Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 7, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 7, 1864 Page 3
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?rrr*tioss wmBD-riiNAi.R*. A YOUNG WOMAN wishes to go tooalipor na tsiih a tamlli ; would make herself gvueraliy useful '?"Hi/ntniV,*,! ?? uur-e or lu au> ulhci capacity. A4Ure?s b box 3,394 fo?t ollicc. ANUMPKR OP ? KT.L RKCOMMFNDKD OKRMAN female 3 wnut situations a* eooke, rhau.bermatde aaii '?"in :i-ssea, mi: res an I tirla for general housework, Ac.. M Mr- LoWL'b German Institute. 17 1UUUD ah, near iLc Bower.. A RESPECTABLE MARRTRD WOMAN, HAVING -V lo i or b?b>, w shea to gat n baby to net n trse. eltuer at tier own n ?i lencn cr to go out In n res; eclable lamiiy. Call at m address -.?ci Jobu street, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WASTED-BY A REsPECTABLE girl, as good plain cook, vv t-h and holier, good c.ty ref rente. Call at A9U tith a v., room No 'J. Am respectable young cikiT wishes a a i .anon as ch'tubeim,.id and waitraaa, or as hints nurse. iao <1o a 1 kinds of einbro dory or |> nln sewlug? tan B.vo good rlty ret ore aces. can at ty; 7^ av 23?i aud .'lib eta. A SITUATION W.tNiED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to <lo ctarr.bc "? 01 k, or the worn of a a.i ail tamtlv. Hood eitv reference. Can be seen tor two data at ti. Butler at, Soutb &MOfc y u. ^ KKSPF.t IT A ltf.E YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A SITU. A RESPECTABLE (HUMAN OIRIi D KB IKES A PU altiun, in a 1 route family only as lady'a mall ami to ?ew, or lo lake tmarge of a young 'a -y: is inuiMlrious and ?bllgiu^. Apply at present employer's. It West -".d St., with iv..orn ? tie has lit ed the past tbt ee yvars Site can use eewiug mam in". ASW r.DIS II OritL WANTS A SITUATION Ad Oil AM b-Timtld or to ;o pin n sewing un<l lake l itre o a >-lilul; best cot 11 Inquire for two daj s at luB Le?t ..d tt., third ttoor. ? A SITU ATI OW WANTED-BY A RE.SPEOTABLB yonna ;lrl, ?s ?? amtlresa; understands tninily sotv'tig well: I'Kii cut and lit if re<(U.reil, ami operate 011 u VVm eler A Wil on tewing; no obyocii 11 to do so,no 1 bum be it or it; im.s goon city ro.meccc. Can be seen at JuS Lust 21st at., hrst ducr, front room. A young woman wishes a situation as chambermaid mi I waitress, or chamber.! a <1 and 1 ia 11 ?ewer. can run A vvitsou's uiHo.ruo. Has tao teara references, lu.uro for ttvo tl.t.H at I3J West Uftli st. A SITUATION WANTS!)?BY AN ORPHAN GIRL 15 yean vli; i? very -? inrti agcol liuum ireterred to wag's. Cail at 103 West 3 <1 st. Arkspkctablb oirl wishes a .situation to do 'hum.Denver k and wa ting in asm til private a il'y t Mu come wi 1 recommended Iro.n Iter last piueu Call at ?9 West 2cth st., between tub ami 7m a.s, A LEHMAN OIUL WOULD LI SB A PLACE IN A s . all family 10 do general hnu ework. Call at 16G Klvingion i.t. AS NPKsE-A BB8PBCTABLE OIRL WISH KB A BIT nation as nurae, a b> bus uvei iu lust pine oar tbio; years, bet ol city re cienee can be given Can be ?ecu .or two dry s at lit) vtd st , tietwceu 7tb and atii avs. KESPEC'fAI11.E YOL'N i GIRL WISHES A 81. Illation to do rcneral no iretvork; is a gnrd couk, wuahe - and Inn er, and hit the b st of etly relereueo. t ad for two (iuys ut 263 West 27t!i st. ANY IT.KS'I.S DESIRING A FAITHFUL, GOMPE tent unrsi lor t.iu siek, eun ootaiu ouo by applying at 7vl 3d ave. A A YOUNG GERMAN LAD? WISHES A SITUATION Lillys eomi anior or nursery governess. Nooujto tioi-ta travel. Call ou or address, for ttvo days. Mrs. A. IV.. i'IUjCsl?ih.-t ARBSPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WAN I'S A SI tiiatioi' as seatua'ress una lido ugiit chain her work, or bs sea.i.str'ss and muse Can be seen for two days at At3 b;h st , between ate , B ut.d C. AKKSPKCf.VHLE YuPNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU utiiiti as plain 100k, washer tint ironcr, <ir to do gene ral housework. Apply at Ui Ant 2i;h st, up A situation wanted?11 y a youno woman. a? in rse; cttu take the entire ul arge of a babt, or would take chari cot growing 1 hecreu una feu: be l cit refer ?nee. Cm tie urea ut her pre eut einplo.ers, 1115 West k.d st. AKB8PBCTABLB young woman WiatfBS A SIT. u it on us nnrs ? and seamstress; undorstan sail kinds 01 tine setvuig enimp an J l.t.iug; good refareuce. Can be aeen for tw o days at lu Last bkd st. A RESPECTABLE C1RL WANT A SITUATION TO do gvcornl housework Uuod re erenee from last place Call at 551 3d uc., between 3dth uud 3Jili sts , top <ioor, trout room. A HOUSEKEEPER S -Si IU A I ION WANTEO-BY AN American woman. In a tirst class hotel or wi lower s ia mlly. Best city reteri nc i tirtu N0110 b it rel .inle parties need a; piv. Call at or address, for two data, 59 Urovc st., uytr Foul U. A YOUNO WOMAN, EAD I-Y LANOBO, WlBHES A slt.ikl on to ,.o gene:ai housework. Cail at 139 AVeat tftth st. ARLSFECTABLB youno woman WISHES A * it mttou as e ambermAid an<l \va1tre3s or chami aB maid ana Hvamdiri's-, is wil tng to maty h<T e f geueraily uhelul. Cull for three dr-j s at 358 lal ?v., be. weed l.lh and ibth *t ., lirst loor, front room. A PROTEST ANT WO TAN WANTS A SITUATION AS p am coo , wtg'ier and ironer, or to do gcm ral Uius.* work tot ii at udt Hudson st. A SITUATION WANTED?AS FIRST CLASS LAI N dress; has tue he-' Cf city relvretice from Iter la-t place, nlierf she lived res lv three year.-. Call ut or ad Irrw for two aat ? 113 West 13th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN AYANTS A8IIUA tlon as good cook; I* a ?plcud:d wa-lier and Iron r an 1 Ucb.iipeieiil to do aut tlnug. Best of e'-t.t refciencs. Can be seen for three duya r.t^'JS East Wurren St., Btoaklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO OIRL AS eiccllent c K>k; ts willing lo assist In the v, ashing. The beat of c ty relrr. Dee. Call at Itil hast 33d st ARKdPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as plain ci,oit; Is r. good washer and 11mner. Good city rvfeicn e Irom lutt place. Can be tern for two duya at 152 Torsi th at. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as rook an I la assist u tie. washing and iron.tig. the beat of tl'.y references. Ca I i t 231 W? at J.'d at. As I f U A TI < > .'? WANTED- BY A YOI'SO tVOMAN, TO take eaia of children sn.1 >cw. or to dochain'sraorlc |D>i waning Good city reference*. Call at 191 .AoAl'Jth It, near Mb av. A YOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO light ubamberwork and ?ewing; good reference. Call at 411 3d sr., earner 31st St. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNG GIRL, AS cook, uusher and ironer, or todogeneiul housework .a a small lamdy; be-1 of reference. Call at 178 East 61st at _ A SITUATION WANTED?IN A PRIVATE P?MiL>. aa cook and to s*M-lu 1 the washing and ironing. Call tt OU We t Washington place. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM benraid and wailreua. Uaa good city iclereme. Cail u i?l West 26m st A YOUNG WOMAN W ANTR A SITUATION AS Oil AM brrmaid and waitress. Good city refcrencts. Call at 110 West imb at. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS chainltermHd and waitress; ha* g,,od city refrren e from bar laat p'ace. Can be seen fur two dsy 9 at o9 Hoag. lata it., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN the country, a* chambermaid and waitre.a or won d take rare of rniitlrcu; h <? three years' reiuroa OnII at 141 WrM 2Dth st, between 7th and 8th area., foi two days A RRSPECTABLE PR0TB8TANT GIRL WANTS A \A ait'.iat 00 as ebambtriu Hd aod to a si-t nlth the wash tag and Ironing: bus recommendation from her la-t place. UaU at 12b East 2d lb at. sn UATION WANTED-RY A IIIOI1LY ItnSPEfT able yoirog wn nan. who Is a first clan* chum barmaid and sratnstr, ?s: Is also a good waitress and hne wttnei and troavr the bsst of rlty refcren ? can bo g.ven. Call for two days at 14 13th St., leiweeu ,':b sad Ota area FIRST CLAS-t 0 CRM AN PROfBSTANT HOOK wishes a ? tuat on 111 a pnvata family; understands r Moklng lu a'l lt? brsnche?. t an produce the bsst ut telsr nv-e". Ctn be seen at MB West S3d ?