Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Eylül 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Eylül 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. WrMWixT. 'cpl 7?0 J'. 14 1( to Hated that the associated l-.ckx fw.vo d<n>. alud twenty lull' 'Os of real t?i u?t n te< w ith a de. coat, J bank as it saft'iy mod, *ud agreed to use llic certificates of deposits at the Clearing U-.u^e Tba utility ? ?tn? arreiigemeet, however, we are uuablw to see, and t.e doubt its efflcacy. Th-* stuck market betrayed symptoms tUi? morning or an effort to rally it, under which quotation! ailva.ced; but tbe subeeqoent nuking of the market >howod its w*akoe.-? and Uie futility of feeble utteomts tu stimulate sa advence. Juat Dow apart from the unsettled tec !t?g wtilrb prevails with respect to llie future, the runney market i- very reuaitlre, owing to the piospecwve loau n tbe thirty and t-uo-oalf millions of lbhl bonds?btdo for wbitb are to be opened on tb,- 9tb imt?* bileotaer cause* ojierate to iniuutd<te speculation lor a rise from veo turing upon teavy purchases. There is uo doubt what ever that au active speculative movement ou tbe tick Exchange would result in a atriugeut money market even on call leans, but slier tbe balance of the ltfsl bonds are paid for Hie danger of Ibis will be to a great extert ob viatud, and wo anticipate, as one of lis results, a large Incr-ase of tbe v lutr.e of business on tbe Mock Exchange. Rai ussy snares are deeded!/ ebcap at their pre eut quotations, and an easy in.uey market and con.''Jon? in tbe future are tbo oaly requisites to secure an advance. Neverthe less for ibe next tew day- it will be in the power of any Strom- ?? bear ' party- not only to cb"ck a dlsp -sltion to operate in tbl.i direction, but to depress tbe market bo te w tbe low est of the recent quotstions. Tb<-majority of the rpe- ulalive brokers and private operators who have bean absent from tbo city .'or the last in oil in or two have re urned, and those are, of course, anxious to promote activity, and consequently we are at the least likely to see loss of that stagnation which has oisitnpuishtd the market for some time psst The rate fur cail loans is still seven per cent to stock bouse , aud tbe demand is fully supplied. Tbe discount line active at eight per cent for brat class paper, aua ten to twelve for ordinary Tbe close scrutiny witb which signatures bave been regarded of Inle. and the high rales drtn u.ded. have diminished the quantity of pai*r offering, and there is a strong disposition to curtail credits aiuoug tbe mercantile community. There has been vory little demai d today for foreign exchange. Backers ark 109 a !4 lor tbree days bills on 1. Ddon, but lower rntes sr* sabuaiited to. l-raocs are quoted st from 6.13 y% to 6 15 Tbe gold market bas been without any remarkable feature to-d .y. Ibe legitimate demand is small, but tbe "sbori couiracta" sjrlain tbe market, ar a may induce higher quotations. Toe receut bcavv fluctuations bave caused several failures in tbe gold room. The price opened at 242 and after advancing '? tbe maiket weakened, and at tea minute* past lour I', Id. the figure was 240Tg. The s'ock market was buoyant to-dsy, and prices ranged a haif to two per cent above tl.e r.ves of Tuesday. Compared with tbe hi.jt.est cash sale: at no >u yesterday. New York Central advanced at the first session of the br >ker*' board to-day 1 oer ceal, Erie Railway ljf, ITud son River 11?. Reading 1%. Michigan Central Michi gan Southern %, Illinois Central lse, (Tovclan 1 and Pitts burg 1 Chicago and Rock lsluud 1 \. Pittsburg and Fort Wayne 1\, Allen and Tcrre Ilaute I t,, Chicago aud Norlbwestern 1}4', C imberlund Coai >. .Cact-iu Company 1, Quicksilver Mining 4, Maripcsa 3;. sud Ohio and Mississippi certificates 1 The market iu tbe efiernooo was not so strong, and tbe advance of tbe morning was not fully maintained. Tbe Treasurer reports to-day as follows ? P.e.)eipls from cut turns 12*7,000 Total receipts 3,921,760 Payments 4,565,311 Balsuce 15 938,387 St ork Exchtttgr, Wkdsbsdst, Sept. 7?10 80 A M $10000 rs ?'?, '81, cou. 107'4 lOt) hi,s Krie KR *30 lOS1* nooiibfis, & 10 a. leg lue ltki Uudsou Klv Hit.... 12J 10 ?' ao 09'4 luo uo I22W .300' g n ?,j>20's.cou |.<u too do 121 u laoo do 1U? too do pes lOdUU do Jit*, 8" do 12312 2?00 -to Ill* lflH) Readiu-r Kit IS"! 15000 US 'i s, 8,. r?g . Ill" '.km Ju lSS'J Jr 0 US 5?, 10 40, COU 07 201 do..., . t?l6 IS.V4 SUOO Trea u 7 31C.OAA HO 4tW do *3 > 133 40 0 do HW'i 100 do slO 133 3U0O Ch 6's, 1 year eer itlfi l'JO Co 1 3'? SROUO do W 4 6.) Alton A T Haute. . &6'4 (16 oe do 1>3 , 60 M wegor \V aiock 80 8UUn NorthCaronna d * 61 100 Karilau A II H R K 80 60k.'Missouri u'a t>fl*4 124 brie pref 103 4000 MoO'olalO I'acKK 71 5) da.... 10?'-C lOUOu Connecticut ba,. 70>? T<1 Ml h Central KR IT, ihOO Ob.u A M u rer. 46v TOM h do A N i KR 82 18 00 do blO 86* 100 , do.... h!5 SJH 1OO0 do .. .b31 47 lot) do 1.30 8ala 20 ?'Oohben Branrli h KM 200 (to bio &)'? s>'u Otio* Nit iht m 88 likl do 81% '.UOO Pel I.a (.WI.ID lid 401 111 Ceil KK jcrip ... I2"ts f WO Puia,r tVJ Ai'laiui lcJ 40. do I29K It' ,) Pitta KlW > O 2dru 114 1O0 do b5 J20V 14PO0 ili' L .-o a f bd? 116 141 do ?2u I20C 4 4>. t: eveAI'iii?4ilitr. *6 100 do s 0 I2J-, hOKi Uiaa A M > land gr 01 20' dr. alp 129 2i? II A <t Jo au.. gi lf?e 8 Clev. CoiACm KR. 170 M(0 Ame oan golj. t'l.'lg 2.W0 Cle* A Pitt? KR 112 TWO 00 742 4 100 d, alO ll'.W ?h? Itauk of . '?m. '.07 300 do 111V 30 Hank 104 3l?J Oble IN* KK.IrSu 5:t'4 8 hank of the<;otn tb 108 200 .jo 52\ 2iK) Cantou t.ooip?nv .. 34 200 d ,...,.. bio 8'J, 10 Oumb Cos ;>rel s*> fit l.*> do U30 S3 1*' do a:*' tkn,' lt*? do 6JI, 2tw do 6! 400 do VJU 2 k? QuIet'iKer M, 00. 8-M? 10 do 62-4 Jta do SrJ l"Chlc.t>VS pref oi 20 Marfpuas Mg Co.. 42 3i?i do 300 do 42tg 5.0 do 84 *4 IV do.. 83 Ion ciere A Toed.. ItR. 126 70S do.... 43-, 1?U Cb.cag A K I Kit . KkH. 1 ?l do b5 43 600 do Mil " 2ht Wy. n. Vi?l Coal Co :.l , .'Oo do .. 1 *<k, l'H ,.n C >?ICa.i: Md. 6' 300 do..... .MO I'*' 2 0' ?nada t'opi#r Co 7K 100 .la ?Ct. J >y 1 ?) S V Oni'rii ItR .. 12' , 1 . MAP ... icii.iR (.2 luo do Ut) J6 Mif l-i 1 h "t pref. |7I .-*}4 I V lo edo A Wah KR fk>'4 l(? Elie Pit I'M 7uu>'l W .? Chic RR... Ill) 223 d IDS . Ad du Jf.-u J?l d > blO 1'Wk' 100 d'J.... . . 011(110', 60 .10 bIS .0* , 6"0 de bid II U *00 do IKS , lUu d ? .Jo llu BgCOND IOASP. Haljuia-t Two o'Oiirt P y *100-6? U 8 C'?. 81, crX 1P7S .wb kh- ilud K RK..?!6 I 2 260 U M-i 2" S r-g 110 20" r.o >15 121*. I 0 C 8 (.1 >. ar er V4 3 ? Chte A 111 It K Iui3 , Akkh' do -V, 8ki fiiu 110 t ViWTr n, 7-3 . O AApl 110V 60 l.rj', UO k) bio A M ?? car 4-, 4 ?.".<) Readr.g Kit. ..'10 13.1 in -8) d" 4? ?N| da 1 '2\ 16>> atii Q't ''Saltver Ms. -S tuO do 132 , 21a 1 d'... . frt :a.? M el. b A N I KK .. 8t'? ton ft T t>nt KR but 128% 2011 do h.u 82 3d Msnpoaa VjiCu. .. 44 ?Od tl. t ?airai KR ??! p 128*8 S?' do 84*4 llki do 128 , 60 Erie KR. 1I- , *> 1 tile** A ritta KK ink 4 d'l . I'M 4 Chi. .20 X N V* KR 621^ lOu Ilail Kvir KK 03)1.2, <>?) ito b3? .'3 Ol du ' 2 208 Cleve A Teledu KK. 126 190 do b, 0 122*4 CUT COIQMICIU 1AL REPORT. WsbMb-nar, F?pt. 7?6 P. At, Avrvk ?Receipts, 36 bbie. Tb tR.araei remains lute, live, a .d quoiatiuns are oom.oaiiy |l.'t 50 ami f 15 50 tcr pots and pearls. Bar. ?i>?n rr . ? Recalple, 6 832 bhla. Dour, 1 OM bbli co-n meal, 47 521 busl?el* wheat 43,4 7 do. corn, 2 #66 tic (mis There was a little more tone tr> tbe flour mar ket t"d.y. and Rblpp ng, extra Male aod Weafrn, was ?b it 10c dear#". lTaoe brands were w m m da, sled charge The receipt* ronin.ue eitr- me'y light, aud ibis has the effect tu atrengtben the i-orltion 01 balder*. Ibere la nu maVgu. of pr fit uu sblpraaoi at pieaent, a> d lb* export trad* l? at a ata. d. rkie* 14 t*Ki bbls. r'tate aa l w -stern, 1.300 Southern, and 500 anadiau leg m*a, *11 in ?