Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 4, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 4, 1864 Page 3
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_ irrtiTioxi I fovnioMiTfian to ?? to calieoS; A a la with m ftaally \ weald ukl Bametf feaerHly awful wring tWt voyage :*> M nurw or la aw ol^a? Saucily. I * H hot 3 *?4 P"*l h AM RK8FICTABLI MARRIED WOMAN W1IHBI A H thud lo wet aura* at ker own kouMi Mr l?t b?tj M MtnUM Callat 1* Railsat. NUMBER OP WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN female* want elluBilens u cooks. ehaoibcrmaide sad auminiMt uurse# end girls fur general housework, Ac., at Mm. LuWk'l German Institute, 17 Blantea si, ? near ike Bowery. ffiwo LA DIB P. HAVING LF.I8URK HOURS EACH B day. woo u Dte to find employment, id either New fork i fork or Brooklyn, as Copyists, at iheir residence. Address Copyists, Herald uBce, for two days. WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE MAHRlED WO man, a baby to wet aurse al bar own rt.idvuoe, Call ai tkr eoruer of 6oih ?t aad 4th av. Wantkd-bv one accustomed to travelling. a elluallnn aa travelling eompenion or atienuan: to to lavalld lad.- . capsule of attending to baggage. Address B M. C., Herald ollice Wantf.d-by a ladv op education and k*. pe 'Once, a almanen aa housekeeper Id o prlvue totally or bote): is compet-pl to take eotue charge, ami weald like either city or country. Address Bra A. L. a., Brooklyn. N. Y. WANTED?BY A RESI'BCTABLE WIDOW WOMAN a situation (as child's maid or to do li hi chain btr werk m a respectab a fuinily. Addies* Uurla liru'ver, lib Badlsoo st , 5. Y. w AMTBD-BT AN EDUCATED YOUNG Cl?L, snmrti ig respectable to do. Address Al. if., tiau u B, Bible ilouuu. WANTED.?A LADY, A CORRECT AND RAPID writer, would like s situation as copyist: would not ?kjeet to go lu an oiUoe; or tvould like a situation as clerk aad saleswoman. Address box 367 Post oBee, Urooklj n. SITUATIONS WANTKD?MAIaBB. Ateamhtrr, who UNDRRBTANDS TUR care 6 and management of horses thoroughly (nan drive four hand) and is not afraid to work, seeks emplovinent with spectabla parties; unexceptionable reference will be gheu. Address A. B., bog 139 Herald vdlce. A.PRACTICAL GERMAN CHEMIST OFFERS TTIM A self for a situation as obmnist n a laboratory . is a gra diutte of the German schools, and has been tor some years ehetr 1st In S laboratory In Bohemia snd iu Turin. Sp cisli Uea anllio and mineral colors. Address O. D., boa 6 0.15 Feet oOlce. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A MARRIED MAN. AS janitor of a pulilio or private institution, or to lake the Abaryc of a g Dtleinan's house In Hie cuy or omintr'. The adicrther has neon sexton of an Episcopal church lor lour fare The best city references riven as regards honesty an? apubility to till any of the above situations Address J. T, boi 100 Hera d ullice. AN ENGLISHMAN. 24 YEARS OK AGE, A OROCK.n by trade, eeots a titutUoo where be can make lilniseli ?eueraily useful; saury no object; writes a good huUd ami m a quick arithmetic,an Addicas Omega, lii-rald otiice. YOUNG MAN WISHES FOR A SITUATION IN some reape is e tiou-e. where, be could make hiuiseli' geiiersllj useful; has be n a clerk in a ccBcrai si re lu 1 11. una Aod; w rlles a good band, ta quick at 11.un a and can iiio dues a testimonial as to ? b tractor, Ac. Addte ?iR. 11., ller aid ? i.ea. Having been engaged in manufacturing and superinteodiug for eleven years, from outside Rnty to cesbicr't desk, my references will.-libelant late the fact, and will negotiate with resjioii'lble parti s to travel n Ike Un.ted States or sLpcnnteud; terms, $1,600. Address hoa $8, Rondo t. N. Y. WANTED?IN A WIIOLBSALE PRODUCE AND comunsbieu house, a glttmtiou by a young man and If desned, in a year or so wonld take sn Interest in the house The best lefereuce given. Addiess tor two days James. Herald olilee. HELP WAITED-PENALE8. rs N INTELLIGENT. SMART, ACTIVE GIRL WANT ed, for Un? stare seoui of a hotel; she muit be ah c to and write Undoubted reference reiuirea. Addre-s B . Herald odl e. CLOAKMAKER8 WANTED.-OOOD HANDS, WHO thorough* tinderstau.l nice work. Apply on Monday M Alien Brothers, 3.14 and 330 Broadway. /YAP MAKERS WANTEP -GIRL8 WHO CAN FINISH V either cloth hats or flhe faney caps can have plenty of Work by applying to A. P. Le uoids, l.'s Broadway. F %>rin K8S.MAK.ER AND OPERATOR WANTED.?NONE but competent hand* Deed applv ror two days at 173 ring street. Families, hotels and boarding houses promptly supplied with female help of al nations for tke dillerent branches of housework. Also farm hands. Machines, gardeners, servant*. Ac. Apph at Employ incut House, comer of Bth av. aud litn'st. Girls want rlacrs.?a number op well sb lected servants (?. hotels, hoarding houses, restau pants and private families to be had at New York Employ, kaent Oilke, 420 Broome street G. WALTON A CO. M s; 1LLIN ERF. ?81X GOOD MILLINERS AND AN eipcviencett saleswoman wantsd. Compefcm work will re-wive good salarle- and steady employment at ~ M. Janihsou's, 178 Bowery. iSpantbd-a young lady to learn TO ATTEND *Y Inakaloou. Good home given. Inquire at ItiD Greene ot., between the hours of 10 A. N. and 7 P. M. WANTED-aN APPRENTICE TO TtiE MILLINERY Apily at Madame Harris', No- 7 Brevoori pace IBM) el. w ANTED-A NURSE. WITH A FRESH healthy bieasi ol milk, at id VVhtie st. w /ANTBD-WA1TER GIRLS. $? AND $10 A WEEK, corner of Chatham and Peart sts., Orpheus Hall. WANTRD-A LADY. TO I.EAItN THK ART OF COI, orlng photographs After two weeks' instruction of an* hour per day wore wiil be given out. Call at 7IJ Hioad way. room 19. G. KuNlUSUEKO. w 7ANTKD?A NEAT, TIDY GIRL FOR GENERAL housework, b\ a ? i all family. A so, an Operator, one uliar with W heeler A VVi:,un's Sew tig Machine*. Apply three days at 285 Bowery niANTED?A GOOD LAl NDRfCAA AND CHAMBER TV ulaid Also a cham'ieriran aud waitress. OuIy cupa tela persons, with gooit references, nee I apply at 11 West l$th ?t. WANTRD-A PROTFST.1NT GIRL, A3 WAITRI SS and c.iainbcrmaid. and to in washing and iron lag. Apply al 14 East 23d -t WIT NI RSF. WA ?TED-TO N RSE A CHILD SEVEN r o.'tbs t Id. Ap. ly lu Toih a' two Joo; . weg of M ave. ?T17 ANTED?TWO PROTF.sTANT O'P.Ld; ONX FOR Tv chaiuberutal I mo-i w.lti.*-s, the o I er tuui he a iirst elaj-et and iroacr uyc.tyre e.ea s will be ac MBted. Call at 105 West i'i.t ft. WANTED-A FIR8T UI.A33 FLOWT.P. BRAN'/HER: alto two tab mtsrri. Apuly to C Lkl INS, 767 Broadway. WANTED?100 Fir.vT CLASS CL'IAKMA KF.RS, AT 264 Broadway, third loft, none b ?ood bands need apply. Good wsges pauh U/ANTF.n?A FIR3T CLAS^ COOK FOR A I. VDII'S' ft boarding heutc. Apply at 32 West Ilousten st., near ?reene. w ANTED?GOOD KXPEK1E.NCKD DRESSMAKERS nunc other* nesd spply. LU 9tii st. ANTED?A FIRST CLAB3 COOK. IN A PRIVATE to U o'clock at 276 4<h av family; one ? ho tnuws her 0u astt. Apply Irotu id w ANTID?A FIRST CI.A3S TRIMMER, ALSO THREE milliner* Apph At 34tt Usual st. w ANTED?EXPF.RtENt'ED t'LOAK HANDS. NONE others need spply to Se: jM C'orwln, 22 Walker tt., ' floor. w ANTID?A FEW FIR'T CLASS MILLINERS. Also, two good trimmer*. G K. RKLD, 274 tHh av OOOD CLOAK MAKERS WANTED-AT OPPEN en GOOD CLOAK MAK kit/ holm o. 44? BroaJwitj. 1'I1K TRADES. GERMAN DRAUGHTSMAN D KB IRK .3 A SITUA Llion with an atobiiect. Addrsvs M Q. W , Hera l^oit'Cj aW?'?J5B!3Kr~ MM-a! rTOPPERAMITH.?WILL '3HN P IF.LVN, COPPER. Lf omlth, pleseo cad on J. N, FUke lt> Naoeau slreet! IPOURDItlNIRR MAOHINE TBNDF.R WAXTHIWT P Jessnp A Iggtki paper mill* near Wtl-nmgfFn, Dal. IFF'7 *v n,?" ?'