Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1864 Page 3
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gITl'ATlQilgWAilTgP-y?M*t<??. A young woman wishes to GO TO CALIFOB ? lft with ? family; would mftke berss'f generally uoeful during the voyage; go nurae or In any older capacity. Address 8., box 8,394 foot office. A SITUATION WANTBD?BT A RESPECTABLE WO man ?* Ural olaos cook; Ibo beat city reference given Cftll ftt 19* Eftftl 14th ?t. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT GIRL, HAVING THB A beat of city reference*. wlabea ft sr. nation aschamler aiftld tod woltroaa. or would do general bouaework id ? email private family. Call at or addreaa 1U5 Mftdiaoo at.. Saucy atore for two day*. NUMBER OF WELL RECOMMENDED OBRMAN female* want situation* ?* cooks, chambermaids and Munilre***", nuraoa and girl* for general housework, Ac., at Mrs. LOWE'S German Institute, 17 Sutnton at. near the Bowery. RB8PECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, HAVING loflt her o?bv, winhe? to get a baby to wet nurse, either at her own residence or to go out to a respectable lAiuily. ?all At or address 256 John street, Brooklyn. A A YOUNG OIKL, LATELY ARRIVBD FROM DEN mark, desire* a place aa chambermaid or to do general housework In a genteel American family: salary no object, ?onlbo aeen tbie day at No. 9 Beach place. South Brooklyn A YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN. WHO HAB LOST her llrat child, three weeks old. would like to take ?pme lady'* baby to miree at ber own bouae. Inquire at 12* Went 28th it. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RBSPBOTABLE Protectant, to do general housework In a atnall private family; good city reference if required. Call for two dftya at 483 6tn av., rear liuuee, top tloor. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK In a private family; beat city reference given. Call tor three daye at 76 Weot 28tn at, between 6th and 7th avi. A DRESSMAKER, WHO GOES OUT BY THB DAY, wante a few more customers. Addreaa for out week M. W., elation D, Sth at. Oft SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNG GIRL. AS chambermaid and waitress. Alao by a reapectable g girl, aa cook, waaher and lroner In a small private ly. Have beat city references. Call at 160 Eat! 31st at. 8 COOK, WASHER AND IRONER-BY A PRO L testaftt girl; good city reference. Call at 179 3d av. A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION In a respectable family, to do general housework. Coll at 87 W est 2sth at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A PIT uatlon aa uurse and chambermaid, or as chambermaid and waitress; bas tne best of city reference. Can be seen at 126 East 29th St., between 2d and 3d avs. A GERMAN GIRL WANT8 A SITUATION TO DO general boutework. Call ftt 111 otb at., 2d lioor, front room. YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CIIAM bermaid and waitress. Call at >26 West 27tli st. A CAPABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUA. tion as chambermaid aud lauudre-s; does French Hut fag. box plating, and thoroughly understands ber business; the best of city r-ference giveu. Cau be seen at 3d West IStfa at., first door, front rObm. A YOUNO LADY WANTS A SITUATION TO TRAVEL te California as lady's maid or with a family. Address H.. Herald ofilcc. A BESPBCTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A email priwate family to do general housework Good city reference. Call at 418 Weil 25tn at, between ilth aud l?tb avs. AS 8EAU8TRKSS?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, WHO IP fully competent; understands dressmaking. City ref erence. Apply at 176 East 17th at., between lit and 2d are. A RESPECTABLE AND WELL RBCOMMENDBD woman rleatrea a situation In city or country, aa C'ok ?ad laundre.-a; la an excellent wakber and lroner and good wok and baker; would do cbamberwork and washing, or ftftusftwork. Call at 378 6tb ftv. A NEAT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS GOOD cook, and to assist In the washing and Iroolng. Good *My reference can be given from ber last place. Cun be seen at 127 Greenwich av. A RBSPBCTABLB PERSON. WHO HAS LIVED OUT eevcral years In New York, Is desirous of a few gentle men a washing, or weald have no objection to a nice famiiy'e washing. Has the best of reference, if required. Call at M 1st av., between I9tb end 20th its third boor, room 12. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A WILLINO, CAPABLE girl, to do cooking or general housework; Is an ecu no mixing and trusty seivant and an eiee lent washer aud lroner, neat and respectful; beat or rcf?reiices given; city ?r coanlry. Apply at 121 Atlantic at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPBRIENCED girl, with excellent city reference, as waitress and nhamnermald. Call for two daye at 33 West 18th st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL, AGED 18, to mind a baby, or do light work; best reference, ?all at 210 Weal 25th at. A FRENCH GIRL WISHES AN ENGAGEMENT AS eeamstreis and chambermaid . is a competent person, ?oil at 294 7tb av., corner ef 29th at.; entrance on 29lb it. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE8PBCTABLE young woman, as cook, wbo baa had ten years pvarticnl experience; la willing to make herself generally useful. the beet city reference given. Can be eoen at 22t ?re. A, corner of 1Mb st. A MIDDLB AGED WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A to do plain cooking In a small family. Inquire at 242 ?Hkabetb st 4 GOOD DRESSMAKER, WHO CAN DO WHITE J1 sewing perfect, wants a situation, lo or out of the haute. Inquire ot 143 Laurent it., lu the yard. SITUATION WaNTED-BV A YOUNG WOMAN. TO DO either housework or chambarwcrk Call betwecu tho hour* of 10 and 1 o'clock, ai 131 Forsyth it., first floor. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RKSPBCTAHLB YOUNG women, as cook, washrr and lroner. Good references. Oft I lor two days at 6.1* 2d av., between 34th and 3Mb its. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG GIRL, A3 FIRST waitress, no objections lo ciuuibirwork. Good softrencrs. Apply at 201 Wast 2*.:tb at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG girl, as chambermaid or waitress, is not long in the oouatry. Apply at 33 West 13th St., between Mb and tith avs. SITUATION WANTBD?BY A MIDDLB AGED WOMAN, topio house work of a small family; good plain cook, waaher and lroner. or would taks charge of a widower's family; Apply at No. 3 Walts sk Can be seen for three daye. situation wanted?bt a first class cook. OlUnderstanda English and American rooking; bas the best of city reterenca from ber lost plaee. Call at 73 West I7vh st ITUATION WANTBD-BY A WIDOW LADY, AS LA dy's maid, or to go out as hairdresser. Apply to Mre. 43 Rlririaton at., eecood floor, front room. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A SMART GIRL, TO COOK, wash and iron, la an excellent washer and lroner; the beet of city reference from her last place. Call at 170 18th at, between 7lb and Sth avs ItWO GIRLS WANT 8ITUATIONP-ONK TO COOK. . wash and iron an I aaalst In housework; the other to do ?p slairi work and sowing, in a small private family. Ap ply ironi 9 to 12 al 103 West 2lis st. WANTED-KMPLOYMENT. BY DAY OR WEEK. BY a competent dressmaker, who understands all kinds ef family sewing. Inquire at 63 Weit .'Otb st., over the Mara, back room. WANTRD-BT A WIDOW LADY, A SITUATION A3 housekeeper, or attendant upon sn invalid Apply t? ?r address Mrs H . 116 West 3Jd it. WANTF.D-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do chamberwork and waltlns In a private family, or would ase'st with the washing and Ironing; good reference given. Call at *9 West diet at., near iih av. In the etore. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO ds general heueewort lu a email prtvnia family. Can ha aaen for two day* at 224 Hudson at. w ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE PROTB8ANT GIRL, a situation as chambermaid. Caa ba ,ooeu for three ys at her last place, its v, est 12th st WANTBD?A 8V0ATI0N. BY A RBSPBCTABLB young woman, to do cbamberwork and watting; would be willing to assist in the care of children. has good edty reference. Call at 34 Pacific el., Brooklyn, near Hleka. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BESPBCTABLE German girl, ae cham'.armaid, baa llvad with the heat families la Germany Iaquire at 146 avenue C, In the bakery. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE. BT A married wemin. who haa loot ber baby; eity refe ranee Gall at ill 2d eve., near 23d at., eecond floor. -UTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY young girl. In a private tamllv. aa sham barmaid and laandreaa Bait of city reference glren, Call at 234 Bast WABTKD-HT A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION TO do ehamberwnrk and waning or would do genarai housework in a ema'l private family. Good reference*. Can be seen for two days at 124 best 24th st. WANTED.?A LADY. A CORRECT AND RAPID writer, would like a fltuatlon as copyist: would not ?bject in go in an ollice. or would line a siiuat'oa ae clerk and saleswoman. Address bet 2*7 Post office. Brooklyn. Thl ANTED?BY A RESPECTAHLE YOUNO WOMAN. YY ? situation ae chainbermai i or laundreae, con be well vwommsnded from ber lost plocd. Call far one day al 141 Wast ifitb st. Wanted-by a RBSPBCTABLB Woman, a 8ITCA tlon ?? cook; haa an objection to oaslst with ti e wash log. hi give the heat city refereucei. Call at 122 Bail Mth it r AfiftlNQ ABD IRONING WANTED BY A reepertab a married woman at bar own house?respect I family waahlag, gentlemena or hotel waehlng; can gel ?a years' recommendations, Coll at 138 Wait Nib St., the rear. WAMTRD.-A WOMAN WANTS BOMB WASHING: ?he weald like to waeh for ladle* or geatlemaa. Call at 322 7th tv., near SUtb et. room 16 w T ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RBRPBCTABLB womas, aa first ens eoak; would assist with the waehlng; hasgaoit eity references. Apply for two daye el Mr pros*ni em plater's. 227 (new Nov) West I2d st WANTBD-BY TWO RBSPBCTABLB OIRLSI SITUA ttona: on* aa eook and the other as chambermaid; the bast of city references. Call far Iwa day* at *01 Ttb av., ' 41st ?L WANTED-A ? IT (7 ATI ON, BT A YOUNG WOMAN, lately landod, te 6o gsnerol housework. Coll at 181 Wast Mth st. XKTAVTED-BY a YOUNG OIRL, A rttuation a? YY sham bermaid and seamstress. Call at 2M Bast MR Wj ??""?llon^dsfalieSft**1'* YOUNO WOMAN BQK7AN1RD?NT A RMPNOTABLN YOUNG WOMAN YY ? situation as laundress In a private family, p .11 ?va"**0*' App,, " 111 W*,t 11(1 ,' ? hetwtin %D(J WANTBD-A SITUATION, IT A YOUNO wowaw as seamstrses perfectly understand* S .fti,,, ??*??' ?ng dresses and aottielomert to wall fa hldlr. STlil. m*mm m, * 0,1 * SITUATIONS WARTlD-rBllLBI. ITanted-by a YOUNG OIRL, A SITUATION as r??M ihatnbermald and waitress or to take rare of a small ' ? ; Ji Apply ie the store, 167 Court el., between Balllo end Warren eta, Brook Iy u, hr. Swanaella WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITOA v,l,on ?o cook, watth and Iron; prefer* a eteady place to high wagea Call at 1U Weal 19th aC OTANTED-SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESPECTABLE "roteitaut girl*. n? a* good plain cook and good I 7*! .er:, other as chambermaid and waiter; la willing to aalit with the wanking and ironing. Hare all year*' refer. r^fiiViy.r'n '"k if1. PUc?a; ""H Prefer to lire together. ! I all at 167 Elizabeth *t.. room 14. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl aa cook, and a**lal with the wasting and ironing: can make broad, cake and biscuit. Has the be?t of ?''i.r?f,r. nc?. Can be seen for two day* at SM lat av., f1'* entrance between the paper and Jewelry store, second floor, back room. ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO GIRL A /i^Lt ?'tuiiUou as chainbortna d and to do hue washing. Good reference. Can be seen for two daya at 791 >4 Weal 17th ?!., second floor, front. 79 SITUATIONS WANTEp-MALEli A YOUNG MAN WISHES FOR A SITUATION^IS ^u:.r".T#..r.l?P? ^h^1'0UM5' ,wh7rr he coul<l make himself ' . b?',IB * c'erk In a general ib>rc in Ire e l' "I .?111 ku?d quick at figure* and can pro aid 48 10 ^racier, Ac. Addreaa|*. W. .Her A TOUNO MAN AND WIFB WISH SITUATIONS? k!Sf TlmL "nd ?room; the latter to do general rZtLJLZm ' ^1, will begenerally uaefnl. City and country reference. Add:e?*T. MT, box afa Herald offloe. A MARR,Eo COUPLE WANT SITUA iLT.?!J ' m8D M "OAohmaa (la a thorough groom), f h lo 4nJ chambermaid; both are willing Can a? 1*1 u reC!mn",ndVk)" ,rom th?'r "sal place, caii At 11 J-ay it., brooklyo, until eocigeil, A GENTLEMAN. WHO HAS BEEN A' MANUFAC ai'ow !^Vnn.,?n w ?fk 801,1110 ",lr?p? to Introduce A ntw invention. and would hue to take cUaruc of soma other patent. tor Bolflotra. France and Uermli"3? BesJ m >ix uui of' rcu and required. Address for one week L. R., Ho ttieet kcr, atreet, ^New Turk. A ^?.Mi'0,8ITC)iR' W?? SPEAKS SEVERAL LAN V , "??* of ,TI?cilng with a situation where ler, 6i Me? r^','Ney ?eiier*"y UHe[u>- Address Composi \ Ti?-^? MAN" WEl>k EDUCATED, WISUEB A 7lUBt'on as ass stum bookkeeper or entry clerk, or 5u.i insurance ojue; has the best of rrcorunieiida lieu. ......i' is loltn W. llamiltoa, ij.; Lewis at. A YOUNG MAN, WITII CONSIDERABLE EXPERI. At went* a situation in a tailor's trimming or ?!, hnir-e, uh "' C'luan. or In any capaciiv in which he could give .atlsfucltoti to his employers. Best of refer ence giveu. Address L. X., Herald office. "?si. oi reter CONFIDENTIAE SKCRKTARY ? SUCH A PO^lTinw uern-fw G * ;ei*ele i'T'- p",,Hr incidentally or New York". * ulna Achates, nation G i'ost oflice FTAl.I.?(,u..!,EH"T ENGAOEI) IN MANUFACTURING ,, , superintending for eleven years, from outside far? in74'm, 9 V; r"f?r.-ncsS Will snbetaniilie the theILL L,7sL '' w,t 1 resP""-">1" Parti -a to Ira's! ? box AN Bond. It. N.' Y""pennten,; ? tein>^ *1500 Adores. Jy '-APITALTSTS, hoop skirt man CendinrV vvh "i? braiding machines. The nn cerslgDr 1. b<> is a thorough business man, both theo-eticul "ess oPfrwhia 'LU,a,nl8a ,U^tlou 88 m*nager of a new bum' thel'nlt^i c,1! at Present only eight factories in (or nSl .?fi! y rlng ?ma:l e-'pital. the goo Is selling ?rr,. L '1 f."r rrontalrlfs than hoop skirt* r k' H.W '0ttn'' - "'clock, to LOT IS (,' OT1, 3.39 Broadway, th!r?l Uoor, front. OITUATION WANTED?BT A TOUNO MAN OF~2l -y,,Sr9, a.s'cre. or commission lionse. to uiuke himself generally useful Address .1. D., llcrald oflice, SITUATION tv am ED - as COLLECTOR. OUT DOORS kp BAlesiiia.i oi trarolljuga^ent; iv well acquainted all or<*r the country, partic.ilarlv in the stationerv, lancv goods and drug business. Address Stationery, box 2t)ii Herald T".?tuaUon.RhiS^R 13 DESrROU" OF OBTAINING A uKia i ?..* Ifood pcurnan. of ftricL biiBinpfei habits, and w lllug to Uevotti his best elI'ort9 for the intsiest of hlsemploier. llrst class referen e will be given Cd dress 8. fc. O.. box 17(1 Herald odh-e. fc TI^ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO MAN WHC l;s Vrr,"aii- i:rencl1. It Allen and English, and un derstaiids'l-'ublc entry b'lokkoeplng.'n a who exile or re kx ItJuieAl'ld office. LM' ?f A"drcM N. B? WANTBD-BT A YOUNO MAN, A SITUATION AS b:utender ,n some first class house: ran rhs good cltv irFuR0?st?"B,ZklJm,:"ge<1 " Wpichu?*'dinin, saloon WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN OF SBVEP.AL YEARS h * erP,'rl("r"'". a situation as bookkeeper, assl-lant bn'ol wriEss'a Mod"h m enj,ry;",rl< ' " 4 'l"lck accountant ?n,' To!. f S , I'?' rise* reference as to ability Address J. T.. box ltd llerald oillre. sonny. SITUATION, BT A TOUNO MAN beatoi 7ef??.nLP?it''. "'"-??P'ng and business Tue W E?' Herk^d omoa t0 MptC"J And mo?lA AJarei. J. tVANTED-A SITUATION. A3 BOOKKEEPER OR lent an? lhle?h. " J"0110* mA" thoroughly pomne !?"'