Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 8, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 8, 1864 Page 3
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JlTtiflORI WAirrBIV-rBMAtM_ A Tomo woman wishes to go to califob alt with a fsmllv; would moke herself gee'-rat y uearnl rtog tbavovage, g< aa nor e or to any other capacit). ikrau 8 , Doi 3,394 Po?l oflice. ____ A NUMBER Or WELL BICOMMBNDED GERMAN A female* want situations aa cooka. chambermalde add lesndrvsset, nomas and girl* fur genaral housework, Ac.. J^Mra. LU^E'B German Institute, 17 Stantan ab. noor ito A FRENCH GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NUR*R A an 1 p am a- we?; go#d i- ty reference Call at 2-24 7lb ? v. .cor u< rut 2: in at., cutrauce oa 29tb at., for l*o data T~nbspbctablk woman wants a baby to A wot nurse. Apply at u29 3d a*, between 37lb and 3d id ?Aa htuatjom wanted by a RESPECTABLE ii do the general housework in a private femtl. awiillna ?u 1 obliging, good reference trout ber I fee. ptce Cab at 140 Wo?t iOlU sb AEYSPBC TABLE SCOTCH GIBL WISHES A 8ITU aion aa urat ?l*?a waitress; tba beat of city reference ?aa be Iveu from her last p are Call for Iwudayaat 78 West fit at., between bib and 7tb ava. ABRPKCTABLR PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A aitatl n aa chambermaid. Geo bo een at ber la-l fbri, it Waat 12th at , fur two itara An MUIH girl wants a situation as nut?, or chambermaid eud waitress. Call at 379 . th a>., th rdl.ior ABITlATIOM WANTED-BT A RES P.BCT ABLE Prutttant woman in * pn ate family, to cook, wash aad won; uu g ,od refer, n a from ner last place. Cail at Lt7 West ?n aL. between tub and iOAh ava ASITUA'ION WANTED?BV A SMART, TIDV GIRL, hi do snrral housework, la a good cook aud first rate wa-hrr and ?oner: has tbe heat of city reference. Can be area far tw days at 1(37 Weal 33d sb, between 7lb aud ?th area r?' ABNURSE-A PROTEST ANT WOMsM, OF MUCH A at per ei* in the care ot hlldren. and rsp .hie of tak ing the<-of an Infant, wonts a Situation. Can Ma seen at .'73 ye,t 2Ut aL. near hlli ave. Asrri"athh Vaitbs-11 a first clasb pro testant wmnn a? seamstress or chambermaid and Waltr-a* Has y?a city reference, Inquire for two days at ?A9a sr., tu the tore. A SITU A TIO' WANTKD-eRY A RESPECT ABI.E ynuor girl Kiakr care of an inlaul and eew. Can Jdserate ou W'hue,r A Wilson's tnacbiuo. Call at 87 VVeet ARESPKCTAB.E GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 ehanibcrinal 1 ad waiter ur to do general housework; la an > 1 ellont wuslu- and ironer. Good referenus. Can be eeeu for two layi at 902 2d av., corner 28th sb, second ?our, Irunl room. ATOUKO FRBNCJ WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION to take charge of kil.lren, in an American family. Ap* ply at Mr. Ballly'a, hTjieene at.. N. V. A RKnPKCTABl.E YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8ITU J\. alum ae laundrcaa r plain conk, waiher or ironer. In a Mall private family. tgv reference. Cm 0c aeen lor two daya at IS* P.aat !2th at..b?tween 2d and 3d ava A SITUATION WaNTjD-BY A TOUNO GIRL, late.y landed, to do getirak housework and plnln sow. feg in a prlt ale family. CM at All Wort 39lh lb, between Mb and lUih ava A SITUATION WANTRO-.A8 COOK, WA8HKR AND Ironer, or to do general bimewnrk; no objection to the ?owatrv. Call for tnree daya at510 East ltith tb, from Id to ? ?'clues. A RESPECTABLE YOUNt WOMAN WISHES A situation aa seam sires- audcbainbermald, or to take tare of a child and do plain aewin; Good refarenoa. Call wt AA Henry at., ae. end lloor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY At AMERICAN LADY, as housekeeper or assistant c?a; wages nut so much mm abject as a good borne. Apply at 1 71b av A COMPETENT SKAMST8BS8, Wfo UNDERSTANDS all kinds nf family plain aetvlng wlahe* to engage by fee dav or week City reference If retired. Call Tor two days at 111 West 19tb ?b SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT oman, at bahy nurse; can take metre cuarge from birth; nest of city references cart he givn. Can be seen ?w two daye at I9A 1 tb are., between 2uth tad 2lsi sta. AYOIWO girl WAN l'8 A SITUATHr to go as eliatnbermaid; can produce good c ty rgernnce. Can be seen lor two days at 187 Bast liih eb, eecon* Boor, front ?onm. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION FOR A GIRL wbo has been In her family for yea*, to take ?are of half grown children or to do light chanberwork. Call at 67 East 23d sb A 8 COOK.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG TOMAN J\ wan'* a situation: elie understands all kinds o'familv ?making. washing and troulug; good referracc. Call a No. IB Latpieer eb. South Brooklyn, corner of Ht-nry. A RK8 PLOT ABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTt A s.tuation aa seamstress, or would take chargeoi a ?bmII (ami y. ae boui-akeeper. C ?oca at 241 17th eb, In tbe rear. A APKOTK8TANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS tirst rate cook or brat rate laundrea. in a private fa mHv; ha* the beat of cilv references. Can bo seen Tor two k day at t2u 7th av., between 16th aad 19th sub In mire In 1 tao milk store. A TOUNO GIRL WANT8 A SITUATION AS CHAM bertnk d and washer, or to lane cure of children; has Mod city reference. Can be seta at 120 West 20th eb, for TOUNO < IRL WISHER A SITUATION AS NURSE and to do plain oewlug, nr as cbaiBbormaltP. has sla 1 eitv reference from Mr last employer. Call at U2 foal Thirty second streeb SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as 000k and to assist la the washing Call at I W mater kb RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WANT* A 8ITUA lion, as first rate cook; la willing to aastKt In washing. Ian the heal of. It;, refarense. Oall at 397 7th av., between ?MM and 27 tb sta. a N AMERICAN WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO GO A A sen voyage with a family or an Invalid ledr. a? nurse; Oallfornia, South America Cuba or New Orleans preferred; would IX' found very useful with children. Address E. Mania. No. II South 3d sb, Williamsburg. A KK8PKCTARLE WOMAN WANTS A GENTLE A. man a nr lamilv'e Wa?hlnr. Tbe be?t of French 'luting dear, t.oud city reference. Call at 222 luth av., top door, back room. A ? RMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO A general housework. Good city reference. CaH at oh2 Water sb A YOUNG GIRL. BETWEEN 17 AND 18 YEARS OF a e. "'.in attuallsat can do light house mrk or waiting, creters a good home to waves t su be kecu until eat ted at 491 ate A. between 23d and 24tii sta A SITUATION WANTED?BT a TOUNO GIRL. A8 A. nurse snd to do plain tewing, or to help wa*h and irun. Can be seen at 314 West 24lli ?t. lias good referenoe. A SITUATION WANTED-A8 NURSB AND SEAM stress or to de chamberwork. Call at 132 West 15'h si. A YOUNli WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS FIHPT A e ?e? la mdrew In a private fsinily; understands Fren h but ng Has tne beet cay reference. Call for two days at MB Karl 3-d ?hf A YOUNG GIRL. LATELY LANDED. WANTS A SITU, alion 10do gen 'riti nou-owork in a small private faioi fe. Call at i9l Weat Wlh et. a KESPECTaBLE YOUNG WOMAN WISIIE9 A SIT A nation a* co.>k washer and Ironer; baa the heal of c ty rafsreuce. C?u he seen at 113 West 3.?tb lb. betweea Eroadwii. and . tb av. ANUMBPK OF WELL SELECTED SERVANTS warn placet In bote.a. boarding houses re-uurnnts aad private families, at New York Employmrnt o : cr 420 Dmonte at. G. WALTON A CO. AP 8SPECTAB LE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A situation as gnod plain rook. w> hat and iruuer. I be beat of city ictcrence from ber last place Call at ho. 7 East A LARGE NUMBER OF RECOMMENDED 8KR. vault and othere wanted dailv ? English, Irtah. Amerl. aaa, Hcotc.i and tlei man?i'io a*sed cooka, chambermaids, wa iira-. g. nnrvi, aundreaees giris for houaework and Ihoa lut-Tv lauded, at HAV MONO S, 61 Hierraer at. A YOUNG LADY WANTS A SITUATION TO AT tend a batery or onufe?tlun?rv: has some eiperisnce M (he u .iai. A divas J. O . kUtt.on I), I'. -i o i re. A SCOTCH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO housework In a small family. Call at 87 Christopher ?Mob A TOUNO LADY DESIRES A SITUATION AS DAILY go.erne**; teacuea English, Frsnch and Music, fall an or sduresa for one weok II. L., 148 East 30th St., N. Y. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS A a last 1 laas waitress. In n hotel or n private boarding Muse, or aa charnbeimaid. Address No. 4 liall macs, bs tsraen Ctu and 7th sta. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIBL. TO A d<> The work of a veiy small family, for low wages. OaM at I'.i.t Grand it . her present employer's A YOUNG O! HI., LATELY UNDfcp. JTlRnRS A sluuiion to do general housework In ? tmal. family. Call at iitu East 2dtb sb A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8I1IIATION AS Ci unit arrrtai I and waitress, the beat el <uy reference. Call at 121 West 26th at. A SITUATION WANTP.O-BY A PROTESTANT Wo man, aa wet nnrsc; has iO?t her hshe <nr mOtltb old; to a re-p-u tabie married wnn<?a Call for twodeysai369 West BAth at . betweea sth and -jisv? AOIRLWANTSA SITUariON I Ml -KRAI. buuaework; no objections to a hoarding houkc. lu re at No. 3 V andatn si. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU atiou av regular seamstresu, tu wnik by the da) and ?vit and make Isdiea and children's dressas. Can be aeen ?#r one d..y at l?7 West Jjth at A TOUNO WOMAN WIRHE8 A SITUATION AS CHAM* b-rmsld sml srvinsttess ..r lann ireas in .? privatr' fami ly. He city releranoe. Call at 3eo gth av. Ktug the mid. Ate be I n SEAMBTERNE?SITUATION WANTED BY A RE *" * " * If l est l.ith si., ape, tabl# w unnn who is lullv cnnirwienl, Is ?eiiiak ng. U tv reference. Appyat I.t2 Wei 4 RESPECTABLE" GIRL Wants A SITUATION AS 21 cook, wa-her and Ironer, ar to do general housework In nanva.l private family. Good re.erruce. Can be sovu for two daja at 211 West 1 th at. A BIT! A rt 1 !N WANTRD-HT A ItTsn.i I at:: K A gbl. to do ohamborwork; or wnuld do the work of a ?mall family; good city reiereuce can b> given. Call lot Awndv a at 239 10th av , between 2Atn and ;'nth sis. a TOl Nfl (IIRL WISHES A SITUATION AR SEAM A street: understands dresamak ng, can operate nn Gro wer A B leer's sewing machine. Call kt 71 West Stith sb, errand private house west of 6lh av. a bituation wanted?by a gompeiest seam J\ sti ess; can cut and lit children'? dresses unit do sll Elnds of sewing; l? wi ling to take care of me child Unei erptionalile city reference given Ca I at 35 Wait IVlh It. A\ BITUATION YVANTED ?BY A TOUNO ClNL. AR A chain .cniaid and caitiess, is willing 10 as-isl in the erash'ogani ir-niugt id a small private fktnii/. des, of t.l) retereure. Cell at llv West 29tb sb ?ITUATIOW9 WASTED-v A*~ T MRS. WIIITFIBLD'S (FORMERLT OF TUB Churca II ? \ 3'J7 Lh iv??m, betweea *f WW ?ta.. families a city and country may obtain nrai eiaaa euoks, chambermaids. lauodrcases. nurse* aud aeamatreaa ea. waltr-see*. girl* lately landed and give fer general houaewurk. Also < eaeuuien, waters, ba ____ A SITUATION WANTBD-IN A SMALL, RESPECT abiD family, by a youuf wumu of rtkpactab<i?li? 01269 iiudciu Ml. _ ARESPECTABLB TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A ?T0 a;i u at nr?l claoa oook. liuod cilf rafcrauo*. cat* ai Hi Weal 2dlb ?L _ A young. he althy woman wants a E*TUA tlou as wet nuise. Address 333 CUi a*., Between 20th an 1 21 at ate A BITUATION WaNTKD-AS CHAMBKRMAID AND A erauudre-e, by one who thoroughly underatanda liar buaineaa. tn a private family. Beat city relereocecan be g.vcu. Can be aeeu lor tao day, at i?3 31el at, between 1 b , an 1 8tb ava. | a RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A atlon? Undei a tan da walling aud chainbarwurk. Call at :26 Pacific at.. Brooklyn. | A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU i\ goon u? do chainb?M-work aod whltng id a small faiiiUy j \ ery rrf>rtu<-?\ Cao b?* mje.o at Eft out at., room No- , A SITUATION wanted?bv a RESPECTABLE Kir,. a* cook : la willing to aaeiat with Ibe waabtug and Ironing; beat nty rele-cuou. Call at bvr pieaenl employ er'a, 139 2d av , between 8th and ?tb sta. A Young WOMAN VAin A SITUATION TO COOK, wash and iron, or to do general bouaewo, k u a auiad private family. Uood reference. Call at 2ti. Eaat 91U at, Id the basement. _ AN iMKKlCAN WOMAN WVHHB8 A BITUATION A8 a monthly uur e, or 10 take care of an invalid or In fant. City reference ^iveu. Apply at 20- Bprinu A SITUATION WANTED?BY A ki:si K< TaBLK girl, a? >eamvtre>?; can d?) all kinds ot 'amity tewing, and can cut and tit ladiea* aud children's dresses; no objec jei tlon to travel. Call at or address No, 9 Roosevelt at., lor two days. A RESPKCTABLE girl wishes a SITUATION as J\ chain hormaid and waiter er to assist id washing aou ironing; I'rotn tunt prefer*ed. Inquire at 257 Atlantic sk, near the South ferry, Brooklyn, first floor. _ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Gl RL as good plain cook, washer and Irouer. Call at 227 Smith ?t , Br* cklyn. _ AYOl'NU WOSIAN WANT8 A SITUATION TO COOK, wash and iron. City reference. Call at 144 3th ?t., between laI and 2d avs. AYOUNO WOMAN, 18 TEAKS OLD WANTS A ><1T uatiun at seamstress, uurae, or to cut and HI. Call at J001*1 av. _ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOI'NO GIRL TO DO housework In a small private fann y. Good re. ference. i l l at 116 West Ml at, between Mb and 10th av?. ABBSPECTABUI OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS ?cam-tress, to go out bv the day or week, has a ma chine of her own? ./heeler A Wllsou*; ran ouland tit ladies' and children's dresses; understands all kind* or sew Ing. Call at 168 3d ave -., in tna fancy store. AYOUNO IBKL WANTS A SITUATION, AS WAIT resn or chambermaid, or both, lu a atnail family ; first sla*a city reference. Gall at 877 1st av. Aresprctable OIRL wishes a situation as cook and to assist in the wa*mag and Ironing. Has good city reference. Call at 382 3d av. A RESPECTABLE young WOMAN WISIIIvH the wash I ng of gentlemen or families; can be well Tecum mended and can do it in lirst. lass style; terms very reason able. Call at 301 West 3'Jth St., second iloor. AYOUNO OIRL WHO UNDERSTANDS ALL KINDS of family sewing .m Wheeler A Wllsan'a new log ma chine wishes to go out by Ike day or week, or would tuke work hotne. i all at 878 Broadway, bet. 18th and i#th ats. A SMART. WELL EDUCATED YOi'NO WOMAN wishes a situation as cook; understands meat* Minna and desserts, and cannot b? excelled in baking; wnutd assist with the washing. Call at 200 Hast 48th ?U, second Iloor, backroom. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT OIRL, HAVING the best of reference-, wisbe a situation as chamber maid- would do housework In ? smad family Call at or ad dress'for two daya Kancy -tore. 103 Macliiwm at A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation; Is fond af children and ii a good plum aew er; or wouid make herself generally useful. Apply at Z7 Cherry at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A 8ITU a'.iou as chamberinaid and seam*tre*s. Uood eily re farence from her last place, where aha ''Y*1* two years. Can be seen at ber present employer *. ICo yve-t i.uti "i A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Q1RL WISHES A s tuation as chaintermnid and waiter, or as nurse; has the best of city reference. Call at 614 Greenwich si., corner of Leroy. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework In k private family; she Iskgoolplalu cook aud an excel ent washer and ironer; no objection to go a short distance lu the country. Best or city reference. Call at 248 av. A, between 16th end 17th sta . third floor. A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A BITUATION FOR A vouug girl, about 14 years or age; she Is competent to tt as child ? nurse, is very expert with the needle. 