Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL FMTAT.89pt.9-4r M. Tb? stork market opened with ? slightly Improved feet tag Ibis moruief. mod. U?? absence of My (root s|?cq |auv? demand. might be term* 7 comparatively active. Compared with the highest cm-h rales at the first meeting O' lbe Sloes 1 acbaoge yesterday, Krle Railway advaiicod >, per cent, Hudson River 1, Reading ft, Mloeigoii South era 1, CtaeeUad a ad PUUburg ft Chicago aod R<* Island ft, Cumberland Ccal ft, American Coal 3, aod Kartpta ft ktrbigaa Caatral. Illinois Central, l bic.*o and Northwestern acd Otil? uud MiatlaaipP1 c<rti;lcales ?old the eaaie New Yeck Central declined ft, PitUburg and Meet W ayne ft. and <Rt.ek?! vvr Uioioa ft. There was very little variation frum the morning prloea at tbi* aecood board, bui its gcoerel market ruled a litce belter. The fold market b?e beea very unco excited today, ?t d iltc 1! c uatiobi bare been raggd. The price oivoed at 23ft, 1 lieu dropped 10 233 ft in ted to *96, acd closed weak at to tr I'. M. at 234ft Carlam parties are reported t?>?>!? 11 i n; heavy shon sales. and tue talk on the street favors a i...T vl in gold. It Is ocl unreasonably si:p;<o?oj that Ibr t'? eiraegeiucbt tor convoying the Caitiorni* sieamrr, > recall in shipment 4 of gold to tht> i?rl wbicii id be ."t Borer tie made to Rngtaud and that this will a*ei>i i!?e MmileDcy to loner q .oUliua* which ttio prcaedi t*d prospective sectlve cleir. iu tor United States bomla 11 K. rope, as also tbo linuiud reauircno-nts at heme li r en porta and cu.-tom* duties, already induces. The money market snows considerable activity, in con sequence ?i an turreaaed demand from siuck brokers sod ? in the disc-urn line, ss well as to the drais Westward to move tin- et -i? Tbfl last, however, ia partially neutral tred by the cash purchases on Western account now being nude here. A etriogeot money market la loeked torwartf i? in tne Weet, and there ta likely 10 be active empoyuieu: m high rates for all Iba capital otfei Ins The rate for oa ? ' ana is still aereo par rent. Commercial pnper of 1 lie first d.-eacv passes at eight per coot, but ordinal r etguekuree are rated at from nice 10 twelva In foreign exchange there is a little animation oheerrabie. but ihe (j* 01 itiona tend dowuwar 1 Bankers ask 2(4 In eurren- y lor stoning at tb-oe days, but merchants' bills ?re ofTc-cd at 2(0, and even leas franra are quoted at 6 13 ft (klli, with a very light demand. I*rlr.*? of American guid and r . Inwd and mtseellaneous ?locks at <he nrai se-at>-n or lb* Board of tlrx-lyra to day Compare ? tb the highc-l cash sales made 00 uooo oi t rt lay of last wsek as loliewu ? ?Vpf. I Se,'. 9 Amer.ran s i d 263ft 234ft Alton vud Terre Haute Railroad 55 64 t'levei itid sad Pittsburg 111ft 111'4 Oavel-nd and To-elo I'kAft 126 Chicago aod it ck lai-nd 109ft lea1; One go and North* artern 54 62 Cumberland I oal CI 0U\ Canton < omp-ioy 34 3-4ft Delaware and Hud.-oe Canal 204 101 krie Railroad 109 107'? Erie pre a? red.. 10>ft 103ft Budaou ttivnr 127 121 ft Illinois 1 ?: iral. 128ft 42-*>ft Mldbtge 1 centra 134 ft 14S klCblKSU -UUl.'lTfl 34 ft 81ft Milwaukee an I rsirie du Ch-eu 42 Out; Mariposa hini; g 40 ft 43ft' Nee York iv *ral 120 12k Ohio and tl rsisa'ppl rerti.lcdl** 47ft 45ft Pitubu'g, Hint Wayna ana lineage ... UOtf 109t^ Otnckaiivvr Viuiug reji^ 81 ? Reading IU Ir ?ad 134 132 Tbe following were the bigbtat qjotationa at noon to day for aovrrnmcot securities ? Vive-twenty couiton bonds lll,f' Five-twenty regi?temd boorts li'M.'i October seven nnd throe-teniba Treasury notes.... Ill' Registers 1 0's of 1841, inter?t 0 107 Coupoutt'e or lva|, tnt*re?i on IO7I4' 10 40 I i>er cent booda, tutere.. 1 on lot One year ccrtiRcates 93?j State stocks were quoted as foll iws ? Nissouri rj'a 00 Nertb <erol)aa O'a 80 leuDeveo Vj 63'4 Caii.ornia 7's lfll Ibdiatia 5'a 87 Ohio 6 a, 1481 115 Virginia 0'a 59 Michigan 6'a 08 Georgia 8*6 02 Louisiana 0's 73 The following is ibe report of tbe financial transactions to day at the Sub-Treasury in tbts dry Ro-"ipt' fr 'in custom- $270,000 Tots! icceipti 4.06.1 ,.-210 RiymeuU 4 737,759 Tbe cine.' talk of tbe day baa centred ujon tbe bids for ihe balance of tbe 1881 lean. Tbe reports ' from R usbiogton are highly favorable to its Bur oas, and ibe effect w.ia vls'ble in U>e aflar cooo la 1 lie alvance which tot-k place In thesebotida, (roin 107t 1C81;. Tbe bbls are sad to r.m,e from par to 105, wiih r-nly a small amount, however, at the latter figu.e Tlio average of tbe bids already oj'ec'd, up to thirty ore rr.illl.ns, la su;,o?ed to he abont 1 3?;. Some b ve toiegrapbed tbe opinion that bid- below 104 will 001 be accepted, the aggregate of tbe snms offered being largely 10 excesa of tbe lo^a. We are glad to bear of tbe alacrity with which subscribers b?ve reapcoidtd to this ca'J; but we fail to reoi gtix* tbe eouod advanM;<w to be dcivcd fri m tbe sale of six per cent gold beauug j bond? in 1 be present depreciated stale of the r r ency. j Ihc government will receive little m re than fi ny c?uia i on the ?1 >l!ar for its promisee to pay, together w:ib Is- ' teresi emonntlrg to more than f rtcen t?*r cent In cur- | reccy As the Treasury bas advertised lie KlllingnrM to receive the fire per cent notes n payment for tbc-e ! bands, ibe probability is ibst by far the greater porthui j of tbe subs nptlubs will herald In them tor they arc I malcly bold by the bank.-, and bare tot b?cn in so lve ' Circeiati .n as currency, Ui coc?t?p:? r.ce of their bearing ? Ititerc-i. T'jc total of these note. t? circulat! w, acc >rd- j lug to the -tatem >ut of tbe netiocal debt dst?J tue 30lh ' of August, was ?79,C77,502. aod the Socrefarr of the , Treasury Is authorised by act of Congress to is-ue cun pound six per cent boles to the extent ol the witb /a.*llw*' ihe others. Thus it would irern th?r the aew b.-ariog bonus will give the Treasury ve>* little reil a5-i'tacu?, but will m??;e room for tbe i-s :c of new currency ui proportion to tha abaorptico of the live per c nt notes. This Is, to sty 'be '? least, a quegtlo!.abi? stroke of fi:.ancUl i?llcy, as it is mulci nc the governmant in a six per cent gild braricg debt ir p;ve of a five pe; tent currency debt But doubi'ces Mr. f.aj-ndcn believes, however erro neous y Jhai ne-ess.n e* 01 the Justify tba course he Lag ybj cygiem is, bowever, wrong, and If pcrseverdin cannot but eventuate in disaster. Kctb ug has yet been seen c>f tbe weekly elate ment of tbe national debt, which should have been published on tbe Otb instant, and e report ' baa g&ioed ground to tbe effect that tbe'e state \ moute ere to be ifis' ontinued in consequence of tbe ! repldiy ? igm?iittag raa?s of unpaid requlstti'int. If tble he I ?o, it U to be regretted, wblle ll afford! further convincing J proof that Mr. Keaaeaden lucks tbe Judgment n^oc atry to | tbo pco;>or inanajemetil of tbe tauti >n?l finance! at tbta critical period, aecreey foeters dietrust, and tbe auspeu , a oo of the weekly statements cannot but arouse ihtl I doubt and uo< eriainty wbicb will lend to nia,u;fv the embarraeamcDis of tbe Treaeury.aud far more barm Hmd g od will result from the endeavor to keep tba people la | 1 <tie iscts. We, therefore, edviee that tbe wedk'y sutetneots be continued as heretofore, whatever 1 may he tl>e coudrtion of affaire represented. it* proposed plan on tbe pari of tbe aseoclalod banks for deporft "g twenty milllooe of doMare In legal tenden j io a certain baok, eu.ipojed to be tbe Bank of Ani*rl a, has, we aru informed, not yet been adopted,* notwith. ?tan-ling tbe Msertioea of eome of our contemporaries to the coulrary. The object of this fund, If crsatad, will lis, ma we meniiODed yesterday, to disiAiise with tbe govern menl oertiii at* or dejioeit now employed at tbe ("leering House, ai.d the cerlifh'atee of depoelt In the desU | ?sled bank instead, in wbicb caso the whole or e greater portion of the temporary deposits now lodged by the banks with tha tub Treasury would be withdrawn, and 1 tbe reeervs of currency held by the Treaaury to meet tble ?morgeurv would bave to be Issued. The Cstotwr conpona of the Rh do Island Ptete bonds | Will be ptfl at the American F.xcbsnge Hank io this city. . Tbo (Vf b- r coupons of the fir si mortgage bonds or the I Vermont Veiiey road will be )*td September W. Tbemnvcraenia of torelgn dry goods at tbe port ef | Hew lfork d iriog ibe weeka ending August 31 and Sep. | tember 7 ere exhibited in tbe following table ? Jfnur <t for Wult enl'g Aug 31. H"?ek 'nA'gS*p'. 