Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1864 Page 4
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NEW TORK HERALD. jikk* uuiiuua Mc.N.\crt; NKYliil AND raorBSCMft. on tc? ?. ?. ionM'K or riurox akp M?.-svr ?rs. j ?- ? J Vvlwtn* Mil No. *.r'l I i V.l'M MK*, r.< THIS rTLNIM iM I.n a UAIfjJfcN. Bnsadnaf.?C??lOU?Wi V I> . 1-R CAKM.N, Ir< ei.wa/.- V ? ??w>M > M r 0 THKaTAB, C >?.(*??? ?Nmui'a Chiar? C ? I'.. ? ' V : I 1 i.i liifalKK, iiotrarf.?\"i: (i. ?! rr ? 1 *> ' hiiworr.? SlGXST Of klHO Sot.O ! i,M.'U?Jli?JI? V tUV.O* 111 .'AT It . i.vj Bioailw.v, ? V 1 rr a? 1 ?s 'i IA " 1 u-Uvajr, ? Vox 1ti*x.?Tv 1 ?fu J"ai E. iiUEOi. hAitriiNT*. Ac >t *>l ' " 1 " 1 o ?.VI 11 A. >... .1 ?? . rt WIM.rRET. Uat.L. 1.14 Hroadw?f.-!.eB,ort, ' -Mia ... ? .t U\r;muDt Coulbo* 4 1 1 n ABOl-lQUhk bi>u1x? ? lo?Mr a l': l 01. MIN'ST&KLS. 199 a u 1201 Bovin.aTitlK ? ?*u* or Otuku'ian Cnoiris-h ' H ,.N fllEATRB r* ill urPAdfs-. -i5vi-j.nrs. ?ou-f.l l? tiivaiu't. Ac.?>01 J 14 II... ?1 li'.nrs, ?; *1.1 a i-iow rv.?Mm j, ,M?Bv /? c. -HKK Afros Wimui1 I tf K'i. > : J.I'M of ANAT MT f lit Rroadvrey.? I "1* A.J k 1 ?? ironi a a. M. II.I el*. >?'. Lt ( 1 ' ?"? i'i ?:*> 1 >'<Jfijji'ja.-h.-uiomvi f IljJ.ia, I'. 1 1 uiiti. A j. Arvv l?u, l'H.'ajr, (irptrmiitc 9, 11 >.!? r> 111: SITUATION. ItwM r ortct 11 ( i- rrii Gt sol's army ci 1 eclay ?\eni . mat & y i...c <ii 1-'rc rail ?r.:y'6 fori* from tba flicuando: li valley u?d at .rod 10 our (root, and iti t AooibOf attempt ? teg 1. 1* on of iin V\'< id n Hail' 7 ?d might bo < sp3Ct d. Uouer?l Grant x -n . -cl a very important letter lo <Don. T. D VTa-hV irn.-, m.-ubcr ol Congress Iroiu Illiti .a, edited at :usl 11, .vl. wn publish to.cay, II<? ears that tb tc is 11 (h'i g - wing to rru 11 tin* rebellion but a do ter mined unity of srnttn.crt In t;.e Nor h tfat il;e roles have tne.i 'as; man In the Old; tfciu bo; - unci id turn only are foi nd guaruic;; ibe bruipot; thai ice rrad p and ilie grave err alike rubbed to gel tbelr preicnt, f 'Co, and thai they art losing at least ? regiment a d*v by de aertioo and othei tamos. We hire Goner*: Sherman'a ofllclal account of the fall e tlauta, which m give in soother column. It is ibited from AtUnta on the 7?bt He rccounte and substaniuter ?i| the mam facta of the movement which we have ?iroady published. The army followed Hood ? forceswj far as lovejoy's station, thirty nine miles; but, finding the enemy Ptrmgly Intrenched there, deoeral Bherman thought that an assault "wccld not pay," so be withdrew his troops to .tt'inta, whero they went Into camp eight miles south ot the city The rebels last five hundred dead, twenty-five hundred vo 'Oded and three thcusar.d prUon<*re, while our luss In ibe aggregate was only fifteen hundred. "If th:s is not a F icoos ," says Genera! Sheruian very curtly, "1 don't know wbi. is " By the arrival of the steam-hip Ariel, yesterday from New Urieins, with dales to the 1st. we have important x wh from tbg Gulf. An est edition from Natchez, under Oioool 1 ?'r?r, crossed to the wesl bark 0! the river on the 2Mb u!t and aTt*r advancing eight miles surprised e party o' the rebe.a, idled Ihreo and took eight p.-in .era and forty hor-es. Another expedition, from Gatoo Rouge undor Goi.erat A. L Lee, set c it on the 'u4tb in soareh of the r 1 el Colonel f-cotl Coui-laerable bulrmishlng tock piaco while et (e-ting a crossing of the Ccnite river. The ret>cls w >re driven fr.?m their j^+itK-n, and ear troops advanced tlie 1 '*0 if cjinton. 1... , and ttok po?se??ion of it, the rebetB ret ritii.. Colonel Scott left a letter for General lee, sskii g blm to spare the town fr<m piiiage. Tue sunken rebel ram Nashville I'.js l?e<m blow n up in Mobile by n torpe cu tired hy the launch of tb<: guoboat Mstanomet. i he trail p rts White O i;U n'.d H nry Chcteau, while 7"<?,?iog up on the a>th '.It , above h .yo 1 .'era. were fired lu ? t>y a -ehei battery. About twenty shots wtre tired, or ? h h tv slve look elicit ;n the cabin and hull of the Chouteau live sh- t* hit the White Cloud. Ore she-' atr ick the v earn pipe, from wb h the steam evrnped t tba outside of the boat TB'. Whit* fetid w .s taken in t w by the t bc'tsau. Tlie'e is ver* . ttlo to rejiort r-om General Nberidan's 711*11100 *tieerfm; are si on the west si.t- of tt.e i V ^.|uso. ? nera' Early had bis hew) .uar'.ers at Berry. 1 ? Ue on Ti -sday, whr:e -svera! rebel order* and dee pie b * were b.und by oar tro-'p?. njion entering ti.eia Tn eztrwis from the rebut j rr ?ts of the dtb iuutart' whtcla w* publish to day. are v ery * gr .'lr?"t. Th*r a' f - 1 to re., >rd Ibe .0 ,* of Atlarla as a mere trilt N ,t I t*. is - nt very long ago - nee Governor I'.ri w:. r.f , f.eo'j'ia 'Jrrlared lo a pi tilic pror'.amai 100 th>t the loss 1 oc Atlanta a >111 be ine ss ot th<- reb'.l < ?vtise. ihe , i' i-hmuni ps" s n 11 i e lu nxh.blt great bitfrn cert. :? the d-'r .1 of u ,ut ar.rt live I'moti' of '.x -hriPi .d Rev ??* 1 x the prepress ,f ttie w.r the flichanoi'4 f in?,. s>ys that, in all pr*4?'.h.!ity, the war wltt be ended Mir. rsi'; r lor ihe Sf 'ith v.t , 1 a tlj says It a-e tun- that the power of ihe North Is exhausted, and that Mr I. ucntn w::i make > -tv ; x." I s-'-'gv ?? ?h eh, "It it '?i ? the w?r will fail.' MISCELLANEOUS NEWS iv* hi-e a ivl'-e* f- in the P.10 Grande U the 111 1 ; tns Mexoan Gen'-rr. f?rt. > met the f re-nh ' -ex t \ J I-aguna north id \ it I <rla. and s't< r an ou-l - itn buttle ' of fl.e h rs rtui'fl them with heavy los?. ? ne sr.,r { was isgar-lft w the rn's-t hn i ant of the w > , and n>u'e-i 111- * real est re.,r i g rm ng Ihe Vnr ?r, r- '<? * A '< - | of Fremnh mariaai bad 1a> di-d *t fta.'Iftd a* ? he n?-*uCh of . *h? Kie, ant (orliuas ? s* rnp rnui t.? lm niarnti I t'g bark to Maiamnr a t oontee' th* advance or the I rrenoh '.p tie Rio Grstj e, and stormy tt s- are et I P- ''-?d n the State of Totr attlipas 1 Me. teilan'a etter i eft ry 4b? n ? i *' n j f r brie 111 eel is published is our'? '? - m v. I a tr-?? t>'anting was b?:d !s?t eyer ng on t n - t ? - ^ru 1 oil ls? ihe ???-! 'res ? f tt.e I"-mnvraii< 111-' 4 .si'*n . n anprr./atu' ttaam as eaiu.n <d General MnGle'l.m hy the ? Ul Ai (xmvestir.t) I're-tdetil of the 1 nitnd hst tea, i frcva Msrrh, ]>?..