'can em broider a little and do good plain sewing Apply at 181 Wi st b)ih St., between 7lh aud 8th av*? beiore 12, for two days., A YOUNO LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS H*LBS; A woman. In a fancy store; can speak English and Garusn. Address .T. E. v.. Herald oihce. tor two day*. AYOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS csauibermald and nurse; no objection to sewing or waltlni. etly reierenoe. Call at 207 VV est koth St. ASIYIATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE youDggir', as chambermaid nod do plain sowing; do objection to a.-sist in waiMag. Can be seen for threedays at her piestot employer s, No. 213 Clinton at.. South Brooklyn. AYOIINU QIRL WISHES A SITUATION ASNb'RSB and seamstress, or chambermaid, *ond refeicnoo, no objantlon to tie tountry. Call at 93 East 11th -L ASITCATlilN WANTED-BY A TOUNO GIRL k8 chamharnisid and to do plain sewing. Can he seen for two davs at her present over s. II West t ub si AYOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS cook, wtshei and troucr in a small private laiuily. Apply at 103 West kith st. _ _ A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, WANTS A BITUA Hon In a privets family, to rook. wa?h and iron, or to do 1 ght housework; good city reference. Call lor two uaya at 26 Montgomery tt. R. Y. A GOOD COMPEfBNT LAUNDRESS WANTS A JY altuationl In a first class private family: tboro'gh y understand- her bnsine-s; can Ho Krenoh fluttug; hR.?et ceil' nt reference ; roui hei last employer. Can be seen lor two days at 103 W est Z(..h St., near 7th av. RESPECTABLE GIRL iVAN'TS A SITUATION AS chambermaid or wallre t, or i'?n a*n*l in washing; I has good relen-nce irom ber last place. Can b# seen for two davs at 148 West l"th st, between 7th and 8th avs? third i oor. s SITUATION WANTED-BY A RKSPECTABLt f\ woman, a first raic ro It. is au excellent baker of bread and psstrv; the bos' of city reference g v.m Irom her last emjiloyer Call Tor two days at 240 West lfito at., e tween Ah and 8th svea A SITUATION WANTHD-BY A RESPECTABLE Gl K man girl to d ? general housework in a small pri sie family. Call al 24Z VVest Hilti St., basement door. A SITUATION W ANTI D-BY A RRSI'I.CTABLB Olttls. A as chambermaid and wa tre,s; baa good vity r- f.renco. Can be eeen for two da.* at 198 t ail 12th it. A SITUATION WANTED-AS COOK . IS A GOOD A wa*ber and ironer; has uo ibje tion to ' eeo miry. Can be seen for two days 1M Madison st., irai h iildnn. /TOOK -SITUATION WANTED. AS FIRST CLASS I i cook bus no .ijv'tlon to a private boarding h .tear bntel. City refetenoe. Apply at ZU Mariou ?t., earner of Spring. Caook ?an en<: a kvent wanted bv a ' i J claes proIa?a?u cook. In a private family. Rest of re:# renoe giveu Apply ai If Spring 01 TjTAMII.IKS, HOTELS AND BOARDING MOUSES, til J? city and country, promptly sui lieu at th<- Large Em plnvment llnuee, col nor of oth av. and 11 th st., a lib .eiuala he p of all nations, for the difl< ren t hranvhes oi housework. Al-o farm hand*. eo? iimen, gnr,len rs. nslter., ernoms, porters, servants. In fail, help of every description. HOt SEKF.EI'Ei: -A HIGMLY Rf.SI'KCT A R LI; widow lady, lully qonlllied to take toe enure -hSTkt, would Ilk'to mare an engagement with a si..all family; widower s preferred; a ?hon distance in t e coumry. Ad dress lor one week g M I, . .1-' llsra.d ofllee^ _____ HOUsl.KEhPl.l's PL VCK IN A HuTiL WANTED? h a competent -voman of many va?re evperience: o?n ,u0 tike .Tisrae o'a laundry and boodle ???liir,*; >>e-t city reference. Address lor Hire. daysW. S. W.. Hera; 1 o"*e. Vti-RSE AND 9EAMsTRBA8.?WANT ED, A SITUA I\ turn bv a young English Protestant w man as nurse and seamstress, or's ".aid snd seamstress und-r Iranrts all kinds ?f sewing, emhrotrierv nnd b.-*ldtn?. has 523 rttr merest 'or 8114"t8,k eccond door, back room. "?? ; SITUATIONS WASTED-BY TWO RESPECT ABLE O girls lit a s nail 'amity; one a cook and the ntoor as chair.hei maid and waitress the best elty retereuee glfea, Call on Tl.ur-dav at*7 West 38Vh St.. ?t nd Oo-" CJ ITU ATI ON WANTED-BT ?A YOUNO GIRL. AS O -earnstress, Is aAgf"! operator on Whee'er A W (son** machine; ean produce retcrenee*. Call at *83 .id av. first lieii. . OITOAflON WANTED?BY A YOUNG woman. AS rT nurse and sea u-lress, has no ob.ectlons to sasot wah the "hsnfi rwoik. hat the best of city reference. Call at III Wert 17th St., between 6th and <tb ave. islTUaTION WANTF.n-BY A RESPECTABLE W ?? O man, a* lira. cL.s.nok: understand* ?m .-mg in nit Its branehes. Host of city rcfetencs. Lad at 3.2 .in av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL. AS nV n,sid and waitress. Good eily refsrt n, e. Call M SSI 7 th av. - CITUATION WANTFD-BT A RHNPKt fA'lL' PR"" n tns.aiu girl, ?? chambermaid snd waitress < all al 415 7th av. ?> - - C!ITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNO WOMAN II t*3 nurse and scsui*ttes? er to do It. lit ehamherwork and ? 'wins t sn b# seen lor two days, ll not engage I, et 90 West 20tk at. ??? QlTUATtON WANT1D-B1 a GOOD COOK,l and Ironer; be t div re erence; Mould ieke ? ettukiMn aa la.indieas only. Can he s. sn ier two .lags st I9e East I4th ?!., tf?(nind floor, bafill rootn ^ 1 QITIATION WANT ??'!? -BY A GIRL. TO DO COOK 0 ins, .vashluj; and ironing, has good recommendations. Apple at Kit West 17th at CjITUATION WANT! D?RY A PROTEST ANT OI RL. TO do light oris or chftrah^rwora luapnvtte faun* ijr. Call at bi Charirn nt., In Dm rear. CITUATION WANTSII-NT A RFBPECTABLE n jr S.. ug elrl, as .-hainliei ma d nnd waurvs* nil m f ssaI t In w *h".g and Iruaing. Uo.iJ iclgteuse. Caii lOf ttto ilgyskl I'UALI as SITUATIONS WHTBD-rKIIILES. CiTUATICM WANTBD-HT A YOUNG WOMAN. AS O rh.iubWmald and wsltreaa, or ?? good plain eonk. wvaher Bod ironer. Good frfereocea. Coil <u 24ft w?sl Sftib M. Situation wantbd?by a protectant germ ? n woman. a* chambermaid ant to do line wai-hius and Ironing, or am uurM aud lo do plain sawing. Good retrr ences. Call At IK I',?ari at. Situations wantkd-by two young womkm: OOC to cook ADO Art*.Ml .a tha ? falling. lilt* OtliHI At rbAuitxrnmld and wa'tieaa. It wllllnto assist lo the ?> b Ina aud ironing. City rrfi reuse*. Tboroi gbiy usderatand their bullosas Call at HI 11 ill at., near 2d Ave. Situations wanted?por two thoroughly ell cieut servaum one am first els** rook and lanndiaaa; the other aa r aiubrrinalu and waitress; ran avslbl in line washing; alao for an riperienced Human a a infant a nurse; b ive excellent rel'treuce*. Apply At MANNlNO'd, IS Court at., Brooklyn. Situation wanted?by a youno girl, as cbainh' maid and wt treaa in a kiuall private fam?l> ; good tat. reference fr m bar last place, Call for two in In Waiwortli at., between Mvrll# aud Park avs., aevoutn botiae from I'ark av Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTKII-NT TWO RESPECTABLE! Prolentnt girl* aa aramatreaa and nurae Apply for two dky* Ht 26ft spring at., seiond floor. bark rootn. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNO OIRL. YIK treu yearn old, to ininJ a baby and do light housework, good references Call at 2in West 25ih at. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YGl'NO woman TO DO O general linu <e.? i i k . ia a good waaber aad Irone. 1' ul r? frreu. ea. Call at 3IA Rleington at. Q1TUATION WANTED--RT A TOUNO OIRL, AH tj chambermaid and waitress; ia willing and ob Igiug. Good rclcrei. e. Ca 11 at Yt W r?l ldth si. SITUATIONS WANTED?KOU THE CITY OR COON. try, foi a number ol eirellent cooks, looka to waau und iron, experienced tbamberuiaids. mil ea, wattresaea, liinnd. reasea. housekeepers and girls for housework, at RAY MOND'S, 01 Bleaekerst. SITUATIONS WANTP.D-KIT TWO YOUNO WOMEN; O one to cook, tin' other sa chambermaid and ? nltrexs or nurae and aeamalreaa, good city yalereuce. Call at ho. 6 Vandara at. SITUATION WANTED - HY A RES!'KOTABLB young woman, as cook and to do partot ihe wttsiiiog; good reference. Call at 283 7lh are., between 28th and 2tnh a la. s rpHRKE OIRLS WANT TO DO KITCHEN WORK IN X a hotel or saloon. Call at 128 Jildridge at, fur two dare. rpwo RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMEN WISH SITU. 1 atlnnr one as tirst rlasa ci ok. the otner ur ciiaml rtnaid and lo assist In wusliiug. Both can give oest < ity referenres. Call at 172 West J5tb si., one door iroiu 8th av. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RKSI'ECTABLK voting girl. In a respecta ile private family, as cham bermaid and eeamstaess; would make herkelf geutrally use ful. Call lor two days at 116 Plymouth ?t., Brooklyn WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE (UKI.S BlTUA tioue; one aa waitress or chambermaid and waitress ; the other as chambermaid and ta assist In the washing and ironing; both have excellent city references. Can be seen for two day a at 158 West 20th at , next to the station house. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, st cook, washer and froner; good reference*. Call at LW West _7ih st. Wanted?a situation, by a young girl, as plain cook, washer and irener. Good reference. Call at 68 Lalgm st. WANTBD?A SITUATION. BY A KESPECTA BI.B young girl, as chambermaid and waitress or chain barmaid and nurse. lias coed city reference. Can be seen for three days at 170 Joraleiuun at.. In rear of the Cuy Hall, Brooklyn. WANTBD?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO GIRL. AH cook, washer and uoner. Good oily reference. Call at 99 Wast 4th at. WANTED-A SITUATION. A8 chambermaid AND lo do sewing. The best of city reference given. Can be keen lor two days at 246 Kast 14th si. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT SBAMSTRBSS, WORK by the day or week, iu families. Call fur two day * at 177 Bast 2 tb >t, between 1st and 2d avs. Wanted?a situation, by a rkspei table y> ung girl, as good plain cook, washer and irmier. Call at 170 West 31 Ht at. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO OIRL. AS chambermaid and to do plain sewing. Call at 436 West 36tb st. City reiereuce. WET NURSE.?WANTED. A BABY TO WET NURSE, by a married woman, at her own home. Cab for two days at 74 Washington st., Brooklyn. . ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Piotestsnt woman, as profe**"d cook; under?tands n axing mi I kind-, of soups, ycltles and pastry. Can be seen at No. 3 Mllllgan place, between 10th and lllli sis., fth av. w girl, as plain cook, washer and ironer. Apply at 174 WANTKD-BY A YOUNG GIRL. A SITUATION AS nurse and seamstress, oi to do cbainberwort . can com* well recommended. Call for two days at 211 7th ay. WANTBD?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, wish and Iron, lo a small family; gO'd reference. Can be seen for three days st 441 Columbia st., between Sedgwick and Drgraw at*.. Brooklyn. No objac tion lo the country. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A COMPETENT PER. eon, to cook and assist with the washing and ironing; good reference. Call fur two date at 99 Weal lath st. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as chambermaid, and to assist id the washing and lronln?; tbe best ot c ty reference given. Can be seen at No, 3 Hi. Mark's place. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa plain cook. ? West 18tb it., In tbe rear. WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A eiluatieu in a private family, v? chambermaid and laundress; best of city reference given. Call at 264 East Win at., second door, front room. WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation as nurae aud vesmslreas, or ae chamber maid; 1s a rood plutn sewer; be?t city relerence. Call on or address 450 W est Ititti at ANTKD-A SITUATION. AS WET NURSE. APPLY to Mrs. Anderson. 273 West 12th M. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WaBH ing and ironing, or house cleaning, either In her own house or out. Apply at 4it) Weal 36th at., in tha rear, from 10 to ft. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS HOUSEKEEPER OR seamstress: can cot and fitch .dren's cloth'-and do a I kinds of I lie s> wliii; aiid embroider ng. Hem of i ilv re ference* c.ill for three days at No. 2 Depau row, Biceeker. "WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT TV yum g w man av ci ok, wavher an 1 Irouur i n a small family. Unort eity reference. Call at 180 East Warren at., corner at, Miocklyn. Wanted-BY a PIOTBBTANT young woman. to take home all kinds of p aiu sewing; done by hnnd or msihire II re ;Ulred. l.a lieC and gentlemen's under garments mad- In 'be neute-l mariner, call at U7fttbai, loom 2ii, up stairs. WANTBD?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE vv young glil, te do gin rial housework. Call at .Hit) 7lh ?ve. XB anted?BT A RRBPBCTABLE GIRL. A SITU A Vv tion av oook. ? **h'r ai.d ironer, best Oty reference*. Call at 761 Washington it., room 17. WANTFD- BY 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL, A idi'ia'lno to take car' of children or io do fight cham ber work. I'ali at lilt lllcks St.. Ilrooklya, lor lao days, fcona city reference Item her la?t place. VV w ANTED-BY a MIDDLE AGED LADY, W HO I'M dersundv all kinds ot vewing. employment by the week or ii i nib. In privslo families. Call on Mrs. I.ovell, 546 2d av.. between 3 th and Slvt ste., third tloor. trout. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A KKHPKCTAoLB girl, ss cook, washer and irotier; l* a g'Mid baker. Can give ih' best ol city references. Call at til West 20th st , corner of hth av., over tbe groeery store, for two days, if not engaged. t\ ANTED-A SITUATION, AS COOK, WASHER AND vv Ironer (.S 'd refMience. Can be seen for two days at 74 Weat'2Ulh si , arsrhth av. f*7 ANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION vv aa chambermaid aad waitress, h*-t <n city references given. Call at 437 Weal 25th -l., la the basement 1*7 anted- a SITUATION. RY A YOU VG WOMAN, TT av nurve, and would do baby's fine washing and iron ing or plain s'wiog. tfcxl of tuy relercu e. Call at 159 W est 27th st. 1*7ANTED?A SITUATION. AS CHILD'S NURSE, BY vv n young woman, who his been In the same employ for the past i-ina yearn. Best relerencos. Apply at 173 Weil I4lh St., from I until 3 o'clock P. M. *17 ANTED ?''Y A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, TT a aituat.on as uurte an . wa,tress, is cotnpeteat to take - are of a hahy frem It* blrih. Hvi tha best of city re ferencs*. Call for two day* at 163 Wevt 27th si. WANTSD-A SITUATION, BY A REsPKCTA RLE g'rl. a? charuhcrmald itutj vyktneli'sj, or as ahihtber msid and to jB thi SiiPwr/. Tiki tbe bfW ?f me reuw?. Call Ht 'Tn h .rt tlth si WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PPOTKSTANT young woman, a tltnai ia as ehambennsid or wul. revs. Has five vears relerunca from her last place. Apply Bl 294 Ivt are , firvt flonr. TX/ANTF.D-A SITUATION, BT A RKSPSCf ABLE VV yonr.g woman, to d general h uvewmk, In a xiaall prlvkte family. Call kt 61 Charles ?t,, cirner of 4th. *17ANTED-A situation as HOUSEKEEPER, t\ a vv genliemari s fsmilv. where she wld t>a consldeted a* one of the lanitly. Call at 31 WhIIs si , N Y. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT OIRL, A SITUATION av good ensk, in a private fsmilv ; good selerence fmm her lavt place. Cull al 130 West 16th at. *17 ANTED?BT A EESPSCTARLR OIRL. WITH INK R TV yearv reference Iroin her la-t employer a sd.ia on as rnok wa.ber ann trnitar, or in no aetierai bnuvewnrk, fur a .mall family. To be seen st .52 Di an at., Hrm klyn WANTI1D-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG,. AS cbamhei inntJ In a bovrdiug bouae. Quod relareoos Call at 176 East llih at. WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A Situ ation ascisk, wa.her and Ironer la a .maB family, Haegoediity ref.imea. Call for two daya at Ji Weal Aid ft , top Hour, back room. Wantbd?a situation, by a first class cook ; would aaaiG with the wavhlnp and Ironing, has good cuy reference. Call at 98 Hammond vt. W AN I'KD?SITUATIONS, HY TWO YOUNG WOMEN; one aa a good plain rnok; the other to 2a chamber, work and wailing. App.y at 249 Weal kenb vt. Uf ANTED?8Y A TOUNO LADY A POvITTON AS houvekeei er and companion. The e who ere tired "f boarding, aud weulo like iirnt cl.isv accominodali na with all the comfort* of a home wlibmit 't? care?, w i do weil m anvwer; lv cpabie ol taaing the eh? ge of a ft rat i<aues tsbliabtne it. Aildreva Mlas Hamilton, alaliau D, N T VU' ANT D?