<K)d requrat. with a? as ' KS) hb a at |5 fur eraey and $1 59 tor Urandywtne. Kye flour was in activ* We quote ? Suparfse-lata and Western flour... B fOi 16 ft Kitia Mate 10 15 a 10 3o Cbo a state 10 36 a 10 86 Common to medium extra Waetern . .10 26 ? 11 00 Fit's r end hoop 11 15 ? 11 10 Fetprt tiadabraede 11 45 a 18 25 Hi 1'a ok, Louis 12 iX> e 18 00 Oon wuibaro 11 00 a 12 00 Fai c? and extra ec .12 00 a 18 00 O o-m-n ?D?d,ao 10 lb ? 10 :4) Coed to chotee .1,4 aitra .10 46 ? 12 00 Rye lieu' aupwrene S 00 S 12 O0 : O-rri meat, r>? ? 8 uO a 0 It. 1 Core tnoal, puncasu .? 38 mi a 89 00 ?tb* w t.aal m? kel ( r.ttn ed ?!utl, and tbo ..b aupibise were light. yet with only a moderate inquiry, pri-e< fav''ad tbe tni rr -* r? i, uo t.u>lietd at f! ? r hand*-,me new crop wb-le M g*r. 7. 82 a V2 4 , tf'or Kinb.-r Mi- |'2 86* 92 42 f r winter ran llntr 92 .4 a ?'2 .36,'< for amber Miles-ke*. 99 a 9i 34 lor Mi wanaee club, and '2u a ? f.w Cbtra?<> ?pr ur Kye was eomteailr $1 hl a 91 ?6 i w?* u 4.r u?. mand and prices were ?e ut use cut b. -ter sale* 6 10 bu'bei* at 91 00 a f 1 68 tor Wis ten, mixed au? 1 r - * for t gh mixed. Deis were e shade firmer, with km ,? 9tc * 98lie. Corn.* ?Tbe demand w?? n>uder*te, but Vh<> mark*! wa* Orm, * alee ?oo b?ioa. We quote ? fared. *'"?' A"" Ord I...173 174 M.' Iko 186 1). Ooud ru drti of.... .1*8 188 190 1 <u l?i mt? ware uochanged, with a n>ndcr?ie bu?la *? 11 ???.ni--Tii* in Uverpool, per AmericAi. voeael*. 1 ',(< 0 buabe ? ? boat, at 6d.. ai-d 12 (SK) rora at4'?d, both o bulk Ft ur oomitieily la.. and be*iy |0?ds at 12- 6d. ? 16? j*r B?ntr*i 21 **Ki ousbela wheat at AH'5' 1,1 I'u-a, aud per *ieatner. 7 woo b 'xbnl* wheat at "d., *400 Koxea mod at anx., s.f.-io b'.ltnr at 'M , and 2. >"0 b-ixe* cb exe it .(4? *40 To ' nodnif, f-?r neuirai, 50 1 una nil take at 22* e-V R ll'a', t-ark w*f chartori-4 to l/'Bdun. wi'b IO.ivhi t. vbeet, et <d a ai.11 of 79* t s. fmm Mewtmetetea port u th-j ? KingM< ru or on tb'i t - el nent ru e at .a nd ? bark <?# 894 ton* from rtee ports to tbe 1 sited K n*d m or n?rta < n the Obetimel, at '2?. ? d a Wit ->r a|'< tons from d-'kt n to Ttoenea Ayre , latab?r ah t 913 60 a Brit--1. ba-k of 342 toW. too* to Meitexideu. annul 111 - 1 Iti b Or g of f..'<90 bin* . to the windward and but at 92.760 heif ? aid ?e ?f w tone, to went I sitae nai buk at 9 wo, ha'' p M one of 12 t 1, . t J?t Johi.r S ' , at 80c. >md 8ic I" dry and wet bb'r . a brig to Ne* 'irleioa, with 40) 8- 0' qua!, at 918 50. paritieiow*. Receipt* 23 pVpr cut meat* ao<l .'36 00 lard Ibe put ma kei *a fait la act ?* aud brtn. ?a ?e O.nflO bt.o ?t tin S# *$41 for old mws.J42 68 a $4* 12? l?, not do., cl ??!..? at f id f ??? fin 4 <>0 f.)r primp, " ! f'l 1 r P'iim oi. m? i? ? f*io bbi*. new roes* sold regular wuy . 13 5. ft 300 tibia. ?lo for all $eplem-or, buyer*'upti n, *t v;. .'aj . $44 6(0 bins do , buyer I# N ptvtnber 16. at $43 2.5, and l.uOO bbia. deliverable Die Hrgi ion day? .? OiAOt?r, buyer*' option, it $44 Hie b'vt market warn u11e a live and 0-m nad-* 4"0 ubi*., at $15 f r ? hi try tuuee, $lti (or country prim.-, f18 ? $20 lor repacked in -*n and $.'2 a $2 ? lor egtra do Prime luww beei was cutM at $32 a $35. Cot uco were lb ivr roqntwt, at 15>,o a l?\c. lor sbouldora tod 18r. lor ti in i *,no b.. <-e o 300 package*. Rscna u u g lertod. Th? I ira marke w <s iu lairdem ud and firmer; h i ?i o' 4,000 bb'a. at 2 ic a 2t>tC.-iba latter ai'ex tieme prce. Poit?r wp id rtmiai a 4lc. ?? 47c. for Oh o an i 48c. a 65c. fic-date. Ct.twme was id fair roqueal, at 20c a 2Tc. lor coaitnoo to prime. bnlea o( tfessi Relate. By Meser*. Muller, \VDittos A: to. House and lot No. 23 North Moore etreet.., ..$8,250 VinAlOUh TJNITKD MATES SEl EN-TfllRTY LOAN. I The Secretary of the Treasur. give* notice tliat sub* rip I Hong will be received for Coupon Treasury Notes. payable j three year* from August 15, I804. with semi-annual Interna at the rate of aeveu aud three ninths per cent per annum? principal and latcreat both I" he paid in lawful money, j These note* wi be convertible, et the option of the holder it maturity. Into ail per cent gold bearing bonda, payable not leaa than five nor mo e than twenty years fmm their ' dale, aa tha government may elect. They will be isaucd in | drm.m nations oi $:<J, $10oT$5dO. $1,000 aud $5,000, and all I subscriptions must be for fifty dollars or some multiple of ! i fitty dollars. | Aa the uolee draw Interest from August 15, persona mak- J | ln? deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued Irum data of note to date of deposit. Parties depositing twenty tiie thousand dollars And up. I wsrda for these notes at any one time will be allowed a oom mission of one quarter of one ner cent. 81'EClAL ADVANTAGES OF THIS I.OAN. It I* a National Ravings Hank, offerings higher rate of In' terest than any other, and the beat seienrily. Any savings bank which p.ns Its depositors in United Stales Notes com elders lhat it Is paj Ing In the beat circulating medium of the country; and It cannot pay In anything better, for Its o#n a?sets are either In government securities, or in notes or bonds payable In government paper. CONVERTIBLE INTO A SIX PER CENT 520 GOLD BOND. In addition to Ibe very libera', interest on the notes for three years, this prtv jiega of conversion is now worth about three i*?r oent pei annum: for the current rate for 6-'70 bonds is not less than nine percent premium, and before the war the premium on six percent Doited States stock was over twenty per oent. It will be seen lhat the aclnal profit on tbla loan, at the present market rale, is not less than ten par rent per annum. ITS EXEMPTION FROM MATE OB MUNICIPAL TaX. ATICljf. But, aside from all the tdiantate? we Lave enumerated, a special act oi Congress exempts all t-ooda and Tresaury nr.tes from local taxation. On the a', erage, this exemption la worth about two per cent per annum, accord ng to the rate of taxation In various parfs of the country. It Is believed that no seeiir.tna offer so great inducements to lender* as those issued by the rovrrnraent. In all other forms of indebtedness the faith ar Ability of private parlies, or stock companies, or sejiarate communities, only, is pledg cd for payment, while the whole property of the country a held to secure the discbarg~f~all tha obligations of the United Slates. SUBSCRIPTION'S will BE RECEIVED by the Assistant Treasurer of the toned States, corner of Will aud Ma aaii streets. El rat National Punk or Ne~~ik, No. 4 Wall street Second National Bank of N*w York, Twenty third iTeel and Broadway Third National Bant of New York. No. 5 Nassau stree'. Fourth National Bank of New York, 27 and 2S Tine street. Fl.ih National Bank of New" York. 338 Third avenue. Slith National Bank of New York, Siiib avenue and Broadway. Eighth National Bank of New York. G50 Broadway. Nlnih Nations Batik of New York. 36*. Broadway. Tenth National Bank of New York 240 Broadway. Central National Bank of New York, 71 Dusae street. National Exchange Bank ~New York. 184 Greenwich street. And by ail NiDonal basis which are depositaries of puf-e money, and ALL HBsPECTABLiTkaNKS AND BANKERS throughout Uie country wilt give further Ini'ocmaHoa and i APEOKD EVERY FAtTiZnY TO SUBSCRIBERS. \NY TARTY HAVING AT COMMAND PROM $2.(kO ' to $?.0uu may more than doub.e it. and have the same ? in :ur control Addres- At. liviwid u3,-c, with real u <me ? i-fl Buchanan oil and rectifying company I'ro|wrti siluaied on Ctieirr run, Yrn-ii ? , u,ty la A Min ed amount of the Capital Mo-v o Hi *--empariv ran i yet be obtained at the ?ubacrltnlnu i rbe <.! t o dollar and I cwnty :??? rents'Par snare. bei.,g 2c par , ent of the oom I r.ft. par v;$l ? ?' t.? This eut<?rf.r>#c r'e.a uuk .ri tL'-Ht ?l in* d emeriti'or-a ? a" well a* p nbtabte in i >tmeuu For !'to?i*e ids and further lDfotinatim a; i r i a M Bunt s*r. wr. Hrmdwra ?. a t Kli ah M'.