Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,236. NEW YORK. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. IMPORTANT. THE LATEST NEWS FROH EDHOPE. Seizure of the Pirate Georgia by the Niagara. She is Sent to York in Charge of ? Prize Crow. The Rebel Crew Landed hi England. The Georgia Under the tritish Flag. iiJ PROTEST OF THE CAPTAIN. lf?j !(?> lie. ? The Meimsbt;> Caledonia, (rom Glasgow on the 26th af August, arrtred at St. John, New Brunswick, on Sun. day night. A portion of her news has been already trans mitted over the wires from Cape Baoo. She has one hundred and twonty-two pasaeugara for St. John a id one I baudrttd for Now York, she will sail for thia port to lay (Tuesday). The steamship Belgian, from Liverpool on Ihe 23th ?la l-ondooderry on tho 2Uh or August, raised rather Point, on her voyage to Q tehee, at a late hour on Sunday night. The Inman steamship City of Washington, Capt. Brooks, whteh left Liverpool at two o'clock on the afternoon of the 24ih and Queecsiowfi oa tho 23th or Auguet, arrived at New York early on Monday morning. No politioal news of importance had transpired since tho sailing of the City or Washington on tne 26th. the steamship St. Iktvld, Irom Quebec, arrived at Lon hSOSorry on the 2(Uh. Tts? steamship City or Cork, from New York, arrived at ?weeuuown on the i&tb. THE SEIZURE OF THE GEORGIA. The Georgia Captured by the Niagara? A Prixe Crew *?ttt on Board and (hi Privateer Sent to New York?The Rebel Crew l>anded In England?Re ports of the Capture, dfce., ckr. The United States irignte Niagara eelzod the rebel pi sale steamor Georgia twenty miles o(T Lisbon, put a prize crew on board, and sent her to New Vork. The Niagara landed the captain and crew of the Georgia at fiorer. ?o Georgia when seized was under tbe British flag, ami her captain entered a protest against hsr seizure. The event excites much controversy. II is rumored that tbe uepturo wee etl.vtcd under cons out of the Brit hh government. There is much Ji.Terrnce of opinion so to Ihe legality of the capture; but go. '.-a! satisfaction is expressed. Newspaper Account*. suzuHt: uy tub rKiv atbi-.h auouaiA. Lfram tho London Shipping Gazette (eveoing paper), August 24. Lonhon, August 24?2 30 P. M. The supposed capture by a feuoral war sleannir of the ?eergla (si, formerly <u the OonYederate service, bnt Slelv pubiic y dtspo cd of to an Kngllob merchant verp<iol, Ui produced coosldt-rahle exciteiuent among toe underwriters who conteud that tboact was 11 legal, ana the immediate attention oi tne government to the soiz ire. RFFORT or TITR RJtfZCRB. Ihe foilowlug was this morning received by tbe Secre tary of the I eninsultr and Or.oaUl Steam Navigation Company in Loudon:? Euunu (s ?), Gu Rattan, August 16.LS64 Tn ib* Uasuim. IhascTKits 1'u.vissuLaa a.M> Uxiknrai tfrKa* Nat uiario.N Coii'isr:? bmrLXMS*?I beg to report the arrival of this ship at th?Hb. ve port, ali well, si nine I*. M. ibis day. Line weather hue bo. n experienced tbrouguout the pan S*?o. On the 1Mb ItietAW, at two p. ?., Great Burl, toga b< ariog N. P , e g hi to moe nines dUUnt, we piiiHp.1 cl e to two ic tw steam vessels, both under, but hove to with iboir u-ud* la sh- re. The larger of tln'?.e was evidently an Anieitcau buil". frigate, sua was flying the federal 8 ig The ?u.a lor wan art Inglis i built vessW, of about mo cu bun dled io eight h jd.ol tons, without any dag flying, mid was deeply lodou. < n her stem was wrin-n tu eiitte totters fapparently quite recently done , '?( eurgi*. Llv erpool " che wusbri. r sgeo, iv.ih bowsprit sad ,ib boom, and l.a<? a bia-k luunei placed rather lurt.hir lor ward than It Is in tho generality oi merchant si earners. B?arily laden brats were frequently passing trom thje ?oiallor to the larger ve?**l, and I observed in one that Was iu transit at the tnue of our pausing underline steiu of tbe irig ?te a inanity of selinen's chests ami bedding Tbe frigate bud h.rl lei atbrnbof her toner yard arms, end ho hoe-ted her pinnace out s on alter we pasa.'d her. pre; aratlons aigo appeared to bu fotu,: ou lor hoi ilng in heavy weights. On the poop of the smallt r vessel were cvcral oitine. e In Aroori aan tisval utiliorm. an 1 a numhnr of men. evidently belonging to the frigate, all fuiljr armed. The larger ship appeared to be upwards ot lines thuussnd tone, lull rlgg'd, with two black funnels, with wblte band six feet from tbe top she bad a large gildeo oaglo on her uteri , sod altogether app ared very like the American ?oiew eteiiin Irignte Magaia IP'at* were rising be tw??u the sblpr. an long an we could discern thi m. ihe tea wee very smooth and the w.aither t ne. I am, Ac.. GKOKGK C. 81'AUKI N, Commander Ellora (s s). TRB 'JrOROtt, It will he recolkvted, was for a length of time engaged aa a Confederate prtvatocr. Fbo arrived ai Uvonool a few months ago and was publicly sold to Br. Bstrg, of that port, ff.r i is,000 or ?1* ,000, was subaeeiiently taken op by the Portuguese government for tbe oonvev atu e of malls trom Liverpool, Ldbon. to the Azores and back an t it a pears she was In transit to those ports wben hor i-aptu-e was made, with her ratgo. she was assured si Lloyd's on a policy not free from capture (From the Dublm Freeman a Journal. August 23.) Private teiegrama received at Ltverugul aunoutice that ?be federal frigate Niagara bus seized fto' -t > onlodcrnte cruber Georgia, bound to Fortugsi, landed her crew and sent the ship to Now York. LASDINS or TUB CRXW OS TUB OBOKfTM. Lrvaaeoni., August 24, 1S64. The mnst*r iWPhycrmhe) and thirty-three of tho crew e* the steamabtp(?>' gin have been landed at Dovor by tbe fmierai steamer Nhtgtra. The Latett ftwi. lov v.*. AnjiHt 26, 1464 The capture of tbe pvoudo privateer Georgia by tbe (iBlted Mates frigate Niagara has created oo excitement whatever THK FLORIDA ON A OBIMSB. Tbe prlvi'oif 1 h Ida sctled from kutta Cruz, bansrtfTa, en the 4tb of August, on a eralse. thk Richasanvo asain in collision. FLrsHtsu, August 23, 1664. The federal 0'>rv?tte gacrsmento has put tn here this ersiilog, having been in collision with tbe Rwedlsb ?cbooner Victor, MTseterman, front Antwerp for Rtock hwtni, which sustained considerable damage. ? Isetch of tho raited Itatei Frigate IIl. agara. Tho Niagara, Commodore Thomse T. CrsveB command, log, who baa recently captured the ex-prlvatoer, or rather pirate, was built by the lamented George Riser*, at Brooklyn, ia BU. During tbe early part af the rebel. Mm ahe wm aallrely employed ao the blockade and la rwanacoia harbor, she waa the flagship of Flag Offleer Whs. ifcKoan. She returned from that aervlee to Bt>?. toa. where ebe arrived oa the 12th of Jtme, 1461 Here she waa dismantled, end her spar da< k removed end >F4swred and her el les pierced for irane. eo thai aha car. Had tweaty four etoveo-lach gone on bar gun deck, and ?waive one hundred pounder rifles on her spar deck. ?he waa over a year to the beads of tbe ebtp earpea. ?we at tlie Cbarleetowa Navy Yard, and waa ainMet re B64S engines were