Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1864 Page 1
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JL1 JIJUIMHTIMS THE NEW SORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,211. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1864. PRICE FiVB CENTS. 1 ADDITIONAL fiTH El'RUK. Hr LmmIsd, Parte, Bw!lii *&4 fte ?ana Carretp^aroet* Napoleon's Mental Irritation aid the Elements of a Great'War. Progress of the Dftno-Ge* saan Settlement. fho Georgia Seizure Argued from Opposite Soints. 294xiihiliau'ii ReAiiitmeat ?m ' Auitxj&a. THffl FASHIONS, &o.. At. Kear Admlrayfcaxsree tad* beta rp^otnted to tbo ocm Band of tbe Fr/feoob squadron in tbe i'uclflo. tbt ttadrityrMpoca ef ibe 2Atb of August say* ?b? fipaoMb goyirnmeM baa ordered tbt City of Madrid *""" 'r't?Ata) to tbt Paolflo, to reinforco ttao tqpadrcn Dial vessel, of six thousand tons burtbeo, and fingy fifty goas, wiM aaii before tbo Noma acta. Ou "^tl of tbo City of Madrid tbt Pacific squadron *WHl of ttiroo Irlgalea and tbreo schooners, carry . im; two hundred and fifteen guns la all. The departure k -K tbt Ironclad frigate Numancla la to be hastened, in "Mmequetice of tbo news received from London that tbo armament for tbe Monitor now building at Lima bits basn sent off from Southampton. Tbo Numaucts will sail to tbo first foiiolgbl of next mouth. Though tbt (S^wta) toes not think that tba Peruvians will be able to arm ibe Meal tor and make use of bar, it in necessary to bo pre pared for aH eventualities. OahonmtCi Meu-iyjer, of Parle, of August 15, contains lb* following theatrical Items:? *?'? musical marriages to report?Mile. Baibt yy.*911 *? Vcrdior; and M. U..rdoni, marine lieutenant, orotber of tbo tenor, unites bimgeir to Mile. Tam ewini, daughter of tbe groat baritone, Cordial (tenor} Is Im bmbioa of (ho eloor slater. cenoPniti, brother of Adeline, and late aide de camp ?a General Beauregard, baa oomo to Kuroie for too pur PMB of studying rausio. lie la twonty-lwo years of nun, bed after fighting In eleven battles was takeu prisoner end liberated on parole. Our London Correspondence. Xomdos, August 27, MM. IBs Meargia (Mm Arguments JW and Again* Ike Sea tare?Napoleon's RatUlsnesi and ImpeUiince lor War? A Grand European Conflict at Hand, Ac. this week the dull routine of politics and trade baa teas a little exalted. The news of tbe capture of tbe Maorgla by tbe Niagara caused el first no little sense Ban. Batber ominous that, at lb la particular juncture, toe Onion cause, as represented In tbe Niagara, toswid smash up and swallow tbe Georgia. All ?r?a have been directed lately at tbo two great *ct-tbe Niagara and Georgia. At first, amoog tbe dfians whore sympathies are In Dixie, there was a gpeet ery of " Infamy,'' "insult to tbe British flag;" wad It even went so far ae to give rise to the report (bat ? British fleet was going out to New York to demand the aeteaso of tbe unfortunate rebel steamer. But no wwr sole came from thu London Times, nod not even an ?dltortal; so it was oasy to see that tbo capture wan all *Uht. To day?fivo days after tbe news of tbo capture? dhs Leodou Telegraph comae out with a milk-acd-Wator f?*?c?.rf ?,h8 lnr,oe?B?? ??"0 Georgia. K all lice la a hwlshell. Tbe goveromeot of bor M^ety boa forbvldeo !*? ships of butb tbe belligerents to have en asvlum to BrUMi ports. Tbe Georgia came into Liverpool uoiwitb ?aadlog. Her pretence was igooredpr winked .it. or ?Mrs* ibis gave bar n<> legal etaodlotfand while In port She was solo. Having denied ber a legal right to enter *"w, lb? tovernment recogblxe rbe rale aa legal f "T* J? ?b"u'd- 11,0 Georgia baa not Iimd legally F"r "m l?l, nor tbe property of an English - .'**> nor ne one ceo lieally daubt, been tbe properly of Englishmen?and so tasa (be ?Aiaaama?over since tbe keel was laid. But nominally ffr ff '* M I"* British Isw can recognize ownership, WBWfrnebaotlng cruiser baa been ibe properly of Mr* Snclelhm1* But no,r ,b" " P^perly of B la qeeer to see tip* scribes of foals Napoleon preach mw morality to any Power, and especially so the Papal Sw-?IS? V0,y h0t l*K,e8 00 fo^d to the I'opo merything goes u> abow tbe great dieani w'astioM Ma resilweoess of tbgg French Emperor ever since ibe maing of tbe banish * >ar. Isilll think, ae I bave from tbe first, that a Fn Mpnan war Is not f?r off, sad far nearer than mnet persons Imagine Son>?.large French Iron chum now build JJd ara ordered to be (1 ulabed not later than January I. The only possible chance foe !x?uts Nafaileou to go icto a European war and emerge wlih plunder i? to nave Italy IM ao ally, and then puts h Into Pr.ssie and Austria, of seurae Ibe Danish affair, a nd Ibe restlesn and revolution ary predion of i Stale*. afford the only pre - # J *?'" soe n be gone. No men ever ti.d amor* full ap; reci.ll n ot ,ttia uiaxlm that ibere is '? a IM* in Umaffairs of men," as d that it must be ?' taken at the flood ' (ban this same Em ieror, whilom a prleouer at Ham, refugee, be., *0. Tbe ides of November will tt II ? tale for Europe an well d> amor tea, go ,?ar c.,0Btry ,g B(u ttag only one ?>f gr??at ?spsulailoos May all the ratbn ial uses be realised. Om* Paris Cerrtgjsoadeaes. l a sib, August 2d, 1M4. Hou Political Pamphtti?Fnuini? Rebel I'fruit A raring at St Nnrart, A 1 An attempt baa been made In aa i oMysmaa pamphlet f'U Voyage do Hoi dliapagii*") togt tea political Import %a tba King's visit to Paris, which, dot ib.vass. it does eel possees. as, bowsvsr, lbs pamphlet t uttgaated tbe pro priety of embracing the occasion of i** tt Bit to cement M alliance between Franc* nod Spain, l\' looks ss if In tended Tor a faelar. Tba paapblal oonald er ? Ibe alliance to a poll ilea I and commercial view. Public tumor, how ever, has already disposed of the band of t be Prioress Anne Mursl to I rlncs Humbert, eldest st s'of Victor teanuel, aged tweotr years, and six or novae y tars-wider to?u the prisons*. He is shortly expected Is I s 'Is. lbs Impress is sstd to be greatly Interested M tbe p vopesed match. i Rossini dined a number of his rrleeds at hire 111a at Psasy on the occasion or bis fete. After diussr bis t nrdse was Illuminated and s display of fireworks took plnob la lha avaelog Eaurs. Obm, Vslbsrst, Vautbrot, Tamb ursH ?ad Mrs. I emeus Sbtrringtou played and rang Tbe gteet feature of the svonlng's entertaliimant was tbe Adieu? s laVie of RomibI, asng by Mrs. loraen*, socompsnied by Rnesinl blmself. Dentin sod Coqushs, ef tbe Tboaii'n Francaw. performed Tbe Wagoo. The I'tart 4e La I owe elates that tbe Sao Francisco and toMgbaa?two veaesls said to bars been built for rebel M?are still in lb* duck of gl. Nasslre, where they era 1 Ming arriad wllb prsat mytiery. Vkntors are farbldden bya ptseard to go on beard. Ne trial trip baa yat bsea ??r Barlla CsrrupssdesM. Bsaus, Aagsst 24,1M4 KimeJfm rr""4a '* r*wma?Hit Amove, Wilk Jul trio? Darts ret ion ef the Pruerran A atlateador at Turin? The Match Between Me Prince ef Re/y and the Prlnem Mwrat-TheSckleewif MoiMHm QueUien M neUr J trot of the Pelei fa Berlin, etc., ae. The King of Prussia be# been reeatvad at Yleana wllb ?wtraordlnary boaors. Besides being troeted to i spectacle he loves beet, and wMch, Mtwitketandieg its ?varleetlDg repetition, sever seems to pall upon blm-vlr, ? parade of some forty tbonsehd men, heeded by the ??finw is psrstm?tbe almost peine wars taken te ran tor bis short efrur agreeable, and to avoid evnryihiog that might eaeae the aUgbtem irritMMa? tor laatancn, the display of the German national Sag, which baa the samd offset spew the royal Samper as a scarlet cloth has ttpoa ai mad bull, the efflolsl Journals vied with aaob tttdp ? lyrlm of proBs sad hyper hot leal expressions of doNgbl at the bermosy that sow nffgns between ibe two rlvel heaves ef Hapeburg aad Habern sold are, and the to dgpaodeuf toms, as it b mi lad by a ptoasmt poatieal fie Mm, wm ? 