-i. tig Mwlden Ian#' I wnerc b'Kikioi suba rip'.lou are now op n A M MINING RIt, premdenu nlTIDtND mis. OOOLD a OURKT CILvill M ntig Company ani The l avage Mining I pan? bare ea- ti deetared a diet led <u f( nolle-- tier f-Kd I p.vabe In go.d colli, alone n .. e. lit! ?X'alt wccei no n?d | ariar the .MP It. mu to no.dei J a'r,-k w'.o rnllect their 1 llxidend. through ua Hb'GENM KKLLY A CO. I New Ton*, hern 7, 1864. Fhksi national bank,~ no. ? wall strbkt. m.w yor? I FISCAL AGENT FOR THR I NITED STATES (40VERN I MENT. I On the 9?h Inet the Secreia-v of the Tresaury will open hi I* for thirty I ne million* of Cnilcd Metei sfxea of 1?H * being the unaward-d balance of l .a he vents live MIHiiii I I/n,tn j Thli bank wi.l take order- far this loan, and wi t Include ! In lis own*bid the oen. r? of other part* * A t orders a . en ' tared mual be ar -moanleg by a prepay-rem of five vto-r cent Tlie balanoe mint b* paid on notice of award or in ' eqiial inata'ment* on the ?dth. UNh and 24tn of September. I The bond* will uarrv intcre*t trom nay af pai ment I Mr .1 Thompson wri represent this bank is WaaUlnfton ! at the Opening of the b d? ... 0 ,, ?. C. THOMPSON. Fre?laeat. J*>U I rRraicr, Caehter. Financial nuthk?t'i whim it may com. cern ?fcevarel una is loan on caret,o d aa I teoci.ent property, building oan-and undhnde.1 interr-n* JOSE I' H MASON. 5,14 I'ibe airaei, i mm* 10 and II. f OilN II. MURRAY k CO . I ? HANKERS, No II Hre-id sirect, near W?M *ireet DP AlfR US IN UNITED .stATKK bECU'RITIhv LOA* OF 1881. PROP08AE.H for LOAN. Ta??si ?r De.'*er*vwv Auguet 80. l"$4. Sealed offer* w|it he received at tin* Drparimaat natter I the a. t nf March 3. 1863. until noon of FRIDAY. Ibe yih of ' rep-ember 18(4 for bond* of the Untied Slate* to lae am ?ini of ahqui Hurt, out and a hail mill on or do ar-. 1 being the emoant ul unar-oe ted oilers undisposed of under i 111 nuti erif l'roi??-l* for lAian, dated i IK June last The hcion* will hear an annual luieresi if *1* per oentmn. pay ah.c wnil a nuailf In coin on the 1st 'lay- of July and Jaau- i *ry iff each year, and redaein?h e alter the Hhb ot June j Bach offer umat be far fifty or one hundred dollars or vonie pin .eel" rit nee Sut.dred douere. and must im> the * III. ? >c i d us p.aiuliiin, Ollcird for each hm red doliare : In bonds or fortlftv when the offer m for no more than I t fly. Two |?< r C-'BI Of the principal, esc udlpg i>-em .m, I ot the wboeamouui offered m >? a* depoeitej ?- a.,,r. aitv foi ea.'ieniof ? .b-rnpti- ., If a. . ted. w ih ihe T re, ? .rcr ot the United Stale-at Wa ., I u p,n Ui wi h the A ?i taut Tieamrer at N.-w York. Bnaten I'liffadi pli ? .,r j S I cut* i r with i e design* *d De, ounrr *t galll- ere i I rut*' ry <m- ino*tt, L t, stille, Chi ego De roit or B "? * or w th any National K*aku>t A- oc alien author ' ed u re eive deposit* whl h inh c?'n?#iit to ttsn-v-i the . me., w inaut enarge D ipiicat* nerilfloate. of ten ,*it . I * * * *d ie d*;>e*lior? b the offieariirR**ol*i;.ii r? ' 'hg t em. the origins ? of which mnat lie fornaMed i v ' ?? .ffi-re'P th* 'epai ti"-Dt. All dep..* u sho , ,| be | ? * tl ? 'or advi e nf ndi r* -vlth certlflOhV to reach w ? g- on >t eier than the mnro nr of Septembef p No I I ?r met ??!?- pa led by It * proper eertlfi.-ate n? deposit | ? 0" mi * J wni b# of fb* ?ice ill . of ?.? flisi, $Dkl and fl,H? 't-gl lued ? '?bt and fto.'sn Wi'l aia be . su. i If rv iiilred Ai *'?!? received . Ill opened on S'rtjay -he tHh Sep t ! b# Hv th# H?? 'Pr? to th* ' f. iii? vv" *f ?'??t?sic i,f i.r n-iioawm i b edi tal give., to t-,e revperi vw off* era and Incase ' w ? epiar.i-c bmula if the lew rliAtona an : Cum nai i.n* | prelerred wllj be ?eat te theaubw rPwfa a* the ;o*t?of t'.e . , oc.erin m* on final psym. ni of Inslaln.eoU I he or" rial Iv aio i*d|?f " i* 1 be ri'tgnued *n'he i ju tr.stai I P.eol yid b? aunt evvfnI offerers, sod wi be liuraeaUte'v ' | reiun ?4 io tS ,i? whoa* offers ruay not be a* * pled i rhciT-. si o' s- e|de I offers nest be depoe"*d"v?Hb t ? ' f Iffss rsr Of Other off cer ?w sseo- latior *'M,hor*/ed to *-t iidar (bis notice " ?. d-!?* of anc-ptanee of ?7e- orssfol lose* Op IIIMS: or Ief#ce th? llth uae ik,rd cm or b? I 'm* the l<"b, a-)d the hsasnce. lacludlnf ?h# pretrturr and origin a two |>#r ren d*p ait. on or before 'hs ??, <?,? . ! b. In'ere*) p. bonds w| | begin wt?b Ih* data ,,i deposit ' Parliea Inferring may pay W caccfied int.ron date 1 of bond > 'y I. u, date of deposit in eom I Offers und*r tide notice should he endorse I ' Offer for Jycvn ? and add eaeed to Die S*ere?ar? ?f Ibe Trnaaurv. 1' a r g I-, d*c fu* all offer- net -one'dered a4antag*oii H teserved It the goscrnmeek ^ j L V Peer* sif t f the Traaa irv 4 Tac bund* lor this lean art ready far tasmaeiate de.fen , flNANCIAI.. VTE.W T'lRK AM) lUKt I ?* KWl.kOAD COMPANY. 2 ' r'? ;-?d a o ne., c reuer of Fourth av?oue mJ T*?nt IINc? York. August ? I8?i ?I'rniioaala. wl)l be re.eivr a't'.tia olllce until chq of Hra-emlier tiwx* mn. for 'wo hundi' thoii'and dollars of ttir 1 lonsolti! iwd Alort-uar au.l Sinking Fund Hood* of tbi* company There lond* were i-noed m March. l,A*t. irt<-;c?t At A t '* <*?l, pay al ia ren l-aaounlh .,n pr .-eniafioii of ro iuous, #l :"?V ,n" , ir,;*' ?'* Imped lo An aggregate A'nA'IBl of not ei.-eeniuK at* mi.Hoik of dollar* aud are redeeiu ad o in t triy fears from the r data. 1 hoy ?err tuned for the purpose of consolidating tha an ire niortcnge deb* of the ntnipur and A'f rei urrd h? a mori **e upon the arliols of Ita railroad, luom ting it* oity rn-'roaua. " The mortgage provides for a a,akin* fund, to He applied *rnr aunuallf to tlm pueohaae atul catpwlla'.ioa of the a broTideb for th# appiu-At on of ji-ro no Ik or walo o. the real estate nf me company wutfi of ' ieVoM??D<1 10 lUe purchase an<l eiiiuguiaiuueni of A ullicirnl nuti.lieror the bond* have baen .st mi ie to pa- the existing mortgages as tney bechma due rurihar iBlorioatn.u can b bad no auulir.ilnn ai ib j ?*. 11 VANlKltHlGf, Vloe Pro* 'rot NOTll'K?IloLDIRS OK STOCKTON (CALIFORNIA! City coupons, due and payab.e iu New V ork m duly, IB >4. enu January ISA am hrre'n riollHed thai the same oi i In paid in 1 mind stains golQ coin oa presentation at tlm Metropolitan Bank, New York city, on the gmpeoiive C. T MKAGKR. l|Wl Richmond county, statbn island ? IT1>r.w HB VKN put OKNT " U?2DS ??> " AND $1,-00 ?,,SJr^ c8T PAIA?t.K SEMIANNI/ALLT. nf i?.f J n"*rT, ?J"' hundred dollars i JlitO.OtO) nf fcfviuTi-'i i 111 WW at banking houae 1,? BORKNFKLD a CO.. No. s Broad *'reel, nf in. i J? n bonds will be Osiind under tbn authority ?l,? u . 7 FA**fd ?'**b #. IStH, and under a regulation of O.Ul?n?of. t",b"'v's->r. adopted July at ltd aud tho nrT ?,,v'ribar4 ,0 hmTe thelu ri>b for f'*? ,fn' riiiuti or iwenly*Ovr*> years fJlHK BRIGGS GOLD COMPANY, NOTICE OK dTvIDENO?NO S. . , , New Yohs, Sept. 7. Itfd. A dividend of one per cent for the month of Augu?t as Seen declared, passbleat the omcc of the company. SI l~'~r h*w . . ?",a"d V.l,'r s<ipt JMDtit. to ehareb dd. ers of record at the close of business this dai. WALTER E. LAW J'Gn, Treasurer. TK^'VI'5 A'iKKU* OP *111 K LMl-lilK MILL ABB J Cnrnpanv. of San Krattcisr-o Celifoi aia.?Orti. urates -Kaued at the ottl'-c in Sau Franciwci' cau be etmang ed at the ag'-m y hern until the If.thor Sepicmber uetf after that only irbeu dienliarced from the home ol'ce ' I LRKS A W A LI. I . It. Tranafer Agent', OOeM83 Pine str- el, Nfsr York TilK J.M'ltlllAL ??! LV' R MINING COMPANY HAS j Ueclarml a dividend for August of sited,, ar, # , pei ! snare, in gold payuble through the Hank ot ' abforn a -o Lf k"rnu e,2C^o!?s*rw- jAbhauge, by LhliS A WAL ouici's No St Pine street. N't v Yokk Sept. S, G^tr. rjlliK MoKINLKY OIL COMPANY. M,Nh?TleOEOH r1>IVIDK.Nr>' ?a N>>-Tbe"Tr"^.'esS of^fb. , a dividend f thire pei cent .out of the net earnings of the c tuua it for the ZTt?' We ?fc-bnd I the Otltrr the J enl'd^' ?' S" hi .lolln Street New To: It, to nhart hol lars o' record, at the close of business tbi~ day Walter k. lawton, Tn i-urer. ryiHj THcaTPEa op the central pktbolscm nnn. ^mG b"fe.H1,1 *^?r declared a dividend of one per cent upon tlmir amtal of $9,000,if0. for tho month of \u. p vt. pniabie at their odice. No lo Pine street, in ttuscily ou the loth in.t. WEI). W. CLARKE, Secretary Taw Ravage silvrr mimxo company of san A r ranrieco has declared a dividend sf arty dollars tier foot in go.d psiable thr ugh the Bank of lla'ifornia to Ka-jern stockholders, on and after the 6th Instant lean V'awVmlnJnepr. 