Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 7, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 7, 1864 Page 1
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ll ,V I'll: *; * * THYrM w WHOLE NO. 10,237. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. EUROPE. The Scotia at New Yerk with Two Days Later News. British Oj> nion of the Seizure ot the Georgia. Central McCIellan as a Peace Candi date far tba Presidency* The London Timrs Regards Ilis Principles as "i\ot Very Clear," bnt He is Regard ed as "a War Democrat." EFFECT OF FARRAGUT'S VICTORY. Eapoleon Annoyed by War Hews from Algeria and Made Angary by the Dano-German Diplomacy, Hm Cunird steamship Scotia, Captain Jadklns, which Isfl Liverpool at three o'clock on the afternoon of the nth, and Queenstown on tbe 28th ultimo, arrived at this port yesterday evening. lb* news by the Soot la Is two days later than there pert of tbo Caledonia. The United Stalo* Eteamer IroiuoiB left Havre on the 14th of August, nod went In tbe direction of Boulogne. | She had two pilots on board?one English and one I, '/ranch. A mimage bod been celebrated in London, with some ?eramoay, between Lieutenant Samuel Wyldo Hardlnge, late ol tho United Stales Navy, and a daughter of the late rebel General Boyd. Tbe lady is represented to have flayed an imrortant part In tbe rebellior, and the alii Moo was brought about while she was a prisoner to lieuteoaot Hardlnge In tbo United States steamer Cones log. It Is addod that Hardlnge Is about to jolu tbe Advices from Hamburg of tbo 24tb of August Inform ns ?tot considerable excitement was caused there by tbo Mtcry of English agents against the shipment of large lumbers of Germans from that port for tbe United States In the capacity of recruits for the Union army. It Is ??aimed that the Engliab people should not object to such NcruHmcnt, as Great Britain rpenly maintained officers In evory town In Garmeny, at tbe opening of tbe Crimean war, la order to obtain men to fight her battles against Bosnia. Tbo American enlistments now going on, it is ?aid, are conducted with much regularity, and tbe Ger man young men who enter our serv Ice are steady, faith llil and well satisfied with the change in tbelr prospects Ot Ufa. Our Vienna correspondent states that tbe organisation ?f tbo Anstro-Mexican army was proceeding satlsrac tartly. Tbe corps Is to be commanded by an Austrian ??*)o* general. Sum# British officers h.d tendered tbelr Services in tbe legion, but th.y were at once refused English transports are engaged to convey the men to Vara Crux. Our correspondent In Berlin furnishes the details of tbo Mono-German peace settlement question to the 24tb of Aagual; but the Information contains no new point of Importance. Our London correspondent confirms the Impression ?oaveyed In our news columns that E glaud would fully acknowledge tbe legality of the seizure of the Ueorgia by Iks Niagara. The clouds of coming war continue to darken over Baly,Germaoy and France. A semi official paper In Paris has made a serious and powerful attack on tbe Papal government for the abdue Usa of. the Jewish boy Cohen. A letter from sit. Petersburg in tbe Parle ContliHUion misers:? The financial question Is at present tbe paramount sub leet of attention ber*. On every aide the same complaint la beard, that the exchange Is falling orery day. The tradesman who hoe to pay fur tbe purcbasos be haa mude ?brood, and tbo private Individual wbo Ifaa a?n' bis wife gusd family to other countries for tbe Itnpr vement of their health, find themselves Injured from tbe tame causes, lberaetof the public sufler from tbe rfftct of this deplorable situation; the nominal price of mercbn ?lee necessarily rk?es, and, as wages nave not increased fei proportion, a general inconvenience Is the result. Tbe London lime* of the 2fith of August contains the Mowing remarks In lis city article:? It will have been noticed that in its remarks on the ?sMseity ot retrieving bpantah credit tbe Epaca, tho Organ of the Madrid Cabinet, Indulges in the old phrases Sd>o?t the unreasonableness of tbos* persona who attack lb* government MUt not Imposing upon tbe country aaorlftces perhaps above ber power. ' The Kpooa mutt, therefore, be reminded that, so far as the Passive debt Ot bpala Is concerned, tbe only sacrifice demanded la tbat ber government eboilld abstain from misappropriating tk* property of other people, on effort. It may be boned, ?ol above the power or tbe wtebea ot tbe nation, what ever may be inn opinion of Senor Balaverrla. Tbe funeral of the eight persona killed during tbe 1st* Atterbsoc* at Geneva, Switzerland, quietly on ?be ttth nit, end it was hoped public order would not SgMs be disturbed. Free tier difficulties between Turkey and Montenegro MtaM to hav been arranged by s mixed commission. Sooor Frazioj representative of tbe Emperor of Mexico, bbi arrived at Spain, aa bearer of despatches announcing In the Queen of Spam the aecesnlon of the Emperor Maxi milian to tbo Mexican throne. tba steamships Virginia and City or Manchester passed Osfe Clear early oa the morning of tbs 27tb of August. tba steamship Africa from Bos too, via Halifax, ar llved at yueenelown August 28. THE AMERICAH QUESTION Tk* Cmptwre of the Georgia. HI NIAGARA AT DOVER WITH TUB CAPTAIN AND Oltrw OP TNH GROKOTA. (paver f Aagntl 24) correspondence of the londnn Times ] The fSderal steam frigate Niagara brought up In Dover Moods this morning .having en board Captain Witbyonmb* Rod tblrty-tbree men belonging to the eorew eteamer Meorgla, which Is ths property of a Btlttah merchant rest Mat In Liverpool, and was captured by tbe Niagara While sailing under the British fl'g, on Monday, the Ifith ?f Angust, about twenty miles -ff I.lshna. Tbe capture waa mode by the commodore In command ?f tbe Niagara ou the ground that tbo Georgia was lor nearly a belligerent ship, and la tbe service of the con federate Suies as the calibrated crulrer of Iks same r H seemn, however, thai tbe Georgia wo* pur gb?d some few months ago by Mr. It Bates, a shipowner ?f Liverpool, and rout* nice quueliou* of en international Shtfrewr will t bar of ore possibly arias out of ibis pro ?sodtog en tbs part of tbs Niagara. Tb* Georgia, It, was aider order* for Lisbon, having been chartered by tb* Portuguese government for the purpose of conveying psewengers between that Eand tbs African so ait or tbe Wuet Indies, Mi* ned rogutarly fltied ap for this traffic, having accr mrao a for thirty Orel elssa and tweuly recond Class |>*e eeoger*. Tbsr* is reason to believe tbat tbe American ?smmodora wis kept Informed of the objdut and daellra 4ion of tba vessel, and that she bad baeo closely