Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 3, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 3, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 10,233. new York, Saturday, September 3, 186L ?* PR1CK F0UR CENTa EUROPE. the Beds at Eellfax, the Jura at Puthei Feint, the Caledonia Off Cape Bate and tic Bails 3? the Europa at Sew York. PIV.!J DATS LATER XYEOT9. K # No YVar Vessels to be Dis mantled cr Sold Id British Ports. lrltlsb Speculations on Peace After the Chicago Kemiuatioas. Inportant Rebel Reasons for Pcaoe and In dependence North and South. Eoary Tall in Unit?d"8tates Bonds in Oermany. f? FRIGATE NIAGARA AND THE PRIYATEERS RIOTS IN SWITZERLAND. |lee Coburn and- Jem Mace in Training, Ml IS* steamship Hsela, Captain Kacanley, from Liver ^ at two o'clock on tbe afteruoou of tbe 83d, via ?(town /in tbe 24th ultimo, arrived at Halifax at > o'clock yeatorday morning, en bar voyage to New rt. IS# sletmtblp Caledonia, from Gluagow on the Sltb, *?ed Cape Race at balf.past seven o'clock on Thursday stag, September 1. Her news bus been telegraphed tbe Ux?iu> via Port Hood, and la published In our iemne this morning. He aUvloea are Ave days later than tbe report of tbe So oominerclal advlcoa bavo boon reoelved by tbo cal*> tbe ateameblp Jura, from Londonderry on tbe 19tb of '?gnst, reached Father Point yesterday on her voyage IQuebec. Ibe mails of tbo Europe reached tbta elty from Boston 1 evening. Onr European (Dee and eorroepoodence are #d to the 20lb of August, lb* papers -contain lot* tin* details of our telegraphic report from Halifax, "".bed In tbe Hxbald last Thursday. ? Paris con e*pondsnt, writing on tbs 19th of August, Americans la Perls are busy hoping for a fall in I, In faei, certain Indications seem to give at least [?Storing of resaon to this hope. It la certain that the Went rale of eacbaogo and tbe Increased tariff bava ?blaod to greatly diminish tbo usual exports from S, and I am credibly informed that many New Tork are ebipplag back to France goods recently Inl and still la bond?a phenomenon never beiore i In Paris, ibis oertaialy should have the eOeot of igtng gold to tta sensesi Partem wishing to*return borne from Paris are a good exercised In tbotr minds by tbe sort of ctrculsr ted la the papers by tbe consols at Liverpool and errs, to tbo effect that In future passports, properly lead, are necessary la order to land la ibe United Tbe Havre nnnsulate appears to be the only one I France at wblcb Instructions ot tbls naturs bars been el fed from Washington, lifts rebels and rebel sympathisers In London were ex lllng over reports of General Grant's want of success bets Petersburg. Tbe rebels said tbe Union cause lie "caving in." I three uncommonly fast steamers were In the London *ket lor sale, and likely to be placed la tbe'blocknde solug rsds IOrder has been restored in Bo"aet, where there bss ?in no rioting since tbe lPtb or August like difficulty betwoen the American Conxal sad tbs kyptiao government has been satisfactorily adjusted. |*3ectioneerlnc riotn, with bloodshed, bad occurred at ?: but they bad subsided sod quiet was restored, i despatch rrom G> uersl Cameron, dated Headquarters, . *. ssys;?During the oext three mouths tlve operations w .11 hardly be practicable in any part I New Zealand. A gisster part of tbe troops have |?4--d themselves for tbe-wli,ier." ~ M-Ir rraax ri4M ^sj| Ibao 'fmed st sea Jaae T. ? ablp Ontario, from New York for Hoog Kong, put I Simon's Buy, damaged. Tit* Amerlcstm Qneetlon. IN BkLLiaSRUM' WAS VKtMLhS STOT"... ?ritikw nam. ' _ ,aim?la.leeeM of C.siomj; h,T# ftoeral order to |^| |0 p?jr?uitn* of |i? koctlne fro? iqa I/rds of tbe Treeear f, do aMocof - h-iougin- to either of the boilig.reut lowers la America shall be to eater tuy cf ber T's ports for tbe purpose ef being dumastted and [tigs Niagara WATcnnr* a wivr rainrvsa. A Lisb n telegram or tbe lath ssys tbst tbe redersl ' rl L? M.gara I. lu tbe Tagus. ft is >?ld that her tniaimo w Interoept a steamer bought st Liverpool ostensibly ear'gallon between Lisbon aud Liverpool, "to lortuguenepapers IurWier a*.?r test tbe steamer not null, as tbe intentions of tbs federals btve become -o This, doubtie-s, refers u> the steamer Georgia -i recently leu Liverpool lor Lisbon. risen MovawkNT?nam-iB ornrrow o? th* PRPBAIM N MUTATION AT CHICAGO. . New Yo/k correspondent of the Londbn Titos-, ig fnm Niagara Tail* under date of August 9, ?tiifion House bss become tbe centre of oe<otls. . betoreo tbeN friends of pens and Southern jla, which nr. no s withdrawal of Slilsiei rra from arbitrament of ibe award. The cornsp-ndmi tbes I en to explain tbst nn e'ort Is to be msde to n--iiin?ts -Jovorat or tbe 'Tee dei.oy, up'>n n platform for an ar in tine and a couv-ni, n or tho Stales, nod to thwart by possible mesne tbs edorie of Nr. Uucoiu for a re eleo a. SWIWT H**Hr>KS OF TWR RPBIT.S VOR PRACf?IN ?trkNShNT BUT BKIriD AIIIHlOANS B?[ALIATI*0 ?. it tnb "ntt ritw" roLici or sua n?nit. lin coln a rnksit KhTiAt. ciuncfr. ram tbe I*>aUon luuea (rr-bel organ In l^odon) Au gust 20 I ' readers will aeqwu us of havtrg et-sr been nndnty Wguu * In our apprceiatloiiB of I. . econta of tlie An rrl iu war. While r.a hare neve for au toatnal 4..Lb ti t silimsli (rt'vmrA o' rtn< iJrrnt* *r*vntr ? > s>d klls s? bnve scid in lu-en ds eivod. even traoMsDtir file b a-Mul liiiiromnrss uf rtrt.trsl bewspapca and ploinatio deruuirnts, we m >y moUsslly eialm me sront haviug hoeu antwlantin:!? correct lu the few j.rori'c on.r we htve venti ed,enlOf prrsr Diirinr ercour.Kod Ue hoi e? of per ;# based upon e.ihor tne eshanst-oo of s ftVn'i. Its liniuclal oolls, ?e, its rrturn to r. rron, n-r?n tbe sut'oesaee of the gout barn arras. Wshare nsl.tontiy Paid to the runvlotion list lbs war. I to IM own courts, wbateror migut be Ita vic.ssl dcs. it'-iil bs a long eu*; that m iqdcues from vi lli, j,ar i\ir>vg 1a* tin* at Mr. / neaiii'l aJ-n-rU ta'ion, nt' ft Wfftt rnoufh to rne it; and tbvt tbe ooly hop* eticrlen'bg thla fated period lay In the ?irduui and atlce E'lrepoon Pc wert, if, by recogiiialug un looon stibl" poill cal fact, they had exebsogM a f-l?e for a ue neutrality. I.'libln the last two years aud a half a. eulyhoi* seeini I several tunas on tbs point if ellratlon. To-dsv not* tut * tin--??ry will<; ny thai i ut a "f rrr ^i-i.