Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1864 Page 5
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THE PRESIDEccY. PTCIDENTS OF TBI CHICAGO COS Ham liuldi View of the Contest Over the riatform. Efforts of ValliDdlgli&m to Obtaio id En dart* me at. Jhe Tricks, Plot* and Schemes of the Ultra Peace Men to Prevent the Nomination of McClellan. ftii Noniimlion Effected Without Any Bar gains With the Fuctioas. NO PROMISES OF OFFICES MADE. jil.iRQTr la Whlrh Pendleton's nomination Mas Secured, tie., **, he. Oar Special Chicago Correipunrttnt#. Ukhhis House, Okicxuo, Bept. 1, ISO*. One of tho most singular conventions that orer Aibetn ?ileJ Id tills oouutry cloBed us labors last night. It was, in fact, a curiosity In its way, arid will hereafter Us looked aack upon as aa Important event In our history, what Orer may be tbs result of the ticket nominated. One day bus .lapse ; since it closed its labors, let us now, while 'ta latere;tine scones, ezoiiemculs and ovents are fresh -^pon oar metnory, review ti e eircainHiaaces connected V;th Its progress end termination. In the first place, It wus one ef the largest gaiheriugs aver assembled on suoh au occasion. Ite.ogatea and out siders commencel g-itbei lug hers aft early a' the Weduaa day previous, and rapidly increased in numbers from that date. Railroad men inform mo that on Friday twenty flhoosand strangers were brought to this citv by the rail ffoads centering here; <>n Saturday tweoiy-ilve thousand, end ou Sunday momiug every train was loaned toils fullest ca]ioclty. They continued to pour hi by hundred* ood thourinds until Tuesday morning. A considerable number loft after the mass meeting on Saturday night. Thul the larger built remained until the candidate for the Presidency was nominated. As soon as that was done the crowd began to disperse, and the rush for the cars bras unparalleled. During this time Chicago was Oiled with strangers, the streots wore crowded in every di rection, many of them unablo to find a pU?e to sleep ex cept Id the streets and pirks. Any person who would take the trouble to walk around the city after two o'clock to the morning eould see men stretched out on boxes in front of stores, or on the grass in the parks, steeping as Soundly as though tbey were on beds of down. They were unable to find accommodation at hotels or boarding houses, although Chicago bus more hotel accommoda tion* than any otbar city of the Union, except It may he New Tork. it is far beyond that City In comparison to lis r:??. Thousand? stopped with friends at private bouses. In several instances families wsre hired to mure out of their houses for the week, and tbslr private residences were packed from lop to bottom by clubs wbo came bere in a body. lUilroad aaen aay that fully one hundred thousand strangers weee brought to tho city during the week. Tne general im press ion before the Convention assembled was that mere would be a free flgbt before the Convention elosed ita tabors; but, with tba exception of the knock down in the Convention by Harris, of Maryland, and the drawing of a knife by a republican on a Pennsylvania delegate?which I have already Informed your readers about by telegraph? ao untoward circumstances occurred to mar the events 4f the occasion. I might perhaps add tbiit there were a few knockdowns by returned veteran aoldiera of repub licans wbo donounced McClellan la some or the bar rooms, but tbeee occurred away from tb* general crowd, and may not really be classed with the events ef the Convention. Tbey were between parties residing here. The orderly appearauce alt the way through, and the aaraestnees of all were remarkable featuree, and were universally spoken of by parties who expected other wise. Cau it be that this is the result or the peace parly beiag present? 1; so, tben llarrH, of Maryland, cannot be called a peace man; for be gave practical evidence that he waa for war when he knocked the person down who called him a traitor. He preached one thing and prac tired sii 'iber. When tho delegates first came together there was a wide diflereaoe in llieir views as to a platform and priuci pies, and each set stuck to their Ideas with great perti nacity. At the same time each taction declared that there was too much at slake to quarrel, and tbey must harmonize in some way. The outside ultra peace ele mont w-re much more persistent than the delegate*, end ?ndesvoied lo prees their ideas to the utnuet. It was this fact that weakened the peace element. The cry was Immediately started thai they cam- here to breik up the C'ouvoulion and re elect Lincoln. The tide therefore s turned against tbora. It was this thut shelved Wood and his iwctet committee, that was n t eloclcd at Syracuse and destroyed completely their influence for good orevi Vallandigham labored under tho same difficulty, an wis, with his backers from Southern Ohio, made power Io*s lo ti e end. The war element, which really eompoe a majority of the Convention on the start, laid their plans for a positive war pisiform, hut On consultation it **!' found that a decisive and unequivocal move would strengthen the peace taction and concentrate them into a strong faction, large enough to make defeat certain. Tney, with the moderate ]>ea< e men, then dlr-cted every eTort to tecuie the ni mmatloa oi McClellan, who, they all agreed, the musics and West clamored for. Eluding that they could not get a platform to r ill them without a split, iheir next dodge wat to mike the resolutions so general In their tone that they would not amount to m uch further than pledging the party to the integrity of the I rion end its restoration, but general to thetr terms, and lot tha candidate be brt own platform The public have already seen how they succeeded in tble. At least the war element consider that they accomplished tble i>olnt, and the entire Coavea ?,ien with the exception of a lew rabid men from Ohio end Maryland jumped at It. It adopted with out calling the yeas nud ntys. The only voices heard In the no at ve was from a lew del. gates from Ohio and HRffllDtl Tne contest In the Committee on Ee-ohHl"ne wn? a aevere one. t bcalled ibtt ho had the com mittee with him at two to one. But he noon lound different, for the first contest iliat come op was in the e action of chairman, in which bo waa badly beaten, six teen voire be ng polled .gainst him. As soon oe the com [initi o fuel. .moot Valaodigi.ein'a friends moved thai he h-tho of the committee. At this, >atouel J IMden. of New York, immediately opposed. H", in s few remarks paid ahlgheuiogy to Kentucky, referring tu ber tullerlucs tn tnie contest, and closed by moving; that Jatuo* Uulbrl* now bo mi built u led lu lb? pltc? of \ ftiiao digbam. This led t<> a spicy debate, which finally "?mtuied In oiling the roll, and each member of the committee voting for the pers a be preferred. 1hw rd-uilt as beretoiore staled, was thirteen for (.ttlhrie eight Tor Vallanolghem and three scattering. Just ;tie reverie "f what Vallst digtiam antict; aled. Tbia *? fellow.?t with a hitler attack upou hie heresies by (?uihrio, tlkdeu and oibcr membce of the committee Whpst nils was going on Vatiandlgham a ff'*?>de flew Shout in a desperate rage. In every quarter the cry wee, "fhcre a going to be a row." Tne bhtsier of these n w ?n Tue-dav night, when the, committee were ln esss'on we* amusing, bet to man v Ham.. g A free "?htjookei Imminent itio war elemejt took It c? ily ea t declared that they had about come to the r Delusion to hire the ultra peace men to bolt. Itiey seemed to think that envh a oourne would be the best card they oou.d play Thie appeared to oool down the otner mile, who began to loot around and see Just ah t strength they did hive Vallandigham not only insisied uimn declaring the war uni-onsiiluli.