watched R4 Liverpool This was her Orel voyage under ber cew ?woerehip, if 4 ber crew had all received a month * pey *"t advance Nothing unusual occurred till she arrived ?t twenty miles off Lisbon, when the Niagara was seen araatly welting lor her Ceputn Wiihycembs did i deviate from bis course until brought to by a coupe Jf shots fired serosa bta bows He *m ebortly afterwards ?oarded by an armed boat's crew in ocmmaod of an ?ffieer of ths Niagara, wbo requested bis attendance ??for* tbe commodore. He protested againa the moult which bod been oflered to the flag under wblcb he J* sod insisted that, en tbe Georgia was a British tblp, engaged In legitimate end peaceable traffic, teeteS. *,lw uader wbish bz course could be *r tbe Niagara tbe Commodore duty to mine tbe Georgia, but ?i Captain Wltbyc mbe and his ?maw as llttl* discomfort ae possible. The ship'* were ??? h"-,Wkeo poajswmn of and the crew detained as ?rlioosfo till tbe Niagara reached Dover, when thry wars landed and conveyed to the Dover tallor'e ilnms, where thev war* kjhd y received. Ibeacs they will b* ffirw>r4ed to Liverpool. The Niagara, wblcb Is a magnificent sleamer, re ?NDbnng a ll.ile nor Himalaya, Saluted oa bringing up la *b? bay, a compliment which wis returned tTw the krtiiier/ from ike lustls batten**, boon a tsr landing t?; ?Pparenl Rot devla rue tea. Ut on getUng on board ?(plained that it was bin Mat ks deelred te canm I < 'P?aln Withvcnmbe and 1^ crow ?ho gleamed off 111 the dt. ociiun of ttio iiuwns. KNGLI.SU ADMISSIONS OP Till I.EOALTTY OF THE ACT. I be 1 .oridoo Wrios editorially quotas a decial a by I.erd Stnwelj In a cuaa exactly similar to th it of tbo captured rebel sti umer Georgia, as conclusive evidence ilail tbe eolxure by the Niagara was perfectly legal. Ttio London tost also argues that, admitting tbe Georgia to have bueu a Confederate war vessel, tbo aalc which took jil.ioe at Liverpool was inoperative, and tbe British government has ao ground for luterlerence Ttioeo who deuy tbo validity of the capture must m.iite good tbair title in tbe l'rlze Court, wbere tbe case will be adjudi cated. A WORD FOR nun REPrTKD OWNER. Tbe Llverpo<(l Court-r publishes au article ob the seizure of tbo Georgia, apparently under tbe luspiration ol Mr. Rdee. ibe alleged owner of the vessel. It times tbai Mr. Hates did not purchase the Georgia till be hud applied to the custom House authorities, and had beun informed that she oould bo registered as a British ship, as sho actually was on tbe Solo oi Juno l-.sU Tbe Cour er likewise publishes ibo substance of tbe charter party by which she was hired on behair of the Portuguese govern ment by Mr. Van /.ellcr, the Portuguese Consul General lii London, and gome subsequent correspondence with tbe l'ortugeese Cousutate respecting lier sailing. Tbeso documents seem to leave no ground lor dcubtiug that the charter was ooncluded by both partices l-vna tide, and that the Georgia left Liverpool to fulfil its conditions. THB OFFICIAL ANUL'J-rOKTUOUKHK PAPERS IN TUB CASR. I |+>om the Liverpool Courier, August 2d.] * * Hut tbe official correspondence between Mr. Bates and tbe Portuguese authorities throws considerable light on tbo manner in whicb the former regarded tbe threatening attitude of tbo Niagara on bor visit to tbe Horsey. ?o convinced was be tnat tbe federal frigate w-ouid not daro to seize a Pritlsb merchantman, that be characterized the report on "old women's talk," and pro fesaod his readme a to send the ship to sea, notwith standing the threats of tbe federal cruiser, in accord ance with this determination Mr Hates?who had full o.ntidence in tbe power and will of Great Hrltain to support her authority over her own mercantile ma rine?did actually despatch tbe rosscl as soon as he bud tbe orders of tbe Portuguese Consul General to that eff ct. The following communications speak Tor themselves, ,and may be relied upon as genuine, as we eopy from the originals, wbieb bave been placed at our service without reserve ? London la "a ^ecei,Tfd 'p?triicCon*Rf??m m^Minis^Mn l^ ??r.,%^l.oe?e,fuh?r"'a Unl" rurU'"?rU"s ALVAKO CARNF.IRO OKRALDEN Mr. B. Bates, Liverpool. AcUn? CoMUl tur ___ ? _ ,, I Telegram.] From Van Zeller. Consul i.eneral, London, to Edward t v.... ?. fttmford p ace, L verpool. t. 8. tS4 I bave just heard from Liverpool, Nlavara waitlnc to can lure Georgia, outside Engiisl,P waters 8 l?vo^ar?K.l?nTl Xr Mam?Ae mh' 'I"' l*turn,n- charter money, and pay for coala, Ac. Otherwise, send her to sea at once. [Telegram.] Edward Bates, Liverpool, to Van Seller,* Con.uuie'^era] , _ . . Portugal, London. eJL !JLnoi ' 0nlJ old women's talk. Bend orders from your Minister, and ahip ahall go to ana. Te.egram from Van Seller, Loudon, to Edward Bates, Liv erpool. Send tbe Oeoif In to sen at once. Avacsr 6, 1844. I Telegram.] tSESRJSSZ Uvtrf001 ,oVm w*?WSJki. eue?erM?n^mrm.hl?ob\t,dr. M,'?t have"order, from Portu inr ^u-n L Liverpool Consulate, as tbe order Imm.HiJii? 1?" ""rough same cbauuel. Get this doue immediately, or Ueorvia will not sail. Portuguese Consulate, 42 South John Strkt, ) lifer m' Lo"do"*' "P^'e'^l'citVi V>^n.y Mln ' order* me to tell iou to send the rsJ In London 'ttfinmn i*T? or'"l? from lhe Consul Gone ral in LondoD to do so. 1 bave lhe lonor to be. air. voura very respectf oily, ALVAKO CaRNBIRO GERaLDM, E. Bates, Esq., Liverp^l1"18 C?MUl 'or i*orlu?aL 1 Telegram.] LouduonD Batks- Liverpool, to Consul Geneni?* Portugal, I have just received orders In let Oeorrla sail on receiving your orders. Please tend them at once. receiving [Telegram. J Van Zcller, London, to Edward Bates, ^tumford'place, Liverpool. Semi steamer to sea at once. 1'Oktuuukse Coissulate. 42 Sown John Street ) D,? ,. Livebi oo'., August 8. 1S64. I 1 have to Inform my Minister or the prectxe time of the departure of the steamer Georgia. I re neat you to inform me by writing of the same as soon an the aaila l remain, s r. jours rusi-eclfullr, 1 ALVAKDO CARNEIRO OERALDE3 E. Bates, Esq., Llverp^o'"18 C?"Ul f?r r?rl,'wl ^ subsequent history of tbe Georgia Is soon told. She sailed irotn Liverpool on tbe 8th Inst., and proceeded on her voyage under tbe British flag; but off Lisbon on ( tbe 16th Inst, she wus seized by tbe Niagara, which was crulslLg about for tbe purpose or Intercepting her. lhe Georgia Is now on her passage to Hoeton, Massachusetts in charge of a prise crew. ' A Row Blockade Banner. [From t&o Lnndoo limes. August 27.1 P?'