-fcn ti praclt illy /<,. ,rcrm to m ?'? nil f.'.att it ukis tvrlv tton'.'.i ago. v nether this arte** an Ibe irequsnt dlsaj potn Lnent of we'i fuunfle l ex cut oaa. ur from a etrmivthcatei o mncilon that the ? is iiow stands la lean need than fnrroerly e- even sueh a si old from abroad we n*%l rot hore ir-nuirs rtnia It la fl at tbe Pen h Iteeif hen long eeoeed exi'sct, aoaroely to desire, rreegnltlon: and m r.'s* pi-o^Mtrtloa baa grown the proud en# a-a In its own Heav m alrtnJ ability to accomplish ? treat surli of national sstrs'lon T*t at th<? ve.-y si-I I, * n?t we once mote stk'.owled*e tbe fellaoy of i i , nil e up"h which ? - Ltd t i .?t-V >re dwelt serl ily, we are able to say with all csln t *?'?? ai d s-bTD'St If' *pro?}oti of tp* ty l<*ar* to' it wv-r ir p-a?s< ing, : ,i . -H ahtoluiflv ort sirs It is our sin---r* belief ih*f, ' sums gras t dit *<er W.-iis tas Oi fo.Wtle erws , : some pre* i cis - mt mmM1 m .OB. eueemtUnff in oenoentum at Chicago aJ^if candidate for the /'residency, an J wi.Mtl I Aid MOftfAg thereafter th-rr wilt t? an lUmutice. It is ot beoauae tbe military ?Ituatltn presents onpre oedenwa features tbM we etak# our judgment upon ao bold a prediction. inotuer Confederate iuvusU.u mlvbt poesibly end tn another Suar sburg or Get tysburg. Another period of reciprocal inactivity might ensue, altordi.'-g tune for recruiting another army in Ireland and Got many. Nor ta it be cause tba financial ootid time so unmistakably Indi cates Ibat the botlom of the notion's poe'vov has been reached, Federal finance.! have so often defied ra'touel cal ulatioua, so j any grave prises hr>ve been fiaased?not safety, but still passed? ao b and sanguine is tite American temperament, that we would boeitate to ueay tbe possibility of auoiner rmrncie, aud, given a drawn battle or two, or soron Uusorv success, we are not aura but even Ihib last ci i*ts nilg'.t be tilled over, arid the in evitable ruin, < arefuiiy cmoeiloit by "eluKldy''tl iwora from public view, might Lo Haved oil for another seaeuit. luesie cmbarrca.'intiuU have beoorao periodical over slues he battle ofitul! run r.-vr ivi't no villi each year. Co a oool observer at a di lance Ihoy r.oemed fatal m-lSdl; they werv wores in 1M2: still worse In 1308 It Is not be c?u-t< they srs worst !u IKA4 tbat we look lor neaoc, but because hi the; culm fue with "biubarrassmoots of quite enctlier kind?wlrii e quadrennial olvlo re yointlou which, even in ordinary times, puzzled and perplexed the aoniest understanding of Eu ropean n Vanso iinkhl.i, I he curious feature of tba American federative system la Its affectation of mathematical mechanism, Tho federal govormaent la woucd up, warranted to rm four years. It may run as wildly fast or as tamely alow as the m.noriai' of Its clock-work will adnl-, but at the striking of a certain hoar Its ra.-tl\ov po.-jr la exhausted. At one e?0"nd after twelve o'clock on March 4 tbe four years king is dead?four years Ilia to tba new king. Alna! however, for human ingeuirtr., tb<re la an interval between the winding up again and running down, and this Interval Is ao Interregnum. The new king Is elected In November, the old one dlos In March In the four months intervening, unless ho happens to be his owu successor for another "term." tbe courtiers desert the setting suu to worship the rising one The federal government has only A nomi nal head. At noon oo March 4 of next year Mr. Lincoln, ui loss re elected, loses the last semblance of power; tour months and four days earlier, on the Oral Tuesday of November next, the entire substance In tbe meanwhile tbe semblance and tbe imbalance remain Irremediably disunited, and therefore dormant. How slim are Mr. Liiugln's ebances of re-eioctlon may be seen by the indecent alcteriy'wi'h which the ra'i <f? ?c-wi|ii?rinu mcay i rom hi) ship. Already ho Is opposed by s candidate of bis own party, ona who is not only the first lore of that party?Ita candidate when Lincoln waa not yet known outalde his own village?but one who repro aenta that very section of the party which by Its rabid radicalism laivened the rest, and In the heat ol the tor mentation liung Mr. Llneolu into power. Even tbe con vention which lafely nominated Mr. Lincoln, composed as It was of hia own officeholders, deoroad it noc.gssryto aave tbe appearance or srlf-respect by intuiting biru In bit Mexican policy. Tbo mist Important a.mmiUoe of his own Congress hss denounced blm for the attempted usurpation of arbitrary power for the purpose ol ms nufacturiny flottitoui votes from the " rebellious" Stat.S; and the two houses of Oongrens. as one. body, have given practical efleet to this denun ciatWn by a legislative enactment tbat the vote of tba !'rebellious" States shall not count In lha ensuing election. Vn open feud with hit Cm-rrcs, a* variance with hiI party, deierled by his mercenary fntnds, ridiculed by tuc press, d-sp ted by the public, Kit favor if generate defeated in the field, hit pel ech-met ending in disaster, Mr, Lincoln it not a very 'formidable competitor for the Presidency. Add to this that the democratic op position, keenly alive to tbe possible turns of fortune in their favor, huve adjourned the nomination of th*ir can didate to the .leciaioa of the issua of the summer's cam paign, fixing it at a data barely el :bt weeks prior lo tbe N> vember eii clion. At that election tho successful can didate requires, sines the votee rf one third or tho States ere cpuuted out, a numerical majority or the actual votes cast, such as no President since Washington ban ever obtained Tbe personal triumph or humiliation of Mr Abraham Lt-'colo Is, however, merely an lucldent?and in no sense an Cement?in our calculations for peace. If. the war agilnai the South la to be prosecuted, we prefer him ai President of the United Statea to any one of the four mil Hone of adult malea In tba population of federal America. Our prognostication rests upon the fact tbat a new idea has entered the Ncr'.beru mlud, and that tnls Ids* is the only practicable bridge from war to peace. This Idea ?cores of newspapers, wbclt before were eagerly clamor mg for a more vigorous prosecution of tho war, have within the last few weeks taken nr> with utterance mere or less distinct. It is in the minds and months of men or all parties, defended