<nal, but hi? budget, as h? uiged it upoa the comm ilee, was in *utwt nee sod n e .ning. when sim mered down to a point, en endoraemeel In full of hlmeell. | It was not so worded, h it It meant that the democrntte I osriv In Convention ensemble.! do hereby certify that C. 1 1 Va.iaiiiiigbain In he opi*<eliiuu to the administration s and course of m Hon has been. In the opteten of the Con V vent inn right end corrre.i through ut This, 1 repeat, wiiA not the wording of hi? budg-t Mil the ..opoalte element^ of the committee declared thai to be the Inienrotationi of A It and toi.k gro ?' d lb debate l ong tmfore the dls 'I ..CoVTn the in. dtee ended ] vinoed to bit talis a Hon thai be wee a mere cypher there, and aubstded He ***/'Vi .?af, v. k h th? (*?Hng wat to poiltivo lu tb* Ooofftiil?? tbat ha b*d hlie this content was going on in the committee, the New York delegate u was calicd logelh.r and an en,,rI was made to instruct Mr llldm to advocate the ?d"Pl,"n of the reaolutlon preirnted at Monday# session by ih< ooinm.iteo. Mr. Tlldou retired irom the t'?mmiiteeaod took pert lo the Uxcoeeiou. The real portion, tne? a recommendation of an armiaitce In its legal, inters en Itoea. and political hearings waa dlsonseed, several oi the leading men edv oMing it aod others eppne hg H, W|ion euled hi the met ion (oc iewtructag Ur. iliden MCI bM am the table by ? decided majority the Ooaw'IU** OA lb ho became tM oentre of miM) ?Bd Uki point around which arerylhibg mum raniftd. Tna n<.utav' In tha Committee on RaaoJoti na via kept ap antil two C tbrea o'clock in tba morning, wbea nearly all af it* mcmnarg bad oxpreaard tbair viewa, '?ban aeomiftitles a'aeveo <u appoiotad to draw up f**n?uiiOna u0 whieb they could all agree upon Ttiia romn-u?, vnt p?Ayttier on Tuaailay aiorniog and aitampvxd p, ^d^rge tbis duty TTi*y found It no easy laaa. With ,*,,,7 eflorla to gat together it waa round thut wnrca nxs^t ^ murb. The altra peace fao t.oo nnd ng that tboy w^e uuabla to get tbair ldaaa em bodied in a Btraigbtforuk.^ way labored for tba next b-m tiling tbey could Soumpltah lb* oilier awe, lioditig there would be\ ko11 tf u?,, ,named upon a platform which perfectly jutted their notions, w ent to work to make h oartn'eee na possible. Tbey had by ibla vine bacouie aaltn bed that McCleUan would be nv,ins(#t, 4l| ^at tbey then asked waa that the plali'oria40oll|^ n,4 bt s0 stri ng for peace that it would drive tP^-4r yWl> tr>mu Hi em Never dul men work harder than Max, ijuinria Kentucky, and Tilde", of Sew York, on lb'* jv ' ? 'tie o 'the gi e it obaUclea In tho way w as tmi # ^ words. 1 hut o( arm .slice especially iroublud lbeK,?u<i a long conical was l ad in re crcnce to arceuICK lnterpietlr.g Ha mea'lu?. They were unable to agiv upon anything to referenoe to mat point before tt.o iii irnltu^e alon of tbe ((invention. I un it g ih it hcxi-,. n It w ? direi llr charged in debute lb t a i ortt. u 01 tne com in tie- w*re purp. eeiy Irving to delay tfe ir am on ? n hopes of bringing about a corobn utiin to change tue whole reeullof the (.'i nvent on The indignation of the f ob veution to the idea that any portion of the comtciitee would eufleavot to aci mpiich thai puiut was so tunni fust, that tbey burriad up Ibetr work in time tor tbe tour o'clock so-bion of the p.invention, and brought fortb the rr-sc.ll thut they did. 11 dota not satisfy the extreme men, yet tbey 3ually ac (lUie.ned In It, a'hough Air. long, if Ohio: Jt t.ea aid 11 arils, o Mu yl r.d lecouticed the id?n of p acing Mc Clollan upon It to iuierpret it. (hev endeavored to make a poiut agonal McClellsn on account of the pluttorm not being satlractory, and lb some points objectionable to the peace then. So much lor the plat'orra. Now let us turn to the coaieat and struggle on candidate*. The delegations on their way here found that at ovary puiut the peopte were clamoring for tue rumination of Met le'lau. Jbe politicians wanted some oim cine, hut there whs hut one vo' e fiom the pe.ple, and this cry di) not come aluue from those who had belonged n the democratic party, but also from the rank acd h'.e of tbr repuhlicon parly Kest and WesV. There wore thotisaude of uiei. here who have voted the administra tion ticket ever since the war commenced who averted and reiteri ted everywhere, noiuiOHte McCTelian aud we wttl bupptrp your tit let. wo arc tired of Old Abe and want a charge There la a change in toe ranks of the republicans ; from every point came letters from b,aniens meu and capitalism, v.ho never mingle iu politics further than quietly going to the polls and deputtiltug their ballots i.u eloctlou nay, hundrad ? them decla- ibg that th"V tiad not lor the last eight year., nupported uny bin the republican ticket, but they b id now cut to the conclusion that ? change in the ad ministration ss, ai-sentui to the sa'vution of tho cuuti try, an? if the Convention would nominate MoGTeilnn or any other pertou mf. pledged to tho ultra Pti^ca taction be should fciv their fie-.rty ywrrwrl The . ea i hat thr election turns upon the strength of the difleiesr. political party organizations ir periectiy preposterous Politicises way talk and try to counties people thut such lu tho cose, but they reason from s false standpoint The masse* are now more thin ever thins log for them-elves. The enormous luxe., the high o< liviug, the currency and the enormous debt, go buiue to tie door of the moat lutmhie voter, lie Ireie .t in providing the necessaries tor his family He se?s tuo ollect at every point around blm. A dissatisfaction is ttie result, and a chaDge is ue-.r i it millers not what the politicians may say, they heed it not. These men read nnd make up their minds themselves. In other words, they have become their owu politicians, and cau no longer be led by the professional politicians. The evidence which 1 have found on this point since 1 left New York has bcon to me astonishing, although I bad made up my roiad thut it existed to a certain extent; but I bad no idea that tbere w is one thousandth part of tne feeling in thut direction which I have louud at all poiuis aint-ng di-morraU and republicans?ana theic were democrats w ho have been cordially supporting tbe ad ministration by votes und otherwise The tide is so strong that tbe politicians cannot change It. This ieeltug was ten by the shrewdest portion of the delegations Here I may as well remark that there were by far a larger portioo of men in this Convention who are men ot property aud have n great deal at stake than u-val in bodies of ih.g kind. Take the body of tho Cou veuttou together, there were lees of the cUgs of mea whose only Interest is in getting Ottice. There were business men, who feel an interest in flieir countrv and have something at stake It was a remarkable tact thai this cla?s , from tbe verv c mmencemeDl, were out and out lor McCTelian Tbe 'professional politicians always worked lor some one else. Aa 1 have said, s majority of the Convention when tbey first cstne here were lor Mc< ietian. Many who left norne for s me one el.-e found the feeling among ilia masses ou their way so strong that they arrived here believing llcCTellau to be the mau. 'l'be whole proceed ings here must convince an observer that the nomination ot "Little Mac'' waa tbe re.-ull of lus popularity am. ug the people rather than hie being tba choice ol tbe poli ticians. The rabid peace faction, seeing this feei ng, commenced jjt the start by m?king bitter attacks upon MrOellnn. Ibe arrest o< tbe Maryland legislature, and everything ?SMR could be trumped up, waa constantly used m tbe crowds at tba hotels, and on aeversl occasions ? great I deal of bad blood waa generutod, but fortunately it all ended in words, kvery dodge that could be thought ot by the rabid peace men was resorted to. 1'lots end coun terplots wore got up to prevent "I.tttle Mac t" nomina tion, but every scheme andod in a reaction tu favor of McCialiaa. The Woods bt first started off boldly, and were defiant. They drew arouud them some of the ultra men of the Wast, and gave out In eilecl that th<-> ran tno inachuiB. tho canvass of the vote of delegations was given, ana two thirds of tne Convention were put down agaiusl Met ioilan. But tbe question Willi there meu was wno they could, concentrate tho opposition to McfTellsu on. this was no easy task ; for tbe crowd that bung ur< und Wood were mne-lcntbs outsiders, and nad na voice in tha t onvonliun. Governor rwyuioui waa dually eulrcted as tue man, u der llie belie that be would -o dis d? New York as to ollect ally kill oil " l ittle Mac." lbeti came I mm ot the wildest systems ot bragging and fallf) slate i tneDta ever made, the ultra pem.e hlowrra iiti o.T themselves at all prominent po.