?l8?f '"'Greet m?y be noted in connection with Clyde shipbuilding. Messrs. Scott * Co. of tarts dy ke, have launched a paddle named the llattle,originally Intended for tbo passenger trade from Womys.s Bay upou tbe o|H>i(iug of the new railway, but subsequently gold for tbo blockade trade. The liattie is expected to steam at tbe rale of twenty miles per hour. - I General MrClrliam's Nomination. HIB FRINC1PLB3 "NOT VERT CI.IAR" TO ENGLAND? ' TDK LONDON TIMKS WANTS A PEACE PRESIDENT. [From tbe Ix>ndoo Times, August 2T.] ? ? ? Id America, however, tbe military events yield in ImperUoco to tbe political. While each succeed ing month displays tbe unbending firmness of tbe South erners then art it, any npks of a relaxation of purpxe among their opronen't The nomination of General Mo Ciellao ns tbe democratic candidate for the Presidency is now not uuilkely, If tbe will of New York shoul' prevsil with tbe representatives of tbe party. The prw. vies of General MeCIMIan art not very clear; he has aim . us b-en liokrd u; on as a toir democrat, at being at anxious for union and iho old constitution as any in in in the land Hut wbeD events move so rapidly men move witb them' Should aoy opponeot ot Mr. Lincoln be elected, there can hardly be a doubt that tbe policy ol tbe present President will be abandoned during tbe ensuing four ye-rt. On tbe other bend, It msy be doubled If the republicans are more Inclined for the recognition of tbo *cutb, or even for reconciliation witb It than tbsy were a year ?go. Tbey bave an Immense political power tbey give away thousand* of places snd commissions-' they disburse millions upon millfoos of money; they com-' mand tbs army snd the osvy.ud tbey bave on their side all who bavs flourished and Ire flourishing by tbe war They snow thoroughly what tbey want, which Is mors than a large part of the democrats do, and tbey will strain every nerve to succeed. During the next two months we shall behold a struggle as fierce as thai between the op poaing armies themselves. There will be but ooe wish among European nations?that a 1-resulmt may be elected unpledged to a war pelicy, snd capable of acting wish firm nest and independence during lhe coming Presidential term. The Victory at Mobile. The London Jrmy and /Vary Cox-He says tbe succeee obtained before Mobile, even In Its present proportions is very coi.sidersble, and will do nuicb to revive tbe spirit of tne North. H shows, however, the great naiu ral drawbacks to operations at that city from venomous insects, beat, be. Tbe article aleo speaks as follows u^ponthe alleged penes prospects-"Hers let as declare our beiief tbat the existence of a peace party is mythi cal. We art told of one hand red thousand people meet log to support General MC lellan. floes anyone behave a military I resident, who has been beaten in tbo fie d by Confederate generals , Is r ing UprocJaim peace at I be boad of hie arm leaf Certainty if be does K will be /?r 10 neighbors of the North and of tbe Sonth. As long es there is s ray of bop# to light It on, the North will march through tbo storm and dark nets towards its snd?empire " The Empire of Mexico. RETTTRN OF FRENCU TKOOF8 FROM THE SEAT OF WAR?A MILITARY FETE AND MILIARY OPINION OF NArOI.KON'S POLICY, ETC. [l*srls (August 26) correspondence of I/indon Times 1 A military fete has just taken place at lorient. wbkb crested a great sensation In that town. Tbe Fsvesth bat tery of the regiment of Marine artillery baring re'urned from Mexico and landed at Brest, were expected with some impatience at Lorlent Great preparations were made f> give a distinguished reco; lion to those men who had dene so much houer to themselves sod to tnelr coun try. The Seventh battery, whicb had pasied several ye*{p in lbs French Weal ladles, was one of tbe first onrps selected for tbs Mexican expedition. As tbey wore accustomed to s hot cllmato they were tbe belter able to contend with tbe fevori which prevail in Mexico. Forty ol tbem, nevertheless, fell victims to tbs yellow fever A detachment was sent from France to fill up tfie vacanc'tee and ore hundred snd eighty out of two hundred artillery' men returned. Tbe transport Loire was teleotsd to now ray tbe i*eveiith battery to iAirlenl. As soon as that ship appeared in tbe reeds ftf 1 .orient tbe tntire regtineol, In roll dress, SMrcbed to the quay to rev ive Ibelr comrade* on their land log. The regiment was Afterwards reviewed oo the rince d'Arme* by the Vice Admiral MSr'llme I'refect of for lent. The crowd were greatly amused with tbe drea* o: tbe men of tbe Seventh battery. Tbe white benddrens gave Uie bronzed fettoree of the soldiers a more martial appearance, and cob' dv waa surprlted to see their breasts covered with deoeratkont. ?'no long table waa prei>ared for tbe banquet, given to tbe entire regiment, snd in tbe meantime quartern wars assigned to the men of iboibsvsotb battery among tbetr oumrades In tbe barracks. Sixty Are officers of ? very arm, among whom were tbs Vice Admiral Maritime rrofeet, tbe Hear Admiral Major Genrral of Marlosa, tbe Inspect-r General of Engineers, tbe Rub Prefect and tbe Mayor, look their seata at tbe table, which was brilliantly uoeoraied. The Meralltno pre far t proposed the Emperor's bsaltb, and In s concise and energetic speech congratulated tbe Beventb battery oo having added an additional same to the long lift of battloe wlib which their glorious standard Moovered. A sarnie of twenty ooe gutig waa given, and tneery of ?? ttve'l'Aa^eieur!" issued from every breast. Tne colonel of tbe regiment of gril'lery returned thanks, snd ptopesed tbe beolth of tbe Maritime Prefect, wbieb ebeered. Tbe Nab Prefect of Orient next spoke ll_ i *, ?'1 ou'oglum on the tri ops engsged in th* Sexleo. He eipiets^l bU admiration of views, which bad made known .f*..1**.Vreeeb arms, snd introduoed the P-.".?*!TIn?' that Ulatani oounlrf. He united besrtily with the Mayor of l?rlent In that truly military festival, embracing the good wishes of tho ad mioisirutor and iiiat of mo soldier for the honor aud prnai erlty of kraut o. VI. Mallet, captain commandant of the Seventh bat. tory, In bin owu name and In that of bis comrades, re turned thanks for the reception given toibem. In simple, modest language he rendered full justice to the a-Fliers of the Haruo artillery, who, always equal to tho task, marched side by side with their brothers of the hoe In conclusion ho promised "iho Army." Tbe General of Engineers brtelly returned thanks. France. The Cnurur du Dimamke had hoen susrended far two months on account of an objectionable political article. Tho weekly returns of the haulc of Krauce show an Increase In tho c ish on haud of tvor (our and a quarter nj llions 01 franrg. A i'aria letter says:?Unpleasant despatches have been roeeived hi tbo Wur Miuistry from Africa. Tbe Algerian Insurrection is not yet put down. Martial McMsbon will be forced to break up the