Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 30, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 30, 1864 Page 2
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FIK/NCi/L AND COMMERCIAL. . DA' , /!)? St 29-6 P. *. VL? gcJd w-m Hl'0' < au^r ?xcUunae t, I eland t?or Irrln . n*,> oic.lo-J.y. IUe liaajjcuoog vki rum-. of <rd ti<.vy, *ud the price, afsr open- j loi at > ku t edfiaoiug >a- U-'ollued *<r*dtly to SC6 y I frrni wl.l-t.ft "H od it i-<o c <*u to 2j7 Tb<? ma .a"! j U.i 0 J * aoe -t?e Jan ?r,d quotation of Thursday f >ruv.r ooeulo ?? euiion rett d tbe ciflrca i Wh - u , , h /r^- ie-lit.e, ar.d o.-r pr. -e^y ti? tea" *1. --tail*!, ? well too *'in roga.d 10 gi 7. c ouur.if au.! ra.'waj wr(, s. gold; bit ibe r.ew? o' the CKpUre of fort Morg?o .lightly eccs'.erated 11 al-m-ugh a decli.e uo.r.j . : Bmt woaW !,mv# l;^n p,1M' li. u a be "Co, a* tbe cour?, of iUc a*rket 00 rial, r.tay c's 'l; l-1'c K J , : ? : ? V, been, u? a matter of tow, to rurita-r i on*' ? e Ibo ouuimercia: and financial miod aai d.Pr * I qurtatioi a tor *11 tie cr.ptlt,n? 0f morehacdiae, bob j forei.n ..ndoan-e, a. **11 a, f?re!(in cxchw^ j tell arty ,-ecU to oue d'.'Ur, and flour ten 0?nts ;?r barrel, and the tendency ww aUlt downward, m > only n three hut <.t all d*fcr.jiptini.? .f produce tLdevers thine Ij be bo?:n; w :iY> m > ??, O-veicraeot ifo;d b-;nn? aoourltlM S| mp .thijed to a Biouerate eiieut with g..!d, uudoi lheDo, ,0t.orr#ct ,m pr**. | .u t, at th. ordere her. to c>nv.rt cart, lu ttonevs j i!-|T,'d * u" Lou.m ,t c?r isia laicj of t-x, i.itii-*? ' cannot bo B.lud, la coca^quence of uio fail .a t'j. latter, b, *Uku the i, ,u,U(} r,r t?,acn w.? b(J | " j rartly uuhed. Ti. ? daj.rei-e. a U.,a b-ea aselstwi by tbe new* ?f ,M r.o .p, ur tbe rotc.D rf d.MS,er in tit: lard, Wilton resulted lu an .dvwcj < f tbioa p?r r.?n Id ib? robn low. B 't tha effect of ,he pre^Dt fal? to told ?<u oper?.e Uvcribly cpoo i-i? E .rr.i^aa cu?t. m#ra I .or our butida, by Hr,,|.j,tt)eilog lu th, ?oW.0. I ment, ?? < l. vt .,d r?, under urw DnuUi, wlU be e.ct out. a! .? rr,8n ,.ctivii.r In lb*ci will bo Icaiired lb s 0-. ,.t: ,>maBd ?.li t?ud W Keep down ,he prt-ml, m on gn d \>f i mia^oing tu requlrooiMiu of tbe ui?^et for e.ob are . n.t aUipu?nt, (be export of boada luting tbe aiout uf b ib 10 ?d ? 1)1. u e?. ab scMama followed by ro^ctl.n, i?? P'obitilflica are lol vorof a *^crt iu gold lo ci vrow r.r th^ d*y ?rier; but come aj.peir to be optrall. g againat by ct.culMl * a rum- to the <:>? tb^t a ceruiiu ftreien banker of Wwl.troet d * to Cblcaco, and others Into reated m II e uotni^tlob uf (ieu?rm Mo; ieil.n, mean t-> k?u Rolil (Jo AH iu ortJ.jr f give er'?( to- tbe >u they har- in vi?w ,bj i-iakiag it ?i.poar to a\ert a timitby lDftu?i:co 'ipOQ tUo O..MOU vl (la?tioe?. B'-: ib.s I* UBliltcly ?Dde-rwi*lly Mi It bhs already (om Anmo without tbeir tnte-for-aof. 9-ich a devpirvo trlclt w.-iWI, haw eve.- de ?53 rve the pur.iat.mvnt It woalu Dot ltaprobaoly tueot witb If C\rrt*a <>C?ci. Altb-ji.Rb railw y acd tniscellaoeous ibarefi have bce:i v?ry dull, fctii! rx:>t'ilei.c?d * frsc. lot/a: cur. t.-j- declmo to day, tb?y have really advanced in val ??? by the con tinuoti f ,11 0: ar-clo, ana with tbla la.?t thpy are n .t ly toeytn; ?tfc^ 1 UL'ifsa it . SotjU bee. >100 much gro tor. t:ut tbi: i:njertji!,tici ?t:eiiu:cg political u!k',3 *t tb s fomewbat ujt.arta. t jic cture will tmiu-uiiy dotirs.eou l tie .18 or a rku, ..Bi the utock market will t o altom^leiy n-guai.i and bffal. Very nowe er, me m...;y e.?culati\e t'tvuerg ;iad private o]^rHi..i? wtf, i:avc ?beent f< r the ln?t f?w weeks will have letii n.^d to tto c 'y . ar d the dlspusinoa to .acrocae the volumo of bi;alee*s wi'l becoiue fftc.^Dr. j Tlo moaey a arket i? worklug ?asy a. tereo j -r cent octal,, w:th a vary l: wiled leuiauJ from *t.<0k n imm wbtch,?^<i? ? S?s:*te o; b?> n6,s 0B t? . '{ 1*, h 'Row. m,:-o active ,t i from c, bt :o .,0 par o-nr. rb?; weeitiy Maiein.-rf 0' tie ! cm cttied^akf .urttcatoa a la.ic .-d 8U.o.?.' i,Blie ?ud ! e.<c.. ,.t on. A- c >tu;>ared wufc u3i week, f e lo-ns ha e i tecrwrd%i5:i 2. wi.: e the departs have d cieoa.d ! -.4!0. nod th? speci? 5841,319. I Ttxrqu .t.tio.3 rnv ;,.rci4o ^xcbac%ge have been merely of a l phial ob. tacts all 3 y, and ? acse have varied *Vh7 ?1 bfJf 1,3 tr: ""Cloue woe verytow.aa ?lb.. The rfcietetrei ling, MMuth. aiteMooe, about 360 lo enrrco.-v. ' "luoro .aa a t y improved fo- lijic la tbe etock rt;ar 1 tr'-1 a <3 Vr --s gene. ally ranged a Via tbe Ha imn R.v.r Kallread at the f r< ? ce i-m t?;? u.-t or Hr.kera. *dv ,uced u 't.0r oer.t, Roaci&i *4 M.c j.jai SoutOeru %? Uieveiand una To c-dc. *V hicago a.J Fxck !tla d #, cfcicago aud!?rii >6 , Cumbarlaad Coal l>?', aaa-e ...i : hvU.-a c*a/\i 1, aud oh;o aud Mi?sis. ei -,)l c?filiUu:o!. %, I.iia^U Central, C isw l a..-. P,:t- b_,r?, Piltabarg aud Tort Wayne, At iantii; M il!, Cantoa C m any and Qjickallrer Hiaiug ?old tbe nemo. ?w Vark ca-ral decijuod l^waukee end ra no du 2 aad ji.oa^aa Central lUre was \c.y liuie change iu price, in the afrernooot 'but tt a.*r';et ww wimviwt weak irr?au ar. <i. full, wiug were the q utatioM !or govorninent ?e -Hc^inered p t-g o: llO,CJU[?ag da imv ? iOUXi cojpoe live in out leg HO a 1 oouiiou leu f Ai-ilii )i a lfc-X, OcroLer Iroaaury ii?toe H2 one year oert ll cities 94 a Pi. 1^0 fo... .VI: g tat.lo abows ibe toti;. af the sUtemer.U 01 tbe Bfaooiared ban Kg of this oily on t^flr?t atarday o- a li ir.ootu ouriLg iba preMiot year, wiin i tee of tne past two we-?kg:? i ... C:7ru/a'n. Devcu' IT: r!'-^ i u "%Mi w/tsr, . -? ! if'.4;1 S,c"t.7 J 15.1,-41012 A - ,S , " ;> " ' .?? -V m.2?J 15>.#"2 9i(; >?' k 'T"* A i? i,mi jm? V ? vhni'l*) 1 2, -? 1 1 "5 4.76,, .17 .'. 'i- ' . ", ?' t*' * b?* Wi.33t.31T * ' " "8 11/, #-.,44 V 4, Z-, 3,^47 ;.?>(, .04,0 i^7 li k' : n . ?tali? . . . . r.: e , . ,co . u?2ii2} 1 . e.M m Ci. (-ulallftB ,1? ? Hi iu dep?* i< 4i(M10 1 11 K- ' *:"P Ul* epp.iatod oiiaager <4 Ha tie>rinj( Iiouse iu the |>i?on of Mr Lyra^u. :he?u:ing a- atliii r?ci?arer ol this cltv repcrti to day a? foil wi:_ K?. s.^ia 'ran ?ugt0<u? ?io*f.?? loiai r?t,oij''l ,1? ' *?- - . v ' * i - ,*>17 d. . o -1P,;"47 ?> t ufl loiee ior.y |.>uu !.. ..'.. * ' 5! ^ ' ! tro^tr ifreonm, o ibie city, will A|?n ii0 Ve4c vl 1 'u< 311 Ibe b;d< !o' ?i-oO.OtO - - d*i,' fain ly u,4 fund w.adu. Tolg !??(, win 0 '1 aL'1 ?'U t-e redaecjed uo u.e *i 0/ No-, mber, 1^;# f<oc* rmhsnc. V *pt Aiua-l ??? 10 Si* *. tii ai ? r'ac MmI 6 > Co 1* 1 . S r ' Itlfc KB. .. ijf { ir> do 1 :* !f 2 ill ai. I.rf 400 Brt# KH I.'.i i do bl <1 2; B la iu. cr?f I(*)4 VW U j :? n mvr.t RR. Mr ls>Y) r 8 fl'a. ?1 r?f . li m u <? * 'i i'. < u. ? m I. - 0 o 1"V .'J i Va v ?, Aii'a? u> ip' ll'Ki? u.> . Ill-* J* .1.1 ] i * ? ?> i ? t 4" - Oil . I Z a '?A) t' : '? ; f r*'.T. . 9j II, 'j# "0 . 3?? '! ' T ? n .? 01 Il> ?? >? I! <MN ?*t?. 77 . (Vtfl *. l littola ? a. ii *d 9/ ' ? i ii ?. . 00 <1 v. I? a ill mJK.ll W ' " I ft. ' n.a ?'a .... 1?S J.'1 Uti o .? Ml?? uor . 4fJ? IVUU dr> *M t d-? 4o>4 .'?? Ml H i ata* M >?ta Iff s-') MM. J 14 fit " H i iifc.'.msfoa? isi% 2-?C? C #y .? riiu fiit JOl'i I It M?a Ten *la !3? 1 10 do. ?V i American f.,U . M3? ? do ? }H 3U ?ka D?l? lia 'Oa Co V Uu 2 a V') Cun.U <,?ai m< iou ? __ 5 Ohio \ Alton 1 r?f . l'V rtn It. Uh* * Mi RR.... TV lUaitcg RB ? 0 (.0.... 2 0 m a 'i MtrH < antral RR . I .) Mid MNia in. 1 00 f.O ? 0 do -> 'i in a nit .??' p ItoH S3 KH Mi, ISW |M , IBM ?|8 ft* 85? l-S.H iiu'-i no* .v? I Ml i gut I?? 1141 do do. do do . do ?10 i9\ !.?.) ?il 4 . Clo-. ( ol ??. < n RR .?'? M Cblc uto A .N W RR S? 10 d?i I'."1 ilo do. . >1 TO M W! |(t0 Canton ("o (fi Q.iirtm**' *1 Cm. Oil At afalic "al Ss C > I9.*i V) fbJc .% N W |.rr*f H 1 fi Odu RS. IV >; ?iffcl ^ ..o t R T It R . I W ..US ** IK M.I ? Pt du I'h itR m 11 piV L.II* Wf -l K i M KChie. J, if i .? Hit J.-S iu ? rsu? rt ffich . i ir ? ' <!?