7. 1 fcrve^?rf?m / ac?ip**. Tu/ur. t'wkoq->. I". ifeciareoof wool. 784 9i3u.l"'l 842 1394,032 Manu'Mluroa cdton . 3f>4 84.482 171 40,812 toaoefecturae of silk, 389 18- 324 107 77.079 Mkin. soture- of flex . 450 133 371 23# 02, V 2 llit.e lancoue ????.... 165 60,001 99 32,993 tota' 1^962 $794,279 1,48( "m0,778 MsToilct irMOf wool 080 9314.108 008 1295.700 Msaufsrturee lottnc . lt? 68.9W lTd f'J.'JdO Mann'trlTe* of Silk "d 'J ?7" t S Meiiufstturaa of flax.. 258 (2.53? Ku 60 126 kl?<c.ianreus. ..... 17 10,877 38 1j 40? Total 1,237 1614,091 1,102 |4(7,022 Weeknu'f. . Mteufecturea of wool, 720 $372,007 1,302 f (12,670 Maairfscturat <*Htou . 271 80,117 2.37 101,174 Msfiuiaci ures iff si a 187 16d.i24 201 181,170 Ms'uUctuioa 04 llai 1 s: A-,' 46 640 T47 U40 llUiai ana 111 90 11,738 964 73,018 Tote 1>3 1172.04 ) 8,294 1,070,018 Tue foHvwaa# nm.aual bauka were eutbdriaed during the weak Mini BeptemW 3 ? Tim Merchant*', of Iwwell, lias* , capital $15.1,000 Kim, of Lock ll*rea. Pa., capital 1100,000, Northwestern. of Chicago. III., capital $600,000 Tb<? Firat National Hank of Wlliatag !??, Dal., baa tocnaaaJ iu capital from $100,000 is $300,000. Ihe whole number of banks la Ova hundred and eight. with as nggreywtc oapital of eighty thro* nail ? lion* throe hundred and amy four thousand and oigbtjr i dollars block Euhaagc, Fitniar, Sept. <>?10 30 A M SdUOO V 'It 81 on k"7\ lot -ua l'eut Am Tr Co liri MOW lc Oa. 9 3oV eg li>j% zip n y Con Kit r?* . !?'-?> IS *5 2U'*.c,am'u Uil 3u0 do !>7" '<?>" '1? ill'I luU do.. .'.eiu 127% ; ? J' , do ....... ill-, lunKrteRK 1,17 |ii?*i i' ti ii a, flit, con I-tl'i |ihi dn iii-i aHUTmoiS Iu.OAa 111 Sou do ?io ;u7^ loOOO I *. ., 1 y.arce* 93 U WW uo i iI i"; * i'kut tnid0'. i "? *?''* 9611 Hudauu Klv lilt..'. 121 " ?000 1!Uiioia war loau. MO* I no do )*tv In 0 Mtoioiiri 6 a 6li ???) on 'J1'1" * M iat cart m; SOU do.TT.V'.bij " ' i.??.2v !LT. Reading KH _ !?l? I.fii ""OtonUl'moriT UJ iiw MtehTiia HK " 1 4 HW HT^'catra : *.'76 Kill ft*) d" tiLui /t i. *. *.7 ??? !'?' mien nn .. sSI{hi.^UtrMSi,'.IW tu !S 3I?. Mso.t HI Kli ?>*?Chl\N W l?i m MX) 2*? do 81 *w? i-srtaikWe-Tl !"m in ?'S '-0 na ?? m "? * 81' I* ?'V1'1 nNVf "U b<1* i0j 100 d0 ???- ''5" W ?.'/?.1? iS,H,Utn.,.r,< l0S du b u ti A , '**Krb*,ll2'l '?> Kl 60 M 8 i s N 1 gu*r y.'.;;' *'J'-ill I 1 ill Can Kit -en,. .. IJ.S'i ?r.^LV 1 i latin I'.?1 AH ilo:... .128 AUu<* lecu. O a In, lun do -30 127', , liavt Aluencaa sold. Xi4l$ 100 Clare * Kitte RR .. 111'. i0"0. d?- 111 i, Ore, t ol ,V O.nKH 17J I ?? Mia U* of New Vora uw 400 L'aic A N W UR... p? lJW Met Kvcfaaagr Hi li? .tui) do a". 86 Amrr K whang ? Hit l|4t{ Itfi ,|o ' sr. ' 3 MX of Commoniv 'h 1UI .VI Chic .V W VV prof 81V (1 t) Climb foal pre win iiut? too do..., 84 im i" ???fiK ??'*? M ?lo 84 '00 d" b.W lit', 26 do . 84V IS, SB S% ?0#?T ?tk'",5P ISS4SKVJ7S&: 5 K aa.SPa'K .S- S frrr-'Hr* !S? ii? do .Tr...:: siv i* IIKJ ds..v...v:-b? %?>: m !!5^ .{Scs.A,<k:ii!r ?' i?*:::::::. :?o ?!* louu*st ^ r* ? SBCOND BO A tit. H*u r*ar Two o'Cliv* P. M. ??!u-'S ?'f*6 00,1 i?Tl* ? ?'"b?>?lHR- 133", wl V?A?.'r%V A N U RB l\$ ?!'? ? do.:::::::VbM 40 OTra. 7i'iu.*0**i: liit4 ?. ft 5R -iSriu sho*?1 ye*<e,r w''2 -in::::;;;:. " ? OOUu ao. a......T.... 94 1 Ail rirx 2. '4 2^00 Ohio A Mitt cer JOu Mich do k N }a gua lV" ' ,o ? J?, i,63" A W III Ce?,r,|pR M"riD |4Si/ ? iftr&UK'rh ^ ?? "?? sia-ais?* r ? WUUOAon K BR-exd UAU |,y, do....." ^0 83, f:::::::::::: Ufa TMChikteiR"',^ ?aotS-UK-rr *8 Si.:::"'""'? ll>J UJ*. .-HI do,... vm SS i3^ ,uo AlM>"4 ?r?f.; ?? CITT COnmsBCUL report. I F$itur, Sept. 3?6 p. M Asnsi?Receipts, 81 bWs. Market atendy, with sales t of <0 casks at $13 50 and $15 50 for pots sod ppsls. B**A?frrr?rs.?Receipts, 19,125 bbls, flour, 498 baga cora meal, 61,805 bushels wheat, 38,194 do. com, 60,793 do. oatg and iO do. rye. Tbo !!our market wss very much depressed to-day; notwithstanding the meaSre receipts ?"d with a pressure to sell prices were lully 20c. s 25c. l-wer ihe demand was exclusively for botno use, there br.'Lg no margin on exports, notwithstanding the low rales of freight. Sales 13,000 bbis Stale and Western 1 .CGO Southern and 500 Canadian. Rye flour shared in the doprersiuo, with small sales at $3 a $10 Tor common to extra. Nothing done In corn meal. We quote ? "d W?8,ern flour ????? 15 b 9 W Cbi?e sui- 00 10 wtoicoNute j5 .. Common to medium extra Western. 10 00 a 10 76 Extra round hoop Ohio * ,i ^ " }? 12 Western trade brands n 2S 1 }u ? Kvlr?St tniii. ra ? |3 10 ExtraSt. Louie V.V.'.'.V.V.V.V.*'?"it 77 ! ,% Pj.mmAn ItAnthaaa * *M ' ? 1 1 ?^0 Common Southern 00 J J ' Farcy and extra do Onmmun Canadian | ioooain?6 (.ood to choice and extra ..."Jo ^ a l" oo Rvm flour o msrHna ?????# xv ou a I?. V*J Rye flour, s iperfloe.......;.V.'8 So a 12 55 Cora meal, hols * a ^ m o ? Corn mea/,puochaons i38 60 a .39 oh -The wheat market was dull, and 2c. a 4c. lower, the purchases oelng confined chiefly to millers. Sale# So.CM j b shels, a! a |2 28 for Chicago spring, $2 16 a ?" '"7 ! V !? 2:- * ? 30 ^ amber spring, V va while red Stile. $j 34 a |o 34 #r' do. >\e?timf and f2 S7 a S2 41 for amber Michigan ilje ?v !D ,,r!ca- 0at# were ecarcc. "VT hU b#11 41 91 - ?r>?^3?o-le Corn ?wm w"boutadt3 Ra?'at"#l 4U?1 ?n P.rime ,Ve",ern m'"J. including one icac. atjll ?0%, in store, cash to day. niarket was verr quiet, and nncea are ,lownw,rd. wltb sales or 300 bates. We quote ? Cpltng. Hor<in, HtMle. T. 22K Vl ' irT T73' 173 Middling ..86 iii \n I ?.<?d middling i8u 180 187 167 p?) rlVio~, gold t0,,S Newc"l* gM.aflfkt. at ?6 26, ",r~P*)c" '?00? Iha on private terras. ? "jrtr morP nr,hr*. ?* ucchaaget \ .! 1 1 al,'a I'J?? b*2* Rio at 49c. a 60c . ai?l 75 , In fl" snid "? Al ?uc"d". 530 mats ISa.t MM?.Idamatitiae continued dull, with sni.i!! sales ail*, v <n. prkca. fperni quiet. ioo cases sold oo prf* tsieie. ins. 1 ilent quiet at ti?c. hw.7VtT.fP#.rmtea *'te of I:,? ba?" ?t- r^mlnco, in b-?ad. i u privat" torm* T1"* i'1,",1' but with sales of 50,000 pounds lui.iiL: *" 51C ' ""J.",000 d j. betroil at 62 ,c. UaiUmore was *csrce and flrm at 5lc. JR(c;.? AM. P'KS _The deniuul was limited, and we .jsre onlv ta t ote **les ol 100 tons nodi imU at 6Vc. a tc .. i.i:4 ?. do. sal soda at 5%c 200 caeics bleaching sr-id on pi'lrgte term.-". i'vxwooiw retnsirrad qoiet, sales only being 25 tons Jamaica ? n t rlva e terujii. ' Ken, ?The dtnisod for both domestic and foraien con* nued \^ry limit*.!, hut prices were with.ut chsnge sales ?>f ,5 tv.xcs raalns at $ > M) r??r Isvers, and *1 40 ?' 14 I (orb inch 95 < aae* sardines, 200 baw Tauavina slin rj and ItC do. Bra/.ii mile aold on prirats termn. F:: ? in* continent! n\trcni*!y dull, with ecarceiy luitl nr?, e, ? u?li to e-l?bl.6h rates, lo Liverpool. 50 tons Ol iiiifrt n nl If. h. a.? _ j *? - ^ . . Jko, . r., at if.# by American, and 7,.'.00 bushels ',vb"J# ? ? Kt> .^...t.^i ? ?a _1 . . ! by neutral v?el. an 1 by t'ttwoer, 3f>0 o'\ ? wit. .n at JOs . jnd f.oo Ii 'xca rheo?e at 40v Ihe ao-T. nal r.oe- by sailing vessels for nour wore Is. a vd. a 1,d. ,a,.d beayy tr> d? I'M. a 27s. (di. the higher ratoi by n utruJaiiK loLoadou, by .