Newspaper of The New York Herald, 10 Eylül 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 10 Eylül 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,240. NEW YORK. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. HEWS FROM KEY WEST. Arrivil tf tba Cni'cd States Trans part Nightingale. Xjxextitig Chaae vj a Privateer on the Atactic, 4*. i As., The United stales alexin tiscsport Nightingale, Uaytaln Maew.ring, arrived at tliw port yesterday untrujog, bix it)! from Key Weal, reports?On September 6. at twelve o'clock Vi., iu' latitude 31 12, longitude 74 bl, dig covered a steamer bearing west au<l banting so: t coal. - Jiu ??', when first seen. st^w>ng nout'.iwesi. Shortly alter she . a .oie-1 her course, au<l ste<trir.d directly Tor us, gaining ' ? tutat the rate of About two miles an hour Not IU 'no ner appearance, we miiio ill pes>ib!o speed, anil foi two hours kept about the wnio distance front %cr At hair-pact two P. SI., a brce/3 spriugmg up, not all sail, ted gradually left her. At Ave o'el Kik P. tf ion sight J. iter astern She was a Clyde built side wheel steamer, with two emokostacks, pitntod lead coloffof ab <nt six hundred tons, and ?pt areutly vory fast. What nearest in uh auo was about four ami a h<t,f ml e < dlsta it. We ara Indebted to tUo purser of the Nigbtingaio for despatched Oak Key Wot forropuu fence. Kk* West, Fla., August 17, 1801. SuvuuM Military Ojxra'.ious at Hroolcsylle an' flay tort? i apiure of J/onei, Colli) I aid i'alHable I'm P"dy- - fk'i of Mri adier Gtn-rul \iiudoury, dr. Just es the tug wus about to start for tbo San Jacinto, wblei: look my last letter to N'o.v York, 1 receive 1 in for ht llun of three military ex: editions on the western coast ?f Florida, but which 1 had no time to write out aud s-'ud on iben, On tbo 1st ultimo, in oonsoqueuoe of information ro eelrfeu, Captno Child.! dot. riumod to start from Cedar Keys od an expedition to the mainland, with tne view of fperu;lug ugainsl Brookaville and itayport, in hopes of eaeturinq kurten, contraband* and men who wero evad ing tho draft. Tills force consisted of sixty-live men ui-dnr coinui iuU of Captain Crane, lifty-livQ under c m inaut of Captain urecu, and one hundred and twenty commanded by Capiaie liartboil, making a iota) of two tnodrudhnd'orty iuhu. ibe troops wero eraburlted o., oard the netiunnnrs Ariel, otcoewad aud w Peabird, and Ibe ves*? in proceeded to Ai.cbloto Keys; hut In consoquei co of b?ad winds they did not arrive there l.II tho Tea of July Tbo troops were landed at the mouth of the Aschiota river, and Immediately look up tbo lino of march lor Biook-vills, where they were discovered by the enemy's pickets, and the negroes, horses and other valuables were removed, Tbe enemy were driven into Hro ksvbio, and the rceuli of ibis expedition was tne capture oi seven prisoners, fifteen horses and thirteen n?groe?, aud tne destruction of the plantations o. Captain Hope, Captain Leslie and hit none, who are iu command o guoriiU coiu nicies. Our mea hua only one mau wounded and one Ivied. On the lllb tbe troops commenced their march for Bayport, w ith Owe days rations. There about sixty bales of cotlou wdre found, seven itt which were secured by tbe havy. Tbo rost were aooldeutally burned. Major Weeks himself went on a cr-npie of expediting. Jn one ol tbe^o be embarked at (oil?r Keys lor the coast, With four hundreJ men, on board tne steamers Nightin gale and Kllen Morse, for St. Andrews bay, In bepes of ?apturnicg one bundred bales of oottou which wore re ported to be throe miles Irotn the landing, at tho heal of Morlb bay. He succeeded in llmting tbo cotton; but as ?Pare were do curia uvalMilc be burned the wh ile. He the* marched up tbe country mrty-iour miles, ;.ud re turned with one bundred and litteen negroes, ei. bt moles Md two horses, after having tnirurd elfiity bales of c..t tom two bridges across tho Kcontlna, one large gristmill Ma one c?wp, besides storehouses, Ac The couutry was lound to be well Oiled with cattle. Tbe expedition th?n returned to cedar Keys. Bubaeqaeut to this Maior Weeks went on another ox pedilioD op the Florida Hutuotd to a point near I'.r nsou. At Otto craek he fonnd one huudrod and lorty baiee of KIon, io good condition; but, at they wore two intleo m water, he wes not able to secure them, b.-cause tbe Peals aeut by Lieutenant t'ouiiotuider l lemiug failed to SMamunlcate with btm. Ho then destroyed them and Me railroad bridge across tbe Waoareassa, and tore up ?boat a quarter of a mile of tbe raila. iraiuscanuat Mw mo nearer than thirty mllea of Cedar Keys, la Oddtttoo to the ginned cntt ,n found, about one hundred aad Ally bags er ungtnned were found. nxant or cn-rasai. woonrrsr. 1b ay last I brieiiy announced tbat General Woodbury Pad been takrn sick. Tbe symptoms were soon found to he those of yellow fever. )io went through the usual terrible course of treatment and became apparently con VaJhsceul. On tbdl&lh It was announced bo waa dying. Brest anxiety pervaded tbo community duriuj the day. ?U the 16lh tbe flag at tbe barrack* headquarters was lowered to beg meet, intimating beyond a doubt that tbe commander of tbe poet wee no more. Immediately tbo flag at the asell House ivn bait-mauled, and aim ?l Simultaneously the tlag* at the fort, the Admiral's bead goarters, tbe vessels-of war, the merchant vessels in pert and private flags in town axbibited the same mournful Indication that those who placed them in Hint it km bnew tbat If not a gtcut, at least a worthy, man _J fallen. At one O'clock a gun wes tired from tho fort, and thereafter a gun was flrcd every half hour till tbo Mineral meVed from tbe berrscks. Whew tbis took pi co the flagship Dale bred eleven guns, the salute .or a brig id,,r general and on leaviug tbe Fplscopat church tor tbe blice of interment eleven more guns were tired fTura Kurt The little chtireh was crowded with the <1 ite of Key West during the solemn scrrktes usual witbiu tbosauciui ry. Tbe service was road by fir. Moecker, the Medk-al ii|. Vector of tbe post Theaervk.o having been flnivhed, the fCtieral cortege, Stteuded by a military o.