-> lil'i 1 1 iiiu 100 To' A A abats RR. . (is 4S lu t?< no I I litVjnm laiVWuD Oo M JV Jt M i'm Canada * ?upp?> tj. 2'< ?*tOM? T;oa HT>. Hill r*?T Two u'Cmki P. M IllWrH'i, *1. fO? SOBahn II- I R ??v bit liV 1"'V do u i?t r * in iu <>'i ?>' v ii 6 -'a. & iw oou. i ii ih# >?? : ' U R?i- I R!t I i ?n>i4) N 1? r ? 7 1 1P.OAA 1 4? t' f t *, 1 tt ct?r. do Utt?> A M.aacrr . do 4 1'i-ni CI pt.lio 10 I ? u , ?K?- l?Or Mi ?i' tl*{? UO Marlp Ma ( ? ?w ^4* .... i>n it T < i ? Utl .. ? WH i-U ud..., tiS( iu i v] i . do h a ? a W ) Vk" ' t 208 M4, h S A 2 0 111 C?d d l'? do.., tvf d? 1*1 do. . tat ^ f1 j CW* a fitu HK i'JU obi A W W i I.. V do . .... ? CSii N W P'9t ? s ,i rvr I To' . . V'? CjI .1 bti i RH 7 * A I ?i.i rnti.riviGii ?JU QU., .......... 11(4 I t ? ftl lit 111 >? i I4T Iti ?*&. jjjft ii ; ne < ] IfflZ 4 I b ;^ rrt 1? no i: i? liftz li'M ?ITY CM^KRCIAJ, BKPOKT. M |?| >T, A US in ;t? fi P. u. A?nt', ? M bbl?. M?ik?l (Juli, And qtji'tatKDi ?ra n 'tuinii.y t tbvie l"w*r. I ?" p 'f. an t? V "A !.*'?. fl??r, 33t rorr tn? I, 71 3tH btit ? Uat.1, i i n aaba'a orn.a .J A' ,>*t hi m *? I1 baa imaiMlad tha n rV a , tnl ii'lrna lafi dot' '?*'! 14 *2' c; wltb * *jr a It >tr ! I<>c*l '!*? and, at t.i* fodootlot. Pp<ou!a ticn )> a f i fair pw'w'ded, ?ii4 it: tub tba aiocltt. ar? ?i >.< .??, 1 i -rl ,ir?faf V> t t n *> t1' b'^t ttrtlrt M? ) ca* aiH?. r?Mi?r liiM ?.T? tb#,r tun^iM it ?ua lai" with tbe posgib lity of a furttvi break down In cold, s^d cor^eqnenily a materia! depreciation in prices of Caar. NoiMnf doing tor export The day's busmen oom prises "CO State end Western, PW Southern and tOC Oat?a<aiL Corn meal axd rje flour dull. We quote: ? 8?p. r.lieR? a and Western flour to 75 e 10 PO f *tra tfutc lw 2s ? '? f* Canco 1? ? ? ?? ? C .B>.on to uioi'.ura eitra Western... 10 So a J' "Jj Fttra r untl vW'? t>bt ? 10 90 s 11 OJJ Wualu'ti tsado brands 11 OA s 13 <> ITxfi W. I /"lie U " ? }? Co : tnon 1 H * 12 22 V str . ai u rate* do 1* ?? ? 14 ? Com-n'Hi > an?di*a 1^ 3? ? J*? G?> it to choice and extra do 1? jo ? J- VV K) e Hour, ? *? ? lI Corn meal, bb'a ? <* ? J Corn Ireai. pmcbe?'>s <? w ? *? ** ?lb* whe t mikei froke down under the *aire om? troiltrg intluacco* a* u'ticert in connection wltb tlio i1?"' market tne d clme f n i I ? 2c. u 6o , ?it b a ? a y limned business; ales "f S# 000 bushels, ?t*^ -S* if''''1' to'lwnt.ken club *2 30 a $ > 33 or author aprlue, f r winter re<t W era. n', ct.fl *2 43 f?-r ???*? qcoe I tiicano wtDg at ? a >2 28 ei.d M.t^ukee club at ?i is a SO. Rye, b.ney aud barley ma-twara Inarttv > i nri nuoiat una tu minai. n!ar*, ?, 1<5 a 2c. low -r and dti1'; ?ai ? oi #0,000 b?abeL, al $100 a <1 ?'! t' r V-'es-ern ralxe.t. Oat* were a!?<o aoout la. 1 to " withr-.lwatV.c a9!e for th- whole rant e |'?9Tt-:-<?s.-?ecelM9. 2*5 bM?. 1?1 " <*?? "j"1 an 1 A3? lo. 'vd rite [?? rlc trsrket was J?**' ? ' w\Tb a>aTr Cosmos* doU nt ??V,^n" ;^e? oX^'m at f'7 50 a *1-. tor OM R ???, $30 87 1; a ?40 12? r? D^W I do cl>* t.f with ?otl.",K.S> Ui til !2r ^ V?We on for me^i: ui?<> 6<h) *?bfa. w d#lt\ ? i or >,pfore S.\ ? ember 10, Inner' ti option, at HO W?. rer ? Market dull; ?aes 151 bbls.. at ?i3 a $15 t?r eountry mess. $? a ?> t-r country t'rlme. ?'? a $13 of repacked ?"?-?. *:id for extra do. Pr me twsa bfnf qnl^t and 'tnclta^f d fut m <>?>'.- were i'ul and corn n U at Ifti--. a l''o. tor ?)? <?<, s-d 18c ffr ban. p. la-"d .lull ai.d lb ', at 23c. a S4c Ruitar lower at l-c. a i-^ for Ohio, I ati J 4?c. * 68o. for Plate Cl>.-e?e qi:iet and lower at lie. ft 'i " Vie. for common to prime. __ kinawciau. TT SITED ETAtUS 8BV BS-TH1HTT LOkN. The Secretary of the T'fs-ir y gireinottc* lh"t aubacrlp ; Uous will be received for Comon Treaanry Note*, payable I thl^jeara from August 15 1H.I4, with ?eml-aasual Interest at the rate of seven and tn-. e-t^nths per oent prr annum I prlucipat acl lmer??i t*>th to be paid In lawful money. ; The>e noiea * ill te convent ol?> at the option of the holder ' at.maturtty, Into tlx per cent kold bearing bonda. psysbls not leas than five nor more tn?n twenty vcars from their date, at the fovemment ma> e'<*t. Thev will be l?sned In j denominations of $50. Slf ??.?? and $5,000. and all j ?,b.crtPtlons must be for fl pollers or some multiple of ft t'ty dollsr-. ! As the rotes draw Ititr.-e-' from Angnst 15. persons j makirc dp'?ms ts s.ibsec,ai nt 'o '" at 'ate must pay lbs lote f rest accrued in>m oa s of ??'? to H.^te of depoeit. ' 1 ar! es depos 'ins twenty . '-e tlious^id dollars and up ! wtrd- for thro notes at au>- one time will be allowed a ; oom.?l??fo.< of one q..S' :cr o' P"i coat i?KCIAli . DVaNTACES Or THT8 LOAN. It is a njtir.nal a.vlr.t* '-a k. o"-rinf a higher iate ef in tcrest t' at rny other, anil 'Hh t-est security. Any ; bank winch piys its tlgi 3ft-' r* ??i I'nltftil 8ta*CB notCi con* ' MdaiB that it <? paying tu th? i? ?t clr'i-l?tiiig 'neoliini of the country, and it canno' tm? n s lyihlus better, fcr Its own a^seiaere eiiher In roveruD-int aeonrities or la nolee or b nd? p'.rno'e I so ccn n> r;.:er. CONVJtSilBLB INTO A SIX l'K? CENT F|VE?' TWENTY Ut?I.O BOND. Tn addition to the very lib ir'creil on the notci for three years tUis privilege (jn^nwrslM la now worth about three per cent rer ?.?'Uir~r"o7 the cunent rale for flva twenty bo?"i? 's n t !esa than niue per cciit premium, and I before the war the premium on ?l* pee cent ITn.ted Slates ! stocks was over U ntyp?r rent It will be seen that the actual pmftt on this b an. at tl? present market rate, is not less than ten per cent per annu n. ITS EXLMPTION FROM TTAT3 OR MUNICIPAL TA TATION. Bui aside from a'l I' s nd*a?tagos we hnreenyncrated, a Social act of Congress exempt* all bonis and Treasury notes from local taxation. Q-. the average, this eserai tlon is worth at out two per f**it (.-rsnniim a<?oru 113 to the rat* of taxstion In vartr s parts of the country. It is believed tbat co Fcenritlca oSer so i;reat Inducements to lenders as tnose issued bv -'.e gcverument. In sll oth?r forms of indebtedness the fait! or ability of private paries, or stcck companies, or set ara'.e eom ?i unities, only. Is pladnel for ] avment, wt ie fe wh >le prcprrly of the eoun try Is held to ?ecure ihe discharge of all the tfbiicaUoos of the Cnl ed Stama St' nsCBIPTIONS WILL BS BECEIVBD BT THE A ' istsr.t Trea-urerof the In 'ted Sates, ciruer or Wal and Nassau streets. f 1 si National l'ank of Sr* Ve-it, No. 4 Wa l street. Pe o*4 1 Ss:l nsl Psnk of New Tork. 23d at and Ernadaay. Third National Bank of Se? T?rk. No. 6 N.tssau str?et. Fourth National Hank of M-* v.>rk, ti anJ 'i'J Pine st eet. Kirth Xattms! Hsnk of New ork, r.T8TS!rd aveone. S ?th National Bsok 01 New >0 k Kti sv. anl BroaU a Eighth National Bank ol New Vr.rk. 890 Broadway. Ninth National Bunk nf New Y..rk. V3 ?mad?at. Tmth National Bank of "en York. 240 Proadwar. Ct itrai National Bank nf S ?1 ork. '1 Huane str et h'ai onsi Bs b'nire Cank of Nee Vi rk. 1 t Green w oh st. and b nil X?.;!innl Banks ? 'eh ??e depositaries or p tb'ic sen y, and ALT. K:>~::fTA?t.K B\sK8 and r.A'.'lvEaS thtou.-ho'.''- tie i-o r. try will k'*e 'ur'lier nlcrm&tlcn anil AFKOBO BVKBY KA(~i7"rr TU ft. ESdRI HEBS. rnuKASC.iT dkpartm k \ t, acocst :?. isn. J m'iti 'K to H 'f.n n ?? ??? thubi-: tears >f,VR\ TH IK i Y NOT! H PATSO O ' OTli:R 1. Iddl. Ilold'ri of S?v?? ihlrfr notaa da'rt i October I, l"6I. are Uer.bjr net-' thai tl ?v rnaj N pr'aen'ed irr Io aav h'iiiuii t, to be h*n?? 1 for eft i er r?n c bond* falling (I ie alter J d- li. 1^81. T'.a Internal on the Keren thirty notet trie be aett>d up ?r, o' u,?"Tiir, retobwr I and tb# a t ptrttmb d>!i will bene 'o'1 OOnp-na from .l?l? I. The admaunen' "f Into tan wi.' be m?de by dadnetfng fn r. tfce ?rno'in' ol n'"ie*t f niad io > ? d ? on tba Pereu thirty noten up io Oriober l^th' Ir'.eiea' acexted on the mi p-r ant bonJa fram ? u!jr 1 ? > 'let>ber,l : ilie balance Wt'l He frannmiUe' b taa Tr?a??!rer'? co.n draft lm nil Ml* upon OetUenient. The taMnm mf ref"Ut one In re'afon to eadoracEOBta mil*, be -ar?f u ! ly ofia?r?