placed In her, aad In all probe, ftftttr hpr rspairr cost the price of I we my ahiaa af half hrtr aire and treble her effectiveness M she Stood When rei'iy uir sua. I bp Su^iri made her tlrvl and second crnlee- In rum p-iny Willi ilio KogHo'i Hue ot battia stnii Awamemnen to the Allans..c telegraph eipcdltiuu, when mU<- ??? com Hi ittUBil by Capluiu Win U Hudson, fciuce deceased Her aexi acre ice ?u to iwuvey a lerge number of cap'irid na^rnea from Charleston, 8. C., to Liberie. On tbia cruit-e she wee commanded by Captain Jobs 8. Oauucey On bar latum kite lay die ai tbn Brie kivu Navy Yard (or several monlbH, when abe we* ailed up lor id- especial pur|.oaa it! carrying buaie tbe Japanese ambassadors. Sua iert New York no llie 30lb ( Juno, lviO, ud arrlVPd at Jeddo un Lbe lltb of Noveiener, having touched on huie al I'orto Grande. -A. I'aul da l.oaodo, An ier. Kauviaend Hong hong. She r- t imed to Beaton, arriving there on the 34lh of April, litH. She w.ui otdcred I rum there to Ibis city, arrlvlu? button tba JSlu of lbe aame inoutb Here abe was l.-mtny lined out, and on lbe filti of May, 1861, aailed hom e to lbe blockade off Charleston. sue arrived tbere on lbe tutb of May, and in muo days alter waa In llavaua. From tbera abe went to Fort I'lckanH, and thence to Mobile. She remained in those waters participating Is'tbe attack upon I'eesacoU, when General Bragg attempted to i educe tort Plchcue, and m aevarnj ?moor engageuiuiu*. t-be was ordered Xo lbe Southwest Pane hi August of that year, and w?e ai the time the flag ship of flag Officer Vfm. W. MuXeun She rem lined in that viclmty until flag Officer Farragut went down, and the i?ulf Bqnndrou waa divided into two dlvisious. She then woui np to Y.obtle, anil from lb,nice to Apa'e ? hio l.t ? and Key West. While here she received orders lo return home. -he left Key Weal ou ibo 410 el June, 1*0.7, and arrived al li< sl"i, on tbe l'ztb. At tiovlou she was surveyed and ordered lo be out down ami a row armauii nt pip in hor. Although protest ed against by a I. anther of a*; eriencrri naval ulhcert , and -blptiutlders. tba Nary l'epartmrnt ordered iidnne. Wbeu ber simauicn' and m ire* wore on l>o.i.d ttio dead lights in her aide, winch admitted light Into tbe waid room and berth deck*, were only a few Inches above the water one, wb :<? ber poit" mold nnti be opened iu a eea way such as is Ir?- neatly recti in our own harbor. In bar paaA.ig'j lo Ol ii yisior her guu deck wan a warn, and it was !b? opinion ni all on hoard, that her armament must lie rbaryi'd hufor abe could go to sua. Yot to the l?C? of all this she wan sent to sea in permit i f the f'nes&peake. so t',.i. she could be removed (r >ra Oloucea tai aud finally be ordered to New Ytn k to have her uruia. ment changed without attracting public attention. She wah p it in'o comtnipjioo on the II,th if uo'.ober, 1863, and soiled in a lew days afterwarda for Gloucester U> endeavor to enlist ibo balance of her crow, she waa not successful in lb I operation, and wig to Uav ? been ordered to Piston iu a lew dayn on her'irrlvul at tbe KriH kiyn Navy ard her gun deck battery o! elevcn-iboh gu.-iH was taken out, lbe ports tsea'ed up'and kite vessel very much l!gh;enod by removal of extra stores, Ac. On tbe 18th or U irch, 1864, she sailed ironi here In quest of too disabled Italian hne-of hatllo Hbio Re (..iihrituotno, i apiain l.-loa. She returned to New York, afier an un p i icresful cruise, on the 2d ol April -he was then fined fur foreign sort-ire. She remained in our harbor a few w > ks, ami was iben duspai, ne l on special service in quest of lbe ))riv#ti.e-s on the coast if Kurope .-.lianas visited Antwerp, aud has Lean actively cruiulug since her urrivnl oui there. lite following is n list of her ofBcers: ? Oanttwdorr, CfhinmndinQ?Thomas r. Rraven. Is-it'tiMil Coninuiniler?lleury Krben, Jr. /.irutmatr ?Lloyd PhenU. Ck-rf Pbirjinti'.r?We. Huberts. Jfufant ? ir.y-'oit?Sam. W. Abbott. /Vtymrufrik?Jatues JJ. Wntmough. I'harlmn?Wm. A. Hitchcock, Ac ling Muiurx?rrdncle tL Cr?e'i. Jac h Kimball. Miirin* Ojji' ~rf?Fi st l.icutunant, Joe 1'. U.iker Second I ieuteo.xni, I. P. i reoch. Art^ipim?Richard r*. Chew. Henry J. B'ake, P K. Har rh .gi'iti, Wm. Ham bridge H iff. Awjiaeers?Firrt, Oscar 11. Iktclrey: Second ARstA'.aiits, 1 red K. Prown. .lame* Biitforworth, Wm. H. Harris; Third AspiHtanw, Fred. >ohotwr, Jasper U. Dia mond. Cites Ih Adlbier, Kdw. F. McHr ell. godfmain i Gee, -mitb. (!'. in?m? Kugeuu Mack. 'kmnltr?Nictoo'.te Mager. ?Ya'ioiiti.-r? Alex. W. Cassell. "ewtnMrf r''r C/-ik?S Rruiihurnt Clark. I nyt/wlT ? Ctr./cr?S. M. Coleman and Geo. W. I .en devej. J cling Mnst-r'.c Mate:? Henry Clay I.rslie, Cbai, B. F. Atkuiacn,'d klngill Skrti h of lite Pirate Kteamer (ieurgla. lbe Georgia lelt Greenock on tbo 2d of April, 18f3? under the nuuie of the Japan. Subsequently eUa was know a as the Virginia; hot, in reality, Abe has always been tbo pirate Georgia. Sue Is an iron abip. with very Que lines tor apeec', of about six hundred (British) tons regis ter, with etiglneJi of three hesdrad borse power. Her ercw wore OTigiou. y shipped for two veers, at very high wages, and it wet .aid abe Viae bound I r the t'Uioa -tvs. f rom Greenock the Georgiu prcco-.-iled to the coast of France, whore, fr iu the Braisb steamer Alar, Captain Puck, (be took on board her p -ta, ordnance stores, Ac., and then boirtcd th - rebel tlak un reaching the cmixing grounds the Georgia, bavin* I reo on tbe p.i-aage pnt In exceileat fighting trim, began her piratical career. At the lime of the salting of tbe Georgia she was owned by Thomas Bold, an Kugliffiman, of the firm o," Jone:' & Oo., of Liverpool, tngiaad. On'tlir .3d day of .luue, 1863, tbe day purcecdio-: tbe one on which abe had destroyed the F. W. leaver, this K..gltsbman, 1 horn a a Bold <oes to the CVi.Am House at Llv-rpool, and states u>ai. si tbe .'apan, or Georgia, bad hoen sold lo i thor iar;iv?,te ieelred tuat b?r Brffloh rogi-<tor iwh' tie catii-elleit and of ccir. i! the acc. niiutidatug British olil c'.al cancelled Ibo *?id ''rittsb regisier. Mr. lh aic-s Bold, of the firm of J o-s ,V Co. of Live: jmol, w? nothing el-e tbau a B-u sh pirate hwtermol piracy exten.ims from ttie thee he i> gon fo own the Georgia until ibu 23d day of June, l';f i;. and u ni that titn" until the i-eurgia wax end and capt ired tbe said fboruas Hold, vr the firm of Joneti .? Co., of Liverpool, was an alder anil abettor of piracy. fho ueorgia on the 2'in of April inrugnrate-1 her career by burn'i g tb" ship Dlclalor. Next she to!) in with and boudvd Hi ? flop Goorgu liriawold. on the 8th of May, 1833. Ou tbe i3tii of lbe -?no mi-nib sho arrived at E?ble, remaining in - until the 2-th, wbuu he took bur dejMtrture. On ibu l?i ft June ahe : urntd itic ship Amezmile, .and la two: ve days afterwards d etr.iveil the ship <>od Rn; e. the next captured the Constitution; und it the 29tb ofJ'i ede-troyodthe' d' of hath. On It s 16th oi July ,18*k'i, em cri ed tbe shij> Vr are of Wales, un .htt lbtn of August i-b3, shea-rived at Ft.m n'sBay, Caueef Good Hope. Ob toe 29tb sbe sailed, and lh ? next we beard of brrwaso" Klngsluo, On the 3 itb of Cciiiber. )? J, , be arrived at Chirbcarg, Irau-e. Dntbe9lboi ,\prll, 1x64,she was In liorriranx, aod presently abe turned up Iu KugleoJ, wtui i *hi i? said b> h-c# 8c a 4, ber crew paid "IT, und her etoree iiild at auction. She *.is un inestiunabijr bound on a piratical cruise whea aptnrcd by the Nlngara, and wc aro of tin opmion ?8c -v u'ii " .ve i? i-.e of tbe Weal It dui t?.iuds to Ot out. A* matters saw stand she will bo here in ? few days, ai'd lin n we shall luuro the particulars ot bcr cap ture. Per Fai i I'lK-s, August 23, 1864. Or/a hue ?f the Kifo if Spuin?Death of Prtnr-u irfrirysfrrt?.V'fJeW, I . 