-corl, proceeded threegh tbe principal streets of tbe city to tbo burial greeuri at tbe barracks, where tbo remains nf the de ceased were benorably Interred ihe proceseioo was the tongeet one ever known In Key West, reschkig nearly Pair a mile la length. Arrived at tbe cemetery, the re K|,itag prayers were read, three volleys were Ured,and m ended tbe career or a gentleman, a Christian and a yessi Md fa Kxv WrsT, Fla., August 24,1844. fltories JtslaNtw to the Dak da?V(earner Mobert Mortis, <fe. Me foregoing was sent to Havana by tbe Quarter r's steamer Westmoreland, with the view or trans it to tbe Dakota for New Tnrk. Tbe Dakota, ver, bed not arrived, although, I believe, a be left Mew York on the 10th Inst. It Is believed tbat she baa been captured by Ibe Klectrto Spark, tbe vowel seised By n well kttowa rebel privateer. Peversl stories have PCM afloat In Havana in reaped to tbe rate if tbe Dakota, ?y seme It la reported that, after being ctpiured, ebe CM tbe blockade Into Wilmington. Anotber rumnr makes Per ran Into Mobile?e pretty likely story; while a third report la Utal a steamer was chased teio tbe month of tbe Misslsatppl by a rebel pirate. Tbe npahot of tbe mteeing Dakota Is that our mails from tbe SOth of July to ?be tlh of August inclusive are missing, and tbat tho ?telle that we sent to Hevsns for transmission to Nsw Tor* have been returned, and will cow be seut on by ?be Robert Morris. Apropos of thia vessel, and her taking on eur mails, rte M axcitement was crsalsd in this city, hhaparsed ough tho Northwest Toes this afternoon, molly ran threegh the harbor, and ran out through tbe regular Ship enannel, without any flag Bring. Capt. Green, tbe eOeer oommanding on this eUHoti, seat ibe tug Marigold ?a pureeM.te bring her Uh After a loog cttase, sad the ? ?ring of several gune by the Marigold, the Morris?If it to really that vessel?was brought to; and on tits arrival c( Ibe teg tbe malls were put on board, and lbs stranger vessel allowed to pursue bar way northward. Tbo yellow fever may be said to bavo totally disap peared, th nk Mod. There baa not b- ?n a new oawe since the death of General Woodbury. Wo oeutlnue In bavo freqeeat reins. They oorne In aqurlla, three or four times S Say, end about as many times during tbe night. Tbe I? pin lore it about as cbangeahla; but coniooaa seems to preposderaio over neat, aven daring tba flay. The ?lahle are oool ihrongbout. It was stated In my last letter that Acting Master El, of tbe Uolted Pistes steamer Honduras, was dead, 1 am glad to say tns Information supplied me was rest, as Mr. Traab baa barn since here. Kit West, RopL 2, ItM Mf ilflfiw Vf As iflama JPtes .TsUoto r*vor mill Prs trailing, Me. IPs steamer Robert Morrto left tar New York on tbo oltlmo, but roturaed lain port, disabled In her hog ^1, end leaking badly. TP# above named vessel, which arrived from Cedar XsysM the SOth till, brosght lotetligemw of an expo AtUea ?p the Suwaaea river, resulting la an extensive Poof of ootton. I bare learned tbe following part ton I ara d11be aflbir;? * Om the 21st an. Mtjor Weeks, commanding the flsooad Florida cavalry, with two bundred aad flDy men fletooglng to bin own eorpa and o6e hundred of the flu ?end United Ate tee colored Infantry, embarked at Cedar Keys, on board tbe Ou .rtermwMer's steamer Kile Morse, ?sfl proceeded up tbe Suwsnee river aa far as McQueen's, ?to at fifty ml las from tba rtvar'g mouth. Landing there, May enptured'a sergeant Md eight Privates, ba.onging |e Ladktw'e Ranger a. Tbe whole eempeoy might have * i esptnrefl bed oet tbe etetmer gene ahead, wbieb need tbe enemy af tbe praoeeoe of a Uakta forne. ?f tba captured meo was one earned Lamina, who Mm particularly astir# la causing the boosts af I meo to be burned. s i pwrto nrnWMMd oara. Md p frea! qoauitty of ether (Coras w r? I* ?e>?d ???? ' w eeks oirr.eJ <.K what be c-.upl iori*t ng ? bu?4. *.1 aud ft* ly five halt-. of cotton, ana ileMtnW cm m ?#*J buildings with ui?. Ibe i lla Morso. en Mr ratam ati aUMbM *>(? Ha '??bet bi<i? of the river by luur oompana* ?tf nmi I. diet-*, who poured ? be>vr ? marketr* * law Twelveshuts v.rot llir tKO , vr pl*>t b? -a ? <1 m pilot an i tliree men, aodhi 'In t a MraM4w, w*?< ?*? asleep ou a .'oiuni ba.e. A lew rounds m (rape m4 hc ifter, however, toon p it the r?N> a to eight As ilia at.-amer amend Obey'a kiid?., timai mIIm below, the* waa b .rrl.: iksg W*K MM ba-aa to Cxpeot 11ioa of anatb -r attack tara naa ea n-ro details I and placed htl.hil cotton ba.ea aa abaec-ft ? <? ra. On arrlTibf; at ttie land".* lire a an etwee I wtle grape and cannier from tna Fli? Wnroa Ihw vat radar*?4 by tb? rebels wltb two ro laya of mo-knar, *'(?< wiwh they run away. So iIiuuk was -Itue ou our ? d- ?>? litis occasion. It K beliete-l thai Ilea ieb?l Ivea ?aa *v yere. .1 Tl!^. "IKhtlBgale bronchi p..rt *>ti of the eotta* aao tna I'.lla M<-r?o arrived wlcb itco raut oa iifut. tay I am sorry to tay 1 wu pro-nature in uuwu- i ki iba disappearance of yellow fever. .Cinoe- li.e u< ?-< . tiuia 10 tbia terrible di-eaae la Or < h*ri.? \M< a. it, gcou to tlie (tna liunrtivd an I tdrth New Y?r| Vaiuo teerH. He wiu taken sick at tor tug** e the (id alt ?? rort JeQerson, arrived bore ou in# 23d, and ewd -a tbe WfQ. Tbe loyal citirena of Key West vara m a atats of ?l ?t ? m on hand ay Ian on roceiving Intelligence of tbr ureader of lore Morgan. WAR NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. Reported Cuptar? af HoVaii'i Olqff \t-k., vrltll 'ixvu CmnlioaU and Rev n Transport*, by t!u lit kvla?H *od Di tto ted liy tite Cicncrnia itpof Rbariuen. Htp.irted Capture or fle:by, (ce,, ?fce. Me have received iileB o' Kchu. -nd papera te the 7th insl., which contain the following Interoetlng new.,? TU? BKI'OHTED CAfTUR. UP MfVAI.L'8 SLU1P. AM. [Krom (he Mobile Reg 11 tor, IMpt. 5.) A special doapatcb to tho Ii,u Mtr from towel -bis to day Buys:? fccouts report tbe capture of DnrnllM BluflT, Arkantat. wlib two jrnnbo.ta and si-von frnnsports. General Gi lersna, with cavdry and artillery, bee (one across (be river front Memphis Twelve transports, loartod with, passed down the river irom Memphis oa Ki iday uight. Their cup posed destination is White iivcr. The circulation In Memphis of tbe M*!roroHttm rcorj t '"fan's Jvurtial end Chicago Vituue has been pro' oiDitea. 1 Nothiug new below. Throo Yankee vessels are off Doc river bar. _ * "? THti POSSESSION OP AT!, ANT A TTIK FIlUITt OF Si'HKMAN's OICNhHAT.HHir?CiNJICOTURt-N AH TO 1113 ? OBiU'ATCII HI M CRN. IIUOD, ETC. irrooi iiio ivithmond ICxntuirer, Sept. 7 ) in Lhn tnUft' ?'?.?'?r news r reived ywierdey is the lollowtng despatch ii ou> Gen. Hood ? * General Rim an- LovwoVs, Sept 5. IW. "t* withdrew from my frent In the dine ?m of Joresboro last nigh.. J. u. HOOD, (Ic'arai. Sheriru-n m v havo withdrawn to Imieshoro with the Ir tootioh of icmtluKig there until his ratlr- ad comniun' Cation canto completodp Hi hull, or he may be pro jectl"^ another extcn-iivo i nnk movement situ lar to tho one which has Just given hnn ..ttantn witlmut > ge ieral engagement. Ho mav try to throw a heavy b dy o/ hia troupe between Hond aed At) una. it is plain, from bis reccut oimruMoiis th I it is mure an object with bun to throw himself in Hood's rear than to storm positions He no doubt reiM0i>?, that cnuld he Succeed |n effecting n lodgment between Ho J and Mac-e, Hood would he compul.oil to attack bim.or abandon Alacon without a blow. A very le-v days will disclose bis plana ffc hope our general will penetrate them still eiriier. THK EVACUATION OF ATLANTA. We have learnod little m relttioa to tbo abandonment of Atlanta which the Intelligent reader might not have inferred irom Geo era I Hood's official despatch published ou Monday. It appeared from H at despatch that AitanU had beau abandoned suddenly and In ih.i nigbt and the iniere; co w is Incvlublo that everything in iLe way of Bteres and muuitions of war, except wbat our men could carry ou their hacks, bad been destroyed, to prevent U falling iuto tho bands of the ouemy?stores bad to be