7. If?? *' N"' " ""**?? TT 92E&* PI'RRJ silver mining COUPAET ci . . d" d ? ^vWend for Augu". of tlfiy dollars per foot In told, pat able through the Hank f California on nZnrRVSTt ",r "> York, ou and after 33 p?B0 Strwa. e5,eich*n?'! lkeh a waller, offices N?? York, Soptcmher", 1861. WALDEN, WILl.tRP A ReHTtnm _ . Hankers. n,.,?. . , ? J' Broad - ireet. New York 8e-iiru e? or in i"rih* Purchase and an!* ef I'nlted Slate* and Fiehanye am'Ui ? W-tariermavter* Voucher*. Specie and purchased. Rlife?',?" ,h* Sovernmenl collected Bank of the Republic. Charles H Marshall. KI(, yLPa/k?*vJ>0^chir't * ?o> Brands Skid Jy, Beq John J. Crane. Bso. p. W. Bogs, Esq rir VNT>vD.-M..lOO TO llO.fVlO CAN BE IMMEDIATE Vy If employed to lncrea??-the u-anufacture of a uro.lta ble wnd cash article, well eataMlaned and p .a-esstng au un lini'tcd dunand Amp e and un'iue-tionanle security will Uo5' ?A Mr.V * "i- 'en'1"r with due atJen Hull A(l(lrc?j A. box 2,1/0 Pom o?'bcf. 0(10 wantED-ON PBODLCTliK RRAL R8 atO.UUU ta'e. wortb twlc- the amount for three or ofiice **r* #'81 VtC C"" Addr**? w- '? C . box 121 ncral.1 ()00 -WANTED TO BORROW. KOR ONE ikl v Ih* ?b<,T8 amount, oo furndure, Hhrs me i ? beueehold foods worth ftoom. in < lasa dwe:; ,,e i?i,n'i,r ^11 0U0 "TO,'?A!f OK B0,n, A"? "ORTOAGE, on liberal term- the abnve amount, in sne tfATiVm1*' on productive Uy prnjieriy Addr-sr 8oo!?lv. Herald . dice, property ofTeied and am .ut required. ;L'M 0(H) ~ANV. okntlbman hamno tris eat ?" thnut risk.rilX?drcs?nOep1iaTbri*llL?Hera'dnoffifel'*r $300,000 otNT _ _ on New Y ork t ity pi one; |\. JOSEPH Ma-ON, No. it, pme -t , rooms Wand II. BOAKOIWC* 1*1) f.OI)(ll.V(L At NO. r WEST TWENTY FIFTH STREET Alt I Ifciygeineriu con beeltecfcl lorS- Itaol Rooma (all with southern cxpesurei with pr.vate i? a so a very lame I Room, smtahle for a part ol gent men " 4 T THE FRANKFORT HOUSE ONE BLOCK EAST j of the t.ilT Ha'l. corner of Frankfort and Wldiam I ?tree:? 2H) neatly form* md light Rs A mom to ose ' person. It*-. M W)e. per day ; $ I M to f ,'yi per Week. House op^u ai; night. AT THE GRANT HO! SE 41 JEW BOWERY. BK ^ I ween t.haham 'pare a:-d Chambers ssreet, f,re n Uruadwsy, tnttrenleti. To buaineea Renins, to 1 f.0/i?.i2*n*n',TT'1,,V *i31,g83 r*> aud regu- 1 mr hoard Open I A1/;. *^1 KOt RTEENTII STREET BETWEEN I n ^ L and Slith arcn "??, a j? and handanmr.* ; ui nl-hed front Parlors an-l Rr i,'?m, whl amp e i^turle, ti bo -. r-cond sod Third Also slug e K . ,nt* or gentlemen to let w.ih Kuard | * SUIT OF THREE PARLOUS ON KIR.-tt FLOOR. 1 r-ns ' I. a o fit. Kioms on >-voi)d and ihtrd ? fl.jura (a 1 n? >\ > nlshed'.t , let. with nrst a- Boa I. \p- ? ay-vle "?'bin -iiei between Broadway an J Kiftk A tAI>T w'*"K8TO LF.T A NEATLY Ft'RRISBP.D i Room to a l?d, and <??..;> an, Una. i lor lady .sly. Houve '.loijern, iamlly am,I Addrres Mrs. Wyant ' M^raid ofiscf * I a Partyok op-ntlemrv or * oentlkman and / * w ..e can l o a vooiiiiod t w ith a band o e Par .r tor at 7t Last Tw<-:rui .ireei. Also two Halt Komns. r eference gl- en and re.pjued Dinner at ?!. A T NO. 8" WEST SIXTKENTH 8TREBT?TO LET. .* with Roar d. hand orneijr tiiriit*hed Krjonrs in surta or singly. Rel* -en.-rs en hanged. A FEW GENTLEMEN PAN RP ACCOMMODATED with Rooms sod Hoard at i?l ilrantl streei. beiwreo Broadway ar 1 llowr ry. AT Ht NINTfl KTREET. WEST Or UNIVERSITY Plane?To lei, e,e?atilly Kurnwhed /t0 rn? nr. litst, 1 second and "nni flrrora SiniaMe for farm.Ms. with privs?e I .ble ,,r first as* Hoar t None need apply but tno.e will log lo pa. for lirsi cla-a accommndstpin* A KKH Wl- LI, Fl I NTKHKD ROOMS TO Ll'.f W i f H ftotrd. In ? pnraie fnm If. h w r-'twn ronr in,p. Aining foo<i'*rti > rpio^ru"nfi. Bm freurfsi ivfn iB'l r??EHi|r?fd. Aj>uh *t +'36 We??. TwCnlf eecuuii stm'l, b? wnrn berewih and Blglnb avonues. ADRslRARLB RI;i4 0?' ROOMS, CONSISTING OF a Parloa and Bedr -om handanm-lv furnuhed ?? let, bigeuijcp^n. The house contain* all the. modern improve. i mnita. Apply at 64 Amity street. AHIoHLT RF.8PBPTAPLF. PRIVATE FAMILy] OP cur'Tiog a flrsl <? ate llouae above Twenty-third efri-e'., near Let ogton aveaue will at ? l.asdsoraely f'trnoh d ? .11 Of Boo-ns, with super or table, to ioMI. men end their n ire* (Without el. lidren. or Slngl' gentlemen house has all I the modern Improvement l'nc*.wpiionahle references given and required. Ashlers* Mrs. H . bot Ad'* Po?t oflior APAKI.OR FL -or OR HALF Of HOUSR TO LET; also Pnrii,shed Itoam*. with or without Board, gentle, men preferred No MO East Tweni. aevgoth streeL near loorlh * A CARD.?P ARTIE* preferring a private residence can le bandanmely nerom mod sled with ^MPy'o * >0<1 'or,,borl tine, ai 65 Eaal A* IM east fo-rtf.emtii street, ret ween 1 ?V Second and Third *venee*-Kum shed Rooms to let. w 'h Hoard. I?.allon very dec rab-ir. R?N-rei, 0 re pured. A "ENfLtMANI WANTS HOARD IN BROOKLYN OK J\ New York, where young *.r!rty e ..pd be en irited Ad ?ffiee' '?r Uir"e 1*'*' A R"' Do*! odiee and lleinld A Iu |,'AMM'r DR'IRR To LET THEIR . '^,0l,d f'a"r* P suite, with private tahle Al o one or two Nn.le Rnoms to gent ernrn Call at No .16 Twsiflh ?lro< t. attw dowra weal of Broadway A LADY HAVING MOKE BOO* THAN RFOfU RED, J\ mj,i Iot a lew Heganl y l irn.aMi Rooms In her pr. yaie lirnsee, IS Abingdon squnro .iimi Hleeckar streat Ap pi> ai A F'/'VAIh EW4LV Off PPV'N., 4 flRtl CLAM J\ lion w is II uoken would b en a g ntirmsn and bl? w, fear two ln?l< gsnt.rn.en ?Apply at 2d" Hloombe.d ?tmet. A LARGE AND liAND-OMRI.Y EL'RNIKMED RACE J\ Parortolet.wri. or w.vho.i Hwa.d to one or tw. g>n Prints In a private f?m la, tf e*r|y appHeauos is made at II Real Tenth Greet r ear Greerwi'h avsnee AFi W GENTI.EMRN CAN HAVE BOARD WtTB t single Room* a ? ? per week one Room for l wo at Id. al Ko .ru for one at $? ai p., Amur at 14* ?ilberry etrret sear Grand w A* ENTIRE SFg'')ND E I.M) R _C')NS I AT IN G OE J\ f'.ur WWII Purmabed R e. ?. r,? *, r,biam?d hy * family or severnl single persona, at M7 Ea t Twentieth ?Hem near Borond avenue. H.-isefirsi oast. Peitonsei redgiaus habits preferred. a BtiTTDf PROMT ROOM* TO BENT ?ith kut?n J\ stud ResllwiitylSl.d slrr. I K?'ei ore evehansed! AGBNTI.RMAN AND WIPE < AN OBTAIN A PLEA ?a-.t Room oa secmd door, and Board, In a private fi.iT.'ly. by applying ?' 417 Washing.,,B atfeel. K.oOklya APUENISflED PIW)NT ROOM ON SECOND PLOOR and Bedroom oo third door, for a pari- of adults In a private famllt, where the best the market sherd* will he Trended. no pretee* on lo style 0i ft.bine. Eer former psrllruiart app y ai J9 Perk row, of 0. W Nash. a ORNTI.RMAN. WHO f* AlOtfT TO JOIN TEE J\ army drslrra a home IB a rtipec ible rami r tor hi* w re Phe I* of a niei and retiring ' si oaltioit. a .1 willing t> ma** oerssif-isefiil as a rn nil *r of the family. The tomferts of a rome more danre'I than ?*?e? Adiraae P M D berali office BOAHDHB ADO I.UDUIIIO. AOI SIRARLK 8 0 IT OK KOI IMS TO LET- Wl TH lull t>u*i t. id a lira i claas battue. No & W eat Ivrenty* fourth atrort. Of?|N??it* ib* K.rik Affluiif Hotel A *^IVATH FAMILY, AT NO. 48 WhbT fWHLPTU a X unci, t*uw<*t> Kilih etui Mxtb aveuurn, o*u acoomino del* e geet emen and wife and two nlngl^ o vii'h p ftA.iat Kurninhftd Hooina mul Hoard. Ueffc.fuce leiinrtd. borvaiiu and cbudrou nut taken. A OKNTLKMiN AND WI FR OAN RIND Ki><-M8, ? W* .ifi. s wl"> g"<id Iriierd, in a <|ii<nt family r? w IVi.