Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1864 Page 3
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?ITVATIONS WAHfTBD?VBMAI.KK. NUMBER ok WELL recommended gbkman famalus waut sltuauous as oooks, chatuberuialds and e- maiaies waut situations aa oooka, awsswwsa*?? *un lreoaex, nurses and girls for geuerai houacwurk, Ac.. ?? Mrs. LuWh k German luautuld, 17 Blaniaa at. nenr the Jaw?ry, m A RESPECT A BLK PROTESTANT GIRL WAVY* A ?iiuaiioQ aa chambermaid. Can vt'vti* at licr .4 t Rlaie 146 Weal 12th at., for two da?A YOUNO WOMAN. 18 TEARS OLD WARTS A SIT. nation aa seamstress, nuraa. or to cut and fit Ctu. t| Hat a j A 9!.R.1' "ISflES A SITUATION TO Takk imU. ot. chll,l?"cn. or to oo chamber*.rk 5?r?mce, Inquire at 217 Waal Mih at., top ilooV c,,y AM AMERICAN GIRL WISHES A SITHati,i? ~7Z geueial housework; la a good cook w.^ 'ODO *?d refercuoe. Call at 12 Jones at. near SlJSJg?" ;ro?ar. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AN chambermaid aod seamstress; understands ctnLro Aery aud tin ? aewlng. Gool city re'fereu :e Call for two Raja at 259 cth ar. ?? the fancy atore. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS Jk nurse and to da chamberwork In a prlvat?> family; can taka charge of an inf.nt from its birth. Call at Ul Weal Skill M, third lloor. No objection to the country. A SITUATION WANTRD-RY A RESPECTABLE younit woman; la a lirat rate washer and ironer, a very good cook, and understands baking; beat of city relcicl<e e'en Call for two daya at 109 Eaat ltith at., between lit d Id an. A -SITUATIONS WANTED. TN BROOKLYN. KOR . a very large numher ol thoroughly enpe.-leaved ? er- | vanta, of di;!efnt uall'-ns recommeudrd by aoine of our very beat Brooklyn famtliea. viz Cooks. nurses. wad aeaaea md eervaniN ol all work. Apply to MANNING, id ?buit alraet (liauiillon Building), Brooklyn. M RRSPECTABLB WOMAN WANTS A BART TO V. ET unrau at lior own bnuae haa lost her own baby two oiitha old. i'all dive the belt of city refewmee Her ho nd la in the armv. Call for aik daya at lbl Ea't 3*??L at., at door, back room. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS TO GO OUT BY -al the day, either to do geuerai housework or w ar I Ins ane ironing Call at 172 Dlh av., top tloor tront room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO DO J1 tent omen's aa lung, at lier own regldcuce. Call ?t 12k Went idtb at., top Itoor. A YOUNO MAN WHO WRITES A GOOD AND QUICK hand, and speaks luiul-h German ami Luplitti, and alitlle Yr-nh anil Spiinch. wants a situation n a ?!.,,? broker's o I eo. Address G II . Herald o!Bce. AHEKPECTABLK YOUNG GERMAN GIRL. .WISHES a situation In an American family, m attend ? n sad do ?i wing if required i demandsitoid restore.- . a: i ly ?t 91 Allen ct, ace indflnor. A LADY WISHES TO KINO A PLACE KG If A Preo It girl, who has lived with her ! i thr -e .eais, ?. w niu she can biclilv recommend as boil lie iirt'cn nr lie clianibte, with n family going to Europe iuis fa . or uetl spring. Address U L. Ilprtod ofltce. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation as chambermaid aud aeauisircre. ? a I at *? I e< k slip. A A YOUNG WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO GO OUT BY J* the week or month, in some rcspuciab e lauu ics, us die Mini.. ? r and to do sewing Term a u.odciuir ?ail at Ml 6th av. Avery competent girl wishes a <iti . rioN as hamb rmzid and to ??sl t with wmli-nr ami run tec, or',<> do < liambcrwurk aud plain aewine 1 u? eiv < i erf cttv reference from her hist Dluce. Can u ? . en f.u i-.o ~?ys ul 117 7th av., near 2Uth st. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION Tfi COOK waeb and iron, or do general housework ?? ., ?ood laundress. Good references. Can bo seen at ll W tl tti a?.. in the rear. AS COOS.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN wants a situation: she understands ah kind* of fa nil* ?oak nj:, washing aud boning, good relet nee Call at No 1 I?n<jueer si .South Biooklyn. corner of Henry A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL. AS chambermaid and to do plain sewing. Ca t he -mm lor two du.s at her (iresent empiover s, 11 West 47tn st A YOUNG GIRI. WANTS A SITUATION AS WAII'l p girl; Is willing and obliging, ana hag i kiud d;spo?il on He ti e best of illy releience. Can be men loi two day* at West Shth St. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL AS JCl hrs; class ook or would do the general hou-ework of a ??tail private Best of city reference. Gail at U3 Hicks si. between Anitty and Congress, Brooklyn, to the ^"Teioont, for two days. GERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN AN American family. Call at 144 Norfolk et.,th'rd Poor A YOUNG GIRI. WISHES A SITUATION Afl CHAM H. bermald and waltreks or children's mir9e. CiilutfOO 'c l 3'.ilh at,, between 9th and lOtb avi., fortwortavs ASITUATH1N WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND lo i hi-i Iii the washing. Good lelereuie. Call at 7.'t I Weat 2o l h st. A GERMAN OIItL WANTS A SITUATION A i 'IAM bcru.aid. Call corner of 3d av. aud btllli at., over the grocery store. AKBSPECTABI.K YOUNG GIRL WANTS AS SITPA Gun as chaaibermaid or waitress, is willing to'ak* _are ?f children. Good city releren'e." Oau be ?eeu lot two da;, s at lit) East Warreu at , Brooklyn. YOUNG WOMAN WANTS a SITUATION T<> COOK wash and Iron. Call at 6hb3d av., accond floor, tiuoi A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHER A SITUATION IN a sin* I private family. a? gooil cook: has nun' j. "t r laoasa.Ht w tb the wasblnu nn I Ironing, has the pent .-?? v yaference I'rom her present employer, where slut has.i.ed 1 eight < ears. Can be seen for two days at M East ,)7tb st. A RESPECTABLE WOM 4N WANTS a Siri AHON as fcr?t class cook, ts willing to a slstw llh tnc waybill,' aad ironinr*; pood referenee Call for two days at in I'oi'rt A, comer of B. rgen. Brooklyn. A NEWLY MA RRIED COUPLE WISH SITUATIONS not o: this city, umlecUnd Imt'cr and n.ilk. fain .nu aad ^ardentniJ and the rare of horses and i t.e. would nk9 thfm.e res ganeially uacfol. Apply at No. : Br an war. AKITUATION WANTKD-TO PO COOKING |OH general housework, hv a willing, capable go I: is nest aad economical and an eicrllent washer and irotier. trust yerthy ami respectful; be-d refercncea given Apply at 121 Altai.tii: at., HiO'iklyu. A "iri'ATION WANTED-BY A RKSUE TABLK J\ viMing tvonian. as chamb'-rmaid and wa,tr?r?. oy woo d do plain cooking and a-sist wita tho wa-miug ami Ironing, the he t cf city references foreltlm .in be , iriL Can bo seen at 389 2d av . between 2M and '.'3d sty. t YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS A liauitv rmald and waitress in a private '?muv :'0ti j reference. CalietlUU Monioe ak, near Rutins. No in er Iku to Br oklyn. ? REP.i'U.C I' \ RLE AMERICAN WOMAN. W II ) 11 AS juat lost In r baby, wisher to lake one to we', i. m it be: own residence, 2"1 Uo't a'.., Brooklyn. Besi.iiy irfrtcueea given. A RESPECT \ BLK YOUNG WOMAN WISHES SIl ua'lon as cb'iinlier'mid and aeamstresa; can operate, oa Wheeler's tn Singer a machine. Cai. at 22h'Aiytihth a* , t p i. uor. A COMPETENT PERSON WANTS A SIT! ATION TO ook or do hou?ew oi k: prefers ? employ mi nt to btgli wages, ( alt at 112 tA est I'Jtb rt. ARKSi'ECTABLF. MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A tuntiou k < wet nurse, having Lot her baby t'-.i ai 187 Eatit 22 I St., between lal av and ay. A A SITUATION WANTKD-I!t A GOOD PLAIN < and an excellent washer and ironer; has the be rafcreo ? from her lau place Can be seen at lid Mm St. AREM'KCTA RL E SCOTCH GIRL WtRIIRb A SITU at. m as f.rst c ass wan rcss. the heater city refeienes ran tie given from her hat piace. Call for two daya At >'1 West 2,'tb st., between 6th and 7th avs. ARRSHKCTAHLi', WOMAN, HAYING LOT 11RS bahy. si* ????? old, w Ishes to 'ake a haby to yv-t nur-s at tier own rasidcn e; lias the milk of one cow; '.'althy Anaation. Call on or addreas Mrs. Early. 