or denounced, but familiar to an. It Is reflected In the public correspondence of tho Euro, peso press from America; it is sharply mapped out In urne-tentha of the private letter* which Oil the Amorican mall bags. It Is like tbe confuned s >und of many voice?; an lees a providential event bushel It, It will have swollen, are our printed page* reaoh tbe other (Ida of the Atlantic, lata the deafening oboras of millions of men. It Is an Idea ell the more powerful because it flatters American vanity without being altogether chimerical and Impracticable. It U an idea which im/'aes towirn and not defeat. It la an Idea which gratifies vague i-cpular longings for revenge, and which yet promisee solid ma- j terlal advantages This Idea, in which we recognize the mustard teed of a lasting and prifperow peace, may, when stripped of Its surplusage of'word-ana extravajmciej of arajerr, be succ<nctly described somewhat a* follow*. Tho Ni.rth sa;-s to Itself:? "In tbe event or success (and no true Northerner pertnlls bitter!' to doubt of eventual success), what shall wa gainf 1 be experience of over three years of war has dem i>?trat?d that the chances of success upon which we most counted either nuror dii or cer tainly do not new exist. < Thanks to an admiuTsi: alien as imbecile as it hrs been ferocous, thrro is aoitbov 'latent Union feeling' nor 'negro rtslng,' and tbero will be n. ne If, tberelore.wa succead. alter incalculable Icr tber expodiitare of blood and treasure, in conquor ing iho t-oiith, we rha'l flrd ourcolc-a chawed to a corpse. Tie sro lerarortng ourselves that wa are 0 tit lug fur tbe Union?mat Is to say, for commercial prosperity at husie and power and pres tige abroad. If, alter year* of war, we subdue Ihe boutb, our prosperity at home will consist In having Ihe produc tive iwrtion ?>( our katlcual territory laid watte, and the Industrial portion of It burdeoel by a debt which It Is equally ruinous to repudiate or lo | sy. Oar prestige a?TO d will consist In having the flower of two thirds uf our manhood employed III keeping uudor sub'ectb n the mutinous remaining third, lbo prui in our own which we bavs alra&ly pu d, for tbo mere aitom) i, gives tba st-'iudird of what ? iccosj will ??t as, and If we shall be furihor ceded to strino an average of thg umount ol liberty suitable squally Uf vvh|ij AwSiican jod s.nanpi{i4lcl black slaves, tbo fuu Irsemoo ?o<t Sinaflfl'pilod black slaves, tbo future ] Is eickcnlbg to contempt'to. Viewing all thu, three ' years ot war have urcat'y chaogod clrcum-tsnoa I If we were rghl thru, wo are not o'iw. It Is lb* part ef 1 5L!ld?nl 19 WV '"t ninsj o.* clyvuDisibnebl M ility ire. ui uiUotis of Lurope, by thnir oan sh i. t-sijiuudno t and, bare lei a golden ojyortnn ly pass. It prei'nU Vu:f (o us nun; let ur fr* wfer than fU'Ope. The Smith isneU>i<7 t?i?/wri9r ttir ewjaered; litis 4a>? the credit of wnng aentrcutly what rowu day tut may heir le do bv ^rnjvnlnsn, North md Suulh, since Ihe forms'lon <r tUe Ubldn, have cvor been recognised sotltloe. Ws nomluallv elasssd both coder a vary li.g a.imber of dtste?, and we lived prosperously when the** dtstee numbvrod thirty.f'>nr. nffiy ?hnild we wi lire prctf :rcru!y if (hi Union atennf tw > Siitet intt ad cf th'r y f iu t In or out *i the Union, as cnullgnons smpirne who have letted each other's etrfiiglb, we must live togoiner mm soma ret I ol terms Ibe/cuth not war debis as welt as we. T.ere will, therefore, witb m Ivlle e./ncnticn on hrih ridet, be no insuperable obt ocle to an tden'ioal cotnm rcial polity, much ai Southerner*'alb ib utf-ee trade. Tbe doitu ow?? no favors to Eurof^, neither do we. Tbero le no obetacle, therefore, to a permanent'.? Identical toirlgn policy. Why should not the L'r.tcn beeom* a marriage between tw < great Hia e*. a marriage without noralbie dlvorca, admitting a distinct tnd.vlduality sod Indtpendent lights In Ix ih, but repre>entina a unit to the outside world. Hiob I* the substance of tbo argument wbirb, at the fami'y fires de, la tbo club, at the domestic breakfast table, or at lb?pubI'o iabu d'hret, now forms tbe eteple of disoussl n? for and ata'uet?throughout the N. rthern State*. We base tranecilbed It almost leitnvly 'r-m He mas* of Northern crreaiirn letir >. uncrnnccteJ and even aniagrm etio in Itnsouroen, whleb nss reached, ua directly or been submitted to us. We have aw .kens I to Its Importsnoa through tbe coincld ncs In many esrentlsl Cm tela which lorced lt.?U en our atlentl n la our ulhern oi.rrsepoadcnr*. it Is not for us to pronounce oo the merits of ibis srgnaseot. Ihe li'irth, lo ng (he aoyrtTior, mutt in'tiau the terms of P"9*e. Dnt ih.s muc.h we srs ftce to say. In the heart ot lbo population of the '? . ??, w? i i ' .( war. ? ,.h ct, isu te.l In Ibenohfid'oca of its l<eus, prot<wtlsor this sort mull touch n responsive rhord. Tbe tuoa of suthortiy noy see (be iucuvuieni s of so close an alliance witb the North, but the peupM will see ihat tbe/mist ehuoae their ailiee troin between the We- terti European nations or their i?e-1est noigbtw'.S; ard uo'tler Ifnglead o?t t-ra'ic" nor oson tinltlo Mnxteo, MSd uo tjtrtor. feie with tho nnlurnl claims of that formldnblt tssresl neighbor, hstritoof their tebifoil nU-s tfMtnf,Sr*!)erS' le-rare <itggt< led .U 'h ? n Veci'.i'Y f the A \/jcr?Miicil of t%$ day, ard U the (n w-w rcy,ndt say reechery, mmmr HMMMiliMMiiMi of thai of France. If t?'ry *c? lu eiJ to cbneqibetweso Europe sod America they m gtit vcrr well cb.wWe itielr ewn nemtepbere, i rovldad the Orst word of every treaty . ' .O.. it.. ? .At.farfa.ain Inrfn ef alliance was siwayt naoualleiiged coofcdSiate lode iieu 'oncn There te only one tegloal rotc'os'on to iteee reflections; It le, tbat If any ?.i/ie1' eo;e . f 'una ?? \s >oih A .iir can i I W' fro-cute hat a > t t.rd 1? f ciicy M l ? v will have lit Jut! reward. Neither b?i lo?t the resiern Sive eaergie* of youth. Poth havt only jast learned Iheir own (Ireugth. Lebt burdenea and hied a* tli?T msy be, tbe day that ibey make an honorable peace, w lb amcy and an ideelb al roro gn podoy, the twin coofedsrailooi will li# phyatovliy and mora :y stronger ihsn ever wis or could have been ilm anils I le i Qui >n, with He | tie tendencies, and it* external etre gth neatralUcd by sn internal seetloaal balanoe of power. ritcmpiOTS op thb sraw. Tba I/mdnw Tames wtadn up an editorial on the present sllnatlon of the war tn Amerloa as follows ?