Durued, ammunition blown up. Such was tbe ease We havo what we deem authentic intoraastion th.'l our whole loss In killed and wounded iu the fights at Flint river and on tbe next day at Jonesboro was not a thou sand men killed and w-nnded. Tbls ruci has one bad aspect. Tbose Uahts lc?t us Atlanta, aud the smalloeaa of our loss tn killed and wouoiled proves that iw gene ralobip alone tbe '-"my got possession of the cltT. in de fence ot which I Irani had intended, as nil the world knows, to dellyer a despeiato battle Tbe reel is. whlfb Hood thought the bulk ot tbo Y .nkee army was la bis fr at at Atlanta It was twenty miles in his rear, on the Macon rood. We hope be will bo oa tbe lookout for n re petition of tho movement TUB RRPOKTKD CAPTURE OF M03BT. [From tbo Richmond Kxamtoer, Sept. 7.1 FK>r several days a report has been flying about lo the enect that Mo,by. our prince of guerillas, bod been cap tured by the enemy. We have been unable to discover aiiy foundation for tbe story and think if It bod been true we should have lioaid It through tbe Northern papers, if not through other sources. THK KXOHANUH OF NAVAI. PRISONER'. [From the Kiclimocd Rxamioer, Sept. 7.1 Tbe Mobile Hrgittrr annonucee that our Exchange Com. missmner has received word from the federal Kxcbsuge Agent at Kew Orleans that the surgeons brought there wltb the prisoner* from Mobile bay ere ordered to be soot to 1'ascagouia on the tlrst ling of truce boat We ere told that tbe commisslonere have arrived nt n perfect understanding with regard lo tbe excoange ?r tbe naval aud Fort Gaines prisoners, and tbat In tbe course of two or three weeks, ?s eoon ss prisoners cau be delivered on both sides, we may expect to seo our sal la d I boys return. Arrlwml of the Gnnboati Hnhsskn and Paul Jones at Boniaa. Domex, Sept 0. llflt. Tbe United Statoe gunb-iet Paid Jones, Commander Shirley, arrived bere to day, after twenty-eight moutbs of service on tbe Southern blockade. She brings b mie Irom the squadron flfty-eigbt men whoso terms hsv# expired. Acting Master George R. Duront and two of tbe crew were captured in Ossibaw Sound by. the robela while on an expedition. Part of the oilJR aed crew were detached at Port Royal just before leaving for Hoeton. Tho United States steamer Mahaska, Captain I.swls from the block uling e-fbadron, alco arrived lo day. ' The turf. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROT TINS. Frioat, September 0?Puree 1100, mile boats, bent three I n five, in harness. R. Walker .-stored b. m. Irish MaM....8 2 12 11 D. I'tl er o. loroil b. c. UIims IVool|ry...,2 12 12 2 H Woodruff entered br. m. lauly Mc- * d????n 1 4 4 ? ? 8 W. MoHoberts entered b m Creeplug 4 3 3 3 4 r.o THIS. Quarter. Half. Mile. First beat 89 1:70 at Second best 40 1:23 2 41 Tnird boat .41 1 23 2 44 Fourth heat 41 1 22 2 43 Fifth beat 44 132 a it, ' Sixth bent 41 1 43 2 44M ?ana Dar-Pweepsiakes $300, mNo bents, bent three In nH Owner named b. g Billy Button, In beroens..] 2 11 W. MgRoberta named cb. g Royal Char leg, to wagon 12 2 W. Rowley named 1>. g. Nap loon IV S 8 3 8 rime, 2:ltH ?AiA3 -2 44- 4 61 Fam Dav? Match $300, beet three In Ave, lo harness. Owner Dame-1 g. g. General 1 i i Owner named b. m. $ g dr Time, 3:02-2.60. ta rue son hacm. The (ollowlog is a list of the horses now In tratulog for the Peterson races, to be run on tbe 13tb, 14th end 16th of the preseul mouth:? John Hnuter has nt i'atorson b. c Kentucky and U. o. Areola, 3 year olds; Copeck, 4 years eld; end the follow ing > year olde:?B. f Ceratoga, bik f. Le Moir, ch. f Wsxllght, ch. f. Mary llowoll end eh. f. Oleatn. A. J. Minor In tbe trainer. James P. Wilson, at the Meadow brook farm, Bergen county, N J , has b e Captain Mcere, ch. c. Atdebsrao, br. f. Mias Hayee, by lAxington, dam Kile Hayes, ell 4 K-s'old, also b. e. by Lexington, dam Julia, end oh. c ?tor, by Imported Halrownle, both 2 year old*, and bt. g. by 1'wo Hka, dam Nsuele IawIs, 8 year eld. Mr. ' Ltttle&eld Is tho trainer. T. B. Reed, o.' Ohio, nt r'alemon, ban b. f. Verbena, by Kolght of Hi. George, dnm kvergreen, g yegre oM, cb. e Lex Icon, by Lexington, 8 years old; and b. f Gaelic Annie, by Ringgold, out of Ben Brass's 4am, 3 years old. Dav Id MeGono, trainer. a Charles Wbealley, of Kentucky, has nt Peterson rh. c. by Mahomet, cb. c. Ringmaster, by Ringgold, b. f. by Knight of 8t. George, and eh r. by l>ettngt<n, all 3 years old; also br. r. by imported Sovereign, 2 years old, J. Plnc ix, at I'aterson. has ob. c Fagle by Van id, dam by Imported sovereign, 8 years old, end br. ra. J. R Rowan. 4,years old. W. H. Blroug, nt Psterson, has ch b. I'unch, by Mebomet, 6 y ears old, aed eb. f. Aarlhaldl, 4 years old. P. C. Biisb, st Jemestmrg. N. J., has cb. c. Fkctwing, 3 years old; b. f. Zerime, by Knight of st, George,3 years old, nod some others F. Morris, at Holuid?l,|N. J., bag,smopg ethers, ? gray k.bey i lly, and n bev coll, ell by Imported Felipse, 8 years olde. C. 8 IJoyd, treioer. . Pnwle A Hell, of Wsrylend, havo blk. f. Velvet, by Knight of Rt. George. 8 years old; ch. e. Baltimore, by Revenue, a years old, sad g. e Two Mte, 8 years old. _ bus b. e. by I ex tag too, and br. e. by tS-.i Oewg*, both 8 ysera old. and Ch-riotis v. ,?**_*? * '.? '"ovo. Reporter. Thunder, I'attl .1 nd some ethers new m t eaadn sea ???or- . Peterson In lime to join m tbTr^sI . "^:ln * Of t? Which are new M / '^ io'^t^a' Z vrMIl twoor three Ainodlelluth^ ,9f GRANT. ?p. 0s (MMiMtfi IVtfMrk. < tn l?ai !?? t-k. A, ihdC. ?<M 00 MM Wtf ???*??. 9 lM?w re M'l r? ?*? ? r* t' *?*!.? ?? ? lib a ? Cay or IM ?te'C MM tm'il lM Im k *?4 kotfurM* (Ml ?<|?|*4 W M n?Wr rt> I < taem*e *CetMB, CO USB V >iM I *> >?aa ?ik to* l*?M mmotma ?r giving *im- a a mm ea-wn e a a* tf ?Aw f ??? "BB ?? MM ?" M**v m m? W s Ihdr l"criB? >?< ?????, (MP hr iMiMN iff mm kfO eta* ? k'S, MM U? *|l bt? V> (Ml M tOCCU ? eo ikf (M I NMI MM MCiip??*MI M IM ViMm < +6 4* at ? laf Mf teltaaCOeC par ItM ttMMMP ?? MMift ?l?t. T*? kMl^ttrtM m '?*> pal klvl hsv* Mr* BUvStad by % atCM !'P coeefM ??? , HM| It* a umber atrt r or ('.t aral . ??. V >um ??d Mat Mta K. u * aah b<;rwe.M in eew Dr <Tmdw ? , #f w Hart** Hotel, Mr. i tataay, tta ttw? ?# IM k .MMf r<d? t*. ?N leeea, "??( , a CHuapt, M'l ItaWmld l?ri?M >.?v*'aen deateC* tr I vaa? Ita '?(??* I ?rUI ?? r--<sMH*taroe, tae a* ? ???- itaa I* ? '? ?hi*l It at be I>.1 . ?r rm of IMP ai"l iltaOOB* ??.1 h*s ? at iM more .'?*?*?? ?1?<< rat at b? r? iImi ??> tan C-ereul tmer -MS Plan ? U v *C rwai< r* ? ?? im **.*ai ?mhmmn. taar L.' ??< m-m < tMB-ewt T a. I '<??? , a* ?? a? . Haunt f-ai.?tai an Hii" , t ?a? a (pre ?? ?.C,? tal a< ?.:?ea It a ? I#?a?li^ af ti ' mm Ma(???*? t %? * *mp ?ai edy lael aaaiai la itafiprilsi " My, teCU* ita rata ?f ?va?r. Fa# ?n?piapn ???? ,-??#?. anaaai mI'mTm-'mm la 'rieode, %ad i u? nit taaa bait"' I'MaM, ' >< ual rt rei?ed a staMteay far ??>? S :? ???Mb tMieuo regltuCtet at k ni Osrmoi hi Ita * ?th?<a partita tftsB, April .a tta *w. -m '.at Ita < .uiw* fruai a Chivalrous mpat tmi. ???? ? v ee pm ia*4 w la fit" iipciain la ita aapf'ta'1 a entered th* ?