Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 4, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 4, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW V ORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10.234. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 186^ PRICE FIVE CENTS SHERMAN. *?*<"?"> ??"?"I | floiftl Despatch from Seore tary Stanton. |Ugr?phle Conununiefttion with At Uitl Temporarily Suspended. (ksseau in Close Parsalt of Wheeler's Raiders. ur Months Work ot Gene ral Sherman, to, to, ?i> Secretary SUuun to Otutral Dlx. Wi? DiriRTHKTT, WA?Ii:Ni)IOK, tfept, 3?8 IV II. ujor General Dix;? Intelligence .'rem Atlanta litter tb.m my telegram or jlgbt tan been received, loiogrepblc Hues between Nashvliie ard Cbatta were broltcu last ?>gbi by Wheeler, tied we bate jotting eoutb of Nashville to-day. accounts for the absence of later lnformr.tion from doibl Is entertained of the eorrc-.tncss or the re rocelved last ulgbt, which came from two iorto lot sources, besides the official despatch of General jir ial reports this evening from Nashville tU'.o ydF amago dona by Wheeler to the railroad will be |!y repaired, and that Wheeler bad retreated, J el Kou.scva being In pursuit; tbut in an engage between Jtouiseau's and Wheeler's forces tlio rebel | al Hefty wae mo.tally wounded and is In our hands. fCDWIN M. STANTON, Secralnry or War. lelnyi Ores tlx? Capture of Atlanta. . Anus*, Sept. 8, 18C4. bucdred gnns ware flrcd here at noon to-d?y, by I ion man of Albany, in honor of the capture or Al and also ooe hnodred guna by order of the Adjutant Tbot, N. V , Sept. 3,?8C4 a uta of one hundred guns was tired la this city tbia |n honor of the capture of Atlanta by Genera] Sbt/ forces. Easaiooh, N. Y., Sept. 3,1884. were rnng sod a salute of one hundred (una fired ?day In henorof the greet victory of GeoerafyEber Atlanta. Rociiksict, N. T., Sept. 3-8 P. M. nliceoi are now colebratlng, ?i? tbe taking nta by General Sberman'a lorocs. Twa hundred a bfln( fired, bolls ringing^ flreworlcs >t 03, with is, torchlight precautious and speeches. The streatq ,\d with an lumeoto tbrcog. ObWico, N. Y.,t-'ept. 8,1864. I/O wu a parade <jj Ihe sixlceuth United States In , atatioae^ al Fort Ontario, tbia afternoon, aud a wll'. be fired this evening in commomoratlon of ftory over the rebels and lbs occupation or Atlanta eral Sberum's forces. Be- rai.0, N. Y., Sapt 3,1864. Tali of Atlanta was celebrated ltora during the day iiplay of fiaga, and this aveulfliH^y the discharge non, bonfire; aud epceebas. Ntw Hawk, rono., Rept. 3, K64. laliooal salute was fired on the green by order cf Ity authorises, and tba tads of the city rung at ; in honor of the great victory of Genera) Sbcrman jhc rebels at Atlanta NoRWit.a, Conn., Bap*. 3, J8f4. rend rod guns are now fired lu honor of Sbtr tictory and tba filling of the <; rot a of the town. N'kw J.otnc, fctWl. , Sept. 3, 1864. Ii bucdred guna ware fired here to day wt honor of |t]l of Atlanta. XrwAsx, N. J., Sept. 3,1?C4. ire ii great rejoicing hero to day over the noiv? of Lit of Atlanta. Flag, aro fly-ag, an I a sa'utc of oua ireu gins will ba fired tbis even tog. lloftew, Sept. I*U. |? u tndred gnus were fired on Bottom t'omtum lb la to?o as an expre->Ijo of pubtto re oleic? at tba ra of Atlanta. Salutes were also 3ed at ena. llal Me , and other placet. WHAT SHERMAN HAS DONE. N ?logical Table of What Tlaa Reea feampihhed lay tiraeral gherwsa iriag lata Four Hanthe' Caiapalgn. the lattsr pirt of the month o' April General sber tt out a cavalry expedition, under Gamer*! lid |kck, for tbo .1 ubl-' puspoie of rscanno i poaltlon an J to niUiead tbe rabde as