\mnriiain.30 hiuls. tobnccoat 20-. and - y ne ;lrs! : .'JO- i.m. o,ir-ike *t la -id. and Hour 2s. T'i tin'jti vc, 2<a> Obit, tiunr at Is. 10>,d. a ??. and by i Bi. itmer l If) boxes Cb-. o St 61?. ; 160 tiercea beof, 7s; lOti bb s -i.rlc, and .?) t,ms provisions, 36a. lo Bremen, by lire men (lag. 7:> bhdH. tobacco at 20?. To f'a Hfortrs 'bf 0!t?rmg* are extremely light .Wo quote ralea .?*' t"1*-'1* at IX*'- ? 1 pee lb., and me.euro rae tjf. per toot. A lb in#!, bark, 342 toua, was char ter,d for uefe wiih extra h?ary pipe staves at foa. Fi n were steady 4.000 quints # drv cod sold at from $? 75 a $9 25. 1 500 do nia kt rcl at' $?8 a $31 for No ?1 and $19 (or n 2, and lo.OOO boxea herricga at 75c a 80c. lor ; c#ie<l and 45e. a 76i: for No. 1. Ocvat Rvti* ?We note salss of 200 bstea in Boston on private terms. tji ssr n/nn.?The demaal waa limited, and priccx were a tri3* ca ler. IlipfA?ibe .lemacd was more active, and orices 1 de lined fu'ly ',c. a 1c por lb , owing to the decline in I aold Tlte sale sere 'J Oud Buerx f Aytes at 35,',c. a 36c 2.V0 I era* 1 burn and 1,500 Orinoco on prirate terms' 2 O o city slasihtcr at l&c.. 8,000 W estern alaughter at J6c. a 13200 ( uractia, 750 Matamoroe, and 2,u00 Rio Uiande, all on private terms. lit vc.?l'K> t>alea Jute sold on private terms. Manila quiet at 19,'fc. 1 Hav wm n fair demand at *1 25 a f 1 30 for new "hip. f piuf, 5?J fl no ,;r tld do., and v nty twefl 53 a ?1 79 . (or new ami old. on- ' .Horn.?ibe demacd was fair (or all gradea In m con eurr.rrs the sales bou g about 790 bales, at 25c. a 57c lor old, vod f4)c. for new lam<10?7h? inquiry was light, and (he sa'e< wcra 1 oa'y 21 ? at' * Msilrua at $1 06, :a) caa<-a Manila at $1 s5 a id 19 cherts .'ei gai on prirate terms. _ Luviiim?Ilia demand lor b"mlock sol# was mode ??le. ihd , '.cc. wre without cmcte. We quote Rio Lrande and iemo ?s Ay roe light weights at 44tjc a 46c., mid-led". 4 ,c. a?Sij<.. hetvy do. 4"c. .*47c., 1 forr.u Iu ul 45 . a 44o., ml idle and heavy do. 44c a I O.-OUICO. ,".o , light. 42>je. a 43 It id He and b*ary de! 41c. a 45c., slaughter in rough 47c. I 49o <>ak a le was lair rci iei-t at f,2c. a 64c fer slaughter In light 1 weights, middle do. 65c. a 57c.., and crop ail weight* at 60c. a 65c. ( Lsan was very quiet, small aaica at lCc. a but is now hell higher. L'sst?Richiar.d waa In (airdamaod. with aulas of 2,500 this, at $1 25, cash. Ll'krtKK waa In tn< derate demand, with aal*a of 223,000 feet i jtrtern spruce at $25, large ai/.?s, and 60,000 do. at $21 60, small sires. Mot.*****.?The market was vary qoiet, and w* have only In note s dee or 100 bhda. New 1 >rlewos a? $1, and at auction 75 hlids. da at $1 15. We quote?Cub* musco vado, Wc. a ore.. Clayed, 77c. a 33. . I'ortn Kico, Ac., $1 10: New nricnnt. common to fair, #0c. a 9?k:. and ?to., rf<1 to choice, am. a $1 22 .dtock?7,6t? libds. (uba, 6,071 hhds. Porto Riuo, and hao bt.t? New Otlcana. Naiis wore In fair dormtad at previous prises. Naval Spskim.?Spirits of itirpenttne ?i> qul-t and prices have dccltucd since our last, sales bars been made of 100 bbis. at $3 10 a $3 12.V. in smC! lots, for French and American; but Is now qnoted nt $1 10for French an-t $3 20 for Amor!-tin. Rosins wcra si*?dy, with sates of 100 bbis. at $35 50 lor utraincd. Tsr w*a in better do. mand: asics of 250 bhhi. at $17 a $18 for ioreun 1'iitli dull and uncbsi.ged. 'iu?The demand for llnseod wsa limited, and wo note Rales of 60<i gailcms at $1 54 a $1 00. < r tde sperm waa quiet i&bblr aold at $2 30. ?>nde whale was In lair demand, wtib sale* of 300 a <k>0 bb's. in New Bedford kixAuli do' "obieachsd while at $1 ?5 a $1 70, rawhad W1??? Whala mi $| to a $1 75. and win ler !.*2 ' W" .,,ar(1 *u 'lu,cl' ?"'? held flrnily; 5.0W gal.ods summer sold s.t $1 so. and .'00 bbl?. WeeUrn winter at $1 Jft o( ^trails 100 bht*. sold at $1 50. Bauk quiet with small sales at previous pi to * Paovistosw.?Reoaipts, id) bbis pork 37 package* cut mests, 70 do beef and 617 do iard 7he pork market waa leas active, and prices (or new mem was lower the ?ilea on tha spot c>mprl?o 8,000 bbl> at $10 a $11 for old moss. $42 CO ? $12 76 tor new do. $19 30 a jPrtmo and (10 00a $41 lor prime moss; kteo for fa lure delivery I.0(H> bills lie* Dc4, for all .Soi.uea.ber buyer.' ?, $4;; b0 l6o be(. HMrka( was dull >11.1 h?vy. witfi ? ?lee of SCO bbU. nt pi 2 a sift lor curtain nm.*, )10 f?r feuuj prune, $'s a ?40 lor rop.ckod mess-, and $22 a $.'?i 10r evlrit mm*. prim# ntOM boor wax quiet end uouuuniy uhunsogod. Hiooo *" ?ul?. Willi 8mull Mies al previous ;*!<? a. Cul oiunu wore ta mod -rate demand, but prices weru ftrmer. owing to the smell supply;, witu sales of 186 p-irkageH at Iflc. s 17c for almuidnrs ?nd inc. s 10c lor bsms. the 1 utter price lor choice i be lard market was s triflo firmer, with ? moderate dem ,nd ? S.500 bbls. at 23'4c. W24}?c , the latter price |or I c bo ice. liuUM wa.s steady, Witu u0 improved (K-.u .04 ?1 tw a 40c. for OIikj and 41b- h 54c. for Cbce.-e wi? quie ai *jlc a tUc. for tumiyioa to prime ^ J'aTeoutiua.?Hace pu, 1.6(H) bb.s. The mi.-I-el for both crude and refined was tmmiunl at a dec-litm 01 lc a 2c a g 1II011 There ? as u<> demand froui the shippers and aoiively any busbies* *?< done. The lar?u dec me ' iu goiu receutly bus pre.-euted future wiles, tbe ui.cer 1 of II e 0' nu, i?! iut ;Ve hiving the etfbct of check ing tbo speculative inquiry ? birh lately prevailed Tli ? sale* were 1,5(KI bbi* orude ai 4?c a 50c. on tbe stait and Sic. for all tbo mouth boo bbls rellned, iu lined m' loir, at 40c. a 82>*c. 1.250 do., free, at hOc. aK7',c 01. th? stmt, 89c a f?Cc. for all the inniub, aud 0Jc 'lor Ocmbor. rteunue v\ as dull and nominal at 6O0 ?;.j cc R cr.?Wo r?ne sales of 250 baps Rangoon at $8 Ti" Iu boud, and SO blile l'atra at 15>4c Net ; was dull and uncta meed. 1,000 sacks Liverpool f.led,-ay & Darcoy a) sold at Ji 50, at.d 600 do. AshUm's $5 50. Nricss.?Tbe market con'loued quiet and prices were tending dnwuward, ssIok of 50 bags popper at 45c 100 nose* casaia at 80c., and 75 bags pimento ou private lo**roH. Skkim.?Grass scads were quiet and prlcos entire!* nominal, Calcutla linseed won dull, but prices were without cb uige, small aaiej n, Amaricau at ski 70 a $2 75 and 1 ale alt* at $4 35 a f4 40. ' Skips were in demand, with sales of 20 bales Cbracoa at c. a SOc. Spw.tkr.-? The market was dull and prices were en tirely nominal. Small sales at 18>4c. lor foronru and 17c for i.?DlgQ. SiMuixn continued scarce. Sa'es 600 DWs. at 28c. for prima city. Sman ?Tbo demand for raw continued very light but prices were Urin, sales of 75 bbds. Cuba atSduo. a ai?c. Wo quote Cuba common running at i??;c. a 20o fair do 20'*C. a 20 i{<- ; Rood do , 20 V- a '21c . and grocorv grades, 2ly.;c. a 2144c. I'orto ltmoat 2ljic. a 2t>ic. lor grocttry, and 20V4<\ a 21c for refining grades. Now Or leans at 2lc. a 21 >jc. lor fair, nod 22c. a 25140. lor prime to cuoico Refined was in good demand and firm at pre vious price*, St ck September 9, 1S84, 63,.186 hbd.?. 38,690 boxes, 56 129 bags, and 589 hhds. melado. * ' Tha.?The market has been more active, but prices were unsettled. We note sales of 4.000 half chests oolong, 100 cbesls green, 130 ball ch'.sls young bysou and 78 do. imperitl. lib'.?lbe market continued (fliiet for pig, and wa have only to note sales of 5 tens Eog:;sli nt 04c.; Straits held at 84c. plates wero dull, with sales of 100 boxes (A. C coke), size 12x12, at $22 50. Tonarco.?The demand was limited for Kentucky, and we have only to nolo sales of 150 buds, at 14c. a 60c. Iu seed leaf 75 cases Pennsylvania sold oa privato terms, 120 cases Connecticut wrappers at 50c., and 50 cases till ers at 10c a 16c. The market for manufactured in bon.l was quiet, coeaequvnt u|>on the decline Id gold and ex change. Tax paid black tobaccos wore very firm, with a fair inquiry. Bright tobaccos of all kinds dull. ..!