*' *??* Thirty eighth signet, between Hevenlh au J Ktjfhth avenue*. A SINGLE room to let?with hoard, to a /* gentleman Apply ai 14f> Weal Twenty-fourth street References exchanged. AVRKY PLKA9 ANT, HANDSOMKLY rURNI8IIKD Pnrlor, with ample elo-rli ami large well lighted lled rootn attached, in lot, wlih Hosrd, for the Si; East Twentieth Ntreet, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. ABACK PARLOR, WITH 811 ROOM ADJOIN log, and ooe aiugk* room on the fourth Moor to let. with Hoard* at No 117 Ninth at met, near Broadway. AT 80 NINTH 8TRKKT, BBTWKBN FIFTH AVKNUF and l?Diversity p ace?a aim of itoom* on ee ond loor, riot and cold water; aKo a few room a I>toaer at ait o clock. Kef ei an cor. exchanged A LADY AND GKNTLKMAN CAN FIND TWO HAND aoaioly FurniaUfd in a atual] quiet famtlv, with Hoard for the lady - house line all the improvements; l??ca tAOfi uaasceptiooable App!y at &8 hla.t l'wenty tilth at. At liAUD | WIIT NINTH ftTHBBT BKTTRKN Fifth and Sixth avenue*. two moat elegant Parlor Flows and some elegant Hoorna for single gentlemen, combined wltli first cl iks Board, in Frenon and Herman styles; private tanie for parlor floors If desired. A highly respectable Herman family keeps the housea References exchanged. A A LARGE ROOM, WITH BOARD. WANTED FOR A . * gentlnnian. wile and two c]illdr.n*oDc ad infuit? ftrnt October to April Address. stating terma, Ac., VY.J. Kcnaaru. Morrixania, Westchester county, N. Y. I'l.KAMANT SUIT OT ROOM.1 ?PARLOR AND BED ? room*?to root, with Board, or will lot separately. Ap* ply at 156 East Ti nts street References exchanged. A SWT OP MOST P.LBGANTLY F0KNI8IIKD APART meni* to let, together or at-i>ar? t e1 v. to select fnnaiiiea only, with go-d Hoard, In Hie superior and Urates** house 122 Vaduon a- enue, near Thirty first street. Very de?irah e location. Reference* required. Agkntlbman or two. wishing A VKRY PLEAS ant Suit 01 Rooms, neatly rural-bed, In ?lirtTale family, will find the name on application at 166 Weal Thirty lOiirth street, two donre eaal of Sevenili avenue A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL let, WITH BOARD, Rooiue furnieiied: alto iinfurn shed, except carjieta. Apply at 16 Laiuartine piece West Twenty-ninth atreet A large namdsomk furnished room to X\ rent to gentlemen only. At 11 Clinton place. Eighth q AGKNTIEL. PREPOsSTNG YOU NO I.ADY CAN ohtAln Hoard on favorable terms At 40 Ma d , .gal street, ue*r Prince. AT 17 WAVRRLFY plach-a pleasant suit of Rnoms on second tie-r: also one on third floor, with first olADA Board. Referencei exchanged. AT 174, 176 AND ITS BLRECRER WEST OF Broadway.?Pleasant Rooms. with excellent Board, from S<*> to $10 per week. Families accordingly. Breakfast frum to 9. Dinner V2^i and 6. AT6.1 BAST FOURTH STREET MAY BR HAD NKATLT furnished Room-, without board, for gentlemen and their wives anil single gentlemen Refen-nore exchanged AT 220 THOMPSON STRHKT. NEAR WASHINGTON aipiare?A genii "man and wife or two gentletneu can obtain a pleasant Room, with full or partial Board, on reasonable terms. . a FEW SINf'.LI GRKTLKMEN OR ttF.NTUFMKN | 2\ and iliclr wives can he acommodated with Hoard and furatehed or iinfnrntshed Rooms. Apply at West Thirtv I second street, corner of Broadway. I A FEW PLRA84NT ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD. I . V furnished or unfu>nisbed, In a pleasant, geniee; fa . i ly. Location central. Dinner at C. Call ut t:i? Wsver'.ey I place, a few doors west of Sixth avenne. A PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRES TO LET TWO HAND soma, well furniahod Fi-ont Rooms, to s<agG gentla men only with or without part al Bourd R. erens-i ex changed. Ai ply at SO Ainlt; street, one block frem Wa-h , ingtou Park. A WIDOW I,ADT, LIVING IN A SMALL HOP8R, . i woul-1 let, to a gentleman and lady, an elegantly Fur niabed Suit o Purl irs. w th Hoard tor lite lady. ?pply at ISO hast ThIrtv second street, n-?ar Lexington avenue. DO AUDI NR.?ROOMS. WITH BOARD, AT 106 WEST U Fourtoenth etreet. No ? htldren. BOARDINO-A PLEASANT SUIT OF FRONT ROOMS on (he'se.-nnd llo.-r; also, a llall Room lor a slnglr gt-n ?.lemjn. at .79 West Nin'h street, near Fifth avenue. TJOARD?jriRSEY CITT.-A 8MALL FRIVATB FAM 1> ily liuvlnc ovo or ^hree very nice Rooms, unfurnished, would like lo live a gentleman and wife to Board, and fur u eh the same. None n?edaddresi excepting those who are i to fuin>sh. and can good iefereuua Loca- 1 lion oue of the beat in the sity Address if. P., box lC.i Her ' Ud ottu.e. | | BOARD.?A SMALL FAMILY CAN BR ACCOMM" dated with two or three Rooms, with Board, in a pri vate fam-lv in Tuirtv fourth street, near l^-x ng-ou a'-?nu?. Itnteretices cichHiiged Address J. U. S., box J.191 Post } oil'.-e DOiRi'.?Mlit. g, a FAULKMU, P4 Bast six I J J teenth street, has to lei wl-.h Board, a Suit of Rooms on the second four. Also Rooms on the fourth floor, for single gentlemen. DOAKD UP T'lWN.-ROOMS ON FOURTH FLOOR .IJ to lei. to gentlemen and their wive- or single gcn?l? men; house first clave: heat on unexceptionable; rofe rcnces reip I red Apply at gt'd West Fort v -second street. 1 |>OARD?4N A PRIVATE FAMILY. FOR TWO (JBN. l> tleinen and their wives. Dinner at six o clock. In t| lire at l.H West Klei enih sireet, near 8ixthy?teo'ie BOARD-TO LET. WITH BOARD. AT 137 8BOOND avenue, between Eighth and Ninth streets fine Rooms, on second floor, inltnhle i?, gentlemen and their wives or gelitleiin u only Refcreuceii . xehauged. Board?a suit or wkll kurnishrd rooms, on the -eeomt oor, i so Rooms lor gentleiuen ; uou?e lira: mis. dinner at six o'cio- k ('all at Ib.i ant 191 West Ko irteer.lh Ireei. Board.-two spits of fprnishi d rooms on the second aid third doors, wun Hoard, at 7u and 71 West Thirty e.ghth etreet. BOARD-A GENTLEMAN AND WiFE AND PiNGLK .-"?ni>m?n eau oh'aiu pleassm Rooms xn.l Boa.-.| ipsa tir?t cta-s house L<> atiou unsurpassed. Apply at US West Twenty ihlrd -treet. Keterencrs required Board ?oertlrmkn and wives, or single { ntieinv in lind pleaianl Rooms, with cool line id. by appivjug at P.'J B.isi Thti leeblli ureet. Lo-.aitou ? md : family of ? 1 ills. Board?wun itnf. room, is a genteel pri vde fsrnt v msv benhtamed fors gentleman sn wl!e or (wo sin. e gen men at 14 ? Wm Fortv.suti strer-t, near Bmndway. Board, a few bkspig tab lb gbntlbmbn can ! t<e h< i omnioilsie t with hoard in a iir iate lain ! if j ply ai. i'-fi iJoripiek street, bciweeu Hiidxi-n ant Veil's I ?'r??t- Rel?rt-n ???, hanged. ooard?Washington svi arr?a familt ?ni> II "or or ? wo ati?g|e gem 'einen. desiring vei v ru|>erlor ur- 1 commodation?. will lind at llrt Waver .y f. .ce elcgani | and airy \,>arti>i?ni. on s t? or septral- P< lei, with nrst 1 'ass Ho*rd. I nenepilonai'le leierenre wil be given and l required. 1>OAKD. -A SMALL FAMILY WOULD LET HAND I l> um-lv fin in hd Hoorns lo gent einen. w Ith or with. 1 ' ou1 B "i d Btfa.Is?'s-rve.I in the tooths II desired Heu-c i hvsi class Terms u.oderale Kefeicon'S exchanged l;? l-.asi Fourteenth rirecl, near Second nvrnue. B' OAP.D WANTRP-A FINB SUIT OF ROOMS AND ' Mes'd foi a gentleman and wife, two children and horse, is desired in a private faiultv. The house mutt be Krsi c a?s and in an excelloui neighborhood. For good or. c -niinoiUtiotn lltieral pr ce* ml! be paid and reler. nces given Addiess, a sHng location, price, Ac., W. S. Herald olhce. Board wanifd-by a you no ?ierman ofn tlem in. In a pood tieighnorhood; good reference given j Adaresx A F . Ilrra d onue, siaiinv terms nod location. TYOARD WANTED-t* BROOKLYN. NEAR rULTON J? oi Walt street ferry, by two young grnd-mm tier mans i. in an American private fsmliv A hire, well fur I E',hs1 '* ?