-Htoi;s in the hotels and related yurns of the slteiigll. <?f feymoor?? how the New York delegation were about to decide logo for him, and tin | thousand other yarns equally asiaise. They had ihe.i eilecl , ?or a time, more tlian otherwise from the lact that a few ? l>?raiiu* who pretended tc be ?-ayTiiimr,< fneud* in the 1 York delegation gave credeuce aud sort of endorsed tr.a atatemeo'.s, wh.lo a larp? number of outsiders from. New Y'T:; wore arotli.d ofe-irg io be' two r ? lettiatl MrCielNe would not be romlniitad, and ovet. that .-'ay-' mour would be. Th.s cotitcst was kept up. w tl bittci assaults upon MrCleran, from Tburedsy row. l.t ti.fcatur day nvtit. All o' this time beymour gt\? t.o public atatemi lit 'bat he would not h.'ow his i -m e to t-e i;<? t while, on the contrary, the rabid peace leadeii were .(lastly asserting that he bad told litem with h'? wn ' | |? that he *a- m candidate The ultra pe .ra 'a-tieo ci" cent rated their entire or.e u*ct' hlna st.d tried every dodge in the" power to ktl or >|ct 1-iiar w'h him It ?'.ou. however became apparent b? th-. way tha'tbey br'-tight cut other cndi 'ita* held in reserve that ttiny wanted to kill !! botn VCTct'ea ami beytnour by the move All ol this ttuiu the Mc 'oileit -treugth was sluwly and surely Incretsing Tbe fart becoming generally known that the ultra tner w >-e directing every efliirt to doteat httn ooncenlrtted the war eietuet t a. we as the n?oder?tv men on blm. Allot IbiB timd the New York aelvvtl'B was tbe centre poitl It w is cn them that the ultra price ro?n rc.ed lor uecomplhblt g thtirohsct (!? ? seq iently no ?tore wi.s left unturned to operate ir that quarter '-it all their moves were bo dly met by aucb ir.en a- !obn Kelly, O' New Y'ork ' an op, ??( Hu lelo Ttllan liean Kictmion i, l eiavnn, < onger, < hurch aril tn Tact ,a Large number of Hie ceiogatcs trptn the intBri r Mr Ke ly, of New York, t'.ok hold ol the ractement fur tloC'.oUaa wttu an energy seldom exhibited on any oc,car lor rtar rdi.y night appro .chrd The Now York deloga'.lon had fted til' o that eventcg to he'd lb'- caucus m tbe mam parlor at tha -barman Uouee. The ex. itt-n.eot aa tbe hour drew near was Intense Tha approaches to tbe ro m were densely packed. Tbe delegation sat with rioted doors Avery person wuo cama out of tbe ro m was ?e:/ed Upcn by the e.tgx a..d excued mjltllaue to find out the ret'tll Be'llng was freeiy indulged In by tho ultra peace men A or five hours tho ile.agation rematuod in caucua, tbe lotatli geuca H'"v ant then being conveyed to tbe outside that tbey uerc aituj'ly talking Altiatiy h vote which may 'be considered a test vote, was announced on the question ot a motion ol the autt Mo loliau party, wbnii i waa a triumph ol two to one ol 'tba MK iaian parly 'The J. hate, howov?r, waa continued. MrKeon, among cthors, decotinced Mai:ieiiin and btotigbt up tna arraet of tbe Muryland logia'ulura. (oralis, Green and othors t .Ikod (or h'evtnour. Milton wanted some o her m?n be side-. Mc.ieiisn, but w e not e? bitter na some who pre e.-ded h'.m, and thus the contest raged Governor Nay in "it i hi ai!y took tho Hour and oxhiained hia position, annaunclug that totno time since he had tnld me t?Iwocib thai he would n it he a caixiidate that lie waa aatieued that the people demaodetl the nomioatioa of tlrt iellan Ho gave as hia reason foe not retuen g to have Ilia name u-cd hare be'ora that he supposed bte (rtenda all knew his poellino. and, beetles, it had not coma up in a shape tbat be could meet tbo mnvementa bere He then replied to Mr eon'a charge upou ?'Little Mao,'' ai d gave ttcKeon a hitter rebuke, whtiebe euiovt ?'! McClePan The Impieaaioti of ibe maavrity o? the delegation was (hit the ultra teaoe party were using -. vii. ur i fume lor n.iHChlai. He u*d no other coarse Ih ui I" n.ret it as be did in the de -gsl'ot , hr drclanng t .at !"? would not have his uamo csed *~a- - Il.e HIP a moke up without taking a vote. .Sunday whs. thiremra, soother exciting day Tha puses u.ou all decla-oJ thai feywir had dec tinned Mcfelleti, and that the Now Yerk delegation would vote for Hey mour Aga.n tba betting C mtnenced. Several auli Mtt lellan telegraphed to New tork easterns imritoa la net two to one sg*.net "I. rite Mna." The ultra peace men aver* hour bernma more iteeperate, while the other side, n ne'ious of their alreugrh, remained onlet, and let twwcailBe rave The rajivee* on the MnClehan side, at a Iste hour on Sunday evening,gave MoLleilaa, peynnd alt Contirgenciea. tdleen v tee more than two thirds ot the ti-nvent on ihev thernlore, about midniahl on Sin day, gave ip all coi test on the adoption of the two tbirda "'no Monday morning (ho dalegatWB again met and look ? vote Mc le'lsii h*d i?ny-#ve, Noteuo ulae, Outbrie one and ? baa O'Chaor one I'hta aanouBcemeal fell like a thunderbolt upon ho piacl fac.tma. lour cry then wa? "We will n mm to -eymottr in apit? of the Now t ortt delegation." Towards mght the |ie?re men etarted the raw "I thai tba New York delegation ware going to me t on) reOoutidT their action. Thua tha cwittv-i w - nt on lhaWnnds, with tne aa elstance of the bogus CBu ml'iao fr"m Hyrecti ?. ai d a lew tab d mi-n frr-m "hu>, g?l "P *" jn 1 v,-< 'sHnn da irons'ration in I'm evct ' g HciinaWa, oi l>t n?y ivanla, and several th-r- . ( th-t rtamp. undWt"ok to n ska aieerltes deit'ii B ? n* -'lit'e Mac." hut titer were tton el ci (.id .id choked off by ?'?" mi see teem bled 'bis f lied Harris, ol Marv and, and I rug, o tihio, waio tien got hold f and w ra i revelled "paw W? dei o. nc" Moi'l I ?' is lite ' ? evenlHMI. lt?*waa'ba lent tow rt ni the t.ltre p. ce ra- ih?o tiprm thai tnay i?a?ed ipatr an. cee- ?r <\ 'crr> Ih ir dod?e was I' de ft uncs aim in tv"?t ' ' tk.he, ftpA prBsaut ft aomtoAiloa oo TuaBda/.u?l V*^004.6 f^Uaf tiial tbev might I i?" Mac ibef cuuli asc cure sufl.cieui ch*;.g# in hoii *""?>? *"?? ""i"111 l.? *\ ?Mt ku noawiiiot They sucto/41*41 ,n IVaran"?* J bellot ibet eveotug. Night having Ot#f there beiog 110 we/ to light the buildlhf. U**f weft obliged adjourn - Then came the private tnao ipolalioo* lite t*?" ?J hreg woe eoce mure cuatmeucrd but it did not avail tbeoi anytti og Abut mdnighl it apparent thai lueiead or weakening t'c* ?irengvh it bad the reverse reault It concentrated end uveted it mote (irmly together. The effect wee just what tbe McClellan wen wanted. The? were de lighted wnn tbe idea of the rabnl peare element ae? noun. leg bun, and cooaideied tbe action of Her rid. Jo. ea and Loug one of tbe beet ogrda that tLry could Bare before the people. . rue charged oi Harris were mot by Genera! Morgan or 1 Ohio, the gallant olbcer ot Cumberland G.?p faiu * > it %ho ultra peace men eero ouly ilio more eurag*1 rueir game was to deieat Mc(;i?il?n e uowiuat. n at ail baa mr.ta bjltbe oeult showed that they bad uodorUkeu a una it ehioh they, with me combined oilorts of toe rep ib licau admiuiali avion, were uot u'ulo to do. In ?t'e I., ma..: ibo rumination unaniamuf about our tnira m the Ob to delegation held out to the lost, and relww. o come in uutu I ondleloo was uoniiuutod lor Yue iee< I jmi v Cuthn? *ci the . bon e of . maortty of the Fast Ndo agationa tor Vim Proa .dent, and 011 tho lira" bahol I ijsivt'd tn. 'o voles titan any oluer cioduia" ami I U' . JMe lu en nominated on the a-ennd billot if Now York ban, tchanged H wa? repieeonted to the loadere oi the New g.1, wtinn that tbe nomination of l eu I (Jlelou would hu ? lue aui.ruiiy iu tb- vv.-i an 1 North I w?bt, nod beBaniOfc.,,,- go mj?