Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1864 Page 7
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0* SALES OF REAL ESTATE. A**~nlAWTIC 8 IRKBT PROPERTY FOB SAt* ?TEE Home and Lot No. 219 AllaoJiQ aireed. ?roolk'!". f offered for sale. Far terms, i&, Appiy al M ld?f' street, May tort city. A DELIGHTFUL COUNTRY BFAT FOR 8ALK-8ITU. ated uu the southeast corner of Bard and Ca-tleton avenues, Stateu Isiand. aud containing 24 acres al land la the highest elate of cultivation. For particular* apply to A. LA M08TA0NK, aj Naaaau street. ' A HOUSE FOR SALE?THE THREE STORY f\ and attic extra wide Houae, 168 President street, be tween Court and Clinton. Brooklyn, with four full lota of 5round; houae 38 feet wide, built in tbe beet manner by ay e work; bae two bailiroom*, rang-, fin mice, marble waabbaeine Ac. Term* favorable. 10 cl .se an estate. Ap ply at ihr houae, or to B. K. KELLOGG, i39 Pearl street, Mew York. A FINE IMPROVED CORNER ON THIRD AVENUE, In Yorkville for sale at a very low figure. Also, several other gooj Corners and a treat number of good paying Housce in all parts of tlita city. Apply to JOSEPH He GllHK 123 Third avenue. Avery handsome brown stone house in Fiftieth street, near Second avenue, for sale; iiossess on October I. Also, one in Forty-ninth street, r.-lth Furni ture. For particulars apply to JOSEPH McUUIKK, 125 Third avenue. AVIMV clam brown stonk house in this ly-second street, near Broadway, for sale. Also, one In Thirty-fret street, near Lexington aud Fourth avenues. Also, one In Thirtieth street between Second and Third avenues. Apply to JOSEPH MctiUIKE, 125 Third avenue. A FURNISHED FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE .?1. lor. ale?On Thirtr-hfth street, between Ftitli and Birth avenues in elegant order- pos.*ee*ion immediately; $20,000. App.y to JOSEPH MASON, No 5ii Fine . ui .. HANDSOME BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE FOR jx 8a!e, on Thirtieth street, near Fifth avenue; four fllortes, h ub stoop, in elegant order. Apply to JOSEPH MASON, No. 5fa i'uie street, rooms 10 anu 11. A HANDSOME BROWN STONK FRONT BOUSE FOR sale?in Lamurtlne place, 22x80*1)8 9. in beautiful order aud has every convenience, l'oasoasion soon. Apply teJOBRPH MASON, No. 5'i Pine street, rooms lOand 11*. A A HOOD INVESTMENT?FOR SALE, TVTO GOOD Store-, and Dwellings, well located on one of the main avenues up town- w ill pay over ten per ceut. 8. F. IRELAND, No. I'iue street, room 12. A HANDSOME FOUR STORY BROWN STONE ENQ J\ lieb basement llou-e, In splendid order, lor sale low, immediate possession given. Situated iu West Twenty second street. Neighborhood unexceptionable. Price $11,000. For permits apply to POTTER BROS. A BELLA MY, 32 Pine street Avery good paying farm fob sale-con tainlug 140 acres vary good land, good building. rich crops and stock, for $10,0 '<>; another of II)' acres, good and large building , Ac , lor $f,i uj, also a small Farm of III acres line lan I and good bit Mings (2,700; ra spleudid Conn try Seat, containing 70 ceres Uptopdand and very goo 1 build ings, for $7,000; another of 50 acres, with lirsl ratebulidmgs, on the Sou 111 Rax, for $8,500; also a tonal one of 15 acres, excellent land and bulldogs, only eleven miles iromtne city, for $4,0001 Inquire o! J 11. SCHULXE A CO., No 4 New Chambers street, N. Y. llotixes and Lots In the city constantly on hand. At a sacrifice?to close an estate two (list class tenement Houses in Thirty-llfth street, pay ing IS per cent on price. Also two brown stone Houses In Thirty second street. One in Sixtieth street, near Lexing ton avenue. One In Thlrty-fourlh street, near Eighth ave Hue. AEn a Cottage in Thlrlv- nth street. Apply to WM. FKTTRETCH. 434 Third avenue, next uoor Id corner of Thirty aecond street. A BEAUTIFUL FARM AND COUNTRY SEAT FOR sale in the village of Hempstead, Long 1 stand, can tainlng 42 ncres; others from 4 to 25 acres each, within 10 minutes of the depot. T. WEI.WOOD, 77 Cedar street. A CHANCE TO PURCHASE. ON EASY TERMS. A well built House aud ten Lots in garden, near Tre. mont depot, Harlem railroad, handy to city. DITCHETT, Westchester Land oihee. No. 2 New Caambers street, corner of Chatham, second Uoor, A GOOD IMPROVED FARM OF 100 ACRES. 3G .MILKS on Long Island: price only $1,500. Also one of 40 acres; price $3,00". Oue 40 acres, price $1,60 i. One 29}? acres; price $2,600. One 16 acres; $ 1,51)0. Al; have good building*. E A. BUNCH. No. 7 Chambers street. A FIRST RATE BRICKYARD, 12 ACRES. IN FEB; materials lu abundance: everything iu complete work tog order; considered one of the be-t on the Hudson river; 914,000. Also a sloop in complete order, carries 100 ton* and over, $3,000. W. H. MELICK, 421 Broadway. Anew brown stone, three story, high stoop House for ?ale, with all the modern Improve ments. Including oil cloths, new Gas Fixtures, beautiful Ch?ndcllers.*made to order by Haughtwont. Terms easy For full particulars Inquire of HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pin* street. A STRICTLY FIRST CLASS FARM, 100 ACRES, large and ex-ellent buildings. 19 mues In New Jersey, flfleeu trains daily; certa uly worthy of netlce; $12,000. SO acres. 7 m'ntite*' walk from depot. Rockland couu'y, $!i,U0.'. (0 da, $5,014) 63 do , $d.30.i. 22 do.. $3,COO. l-.xceilcnt buildings and fruits on each. Farm* and country *???:? all locations and prices. W. H. MELICK, 421 Broadway. A GREAT BARGAIN.-FOR SALE, ONE OP THE best built, first da-s Tenement Hou-es in the Eight Oenth ward; mui; be sold. It rents for $-*50 per year, end will be said if applied for this wees at $6.800 If not sol 1 thl* week the pric- will be $7,500 and no lest. It is almost new and in perfect order; sl/.e. 21x50. lot ion fe?^; four xtory and basement, with two lines of eater pipes from base ment to top Uoor. Apply to JOHN FEtTHETCII, 418 Th rd avenue. Brooklyn.?wanted to purchase, a double House, about 4 ?x40. with rot less than four lot* attach ed, on or near Clinton and Fulton avenues; brick preferred. Address, staling terms and location. Hunt, box '.58 Herald pOioe. B ROOKLYN LOTS FOR SALE.?TWELVE LOTS ON Keul avenue railroad, corner of Rutleoge tueel and 1'enn avenue SMITH ELY, Jit.,101 GMrt Greet, New York. COUNTRY RESIDENCE ON THE BANKS OF TnK Hudson for i>ale. with all tlie Furniture, whloh is hrft cJa*?, Including one of Messrs Thclun A Colcnler'* Pre mium Billiard fab.ea, complete; also H r*r? Carriages and everything readi for Immediate possession; some six acre* Of good land Immediately iron I he river bank, aid out In garden and lawn, wellls-.oc el wi'h choice fruit shrubbery, ornamental and natural sj atle trees, a cev -r falling stream Of pure water runn ng through ll. with l.xh pond, a good Brick House, all mc.crn Improvements cnu.plete. wide plavv.a front and tear, c?<-n-??ry outbuildings; locale I a ?hort distance, south of Tarry-town; the s tun: on and proa pert unsurpassed. This property is offered very cheap, with Immediate noasearion. i'crms, price, with S. EMBER SON. 42i Eighth avenue. CENTRA!. PARK LOTS FOB BALE,?TERSE FI LL SMr I*?tt on Ninety n nth a reel near Eight iivenue. for sale cheap. A ply ;o Mr COBB, the Fulton Firs loan ranee Company. <omer of Broadway at.d Ma den lni.e. FARM FOR BALE-IN RBW JRR8EY, \ TEE PB1L* adelphla road. Klf;. eigr acr-s ot cho ce land, ten Acre* of wood, we 1 watered ,u d .. iiinnr ; -tteam; good farm hoi-a* and all re eaaarv out' Hidings, .2 inlies from New York. IS, mile fromdppo;. will ' n sold cheap. The owner can be seen for two day* nl 31 Barclay street, Bttea FARM OR BUILDING LOTS FOB BALK?II MILES from New York, on the Central .tntlr.jad of New Jer eev, containing liSacri s; can e.l be div'ded mio '.a ? but! ling lota of one or more stcs when t -ired and a ', h ? wu - n ten minute*' xva k of depot. Inquire of A.J. MATHEWS, 12 Gold street, N. V. For sale, WEST RS SPICE MILLS, nr. louis. mo. The underMgned offer for sale the above mentioned Mills, Machinery, Stock. Ground, Ac. The o: l as a *r .r.i on Berenlh "-treet of 1P5 leet b a depth of 12" ic.