t-> hl? i of movement. On tbo 1st or May be l>c?ao bis entente from Chattanooga, aud by the Jib bt? trnif eoncentrataii at Riuggoid, da.. F>r agau iral elvaoce. a that date we therefore commence lbi? e. MAT 7. ?er?l Thomss' wing a-cuptcd T:ure!l HHI, da , the under of the ai my moving by the Usui. M AT 8. : portion of Genaral Shorraan'e form in front T I ?r I ace Ridge tnrwaleuing tbe robe) position. mat !?. I-neral Moriiursoii'a i oniios'id pass. I Ot Ik Gap, after a harp fight, Sherman ? army ?klr | It tag. MAT 10. Ijmeral Ehermsu* MMR in front 9t iMIMi MM, Inral Moltaaraon'a wing wlthlg one nvle south of hm lb?. MAT 11. |^ht 6kirmfahlo| between General Sbetman ? I the rebels m front, while tbe m-di Trmy was tnikir-g | k movementa. MAT 12. I * greitar part cf ' on-rai Sharmai/g arin> moved by grigld 0*Dk to tbediraetion o' .-'oaVs ^rcrg tap MAT 13. |haerAl 8herman ? a-my deployed in h gxr sa'ley be Raeeaccs. General wu woundrd while Ij atiag with b!s cnlry In b? NNHh Reward Hatenert imiton on the le'l. WAT 14. Ilwerat Pharman'e flana at 'vemenl tempeiled the raatlea of Oaltoo llmuaaaaamaat of tba batt.a of ilaaiacca. need at daylight, and tba baltla contmued tba ll'le day. Howard joined Pbermaa on the left Tba liile altamptad ta tore tba I'ntoo lefl't but by a mote. |m ef fTookar'e eorpa to tbat portton of the line their |iwl waa fru at rated. MAT W. wtlouatloa and,eon clue loo of tba belli# of Reasacca. oral Bookar charged tba rebel work, an tba left about P H, >4 *M pot able to bbld thorn, a geweral ad ea wpp tben made along the whole line, and tba Aril aa of tatiBffibmeota ware occupied me rebate ato ll Peadbcca dartagAba nigbt. MAT 16. Iweral rfeermga'a foreee atarted n purouit of jr. Iwton'e rfcireaiidg rebel troopo. Restarra acanpiad. MAT IT. |at)road aed tftagrapb c pmmuo <at!co erased pe SHERMANS FLANK MOVEMENT. . - * Tli? Boute Taken by the Commander of the Union Army in the Southwest to Outflank Atlanta Why Hood Had to ibave His Defences, be. OECATL'P) L $Qfi6JA * Tbe rvcrewp will show the root? 1'ifceu by General Sherman on Augnet ?8 ami following daye. IT.? movement completely Banked tbe rate) derencec^t Allan!*, and enabled Fberraan to pain st ch a ho'rt upon tlio main lin? of fowm m;c?? on between Hood's army at Uutt p'ace av.<l the South that the rebel General was compelled to come out of his worka and meet tbe Union troops n tbe open field, In order to rave bis command from ultimate Starr * t on li will s seen that EestIV) nt is Ums extreme end of flood's defensive line, and lbs battlo Is reported to have been fought rSt that place?perhaps In the rear ef the works built to protect tbe Bat k of tiro rebel army. tween T esesree ? -id Chaliauooji. General rhomaa' corps left*RCO? inn inrtbor advance, tad it- :eui?in.Jer of Shaman's army wr also put in motion. VAT 1". .ch*rin?* ? advance force* (kxuolaJ h.ugst.m and Home, Ga. tvith tbe capture of It >nae Oettaral Slier wan tecnrel sr?a fine >ron works, a q aut.ty of ui> thlnory and n larpc eupply ct Ffoias. t k V ? i?' How f. - i .rp?, 'f ?;ro?r*J i-ivr nv - 1 my No'eatod die whole tt Ada'rsv lie, C i General Johnston'! rebel fotrcs retr lied across the Etowah river. i.J Mcf ook'a eava'ry CiptareJ lb# bridge acresa the I : .. h rlvtr, t.a , and hold it tlx rehal cavalry. mat 10. General derm#i i sdvane tkirmisbed ? th the enemy from t oaiut lit mile* beyond i<lug"tan *<> a point be yona Cavr. .lie I'm robalt being on the retreat. The rebels made a r : tie after deik tr <m f assrtile. but were hands> me!y repn Ned. t'efore cl-yl gM Gate,lie was oc cupied. \ MAY 21 ASTV 21. Sklrm *hiug along the sdranoe of General .Sherman's i ermy, but no se tote engag -mem. I MAT Tt. General Jabnstoa e-tabli diod hta t?b :l Unc* a'ong the j jtllalooni Mountains tia . with jertof t.enem! dh"rman's ! l'orcee In lite fl it. H?