- I Ae rdgards tbe final Irene of the war, we consider tbe proepeots of the ( ee' deratee to be ?? g<v?d as ever; but the federaln hito shown neck as inae<ia,bility to defeat and etiob ao ii\dteihlo tenu ity tf purpose, tbat wo cannot anticipate any early tern,motion nf the atrlfe remaps the (iicowse of f .ermao m Go rgia or Farragut at vl bi.e mb'hl counteract the dle-.pi>o|niment priuiunad bv the faiuireeef Grant In Virginia and once mart inspire tba fwlcrate with eai-ectallou* of nbs?<nte succ-ss Itm la Europe w# can only nmplny the let'nn: ol eventful eam p .igos in cnnflim our ernrlctinns nf tbe bopeleeeness of war and the necessity of speedy teace. CVir?t? MTATi.9 ntiKM IK Sir.MtNT?lUt Of FAITH IN Tn lbVfSTM".NT AMD Prltl.lNC IN 1?? STOOt. Hy ihe 11 Win we > ?? ? ioHi wing en this Mil eet <? IT, - f.c.udo^' ?| k?Tlo( depressed prices 10 M, which la three per cent below the last quotation* froiD New York. The rep rl of the Caledonia, deled the 26th of August, ?ays:?Advices rroin Frankfort state thai reoent foots asv* suddenly begun to disturb the eager feub of la Teeters In United giatee bonds. Some letters received ay German booses epealt 01 the exlstlug decline ss owing to the fear of importers to enter goods at tbo present rate of duttee. It wag known at Fr?ukfort that mauy berman orders bad been oonutermanden, apprehensions beginning to be exiwrlsuced that the new Novomber dividend may be lost, and tbat It will not be paid In specie. The distrust was being incieased by the ctrcuin v'mU0*. esles were being grossed by parlies affairs BP?* U besl ln<onn#d M American A BKW REBNL LOAN RPOKRN OP. A.. "I*? ***? ,Iwra *re rumors of a projeclod nsw Onmedarate loan. The Xsxlsan Empire. FNCOtrTUOTNO RKTOKT8 OP IV- 0 NROf.ID ATIOW. Tuesday's (August 23) second edition of the lamdon Timet' city article says:?1 he discount market shows no alteration. Among tbo more significant points In the present aocoums from New York is the change of t- no becoming observable with regard to Ibe new order <f things In Mexico. Reports sent from Americans in Mexico mlly confirm the bopetul description obtained from oilier quarters of tbs rapid consolidation of the new government. The Danish dnestlon. The King of Prussia arrived at Vienna on lbs 20th on a ?tslt to tbo Emperor of Anstrta. The occupation of Holstein by tba Prussians and Aos trians Is said to be decided upon. Francs. The King or Sptln has, left France for Spain. Da visited Queou Christina prior to bis departure. Prince Humbert, Crown Prince cf Italy, who is on a ?l?1t to Copenhagen, in shortly expected in Paris. The It<drpentianee Beige snuouuees a prospective mar rl?go between Prluce Humbert and the Prlnoens Anna Mural, and eaye It will strengbion the bonds between France and Italy. Advice* from Algiers via Paris oonfirm tba rumors of Ireeh disturbances In the province ot (Iran. The Bourse flat and lower, rentes OCf, Sfio. _ ? Kueal a. The Cxtr bis ordered s reduction of the army, and lm mediate and unlimited discharge Is granted to soldiers whose service expires on the 1st of January next. The Prime Ring, JOi 001ltTlllt AND JEM MACB IN BTBIOT TRAINING. [From Bell's Life in London, August 20. ] A farther deposit of ?60 a side for tbti mated was midi at Mr. Ward'a, Ih? Prtocees of Wales, Stepney Green, on Tuesday last, according to Agreement. The next?of ?60 a slde--w!!l be due at Nat Langhatn's, Mitre, Upper di. Martin's lane, on Tuesday week. Coburn writes good accounts of himself at bis train ing quarters. ,~*c* a farewell benefit on Thursday evening i-*t at the Grecisa theatre, when he bad a regular bum,mr. He bee now gone Into strict training, and b.s leit hi* in mrests In the hands of Harry Brui.ton, flsor.e nod Oregon. Beech street, Barbican, at whose house Jem's now colors may now be obtained no receipt of a "suv." Jem wishes us to say tbat be cannot let them go on any other terms. 3 thb cnAifPioNcmr. Androw Marsdeo and Joe Worronld lisve ngeln poved a fiver each In our bauds. The next dep -it of l:< & i* '? must be forthcoming on Thursday, August 26. at I ob Travers .Bun and Thirteen Union., Castle sirect, I .el* oester square. C?pe of Good Mope. Dates have bean received from the fepe ?r Good Hone 5p..t#.'lal,r "r?le uewa la unimportant. Tiaoe ws? dulL The recent alarm la regard to a p stible Kaffir w.r' proves groundless India. _ ,, , CAixrrrrA, .lu'y 30, J864. Cotton goods Improving. Accounts of tbo indigo ciop aro boitsr. Exchange 2s. Id. . ? _ Boubat, Julv 30, lAOt. Cotton and cotton goods dearer. Exchange 2s. l >,<i, Chins. ? A _ Carion, July U, 1804. Cotton goods unchanged. Iss higher. Exchange 4a. lljjd. . SnixanAS, July 5,1864. Bhirtlngs quiet. Bilk drooping. Exchange Ts. Id. No new movemen'e by ibe rebels are reported, 'ine Portuguese have been unable lo obtain a ratifies lion of their treaty with the Chlnoae government. Commercial Intelligence. THB LONDON MONET MARKirr. D'scooot market unchanged. Funds depressed. Can sols still tailing. Londow. August 2"1 1834 Consols closed at 88r4 a 89 for money. AOTKJPl.V ssruaiTiks. The salee on the 23J were Illinois Central at 45 a 44 lis count; Erie Railroad 40)4 * 41. ? London, August 24, 1S64. The latnst sales were Tlllnole (Jonirat shares si 40 u a 44)4 discount, Erie Bail read, 41 a 42. * ? LITBRFOOL COTTON MARKET. _ ? Litxrpool. August 23,18U4. The sa'cs of cotton yesterday aofi to-day were io ooo bale.-, Including 2,000 to speculators ard exporter* 1 he market is irregular and Inactive. Quotations are'erne ratM-UUCliaB,0<1'3U y cb0lc* 'i,rcc!s maiulainiug previous LivxnrooL brfadrtpffr market. The bresdstuflb market is priicrally steady, sud rllehMy firmer, Messrs. Wukofield, Nimh t: Co., and Kirha-lado Spenee jk Co , reports:?Flour stoidy. Wheat lirmrr ' amber, is. a 6?. Id. Coru steady; mlxod,30s. MTERTfVOL FROTI8ION MARKET. The provis'on market is very dull. < in uurs report ? Bee. very dull. Fork very dull aud unch-nsed. marnve. Lard firm, aud partially advauced Ud. lallow quiet. LiVKRfooT. rnorrra variet. Arhes quiet and steady. Sugar Urm. a>fl"ee strady rtlc < si< any. Rosin quiet a:.d rtcady. FjtlritB turi ontine ca?'erat6.?. Petroleum steady; refined 2s. Id a 2s 3d per gslloa. LONDON* IIA " I/ORroN, .'iigust 23,1834. Rreadstu(r? 