Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1864 Page 5
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MVVS FfOM TT!? iCUTH, ' il:) L?t?*t Efbfl Vitw cf the Capture cf Atlanta. \V . t tie Rebels Think of t';e femieg PrffEitJfDilal Rltctioi ? i THE VV/'B TO END IN "SIXTY C'.YS." TBfl W8IV WA& The Ct.i.el IVitr Dr? -ve. I From tho r Mdi r ? v,s ,it. 6.) TDWf I-. no?br . j: . i. u -> !>: ?> ??-??>?? from tho j ?|gui.v Tuun<?*i,f Gu ?. . rJ .y ii ? -e 'in line o' bfcMlf' ? r..?. <>y ? mi o:. ill Hoc. . roud,twcu;y biota n inuiu o) i'ii. to U- _> .a, in .ii" "i bailie at boooi i 'iy. ii we are not wstak.-a !t bur boon In this O-.IU'll' ' I l^lil f.l It 'I ? ' 111' 1' t. OI ?k> M|t Hiicu ' e M. i Jouug" .til I'l i .tii i I bored >v i. slit; tho* ft woe in Ii,; \ lint la kauwu a 't,u i* iiiuf.'' Tllll IRMT OS IVJIM-.W ?M >?'' ? ? 't'. An o" Cittl despatch I mm General ii?n'!. tinted Love, log's, N" - umber I, mi i-i I be nl.cerei ami iiieu of title Arii.e or Touuevm .nol it.t in-rv a f mads to b'.iii UuuU to the last, md Uut the " inj is not dis COar.ipod. i ? a ieport bint uigtt tbi'i Cghti-- ? w?al-'izg OQ at L . oioy'o. fvom mwsi'i so. The oncmy ebelleil Gniersbury. vi '.-iiiiy r ~ 7!p>rouely duriiif ...ia iy the whoio .>( H; uav ..i. ! l i ire uie no fpilnary moveir. u.. '1 ' noiice i. Grant [bill hiiids about .our miiaa of the Wu.m i. 1 Hiiro U, and [? n c ii ue >, . Kin, en i i.u r.i.uiiMne .'taw t' ad. M e ebtiuld bo iti'Mklnoii in hi ? r u mm a demiu titration iu tone agaiuai iho lull.' . >? id v?\ . -u:,Haivi in..i. It la rojmrted that V/. o'ier u-. c i .i.' n< iurfi Moboro. V e I apt iLie m y tiii i iiu. iji tie t m. out if it is we fcardiy the iie.vs I >. '.ve if. lie.I n < on liu<Tre> -iboro is n Ki 'berfordcu uuv , teuuu. ice, thirty Triltifi so Ibo-'itof NaHtivi! ? (IKM.'.Ab Mllil'MN. Cor.erai John 1!. bis boon re' it'T of the corn in u ? ? ibo o;iari .eot ?. . ? ? Una..sttru Virginia, tyid Lo s to t>f <? irl lnattl led or i < iiiiio lient ii iy last ?| r'iiy w lb uil < r n rn ot tiei erol T'ih^I A" foidkra iro e injeil to ibu or..ore oi tli'ir ev,eriorfi, ?i: 1 r i? '>? ? I ii-srl is e>l f.-r Artiii without orders o d a bovmii ibetrt. s'uiist ibis t?e h i\e oolbuiH to a .y. Pu? wo do say , w Wi I m.roi C nt' ? n i?n?, tbm in nit M'i 1 r. k. itui'.i.;. Wi'igan did the Oi'li 11.hi / iL. il could I u\ o been douo ?i ii at niue to lave koulhwoeteru Virg'um fruoi ravag" by L.urbrid, o and hia bix ti.oi maud raluera. Gc .eriu Jutu Kcools >r ccooda toueral Mergoa in the C imnund of -oothwesie n V irfjinia P. n.?!>)uce the abnie was written, we item ttint auti.enlic tn" iii u v> >s recoiveii iu tin. city night that th" ec?my av .ick.ji! iiroeovl.le on Sunday, killing tieoerul Margin "and cUi.lnririK iniof hla stall. Ucnei at Morgan's bod? w>.s expectod t ? err ve at Ttris *, )1 last sight, rrom tb'f tact we infer that toe enemy looot now oold (.recuvil e. Greenvtile is lltiv oilier, s'utbwost ot Bristol, ou the Fast Teuneeaoo ami Virgioia Kailroad, aud about seventy thiles (rout linovvilte. f The ruplarr ot Atlanta. i fl roin tho Richmond Fxatoiuer, Sept 6. J T,bn cttpiui e oi' Aliauia luurka an epoch in the campaign of 1MM The onomy pr .mibcd hminelf much by ting Co hievemont. He secmod to think that the possessiooof Atlanta would runder the South into two additlsnnl parts, am completely diBtmct as the divisions east ami west of tho llibsissippi. Tic Mil hdoj nabrc h.s mistake. At lanta hud a peculiar value derived Irotn the railroads vbtoh converged tbere. But ue chief vulun was lo&t when the road lending into Kuntern and Western Ten nesgce waa cut olT at Chattanooga and knoxvllie?a thing that was done as oug ago as l eceraber Ia?t. The onh Bprrual importance which (ben att .chert to the place wag tig being on the in "ft direct Hue of loads iToua Richmond to M intKomery. These rouds are now blockaded at that jHilnl hy the onemy; hut other roads remain open, and the way Is cot shut even by railroad communication. Vie truth is. no particular inland town iu Georgia or the interior country, if it embrace no collection of foundries end factories, possesses auy vital importance in a oilii tury point of view. Tho great necessity in Georgia Is the preservation of nn army capable o( making head ugain.-t Sberin.m. aad prepared to striko a dec! ive Wow if ever he to dclaoh bUi forces <n dilterenl dltectmug for of general occupation uud auojugailon. lue h?i?ine>? ol at OHitidorate army there U to w.itcn Nheruiao and coin prl him to a cant.oua ? cnccniration of his troops. Xhr Chlo, eouroo of ajivietv Is tn regard to the m- rttt of Hoott'g soldiers. No man over left an aruiy more confi dent in h.m, pro;og*ionaii> or attached to bun. person ally, ti. io General John on. In that iroint of view his r.'tuovul waa a deplor uiie looaauir. But it was a noble aim.- when that gc -rn. le t ii, i tt is scarcely posai. t in that it shouM uave out' y lost its spirit sinco. Nothing 18 needed c nip' te.y elut ale our (nrtunes in t eoigia hut the .i*S!rbU)' i t .lilt jr ny of rich a com. manjer at wih at u. ce io iu> omtidence If the oountry could on.v re ? that .e, it would gladly ali r.^rel for the io? f *ti.?u f or the dltu' tioc 'vea in Ge rgli, the only Held in whic.n H .regerts a; niavorab'" tspect. is hy no meant dtacoui gtng. By d' la Deny expcudiluie ol means, energy tnen. the n""in? oavo rencfcod the ccutie of North rteorgia: but If we .-totnpare the coat of this ex r.oditi'.u with the result* r.-sti/ed, we bud uoti.lng to warrgat desitondoncy He has had G< give up l'j-t Tennessee and leave nearly all of West Tennessee open to Ion ederatc Incursions. He has had almost to nbacdon flisgla i|ipi laid Alabama. kvon Kentucky has T-een lelt uuproiect<-d, and the north luuk oi theOb'O has beeu threaleue'l. To utmniam bis long lino of itotn muDic.itiOi. and make headwav into Georgia, be has hal to evacuate immense districs of cciniti v already over run, winch would bavo yielded him a thousand l men more value tuau tue region of Georgia wblcb ho baa die.dated. like tbe dog crowing the stream, he lias* let go what was sun etantlal to plunge aiiet a bad -w. It win coet him tnnre men ?i.i mMOty to miihtai ! hinisef at Atlanta than t t wiuid to subjugate and p<?:-cS3 any two -late* which he had is i.up:ed, and lit. f. v. abandoned 1.' tha ennfede racy bad lb" eicitlou of hii polity, it would gladly lual bo ahouid cuntliiue Ins taiupalrn in Georgia ' ther than employ the same army in many ente-pri-c* wouh she wou d li .vc iiit.uitely rn r j'ty m thw art I mg If we n.aiulalu cur a.itiy int . t we h.vr uut to U le our time and the will ta..e cat * o-' itseif. Ii the ? soaaoi >.f w mtir ami hsJ r.-sds seta u., tlndiug -herrn ni i Still in ireoryia and uur own army confronting Uiri o i..rco, ve thould ? htvg nu reu- n tr. regrgt the 'otu ' of Atlai.ta. fin tho far side of the Ih" situation is I peculiarly lavorable Toxat law elfin federal troops: ; the greit'rr pari of I. uGiana is delivered of their pr*- 1 oenco, Arkansas is r.o longer in thraldom and General l'rk'o is tnar.M.inr; with * cnnslderah'e f.ircr 1 into Mi f >uri In viri . oi 'h . rneer.tralid ofloii. o' ? tho enemy in Virsiu'.a and I'e .rgia we liavo gntoed ! ii.(l ti rriuiry on it. * : ? "f thi great nver. but we t.avi j won tn.