are to he sent up to Morria island to-day or | to.morrow, to be placed under Cre cf tbo rebel baiter es, ; ia retaliation for like exp >rure<f eur oil rers, prisoners in Charleston. They do not feel particularly ? aeertul in contemplatlcg tbe prospect before them. Cuirtnlngs' I'oiut being a. most tbe locus of tho Cre from tbe cu circling rebel batterlef , tbe chances or being bit by flying fragments or "rotten shell," an tbe Intelligent contra bind called them, is disagreeably unfavorable ard th?n, too, It la an exposure attended by aone or tbe exe|(ement and martial aspirations tbat carry oca through the heat of conflict 'inconfioua of lit danger. One Id a icb a position as the rebel Officers occupy ban too much time to think and t<lo le* opportunities to dodje to make it th>Toii(ih y en.'oy.ibie. lhe nres'nca of there offlcera at Cummfug*' Point will be mado known to ueteral 8am Joues at onoe. Ihefr names and rank now with propriety be publitbed. General Jo: es refuted to com ? tnunicate tbo namet and rank of our officers In Charles ton, and until that iadooe the namaa of our prlaontrs mutt remain unkuuwn. solo ita* to w??r* -run rtKAMtc catrmfr a*? trr vat iiuwupia uo rasa. While oo bar trip down a series of Incident! occurred oo tbe Crescent, pretty clearly indicating tbe axixteme of a deap laid plot between tbe rebela and one or two of tne nftieoia of tbe steamer to effeut tbe escape of the ogtlre lot '(ter raerhlnc the vicinity or Cape Komtfoe. The Crescent ?m o&erved to change b<-r oour?e and gradually haul in ahore. Signals were inline dutely made 'r ra tb<> g.snb i .t Admiral, t'apUin 1 aieo, to the Crescent, tb-it ane w?a staring too much in ahore, and ahe was ofl bar course. .Vol tbe >eaat attention wna paid to the sign < la, although tbey had been arranged ba fore sailing and wera perfee'ly understood. The Crea cut continued to aund oil her cturse and the Admiral to fallow, tba latter c ntmually burning blue lights and Beading np rockets, and signalizing with Coaton's night signals, but without result A detention or the Admiral In speaking tho Wabaph euahisd tbe Creeceat to gain a dis tance abend. Tlie latter r?llowert until she bad so ah"*led ber water Ibst a further ad Talks ws* dsnserons i*he then h.i tiled off shore and laid en snd off during the night. Tbe morning dawned, and In thee\rlv light the Creeceat was seen ashore near rape Konali.e, where the beach was tinnaually bold. i Hi > Admiral t lood in aa far aa poenible, and seat tn boat.*' to ascertain tho ciuae or the singular proceeding er tba previous night. Tbe fres cent waa round well in sh"rn, sad every one i>n board eel/el with consternation and fear During the "telle ment tbat euaued alter the ship struck <?** officer waa kaown to bave eacaped, and probably otbera effected a aala passage to tbe iftiore; but It la n?t yet positively knew* bow many are miaalng. as tbe ablp ts too crowded to oall tbe roll. ^ Tbo ship waa Anally got off, and came Ut here yea ter - General Foster on learning these farta and additional oaaa. wbieb convinced him there was treachery eome wbere, Instantly ordered a court martial to convene tbat afternoon? of which Colonel l.lttlefleld Is I'reelJaot? to Iry Captain Daniel S. latbam and tbe se<-nnd oficar, ? R? iter, far their Uvea. H roun I guilty tbey will be sum mirlly punished by banking or sbo<d ng l im'enaal Olonel Woodrord la tba Judg-i tdroctto in tbt case. HnTo* Haan, Auguat M P. M Geaeral FoaMr baa Just received iespatcbea froao Osne ral flatch, wbo reports that Colonel Harris baa coate in at Magnolia, witb a portion "f