<. Th.ra ss> <u iniiMWCrtttrit prr?ei,i j who, frnas t- " ' 1 ? - ?. ,*e,] ? h hhe?' ?;? -?? a' | r.r everv resaark iaanrab lo ies rein ' * Mc ie .an I wi.d I'nndiet >. Mr. iti,e n 1 ra ? ;?,* n m 1* t? ? r, ??* 'erma 'v ?aaiauad in off s rb* in-ta at n . s a .ed of a -b rt ,ndrw-* ? vr. iia*esv, fie ?ie in- j e mhant t? the l?j t e ?t u t ?*?'* llm v?r , ?? .-1. tuoala, wha bad hweo pn-vii. r |nIne mad to Mr *s per A large annitwr ot p'1 si t ?M Tnerrbsr'.a a ??? ea- l* 1 ta'iata wera t-sea. i t . amowt a i.oxn ??-1 ne r .i>w,r,r ha .lanob Astor, !f.,.f ' < * I''warn W i?f en v . ??? 'aybir. Gar-. *? Blunt and of r* M wi.-n a-autwiag lbs duties of Ma o"Va add- ? -d ? i.ijta,l< hr>afly it 'Lug tbet* attention to too as<?-x ty nf th?lr I'ordlal eo-Bt er*ll"a to him to u,-. barge the w 'njdex dm <wa ??' tba 1. ? So tb* satisfaei ?*? of the oisr't,*: la 0' New fi to well a* tb* govern then Ibe ? ?tb n(i' ? a a iii-n .'dia.nlstertd 10 lies s h fd 1 sta ofltoa-" <n tba u.-<> >i ara after whin'j the parly with d aw, swing tb* or? f,die' lor to arraage ma n nor d?laih end tsauw i.< xv 1 .etrncl "n* t' ths vailoir* c erfce 1 4 otfn. rs ts tba o Terei 1 detarltnent* Tba i.oara of fAMinc.i tnaa t air id to meet 'wiarday a daorafb not b*ti,? pr??et,t Mr.Grraa tveaidewl prv grex , daatarad taa board adjourned tilt M t?dr.y oa*?. I Thsra ara auw 6,6U trn ?iac In the pub'ic icf'latkdHi, ?alAramm Of Mi during :ast week Ths ndtabrw admit Bad was 1 ,t*H, ar.d the t.?mh?r aim dad, wera ilta v#angad and uausferrad wax 1 at* Tba 'jraaA |?/? o ? x't* fkin ?'< ? V 1. V'tma'ts ' )??l?rdajr lt w> Uio C.oocral 8*?mI -ok, ainl in lilt oojr o i (in lit) llje )>rikuuirk were Mtsqjutd. 1 >>**> |,,a?iled | M (?' i<. . u ?uro rcrnar-.ied for trial. Mai >? K?i*rt ' rit*, b #>n *ai rtirt, oliar,'i d with sUhIidk fori) fire d<>> u ? ? t ? ?f vroarlag j umi iroia U?c LiOli.v Hi use, Ob tli* I Jib or / !.;? ?i, p'raiei ruliy to potljr i.e-owiy. Atir.iui t k, iii twiod f'* ki'jaiibfc a |>ioc? of broaduMli, v'i cec akon* area air" ifty duUiir*. frt> t, the pre m eat 0 !?<??! ) M .St*veus,4i6 K osdsrajr, oo th? 14lb of Au t ?. < Ifjfv to the cuarga IV lirUontr* wars rein Hi 0'1 lor ;?nitinr . f *??,? no i hi i: r nt'iujfo iu Iba (Ximmrirc at f>i '(ritay, Ofm rH au,elude prevailed,a (1 vo>y j l*. Is?' ? w.?? dr. j, ivvo lu a low eaooythioiw i ,-ea 1 uii'ifC nil rttluiilk.c was Tory quirt; l>:t the | nattier*, tit a gri.oral iniug, were lom cioua ol n li I" ?n h i ally no, t>. n't into coiigi ! iraiioo ih ? faci U.aI ihe lioiO ' o lor every &!uk was bo aery light and vhI'.os a.mci' i eDtirolyr.ouiiL.iL Oottoi. wua fli ui tiro Co. I" wt i i I elro'eniu wan nominal. On 'nuuige lliu utiur niorkrt v. at tlnil ai.d ratLor i-..kk r uu Ibo le w l<r i.i *. c s no :.i \ii ic.-u at tbe ok?e, wbria tiad., wore u eii not?umM. Wbeat waa dull nod hoary, and , ii wri i i ..sinr. CYru wt., lirm, wiUi a 1 .i- den .d r wr< fo in lair reqrnat at full prices ? 'or'; ?u i ailivo and luwnr. B.-ol rciuuiuail quiet, ?r.i li i Ik (loci.i lotive and firm. Wilis!, oy dull and iron '?ll. while freight* wore u chide firmer. Oc i u i IileCKilatn'a litltd vt Accrpt anet. Wo r?ib!'Kh n nrotlicr column, this morning, G biu! : ,iJi '.la i's letter i ccopting tao Chi > iHu'i-.::i:iod. Mr. Lincoln abrogated the >' \ ic.i pi nk and dMregnrded the Cabinet ro r-n i ll. ill of t .e lb..tin: ore pliitforin, untl in teipivi- : the rest of it to suit his own con ve .i -ace. (1 K'l'.tont took tho coufls e t.i m : u\kou', o1' liu* C'levolnud I consU ii" I i' ??*.*? t pl?: its us 1 e 1 bought fit. Gi'ierd h * takon the same liberty will ti c ?'.< rn, and hd< done it in a i erj n .u ind go tl<n illy manner. but ? vcjiul in' i.iK c me to evil days when wo iii t tra- o t i<* treno'i'.eroua plunks of i o .il i 1 Hortiia uud the ft u "ej purases of tetters of acc ,i .. for toe opinions of our J'leftichi. il ca Jp'-i. C uera! Washington iv-is twic ob-cl- d P: - lent without any plat onus or letters of acceptance. The people knew ' history. faclft were the only plat r-rml. r ju'r d L:--.' now political oonven t ions u-urp 1 the power of the people. These cnnventio. a all pass by our grout men and aelert fuilnrea for tbe nominations. In stead o'' the deeds of tbe candidates we have to relv upon hypocritical and deceptive words, carefully put together, to meau anything or nothing. This is one of the worst sign3 of tbe times, and the moral of the letters of the candidates. The Prrdictrnr>-?Tlir<e Fallarri HomU n>trd?tVh?( i* the Duly of Oar Ptople. With the exception of the Hkiulo, the entire presk of this city is enlisted in a partisan quar rel, above which it cannot rise to a contempla tion of tbe necessities of the country, or the real character of the wonderful men in nomination for tie Presidency. Tho Tribune has abolition theories and Fourierite fancies to be put forward, and gun contracts ami other "shoddy" operations to be nursed. The H 'odd is an avowed conduit pipe through irhich the parlor politicians of tbe McClellan clique- seek to dribble tepid water down the sacks of an unsophisticated public. The Tim'a nav be regarded as the "shoddy organ" par ?acceb'Wf of the administration, its chief editor grinding the axe of hi.- personal ambition at the expense of his brother stockholders, and apparently ready for ajv job. from washiug tho corpse to writing the epitaph, of Mr. Lincoln and his Cabinet. The JN'-?rv is a mere Jeff Davis vehicle, through which the brothers lieu and I ernando Wood advertise their lotte ries and offer to huckster tbe votes of Mo/srt ifull to whatever other orgaui/ition will incur the opprobrium of renominating these fraternal disgraces of our city politics, lho I.'cniroj J'ost only quits its poetry to urse, while yet supporting, the administration fiat has felt itoalf obliged to remove one of tc poetical publishers for the very unpoctical ifU-ncc of peculation. Tho Journal of Coru '/)?vw. we are by an enterprising gen tleman who iWot'-d three days to finding n copy of it. is a "twin cherry 01 one stalk" with the Ui.W./, its guiding ftpirit having a lively expectation of becoming PreTdent 11c riellan's prime inini-ter. A" to the (-' i;?