.A"I1 *1,f> lbe best oi references. For the last two v.-sri a"dcs? f'"Pl0-V"'t '? "VV enoy Herk. Vh 7^r/rfrnish*th? be.^*cl'tfitffi' R" either to .-mer g .o is or m any eapacitv where a yo u,? n,a TT TyANTED?A 811 UAHON. AS TIME KEEPER. I IRE ,'.r,orrl"?k' by one who has all the requisites fm 4 Position, ltcsi of reference., Ac. Address c. C\ Herald oflice, for one week. fl/ANTED?BV A COMfBTB.VT TOUNO MAN. WHO i ? ii twenty .veari o; a^e, a Hituatloo aa writer or Ivt.ina lawvfr a o:)kr\ oi tn anr r^<Artr,b!* rara- itv hv ?rlnrh he.xfn inak.; Mnnaolf uaefa! tr> bis #tih?: oi- j ? :aod Penman, and ran funrtita tno baatof rnarorr^f.' Ad lr??s J. O. K.. I ntriAQi County Houao, corner ?th ar. and loth st., New York. TyAMKn-A SIT ATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED , ?uan, in a harJwaits ftorf; has *ome eiiitriooce lie t hf reference given. Addrd-s IV. V.. Meratl oflice TV7ANTED-A SITUATION. IN t W IIOLESALK~IUO ?? eery or tea ?arehoose. as c erk or assiitaul, b? a young man wk" I a, J busine-s lorfourtcaislns .sa i> ibiiu ho .?<?. lielercnce. fro u i re cut emp'oxer tn this city. Addrea. E M . Herald oflice. P J THE TR4DGS. A GERMAN DRAUGHTSMAN DESIRES A SITUA Hon with au architect. Addre a M. U. W , Herald ollice Aruoroc.iupHio operator wantkd-for V ''?'Stn.burc. One competent in all the brunches of u'o? , T: 'J: H ' "fhiannnt *?' on by applying tu .1 una brill, /i 14 Chat am square. A TOUNO MAN WANTED?TAILOR, OP GOOD^AP pcarance. sno * ho speaks German and French, and hasa goo I dl,|Nt-!tion. to hr r in a house -ui I in Itvs . It is not ncessarv to he an arc , p'tsh -d c- tier, as ir-ti lions will be given. Addre-s Merchant Tailor, station i> rOft OniCC. Brewers -wanted, to make ax engagement in a drat class brewery, hy a competent brewer and KSleter. Unexceptionable reference* given. Addrea* B . box I6i llerald .>u oe. FM0URDK1MKR MACHINE TKNDPR WAKTKD-AT Jeasop A Moore'a i>ai>er miila. near Wiimingtou, Del Apply by mall to H, N. Moae'y. Wilmington . Del. File cutters and porui ks wanted -,?mall Mill, Small bastard an 1 8tria'l Smooth Cuttera wanted lowborn aeventv are percent advance will bo paid. A double hand forger nl?o wanted to whom fittw tor rent ;>d vaneo will bo paid Aoply at the Llvlnt.ton Maniifaciiiring La a, Jobnatown, N Y ; or No 8 Dev aireet, N Y. J Marble ci tters and polishers wanted. orUOkl?2. corner of Fort Groen piece end Fulton ev.. Photographer Wantkd-a young ma.v or oar?d'? ifo?? 'a i" d4rk, r0Ora ,nd ,0 m*k' hlmae'f aqnare P" ,0 Ju"us Brill, Ji<3 Chatham POCKRTBOOK MAKERS?WANTED. THREE OE .,?' bend*. <n com moo oiorocm wallela te go lo Philade phia Salary fair an J steadv employment Au. ply to A Owen. '71 Broadway, haaamenl P mo BOtiKRINDKRS.-WANTRD. FOUR OOOD FIR. ^ * TO loss HARNF.dd MAKERS-WANTEdT BT A aoher and at-a ty man. e aiiuatloo in the above bualnei* genapeient lo take th* entire charge of a ahop. Apply, by letter or In peraon, at 4S7 Greenxvich airtai New York W-ANTBD-A GOOD BLBCTROTYPER; ONE WHO , * SA* worked In a tvpe foundry preferred; ateady em pleytnenl and good wegei will be given. Alan three rrla to mb end break type. JA8 CON.NKR s sons! Keade at , corm-r of Centre. WANTKD-A FIRST CLASS OOLD CUTTER APTLY at 31 Wooaler ft ROBT Ot)TT!ER. KfW) BONNET I RAMB MAKERS WANTED-POST. lively nnue but gmd haoila need epp.y good wars, and ateady work. App.yat J-l Canal at.. Bxcelalor Maun fftctory. iiKf.r WARTID-HALRI, At THE MERCANTILE AGENCY-WANTED TO DAY travelling agent, huekk.epera ahipptng clerk hotel alerk, dr) go-da aale.inan, drug clerk, e mductor. fnrniture, lanry g >od. aa eaman and porter Other ?Una. Hons open. Resectable men ran elwava And emrloytannr by ratling on tie early. Merchant, and other* .itpplted wiiK help free of charge. Call and aee. t). MONGGMK'sV a CO.. ?flfl Breadwav. room ?. up ata.rv ,HBnJ .? AT COMMERt IAT. AGENTT, 197'i AND 299 mTTTTi way, wantad, thtaday, a steward. *e ,vV"fIr*V' assist art bookktener. entry clerk, aroeery cle ?'f p_'l ? *'*? Insurance clerk, ?r> g toda aaleamen. fu' clothing salesman, clerk In produce romr , ^ JJ*"' le check freight, conductor, drug clerk i~.?? ellt\ rtattiirant, ateware for farm and ' ,i.uhvtn ??? light porter. These p aces are all e VelSSfSlff , ?L and ran be had by ealllng carlt. ' ,La , Eo?? ?? sgelof merrhann. Reape< table L?i.M e?l EILIV^ ?ant at thie otBee OrganHcd OSCAR Rtfo^* A<&m?aMkA>? ' '' I* * pew hours rrll Prlre Parkage* ?!i3 d#T ^nd ?"??'?i''"'. ?*?? large aire sealed more than 4oub' ? .'?'.?'?fAnteed. Every dollar In levar watch pre.enir V / A a0"" g"'"! silvar wealed to tetabiiah ^ f* '*9b Ageot. Smart men Connie right* rree Agenclgr, in every town and Tillage. Everybedy bey* ih ??!?? Immeaee. demand Inrraae ng. litfld, enniaialng fr" ?4 wr grant new elreniar fov 8 O RICIARP a VrGl New premium Inducemeate. free. orlgiaaL large I. 7 i '02 etreet. New Tork. tka werld M a?'- oldaat Ptlta Tack am house la lb* A??U.TX AT9BLT. FOR k NEW tttar neeoad in every house; (8 per day ,# *ootxtt '?? A^IhufiVl". '? PARTIALLT PARALYZED. ..??'n 8 .r?f^. i ml? P*' 01,8 who nader.linita the Site tea at ,1? V. ' ' r8,,r8no? requlradi Apply at 169 A DRNTIST OP ORRAT BIPIRIRNCB WILL TBACH A3 Ad HELP WANTED? HALES. _ A BOY of 16 WANTED?ONB WOO WKITHB A good hand. and can speak Oi-rman and English. ply, with relereuiva, to Capl. Combs, M Ltapenard at. Akaeb cbamcb.?wanted, agents to bell Smith's Patent Burglar Alarm. Great Inducements offered. Can make t" or $10 per day. State Rights for sale. Apply at 532 Broadway, room A A MALYTICAL CHEMIST WANTED?ABLE TO i fl aiNt in giving lalieratory Initructlon to itudenta. 2 dreaa W. T. F. Western Post office nation, Philadelphia. ABOT WANTED-A HOY PROM 10 TO 17 TEARS OP age, ons wbo writes a good baud and la quick at figures: a good recommendation ia required. Alao a boy to pack apleea. Apply at 389 Hudson si. GOOD WAITER WANTED?AT 045 BROADWAY; one wbo understands bis business perfectly. A BAR KEEPER WANTED-ONE TO ASSIST. THAT understands tbe busines well and can bring tiie best of city reference. Apply at 107 Spring st, corner o; Mercer* AN ACTIVE, I N'TE LI,I (iRNT MAN WANT8D?AS bead waiter in a vary large first class prii ata boarding bouse; musi bn entirely competent and bring good reference I run last place. Apply at 22 Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. Ant one wishino to make money bt sell lug at wholesale and retail, un commission. a new use ful and popular patent article that every person wants et present, and Is baring a great sale, will call at once at 59 Warren street, up stairs. Sand stamp for circular. J. HAVEN A 00. Boy wantbd-to attend bar, at 032 dth at., corner *3.1 at. Uetereneea required. Boy wantbd-for saloon, inquire at bt. Mark's Place Hotel, corner 3d ave. ana 8th *1. Bor wanted-in a coal ofpich, who can write e fair band and bring good references. Salary $2 60 per week first six menlhs. Apply at 334 West ltftn ?t., near 10th a?. "DOT WANTED-ABOUT 15 YBARS OF AGE, TO WORK X> In n buokblndery. Apply at 149 Broadway, tblrd story. Drug clerk wanted?one who is acquaint ed with tbe city retail aud prescription business. Ap - ply at 177 av. C, corner Iltb SL, New Tork. Drug clerk wanted.?apply for two days at 430 UroaJwav, corner of Broome St., room No. 9. between 10 A. M.a ud 2 P. M. Drug clerk wantkd-onh who thoroughly understands tbe buslue.