*? Mosoiy.'Wl-ai ngtoa, Del. rHILR OUTTHRN AND FORG. Rrt WANTED -SMALL Mill, Small Bastard an 1 ? na.t Smooth Culloro waut-J, M whom eetentv live por een' advance will be paid. A ton hie hand forger aho wantel to * >m flfty par cent id tanoe will be panl. App y At 'be l.lvla.tion 'acturing Co.'o, Jobastiiwa, N. T.; or No 4 De. ?tree:. N Y. Ornamental writing amy lettering-a pereon tmale or femele* ctvm-t?tonl P> do j?h work e e. Ctly, sach aa Ollltig d'.plo na?. in* r .pt una m books, cards, may hare perman-nt enrl yment at a (lie,t?aatv, sport applmatloa to George > Cu-ner, 13j Withingion st , Dee ion. Mass r CALICO PUNTERS? A YOUNG MAN. JUST AR. rived frem Raglan I wan t t Hub; on tt engraver kedrvis y R bos I Ul2 Post Otllee IO HATTERS.?ONB CURLER, T'.vG UNI8HIRS and two trimmer* warueJ. App'y at A aanweln's, 112 Full -n s re*t w ANTID?A OOOD RLICTROTTPRRi ONE WHO has worked la a 'vpe toundry pre.""- i. steady em pi^yment sni^good vrgge* wllj he *J*e^yAbio three ilrls to rwk aad break type. JAM roiNRR s SONS. _____ Reads M , eorn^rol Centre. w ANTRD-A FIRST CLASS GOLD vUTTIR, API at SI Wooeter st ROBT. CUTTIR WANTRD-A GOLD CLtriR. APPLT TO II. J. Ibrsf, 1$ Tkotopeno ?t. 117ANTID-A OOO ff Maade lb* dying jN*a ? Ira jet av., o*rtn OOOD DTE!. ONI WHO UNDER. _ lying ef hosiery preferred, lain re of A. earner 3tth et. MnmiT FRAME MA*?M W ANTID -FOSL ~oed wages dor Maury. Kit but good hands need kpoty; good wages Apply al Ml Canal St.. Sictbrto ' MMIIsP WANTID?MAIiESt SVtist op ^iray limnNfli will thach stla hiepnwewllea u iw* yoong men ef good address, . 9 M $4, And.give them good wages ss sooa ?? rom|te it ApewW, WRi age. prefeealon. So., Deatist, Broadway ma efle*. mbi ireadway. WANTID-TO OPIN 0TR WJrd ."tenwr.usr1-'-' B Minatiti.wharimtwruurmp. j^T^j-afatinsyrc&s ' Ju WARfHUU^ _ _ A**?tniwawmP wa*te?-towbitb rROMPic ?t w7 rSi',0* wll0 wr,w* '?Wily ?ud well. 9uob a per ~3.SUrsKWBSEK- ?? 1. wsbtbd.-bbfebebcb >b lu* Oppeohetm'a, 447 Broadway. A 08 B0T WANTED III AN 0FF1CB ? f *"**? htmimlf generally uaofnl Mnat writ# a go-id, pia n mad and com# wail recommended lor hucesiy Ac. Apply to laps. Combe, 60 Uapenard at. ' A BOY OF 16 WANTRD-ONB WHO WRITES A good baud, and-an -ieik German and Kng lab Ap pij, ?im r?s(?ieaci.a( to Capt. Comba, fr) Lupenant m. Boy wanted-wanted a boy, from if. to is yeara ..f age, at ligbt purler. Nona b it those who can give first daaa city reference* need apply al fij Bleeekcr at. Boy waxtbd-fob saloon, imguirr at st. Bark a Place Hotel, corner 3d are. and 8th al. Boy wanted-apply to rbvbkn vosb, m Yark at . Brook vn. ' Oyster nan wanted-good wagks to a good are and?Nth suUlr# 41 8t' Marra 1'tac? u,,tel* eoraap of 3d f|M> AOJINTS.-TIIE BEST STATIONERY PACKAGES ii?~u, ,word; T1*0.'. Ide ographic Portraita, McOlellan. a i"BU?nU alLthc i"adi,i| Oeneiala: alau. Battle ' \^ .?u 0eul?. War Maim, Ac. The United States Arm- Diploma xeui Dee for fifty cent*. Send atainu Cor ? reular ft JOHN oiuso.N. 33 Baakman atreet, n. y. rro DENTISTS.?WANTRD. AN OPERATOR OR PLATE lists W.?r Ia?. i*J' *i!p'ACMUtf" Wj" ?'.*? agd- how long den , , ,* ln *bat branch they excel and the wagea reunited Addresa or apply to I'reterre, i59 Bowery. Also a young man lor the laboratory. ? YT ANTED-AT THfi MANSION HOUSE, BROOKLYN, and J?t!?PJ!c.iT? "iVadjr ?"!"'? meD- 10 ",te"d >n tbe hall House table. Apply at the ollice of tbe Manama WANTED-A MAN UNDERSTANDING THOROUGH. B . ""',ai;tl"e of ho 111 and composition buttons. Apply at did Broadway, second lol't. TYf ANTED?A FIRST 01,ARB WAITER, WITH THR . ? ?1 ?L ^ r?L<7.'eU{'t>"- h'""? other* need apply, 1? S. H. Bobbins. 64 Willi.i:u st., corner ufflaa at, 1ITANTI.D-A MAN A' CUSTOMED TO OALVAN TT icing wrought .ron pijia. Steady employment "and good wages. Inomre at S3 John at. ' ty ANTED-IMMBDIATELY FOUR OOOD, SMART w''h a stnal! capital, to introduce a new mode ofrputting up treah finite witnout the aid ot heat. Cal. for a raw (lay* at Ui Bleeoaer street, second lioor, icom IS. IV ANTICD?A YOUNO MAN IN A STOCK BROKER'S oibco. Salar.v $6 per week. Address fan 4 JU Post Office. WANT KIT?"SIX YOl Nit .MKT. WHO I NDICKSTA N f> the retail ?lry guode ? ship pro h y. 10 go to a wextern city. Young men m ho nave served heir anprcn Uceahip .ulhu old country preferred. Salary ?iU4. Aadica? a. o.f Herald oUi00. Ur ANTED? FOR f-HORT WHALING AND FISH I NO Yoyagea. Horn Me in elnit month* um.n *'-"ti t, S5n.11. nny landsmen, com.,. c.t-peutcra. dr., men for tbe navy and aruiv, at n? West sr., corner ni ,ilom;y. JAMhS .v. CO., Amenta. TIrANTKD ?A GOOD BUSINESS MAN, WITH OA PI ,!* ? ? ""id ng to?' an int. rest in *u natal. istied lea titer spanning buKine,.*. -an hear 1: a good oppoitiinitr bv addiet* ag a, l, boi 20b Newark P..*t olhie. * Yl/ANTKD-A SMART, INTELLIGENT BOY. ABOUT ... Vea,g nf ???'?? ? bad ?omr experience in t.pc act ids, to wnom g-.oi ?i. , wiii be paid. Apply, between -J and lOocock, to W. W. A Co . gfil Bioadv.ay. VI'ANTED?A BOY. If, TO I8T1 ARR OLD. AS LIGHT * ' POT'cvin an embroidery store one who lives wltli hU parent* and 13 wllllu.' |o make binisrit uaefnl in the work 657?6roadvvayU' At,piy, " "h *? at 1-. do UcrciraTe, fyANTP:p-AN EYPER ENCE1) CASHIER A? D *? bookkeeper for a khippiny otllce One of exnerl. n e . and having iimiueatloued testluion nl* as to ability fog JoxL'u7BV"'tU?a:n " uM"Jljie ,it'",Il0a by *' WA?.T.K?rA;* AFT1VE INTELMOKNT ROY. FROM ?M.?sAraMrb"^.?^3ts.a,s3"ssi .7 "".ra. as? *'? ?-'? ?*? ryANTED-AN ENTRY OLERK, KXPEHIFNCEO m ? ? tbe dry goods binunens. Address, stating reference* salary expected aud all parliauUra to L T. Y.. lieiald ?fflcc' VAl ANTED-two active YOUNG MEN. as hales. 1 *. mrn Apply at .'.1i .ml Ml Hroadwsv. None need apply unless the^ ?u furnish the best 01 reference. WrNT.S""^ MAN, WELL ACQUAINTED WITH tiad prefer one wfih eipprieuce iu tbe srocorv irnfie* mua b.i in ?o<Kl health 13 ensure i?*rd>liipB. W%s w, ..A'1,1' ",..H Smttb, antler. l.T'tb cocci Volunteers, f ortress Atuuroc, Vs., giving refer Yy ANTED?YOUNG MEN OUT OF EMPLOYMENT procure good situations, for one. two or three years, as stewards and clerks on some of the tlnesi shins In 1'0n a c,rul!-'' 'tp Hie Jledllenancsn Also seamen, landsmen, coal pa* er* aud firenen. The klchcst up Ma'lii.W pt'd b 'his ?eck at 4i> feck slip, WANTED?A MAN TO DRIVE A CART AND CARE 101 two hor>es; nuisi bo aa nano t, sooer and iudua trtous man. Apply at Yt ool Brother* j'.el Broadwav, TI7ANTED?A OOOD SALESMAN IN A RETAIL PUR 1? and bat bna.uesa. ln pnre of Harris A Kiusak, jdti Grand st. XVANTED?A GENTEEL YOUNG MAN, AS~AN^v7. f? si-taut bai tc-. l >ue win, iiax born ac usto ned to tne hnauies*. itef-'ren e re .mre.1 as lo ho ??? v, csnab lltv amlsobnei. . Ajip y to VVilliaat Dav.s, 33 Wiili'aui s: , cor ner oi 1 me st. W^IJTKD-AT FR* fCU'S HOTEL, four GOOD bo.vs. liib^.a! wages will be giveu. Qt] 0(W| A YE .R.-OUR CANVASSERS C IN MAKE VPL?d^y\J ih - atr-'vini y orparticblai * addre*. fstainn eni used) or call,0.1 ."icrie tvyckort, p bli ntlon oili. c of Joseph Lamg, id, Tultou sir-.' t, New Vork. Some (.spital required. LV61 ANU FOI .VI). A masonic keystone l ist-wihtr cornelian wi?h J. II. G in o d En,,!!?h on the back. Apt ne returning It to J. U.Gray, 11 Bios i.v?r, wi I be suitably tc warded. fpunrp-i rOOEBTBO K CONTAINrNO A money and papers. The owner can !i*?, ih? same by app! tug to Sr. 1. A. Ko i.e. iu Fiout Btrcet, pruviug 00 tents and paying advert - ng. r EFT?IN A BARROOM, J i.Y is. A SILVER F.NO. I.J INb indent,-.pen f.t-e 1 Watch and tiliani. with In tiki. "W. It. H lbe pe. .on or nunon- having -ant Z 1', V! ? a ? T ,th#" l'?