<ap? act aarml .rap rata until tataprd far duly a |f>a tw*l aal M<ty,i.i i iMiMtib afaa, it fintnl'a Pupj t'lanata wattP IP taPlaa< ihap y a ??.any Ij HrJIard a !Mataa?xt vi ? tap aImmi tta ''appt'oag ar iMi Wtaa * ' I r .a.i .i i.a \ Kapiiap ?a ? ??? tba olitt iH aarNninl ? ? uat ?? n? wl t* aral <.ra-t. u.a aaPMaar M I*1"], ta taaapinaeee * iba r'taaar I I* I iu v bb: aaadaa P p.dtpr gttafPt aat'fetr <4 r k>? kht n .?i? ?aa ap poin'?4 jj il.< pi taa?l tr tta .> *<t .l r? < mi af <<?ra Uraat, ?ad i* au nAuiaat a?aa?tiv? taa falif MMa|RM tha ; r?wi>i a hpr??M?r ratartMPta ?<.f?ar. Ml* |> a arm apicmui' ii it tta f' r? M trt? ? * jatarabiol ta t vr '-era a ro pptary taatint. i >i i> .?? tta rt? po?ar, bat may ba?' tape ta* r-l t.? i ,aaal *.?>* C apt. I.i*. o IP tap i!??r?ir| mrr, Hi' a art' pith w only ri| latinl by t. t m <i > Hi ?? "?? i.. ai^tara a:?ut a tana M'iI, ?? x "H>4, . * bp I ? a? barn, na mora I taa oM auaarlmn HP r t 4i"1 ??liy ? ? anrkag ttair <. ?.aaU??-*. Tta ?'? . ?? at* tawt ..ppawt. maul in >y be t > bi Mh ta tta ?,att?'?B to* Vila in-, nmi coui>?. Mr* Jpmca B. Watadt'i t *???<* italb. Ha.t> canrKaa, i"n baai >W ( Ell ItlLB liutPP, apt I, I <4. I Morn (VlPbPiMP. Yetl?'>luy^ at aaren a c taa . m iJa aa attach upoa oca of tua atrai a f katptat af tta Fi'Ut orpa, Prlvtag them ia upaa tta ?< a. m?i Imp "ta and capturing tltvp. THE WITH fOtrt. Mr. Jps. C. ntappt* tap'* IKapatat. irnnp Aaai Mauri, napt t?I' M tim or ??n>u, LMntonant ccnnral Oram, a'Cixnpaat '.i by a porttap af bin stair, t allsd on tianaral WtUonx to day, aad pub hi* ?Pitad tba fr nl Una, wtara M fiairi tta w<ka ra cantly cooatructad by our oort>?. Matar Cna?raJ Par ??. commanding tta Artsy of tta Po(?bm< . aba * pitta amr bead'iuartara to-day. nu lutUMuo to cm tot ? t. Tba antarprba of aur eeglpaara a tba ? an atga m cm tatnly worthy of great prapa. Ttay ?<?* bid tab Is rtaal tba talnfrapt) corps In tba facility wttb abmP ttay taa nsct tta dlfl'umnt corta Itarttr r A b. aro railroad af (bat to Ctty Ntt tail) ta tn :ity Mol tal III Ks hi ?|*arallaa P P few days to oiery point or too lino, il *i>. oahm ?tU ita barotoforo difllnult traasimrtainw of at ra ovar tapytPf tortuous acd beary roads. Tta faatura A tup arw ro.t P that It ran* up bill aud dow a bill, past no tta dbartb a lakoa It, wlibout any rnfernm a to ilia tuna boaorni ra qubemantM of grading, lerading, An IM rata# a marked out ahti.d. ilaa are tkrooii dawn ita raib aro brrmgbt up add laid as I aal as tta raasirnriinu cmf ad ?anna. It rt-sembisa, m a amnrura, tta ayatnai m nbrob tba army tolngrapb P run up. Tba road o sow ta o, w> tioo to too Joruaalon lorn plank road. A fecvUMMlta aad tare name over tta track ibis morning, nnd at nun rtxr* they warn In flaw of tbo rebate, wars art'a ?? by a ratal battery. Tba Hbsald maasaagar was pa* i <? at ita las, an rout* to City PoPt with dsapotataa, and bad a Bar row eecaps. BER11DA HIIMCI. Mr. Wm. H. Mcrrlteui'a llriyauh. Biuvm licMiair, Papt t, 1M4 KBTvnN or Uijan <?,?>??.I. I i ri ra. llajor* Oenaral ButPr aad stall rsturnad to ratal of Ricks tn tba United Stains staanfor Gray hound, from New York, Wnsbiogtoa and Fortran* iicuroa, y sitrtday afiurnoon. General Butler was acmmpantnd by Mr Jsmca I'srton, tba biographer, rand Mr jaioa? rartou (Funny Fern), fboiicueral was giadly wait nmed in csiup, abich at once, upon bis arrival, asauuicd a lively .nd Joyous ispeut, In exceeding contrast lo tba great do nana of tha past two weeks or mora. IIKNICKAl. 1 HANKS Is fast recovering from bia oevrc attack or favar ard will doubtless be enabled to go North for a few d .j? ra ?cuperatloa la tba course of two weeks, If aid sooner Till rurtmK NBKB I think thai tba present prolonged quiet of tha armten opcrsltng in rr ni of Uicbmond si likely to ta lalar ruptod now st any monoaut by a ternt>o tattle all at ag the lioaa. Ita la eyidcotl) preparing to out fmlh s*.other bloody oOort to repossess nlinseb' of tbo % eldon Railroad Dtathi of Hotdlers. MATH OF MAJOR OONNl KT. llRjor John nonoary.of tire Ona nundred aud Seyentlath New Yerk Volunteers, who was severely wounded daring tba recent contest at Deep Rottom, died yesterday at Washington, trow ita effects of bis injuries. Br.ATMS OP Nrw YOIIK HOLUIItltfl TN nOSPITAL. The following New York soldiers dlod In the FUI four United Stales HoapHai, at PorUmootk, Vs., Aarin. August, 1881 ? Loreuao McAmber. Co. E, 17th New York artillery. Amo# R. Wells, t o. I, 10th Nsw York artillery. Nicholas Van Evary, Co.o, llftth New Y<>rk Volunteers. Orrln Tub he, On. I? 10th New York artliery, Renjawn I'ottcr.Co B. lOib Now York artillery. Tlmolby Pasarooey, (o. It, 19th New Fori} actolery. Edward M. Aldenyt'o. K, OIHb New York Votuntoera. Thomas R. Johnson,Co M, 117th Nsw York Volunteers. V. Iloughtaling, to 1^ 80lb New York cavalry, John I. Jackson. 48tb New York Voiuuteers. namei Bnxford, Co. M, 30th New York cavalry. Peter Soars, Co B, IhVih New York Volunteers. Repel Accounts. Til BOMBARDMklST Of FkTmvnUta OOKTINVRD ? AN RNOAUkMRNr LOUKKU FOR ON Till b>DTR' SIt)R RAH ROAD, ktc. [Hrom the RPbmond Rxamlner, Hept. 7.J The Pntersberg papers or y.ierday report nothing new In the Mtu itiou of affairs, tlio enemy keeps np bis shading as usual tin Hunday nlglit it w .* I or tone. This ellcHcd a response from our guiis, and they upened ra pidly from Fort Uah ue ua our iiglii to the Aprom.itos on our tell. Ihc bomtardineat was ta rUc, a d tha cancoiiading was board to a gre.t dtaiaoie la the conn try. Many oitizans could not resist the belief that a general angagrment waa.|dDdlog, and quickly burilod into the at rests. At one o'c ock, however, tta sound at the last gun ceased, au<! all w in ?g ,ui quiet on ilia linea A rstersbnrg papar of yesterday thua speculates on the situation:? It Is not at all Improbable, we tMnk, that ibe neit fl?hl wtih thlsar or may bo for ibe pos-i eiten of the Houtli.Ma Mellroau. Uranl t? evidently gi-eaily i har?riU"d wher-i?.a baa gaisoU a little ra>?v g ury than hiiiwrif ? > tar. lie <, nfl Ueuilj espOTted lo Out- trip a I e? m;? l-i..ra In ibl* Ciimpaign. and to tlunk tuat slier., i n lias ibaown hen c."cn i ?e,r In the shade is imb ed a Nte-r pi'l lo i??let. The enemy evidently haa a tnh'ria* a'ler the Hontha <P- Haair wd. l ot la afraid to vesture alter the axUeii crie'nt *> lo which he ba* been recently san eeted. lie la dashing mom, at. i hobhins In and bobinagom lo llnd the weak piaiea In aur Hues; but iliia ha will Did la a useless timiertalunk. All quiet at Petersburg. The enemy throw an on a atonal sball Into tha town, without any special object that iso'ta divined. Ita enemy are reported to be massing nosr tta Davis House, on ?ne Weldou road, two miles a uib et tha any. It P supposed by Home they meditate aa altaok at ihw point. TbP in, however, all apecuiuiloo. City Intelllgeaen. InranvAnr to Chesewmts or Coai?? Ob Wadueeda? and Thursday of this week no less than thirty six vessels having on board about tan thousand loon of coa) ? ?'??J at tbte port irotn ita tatend of Bretuo, C " |AW" port i on co. mis organization held Tta FWiS Bturrmntnoc" ?"