-e; reference required. Apply at 151 Bowery. ljTIQHTIXG MAN WANTED?ONE WHO CAN STRIKE J fr >m tbe "bon der, u not afraid of knives, pisto'v, Ac., end can fax unt three or lour towdle* if they impom on hun; a detective, sporting Bun or ex-pollremnn preferred; must be a hear/ weight; wl I be required for a few days only. Give some Id *a of wages required per day. Address Excursion, box 125 lieis -1 ollice. OYSTEF.MAN WANTED ?GOOD WAGES TO A GOOD mnn. Inquire at St. Mark's Place Hotel, eorucr of 3d aye. and 8th st. SIX DOLLARS MADE FROM FIFTY CENTS.?CALL and examine something urgently needed by everytio lv. or samples sent free bv mail for fifty cents that retails for $0, by K. L WOLCO'i'r, 17U Chatham square, N Y. TO AGENTS.?THE BEST STATIONERY PACKAGES in the word; also. Lithographic Portraits, McUlellan. Lincoln, Grant, and all the leading Generals; also. Battle Scenes, Album Gems, War Maps. its. The United States Army blploma sent free for nftr cents. Send stamp for circular :o JuHN GIBSON. 32 Beekman street, N. Y. TO DENTlS'l'n.?WANTBD. AN OPERATOR OR PLATE worker. Mail applicant! will give age. how long den* lists, in what branch they excel and the wages required. Address or apply to Preterm, 169 Bowery. Ait-0 a young man for the labuntlory. TirANTED?FOR SHORT WHALING AND FISHING *1 voyages, lrom live to eight months (from $3<?l In $500), fifty landsmen, coopers, carpenters. 4c.; alao. men for the navy and urtny, at S7 West st,, corner of Albany. JAMES A CO.. Agents. WANTED.?A GOOD BUSTNUSS MAN. WITH OA PI vr tnl. wishing to take an inturest ia an established lea ther ..apanniug liusiuevs. cau bear of a good opportunity by addressing A. Z., box 206 Newark Post ollice. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED CASHIER AND uookkeeper for a shipping ollice. Oue of experience and having unquestioned testimonials as to nhllKy. honeety and liidti-iry, may obtain a desirable situation by add revs ug box 4,516 Pot* office. WANT1 D ?AN ACTIVB. INTBLLIGKNT POY. FROM 14 to 16 years of age, in a wholesale establishment; must write a plain hand, he accurate at (lgur?s ami reside with his parents, balary first year, $101) Call at 274 Front St., from 11 till 2 o clock. WANTED-AN ENTRY CLERK, EXPERIENCED IN the drv goods business. A irircus. stating references, salary rxp -c'.cd and a 1 particulars to L. T Y., Herald > IDce. WANTED.?YOUNG MEN OUT OF EMPLOYMENT can procure good ^ Illations, for one. two or tliree years, as stewards and clerics on some -if ih>- finest ships in ihe world, going on a cruise up the Medtieiianesii. Also seamen, landsmen, coal paa-cra and firemen The highest bounties will be paid by applying this week at 43 Peck slip, up stairs. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS SALESMAN IN A HAT store: al-o a boy, alio it 15 years of nge.tto work In the shop. Apply to K. U. Amnion, '64'J Broadway. Y17ANTKD THIS DAY-ABLE BODIED MEN, AS rf nur-es on bonril U. 3. irausports. ami a so In the ho*, pilal.s, N. Y harbor; pav $21 a month and board. Apply, with re omui'Ddxtic ne, to K. C. ELLIOTT, 1.7 Bleeckcr st. WANTRD-AN ACTIVE YOUNG MAN OA FA BIN OP making h msvlf gent tally useful in a hotel. Apply a the Madison Aveuua lTotel, corner of Tweuty-sernntb at. 1 WANTED-A BOY, TO ATTKND BAR; MUST COKE well n iimnicuded. Apply to B . K. Murpby, 235 7tb I VS., near 9$tb st. Ur ANTKD -AN FIt R VNI) BOY. IN A FANCY GOODS house. mu?l live with his parents Address, with ref erence, aie:ing salary cipeeled, 11., bo. 4,057 Pu?i ollice. WANTED TO-DAY AND ALL THIS WBEK?MEN FOR voyages.n m< r. haul ships, flTh'ag aid whallu voy ? aresKn-'. the Nayr. arntnen and green hands, RANDALL A UOCK1NBY. lHt, West St., corner of Ueade, up stairs "IX'"ANTED?A KM \RT BOY. FROM 14 TO 17 TEARS yy ol sge. to make himself generally uaeiul In a fancy store. Apply to ?. Harris, S73 Broadway, corner of 18tb si. TINTED?A GOOD MAN AS WAITER. AI'PLY AT the Waverlev Restaurant. 097 Brand way. w W ANTKD?TWO STEADY MBN A3 COACHMEN; one for too ca?, th< for the country, both must NLilly experienced in driving and In the care of horses, and bring roronti.-ndat.ons from their last emploier*. Ei re; erit wages. Apply to Mr. CHULSlorHER, 10 Tl lnry at. Brolilyrr ' WAN I T.D?AN ACT1 \ E MAN. Willi To $V\ TO sell an article affording large profile; helf Interest gLcn. Apply to W. II Bstt. 491 Broadway. rANTED?A YOUNG MAN Art COLLECTION CLERK In ait nib-*: musi have tbe test city references. Ad drcSb A. G. Herald oiliee. W WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO GO A SHORT DIN. lance Into the ,-ountr?. to lake care of a horse and cow. must understand rallktng, and be a good driver. Ap ply after 1 n etbek to day at 40 West tftb et. WANTED-TWO OR THREE GOOD CARPET SALE* men. App v at Bos. 1 aud 3 Bowery. W^^HANTRD-A rURNirCHE SALESMAN. APPLY AT I I II Bowery. WANTBD-A HOY FOR THE COUNTRY; MUST BP. eb.e to n.ilk cows and less rare of horses. Apply et the drug store, C71 Hudson st., corner ol Jaue. W^HANTKD-A SIX i I man TO WORK IN A LIVERY *Ub e. he must he solar nud understand hit business, Oood wagesgivre. Apply at .11 t'enalet., livery stable.? WANTED?A MAN WHO THOROUOHLT UNDER stan-fa tbe retail fish and oyster bus:nets. Apply la the butcher's shop earner of Tilth et. end 2d ev. WANTED?A YOUNG OR MIDDLE AGED MAN. IN aa Hislrectlre eepaeity, id a dally newspaper ofliee la Bis city; mutt be democratic in saatlmeat. willing to work late and sarly, and have a rash capital of $200 at security for faithfulness, a know .edge of the bin iris*-, nut aeceaeary If Inclined to i?arn. Address Printer, boi 130 Herald offl.'e. WHHABTEP-A YOUNG MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS tbe gro-ery hualaesa of a cash store aad k not afra d to work, and can bring eiti reference. Apply to W. J. Het tr k l?4 Myrtli ev . freok'jm. ?1 ()(U1 * YEAR?OURGANVASSFRsrtN MARK vLaiHU thiaamoanL Forparticnlarsaddress (stamp enclosed > er call on Pierre Wyikoff, publication ollice of Jneeph Lelng, 107 Fulton street. New Yerk. home . apltal required. ~HELP WASTED?FF.MALBI. | NUMBER OF GOOD N K U VARTS WANTRO IMMR diateiy. to All superior en lations now ready, with some ef the highest families now returning from tbe eountrr Parties wani ng good pares to every rapacity will not bn rtieeppolnled by applying to Mr. MANNING, 15 Court et corner of Jorelem-m. Brooklyn. AOIRL WANfRD-TO DO GENERAL H0UBEWORK. in e sma l private family without children. m i at be a good e .ok, waabor and troner. Apply at 22 B'.eeck er et, near tbe Bowery ALARGB NUMBER OF RBCOMMSNDKP SKRVANTS and other* wanted riai'y. English. Irish, Amer'ean. Scotch, German, professed rook a. rherahermald*. wait resses, leunlresses, girls for tonetwork end those leiely ?ended, et RAYMOND'S, CI Bleeiker et. Remeved from 149 Urend et ALL OOOD SERVANTS WANTING EXCELLENT situations should apply Immediately el HKBDKR ?ON'B servants' office. No. 0 Court it. Brooklyn. Forty servants warned daily cocks, chambermaids, nurses, seem stresses. AH for ?i rem families both id cliy and country. AOIRL WANTED FOR GBNBBAL HOUSEWORK?4 good p ain soak, washer end trener, wages $6. Apply et 34 Rest 2"th St. (N IRLK WANT FLACBN -A NUMBER OF WBLL KB T tested servant* far hoists, boarding h no see, restau rants end private families, te be he'd el New York Be Cx IRL8?IF TOU WANT TBB BEST BITUATIONB f for enr branch of housework yon like, la Are! claw families, hotel* or bearding booses, with goad wages end enmfertable homes. In rtty or country, cell Immediately et the Large Rmpiovment House, corner ef dth ev. and ilth et Girls wantrd-to attbnd a bakery, tuosb who ere ercaetomed te tbe business preferred; geed etty reference required. Apply at Currier's, 205 Green*tab street. ____________________ HOUNRKRBFBR WANTED -A YOUNG OR WIDOW lady, an ere* U. ef agreeable and reined meeaere, end of en aseommodstlag dtspositiea. tea find e plee-ent situation ia e widower's iemiiy, where there are ebiidren, by addressing James Boaroe. Herald office. Mil 1IWF.R WANTED?A TRIMMBB, TO OO TO TBB tnuatrr. Apply at 21 Bieeeker at., near Bowery WANTBD-WAITNR GIRLS. $A AND $16 A WNBK, corner ?