oamp at Chalons earlier tbau was expected, and will proceed to the seat oi bis government with several regtmqpts under his orders. Tbe krencb government Is extremely angry at tbe pub lication of tho Dauisb documents. Indeed, VI. Drouvu do Lhuys hue reproached M. do Moltke with having per verted bis words. The altercation has been oxtremely undiplomatic. The French Cabinet Ministers were engaged In speech making at the various meetings of tbe Crovlnclil Councils General. Tho Duke do Foreign/, at St. Ktlenue, eulogizing the Kmpcror as tbo founder of liberty In Franco, und at Marsielies, U. liable, Mir inter of Com murcc, Ac., bad bceu making promises in the internets of trade and commerce. Tbe kmnoror was about to visit tbe camp Rt Chalons. Frlnce Humbert, of Italy, would arrive in Farls on the 2Ttb or August. Tbe Opinion* of Tnrin deulos tbe rumor thai a marriage has been arranged betweeu Prmoe Humbert and the Princess Anna Murat. The Danish Question. The Duke of AiiRuHerburg had despatched to Frank fort a memorial establishing tbe validity or his claims to tbo Scbleewig lloktein throne, as demanded by the Fede ral Diet. Tbo municipalities from several of tbo Holstein towns had mot at Ncimitnster. A resolution was passed tbauk log tbo allies and recognizing tbe necessity of the duchies Joining Germany, and, as far as German lnterasts de manded Prussia in particular, withoutprojudice. however, to their iudopoudence. The resolutiou further states that the establishment of a provisional government cm not bo regarded ?s a proper means to seoure tbe object in view, and fears nro expressed lest tbo generally de sired speedy settlement or tbe aflTatrs of the country as regards its internal foroign relations be thereby nnneces earily doferred. Austria. A Vienna Journal states that the Emperor of Austria hag accepted an Invitation to visit tbo King of Frussia, and that tbo l-'mporcr of Russia will prubably also bo one of the party. Ibe Austrian government Is said to be nrglng the ex King of Naples to quit Homo Arrests and domiciliary visits continued In tbe Vene tian provinces and in the Tyrol, on account of the alleged discovery of s conspiracy lor detaching tbe Italian Tyrol from Austria. Her poltco authorities .were very active, and great alarm existed among tho population. Commercial Intelligence. THE LONDON MONET MAItKKT. The funds on the 2tiih of August wero without any material fluctuation Console closed steadily at 88 a b'.i for money aud 89J? a 89 J4 for account. Tbo discount mar ket was quiet at unchanged rates. Tbe weokly returns of tbe Pauk of England sbow an increase In tbe bullion of ?106,992. Messrs. During Eirog. & Co. quote bar silver at Ss. 1 Hd.; dollars, 8s 2d., nominal^ eagles, 70s. 2J^d. Messrs. Gunther k Muller, of London, in the grain trade, bad failed for about ?50,000. .AMERICAN SECURITIES. Baring Bros. At Co's circular says:?Tbore bag again been an active buehiess tails week In United States 5-20 bouds, at prices varyiDg from tbe lowest quotation of 37X up to-day's (Friday) prices of 3sXa39'{. There have been also some sales or Illinois Central sharos at 45 a 44 dn-cooat, and of Eries at 40 a 42. All other secu rities witbout reliable quotations. Iain oon, August 27?P. M. Consols close this afternoon at 89 a 89 jg?steady. Illinois Central shares at 45 a 44 discount. Erie shares 40 a 42. TUB LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. (The weekly report of tbe Ltvorpool cotton market reacned us by the Caledonia, and was published in the Herald Monday morning.?Ed. Herald.] 11AV11K MAHKKTS. Havre, August 26,1864. Cotton.?Salos of the week 6,000 bales -. market very dull and tending downwards. New Orleans tres ordi naire, 373U. ;do. has, 368. r. stock 55,000 balos.g BreadstuflS tend downward. PARIS UOi'RSfC. Paris, August 27,1864. Tbe Bourse is firm; rente? closed at C0(r. 35c. TBE LATEST MARKETS. Liverpool, August 27? P. M. Cotton ?The bueluess to day baa been about 5.000 bales, Including 1,000 lor export and speculation. Market frrm and unchanged. Bread-tuns quiet at yesterday's rates. Provisions inactive at lurinor rates. Fork dull and a sbade easier. sugar dull and declining. Petroleum quiet but firm. Other articles unchanged. Alas leal. TIIK GIUMAN OPERA. On Monday tbe German artists commence s season of opera at our Academy of Music. Gouuod's Faust will Inaugurate ibis commencement of tbe musical attractions for tbe fall, and we are promised by tbe management that this popular opera shall have a more tban usually elective miu en teene and larger choruses and orebesira tbau formerly. Mr. Grover, who now directs tbe affairs of tbe German opera troupe, is energetic and enterprising, and baa already gained undoubted success with tb^se artiste In Boston, Philadelphia end Washington. R tbe promises of the manager are carrwd out, we may expect a brilliant aud fushlooable season of German opera. Mlrella?Gounod's last composition?Is In active rehear sal, and wiJI bo produced by tbo German open troupe during their season. A German Opera Singer In Court. SUPREME COURT?CHAMBERS. Before Judge Sutherland. Skit. 6.?Joiejh Wriniieh vs. Julius Sckulerth.?'This was an action In which tbe kalilne< of tbo Gorman Open took unusual interest. Tbe plaint iff alleges that In 1856, while setonrning In Hamburg, be met the defendant, wno had been sent to Europe by Adrian Von Berkle, manager of tbe German Opera in this city, to engage some chorus singers. Am ng the artists was a Miss Louisa Kentgen, who was without means, and unable to pay her paasago to New York. Scbnbertb, being somewbat short of fands, called upon Wetultch and asked hisa to udranoe tbo girl a passage money, staling Hut Von Berkls would make It good when they arrived In New York. Wo:nnch very kindly banded over tbe ruqutred amount, In Rus sian currency, and tbe dilhculty attending Hi?s keutgen a dopariure fur America was happily obviated. On the arrived of the art Is is In this city, however, Voo Herkie refused to recognize tbe debt Incurred by Scbn bertb, on tbo ground that ho was not au thorized to engage Mies Keutgen. Welnllch at once notified rchubcrib of tbe fact, and stated that be would have to tall back upon blm for payment of tbe muney. The agent disclaimed all re sponsibility In the matter, wad, refusing to come to any term?, Wclniicb commenced a suit against blm, which was allowed to go by default Subsequently a stay or prooeediags was obtained, and an order to show caaa > why the judgment should not be set aside, on tbe ground that there had been an oversight on tbe part of tbe dc reudaufs attorney In not putting In his answer In the usual time Mr Johnstone appeared for the defendant, and stated that It was the Isu-ntion of Mr. Schubsrtb to coolest the case to the Inst. The money In question he claimed bad been loaned to Mies Keutgen on her own rerponaib illy, aud be read an allldavlt of tbe young lady la quaetlon to that elicet. He lurtner stated that so<>n after tbe arrival of Mih* Keutgen In New York sbe paid over tbe money to Manager Von t'crkle, with InrtrncllooB to hand it to Welnlich. aud that if the latter bad not received it be ahould luofcto Von Berkle for the amount, and not to the agent, who nu Intereat whatever In tbe transaction. Mr. Muran.e, in reply, produced tbe amdarit of man ager Von llerklc, to tho eflect that ba had not received any money from Mia.