114tli st, llurtrna. ASITl ATION WANTKD-BY A PROTESTANT Oil to do bouaework in aamall private fatudy, good ? refrreie-... Call at 201 AVcat 2tjtb at , netw en 8lb and ava. In the rear. Anf.w england lady, who is a practical housekeeper, wishes a situation as nurS", honaeg. e.ier ci aea nstvess: beat refcren ea given. Address M/j. B boa I uti Herald olBce. a YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DC A hou-ework In a small private family. Cuy reference ?ak a' i/; Vtli av. H'OUSEKBUPER-A WIDOWFR, WITH FOUR il*f, dreo. leatica the asaiaiance of a la lv ol edm atioe and (?Inement to: a keener e ol lilsh ,i?e and "he traui'n ' of h 1 chtdren TnwUd'. ol Chrhtiao nrlorlplea. kind c'lan.iHi. lien and ev|ief tente in damealu' maitera. a piMtkant ham* ta attainable, on hmir's rl'e froiu the cil . Address *-te Ten on, oi U3 Uria.doib e. CITUAflONS W ANTED?B Y TWO RBSPKCTAntH a 7 l ri Of.e as "oeY. the other a? ehainlerma I ,ni wadrees in a prim.- arn'ly No objections io thw CO nirv Cat aid I Wot HuKtis it ' ""*? irriAiioN wanied-bv anamekioan ada .as I hi -keeper, tointr. prufeued. Apply to Mit. A , 19b Go d at . Pru-.k.yn. Clll'ATlON WANTKD-HY A RKSPECTARLP. YtU-NO s^ w> na aa In ?? mad; tin waah. tr>n and wse act em broidery: wnnltl make berrbll gaMialljr uaefol. Ca a. Jtl W-si ? on) on at. R1TI ATIONR WANll'.D-rOR THOROUGHLY COMVE _ tent feina'a belo of att natiowa, im h *? flr-d laaa r ?Rami ' i ni'iitla,yvaMrea-ea laondreavea a- amaireaana.n traea, ??u io Haiti anil Iron, aniali gn la and girls lau lv isodsd Alidval the large e oployment boo?e, c irner 6th av and 14tb st., also male be'.p. TU A HONS WANTKD-BY TWO RK8PFCTA RLH ymng women; one as gooil plain coofc, washer i. id reference; the other sa 'hi. ..... - 1 ' t wiUn xs nr m take care ot a baby Can lie seen at present situation*. Ifi6 Weat .'2d at , bitnero toth mid ava. TWO NINTI RH WANT NITHATIONN?TOG1TI1FR ' separate, one t" enok wash and Iron or houwiwo She other to do i iiatn'erssoraor houaework. tad at 60 w. YTaihington place, In the rear 117 ANTED?A NITU.aTION. BY A RRNPRCtAl vv girl, ?a oook, waaher and Ironer; no objavtloa t gencrni honarwoi k lo a auiall latiily. L'eat cdy refertc Apple at >41 Hudson aL tl' ANTI'.H-A HITUATION, BY A YOUNG ORRM yy wouiau. in a private family; la a good cook anc ai.eilcnt lanndieaa. Call at 119 Churdon at. In the *Un \\.r A N' RD?A BITUATION, RY A YOUNG WOMAN, * v to do/eiteral houaework. in a ama'l family. Good ro fetemea. Gntl for two day a at 122 East 4th at., neconri Boor, bank room. w ANTgD-A HITUATION. BY A GERMAN GINL. TO do ehambwrwork and aewlng, or would do housework a sniail lamilf Jaqntra fer two daya at 13K .VI ae. Ma; ANTED?BY A RKHPRCTABT.B MARRIND WO yT man. a bah. In wet nuraa. Call aa or address Emma. at Dean at.. Brooklyn w A N rP.IY ?A ilTUATION, BY A RRM PRCT A BLR girl, aa nook, waakar and Ireaar. In a private ranuiy Ml r?/*r**f*, v'AV ?' H It,, ? nufCjh, ?ITVATIOIVS WANTED? PEHAL>B8. W' 'ANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RHSPEfTABLK m.?. fl'.K "? p? t0olt- ?Ml1?' ?nd iruoor. Apply at 174 W?Ht ibth ?t, in tbu rear. WANTBD-A SITUATION. AS CHILD'S NURSE, BY , ,, * J?"ug "Oman, who ha* born In the employ K ?K J""11 |I,urt y**rs. Beat refereucas. Apply ai 173 ?? at 14.A bL, Loin J until J o'clock P. M. YI'AIITKD-EV an BXPKRIBNCBD NURSE, A SITr. monthly nurse, or to Attend tb? nick, ono give good rmTrir.nct. Address Nutm, 75 lUntmoud ??. XKT ANTED?A SITUATION, BV A YOUNG GIRL. TO ?? so i eueri.1 houee* ork: uo objeetiaos to traveling, good WfttMi es Onll nt M '""Anion at., Brooklyn. WANTED?BT A RESPECT A BLK WOMAN, TO <50 Call at 4?Ba"idaT ?r w,wA *' Msw"'d'>11 a pood saainitress. WANTED-4 MfAKM, BV A TOl) NO WOMAN TT o Jo gem-in'. housework, good reference. Call at DM East i:?' st., Cfj av. IlfANTEU-BY A 1'ROIBSTANT WOMAN. A 81TTA. I ' tlou a? hamlieriuatd and laundress. Call At or ad. drear 432 Weal :i7th at., lir.t floor, fronts Want; d?by a vouao woman, a situation '/ t'?ln v' atnber>Tork aud waiting. Hun neve 11 v*art refAreiae<! from fctr la*: place. Call at lyl Wea 38tli ?t., aecunu HoOi WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN A3IKI-. TWELVE yarn old, a situation in A amall private iainlly, to do light wo,k; is aomutomed to the city, and ran give good rworeooe Can hi ISof'lst bL, between the lat .iuT.M ava. 1*7 ANTED A SITUATION AS WKT NURSE OB r? housekeeper by a rexnactable American ladv, who has .mat lost tier hnb?; good reference given and req til red. Ad moss M. 0? nor 1*4 Herald office. WAN TEH- A SITUATION. BV A YOUNG WOMAN, .i. cook w,usher and ironei; no objection 10 do vp d ? ral housework. Call nt 224 East 13IU at. WANTED-V SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMaN, ua chantSermaid and wnitr*:ks or to do plain aotring. Gail at ftST *th at., between 4l-.t and 42il sis. WANTED--A SirtlATION, BY A TOUN'i GIRL, TO " ''? seue'tti h ? .seirork, or a* cook aud auudr is; i rod hvo rears in last, p'ate. <'all at 92 Henry at., room l i. WANTED -A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, " as washer and iruiiur it a amall pi-irate f mull . ? lit til refertm-ea. Gall tor two uaya at S3 I'.v nic M., Brooklyn. w 1,'ANTKD-BY AN INDUSTRIOUS GIRL. A "ITI *. tion in mure faintly doing to California: will work for one o n a'ler ansving nt. a -mad salary nt general house work or as,? n use or ml I make Irer-Wf generally ?c" i lie-1 n( icier ores given. Address Mary, Orange, N. ,) iy *? N't GO- A SITUATION, BY 4 MIDDLE I ? vT lore-' '. o'ii in h nurse and si auistr?-1 or cbn bT ma,d in a piivmo la ,-ty. Aptiy or thrrij da ? at No. 3 Moore St., Williainsbur;. U/ANTED? HV tN RNOIjI.SU GIRL, A SITUATION At to do bono work iii a'c fa-iiv; noohji. lion to the country Ca'l at 37 West Btoadvvay. IV ANTED?A SIT' ATION. BY A YOUNG GIRT sfi " ea,i stre-s n 1 ioaa-st in the hamVruor .. wi .11." aed oo.ig tip -ail give .el ren< e. s al! at 2?U 7lh a ? . i.-ar aOtll 8t V\7*nt:;d? 11 iuathlvh, by two rimers witii Rood ? i-feietir-e, one as .ouh ai.d .anuses. fl.e utli. r ?S aio'f.m. id end waltr. . Both are good vcn. I Jl a. p..., V e-.t .dill it . Hi Hi lit I at. WAN1BD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, I * a 'I.b. oatil 1111.1 I l-ess; good env t-.crcnce 1 irom he ast p'.i rr, fali at 102 Atlantic K., Brooklyn, :< r two inve. ? ' YV ANTED ?15Y A Itr.SPR."TABLE YOUNli GIRL. A ! ?' situation as i iininberniaiil sn.l to do plain eewin-' is I ng to ? "Id tvit'-t ihc uashiug .nid ironing; cot.d city ^ Biiiadw11''. " r"'i i:reu" Ca!; *t lb Ea t I8th s: . near j UJ ANTED?EMPLOYMENT, BY A REBPECTABLE w tnan to d > Hashing or bouse cleaning, or to take u ivn-iiiii. In u; b at 337 9th av., bcivtecu liUtli aud dial Kt* t an tie seen for two days. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT PUR son. s. eiiild s nurie and tonme'icss: has bad many w rears experitsuco. Hie best citv reference can te given Gail be serii foi iwndaysat .Vu Hicks Brooklyn WANTED-A SITUATION AS HOuSKKEEPKR. BY a la. i. hotel or boarding house i rereried. Cad t 341 Et?t It. it tt YY'AMKD-KY a RESPECTABLE WOMAN, 4 SITU *? arum as or to do general housework. Call at 33 Nevins St., Brooklyn. W ANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRlTa * si mtiion io lake rare of chllitrcu and do plain e? wout.l uiak- i'l-rsc l generally us. fill, llsaibe best or re I?, rentes, i a . at t).r> East ititti St.. beti, een 1st and '3 1 fives. WANTED ?BY t RESPECTABLE GIRL. A STTCA. lion udo eneral lions"work; is a good waidiorand 'roiier. the imst o. re' ??retires given If require I. C.iu bo ?een lor two day* at i28 Atiauuc st.. Brooklyn, room 1. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RE8PEGTABLB f? g rl. as g.ssl I'l.iin cook and eveel '-nl washer and Ironei; ban no objection to go ns tauudrcss. The l est cit* refereaues given. Call at iH9 West k -tli sy * II KM- WARTBDs.MALES. ? GKNTRCaN make $35 IN A FEW HOURS HELLING .31 our great, uew extra inrge sire Price Pa 'k?g"?. $1.. per day guaranteed. Every dollar luvested more i an doubled. A splendid soh ! gold ? r silver Vvet wan ii pre ennui fiee to each agent. Smart men wanted tc eatabl sli a;enete- u every town and vd'age. t"o"iiiy r chu free Sa> immense, demand increasing. Kverybo lv Inivi tbei.i. Send for our grea; new . ular for pci, '.uili ning ex-ranew premium inducement*, free. 3. c. RlGKARDf A GO., 102 Nass.u street. New Y >r.t. original, largest and sides' Prize Package tuju-' in the AGENTS AGENTS, AGENTS. ? MiGLPLI an. -a?