- i;t|,.i ultrna outline had I all a oog reliieod to be a ?anuidate and v.liea iiichmnud i w?s told tueae facts be aSw w. m .0;*ct tbe ticket; j it tbo tiooimulion 01 I'endleua. w,^ ye utiv more | strength, tlieu let us change, ft-,wx, given for consultation. The Wte.teiu|lei.Uer>i tlioee from tbe K .at conuulted together, and tne ream. wl. mat Now Voig cbuiig. i to j'eudletui). runneylvunia ..'owed, and be war nominated. tin leliao a unii'ietou was secured in a som.'vliu un usual war. It nt usual ,u couvealions to uut uoate c.u [ diiU'.H* lor the wbote thing to turn on ci. hion ol oftlcos J'romine for olllce to delegates i.? usually the turning j point that decide* tbe bite ol cuiululala* J hat via what chiDgcd the itbiilt ou Vice 1'reeiueul at the ii.llimure Kepublicau CV.uveution, wii.lo Old Abe's ronoinlnaliou was aeoircd by uxor already'holding o'.tlce under him. lint tbore was no person here to st eak for McCleilno on this subject or to pr .nise utiles. uot a aiug.c position w?e promised to any jaroou. lie suunte before tua people en tirely untriUtioHeil in this reejiect. one ol the points urged tbe most persistently McCleltun by tbe pence men was that there w s no person here who bid the authority to *ay or could tell of their own Vnoftledge whether "Mac" was h democrat or re publii un now .Naeer before wa? * man plaieu in ooiai UAtion so complete.y independent and unpledged to ?uy person or lection 'k- 441 .ittic Mac.'' Nr person protended to speak lor turn, or Iv.d tne rout '.fat idea <f hi ikiog any protcuea in h e behalf. the roriult of this rcrairkable I'oniention is now before the people, U is for them topi.M tueir vcnllct ui?>u it at the ballot box Its first reception everywhere angora weii for it. In their hands it must be left. NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. He be) Vtewn or lite flilcngo Nomina" (lun-Vei icilitn l.t< with llie Praiv Pdlljr?Hli \\*r KeellngS to % tcid to the Pistlfwcsn?I'nton wlilt the rg?rth Not to be Arcvpieh-MeCltiian Csailed Vpon to Kceogtilxt S?|)diallen, dr. {Erotn the Richmond Heuliue!, Sept.. 'J. ] thk faicauo ooNvasiCon ani> u' Tho news publohed yeslfday fr..ui fbicag" renders pretty certolc the Domination of General McClellau by tbe Iiemoci'ttlic Convontimi there acxembied the a. cnunti represent Avwt at in a sort of mtddf" yxisihun. inaiiy at leaet, of the peace men opposing him, while the war men are pressing Dix against bun "1 tie statement tbat au avowed peace man like l-emlietou is proposed tor Vice President, in order in reconcile the peace nmn to McClelian. woti'd rather teeiu to identify the latter with ' the war sealnueut. lhe ntxuagern at Chicago aro evi deully bent on harmoui/tug and ou winning. Uci'let Ian s great jiopillarity with tho army causes them to consider him the most available man. jtl to /m p?il'im on the. roar que.'twn, thai will ?? readily yuiiifi to the platform Ut wilt arrept the nominatvM with the platform annered. In deed it ha* been freoly asserted at the North for some limo that Mcl'UUw has very m?rh changed hil vo-v s ? ?.ncermwj 'ht war apoin.d the Con'e'erate Slates, and that tv?t'.w e of fbtt ''-ouUl be prnluctd at Chieayo , This modulejIkid. by bringing bun witbiu comt>aiativM reach oi the peace men. will probably decide the vcaie in his fav r. The y,a'/?rsa will pr ofcaf."/ f ariake ?/ the 'jme cem prrmisittg eftaraeier. It will hts>'e mn h in i< abeut If til on, out. U mill pioteiOly be pea'e, and mil pur.Ivs its ??t'Biori" trims thruuyu peace. Nor will Mel lelian have the diniculty which might be supposed in taking Ins stnnu frankly and siucerely ou a |>e*ce platform lie lia? leten for ?ar, but uol tor such a war ae ha? been w:t naescd Me was in lavor of observing the usages of war, ol respecting the rights of properly, and ol diligent'/ pursuing a course oi conciliation, ho has udvised against auch a war as uncom tins waged, aud predicted that it would inutitabiy arouse the reseoinieuta of the energies ol tne Cobfedetaies. stimulate to uodyiug rewietstice. and alienate f?r ever the two cowleueracies Al.|ibat Met leilan foretuld has to |ia*a, and more. The renj ni*i of rtneved association with tliexr Jcn> inspired rn r.ii'i t? ?*ci' reeottinj to Conts.d-raleo now than marriaye n.rh p" deriL Whatevar chance there over w ag of coo<|uertug us undoubtedly lav iu .tier ieliah a pian. Lincoln t.uriued tne opposite, lie <;ho.-e lo niarlg the patn of his ai ni-.ea with (lie aud desolation, lie chose to seize and carry away to distant dungeons, there to lauguisb and otientodie, uoucomhataLt., o.d lue:.. boy., and even .adies. He chose to burn our court bouses, to destroy our records, to f desecrate and pulldown our churches, to Are our vilia.tes and UweSliuge, aud to piuudei our |<eopie. cv?u to tne linger nig: worn by our ladles He chose to it'tain in bi? loathsome prison pens the soldiers whom hecsptured, n1 though to edeoi it be must tub eel federal nptivesto similar icrr us. He ch.we to m ult iliu la.l *s ut New <-r. leanc through tbe edicts of ?b i bei -ire ? re:, ti nt-mpt h'e for bis cowardice ami ilstcsrerl itirmtghout lb- world for his lutamy. In all these things, dune by hi4 agents, and ihoreloro done by muDiiost.d a spirit I and conduct entirely opjoied t> V (ledui - carue-t it 1 vice , sod bv ?hem A? ho reared het-een hi jnpie mat ours a 1'ntU iifburniny retmtment* <??<f tatter me meres <"o hiyh to be mtreaounea .???> dnp a <<?*?? of ?ieir i"ai to> ' deep ,o be ta'-iwi e i >n<i '.??< u hi ? f"i ? ?'_? of r r i m >,? 1 svr tr orrryi'M .*? ir w?ie tO' /??'? "i") . The 1 niton -patev g >vcnuu?nt un ier ! in. .In h i' ? ei? ated the lo. y o. h uRoeorgs u h.s i?eue with I... < mes. | McCwUwi la hie h'.:aai ? UeMmeM at r eptlvee ?. I ( beat Mi Mtsin vr.i th- sri o; ? ari- i w i-.ehtr i ae a'so ui hi* idoa- ot tt.o manner la wli 'lr ib? waf . ehonld be oooductcd .1* with t h hob. so t! ' ieiiau s j I oounaei* were ipunun uni.'. it .- i v .?:? to ? i,. iu | N w wtwteves tnigbt have boon the i nu?e ?'? " i' '.w u i j find and "er-un far! now ?!hl'> '<iv. ? ? ,i<( my ir ?ki.,sw. y, r; 'Jrit* ."?u fart at truth, tf he U *W . ? lies and ' f i, B-t.n. hi-'"on, etnvLy himr- in fas wind f"t The fai t <*l the fa., re of cue we: r. m .y i ier ?? u on lai.coiu tuo ere .ill i : p<* d at...'. - aia_, * u .01 h -use". Hut r. ' tv f"' "> " Me- I- 4 bo anted ar a war rmtn, and .1 l<o -h.-b't I. ? - a t<-d, wo tu?v H s me carious reve atiuns tram ttie ? > p ibucan*. HsClrlla i? utu Lintrd to the t u .11. a? .t w .? . on< I K to tf e Htat-s all th'ir rights toc: . l r < that of pro riy to alase-v. The abo itionwts, howev r, won d .>oe- 'et ttie i oiuo ?..<ie lb?o toe ?'i.... u vtaio .'estorod w -'.h Slavery roi. tnea ibey w ? "* r. tb.i restorail >n also a yreat part* d'-advaotag ? .r the entir. t vote of the Southern states w mid be dea 1 weigh, igamst 1 tberc tn vverv bOHlc't l'hv. wou d be- . If pi ?? n ?? ? I no Its b i? bf cob! i rat'J .u >t*u.l-n< . - < ne the;, see I such ? it mo a* Met el'er. w ,-i! t r-. p - A n > ail I ncrsoria none could thsy be mora inwi.i t>? t itrn-t or I none do tbev mor- bilierly hata tuin An-r .? ?u u.nisell. Iff tb -n the detno -ate h> r d come out to- war iu l tn the?'c ltoo, the ahnl wai >.s -or ' I?ics ?*). in any case, we are ?*re ol e powsrf i! pea* s party .n tho North Deaths J* IKsapltwt at Klrlitimml. rc tttsv BASl'iOlt or Titk lllhAW. ' Cavr l*a?ei v 4 N a* oraiM, M l , A'lg iat 'u i IM , I f fie e s had pi tee 1 '0 my poses**..n s iw of fir toe <<>< ' g.v-e wha died utho Fourth J.ri.ior. uf r'.cuerel Hi j;. * No It in Richmond,from June T to August .J wtur I I rr-peetfi'lly t ro y ?u for pubneat. >o. TVs ' *t ? I obtaln-d from ? sergeant nt lbs Fir-t New V- rk ? goone. )le wee onotured on May T m the Wf ideroe?? takso to HlehmoB'l, and pa*o;s1 tug-??. 2i After b g thero a rliort time na was JeUi'ad ?j Ward Master of th i ward, in which a<> many of .nr brave h r ou d.vd I! ' will trom a ro-- rd wb r,h he has pre-ereed i ** a need ul bifo-mation to tbe relativs* ot these 1 I n u regaiU u Ihetr sb goes.*, .mu the circumstance* tun,.I o their deaths Hie Midraes win tm, fu: ma prBssat,. -! uoant M T Ttttlw Hemp I'ersle Hospital, ; "Br tnnxps Md oars of United twatee Sanitary UntDm<?M a ' T J. CttAVY. Corpora; Hftoantla N Y cava ry tamos Hart. H, iMtb " * Alas noodio- K v . > U i)o? T t I ??IMF *loi a t> B.akr 1 ?a!?h Wtlllama ' N V ft A f-tsr bow- r u . . t 'joiia ili H ?.