--'"!"U Will pleaxc ndiiiea* W II. U., SM East Tnlrteemh sfieet. T OST-P.ITHER IN BROADWAY OR CANAL STREET, Jj Sepicmiier I, a sum f .'?! nei. Tbe firmer will be suit', tbly tewarded by addressing C S C., Herald oil c-. I OST-ON TftF.nDkY AUGUST 31, GOING TO OR J J ou board the one 01 nek-rain from Nea* * to N'nw York, a black silk /.ouas.* Rack. Any p 1-an noding tho a ete and leaving 1! at 120 West etrsct, Now Turk, will bo liberally rewarded. T OCT?A LITTLE WHITE POODLM ono from 7.1 J J Ms- -svemu st ear, a. nit J P. M on Fridsy. Any. body return u* it wii be suitably rewards 1. LOST-OS MONDAY I. AST. A LEATHER VALT8F. marked J. 8 E, ISO West Twelfth s reet. A libera! reward wid be paid by leaving it a' 7d Broadway. LOST-IN BIOHTH AVF.SUR. BETWEEN TIIIR t eth and T urty third stieeis, a 'black La e v ell. I .s finder on r?!urnln ? It to 4Ji KigV.hartnue stoiet wil. jc ??nimbly rewarded. I* OST?ON FR'DAY EVENING, IN A FIFTII AVENUE J sUge I- niton ferry ?r a Myrtle aven i# ca-. a wh te Come ian Cross, mourned in g . d. nf * all talus 10 sn but the owner, by who-n it is , the or a .le eas, d person A suitable reward ni 1 be .aid on .e? ig Hie sa c at 27 North Oxford atrecf Br>ok 1. LOST-ON SATURDAY. A' GUST 27. A L tDT'8 P!V. composed or all p eoe* 01 et s*t n gma -b-eaol 1 e lets hanging and hair in to* .* * A, .... .. reiurniag the aarae to 14t> Meet fori/ fontt# n.-ect will" to suita'dy rewarded. I OST?COUPONS or TEN-FORTf BONDS, NO JO H J and Nos /d.74h to iK.7.Vi ,nc e. for$l.' ftO-.e'i in# fludrr will be liberally rewarded up in : -avin* meiu it tii Fowlei A We la idf Bioal way. LOST-ON FIHDAT. SEPTEMBER g. WHILR GOING from Chat,am strec, >o 11 Ks- Brit.wus , . t. Bag, ronta' Paiers wh - . e ? 0- no ? * to ,.vo ? but the owner. A suit* ? re.v.rt wi ? be g ton, witk the thanks of tbe owner, by leaving It a' room A At aat?, Ho. tel, corner New Bowery aud 1 illv r 1 rent. Capia n L. K. TANNEHILL. T OST OR STOLRN-ONE g ? UNITED SI s I . - BJ* li po- eui Coupon B.ut ?>- 1 4 loan a IM N Th# pubhe are hereby cautioned agji n-' ne?o< atlng H-# aaiue. A eultahle rewanl vdi be t?.?ldTor Its r?-overv GUBdAl US 0. HRutA N. t?o.i BroxJwav HKVt A Him. rIVE DOLLARS REWARD -LOST, ON 1 H UK-DA Y the latlnnt., In the fiurd Avenue Railroad cars, or In Brealwa tw.w,.-so the Park an I l ie g n?u !? *nd lerr , or ion board the Rtaten lalan I fairvboat. se- ?n or right K.-ri, on a small aieel ring The nn lee win receive ibe above reward by returodtg the same to theuwuai, a. W Miller, corner of MaaaS' aud Meuroe atreeto ff REWARD-LOST IN WtU OR WILLIAM 1 ipU atreet, a Maaon.r rvcy 11 "i#. wun laiuals "t?. w ,\l Connthiaa Ubanter Sew Y uk The I'tider will rece.Tt ihe | above reward at iW Br is 1w*y r.twrt d.V reward.?L'Ttr on n bsday. yith ult , a black Newfoundland hint, web wh te ??ot 01 br?a,i. I, .lies ioai, a .eaiaei . al L. hau' drcaser, 943 Braadwav, nnler St. <;?r.naia hotel. C?1/k REWARD ?LOST. A ROLL OF PAPBRS. OF NO iPl\r vaUie to the "o lar To he t?:i?crud at the fin*, alau (,'enauikie O# era 6e ed street. ?4in REWARD -L04T. A ON R ??(>.%?? DIAMOND bPAlU Pla. en Th iredav ertfilng .aiween Twentf ee,enth ted Twenty ninth etre-ut, Sixth avail iA Return It le M West Twenty-ninth slr-a ?C/| RB WARD.?L0*T A GOLD WATCH AND ?JL-Jle Chain; owner's nsme mel le of wA'-h The',n "?r will reealve Ufir do.iars, and ie ques ious askod, by return ing name. Address W ateh. Herat 1 odlca. Stin REWARD-LOST. ON 8ATUBDAT. THR 3D wrilvr Inst., gotng from the St Nlebelas Bank to tbe store, or left In the bank, Bfty Five Dollar Bid* on tbe St. Nicho las Bank. The Ander will re-el-e the above reward by re turning the a?ne to Ramus Cdin, 3d Broadway, end no qneetieni aeke.1. ' REWARD TOR ANT INFORMATION THAT $50 SVY wl" '"wA to the reeoverr of Thomas W. Kennedy, who atrayed or was etolan from No. 6 Upton etreet, Brook ].!!*.? , *?t'1 ?' April; was dm sed In n blue flannel and gray pante, and a blue eoldtav'e eap and ahoae. ? ?4 tUn Will reaafv '?wtiaasrstiM RAI.RB AT ArCTMMfc A ?'CT!ON MOTICB. A, _ I. BCKNH AM, Auetii teer, ?ALB or MAQKiriCLM' B0L.nou> ?niITM T Octave tfwwyij Pianoforte, Draw m: Room 1'uri ture. en eulte, OU Earn.teas by as. mot sad modern arlmi*. Broaree. Marb e Statuary, Sevres ??d Pri-ade*.'"hlua Y'asea, Velvet Medallion Onrpela, Pier nod Mantel Mirrors, Bro<ade and Laee Curtains, Rosewood and Walnut Chamber Fu oliure. i Oak Diuiug Roam Furniture, Cfcir.a, tilaa* Silver Wan- una Tab e CnCe.'j, Al IT'HLIO AUCTION. " TO-MORrtOW (MONDAY l, liKFTP.MBER \ At 'be e e.aot real drive, 44 lyrat Sixteenth street, between Kiilb and Mill. g<?n :ea. Bale commencing a. I ijt o'clock. The annitoanxr would' .ill tha naruculer aiten'ion of hi* friend ? and the public lu (hit sale, the catalog r. comprising the larpnul and ilalirat aagortinaiil of ho i|elio d furniture, work* nf ait and art' lea of virtu cllared at auoitnn ibla season. belug In use lea* tlric|?even mouths. and will ba peremplotI'v gold to tha Inchest bidder. DRaWIMI ROOMS. Superb Seta of Furniture,-'ovared with French brivatel of the rirneat description; Tin; 'Vi ta a Teie. fiofaa, Aria Chairs, Oral Back and Reception Chatra, Window Curiam# Bands. Tagualg Ac., to match the suits; roarwood Eta arcs, ? tatnaij Marine top-, Secretaire and Hookca?e. lined with galiuwood, plain Kla-s iloora; elegantly carved Centre Tables, Encidgnurrs, Cablueta. t'onsol Table*. BRONZES, STATUARY AND W'HtlfS OB ART. Br-nze 9taiueof Ma-ep a Hamlet, Fh.wer Boy and flirl. A poll.', Moiciva 8hak?p?r Milton: l>re tied Cuius Vaau* OlL paintinub. Two match Painting*, by Cole: Storm at -ce? and the Fisherman's Family, by Delacroix: h'nguMi Intenor, hy Northcott: Fruit Plana (original), hy lloualii: Hiein g an the Coegt of France, be Julea Noel, a celebrated French artist; also Paintings by Hnvens, ICaonev. Sellero* and I.''grand. MAGNiFldENT KO -a WOOD PfANOKOlll'U, the richest inHtniincnt o ieied at am tinn tlila seanou ; over ytruug bast, all tba modern Improvements; fnhj guaran tead;> lench Clolb Cover, Siool. Mua'c stnnd. Ubambera?Dressing Bureau, Bedstead*, Wardrobe* Com mode*, en Bulla; superb Hair Maureexes. exun large Spring do, 34- pair a Linen Sheet* IR pa'ra I'lanki is. Dining Kooni?Solid oak Bullet, llei t. 'a i.aiei.t Extension Table, 16 leet draw: Hoiai, dhal^, n, -?i;ifl- i ui ' b'na Din ner and lea Bat, &r,0 piece*:i 'nt and Ruby Ciaax Ware, Sbef held Table Cutlery. Silver Ware, Ac.. ?.e Also all the Furniture of i be servant*'apartments. N. 11.?l'arlic* wishing to attard thia gale fake the Fifth and Sixth avnue cara and it?,ea, leaving at Sixteenth Ireel, uearihe house A 1JOTION NOTK1B.?CROCKBRY, til, ASS AND t\ Fanny <lo da.?WM. W. SHIRLEY, Aiiotloneer On JVirsd.iv. Sept fl, at 10 o'clock, at 281 Pearl street, by D. KM Hl'llV, Jr., extra largo ??alatocue aeof heat and -e coudg White tlranlte and t'ommou tVurogin lot* to -tut city | end country retailers: also stock of aret l er. Saleg iree 1 tor cash, and goods well packe t tor ghiomeiil. ALTTIIOV NO rrcp,?BOOTS AND SHOES.?WM. A M. BOlsLI Ntl.sit hi AD, Aii< lion, r ? Second (u Ir.-ido -ale ol BootHand Shoes, by J, T. WHITKllOl'RK. ssliigi lome, No. 23 Cortiandt etreet, wdl aell on Wudnea da>. September 7. ?? half past tan o clock, a large isriety of Hooie, rilioe?, Brog ns. (In ter*. Ha1 mora!