* Keutgen for the purpose claimed by the 4e, aid throwing the wbcle responsibility of tbe debt upon Bchubertb. The counsel also stated that he had in bis poesrsnoa tbe affidavit of Madame Plccanatsor, tho sister of Miss Keutgen, to the affect that tbe latter was so poor that she cscld not have paid the money to manager Von i'erkie, aa waa asserted. Here, then, were two affidavits in dirset contradiction to tba one oflered by tbe'defence, and It was claimed for Von Berkls and Madame Plcoanalser that they were witnesses sgaiuit whom there wag not tbs fcunset breath of suepicioo. Judge Bulherland said bs would look OTSr tbe papers, and rsndsr his dtclalon at an early day. TAe limited BUatss Marshal aud tits Mal Irr Rxtradlttose Cms*. LETTER OP TOE ACTING BRITISH CONSUL. The following complimentary letter of Aettng Consul Edward* expresses tbe sense of the British authorities la rsgsrd to tho action of United States Marshal Murray la the Muller extradition ease:? Unman ConatTAT*. Nww Yon*, Sept. t, 1864. Bin?I beg to be permitted to express my sneers thanks for the very courteous, prompt and emoieul manner in which you bars giren your official assistance In tbe mat ter of tbe arrant and extradition of rraas Muller, charged with Mia murder of Mr. Brtgga In a railway carriage near lor.don I am fully sensible that te tbe aid ao obligingly accorded to lospoctor Tanner sad bis fallow officers la in a great measure Sue the wry satisfactory manner In which the matter has throughout been managed, no well as the prompt recall arrived at." '1 have bad much pica, sure in representing to her Majesty's government the part taken In this case by yeorseir and co officials. I bare tbs bosor lo be, sir, your most obedient servant, rlRNRitPONT KDWARDN, Acting vouevil Ron. Mluxai, United ?taioa Marshal. SHERMAN. THE FALL OF ATLANTA. The Rebel Lose 3,000 Killed and Wounded and 2,000 Prisoners. DESPATCH FROM GENERAL ROUSSEAU. Wheeler and Roddy Re treating. THEIR RAID A FAILURE, tin All Secretary Stanton to General Dlz. WAR ParAHTMIOVT, I , Washington, Sent. 0?8:10 P. H. J Major General Joar A. Pix, New York:? la honor of the eapturo of Atlanta, Gen. Grant yester day ordered a salute to bo tired with shotted guns from evory battery bearing Hpon tbo enemy. Nothing baa been received by tbo Department from Atlanta since the 4th instant, nor anything south of Nashville, on account of the dorangemoni of tbo tele grapb lines by the prevailing storm*. No movements of importance have taken place in tbe Ebenadoah valley. EDWIN M. STANTON, Secrotary of War. The Nashville Telegram*. . NAsnvii.LT, Tcnn., Sept. 6, 1884. Tbe news from Sherman s army to-day ro|Kirts the lose of tlio onemy at three thousand killed and wouudod. Wo csptnrod two thousand prisoners,among thorn a brigadier general (name not given). Wo also captured a large amount of materiel. Tbo army Is In full possession of Atlanta. Thero aro nearly four feet of water iu the rlvor at tbla point, and it Is rising. General Rouseoau telegraphs from Spring fllll, late on Saturday, that Wbeeler's robol force woe across Iiuck rlvor, and bad joined Roddy. Bjtb were reli eating to wards Florence. General Rousseau pronounces their raid a complote failure. General Kelly, reported mortally wounded, died at Franklin yeatenlay. General llasknil is also roported killed in a skirmish. Considerable damage bos beon done to tho railroad. A large force is employed In repairing it, and will soon hare it in running order again. 1 be damage dono to tbe Chattanooga Railroad by tbe rebels is also being rapidly repaired. Only one bridge has been destroyed, that over Mcwarl's creek, fifty feot long. Colonel Ppanidlng was not captured, as reported. He Is sale with bis command. Captain rrioo, of the Tenth Tcnnossee, was killed on Friday. Ilebel Reports of the Battle. [From the Richmond Sentinel, Sept. 3.) A heavy battle is reported to have been begun at Atlanta on tho evening or Wodnetd.iy and resumed on Thursday morning. General Hardee, with Generals S. D. Lee and Cleburne, is naid to have begun the fl^bt, and gained some advan tage nt Q?.?, but .ubMKtuentlv lost it. Generals Ander son, Tattoo and Cummings are reported wounded. Ncvrs from Memphis, <be. Cairo, Sopt fl, 1914, The steamer Belle of 35. Louis brings two hundred and fifty bales of cotton for St. louts. Memphis papers of the 30th bavo been recolved. Tbe weather Is exco.-tlvely hot In Memphis. Numerous fatal ases of sunstroke bad occurred. Including six soldiers Tbe Union men along the river below Now Madrid liavo organized and armed themselves, under Granville Havs They have already bad several lights with guerillas kill' ing a considerable numbor of them. ' At the request of tbe War Department the One Hun dred and Ihirly ninth Illinois, one hundred jay moo have consented to extend tbeir service fldoou uavs bo' yond tbe regular time of their enlistment. Brigadier General J. R, Mower has been promoted to a major generalship. General Tame bas issued an order prohibiting trado between the city and Kentucky until further ordeis. Vermont Election. IVCRBAFZP VOTK?I.AKOK lUFl'BLICAN MAJORITY. Tho meagre returns of the Vermont olectiun, which came to us last ntght by telegraph, indicate that the veto p iled was larger than was ever before given, and tfa it tbe republican cantIdates have gained over tbe vote of last year, which stood as follows:? _ Ooitmor, 18S3 , Stintk. rep, KtJJitld, at-n. Addtsoo 14,333 ' n2 Bennington 1,7X4 , Caledonia 1,848 l , , Chittenden ggM '--S Essex. 630 Ida Franklin 1,875 8.,4 Grand Isle 316 lu3 I-amotile 1,390 507 Oranga 2,021 X C86 Orleans 1,820 ''j^O Rutland 2,847 1 ?30 Washington. 2,714 1 407 W indham 3,046 l'ni Windsor/. 