-Jt Ms*. Wm It T .1.1 I. del ?, . lloWiUirH'*iiMH.t Cor,. Jaho Mohwsa ?W?Y IHIies Merrrmsr, (?, I seta l4a .,?anee Koaa |?b v Hnutb, K. IIS'O N * >:b?' -s lla ell t vc in tbirBe H lent. N t Ow t? uu?i i v.a . so i y We " " Hit, N V It A A I. . c h V U..s 1 4 V ? 4 ran, Hl.e hard. H tile N H Je so.., M, ivi. " JamrsAl-erd 1. iwth i'-na em., m. Aim Wu?en a 6 v., Ti" VL J ? . t< it I HaIci, (>. ?Wi U n v n \ Chsiirtl'1 I'lOian >.a"tl, iP* .lycoa K -est .1 Hi.i - .n -. ,1-1. I* drr ti'.asv A 'JM.vs is-* ('.Ier 1 ' Jscob Ban I. li. ,tl. NYIIA ilsnr* U Uaov-u It . tb M.m ?.irrin S Hoi.lier I, bth M.ok am. B it 1 er.ka I I > II I SlJjtVhS? 'I !?T Mathans. Fen-s r :. n f li^nvv >?? M-.MitiU'.i Hi' * 1 )*?>? *n 1 Agiattt'. i'. sl^1 P * W i !?, v*. ? ?k ? Win M o. *. 7th NYlli fleni y'.Hpsu d ng R JF ? rtiea M.her. II *im ra W,? i -a-.AM r , 7tn J?l ? ordinal'I II 'Mi. C) M II A H?. . a.ill l?l| > I '? Y Maiiu 1.7th21 \ HA Tl?r i??i P?U?iv ^ If.Ui A j t.dw'uAntBnnr H.AibbT HA lie.. WM doe. * usii b ; "Polvr A < ? Ilebitie. tl.W4 ,'S Cnipl ftllf'.a w Onno 0.1? ?Michael foi. l?. audita N J M,.lne , s Vto.,rtbv Kllillb. K. Ml. N II 'Kiel , .John Moon .y M T 0 Hios It Reja'. ' ?ib N V b . It A . ? y I vMorgt l.dwaril it 1?lee. *. Bsutl?? I Smith t H? " I at t.?i.n cavalry II A . a ? I iisnr. ..lass ti, ,cti N ? M A o.. ., - It >'rl 'J, N * ? I ole'r R*. lua yei, K.'ds: NT Mounted Hi e, a ttianthnaer. a, Aih O l<> O-tu l.'?r#ei? a,M ? ' "? Wn. S KVn.hall A IRIiti S Y iferuono tram ' K b. . Inhn IV (trie n li.Ttr NVII \ 7th IS Y il t j Baud BuHea. k Ui*i N t Joaau N- ; h htu .? ,t I Jan.s* W alas- t Mb M H ? I I h'Hlien Mode-. B IIWl h* Unas Re> her, It " ! vprert Ka.mnur In* I' Mai) ll-ni) Kc , ,,, . peter Sodsn. s. !?' i * Ami w Kohl.,, n K. Hh * I i, I' We ? I*. K. I*' N II 'I'si H.-mlii ? ' 1 .Ins Wh'i, 1 I It. ?? V tr an t ?*?, s !,?? I- ?? ' .taroh,M ih Mb-B.av Par k Murray k ^ ? a a s > Kwa.1, II. .to M.8. F,eiiKtln Al.? gat "?4U'.44 j ii M iha ii. tw p. a i? a <ir ? I W s^Yi li K, VM4 Pa Vr-n * ? ,l;wA H y .tt.i' h Ultut, H I -^MY r !>?*O 4W ? J iA.di.eor K?t. a ?? CIA rr.mis A Mnrtrtar1.1IW 1" M??bn |>h4#rion <# ? ^ II M, J ,'t' . ,, . lenn Kt'-e, U. I ft tela M * ?? He>ne?eset. M,7iS A (Si Full intormatlon ta regard ?? their atckr.iee sat leatti will l ? gi n ORA."T. m riFii cwu*1. Mr, Jtmii U. ?ir?ii|'i UsAiH|CA*ritne, Fifth iujCx'*' I fcn Mils Hones, Dept. 3, I3A?. / In lb* comparative quint which is enjoyed Juws o-?w t?jr this corps?|a f?ct by tba whole army befoM Peteie bu'f? tbora i? much of deep Interest to a reiVctue miod Looking at th? |ia<l, preseot and future. W ?Let ?h>, h re.itao to the succu*# of our causa, pro and r a , the quorttion c ? bi l?b.t<f at isng.h out leaviugH to ;h ,o>e who de'qrht n their cootrorer ial p wort, 1 sha I content to* .. if f>y sutiug ,'hs fact that at no ttir.e i before during tb 11 campaign tiara appearsn a M ml tat ad ! *" satisfactory a p .ritti.n if aifa'ta Ttue '.arte nlf i only a here aaaarlion, but it b >u? that will aoon iiare the ffioat encouraglp,; ?ata t0 p,.4r lt 0 j im it ui.iiTiimnra. Thar# ia, ho,ever, nut an entire dearth of nae? with tin ?rmy ea--a day brtofli? up cine litlie excitomoul, wh. h at first pmui a a a relief from the unnoi,.oy of caini) l ;'e Daily sltirn i-1 i.a take place, cat 1:1; a slight ''tlaro up,' and wo quietly rattle down agun to ta'.lt over gin ?( of the <Uy or the night. This reli* a, the'-..-v. of the corps; an 1 auctt is ut present toe relief ;n the Fifth corps. wKPlirsr.AT'a ruinr awti its cat <r?profit Ayu lest Wednesday, August Si, a a'ight diversion wu elected. , out. Mark, of the .signal corps, attached to t.on. Warreti a headquarters, had estabi.ahej a statwa for the purpose of ?etching ihe movements of (he enemy Thin station was situated about twb miles to t?? riut of tho Filth corps hue, uml wag especially obnoxious to tho John rues, they not relnhtng the spying opcrutlons car ried uu at that point, Farly in the day they determined to break it up, and tout a considerable force for that purpose. Our videttes were driven ba.Jt to their post, which a tun foil buck to the ['avis house, whore the ouemr made a charge. This attack was not su. cesuful, us they were in turu driven hunk iu some disorder. Fa .hug but a short distance, tbey (rallied and made another chaigft, whn n forced us te fail hack, leaving lite hou-e and station iu their hands, it waa, however, a booties* victory to them, as all tho instruments, flags, ,tc., per tSiDikg to ?, station had hi>ou removed, ?ud tho Huiui.nt o( their capture footed up .ui follows ?cuie <le sorted nigra' tat ion, six prlriuos and a pile of amnesty prnclamai out aU.ih.fum, nut I'soci.AiuTion us AM.tngTr. ft ;? an open ,pir?ti"n whether w? cannot well sTbrd to lose a gocd poeiiicu for ohsorvuip u with vfviutagea doubtless accruing t > us fV.r an extensive circulation of the proriamation tu a quarter hitherto hard to result. a lnrge number or them wwe printed in German, i" wrot the eyes of Germans in the rebel army uuahle to read , Qgitsh. The fruits of this were very soon appareut, as before sundown two rebels came within tho fines *oU gave themselves up, having earh a paper iu his pocket, A RtfnONyOfSSAiYCS. A moTemeut was ?et ou foot at a rury early hour ye a* terday morning for the .purpose or striking the Knydtoa piank road, from 1'etershurg to Stony creek dei>ot, on which it was reported ihe enemy was moving heavy wagon trains. Gregg's division of cavalry was ordered up to the front, where It was joined by th 1 Third division of the Fifth corps, General Crawford, so i, proceeding out some distance, met two regiments of cavalry. Skirmishing ut once commenced, and the euimy evinced a strong deieruuoatiws to hold their positiou. Finding thai the main hotly of the euemy wero further iu advance ou tho road, anil not wishing to bring ou a general engagement, our forces returned to camp, tho cavalry remaining iu the close vicinity of the Six lli'o liouse. ready for any sudden emergency. 1 am not informed as to the amouut of lighting hut, as it occur* red botwein toe . avulry lorces no oolh sides, your cor respondent With the cavalry will bo aoio to give our t iuulurs. 1HR WKI.DOP KAIIrfOAU?WIIKJtj: IS ft tit! T * There is a very general uuprcssiou hoie that iarly his returned irom the valioy with a part, if not all, .this lorco, and that a veiy dcsueiaio attnutpt wii, toon be made to regain possession of the Weld, n Kailroad. iliat such iiu aiteiupt wi.l be made u, very safe tu premise auil that it will lie made iu force is undoubted. Doe of the most deeperate and closely battloe tu tho history of this war is destined to be iought in tao viciutty ot the Wei don Kailroad, now lu our u:uids. That tho rebels attach an itu,oriaiice to the t?o* session of this mad is uot to be w juutred .at, tor as lung as wo hold it 1 hey cannot lor a tunuiuni feel sale, its tatuing our holu ti|K>n th.s road, anil .ur army tilled uu by new troops, the way is clear ai d 0|?so lot us to iti'lica w,bl0.W UP< n lLi,' rcbe,s T?,at 1 inoveuioi.l should be st^once checkmated is tlie |k>Ik/ and caieeuard 01 tbctr coufedei'Mcy'. lauge unnibera ot recruits and cuiviiekceut sic* and wounded o. t ors are dsiiy arrtv mi to swell the ranks of this corps All the bat ?r;e-i sre I piaoed in ;hc most advantageuu i posilcais, sliong bruasl works thrown up. and each day m, s more strongly [ li rtiaed aud better so.c befoie to bol l our position, t ????' ?( 10s, Iu a prev 0113 despstch, giving an acco nt of the light ing 00 the Wnl.i..u road of pri.fa^, tne J q , 0; . gust, it win .staled that a private or tn'e "uo Hundred and I ourtli New i r.rk rsguueut captured Die color a 1 1 tho tecum >.? rtb (arolioa regtmeut. J his v..? a misiaki, as ftaru. .