-4<''ress. lor live daye. If. and P., box .1,4 w Pon oOi'jr. N. Y. Board wanybo-p.y a oBhti.bman and wiff In s private (amity, two large IU nn?. Parlor and Bed.' : room, w tb private 'able. lie?t references given and re | quired Address A. K. II., Hcreld oOlee. Board wantmd-for a widow lady, two young ehlldren and nurse In a private familv Ad j Urea. >. G N , box 2 ART Poet ofllre Board wantk.d-by a family of fivr adults! i e.. two g?atlenien and iheli wives and a single geni> . nxn-wat three furnished or uniuruished Rooms n the | eecond or third floor, from Sept 15 till Mav. The neighbor hood muM i>e good, the ramilv private and the l.rini mode raie Addreg. for three .lave, slating terms im ludloc ras and fuel ft O . station R. New tors Post ofllie. The best i of references given and required. Board wanced-for a lady and phi lp also Kit a Ingle gnollamaa Address, stating terms and In cii ' O 8 H* e'd oli oe Board wanted-by a gentleman and wife. lor the winter Will pay a fair pri a Address, -tating terms. lu' lading lire and gas Judgment, lleiald eli ? Board wantf.d.-a gentleman wiriikk to obtain Ito rd for his slvter. Unexcepilonable references can he given Address It p.. Herald ofll'e, slating terms, Ao I 1JOARII WAMFD-BY a KINifLB GENTLKMAN A l? Room With Rieakfast and Tes n a private lamlu Lis.too betwrna rwen'lstb and Thirtieth street* Ihird and r i Ii h a I an eg. Address A J. II b x |4t> II> mid Hoard wan ted-two unfurnished rooms with p-'inan* nt B 'aid, for s grntlenian and w fe. < a It' ?"l side .it the i t xlyi/i Tw.mivl ml ?i e. t Ad dr?M /. K. If. ratfl oflle#. stating term wb eh inust lie moderate BOAHD WAN TBI)-FOIL MBDD'AL HTU DENTS AT , "? ' ???? ??' y-'0 ?rs eweeg Apply le Janltpi m< I a "'lege l<17 Rast t ou ie*nth sire" nOARIl WAMRD-FOR A OPNTLI MAN AND WIFE, in e private isml >, with front Koom en ?ee- d floor and H> diuom'a larhed . lorat'dn deslrel bet ween Third and ? iitbare, es and Fourteenth and Thirty itih strne' Feat elssa acoi .uioedsiioxn on J denred Aduieat box ? xlW Foat omen. J'ANTBD -THR aid BRTHtdR WI4HR8 TO obtain Beard with tire gin! light, for bis milr an 1 Is icb ter for,the winter In a re-pecieble pr .,i. s-n y Refer eoees given and required. Address fit tin Post oboe, a dting loestioo and oweailsima Board wantrd-bv a gkntlkman and lady, s large nicely furnished Koom or a small Room With Psdr-.oin n'teerwl. where there are no other hoarders. Ad (trese with loiat on i.f rooms, uartieulars and terms, whlea must be mo leiate, f bqx luu flergip 0gg ?, Hoard in Brooklyn-a private family can arwimmedtt* a gentleman an I wif" or two single gen Cerneo, with a large fa-win Furnished Room with Board, on moderate terms Uuinei at it P M Rafertnr-aa exohsuaed, Appla at 127 Gold etreet between Fulton ev# an J wiiio-igabr street BOARDIHB Ann I.OOUINB. WANTKD IN HKORKLYN-KY A FAMILY Of "loui |.i? iu l<lP.m. two from Kunmaxcoitiuiuui cam In a house; itiotloru liuprovcnaonw Addrrsc, witu lul p?i u nlara, MivRis, bo* 313 Brooklyn 1'>at t.m a. \\?tn B AKD IK BROOKLYN -A OUNTLKMaM AMD III* ?'!.? can lie n.ndaotn. f Fur is si Boom* ?? b 'at .ass Hoard al No. <? Carrol. pan-. A I modern Imptuva no n >. luoaUuo very plea* mi and <!??? ihbln in a 1 reapeata. HUAl'DIN BROOKLYN ?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS wife, o. o "Moo ataxia laiit eiuoii.^ynbaa^-^* diU'd with piHiMRUtVoomi, with l?o*r?1, ftt JO i?U?0v6 | ? bnwceu litrritau tuil i)eir*kW mreevn. ^ ROAKO ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS -TO LET AT ?!j Columl a, oue Urge Ro im un hr*. alila tor a gentleman and wire, or single gentlemen, and two on third door. I)lunar*l an. Reierouaet req> Irrd. BOARD in BROOKLYN -a PRIY3TR Jf** won (i let r pleasant newly Furnished Room on itiira Iloor In a gt'ulleiuan ana wile teens moderate;. mention pl*attnnt Ap|> y ?t 171 Cumberland direct, o??c block from Pit Holiday t?n tie cam. BOAED ON BROOKLYN H RIOHTB.-ROOMH TO 1* c nvonieot to Futon or Wall atrnet ferry. Apply at IS* Henry atreeL , Board at iiarlkm -to lkt, with hoard, in ! a urlvaie family, a Suit of Farnlfcbfd Rooms. Aadresa B 0 . kUtiua L, ____? BOARDINO AND FURNISHED ROOMS WANTBD Bv ?<? f, wile and two children (aged 8 and 10 ieai.'. Location between Second and T lrty lifth sireeLi, and Be cond and Eighth avenues, coon npithl,orhOM* good plain food; dinner h.mjiii I u'cork P M i moderate charges. Ad dress box 4.609 Post olllce, unlll Wednesday. Sept. 7, giving description Ot rOOlua, number of house and price per ween. TYROOKLYN BOARD ?GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES I) can have pleasant Hoonia and a no id table in a pleasant looailon. Apply at No. I Carroll plane, South Brooklyn Brooklyn board wanted?for oentleman, wife. Inlani and nurse ip-va'-e lamlly preferred), requiring two go >d sued Booms; would uirniat, A gentle nian end wife might join vliem Address, mating particu lars D , box 110 Herald oflloa for three da, a. ^ Brooklyn-a okntleman and wife dan br acommoda'cd with a null of Room* on the second Iloor liand-oiney furnished, also, two aingie gnntleuieu. n a brown atone residence containing all the modem improve uieule. Apply at SI Conoord street. Brooklyn.?first class rooms and board may be obtained at the suulhw. at oohvt of Gi n tun and Carroll street*. Small children will not be taken. /RITY AND COUNTRY BOARD W ANTRD-IM1WK \ 9 diatelr, to meet requirements of families And single persons, at Board Bureau, 715 Broadway. N. B.?Fi.e direction* to desirable board in city a .1 country. JONES A CO.'6 Board Bureau, 713 Broadway. DK LANEAU nOUNR, 72 WEST fortieth street. fronting Reservoir Bark near Ftlth aveune.?Large and commodious Siuitof Roams, newly and elegantly fur nished. Also one large Suit on second door, unfurnished Table d'hote. Desirable furnished rooms to lbt-at 7* University p.ace FidOUR YOUNil MEN CAN OBTAIN HOOD BOARD IN ' a plain private family. Apply al 149 Twentieth street. liiURNISlIED ROOMS TO LK.T.-TWO OR TUBRL P g. n t.rmrn can tie accommodated (without board); first class private house. Inquire at I.A East Seventeenth street, between Union square and Fiftn avenue. TiUIKNlsillED ROOMS TO M i FOR UKNTLKMKN r only, at 23 Brcvoort place (Teutn street), near Bread way: relerence required. Fl RNISHKD ROOMS T? LRT-WITH OR WITHOUT *>Board. Also three Rooma, nnfuriilshed to a quiet family, iu the private house 182 East Nineteenth street. G3URNISHED ROOMS?FOR (iEN'TLKMF.V ONLY, r wlihout Bonrd: parlors on lirst llnor. l arlor and bed room on second I'nor. front; aiugl'' r<v>m on fourth i-oc a: 19 Brevoorl place. Tenth street, near Broadway Breakrast if desired. IDUKNISHKD ROOMS ?A I'RIVATK FAMILY. OF RE r ateuiability. will let. u. gentlemen only, oue or two nicely Furnished Room-, 'ine closets, g?n and bath may mnke arran emenla for breaktast and mrala on hua. j dsy i! denied. Call al 2Jti Ea-t Tenth streut. uear Seaoud aveaue. FUKNISHED ROOMS T(\ LRT-WITH BOARD, SUIT- I a hie for gentlemen and their wives or single geol.emen. Also a Back I'arlor. luruished or uoiuinUbed House h..e all tlie modern improveuieuta 1P2 Boat Ihlrtecuth siroet, near Second avenue* I FtURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?IN A PRIVATE FA mil*, with or without Board, atngly or in must Rcfe rencoa exobanged. Apply at 84 Weillweutv seventh atrvet. FCRMRHED APARTMENTS TO LET?TO QP.NTLR. men onir, with HreakfAAt if required Apply at 69 Weat Thirty se mud street. FyL'RNI?