*d:? W iter* Oniea tranamitte.l fa- aattlament were l? pay able to o-dsr. an.' are he.d nod ir*n-ni t'el by tho original own r* '.bet urcuet be en'lor el br tht:u "Per Io the flfro tir ?' the Trea<orr for rede T.p'ioa kd bond* will lenua In t'ek m;m? Wh-re n..tee parable l# orler are ke'd by o'.her part lee t ' ft ii th- original own-re. I'm uotoe nail bar* ib? enterae meniot Ikx nrigiaal wr-f, And alee be endorsed by iha p-B -enl ownera, *P?jr to ?ii? A acre. AIT of the Traaaury for r?l3mpt'nn." h'.tr noia* lr b v k. endorsed "Pay to thi Secretary of the Treai iry for i ? .ewptlon," l?inde will he iaa?ied to ib* p*' t' ? trine-ult tnc tb*<n *nd ?u:h manner aa ibey mar dlrw-l. ... W ben no'** Are audoreed or traotaOtied by An Attorney, adiriiiintrmt'.r. ???a'-iter or other a*?Bt thM mutt peacor>m pin,* ' br a 1n'T rented f"py er rertllieale of the authority Inder t?n rh be ?rt? ml 'ti|i ceieaLv a liur ?tAtia| VbA ni. (r?ri?l?r?<l i>roo"iH??* And the d?acm nation 'J the All par 0?at b ,nt' wanted ta o cliuupe W nan Uajlai'r d Tlond? ate ordered, nart ^eeboiitd atAla at wbi h of tVe f ?llewln; piac.'i tU?T w>k the tntereai paid, rlr _ver- V o'* ?'hilA-'eIp'il?, n?aton. H*;tlmore, New Or l?;tn?, ChKAAl, Kt I on ? or CIpatanAtl. W P. 1 1 !>.HE> jli.N, b*ralarf of tbe TtaMury. P?OPO.AX. ro? ; w T0Lr??TK? ?? Hoi.nrrnr FAlftl.T AID rWKD BONDS, NO. ?. Pealel projw??i? w " He *ed Al l>>e Tonniraller't of Ilea OH r*e*t.ead?' , t'i" I'al W* Aug ia' : ??'?' ai ; * <?U- lr P. M.. whan the tn,wr wrtt be puVlely ip?nfd for J?e p :r ' f <) 1 ?! n> r i ir tmI if ibe e*m o' Plr? K fi T.?d I ioh'C'.I ^ ".ara i?f lie "V >lurteer Sn'.diera' Prmll* 411 J Pnad llfi.i lv He 10.' author eel br sa ordinatsee nf ihe 1 i rmr-lti'i ik->?I A'-r"*" 1'.', And ?n aci of lb* I?yia. I l? .( V . y, ,, ? M rl, .1 n X * 1 t'?M ' '"W"* ? librae |a'*r??t al ''>e r*'? of ify p? - I t ent I). a- unto iia> ?b e *ml annilfcllT er> t'1* Aral r!?? 'it M?> ?e. ? ->??>? hr- > , eeujj 'ar. And thn prlneipa will be i r^d??roro Nor?*n'>e |, lirt III' tin ' ?#??*' ?!e'e t'i* emennl of liot.d# 'e r?d. ard Ibr t rier e' .ee d'wd leHe'a 'tie. w'. end t' ? r?> o. ? , al ?? proro?<la a " ae-?r ?ii wtr r^e > ip"n b* reintre ? io t rt*raf,l wllh 'be ^ha^ b? ria ti <?f tba eltr N tie Hen* |? ,\e Mi'i' 1 1 ? >r.? a 'Al i?d to Ilia. ii J a pe? ? re r Un er-(-nl'nr lo Ike >?r tba re"e"rn nf Mia Ci AVbei lain for a.i -h detiealta. 'h* > ar'lea will I to j*- re bond* f< -i'^anr?',,ii?o'''*'fa-?g,,()'|^teaf. , be.?ri' L. tnc "at .1 the da'aa of pny>nnnl>. KacJi ?i pr.altloa vild b> ??*: --4 m,i? * leriel "T'r-.'M- t ? a- for VoMmlei r "Mlftari 1f??r "f A ?) rond Sfin '* TJ-. ; 10 " and ene oaed fn a ae<y>ai arte, ope, Addte-aoil ta Iba ? Ooirrtroiler rttht <? rete^ad to rea et aii. or all ?r the kMa If tba In'areki* ot (lit ( yrii<i*l"iti iai|Ui|* It. miaraaiaot * Afrifv-* t. *!RKK*45. Co rt*ro'>r City ir Va? Toa* ifArierniiiT or Fiwas-t. Coarraot i ta'a Ornot. Ang^et H IM4. MaRkrt BAVImJR HO h XASHV BTPHBT Oi'#l? ft'-KST Dtf fKUJf WA II. to 8 P. M? and oa MOnIaTI at.d Tfint^OA f8 fram 6 to 7 f? M T'\ r n flllNT latereat allowed, " n*r<epaa e?t on or be'or* a?i iirabar I will draw ith a,, t' ii ter?ai la /anuarr Baal. M'inrR 0. CARTIR. Praaldeat. H ? > a? R. tin. ;>er? tary. W i UjaK-W ?? OA RO>P / li D IIORrJAUB AT A '.r? in i ii v pieai!.:-n. lor a :ann of yiar*. Apulj to dwIlN L AbuMbitl. II ^'llaaa >tra?i viaiaoiAb. UVTTBD STATES TBRA8URT, Naw Yoaw. Anroatli. ISM | I urn autherlred bj th* Swr?!?rt of th* Tinakarr to antl df*U IV' ptrnMt tf wipau fnr tkn ten-forty bond* "ia I taring an tb? l"t dat of September n*?t, u l aluo the eon p?.iv oi the fire tweau- bond* miitorlPK Xo> eiiber I. IMI V h*n fii'l coupon* are pre-emed la natnbon of thirty (Viorm-re or fraetloeal e?.u?ons 'n number* of tsren'f ! (Tn r more thejr aiuiit be aouoinpanled by a schedule for e??mtn I on I OhA'kx will bf> ?l*en Her them la the order 1a which they are r*c?i ?d at soou thereafter as the eiamln.ition can be eo-.'PWed V-tiik ?-he'n'es will he furnished upon application tt the interest detk of this otlice. .tacor rvrsell. Aea<e'aat Treasurer ad Interim. NOTrOR.-HOr.nt'RS OP STOCKTON fCALTFORNl A) 1. 1 1 eonnon*. du? ami payable In NejrYorkin Jnl>', 1SH. end ,T*nu*-y, 1S6S. are hereby notllcd that the ?am* wt'l h? paH in United State* fold coin on pre?enutlf,n at ihe Metropolitan Bank. New York Hit. on the re?pe**!re dans. O. T. MEADKB, Agrnt. XTEW TOEF AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY ? Preslrt-Tt'is Ofl'ce, ornar of Fourth arenue and Twent --tith street. Se v York, August 22, 1981 ? Provwviuta, wl'l he re etye ? *Mh|* ofUce nntll lfith of Seotcnber provl tun 'or two bun 1'e* fhrwiennd doll*ra of the Oonao'ldatod MMt|*2t ("d Sinking Fund Bond* of this company. Ti>e*e hond* were leaned In liarrh. iW\. interest at elf ?pe- cent, psvab'e semi-annual! on t>resnatfttlnn cf coupon*. Aii!Tii?t and Fehruarr, are llmltel to an afiirrrpBte amount of rot avce*dlrir el* ml'llona or dollar* and am releem atile In thirty year* from their date. They were la?ne<t 'or the purpose of coaaolHallajr the entire mort^see debt of ttmoonipaer. end am aec ired bv a lift a ? upon the whole of Its railroad, including it* oily rl'lmarii. The provides for a (Irking fund, to be applied ?tri-flnrius'l* '<* ">* purchnaa and eaneeflatlon of 'he bona* It further proel -fes for the application or the pro. ceed* of ?Me of the rcsl estate of the company south of roriv-aeeond (treet to thepurchaae ud e?Hagui?hment of the bond* A enfetont number of Ihe bond* hare been set aside to pnv theeilstn-! mor'gayes a* the* become due , Further information can b'? had on appl 'cation at tats o"lem, W M H. VANDERBILT, Vloe 1'raaldrnt. OFFICE OF THR PENINSULA RATTjROAD CO., OF MTfHinAV NO. 8 ffAl.L FTHSKT. Nrw Tob*. AnfPt?t ??. WM ronpcnd due Septfmbe' 1. 1884, from t!i? fir ? xiortcacre b->Dd of ihl* eompaav.nllt be paid on and *fter the! dato oil pi e^ntatlua at tliia ofilce. JAMBS R. TOI NO, Tveaaurer. pFTROLEtTM STOCKS. PBTROLEPM ST^nr'S. TT?W orr. TRAOF. RBvT*W ANn FFTROLFTTM RBOORDBR fnoir In lta third relumel r!ve? the fillrat ?s co-nt^ of >11 petroleum eompenica In N?w Vork, Phlladel tih'a an I Fittaburg Ihelr mrnlhlr d!viie:.d'? price* of #t cira. *e . an -I 1e p"''ll?lnd ?r?ckl<- br JOHN HIM.TEB, St1 Pearl atreet, New Tork, *t Three Do'lar < per annum TRANHFF.R AORKOT OF TUP KMPTWK MILL AN? Vln:n(j nor^panr. of Fan Franrlace. California ? Certl iaaned at the ojfee In fan Franclscf can be evbang at ibe (iBsncT h?re until the 15th of Rcp'cT!ih">rneat; after that only when df?ch?r?od from , the home oWoe LBK8 * WATXVR, Tranafer Apenta. onire* S3 Prae (treat. New York. WALDRN. WTLI.ARO A McTT.VATNB, _ Banker*. 17 Broad ?trcet. New York. OrHcr* aolioited for the purchase and oale of fnlted Slate* Securities of all kinds. Onariorma'ters' Voucher*, ?pcete an.: Bxt'hauzc. A II claim* again tt the porernment collected and purchased. Refer to _ Bank of the Republic. Charlea H. Mara' aM, Ea^. Oplrke, Tjocachl'k A Oo. Franct* Sklddr, Baq. John J. Crane. K**^ P. W. Bngs. Ban. WANTEB? OI,T> 8TOCK OF THE NKW YORK AND R-lo Ra'lroad Campany that w?? not renewed, when chansed b* N. MarMi, Receiver, to the ".He Railway Com pany. Addreaa A. N. Edward*, Herald office, -WANTED, TRT8 A MOD ST. FOR NINE t y I months, on go>.d aecurltr; worth three time* the iiTnouip b.VbtM and legal Interest Address 0. F. D., bo* ICQ Herald africe. G?1 Qnn WANTED? IN AN OI.D MANfTFAOTtTR. concern In Brooklya: chat el mnrtga;a wll1 he clyen on pro?>-rli- tror'b three limes the amount; injure i for ?1W. Oootf re eienoa. Address rersevor. an> e Herald ofllca. djcr Ah'A-l?.iiMUinMO r.P.ND in separate * nns, on ? o-t-.