- 'in, McC'^iInn.?Just psiblislied. a v**ry fini ?rke t* n r.vng of McGiellan. on his liinek horse, at in ? oaitte T Aniietaiii, frnui an orlgina. panning bi Set iiscl.e sni otraine, 34i ,0 tncli-s: tl.r only oorreet and lane en. manna out I In-most liberal Indiiretii -ii s 1 . go-si ug-inir Can lie seen ?. IVM PATE R. Agent, Publisher ol Nat 00a steel Rinrai m.'H, 1? Burling si ? ft. \"iv York i\ll.l,tsvt .SMITE, f'lild sher 703 South Third ?inet. 1" ? ilad'.dph a. Pa s YOUNG man WANTED?IN A DENTAL DEPOT .V one who reside-, with his 1 arm . and is a live. Ind-s triors and peri got !y honest, will dnd a peasant .-unaiiv; asiarv $|isi $3 ' , a cording to qitaldication*. App v tc Samuel 8 Wli-ir. ii.'.* B oiuwry. have 4l,o(?l to loan l.lseroplo er Good se. no.-- a ? ind-r?utod charge 'ast. .s..un $ ..) e.e. ;.tv, at b'.ih Broadw?y. room VI \ Mi.lir WATCHMAN wantkd TV.MEDIATELY ' a la-c ? lioiel ,a tn a city None but atiAoicr.-an Of """> ? ? ea. actti ae " i app y. Addp-s-i Watck man, b-n i-.'i li.-iaiil olPc -. ? GENT-s WAN TED?TO SELL AN AH TD LE. .Il'-"T .A in-, n ii. . -ii hi every lam I' ano limei. p. ari ; ?a.e*r a y; ea| ? ir.| nred smaG. No 1 p , , , e room 31 CLEM UN T a GO. AGIiVl: HI'S, NESS 9K.V WANTED-A(N7 t'.'.TRD . * ii th" cro ry. car l ere, dr? goods a .d oil e- '-ad. ss :.<? Ma-. - psi'uers ..nt 1 ne.pi - Ver Chnnge v " no h.n "s "i all part- ol t'.? co ni ) aj c':i"?s 4iiii'.-;e,in Me intil- I ill m. 7'T lit tadwn ,N Y .4 man wanted?pgr a kakm <?> r.oNfi ? I Dan i-"i man nrefei n d To a tool man, good u,? ? I id muni 11.1 ?i A' 1 inployuicnl w.ii be 1'iven Apn-y foi two i\s i.eioie 11 ,'c'e * ,1 H73 Wss', og on ?t A' A A DIMS A 4 MED?WITH SMALL "AT TM Tf -in- I ' p. Ill I I" -1. ,11 1 I', , make $.4 or y ? I 1 .t.y Also Mats" J'gilts tor sit e Apo M "33 Kroadwai , room No 5. \GtiMS WANII'D-KOR THE: PNHiN WITI'Al L. ' 1 11 * 1. sli e 4loi 111 CIJV, fo 1 O foilo" lie* ' I' Ui'l.V ? A - I - U'l'.t . I.gos. G .I gt '"I. jo';, ip.a. .'he 11 m j. 1 b"i novo. I'limon. 1 0I11111 is, Cort and In a i?r" aiso -h s ei* Liiie,ai 10. iiinssious. Apidy a*, .he u ei 1 Zil BroaJTsy. KN.S "V4.N ri.It-rolt NEW YORK AND Til ROI.i; II o ''I I ' ei p 'ei. to ael! light arimes 1,nils,.cq 1 .0 g.o-v. i-pnn dealers, .to. A libera 1 ran .? a?ion if'i'i i-toi r pin it. 5 Ii * 1 tv per cent replied oc iinii"n s in ;?nis Address O. B L., H"ra!d od e. GKNf 1*1 f3 NEW and BEAUTIPUT. MpCLELLAN Pre., eitv' Breastpin and Badge jir'to i'; a so Liti iiiln aud Km* not Badge- Ke r, variety of .ty Ic. S. i\ Rli KARiig* CO . 1 2 Nassa u st., N Y. At the mercantile agency, wanted to day. dry/oiiiis salesmen, drug elerk, bookkeeper, ohlee e'err. oarke?i -r ho el tl#rk, Kiocerv salesmen, porter eon do ior O'hrr situa ions open. Respectable man ran al "ay. bud .mr mmenl hv calling en im earl< Merehen't and o"'i-T. supplied Willi help ITeo of ebargc < all on G. ?tUNGONKKt A GO , Jte' liroadwar, room No. 4, up alalia. a GoaGIIMW AND 4 GAKDRNf.R WANTED?1>\ A .'1 , s '? ;* iii- frum town Tht heat rreomine ,da 'I- ? *a ragarda character aad aklll, indlapea sal ?. 11 1". 1 I ' Ciilog?eoaehman at 10 anil gardener ;,t |t>'4?at th* F ig'neer s i>?lce, Dr3 Walker at. ,1 1" GO MM EM 1*1 ?11 r. \" 1' V , 3$? I AND XeiBUOAD .4 w*. ? W\ut?d. , plain a elerk, insurance e'erk. |?irter. hotel ? h- s. iser o" is - 'it, tun 1,, drv goods mi esiiian, time ke- >nt -oukko ",iH. entry . legk. ab ppiag 1 mail. 1 a't e,i T. OIIG4K .* i fj. But WAN'fcD-IN a CLOTH HOUSE. A DDR: HH In -I sf.L'. . Post o'l ce. Uo\ WANTED IN AN TMPORTINfi lIOI'Hf. *T?' ID- 001 I U'f I' .1 '.i?, iu app icanta s own nam! w 1 itllif. sv IIOOCKPEPEI: W 4 \ t'-OV'i KELLY COMPETRNT I> n a 1 rat-1 ?* ?? ai . ? rry house, uptown. Adliett PAT, ll -a 1 e ?< e. nTii G GLEP.k WANTED APPLY, Willi RKEER ?llee, it ?ii'l l"'i?rl -I . after.P 4. M. L1NVHV Tl.liRk \\ AM ED-IS A W HOLESALE KAN. Pi ? Vtda aad no! on Ini"ss. Applicant murtbhagood is-nman 1 u . ?i pr md - ureot In flgiiraa. one ace0a 1 mi?'t tn he above tr. ?? w II be |iref?rrti1 Addreaa box ,?Et Po.t " re in liatiuwrli hit 01 applicant, giving re.e romie ; ?mi ex, -? <anons ai' to salary. i>ORTl-.R ?W AN I'ED. A YOUNG MAN, ABOUT 17 yeaiaiil l.a dghl portwr; must uyiier-tand opening o Stet ? lys $!', per e'ontll; board and lodging. Apply at No I Enat li b ? 'or th no daya, from 1 to ft o cloek.' . MADE ERG It PIETY 4" ENVk. -GA Lfj id exani'm- "th 3 " gently needed by every ho H. or wisolsi s nt 'i?e b nan for fifty cents that retail*for ?<> hi K L WOL'ttTT. L'?< hotbani square, N Y. Ut ANTED? A SALESMAN OR SALESWOMAN. of ihorei gp ? eoee.eapah>* of taking charge of g 'are and end r *? ,y lepurtuient. vdilre.s, ?'. i-efereures, euailP rations and gij-t*. tiona, IL H. MART. si 1 ''ii, ?ve \\TANTED- A RELIABLE MAN, Willi GOOD RLF y? ernnee, who understand* tho enm nf bor-es and gar. deiil' t U go a ahert distance 11 the ro miry. Appiy to W. - rrnlt, Ro. B Wail a . Y? ANl 'tit-* PLATRD WARR STORK, \ BOV. about 15 year* of *g*. one Ae pnalnled with the bust, res* preferred, s.iisry amall llrtt yaar. Address, in naud ZIL * ?PP'deant, with ref"re?can, A. U. O, Herald OH i O an. \V . SHORT WHALING AND -THIIINVt S"1 ^E'unaut Snyages, 341 tAodsmen, aeainen. earpen* Va . ?7 !? 'I"n "r lh" ?fmv.and the higb-st oouniiee paid, at S7 vTe.t street, corner Albany JAM KM 4 GO. W *1,T.uVlA. T-M,,'0.c,,A', WHO-UNDERSTANDS lib ay aad tGthVl * c#nlml Tut Hotel, corner of w; A-11.? I'TATI?**" W AGES $10 PKR -'?Ijt, 441'T 41 ** 9 Wli ?'HI ??? Hj?H 4??( I HELP WAlfTEU-RALBS. I TI7ANT8D_a GOOD ENTRY CLERK IN A WHOLE j . , hardware house. Addresa. in handwriting of I jj^JcaiUTlaiing aalary expected the first y ear, box 1,146 I fXTAJITED-A roups MAM, IM A RETAIL BOOK -I... nW'e; I"!1*1 l'? o4>li?is?i( sad willing to wake htinaoif genemllyuaefu!; ons that ban sotae kuowadge of the bual * Pehferred; must (omr well lacuna mended for honesty, To,..?_.TV' reference and salary eipe :od. as nono i ti.ers wt I be noticed, iiookslore, boi 164 II. raid office. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND BAR; NONE f? need apply but those acquainted with the busiuess and goal raeouimen latioua from last employer Apply to rboiitao O ilounor, oomer of 23d si. and loth" are. WANTED-AT THE WESTCHESTER HOUSE, COR * , ner Eroonieistreet and Baweiy, two bed boss, one waiter, and an oyst-snnan. WANTED-A GOOD SALESMAN, FOR A LADIES' 1 ? a. u . Vrluy5'.n8 manufacturing business, must ktruw ' theclty trade. 96 Bowery, top Hoor WANTED-A YOUNG MAN AS ENTRY CLERK, ? ? , mu"t on a good penman, quick at figures and base nrat class referen ce Address box 4,07.' Boat office. WANTED-A THOROUGH ENTRY CL8RK. AD dresa, with rel'ereace. box 3,UI3 Poat office. WANTED-A SMART, INTELLIGENT BOY, NOT ' * ' '?*? than elJiteeu years old, one who liaa had expe rience in tending bar preferred. Apply at the Grant House. I so new Bowery. wanted#-an Acrn i: young man. capable of ?? attending a retan -egar co ulter, mini have good re ferenoea, and security if required. Address I?e Hraekeller A ^kueha, aegar maniifacturerv, 94 Beekman atreet. WANTBD-FOR statkn island, a thorough I, y?*tl",IUD- None "eed appiy who have not the beat city reioreniofi, including one from last place. Apply .be tween 10 and II o'clock, at 82 CUT st. WANTBD-AN INDUSTRIOUS BOY. INTELLIGENT . ' an noiiost, 17 or 1H years old, to do light mechanical work, steady employment and fair wages. Apply ut 33 Bcekmau at,, up stairs, between 9 and 10 oviock a. M. WANTBD?AN INTELLIGENT KOY ABOUT 12 OK 14 . TCI" oi l. to go errands and m.tke Inn elf generally useful. Must be well recomraeudcri; w&n*a lrom $s to $10 F?umV ,V" App,> at ,ho -National Quarterly Review office, , 4- D1DIO llOllte. WANTED?A VOUNG MAN TO TAKE CARE OF .. !i. I\.r:7' he:r l" ki:i Jnd msk;' htmaeir generally useful . bOTolu .? h isinftnH, n steady, sober yonn^ man may ??id >od p'ace by applying to F. a. Lancashire, butcher, Ap'ou,4. L. 1, \V ANTED ?A SALESMAN, IN A NOTION AND 1 ' o i ? ' house; one who has a good near by ash trade. A tress .Jones, l.o* .".IM Po*t. II re. \V ANTED?A l'GY IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE IV, ?to y f oi l*'" 6:*' *' ? corner ol Cedar, room 17, third (yARTED?A EOT, TO WAIT on TABLES in AN y Oi-mtsr Mtijou. Apply after II o'clo k .it ,V>. 