'inwsrfi. Bngsr quid and j'.osdv, quj't. Tes firm Riie buoyant. Taiiow qiiiet sud steady, dpirits tnrpentioe quiet at 08s. IDS LATK T MARKETS. Livinroon, August 24, 18?4. Ci-.iTOfi.?Sales to day 9.000 bales. Market riosing lr recuiur, wlili fair demuud for good qualities at ruii pre vi ns quotations, BsKAi'FTPFkg.?The matket is qulst and steady. Prot !s:onb?The market Is du:l except for lard, vrhloh If firmer. Pn Duet.?The produce markets are gsoerslfy quiet and stsady. Personal Intrlllurnce. ARB1TAI. OF SINKSAL rOTI.SS IN TB<9 OUT. Ormsldersble excitement prevailed fore time yester day In the crowded thorough:are of Nassau street oa the olrcnlatioe of s rumor, which spread on thsvsry wings of rumor hsrsstf, tbat Major Centra! Butlsr was then sud thsrs myslsrlously olessttsd in so uppsr room ef 82 Haassn slr. et. Uadaroa bad not sped upon ber errand are aba was forestalled by the ubiquitous nmui.o reporter, who, being there Just In the nick of time as nsnsl, bad noted the fact, and all tba pragma! olrcum stances connoctcd with It. Rumor was, for s miracle, right this time, and, mxuffre tbs speculations she Rung wtdscist on ber way, the facts are simply these ? About nns o'clock an open barouche drove sp lo the door of 82 Nassau strst, fr&m which s rather heavy, nooouth looking personage hastily desoeoded and mads bH way lo the door, as quickly fnlinwsd by two etaff offloors In uniform. At onoe our reporter reo?gnlitd Geo era) But ler. The latter-proceeded up eUlrs to the rooms of the Corporation Counsel, where he remained feme rounder able time, ibe crowd gathering thlaker and thicker every moment. After some time the General reappeared with his attendant officers, and, entering the carriage, was driven hurriedly oT. The crowd kmke* on ae at ths passing of s metsor, "bald their breath for a time," and wondorsd what waa to corns of It. The General and staJ are stop ping at ths riftb Arenas Hctsl. The Flnller Case and the Pnltes. CORfiRVFONPHWCR firwrgq iNjrxcvon TANNSR P? TBB LONDON DAriGTlVI rOLUA, AND 8UF1UIN riNDH.Nf KRNNVDT. *Tta?rr Hortw, New Teas, Angist 19. 1864. Hi,:?Termit me to return my singers thanks, both to yo':r?*lf snS Mr. Inspector OatA-eaisr, fu? the attention, advloe ead aeeleUnre which hers been gtreo to m? during my ristt to New To k te arro.t ihn man Mnl.erfor the murder of Mr. Brlggt In Loeden. And I I^g to tsiure roo mat I shall erar bave a sratefm remembrance of your kind, p-eo. Fermltnie o'se to thank yon f r the attls'auce of detective oi^cr Tiemsn, whom jcu w kind v , ercd at mv dlspo?ai. Tletnen rcnde-'J we vert* vanintle sis itao.e b? was very anvtcus and ?r* ous in tlio ur ibe tuir entrusted to htm, and I beg to Induce f0, h , ?ra. of tea pounds (Kqgtlee), If yon wi<i be pea,ol io allow him to rtcclvo Ik lam, air. y ur chrdient ?erva?L RlCilikltl) TANNl'K Tn.peetov ef the Datecllvo Feiiee London Mr. KfNBsnv. Ruyeriatondaat of Mouopotilan Fo loo. Now Orricfi ov re* Rcrsvrwwwnvirr ov rotrnsi i Mai Met-taaar Ivaanr, N*w Voaa. { Mr. TarNVI, fespectoi of r>Mectlv* Pn*re! Lnn'lmro sir?t have to ockauwledge Ibe receipt of your note of Ibe Ttih lo?t , oad to otsurv yuu thai w ha ever has been doac by myretl or any of toy sdltera lo aiding >nu in ike prmocutir s ol yoar dutv has be.*a a- mroh prompiod by a foelias of re spect tor tho epartmeat to which ybu oro otiaobod oa by a sense uf duty on onr pert ' The ten ecr?ie,<ni > ui hsrfi the hladaoct te efftr ae e sra UIIIV 10 rlcective fien an he will bo pormltled to reo-ha Very roopectfully yn re. JOHN A. KKNNBDT, RupertaUadoai Ttie Bteaiiisli' yi Aih, Haiisa*. Fe,t fi, 18/14. GRANT. TBI PETER8BIR0 COlttT OF ISQ?IR*. "?'?y Ainter?oM'? Despatch. RunqciRTCKi, BbforbPxtkmiuiic, August II, 1604. Tba Court Of Inquiry ooncornlng the tinsocuve-iiul aa Mult on Petersburg oo the 80th of July conltuued tin In vsstlgatlooa to-day, taking tbo testimony of General* Forrero and Wilcox, oommnudlng divisions In the Nluth oorpoj General Humphrey*, Chief of 8ta!T, and Gonial Hunt, Chief of Artillery of the Army of the Poiom*.-, and I.leuteuant Denyard, rd the Kig.neers. tesimiouy had reference to the movement!! and conduct of troo;ie oa that occaalou, tbe mauncr of their withdrawal irora the orator mused by the exphalon of the tulne. the pre paratfnns for the deboucbe of troops to take part In the eae.iutt, and tbo probable cbam-aa o( success If other dis position* and arraugeuionM bad been made. THE FIFTH coiirs. IK*. James B. Wardell'a Uiipaleh. BaaDquAHTfRa, Firra Akiuy Cobfw, \ Bix Mn a Uocaa, Sept. 1, 1664. J all quiar on tbb tan Nines tbe lata assault by (ba rabtla upnn the worke aoroee the WeMon Railroad, held by the Fifth corpa, ao onuaual quiet baa provadad tba antlra left of the Una, not even ao oooaelonaJ abot between tbe pickets broking In upon It. That tbls a II) continue lor ony length of time? the enemy permitting us to bold undisputed pnsaesiton? is not probable, although they received a very strong In timation of our strength and ability to hold tba road wbaa tboy mada their laat demonatrallon. TALCI W TUB WLIDOS RAILROAD?TBI J'KerARATtONi 10 Ba TARS IT. Tba Importanoo to tba rebel cause of again possessing tbemaelyoa of tba W.ddon road !r fully appreciated by ne,' aa It la by them, and doubtless Ibe moat airenuooa exer tions will be put forth by the euomy to retake It, which will be met by a recipience and determination on onr part, resulting doubting in tbo moat complete sue ceae to our arms. That iho enemy are preparing to make another assault la no doubt true; but that tboy will meet with a reception warmer tbau ibey can well stomach ia also true, breastworks, formications and redoubts of the largest kind have bemr tbrown up, an abhng 01 to puDlab and drlvo back ibe moat loimldablo force that can be brought forward to d sindgo us. Tba troope are in tbo finest physical condition and tbe highest spirit* not only acticli atlug, but heartily wishing. lor an attack vou their position. .