-o the auth" r ty of General frawfrd. corn man ding theTh.rl divi sion, tliat it wa* o.ouiiu. t (omi. iuyi iq.o lti.udrcd nu l eveuth J'efinsy; wh . tni.jy *.'1 ina*i tue .pture, Jb ; 1.0; 1 ecti..o ,s d ,s to tf? > ? >? - n, ? ? nd^voian. ae tbry natc.raii eg,. ,w.j4 at'loamg lue cred.l who h Oeio. ga 1 . luem I oi.o.N..; CiSRSos I.I 1 LI In ? m t was a.eo aiute t that l.ic..loiia..l 1 ... o?. .".urton 0." ? be thirty n om Ms s. w , m .rtsliy wo .odwi u the flgut ot ihe 1 ,wi. wo th? r ._ a la pos-iog thr. tijn his horosar. tu ? ,1 suit ' S. s ? is out top.. .? uiort J., a.. way to re ,et. ?u.? sta.euieut * , I?, tsole O. 1. * n i .1t home. .< 1 , his Comrades a the Ad,1 as sou ihtc tw * 1 yr I 'Cd to his ll [US, US { uo g| , days. .air '?>r Vwcuty th?: 3tNr?i (osn, Mr. Js met t. Kl 1 a j>n t rtcH ?* lltsptlrh. Ni.mi* Asm v* I, vu?. r .1 i ;? If, S Ml ?.?:?, 4S:> Bar.IKS Ths re'oil* fe ,tcJ 1 I lt> last right u;v 1 a port r> of '>kr li?c. ss if n ajiic { temps with th# nf?ni.,?;, ?' n;?k "g an attack b it i.nh.iig came >f n ;a m . -4r ? nv 'T thy;r cavs:ry male a enpe n( 'n.sit tmpu'lerit dtshee ye?te, 1 ay Tacy obtained so , nm Fy % aig hr'de path, end sud-teuiy ciurged tt o pick'U of the V urtb 'etiosyiven ?. who rs si os th? main body, auJ iinaUy drove 011. Ur?r u th ev alnr they saaaib-d ne ither portion Of tb ? me, where tan colored troo|K? were u t.csltu a end capt ej ?r ,,, x-t ?nidlere. The r Dumber am not eiteed three buinh one as far as CO d tr ?.? ertepied. Ths Army Prees Deepslrh. H*Ath4CaSl?kA, Alter T IS "orowai > nept 3 -d A. U ) KI*i" rt >s or t oasaRrsR fVivstr Se.den S., of Battery K, Fourth f.nited iflstes artillery, eutTered the extreme nena ty of the law for having deserted fr >tn 11 s uvmrniad l .rtog active opemtiooi A doiau from prov ?st guard of the second dp ? '0,o< the Seem 1 cor n, erforui"! the 1 vi duty Ths cuipril ad treeeed b s tallow soldtere, ad moetsbtcg them Agu uxt t?e crune of deee-t ,.o He than ?st down 00 his ooiTt',. w co lbs coep'a u mate s preye after wh'Chhis eyee were beu isge.1 jQ 4 few mm .tse be gave tus aigi, toat he wee rsady, 101 S4gnt i?ut.e.s entered his hrewt and best, k .'og him ibdnntfr. He leaves s *tv ad ' two JiugOiera te moiro hit fate Another?u prit, otiueu Aloiriter was to have snflbret th seme fate hot ruatiog,. 1 tm e 'eot h e escape turoigd in*,j hi ho -rien r two days ago :<r J Im -s Ileroeg ? ot -t,- Rieeeot1) New To-? Vclut-tte ?. h.ehe- miweibg 'mee the '.ght of the 1 A" cut or* 1 ie Wrbloq r"t t it ;s not tuowtt w'i.>tqer he . ?e ait eg or taken f r..? mer ? v>:' V 7 I l>. !???? '.%< uVAWT t t,A~S oa-lfk '??<pi?ri r ii nig,, , claim og I be heneflte of '.mi?n, i.rant < isle order. < < og Utotn ,,ro.e t ?n a i rupu vmieit i' they w vt 1 h r. a ,t -or, is tbem nto ?- V), rwe.yo tme t y- tar tax All in jiiipi ? 'ng t: can th.t mora rig a ??- ?iv a shot heing board 7 R?3GL ACC0UNT3 The Ktlwi ttntioe F Ig ti t ? 11 rtl c | ol Hi port ? 1 h? llrtetti, ,t? From ttjo Rtcimiotig -tei.tioet, V, t I j r?;iovvff,rf (4 A y Hmi'a r*r*r\ nt Urn lit * fotigbi at Ha.4111 n lUimn. >n ?Iih H i H%l. r ,aJ, on yr ter.lay rett ? Htatvp iwisi-, Tt;S9 f"one. a tgnxt ,t. jeeg OMine. - , have the benor lopeport too . ..crept Ivst Ot . Opult-8 to the light of the '.{'oh St f'esiire Uatco We captured twolm FtsMla of nt, re. nine p -ree ot arkifery, too ,aDsons, twenty one li odred . .d ilfty pr ..mere ttiirty one hundred atari t of smeii erme and -hirly two oor ns My own 1 to niv,l*y a-tt 'ery and mrah'y ,y n-vsr. hurplre.! and twenty mm ktied wontulei mil tmedng Very respectfully ? _ , ? * I* Hit J . l-ieuteoant fisaere'.. Totwonei W A Tartow, A 4 ti T hf Isiliinel Tosgrephlr Cnl'm cm. pwart, depi t l"U Nati'inei Teiegrephae Cnieu will lesenih'e on m,? dwy nioioiBg, at u.e A1 irteme II,del Delegatcn irom most of to- priacffwvt c.ittee trip '>? preeeot ytnc of iliem bate nlrra^f hrrtvmt. tba initon te romp nd of i' e principal teioyrhnb oimratnre tbr?Hi(bout the country, ei e In en *ft"ira*ii n liomed f.e neoevo eat end wncini ptirjwi.ea. ttvwinrpre ere ?e rmti.we ? 1 rea'dent. James ? smith of N^w York Vlrw I veeidflnt '? W Hammond, o r?t. Isuiig? ?*areu?ry,T A. I?avt., Bant >n rmwmar r .letnee 1 gy, ir)|< of , goggelphi* Tk* Taarf. ffll nCMOl) COtTKrr AAC'S SOUK3*~3XCAVL7? New Isrsey oow )kwmmm another Bae rare oour-e, which la to ha taaugurntsd with '.b'ea lay*' ranieg >1 the rib. mo ttoi 30th of ibis nu-oih it 4 bilnated upon the island of Ao;a>vnui, an elovnled aod salubrious pieon of ground, eo circled by tbe enutll ilrnanu wUicb flow into the Hackm-aik rlvnr, four mile* and a ba'f fr .in the ferry nt Hobi ken. Th-i property of which the a?w C)v"?o forms a part ompr'eiui no .*? than aif hun dred arret. bll of whi 'h ha? been puifMiased and vnaUy improvod by'liio U .ds u County Agrifiuitural Society. It wuf formerly'It * o'd Pttveter farm The first great U'-c,,Jr :iy 1 r a ra<.a cour.e ?,? <? tpy mean* ot socies t" the ; uli , .'i ll Hilt CM' '>?*? cour >1 p.. '.be drive to p. bv the l'ttt?r i>n ulank roil o- ?t , o tgiropiio e pleasi t sad watwil *tl? Mi'l those win AlilA iHiaoe.e and cannot conym inot'y in" h"' ves and yeuiciua n.ay iuiit cheap and ready ic .a of tr\ni| - to vaiiliu a nuarter ol a ni:'e of too ft "-rae |?? thr Kn.i Pa.rod. 1U" uipuny s ai ? \t *o make a atation at ti a neiireel pin ? ' , v?i'.n tr ' h w h? r n ? < ? ??? . I v ? t 'tilctv ocifititd thif- huo domain they have ? ma ' a i road " m "> ntoii.') upon -r ;ir.? ? or ??ii!? ?' t '' ,r-?\ deal ?l Uctu and im??r?'y have been outplayed y :< " il "'i ? Ts an.I innuugerw. A unw, wide and hui.d.'me Pean mada. wUi' b uruocliea mi-. ? ?.< win-.. too ?,Mtt bint b??ti enlt'iad. una uf tli -no It-ads to tha course, tlie n ie-to the entrance of a lur/n xubH' tntm to V - j! o -cctod. an t jiiat lintel ?' ??'<* ? ir ?li not' The a >< on i a* put ml" It its landlord, and hi-, " 'orta htvonlr a lv ma"" it u |-o| ,:lar a.t.-rt) "u uoJ eioinog report lor mo gentlemen of Mob. ban who take.ttmte '?It'"!' tbd City \t? dare ??T the v?* Ymti r* win s"T. !" ru to vsrr their Own iliiirnal exruran-oe ?y v infiiM.-a I-M 'f Ihe North river an I .???< i* ??; the i niiiiou t ouoly IlMCd C'vursDe Jn-H )>oI<to ivarliiug tho liii',.| the vi-itur pa- ,.1 a lmunaat t;r? ve ??! t,?..tfihP, the iiiwltciual anJ fragrant tree, ?r.<-n tirnit-p the Indian- naught our ?ri. Ad a cut to th ? H a hoe orchard of young ai t ;? tree*. ' ' ol the i nipii"- Of b a: I b -re"-, then: the I rain ids stable* are Itt t-ouraa o are.-t ion, vo that tbo liue.t of tin- re >r? .a t' - in t iuin ?.l! m.i have ialien in pleioant pluca- ' ? titer rails'' of ata-.? mR and Kinds have . u hunt, and a cap.- .-u ftaod baa tun n ?i in I'd on I tio cour?o. A lolly and \ ery bit Levant a I "v I*.! put up aII rou%Mt he ?.11? <nil. "'lift It*<k will l.a one of tbo salont anil lament in t . r nn? oilfr e.onnti v A great part of tt hoe he.-n n- tr :?!?. w un , much labor and periievaram.'o, un marshy oil, vv.Plim J CuuiPi-u'y orcrfl"v*dd l-.t high FlTUUili* Cha h of 1 It m, iheii-fora, ipringy and elastic, yet lough-tod ,ti ? j ??n uuii io aupporv the lbr?a or four leet o' huo red loaia | whitu n. w ri-es above, tb? salt inoudow iviul Inrm-i '. . ru otug v ay Un the It' niestrcteh le tee ?ro n I . was liigU and dry, ami bore r- tun:; ?tas been | y. The middle of the , nurse on iho aldi ut duit' d here and tbcro with baudaome trees, in o r each | III Wblub there I- t?# be erm ted n smalt family ill 1 t. TO" uurso I - an nblnne with - Iretchea n I'll1 fpiarier of i mil# each, and turns beauttfulty rounded. The #?? was o.v eedn.giv well adapted tor the making ol a rauec ? <e, and Mr John tV I'raiu-oH. who -i*h)imtecdcl iho ni provemeuts. turned the natural advanisee* to pood ac id m ihe directors ol 'Ins aneonlatum are iiirn tu; tbe must influential and respectable feoiiemen of llobi-Kcn. ami their prr-grainir-o tor tho opemug rn. a > i"1' ' much liberality. They give $:t.3U0 to !?" run for, ?ud the ecu mice money to the purses is, m ahnostevciy inslaiioti, to go to tt? second or second and third horses. This wul encourage owuefs and trainers, tend to Insure UrJ? holil i and add to the saiialaction of tho public. QENBRtl BUTl-Kit AND TUB STAI.I.IOf TfOT. Notwlthstaoding the lowering appearance or Ihe weather ycatorday morning, hundreds of the patrons of the turf were out ai daylight at the I oshion and I mon com sea to w.tue 6 tlie horses take th-ir crercise and ascertain if possible the true condition of these cole Prated trotters for their $10,000 race on Wednesday neTt 1-rom what mold be learned the ftallion has beou -oil, hut was a-'u.n himaelf; and altiiough Oeueral lliitlnr hai the call in tho betting, the hackers or Killlrgbatn wore again strong betters on ibeir favorite No race tn>s sea?on hiu> approached this in internal, and more money will tie woti and loat than on any oceru of a similar kind Ibis aiternoon there will be a match trotted at the Union Courts. To Paper Hinufacmrera. r?