(. young woman wants a situation as chant1 erinald and to do plain sewing, or to cook, wash nod Iron In a small private fa>npy. City roicrcn. ea Can beaecn f..r two <tajs at 31 West :4th st. Am TOUNO WOMAN WISHES a SITUATION AS ?aamalress, or chambermaid and scain-truso. Caa ?re good reference from her last place. Call for two y? at 2? 1st ar . between I5th an 1 lit 1 Sta, PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS rook; le a good baker. Good referenoe. Call at 25) Wast 3 th St. AI SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESUBCTARLR young woman, to d" housework; good c.ty relen nea If required. Call at 116 West 53d at , between etb ave. uud Mi end way. A BEmPECTABLE YOUNG M AKRIKD WOMAN. WITH A a Ire h breast ef milk, wishes a situation ns wet nur<e. Can be seen for two daye. from Id A. M. tilt 4 P. M , at 2At Baal Ifth St.. belwi en uvs A and t. M SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTAIILB ORE ?/\ man slrl, as chsuil ermald. In a good fantilv , has lived With lirst C5aw 1 aminos tn Germany. Canst liostc. C, .n Ua bakery. ^ AHH RESPECTABLE I'BOTBRTANT YOUNG WOMAN wants a sit nation ?? 1, rwt class muse; no like care of a baby from iti birth, or growing chlllreo. Ca I st VI Greea srteh a*. A TOI'N'l GIRL WlSfl'-.S A SITU VTION AS ' OOK -a. In a private family; ia wllllag to assist ta washing aud Ironing; good rcfereeest Apply at ber prvs"nt employ era, 2i ilramerey place t'Alt'i at.., between Jlj and 4th avA A SITUATION WANTFD-AS FKAMRTRE38; CAN J\ eut nnd fit 'adtes'ami rht.dren s dresses and do ail kind of family aewmf. br Iba week ur thontb. ApuiJ at Us East 1st t.f, urn I 1 till 4. AP, SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, AS chainbsrnal I or as waitress In a hoarding boose. Ap ply at 442 (tb ar., corner I7th *t. AI SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, is chambermaid kud tvaitrese; has no ?Meciloa to nsslst with lb" washing and uontng Go nt rlty relatesos. call for tv.-o d <ya ai 199 tYcii J5th ?!. AH OOtlD, RRSPBCTA BLR GIRL WANT" A HTUA lion as ocok: no ohjentlen la help w lib l is waahlnr. Addred-H Mae , between 31 si sad SJd ???. YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM, hermaltl and waitress in a private family. Call at 61 Chariba st . 1 oraar ar fib at A YOUNG WOMAN WIHHKM A SlfUATION TO DO I light ehata bar work aad sawing. Call at lu4 Weil 2,'lu B, room 14 Afrotbsta n r young woman wishes a situ a tlon a* s'sii.nariuaid and *aitr?<a or to do the wrk ?f a atua i pnrau< feoilly. Can bo seen at SIP Raa' Hth *1. BITPATION WANTKO -HY A 8MARP CAPABLE girl to d? c whin ; or y. s"?l hme-wor*: .? ? ?.'?t, tad ln<; ami truslv serve'it, and sn esvellant w.iher and trftnref. rf. ns.f**' m* flr t /kp 9'j a* 4*4 *,?v.e t u, v<y v f'Seef, ?rrVATIOBTB WJ11TE3-FEMAtKS. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUArid TO DO bouHuMr ;( iu u private laiuity Ouy mermwi at 118 West 25th at., between 9th ar.l lUtU avs. ______ ARFSPECTABLR PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A kUu&Ugu as chambermaid and waitress; in a good co k, whaler and ironer. Call at IS Sulllvao sL. near Cau*. ' A TOT NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO MIND | I\ chtldr. n aud <lo tewing and chaiiiuerwork. City reie i rcnocs. Cull at 131 Hudson at., Hoboken^ ______ \ GERMAN WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS | .iv hougdltccicr i->4 widower or small family Iuqmreal 311 Spring at. ! A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A A small fam'ly. 10 do gen ral hnneework; Is willing and | obliging. City reference. Call at 122 west 2ota st. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, WHO UNDER I A iU;id? balldre?lug, wantan? tnallou In a :'?' , tnlli a-, ind; i maid ..anurse and?xeam>,ir*sa. no objaci.ou to dochauiM-rwoik. Ct.l at or address 121 MnstAAh ?L A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS i'OOR? la an ex?-llent washer and Ironer City rcfeieuceu. Cud at 77 Wa>er at , comer Muiu, lliook jn ~A~ RESPECTABLE AND WELL RRCOMM ENDRD A woman desires a altuallon. in city or oouotry. aa uok and lann<lre?e; i* a drat rate waaher and Ironer, a g""d cook and baker: would do c amberwurk and tvaaulug ur house work. Call at 378 OtU av? lirat floor. ! 4 RERPKOTABLB PROTESTANT UPRL WANTS A 1 JY ailuation a-- chambermaid or wuitro-s. Can be aecn lor tw j days at 159 Grand at. In the bakery. ? YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO CHAM ! A berwork nod waiting in a uriva e iaiiilly. Can uo w en fin two at her present {employer's, 1*7 West a-tli sr#l | t)' tWMU i In iind Sib av*. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A YOUNO OIRL, AS cliamb rmaid an I wa.tross. Call?t No. 0 CQiOUcOiirlt j Un'vrrqlty iilaoc, between 111 h and Utn ala. _ I A YOUNG WOMAN. WITH A WIiliKLKR A WILSON'S A ma-hine wi-hes to hlia out bv the month to do aeW log; no objections to do t number work. Audi ess M. J,. c., hroo*. yn l\i?t oUiee. MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS j.*. roiii or to do washing and Iron In a rcupeetao e la mily. Inquire at 35J Bleccker St., third Uoor. A 4 PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS A rtia.nb-TmitM and waitress, or chambermaid and .oeauistreM ; good city relereuces. C&u be ecu at 312 rust k\euu?, near I'jth it. _____ - 4 YOUNO ?;IKL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAMBER. j\ mai l nu 1 waitress, in a stiitH family; the lest or c.ty reference! given. Apply at 131 7th ave. _____ ___ v filTtTATTOM WANT^.n? BY A TOtntO WOMAN, as /\ chambermaid and seamstress; beat ot city reference. Can be seen ior two days at '-59 Oth ave.. In the fancy htore 4 TOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO A general hou*ev/3rk, in ? small tSiw.' Ct/*> references. Cull at .'0 l'eerl st.. coruer or Whitehall ftl, loi two diiju. top door, frout room. riyOK S SITUATION WANTED-HY A COMPETENT \ J French and American cook., inquire at 13- bin su, u car tth av. /YOOK. -SITUATION WANTED, BY A TRUST \J wo tl?y I'rou b ant wl low woman In it first class board In; hour; ot- any uiaco ,r public bus.ness Reference. Oiil at or address for two days 03 West ISth st., renr. /TOOK -AN ENGAGEMENT WANTED BY A FIRST V,' Cues profe sod cook, in a private family- Bcstofrefn rvneo given Apply at 16 S| ring st. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY TO AT Uin.l in a llrG class fancy good* store; underatanda fancy work. Call at 52 West J-th st. SITUATION WANTED?AS WET NURSE, BY A RE sncciablB vouug married woman, who boa just lost her haho; no objection to the eouutrv. Apply at 2!H 1st uv. OITI-ATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN, AS FIRST O cla>scook; good reference. Call at 87 nest -4kh st. SITUATION WANTED?BY A CIRL, TO DO GENERAL hou.ework in a private family. Call at 119 West 96th at. cJlTUAl'IUN WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O widow woman, an cMldren'a nurse; host of city rer etence cm be given. Call lor two days at 113 fcitMt 2.uh st. CITU ATIONB WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE g its one as first c'a s cock or to do ehamheiwork and wash nu: mi give the he-tof city reference :n cither occu pation; the other aa no roe and chambermaid or chamoer. mai l and sewing; have no ob.ecilon to go to the country; would like to live togothi r; good city reference, tail lor two data at 293 West 33d st. CITUATION8 WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, O who understands her business well. Also by a young B'rl. as cliaii.bermald nud walt;es?: can give the beat ol references. Call for two days at L'5 West Uth si., m ar 7th avenue. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL. AS O chsmherrtaid. waitress or nune. Good i*fcrenc?s glveD. Call for two dava at IDC 8t Mark a place, third floor. OITCATtORi WANTIB BOB CITY OR COUNTRY. O fur n number of excellent cooks cotiks 10 a*ash ana Iron, experienced chambermaids, nurses, laundresses wail resaws, iiousos?ep"rs, g r s tor homework and small girls, at RAYMONDS, 61 bleecker St. OlTuATlONS WAN1ED-BY TWO YOUNG WOMKN; O otto lib u'iimI plain C.iok, gOfkl washer and Ironer; is an excel ent breadand l.lsc nt maker; has lour years city re tcrence; the other as child's nurse; u a gond p'atn sewer; ucdet stands the care of a baby: no objec ton to do tip stairs wort ; " t vesra' reference. Call for tw* day. at 2J6 3 th it., bvt? een 8th and 9th avs. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO S do the gcueral hm scwork ol n email family; Is a go d washer and ironer. Go^d cHy relerencc Sivou t.all ut i'<6 Canal st., corner HuJson. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O young woman, lately arrived from Kngland. to do iicu-ev.ork in a small famliy Can ba seen lor two cay* at S39 3d st, third floor. Oil CATIONS WANTK1-BY TWO RESPECTABLE O young women, one us first c ass coot, iindersunds cook iiii? frj all it** brftiK'tit!). ihe oihtir tvi ifiiiiresa. or as lisirio ami seSm stress; city leferenMs. Can be seen ut tfieir pre ?cut eitiplojrrr'i, 12 Kust 2^tb Bt. LdlTUATfON WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO it assist with the washing and chamber work: goo. t.ty reference. Call at 291 6th av. TWO RESPECTABLE OIRLS WANT BITUaTIONB IN one house: oiiesb. nok the other u? cbambcrma d and wulter. Good references. Call lor two daya at A>IVteut Houston st. 111 ANTBD-BT a RESPKGTA'tLK YOUNG WOMAN. VV ' a situation as chambermaid or lajindre-a; . ati be.well recommeudnd from her last place. Cull lor one day at 141 West i#th it WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLEiPROTFSANTRL \ V a iltuation as chambermaid. Can be ,secu for tbrte dataut her luil plaue, 14b West lath st _ WfNTKD?A SI rUAHON, BY A RESPKUI ABLE to cook an l i.saist In the washing an . ironing. Is an escelent br.a.1 baker: tnc iw.xt city r.feu-u.c I. .n her last place Call at 112 West I 'lb si , b- iwecu Ctn and lib t*?., first floor. I runt rooui, until suliec. WANTKD-A situatmn. hv ?A YOCHO OTRL, AS Vt pla n cnok. waaher aud ironer; geod rclir-u-e. Call at 204 ?V?*t li'ub at aaj aXTRD?A SITUATION. BY A RKBPECTABLB VV girl, 1" do general h?n?a?nrk In a small prltalo fntiiili; or at chuiiiberma d and to hsh *t m w ashing ana ironing. Goud cllv refer eve. Can be set. lor tw o days. If no; engaged, at 646 2d av., between SJd nod j-d us. _ \\1ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL A VV sltnn'lon- to do . haniborwork aud p a n op. rat?* on Grover ? Baker's machine. Call Toi two days at 2H7H. av., tup ''oor. ? tl ANTKU-BY A YOUNG LAPY, OF SUPERIOR VV edmatlon (Treneh spoken OnenUy), iveenllv arrived f _ k?aiiand ! ?iiufttUiti In any light fancy biiblncs^. Reirrences ure'xeeptlonable. Address b. H., Ilersid oilice, siaiing full yart culsr*. Wanted?A StTUATIOR as chambermaid and waiirrss m a small private family. by a rMpectahle young woman wh<J hrinja re.ommeiidaiiuns rroin her last emidni er w.lh whom -lie baa liret for the lsst three and a balr years. App > at 149 Wast 31th at. uaw number. WANTED?A SITUATION, HY A YOUNG WOMAN, ut ?cainitrcp^; untlcr?l?ii4i 4 cMmaWBg; would no objocimn to do light cU*m3ef work. Kml?fnwlo y r!F? reu :c*. Addrcti or con b? Bern at 395 W ar. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK BY A COUPE lent person. Can l-e seen si 71 dtaulon st _ anted-by a RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman. a ?itustlon r.s aramslreat;can cut and ut and 60 ail kinds of sewing, and operate on Wijrelcr A wtlsou's maehiM. Call at No 9 6lh sj., near the Bowery, second floor. ... .. W~~ aNTED-SITUATIONS. BY TWO RKBPfcerAHLR veuiig Birle. sister*, whh would luo in b* n the s*tno fouiiiv?.me a* couk who understand* bor busincs* tho roue Id v in nil It* hi soehc*. aud hai no objections to a? at in wa- bipg JnVtroning. tbe other a* nurse and seamjt c-s or chambermaid, in a prtvat* family. Can bu ?ceu for twodajt ?| 37 Lalayett* place. WanTKD-A SITUATION. BY A RES .'ROTABLE 1'roiesUnt girl, a* l and waitress or as nurse. t^oo'lGiy reference. Can be wen lor two days at Hid tth ay. : U. a,TKD-A tlTUATIG*. BY A RESPECTABLE mt art i ior anticr-il houKC^vorl. ho wfil r# HirUATI >N, BY A YOt'N'l GIRL AS W ?J.h, w?G.ur and inner. Oood reference Mint 111 WtsTlfyl ? ? ^*1 \STUD?A SITUATION, BY A STEADY TOUNO ANTED a , hn nberwork and a*slsl With wa-bln* ""'f i . ? T im? BY A RENPKCTABLR WOMAN, A WTO VV do gnneral housework. ll?* the best ol rele_ Hru'7 ?t- room No i, Uoor. back room* - - --- -- ---- ? " _"A biti'AT!OX A 350BB0 OIRL, TO ee eitl ho iscuurk, or as cook *nd laundresn. IIan ;; "Kfitlij M? lsst Apply lor two day. nt 92 li*iiry at., r.mrn 11 ? *7iawt??-A pTtUATION. BY A RESTEOTaBLR IV IsIsP-* k , aa*?t With the st*bis| and .1 V r ?^*VbrJnd cak* and hiscntt. .Has the best of ^mlng.mnntake bread, c rtar? ?t 3S4 1st arc, us*r'iltt s? ?ntrance betw**o th. paper nnd j.welry slure. set ond floor, back room. . .. fTT JMVID A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE W Votina wwJan a* ohambcrmatd and waitress; can g" Ih' b^ uTX?cf^rno4. Cnu be Met for two days at 233 7lh nv. _ _ . __ WAN run-A SITUATION AS COOK. IN A R.l>Al8 family. Cull ?t h*r pre**ut nmplnj w ?. ? f-t 3. tu street. TV ANTED?4 SITUATION. RY A sliih Xl girl, at cook, wtther nu?f ironer. C!?l ol We?t 3vih ?ireet U'ANTED-BY a IOONO WOMAN. A SITUATION A? ebauilrrmald and Uundr. aa; won 4 do gi neta' neuse. work fw t> ??f "nil sn.lhasgncij vlty ?f crflvf. vt ' kl w fcagt itt* eh, Mi kMywi* ^ ?rruATi?ms w,ihted-vbmalca 117 ANTED-A SITUATiON, H* A YOUNO WOMAN. AS " cook lad 10 ?s?ist w;th the wu-luug and Iroulug. (ioo?i reft rcnce. '"a'l at 77 We t 25th si , between 6t!i and "tUava. W anted-a situation. py a rmsubdtahlb eirl. a* cook, washer .tad rwnrr. Hus tiienoitcxiy reference! Appiy at 2U West 3uth s'. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A FIRST CLaSS coo* ; underAtko-U okxIua n all lie brauolioa. "O ob jecllun to a llrat cl.vs boarding house. Inquire at e'J Clb ar.. second Uoor, bark room. WANTED?A SITUATION. ST A RESPKUTABLB young an I, a* chum; erica .d and n .itnoij the boil of city ref? rem e froiu her ast place. ?.? I.ore e !>?s lived four years. Can be ?ecu lor i.vo dava at 103 Ea I lulu at. vvanted?by a young wom.?n, a situation ?? an chvmborrau d and laun iron Good references given. Cau be teen for two dtfs .it i>n Wr-i 4th ?t. ILIANfMi-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG \V< M'.N. Yf as nurse; Is competent, to take vieoutirn charge ol an infant from its birth; can give good city refereooes. Call al t-U West llth at.. betweou 5th and (nit ave. Want id.?a kupictabu young woman wishes to obtain u sit ratio.) In a private lamily, to do general housework ; best cny relercnee given. Apply at 411) East ltllb si.. near 1st av. WANTED?ltY A HE6P?U f ABLE TROTKSTANT poung woman, a situation as i.r-t clu?s seanistross and draaatnaker; is a good opersi, r on t\ A Wilson's ma chine; nest city reference. Can be seen at MS ha*t Hi t ?t, between 1st and .hi at a. W ANTED?It Y A l'ROTF.S !'A N I' l,!Hh, A SITAl'lON I* to cook, wasn and iron;'noon ectior, to do house, ivork; city or country; good releronce. Cull bl 228 La. t 13th at. \17 ANTED?BY A RESPECT A HUB WIDOW WOMAN, 4 T tbo H ashing and trou'ng of tw > or three or vote Ian I lies, tiall at or addrc ? lor tbicc ays ill West'.tM ?t.. i.ear 7h at e. WANTED-A SITUATION, !