'ran <# Co. at fJaeVn ? Marriage Among lh* /' F. V. i?Death of tier, /sa-ic /I" .i-r??Ji'r.'r,aching, if:. The long net,eg of fe- iivitiee of which Paris, Tereaillee end -t. Cloud have been tbe theatre in new bmugbt to a c'ofo by tl e departure of tbe Spaoirb King Ocnsorl, >n whti^e bonor ibey were given IaiI 5un.iay at two o'clock, having taken leave of fcte fraporisl entertaJners. he loft 8t. Cloud (or Farls, en route So F-.- one. At P-ns be -? d a visit of condolence lo < hri-tine,Qufcn Dowager t>! 9pain, wboee daugbtrr, lbe PriiicssA iAdislae t 'rartory-Ua, dted on tbe t9tb or lb s u.ontb. still yoting. aad vftei a long and pamful Ibness. lie le'I I'arl At six, arrived at Pavnnoe next raorulug, and -?tarted tbe same afternoon lor Madrid. Idist irtda\ l-e reviewed, Iu can,(any with tbe Fm pen r, < me lUO.OUO tro< ps, e-mp ard o,' tbe K .tl, i, M <? ?. of Paris, on the Lbam|>a do YUrs. Tbe rebel hgelton his mov?d lo Petlen Parian, wbe-e It h 'S sary uuded o if with a number oi (iremiaeot ?<>ce*eii'ti|?l?. PBIofi 'a* tirnente so?m lo be Insidiously creeping tu son " .hi.', a we may e>> Inieri ret lbe fact that Miss I/idli'SD, a sc."ii of oue of tbe K. F. V.'s, wua mtrrb-d last w-ek to l.? lUssut 'b or, of tbe rebel navy. The ovent was s .leii-c,. sd by ? dinner, where Mr. Slideli tnide aspeech. In wt.' b he ?po!;e of tho puliticwi pr"V peciH of li.e MS v in a way to sh"W that be asHumrd n? ins woe .ireecul *So did not eyiniwlbue with its fortunoe Mre. lease B on eon, daoghlrr of the late Stephen Whit nny, of New Yerk, died last Monday inomtng. at three e'ciunk, at Kaden Baden, of dij tberie, after a very pain ful illuees of a wrek ? duration. Her remains will go borne in tbe Premen vteaiuer of (be 61b of September, acisiinpauied by Mr. Vronson. it is now generally inierrsd. from the Kmperor'a order to arrest lbe work on the new Opera ilnuae un tliu com plelSei of lbe propread ar w boapiial that the treasury Is loa?tntew> make a little retrrocbmeol m supt-rBuoue exper iei advisable. 1 h' l.altst Markrts. LONDON MONBY MA BUT. Ismior, August 16, 1864. f eneola cbwed at SO a for monev. Tbr bnilion In the Peak of England has la, reaard jC1p6,000 AKgklOA.V SeCUHTTItS. Pltnois Central sbarea, 46 e 44 dtaeounl Erie abares 40H e 41 *4 (From the londuii -hipping fla/eiis. Aug. 26? Freeing J lbe principal feature in tbe (o-eigu stock market Is the 6runeaa of the Coeiederam loon end tbe Spanish securi ties Tbe (ormer ere up to seventy eight lo eighty, no tbe prospect of pnaoe. Ijvrarooi., Angult 26, ,864. Oottos ?.fairsof tbe week 26,uOO bales, luolu iioc 2,000 G, tnerulatora snd f>,60()baiea to exporters. The market baa been dull, with a decitaa of jgd a Vd. for American ted ?,il a '.d.en ether dee, rlpitune. The eaiea to day (Vriday) were 6,ftoo bales tbe market eioaing nrawr el unchengeti prices. Qutaimne are aa FeHowe ? Pur. Middling. Orleeps Nominal. <tOd. Mobile Nominal 20?<d I'plan.fn Nominal. 29<l. Tbe stock la perl is 76,100 balsa, tncladlng 10,000 Of latTWeo. Haaanerrrra ? Tbe loarbrl ks quiet end si adv. Pievwiame?The marks t is Ball Lard fina. SHERMAN. Additioral Details of the Brilliant Flank Movement by which Atlaita was Takes. RAPID MARCHING OF THE UNION TROOPS The Attack Upon and Capture of Jonesboro. Pursuit of the Retreating Rebels. 01'R GAINS AND TUG RCBCL LOSSES, a, a, a The recent operations of tho grand Army of the South wem have resulted 'nugrml success, aud "Atlauti In oum and f-iirly #011." An the trooiw hare, according to lenera) Sherman's official re|>ort, gone iulo camp to rout from the ungues of a fuur mouths' campaign, it will be interesting to revlow tbo movtiricuts of the |?st fortulght, and set forth io detail the me.nn by which tho grand re sult h -s beeu achieved. The wholo programme of Gone rat Serman's action waa changed about the lbtb of la*t mouth, when he ordered the concentration of ocrtutn cav alry forces under Geo. Ktlpatrick to rendezvous at Sand town, preparatory to a raid around Atlanta. It w is neenseery to the success of General Shermau's plan that he should be thoroughly acquainted "whit the Uy of tho land" before be ventured on an eipedtiion that would either result in a glorious trioinph or a disastrous dofeul. As soon as he was satis fied that ho could more with fair pros pests of success bo gave up hia heretofore daily custom of shelling tho rebel works and hut occasional assaults, and llaukiug again tor a time tick the pluae of llgtstiog, although the latter was naturally the result of the termor. The movement was hazardous; but the result is all tbo more glorious. If Hood had only known the plan of operation be might have made a dash upon Sherman's communications at Marietta; perhaps have destroyed not only tho place, but the corps or observation, and bavo cut off the grand Army ot the Mississippi from its base of operations at Chattauooga. PAKPARATIOMS. General Rilpatrlck having returned from hla raid on the 22d of last mouth, and having rested bis command, tbe movement of the army against the Mobile Railroad wss begun on the 20th. The commanders of tbe armies of tbe Ohio (dchofleld), Cumberland Thumas) and Ten nessee (Howard), by orders from Geueiai Sherman, previously sent aero,a the Ghalthochee rlvor all turpi no men, horses, wagons aud meterlat not absolutely nccet sarytotho success ol tho expedition, and collected in tboir wagons?to which had been attached the best tenure then with tbo troops?sufficient quantinei of bread, meat, sugar ,^offoo end other supplies to last for Bfteen Jtys, and ammunition euough for tbe expedition. Ail these necessary art .etc* wore properly parked uear Utoy creek, on the right of the position of the main army, and the movements were carried on with tbe gretnoet possi ble ?pced; and yet so silently were tbey conducted as almost to be unknown outside of the special force actu ally moving. THI TRBLIMJNAIIT MOTBMJCNr. The drat part of the programme having Seen duly car ried cut, General Kilpatricf.