*h will be naid tor to.oou isarns ol aeod Fourdrlaier Paper. Sue. ttam-W the Api>,y ,t lhil ,)fi^ A Saury (>lrl Bmng A-v?*e?t by llrr sweetheart what abe lbou;-.ltl ef Pll \LOS-.? NUi .tT BLOOM INU CbiRKUB, replied ? lo haic I la luxury; to be without It " a?> thing but luck, sure ? In view of liis manv battle-, our Lieutenant (Jeueral might well be called iVa> Uriu'. but. although In good ot:or wuli hlfi v. bt* uot ??? fragrant a? 1 ii.\ los a niuiit bloomino obklls. -Mv WBUam," said a rotiiig lady, '-n^klog of her bs ttotnt'd 'alwavs naef PHaLOM S MM.Mr RL3?) I N ? fliUKI'S and n-eou his letiers to me wl'h u then replied her fiiend ,i>- a id Ui? tetters arc a.ike?ootU are s. eale l blliiea (billetat. W'.v l? the 'at cornier'-it of PHAU13 1 NlHilf BLtyoMlNU I'KKKl A u*e hia, !??,. a'-y Bees ue Us a bad un |Abuddon). fathed In All l,'gatir.'il I,otte? riet> C, WIvHT. AS Plue street, room No. S. Address *?? Sntoktri.-Pollah Mon, Meerve lutim uvan"fa-t- rera. irnioved tt'im Broome "tree to #'.3 Broadway, near Kourl" sirect. wliolcia e and retail P.pes cut 10 order a-id reoaired. j A Beniitlf??i iiunplrttim. ? I.alrd't I Bloom o' Ton'h, or f.i iaid P-arl. It baa i.o ? i .ll ;ar p i aarv.og ?nd beaiillfvioK the ompieiion end skin. Sold Or all drtigglats. ant by JAMBS LA, RO >o.e fropilelor, Afl | Broadway. ? A itsgMcl'd lunv'i, t uttl, or Sorb throat, which migh- he cbeckeb by a emijile remedy, like Brown's Bronchia! Troches, ifallowel lo pco/r?a? miy l-rmluste seno' dy. for Brouchitls. As. una. ( t'arru and t'oot'iiuptiee toughs, the Trochua ara used with Ad. an age. gl?.:ig ottcntimes imm'lista rc i#f A I* n re Cure foi Hernia, <?r Itnplurs. WI'ITI S " I"ATlvNT I f V't!' ' -'S WlllTI'.'A ' PATKM Lt-\K!' I P. Is'ne beat in 1 .niy Trui n u ? ? .r I v , ?a t.i ? laa geroua dlaa iI ia made m v ' '** ? " * otherv ?I Rh* clean and ev?-ni or?sure on ti or e..i ' I'h -i tru-a w "i the ap?.(< it o ?>' ' i'erui !?'? ..14 w . s - - I t ?? mo '.>'??? ?' s " ;,i f,< :iei for a i.aruu O-.BUORt ? Ot? is A iti A I'erfei t M?tr II ?? e ?.M 111 <? t"? ?e n's. Be'v-; sodmora u i *a'. ty loan any >1 1 a m I y Ir . gf.a Are Von n'litost ltj tnj front llemtnitie. T.,o" s e a ? i a , > ?, r? W " i '( 111" ?' "x ? Ann uus'j. -ei?a -? .' ' v. I .. w cis, It iat<- Ii e lor'? Hair M?e- tie ?te,i In tlie w-.-. I ft.tin -.a, it ? ??.'? 1 e ,,n r ,,nfe dye. Sol 1 'j a d ^gis". t *' ?r? ft A*, a s.ii' , ( hevnilei't l.tre r.?. i ??.- VI.? Ir Kest tea ? % ?i. ?? 'r'd' '? ?> . *' ? 4 ? In lire.- day keeps the ij ran ' '*? not simn the ssin or si.i lite wi '.e?t tvhei- fb- "*' ? dr***- 04 er* ~ ' ' f*r? '* f , ro-is'ns 11.China mi s'rengi*. ???? v I ??voce, -e rrnwii .' >' weak- ? hair ? re,-'. >11 (?e-l by th-> ll'.t met s. 1 'ho I* 111 N?w > ? * * ' ' " ? ?.l ibt.m.-ethf w n'e i.t ,s?'1 at 'he Ira. otea *e I st in ? ?d c* No I Ii' H" a *( -T XdS'Cu , ITS ? * ' ?" 'tSiT?i Pi ice $1 pei bo"> $'. n-r 1a 1 dieo. In la-icy ! ou'.e, Can be sent by ftoije^i ^ fiBKVAl?IRW * t? ? Moire of I'tirsnlK? Bv lite I Ifht ot '??,-eeoi.^f vo'i BMP kovw i.?r s cer'alo*, ehat f# ipe as eomt sr I wit' >tber. wli.' v 1.1 , an do ?< and ina? l-irti ?" your ta rn's to (h- ???? >o? ? ? ? <? \ ? nont 'Ol thlsse- ..-e , ' be com pnra' ?e f ?h 'I t .1, derrel WO I Cl-rv TI - to ev ??-f I n 11 s. Utsi.e KOVtlJHA A HI. LB AI H- il??. r '? c.ia t?. 1 J sr.' -a Ir rl - ioos o' nsracer, u y riilnii V tanee. C'nrtl R?r?lv?rs, f.llt (fooda l .nihs ,?? A ? HAVSbt'O J.1 Ma dea ane. ? arprn'ert anil Rtiiltlri a Take sioil.e. W o But 1 "J *>a?: ? <1 s l n,,.v n-tTi-lf ;?i?ta 210 T illy -* <?f* N 1 ' "? fc* K , r.<? ?n l .>tnl ? rilstsdaro's l?>e. Pieifivnllve an' ITU; iMpn who'esa e s-i 1 rat t No ? Ari- Ilo-im Toe Ifc'sppi e$ by ... iaf.sis T?r. Itnsse llvtolrs Btrlmlve Alletstlon 0 pe?(a"s? rAia?r? 0.en,e?>i lbs Use So ail fvroa Ke.i.le-e 1? l? "..-alb sue.' too ? ?#< of fif u ovonue. New > o- < Ilo rs 1 1 A M '." t . . M Or. A< heat b, rmL*I>RLRH'A _ w .1 be M hia ronnM 3: Bond s'. se- \ r? r-i-a day. froib V a M unttl 'U M ,-lao ?<s ,o aurooti sea with b:s -tvpiroine s o- w ? c, ie arges 1 iree lol art b"lai ndvire rise h hep s'e !? nun r ?rup. Weed ron.o and Mandenke Ptil* si I euro 0,1s i-nni on ins ?re 1 leolly in its t-ltlDo l atngee tin' I IS s.ways best to not put t eif loo Ism lie a wars ho. a t e? j fcpi of 01" J so at uarno-ns. winch con be bal ?. ai. lures Drafnnt, Impaired Might, n iisps i*s~i hk HKta CATaKHIIA,, (f r :? TBI? THRU A r. CHRONIC CAT t HRT CATARRH or Tflf TVMPAN"" Ml-.MtlllANK OltsTR ,'THVNSO T'l* S STAl'HI AN fl BK CURKD CROAdF.*!1! STRAIO'I rKNRO IN 09T. M'N TR. And every d orioe o.' tho Bre and Far f'1"-.rise euhse ?nil eml or s-i-gc-si ?'d a'en I ? 1 to h? Mr f'VN I' Id KB BK HI at hie conau tine rnorno. SI. Hrosdway nssr Twadith at enl. fov tlte Hair and ?Ula-Barvr's Trl snp isntta The beat and eheaiwnt artlola ttbtd by drag gtsia _ Owiver A (taker's IMgh it rrrmiuwa F.laal ? St'teh doom* Machines. Si4 tr-Atway. Be* (>ck, nod its K ilt 'o a.rnet. Brooklyn (leBVSBil't Pnadrebtthtll t pronts Hair from low foreheads o aoy part arf tho I elf $i Wkirau'rd, st bit depot slSHroalway Otl? Cambt-Mesw Prlas, Jnat Becetvad. two thtoo, lour, tt'? vo t"-enty do ara e? h for ?#'? Jt* UKOU'IB C AL-RN its Bt >at -?ay, oaa loor be no t Ada. sti act lll|hiit Premium t.erk tnirh Rewlk? Mncbtaaa WHRF.LRH A WlLBJB fti ? md>?n/ ? V teatl. Palltleal Basnert, F'agt, *? u U ttLIA ?> Raot B.-atoa/, N?s *b.a. Hlawtllk* H?lr R?it*r*?lT?>> ?T ?r>an>.*4 ? r**uara |r?, h?ir ? III J (um um fcff-' i '.a* of ta? ill':**' mar. bit ?'<* on "fc , wtat, n o?? t?re?'t gr*? m l 'U ??? '? ?" BCtlf ?? era* that BO iBO WOO .1 lilt* 1 k*4 bBj? III* AO lar* #eaA ' r*e ,o a. . JOsk 9'iT* t CO, 10 b'Blversltf pu ? Mo? f "?I If You W ant to Kn?vr. *>., Head NRI)iril> I'niKOS SKXSk i A curio I? book for cuneain people. at. 1 * go- i >k w?k* I on? f*r ?$l VI Tu l>o bod aa oil una* <lap>> ? C iBIoimJO takl i o, a i1 - I fre* Ai'Jrro* ikki a-us lir K B YOOTB, 1,1*1 Breadwar B. r T.aaffea' flrMclkl*. !* e " Two, three fire ?'k. eight. ' 1 J ? h?it 'ml .ach Kor ???? 4 Broadway, jue door U?T>w i on. t|?pvl.'. Ukdiral til"' Tro?u-O?fk corner of rtro\1 w*y an ' Ann street, under itaro-un* Mo . ? .1 ...ler lira. e? an 1 h i '* * ' ?? ;'v"r* it... ripiion SiU fc.astie 8ux*.n.p* a-'-l J 0|<en Ui H P. M ?l: ?. IV hialow'a Soollain^ Syrup foe | ehil.ircti Teething. .res Djeenlry on! Dta-rii -a. togaiAM* j Uio ..I .n.ACtt aal iijwe.a a.idwiie. A... 1 l.e' . > So viaoii't t;iri bvitt I min .IOiiI I'.kUDS HAU.VK ?KH'CAIM) I' W '? Hi* in. ,?f n nl re*. liwki'a W'?n"ai. ?ni? V ben, . . .,r.u I ?... ? o ro ? > A ? " . , ?? ? . ? ?*???" . m a ? t . a* O I tti. ng compound Haul.- had ?< QOf'RA 'l)M dei iHB 1 II,?>m! kf, UAI.UKMUBK, rhtlttl*.:;.' a V ?? ' '? I Me**' ) fn Uerut.-I Ilia I rnilu ilon of r. .a ilr/M or! ? ?? "OA pla< *'t l.e'urr '.,ir pi ? : ?? b' 0 N oe. i ? ig |< simple kk'l iarm - n r- dv : <?* Hr.ii.ioM I " li>- ???nl ???".-? " | r ? n n to in n' bil l containing four hum '? 1 "h j,. , a ? i . : it : ,i" 1 mt p ? ?' " J "' ? ?? 'V rm-nee. Prt-o fl kbot. ^ i , ^ n OuoUbumi u ni'I lind it pavlleulMrly ??f ??? ? ? IM tin*, weiHtn ge, St' .. or au any MW ?""? un irao OS ip , . , r i'.m i ,?!' I ih ? Hid on n-<>" c/ ?' ? fc 0: VJU.iOX. boi 146 B:ooklT" I'n't 0^'? a.'flio llulik*? F*r? OMIori' -Vl h?' o? 1 in* .InTTBin-ar Ilnlr vHl? folora tlao w\ ik" ?'Van k bnantifut ? .n or ??'