-tIn- hes. The main building l* four storm* nigh, with a three story back building, and boiler house an . stock adjoining. For particulars a '.dress UARBSCIIE. HD'KS A Co., No. 53 Sccoa 1 street, St. Louis, For half-immediate possession*, to close an estate, 132 Preaidenl atre-t. Brooklyn, lli?' three story altl -and b moment marble front Ho i e 25x80 and two'lola In perfect order; furniture If rie=ired. For permits Apply J K CORNELL A CO , 18 Court street. "L^OR 8ALE?A FARM OF 10 ACRES, ABOUT 310 J. vardt from the SI on e depot, on the New York and Erie Railroad, from New York; build.tig* t.ew and ftral class For fNtrlh i at * Inquire ol W A S xiffH, No. .'3 Bank street, or on the prcn. * i, of S. STRaUB. IjtOB BALE-IN .TER3RT CITY?THE FIRST CLASS ' three story btlc* house 124 Warren x'teett to elegant order, and newly patniml ihiu tghout. Iiouxe 25x4', For terms, Ac., apply on tho premises. FOR sale ON : V AVRNUB, A TnRRB 8TO rv brie* Store Building, wi;h txien- on, ;,ia. water and lewcr we;; bnllt. an I good l" s-.ion for bat-nee*. Apply to J RICHARDSON, 321 Si lton a-enuc, Krook yn. 1*1 OK SALE?THIRD AVENUE PROPERTY, ONE J/ door from Tan niy-tliir l v'tcet, 2I WXIPO, ti me story building sixty feel deep, w til rented. A, ply oti tho pr-m. laca, 2S3 Tl'ird avtinne. L. K. STONE. IROR SALE ?THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 114 JP West Twenty-eighth 'rce; eontaitun* gaa. ath and all the mod' rn Impr x-ornout*, on r- x?ona lele.m . Apply to F. BENNETT. Agent, r of Elm aud Fraaklin .recti, er on lite premi-e*. L1I1K BALE A i r ni*hcd. on ti. . wtweea Fifth and Sixth avenue*, ihroe aiorios ixu I -men. Pot*-Hon ? 'ot?. Price $ i.'Xkr. Apply to JOoLPli MASON, No. 6V? I'lno street, ro uu* lb and 11 IOR SALE?AT A BARGAIN. AT TARRY rpw'J' , pleaaani Cot-..we, with II wtn ?. j"'? isrden an 1 lawn; abundance . f ebon-. Ir-i.t ? all ainda, location and oatghborhoo I v ry . ?- ra- the e ot, iricc $4,000. Al*"" a new Cottaxe.half an acre of gro ind, 14 Qijt) ,IOHN KiiNVON. "vJ Nassau *tr t F f; l 4,000: 1*10lt 8ALK-ON . IlbllGIiTS, NEAR FUL Xl tun ferrv, a llu. -e, In good crier, 1 ontalning 11 Rooms, with gas .m l vx.iier. .'ulla' e for one or mo fa n log nice yard Air. on the premise*, ci Midda-gb ?treeL Terms easy. WM. WHITE, 1*1 OR SVLK-TIM THR. I* STOitY BRICK HO SK I0S r Ka- 1 wenly th'rd ?tree' : geth-r with a'ease of the lot f s-three years and > k m tub*. 1 here are al o ten stalls In the rear; the tint tor * rev 11- la* a I tli. a nu saloon. A *0 a new Butcher'* > art I hey wl.l be *ont low It ?pi lied for Immediately at CON 1'itELL A SMITH MARSHAL s, 117 Naaaau street. I NOR SALE?A BEAUTIFUL FARM, OF ABOUT 200 1 acrea. on tne S luth liar. Igmg !?'? I, twenty, five tnilea Iroin the city; farm In excellent order: g<aid un, provemi nta. Aiso oue of 65 acres. 11IOMAN WKLWOOD. 77 Cedar street. For sale-two tenement iiousks in carroll street, Hrooklvn, In good order. Both lei tonne re sponsible tenant. Rented for $720 per year. Price $6,90". Address Carroll street. Herald office. f*10R HALE?NiNU. Ill'.AUTiFUL I1R1CK EOUIIR 1 N A2 Brooklyn; llr*t class loitiliou;. three on Lafayette avenue; three on Carlton atcnue and three on adelpui etreet near Lafayette; all the modern imi rove vnents; prices low. Apply to THUS. WEI.WOOD, 77 Cedar street For sai.e-a furnisiird ihiuhf. situated in Wrat Twenty-liral atrort opposite the Episcopal >eml aarv, between Ninth and Tenth avenne*. lot Jfeetlront byilHdeep; three aton** and basement, with ever *onve wen re Immediate pos*e-a on. A pply al 34 Water street, up aUIra, between II and 12 a M. an 1 . and I U M. r)B SALE AT A BARGAIN ?A NEAT KOI R STORY Rmtllah ba**ment bilck House, with lot having water. |U. bath and range; o?ioii-d all throu|h and In cereral Sod order, price, $t i.'iO. Impure on llie premi-ee for roe da>? at 26BS West 1'hlrt) third atreet, near Ninth er_ T|V)R RALE AT A BARGAIN?A FINK FARM OF 38 JF eeree, wllliln $0 mime nf litis elty. an 1 one -din from depot of Morrla and 1 eeex Railroad New ,!er*sv. Has a Rood .IreIIto and aupe.lor -luthulldluga. Id ,u re ?f Dr rAPU, 1,13 ' llroDdwity. ?AbCI Or KEAXi ?9f ATA, FOR 8ALB?THE FARM IB BELLBVli/*'?-..lliua (hve telle* from Newark). I*:e y owned bv Jo.. ^4! oan, Ut>q. It ban forty arret of excellent land, well fern., a bee pr; e orchard and other fruit trees; the dwelliag house and ha ran are good. There la atao upon the .prentiaee a email mill, with good pood and waterfall, which will be sold with the farm or aeuarately. For particular* and price .apply to W M W aTBOK A CO., 29 Park place. For bale is jbksey citt-corner or rAva ma avenue and Urove street, the elegant double ?>?<>?* and Stable and Carriage Hou??. with four lots of Ore'ind; bouse contain* eighteen room* and twelve pantries. furnish ed with gas. hot and cold water, bath Ac Three fourths of purchase money can rematu on bond and mortgage. Apply ou the*, or to C. 11. A>, 212 Ureenwich etreet. New York. TilOR SALE Olt FXCHANUr.-A *Iin c. uutliiai P Re* deuce in South Orange N.J. The house la built in modern style, hard tlniah. f walla. Ac ; from t. to 8 acres of laud, 1.1 rooms; house t,.x plenty ol fruit, Ac.; witbtu one mile of depot. Would s? I or exchange for a good resi dence in New York. For further particulars addies* C., bo* 909 I'ost ofli e. VIOR SALK OR EXCHANOE-TIIK P.F.ST FARM AND .1 Hotel 72 acre*, witalu a buudred mil ? "f New York. One ol forty acres, new buildings; lot., thirty eight mile* ou Lon^ Is and. Maps With A 15. tUAhMERa, In Wa 1 at. F FOR SAL!'. OR EXOHAVOI.-KOR PROPERTY ON Lon* Itolauit, Citv or country (value uot to exceed a Ilou^e uti l Lot in the city of lt-nwav, Stw dor-ey. (.m l ou or aidrcsa J3. Kirlibridti, I'll) tir?t street, Wi.iams burg. L. I. For salk or exchange-large lot in seven tecutU ward; a great luuuceuient; lot 23.3 to front by 110 deep; alt atorv house on rear, 28 2*10 deep, renting tor $.soo per year, 28 3*100 front tor improvement, lerws easy. Apply at 98 Prince street. For sai.b or to let-the two n ew, first ciaa- browu stoue front Houses. Noa. ?.* auu -0 west Twenty ninth street. Posse*, on given immediately. Ap ply to A. P. bTl'RTEVANT A CO.. 13 East Twenty seventh street. I NOB SALE OR TO RENT.?A BREWING AND MALT ? lug establishment, situated near New \ or*, with a good M. iUK csittimauiucub, ?? ?? -? -* ?*. connection, both country and city, wbl he jlUpo^a oi or rented ou fair terms. Address 11. D., box J,114 Fost othce. IniRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE " for ale, on Wuverler place, between Siith avenue and Macdnugal street, built for owner's use. Apply to JOhEl ft MASON, No. 5J-J l'lne street, rooms 111 aud 11. FIRBT CLASS FARMS AND COUNTRY SEATS FOR sale. In New Jersey, within 27 11 ties of New York?One ?i s. St o #: one of 30 acres. $ -.OtiO; one of 53 acres, '' * ' r?,. kit i. ~Oil oeeoo 0119 MtfV nnA fnu^oiip of 85 acre?. $9.50^: or.e of 80 acres, yiz.MN); one of .V? acres $!0,0iK); one of ;H) nc.vB. $8,000; one of uu actvii, $fi,00:i; one of i 0 acres, $20,000; one of 170 acres, $10."00 Aii with titie improvements!, fruits, Ac. Also others from $2,UWto Ud |BBLAj>D[ No 5,,; Pjne ?tl.ecti room \i. Lands _ro ali. wanting u arms.?large and thr viue -etile .icnt of Vine and, mil l climate, .>0 miles south of Philadelphia, by railroad: rich sotl; produces large crops; twenty acre tracts, at $23 per acre, payable within four tear*; good business owning; good society. Hundreds ine settling and making improvement*. Apply to CHtS. K. LAXDIS, Postmaster, V inetan t, Cumberland county, N.J. Letters answered. Paper*containing lull In formation will be sent free. Park nix lawn for salk.?this MAGNIFICENT Country Kerdenco, togeiiier with fd acre:, or c.iolce land, is now olfored to the public. The hottsc tsnew taige, aud of beautiful architecture, built In the most substantial manner, without regard lo expense; it contains all the modern Improvements, and Is In every respect a complete residence for any gentleman. The grounds are we., alia lei, and convenient to good boating and lUlmig. 