\oi the uiuteat doubt ia ex prea.c \? to the result. ALONG Tim I1TB. Up k? tbls time tbeie is a quiet all along thellne, from left to i igbt, ouly on cc arional ebol being tired ou cither "t'.i "t Monday the tiring war quite brisk, uu (Howards eieiiii And auniei.uio atior durk.very heavy. Since 1 . little Iuk done on either eMe?a quiet and a rest It. will *oi n b? broken in u|>ou by tbe roar of artil lery l - 'ketry and the bursting of^nnrderoas sbclta. ' AD A!JI DALY-NOr DKAD. Tn t deipatch giving an account of tbe recent battle m n ..tbo Fifth corps was engaged it waa stated that < ?,t . i<alr,ef General barren's etall, waa abot dead by it' bel C'enoral I':y ward, whom be bad Rupiowed, liom c ruin iudlcatloua, was about to surrender ble force. This, I firo happy lo aiale, Is so far untrue, (bat Captain "aiy at this present writing ia still alive, in b a piUI, ic loualy, th"ugn nut danger..nely wo ind.d. THE CallAUO NOMINATION IN CAMP. . Acre le?l of interest ts manifested hers np< n the notniaa . n at Chicago. Groups ol oibcera and men cave been t . .lug excitedly, (lUciiaing the relative chances of one nr vnothar, but generally settling upon one i-oiul uuanio. .sly?tbe morns ol tbolr i?Bdi1at?, luesa groups o to be seen at all bours. I nst ev*nlng, when the pan ;ra came np to camp, It was armuilng to'wiiueea tnc < a, mats with which the newsboy* waic beset, and wuen jt ot tbe soldiers auccaeded in n'? 11 ing u payor be im <?'"ate'.y became tbe centra or ?u excttud group an .is to tram what wore thechances tor Ui?lr favorite. I s' ? in ths e veiling the new* arrived byle's^raph that ' ciIan bad been nominated, when lite uiott general s. "b acii.d was expir?*i. 1HIC wxatiivr allll continue* flee, rod tba roads are becoming very duatv. iuo nights,aro quits aool, making onu nr ruura blanket* very ueceeaary. Ths Washington Despatch. Warring ion, Sept. a, 1844. Tbe lilt information from tbo Army of tba Potomac Is tbpt yesterday pasted without auy changes io the rela. live positions of (t o opposing armies tbat caa ha of auy tnureal (o tbe general reader. Tbo monster fltteen-inch mortsr, mounted on a railroad car, has recently been run np lbs roj<t opposite to Petersburg, and a few shells tbroam Into ibe city Tba ob ect of tnit was to detar the rebels from Oricg on our pickets, and it teems to baro beeo tuLC.miul? The Fortress Monroe Despatch. I rises* Monros. >?pt 1,1*64. A I', r*>me u: known, ran tba bl(?k?de yaater day, and got aafely to Pm'tbfleld, Va. A small foioe waa tent to Buitbde'd yesterday with ordrn to m''ka a reenno ?v.r.. e, but was met'by a jarty of guerillas and prevented from landing. Tbe mall steamer John flrc'l* has arrived from f ly Point wlib twenty prUoutra. irha bnn.s no oowa from tbo a. my. The Fdllaitsipliia Daapat?'H. rr.iiAuat ruiA, hept a, !???. A siwcial d'lpatcb to tba rt> i ocatalnt tbe toliow ing;? Pxrons PRTtrvr.CRO, frpt 1, lv?4. Tl.e enemy were reported to be moving artillery to their right tn the aficrouoa. (?light vklrmlehtng bejan along the Weldon real. The i'lPb c rpa wu placed under arms autl marcbad Inlotna breast woi k.?. Son.e deserters cam* Into tba works (taring tbe day and asld we were to ba attacked at four o'clock lu ibe afternoon. With tba exception of a Nllfbt ek'rniieh along Ibe rail road there waa no disturbed, a. Our mcu wai'ad with anxlot^ aipeotatioo. but ao rebels mada tbair appear ance. Tba qnlet along Ibe entire front la aa wonderful aa II Is unaccountable. There I* something epprcrstae about It. Ws seem to ba continually eapectlag a tight, tod know not 'ha time or place of tta occurrence. General McClallnm at Horns. gNiDS BY THS CITIXKN8 OP GRANGE?TR8 0<N RUAi.'ft BKptr, r.rc. [Frcru tbe Newark (N. J.) .'ournal, Pept I.J The reoaptmn of tbe newt of tbe nomination of Oeerge B. He leilan wa? tbe 'cc??!vn of groat rejoicing I ? firang*. Tlie i.enurai .od ins family ba ng at hi* rural bnmo on the creat of the O'tn.-e m >onlelo, It wsa c Ided la the cvenlug to give blm a aarenada. Aeocr iingly a bead waa pro urod frcm Newark, and at about tan o'clock a larga eccconraa of people ataeu.blod in front of General M. I? >?? * rea dme*, where a selection of patri otic airs wu admirably played. On the conclusion of tbe music iLe rroa J ch. vrcd vehemently for the (lerarst, who mode bla eppc?r?i ce on lbs frost norlioo. wueu an other outburst of tl'-ers w uei up tba aluaaberlng echoes of tbe tnounta n. ?.er. <rel tlc< loilsn tbea brlrfly thenud tbe i ?lemblacs in tbe P.tlowley words ? Mr Knii'.no?Ibe events af ire dav are ea new and *f a-tr?* ttlel Impnftaac" to us. t'< o ir chll.lren aad to uur ec n trr, that I ao Jt ?? yet rcel're tlrcm; aor do lict lull/ eorrr>i?h*nd l'i? po*ltloa In wlileh I em placed I thank jbu dincrrety (orconilaa liere. far I Ra'tw trem Rally etr*. rloace tb? rn'H't ng * you btve and ih? die,rail hill > oi ' ?'r halt ell ? b. laiu t :rr that yon will not ?i pr. t'oi* t ? ..tike a siwoi h. It the i?' oa of lo de/ c.lita th? reauiia ?' a'i e i ect, f thlak thai f vu will ? e uo enure torrent wart bse hoen dene. Vo?t etngrre'; ec l t ?o? re .. iny frieade end oolgblora, foi ibis alud visit aau tue.e ktearty coagrtlBlalioae. tun oxvrrai/b Rn?tP*vcir, It ;r ?nr ; r/"-.! it ru tny thet Uenaral McClellaa ia only a temporary sojourner oa the null of New Jrr* <v. Ti.'s Imrreesiaa 1s erroneoua, ibe beueral liaamg ree ded in Orsn.e more than ft year, and re cnily lis l.aa par cba*ed property oa the Oraoge Mountain, wf ?ra n lis to biii!J auolbnr bousa for loo peruaneui reaiduuiK ot bimsotl and family. ? Police Intelllgenro. A Man Hat'oneLT fnov ?The pol'ee of the flfih rrodnrt rrroet thst a msa, who car# kla name aa Cbu. Daly, was arrsaied on ikoraday eight la lhcmp?>ii atra<k near Canal, aa ihisharse of ahaatlag John Rohms?a rertiia? ... 'n uth airaet, Brook,to. It seema that ofleer GaK w.i { utiu'liorbia be??. heard Muriel r'* ?" ? r. ,v liiocaaal B. He proctsded at onoo to iae ?l . la to await th* reaii k A LusiiOMSBt Dc?*?ri?.-8arak Uaaermaa, a datresMa, la Ike employ of Mrs Flora Jafoba. of tt? Bleeckar atraeV W?a hro.igbl before Joetlce l^dwub yeatorday on tee ol bavlag Itnltn from hrr enr; er -r a hie h ?t k A^Mf value it at ???. S pwlr nf alorvat worn 6IH. ende told K.r.