- v -'.i - ,1(/- r'io e, our iao-1 active t-'T" >rts h ive (ailed to bring to light any one who In- *<*en a copy rrf it since the day the renom inutio; of Mr. TJncoln; aud for this reason b dh nsfb if and the other "small fry" of our city journal ism. we cannot speak with certainty. That they ire al! tar rod with the same hrus'i is. however, probable, no pap-r in thi? city ex cept tho Hi iiai o having tbe < apital, oon scieiitiousne-- and circulation, the pure p: inci ple- and the advertising pafronnge, lo render il i ui p- ndent. Standing, tlu-rcfore. a? we do. o i!?ide (lm h'-a'e t afmo-phere o! the various little cliques, e n only int -nt on toe gratification of it? pi t -i.nul pas- ons oi inteie^ts, we are enubled lo take a eool i-nrvey of the eni'r?; national field, and tu f it upon pi big events *oioe -nob judgment a- will be foruivd by (lie King lak ??! (he fortieth century of the Chris tisn era. VTc look at all three can-lid ites in no'niuition for the Presidency I rernont, Lincoln iiai M CK-llan and find (hat all three ? T? fe ii i- . while ihe -uen who have icatly a)i prvved ' -el ire. great, r ipable and ? i? * fill in (he eoD'iii f "f alTair- --acb meu i 'ir.ui .-rid ? ermas a llinco k, I'.nragut. Ihipout idl'- it-r i ? overpa-s-'d in ? b-i <?. r.incolu is ? failure in iu..u ier> and ?dinini*tra tion, in nmnMness and inanare n? t. il ^ottiv sue ? - e? are In hi- i >k"*. and even of the e two-third* a e believed to have been pllfbret froiu Joe Miller. As a political j e'e-y he hue eq.i.?lie(| Nspo'eofi. and 'd ove- f'ha?e. -ewnrd and all in li - strategy for a r- eleetion. Mei'i. |lan ha- prove I ?? failure ;i lt;a' * 'pr<-ni" nee ,?ity ol* war?ucce ? H ?- military re i 4 jn. ?>, wjjt rc t.v l.r 11??- ex, .-#? 'or il h." bi-r-a one n! r?,(1p? m no degree M.-eq'i:?.e to the at his c<";irnaid: w die i< tu the at>er of General Fremont, the O'lvne-ee-ueni of out w ir, every body can tell ' hai it lies h--n -a bu- k Mr. L ii'-ol- i- * cnuitfT 1 w .-??! nl n. >n- thin aver ?ye siiiewdne-H, an o' f.r noire rh? . the a ?? i iJsli<-a--y w ;h murks tin; W-atorn wit. lit" purpoftes may fiave t,.-nn ho Best enough on b;- a c?*ioii to poasr; but we distinct!v impugn tli" honesty o1 carta n appti < r- h? is now piitfinf '>?r,h In wcare his ir el<-cl.|.,!i. Me ?/-ei|iS to hate ?V cepted with all iw C'iii<-Aquen e^ tba' popahe' couplet?probably composed by one >f n,v p?iefe of th" h ??' inri foul which ftay lu -1.1,40) ?w',rd? vert ah<><lit) raiks Ills ?-,l) lioj i-ui ?<Rr? 0walla. Jn no r-nnae can aven tho warmest ad x;rer (who is without o gun contract) hon*utly af flrrn of Mr. Llnftoln that be has displayed any g- a! or htilli*nf dafihi h!s VjirdS chwrlotoui-iaf of our ocmntry's imdaj. Kiuif lu'artcd uud patriotic of purpoM aocord ing to hiu limit*! lights we believe him; but lie is iu Diaiinoffc u mistake, and iu the ai.iriugo iub.iI of our matters, both fotoigu and domes tic, a very decided fiasco. Geuerul McOtellan. even his enemies will ad mit. i cBsrases toe great social bdvautago. v Leo coulrat-ud with Mr. Lincoln, of having received tie e ikicat'on of a gentleman, and doing no d:s 1 credit lo the family tust brought him up. | or lo ?':e acatlomy ,thitt is rcsjion-".b'c for Ms development. I la is, on the evi dent of t ioso boat competent to ju ige, a theoretical soldier of the fci<rbeet culture, lully equal to talliinR "strategy"' will; Marshai Joioitii, or giving now views ou llio scieace of defence to tke antique Vauban oi Fruhce.or the more modern Todieben of tbe (Jr raoa. He is kind be.irted, unsolfish and p:itri ot:e, laitflfn to his friouils, conservative io Us jniacip ea, and irreproachable in every per sonal as; ? Tn li s public life, however, he has been a failure of no common magnitude, lie tailed to -capture Richmond?no matter how or why. lie failed to retain the confidence witli which t c government, wholly irrespective of pa' ty, regarded him on his first accession to eminent power. And finally, as perhaps the cause of all bis other troubles, he has failed to il.'scr in nate between the applause of a coterie, uad that course which would insure for him the approval and support of the public judgment, lie is no lgss a failure than Mr. Lincoln, though a failure, perhaps, in a less repulsive way. Vet one of these manifest failures will be the nex President, of the United Slates. Which it will be, no one yet can tell. But what a rom niontary on human wisdom and pol.tical honesty ! Tlio man of success is ignored and passed over?the failure is honored and elevated to the highest office. Edward Evukktt and Old Blair.?The im mortal names or Demosthenes, of ancient Greece, and Cicero, of Rome, are associated with some of the most deplorable weaknesses of human nature. Ti.e same misfortune ap pears to have fallen upon Edward Everett, the first American orator of the present genera tion. From a patronizing letter of Old Blair, Bcizcd by the rebels iu their late visit to Silver Spring, and published in the Richmond papers, it is very evident that Edward Everett had been waiting upon Old Blair, hat in hand, at the threshold of the Kitchen Cabinet, for a mess of pottage. Only a lilHe special, roving commission abroad; and then to think that the great orator was bluffed off by Thurlow Weed! A sorry Bight, indeed. Mr. Lincoln and tub Baltimore Conven tion.?The Baltimore Convention, in nomi nating Mr. Lincoln, made a reorganization of bis Cabinet a condition of his acceptance. That requisition, demanded also by the coun try, has not been fulfilled. Will it be ? That is the question. TUe Steamer Franconla Chased off Cap* Sable. Hamvax, Sept. 8, 1884. About two o'clock yesterday afternoou the steamer Franronin, when about ten miles southeast of Cape Sable, sighted a suspicious looking steamer, apparently under canvuss, but which soon, under steam, endeavored to bead the Franc.cnis off. Tne latter, however, succeeded in getting within the proper limits. Tbs privateer llrst hoisted British colors, and afterwards others which those on board the Fr.mcnma were unab'e to make out. The supposed pirate is a bark rigged vessel, with fort nnd main spencers tong lower masts, and one smokestack, pa.nted lea ! color. Another i'irate. Halifax, Sept. 8, 1804 The steam'" FrMmola, from Boston for Halifax, was chased by a s >. posed privateer yesterday off Sbeiburue. '"ilia's Festival Day. Tb? aim ial catii ring o.