4,128 ToUI ii,p62 Republican majority f;fil Tbe same two candidates ran for Governor at this slsc tloo, and as far as tbe result Is known tbe majority tor tbo republican ticket is even greater than It was la-t year. Vermont can therefore continue to claim what the radicals la that section consider a greet honor, that 1 sbe bas never given a democratic majority. Tbo vote for I Governor io tbo towns of Burlington and Rutland was ae I follows:? I Smilk, rtpub. Rtyitli, dtm. Burlington g2H Rutland 87| Returns from about ens seventh of tbe Slate foot ap as followe rs* Vrar. La* J ear. Smith..,....,,...,,,, 6,836 4 664 I Red Held 1,946 1^561 j Republican majority 3,996 3^03 ?A corresponding republican increase throughout tbe Flats will make Smith's majority Bonny 21,000. The three republican candidates for the Thirty-ninth Congress ere elected by Increased majorities. Tbe vote ef forty towns for representatives In tbe Legislature has beon received, and they all return repub limn* but two. Tbo Male Senate will probably be without a demrerat. It will be seen tbat tbe returns, as far as received, also sbow a email increase to tbe democratic vote. Election In lA'llmlHgioa, Del, ....... .. . W'luUMiton, Del., rapt. A, 1884. At trie municipal election to-day tbe Colon men car ried tbe city by foor hundred sad fifty majority, eisotiug every candidate la every ward. FAtAI. .STABBOrO A?rRAT IZ MOTI STRKBT?A MAN Is stastlt Kium?AnnatT or tsi >1urdmuoia fatal (tab bing aflray, renaltlng la tbe alasoet lostant death of one of lbs parties, occared about half put tea o'clock last svootog la tbo rear of 186 Mott street Tbe place baa bees occupied for a short ttuie by shoemakers, and tbe parties to lb# affray?George Gardner end Thomas Keboe? were at work on shoes at tbe time. They bad been drinking some, and a quarrel arose between ibcm, though from what eanse Is Dot yet known. Words ran high, and Kcbo?, becoming much excited, seized a long tboe ku is ard ?prang upon Gardner, and before tbo latter could ward off tbe blew burlad tbe knife to tbe hilt In Ins le.'t breast. The point of tbe Instrument penetrated tbe heart of tbe victim, and be feH to tbe floor dead. Officer Jackson of tbo Sixteenth precinct police arrested Kohoe, and intweiily minutes after the murder he wae unfair locked up in the ?tattoo house. The scene of tbe mnrder being tbo rati deoeo of Gardner, bis body was left there I pon being brought to tbe etattoo bouse Keboe Mid ?" I am guilty of lbs mnrder, and I want to be bsbg." Ho was In liquor at tbe time, |end 00 being placed in bie cell foil Into a profound slumber. Ho le thirty years of age. a nailvo of Irsiand, and bts a family. Gardner was a sin fIs man, twenty six year* of age. An loquest will bo eld upon the body of deceased ibis mornii g by Coroner news fro:.: the south. fKTom tbe Richmond Sentinel, Sept 3.] Official adviooa from Goner il Forrest to ihe 1st task have been received, ile reports that the enemy have evacuated tbo Memphis and Charleston Railroad up to Memphis, and that Yankee troops are moving up the Mississippi river, cn rou e to Virginia and Missouri. Govoru<>r Vance, of North Carolina, has issued a pro c'anaatloD alluring a free pardon to Ibe many dusortere lurking in tho woods and mountains, Ihroatemntr tbe ex treme penalties of the law to tboso who are caught, m well as against their nlders ?ud abettors. Tbey are to bo bunted down like guilty Felons HIX lll'.NDHKP FKDKItAL OKPfCRRS IN 0(1 AKLRSTUN TO hi: tlackd ummk rut-:. [F'nro the Richmond Rxuminer, Sept. 3.1 Six hundred lonlederHte officers, who are to no plar->d under our lire ou Morris Island, have arrived at Hilton Head. Wo have tbe name number of Vaoseeoillcers in Ch.trleslou, but nut yet jilared in a position exposed to tbo YaDkee (Ire. Ttiesteumor Mary Sows, In attempting to run In from Bermuda on Wednesday night, rau over a wreck oil'I/ing Island and suuk instantly, lbo passengers and crew escaped, and have arrived in Charleston. (JUNISI'.AL VKANK G A It IIS Kit tSKKD TO DKPRND MO BILK TO THK I.AHT RXTRItMITY?UNION TROOPS LAND ING AT CEDAR POINT AND OTUKH I'LACK*?TIIU PALI. OP POUT MOItGAN, KTf. [From tho Richmond Kxam'ncr, Sopt 3.] An official despatch from Mobile, dated eeptembor 1, stales that all Is ipiiet at that potut. The omraittee of Safety of Mobile havo passed a resolution expressive of confidence in lienors! Frank Gardner, and re<|<iQitlng him to delend tbe city to the last extremity. The onemy was reported to be throwing troope from four trnnsi>orlA on Men I/iuih Island. A foreo estimalad at four thousand had been landed, and more were still being landed. The HtgiHer says of the situation of af fairs:? The Yankees have lender! in some force nt Cedar Point, on tbo most southerly point of tbe west ooast of the bay, and hair a mile from Fort Powell. This looks hko a tri .1 or our strength on our land front. With steady men ho hind our intrehobuents tbuy will find It a bard road to travel. It Is certain tbnt the enemy has no force ado<|uato to the Investment of tho cliy. They will try a mrMoii dash to scare us out of tbo city. The citl/enH, w iihnut the troo. s, can block that gnrnc; for one inside tbe works Is worth ten outside of tt.em. All engineers pronounce theso works Ibe strongest In the conlederacy. The liiue ban onine to see what Mobile macb aid is made o'. Wo bavo no doulit it will lie found to t>e of the Fame stuff' that has longhl like veterans m Virginia. CbarlOHton uiul Georgia. I ail every man set his house in order, and bo ready to " do or dlo" in ? heroic defence of bis altars aud hearth stone. TUB FALL OF FORT MORGAN. All d inbt la at no end with regard to the fall of Fort Morgan. Thus the laal or the defences In the lower bay is gono. BOA IS PIKBD INTO BT KKIBI, SHORA BATTKKI l{S ON TIIK MISSISSIPPI. [From the Kicbmond Kxaminer. Sept. 3.1 Late advices from I/mtKiaua represent that cur light shore batteries continue to annoy the Yankee boats ou tho Mississippi. Last Monday one of our batteries llrcd Into tho Flying Cloud, six miles below Port llud-rnn, and disabled her. Yankee Monitors came to her assistance. ACCOUNTS PR M NORTH MIS ISSIfll. Man i.k, Sept. 'I, 1884. Official Information reocived from North Mississippi says Mist Smith's lorces are certainly retreatmg to Memphis. A largo part cf the army is being mustered out of service. Maury's division goes to Virginia and tho cavslry to Missouri, to meet Price udU the Indians. THIt NOMINATION OP M'Ol.PLLAN. [From the Richmond Sentinel, sept, 1.] McClellan, who was formerly a decided war man, la represented to have greatly modified, if nut ill.loo I a!