-a 'o of >'ew York p>tv nronwr* f , or totrelbcr. or IB *iic"e' autr.s Applr h< letter desjflpt'on*. not oeiaonal y to P. Beaiamin, 78 West fi'lhslteft New York. ffjOAA nnn TO I.OA*? AT PRR CENT, Bul/' '.lllrl' for ft -? vt ara or Ion (nr. - < n New Vork c.lfy pit>pe:ty. JOSEPH MASON. No, 5K Pine ?t . noma 10 and 11. A^AA AAA ?TO IRVMT IN-RKATi E.^TATT.. TTT18 1 1 1 '.t FtM f.a vorint. la various sun.*, to he inert n the pnicha? of D? cMinj;a and i't^re Prer?rt?. JOSEPH MASON. No. 5X I'lae at., room* IP and II. fOI S1OT. A SPLENDID I.1QOIIR STOJt": FOR SAIjE? ONP. OF the *e r be?: nrner IO"allon* nesr Rpo>nl?r.y *nd ' doing nn eice".?nt b<\ nea?; a One dwelling connected with tie at. '.re ; f rt l<>h-e m>m! cheap rent O A. ROBINSON CO., 85 Na**r a (treat, roon's 4 and 9. * riNi: : jiiroAR s^'irf. and bampt.e room for ? ? r? r -Eon l(K*lliin < n Brcadwar ; doing a ennrt huai. neaa; a'ckne . t'.ie for ?el lu? Also a apl'ujld Din Inn fislf o-i. t'nelv loc?*"d on Rro^iliva . 0 A. ROBINSON A CO., 85 Nanau atrest. rooma 4 and 5. An rxcklT/ENT opport -nity for a pa tt to aei' ire Ihe Leaae F imiture a-nd Biti nrt* i' ? (lr t cl??* lintel on Broadway on fsvnrsble terms- e Miatl; fur n:?h"rl In rl# with all tie modern fmnror?ment*r ' c-raitl she I an I known all tarou^'b th-; conotrr and Europe *?-- a en^erlo- honae '5 A. ROBI 'ISON A CO , V> Naisart atreet. room* 4 and 5. A"Oir VAN" CARD PRESS for s?5 and a "MAX we'!" Jot) p e?? rp'aicn | t*li, bed I4vl* all iron i. $JS. for . ale at Hie printing omoe "41 Broome atreet. ? RAM". C:fANfE? FOB SALK. A I.I(>TtO^ STO^E, J* at ?51 fl?? Ver fctrret. wh'ch csa be hail b* jiayiUK Tor ' fliturea' pr ce In a (rood location, d"lni a , oo<? bn?l peas For further information at 2J1 Bleocker atrc?t. A RARE CHANCR-? FOR SALF, Cn^AP TOR 0A1I', A Variety and Onufiwinnery Store, nowilo o i a no >d hu^'n *?. 8?tl ?fa. to v reasonu ar ren for sell i,^ For n ii". t'rua's 'n 'u're at PI E**t T?i?oly-l,fih ctreet, a few d'- 'in we-t of Second areuue. A TtESTATTRANT. BAR AND T.OTVHNO TinnSF FiiR A aal-- ?Does a tar< e t>?Tins lnisinraa. Also Hi\*r ( ?, Corner 1 1 i r Stores, Hotel*. * Klnd'lnt. Wood Ynrd, Or."; 8t re s, a Fish or Oyster Vsrke' *c. W. n. MITCHELL 77 Cedar atreet A LUNCH AND OYSTER ROf>W-lN A nnoD 1.0 catlon. for (*|e. or would arcetit of a *'ilt?'i> twiner in 'he "i ' er bi*?lne>a Appt^ at I SJCtllmbcft stieel, a the ba?em<nt. i pnnronrapi? oall"RY for salR-ott wni'i.n n t:'K?e "wlnsr. T-i* ? ? ;oi' I ch -e for n man who tj>" rr *1- Orr n .o Call at the 0* 1 try 03 nreu .c C, oorccr of F.f:h ?'r? ct. A 5PT.KNDT0 BUSINESS FOR SALE AT A BVH tt In ? A an'?1l 'o'? F-iot'nj o e/? nni i'j< ifa-'o'y of Paiier Vii*. forsarden feel, a-si?i Ac : I* r ^ r itmi * r*t? .?*??? ?>n?'.or?s EvaMudiait three ? . ri F.-rptr (|c-:l? s e^.Area* Pr nter sn'l Pap-r Ma:*, bo.; -10 Herald p /II. R9 for sale r irap-on-? r.i worse ro ll c. molly a and on* ' inraa n:.ruht. ?ery tubular. Hp 1/ ?: JACOB LOP.1L1 A 11 *> S tobareo work-, carter of H rka and \Ta?ren eiree's, Kr loklin. nt^FKCTioNRHY. sor>^ w\trr s!?n ick crRaM Sal- ?> in'-li.dln ? Kirt ? ? r . for ?a!e c^ev*.? ?' Thi* J I* nn eveellent location to conlnne Hits or oonameu ?* ne v | b 'In a* UaUattl e pAmiaar, J5?i Tbir l *rmiie, v. Y. 1 /V?Rvkr OROC'.RY firORd F^R Pt|-_r?IR I w Si c* Fl\*n-e? in! In 1 Wll'. wlf'i !Sn rear*' ;?'?S" . jotn"' of B.i^nafn and FMri I e etree'a If p efe! led. tk* I f?iu?es Ac., wi: he sold witceut 'he <io-ir This i a ?or,d . c ?>.c ? far ? b'Hlne* man. Aaents n?e I n^tapn'v luqnlre ? of the owner, in the store, froai lit to II A M. A H. STI BKB, | rkRroorgTS.-FOrt StLK. A WE'.L lOC^TFD DRUG , U 3 or-: VI rre?-rtp tone n?r ?nonth ; 'onjlnw; rent, *l? r<cr( and (tore. I ') Kr mon'h; oo.l sturfc ; pretlf (lore. Oo-d rearm for sailing. Toluol mil halfca*''. ! Addres* Chem t u, Herald o-Tloe. DRCOaifTfl AND PQYSICIAXS.? A pr. STOBB for tsle in < tie of Ihe leadin* fcV*nue? ?u;t?b:e lor a Ph *'f"an: e*?abP*hed *e- en ve?r* by the present rroprle ir: |WI ''B*h Far particulars apply to HA LB, No. CI Ann a'r Ne?- Tnrk. ' ' ^ DRCOOIST9 AKD PR YSICI ANS.? r?Ri;o STORF for aal?. In one of the hea areauea m New York uttahle for a pb vdr:un. R?nt lmr. Cash tl, (104. A ch?n>-e -eldo-n to be met ?ltli Apply to HALE. #1 Ann (tract. Jf. T. DMV (fOttfOI SALV? TIT A OROWTNO Tl>Wt on the Rudaon riyei-. do n* a husipeM of t?0^f*r annum carab'n of l^iprnremenl Will be aeid on ea r j term*, or exchanged for A ftirm. the proprietor wishing to i (atirt. For particular* oall at S9 Monigemen atreet, Jeisey Ct*.y. - POR SALE-ONE SIX HORSE POWl'.R KNUINB AND Ro l?f In good order ln-j't r? of AKAO Oir.BI RT, No 7 Plaa street, rtoa No. 4. FOR SALE? TWO HtTNDRED R A RRRLS CHAMPARNS Cider, la i>rs(t?? order and fit far *blr>plnr or boHHnfc Arplr toTATLOR A WILSOIT^IS# and 141 FrABklla creeU FOR 8 tLE? THE STOCK APD FIXTl'P.EB OF THE Olatblng Store 17IH Broad atreet. KlirahfUi, N. J., formarl .- oorup'ed b- D. Learr, (lereeaed To anv oee with tag to en. age in Ue buslaa** a Bee upportual'v la bar* of fered. Apuly oa thepremt e* ,'r-m ? A. M. lo4 P. M. I7I0R SALF.?AB OLD S8TARL18H-SD JBWELRY BT7 J; * ne?s, with jroe enstnra a aainabV stock, TM uod< reigned wtabea to ratlre, for particnlara loynire of t. DAPtH Am.terdam N. Y F ft wil. be sold cheap. Inquire at 45 Aul af . _ WM WiKINZIR. f>R S*LE-A FINF. tlTfim* AND B0IT BE h rse and a)! connections no* in u*e. aod can ba a< TiyR bale-onb eioht borjie powfk STF.AM i I Kaglne, ?na twel'e n# a? tub w?r Bet:er wltli pipe* i ? nd f' cn' nt'en* <n?i'pet?; nMo tea fij? U mi la rem- i p ri< nineinK order wMl 'fctfllng, p i lies and b?!1ltj|. Addreaa J'.o erA Herald of ce T^ )R SaLB-A Sl/ltte or SEYRITTT ftTB lose. IN | II (0ft r unltia' ordi?r. ??? be *etn a; 3h n 11 no tto. ?*, . Hraolt yn . 1,'Ot F?f,R ? A ItfAMAt S BO<*ni SO TIC'S!'. NO. j t 6 I'arit* ? atreet Ke<^? *nd b?ddta( all (n rood otdar. :o^a'rea No, ft arlla'e street. | I.^OB "AI.E-A OOOD SBWINh M ?0H iNS AT A i mo'ie ate price lat|tilre at *" Boren^eoib *treet for i 'wo i ays. tjV)R SALt-A FINN EX0IN8 aNO tOILUR. :;0 , I oi ?e, and all ennoee'lona : ao? in e*e, and can be aeeo. ' It wll. b* so J s'j'ap, ia<julr* at it Ann *ii*?L wm <f. RByy.iP. L^OH SAL E? A RBTAIL BUTTER, t.B'>?S BOO, | r Pto* *lon aod rni!t 5teod elt'taiad la une of il.e test fc.-ft'it a In .'a* *ey t J?t r t will be -oil e|,a?p if art4le?fnr ?wl, r - as'tu lor vlllni. 'li? tf' priei jre are tolna in a : ??t v.i bo lne a Apj'iy r. OEti. R. RRltii A CO., Meiaerae ' Market, itj> Newer) areaae, JOreey Cltf. j JiXiR Stl-E-T/IE STOCK TIXTCSKS ami DORR I alii ol a li jitsi Li, au.1 Coee*a S',>r?. doing a io"d ?ash tr?<ie with Su?ipes? well ea'abiished To these wi<h I I'm amail catilia1 'hi* 1ft ? itiau e tliti is rarely foi.nd. Fur furtle* i*' ifcuiat* m ntlre at ?48 Sleccker street. | L'Ofl SAI,?-r,vr >TF\MFS'I'M1 Af.L Ct ?M FLETE ; r u/l'ads- II in<-lie? dla iete, , if iteoae lit loclios. Aptilr la ''4 iTiIKIV <t?KI* l? Manliiaiasrt alr*Sl, Jf I m Ou#. i. j. ' FOR l&LB. FfOR SALB-AN oi.n ESTABLISHED VK1C1UNT 1 Tei'oring Mil R~?dv Htl? Oluthlu? Kalab connected wtth ? good Hkt and Cap department. Cur uxr tlr i '?r? end te nm a ulrf a or ca'l on I' I'rell'TBR i Pi> , S7- Br.i*dw?f, New York. or FKAN0I3 UHl/'EOH&B, fort Cacator, We. t heaier county. New y>rk FO* SALR -THRFB PATKNT ICE BOTRS. 