^w,wudu11 aDd ?Vler, withamaU sales al ISVe. Hf. ?c., for common to prime. whiskrv?Receipts, 70 bbls. Tbo market continued dull and denreesed. with sale* of 1,200 bbls. at $1 78 H a State uftn \t csleru, the latter an oxtreme price. Wool.?Tbe market remains Irregular and unsettled and prices favor pun haaers; amies 150,000 lbs. domes tic fieece at $1 a$l 10, .-ome bulled at $1 a$1 05. 180 bales Cape passed nt the public sale of Thursday at 04c. t'O bales white Donskol at 77 >40..; some black aad gray do. at fiOc. a 62j;c., and 60,000 pounds African and Spanish on private terms. K1MASCIAL. |JNITBD STATES SEVh-H-TlUBTV LOAN. The Secretary of tbe Treasury gives notice that subtcrip tlooa will be received for Coupon Treasury Notes, payable three years from August 13.18i>4, with semiannual Infereat at tbe rate of seven and three tenths per cent per annum principal and interest both to be paid in lawful money. ^ These notes will be convertible, at the option of the holder at maturity. Into six per cent gold bearing bonds, payable J not leas than Dve nor mo-e than* twenty yeara from their , date, as tha government may elect. They will bg issued la ! denominations of $50. $10^00. $1,000 and $5,80$, and aUl aubscrtptlons must h? for fifty Tollara or some multiple of fifty dollars. As the uoies draw InteresUVoiu August 15, persons mak ing deposits subsequent to that date must pay the Interest accrued from dale of note to date of deposit. rartlea depositing twanty-U.c thousand dollars and up. wards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a com miaaion of one quarter of one per cent. SPECIAL ADVANTAGES OF TfllS LOAN. It Is a National Ravings Bsnk. offering a higher rats of In terest than any other, and the beat security. Any savings bank wlili ii pass lis depositors In United States Notes cow sliders that It is paying in tbn l<est circulating medium of the country; and It cannot pay in anything better, for iu own ? assets are eLhot in government securities, or In notes or bonds payable In government paper. CON VEBTIBL3 INTO A SIX PER CENT 5-29 GOLD BOYD. In addition to the very liberal lolerest on ths notea for three years, this priv liege of conversion Is cow worth about three per cent per annum; for the current rats for 6-20 bonds is not leas than nine per oeut premium, and before the war the premium oa six per cent Cuited States stock was over twenty per cent. It will be seen th?t the actnal profit on this loan, at tbe present market rate, Is not less than ten per cent per annum. ^ ITS EXEJITTION FROM STATE OB MUNICIPAL TaX ATION. But, as de from all the aifvantagcs we hare saumsrated. A special act of Congress exempts all bonds and Treasury notes from local taxation. Ou the average, tbia exemption is worth about two per cent per annum, according to tbe rate cf taxation in various parts of the country. It la believed that no Securities ofTer so great inducements to 'ender* as those issued by the government. In all other forma of Indebtedness the faith or nbllity of private parties, or stock companies, or separate communities, only, U pledg ed for payment, while the whole property of tbe country is held to secure the diaeaar?? of an ths obligations of the United Stales. SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL BE RECEIVED by tbe Assistant Treasurer of the TdTiod 8tates, corner of Wall and Ka-aati streets First National Bank of New York. No. 4 Wall street, fk-'ond National Bank of New Tork. Twenty third aireet tod Broadway ' ? Third National Bank of New York, No. 5 Nassau street. Tourlb Nations! 3ank of New Tork, 27 and 29 Pine ttioet. Plfih National Bank of New Tork, 533 Third avenue. Sixth National Bank of N-'w Tork. Sixth nrenus and prondwey. ' Eighth Nt'lona, Bank of New Tork, 060 Broadway. Ninth National Bank of New Tork. 363 Broadway. Tenth National Bank of New York. 240 Broadway. CentrgJsNatlona! Bank of New York, 71 Duane street. National Exchange Bank "oF.New York. 154 Greenwich street. And by nil National banks which are dcpoxltsrtss of public money, and ALL RE8rECTABLE"BANE8 AND BANKERS ' throughout the country w4!l give further information and | AFFORD EVERT FACILITY TO SUBSCRIBERS. Financial notice?to whom it mat con. cvrn. ? Several sums to lonu on !ea?el<a!d and tenement property , building can* and undivided inlet-uai*. JOSEPH MASON. 6J? Pine street, rmrus 10 an^lL J fit* B MURRAY A CO.. ? .. HANKER3, No. II Broad street, n-eir Wnll *tr*et* DEALklia IN UNITED STATES SECt/KITIEB. N"LW T"RK AND II Aft I. KM RAILROAD l OMPaNT President's O.'tee, corner of Piriri'i tven.,e ,n<j Twonty?txth slrcef. New York. A igur: n 1864 ?Pmnoasls will or. ro elve.1 si this office until lie* or Bep<erab#r nroxt rnn. for two b in liv l thooesud dnllsri of the c in?o'iitai?a Mortgage snd Sinking Fund Bonds of tlu? company Thess bonds wotw l-sned In March. 186't. interest at six per ceil, naysh!o ?rml-annna!l< on DV?-cntsiton of coupon*. February, are limited to sA a-jrregsts amount X . r! "" ll0',".0 doll?r? and are redeem anie In thirty years fr <m their date. Trey v ere ic*ued lor the purp is of convolMstlne the entire mortc^fe debt of the rompanv. snd S'? -e-rirej "ry a n-or'.see upon the whole of lis lalirntd Includlui ite eitv rsdroads. ' The Mt'iv'Ruge provides for s sinking fend, tO'a?a?D||.4 sent to the purehsse snd csocniislion or ?t,0 btnds It Iuriher provides for the sppltcstinn of the pvoi ? - A - ,. F ? .tA nf * 1..? r ^ ? 1 a -lalo ex F eh** ? M ...X' w oe d? of sele of the resl e tote of the company south nf For? second atr et to the pntcniso and ex'lngulshment of I e t,ord A sufficient number of ih? bon l? have been sside to pat the eslM ns mur'gsges n* tbey become d'te Further informsi|cn ran b ? had on application at this dice. WM. II. TAN DEW HILT, vV.x president. NKOTu K, i;n O. ?! '< .viriN (CAMFORMA) Uitt ro'ipons. do - and p*' tbic iu New York la July, I80I, smi. .'snnery, 1866. arc hrieby notlhed that the same will V>" paid in United blalc* gold coin on presentation at the Metropolian Book How Tofk city, on the retpeotlv? dvtn. C. T. M&4D4P. Agent riSAao:u.. KiOIIAItDd KINU8LANU, 3ft- riMR dTUKLl'. N. Y kU for Mir (lie folloti'ing OIL NiOclIS J A U 0 llhT TTi~l O ENDS will be advanced on all stock* purchased on or before (be ir.lh iu*t. ?? fol loses.? NoWe Well Oil Com pi ii jr. lugun d v. tend percent Maple Shade OR Company, Aueust dividend 3 per scat United Btsisi-Gil Coiup uiy, August dividend.. .2 per com Coosolldstra Oil Cnmian). August dividend .. I'i per cent Success Oil Company, August d rideod 2>k |>er cent It aukei bucket Oil Cusupany, August dividend .1 per cent Manhattan Oil Company. Aunsl dividend 6 per cent H rt;en Coel gml Oil Company, August dividend POOK.1 FOB SUPSCKIFTIO* are no\< open at the above otilre for origiual sitbscriptiona lor the Bl HNINO SPRING OKNTICAI. CRTROLKl'M COMPANY, ? guaranteeing eh,lit per c in p.-i inontli PUfM'OBALB FOR i $l,0UO UuO MORRiS AND EHSt X ItAlLHtlAO COMPANY FlltST MOKTGAOI'1 SKVK-N PER CBNT DUM0.8 .. Of sun jtsi? and slum, ItKDhhM AHLt. IN I't FIT VKAK8, With eoi.| o i* I ava'dt- in New York, Au.1 provl'lon for n sinking tund for the redemption at maturity. Thu^ bund- nru n portion of .in i-aue the whole amount of oil ch is B V- 0 IKKI.