( Cbathem sad Fenrl ate., Orpbeut Hell. WANTBD-A PROTENTANT GIBL. AS WAITREM end chemherniald end to aas it In washing end Iron ing. Apply at 14 Bast Ul it. WANTRO ?100 FIRST CLASS CLO ARM A IBM, AT IN Broadway, third left, nest But geod kg ode see# MfiJ. l$Mt HAM* WANTED?FKM ALES. WANTBD-A r.lKL AS ? HAMBRRMAID AND WAIT re?e; only lho?e brlugiog the beet of eRy reference Deed apply. Call at bosuioeul dour No. 24 Weal 33d at., to day (Monday). frotn 10 to 11 A. M. t*tanted-bt A SMALL KAMIlt, a respbcta ?Y ble woman, who can cook waab and Iron wall; Pro leatant preferred; mint hive good city referenced. Apply at Id Bank ?t.. after 10 o'clock A.M. ll/ANTRD-A woman to do chambkrwobk, Vr willing to aaeiet with children, and make beraelf gen erally ureful. Qo d city refereuo* required. Apply at 41 BL Mark'e place (8th at.), near 2d av. WAMTED-A GOOD OIRL; MUST BE A GOOD ( lain cook, waaber and iruner, in a .mall family, with good elty reference. Apply at 46 Clarkaon el. IKfANTED?A SCOTCH OR GERMAN WOMAN. TO Try cook. w.?sh and iron, and to lie generally uaeful: mual be experienced. Inquire at 216 Ejiet li'lh at.. near 3d ar. TITANTED-A FIRST KATF. COOK. WASI1P.RAND vT lroncr?American Scotch or German?for a email pri vate family In Westchester village; good wage* given. Call hi drug store .ouibweet corner,or 31.i at. aad 4lh av., be tween 9 aad 2 o'clock. WANTED-A GIRL. AS NURSR POR A CHILD 14 months old, and to do plain tewing; 8 -at of city refe renced required. Apul. from 9 till 12 at 123 Weat 13tli -?. ANTED-A GOOD COOK AND CHAMBERMAID; beat of referenoe required. Apply to day (Monday), after 11) o'clock, at 263 Weal 34th at. WANTED-A GOOD. TIDY OIRL, AS CHAMBBR maid In a puvate family In the country. Call to day {Monday!. OB Mariua Spring, No. 1 l'ark place. WANTED-A CAPABLE COOK, WHO IS WILLING to aeiust with the washing. Ac.; must have good city refereocea Apply at 63 Weat 13th at., between the boura of t and 11. ANTED-A TIDY YOUNO OIRL. TO DO THE UP alalra work; wagea $6 Apply at 139 Weat 25th at. WJ w \XTANTED? TO GO TO SYRACUSE, AN EXPRRI Vr emerd operator on a waxthread sewing mm-nine for fitting men's hoots, one who also understand, doing Une work on Howe's Improved machine. Inquire at 52 Day St., up staira. WANTED?LADIES TO LEARN ALL STYLES OF coloring photographs, cartes-de-i lalte, historical, land scape and tlower;, everything found. All the fancy cards tor sale al 10 aud 16 cents aach. Apply at 28 Ka?t 24?b at., corner of 4th av. WANTED-A GOOD LAUNDRESS AND CHAMBER maid. Also a chambermaid and waitress. Only tapable persona, with good relerences. need apply at 31 Weat 16tb at. WANTED.-.t WET NURSE WANTS A SITUATION. Can he ecen till engaged at 214 Bast 21st at., second Boor, buck room. ___ WANTBD-TWO COLORED GIRLS. TO GO A SHORT distance lu the country; one to took, wash and iron, Ihfl other lo to general bousewoia A; ply at 42 Weat 23d It., troin It) tilt 1 P. M. WANTED-A GIRL. TO COOK, WASH AND IRON; nmsl come well recommended. Call between the hours of 10 and 12 A u at S3 Wait 34th el. ANTED?TWO LADY BARTENDERS, AT 90 WEST Broadway. WANTED-A SMART, TIDY GIRL, FOR GENERAL huue"work; must be a good couk and huker; Pro leatant preferred, with good written reference. Apply at pi Hammond at. ANTED-A OIRL TO DO OBNERAL HOUSE work; & prclerred. Apply at 134 Kraualin at. w w WANTED-A PEW GOOD DRESSMAKERS; NONE but good hands need app, ; also, an apprentice Apply to Mrs. A. Guest, 110 Spring at., a few doors west of Broadway. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, cooking, warning and ironing; must bo fully compe tent. Appiy at 167 East 33th ni.. near 2d ave., from 9 to 12 o'ciock. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL TO DO THE GENERAL housework of a small family, luqnlru al 632 Mb av., rorner t.Jd at. WANTED-A GIRL. TO DO GENERAL BOUSE work ; must be a good plain root, washer and Ironar. with good c.ty reference; wages $8 a mouth. Inquire al 42 Bast I'.'th at WANTKD-AN EXPERIENCED LAUNDRESS, PULLV capable of taking charge of the laundry department of a hotel, none but a first class one need apply. t? whom liberal wages will be given If aha understands her buslDeas aud will attend lo It. Apply at the odlce of the Brnndreth House, eerncr of Broadway and Canal at. X\TANTED?A YOUNG LADT, ONE WHO UNDER TV stands the ladies bair dressing aud other branches of the bus!ue>s Apply at 41 South '/lb si . Williamsburg. KKE.MIl ADVERTISEMENTS. ON DBMANDK-UN HOMME. COMME UEMPLA lant fr.ineaia ou alleinand; grands aiantages. $800 romDtanl pmir un an. B'adresaer a Messrs. beanard et Lauthter, C'JI Broadway. DRY GOODS, AN BI.KGANT EXHIBITION OF BILES, SATINS. POPLINS, EPINGLINES, CRETONNES. KOBE de chambrb. REAL INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR LONG AND SQUARE SHAWLS. BRUSSELS POINT LACES, SHAWLS, GATES, VEILS, SETS, Ac , AC. forming a rplend'd assortment of the CHOICEST NOVELTIES, ?elected and ordered e*pre?sly fcr their RETAIL SALES, Will be offered on Moudav, September 5. A. T. STEWART A CO . Broadway and Tenth street. AT THE NEW DRY GOODS HOUSE, . 767 BROADWAY. J. A C. JOHNSTON, long connected with UBBDELL A PKIRSON, who icccutly retired, Will open on Momlav A CHOICE STOCK OF FAlL AND WINTER 6001)3, tcnaistiui; of bmpreaa Glothr. Ottnmana, PopLns., Tartan Plaids, Delaines. Mourning G o<t?. Domestics, Hosiery and Gloves. AH ol Which will he offered at VERY LOW PRICES. (TUKAP AND FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. J Complete Cmmmere Suits to match $12 to $45 B'.ark Frock Coals, fine 5 to 35 Casatmcre Pants and Vents to match. 10 to 2" Over' la-.H, variety 6 lo 60 GEO. LKV1E. 427 street and 612 Broadway. Dressmaking, millinery, mantillas and French silka, at Madame BENEDICT'S. 12 Wavcrley place, N. Y. _________ 1 EXCLUSIVELY FRENCH FLUTING, ONE TO U twenty Inches wide, all material* fluted in an unsnr passed manner at three bo rs' notice, at Mrs. GOLDEN S French Fluting Establishment. 18 Amity street, one block knd a half from Broadway. 127 Bleocker alrea:, below Wousrer and -'61 Fulton stree t, Brookb n, N, B. ? Fluting forwarded tea'.l parts ef ibe I nlted Slate*. C3 RAND OPENING X Of FALL GOODS ON MONDAY. SEPTEMBER B, ire shall offer A SPLENDID STOCK OF NEW SILKS. NEW SHAWLS. NEW CLOAKS. NEW DRESS GOODS. BALMORAL BKIRTS, HOSIERY. GLOVES. AC. ALSO k complete stock of MOUBMNO GOODS PEYTON A JOHNSON. 274 Bowery I AW. A MCCKFRRY J (Lai* Ubsdsll. Piemno A Lake. 471 Broadway), have Juat rtcrlred aad art now ?ffsr<ag nt retail a very ttt oerier stock J FALL AND WINTER DRESS GOODS, eons lllag of plain, figured and striped, co.ored and black SILKS REAL IRISH POPLINS, OTTOMANS. F.MPBrjH CLOTHS and FRENCH MERINOS. Wool Pop 'las Merino and VnltnclM r LA IDS, Plain. Striped and Plaid ALPACAS aad MOHAIRS, FAMILY MOUKNINQ GOODS. Called- Glniham, Lares, Embroidrrlee, Hoetery, Linens, ibrcfinis. Damask. Towellings and Napkin. Sew York Mill*. W'Ulams'Te. Arkwrigbt, Longdate and ah elher Muelln AT MANUFACTURERS' PRICES. TO GENTLEMEN. PALL GOQDS. Cult orered for FULL DRESS AND WALKING SUITS, krnoik which Is an Invoice of SCOTCH HEATHERS Our fell style of varments ere now readv. JOHN W Mr* INLET. 566 Broadway eaet corner Prloee. and op; oaite Bail Bia k A Ga s store. Velvets. Frentb, German aad English, . . . Plain, pisid royti aad uncul. Everything adspied to the re^uireiueiiis of M lilnery goods jobbers Fiower manufset irere, Jewelrv box makers, t'loan. manti las. A*., Ac.. Ac., It crlces *? Idw at Ihey ean be imp rted ARNOLD CONSTABLE A CO..* Canal and Mercer street*. LOAN OVEIUKR. At *7."-MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED AT 77 on DIAMONDS. WATCHES, JEWE LRY, PIANOS. FURNiri'RE, AC A1410. "AT 77, PAWNBROKER* TICKETS WANTED. AT 77 On Diamonds, Wttehet, Jewelrv, Ac, and a higher price paid than nan be obtained al any ether place inlha elty. at 77 Bleecker street, up etair* Advances made on watches, diamonds. Jewelry. Dry Ooede aad Personal property of every SeeeritMun. or the Mm* bought an* sola, by J A. JACK SON. Broker and Cemmlee-ea Merchant. HI Grand street, two d >er* west of Broadway. ATM. H YMAN'S, e.W BROADWAY, CORNER OV A Rood street, room No. B, I will pay the hlgh?sl (flee 177Diamond*. Ml or unset; Wau-hr- and silver Ware, or will advaara eaah an the above an Hies. 658 Broadway, ear ner of Bond street. AT tnS-MONBT LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA nsorde. Watrhea, Jewelry. Sllrer Plale, Guss, Piefels, As. Ae. Alia Pawnbrokers' Tickets wanted, of Diamonds, Watches. Jewslry, Onae, Pistols, Ac , for wht h I will pay ?? per cenl more than ean be obtained al any other p'ar* la U* elty. *09 Broadway, corner of Houston street, np stair*, mens we. B. 48?PA WNBROKER B TICKITS BOUGHT OP rnnnde. Watches, Silver Ware, Mus eal Instruments, ivtn'e. Dry Goeda, Cloihbsi and all siadaof Msr ?, Overcoats wanted. 148 Canal eueet, third door fcrsrary, neder Cltlreae' Bank. IMBSTAUHANTN. LIflH MUTTON FOR DINHBR ON MONDAY -FOR ile a faw raaee imported Hherry, rery 6n#. $30 per 'on $Jn, Salts' Burton A e pints, $A 50 per dozen, $1 80; Landen Porter $5 10. Rngtlah Cbeeee, P ekles, i a. Ae. Arp'T 10 *" ?ARDiON, Affeat, #$ M aide a MM $1 TttUBP MrttK ?ALBS AT A renow. UCTION NOTICB. TT. A A BCRBBAM. AucUOIHF. BALE or MAGNIFICENT BOUSBHOLD FUBNITCEB. 1 Oct?T# BotewMd PlAneforle. Room Furmtara, n lulto, OH rtlsilDga by eadenl end modem artist* Bronzes, Marble Stataary. Berne and Dreeaee China Taeee, Velvet Medal ion Carpel*. Pier end Mantel Mirror*, _ , ^. Brocade and Lace Curuiai, Roaewood and Walnut Chamber Pu'BUur*, Oak Dining Room Furniture China, Glau. Silver Ware and Tah'n Cutlery, at pcbuc auction, THIS DAT (MONDAX). SKI'TKMBRE S. At ibe roii^uct. 44 West Sixteenth street* Between 1 iflh *Dd With avenue,. Sale commencing at UU4 o'clock The auctioneer would call ihe particular etlantlen #f hi# friend* and ?he public lo lhl? eale, Ihe r?i*lo?ue ^prl*ine the largest and richest *^meni of houiwho d furnll.ire work* of art and article* of virtu oflorid at aueUontbU KCAfton being Id use less thaolefiren months, and Will Pe peremptorily eold I. Superb Sole of Furniture, covered wiih French brocatei of the ricbeet description; Viz; Tot# a *???, Mo<ao, Arm Chair*. Oval Baeh end Reception Chairs. Window Curtains. Band*. Taeaela. Ac., lo match the milt*, roeewood Bta*erea ?tatuary marble top*; 8ecretai?e and Bo >kca*e. hned wlth ?aim wood, pUle glass <loors; elegantly oareed Caatra Tables. Bnrolguures. Cabinet!, < onsol Table;. B&ONZES. STATUARY AMD WORKS OF ABT. Br.nxe Stotue of Mareppa. Hamlet Flower for and Girl. Apollo, Minerva, ghakspen* Mlllon: Dre^dea China Vssee OIL PAINT!NOB. . 4. Two match Paintings, by Cole, 5?" ' Fisherman's Family, by Delacroix; English Interior, by Northootl, Fruit Riece (original), by Konaln; Scon,a on the I Co*it or (?'ranee, by Jules Boel. a celebrated French artist, also Fainllngs by Hervens. lUnney, Selloree and Legrand I MAGNIFICENT ROSBWOOD PIANOFOKTK. thn richest Instrument offered at auction thl* season; over I strung bASi. all the modern improvement*; fully guaraa teed; ereneh Oloth Cover, Stool. Music Stand. Chamber*?Dressing Bureau, Hrd?i#-ids, Wardrobes Com mode*. en suite, superb flair Mattresses, extra large Spring do., 2t pairs Linen Sheets, is pairs Blanket* Dining Room?Solid oak Buffet, Herts'* patent. Extension Table. If. ieet draw; Sofas. Chair*, magnlfleenl China Din ner and Tea Set. 280 piece*; Cut and Ruby (has* ware. Slier field Tahle Cutlery, Silver Warn. Ae.. Ae. i Also all the Furniture of the servant*'apartment*. (I H. ?Parties wishing to attend thl* sale lake the Fifth and Sixth avenue care and stages, leaving at Suleenia trcet, near the bouse. Auction noticb.?positivk sale D. D. CAULKIN8. AUCTIONEER. MAGNIFICENT HOUHBHOLD KUKNI.URE AND WORKS OF ART AT PUBLIC AUCTION. To the highest bidder, for -ash. rain or shine, tbiedav tMondayJJSeptemlier A, at Id', o'clock precisely, kt tbe elegant reaidence N >. 2IS Fourteenth street, west of Eighth avpinu*, being Ibe largest and richest aaaornnent of Household Tur niture otlered at auetlon this *'i?.*<in The r urnltur# was all made ur oider for the i ireent owner, aud Is of the beet description. Catalogues at the house. Supero seven octave Pianoforte. Blegant Drawing Room 8uits, Rare and costly Works of Art, Oil Paintings by eminent artists. Ormolu and Rrome Cbandcliere, Velvet Medallion Car pete, Dresden and Sevres China Vas*s. ee,French p.aie Pier and Mantel Mtrrore. Embroidered Lacc Curtains g ^ ^ (nd Tabl#. Heavy Plated Ware. Koby and 0rj>tfc) olMiw,m Bheffeld Table Cut erT? . , . , _ , VIV Roaewood Chamber T nrnltnrr, etyle Louis MV. DRAW :NG ltoOMS. Magnlfleenl rosewood seven oitare I'lanofoPle, The richest imtruineni od'ered *t aucwun ? ip* season ; e*'re'1 leg* aud easo. lour round corn*:*. ov?r>>tiung baes. "oeu with nitluwood, luluid with pearl, solid pearl keys, made by pitv maker and fully guaranteed; French c.otb Cover. Stool, covered In brocade; superior Velvet Carpels; three mag nlficent eolld rosewood Suits, save red with'Mm eipenvtve description; IP line and lurklsh Easy Ctaalre. In mounet and ?ailn brocade, ladie,' solid rosewood Reception and Ann Chairs, covered In cold, nine crlras n and maroon tuttin; three row wood Centra Tab ion. with r'ch statuary marb.c tops, enpenslvelv carved, rosewood Pier. Sofa and Bid*Table*, with marble tups; three , o?tI? ro*e?ond Kta gere*. wuh marblo lep*. plate gladoor*. Ac .Imported es rreas'v lor the owner; ladle*' rosewood Work Table4, twen day Hron/e and Ormolu Clo k?; elegant China "***?? with ilie most chaste and expensive landscape* painted to order Id France, inagniBceni French p ale Pier Ola**, wiin neb am: heavy gold frame; Mautel M rror; to o.aicu. of sis feel suuarc, heavy embroidered Laen Window Curtain* ana Cornice*, a large and extenMve variety of Oil Painting* by native ertlsls * icb as Laudai ace*. W inter Scenes. Marine Views. Scriptural Piece*; supenor Fren.-b Lithograph*, Game Pieces. Ac. {Ihe whole farming a very pleating coiiae i,0Vagnii icbnt seven octave pianoforte tarred lege and case, lour round ceruera, inlaid with pearl, and aoli I pearl key*. Dining Room-Rich Velvet Tape ley Carpet, In good order; solid oak Intension Table all polished In the best manner; marble tap Fancy Table* Mirrors Sofa Bed , ( bairs ID haircloth, logelhnr wuh all the ruby aud crystal nil Glassware. Wlnea, cEampagnes Tumblers, Goblets and Decantera to match; rich China I? a and Dinner Set--, eosily Silver War*. Tea and Dinner Service, Salvers. Cake Bas kets. Castor*. Cofleeand TeaUrm, Spoons, Forks. Liquor Bland, superior Table Cutlery. Ac tlhumhers and Nursery-Costly rutewood and mshogany Bedaieait*. slstuary marble top l.ureaus, Washstanda and Commo'des to mutch, over pure Ilair Mn;ju??**. from 40 lo 60 pound*, made to order and in eicellent cond. llon; Feather Reds, Bolster* and Pillow*. Countnrpnnea, Htlk and statin Bed Bpr.-ads Linen Wheels. Ingrsln f AD'?}" Hednom Mirrors. Clocks, Toilet Isblcn. Towel lUcks. Toilet Bel*. Oilcloths. Flair Carpets and Rous mahogany curhioned Chairs, Rorker4. Sola*. Lounge* l.oucb Beds. HaUStanda. Tea and Dlninc Tabl-S. together with a large and desirable aesortmctit of Basement snd Kil hen Ltensue, Ac. jv, H. ?Reliable men in atten an e to cart, pack and ship goods for purchasers at a reasonable charge. A UCTION NOTICE. ?K. ROTH, AUCTIONEER. ^'""maGVTFIC'ENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ELEGANT ROBKWOOD PIANOFOK.^ prRIUTUBE ^BK^^%CR^SAV^n?NCARFBT8. PARIAN AND KXTRAORbfllARV OPPORTUNITY FOR HOD8BREEPKRS.t (V()VI)AY)> p,rl 8 At tbe reeiUeDC** \\\) We*t Ruhth PirMt << ilntou plice), be tvrcen Fffib and Siitl rvi hu?#!. Bale enmmeucln;: at II o'clock p cm-ely. . . Tb* s*!'1 vompriere the content* of the hou?e. and most or it was made to order for the pre.