'WfUeW te rafram earef^t, mm My of imwa strwtursa cp^w Fraaalaa policy m whleh N speaaleDally todalges to Imlamnlfy limif tor tbe snenge n M obliged to Sbaarve on domett'o affairs. The ralatlnna between tbe ??o great Germsa Powers bavs indeed undergone a at. It l-t ubango since this time lest year, when tbe Km per or Mm la FrmMfjft at aoonfereeee from iblch Prussia was tXCl-UeJ, sad whoa M. da Hiatnark tad!tad bis farooue <ie?.-,U-b Hi l! mat leg that Auitrta bad re bualnaaa al all la G mm say and bad baiter remove tb? seat of bar gov erameoI to Pnda. The neulsli war baa lad to a eompletq rarolultou to European poI't*cs, and If It baa not effaotad a reconstruction cf ibe fioly alija-.w, It baa oerlalofy brought abe-t a c'.oear ueioo of I'm lUree Eastern CRM Bfttn?end n' or Austria and 1-russla?tbaa baa existed slice the palmy days of Melternfcb. As jr. Louie hapoleoo makes do sign, but Me TMlau fc.?crrti.ent era evidently alarmed al tba aroa-tioo of strength Mat would be acquired by ILij- hwreftttxry eaomy through tbia entente cordials with a aec-tid rroat military monarchy. Whet bar aba integrity of ?bo Aus trian Empire, Including tba Venc u provlnaas, baa ao tnally been guaranteed bwTruesta la atlll daubUul; but we bear from Turin that 'fbe language of tbe Prussian Atrb-issudor, M. d'Usqdbm, wben quest loo ad oo tba sub ject by tbe Foreign Mtaletcr, waa far from becoming,and involved tbe admission that tba possession of tbe Qo"d rflslarai was looked upon by Prussia aa Indispensa ble to tbo safety, not inly f Austria, but of Ger many. Hitherto X. d'Usedom has always bean con sidered friendly to Italy, and If be speaks dl Ho really now It mun be la eoosequeaoe of very positive Instructions from bis court. It ts ao wonder, therefore, that Italy is endeavoring to cement bcr niliauce with Franco by every moans in bar power, and tbe approach ing marriage of tbe Prince of I'loJmoct to tbe Prlucoss Anna IIurat shows that Victor Emanuel nHI not let tbo pr de of title stand In tbe way when bis interests are at i stake. Tbe Princess, wbose mother, If I am not mil- J taken, la aa American lady, is an especial tavmrUe ef the 1 Kropr??s Eugenia, who baa ! en trying hard to And a Muta ble hugbard for her nmcng the scions of IMurtrtauS'bouses that bavE la'cly Visited tas FTo-icti capital.- First ttye Priooe ef Orange was named, thou tbo Count of Flanders, then lbs Infant Lion fcvtrique, but tbero was a! . ays a taRch iraewhoro, and none of tba prcs-idera ere- camu np to tbo scratch, which, luiesver, neither tbe Empress nor her profe^owlll regret If they should book audi a big tlsb ns the future King of Italy. For tbe .faliai * the match will have tbe advantngo of pcoplir.tlog the Empress, wrioao luQuonco, fr rn religion* motive-), has hitherto been oxcrlcd against thorn, nor >3 bonis Nspidenn himself exempt from tbe weakness which characterize)! his uDcle, of deiirlug alliances with the old legltlmnto dynasties of Europe. It appears rldluu'Oi.3 thst In an "enlightened sge'' such likrv and dislikes hould siTect tbo dcaiinics or nations; built ie a inelat.cboly fact that thuy du?witness tbe KogiDn. w ho were near going to war ftir tne beauat y-tiz ol tac- fair Alexandra, and wbnto ablily-sbAlly hc;ia\ lour in the I au'.Bh question was obiofty occasioned by a con Cict between tho poracnsl predilections of the Quoeu nnd vbe heir apparent. Jm for llio marriage just alluded to. It Is entirely ono or polioy on tho <mo s de aril j ef vanity on tbo other. Tbo parties havo never seen each i ? other, sod tbo bride eieot w several yeare ekior than her future bus ha id. but handsome and amiable, aud though ' ' tbe granddaughter of a tapster, is collaterally related to some or tho llrst families of K'irope. ;-he was brought op a Protestant, hut was Induced some time since by the ptoua Esgenlo (after the Prince or orange bad back* d , out) to enter the fold of the holy Catholic Church. Not withstanding tfco coolness between tbe courts of Prussia and Italy, tbe Prince of Piedmont, wbo Is making (he grand tour, paid a visit tbe otber day to tbe Jueen of Prussia, at Badeu; but It Is remarked tbat he left beftire tbe arrival of tbo King, and (but he did not puss through Berlin on bis way to Copenhagen. To be sura ba would have fouud our city ratber empty? tbe court, tbe ministers and most or the upper ton being still on tboir travels; but ho would have wot tho Crowu Prince and Prmcess, wbo have been dataiued here by tbe dolicxto be?lth of her Royal Highness, and It ia strange tbat the aoa of Victor Emanuel should not huve thought pro;ier to j?y bia devoirs to tbe daugbtor of Queen Vic toria. Tbe Schteawig-ljolstcln succession remains in statu quo, and has not advanced a single step slnco tbe signature of the prelimlnarlea of peace. The people are as decldodly in favor of tbe Prince of Augu.-tcnburg as ever, and would easily settlo tbe question if left to tbemsolves. bat Prus sia keeps a tight hand on ber coDqu?tt,ard will certainly bave her troops tbe: e as loDg as she possibly can. In the meantime she ts trying to get rid of tb? constitution of 1848, which is a great deal too liberal to suit tbe taste of M. de lltamark, wbo ibtnke, besides, tbat be will find tt more easy to manage tbe old eetites?consletiog of nobles, clergy and burghers?tb o representatives chosen a ter tbo democratic system of universal seflrage. It is to be feared ibe poor Scbleswig Botstctners will discover ere lone that they have not battered themselves mucb by exchanging King Log for King rtork, but they area sturdy race, t.nd will . at submit without a struggle. Tbe Prlnoo o f llesse Cassel b*s preseoled a memorial to tbe Federal Diet explanatory of bis pretensions to tbo duchy ot Laueoburg, hut It la 1mp<e*ib'e to tell what may bap Cn before a decision la arrived at by that slow moving dy. tor tbe preseut tbe oucby ooatlouee to be occupied by a division of Hanoverians, under tbe orders of the commander-ln chief or tbe federal army; ard, although Prurala Is natural^ ladlgoaot at being robbed f her spoil, sho docs not consider it advisable to b< in, matters to a crisis by expelling tho latrudora e? el arm i?. Tbo monster trial of lbs Polee, accused of consplrtev against tbe Prussian govcnmoul, Is dragging Its alftw leu . ill along without attrsclleg any very general interest. S> far, tbo evidence produced against them has heeu wholly tuaulUcieui to siisum the uidlc:meat, and If no iblng mors cm be laid to their rliarge it Is difficult to see bow even the High Court of Justice, composed as It Is exclusively of government nominees, will be uble to convict them There Is nothing In tbe world to prove tbai the insurrection was directed agaloet Prussia To be sure, a great many Pnuslan rublocle are Implicated id it, but it* aim was to liberate thai part or Poland which is under tbe dominion <>! Russia: and neither by tbe PruFRMti nor any other law can that be construed tuto high treason against Prussia. H may be estd. Indeed, that If the kingdom of Polaud were resior. d to indepen dence it would not be long before It attempted to reao oex provinces which were mrafroin it by Prussia; but tide Is only a hypothesis, as the independence ef Po land was not achieved, nnd tbe prisons .