-mid ere o ieiod for ule for the pin I Kite of exieiid.ojr e e road fiom Ilnrkeilironrn, the present term um. Ip P .ill.ipp burn op|>OHile F.aatoa, nud for build iug doab e Hack, iurn*bia- io ling stock, reducing trades, conslru' ting branches. Ac. - 1 he Morris anil i'.a-ex Railroad. when c.?leaded, wilt mam' a doer ennuerliou with tan Lel.tgh Valley Railroad, mil c i11 become one of ? tie n.oii impotant avenue* for -he traiupmiauoa of coal from the Lehigh region to New York. aoJ will aijo torn? i part of ihe great through line to Cincinnati and Chicarn and the Gicat West generally, v.a Lehigh Vallev, Allentmrn. PeniiarDanla Central and Pitts burg, Fort Wa> tie and Chicago Railroads rhen: bonds are secured by a first mortgage to James Blown .in.1 Peter Cooper. Tru-tees upon the road of the comwv, c 'tup and, and in the course of co is'rucdon, from the Hudson-river ai(tlobokeii, to the Delawkro riter nt Plill tipshurj. and other extent.ons in con temp atioa, including all rights, real cstale, equipment and other property. Sealed proposals for these bonds will be received until TUESDAY. September 27. at3 o'elork P. M., for the wbole or any |s?rt of ONI*. MILLION DOLLARS. P.iTlie niacin,' proposals will stale the amount of bonds desired, the doeonunat on and price per oue hundred dol lais. Ten peroeut and the premium to be paid at the lime of ihe awards of the bids, and nlnetv tenant on del very of the bonds, which will be In tlin-.i equal Instalments, ?n thirty, sixty aiuBninety days or the whole amount may be pa d at ilia t ine of the awards [ Tne right Is reseir-d to re.eel any and all of Ute bids. If the Interest oi th< co apanjr r n. iit. Each proposal shoit'd be saa.ed, sad | endorsed "Proposal for Ihe Morris and Ka-wx Ratlioa l Company Bunds." and si do cd in a second envelope, addressed to J. D. Vemallye, Ss i . Mprnhants Bank New York, or to the undersigned. Newer*. New Jersey, either of whom will furnish printed copies of ihe mortgage which contains fril in'orination. By order of the Board of Directors ISAAC VAN WaOBXEN, Treasurer. Ricumond county. STATKN ISLAND ~ SEVEN PAR cam ( OCrON BONDS 01'' $.'? d AND $1,100, INTEREST PAYABLE SEMI-ANNUALLY. Sub cr ption- lor one hundred thottannd dollars .'$l00,r?t0) Of thosn bonds will lie received at Dar at llie banking hou-wi of EINSTEIN. ROSEN FKI.D Jc CO., No. 8 Broad sireet. New Toik. Said bonds will be i ,?ued nn-ler the authority of the law Feb fi, 1804, an.1 under a regulation of the B<>atd of Supervisor., adopted duly 21 18tj. and the option is with subscriber- tu l:av; them run (or ether te.o, fifteen or twentv.uve v 'art The savage silver mining company of san Franc'tco baa dec.amd ? dividend of ft-ty dollars per I foot :n gold cs.alm- tbr -pgh the ii.inl; of t'.iljlornia to Ea mra stockholders, on and after lie tith Instant, less ex-hatigebv I.KTi.8 .t WALLER, No. oiU'es If! Pine elreet. Ntw Yuha. Septj 7. 1804. rrRANBFr.R agency -the oniric silver mining 1 Company, .)? Francisco lias esta'lls'.ied an agene in New York city for the tran Icr of stock an I b-.ynienl of d .idends, LEES A WALLER, Tran-der Agents, oillccs 33 Piue street. Nkw York, Sept. 8, I3t'-l. THE GOCI.D A CURRY SIL' ER MINING COMPANY has de larc.l a divid?ud for August ol'fifty dollars per foot In gold, payable ibyuih the Bans of C-ili ornia on slock regls'ered for dividends In New Yo-k, on and after the fifth iBstaut. less exchange, by LLEa" WALLER, ofil.-eB 33 Pino street. New Yo'-u. September 7,1SG4. Transfer agency of the empire mill an# Mining Companv. of San Francisco. California.?Orti feates irsued at the oifee in van Francisco can tie cxehan<*. ed atthesg^nrv here until the l.'thof Sep:?Qiber niv!; after thai only when dlteharced frotr. the o'boa LEES A WALLER. Transfer Agents Ofllces33 Pine s-rt-et. New York. The imterial silvi:r mining compyny has declare I a dividend for August of six ,! dlars $ '?) uer share, in gold payable throu/H the Bank of fai forn a to exchange, by LEES A WAL LKR, offices >o 31 Pine street. New York Sep'. 3,18flt. TnE BRIGGS GOLD COMPANY*.?NOTICB OF DIVI Ueud No 5? 3ew Y'ork. Sept. T, lSbl ? A dividend of one tier c?nt for the oiontki of August ha* been dee ae,J. payable at the oiPee of the company. 81 John street. New York, un and after Seplemb.-r lit. iSkg. to >!nreiiol(Wrs of record, at the cloae of business ihls -lay. WALTER li. LAW TOM. Treas-rer. 9kTO W)AS?AT SIX PBS CENT. v/.V/U" for IHe year* or longer. on New York city pro, e> t>. JOSEPH MASON. No. fit* Pine <l, rooms 10 and 11. roil 3ALE. A RARE CHANCE?A FIRST CLASS GROCERY -Y Store, with Stock and Fixtures lor ea.e. on one of the best Ci rners In tbe city, anJ a lane caolr business. IOdUlre of NELSON SECOU. Duane strrr . AN OLD KST.VBLrSHKD MARKET FOR SALR-ON Kourib avt'Diie. with tb.e fik'itreo complete tor all branches of Cue bu due**. For particulars apply to J. C. BaILKY, coi ner of iJoxery and Fifth streei. Abarbf.r shop for SALE cheap?splendid opp irtuaity. Apt Iv on the premise , 422 Puitiu av rnu -, neat Carlton aienua, lireo'slyn. Partiea glvlue security can try the ffcop a limited time. A BUSINESS STAND FOR SALE-A DWELLING House nn I 8t >re?:n a country villa e. near the citv, now d dug a good r >cery busines*. to wnlc i ot er bran-he? can be a lJed wit profit D. WaKNEK, il Broa :way. A WELL KNOWN AND PROFITABLE WILLIAMS aM. bmg Eip.-eis for Ntic?good work an 1 good sto k. The 1 owner liar no time in atlan S to it. A rare opportunity for ona or two young men with email Addraas F. A. W., box 121 iluraid oll ce. Bakery v-h: sale-is now doing a good bu.-dness. Apply at 2a*? Moll etreet. ro..m No 3, BARGAIN!.?TOSH8 STABDING screw presses. good as new. for sale, at Sli. #7j and ?2.V), wiii ti pr'ees ate not batf the cost. Apply at 28 l??y sireet, seiond boor. Barbers take notice-a splendid hair Dressing S-iablisb.ceat for -ale, clegautly fitted up at a great expense, ur.der the iargest h?;rl in Broadway: 8 chairs go ng; four years' l-tasc from May next. Rent $l,3ilo per year, including warm water for the tiath. Produ ??? SI OX) per year, clear of alleipeneee. Price S4 U?. The owaer will retire. Apply at the General Agency for bair drjeem-s, *82 Broa Iway, room No. 3, iroin 10 A. 31. (o Brswp.ry for sale-in good orner, ANDCA pahleot manufaeiuring IcO barrels Jaily: complete In all respecti. lurni bed with mod?rn mapro eraenU. and patronuedby first lasa. -ash paying eualojiera Addies* J. D. L-, box 170 Iler&ld "fiige. /AORNER LI'JUOR STORE, WITH A GOOD LE\SE ! \2 KS2 Seaond a-enua, eornor of Thirty seventh street' with or without Slock, to a responsible part as the owner bs^other busluesj. Apply to H. SlcQUCKtN. 1.264 llroad DRranl8TS AND PHYSICIANS.?A DRUG 8TORB I >r sab. in one of Ihe leading avenues s dtsble for a physician. E*tah :*hed sev -o year-, by tue present prcurio t*r **J> cash. For particulars apply to V. HALE. 61 Ann street. New-York. Drug store'for sai.r-finbly located and doing a :eocl pi-e ihiimn busltier" For partlcnlara ii'iulre at POND'S K:ai Ustato olDce. 536 Siath avenue'. Drug itorb fo.*i balb-sitvatso on one of Iheprlneipa uptown avenues; binines* good; fi f tu res I rat class. Auply to DIXON. CLARK A I1ALLK1T. 142 Cbamliei-s street. liAOR SALE?A DROP FLUE BOILER. 9 FEET SHELL i1 ami 'JO feel long, lying on bulkhead foot of Twelfth sircht. North river. Apply lo I'LhrcilER HARRISON .* CO . 2*iC We 1 streei. IHAOR SAI-E-ONE TEN HORSE POWER ENGINE. 1 with Locomotive Boiler, 20 hone po ior; alio, four Uylludrioal Boiu-ra. 3d Inches In diame'.er, 32 feet long In quire st 16 Waier "'reel, Brooklyn. J. McFARLI?, Ji. B30R SALR-AT A SACftlFICR. A NIOC BAR; H everything inmpl-ne: also wiuee end liquors. Reasoa for selling the owner is employed in Washington. Inquire at 863 Beeond avenue. IpOR SALE-A LYRilK BILLIARD SALOON, WITI1 } His Billiard Tab,as iu,l Bar, la a first rata situation. The Billiard Tables wiiPw sold separately If required, Appiy At 610 RrjR'lw ijf. W? ?? FOR SALE-ONE EIGHT-HORSE PORTABLE EN glue and Boiler, ready for Immediate delivery Alee, lifleen e get horse pnrteble Rnglnce, for prompt dellverr duilng Sei'tember Contrsets made and promptly filled Apply at SUIIENCK ? Mncliinery depot, 82 paidon laae. FHOR SALF-A RESTAURANT, WINE. LA'-ER BIKR and Millard ialnon, 230 Broadway, corner af Twenty Ural etreel. |7?OR SALE?A FIRST CLASH BOARDING I10U8R X' and Barm;.Ill, ihree or four doors from Broadway, suit able for a tm.'ill hotel or cub bouse. Wine, liqnor and ee gars on hvid to the amount of Amhj, wholesale priee; alsq t<-n tons best rod a?h e"?i. Price ji.iOO. If not d.