< k much uero lerntnrj on ttie "tber 'H? '.y aolwl tu Miwt Ksoopt t'?? hmmmi or ihs Was nippt i and the laod bordering lb<-rear eomoi r .?.?m o: G' nt I and Shormnn, tho cm'i doracy uow r> y. .is M g? ground it lost in 1*0.' an t lai.'t The situation ib GiS'rgU presents do feature of ?or.on? discouraaOoisnl. f vi-ry whero o'^e in tbe Weot it me ! vaitly improv ed ginc" winter. Huws' inJ? tbe rs'e in Virginia1 >hen lar. p away otton tbe border n iho I'oto- | mac, "n a line U ly In a hundred tnlltrs l.ribr' hack ibau | the enemy held at the o on ink of tbe -.aui:' ng. *ud Grat.l, I tiavn g a'.andoni'd Rlchui. id and the nurtb siJe. at leg-y I tor a time, is deei<-rateiy tbreaion ng ocr s<>uth.-rn I Mtnmiiuicalions IP-has roduoed u? to too oocohoIIv or i wagbiiiag sttob aapplic* as wo may d>ei. ? fmui the v\*i j don J Its; rood, a dNi once of twenty five tn'j? and mu . ?eokmg to ow iog Ht.ii further ar uitid ne right t.> cut ' tbe rSH'thstdO Ballroad In otber wnrd* lie is aitemp' mg ; to be?.eg* Kichm u.t Irum a cttetaoce of iweuty.ftve .r . .birlv niiios. although She h .ssll ihe.- .uniry nut id the I Blue I'.nlge ur?in. nn.t per e.-. an inlou. 'i d ? raiircart cummiinicaln n witii Wca'cr. a .j, (aronua, ! wba'b it would c "t him another army t tak" It is plain that ttie > .1 nation h*? gte '.y unp' oved ' >r j tbe hki'ith gmcf tho c?m( ?igu o|?enod, 1 it if pert* i'v i -ertain tbst neither Grant nor Shernmn nan maintain i tbetnselvee where they are without giicli henvv relnlorre l tneota .'g will re.pitie .lie enemy p leave atb.i porta.?? of the .-onied'Ticy unmolested. ! 'I lir liibrl View of ttie Preeldentinl ' Klrillon. ? ,'Krom tho Kirumoi.d f x mnntr, Sept tt ] Tl-o > i.tb le to set the controlling pert to tho ??'orth>"n . jtert . a The l??ue o November is to he .h ch .Hi by the ariiito* ii Virginia an i Georgia. l.iDCclb'e wiioie iioi e i.r ' *? civi i on beg the end* in military rvm- It ithmit "tor ueclib it acbtcveiaent l.y Ot ot or a destroetlon ot Ho i-eorgian army bv Hi rrv o, evirv State at the N< rtn ivnl eft-1 lie vote atfti'ir'. htm, ? .rent Vormnit and Mnn?i.i ncrotts. The "in.e "t em-. ?t to Mie *un. eons most DOl T+ fWMteiate b :l -f. ftt r .h t" pr m re ? tie. i ,ve inltntnc >'tt. . r<".'ing tip a.: i f. i wt.icti tie . ts col lini ting ltd war. If Ue talis to . c- uipiv-li aoiue , thini* worthy oi the great exertlorip he bits marie in toe , ", ke will be ... ?lei. at I' e ta.tier, and a new party i w ill am cecd to power will glu HthO tb# SWOfd ? out tae olive branch Tin . . nth Is Altitun. Tor ive. o, a. it |. .c< Vone v1.s ta re. ..ting aggresMon, ebe ati..a tioithor it the con. n- e? i oor hum illation ot hi r ml v. r<a?y f or the lirst time now . mi lot . ours, Is t .*re <. proe|oy) i.( sernrmg line Ion. and sr toia ' j aouklii dusii eratnm. All the pow . rtir n.iiirat j aaetiG whtc# have norced lor te tbe trugg e r..r for ?. ara, arc now con- enfr|;(i.d In tho ot nr.. mof'itia. The admin.stratit* t*i '. uvbitij??, if will put lorth all its |> >Wir and ot" rg) tore!' .ting hy November the pur|m c* which It ban' u ? .< erdewi " to ? onioaaa during she pree xtilig Ht.igi 1 th? wur. It ts not lurrriy t.atr.-it 1 ?j.wftrdi u? wl i 'U o c. irfv :i . inp-crt to thtr ' ? \ I ..?? art.'-d iV do*r? < f pro inngtiig tiMtr power . " ov. rtl ow a a > cr-ai .w whom j tbe. hate c ver. mi" ? !? n ? y tt. in thoy do oiir>o|*rs i>or |*?l.ey ts einplial. u'lyl . stei.1 or ihe dotene've ; an J risk nothing: tb" ?ac-- t rj t i" mrr Im pnrtant than ever thai - e ?h.> 1 bring ovciy re?nnrce int. ren'.iaft'on, aad o.u .Io- all the v..; " oeand activity of which we are o? ob ? ? b- in- ? oi 'hv next sixty ?lays will be to h< lit our <?? u and to'ef no (ku.a-'lef; but tt wtr t-e nr en-y t . k- II. enemy wilt redouble ?verttees and thfoM e de*pwr ie activity into all hta ?perst1' is. lie will ve?i inr atronotb null ilg.'aucr nl ; Dvery i*?,nt: and'eai-e no labor nr arli'loe 'neinplovod by wbf*ti advantage, nr e.#n ret<M mar be *? en red Now te tb* hone for #i "y mi In tbe South to stand tc j dilf s?4 U; bit t'<" I "8.VI *Ard a't s.nrlfice, en'lee. i I've y ?i4 * ?. ti* . .? ?br*t tw ? ni?tht i 1%e tic* mag leave tILi- Kntpi'als a Httle tec W "vii w the la ik and decrepit to* ? (S n irfa'.d ?? <'"* '?"'1 4 * hi iiiliilflfuffr tun*. k Olay l?< ? ''J ??)?? pu-lnci l pr pnuiy and ihe men who era ?kn k?i | 1 nuil their limo io tne uteri) -h u d bp sbam4<1 is o l umr duly or iio til w lib ?' ill - <5i tors or traitor*. li-NJ oxi edient should he used u> j i ? up strength In the eight v I'likw ui urisis at baud. I ? ;*?> epec's of the coi fed.-.ecy were never hr- i>r I. ? i i*i Una in< merit, if sh-<t uurvos -iichm -"d i r' m l <1 to win ii never so ?" -iny, I1, Urol ui ilieelrun ' uewnrthy o< tndutiendeeoe, l.w reaolutuie a iJ i ten ,| f.:e eleven lb li'i T1 e t 'dk before ?ir U ? * .fv i 'Hi nh6 lia encountered el e j/ slag-4 ? i . StrO-iiGO, I Blie bill etidleoa Uertmll III ll I e l'f p ( i a is inuHl rtia11 end drub iui il ahe 11 ton h d mil it act ul the exertions a:.?i prutm lioi deiLU'i ?1 by ih- oci'iieliin. hi In )!?? .;|iirlt in (liBlrm l thai these reflections * o , w.di'. bui in <i *i irit i>f ?aruum end hopelnl exhorta'iou. | he oris * io of a character lo giadden the heart o erary b a i ui ui, c b .ueut ul i ho issue. All the aiiAieties ""1 | lull of years ire i he ri o titrated I I" e h'W we^kr, ( h d ii'ii'ii proclaimed limitation of ''six.y day* t> Ibe in a is m last to be realized /n "I' I"'''? ? "" 1 \i t.t 'lagr i- 'tl in ta-{ deride the canlctt. 1'ho Wee# , i ,.i"u .diniiiI .iretion, under U.e spur of c ceisi'T. will , I -1 ii..- Hi * no i4 iM'ivr wlc u tLicV cm cite i --I io rp- i ll limy I ail, lie w-r w?d !l" , ?" ' ?' * by I re no J oi a cuioge ol ilynihi tea, but becatifee ll wnl brve , be i.i >i ri ni il ih ii lb" maximum power of wmoh > dm So, in is cu|Kihio fc.4 .i In lo be r, u ? , |-iiled t i-'ifi.i I'io "bjOut of fi.b.i i,eti )??. It will not be | II ? 11 A1 - .ol:.,ii la ii>bi-oi oil in |j. i i> r his . arly avn.'-e j lo furt: ?r, ib a jroaco wi!i oomo; but il wi. ha boo.use a war ail mm miration, employing the lull rr a-crccs ui'l | io -a oi f Hi* ii -lutrjr wbcu lis linanooa were uliim .tired uinl hs rosi urea* ui.exba.slet, will buo i.i.I ' to suhd'je thenth, a d he .1*0 the it.iert uce wii. be irroiif ? iblo ibal .what .could hot 00 accompli h d by r war admini:-.r il.ou in liio full vlffor of ielernl 1 su irC a c .111101. 1 a by a iw .ru aduunialr..lion aucc il l.,g lo power after ihcro reaouroee bad boeu maiariehy 1 e-iuctid. Trie foci I'rUotil [From the Rnihmoiid Kxamine'r, S?pt. K-1 A few V uLob prmouera were rocorded el IbaLlbby ypeiorday. At tho iluatk! more were sent oil lb 10 wera re .'? vnd. 11 h ? e come to b? ipm.irked Ih'.l ilia Yankee rm nars more |>|pkkuiI with liioir i|iiariorh -nii iwent tbao that which ti.a goynri meot>on to give loam by sending thorn through tb? lines to their homes, o too hp.leu of their nativity and their adoption. The/ Lift their choice? they c .1 remain or ^o. ?