2 Now ' 'cul'-'ie st., corner of Chatham. 117RITKRS WANTED?ONLY THOSE WHO .AKR EX perieiued and rapid, nml are . nic k and a.???unite 11 I'd u res. nr. n apple. A is,?'one eompeient to irtend itu a tic l on re- ji 1 cot rccllv. Address at ou.:e box 1.7112 Post oifioe. WANTED-A RESf'KCTABLE BOY. FROM 14 TO 16 V? yetra of ai.e, g? ,,n errand , and inaiie iiiin'elf cenera!!, usenil in a letai! icwelrv store. Relerenees re quired. < ail it' ? < r 11 o clo-lt a: 425 Canal >t. Vi/ANIUD -THIS l)AY, RE A MEN, ORDINARY SUA iu"u. ml beavers and liremen. for the Navy, Ala. men >.anted lor the ariny. Choice of 'Highest cash bouu'cs | aid a. ;h ? old headquarters. comer of Der and West siieeis, up stairs. W AITER WANTED?FOR AN" ENGLISH RESTAU " down town; no night or Snuduy won.. Also a n an to wait tr im II to 3; must eninn we I 1 ccouimeuded an I lie willing and hono<t Apply at 66 Maiden lane. \V ANTRD?AN OFFICE ROT. FROM 13 TO 16 YEARS v ? oi uge. Inquire, of Ormsbee A Co., 32 Plait st., N. Y. \VANT' D-A YOUNG MAN TO ATTB.ND BAR. nR ". muat thoroughL understand Lis business and come we,l recommended. Call at 793d-ar. XSTANTED?A STOUT BOY for GENERAL WORK " II '2 Dunnes. JOSEPH A. MILLER. ' WANTED?A YOl NO MAN TO OPEN OYSTERS AND wait on a lunch counter. Apply at "7 Eaat27tk ut. Yl'ANTliD -A EOT IN A STORE. CALL. BETWEEN " Id and 12 o'clock, at No. 7 Spruce st. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN OR A GOOD 81 ZED BOY.' Work buhl. Apply to O. W. Griffiths A Co.,79 White st WANTED?A SMART BOY, JO ATTEND BAR. IN. quire at Wm Fogartv's, 126 Cauai st. WaNTED-SIX MEN. TO DRIVE EXPRESS WAGONS. ?" n Npw > or!t a.ui! BrookIvt.; must bo !en? pirate, iiij ucrstantl thif busjiiogs, nnii be ablo to #iv<* a bond Nono others need apply before 9 A. M. to Miller A Mathews, cor ner oi Broadway and Nth st. WANTF.D-IN AN OFUCK IN WALL ST. AHOY . lrom 12 to !'? .ears of age, who writes a good baud, and w jo ia active, p oinpt and obiiting; no other ueed ap I y. To Kiieh aa ?*on d suit a fair salary will be given. Ad dress, m their ow n handwriting, C. A S., box 54 llrrald office. YY'ANTED-A good, smart salesman, TO sell nianufactnted tobacco on commission: young mau preferred He ? ill have a line liancv. with a speciality also with cij-arrettcs. Address, lor two davs, Tobacco House, Herald effi e. Y\T ANTED -\V ACTIVE MAN, Ti > DRIVE WAGON: ?* must I e aide n> keep suui e accounts, and have good reference. Address Sutton Herald office. Yt/A>TKP-V SMAItr BOY TO ANSWER BELLS AT " Sweouy 's Ilu'e. Apply between 10 and 12 A. M. hmp vv a xt e n? fe m i l eft, A SMART, ACTIVE WOMa.N WANTED?AS PLAIN J\ conk, one arc 1 to working in an oyslcr aa'oon or restaurant; a se an asslrtaoi. Inquire at 357 Nth av. BEAD and BUGLE TRIMMINGS.?LADIES WANTED I' T ti e above, n k given out. Ap; ly ;,t 737 Bread v ay, lourili floor, front. f 1LOAK CUTTF.K WANTED?ONE ACCUSTOMED TO ? ih" i i -l c iui:iu rein trade -an lind ateadv emploi. nu at and gixid wage,- Appi.v to Ucorre Carcv, .101 aiulJOh Cat.a' -t. C r.OAK ITNl'GIERS WAN TED.?NONE BUT TIIE best need apply a: .'00''anal si. VM'ERIENCRD DUr.SSM AKI4RR t" AN GET PROFIT A ij ble ? ork i. I onsiant em| lovmeiit. at S.o't A Ih.ld v II. K la.t es room.'. 505 Bread way. L'OKF.Wi'MAN WANTED?AT THE CROTON LAIN ' ? "l- lr e of t'>" washing and iron ng. Towen a pvraoe good araaea will be pal.! and a permanent (iluaiion t."i red. Aep y ncniediateli Hudson st VCllS'l \A ANTED?A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, ' ."v ? i> u|sU"r to til:? cha* o , i in'Ani. Uoe ? fptiouiihif ri.'fr,"iic innn her laai place la tboettr. Ncaa 'pWO I GILS 'VAVTRD ONE Ar HON WXSI'KK I ecu rrcoro.1. -o d" the kitchen wml ; enerally; the ol.c ?-?'ri ,d and trc -t, hnvi . o ref, ???'!. ? No iwhci need apply. Cat ???'ween 4 and 11 A M ut i.11 W -ioiih *; , betwoi n 7lh ami -ifit av*. H' HI M o ER V A ll n.-TM A STEADY I'P.PHOV, OF i ate t v, a ye* iiiaii-nt si.nation la ollet ".|. Appiyforuue ? I'lu 'it 14 Cell II a e UIE.r Nt I4SE W'.\rKD-A YOUNG HEALTHY WO mac. with ?? k no: eve f.i. - i.nn1.-, : It, .o re at 153 Weal S .l t. In t> u na- ? \V*> ?' ED-A G. v CHAMBERMAID ANDLAt'N ?i U.v.*. Ap; at 2 i W e-h uclou lenace. Duboken. AV* ANTED?A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL AS ?v lainsiif.*, to do ight. chainhorwork sod tnSo rare of a ?h.d. ? tie ? in | "letted and gnod 'niyieleier e ie ?I i*d. Apply at JO Itutgera *t. "14 ANT ED?TO GO ro PUB COUNTRY, A FIRST v? e ay* vhl'.e Oi o'ored c<m'; f ir i private family i';t|i on Mont1.iv or Tuesday at 21 University place, between |g and 2 o'clock. WANTED?F!FPY FUR HAT TRIMMERS. APT'LT at the rn.iiii'fii'iory corner of Raymond and Wit lollghhv at*.. Bin clyn. \\l AM RD?A FIRST CLASS TRIMMER, AT 270 6TH "" are n iic. \IfAMP.D-A GERMAN CHAMBERMAID APPLY ?* ?i .'4;i Wcet 2Jd at., from !> till Id o'ch* k a. M. Good WPL'C* I Bid. YY* ANTED?ion CLOAK MAKERS. NONE BUT THOSE r? accustomed to hrst caas trade urP | , ' ous ant emnloyuieiit, and'lie highest ?age-nai ' i.Kg. GARRY, IkH and "06 Canal street. \1TAN n-.ll?A FIRST CI.ASS SEAMSTRESS BY TIIE .If'IV";.""11 I1"'/""'1 l,"?p"B"-'akc.ireasca ^ppl} ut in* Hfiiry Riook.yn. 4V A.NTKI'-a GOOD PLAIN COOK AND EXCELLENT YY HiuodiC"--, nnn who has lived with a tewoh f?n>Uv jreD ne ' Apply tbl* day, lietweeu the hours of |d anu |? at 105 W aver ley | la.-#. WANTED?A PROTKSTANT GIBL. AS CHAMBER inald to do die wa*h|.tg *nd make herself cenara Iv useful In a email IVnlly. Apply st 314 West 23d at 117ANTED?A GIRL. TO Go FIFTEEN MILES IN YY the country. In do eneral hntiaework; must t? a good pain eiok. \j I to dry (Friday), tat ween Id and Pi o' die l . at 121 VA i-t tOth at near Bleecker. A good na Inred and rotnpeteut woman will have a pleasant home. 41' ANT GD-CLOTH MAT Till V M KRC. APPLY TO ' 1 Joseph A. Miller, 32 l> tano st., corner of Centre. TETANTHD-A BOWN STAIRS GIHI ORE WHO IS^A ?T goo i ?iiik, wa*bfr and Ipuiar. None but tboae with the heat ? 11v r*teten.-* ne- l apply. Call at 47b Wsat ;j,| ,i ? ninr and ?we've o'clock. WAN1T.D-A WOMAN TO ACT AS SERVANT AND hourekeeiisr to u gentleman whoa* nite lasbaent Alertnan. Fngllahnr American, with r?fererc?? ha' tween 4 and Tl A. V , at 201 Blee ser at. WANTRO-IF THERE IK A SMART, BEAT AWFRI. 'an or other Pr. tenant girl wllhln l.ftv mile# of New Y "I who Mil 'utk, waalt, n n and Page well. *rjlj V(n>, . ' gtsU n.ittiA and 9* per month. 1"? bar a . od or a I ' ? ?? Hop#, tso Wa#btii|t'*n at, Bro klyt, L I. ,rM Wantkd-a lady, ro learn thr art of^ol or og | IJolcgt apha After two weela natr ,i,? of on# Ito .r I er day w. rk will he g.ven Cut. i'a.1 at 7|A m. a.l ??I room IV. K.?NIGHHbT.? WANTED-A CAPABLE WOMAN, FOR GFNkRAI hmiaework. Apply at 125 Vth at.. a#ar Br-mdo " L WANTKD-A GOOD COOK. VAAKIIEH AN D I R( Jrr City r?Vi#oo* required. Apply at Mo. 7 Baat 4 A at j oanr 6th ay., hernr* 2 o'clock. ' WANTED-A tilhl,. td DO cTfAMBKKWOIth Af D w it-ag. Mu-t t e wel. t#commeude<J. App y atlij ( .,aray#tt# ay., Brooklyn. vl ' \v AN reifTa~"wrt~n Ur'sb7" must BP iToWifl I YY Wctnan. * dh a fresh heeaat of milk. Applyan Ffldav I Sept?mb*r V, at two o'elock, lo I^Thomaa, M<th ae# WANTBD-A SBAMStREKS. FOR ABOUT TWO weeks; on# who can cut and St de#s?#a Ad,Ire.s ' Harald fThce' '* *nU Wrm# p#r w#?k. A , hoiipi WANIKH?ntlfFTY fOtlHQ i.ADIRH TO WAIT OS (AblrM tn % friir^ri hall Jpiiulrr1 11 i&i kroRitwRY l tmmwl. frtm > w * A. tmtA, ^ w Br^tway, HKLP Ml ANTED?FEHAL.KN. W'^?I?D"i^ GIRI'TO Do OKNERAL HOUSEWORK TV In a until pi itx r?,,.]|?. Apply at 194 2d at. W \1T^.D-TYwFNP SADIES TO OPERATE AS 8UIRT r?n ?7Vi#h ?. .f*' Wilsou ? machine; also Hnisbera. Call At Jb 4th at. after 10 A. M. J t. WILSON. WANTED-FIBST CLAM OPERATIVES ON OROVER ??Vm. .To operators on embroidery, g?.'