* the clansmen of the New York Caledonia flub lor the celebration or the ScoD-h games took place yesterday at Jones' Wood. Over thirty ibous and persons weru present, add Ciptaln Hart of the police report*-! nt the clove "no arrests." The weather wna v<-ry 'wo able L r the athletic gumes, which were per formed with better skill thau tormerly. ihe atberiog commenced id the morning, and Mr l> Row hot ham a member of the oluti, took a photograph o( the scene ho f ire the res' commenced?which drnci; opened tne sport*. Hmlobowa. are (hugrtne, and the names of the win nerj.? F|.?' Sr.;,r>. n?a*y * "nr. t it*. A. Anderson. 17 ft G. Orassicx. 2? fi 4 J.ish' * o'ic. Ill I'n. V AixW-.-n. U 4. G. Ura-s ck JI >i Ufury hammer -4 .1 'toldle. G-t It. 4 In.G Urits.n-s % feet LU'd bar. ner. .1 Qoidie. Srt tt It. U Graa.Ui*<, 8| ft. K .nu ng uoip ....A 1 riiian, 17 ft 4 G. Goldle, IS ft. 11. Stand ii im,;i a Firman. In feel. J <>< I II9 n ll. Hron l-wnro daooe 1,. Ii itobenson. .1 Tayiur bho-t rif .... A r wrnau. A Walker. Hon I are' kjlerl .1. Uansnn Y nulling Vitu ail Tin. A i ormao, 8 feet. Long ra-i* A vValker. t. Ntchol. lo-niir the . abor .1 -nnri G Urascck. Ill h and iit? .1 r?? or. 1, ;y. KoSeii'on H*I . r. r- I. Korr- I. I l?. tobeitMi i Standing high *?;? G. Guide i'!i.-in alotier.) Km mil. hub .ca,...I. Gold e G Go.lie ?siilia rasa 4 w.-.iite- T, Nichot Ho?a iijul c r-cr.Cuoniti.lia n. J. Msn-m. Hop *?>? 1 and imp A Koi nan. ii It. G. (In i ,. .ft. |0 Wtie?ll.?tf>w ,ee I?. M.ller. L roriea: .loHn ,.o die n 1. lie-n awarded a ?ilv? r model 10. coining in Or ! 10 1 hi - r <? e f?< live i-oniw-ciiUf* vr? * ?(. .Mrl^ren, n- "ew rk, rurne In second, but not le r,g a uiembtr or the crib 'Oiild not ta*e the prize Tn* foUoHriug *,.re the ?dge*?James Nicholson, Jamra M< ' Th. mas Kinnear and Andrew Riunerlr , I so. The 1 "<t uon.ed genthmtu is a bailiis Ji ma ? Irate Irotn Glashow, A-otland, who is in the cttv on a short Tint t" tne Foiled st-HC, Selected otliecr ol tin club?(hi":, George Stilrhei : nhiaiiaui. Mm Mam-un t lunsmrti. J. \L Innes ami W Ii. smith John Watt ,-rc retar.r. A'lty litielllffence. Tn* .??? ** n Iktkrkwi.?a ma?? meeting of the iimiiulactmeia and lobitcoo uea era iaanumini J for thi' evei mg at tho ( oopcr io-titule. A large crrtli -r inf will ro doubt v--?rntfa on ttio occasion, as Ihe ? ? lere .ia involved arc of paramount important p to (lie trade. Brxri t r. g nig Mssomr Mieipr.?A bcaeflt will be riven at the Old Rowery theitre to-oljlit for the lla n c II .-1 n. w h'~ti b re d*i nt**d liseif to the ca lalrlw scrvivs of pr< cnrinr lemaie iiiirni* Tor the army. The play of the btgnol of Klug Solomrin. wbirb haa already ac u reii much po|Milaiitv. w it be produced. Ihe-auve. a well a.' tne inrti mm - cr c.--erve* a loll tiouse, and wc have hp | d ibt Ihcv will o 'ta.ii it. j I-< ? M tT'esgn ?? oroner W tdev yesterrtav held an , toque*! on ik? Set) of an m,known niao, who was lociid | f/eatitig In ihe water foot ot Whitehall street Deceaaed ? w?? ab ll erty h?e ye*r "fag". tnVtlrim s e five fr?t . 'ftn ui'he* in h gi't 1 aid t, J rrrnv hair, lie waa I i;re?sed .1 a nark ' fit ?' use. pin p e woi-led va t, bo.e | Ps't , ch vk *h rt snd si o- in '.|p p. >?e??,on was to t.d a a over !>? gr o llie "'l/,og*bereme-< a I 1 1 '' riw-tive ,o,{. me d*i eased had been trot a i?* days in toe wA'er. f*OI Ire Inlrlliftiirr. tosiso- Ro? ? gr o ieer Roberts, the fi"blb j p-e. itu t, a e .ai Heliis. lii til: lit arre .r<t tpt,,, wed j Del 4 v 11 , s, ? ho nan t , harged with Itav og by force ? md r . ? e 'ot hed Mar t Hicn, re?-.|.n at No J(C. . 1 ?l, r v u, ca U. Mst- sat s.?f I "?? ??? t cd whaa.aa th- ?: ., u, a, I her hi d ' - ' Set .,,rt SI, r ?. u titf A ?? I ee r4 .' tat ir oee p' r?-.r? t|,( ? ?,, I ** Milan ? ll. d 11*4,1* at.d kr. ? a 1 ? I. c, a .-?? 1.|.<>c the ie<aa r pi "Uor rae oT w,tk i??r , .nu'er DM Ipwad b? n?r c s .-derate Tile 'qpi ,.. ?,,, ,, ,?r a 'ett -i. tne I . nud ? Is.-., ?.. t .-yw eh, ? nltled ihe-n >r,?; Aw * 1 ? a K . A. 1 ? If Mints w-tt , 1,IP 1 s.r Mi Ue l'.e .lAV Plght Ml 'I"try M < ra?e ? N ? 'Jt j (. eenwhti strvat. wan pa*etwg tuni gi, Me or atrsnt, ! wl,"hoC# .M,nm- Ibadv 11 c sv-d 1, n ar ,1 ,r,. fitttif a : p? to! -I bi- In- .1' rra's -d to t .gf. I, r ll . - I f enrrendered tt liitn r en vn rat ie* *1 be had m lite prw i?#i f" I. 4 y sdv t. -d, ,j d, tat tip ta'i ib a ' a ? -a on Cf ' ane', 1 m-,i ?? r?i ?*av with Aa *.e ?u tonkins ii ' e*i t'- I,, or MP *,|, vf IW?> r.tgh a urt.-'D'l, j arms.ted Rrady aed l;r ?ne m- l-l.'d h >a a> tie man , a-lifrl de bla wsp I, '? si . ? INS(e aemnn-.totl 'ha m-. j cr ??<! lor OlAWiMMUrp An* a A'**'1 at Mteosr _*i-.,ra s*ebb a?d >' ( oiai ck, p* the i ghth prtvp.'-t. arreeied two n.en, gtvbg tee r t.atnew an Frank t lark and llarmiui sr eoadee, on the oouiptaint of Hi sine T. Uwrn, res In lag at 44 Greene atrekt, wtro eitargee that wbllh pasting thro mh Mercnr eirket, eanr F? inoe atre?t, the prlnewerti assaulted k"d knocked httht flies, end while m lb* wait they Bpwd three pietot thou M him Fort ihawtv not* of tho bul losa took nffhet. Tltn prinotisra, who deny the rhnrM. ( he'd ?vt * igteflH '.*<140. SHERMAN. General (.liter maa'g Report of (lie Recent Vieiery., ICy.. 8p>pt. 8, 1814 la answer to a request thai M 'jor Genarel rtUermae would K'vo u* details o the late opcrelious before At huiia, ir. order to sconce the cavns oI those who, It. the absent eo; j .r'.toularg, wore deuytug th I ctio.>? opor*. none wt re, no tl.e whole, a Union sue ?an, we have re ceived the ioUo*log*, Kept. 7 1884 On the ?8tb of August, pnrsosnt to a plan, of win Ii the Wtr Department had bono tulir ad rind, 1 le l the t wen tieth corpa at tl.o Cbaliahoochoe bridge, >Bu wi.l, the balauc* ot tbe army drew off from the eieee, and, using considerable urtilico I tuintoad the eu<-iu>, 1 tuot od rapidly south, and reached the Wont Point Railroad, near Fair born, Ou tho 27th, ai d br ke up twelve 0:103 of it When moving earl ray right approached tbo Mac n Rail r< ad, i eur .lonrsboro, uu I my loll u >ar lL-igL anil Heady The e.ieni y attacked the right wing of tbe Army of tbe Tonnes oo, and was ootspl to.y boa'no. Oo tbe It tea, a.ul during tbe cooabil, I pushed the loft of the centre rapidly to tbo railroad above, botweon Rough nod Ready and Jonesboro. On the 1st of September we bri Ice up sbrut eight miles of tho Macon road, and turned ou the ri.fcuiy at Joce.ihoro, aarau'ted bloi ui.d tils lines, and carried tbeni. captu rag i.ngadter General Oorm?n at d ah ut two thousand prisoners, wllh eight guns and much I hinder. Night store ) ri vented our capturing all of Uar dee's corps, which o. apod south thai night. That xaroe night Hood, Id Atlanta, Uniting a'l bis rril. reads brokou and io our posBOsfKic, blow up bis ttmtnmii i.on, reyeu locomoiire" and el biy cars, and evacuated Atlanta, which on tho next day, September 2, was occupied by tbo corps left for that purpose, Major Oeberal Sloe tm commanding, we (allowrag the retreat Ug rebel army to near Lovojoy's station, thirty mho south of Atlanta, where Uudt.