* headquarters were atMaiiella, . eevcral m:l"S futthot south. General ??nstevus \V -rnltb'* iroa work* et Klo>*eh. I Ga., were i-rind hr <. merel -hermen ? force*. the works bid beeu need for cari ng shot, ch li ?nd or Inan e for the rebel amy. may 21. General hberioai "a trniy ronimeuca I a tank more ment to the right of'At at opt, a range. | MAT 'if. A cavalry flgh: tce'tc p,aoe near riylorivilie, Ga , vrtlh OT? any apparent result General SVhecler's rebel isra'ry made e dvrli ipoaor.J destroyed part of the trains of swiugoi tcuera! Slier man a army MAY 2.'. General Hook or a forcees enga.Hd fUa re'eis ?t e bridge ever tbe Putnpkwvlne creek end drove them from H. Tbe remainder of (he ermy moved .alo .nation. MAT 2< . fhij tlsj* wss employed In celling the a-my Into poal tlon lo engage the rebel#, who wero la forte on the rrpot. mat ST. The betl'e of Dalle*. Ibe engstenxnt aoer I'til**, < ailed the beitle of 'himpkiavine creett, " or the "baMle of Now Rope rVtrch," wa= fought bet teen the armlet of General Sherman and the e under iion.-tal Johnston Afle- three separate aflni ks ihe robe! com mandor orderM his foreea bsck togprir latrenrbmenis, J the I'nioa troops holding their ground. mat 23,2* Atn "0 These three dava eteie ompioyed in rerryaii!. ing ;he ermy, nuking f. .ok rnoreirenta eud changing prrf It ton. The rebels >k rn. *l.?<i with Ihe sdvec edu. ng the who's time. mat 21. The rebels %t>acli*d weaeral .-bermnas forces, and after an ongai . n th cf about twobocra' duta lon werero pulsed. General lie man'a left then reached the rai'road near Mar elu General MrPherson a %. :ng of Genora' Sherman's army advanced te the froat ef t he rebt' p> altlca it N'ew Hoi e cnnrcA, Georgia. * Gatierafsiiifgta' conaniand, coegtat ng of tofhntry and cevelry. left Memphis on an evped-iion egalnst i'orrMt'e rebel lorcee. At'** 2. Oeoerele Hooker s end H. h-Vld e c rp? Of Geuerel Pbermto'i ermv, pnaheil towards Merietta, (ia. 0Mr*rd' w*h l^'r Gereral nona?esu aaelgra>! by Genara! Sherman to tbe "mmand' f the "IXetrvt <4 tbe lenae^sse, ? embreeinir nearly all that Htale east of tl at river io lookout ereek a fen miloe noviti of Gtruitanooga. <r#terei reedtv"" p|K< *d uv - me al ?ke n ao ia ?re mattd of tbe "Dfltrtct of the Ctowab," embaactag *U the country from Bridgeport to Allutoona, including Ctevo !aud. !lomt and all tbe country ea?t a* far as controlled t>y ttie I'niou troops. jt st a. t Genenl ."?harman's forcca ?u^n atioili r rank . movement No tffcutin;; tbi* diy of c use iueuce. onsK 4. lb" rebel* Genera! Mi'nr?.i'* front, finding tl>o ? I*iiloo troops likely Io flank their n s.i.rnnetr Ackwortb, ('?a., ttb?u toned it dur mg tbe night. .iLNfc 6. Tbe rebe ? In Genm al ? bcrmau's frvtit abandon d thvi* works und retreated General Ulurci*' ?"?airy, a ter jercra! *k rmiilies, ptaeeii Ripley, Al e . i | ,'U'M? 6 Genera! Buerraati oc oped Aokwortb atatloo, Ge< rgia I witu bis advance within six miles et Marietta. JCJNE 7. Genera! Stur?i-' co operating c?v*!