-posed or In isn dsya irom dito tSooio nber 7) It will ne- be sold. Rea N .n lor selling. h.< <tor t<. Apply at the Bxcbange oOloe, li West Houston street, between 1 aal&o cloek l'.W. FOR 8ALK-1JD TURNED PULLEYS. snAFTINO. Belting. Hangers, Wtight'a potent Scroll Saw, Tenoning Mseblne, one Orsv A Wool s P.aning Maehlno Apply tu or artdiees GBOROK L.- CUM MINGS, 121 West ThVrtyitith street, oue door west of Broadway. FHOR-SALE-A BROADWAY I'R'iTOGR tPH OALLB ry, with Fixtures, Apparatus Bo., c iinpteto, If not disitosed Ot b the |iyh uf Sepiemlier li wl I be sold at public w. lion at Our eale?ro.>m, 23 Liberty street on Thursday, SfEpV SUl H ?? *' 2 ,"0CK of TTnTt on Broadway l r g osier pai*^ L w hen k d<l wee st par and fixtures of ro-ijft-fYJjh Imported Sauv. Stock aud liktur -s amotinltng to about %M}?. resa A. B. C . Herald office. V^OR SAL! -A NEW DO U BLR DRUE HA IMF, BUITA r ble for a markat boai Also two g . nl Western Lake B >ats. Uduin Of >?- ftP.AlNWO in G2?ui ?s slip, run iiiiB. FH)? 8ALR-CUEAP. A UORHCB OROOBBY ABB * ? Liquor 8sore The Lcim, Block ui FlitursswlM to ?ol 1 at a mm nhca If applied fur mimed total t. M ttoorM La- u liar business to attend to. Inquire at 36 Daamf Ok F>R BtlV-ONS irPBIOHT ENGINE AND BOILBR, wiih puinp healer, caomMiiag P'pea. -imfling balls, end .crer/lliiiu; iu -oetuplete running order, elahl boraa power K HKMP8TBAD. lOo Washington street. For balb-the fixtures op a watchmakers su.l Jewelry Store, eniabltohed aver til trail year* nnd domt a good i-bbiu; business, uiu be had with or without the rltoclc Alan. Store leileaaa. apply to M. DOblb, 9S avenue 0. riiOK SALR-A PHOTOGRAPH OALLRBY. DOING A ' coo naiiee' Otsty reason for selling. tha proprietor be in.- ai*irta-t * itli the rheumal'am ia hie heads so that he run not liit Muv'UiOrf on <?r iddfew 0. H firings, \Yh. e 1'Uiua Westchester county, M. a., foc_oae woe* P'lR 8ALR?A N BLBOANT DRl'O 8TORB. ON*ONK of the beet b isiuhk avaauaa, with Stock end riituros complete Lues.- for four yesri Will oe -old at a S?el ??? rr fn-r. nu ao euu'. of 111 i.eslth AdJresu D Ik U , Herald olHee H-OH SALB-UaLP INTEKK8T IN LADIES' RHBYAU nut Conftvtioneiy Mo la and Ice Cream Saloou. The hunt locution between ITouiu square ami the Bstrory. hick, neaa voiu|leto a cliati ;e. AiJr.-uiN. Wl!l?aaM? cats of Rich .mi-Hi .1 Piatt IS' Hro.vliT.iv I/Mlt HALB-AT A GREAT BARGAIN. AN OLD E8 I' tah'mhed Ito.-'., dial nu-r ami NO ? - Depot, with Coun ter-, Show Oaee-satlJ Fixtures. wul. slocked. A email amo lit "i ? on.-y vvili the earn ? The dat.y papers alone pay a t tho expense-. il w uti-aiodon a good thor ough! a e Apply at X/t? Madison el oet. F ? OR SALR ?PO'.tTAB LR ENGINES CONTRACTS . made iti i mild puut'iiiA' y inrihe follow in* maiinia. lureni Wash iiittan Ir <n .'uks. lid*. rtoa A Co. and x Co Appt* ta HiiNBT SCHRNOK iare ot 8. iiiapvr, K?q IA 1'iue atreev jlOK BALE*CHEAP-THREE SftCGND HAND KIRK a1 KiiRlnoa, Nat 15 5.) aud .'il;-aim one Smani Kiro En gin*. Call be seen it 105 Weal Thirty atroet. TjlOR SALB (111 I-. AP?rn R BVOOK AND GOOD VVILL t* of a Ion.; oaiahlleiied Coufeciloucry, Tot and Fruit Store in a itood location in KronV.l) u Beaoun r* aetliP*. tho owner i. ,0104 out of the city Inquire at 430 Ooitiuibia atreet Brooklyn. l/IOR bALK CHEAP?A SLOOP, OK ABOUT FIFTY 1? 100a Inquire of B. M. DttCKUtt. loot 01 Canal street. North river. _ For sale cheap?a ladies- board:nu house ol the first s'.vle. t-i comiaete order, situated 111 'lie Eighth ward. near Brotdway. To'-e uo..4 cheap for O toli on era-omit of the owner going to Oali ornu loiulreitt 101 Priaee street. Fishing tackle.?tub business lately car rled on br H. WHlMier, Jr., now decnai-ed, together tvrh a well aclerled Stock of every kind of good* connected witlt the trade, it tor aalo 011 moderate terin-t Appty at tho atore, 53 Nasia atreet, for fuitbor parttculaia. between tho hours of II and 3. CA ROCBRY AND L'QOOR STORE POR SALB C flKAP T S'ore, with St.hie and larsn cellar, hr-t rate utile location v.cloit. of Bloaclter and Carmine streeU. So!on v a* tie owner eat other Inn neat Por fntihor par 1 m ar? inqtireot W. a. 0 ART lilt Auctioneer. M CorUtn.t itreet noii ureenwich. HAT STORE" AND FIXT'JRZa FOR SALE.-'-OR <ale. the Stuck and Etitur-a of a reUu. Hat and I r Bst.iMi.liineni In Cine nnati, Ob o Tue-tore i< .a.oiub y loaatnd, on tho boil street for 'he buslneas m .10 >? ty Pit. tie. desiring to engage iu butlne ? wil lin t h i a tate chance to purchase un e-tabllitied bus nes-. ho ? ar'i " ?i n iuIip at room ilA K.irle'a Uoui. between 1. an 1 - o .> <, til! Moudiy, Ut'.i ln-t., or addre.-H T*>r ,533 ? u-mari . ic. o.i ce. ' Hotel for sale ?a first class hotel in the c luntrj. tifiy uiiies iroin New Void 111 1 wit rate order and doing a ap'endld buniij-sa P"r fu:l parttu.'lar. apply >0 <>r a.'.dresi L. il. MeOOT. No. & Beekmaifstr. e . N. Y., ivri Park Bin' . MACHINE;!Y ?FOB SAliE CHEAP OR TO KENT. A '.VIIP M : . In perfect runii'.Dg or.tcr. with overt bi_g complete To be sold cbeap tor c?3'u or to rent. Addresa bos ?,t*4 Pi s- o.flc? _ _ MABKBf koh sale-IM A 000? LOCATION. tl.1. u; a good ct-h h sines-. s-H ng three cattle :t ".ft stid small ineit accurJing v. T. is 1- 1 ;-ndohaneif for one or two men. Apply a; the omoer of K- .tun ;?v*i'"J ?td Down hgatrcat Brooklyo, for threedays^lo P. l.iLEla PIIOTOGR \I*H ROOMS Fi.R tLE CHPAP-COM nlete for v ews and portrait-. ? i:; sen one .ranch or both; line location with a So 1 t vl.-i mav he Increuwd to $3.i)01 profiti per anannt. See t ? depot 591 hro i I a ?y. r> ARE CHANCE.?A WELL KSi'ABLlSI'ED SHIRT b sad Collsr Lnundr.v tor sale a; a ..aer hco. h .tin.' a r.t. rua of Wi rk autt complete of hnnA^? p?)> * r?e ad van to ;e ol helm; sit ? on'y co.lar latiodry n tno t-i . Address K. M. Cooper b>. No t'.tii Post oiUe. i hi.fttle. phla OTCAMDOAT FOB SALE?A SMALL STEAMER OK 5) O ?ton- btirlben, lit lirsl ra e er !t:r. Kor furthnr partlc .tsis apply to JNO. B Kl TCllINtl, J3 Pine strMt. 0HOW CASK. 3BOW CASK.?AN UPRIOHT SHOW O C.ije iu eteei out order, will be sold cheap H taken un mniediatet. ; S le-t long. 6 feet hljh. Inquire ia the sture iVi P.i.h.'t avenue. O TEAM BOAT EN'V.SE FOB 8ALE-AL0W PRES. O -;;re croisheal fcng ne. 51 inch c.Under by !<>, ieid stroke with lloi en an l nil appurtenances. Apy.f to U w COPKLAND. 171 Ur. advvay. TO OFFICERS.?K'DR 3\LE A t-WORD (STEEL ica'obard . Su?h ma S-ronl Li treuauts Iu.aiitry Shoulder Strnpi, a'l ne?'; will bo s .'id cueip. APP-' s- '?? Molt street, top door, front 100m. <5 tt\l\ WILL .BUY FOUR SPLENDID POl LTRT. JItUi' Veseta'Jle and Fruit Stan i- umte.l, I lis' ed A good olnnce for a smart wan Aypl) to Vt DltlH iNOrON. E??es Mirknt. T *n R(in FOB TUB REST FAYING 8AJLOON IN ffii.Ov'r New York, -to . rnia. N?w Orleei.- and Havana-teameci lard diractty oppo-ne Mtm ^-11. as tha owner goes ou his farm J'Ju. J' liwsus. No. :3 West street op|a.s.:e p or 4. aOtSBA. ROU3BB, -v::.t TO JUST, aT NEW BRIGHTON ?TO RENT. IN HAMILTON jf\ Pa'*!t. fCVkT*. i.?w bru s "i *ith <ui?1 r?i'Hiern convenh-n cs ;.arucn';.rD adapted ;a it! ? d?-ir.>1;^ lac;;t mi. moderate re.i'al gcod nelg 11 ornood . vtet n aurpa.i- d A!.