* Ac., o'" the uio*t dealrabie ?t>lcg. and well mlapted for 0 ty and eountrv deal- i cr*. Also it lot of fetoek goodg in go-id ucdcr. Ci.talop.ucs ' teaiij on jnom ug al' sale. A lOTION SAIjE?ON MONDAY. SEPT. 3. AT TWO JX o'clock, on the premise*, corner Spring fctmet and Broadway, Pure!.a Music Hal. all the 'fable*. Ohalrs, I'ic Hue* Odciotn (las Fixture#, Bar and Bar Fixture*con tatned therein. Sale poelti-.o and wittioul i'v*? Also one ar-;e Sircet Lump. tT AI'CTIOU-OH MOM DAT, BBPT. 6. CORNER OK f\ Thirty eventh gtrect an l Broadway, a brewn Hor e, kbenl 13hand# high. 7 year! old, long ail very atyindi; at.nid* in 'he street without tying: eau trot Intide of threo minutes to harn-ss, am! warranted viunl. Also a very gplesi'lid I.a I,v? - Ssd-lle ami Hr>-lle.of I -alnor's in ,ke; have | li--eu used a'uout three mouth >; all to b" sold to the highest bidder, as the owner has no use tor thein. The horse has been used by a !udi to drive and ride aud is very gciilte. (>Y M. THOMAS A SONS, ADOTIOVBBSB, Pill LA. lA delphia? Peieinptury sale al Khllgclolplua Uxchange, September I.T. 1861, oi a l'raut ot 6i''i g- re* Anthracite Una! l.jnd on the Mine Hill Its I way, Schuylkill county, fa. I For map*. ?.c., apply to LATIlHOP A WA1NWRIQHT, 4:1 I Wall gtreet, New York. I D'.V, 1TES A CO, ACCTIOM&BRB, WILL SKLL. ON ? Tuesday, Sept. (', *t 12 o'clock M the loot of Ffitv fl' -.t sircet. NoriU iirer, the entire lot of Imptoicd Hnilet 1! ichhicry, cons sling of Mou d, Uoinpreealng and Siring Machine*, Ketllea, An., together with the Improvement* or the buildings, oag I'lpi-a Waterworks, Ac. Also one-lb rd o! the l atent li ght cn llm Wi! unig1 llullet. tale to close tbeestaleof 8 l>. William*, deceased. By order ol the ?urring partners, aa trustees. Teiuiscash. Sa:e*posil:ve. DW. IVES A CO., AUCTIONKBRS?WILE SELL AT . auction, on Thursday, September 8, at li u'rlork, at 518 Broadway, Shell*. Corals. Ohlne-e, dapane*.' and ln-t'a Onods, oimntal Cililositics. Fans. Ac. On exhibition fi m Tuesday morning t II time of sale, GXEOiDIK C O'-'. AUCI I" KI R. I lil.EGANV ilOUsnilOLD FURNITURE, By onler of Ansignees. On Tue*da' at II uV-nck, at aalcri ouig. ill Hroadtvgy, rern.iveu for cunrenier c ? of sale, a laige an I varied -lo k of llrat' Iflss city made Furniture, for parlor*, chambers, libra r ex dining rooms, bai-x Mr , e i suite and n *epa ale utx to suit. Tirg sale wlD he i?b ulute a,nf is woiihy the of th *e In want of reall pou i turn lure. Unod'ciu ho boxed and shipped or stared ..-n tha pieontes If desired. JO. SALHENORr. AUCTION BER. SALESROOM AT HO'YERT. Wll sell on Monda-, ,'ith inst , at lu o cloc - a superior lot j Of ready made tllothinif. g-'nti' Furnishing (Inu la, Olnt a, t'gsse, Vcatliiga Silesia*, Musiiu, Sew.m B' k. and * j kinds nf Trimmint bcinn/ng to the clollilu. and n?n ?' furnish n; I'un. t> which tne trade is re<pdie 1 to atl n i. i Bvery l it will ha sold without rcierve. POAFPNBti AUOnOKRBR, MO. 23 CHAMBERS \ ? hi-e(Vl, will sell on M<uiday. September .1, al III'*; | o'clock, the "imeots o' tbe large luri -oui and -lining sal o -u j No. tki V, lllla II slre-t, COisUllur ol inarbe tip fables. Wash finds diandric;*. Meant Table. t):'< otb, Beer I'ump, Drlukinv and Luucn Rar. Cha-is 1c-Box, Ac. I PAWNBROKERS SAEli-ON' THURSDAY, SEPT. 8, by JOHN MORTIMER. 15 Fa t Hroa lw?y, ol a l.irgr and aciiaonable lot of Pledges? Dresses, Under-Inthlncr. Sheet*. Vu.Rs, Hlanke.* snd oiher goods ion uuiueiou* lo uieut un. By mder of Mrs. 11 Ooxtella, 16 Mou street, J>AWNHROKER'S SALE?ON MONDAY, SEPTUM tier 5. dAME-x AOAit will sell, Al 61 New flowery. at , li?lf past ten |o'< lock, n lags assortment of Mon'aun-I Women's Wearing Apparel, cocsiatlng ol Silk, Del trite, Calico, Mermo and other Dregi *. Ro luanta. Skirla, Un lcr cloti-rs, Sheets. </ul!t*. Blunscts Sh.rts, Coats Pont a Vests, Chendel:ers, Cutlery, Watohe- an I Jewelry, Tlie atrlcal Book- and other goods too numerous to uieotioo . By order o h/ckiel. 3- .: SiiUi avenue. C ot t<. Snecta, Sin cad - an-i a \ xriet? o; other goods too n m t'iiis to v. n'.on By orJer of 11. ioht-ntlHt: .'e-aie.x Cn i, 197 tiiand rtree:. CAT Iti'OART Al OTTONHRR?WILL FRIE ON C?iW( Inesda , Hept. 7, at lo'! 'o [, attl-eauri n re imp, No. 1 No. h Widiain str-'-d. ileui louschold , umi n?, cousiatin* ui Pai or, Bedro'mani Kitchen Furniture Q HERMAN CO AI'CTTON! ERR-SFEL. ON MON i'. day >e. Pn ?r ? at ID1* e'-lock >1 *1 u.cuneC - nr ner Six''. atr.'et. Hie eut re S' rk and FlxtuiO* of a Hi si ??, Buteher Simp vl ? ?Couotera B n hex, X! ?t if I one larse Ice House, ueariy n? <. and all other Fit:urea, Harues*. A CUKRrPF'S MALI or BEOARR AN d TOBAOCO, HY O COM) . Mi; CUT, oi M I* , Veptem er T> ;'t I , o'clock, a n!t Fu |in street, Br- > h u alio u' ?? Serai a, F I tilob i. 11; ipa.t, Fa, i n. Ktp in ? ud other nraoua v large utanlll* of Plug T'lba-cn. ui tio.e* nnd t-'g*. A arge ((tiantlty of letf Ciieivm ' and Smoking, in (>a< asgnx, pa)>ei and full, nf all he >ariuii* tuaker*. TV I ELI AM ABBOTT. AU' TIONEFR, OFFiOK NO I It E.i t llroad-iay, *el'? m .'1 mn , at 1 i o - Idea. 110 mnt ? ef the Oyeter and Plutng Baloin 73 Tluwery?large I V-ench .Vtirrur, large Range, laole- Ussier* crockery, Ohairs, Ovgn B0-.0-. A ? 117 ILL (AX ABBOTf, AUCTIONEER, WTIOI NO I y* EntBrnslway. se i' on M in lay, *? |.'o -eg, t v,e jnatenn o' th" h uior S'ore 3'-s En*t Tenth street?log Conner lleauer*, with braaa faucet*; three Deei l'ii:u >*, Uutth:*. Demlji bna and other Fixture". .? ? x~. ? DANl'lYU ACADEM1K1. T) rtdOK F.S' DANUIN ? AOA DEMY, II MROOV'E I) street.?E. hh f iltkO Kihuln I l ai l (men . a Academy on IT BBDAY, Bepte-ulwr I?, lor ad'-lt* and oa alDNklDt Y, 8ii ten,her 21 tor ' U, nr*n OF EN i NO sOI RE K WKDNESDA* EVBRI.NO, SEP- ! TXMBRR 21 t BAELETMASTER DUMAH'.d PBIVAIE DaNCINU I A ide-i,y, 3;. Seventh ar-nne. on Thlru "ntk s. i eet. ? - U *?? es-uus every d*- an . nigu . Ked-w.i Wad/ an x i faih et>k >.e Dances tanghl per e i r Iii s i private :cm n?. CH iTrrisr OAMClXO BCA08MT NO -I'iiRR ? ra-rhorn ire d. Hrnokiyn, will reopen ou Tueadly, 2ep;etnb#r8. Send for a r rcu ar. T A. M PHIR90NS 0PKMM1 HOP AT Mil academy. Military Ilall. IM B wcry. II >n lev even Beptenioer 3 Days o; tuition, Tuekiiaj* aa :K i -dty? after iiunii end t?-?eaing. t later* will reojwa u.i 1 -cm.ay, Bop Umber d. Mn#lcbyM..I O'Brien. TA. McPHP.RBO.VS I P TOWN ACADEMY WIEL ? r>n< u at tne Ulah Hoime, umi r Iweu'y liflh atieet anil Light* * eiue, on Wedneaday. .-'apten.Ler 21. it* tuf tuttlna Man'ay aud ihura-la ey*ufog*. on-. Wa loe* lav and nat irday k'lernooiit i ir Itdie* knd ctu drca. -sauu for k c-rc'i ar lioldtiare 162 tirand street OIOVOR O PI-AN'S ?MMCTFOLLT INFORMB ail O frleed* tbM be wll itet ill Ol g Aoau-Mnj at 744 Rroal ?*r, appetite t"| New to k iU.e on lit i easy, Sept. d. UKNT1BTRT. ACHiNO TEETH SAVED WITHOUT EX rRACTIVO, als-euM root-an I me-e <bell? renderel pemuuientlr ?err- ??sole, with oui Faialeeg A-ismam *n Wh a fuilmg I at its f lb* price of Hod t-.o superior Mold,' - S iperler krli cat Tenth i k~?iier ih*? ohtalna Mr et?