>Y A YOUNG WOMAN, to do kulry's line w isnuigeiiil ironing or plaiu Benin/. J'e t of city relerence. Call at 10? West L7tIt st. II7ANTSD-BT A TOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TO > ' lake care of children ami limp to work In a auiall laiu lly. Call at 15 4 Bast 471h st., lor two days. 117ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITI'A ?T tion a-< cook, in a private family; understands 1 fr business. also bread and pastry baking Has pool refe rence. Can be seen lor two days ut 14(j 3d ayo , thlid floor. WANTED?BY A RHSPECT4ULE TOUNO GIRL. A situation to do general no..sework. Apply at .21 ta.t 32d st. TIT ANTED?BY A GIltL, A SITUATION AS CI1AM ys berinuld and seaiustresn. or in nureo; no objection to waiting. City relercnee. Cn'l at 2U7 West 20th st. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A UIMOtiBU Vt girl, to cook, wash and ii on. or do general housework of a sir.all No objections to the country. Call for two dais al 111 Newark av., Jer-ey City. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to rto genoial ho .sowark In n small private lumilv, with privilege of harfng ner boy, two years oM, with her. Call at 184 East 3Glh st. II1LLP WASTED-FEMALES. A GENTEEL AMRKICAN YOUNG LADY CAN OB la n n pleasant situation in iho rouniry as nursery guverucss, by addressing J. Al., box 1UJ Herald o'.lice. AOITIL WANTED?TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK nt 212 Raymond ah, Brooklyn. A TBI ITT WOMAN WANTED-TO ASSIST a LADY in household work; wages moderate, and a good home. Address .Mrs M. L. A., Herald olllce. A LADY, WELL QUALIFIED TO TAKB CHARGE of a vo- og ladles school, can he tr ot a fine opening by addressing box 24, Keyport, N.J. A GIRL WAMBD-TO do housework in a small family; must be a good plain cook, Hasher and li jner, come well rncommende I. do Call aficr 10 o'clock at 233 Madison at., basement door. COOK WANTED?WHO UNDERSTANDS HER RU sines- thoroughly and is a go d bnkur; none others need apply. The best or reference will be requited. App*y at 173 West I4tli sr., from 3 to 4 o'c.ock P. M., on Wednes day and Thursday. A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS WANTED -WHO must understand the business; the best of references will be required. Apply at 173 West 14th St., between 3 and 4 o'clock p. M? on Wednesday and Tnnrsday. A NUMBER OP RECOMMENDED SERVANTS AND others wanted dally; English, Ir.nb, Amer.can. Sco'ch. German; prof.s-cd cooks, chambermaids, waitresses, nurse--, laundresses, girls lor housework and those late y landed at RAYMOND'S, 01 lilercker st., removed from ltd Grand sL A GOOD GIRL WANTED-TO DO PLAIN COOKING, washing and ironing, in a private family; must bo a good laundress, and make good bread. Ciiy reference in pcrsun to bar la-t employer. App >? at ls7 West Houston St.. corner of Macdougsl st. A SMART GIRL WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work. She can have a good situation by calling at 12l East '-'let st. pOOK WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED COOK. WASIf. V_f er an l Irouer, in a Miutu private lamily; wages $3. a girl of 15 (or light work. A. ply Irum J to ll o'clock, at 24 West 3'iih Bt. / CXUOK. WASHER AND IRON'ER WANTED.?AN EX J )icr1enaed Protestant. wiRing to go In tne country for tho rest of the season. App y at 2i}J West 21sl St., after 2 o'clock. CTITY AND COUNTRY LADIhS, WHO WI8I1 TO J economise l.y employing good, fa t iful women i.ud girls at inodcr.ite wages. oa? be nicely suited at M. CAR ROLL'S Agency, CII bib av. ? L'OREWO.MAN AND CUTTER WANTED? r For ourcioak room; One having exporlerco in city houses. Arply 10 Peyton A Johnetou, 274 Bowery. A PaOBEWOMAN AND CUTTER WANTED tor our cloak room, t'no having experience In the bus n s In this cltv preferred. App J ' J PBTTOB Jt JQHN3TON, 274 Bewery. HOUHEKF.EPER WANTED-a YOUNG OR WIDOW lady, nut over 35, of a res ,b e and reflne<l manners, and of an ncaotnmodatlng disposition can Had a pica ant situation In a widower's tam ly. where there arc no children, by addrc-stug James Moan s, iters d o I ce. MILLINKRS.?ONK FIRST CLAS* MILLINER wanted; must lie coninefeiit to take charge; a perms nent engagement will bo made; al<o xovi-ral other wanted. Appiy to Madame b'< I n er. 211 filh av. ILL1NEK?.?SIX P1BTT CLASS MILLINEP.S wonted,?t Mrs. Seer s. u8 Graud su. near Atturucy. M W Nurse and feamstrhps wanted?omk who Is capable > t tamngclinrgc of an itilaut Trim Its both; pone othar need apply. Call at 125 West 25th bt.. from 111 till 2. SBAMBtBBBB want D?ORB WHO THOBOUOLT understands cutting and btllng ladies'and children's dressva. Apply at loom ij Ltfurge llouso, Bioadw.iy, near Amity bt. Ill ANTED?TO GO TO STJLkCUaF, AN BXPBBL '? en ? d ?pamtor on a wa< thread sewing n.scbtr.e for fitting men's no Ss; one nil ? a to uudcrataods do tig fne work > it Howe's improved mai l Inc. iuqulieutS. he st , up stairs. WASTED-TWO COLORED UIRLE. TO GO A BIIORT \f dUtnnce In the country: ou ? to coo*, wash am! iron, the oilier to do gen< isl housework. Apply at 42 West 23i *t , Iroui IU tut 1 P. M. ITANTHD ?A I.ADV. TO LEARN THE ART OF OOL T orlug phalographs. After two weeks' Inslm-nou of one hour pitr dsy work will be glvco out. Ca'l at i Id Bread, way. room 19. O. KONIGSHKKO. \l* ANTRD-O00D MILLINERR. NONE BUT COMFR II lent hands need apply. Also, an apprentice, at Mrs B. W11.lams', 12D lib ft , imar llrok way. WANTFD?THREE OR FOUR HANDSOME YOUNG ladles, with light hair, to engage In an C.iay ami rrsnrclnMe occupation, commanding a liberal salary. Ad dress f. K , lleia d oiih e. ANTED?10 CLOTH CAT LEARNERS, AT I57jk Bowery, lnquiie for three day*. U'ANTED-A CTRL TO Cf OK. WASH ABO IKON with r,ire of bo.-ement and front. Call at 4 2 Me?t 14th st. W ANTED-A LAl'NDRKNF, WHO THOROUGHLY understand" tier business and can bring the be.t city tefcrrnce. Call at C4 Mb av.. Do n y till 2 o clock. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS MILLINER SALARY NO >Y object Aprly at Mme. Harris . No. 7 Brevooit pla c, 10th M. a few doura from Broadway. A'so, an apprentice wanted. WANTED - A LAUNDRESS', FOR A YBKT SMALL family; must be neat, li.ortv ehly i-udorstand b> r bii'ln is, and retne well lerommended. Apply at 61 Knsl J8i h st. WANTKD-TBN GOOD MiLI.INii RE AND TRIM 11.era, at V. Ue.merger's, 137 Avenue O,(One doer from Oth al. w ANTED?A tlOOD COOK, WHO UNDERXTABDN II her hi aincsa A lao a chambermaid wbn Is u first iate laundicaa; city refercncca required. Apply lor two daya, alter 'J o clock, al I7f East 14th si., near -d a*a WaN I El? -IN A SMALL FAMILY. A COOK AND ehambcrmald: the rook In rook ? wash and Iron, the other a> chamber-lain and nraurraa: must came wall racoin mended; Genitalia preferred. App y a! 78 VYu t Slit at., on Thuisday nest, after I! o'eh-ck. % ANTED-A FIRST CLASS 4"OOK~ WAS HE R AND troner: gn?I citv ralorcurs TouniiaU. Call lor two day a. between II and 12 o sock, at 20 West 323 ft. W ANTED-A GERMAN OR A COLORED WOMAN, IN a small private family, t ?? , n- i bnwe Work, m i>t thoroughly nndarrtand e> wathlug and ironing; wares 14. Alsaa'girl, lJorllyoara ot ago. Apply al 67 West 3Mb st. , ANTED-A FEW LVD1FS TOLEsRN TO CO r ?* > at **, ANTED-A FEW LADIES TO LEaBN TO ('C ?T pnotqgraphs. part payment taken In col ring, at Stacy's, TOI Broadway. ANTBD-A FIRST CLASS READ 1R0NKR, CAI'A Me of lak ng charge of iba bundlo departinent of a . aundrr. lot thoioughly competant woman ilberul na will be paid. Apply at Ike (iraudtctb Houac, corner w hotel laundry, lot thoioughly competent woman llber?l so.fns will he paid. Apply at lilW M| ncfiroadwar ami t analst WANTBD-A NICB TIDY OIBL, TO TABR UAHB OF a ftnall elilld and do plain aewlng; baa |w?d rdfa ngct. Apr.y at 46 C araaon st. ANTtn-TWO 4I1RLS; ONB AaS GOOD COOK, washer and Iroaer; tuo other as rliamhcrmaid and wailreai. lo go a ?hcrt iiletince In tbe rouniry. Frote?tania refarrsd. Apply with rccoinineudalioua, alter 10 k'clock, w 11U tY ilia a at., Brooklyn. I WANTEDr-AT 33 WALKER RTBKET, ON BBCGBD uoor. 25 cloak hande. None btu thoae who lb >rou|h* lj( uodrrstand the business need applv WANTK.D-A GOOD COOK; ALSO A LAUNDRESS Both must be I'mtestania and n na well feeenjmcndedX Apply between it and I o'clock, at 44 First place, corner cf r iu on ah, Brook,ya. WANTED.