>ui I'lua Uterulta Off?rrrt. WAi.iKKTOtvw. N. Y , Sept. 8,1801. Tor the honeflt of localities wanting recruits 1 can stato that tiioro ore four hundred surplus recruits over our e.HOta in the bai racks at Sacketts Harbor, and they can he c erht d to any locality In the SUte on the payment of a bo :nty ol eight hundred or nine hundred do'lars for each JO IN li CONK1JNO, Chairman of Board of Supervisors of Jefferson countf. Ainuiementi. nKht-Klt's HAI.LK DliB 'LKJHS. lam evening Mr Holier uiada his ?'entree boforo a New tforlt p ? bite with great succosa. lie is a niautor i< Ltm art, which, spite of w at is said about it, is not black stall, but snnply vo-y astounding, lie Is magical and musical nud euterprlaiDg, and had trnusformcd bis little theatre latn a very bright aud attracliro place, where he will give, each night, teanret which must prove more and more cuticiug. There is an order of per fect respectability aooul the establishment. It is tlowery. Its Garden of the Genii, an Alpine affair, is seen through the small end of the lorgnette, to be sure, but is very nice for all that; aud Mr Heller cracks .icges and eggs, and plays the devil generally , to an oxieut which must amuse every one. He uever desiotids to vulgarity, and pi .yH the piano splendidly , a series of accomplishments wnl. h are raro indeed. We take care to ronice no de scription of his trlclts, bec iuse that were uniair,oor will ?,ie do more than say that his untbmiioBloRSI are great cards. We advise the curious by all means to get a peop at these woodou minstrels, who sing wonderfully. Mr. Hoiler's spiritual trlclts are far ahead of the Davenports. Tuere can be no doubt ihti the entertainment will be come very popular, as it is bo varied and excellent The second sight or clairvoyant tricks are quite incom prehei sible. save by the admission that the ' gentle man below" has a hand in tbem. Still Mr Heller denies any such participation. Those who wish to pass a plea sant two hours should visit Mr Holler. We should add that tho bousa was crowded to excess last evening The Turf. UNION COURSB. I.? I.?TROTTING. Thursday, Sept. 8.?l'urse and stake $300, mile beats, best three 111 Qvo, in barneis. H. Wooduir named br. g. Brother Jonathan. 18 11 R. Walker named b. c. ? ?- 2 1 2 2 Time. Quarter. Half. Mile First heat 42 1:23 2 4o Second hi at 42 1:23 2:42 Thtrdhe.t 41 1:21 2:40 Fourth heat 42 1:22 2 40 Ttiere will be three trots this afternoon at the Union Course. THE WEEKLY HERALD. . The Beat and Cheapest Newspaper 1st the Country. The Wkeklt Hbrald, for the present week, ready to morrow (Saturday) morning, will give - Full and interesting accounts ol Sherman's graat Suc cess at Atlanta, tia., with details or the Battle at Jones buro. resulting in the complete Defeat of the Rebels, with a Map shewing the route taken by Geteral Sherman lo outflank Atlanta, aud why H?od had to leave his defences. The latest despatches from the Army under Hieutouant General Grant near Petersburg, Va., Full accounts of She ridan's Movements in the Shenandoah Valley; Tho latest accounts of the operations of tue land and Naval Forces in Mobile Bay, and the latest News from the Colon Ar in dtfterent parta or the coautry ; Lato and Important lot lligcocerrom llie Rebel States, containing the newspa per groans over the Fall or Atlanta; The important speech of Mr Secretary Soward to bis fellow citizoug at Auburn, N. Y.; Ihe Proclamation er the President returning tnaukw to our soldiers end Sailors; Lute and imp rtant News from Europe; Poetry ; The interesting story of ?? A Blow to the ProfessionIntercstiug Literary, Scientific and Artist.C Items; lutercstiug leading for Farmers and Agriculturists; Sporting lntel ;g?mce; ncelne. Valuable reports ol the Money, Commercial, Dry Goods, Horse and t'.title M .rkcts, aud accounts of all important events of the week. I'm*"?single subscription 12. Three copies, $6. Five conies, |S ''< a copies, $1 s 'lg.ecopus live cents each A Inniieil Dumber ol advertisements inserted. To f'npi-r 'liinnfaciursrs. Cavh wii- be paid lor ream of eood Fonrdrlnier P.pci. ?..e. 32?t'j?ttl lb? Apply al this " l-oirgry I It krt< lailtsil. ?Alu a dt Co., '4 I* in tir> ? I Prl/et C'nslteil in AH l.egultl'il l.olie ?|e? i'2 ml na: t ".u gi en JACOB Broke- * D'hee. 75 Hreadwav, N V Pill. 1 f.,i r<l in hII (,egi?ll?H Lot ?r ? C VI I Si. i . I'lne - >ee'.. reoni >0 1, N. T A -'m' n.lnv 'le li!t? a'" i"*lii- '? '*?> *' ll?e P autal 00 i> ? * jre er two pi d.?l*i t-hpiI friend* who nave rnUravore.1 io - .>-tve o c >? 11 -rei beiu. It* all of no 11-e The p tipli won'' be 1 11,: n>p. H ..p.?n The Platita 1 ou B'tier- a ~ Incii- 11: u, -e .'id pi>|" aritt every day, end "that * whai'e tin matter. ' I'll. a-e 11 same sired Ixiitlr ant! ma ' 1- C>ev werr ?? Oral, ar^t wilt oeutinue >? I", or *f ' 1! .'-'P ? ating the.n. T ?? P ?nl " " 1 BPterr p.p ify. 'trsngtben and inwgora ? I h-y >: ? le a liva'fT appetite, tee. vc in .l>tt.:o? lo ebsnze or water ah' del. l l e? over .> - >??'? ? <? dUsipatlon an late bou.-s I ay airun! then ' * ?>at":u an I en11 vea lb# mind. II e\ p. sve-ii i?ia-.m ,P -and loiermlltent fevers. Tl -j p irin ni* Pro b an?l a-tdU of the atmuarSi iseVeu < I ->ei-ilaan?1 eonsttnatlo'i. J i ?y_! ire disiru ea. lOlera aud ebolera o .a 1 . . ?r o-.ii . :P an.i us-\on* bead -ebe f e> ni<e the weak *'. eng. the sua ? 1 bri' an . and are eitiv ? rat r ? ? 1 *1 r- The rer.ieaul fall we ca'.ar are aro '-ip. eae'.i bottle. ? 'ergy. -en. me cbant* ana jr-, wni?.e -e.,. in ? I ab, '? p.4lie- wi|,ii4'. Ia,4.l4ite paiin a on of ? T-?- lies4' t 'if appi il ''.aire*4 allei ea. ma. brer complain'i.o-ii - .i "4 ti will do* 'ooi dime ID.! pe.-mai tut i' f n ne-. bo ?r Hut above a i. Ibey aiv rr. < imvp ifd t4 *4'?t ? id drti. ate fi males and " f ? ?ie.e:it''va -#4r- "vD'e rrer h?ni' " elhat*! h ? o- . hit vi "i 'i . ? 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' ? e per son" it tl-, *'?.! ?? ? ?*' ' I '? n i?. t, ?r.a kv- rc en ir. y d. tl bj mil I'. iULi.i ' i il l. A,, u tut At* York. 1-4 Bowery. Kill ' t p to* of Me it -' t ?'? ?? ??'* Yont *1 Hot just iHBiic-d by BURLE, 213 Broadway, coruci o( b'ul ton blreel. (?Cllld'R _ BBtll liAR PAliL Ol'IiNINO OP LONDON, I'AKiS AND NLW VOUU SlILIkH Ok LADIES'. MISSES', BOVli' AND 1N KA NTS" PLAIN AM) KANOV DATS THURSDAY, 8EPTRM Mill S. GBNlN, !tl3 Uronltr if. Rrnrtir A'er'ti IDsHeitl. l'rr mlmit I'lnOio Stitoh Rt-wlni; M-x hin.-ii. 495 llroidway, New Vork., Ouil 2.15 Punou ?treet, Bioollyn. ^ ^ Cenllrmrn'y Secrl P-tii -Tivo, Three, i four lire t> * eu-Ot, teo. fldeen to flfljr ilollir* ooeh Por sile l>v U v. ALLLN, No. 415 Broadway, ono door below Canal itreel. | Itill'a Ilulr Dye, 50 <3 nl-t. Blade ' ' Brown. Kloralla Oloat Tonic for tho hair. No. 1 Barclay 1 otmet. Sold by all druugtsu. _ H-ivc -.'on fl?-tirrt t!?c Met* JlTeCScllna CHtnpaign Sodgl'? "Abe Lincoln I* eery funny," 4c., to be hud at 555 Broadway, in lorui. GonrandN I'ondn- Rnbtllr nprootk flialr from low forenende or any pari of ihe body . SI; warranted , at bis depot, 453 Broadway. Hlfflieat Prrmlum Loth Stitch Sewing Machine*. WIlIiliLKR A WILSON. 625 Bioadwaj, N. V. Lwltei' Bracelets, New Stylet. Two, three. Are. ?ix, eight, len, lwe?lve Cfteon to two hundred dollar* each. Kor sale by(lfct). C. ALLEN, 415 Broadway, one door below Canal atrcet. piarth't Radical Cure Trust?Office corner of Broadway and Ann street, under Barnum ? Mu drum Truktf*. Shoulder Braces and Supporleri, of erery description: Silk Elastic Stockings and Abdominal Bella. Open till 9 P. M. flirt. Wittlow'i Soothing Syrup for children Teething, cures Dysentry and Dlarrhcet. regulates j the Stomach and Bowels and curea Wind Colio, No More Gray Hair or Baldnest.? Forty ! five years constant study. Consultntiou free, by Dr. j GRAND.I BAN, Astor place. I Ont.-Knot't Fall Style of Gentlemrn't flats: ready for every bod/. No. 212 Broadway, corner of Pulton aireet. I Trusses, Blnstlc Rtocktngs, Ac.?Marsh k CO. Olllte only at No. 2 Veaey *treet. Lady attendauL Tents, Political Bonoors, Kisspi, Ac. C. H. TYLBR, 25 East Broadway. New York. The Great McClellan Campaign Sone. Words by Jarhoe, and sung at the Kiea' U';'?