*wlier#, - 34 East Tweut) neon i atreai. two bio ka Truji Bt iad-'av El taiR i UBnRP.WooD Denl ?:?. DR. OF.OR IF WlllTt F NFW AND IMrROYBD Artiti-1*1 leeih.?Who # sett $3 |p *n<1 $15 a yeror lo beauty, dunt'oiiitr and usefulness leal, oiscra Ail work warran'ed, an I e? half U e price* Chkrjrt bv nth?r dea tiats, at *sf Weal Fe -rtb atreei, oet?een narrow and una i a.rt*i*. f M 5KB THE B8 ST SETS OF TEKTH THAT ASS '' I made in Ihi* elty fge $%) and the ?h*ipe?t tor $5 au-t ' warran' ib-'m for ene or mere yeaia, Ca! at mvotilceaud be aat.a e 1. Ur. T. W. WHITR. : to Fourth street, near Bowery. MABTEE1. DBNTIMT, M? SIXTH AV1M7E, BREOW Tweniy-ninih meet Con?fl tati. nt free. Krtractinf an cent*. R*ibb#r and elleer eels of teeth. Win; per* *at* ft | gold Piling, fi; alletr, >0 eenta. Cleaoiog teeth. $0 ceate SB. OBIFFIN A BROS., 2M GRAND 8TRKBT. NI.W 1 ? *?rk, and 257 Fulton atrotu Brookivn. are ?ilrac'ng th poelllvely without pain by the u-Vo* altroua ex a* NAIL0W^ , 23< BBOADWAT, (Hi ? .hm?t leu %?j; Pr. ?ANiqil. Pentlsl. 06TBorLArrio, ok artifioiabbonb fillinob V/ iot decayed leeth. Old root* built nf.. Knee (belle, I , Dm OOOD9. ?' A* if r i?1 ti o* ?** OF BILKS, UI1.N8, POPLINS. L UMN0LINK8, CRETONNES. B.AL INDIA CAMKL'S HAIB KUBE ^MBB8 BRUSSELS POINT CAPB8, VKiLb. BBT'S, A. . *?>. lormliir ? splendid 0y tj? ?? . ? ? -?Ol. UjiA NOVELTIES, ** c tail mid oideieu ,*\pie'y for s* e r . _ . ItlvTAlI, SALK8, will be olleied on Monitor so-leinher A a, t. stew art a i'n.. Broadway anil Tenth Greet. AT5Er.un.RrBV4.VPl 857 BROADWAY. ALL KINDS ^ nnil St.:to. Druav?. BlAnae't. S^i!?' ai l" " 1 1 ii fnnt. w it lea Aprmi*. Bib 5585! ^ iuM.- . "?bmideii-d Nightgowns, ifZKiu ii r''a' ,T ?>*Jo Dndsr Garments, Fluted Haml 5'vf ? ami Coat> of Ain? embroidered un S'. jj , > T*h'e Linrn and Hedelotlim. Braiding, Llilll. 55. 5! Erobroidmiei mail* :o or uer. Stamping lor aMpru aPrita anil Bsaiding eiecutml porfert'y. a T th? hew dry goods house. ? an BROADWAY. J. h C. JOHNfilTOJs, l?ug io .ii.-i ,?i with UBhDEtE A PKlItBON, .. . *boiec?uil\ reined will op#n on Monday A onOHJIi b'ioi K OF FA of. A NO Wl.S'TBR GOODS, uoaeis'.iug of fcmpieiAi iuyii-, Olloiiiana, .. _ ropl n?. M< ilno-o. TartAn Plaid*, if. ? . Mourning Good* Domestics, lion;cry and Gloves. All of WUioh will he ottered at W HY LOW TRIORS. T?XVw'^V,I','V F.?,MSH FLUTING. ONE TO -'J 'J*1 ?'-v int,ie? wide, all n.a'.e. la a ttutoil in an unanr t 1 of ,f At threw ho r?' no; p, nt Mi". GOI.DKN.S French (lining EstAbliehinent. is Amity street, our blocV tr? t J1 ? i. roa,hv,lv- 1-7'RlreeUr -licet, below Wooatrti aau .1.1 l-iiltnn -n et BrookD u. Nt B.?Fluting forwards toall pain af the I nlh d SUfea * Grand opening ' OP /A AT w. FAIaL (SOOD* we aba.l offer? M?NDAV' WTEMBBB NEW 8ILK8. A 8PLEN0ID ST0CK NEW CLOAKS. NEW 8l,AWLS _.r ., ? NKW DRFSS OOODB. BALMORAL 8KIRYS, HOSIERY, ULOA'KS, AO. ALSO A complete stock of MOURNING GOODS PEYTON A JOHNSON. 171 Kowey. IAKK A BOOB KB BY J (Late Utpidnll, Tlcrs'in A Luke 471 Broadway), have just rev Ived nud are noiv o. erins at retail a very iiT lienor -lock * FALL AND WINTER DRESS GOODS, cons.siing of jilaiii. figured an.I striiie 1, colored and black SILKS. REAL IRISH TO PL 158, OTTO.Y ANS. KM TRUSS Ci.Oi'US and 1 , FRENCH MERINOS, .SID ami Wool Poplins. V ino mid Valencies l'LA IDS. T1 In. Sniped and Plaid A l.l'A OA S and MOIIAIRS, FAMILY MOl UN I Nil GOODS. Ca':eo. Hinpnain Lac*, lOnibrnldcrire, Ilo'U'17, T. nena, Sheetings, Da-iaalt. Townldiica and N.ipkiue, N'eiv 1 ork M'lla. Willlamaviile, Arkivrlglit, Lnmd.Ou au ! all niber MuhIhi AT MAN I) KAOTl' KERB' TRICKS. riAO GENTLEMEN. 1 FALL goods, J net Opened for FULL D'lESS AND WALKING SUITS, ainooe which is an i:n ? e of SCOTCH 11EATUKRS. Our fail style of garuiestK arc linn ready. ?KillN W. Mi KINLEY, .A*B Broadway, emu c irnor Prince, Slid oppoaltn Had HTn k ,k Oo.'? rlore. V ELY KiS. French, German and EnttHalt, _ ... . Plain, plaid, 1 oval and uncut. Evervtblnr adapted to tie re tuirou eula of M llinerv gonda jobhera. Flow ei man 11 liiit tr.-ia, Jewel:" bo* makera. Cloaca, munil 'a? Ac., Ae.. Ac., at price* as low a* they <au be Imp rted. FOLD. CON.SI ABLE A CO.. Canal and Me rear street*. CLOTHlWIk A TTENTIO.N-AT THE 'NBW STORK. 1U THIRD f\ avenue. lame* a'd gentlemen are guaranteed to re ceive ibe higl.ot price* lor Cast oil Wearing Ap.para , Fur nlture. Carpels an . for the. Sin thernaoil Wealern markca. T.uasn isrncmiier to try C. .WISH, lit Third avenue, neir 1 Foil'ternth alien Ladies attended by.Mrs. Midi Brook- ( lyn orders attended 10. i T "St B0WERV.-1L ROSENTHAL HAVING A GREAT i i\ UPKire In purciiasc a large qtiantltv of east o I Went inn j Apiiarei. Knrniti ro, Carpel*. Jewelry Ae.. by calling 011 or ' nudresaiiiY biui lailic* and gentlemen can obta 11 iho utmost i value for each artlr'e. La lie* altande 1 tn by Mr*. Rosen- ' thai. f'.'"a-u remembtr, and try do3Bov.ary, opposhe Great ?lone* street. A TTENT/GN ? LADIES AND GENTS CAN RECEIVE, ! is the hlglie ; price* for Cast OT C otbing, al o Carpets I and Jov.e'ry, by cal ink an or address iir M ABRAHAM* I -'3d Seventh avenue, between Twenijr-AIih and a'wcnly aivta , street*. Ladles Htlcnded to by M s. Abrahams. /Tl.NTl.EMEN'S NEW AND fEPr OI F CLOTHING VI imrcbased for the We*'. In* lull ,uTie wlil be pant without seekinjf-to iiopoiP Call al ibe store 01 adores* 1 tiOS D. CONRoY.ioi Pearl street, bnween Centra and Chatham ?ireei*. POLITICAL. CAR AND Mass MEETING 3 of : " doin-? is-y, under th? a spice* of the DSViu ItA'TC UNION ASS- L'lAI'lON, to ratif. the nomination of , G .01; <L B MrCLELLAN for P.i .ideal, and OhORGE II. PENDLETON fort I J* Tresident, v I lie held at UNION S-.M ARE neit ' rtfUBk \1 EVENING, eth lu.-i I S. ? r..j eminent speaker*, who-e nam's will apiiear In , f ". in a Iveitlsenieai- will address Hie inpeiiiig. "Toe sever*! and ward clubs are Invited to par- 1 ticif * . la? Co.iiiiil.lee of Arrangement* wilt bo n, attenJance ev.-r.y eveinnj, at the liead i'isrters of the a--o i.slion 'C. ? Rio* iv ay By order. , Id'KE F. CO/. AN - Presiden'. 11. W A1 i.?w. 1 . - J. H n.KV, dr.. MO/ t KT HALL G NEP.AL COM Ml ITEM -A REi.U . ? frinee- ng of tin* above . omini b ?? will be held 011 V,' nd*) "veniitg;. Sept. 6, a' 71. o'clock. Pun tal aiiendan 1 1 I'e | .e-te'd a* bu-iauvtUi iuiputau e .' a iraa 1 J. B. P. FA1KCII1L1). ciiairuiau. P.' uvur, Kl T ! "ecretane*. Mozvnr HAI.L GBN'ERAL CO.VMITTLE. A eg BB 01 *?'.r.k of t r above coin.m.t e w.'l be be 1 uu ' n.i. . v*.t ug al 7'? o'eb.i k T"lit" ii, am n.iao j u re t-teatr 1 as b '-.u?,? o. import snc? wiL bo traits* ted. B. P. KAiRClliLD. Cliairman. ^ O tM .l, ,CU>T' j Secretaries. IaOlitical ranne ? ?;. flags and y, .mi,ems at I l h .1,4 bei.l . 37 Doane ......4 j 1STA HOIKR A UltAll.A.M. pni.iiK Afi iunnf/hs AeNii Tf\.\s*v\ ' \rtEs kc j I in>nr<i ia .: ?. ? f i.AHKLl I v i ??;i \|, ? i^n, Uvme: j*<id i/'* >r<?? 1?? ? '.tinI t , 71 a?i*l i* W* ^or iuetii. p A '.'T ro t \?- ?'IsEIbI.AN'.?TflK Cin/ai N.S uF IHR t I n ' r 11 ti oppf-a iiijf jm! y o ? ie ) aiiiii ,4 -v 1 ?a. 'su , i..i ,n f?i? ol ? ?* noii.'n. ?Si f of t ! Ni'i'm !Jf'1 Ail'" k-on flntiDn, 4!.; ? suttn?l % 1 Ktan J lUti >L?nn^ hb ? Hiuucr Ra >4 og. ?o i ' ?t L- i lhfi i.'j* Sii'icl, rNEtrt *1?b "v ??*u Chnto 1 .nd j A' o.wy .?? ? l e^a.?y tn .',oi,<, ;:?? ,n?i a. S<? ? i, . un?ler ?.*<?! kof inn Mrr an iMn. > r.4 0 ? ca Club. *** era. etiuBftin wUl po4tlv?! bo pietcni a.1 a<l iiAdr to? ?s f ?nM tsjr. \ario sm tio no. itic r ! ?x\y\'\ti >n%yt 1 ? va u arf co? 1 all) n. led o ivi* neraie j U nt in thia fiemor.airat o . ify o ,!f?r , ? ? ^ MlrCHLLU Pf?ild?ttt. .?o<frn H. Tookkr, gee. NTH W ti-D M< - 1 i- LLAM AMOCI ATION } . A iiiCfciin^ f [rt' A"or.- aaaoLiati?u will b? h?'d at j ?loni^v^c, J i,]. 1 I'l btv 0:1 1 cs-iv eveain?