-), two rumlsiiel Houm-s Apply at room 11, 1311 Br Mid .. ? Ay OCR STORY HOUSE TO LET?NO. W OABBOU place (n ?-CvOr ?tr-?t). In complete order, po ? >lon ImstHUki". F to.-nttto ap. ly to J. C. BAILEY, corner of il# rerj 'hd T'if'h sirrot. l FVCTORY AND WATER POIYF-R TO I ET-FIVF. ?\ II nldin.-i. 20 Collate-. Store ,Vr., 2 m-l's on*, pear two deuot-: uistn three stone-, lid o? W feel. Apply at 2A D'-y ?treat. iooobJ atory. 1 A PLEASANT SITTING RO"M AND BEDROOM TO A lol. In a P'-'VAi# b.m?o wit ort'ioarl, on-su.a.l Room, to a -ing c g-u lo-Ttan, lor $r per month Apply a ltd Weit sixteenth sir-e A HANDSOME FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?NICE location w*l aide, abave Iweuty-thtrd ntreet ' a prlva.e family oil Rent $250 per month. A.eoaH not fu.nie'jed, tulU box. y! A N ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR, CONSISTING O? A four well fur- ished Ron ..A. can be obmiued by a ami'. or n'vcral sing.e pet-eons Hi 1-7 1-ast TweD'leih ''reel jlouito drat clsis. Per-una of rcilg.otu .labta Dialer red. ~A BUI f OF HANDSOHRLT FURNISHED ROOMS Th A to I"t. to ono or tw > a< n lumen without bin -d. In a pri vale reelilen*e on Foui 'eenth eiraot. neir Im >nl ;i a, witn prlr lege 01 halb rooms which comun.niea-.o ?ita Addrovi II. B. O.. HerAldotbca. . 1 A- PRIVATE FAMILY, RSSIDIXG AT 192 BAST FOR; ly t.rst strrot. won'.d !*>t half of their house or less If br?f?rred to* resnon-lb'.a tenant. House contains nil the modern Improvements and ia handsomely located between First .ind Second avenues, newly flniahed, touth aide of eiraefl. Call or ad lresruor one week " a PABTHBNTS TO LBT-*I*OLT OR FN SUITE. \ furnlsD -d or unfurnished, with Board, nt 2.' un l -t Eases street. Jersey City. "Hh-.n sii1 mlsuw- wa^s of the ferr Ihe location ts very de-trable. Role re Dies ex cnangs 1. A~~N ENGLISH BASEMEN t HOUSE 1.11* BROAD wsv between Filth Avenue aud 81. James hotels,!?to rent The furaiitnre. which is now, will he ?o!d at a lair price. A]iplr At the bo tie from 12 M. to t P. M. A NBWLY FURNISHED B A,-K PARLOR TWO A la-da, aultAble for two or three g tnU. to!et, wlthunt board terms modersto; fumlij siualls knttoehao pis<lern Improvements. AM>>' ?t ?? I'rl tce street, second block wreit of Kf .wdwiy. Basement ,?d vault to lct-5?9 broadwat corner Prince i rnt sui.abte for aoy hualnoas. aot extra haaardous on accoun. or lire WU! be leased for one or mere years: a line- stand fur a first class l arborahop, trunk store or a;? vault# - BOOKLTN -to LET. WITH IMMEDIATE POSSES ,ton, a new and n-at v ft ted Sbvc. with two Booms nttaehed, suitabi" lor mltllnery or nny gen.eel businesa Apply at ti'V, Bund street. B Frt-ll-liEl) COTTAGE TO LET?PLEASANTLY L0 1 aaled onfcaienl els? d, with $ acre, of Lsnd.Horso and Waci'U. C w and Chickens: will let it from Octobet 1 to \fnv 1 iShi or for ono year and soren in 'Utlis. Ma- 1. 5 U p. HITCHCOCK A BON, No. 6 WaR ntret F"~UBHISHBD OOtJNTBT RESIDENCE TO LET?WITH tnodi-rn improvements and slnble aonommodaAioii*, bcnntlfully loca'ed on tbc Hudson river, near the ctr; u: lr? Sintl per month to May I. Apply to C. W. VAN DOKBN. D1 Cortlandt at reek TBURN1SHED nOUSE TO t,*T-A*DJ^i5JniB*?ru,w J? In Boaid.-A ihree story snd basemen I brick flou.e, with si! tlu mo I era improvement*, to let. lea pn# vale family, w ho would board the present occupants. Hon l? Brook I vn, on Claaaon nrenue. near K "Ron. Root $75 s MtUk Address House, box 170 Herald ofiice. FU RN18TIED HOI 8E TO LET-AT SMW States Island: contmos Itwenty room-, Ot b"* nomely furnished; hs- gas furnace, and all modetw eon renlenees; rent low tea responsible WM.uJjXihtt?iIk H. Hamilton. U Broadway, or IU Bast Fourteenth street. TJtl'RNTSHRD HOUSE AT TOMFKIHBVILLH.BTATEN T Island, between first nnd eeoond landlngM-tew rooms nnd kitchen; fine view. Rent *y per moath frosnithe 1st r October to the 1st ot Mny. Address box Now Tork Post ofVe. IjSI'RNISHBD HOUSE A^ONKERS TO LBT^CON I* taming fiflecu rooms; good T'** ten tralno i minutes' rrom d-pot. Rent 1^'l/Vol^tANS tSkern. r gaily. Apply to or address J AMES TDl MAW?. _ pUBNIBHKP *rARTMB?T$ FOII^aDN O r mm to rent-Al 41 WeA WowJ?lb?t2?k???a?r,,"" of Umvorsity place. Rsfei sooee wxshan4toU- j pAB^V.rDESIRWRn40,^^Jirn0d JnErurtbtoliS-* ^t,C'tndinr?^or\nudlmS^irART0N KboTUEHB. 13k BrWsdwav, roosa No. 7. ? 1 ".BAY. No A Fino strsot. ?. OTEXL -mvbb TO LET-A TBRBE BTOBY BUILD 1 D ?n? 10 nff"".- Power. Itiqulra at tbe factor;, eornor I if Fl?i Bf$u ? slW, (J, ?gilWAEU. MtoiH Mon, m.. to lM. i w mJUni i I r noon to lkt.?front euom amp mmdroow; XV *l*e small Front Rsobi. suitable for glfeemng reoms av art rota bustaene purpoeee. Inquire at 461 Broadway, 0# auzva, la tba mtiflaary store._MPP>T all tka woek. rLBT?THB hECOND FLOOR OF OUNTHBRf Hotel (formerly the Philadelphia Heuar). US aait 1*7 Bowery. butwee* Grand and Broome streets, containing thirteen pii ate ladlea aud genlleuun'* supper rooms one larac dining aaioon. una public room, all ooinp aiely fur. nUfeed, fear and barroom, pantry, rlo-veta, all in good or dee. ; opportunity, *el loai offered. Inquire on the etween 1 ana 0 o'clock. Thie a rare premises, between rLRT?A BRICK HOUSE, AT FIFTH AMBOF; coaaruodtoui and well furnished. with flue garden. SOU) a year Apply to J. 0 FLOYl), ltt W ILio in street. TO LET?TWO WELL FURNI8HKD ROOMS IN A private famlL, wiihoitt board, to gentlemen Nana car# and atauea Apply at *55 West Twenty-aeoud street.^ TO LKT-A OOl'PLK. OK FURNISHED ROOMS FOB gentlemen, without board, In a*prlv.u# Itouae on Otveaih avenue, near Pourlenath ?treet. Reler?n<?# re quired Inqu r# In the dry good* store. 1J0 Sixlb aveuue. corner (?f Twelfth street. TO LRT-TWO OH THUEH UN PUKNT8MRD ROOM*, ins privste farad?, uot for house noeping. C'uil st iii second avenue. * tliO L'.T-A TWO STORY AND IIASKMKNT OOt I. la ?. Willi oil modern improvements, ou 122th street limit' i, rent.$ MA) Also e llireestnry and bailment brown alone Iioiil Iloust, with all modern iinuroremenU on Kecon i avenue and I2iih e rect, liarlem: rent 8809 a'dov to J. N. WaTSON, ISuth street and Third aveuue ? rcw AT TARKYTOWN. UNTIL 11**1.1 BRAD 'I O Ll'.T?AT TARl * r0Oms iu a desirable, location, ten mlnuiiv* wSlk from the detiot. Wilt give immediate possession. U#nt JyYui?*; K.RNTON, BS Nassau atreot TO liRT?A CORNER BTORIt. 557 AVBNUE II. K fact friuil hy 41 feet deem also a Banemsni, ao<c at frmit bv 4 1 rest deep; rent ID per month. Apply to SI. DUD1M. 55 avenue C. fTIO LRT?TilE VERV DBSIRABLK SMALL TURKU 1 story Hi t*o situated corner (lar inu and Seuou ! attests, linbokcu. The house is new, occu led eluce May laat. and will be r.-nled to a goo I tenant at a very moderate price; the fiiroiture (all unwi aud etuhraciiiK ever.tiling req iLite for hotivckeeiilng, will be sold at a re onabie valuation, u'lord mg a 3onJ ouu.irtunltr for parties desir ng a good and oee uomlcai houm. Can be *eeu between 2 and 5 P. M TO LRT?A SECOND FLOOR. TO A FAMILY OF four or ?it persona w:(h private table, in a hist class boarding houae Persons who are uot dispose I to n iy n libera pi u-r need n >t auply Fira1 clam table. Hi atiUli and French spoken in tue t<i-e Apuly at 95 Baal Twenty lirat street. TO LKT?TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY. WHO will purchaae the principal furniture, a three stony high stoop brick Cottage: mocern tmprnvemeots. delightful I? locnted btuween Third avenue and Cmitial Park, below Yorkvtile. Runt b .nr lcd n it by a young married couple Principals address Mercantile. Hern.J oillce. friO LUT 720 BROADWAY. OPPOSITE NKW YORK X Hotel, furnished or unfurnished, two Parlor, ami Dad roams, also two tlall Bedroom*: bathroom on the same Hour. TO LRT?FACTORY. BNOINB. AC., IN HOBOKE*. n? ir the fer>y. New brie? butlduig, three clones, SB by 9> ieel. with three lot* and a 15 horse nuginu. boiler and shell tig in (pal order. Caipanler'a Planing Morticing uid other Mac 11 n s tor sa'e Apolv to -1 BENSON, Agent, Uobukcn ortoS. R. SYMS 390 Broadway. N. Y. TO I.F.T?TI1R BOUSE 157 OREENE STREET, AND tbo I'uru ture for aa e: a?l nearly new aid in peeled older. In nine ou t'ie prem est ftom j t > 11 oud to 5. TO LhTv-AT WA8I1INOTON HKIUIITs, TWELFTH ward. t?? brick Houses, nine rooms, modern imprure meats. Also t vo Furn sbed House*, one tea rooms, gse, water four Lots; one seven rooms, IJ4 acre, fruit*, stable Ac , ten mm Res trout depot a' loid street. A. R MILLS, 15 lib at: ret sad Tenth avenue and 18 Hroailwey. TO LRT?A SMALL FRONT AND BACK PARLOR, IN Eighteenth street, a aid per month, to a verv email family lnuuireat lj.1 West Sovemeenh street, between here nil 1 and Eighth aveuues. 