1 hoiograp.i* and further particulars can ba obtained by addressing Charles, box 83, Albany. SPLENDID WATER POWER, WITH SIX AI RES LAND and Buildings suitable (or cotton or woollen factories, or any ulud ol business requiring large and periuauent wa ter power: dam, water wheels, V .. ft'! In order sixty miles from New York, near the Hudson river. Inquire of E. J. BALDWIN, 81 Broadway, New York. "Vlr ANTED?TO PUROH \SE, A HOUSE AND LOT, IN \V the Rowerv, beiween Canal and Houston streets. Address Phillip Scbaffcr, 91 Canal street, with full par ticulars. Wanted?any person having a village residence for sale, worth from $1,100 to $3.001, and wllbtn thirty miles of this city, can Und a purchaser by'am plving in person or by note to Mr. IIAYWAKD, 212 Broad way, roem No. 5, up stairs. WANTED TO PURCHASE-AS IMPROVED I ARM, of 150 to 200 acres, without stock. In New York State; Dutchess. Columbia or Putnam county preferred; ynust have good water, timber. Ac., and be near railroad or river communication; for which ca?h will be peld. AddressT., care of box 1.C40 New York Post oil ice. WANTED TO PURCHASE. First class dwellings, located between Fourteenth aud Fiftieth streets and Fourth and Seventh?Avenues. from $10,00o to *30,000 Owners desirous of selling will couiult their iutercst by sending mcinorsudum to JOURNEAY. No. 8 Pine street. <E?1 o nnn ?farm OF so ACRES. 25 IN wood, O I gj.Ul"'? biilance good grain and tillable land, free of stoue. two large oichard* of the ch leest varieties iolap ples; ali-o a large number of pear, peach and plumb trees, aNo small I ruit. Stock as follows ?2 horses, 2 cows l yoke oxen 3 fig*. chickens, Ac.: 2 buggv wagons, market wagon*, lumber wagons, 2 handsome .sleighs. 3 wood sleds, with ali farming utensils Crops as follow* ?Large amount of rye, wb"at. corn and potatoes. Al'O a large 'identity of hav'and straw. 20 miles from New York. HARPER A DEMAREST. 335 Broadway. FOR SALE. k RARE CHANCE ?FOR FALE A LARGE LOT OR AnMN^RBeJS twecn 9 and 12 A. M, ... AFIR8T CLASS HOTEL FOR SALE?OF 125 ROOMS. in one of the most desirable locations In the city; ele gantly furnished, and doing a fine business. Price S si..'** ? Fu 1 particulars by RICHARD-80N A PLAT1, 180 Broad, way. 1 BARBER shop for sale cheap?splendid A opportunity, .apply on the premises, 422 Fulton a near Carlti n avrnue Bin.iklyn. Parties gtTlng socurlty can try the shop a llrnttcd time. Also a man wanted. AN ESTABLISHED AND PROFITABLE CASH BUSI ne'i. in this city would b- so d biw (either the who.e o'anarD. the advertiser being obliged to withdraw on ec count of bi* health, but would bo willing to retam a partial Interest Address Benjamin, Herald odlce_ ? VERY PRKTTY LITTLE MANUFACTURING BUSI A r ess for sale?In hiding 8 took. Yool*. Ac . 'o'ab d down town. Any man with a few hundred dollars can easily make a lew tu0 j'^Di.vRDSON A PLATT. 130 Broadwav. "t OLD (THIRTY TRAM) ESTABLISHED BOOK A s ire Stationery. Mush- Store, Clrculat no Library and Printing Olhce for sale or oxchauae, lor grocubacssor g>od real estate. Pn<4arDSOR A PLATT. ISO Broadway. a waur ciianck.?for sal/*, a firft t lass A Bm room, will. UwclHi,;:. in Of the best oeatloos ,i, t.iwn oniv a smail canitai needed. Call ,oi three days it thcTunlon Photographic Ua lery, 321 Canal street, ucxt ;uor to the Kcople't iUinB. i RARE CHANCE?A FIR8T CLASS GROCERY \ with -to-a and Fixture* for aa o. on one of the ? Jnrr? in the city, aud do n:: ft large cash businc.a Squire of NELSON Si'.BOR. 189 Duane street. rvRUCr sr. RE FOR SALE?FINELY LOCATED AND ??3 3-:>D? "VfiSfX p''e-7nr?31.a' Pitce "tvmlri i "or ft' If e * * M r. S. Mersnreau, at BchlelTkllu Bros. A Co.. inrner of William and B'eknian street*. ________ nOR SALE?A SMALL LIGHT DRAUGHT SIDE r wheel Steamboat suliab ? tor a sh-rt passenger route, ippl? to WALES A USOPKSB, 87 Wall street. r iiir stLF-t DROP FLUE BOILER. 9 FEET SHELL as? VHware ;0 , - 0 \V c-l street. . rn?R SAIR-A STEAM PROPELLER BARGE OF B nW two hundred ton* earselty. suitable lor freight n? purpose*. I* tttte.i with hoisting ,g ar f. r .oad.n, and "tschsrrtng and t? well .vl.pted Tor river businest. Apply o , DA ,? 11XXNKR, pier 11. North river. "*(1R saLF?TWO TUBULAR BOILERS. SUITABLE ?"* r a tio or" horse engine. For particular, addre*. ox 2.U'J0 New York Post olhee. IVOR SALE?ONE WORTHINOTON 8TEAM PUMP. App.y at 370 Tenth avenue. DOR SALK-PROrELLBR. SEVENTEEN "?CHE8 ?I i mare' ne 1* no putting. will recommend horaelf. Also ' rnJllnlri",- aero* of Land, with bouse and outhouse*. ? stftten Islamf. Call and *atlsfy yourself, at 725 Wash igtou sucel. IOR SALE-THE STOCK FIXTURES AND GOOD will of ft retail LI |Uor Store. Apply to J. O. HARRI ON, '2t'li West ttreet. if?R SALE-ONE TEN HORSE POWER ENGINE. . UK SAG tini'.r 811 herre power; al*o. four vv'ih Lon.moti e Boiler, 2" hor-e power; - indriaal Boiler*. 30 inr.he* :n diameter. jIn' ire at If- Water street. Brooklyn. J. McFARLh, Ji._ ; triR SALE?LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES Or A riling House and Bar Room. Apply at No. 9 Ham* on avotiue, Brookl?n. - i ton SALE-THREE SECOND HAND FIREEROtNES a *o three Ho?e Carriage*. Apply to WM. H. VAN ESS. 191 K-se* street *(1R SALK-A FIRST CLASS CONCERT. WINE AND Liaer Beer sacon Sh onng Gallery, two g-od Billiard ,i ie? uih'T Kiuuw an I Stock, with three vear* ?**?? ?? ii i.rvn l eirsi't, corner of Allen. Reason ror selling is lit the o?"er 1* going to Europe. Apply ai the aoovo plack tar If a oiock M. ? , -intt CALF?A FIRST CLASS BARROOM. ON ONE r ?.,i?, i,;,t corner ibom ighfares nn town long and ,, 0', I O.h. !? ' lea-e Jf the house ht ft low rei I. tnd wrr;'*B*ekleriee lor ? Iftdtilly. App.y to T. GAFFNEY. uctionrer, Eigmh a.eoiie. -dop sale-IB Brooklyn, a corner grocery 3 til. I Lm Fixture* end Slock, aud doing a good i V-eVlnc and >l* si"11' for hor?""7 rnu?t I* *o,d ?*'le owners are going to leave town *."iD. - h.'n e for ?uy one Ce.l for two ds> * at 20 WI Hough ? y sueet Broikljn. and 170Ch?, New Yor*,}or wo da viu .. . ? ??? - ?? ?? Twn ntDRVCLIC PRESSES, 8EV RNTY nn aire^u - .. a i sniil on vN'TITV OF NEW AND sRC i*OR SALft A LA re?dy for Immediate use; tine I end hsnd Morn klxtdr' S. r "jiy nB JAMLS ds^eiireet eorner of ^go.h avenue _ PGR SALFl-ONR A*l ' cine and B. II'r rea. > t prompt dellter. Heen e gl't hor*e | o,table^ J-l ^ I ? P,, 1iUm J^WheVckS?Mhclilii.ry depot -2balden Ian. *hb oil i. A FINE LOT OF STANDING CASKS r0*-."A,L'Part Hon. suitable for an ofltco: alno i-iulre of WEST A Rll TSK, H? < hambem street v.b OAlR-.8TF.tM RNGINS8 AND BOILERS, J second hs'nd and i"t n( Shafting EiigiBJ"' srse to nlsty for e*le cheap, loquirn AX ew York WM. Mi hllh/'in. ^ IOR ULf-A vfirr SOAP wanupa' iory. with large Rome, two Home* an 1 two V\kgon- IGqulre at 1 West Fortyninth street, ne?r Tenth avanue. vtp <tair?. 30R HALE C11BAP?A SHOW OAB1. AI;*'LY TO A. ? U a G3CUE1DI', Aid Broome ?tr*et. i FOR SAM5. . r | ??"NED PULLEYS, SHAFTING. FOR BALE?180 Tt?. '* patent Scroll Saw, Tenon in* Rolling Hangers, Wrtgh? *?cl^n' *" or Machine, ,.Qe lire. A Wood ? PA,0^? l** autb mMicm okobor l. cum?-*j ./??*?? ? "Mt. one door wast of ? ? ? -? ? ? (VTbhp nn \TILL P'XOHAMGE FOR FOR 8? - - n r ii 1 A iTjOji ?r ? '?'lUa Per. ha Hooting Le .?*. -*?Apply to J. J. RON RET A !'#?? & "I ?n iriRh'T STORE For rale chbap-sov ?J 'J*1- or ?>ot Fixture*. BiiiiabiA for a dr. * tort-Uiid^ ng a K<! shoe atore, and. It <1*?ire<f. the ?. ,OCttt|on Rent ]0"' , boot and alio* bullae**; In a ?oo<t ?ta b ^ irren ?t quire of J. F. ANbKKSON, at J. Fr %aca ?' w. ; ~ ? 