-g bim r In.ugly Intrenched, J cuocluded It would Dot '?pay" to assault, as we already bad the great obiect of tbo campaign, viz ?Atlanta Accordingly tin array g adually ami leisurely returned to Atlanta, at.ct it in now euc ,ui| ed eight miles south of tbe city, and to-morrow will move to tbo camps appointed. I am now writing in Ail inu, so 1 could not be uneasy iu ro g ird to our situation. We have as tbo result of this quick and, as I think, wssl executed movement twenty-seven guos, over three thousand rebei prisoners, and have buried over lour b ndred rebel dead, and left as many more wounded. 1'hoy could cot be removed. The rebels have lost, besides tbe itnportant city of Atlanta, and stores, at least five hundred dead, two thou sand five hundred wounded and three thousand prison ers, whereas our aggrogste loss will cot foot one thou sand five hundred. If that is not success, I do not know what 13, SHERMAN, Major General. The Pursuit of General Wheeler. NASnvtu.s, Sept. 8 18'4. The latest Intelligence from General Rmseau ts that ho is driving Wheeler, who is trying to get across tbe Ten nessee We have captured many prisoners, sad de sortiobs are frequent. The railroad belwoen Nashville and Chattanooga will be in ruDDtog order to morrow. SUBMARINE WARFARE. A Rtw Era In Naval Warfare Inanga rwted?Launch of Torpedo Bosit No. 1? Interesttnat Description of the Vessel Chief Knglnsvr W. W. W. Wood, U. 8. N., the Inventor, die. The first torpedo boat worthy of any notioe which nas been planned since the rebelliou was launched yesterday afternoon at bair-past three o'clock, at Fairbaven, Cord. Her hull was built and modelled by Mr. S. H. rook, s n r.f tbe naval constructor of that name. She is a wooden vessel, seventy-five feet in length, twonty feet beam and seven feet depth of bold. She is bnllt In tbe isixt substantial manner, with heavy beams supported by banging knees, securely bolted and fastened. The deck is crammed about two feet fore and aft, and about as much athwartohips, and this will be covered with a thickness of trou armor sufficteutly strong to make it shot and shell proof. The vessel will sit very low In the water under any circumstances, but when not actively em ployed she will float some twenty odd tuehes above the surface, but when approaching a vessel to 'destroy her or engage In blowing up obstructions, only the cram of her de k will be above tbe water. There Are but three objects vis<b'e above tbe decks?viz: pilothouse, smokesta :k and ven tilator. These only show a few tacho* at the most. These objects are perfectly shot error, and their opejuo<- are protected in the mo I secure manner. The novelty ol tbe atnir is not seen until a visit is made betow tbe deck, Awny a'l is placed the eugrae. with a cylinder of eightenn inches iu diameter aud eigh teen inches stroke of pi too. Ihi* engine works a scow of a size capable of forcing tbe vessel through the water at tbe rate of say twelve miles per hour. Next comes the beiier whit h furuisbc* the steam tor the main engine a* well as for the auxiliary engines, which work tuo s ibrncrgicg pomps, and toe mechanism by which tno torpedo arm pl ie s the t rpedo beneath the ah p. Everything con uectei! with those machines is ot tbe most simple and durabh k oil, HUd not at all liable to get out ot order. Forwaro oi tbe boiler is the starring wheel, located bo nealb the pUotbouse,and then >otn'S toe tor;n oj ma j Chine. It m ..-t Dot oe c-:;ted of ilk to explalu :n dr'.a . bow this machine works. Wo*'!!, however, give an illus traiion as to how th" m o bine < i-era'???. Lsl t:s suppose ibat ao f tic uyV fleet wore block ad lie our li..rbor. and we were in !????? . ion of one or mice of these Kir,-edo vc- eto. Twelre men, inc'uciag onginoer otcoere. man the x ?? The tc .in u- miced, an ! under the cover o' right ?he steam o i, upon her m.sioti. A* she advances toward." to * vie. m a torpedo, varying iu it* charge from it'j to two liuu.t cd pouioi' o* powder, i? placed no in . t t-irme t cent tvnur.e, wh.cb i- secured t ? a I rag r u it.e torpedo is rapped and li.* hammer which is t iesr'odo it I ? e 'red A.d,?i*rrtbiii being in react ie n tbelar c w rki g box is cloned, the eats at the 1 >w > t lb* v el m raised tbe .ater then r.-in In until it i? tliicil. i i? niarhb.e :* n<>w ie i iu motive.and a long iron arui rat ries the basket eonrtsralng tbe tor edo ?> I'lomtbe ?. eopto ttiecm my, bv mcaoaoi a r d wltbm tic- arm, the rorpi o t? relcaor i lioto ; i icptvc c sad to depofif"! is tic water in j'.rit kiicb . t> ? p.on u- a>i..v it te lo at up aga uav lite b t ,i "f the ve ? Wtendcd to be te*?n \e<l Th? ma i-rt 'till ireep cn revolt us, and the as *ne mot leu win erased tbe artn to rim on hr ii* ? it i. v . tin vessel in i "StwrriBhtcit' oi t i tUc Way ot Itic oi Irtrndcd to In MiUk S?d t the mom<"it Oied up ti the hammer fall", the <ap i e> ptodvd. and tiie w rk to done. Tii?*.ruii- w thdrawu i tide < i tlie i -rped ?? 't. aid tbe aga'n < ior. i<i. I tic* to e- (i t? n ii a?'.ret aff,. i, ye' very nm; i* *? l wilt r> t!i* "Vin.-r me te m?d< Per.- ine ?< yet !*? n a tr i - H m let e*? taibiv do t- ? iv. He elect* Mce lie<'ii er? t .- 'uily tmle . si il rat 'estnli- in .it u*t r? me ( rat r i. ,r<. . lo t vlalo h w p ? cutr i is . . ?;.el ?? no' ur p vp>:? 't't at it. - lima it is * vrnt of tNi great re'oe to ur twilemwiil not '-e a'i'ive ? ii board under at y e rcum-d ira wtmt-v > fbe advent og tlito ? 'tt rasrkt a l ew era in naval imt Submarine w?ri'ar< Ir n< -oi ar* m no more vane ill,iu w ten ve ?? - aga u = t < t ? .jf the c new v<> ? Witti ' ' .r rv . I *!*.?. (? ?? ric?