??? !'? #Uv. 0 pr- Oul r will nns. loan ot ??*?? ?ui. Only ^ yhllailnlpkiio. Pol" fmurt 'bir VorealB In 'run. ,.ar-a. A On pL..;r.?v / -A w ?! ,n f. i!... ? ? it- ?' ? Saw I.ii, A *<aiItn. ' b '4*a A'' 1 U ' 1 a.Vnirh CVk??ii*. IV*w styii-n. r .... ?r rti r:. It-on '.w.-nH ? ' ? I too b ntll ot do oT- -I ! -a ? t : .b?i ?'? AUM-. ? X ? *0, U ,o* wj... on- 'lbor b' w ? au?! treel. MARRIAGES and deaths dim ? flail. Unoooii?I rit' n ?Oil lttday. HeptmnW 2 V Knv. Mr nBiiiinond, (ikoit i* H. ttioooon, of Br ig.iAiitar 1" glBD't, to JUMUT Iticilll* I.tfTOH, BdopSnil li^Uftl .?r X William ami M iry ltngaln, of tbls city. i. . UovtK?(iiuNT.?lu tlaio city, ou ltiursdoy, Sop.i?mN*r 1 at tUe Ctkurch of tb? Holy Aport or, by trio a* Uoortte.f. 0nor. P. P., of 31. Timothy's chttrchfiv-nw o. 11 ova i , ol Sew York, to MaRU N , yoiitifrat dkugbcor of Ale*ander Grant, Esq., of Mount VornoM Kna !??lUT.? On TLmrH'lay, Saptombar 1, In t?o PioAbytorian churcll, t'oUfcitl, X'. V . by thn ^ey, tarntj* R. Boyd, .Iohkph M. Ivxai'1% "f Plltsburif, la, to 3o'b?" H. Day, elalnst daughter ot the lato Ealgar B. I ay, of IB* former place. l>ll??. ANiirRsox.-on faturday, September 3. S*?-t*t. a., only sou of Geo. W Anderson, aged H The rnlativee ami frieuda am reape. tfutly Invited_!? attend the r.ineral, from bis late residence M ?lty???*?* airem th.s fVoiiday afternoon, at two o clock, tiia 'e mains' will be taken to New York Bay Cemetery tor te t07X-Mr. William At**, or consumption. Med M years, native ot iMda. England. Residence, N.. I Bccond ayen'ie, N. Y. heeds (England) tmiiera please copy. UKowsaos ?On E riday, Aimuet 26, of wounds rncei n4 in the battle ot Reams' .luliou, uoar I etcraburg, A ,gust 2 i. Captain EiiWaso P. Browrsox, Anl 4e < aiap and tAiuimtatury of Musters, Second corps,nou of Dr. 0 A Tlio'Tu "oral will take place from the residence of bin father, at El./al?etb, N. J.. thle fMouday, morning. *A it iim o'clock, i e?v<? loot or Corlliodt itrtot, N. !?, w** mioutoa pa?t eigot o'olock A. M. . * HKt>w.v.-?On Saturday afternoon, September 3, ti tr entr minutes past four o', Kwk, of heart disMM. I you'isoaft d ilighter ot WiiiiaiuJ. and Emily Urowu, m il.e 11th yo ir ot her ago _ ? ? Thn 'riohde end relatives of the family will l>,eVf attend the luneral, without '"rtoer inr^tion trom the re i tence of her t>aront.A, No. 19H West thirty-flrst*. on Id'nday morntng, at ten o'clock. Bknxht?on Saturday, scpteuiber 3, Jonx ??*"*. i *4tiie reyu*ves and friend# and the Indepclent (4'iarl,* aptain ^e1t<?r, nro resiu'Ctfully invited to at M ll,e t,moral, from bis lato residence, coruer of N's?kr simh -treet and Broadway, this (Monday) atternoou, at one o'clock, without turther notice. IIhooki axi>.? <? euuday, r>epteinoer 4, Bt nt-nr i.Aim, aged ?t) veers , His trnn In and relatives arc respectfully "'v laJ.iT attend the funeral, from No. 5 Summit street, Aro 'k FM, oi Tucsdey afternoon, at two o'clock, without lurther ""'?'.AS. a -on Sunday, September 4, Ama a of George G. nnU Mien Biaock, uged 1 yuar, o n.oa.BM *"J liueraVwlH not take placo till further noi .ee i !, ?!, rsuddeuiy, in I laibu'h. L. I on Saturday. "Op tcniimr 3, HAMi'gi., elda-at sou of i.aniriro V*. ami hsine* C lore, au'ed If. yoiirs, i? tncutbe and 10 day*. r>,~ roiat ven and iriends of the family 'ire respect"!'.f tiv.t-d m attond the fuBera1. at the hou"o of n a f-ther, t to renfteld h. I..on tueaday tuornmg. at h ? If oast nloB 0 e ?".k. an I serv res at the Episcopal church ol T J.innR Ui'",ri?r L* It ManhatUnvlt's on Saturday, 3c;.t 3. Iamsb p.Yi, . in the huh : ear ??i hi* ?g* i n? 11 ludeanialn .c-f bib brothers In law Ibctoro T ui . Win I! I'one ire re-pecifully invited to a". ??? hi'n uin ' a. from hm late residence, corner o. i-'tb str tea and Bruvlwav. tni, VlnnJajr) nfto no m at iao'? ciO' * ; n, sit -On Siiturdav . ?e,.ipnib*r 6, Mary a ru./AM. ,f* hti! >m me late.! hn i riv-r. hs ive- I'l l frieil.ta of the family are r-spect u y ui"ii'.'j i.i at -u i the liiuerah this (M inlak a't -.ooou, at ? k,; mi her U'o tes.d-iice, 114 iMwia at-??t ... mi ? turd iy, coi'tembcr ft. K , daughter or ? an i toe ato Susan S ErtBgh, ug-;d I m and 12 lavs A b'd on earth to bloom In heave lb- -c'ttiv-"' the 'amTy are is.peet t If ina i" I ? ' a-ton l the ? ,,ieral, tlu.a M inuay au T. i i. -4 two > , lock, fr- tu toe rceideuco ot ussrunl pa. *ta, e * ? ' n s in lav. epletnber 4 IIkiockt, he bebvvt W I. , nun viear ,':a th?6i-t y-ar .11 Iter eg i.e (, laooe an 1 *relal ves ot teeeaae.1 ar. r-iapee r illf r.v'i ,. ,t" I to a't l III" fuu-ra . from l."f lata re ld-n e , iboiU sir set, on lueslar afternoon, at I we Baaius* on Saturday, Npteebev ^ It'- n i'. e ? i fro B'l- Of it.e am ,y and lli'-n iT M' .r> tin r<"ti i a?. supfci-n S P ly and I It ???? ? x .. ,in ,r.. rc?i .j?tf lly u. vitelit" alt-fOd It e t.tiernl 1 tr' tn h s latM inautei'C ?, llkl I aet >t ty ? Ightla at eet. atM | ,|, fri om -Eicoud A.e e, th e tM-iudaj a-tetu-ia at njnsvs.-\< ?i'ig N Y , on t ifadav. Aug at 3M} u.nato JoWoa, e uoltbe aU> JnUu .a. k??i *? "?r?a. Rail rnor" ai,?-? tfioaee copy iiu sat if lav. Senllmb-r , ?' ""?*? F.iM, on of 1 taws Ware ! mi Ma-y Etoi.agel t S,7tr eu ;? ai.d o." ve 'f th ? f .u. I> are re pectfutlf ? vitwd to l'.t n.l the ?? nera; th-e M-mday ?'^''1" J n ? o'clock, from No 33 W.smHiuU etr.'et. Mouth Br ?ikiyM. yts. "is -am atuial.iv, .?eptember 3, Ikaa a Msrnee, ,. i - ..? ?? 1'im niin indlideya. ?I,-frt ? I- an ' re a t eB of the tan lly ar- r?1? tf-tltr ir :ed n> attend the funeral, f"'ia hi* tate, reeilsnce, M ' 7" at r.lay, -eptemb?r s. J*?iw. e?mai n.'of . mi v, m l isat?-l a Mclntyre. in the l?tk year at "i*" .?,? , ?* *d t frienda of the 'amtlv are rA^^tf iUy 1 t?,i to Aitea d tnn I erai -run the raid nj> if bi? ,, 1 ?, 1 , t : weoty tu'b girnel, U. a (Mio lay' *t *rr wo, at two o'ct'x k. Mwraette "<? Tvne Eng.an4 paivt ol-aAS f. py 1 in New Orleans, on Wednesday, iY'UI I'. ? v> i'oaa.L' Jr . of ?*arapany ?. Nio^irtk r-arv , ,t \"? "t .Mat Vo sera, > tyNVr-tery, ?. anl , > .rein,ah >nl May (Htgeul 0 Poaneil, Bf t.i s eUf N.nniii; the f'.nerai kereaiter -? >ti l*y. 4 Wttiti M ,0* / H i? i ...orgs N and rwrell T Pratt. Xr.i ? of f moral hereafter. _ _ _u Ta-rvtown, on SBt ?r1a?. "baptembee ?, tl ?*? Pvignpar of Ana*,anl EraokJ. Be-tsy, j *<j j %?*?' 1 lb* inoral win take place on Tue-Aay a t-mwuB, a% ? > i i".'k 'rum the reeideo. e of her pBreun, tdd wewk rwrtitv etcth ft rest, ?.? ? At lui.ct.ik, fae.awam "?unty. M V . * r a ?? 1 .' ? Po?n* rorraerty of n ? i it fi' yu'b , -m ri ?in Hroosve. on ?Vaturday, flepu n.o*r i. w,a ?. -norn. u the ;<Hii year of hm age , Pas trim. I* of the family are invited to etten i the toe ?im v'ae a tero-oB. at th-e# e*. fr * ?? ah* residetia.e. 3a - hernie-ho-a atfeet . -?ti ?.u r>at' rda* afteri ??" -ejikember s iv.. ? a. after a im? an-l itaMtfol liln-ws. " t_ i?t.v? of the par thcf A^ogfle.'!. near a" aaa. a??s *? r/'noe, ftelas.d. w Ik* ir-hI* >f -t"'f *r:.;.7r :Vv ode - kllsud Vf.e torai, ?' a his ' ? ,.w aue. bet ?een Eeety-eeeuBil sod >??'*! ? " (M .oda-i a ten ?* u.lV0t w* t-beerer ? tntf. ? 5*.*WAh ? At WU'te '?,n* y,.T tawB.e.-itlvdadflneg ?t itdmy mwniag ..-epienibef a * a /Mn ,ug ig ? Hem/* ant <v bsbmab, ?g ore r?*oe'tf*l'.y !B?'tei tM flk Tt?- fntB te f i two o'cl efe. foutb--.' ^ .ST ? ?XIQ? ntr^. fr tm lb* * N V " '7 'Vm'^tTr *pte?N? %. Pav? W*B? "4", "ST'Jfl?!*%'****?''b"TbMt<t *? bl? lAte -e-'dsn-M, vlBr,IT?t Konr third air set. thia< Monday 1 ? si? o'mocM Tn* relatives and frienda of tkr *?'?# VI Jl,,? thEty mr.tvl to etteed. nm remei * ? It ? tiaen ki t?rr> town R>r Ihierm mt on T lea 'ay m >rd ne ?"?*? morning. SBplem .#r 4, .^ ovio. li n'ter b ebort and nB?e?e tlinewe. met * Lb. a?? at Meucn-eter, fag *ud, d'wpif r-f-eaied bj * argo- ?eM of freud* bo.1 eoi'iaiatao e* Rolativoe and fnendn are reep-ottitlj' " ? m?d the tune. Ba jb ItMBdkjr nn*?. at k?? ?* k TL' d aviuue, e n not of |t1 lb He. ejk ?>

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