11 '? " ? yt,' t pt> i *STAB HAT RTOKB FOR SALE-SKYK ,, uj \hrt\ ears Uihiid; the stock. fixtures, good w. , of .,|fl Ht bu lease; doin; a first class bi *l? o*?; O" our raadv in * ne * ^treetn in the city. J"!? ..*? having the (wu Wr ^ * * widiiuu' f.irther liiloruiaUou iuv apply tor .. , .*? 157 Kiiihth avenue N. H- ? Average bun nt?ss i weak, $51 to $70; ou Saturday, $260 to $100. HII noil AND fIXflWM FOR SAL" ?**25 sale, the block and fit I urn* ot > retail iia aui Establishment in Cincinnati. Ob'.o. Tut s'ore is ihvoi* loc-ted on ilie best -treet for the lunlm -s in tly uv * i ti 'ealrln : to engug? in h -me w ? ? bud j rhanpe to purchase an e-tablished lei a-,. , ^ar-l i- ^ lar.s address box 2,889 Cincinnati Post ofiics. __ - IAIINDRV FOR SALE?NOW DOINtl AN EXCELLENT J basin" .. in famtlv and neiv shirt work, lias been estab Halted twelve veais, and oflers a line opnoi nit;, lor any person wishing' to enter tlie same. The proon-lor in ten ih leaving the cay. Address La tutlry, Spring street sution Font oftice. "DHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTTI'K GALLBRT FOR 1 Rent?For rant, one ot Ibo liest located t.aileries in Wash ui ai n, D. size 51*24 I cel. with so windows and skylight, water, gas. Ac., on the third door; also two Kecep tion Rooms on the second lloor, Idi'.'ft f-et each; locatl' u on Se enili street netweeu Peuns ivauia avenue and the I a tent and Post olhees If not rented in live days ihrso rooms will bo rented separately for any respeetable manniaelur ink or mercantile I* usiness, ofUees, Ac Nous hut persons or good standing need apply. Relomuces ie():nri*"1. ror fe''t and further particu ars apply to a. ri. SHATTl LK. 49 John street second lloor, or on ibe premises tod'. J. BKLLBxx ? CO., fl'U Seventh street. Washington. D. L. N. "?? rooms liavlug been all retittcd in good style, possession can be given immediately. STEAMBOAT KN'OINR FOR ,xtbE.-(iNB STKAM boat lCngine ( heads), b! och cylinder and lii feet stroke, with Hollers, Pmes. Ac., cotnpieie. Apply to L. *v. OOflLAHO, l/l Broadwav. QCHOONBR -FOR sale rrfBAP. flOIL'ONKR ROS O cue; carries about sixty tons, is In good Order and would make a good lighter. For particulars apply at ?? West Twenty-Ufth street, near Ninth atcuue. nyioi' PETER c. BPS a for SALE-." TONS O draught: good sails and vessel in good oidei. Price Bets. Laysatthe rootol tilth street. Harlem river. Apply to STEPHEN ROBERTS. 80S South street. TO PRINTERS AND PACKERS ?'TWO HYDRAl/LIC Presses, oue Screw Press, a Wilder s Puient safe and all the Fixtures oi a dry goods reanishiug o tablUbincnt tor aalc. Apply At 40 cliff street HOUBKB, ROIIPIS, ?c., TO LET. AgriT OF HANDSOMELY PUBMBHED ROOMS TO let, to one or t>vo gentlemen, without b are. with pri vilege of lalhrootu. Ac., which communicate* with room ; hot and cold water tu rooms. Family private, vocation Fourteenth street, near Dolmonicu's. Addiess u c. v., lleratd olllcs. s PLEASANT PARLOR AND REDROOM TO LET? t\ Furnished or unfurnished, without board, iu a private house, with bath. gas. Ac.: a'so one small Room to a single gentleman. None t> it respectable parties need apply at Hit Wist Sixteenth street. a FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE TO LET? Jv Furtnalied. size 25x611*100, betweon Fifth and hUth Rvonup* A rarlmy of Housch for -ale, from $ ?.00U to $76|U00. POTTB& B&06. M BELLAMY. 82 Fine strf-et TO LET?THE THIRD FLOOR OF A OBNTKEL hotiie. ronsisting of rive rooms. In a good nelghbsrhood; the owner, a lady. Uvea iu the house. Apply at ill East Thirtieth street. TO LET?A FURNISHED HOUSE, IN BROOKLYN, three story, high stoop, brown sione. newly painted and repaired. water, gss; all In complete order. Apply at 20o Dunne street, in the*>ft;ce. from li A. M. to at r. m. ^ /"1LIFTON S. T ?TO LET. A WELL FURNISHED brown stone Houae. at a low rent. House contains 15 rooms, with modern improvements. Otitbuiklings and sta ble and spacious grounds. Inquire of Mr. JARtsLU w ^ tv i, 314 Broadway. ?? Furnished house to let-?>7second anenue near Thirty sixth street: handsome house and well furnished: Immediate possession; $1-5 per month. Apply on the pterins "a ou Monday, September Furnished house to let until the ist of May, at 229 Degraw street. Brooklyn. Apply on the premises. URNI8HED ROOMS TO LET?WITH CONVENIEN JL CCS for housekeeping. The rooms are lArK* and pita santly located. Apply at dl WcS Twenty-fifth street. F Fitumtqupd HOUSE TO LET, IN BROOKLYN three'story. with all conveniences; high stoop, ?00j| order. First clssa localitv. Kent ?Iod a month. Apply to W. W. COLBHON, No. 5 Clinton street, Brooklyn. _ OFFICE TO LET?DESKS, CHAIRS, AC., FOR SALE, la,pure at 19 Cedar street, m basement. STRAM POWER TO LET.?A THREE STORY BUILD ing to let with Power. Inquire at the faotorv wrner of First avenue and Fifty-third street L. BLHtt ARxf. 2r?o TJIT IN FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR SIXTH r0,^ a very tine extra .He, five story brown .tune, rst class compleielv FurnLhed House, to a reponsible pn | vale famtlv only; possession immediately. Address do* j 3,465 Post ..race, - mo LET?A LIGHT STORB AND BASEMENT IN i T Canal street, near Broadway, with ?r without Steam Power al o. a Room on'be tourtb lloor. Inquire ol I 1NSLKY. Its Walker street. 1 mO LBT-A NEAT BOARDING nOUSB. AND THE T Furniture for sale; full of hoar tera App y on the premises, id tVooster street, near Broome. mo LET?PART OF STORE. 814 FULTON STREET. T Brooklyn. A good chuuce for a milliner. Inquire Mrs. LEMIfON. In the etore^ rpO LET?A FURNISHED ROOM. TO A "ENTLRM AN JL without' board: gas and batu. Inquire al oJOiove street, near Fourth streeL^_ TO LET?FURNISHED BOOBB8. DESIRABI.T LO rated uptown, liamlsomelv fr n u be d. AI ?u f, ir n la h e rt" d unlui nlshed ones, pleanantly_ located oiihifttrnlslaiM cay and convcn eut of access. Permits of A. JOLRNKAY. No. 81'lne street. _* _ __ mo LET?A SMALL HOUSE. AND Fl RNITUKE iOit 1 tale gas and water: sitnate.l between Seventh and Eighth avenues, be'o v Thirty fourth street, wilh Immedi ate possess.on. Adareea f. G.? siatiou r.. WO WW-FURNIMIKD. AN KLEOANT FOUR STORY J. brown st ate trout lipase on i 1.1 r:y se,eritli s r I bAttre^n Fifth auJ Si xth avfinu?a t > a private family onit a month Apply to JOSEPH MASON, No. 5* 1 me street, rooms illM fl. ? mO LF.T-TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE ONLY, A 1 iront and back Room on second tlonr family consists m three Apulv at 2'J Clivsson avenue, thud house north of Park avenutv Terms. $11 per month. Myrtle avenue and G renpoint cars pass the door. mo LET-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS ON T ^ oiid "or toVnt omen, without board Apply nt 156 Ku-t Forty ninlh str> et, between bccond and lulrd avs. mo LBT?PARLOR FLOOR. TnREE ROOMS DEEP, T front bMeritent and front room ^ tl.lrd oor ne.t Catitral Park, ironv?nleiit to thrA? railroad?. ?.!? s-y s segar store. 4"'j Broadway, trotn 11 to 1 o clock. Rent Sitt per month. TWA-S w.n Egg month, quaiterlv in advance. and ?w uity re quired. Apply a? above, between 9 A. M. ami t> 1 M f'LOTHIYG. a TTKNTION? AT THE NEW STORE, lit THIRL A avenue ladies And gentlemen are guaranteed to re ?uca Lhj^uuhe-t prices tor Cast o:t Wearing A, paro . Fur Smrefcarfiots a'c . /or the Southern ^;^e'ntTrp" 10[ahe. a''ended''by Mr. Mish. Brook lyn ordera attended to. _____________ a T asf BOWERY.?H. ROSENTHAL HAVING A GRKA1 A deiire to j tticha?e a large quantltx ol caat o . tt earing Anuare Furniture, Carpet*. Jewelry. A-., by calling ? . . tvltlp ssing hitn ladies and gentlemen can obtain the utm -t vah.e tor each article. Ladlea attended to by Mrs. Rosen thal. Please remernber, and try 853 Bowery, opposite Oreat .'ones street. a TTKNTION?LADIES AND GENTS CAN RK' KIVB A the high* t prices for t ast Otr C othing. al o t srpeU and ,lA\vp!rf, bv cai.ltik on or address M Al?R v.. A ?tR. "dl Seventh avenue, betweeu Twenty-titth an l Tweutf stxtn streets. Ladies attended to by Mra. AbraBama. a SURER PLACE.?AT 233 SIXTH AVENUE, LADIES A and gentlemen will tlnd the lair and honest dealer. B MINI/, to whom the ran dispose o. tt.eir t.ast t)., t .oi. ? . in_- Carpets. Furniture and Jewelry, at fi t per cen more than at other dealers' in the city. I promlso to pay tne fo ? Inwinu or oe??Silk Dresses, (r?tn$8 10 845: t oats, it to *14- Pant" J2 t" $7. Also for Woello . Delaine and Musuo ! Dresses tht higliest cash prices will be paid. A "al'ir.i noie bv Wll be punci-ially attended to. Laui-s ntten ted to by Mrs. Mint/.. Please remember the original R Mint . and tne number. 