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPRITABLE TT giria, in the vama honve; one hscook noon en no in a> 41 to ih? wavbmg and ircriin r The mher av la nl < -v, m.d.'vuniv (letmg.orav < hlmberninld and to -?a. ' evt 0' Ml I'lcrenca eat! be given, tall at 159 id av , rvtw?-n [ Itib age 17th eta. t? the unvy atera. NIT I'A now* WA1TED-PRMAI.RS. WANTRD-A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by * reepe .-table oodid . i* rook. a bo thorowgh'y un ' dersutuu hrb fiir- b..- ?,.(> MM my trim I ber ImI emplover. e <e?o for two deye ?l 2li Keal Mtli IL, third roor. b*< t mow. WANTED?A KF SPKOTAHIK PROTESTANT WOMAN would llse lb i ro ore | m;? r ? d a I ea' w ;nnlua I it her borne; c?n repair sanity. Ca.l at 74 Weat iUUi aL Wanted-a situ at-on, It A young MARRIED woman in "-ft aurse, boby two lUuDlba old. CaR ?t ! No 5 Portland ?r. Br nklyn : t?fANTRD-A SITUATION Rf A YOI NO GIRI. AS YY chambermaid or to utr care of ch'dirn, to willing and noligtiig ha* three veiim i. errnri fr m fai r kit pla e i Can be seen for two day* at lt? Court at., Biuok./u. to tha paper store. WANTHD-BY A (?UNO tfOMAN, A SITUATION tb chambermaid. or m utb tt |u wuhiug. Cats be i seen for two tJiiyn at So X tri "k si, WANTID-A SITI'AriON Nt'dSE AND HK A M aire a. <>r !u lake ,rr uf ? bahv from tl >> ? k . Call for Ivv ?/ .Ik; y at 1-7 7IL ay , lelweeo 22d sud 2'IU ill, second S. of, bank room. WANTt D-RY A COMPETENT WOMAN A filTUA- I Lou as c ok; good refer? re Apply ut 387 (lib a*. 117" ANTED?BY A KESRI CYABLR PROTECTANT Y Y ttii. ? Hi ation to <lo " ?? chainbeiw nrk or h.jygij work ot a ?uikll fauiily; oe?t ol city reieieiicei. Aptu) at 144 Writ 2(Uh ?t. WaNTI D?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL, AS aaan.atriH* nnd to i a >t in the cUsmiie vvni : |k wl. Ins and bbiik.nk. mi. nice. Call at 62 7lb av., near 1 H at. Wanted-by a rkspkctarlr girl. a sua lion in . in..i.1 linn i to do gei rial hourewurk; ? a washer and miner, and bus Mm b at f rrlercn r? lor honest and lnd'ihtiy. Can at 741 Gib at. (new uuu.berl. ? nond llbiT. WANTED?A SITUATION, ItY A YOUNO GIRL. TO do general liniiewoi k ur luge rare f cbthlreu. In a imall private lamtly: jmais' reference. Call for two dava at 11 Essci at. WANTS JD-SHIRTS 10 MAKE, PLAIN sewing children's rloMma oi in Now York or Hi ouk, | lrn, by a good w*?r; would like to work at bume Addrea.s l Work, Herald oil n WANTKP-A SITUATION. HY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as tint olaaa waitress, lias lived lour rear i In Imr last plane. Thn best 01 City reference. Call at lt>0 East St St Ik, near id av.. for two Java. WANTED?HY A KKSPKl'I'XHLB SCOTCH GIRL, A situation In a good private family, as 1 hainberin.ild aud niirso. Beat of i Ity reference given. Call for two days at 4Jt! titli av., near 2btD at. Wanted?to take in wasiiinu. by a y(ajno woman. Apply at 164 Sail lllh at, between a vs. A ami N. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, us nurse or ehambeimaid; hest-cuy references. Call at 132 Eigutb street (Clinton place), for two day s. WANTED?BY A RF.StM'(TABLE YOUNO OIHL, A "Ituatton as cliam erinatd and do pialn sewlnp or won d do the wora of a small family. Call at 22 Qcawinel at., for three Jays. 11'ANTED?A SITUATION AS SAMSTRESS, AND TO vy aarisl with children or light cbeinberworfc. Adureib M. C., 64 West dbtli hi. WANTHD-BY TWO TOI'NO tVOMUN SITUATIONS, one to do nhamberwork and waiting, tha ether as cbamberinaid anil ussist nlMi washing and Ironing; has go d city reference. Cad at 112 (Vest lkili si. WANTED?A SITUATION. HY A YOUNO WOMAN, am nurse; Is uoui potent to take tk c entire cbai g? of an infant from Its birth; can give good city references. Call at Mb West lllh at., between ,'ilb and 6th ava. WANTED?HY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION IN a private family; Is a good cook and an eseeUent laundress. {las good city referenve. Call at 228 42d at., tietw-cen 7th and fill avs., rear house. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A WKT NURSE. CAN be seen till engaged et 113 East 22d St., rear bouse, Orel Hour. WkNTSD-BT A HRSPBCTABtiN TO UNO woman, a Hiuiiiiioii aa cook, washer and Irnuer; highly recom mended. Call at 17u Luxtugtou avenue, between Jlst aud 32d sis. tlr ANTED?A SITUATION A8 8BAM8TKB8S. BY YT the week or month; can operate on Whee er A Wll ?oit'e machine. Cad at 139 1st av., second Hour, back room. WINTID-tTi COMPETENT WOMAN, A SITU A YT t;ou an cook; understands her business perfei lly. and Is a (Irst rate tinker; would assist in washing; good refe rcn ??. Can be seen for two day s at 1U3 East 1 lib at. \\J ANTED?A SITUATION. HYA RESl'KCTABLK ?V you ni; woman, as cook, washer and Ironer In a pri vate tauuly; best cits reference front laet place. Ceo be seen for two days at 220 East tftb at. II fr. LI* W ANTED-FKM VI.ES. A COOK WANTBD?WHO UNDERSTANDS HER BU alness thoiouglily and Is a go -d baker; none others need applv. The best of reference will be reuulred Appty nl 173 VI est 14th St., from 3 W 4 o'clock P. M., un Weilues dey and Tbursdsy. ACHAURERMAID AND WAITRESS WANTED WHO must understand the business: the best of inferences will be required. Anpl at 173 West 14th St., between 3 and 4 o'clock P. M., en W ednesday and Tbursday. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTED?TO DO THE general housework of a small familv ; tlerman. Eng lish or American preferred. Call for two daya et E. Klui bail'-, 4lti 4th av.. nelween 29th and 30tli ata. ApprenTICKS WANTED-TO learn DRFSSMAK. log. Apply before 10 o'cUKk at Madame Benedict e, 12 Waverley piece. A FIRST CLA88 TRIMMER WANTED-ALSO ONB to learn the trade. Apply at 31 Clinton place, Mb it. A PLAIN COOK WANTBD?ONE ACCUSTOMED TO working In an oyster saloon or restaurant; also an as slsiant. Inquire at 337 Sib av. A' WOMAN WANTED-WHO CAN SPEAK BOMR Spanish, to attend on a aick kleitean gentleman tin mediately, at 141 Kant 9tli at.; a nurse If possible: If uot others will answer, providing they can speak Spanish. An intelligent, smart, active OIEL want ed.fni the storeroom of k hotel; she uiuvt 1>. abm to reed and write, t adoubted reference required. Addri se B. D , Herald oTce. t(LO A K MAKERS WANTED?GOOD HANDS CAN / have steady work by applying Immediately at No. 3 Grove street. Dressmakers and TAILOR ESSES WANTED?TO wins on children's clothing, at Lor I A Toy lot s. Broad way. Kuueuce to workroom in Grann at. nOUSBKEBPBE WANTKD-TO GO A SHORT D1S tancr in the c uintry. hy a widower hav ng use h l dr -n. Address .1. Caldwa I, Hu.o ? tiebl. N. .1. Hotel servants wantkd.-two responsible wumen for a hole'-, one as tierekrr >r tbe<th-rlo tiv ke 4 hsrge of the linen to un. Apply, with irsUmot.ia a, at NBDELL m. 311 tih av. MX DA A! I GUNNINGS PRBS8MAKINO ESTABLISH meni. No. 1'2 Gilnmn i lace | hlghih stree' Bros ay i Wanted, a few g. od dressmakers. Appli Immediately. Numb wantbd-a middle aoed woman, fully eompetent to take eharee of an infan'. U nci rerllonshie reference from ber last n see in the e tv. None oi lie ? need apply at 30 West J9lb st. t all be'wet u 7 and y p. v. Servants wantso-iN Brooklyn, imnboi. ate y; profe?e I enos-i, plain rooks, nurie? s- a s'rrs< es, i humberuia I and waitresse-v for superior aixnatioua. ready, and hignevt xxnges, in gentlemen's tsuilll 'S. ?. re turned trom the country. Apply at 13 Com" at., Br losiya Servants wanted?immediately; a ? ntM barmaid and waitress soda coicred nor Prat < t-s ?arvacis may apply at 2tM StU av., betneeu 9 and it) A, M. or alter6 P. M. (PlX FIRST CLASS MILLINTHS XXAN Kl> IXIXI' . 