hit farce. Hbe lose it now reduced to sbout one buodre^. < olouel flame dan tea that ho waa otirpriaed, and atatea ib t be waa aurrouoded by alt bandrad men, Witb three piscea of artillery. Re bopea more Of bta man will alraggle in. ran riaiito oa antm airn caiaLamti. Affaire al Morria lalaad remain nncbaoiad. It la ex Pled tbe beavy additional gone will bo monntod and re^dlgaaa to operate agaiaal fumter la a few daya, meanwhile tbo fort lo undergoing a aevere poanding. tttll are atlil being aeot lalo Cbarleotoo. REBEL ACCOUNTS. Heavy ?klrmlahlny liar ?mltlallol?? Marly Ptreeanaod to Mmtmr Ptaaa|lva? MiO? [Frr.aa tba ralerabarg Ret 1st or, August IT.] Tbe Lynohburg IUp i??euit of last hum: ay aaya, pat aangera from tbe valley last avooing brought aa the bleat aewa ri oat tbat quarter. An latelliget't aad re liable officer, who lest Wlaobeatar on Manday, in orma ca that oa Sunday Ibare was heavy akirmsbka : 'wiween Early and Sheridan uerw Mrltbfle.d, uieet?e? mtiaa be low Winchester, Ituwblcb we rowed adeci.ted advents e. On Monday Karly drove toe enemy turoogti t liar lea to>. n. and It waa reported lb?t a large port too el coaeed to tho oortb aide of If" fot<i*ac. or th t oti larormant wan not positively slo, ibough hejt QCcO deut they witl croas, ir they have not ii. oe ao. i.eir>iTk alto tbat Early will lollco tuew iato leunavlvanie. FA RR ABUT. Confirmation of the Fall of Fort Morgan. Its Surrender, with All the (Harrison, Guns, &o. GEN. PAGE A PRISONER. Official Annoar.cjnoata from Geo. Grant a:d Secretary Stanton. Tilt Rccsnt Hftval Recsnntlsianes ?f Mcbile Bay. Our Vessels Within Vhros SCilca of tho City, iMn k?n Mi Secretary Stanton to Major General 01x> War OiPiRTMvrr, Washhsotoo, Aaguet SB, ISM. Major General Drx ? Tbe capture of Fort Morgan la folly con Armed by pntchos from General* Grant and Sherman, wl# derive tbelr Information From Richmond and Mobile papers. It arrears from General Gr ant's despatches to tbe Preel dent, Just received, that Fort Morgan ?u surrendered: ? Crrr Fourr, August 2B, 18M. A. Ijhools, President:? Since my despMch of tbls moraine I bare reoelved tbe Rlob u.on<f Sentinel of tbe JTth. It oontalne the following despatch from Mobile:? "Tbe report or tbe surrender of Fort Morgan was moat unexpected, and we awatt an explanation ef an anfortn* nale an occurrence. "Tbe press of Mobile ts hopeful and confident of tbelr ability to bold tbe city." V. 8. GRANT, Lieutenant General. The latest intelligence from the Bfc???n4aaa valley represents that a large part of tho rebel fl? roe ban been withdrawn towards Rlobmond. Hn latest reports from Geo oral Sherman repreeent that thus flur bis recent movements to oooapy tbe rebel lines of supply bare been socces ful. EDWIN M* 8TANTON , Secretary of War. WAsauraiow, August 30, 1M4. nespatehee moelved In Washington from "before At lanta" state that Atlanta papers of t ie Tftb metant an nounce that Fort Morgan surrendered to our throes, with all Ms garrison, Including General Puge, guns, m unit ions of war, be. Oar Slobtle Bay Correspondence. Orr Fort Mors ax, August 19, 1M4. TRS HSOOjniOl AltOS towards mobile. Tbe reoonnoiesancw bero. o mentioned, to wiibln three miles of Mobile, was mado by tbe Motacome*, Itasca, Port Royal and Selena, and tbe Monitors Chickasaw and Winnebago. sAirmrou at ohoctaw ronr axd ornn BAnmuse. Discovery wae made on this reoocuolssanoo that the rebels bavs aa earthwork at Choctaw Polut mounting sin guns. To tbe right of Cboct&w Point, and In tbe bay, la a small sand battery of two guns. Near to thia there Is a battery of six gtras, which