-nt owner ^ celebrated city makers, and used but seven mouth*, the whole wul . sold.neretnptorlly, rnin or sbine, offer ng extra indnccments ""'parlor AND DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE. Three 1 ca iliful sol d rosewood and b.aca walnut Par.or Suits, covered In rich Frenrh salin brocntel and isti Ka-r Chair* and Lounge* to match; rosewood (^-nlire and Pier Tables. K tavern Corner and BookStand" lld*y Bronre Clock, rich China nnd Parian Aaeea, I arlor Orna ment*: elegant Broeatel and Lace Curtain*, a tine roller tlnn of O I Paintings, Engraving#, large Mirror* anJ Chau magnificent bobrwood pianoforte, stool ma COVER?COST ITOil, an ?lf?ADt inelruiueni, with round corner!, bfautifuuy ^^X aml Vwlih ad modarn i-nproy^monU. over Mr ,11 ? has.*, full Iron plate, Frrm li act ! n. full seven rosewood and mahogany Aedstesd*. Rureans. ^.land^, a,,,, rtialrs. Uocaern, Mi traps. < nrck*. Tame*. Red Louniee. Si ring and Hair Matlre**e?. Beds, Blanket*. Tan Tatde*. Kxieoslon Table, Glass, China ani bilver Ware, Cuterv Ac Saie positive. Denosll* required M B ?1'irtles wishing to altecid the eale will take SIxlh avenue cars or "ages, leaving at Eighth .tree! a few doors Iroin the bouse. ____ A rrTION NHTirK.?POSIT!VR AND ^K^KMI'TORY a a iv OF Sl'PEHB IIOl'HFJIOLIA K! RNIII RE, i A <1N1F1C E NT RO- KW?... I. P A RLOR S-' ITS. PIjFGANT HON! ^ OOP KTAhKRR, BPLRMDID .~E RkTARV AND MODiwVlfit u I r 11 I'll 1 N A CF i (iLA4l. "IL' ? I? AKB, TABLE CUTLERY, BRUFay i^^ AN l> 'NlRaIN < AR HENRY R. WEST' OTT. ? U .?e?v wl I #?" Hit* , M rniav I aflernooo, at two o'. ? th? < o?.P ?*?* of * re-.dence li: vt. ?i Tvthire Bcvrnth avenue, con.i-t ag o' e a?-a. l roeewoo I ? . '*. in I cured rep*, etatnary and I gyptl-m top Ceatre ?ud T..h' 'i rltnh Loiifttf"! fttid < !?> nxiiiKi IJJd LaVe Cnnata* and Shade* la-f* end vwlly colloction of Oil FaintiDg** by rraiO!ni arlifct!, RtctpUoo cbairi, In Sia7"0B?rr*OTM?,?r,A"IA? I* B18QPE Rotowood Hurenu^. Hpting Cbn,p!. and Hair Mattress,*, R<* vers Beds and ***<"*?? *<*> and Ingram I'ariwl*. pure live geese Feather Bed*, ?'''a'"'* aod Pillows, gefasand Snia B'-ds -ad* rilwa* slon Tables oak Cbslr*. rteh French and Bohemian I hlna. Glass**are CuUery Ac.. w,th a large variety of mahogany Furniture not enumerated, which iivnat he eiamlaed to be a in rev i ai #' I Men *1.1 be in atleadanoe to cart or shlpgnel* for purchaser#. Nopcatpoaameol, sale rata or or shTne. - a UCTION NOTICE ?CROCKERY, OLAIS AND A Fancy?;??."a-WM W SHIRLK.V Auctioneer On Tuesdav. Sept ?. at 10 o'clock, at 2bl Pearl StMWt. by D. w ui'RY it f>i(rn ctixlOffut *! ? of b^ft !nd ton da White Oranlte And Common VTaro JnldAa to ?"'? r'U And gjdh'ry rata lera; al4- slock ?r a reta er. Sale. Iree lor rub. aud goods wall | ack# i for shli ment. a UCTION NOTICR -WM WITTERS. AUCTIONEER. A O" ce f,4 Canal Street. Peremptory ** - ?f n',r,l?l Wagen* and Harr.ewi this dar at three o r'??k r M" at the \nm Yoik Horse Bazaar, Bread * ay earner of Tb.rty reveatb street. For particulars see notice under baad of Horses. k UCTION SAl.R-ON MONDAY MEPT ft, AT TWO A ocloct. on Ihe premises, earner Frr,?K f' *" Broadway Eurek. Mu.ic Hail * ,^T;\'MriImi^eon lure*. Oilcloth. G*? Ftllurea. Bvr nnd Bar Futures e n talncd therein. Sale positive and without reserve. A,so o0? itrgc Stfpfcl Lamp. S? in l^lle'^dVr^^ ip. lien used abnui ihree months, all to he sold vo the highest bidder a* the owner ha* no use (or them Thehorwvhas iSTmSby a ltd. to dr.*. and ride and m vary geatla. A. JAUCTN|5nTANP COMMISSION MERCHANT. In Real Estate. Block*. Rande, Ac , Oilic# No. 8 Pine street. Will give personal attention to eAlCSOf REAL ESTATE. STOCKS. BONDS. AO., At Ricbaage Salesroom, Or ky rnvaie eontracl. ArrTION HALE OF CROCKERY AND GLA88.? mVnrY ?? RTAN?. Auctioneer, will ae la lota to suit cliy snd couatrv C>a era. no Tuesday, September 4, at Jo o'cl k at IT Barelky street, a choice aseertmentofbest While Granite aad Cemm.m Ware. Gluawara aaS Fancy Ware- also live crstea secoads Camipon Ware, which snd be seld wdlboui reserve. Good* carefully repacked fer ship PIPS- - - BY M THOMAS * SONS. AUCTIONEERS. FHILA delphia?Peramtlory eala at. Philadelphia, Btchaai*, September lit. I9M, of a Tract ot Ml acre* Aaihr*elt# Coal Lsud on the Mine Hill Railway. Schuylkill eounly, Fa. fSrma?a. de . apply to LAYBHOP A WAlNWRIUliT, ? Wall (treet. Haw Tar*. W 1VE8 A CO.. AUCTIONEERS?WILL BELL AT , suetion. on Thursday, Sapiemtiar 8. at II 0 U4 Broadway, Rhalls. Corals. Chinese Japanese and India Gooda Orieatal Carloeltiea (^aos, Ac. Oa eibiblttoe frcia Tuesday morning till lima af aale. JO. BALHKNGBR, AUCTION ERR ?? SALEskoOB 13 BOWKRr Will sell on M-ndar, Sth Inst, at IQo cloo^ aruperlor^.l ?f ready mad. Clothing, genu rurnlHilrg Omjd., f " "' caar yeatings. S iestaa Muedns Hewing ai.r aau . t kind* of Trimming hs'oag ng F> tb* ?loUUng an F I furnishing line, to which toe trade is req ested to ?'"? ?vary lot Will be ?OlA without reserve 1) N. ROLL I NR. AUCTl s ' ^ V ^r" Vo r r Vr'of K. ifternooa. at two eel., k. at "*? ^'^'VT.'la H vloon. Hprlng street the 'i'f h," , ? ,, utvlcth 21) Ta SESSarf lAUtl At AUCTION. I T IfORIABTT, AUOflONKNH, WILL SELL. AT ITS U . Chatham square. tbla day, at 10?; o clock, Furniture v,?? '??''??? "d a good assert men i. Also Feather Hade, MaMraaaaa. Mirrors. C ocke, Oil Paint 'J>I? Alao a nice assortment of Dry and Fancy Goods SJ J HOOAET. AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL ON ? WeJuee Uf, dept. 7. at 10K o'clock, at tr.e a iction rooms. bo. I North William street. Uen tee! Household Fuinii .re, constating of Parlor, Bedroom and Kitchen Furniture O HERMAN A CO., AUOTIOSKER8-KHLL. OH MON ky? dev. .vauteinber 8. at III* e clock ?t H4 avenueC cor ner Butl, atreet the ent re block aod Future- of a firaiciaaa Butcher chop. ?U ?Countera Hcnhee, Meat Block" Scales, Harneae'Ac ,lou"e' ne,rlY "?*. "ml all ?">*r Futures, SaOo{p'i8?n ,??.?' K1(J*R8 TOBACCO, BF ovioi'lt :f \uuV,u r 0,1 Monday, September 9, al H id El Olobo Tu^mei 2? r#e ? about 2UD 000 bettara, iar*p a'iar nl? ?f pi f ?' feapuuo t and oihor tiraod?? A quantllv of leaf rhi"' Tobacc;'- In bote, an,I keg. a larga aud ftilf, of a ha var'oua*makerk'" SALE IS BALTIHORK ? PEHKMPTORY ml p nr the Btaam P.oneH.r FanS"for c^b On Saturday morning, September 10, at lit k ? ?/!!?, i. it ^0 foot of Thame* street. Fell a point Rai.nnore. iVoJjl ?all. for account of whom it may concern. Mean p"a,,i er Faun.r aa .ho now He., having bee,, .unk l v , ,iil "l?n in i? if"ral,8d bf lhfl Hcaeara Uaknr and nroaghl to this City by her own eleam. Shn wu built lu MvhUc Con necticut. In 1883; I* tJ3 tona. length 130 feel, breadth JftV fact, cylinder 26 incbea, haa two decka. and Is in ail reeD-cia a Ural claea veaoel. F. W BKNNKTT A CO , Auctioneers WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONBK R. OFFICE NO.~4 Beat Broadway, sells on this day, at Id o'clock, tba content! of the Oyater and Dining Saloon. 7.3 Bnwerv-largn French Mirror, largo Range, Tables, Casters. Crockery Chain. Ojen, Boiler, Ac. ryiLLlAM ABROTf, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO. ?' *v Bust Broadway, anile on tin* dar, at I'.'o'clock, tho content* of the Liquor Store 358 Ka,t Tenth a irret?hue Counter. Header", with hr.iaa fauceli; three Hear Pumps. Rotl'ea. Demtjuhne and other Fixture., Ac. , WILLIAM ABROTT, ACTIONRP.R?OFFICE NO. 4 ' ?ft?t Broadway. nells on Tuemlay, at lf\? oViod'k lHa ron.eme uf Urocerv Store 455 Uraud^treJt* rtW&TeSJ aid o^^Ki.tVi i"48 hU*1, "(1 Bra.. Healeg WILLIAM ABBOTT, A UCTIONF.F.R-O >? Fl< R Nf). ~4 uiT.i, roadway, anil* on thia day, at 7 o'clock the Block and Hitur.a ot the Orucary and Confectionery Store Sl'mt"."?;. Ae.'nl8r8- Hcaleil lc* che"t- a u t a i e ra, 8 p t c'a', WILLIAM WITTERS. AUCTIONKER-WILL PKLL vv tnu (lay (Monday), at 2 o'clock, at 45t Canal at. a large and genera! aa.