%*qQ,a.r,j meeting. August 11. Music iti sheet form by FIRTH. SON A Co.. 563 Broadway. "Abe Lincoln, they ?ald. was an honest man." tVinrh Chains, New Styles, Three, live, se en. ten. fifteen, twenly-flre to two hundred dol aiseach. For sale by <IBO, L. ALLEN, No. 415 Broad way, one door bciow Caoal street. ^ Wigs, l oupcea. Hair r?ye. Hair Dyeing and Moldavia Cream for beautifying the hair. I W A BA1CHKLOR 8. 16 Bond street. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married, Bm*'kmavtfr?Ttrwimiokr.?At Newburg. on Tuesday, September 8, by the Rev 8. B s>nilih, Koht. M. Hi ck MArraK, of New Wiudgor, to Maht Jank TaawauusB, of tbe former place Ci ms'vos?Mvkrs?On Thursday, September *, si the residence of the bride's rather, W?. K Ct msum.v o( New York, to Maky C., youngest dangbter of John 3 Myers, Esq., ot Green i?int Cha?ii'kk.s?Bkakvs ?On Wednesday, September 7, nt the rrRideiKe oi tho brido's fattier. Iiy the Rev Or, Chauucey. SAkrui. J. Ciiamiiiciis ioGkosci* K A.,daughter of W. K. Bcsros, all of this city. [jk pfystkr?CusKkim.? AI ClcrraoDt, Columbia county. od tV'. dnesduy. September 7, by the Rev Mr. Plait, Fnsrcuio Or I'kvstkii, Jr., to Mart, daughter of Clertn- nl Livingston, Esq. Ef-ci.MToy?McRontRTS - Dn Friday, Peptember 2, Mr F.NOCD KOCI.KS*t'N lo Miss Matilpa McRougRrs both of lompklcsvi.!*, S. I. . , . VicKkiiiSN?Fowlsr. ?Oo Wednesday. Septemhsr 7, by Rev. It McCl^ine, Mr. Iaoor Kickk'-kn to Miss Marina C Kowlkr, eldest daughter of William Fowler. Esq. Larauh Hm.i..?At tbe N W. Ke'ormed Itiitch Church on Tliursdnv, September 8, iiy tho Rev II. D Gsuse, Wm. O. Lauagh to Hknribita, youbgiisl daugbier ot the late Limes Hill, of this rity. (.avb? ilA>8 ? On Wednesday September T, at the residence of the hrtdoV parents, by the Rev Isaac lies colt ot New York, Chart us H. I.amh, of Jersey city, N I ,r , to ANNA t; Ma'.s, of Newburg, N. Y. No cards. Mil: kh Rihhiiins.?At t brist Church, Brooklyn, on Thursday evening September 8, by ihr l ev E. It < an field, I K?i>. .i. Uiukk to llrn t 8. ntmiiiins, all of I'rouk Ivo. No cards . 1 Ntw?II.TOK ?In Brooklyn, at the Church of the Holy Trinity, on Thursdaj September a, by the Re* M Rogers, l-uwi.N A. Nkw, t oiled statea Arrnv, to AHsS Ems? WiKjnWAau, youngest da-gnter ul tbe law Wui. H. 1 "o"t ait? YorwnA ?On Thursday. September h b. tbe Rev Istsc See, J VooRiisa- Oi'ii ah. ot New Y-rk, to Mary H. daughter of George Youngs, Esq , ot t ut Chester. Die*. foi sit ? At -?ndy Ho..*, Vs , on Sa'ord-.y Tnlv 9, 1-1)4 B- .nil Ciivs.NT. of BAtlery I, I'lflh L'nili a Ststes Hi tll ety, s o ot the late John Covert.of North tleuip stem I. I . ago'1 W yeara H'-w blest Is our brother, bereft oi ml that could burden his mind | Hew en?y the soul that bos 'e t Ibis wearisome body behind, lbeoitb strati athtct bun no u ore With siiki ess. or sorrow and paio I 1 be ? si with him Is o'er, He win never tight agsiu I ong inland r-miers please copy Hsikr?nn T -ids* morning, fcptember 8, CvaoLifve f . widow or Philip Dater. in the 6th year of her age. the restive and friends ?i tho fsmik- aro riupeot ullf invited to attend the tuncral, from har late residence 211 Madison svenue. tins (Friday) tnortiiug. at hall pant toe ? pr^'ow.? Da Wednesday. 8eptemb?r 7. John muss. tbe beloved i.-n of loliu aod Annie Dutidnu, aged II months and T days. In Je*?uy City, on lhurod iv raormng, temtisi s, after a l.ngering illness. Mii uaki Homan, a n itivoof the county ot Run eominoii, psrieb o Creagb, Irelaud. in the t \ oer.d (lis ave. The r?'l<tiv*s sn,i Irlend* are respectfully invited i? j a. lend the funeral, from III* Inle residence If? !?*?-?'!> | aveniie, Js set City ?n cslmday siteiaonn st th e# J 0 eteck . ^ ! tiks.ik ? Ai ( ordham. ?n Wertm sday. t-e iioin'Hi' 7, of i m 1 A'lruik, kbW?Rii Caoawett, son ol lie- rge Vt mil 1 1 nj ie DeVv, aged 111 month* , itie re alive* atul friend of the timtly are lav.led t<.?: ) tsu i thoVuperal. Do' 'Frld-y ? le noos, ai li?U-p -ith eo 1 irem the F.ptseoi e' ebtireb Fe-#tieu? f wo b ? at the deiad on tbe srnvatef tlie tram ot the Now ( loiw aud Hsilcm Radeokd leave tweutv eiath ' sireet statinn st tt -1) ?' vt. ' l ,g.v I'll Meone dsy. -e.-lemlwr 7, V ? "am. i ?: , F till K. - 1 of II' :?T? I **? '? ? Ar e, aged I" >?:?.* tl inouiiie n i 8 day* I or leiative* null 11 mtds ** lie ran. ? -ere ? nvlteu 10 sllel.d tl.e Ifto . SI, fret.. IIK rs- ... bt* i lis. J1 King St' ? , th'???"?>- aCl-.-t *.? on. si N? j oefi-k ... , _ I ii fv sent ?K :led m sc".'>n, ???. i . sti"* a v*. en II. ;*o?y \ g'i*t t .(?<??? - I''' r?do, i anio'i is Pail" < the' ' uia Cos i ? *f . i.icno l l? ret. ot M.i?s - ' ra < i? The iticnii? of 'lie lann T. ot hi t?r '' e y I I'f. imvld I. <"d R?v I'". I-.' ".d'Yodt ar t pi )< ? htnti r-. | in.'.aw. Charles Vurdarroorl and i.e\ \ A. W'-n .r" r.??p.?if !y levdist io ation.'th< i s. ral,M Jt i, a?a- j eiinith, H>os? vav, t"i s t relay ) more i r .! ti n o ioti . Th" tnw>-tucHt wd t" - a 'line v '?uiai , I I Li i lot --On t t?iir?it ?y, F I'ten.lxw *.<" typboe. eve-. ? .Isvyis I ?<:**, whleal ch ml ft I'r Hwo. I . upd--*t. e leuu- ( can Klliot, ?g?l 4 years. I < niooiha and 2 Us>a. (he relatives and trieuds .1 the e n, v an- re pe. t'tP r : invited to attend the fuiu rai, trnm ? a sary etiurkth, i ". J uer o; Fourth aveuue and twenty.fl ?i n.ovt, on Na-?i j day morning, at eleven o'clock Friko ?fm rntirsday. cepombur *, Ma*:> * ,d .ugh'*v \ of i miiy and the ia*o 1.? hard I- used. bs. tlte ..1 't* "f i be.' age. lbs relativ al ai.d frtiurta n/t lbs fatnltjr are re*; *rt lillly inyileil to iittofld lite flioi'lat, th. (V . ,iia* i ailei noon, at two o'elock. In?n tbe r.-. nl?m o of uer >.uc e. .lotto *. Itowell. No 1-ii Usrrow str'-et. Gii.iMS. ? At DarteiF, tY-oa., on \ledne-<lav, -'oplembar | t, ot s nsoTuptlf n, Utjsic Gai'MS, aged ho psi?. I n,? ieWtivea :in > friends to tba fam-i) a. t Invited ?" attend the luuerof., which will Inove corner of Fourth I aroo'i* aud Iwer.ty soyentti street, on the a. rtvel <d 'be j i.i 4U tram ott Mju Ne w Haven ' a ! *4. U> ' 1 '"H * I t-ru-o-.. ' 6mV* - On To.. day. IrptMihar b. J<- ? *"?* w ynur-nn Hf 11>> MHg-snt and Mary 0. (ir i?l, aga*1 10 U> "l, *4*. The tfiAOds a>'d ?. :?is of the family kfo ru 6i?aiuilj tavtud i<< nitov.d Uv? 'uner-al. thw (l rid? ?t ? l.nrt'uMi u twou i> *, (ions Urn residence' 0' In (Miouts, CIO Hudson si net. Tbe roniMiii will be tancr. ill I .I'tC'i ?iHW or Caput, i"'r w?*? ??? Hia?w.- v .! >? -v ?vtniitj;. S, ptenb.? T, ?4 ol ft. O'C' IV, all i a I . el ? (..aiiri -, ). G. 11 HUM (4,'d ? J'MM I. -! ?" 'te '* i f 0:i- f' ' 'II. ?ro reaper' '*?'' lUt < M i.? at? ? .1 Gil. i -r , itoi. In (ste io- (eerie, Hi f- i * ?' ? -i .y > a!u,r. r. -I l > b A ?0I|| O' IllM'l : ?? I I. I'd Will' CA' Uo. t> N i ? , ' ill. I ' .4. " 1. *P' t. ibuU I'- I- llO" ce< ?d bfoUim Hhajh f.? -'o 11 red y, .?? ? i. -nr 8, fit b'r r ?-) druco, \o. I7i !? u?* b. o , Mrs Ca.uauirs 13 k a at 1 ? ralativi?. aim' f. ? i. ?, uu IU1 m> ' i.e. am, VVi'll.m J. ui-.kion i l H it ? k 4 lo ate i tbo luuo Mb CO VVl'l I I-. p'C; (?? 84. . It1 , rr .-, ii ,...-t nine o'eb lr,fr?"iM ftrtnoiiv (lithe4 ? where a ?.. to.iu hoih ton 4 of rr u ui alii b? Cclobru ed for tLo rriKi-o <* h i ut. j. cio >n.?At P ' ? J, L. 1., o i.6 l,i> , Seiii i b-f C, Ml .4 M III.. Ii ? 4 I* 1 Ol till 1*4 I'fa John |I. JaClCKOU. I iu' ret 'Ui'r ?!'1 I ? me u rill l to ntt ? I ,n i.oi rrjiitm Hi- i J.n.i o bui nor, in to (Friday) rn min . el r 'v>u o c, ek C ill ?ri.iS p-"o > ? . i>w. lis.iii"i ' y, '.itrin'r 8. MiOTA't., ?tli bclovva fco.t J ; I r '' O' ' niid liM,"i ? j>.Illl >.'iy, M-.S* ' ? 