*, I SejttV't v n, At , jj o'.'O' <. ill- 01 iho ut>ov? j wurd 1 fav ,??? "Je'ti.c M.i?' <i I'rf-upntin ??ar:Sjr ? lin itc 1 to tvieods*uU joio. i't.n iim? attaoiiauo? la r?'iu j'eJ. ( lain"* 0??Mayh^r, .'ohn F. i?a M I'.iirk'ii W.u:fe. ?Mi A oardat;. 'oha bnrrjr, W i?. ' a* /, >Vi.i. >loi 1 \* a rr f*4nni,.,n A. I#. Bun#**. ? .imi R. KirTii*.ii? loieph K^nne I'm ri<*a Crowe 1, faui?M Harrv, Jr. f ;io? p'. '? i .0.. Job'i n< b in If air Job fl -?rtr, P.ftitca Ijii h. J iv 1 onn !ly, r 1 ?* 1 .1 Hvi v \ Anl wr ?1 it!jfr?. UO HI 'A tRf M'CLELI.AN UNION ASSOCIATION ? rip* A?*> 1:. m?wli, 1 wh'io* uRi: was *li -s. is'ing wu* :?l e tu.r the ' cop e would be lit" ,r not, re* using all their endeavor* In n cure the no- .?? <n ,it ?" 1 ' J? le au?will, now t.iat th Im - 11 ? i? scbleveu. . a - ??* u ??: ag on the . ?'?*, it,., orrui Ihiriv lo' itli street and htgnili avenue, . Mvndsv, S 1 ' ?>, a '? P? M . io tality ibe n ml nation of O. ft. Ml. Cie sr. a'.d i"-o. It. Tsui! in. Kn " nt ?p?a .er* w II ad. i! r e * a ? . 'hi*. Dr. G. tT. BROOLd, I'te- dent, II. Lov luuH'., F? retary. PERSONAL. ? OIILY W.'IO tRE FOND OF CHILDREN WISH . V Y.e 'targe Hsu infam.or.i cnltd ie* an *.i v.M to -t votifd be vs. t sindiy tr*s'"4 ?nl re<eiv? r.e ..inijc i?ra and attention. A.I !re*? W S L , lie aid o.i s I >M S ?WRIThi OK TKLt JRAI'H IHMEDIA when ana wm.:tn 1 s ia,I see vi i. c Al IN "RMAtlON W iMED-OF ItuiY. CAIIIXRINR I o! '. en D a', 'vbo .:ne to Ne* York n Her, lis ? fiiwi- er M* - ,rs e' -niitb. ot C'.oreii'e Cou : , nt- Fer managh. lie'and, w ife ol Sergeant Sni th, Forty e el,th leynsnt. Infor >al|oh will bo lnankfd',l.r rec.rei si No, ? Callisons laae, N.-w York. INFORMATION WANTBD-OF JDHANNA JIAILY, I who snivel In tbtscoua ry about *?ven jesssg.fren ibe 'ounty of W.iierford, Irclaiii. An Infurinatiiin tri.i be received b- her brother .Ihhn Hstly. Cattle On ? -n. |r MR JAVKS LANDELLS, WHO LEFT GLASGOW ? for N*w J*? *JfM ye*r? sgo, sad ws* tor ?ome time wit Vevsrs Beck A Co.. Brvsdwsy, will comniuo'eat* win Mrs s J. W ftiwelt A ( o S- u'.B street. New York, he soil b'nr of no -J frisnd who w| ties to tee h m JBZKBFT. fNELLIE;.-THERE IS A LETIEK FOR yon nt thn I'ont uAen. Onll nt once. HARllANATALCS (GEO. V X.) f AlKA c? hartfukd.-i have wbittbn lJ A. 0 3. Major l. o. h, first Connecticut artil. lery?Tbu Are dlteharge.l. Tour unnere are at hon e. H. W. O. MR DBSNIfl B. SMITH IS RF.OCE3TKD TO BBND his nddress to Frederick Victor and Aojie'te. j. T. riV) DOIUL ?PLBABK WRITE OR SRliD MY EFFECTS to Nfc 74, saM of Bessie, if you do not wish to *ee in*. TYDSpBAM'S FURNITURE BXPBBSB, OFYICB III JD Worn EUventh otrnm, botweon Fifth end Sixth iR lyiPPHA NOllv'K-THB feTKAMSHIP KANGAROO. Of.1"'4 Itac. w I Mil a* aa illr* *teameron fkdraila*, Hen f#mb*r*. tt ioou iifrftni * 'IrolMKl '? mibtf of ??bf? arta ?teerage i?M' nirn, At reduced latea, uavatue In vuiteu tWlltHTi'NCI. NOHN Q. DALE.AfOol. No. 15 Broadway. hTRaM WKEKLY ro TOUCHINO AT Mnetnstown. tCork liarhoi ). The Liverpool, -Hew York ?ucl Philadelphia HUainftbip Company (Ipmah I met. carrying the llu t*d States maC*. Intend doapattilktg ulb.f : all powered C:\de eulll Iron ikwA m aa follow* ? KDIUBCBO. SATURDAY "F PJb CITY Ol-' tv IKHISUTON 8 A i URDAT. SBP\NMuER I PITT or MANCHRHTi**. * AT r ED \ T. HRR-rfeMM- K 71 nml everj iu? ceedlag Rbturdftv, 41 u -on. Uuiu pi?r 4?, ><#rlu 1 rlT<r" RATES OK PASSAGE, Pr Abie In gild or us e ioir? cut 111 cnrrenry. nr-t Cabin W? SO'-tece t'?' Do. to Loiiiloa. ..?> Do. to London 4 Do to Boris 95 Do. to P*r;? 40 Do: to Hwrtbor- .90 Do* 5, Pas*en*rrsal?o forwarded to Ham*. Bremen, Roliesdam. A *? ?? ?? >*?rd $15. Steorae*. $3'J. Tho#* who w .1. to teud ior he.r ft f-adsCAB buy tickets hoi'e At t ,??* ra "? Theso steamer- !ia?o AOi ei r uc. o .modal-on* for p?* ?angers t.r.t strongly buUI In wa-er 1 *hl s*?^ una n'ra carrr patent ? f AiiBtht Alofi. Bxparien'-ed 8 -rgiona *ro attached to oattlt ?nsanior. ?? wif I T AV For farther tnformatfon api-1* In T.l- r?p"e. to \t jr.I.rA* 1NMAN Ausiit. Ji Water street; tn Glasgow to Alto* MALCOCM No. .'> St. Knoch gi|iigre; In O AW. P. HKYMODB A CO , I# &"??}<??Jto AIVI?8 A MAURY fl King Wtllani airoo* Tn '*riloJllir.H ill t'OUB. 4H Hue Notre Dame {'"J ,Ylet?Lr?i iffVa*nub Botirre; tu Philadelphia U' 04LE- llt"?'nu* .tree., or at 15 Broadway, N 7_ MAII STEAMERS TO 1 ftAKOI DTHRt T. THE GKNIKaI TRANS TLANTIC COMPANY'S NRW URI OP HURT 01.ASA 81D K W I IB B D 8TB A B All TP 8 H B T W B E M NEW YORK AMD HAVRE Tha first ftra aplendld Tesaela intcndaa to bo put upon tht? favurlt" ton la lor tha Oont:nont arc Ibo fol .. WASDINO'JON. ^I04ton? SShSSfS^wor DAKAYKTTB. S lkl U?no ^ M? hwo powor. BJJOEMIB taflnaO onn Sol.r W'ttANTK (bu\id'ns> uorw power MAVOVtROM Ul ' builiiisg) .... ? *^7%* t'nt.l lh. rotrpl.t nn or the rut'te ll?t Iba Art> ' a will wo parrTirmatl hv tho W aSHINOV<V-, A- Ducbaanoi DAKAT* ETTB. A. Brh'unda a* foil >wa ? KKOli NEW YOltK TO HAVRE. T.APATMTTF WrdnawlAy, Hth September. WASHINGTON Wcdnoaitny. 12th October. lArltmp ." . WaJueaday'fllh Novemboe. W AHIIINOTOM.. Wbdnettday. 7th D -cnnher. First cabin, Inelttd ue table wine ?? ????'?*'? Bam uil oabln. indudTnt! Ublo wine ........... pHTahle 111 rold or it. e.|iilval?nt In Lnlted S'at.? cuirfucy Ml di ?*; A'tendnn. e frea of charga. For freight or ).a..a?a.pp^ic ,t< K k \ zip, Armt. No. 7 Rroadway, Metv toil. At Paris?No. 12 Bo'i!e\-ar< -a Uupuo.nea (Grand Hoioi.) At Havre?Wi liatn laelln A Co. . N'A7'OS tl. srj. AM NAVItlATION COMPANY, TO ObP.KNSIOWN AND l.fVKRI'OOL, V Prom pier 47 No. Ih river. iniTSTtNA Saturday, sent. it). PPNNS1 I.V t Ml A.'.'.... Saturday, Sept. 24. Cab'it $160; at*ata?e, $30. payable tn currency. lor pasahAe ?1 I A ol'ION. 29 BrnadwaY. flSHK NOIMTI HERMAN T T.OVD'S S PEA At SHIP M*W I YORK, <J Wenk. . ommandcr arrving,iIh. I ?JI J Sta'c-t mail, will sail from tha Bremen piec, font or rti ra ""saSuedayI'ssptbmbbb 10. AT 12 ocr.o it M., FOR BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, ^NDdT'm Tf rtfi'. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN. %t ih? Kni.iv* itii; payable in go'd. or l\B equivalent in C Vor"hV7r.: cabin. ?H>9; oecond cabin, $?2 CO; ?toera?o, ^Tha'sFW VORK will t>e fol'owod by tha AMERtCA, SaptC't bar 24. For height or paaaava ajpl^ to g ^ rQ ^ ^ f" ?""T,.S i Viom Southampton. KTom Mow Tm *. ( OBRMANTA A up. 24.18* ? '"J?1. 1 j S. t' i BORUSSIA.i. set t. 7. ??<M J??}? ?? {J-J hW,a'ttj I^ifTnih.Ung'^ '"??? cabin, $ i 60; ?'eeragc, $97 50, payable tn go.d ?r lu o<tn v. . a1por freight apply to KCSHARDT A CO., 45 Exchange , P'pTr pa a.age apply to C. B. RICHARD A BOAS. 151 ( Brcartwav. ?? O'T/f.MTHaD AMERICAN TRANSIT COMPAMY. Short route to California, VIA micaRaoca. N'n charge tnr maala on tho 7 ian?lt. Tho new and clc: an; Jteaniihlp | COI.DKN Rt'NK. D. fl. Bttbcock, ccmmBiP'or, 1 LEAVES ON SArtltlDAY, HEETP.NHKR -4. AT NOON, From pier T.K North river, root of W arreo utreot, - Cnnuvcting with the aleanial.lp America Foi nar.Hge app'v at the t.tllce of-tbn < ompany, 177 W#? t km*?!, co'n?r of >V?rrRn. * D. N. CARRINUTON, Agont. UNITED STATI'R Mt'fi tlMB ^ Ptllt OA t.l FORM IA VIA IANAMA, I'nd.r convoy of a ir.ut.-d Duel ;'lr *TSftA the Atlantic voyage. '?^.optetnber ?*, lw>4. R,i? lor oatll OgVn "-d I Mb an .1 2.M ore, ,, n-nntb ? op;h when tbetsn UjiJ" on S i.uiav, mhcnlhe diy o U pnni-i.mtI!' V 1b? Monrtty following. The firai claaa ?t.atreh,^ MflA< F.. I-. Tin'tlenaiigh. Commander, will ?al'. from rl N?. 9 Nm tb- r'v.