? held n mammoth ,'teuk> - j* nl wbk.b t very te- ",#l" 01 Y*01"* ???ta?bled. Savoral ami gantPmeo warn present, among (bom colonel D'Mabnoy. of the Ninety ulntb regiment, aad nddieased tta seeeroMed crowds on the hopes and fortonen of tbo Brotherhood, the cause for wbloh ft was tatabltebcd, aad prooiwou which tbo pel U leal coed it ton of Europe aod country held cog for t**>hea?oc of the rmcnorstidn Idle C A N BY. Arrival of the Steamship Cveniug Star. HiWS FROM NEW ORLEANS AND MOBILE lMltioral Particulars of the Affair at CltotM, Lt. AWAIKS IN MOBILE DAY, Ac.* Ac., Ac. The uaamib |> Fvetnng <lnr, Captain Bail, from New W mat., trtlved ?i thla port at an early hour tbte remg. Mr. Wm( lunar'i rkoapincta. Nytw Oni.Es>*,, .Japt. 3,1S84. mwa mow umusnu. X*,* rear* (rem Uortaoaia, except that which ia contra bead, I, 'i??ta ???important. There are hilt lew rebel, in thai ale" 'T- Occasion,!, but rara, akirmlsbtng occur, ym th* *< Altering ron e, of ibo^iicmy. The health of tbe lieor* * 't:ht to he baiter at Morgnnzla titan in my Other part ?f the (JeM neparlmont. aa*i*AL or rmeo?ta, ?*?* *?arena. Tl?0 etoeeter Esiprese, with b arrived here yesteril ty tram t Loop , hroofbt down evenly or eighty rebel pr tenner*. odored near Match, it. They belonged to Tftrt Adatoa eomniaad. n *re rouonao AT katchm. tionerai Peli*n?.\ *it*i hi, dlrlsloe of rebel troops, . r ,nt? v*t. he/, took ?on?d prlaouor,, cora -onto plundering a,0 then left fur other parte. n?. i v;'w roa pew io,k. '' Ike Mrsnritri for New Yotlc by the Evooing ?tar rkiek ealta tw WWMeg, ere llrlgadler General Ant.'.kt. Chief ?> " err TV?i.jrtmoot of the fJulf; JtlMgO W.ri) . ih. ?f t'.e 1'rr voel f'o.irt; W. R. Wbltaker, Col lariut e* I.lien. I 'ie.en ic*,,iid '..IitO llorellOB, aullb T of i c.f*i.i |>e *?>at I.' 11, at nieetlog of the New Orleea, |Mhf upt ?.? .,u?u > s AdituuT tutawH'K ?nr. r,M ..he,* .? , u a demonstration agemet Borwlr* rity en to. *?r. i 01 tli- l?i mat. hot tbey accomplished - ? etnri eioni.r * <*?Ni*fl 0-l, I.- , lino nnty report that Mm Mhgtl to* ibMl aee Hmn-and atroog at f>nii evltle, tr?i m rawirficiknc ftw ? |orral<l*W? A, HI'is to e. lie J.wa iipee the Yankees at Bra-hoar tjiiy or eeawa ether paint 'we perene, t'>e n?trroee gty, his L kfln ? oo irtot to loia.eb the robe!* a thon-aod oara to um4 Hi "r Cnlilti . re.-eAt. aairr, at tai none. U .. .ia .4 "-i il'eerai IU..ks will probably go North on it .i.-? "i of a'vui Hi" 1 >th iiiu,?ni Ailiulsi'i t.e.i ,, ,1 i t.i . I" e .ml ? <>'>oel .1. Clraut V ilvD, of t.enera P ?,*' etaff, will ge ee Urn nine .taamcr a, ?,. ?nre * or ?' Moaan ' fw at rtit. km >???, ?f tna Korty ftml Marsa< hu*?Ua turn rf re-* a4 eoere 1'iwe niece, hut bi?i rtotgnaOnn to* e?< i.a'it mow h oe a-coyed ?'t e'D ieere for toe Serin ?a the Freuw; S?r to dry. i? p aaremrtea a?.a * Our greee w cur ee f Kate i?? "ay, *?< wne r"?h ite-t a aewetwper titer* a remll acete. The? , uir.i.j tn* ecno-Wta-.w ?' "? clu/eea ?-??'rajy. ? he ere wnea?.iy rehet net frtea Ity Wd hynahW '41 eoruce are .,a*. eewwri* ther*, ^ thtHigh pet ? e>e -1 tme4 *t i.e* a op'"* h ?* tha Yeon eee, yet th*r 4 .n . WAS ?h..t,*M before tee I pten trnepe retired It wueiwa tbM. were uteer weree twrpte W th" ?m*r 14 n+>* n MiAY Ami. Nwm* ruff lkr't CWf three *wm eetetee te tbe ttelHtrtwef tha le?e, eed e rem wea a..da .pee tbe t igs aed chtek'-w tiiee e? th re * w ae Oa. ace k* er witetnue, ef tbe pr eersr ef tbe (l*te* pee,4* ae ei ie ? i or rt>? "* om. aeraie^ A l?Ht ?? te tbe kP'b' ? t?er*r, frcwa'Wyht, Avguet a" *"??? b? ,?ti ib? the a#h??Y *191''? ,?c.o.t .. A iW-ns t -w ?"? Ttm yht ??? A. ?? ??? ??* ctiargtit, ih'W uai awWp. Yt?e ?"?J"* Z'-mi ?efiSr- ? kod.^oru.#'! Setr.r~2^ era awe ? I'll M Ow t? ft are o*tr CUntea. sw. ?i.? ? .lot ? H .re-rted at ?W.ti m? tb?'.M?'?t_'ewrittr ? ad ?reM? e 'k", ????*?* a*i H-re rrtee^r*? oap t> " j my tkWr lair u ?* f f. .rte*ia tnt CtteWe kol H e aet twtew'W lew.'Apt. t eewi-el* ?? er?e to witbln ? it *>? I* w* ?.??* *? mum ?a* ?vmmmm. Ttt. gwntteet fe em two tm tbe rtoer, erer the Tee - p?|, aMreet great aitootrw, the rebel raw, Tttoeewwe caprtw-d bp Aemtratffar'a pet aed era h**-e to Ik. I -Wto-w tree ?'ao ntna'atrr t i if r ? we Itoalke -lrateatppi. te front I at Wmm te?w fto Wtwompw a i?en of aer odwe , ? . . nr-. i - -* - ?todrrartt P In,. A a or AfoWto onto ??- .'ra< >. W At iop fentow d" ' *.1'"to Me to?dedrew A Ward. AednWdutoW-. C i v?ae deioe AihOW N??i ? J.-<WMtoh ? Hog ieuN. F tetoer?WtkeeM W ftudWy, J f. I^twk ?we ?t-.r? find eenkraot. at rearta, Jto-e Ptwdy; moooW Ho P. Hut'*" rhwo Aebiiiil, ITnr (?? r ftoodwt.. tt p t torn led ? ? T. ???*? Ai**m M <*->'' Veto- Jtonpb Mrrae. re. aa* rea.ATn* sr. <teidte? 1,a Mob to ftff .to W . . *s - VSwet ??note veto th* he?a jetot, "toto 'J* MABlfo.1 ?,? 't 0<> ??! I* t'oe'.f'r.'r ? ute MO I ? ' w gtotfttoVrTv. Joee ?W?b? ?1 "? ? Em ror lite r tre?r> .merer to f toftr towO. Me h Wtt.r W - -r?. ^.1 V? *. ftn ,, s r1". J if ?mt'm m* i?>a o. ' ?... nw I. M-eoet. ??A aoMtt. mut*+tor to nwd?< tw Mew drewtcw" * . ,1,. Or.. O.I Ctt,. * k'.? 'toto * t* far Ototo ^ r.n ? ttf prebehtllfre -twa* tb. tot* -.totorf r Motogbto. _ , . . * a, all rtoto fall le drr waeibar. ?? will Ibt tortile etgwa b'ote.1 a* te a writer ewwt algea ly fan! New orteew. te at-or aatoon n.a ? Tbtrtoci. aerprer* *"4 bepHal Hewato* rapt or to at fort. Oel'ee .ed Merge", eed tw tjr uo. rwrteto ed MMMUMNI l?Vt tHMk? V*tt( *? 1HK It tHl <**#? A fill . fv*? Nt? Yon, ?licb two diyi ii?it vm oMtH In ??!!?, ????'! p? HABrnur W nnti Afhl 'A9?fvH Ml" AVfrlM ?tH?i Ifci 4>wt ffff ripMtv.M CifHAim W ?? ?<???? a??a heintto ? til aed e caped S r'arw. . net'to ?P b* the trad, bid tha two erra- * Ir.oe wteb otbor wttee ('aplain lb ?nww alterto the ceorae af the ' to* ? trt the ntnmi r'.wel aw.y tha t ??' wa? iwetotid *i hi at d tb. fSe V reetranc.! nor , ? irae lor tb" t?rt, w'.orr ab? brnrOd wtth-...t 'erMier t. idnpil the to" Ik.?iI pnralo to daeon I bed ar aa tw?it?k boUt *? hooeor ri-ped ateeiear. lylag tow to the ewer aed p ?a?to a ighi rotor t ,aot. * t> .oa r??waeid?b Th* rebol ftoeeral H?te toae fr.*Waa Mc. a aalleo of titib fbrotiaa, bar been ??' r d tw era trdir. leib. fare of i?e eaoo* twrar tl tw k anirarw bad Iran Apiwtatod to otwi'?...l lb. dtrt*. w OratMir tod hr ?to rat T*"n Oroee, at r?iu,?H?tt k lied <m ttto ''r-r ?to waa eb-rr?d wttb te.toMti-^ hit .wtoatawd >. a eubaeee?< ?**?* with i t,. J" NIima lid dht*r*c*, M I* *n?'rd. to baa wtorarat to bo to bad tM.itb. bed b?? rr,.r? atd rru?. tra tn*l a eiatt to Nrslct W".|'d to to.rwt.Al P> b - ?r oorcrr H* to probably th. . by tha Ira. Tbia Ooo Tiro li the'odtrtdu.' wb-t .'id dr.i.k ?* letoto "b. h. e,rbar,ia? n.Uil.r? *to>oa tot?Mdtea b Ibr ao cAlhut I,".fed.rata St.i'< Ar t? f n it aed Hrt.A net il'e ia a pabto aer*r?l daya Wtor eer tr?po arrirto. Mrforo la.rttu lid I" t "tad M"P Od# w toerliep axchawre. M" P'Obe'dy. "'rrr npeodief a I nto la Mr<i,w, edtf tarupc. * rrisrarrare. Tf.anaee to t. *s ? The n'w ? of AtoWtael Ir*? i*er of too I a I'd ???tee for ihe iH-trl. I M Natd he era.r ?t ' *> Br iijoan en lb* .into *? . at* J-id,.