1 r. I. ? n ,i i>; (I;. It'O roril'vc in . <- t? i in ?' ' (iiiic*!, fmri i' ' i ? '.ire ol I i.m .?.t 'i l1 1 inouuf, oosr Ki'ie' ruii sirci t, II (I- riri i* l el? u, *1 ti ,1 p .rl i'in* n'l i w I l,A?l .AN, ? A- I I KltlO .1, ' I- MOKl.ttl ' l; ? ? on 'Viltli.Mil* , .Vr 1,1: I,;.; ... a u.t. Vi 1 o. l.iniflr :U, 1 .< n (" \ l he roi live i 1 in inds ?.; in.' n nitty e.r? rr-n .iciftiU* |:.vlUd ,0 ?'i ' ini* iunci I, Irot'i tne Ufan- i I'm > ? ? , . ? . Ui'4 (i rlimy) ? ' -i >"i i (ire ? '.do '? Thi ro will be n LirIi in 'fb t.l i. ; '? lor the rojms. of her ?;? ;l ut I1 ' p *i oY.ii n ni llio moruUi?. l'Uo fiiiuoiUi * ia U iuterrod in U?i. ?< ? ' nun to v Lynch*?O.iMiy- .ii>, ^.teiiher 7, TuomahJ , r.^n of Pntricb ') '"'b, n'"'l fi your* Hiid'm ii.y The fuuern >? . I i.nic plu. o from tin) tc' riiee. n( l"S fnti.or, b ' Mm ion tlrrci, lliw ji t nliiy) alio, uooii, nt i-..o o'cl ok proni oly. Uailnv.?tm Tbiirh'lav, Boptoinber 8, An a Maiiu, dti i^bi'ir ol W.chuoi t:?ry ifaiuoy, ayid 1 y ear anil if day a. T. ? relntieca and trie ''a of lb ' I y :,rn re I'm i I 5 liivliort u> attend Iho fuueral.lbis (I tern o.iil iwo o olocii, .roia tbe rooideui e oi tier pn t.' i rtreot. , Muinuv.?At New Orlnann. on Beoduy, August Jl, Tiiumaa Muriiav, Kiril Ae.iiauui liij.i .i on board Ili. kieamor Gatuiwh... how Drunsn Yk and Koyport (N. J,) papers plaanecepy MKVkH.?OB There 1 Be ?.? tn'ier 8, Jons ' nu r IU:n WAiro, only ?od ol liroul and Annie Woyor, aged 1 yaar ami 10 day? .. , 'Iho relat ver and [rimds of the family are invited to aileud tbo funeral, ibis (Friday) Kl.erooon, at two o'clock, from 10 ?o?e Ktreel, c rner ol iluaoo - On VVedne. day moron g, September 7, I'avi. Victor Movook aye t -it yea's and 2 months. 'he relatives nod irlends of the deceased, aod mom bora of the Eivhtii Company, .sev u h regurieut National Guard,are respect u 11v luvded lo attend inr luner ii.tins (Friday) Tnnruing, *it uine a'cloek. (rom si Job. 's cburcU, V'irick street The remains will he taken to Greenwood Cemetery tor interment M 1.1.ANV ?On .Veduesday, September 7, Gsesds T. Mru.ANy, younyet Sim ut Patrick J. nno Margaret Hub iaDy, aged 4 vea's.9 monibs and II day#. Ibeiriends ?f the ramuy, aud thoso of bit ancle, T T , Caroej, are respectfully invited lo attend Ihe funera,, from tbo ree'dtiice of his parents, 14 Gregory street Jersey City, on Saturday afternoon, at two o clock His remains wul t>e taken to si. Petor's Cemetery, Hudson City, for iDtermoDt MuChaiis ? Co w"ertnesriay; ?eptemher 7, CHARi-orra, | wife of J"ba UcCha n. id iuo &61L. year or ber age. ? ee to morrow * paper lor time ol luoeral. i McliokiLD ? 8udrt?uiy, on Tuesday, .September 0, Wit I am MoIV?vald, in me Sett) year ol hie ape The funsrti wm tan* place irom bis late reetdence, Bab timore, on Friday <eptembertt. Mcv' Skn ? At Torapkmsviile, Staten Island, on Thurs day, Sepomber 3, Ai.sxanouk MoQuken, aged CO years and 8 muultiS St. John papers please copy Nccknt ?On Wednesday evening, September T, .taws ViNiKNT. sou ol inomas A. and Cutbarlue V. Nugent, aged 2 years and 11 inoulh3. the relatives and friends of the fnmi'y are respectfully inviieii to attend the luueral.from tbo residence of bis parents, 123 avenue C, this (Friday) afte'Doon, at two o'clock. # N iukvT. ?On Wednesday, September 7. Charuw, son of Peter and Catharine Nugent, aged 21 years. The relatives and friends of the family, also tbo mom bers ol the Fillb Company, Seventh regiment, N. O., are invited to attend the funoral, from bis late residence, 129 Broome struct, this (Friday) afterno itt, at two o clock. Osnk ? On Thursday. September 8, of erysipelas. Captain Wm B. Okn?, aged 79 years and 8 days. Kelatives aud friends are respectfully invited to attend bis, tr< m 14 Cbrcver place, South Brooklyn, on Sunday atlornoon, at half paat two o'clock. Ouvkr.?At Fatrbaven, Gonu., ou Tburaduy, Septem ber 8 at the residence ot his father-in-law, H. s Barnes, Kaif., Franr K (Ium h. of tbe ttrm of Oliver Brothers (k Co .01 this city, aged 25 years The funeral wilt lake place on Sunday arternoon, at one o'clock, from lbe:FirslCongregational church, In Fair btven. The relatives and friends o' the deceased, toge ther with the members o! Muuhatlau Lodge, No. ii2. K and AM, and the rraternity generally, are respectfully tuviied to attend. I'uwrk" ?On lbursday, September 8, Sarah I?i isk, ilinehier cf Lewis and Abby l'owers, aged 11 month.. j),,. relatives nnd friends are respectfully invito.! to at tend the luueral, from her late residence, 244 West Thlriy l.rst street, this dav (Friday). t ? Co ma i a i. ?f hi Wednesday, September 7, nftor a short ip-n.,4., Wu '.iam H. Kom.unk, Acting Assletant I'aymaaler ,.( the H'.i'eri Guiles Navy, la the 27th year of his ago, youngest son ..r mo lalo Samuel B. Romaine, of this city. til- iru-PUr ind itie relatives and friends of the family are resp.M tuilly invited to attend the luueral, Irom hie m 'h' H -e ulenre, 12 Carroll place, this (Friday) after oi on. at two o'clock .->.11.ii* ?on Wednesday, August 31, Hanck Skiu.-w, or Mount Morris, Liviugaton county, N. Y., in the 581U year of his age. , ? , ? ptkwart.?Suddenly, on Thursday, Sei'lember 8, of dip theria, Hannah a ph. a: or C. Sir wart, Infaol daughter of M II. ami M K htowait. ?geU2ye*re,7 months and 11 days. . ? !Kie notice of the Itinera! will be gtvrn hereafter Swbk.vv.? At Philadelphia, on Tuesday, September 8, o( dysentery, Alicp, daughter of the late fir.Hugband and E!l7.a Aon Sweeny, oi this i ity The ' in,erai w ii take p! ee ftom hor late residence, 1 s? East Forty oiuth ttr ct, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock . . miocr.?At Fctrsdale, on Wednesday, September 7, Eli AisKiii Pr.coR. in tbe 87lh year ol her ag'. The relativct nil friends of the family arc respe.-tiully invited I attend ihr fon-r !, fioni ihe house ol h?r nc, hew, F-an i Hi . ir.ut Siaredale, th?? (Fridafi a'ter coon, at one o'c ock ai d at Iho Presbyterian church, W hite Plates, at two o'chrk. without further ootice Siham* -At H4?merville, N .1 , on Thursday, Septam ber 8. A' napam (i Spiuncc, agei 7f. years The Irlei ? el ro.alives ?>? II,e l.unlly are resjiecifuily invited lo attend the funeral, at Clover Hill, Hunterdon (. u ,y. N l,on -altir'??, at eleven o'clock M.OMA--0N i'u luisdnv Sepiomber fi, Mr. Tbcmaa Tito" ?s-< N, .i.'t-d IT year-. a mcnib< nnd Id d iy? (be relative, and Irlend* of Hie family are ref i'ecllullv luvited to a'tend the luueral, ilos (Friday) alteruoon ?i | l,a,I plat one oYIpi k, f'ob. til* u?'* lepidenr.c 18 a faAi l I w ciiiy olb'h -'.reel N> ? Jersey nod Long Island papers piease cpy Winis iioi DM ?im We loe riav morning, September 7, I Co sno wiMTRiiHotion, >ige.' I,i y. ifs in l 4 mm,tor ion rieuds and re' ,lives ol ihe mmiiy sre mviled i' I .Hiepd lite 'u eral. tr m 4H'i IV h H*ieul*euib slreei ( tins (friimc) ncia lacs l'OiUdei|lhia | apere iceare copy , Wka' a ? i?o Jue.- lt? September d. Mrs llsimmA . W'ravnk wife o* -amoeI Weavsv,agej 24 years. 8 moulhv | a d Ifi days | Hie needs ar.! ?. p,a|nt.incas are reepei tfully iovlle.1 i to Ihe i*ai flila 11' r in sy) aiierrinoD at truce , ri clock, from I fi air ree ueiiM. J2 North Second sireel. | d y (ThuraJiyi. niulb n ooth. Sib | e ?llc mb family, Mnd the mcmtiois of ihe , e invited lo attend tbe lun'rai. 1 pe.i 2.'irt West Twenty necmni ??roet, ! 