sur mounts log* secured together nearly In the shape of a Kji are and Qlled in with sand. A floating battery, to be sonk la case of necessity, and thus to obstraot Its navigation, Is thrown across tbe mala channel. two iorr rrrsl ramh? oaarraprnom. At esch cad or the floating battery there are two rams, smaller and much less formtdabls, bat modelled after the Teoneesee. En t ward from ths floating battery Just mentioned tbere is aa old ship's balk. Intended to be assets a float ing battery; and still farther east a oaeemated tort mounting ten guns. Between the batteries and the rami and tbe shore on eaoh side, spiles, sawed off Just below tbe surfaee ef tbe water, Into which Iron bolls, sharpened so aa to trate or destroy tbe bottoms of boats venturing tbem, obstruct sll tbe Intervening space. The two camels which lightered tbe ram Team over Dog river bar, and an old brig, are tuna la the i lab river chancel On tbe western end of the marsh tbere are twe i or something re?embllag tbeee offensive wator craft, en wblcb workmen are still engaged st bam bo ats at ths wiiAJivsa ? auxxAoa avmsan Tbe wbarves are crowded with s lean beats, though bat few of them bad steam up. your English built i lassls, eeppceed to be blockade runners, were lying at the wharves ainoog the s*sam?rs. nia eraser* or mosjls oasanrto Tbe streets of Mobile are nearly deserted, and tbe olty today la very anlike what It waa before tbe war. moro-fv axenaxan or raisonaa. Major Caaatb, rebel agent of exchange, visited by flag of truce the fleet W Mobile Bay, to effect an eacbsrgs of the Fort Gaines pru' nsrs. Adm.ral Farragut informed him tbaltbe pi uo#ers had boon placo'l at tho dlsp<" >*1 of General Can by, and therc.oro he ooald do aoUtln? in tL# matter. Arrangements were made to Mad packafes to tbe prtaeaers from their friends. Mewa by Way of Orleone. Cairo, August ft, 1M4 The steamer MeGltl, from New Or icannoa the tU met., baa arrived here. Her sews is reader ed valuable by the anienneeipent, through the Klchmond papers, of tbe fall of Fort Morgan. Rebel Report* Moaus, Auguet 34, INd. Fort Morgan la la tbe enemy 'a handa? whether earren dered. blown up or evacuated, le unknown. There are ccpfllctlo| reports, but nothing rellaSTe A flsg of trace b <at v (sited the enemy's upper fleet to day. Ths federal sxobange agent not having arrived, setblog waa aceompllebed. ladden Oootb ef Hon. Ephralm Mors*, Of Vow Jersey. The Hon Ephralm Marsh. President of tbe Morrle Canal aad Baaklag Compeey, died suddssiy at tbe residence or hla son, at Scbooley's Mountain, at balf.pest ?J*01*'** oa Sunday morning, of hesrt < ???"*? J" *' ' ' been la usaal healtli until witbm a fhw bourn of bto do. oease Be returned frem Phirsdeipbla to Jereey Ctty <m Friday last, feeling a little "".11, sod ea Satasday, be (Ore leavlag f? Scbooieye Moueta*, his summer resi dsn'e, rcasulted a pbydcian, but .rterwaNi preceded *. his J mi aer- Toe train was dotoyed s me four bcure I la oonaeqoeooe of a eoMleloa at East Newark, aad eonse auent'y Jedge Nersh was compelled to rtdefrcw Hacbeto tewo te the Mountain at mldmght, wbieb waa dhdbubted I . a severe trial In bis state of health. j Jwitf Marsh was aboat sixty -el(hj years of age. He > ? m see of tbe l?*nng qoen of thd&tate ef sad wasaien widely knowa beyond the H> of tbe ' " the fhDtrtl will take place to morrow (^odnesdajt. ?* ? Vo6- ;.rs Mninialu. .fir aln of cars wlfl be pruv? 1 v s tiMcmay or the Morn, and fsse* road. ? oca vey "J j (rlsnde dee r to attend th? funeral, aad w* ?? ) ssine tiay.

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