263 Sutb avenue, near I- i*n i men a street Orders from Brooklyn end Jersey City puue- [ tuul altended te. i A TTKNTION.?M. LF.ON HAS A CHEAT DEMAND j A f< r Cast Oir Clothing. Ladles and geat'emen. you will I turvlr t: e htgm-st prion for Last O .I Llothins, Ftrrnl- | tireVarpel . Jrw.-lr- A on. s.ling al the address. 551 Thud turns*, between Tblrtv eighth aad Thirty ninth , ?r 271 Third avenoe, between Twenty-seoond snd i went third street- Ladle, will be attended h> Mrs. Leon. Orders from Pro kirn. Jersey City and vicinity attended in. ? Advanced?^the prices of cast off wearing j ADParel, at the California Agency, en account "f , r.?a!?li," returns In gold. Silk Dr.-s-.-s. from 8/ to W, I'ua I 45 ,o 825 Pants. 8a to 83. Alao Csrpeu. Furniture Ac Pleaso addrcsa Mr. "r Mr. J. GOLD8TMN. No 183 He'vsnth tv< nuo. between Twenty second and Twenty third sgreo"s whoie all order, will be July ailanded to. In or out I ol the ctty1_ t Tr 240 8EVBNTII AYRNUF.-H.COHN.-A GREAT ' A demand for Cloth og. Ladle, and gentlemen having any Cast Oir Clothing. Carpets. Furniture. A.c will rece.v i Dm highest orieea by eslllng on or addressing Mr. or Mra H t'ohn, 241) Sevan lb svenus, near ihe drug store. I A T THE NEW STORE. 56 CARMINE RTRBKT. LA A dins .nd gent'emen can re vive fifty per cent more for Oast Oil Clothing. Furniture, Carpets an.t Jewelry, by .-a - ! ng .m or addressing H IIAH T. M Car-nine^ stiest. near . Bedford. Ladies will be punctually attended to by Mrs. Bart. I / 1 ; NTLRMEN'8 NEW AND LBFT OFF f LOTIMNG VT purchased for the West. The full value will he paid without seeking to impose. Call al the store or address TIIOS. f>. CONROt, sol Pearl street, between t.ontro aad Chatham ureeta. 1 CASHBERG PAY8 THE HIGHEST PRICE FOR I J. Ladira' and Gsmletnen a Caat off Olmhlng. _P?rtlea waliml upon bv n'Mreaaing I.. Cashusrg. 4-t Fast Twelfth stroTi near Broadway. Ladies waited on by Mra C. O 1 n fW\n WORTH OF CLOTHING WANTED ?I SlU.UUU will pay the highest pries for Ca?t. <?J"?? i m Carpet*. Ao. Call on or eddresa H. B. STBAt ?S. Mr? rtrrfpih bfilwfifiti Tblftf-tbird iftd TWfiyYourvh | street*. U4>0? attoaitd tar ?rg. Rttanso, A2USIL5IBSTS. XT'" . -LO'8 HARDEN U<w unl Mjmwr .........W"m. Wo*it er COM M K NCKM HN T of T UK FALL AND NUtTER BhASOM. 1 or?AdV'll. MONDAY1 EVKNISQ, Sept. 5. 1*64. F rut n1|4if nf the rogegmnant of KDW! N KOKRK3T. . . ? ri?trnnl *?Pear'n hi. grand impersonation of thd Roman . corioi.anue. in Nhakspere's great tragedy of the same name, produced In al' ita With NEW S and a mow .i ? ORIGINAL SPLENDOR, with NEW aciJM.KV, DKKSShK aMU APPOINTMENTS. All A i. .1 POWERFUL CAST, containing ti e nam., of Mra tieorg" Far ran (first appear an* p at this theatre) M -m Isabel Freeman (tlr-t appear uti .e in N w York). Mrs Ss.wieit, Mr. I. MeOullougn (first ap in'a ratten tbta ?>a-cn) Mr I B Hut net J. W. Collier, Mr u Bocks (first npiearanee tbta season), Mr .t. Nunan, *i .1 ) I'lmoir. Mr. i ri llnlnteM Mr. Danvet (flr?t ap Jrearai.ej, Mr. ltarry (fiisi , i? :m-ce), Ac., an 1 a ,, FULL CHORUS. .va.;e M.r ag.r L Vincent Bcemc ArtK H. Milliard Musics Director Ilarvey B. Dolviorth 10 m : row Tiles 'a.- -*c, n t oigt.t ut EDWIN III Kit I ST. _ r.nv, i s i'tiKUl si. I "? -i..aage: burnt -i - to infirm his patron, that In eon ueii .. if it. Jrft t p ,, and the u anv application* i c ! >r the re;ietittnii of . - ? . . -V | I niV4- , THE I>i KE'S MOTTO. .. nrnyeuteii on Wcdncsdav evening. Kept. 7. with a! II. Iheil UX e"11' elf'orx, grand tab ea rs, full corps de i al let t ' "le LM1 "'eluding every member of the company. W. vaBATLE* TAIN HENRI HE HOARDERS. A,tin . n-\ rfntH- ?<1 B" i'. In Parquet and Parquet mrel?.?' > Circle. .30 rents. vircte.M t .0.1 'LltED six DAYS is ADVANCE. tmiSw?.!?** ? Mr- wh" w 'INTER O Alt OB. BCIAL NOTICE In consequence oft he uab0!lD^<1 enthusiasm and delight With which vj_ C'IaAIIIvK ia night'v received, by^roa ' no.^iir "r"iiant a,,die?CM. ?? bia wondrous ioiiitc per.,-aa *]? liiiOTiJ , c. , Major 1 'omelv of' la sterling Coyne s charming C - FRIEND KVR KV BODY't tght, beiu* be will lepeat that cha arte:- to-n ij NIGHT f,, _ T1I8 EIGHTEEN! unhl further notice. Of Its pei furnianee, utid every onrht ? attractive. To render the entertainment cfi>ubi. 'Kit ,i. Mis. JOHN s CLAY, n in his version of will appear for the tlrat tinie this se ,-r> LES THE IMMORTAL TOOD ml humor and in thus presenting a rare combination of gen isiua merriment its p easautct sense an evening of imoe. * ",crtlmfial and luu. Doors open at 7'i; commence at 8. Drcas Cieeia Orchesira Chairs $1 .T", Kesei ved Seat* $1, trTCA and Parquet 7o cents, Family Uir le 3o raota. NIBLO S GARDEN.?FORREST ?KI'.SRRVE. ^ can be nbia.'ucd far any evaning during the wi RAVNOK'S Km It Store, fiS.i It mad way. - ? - H ELLEK'S HELLs SALLE D1ABOLI0UB, .'?"ft BROADWAY. Will reopen fur the fall and winter suason on THURSDAY NE\T, September8. Redecorated, rncarpeled and resented, the orchestra belnr v converted Into an ALPINE GARDEN OF THE GENII. Replete with tloral beauty, flowing cascades and fantastic rock scenery ROBERT HELLER In commencing hi* new s-ason will inaugurate It, on Thura day uext, hi the in (reduction of SOME EXTRAORDINARY SPECIALITIES. I*romiuerit among which will he TEN ANIMA TED ANTIIROPOGL039I; HELLER'S WOOD-i'gN) MINSTRELS, TnE GOBLIN DRUM, heating the tattoos oT Elf laud untouched by mortal hands. There will be SIX NEW ILLUSIONS, constituting PROGRAMME NO. 3, AND TWO NEW PIANOFORTE SOLOS. _ on stciuivay's Graud Pianoforte, Fantasia Semlrutnlde Thalberg Bagatelle .Dixie Heller Doors open at T.'i. Commence at 8. Admission?Orchestra Stalls (reserved without extra charge), fl; Parquet, hi)cents; Gallery, 30 cents. Box office open for securing seats from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Orchestra stalls may be reserved three days in advance. Ollii e open on Monday. /TAMPBELL'S MINSTRELS. \J 199 and 201 Bowery, opuo Bowery, opposite Spring street. HOUSES CROWDED NIGHTLY. IMMENSE HIT OF The spectacular equestrian BURLESQUE OF MAZBPPA, received on lis first representation with ?SHOUTS OF LAUGHTER AND SCREAMS OF DELIGHT MR. W. R. BUDYVORTH, Pronounced the MAZEPPA OF TIIK DAY, The only successful rival of ADAH ISAACS MENKEN. LEO HUDSON. katb fisher, AND KATE VANCE. AN ENTIRELY NEW BILL THIS WEEK, NEW BONGS. DANCES, AC, b; the . . MASTER BAND of the world. GRAND PERFORMANCE EVERT SATURDAY' AT 2}g O'CLOCK. Academy of xtriic?ITALIAN opera.?THE ladies and gentlemen of the Chorus, engaged for the next aaaion of Italian T'p-ra are requested to meet for ie on Wedneaday, September 7. at ten A. M., In the Green Room of thn Academy of Music. Punctual attend ance is requested. MAX MARBT/.EK. w INTER GARDEN. On account of the enthusiasm and delight with which MR. J. 8 CLARKK Is nightly received In his great conic roie of MAJOR DE BOOTS, In EVERYBODY'S FRIEND, he will appear in that character Monday ami everv evening. In addition he will appear on Moudav night in his glorious rendition of THE IMMORTAL TOODLES, thus presenting a most delightm: combination of genial hu mor. A A A AMERICAN THEATRE, TtTtufc. BROADWAY. Manager R W.Butler Door* open at 6. to commence a: 7v, o'clock. A BRILLIANT A.ND VARIED BILL, in which THE STAR TRODPB OF THE WORLD. TIIV GREAT