| tioe itie bl ory ot tin* te veal toil If k m. wti?i necu ir. ?? t ab "ibi to j t ed n record at te a tune. ? beu Hi" ir-.u I clod rc'ieoi winch b >- hm ?i ? tenciv^'y ra * in tti.a I c-".ni''f ti to eiittc ' it. o cv the nveBttv* gcu ? ' of ( h ??( D, -01 ? W W. W . IV o'd. t -I N tint r ed I ii etf t" pi d" c ? " ii 'ig iv' 'tt won11 ? <e In* to lie t thoee f'.rnn ?; ?ugtn - ?>: ie :r*.i.o . check, il i 1 h* ;roy ttu'in M '?< '? t i ":i"at I iio.e*e*tei'-.ive pc,. ie *it *r ?< nil n*. at tvt >> eio, *d I Ihtr P rp*?ui ai< kins iti* ".a iw .a- a, t i ? < ? ? ,# j y ! /Rpartm'-ni. w a ? "l?er Baity te .it n ie*n? | th ng hi do 'b i of, lo **y i*?- I n I i iic . 'ho J ma'te' v* it d? ren; v. At ' a * m - on w ? an ihe in i ii- of . i* utvei.ti a it f* lb. tall. ,, .luuounoed, a- . etu' >-eei. i an i " ? < ? *? t tew. i .i it w ? on i utir fa ied i ? i ,ie? It ? i' . v a > cos 'ii ?lic i* i . ii d an ? lIKliSethinti' noigli in ?* w<u a- th* d"?uiBd og wer : et, oni tor odr u-w a d uvxiru' t it ??atttne IV* ??-? a. ie * siimtoi 'V <?#?? on ti.nd will 'wi i.ii?*rt"d .e?o I"-!*.!' t?f .io ? tee ??*Vi. It WJ" <ot I'* ll?"c l'*tfite tti rn i Sad ?V?ief ? it fit. ?n'i m "U'c i- well v th ?'i?t n e ? r*. v ?, l -vo"d'i et tbe progre a no u to ? l ant** me K-avit?'B%?'wa?er*nr- Narrvwv.?The members of this ? e'ebrated lottery ari v?<t in tins city -* i-rfl*v mora ine. on their wey home, ibatr lime bav'ne en 'red lbey were qnartared In lb* New kngiaad room*, where all the honors were paid tbewi by ?*?. .*?' (lows. Ihey left fee Ho,lev ysstf lay S'^elai <e * ^ IMPOBTAKT FBCM MEXICO, rortimaa KMghu rtej ** and Win. a Bril. itar.t Victory?Hai'ti* la U >aar or tbe AclkUvBincat-VcsteM loren Urd at tbe IIiBlh of tl.e liio Uiaade-ltmuoi of Aitnibrr Landing by flit Vrroen? I martuiui; i. 1? f. nd tok?Wam muiut Without u?riniir? Wor||?, 4ir, UUit *ATU?"*CB COBKl BNCH. lUtix, ; 1J I CO, Au.. u.<t 1;1804. ooenirai Mcrrs urj,4 ami uit.m Informs 1|wi big rftcud bi re (t>at Uortiuus mot the traitor >;ejii lou leagues north <>r Victoria, am} r"uloJ linn with biavy 10-H, a 10' l? bat lie of f.vl) bourt' duration. A BKJILUNT ViOMIlV. The affair Is said to have bo. c o; <? of the ipogt brilliant and decisive vict lies achieved br Ibo liboral roroe durtog the w?r. a oippiipii 0* l'?ne' rt'Ttlf aj, brother of too tiene si, on receipt o1 tbe inte ligecce here, orde-od a manner thirty gnus to be fire.I in h u r of the Hrhlovoinnat, end flsgn and oern wo. ostieamlap from ov -y housetop. I.AN! I.Vfi or THS rKK.V n AT UAliUAD A force of b' i wis i throe dull lour hundred m a -1 n e; w-a, ended hi Bagdad, at the mo.i'.h ol f he Rio lir.ude, on the '..'3d I st., and uad t*k> n jw legsioo of that pomi, RU?: >K Of AN' TUXS V .K1 I.AM nffj II Is rumoroit, but it is by miviris certain, (bat a [Teach military f r?e, ru-tierl: g iro.n twelve to iFteee ti ndro l, I ui hvi abo ,t twc-.iy nit'na down the const l i l i.or kte a meat Malum > os. (YkTisAa MAitcnt.Ta -.o nsnotD matamoros Cortinaa, with bis victonoui n'niy, in now, It is stated, waking torc?d marches tia< k to tiati.inoi ? to con test the art vauce of tho 1 ranch up the Rio Orande lie moves with groat v erity, and will doubtless be liure shouts in Bemon to e iccessfully resist the advance or ti e French, WATAMOR >8 IVrmmT PRKENHIVR WORKS. Matamnroh h ia no defences, and its ultimate lossrsaloa depends irrateriRily on tbi eu oriorny of the foicog aud the a tparlor IliihiLig qualities oi us inuourers or dci nd nr8. If tho l<i ench nppr <tcb with overpowering numbers they may capturotba cuy. HEWS FROM WASHiaaTON. WAiamaio*, .Sept. 8, 1804 rnn KRruuuoANS and tub riiBSiDSNTiAt. cam paign. The republicans arc nctlvely encaged here In the ex tenaive circnlull< u or campaign docurnenta, and measures are being i-ken to harmoD'se at once all tbe conflieHns elemeine and Induce a united 'and hourly support j of the Baltimore nominee', winch are said j promise com lete success; and it is claimed that wilhlu a few days -.11 opposing Interests in Ibo republic in rnulis will be silenced, and tbal, with tbe Chicago plat form . nncxed, Mcl'loMsn will staud Dot tbe slightest ch.vuce of success against the vigorous and united opposi tion which be will encounter. At Ibo samo time tbe demociats have already lost much of tbe confidence which was displayed when the action of the Convontioa was made known, and acknowledge that tbo plaUurm and Pendleton are heavy weights to curry In tbe Presidential race. Tint INDIAN WAR IN TDK NORTIIWBSr. The Indian Bureau are in receipt ol advices in regard to tbe Indian outbreak in tbo West. Tbe Indians do not complain of any lack of fulfilment of the treaty stipula tions, or encroachment of tbs whites on ibeir reserve Hons, or of outrages by traders or settlers, but have been impressed with the belief that tbe country Is (lip ping away from them. Tbe buffalo and other game are growing scarce from the gradual extension or tbe white settlements and tho establishment of roads and routes of travel over which multitudes are constantly pass, lug; and they also behove that now is tbeir time to destroy tbo wbitos wbile we are engaged in ? great civil war, and thus reclaim I heir territory and restore It to Its original wlidernMS, where tbey can pursue their old system of living uome lasted. Tbo result will be the de?trucl!on or these mis guided men, and tbe hastemog tbe time when tbe red mail shall cease to exist in tbe land. 1HK BNI.I3TMSXT tig RKBIL FRI30NRRR. An interesting and important question has arisen as to the acceptability of rebel prisoners who desire to take ilia oath of allegiance and enlist In the Union armies. Six prisi ners of war, who bare been oonUoed at Point Lookout, wishing so to enlist, were dropped from (be prisoners roll, and forwarded to this city. A recent order prohibits rebel deserters from eniuting, and tbe question arises wbotber prisoners captured with arms in their hands by taking tbe oath of allegiance become deserters Odlccrs are divided in opinion upon this [joint, and the prisoners referred to have been committed to i tin "id Capitol to j wait (he decision of the secretary of War, A MYSIBRT Cr-BATttTD IIP. Tne recent m irrmge of f.ieuicnant iiordioge witb Belle Boyd, in Liverpool, has solved tbo mystery attending tho escape of Lieutenant Bier, who r ocmaoded the captured rebel Floann r t.rayhouod, ou which Bel'e II yd was a na-senger, and 01 .which Ilsrdlnge wss priio master. He escaped as the t-'reyhouod we.