-FIRST CLASS CLOAK HANDS WANTEP nt II. K Legratn's, 7*v Hroaityvay, from 8 to V) A. M. , 1VA,I*KD-A VTOMAN, TO RFTOpCH C1BTB8 DE I Yv v N'te and pbetotfaph*. To a anod bond cmisiaat em flc-mre. ^ is., rcr. ,'.p4 y at Utt d"UC2j. ? f., nrnu td JNtro+f. " HKIvP WANTED? KKMALK*. W , A ?UALI. PRIVATE FAMILY, A neat, lldj rrl. to oii'rorrtl h . ? ework. on vbo QUI **??# nt7 ..pply at 217 West *2d a . 1 - t??en Br .adway aad 8lh av. v?ag(.? prr month. WA?,TB.D_r? ,:0v ,Nr<1 TTIR COUNTRY. ACtl'A ?5 . b Alwrlcit h'Mi?e!t ..;)er wh , Willl (nft .Ujco 2uf. t*nr.*U^- "" Jo ,h8 ,0'- "'a !?.??> v. To -ho rlsht kiuif of per* n go j .,fi , , v,? ( dootoi '* oitco M'i Broad vay,*or Uadw* WAJttKP?TWO OIP-L: FOR DOWN STAIRS WORK - L VtlB<- A, p v *ft,'r '0 " ?-?<?ck at 75 7t'i ??? . Qfir AOlQ HI. WANTED IN A KM ILL FAMILY. A GIRL AS ...?JUJ !'?' - *?' '? *> ? ?ncr. on:'t ?! (ti'rsf irnl .v,er*t w. rf * ^ "? "? irfergwn. regu-iea. A]>|*?y at oj Moata^u : ?l, Hro<>kiyn. WA^T.r:.[>7F'o,R ,A \n's family, a cook , . tat8.?f. hi v\as.iuio ao'i Ironing, a cu&itihoruiaul. ful551?? S7" cihtve?'lr"'' J 0UU 10 ?? ?< uei* '* "" "tlfANTRD-A GOOD 8UIRT CUTTER. API*LY AT 675 T? i?. O'lu tvay. 0NL AS A rath aI i J^VrDM1 a? ' oner. the otlirr at dmrntartuAiti anJ waltievi. Bit of cit> r ten?u? * romilrft'l Ch 1 hl 13 Wwt Sh rt . Uwaeu . .,amt , { A k; WANTED?LA!>YS MAID: GERMAN 7 TAT IA V OR Fr^ pre.envoi; m i t under, (and imr duiie*. an.; he Greenwich '"v.'' a l '*"u 8 to 21 at No. 9 WANTED- IN A S'ltLL [?'.t.VILY, A GOOD, RI1 spuria Uigirlw,, ,ii..rong:iIy intueretan a washing, ironing and , eu'rat mux nv >rk. Inqu 1U) 3il, between Learn .ton and Jd ?vs. moii, WANTED?GOOD CLOAK llAKGSS APPLY TO _ A M. A K. Divics 5(M Broad Iv" ' *l VLV ? Wanted?a lady who understynds tiaIr dressing. App y at 1?4 Hth av. ?A1K WAsNT^P7A.T.TA.YL0,!l'3 SALOON. 705 BROADWAY. Apply betoroVCJl. ? ">af'v 01 ,Le Ila*lry counter. ?~ WW - _ Wanted?a oood ''ook. wasiier and iron-p.r. wltn good refprt-iiCflK; w..a?s id object .1 usiloJ Call between lu and 12 o'clock at 72 Wc t loth st. WANTED?A CIIA'IHERMAID, WAITRRAS, COOR noriie and seametrene, ToraUrht cast or vale famlu who pay ,tooJ wa-. h Appiv at No. 7 West 11 Hi et.. between llroaitway ami Uiuvo f Hj place. I'rot.i In to A o lock. WANTED-A PROTESTANT, Ad FROFRgSKD wattoi M, with city rclci'cnco. Apply before 12 o'clock ftt HIJ Mn uv. WAVTHD-A WET NI'ItHB, WITH A PRESH BREAST oflinllk: muateome well ri cmnineii.leil. Apply at 40 lila t Slat at., between Madison m.d 4 h ays,, before y A. XI. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS ?HAM BERN AID AND I lanndren. Tuipnro botweeii a>? anil 1J A. .M. at 147 tvest nth st. J WANTED?FOR A FAMILY OF TWO, A NICE, TIDY girl; must no a good wasiier and ireuer. and well re. commended. App'y at 115 En-1 K'tli ?t inn EIKMT CLASS CLOaKMAKBRE WA.VTBD - 1\I\J Keel of wagoaend stuadv work. Also oiMirators on thlrd"loft ou * machiue. Apply at .54 Broadway, HELP WAWKH-UALF.S. T THE COMMERCIAL AHENHY. NO8. 227); AND 2P9 J\ Broadway ? Wauled to-day, a purser a steward, ship ping-lei k, as-istnui hookk" per, entry clerk, itrorer; clerk, timekeeper, insurauie clerk, .try goods tiilis uan, furr.i ure aa.esmau. cIolhlnR snrleaiuan, man to clieck freight, con lue tor. drnx clerk, copyist, iratc'iman and light porter. These situations are open for lespo table men, and may be had. Call early. OSCAR A CO. AT THE MERCANTILE A 2BNOT?WANTED TO DAY, u travelling a.-ent. bookscepi re, an pplnir clerk, not"'l cicrs, d y go ds sa e-uian. di ,;g clerk conductor furniiuie sa'esinan, fancy g mda ?a!esinan and poner. Other Honk open. Respectable men cm. always Pod eiup'oyinent by calliua on u* . ally. Mrnc'ianlt and ethers supplied Willi help frati Of charge. CalllanJ see the vacancies O MON tiOMEltY A CO., 7mi Broad'ay, room 4, np sialre. Agents can make 120 rs a few nouns,inu, new and wonderful extra urge si/o t'ruo Faekagos. $15 per day guaranteed. Every dollar Invested more than doubled. A splendid soltd gold or silver lever waicti pre-cnu-d f.-0 to .. er.t. Stuart men v, an'-d to establish agencies in every tow .1 nnJ village, t'onntv rigtite free. Sale immense; demand iucrcaslnu. Everybody buvg I tliem. Send for our great ne.v clr dlar for ISA I, c.)nt?inliia i extrauoiv premium Tree. S. <'. BICKaRDS I Jk CO., 102 Nass.m rtreet. New York, original, largest and oldest Pn/e Package in '.lie wo . L Agents wanted-to <ell md.vro'S corv and Cnrrencev Table, which shows nt a glance the r , d value of curreurey when gold sells at par t" 4WI. Proilts large; make from $'> to $10 a day. tall at S. VY. Rice A Co s, H3 Nassau St., N. Y. BRIGHT, ACTIVE MAN WANTED?A3 CLERK I1J a bote ; wa es moderate ami a good, permanent sltui tiou Address C. S. II., Heiaid oOice. A MAN TO OPEN OYSTERS WANTED.?APPLY TO V\ ni. Taylor, 6>5 Broadway. An bxpbribnckd dry* goods salesman wanted ?Olio who ran cpeak C ircnau nreforred. Call at M. Unllui iti's, 17 Curmine it., corner if ii eei ker. Boy Wan ted-to asbist in tknd'ng bar. one who has worked in a liipior vtor nn l Is about 16 rears o'd. can npp.y In the liquor store, comer of Thompson uud Broome sir. A Boy wantrd-from it to 14 years of age, in a ical estate ofBeeime who enn Wilie and is actlvo and intelligeuL Apply at 2i? cth av. Boy wanted?in a lawyer s office, address in ban !writing, with residence and references, 1>. Ar vlu, box 157 Herald olllcc. Boy wanted-from i to is tears ok aob. at fie American Whlji Company's, No. C Park place. BO* WA.VTKD-AHOrr M YEARS OF AOK? IN~A commi-siun house. Address box 4fC53 I'ost o lice. BOY WANTED?IN a COAL OFFICE; NONE NEED apply without brlnilog m od references; niuit write u ralr lia id; sa'nrv $2 W [irst sir vn-mtlis Apply at 53t We.-l l'Jth st., near Inih av. BO* WANTED? IN A HARDWARE JOBBING 1IO, SB one who reside* with his parents preferred. Addrcrs box 1,3'AI New York Post office. BARTHNDER WAN TED.?A STEADY YOUNG MAN, with rcfcreuce. to tend 1st. Aimly at the northwest corner of 25th it. and 2d av. S1IC DOLLARS MADE FROM FIFTY CENTS.?CALL anil examine . omcth>n;t urger.tly needed by every bo lv, or s.imule-' sent free b. man for l f'.y c nts that rctul.ifor $'?, by K. L WOLCOTT, 17'J'Jhai am equate, N Y. q-0 A(J?NTS.?THE BEST B i' \ T2 ;NE ItY PACKAGES 1 in the word; also. Lit hogrm bic Portraits. Mctilrlisn. Lincoln. Omni, aud all the leading Generals;, Rattle Kcenca. Alb '. n Oeuia, War Maps, The United Stales Armv Diploma sent frre for ilftv cent*. Send ?utnp'l'or ciixu'ar in JOHN GIBBON. 52 He kman street, N. Y. WANTED? IN A FLA t f'.D tVild! STORK. A ROY, about 13 years of m:e: one ari|ii?iiited with the bint, naas prefcrre<l. Salary small tirst year. Ad Icesa, iu hand writing of applicant, with relcrenma, A. B. 0., Herald WAS rilD-A STOUT HOY. SI XT!. R.N OR S'EVfcN i'EEN ye irs old, whoun b-r-t h. Is d.g.'ing ; xia'.oi'S, the ? are nfahorxe Ac., at Wiggins Hotel G'ccni.cld, Consv D'uud roaa, Lauig I-laad. tiortey iaiatid urs Irviu i uttun f-rry bring jou to the door. ?\I7 ANTED V* A SALESMAN OR SALESWOMAN, ot thorough experience, capable ot nk ni, chares of a lace an 1 cud r ndory dc| artmeut. Address, stall tig references, .i-tliCcatlons and expe'ta, R. U. MACY, 204 til. ave. WANTFD-k YOUNG MAN Wild UNDERSTAND; the o filing of oyster , and vim ra m.k- immr tt'.w anJ makn bluise.f generally usefu . Apply at 2JJ GlU av., In the fancy store. ANTED?A FIHKT CLANS svLhsMAN TO SELL goods on commission. Address >iox 4.?.'4 Post odic?. ^7 AN'in I -A CLI RK IN A TEA ST "KB. APPLY AT 2211 i and St., W lllianisburg. UlAimiD?A BOY It TO 1? YEARS OLD. IN A 1 tvhoiexa c prurl Inn spue.-ne wl;:t resides with his parents preferred. Address iu handwriting ol applicaul. N O . Herald o.dke. ANTED?A CLERK FDR A DRUG STORE. APPLY after 9 o clrck at 351 Pearl st WANTED-IN A DRY GOODS COMMISSION DOUSE, a bos sb ,ut 17 years of age. who resides with his parrnls in the city. Calais, hrsi year, $'0 Addreso bos 6,4*7 Po-t olilce. 