-ortmeni i f llonaei o d Furniture cuuii rlsii* Far,or Suits. p,.q, Tapeatry and Velviu Carpet*, China, (?lass and Silver Ware, together wltli everything i-eful for OOU-CitPftplug. ?PKCIAI* lb OTIC km. Fresco painters' association.-all employ er- arn hereby respe tfolly informed tbat the fre* r? painter* have raised their wage* from $') 4D to $1 per cav ror nice hour.* work, commencing Monday. S-tn. ., Is a B? HEI.NEMANN, Secretary of Corcspoiidenro. Launched?in Essex, conn., on sd skptk*. tier, gchooner Martha P. King, af UK) ton" burthen, owned by Captain Ru?-eli Handy Poet of Ks3ri, Conn. Mektino of officers OF YESSM,S-4LC mkm. h?rn of tli#? Avsoriation and oth?r officer- of reaveis In port are re.perlfullr i?, n?d to auend a meelin* to be held at Mr II. Kusli'e Hotel, 227 South atreet, ou Men day, the jib Inac, at S P. M. CKINLEY OIL COMPANY, ItiCOlI oratrd under the Larva nf the Stale of New York WELLS ON OIL CREEK, PkHNkYLVaNIA. ? , _ TRt'STKRA. Morris Franklin. New York. John If. CoIetnau.Oil CHt.Pa Jamen N. Lawton, - O. Mckinley. - Sidney Cornell. ? J. J. Vandergrlft, l>?orge Davis, ?? H. B. Hrn8os.8eerrUMr?BB,S FKA-,,KLI,*? Walteu K. Lawton, Trcttsurcr. Mctkimlby Bhx>? , Suuprint^n lnon. OFFICE hi JOHN STREET. New York. M N X- ? ?T flint olabs makers of nkvy tork and viclnttv rei|ue*ted of their coin.o 'ere ir ner tent ou their present rate of wage. It nut beicr , ou,n Ted wlOi they are now on a atrlka. and tbev cani nu all inelr fel.ow workmen la laka due notice ihercoi My order ? . .. .'AMES SMITH Pre-ldent ^Boston. Pittsburg and Philadelphia papna plcaae copy. Notice to vETr rinary praitiiionkrs-thk anu'ver-ary rnee lug of the United State- V. terlnary ? edloal Asaotuatian will he held tit the A.tor, m the city ol New York, on Tue-day, Sept. >i. at HI o'clock A M The veterinary profavalun arc rrvpecjflM^i tied P> ailendl A. ' COCIKTY OF TAMMANY OR COflBflAN ORDER S7. Btotbere?1 he regular meeting i^^he m*tiiit',ou will lie held In the council chamber of the the Orrat W.vwBni on Monday eveuiag, September .V at half pa*t an hour after the Helling of the aun. (icncral and punctual alien,lance ta requeated. By order of ELIJAH K PURDY.Orand Sachem. Gakpfb C. CHtl-DS, Secretary. .-!IVnhVl*n' of fruit*. 0th moon, yearof tHwnver* 7S'h' InBep?nd?uce the 88lh, and of the inaliluliou ma SCOTTISH OAMES.-TIFR KltillTII ANN AL (.AMI s l.J I'be New York Caledonian Cluh will he held ,,i .lone' Wood, on Thureday, Fetteiuher 8, l-h l. l'i, k?* ?> cent*. fPHE OROCERH' AND TEA CLERKS EARLY CI.OS . ',?k,A*kOCiation will hold tbelr regular me-i:,ig at at.i.. tAr? Hall, |y3 Honrrr ffatf evening mi 'J *, . ? hvi-ry mai?> *Brrlc*M are n*.*ded. Let uane l?^ ahftm Pamir* O'Nan., Nac'y. JAMK8 CC'HIi'K, IVe.v't. REWARDS. FMYB DOLLARS REWARD ?LOST, uv THURSDAY Ihe 1st m?t.. In the Third Avenue Ra.lroad -ar* or In uroadwa. betweeo the r*t * ,tn,| the Htateii J- ... i 'terry orii.o bouid the Sta: en Inland ferrvhoat, -oven or el "ht Key., ou t email "tecI ring The Under will receive the anov#? in war t I13' return, n* ihw riiuia t<i tli*? <>WLtr. A. W Miliar, corner of Murkat and Monroe nrrcts. RKWARI) -LO.-T, BY A l.aDY A Pi.CKET OJty book, conta.mug two greenha.-k-and rbang" in an Kaal IIroad wav car By ret iming it tu I'Jd l'.a?t it, adway In the atore. the Under win receive the above r ivat d. fl?r RIVYARD ?LOST, A LARGE LEATHER POCKKT "Po hooa. contatning aundry paiera. f no value e?,ci t to iD.eJ>'ril?r ?Ikufcbeck 00 the klecbanlc*' Bam for *?? t fl'.K), payment of whtati haa b?en slopped. The Under wm be paid lha above reward on leaving said puckcltook and contanta a( 9 1 Front street. N Y (51(1 REWARD -LOST ON TUESDAY, 3UTII ULT.Ta hPA'' Mack Newfoundland slut, with white npoton i rea?t. Had on, -beu ln*t, a father collar U M 11.1,1'.tt hair", nrees r, 311 Broadway, under St. Uermain u tel. Q1 (\ REWARD?I OST, A ROLL OF PAPERS. OF NO he 1 vf value to the fin ler To ho delivered at the Prus sian Conaulata Qan.'ral, UK Broad street. ?*lft REWARD.-LOST. A ONK STUNK D' lMOND ?Dajvr Pig. on fhursday ereoing, between Twenty *< . . am and Twenty ninth streets, Sutb avenue. Return It to *1 We*t Twenty-a.nth street. (J?C(k REWARD FOR ANY INFORMATION THAT ?Pcf'F Will lead to the recovery of Thuma* \V. Ketxiedv age I 8 year*, who strayed or waa stolen from No 0 Union street, llrooalyn ou tba Zdth of April; ??*? ,i.? <ed )rr ,% blue ilannal I.rket and gray rant*, aud a blue aoujier cap and shoe-. An* in; rinsnon will be thankfully irreive.) by his lather. Edward Kennedy, at 49 Ui-kmiu "ireet N Y. rrWAHD -LOST, ON SATURDAY, BK tween H tecker atreet and Wall .n,. William, a ?Ingle Stone Diamond Pin The Nndar will >e<?|ia tho klove reward by tearing the same at XV, Broadwuy. NOVaZKMHI.A JuilNMON. MMCELLANEUCS, Artificial human p.tes made to okdkr and inserleJ by Dra. F. BAUCII and P LOUIIKLMANN Irormerlr employed by Bolaaeaneau, of I'arni iW IHoad tray, N Y. A LOVE amclbt secures THK A FFRCTIONS of the nppoaiM ?ei Send stamp for nr. ulsr u> Madam NANA, bar ?.;>i Poat oUHe CASH PAID FOR RAGS AND OLD HBYALS ?WHITE rag* I Is. par pound ; rolor* sad woollen*. V.; txosa and newapapers, 8c old hr?*a. 23c per pound, copper ami pewt*r 32. . lead lie par pound. At 15 New Bowery ear ner of Ruu?eve!t elreel. nlYORCR -HAVING MADE THIS A SPECIAL etudv during u.anr years practice, the underanmed hold- prirste consultations en Ihe ?..bjcct. either iwreooaily ?r by letter * F. 1. KINO, Counsellor at Law. StS Broadway. Hoof I RON-A FULL ASSORTMENT OF HOOP Iron alleLes. from ?g to 2 laches wide, at lowest mar ket rates, far sale by SLIPPER A CO., HI Pear! street, near Job*. HOE MEDIUM CYLINDER PHESS W t NTBO IN OOOD ?tree"li?r-Y APP'r Wrl' E'' BKl,,Lj;' S MON8. ?<>? Fulton 1MMRNKI PRICES PAID POR OLD BOoKS. I.IK", naif calf Rvoke *t half price, lo,'**) stereo* up,r I'lctarva at our price. I0U.0OU Work" on Bl>tory. Biography. Ac . at your pric?. SDi,i*KJ I holographic Picture*, Scrap Kngravinga. le at ?oy price. I.E'HIAT BROTHKItN " "? Waaaau street, near Bee km an Marblf. mantels -the rest place in tun KI AHVll u'M.f?.','1* P Cobbed Maetel* ?. hi J* KLABKIt S Mantel Mauutaetery. no Kaat Rtghteeath Hreet. near Third areene. New York. Cut this 0 ,t Marble and si,ate mantrln (Manufactured at our own qnarr es m Vermeut, at factory pr wa. r TIT "("Del" ?t hboul half the |iy|r? of marb e s sir n* frlgeratora, Waab Tub*, sink". Urinal* Ar Ac WEST CAATLKTDN SLATE COMPANY. Y74 Canal atreet New Turk. Nails, nails, nails. SOT kega Cut Nelli. at |9 50. In lot* to aal' p trchaaerai C. ? STSWAKT, 22 CHIT ktreat. New York. OLD NEWSPAPERS. BOOKS AND PAMPIILKTS.? The highest pr'ee pal I, in r*?b, for alt kiads of Waalw Paper and Raga. at 221 an I 223 Euliau atreet. Call aod la quiro before aelling e.acwbi re Eoktablk bnoins dbpaktmknt or the wash logtun Iron Work*. Ncwh rg N T Agency No, 56 ?arty street. New York, rooaa So S Engines of all alien, from three t? thirty bores power, I -re.abed at abort aatke OTP.AM Ft'Mr WANTBD-A NO I ON NO. 2 STEAM Pump; Woodward a preferred. Apply at 2nS Ka*r rweaty-slith atreet, between Ural avenue and Baat river TYPB METAL AND OLD LEAD WANTED?CASH will he paid far e few hundred weight of Type Maul and eld Leeal Apply at The deat of this oShce. YK/ANTED?TO PURCHASE, A SECOND BAND VP* right Tuhu ar Steara Rol #r, dimension" In the neigh bortiood of Jit inches a diameter and from I lo 8 feet high. Adores* W. L Jacobs, No. 4 Atlburn p'ece. kreoklyn. 8CRNTS PER POUND PAID Newapapere, Pamphlet*, Ac. MANAHAN A MILLAR, Wboleaala PAID POR OLD BOOKS, Pepar Werehouae. It> Spruce atreet. N. T. bxprkbsbe. .^,77 URNHAM S PURNJTt'RH RT I'RKSS?OPFICS IIS Weal Eleventh eireet, between Fifth and Siath avenues. Pianofortes,*. mirrors China. AO. boied and ah type a . large wagons for laotiag furailurt la City av SStHk try, furaRara atoreC B

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