-r. l'l KRDiiV, SevWeiobcr I', i' '? o el> c* ?. Th, oteentKblp VORTHKRN MGHT will e IC< cod the Ctt.M A RittA. ami mil September 23 Ko, frcgitnrp..- \,, Crcen. FOR HAVANA PTRFCr. . ? The United 8tatr>> nutt* ?','V * heoi ?t amnlt p J. J. Lawrence 'cromraati Icr. will leare pier ho. 4 North rlier "n Wedueadav. September 7, at3 o'clie-k P. M. preclaelv, fur Havana direct. No freight t< reived or bill*of lading signed on the day ? '''tt'l'frttera rnnat !??:' tltroueh the P wt olTce. ,orf,c|ghtor.ra. .l^moN. ^ rQ .9 BroldwtT. HF toI'LAR i.r1 e-kvv OHU1VS3 T.rflROT. T'.e new and 2i(MtoiiH lit.rdeu. f! a ?a P. .Varahmai. ???> uaodor. wt ; aa!' foi ibciito*.- to t on ScI??. aeiuerabcr 10, at ?? o c'n t. p. ,11 | recou-ly, tr.un t Icr t North ther. I lie .North A titer can t? the t atcr ?hl|> of ae well known i,?nm?hiP t'onli enlal. for? ireighlor v ^ nEINPKFN X CO., li 4 11'. HromUay. POIl M!W ORLBAMS DIRf-iHT r lhe t It 'Cd State* tnhi ^c ,m*b p eorcn W. Couch ? otn audcr. w.ll li-ni" piei I t Nm-iii i vci foi New t.rl an* direct, on YVolne-d.i ".opt 7, at 5 n"' loct P. M. p ecl-e!,-. No tioighi* ie.-el.Oa o bi ? o; lau-nt; * gaed on the dav t? '* ' lt dla'M? ll iiV*K kA CO., 115 Broadway. ORLEANS DIRECT- TO S*!L SATURDAY, ?c|i '! ti't'o k P. I ?* l'n c: . ? u ai ^r^..?;u^:'ii.,uar^^r.,n7J,,,,c;;4;; .hri Ha^^Vt ? JT" V V^^sar$ ? <1 B-T ? RVEM.Mi flf AR Wil follow. Had ?all Sat Ida., Seploo.ber 17. N%' F OR MEW ORLEANS-DIRECT Pa*?age. hr?l i tna* 'Ml. the Dulled Htatea mad ib-auiahlp OKOROt'. t.'HOMW hl.L, Capt John A. l'o?l. will irate p er No ;? Rokf'-t rt-er (-aa'-ove). on Saturday, s.-oU t'C or 19. at h I' M. pre aolv. fi.c a n?ug -r ac. on umdat-on* "f th a *,earner uave c n eui?rxc I and cl-gatu y fnrnlahod. i or paagage, with n-? cottitt odallona tiu?ttrpa?ao?l. or fieiglit, apply to 11. B ck iMWKLLA CO..M Wnalilroet I|EODC.AH^LlNK-k^ OR(K v. , ntRECr Tho new and A?" ?.'.WKI ton* bun lion Cbarlo* P. Mrrohntan. commander wl I aai! for-he above (Mirt on Wodleeday. Hep.ember 14. js-.l at 1 o ? iotk J*. M. pre Detv, fioio pterlSMoith river The North America I* tho a:*i?r ahlp of tho ae.l known iteaui*!un Continental. For f. ght or pa.rage apgl? Xo UBINgKRV ,, co f 115 Broadway. I ICR l.lVkRPttOL.?TaPSCOTT'S LINE.?THE F Br.I eh ?' p ALBION *au? September 4. fhip JOHN H. RV BESOM "J'^^VONDON. Shin YtLLA FRANCA ?*'!* September II. The above uaiiieJ *htpe *??> oa'ebral* t f w too r intek pa? ? are* and * perdu- accotntn dat aa* loi i>*?* ngera. t?t I.truer part. " ,r' *rPxApSCOTT BROTHERS .? CO. Si Sot th a r*et. New Tyk ? LIVI KPOOL AMD LON DON - ft,?R M VE5PI-01. ? i r i h \NCRLleOII ?.* 8?ol?mbfr 8, trt? * ? NO'Th SOU M Septeinbor 12 Far Lon iou -T ic t CN tl' > N h U< u>? r y*. I W to WlLLlAia ? U,l lV.i? F Septe.r.iH r 2d. Cor pa*oa,o a *u Fulton urrgt. . TjM)R lIYBEEOOI* AND LONDON?EON LITER. F dooi?ri>e ? HANCRLLttB Mil* September J- Ui# M. NOTf BHPI1M on tho 12th Sep'ent'jer I r Lo idon-.r ,a COHNI IH'H URTNNKLI. ou lafi 2.ult -ente-nbei. For patOMeappy to WILLIAMS AOOK'V 4?? f< Hon . ee p Vf KHT Sf11P FOR LIf I?RFOOL. ?-THF. F ?ibrtMd nackol ahlp F.NEROY. at pier $ North riv? >nif Mjt ?ir. g"pttmb?r 5 Th? *^ BilEH19n tht UC?.' Atpvat lifoNrSON'B Panaagr (>? e 2i5 Teat at . PIONEER LINE.-THE riNE A I RR'T <Y - ip ROYAL SAXON, . rap.dly loading al n ?r 10 l-a-l rl -er, *: d ? III '0 dl pare, ed fo' flydnoy. N. fl. Iv l.rrct tu tlir ' dhuf Septetnbe-. 1 <i? flr?t cat* *h ? he* a-v-otn uodB-leM for a 'imlted n''^b^r ?* (?bin Aj'P JT to K Nf. LAMEKOX, . vi B?.\ver itreet. ... TIlAVr.ltLKRr Of IUK. Hudson rivf.r ra'ilroad-trains for al bany and fro*, the North and We", r.vef'ha,nl-.era .naat ?t 7 A M *yprea?. A A. M.. way mini, in ?t A a and 4 a and 10 ?n P 5L Elpreaa on Sunday*, at ?. U f M , from Iblr.ieCiy r^*'yocrgyi Aaaittanl S-tpor o'rn leat ? yoHIC AKH HARLKH RAlTyROAO. \ l r?in* for Aibonr. Trojr on ; Hmrotogs iwlnrt, ftlM eotittwting wDh th* We.t, loar. Twe.ty.xth ttrtot depot at Id , aL j,0tICB. . ^ Paaaonger* for taiatoga Spring* by taking 'ho 10 90 A M. dal't. and nn Saturday* the 4 f. M. traio. (O through to Saratoga withotiloiiaRgo of aaro. ^ _ TTppOilTION ROAT row NEW EURO AND EOUOIl \J keep to.?FaiS M cokto.?Tho now and faat atoamer THOMAS COLLYRR. leaven Jay -treat ptor every after noon at 3k o clook. landing at Oraoa? Point. Ootrono . CM Spring. Cornwall, New Hamburg Mar'.borougU M?'1*|1;'onj Returning, lcavne Poughkoppole at OA. ST., NeorbtiM. 7 o cloik . Oorawall. 7 Wl OWd 8j??ln?. 7 $8; ? T 40' Oraosy Point, 8 3ft; arriving at Now Terk at 10 10. ?pVRItONI' "A s:KSi>i?fV-Ssfi .'-"-.'?"t Jt a Sir 7.. ifcnEtorff Kxrr?Ui6*4. ^ ^ Excurbion-blih fishing-boat lfavew erarjr Wednesday and Huudai iw bi?e ("soma dow? the bay For Info-matloa Inquire of F L ll?ik ruil'S born, pt.r ? Imi Hear. ' ' H%J1* LW<NDAT EXCURSIONS TO QLRM COVE.^mTro. 2 <-**'<'. CliF /ojt Nebuyiar ant Collage Fnini. fee lUwM TORT SOTaL will le?*e tersey C!tg Morr\ ffiyt ndieiT ety'd; Peck sl'ri, g, Broome t-.r-et 815- KlAhtS ttiwr, 8 888 Twenty flflh lirMt, 4 tf. lielirnlug, tee.2 O-ift at S oc.oci^ ^ COKpni BXcn&rTji-rivoLr iJot rl, ooNRf ' fmaafl bee. a terminus uf laein rai.Vuiid. The ab.,r? !. 1v M0?*'* w,,h ''holiest w nee end lliynora; la nice, 'be ne* *1- market afford* Clint Buka. Hailing ground*, lue beet on the Island. All the Greenwood care uoanedi w lb tbie route. 'piliHO ANNUAL KAtlMOlH PICNIC X or rue FENIAN HROf II EKHO0D, j ones'* ivoon, SEPTEMBER 9. 1*68. TICK ISTS 25 GEMS. .HiUFu,*Zo2*!lAPAN s ANU OONXELLJ BABD* of ivV. ?''tolJ(;K wl 1 It urdrr flfr direction ihnV' . ? ,1*?.&RU P yl Kl',,Y- ff Tare Mob- Ctrcie, ?. 3* t Oftlcor of thb* Day ' IAM?c)?iCg 1! trTltK, o" J?" n,"}*r l'* "fertion of *V. ,,HiiX2? '? 0 Beuburb Hub Clr le. Ilki El lUib I iiMMiireiS wtl! lie under the direction CLUB MUEPUY, of tbe HAMILTON ROWAN ? , ? / MARBLE BUST OK B. OTd er Genera .MICHAEL CORCORAN bae hern p'aced at tlie dlap ul ot tbe Comtimire of Aira-i-ernea-n o,w .. '?<*><? *'< RET8 A1 ?1 PAOH. ' PICNIC ? tbe graunda ONLY OX TUB DAY OF THE COMMITTEE ON PRIZES shall constat of Meeere O A V?NB 0SLLL,VaN- VflLLIAM KANK uud M. j' The drawing tbell take plaun-publlcly under tbe direct on ot tbe following gentleni.-n : ? Hon. MICHAEL CONNOLLY, Hon. WILLIAM J. KANK, I'apt. JAM I S ?. K1RKLR, Hon. Patrick pord. Hon. DANIl L M O il III EN. By order of the Cuiuinlttre ot Arraugmneu's. (AMI S J. O. RULERS. State Centre and Chairtnau of < ouiuiittae. Join Rtrrimr, Secretary. JIIStELLAXEOCS, Artificial HUMAN eyes MADE TO ORDER AND iiisr.rle i by Drs. K. BAUCIl und P. (1<>UGKLMAMY ^nnnerlv employed by Holasouneau, of Ferle), 699 Broad Anew invention-patent for tub" united K'at.-e. u pai'ial lighih, hi neat Skal.'A In market. Ad | w bttore, autton D, H t I A L.Vl'Y.OI' SUPBRIOE'EDOOATION. OFFERS HER f?r l. cs ns ' end ra i uientlal letter ?riler and copy tat, nd learhrr of wiltlit- m twe ve laeauue, at bar 1 reaideuce, 1* \Ycat Twealy-eeventtt elroet. I Mie. BHRldlORirE. A LOVE AMULET SECURES THE AKFECTIONB OF tl e ? I p iiio sex. Send stamp for olrculur to Madam Nana, uov j.rst Poet oii.,-o. BAtIS for HUCRWftHAT KLOUR. We are iiotv liaviug made. t-Miei ially for the btmkwheeb trade, I'..per P me to bold III Ida., Hie. an.t JO lh?. The b"?t bin kbeat bag every ottered. Mold wholesale anil retail, aud neatly pi lined to order, at tliu Corn Eiclianro Bag Mannfavtory, 25 Pearl tlreof, em net- of Whitehall. it Is. CLARK A Cp. D8VOP.CE. ? ?! AVINil M'.DR THIS A SPECIAL aiiulv ui r.nir Ally years pmrtloo, tho niulerajgued Ltd I pri' ate viiu, ii.ui. ms on 11" eub eet. either personally o by letter. i I. KINO Chuq ellor at Aba Uroadmay. n*R. P.ICOr.D'H ESSENCE OK LIKE RESTORER maiilinod l 1 tlie (lebll i.ati'd ia four weeks, troin what ? |||'C?I cudMf Failure la I n i-.Hi'i!, Price $1, or four u iBiitlllne In one 1 I-$1. PHILIP ROLAND, Sblc Apeut fur the Cutled Slatca. U7 Broome rtreet, New Vor?. 1MMKNSF PRU KS PAID FOR OLD BOOKS. I (U.i .uiif 1 ail ItookM at bait priee. lO.f WD ."lei oaroplc Plet iri t c" nttr price. Ill),(ton Wcri. sen Iliaiory, Miatiaphv, Ac., at your price. ' Pbotograpbii: Pi tina-. .Simp i ugiarltiKa, Ac al anypr ce. I.EOCAT BKOTUERB, I I? Nasiau atrsel, i\ear lioekinan. 