'ANTED?A YOUNG MAN. TO PACK IiOOF 8K1RTK. Apply at 375 Broadway, up stair'. w w w TV UTANTRD?A COACHMAN; ONE WHO UNDF.K yti.nda taking c?re ef aud liorsea. Apply nt IS' William St. \kl ANTRD?A MAN Tt) DrilN CI STR.1S. AT Id Dili If av.ialso a w.iniaa who un lcr#taa,isciu?lug oyiters, and lo assist In the kilehen. TT'ANTED?AN RXPFRn'N? KI> SALFSM \N.?AP y? at Dai id's, halter, 2VJ>, llru-Jua , nc>r l>u?ue at., ?fter 9 o'clock. ANTED-A Y0UNO Man TO OPEN OYKIBRSand wailoatiblea Appli at 37 t..?; 2ith st. WANTED?YDl>WO MEN WISHING lO GO TO 83A, seamen, grreo hands, rooks ?r.t fl-wai s fur voyages 'n trereliant shl|>' and lor lis iing and whaling . vojages. Apply at D4 West sh, k icr o I: sde up slabs. _ _ MANDALL A COl'a I Nil Y. I II'ANTRD?IN A WHOLESALE GROCERY STORK, if a smart. aeti<e b"V, wn.iiia tu m r?, a a a I e 1 as l.s J ? iperleo^e In a. me h ismesv Ad tie?s. aia; ag vuws of salary and relereu'ea. bos l.kCJ I'o.; oibcc. vv ANTRD?AN AITTIYK VCM NO MAN, OK GERMAN bitth or parentage from to t> - ye'istd l << co'i w speak the KngJah and GSitnau f nr.i.i, cs , u ntlv. and I lomillnr wllb I'Wltkeaping and money. ?n ! erne ." a roid hand, us elerk aud co lectur in an ti,s,irsiiqs t.i t Ib .r rcn,-a required, Addroaa lusumnve, New York city Tost o Iffoe fl> ANTRD?IN A'CLOTH DOUSK. A BOY FRUV'ld VI lo 18 scare of ate; one a r , 'ti.u? ; to the business. A4dr0*e L.'B. A (E. bos l.'.M Post o.llcc. WANTED-TWO OOOD SALOON YYAIIERII At 433 Dreoinn *t. Kenu but tnn-e who undeistanu U.f bustoess not it amity. 117 ANTED?A TOUN'i V N I t r,l \VMI. AS mi ff oisn, and an nld n an t,'sell aiuund thcity. Keler ince require,h Ape'.y lo Jackson, 142 Gt*ud st . rear. WAITED?A KITUAXION A8 t'GRTIR. fltATBR son who hae o?en bins emp'nve I in hat' trwl y, and wl o can furnish the best rscmumcnd it mil Ad Ircis Ja.-k ien. bus 14.', Herald office. WANTED?A TOUNO MAN OF 1V rELLIGENC R, who hae been in luo kut has tesa lalfore, Intake lo and examine jkirte frum thy i in la Ar. 'Y. w th reiorence, lo M. Cohti, 117 Chambers eL "tlTANrFD?A POINT BOY. ON A CY LINDER PRKHS. VV aoual understand the bu inc? v. ply at 71 Wa or VV AKTKD-AN ACTIYF, I. Vl> 13VLtRS>?)P AOB, OK ff , ,,,r. . v, , , f M Jatufi A> Hp* 9 ? hog, ?t?pi?*w<vsf, ahwo Via at. IltOI.P WA YTTCO?N2AI,1B9. WAC5i*?'.~A. VOlJNa MA-V WUO UNDERSTANDS nru'-ilif . H I'c'""f Six l>U'< n'tn hoy* in *k'11* Api l/ b Ci|H J. I. !<'evdtf, 21I Hiuittlway. "LM.fc< i<KK HT"tJtiJ WaITE*bl vv ' '\?Jfh!.u?2Xl"R, K;<!,,r TO WORK IN A lioune A p| ly in 10 and UU neat :7t . n II. KIHNFR SITUATIONS W?\T?l)_imi4K.?. IK .< ri.I.M A V. V.'il') l|Al B".N A M tN K AC nth. r patent* lor B.- < n K ana.- ami (J.-r n .it * Hc-l ? A A YOUNG MAN WIHllbS A SITUATION AS LIGHT porter n a wbnlcxa nor retail o.. o pi hi nrt e otlW 0rp#t:e,,.? , pr v .?? oill-ft; m to Incnl-il p.e Mnt (.mtlottr r,i, Pes,...,, reap.:, int.. Iwnesty, .1.-. Address U. Muck, Abbott i Institute, comer 3-?lh ft and 4th a.. YOUNG MAN. AMI Oil YE A KB, WISHES A SiiV. -ta. I. lou lu at. <1 lit* or other pluc.-. wl . re I. good an I upirt handwriting .i.!r| re-tnva a moderate recmpenae. A i dress M. .J M , Herald office, or apply at 102 Kill 2TUl *t. A Miopia AOEo man wants a situation as *_* cca< IT-ii i u or i rnont ? no nbiretlui to .in y part nf the ?'ate*. A| ply tor two .lave at 61 Vestry it., N. Y. Atounh man wishes a situation in a bank. high; xe or broker'* ofll e: has b on in lb it business ror three year*, is a fed lUjkit of ui.nev, and can glee Hie beat city lelercnce. Address Olerk, llorald office. A YOUNG man who has partly lost the rsa of on" hand, would lit e a s. in a ktjre or n/liei-; Srlm5 a.L90" li''nU ? c *y ro'eren en. Addree* D. I .. I U .Uli A . AYOLNi) MAN WANTS A SITUATION AH COACH man In a private family; understand* Ula business; has the L'at ol references. Address Mc. R., Flushing 1 ( ' '! O Ilffd ' A GERMAN SALESMAN, OR 10 YEARS' CITY EXPK rl'-uee In the drv snodx trade* to engage with a merchant lining to Cadlurniuor Ne * Orleans. Une rep tionable relctencne fan path's own travallinc expenses. Address, forime week, 0. r. Miller, 121 Alien street. A y0LNU MA". WHO IS DISENGAGED TN THE ^Tnove"! lt. 2 Wl'!|H? a situation to employ Ids leisure time, has a roo.l kt.ow.edro ?t the cm cer. and liquor business. bulls not i artlc da as to nnv II'hi hUHnopy; Is a Dtir pen nin. and Is .tiok and citron at ttgures. Addrcts for ono wee* iudu .try, bo* lJ3 Herald olCoe. A young man, well educated, WHO lost Ins lo t arm In Ilia Army of tun Potomac, do sires to obtain a s tnailou in nn office mercantile establish mentor private family where hoe mid make hansel! cone rallvusefn lie syv-aks English. Oil men and Danish, nnd Is nble to procure the best city Address l aitli ful, bo* 123 Herald odlee. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AilFD HERMAN, WANTS n silnntioii as bookkeeper or salesumu He speaks K its en, Krencit and ; als > a little Hpanlsh and Kug llsh. snd is ucipislnmd several branches of buslnt' i", evpeotaily iugrain, ?IU aud wlue. Address A. Ilc.-uhi ? A EHENCIIlfAN DESIRES A SITUATION AS COON or wait- r, lu a priv ate fninilyhjr a lirst elass boaiding ho,ise. or re?|iectalile restaurant. The be?t of ritv referen. o yiveu. Address J. 15., No. 9bll Itrnad.vay, corner of 20lh s<. AN ENOLISnMlN fSINHLB) IS DESIROUS or OK ta nlng n situation as coadunan and groom or is nrnr.ui to a private gentleman who has a p .od road team: bar good h glish and citv refurvnccs as to ,apal>l,ity. Ap' ply to Dr. Sheldon, horseshocr. onrnerof 3i'th ?(. and Br ad way, nout 1) till 12 o'clock, for omt week. SITUATION WANTED?BY A OBNTLKMAN WHO kj lias li id L'.aral tears' extaulcnen iu in importing Inn so as re e'v up and deliverv clerk; could riiakn,: useful In older branches ol liuuiuem. and a vacancy in a coal yard ns general e erk would be rcarlI y to epted. "The beat of re leren. e? can he glveu us lo charsc cr. intcgrltv, ,1c. Addr se F . No. 0 Bank ?t. TO DRY HOODS MERCHANTS?A SCOTCHMAN, '27 years ef use. wishes a sit atmn logo West; isripah:.. ot taking cliartu of a country steie; e ir. Droduce lirst elaas cfercn.e. Address U. W? Herald oince. w 17 ANTED?HY A YOUNtl MAN, All ED 20, A Sirl'A. ? tion aseusik or salesman tn a tvholcea e linns'.; has ! ad experience ffud is uo*so:,sed of g,.ovl buslne n qua In. o WTit.'s a fair it. nd itbu is .ptlck aud accurate at figures- g<> ,i refere.rc-OB given. Address B. M. (J . Herald office. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MaN, WHO spcake Hernial), French, Italian and lii.gliali and un dorstands || uble entry bookkeeplm.'. Ill a who esale or re. lai! e-tahllshinent. Rest of refurentos. Address N. B box IU0 Herald office. WANTED?A SITUATION. AS BOOKKEEPER OR corresp'iiident, by a youru man looroughly compe tent kt?>l with the of rercrei.ccM, For tb<- las' two ye rs has 1,k| chaise of a manufactory employing eighty men. Andre?* L. N.. flora!'] oilice, WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A SINGLE YOFMO man. 22 rears of age, *s eOMhman, nn Stnten Island or anv other part of the country; Is sober, lime*', in - nustrioiis aui well used to the business; good reference from lu last ?mployor. Addrcas M. 0., box 15i lie nld office. WJ TAN TED?BY A YOUNO MAN, LATELY LANDED, a situation; not parlloaiar as to what kind ef lutal ress; write u fair hand nnd la a toh iable good scisolar. Addieas G. R. It , Clifton, htaton !aiand. w 1 ANTED?RY A KIRHT RATE YOUNO MAN, WITH good city refortnoo a altualmu as port r in a store or hole!. A rply from 9 A. M to 2 P. M. at the office, 2t Oliv er at, near C'hutham s ,u.ire WANTED?A GOOD PLACE FOR A HOOD BOY. U years old. where he can board with hia employer- the country preferred. Inquire in the storo, No. ti Aamr House. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO HAN. A8 salesman In no ne wholesale house, or In a broker's office; will inuko himself general y useful; boat of city rele rencca. Address lames r., Williamsburg Post office. WANTED-A SITUATION, ABOUT THE 1ST OF OC -nh?r by a young man of experieneennd onergv, in ? rur house Onlv thoto wnuia-e willing to ; uy a liberal sa t ry for a good man need address Sale-man, Herald oill,?. w AN TED-TO MERCHANTS AND BUSrNBHS ?IE?f A situntlon ne manager or sn|)?nnte..dent, or whore business .pia'IficHtlons can ?e ma lu available, hy a gendr. tnnn of experience, lo n diet cla-s bouae. Addresa Index, herald olhcc. WANTED?THE POSITION OF IIOS'Pl TA L STEW" A RD, by a young man who Is quallfle l. is an alien and u, . J. . >.'. ?? ' | r- I , 1 All 111 I *11 li would g,> ax u substitute. Principal# may address J. d. if., Herald o I cc. flfANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE tv yonn ; man as groom; understsnda the care of fs-t bin-;., the best of ciiy reference; no ob.ert|0,,s to goa short distance In the country. Inquire at OA vV'e>t 2 last. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, TO take -are of horses; .an drive well and understands the mansxemcnt of a farm. No hum ug. Call on or ad drca 200 Weat 2ith ah, between Sth and 9lb ava.fortwo day a THIS TP.AUFA. OKBMAN DRAUGHTSMAN DESIRES A SITIJA vllon with an architect. Address M. G. W , Hera 1 AS GARDENER?WAN TED, A SITTATION BY A ti arr oil man: no family; Is a thorough practical tnan; prrlretly no I rxtunds his business in all Its brnaehes? greenhonxp g'atietiea. A." . nod can be we'd ieiotnmei.<lcd. Address Hardener, box 90 Ilera'.d office, for three days. ASIRaDY YOUNO MAN WISHES EMPLOYMENT; undrr'tands . arpenter xvork to some extent: would like to works- '.igi.t porter in a store. Address for three days I'. J. M , Herald ollhe. A GOOD MACHINIST AND IRON WORKRR WANTS a aimat > n to conduct a steam engine. Address Ma chinist, No 4 L-vircnxit.. New York. HIRST CLtSS -IOU COMPOSITOR WANTBD-AT ? l'utna-n a. lj Ann st. /?TORDON PHEBdROY WaNTRD-UNK WHO UN. IX drrxtan ? t! c bueineta will be libeia l? treated with at Putnam a I d Ann et. PICTURE FRAME. MAKERS.-ONE <>YA L TURNER wanted and ono man who tin.lerxtsi.ds hand sod ina 'h ne ptepartmr. For tnl.iru.atlon apply lo J. B. Downing, Ik.' /. ? w.s streutj'.r atldreat Jauirx B. Rogers AC1. No. 4 Beverly street, Hmiten. Situation wanted?as gardener, or assist ant gsrd ner. nnilrriuu t? tb. ntanog-mr n-of a green bouae. vegetahtr*. Ait.; e;?aks Fr.'oe-. and German. Ad dress for I-' o da) e box ll'i Urtald o ti -e. CITUATION WaNTF.D-BY A YOUNG MAN. AS r IP taloon are! Vexk culler. Apply tn ff, II. Stlnemeta Broad >> a . Mom 2 l. rPOUAKHlAOR MAKERS.-A SHOP TO LRAsR. JR 1 Itioakl. n; stock su I I H>la fur sale t'fi'i.t v of work at alt t.mrs, Inquire al el Bridge street, Brooklyn. rpo KALtari-RH -WANTED, A COMPETENT MAl.T 1 st, * " ... ster: one ?be f d y understands tha bvieineva. Call i t>r addtt as S, II. -Itxa .p, JinJ tVext st Vr ANTED?A PHOT GO R \ 1*11 Kit TO GO TO THE at u.y t->-.!ay. "Oder peculiar r> n t> lanoea. Atm'y by I rltvk to day, ? t I. nr.It's, 2 't Cliutliim tquare. 1/ ANTED-A CUTTER. XYHO UNDERSTANDS CUT- I v tipg la'ies- eh.akg; cone but tnox. o." e*|rrieu a need | ply. Alse on. hnt;died cloak uiak>rs. K BWkllU.S, ril Biuadway. ? ASrPD-AN I .NGINI'.F.R'S RITUATION. IN THE I r ly Is- had twenty years' exnerOnei-; refere ,. e Ml ft Oil la?t emptov. r. ?'a I mi or a''d res tV. O. Bus I, Hoooai'ti Ho ise corner >>f H .xlt'tigion and Can^l'tt. ANTED IMMKDIa ILLY - TlllifB VV HKBlRIHUIS who i ntle, ?uti.t wxt;on work ee l ?nd wheels, and who liu.t-islands h.M ? pi < Mot .. Inq'iie of l.sel M lone, corner of Mcieet and Wan'it ats. Jer 4'tty. AN t M? tttO'l Kill LADIES MIGAM tKERR, Al W. I'h x', Ne v 11 fie I ?. \| 1 a ab> ye, o a : W k/\ BOVNI.r FRAME VAX U3 WANY..D?FORI. MI 11yej* i, ,u ? I I ; i I hx I. n -d ui r ? >..q WR c , steady ? t*. Afpyai t (anal a. hicris'or ila'ti mil. .Mil AOVKHTMCitKNTI. ClTISRE Ftl tNUA'SE D .SIRAir .Sk, rLACI'M COM MR let i . i d .a it'ti- e g rr .snte- Irs l-ny, net r Ss 'rexssr aa-i32 ej ne ar., go cott, la lecn-e rue. COAti. WOOD, / xaNNP.L COAL-IRCfc >4 ALL 1|VND I'ffix'i'.B CAN, AV nel f.t eae Uj.W. L. NOItrtiAM, Sl.t Pr rt ?trr?l. /1UAL.-THK liBHf yU.AMT'i OF RE. > AND WHIT ' V ' A?l. C,tsI that '? m nt. ,v| i t s mid at t r o?, ^1 rt'ce that g wtd ui,., ittulw 1 ought l r. .crirnel a d I vin t, ftorn y >r,'f N ? V, 12, I I . tm 11 K.yeaovell slrec-. r J >s ? 'it hC and AS /11 >i mtjr tit set, p H/. r (I 1i' OR RALE?VERY GUGD Wut)D-"ER L ) t !>. Af . |6 ane $.23; i*t |,ny I i .-ft t-. ? nn I f t KV: fee at ind ..ivi ne t WikiiI va.d 2 -i'h.v t V J. x till i. ei', by WldRA llNhLLUb. ? I v; " : YON FOR 111! ?? . i " - VU '.I G a-It Sove l.'g and Fort St I I'. IU Beww/. ' A. lJUAkit'.fcLi^ Aacut. ?fecial, jioticei. /MHPKjmiKs. union NO. 1 witr. MeiTrnra Xj ? *????*????? -*r> eV" Hug. Sapf 7 a". Lick. ? IK. r,,r Tier of K>|hlt) Krcnuttrt^ bUiiWB tl strvet |)u In*-? ,,r ?H Uum vn.l OC bruug I ji ire tu log C1&BHOO PA INTERN* AJWOClATTON -ALL EMPLOY^ I hi sr- Webr r. ?|iecUally Ui7urrn-,1 'L'J frc*-,, es liters have re ??-l 'heir wagtts from #! vito ft per ,.%/ . ui uine .i iiiri . ,?ck yium-ticing M iu ev. S*r>' "> Is | ti. IIKI..KMAN.V, d-surttar, of Corr -pondeaek. \JKKT!N(I OK . ?'K[<:.:K.S OK VMtliLS.-riK? MEW Item of tlii* Mel"-. a..? ml u ? . I a.'l u -rt ?r ?mr l> ? it li ?rl .ft r?tii)B t: -llv t-r tiro to-.'.'rod a -pf'ti riikI hi toft* :i?'4ai 'V it Uu-i.'i ||i. ? it; ???.., asr-ct. tm M *3'. H'iria a Jj?lr '* 'f * ' inen of great ImrorMnee will tie brnu.lil bWoto lh- n.i oting. ti/ ? rJ. r of . IUR PRESIDENT. WCIINLKT OIL COMPART. Ill lucurpc rated un.i?r the In s of (hi Stale of New York, it Ll. L ON OtL i tit-.tiH, I'a.v.N v usu "r; wyw lr\;, OeorgSW'to."' m J J * ender! r ft, H. It. Hk.kon 8 acre tar' RR1S '"^danl. JVAoieit K. . 1, ",%.:ier. AlKlMKlf H f'(-H % S U f " . ! '? l?' U '""it?1?, Oi'KlGK -I JOHN si'ltRBT K"W V r,. Manui ti .trtiNo i hi:mmrt and orns't pik ties liiton-sicd la lie- . wi...l. dure . " iug Hie i'girjirutx ?.. . if .u j t t i i, , ? , ,, linrnee . are reaper. ul'v 0t I to <??. ut.t,i( ,Ir? unit uia|iect an n| ara n. i, mi I ?,i ,n<l known ii. I.tin l..reti I' t. lit . t. . /, ug Vim: 11,. fh? Invention baa boon |iai?ut? I in p* Unit -1 titui??, Luzlan I Kian e an.I oilier oo Ulrica o. h ltupe. when- tar uomtintf oleaha e a lealr bi n fti >,?? th-pu.-po w ol aoi lylo ? t'I machinery to all * in.1 < u1 tra .u Paten r g m antl nl inform O ou fnr.n, c i i? ,lr. t: h. UAlilOHT Agout of tlie patentee. OUL-t I2i .en street. NrW YORK PIT- AND PflUNTY LfOUOit ORAL era' Protective S.? let?,_A regular niODtlilv i eetn-.if inn above aoc et ?tl til he til at Imr |n.i Id. ij Bit; :er llo se, U lterior street 'it.o rl' r tr tn oreem: tieel on Wi-ilneail.iv eveultig "tli It. eant. at el 't n e'o. a A tiunc tnal atleii Iniiet- of uiainhcra ,t. re sted. Hy or er. r... ,, _ riiOMA.t < >. sin, President. ?Tosarii M 'QiMTia, Recrlit . s,e : -tary. CCOTTISII O AM PS.?TU it IK. ITII A N.N '' AL 11A M ps ?'. ii i1"""' J01" 1 ? i'i ? he to Id at n ' " Wood, on I i..r 'ay, Sop etob r S, ilcketa fro TilR IIAIKLU;.. Mints ANU It A It Hit I S UK Til FC 1 i-lly or New Y ? tt II inert'-,|{ nl tne ti id ? li-ld on ThiirailAy. A ii,i t .1. it t-b I',- .?.-n?. trert it Wdt unxnl. moualy agreed to HI ,t , u ...- ,, . ?? tr i ll, lie a? mnana i.y wliimi a art lit .' t b- na e-1 t-.ea.ib e .a taeo-ftit'ir pla.:.?? t.f h .- n- . ui. tl. ? .? .nliaiti. A meeting tn thi . etro t >v I 1.1- Uo .; on o *? e de;i.b.*r J at 9 i o'el.ick, at t2{| llrnmi.. rtr t, it. ar Or ' wlien-all who are Inle.eeteil m tli" .!? ? ct urenp. i > I in lm prr?. nt ? ilHN it. lilillOnl/r. in a ui.'s a u yroii. J. DOlUALla THE MEMBERS OKTIfK 'O'.t'MUrAN" VOr.l'N'TfCKRS lire re.