- going to the wbarr in Liost >n, where she was ordered, llardittgc reported that be made his esea|H) iu l ia contusion attending getting the steamer to the wharf unnoticed, liardinge was dtP'inssad from the navy for hie negligence, no s is pic Ion oi his complicity In the oscapo being entertained, ibe result shows tl.ut the female seduced ilardiuge irom his duty and in return Lr h.s Bier to escape, and Ins promise to join toe re:*! sc vice, has married bun. CONSCIENCE MONET". The following letter was roceivid at tbo Treasury Do. pinment enclosing a five li inure.' .! d'ar nix percent I bund of 13SI as "con-,cieiicc money." L ... _ _ _ Bo-vox, Nopt. 6, 18r,4. i lion, w, p. I ilsif.vdrn, Secretary of in.. i,?,. ury _ ; in ar mr?Tbe enrlu.-uj I uii'd . bond is for. warded by an ompiuyi o. toe Lotted Mates in cmpensa nun tor iinfAitbtultie s in ths duriii.r ? of duties (or | which., aur. wis r-.elve.l iiuring a ??-.w of sears, \ e. y respectfully, your obedient eerinni, i Ledoi-ed on tbo bond was the foil wing:?"Ibis bond j is tin i ri; eriy of the United .Slates." AIMIHAI, rAKRA'iUT'S frtUpiMgee, j Adm ra' j arr -.gut has been instructed by the Navy De I artment cot to i xchange Lin prtsoi i r* excejumg for j ? ' . ei.? u n.m beloi ymg lo our ntvn forces a loi g lin e : < y ? t>y tt.e rebels, nud w a are coahned in ' le\a?. - IhUKIPIKINS TO lBtdOVUMIKKT LOA*. ? The MitisuriptiOD* to the seveii-tbirty loan, re|>ori d at the Truaeory l?narnnent ln.'iay nni qut to taiu.uoo, a .d to the len-lorty i an ftrg,;too j 1 HE <B'OIA or THE Dlhtnicr IJg COLLMRIA. | 1 he quota of the Ij strict of < o'urnii a, liv the a lowa ice of naval rc?lit?, ba- -n r. diirni in l t;o luen. 1 PR t'ROrOSElJ NAVAL DEPOT at INK WgYT. Admiral Davis,Colonel Howmae. ?>f W<>*t Point, and I Or -uo 111 ill, I, ol ,\e>. York, have e'-o a. ]?ni luc a board ? o con,m ssiuner- in i-xamiM the ground end set.vt tec a te loi a new navy yaid and navst doitot lor the TV"e-?t THF PltlSt'NAiiS at CANT DOlfil.Ak. Colonel Hctlman. Commt^aary ( o| Pi iionera. re tc.n-d cu w>dti.*< av frnin an iusi>e?iion ?: tie oei<>t ter rebel | rismv at romp !)<? I .* He ce| orts every thing iu splendid teed.tu-n tbirc, and Ihv prisoners well acu. hjrity and geneiuPy not deairoutoi so exchange as ttiey pie'er to A^< t it o t on van nork or bacon end hard I it. to etu'n ug to short raticua?nd hard tlubtin.' .n tut rebel rei. -| MI' INblTV IRflOltlTS, lie ('i 'uhii . uer of ti e Inrtcin l.irevu h.* received a b'ter iiv m K Tt I.-reer lod-TO axict aiOtoatia, t t. 'id* 'a' "i tufi t .? -i n, tint a parly o' Si.,.x i a' ? t. ule tbr ii* r.pp. .r.i ce ?> iu ,> ml and k) ej ea?< i v i ieba, ? ihe Om. i a* had ???i re.'rued f. ru I'ce ii,t, \i ,I'.?'UII -III j>r- p<-ty was Inst, sud ibey . ?.i i r iV. |. m* is bus (tiBmselvs* Rilll'IS tin's lilt S A I.KS (?! rt'ttblc l.t'D I l?o . ? e pi - f|. in tt.e v. *e iu .etc .suds thw vear so a. ?.? Iliji :r< at . Ila m lor l?"l *??' Tbe ? p'rstln * o |tio t,''..*# verr iar),B in ? |. Ok H| A fl " If PI 'CPU ' Rl>- PS l'e r?roi.t irp.rt. t- the A,-c |nr?| irsiivrtme l stiow I .1 tye ru i v of th? last i??>r T five weok li .* t ei f arictv lat ruiru |br ? r... . aoi tb-' Ihe .Istlrlwrj ? I. Hi woe f>? f?t trcm IU" ice i of tl.e pr tract# .1 ngt t w i| h- b. a g-eat ex lost it tdfd L.c-f ? c ? 6. It IIXWI Til I l||<iW w . tic ? ? HI ? of .y I ura. p id in v fori n. c,luo a. a To i ? pp r Hi*- e *... ,| demand live VtruiuMl ti?u Kisrtles. M?\t! ?l rVR, T't. . sept. fi. 11*1 -Txty one lewrt.T IB this Mate g ve wniib f?r Noverniu 1 ,pn;; a d 4 3,2 > aal ?**' tus astoy tuwes gavo Wmlth I Aid ltPdli?id 4,i-ft. ~.m.i li gaci* ibe vote of Sit v ear I ,bft:. and Heilfteld loy. I Revo reiurns mdteite thst Smith's uta nritv w,;i be irum Bps tboomind M six thousand greater than last yoar t<f tbe owe hunured Representatives voted t if It Jt re p. lsd .hatea'f fir* l9?eor.-?u ag? ?, FETSKSBtmG. Reported Arrival of n Par lion of Rarlj '? Command on Our Front Another Struggle L : for the Poni^iSJjion of th* Weldon Railroad, *??? *?u ill Br. W. r>. TCcGrt r>uar.U? h. ? U. amiuari ifM, arm r or -#<- >\> ?? ? ? >, ; Sspi 6?Bv 1% Ti day quid bu reigned glen* ibe une, . i0? ,0? j, l iiccuf i mil guu rroui the oentrc of out i .. . Br ill ban been i?l!lug a l day, a:. ! ii tt Cv , ..,UPg ..., 4 a wind blowing Rumors Lhve noon prevail'. ijr two days nasi ms- , part Ol i hi y't, lr.<- p? ? ? ? v r ? . .1- (. ... , iii tfiDf on on* lofl ff.tnt, i".. ???-;. -i..g Auothei ut"ui. for the Of ti l* W#idi.; d , : ad. Uttd pi?.j?r.,> Hunt vc.o milii tuna? ve Hiso.; |. i thus Tar wUn v? ?xroptlon of r lew gum n n, *0 p? <jr b,.t ?p|)6iu.j .< itint U irectton. f.y.'iiiiu the o-try . im. ( our liu? ?jert ?* crossed the mure*. went v.-r j.<" ' - t >r t ns * dalgtbg to loud eb?.*i inn r iu pvtaadeii fcl.,ag the 'am to tbu right toward- tin A it >x. Our p'cuoUi billed tbolru uit unlrert the r-.-i of tbe c. in motion, ml tbo unvei uauu, '< >a lautR has boon retaken by Hood." N.< "it mantling Hi" impo - Si ity ?>t ' . ? . . Ot' i true. It rapidly gvnpd clrc '. itioo, etui cajsdd depression ? tim t it . v .? lor u la- t cavst ct and rct>ortoU tUHl'iueui their men md t o; a mu u a U(g*g IrII and slatted Win ibr gh inelr tta ?, ib thus to frighten oar moo; but ho do. .<ap? on bi.i j . ? side, Rod bis 'rigbtened nee n 'm rpio a .; o isoii Vm loud bulb.oing ai-d cbe n ; of r r it-' .j. t'H ig tn# a * tor wa. ?-xj. aloud Yeslmday a party of color *! re rnlts arrivd bero, a < on tboir w iy to luelr r. giini'.H < rot r.iitagr a .fur o * I root th?n tbey t>?d oiicil >uvJ. In pa. iu -l ? iui i?--. gpRce, ooar Hurt w.trro.i, iuu routla ... ii.t a vi ?' > tbem, and threw a shell >r t ? latu tbt i uii 1st, e- i ui t ?ucb a gculioriUK aatang tbtuxi tuat it v >s roai! i? dicrouB. Aboudoutbg tuelr g < . ku nmm . .o., t ?f flew tuw udg tUo torl, Id rrout of wbtcti ir ?? itt'oueu w seven feet wide ?nd many deep .viiLi a <u anu itwi Into tbli they piled r- ?.. as they o >atd, ? ? on top of ROoltier, esidcutly lumklog tusr waig be gRfe there, while toe raeu io the fort rusbe t est Rod rea ed quite r btrerai of *ntpgac'.