COMBINATION TRODPK w ill appear in their different acta EVERY NIGHT with a grand change of performance. The eomtc Faroe entitled TURN HIM OUT. Nlcodemns Nobbs, a toy vender.... ,7 S MaTit Mr. Eglantine Koaeieaf \V It. Barthnluhiew Mr. Macintosh Moke A Burke Jnlla, Moke's wife Miss Jenny Thome Susan, a maid of all work M as LI/./ e Schu't/c TONY PASTOR. TON Y PASTOR, the greatest comic vocalist of the prevent day. BOB HART, the famous Ethiopian comedian; lit- first app irsnce. CHARLEY WHITE. J. T. ROVER. JAN WaMI'.OLD, the three most Etbio tan eicedlanH, a id fuumest m the uuirld. THi: MAGNIFICENT BALLET TROUPE, composed oi the n1 .at nislmd rlnneer-, in :vo BRILLIANT BALLET D1VERTI8EMENTS. See aina I hills .if the day. A11 '.he prominent art! Is wI'l ani??r Matinee everv Katurda alterneon. \*TINTRR GARDEN-EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT. II Tina evening, In atis .er to nu erou-ai ui.' .t.cns, Mr. JO)IN s. CLARKE will give (first time in New York for a year) his popular rendition of TOODLES. In his new version of the celebrated comic dr*ma of that Dame. Box office open far securing scats at eight o'clock Hi t morn Ing. .?Cft'-? BROADWAY, MELODEON. ft II ROADWAY. QUO ADMISSION FKEF ADMISSION FREE MONSTER PERFORMANCES THIS Rt E.N INC. Thirty ladies and gent- in son - gle s an 1 rherupes liraham, the ten. r. In h e -eng nl the .Muleteer. Solomon iu his great *onN of the Doomed Ship. Coles Hie gresl comic, In a v .riefv of -Me ppIltMnq songs. Buatimeoto the great Kih ?'<? I nestor Wi. on tn tits challenge danc" no I ettrntsganrse. MSs Alice I'errv t e charinlttc voe* l-t an t pub ic lavoritc. Mls? Ella Tbonip-nn the s .-illan W..ihb r. Miss Kate Paiti in her miraculous pas -the mocking bird. M ss A ncea Kotos the most vrsstil" singer In tbr world. Twenty other- tn ballads and -ongs M'an'ed fifty voting ladle-toserve refreshment . Adiu,saion free. Ailmlt- on freo, GEORGE E. HEYDDN Dn-color. rrilB RAYS OF OLD SOL ARE POWERLESS IN 1 lenetrating the sha ' r-?ses I the GIfKAT UKILNTAL Jil'SI HALL, at BROADWAY ?52. above ttie.-cior street. I HE LOVELY LADY WAITKKS. ratlin the"-nt cnstuines of the middle ng-s and mrrcunded ? n the fabled -pirnilor of that iwrmd, i titrating thn t.a' iu and customs of that fam vt? hist .'teal perot, nuht y afin ! to the wanla an 1 de-.rcs of the lutronsol the wond rf il HAI.U OF IiLLIGHTFUL SPLENDOR. Admission free. FRANK BI RNF. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC. ? T 609?W VTCHISS. DIAMONDS JEWELRY, SILVER A l"s'e, Ouns m?t.)ls Ac . bought. I will par so rer cent more than ean be obtained *t anv oth"r place In the city. N B ? Alio Pawnbrokers' Ti.-knt- wanted for ihe at- VI. artlc e<. al lh" lime rai# II V Broad a ay, corner of Houtt n street up stni s room R. ? T NO 11 PARK ROW. DIRECTLY OPPOSITE THE Il Astor llu ise, fine Gold and Silver Wntchee o? the mast e.c rated i ngh?h Ameriean. French and Swim u.?sere, at a very small advan e over o d Prices. COHEN A LYON, No. II Pars <nt Diamonds, OLD GOLD AND SILVER. DIAMONDS. OLD GOLD AND t'JLVKR. Persona who wish to aell Diamonds. Old Gold. Sliver, or ?nv kind of old faahtoNCi] Jnwalrv, g.i id I.I lU I S AN RICH, Pit llroadwar. A po-iuve fart, bn pays 30 per ent. more t1 in anv other per-on B-tab lahed In New Y .rk a nee the sdmmlstratlon of the late Mari n Van B ir?n Make no mistake?723 Broadway, under the New York Hotel. /1RKAT PRH'KS PAID FOR DIAMOND JBWRLRY, V.T or unset Diamonds Wstches, ol t lb id and St ver Office hours only from u MU IU A. M. and fro-a J till S P. M. It w l'LFMH. Diamond Broker, 312 HroaAway, Iilua tions one per crnl ON EXHIBITION AND FOR SALE AT NO II PARK row. dlrrrtle opposite the Arte r Mu0"'x the ban tsou est spectmene of Califcreia Diamonds an 1. Australian Hnb 1 ants ever far sale, vtall and examine them CO H K.N A LYON, II Park row, directly oprn-ite Astor House j)RAL BARGAINS -FOR SALE TO PAY ADVANGEB _w Diamonds, flae "old an I 811 er- Watches. ?? id Gold Jewelry, Ac , at N* II park row, COIIRN A LYON, lie member the nutabar, II Park rows directly oppo-ite tht Astor House WINKS. IsMllJOKft, AO. N ADVANTAGE DBRIVF.D from ofr PRDTE0 A ll?e tariff ?The high ar<t| almost prohibitory dull on French brandies baa Itlmula'.ad the giant Weet lo pru-jura from tba prollfln vineyard* of the Valley of the Ohio riiiw ha Brandt that possesses all the fine qualities of French im portatlon, thsreby making us indepsudent of the fore gn market. The aoaslaatly increasing demand for tnts Amerl EOEU^(jiMwaC.'Sh^d ']4 ?rtW' b> 0 W* AnVftKlSEWTW. OLYMPIC THEATRIC Leasee anil Directress Mr* John Wood, J. H. *f ?r?n. YDs . " n Woo ! r-spe-v' 1 j aanoun. ? ? -a- opening at uer th?Hurft *or and winter triMon >n HON "AY K4KNI?0 rKXT. BLITIiUBER 5. tl.ia o|?r ? nlty is Liken to ttxtr that : i -n.g the h m rece#* n, 'Jiuerou? ilt? iatlons nut im;>rove:u?iit<? bar? oet?n effected. tka .stag*? atd in iLe auditorium, which, if U ?<*. win both ail to the* coin fort of the pa trons of thiaestiih 'Mhmeol and futUt the managenieut to produo* every plat *n a meaner surpecMiag lu i o f ?>c. neaafiii effort, l.Mt a '??on, end fu'ly de?ervfo^ t le pubhe appreciation and apitr<\ '**? TIU* ^OMPA*T. 10 addition to Miir*. Ih WOOD. ?nn.n. jq " wvi?, has been selected with ever/ care ami wj;h every enlenror to meet the rcquiri'tneou of th* . ?clalitic*of th a theatre, ana com, rise, in addition in in."*tiv i..Vf?,t r. i"..,...- ^ ? g-s Aii .?% ? com. rnf, la addition in in,'"y M?". , favorite*, several who ?ul have llit* honor nj* ? aril.? foi tue time bolorou Now ioik audi.*,, p nD"i v ? MISS HENRIETTA IRVING MRS (J H i.lLBt KT. >418* ELIZA NEWTON. MISS LOUISA M Y I!R3, MISS AMELIA HaKRIB. MH . F. OOL'RAN. M1-.S t liU.I.A YOUNG MISS ELLIOT r M,8s Miss GILMER Mil. J K MORTIMER M l-?S GORI t LON. MR. W UOLS10N, MR J H. STOOD ART MH. W DAV1DG8, MR K. LAV II. MR B f I,! Nil OLD, MR C T PARSLOE, Jr., Mi: riios j. ui\i>, Mil T. K. KERRY MR C. 11. HOCICWELL, MR. A ODELL. M Ji PKCff Prompter MR. O. H. GILBERT. . .. J I'll K ORCHESTRA, tinder the direction of the popular au ' dlstingulshc 1 cju doctor, ? THOS. BAKER. "he Scenic Department, L,jr tin; eiebratlV ?ad talented artist, ? ,. iJ- E- "aves. Kp* W. Handera Properties ' Ileury Th e pc rfori"an'? rVn11 .......7*? Yl ?r?cu ... MONDAY l\\ BMNG, September 5 H!T?ln"cnn:flE!"%(mrtiedU "m??? "rnma by M MIRIAM'S CRIME. Huiiin futso^ fh?1"?Pr^????tiii;-ih?M U,nsoW Sr ., lot 1 al ^"8 theatra). Mr. T. J. Hind Jamaa I Mr. J H. Stod tart EdlcH Mr' T' pH.r8,r,e' Jr. (broui the theatiei Royai, bniry Lane and Lyceum" Lon" After which1' aj'peaiauce lu America) will , h o . MRS" J0IJlt WOOD win make her first appearance this season as the , COUNTERS DE L'ESI'ALIER, in the elegant comedietta ent iled THE COMICAL COUNTESS. 1U_ r .. WITH Mr .1 H stall iai.,r a8t!"-' Chevalier de V/ibrae 'ieria ?'?d<lart..,, n? the Baron <te Bergonce 1 -esa Ci i oV'/DMLSSri)N. Mr" *' r>. '! an.. Parquet, 75 cents, Balconr Chairs Rnd Be e. sf?y. <1: Cruliesira Chairs. SI so! Family Olr tie, .'!!>. ?at3. J rlvate Boxes, $H and ?liicnch. The l " * ?!Me" " now open daily from It till 4 o'clock, UfIiiiI-A mil I'd fiflp'irdH I h I'/I.O . I ., i-a in .. ,l?n nan iuo l ?" u.mj iium :r where ,.ra" '!B aeenred three days in advance. Doors tr, <'"Pen at , !5; performances commence at 7 45. ?room it, , periormancescommence at j is. Inactive met nrnllon an entlrelv new dramatization of Chariei Dici. 'n? oelebta-.ed novel of MARTIN CHUZZLKWIT, adapted express J for this t'.iea'.re by a gcwtleraan of New York. FOX'S OLD HOW KKY THEATRE. Lessee, Director ami Manaqei Q AICNKT JOF KING SOLOMON. L. Fox SIGN 1ST C'C KING SOLOMON. SIGNET O." KI.VO SOLOMON A CHEAP EXGUKSION. MaRMION. J* "? atl"Hey. J. Flood, H. Chapman . 