- Ma. ett the Trto r.roT nod hieew.-'Bwta, wore put ?n.d.ra rrai. ma y* '?a rrr rtos 1,e Mew Orlestw ftiwe. re ?*;?a;>er e?. M<?At" tto adni.t" n of the new ren.l la" a ef !>???? ma. a. Trio a r,.r r.ted ?? tto < ryaa of the redtoeki. w'-e e n??e 'to Ooo-l.totkMi oti.l 'bo etoto .rr. .a I toe t gen, r.Uy that vber rwnaot loatrol llwr siobllo liny Carrrapoadrart. ^ hi Otihaa, ft;t. t, l*fM. Central I r.epar baa aet ye, r#?'raed frotw Naw Orienan. a?d Ibero will b# to letportaol mibU'y opera, th P? ui'tl he doe? -o. , I'ropamiioan in the leeaotime are eeUred upow whkrb ft wo-iid he eonirebard fa pertMt.lerlna. Tb* i.eeiib ef the irnn|? te eat elwat, aad Ike eh ee for tbe eeto| A?i Oloff beienhoato. The public "liotibl n I ee ion tf*t aller I for Ihe redwctieb oi j|?hilc ?? L'eb n bdrttofily. Ihsl de?l?.bid.r??*it will b? a. .unfilenoil a doe tie o *>, k< r11* At i At a ns ..wia rue y?ert r.Mt ? bat. vt? link*. 11>? fellowti t oalfttoto from M?'l?ito p ? pert, from ihelHU io Sklh AiiffuM ? SA.K't i'lh-to t A.I >, u> bare ao n?>w. ?f ??>"? err rra ler, a frriwcl le the it'ai k oo toi? etty leu. pb, h >wev?r. Is kaowa i t .i nte ih?? He eantura i. But tr |.a ie<l to the l.e-1 of d !??"i Vair?pul Tb, Yuthe# imi to ul t -'ar l^det fw? *Ui>p. M) lho| art Iba mm ? h i ..-re m the r?.r ef t rl >T 'fee) are not, by ai.y meaee, ttw whole relteute ?' t' ? itnemy ""r trtearaph tetoii* bare el ??? wa itot tbero ate ooe.ulornhlo hudie# ol Yaiikee tri-o.a la other T<er. ter, that nviJ he con. esti atral "n the rl^ ^.UrfllAfBrs It TA^m tM*rdk _ lo Vorlh Nrakolppl there arenite*^ ,nb,.' ir.l et im.'. at (, It Id rtported, iffffflT fr*e els tb.i e.od and tha o era nmay other, etae rbere whe b may be uatb.rdd ?p. and ill or. we Into, toe, by rabiea an.! errs|..e. *11 tbe piA.'i'e net tm ramoto, Ibo enemy may be ?ble I" br.hg twenty or twenty itvo ibuii.eiid to ths work. **o thai, to eay tbe loaal of N, Mobile la ie |x>r<l, au?l lb, eer *?.a who delo le Ibd pnblle with the Mm ibai it m out, arcooiy a tobddtoi, which will Itod to hera ilia w?vll*r|i? lir1 l/>r DW"l'w to t?-i vs m I urn way. II h a d<-p|i>r?bis vilillii,. ,r ?, dalr'lutiL "ay COwttra,0#. wlUllJ?" **??a cum<c.u- (K am u?., _ Mo?iut ih ?<? rami. knows ft Tlf? P"r" "n'1 w* *? * W.?<1 theeeeny USTt .. .. * ?u1u 7. In sb.wt, ten >wa ,u t ,.s 10 ? h ?boot M as wo Yet Moblto, noiwubnutfulinj til Hue t* not, no trout, to be alarmed .oto *ny >?,, | nation ?c Ifm? l^0tiOr' on :t,:cVunl "r ?*>? <Wer, f 1 v down it, ?iL r*0 s tompar or mma it wm'd u* servo nullum; but subjugation. Tun iaanukh tip* xo re (on<?4in>. for otir own pirt wo shall uot diminish tba dan-er of too poruion, or gay any word to imi our people u>i,i a falte security. We ?lo say tbut unle,* lb"y are re.uly m Beeririro Moioetliliig for the ooontry, two muwlh* irmn now Uteir hounw m?y bo occupied by the enemy-u o( IDoin, at toast, that may not in the interim bo do tuioyed and no in in will bp .-ilb-wed to p .?a through theee streets with enough ?t bo.'due.ia to suy that ha lia* a oountry, bo turn traitor and fratornlze with tbe enemy. i ... aUTiMiLfsto oniAfia. 'his Is the ntory in brief, aud, an tvo believe that we address patriotic men, whin boiler eiimnlue to coarairo, ' u,aa w1'Lhf'jlno s can wo prn-ent to th' in, I IK ,"l-"ow "oil''-' ' t or th tit to ten ibeni tho truth, to -?w . Inwy.'v"rk 'I'lt1Pir purposes to it. The man ni .. fPP at Ibo throtuaiiod danger is not tho man to illustrate Sou?h >rn valor or patriotism. Ho ie not tbe m m to applauu bo liorolo cucple of Charleston, or speak in praleo oi Richmond. Petersburg or Atlanta, lie had ostler gel away from this oity as soon as p-stiblo, and teuvo Its dofenoo to those who aro not apt to grow pale at luo approach of dAOgor ?? who ufiaim is a cowaup. t or more than threo years we of Mobile have been b^n llie .ba'/ir''" ?r 11,0 wnr- Nut a shot has it tv? n. , ?i*? rh0 cn*-n,V have only menaced it we have escaped. Now our turn le comii e. ami be UmrVn?*? ?* (frows palo before it baa either up ii<urt in tuo i.oniei.ei ato oau o or Is a coward. u, ,, .. ihk nariNcmn orrKAin-BDAXT. wen, then, as to th i defencos. tVe are Inst a* a nfl rbetami a" 1VmI "S w? h'? tne son w HI ^rT t9 4 ancc3 are overabundant for tho h.l L. !Tf, m<?a anJ ,r aucb men will slmid behind them we shall ivm .i reputation which will Rive us a right h'??? ?f la* ai ?r,|{ th0 6*1,l*y ?r heron- cities that have stood unmoved in tempests of shot and ifholl. d.avqkk pouBtsn r.r riMinrrr. li? 'i. " I"!CM"ir)r. 'hat Is a determina tion not to bo cou.piered. I anger is doubled by timidity, ihe man who goes into battle expecting to bo worsted Is siuro to bo slam lho geuernl who accepts batuo In such . a temper of miud ia only the slave of bis enemy. ' mobilb nail nn savkd. We can save Mobi e. Now, lot us sec whether t here is manhood enough to dare t-> do It, or onli that son. of so!fdumery w 19 flt f?r noililog but a coudition of [From another Mobile paper ] I .. MOiam not imirsonablk. ?f? 19.? disposition among suaio th-jugiilloss peou'o w underrate the mechanical skill, as well as ih cnurnge, ot the euomy ; and this lias cost us many pi ices which wore pronouacod ? um reKnablc," uud-brought uiagraco o'i many tried and worthy cctnmandera who deiot.d-d I iiiem. 1 be same game is being nl ?ycd iu respect to Mo 0 Pr0? c" he nruii-incfod linprognahle unless it has succors uily passed tbo ordeal o: arms. Mobile is not !r-^,*ny rno-atis iiu ireguahle, and those who say It is nre only repeating the story th t has been so often proved to " n>or',1 parrot's story. 1 he impregnable p,.rt o' |f, we . v''' "f IbB 0,c" wb" hchind lie dc oncna I et no one delude himself with an-, other on this' foll"r c,)|ni:n:,nder',> we are cnrtaln, look with pain FOB* MORIIA.V. n-.rn?-?n,A "!>a?r wbr> !>' ?uuoil l-ort Morgan wis General ; - ard, Ai-l-de-canip or Nap- icon, and subsequently Sec f^of. V , 1/111 ^ ^"'PPe. Tbn fort belongs to Lo sococd class of such works, there being only one In tho south nuporior to It. That ia Fort Monroe. But this aooe not impdv much, for it was p!anood and built at n wen lh? ??'?nc0 of project ilea was in its Infancy. I If Fort Morgan was to day what it wus flvo years ago. It would give Tory little trouble to Admiral Farragut. _. , OK.NKRAL rAC*. The rbarlesfon (Va.) Chronicle says Genoral Richard r. Page, cmnmandicg Fort Morgan, Is a native of Clarke count?, Vn, l?ut mtrrie ! in Norfolk, which was for n llron bij p??co or rc?Wcnce. It hiatcn that he is a relative 01 <> H k. Fee. (? r m th* Mobile TribuDe, August 28. | '? ? .-erUIn that tbo enemy bss no rorca idanuite to tu 11 vestment of the r|ty. They will try a sudden dash to snare ns out of the city. The oilireos. without the troops, can block that game: for cue man Inside tbe w?rks is worth ten outside or Uwm. All engineers pro eouaao these worho tbe strongest in tbe confederacy. If* lime ha* come to see what Mobile maubo. d is made of We have no doubt It will ho louud to bo of tho same material (hat has fought like veteraus In Virginia, I bar leston and Oeorgia. ' ma snMfv. two Yankeea hav? landed In some force at Cedar Point, on the most southerly point of tbe west coast of tbo Ruy, and baif a mile from l url Powell TUi* looks like a trial o tur strength on our land front. With stonily men bo !r?