*jr destroyed tbe ( railroad depot at Rieu/I, Miasimppi. ?TOKX H. General -torjiiT e?va!ry joined hts Infantry column i near Ripley, 1 The rebel ( ereral .fotin H.'s f?rce?, which bad entered Kentucky with tbe aonbie intention of and , aud of draw ngrca p-rcc" intend >J to reorutl Genet *1 * am .attacked tbe I'nited state* pe?t at Aloun' Sterling, K'tta.r an I r-'tat t * g.r-.o- ? eucnl I Rurbrldge* tro'-pn surpisod blin ar. >rt y a. o. waida and captured seven bundled of tale ccnidwiiJ. #VMI 9, | Tbe rebel* hieing <-iiifted tholr 'ioe In frot.1 <> Gei'.'rali Iboriimn, it vuts iouu t to bellil day extended from Rene raw Mountain to I oafMonuttln Gctieral Htair'e cWpa joined General "bcrman.aud writ Into line on tbe i Ipbt of General Mcl bcrtou'i a amy, north | of AlUtoona creels, Georgia. | General Murgi*' m?in column passed ttar ?t?sb Rl| low, j | moving a utb vest, JVMJt 10. TUo remainder of Morgan'* rebel bind, cb rcly p mood by General U'trbrldge, rtnilK'I Into Lexington. Ky , com muting depredation*, robbing the b-otk, burning tu? i ratlfond drp'it, r*.r?, ic. lie tr.s il-lrn out by General Burbrld/p and ret'Pile 115 Gyntli *n*. | GenctiJ jurgia't' re*; le.cited at i.tintown, Tenn , by j General Torre", a ud rel seated to Ripley, after destroy - i ing tbe etipplv train and teu piece* of artillery. General . Btorgls' lorcee warn to cooperate wltb the rtgM of Gen I -^tier-nan'" m?itl army end p; event l-orre-tfrom com j milting <lo| redit on* ttprr General Rucrmitn'e eommunt j oatloi* or In MR rear. Hi* MVI Id tl?i* movement ! 1 cauied bia leuioval. it nK 11. General Sbernuo a boadd'iarters *t Rtg shaoty, tla., wltb bla advance llrca within five hundred yard* ol tbe ' enemy, and In poiitlon arouud keneea-v Mo mtain. Gen'eial Murgia' main column was attacked at Ripley, and after a severe contest berame eciUcteti aud bfoken. the rebel General John H. Morgan alUcked tlio I niled ?tales troopa at tynth-ana. Ky. witii a vor> inperlor force, de.eatod them aud sot Are to tbe town. He men marked General Hobsoti a (orcee acroaa ilie river, and after a tghi of tweoiy tnlnntvi took tbem ail prlacnora, jrfit 12. General Rjrb. dge aitackad Morrkn'l r?bel force* at j < yntbUua, Kv and deieated IheiTi, taking about one I bnndre.1 ?nd tbty prisoner*, twenty Ave of wbom were j oHi< ere, b?*iile?'kiliir.a and wounding a largo number lbe rp.ontnt of Mcrgau'a oommand retreated tbrongh Flcmin?;*b,ng. with Genera! Httrbridge * forcee in full purentt, but an bo*rt behind tbem. ?tCVK 1.1. ? !gbt aklrm,thing a'oog tbe front of Fberman'* army. Jfne 14. General Merman'* frrc-i advance ee the rebel* at bene** .*. Purlng the srtilievy conte*t arialug from the movement, tbe rebel Lieutenant General Polk waa In.let! ?>y a cannon bad. General kturga luperteded by Oeneral A. J, ?m tb ?Tl;Kg IS. Kkirmltb ng along the line* of General eherman * ar?? and change i t front 'eeultlng In the oontoft krbwn ** 1'iDe Mc i.lain or Go vnthe Durmg 1 the iu< cement eigbtree label offlr. r* an) neatly foortm.drei. ei.h*Ud n ep ?ih vapi. red bv < etero Majycw General Polk'e remains arrived at Atlanta, fli, where foueial e^-vicee wercLeld. JITXK 16. Four rel? I oFi'-tr'" xud sixty enlisted tn?n sirren tered to General Mt-l'bi rson, near Anderson vitle, Ga. Skim .stains ?|,.og General Sborman ,t lint/ and second day or tbe . ntcst hi Vine ilountalu U'NK 17. Fieady a V urn e of the whole of Beiferal ?' erman g lite. Heavy skirmishing. ;chk 18. Tber'ght o: t.eneral t>bern)?r 's army .* >rced their war to w pe'iion threatening the enemv g left, while the oen l/o a.'v. need close to '<ieir intret. h;oeutii Hasvyakir uil*bintf lurtojr tbe whole day, sud the ret>n!s tell back during the otjht. trs* 19. The To rth a:.d Tw rntieita corps of Gener-il Suerm m's armv eii/igp the tear of the enemy's retreating co'uma nearly all d y. jvxt 20. Cer.arel ^aseu.ent alone t-bcrmst's line at "enmw Mountain, nd.og without datl-nte remits. ?Tt'VB 21. General Cearj. of General Bhern.'a'x srmy, made a detnontiration .n his front, driving hack'.he ribci lines. General Hooii'a r?bei corps withdrew frost the frontof General Mopaeraon e Uses. JT7SS 22. fho -itllesit ulp ii an, ?