*?at,. "py?' I ? y lh' l"*te Applv to lunger* i Mercy. corner wilieugnby end Oahoo aia, Brookiyu. nFANTED-A.FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON WHPE ,_V'u ii w * i?e t0 at|bh And run necktler, Apply to H. P W? inure, 37 CbtQibarsit, WOTP-TWO FIRST CLASS MILLINERS AND *f 21. None need epplv except those aceua tomadto ftrat elAia work. Mrs. HuPKlNS, 282 4tb Ave.. near ?td el. WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL TO DO COOKING hoat#'work tu a family ?f ?even persons, ?! imu,t '/* strong and obliging. wage* $M per month. Inquire At the advertiser's store, 21 Pulton Ob, Mow or nt h.a bouse, 60 Bedford at., Brooklyn. WANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A nice, tidy Ctrl, as chambermaid and waitress. who alio tinder-lauds wa-bing .,,<j -roning. Best of rity references required. Ca.l beiore 12 o'clock at 141 East 19th ?L NIT ANTED?A WOMAN, TO DO THE COOKING AND . "K, Wi family. Brinf city reference aa to capab.lity, Ac., to 264 West 23d at., between 7th and 8lh ?venues. TjrANTED?AN AMERICAN OR SCOTCH WOMAN, TO m -h ?{,,! s 's' l,ll(lr*n' 0,111,1 understand her bn.l ?ea? and have the highest reeoinmeudations; none otliera "nd mu,t W\7T2?DEairBr"lA.T,KIi,r' * ?00? C??K AFW,T WANTED?TWO WOMEN; ONE TO COOK, THE other to wash and iruu for a small family None need apply bi t those who ntiderstaud their business and eome well recommended Apply at CI Bast 35tli st. WANTED?IN A PLAIN FAMILY of TWO <1111. dren and mother, a ntrl iron 2r> tr> :tu vears, to do the K?nfr?' work 01 one foot-; most lie accustomed tu and food i i ,?.i TL'a'!'ain "ok, washer and ironur. Call on Friday at 871 Broadway. WANTED-A PERSON, THOROUGHLY COMPETENT VV to color < ai tc?<lc v.s-to on ulhutiieiiu.-df.npT. Pre. clmctis of work srid tern s required. Address M , care ol H A P. Lawrence, 78 John s . SITUATIONS WASTED-MALES, A GERMAN NALB*MVN, OK 10 YEARS' CITY EXl'K il t-.enen lu the drv uuod - trade itc- -?s to eLig.uic wit > a merchant goiog u California or New Orleans. Unercep tlooablc rcreteu ?<"?? Can par Itts own tr; , - Hn-. cxi enees. Address, tot-one wee .. t". F Miller, L!4 Allen stre--t. 4 YOUNG MAN. OF GOOD ADDRESS AND EDU u" cation, six uiov i landed from Ireland, wants h r tii stinn as t'dn a in a tvi...,. j.'c - our or liquor -tore; wrii?s a good Intsluess hand, an t is qtncl, ami aucutate st liguics. Address A. If. 0., Herald oillise. A CAPABLE BOOKKEEPER AND EXPERIENCED U \ busine s man < ocii, , a ,.< sit on as bo >k keener or cashier in s tt.i, a i t aet h oil.1 i or who >ale liuuse or commission bouse. City reference g.veo. Adores St. E G., Herald olllix*. \ VoUNG MAN WANTS A 81 TU ATI ON AS STEWARD ./A on a chip going to the Mediterranean, flood salary re* qturn.l. Address Steward, Herald ofllU". A YOCNG MAN, 17 YEARS OLD, WITH TWO YEARS JI nxperi due m tho t,>t.. i drug and pre ..-riptlou business aud best of lelere.n e. warns a place in a wholesale I,on ?: In the city, or re'at I in i.,e cod.rry. Gail at Si J'ark row, toon 13. or iti.'i Pearl si. A YOUNG WAN OK GOOD ADDRESS, LATELY landed front It eland, wants a situation at some ! ght work wrii"a a coo l hand and can keep attv sort of ae reunite. Wit .ever wishes id pie at? iudu trioiis and well educated Irishman a chance, will please address Business Herald uliter. I \MAN OF EXPERIENCE, v HO FULLT UNDER i stands the romsgeinent and treatment of all kinds of 1 wines, reapc'it tillv relets his services for att> work eon- I c?rniiig that tnarieh of business. Orders ielt'wttii Hugo Beti. 10 Bleeekcr at., eornsr ol Downing. A GERMAN. WHO WRITES A NICE AND FAST 1 1 \ hand, wishes to ;;et a situation as clerk or light porter. | Call at 33 Bayartl St., near Howci y. A MOST RESPECTABLE AND ENERGETIC YOUNG man. 21 (lately arrived), requires a situation; had ' three years' experience, in an English atrip and insurance broker'sofllee. K'rs- .dasa references and see.,rltv. Address E C., Herald office. Situation wanted?by a young man of ex cellent business attainments (several rears'enperlettee on his ow n sccooni', ate. who can give l.rst class cltv refe rences: mercantile or banking business preferred. None but litct ida-s* rouses need au-ter. as sa.err is not so much an ol. ec. s? pleasant employment. Would like the priv ile o of operating and employ tig a siuall capital. Address Kx ile, 73 Titnity Building ill Broad war. New York, for oue week, stat uig nature of business and where an lutervicw tan be had. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A MAN. WITH A SMALL lanillv (wife and boy), on a place near the citv. Apulr at No. 9 4tb st. ' qituatione wanted?for thoroughly oonpb 0 tent coachinen. waiters, gardeners, farm hands, grooms, porters, servants, lab avers, men laielv landed and he o or every description. Apply at the large 'unpluymeuk house, corner (3b av. and llth st.; also female ho p " rpo DRUGGISTS AND AI'OTHP. 'AltlE8 ?WANTED, A A situation to tnke ,-Purge of a store hv a competent mun, and of long experience to the retail toistnes': good refer ences given. Applv to or-uloiess lor three -.a , Druggist K niton sr., corner Cumberland st , Brooklyn. rpit PETROLEUM CDMPaMES.-A GENTLEMAN OF J the lughest irspecta ility, hemg coatpeilcd to leave the ?eacoasl foi a mountain residence, is desirous of se-uring the usency <n some pciroleiim cotnptinv in Western P-nn svlv?n h. 'I he h?st rnterenees giren aa to caps -;ty and ten eial qualircationa Address box d2'i Port oilice. TITO TUB CHARITABLE.?A YOUNG MAN, AGED 29 1 wants work, is s .pit L penman and Nct-ountani, aeons.' Touted in o I en and tvarehou e dnt e*. and willing to w irk It'll IS n Stranger I ere and lias n-. on.- to rofor to; has a wife nud -hlld '"peridlu t on him Address G A . Herald ofTiee. xy \NI'ED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN WHO v? Spea s German. Urem-h. Ita'lan an I English, and no dorsum:* d uibie en,ry bookkeeping, 'n a whin-'tli- or re tail esinhlishnp nt. Mcsl ol refe-rcnees. Acjr.-ss N n I>oi I'M Herald ofllee " Ik'ANTED-BY A YOU.NO MAN WHO BPEAKS THE vv Kni'liMi. French t,<rnsn end liaimri languages a s ids'. - -itnaiion hi my business where the above n 1 isc'-.- would h-oI -? . ins employe-. Aihlres- for two dsV S E. I. I . slstloil II. IV ) MTI ATiClN AS TRAVELLING AGENT VV An -e j>on. nle ho i?. or eitnpaii wKluog a good - address It R s lleisld Olliee. p.,; e tjr i-feveu \Yr ANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG V AN ? VV !,ar.-?-i- i. si. .,11 I - the no. nail s nil City lor f! t ve yeirs AddirssW ?' lleral ' o .< <? w - I is ANTED A EirUATION IN A " HOI! STORE. FOR alio. ?: ?d l ? re--ii nod from boo! he , u- ri. 'a i e ,i,i . on i -ts so ,n ai lie hp- nmn iihcI.iI an In ' ?? ' ? >?' ?> "1 n III - J, . lies ?? I,,,.. I ? .r?, lu -he propv i- or. A.ldr s W. )\ . Jertey t.'itv Post J1 \Y ** ' L". i 1 H\ A YOUNG Man. a situation a s vt be, . -Ml Ol .1 ill' ,-kkee- sr. Can ho ,ks bv do-ih rot.- I ? Atn- ? ,?n ? .-i T-irnls-- tbe beat ol ct r. f -rm; . A,G. VV. I , l|, ? ,... ltf ANTED -HV A GENTLEMAN OF EIGHT YEARS V* i s-Geo,I o met..mine b ,sine??. a siliifion In one " i ? <? I - - or N- v Orleans uintotPite i referem-a " 1 1 ' *?'?. -A. ,'r.-s. ~t? 1 ntr naiuie o, ho in,--s ?n,l ?* n H i i ,-en iwx 121V Herald f-r ::,*?? dav-. VI' AM n-A SlTU.A I U),\, BV A YOUNG M AN. ri) VT V ? , old >n .1 I-lH*ii-tt: grocerv Or corii,i,?r:iii bouse I'.r;."-:." ,f" , r bookkeeper. Add,. ... it , bdI 4'Ni 4 !>>t 'lUCf, iy ANTED-IIV A GOLORKI) Man from BALTI V ni'.ie n s i HI.on . ?n rr m a orlva r larnilv. isn si n-'w- tnV' a" ?' ?*'1 'T ?a jii Broome TIIF. TKADEH. Avorvu M AN" W ANTED?TAILOR, OF GOOD AP p-sra , -.sod who spans . German and Eiin-h, and ha' as I ,1,-t os'imn, s,culler in a hong - on Friadwsv It is no' n' p-siv to b- nn ar.-onipll'heil. ? r. *? ii.s-r in' ^lon'i will be given Address M> r liant Tail < statu,n D. ' 9DOKFOLDERS AND STITCHERS WANTED?AT 118 J William It W. W ATERS. lATLi 01 I I IM ANi> FORGERS WASTE" ?SMALL JT Mill, Shis ' lia-tard and 8'iiall Hmooth Cu'terf waiit?l, towh.dn .vent? lire ier cent Advance wl I !.e pall. A dntihle hand Iorgrr s'-u wanted to whom tiltv pe -.-nt nd will lo- pai !. Ann y ai the Llringt'ot, .Van ''acturmg Co ? John ?n, N. Y ; or No 8De-. street, N. V. Vf ALRTKR WANTED -ONE VA'HO PERFECTLY U.N Jvl Uer? -lids III? businssa and whoranglvo sat-slattoiy refen-n e, isnsdilr-s? M il-ler, b-i III Herald .rlTce. PICTURE FRAME MAKERS?ONE OVAL TURNER wstit?t. nud oti- man who understand* band and nia eh ne preparing. For nfnrmsitnn apply in J. B Downing, 197 Lew i street, o- address James K. Kogera ,t C , , No. 4 Bever y streeu Boston. To H 1 "ii ? M --wanted, a VOTI chain Ira- n sk-r, uao two goed <?|< el mnki rs. Apii* to Jahne, Smith A Co., 97. and 97 Cliff st. mO FHOTOCRAPIHtBS.