*HED rooms to LET-WITH OR WITHOUT Hi,ai d J oi-Atlon pie?f?ant ??nd boupa contain! an tue modern improvementa. Call at 106 Isaat Thirty-third atreet. Furnished rooms to let?in the blioip.le llO'iee 1.127 Broadway, two doors ne ow the St. James Hotel. References given and required. Vvl'RNISHRD ROOMS TO LET?TO GENTLEMEN. Tri li t reasonable. Apply at iU Norfolk atreet, a few doom .roin tlrand. Tjtl'RN1SIIED ROOMS TO LET -TWO FURNISHED r Rooroa to lei to two gentees laUea, wiUi Board. In nutrr at 174 l.j Thompson atreot. uear Olcecaer, Mrs. Davis . UsfereiK^ not required. ____ "flFTII AVENUE.?AN ELEGANT PARLOR FLOOR J to let, with private table Address Fifth Avsnue. Maul son iqiiare Post olllce. - FAAMILIKB or single oentlkmex CAN BE AC commodate,I with desirable Rooms, furnished or un furnished on s?cnd or third lloois with o." wlihout Beard, on reasonable terms. Gas. Croton and b?tn. Pinner at six. Apply for one week at 179 Waverey pace, between Ham mond aud Peiry atreet-.. French board-im tub family of a Parisian teacher. Rooms and Bedrooms furnished, also Bark rarlor unlMrnlahcd. Apply at 9s Fast Tweuty accond s'.rse:, Lexington avenue. tmiptirf PL ICE.?HOARD FOR FAMILIES AND r geei emce. in a ncwl ? furnished house, d nnor at ?'i, ex client Uble; bath and vate. ? .oxe: on eu, h Iloor. Adcrexa 3S Grauu icy p ace. /S 1-.NTLF.MIN CAN OBTAIN FURNISHED ROOMS, IT wl'hout liosrd In a private family, by aopGing at 14 West Th'rteenih street, ne ir Fifth avqnur. Refcreucex given and required. _____ HAN-'SOMhl.T FI RNISIIRD ROOMS To LET FOR fsmlliea and single gentlemen, at the Palmer House, 739 Bros.lway- ____ Hotel accommodations for families and eiueler*nt>men. at 4-V'llnlon p': re, corner of Ini reraitv n ace. Traa-ient peraons b-' r?ol?>. H CHARLES LliFLIfR, Proprietor ^ HOBGKKN ROARD-A NICF ,Y FUP-NISHBD BACK Room on the ?e on-' Tnor to 'et, wloi Board, to a gen tleman and wife ol idng'e gent emeu. Call at 209 Bluour Held atreet. ? -a Handsomely furnished rooms, hating kikk accommodation*, to let, with or without Board, at West Fifteenth ' at rocl, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Ltberalirrmunerall a required. Reference! exchanged ANH30MELY FURNISHED SECOND STORY j m. K' o i"> to to g?*ntlcmvn at 64 Ea*t Twenty an-ond Ktrerl, near Fourth avnn?m. K?*i?*r0no?a en hangod. ^ ODGING?WITH BREAKFAST ANO TEA OR FULL Ji bosrd. waned, hi eg uirm.n w.o will imj Dberaliv for <ieairab t ac iatioua. AJ*lrev? bo* 3,c?#? r ohi OtllKJ.*. H 1 ONE FLOOR AND 01IIEL FAMILY ROOMS TO LF.T, with Board, at 110 and 112 But fourteenth street. Ref arenrex exchanged. Pleasant rooms-for grntlrvkm with gr Without Hreakfad and Tee, *? ?7 West Twenty ionrtb ureft. AIbo for a gontloman and wife. _____ YJOGMS TO LET?EITHER 1^*KNISMED OR UNFCR IV ntshed, with ( Board, at 1.147 Broalway Re ferco res exchanged 1 Rooms TO LET-TWO NICELY PURNISIIBD second atorv front R' nans, together or sera.atcly to single gentlemen, with brcakUat ??? ??? i ".^Voo^a ?im* Hefcreii esgt MU and required. Apoly at 103 Coogr?*a afw- i, Btoox yn. ____________ -x-xonvie TO LET?WITH BOARD, tTNFURNISHRD, R??.Vpn?te fSiiilyl <? t"o Ninth ward. 812 Ore- ntvich ?treat. - xxnnux W1TI1 BOARD, WANTKD?RY A GFNTLB R . un. wifa child no ?Ib^^rdiV western |?H of the city, where 'h*rt.' ivlercooe. exchanged. Addresa M.. box Foal ???? TO LIT WITH BOARD. THE ENTIRE SECOND Fifio'r in a modem brown atone houae. with a family thr*** mi ill" Only ihoae daairing flrttcinaa norofnino?1a HWff refrrencn. given and quired Call at 161 Baat rifteentb atreet mo LF.T-A FDRMIiHBD ROOK, WITH OR WITH 1 irMkdfti, to a gentleman, to a private tamiiy f bVb caa A^ confenient to .smta nvonne andI Broadway MaSTaUVW _K 77 West Twenty ninth strc.t, TO LET-WITH BOARD. A L^AROR. H family -mi l Ca l at ?l> Tb rtletb xtreot. bateean Eighth nnd Ninth nmnutn 1 rwvf? i it r?\v ffH BOARD ' <1 AND WBAN tiOOll T?.n"7'VZrBwUh la, pUtriN,? We.|^winlyhVn?'artX*l n.'plsll* luieaar me pia.e n.-jtb r,r!,U7ur.u?.Me,i! W d toga.hcr or ^raraldy. _ TO I.F.T?P.URRIRHKU WITH g'xth V'Wu? I ladles i.rilf, two Uaomx Apply ? ? *,"? awnne, b> ,we. ? Fourth xtiaet and Wo.l Waah.ngicn p ace mil I FT?A FEW HANDSOMELY FURNISHED terma would br manr to nermatinul parll^a m? ronra niert'*oa and good neighborhood. ? ? ri'O LET-WITH ROAHD. FURNISHED ^|JnLed I 117 W.xt Fourteenth atre.t. Kefercn a etuhanged. nxo t FT?AT 13 RON O STR'FT. LARgB AND SMALL T Ss. baiids.Vmelr f-irulshed, with or without BorM est i, i F T WTillMoAHD A FRO NY ROfitl, Oil IM T ondVor. aUKB We.t Twenty aeo-ud etrH?t. Faml.y privW- Dinner al 12 ?'?-'lev X. _ mo li r-wiru board, a i.argt i nfubnishrd 1 U _n, ?? sec ml liuir, Wl.h (metr es, wster A> Also .VSn R'i^ and small Rnxm atlached, for a gsullo Applf sVi* Weal Thirty sir.-. IPO LET-WITH BOARD. B8YKRAL VERY DRB EA I h e Kin nn I" gentlemen an I their wives ? r ainx'e g-n i?{9vA 1coro"of Seventh avenue Ra,#-.r t. r. , ireu _ mo LR1* s . ' " IHIR doyf PARLOR. WITH T Bed"uon,a If required, in siren ... ,ad ?- wIC. cr without iward. A|^l> at tJ'.J G u. srns ir Hieu Mtsreb" Madison and Moor.m iy rf'O RF.NT-ROOMS, rUP.N'AMF.P I -< F I st,ee\. ihroe door. we,i Of Itv.'Sdway. Al*> Saaeme.t. ?ui'.lde for .Ik lor'a odico. TO REFT?WITH BOARD A PART OR YIIR KNn> Mecond Floor uf ? gi?.d fi vlarn hpn?c..***_?_ V-J. | ano.,go<id I..nation u-' ?t-(?< > r, 9r?' ? aa? hquae App 7 1 MlT*V*4TwonW fu GU |ir*i. itOARvmo aim mdchwo. TO LP.T-A MKIIK !IA.M>*"MK Ft'KNtHUr D Room ib? pri vate lamiiy. IdhUntoa atrnet, oaa. ill- Bo-sty" f|M> HOARDING HOUSE K RK.PHKH. ?A Cl.RBM X m.n IB Uoart whnrr Is wire uir ua*i?t In the mae a.:eui oitoa tonne and receive a lair ramnnerauon: ia without >m eneuin rai.ce. a'-ure and ha- kept lionne ior M-vi-rai vnara. < an turmah ihrir own room if ?* Hill'd. M .at he o itbin twebiy minute*' uatolNcr I ore Post oflii* References exch?i.?od. address 0. H . Baa IdS II era d oHioa. r|?0 OKNTLRMFN -a PKIVar'f PyMlLY DfwilRU I I to let. wthonl h ,ard, to one or t* o jentlemen a real ly I urn.'Orl Koui and Pantry, with UMuf bathroom ad sw ing A|'i j at lid Went Houston atieeL rOKNrir.dEN.-A FUKNjftHF.D PARI OR A?? neveial Hedrooma to let, at a mod rate pr ?? U a Una "h haa"iurn: hci-e on Forty arr:ond convenient to Braadwa? K?mily private Room newly free tied, painted, Ac. N,? objection- to cood Musloou dua daya. Address A. A , boi 147 Herald autre TAO FIJRNIHHKD ROOMS AND BOA Rf> FOR A I- lady wan ed, Hi a prirate Inwian fainl.y. on the west aide o the cllv by a gentleman and his aiaier. Helnier.cei | etrlian>." d Addr, s?, a' term*. ?c., 0. N , caro of M. Colin, 147 Chambers aireet. TWO YF.RY Dl S1RAHLR ROOMS TO ItKNT? WIT* Ko>rd. in a niodeiu bonae up town For paitie tlarv rail at Sib Second a* uue, b-lwreu Fiftieth sua Kilty h it atresia TWO FIKMIBHSD BOOMS TO KP.NT-RUITYBLR lot gentlemen. Appl> si 11V Sixth avenue. \rm* DK."1 K All ItK AND HAN DSOM ELY I'fjfl \ nil-bed Rooms. I . lei, w n Hoard. a ?o a Urge r'aat . Pail"" on ilr I 'our and a ogle K out on tlia ibi . (1 Ota * Pr t ciaaa and lamily private. Auply at 71 Weal 1 u r .y Ron street. WK1.L FURNISH hD FRONT ROOMS. ON SKf!0?l? and third doom, t-. let. with Board, hi 65 Clinton p.soa near Klfth avrnne an l Brevorl llo'iao. Dinner at an. As feren ea required. W an I P.ii-KT A gentleman and lady. V1TI llnard for the la v only, and good talne, w'eia ho other b ,ardors are taken preferred two well for i ?b<jd Kooni*, in ho uaex a?itiouable neighborhood. where the comfort* of * h nie may bo olnaiued. pr c? netil and wl 1 be permanent If anltsiied. AdtlreaS Rene. bo? 41 Herald oilice. WAN'TBO-A ROOM. WITH BOARD ON ,-UNDAt Vl by a reapeotahle lady, In a p am. prlvitii faiai y; t. rma loodrraie; location hetweea Fourth and Thirtieth street*. Address lor tl.ree day*. Dreaamaiter, Uhm square Pott office. WANTKD-1N A PRIVATP KaMTLY WI8HING TO e I ce eipetl-es, an eot n net-on I or third Kln.ii. e;ta Board ior two Reut emeu and their wive*. lo-atoo alias* Koorle nth all ret and hetwt- n 1 cull th .lid Seventh i.venoaa. Adores* F. S. W , box 416 N. Y. Post oflkce. WANTKD BOARD KOR TWO YOI'NQ QENTLKMKM ami ther tv v>- in a prva'e taml ? < here r? other bom der are token pre..-rredj. tor the lad and w.nt i . nsuM he between E. guth and t.o nty-hlth atreeia and wool of Fourth avenue. Addresa. atatlng'tarina, Ac , L. II . bca iM He. kid J,hoe. WANTKD?PKRM AN KNT BOARD. FOR A (IF.NTLH man and wife (I-rge furnished or unrurniklied 'run, west of Broadwuv. billow 1'ielllh street. Address wltb location and terms. T. A. B , 187 Keade street. ? Y\TANThD?FOR A FAMW.T. WITH CHILDREN, TUB it ee. end or third Floor of a house, between K.itsaatk and Fortieth htrerta n.l Second and Sixth avenues .be ro.imv fo !