*. General Sherman " force* heavily etignirod with .'obnstou ? rebel army during the ra^an oi N. ?? s creek .hecontort began at four o clock In lb* morning Ih# rnbel.s rejolute'y advascetl, but were drivm hark In disorder alter a bard flgtal AD at tempt to flank the Vulon troops woe a'ao repulrti) with daughter ? Jt vc 21 a hp 24. Stealv advance of General Hbormnti'i line#, amtd heavv ek runshiBf. <bc rebels aasn ltoJ the left of .-vlioflold snd "f Hooker, hut were ? verety repulsed THh "6. Mcriienon i w.ngor General Sheriuso'e army e rjged with the rebel! near Wig Mhatty, <j?. .tt'HS "26. Sharp ak rro'bing * ng tbw front of General rbertuau'e at my. 'ibe coliintni on the right sml left mor rip by the flank. trn# 27. A genera a ste'd was male upon the front of the rebel por.tloo at Keoc- w by General -Sherman a army, but we* repulsed with great slaughter. Generalj\ t?. Darker was mortally wounded, and die t the next fry. JOB 28 and 29. Movement of General s arm) on the light for the purpose of leaking the rebel posi: < o at keneaaw Ifountaln. TK? .10. The rebc a began i > evacuate their roe t,. n at Kent ?aw Mountain, and to fail back open other lines and on the rhattihcocbee liver, for Ibe purpose of covering Marlettv .*? . ?? ypi.r i. Ceneri! urtiki't ermy <j iletly chat fed front duritg the night. tBI.T 2. General Fbertoan'e csralry struck the t a tub "m-bee, and wae followed hj General Mi-fltcnon a wiugef She/ man'e army. General Howard's celcro.a mated c'ote op to the woike at Keaeesw Mountain, and found they were evacuated. Jl'l.T 3. General i-bcrmeu'e aim* uccipied Ker.esaw G? at daylight, and Marietta at halfpaat e'ght o'clock A >1. General Tbcroaa wing moved down the main read to the Chattahoochee, mareblm! toward* the mouth Of the Michiki'h " 'fk and the Handtown read. i ti .p?ii three dtp# General Sherman captured I ore/ thotteaml | r unners. rtfLT 4. Grternl Sherman's line Him day extended from the mouth of the Nlcknaeh creek aoroas the laliroeil and to Boiler, wood /reck Gbattnhoiehce rir?e. The re be e held poeitjeoe between the I'aton army and the r.ver. Jlil.V 5 and 6 Ti e >ebe ? bapnn tl? r **tiri?t apr> ee df (tmttatooelef river, and tsok u|? a position on the opposite side to i re vol Sherman crossing the ilrttM. JULY 7. Sherman opened upon tbc enemy on the opposite !Jo of the r.vor with artillery f r toe purpo e of covering his niovcniaots on the flunk. JULY 8. Cereal Sherman's troops crossed the Cbattah vLeo river, ibc rebels be;y?n their retrograde movrmei.t ' towards Atlanta. General Koulseati left N.v-hvllle for !>catur. "a, to talf.r 1'i iTiuiit ct of a tpe ->?t ? ava'ry tore?, or:- .nucd for a raid through the St ue to tbe Attains and Moutg mery ' Itailroad. tui.r n. Oenersl ' onssesa arrived at liocatur. At*. I < eneral .-barman n army cni.sgsd m threw ing -n works j In tbe"frout of tneir advsored line*. Tbe a' my steadily engaged in moving by the left lank. .rirr.Y If. General Garrard * cavalry (ic?trcy* l ti e r*o|et,e" ?t , Kotow-ell, Ca The buiaoto of < eoeral Sherman's main army ba?an crossing the Ch-il ibocrbeo river, aud t!.? line *?.?