- cannot ho pun Islied for what thev or their countrymen w uld tiavo douo >a ao event which uover came to pass. Oar Vienna Certeipaaikncc., August 22, 180-4. The Alliance Helw. n Anttiia and Prwtio- Mexicoll Af faire?The Mexican Auxiliary Cnrjis,Jc. Tbe alliance wllb Prussia?a topic m-icb disclosed of late in Berlin and bore?Is rende red more iptoresiiog Just now by the presence of tbo King of Prussia la Vienna. This alliance is not popular us. However the diea greeablefact may lie varulsued over, Ibore is at tbo bot tom an antipathy between Northern and tloulbern Ger mans, less fierce. perhaps, but quite as deep as In other perls of tba world between North and South. Tbe par ticlpatloo of Austria in ibe struggles for Schleewlg Hoi stein was not popular with tbe Austriee people. Tbe de bates of our rerllsmeot are eilll remembered. Tbe Aus tro-Prussian alliance was regarded with distrust. a peltry sum of money was retootaotly voted, and a wish ex pressed to see the war speedily flnisbed, aa we were evi dently worklog only for tbe iotereel of Prussia. This latter senthneut, though perhaps a little modified, la Mill predominant bee*. Tbe Aurtrian government, however greet tbe repug aaaee of ibe people may be, ie never!holes oeeupelled by rircumalaocee to aitacb a great importance to the alliance with Praasla. Tbe former'* prepoederanc* io ftely la lest. All sbe-oaa do is to defend ber pre sent poe sneeions Mere The position In Germany le now our principal object. To fortify and enlarge this position wltb all possible physical and moral moans Is a saw political maxim for Austria. The project of tbo reform ef tho Oertnsr Confederation has egrogiously failed through the otter tat specify of the minor Plates to understand tbelr poeltlorf On tbe other band, lbs alliance with Prus sia against lleumark has boon crowned by bril liant aurow *es. " wn:ld bo uopardonsble la S(>e Auslrlao grvernmont to Tor ret the practical Irasobs taught by \'he events or the last twsi\e moatbe Tb? minor f> erman Status invariably evinced tbe best will and the heat words towards Austria, hut I bey were laud 1 d'lrioot Hi every other restart The government of, Austria iswni?we are not assured wbelbcr this Is \? ff<*. nor whether It will he of hmg duretloo?to have found snot ber way to fortdy tbelr position in (isrmsirj and Kuroje, hy ally tog tbsmseirw wltb Prussia w TP day ne ere agsin t hT ?<*?? pepere thst Wr. von Rilles has srrlrsd with ?he Instrwolioas to the Danish plenlpob Dllsries. 1hl? ? ^ spread mere then onoe. We eaDnot creillt ," ???? le uubslantlatPd by Tact* There sre di.Trreot ,"?'her rwiooia In circulation concerning ibe rcrorm of the Ge.^en -lhllnd,?? wbica likewise deserve soarrely sny a tteiWH.o Momcihlng, to bm nuie, It mediltlfd by Trnt^li Buod, n It wtri* n?|y io reduw In tllerco lt^ o I* lb? i inrs cpocsn-a of Rchieawlg.l.oleieln. *ba Anstrtea gov errmeni, however will scarcely go the ^t'b of lending help t? step altogether ibe jir.lltical mac.b ??TT i fhrt, rastr end useless aa It It. ?? *?e greatest polities) blunders of tbe t wee eommlltod when this august bod>' by e ma orltv of fourte?n, In the sitting of ?b* id in or j Jaaasry laei. not to tste nn aolie# iwrt ia fhn wvr stalest Dee mark Hew * II possible now t ?*???? the claims of the IMstr and bare they not (orfbih altogether, If ever tbey poawaeed any! Tbe same reproach applies perhaps le tbe Hihab. of tbe ducbiee tbemselvee. In the nfflclsl rwoori on *?? I rvsou applies pcrueps ?w Hie innaoi tbemselvee. In tbe official report on *"? eupatkin of Mo northero parts of Jutland the Awetrk 0 mmaader remarks Mat tbe crews for the boats des tined loose way treoye did aot come forward voluuurily, but bad to be forredby a pram gaog. Now, Me Echlee wig-fiolsteln commiilees and meetings made compls|pts ever since tbe begtnoiog of tbe war thet IMS inhabitants of tbeduehtae ware nM perm It ted to take an active pert la tbe struggle against tbelr oppressors. The above state ?tent tn tbe report sffbrds a striking Illustration ef what was to ba jRi aelsd from Me volunteer forces of tbe darbies, there was aa opportunity offered them tn fight atAtost Denmark, aad tbe valorous, who only sighed to provd tbelr ptnek, bad to he literally dragged, to tbe scene of pom bet, and on tbe Orel shot being Bred, got tain eueb d confusion that their eo-operatton, according to tbe 00-ctal rO"orl. bees me quite laedbetusl Aaartfrom ibit >MBMg*ggettl the dedaittv*sefutiea or tl .4 Pchleawlu-Flolstela question, Bribing loUr?*J in i.< .0|,e, Hi.I a pawu on wbal may be caima f]4a t<0(11101 chees board is being coved. Oor eueetio is asaiu bnlna cuiled .to Mexico. which io extolle<l?a ?? premised of Austrian tadmrtry ao4 treaty of commerce baa boon concluded between Anat a iiil Mexico, by wbleh wo are pot cn the hmMH" tne most favored nations. In order to eocourate lo port trada to Mexico an association or merchaote be on formed bere. wllb tbe tilio U'VetrbaoU-Uoloa Tuo > ox loan Consul General, Mr. Henieid, assures (M c* Ibe said "Union" that Austrian merchant# should ."na in Mexico tbat support and pro taction which was wanting everywhere bo yinu tbe si as. Carzoes for tho voyage bomoward from Uoaieb were always to bo bait .1 tbe rlcan cotton, eampacbey wood, Ac. ? oa dos these tages we are to hove regular transatlantic steam navigation. Several of our noblemen intecrt to form an asfoclatlon for the purpose of establishing a lao ""hair monthly steamers to convey good* and^ paas'-egorv irora tbe Adriatic and Mediterranean seat to tbe eaai. ru sboree of Amorlca,In their wlwle extent, from nortb lk><outa, Inrhidicg tbe West Indian and Moxlcan gulfe. In tne be ginning, tbe oompsny's steamers wtlT be doepxt b<1 1 ram Trieste aitertstely to '*mln.5?v." Vora Cros and Tsmplco, and Cadiz, Madeira, rev nambueo, Bahla and Rio Janeiro. The 8~'fru: mental concession bss been granted, and n ibnd of twelve millions florins Bubncrlbed. Our CbmrBrB of commerce ball tbo new undertaking wJlb 'applause, as it seems likely to bring money into1 tuo country. Our manufacturers, however, bavo prooabif not yet forgo.ten tbe Leavy lot30s they Bi'fltaiued a few years ago through their doing buulno&B with utterly ua known Amis Id Ha bin, Hio Janeiro, Havana and some places iu Oontral America; snd if tbo eorapaoy Is m.t pre pared to give them ?.me surety against being cUoateaanrt rebbod ty their new customers there is no great prospect of an export trade. Tbo social and po'Uleal BtatoofaOrcte of tbo republics in Central America boars a strong resstg blauce to tbat of Mexico, as it?ba* been until reccSt times. Revolution, fermentation and diB ?r<.er bavo boon permanent there. The most natural course would have been to rq-luro these countrtes to health and life by in luains mtanfiem Atiglo Gertnaa elements o. civliirattoo? viz: by auuexing ihom to North Ameiica. But In an evil hour tne starry banner was torn to pieces, and tbo c'-denant Uulted States ooulrl not for tbo I*?J themselves of the oppertunlty trnia oTeiod. what may bopuou at some futuro day depends entirely upon Urn manuor in which tbo civil war aball be brought to aolese. V:*ni?a, August 23,1894. TJkr Atitlro Mcxircin Legion. The com man der of the Mexican auxiliary corps, Major General Coeut Thun-Iloh'.