-WANTED. A S1T''VTI0N AS I. toner aud pn-ler .ri or out of the city. I or l urther tn formal.ct, itn|tiir- -f It \ . flaruelt. stork dealer, 482 ltroad wa>. ryvAlIOK -JOURN' WAN TAILOR WANTED TOGO .1. a-hurt.I stat-e In he ountrr; good wares nd <? a 'y erai' wi e>.t A,-pi' si Millard A t'o,i"p gro -r, tore M Ve--ry street No - Y rrk, f rotn 1 br 2 0 clock to 11?. "l\rA r< HMA KI'.R. ?AN ENGLISHMAN, WHO Isp.7 VT pc e ? d n '. ela-s end gsrie, t ,o?>?,t-m >>,. . Oil .at on A.ldr " W. .4., boi '2D2 Herald o 1, e. UfANrrn a good copper rngravkr. apply bi.lobn Gtb?on, 32 Meek man st,, B. V <il?o, s?o,| bor want-l ? one who will he willing toimake hhnte I sen. era.ii utofiil and osti eome well recommended. 1K7ANTBD A FARMKR, with FAMILY - HE MUST TV he ompoienl lo take ehatge of a aitit I gar I-u and farm and make blmse r general" uaeful. 'Those with eo-qi rofsrenes" m*y ai>pl| at 2ti2 West 13th at., K. Y. Uf A11F.d?ar run MANSION HOI SR, BROOI a good, atr td> etigtneor. ckpab'e of tskim; care nf a stssm Pol er an ! mitklii,.- h-ms-lf generally ?ise,ul in a hotel. AptIt at the ofllee of Mansion House. UTANTRD?A FIRST RATR SAW FILE OK MILL tew file cutter, a steads ,ob to a stow, m.n a I Hot btfbeet l?r ? *> *?<? Address G. A H. Baraett, I.Uk'UNoith Trent sk Phi>adt ,phla. "117 Ah TED?A . )0D PHOTOGRAPHER AND AM VV bmtrplst, to go out of the c ty; must he a '< and r" llable man, App v at Wllltard's stock depot, between 9 and 10 A. M or & and ti P. M \y ANTRD-A PRAnTIOATi HATTER, ACCUSTOMED VT U. ahsplng halt; constant employment, apply at Wh is a, lit Broadway, under the Muaeutn. WANIKI) IMMRDlATRLY, a fob it "" RNRYMA* bather. In jnlre at BIV Broadway, up stairs, I AUG. VATRT. WANTED?ONK GOOD JOB I'HINIKR, UNK HOY who enn set tina'l pihs and dl'trlhute, two hois to | UNA ?? YR.,n||?e s. .v.' TUB TTHF. Hartford national horn* fair, September 13. It and ID. I'REM I I'M LIAT, $.1,4 01 First day?Brood mtroi and o il, four c'mni. Trolling horses thai liar* not baal i 14 Froinninu $90 Trutluig horses ilia; hav? not beat 1 44 Promlama 90 Trotting horse* that have noi beat 2 34 .. .. Premiums 140 Ka?ts?t pair of trotting boraer Premium, 140 Also aUlllons for general use.snil family horses, Ac. Second da> ? Trotting ho rut tuai have not beat 3 m<n utea . Pietnluuts $44 Trotting horses, tandem team- Premiums 74 Trclttng horse-. under saddle Premiums 131 Trotting, with runuing uiait Premium* l-*U Trotting horse-, two mile heats ProinlunM "325 Trotting Malliona, open to all slallio.i- .... Premiums 300 Also family horses. Mall on- for general use. mat lied hors- s. Ac. Third day?Trailing hors-s that hare um beat 2:30 ..., ......Premium* $73 Trotting Ijor-es thai have not beattn . Premiiuns !M Trotting no tilei torses tnat hate uot b' st 2 3" Premium* 225 FivsmOetrot Premiums 150 All trotting burses In harness (I'llunghain to wagon i Premiums 1 UOO Also fancy matched horses, four in l>au<l, running bones. Ac. For partieulara tee posters and Harifo1' 1 paper T. K. BRACK, Cor. Sec y Ifltr See'y IfliTtord Horse Ass a'Ion. PATERNON FALL RACKS. .September 13, 14 and 14. No postponement on aecoirn' of the weather. Filsr Dir.?Premium $20", all aces, mile heats. The At. Leger, $I.OuO. 2'. miles, 27 eutrios. Premium $400, all ages, 2 mile heals. Hkionp Itsr.?Hurdle raee, $40u. two miles. S hu dls*. Underwood (lift, S.KI, all ages. I mile. The trial stakes, $400. r, mile, 111 entries. Premium $100 all ages 3 miles. Selllnt race, $10", 1 mile. Thii.p Dev.?The Sequel stales. $".nu, 2 m Irs, 12 catrids. Premium $1141. all aga*. 3 utile heats. The < 'oa-o allon Premium, $.'t'0 all ag?i, I1,' mile. No cauiblm ? allowed on liquor a. Id and lis intoxicated per-on admitted. Kucelleiit aeeamuaudatlou l'or ladies haa been provided Trains of the Erie Hallway atop at the Course. An intra tram, with cars for ladies, leaxea foot of Chambers street a' 1! '5 A. M , rcturniog Imrasdiately after am race each dai, P. H OIllKWKMi. Secretary Passaic County Agricultural society ITMON COl. KSE, I,. f.-TltOrriNtJ-FllinAV. S8PT. J at It P. M. A purse d $lin, mils iieats, le si 3 la 6 tn harness. It. Wnndnift enUttsLadx McClcMun, Mi M' Roberts, t r-epiug .leaiite; Owner. Char e Wooley ; K. Walker, Irish M it lit. Alvo, a mat of $300 betw-eti two road horse*. Vl?", a match of $241. nut ? heal-, Pert It u 4 to ?'-goo '. Mr. Rowley enters b. g. Napoleon IV; Owfler, b. g. Billv Button. I'uui se iine at 2 I*. V. on the c.uur-e. SHAW .i WIIITR, Proprietors. SPOHT1NU. DOOS FOR SALE. ?A FAIR or ItANDSOMB NK'.V 'uuiidland Hug-, good ?. - r tio.-r, N-vr imnilland t'ups, 1,11 I 1 erTiers. Itai.ui Creybo uds, small blu k una I Ian Teiuer-, S ot h and S re IV n r I JOHN OKAY. II ttoosoo'lt sli 'Ct, Dot id ANI? Itirjos FOK SALE?THRUSH''.* STAI;. imaa. the bast tingera ami wbli tiers oler linr.l: > i ns lie- Skylarks, some n-r s > si and lull blooded Kng u Ten Ttir ei?; also Ki-wl un il.iud Pi.P', the huge s ,-\er ?t nnf l eu .ige. Hog- .Topped, An, Medicine-for all dls east - ?' the oltice, 14" i an- meet, second floor. It. DOVER. |ji RANI IS BIT I.MR, N'ti, : BECK FLIP, IIA* ALL |3 the elmb e'-reed-for sa ! s o k Hutler's Inl'.fliihle Manee i' in mil h ;-a Kxtnr uliiuior. 7.4 .lenta per uoltlc. Butler's new Work. $1. Hogs h"?rdeil, trit tied. A :. Medi* Cines .'cii ,lld ? e t*r-. Fpnif SALE?V VO! NO FAtVN, rivti MONTHSOLD, perfect "sii fee ls I on "lie ban 1; pri e f SI. A> - (tress drawer III Po-i. on < e. IVinona, .Minn. F30K SAf.K- 4 LOT OF KOI IS, HOATIIOUSE RAFT and the i;nod will uf the stand, inquire at No 71 < ar mine street, room No II. Mr-. JOHN SHORT. ljlANCr PIGEONS, LM* EARED RABBiTN. FANCY 17 Fowls, line - and il> t for -a :; ouu Point r On *, wall libit n oaa small Tarrier -in,, Asa hundred faao] Pigeon- for sale by Q, JOUk.i'iX, oosnar oi I'diy-im ? ?ir -ei and Klglitu avenue. O WL BOAT FOR HAI.F?17 KEEI 1 INCHES LO."'l, to 7 feet beam, cat rigged a'roug'v limit ami very able; will be-old clu ap. Appi to s. R M.III.EY, lout ui Forty liltli <tree>, Enat river. |17 ANTEK \ S4IAI.I. STFAM YACII f FOR PLEASI'ItE Vl u-e; Ki le wheel prelcrr-,1 Sisie dlniuneum-ulid luw est cash price. Aitdre-s II. T s utiou It, New Turk city. IIOICSKS C'AKItr UJKS AC. k liENTLKMAN S YURNOI V FOR SAiiE-tJO^SlsSY. J\ ing of beautiful p:i!r of Ibi' 11?.r n*, 1 ? , bauds h^b. 7 and 8yearw old, lou^ tail, nail bioMmrs, well maivheil. of great fashion ami beauty, likelv from couutrv, pfr Ftfjtly Bound aud gillie; al?<? ? ?\prcd Koad Wnuon. to. getber with s!v!ihIi m il ium ??no oi Hie imoh< uaa<J s unc estabiishmotits in tlif ? ifv. Sold only Tor the ifisoo that ihff onner i? about ^.oing ><? f5tiraps. Pries $1.6 0. ?"an be sr??n at 119 Wen Twenty-third ^vrret, M.?ckey> a table, at i r. v. \KARB OPrOETUMTY TO PURCllalSFs .HEi'Rl . vau? ?ttork of a genlteritati about j'.oinj; abroad, ?*on? ??stingof on?# nair Vcrmon' Murgiu Hoisiv.uoi; matched and very stylish: one fir-t elftss sadul ? ami b.itncai Ho on?* hgbt Brewster Tb.vton. o ? lO.ilbox Ko id Wagon,on<* of Doub e and s ngl ? ilarnes?. one Kngliiii Saddle, Hndle. Il'aukc.a, Rug>, W bni ,1c., all nearly nmv and in good condition. Inquire at tVntial Park Stables, be twf en the hout s ot 9 and 4. AO KNTIjEM AN, nAVlJti! MORK HORS' S THAN )JR uauu,, w!!i diapose of tw?> f?r tlir* o tirs. r ^ frottcra Al oa new t ,j< Waron, squarn box. made '?v Biowster: a Single seated Wagon, by Du?enb u v .t \?ii Doner i?ols and shaDe, Dan be seen atprlvam ntableVl West Fortv first ?treet. between Se enlh ami Eighth avem e.< A BAY MORGAN HORSI FOR ^ VLB 16 HA NHS It inches bi^b . S yeaie. old, *ontid. kind and ?ent'e; can trot in '6 lonmtes. AIm) a supenoi l"ninil\ llor*>e, l:;:ht bay. sound. Kfttid and gentle in re^p- t ? v, ??? . , hnnd* b?;rh, S years old. to LYON, I4H ? b uoam ?trect, between 10 X ami AIIANDSOMR COI7PK ROt'K AW A Y AND SIX SEAT I'ha'Uoii; al-Hicveiy \,ar.