1 MPoHTAST.?LADIR.I' AND OKNTM:MEN'S LINRBT I I'linrii i?'ij 11 RXjIcndl l nt7ie and at dhort iruifp at Wain liigton La iiuh'y, 71 Cio >d fctre?t. N. Ji. ? 8hii tii unci Collars dune to |)ei*F?;ctiou. IETTE't WRITING AGENCY AND CONFIDENTIAL J Cofieap ndenre Ofli^", in? Uleeckee alreei ? Prlvaiai er? anTe. tmeinen.a, circular*, pulta, orations, document* oi all k.nda wi.iteato orJcr Mauu-c, ipts uoiilcd, revireA or t.-aiislHted Letierk wrilten by a literary lady. Oouti. dcutial c? H'ilta t,.n? to eorr '?'?m len i and literary appli eauti. l.eitoi Every deicrlptlon of orders received from a distance. Charges inodeialc. rlEUTK.VAYI' P IV.. IIIIRBKRT?PI.BABB CALL OB J s-n I v mi-Address tn No. 77 West Serenteenlb street. In onnali in of a lost fricud rauulrcd. HI.E MANTELS?THE BEST PLACE IN THR clt to leircba'e eh.*a|i and well (lnlsfied Mantels Is al M. KLABI.I' S Manlv'l NamifactTn-y. In9 East Rightcentll sir at, ncur Third avenue, Now York. Cut this out. NT1.W yChk btkam engine works. * o-i Mauufav-turera of M \ KIN K AND STATIONARY BNOINEB, MACHIKIlTS' TOOLS. AC. WKUJHT'B PATENT HEQMRST ALAND IMPROI n'.D II OKI/.ONTAL BNGINB, ?vnli AY right's p.v ;nt s..f id i listing Cut O i. UK Add AND lKOa CASTINGS furnished at short notice ' be tolluwlng Tools lor aale at the manufactory, foot or Tweutv Rilrd street. Past river ? Two K. 8. Lathes, i le t bed. lo inch swng. One hand I atlie. A f?et bed. i(i itn h swing. Two i.anu Lathes 7 te?t iievl, ill luoh * lag. Ore hnnd Lat'ie, 5 feet bed. If, inch aw ug. Three harnl 1 ather, <fj Inet bed, lu inch swing, t hree No. 2 I'mrtrht s I wo Pinners, kllthl.j feel. Oi,.- medium sire Ten n'ug Ma 'ilne. with copee. One Koniig Maehloe tor bliii a. 'firii No I raft's haad Sheir<, Two bo. 2 Tn.'t j li.tnd .Shear-. ivM WRIGHT, Frejidaat \!AK iV I cf / ALU NKWSPAl'KRN, BOOK.M AND PAMPIILKT8 , ' ' '"'big' 'at pr.'C" pa! I. Incisb, for .Ci kinds nf Vails I ape, ?nd Kaic- atand 22't Pulton street. Call and ln uolro beforo aeiitug n'scwhere. POI'-T ABLE F.NOINK DRI'A KTMENT OF THE WABH. iny .i I ran Wer-s. SewC irg. N. Y Agency No it I.I 'Ml <:oe New \ ork. room No S p.nctnes . f all aires, fiotn tin, e io t.urty bora - power lurmsbed at abort ?wlcn. PROPOSALS RICEIVED TOR CONCORD GRAPE Ju.oe, bv K. L PKUKY, cresho d, N. J. Paper bags. papp. r bags. He nig 1 ?ii aopo ri.ed o e agents In New York for the i ?? of the *'.*t?? ot Ma tilae Pap-'r Bags, made hy I'otl u;: -Oi'b A lAliitue , w o'er rhe hags, rnibractrg r kiu,| and ai/e. at ?? .ni.'a ? ? u- -r? at wholeaail and retai,. 11 K. Or.SRK A CO., corner of fr ari and n irtenaii. atresia. 'PTPN METVL ISO OLD LEAD WANTED CARli I HI be pall lor a i w i, undred wslgiit ot TvueMetai siut old Lead. Apply a*, the it* .k of ih!a o tice. fJ'HR UNDER-f'iNEb. IN OLD BCH: LaR OF TUE I I'liive- Hv OI Ta n diplooiated iviih dl tin Hon ?a : st elas ve er.i.arv - -rge-.n, l,. ? lea ?.? to ntoi#i tho puh "i that ha has ?t e- ahllsh, i h ,.aeif in ih:s illy, and o - rnhl aer-nea in ow nura of h -ses a? a well nract s?A d, tor. al .I- aaes oi os-n cow swine does ar.d to v a iv III he w, ; t-.s. e.i ;?y o. Ca I on t. P. KLRNBCIP, s luitiieiu ureet. tw ilo'.rs ot dpring s'reet I'ren, h and oerman spoken. A," EKGNi.w LI.ECTRO I HPMICAL HATIIS-NO. 119 ' 10 rth.avei v.. : .tied ';,r tbe antra,-tian of nta. :anr nnbstsuee< fr o tb. a stem and their ' i. <s?s In ehr?t.'?, vV . n, ?' Inhaler, for the curs of Cosa imptlpa. pateiite I in Vut: ca snd t irope. W ANTKD - A FIFTEEN HUNDRED GALLON II a,intra Doi Taut. la iuliaofC. if. Waik.ns, 4JJ llroome atieet, for four daya. Q CBNT8 P! r POUND PAID FOR OLD B00K8. Vh Newatmpcrs. Pa > jtbieis. Ac. M AN A11A 8 A MILLAR. W hhlesml* Paper Warehouse. Hi Sprues street. N. T. (BP4HT8EK8IIIP. A VOI NO MAN speaking bnglish and qbr. man. who has noo,.- 8 k. (A) , w.uid lias to enter Into solus rr-pe' latile paring 'uisin'ia, or would ac spt a ailua lion < l?rk. Can give goo , i*r*rrr>i*t. AdJreaa 6. P. Kay. b<,? AT Newark N. j ) post odlce. ATOMS man. who has had some thrbr yean rxpcnsni-e in the wholesale and retail grocery I ntlDc-a d'airrs to enter nto partuerahtti with soma o d rs abnihsd linn Addieas If. H W. Herald office with I till partlniitSt a. Nooe but first i lass ared apply. % RES P8CT A BLR PARTY, WITH A FFfw HUNDRED ft dollars cash, wihiug to go tn the'ubaulute bustnsw na-- ud a r- .able nan, tbarougby acpnuuted with tho bus.nets, by a drrA'ng G, H.. Herald o Ice. Ut Ml. TUAL COSSP.NT AND AOP.EKMENT MR. BD w*r I Pft't Lot' b as w, hdihwn asj artner from our ho. ?e in l o s -wioesland, ,nd New Turk, aad eeaaaa tram to .ay to t e . urn of lie .rni. t.t'TZ Hltol liits, 71 Nassaa st sst. Nrw Yoeg, A ig .a- ISoa Partner wanted.-a gentleman having the roatrol af a irge ?hlp sus . ii of Wiura. iduo.ira Ac w s'ics a paitnei wuh about t?> eaan eapltal. First oI relerep '? ''vrd and re,pilied. B isineas all caab AfSnw L. M . boa Id Ile al I o i ce, tor thiee days. PAHTNER WAN TED?WITH A MODBRATR CAP!. Ul. n .n mabnvhed an I a .?y a'ul bualneas. which ia cool e I on a insli baa I a. and ? a able ot being treatlv ei ten let. Ad t > esa LL logs: >0. Herald odl ?. PARTNER WANTED-WlTn 8IS,0"*?. TO TARE TBI p a, e Of a re ring i aitner in a well eatabltaheJ Huai reas on Broadway, whi -h hat no co opetltlon Last of ra feran ?? mutt i>e eichanged. Omy prine pals, with real us lies Wi be notwad. Address .Merchaul, bo* lul Harald OHld. Tnp. FtRM of OG LYIS A ; O'.V is TIIIR DAT DIS wMvert by mtii'ial , on?eat. Ilcnrv W. Low Is author? l, Sd to , npjllats tbe all an I. A (KilLYlB ? . HENRY W LOW. _Nc ?' Pita stater. Naw Toa?. Rapt I. 1884 \\*ASrRD-A PA' TV Willi f"< rt> 81 rv a '? very prwntable and resiieciable bnslneaa. Will bw taaep on a libera! salary or a s?i*re of the piotla Tht beat of aecurllv gives Addresa. stating whsrs to be aeea, Mr. Armstrong, bat 148 Ua a d office. WANTED?AN at'TIVS PARTINKR WITH FROM ?l8,ia,0?n 8>'. **'? <? *'1vertlaers la parehaa Ing tha Interesis or a retir ng 'um. both in tbe manofaetur ,ng and obbmg 1'iyr Itanglnga trada. A record of SOaya years suecsetul Pasmesa ia show. Addrsaa J. B., boa 2,139 New York Fost office. ?? S,-r\n -A YOUNG MAN WOULD LIKE TO ARBO ? JU". ciate ia nine agltimale paring bnstnaaa already established, where tb_s amooni aad hit tor*toe* wouM bs required Address W C. Ma-on, boa 138 Harald oOloa, whera an laternfw can ba bad. rvaitiTDKH. N EXTRA "R DIN ART OPFORTUNITT FOR HOCB8 ? raaaaia carnas rarmiea Easy Cha rs and Lwongaa Ae.; ?'*T.?ii*ilf D'niog Room Furnitara, laqaira at IIS Waal Bfhth atrsoi, aeacBtith araanav FICKHABDTR RXTHNBION SOFA ABD FARLOR Be.latea.l fa en li rely d I St rent from tbe oommoa eo/?

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