0 dlnldly None but thoroticnty NMStftl battdd need apply. Also one apprentivd. At kl nr. lutogene tx ultun s. 68* Breail way. SILK HAT FINISHERS WANTF.ll-ON NEW PLUSH: good Orlcev and -ieady work Apply vl the XVas lu.ton Ftetoiy, Factory ex., near (juarry, Ne?aik. yivWO 0IKL8 WANrRD-ONK AS Cf)DK. W XSTfPR J and ironer and to d I the kitchen work generally, the J nthe>- at vhauib?ruia;d and seanistreas: inutt base cue r< ? r nee No luherv need spplv. Ca"' beiweeti i.tndll ' A M at 131 West 3*tb tt, belweea 7th and 8th ava. riiHRKE ?'1RST CLASS MILLINERS AND TWO TRIM. 1 nn-rt wanted Apply at 36.1 Canal slreat. rrwti GIRLS WANTBD-ONE AS WAtTRF.IS AND I the atuer as ch.mbermaid and laundreie. Applv at 33 | East 22 1 tt afisr 9 A. M. this day. I \1'ANTRD-A good cook. WASHER AND IRON >> rr; elty references require! Apply at 90 West 4.:d ,L II' ANTFD-A GIRL as CHAM BERN All> A VD L x Uy. it drwf. A.^piy at 2) Washington terrsie. llubuken. ?V* .xNTED-VWO COLORED GIRLS, TO HO A 9IIORT \i ,1i? un miu tht cuiintry one lo cook, ivafh i J :ron, theothrri do general housework. Apply ut 47 XV-it 23d I , from 1, tut f P.M. Y17 ANTED?TEN GOOD MILLINERS AND TRIM rl rtiers, at V, Heimerger's, 137 Avenue C, |one duor fretn Jl ? ?V U it-A TIBET CLAM t OOS m x--upr and trunaf go 11 en r*farca?a r* ptli*d. Call ;or two days, between 9 and 12 o ciock, st 20 We?l 33d U U'AN TED-A OIRL. TO COOK. WASH ANDIRON, Yf to one who is perfectly cam, atent to All s i-n s ill s Uon an ' It?s un touhted reference go d wskes will be pa'd, Ai S y at 4 2 XX e?t 23d et. Immediate y. WANTED-A WAITRESS; MUST HAVE G'tOD CfTV ?Y leteieucet. Call for two dejs at 18 Ka?t Uib St., from II to 11 o'clock. UfANTKD-A GOOD LAUNDRESS TO ASSIST XVITH ehaioberwnrk; elvo a chambermaid and waitr-ss. enlr cxiable i ervoas, with City releretire, nest apply at )i west tutb atmoL it ANTED-A TOUNO PROTESTANT GIRL Ad 1 \ ? smstiees. to do light chamber wcrk and take s vre of a child, a German pre/erred and good city lettren c re quired. Apply at 30 Rutgers eL IV ANTED-A GOOD SND HEALTHY NURsR AP. ! If p'y at 204 East 20th at, Ur anted-in a trivate family, a competent rhambennaid and wa.treaa, wbn will a>ii<t in wash Ins srd iremng, city rtlereuuei required. Call at 16 2d place. Brooklyn. f I' AN'1 ED?A OTRL WHO UNDERSTANDS THR POL Yf ta iibg of watch cases. To one who Is willing lo go to ! Ctudunsti the iii"n ttberai *a,tv will be i aid. Also * j-<i els?? ?ei-hcase maker wanted. A tdr. ?? resting let rue, loiin C. Dueher. No. 8 Carilale Huliding. Ciecinnsti cine. AN TED-IN A SMALL I'R'VATR FAMILY, A GIRL YY to do good plain cooking, and to as- ist in the waebieg , aud (miliar. None need applv in Iff IkCf OM coma well ' rer mitneu led, and are wt I n,; to tiiasa ibemseDee geueralty useftvl Apply at 4N4 A'est 2M st, Wahti d-a woman who can do the plain YY sewtrg fur a tarnlly of two poraone. take charge of a I'tt'e f ' lour yearawiid and at the same time teach her to ?pei' ind read. Appty at 76 F.aal Soth el., between 11 and 3 I HELP WANTED? PCNALRI. yy antbg-a middlh aiiiii pH<>TBar?NT aovtw ?n ? fauiil. of inw, ?i>boot i i<l ro, inu-l he agon.], o ,,jo? w..-her ?ml Ironer. Apply at 4J1 Usual it'eel. be-waui Vartck nod 8u Ihiit. \L ANTRD-TO Oil TO TilR COI'NrttV, A FItlfT TV c asn ? Ul ? or ordered noon for i p i?*'? fa mi v ('oil on Monday or T una on j at 21 Uuiveraiiy piece, between 12 W41 o'clock. IV AlsTt-.ii ro OHI'AlS-1 UK 8 -,KV U'h < iK A Yol NG v v I d (* ulnar la t v prf erred), lu take tue ent rn c ? g? of n *ma I 'a i lly of two In the c-mntry. where-he will do the w.,ra kixmI namt). AUdreae A. M C., Broadway Pont o lire, fur one week, IVANrKO-flKif rUB II AT TRIM Me IIS. AEi'EY " nt Ihn i tanufa- lory corner of Uejiuoud ami W.l loughby nti*., liinoi jrn. WAN run-A* IIPRRIINCIO VNaI, with good l?f?l?nrf-, n. nnrae and aeamslresa. Apply nt 2V Loudon terrace, Went 2.10 at. WANThi>-nv I WOMBM; (INK T'? conic wash nud Iron; the other na Che ubermalu an 1 Waitrean and toan-lat In the washing. Apply nt 31 We-d ',9th at tl/AffTI'O?t WtirilMSS TO ()0 A SHOUT Did. Tl lan e In the country ; mm h ive good i?f. r?-o- s Apply un I It irhitmy at 1.0 ami 1-8 Dunlin nt.. luird our, from 10 till I o'clock. IAMIIM UiUT CLASH TRIMMER, AT 170 6TII avenue _ _ _ WANTKD-A WOMAN FOR OK.NKRAL HOUSE. w- rk; niiint unileraland plain conk tig and be a cno ' warher and rroner Apply, with reiercucc* from -ant place, nt do. Henry at., N. Y. YV ' ANTED?TWO CHaMBKRV AIDS. TWO GOOD ? ? w.tilerN, and on?* iinsUtaut b'>u*?ke?!p#ra CaIJ at vli? Gtrard House. 10 and 12 o'clock YV lwi ANTKD?TWO LADY B A 111 I'.NDfc lid, AT 110 ir Broadway. Y\F ANTED? A SMVRT, YOUNO I'BO I'KSTANT Wfl. v' mnn, lo do genera honnevyprk, ill a very mil lamll ; mutt be n coon plant rook, wuahrr an I Irone. ; none ii?en apply without b<-ng competent hip I ha> mg cor.d c.iV reier enve. Inquire nt 00 7th at , between 9 and IX A. M. WANTED-AS HOUHKK KKEER. A (IBNTRFL young larlr. of a pleasant and eh isdns disposition, whn-e dullen will be llnbl. Audie-a Warner, autUnu A, | Spring HI i eel. WANTKD-A Yonsa WOMAN AS Nl 'RSE AMI naaniatreaa. to u<n earn ol crow In;; children and nuK* heme f ceneral y useful. nnn w ,o me tnd aide tu b eg the beet ol i lly lefeience need apply nl 29 Wast l9ll> nt , be tween 9 nod 4 o'cl -ck. WANTKD-A I.ADY, TO I.KARN TUP. ART Of COle oring pltotegraphi After iwo weekn' in-lroctlo.i of one hour per dny work will be given out i all at 1 Id Broad way, room 19. O. Ki >Nl(13Hl-.RO. V\F ANTED?A STEADY, COMPI'.TRNT PRRSON AS y> nenniHireRR; most lie nb:e l.- cut and lit and be willing to lake care of iwo growlm; n.ildren. Apply nt 241 West 19th at., between Hlk mid 'Jib nvn. ANTED-A HERMAN CH AMHKHM \I D. APPLY at d4'i West 2-'d at., from 9 till 10 o'clock A. M. Good w.lgea paid. IKF A NTRD? A HOOD COOK AND LAUMDBKM WITH ?' Apply at No. 5 St. M.trk a place (Mb it.), from 9 till 12 o'ciock. WANT BO?TWO OR THRKK ooon OIBM. woo UDilerHinnd laying on gold leaf lor l.ooa w rk. Ap|by at the corner ol KiankTiu and Elm sin., up entire. W ANTED?A WOMAN ABLR TO PROCURE AND TO V' take ilia inainigt m?ut of trom 60 ID li 0 gn la, to iiinnn fartnre bead and bugle trimming, npplv to K. D. Janvier, 241 iirondwny, up nlalra, between 8 and 9 A. M. ANTED?Ol RES TO WOIIK IN A FACTORY. IN quire corner 1'anrl and John mm., Krookiyu. ANTED?A FIRST CLASS TRIMMER: SALARY NO ob e t. App'y at Mme. tliwria . No. 7 Brevoort place, lUtb at., a few doora from Broadway. I*'ANTED?HOOD OPERATORS ON OROVKR A BA Vt ker's ? owing marhmen. Tbone aeeuat .ined In braiding preferred. Apply to U. B. Balmock A Co., 94 Chaiubeia at. w \v w vv ANTED?A HAT TRIMMER; ONE WHO UNDER staeds pluob anwing preferred. Call hi Maae o 220 dd ave., i orucr oi 20Ut 04. ANTED-A THOROUGH CHAMBERMAID. APPLY at No. d East tun It. W W ANTED?A FIRST CLASS COOK AND TO ASSIST vv witb the waalilogand Ironing; must lie a good hread baker; waceaSI2. also a chambernahl und waire-a. beat ol racutnmeudalioDS required. Apply at SU Weal li-tb ot. WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID. WAITRE8S, COOK, nurse and ae-imslresa . lor a llr-t cl iaa prnate family, who pay* good wages Apply at No. 7 West 11th at , be. tween Broadway and University place. Iroin 10. to 4 o'clock. TVF ANfKD?A COOK, AND IKONI ? TO (JO VT to Staten Island ; inuat be a good Incad bslter and ac customed lo plain couDlry work. Apply to A, Jourueay, No. 8 Pine at., basement door. w ANTED?CLOTH HAT TRIMMERS. APPLY AT Ouaue and Conlre streets, fourth story. WANTED-UK) CLOAK MAKERS. NONE BUT THOSE accustomed to llrst cluas tiade need apply. Conaiaul vmnlovment, and the highest wage- paid. 7 s GEO. CAREY, 204 and 206 CaaaV atreeL w T ANTED?TEN OR TWELVE YOUNO LADY WAIT ./ leases. In a lira! class music hall. Apply at the Occi dental, Odd Broadway, between 2 and i^P. M. YV ANTED-A OOOD LAUNDRESS. APPLY AT TUB Wurden House, 28 Bowri y, corner of Bayard at. WANTKD-1N a PLAIN FAMILY, A GIRL 25 TO ? years old, to do the general work of ooe poor and three In family, two children and mother; must be wi-uatmned lo and fond of children, and have a knowledge of plain cooking cud baking. Call at 871 Broadway. WASTE D?AN EXPERIENCED NURSE, A PROTEST nni. logo a short distance In the cun try. Cltv refe rence re qui red Apply at the Employment Ulllce, 45 3d ay., from 10 till I. on Thursday and Friday. WAITRESS WANTBD-A STKADT PROTESTANT girl; she innat hare good city references fur nealne-s. boDesty and capabllliy. Apply at 48 West 2dd at, after 10 O'clock A. M. fl'AN I'F.D? BY A SMALL FAMILY. A GIRL WHO CAN VT f?