^u n ? she a. r ard W'S can Sorela o it ef f?n oUinaofa at artinaata with a bund'e rout ilnlh. toe a b ve named pywfefty. ?a# was aeaoinlttad t# auawer, la datauM oi |w? ba.L ___________________ K.lwlitlioataa Barnid. HaL 'AI, ept. 9, lf i. SHERMAN. FALL OF ATLANTA. Brilliant Strategic Movement of the Union Commander. HOOD HOODWINKED. A BATTLE FOUGHT HEAR EAST P0I5T GENERAL HARDEE KILLED. The Rebels Assisting Sherman's Plans. Operations of Wheeler, For* rest and Roddy. Rousseau in Close Pursuit of the Cavalry Raiders. Georgia Virtually Redeemed from Rebel Rule. The " Be Called 99 Cenfsdsrate States Bedoced te Three, ? to., Abo.. Aba Wab Diriimint, Washinctox Sept. 2?9 P. 1L To M^lor Genera! Dix, New York ? This department bat received Intolllgcnee this evening (bat General Sherman "a advenes entered Atlanta ab>u? noon today. Ibe particular. bare not yet been received, but telefrrapblc communication dorlof the nlgbt Wlto Atlanta direct ia axpected. IDWIN U. STANTON, Secretary of War. Secretary Stanton's Second Despatch. War DirARiacxr, WAraixaroa, Sept. 2?11 P. 11. Ia Major General Dix:? Ibe fallowing telegram from Major General Rlccum, dated tbla day, In Atlaota, and jolt received. cooOrma ibe capture or ibat city:? Geueril 'hniman bee taken Atlanta. The Twentieth corps occupies the city; Ibe main array ia on lha Macon road, near East 1'otnt, A balila waa fought near tbat point, m wblcb Uenlral sbennau wea succumb Pnrtlcuiare are not knooro. B. W. hLOOUM, Mqjor General. An unofficial report atatea tbat a battle waa fought near Faat Toinl by Genoral Sborman with Hood. Tba rabel army waa cut In two, with vory heavy 1 oat to the enemy, and General liar Jea waa kllleifr Our lodt Is not knwn. KDW1N M. STANTON, Secretary or War. Rbetmaa'i Victory In Wa.hlngton-Ills Jdiastcrly Itratrg' tie Muareineiar. WatHiXurox, Sept. 2,1884. There l? great reje'clng In Washington tbla aflcrnoeo OT"f tt? news tbat Atlanta la in the j-oseosjtion oftbo Us loo forces, it appeari thai wfcflg tba rebel cavalry waa operat ng u'poo (tcneral Shertnan'a rear, tbat officer waa prosecuting D a moveraecle accceeefully, and at alerca o'clock tbla mcrning entered ibe city of Atlanta, and frond tbat bit oombinetloaa bad compelled Ita evacuation by Hoc!. Irani m In ion of tnla Intelligence over the wlree, whir h bare been cot fer aaverel daya, prove# tbat Roar.?u baa Wn euccsarul In bla effort to dl-lodge tbe cavalry ear ? I It i n of Forrest, Wbeelar and M rgan, and driven tbom from tbe road. Tbe capture of Atlanta aecurea tbe poe.esfion of tbe wbole State of Georgia, and,render* tbe com^pbn of the rebel leudera more d*?p*r*t* tbtn ever before. It waa by an apparent retreat?one of tfinee maetorly atrategte morem?ute for wblcb tbla general has been eo aoled?that be haa been enabled to achieve eo brilliant a roault. Per tome tirat past It baa been apparent, sol only to Gsoeral Sherman but to the majority of bleoTcera, tbat tbe petition could not be taken by direct aasau'l. The works wblcb Jobraton was enabled to bolld around Atlanta daring ths tins be occupied Sherman's niton, tlon by hie alow retreat., are represented te be of the met formidable character and ttrengtb. Ob tbe other band, a complete invest meet of tbe place wta liupowible from a want of men?General Sherman1, army being tee email to eatabll.b tba llua around Ibe oily aa atrongly aa would ba nocea.ary to pravent successful tallies of tba enemy. It la now weft koown tbat Hoed bee added ma icml y to bis atrengib by tbe c:>oacrlptioa of numerous bej a aad old men, who behind work, cooid render vory ly-od aarv'ce. Obteldoof the worki tbla vary strength * mid provta great wsaksvaa aod a tarrtbla ootl of and provgeder. Tlr# parpcae of Gen.esl Shaman In the moremsnt which began on tbe eight of the 2 th tu to deprive tbe rebel eotnsiiindor, (tenoral ITo >d, of tbla .lyi gtb and of bti preteetlon of the work, at Allan's. lo other wo-As, Sbrrmsu b'pod by flenditig Atlanta aod oottlng oO bla atioplioa t" force flood out to light, and tboe, with h'a l.ij-eiv prepondrrstln* fo'ca of veteran troops, to whip bint in an opin Held. With thit view She".had tooted o? tbe n'gbt la question wtib twenty days' rsllona, aad all b.a army, except the twentieth eorpa iSl uom'e), which bad been wttb drawn trcm lbs frotl of AM.ots to CbAttahosehle br Ages, there to remais .a a corps or oh. set ration, and to occupy Atlanta In tba event of Used sbsjdontrg It. It was a so employed to loot after the oomraunleations sad hurry fotwvard the (railroad aod sup. piles to whatever new poeltioa Sherman might astutoa. the army is reported to have moved in tbe following order;?Tbe Two-My.third oorpa (ScboOell) te adranee, followed ibe Fourteenth (Davis;, Fifteenth (Logan), Sis teer.tb Paarom), Seventeenth (Blair), and the Tourtb (Stanley), In lbs order earned, all m.klrg the fl.ek t with etrrng ektrmtah lints oa either Saok and frost and rw Rest Point was left te the east, end at da* a Erod found 8berm*a gone; at least the fWMw Ing from tbe Richmond papers of Auguvl 29 Icolca Ilka It:? * It wee rntnored yesterday tbat official lntel'lK?noe had been reretred ihst shermsu wsa -eirsatltig front Alia its, end (hat Hood was prreetng htm heavily. w. are ttw h # th.e te.orl, ihou.k un t- I tn a > t * ? - - ? aiimu *?? ?fcn Nastevlile DalpltchM| Gen.rsl at,-..- , ?*, ttepi. 2( 1854. Ir, .?lu ^ " ,n?* *ul9r'"i A,Uut* ">1? ^orn. tr.jM.l.yeuc.clock. U. whola Uolail(ww w,u ,oUr N4AI1T I I.I, Teoo., J*pt I, r6b?' force, esltr-atcd it ten thousand uronr. wiu? twelve pieces of art!ll?ry, was within eeremeon milts of Nn?bylllo, on tb* .Vurfranboro pike, at 4sy:igUibU morning. Major General Kojwnao, with a body of cavalry and In fantry, darted yet'.erf ay afte.aoon, and met tbe ouemj'a advance early this morning, ti. trp eklrmiatilug com menced, wiiu varylny iucceaa. Jfe At laet acootinis ueneral ftuaaciu tad driven tho rebel# three mlies towards Mnrfreiaboro. JfO" ergers from our ad ranee report that General Whocler'g whole foito m now belweeu tins city aud Mur* | freeeboro, | ibero u a oonuidorable force of vebele aleo at r,* banoh. I rlsoncra and ro-na wounded have be?u sent 'rona | Geueral Uouaaeau'a front. Nashviub, Sep*. 9, 1864. 