><? partly f rnisbed, and poo l H. arl prnvideA; terms not t" e-c'e : (30 per weea Addreni. with pa. Ucie lurx. W., room IS, No 110 Uraadway. U7ANTKD-OOOD BOARD. FOR TWO LADIKS, wllh iw? Apartments; east aide not atnve Twe'frt , aireet: terms nut to eacaod $!>(? or ffi'U per in< nth. .Adirsaa llionipson. lit: Kaat Kiftj fnorth Kireet. WANTKD?A NICELY FUHNISIIKD ROOM. Wl*? Hon: d for a .a |v iu a hou r where there a: e but few boarderv vrl'l vay SIS tier week, Ire and aaa included. A4 dreaa, atatlugdoCHtion, wbi h must l? good, Lenox, UcraM oflice. WAN ri' D?WITH BOARD, \ FURNISilBD ROAM and lledrno ri on aeroad floor, for genlPumin. wife aoffi son. in a genteel bouae up tovru. Aildreaa J R., HeraM ofliue, btating tennv, which milt! be ino-leraie, tuc.utllag fire and gaa. Kr Terence* given and required. TJL* AN1KP?BOARD IN A OtNTEKL PRIVATR PAM v v i it, by a aenlleman wife. chCd and nurse, wheie tbaw would tm the only boar .era. miliar in New York, hetr.asB Fourth atid Forty sixth ktreeta, an 1 Ttilrd an.l Sixth avenues, or in Brooklyn. Cunvenienl to Wall atreet ferry Terse reaoonable. Address IV F. li.. box 1 8*3 Post oflica. 1VANTKD-BT A LADE' ONLY. A ROOM, .WITH <v or wiihoa'. Board, wl ore lew ar no boarrtera are taka*. Location octwecn Twentieth aud fweotv.seventh e'rnet^ Broadway and Seventh avenue. Address, stating part too ls re, A. H., Herald uflloe, for two days. WANDF.D-RT A BROTHER AND BISTER. BO ARM at ffib a week each. Address R. T.. Herald ulfiua. WANTED?A ROOM AND BOARD KOR A LADT and 'Ittle girl, eight years old. conveuleat to Slath ayenue and Broadway cart. Tcrmv mode ate. Addraet Mrs L , 67 Thirty-eighth street, corner of Sixth avenue. WANTRD-TN A NEAT PRIVATE FAMILY. TWM neatly Furnished Rooms, with Board, for two gonllw men and their wivna. fr >m the middle of November ucxlj also a Room suitable far an oilice for a dentin. The boat reference given and required. Tf suited will be permaneetk Location between Fourth an-l Sixth avenues, and Fuurii and Thirtieth streets. Address D., bag loh liersld odiea, fist two days Q>7 TO $14 PRR WEEK FOR BOARD, AT THE DM. ?Tl pint Hiiuae, nppo-cle St. John's Park. Beautiful aaA central lo.'Mtlon fraueleni beard $2 per day. Altv eaub man a night aed lodgings MTII HI ItLET.?SEVRRAL HANDBOMR ROOMS TR let. with lieai<1, at IN' and .K. lbr*e doors east el Sec nd avenue Lowest price for adults $10 per week. Tabic flrst ulass. db"! 7 I'KR WEEK FOR A PRETTY FRONT ROOM, vl I furnlahad or unfurnished, to lot, with ful Hoard, to a gentleman an 1 wire: alu one for $16. fiirniihed; one for a gentleman, $6 at 114 West Twentr-slith etreei. neap KightTi avenue. <>7 FERRY STREKT.-TO LK T. A VDRMSHRD Lt I Bailor, also other Booms, suitable for grnllemew, wild or without Breakfast F'air.lly pr v?t?; house tnodemt location pleaaan;. None hut Sabbath respecting partieo need npply for three days. '^| IKMNO PLAi'K.-NICILY FL'RNIUHKD ROOMS 43 44 to let. with Board. kaht twaan firstrtrmrt,broad _ way and Madiaou SijiiHre ?To let with Board. Pan the foil and winter. >>ne large frnni room, on seeoad tlusr, shed, containing ample closets, gav, water, Ac. House flrst class INt')N SOlARF-A D1 HIRAHLE SUIT Of _ Rooms to let. wllh Beard. Also a stugle Room far a gentlemao Pi) HI. * IRK 8 PL t '' -NEATLY t t'RMFHEI) PAR vior I ,r aud He Iroom a-c md Ihrnr. w. h II -ard for a gea tlenia. ro i v> <fe <>r tno singlo geni.siueu; h<>uH irtt claaa. No children or nervant* taken. IOI west FOURTH BTRRKT?OPPOSITR MARM 1 ? x Iu: on square Handsu-nely lurnia cd Hnuma, on anile or kingly with bosad. Table hoarueis tas- i. Raft reners evcbsqg'd ior: EAST TWELFTH BTKFIP.T.-AN bNTIRB 1 second floor of a handsome bou-e i a he nh a nod by a family < f ad ilu or a party Nif gentlemen, also, aingla Rooms; bt.u-e firslciaaa; location goud. 1?>Q CHTTSTIE STREET. TWO DOORS AHOTB at/ Broome.?Furuishrd Rooms to let. with or without B i i.d ID { T KIH TTSIINTH srREFlT -FURNIBHK .1 ROOMS J.O'x fur amgl" gentlemen onlv; recur ilv i?ne>rd end psiDtcc, term- from ill. $.V to (7 per week; doublr Heosss le-s. fot ?we Nfa. Thud avenue I/-/' Wl T nrKRTY-FOURTH BTBRMT?OBI nkaT I'll) 1y furntafead F'tonl tu let. With Board, fore ?enlleiran and wife,eonvemeni toears aodaiage ; uunldleS unfurnished, ti required Oas, hoi and ould water; coma oeinforta tn -re than show COVITHT HOARD. /NODNTRY BOARD FOR FALL AND WINTF1R-A* V Spuyten Duyvtl, one hour from New York and three mln ite- it m depot. Teinia moderate. Inquire in tae olice of A. II. LOCKW(K)D. 99 W arr< n street, up stair*. CNOI NTUY BOARD FuR fllF. WINTBR?AHOrTT FiVB J miles from lbs depot, ?i Stamford, Conn. Price m xler ale fa^ahe imn-a Inq ilre of SILAS DAVE.Nl'ORT, 171 Oreeawleh street, haaesaent. CNOVNTRY ROAKD-AT A FARM HOUSE AT RAM J ami, where the comforts of a borne may be enjoyed for a few weeks llouae well shaded, pleasant rooms, und no mnxinitoes Situated slant 90 miles uom ell-', by Ret* Railway. For pa. Declare inquire of Mr. Cue. tndbiilh ave. FI?AIRK1KLD HOi'RR. KATRPIKLD. P(iNV.-TIIFBM 1 ar<- racHnciCH for twe nr three famll e? at this twnuuftal summer resort. P. 1). CAKKIgl'R. Proprietor. WINTER BOARDFRR-FAIRFIELD HOBRE. t-AIR lleld, Conn two hours from New York via New Ilsvna Ksi'read will If" kep? open through the winter snd Board nts taken on reasonable terms Aunnmmodatlons first oiaask F. D. CARRIgUB, Praprlstnr. il HHKR MMRTI. PLE.AdURR GROUND-TIIR RED BnURK. CCUNRR of IVNih street sod Beuond nvenne ?This pinnsant r* nert lanaw open fir visitors The bar Is stooked with the best qcalltv af Lhfuors. Regsrs. Ales Ae Dinners and Hoppers fin nl' bed at >liort nc.tlrc. A few slngl* aeutlema* ran ne turntshed with pleasant Renter and good Hoard by apply ng as above INCLK JUHN. Proprleuw p p._Horves taken on II'ery by thtdav week or montb. flood hex rubles IS let, wtb the privilege of the track tb trata hamna U. J. THR LA TOl REITE HOI 8R, BKRUI'.N POINT, M. J will be kepi open Ihrough S?t>ten,iar, Jecldedly th# n o-l pleasant mm1', of the -eaaan at Ibis prist Psrtlaa remmlng Put, Na-? ,.g? niid tie Northern water,ng pianea. and w<>r|ng to be wiihln esgv aoresv of tht city, will And this a rtepg'dfnl olare In vjsmI th" halaner of the keaaea Reg liar boat |frnw> pier No '4 Not h river at 9 19, I, 4 'SUasd 6 >1, If n Dey slioetatUJO A M. and 4-30 P WRNLRT If. HILK - - . ' ~~*w uurr.Ls. HANCROET IIOI7HR. RROADWAT. CORNRR oe Twantieib aire, t N, w York ? Reoma In "oil or sing!*, lor famll lea aad gentian,en tranairol or permanent, rrhle d'hete H'sakiaai, 1 ia9; laneb. It is 3; dinner. AH to f; SOI per, fl to il. I'RTKR V. TK RA.Nf R, Proprleler T M NT JPLIEN HOT1L-THR riNFlHI HOU8K ON 1 Stat a Island for the lali and winter months; Is thirty from th*' rlit II'* 1 Unimg Th* boti?m ?t new snd th. roeras ploaHont for lamllie. and s.uMie gcaln m?*n. DA*CI*0 Ar\!)Enil?l. " *,V*WRA*CT1tO A APV'lT 91 hch i erb?,n rtrert B k'yn. .a?es for heg'nnr rs t e now'? i rr'tig F? id for n rlrcnla:. i n i k I r DAVClNil A l-IF.MY Id I P'OuMF, Ht | I. ItK OARMO Hf i'IERN will oian bis A adenxg TCBTDAY, Hept H, tflrk*. All Did fsSMnnahl* I t on* rourse of le?s#ns. I AtHRNmerl Torclsva and FrU ifs, K to * P M itF.NI LKRKN Tiovisygsnd rnday*. TH ?? "Vvr J** CHILDREN, W ineslavs and Ratnrlavs. $W6 r. M. Iwlisa Primary Olss?es ins',-nrlnd by Mra tronfcae. Private. f,ev?.,n? a' all Ft'irr n?l oeoujilfd by e'srtef. IRRINII Nirl RKK WKDN FIND AT EVENING, *KPT M. r A MACPBER4GN 8 PANOINO ACAl'fbY MD ' ? now open for tua seas ia- a; Ml'ttery Bah It-i Rowary, svg ,f iqlfloo Tne*da> S ar d PrMaew af'srio n and ? tm g baud f*r slrsular RgD'tdhe* ill fHasd sirs**.

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