>m doued, his belligerent sentiments. The snpp rt given him by so many decided peace mon lends strong con i Srmation to the re[>ort, aud nothinip' would hi easier than lor McCleTan to reccncile a declaration (or peace I In tbo prescul slate of the <pn stiou, duo, as be mar sup t>ose, to Lincoln's mismanagement of the war, with bis past speeches In favor of war. Of Mr. Pendleton's posi tton there IB no uncertainty. He ia an ardent peace man, aud tho luct that such a man was nominated is a strong proof that McCllollau s position catmint ho widey variant. The contest which now commences will bob lor, hut it will be violeut. Two mouths will closu It and decide win. b shall lulo?Iaucolu or McClellan. lTcrba|w there aru no two public men In the I'uitnd elites separated try u greater animosity than exi-ia between Lincoln and Uo< letlan, cud their respective pirtlsaDP. There la, probably, no one by whom Liuc.dn would prefer to lei I b.-aleu Hutu by McCle'lau. This will add veuoin to Ibe cutest If we havo peace, wc must conquer it. and we may o/.r?tnor it speedilv if wo but perform our untlbs at this juncture as we have discharged them hlthnrio. io-t not roinit our exurti us hecausu the turmy seems much exhausted aud the procjiecu of i>e.tce seem Impr-vlug. cxhaiml on will sireodily disappear, and be will pre jMiro for the new and mightier efforts if tl.xmiwncd zeal and diminished numbers ou our part give bun room to still hope fur cooipifbt. The prospects of peace and independence, now so promising and bright, will fadeaway aud vanish if the ranks of our until"- be thiuned by deserters, by tho in difference or begin t of our homo keeping people, or by tbe careless discharge of tho r duilea by tho enrolling officers [From the Richmond Ixatnloor, Fopt. 3.] The platform of Chicago in now known, and seeing th t peace dew crate and war democrats b iro cotnprom aed U-;ain McLh'llau. (lie sunt piatlorm IS kllfpMMHd half war; it floats between porno and war, boing Constructed ia such a war as t ? dri t to either side, aud settle down next March lu a * ir or pea-u policy, ns circumstances may require. Armistice wild certainly ho u feature in the new policy?ai mist ice with a view to ncgoilalton. Aud now, supposing that aruiiatire to be accent * d, it tn u I be admitted that the situation would he regarded ? y many good Confederates as tuore perilous to our lnde|>oidnie than Due lii's war lo tbe kulle, lor those "begotlaih>pa" will u?t uecesMiriiy be c rtlned, as they ought lo be, lo tbe Confedeialo government. Tbey may addri sa tbciu selves severely, isrhapx unofficial.y, to Mule Legisla tures. Tbey may wiud tnoir w <y through every nuilft CulhNi of Hociely. by commercial transact! us ind private Intercourse, may approach iiilluemiul individuals iu Hie ?P.ape of promises of political support?nay, of lurd mo uay. Iu every coucoivable manner tbal eea-ou of armis tice woo Id be used to create here a "l'i,Ion parly" once more. The effort would fall; yet it migbt d.struct and divide, and introduce iroublesomo dirrord where now theru is a good prat tical working iiuauunlty. There can be no doubt that, should L'.dcoIu |>ei mil au "e cction? and sh< uId MoC'.ellan l>e tho new ('resident?and should he offer an armistice lor negotiation?even though it sh aid be a real, genuine oetintton of bostllitlea by sea and land?the cause of tho Confederate inde|MT.denco would tben begin to have a new kind of perils to encounter, and would have to meet tt.em by a new effort of public vt.-tuo more heroic than military achievement itself. And, alter all, be It reoiembersd that, if such armistice ?a proposed, it is accompanied by an Implied threat. ,1 his m tbe very featere which gave McClellan p.ecedcnoe over afl ooinpclitors?that be Is a general nod a young Napoleon, and is supp<skd to know bow tbe war can at any time he brought to a smoess ul Issue, if Lincoln would but bare let blm have bis way. \t> aro about to be ssked, Ibtn, to negotiate under the femoelee sword; tbey dare to hold np before as in Irrrortm tho hero of Harrison's landrng as a warning, that If, arier all promises, blaridiahmeuis and constitutional guarantees, aud we still hold out agalost the "Colon of our fathers," that Young Napoleon will be reluctantly compel,>d to exterminate us al last. Rut perhaps these speculations are premature. Tbe Ides of November have not cuds. Docolo Is still F'mperor. no armtelleo I mis yol h/?n even proposed, and It will be time enough to think of snarling against bland isbmeott and blarney when we iball have effccln ally repelled horse, loot and ariidcry. Ihe Hew York Republican Stats Cos vsfttleim. Ntractss, S?pf. g, lRffg. Thus far there Is a slim attendance at Ibe Republican 'talc Convention. There appears to be less interest taken than usual by Ihe politicians of the party. The operations of lbs politicians this evenlag are such as to lead an o1 aervor of their movemeota lo infer that hoi h laell ns deslro to do something that will so em Far rare fhe republic.* a party that It will be Impossible for Lincoln to carry tho '?Rate The old singers ami loaders of tbe Action In lbs perty ire on band. R eed end npdyke are here at work against etch other, tho latter having Greeiey as bin aid de-cm p ri " anil-Weed fiction are crowing lustily over their triumphs over Wmd in the recent change tn Ihe Custom n<?i?e. by t!ie appoint moot of Iireper. Ir stead t>( Wsketr.wi, lu Harney's (dace, which Is now a scttlod Pact. The contest between these two factions Is tiuite Interesting, and baa already exhibit pd signs of enfei ing Into every quea lions, even the most trivial, be'oro the ( nventmn It is .so charged, and In fact the authorities have been r.olifle 1 of tbo fact. Ibat tbe radices liave brought a squad of ro igha bero to play seoood ediii >n of tbe lamoua Pernor'ratio (onvontlon. John A fir's name l? being aged to-night ror Gover nor It looks very much as though It wern used only as a dodge to cover tho rail Intent of the pirtine using bis name, and probab y means Pix until tbe real aireegtbef Troo mo Is sscertsliiod, and then some one ?l*e. 1 he letter which Gcnernl Hx wrote rerusmg to allow hie n.ime |o ho used at Haltlmnre ftir the Vleo Fretldeiiey It brMPg need to-night at proof that he will net accept. He has slso been telegraphed 10, bnt thus far no reply. The radicals statu that both of the New York delega tions will be admitted to the Convention, (nhen s.y net, and that Opdyke and hie party will hesd Weed and tne Twenty third atrset organization. It Is lar from boing all harmony. The feud It rar more bitter than ever before, end it is evident frr>m the fact that tbe cbli-lasere here that It It lolended to mate this light a final <me botweoo them, tin. leas a different feeling it manifested from that which M exInbMed tonlglit. There w:ll be no danger of tho nominee of this Convention being troubled witb the dot let of Governor. The Narjrlnnd Constitutional Conwen tlon. Hsutiioes. ?ept. 8, Itdd The Maryland Constitutional