<081010, loft yesterday evening with his aide de camp, for Laibach, where the organiza tion of tbo corps will bo completod. Tbero are already two thouaaud four hundred men assembled ai Laibach; aud the enlistment hero takes place only twice a week, as thcro is only room for thre t thousand men lu the bar racks at I-aibacb. Numerous English officers have 01 mo lo Vienna of lato, with tbo Intention or enlisting tn tbo Mexican corps. All, bowevor, met with a refusal, It being a fixed rule for tbo whole force to oonsist only of Austrlans ot foreigners belonging to tbe Austrian army. Two of tbo Oneet aud largest English transport ships are to convey the troops to Vera Cror., tho smamers of tbo Austrian Lloyds belr.g so weak tbat it would take tbom fifty days to go to Vera Cruz, and so smail that they could convey only three hundred men, white tho English boats bavo aocnmmo.lation for eigbi hundred to one thousand men. Tho lira little transport, of about City men, destined to e iulp tbe two Mexican regiments ol horse, wll leave Trieste in tbo begiuning of next September, calling at Southampton. Plana of tlie European Doapola?1Curious Political Disclosures from Germany. Tbe following curious statement has been put In circa lution by a provlocla) cotemporary Private letters from pere .ns iu Vloona and Berlin, pos sesslng access to the very highest eouroea of^Information, have boen placed In our hands. They profew torovea the exUtonoe of one of the most extraordinary politic^ schemes of modern times. It Is nothing less loan tbe immediate realization of the great dream of Teutonlo statesmen?the practical unity of QeriMny. Tbe scheme originates witb Biamark, the Prime MtnUttaapf j^ssHt, of whom Motley, our Envoy in Austria, wlirhaa known him tor many yeara, declares that ho la characterised by splendid abilities, unlimited ambition, s hearty love of absolutism and a determined obstinacy tn executing his projects. This new scheme involves consequeocee of the utmost Importance to Europe. It necsmiutes the blotting out from tbo map of Central Kuro|>e of foor k D**??9 ??? a number of minor-Pa were. The chief features of this astounding arrangement, as they have been represented to us. are ss fbiii<ws 1. The King of Prussia if to assume the title or Emperor of North Germany, and tho Emperor ol Austria is to proclaim himself Kinperer of South Germany. 2 North Germany is 10 comprise all of Protestant Ger many including, In addition to tbe present territory of Prussia, the kiugdoma of Saxony and Hanover, tbe ducbiea of Schiaswig, Ilolslcln, Mecklenburg. Oldenburg. Uruuewlck, Nassau, (taxe-Coonrg and Snxe-Weimer, and tbo electorate 01 Hesso Cancel. South Germany to to embrace all of Oelbolio Germany, including, besides Austria proper and Bohemia, tbo ktordoms of Bavaria aud Wirtomberg, and rbe ducbio? of Badcu and Messe Harmrtadl. . _ ... 8 ibe two Emperorw will reside f r a ronton of the yoar nt Fra-kfort, and have a united I'obinet, while a stogie Pailtamcnt, represent'ngall Germany, will assem ble 10 tbo same city Ibe Emperors will retain their special capitals, or r.*wfc ?an as they are styled, wbicb will be. as now, Vienna and Berlin. 4. Whenever tbe direct male Issue of one or the Em perors shall become exttact, tbo bead of tbe other im perial house sh ill be sok) Emperor of Germany. 5 be coi soul of Franco to tbls p an has been obtained bv tbo promise of a ee?< Ion of tbe territory on tne Gallic aide of tbe Rhine, that of Italy by tho promised oeseioo <>r Venom, und that of Huasia by tbo trana'er to ber of largo portions of tbo Polish provinces of Austria and i'ruisla Tne existence of such a acberoe oxilalnsmanv recent myaterlo-i 0; Gorroau politic. It explains the bitter tend exlsimnbetweoti ibe le sor Powers of Germany a ul the two m< mar clues of Austria and Pru?sla. and_ 1 bo treat ment experienced ?t tb nauds of fitomark and Recbberg, tno Aiialrtan Premier, by the Prince oi Auguateobars? tho legitimate heir to tbo dueblos of Schloswig and IloUloin It explains the nidlirereocs manifssted of l?to by tbo liberals of 1'rusrts, who am also ardent advocates of German iioity, 10 the union gtiintional me Hurce of lusmark. it explains the atllmde assumed at the l/>rdon Coolorercc by Erauce aud Russia It ex id sine, Onally. the meeting of tbo three ?vi tern soveuns at a German b.athing-plaoe, Ibe frequi-ut inter views b><two 11 Napoleon the Tolrd anil tho represents lives ol Austria aud a at Paris, tiki Ibe vmirnrv of tOe Italian Minister 01 War. Menanrsa, to the Court It is needles to expatiate on the re ulia bkeiy to occrne from the executl-wi ?r suoli a p.-ojcct. Tbe new 7?w.r created by it would form sued an empire as Kuro|<s bos not seen since tbe daya of Charles the Since wrltlug tbe above wc And in tho European a remarkable coollrmalton ol tbo asaci tioos made In the private correspondence to which we have alluded. The Paris oorrenpoWdent of the l.ondon Clobe, a journal poMtl call, well informed, gives an uccountof an article ooGer man politics published in /,e FVence, a Ereucb semi o II clal newspaper. He says:? SiTSL". purpoea?the Ttou diVforVrt'^la centrah?I?k authority by' curblor a re fraiioA moH't". Ibe living ?late*uian I* bsot on repro.lcc VXW^SX'wSm by extlngidbblng the minor cour.a Tlfe Germans nre repreaenied aa envying even the deajKit lam mi" rampaol In tran.e to the sroheclle weeklies, eo taped eo (he fatherland tbrongh ito mcohsrent and frag meotarv condition. The radTwl unltortana coo. ler Bia mark's'eRorls a lit preliminary to their ultimate.irlumph; and tbe qnieseenoe ef the party juet bow la eenstrued into a uclt tiodsisianding tbat their Object to In falrcouiaeof ulll mats realisation through Blsnark's Inetrumaatalitr. The Nntioual Verein, meutlooed In ibis paragraph, to a powerful or^misation, extending iMrcugbout Germany, and dewnied Vibe uolty of the ontleo It oumbers among IU members all tbe leading liberals of the country, end Ma course bitberto baa beet marked by the utmost wisdom and ?hrewdoese. Rcilgieai Mstdneaa In Orrmany. la tbe little town of Hnnn, in Pomeraais, hair a dor.en people have boen seized with a rebgieus madnena, in ooaaeuueooe of tbe prearlilng of a fanatic P rotes taut ch rgyman of tbe place Tbe following is a sober .iod ua vartiwhed alaieineol of tbe eveot which occurred on Ute jam Jaly A. D. 1994 ? A ritircn bavmg called for a vretry meeting to be be.rt en a sub ecJ of egtreme and orgeat ImporUooe, a hrac number ?