^cavalry moved to Camp ere?k, while M?t?r General ScnoOeld covered the Carap belltown road and General Slocum moved the Twoot.oili corps to the Chattahoochee bridge. Tho orders to Major Genoral Slocum, given through Major General Thomas, his army commander, were to bold the bridge at all hasards. Pake, with his ferry bridge, and Kossock, with his rou toon bridge, whioti was at Turner s ferry, were ordered to be I11 readiness to oomplete the r portion of tbe work at tbe proper time if It should be found uecefiary to uae tbone means of crossing tbe rivers. Major Genera! Stanley's Fourth corps moved south of Proc'or's creek, to uear tbo Utoy creek, and behind the right centre of M nor t.ruoral Howard's Army of tbo Tennessee. The object or tb.s main, uvre was to cover the Hell's ferry rood. General Garrard's cavalry thru fall behind I'eachtree crack, ready to act sgaiust tnv enemy shuu d he sally auaiust ruber tbe Twentieth or tho Fourth corps during lb e move ment ?JHK \ICXT MOTIMSHT. All these manmnvrcs having boon c?rr;rd out in due orm, General UosatJ withdrew bis army serins I't y crex-k. and m ved by tbe most direct road toward* t-'air burn, stopping at Gamp oieek. General Thorns next ma zed tho Fourth and Fourteenth cor -a?under Gene rals tauley and Jefferson C. Davis?below L'loy crock, and General Garrard's cavalry Joined that command, so ,,8 t > act with General Thi mas durt-g the remainder o' tbe operations. General SrhotteM'a Army of tbeOMo advanced along with and abreast of General Howard's Army of the Tenaosf**, keeping up communicition with it .is lor as < amp Creek, wbero preparations wore nude lor a rtill further advance. It will thus be seen bow t,e-ioral Sherra.iu moved his large araiy, or ruth r arm "is, wlih rapidity, and yet kept them all w >11 In tioud. TBS IBlJtD MO VKMEMr. General Howsrd, with the Army of tho Tenncsree, in conjunction with 1 encral S-cbotleld * Army of the Ohio, theu moved directly upon the West r?iot Railroad, with the invention of striking the road between Red Dak and lalrb irn, General Kilpalrlck's cavalry loading the ad vance. Tbe valuable wagon trains moved neit 10 order, General Thomaa' Army of the Cumberland following in two eolnmns well cioecd up. Gen. Garrard's cavalry brought up the rear, and acted under tbe direct instruc tion of General Thomas; and to Insure ?;,H greater safety to tbat part of the command, and to keep off inquisitive intruders, the bridges at Sandtown were kept guarded and prole-ted by detactirneote of cavalry detailed from tbe force nude. General Elliott, assisted by a small forre of artillery. tub FtrrrT.T train. Ah the sustenance of tbe army now depended on tt? wagon train wulch tccompatiied tho troops It waa very necessary tbat It should be well proierted. It was also necessary tnat Its extent should not be discovered by the enemy, as It mlsht give them an Inkling of tbo naur^nf the movoment 'ong b fore General Sherman bad iteveiuiied his plant Tlic Coinmandtn{ General therefore ia?utd an ordar tbat during the movement, and in fact until tbe army returned to tbe river, every effbrt should be need and the utmoel care taken to oiprve as little ta poa aible tbe train* of cars and wagons. I be depola at Tluing's bridge, at Marietta, and at Allatoona 1ere ordered to he kfUl a gain ft ewy oGacfc, wo ?*.Uer toAo/ tfl at/urr, and a regular communication waa to be kept up between those ports end the army, aa far as poaaini*, by way of tondtown. General Pberinan waa very strict io bie or ders on this point, as, dotibGees, he well remembered that one of tbe plane tor tbe tasmg of Vtckahurg had been de rented by tbe surrender of tbe depot at Uoliy 8pr legs, and his own attack by way of the Yaxoo thereby dlsaa trooaiy repulsed. TBS aaatvAi. at rns mailhoad -tubing ur tbb Tare*. As aeon as the troop* arrived at the Wast Point Rail ro?d two-third* of the force were at nnce disposed tor de etioe. while the remaining third waa aet to work tear log up tbe track, dvairoymg tb?- iren ra ls, burning tb* ties, aud Irremediably ruining all tbe railroad maiurial. Hy the doth of the month?tour day* after tb* tart? Rnerman a army had broken up tne tteat Point Railroad, an I bid reached a up lend id poeltlnn from which to atrfk* the M.con Railroud, tb* oi>ly available line or rallroed ooiiiinutiica tlon between Ail.nta and the 801.1b. PORITION OP TUB UNI >M AND RBBRL ABM 18*. The poaltl n of the tminu ironist on the loth of April waa as fo-lowa:?i.enoral Howard'* Army of lb* Tenneeaee, which had the right of tbe line, having rr??aed be west I'nlnt Railroad nearest to Mlrbnrn, bad pushed lorward in an oblique direction, and was Iterator* near lonaatioro, whit* bi* com-nun-eating feres-the Army of rhe Ohio, uodsr General Rch>tl#l4 pawling over tbe r ilroad nearer to Red Oak. c.roeaed the country in a morn direct line, and found lUtelf near to 1 Ria gb aud Resdv, and ou tbe extrame Ml of tbe Onto* waiy, both these ptsoas are Meltons of the Mason R p road, but about eleven m'!*a apart. It was therefore oe oeaaary that tbe gap nelwoeu ibame wir.g* should be fli'sH, auil the Army ol tbo ' unite riand, uud r General Thomas, and whujh bad marched up ng ttie route hi two couiiuus, behind ibe A.tmes ol tho rouueanee aud OUio, now cimo forward to the ir mi auil formed tb? centre of Ibe maul army. Sbarmau'g lino waa therefore oleyen milaa '0 extant, and r u g?tl along tb? Slaoo.. Itftilr. ad trom Rough au?t Ready I" J?oe?boro, with M? ventre at ronoh'e. Ttie rebel fcrvri ba 1 at ibla lime been divided into t wo main armies, -epaculed by an lu.erval of twenty two muee. One pari of the arrny waa mtreuchcd at Atlanta and the other bold lonaaboro, ami *?.i also i.lrtn hod. Xbe cause 01 this a-parmlou of tne force* arose from tbo fart that Ho id hid found out by Kllpat rick a raid that it waa n toes nary that he should protect hie oomniun.c u iiDH -.1 that point. by a I irge force, to pre v ul a repetiti.-u of such a cataatroptio ai had laken placa at that part of the lire on the iirh Instant, tie certainly had uot expected ao apeedy * movomeot of Sherman's whole army iu the aun.o direction, or he woiilil not bava been likely to have committed aucb a military binader. Sherman's army was, therefore, between the enemy's forces, and bad, as waa aiuumucod from tba War Department, literally cut tbe rebel army in two. tub fih^t attack -tkarino irp tub maoon road. When (iouerai Il.war.l found the enemy in lorco at Joneaooru, be at once lutrenchod bis command, looA'.lug the salient or project lag angle within half a mile of the railroad. Tbis the enemy did not approve of, aud er, at tempt wae made to drivo off the Union troops from the position, doubtless * tbo force to bo inoroly a raiding party. The radels attacked General Howard s works at about three o'clock on tbe afternoon of tbo 3otb of August, anu were easily repulsed. Meeting with so un expected a force, the rebels fell bark into their works at Jonesborn, leaving tbelr dead aud yr<iuudcd in front of General Howard's lines Gnera! Sbcruixo M>on |rorceived the adviti'ages or h s position, and determined to profit by Hood's blunder. Having tb? rebel forces separated, ibe principal object w is to keep lUem so, and thus conquer thctn in de tail H? thcr foro orcored the advance ?' the left iScbofle d) and i cmre (Iboaias) rapidly to, tnu raid oad, win e I boy niudo a good loJgun.oiit, and during th<> 31st of A'lifujf, nearly the whole distance be twi eu K lUfflt "id i: dyanJJooesb. ro was despoiled oi us railroad track, ti sandoiner material. I base two urniies were also brugut nearer to tbo intrenched position at .icneshorn, and to life left of Howard s command. Hv tb.s oiuu ot operation .