Convention compli ted Its labors and adjournod to day. Tbe new constitution will be submitted to the people on the 12ih of uctcber. highly important. Surpr:ge of Morgan's Forces at Greenville, Tenn. DEATH OF JOHN MORGAN. HIS FORCE SCATTERED. His Staff and Ona Piece of Ar tillery Captured, a#., Official Report of r.tner?l Gtllem. Kitoxvitxs, icon , Sept. 5, l-tflt. Tbe following official tclogram from General Gllvcn wan received this evenig;? To Gonaral Ttrno*:- T?nB" 8e,,t- *' ,9M' I snrprlaod, (l? eated and killed John Morgns ai Green, villo thin morning. Ibo killed aro scattered for raiioe, aud bavo not jel I boon counted, and probably number fifty or ona biindrod. I have about seventy-IIvo prl oners. Among those captured arc Morgan's stair, with ooe pieoo of artillery and ao-iesnn. Iho enemy's force outnumbered tniuo, but the surprise was complete. ALVAN tt OIUJfM. Secretary kuuiioa to General Hi*. W/.R f>. PaliTIIKMr, I w xsmxerov, Hept. t^_? to p. ji J Ms; r Ccr.era! Jons A. Pix, New Vnrlc:? A despatch trom General Grant, J ut received, gives a statemcut from the Richmond / ^.minrro: tins morning that John Morgan was surprised and killed, and his staff captured, at Greenville, Tenn., yesterday. An ouoflieial despatch received by ihis I eparlmcnt this morning Porn f exlugioti Mates that General Gltlrm had ofllcl illy reported iho surprise and defeat of Morgan at Greeuvlllc; tbnt John Morgan waa killed and his staff captured , from llfty to one hundred rebels killed, seventy prleoneis t'.kvti and one gun captured, ibis report being conDrined by the Richmond KxaoiC.r, ti.cro is no room i to doubt iu truth. KPWIN II. RT WTON, Secretary 01 War. Sketclk of the Kelirl General Moi yon. Brigadier General John U. Morgiu is tbo oldest of si* brothers, ah of whom h..vo boen in tbo rebel service, llo was born near Lexington, Kv.,ab ml the yeir 18.d, and is the ami ol a manufacturer of jeans In that neighborhood, lie received bis education, alau, In that State, lie raised a company or Kontuckians lor lb v Mexican war. but lail -d to get it into service. Alter tbat war bad ended lis onlerod inio the join business, and married a IIUs He bei oa Hruco, sinco Uoad. Wbeu ibu robollluu br ke out ho ra sed a band ef guerillas In Kentucky, bo being at | thai Huie a captain ol the ''bexlngion Killes," a militia organl/Atn n, and went with them into the seceded Slitu-i. Krom his e.irly youth ho had been a daruig, reckless rider, and was well suited to tnc line or the aci vice he bod choreic He first began bia operations in Ue.sourl where bis namo at last became a terror and ? hog boar. Ho Mien moved into Kentucky, c|>eraled near Heron creek, and haruueal tbo Unim army of the <;:,io during their arlvanco toward. Nasuyu e lie had attached to hi. stair ? telegraph o,a raior named Mi'worth, who. before despatcbo were snol iu cypher , would takes i he rrders ol ihe P.,, .,roni ,h#' wires, and thus d.r^t all plan. of Vuwo operaimns, the being ready to meet them f or bu skill he was appointed a colonel, and afterwards a brigadior generaj !* ?he rebol States | u-m ? v?' ?n7 J"1 w;is TltHim In Tnunnatiti* ftnd w.ig there married io a Mifli Renriv ?i?n ran ??! bo,ka,l. to Vfturlrereboro for tu.l ,H uuiTi juh!*iK;-T"lrj rlb *?'<"'^ i," C; until Jul>,18ol, when he m?do bl? th o A?h Km tacky into Indiana and Ohio, <,n which ncaa n . h.. .Ja his b.n<i wcr, ?iored i:pXi;?-;;<; *> ? ?? r.M ,t,1 S ?" Uw MMif November 27 fsrpj its the r iesen, ve?r he w.s ,g ibe rld.llV'^Tr'ltn^ In M onteru \ irginia and partem Ken' . kv border,ag on tbe t-bio mers M, ,a,r. d men e..V:gh m resist b.a adv.iuce, ...j r,.d rf,lll(r<l , f ?? * c-mm.i" was, the eii ie aii.cbed l0 ?? 0avUv 'nrcoa operating around Alla.u, and served under Wlioe,#.- during tbe ,ecent iaiu< ?(){,? gbcrma i'? coin (.ereril Mo .an i. re,sued p. |?Ve roe.. k.nd to bis prisoners and to havo ru..peeled ine u-a... o w^r iu hi", IT'""" ,1""' " ?,ir ,h*1 f'" ">*" ble sir f.1 r WW,< * *' "ho,,l "* 'Ml In height ! m, "a "rr"W "eM His h.^ was light and curl., and be wore a heavy land a id SHERIDAN. HaaayyrL a. Ta , S.|d e, ts?4. The cnemy^re rttll in Shertdan'a front, and, as far is can be soee, there are no indications of karly '? retreat up tbe valley at present. The civalry c irpa which left Rippon'e store oo Krlday night has returned, having ascert ..ned that ihe euemy wae In strong forco beyood the O wpian. Kccr.rits and convale?e,ots fro n tbe tmep.tais aro arriving In great numbers almost every day, and aro helug rapidly sent forward to tba frnok A heavy rain storm baa prevailed since laet nlghi, and still eoutiuues, making iho transportation of supplies to the froot very didieelt. 't was expected to. enemy vosld have *11mrlred ns in our poeltlon at Berryvibe yesterday, and preparation waa mi do at tha field hospital lor the reception of one thousand wounded; but we were diaippolnind. and yoar correspondent h'Ids to tbe opinion that the enemy have no Idea of assuming tbe offensive, but will be perfectly content for the present with acting on tbo dofeasiyo and holding tbo valley. Tbo prisoners captured In the light on Saturday nurnbei some seventy. I'p to the time of writing this despatch there has beet no lighting since Saturday, and. with tbe eiceptlon oi Utile picket skirmishings, everything le perfectly .juist An Attack by tbe Rebels an Cfenviet. town, fflo., Kiptcted. W. Lorn. Sept. #, igdg. A repnrt wa* circulated on mailable authority st on Saturd.y that a coosiderablo foro. of rebels, trader General Shelby, had appeared at Chalk Blulfe, thirty mllea from Cbarleatown, Mo. Pari of thw fores was expeetod to atUck thsrlntcwo whiio toe rsmalndtr domonatratsd against Uips Girar dei a. This is doubtless Torn Prcnun's gang of gnerillee msxmg an Incnrsloo Into Missouri, ?? ibe last accruals rrom ,-belby placed him in the vicinity of iloeua, where he had been operatiog for some time past Til* Danags by the lurm in ths Wsst. . CkSCtimiVI, Hept ?, IMd, Turing tbe storm on .taturday night sod Suoday morn ing about five irrbee of raia fell. Nearly all tba railroads centering here were damaged by ths washing away ot tbe tracks and bridgea Ttx damages bare been repaired, and the traisa will ran oe time again to day. The outstanding crops In this neighborhood have been considerably Injured by tbe severity of tba iter n. At Deytoo tbo storm was vary atvara, proatratwig trees and fences. Ths 1'nrf. The great trot for tan thousand dollars, Iwo side boata, between General Bailer and Georgs ffilkee, is announced to cents off this after neon Ibrea trots are aiao aanouocsd to take olaca at the Vo.oa,

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