'PO LET?224 MADISON BTRBKT.'a THIRD FLOOB, I conMstlng of lour rooint. pas and baih TO LET-TWO ROOMS AN'I? BEDltOOM, ON THB II:st i! 'Or; hat hot and cold wa'er, q*s, clovete. Ac.| tulublo for housekeeping. Anp'y at No 4 Depau row, . JLeecker street. Also, wanted tj hire, a Parlor SuR of Furn Itur ?. fpo LI T OR LK4SB-A FIK.Sr CL\SS STORE ABB 1 tin s e I ?ta eui-04, no feet deep, in one of the host t? i Ales on Third a mite, nfear ILulem Bridge; snitab" for a hewer, grocer o a gentleman s store InqalrJ ut 1,98.> i'hlid aveuue, or of B. 11. 'MUNSON, 121 Wei Forty-eighth etree*. rpO MILKMEN, OARDKNRRS AND OTHKl',8. --TO A least a tmal. Farm of 21 acres situated 2cl tulles from the 'loljokeu lerry, near the Hack en sack auil Peterson road: 'lie Hon-:.; .a two story, situ: aud cellar: pe? ?eesion 1st oteNovsmber. Apply to JUL1KN C REV IBB, 55 Washington street, ilobokeh, N. J. iro manufacturers.?to let, with stbah I power a line ltoo n, '."1 fee: wide by 115 feet long. Ad dress or a;.p y to CO''LO RRoS., c irner ol Railroad ave nue and tin en strce', Newark, N. J. HOl'SE8, ROOMS. AC., WASTED. A MEDIUM SIZE BROWN STONE HOUSE IN SOI Br o'rtlvn wan ed ?To o-iuta.a all modern impr 11 ents he in a good local! n. and price not to exceed 9% Address B. 0., box I.SJ - N. Y.. Post 0 lice. A WIDOW LtDY WISHES TWO PLRAS ANTLV situated Kouni? in the I m-?r Dart of Rrooklfd or New Yeik; pi -a.?e sta c terms and lovatiuu. Address 11., box 192 IleraI I ollicc. ARErtPON'SIBLE PRIVATE FAMILY WANTS TO hire 1 tn-dinm sized modern tlouso. good location ug town: ?!?: ?1ie preferred. Immediate ttossession. An *k< oeihnt t u mi :uav be aemired by ad Iresstng. with pai tlew lars, ADAMS A CO., 95.1 Broadway. A FIRST CLASS IIOl'SK DESIRBD IN A DESIBt a..l" locality, l-etween Nint 1 and Twenty ftftfe streetag by a p'riv ore-ing undo :bt? 1 security ; tnay be unfurnisaed or par . fi;inlsli? d, or wnuid ptir'base carpets, ,lc. Address B. A.I.,121 Weal street N 5'. 4 TWO STORY BaRKMKNT HOUSE WANTED; .A ah ii v Bie-teker street. Address hex l.'dM Post of&oay New lei-g. Aokmj,kman and wife, wrr/i one child ano serv&ut deswe the ewer rart of an uniurnisbed le-tae above rout wenth streei, on the Ksst aide of the city (I8tfe t.srd pi 'feiedi where theie Is only una othar family. In a ro i?c:a .e ami . ealthy location, at moderaie terms; beet city reference _? ven. Address T. P- K , Rcgialry Depart meiit. N Y. l'cst ofliee. t NT PERSON WISHING TO LESSEN THEIR RENT j V bv letting e .ro-it Roam and Bolrooin 10 a la ni'v of twa rere 'is. can hear of a t 11 ant b - addressing a note t> 19 Kiviogtou street, fe una not to exceet $10 per month; loafe Lou. Tenth or Seventeenth ward. FyCRSTSEEO HOWE WANTED-BY A RKSPON8L I b'.e private fa'niL . nenr L'nlon or Msdlsi>n square pre ferred; must re fret c .is*, wed furni-hed Rent ri otn $201 to $.'kli rer mon th. Appi; to or address Ii. A VERS, 109 Nj-sau street. FMURNIAB8D 110. Sis WANTED-BY A PRIVATB :a n.iy. for six months, fio-n November I; moderate size; vieo lo'ated. Address If. B., box 502 Post oQice. FURNISHEB noUBR WANTED?NBAR HUDSON rtv. r. uot above Yonker*. Must be comfortable for wiuler ait I 'ia. e a stable on tbe premises. Address J. M. M., box 2.4Ai Post o .icc. HHOURB WANTKD-BV A 2MALL FAMILY, TO HIRB. with the prlvi'tge of buvlngltii It suits: must be la a good ncl hoorhi-.od and have tbe modem Improvements. A Mies* b 'X hit P.o.t oillce. Ur ANTED-BY A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS. A First Flo- r. furni-bed for houeelceep ng, wiib Parlor, two r.Mrooms and Kitchen, in a respectabla nelghborbootL Addrw* A. M. X., Ilerald nffloe. VV ANTED-BY A SMALL FAMILY, FROM OCTOBBH vf Jo or November I, the rivet or Be oed Floor, fur nishe I, Ot a Irvt class house, 111 a desirable locality, wKh Bosrd:meal* to be furnished In room*. Address Immediately, ?tutlng paniculate. C. M. Barnard, 243 Wed Twentieth st. WANTRD-A NICELY FCRN1SHRD HOUSE. BE iween Thlrtv-fonrth and KotHcth streets, and Tnlrd and Fourth svenues, for tlx mouths or one year. Will pay #254 or 9100 per month. Address O., an 4,813 Poet oilit e. Ur anted?A SM ALL 8ITJT OF ROAMS, FURNISHED ? fer linusekoppln:, by two persona, moibev and ion. Rnfrreni-es exalianged. Location must be good and rent moderate. Address, elating terms, Ac., O. O. B? not 172 Ilerald oinoe. WANTED.?ANY PRIVATE FAMILY OCCUPYINO A ? house with all tho modern Improvemanla. betwaaa Amity fend Ninth streets, meet of Broadway, and who wiatt to loin well furnished Front Room and Bedreem conaenk* Ing. on second lloor. with plain Breakfast, to a single Gor man gentleman, tony nod a mod and permanent tenant by a Mrcaalng, V. H , Herald eOlce. \\ ANTED IMMEDIATELY?OB BY THB 1ST OB YT Oi'toher, a email lions#, or a part of a bouee of foug nr five Rooms, In a desirable locality, by a gentleman, wife, end one cbild. Ad dress, elating terms, box 3,009 New York 1'ust office. ________________ WANTED?A SMALL, NRA.T IIOU8B. IN BROOK ?? Ivn, Jersey Cltv, lloboken er thlae ty. Rent aboal $31X1 Wouul hire or purchase Furniture Address, with particulars, box 4,342 New York Poet o'licSv WANTED?BY A LADY. WHO KBKPB A FIRRY class boarding house, a large and well Famished House, in a goed locality, from October 1 nntil Mar I. Re ?pun -Ibllitv satlsfactoiy. I'leaee address J. M., box 1.7<9 New York Poet office, staling sHuatton, numbev of raeaM and terma _____________________ Wmm ANTED?TO RHNT. FROM THB HIT OF NOTBH bcr for six months, one-hair of a nice Dwelling Bona* In the Kljbteeuth ward, for a family of dm persona. Ad drees B. OT, Herald effioe. stating terms and looallnn. YJTANTED?A BMALL nOUSB, OK PART OF A? In Haass, unfurnished, la tha city or Brooklyn, by OeL 1_ rieaae address ttuUl the 9Rh last. L-. bag 1,? Poet effioe% or eaD at 170 WliMam etret^B. Vt ? XXribNTED?A SUIT OMROOMB, EITHER A HBCORB VV W third noSr, VitS four or elk room* above Bieacke* ffi'.aiet. Address H. F-. P?M office, with particulars, price, [TANTBD.-A FAMILY OF YHBBB DBBIRB POOH ? or Ave Reome, on tbo aeeond or third floor, with can* Blencea for houerteeping: one faraUy ln tha bouee pre. ried. Teraee moderate. Addreea Mi. 11. B. B., etatlea F, hr York VANTBD TO RENT?WITH PRIVILEGE OP PO% I chase ir dee rable, by a family of three adnlte, a amall ?uee. In aeholce neighborhood, betweob Fourth and Thfr ith street* and Second and Seventh aemnee Address#. B? raS Ninth stieet. VANTBD TO RENT-A FIRST CLASS COUNTRY Residence, with a few acre* of Had. for on* or mom are, withiu 80 mils* of New Toim: tlooalItjr must be per oily healthy. AddreM W. A. Wqdkar A O*. Ao? MW Hem )rk Poet offioe. ssli'ssrrz'.sr 171 New York cit$. V ANTED TO MINT?A MACHINE SnOP OF JHPI utn eapa .'lty. with lathee, planers and tool*. In Mttn iy or tmmed^ato vicinity Any party desiring la leeae tha iov*| may hear af anneeelienl opporlnnity br addromloffi igj mu raruqulsra MasulMiursc. RtftUd aflics.

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