'ighilr avenues, on B'*t it >v (San I r. clock. wiinout tort her nonce. I ike., to the Friends'I etu'lery for j Wf ai.jt-h'irg W'l' I '? u .1i HANNAH, wl ? ni ?loll Th" fr.So.l - oi r tti S.iei.11 ??' Tt Ml i's. frjiii Her 'ale rar idol belwis-n Set eutti i am nay?. 11'! sf on b? ?C' >411' rot Mt TORS? VI'IV t?AV ... {? ".!? I vfliiV ? ' - rte II B ti At i men v# i -a in on I v il (f New \ ark. Vpinalin H, tNfti. ctfAtun ,, -Am n,.v.rv> Gt tin,item, 'A canal a* a ?.:4 -? r |V>' . ? . a e to*.. Hi raon rautt, a .") 1 ' S (T - " i -. i -v f"a??Mir a .4 v r; '?>? -,?? oli .li I. L.?oi- , t'aJkUg?11 -4 ><* .4 ru ? ' d^-e , , - In 4 t A ? i er "iie, ? n r y i*?r-iiv ?; I " V i. ?? ;> ?r i I'angwr ? N i> I' .r ir? A I . "'.si' {' >4t? * <}Uf*?0?|s ** . ! r)> ^ wi' * tl'.iotff \yif*?- H ? 1 1 "? ?' s> M-tn . I H- -I . 1.4 M I 'I N : I' 8 I 8" "? I , ? rep. sv lei llarilev Rf.a .o -1 I' Nsciorlt. \ . an the) i v, ?>. Upao-HIHI* . u c?? (!l?i, Si.h-fla Kir n.'ura?" ?' Koherte , H P r ? . A "i, 4 n Niw f?t.e?a*"N It H'.f , i, ia, .-it u, Port Woya' ?IV >1 Rooaon. , ia ? ? MeAere(?n Ha'Po ee?-I V lli?V"40rt, I MP. ... ge?. ),.??.,H -Mi' si * Par at. ?i j r small, Pki srte'pbla? ? 1 ?[ ' ' A CbnP ? ? V I I" t ail* l.l.vjbetI'po-l? K P It'iok A It". \ in. ?!? "ev, t*embroke. ,, 8 i)> " ? !'? "is boston Hayl t C? o Wa-h.iiB'ai* Pees. H.amioi it. oi I o. Am 'ill, tpi ntroi, oc al so. , Morry. Mlarofevd?M Prlega A t o. ... iode a wi;? Bertram. Ntamfp"d?at Sr-fj? A w. *s*nar Novelty, hhaw, Phtlade ph v ARHIVKU *.T.?l>i,i <;ale"oaia (Hr), Grain O aegnw, AAig 'ft * ihn Nil. Repi 0, witb aidae aud 111 NW'UHli twklau lardlonald _ . ?ava olr aeieb S"vae|', k??w Orleans. t. wi'l rndan #?*.*? 0 ?? A Pern -tepl #. off B Curo'ln V ?I?<k* ... . , -n ' IlH Pie ? * '? i lOitlurrd tttu i.uooo's (H S tr*tta;-ort), HLton. ?f-a sad see nded s >ld.< .* En-eun . r. wt.i-tl lasted IS hours, l(Ad ?'* i Ta; ?portl, S turkey Fjt; port), Porrlsh. fort tNr r. imii. I*h: X ^ .iet- | -1, At' II, ?('n | d;)8, With radrOOd Iron, I* Bay. C day*. Wtw coat, ?i i, H- ? er C t? Bay fc ..>, OP Pdayi wit., coat I I'rt. t. n 1 r I tt Oi thsr, p.-'ea , ?(?if.! with w.i. -t. *0 Metre- * v e * A i", ' !>.? 1 Ion I 11' ? . ok? Dvtch setir OI ra.iaaoo- bunco lor -l ,.l wrPrt, K> Tadd, Mhi*sc, :,*, Juif I, -A Pe V. it i -11 1 1)0. bailed In cnnp?n/ * h lark lor Vim Vo-H. . lat iiaii, Cow'Buy, CB. 24 da,-*, with a. 10 1 an ft t o , 0 ii" iih I. Burgess, Glace Bur, Sclavs. with ecu i, - (R-1 '? ?'.ill. Wlndoe, Nfl, 10 days, ?u ', 1 ^ 11 , . . - riilUdelr.l la. with cn.i. Ts j-1 4n,i ' ii' (. it ? t. 1 no in ? ia?:t v i ? 1'Uuin 1, 1 i\, 'T. f nayi-, con , to in-HI , 1'arlrulge, llu. Llii.qan, 01'. 8 day*, with coal. to i.r inl 1. (foil, IiliiEwt. CI', 6 days with coal, to ? ?1. ' i - e!a, Pm-.!) Lit-: n*. 5 <!,.<?? with coal, to the;-, .-eland, Thomas, Lingan, 5 days. with coai, ? ? t D. Tlh!I. Bridgeport. Ill dava, *ita O, Vincent C *r? Bar, 0 da ? r 71 1 in,.I, 1: oi) LOO nif tl' rtiand), Edmunds, Clow Bay, : ,r i/ivn 1 l-.invaue, Fdwabethno-l for Boat- t? : ii-.i 1. .-/ki.i-.-? 1 .1:1 i- 1 '.annluu - t ? ?,a w,> 1 , I- 1 ion (.'hi.i ;l day* : ? * : 1 , 'i 1. ... ; tir ?? .,.? ,i ' ? tfli -i- I .11. Iliver. .v-,ir.i il"i T 1-,m, Norwich. (-?- 1' "( rtj H- ? r, In.'.a n Port Fwen fcr ttostfl-1 r * - 1... 1 \ V, II itin'l'l, Coca, Ron .lout lor I'rov id.'iioe s r l' i ? ir I'urh-'r R -ndn it I.Poet hi. 1 1 >r-nnj, Ipuu iihii I i n U'iil ior Now l.ouuOC Mi 'i ?) " !' I '??no, -r IV. d nor* - -c:m,.. Iron- 1 n. Phi': ;..ri'U 8 . -r Tee .. iVt's.m, T ent .0 fi'ct.i, ?" i>a Gn'l, Rector I'ror mice. 1 1 Mf) ? ' ., k Re* ' ? tlodfrov, ft cm RlltabelhDOrt far '.10 ion, ivhtch cioaveJ - I mat, rolorued leaky. osi.ovr. ??h- ConeMlollon, ?'cVav. from Llv-pm' Aii."IA oli'I1 L L Sltirge*. Will' imH, from L'verpuol Aun If SAII.HIIJ 71h?fltoamera Wartilntrtoti, Lonina .'locrc, Coni'.ltutlon: ?h i En >rn 'emi aaeiiort d at qtiaranilne): h*rh* Armerja, K? 1 .1 . M*ilie Mi.tcnlf. Two Br.ithera. Muslim*, fed w ?i, : t pi. M-iroM.''.mt, tiruis 0 ra,.ta. N< ? no 1 in NihrC'i t'nio, Anna Shnron, Ospr.-iv l.onis*. Vieiorv; i-iirs poll I'.r In.utrcBA. I' N'rtteraen. r.erti-a. .1 A V""d Im *?, 1, s Da'-'n I. a Edward J Or or? n. H-mmi Vt?<a lino. Oit i: n n il. M.iry A Raivvor. A lleal in, dm H Al v crs, r IV licnCcv. s Voruan, .1 W lime. Lavmia Bell. John Walker. Corneous W iDd at a'lDsel R All arc I lHnroii). The U'n-Uv, Htatea aleamer Susquehanna came up from ! the Lower Bay ou \Vedne? 'ay moruluB. and anchored in the East River off Wall street ferry SrKAXiinr flao Ceoxwet 1 0* a TniAt, Trip?The above res el, an well end favorably known in tho New Orleans trade .having hau her enainna and machinery thoroughly overhauled and Improved, went onan engineer's trial triu on We nes lnv She passed the Battery at 2 PM, and proceeded around tne Llehtahlp, repassing the Hattcry at 5 10 PM on her return, having s'eamed about 50 milea In S hours and 10 minutea. A amall party of lovtied guests were on board, who were delighted with the performances of the vessel A liberal supply of goad things (or the tuner man were lur nlshed hv the enterprlsin* ownera, Muasrs H fl Cromwell A Co, to which ample justice wss done. The stateroom" have been much enlaned and repainted, and the cabins refur nished. making tier one of the most desirable vessels for passengers Captain John A Post still retains tils command of Ihe Gen Cromwell, whleh la a guarantee that all entrusted to his care will he well attended to bbe will sail to mor row, lPtb Inst, at 3 PM precisely, for New Orleans direct, fc STH'Msmr Fminnitc (Br), Gapl Roskoll, of the Iuman line, aa la to-morrow, 10th, for Cuoenstown and Liverpool. bTKAHisme China, ?'?Dt Cook, sailed on Wednesday for Qrreneioivu and Llvorpool. .Stkamship Eaolm, Capt Lawrence, sailed oo Wednesday for Havftia. PrRAtisiiie Yazoo, Captain Couch, sailed Wednesday for New Orleans. Ktsamiuip Kanoaroo, Capt Bridgman, sailed yesterday for Queen stow n and Liverpool. Sine Sam LnjiNiNf.?The lact of the loss of ship Sam Dun nth ' wa? first puh.lshed in June last and his several t mci been rrlrned to, hut the following, which we hnd in the Melbourne Argus, t" of ntcrest to those having relatives on board or the unf irlunaie vessel ?"The Chariot of Fame, on her vo.sge from Auckland to Oa.,e pi Krd up the survivors ol iherrtwot the American a'nlp Sam Dunning Hosting on a piece ot the dick The ship was homeward bouud lrim (5e luo. win a foil -argo snd had foundered In a squall. The names of ihe surrlt orsare ss fouow ? Altred b "u?' mug third mate Maine IW?. James AH, Bo-t 11 U 8- W Jot.c All, Dublin; George .Seymour. AH, Liverpool; George Simpson. AB London; iJouglas Burns, AB, Drogha da Two of the. fo r men an'.he missing lalt are known 10 be Mr. harles Hunt, second male. Maine, 08, tVtvel. er AB WeviPoint. New fork. The names of the other of ficer* and crew, a* far as ibe jneo could recolle-t are as lob tow ?Mr Lcm >nd, chlel olhcer, W Schoitield hoatswaio, or Ms-ne, US; Joseph Burrows, AB, Brighion in Knglai d. 1 homas Haines AB. Liverpool: Ale* McKenzie, AB. I op I nomas oanu-s ar> u < 1 1.,r London; Haneon Anson. AB RoMerdsm; r liom,?s Pa venporl. AB; Wm White. AB Glasgow Louia (herm. AB, Brazil; W Hovce, AB. Droghedn; John Hill. Alt, w csi ot Kn ''nod: G' orge Louis. AH, Havre; John Brett, A B, Loo dou Thomas Shields, cabin bov, Swnn "a; Albert Sweeny, rook, North Citrolin*. US; and scveu men, whose names are una nown." 8 hpJamk" Smith (Brl?One hundred and filty crates, with anchor? and chains, have bc--n saved (rout the tblp Jaa Smith, ashore at Cape. Ilenlopen BARg W11 A-1. 