-bermut had interposed bm w'uulo army between -iviuni.i and Jotieauoro. rUU ATTACK I PC fOMCiUWK'f?KlV'ttKA? AND PIK MJIT op tub MBIUL If ivlng placed his troops In the desired position, Gen. anorman, on tbe Lrt of Sepicnih. r, oruored a general at tack upon the enemy at Jonesboro J bo tnovemeut was made w ith .--real gallantry . and after an anio ct of sk.r mlaUtug and urti.lery hi i-ig au ussnult of the wrks was ordered, ' he Potmen tb cor) *, under the coinniuud o' Hrevot U.i or i >-i oral .lefleraoa ( (lavis, w is elected i make the ss attlt, md galia fly tboy charged uis.n the works amid ? slonn of grape-and canuistor from the rebel artillery. Noising .hiun'od tho brave boys who bids.' stubbornly 10 iited the efforts of tie rebels at Cblcktsmanga, who Ibid formed tbe advance lot l'bomns forces at ("b illams'tta. an 1 wlio bad bravely hold their ow ibmugho .1 the ? rg a campaign ol lsiW rushed upon the lutrei. hments and earned them handsomely, <a t inn" abo>:' a ife'.uvin I prisoners and teu pieces of artillery, Genera Sherman speaks highly oi tho conduct of the men of tbo "gallant Fourteenth," and | officially awatda to General Jul!. C. Dovla the honor ue has so brave.y won. Ii ;rlQK tno niabt the eno-uy, finding it impossible to hold .loncahoro, retreated along the Vacua Hai'mud iu s soutderly dir' tt. n and took up a posiitou at lovejoy 8 st'tlon, s vou mi'.es twiant and tweoly nine milos .rotn Atlanta .Hero they threw up nasty iBtrencbmenis to prevent the further prranlt of our cavalry, which bad fo lowed them to tbia p int. lulliotloir damage on ibair roar aud causing contusion during tbo rotrcat. OrEiUTIONS AT AThANTA?OfCCPATiOS BT Oi.'NC HAL SI.OCCM. While Sherman was busi". engaged in h!? attack upon Joneiboro. Uood. who bad still r?;nalnc3 in Atlanta, boding that he w?a outflanked, his hne of supply out oil, ami the i nfou troops between n'm uul it largo portion or his army, became peedily conv.nccd tlirvt the rebel posi tion wis untenable. In order to save that portlou of lea ,? "iimaiid the', wttb him he devrmiued to rva- mve the f >rt !t? I ? ity, aiid ou the nl.hl of Sept.'mhor I he Mow up bl< magaaluee, dc troyed all bis reppil - that be could not remove, c ns 'ting of seven to' "? ? ?i*es oi. l oigbtr one care loaded with ammunition stnall.aruia and storov. a-.d left tbo place by the turnpike roads. General dlocum, who hold conimr.nd of the army or observation, jo-ost aiscoTcred the toslilou or affairs in Aiunu. and on tbe tnurhiig of ^eptemhor 2 moved bis forces from tbe ? h?tl*ht?>cbie rivor atd occupied the plaL". lie < apiured id Atlanta "ourte'ti piece", ol arm S?ry, many ol ihem in liret rate ooaddUu. aal a large number of aurail a mi. VA1U8 OP ATI XNTA. The value ?f tiisnln cau b -t bo understood l>y tbo desperate effiarte the enemy have ic ".le to li. ldn.aod by tho Wifoeat ronwrc- rr-i " una it tbst have apnwed iu the rebel journals since ihrf compiencemeot oi the cimputHU. In April last lb" Hoorgiu psoera urge l upon tne rebel gov"rhT"e it the B'"va-?! "i holding trio r vjtn west.andad our ini s hsva advau .1 so bavotb'V dniv culled upoo the rebel utuiv to dt iand AHanta'to the lust, rheordcre t> Hood wi re exrl, II on that p > u:., a. (1 mly on .-ondlt. n tin; he vpou d hold tho r>l*ee wi< lie given tbo ooipbvud He cor tan. Iy das eadcavoriel to do s", but ho b?s fm.od : tri .lch in Suahoan rbe following extract from ;hc < o jrnhur ,< u. . iturx ol Apr:. 2'i will be lOund "otererliui; at tins tuns:? The rap' ur? of U< hmood would ,. n> " of grea'er ;m;> rt an.? to our . s e? In 1 pel": a1 po i" o- i w ' t. ny oiher am*" Won oer canltal in th r poos ?-iou w. would t.nd additional in urn '. hron;'.... to t ai ...ainrl na abroad; k-? f.ut ? i.-nriu' To Ik'of'- ?? ? '' t ,i The Ural point Ik n?". ? i.rd.i'f in-s, toe r '.*oud Is or.r great r. pre. .o lot" the f >?a ?f a :mh; aho . I w.- be <!n*ru i; . i on. r i-rrv'.l. ia IV .?( ...n III." n.'i' p./.at. Ibis WS unlit iJmi: an I our enemy know* it. Wheelci'l (Iporatlnn*. OCR NAHHVitLk COKFENrriNB'V N'ASUVILLX, A s l"t Th. lMdt. Tbo ovation of which 1 briefly ad* d y ? .a yctttr dty's despatch baa cuiniiuu'.cd in two or three Utile j flghtr. showing a |.urp<.<B of ibe enemy to ..of .cnirrto i soinjwt.ere near tbi- vlcuity. t tneral Whrel.T cro*-' .1 'he Tenne^ce r'ver with bi main force at king*mo, 1**1 Trm.C' ee >u tbo S^'-b, and | rnpidly moved westward, rascb - g P.Wo a and -nana j on U>e next moruing. At .-'pirla be div Jed hu> to roe, < r detached a column under Colonel De Brill to attack Mc Uinuvll's, ?nd ?ut an itbsrfor.e toward ar M'etvv uti.s Colonel Ue Brill found Colonel Wat ra, Tirtb Kast Teu n re cavalry, guarding the town, ard immrdUfely at tacked bun. A flgi t cf om" ibftu li'.irs' Hirati n ui intd.of which wo hiro oti'.y reiuils, hut nodolsii'. ^ Cot nil Waters, af"T fit Hip,: for thrc" bou " ~v c faCT" I I , ;.i i bvk t/.wards fn . I. uia, lewinj twrutv men, i '"1 wountleJ and mii-i.jg, b'tb" hands " tba eneuiy. Gr res bad Tuibhoma in -.fcty the tn wmny. and rc p itst' General Wusey bis b'.'iaf 1 int th* "any ;to im c ?.rdting the Nasbvtll" and 11 atlsnc j ? Uailroad be- I twreo M' rfreesboro and Tu"*h ua hot I rc '? reason I,) be rye that Wbo"'orrr"CluicB trying tno slrpn,.' h or i Iortrt? RoMerttn at Murfrecri'<>r), r.? i.'rdl, icaini md Ing the rebel forces attack:n? McM"irv:l!c t .okraini to reicrt 'bat B beoier lu.? :e red f'< at -p r a J- ret upon Vac.v I' , but it is probftbis -st tb? f ?? * - "l leb niwi this taorniu; is under tbe onnnanJ of ?' net'ler in rar? u. iirf rtf.HT at f?ni*oi. m re o-i.?d to bs*" iwca of a tea* s..rguii)?ry character in*., nt ef MjMinovllle. Gov. W. 1' . ?-rpt>#n e ? n?a vo,?? man 6sc*i*ed ?nd brought inict genre th: W Wn ricr old entered the ci:y with shout flft?cn tnuurrd men and had eur oun.le 1 Ibe rollepe bui; ? ug oc.ui od b* > epi-tin It lSb'e coin any of tisi Tenteeece cavalry. ah thi tores, with th* ei'-offtlonof oc'-wrgoa t, wm caj t.rrd. A pr mi' cnt ? u.> ^?kn. wu .ts >.e; ra tin ? laan w c also .t. ur*d, _ ii k ?-babiy ibo purp. ?o qflRhe? ?r to -nore upon _ the 1 cu <'i :e and Nasbtblo Klflrond uaar Gallsiln, aud unlr cc ha* divided In Tot. ewe *1*1 not h"ar from hi,, I II adt HOW th "f this. 1 In r.v meantime furrwtt aud have crossed Ibn Tru. rl? * a* 'T1 ui.utlU. Ala., and .vannab, Tenn , ?nd are rei M ? 