4*. Klrh* Ols. C. K. Fox, Mix* R. DenvtI, Mrs B. F. Stetson Mrs. II. Chapman. AND FULL COMPANY IN THE ABOVE PIECES FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9. BENEFIT OF . .TVE MAsojfrc Mrssiojt At Fox s Old Bowery, THE SIGNET OK KING SOLOMON. HAYDN FESTIVAL. JONES' WOOD. MONDAY, SKPTKMHSR 5 THE CREATION. Orat'mo in three parts. MY J HAYDN. PBOORaUME OK CONCERT. 1?Maicn of Athaila bv Men leltsohn 2? Aria from Magic Flute bvM' zart SUNG BY HBKK KaKL FORMES. 3?Concertino for Tromboue hv Sclinabel PERFORMBD BY HERK LETSCH. 4?Overture? Eginoot by l. V. Beethoven THE CREATION. Gabriel... Mine. B. Jehannsen JJvtel Si*:, yuint Raphael Herr Karl Formes Rva Mine Zimmermann Adam Herr Karl Formce The celebrated hallelujah. H.ENDEL. Aocoinpanind by a great Organ from the renowned manu factory of H. X. Kngeltrled FOLK GKRAT BELLS FIlOM THE AMERICAN BELL COMPANY. A BATTERY OK six pounders. from Oapt. Dlebl'a Battery. Doora open at Ik' o'clock Comraencenient of concert at S o'clock. Commencement of Oratorio at 4 o'clock. The great Halleluiah at 5'a P. M. Cndue-or C. AnschutJ! Orgaolst Herr Schreiner Adtniniou 50 centa. A very 1 ml:e,l number of Reserved Seats at $1, at Beer A Schirtner s. 701 Broadway. N It.?In case of uuftt'orable weather, the fcctlval will take place on Wednesday, the 7th s>.pt. CARL ANSCHUTZ. KAKL FORMES. Great rehearsal OF THE CREATION. With Orchestra, Chorus and Solos, taxes place to-day. SUNDAY, SKIT 4, AT 0 O'CLOCK, at the Metiopoliian Ro>>m? t.l Hener street. Admission An cents. Holders of tickets for the festival Will be admitted free. YABIKTIES AKlKTItS. VARIETIES, 37 AND 39 BOWERY. UNPARALLELED SUCCESS, THE VARIETY THEATRE OF THE PBOPLB A FIXED FACT. THE HOUSE OROWDED FROM PARQUET TO DOME ON THE OPENING NIGHT. THE MoNliTKK SCAR COMPANY Mi rKtritn it'll (A PERFECT AVALANCHE OF APPLAUSE. THE A' DlhNCK LITERALLY WILD Willi EXCITEMENT. EVERY ACT GREETED Willi THE MOST EMPHATIC TOKENS OF APPROBATION. A TRIPLE ENCORE DEMANDED. SUCH A DECIDED AND BRILLIANT SUCCESS has never m&rke 1 the on uuig of any p.acr of aiumemrct In New York. EVERYBODY SPEAKS OF IT. It mark.t an era I i - b norv ?f the Amerii an xtatft. NOTE THh A it It. Y OF TaLRNT. The world ixmni /ANFIUSTTA TROUPE. ZAMTtLTTA utOl PK. ALEXANDKR Z ,Nc ItEITA. IIKNR. AUi'-USTE. BEI'PO ZANFRETTA. MLLE. KU3ITA MLLR. JOSEPHINE ZANFRETTA. M'SS JENNY ENGKL. MISS DORA DAW RON MISS ACGUSI A W ALBY. MELK. VINO FAKRARD. MISS LOUISE WALBY MISS lILI.IL S r. I o It A R N A MLLE. LP.ONK CAUSA MISS 1SABELLB Lt BRUMN. Mr. T I- DONNELLY. Mr. J. W AI.LACE. Mr WM. BLAIR. Mr. BILLY EMMF.TT, Mr DAN DUNN, Mr. bli. HUNTLEY. Air. r BLaNCHARD. A POWERFUL CORPS DK BaLLKT. d.reeled by the celehrai-d mal're de ba'let .".I AUGUSTS. A'fnll and edi '* in orehestra, umter the ea lershinof Mr H. BEISRNIIKK/E PRICKS OF ADMISSION. Pamuef. -0 ceut . E'lril circle, do eeuta. U|>per tier. Id ennti. ita.cony *ca!?, Shcenta Sca'e In j*rlvate b xe*. )| It- ira ojen a'6 n c|?. k. Performance eommen -ea at /'. A GRAND MAT1NRE PERFORMANCE FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN UPON EVERY WEDNESDAY. I^BW BOWKRY T1IKA IKE. Sole proprietor Mr. J. W, Lln-tard COM PL1 MERTARY E BMTIVAL to TON Y PAFTOR. ON FRIDAY EVEN ISO. ecPTKMBKR 9, U"54. TOAY PaST 'U .ikcivrwvt fi'enanm in nnnounclng la hi friendi that in accordance .vith taeir Itequent xnii 'iutmtis ue will (hv consent of >lr i.i bert tv Biitier, and tiuoush the orn.erblai courtesy of Air. .1. W Llncard) preeent his name in the p .blic o his uailxe city f< r the '"1 RAT BI N a Fur. An 1 he irus the enter ammem Here I will be such as to merit their k i.d rupnort. M;inv DIM INGUISHED ARTISTS have peneroualy tendered their sen ice*, and wld appear in ton .n iiuti w th the iiipfr.or coinpan to this r?;ab.. c cut. T NY PASTOR will, cu th ? sccaslon, s no a budget Of New long Box sheet now 0| >a Prleer a? toia!. SPECIAL None,'.;?BRVaNTS' V INST RE IB ?D C. o WtNANB hav ne Puen connected with tic ab. re coin pan- ?nn?? iia oiaauwa'.-on, l utinhea NEW SHEET .Ml SIC ( ARIES DK VISITS, PLATS AND SONG BOOKS Catalogues sect free. A M r?x D C. Wl.ian.x, 472 Broad way, New York. V ARIFTIKS i'IIEATUE. MOV 'J It LEANS ?THE ladles and Renflemen engaged a? eat af reuue-ted lo ce in New York b? the -th of Seiiicm?cr, pre arainry m -*i insca U.e 10th by tt a steamer (Setrgo Crcinwell, pier 9 Rerlli sdver at 3 P. M A. tV. FF.NRO, Stage Manager. Exhibition or tii* VICTORIA KK'JtA. Two giant water lilies of the tropic roue, with lerxves I* feet in cirvumfersnre, are the whole day in bloom. Can be seen for onix a a! art t rne daliv. from 7 A M till s'ir.xel, at W?.t Fifty-ninth ureal, ecruar of Eighth avenue, Brcwilway and Centnl Pe-k. Admls-'lr.i ,M> cents, chl dren 23 tenK E IIALLXKR Ft pr cor. H. MARTIN, Manager. B A BRUM'S Mi'Atl M-THB LADIES AND GENTLE man snaagerl forth*enxuictseason, bid ) will please meet mi the stage. Srjiemtsr ti, I MM, at Id a "M previoi* to oyening Mondai. I iui Inst ' '* E. F TAA LoR, kiag- Manager. /AKNERAL M TLELLAX and RTAFF AT 3RVEN VT^.p,n**' , I Helot eli an and sta3 ; General Honker at Lookout Mon ,vu.lnv Battle or A nils Lam ?. a Bait c of Maive;n ll iia with Vu other works ot art now Brtadwav e"!D,n? ,l ">? Instu.ute of Flue Al ia ?24 T?a Tn*AT?ICAL MARAGKR8 AND i,? ^ " "(N'Mtaii buries pie sketch entitled Mare, p%, being my Origami and personal prorertr, a I others are herrbv noUR"'. not to infringe ags n.t the sa d ,T^1a ,h? ,n Irrsmne f Is the oal author iied person to rrp-??en? the eam? by an agreement oi tale, made June M. between Fred. A Brady, publisher, aud vnariea Whil?. Author CHARLE8 \YTIITK, 444 Br edsn??, New York T" < BtKTOE OORCBRTB, LECTUR1 8 A*P 01' ?? A Enter Aln:neata?RibA's Concert ealunn, Broadway, near Prlr,c? street. Also, Church el th? Me? ab. broad 2*7. W'poette Warerhyy placn. Aptuy to A T NT8WAET. ?"M ill aed Ueade r.rce\ fn at ii to 3 P. V AKTTEJfKST*. ACADHMT or wrgtc inaugural season or ..nMM..v,,rw? ? GRJID OPERA. r?nWA?n^Jlnv J2? mo,*',AT. SEPT. 1.'. I*-* LflOrVAKD GKOVEI fil (KCTOR Alio of Oroimr a Chestnut strVt Tueetre, Philadelphia, aid Groyer's Theatre, Waahinvton Of CARL ASUCHCT/. CONDUCTOR Also Director Of Omiu The opening pel t jrtueic.e, Gouno I ? <jr n. 1 0 e:? m fire acta, FAUST, yftb A CAST OF OHKAT STRENGTH. The lUt of the Artistes of FII H GRAND OPERA COMPANY will recede tu immediate aiinoua 'anient. D roronrisee several i, w and ta anted artiste* expressly engag* ; :' ? this season roni llerl.n, Vienna, Hamburg and Dunns >?? competent agent sent t secure thetu tug* har *i > -in tire Grat.ii German Opera Company of last season The members of the I'Uohl'li AVI) ORCHESTRA bara been i ?><?>.! wit j the greatest cam and pre ten; as Array ol taieut sou u iiulii ,-e RaRKLY Rgl .W.LKD IN" THE WORLD THE COSTUMES ha?e lyn n procured in Europe al ?? mens, expense The operas selected will he presented with THE MOAT bLPKitd V r. EN SCENE. The sale of *e- ired aesufoi THE '.A' .' KAh PP.RFORVI AN' B. KAU.r will romineure Thursday morn n t ten us al plane Ihecnip a-itt ?u . en art! in ; . anion ml wiU Ap pear early III the wee*. Tin- A .Aden: y ha* - iiii carefully and ola nrd-ily r*.l"Odr atert and croau ente 1 d i! inn t ie suinin'r, and several Im portant ltaprovem ml* have been ell, ted. A CADF.MY OE Ml SIC. Director .. MAX V A P.P.TREK OPENING OF THE ITALIAN t.pRi, V sL.voON. MOM) \Y. r 0Ti 1 i v.4 FuM particulars in Dilute advert suren.. N KW HOW BR Y THEATRE. Sole I'roi rielor Mr I W Liugard MONDAY EVENING. SKPTKMHER 8, H ,1 The New Drama by Mr. ), H llovre VIDOO'J, THE THIkK TaKKit OK PAR 1. New ?ricrv. Machlnerv in 1 P.Teeth national defences. J'P.BDMUICK THE GREAT. Broadway theatre. Corner ol Broadway and Broome street On MONDAY KVENINO, HEl'iEMHEK 5 Mr JOHN It. OWENS _jt, oroduc# if rr the llrst time In tli .a th -atre i *""? THE GREAT ORIGINAL COMEDY Hy Torn Taylor, entitle 1 * VICTIMS. Joshua R'Ulcrv.."-; S-:- -??