/ hie fellow iiertebloom-a esaembbvl in tho c.iinrrb to discuss sad decide upon lh? sen mno tout km or tbeir friend and neighbor, lb the piesoaco of Troia eight bandrsd to ace thousand jieraon* ib<< lattef domrdelnss that tbe Rev. Ilarr letrl having deuoiinced ble bo:ise aa one viettod by tbe devil?nay, hy devils?the ratal d? kunclalion had realized iwelf, and there were four of I bum clean, distiugutohabie io the four corners of his duelling. He *?? ?ery much Ineonvenieuood by tbe presence of Uisse aocani.y beings. It was a s? rioHS thing for a man Io llvs, work and bring up his children ua lor the rnpeevlsion of domona. Ihsv were mall at first, but, growing visibly, bocame more and more Intolerable, and did b'm loo much damays for him to allow thorn to reside within hta four walla. Ha there fore chtrngod the Hev. Ilorr I'strl to expo) tho dsm< n? bo had an wantonly brought down upon a pirms, righlooua aad baltorlBg Christian, aod he aakel aia reilow cltirens to support 1ms cbarga, and omapol the clerical genilemao In repair tho damage be bed la Die ted Bealdea nod bars the true Pomramae peeped oat from the Infatuation of ro.lgioua extravagance-ho did not see whv his bouse should be rendered uninhabitable when he paid rent, and. Indeed, ooairihuied in the pobllcaapeedlture la tbe same pr,-portion aa hie neighbors, who aamyed tbe protection of the sec mar mm! autltorillea Tbo aseembly than dlacunaru tho aublcot for an hour. 1 It senna, however, tbat they ware already too rxr gone xo sdratnister the right earl gf enmfort to the bejnfrd individual. At laaal, tl la etatarf that tno aneeiing hi obo <.y without having discovered en efflnnoioos meane or M>1tag the Sao dish gnests back tn Pandemonium. Re*a Roahrnr aad ? Rwcur. tko a, .banal of Onrractkmal Police .sf Perls liito Just tried a yo'Vf meo. earned Potanbgy. a ctiafg# <J frandalsotly Altoaaptlag to obi aia aseaey ."y f begging letters: Fame daya beak a yooag maa t.r re anertabto appaaraaoa aad gead eddrem pr6"? self at thdreaidaaca of Mlto. Read IVm^ Thctirry. near FoatelWablaau, and requasied an ini?eytow. Urn log been Inforaiaif by the lady who received bint Jk?t Mdiie. Boo bear wee a* I bet mem eat la Parle, he exprtVMdI ex regret, biter toevtoa 9 totter far her away, saying he would cjII agate the next Monday. Ae hour .ater tie cume tuck, and, under Uio pretext mat he tied left be puree behind him nr loet it, borrowed tea franca ef (be lady to pay bis fare to Parts, promt atop' to retnrn It oa Monday. He oame again oa that d?v, but Mile. Honbeur refused to see liim, as ebe hi ew nothing or bim, and the letter h-J had left c .cited her suHpiclon This document implored h:r to lend hlni 0.10 bundled i.acca to save bim froua ab solute rein, as he hail emben -led that aum belonging to his employer. Wile Pobheur peraislsd is bar refusal to sea bim In spite of a second pathctlo letter written on the spot, and alio afterward* e.'til both letters to the Pre fecture of the Police. The prisoner was arrested a day or two later wbUe In tbe eel of receiving a box ticket for the Gait*, which he bad solicited by a letter forged In the an&.e *f M. Hlit mans, a performer at tha Varieties. A ruaitRr of be J glug letters were found Irv his p- ven^lou, addressed to dlffbrtat persons, asking for l..rn* Tt .v..a then ascer tained that bis parents arc er> .? *,*?. i.blo pef ten, ami that be bad adoptad b'.i jireso't c >*ii from beer idle* Mas and to maintain a * onpin *i?n wLoia b-> .intuit,.1 id. Tbe charge having hH,o ruliv provod the Tr.bu&al e-n tenoad him to a mouth's .mc.Uoura int. TUe 7raaco>Spaalsh AUlancs. A SPEECn or THE KINO OF SPAIN. During a banquet given to tbe King of Soai- at the Hotsl da Villo. at Hayouoo, wbea passing through < .1 Ma retunto Madrid, bis Majesty gave tb? following team. - GaJfRsnr.v -I uropoeo to you tbe health of tho E.nporor Napoleon, tbo Empress, and tbe Prince Imperial. I -tiro with pleasure on this opportunity or express "<g ny gra tltude for the frlondly rocoption given m* bv Ibolr Jeelloa and for tbe cordial welcome I mat with .n France, end T carry back with mo a remembrance of this visit wblcb will novnr be cfaitcd. It Is, therefore, from tbo bottom Of my heart that I oiror up tbo most vincero wiabea for tbo happiness of tbe Emperor, the Empress, and the Prlaco imperial, and for the prosperity of France. Tlie Count of I'arlt at Home. TO THE EDIrOK OF TAB LONDON T1MBS. Ibava received this morning from hie Koyal Highness tha Count de Paris tbe following graceful reply to the ad drees presented to bim yesterday. His Royal Highness has a>ao sent mo ?80 to distribute among the pour of tbo paUhh. Your obedient servant, GFORGE 3 MAFTER, Vicar of Twickenham. Twicrimum Vickaraub, August 25,1864. York Mouse, Twickbxuam, Aogust 26.1894. Sir?I beg you to couvey to tbo members of tho com mittee of which you are chairman, and to all tboaa who bave taken part In tho demonstration of yeslordny, the expression of our gratification for tbe kind recepliou given to my wife and myself by the iDhabitantn of Twickuubam. I ib ink you for tbo beurty welcome con tained In your addieas. As I told you, wo sco In It an auspicious beginning lor our new life, whose Drst happy days shall ever be sssociited with tbio pi .CO. It Is, In deed, no now association lor my family. Three times In tbls century has it lound, during exile, a hospitable re treat In TwlcKenbim, and tbo grateful memory of It baa lived through its various fortunes 1 still remember thnl.whon a boy, my grandfather used to point out to mo ..moug ibo groves of Tvvkkor,bam tho former nbodo of bis younger years. That place Is again occupied by one or 11;. You have alluded to the I>uko d'Aumnlo in torrna winch. I dare eay. he rully deserves, and which I regret only be has not teen ablo to boar; for to bim, rather than to me, ought to Have been addressed ycBtordty's demonstration. What At least I can do is to tell you bow highly all my family appreciate tbe feeliogs which have prompted it. and to address, in my turn, to all my neighbors tbe good wishes which they havo ex pressed to me yesterday. Bellevo me, sir, very truly youre, LOUIS PHILIPPE O'ORJ.EANa Tbe Rev. G. 8. Master, Vicar of Twiokeaham. The Parle Fashions* [Frcm Les Modes Parlslennes.1 Cortaioly the last month bus been moet devoid of all Important chaogo in fashion. Indeed there is scafcoly any change in setual fashion to write about. Ekirts are worn precisely as tbey were?scanty in Irani to increase tbe effect of tbe train behind, v Tbe round bodices, to which we referred lu our last as onco again making tbslr appearanoe, appear to have re ceived a temporary check?temporary beyond all doebt from tbe simple reason that tbe large buckles, to accbm models whioh tbo round bodices were again introduced, are keeping in publio favor. Sleeves, if anytblog, are looser than tbey were. Tbe cost sleeve, however, Is still tbe prevailing mode, the cuff being modttipd so that tbe entire sleevo does not so forcibly remind the observer aa it di^bf the model wbeace this fashion was taken. Girdles, or b >lf bodices, as seme of tbem may new be called, still continue to be worn, tbelr shape being made to agree, by tbo exercise of much ingenuity, with the tailed bodtcoe wblcb still remain prevalent. Zouave jackets are attll worn, and so also at the aeaeiJe and in the country are-Uarlbaldl abirta. These, however, aro very tnncb embroidered, to take off irom them the loose, uudrcss appearance whicb b*e always been a drawback to this style of dress Perhaps tbe only actual novelty In tbe.wmy of dress l? tbe introduction of a double skirted toilette In si.k, tbe under akirt of wblcb is made In oee silk, wbilo tbe up per, open down tbe front, and looped up, together with tbo bodice and the sleeves, are made of a totally dlflereot silk, trimmed, however, wltb tbe auk of the underskirt. Of trimmings ihe onlv marked change since last month Is that of the introduction of too saw edge or zigzig pattern trimming. This is used in everv way?at the ?Mtgee of tackots, at the hems of ekirts, even at the edges of tbe slccro? while its application In a hundred varying wiaya to Hat patterns is very remarkable. Flat trimmings are quito a necessity at the pre** t than. No one, wbo is auy one, care* about any other of vie. Especially as a hem trimming are tnese Hat bands ui ed. We have seen t-ome very pretty effects toy me ui e of hem bauda of block epoa striped while ta inline. Of bonnets, It may he said that (be email tbapo Is ground, pmhape all the raoro rapidly becatiae it affords the opportunity of displaying 'ho hair dross in;. They are mado a Utile larger than tbey were a month ago, but they are still crowulecs, and almost fr >ntless. Many of the best mllhoerv, while abandoning the cur ls in, very aha. lulely replace H by a ruche, which gives a good flnlsn to the whole. < ra*n at I pulled tulio bouooU are now In their glory, for the abalHion of the late huu no t sh?pe in favnr of something like a rap admlu at once of tbe use of puffed tnlie. While talking of boaoela, we wo ild strongly idvHe ladies when purchasing the new el.1 pe lo be very caretul in their eh nee, for now, mora tht u ever, dr-c-s ihe succ.