8CITA. bit fur btuchera, for Hit cheap. Addreaa boi l.fSi Poet omea. t Fob r alr? a sv ail li :ht drapoh* sine wheel Mat 'i boat au tab o 'or a ?h rt rut?Di,?r route. A ppl> to A'ALES A CROCKER, 87 ^all tlreol rOR 8ALB-A DOUBLE URGE BAROB. IN GOOD order, lu |Utre of SILLlMAil. MA HI 3 W 8 A CO., 40 Fr^nl atreeL For balk-one ghat a wood's planing ma chine, Tenoning Machine. Wr jht't Patent Scroll B**, Belting. Rhnft!n?;. Pn'!er% Htngera. .to. Ap'df to or ad dreaa GKO. L Cl'MMTNOB, 12* M eat Tblrty-itgth airaet, oue door weat of Broadway. POB SALE ? TfTF. TOOLS, STOCK Alio FIXTURES of a wheelwright and b'aokamlih. Good chance for an artlva ii an Rem low and lea- e to aull. Inquire for oue weelc at S:< Ninth avenue. FOR SALE? A NBW WHEKLBR A WILSON SEWING H?ch dk, No I. bite ; walnut Vble ; prtoe J6fl. Apnly immediately to Mr*. HAKBISON, 77 Proapect atroot, cor ner of Jar. Brooklyn. . POB SALB-A BLOOP, ABOUT #0 TOMS, A GOOD oTt'er hoat. Inquire of B. Jt W. DECKER, foot of On nal atreet N. T. For pale? a seoar ptokb. Apply to josh mo CAFFIL k CO . Nfi 191 Greenwich street New York FOK KA'iK AT A K A OK IFICK? TH B OLD EHTAB, llahi d lt??taiirant. B-lltard and Lafur Beor Sal eou , No. 405 Pearl, comer of Cbaiaatn tU ttetuoii fo. tailing it on awe nt of I l health. For rale-at a great sacrifice the fit. Inrea of a Grocery Ptore. doing a uood batlnexa For particnUra inquire for two daft ou the premises 4M urand etroe*. HOTBL FOB 8ALB-CHB\P, ON BASY TERMS; among the beat: roo;t dcHsibl. located In the o ty ; handtomely fumlahod. na?ady renovated, favorable 'eate, and doing ? large flrat o'aas money tnaknR biiatneaa. UOUTHWICK A WOOD, 19 Pine atreet. T BASF. FOR SALE? HAVING EIGHT MONTHS TO IJ run. of lh? Houae No 87 Carroll all eel, Brooklyn. For narllculart Inquire on the prem aot. ?_ IIOUOR STORE FOR SALE? .VERY I.OW. IN THE J Fo-irib ward. It bta b?en a grocery and 11 iuor *?ore for twp'itv-fl' e veora, and It doing a good buaineaa Apply to PAYTftN. Hit Dlvlaluu ouoet. LIFR POAT.? FOB 8ALR AT A BARGAIN, A FRAN clt Patent Me!nlilo Life IJont 28 feet !nnc. to flirt rate condlt'on and rea ly for Iti.meiitte uae: nn at be toll aa ?><? owner h*? no nae for iu Ci ? t.e aeon at tue coal yard, foe of Filth etr-ei. B. B. * MACHINRRT.? FOB SALE CI1BAP 08 TO KENT. A Wire Mill, In perfect runniug order, with arury hing complete To be told ohoap for cash or to rent. Addreta box 4.414 Poet oil! re OHLT fl.TOO FOB THE BTOCK, FIXTURE8 AND go M will of one of the beat located C?' nera on Troad. way. 8at ?f?''tory reaaona glvon.-^or tftliing. Apply at RICHARDSON i CO. 'B, 130^Rio?.dway: PAINT f!HOP FOR S ALE.? THR OLD ESTABLISHED Paint Shop Of Proitdfoot & Qnlrk in offered for aa'c. In <ym?^Tu?nce of Alax. Proudfcot'?? aeatb. Apply at *4 Cunai ? treet. CTKAMBOAT WEST POINT FOR PA' E-WITH OR O without the Krrry pronerti' at GarrisoB For purlieu lara app'y to the iintlorMgni'd HKNBY W. BELdHSR, Oarrlton, N. ?. ULOOP FOR SALE.-IN FIRS' RATE ORD'-R, WKLL O found In erery r??pect; y>gi'terj 75 ton*, w' "-jrry MM) Untin aix lent n' water. Aoply to OtlAS. H. BALL Ne. n Waleratreet, Newhurg, N. F. f9v) R a a#d bIAik book man>fac. j tnrcra.? 100 f.nt tup.-rlor Binder#' Jutt re wired nnd for ?'? Rt redu. ed | rices, by DEBRICK90N t BARTLKtT, ?l Be-kman atreet. TO BD1TOBS AND PRTBTBUS.-FOR SALE CHKAP. forcaah. the Newawaper and Job Tvco of the Asto-a Hera d Trexa, Ac Addrrat oox48 Pelt office, A?tor.a. U ?.| or call on the j>rop:le!or. THE fcTOOK AND FIXTURES OF A THREAD AND Needl-' Sto e f.T h?1c chc?P. Alao a Whce er .? '^"l'lon'a BnrtMne. In twrfTt ord ?r. Inquire on the premiers, W' Firat amine, corner Tuenty. fourth t'reoi. rito Tri'l Ki CrCDRRS. PR!NTP R8 AND OATJ. I t?li? ?.? Thn 5-tr?k. Flvt' rea a:id GooJ Will of the bnaf. neaa of ti.e !aie P. R. VfoV) (corner o:' Dutrh rmf I'ulton airi'eta. New Yorlr>, are n(Ter"d fo- ?tle nn'very adyanta?.-. oua terma. fh? atoclt e;nhi (ca n ^reat i-ar'elv of printing trater'al, Pr nttng Pre *?*, At. Ala.i. If dea red. yrCl t r aold vr't'i the above, the Sto k Tooli and Maohioery lor tlic mano'an'iire of rooJ typi, tacka, r-Uii ?'*, o?w-,' g_l An., ooiitained in ti e matin .'ac ory at I'alerani, N J Th?- at tent'on of a'! ? fB linrchaen a wlielt kmwn a? I lu rr-<tt"? hna'neta. established lor tin- p.ial thlrtv f voyeara la ca'led to ibla raie ohnnce fo lnyeaioi?nt. If not ?<Wd at orlvate ti e by the 18th if Sor'-omber n?it the whole, ?r ih" rema ning to-tlon untold will hea' ld al pnhllo aucilon on thai d*v A ' teat or npi?lr In pnaon. I .1 0 1 1 N H. 81MONPS. Executor . 52 Cliff atr-et. 6PBSCIAI. NOTICES. A~" P J'tntsu fRE?S. RfORRO BV THR TT1L1UK80N Pr-s- OiwnpfBTi M:iy I, IW ai Wo. 1? S?<1 atreft. haa rtr.vainel on atni ffo until A'lffiiat IS. WW. when the'd <P? was *i*-lilent..llv burond | h?r?t?v notify tha ownera, *' a?t? or in r?-i# !?.? v.inl un.t pav a I chararsand taka ??*?y what taaaalnit of tha pi an, or It will ba it at nubile auction on Tunada', naiL SOtli inat.nt 1 2 Vi-inck, on |hQ ihotn ntttttri promllM, WILLKT BOBBINS. Hrw Yon*. A I'M"1' 'i\ I*"* SERTTVO. A flRAKD MARH WRKTIRQ OF MASS r I'lpbiiHd Ti, SMploinera. f-'h pwrtjhta, Cabinet. Plana and iloloi!<-on, Car and ("m ? Jfaknta, Gnair, 8. ?b and illlniniikwi. C ;r,: intnra. Oarveri Ooon-ia, Ttiriirra, ..nd all other worker* in "-onio. Will bo >el<1 In iho fnr.- 'r InalHnte, on Th?'r ,l? ovnlnj, S pter.iber I at S o'alnnk. to oln !ft the ^reat work of re form inanfiorated b? the tM'-ena' A eprla'hm. i>c not fal' to ewel! tha crowd lhat will ihrons Cfmpar In atitnu-. The Seventh reiouneit band uud a ceebrnlcd clea c nlj h??.^ txvi entite 1 for ''i" "c ??1on. lQi?r?-nt!n'; and at rrln* addr j*-b n ay he expecl-d from trn'.l kn ?wn ?i-*ek?r> _ _ L II. VANDtRWERlOJir, ANDIIBW HAMILTON, A K.lWI.KI! T H KI\(5. iiknry UPof of, Jas s errTi R. tAt n en r:n, (jfi:,r ? vy cus. mvttii i?, T?. n. wtitxvpkm, WAKK&N T* T U LOUIS OKUCK and fifty o.he.ra, Co:iiuiltt"a or Arra .*? rent*. VTOTTCR To CITf^'lKR OP T'!K ?U-ATK OKMt-W IN Voi Iltaponalblo t>nr lea .in'endi.m io pay a good fcOMnt- lowat ? their eonn'ry for i(" d euhattluta* Will flnd th ? a->i o (vat i an aolaiwra) r>? !y Tor ? ter. II they will > n'l efareO ? l<*k A. M. at .No. iUrutrn street, on J. J. R NR. ill C. Haifcars' wine c?;l r. \TKW YO :U TVPOOR VI'IPQaL UNION NO ? -AS N ad -iriiftd mening o' ll>?- Tnlo i w 1 be lia!d al 8 o !<? ?;: on Wodt eida* e fiitK Auj'iat 'II, I8J1, at PrtbAjjc ra H >: . Canal rtrret, ric.n tl e Po ieir. Y A. II OMRS. Tre-'ila :,t. W. I'. rocD'.xri'?n*, Te-ordloi; ^o r'tary. VOTI'S T<5 BCTCUFUS ?THR TL OTIOV FOR ? > i rii't<?"* o' tH B itflhe ?' RMe UnA M'ltltss A'aoo'.tM .n f'.i lli? ??pro, imnt n? l?n I Hit w 'I ia'*e -. I-ce ?.t lb '.t o :!re. cortifr Firat r ,jii e and V fin ?tr?ct, < n Tu'*> at . AmiiH 30, 1401, at t o'c u < r M. Htaricr. W. CuIMCiJ, he rtUr?. |>I?V0 VAKFUS.-TITR FinM OF USDP.MAX k \ >mn? h*v>' i rcmptty B' >n'od an % I*an>* of tan per am on i>"? cut pri>'ra. hr oid Tof the Wtirkwi o nam i Ir.n CJH!:* J> "<T I? S' A rTRXTl 'IV ? TTI K .TOtJRVETNf ti i'iio ; "in . af Si iv T?r * nou- on n ?:r ):" fir *i 7.: n?r I y iti 1 i. h ?r e 'k n of ibtuln ne t ?e!r da -an ?? 11 n " Innrler fl wl'h I y men Irmt atber |n?r-va, i) i be-e' r ctrr *i>r ?' .<??? a' It ourn ? m-u la the pf.tin'ry end >? t-.> -re 1 1 r? . if n at home, a* h doinf ai we aba'f ?>? abio to obu n r s ' ?S. It >? "I / the 1 1 W wh eh wo notv receive. Fjr or't*i "f InCtiii.T.ltM ^jti,VAN t roTt; F,onnr 2:5 f. 1 a m.-brktrrhv it ay-harebyn- u? ?l ta attand a apaclai rAmunnioatton or thia Uo'if*. !?? ie ' f.'A h % (TimmJa ) e- anltiv. AuguatSO, 1?!4. at R o ' l rt our room*, hall corner <"anl: a and Ora-i i Mraata. H? urdar of it a M HF BOri,?R V A KRIS Or CIKOA'IO. ILL. A"E o?w an a -ir JOS. Bli', Chi ajo i'l ?|MfB WOOOLAWN C MBTRR Y, For the rlty of Raw York an ! vicinity. WII.LIAM A FOOTII. Praaidaat HORACR f CLARK. AUHif.Oi rfcTRRS. Vice Pr?a AlJUUBrUK BCHRLL. I.ivn 8 BCPIC'^fl. Traa^irer. CHARLES C'lART. JaMPI D SMITH, lacretaty. WiE. MORRIS. 0 \L . B " ItNBV St.*. BAML. n. FARBORI. BbtUAMlK w BClKNBT. DAVID HOADLKT WILLIAM CM FT, Oamptroler OoBfa''ni arer *>' icrea. Lo ? ready for aa a. Viinrn Irvn ? m 'It wooAlawn pialloo I' mflea beyond Wl'Han-i Bridge, ati the Ilaiietn Railroad R*?eiiad by fnncralu lu a'iar?