< established southeast or that stream. Gencrat Mr Pberson changed front, and took up a post lion on the eatreme left of -barman'# army. General f.oufvea'i started fr-.n Orcitur, a!a , on bis r Id. TOY 11 ami 11 Cene-al Thermte s army prmcipally ernplor-ed in xoitinu into ? isttim, reidy for in ndca'n-e movement. The citiscss rep rte'd leavluir Atlrnta :a a pair* JULY 1! | Hie r?bel? attacked and detested at Tai-a' !l, M ??., hy tho cavalry ?nd negro troop" mid*.' General A. J. smith. Tbe assault ? pen the totrer lw o r .epiilsed dur ng the nlgbt. TUfT 14. Ctaota) Alternant m m army Tiara wring or pofltmn. JULY 15.. fletiersl A. t. Smith's force* ? ,.i u attacked hy tho rebel* under horrent, woo niade three distinct charges upon too I rion line*, sod wis -ve ?:y rami "4 eion ttmc. Sm ib's forces began It# ret . n d tts night. JUI.T 1G. General Rousseau's force* reported by 'lis rebels to be at fa'1* lags, ,n mv'' tor the Montgomery imilrond. Gen ral llu'ord'* rebel oralr". wbo-h bad followed Genera' A. j "mtth's troop', drlren ba< k, with severs loss. 'PLY i7. General thermae s whole army advanced to wlthio He mlies or Atlanta, tbo left occupying nucatur, Gs. General Ruu.reau rep rlcd to bare out the ra.lrosd at Notaeulgnacd to bavo destroyed common icalieo between Montgomery and Alisnu. (ieuer >l Joe Johtistoa relieved of bis roromird of the rebel mw/ of the doutbweat. JDLT 18. O'DSiil (barman's l.oe sthl further intended, so as 'o .'lank Atlnn'a on tbe so'itbesat, wiih a tendency to mors further south. General 1. n. Hood Mstuacs command of lbs rebel army of tbo ioulbwett. JULY 20. Tb* rebel army wovifl oat rrom Atlanta and attacked tbe left wing of ..hoimen's aimy at Decatur. ib? assault was ro de with great vigor and desperation, but m-'l with i b'"v!y rei ulse. The rebe's lost from sis to eight hundred I Hied and four thornand wounSed aod pri.oretc Uur forces held tbo Ueld. Gsnoral A. J. hn&itb's evpedl tloo arrived at D*|iacg<>, Miss. JPI.Y II. Tho eosmy diivsn by the Union troops, with tmail ls?*, to lb< ifoiks Immediately around Atlanta. JULY 22. l'arl of Crness! Pbtrtnao's forces occupied the outskirts of Atlanta. A toverA battle took pi ce in the vie nlty of At'aiita, end great '< ** intlicted upon the enemy General J.ives D. Mcl bcrrrn hd'ed by a label shaip ?b tier. General Rousseau's > d arrived at Marietta,aft* r 1 avu>g tuc wded jn t)|a esr>'ditini, eacciittag ? enetal Mierniiui s *rderg,to tho vory letter. JULY hi. Tho Army of the Tenneasee began to msreb for a of rroot rreib 'an to right Jil t 27 Ya cr < et?ra> liewaio a?c bm-h %'c maod of tbe A my of tbe Tecreeree, rendered riorit by .ba leatb of leea ml Mti h?rson Two Was of carr'.ry, under AtMill ??u?m?l ?? Mc'ook, tfk ..licnutua m.'u .ray uo a rail arouse Atlanta. njt.r IS. ^ It* Army *f U.? reooeaaaa ?b t? %ad bang*'" rr0** ttom b> -ilrem* .ef. u t .Urania ngDt of ?hjrfii .tt'B .army was .lucked by lb* saau? wbll? <u '.be ribs hauls im'.v* snltl olibt ad nst'iitca in th? forces Uoirt.n,, tel. yositMu u* rauels retiring ivtbiu their w >rt* *1 at aula. , l'a.mctu vial ou? an its * s? ('?> o? italiros*. twenty ' At* mile* frort Atlanta, tNlnf? V16 eopplw*, WS? five unlet ot track, ko ? ?J u- o.r*Try ibJS 'e I HctU*k I UfiUK lb* OfgU h : cr; .tSl VVbuOW tto. H* tld pushed oa to rsjitie'iie JUL* '?? Before daylight *??oo*'? -are'rc aiir?a fayaile* 11* fori* aallea frou, .Ciai aeetrojew jA. >n <**? ioo'hiiicui preperty. w.go: trtlo* fco.^oA <c-f* fba tSSi ? Portion/ Of be trMb of tho *iat-a <??* destroyed. JVLW tO. Gecers) Honker relinijuiaiiad si* eommaBd ?we rwentetb ,orp? -nd mi tucaeedea by deoer*. s,u' "J? < eoeral ?e&oh a form. '??"? " r''1- ?**. I raid w-re ttaekea by 'b? -*b*i. s> M?m? n w*si ! p.,in' us fond A bear; light oeourreo and-bo Oo?ei? ; for'et war- tatteioci, bet altorwuid. .*me mlo eauip b? I d^*?b*?a?f*loo?B?*n . forcei ?".rod netr Macco, bol OudiDR .u* 'Cbtb nad remov-d ;.ue i nloo prisoner* M tcrred after sk.rm ab.o. wr.b tae aaamy. Jl'Lk 31. General c'tonemnn'a command wbeu otlwom HnUa and Hlllsboro au?t sbiui Otiaoo totes f n '1lawn ?? Mtactrrd by tb. cbels In Hie*, for " ?uu, .fife . Igul i o( come liourt, wm com u'.:oc o K.fteuder. Acocr 3. I Gfnira fccAna fo.c??. of bt ota'a amt?, ?????