-ei *>f tbe bonuol depend upon tbo proportionate size it hears to tbe bead and ioaluroe of t he wearur. M bite uiutilins are faehlonnhly made over blue end roe* nncttr ekirta, wbile, quito us fa ?nonabig, two equally I ceej white lace ffounoes ?r i ailil.-d, which lire beaded And ' eomi'tlm'-! irerurd In a lareua rucbi- of tha color of the ucdur skirl. I von, however, m muslin dreajea too pre vail.? ig teudeai y 10 flat triuiming i? observed in the vhai-e of fl it tafleun ribb- n?. covered with uernpnane. whivh ta ?'.igbi'v pleated from distance lo dl-Hair*. This trimming rubbU tuiaa flounce> aod puH>, both of which certainly oppeki heavy end vulgar under tbe preeeot tiy m-offUt trunndinga. livery whits rauelln drees is, as a rula, inado with a correspandlog js.cket, ti 1 aimed in exact at cord ancvttw sleeves boing trimmed at ibe armpits, while a eiimil collar gives a Ooleh'to tbe lolletta. Of ruavitlea and shawls we have little te eay. Tbe Manleepan shan I mantle, if we may use tbe term.appears to be creating quite a cental ion at l aden amongst French auolsty. it is a quest.on or a shawl made either or wbile, clear muslin, tdged with white lace, or ef b'acfc tulle edged with black lece, and headed with a rue be of some bigb colored taffetas. Tbe "effect" le got out ef the up peffbalf-aqaare, wblcb It made to form a bood.aad whicb, wbtn worn jfrnc tbe hand, produces a charming elect 1 brown back, |t farms pert or tho sb-.wl. and adds a now effect to It It should bo ad led that, when not used as a hood, lbs half square resume* Ibe natural flat pc In ted shape of tbe tipper portion ef an ordinary sbawL By-tbo way* straw color is tbe fashionable color of tbe moBlh?espec.wlly Is light materials for ball dresses. Gauao dreeaet .we frequently patched In a remarkable manner with I rtbbose; udeed, in tome eaeas, tbts style Las been carried to stiah an sxisot ibat It suf, wllbou*. exaggeration, be calleda ba mods barlsquls. Cloabe and drsmoa of tbe same material, especially foulard, are truly dialincelebed tasar. tbe higher tbe tone lbs more fashionable the wear White, however, M tbe reigning favorite. Ibrae lolleg'.i-s are trimmed with rucbas asd fringe, which barmouiw and never enslraet with the nscd Narrow lere alao malaCaMu Its ?way gtricg. as tl <1 *e a certain suppleness and Abee lute fltiiKh 10 the toilette. Go mantels and draasee many Urge b aa as ere worn, while the latter are generally furnirbed ?t!h tha great buckle ubicU baa corns Isto wo?r. White silk, trimmed with straw eroasseAts, Is vary fash ionable *ear, and baa been a me weeks. It must be ad mitted straw trimming* have a very capital effect upon tbe material la question ?Seaside or mai toe jackets are Invariably cut straight. Tbev are trimmed with pearl buttons, or triage, or ;el. They are mete wHA two round pockets. " I a very paabtMiable to wear a peine at ef tbe same material as tbe draae. TMe is especially tbe eaec where Hie materiel is whue alpaca, although, for that m?tt? , while alpaca peiltcoata are good wear with any toileiir, ci der ibe one coedit. ? thai the/ are very a.egau 1/ trimmed. A Mother In Basrah of Iter ( hlldren. SVrABMB OOrRT? CB AMBBS.-t. Before Judge Rulherland. Rsrv. ? ? In tht matter ef iht mpfUratitm ef ffera* C. nouUn ,?Tbia Is as spplleaiioa made by Mrs. Farab C. Boutoe directing Charles Boston to produce the bodies of I'fesrtea and Alice Bouloa, aged at* and erven years respectively, who bad been taken from their borne by the defaodaal during the abeenee of tbe plalatiff. Mr. McDermoti stated that there was a divorce rail pending between Mr. and Mrs. Bouloa, aod Ibat on Fri day last, while ibe muiber was temporarily absent from home, Ibe ctefeedast stole ihe nblldrea away and took tbem IS a distant point u ('osaectlcut. Mr Fullerton said it w*s all very ine to talk about at eating tbe children away, hut tbe fact was 'he defend aat bad acted Juat aa bib oowutel inetrueted biro. Judge 8utbet4ae*l - where .re the children aow t Mr. FuMertoa?In the State ef OmintCtlcuL Judve Hulhertand?t sa, but wbat pari of tbe Btate* Mr. Fulterteu?Tbrae er four h< era' ride frain tbe cuy. I deC't see the actual newwailv for their pre*enca M All. Mr McUermMt?Ob, yse there Is. Let tbe effAustl gtatg ? ber ? they are. Mr. Fe'larion -Ther sr? st t bearding asboci twenty mites, ut Utc mterl r of the - tale, from Norwalk. Jud^e .SulitdrJsnd- IVeli, I *nppres they ess be pro duced on Wrdneta-'V *1 ">s>n Mr. FsUsrtes - Cdrfaisiv. tear Hooter. STANTOJH^ WARJBULLETJN. Saeretar) WAauuraroii, Sept. 10?0 P. M. Major General On:? This department baa received despatches from Gene ral Sherman down lo ten o'clock yjaterday mora tog. liia army la ooncentrated at Atlanta, bla troopa In poaitloo and well. lie eaya Wilson and Steedman are stirring Wheeler np pretty well, and bopea they will make an end of bira, as Glllem did of Morgan. Tbe weather la beautiful, and all things bright. No recent Intelligence baa boon received from Mobile No movements are reported In the Shenaadoab Vailey or in the Army of the Potomao. Recruiting la progressing vigorously In most of the States. KPWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. SHERIDAN. Mr. Vraaels O. Long's Deapmteta. Ilaan iOAHTMe Fikut Cavalry Division,! Nkar Sum out Point, Va., Sept. 0,1801. J OAVALBY MOYKHKNTB. No important movomonta have been made by the cavalry oorps since tbe recotinnissance made towards WiuuhORtor and Bunker liill, 3omo twenty miles north by east of that point. rosmow or nm mrr-nr, rwna. The rebels have not changed tholr pi alt ions. ATeavy foroo Is still lying at Bunker Illll, and strong picket fcroeu are ruardlog every oporoacb to Winchester, show ing plainly tbat a : jnaidcrable uumber of robols occupy tbe city, If, Indeed, tbe huadquarlors of Early are not there. Moody's nmoixs. Mosby is still ambulant, ami bos picked up quite a number of officers and men within the IS3t few days, some of whom were wltbia our lines. * Lieutenant Wngbt, of tbe Seventeenib Penn sylvania, and Provost Marebil of tno First'ill vision, was oiptured while ou bis war to tbo bouse of a cttizon to post a safeguard. Sergeant Major Ilcck, of the First Con. noctlcut, was captured while taking sunper at a citizen's bourn in company with tbo surgeon and adjutant of that regiment. By almost a miracle tbe surgeou and adjutant escaped. cHANOsa m ma misn nmsioi*. Ooloool Hammond, of tbe Fifth New York, has been musleacd out of tbe service, bis timo having expired. Colonel Morrison, or tbo Third New Jorscy, tendered bis resignation somo days since, and It bus been accepted, ?is boaltb has been quite deltoate for soma time. Cbar'es E. llackley, Surgeon in-Chief of Wilson's dtrl slon, baa been mustered out of tbe service His successor le Dr. L. P. Hood, late Surgcoo-tn-Chtef of Mclutoshjs brigade, and