* T*f ,l,"r*"cblu0I't,? ">cy will lind it a hard road to a iakp roars ton xorair. it is raporto-J, saya the Clari,m, that u lorge land force k ? oneor trntlng at Mississippi City to mat ch on Mobile. ' V**" dacl ,r# ?hp/ will invest Mobile before tbe t on of the preeent week. w"r "?* Orloiaita Corresp indrnee. Naw t?i via Socrnwi>t Pass, tfept. 3, 1804. The IrtliNiia arrived Ibis morning from orr Mobile. Pbe left yesterday. All Is guict. The obstructions, tor pedoee, Ac., are being removed. Alter the Iritonta left tbe Metacomet arrived from up VJ* fcul rh" brought is not known, as I wrli l*lUmt communicating with her. All relies intelligence, Rohhimu a F-iLiukB or $700.?Ou Thursday night Patrick Cessldy.a soldier, living in Rome, Ouelda eounty, this tiie-s, was decoyed into amisrr ble den in Hamilton Street by two degraded females Denied Jenny Folly and k W Audersou, uud s bile there they picked bis pocket I; a 8vi h :nd:e<l do lur treasury Dole and lour hliy liollar bifl? wtiii elmb iu.-a escaped. Tb- women lieiog uil auieiy Uss. rumi to <>l:u-?r Kelly, of the Fouuh i r?ti cr be sub iviuemiy ,f|, mjt tbcm, and fouud f< . r In -id ni ?a i tire dollars-it in |meii money on kmo Atideiscu aod eiguty dollars m fno-ession o( the i-lber |wisu- e . lea owner asc'-rtsiu^.d tliat ilia prisoner* had got the tiva a iadre.1 doiur bill oisuged in Washington street, lie aorii .-J (M,uw ?. r. taken before Justice Dtiwllnr ai d c na iieiisiii lou f>s lor trial m detauit of bul ssfii rer Feiiv sute> .,..u Audrraou Is a shrewd Ftmlwn p - k|i-c?ei wh but lercDtly srrived in this country, atr.d! a .a B1H te lor the residue of the uitsrag money ant B? yet ft h <a not m-au found. Faaskiv is a member of the ? lr?l fifimeut New 1 org Mountad Rlro3. Uaving ? t Uta Itrsi term, l.s has re enlisted, Aiucm Vim.Aims irr ms Eai.ieTKnri Acr.?Richard Irrry k-at- ug a alb ra' hoarding house at 3i4 Water ttiaet, was yeate day taken llltn custody by Oil cor ? ilbert, af the Fourth prrotoct, charged with a violation ef tb? en mis t taw. Umaa Moore, of ( ho ry street fcaA.ce ? ?III U.?t terry pramised him live hundred ao crate P-ata this ?<i?t? ,Ld ,?iin |U a New Jersey rv, ifc-m, ssym ? at the ssm lima th t he would t-ot bitu eh-tr ?? twenty.,r b era alterasrdx M"t?rr> b id tbo a< -ed it si a# b?d already H-ined the navy, aftd ciusa gaaatiy ton A U I crept h s oil.ur M.^ire, bOWurar was persuaded to acrotiijwny ferry to Jersey t Ity, where the latter ? I n. r,. ? ing u. speud tin- d v Put after -rowtar lbs river ivrry Moore to I biladelpblu and |n -?w*P> A aatsl rsn esrouS, aud eudoavorod to en hit aim. le- ri, li arvsr, ??? raieetrd for being iimier age ? i tgeitmg ",t of 11 rry '* cfulc as roturn.-. borne, tin nr *"'* * ' JiulKe Iktwluig bald tbo accused for iw. o 'us r?t is DaoApwA* ?,t? a Iste hour on Hmrs day S'(kt Joftw vt?s?erri|a. iivtag at the in Ion House, Kul luw atrwM ?a? sitting on the ste-.p of ? house In Uruad way. eautag u.r a atoge, when a stranger uoceroiao 1 **' d fcrside hint. and.tbrowHig on* arm ' t-ut V- St. *a I.^k, held htm ll^ht, Ahile with i other to- r -,e., lis I-I kets of t.u# bat.,Irr,I dollars In I IWewy note* ^ad ran sway. tifcsr Moodoll, ol tbe ' l? o. ?.-* lb , fr act. trraatwd th* altered highway l '??* ?h , * ve his it ,fns as Jiioar Hail Betin, i<l?,,tilled I by th** ? iu, a u.nt Mai. was cc rniuiltsd by Juettoa I tow l aw alt ? ? > a a- a-its ov Otno*? ?t'biiip Dunn, a Is fcudr, twenty ?wa years age. living In Brook yn, was arraatWd hy wffosr Kilts, ot the I irn | rr met, gftagggg with tb .?w.n.w-ive ot a l?ion|,,-is assault. In stabbing lbs ot*r r It lb* h?bd w tb a sb.rp knits iiOicvr ftstib, of the *ew,a pre,-met, in go ng to the a#' tstanre of |, s i fcade a irtos fsttie, a- ine | risotier at. tsuu u,i l? .1 tb hipi. but only e,needed In cutting hia rtllir -p swv- ral pfcr.--, .P'tein e Is.wlmg, beforo wfcotn i in a wa ? isssn, held inwi for mafcteatton. >ms<*.v?. ttittsusri tv Ubrvts brutr.?Ttrii men, l .'srtur t.rifllo aad John W illiama, ycstanUy he cwm tpemrej I a ?|uarr*l, o->rnar of Chatham luidCilba r ,e ? i.? it i' F , Pin- fie* i i, r',|, .r p,. I,,rrf:u o' wbub be a-.charged at bF? adversary, ouu bit ,et7 taking *i>i > on ibd Ml s,dO td (.ri t a $ b ad ami the o-iteiuui' t a ,, ? tig sever* out u t uec,s aiily ds?ir ?i" s it.da M *'lt tns w as tniitiediMtaly arreat?d by id: en Ai'gsti er .of the ioolb | re, tact, and .lattice M..I diet rs',,1 I.I toi hisn fur eOriu.o lira* ?I Va It i s??, nrwl. A is p?. tiikkis wire Atrt* -nvn to rnott-Rs aj> 1 ,? y aftsrnoon faptstn J. ttn'an, o' the --iMi Ittwc'Fct, srissi*d Is stvr Waiter Puwert, ot 01 f ,*uft tin -ir,*!, on the eherge of at tain pllng to procure an b utt a oe to* pi r*? of Mt?a i tenia Krne, a girl amy >n?e aa years at age, living ft lit. n. tin, ids e .on ?y. ??# ftaie. a y stig m a named Ma McWetue re irMiy Or ?SM Ifo MM !?> f! y tor m. d r*, a ?t, and Osedfc i-ci r i awe, ? .* ?rtra tke w)*VtHaril is '*? Cw2L ^ b:'M ?* hai.dtftd Md Mv dollmn ? vr ^iut ?'"?".????<"' -s? ? ','*w 'ho crime **i .utty AMVim?at*<l ItifTlAfstua kt? ,wu toldptsin JuantiM. ad be accordibgljt loSJ ;,\J CSL'J& iafolfiA h? ? T ebt.etd Ib-ct'.r pnwars wae taken ' fct'O* '*"*'l*k end bet for etsmhtatloo. a? -, ' , ,r" "* C tr,| a.afc,' to \o? York for the PT-1^ " *? abctMew produced, 11 Hi like,? Ihe lbs 1-rims "ll ! Is ^!W hl"' l,,r * ?? ? fVArly 10 Me aildav It m 'jii,,tl# ,M ",rtu S II E R I D A N. Tit* Expffte! Kill Acaalt oa ilia Army ef ffc IV sue. 1 Extraordinary Fr para.tions for tb * Oor 11 ><%, ? *?.# *? Mr. C. I". I ?<.?ii*a ;i .atoMfe f?* y, .?pt, t, 1444 There is nothing if ir tu the i'*i m trial . pOMU 01 ' f the * I1>I i r-Mt.<iu I ? 1' . L..a f ccmuiuuitailoo l> !*..? li. - pMl ?u4 tM wri wim held is o[?' , icd hi>'/ |r#.n , "U?.i uum le*.l. d. {.'Of before l * tat! inert ?Tlflrkoua than wire, nmlcit ? i. i.i i ? k. he f, nt wi Le l a jrua.d. s it himself, team ind In''Hi 'i. ni l toi a, a'worth of aae. i led good? were c:<n mil by i .tnli ueritl a. Hurgoou I-ills, of the I II li No* Vtk U' ?vy n tillery, was aire stud a <1 ? y or tw . go, oy < i 4?r ?? biu-i-wr General Steven sou. cnuR,. ailing Ui< i> ? itarjr di Lot, on a c!mr?e 01 r.ico 1*11.g iu ,jun,ii,'? Imjims I he alli'gatlo s a?.itiiSt ^1111 ..ra'of i .siy positive character. The uc ir.od Ihm tceu ylactd in c-too oricid ussier gpard. * , Tbe Sixth P.-nry .7 ma cavalry will be maltered ool of service Inn day or two. Autborilativo aud reU 'bie reports front I < ini. n .runty, received here, ailura tb.