-'i' *- G VMr '0,,n E <>*??? (a role is wh,th he rt inds without a r. ao, t supported b. Mr. Harry Pearson (h?11 Cr, ' aPPearauce>. Messrs. diai'ia Ih'Groat. Tom Owens, Is."1' "irt'ljl Jr , Slylm, M u der Mis* Alice Pl.iclde, Mug Nellie Johftspu, Mrs. Uluds Mra Burroughs ... _ NEW 8CEVF.RY AVll A PPOIMTMTNTS. To conci lie wiili II.e u re hi (>? .??' V)i ? !?'?';? , THE PEOPLE'S LAW Y EE Sobm Shimtlc ,.IUr. Jr.* n K. nw*n? This splendid trnimpli of Mr Owens' genlua ?' iu?tly r? teemed the ui 'Mt graphic a-id period -harutcii/Al. >ai e ,r wuuenaed upon tlie American t omic singe. PRICES OF A DM IS?: (ON*. Dress Cirri* A Parquet BOr. I Family ? m:ie AS. Secured Seats 75c. | OrcUeetra Chairs ,. <8* TJAEKOH'8 mcseuk. .VA P. T HAKNL'.M ..Proprietor and Man tRsr L. .11. II CRD Attendant Mausgsr OPENING OF TIIH FALL KEASoN. THE FALL SEASON RARE AND COSTLY ATTIC ACTIONS. THREE DAILY PERFORM AN IIS THREE THREE Til K KE THREE PERFORMANCES EACH DAY IX THE LEOTLKK ROOM. IV THE LEC I UKK ROOM IN THK LKCTCKE ROOM. At 11, .1 and 71. o'cloi:k. At II, 3 and 71* o'clock At 11, J and 7o'clock. UOKWTVLi MORNING MTKMNG MORNING PEItrORMANCB A'f It. IN THE LECTURE ROOM IN TUB LECTURE ROOM. IN THE LECTURE ROOM GENERAL TOM THUMB. GENERAL TOM Tilt MB. GENERAL TOM THUMB OEIflKAL TOM THUMB'S WIPE, nee Mi**,LA vi n ' a warren, THE FASCINATING QUEEN OF BEAUTY. COMMODORE NUTT, the ramou**30,?iO NUTT. ?? EI.YJN MINNIE WAE4HN, t smallest lady of her age over teen. TWO HUGE GIANTS AND SIX DVYAHFH TWO IUJOK GIANTS AND Sl.'i DWARFS. TWO UUGK (At ANTS AND SIX DWARFS. Mr KAP.NCM tvlll ivldreeu hta natr iua from the stajm or MONDaIL sppi:*nher 5, MOKNINO, ARTE KM DON and hi VENINti, ami will introduce an K X TKAOKDIN A It Y I.1MNU HUMAN NOVELTY, juat Lroncht from tllrraas'a ht Mr John Greenwood Jr. who has Ueeu tnsveOini; in Turkey. Greece and l i roughens Kuroitednring the laet year, in pt.rsuii of uwveiiie lor laic muaoitui, many ol a-hOh will texm arrive Near1 y ever ulnea General Tom I'tiiwnli and Miss Lannhs Warren were uiarrtod. they have been travo llrrg and Hold ing their public levees TF??e aa?e bt ?n ho Immensely crowijed wherever thev hav appuurcd that their averagw daliy reeeipU have eureeded $!,bO) y?r day. or J.HXI Hhi per year As the little General wan neh even before he wan marrleu. lie is now ? uillll'iual--e. a y.xaig Cr mar; hence be la a'lift eaii'Ued and he poatttvely aeclaros that "HS won r snow any Mori'. AStniow;" Bm haviim orlg'UAlly appeared in this miirenm Craenly twn years ago. w here the public encouragingly took him by Hi* hand and led him up to tame and lotiin u, he m willing '.o < IAJSIC 1118 PUBLIC CAREER at hi. OLD FAVORITE PI.AI.'B OF AMUSEMENT, and thus lea'Uy l?l?spprei latlon of the GLORIOUS Ol.l) MUSEUM and . e peuona la aula lang syn#.'' It Is 'o these i ropiiln'ia e'rciimstane-e tnnt ihf pub lic la indeb'ed I'm' this very tart chance to se,i the grealeag wiintlerso: the wurld' aud fur the ' ameieasM Mr Haruuns la thiis enabled In give hit patrons ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR THIRTY ( ENT8. ONL THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR THIRTY CENTS. Then we will toe groujod trgstber A MARRIED COUPLE. A BACHELOR AND BPLI.K, all four combined, in leas size and eeight than a small sh ed man. ALL FOUR WEIGHING BUT ONE HUKDK8B POUNDS. Perfect In form and features, yet not 'nrgrr than so many bahes. Educated, Intelligent, social, affable and pohic Who can wonder that crowds tbieag their levee, eyarr dai. and are eager to pay th?lr r?*p<-cti and feast thefr eyes, before their departure to another'and 7 ' Wuskiait never see their like a.;alii. '? Al the opeuiag of eicli II o'clock mornl-p; Levee, AND THEN ONLY, the General ami bis Lady will gratify 'he r visitor* by veariugf^p. IDENTICAL WEDDING COSTUME they w ,re at Usaoe cliur h on their marriage day, F'ehrnary 10, Hit) sixtv dollars were ollnred for a ticket to that wedding, while here the same thing can be seen lor a tri ?? They wnl appear In a great variety ? t FASH IN ATI NO 1'ERFgKWANi KS AN D GOSTUMES, moat ol w) i liars ENTIRELY NEW to New York. As the Havel Pantomime Coinpnuy wi'l occuj v mo-t of tiie tn..e la the afier.iu in*, the , er'ortnaie so ol these little wonders will Im more lengthy, elaborate and interesting m the morning than at any otner time. Wu'i an ar lent de aire 'beret ire, on me par' of Mr Harnum, to gratify all hie i a irons at the LgVV Kb f BLE COST, he ha- re*olve4 it. it at the ELEVEN O t'l.Ot C MORNING PERFORM A.NGKs IN 1118 LECTURE ROOM theie shall i.e made NO CHAR .8 WIIATEVEK FbK nKATs to Parquet or Pa. ior.y, nratit part or the ho se ? -vcepl I'rt vate Ho?e Hes-rvd Seats In Private Boxes m the raorn ln? 30cents extra: children under ten, IS cents. Those who would avoid the cro-vla during this engax*^ muni should bv all m? aus, It i onvenlent. visit tiie M u?'uu as EARLY AS HALF PAST TEN O CLOCK IN THK MORNING. Those who cannot attend In the uiorninj wlM find the Museum much less crowded IN THE EYRMNU than in the afternoon. But in order 'hat uenn shall be Inconvenienced or miaa set log SWP.KT LITTLE MARVKLT, they will also appear on the small sUgu In the Wax Figtnm Ka.uon every morning at abo t 13 o'clock, at the conclusion ol their levees lu the Lecture Room, aud al.o iu the al tap noon and evening alter the Pantomime H ovr. Their exhibitions w 1: he varted . nd ehanged. an that what tliev perlorm at one time of the lay wt.l not he repeated, to any extent, at any oilier time tna same day. THEIR COSTLY WEDDING PIlKSKNTS, MAGNIFICENT JE A tLM Ac., will be exhibited at each levee Theti iniiutpire coach and ponies will promenade the strae'- daily. Last week of the must successful Git and rave., pantomime, JOCKO; JOCKO, JOCCOt JOCKO: OK. JOU'KOi THE BRAZILIAN APE. TONY DENIER as Joeke Mr. C K. FOV, Mr. M GROSBI, ANPPKSON. Mile. KRNKSTINE anil LOI'INh, A GOODWIN and L. COLLINS A MILLION OF CURIOSITIES. Admits! oj, or id ihe present h gh prices of everything arw red ",, i, ;i i e-nts; tilfilren under '.en 1.1 cents ParipieS and bahwtiv, ex ep! al the morning entertainment, 0 rmate extra 'In tree l.'.eWtjie Private fn rex, $1 extra- h u?le wi-. In prltare hnaes, si rente extra. ? _ I he great dramatic seasen will comtnen'W on Monday. Hept li. \v llin,j sfiNBTRBLN. Nl "ROADWAY ?oPr o ta d' Nl" clas lioleh-Mcnry Wood. rro?W etur. A <TA? TROUPE OF THE WORLD, v A'Da V Hrp oiher 5, had uvcry eeeu.u, during ?? """ ?'U'4?S5- S? T ?Mlear Mo'hee. I've Come Ho n* to ,*f' merlM n,orso mat . ?uvr'er2i,?ven,,oU,mcuo. at a ??rtnt to eight o' ock. Tickets ISeeota H"Tm"cautW?uniencn ninth regularN8* too on Manday, Septsra^ie^U^^ bb0tHKE8, Managera. i)ROA3WAY THEATRE. ) < ftr-sr Broadway and P-oom? nrcet. VXTRA tDS'ERTiSEMENT. The faf-f?mid comedian. MR. JOHN E. OWEN8, whose brllllaat distinction as I I R8T amen " our crea'-st co-nic artis'.i, haa reeaived from the criticD I res. Jl th s rp*, and I ROM THRONGED AUDIENCES, A CORDIAL ENDORHEMRNT. will produce UN MONDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBERS, fur-the first time In tkis theatre, THK GREAT ORIGINAL COMEDY, bt'Tem Taylor, entitled VICTIM'*. VICTIMS, WITH NEW ?CE"?HY, 5Ew BRILLIANT DISTRIBUTION C? U'lARA' TBRvh Mr. John K. Owens as , G a role in which he has no nrai, rail which t? loaaiy To conclude ?l"?;S!K^?ik,UTr? *?CfcIVRD nI?HTL*'wITH ACI.KAM> OjF^Uaur.HTEJM (se.?f...s?r??'i5JJ{h?AT eomi e e eslablisnrnoot of (the kind in tha wegtd. The most fkIKTY BEAUTIFUL MaIDEMM ?ilpKD IN FANTASTIC COSTUMM. Bill be in attendance each ev-ning to disseminate amflmi Til l -.freshnienta) to Iheir pa'.rane. (ao.i ? HAS MIEN ArOMBNTED. tub shootinu gallery enlarged. Admission fry e. CHAELRY oaOVtSTEML. KATE STANTON. BARNUM'8.-RPR0IAL NOTICE. DUWN-f} THE short tnragenienl of DUtllAli TOM T'ICMB and FAMILY the spacious egress will b ? opened ln?,o Ann etrrea, th.uugu which yiel'or* -an past out, and avoid tha omwd. All tp ceasa i preuautlogg gave been lake u tg secure ka sorer?rt ?f v'litorA *, T. BAJIN UMs

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