1 (Aug 2'.?. to be Kivauclng o mel Nix o, who u*' I t? be editor of the New tin- . s r .c n', com uiand* .."0 Of Roddy's fSgtmeuii so l has toe wacoe s .? Ko'rJ t" n? engaged in elos'lng ro.i coi ten, i.ttd extO'i- vely. General Grftiag. r Ha dolrg all he can ?o ue lead Ho' railroad of whl. ta be b.a* enarge. Although ou fsars ft.? ??i#rt?i: ad of ? Sucr"sernl st lack ' ii * ci'T. Gat erai Mil rr Is making *Jl lb* neoes a*rv arrsogemei.ts for if. ' Tw. se -i f imc r. M. A Jr?p*tch from Gallatin lo day retonrls Wheeler across tba I umbor.aod river, and that he has raptuifd * C*p:*ia IIii trr. II ibis be true, in all probability tbls will never reach you. lleltel Aeroiints. | From the Richmond Fxaiofrer, Sent 8.1 The reisirt of s battle at Atlanta on the fflrt nltlnio was received hers yesiorday. 'Aba re;i?r? wss thai General* NiepbeB B. Ice asj Cleburne, with lla-dee's eerie ?ilscked tbo enemy and took ibeir inirmchmants; but ibe enemy being reinforced, the groain as* only parti* a hold, *nd night cPwea with a . da? Isive ress ts; |A?f th trtw ratirv ei (Ar nrrt dev- . "Ut uaAwOaott? and inet in ibe ffrst day's tlgbt (Pauorsia Cstteo. AoJer a,.ii and Gumming* wsre wounded. Tb>* Is ?H Tory cirrunistaotiai, but, seeing that tbe War Dei artua?nt are uoadvisrd of any such battle, we for the pieeoot with hold our belief. I.rvrHHfSO, Vs., Aupust Ttl. General Wheeler has burned the Condon brnig;*. ever tbe T?fisesaee river, and went,tbeece. to Marysvilie and captured rovrn hundred prisoners, and thence to Keff Market, where be captured two buodred more. Rrtolctncs Over tiir Fall of Allan'*' WAsainLToa, 8ept. A, Ihh4. A salute of one hundred gun* was flr*.| to day, by order f th? president, In bouor of too victory at ttlnnw. Tssstov, Held. A, lAfti. Governor Parker has ordered the firing of thirty four ut a, "i honor 1 the victory of our trrw; * si Atlanta. io Borrow at twelve o'clock. < ne hundred guns were tlied nl* orening hv Ibw toy si cltl 'Sns o( tin* rtljr in honor of ih.rinau's victory A public meeting cw.led tor this venuig was peeli? ned to Friday eveuing.on ??ouni ef be prevsillng storm. | llorm.v, Sept A, 1S(M. A great llmon deinonstratton lo oommeroursle sner Ban's vlciury Iti . eorgt* will take lu tai eull Hall >. morrow utebt. Got er nor Andrew will Ufa-side. MOBILE. The Surrender of Fort Morgan. Dishonorable Conduct of Gene ral Page. Guns Spiked After the Sur render. Snetcu of Csnby's First Campaign and Ener getic Bilitaiy Career of Granger. Farragut's Despatch (oCoiuino* (lore I'ulmer. GRANGER'S ADDRESS TO HIS TROCPS. Cerrespondeccs Betwsrn the lruioD iii.o licbel Coram a u tiers, ft*., ftc., ft*. Mr. William II. Welle* Ileip.tcB. hORT MoWUaW, AllgUBl 1814. POSITIONS op Ol'R HATrCKtlBS Tbo steamer left wbilo I wrh writing my despatch on tbo kfld lust., aud 1 was forced, awkwardly enough, to break olf in the ini Idlo of a porap'rapb and nooteuce stat ing the positions' of iheso batteries. One of our positions wus held by Major Roy, of tho Urst Indiana artillery; aid still further lu ad. ance, on tho oi.treme o; each flunk, were placed set tlons of the S venteentb Ohio battery, Captain ( . P. Rice; the right section under Meutennut ilougbton, and the left under Lieutenant Matlox. lUese batteries obtained an entile ling Qre at a distance of from four hundred to nix hundred yards, and effectually pre vented any rebel from shooting his beud above the para pet. On Monday nigl t the left ruction of this battery was advanced to within one hundred and fifty yarda of the glacis, and was moving closer, it being the in isotiuu to dig into the fort from that point. The surrender next morning saved all that troutde. UffSOLBTWILT rot?Df IT OK OltVSJUI. PAdl. I may hero mention that the conduct of General Page, after the surrender, was disgusting to every man of reuse, even of his own officers. He behaved liho a sul len, bigoted fool,una in endeavoring to assume ? haughiy dignity only made hi -self appour ridiculous. aS EAtU . H OF Till i ajucnti.. Whon his troops marched out to lay down their arms the General appeared in a very common suit of clothes, wilhout any insignia of rank, his on.y arms being an old pistol belted around h.m and a haversack. General Bai ley demanded his sword. General Pag. replied that h? bad hobo. Gcooral Galley then directed a major of cav alry, whose came I bvvo forgotten, to receive the p! tjl, ! wb a the rebel chieftain very reluctantly parted Witu. ths owckra niu ,vo hworps. Two or three nth or officers declared that tliey had nc swords. They had all probably broken several were afterwards foun I lu the fort pasTKPonox nv rsx snntts. Tbe r-bels, bef'oro evacuating toe irt, destroy. ' el m t everytbmg of bout .-hold mo. a.ud a-uttered things generally in wlbl ooniu ion. Indeed some facts have en uc to light strongly toi I tig to the belief that ihp rabels tliamiielvoK set firo to the citadel. Dr"io\onABis <xisticcT or civnit pa??. 1 will mention ot.e In,.. Dt wLu h ought to const ;n the chivalric Genoral Page to eternal le'ainy. Whan it was ecraouncad lb it Morgan had thrown nut a white (lag, our s 'Hers could be -vi-n crowding In the t< )? ol n tb'u.'rtnd sand bills, ana presently those ne.iri ?t tl ? lort, enable to rrrtrain their curl city, ri -bed poll :iw!l to tho summit of tl ? glac'.A.aod *?(>.? nunpaged o cooverfatiou with r-t ul so dl rs sal a.. j,e ting I be condi* ru oft be fort and finns. Mnnv ot)''.;rs ?>t both a. my and navy alro 1 ar.iuiu tie lute ? wa . aid nt ? a .-agio gun wit ob">rved to be r,>,'. I. \V. a it ?gr?ed to git. thc.'u until two' . to sui render, i.rn ttailoy phc.-d a guard uro .id too ' ol, wnb tn- irooli >ns to ar ret and hold all fe lerai (ftMfl or soidlcra who att'ii <1 11 . lbs w ? ,:?>( rt mat", ?* t e rcbds |toK advantage of Genoral tiro- gar's tenieacy and ?; ked every gun in md around tba f? ri. an. iiailsi nun v m ihuiil reus. Ifler we ha.l t ?cn lorm-d p1 ?< asiou G~n. Psi ley's attention w csl td to this t? 'lbs* officer imiue dl to y ? uglil <;eu I age,nod nmri liiio that be ra sa ej ... ,h t or.ip.ot us iue n and trencher ut. Gen. rage topii^th'' ill gun. wore splk<?i < n bunday. lu tins .1 Bailoy said --"i oneivi, d >u't that. Voi ire old en i,,np>uc mynitii. an I 1 will not call yo , a liar or coo ?rd; but 1 beg if j ruj, f r too honor o; muuh" >1, cot in ri ' iti ,t 'iiuim loukuiw those* g mi wtro n >? Hp v. A on - in :iy.' A TIlANl IMRSTl ?l ?t.. 1!> A' wirnw>. "the ?i. i- Hi'H>etit Mut t.eoc-?I Page w<s r-mi-ell.'d reluctant to st-.n t it It tiirn ail ttnil h" had piked li s ; ? nc on Monday, but in vied that he ki?w of tie li .v i.f war that prcv rt"d Uirn tiom ren der og his , una mu-le-'i to an eocni). J he. a was in tbia oi.Hwor both i He. and, to it c?