(ileated to . est at i?t: | u f n -tr?. lYeii, day afternoon. .Se|iieinbor 7. u . . c .. a r ;.| , t .a-iemi ti.e funerul ol the late Jnhu i rowley. B\ order' f . ? .. ? ."'OUA J. TaVLOK, i'tealdent. Ja?k.? M. Mi*: k h#erei.-in. COPAIl'S NEP.NCrP. Ayouno man. sphamino KNor.rsrr and per. man. who has *'io it Si.dd , w iUd It n to enter Into H'.ine r?e| et.ihle parti.i. .n ? ? or on'I a . e|.| a etu i, tlofl na clorlc. Call give *omi i id,-. icea. Add ?i S. f. Key. box 17 Newark i N. .1 ) I'est oh ce. AS PARTNER. ?AViNTKO. A M.AN OP IIOHD aI). dreea, tn a . o lire nstiie t soreti yrart ??tal.ii?..ed. a thanes to settle for llle, ' n n hand ha an ?-fro-n pri.tita. I't'AYKtt A Co., . d3 li 'waway. RERl'KOTAHLK \V.iNt AN, (1AVl.VO hOMK MOREY i.'.anas to I'll, ill a par ? - i lup w tl. a Iat present lit ? h iftineaa wt.ieh wonlii nltovJ a pro:,tablo tu. irn. Adereaa l*. ti , U.-riil t o.. cc. AOKNTI.K-.UN OP '-AfltiN AND REPINE' men', want .a to in,est o.i.e r a|.. t.-i I in some aal'eond remuiioralli-c bua'ti -aa, en'.er s partner > r iirmeiiial Ad I'reea. w .'ti real nanm. h.ia.i e , and cup lal rend red. llemor. box *66 Heraiq eatce. * O&IAT OPPORTUNITY -SI, t?.-Tills BUM WILL 1\ fpcure tt ropaiMi-. mm i tni??r' ?t hi fin rijU'i p t u| vih |? vj -v i !v pay l -n' W ?. proa, A an - im:? .is will h ' hi*en y app! .lngat tO'- in t Adt' Hmadway. room So tl. r>v mi'tuai, cinsi . r .and aokurmunt mr. ki?. ? ' w.iidl'e.iet I, .l iii.dr.iv, I. a . rettnrr Ir.en i,,ir hmiac In Lone rhi t id), | ; Ne.v An is aiii is-aaia from to-day to aigu i .e n. ,ns ot ,hs ..rni. MM ' PROTHKR8, 71 Nas att at eet. Nf.w York, Augimt 'J, 1;:0a. Dissolution.-tiii; qopartvi;usurp iierkto Inre rxislltiit bctw.-iM p a Hiibs rlh ri uin et t r> -ir-ii of Con duet A Kit .i. w IF 111- d.i, ill ? red I v mutual eon ;ni. i'ne hos'iiit in; the Irm ? i ?? -?> l.-d t> a lit to o.wdncv, who Is aluno authorized to i; u n liouidut on. . vrtltAM DOWM-.Y Nrw Youk, Scptcmlier A. I;,;?. THOMAS J. utif. I) Ait TN hit WANTED?WITH Kltoli $1,111 i TO $ ! OHO In the produce and ni j.iilon h tain; s A idrs s \? U bov 1ZS Herald o ce. pARINKK WANTP.D-WITH %WM A?TI\'K, 1 M'EI.I.I? I gent and per i r. . .. t : . Introduce an arttdfe ?? gp*at ttalun and ..irge prolita A p y io RICH VAUstl.l & I'LAT I' ISO Broadway. Partner w,im d ;i i-in a pt pttarlb CUh linaliless that w pave 11. A good nyietiii.g lor an active prstin. Heferen-'i* pin and required J, K. IKKLANU A ,'?<). No I Tryon row, 'turner Centre at. PARTNER WAN 1 RD-#l ; "-TO JOIN THE Al> KR tiaer In a long, an? ee -|i,||y e-tah i-hcd caa i btinne*?. Every aailaiactlmi w tli he g.vcn. This is tin o;i< mag ?eld- in tillered to enter at nee .nto u eaf - tin n g ns mu Ad (Ires* tor Interview Assistant, ho* I'll l!?ratd olhce. fJAHH FIRM OF WALruii A OBER IS DI8SOLVKO A by mutual consent. Mr Ohcr retir n*. Ph. Wa ter will r-nllntie the Iniilnm under his own name. The under tli-nod, Ph. Walter, is authorized to use th-i lirm na ne >n II pildatlon. PH. W ALTER l . __ IV. QBhtL 'f'O WHOLESALE Olt LAKHU RETAIL CLOTH I NO A Oea era ?The ndvertiser, who liar hern sen el* en Bug..,I lor over twenty y?a-s at fin: head of our of the large t retail ciothmg "t t? .ilshm.-nt< in the I'mted Slates one l.raticn at the South and on'o i t the N o th?wo ild like to im el with some responsible party, w lit Is desirous or m letidint hie bust in"". I>? ? stuhiictiing a retail l.raneii on Hroadway or some ot. er , at on ulil-b wnwtd c'uiiu.and the genteel trail', ol' the city, or artang ineiita wmi.d t.e mnde with some eatahnalieit on >;r.iadwa? if mlti. eietil iiidureniniits cou'd li t o. ered The na-, ?- n[ the purl* edrcrtiaing would h ? n mitl ch-ut gusran-ee to lnsuie ail lm. med me trade. Further partic lars will ho given t>v art dres'ing, with real namr. .Branch Clothing Store, llerahl olDoe. ?."Uin -*N Af!Tlvf-'' PARTNER WANTED IN A ?psftyty. easli mnnufnc' irlug huslnos-, now paying a prolit of fStkAl a > Call aud ?ta nine the b iaiuesa im. mediately, at .'t& Dey -t 'ect, top lloor. <t7nn -PARTNER WANt'KIJ IN A SAFK, CASH ?ml 'dV/? Maiiula-tiirtig business: basal the far iitiea to earry on the, and lirst class cash ccstomeia Any man wish ng tiieiijizs in u safe, legiti .,ate casu hue', lies-, would do well to ?;.oly on the pront ????ilia face ng Bo* factory?S1U Fifth street, between avouuca u and D. CO /!/)/) -WOULD IN VEST IV N'iMK PROFITA ble r-??h oi b'ng ' iiaino s N.i u.-eiits nor humbugs need answer. Ad.Ires Active. Herald olliee ?9 ? W ANTED-A YOl'Nti MAN, ?iPawsAj v/"/? white ago d sue in in. to take an i:i-er.?t lu n huituesa which ts nr'aui. lis, logic a in ful operation for tha ia?( three ter" fuil rear.U for tli? eapi. tat invealed; a teady in.-.imc of tin i $'.',r?> ,o $"? irjj ,au be reull'Od Addres"*. M K., bos III lli .ald oil ce. (WWI TO Tf? INVEST-IN ANY MK sJi'V"*/' 'Ay ? ban lea I ur man iftietoring business by a mcchaiiic, woo could .ako aetsvo part. Addte-a T. I., f>7t> Hudson street MIRGBliliAIV BVOSe Ar.TIFICIAL HUMAN KTFS MAI N T ' OKI Kit ANIJ lnerrto.1 by Dr. K I! tl l.i'H and P. tidt HELM AN N iforrn^ri^ctnplo. cd by lie-sonmeo, of furls', 4 " Bretd /1AHTINOS I.V LOAM AND HRKF.N HAN .1 OK I ) ev"r? deseefpt'on, er-euteil with desp/.tch. et llu- ti-, , |. ? or Iron Werka, rhirt'euili sire -i. below a.enu," t\ tiBO. M. J A K-tO.V, BHRNKr t V<J. I Ofll.e z it C' nire ?litrL LAW BUSINESS. ?I TAKE GOOD CASKS IN ALL courts and hare no f .. e. til I gala the case Utrnnes ebta'n d In sll eases i!|nr?i| by l>? In any Flute. truce Tree. M. HOWES. Attorney end C uosellur, 78 N'a'saa >u Marble mantklk.?tiik tt .sr pla?-r in yiir clt. to piirclie-e eh-'a.i aim .rail r,nlsh-d Msn,? s it at A KI.ABKR'K Mantel Manufect.ynt. tuB Kaat RigliW-ontti tti-r?t. near Third avenue. N -iv York. Cut this out. Marble and mi-atk m antrlm 'Manckautprbd at "tiro-ii uuarnes ,n Vor.iont) at fmtor. puree. A ale Mantels ?t ah" it ha f tl ? rfr ? of niarb'c Slate Ro fiIterators, Wash Tubs K'nks. Or nals Ao., Ait, WEST CAaTLf. I UN FLAT hi CO'IPANT. ftiOanal sti<-. t. Ne.v York. AILS. NAIL). NAILS. Ud keg,. Cut Nail* at 99 SO, In l- ts tn mil | urcbasera C. B. SlkWAIi r. ti Cliff street. New York. I50KTABLK ENGINE DhPARI MKNT OP 11!E WASH iugliiii Iron iVurks Nawb wg. ft. y .tse?,? jto 5 Liberie stre't. New Tor's, rio-n No A Pnzlara f atl sl.e* frmn llirro to thuty horse |?iwer f irtnsbcd at ehort notice Sf'TT ' RS ? T nih i.Ktir Ptt./.R stationery tack vies Arc put !IJ> by .f. L. O. PI K R P<)N f, 37 an d 99 Naa-an street. V Y T N YPN MFTAL AND OLD LEAD WANT Ii.- I?i| will lie pat I ler a lew aumtird nilyl Yof Tier llctal and old Lewi. Apply at the desk of this o \V ANTED?SEC IN D tl vNU M Af'IiNF.LY -CNR o HUiam Euginr a d Ihu'er. 5 to I-' , '?r nsi r. no Engine l,e he. a" out ft 'eel, and ne Up d lit Ur li.recl atiSwerm to th' sdce tl esisat tu by* I s I ?? ?? ce. ne I'.I b oc fnlly tl.e am I ??, their ,.u ' t .m. rhe. an-J ?h?n ?r ivbern they can ftr keen. WAVltD?A GOOD K"ClJND ll'ND hi Ml HN. * . Itie :Feiui II to .0 iiur-e poa.r. ? c irl r. '?r?, ne'e pme. Ac. Addrre. Joi n H .'--rvug. Yor.v.1 ? fust 0 ? a, N Y. N AKW PIHHiltAl RIAS LW BOOKN, f'YKTI ? I'll YiSI lr. B1 LilHOSf OPIC aej t-puri rg , ft.,',1' ^ Of Ol'.JI h"l A ' "f '"?"?* -V r'i??. e iJ.V.IUj, N. Y. c-Tnd TIIIRfV oKNre AND EMtK.Vi;, SKILH. '? P? KAI'Lii M-ri ii." il it .e, iiu pe.i e. Address 12 Wa.iv Slicrl, turs. nsifl Till iU ''F ABE i.lM'ltlilt 1 my Hie. ol.-Af I a : : .--K.I OFTIIE HBPIBLIO. I'rS ? I.I cents. CANVAbSi US WANTED. OFK1UE OK KMli't LIT.VN RECORD. t IB III OH it IV I. # CtMPAioh huo'.mknT.i ALSO NOR S.tLF. KXPHEftitRI. | ? ' :i S.I Md'.J Ft I'.N ITL'KB KsPRtRM-OFKICE 119 .? * - t RL mm -tr ??. !rt* ...:i F oh ? a-g ? 1 .c ? Pi "it to tee I'a oil-It A M'i'iri. It'll" k * i-;e ?ifti ik? taik.tdlk iBtuV or vdutuyf. /"Mnfty (><s??<L

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