*rr 1 ?ara In thirty See mla'ite* mnTwaiit alilh atreet. Analbar en?r?noa foe f'meral* In r?rr!? (<w on' T lw 1 inl'a* Item K'na'e Brldaa aiid foor m i<*a irrnn t>olral Bi d*" al MeOomba I)am. v altora will :n.l tl? a ^ fnl dil*a befcrltrtlru pampMeta, inat a ?a rn-niabediit thaoTo- 6J Raat TwanCr-alxth atreal, b IbeHu- e?or on tha pronrda. and by unJ^rtakera, Tub roFTKRn ano packkrs of sk-.v tobk c'ty will hold their aett m*etln< on T?e?d y ?var or. A<i(uavAlV Rti4 at H ? clock, at tha F.ltth Ward Hntot. 1 hoae * vo fa?' ir. ?;ti'^d are iDTitad ai tbe a action of offl (M< I laka p a -. rrtK OJtT (100DF CLRBKfl OF TUB CITT OP !?PTV .1 r *? en re? ->rtf n|? fn?ltei1 t attaod a Ma?? Mentlny, ai 01'ni- n Hall, t.ita ( iuealay) eranlns at *n nock li ider the annBic" of Ibe l a-1 ? Oio?B|t Aa'OCIat nn for i'ia pjr I <?%?? 1 ? uti I le-lug tha pre<?nt rata of raiaunava'laa. rrri pl*tbrw*s' mbk t;h i -at a ? a.t i a i m i- i R iikl be.d b. .he up! OlM'T?ra of !taw York and v* iBiiv, At 1". iw I 'iw^ry. 'aat ma ay in'iuior H ?,n ? o'inl? r ??' >"d l? demand an *dvanoe ai t??n?? ?'? pre t f'-tn tieil waok. Tlie moo waa vo y iiumo. rona aiViidad. T>f* T GC OJ?*. ? T TMt. M:wr ItRYilOOO* H0H6B, 7A7 KKOA WAT. J t C. JullMifyy. lonf ennn*' 'a i wi h Cmi'fil L A I'KI IS'.i.v. who ratentl/ retired, ?f i'' r<rep on Monday A ? I fTDC It OF FALL A I'D WIMTRR dOODP, Caa? -Ju4 r.l P.oipreaa Clothe Oltnimi Poplin*. Vailnoea. Tar:*o P.aAda, Da air ?a x'; vrnlpy (looda i<nniei:i a Uo*ler> and Ol ai??. All of which Will ae ofTered at a Very low frleta i'LlTIBO BUI Rlfti'R PI 111 PR I- tCH PLUTIJO AT abaft ?j'litri" fnf four ceota per yard : oynr 'our lochia wide one o nt l er In n eura; by tha Prcnoh P'otina Com pany, 971 H[i atray, hat aon Vart:k and Uudaon. TO OI'NTLRMRN ? BHIBTB. HRAWPBB, COLLARR, A- , cut t?? m*A9 up lo tii? row Msif ?Dd fonW m?nn?r *"4 *1 J?w<r wb?ra a j* - ei itint d' na for prlfa'a r?<wilian awd tha *a ?ia, a* AN Brand wai. WiLd t?ar. T ?Hirrifm ,TEAIl WB3EI.Y TO LI FEB POOL, TOUCUiKO AT 0 v'itdkui vii, (Cork Harbort. The Mverpool, Near York and Phufci'e'i.hl* Sv?am*'ijti Compaor flun an line), carry. In v the state* m*1 ? intend diaap*t"h<m(; ihelr full powered Cl?de bu'll iron cteamahtB* a* follow* ? KTNA, SATURDAY, BHPTK.HKKR S. BDiNnnRhn bXtvbday rhpti- mrrr m CITY OK W AWH I NO I ON. H ATI' RBaY, HBPrB ? BR H IT. an 1 ???ory auooeuding Saturday, at n>ou, from Plor 44, North river. RATE8 OF PABPAOR, Parage to gold, or Ita equivalent In eurreney. First Oabin $*) gtoara'je fSI On. tol<n<1on 8^ Do. to ton loo St J>o. to Parle Oft IVi to P irl* 40 Po. to Hamburg 00 Pa. |i)HambHK 3? r?kf>engma m 1 Torwwilftl to T7?vre, Bremen. flotte>- !am, Antwerp, *<?.. at equally I iw r*tea. fnn Liver poo' or Ouffnuio'i1# ? ' W Cabin, $75 08%. $106. St.'eraije. $30. T>oae wlio wloO to *end for tbalr friend* nun buv ticket" her? at the*e r?tea Th*?o *te*'nera tiara mperlor aarommodatloo* fnr pa*. ?ens-er*, are atrooglv built .a water llrht irou *art|in*. and r?rrv patent ftr# ao'lhllatora. Eif. rloucod surgeon* ir? atta^h-d 10 each aleamer. For further in'ormatlon apnlT In Llveruool to WILLIAM INMAN, A.-ent, 71 Water *ir**t: to OlaajpiW to ALEX. 14Al.COM So. .1 st. KiO'h nqnare: in Qu?*nrown to C. k W. U BgYMOCB A CO. : 111 London "? HI VKS A M \Ch1, 61 Kin? William atrial- In Pari* to JI L"8 DF-COOK 48 Roe Notre Pima daa VliH Oroa, P are d* 'a Boor**; la ?*?ill% d-lchia to JOll.v o. daLK. Ill Walnut etreei, or at tho Con>p<iav'a olleeo ? JOBS O. DALE, Afeot, 15 Proa Iway, New Yorfc aB HAMBURG AMICBICAN PACK RT COMPANY'S IBON If AIL PTFAMSUII'S. 1 From 80'ithar t ton. From New T'rlt. TRT'TONIA Ana. Ill, Hurt. 9 IW4 OVRMaNIA Aiit.14. 1RH4 6"0t. 17. )f*4 RON tJKHt A Boot T, IS'14 Orl I. I*f4 SAXO.VIA Sept. 21, IW4 0<;<- IB. 1-4 From Humbiirwilitr. fool of TMrd HohoVen, Uk ?( pan-onf?r? for l'amlmrs R&v.'O. Lrn ton .ind Southampton at 'ha follow n ? rate* -Flrat cahln aeecnd <?*' In $d'J 5!), reargue $.17 TO. pitvab'e In ?o'd or I in aniir.i'unt. For freight apply to Kl'NHARDT *?CO., 48 P vohange piano I'or p>*?igo apply to 0 B. BICITaRD A BOAR, 181 Broad '.var. MATL "ITFa^ERI* TO FR\N?"B DtRK'.'T. THF. QRNVKAL TRAN3TT,ANTTC i'OMPANY'8 NVW L'NIt OF URST Ct,\SR BiDKwnr'KT, PTBAV.qnirs b^tweek NKVV YORK <MI HAVRE. Tho f!r<t ^vo nr'cndld vb^?i?'n Intcnd.vl to b" put upon thl* fav.irlt- fiote for ih? Pnntla*n? are the fol'ow'ng ? \V ASl! 1 Nf.'TON. S.?0) ton* o^Pborn* power. LAFA Yi'.TTK. 9.1'U ton* ort' ho?.a ??owa<. BI'dl NIK (a!lo*t) 9i*? borae FRAVCt? (build U!J> !*?? ho.?? po ver N A POT KON 711 'building I.IPIi^o wrr. l^e ro rnlet oa of t^S rntli-o Hat the w^lre w 1' bo performed br the vv *SHTNUT")N. A. Cncheano; LAKAV* BTTR. A. Ro-?rd? *1 fair wa ? FROM NEW YOltK TO TJAVBE. I. A F ? VBTtk Wednex 'av, lith ?eptarrtb*r. WA-SMIN'OTON Wa.lneat I, 10fi Ortnnor. LAF/YKTTTc . Wednead?T. ?tn No^omher. tVASriTNOTON. Wedoea.laj TtU Heoember. Ftr t Ine'iid-ni; taHa wire S'V 8* -on ' cibln, ln"l?idlrc t.iWe w'na $71 or ?>41 Poraliie !?> ?ol 1 or i?? *"ulv*len' in Catted State* currency. M -diral aUondhnee free o" ili*n:?. Fur freight or paa*.i v arplr to ' GE0RG3 MirrBKTTB, A??nt. No. T Brr-lrtway. Nrw York. At Parl*?S? 11 Bonlorard de* Cnpnanee (flr?nd Botal. ) Al Harro?Wllllam I*"lln A Oo TJ-OTICP? THK STEAMRRIP CRLLA, OAPT. BPWIN Bll'lnge, will loavo pi?r No. 21 Noilh river, un 8?tur d*v. Soptembor 3. for I.ondon dhe-t. To be followed by Ihe Kteam hlo ATAT.AS'T*. THB LONDOS AND NF.W YOKK STBAMBHIP COHPA nv wllljdcaiiatch *eml-month'v tb'-'r new *nd flrKtelaa* ttrittah Iron *t*am?hlp* CRkLA. B??I,t,riK4 ATALANTA, IOWA. INDIANA and M * UK *'iTANV"a~h S.-'fln ton* bur tlien. between London and Ne"- Yorlc. rhMIdi: at Ba--a on tha r ifaz* from I^?n lon Ha:" of panate. parabla tn cn)i* 01 It* ef|nlvalnnt---Fro-n SOW York !lr*t cabin . r?oond uabtn. SAS: at^M***, Pr un London or R*vra. f.rst cabin. $70. For ri<?? an^'v to ? CIIA3. * WHTTNKY, 31 BrovJwa^. For 'reli'bt *pply At 5' Jooth ?ir?et Ad'anr^* mid* oo ?v?r<'hi?n.ii*a ron<i?nal to the frlond* fo Lnidon of tbe mu ('.?* I.rred Tb??a utaamer" oonnct at (jood^n with *le*io era of if)e aam? co-ntwr r.or !Se fli*on*l p->rta. Rotterdam, A'natnrda'n. fit PetarHbiirs. Conrah*1; n. flfird??ur, Opor:**, OibullAr, AlemO'lrla, Smyrna. l'on<: iiUlnople rtd 04#***, nOWLANO * \N "TSW VLti. icent* ^TBAM FROM AND TO QOFENBTOWN AND LITBB ^ ??OOL. CCNARO LINK. From Vow Tork. $r>0 currency ; to Nor." York. $30 50' d or tqulva'ont In ou'r^noT. -*? ? ijFDAB '.re,!n/,.?''ey. \ujm*t ti. nrrt..v, we>mo'd!iV. nept 14. Far ptoeane apply tft. WILLIAMS A OUION, ? Broadway^ VTational rteam navigation company. IN TO Qr"lKNSTOWl? ANP LTVERrOOI* ? From :>'er 47 North river tnrr^l \N* ?*tiir '*?, ^apt. ip. PKdNSYt.VANI A '^atiir.lay, *eot i'4. (!*"nn *15(1; *t*e ?????, $.",'1. pa\?Sle n currency. Tor r*?aai4e kuplv t? InLttAKB A nriON, iO Broadwiy. fpiIK MOSTRFAL OCRAB BTBA*??FirP COV*?>lfY?f ' e'ermiihlp FRItlTVIAN from Todiand to Liverpool 3d Sont>H.>b?r. of im- .??. $S1. S7U a >d $ K>. S hi P*?f"< <n t' e Nat oual Ilarrk, payable at all ita branrl.ra In Hi I ml and lraliod _ For passage, appljr to SAPP'. A rrATLB, 2^ Urondway, New York. Tn NrvtTH OF.T1M \W LLMTD1 NVW iOliK. O Wenie "O n nv ??*!?. *arrrletr tha Hailed B'<tt?? ua1'. vr:ll *a!l from the J'rem~n pier, foot nf Taird atrt.'t !1 ?buk en. on ? SATURDAY. BRrTEMnBt AT 1? O'CLOCK M., ron BBBMIIf, VIA r.>TTfT*KPTOW. tak'nr p?*?ei to LMSDON. H.tVKH, BO'lT"* Vi'TOI AND B*FMF.N, at ih? fullo rlni; ratra, pa?ab ? in g>J .>r|:*i?quv toot in nt:rr<MV,\' ? ?rthefir*t Cabin. $105; a-e<?n1 ciblo, $!J 80; ate^raje, ?"T 50. T' e NKW YORK a IP l>o fr,"?"?l by the AMI! RICA, Ser.te^ibev 81. For freight or patwe arulr to , OKLRICHS * TO . f8 Broad *treet. s UNITRD BTATRR MAIL LINR FOR CALIFORNIA Vr A PANA 'S A. ROEultr aallin ? '\r* ""d, !*t'i ,nn<l ,.'