>t all the yorilia companies m Norlh?rc?i. rn Virginia, lu. In U-g M-nny' i,, iUiv>? bseo ordarcd to repair forthwith to Ittohm rut, to take part in ? grand attack which is now belig prepared a* Inst ? eoe ral Grant's army. Ills Sold that part of On ral Itood'a dor.'Uted (.corgi i ai my has Ylroady arrived at uiclitn nd, ?ml will also take part in the prepared roioi c up da grace. In Richmond, on Sunday iaat, In several of the churches, sermons wero pre iched urging the cler*y and tho heads of I'lu 11 ius to give their kiUnsuea t there crulimont ?! Geuoral Lou's armr, preparatory to the grand assault, winch would annihilate Ueiaral Grants army and retrieve iheir iost ground. Is Nnibwialsra Vlrglul* patriarch. I oM men huvo been soon to urge tbo people to turn out ail their able bodied men to take | art in the lust bi >w which was to make tbe South a (reo and independent nation. It U said that at the proper tisae General Parly's army will the valley aud taks part iu the projected assault on Gri.nt'a army. illllltstrjr Aifa rn. THE QUOTA OP N.4W If. UK FULL?AI.L HONOR TO TUB KMF1IU* CUV?VOhL'N ? KklllNO HULL TO ao ON, BTO. Supervisor Hluut, Chairman ?' the Volunteering 0>m mittce, returned with his huge volume of naval enhat meuts to thle portfiom Wa.-htugton yostsidsy morning. This was the mo. t stupendous cnllatment payer ever presented to the V. nr Department. It was |e ? hound volume, weighing over ouu hundred pounds, having llvo thousand pages, or two lbo::,send five bundled broad sheets, eighteen by twenty two inches, ami cout.ii In? in manuscript twenty live tbouaand (our hundred and tifty. one names Pecretary Ran ton was for once taken aback. Ha silently stroked his beard and I' oked at blunt. Some called it Blunt'B lilble. Another styled. H the Doomsday Book, this bay lug no reference, h?wever, to tbe probable result of tbe ct-niing election An other one thought It must bo Kstlmr Wodes' history of the nnyy. lie all this an It may, tbera it was, ponderous and heavy, and containing twenty live thou sand tour buadri d and i.fty-onu lacts, wbicb no power In Washington could wlpo out. besides iho: e, Mr. I Innl pri nonied the i iniei of live hundred and ibirty-moe per. sons who had enlisted in the buvy at the port of New York iroin the 2Stl? of February to the 4'h of Aoril, all of which, without deduction, including the big book, tbo Supervisor strenuously c.aimed belonged and should be credltrd "< tnc quota at this city. Tbe whole 'inosll >u wan Spaed ily entered lnio by ?he t-ccroUry, Provost Mar shal General Fry, Colouel Btonaboasa ami ,-urp*e> visor Bluut, and Jt was very quickly sstth d and hot-ornbiy conceded by the government oilicut s, ami so announced, that tbo quota of Now York city on the President's late c.ll for half a million of men?tbe said quota being Used at tweiity-lhreo then amd one honored and forty?was lull, complete and run ning o. or. lit Is announcement, which will bo publicly Hi a day or tw<<^ was most groin v. ng to Mr. Ll.nt, as It must lie to every citizen in Now York. I he ?uieer Vlsor tins; b-cil most imlifatigablo in toe ?i-donors to suve the city from a draft,and through a happy dMOoy ry of those naval enlistrm nts 'icec ! ???I, a d iw. ,a?r-> nim piiin t o laata sod avidesco re I itivc to tttem, he h n> been snecors at. i-nd ha? > lually saved to tbo . ity, which II wiuid h.ive ( -t to bavo volunteered tbw oumbar and paid the boioli-s. .'.-vcn million djllars. All liuoor, the.-., to tfce ( iiMirm.iO. and to fever* member of iho Sa perv'sots'ixR) ntiec. wbo h?v" n oinemitllbg In their exeitloos Mum.->i'i|iisb thu grast "beet. Ibelr autnes shno'd h. re he c io ii .l with tha i f tlicCburm <u fbey are, bis HonTihn Mayor, t'dmptrslier M. T. Braonan. 'm ervtmr Blunt, "iipervh or I'urdy, S't?-rvls'W I weed andbuitrvl- rsiewart. ? Tim ! re.i.unt a. it his Cabiset are gre?i:v encouriired, It Is underfilled, *t the ?' ? .-lily luoreasiog numbers of volunl.-C" s for ihe STn.y wtm . re- eo?tng In, and, winlu they cot gr iinl .ted Mr. Blunt an having been ali'c t i avoid n dr 'I li the city ?>( Now York tu?y e?( ressed the hope that v<> onVecring would In- coutli.oed -it usual. Mr. Ttiunt is represented t" n.ivcrnplhui tb.t ho fell it his duly to exrrc so i-il the loUut-nca ha lue-essed to hate volur-ici u s by the committee go on so long as taa war w s ou otir bai.d'. 1 tils i? wl"', and wedriirt ruc'i will bo the action of lb# Muporv Iwi*' committee. SBKV ICKH Of TO K fllOBTn NSW TOIIk OAVALRT. Tbe n cent rclnrn of tbe Fourth New York cavalry ir likes It somewhat interacting to know what tbey barn done for iho onon'ry. The regtmeet wont lolo Ibe Held under colonel Dlckell on tbo 29th of Anacst, 1811. ami bas parli.-ipnicd In over two hundred Oghis or eegsgg meiiif, iijiing which it has opinied 4.127 prlsooer# of war end two buttle lleg?, ono very race oily at Front Royal Colonel lamls de ? '*n la becsm# aitarbo 1 to I ha regiment in ts?2, navlor recrutte I for it eavn hu dred mini. TIk- DMister rolls strew the number of met, that hnvc Vufioillhe l-oiirtb cavalry to bwo l?eu ovr moe teen hundred, *nd at its ri-lurn but one b mtrrd and nine men were present to answer the roll call Purl g its (erm of service the rogtmcut bus loogbt under Uene rs s NntcM?. Krernent t igi!, Pumside. Hcker. Meade, six) lastly umler Nherplaii Toe o.gsnrralloh of tbe regl men I ceased on Aiikirkt 28,1H64, n law of. tba command re enllstiog in other regiments. Falitlrsi Affairs. HPPIEt'lI OP MB. UNTO -, Tim BH' tJHI.fCAN CANDI DA Tk rWH UOVkl-NOK. Jamutowk, N. V , Sept. 9, IrOd. Hon Reuben K. Fsntcn w s last night v?site-l at bin kousc in this place by Ills fellow eitlsm.S, wlie con 'rmta laled him i'poo his nomination for Governor fey tb# Unlbo Ht te Coovnntkm. Mr. Krnton reeiiotxtwd, thanking tun ? prop's for I he visit, nod dtscusshg tn a pairnttc and h ?pent! tcsc the aspect if military and political arfaua Iho attendi.Dce w is large. NOTk FtlOM Ml. or PROW J. TOOKRR. ?to tub KBsmn or trk ihui.ii. Skashas Uonsa. Ciiicaoo, Rapt. 9,1884. Having bran datatoad bare by sickness since the ad journment of tbe lata Presidential Convention, tba oliow Ihg pariigraph from tbo Chicago letter of y?nr special <**'? p tident, under date of liutb August, and inrbilebsd lb tbe ilSKAijr Of tbo 31st, hss only just met my eye;? Ta ker, of New Turk, apposed an armi*' <w till be W*J fotmert t'ist ke wss stWC'td Id the con.mipeossone erin# vli-^ prerldnila, end then he turned around sad worses in fa.or of tb- armistice preposition. Will von allow me to say. In eorrssllon of iTito v?T slntolsr mlsHUtsmsat, tbet I rsme to the iooveni?o?, and scind st it. as a roeoluie sdre?-te not ? *?" horary ? arm 1st to.-," but of a ??'dstalts tllliiei" and "rostorat aitof feesa, andI Mat my Tiawfe aic stibetMrttaify embodied I" 'h* ' h towbhi.tb an Woods ay used All "ho koow ^ or win saw my coarse nJ s delegnm. Will sersly acquit me ef the c .rg. of locune.slfnoy^y DE 40CKATIC NCMTNAffONS IW CALIFORNIA. ?"San Fbaucwpo, Sept. ff, 1884. Ibe Bern cm tic SUla CowentW.n In saMloh liars bar# 1, m; atsd tbe fhUowlog featleman ev rrtm feafi'll Merfcrs?Judge Wfeite, Ban. Joespfe llsmilton, llvo. HfVjf P. Hsrbar and Hon. Joba T. Doy* L r,ng) fit?Fx Governor Downey and Hoc. James r. loiottons warn adopted ??doTBlegfieaeralMeOe Ileal aomiustKB aa4 tfee nlaiform an wbicfe fen lasnlTM ?>

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