one of the most skil ful operator! lo the army. Be graduated at tbe Now York Medical College la 1853. Dr. Uowlby, of tbe Third New Jeraey, has been appointed surgeou-In-chief of tbe First brigade, ntAsan cr iratRrrr's wvwiojr. lbo First division Ens heretofore been composed of four brigades, but it has recently been consolidated Into three, and they are commanded respectively as follows ? General Ouster, tbe First; Colonel Lowell, of the Second Maasacbusefta, tbe Second; and General Dovtn, tbe Third. Or. J. B. Coover, surgem-in chief of Merrltt's division, has been appointed medical inepocior of cavalry, and has beet^gucceeded by Surgeon J. W. Williams, of tbe Second United State*. Or. C. W. Wilson, surgeon-In.cblsf of tbo reserve bri gade, has been appointed medio*) director of cavalry. First Lieutenant R. M. Sbepperd, acting quartermaster and assistant acting quartor master of tbe reserve bri gade, baa been relieved and returaod to his regiment? tbe Slxta Peoeeylvanla. ml hill sramso kxysotios. r* Yesterday a brigade went out towards Smitbfletd, with orders to burn all tbe mills along tbo Ojiequan. The re sult of tbe expedition Is not known, save tbat dense columos ef smoke was seen arising in th-t direction. Mr. I>. Davldiun't Dsapateb. Nbar Bbratvillb, Sept. 10,1064. Oolon-I Lowell, In command of tbe Reeerv* brigade, wan sent out yesterday aioog ibe Oprquan oreck to burn some mills, with tlielr stocks of grain. Tbe Second Massachusetts and First and Second car. vGy destroyed four mills, which wcro making fl ur for Early's army, aod oiptured something like a dozen prisoners. Colonel Oibbs, In command of the Second brigade, went still furtber down tbe creek on a similar errand, and with like euceees, capturing tbe enemy's pickets and guards, and destroying all the mills on the Opequao, between Lowell and ArerlU. UcClalian's letter of acceptance of tbe Chicago nomi nation waa read by this army to-day, and although there was scarcely an officer or aotdier wilting to vote for him on tbe Chicago platform, there are now reven eight ha of tbem who will vote for him on hie letter of acceptance. Mr. Charles II. Ifarrett'a Dripatrh. Harper's Fsrrv, Sept. 10, 1114. AFFAinS AT TlHI TIC 'NT. News from tbe front to day repreaeots things all quiet there Tbe enemy are still in fore* near Winchester end in the vtciulty of Buuker Hill. CAVAt-RT SKIRMIBB NY Alt nrNKFB mi t. A report 1s In circulation bere-that General Averlll met the enemy again, day before yesterday, lu the vicinity of Bunker Hill, and had a briak ekirmiah with them, but wiia what roeult ta not known here. * CAPTI'HEO ST Cl'MILI-AS. Six persons who accompanied tbe supply train frrm this point to tbe Boot yesterday, when be> or.d rharlo-t town, riding m advance of the general, were cai>tur*d by guerillas. TBS BBBMY'I TACnra. The enemy's tactio* seem to be to attack our trains Id front, end oot ta the rear, as they bars been in the babit of doing. owanui. emeu's MorBwrrr*. Brigadier General Custer and stiff accom ponied by a cavalry escort, arrived here yesterday from tea front, acd proceeded ta Pleaaant Valley, a abort dlatanc from here, on a visit ta bin wife. He returned to tbe frsnt this morning. rtimc m nomas. Brigadier Generni Stevenson, commandfng (bis district, has-issued very strtet order* regarding trading and lite, gal trafflo la horse*. The tame officer has erdered an in spetuoo of tbe hospitals of the district, with a view to remedy any defects and Increase tbe comforts of tee e'ek and wounded. This duly has been assigned to Captaia Burleigh, Acting Assistant Adjutant General, aa officer fully com, etent to discharge tbls commendable duty. ARmiJtRT rtRIBO. At eleven o'clock this morning a few guns were beard in the direction of Summit I'olot. It waa euppoeed to proceed from Crook's or Aecrill's akirtaleh Usee, which ehdead In tte.1 vicinity and se np Inward Leetown. The qr'ng did oat exoeod half aa hour. n'cuu.AB'a ?jrrTsa. Gerev'%1 McClelbn's letter of acceptance gives great sallafactkte to bote officers and goldlere in this army. prats* or ltrw tors soldi ass. The follow I tK" I# a list of deaths of New York soldiers lo tbe military at Sandy Hook, Md., from Auguat 2! to tVpteinber V. fiotuaive Becond f,i -nt ('has H. tteeeoleaf, D, Ith Raw York ear. Sergt. Edward i Calme % D, 6tb ' ? York boavy art. Sergt. Dennis O'Cooner, t> 3d NeWfork cava;, f Corp. Amos Wllkme. K, 6tL ***?" fork boafy artillery. Corp. Benl. Seamaa, K, Bib N >w York heavy artillery. T*. !a- 'ra i.l Vnrh naealr. Uoodtmrt Meb*t>cutb, D, life J* Yorke*?ai/f. UWUIIBI ? Irfowwuwu.u, a/, worn Jore MoCarty, F. Bib New York ertUlery. Wm. Wlleoa, k, 15th hew Jersey .ofanlry. Lewie Koeh, B, Mb hew York heavy artillery. Musician Sheldon Roily, D, 160th New Infaetry. R M. Parker, F, 1st New York dragoons. Martin Ryan, A, 3-d Now York oavalry. Jamoa Rowley, C, 4th hew York cavalry. Henry Cronck, K, Sth New York beevy artillery. Jae. J. lenfety, i*, 160th New York. Goo Peavar, k, 48d New York. Martin S. r.lliam, C, 21*4 New York cavalry. .'amee Haelnor. B, 160th Now York. David Brooke. K, Mb New York heavy artillery. Jnnieo Curtie, C, 3d Now Jersey cavalry. Samuel I'eutnger, F, 6ib New York heavy artillery. Inwls Anthuey, A, lOtlfe Naw York. David llnfftpan, K, Bth New Ynrk heavy artillery. Jobo Raeaeb, K, 2d New York cavalry. fewMFs* oe Hatiw s Crrati"- ? tbe perform tbo above or lorm has been -.gain | o<"lpo?e>l ia leoee of tbe tniervectMi or tbe po i. e. ft wea seme off to day. Why the police Interferon with (ormaore *r a rsllgWitia nra'. rio win i r,.ibtle?? r?e rvy to n it of our c.'t re* ir - on ha- r ?? a i?* ol uii.ual annoyance grid leva tj ??-?<#. t* aod Formea, aa may be seen frem a t sr, fr, m m, 'rwen, wh'- B - *4 IB nef MvertIMM mm nn. liiMtde of At la ill. Duiriiitir thtt Me^e, *??? r?.t A Ok Oar Naalivliu o< . ?, .' ktHiajr > 6, 188J I met last evening a gentl"at- o.- ,:tani , whoi-rt there the day before that on wl! 03 ml -n. the city, and who I am led t'i supposi ?? t .<! ?t<\< 1 on v'.io ?> repreucntatlooa or tho-ovaciietion ol Atlanta thi'. II > Twentieth corps waa advanr J to its nceup.tlno. This gentleman was formorly a retain I of this place, ar-t early ciiturod tho rebel service. I7o renamed inltoniil 1803, when he resigned his position and ougagol in speculation. Wishing to got Into our lines as soon an possible, ho morcd from II ibile t" Atlanta on rooolpt of the news ol the evacuation of Koneeaw Mot,:, lain at Las; a itt ,i": tus sik ;r. Ho found Atlanta In an uprour, atul t; ir-.l '.hennas'* guns at the Cbattabbn. hco riv. r. 'the >v ??:? > vti -ti of Atlanta vtoj a lore ;one couoIl*; 10 with e\ ry body t was generally understood that Johnston ?" ,al oa -w'y hold it to cover the retreat and removal of valuables, or so lorg as ho cou'd latitat Injury on her; in wAhour, sustaining much damage blRTHtdf. \Vilhthi< <11 o< sml ? tag of Ibe sltiwi i n generally estuhliched ta <6 rjit#d <x tho people, cvoijrb cy at tho time of tins pa'?