- t) oi d .?.oiis new and second hand: Kockg'vay*, Br- its, Do? K>ik f'h ma and Glg*i; If ? i ? iiem double and single; ?!?? four w ?"d Hornet, at 1 4dl Broadway, near i-'oi ty-flrsf street. A handsome roi in mm qrdr;n Brewster s make? priee $ ?a ?, ??o!?? and shatti; one half Spring Wagon one Top Wagm . ,e >fi m je, botfi nearly new, DueenbulW make; tiue now Ton an i no fop Wa on. one se coud band two ???!?? i'! ? et??n agmi, SJkf; one lino act dou ble Uaraesa. \ r|e * Apply ?t 2/ Woo^ter s- ee Amor livrry stables a west riiiutrknth ^trett.?Kv 1u??ab > lor b ?ar-ling linrscs. Good v/b tPation, arefn! grooms f ill keep ,4nd -tts om tvanis reyarded, f-i n. $d I p *r u < nf.h. For waie, a Do i. e T hik an?l Harness. N.tTJl. T. \\ hKKS, Supeiiiiteiideui. \YKRY FINE BLAGk M A f\ f. I V, llAM)h HIGFT, and fre-? fiiDer; v> suit any one; aN-> a bny Mare I*,V. bands h';li,en?) trot . ? rathre. tn . ue-; j-i?t from the -'Oiinlr, ; bo h 7 .em ? !; ** ? ?ante.| o ii i ami kind. A w ' i :il d 2 V ird .?% ? uru.r r*veniy ei.^i th st l?y)H SALE?A FAIR OF SJ?1? i T|f < IIQK >.< P Sold lor tbs ?t ? ?? i'?l - <?<!!??. Apply at T 17 I IIIPLKR S 'umlioi \ard. 'u? I.i tl : ot ?'euir jj^DR SALB-MVE NEW S I.Ki : >v, IWO XKCON lia. d Suigi't re K1..1 W,i;ony ocf nrs l/ ?tied vYm.;ou. Ii? i'ur- at -'J. Fntli s' "e?. h^OR S\LR?A SFI FNDID FAIR OK HAT COACH llorse , S yea;-? oln In b*: )-h ;h. we ' roke, ? ?und and kind, lone n >. v v!'?!i. ? 1 1 -t r ?' K t. in us - tiv.? mooll , sfvlirli Couch a hi' v ??en 11I .fnubb* H irru e . ?on! 10 ini of me i an l?" e u a *be ? ry * laide, '*o. ? per Sixth ? ' ? and 7b ,y t. TAOR Sil-K?A LA KG!- ? I yea- old: also a fm< ' \Fi \ NI) DI1W IDiRSK. k Mare, - r.ta *e r??r earnase AI 1 * ;.t the ? ono r o. k si'ouan 4bn, - k I ? 1' ? A Hf'iRv ' ! ?M?-' HDD? '? TKA|: ntPr hanie.a tree and ia??i In ji: r ? a? . 1 1' ud ntr? t IjAOR FAIR OF 1 .ONt* ? AIL CIIF^TNTT ; 11 or t> ho?I 7 tears 01. ?? *f.i$e $, p-rfertiv kind "and sonuil. with ogle and ?|.? ? >.$m ?? T'np IVagon and Wa?'d'i w.thout on, liotn wMii F?? end Sliafis. Im whole a eomplere K"Dt'em^?i 1 and obi ? t or sopa raU"v oi t- efne;, in ??>?? of the o . p -* eitig to i.nrore Hordes ? Jit t o 4 c 'nthr*,. ,, n * vy,fOi? bti It by *he est eitv maker- 1 an (?*? *4 en br ?o vit g at Trtie-tdo) s -table. Btoidaa. u q Kirt} if ond at*d Forty-third atreot*. hlORNALF?A VOIf.NC, M Kf 15 IIA\Its DHiVf, <V C rente-1 so mi, and a ne?. ? jr. .e $,-??! Roping W .?o . wit)' Iiarnes-. \np r at 'he ??*l?e 11 j n^?t ?? ii'-r ' " T'-entv tb rd 1 Stie'U and !?? og un av?*?me. 10 a ?yf Broad war. G^OR HALF.- A FfKK FA Mil Y IIOUS' YOt N'tKIND and gciltb'. lie 1?? pr 1 n no n.l a r| i,^' saddle horse 1 11 e $22 lilOR SAM" A VERY M I. il l?\? k. MAY ? rfage or ? * npo Horse, ft %?*ar* ?? I It* ? hi;p? fettle ?o?nd aod kind, a 4 ip? ?? ?? e r -p aold 0*1 . for want of use. Apia; 1 *? ate stsb r t/j Twenii fifth stiee FDR -tAT.K -FOR WAN I Of t'v A ^Fl l NDID SP y? a ? old ch??tn?rt korre' Hot h % !?i'?s$ 1 hi b kiud in hantes*, a e. ry fr? e. ?tv , f 1 . , ? . ' 1 mn go-id n au*h for ??irTiagA bor-e o 1 sild hur*e quire . t w Pearl sire* . LK)R RVbE A If ANDHOW I 1!M H O RK 14 I* hsn Is high. ?>> io>1 *u i k ? -> - , ? >;.i u want nl u??. Applv to ITA < . V . .. Jul ?> i'c ? T730R DtU-l UM, OXI OKI TIKI t)K J3 ll,f n snd I" i T--1- ui v I 1* M > it ? ' ? ? Cuttle young, wall hio.i .nd n ? ?>l> i -in iA il h- lu'n r-.i'in-li ;, Ani y - - i.-,i 'ru lluriiilioii I'SfK, Nsw Hnghtoik.' n I- in hlyr. MALE- 4 VI-. fit ATI 1,1111 \M? nf i-m for*--- If , hni I-I. , . .?si sprinc. of Citr* -lyl' siul s thm with Ion nrr k, sn4 t 11 u ? at joo.i ir.-iVetlai* ? i ii I - i in -.1 ua.mi For f-rtl"W y-spti -iilai* siltlrrss ha LI91' -il it<? I '(IK SALE?A VFI!V OLNTLK FAIR OI FAMILY I* R i i I'onif.s* - W'-ll'i ru, iiu. Liii'it Csrnss*. ' si; si 414 Ai.i > i < M'7* I liaw-b iff IitilR t!.!-4 MARK A A H FARNF.:- SE I T A It' 1 to A <5o -.r or bnstr. F i $ITJ. iu b* ?> cu s l-.A-t Sl,>?eftth ,tr?et. Fou iai.k?a hvt horse, ik hands high, lo i tail, fir, i( -r* obl, po i.v built, . in ) stnl gnnCe. ? tii o it s s tli or b.amisb; for stylnsn i .ttlloti has no s i|?-rior; w# <i ? I '.','." koiiod. Any gcBt' mnn * sti'-ng s c->- , ? <?. rtt -if" hir e -his ?? * iar? O|i|<ort;iirtr. t_s rom l lu 4 o e oeli at 4''i Water atrM,t. L'OR 3AI E-AN KLR'tANT FFW GF OtRRIAOK F Morw s, blood bsys, I# bsridn huh. i-r? *ty! *u nnq tramllaisutti'" pri rwrt' of* sJt w <? , "in.-ahrnsit < ?u b- seso saVVil-on I stab ??, corner ot 1< -ttc-ct ami Ci >,by I st rants. ' ' ; AI K ? A MTAN OF HtiRAEs, It, 1I4NPS color darA brow a. rrrg't'M on blsck , n?-e ? ^bl thrr nine la?l sgrlng, wit matahid, Mtay rtrlvor" ? a hlli* ho.-c, wnrramrt -?i ml aa<l wllhO' l ? i * -? -ra-1 rhsrt'in, * lt?b a lor wiot-r sa I made ny Wood ft otl -r?. so t on v tgraa months ,<r pari vular* apply at St It- Sv -r suae, ttrsi oar. L'OR jALB-FOR WANT OF I S. , A FAIR OF RAY ? I' Mar. - ist" - t. . ' ga-illo ?! s n I - na nf ? v,rr smtabla for ? iady s sadd'e ir.sra tie, sat if Do n a llama- ? in good order, alao a Hoi Wagon, ratrd, uio?al " top 'ch,nd with poic nr rhtt t- In rood vondtl'on ; on y usrd a frw IHaa,; cmafoitao c fnr family or Tars usa. W'iJ b* sohl 'C I 1 ? r cash, altogether at -epsrsta, ? would ake a g -oil top huge, tn pa t paitnaai. ApplT a J. HOFK l NR Wi Fo irib avsnua. m-ar Twenty ta,ond st For maif-a fair ok long tail bright hay M.ire- t-eriectly ntaiehad, -otind, kin i sn-l s--n la. Trey handsome brea ted ia a pro s a'smllr Im la " y"*r?. * in flna nuiidinou Price $40? inquire at Brew-ter A Co * i WWr'sg, fgyliuy, ct',?' of Nrisa t and Motl ? trans ' HORSES, CARRIAOKW *r, Fob bale-tiik bsbt *?'???? tn run state - Tha subecri .?r olfare el pr ?e;e 11 ? ? t? i n( Ui? unf Hlx'kC'oM four yeera eld. I6ld nanda huh an tn'l and k nd, Bad cun trut oo? ml to in JW Hi)nta ?-ln| ?a p ir. aaaa will uea-? call at ray reeldeada, id F em i?g on, tluatrrdou co inly. BewJtreey. mcHABL BARRY. 1/OE FAl.E^A LIGHT TROTTING WA'.ON TWO l1 oeti sDid" flamees Hlaokete, Rolioe, Wb.p? Nr-reis. a ail ur?i a acw. >a I lu goad or lor. a. ?'??J CHAKLBB B. MILLS, 14 C*dai s'reel M tlOJt AaLK-A B1TLI8H AORBBL HOBHE. IdHANOa C t'gh wit., Coupe au 1 Harare*. Addre a box i >*? l?aa? oflti'"' - T.-OR SAI.B-AT TIIK NKW YORt HORBI5 BAZAAR. 1; liri>*uw?y. corner of Thirty *e?a?uh twoiplwn did aaddtn ll< rare. a couple of fast roe 1 llorswa, wagone. Harness ami oe * Coupe. fare.*..a having kor*aa to illaponaa or ? 1U bud iha Hearer all they dartre. |l par lay keep aad 5 per cent ua amount oi rale*. )U '? lua prompt O W ILLS, Proprietor I/O P. SALE?A YO( NO ORI'-BN TROTlINf) UORhK. P I handa high, seven jenmold unit erring a i ud aid atyllah driver lu all huiueea. antral euro in a 49. and li e owner think ? with a Itll.e harv. irirf can tro' in ? SS. wild for uu tacit, I. Ii>' owner Hank and ha? not iliivenhnn in three w.-ek.. AI?o >i in', ol rupert. -inula llariisa", a'Eat tl.r Sew r?rk|UaiK Ua/aar, Hroadway. oruee of Thirty aatanth streaL FOR SALE? OVB TllltP.Igi ARTP.K WAGON, BUT lime used, a mo otto eUftlng 'op Wagon. folding aeat behind Inquire In the elable, No 5 aiiTirnr. court, Ka?i Thut.. .latil atier', botweon I'blrl and Let ugi n avem en blOR HAI.R OIIBAP?A VELKNDID OIIAY HORHH. 16 hand* high. )> year* old. very -it*ilnli an l'uai iuai ihe liorar iura >?upe or park phaeton Impure at 3ti KlUaneib street. hOR BALE I'll BAP.?A UKNTLBMAN. HAVING three Ifoi- 'i. no ild red one if t'lrni. veooito l , ,1 .u, u -i i| il.rlirnik' bora"; pr -o $i"l" Ininlrrai I,,t.i ? n A ' u. a iUblet, i vv-uty second etreet and Seven tb aTi'Bn*. _ _____ Horse cars BO* BALB -fOBCA?. oapaplr ot i .ug Id perrons; ran ba tun'd wi:b one c two lior.e ., e- . m nm: year; an IB thorough "pair and B. ,11 . r. ,r ;i I.<? ?? . : v-r low ? I applied for atr>u<e I a Uie ofi.i cl . .1 AN fUOK Y. Sft line ?'rrei. I pi'.IVATi: STABLE WANTKD-TILL NEAT SfKINO. i I n oi on u iav>moipMlty 'of i I ? ? ? udmr li tm> o;^ i' ' umiu); ui??pii a-?ovo f*ourf.^? ntu I A- r ?? nit .*aa sin<l loca;\oi?, \ f.., box s VM i* Yir . l'us (lie/-. IvT-'ru, MVY 1, l-r,-l'VO ' I J? wt'i (?< 'in for ? ii ri?i';Oi V\ % ' rfc,>t c :?>* pii'ftln ? ? lu^l. . lu ..'io!? T*#*rr^ : Htrwt, tirar 'I . u* * }.? ? , r iivirn. Kor nar: ou.RM appiv .it 7H V .ivrr ?.t c-t, - in "i of ?t I'fp. ?l'l.tlNflin hADDLK d\RR KIP. R AI - A MA k* h<n;a ty I ?i? . lib ?IU b . W u me ?nl'? n? bo vl'i^ I a! 1 .) n?l, bin 1 a i t ft .<! -t. i1 "<?!? <1 on ' .. t; tno-'v *'/iUh I'm* " ?ri? IMfk ^he ? r n \ ir? ol?l. an 1 ii.iv.-u v^o"! i ? ii?t ? t .?#?' *? .iu It'- ai ne N jiv hi./- arm -m ?b*bf-v.