*d of ?nflh month. a*, raj t ? ban thc<tc d.iva Call on Sunday. when lha day of partnrc trill b' I ?'a Monday rollo<vti>jf The Aral o!a?a ?sle'ra'i"1...... . ? N"RTH STAR. A O Jnne*. On* n-nandar. will nail from pier So. 1 \n-th r v?r HATIJilDAV. at 12 o'clock M. The ?ioiip*'ili> oosri rica will an-ceo-i tbe NORTH STAR, anil sni' September IS Forncitfuor p?.?a?arn y to D B ALlr.X. W<> 5 RowMnp Green. T/OR LIVF {POOL OIRKOT ? rUNARO STKAMSHIP r KK DA It. Cap! M air. will fill m W?ilne?,?r1 |i?t lie Cth n pa>aajo $S0 taiold or ita Onntfaloiit. For Ireight or l>??*a?e ??>pl* to R. ClTN VHD No. 4 B.?n lin* * e?n. I?or LIVERPOOL.? OLD BT.AOK BALL UKt-TRI r *1slr> 1AM KB FORTRR. Jr. will ee'l p ?v ituly .-n Thureriey SPulnm'^rl F >r; (ww .!? nim^ hi Mirt, fid' Of ;>vki.i?n elroet, or la ROCHK HROTHBRS ,t OOrFE/, ' 9 RoulV atreet. POR HAVANA VIA NASSAU, N. P. T! e Brtltah Nrrfh American Rsral Malt S'eam r?fk?t Compact'* n"* ?!mw CORSICA. t'npta'n I.e Wrnit' ?r, iv'lll Ji'lfrtr the alova ;>or? Irnm the company'* wharf, at .Ter?9- * i!j . r.n g4Ti.KTj \y Prpteni^er 10, Iso MONDAY. oc'.?bar 10. r?i?*a??8 non'v to Naxut ><# Pacuzi uionir w Havana ?*) Par-ib a 'n sold or it* wvalaflt. No freight r?v mv??t on Hi" 'I it ?le'or* nailing. Forfre^M or pnwMt .ipp'r to Jf ct'NARD, No. 4 Iloallng Green. T70R r; Wan a DIRROT. !>" Ti.c Ual u Sta;- < mall aide ' Isrel ?t araahtp VMILV., ,T. *f. LtfLVTrfTkc**. rumrunner, *?- III leave Mar \o 4 N rH -tver on T\>dn? lay. Saptcmber 7. i.l H o'-lotk I* M ' r*cl??!r, for "avuna d?re.ct N ? fr.-i'jiit r<c? ved ov hH'?iof ail He finned on tba day or aalilna. All vmra mn?t pa?? 'Iro-jgli tha Po?l o.Tlca. *"r : r,i "si'o *l^hAf)N * '-p.. r> rroad??T ?pROULvR linror h*vana '?trkot. Tie b?'.t an 1 8r*? elasa Vntiod^HOitM tnail a'aawiblp Tlioma* W. WlHon rommandar, 1FH1I aall far lha abor* nort on Wednatday, AQ|tllt SI, M 8o'iM**k P. M , fr?<m pifr4 ' No th river. Tor ,'ralibt or taaaaa* ai'plr to 10 ' HARGOUB i 00 . 53 South IrioR Havana dirrct.-thb well knows and 1 aptealld tTnlte.1 *?i .taa-ntblp HaVaNa, R. M. rom nandxr, will lca*r p>r No I North river a* %b(.ra, on Tburaday Sapt?niber I. at S o'eM * P. M For fiatgftl orp?tta?<i app!j to THOMAS A8&NC10 A CO., 17 Broadway. For haVana.-to sail i*ondat, sept. &, at ?t P. M. fire-'aalr The fa^t <al!tnu llritlab a da ivh*rl 1r IB ataaniai HKNRIPTTA, iiiumlV Thomaon, will aall at a burr. Fir frcahi (whlo" wl ! ba t?*?n at law ratra) nr app'y to N. TRUJILLO or H. H. TIN1NO. Ro. ?? Hr ivar aad 1.7 Pearl atraat. No irrlght raoaivod without ft prm t. Brch lar link. FOR WBW ORLKANR DIRRCT. The aow aad alo?ant lrn.ta,i Miatfa mail ateam^hlp NORTH AMKKICAN, ? J.'W tn>ia burilan. ? . Cjarlaa F. Mairbiaa:i. roinmandar, will aafl for 'ha a'mv# po"t on Ratm^a^. K#pl"tnb?r lO^t S a P. M prooiaah , fmm pier U North r:var. Tlw North A mar oan In tha ? atarahlp of the wall taowa afsMr?Vi> i'ontlnarital. For fr?>sht or l aut*- arjlv to ? rfl LtBlAM. For nkw orlranh dirrot. ' Tho naw aad elegant I'nitad St*1"* ?to*??"P JameaTI. Winchaaiar oora^fawilor. will laavo plar IS N?rlh river fur Navr Orlean* dlraet. on Wodueaday, Ang'iat ?l. M >o He cht rer?ire<i or bltla af land) n J alfBJdon tht daf Of * CO.. ?? Braa^?r. I, OR >r.W ORLRANS DIRRCT. r 1 i,a I'niteJ t'niaa mainjlaamihlp Cooiga W. CoiKih aomrna*d?r. wilt latrt I'lar 3 Jorih rit^iiW','2Jjjai JWR Ml WSo"ft*. thi*St&' l?Vd Vriil^T afi'ajln/ ?'M?< ?>? "?? ot 'tKKirJm SWIW25 .?-? t^oh r?w qrLkanb i?irb?t. H a i e , .?< rlia*' I uued .v-a'*- mail ataam?h p l '"""''minion URomvstu c it'tatn JOII? A. Kt> -T, r. ill ta^vr rtar No ? N^rth r.ver (a? abo*a) on Satuidv. Ufa a:j*i".ar Ui, at A T* M prael^a #, ?fne pi ?^a?ar areo.fl.oodat aBB of tbiaoaia-fcof ha??vba?n eal? ?'d?Bi ? o antlv furpWiiii- >?r pa-.aaga with *?. p. w m. tat'pna ,in? ir^.-aad or fremiti, apply to il. B CROMWI-'LL. *C )., W ?M) mmTa : RLRANR MRR rr-R NFWORt RANt OinRCT.-Tho n?>? andeir<??1 United Btataa l.ail eieanil )p n ' * Fl'NO aflt'RV. J,t?)4 tona rafiaiar 1 R niMre'h aot>n.aui!or. tali! ;oav? Piar l? RorNi rl'ar, for ina above p-.rt dtra*" on :rdoy n?i i?w ?? J, *t J oe'.OO* F- Kar aeqofrim<idali<>,, , 'ar ^aiaan ?are ara nn 't^ial ed. For freight, at t'a??,i?^a or iMaaie. api ly to W H IKHNItb, P I IV Finn! etrool L\oR MVBRPOOL? WIOTRAL KLAQ,_TUR BftlTlRII f afelp AI.HION Bail* Aiifint J' X Lf?R-roR LONtwm Ship ALICR TA1NTRX aal'a Amomi SO. Tl,a ab?v? aamad ?blM ara ce|e'>ti?l for thflr i|u'oti pai tape* aad ameilar **?*mniO<lattnn* for inxanyr*. For further pariico art ap?:T to TAPBCOTT BRntilMi 0<J,, 0 ftowlk <*MS Haw l?rm BHIPPHO. Cor liV^rpool-the pirsi clas* /AMtirl r ahip SNKROT. at nor So S V>rM I rlr^r rftP* M l>'mb?r: ike WBBHTEB at aante plM", t'Hi 8 P'mt)'!, Apply at ib* oO,te of liiUMJ'dojl 'S Black Biar Lino, 271 'Wi UlMl. FOR LIVERPOOL iKP LONDON ? POB LIVBRPOO^ . Jrh? M. NO I'l t ilullN miI? ^??ii'riober 1 Ilia JOHt ??,J2.P^.r0rl "? ?1'' "??toiahor. Per L?u4oa? Tito W. S, ?3lh Au2 ?* P?' i>??aa#a apply to WU> WAM8A UUION, 40 Fuliou atroel. ? A U?,T?AH* riONEUR LINE? OA RRTINO TRX rffTiMMu i11'' MatW.? The Itnr- A I British c'ippar afci| tiT ... '"??tar. !? p?p!dif luc ling al pi?r No. 1 n?lii w* k" dospach?a for Melbourne dTWt f T;ie A ?? ?r.LUh clipper ibip POV ti SAXON, raralian m war, ta iaa<l tag at ;.i?r 10 Pa?t?l?*k r"??."fc? *w *! 'F'rtp*v- *? R w-. about lllth Rrptombaf. BotB ?*l;u ???.?? 6a? uccAmmo Uilon-. for a limi'ed nmnhar ?tr-n M ri" App y * W CAMERON, 98 Baa. at A UhTRALtA PIONEKR LINB-CARRTIHO TH? i\ I'd ta i Ptatoa Mali*.? Tha flo- A. 1 BpIiuu c meat J&TaNTKR, mtiatir, I* raiddlr Vu.,n0| ut r er Ko> I Bart river knrt w 11 be Ompnoh.'ii for Melbourne rt'rrrl im the '.'th September. Tta A 1 Urlt'ah oiipper ahln HOYAb K\>!>N Faiaiimu mau^r. la load!n? at pier tu Knit rt?a^ and will aatl lor Svdnav, N S. W , about iMh Prniernbor^ Hoth ?h;p* hare Knn ac?o:nniuriatloni> lor a dml'ed mi-nhef of naaaeugt-ra. Apply to R. W. CAMS HON, U Banftr ttre i mvRW-KRii' on nr. Hlpson arvgtt railroao.-trains for au banr, Trey, IbaNorth aa<i Watt, laaca Oliainiinra nUaaA a(7amt)0A. U. and 4. 6 aad W:40 P. 1L, ud M tulM ct 8:3 P. M., from Tairtlo'b street. New tore and harlrm rait.roao. Train* for Albany. Troy and Fa<-<u??a Snrtnfs, %I?D ronneetlhg with the N-.rth and Wast, leare I vreuy aiitk ...eetAopot a, in* ^^-^NOTICR. I*aa?en<era for fliritnn Spr a fx b- tAklnf tha 10:90 A II. (?at y. *uJ on Aatniilavt tl-a l P. M. train, go through M Sarat'ji^a w thout otjanio <>f cara Opposition boat ?or nbwburo anc* rotrnn kani.sln ? P?r? 35 o nla.? Th? ii?n? *ori f?e: atea>?M THOMAS OOLLTKK Varna Jar *tr??t i?!or W a't?rno?a at SX o eloeV. lar 'Ing at Oraa"t Pa'nt, C'o/./?tia', Oo>? Rprln ., Cornwall, Now ]Ianh>irg. Marlborough and Mtltoa. Rotunlng Icava* Pou?lik<-rpi!e at d A M.; Noarburt. 7 a'c'OPk: Cornwall, 7 )0: Col l, 7 89: Coyrena', 7:*#i Ora^y i'olul, 8 M; arriving at New Turk at 10 3U. KXOl'RSTOJf#. fmonp o. prRPT pfgt*t?nt. n r. i? a?. "writ l 'mid llntr T??ntj wrtn^ aonnr-'nart and Pirgetpraf tl-? at Tan twaac's. Ham 'ton Park Rlit>-nfth ?irxpt ana TMrd avenue, on VY- tncs tar. Augxst.M, ' rapt Rl 'H. MCSICtti, AM AONIFICHNT 7 OCTaVR KOHKWnOD^IMA^O f >rta !or bain ?All ma<!ein irnpi nveair-ni* ovare-rna bn??, male hr oelebratrd rni'ta rt la oae l??s than mnntha; rott $i340, will he sold for (i 'n Iverant I'arle Sill's o^st for jiM Kta pros, Mlrr "?. Paii (In Rronree Cha : b<*r am* Dlnina H inn Furniture at a *a< fl Inquire at IIS West Twenty- third street, Dlif Si: reitue. 3 ABPLRNftfD PIANO FOR *W.-0. * H manu VcUtrara :'13 Rl. en*er etr-ei. Seventeen Hifli prlza 'oartu'g: warranted for fl?e yea*s; wlCvinratgrntiae th ' best piano mails. TciUmonlala from moat digilng uiahaB nitiat . 1 a M AONIFICKNT 8KVEN OCTAVB ROSEWOOD /\ Pianoforte for sg'.o, nt a ureal har?*in forca?V Haa I f ill In 0 oreratrur J l a ? rnnnd corners. rleiil* cm vad (???? ani Inge, rich ?ad powerful tono, io. Apply m No 11 Al'm street. A LADY 18 DM-H^OUS OK GIVINO l>B:lSO?8 OK J\ tli a pun-* n?d in tlin Trenoh and Herman languggN. Inquire at 182 Faiavtb aireat. fJPI.PMnTll RRTRN ncTAT!*, SHCOWO ITANO .. Plao..'aite far aa'e: haa a haautlfnl tona, hack 'a* frmt '>trithed alike. carved c,?