8ereral mitee of the Nuehvllle and Chattanooga Rail, road werj burned ?j General W''a forcee -*?! terday. General BouRsean drove tbe rebel force wl?bln thren ml'oe of Lavergnc late In thofnrteruovn of yoetorday. ho met wlib a itubborn realilacce. La.ta Intelligence repo. t? that tbe bead or Whaele-'* column loft tbe Mrrfreaaboro' pike, f ">lnz to the right, at ten o'clock, and the rear about three o'clock, tbe whole force movlrg from lha Tenn*ese?j am'. Alabama Rallr id la the direction of Frankilu. Roseau i* la close par ?alt A per'on Jurt in from Franklin reportithal the town Id In the bands of Wbea.'er'e forces, bo bavin r entered and captured It latl night. Tbe periled,era bare not yet been received. Our casualties lu yeaterday'e skirmishing wore lira killed and fifty or flfty-flve wounded. A small body of rcbcla fired oo a train at Prentwood, eight miles from here. lbs rebel loss yesterday waa elgbt killed and fifteen wounded. Wo eaptur-d a number of prisoner*. Tbe rlrer la falling. Ttad Loalsvllle Deep* tehee. - Louisnus, Sept. 9,1104. Brigadier General Kwtug, commanding the Wnetera d 1st riot of Kentucky, hn8 just received a telegram from tbe front announcing that Sherman's advanoa entered Atlanta at nine o'clock tbl* morning. No lurtber particulars bare been received. I-otnsvn l*. Ky., Sept. 1, 1004. Passengers from Nashville say tbat tbe rebel force* under Generals Wheeler, Forrret end Hoddy are engaged Ut tearing up tbe track of tbe Groat Waatern Railroad between Nashville end the Tennessee. Tbe Nashville I'mon says tbat General R'ueseau baa aaadeeuob a dleptaltloa of bia forces that these rebel oeumande cannot Injure tbe retlroad, and tbat be ba* gone out to giro tbem battle. tuu*?lr Ontlawry of the Gaerllla* la Kentucky, Lnrmvidn, Ky., Sept. 1,1804. Fifteen guerillas under Billy MoOauder are reported to have thrown an angina off the track of tbe l?bauoa Branch Railroad this afternoon, six miles from New Haven. Tney burned the express and baggige car, robbed tbe passengers of all their reluablea, and left la tbe direction of Bards to wn. Jeeaey'e gang of two hundred guerillas retu-ued this forenoon from a raid to the Oblo rlrer, and encamped | four miles from Newcastle. The Inhabitant* of tbat town momentarily apprehended en attack. Kejololaff over the Ceptare of P01 OBXBKFSH, Sept. g, 1864. Great excitement exists here oon*e>iueat upon the re* caption of the newe of Sherman's victory. Although tbe hour la late tbo Mr . Is filled w lib firework* and tbe ?treats with bonfires, and theora can be heard In every part of the olty. REBEL ACCOUNTS. Official Deipatob of General H-ewd - Wheeler's Movements? II* Captured Dalian, with i. trgge Quantities mi htoree, Prisoners and Ala^e, Ac , As. [Telegram to tbe Richmond Wblg, August 31 j ATLiira, August 38, 1164. Hon. J. A. NBroow:? Tho eu?my hare cbeoged their entire position, the left of their line resting near tbe Chattahoochee, about Band town, and their right extend,ug to a point opiwelte and near tbe Weal Point Railroad, between Fast Point and Falrburn. TTiry bold all lb* crossing* on the China* hcohee, but not wttb a contluoua line |IDeipticbca from C.onoral \l beelar, of tho ifitb, report tbe capture 01 Dal ton, with large quantdlee of atorae, about two hundred prisoner*, and two hundred mule*. He destroyed three trains of cara and twenty.firs miloa of railroad. Die command Is to good condition. J. B. IIOOD, General. N?WS FROM THE PACIFIC. California Political Airtlrt.Lan of the ?hips Mary ftohlaeon, Lady Washing* ton and St. Charles?A brogatlon of tf-a King, 4m., Ae. Bar Fbiscisoo, AogustSI. 1184. * Arrived, ship* Sumatra. Bulrldeie and Denial Msrcy, from New York; Winged Hunter, from Button. Bailod, snip N*ry L Suttoo, for Baker's Island. Tbe Union Republican Stat* Convention ha* nominated for Presidential electors:?J. U. ItcCalium, .**m Brannan, McClay, J. Wing Oliver and William Craes, and *s a matter or precaution have lutructod tbem 1* C-et the vole for I.lnr.bin sod Juboeon. A nolle prr-?7'i< baa bean entered In the ennn of Mr. S-niley lor kt oping > the treasure rooolrod from the ?teamer Uolden Gate. flaw Planum, Sept. 1,1804. J C. McRnsr, 0' Fan Fr*ncl?co. bar b**o nonal-ated hy the Uek>a Republican Convention lor (onrrese fr<*m tbe Fouttmrn I letrlei of California; Wil'lsm Highy from lb* Middle District, and J oh a Bidwell from tug Northern District. Thi* M regarded aa an ex.-elo-nt ticket. Arrived, ablp Milan, from New Turk. Salted. eblD Rivnl. from tloog K?ng. An arrival from Betoinln brings dates ef tbe 19th ot iuguat, which (late th >t tbe ship M iry bo-Ame a total loaa ui H wianrt e . .iaodon ihe'igiu or Jnp* Ths sbipt l-sdr Waehli.glon and St. t'biries Pecame n total iota at Baker'* iris d on the Mb of Jut a S ited from Raker's lelaad, Julo ?:0, ebip Skylark, for Kng'and. ' Mug llamebameba. rn th* 19tb of Aurnxt, after en et clled 1 i-oech, Alir' gaiod tbe sian lw>c'i Is ande comm. tion 01 t?,g,i.iti de iera tr.e Constitutional Oa-ren-lon die* eo ved. Tbi? nrb 'r.'ry set ?ai 0, nrued ta a -errlif t aw dMot by tho Ki x, and If anbmlttet to bv t'e Ha w?ia" poo lo will re. der the kingdom ueerly an absoiuie monaiohy. Dsfsat of tbe Indians hy tlmsral 8e?f. Sr. tcrie, .dent, i, 1*J4. Tbe Slonx City (lows) U*c<H*r, ?t tue XTtb uii., eaye Br. rteil, ef tbe Quarterir siter'a Deparlmeui, ,*uat arrived from Kort Coloo, report* thst a b>tt'e 000 irred heiwesa 0*rer I Bully'a com oand ?ud about dve tboesa-id Ind'aos, near Knife river, on tbe 8Sib of July, in whwh 'be loiter wore defeated, with a loseof on# honi ed and fifty. Our loss waa Or* killed sod twenty ?r tblrty wounded. file Lov* fotewti? w* C.'?i0. TO TO* koiro* or TH* iI8B4LP. Ntw Toss, 1, 18*s. Is r<w? t?*oe* sfthe fTsstm of thleiJate and ye>t*raay we soils* a report of th* preevedlnf* berore Goronev Ran ?,r of tb* aliened polvniog of *ra John Revo. W* b#x to ? f r ? vnpeoeion of gnu U op p.lon at to any sallty o<a eeet'on ?i Siner M'*. U Roil or lean Lore wnh Mr-. I.oie'e Oth snd ' 'i In els'* that, n a full, fair and Impeitlsl laro-tigsf'nn "f the * hole rssa Is had, I'O'h of th* *c ?<*d Will be roves sod judicially declared *ntlr?iy laoovwnt of tt* *.>mn!e ?nil*'*"* vh'arite made *w?t isl l^ein. Hy gtv (eg ih'v ?? tueeiiiea ia youi p?p*r you wlU be do ng bat iua.iue to lb* uefuriuaate accuse'. Tours, U ' ALEX. M RtATET. J. 0. I.SNO. Counsel for kr l*?ve and Nra. O'Nott. Ib* Nsw Rnjlsud Kstr. (rn >cv i n, Vsvs., Be-1. fi, 1*** KTSry trn'n.'h'H narly. brlni;* |ico(.(? *ud strrk for the g-eat Sew Fr*lan I Fair, ab'ch ell. b*|in her* lu a* dav. An Immeuee crowd, as we 1 ** a vary arge arhl. ^ b t n, te prom eed. Am ng the far , " * bor**', D ?<?*. i,-n ? sox. ikbisnd and aciseon will trot. Iber* wlj

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