-n; b n'.? n-tft rriiE t xiiEi -raNHi). av olo sr.ior.AR ,? mip. | I I mvrr-ltv o' Par'n. illplmnaind with dl?un tton nn . ' ! .i c'a ;? vide.'illa ... -n. lnk> . leave i in'ui n. i ?. pm J It,- 'h it he I..i ' d c : rdish'' ! Inunell' n 'i ? etlr a . I ' mil l hi r> re to owivra of IniiKei Knaw.illjira pm-.i , ? i u,, nil of oxen row- ctyine d ,J ami ' In. a v w I lr- ,'?ti! hv un. I nil on f. I', i LKN'St'll, i d"' .* i i ""a an ? ;t, iW'i do'irw ol Rpr:og a;real Pren.'h ai d j tjorttian ? po? 11. n''<? I.KT-TWU S I ALLS. WITH AOIOUMUO ATIVN i.., .. Ill', hi t ? ? 1st ell.- I pn .. e v'llUe A'.'' f h'l H inih i'r. . ' ' ' v.-"ii I"' - ill I Se on I tv?n I TMTKll sjt'tjis Hi lltSK ANI> tTARRI A.1B AUtiriON I l?r , l i't'i avenue, . ui i-r .f Forty fourth ? - eei New I York. 'I In- piopvle!"'* I"C ea'-e in niform ' ie puli'i ? lh.ii ec 1 .1 ii. uu loll on >?? :!l W.' liiead i an I dalurdBi IhrwUkJiniil 'he vear. or no loh'j nd or dealing ni.ri .he par t ol an i o ie ,.onn? ? el vv 1111 11. e cat tulmh men I will, none i oy nlreiiiii-iinei'., !> ? allowed. ' llor?e i ?ri aKea ,,r II rne?. intended for Weuae-nlay ? silea sh'Uild h' Mil ion ' no S ilmda) reeeUng,!- t ?. I here ei.'.l uniil I' 1". M. on .Monti.. Tlioae ,.t. ml-d lor j Saiur iav'H il" Bli.uil I i ? ?"iir in on 'he We.ii . *,i i> pr< niii'S-ai.l kaie daya, but will lie roeetved utm! 0 P. M "U 'I'l ur-ilar. Cam ..dvauce.l without extra charge. II r. JORltAN A CO , Proprietor. TIT ANTK.I-? V SMALL RI/.EH OOUPE, E'?R ?,v"f "R ?f two b<>r ' a; no w h ro'iu 1 front nod lo I utile ,.?rd 1 inefer ,1 tildii'M, lotting piico and wlie; o i be aeeo, no? l.ejj i' ufllce. 1*rANT'Kl??A OOOn 8BOOND HAND ?!RHCHKY V? Wa.mi nlso a ? taldo Horr.e for'lie-.mi" Aildre~c for two days. iivluK d'-.-crlptioa aad price, firmer. Hoiud oiCce W'AOONS FOR SALE-OF Ol'lt OWN MANPPAC lure Three i eo ,? ither top II i ulee, tivo no lop Hup "|e? tiirrt' lecciiil hnnd ton ui"l one no top. " ACkKKMAN A RAOLIKE, 47S aud IT.r> Hndaoo ri H'WTIiO?A VEItY FINE PAIR OF OARKlA'iK \i Hor ee, ahout ISfa or ij', high; mu?t fce wiihimii fault o, blemish Ion,- lailc; liniidkoine bay or i ark pre. I ferred; ueuUe In ninale or donblri harness cpeed uiuai u'.l i i.e les. tbun 3j; minute a rail# Apply totiKO. WOOD, , ns h nth Sixth slmet, WilUamaburg. DAT RfHIDB. t VTEOVNTAINS INDIA STORE. WhR BROADWAY, J\ ,Nu sr.S - I alal, "ilea of the "our" iissoi ' en; sent per I mail, wt'h BUiiipieHol ? apes, Silks, Hal.ii', Oi.e Cruse |,iu i 'i, Pit,-apple lioods. Ae, I'oiiatantiy n hand Sluiwta, . 1. gant Chna. laicv No eltmu Curio tir Lm n-.ti ???I Articles, AjXirri<B?n Indinu Artlelei,|bh?kers Wu.a Ac, wiiule-ale and retail. pXCLI SIVELY I LBNCH FLOTINt. ONI' TO I*. rv, niy Inchea wide, ull uialoriala llutn . n an manr : I ass. a in.'i at three hours' noine. at Mr*. HOLDER'S i Y envli I itlii" I aiah'ii hmeut, IS Amliy alrct bl"r? I an . a rair fun Lri iidwa '-*7 Hleerk"i* soeei heh.w I Wo, . nnd'.'d Full n sireet Hrooklm. N h -Flutini; ' fin r . "1 10a I part, of 'he ? nlt' d Stao i. ; Lll/r S ALE?V UUCK SILK. TIIJIIT KtTTI Nil r l'a"i ivill lit i -eeri lar person mat $ .(/ w II be ,'i:J.,rsi"; has been worn nil o. Any one wiabing Ii, buy J mar a u e? M. I . II., 'tai.o i U. (' irHHI.Vi. ? I IM FKKNi'U FLL'TfNO |M a SUPK 1' j ioi* ???>. el - i o-i nolle", for four 'ents I" r > ,.r. ; over in r u.e. . - una ent par vard extra, liy the FKKNt'II i r.b II.M. i IIMIANV, .'71 Snnng ati-eel, tmlweea va- ica and Hu?mou ?:r' "is. i Art' sTItAM.I its AND Visiroits 1 ( KOiti.K i VKKV WILL OI'EN ON MONHAV THIS If'I II INSI A I, ALOE AND V\RIKJ) ASSOIITSII NT I K i AUIOL CLOAKS. I'AByl INK', AMI I liu I LA RN, SI ITAitLE FOB FALL AND WINTER t'Sfc CbOKOE < AR' V, 47 Broad wn ( I ate < Ii'" s'.ri A t'O.) 'I'O OLSTLLMEN. I FALL GOODS, I .tin 0"ri J for Fl Lu nitllSR AND WALK1N.; vjjih, ' a., on ; sin u .s an I u? e ol I III I'll U".A rilKRP I O n .a; ? in of i uuieni >? i. i.v rea > . UN W. V malrt Wi Mronilwav caa' v.irnar I'r nee, an I .pposiie flail Ula k * i u '? umf ciaOTiifva. t iTENTION ?AT I ill. NEW STORE 1H THIRD t a p ?? la-be- r I enilri.ien arc auraed to re. - ,h. :b i pn si'' 11#' A e if ii _ A p|..ire.. Fur ' ? I- re. Chip- 's Ae ,i th" S-miliernaoJ Wealern ruarkeia f" I ? "in ?? - [? t V C M I SI I III I "1 avenue, i.e n t-u'i"' ? nthk 'e 't La Ilea atleo l'id or Nm Mi-li. I'r, i t Iyti oi Jem utwud'd to. Tl NTiON ?LADIICS'.aND DENTS I'AN II m i.IVK , ? i. ? ? ,? - - it I nr * ill O I C ?th p al ' . C,u pats l I * a . r i ,li- Hi e i a litre n. M A RAII AM** , . a ,u> ei -" i Twenty hfib am1 fwcu - ? ai - la ?. Lmlic i,. ndivi to by Mm. Abraham" a St 1FR PI.ACK._AT "CI SISTU AVEN' h LAID PR 1 \ ai, rut ? in 'i iv11 had the fair and I. . I dealer E I MINI/. i. \v turn tie an dtainie" Of l'l?ir ' ASl OIT illot1 - j ii i h-i E" r-1'ur" aad J?-?e rv. at It i ] er -oat niorw .ii ; -l-.'ii r nas'cra in ih" .-ii| I ,r,inii-o to pay lha fa - i i.- .-ip. p- I.'s l)r?s" s, 'r ui %4 I |? . Cfiata $? ??? Ie.i- ,n CJr.yf. Also lor Wuo e, , ll.-.aiea and Mualia ii . s - i I.esi ..ah pi'irev will l-e paid. A - all or a uu.-' lu post will be pnn -tua ly attended to. Ladiea arti-ndi'l to bv Mis. Miob. I' i'-nrerne-inber the crtamal ( f. 'Dr i , mil ihe numb r. '.K.1 dixtb avtnuc, near Klgn - r ni' ?ti it. Ordrre fioui Brook yn and Jmcey City p ire I . .! ; all! dc J to. I 1 r 'I0 .-KM NTH AVE.ST'K ?H. COIIN -A GREAT ' .'a i lu vthuir. Ladiea an I gwolieuirn naung any ( a-l ' u. < loin ng ' -.rpeia. h'niiillure, Ae will re-eu ," ..1-h. . Ill': r n or eddr-saing Mr nr Bra. II inii i . enih aveo-ra, U'-ar lha drug arore 4 I SK NRW 'TnRE. ft.; C'AHMINK STKKET, I A \ . -rul'ericnian re. elvo Ofty fie- ccut more i" r ?? Oil i ehiag. Eurniiuie Carpels and I aw airy, *y rail In. a or odrlrenaiog M IIAItT, .Vi ffaruilnr sireet, near t lf.-rJ. Latiiaa wil! b" puactually at'.etuled to bv *r> Hart. IT It. - I M II AVK.NIE LADIES A N i r l.BSTLE \ i- -o R ya'i i .k ? I" r ? lre tbe rheat |ir e? for vnor I'll! o ' i i' i'g. Caffeia, Klimit re Ae , tue heat 1 on ? an do la n fa I on or aenrt a oota to E. R|N f/ at No IN7 S sin avail' e, t .- or iii< fenth etreet, l/adn-a a. leaded be M, "' i'-'-. you will be dealt with lu mm aallafar lian a j ueiik ( n T.y I IE MEN '' VI 'V AND LEFT OET cf.OTMIRlJ I I a ll' if i' '? W eat. The full .? ,e will be paid I'I-I it % Cri. i i i a* Call at the atore or ail I is* iHlo l>. I ONi.ilf H I I'earl atreei. b?iwten (antra and f'ha'h-. a stream. I ? tSHPF EO EAT4 THE MIOHRST PRIC'R FOR lie 1.4.1 a'and On' " i?0'? aai ' iff Cln'h'ng l'ar<i"a ? m'iI "i > ? . ? g I. i aabberg, a Meat Tweiita a' eel lie ., Ifroadn ny. I.kdb a wailed on by Mra. C ClfilllHl" Hl" f,K f^'iTMlV f WANTRD - V I ' '? ' w t.av ih? bljfhe-t prieo for Caat u? Cl.uA I Ca.u t-, Ae, ( all .in or a I Ire.a II. H. bI It 11"C-. > ? Si ml. i-v i". t -fv ti Thirty third and rb'rty fnurtb an ?I n l.i a att- nded by Mra. Htrauaa W AltHLN. (TICWBiiRT, AC. A Tfr'- \TCHES. DIAMONDS. 13 WRLIfV , SILVER ? " t'.a 0??s l"?t"la, Ac., ho ght. I will par ?? ??* n -.- than can ba nbtalae t at m ui'ier pas la lb i ty N Ii. ?Alan Eawahrnkerr' Tieawt. wealed for tin a- .'.-arL- "a, at the tame rata Or.i Broadway, -orner o' Hoi H it atreet, up stal a rnoirt S \ dvances made, on watches, dm.vionid 7\ Jewelry, D'r tl ol* aril l'? >?nai Eripertv of *"'r* ?' -rlp'.ien or til" -ame bngh' ml an J by J A. JACIv SDN. Iirnk r and C,ma! 4 on Merxbant. Ill Oraad elree two door* wart of Hi irdtvay. D'AM'oU) UOLD AND^MARB-,,. OLD MOLD AND MLYRR ?? s ih to aell Diamonds Old Oold. sever, ur ai.vj'io i | i" blooed Jewelry, g ? to LOUIK ASRICH. r a ? i, 4 po Hire ta. t, ha i?aya AI) per <s?n'. more (' r T-r.oii, Kstah Ished pi New York nnewthi . , <ir the i?i? Marin Van Bnren. Maker., n a. * ' -i Bn-adwar. under the New lur* Hotel. in RT HIOM PRICKS PAID FOR DIAMOND JKW \ a ry -n > "ia nuinlA WatcbM and old (I'd OK. < honraoe y ft < n 9 tHHO aod from J Ull A H W I'ti nr If t lUi'il hrvaer, AI2 Broadway. Valuation* una par real r KB.MII ADVIfiRTISKlllcm ON DBHANDF?I NK DONNE D RNFANTS FRaS aia- pot.i un" ville T"ia tie, Se ir acinar an *r b Rre'oort li'unt. \aadrcdl an Faarej araba aal<e S el iv Be"ere

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