-* of the Chattahoochee by Jobu.non was Jorvtsc tr olty. The stumpede was frightful In many ro ?pec is to those ongu <1 lo it; bat to a M Irer on was simply graudly ludlcrcm. ' ne can-ot conceive how laughable are many of lbs Anrit st T.enev of dismal war. and no dart tragedy of ;n.? r? ? n<tl mora of tragic, mingled wl.h genuine ooiiiody, to?u tho retro it fn tn Atlanta. Convey meet were not to he Is;J, and old) and young, mMo and female, loft the city on foot, wbilri many a poor, bolplcas buing was ebiud< acd Ibo worries and children lot Itlio city tear log hot llos of mroncclvt bio contents snrt cxtraordin. y rlxo. Y"u g "iris win had never walked more iliao half <t mile it a limt in tboir livoe before inarched out of tho uitv m every ill rectum eavo that t?hh b led towards lite Yankees. tisiy one Inly?a Mis Hut lodge, of N * hytllo?had the gsd sonso to go northward, and only u few, e vo the inhkM tuuis 01 liakcr street (similar to Mercer sire t. Now Y< ?:<), had the courigo to remain, "fYmfu-uou worso th>o foindcd" relgDed, and It appeared alrno I ui>possible' in produce ordor out of tiie ohaoK wlii h ex' ted. For days the crowds wore gt.ieg. some each day, W'Scd return on Qnding tiio Yimlter pool exactly in tho city h it Ibe merest rumor* "erved lo Mart tbeni fikai". Tho ridi-t olflcers located at Atlanta wiyo most anxious to got away, and many of them for the reasons luiluei ;i d Floyd to run at Donelsnn. The Acting guariermoBtifr ' othces of the Wester f< Department (called Do parlmetit No. 2 by 110 rnomy) wcro all 1" rated In Atlanta, atid t'voogh Johnston o dored thHu to remove their stores to Macon, ho did not giro them orders to g<>, r inch 10 the . disgust aod frig it As early as July 8, this removal of gnvernmont etoi en began, and thoro was very little left when Bragg mule his and Job nston resigned (July If ) HOW HOOD'S /.tO'OlMTMEXC WAS KK MVID. The news of Hood's appointment to the command, >r Johnston's removal, or p rlians both, my Informant say I, was received lo All# ota and tbo army around it liko II e announcement or a national calamity. Ho says that 11 e change was most 1# ipupulur, and that tbo eolbnsl >si? the press at tbc cf.iinge was by no means echoed 10 '! ? hearts of tho solf iers They were dikheartencd aod di - gusted. They u ted In vain lo get up the vnthuslasM neceas iry. Ibfy were all tired of fighting, t hey ha I been under flro lor nighty duya. and thoy had had onounta of It. Tho prr spect of more pitched battles in Uuir ib*m exhausted cor dltgin was not encouraging. None of tn?j general olllojrs excett llcod and Stewart approved Ilragg's plan to bold Atlanta, and Hood received lb* ap pointment r.vLen Harden dcclltied. BtKip's MiUTaRY poijct. Hood a', flrst inspired some coolldence hy the enrrev with wh'.ch he weattn w rk to recruit hit army. His acts we) e arbitrary, and there was no appealing (torn hit decisions State organisations were changed without any < regard whatever to descriptive rolls, ami many a mm loht his Identy as a soldier. Hen were iikcn frmn cavalry and 'artillery and put Into tho lufinfry service, and detailed men In ho*inialn an<! cvory where eiro were hurried Into tbo racks Aithoiit any re'errnre to their ootMieclIon with regiments. Ilood iu ercaaoJ Jle tripy very nuMrwiiy lo this way 1 sug gesled to him llint tho army was on'y a skeleton "At this lime," bora-d, "it was inucli strutigar than is gene rally sup;*>sed, tii 111 her tug ut least fortv flvo ibou ami voterapa." But the baHIrs undor ifood fearfolly dee! mated It. I told him of the reports froui our o>aiiaaodo> 9 of tho irlgbtful lorsi'8 of tho rebels in the balilo* ol July 20 and 22, and asked Dim If It wcro true. He rrp ied "that bo had plainly sjen the lvaltlu or July g-J from a building In tbe city, and was on tho held, under a Hag of truce, when tbe rebcle were buried. The uumbor ?>( <io id on tbe hold was frightful, acd ba would bo I > lte-1 u|sui as extravngnn* if be wero to exprees an opinion si to the number killed." I isolated 00 Ins tavlug, ami li? asserted 141 bat Ibe rebels left three tbriu&aoii killed on the Mold of the22d." After thia tut:in. the army was a -kelet u. as I bad suggested; but, bo added, ' It soon became b'- t'ed wltb useless fat." He explained hy saying toil l ie mililu inured Into the city, ant Wfl put 1 n 1 jbe trenrliuH. All male cltl/ db remaining 111 Atlanta w.n? pved beh nil th? rlMo pits and them did ip>o.| service, l 01 ;y being necessary to teach th'm to load nad ij-o, n 1 to glvo rbem to iinib'rstatul that they are not lo run. < u tbo evacuation of lb" city this militia f?u a bocanni c to )>arat|vely useless, and will be of no va-ue until tiooo 1* again behind trom ae?. THK SIXliS KSI-ID? BVACCAT:OM or ATl.ttTt. Hood was satlsMail that itkerman was g it4 to ralsn tho slogs when, <uihe ,'i4. r ? t he . ? ?. corps?left of tbo srmv ? bojau 1.> retire toward.-t tdo Cbiit'atiooobee river li s asiobtthmrnt was very greas waen he fctind .'?'barman, with tbe main srrov, moving to the right by corps, axlnndlng his It. e further tuu'b, and he at'em-e I'einrtrmed to roti.e. AM opportunity oi'er-og on the day be far* Hood retired to e cape, 1 - In'ormini marthod to the < battahooebco and give buu aelf up t<4 (lenertl Plocunt. f'e reached Ibta city lo t night, walking a goid paiicfths road Irorn llurlitri boro here. Hood has left but little material of value In Atlanti. Railroad material there Is nono. Kven tho tin roods- of lbs t'nipn depot was removed and m ole Into can-tier ?hot. He i)oee not kn k where Hood bos gone. Hi Mr-t evaouatlng movement was to btat li ft, extemting h4a line southward until he couhl no longer bold Atlanta, and it may be that be la really no iurthor south than La.-1 point, but be is out of ibo slty. W licit the present in formant left Minolta glccum was on the move into the city. THE LATEST REBEL NEWS. WHAT HOOD CALLS A RETREAT, ft?SH U. Tbe following despatch appears la tbe Rtcbmoa l Bn. gwirsr:? HXAMlbAITXItS, A RUT OV TTT* TrWTRS<SR, ) .-arit. ?, 1801. f To General D rax ma Braoo ? Fbarmsn has oootinued bis retreat beyond Jones boro. J. B. HOOD, Major Benernl. Tbe Cborleeton Mercury chronicles the loss of the now blockade running steamer Mary Bowws, wbiob ran on an obstruction near Long Ialaod on Tbnredsy we*k, proving e total loss Tbe officers and crew were saved. Imtersetlag from tlio Seetbwrst. Br. Lome, Nept. io, nee g| General Paine, commanding tbe district of Wnsfrrr Kniluciy, has been removed. Uraeral Meredith tuccreua biai Governor T\actgan has exiled a epeciel ? s on of th? Arkansas (rebel) Legislature. Tbe circulation of tbe Chicago Bspi. tbe Cln- Kn ?purer, the New York Iforld, the New Y01 k the Bremen's Jtiwmol and the Mfcfoli a ?> I < been suppressed at Memph*. iu* negvoes at Mom; bis having expressed a desire lo assist la tbe dei?. 4 "f the cily. < ?eer?l Wasbi roe hxa aetberlsed the organhuttiCB of a raglioeat of a. lora.l for that purpose. Tlte Park Cwneerts. ? concert In ibe Park yeaterdar afters. 00 wan led by at leaal aeventy thoueand persona, and lbs was jiariieulariy lively with carriages. ?ereral of akiooabM wbo bare been oa euiamer tripe to the tug places have returned to tbe elty, and renewed r may be expected la the way of fall dregain . tke coocert yesterday after neon a large portb n of iltoie to the Park inspected the epe iag of tie lower of tbe Victoria Rajlo, it baring been en id 1 bat ibe frsah bud wtM*d burst Into bxH>tn der 1 evening. The fragrance of tbe opeeteg bud we* Intoxicating, and (he bytjilred# thai were present salt/ delighted. a? ibis is the brat aiceaearnl 0 rales ? flower log plant, and as It '? ?" enseal tly lo be a- e? la Ifowr again ior soma time, 'Mi' luld nm refl et Indpect ng it betore it dioa. rbi are new nearly aeran fegt la alMJdlf nd persona flavd ?'raa?ly H|s fbe isde the aubjart of a lecture te tbe araaiafe m t ajaUaiav >a tarn eitf .

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