>>k. wash and iron, and do general housework; good cltv reference required. Inquire al4n Bank it. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS SEAMSTRESS, BY TIIR Vv week or mouth. Hhe mini b- able to make Ureases. Apply at 188 licnry St., Brooklyn. WASTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; VV must be a good washer and irooer. l all at 157 East 30th ?l. r I k (Tl R L8 "wTn TK IJ-rO WORK O.N headed gTmp i)U and atnbroidrry; good pay and on .slant employment; a ?mall deposit reuu r> d when work Is taken out. Apply at 1x7 Rleeckor at, liout room. HELP TTAITBD-HALlii Agents c an m ski; S'.'S in a few hours skli.ino o ir great, new and wonderful extra iarce sire Prise Packages. $ ih per day gnaran - e l E.ety dollar invented more man doubled. A splendid solid gold nr silver lever wa'rn pre enieu free loe.cb a.ent. Smart men wanted, to establish agenele In every town and village. County rights Dee :inle lininer -ie; de.naud Im-reaa'nx Kveryhodv buss them, send for our great new nr ular for I ?< >l. containing egiranew premutm Inducements fiee. S C. RICKsKDS I i'O. Id-' Naaaan atreet, New York, onginal, largest and oldest l'ri/e PaChSge house m the win M. 4 CENTS CAN MAKE $800 A MONTH BY SELLING J\ our great Stationery Erl/e Packets and splendid Bieel Engraving", We publish the best porirsils uf LINCOLN. GRANT and MrCLELLAN. Acenu receive a present ol ap.andld gul l - r silver watches, wlii???It are sent with goods No delay. Our con.!* veil vapill- and the prottu are .mmonae Full particulars ,n circulars maile I free G. S. HA.-KINS A CO , 88 Beekroan ?tr#et, New York. kT THR COMMERCIAL AGENCY. 297J4 AND TW A B: oadway ?\V.,nte.| - aplaln ?<f erg .n*urancoelork ho j lei clerk, nortir, pur?er oc'ers. watchman, dry guod* >ai?* ii,an, timri.oercr asiittsut bookkeeper, eu ry c.. rk. ship ' ping clerk, tallyman. Call early. OSCaR A CO. 4 1 rill MI.UCANTILK AGENCY-WANTKD. TO-DAT, /\ traveling agent rookcr-pcr*. shipping clerk, bob i I civrk. dry goo.ia and fancy good) salesmen drug clerk eon I .1' tor, I orb I til PC lalUBM and potter Otner aitiialiuns | nnen Re*pcclaMe mm can a'w.i s hud emuloyn.ent by lading cariy. Merchants und ot'iArt (uj'pited with help t free of charge. Call an I see the vacan e? O. MONUOMKKY A CO , 26-1 Broadway. A1 CTIVE BUSINK8S MEN WANTF.P-ACQI AlNTRD w th the gnierv. hardware, dri goods and other [ trades as aisistaata, [Hirtners and prinelpala Merranil n I evri-anve" With merehanis In all part* of the country. Ad dress Amerioan Mrroantile L'n.nn. 713 Broadway, N Y. A YOUNO MAN WAVTBD-FROM 1? TO 20 YEARS o\l, t i make himself genera > useful In a retail alure; no tale-man or bookkeeper nveded. Add; est box 2,1 9 Peat ofijoe, N. Y. \N AMERICAN BOY W A NTED-1 MM ? DIA TK I.T. for the ?t, rer.iom >f a ho el, hs m i?t have a fair knowledge ol huiinasa an l a goud motal char*o'er. Acdrraa B. D Hera'd olfli-e A I Ir-ST ?'T,A<8 WAITER A Cf)A 'MAN AND ?A garde er, a.a>. a gardei 'r and i <iseiul|tnnD wanted, un filed latAiy. al RAYMOND 8, ill B.eei'.Sc r it. WANTEO-ON'R WHO II AS HAD some experience and can give th" best rit>^ srage- moderate In ;.ilrc at Lai e ? lintel, corner of Lau.i and Centre ats.. between II and I o'clock. Boy w antro-atiout i? rrARs or aon in a conn.its, in li-uise. Ad treat but 4.u it I'ost o ' oe. |)OY WANTED?IN A STORE, KSDM 14 TO 17 I) yeses uid. i ?t Mr* wth his fvenU end he well re comriiei led. Apply et 4.> ? alker at. VyOOKKKEI'ER WANTED?ONB FULLY COM I'(TENT I) im nrat il .as leiail grocorv house, up town. Address P. A T , H rai l ad ee. iyariendi r wanted-wiio WILL LOAN his em II ployr-r f-'ilto 55? ua flret class acuritv; al?ady em DloTD.cel, K8U iwr month, aahiry weekly; n--sr fht* euy RH IIAltl'SON A I'LaIT, I*) Broadway. ("^H'eTcAi m it I". i < TTER avs.kd.-a man well J rc-ommendod maygtpply At 67'- Broadway. t1\?H BOY W ANTED- ABOUT 12 YKAK8 OF AO!'. / Ajiply at the drv goods .lore 141 Atlantic at. Bmoa yo. nRl G CLERK W ANTF.D-ONE yUAf.lFl?D~TO lake chsrg" >f a r-tal I ttor-' In this city. A-Mrea* A. P. Farmer, ll-ra"t nrtloe, for three days. Y\RUi? CLERK WANTRD-A 8INOT.F. YOUNO MAN' I f nuah; c I t ? 811 piu rrlptieaa and familiar with r|i> rs tail trade. App'y* with referen e, al tha drug etora No. 495 Columiiia a>.. corner of Union ?i. .South Brouklyn. nKUO OLRRK.-WANTRD, A MAN COM PF.TRNT Tt) nrr*r, .ho iter the coun er, set well recomrtiended. 288 R'vtnftun kL tNARMEKB ft ANTED?TWO OOOD MEN, TO DO I generul firm work. A pity to G. C. Menu, 141 Fulton strert, from t till 12; 8 lo 9 will be best. l/AliM HAND W ANTE D?A SHORT DISTANCE T from the city Applr to Northr ip. this dav. at the Sunday Mercuiy, 113 Fulton at., at II n clock prenacky. Man anu wife wantfd-or brother and s:9 ler, toiakeeare of a country place n>ir the eity A nian with eon.e kno-i .edge of tbc care or flowers p.e-e r-d. W. havt a . u..,| h' *ne stid mod'-rat* wages; tn-ist Fe A e riean. hna' ah, Scotch ?r GeVinau appi.caniA AddiraeWil son. Herald oflleo for three dsya. f^ORrRR WANTED -A YOUNO MAN f?E ABoDI ?7 v-are old, as a lignt porter m a, irmtl" ring wuh hi? pa-enta and have it e beet of reltrtnivs. Apply Io the mom log et 1} Clinton plana. T HtLf WATTEO-R4LCII, ??- "4 SIX DOILaRt MA 1>K fRuM FIFTY CENTO.-CALIl ami aiao u? *o nothing nrge'itty nad-I by ever, hodrr ur suuiulo- ?? nt fro# l> ma. fur Uliy c. au I *1 rtuiisfoCi to, by H. L WOLvOTl.l7UCboli.ou ?, ,?r?, st y I'O AOENTS.?THE BEST STATIONEl'Y PA< KAGRT 1 in the word; iIid, Llliit||rt|ibK Portraits, MeOlollan, L neo'u Oram. oml ail [>i Ira. ng 0?i araia; al?n. Kat'le Scenes Album Ormi, War Moi ? I *. In-- t'nivol riteiea Arm Dipioma Mili free for flft? eonla. -?ua ?ioiup (.,(, cucu ar lu JOHN GIBSON 32 Beetrnnn at rant, N T. 0 r.AI' AND CLOTH HAT M A KB RS ? W A NTRD, A ro p' irnl hand either male or If ?1?. Liberal ?a arf an f'i at* < i ?? ? n nf? <?ment lira year through. Atp y to F tf. So, I Ion, ''to Hroadivaf. ______ IPO AOk.Nlri AMI TIIK TRADE A moid to hi-ad inarler* fop 1 CAM I'A ION UOODS, aha ra everything in <' a w?y of LIVE GOODS that will aril can hr had at MAM FA I 1UKBKS PRIORS. A daarrlptive cAtalogue, with special tonne anal 0 0 application. Addrcaa H. W HITCHCOCK, Cam I'll ;n lira tquariara, IA ti' am rra aireet N T. . \\' ANTI O?AHTUIIT POT. NI' TRF.N OR SRVga FEKN ?' year ..Id who in.I ?? loudo d dtl'M (lala'aaa the earn. | f a hor-e to atWhlgtna Hot?l m old, Cone* Iultai d mail. L.i: it I an . ..ij '. a i a i < l a li .iu 1*'u I ton ferry print: >on o he itour v\f aSti-.d? VV A HAI.tSMAN f R SALESWOMAN, of hiiroo'li aapri erica., p,b.o tak ng charge oba lacb a ! #mi ; r i 4'* v da; :irt urnt Adore**, atatlng ictcrnn :??, qualil ? at I ins and at parte, liona, R H MAC.T Jill are. 7*ANTF P?TW O FIR-IT CL AciS W A IT EK8. A f TH H Taylor House, Jer.ey fit v. w w it uoii, 05 Ludlow -L, near Grot, 1 WANTED IN A DRV GOODS COMMIT I ON HO (SB, a hi if ?b ml 17 y??ra of *?*, who re*ld"? with hts parent In til" ? ity. Salary, brut year, $;V. Addreaa boa 5 m? 1'0't utile*. ANTED?V COACHMAN: OMR WHO UNDER* tan,la taking Care uf ami driving nm ma Apply at I Ml VV* W ANT I! 0?. A COM I'KTBNT DRV QOGDS SALESMAN, ?t MrlOh nn.'