6T.S Ions, built At Bsitimore In 1862, has l.ccn sold at San Kriindsrn lor 8'.'2 MSI in gold Bp n L"irs, Crump, from Philadelphia lor Neu Vnrk, In ha last, wer.t on the hearh near Lewes. Del, the gal? o- Monday night All haitdah'Sl. Pur. li'v.zisJ Pitosr, A?,2m tons, built at Oherryfield, Me. ill I"M. has been a dd al gtd.UPt), cash. Siu'T I. i n, wood laden, where from or hound not ?tn'ed ami* oil Ih stoi e |,ier. if at ihe Helen .ire Breakwater. 011 Mond.iv night, and turned bottom up 'the cap'sin. raa'e an,1 cook cr, .1,1 Two men were saved. j , ? du the Mh Inst. Irom the yard of Measrs Mai son H-h A 111, s' My.-tic, ft. 1 hue screw steamer ot about <1 c i- n rn ed Ni-vads. aud bill It eiproesly for Me *r- \f ake man. Hook n r Mcktueon. ol New York. t-> be uommatidud u? Cspi G iv Gates, oi M1 site. ?ci , In-t. a superior hi c of about 2T-' tons, hul l lit 1 sis Thomas A re. I. Car,ton. snd It Drcnn* is h ? co ..uiaiidi-d by Ospt Giles, ol Booth bay, snd is not y" 1,1 Notice to MftPlitdrd. sostH A ..sine 1 si. >si or Tl ,NI uivri-vuso AND ei.A-iitNO LII.MT O.N soyl's Ml MMK.'O Ml M 1IYUI<OOR<M1I< Orriuy An.virsi.tT 1 Lonpon, .1 ult 11 I -kit l T',e VP -tv 1 of Marine nt Madrid I-.** given no>u, ihn'. on and .Mer the l.'dii dsv o' Beplemnei .Sal a I, ghl win 'e r x1 if. A Irom ll-f I'... hllio rr-entiv e-.- -d on 0 pie Berm-|'> P'ont n ??' Ibe east e?treui> ol ibo >s!snd of leue ?? , Itih- will tie * Plied White Light, tared P- a dash rv, ,, ? I,mi nes II I" placed "? an e s at ,11 ol a II 1 ... .,-Uv" in 111,-*n level ot the *ea, ii imt'us the arc of n . led, ' r ,011 -*? I ween Diag'- I'oin1 Ui ' '* south and to the north, and should he seen 10 clear s . ? I-,-, a di lance of :i.'i mp?a t. e 11 1 m-tistinr apparaii i? diop'1 ir or by lenses. 01 the #i"t , ?r ,..t?ei la ?# icel high. Slightly r-niegl. of n gftiy color. ? <ti ic'i'd 10 the keeper's ilwellln.' It stands-oi Ko-ine p.,int. al Iroliea N tV from Anag* point, snd 1 ? |g>v 1 W' rtom Koqoe Mermejo is.ei which la , 1(|, .h ,,, Koqce Keiioe-o point hv * abort 1-?'! covered 1 *- wsier Diaco |->int is tieiwe n A nags point and , fine 1, point lire position Of the I , othou- is " n *" 'UTitl. .Is 2K '5 2? N I. .n-iiiude 115 07 IS' w of Grwsnwlcs ? t -nr ai I or The 1 l,orlt?hips UK11 k >'kv lllt ll A KDH. Hydrographer. .:* All..INT,C 1,1 ,111 Coaar or STAIN?VIISO MUST ON ,s r< g 1.a i,a isi on. run 1 ? i ? ? ? ra-TI in llvoaiuiKASHlc llvrirv ApNimt.TT ' London. Aug II. i-i-a < ? ? MP later o' ttami" si MsdrPI has z-ven n--tlcc that oa , h, Iftth (lav of Hey (ember. iw,< a Light will be ; . Ill" . lie Iglii'iouse rcc nlly r.-cted ?nil ? ? islere ?? wr? I Santa Clara Islatlu ?? tnc n.lditld 1 t'nr' Nan north eosst 01 Spain h< ? ne white t ell! 0 ?' e I al an e evstlun < Pi ear 'eve! ol Ibe -ea aud vlsihln ? I siai- e 11. !? mi e? a . a ?'<?? is -11 optrii or he lena-a o 1 -? rd if., ? ? h eilin.lTleal btull ol b us lime nor1 h s-oe ol the k'-etwr's ilwn .. \V Ft a I BO II' \\ t> a tenia 11, v?l P n" Ii, ? ?? H aft" Fl e sr f'lu' lo^e net ?1-1 y? 1.1' N ,? . WofO'een-leh norlheslJ I ' is ?nil l* I,* ,, ip ,i?i > iv-ufi whirl- hreaka ea,ier?i e-itw'-ee cnlsrln. Hie . ?C - .It ? M IV ', ? t si iiA'ion Ih' Ml W at tciio 31 KhH? ?H, V: <? u Hi**' (?? i m 1 t hfto-, K MlQffV* Hln . I'? 1. i Ml * ? > tJ> ,* r \i ?i' . <lr? r ? . FH, v ii '?n le !. bin r??? i i * \nnnwjk*t, Ih ?' 1 ?? iflftfofrt. (in .?'? ? ?cnrtri ^ # . . , 0 a. fa ,fc. I, ?Y ' f JIT 11 S1?.? W I** t, ?TNH %?HI* nr r?y. JJi? ?i . wr - -? f ? ??'? ?v-: p?4 ?I on hoars' Br hr r f-e d< i- a (an at F-i 1 nt,1 .1 ,? Fro.inn tosrn. was spek ;r? J-nr t. 4 * t\ fun ' {* ? 0, hj , , ?? ? 1(1-1.11^ hA (>? OfM' U n>n?n Ifii ui( Ha ii'.i,1 ? a. -.f-krc .1 n?*N l*t ?;27, 1. :-J ill. fi j, rn . . iitnUfs > . *'v-iiti, *.?* i(>ot fi It * ?. In* 4 Is A |f?l| '? ' f* . H'-it I .-or tl'e*. 7? B. ?he at F*va' Any 2,bnving tukoa <ihss i it la . s- .a-w, te sail iBuiv dbi on a crilia ard home Isi l*vr. Be-oris Jut 2'., lal t? At tun S-' JT *iili ? It Iyer I'm Bri. L*pl,au . 0! Nl>. IMU <r Ol. hoard; t'oog v??. ( tation. do. At sp ... ... ? Hsr* no f-n. Ha > ?tow, of 8 B, St Bh i? > ?-. *1 Jit v II ?witb?T i and and J-Ai do hiio.pbnts pit all told; had la* ded | IN.- ?p and J"'PN a b- a pi k, b'hi a ippe br.-n". |V. a Hnwire Mtrnoibfr. hf KB. wa" al I * A< Jul J *" Ub a 90 liniksp Rfpdi tB barb ?bin, l*I?o i'"i a, KB, July ?s? llM 1. 'me ma-tnt FNyoi. _ Nhlp Boulii* 1 uurntop BHgga. or NB. wta? *t 3?? Of ? Isndsprev to Msg Vk |f| ay V?kt ca"1so. to <ssd< oi*"! rv | IT" 1 AO %nd hip* I n??? rm<?. An* ?b ?TM it rini fui/ u b*r%B U .led t ' I tile up ml t*r? ' ?? . u. ? t. '..o' *B, ??k! Anjter la Juae, MCA, ? i. Hi Uts ?!> nil. ali well. . bl|i y . M-rVK ?/' Fb * nf SB, was at Tarel Jul/ M ?li'- I <0 ' .1- '>i llaJ mn whalss ;u ir .flna, MB It bUb -a very iM?urm. Wu l.o i d u> FlarW so ,1 ifiiiw , t ? hi ?m?. Hinr'ilr, nil. w?e iff flM Jalv It, cl-.1 bouBu in for O ' ? i to eruiav arouu ui uUg I* Ppokeu. Af. $>? iw-.ip !Be'v. :? i Slur* :>rNe- >'e -? Aag ?. w!i""h was alilii N.lon 6 ... 1 II O la L D .. ("Have. ItjD. Hi. K .... t< ?P ??(?. E ...? Hi ui ?i It 17 r 4, G *t ii, . n. r ? . o M?y 23 C?r H I'.ti* ju j 6. in- i >i: , i.ii, v it. #' l r . tl? ihi ? .,. e t;, (ro.ii NTY.rfc for liemed,on, Hon ? la. 33 HI loo U ? ' Auurl'io fi)(U> BOSTON Kept I.? . : it t Voituft ?' |*?WI *?'?>? Ktuily '*> I lit- i .it i. t-;t. /.i, .. O 1 it.;i>i?b. fllMMI I r ?t .. s.ii At !,rf , ; <?!r?, Murray Vat. mi l f M. .2 M.ti rtea.-i.wr KimumIi ? ii. -a ? r i r ; I Ii | ri, Au im i'ir , ?<? J ? A i ' t, . ? I . I Snon I *k - iiir|.-r*?J d* B?. v.? k . a > |. i ? fror. r .. Rr i I avai. art .1 i/ar Watts, Im" l.L i , - t 1. I' iUiOOtt Ho* lark ; NY or It. Ml. -Art , .l.ll 1! ja.e Li?>Oil ?? rut. d At, n f VJ Mo ?'l brt; <? ? f ?M rV. h:M? - .; ' ok H'ttCf ' 'I.' 'i I rr ft .r 71Si?it 1 - r.ra I t A .'AT'?, ?';< r, r tola* Rlviey, ,! j . la A'Stinta", k'a Hi . ? k . 1' ta Ii I'ANiiO.t. Sapt Y?Arr arlr Of* Hi-ward, I' ? -it* NX ,r-. CM 2.1 b?rlf.1 Aim V i.r - Cnr ? *.r , 'la a. IV -It lie w I i''. !, '? ' ' hr* I hi:'Ti.. Wuli If ti a t* flbl titlv, 'if nk ?>?.? ' r ljttr " am' it ?>? V ?. < ..? " ". I't ? I'" ? ? ?? . ."It. At' V ? ar.l, . i't ,. ? V. , I?. ? l? ?" ?? f ?>v Orouit, Air unarm* Fred li.trre, . * bs. CimdeD N-4 Cl . t.1,ip W Hllht A I.,von >n I '! C?r ? . t?. liin-'r. HATH, Sara r_ >rr It: rl- Ann*- 1 m'> pi ? t-? Ctt rpCH Clo h.'.ii t lira At ? .> itia',' Cl ' a*hr bo jok , W b ? lit i'r ll li KAh'T klACIIlAN. St-irt ft?Arr Carrol , K-.raiJti*. Yot K H A ItL 1.1 V h I., Mi f ? ? : t ? Itr A 1,- f'irt - W n; !.?H ?? Yrtk 11(11.I h I'0 t.K, 1 opt 1 ? A m f tr 1 .nl'.' i . o r 4 NYorK till Co lis Kul , a It fv 11 Will A. 11.tins. br I II II I) .1-1 U.. as ' \1 * i ft. I brii*i "it l.i'.'l 0' l.liAXS, Alt.'2J.? Arr il'Simvi I , .'.vftittr rita/ II, . M ' ? . '.>.ii am t.'imHlil,. i California Rr* '..NY". A *bs m o. i'.i it' .'aii - v r II It . is -\ n. ?? or, Hi ' Cltl I 1. I' ... . 1t ii, : llin 110th ? Arr aT'Hin.sliln I'.iapirtt Oltjr. Knvlrr. NYork. s *tjf ?Con iHuitf. fttt v , i i ii i t. . Slat?Arr h.r. Kohert. Cariof, Bnatas. Balaw it?