>e and 'en . .'0. : made bv a ciM mat:**: full snarantce will be eirar. : price fS-'A Cu at dl MulTolU street, near Grand. FIPTT NRW PIANOS, M?I.OnRONH, ALPXANJMUI and Cabinet Or^ma, at wholesale or retail, at prcea aa law a* any ftia! o:?>s 'n* jftmrnlii c n be puri tia-eil. ReeonB lianl P'ano- et creM bnrains! frrfa> fr fn $?n ;t> AB t]i" aho-'e latt;U-i-*?(* 10 'at. imrl rant ullowad if otircba-*i Stout-*" pn vrr.'-a'B re ^ived for the llVOtl aheeis tm Voste. a lltpa xf.l'er'. at cne crnt and a ba'f pw ptild for Bi'foiul band Pmnoa. HORArB W>TKRP, 4*1 Broadway, New Torfc. MUSIC .?K L??Y irno IS TH0R'?C<1HIiT c?>*pb? l?nt to teach th' r'-dlment* of ."?r-i.', 1? da lronaH ofcta'n ? r?* mor" p?p''s, on moderate terma S? Pike at. Mr^rc.-fv^TruonoK ns ttr piano, or AB Impr^re.l method, ma n'og ra'?ld 'mpr. remeal, at ?i- 60 p?' month, with pririlej-a af daily praot iee, at IN ( idaoa ?-tr-'et. near Can*'. . Call Taaedaya and Fridays. PIAROPORTK POU BALB.? A RK AUTTKCL Ott tnT? Piano'o'fe ? ii' he ?old forSPS: hai <weel anf Bfiwe ful time handi^ma roa? iiod eaaa, round onraa a T II fr;iin?. 'rer. -h a-t nu: food Rl .ol. C ?er, io. Apply at 1?:'H Twnni!?th a'r-^t. ne<r T? |rd avernn SP.VHPAT, ROT? ARK VTaVTKD PORTRINfTT CHOTJL "PI* ?t rekd^ra-' are aaUried. Addn as O-fnrd. KeraH o Tte. jjlv lug real name, residence and atatemeot o; qaaBBi oatlona. T:fos r~crt .*! r a rpn "pfilfof op O cTFTsnnwL the ma-t reitab'o Piano" mada. wholesale and retail, w mo 'nra'.ii Lricai, at 211. 24#. ?45, 147 and 24V Wa?t fweulp. a' ihth ? treat near Vtnth at-enue. - PI ANOFORTP.S Mill I M P. T.nn T'0 N FOf P r?s~ OB ? J t? l?t r-hean -PH-e??4* $>?. $1?P fiS'' ami $4"0l Oil p it>im ta'ten n exc'.ma re, nr caab paid for tbara brl. i)i KS'JtT. Irt*?>r?nd atr.?el, <2!l/4fl-* finh. 8tro*io roy o octavb ?r>L^"' Pl?no at a great ban.a'ti* New Yoik I ska. Mn?t h- anld thu weak. Call ai 74.1 UtosdwaT. a posIM Aator p:ar.e N P. B CCRTia IHBTKUCTIOW. AT POT.PR ATI'S OOWMRRCIAI. AfAPPMT. HO. tm Pr"aiwav. trei'tlamen or tiovaTnn aentre pr eafe deakl (hla weak w'tbont eitra charge, sod beoome gulck at flftiraak rapid. atyMah bii?tm>aa wrttaraaad practical bookkeepara, to the shortosi posaibie Uuia. ** ALArr. ?praK!.-?o and wrtttvo prrroh abb Fngllsh would b? Rliul to do aono Translation sr Com Ine work 10 e ther lan^uate. Addre-u L., !> a 220 Uarali ACOCRSK OP INSTRUCTION SPECIALLY DB8IOB* od to rina'lfy panona for bnaineaa is taught at Tow? s?n I'a Cunnremisl Aeai'ttny. 2*1 no-*ar?. h?'ow Hauataa ure^t. Heiiinf. sn?I<lnc. cranmai, aUehra, Jke.. alas ta.isht itar and a?enla? Roo ns for ladles and for private I" -trnatlon No va'ntltn s B"SIN '.S8 KDUCATtON.? nOORKRKPINQ, tTBrh 'V |n.' Arthtnet'c. tc. $10 per qnarta"; 24 tVrltlnjLa* ?on-. $2 at PAIMR'S Fn"on atr-jt, Br<.->k'vn. Na? York roo i.a <!? Scwrrr. C/eo'r' l:y Narl(atlo?, Sf'llto; ai -t Grtmm.if ii'J?b>^| ftr^ctW prtrate room*, da# and erentiji, ' AS! I'KRIOR LADY TRArilKfl OF TBI PTAWO and F:eneb, educated in I'aris ilea res pup la 10 at'ai 4 to. si* . a l:o?ne In a private family In New TnrV us e^ulra. 1 t> for 1'oard. by S>-<itemh?r 5. Addreaa Immediately X, Ii. K , Po .?jlikeapete I'oat oCl a. Afk?:nch lapt, vdi'catfd in p?rir. h avina sc?T?t hour* daily ta d >p<via of. wci d wlub to e.-u. plo? tboin In irirlng French l^rs-m-, elth?r in t <ngi 'a '?'? school, f?r In p't- ato ta .illioa. I rr i?i|v woti d p'?fer ra mains; pcrmnentlr In the ? );ool or a ?llr. 1 1 * bn,t at rt'ercn iivei A Urcsi L. M. bi* 2, "49 ;'a?t oTlca .4 TOU!?0 l? OY. WHO has hah kral \k vf?? A es^er'nnc" in teaching, and who Paa b?-n Oe "a?a '? oae famllv , wlsh-a a sit ulnn aalax t. ? in a famtia or -c ool- waiihi ptafer the '? ri-'r. ran T'rc a"e?| teatlmoiilala >a to character and capacity. Adlen- boi SM. Hurtinr'. Cam. K.AM . /^OLI.i;OR OF ST. FRANCIS X?V'KF. NV?r VORB a. clti . !? "Vrac Ficnem -trrai ? Jd e wtll he nsk meJ o Sl Fruuta Xanei'a Colle^ ? on Vovdar. Prr'em'er SL The I'oat fraditale roiwae will ei>mmen e on ibe I'.'th b# H?pla-nh-r. The t,e -'n e ho tr n l'I V<e fram 7 to S P. K. o? Mo.iJ.iy. rnea-lar, Wi-dne<da< ?nd FrM r I iO? r-HH ATR and RVOINKRRINO INSTITUTS. II \J C op'r Union, N? v Yark ? ?Itti'Ie .t? ? eo" "el st anp tlnn. soademlr and ro le^ia'a; a'so nsva . otvi: asi l [nechsrvi ks! e'i?t!i'-?rliii! ronrica e ?en. Op'n dav sn I evening Fo? PS' 'Icnlars call at tlia liiitltute or aid e a . rof J. O. r?f, (' I-., Prlnclra'. DKKR PAR* PKM\t.R INSTITHTK. PORT JRRTt^ 0'sn<;a county, N T . renpnna P*nta-.ab?r l.V OaL Inijav caurae three yea'?: blgheet sdnmaijea for muste; mountain aoea ^ry; bome co morta uasurpasaed. Addrasa Ker. 1 H. Norlhrup, Priaclpal. J^DUCATTON t L. CORRESPONDS NTS WANTRH. TO j ?<d la anenlnf arhon > an l aaintnartea, ta a%mlnala Iracliera and direct pupils. Taa?'her< Wanted for Rngtiati, Preach, tlarioan. Spanish. Music, Drawing, Painting aa# ether bianrhea. Addraea Araerlcaa Kduoational l>ataa. 71J Broadway. N. T. _? FRENCH, OBRBaB, ITALIAN. VPANtSH. RNOI.TBII and l^tln.? Mlae DK WAlLtY. from Rurnae, aagato tafaim her Ir'ands aad tha piibl c that she will reoeiTaap p't.atioM far private inatroation In the aforesaid 'saeuagaa et tba rsatdenra 4M Rrooina stra?t. N. t ' fsmlliee attended ; translations matte. FORT TTASHINOTOB FRBNOB IN!mr TF_17(?t? atraej and K'oK-hr'dga raad. ?ha rlaasi-a will ea?,' oa!y oa September U Hoar Jars may be >4ialttsi alter 'he Mh. Clrenlara may be had at 17 Cedar rlreat asl Tvl and klX Broadway. N. A. LRSF1HAH8K. rnnrtpat. f1?VRRNRM?.<-A LADT. LATRTTY A It Rl * RD Ft. OB r Kngliad wi?hea an aagajtaraent In a fa ullr fa (br W' Ind e? ,if South A mania Mar coorae ?f Inalriict ap coi.iprlaa- Knyll?h. wlih the klaher nraarha- af I nc'lsh In ernutre; Fr-neli, end Music. rtli:ha<t,raferenca< ea io aap? bll'ty. Addraee Rata, hat ?M Newport. Rn?de Tonal. Spanish pot? tapoht fnoiisu at collfob BUI. Poi ghaaepai*, N. V. Addreaa Otla Risbae, a. B , Principal. _________ OANB SOtTCI SBMIBART, BaLT.HTON Ri'A, S A RA 0 m^a oonntr, N f ? Re?. D W. NtlTI{. Pr n.ap^i.? Rnardlng ach ? for Teung l adle- dnl? The n-xt anaaal ?eiai ?'? c ?mm?ncaa WeduM'taT, Septamlter 7 The euurea of lna?r i' 1,011 canprt?a> a thar ugh an-' eaten Ira lal M ami err.a^ien'al edn atloa. Fur asiaioOTes addreg* tie Pr nr psl He rrs also lie aaar rude - o? eaoh waek, frM 1 '? until 12, at the I'ac l c iltital, N?w York. ? _ S Br If OOL Fdp RAI.P.? A PI RUT t LA'S RPFOOf. FOB hays, lr IHnokl- n wl h ln? I es< mod'TB Fi*l?r< ?. Ap aa-atus i"d Calitaei. audit) s ?er? deatr?h> locsitaj, roe an. a 11 taodarata tarma. Auorea.a. with real eame, R p., Broolilyn Post odlce. \\J ANTBD- TWO TltACrtRlf FOR TUB R. ADIW? ?? (Fa. 1 High ftritool eti? t >r l^t'ta and Oie?s. onr faa Ca^ma* snl Frsntli It" onderalA'.ea ?' II 'a at 11% A lor Ho'iae New York ? a Thw?1?? ?nd Fridtr, Bani I aiid 2, between the ho'irr at act 12 A <* to meet an / owa r howigh to s-.piy fui the apuBIMM or wh" ,aa? w h to ea uia any mi or'jiait j* eo the subject .l a v \ n^im r, __ J II Ai>h KAN. "IITANTBD-A ORiTLRMA* TO TFA' H AICRRRA ft and b'Mikkeeplaa. from Hinl/e try dai. 'a s rrlcala #rh?ol la tkla slip. lDi)tt<re at M Haa-moad gtieat. neaa Bl^'.'cker. * WANTRD-FOR A HWtai FR'tjrcil i-adt. a KlTC. alton ae *a?srne?a. te tearh the Fren< s end Herman lanF^aee. ai?o n ualr and aevdltwjrk if reiWrdj iw i ad aipa-lanoe in taarblog in FaoiaiHl anil hare; herl refa r'na'aat 'ea. Addreaa Ml?e wehr*n rare 01 Br Mgra-aa, j South A(h at., Bliilarnadvirg or Igd l earl gl . R. t, TV' ANTRD -A PARISIAN LaT)T TO RBS.Dn IN TRR ?T ho eg aa I to taaoh ligr natite 'annua*'' in * ladle# B?le-i atbool. App.y lor two risrgte Bra tI.8* West .tut \ *1 uakcino acadrmibi. f 1 ? SIVbW* DARCINO At AIIKVT NO. * ^CHR% ? 1. m rjora tract. Br?)g:?a. hIK tcapaa m TaaiiaiL SawtaaBwaf l> bma r?r a m?tv,

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