.y A Stewart'*, 192 Fullou i , Brooklyn. Nu oth"r n- ed apply M/ANTED?A STEADY, H0NE8T viu TO DlSTRI. ** bub cino ilar ? to xu.'h a oo Man Iy cmployo enl ami good wagra will bo given. Apply at J7 East lib at., between Hi and J. 11' ANTl.D?AN KRRANI) HOT, WITH GOOD RKPF.K *T en -e from bla !a->t place; inn n hi: polluted with t: a city. Apply to K A i.orriHon, 751 Hrnaiiivay. Ik'ANTKD-A BOV WHO CAN HKIVR AND TAKK TV i tire of a hn a," and carriage, and ' willing to maae biniaclf u elnl around the bonne. Tlie I rat arrrnncra ,e ?tutrail. App y at 21! Wcat 3-th at., between H and 10 o clock. WANTBD-A YOI'NO MAN ABOUT 19 TEARS Of Hie in a retail hardware more One who re?ii|e? with hi- pare nit and van coine we I ri roiutncndcii may ap ply corner i.f Waverloy place and litti a v. WANTED-A YOUNO MAN, OAI'ABLK OK.TA KINO charge nf a plain rat of hook" and a* ra?hirr. iindnnht ed ref. rencea rec|iiual. Apply Pi llarr.ngliiii A Stone, 741 Broailw iy. Wantkd-at Van DYRB'8 HOTEL AND hinincj Saloon. 25 ( atharllie alip, two or three good wmlera. Apply this morning. Wanted-a salesman who has ixraiiuoi and cnmii'iier- In ihn li,|iior hnmnesa. A pply at No. 4 Aahlauil place, near lireenwtch air. \\T ANTED?A FKW SMART AND K VKROETIC BOYS H for outdoor hnalneaa: referenvrA reoolred; wage* $J to S3 per week. Call alter 11 o'clock at Beekmait it, 117 ANTED?A SMART YOrNfl MAN, AH WAITRR WW iii a reatauiaoL Apply, alt. r 10 o cioca, at No. 734 Broadway. WANTED?IN A PLATED WARE STORK, A BOY, about 15 year* of age. one aeon tinted w ith the buai nesr preferied. Salary amall Ural tear. Ad irem, In liand wr ung of applicant, with relereuuea, A. B. C., Herald ?Ihco. WANTED?AT ERADT'S NATIONAL f'HOTO. graphic Gallery, 7-5 Broadway, a good atuut amp active boy about alxteeu yeara of age anti-.d - a YOVM1 man ro atti m> a first wa, ronghlv. None other need apply. Cal at 155 hlhav.,troua I till 4 i'. M. Il/ANriiD-A YOI'NO MAN. FROM If, TO IS YEARN TT of age. as bookkeeper, by double entry. Addreas Index, Herald ollh e. WANTED?A GOOD AND RAPID WRITER. TO enter good* lu a hnalery atnek. In a li rat emeu houae, Adilreaa. with referenc.-a anil aalary expected, H. O., b x 210 Herald oRtce. ANTKD-A PORTF.bin a DBl'O STORE. APPLE ?t 250 fib ar. TIT ANTED?SEVERAL GOOD WAITERS FOR A It KB. TT luurant and lee rream -aln n; good wagea paid in com petent men. Apply at 6:1 Broadway, after to A. M. W ANTKD-A SMART. ACTIVE BOT TO ANSWER he. ? at Sweeny a Hotel. Moat come well recom mended. Apply belweeu 10 and II A. M TV ANTKD-A CLERK, FOR A FIRST CLASS HOTEL; WW a aingle man'urclerred Addreaa Hotel, with good referencea, noi 1,1.12 Post olBre. VV WASTED?A YOCNG MAN TO ATTEND BAR. NONE need apply but I Apply at 57 Baiter at. need apply but thoae acquainted with the bnalcoaa. WANTED?YO If NO MEN WI8IIING TO GO TO SCA, aeauian. green han la. cooka and it?wn i, for yncagta in merchant ahlpa and for flahmg and wlialtng roiago*. Apply at M6 Weat at., corner of Read*, up "(aire. RANDALL A I'Oi'KINKT. ANTED-AN OFFICE BOT. APPLY AT S7 PEARL up ataira. A W\N WANTED-IN A MERCANTILE HOUSE, A BOT about 14 yeara of ago, one who realdee with hla pa rrma, andean come well recommended, may addreaa boa 6 i>4 I'oat otUre, ktallng aalary expelled. IV ANTED TOR SHORT WHALING AND FISHING TT anil merchant royagee 5n landamen, aeamen carpen torn, Ac.: alao men tor the army, and the h'gheat bounties pa d, at 87 Weat utreet, corner Albany. J AM K8 A CO. 8ITVATIONR WANTED?MALES. A GERMAN 8ALB8MAN, OP 10 YEARS' CUT BXPE rieuee in the drv gooda trade .leairea to engage with n merchant going lo California or .New Orleans. Unexeep tionable refe ence* Can par hla own trare ling eriwoaea. Addraaa, lor one week. C r. Miller, 124 Allen atrert. S OOAOHWAN OR GROOM -W ANTED. BY A young man. 21 years o d. a situation as coaiSiman or groom, no objc, I on* b> go In tlerounlry. beat of refer enee. Address M. C., b"k 1:8 Herald ollice. ANY PERSON WANTING A GOOD YOI .NOMANTO to tend bar, address ,C. W., No. I Atlantic s^a within two days. I'nion Hotel, iirnoklyn, N. Y. 1 SITUATION W A NTH It?BY A M IN, AS CUTTER, .'\ or foreman. Good relercuce. Address J. G., box 178 Herald oi'ce A YOUNG MIS IS DESIROUS OF ORTAlNIN'O A lituatl n aa w*ner In a private faindr or in a re*; ee ls', e building houae; has good reference from hla last p.ace. Addrena It. P., 148 Weal 32d at. ATOUNi; MAN (ENGLISH). WANTS A SITUATION on a lurm. or to take rare of a borer and garden, tan give good reference. Addres* W. H., Ileial l omce. A YOUNG MAN DESIRES A SITUATION IN THIS A cltv. cab Irlve and take rare of two h reel and oar. rmce. For particulars tuqutre at lo7 East 4titt? at., for lure* days. * SITUATION W ANTKD-BT A RESPECT! I'LR a V ' i.tiog fnan. 17 years of age. aa | erter in a tea ? r gr > eery <torr;bestof city i# ercnce given. App.'y at No. S3 Oak ?!. MERi HANTS RU ,'UIRINii TIIK SKKVIITfl OF A young man (.19 years of agr) for a reaponmble po?? l on. reouiring ene, gv. etperlenro and Industry ate recom mended I" adores . It. W At , hoi S.253 Poat olboe. Situation wanted-by a gentleman who has had several trara experience in an impoilirg hnoaa as rcre ? og and dollvery elerk; could make liimaelruKeiuI In oiher brancheaof hii.loe?a and a vtcancv in a coal yard a* g. iirral e erk would tie lead' y a epted. The heat of ro feten ea win '?? given aa to character, integrity, Ac Address F.. No U Hank at. rpo DRUGGISTS AND AP 'THF.f ARIES -WANTRD, A J. aUualior. to take charge of a a-ore hx a mimpeient mil, and of ion,' bxpertenco in the a tail bnatneas: good re er. Mt I gl in. An,', to or address f r threO coy a, Druggist, Fulfill ST., nuer Cuuibcriaud at . Brooklyn U'AMM>-A SITUATION RT A TOUNG MAN, AS eoaelimon; con give (he beat of city reference. Ap piy at Uiaaley'i aublo, c roar of Una at. aud 4th *v? lor lwo days. QIMTIMT v TOxnto MAN a SITUATION AS vV aaalriant bookkeiv?r or rntrx elerk; inawhoeaale tohaeen or hoo> au I a . * hoove preleiiad, good rtleiaaooa given. Address R., Harald blliee. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG Man as r erg or book keeper la a fret .!a*? penman , qu e* and corn ct a'a ?? mu an.i ha* no o'. onun to make 11 " ef geii-ra y us-tof Good references if required. Addreee t'eraereratiee, llerold o I <?# ANTKD-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG M IN. V8 waiter or porter. Addreaa E F., but l?2 Hera 1 w \V'ANrsi>?A SITUATION as COACHMAN, hv A " 80' nian. Ilia wi'e will go 4* c.touibcr . a d oi nurae. Addreaa .1 D , I7d Herald \kl ANTHD?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN BT A St " " ' "i": " man, who can give to- oeai of ellf red er< n e pr.r honeei?, mbr el* and iaoahil v from Ma lor u?r eij; .ye-a. Can be aecn until engaged at Mil Broadway, cor oar of Uth at. YY'ANTF.D-A SITUATION, BY A M?N AND WIFF, *T to tlae eh .r :e of a place: he a a g?d farmer and gardener, and a uat > r- l to 'aklug ar* uf berae*. In julro ol i: Uaibeck, It Weat it.i at. U' ANTED?A SITUATION, A ChACHMaN. HV A ?luff Ira*, th toughlx* UD'eralan a ihe yr"per care of hurara, earrtagea and txarneaa will 1 * found so *r, honest and utu.giug. Good c.iy and country reference. Addreaa M. S , boy 2115 Hera'd odleO. VnTRIi-i sm ATIO.N. BT A YOUNG MAN.Ts aaloat. an in a dry gooda n,iii*e. has had ei{or|enee, andean In' 'en c a ,o oirv tie e. can ft.rniah the beat roronimemlatlone; ran aprek Gerrian. A Idreaa A. B., Hera d oitteo. WANTiu?A 01TU ATI ON. BY A TOUNG MAN. AS ?a eai an in the c.o:hii.g hualuct-, ha* bad 7 yaart' experience in Poe'on. Addre-e K N , IteraM eE'.ce. T1. A NTS D? A SITI HIG.N. BY AN IN TRLLiilF. .NT ?I y ji g man. ea clerk or aaai-'ant hnokker-per In a who'*** e urx 00'? or crtnmleab",, wn. muaa hioi a l genrrel'y uaefnl, and has no oh Koti,,0 togoW.*'. s* ary n < c'j ". Beet.of retereocei can be g ten Addriao A rt . box 2.711 F iat 0(T. e, II Y ?Tills AMOUNT WILL (IE PaTd TO ~ANT iwraon w iu wi l obtain me a * luaUoi. aa ir* <? me a yd I. ?? h 'or or any Map.".tab!* anuailon wn-re I n>n h?ve rxif i? amp t a; raid o* w ork C' y releren.e* givoa br odureeaiug A. 0. t.. boa ltd U# aid oiB.a.

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