~tshi dejre". a faltat y. A ' SI.'tltliATS IIS BY A R?f?I ? Sitt.AC. In tfii 11. t j.iui c, bo deliberately .icd a hen bo w ild his gnus wore ep.kud on t-ctida> for during that night he opcced and kcj>t up tee in.j.i yicofMis and wiioymg Dm d the wtioi. ?l'ga, sortourty ditto1 n <g our w-ukiog pir ? to nnd ei'uudiug alv of <-or icon lie eoly uaaoaltics that occurred) His guna wer? not iplkc i;jM<nday, for his toon, in answer to iju'*tioas, sitera rd < dsn see.I thai It was certain ueun to otiemp to man a gun wliil'j the iron had irorn our bait?rir.i tell so tli < k Hi d f a~t around thein. Ai d dnricg all that n ibt -or -u-kets 'ay si ths tcot of tl * or.?ootr.e of ttiem a< t 'ly en tcp f It -and would j oartalaly bar- killeil a rub' bud o, ? iinrnvn h.t bead. I.L'JIH l.'llsai> ARM ins n H?' Pi'iond all do:'it tli.) gnu- were ? p a ? u onT .ewtay J n-orii iig, alter the '< rma of virrmd r h 1 b-ea agree I u.'i'u, hm bncdreds uhh teiti y to-y>ur corresj adeot am ug tba rest. aaiArw eis ooasii'tnr*. In the rtcond p'a' H General Page u-d 'ibtrdl. b d the right to do ail I' e lirrage lu his power be t ra he m? la orcruirts of capltnlatinn but all r ibe term- bad boon sct'.-d be hart no inuger anv control over the lo-t or tee pr> porty ttisrem, a- I any ,e- -u -ti ? Pc rJ^eil or par niitUd.titi t In yi.ilat 'uoiruiesg vern ng in sucnra?es, was 'laworthy of a soldier, wa* hi attach of t al dence o'.d icpuiiiieto uyory lOipt Lie which s um H actuata <n henoraoi# man orHurv nurii'iini vita Wicpst i ?v?<>* let the old g'lua of Kort Morgan go. If .'ia.' be ri paired we . an r ii tb^in Into the G ilt and rridaee ? -eat immedIitely with cihsra uow on hand, au<: but a few daya rim. tbuudersd tcrrlflc yolleya againat H..8 tencwi ed iortruss. PONT WO'.USK WOT IV A STSTW Of VUtrtT. It his b -i u rapaitadiy said by dwei tore and Musa ten iteruireri teat the garrison of i or I Murgio was in a stale ol mutiny . that tnaay ol Ibe meu wore in irons fur re usitig to do duty libit tbey wore tired of the war and ani ons to escape from the robe, service. There is no truth in em h storiea I bava uetiveried with maoy of tbu prisoners, and And that their la tbo oonfertsracv wuuahukrn 1 am Urmly ??nylixed that whea the chance Is g van them a .arge m^jcrily will tight brat sly and woll tor wnai tbey conceive lo be thejr violated r'|b?e ?r wee Of o~*a*At ra.vif'i smst MINUR. Genera. Can by ba# re?"ii to be | roud ol the amceeeful te uiiuall <n of h. fir" e.impalRn lt> th.s dejivrtraent. He |were??ca nil ID* q a.lliaa of e great iwrnrasador, and 1 am oris* mie'sksn if the c uoiry is net soen egem eleo trif.ert by toe news of Imliiant acuicvomeots under his direction. ,.reseat unsura I KBtacwrtc unnser tunes a Goa-roi Gordon i.rsnjter, to wiituo the itntacdiate eae cut toe of the work was rotn sled, ha* gtvan ahamiant ev t d- Be that he I* e |uel t" great enirrgehi iee. He gave b'e aongtaut personal auparvu urn to the detaiia of tbe stage, and never eeotnod tn weary witb bia great lahc.r tmcn tbe tune of the investment colli the rif rerder of Port Me-gan. General Granger fright bis ttrst bsttle t? tins ear at WiisooHi creek, Mo., on the 13th oi A ijtusl, 1S01 He we* tber. captain Id the hirst I nitcd lutes cavalry, and so well end .allsntlv did h. ba.-* him ed that every on* of I ron's herow? ever afterwards spoke of gmi as a brave man and sccom phth"d officer. Hi* name la inseparably caaoacted with the glorlou* deeds cf tue Army of the t'omb*rl*nd snd tu w. In th *, hi* latest eehiavcmeot, be h e but added fresh laurels to a < hapmt a.ready hooorabty won. GKNaaaL aasouu i bti? o* saTtuvar. Great credit I* due to General Am 'Id.Ghlef M Artillerv, fnr ttie energy and skill which ha dapiayed to the erec tion of batteries and tbo management of artillery gene rally. He it a thoroughly competent officer. th* enwiaai rsaasoi T. M'hak shell I say of Admiral yarrsgutf Whi'S eontrm mating the great desdt of the graad old haro, nay heart h filled wlih gratitude to God that He tlM given la env r ii'try in tb* time of (imi p?r|i oaa who M onttreiy worth* to f- I! .*- in iiio it. t'i?|,n and upb' Id the faflM of I *'~ty, I'orator and haul Jurea It mil* l he an ablar peo thou Iit.uo het undertake* the eul..ay o( Hear Admiral D. '? Ferrsgul. the hero who never failed in tfee eoeempilen nt?nt ot everr tank axsigord him ???!?*? i i * nair*tta ro riiata. mo riilkiMiuif im the olPnal di-epatch irom Aduelrel Fartwg i ui t oinn,,id re I'ainer ? Pi.Kliair HaitvvoRn, ? To.-o.n,r,.? pa...., ;:r M*r. teaedidnntmakKii wall ?< h og a* I ?>peeved. ?<i will cheer onrlrg anj se'utr Ii when hulileU with nil* huO'trni) gum, t>T tTlf who" tlyrt. Cot tiralui.ilr Urtietal Cenl.y upon the s.r?al anesase whirl* baa encoded bis lust erf, rt u, u>i> <!<?;,arim m Nettling etittia bare hem: t irm v,lous than our 'ouibliiob op.' ratniii*. Vt e bad llo aaih'tloa to siml r* h other, hut in the tie >tru. tioii of the rimm) * Work*, whlco wa? efTe?k<ikUy done by lutb arm* and nay/, ? ?*..* Very tru jr your*. D. G. KAHKAOUT oiuyiiKK'a lohbcr to ?w tmoow. I sin under special obligations to Adjutant General Jan. E. Montgomery, chief of Mo or General Granger'a ataif, for the subjoined copy of tho General's cuugretul.tore atldresv to oilicera and "oldlera:? fiaanuo*siKHs, I'm run Btatks I'moms, i Mohii.b It*v. ,*nit' *1 ii lHdd ? OrrtCKMs irn Rni.mi t ft I* with pride tbnt I ooinmnnl rain to you rn; st unwledgmcut of Hie nohln r srt yon have Ui -u in the . ? I i> (lull of t or ? Motcan an i (latnea, and of you tjl *',are ? f ibe p w t,i thy a iuevenienA In he minai of danger yon bnvn been hrave. Under thw err,,! oi .?ur<- .u,i ??:*?? ),mi have been l-atlent. Tl.o tm'i ui,, real t at a In at <1 y < > ciiu on vuu to Ui<-gratitude ol your cniiutry and the imgnof your commander. ' 1 i' ? to - I t - a.I lhe viriue* of ditt ipitne and rour* any- nrnc.a-sry to the so ? of n so'dler, whl-h yuw have * ^ Kii*,l. itsica '?!, and wbt. h ahlad in protlu lug tbo ie * is f f iled our m i ' *.to^ hue e>|it laitou*. "> i ed ut ?, nnited tn Uimo of nurgnianl navy, Ibe ? tring i ,l* ii1 oo t il i b t ntranee nl Mobile Hay havo been capturod, and 'Iftaeo hundred prisoners, oao bundled " con. .it .,e 'oil I,.: e and hllim nntlliin havo fallen in .. ? ? . ml* as fepti. * of your prowes. Iii rbe mi, ?. ol en, ti ' i-r.t and sol . era our country m eautc in t< i,r ir GUKih'N ! I,AN J!?:If, ' ajor finigra! Coinmnndlng. ron??aroNPc? innsnf Tie union ar? Kgwa. co?. HAjniKKt. Uhiikii kins, FoAcsnir 1I*rt onn, r O f.i Oi' 11. *, A gust II. Id 4. t Sin?In order to avoid tb" us -e?? sa i , or h>iinan lifn wlilr1' 'UIJSI . 1 .v tne opoiuug o our oati"i eM on Km 4 Mm .in. ?-e I't'i.n 1 the u ???.id,.I nal aurieti ,er of mat 11 1 I ami II* dulCO' ' H. t\ e irit, nr. re peotMlll. , b ii. I'vKIIAil. I', [tear Ailiilira'. GGRDUM (iUAMtl'.K, ",'a ,ir General. IIritt i er dene al R J. , commanding at Kurt Mor gan, . i hi e ilay Pout Mutviav, Aiiru t 'f. l<mi. Heir A I II. v, [? t;. K * II K ? I oiled Sl/iP a Naiy, Mi or i f'i'"ai I. y i, . * ft a ii, lu It "I hia es Aiuir, roui ninu in.' . , . - f :ir furtbrr sacrln o o.' life lirloc nnnecea *sr ?in m nrnl eo ? .] ue'rlnir and etpiaej?mi nc i i., n . and that 1 a*k for P ro a of cspitnuimu Very rcrp ktfu ly, ,1 It Ti. PAGE, PGgsdler General. C. H. A, llitiu u in iK*. I'MTvn HriTKi Ki aci?, r Or Mor.'.' R*r, August ltd. Id 4. J nvsyrit.?Ihave not ' ed s linnai arragut of nor do alien *> mate. L'nlh nl" nir.vsl ml am will be ?u? P 'hdnl .vo pr, p il wlb In Inly considered Very re?