* i aviericH fct ditloOslna It* i*oa. abtfptbo item on nw tioui. _ 'l"hc rebels, durlia tb? ns-iroe-.a tttackei ,:?"cr ?> f-o ?an s -rim id force and dro7? b :n intrnfmni ? ''J? ?voD...a he ortonly rcfo -t i' ? but ????! ?>'' 1 ? tier.b la who Mcup.'d Ho alec adva.ctbln llnoe itreo buutlr<a y?r Is ici.n Heary iliraooetraiioti m.U jy?tdo Kooi ie?nt.> corp? Upon It* norti of Atlaula General Taimer m" ',b??'?otro.??d of f to rour teenthcorpe ?t U a own re jueei sou teuerai J i ayie n nelrteu .c bin place. ^ AffJPAT ?er!on? awn"it m?<t? ???t-fa 'I" 'frka i Atlanfn by General ScUoflold'B ccmniind. I'uriber advaooe mau* ti? tbe r^bt. . 1%c nf --brrman'e' a'v',;' fltMo three nii'ri of l.ael l'olBt.ncar lioy orrilf.aoi jralimlly ?" tbui direct.on. skiritiiaf.ii.g Ibe fon|b of I t'.y c V occupied *?J force-. Sk.rini.btng along tie ?? ?fc Fon.'oen'b c rp? .Vtlan'.i itelled on ell p.v!3o ?.a? .Sue. Ai'i.r..' .0. lerrlfi: bom bard men. o; Atlanta .1 irlagttho' Wbceler'fi rebel cavalry bUr etl Ka t Point raid within tbe L'nioa iincb. ACGVS? ? Tbe rebel works at Atlanta iiii v.saultcd. Wbeoler t tebel camlry artot tefire 'Mtrfh .*.< deuiaudcd its tiirrcuder, vvbi.. v?s. leueid by \<*? ? I.aibold.ooroinarder of 's:i,?,u Wbee er, but ail repul-ed ana tbe post bold. SUOt'ST 15. .'tcedmui'e forces arr.ved at Halloo u? r)', ?y ] tbe boio'iiuered yarrtfon. ".bo rebal. uU-.k-.t a.H erven from tbe position AOUfT IS Cenora! Kllpatrick's .on.rutai reoJeavoos ?f ? ? "? town lor a special ruld. Gene-al Kllpetrlck, at JbeMand a'-oet r.*' mounted men, fiarted fi-m Saeotowa on ' tbo enoiur sjio-Uion at Alim'." . arrived at Vah inn u. >'j tbe West Pom?railroad, v h v? bii\h? "ru-bM drove (hem trora the ground ,*; ear.-d Flint riv , 11 on to Jocceiipro and destroyed tbe Place, o , ? a u , tbe might ueur Lovejoy ?? The * . " v. I -r. for tbroo mt!o^i a ^ .o^icd c Y '"ifeno?alYfadie wlilie locating udvinced work*, ??( leriouely wounded tfy u bullet (rum a rebel -harpslmott aoov.-t '.0. Ki'r trKk'acomrnstid att. K"d in force l,h"" ** break by the rebels at Lovejoy's, md atinooad*. . U>t aeconah vsi c n ,uc d e r Cok net Miuiy.c utltt way hc^u the enemy and the Union no. rt pushed . .. ^Vbeeler * rebel cavalry operaiM atow ih; " , i n< a ec Kmhoodaud wart't Uudirg, w.i.m ? '?*. ??"? ai d J P- ft or ibr s.^rleuu K li.i.Iriok'v command "cnveY V-.tton rfeee M . e a V sod v. tb ilvcr at six A roaebwi? Lit I ih'o <je?ifieia !{?'lr<,ad, oa^t ol *? in tbo cvooum T.*?i trooi 8 theo won' lolo<an.| a'lsr tboir fatlRiilDC ra. I Forrc t ? rebel. lommand la?h?d into Memphis; bu., after lio Itura occupation, were drivtD oui liy '"-i ?? riton. -(jr-sr Gtatial KilO.trh k'i* command arrived at the mw nrmy encampment, alter retting completely ^ Wbee ?'? rebel cavalry, af ? . King tb? kin-' t?'m*** sec* Ed, approached hn -rv Al'tlfST lih. ? Sbermau's main fumy, w.t- f-?? ?* tf'10.'tf 1 wentu 'h oorp*, moved '>y l.:e rg-it 11 ok t i ? tbo rebel defer' ts of A'lanit ^ Wheeler's cavalry reported aJtaa ia? - pou N.sbyili v ? MeW utsilc and M; Allsrta eC ipled by Om'.'i '.iV ? * Tweniieih vjirps. .l?d* Mmy mm all, nsld. by Sbarman, and lb? ball * slid *'"'8 0P *UUNeler s rebel csvr.-y ?r-. - brm* driven fr.-u u. State ef Icnceeaeo by Ros eau ?,'rcsl'- ' tbe railrcad and sum duiiog thv.r retreat. Arris*I of Ceiiei*l? A.vJ. SnaH?? Crlti ???? JltntpHb.. f *.?o,b<pt. h, is*? Hcmphia paper- ot the'0. hi anno.cca the arrival there of Getera'.a Smith au4Qf.HI a, wht. the u re,pe. Uvo staffa. rebel accounts. The PoMtton of Aflalu Setare An tfatu .I roni mo Htcbiivoud Kjktu. uer, Sent, i,] '. orrcspoodeot of ibo Vunt-tt,i.n skoiche. very graphically tbe al'ge cf Atlaulv. We ropy Irum h<s I?