* > dto., w ucb l *y in tbc road The officer in bi;argt< of lUe ror.r tits s.k. as to bare first reached the trench, and eudeivorod to pra. vent the men from foiiowlng blm, orde*tu^' them M "rally," Wheu tms ouioer ?.ts anted uruat uo was doing there, he said he bad not been under Ire tor some months, and was rathor ncrvou* at his close proximity to tbe enemy. ConsUorshla effort wag required to extricate tbe party (r im their tiimewbd uuploauart pusitio i, alter vrnicb tbey le't to join thmr codi tnanda It is hoped that If tbey are oyer charged upon by tbe enemy tbey will proOt by the legato tbey received, and not run into a trap to wtneh tbe reoels would like to catob tnem, and wuorc a duxen couM keep a thouuuid without tbo slightest fear of one escaping. The Fortress Blearer Ceipatsh. Poktrisb Uosrob, Poa. T. 13M. Major General Butler returned laat oventng from hie trip North, and left this noon (or the front. Tbe steamer City Point roports do news from tbe front Captain Osgood Eaton died bore laat night of dropsy. He wns formerly from Boston, and for a long time oo? nected with (he Engineer Department at this place. The following were tbe deaths In Hampton Hospital ? Ham!. Dressier, 7th Connecticut: .James Ryan, ith N'ew .Teraev buttery. Win. Diamani, ."Tin New ..orsey: Andrew Gol,l4Kth New York. Ami Woodbury, lHtb New HamB< sbtro i aptain I,. M. Rogers, Mto t'eunsyivania, died at wounds, Matbew Dodd, 6th Ietiueylvaniacavalry; G, W (iilmau Ptb Maine, S. Nruh, 68tb Penbsylvania, H P. Italy, 8th Ocna ? ticul, Eli Johnson, 1st United States, colored. Ohle (eagreitluaal Nomtaatlosti CimsKNATt, Sept. 8, 1664 The Democratic Convention to day nominated George ft ruph to Congress trom tbe Vlrst district and Henry & U>rd from tho Second dhtriet. Wisconsin Congressional Nominations. tin w Ansae, Sept. 7, 1864. Hon. A mass Cobb was nominated to-day as the Unlea candidate for re cieei on to Congroas from tbe Third Wto con-in dtstriot. R*c ss, Wis., Bept. 7,1894 The Bopttbii: in Con-.cntioo of the First (Xtngresslnnol dl.-trtet, held here to day, nmnluated Geooral Hulhert ft PaiOC, of fort Hudson, member for Congress The Tennessee In ton Hints Convention. Naspvills, Sept. 8,1844 The Union Ftste Coovebtlon held here bus adjottraeft nr.* <iv It passud res iutioa* favoring the call of n Convention atd tueuniversal abo.aion of siatery. I'll* I'repond Dillon of tho Urltlsti IVbrth Ameilran Provlnrr*. TfiK CMaitt.OTTKTOWN CONVENTION. Chahi otiktows, P. T. I., Sept. 7,1864 The ooofermce of deiegatee trom tie i-everal province* locus dor the expediency of uniting uuder no govern murt ,'tuii legl-'iature certain (sirtion- or the whole of Priiiih N'orib Amei i ?. has continued iu> d"iiheratlon* here th ? 1st ol S.' The ( oufcrence meet* every morning at leu, and ady urns at three f. U Tho delegates enjoy la the i sailing the hospitalities of ill* rilr/ei.s of Chariot into wn. The pn.ew Uinga ol the cos lerencr are kept entirely secret. Not a whisper of whag in- Itoen going ?n (rum day to day in the rarhaaannt biiiidnigs tins no i llm |?iblic; Out from tin .-tpparenk oordiRltlv among the aad the confiiiouce with whir.n they publicly assort the grc it aiiv <nt*a.ea of ooe federation to a!i the tiru inre , it m luts unisl, and I sua r>?rtcorrectly amumed, lb*t the original propo.-ai of to* umntime pn>vtncc? <a itkoty to bo merged ia the larger ?ci ei. e of a contoilor.itlon of nil rtrihMi North Amerlcm It uv rum: trd Hi" tuoiciag that the ' an.uliao get rlo. men their clot ng irterv t? witti tlie <ie '^atea from the ruRrdlmp pcovmo" penterita.,-, Iiaring made alt tho ?' tu i , that he made in an n*. otti. ml tnmner. II Is al,.?st it" M.nt tuo ina< Itime del*, gate* mt>ei to dtv llns'ly to det-rrnine wlinttier to go a* vith H eir pi s lrI p<au, or drop it an I adopt the ( ata dlai i ? Whip writ ng I hevs Uiis moiiopi hen'6 that thet'eoi leretii p h .k-ts p< .is h til .? io this island, aid Da* adjourned to tli l?. in-l.Ttit, thc.i to tin -t iu the city 0? Iiaiifax _ I am dsn assiif d that s'tor careful conatderh* Hon ot Hie wh.ol# ?p:prt on, the Con's-arcs came unset, monsly to 'ha con. ? una the.t tha Advuitsgrs rr in cx-o redemtlon to A' then .n;i?. vru.d be very t,ieat, pr*. vidod tlie terms <m ? lll > ua m-ald* be road* ? i efantory lh? m.irtliuie .leiegi'lr*, tt * "aid, at* to rivinr the coo- ?? <i .p ot ihe details of the * bsipe at Hal ax, ana itnh' e > ??( lorntnl ibl-v obetso1* arl*e?.. a duly ai '.bo: :re?t p >nf?rptn-e of the aevera) p-ovinelal r? v?ruin. u'? wMI rh.'rtl" he held at (Juebee th dim uas p iota ,f % ,r nod. if |?>SaihlP, mature h lortiai prttjiteilleR ioi ?ulitnt?a.itu to Hie rcepculive |**s lis luen tA (>?r little town t't* been very gay daring the peah w?? Die Efrellenrv, tiuvertmr Uundaa, b*. givon tre p ant eeterta intents, aud the several taembcra cf lb* ?Aiir.d , rest oeut hate nor it tiie.r efiorta to do boner teunrgaeetn i' ? madhut d I Mag bar* *M re ii ive-l i tr Ir.etid- on board Ibolr rtesmer. the (Joee* S u.loila, tn a b' -pitable stylo, sad ttie cltl -ea* af i b*r> i rti't w a;? to eef win all tbe nteailiera of tbe (otrier* i-r e. i ffi <| m l on N .a', at a gr tad b-Cl in tbe Coleaial ItaU Mi mot -e* oven i.g. tie t i l.ij i!ie do'egaicA p;"* to f'tcto in tbo Caeadie* -teaoier, ai il on. I dirwtbr IruioW HuIMhs. Tkaa .* t i e'er,, . i .st Jobs and rrei'ertototl. Rreeklya t'tty 6rw. -Vi. t. ??- Itssi Si ? t??t erf ig at, o'dprly wouta* Katie,' Vaty Hwth, t . <?!'( At Nv 18 1 it-I street, wa* It. i ti t,,! bv t,.e ? a tn l ie ?, tin, ,se at the trae of her rtwri at. Wio Cjsuvec"! -lie ?s? u ille dead, :t e ue e" td ?? <?' 't a r# , ? a ,p m,a n-g fsf ? t ? unit be< ?? a ?.. it ? ern.;" u o' tnin4, o i ? te.1;' ?er pot nn end ? I:or rslstan* -i , .tt tPv ? 'h- ? y jit Norr s?va* notitiod to tip n an o ? i ^ IP D? ? *7?' r'v'rer ('sboree# t .vi of ib* k Ccd'.ty Ht imiy (Vsumttiee, ya* te I n e, e'sed o w a* ? -nHit ale t'om Cepnftl I a . ? ki|i i.'.n ma and ^ ered i* s'iowwl t* tlac and lturd t ipr'stwonel iltatrtels: A c ? p*r atAf oil ti "ft ASP V - ,, v,..t -Te-tAVL B-. ??AM.V. M'-Ofl 1 M I;1 l' At* D VIS "t. "V N W ^ esi, r Vo a Mrft. J Mr t* t Osaoasr ibtair*** Kings c#> aty No'iMtjfdToaa tbia efee show ? delir.e.nTi oitArr all ,|M III A'lg' St ? 8 ?H fdi ? N -r? ?N4 be ,aep thai it,, ? neeer*. vete, ^ Kings county t^

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