|-n ifti ly, vw.i ohedn at aerrsnt, G. UKAhGhK. ?n or ii9D"ral. T/. S. A. Cnm'iTg. To Brigadlur Unneisl It. L l'*< K, Com ilg. To, t Morgan. IlkACiQi * UK., PeiTrn Kt*t?s Forcks. ( Mm.ii i Hay, A'giisi ?t. I Nil. [ BrGaJ'e* Getrral R. I*. Fin. Commanding fori Morgan ? Hob ai - lii 'ply j.i .r uonim miration of ihladale, rft ed oyCaic.i IhiIoi ae Gog lor urms of capitulation, we bsye lr aay unit ? oi i terms * e oun make nre? i' < Tte unconditional u-render < f yaurae'f an I thw gar: won ot i ort Morgan with all of the pub ie pr porty wi'Tiln it* im111. and fu tin v.aine eoudtlloo that II is now. .fetxnij?Th i treatment which i? in confotmltv wiih tho odd no of tho most civiu.ed nsihuia towariia prltonsrs of war. y / .r '?Private property, with the exception nf amis, will be reaprct d. Reapcctfullv. your obe flonl servants, P DRAYTON Fleet t.apialn, On the part of Admiral I Commanding t'niied States Naval > oreys KICff.lRO ARNOLD, Drigadler General, chief of Artillery, On the usrt of Major General Grsogor, Comiuand Bg U tilled Slate* Forces. Fust MuKoaiv, Auguut 2S, 1WM. Csptaui F. PbATTi.v, Cnlted Siatee Na. v ; iii .gadler Gene isl itu'iiau.o A mini, VJnced Srutcs Annv, a. ilng on the part ritpectlsey of Admiral Fbrra^it aod Ueneial Granger ? ie. a?Tour romlltvotie in tioinmunbatlna of to day nre ucrepted . hut I nave anil in ro piest th at Hie terms ams< i'U :o rigaid lo my ?t:k be granted and Inserted In the oapc (illation. I will b? prepared to surrender at two o'clock, and to em bark as soon as porsihla. Hespectf utly, Ac., K L i'AUE, llrigadler General, C. 9. A. Rtni.1 Miss AT KURT KOaOAN. The rebel ' -r at F'crt Morgan wr.a three k'lleeJ si g twelve y ? nded Jd.e Adv mtageg gained by the capture of tho rebel do feiii i w of Mobilo, a- well at the capture and dleperston of tbe rebel naval forco in th re waters cannot st thta Minn be properly eel inialtvl or a Jngt vnlr.atKin placed upon tbe-D. Willi nil our riccc; .,jen the rrbelii loft behlod Iheng ttioir frothl'vierne and dnni -rous inrpedoea, which werw Imblu at any time to blow our *? sum up. Anide from this the na vigation of tlie hit* <d Mobile was frre and nn uhvti :rt. d. Anio n iho icbol'dtjeers raptured w?r ma ihifo' th i rp do corps, with h'n a* iMaiitg, who plai-e<t there mschineai in ihoir positlcng Adrnirial Farragut, with c! ir.ictor sll.i foretpi ugni and energy, tieilod the. e nu n lo ausisC in remoTing the remaining torpedoes, and they sro st the present tune engaged la picking up over uno hundred of these Inlertml machines. Vr. Henry lioiupuin'i Dripalcli, Nitw Outan, Augast '28, IbfM. AkltlVAt <>r PRtS?IN*RS IIIO* ro'iy MORGAN?LIST OP OtTl? ,? : lis, riKLb a.Nh mA VP, On the ewiniag of :he *4lh ltn< l.nited states stei.nnrk Tonnes" e ir.d 11, nt .lie arrived here with the rebel gar ot I r* M"*na, nhuut sly hundred In all. Tbe following i- a con.j-tele net of tbo uiitcers, field and atiff m tyr. Br 1,"idler Gor.ertl If. L. Page, rominandlng cost. < o' \ b. 1 r., l ira. l?u. ,?*eu heavy srtllisry M ljor i rosy, Aid du-f.sinp. f'sptaln Coaar , f'rdnsnce Gffrer. C'* tain A 1. Ihora, Assirtunt lurp'Nitor General, Third brig ide. "utaln n II. mlth. Acting Adjutant General. G*pi mi .i 'i Gt.rntbers. Ac' ng'.u sr'ermaaler. 1 iteuaot .t. ' . Taylor, Aid d" I aisji Lin ..nil J. i tv tikir- ? ? . Vdiui.ini of tbe Poat. I u ?n -l I? B.' oil i Ci nuioaary. vtirgr i* K. Young Welle act Dicktbgon. Cwptaiu Co Won, Oidnance O' . *r oi the Poat. f'ajita'*i t. P. fAdiham, (.'?. A. 2'..' .b ma. tbr ?. Lleup ? ant Henry M. Go/, m 2. t Alabama. 5' i >nd 1 u i.'i . *>i.t Wui. II. !<r la, .1st . i?bma. Ga't. i i'. .t i ' a, Go. A, 1 ->i lonne.sse iridlery II ? l.i i tl'. II. gvioic It enirisi e ai I 1 ery. ' dlii ensnt A. U it. 1st .ecregsee aililb ry. -?????> d c .lit, A l.irr ?,l ? iinescfe'irt I ery. M' nd I. i i>. i l II Ii. II >i*e , let D-nnrosi-eartillery, f 'ej-i i y; ii j- , , i: t, 1st Aiubeina artillet/. F'rat 1 her . IN. >ra th, l*t a cap,* artillery, seen l.i'i" ; t , n u' v. isi tlahama artillery. Capl.tln ...A, I'"'ler, <??,. h, 1st !<rr,u' taee artillery. isM.ipt.i i. A hitrbead, 1st lnnneagen artiliery. Dei- d I iint wiaut l>. M. gfee, lat lennsssee artillery, wo ud l.leuMount V .1 ' aru'hsr.lgt reTie*s?o artillery. Captain Carey, On. <\ 1st Aciborna artt lery. First f'stite .iii I - iorgi ?> . 1st Al.uama an tilery, eouc 1 : :ruti jilt A. A. cot n, l*t Aiahaiuaerilllery. ?c 'ui I ei i mt lj Au-iU let a lab una artillery. ? aptsln 1* M. Campbell. Co. '. 1st Alabama. ?. -i I, -ukoi .ct iitiherl TarD< n. 1st Alabama, i apta'D J. M Wnitrey.Co. F, 1st Alahain ? artillery. F rat I/leu tenant D. I Hamnvuid let Alabama artillery. Fecund t.ieute >nl Wui. U. Halloogisl, let Alabama art'iler/. REBEL HEWS MISSISSIPPI. - The Hlehir.pnd T?eft?tl of September I contains the fo I .wtag drspatcbee ? OrrwA, M'ss., August W. 1R64 Th* enemy, seven tbmissnd strung, i* in full retreat for ti e river Oof nel .icutt bat ell the reuda b.ecaaded In their,rout t 'net Mci'le ir i< betwaen them and llo river. Oolon?i Dgden. wun his commend, and Msj r < am bsll. with tho F irst Louisiana, are in pursuit Pris ooera are gftll ootntaf In, Caputn Bartiow s battery m close to the river Mgy ptae, tugnel 29,1894 The lieee at Vl< kshurg are cump etoly ci eed. For the net' twenty iluys ingress and earrss are not allow, d under any ctrcuinstanega it?ts thought another oioy?> m *. a ii h*nJ a* ad the bor?ea lu the oily are being fiT.pre aed b> the Ynnkrvt. The nriaoixra captured tn tl ',* by Forrest lelt here fur Cahawua this murnitig 3IEWS FROM TEXAi. Par Tetaa CorryapwiMleiaro. Itm>iue Simian, T. xar, August 20,1M4 rn* Bidirruuvru mm torb oavalut. Two eompan,e\ A ud F, of the Eighteenth New Turk caratry, uader the cmuna 4 of Oapulo Wilser, hara beta and are now doing picket duty ei Wbitwho so Itsocbe, on tbe Rio Grande. They bay# occasional ?ktr? m "has wuta the rebel caralry, averaging es freo itatly aa every other day. In one of tbe?? skirmishes thpiaie WHury had a vaiueble horse shot saJsr hue. at aaotbsr time I untenant Beyle, In cbsrge of the.P'ok*}*brea uf hlsmeu-bo <wigli'gloOo??aiiy W by s dseb wbleb tbo rebel cavwrv mM" up*'" them. The rabwle ano eap ? rwit , wagon cud of ra'ioas aad fe?r mnWm. At u. cber time s?dee neon belonglng to Oempany r, wbde tbe oonuauy ware weterj>g their hurrea at the mouth of the ltio VrfwaJe. opposite bagdad, were captured by the '"iho erac eticn of nrw* Putiago lu proceeding grad ualiy atsd swwly. e l)rtwnsif,<Ar. CtcwaiiO, ??pt I. 1*94 The propeller Aclotu waa run lato oF Dunklrt oo Frday a gitt by the propeller Arctic, ao l sunk Nlse person* wote drownwl, as fellow* ?Mrs. Oatharfee Ihrkson and child, lira. Henrietta Harris, ef Tbtedoj Geo. II. llxoh, cterk of the Smote, two Ursmeo aad three colored heads, naaiet nnkuowa. The oaptaia, yvaaesgar aod twatva of tbo trow ware tared.

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