| lor ? TUB CITY Pafr.M BS. ? ihc treucbra,'' as they are t< bnkoilr and (iniiiprp dubbed, are ;mj rcgn.ih'e. It he puseible r>r ? lit'ivily m rsed column fo pe"?.lr?!f them hut not wl'h out iiaiii'-uee lose, ?ud then r.t to be boxl. Tbu works, ivnu b wore ad.uirahiy lo".i'.c J ?: urat, have be<ui re iU rtally atrengtbenad, and the auitaor the enemy have ouly dcv?: iji-d our moit oonirr tadlng portion*, an l <!?? raonatratad wlicre the r gii.ttr* ? and ttw labor oo :!u l>o emplo?e<l to ibe if I a 1 vat.logo In fronf of ibo prost iire :ir .i ? >, intronohinoiiiv ro? ni^ny ro>!v tbe fields nr* hrokci and irregular, rfoltsrl with a'imp* snd ttrewn wa a comp.ete tangle <if tree t0|" and hran.'l.os, fo;tn og ? birr ur against *pproach. In fror of n.u batter Mil "i.I.j. ninkiuro ?' wW adisaiul pailtadesaod i-bcvr v le (ai? r worlt inaildlrM tiots ma:;o a network out oi w uo?e eti.ang ement ? ? ild I x would barely e*. <?. Ii the tune a cbarglue In s o odd | a a tha/o I rnior i, toru i l) ?' gr-ipo, sbcl, il *!l sr I Mrs llto line wool I b ? so lirokon and rrduc t n t :>? i nally inetftctlve, Tho work- are a'.morl urn ? cr..' \ and wery <tiy ufds sornoiblng to tb ir a r*a<ih.... 1 :l >' i 111* jnfs- oroble to numof operation*. "bomb raoonr' Tbese are et' avalloos ui i-u- .j a:,l roo'ed wltti h.n?r Vga, ever wb b la beps'1 If.* *>? irth to th j h?lgh(. oi a yo itig Arraral fh ?? o t:- ir.'u.nda mity l?r ?en -an erer the -iiy. lte gardon to tin m evi ry ho no w?n?n d out toaf a ellarfu w a. pp.iou with tia arfrs,;h?l '?bomb pioof.'f They ere i cric tip secure aga.nst the me'al form, and trnny ot ibetn *re quite no in fort a blv f';rn :-h?d with beds and cbv - ai d ether furnituro Women and ? b.ldren are hu.d'rJ togetber iu the at for b" in at a t me, and ? b??g it ? r tr 't furiousljfiibotio.l m n ht tbo whole cominnn iy may be said to bo m.der Sr end. lei* tally la this the care w hen the moon is ot. o ;?Hy b gin ami tbe approa.u of the sbaiie cannot b ? marked by i heir tler.v trail. tiir sviRtr or rns r oorr. Iho boys in the tranches cuni nuo lo fine spirit.-, ind c-geriy notiol|<ate an aivau. c oi the Vankee^ ut <w? tbeir pre-ont strocg p alllon 'ih" new trcop* of th. muilla r.reao1 >at;oha an io'^rt? *'-ed with tbo old v-r? ran* and fraternise m< .it am ably '.cgetber. Tho "n*w lab," at the militia aro denoiuia'ato.l, bar* won g-d.fen oplo'ona frrni the old velvrai.s by toe r pluck and firm nesa under Ore in lateral reooi t actio'.e. the old fr- op* do tbe plrk?li?f: aiuJ the mliitl* remain I" tb* ircuch*e Fedcrml Fwre# tnviug T..vr?r?fe ?*?"?? plili-?KxpecU?l Pwtfnlf of K??rrr?4 ? W hf f Iff. Kr in'the Richmo* I riw'f c'hl > i Ibe 'cr ? of the -ifiuy rrcoi'Iy rl^V? Mleelsslppi, at It was auppwr'. ku Mul l * are nit* ua tow?rdS 11#' 'A 1 ley , nr the . "rno eof i "n or' ig Ahsman nworiny lo o-tn?. tloo has been re-uved Mobii.tha! a Vankee mid la <w. ",?MjJ^b,i'he"va''ke? forte n. ' i Irom Mmafsaippl to Wfl,,'? Vfto pfi ? '*>? their KJlibvitoo is Atlanta, wo to ok the r ub " tier sro fhn? tu b":.t njx tbrre.t ?nd Wheeler b>iuo "bom bare recroi y myate. uualy d.e *j-; cared t^l man's raw. OtrltMAry. u ,jniAii K* t at- M lb, OKM at New Haven *n Tliorw d?v rvenuig At (he time i f ui gi of bh obair (Jurtus the present v*?r ssfV'amor t ?i ;.eT.v, he ha I beew , oec? 'ed w ih Vale'"ollete for upw r .s or lUfy year*. ?nd <?e the i idesl protess r oi Ibe institution rr. krigbtw ildhiv# r*a. he-IM??' * tv 1-th yeai . n tb? nilI est ?r? Kin

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