-'r H F Wtlkrr II si I'liii.t ii trinn t i- i ,v mj A l l r?i* .io. Aisih:-' u* anltr O W OhAplai Oookt fiw HMtUM res Cl ' b irk Vn'iarir" I no'l, N Yon. T ?" n' in M-a fit ii, b ir? Cur s i Nl V.' lr .iv'.'''i-|.17? MIoa liar* Uriii iPori), Mi vera I ill hi I' Hjral. b W F'iIHT. -,.pt fi?Ariarlir AN p". CobHioors N Y ? k for tangnr Md tlili. AM. Itiiip'ru lor, Tr la ', frna NYors for Boatoa: Ltitj Mirroilc rrblntB, utl AtieUMd . II u .lrn b York , olii. p I I o 'tslniti Allot), do. Dukit "I Novrs He (I'D, llil.a'.ioro tn- NYork. KM aiort I'll I LaUKIvI'II I A. So in ll?An ah i|>* Win oil K"'itt, I van l. LlTorpont, Nubia (Hr), MoCajr, laonuondorrv; b* ir f uhofl Ktarmli. UreRiirv, Ulaoo Hit, liruv Klloa I' Stowarl. Itor liisit. K.ii; a, Klinlra, Norton HIIN'inr., NK; kcnr* llouilroA IItnl on Avorjr NYork: C A flrotnor Yount; I'rorl li onn; Nitil 111 us, I'l'lfcluirv. Rni 1. i.?tnl; II A Wood Hitkon, fori Knj ?l; II N Hoy ii Ui n. Ilorrjik tilontostoi CM m lir* K ma A Kawvor. Ri'"il, I'orlmnon'h. A M Aldrlilpn Cullon; Nort't orn Llphl Irrltn; .Ino Cnoiplon. tlrn- : Man Hall, Oai Hold; .1 K Hinini'itii Smith .) II Rurlh'tl, Itiokhill, and Pa con Hatch. Huston, Clin anlilo 8 hep nurd. Hhiiim irtxopnrk, Trnnian. Cllbbi, Now Bedford; O r llnvlcr, CUra, Maf llarhor. Catlwi.lailcr, Williama, I'roviJcnce: bam Coll, till lar.l Snyl.ri.ok. 17th?Arr nrhr? M Wrlpbtingtoa. Tharher; A Hammond PhIiib, S II (iibvon Hkruilt, and I,o? io Cheater. Honiara, Itimton S H Wheeler MnHaiiuh Hn. ard I .anon llaner. do: Sal'le T Charlre, Smith, Lane'a Cove; Jamea Neilaon. Bora. Taunton; s man. Soars, NYork; W C atwat r, Kae' ett, Brla lol Cld ateaiTUhlu North America, Warahman, New Yorkt hark* K iin ke, Cookaey, I.HKnayrn: A'e* McNn l, SmalL Nonenim, bit* I,lilla. I'ay Tampa Kay, achra K M DoraiW lleniirlnkaon and Lovlt feacnclt, Mngo Port Royal: ,/aa H Stronp Cotter, ,1 IVillninaoii Wlnatrioro; Osama. John aon; Kll/.a Neal, Hnuknlon. and Tantaurmnt Invvts. Hoatont l.'Hrthasona, Kelly, Ni or Bedford; C W Holmea, Cramof. Lynn. W Oellmn. Dickinson Provldonne, IV Rmiiont P"n iiv. do B P. Sharp, W'sik-r. Kait Ca nbrldRe, W-n Carltwa Packard, Cohasset Narrow*; A.I Hird. PeoOleton, KitbTf Hlh?Arr ahip Vlllape Belle Little, Londonderry: bark B Williams. Sloopor. Waahm|lon Balow auopH' ateamer Ber muda, on^a Sao Antonio, trim Kortieaa Mouroe; Rival, from I'm-a, ola Hid 7tb hit Wromlmc Lkwm. Lol, Boot 7?At tho Break water, Mhra Isabel Ai borto, anil Asa Bldridco from NYork N ' ada anil Wna llone; Adriaga, and Lady llemn and 2 ateamera and 4f achra PORTt.AND, Sept S? Arr hrlfr Rohln, H >pkina. New York; ateamer Chesapeake, Wlllelts. do Cld brig Irentoa, Atbar ton. NYork. Clh?trr hr g kfnehanlr Hudaon Matanraa 7th?Cld bnrka Ariemi ll (Ublll Ke'ly, unit Lucy MiUa (Hr>. Parker Havana . brig Snow Bird i Bri.'Gupllll, Mataa is . ael.r 1-. f I^wih Lee. Polladelphla. PiiRI'SMOUTU. Sept O-Arr aclir snow Si|iiall, Shephord. Pin a phie. PROVlDKNCP!. Sept A?Arr ateamer Sea Onll. Walden. NYork. Kid ai bra Francla P.itwarda, Hahcoek Chiladelpliia, R it Whlld'-n Snn pa,in do Win D Carglll, llaker, NYorB sloop frederic llruwn Carr. do. KoCk LAN I) Sepl 3?Arr Hi hr Le.idcr Allen. NYork SIB Yd aehr* C I qgrne. Crocket!, NYork. ocean Star, Ham, M llvi'le, N I. Mh, Adrian hveretb Philadelphia; Brier. Pt? ton, NY'oi k, Marl* Loniaa Naati, Ll'tic Glover, and At> gust* ureynrv, .to SaN FUAM'IBCO. Srpt 3?Arr ahina Inrlncible. femaa Boston, A lice Hall, II s?. NYork. Sid Mb, ships Wine*4 Arrow H?arje. Hong hung; tilh. Kagle Wing. Boston. WaBHKN SeptB?Sid hark Corong (new, of Warr?n, 3(B. tonsi Ilowea, IW. tboiirne (and went losea) tVTNTEltl* ,RT. Sent 3?Sid harkk C/ .rina. Treaty and J M Churchill, Seavey. Boenoa Ayre*. brig Robin, k'maa, Cub*. 1 POLITIC Ate. Democratic national association,?McCLKL lan lueeiliig, this, at the lleury Clay ll.uiaa. avenue A. rorui r of First -uvet. Emlneo' apeakerv will bo pre-eot. JOHN CUDDY, Viae Prasident (^R.AND RATf FIC a flON MRBTINO. NRPTRMHBB T 17. ?The various lleiaocrati* ergaalzatlona, McCleda* Clubs and Democrat!!.' A<ao latlooa. not already reported, oenlrnua of to operitnlg id ti e arrangements for the Mas C'lel a i ami Pendleton di'iuotiMtralion of the 17th <m Keptauihe are i ? nit; vt il to lepnrl al their earliest oonr*> nil" e, ruber neiaoually nr l.v letter, to Douglas Taylor. Chairman oi Committee ot Ariaiigemeiita, at lainmany lln I ha C of Arranto m ints aelectr ' ll TNa mnnv Hail are pnrilcnlar y re liieated to meet io the lias ?* Friday, the :Uh instant, at ihree o'flnck P M? wlvn 'hi aoo e in tintte* aop nnlei in Chicago n ill report By ordee of DtU GLAS TAYLOR, Cbairinan of Couiimtiee of AJe mgemwiUk UO FOR TUB CAMPAIGN: how KKADY, CAMPAIGN MKDaf.ll. CAMPAIGN PINS. CAMPAIGN '.KHALI,ION MBDALS Of all the < ndnla'ea in .real variety. Campaign knvplopi i AMPAlGN PAP N CAMPAUN BOOKH t \ \l I'A 1G> E'l'RVTIIIBf* Send te IIRaD ifj t l!T' RN If yon want to hnv p"o 'a mat ? i sr" ?i N-kt pel aa Ageota wanted every "net e *? . -s P A' HIT M< 'H7C 11 < ham ben a*e- .1 V wg Mii/.aRT HALL "? BROADWAY "Pf.slfB B >NB airct ? The ? nh- a ..I e t o , i, i aa* r* tin i *' e re,| in " I 'o meet ai ?? Hal ifc.a <? . ( FridBt I M lo.ii o lora I'm . a at'en da .e* r--J I fc.Nj KaY, (. aair.uaa, Jons Pv Jons Pi .r, {secretir, Co??. a o w?y. ( Af. CLE I LA N UNION CKNTRAL FXF.CCTIVK COW ill uiltiei A ? tn.-e in : ih muutlee aid oo th* bin ms Hiit the ...low ,ng re? jlnti n was adopted ? Tue in e i:cr o t ie Ward Cluha be lO-iueate* to make im r ate pieparatlais f.,r the great rati hoot un etiug to be held on ih? 17'ti Inst HIRAM KP.tcBUM Jr., Cbalrm**. JoaHiii Isairt. Becrelary. POLITICAL HANNFHS AND rsa N SPAKhNCIKII a! I the ahorieat noii-.n. by . 'ifccUl f A LPIlAM,S|p* Banner and Dei or ante Paie r71 and 73 Waker street. rOLITICAL KANNBKS AND FLAGS ALL KINOW ? n a d, and Io order, al vh in untie at IIU J KB J (IKAII AM > 117 Duane aireel K i?'n '.I'd 1*42. It w VHP ? A MINTING or TilF. I'.IGIITH YAW r a- or at on will he hr I ?'* <..fl '?7I OT1I 1 O D* Ing, ai "!?(?? lam treat, at 7' o . >? k. Mmubors please lie p. n i ta: in a''ennaD - Hv aid * (,: li i \ bhK P.-eaiilonw Riimpso M. Plcv, Aocraiary. MTH WapI? M <t KLLA V ASSOCTATION. A m"".'nr o* 'he above as*-uailoa wna b-id OA Tuesdar even n Fein 6. 1*04, at wb'cb tlie fo uff o*B cera were iiuanuiit'iiaiy eleneilf - raesip, \r, JAMES UALLAGHFK \ ii 1 rai siDkHT.s. JijHN F DOWLINO. HUGH O'8X1 P.N, JtlHN LYNCH h v aan, IA t'KS HARRY, Se FRLDW J. RYBVR." ' ' ' " ,?os , 0|LaMr 11 iv? - t oa. re'l'i'it'h* fs-n s n naei every PHda evenii it i ? k a "i.e. A >n;b Rooms, " Bi.? ? .fee f ? nieei ig l? n a 1 nurne I, ' rmie rig ?>*??* ' r 'he cling-, nee., to meet n eve uwe oa Cea Ffdi.. ,sept o'enwk. IILIACY ery F"rt*? looms, MB w'th 'hrw* irot at Mm iMA. *n l).I!ltlN? AiiAIICNlBS. II HIVBRs Dancing aCaDF.vy. se ., ,n n ?I reel, H , k'.va. ?,'? nr beg. !??** arc now forming SraA for a etmalae, A WAITHhlSUI g DANCING ACADPMT Ml Of wo 0 1" le.o a. ai Ml'dUG" Hit IG leeerf, a I n.i i?i i eso* * .ni l Frinafa, sfGroooa aa l av?* send:or ?iri".,?r *ca:d?rier, Ibi llraml e'r.**, M AT HI MUM A I? GFNTLf M?N AG) D 'Jr, HOIKS TO M RICT WfrB ? ' --aj. ntabl* }o woman, eo: . ear 'I *e. ?. wufe ? ? I" matviin iny r?vrr*? no eb ?si a 4'if as ( Sii'lil, W|? Rnae hot I7f> ffera'd oh o YOOBa LADY -If is ICMWBBN IPWAtlf w jlir v? Ih? i f ? il igim *??? 10 %n<l M y t%rw ?if x ? wttk % lr?f i? Mii^ i )nin ???n t'h oa B, ?'?m Mg ?r^ ??. ml* LADY WOULD LI h I' ?'? ((iRIH'POG> RIUl A ??m?. NUii ? tu Aninit ekjn I'm "IR.-e R t U tl., WIHIII, A( . ARM*;, Oil.-I""' *'?' HAND riOdKT '?* Y. ari lor H e *1 W L. SDRI'mAM, 373 Pa.f' OR MM-vitf fOK'D 'YOOD-PRH L')\D. ?? in iu.i $> lb two Ins. Aoarti'wr, By and $s M , (V?a isi l leave -d. * ss! fain ?s, Rv-'. Kvgti.eeata at-oof. MP SR A KNBLLBB, * I <? rr.R tgn-f >r tiir. rkd and wmrf \?t a n B'oea Ngj( sad fnrn** Coal; But fid M .enadanl \0, .Rra.1 Apnly at '?? W avwrmv nlm* %?t A- t.lBAJJNWDU

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